Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 15, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 15, 1846 Page 1
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7 11 (1 ll NOT THE GLORY OF C JB S A R BUT TUB WBLFARB OF ROMB BY II . li. STACY. BII 11 LINO T 0 N VE1U10NT, FRIDAY, MAY is, IH4C VOL XIX .-Io. no. set :pARir. l'roin,vhe Cnliuntor. Culture of ri:i.. Tim culttiro of Flat is becoming a very inipaitaiit brancli of agricultural pursuit. iBut a fuiv years since, if a firmer sowed more (ban a busbc! of ll x seed, unless he was a very extensive f inner, be was consid ered by his neighbors hs bordeiing on in sanity. The gieat majoriiy of farmers in lllllCI, ll:l.c c.t,(.,.,l lull .i C . ... .... ii-l I ......I udu mi,j o, JVJ i,, ii Hi it IJll'I.IS III l-l-ll, with the view more paiticulaily of raising llTt rather-than seed. It is now no uncom mon thing for farmers to sow twonli, thiily, ami sometimes fifty bushels and upwards : and until ilhstanding tlio ll.ix is tiMi.illy de stroyed, the seed alone, as a general thing, pay s as well, ami frequently heller, than any oilier crop. The Mix is considered of no value fcom the fact, that the expense of pull ing, rolling, dressing anil prep uing for mar ket, over halauros its worth, and lienre fai-iiii-h have (suited to the unil expeditions modes of getting li.l of it, such as hurtling it, llirniving it into wetuiaishi places, Ste. I have le.eciitly bid cunveis itluns farmer, who have fur the I ist two years on igigeil quite Iitgely in laisiug it, who atsmo inc. (hat if the llix is cot hefnio it hecomrs "dead ripe," by paying the snno attention to it in cm i iig it tuat is usu ill) bestowed upon tin: si-cui tiitr of hay, cattle will not oulv eat . 7 . - ,- i i i - tl readily, but arc very loud of it, besides it( keeps them in a very thriving, healthy con tlitton. I hose persons with whom I con versed, agreed in their belief, tint the ll ix thus secured, is worth almost, if not quite, as much as the seed. I wish to mention another impoitant fact .n maticii, to raising nax-seei. lime,, every lariuer should know-. .Several farmers ul . , , my acqnaiiitance, Iho past season, sowed ll ix-seed and barley on the same ground, and in every instance the.yield of evei v kind, as great as if sawed seperatelv, besides llix and barley straw combined, make very excellent foddfir. Bv having proper screens ,i i , I, ro ,s no diffi-ul y , seperatiug the I .X. seed from the barley. If, by sow nig ll ,x. seed ami hirley logelber, twice the iiiuoiiiil j can bu oblaijied from the sanio ground, is it, not worth at least the consideration of every ! firmer ? communictions We Ii ivc. received several in reference to hrariic f fl.. v nuu ii irn'v nf't'i cr. u i n imv ini irnr n tiv t , ' c . pi'ir.e.nal e.-Jpei leniv. Vi- c- liui a a.c: il-.i.; ihu cec 1 of (1 ix would bo lit iiure.1 while t.'.e stall; was ill so green a state as to be good for fodder J but it will lie seen that tint above and several other ar ticles speik of it as being valuable fur tbn purpose when mixed with barley straw, and that at tlio same lime a crop of seed is ob tained in cu ii hoc I io ii with the lurlev. En. Tron: the Vergenncs crtiioiiter To I' Mr. Editor: A are becoming valuable as feed for i apples kinds ol siock, aim tlieir culture a very impoitaiii subject to tlm firmer, I submit to y uu the result of an experiment mado by uie two yeais.siiice ; Imping that it may cill the at tention of otbeis t.i the subject. I hive seven old apple decs which bad be come' hide bound, the haik being haul and scrubby, lo such a degree as to prevent the circulation of the sap, in consequence of which lltey bore very li.ilo fiuit and that of an infeiior quality. Around these trees I dug a trench about six feet from the trunk, and applied dung, plaster, ashes, and salt, mixed well with earth, and shaved the oilier bark from the tnlitu trunk of eath. The trees blossomed full, and to my surpiise, bore better fruit llitu bad ever biirno before. I have tried this experiment on other fiuit trees with equal success. Youts truly, Ki:unr..' WiiixLLit. Emions i.NTtir. Tiicitmknt of Horsks. When a horso shys or satin- on ie custonied object, which all louiig hoises will do, never spe ik sharply, or worse, th in'lh it, strike him, tf you would avoid his starting the next limn be sees tlu-sime oruiiy similar object. Almost any huise m iy I..: brought to a confirmed habit ol'sbiiiig In such ire..t. inrnt. Wlut should he done llieni Check (jm to a w.,k ; give him lime In see iho ot'ject, and be will t.iko liilli- or no notice of it. If i horse stumbles nr trijis it is a common jir ictire to s:i i k- tnoi for tiiat. Tins will dot men 1 his h ibils of tripping and stumbling, but will add lo them if he bis spiii , that of tipringiug foi ward u ilh dangerous quukness uheiieverit ociuis, us bo will expect the lash to follow as a matter of couise. The remedy, if il can be called one, i, keep an i'le upon the road, and where from stones or unuveniiess iho filling is apprehended, iglilen Iho reins and eiliven iho hoise, hut ever strike him after the accident. As yoii would save the sirenglh and wind uf jour horse dtiiu slow up hill, and as jcu would s ivo bis limbs, and ) our on n, drive sl6.wly 'down bill. .Never wash oflTyour horso with rod water w!te.n lie is hot, or let him drink fieely in that sta(e. .If tlio water is quite warm," it will not hurt him. I) not permit tlio smiili when hu shors your boise, to cut any portion of the soft part uf what is called thu fiog of the foot tbi is api gradually to draw in iho quarters of Ibn hoof and cripplo the animal and is recommended only by the smooth appear uifcn it gives to the bottom of the hoof, which is uioro apt tu calch up a round stone in the crook of iho shoo than otherwise. Up iiiit.feed wilh grain, especially com, licit n. horso is warm, or very much Taiigucd; if you do you may founder and ruin him. If you want yinir horse to last, and )our carnage also, drive slow. lio nut keep your buiso loo fal or loo lean, us either will disqualify him for hard labijr. Tio uioro kindness mid good temper is exlL'tided to a horse, ihu belter will be lie. have in return. Had temper and bad habits conio generally from b id usage. Turf Bool "Taruiirs Monthly Visitor. THE THE HESSIAN l'liV CPiCIDOMVIA DESTKUC TOIf. This Is a small and too well-known midge, greatly injiirinu.i to wheat. This minute insect. ,h orJcr "f two-winged Ihos, Dijilcra, of I ""'ic oi late years a great ileal ol . .. ..-i, I., r wueai crops in tins country, an I .? '" ''""'P-T'd in pome places occ.Kionrd dear th and f,llme by ils devastations. Wo call tins fly the Hessian Fly in America, because it was supposed to have been intio. duccd in straw with the Hessian troop, during lie uar. J be same, or il not the same, a simi lar insect has alto aoneareil in n,,i,,.i ...i spread horror aiming the farmers, "often till i.iie in ine scaon wheal seeina to lie in excel lent condition, but admit the month of Alay the ears mil begin to liati-f diem and the stems to bend, and Minn patches uill appear in diflerent part of tlio field-, which are probably of a poorer sod than the others, with the plants entangled and malted together, as though lodged by heuy rains. Tins singular apiiearanro until nt first be supposed In lie the elejet of high winds; bill it will bo found to spread in line, calm, warm days, from the poor soils In Ibnse richer, and finally to tlie best laud, thu blighting our fairest hope.-. Morn I'nii lu-n-ilnrds of the s'raw is often lodged in less ilnn a neck, and ln ivy rams will tlion niton ro'up'etc the mirk of de struction, so that "heat fields will appear as ll herds of tattle had "one over llieni. I he cause of dam ige, if sought for, will soon be ileu-iivercd. ns at the cruvvn of the ol o.icli of iho wheat plants, or at tlio first joint within ti.e .-heal of the leaf, whole clu-Iers ol pii re nf lli-s nisi-c-.t are found. Tho-e plants, the rools nl wliu-b arc attacked die oil'; and the qiols to wlneh the needs fasten themselves on the still soli straw uitlnn the sheaf ul the leaf, i"u.i.. i in; iiuihii, wunei yU itli.Mit any app-ircnt wound ue lounu to he brown, withered and tough, litliiiiit a uv amiircnt wnnnd. Tl irt ol r in- which becomes Indued nrodurcs small nai-.. will. few and imperfect grains which ripen with dif licully and are of a very inferior quality. The laig-isi ul ,.. ucci8 are about the leiictli ol two line--. Their color is pale green, with a sin ill hi u-k dot Some, generally the strongest inilitiUuals, pcuelralo hi.'h into ll , ,uba uf 10 Mr,)rt. , r,)b"of risini' no from Mm mni. 'fi.n' ; I I - ' '. DIIUII III lll.U- ipn-m-o beromes dry at the first joint, and fills oior or leans on its neighbor. The upper part i "'raw recencs lis nourishinetit Ireui the a,l,iu''l,ler alone, and the ears form, but they I ,"t'"i lit a sickly condition, andean only , et'ierini'l'.r , T' FT" , n' ,l,fo UlU caterpiil ir a i pe irs to he from about t!l to HO Uys. As the ripe, the ,,,-ec.s cl. ang,! ihuir color into a browuoli hue, slfriiel up and finally d sippear. It his not been obierved these insects were most ahundiul in anv P ,rli''olar situation or diminution of the ground. I appear in as re.u inimliets on delated 1''""''" '" ""0 lio,J-. tl"'1 '' ! " ' """:r""1 ""." 'ing.. souiher: in th i.-o th it open In lh" nor' Ii v ,t ,. - . ... .. : .1. . 1 rn -ii or juts coiHuus inanuriit'' ,nn . r iiis a Inlliiie C" on ibein U . cn Hie pup., c.,-rvcned it isensdvoli su.-vu.., pirlly from the lorm of thu pap i,' ,,i,d pirtly irom the titiclnnged caierp.llar in i,e thai it is a. mall flc It is extremely tendLr and small, and ia scarcely the s e ol a co-n-ii"! to ,-.p,,.. , ,.v. I( C.lVlr,., ,,,,), nun lit ick Ii i I-. I'Ik- -li ,i l" id. I aisbei', sui'i.iib and shni li". III.' ictlr'lum pri.jeiliiig. rounded m.sterioi I v. ll... Ine ,t I tunes gulden yellow ; Ibo ah'doitien b-ini iu., ; ! '""I sicklies. s. ()i ! I shuddei even tn le th'3 vimgs lilai kieh ; the gohleu vellow i.l thu cur to lliem,' and she envered Iter ei es w ith .,1"0 ls ' 'iniiedsoiiie estulhe'ieins i hen- 'her binds, as if to shut mil some dis ig,,.,. ,tde about Iho irndd e . T e l! ibi.ri'k i-.!i?.,'"l wb.le; the leg, .-olden vollim- t il... i .' , the thigh. The lum it., bw, 1. 1., .I- i. ... urn atiiloiuen. Tlin larva is, according to Hav siiuidlu sinned and whin.,1.. ib.- ,.!,.,-., ,.,:.i suddenly diminished ; the head bout inwards, and Iniisparcnt ab ue. A short green hu-) is re uuraod within, which is the miesiitml mii It is ibny white boluw ; in younger -peciniens llns coloring appears like nine spots on each sale, ntnl li-id ii rim. ..f ....n.. : .. . .. w. oiui spots III llie middle. When tho lari-a aro mill- n, il,,. uuibi in rcgulir cro.s segnienlrtriiuiM tho wheal' '".""y ,luilllll'iil as Clara, but her soft, dove Ihey are 111 mi provided w ilh verv sm ill linoU i like eves shono with an expression which or Holt lies llmnrd tho : ul.nn l ,!... IV,,... iin- Mriw iney ro iinmoi-able. Their length I lV!V,eM'el ,i '" a" i",c!1, .',,u l'"!"1- "r I f i neareot llie ro.) of tho ie,M, w,ere , larva, a, soon as they ,,ie hatched, liiuj thmr uoiirii-hiiient. Here the larva are si.d to pas, the winter with their bund, turned downward. I lie injury w inch these in-teds occasion is of iMiirm not obsened till tho wheal his "rmvn higher. The Hittir-il enemy of this wlieit lly is an -tun m-Hk,., still sniiller than llie lly .if -It. named by .S ,y, cui-iijihrMi lUslruc'ur. Tli -HI II insect is generally so iiiiin3rfiu--, nt but u'f' iif th,! larva of Ihe.wheat lly iittnn the pe. ra.J i rtl.o r trau.i.iniiitmn. 'n,u .L.-,iur ,. her ol p,,,,, f ,lt. ess,an ll a,e olteu lound fi.l ol Hies.- narasiles, which preienl bid elll-cls ior the next se ison. The remei'ies which reason siiggft,i8 should .I. i 1. 1 i... n . . . iTf.,'.',' ,',!':' T,"":,,,y ,,f v ; "uir- wi li ieg,rl to its e -'s and you,, ,rVl , , Z au'uiim and winter, as al tint tmiu no rertam . i.-.,,,ii-.ii.,i., in UI...-0 niajvts. -ig HU iiietr e.isleuce is perceptible. It is only when tlio who it hu produced ears, that t,u prcvMico ol lh-so larva or pupa can he dulectcd by Ihu hit ng down (if s.nglo stalks ; but even at this pencil no farmura will ,e willing to sarri. Ire th) re.t of thelnrict lodeitrov the enemy. I ii -1 nV practicibk- made of destroying the ip. s-ct i-, tli-reforo, Ir, wait till tho corn U reaped mil lien, to burn the stubble in which thu pupi is enure lied. H it should be iniiiogsible tu do 'Ins nothing remain, but to tax iho fields with -oiiiu other grim but wln-at; indeed not to sow .ihcat anywhere near them, that tho may not carry their eggs there, Thero are some iinds of wheal, tho Virginia for Instance, wbo,c -iriw is too dense ami tough for this insert lo penetrate. Tins was cultivated -villi ono or two other kinds of tho samo hardness, for mmy years in Ihu lli.t aid in Virginia, for tho pur. PO.-0 of avoiding the v. It js a fortunate cir. ooiiistanco tint thu lly has several, the chief of win, I, is the ono called iho ccioyi.'irwi d-slruelor. This Insect is supp,ed tn prevent tho entire loss of our wheal crops by feedni"uu the cuciduiiiyia'in greal number?. KJ.ll. I.EAitNiMi A robbler'desiroiis of lestifyiiio bis appreciatio,, f ,,u Ul.ail ,a , 5 upon his sign tiu follow,,,., " . h ' 1 'aCKU .i;ij .s;,,' Cmieia Iteti. IW. ,Pi'm" "U'rtl" w hoU.ed mendid .,,-,1 in ariisi was eiini v liicturu tn bo finished ,, J ," . ' " I'lll I ttl't'tl In r.fil.,1 1.1. !! scriptmu, Sic tr.niiit flloria UunJi It n-ii.,. 1 been accidentally ,1 , t . I iyud it: .... . 1, 1 I ' '..j' living H IIIU next dav. l,o Hid em, In,, ,.,rn,. I ion ; Sic transit 'j-. 1 dic iwiuii uiorla 1 uesJay. ii-suiiiuiui ine inn grown ,v it ,,ir oi n 1.1,1, . Ib.l .m I,., ii.. ..I..:.... ' Ami 1 lit was t sn i (J ara. slmrn -M y or Jane ; the leu' lie lay" her eggs U,m I ",0 ti, when her cousin an- ' lh for W nurse nun oieigiii iii Huuiner, iii Ibu autiiinn, bv means '" tiuu ii.u cotiri, sue sianeu anil looked up "tu nurse, said sue, mimicKl ol an oi-ipositor betiieeu the sheaf of ibn ln.,r fust nt her. and then at him. and caichino Edith. 1 wbv. I can't sen what ii, T1II3XUST AMONO TUU CiltAVIlS. d miis. sinouris-nv. Tlio cloudless sun went down Upon a cliuri li-yard scene, An I there n itiict nest 1 niarUcd Hid in nn evcrurtoi, As wanderiiiH mid the linllowed mound, Willi elvtt icidiire ilrcs I pmscd wlitre two sweet sisters lay In death's unbroken rest. There was a tnnrl Ic seat Iteside thnt c-oucli of ehy. Where oil llie iiimirnfiil nioihcr sat 'I'o illick the upciIb nway, And blest each illtalit bud, 1.1.1 ouuri' lil.itfeuiii ror, 'I brintli'd a sizli it fragrance round The idols uf lic-r i ale. The unfledged birds Ind flawn Par from tlirtr nest away, Yet slid wiiliin Iheiinpti-iining tomb Those euitle sleepi r- lay t But suiily as ilmsc brinlit wmscd birds l-'i.rouk the slirlli ring tree, And snared miiIi j jj-oim shout to heaven Such shall their ii'iii be. Tnr. i:.iiit::j)i2:j:i:i) 11 V MIIS. C. It. TORI). ' How shiilly tlio storm whistles around ihu corners of the streets, or howls down the chimney ; and hark to the sleet pattering fit rioiisly iig.iiust the casement ! Oh ! the poor w suffering must bo theirs on such a night us this.' The speaker was ono tn whom such lan guage would have seemed, to common, strange. Ho was nltired willigteat inert v. ilmost amounting to foppishness', and his broad forehead and handsome face betrayed none of the furrows ofcaie. ltich, courted, and us )el a stranger to sorrow, Churl, s II ircourt bad still a heart open to iho mise liesof his less favored fellow beings, and now as be sat befoio tlio cheery firo in that Iiixiii ions parlor, his thoughts turned invol untarily' to the houseless outcasts who might be wandering in the streets. His words were (iirtly in soliloquy, and partly nddretsed to id v who sat omiosile him on tbn sofa, hni-l delicate leet buried in the soft velvet Tur-' key carpet, and lierjewelled band resting os leiilationsly on the arm of the seat beside her. She was dressed fashionably, and with ex quisite tmte. Her face was luvelv, sur passingly lovelv, with regular features, ntid eyes, eyebrows and forehead of unrivalled beauty. A small chain of gold crossed her brow, fastened in front by a diamond uf. groat price, which blazed and dickered like i star. It was evident lioni the look iibich II ircouit toriied toward her, lb it his heart ' bad been liniched, if not ovei rouie bv her I beauii, Shu tolurned his fund look and re- plied, es! poor wretches I fear enough has tint iieeti none lor tliein tins winter. loo don't know, Mr. Harcoiiil, how mv l. an has bled. duiiniT iho t.viihirnti.iiis I loi.. I ....I., i : '. ..... i i i '""' in ii.iti-.- .lOMini; llie I lin-s anu .11- l'" and siibuihs. rjucli scenes ol desiiluliun ' J''' '', l-n-nut. s him ei.s express leep- 'V ""'""f'""'' ''VI I'-n-o ol Her si mpa- "''' ' "id they been nlone, berliaps Ins I feelings would have bullied bun inln du el iralion he hid long lu-eii meditating;, llul tlier') was a tliiid person in the lontii, whom wo have hilberlo forgotlen, thoiigb o be thus postponed to her cousin was the usual fate of Edith .Melville. And yet, when ono came to look at her, the causes ol this neglect seem i , , .r I m i i lm1 doubtful. I roe, sho was not as splen- Seeineil oinri. :ue'.i,. ibnn i. iril.l,.. wholo couiilenanco ininressed tin- Ixdmlder. ''h feelings of purity and awe. She was tho expression on his face, she turned deadly pale. Bending over her work lo hide her feelings, she remained silent and almost un conscious of what was going on, until llar couit arose In take his leave. ' You havo been quite still to-night, Edith,' lies ml, 1 but I ullriliulo it nil to beauii nn pair ot siippeis you aro so industriously w irking. I never knew before j on loved c- n i In ui il i-r i . ' Eliih blushed, and without raising her eyes replied quietly, ' They aie nut for myself.' II iicourt coloied, and it was evident fiom his in inner tint whit he heard was far from iigreenlile to him. He looked eimuirinelv al ci"'''- '"' swe.ed, b ll,s "rvM ''L',sf," bo l'ro,lJ u""ld bu cv''" """" s" '' llu lil"'lv '",w ,,uvolLl' J"" havo been to vnur work.' and without wail- iug for reply, ho bowed lo both ladies and left ibo roam, without noticing tlm Hash of triumph in CI ira's eyes. Tho instant the door closed on him, Edith sprung from her soil, and loll Iho pit lor by Iho opposilu en- ir.incn. while fMnr.i il,ni,r lierselfii,,.,!,! m, ii,..! ola, and followed her cousin with her looks i . ..I l... I. ...I .1 . .1 I 1 . - .. ' ' I burst, when sho had dcpirtcd into a clear ringing, exulting laugh. Edith, tho ii, slant she left the p trior, hurst into tears, and bur ryiug up stairs locked herself in her room. Then Hinging herself passionately on her bed, sho wept as if hur-beait would break. ' Oh ! cruel, cruel,' she sobbed, ' lo tell uiu I am working tho slippers for another, when only he is in my heart, lie littlo knows I am embroidering thuui to raise a few dol lars lo assist iiurso in her poverty. And Clara! heal tk'ss Clara ! to talk about her sympilhy for the destitute, when sbu will do nothing for our almost second mother, who is now sick and in poverty. Could Charles only know the truth!' und then sho wept afresh. Edith, unlike her cousin, w,is not an heir ess, for tlio littlo iilanc(i left by her deceas ed pirent barely sulTiced for her must neces arv wants; and had not her undo offered a homo, her scanty annuity would have been insufliciout even lor j(lieso 'I'l,, 1. 1 1 .. ..... 1. 1 1' . - ....... ..... .h. her heart was opui, as day to cli irity, hu had, no v.y of relteitug ho nucessiinus, miless . r . . . 1 -i i 1 ..-i 1... .1 r. 1 . -1.. ..r 1. 111 """" """ " "i""-s us I ho Onibru dercd sliiliiers on which she bid 1 I- .1 . i'i been working that evening. '1 heso weru tended, as her words implied, to relievo the wants of n sick, and perhaps dying old ser vant, who had formerly been a nurse in her father's family, and who was now in Ihu low est deplli of (loverly. Our readeis h ive already suspected tbn stale of Kdith's heart. Hur love for Har court Ii id grown up insensibly to herself. lie liail long been in the habit of visiting at I,..- .,i..i, i in., i : her uncle's, and for a while, his attentions hid been equally divided between Clara and her cousin. And his warm heart, high in tellect and extensive acquitments, rendered him just the person to ivm tlio heart of such a girl as Edith. She'would sit whole eve nings listening to his eloquent conversation never speaking unless spoken lo,j)iil busily plying her needle. Nor did sbu become awaro of her feelins for llarcourt, until the increased p irticul uity of bis attentions to Claia awakened her to ihu fact that she lov ed him. Then she strove agiinst her pas sion; but nla? ii hid become so interwoven wilh her gentle heart, thai only death could remove it. Clara bad long desired to become the wife of Charles I I.n court, for hjs standing in so ciety was high, and bis fortune almost that of a millionariu. She he wavered between her cousin and hetself,anil all her arts had been exerted tn ivm ibn nrit, t'""-. alii', therefore, assumed feelings she did not entertain, as in the conversation wo have just recorded ; and at length, by such dupli- city, united lo her extraordinary and striking beauty, she succeeded so far as lo regard her uiliinaic triumph certain. 1 lie conscious ness of this caused the exulting laugh with which she saw Edith depart from the par lor. The next day Charles llarcourt culled and invited the cousins lo go wilh linn to a ben eficial concert that evening. Edith would Inve declined, but had no suflicicnt ilea, he sides, her uncle, who was present, insisted in it. After the concert there was an ml dress for tlio poor, to he followed bv a col- lection. The speaker was one of I ho most 'loquent men in the city, and on this occa sion hu outdid himself. The enthusiasm he

awoke was peiceptible when the plates were passed through the assembly. Many who had left their purses at home, took off their rings and threw them down for alms. Among thoso persons was Clara, who drew a lalua diainond fiom her finger, and thus gave it away. llarcourt s iw thu action, and men ially icsolvcd to wait on the committee in the morning and ledeem the riiiL'. and with ,ms 'lelormmaiiuu glanced at Ediih to see tt " " "'""Id bo her olfervig. Ignorant of her I'"""ni'iiy siiu,,iji,n.-hu sf nh disgu,i "dm nieiely bouud, nnd sullured iho plain lo I''""' llioogli n deep Uliish mantled her i iiet-K, ' How mean !' was the inn aid ejeaciilalion ol" 11 ircourt, 'well hue 1 rims -n between th l.i o. 1! ,i s, Ifisi, , .'. ;t ,.,s (,, tie- I -eliog- of s-t.iiii..' Edilh c.iOL'lit bis look and iiudeistood it; ami u lien sbu re. turned homo she speni lie- night in a-ars. I'lio next morning Eilnh entered the nr- lor with a nolo in her band ' ll Is horn iiuise,' she said, ' sho Ins got the poor worn hi who wails nu her lo write it. She is failing fast, and wishes-, dear Clara, to see you; for she s i s slio has not forgotten when we both were in her aims together.' ' I cannot go,' saiJ Clara, peevishly, ' the cariiago is in use this morning, and the snow is a foot deep on Iho ground. I wouldn't walk out in the suburbs, to tlio dirt v den where she lives, fur any thing. Besides, how unreasonable she is ! Did I not send her five dollars when sho was first taken slck.' ' "ttliat was a monlhngn ! tig articular claims sbu his on one. I shan't go to see her, that's certain ; and as for giving her any more money, I can't afford it. 1 give gavo away a ring last night, worth a hundred dollars.aud shan't give a rent again for years. Tho Monty takes care of tho poor, and we all pay taxes for them. Let Aunt Butsev co to inn poor-noiise. Ldilh sighed, hut said nothing. She took up fiom tho table, thu embroideied slippers, and wrapping tbuni in paper, was about lo leave the room, tint with her hand on the door, turned and said hesitatingly, 1 Aunt Betty doesn't ask you dear Clara, for money' she only asks to seoyoti; it would he such a comfort lo lier.slic says,be fore she dies.' CI ira turned around, for she was looking at the fire, and with un angrv tone, answer ed, ' Do shut iho door tho chill air of the onr try makes mo shiver. If you aro fool enough to go out on such a bitter day as this go but, rsiuredly, I shan't go with you,' Willi a sad heart, Edith departed, and ar- fiL' burse If w..rtul v, and in a partial dis . . . , .1.1- b'"su ,u" "lu one nrsi went 10 llie ruOlllS llf il SOI-inlV llhirll norrlniueil f.nie., rooms of a society which purchased fancy articles Iron, indigent lenities, anil resold them to "thnso wealthy pel sons who prefer red patronizing a benevolent institution lo buying elsewhere. This society was the one whoso concert she ami Clara had ullend v..,.. u:i. vu., 1, au Dim VIIIMI ll'IU IIIIUIIU- ed the pight before, pud when sho entered ine s uu room, llarcourt was uy ciiauce,in an inner apartment, wheru be had been shewn, while tho ring which he cainu to buy bad been sent out 10 bo valued by a jeweller. Ho was listlessly reading a newspaper, when his attention was arrested by a voico in outer shop. ' Can you buy theso slippers? ' said tho voice to the shop woman. A p itiso ensued as if tlio woman was examining them, and then came the reply. ' Why, Mis, they aro not finished. 1 1 know thai, I know that,' quickly said the other, in emotion, 'hut 1 am in want of it for purposes of chaiitv. 1 ho comfort per. haiis the life, of an aged person is at siaki. . . . ;l - " .u a"y.anco " u uiu money now, 1 1 " 111 "llls" ,,le suppers. i'ri.t. :. ..-.t ...1 .1 . 1 ins is siningi! leinn-si, .nil mm. run. ' but as vou seem honcsl. -and wi.l, il... t 1 1 .1. . m-Jiuoney lor clmtity,! will uccedolo yourternu if you give mo your name and place of res idence.' There was a pause, as if n struggle was going on in tlio olhui's breast ; then she ask ed for a piece of piper to write her nddiess. ' Miss I'.ililli Moilville,' said the matron, in some surprise. ' I havo oficn heard ol i .i i. i i.. ..... ii iiL-i,iiiuiigii i Know- nor not personally, sure '.V, Miss, there must be some mistake here. I ''... I ..I.. :r I -i . .i... ! Thai lady is, if I mistake not, the niece of Mr. Toivnley.' Hut Ilircoorl bad risen from bis seat, fur now recognizing the voice of Kdilh, be was about to enter the shot). He checked him self, however ; but tlio matiou, hearing him rise, foitiinalelv left the slum to see if lie wished her. In h low luirriud winds liu (old ,l,;it tll(i wlidy Iwd ;i mid nivMeri hcr tn Itnv tin. clim.or. .,) I ' :.. Otis clMr;ir(ir. u dirli nt. .. . . . : j a. i. ym- nit lout; mi l..a I, . .. .1 1 1 .1 . I . i rtt i '- iiiiiu. lie iiien waueil lllitl L.UI III lad eft the shop, when ho followi d her at a safe distance, until sheentereda nairow lane, and passed into a dirty, rickety house, lie could not resist going in afier her, and cautiously opening the dour, saw her approach thu bed side of an invalid old woman. 'God bless you, dear Miss Edith,' she fond ly siid, 'your visits are tlio only comfort I now have. Hut where is .Miss Clara won't she come once to see her old muse I thought 1 heard a second step on the stairs? ....... w vniia C:" come to-day, but I have brought von iVi, it was only the echo of mine. Clara ,,n' little purse to buy a few comforts for you. "'' 1 w" dissect a corpse, and write down, Vou know it is a scanty ono but all I haveias ' proceed, what I observe.' you aro welcome to.' ,"u lelt the assembly instantly. They ad- 'I know il, I know it. God bless you, for , m'"1 liitn l.i tiirnt bis" fate- ind"doubt whoth an angel as you aro. And so Clara is not e llu "'" Persist in his design. The intre well, else surely she would havo tome to see P'1' od pious (iiiyon, animated by all the me, after my thing request.' sutdimo energy religion or patriotism can In- Edith avoided an answer, which llarcourt acted up to his word. He had niarri- noticed, though the invalid did not. Hu bad "' lvas ri;l1 ; and he immediately made seen unoiigh, and gently withdrawing from i '"s "''" dictated by justice and pieiy." the door, was soon in the street. A 111,111 I'-'1' died in his house within twen- 'How hue I misjudged this angel! And tV-four huurs. Union, at daybreak, shut Clara, oh! bow I loathe her hypocrisy. I himself up in the snno room. " Full ()f en cannot believe she is sick, bin" I will 'go at thsi.isni. never had be felt more firm or col once and see.' lecled. Kneeling befoie the corpse, he II ircourt found Clara nt homo, and to an i wri"u ' 'Mouldeiing teneinet of an im nor inquiry aboot her health, she declared she1 1,11 s""'' "0 ,,nl.V (''"' ' Cizu on thee wilhoiil Ii id never been better in her life. Convinc-1 lorrnr 1)1,1 ,;v,'i" withjny and gratitude. ed of her duplicity be departed, guileful fori Thou openesl lo inn Ihu gates of a giorioiis his escape, and resolviiifj lo rive his hand eternity. In discnveiing to nie the secret and foitoue to Edith, if she would accept 1 them. W'hal her answi-r was, our readers,1 who know her feelings, can imagine. 'How I wionged oo, dearest,' said Mar- court to bis young luido, a day or two after (heir mariiage, 'at that conceit, when you IMVO llDtllinir. llilb. Pt.irii llirnw In bi.r nun I little iboogbt whit sicrifires on were ma king at that very moment.' 'I'ooi Claia !' said Edith, looking fondly , up lo Iter husband. Punch v K.wiiim. A decidedly good thing is apt lo bo caricatured so that to be caricatured is a sign of merit. Agricultural .Meetings for discussion, Jcc, mo very well l iken off in ib,. following squib from the Boston 1 Chronnti pe.' VAshlh Agricultural Meeting Suhjert Discuised, Uccsc.Mr. Ilnnily, of Albol, said, that ho hid brought the raising of Ueese In 11 high stale of perfection. Uecso had long been underrated. They had been considered the greatest fools in existence. They were always reckoned a ridiculous animal, his (Mr. UiimlvM eeesu bad. bv iironer ! 11IIIT V training, become sedate and dignified, una-1 lilies that always denote a vc'rv wiso peison. Mr. II. bad diessed up a gander in a bl ick suit, and, w ith a little stretch of the imagina linn, he would pass for a parson. He be lieved tI1.1t bis geese, with n little more train ing, would go down as rcpresentutiies to the General Court. Mr, Spinney, of Colnsset, said, tint ho would not answer for the General Court, hut ho had seen ganders at country musters, who were us high in commission as Generals ind Colonels, and who bad dune, themselves much justice as geese, though ibu fact of llieir being gceso was evident enough. In deed, ho believed all military heroes now-a-days weru of the goose nation, and in llie event of an engagement he was inclined to think they would fly, Mr. Slocum, ol Slogville, mentioned some remarkable instances tif goose intelligence. Ho had known a gander who hid visited his town as a magnetic lecturer, and who drew together an audience composed almost ontirely of geese. Their actions though quilu human, were still enough like geese to betray their nature. Ho hail known several pretended jioiti who wero geeso in reality; and he believed, that if one half of the popu lar mun of iho day weru as well known as ihey know themselves, they would be called geese. Mr. Oldiin niadu somo very sarcastic ro maiks upon the resemblance between lovers and geese, but being an old bachelor, his judgment on this subject is not considered of any value. Subject for discussion at tho next meeting, ' Wi ri h 111 it ' Novr.i. Dr.vKi.ot'ME.vr or Emxtiiicitv,--Some diversion has been produced in the west part of the village by thu self-acting op erations of thu Telegraph wires. The wires between this place and Auburn have beet: going up for some days past, without being connected here with the eastern line. On the west side of the creek the who has been hanging from tho top ol the mast so as to be .11 , . V'""" '" "' '," i"y .'TT" 1 "' FUH have casually seized it with tlm bind to see how it fell, or givu ii a pull. During ibu re cent warm weather the wiro has been charg ed with electricity from thu atmosphere, and quite a number of persons Invo exposed themselves to very disigieeablo sensations by handling it. If unlnnched fur half an hum the wire becomes highly chaiged. Ono nl our most respectable ciliz"n was sent lo bed on Tuesday wills a sharp headache cunliac. ted by being bro'l ignuranlly in contact with tho wire. A boy grasping il thought soon body tried to trip him down iillhbugh no one was near. An Irishman taking it in bis fist. supposed that bis elbow and shoulder joints 1.1 , t r...- .1. . , 1 J 11.111 iieeu put out. nin r uiu iricK C.11110 lo bu uiiderstuud, several persons amused them selves tending ntliers not in tlio sec, el, to j hold tho wire, who, nu being smartly shock 1 ... ... - .. CO Slirled Willi WOllllfr and SllrtlrlSO at I lis ......I.. ,.f .level,..,;..,, l.vti,..i u..i ' - "-'-i'o i-v""- s,vii-.v. Syracuse MUf. THE tllillO OV THE I' LA CUE. When the plague rageiKvinleiiilv nt Mai seilles, every link of infection ,' broken : Ihu f.illiitr turned fiom Iho child iho child lioni lln. liilher cowardice and in.'raliiudi in, I. in. .hi. ..v:i...i :...'".. ... .. " . , ' uuu uiiiigii'iuoii. iiitserv is al lis height when it thus destroy s eveiy gener ous feeling thus dissolves eveiv tie ol hu manity. The city became a deserl rass grew in me streets a met vou al ev ery step. Tim pbysieians assembled in u oouy at tlio Hotel do Villi-, lo hold a latum nn ,1... C. ..r..l i ".'.iii'ii iiiseiue, ior which no rumeiiy Had jut been discovered. Aficr I '""S consultation, tbev decided - 1 t,j ,mii-m iui i)M in rirtii i rlni'nliinn. . ...... . i i . . c j 'V " "Jl,u "o "Mieraiiuii which it was mums. i V ., !" "'temp!, since the operator must in. lallibly becouie a victim in a few hours, he- youd the power of In o art lo savi, Mm the violence of llin Hiiack 11 fltllI iirrifitifl.i their adminisleiiny the customary remedies. . uean pausu succeeded this fatal declar ation, suddenly a surgeon, named Union, in the prime of life, and of great celebrity in his profession, rose, and said, firmly 'He it so; I devote my lifu for the sifetv of my country. Hefore' this nuilliirno a.. sembly I promise, in the naine of homaniiv ' " i-"iimiii(iiiiv HnJ rlsun, that to-morrow, at .the break of Cf""n "I" 'lie terrible pi iguo uliiili destiny m-v ,lal,v,! c'l.Vi Ihou will render my sacrifice''"'; (Jt"' ' '1'hoo wilt bless the uc - 'I'1'1'" tbi self hast inspired !' He began lie finished thu dreadful oper ation and recorded in detail bis surgical ob servations. He then left the loom threw the papers into a vase of vineear. and iiiittii,. ,li .1..1.. . . . .1 . .t 1 , 1. 1 Lately sought tho La.iretlo, where he died '"' lelvu hours a death ten thousand times .nu iuiiuus man 1110 warrior, who to save Ins country, rushes on the enemy's ranks since ho advances wilh bopo al Icail, and sustained, admiied, and seconded by a whole army. Physicians, who remain firm in the dis charge of their duties, while the fears oflheir fellow citizens are prompting them to fly from contagion, display that moral courago which is far seperior to tho physical energy which sustains the soldier in balde, as mind is superior to matter. Amckican aro coming into demand In II,,, ll,,,,.!, .., , 11 ,7. , ., I . .. im.-u"i"iis, is wot uu seen uy ine . J , , rt lc,,cf 10 ,l,e Uj,,u Tra. ! 1 .L i.:m ,.n . ., .1,11 11 ,., i-zti. w ,111,11 w-o or tnreo ' years a great many arlicles of food, the produce " V ' ' ' ""!Da' of the Untied Slates, hue been sent to r.nel ind ' " "'orll'' lua,,lt- 1 I'e lady will be pret in large quantities, and bale coiiiuniijed Ul" s"'"ew bat coqnellisb. Afler mairiage gnod prices. Americui cheese, iilieu it was she will bu a sincere comp inion, alTuciionate lir-t imrnduoed heie, w as not esteemed, .1111 1 mother anil good hidpniale. only the puirer cla-ses would purclnse 11, the Si:p The man bom in this month quahiy was ordinary; but n,,w the leading ' will bo industrious and make nionei, but by Aineric-In'c'nec U VYi "V" " ,"S f","ly ,'" I ,llu v-a.i..e.. of a heedless 0I ,, Z Ainoraan ciiee.-e, and take cue to inform the , , . 1, - . public of its superior -malm-. Imlim Corn 1. " must likely be gnod looking, fond of cor- another article ul hind ih a is just now tallied I ''lls a" 01 t!u,llo 10 places ol amuse about, and greal eff.rts are unking to ' ment. ine nreau mute Irom wheat tl mr .111. linliaii mca no! onlv amongst Hie Irish uenn'e. hut m the Jailed Ki, gdom. It w coaiiug rap il.y into "" ' i,ii"u iiiwus. i;r. 1 iioinrisoo recuuuy reao an able paper at a ineetui" ol ibe 01 Isgow' PllllosoidllCal SilL'ietV. nil Ihe tiolritivi. qualities ol i mil 111 com, which be ranked very high, and said it undo "an agreeable article ol d.el." TliO luxuries, toil, of the Tloilnd Stnt.u l.n,, nude their appearance 111 the metropolis of lOng. land. To say nothing (,f hL. nreat value of American ice, and its extensive u-e by the nn. bihty and gentry, the tables of the West.eud supplied with canvtii- ti.icl; (lucks, wild lurkevs and icinson! Tile 1 "American Ice Cmnmhu" rceentlv nsinnishcJ ii .1 .1 .. ,..,... .. . . . the epicures ul the clubs bv tin- fnlln.i 111. so iioiiiicemonlfc : "AniTiMH l'aresl Ven.sonA le.v saddles, of very superior quahiy, 111 fine condition, just received bv llin Aunrican Uo Uointnuy. 1(13, r,ew II uid meet." Again: " Wild Turkey. Irom the American forest?. domeslicited turkeys, wild L'ceso. from the American lakes, mongrel geei-e, anJ a superior lot of capons, jusl received 111 lino order, al 10G tNew Hand street." Here is another announce. incut, and it is probably the rstof the kind that r rankloit tlio other evening, a young gentle ever appeared in a foreign newspipcr : " Can- "i in, it is said, look an undue liberty with a ins-back J)ucks, from tho Chesipeako Bay. A , pretty lady's pretty ringlet. The lady mado very line lot uf this celebrated waieruivl, just , her complaint to tho gentleman with whom received from America, in excellent prescrva- slu lv,,s dancing. Thereupon, llie last nam Xewlhudree!"'1'' A",eriCa" " ' ! ed 8(,"':-"' '""kl the first named gen- The American 'ice trade must prove exceed. ' "'"''"J ?uw" ,n ,llu bM r,010"'- T'' ''S'' ingly prulitalile the present season, as the re. c'Xtem.ed until, as wo nie lold, fifteen or Iwen nuiii.ibly mil, I winter here nreiented anv ol the I 'y persons were engaged in it. Fists, pistols trader in ice from securing a-iy sloe!:. During' ine spring ami suiiimur mouths American icj will be in greal demand. Il in sold al ton slui . 111,1, htnr i I L, .,1 II. at retail. A warehoure has been prepared at the St. Kitheriiie's docli. in a coul nlice. 1.1,1! elficiually protected from the sun and hoi', expressly for the storage of American ire, and wnere it can be iintued. itely dep iiled 011 buuig cleared from the vessel, ami r, 013,11 nil tlit ' .....,v- ...,.f.w 1, in neiirnwi, w areiiouses, 1 he liuil.uicrs are jut be giuiiing 10 jppreciaiu American ice, and I irgu nu inlitu, cm readdi bo sold here at high prices. 1 ix fjt; an .M.I' l-'i aiu-is Wi Chip. man, Ibe Kepru.eutativu from .Michigan. ' e nun who ileclared nn the tl "r nt the llmi , that " ediicatuui w 11 at aar wnb dem icn'i," oblainoJ a diion o fnuu .lr. Olniniiaii s iuici u- before tho tension of Congress, and in ' diys afler 111,1, ried another unman. The rourl which grained the divorce, al ,1 tcrent session niiiiilled t heir former actum, which now loan's .l', Clnpiii.iti in po.,essioi of two wues lo solace and conifort him in les downward path iliiiiugh ,fe, siuootb bis dying pillow, and close I Ills eves 111 de hu eyes in deaqi. Wo opine tins is a queer 1. . ,. ... . .1 ..,..l.ll,n i,.. ' . lu m '"' "'" . "l . . . ' . . . ... ' i.f. u a 1,1111 orur us acciqms, ' ' 1 W1 conm olT" wicioriou." 111 the cud. .Wo atlach no credit to die following arti cle iml kowing ils soince. Our leaders mil', perhaps attach ns little lo its portrait ure of their respectiie foi tunes : ALMANAC OF FORTUNE. Theio is i disposition very prevalent ininiig iho human sjiecies to look into their luliifi! destiny, to endeavor lo ascertain be. foiehaod what is lo bo their condition, wheth er rich or poor, fortunate or uiifunuiiale, happy or miserable. That they may learn all llu-se things without going to a fortune teller, nnd thus save timeund money, I havo wilh cue, study and observation, con coded for their use the following infallible miis. All that is necessary lo a coriect un derslauding of Ilium is, for the reader to re collec. the month in which bo or she wus bo. n. JANiunv. The man who is born in this month will bounfo tunato in many matters, llilnk uf every one's business and forget bit own. 1 be tenia lo will bo intcllifent nnH discreet, live beloved, and die regiettcd by a nioi. miug world. Fkbiiu.iuv. lie that is in born this month w.ll bo majestic in person, handsome face. courageous and firm in ivar.tho Iriend of man, the defender of his country's liberty in lime ol need. Thu ladv Will be inurl, iidmirorf ud marry well, and what is best of all will halo a good, kind, loving husband, and ma ny ciiiiuien. M.lltcil. Tho nun born in this month, if tall, will be ignorant and ambitious, in a ill degree heroic, and fond of llallerv. souiewhal llagiiioos, and if eier exalted by his friends to an important office, and he al low himself to be governed by malign influ ence, as il is cm tain ho must, having been bom under the lion star, he will bring shame and confusion on bis fiiends, and leave u last ing blot upon his name. I ho woman will be fond of travelling, not likely tall, wilh a largo month, termagant looking nose, Urge llal feet, and veiy fastidious. The man born in this month will be mild in temper, iiiilortunatii through life,- many a iiinusoine lull nulillerent woman, ! one u hti will hold tight the reins of go mum over him, whi b will c.iusu hi 1 wish himself m heaven. The female w I jealous and passionate, and will make a govern- liini to ill be un in- dillurciil huuscw ie, M.iv. lis that is bom in this month will be handsome, rather nn...n,l,,,l,. !.., .,.... r..,.. :.. 1.:. !"" 01 ins cuaraciei wor Ity ol admiration. The lemuli will b L .,! alll-ctiunato ; but after marri ige will be lazy and carehss, thereby bringing shame upon herself, husband and children, Jl'.nc. The man born in this month will bo a short thick sei fellow in person, and re semble in actions the Fli ing Dutchman; hero to-day, absent to-morrow. The lady will bo something of a scold, yet married young, havu many children, love tea and bate drunk ards. Julv. The man born in this month will bu fleshy in person and soft in brain, quite loquacious, but all to no purpose. The fe male will bo weakly looking, and just such .... .1. '111 .i an 0110 us ;i man siiouiu look al Willi an eye lo chide, but never touch. Aigl'st. Ho who is born in litis month ...:ti 1,,. r 1....1 1 .1 1 j r lie that is Imrn in litis month will 1m ,ilT.lib. i-r.,l 1 ..I... ,...,1 1 fond uf tho society of I idles. The ladv will' be attractive, many well and liie balmy. Nuvi.Min::t. The 111,11 burn in ibis innnili will bo a good sort of a soul, handsome fite, florid complexion, of small stature and lash ionably fond of books and female company. Thu female will be vain, alwais courting the glas3, and thus neglect ihu most important put, lk.i cultivation of her mind. Dix'i:miii:ii. He that is born in this month will be of common stature, with good natur al talent, passionate, yet liberal al limes W'H u eJnd of good wine, and a gamo at bi. i:...i ti... 1 ..1 :n 1... 1 .u,.. ll.iius. t nu i,iu ,tin uu liunesi, posSIOiy li indsome, lend of spinage, hoi rolls and loud talking. A Er.Ni i'CKV Koiv.-Thf) Louisville Jour nal giving the following description of a ball room incident 111 the Stale of Kentucky : An ExriiNsiVE Amy, At a a ball in and knives of ail sorts were flourished, and some blood was spilt, though nobody was ,jP( Two of tlm persons, who look pari . . .... . 1 . .. ..' . in tho iill'iir, have .since at rived here with I ho intention of settling their quarrel on Ihe In dian shore. ll is siid lint 1111 English oflieer, sojourn- uiTrkinc. on the day heloio the nfiVay. that ill " lor a short lima at rniiiMori, was re- ho had lieaiil inuch of Ki-litucki "runs," and that it was Ins 1. lost anxious desiio to sen one. When the ball room fight got well under wai , ,1 gentlemin, who bad beard llie ex pres. ed wish of the efli'er. ran lu bis room ami old him wh il was going on. The oflici r ran 10 iho bill room, but, the moment he entered ihe door, a liem udniij fist knocked him down. Unscrambled up and ensconced him self ill a corner, where ho thought be could look on in security. Uo liau not beenthtro 111 my minutes, however, belore n big fellow, mistaking him for anulher, rushed at him, ex. claiming "This is tlio very scoundrel I have been looking for." The officer darted liko lightning fiom the mom, mid, strange lo say, hu has not sinco hrttn heard to t-xprest tlve slightest cuiiosity lu sec a Kentucky row.