Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 15, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 15, 1846 Page 2
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. SPEECH OF HoW. A. STEWART ofPENNSTLVANIA On InterntMonal Improvements and the 'tariff'. Delivered in the House or Representative of tlio untied status, march n( itue, Wc givo our readers tlio concIud.ntT portion of Mr, S.'a remarks which re'nle to the tariff question, feeling (tint his views and sentiments will meet with a hearty response from every true Yvrmniiter. As a lhorHiijhgolngt hirdworkinffi practical man, there 11 tint mi the flour f Conjjre one wimfio'il a higher suml than Andrew Stewart. Ills Hprcclivfl nre eter inirkt-d with plain proclaimed by the Secretary and his followers. We ui uie iiiTiii ana vesi tnusi senu our inn nonnr i" l.njilnnJ to luy bit-ad and meat, and grass and grain, hi the form of iron and cloth, to incrcise the prico uf "onrciitton." We must be "hewers of wood and drawers of water" for Great Rriinin paupers, ulnvco. and brgiinra, thai KiijfUnd may have " rnecio tij spare" lor Smithern cittion. This is the tindi-gtuseil policy and purpose of the Treasury Hcport. Hue Mr. 3. would Buy to tlicse Southern gentlemen I Hon I be afraid. Von will have, your cotton market still. Inland must have your cotton shecnii'l do without it in present, t'ul beware) the time may come when Knglaml would not wnnt "our cotton," t and the South, in turn, would cry out fur protection. Hut the gentleman conaratulate the Wu-t wiih the pros i.nct uf nn rnrlv rpneil uf I lift corn laws. Hut. in lii opinion, if the rorn laws were repelled, the people of ine vt-9t wouin srnrcciy gei a umsihi 01 uiur grain into Knulanrf on nay terms. Mr. Hijly Do you mean what you My, that not one bushel will (othere7 Mr. Stewart I will answer the cenllcman, by civiiii: him l.ortt .As.ilmrinti'ti fpercli in the House tf IvjnIs a low tl lys nan, I Jit si lies tint mrm-H-nUis m Hie urnm now iin:ortrd into Great Hfititin U sunnhed fro ti tin North of Kuropf, alihnntih ihey My n tax of n I i-iioii licirl-.l tr i.iltncit ninth never UlU 'O i.i . . -i, ,ir...;,. iml in tlm nnuti I fif,'''i fhi'ltnin the quarter while that Inmi Cnnida r-ndrr Inn rfimrk rf,Whcan.r in the prts.M t j . , l.iHtanc? lie s, by his practical and hmi icm but fuiir s'titlumn. the duty ot fUnm ahillmi: like manner, In ctilliu l.iini hai ily witli the sub. ject uf uhich ho fpejk. All can uiiderslatnJ and will ilifv not Miniih' the who'e? Moot elmrle 1 1 1 1 y will. The fact it' notorious, tint mint of our if Mm and Hour now goes to l.nulaml thioiiuu ti to gite I lie loU I eulnnial ports, nud at colonial tin iei, thus evading I he ,. ' ciprniliou of the urn laws, whi'e ilx't'intn and iiuir him : and we bcir our roadera Id wing port oi loa j.eccii an m.utijtc peru- , ,I0m ihe north fKiimpe must nlwav pay the hiahe-t llt-iice l.nnl A?M at. me TAim r & iaki ilulirs nip0?L'd I V the corn law.-. I huriott very Justly ariiurs, tint we inns: he ovrr I win-lined il the rum law arc repeal? It and llns great 1 had not intended, saiJ Mr. S.. tct snv one word I tulvjnlnuf. now oni ivrd bv (Canada and thr UuitcH bout the Tnritlt but 1 am sinnity ic.upicJ to mate i Stiati's, of imporliui! our nmn at about onefourih of a fact or two in leply to the gcntleunu from Viriiiui.i, thtMltiiv pii'l by the importers troni t lie IMlttc ami Thai gfiilltiiinn dwelt ennrely on the benefit t nl Hlick .Sea. Hcpral the ct rn ltw put ihem on an foreiiru Undo. He uent aluwoilit-r in f.uor of iniot r- vnn il fjoliui with us. and is not the nut-Mum vttlcd. tinloreifju joodpj ;iud cretiiing n in.iiket for (he bene and the marl.ct lost to our pram and llonr in alt time fit u fomners. Vuild our own apricultuic be bene to come I Nothing cut be clearer. An I yet gpnlle fl ted by a ptooess like this? Nothing could morel men exult in ihe prospect of 'lui repeal of the corn elR-ctuaily divert the beneiit from our own pt-oplu laws, and are ready to sacrifice the whole of our ma and pour il in a onnlnnl stream upon foreign labor, i nnfaclurcs und home mnrkets to brine it about. Such N ) American interest was so much benefited bv a 1 will be the operation of the repeal of the corn law on protective ayiMi'iii ns t fin I nf nyriciillurp. Thtt foreign ' American agriculture, and tueh i the statement of mnrket was nothing, the home maiket everv thing to lord Avhburtuii, who perhaps knows much aioiit them t M wa as one hundred to one. The Tan!' the mailer as cen the learned genJemnn from Virgi frnve us the ureal Iiohil innrKct. while thd irrntle. ! nia. Hut llii- Is not all. This opinion of Lord A Mi nim's tclKnie to fivuru ic. nl best, but the 1 burton ts sustained by the mostintelligcnt merchants clnuce of a mirkct abroa I, while it cfr.'Ctuilly de- ! in ( Britain. Such is the uniform tenor of the atroyed out Pceurc Piid inva.iiahle maiket at home. tc ioiony rut-en tly taken before n seleil comnutieo of The Dcnllcnian sava be is verv nnxioiiji in rniunntn 1 ihe House of ('omnions on this subject. Mr. Ilenrv with the pauper labor of T.urope. I will tell him one I l." leaver t hipman, one of the witnrs es, and one of facli With all the protect) n we now enjoy, Great the most iutellitnt men in the Lingdom, says, He- Hrttiin send into this country eight dollars' worih of I peal the corn laws, and tne growing trade win ua Most certainty unle-s tliefeeritarv can. In his wis dotu, devise a plan lo make people eat, drink, wear double ns ninth ns they now do. Hut where will we find muniy to pay lor them 7 Thirds the tub. Hut startling and cxiraordmary ns it may appear, our J-e crctary. for ihe first time fn the h.siorv of the world, has lolrily and openly avowed It ns the (birt cf Co mment to break down and distrov its own in rum factutcs for the purpose of making way for ihue o loreigners. in ine ery tiit m auiapn oi ins nrgm mcntntive rrtot, he se n out with slating that ihe revenue ol the first quarter of tlii year h I wo millions less than the firl nuarier of Ihe last, and ihi-hns hi en occisn.ted by i'io mbytitutUn nf htehhj prttnted Ameruan mannjaclutea for Jul etvn impofn; nno this evil, this leinhle etif. Ibis American Secntary rropoCB io reuiedv bv rubieim the nroieelive dutie. nnd thus banking up Ibis abomin-ddo huinrss of tubttilutini' domestic nrotliuts, mule by American labor out of Amtrhan proniee, f.jr tlritisk jjoods made bv Ilritnk hboi out of IhitUh oroduee. Oh! but he mile:) the Itntinh INoiv. sir. Ilu is not only the doclrme of his text, but it runs through bis whole sermon ot y.w pagts. io womltr it was priutui by the tt in ol Iionlst nnd let our Secretary carrv throtiih tldi bill, nnd (I hen Vicio Ll wo dd clad I v iran-ler Hie seal irom Sir Uotiert rul lo Sir Rutieft Walker, for he will hue rendered her baiter service than any other man. dead or hvinc. Hut tui- i not only the iloetrme or the Treasury rrport, but of the mrsace itself. t The revenue stan dard laid down In ihe mesige aims n death blow- at all American ind itry. tt 9uijctsa kind of "sliding tone.' mi tint whenever any iita'icu ol American in dnsiry I rum to beat ll.r fortiuner, nnd supply ihe tnntktt, and ihenbv duuiuish imports nnd rcven-te, thi i v id nee ttinMhe duty i loo Iiil-Ii nnd otii-lil lo be r dueeil, o an lutt I in I lie fo renin rival prudurtion; mil ifi ine t'leMdent speau Mr iiimscil ncre is lit n venue standard in his own words. rliMhrn Aiunnl . lliM unumllnn on U r. f A I in at which it im-rertnintd from experience lhal the re- I pnuia, he ordered the blockade of Matamnras, &. 1 , . ' ' . " 1 Mm; "mi v nn ii umcliiu imk v 1 1 1 1 1 ii i iimhth in ini: r uri anu jjiw her ngrteuliural product) ms (fine cotton nnd tobac co) to one tint she lakes lrom us. Mr Hayly. tttes thegentteman assert that 1 Mr Stewart. I do .ind will prove it. Mr Hayly. Then )uu will prove the returns fatso which are mtdc by our own tJovtr-nnpnl. No, sir: I will prove it by the returns f.irnished by Mr Walker him elf m support of the bill which he has laiJ I eoie t'ie Oommiiteo of Ways and Veins. Now, I ns.-eri, and can prove, that tnoc tlnu linl. Hie value of all Ihe Uriltsh go.iJ uu;i rted into ihis coun try consists of agricultural pndorts, ctnuged in form, conCeried atvl unnuf.icturc I into good. And 1 invilea tliorouili ainlys s of tint fact. I tdiillenge Ihe xciitlem hi to the enitmv. T.ike down nil the articles in a ire, ihi-j ,rier nnuther eitmatu the value itftheinw m tlei t il, ihe I rend, tun! ot h r trod-i -is w 'iieh h ive t nlered mi.i ttoir ttbrte.ilion, ;iud it wil be found hiIi ill nnd 1 1 vi ie i if their v ilm cuhsiots nf tlif pro loettons ttf l de io.I luncit' pro.lii e in il 'ii -lesi spme. Now by n-leifiiie to Mr Viilkt-rV n-ptirt, it w ill be ttrn that, lor twelve y art b.n k, we hue importel lr on Ore-it Hnt.iin and lor ilej e'ldent les aintnlly S- t2 m.llionsof dollar- vvctrih uf goofs, but call it 59 millions, while hlti to dt of our pro duels, -iivh eo'lnu 'iiitt loh ii'eo, less ilnji two nud a hvlf million' of do hrs worth. This llien. nsiimini; nc-hilf the v ilue of her goods lo l-e agricultural, i gives us 'it m.lluns of h-r rieuttural produce to two and one-ha f millious of ours taken by her, which is just ten to oncj io avoi I eivd, I put it nl etjht to one. To lest the truth of this p nit ton, h" wn pre- Bared, if lime permitted, to reter to numerous farts, tit fur the uif irmali on of the gcnl'e.nin from Vir finu, who is d friend lo the poor nnd oppressed farm er, I will tell him tint wc have imported yearly, for I wen i y six yeirt ( aiys Mr Walker's rrnori.) more than ten million ot dollars worth f wo"en gotls. ltl year we imp r ed 10,1fiG(I7G ddlnss worth. Now, one half and more of the value of this ctoih was imde up of wool, ihe sub-dance of labor and other agricultural productions. The gtn 'ral estimate t lint the wool alone is half. The univcrsit rusiom among f.irm;rs, when they ha 1 their wool nnnufac tured an ihe shares, was to give the mnntificturer half the cloth. Thus we import, and our farmers have to pay, for five millions of dollar worth of for eign wo d every year in the form of cloth, mostly the pruducliai of sheep feeding on the cras nnd gram of Ga'itt Hritain, while our own wo I. a worth less, for want of a market ) and this is ilio policy the gentleman reco.nmends to American ftrmcrs. Vcs, sir: and the gent'e inn if not satisfied with five mil lions, but wish.- io increase it to ten millions a year reprc3ntauv, and it givel 811.210ns their export to lor foreign wool whi tne genncnan deny tlm ; ureal iinniu oi agiicuiturai produce, i nn give the nada and tne western states or Amerit-a will tc crushed by the cheaper productions nf the Baltic and H'aek Scat conscqucnllv." he adds. America. Ca- nadi, nnd Hntish shipping, would rccrive a severe nnd,denive blow" by the repeal of the com laws Hut still the scntleman from Virginia exults in ihe prospect of the repeal of the corn lnw, and boasts ot' the maiKet it win open lo our western tanners, to whom, however, he will not give one dollar fr their rivers anJ improvements not n cent but is nnxinus in seduce ttiem into Hit Hntisn tree tuide trap tuit he would siy to the West, " limeo drfnaoV trut your friends and beware of your enemies. Look at ihe hoisted lorciuii uiarket, what is it ? Comparatively notlimj. Look at fiets. The .mnciiltural produe- lion- n ihe IJiufpd M-i'e, i xrhi-ive f of eotlnn an I lnb.ii'co. i eliiinted tit one thousand millions per yc-ir. Oor exports to nil the world amonntel li?t ii'-5ll I'.'j 517. Ul'tlno, Cue it Crnain to,l; nbout Iwtt and ti It ill. A II the rest was consumed nl homn Si the fort ijn nnrkeis of the vvor d n moon led to II millions, nnd the home unrkct lo OS1) millions. Vet i tie !nittcmiu had juot pronouuepil the foreign nnr ket everyitnug lo the fanners, nnd tlM home nnr- keis ci Mti par melv nothing. Hut another fact. ( exports nf mint f.ietures last year, including those nf wool. iitiMitnti d to 51.1. U'Jjuu AsMiuiMig. as in 1 lie en it? of Urilish iinnuf lelnrcs, that one-half of I heir valtu i in.nle up ofAmcrlcm ngrituKural produce, then we etcirt nenrly seven millions nf dollars worth of ajrieullnrnl produce in the form of minufnclurc wnicn noes not glut or injure tne foreign mirkeis I ir our 11 ur nnd gram, in its original lorm. To uc a frttii bar illiiatraiion : Western farmer send their corn hay. and onts. thou amis of dollars worth, everv year lo the Kastcrn mirkct, not in its rude nnd otizinat form, I ut in I lie form of hogs and horsrs: thev inve their hay sticks life and leg, nud make them tret to market with the firmers on their hacks, (A laugh) Hi ihe Hntish convene I iheir prodie-e, not into hogs or horse, but inlo clolh and iron, and tnd it here for sue. An l viewing Hie subject lit this light, he could denmnttnle lhat there wis not n Slitc in the Union that did not now consume Jtre dollars worth of British agricultural produce to one dollars worth t-he con siniies of theirs. Tune would not permit him to go mill ut-inns ; nui ne wouiu lurnisu tne elements lrom whic-i any one could mnke the calculation. Ass'imins lhat the consumption and exportation nrc in propor lion to population, then we imnori GO mdhons of Hri- tish goods, tod 13 mill ns, ouc-ha'f, U nricullural prottuce, we export io j-.ugiand wgnculiurnl produce (exelndingcolton nnd inhaceo) 2 1-2 tiiillions. Divide these sum 25 und 21-'.' millions bv 223, the number of He dare not. Ho ha declared for Mr Walker's bill reducing the duties on wool ueaily one In If, wi h a design to increase ihe revenue i nf course the imports mus; oeaouu eti, mirung ine import ot cioin tweniy pronorlion ten to one. Vet gentlemen re not sn'ufied, an I wish s ill further to increase the import of Hntish eoods, nnd siiU further prostrate nnd destroy ihe American farmer and tnechantcnnd Inboring man to niiUion instead ol ten. nnd of wool ttn insirnd nf fma favor foieiners. To how the ilTcl tinon rnrrencv millions of dollars per annum. a- well s ngnVulture, suppose the geuileman from This was the gentle nan s plan to favor ihe farmers Virginia (Mr. Hiyly) wants a new roat ; he noes in Rtitish farmer', by giving the the American nnr-1 a liiitUh importer and pays him 320, hard money and act, ms pian was io uuy every ining, sen nothing inru to gci. r.ugitiiii iaics none oi your ru money nd gci r c'l. ( V lau.'h ) What w as true as to cloth (A lau.'h ) Away it goes in quick tune. We see n was eqnany true as io evory tnmg el-e. Take a hat, pur oi sue, a yarn oi si r or lace, analyze it, re solve it iiito its, constituent elements, nud you will find thtt the raw m iturial, and ihe substance nf 1 thur tad other n uncoil lira I products, euutit'ited mote than one-hilt its eiitire value. The pauper la''ur nf Europe emphiyed in manu''iei rinj si k and lace got what it eat, u more ; and this is what you pay tor when yo i purehnttg tinnr goods, isieak up vour m re ol jt, a far "a circulation i concerned, the gen neman muni ns wen nave inrown u into ine lire. wim a coat. I go to ihe tmerican manufacturer and ii ly 8Al worth ol A'nericni tjroaoc oih. (He wear no oih'Jf, nnd he would compare coat with the iierv tleonn on Ihe snot.) (A laugh) Well, the matin facturer, ihe next day. viwc il to ibe f iruit r br wool h'-'eave tti tlie sh H'linker. the halter. nnJ black smith ; they gave tl back to the farmer for imnl and hotu lintiiifictiire- in I lentil otarkel. impori verv ' brtat, nn I here il went fiom one to nnoihrr. Y thing yo i eit :in i d.pik an 1 weir, fir the b-m fn nf I might prlnp ve thi- busy nnd bu lling S20 noli; ihe firmer, t) i, what ft lends theiu L'etiile lieu nre 1 five or tx tjfurs in the eourve nf n day. This mide to the laruiers aid uicr.hiut and htm-rr of ilm , tuaiiey plentv. Hut uhere wa the re itleunn - ban! eo m try -n .ar 1 aoi wrong, i ft. real II main. ! inon 'V 7 anilied : none in reward nud much I h Now I u' wiiet'u-r wimI nil. in the strictest ' wod-ur iwera aed fir nets, shoe-in ikers, ha'ters, and sene. nn ainculitiril producliori 1 An I if we no. blackiniihsof Loi'lmul, Now. I yo fT sipponin port ten million in eloih, i nit five iiulli nl of lhat , th American firmer and mechanics, and Hie ieii in paid jr vvoil o'one n prtKfuci nf KritH'i f inn-I 'lion mi g es lor ihe Hnli-th that - the difT-renr erl As a siill tirou,rer tl us'raiiou of this nruu-1 tiu tin gentemn 'letiy it' mere rneSlut tw mtnt.Mr S re'erred tothcartieleot iioo, I,at year, j " in ihi nulter, tl e Hntish an I ihe inori '.in according to Mr W alker s rpp rt. we imnrled S9.01 1.-' " "'e: and lhe-imp!e n i- hii in is, which fl'isll wt-iak jyfi worth ol ireiiiri iniu,aiiif ns manuf te uie,mo-.tiy i 1 he ureii sirujsj e is t etwern the llniiitli mid Amen uncertainty and many surmises prnvailcd In te Uard tti Iho fate of Col. Cross, lint thu inure prnhiililo ciiiuioii nppLMM In lio liin cailtirr wai uiiiitliuriz'cl ty, ami unkninvii In Amiii In i ami It Is tu lie fcircd that lie Im Lccii miir. ilored by tlio party liy wlinin lio was Utien, and Ins hiittu, money and cIoiIiihl' divided miiunjf llinni. On the 14'li, Oin. Ampililia Fnnt a fnrnial nn. tlcc tu (Jen. Taylor, o during linn to loave Ilia pnsiinin wiilnn 'J I n mrs.anil In cvi'iialc Ihe uliule terrilnry Went uftlie Nuecrf, nr that ln. relusar would be rnnidered a duclaraliun of war. Gen. I'. i ediulely returned for anaer, thai hm orders uero In In linlain Inn position nn the K ist of the river, and lliat lie should dn so, csorilly as llio mailt rre muddy, and it wns iinpleafant rnlrcaliiii! at this fcanm. Shortly atler the rccoptl n ol this answer, tho Mexican army partially withdrew lrom the town, nnd a portion of the troop disappeared from the West bank ol 1 he river. Thua r.lnn's lao laft p'rt nfllm drama a far as reported, that tis yet been performed. This mevement nf the tneiny Is quilo as inexplicable In (ion. Taylor ai In ocry body elfe. I'ol. March Informs ti.thil a report has been put in circulation lhat Ike threatened hostilities are only suspended till the lt nf June, then to be renewed, we suppwe, with redoubled energy anil slill more Flauihtcr. (Jen. Taylor is pr,fccutin; the fortifications at ron t, inucl witli 8 o idy perseverance. iiemro ne reiurneil i he above answer to Am enn le hnl for ihe bom fltle p-irp"ij of rollrt'iinu ninncy ic ir ine support ni uncrnmcin. io rare ine dniic limber Iban I hi poinl, ao-l thcrchy diminish ihe ainou-it colleclecl, is to levy thrni for nrolertion merely, anil nol for reuMine. As lone, then, ns Con. ffrcss miv i? r ntltiill v increase Ihe rate ot ihilv. ihfv ure within the revenue, sinmlaril. When ihpy e bo yoml lhat poinl, and ns they tnerense the tliiihs the revinue is diniinisheil or tlemeil, the net ceases to have lor its ohjecl Ihe rni-insr of menev to support uvt-iiioivoi, o n ior rirnteciinii merely. VVInt is this htlt n ril'e to fnvor Inreitrners BnH break dnnn AniPrieansT The moment the Ainerienn hy his superior industry and skill bciins lo smcetd. then ihe fluty nmst hecin to cooe down so as to in rp'Tje foreian iinnoris mil revniine. Tins is ihenl tin nnil ineviiihle nperniion tif the rule, nnd who wool. I go into mannf leinnrc nnih r sneli no ftiiiiAun rienn rule ns this, uiakinz it death I y the laws certain anil inei!ab!i). As an I'lusirntion. take iron fur insnii'v. () iiil' to the rnf id inctenso of iron works in the United Sintis, ihe impoil ofiron has been ercaily redni-eil; then the nventive rule applies down wiih the dunes, so as to incteasu impnris and revenue. Aeeordinly, Mr. Walker nroposes to reduce the duly, which, b. savs, i now 7.) per cent , to 3D per cent., so as in increase the retenuc. Well, lo do lhi, hu must more than ilnuhle ilio imports, now nmountin; to more man igiit no lion a vtar, and llitis he mu-t union 1G mil ians of iln!lars wnnh of iron instead of etiiht desitov eioht million ofAniertenn mnnofic. lure to make way lor fore mi an I thus i npvt tw Ive millions of dol nis wotlh of fnriit'ii (rmuilv KogiitlO ifr.-nn and other pro Inee ucd in the nnniifacture of this iron t fir the fiet is inconiesiihle, thnl more than three-fourths of the alue ofiron is made, up of the trodoee of the sod. And tins is ihe policy to fivor inrie in farmer nnd Amenc-in laborers 1 Thiow lie plo.iL'll out of the furrow, und lorn l.ihnront to tnrve to tnikc way for llrin-b "uods. and increase revenue I Mr. siiJ he Iml nol time nl nre-ent. 1 ulheweu'd avail hinise'f of the first proper occ.vinn to shew, ns he thoiiaht ho could mosl eleatlv. that nil tho theories of the Secretary nn I his followers in favor nf their tree Ira'le policy were not only fa'o ami unfounded, loit tbit cxiem the teverre "of tl:oe theories were true, lio referred to the theories lhat "protection waf.r the hem fit of iittnufscliirers nt I he expense of the. farmers and a' orers of ihe country :" lint "pro tection increase I the price of thetinuuf icliireil jood, nwl reduced the price of hl.or and produce i" thai u " fanned monopoly and wealth nl the .xpen-cof the p or; tnai "reinicioir uulies mo dd inerenseicvrnue," ive. He could scarcely speak of mk b cros altMtrdi. lies in respectful terms. What 7 Favor invcs'ed ca pital tiylnuhlin? up eompetnion, and increasini; the supply of ihe article, they had In t-c I1 1 Injure ihe fnrmcrs bv dou linir the de-nand fur llieir nroduee raw maun il and bread stuff, nl every kind t Oppre.s and rol the consumer by eivme him cood. at one fuiirth tbeir runner price 7 Reduce wanesby doublin the Ueinaud Tor labor labor of men. women nnd ch hlren 7 , c, fir; increase the price if coins .y iloubhns Ihe supply, nnd reduce Ihe price of tiroduce hv ilouhlim! Ihe demand I Kivor mnnopohci by hiiildia" un cnmnrlmon. ibe only thins to di stroy it ! Such an- the nhvurd iheo- ries hi tree irnoe. Hut ecnilenien must fir-t icien-e all I tie l.iwsid trade I he nrc.n and universal law I lint "ilennn'l and supply rc'iMHe ptieesj"a m- umversll nnd invarilhle in i s i-riernlion. ns ihe Ii lint Governs, ihn sohr svtcni, iuiki not only be re pealed, lull reverseii in its opernnon, before gtntlc into cuu'd sustain any uf the-c ab-unhtiet. fro n lltjtiiu, loiir-fifihsof the value ul which, ,1 every pracucni in in Kuew.c invhle'i ot .iricullil ral produe. in.thiu; else. Iron is made of ore a id coal and what is ihe ore and coal bur ed in your mountains worib 7 .otliini- noihimr at all, unused. What sica " aus? Tie labor of horses, oxen, mules, and men 1 And whit sustained this labor but e rn, and ints, hay nnd s'raw fjr Ihe one, and bread 1 id meal nn I ve."(ahle of every kind for the other? Tuese njiricuhural product were purchased nnd con sumed and this in idu up nearly thu whole price of the iron wbieh'ihe in itiuf.icturer received and paid over lo I lief iriners arain and again, as often as the process wis repeated. Well, i nol iion made in Ivur'niid of uf the name materials thai il ia made of lure? Or Isinlv. then is not fjur-fifibs of the value of run made up uf lliins'i ariciilmral pro luce? snd if we pnrcuaseu nine muuoiis n Hollars wurtlt or Hn tish iron a year, do we not pay six or evcn ini'hons of this sum for the produce o( Ornish fanners arain hay, rass, meat, and other provisions for man and boast sent bete for sale in the form nf iron ? 10 cm firm-rs and uieclnun-s fir bcAniirican matket, nud we iniisi deei la bieh shall have it, .Mr. S, w mid hi re take occa.t'in to stale aact lhat would s'artle the American people. Tie ftritish ininiifacturers hale, nl thi moment, possession of this Ca'pit 1. Yea, sir, I tell you and ibo country one of tho principal committee looms in this ho isu j, now, and has been for week" sast, occu pied by a g.'iiileman formerly re-ijnizin Manchester, IvH'innl, who has a vast number, perhaps hundreds of specimens of eoods sent from Manchester (priced to suit the occasion) to be exhibited :e members of Congress lo enlighten their ju laments, nnd in the lan!uaL'e nf his letter ol inalrucliou from Manchester of the 3d of January, MG, accompanying these speei mens, to enable them " to arrive at just conclusions in regard lo the proposed alterations in tl e present larilT" Vcs, sir, agents, specimen, and letters f'om Orcatnrilgiii instruelini; u how to make a lanfT to suit Ihe llriiidli. .Mr. S. here expressed the hope that the people of the Noiih would send un specimens of , ,i in ihe r.n, v,r;.,; r ii. i, .' . American mnniiisriures io le also exnuuien in I lie say il this was not true to the letter. Ilo elilleni!ed i0?""1, "?' "I " IU ,?,w l,T P"ecUu" a,.'d ",en'' . ' . j . r . ,. .... "y but correct on the fl'iot Ilia false renresenla ions iiiadc n in io oeuy u. ui oiapu'C II 1 lie COU 0. I inans plan was to break down iIicbo ereat iug marUls lo the Drill, b; nnd yet he profes-cd to ties irieuu io Ametican larmcrs!! "Kromsuch friends eood Lord deliver ihem ! 1" One remark more on vhis topic ; Secretsrv Walker informs usiiini the (ireseot duty nn iron is 75 p;t c nt., which he propose! io reduce to 30 per cent, lo incteae tho revenue. To do ibis, mint he not then double ihe imports of iron? Clearly he mii.l. Then wo must s ld ten ur Iwehe millions p-r year to our piesent jniporl. l iron, and of courts destroy lhat amount of our doinesiw supply mom for it 'Ibis at s blow, m Ibe iui arllele .,r if.,.,, !,i, bill H mi,.,,, ded 10 ..rtioy ibe Aoie.iean niitketsfor at lent eight milhms of dollar, worth .,f do ,c nirrieul lural produce 1 1 U- tupplnd from nbroad ; and this i, the A men 'an no! the ilnt,h.v,.ln of .. which is now .jiieuipied 10 b ipose! .mo. ilh onuntiy by lhi Uriu.h haiini Adinuii nation! i!,.. them b' il nd in I ban two years there will no be n tii payina bank in the country. We j . nnniil -iiiii'i' "iimii. eeeoe. I'll 1 SiiII,tOiii i,f li" oieessary eoil.0, nueiiee. the ii lineal rrvoutiona thai oerioo 'Ihe home market, Mr 8. eoineiidel. was every thine l' lb" firmer, and the foic'itu iimrkei eomp ir. lively noili nr, Maisachuteils ajnne pun based and enusumtu ooineen iniient inucn oi ine eniln, (lour, HO lir u in mo tuner .-i nc. ns loo IJ nil. ,rllui!oiii of tire it Itruain and Ireland, lrom whom we l.iok firty mi iionsot oonsrs worm oi manuiactures yesily Massachusetts took 3 millions worth, rxclu.ive of cotton and tobacco, wlnle Orcst llritain took but iwn snd alisir'l let, aivornme lo the gentleman frnm V.r.'lu'nr the fureiifn maiket was vastly ih, (MaII linporiaui 1 1 Mr l.eake here nut this auestinn to Mr S. IVK.,1. r cotton and lobicco were not agricultural pru duels 7 Mr. S, Certainly I but Ibey are nol our only scri cultural nroducts. There were tuber inieri ;n .1.:. country worlh lookint; after and preserving be,ides eoiuin aou mm toi, .mi no noiim tne eniiemau con enn with Mr. Secretary Walker, who tell. ... t 1.; Vrrr, Trnde report, which has so deliihte.1 i.-A.i..i sad n-'vyonderit has, for he iheiesays, we mint iake more iirin.u k'ui. nccin n we ao nol, Knirhnd m is t pay for our breadstuff" in specie, and " noc ha inu it lo spsre, she will brins down to even a ercaier silent the price of our colton." Vcs. " our cation" there is ihe rub. The North and West must quit work, sell ooihinz. snd brin everv ihinir rmn. land, and send Ihem our specie as long ss it la,,, ,0 that Eneltml may have " specie to spare" for Soinh. era cotton that's lbs plan tbui openly snd boldly In eliallen La w,Plnb "oi on'Y snow ineir peneciion ana extent, I I e il co,,'c, on the spot the false represenlaiionsunde , 15 iSer t by these Manchcsier man and iheir nirents in reaard n-nr. i'T I '" 'be charaiter nnd uitces of llriiish nnd Aiueii"nn coods. Speaking of( the Prcsident'a message, this .Manchester letter writer exclaims "a second Diniel come to itidnmcnt. a second llichard Col den :" an I so flensirca were tney in hnsland wi n Mr. Walkers celebrated fien Irndn tenon ibat II was ordered 1.1 he take position ill the bcilj abo.'c & the bend hohi.e printed hy the Mouse of Lords. Aficr all llii-, haviui; t le tnwn,nlilleaitlilho 1111111 army ho uiaiiit.iiiicil our I'resi lent and Secretary on llieif side, they o ihl I his first posili where be still ruiiuinti. (ien, ... mo .miir.. .,.111.1. oi ; "y I I jylor has u-ed al Ui moiicc tu slrcii.'llien Ins in. Unctions her. 10 direct u what kind of (stiff ibey , ,.,,,, i, ,1 ..... h , -'"' " " wish us to nis,. ,it if their Chancellor had sent us I i" ' ....... .... up urrasiworne, ny on- a revenue bill, be could not have furm.hed one to troncliuienls, lottilic.itiotii., fcc. and Ibo .Mexican a 111 fireat linlain belli r llian the mitt furnished hy the tne lie sorv. riniaiiuni wool 1 pas it hy acol.iuialion. Sir Hubert l'eel ouderstauds Ins husinejs, he proposes In lake Ihe duties off bread. sin is anil raw mall-rials 01 all Mima useu ny their in inufieturers, and remove every burden, so ns to etia' le them lo meet us nnd beat us in our own mar. keis and in the markets of the world, where Vnnkee competition is ' eeinnins to uue ihem itreit uneasi I'ltOJI TUXA" AMI MP.MCO. I.if-t I'or.Tnn Tiir.ix oTtinns Killed. Aetp Orleans, April i'J. (lentlpinen : I send von the liiesl turns fnnn Mexico anil Texas, in a-i Hxlrajust issued from the Tropic. Il will b 1. mill ipinu important. I lie men nl our II ml nil era t-ruzari' Hiilloriiio; revori;lv from sickness ,fit. 'orfor ami four m'n irie been killed by inc .urticans. .11111 inn L,imiii iniiuii; siya liu Is tint respnn-iblu ! Tin, extraordinary excuse is tuny otju iipu ny ijen I aylur s accept injl it a a alid nuo for liie outraop. The t'-itiort'ssional cleclion was vet iindiM'ideil. 'I'lm Houston .Star lliinks Ibern is little ilouhi tint Judjjo I'lllbliury is elected. The iii'i.ion ews ibinks tlio dunces are in fa vor id Uoi. Williams. The eliMtinu for Fren S. hoots lakes li'ace at . .... ..... ..1 . 1 iivi'siu.i nn iiiu -o 1. i ny o',e was all 111 thci bivnr. Il is neck. and. nock now with our Country ami .iihmi-o Milieu is inosi riincuioiis lit I Ins war on Ihe Kin (irandf. JeiH. I'orier's dealli will be deeply lamented. I Id was in irried but a s'uirl lime hiicp. LpiiI. 1'. w. .1 and gallani otiu iT, ,11111 urn-tuny bore the naino nf Ins hen liilior. Wo tear that Ins tie lib will hn unre eugeu. It is ery atniisinfj indeed to sec tho tioieruineiit roucculMiiiig Us encrges to meet a fuw ill. tlist iplined troops of Mexico, and yet clamoring for war with Kiijjlaiid ! 'J'ho mail is about closing. In hasie. From Ihe CJilvclon iN'cwsnftlie 2lih. The schooner I,. M. Hitchcock, Capt.Wrioht arrived yeslernay inoriiinir, liaviin' left llraz Si. I tgn last Sunday. We are indebted for the billowing informilinii tn Col. March, who cam on board the Hitchcock, having left 1 he ciinpii1 (Jen. Tin lor on ili lo.ti. Our former mm.1 40m e by the Hitchcock, u, regatd tu the inovcini'iil iitiho army to a posi tion three or four tnilcs below, was intlcrially incurred. On the morning of Ihe 10, h ult. when Gen. Taylor found h elf exp.ijed to Ihe cneimV lire, with hi, right and lelt unpro tected 111 consequence of the peculiar beads of 1 in river, tie oruereu one division nf his army to CONNECTICUT. The Legislature nf Connecticut assembled at New-Haven nn Wednesday, Gill Inst. Cyrus II. nrABtisLr.v (l.oc.i) wt rh'ftrd Sneaker t the lloosn hv a vote nfll'J to 102 for Wll, W. II.1AHDMAN (Willi;) and one Scallrrinir. I'iuV H. Imocksoli. and Calvin W. t'ltlLLF.n (Locos) were elected Clerks, the first bv 5 and the lat. tor by 10 majority. Henhv 0. LKWlsatu! FnAN cts Macon worn llm (Whig) candidate. Messrs. O.-BURX and IhunviN (Locus) were clcited Stalp Printers nn tbo part nf the Mouse. tu the Senate lion. Samuel Indium was elected IVsideiil ant! Alfiied A. IIurmiam Clerk-hnlh liros. The Clcriryinen of the Citv were invi ted tn act ns Chaplains. we are indebted for the above to Ihe New- Haven papers nf Wednesday evening. Tho fol. lowing letters contain later news i New Haven, May7th,12 o'clock, M. The Senate and Hnuie nf Representatives met in Joint Cnnvet tinn this Morning at 8 n' clock and proceeded to ballot for Stale Officers, the result of which ballot was 2tl ballots in all necessary to a choice 121 of which, 124 I1G 1 Isaac Toticev, (laicn) received, , Clark Ri'srll. (Whhr) ' Francis Uillette, (Abo.) " retire In enforce it ttricllv. which was accord it'gly done. A tcssrl, witharargn of llonr, In v. ing been wailing some lime for n lair wind tn enter the port, was the first In stifT. r front Ill's mtastiie, and was compelled In leave Ihe nnr

ket, ul.crc Hour is now north forty dollars pet arret. From the (la'vnstnu Nen's nf the 2tllt The Toll-graph, Capl. Au'd, arrived la-t mulr lrom the Krazm hi, lage, am four rays later lrom Ihe Army ofOccupilion. This steamship lelt Urazos St. Ii''n .it II) o'clock, A. M. day he ire M!lprday, ueiii tnuy "3 hours out. J he '.lpl.iln baa hinoiy liirn -'.ed in with some tne- tnotdiida, .staling lhat 011 Ihe l' lust. Lieut, i I'orlcr of the -lib Itegimenli Ison nf the late Commodoro I'orier) being mil with a fatigue parly nl ten men, Miine of theiti wearing uni form) andlirid upon them when within a few miles ut the ramp. Lieut. I'orier and thtco of his men were kill ed, in the allack,llio rest of the parly escaping rclurnetl to ihe camp next day. It is staled that the guns nf the Americans were wet and would not lire. We see no explanation giien why this party of soldiers should bo ranging about the country with guns lhat icaulJ mtljlre. Liieut. .in iNess inlorins us lhat nothing far ther had been heard of Col. Cross up the 10th but that thu general opinion is lhat he is still a prisoner, lliough not at .Matamnras. About Ii ti v nf the American artnv have de scried and f nam the mer for the Mexican camp, out a number nl lliem were shot as dci-ertcrB while in the na'er. I he whole number of Atncr lean troops is estima'cd at between two and three thousand, ami they aru said to be in excel lent discipline, nud eager for an engagement with the enemy. Aninudia'g forces are report ed at between two and three thousand. It is rumored that Arista is about to supurscde Am pudia in the command. From the Galvc&tun News, Extra. Still La to:. We may here remark that it ia is now understood as a fact that Atupudia is al ready superseded by Arista, from nlioui wc in ay expect the next 'reclamation. This General is admitted In he an officer of character, cood sense anil prudence, anil whatever proceeds lrom linn will be entitled to sum? consideration In our summary of news by the slcainshin 1 eiegrapu, we oniincd to stale w hat may be ol some imporlan 'c, viz. that Gen. Amutidia, 111 Ins answer lo the inquiries of dun. l avlnr concern ing tol. Uross. enorpstily disavowed any acts of hostility that might Iiat2heen or uiitiht hereaf ter he commuted by Mexicans on t'iis tide nf the rtrcr, siiiiiii 111.1t an suen acts wuru uiuullior ized by him ur Ins (Jowrmneiit. From the N. 0. Tiopic I'xtra, of the 20.h till. Latk ritoM M usual. By tho arrival of llir brig Orle ms thin iiioruini.' we haw advices to the 2.M 111st. from era f.roz I'ln; Locomotnr of Ilio 22i inst. publishes the the billow 1110 orders : Min'slni "f War and M i"ineDhhion nf On eriWiiis .rrreiitrii'jiiie lienerul m-Lluef lienerai uni-rs 0 me .il Mnren. SulJitrs: Ily tho extraordinary express lust arrived, it it has been rouiinutiic.i ed In ine that hostilities nnuld begin in two days after be tween .ilat.iinoras and t lie enemy, and your brethren in anus impatiently ".lit for you 10 give to the country the guinous laurels which wc will reap on Ine bulks ol the Km llriz .o. Hacienda de Kincmiin, March HI, lslli. I'KURO DK A.MI'UDIA. RevoLtiTinN. A new revolution has broken out 111 the South of Ihe Department of Mexico, headed by den. Don Juan Alvarez, III favor ul the rederal Uonsliluiion and the return ol Han la Ana. At the latest d lies, we could not get Us delails ; but there is no duubt of the truth of I ho irporl making Mr Touccy's rraj. 7. The role for Mr Gil cite was thrown out. as it was nnennsiliu tional. The vote for the remainins State Offi cers was the same as above with the exception of Ihe Abolition tnotnberof the House pulling in a blank vole. After the election of the Stale officers the joint Convention was dissolved, and Ihe Senate rcti.eU to melr cliainiici. A Joint committee, from Ihe House and Sen at.; was appointed lo nail upon the Governor ell-el and inform him of Ins election the coin, mittee on the IMft nf the Senate was, Hon. Ih.ltMANUs M. Wrt.CII. of Farininjion ; on tin part of III" Hnil-e. GhiRGF. S. CATLIN.of Wind liarn, A UN A WntTIsi;, of Farmiiigtiui No oth cr news that would bu interesting lo you that I could ascertain. SUB-TREASURV PASSED OVER. Tho Atlniiiiislraliun, nftcr iigitntinR th'1 public mind nnil itiiibiirrnssiiig llm operations of business, for n.nitlln, ly " mrriiifiiiiig attitude mi thu Suh-TriMsitry question Has ut last virtually aliHiitlont d tlm scheme. Wo doubt if it will hu revived in any slmpo tinting tho present Session J hut should it he ngiitii brought up, after the cslHlilisltmenl of nriinolt Mints nnd Ihe passage oftlm warehousing dim, the probability is that tlio specie clause w ill either ho omitted altogether or so modified by a provision authorising tlio issue of Go vernment paper as a medium of transfer nnd exchange, that tho l.iw, so fur os the business of the country isconcernrd, will be perfectly harmless. The Sub-Treasury sclicnto so Commuiilrntlon, I'HAH TKi:iJs. Mr. Stact: I wasglal to see inyntirUst number an article nn the cultivation nf Pears, copied from a Boston paper; though evidently written by an iifT-hand, ready writer, and not a practical cultivator nf fruit trees, but should pre. fcr one nf domestic nr homo manufacture. W have srieiilifit', practical men In town. Why will they not occasionally enlighten us ft little on the subject ! It is well known that different I'ears and Apples require in tinny, cases, differ, cnt climates as well as Grapes. A l'car thtt uiiy be a fine variety in France, Belgium, in our Middle or Western States, or in tomepartt of New England, may be worthless here. It ii also well known that a 1'ear is more coquettish in Us habits of growth than any other fruit; al so, that the scion has a great influence on the t A 1 FRIDAY' MOItNING, MAY IS, 18JG. MEXICO. General, Ainpudia, lias been equally industrious iu lortifying the town defensively, keeping his soldiers employed, night and day. Gitn. Taylor's heny ordnance of eighteen. pounders aru said In be silualml w illoii point, blink shot of Gen. Auipuilia'x house 111 the mid dle of the cily, at a distance ofUOO yards. Thus I lit. I wo m rimed loin liumi il I 1 1 ties, list weexporled hiinilridsnf tin iisatul. I f . urn. It 110 .,,..n'. .1 .. 1 efd.l'ars worth of colton cood.iuio Ihe liriii.h Ka.l tt ';k" "' "uM'ont dales neither indies, and beat ihe llrinsh 111 thsir own markets, '""'"a 1 '"' any po-niwi aci 01 nos'iniy nftcr Ulviii! diseniiiiiiaioii. dune, iinno.iil lo keen 0. UI10II the other. On the Kith ill.t. Col. rim. out, fir.i 8. iht-n to, fiuallv II percent. In ibis rsirita- j Comiuiss.iry-G'jncral of the Army, rude nut by Si,,"1';,1'"1 "' t the rescue; ho repeal, the hunelf about ten o'cl .ck in the iiiorniii.r, 0he uut on coiion and woo , and bread and meal, and i,,.,..., ,,r a ('. .i,,,,,, ,.,. .... , . every thma ,,.d ,,y n,;, ,,nf,eiiirs lo r.nhl ,M'U a Ue ' .'l fr""', ' 16 mem ioro anead intbi. sirueele ss iih the Amcricsos; 1 "' '' i anerw.tru a-certaineii; lie so.. siisiQu.) i an. Walker dol Jim Ihereverse. lie 1 was laKcil pri.onor by a pirly ol Mexican Ran proposes lo InkeoflVI protect ve duiies. and onpo cs lieavy burdens on Ihe law m.i.,',.1. ,l .,it.. .t e used by so a. cfleetuallv to pros trate and break them itnwn u:. u.a.... n....t ..I... Iiiudens off his sired, while Sir Ruben Walker pile. ............. v .n.-urainr, ineir wbips dear the rnad-a fair race ! (A Uat,.) Such is ibe dif btence between ll'in.h and Ametican policy. Sir Robert Peel s present .y.tein powerful ar KUinenls (or adhering la our praic iivu ly.iem hi, object is not lo favor, but lo beat in ; and our course t. not to defeat, but lo favor hi. purpose. This will nol only be the ffTeci'of ihe tariff proposed by our Secretary, bul ii i, its open and stowed pnrpo.u and des gn, la it not Ihe proclaimed purpose of the nirs saee and report to increase ihe importation of liriiish poods, andnlcouise, to that extent, dclrny American upply 1 Docs not the Secretary propose lo reduce the protective duties more than one-h.lf for ihe pur pose of Incrctitlntr revenue ; and if the revenue i, in ereited by reducing dulie. one-half, mu-l not ihe no. ports he more than doubled 1 This is self evident, nd if you double your imports of furrign goods, must you nol destroy to that extent American supply 1 rherus. As soon as !ie was mnsiii''. Gen. Tav. lor sent a detachment of men, whu scoured Ihe country iu search of him, hut to no purpose. Two or three dais after ('apt. May, of tho 2d Dragoons, took a run m ay negro in the neigh borhood of tho same place where Col. Crofs was captured ; and from this negro the above in. furiuitioii of the Hiking of Col, Cross was ob tained. Immediately alter Gen. Taylor sunt a messenger to the Mexican General,' requesting STILL LTER NEWS. HOSTILI TIES COMMENCED G E S. TAV LOU SURROUiNDED uv MEXICANS Exlras l'inin the New Orleans papers, da ted 7 o'clock, A. M., the -1 inst., put us iu possession of most important, serious and ex citing news, I, mil the Riu Grande, liroouln lo that citv illuming lay the sie inulii Uulvi'slou, Cant. tight, mini Galvi'slon and the sle.iin schooner A'Hjiisi i, C ipl. (ill Tell, frnm llr-izoa Santiago, tint 28lh nil. Tlio inlelligenci! is lliat tho United Slates nrmy, under (len. T.ixlor, is cninplelely sur roiiuded liv the Mexicans, u-.d hi, roimiiuni ciiinii with Poinl l thel, the depository of stoti'i fur 'he iirniv, entireh cut off. A re- coiinuuering uompany of Atni' envalry, of seventy men, under C ipl.iius ll.tideo and Tlioriilon, w.n nll.iikeil, nil Ilio i!4lli ult., and into itccoiiul savs llt il dpt. Thornton, und Lieuls. Kane and .Mason, and sniite 26 of ihe turn, were killed, and Capl, ll.udee, and the remainder, wero taken prisoners. Another account stulfH that Lieut. Kami and thirteen men were killed, dpt. Thornton missing, and Cipt. Ilirdte und forty-six men taken prisoners. The news received from tliennny, by Col. Do me, who had ar rived tit New Oi leans dirert, with requisi lions on thu Governor of Louisiana for troops, is that Gun. Tax lor bad in camp full rations for fifien days, which ho thii't could bu in ado la last thirty days. Tho advices from tho army received via Galveston, the other hand, 'say that he bid not over len d iy's provisions. Gen. Arista has assumed tho roiiiiiiind of the Mexican forces. Gen. Hunt was to leave Galveston, hy tho way of Vi'lasco and Victoria, to rendezvous at Cor pus Chtisli, preparatory to marching on lo tho relief of Gun. Taylor. The works of the American nrmy , in front of Matuinoras, would he completed on thu morning of the 28th, at which time it was expected tho fire would be opened on tlio city. The Bulletin extra, dated 11 o'clock, A M., saxs ; "Letters from authentic American sources in M.ilamoras statu that tbo Mexican forces are at least 8000 men, well equipped, witli tin excellent park of uilillery. The By the news in this day's paper from the Rio Grande, it would seem that the fruits of Texas annexation tire almost wilbin our grasp, and the prospect is highly flattering lhat tho Southern " Chivalry" will have a ibanco to show their prowess in behalf of the peculiar institution." The Mexican Gov ernment, although poor, in debt, and torn by internal dissentions, was with difficulty bro't to submit lo annexation ns n dire necessity, but when the United Stales undertook to lo cate the boundary of the new domain where she pleased, without regard even lo the show of right, it is not surprising that Mexican en durance gave out at Inst, nor that that Gov ernment thought it necessary to place a res pectable force on Iter admitted frontier, in order lo watch thu movement of the enemy. That armies so situated should come inlo collision in some way, would he far less sur prising than that they should not, nnd it now only remains lo be seen by after intelligence whether llio skirmish which has already ta ken place was ''by authority," or only an ac cidental encounter. If the former proves lo be the case, what n magnanimous roar of irrepressible, p.iii iolir indignation will s ilule our ears finm those- just spiiiis who bold that a weak nation like Mexico has no light to make tiny claims at nil, against tho will anil tbo destiny" of ibis great Republic, mIiuso "mission" it is, to speed tbo "Anglo-Saxon" race over the f.tcu of cication wilh the African raco in low, lo serve as Slaves. Tbo Southern Statesmen who are bent nn adding California, and even Mexico, entire to the area of slavery, will bo almost too happy if something occurs at Matamoras lo offer a show of excuse for aggressive opera tions. Out wo hope the Mexicans will keep quiet and await the issue. The papers seem to concede that the Mexican commander dis avowed any knowledge of the capture of Col. Cross, and that Gen. Taylor believed him sincere. If so, it is a good omen, nnd looks as if war might yet bo averted, unless Taylor his slave-iiolding orders to creato a difficulty. Slill, wc expect in a short time to hear lhat an engagement has taken place, which will put peace out of lite question. Then our valorous gentry, who were so brave in tho days of annexation, but whose valor seemed all of a sudden lo give place lo phi los ipliicil indifference when the Oregon dis pute anise, will feel their courage and sense of wrung leliini lo litem, and llm air will he vocal with variations of tint old snug about Mexican rascality, peifi ly, s&c. The result will be, that, descending in the scale of de cency, front llm black-leg and fugitive from justice wu hnvu received to our embrace, we s 1 1 til devour the bandiiti of California, and,i perhaps, the stupid half-breeds uf Mexico herself. I Ins is surely a cheering nnd hope ful prospect, for which we are under deep obligations to tho slavo power. Yel after all their pains, we aru of opinion lhat they are too tale lo save ihe "peculiar iiulilulion." Its doom can never be long averted by ex tending its area. qualified, however, would bo doubly danger- stock on whicfrot is engrafted. While a native ous as an instrument of Executive patronage ;' l'ear will have healthy and vigorous growth but on the whole, wo do nut think it will, in any shape, be foiccd through Congress in the present slatn of public affairs. Tho Washington correspondent of the Journal of Commerce, who writes as if by authority, says that the Committee of Fi nance in the Senate unanimously agree that the specie clause shall be prospective in its operation. Ilo says farther, thai in order lo tiring tho present surplus out of the deposit banks in such a manner as to produce no embarrassment, it is intended to authorize ihe Secretary of the Treasury, by law, to purchase tbo stocks of the U.S. nl the mar ket price sending a broker into the mat ket for that purpose. As the hanks bold slocks, they, of course, will bo able to keep their specie. "After the Branch Mints shall be put in operation," says the Jour's correspondent, " the payment lo the collectors will bo made in checks, as at the present time. There will bo no essential liberation of the present mode of paying public dues." Such are the tricks and subterfuges by which il is proposed to evade Ihe principle of the Sub-Treasury scheme. After declaring over and over again that tbo collection and disbursement of the public moneys in gold and silver was the essential feature of the proposed law afler making this the great issue between tbo (wo political parlies the Locofoco leaders now abandon it without any apology, und virtually admit tho perni cious tendency of their darling ibeory-i How long will the people be humbugged by such transparent knavery 1 Troy Whig. MR. STEWART'S SPEECH. We would call the attention of our readers to Mr. Stewart's Speech o,i llio subject of 1'rotcction. Those who nto not accustomed to read speeches cannot fail lo he interested with one variety tafted on it, with another it will only havo a 6ickTIvdwarfish existence. Vlie same principle holds trite in regard to Ap-. pies, and for this reason it would bo ? great ad vantage to cultivators, and especially to one who knows as little nf fruit trees as myself, if lhr.'e who had experience with any varieties wou'd inform us of Iheir habils of growth, prcduct iveness, quality nf fruit, etc. Ste. Thegrowlh "fold l'ear trees on Ihe shores of I,ake Cham plain, shows nur c Ii ma I c to be as good as any in the world for its culture, and there is no rea son why good varieties should not be cultiva ted instead of the worthless wild fruit which is every year brought into our market and so-'dfor I'ears. Of the varieties you name, the Made lino is an old French vartely, and staled by the Ine Mr. Manning (one of Ihe most practic! men in the U. S.) to be a imrn out, decaying sort. Sc n are o'nwMng in town, and it can soon be dklcriuiiied t.i.tthcr worthy of cultivation here. Tlie Ittoodgood is highly recommended. I believe it has been introduced in town this spring for the nrst tunc. Dearborn's Seedling, and t lie fhrtlett or Will, lams' I! nclirelien were procured some fifteen yearn sinre.aml fully sustain ilisur h'gli reputa tion for vigorous growth, prtsluctircness anil quality of fruit, and are well adapted to our cli mate. The Set kel is too well known to need descrip tion ; it is a native of Pennsylvania. The Andrcirs is unknown except from descrip tion, judging from which, and the Cushing, (an other native,) should prefer the latter, which his been procured this season. The Jjouis i lonn? de J'rsey lias been in town about fifteen years. Il does nnt sccmadipled to our climate, and has been grafted with other va rieties this season. Scionsof the Flemish Beauty are growing in (own.lhough it is doubtful whelh cr it will ripen well in our latitude. The same remark may apply to the Vrbanisle and Beurre Die, though possibly the Vrbanisle may preve X'aluable. The Belle Lvcraliie, I believe, is unknown here, cscions from the Dix have been procured tins season, and from the description of the and instructed in the peiusal of this. Il is growth of the Irce it may probably prmc a valu excellent, and upon an important subject. Read il and hand it tn jour neighbor, and ask him to read ii. Be his puliiical senti ments thev iii-iv. THE Wff II. II. Stacv Dear dinar',' weather nf I He IlClt. Sir: Tin may ettraor- h ive iniloi eil bio vartely. The Glnul Murcean is iiniicisallv acknowledged lit only for a warmer donate. In a sheltered garden in H inn it may succeed. Tho llanrre d'Atrmb'ri; and Winter Nelis are now grow ing in 'nn o, mil it may si,n be known w lielbor Ibey at" va!o,ilio lor us. The Colum bia is ii ii knots ri le-re, mil evidently was lo Ibe writer of the ar'tcle copied from your Boidim pa. per. It'id New Voik and probably some of our scieulifics to give Mill ii ropy uf 'nay prme tamable lor x ermout. Scions of thai their minutes. If not so, then the following' vricty bale been procured this season and are in iV bu uf interest lo your distant readers, for comparison, and at your pleasure In he used ; nut that the storm has been so severe here, but wo may have been iu the center or cir cuit of u most scriutis one and notices at different places on the continent and atlj tcen cies ure sometimes well lo bo made known. Previous lo the lOih inst., veiy dry almost a drought vegetation forward, trees nearly full, blow tulips and lilacs just opening. Sunday morning, lOlb May, MG- Bar ometer through the day 29 5 100 inches lowry morning. Commented ranting at 2 P. M., the wind Mowing it so violently from tbo North through the iitmosphcro that it h id almost a snowy appearance, or was whit would probably bo called stormy. Ther mometer at 8 o'clock, P. M., til 50. Monday morning, 8 o'clock now growing, i bore have been many varieties of Foreign and American Pears procured within a few year- by citizens nf this town, which prom, i-e well. And we have at least one natie va riety worthy of general cultivation whirh per haps I may notice lierealtcr. O. P. Q. The Noticc Givkn to Great Britain. The Herald of Wednesday says: "We received intelligence, last evening, lrom Wellington, nn ihe very best atitlinrity, that Mr. Buchanan, by direction of ihe President, sent despatches by the steamer which sailed from Boston nn the 1,1 inst. addressed lo Mr. McLine, in Loudon, directing him m ejve Lord Aberdeen the year's notice proxiding for the termination of the Joint Occupancy of the Oiegoti Teriilory. "Mr Ins a'lso given official in formation of llio fact io Mr. Pakenlum .Nothing further Ins taken nluce between Bar. at 20 functionaries of iho two Governments. W waiHor llio next step as the all-important UIIO. CsrtTAI. PfNISHXlCNT AnilLISIIED I MicntoxN.-The bill io abolish Capital Pun ishment pissed ihe ll.ii:,. oj jnji b a vole in ihe ralio of3 to 2. It had already I improvement in ihe criminal codu originated in lb.. 'PI - r .. n, , , " is- sji ,iiu iii i ne grounii ue- lor I'oncurren The New Tariff Bill. Ono of the pro visions ol ibis bill is, that If in any year it shall not yield a revenue sufficient for tho ordinary wants of the government, the Pres ident shall bo authorized lo lay a duly of 10 per cenl. on lea and coffee ; and Id announce the fact by proclamation. Il would oppcur from litis, says the Baltimore American, thai the projectors of tho new revenue Tariff aru doubtful of Hi sufficiency as a revenue meas ure. Now the present tariff has proved itself lo bo a good revenue; measure why disturb ill Docs not thu nliolo country perceive that Iho larilT of 1842, now operaliong so well bnlh for the gox'crnmoHt and tbo people is lo be destroyed solely because il extends protection to domestic industry t No omt 10-1C0, Ther. 40. Rained much, and with North wind through the day. 6 o'clock, P. M. Bar. as in tho morning. Sun shone a few minutes and went down behind a hcax'y cloud Titer, at 40. Tuesday, pleasant and cold. Bar. 29 40-100 ot 9 P. M. Ther. 31. In 5 palls water, in garden, rain water fioze 1-lfi inch. Spring do. skimmed with - i r .... .. I' " i no sine ot lite House was ice sou p suns uoi irnzen. I lie ground be- for .iiticnrr..,,r.. i ., . . , - ' " i.'oiiiiing, in.-v ntiilrrj ingsowet vegetation not much injured. n amendment, which 'will be Wednesday. Bar. 29 50-100 a violent arquirsced in at once by the Senate; and South wind. The summits of die Atlirouilacs ' lM!lPr "ml ,,lt! hangman will then be of.Ww York, and Gr-en M...,U,3 el' , ,- '!',,e,,''i" w,,,e- "liequituat ..., I....... i.....l,i ...:,i i'y"J-'r' J' t in Peace. This measure " ' . ' "" , ol reform was carrietl, as it should have beeq f.i..jiiiy mill twig, o o liucK. uar. (i(J-100; heavy ouili wind ilumh Tliei, 6X The grape-vines, and small trees, aru be ing severely used by ihe wind. All fruit trees should be well slaked xvhru set, and more would live to give enjoyment of fruit, fur care in early culture. Fruit trees aro like cbildien, ibey should bo cared for when young that they may bo good when old. Most respectfully, from your Friend, S. EARL HOWARD. 4ib May, MC. without any reference to parly distinction. r nr. Viiiiif. MKMnsn rtiuM Oreou.n. There will be a haniNoinu office created hy forming Oregon tu a Stale. Tho ' mileage,' ,u l0 prp,6,.n rales, will lie about S12.00D, as it is 15 000 miles, via C ipe Horn, lo that mosl delight, fill country. The Oregon Member will make his money easy on tho constructive traveling princ.phi so much in vogue at Washington! I irf. IN I AiRF.xx.-Wn learn thai ihe dwell,se ori8AACN. SoULE( E of F fax, was destroy ed by on Thursday night, the 7th msl. It is sutinn,..,! .1,,.. "L .. ,..i. : .. i. ..i. i -.. ... ... ' nre The hest defence of niF.xico. I lie '" Miinen, w Hero there had been .. . . . .!. r . I. . I lf n lirn rliirinn llin .L.. 1 Wdsuiiigton corrrsnoiiutMii ni iiiu juurndi oi u-iv, uui u whs not d Citivcriior nf LmiiiMti.i Ins issui'd his rrd'ii information uliellitr (i1. Cmss wad a tirtsniinr silhiti for Q.'.nfk vntmilMHrt. uiul (Iih i.Miirc wnh liim or nut, 'i'lm next dy (Jen AiiiouiIm aru already in llio si reel, ami nutkiuL' llieM011'1'5 " works Hdmirubly s n rcvonin CO fit tnunral . . iT. ... t it... A ... ..1. I b I .... ih 1. . ' , "M,",,l-rt 'v-i'iM'.vi'u most iiriivo iir'p(irlions lor uYiwlure. nHMsurc. 11 found iliu Trcmiry bankrupt : cL::z ,he 1 hid mai & p0,::': ! ;n'"' .'"? ' ! ,,r u u "" '''"" , ll0"', .' 1,0 le!ii of Is-iiiMMiM, with destroyer, show by ilm'proviso abov-men. ed :i"r:;::ady,,,;i::::d,vt!ippr,,:s riomd ""' Mn C'0"; (ho was hu particular Inend.) and 8100,000 for the service. The measure pais-1 rorm rvenue system thai shall work so had fallen into ihe hands of the Mexicans. Much ed by acclamation. Atlau I well. Commerce says, tint when Almonte was hero as Minister from Mejico it was remarked lo him that iu case of n war bclwecu the United Stales and Mexico, tho Mexicans would have nothing lo oppose to lite overwhelming power and forco of llio U.S. Gen. Almonte re plied " It is a mistuke, wu have the vomito" alias. Yellow Fuvcr. This potent arm will, no doubt, be relied on by Mexico, in tbo movements now goiny tin. If our troops shall bu kept on tho Rio Grande through tho summer, ibey may loir inlo the suaru wliicli Almonlu designated lor them. Murder and Suicide in Nortiiaxiton, .Iass. A 111.111 named lltrmn, 1 vino ii , e roiu tn niily iu N'ortliampliui, killed Ins wile on Sun. day morning hy healing her' brawn out with a hammer, as .In) layjn her bed. He then al tempted to ilrms n hum-ell, hut was iecued and cmnmilled In j ul, and as found in Ins cell dead on Monday uiuriiing, having hung liun.tll xvilb one of his suspenders. iprintfetd Gaultt. iscov- I :l ts' s.i .- i I'll'U 1 III n ClOCk In II... a , i.iuriiinp. Ituur- ancn on the lluusa and furniture, SI, 400 The LrctsLATur.E or Uiiope Islaxd asiem. bled at iNcwport on Tuesday. Kodert a Crai. stpn was elected Speaker of the House, and I-ranch. L. llorrtN and Hem. T. Ame,, Clerks, (..nernor Jackson took the chair in the Senate and Josrnt t. PirxiAX was elected Clerk rheiflictal canvas nf the mlea for Governor i-eottcd the followtnj; result: Bvron Dni.w (hiwat il Order.) 7.177; Tmarles Jaik-ow (l).irr Uest.iiatiou Wtiijf.) 7,'-'Ml; Scat. 155 .o one having a iin-jorily of all the x.u '.,.1 H'as no elecu The.e was U no elerlion of Lent Cue nor. Ilt.xr.v IIoxven. .;.;.. Se.retarv nl State H ; I,; f j' for IlLAkEtor A'lorney (let oral, 100 ; and that of ."sTirttiN Caii iim: for T ei-urer. b(l. Diiiam and Harris were eler ed 0..ern..r and L'cut. (imeriior I.) thet ILim-ei-nn WednesiUy 7 he i, .te lor (:e.e.,.,.r wasfor Jlyrmi I ' 1 i'i - 11 i39- r"r L,eul- Governor, Eluha Harris received 01, and Jesse L. Moh17 - .j

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