Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 8, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 8, 1846 Page 3
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o o o now GOODS GO ATlln Peoples Sinre, llicro isn perfect ruh for Roods it tlio reduced price, cicty llimaon the Rail llo.d cash A Meclfio ylci now.a-d) .Now GooJ.cominsci. wiling oil oil the ""jfo" UH"8r'"o'l"arpelinit9 rodnced-Urgo quick talcs ft. 11111111 profits I! tneoruer 01 iue u, ... HOWARDS. flityu, -to. pOU.VD a small sum ' 'Ig'.y0 STOK. Mty7, 1348. ELKMENTd OK IWAWINH& MKNM'IUTION applied to the Mrrlmnie Art. A Him!, fur the in tructiun and use of I'r irticnl Men. lly Cliatlea un- ySTEVKNS WOOD. May 2, 1846. 413 Burlington lliuli Scliool. till IAN W. CIIAMiY, Preceptor. Tin Summer Term of this luMitutinn ni'l com. mtm-e on Monday tin- eijhlecnih of May inslant.--No icho at. tcccned for less Hum hilf a tern . TlirsiKCS. Rev.J.K. tO.NVIllbi;, 11. v. O. W. I! I'KM OIIY, lion T. KOl.t.lUT, VVVI.I.VS I.V.MAN, ISq. Gl O. II. SHAW, r..q. Prof. CAI.V IN PKAM'.. 19. v3 -.irt nursSiij TIIF. S ill or i'.rr feinrns h s incer thanks In r'rien Is m i llif ii iMi ri 2'ii'Til, r ir the liberal upiort emended 1 1 In ii H'teo In c i iiui'-iieeuicnt in Hiisinc.s, and ben-, most rcp,clfullv In inform llieni them nut ilw Ituiies t'tirrj, il on in his own name will b; cintinuel from ih' litl unJjr thi Firm of ME MUTT & WADaWOHUl. C. MEMIITT. Uurlinelon, Msy 4, 1916. i03 Strayed. 17ROM the Subscriber on t lie lt Iay last, a rtfd . Cow with th irl horn turned in, and llirce years IJ. A suitable Reward willhe eiien tn anv one who sriltpivc information of said Cow, at J, &.' J II. Peck & t;n.'. store. 491 JAMES W.U.I. NEW-YORK WHOLESALE HOUSES, SI'RIXO TltADF, ..TO CJOUNTHY MEIt .CHAM'S. WE respectfully ask your attention to the follow in reasons why you should make vour pur' chases of goods in the New lork market, vtry frankly confessing it is our desire that you should do so. .It must I c admitted lhat from 50 to CO per cent of all th. 'oreiin meThaiidise wlie-h is imported into this country is receive I in the port of New Vork, Of -coerce tlu-re is here ihe oppurtunily for the widest se ilectior. The stork olcnndson hand in this cily isat all limes larger than ihe united sleeks i f nil the oth. rtf rn ones. It is muallv eeriain that New York is lh'' e'uef sad irrest depot f ir Ihe in mufactii rers of the Eastern and Middle States, and of the products cif 'the Western. The prues of coods in New York, hy reason of its immense supplies, and the consequent competition re nepcesRri'y, nnd crtdtts areextendedonas' liberal a arale as at anv other point. The Merchant', Manufacturers and Importers whose address ate subjoined, are preparer! tnprnic the trill li nf ihe.e oosiiions. and will he happv to dis- ote of their roods on terms which will rerily all that 3s asscrtca ncre. DRYOODS. iMronTrns and Oea Lr.n, In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods: E. J- J. Ilusinr, Nns. tU and 113 William sircei, eorner of John St., the vt aslungion Mores. F. 8. & D. I.tthrop, Nos. 113 and 117 William stteet ana 53 John st , Ihe a.lunpton ttorc. Taylor f. .Irmsirone, 213 Greenwich st. STAPI.H AND FANCY PII.K GOODS. Carleton, Frnthinihain i Co., 127and 129 William at., the WaeliiuiMnti Store Jobber of sianle and finev drv good-, Zephyr Worst ed, Canvass, Gloves, Ribbons,, KinhroiderM Tri'iiiiiinns. sud eini.roiderv artidta tn Genera : D. S. Turner, 60 William st. betwwn Cedar and Pine, Dealers in French Silk Goo Is and Millnery irticic- Thompon A. Van Venh'eu, CO John at , up stairs. A. II. C dims, 31 J.dtn st., corner Nassau. HOSIERY, C.7s, STOCKS, .f-e. Jmpnrters of Hosiery', Suspenders. Gluves. Cravats, Scarfs, &c, M tniif-.,-iurers of l.'aps, Stocks, I.Inens, Od Silks. John, M. Diviea & Jones, 103 William St. south-east cornir of Jjhn street. Oentleinen's ffcneral Furnihinff Pinre, Manufactur trs and wholenle dealers lu Simla, Collars, fjosouii. Slocks. Craws, fce, J. P. Wakcmau A. Co., 70 Mat 'eu lane. CI.OTII and CLOTHING STORE i. jVfw Cloth Store. Knoepfel &, 31 John "t.'ncir Na' sau, iVa'ersin French, Gnnan and Fnp ih clnihs, ca simeres, veatings, auuiincr tufF", trimmings, &c. Drapers, Tiilois, and Gjntlc nen's Furnishine Sinre: Mnrrisin Jon', Ujind 117 William at. in the new tdock, bctwern Jones ami Kulion. Wholesale D.-ari'in Clothinc : Andrew Hall Ji.Uruther, E6 Visey, comer Washing ton !. STRAW HOODS. Manufacturers and Dealer in siinw poods, palm leaf lists, arwfii'iil (loir, ,f-c , R.T. WddeA C (J1 Wil'imi st., up ttairt. J. II. Ill Is, nfilVitl -t. up stsuv Ell C. Iliake, 2.' John st. iiimitoi, FANCY Aiinci.r.H. Dea'ers in en n'.'s, eul-ri, AVe , linpirtfrs of French, E'luhsh ml (,'fnioi vi'i'tv ?',oii. While an 1 Ti'ker. Ill mil 113 William at. corner of John, up auirs. llmiriers of G-rmm. Zephvr and Tapilsie wirled patn-rns einvass, i lienip, fl i-s and twisted silks all kin Is of fringe, cords and isssels, 'and a great variety pf Fcnuh fancy articles. , 'li.M.TeyaiT.53 John at', and 3G3 llroadway. CRO KpilY, I.QoTcTnO GI.A?fF.S,&t Impnriera and Dealers in class, china, earthenwaic, don'.inc glasses and rlocKi -ftniallev & Ncldtll, 59 Peirl st. llichrd F. Havilan I, 62 M'iJen lane, between Pearl and William a's. IF. W. Ojslioryt 50 Courl'andl tl. between Green- wich and W ashiiiL'ton, Hotils and vessels suppli nlied at ihe lowest ralrs. WiIImiii A. Francis, 70 Dey st. first street north nf ( Viifllandl, betneen Wash iigton at. anu !onli River. Timoihy T. Kissam It Son, 115 Mnidcn lane, between Waler ana t roni. Importers and Johbera in looking elaasca, and Iinpor terot"loikineplas plates. Reuben C. Hull k Co., 228 Pi-all st. opposite Piatt. AGENCY FOR FMNT AND GliEEN GLASS FACTORIES. Dru??ifcta and chemical furniture, fanev battles and visls orciii, plain, rmiurd nmt vanesatetl colors, jus, French and German cut toilet uotllta, man lei qrnsmenfa of etiina audjrlaas. ndrew Ross, 180 Maiden lane, will temoye lit May 127 Water at. up staira. HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, Importer and dealer in forcizn nnd domestic hard- -ware, cut mils. Juhn J. Lssrave,20 Gieenwu-h st. third hniie above Ve ty at. oo llui.North Ititer tide oftht til). Ragle cut nails : J. Bussing, 111 and 113 William at. corner of John' street. BRITANNIA WARE, fcC. Manufacturer of Plain and Jappn nen an I PImili(d tin ware, Hritaunia ware. HufTd Spoons, &e. ami iksaler in CofTi-e mills, hol low ware, lanterns, tc. P. B. Clatk, 13 Plait at. Manufarinreraand importers of hntannia ware in all its branches, dealers in lilm-k tin, antimony and f lusintith". goajimaii &. Hart, fi lluthng alip, near Pearl at. LiiUIM.&e. Importer an J manufacturer of olar lampa ami clian- daliera, Indal, pirlor, hall, church & table " UmPN gu-andoles, elobcs, jappanned .vare. John W. Morgan, 154 Fulton at. PUBMSIIIRS IIOOK'-lvLLFRS.oto. Hunlinion .f- f!aase. Pnhlnhera ol the " Natir nal rH-hnol" ami Parley's Geography, by S. G. Good Tifh, 216 Pearls). , .... Samuel Sl 'William Wood, 201 Pearl st. opposite Unit ed ri.atca lloii-l, luiporler nf Enslifh Hooka. Edmund B tidwin, 155 Broidvrav, in connection wiih Rrihert Baldwin, I.on tan, ihiporla In order for uni versities, puhlio libraries, ai-iantifie and literary men, Knitlish books, periodieala and works ol evcrr del (nption, ul JO per cent, comoiissi.mfcrcaili. STATIONARY WAREHOUSE. Francis It Louirel, 77 Maiden I.anc, Importers of F.nulish nud French stationery, nnd niantifatturer of account booka, manifold lelier wtnere, crolon ink, o.i, &c. Lowis Francis Cyrus II. Loutrcl. PAPER ilOXES. if c. Manufaclnrcr of nil kinds nf paper botes, band box es, bind box papers, dealer in hinders and lux boaids, and impor er of fancy paper. ( harlca Cludius, 53 John street, up siairs. Importers nnd Manufacturers of paper hangings, fire hoard prints, etc, Howell & Brothers, 137 llroa lwny, have received the premiums for the best itianiifactiirrd paper linueiiuis. ,., ,i,u n:,i... nr tt. v- v.i. ..i ni.:i. i..,..i..- ,.. wtttbow, iiu.iun, new i utn uou i iiuii.ivipnia. MU-ICAL mTHiCHANDISE. Mannfht'liirer and Importer of musical inairnmenla an kuhi miHienl iiie.chinihsp cons-antly on hand. Edward llnaik, 81 Fulton, corner Gold, Importer nnd Manufacturer of musical instruments nni iieait-r in strums for violin, piano furlct, and publishers of mni,.. C. G, L'hrisliuan, 401 Pearl t-lieet. U.MnUEI.LS, PAIIASOLS and F-UN-SIIADKS. John I. Smiih, inaiiiifaciurrr, 232 Pe.itl st , one do r irooi iii corner oi nuruii! cip. navinu ri'tnrluu from F, irope i pti paicd lo .'imv hi cfstotucrs the ino'i i-lecanl Fu n h and EiiuIkIi sivlrs Geiriu'J, Hud, ISO IVarl !., opn isiie C. dar. is pre- pnllil with a slock orUnbreh", P.iruso's c uianiifii'tiiii'd at this iHalilidninl'l, unsiiriinssid in the iiiatkct. PERFUMERyTsOAPS. .f-u. Manufacturer and Importer nfi huicc crfuincry, toile rw , Aiinri", roiouiie', KC. Eocene Itons'il, 139 Droadnuy, I etneen Liberty and ..vuxiuilU DIICUIV. WALNUT OIL& MILITARY SHAVING SOAP. Johnson, Vroom A Fuwlir, manufacturers of fancy nun iniiuiv pi aps, pnicnt eimri'es. perfumery, etc. 3 Cuuillandt st. and 79 'I unity l'lnce. OROCERIES, I.lQUOllS, FRUITS. Ac. Viui1fnU- urncer n tirl ttnt in M-inp. fnrpiftn nnd tiontfsiie liquors nnd sigirs also manufacturer ul cordials ant! bitters Gcorpc Greenly, 201 Chnmber jtt., tunning through 10 licauL', nirccQours iiom wt-si bi. Grnrer nntl cftmmi?-inn turrrlinnt, importer and dfiiicrjin iirfltnlir. winc.jcgara etc., Ili'tra &. Uogart, 177 South st. fmnnrirr nnd, Dnnnv. A. Co , encni. ac nnd rlmmpncne rnndirs. un nnd hour t'in, jnmnicn opinio. Ifln nniney, jndtirn, rort nni Sherry, Tt nertfl'f, flnrct nnd chninncnc winc",oi oitrd cord h. hit'rr. Hnvnn.i st-yarfl, Ac. Henry I.cliriiin, ?32 Washington sl. Import rs of wines hrnndici", nhsinlh, Arc Also, innnurncturers ol cnrduis, syrup?, I liters and oili er n nicies for suppI)iutftcamuoat8. hotcls( grocer nnd driicri!it. John I. Moenier & Co., 95 Warren 8t. Wlintesale denlers in fori urn and domestic crcen and ririi d fruit, w m , siecir, tohneco, tfc. Ituss if- Mam, 210 Wn Minis Inn sl. Ton.rcosNurF.r sr.GAn Hne cut tolnrcii and tn.inufuclt.rers nnd importers of t ho ire eMr John Andersi n if. Co., 1 Wall sl , 213 nnd 21 1 Dmne 61., hvc rernvrd th iiuhct premium of the Amer ican institute for 1313, M4 and '15. Mnnufaclurer onHden'er in fine cut, phuIT nnd piper tohnero. Pound pnprr" on tn impronl phn, war r. t -y 'n tl " nn, CI a nH IVrrv piptr w I.:''' h -iut.d ai ,n u a w.n miiud or iiMti rv irliim'td Henry Uttll, 77 Front St., oruer olJ.tjlip. .riCKS, COITKP, COCOA AND MUSTARD. Hither nitiuif.ic tired ttr ptrpmed lor family use, nay be had of the i hoirrt q nliiirs, at the otTu-c nf the Hope Mills, 57 Front st.. .New York. Dltt'OS, MKDK'IN, PAINT3, AC. Deo'crs in drus, medicine, paints, oils, dje a:ufl window c'f! A-1 Hush Sc. Hill)crt 173 :riTntch s:. Dc.'.frs in cit, pini, glnss, dyettufTs, Defi'rcs' d co , 203 vef l t. V.m.irnii r & Tjllmsdjie, F7 l.ircliv st. corner of W.ishinaion, nn l. d T. nl?o nnnnracture ink nnd hlnokiufj whir huhmmrtl lhiprtuiium at the lute tair oi u;u .mcriean institute. Hronze, po Jer, i;nld piint, eilJ, sHvcr and florencc leni, uuti n niL'tni nun uic. J, II Uickrt whiileffjla ns;cnt, 139 maiden Inn lireiue 50 ier tent, lower llian any other house in tue Liiiuu stales. Manuf.tcturin and furnisliins ef nh'Uhmenl tn the i'i::uerriO!ypo bu-mess. H. W it. 1"5 hrnnd nv. nlate. cns&. chemiciln noh-liin annniniufi)' and 'rv article used in tin1 b a tines a. Also the (Jcrnian, i'tcnth, and American canuras. tonics am) intusm:. Manufeturtr of Truclins nnd pnrkini: trunks, a ijccs, carpt I i ays ntcMnt; nnd hoouy lior pe ami viirinedes. II. S. A- W. li. .S'lronL', 2 Pt-ek shp. errncr ( f PcnrI sl. nnd nnnnsiif iho vivt rn Pearl st II once. II. II. Oitst-en & Sou, '-'01 Pearl st. tunur .Maiden la iib. Hruh inanuf.iciunrs nnd duller in brooms redar nnd wiliow wnri. mil-. lul. niuld and rohis. Wtn.K. Mtiker, ID j W.uhinuion fi. npposite Wash- ni'iisin nttuk'M on" itii'ir atne luliuit. I.iiVn A- Hotylnnd, 100 Wai-liniiun ei. one i'oor be low I' u'lou. Hrn riwi; f r Trunk. Wht t"w Itinh. riffirc I".1 Mroidwiv, nnniifaenrerfc f f all km It nnd . - nf lrun nes lir irunkn. A mij.cri jr article tit itthienl prices. .SAMMANOKIISAPKS. llich's tmprnvid pnictit t'ou' U nnd -mir'e nilinnndfi pifit, irrt)ii'td pit- (inni (lamims t in- fire prodf. nn improvement upon WuJeri paicni fur ? ih hv K, S, Mjrv.n. njent forihc manufacturer, I33i watei streeu The oricml Wi'dei's e"'uiK pitoni riouh'e nnd sin giu ajiaiiunutr riips, unir.iuiC'i la-e Iroin tla in lines-. Sjlai (. Ilerrinir. ninnulHctuter nnd dealer n nil kind ufiron ife. 139 wnier !. oiiifr f dci't-vsler pi. Ottuhlt rtnlmiutnder ea ft i. . J. (Inylnr, the nninal ineninr ntut pnirimeoi int'iinutiif siienti i iinprnv ed dLleC'ir hi-l. w.irrnnted fire and thief iroif nnd dry. Sniiile rtiliunndcr ssfes warranted equal to any runner, tor .iit u v Lt'onaid Ihuv.n, 60 ua'l rf. COI.D PI N MANUrACTURI R. Allert O. Hnglev, I&0 l.rondwny, fur fcile at mann firiurers prices, Uy mil ihe whuleaalt joweleru, sta nviai r, m a-.j Huiimiuu, INDIA RlliilTl-R CCOI S. Goodyear's patent insoluble india rabber coods, war raiuru iiipinnu in e.erv llliii'ile, George Hefihcr, sole agent, 100 lltoadway. WINDOW SHADES. Impporlcra and dealers in French and Italian window shade J. C. Wooodword, 2E9J Hrnadway, receivea by each aruvai, snaues oi eveiyeivie, isnuscapes, connini' an, iwiuuii anu t;ui,nc, gin cuiincea, yiinps, ixc. WINDOW SHAPE DEPOT. Hartol A: IV .Manny, artists in ffnernt, 7 Spruce it doors from Nassau, maniifict'ircrs and importer, Aninni! Iliir Mi-iile are ri' h vieu a on the Rhine. Switzerland, epic uf ihe most ce'thrated eaihe rirals in r nrnpe.h nptiiro piece., landscapes, al beyj an. ujiiiicsoi an kiiios, I EATIIEIU STOKE. Feathers, 1 eds and mailraa-e. of every description q isitiy anu pri.c. iiensiiniia oi ery vaneiy Public atlenlion is called to illis1 jini. nt screw bedstead, r.'tiotiii.ILd tu mtirc'y xt-l idebuia. Old I UMTS diet V 1 MI'I lliauiri.-i s iiis-i ,,v,r jiniel.S PaiUer, 15G uuu Ijj Ciieci'wic at. cirper of Court audi, MACHINEANDHANDCARD-:. John Wliiuemnre .f- Cn. manurieiiirrrs of rotu n and wool hand and UMfhine cards, and d'n!er in aili clea for Manufaciuiers use. Office 21 P, oil st. AGRICULTURAL .STORE. Manufacturer and ilea lei in agricultural maclrnes snd inii'Viiients. portn'de horsepower, ihriahers, inile. Plouiilia and plough csslings, (in fear. Field seeib. J. Plant, 5 Rurlinj; slip. I'lSHINO TACKLE. II IHDWARE AND TANCV COODS. , John 1. Rrnsvn & Co. imnnriers and dealers in bird, wire, fiahiacWe, 122 Eol'on sl, nfler lo anelera and ileilera iii rliinj tackle, an estensive anon mem of fiili lioolta, lines, rules, rod. M.ARMLE. Ornamenlal marh'e wnik of all kinds, richly carved taluary and plsin mantle and mnnuments. Deal er supplied Mmks and stabs. Underbill Fenia, 372 and 374 Grrenwich at. for Sale, CtnUATEO one mile from E-scx Center, consist I '"I!' r '00, acres, eialit or ten ut which is wnod land. I hero is a larau nn.l eunvenienl Dwelliuo Jluuse, llir. o sood (Jams, tuneihcr with convenient nuMiiiilillnss. A I a n , 1 One llnrse, n (wo year old C'dl, ono Co-, two sinide WnL.enne. nne .ini,l,. f..,in ,.nn nn: ..r I, ... Traverse sleighs, nnd her entire' ! of linns Isold . ii.iiiiiirc. RUTH IIUTI.I'.R. Kex, .April 21, 1(3. 43v3 UN I'llAI, UAII. ItOAl). A N aerami'nl of five dollars i,n a thare Ins lice n V nrdrrcl I y ihe Direclnrs of the Vermnut C- ulhil Rail R.nd Company, piynlde on ihe first dv ofdiine luxt. Payments may ha made ni the Fnrni'ta .V .Vi i h.iuics llnuknt ihe Hank of Hunt, p.lier. at ihe llwk of VVuudsmck, or, at IheTreasu- rci'aOmtr N... ITJ.Tre rs I How. Ho ion. SUIUF.I, II. WALLEV, VVeutHfjr. Hnstnn, 2JI Apiil, ISIG. 4S.v5 S t (I I U 11 Ij'RO.M the pi.iuri- oftlic tub scriher i,n the 20ili mst., a lARK II W .MAKE, 10 venrs old. erv I Inn in fl-ali, with foil. miIi n liuur mi one of her hips. Whoever will reiiini stil mire, nr nive tnf iritntion wlurc aim niny lie lri.,ha!l l,e vi'tnhly rewmled. ITIT E. 11EI'1T. Charlotle, April V, 1310. 43.v3 rn'inimn llorso s i n n i: n n r , THAT has irrcivn! 3 I'remiumsat lli Stat Aeri ciilinrnl'Fairs, in New Votk, held in 1S3. 1942 and 1911. Also, ha received more Couniy premiums thin anv oilier horse in the Slate. Will he Incnied in the village nf nnrlintrlnn, Vt., for the ace iriiuiodnlion til tho-e who wish to lmtnvr ihe hrted nf that nohle animal tin-Horse. Mm ireldiii? 1st have been -old fnim S200 lo SiOO. One pur of inalchc I. for IOuO. For further mrtirulir. .p lliits. rreiuium llorso F.OMPSE. wi'l also siand in Ihe cily of Vcrgenno, Wrtiiunl, nl (' I'.vereiis. liinv Min i.u.u, DWII) LONU. Ourlington, May Gib 1315. 49 C. IlAYiXES. TASju-t received n cood s'rtnicnt rf .1 Il'Klt II MSI fi from New Vorl whir h he ofTi-rs for sale atliisPainl iio.i. corner of Culloce' ot While it.,' tast of the noire, Uiirltnuton, May 1, 1S10. 43 NOTICE. THE copartner hip heretofore exitinsr under the tnme and firm of D. cfcO. ROOD is lhi dnv by mutual consent dmolinl, DENNIS ROOD. ORI.IN ItOOl). Jericho, Match 19, 1S1G. 43w3 NEW GOODS. I,L ndmirers nf New Cionds will do well to call and examine them at DWir.r. KrRN'S. 43S Church street, Itiirhohui Vl. Notice, Cash Wantoil. IIOSK twMiti'd to tho un'h rii'n'il nrp hrrehv no ifi-d ilnt i,ivm,,ni ncniffliK? in r.iim i -i espi f vi, lt-IinqriPiit. inn f iitii f. rl ipr lun we iilnr.-t riVlfs'lu-ns n- we h:ilt H t r-rl- div April 21, MG. 13 STIIHW ,r- c. WA X'l EI) ! 200 lbs. Sallron Flower, 500 " Met Win, IbOO " Spurred Jtve, nr I rent. At p;;k & sphaks'. bishop noriciys' Pj-tornt I.ett.r nnd Correspondence with Rev. Win. Henri lloyt, Wi'I be publishtd this mortiiiii, hv Ms - 1. C. GOODHICIl. Snuikod (l:i ms nnil Shoulders VERY" nicely cured for family uc, for site hv 13 STIIONCS & Co. A':ir york iV nosrox BOOT & SHOE STORE. II 1-1 .Snhscri' Invnu renrtved tn ihe store mi Church fitnel fonm'rly nci-iimcd Uv H W. Will, (niH'M'e Mr Ivern's iJlure, oflus to ihe pu!i- hc lii-4 st'ii'lt. cousinni; of Luies Hoots and Alices, " Wnier proof Uoots and, " Fintj Kn'nch C.ilfilo do " do d-i tin sewed, 'o do llrinn-( " Mnrocfu do ' Moni C.i!f and Kip Sh,.es " I I'tlh t'ni'rrs hulloned ' Pi milh Dancing Gai ters. " D mdn? pmnpfl, " .liirtireo ippera, t.i f do Cnlf hn(s nil Linda. G.mer IliHtts, of every i!fcri,it;m), I'r Huskins, latest -tylo Kul do I'runel'a " do , Malt Oii era. I'm nrh Mipper?, i rnylish Kid .Slipper, French S.iint Hipptrs, all ni'mti, G ..Id I'.muzf-,! do HmifsH S ppt-r. Stunt liootrt n Itiickins Mnpid It'll. I'-'if, li "ii ltd and ii nin do " Hidthfrs wiih leiiher ,lct Hand and hoci, f "Irs do di ll.ekle?, " d i li M nnd plun, ami Shuts, bvH C i,f limns, " do Kit Vn " ti nit r Koto. Tr Guifi. in st qualnj '' ttikltl. P iniflhi alippert", allj " " Hokins, nil cnhrt, " Shint Mi.ri'cco audi " Knl.lit ih I nil hiiidf. " ilii ('.-"If .tnd K ip ISniiMiiH, " Stout hni, nil kind " Pro irllo G ith-rs and t ViiuVtn !lmt if- Shots, (I II1CIHL' tHlfllJ'8, ' Ffaieh G.iiitr lIootiM Vwtiif Huo'h and Zhocs, nil cMiird, Fin'' If Itootiteued " Moinreo Uaiieif.j Itutioii nnd lict'i nud i rjed. do Km do do do " uusKiiis vv Mipper. Hoots nnd Atulc nf .ill cull rs. ' nnd train pepM, Ua'l Unguis and Kip M ornccu Uools and Genllcmtn'i lioott and, Shoes, .Nnp'deon Uonto with' and without tops. , I lit ski n. Fine Gniirrs, U-iuemL' (lumps and Tieiof all kind-, AU Galleon of nil colors nnd lllnck and Liyht Silk Gailer Inref, cotton lace. (. &r 'I h inilifcrilit r fn-N n8urtd that nil win wish to make yhod Inrunmi in ihe :ihot ntpiitintieti anu lea, will not no riwiv from In flmp i', N. II. II kiudsof IJ.i'Ms. Shoe. (S 1 1 r rs. Slinnerc Sic, Ac, ini le to iHder. The puhsctder Ima ron Mnuilv in hisemidov ih.' dc-1 workmen, and nil woik tna.'e uv him. uarrantfd. ifKUUIIX HATCH Fl.nKtt. Ilnrli'.-tnn Miy 1, 1 3 lu 4!UG iMi:ss I'oik F ItOM heavy Hoga, for sale by 43 ti l IIONGS, & Co. Cnniphciip. IItKSII Camnhene or Cheniical Oil, eonsiantly reeeiving. Kor s.ileby Uarrel or on d sua! t, 43 bv PKCK Ac SPKAll. on;;ress Water. HMIP. underslsnerl are receiving leeeJy, from Clark's Sxrm. Ir.l,lw Itnlilfl IVntsr Alan ..n.innllu on hand, Iodine and Pnvdhon V.Ters. ' 43 PIX'K & SPKAU. Valiialtlt) Fnrni for Sale! 'Mli: .ul .niter li-m: 'O'lriio of re ifTeis lor nb 1 Iiiiiu 1 1 1 ril I o-ine h f I irir.-iiii I ial, le ". t ,( i.tin.. 1 1 3IIO .iet'i i l ev r't, t I a, ,, ire I ii ihe i il'j.-e "I C'e,? . (In, . C'liiolv, N. Y- C'lou to" i'r, ' in,', ne iwo d t, .in h . i-, itnii tarn., iiit h . i A' 'I lo lt..i i. m i 'I w "od I .in I ivt, l ie '. nnil is nl' e, i,ri on,- . i the ni' st ih'u ib'ean I plei utit o jii ,u. ,p ilo- ooo ly. Teem, e.i-y K, r puriti-olar-, apply lo ibe I, eri'er i-n the i,r.-ii,i-.-.. ' ai.i:x vNi)i:u sum r. Chaiy, pril SO, 1810. 17 S.iltlialli Scliofil Honks. Tiir. -til rj'eri.i'Xeeii'iulore-eite oi theeour-i-Iwo uei-V., .1 iiii,dv i'f-l'l;rtl S'l I .in I 1 ol Q -I. lion Himi',. Ironi ihe Ami-riean Sun lav iliii 1 Uui -n. aI-ii from ll" f I'mon of itie M.-t li.ul Kpi.i opJl Ch "r, Ii. whii h - l I e f irni.ho I to tfnM aili Schools al New York an I llos nn pre e for ta b. SThVK.vs worms, 11 irlintton, April il, 1-116. Sirnncs Huil.linj. It luiliarl) (r Pjo IMant. CKI-DI-IN" 'ani of larse and vigorous growth kj may le ha I at I lie irarien ol April 23, MG, 47 .vl C, GOODRICH. (JraflinR Wax. PERSONS wi-hioj .mall nnaniilie. ran le sun. plied bv railing on l. UOODRICII. April 22, '4S. 4T V RJHINT V In'nL A. LC I) W,A R,I)S CITE A l CASH iVo. 1 Peck's liuUtliilgs. A coiioral assort incut ol School. Classical nnd Miscellaneous Books and Slalioncty at C1TV I'RRICS. IIISIIOP HOPKINS' ADDRESS. An liumhln b d enrnist Addres to the. Illsltnps. Clrrxy. nnd I.nllyof I tic pantEiTssT cpi"Ciirt. cuuacil in ihe I 'nil.-'' Sales, on Ilw .l.-rn t iti ir n m.liiif our Alimsirv nf the Do'lriiies t,f the Church of Home lly John IIexiiv Hopkins, Hisbop of ihe Hiore'e ol Price I2 Scenes A. Tliniiahtsin E'irope, by nn American. BOe Views and Reviews t l A'neri'-an tli'tory, I.iteta- lure mid Kieliou, by W. Oilinore Sininis, 60 Thin.liiliih, the Icelander, and Aslausn'a Knight. 2 parts, J Chevalier D'Harmental nr Love nn I Conspi- tacyi froiii Ihe Ercncliof A. D imas. 23 Peers nnd Perverius i by .Mrs Gore. 23 llisl.iry nnd Exiranrdinnry Ailtenttirrs of Mnr- caret C.itchpolc. a Sullilk Ci. I by Rev, R. Cub Id. Jo irml of Re earehes inlo the Naiural Hislnry and Gi'oh'uy d ihe toiinnl'S iil,vl dunnij a 0)ai;e Ituiind the Wuildt by Chailcs Dar win. 2 vols. 1,03 MRCHANT'SILINE. ' LAKH BOATS, For the transportation of property, between LAKE CIIAMPLMN, TKOY. .ALDA NY. NEW YOltK, AND UOSTON. IN; THE PROPIilETORS of tins LINE bavins in i rct-ed their t.itilito I v 1 lie- iii'dition of several firl ra'e Itnats iimlcr lite comunin I ol etpeiieiu-iil nun i.iiiin ii .ua.iers, nrc-prep.ireo lo aive ii-'-pu'i u lo all pro;ienv intended to n is. I etwi eu llui nl-ove name I pi lees, w Ihm hich tin y innv I e lnirii.tcl,:in I hope, I y prompt altenlion lo the miere.S ul Iheirein pb yer., to rcteive a continuance if put lie patron n?c. Tluir boats nrc to I e lowed 1 v SUam on IlitJson t'irer, nud cm Chamjilaln hen neee.s try, and n niplc ii a period Line tn .Vcie Yuri;. a. al'-o. to 7oy nud A baity. Li t ol (inod. are kept together una uui Mii'jeeieu in inpiri' ny ir in-n.-ptneut. Proprietors, l-OLLr7nt RRsDI.I.V. tlnrlinrlm. NICHOLS, Itl.'ll'l ON 4i ClIlTILNDIA' Jban A.M. CLAltK, St. Albnns. Agents. I.. A. JOHNSON .Vo 9. CntitlUs Slip. .Vne Ynrl; CORN 1 1. ITS I.OVELI, A tie Y,irl: J- Ihstun I'm!;- tl Office, hong Wharf, notion. Anni, I8tfi d7 Tils CHajxtossOTaw. An Episcopal I'aprr published in Xcw York (Jiti. rr.HF, un'cr -mh' ' I a i -. . .i in in, iii ' (. i f'l-MlO 1- ill 1(1 ,itu nn i l rul A-ent fir tin in ci ii ui 1 i 1 I jr, .. ,1 t tipnit' I l.ipr li:nit'c i t withenerjv nn i fe.ule' it-- , 'lu il, -ir ie'- I'll witIi p id tin F.;! pnl Ch ireh, nn 1 in deleji'l them a .t tit llie .(;iiiil- l pre.iilit'e nid !:" I'l i 10 n lvi c.i'ethe iie ary tin inn of the t'h indi t f Christ, "ihe pil'nr uult;iitul nlTritlt," .in 1 to l'inrtli, in 'i"rt, 1 h aw nru.wi eer true Jul fnthf.l C.l.uri Iiiihii litl inlet; mill in lh properiiy t-f I lie l hunh in tin i-o-in'rv. lu u ntuhty nnd ear-ne-ine- in the ijel'enec i f nud doctruie,"hw paper Ihi leen, hitherlo, uo-i'rpns'ivl, nnd ihe inure n' Us fh;nr.i he.t I, nf ihe pn fi md ;io 1 tenruel di vine who lu tun 2 eoiidncied n a itHi uenl ? nniyilidil will tj 1 remiin tureuiort amou the i lijiupiou of Iruc relu'um in Ameiit-.i. V A. Tl-l.'ICKIt. Rurliiifflon, April 21. lS.'C. -17 Co! illoii Tarty. 'rVTOTICK i he-e' y awva lo nil who arc indehled l tti it, ihn l heir m-rn tnt, I r ihey Inrse T -malt, miif 1 e pit I immediately, or Ihey w ill liear from vr n.'nm n iln)-n wlr lam e nio-l pcy the tiddler. This. 4 the IT r t and only lime of mr. I; if C H. FOLLr.TT. Hurlinuton, April 23, 1S1C. 47 Shell Oysters, JUST reecived nml keot 11 n-tnn'ly on bane. Alc I'r'.-Ii Or.ine. mid I.enn it-, bv I). UL ACKM N". illusion, April 23 '!0. d7'.',w 22D APRIL, 136. NEW GOODS. rUI.I. i-'ippU of every V i-ription jot rereiveil i M. at ll:e intMp Uih of I e-v I v the I e'uti Itnililiii" Tnnlipr Wanted. ATA.NTF.IIn loi of (j,, l,il,l,nr Timber to be ueliieri-il iiniiiedi.reli', np uv to u h:avi;swoutii. Ilirlins'on, April 21, 19JG. .J7 I ast urair'. OtTt'ltlNri for one h ndie.l heal of Cnole ran 1- Icoltllll.-i April, 1910. i.i: 47 JSTTSsTiTIlTG- Done lly J. T. 15 EN RDICT. ROOM oier II. I.f avenworlh'a offlee, Collage street. ir.t.v77;. Qft OOTD MAUKi:i' IIOItSI,firwliieh easb will Im paid, hv W. O. UAUK1.R. Charlotte, April, I3IG. iioii)i(; PP.ItSONS ui'hini Hoard, with Ihe aeenmmnda. lion of a P.iitor nud II, d-room, urn Par lot m ha tu ber nnd in'j in, iii bed-room, oroiher'iceoiniiioda'ionj as lo rooms, can lie pruviueu tor ai ihe iio 'o of P. lir.ACKM.VN, 43 Corner nf Chnrcb and King sue. Is. Varii'ty A i a i ! ! A NT.W lot nfSlei-l I'li'ids. St.-el Piirs-Trimmines . and Sieel Uai; Chps and Ta'l. jut r.reuid by ni(l,s.ll.iu iV IIIIUTMCKS. April I0lli,(l3iq. ; . 45 TO RENT. IOR one or more years, the lloue and Lot, now occupied by llio. uhserilii'r.on tiofi'.i. The prem ises eunsist of ime aere of Ijind, -i iinall Ioue, (tarn aud(oiber appendairi a, all tn cond repair nn evetllenl Will of water, a O irden iiiub-r good eultivaiion, and well stuikcd tilth I'ruil Ttcis. JOHN K. AUBIIF.V. Ilurlingtnn, April S. ISIS. 4 Buitcr. AVF.W hundred pounds uood Table Duller, tlrs day ri eiivedj Also While lleans. Apiil I9IC. (IH A. S. DKWT.Y. WANTP.D in extli'inye fjr Oroeeri-'s, K-jes in II nnv u utility. A. S. DKttT.V. April 13IG. 44 I jiltiri". A I'ASTUJII. of nhoui 3 oens m Pent, near the Coll' Lie, too in ol c. pr.uutsoN. lluilinii' a, .Vii.IiJII, IB I j, (rni2C and Lemons. ' rl UST reia-'ud II l'oea I'mh Dran.-is ami I.eni. I.J ons, and lor .iile by (iP.O. PIUKHiON, JIilili U, l?IG. Kurt! Cluinct'. rpili:.csi firm'in llristol lu J r-iV rotu linimtaho it 400 aeris, well wairred and i in bend iih a t-oi.l orchard, nnd und rn uood staleol eul. livatioii, i is si'uiiiwl abon two mi', s N'oith r Vdtajie, nnd known hv iln nauieof nbe -' Uunton Purm " bririiy ihe same on which Oen. Diinton livid nnd died, and now owned and necnieed l,v ih uheri', r. Po..ession civen nn .n'e. TIIAUtUS DUNTOM. Uristol, March 83; 1916. 44 Fcathiir! A OOOD aupplv nl liens nn I Gees. Feather. nu IL nn nann llarrnntnl in ne a eooa ariir... Par sale hv VILAS 4. NUVEfJ. But ItngtM, Jan. J8, 134S. 16 . PRorncrioN. rilllE UndersniiAl, iaie aireiti of ihe Vefmnnl ..I. Mutual Eire Insurance Couipiny, for the Dis Iriclof llurliiiL'lon nnd Wmooski lulls. renccl fully nnnoiiiices that he vv itl.ieceivenpptieations, limit tree! lil-lirilue nn buildinits and eotitents, not exlin hoi; iirdous, on Ihe iiiost l.ivorah'e lei ins. 1 1 is n'Ceilnioe.1 Hint the various classes of proper ly insured by Una company, from lliecotiiuii necineut of iia onern ions lor 18 vears tiaat, have paid on en b SICK) per year, as follows, via t 1 siory imviiinit nousea raicu at at pr. ct. su lai Nunc.' nnd Oiist-Millf " 10 Trtveins " 12 Siiw-.Mdls ) (;ihmei nnd Joiner8 chops i " Cloihinir.V Cnidinu Woiks " llliiik'imili's hln lis Piper Mills nnil I ..dories I " 50 30 .70 103 E0 1 73 It is rv. drill Him ihe iilnnefum.nreiniicli lessihnn it li'isi osl llio members of nuy oilier company known ii ,ne nn. ,i ni'iFi-s, mr niu Fame nine. The Kunds of tins Onnnant are ereafed hv Prenil- i m N'oteaof ihe msiind, teemed by a hen ofllcal Ks ate or bv cood per-otial ser nriy, nnd amount :y about two thud.of a million of dollats. . ' Those-M islunij tnoteclioii will n ease ca II. Oflico in tho Court (louse. ... . I.VMAN CUJIjIINGS, Agent. Uurlinjlnn, April 30, IS lo. 1 -ISif D.inlcl iru tittm'H INtnlc. "po Ihn Prolnln Court in .ind for ihe District JL Fhitienden in the tiltilunf Wrrn"nt, the under i jne I, ll.iiinah Hnrmim i-f Hrouklvn in tin' State nf Ohi' repr-fiirH nnd show lh it -hf the wt low nnd tclicl ot Dimel llirnttm. nie or Ohio city, tn tin' if Ohio, deevfied, intestate, that lheaid Dm. nd tit In decease. left per.1 mil eintconly in s-nd di. triet uf Chltlenden. nnd did not leave any estate. wlntetr, eUerthert-i tint nduiinisinilion lnj hern duly arnnti'd nni all thr jut ilehts of ihenid derrn iii, toyelher wiih the expenses of Administration ful ly pud, nnd that Hit re now remmns in tlie linnrl-nf tho AdminU'rntor of curt tWensed, Ihe Mini of 177 dolhr nnd 75 cents ns fundus of taid rtale. And tliu tinderfiancd, Hinrnh Harnu it, further h rioihf nM Court, lhat the Mtd Dtnielltarn urn, deeeisrd, did nor Je-ivr nuy kimlred wlm could inherit his cMnti nnd tint she. 11 widow nf the said deceased, i entittcil to thu uliolcrf it. She therefore liraVHS-sid Ciurt thit i ih who eof -he Mirn us nf nid esiato iinv h? aiii!ued nnd derreed to her. ncrrceablv ltli the Btsinte. in uch tne nndc nnd provided. tinted nl Uurlingtou the2jtli diy of April, A. D. 13IG. HANNAH UAKNtnT, HyT.V.OinB(;(er AtCy, STATF.OF VKRMONI) rpHF. Hon. the Pro- Diotiict ol ' hillf-ndcn f. I hue Ciiort for the Dmrirt nffh tlcnden : rt n'l nnri(tn enncf rnp-l thiT-'iueof I) MI'.I. U.l.tNU M, liteof Ohio city, in tin' Stnte nf Ohm. deernnd. irtti snt Thf ltirei!in npphcnl 011 nf llntmnh Itnrnum Inv hilf lieen iir?- nlcil to iiid C tirl, tit n PCMum tin lenf, Ind I at lurlini:tno. in sitd insinrl on tht2ih duv nf April, A. D. 1816, Thesiid iVnt ilmh order nd isssn the (lord Wednesday of May ISIG.nt lOo'rlnrk in 1 ho forenoon nt ihe ofTirit nf the lOnier nt snd Cniirt in Uurlfnylou, nfuresmj. for henriitu nndde rilin up'n Ihe instlrr nnd lhmi tn siid npp'jen lion ('Ontun'-d. And fiid Court doth fnriher onltr. mure Uieraif he. L'ivitl to nil persons intereie I to nppeir tit'f'irr(siul Court nt the liinn nnd pi ire nforePitd, nudtdiow rnite. ifnny they nnylrne why 'he prnyer of the.snl 1 npphenut Minn! I not I e i-rnnt ed, I y piihhhine (he s t.tnnce nf nd .npp iention three weks snreeively in the Free Pres. n iipm piper prm'ed nt Hurlintflon'' lit ol whi h nnlihc.-itions bhnll he before tht dny asuneJ for henr inp. Civcn under niv hind nt IVirlinffton 111 the District of Chittenden this 25ih i'av nf April. A. D. IB46 19 3w CIIA'S IIFSSKI.U Judce. SPRING GOODS ! 1846. VII, AS & J()YI'S. n tv reenviu" frnm ! ion ntd New-Vorlt ihi If popply tf sjn iti (imiiU, hu:h ihey i ffer .it wlndtp-t!e upon ihe iii"f lilural lLnii.i. Our s ock otiiatH ul .i ureal vanuy of PRINT-, KKPP de LAI.Vr.S, MOU. lie LA INKS PHINTF.I) I.WVNS. n-west tiylif, MUSMN (UMiHAM?, IAMA COItlw. SUMMKlt WEAR. Cordtd CAU.MCUKS, nnd n l.irac nutriment of olherpond. uur purciries were nn mnne w nn i an, ana c nrc encounu'-d to helitve ihnt our noods were nh tninpcl nt pt Uet tint will tnible ii" lo sell them very oir rn th'Hc who innv hor us with a call. liijrlmjjioii, April 15 1U. Al Ictitict Cununliis' Instate. si'ATi: nr im.vv t t Tn I'm ,nto Dl'trtet ol ('Inlle l loo. ... I Co in bid Vn ai II ir.l-lZ'on. vi Inn and I he Di-tru-l nfi re-.u I. on iho lid tluv ol ,inl. A, I). Idle, on l.i.'ruoii-.ii our P'iriiiii! I" be ihe 1.11 W,l mi I ii-.miiiuiii ol'JI.NM.'l ' l .11 H.-,litei.f Milt oi, in .iil Di-lr .-t, .Vre.ise oas preaiid to the Couri lieri- f r I'roha'e, l I limn II. Pi.iit 1 1 II irlimr'oii ifne aid. 'I i' . ordert.l by nl I I'mu t, that n-iblii- noli.v 1 1- mveu lo all peixoii iu eu led Jlien-in In np neir I el'i rt- I Co in, a'l a se-!on iriereof In I le I 'en .11 thoii'liiuol lie: lleii-eer i f MilCoirl lo' aid liir'iiljloo. nn 1 1n- 1 ti Ii ,lav i I Mae. A. I). ISif! al lOi.Vli'O1.- , M., an I i onle.t the pro' ye ill, no I it is l.irther or 1,-ri-1 ilnt Ih.s order 1 p ib. Iisbel ibiee iMik s mis nely in i tie l'iee Pie..-, n new. aper pn red at Hurliuj on, in ties S .lie, tin lift ol ivhn h .trill be pri-uo.i-. to the day a-8'giie I, .1- n'orc ui I lor lo-arioj. Given no ler mv Inn I ai ihe ReciMcrV OJiee, tbi. lib On- of April, "A. I). I -3 1(1. -17.13 CIlAHI.KS IiUSSKI.1,, Judge. New V-nK, April C, 1S1G. ATiUltlCtl Si IMll.N'K r.-s-MVv a J filly .n'liil ll.e atientiiMi ol 8Mi'NT Men- cimnt to il eir (iel ol STAPLE AND PANCT DRY GOODS, eouifin mi; a- deiral le nn nor-nu-Jil a run he fonil)iiai h't.e in the rily, whii h they ldse iheinudvt... tn i-t-II on the mepi lavor.i le term". "etn I lo none in iheir iKfilitie for oi.tnmmsr tiDinl nt 'lu lirve.t, nn I nuxh'H in in'tiv.t'e only n safo trade, however class,' ihey nrc ready and vitlmr to ilinpiv-e tl their S'oeli at the n'in lent living' ndi iitieeon uny.nnl rtt I heir motto I einc, ''srnuli proAfs anil qtih; returns,' HUU'Mt. l.imi('II it FIUNK", lCn3 1 Mlu Hy-'t.. near Hroadvvny. Flower Pots ! A LL sijes of ihe I.arihcrn Pbnw r Pol, i'oi aile by t PKCK .V SPKAlt. Rare Clianco. flT'Oll ..ile, or lo rent, a Carditis i. M K-linie and Chtlliier. works, situ lied near tho Court House in rashiirih. Tile premise. eonisi of a liritu f uiory J uildiiii, snrill d,i.HiiiLr hue. an I oun .acre of I n. I. The C.irdinL' Maihiue is - - - - 1 - nearly new. and adnititd to be the bei to ihe northern pin of lli.j State. The properly isoflel cd at a price tint will iirike it an ob.eel fir nnv per son in thai hue of t,uioihl and if mil .old, will be leu ted for iriu or moui )eil. Willi the pitiilese nt eipiiulin a put 01 the rein m repiua Apple loihe .ubscrptr, or lo II. M, UATKS, U-ij , ni lril.iirehi .11. it, s I .11 ) , Uurlinston, April 1, '46. 4? A Now anil Importaiil lira in' XC3DI3I1T3. Thetakinc nrMiib1tilnr.-ndie,lp'ahit.ib!ehy the new nnd heauiiliil liivennoii 1 1 IIjI.i)'. liuai'iosinl .Mauiu I. le Pills, hy uhieh the I l.'eol iiiedieineis a i cooipleiety disjuised I v a eoa in.' of l andied ,n,'ir, lhat Ihey aiepul'eclly .isieeable lo the most Theinitreilients of these Pills ate irWy and pure ly l'e?M6.V,iibo8aciiriiiive ornpertica arp iinknoiiu in ihe refill ir Scieneo of Mnheme. Their i llieney in I i i'lu. ili.i'iihis.aiiil nil inui.ilainia ari um fioiuio pureldood, has nul.perlnpvi parnl.el iu theea'nloirui of .Miilieinn- It! In lil"fl of ihe obsllnalH di.ra,i. Hhiidi att n k Ibe human system Ihey have been fo md lo he n most io.virlul remedy. Their nctton on the bowels are very mil a,.id arrlv ever sripe, al ihe slme limn ihey nie earihuw and ell'iejeui. A tiafle trial wilt tbiitv their trui. merits. A trlilbtriilly utie h,n,a, e.udinj lo 'he directions iihieb accompanv llieio, will nen r fill to ho ibe oust milt Hiring ei- di n f h, ir sin inlliliry wriue. l-rie.- i e. ills per box. for siiio hy I'K K J Sl'IIAIl. April, e. in NOT I CIO. I (1 n riib.eriber Ins pun based of ibe estate of ihe 1 l.ieJ. Wainiuiahi, F.fn. ibe enure Store and Trade of the old and v til known Nninii;bl islab lihini n'. to l.hls place. 11 in rein lie in enus lot oniinuc ihe b is m s.. Ileli is a t:e a o.-i of hioies on hand -also Hollow Wnre, Pious, Plow Castinus, ' hi. , ? ' I V, ni1""-' r-'Whed l lloslunA 1. sold in this inarkrl. Also ,y ,,' , , ,,' 1 Ware, and all 1 heap of', i,n,i,i 1 ulu' alnio-i all kindsnfeaaimss .-.i.oMt mn I tinnrr ami Im 11 are. anu al 1 lean t-ourse. l.ihrnl waee mil be paid for 1 fond ,,rk nnn'ai lio'lln II inness. S, W, TAYI.OIl. Ilar'idtton, April 3d, 1315. 41 IMP O R TA A' V TO T. I XXF.RS. 'lll'. sub eriht-r lias purelisted ill ri.'bi to use I Hi-ckman' Pair.iT Macihkb in's llsAwi.,r, ilinrs 111 Ihe ten Norilo ni iniiuiie. ,11 Vernwiii nml ttl'ldispo.t-of rUbiseiihtrin ihuiiidiiils, ono ivuo. lira or towns 011 reasonable Ierms. Apibciliou ma) bo nude 10 II. P. )AKI.IO.0m,hridge l!orouh, nr It. O. Sl'ALUINCi, Richmond. 1 April . 1849. ' ' ' Boston Xdv'ts. BOSTOnT APRIL 18167 Drugs, Mcilicinrs, Paints, 'Oils, Dye Stuffs, Chenmals, ffc. Sfc. HAY WARD & HAMILTON, NO. 28 INDIA St., IIOVFON, OFF! It nn entire new St' ek of the ohovr nf'i' Ns nt Hit lowest Cnh or Credit nrieri. I'lirchasein nrc respectfully invited to cull and examine Ihcirstock u ooods. Kul. Ith-i F.nS. Ucnhnl'EO nnd BOh. . IIIU. I'ulv. I'Amia of all kinds, Willi,, and Ited Ueud, Miseeil Od, Viitniilns, iris t.rc Bs, tup. article, Wni iian Hed, " " Ipecac " I'ulv. Jalap, . ; Permian Tlaik, CI 11 in Myirh, liinin, AIOPS, Traincanlh, Arahic. Spis. Turpentine. Old Out, h O.I, I warr.inte I eonuino, ) Window Ula-s, Vellow O.hre, laddcr, l.owood V.xU I.ifpioiii'e Kul. nnd llef'd. I'.p'.om t;alis. Sun. Carb. Soda. Cnaui Tartar, Tartaric Acid, diUile. .Soap, uro. (Tarn. Hull llriuisione. riedMood firo'd. I'il-tic Cuba, G10, fJninu-ood ' llvp Nio Wood, " Su'ldinr, -pontes, llorax Unis. refd. K-set-tnl Oils, Mc oiil, I'uili S'alia 'llcai h na Soils, Acid 0alic(i " Muriatic, " Aeeiie, " Nilrie, " Sulphuric, r)rphllu', Alum. nine VI-to', "udlienr. (nm Senegal, B iinimne. 11111tto, Olue, I.n Hyp, nl Soda, Hid. il'l'nlase. Ciitoiiul, E.ia. nnd Amcr. Iniime, iCoibs, &.: Ac, 'Villi the usual n-sortment kept in n who'esate Uruj Store. All articles warranted Pure. Jl.'SllUl II. IIAVW.MID, HDWAUI) II WII.TON. 46 n2 23 India .Street. Whore is llio host phots lo buy BOOTS AND SHOES, FOR CASin THOMAS C.WALES' STORE, BOSTON 19 Ilroatl Strrrt, earner of Central St., TSilieiHilvenfre Cask Whnenlc an IJ(d.Lmur llnoi on I .Shoe iNnrr in Itoilon. All the oilier b iv ne.ulv nil andell nioily on treditt hut W'.itt sU'l s UitheiWi ?legl loth in luyinn nivWellloj-, inul ftimt'iiueinlv cm n lujLt. j.llmI n creal dial low- ei iluiri nny uher ile.iler, either I die r,i.e tr Kizeu. 1 ry lu'ti tin e, iml )o i wi.i ay I do. ttr. UK- CnSPT4STLV OS !M0 Alt kinds nf f'ashhntibte tuto:n made Moots and Shoes, Mnii'ilncmred rnreI' f( p iclailins- in thn New FCnuhin I 5i ilc. Al-o, -i re-ti vnrniv i.f low pri'f Slme. li-lh'-h h ive I een I ti iirhl in dull e.i nn fnr C.uh at lens than eM, nnd will I e n d in ho-to tint i'ireher nt n Pinnll oontmiiirn a er the ne't cih en-i,nnd in many tiiftant-ea le-. thnu the Mantilh-im-iriir Cot. Al-o, Cir.e I.on nn whuh he haadvanecd nt" nee, nnd whuhinust he -old Inr C.ih. in lota to jomV the emiury trade (or the mod they will hrinr. Go andste him and you tetll never repentit, 39in3 R. F. FLETCHER & CO.. WIlOt.ESAI.n Ur.ALKItS IN WEST INDIA GOODS GRC CE RS!.?, ALSO spicn.Mit- nnn.i:i) on, or all Kixns, KCUANTS' W, leb. 12, '4G. :;".G BOSTON DRY GOODS, JOBBING & IMPORTING HOUSE, os. 4'J anil II Hi k t., Huston, l-'c-.lcral Mlrcct. VvV' OUI. I) t-.ill iln-rrtfii i.ui of the ira lo In tin- ou'i to ihe r larut. anu well n'iriul Sine'., wlin'h m I le ere I Inner tliatl New Vork priee.. lr eash or eredit. C'IPRIIIVO IN P-IRT, noMn.srn s, noons, nrnvv ii.tciiims ti n nee u j i- and 1. nt-n- 11 -'ul, id evtrv vatje'i olth, Alpieea! OtJej'n, ld-'i .liitn. 11 uiL.azine-, De Mntre t huh-, French ! Kn-j. Mtnen-, Velvet. I).tK-.S GOOD:, M. l-e L lines, C(i'h, De K'D'H'?, tr!ed and Kepi Ca-hmerci, Prinieil Ltvvh-, f.tlil and line d i llenv A, lltfhi Siiirlms-J It'e-nlied IS heel in nud Sli'imiL-, ftsdM Oa'tdira s. Si'eciai', Iln a 1 1 Ifili- A Tweed, 1 F.iie-y and plain Ca.-i- incr, l)i ekjot P'ri'u nnd fanev Satinet", i;.ii, i nn i unr ur:u Til-Mill: nn t Siripe l.uvii ('inham, FlTnnel., LuiHj?, priulid OrL'andie--, llalzurinc, JCan. Sdi.j, hi k. and euIM. fiV nnd phut, Slinwl-i.Carhmere, Mrrseh, rininus'i, M De lli.-h-lnod, UareeOnihrennd Mnzpppn. Also, Ol Vi', I loirry, Fonsce tin I r?phtalfield IMMa. Penimo-t, Mexican tripel &. Vc. Pnii' nf manuhetitrc rf MtT imn't'L, Hnuiditm cV Cit'hcc Co1, Spr.iiritt'f, Czzen Chap. ii, Hube en, Ac. Ac. I n. SCOTT, m hoj nt the nhove nametl t.ihli'trncnt, re ptn'if.illy ol.r(.'lUa.('Il fiom lil friend when they vi-it Uoipn, Ftb. 12 37m4 . Seed -Wheat.; . , rpiH'. Milsenher his for sale 100 biishela nf ?ecd I .'f three qualities, ii7i UlaekSea, Ib-d Ohafn an I Tea Wheal. AH icry el,-aii and oilablc lor -prjim sovinnt:. IIAItltY HUAOI.F.V. Ibiihuiiion, April 15 1:10. - 46 joiin i'i tvKi.i.oGt;, import! iia ot:.i.i:it IN WINKS & IjIQUOKSi No. 0.3 It Ivor-Street, Tmy, X. V. KI'KF eiii;iiiiy, o I hind mi exieiiMve nsi mi nt of Vjmc0. J.iqiors, Ti rdnl. e.. touhieh he w.inld re-peeifullv call thcatitntionof Mirtluuts, Hotel Ke p-r. nnd others. Ami'iiii ia i-irluieiit nuy tie found Otard, Dupuy ' .. i eiievniin, rvi"nette, an i eomiintii nrnnnv. .Medt r it Swan, and mlur I r nils of SehuJam Cjiii. U d J. mi nr.!, St. I'rui and ,. F. ltuni. al tltifi, Seilv, Fori, Sherry, and Madeira Winc oi oitteri nt qiiimies. AIoKUlierrv,'F'ppcr'ni'it an I Wintergrecn Cordi al? ; I Mump-nyo, II , PlirtM, Ac. lltdwlni h lieoil.-r-o'i ihe iiost accomniodaiinj; rnii for Cah nr approved Credit. Tr.y, Apr I, 131G. 41 j Garden anil Flower Stwds! f AltOR SUPPUI'.S of f.esh Slid, rem Sinkers 11 nnd oilier Cuiin iiors, al hob lie, anJ nicely an an;ed fur Ihe tenul tin 'e, ai IT.'K ,f- aPKAR'3, and W. II. IIAIVII & lu'i. A'o, The rarer kind, const mtly kept. no vl: Y's SEEDLING SIRAWBEHRY. (Of iihieh the largest berries are from hie 10 su iu 1I10- in circuiiifcrrence, nnd their quality nut urtiassed. See .M iti iilnes uf Jt iriji:ul , lure, and Atricullur'al 'apct' KHierally'. FOlt Sale hy Piiiletl-s I'mtliri, Middh-mt ri Point, N. J., 011 1 A'-'Oitis, Messrs. PKUK'M PKAI llurlimton, and W. II. HATCH & Co., iiiuoo.Ki r The nianu ordered hy nnents will be forwanleit ...ol. lliunnn.. ittinrlu.ililv nl &,,l, nu ... 1. iheir tleitinalionnn tho 1st, 15tli and 30ih td March and April. I'Orchascrs. llieiefore, by piviou the aeeni. their onlers seasonably, u till relerenre to the nooi emtio., can ue reauy 10 reei nc their plain, no iiirdiately on ibtir arttial, iihtle Iresh and in rood order, , A elieet ronliimnii partleulsi ilnecliona- for the n,!,,,,,!,,,, r ,1,1. .,i nl, ,,:.,:" , , u... ... , ,,.,, lU. ,...,. , ' " furmshotl mce or Plants, SI 50 IVbiuary, I9IC. 43 WIXOOSKI COTTOX. . ' Wl. Ii ue nude no nrransemeiil wiih the owner, ol tliv-ehli. e:niu-.llll.', ii ihvoi i- -ns ani'y 00 haul an I l,ir n(e 111 iIh, 1ict"KV Palcis. W. w.nll -o'i -ii the .11 etii'.ii if .V,-,, hair, in, 1 i.ilui. iu bins 1,1 1 uy iln-ir ir,al In ihe It 1 1 1 r Po" e, a. WMilon' 1I1 l ibetesup.eior, jinii'u vtj,-a sioinir re.t,iiiiii.-iid.i iou ouhe l.ijer and ihe c 01 nimr, Our piiijiV Wuy rncouMja " iiinn imiiit-y ' I frjilinriod, April l,.S44J., , , 14 Hew-York "Ally's. IIA5inVAIiW. 1 and O'liii nia , , . nllM.-tid crdo i (n ru i-t.f ol helirm . I Miiirn ft miu, hihI nt .In- Minn-1 1 UiiiiiiI.) o ii.irail i' e nileiitluu iifihe I'UUr lo hi. well S' iccic I lua'.-1 l. vfni li Kill 1 ea.ldeJ ii further ipply 1 j- pa ki t1- rue, nudfrointh" inn u nianofit -urinL' eM.11 li-b' infill, in llil. c-inintry, wliub w II bc'id-l in toe 1- tiffor cl orenol'ir and In n.triMtlitu Intuit ' alt w tin call. Aiuunii tbeai.ulu. olkieJ tt-r ,i!u mi, v,z: IWiO ln-? Nail., aborted 1 lflft l.aj. u-roisbl nails , 't'Z I , 1 1 lis -.1 Shovel VOlJ ,lo Itolt do , f,0 ijn .iniip or uraoi SIih . 20i-a.k.i li-helTra uClnrus 10 do do h "i do or po-t Chims 1 - fiOtlO liro N. V. Siii-iv 000 gro Jauie Co. Screw. A " 500 dozen Truik Ltukk . ' lfiO lo Clrpet llaniiiiers HlO d. Nad do nor'et HO d.' Axes t ICO do tbort bani'le Pry Pan. . 100 do Manure nnd Il.ty t'ork-j ii.oiied " ' 100 do OanVn llni', n-,or:ed KltOll s Iron, llrn.R nnd Copper Wire, nisoned Amere an Tnhlonnd Pmket Cutlery. Thomas Ti-asca A C"'. pocket mi l ivorv handle table Kuiies nnd lotl;. Al-n, mill, r w-cm, pit nnd linn 1 Sin . Han lo I; pn 1,1'ln-l, till ami do"f lock-, biill nf nil kind, j 1'Ucl.-. Itrnd.', Holtj IVmr Handle., Hot I'm-, WmOoiv nnd lllind I-'.i!e,iiiic5 ) Urasi Goods in rem var eiy , 1'n lice hanit-cujT and liz-irons; Snuo Pan-, Te.i Ti.iy-, I'il and K tif-Tool-, Planes, d-; llnx f'bi -els, 'Hot S Tapers, .Mullets, To'ncco Knives, liner, boiler, llieee, cotton and 11 ffeo fnniler j IA101 crnrK-r-j laiho.' an'en Hoe-, nnd n full a.ortnie4 of ihe 1 Hmlar kiiidol'mrieidluriil unpleirent. I N. 1. Ame.'Pcmp IliTT.san I Ki.mmeiis! ! Al o, a vnriely ol "mil of ll.e wnj" ariicles not utu. alle k.'pt In hardware .lore. N. II. Ameiirnu Hardware direct from the nianu racturer-.on .nle fcl.MHON P. SMITH, Sii'n tdthe Anvil, 1 1 93 M tiden-t, inc. New Ymk1 NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET, Wn would remind oat friendi tint we Oill contio iit in our old lowvrriors S'U W.ilcr st.,. nnd nre f dly prcpired tii nVrclnrsf i nil ('unitin mtnts tint they innv f.nor o- with. We would n fiuiu till who iinyenirt'-t ihe.r pro litre to our enra ilnt every attehiton shlll he- pntd to their itreres . We shall kerp our paltons fully advised of the sialti of nur tiniket. Liberal advance tmde on all km 1 oipro'Incc. JF.WF.I.T., IIARUI0. A- Co ('ontmitsion Merchants, 30 Writer !., NV. Itcfrrto Mn-sm Fi.l'ett &. Umdlv, Messrs. J. & J. H.Pctk,& Co ' Kyi' C A It D . y Nnw Vonic, March 2nd, 181C. Meo'r JewiTLL. I!Anni-o' tV di. ' 1 hive ihi he-nan in in fittnfi 1 1 1 1 in no ennver Hi n in which I Inve heeo tiuaoeil tn Wru.ont or elew here, tn hic!i V'Mir inmo hire h'ti'tntrndn e-, Inv I over intenl-I di n nnv 1 1 l ir whieh hn'i'd atlet ntir i harncrer, e'lntnlnp, credit or miimIc if ilnintr hnine Firnm,3in 3lerelrinl in Xer iDrkitvir lneleerhid nnv reason, fnnii knonl edi'enr infonnalion, to LcI.iVe.ou uireuretponiblo. or lhat yon rotdrelMt niir htiint?3 m a manner tinhecomitif iiiiiiiiiiion Mt'rcl.anfa on are nt hhertj o make such u-o of this as you may deem proper. l ain very rcFpeeiiuny Vour obedient Wrvnnt. (Sizntl) . W. FISK. Copi?d by Thekon si. Dooemcs. 43016 STrNICHOLAS HOTEL. 2S, Cnurtlandt Strcct New York I'orracrly known as the Exchange Hotel, HAS reeenlly taed into the lniJ of iMer3. Vcmnicll & Dtim- ija ilirry. 1 i within n -hort dt-lanc i!JJJ-f .iruadvvav, ol the hleamhoal lan- WWiflBUfe .l n rti.J.Ifil,- ,irfn....iAklrtrr ihe eiiy where Mendiant fioni ihe country do their Imisiiu's j an I tor plcnsaulnes cf location, rjood and coinnKhlio'i rooms, quietnes nnd ootnlon, no ho iv in New Viir!; it letter siluaiel. Mr, Dum phrev wa fo'trteeu ear. in the employ (flit friend the Mcr HowarU. After tuieliiire under Mich masier nf thearl, he understmdt it, nnd JSerthern Ueaile neij wdl not he diapnoinled i .therm hi":r or hi prUei, John," at he wu1aind'arly ca led, l n -nuunie'l wiih mni of ihe Uume men cd Ver moui, and if 'lnie entlctneii will rcniemler 'o eall tun u nun, nnd are d. a!il;r I, t.ieu hi- " r'slii lian I hue furuot us tuiinm", ' 11 li" c It'ia teen I oro i is 1 1 1 - rep i red nil I e tutif r . nttcd u... Huth ei.mijrt nn i e"tio'y ni i,e c t sjilc.1 uy nnu mj 'ii.h"o-e.lieir 'itp;int x id.fe. -10 TO IIOTICL & S I'i: MI50A 1' I'UO- I'HIKTOISS. .Masnn's V TI1N V IIION- I'OVI', CHINA. ill K u'i-e:il.ers, liivn 'reoitp o mod A ;en. Ly the t. iteutt-e for ill, t'e i f h. iri a!.-,l ware. ' t lie Uin 'it Siiit-, ir- I ' Iv jirepaie' if. e-teou'w y orler-rr..m Wll 'I.K-s.ll.l'. Ii i.H( in ober ein. ol 1 1 1 it K I- im I Tri?it;oiT I'r.orR i-t- i ; and ,1' li'd 'e le 1 1 e Hi re er ih- a ',,i i rn ui tetli monltit nl ttie qi iihj nn I peruttai f.'ntttui lh am le lur ;ht Ihltl an . Sleamli'-at : and wn! ladd, ttelk-n e, it d .e. not beenn. dteol. uheii eliippe-d, like o' r..irthern or S.on. Wore. 'I hey halo alio .in bin I a c'-ernl n..rriinent oT China. (Hast and lrtheitx-ire Miiuh'e lor tbe (Country 'frade, iviiK-h ihey will sell loir fur caia" or approcid credit. 'I I MOTH VT KISSM &ONS, Vetf- Yor!.; Mirch, I94C. 1 13 M.n 'en I.ane. We, lhe.iib.erl''. r. have fitrni.ivd nor tlo'eUwilh "MASON'S P.M'nVT IKON SIONK t HINA." impDite.l t.y T. T. Ki-sim A. Ci'. and uiicit a pie terenee over eiery oilier kind ( I Clnu.i or Car liern Wnre. Ilem ot preat tiriitfi ni d il'imbiliiy, it niUncr e- nonii'lffib appearance, an v e eheerlully recommend it ns boms better ndapied to Uriel pin pe, thannnv oiberardcEe now iqu-o. .Yctr- York; January, IS'SO. llovor.v. CoLt.MA.w & SiXT.av. Atior Ifaust Wm. II. Cozzln.. lmfrit.m HMei. IkiKr & 1,'ti.i), iVarcrl'i Haute, llivi.-, ,v Thf.idwklL 7Vnnfri Ihitse. Jonv II. Oannvcr. A: Co. t'i'i Haiti. -P. Honor.-. .V Sov. Clinton Hotel. Joiiv .M. KlIvt. I'earlitreit House. N. U. tSinee the aboie testimonial ua furni-beit all the.e es'abli-hment. h ive eollliu led il ll-e, wllb nil the iirineipa' Uo'els in llo-lfti. And more rtveni. Ii- have furni.lie I, u hi. II v or in piri.'lhe f llowjn line'., and sen-rat new lale nnd river sieMiiers. St. Charles lLtel. Nom-L rk-ini, .Me-r . Ul'Dct k Wn. on. (l ilt Hume, Lo'ii-iille, Ki-.. Mr. Isiac Fi rrcTT. Hrch'inve Ihltl. Itii liuioii.l Vl , Mr r Itovpcs. 1'rcnc'i's lhltt, Noit'-'k Va., .Mr. Wh. I'm ncii. .1 .. Pe-erihirsh, V.i , Mr. D. Kiknch. .Viio-in Yjf, Wjfhini.-i n rity,Mr. s. S.l'ot ns .'.re'ioncs f.'fe, Hattimnre. Hutaw tljuc, .Mitsr. Jackson" S; Criari. .TON- AmrriVoH lliltl Phd idelphn, Mr. II. A-CninTen, JlmrU lt Jtl, New-Vork, Mirs,Tip'Ms t. Ko ,-: Vie,'.- Ihltl, " Mr.J.ll. I'uLisr.s, Vo;; Itmtr, 'I rov, Me r. Cot i man- A llocur.s. AratnV'ii, Ihltl, liitlih,. 1 r. I,. I. Ili rara .Tio.ioii II rite, ' Mc-.f. Oi Rniiirn A- Co. t'ltaratt Y-oi.e, Ntajuni l-r.,Mls rs. Whi-nbt A Sons. ,ml i".ir- " 42wS Li:iHOR.Al) M.V.t.l.l HATS. IJMHt s. n, an te,iuve a.i rlllen ot I rihorn, L, Manilla, IVI111 I nl,'" Ore.-oti," nr d "C.i'i.i Ii " Straw Hit-, .il-, .M,-n'i,ll. i-' ,m ICI.d-dn-ii.' I fi'tti rfp. oiVi.-iv' nor V rl paitenruhi. h nit .ire ir,;,ia.e I lo-i-ll oil ver) rfl-oiiable term., and 10 C noiy Mer.-liini-, ivi h mc ni t irt lii i-, ue mTer iu I eeiniiit. ' n.i..lllel ' v Uuv ti I'tfr lloi-e. Per--Ml-llill'i' lu -itt .irv .miif ,., ,, an I examine nirsto k of 'ino'i tef.r.e pir.'ha-iii 1-t.ebere, N. II. Wc hue .1 ,v.iy 011 han.l, For Coin and rursi'f every ileer ploufc , I'AL'l.Ti UAI, MM), 39-3 '1 ISOMaiden Laid-, New 'erk! slhurmii.xG xi:w. ciiai; HATCH, OI William Mitel. "m' Opposite. Piatt Street, NP.W VOltK. Solicits the attention of Merchants and other to hi eniire new siv'e of SPdiF ADJUSTING STUCKS, A CICNOWI.UIUJKU by ihosc who luie oir. 1 A ou" I.bDl.hU by Ihosc who luie used ' A I 111 III, to lie SUrtert-'r IO nill thin A vvl ,,,, j for Hieneck, and I'osse.iingiuanvndiantasesoserth. I ra'snry nrlic c. The strap and buckle usually at. 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