Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 15, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 15, 1846 Page 3
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CONGRESS. Tuesday, May 5. In t he IIhuse or Unnn. ENTAtives, a I'm hI niiin'ier of iiioniliorit wurc present, ami tin tlillli'tilty was cxpcnuncuii at ny tlinu fnr 1 tin umttnf 11 quorum. Mr Hunter nf V'ririuis, intriulucril n dill fnr ecdmir back to that Slain the county nnd town of Alcxattilri.1, now a pitt nf tins iittrtcl. I In rnoveil that II ho iimiIu the nriler nl Iho day for Friday next, which who norpcil to. At tho Instance of Mr MiKiy, puuio nlltcr or der of business; was postponed, mil tho llnue went into Committee nf the Wlm'o mi the hill for the supply of deficient appropriations lor the current financial year. . .,'1"l!, ,Scil,"e hid added somo clause to this bill, which Mr Km' of M.isMchiiott, moved to mend by ailhntf 823,000 for the support of Mirino Hospitals. This win agreed to, but then the whole amendment of the Senate was struck out, and so the appropriation for poor Jack's ben efit fell with it. The Senate had also inserted a section, which had boon rejected hy the Hnusm, for paying to Dr. Junes, of this place, 93,330 for siip'.-riutniul. inn some evperimonts dciijtned to test a plan for preventing the evplosinn of stJm boilers. The committee agreed to this amendment with out any diffiriilly. The Senate had addr.l an ilem of 8100,000 for tho refunding of d'Uteson llritish goods lev. ied in conlratcntimi of tho treaty of lSlfi. This was agreed tn.''uis appropriation, it may be stated in naSng, is in virtue of an arrangement rCTfTftho Urttuli and American governments, bv which our merchants will obtain from the latter about SHOO.OOO lor duties illegally oxac ted on Ameiican nee. 11. ... - ... U.II - - t, am... I.....I, ilnmi of 820,000 for the mileage and per iln'iti of the I exas and r uinda henators and Keprosenta. lives, and a targe sum for the evpon'oa of a very long session of tin" I'loneM legislature. 'flic bill ums reported to the I luiisc and pass, cd. The Sneaker laid before tho Il'nin a com municatlou from tho Secretary of War, in an. ewer to a resolution calling fir a Miteineut o the accounts of (Jen. Henderson, head of tin iinrme cnrp. Tho charge agann-l Gun, Hen dersiti , Miitl, I. in impronerlv apnlicil, tha' is, Hut lie ii.iH liken to hw on n usi', three or four thousand dollars of public money. Mr II in 1 1 ii moved that the coiiiiiiiiiiicalion he referred In a select coiumittee. Mr ll.unliii sla t-d what was the amount of the charges agam-t this ntfi.-er, when Mr Atkinson, of Virginia, w lm Ind made them, came in ami took up the busi ness. He hrietly thanked Mr Hamlin for at tending In the milter in Ins ab.-encr, and staled the cireiiuit mces winch induced bun to desire this reference. The House agreed to the mo tion for a select committee, and the paper was o referred. On motion of Mr McKay, the House went gam into committee, anil the bill appropriating supplies for the l'ost Office department and mail services was taken up. The item of S2."),()00 for tho first month's payment fur the line of ocean steamers was agreed to, after a word of explanation from Mr McKay, and all the other sections pissed with (lie exception of the very Ust, upon which a long debate arose. Tins section provides that no portion of a certain contingent fuml, named in the lull, shall be applied bv the Postmaster Genera! to the payment of deputy postinisters. Many com plaints were made in the course of this discus, sion.upon the operation of the cheap postage law, and hints given of an intended bill for a raise of rts. It was not concluded, when at 4 o'clock the House adjourned. In the Senate, Mr A-liley presented a reolti tion tint the .Senate herealter meet al eleven o'clock, instead of twelve, as now, which lies over for one day. The b iiuess proceedings of the d iv, in this branch, were not luinnrlatit. Tne il-'iilnii and Phnmis lilu-1 ease was: p,st. poncd in the rircu I mutt to il ,y until tiionr three n'ebiok, an. I I line ml ht-iril the ro-ult nftti in uticri lo p i-tponc the cato-c until iivt term., May 0. In Sr.vArn. the Gun mitlee on I' in ore tepornd Mo; hilt Irnm Ih' House to Mipply ib'tic'onaes with the Hons-aincndmotit-, and rec mtnfiid"il iuot ot them adopted, and the report agreed to, and the bill ri'luriied. Mr Sp". glit'j rernlutiou to meet at 11 was re jected, 10 to 22. The hih to settle the claims of New lamp, shiie for Militia nviice1 was taken up Mr Alhcrlou aduicatmg the bill. The House Gimmillee Itill report part of Act 42, duties nf 20 per cent, ad valorem on Jan collee. Mr winthrop m ide an ablo speei h against it, lie said it was not iicedced, and the cumdructiuti ol the Treasury Department had been wrong under Mr II i Lb, but it was right now. Mr Uromgoole moved to introduce a privilege question as to right of the Circuit Court of t lie I). strut to coiumiud the attention of members of Cmigress in the Couit. A discussion ensued. Kloally the rcsiluiion by Mr II irt, permitting Mr Hopkins, who had been summoned to attend was adopted. The President communicated the hlecorrcs. pondenceof our Consul at Rio (Mr Gordon) res. peeling the Africin Slaie Trade laid on the t.ble. TnunsDAV, M iv 7. In the Si:nate. Mr Speight moled a reconsideration of the I'lorida Judcury bid as pas'i.l yeataieliy. I hu bill to seife the cl.iimsol New. II iiiip-hire for military centres was infoiuu ly laid aside, no quorum otiiig m it IS fcje--, 10 noes. .Mr JoIiiikid, nf 1,'iuisutti, reported back with aiiieiidiiieuls llie lull providing for ao ailjuslmeui of suspcii ded Preempt ion I. mil Claim'. Alter consider iug private bills, the Senate adjourned till .Mon d ay. Tha House refused to ;, into Cominitlce no motion ol .Mr Mi Kay. Mr Adiois mowd to uptid the Holes to nfTur reniliitnun, cading pn tin- President for farther iiifonu itiou respit ing detertious in the arun , mtlinriiiig the Pres. idem to have artetud and tried lor inonh'r th'.e who had shot soldiers, it any cm- shut, without trial. The inntintt WMS lost. Tin- lluti,,- lln'll tin n ( '.I'm o ,,f tho Win lo nnl took up the Pos til x bill, Mr Gnldins of Ohio rose, lie sud, to a pru ilege ipiestioii. II" went no to make a seveie speech again! shoitiing desert ers without trial. No worse tourdt r wniild it be if a corporal in comma id had been ordered lo shoot Members of Guigress. A dimission ensued in which several members took part. Friday, May 8, The Senate was not in ccrsiun to-day. The HofbE took up the special order, which on a former day, on llie motion of .Mr Hunter, it had made, being the bill lo rctrnccde the coun ty nf Alexandria In the State of Virg n'a. Sev eral amendments Acre made, and the bill was Ihen finally patted. Satuiidav, May 9 The Senate was not in cession to day. I ho House spent the whole day, excepting only a short sp,Ce uf time devoted lo other mat ters, in the consideration of bills on llie private I'AHMI'.lfs CI.UII, This evening at 7J o'clock.sul.jecl, Plum: and Cherries. IIRIGHTON SI A ItKICT, May 4, I81Gi Al market. 425 lUvf Cat If. (incl,i;n r.n 1 1 week.) 15 p lir. working uen. 2U Co.vs and PalvVs nrt wu..., ul .1 Ul Swim- iOS! , n's,'i,i ',." s."icana Cattle uuaolil. o-ialiiy 83 ra'C; f con.l S3 25 u 5 75; thud mj il w li'r.-;,iir Orn S70 S33, SB7. 800. and Sim Cov and Calm Sale, a SU, S25. 8J7. andSIO, ,S'aeri lol tiictrcj 91 t j low 5U a I a slu arts! 31 73. Nol ice. rpuR on ler-Unel have en'ricl niton eo.partner 1 ship, for the n irpose if carrying on Hie Slen-an ilia s. at Wiano ki Fall-, nn h r Hie nam,- and style of- MU.VSONst.FOLLF.TT. John S. Mumsos, , soma Foimrr. Noluic nun: eninmi-sfoi o I. noncoinonss- I ed OuV rs, iil.i-ienus, and Piivaii's of die lllih l.uhl I'll nil r v Ooiiijnuvor Itiirlnrrtoii ol the uni liriii null ii of 'be Dili Ilririuii-nt, are licrihy iH ltfn'l lo npienr with mil Inrni"'. arms mi I e upturn's ri'T itred I y law, at the Co ifl lloi-e in II r. lui'tmi. ol T e-itnv. June 2 I. IStC. ntOoMia-' , V. M , f ir the purpo-u of M'htary Drill nnd Inspection, a nil there wnil fur her ordeis. By orili-r of the fl.i'it.iin . T. W. I.OVP.LI,. Cltrh. Ilurhnlon, May 15, 18IG. C0.V2 iTI)0 IVTLMIDT'I'MI ill il jri iv 11 11 1 i WOULD rrspcclfiilly in fnriii tiiitirsnf lliirlin? ton, that she has just ret in m-d from New York with the la test sly'c of tloods. II O N N I. T S, 1, AIT.H. HIIIIUINS, AitTiririAi.s, .c. Also she has secured a new nrnrp.s bv which snots of eve ry dccrlption can be rcinocd from Straws and I'lor- i. llurlington, .May 13, 1KIU. tun ISOHOOL. MISS I.. II. sr.M'V will commenco her Summer Term, on Mondny, the I5ib June. Siholars are tsnccti'd to tulcr at tho commence ment of iho Term. c-nj-c-etD-x, F.nelih, - 83W.400 Ircnch. - 1.00 Draivini;, - - 3,00 Schonl Iloomono d)orvvet Mrs. Langworlhy's Op stair, i, . i. sr., v i., iio. tn At Cily I'ricos ! I'lir.-'ll suni'lv of Saliliath Sclionl Hook A iut rt'C-civL-J and fnr sale lit Huston mid X. 'olk irue, In- S.WOOD-5. Mav 13, IP4G. TUT ?LAT39 noxi:sTi. li aTL, k; nnd ix I . " " " I x -o tare to " " o 1 1 x 20 7 I!"- I!!0 Willi! a-M.ri.s.V k. 11 - ii 1 111 ' Ir n, Sheet Leal, Zii mi I fje u-i. W,n Vt I "',11,1 I'oiKT. ,Ve. Tor S ih' hu I j VILAS A NOVKS. llurluiH'n, Mnj Ii, I1) IG. 0 tfZCKSKTv.sS, tC. r IIj.i- Vit'. Tick. I lli'e ' falls Coinji'tny" do a " Siriped Shirting for S.ile by VILAS & NOVKS. May 1-2, IS!0. 50 Cotton Tliroad, I f If If t Ihs. Slater's Cotton Thread, White it vvrv a-sr.rie'l. 500 iloz. Spools Thread. 100 lbt Linen do fnr sale hv 12. KI0. VILAS ,fc NOYKS. willi ston irrtni SCHOOL AMI FEMALE SE.iirXAUY. rpm:stMMl:!( TP.UM ofihis Intiituiion will - coiiintcmf on t.ilned iv. .Inne 31, under the cmirst a lu'relnairt', ot J lV.l.N. A. SI. I lie condition ol the .School i propcr(ri-, ii'imher of p-i piU the mjpivt f r the fiture fl.ittiTiiif.Thi in-trueiion is I elievc I to be ficient ami ihoro th. It i-as an eenii ir pec iharitv of tin tn-tiliition to le 1 1 he i'tpif, mi fir a tira 'i'-ali'e, both to intruci and ffnui n hmuell. T hi- renders lu stu lies tilea int ami ens ir Pin'e". The f I ililie lor the in! qut'itinn of N.UumI Si'ieiK'i; nre iituis tally tf I. Npt-tul n'leiiiinii will be ;Ticn l r i n u he i-otn na term lo the' fidv oflloMnv. Tlie Principal pos .ac4 r nrso iiirTiieli in Telescope, ol .openor o, ia y with oihef extelleni apparatus winch he M'UI -t.-e tur Ihe i enelit ofllje tn it'll t. nn ion for the Plenary braio he, S3 Oil flizher, - - 4 00 LinsiMueq. .... .1 '0 Ho ir I t-Tn he o! t inn-1 at from 81,23 to 1,50 per wee!., ti"!u 'ins washing &e. It j very de-irali'e tint ih who antieipi'e at ten 'inn h.vitd riiinmenee at the beinnin if the fj i ir'er. i0 Wi hs'on. M iv 1 Hll Mir its i i.i in; 171111 -spiiuvs. it'tiu-' -', W' 1.1 iNiis i I I I. 'l. I IO P, ,. it , hi 1.01 .'o I. ('run', in tin' S'onieh. Ituriw -s ., ,v ., ,ve. 'I rii'ollers will foil 1 no nival nbV mil iimsaiy a tir'e 11 have wrli i'i-ui 1 isit,' inli-er tin ri'uu'.l. in anv ol he u'o"i''n , s, Heidi be. ci'. Sin 1 upturns 1111 1 o her- are re-'ieetf it y re e n-1 lo e've it a tn tl. The 01 iih'v w'H 'e let irue I 111 .,'1 n o- whre e i, II el mil do, s nut ri-e ,-ir ,,- hi i ic'iimi, hy a.tply 111 atibe prmci 1.1I dt-po', '121 Hroilwy. C. s, II till INK .t CO. To ' i- b id al U2 Ve.-i-v -t., No. I ant fi Na-au 31 P ok I ti 1 iv, tfj C'li uli 11.1 st., and cor. Ulh n ve il ii- an I I tlh st. No Irmly w'll be wiilio it it afler sjivni; it one trill. O-tentsui Uiirlinsion, .May. e. m. PKCK it SI'F.Mt. AS. DIJWICY, has reei'iieil during Hie pa-l iirek a Ire-h -iipiilv 'of HOODS in his .meof trai'e, amnni which nie North Shore Salmon, Con nec'ii'ui H'lerShi'l, M I of the lirsi quality, in IH I-, bill ll'il-and (tinner-; Itio, Liaoirn. Java A Moi'hn ei'll'ce, Clitii- Tn., llrnwn A llelim-il S11-irar-, St froix V .Siianr llui-c Mola-ses, (.round Spu-e-, Sperm A. Mould Can He-, So i;i St irch ite. Al-o Li'iootis, Oranrc-, Fi-, I'ornnt-, Citron, Hox an I l U'l's'us. t.Tv, P, p,-r Saui-e, To ol no Calsup, Pure (Jro ni l M i-t.ud, ie. Wliiin Honns. 1 C IIUSIICI.S WIII IT, lli:NS, part of winch 1 J are small, anU wry line tur &' May II. A. S. DP.WF.Y. Dried Apples. ai a. s. or.wr.YS. May It. Smoked Hoof I Jams. SOM F. very fine, ler aIe by May ll' A. S. OF.WP.Y-1 iMitlclics. firo-s Matcln's, It rss'e cheap by Ma 12, Ifclti. VILAS ti'.NOl'F.S. 400 500 I'ins tfc Needles. Pa.-' s Am. So' id Ilea I Pius 100 ih, Mixe I lo do do do Scwiuir Nced'es 300 (iro-s K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 do fur - al I v ISIi. VILAS ,- NOVFS May 12, l-il)(T. I'n; Piper mis I 11)11 , vi Ms,-1 ma. for s lie by VII. (S ,r-N't lYFS. Second Arrival. Mom: .i:v (iuoim TiiiN .-riti vc. TUST reiuriif I from N-w Yi r' . v i h a lr,-h sin tf ply of ( .ijij, Tito e wi-biiij to p iichi-i-, will Ho will lo call iiirnediately, a- Ihry are but ju-t open etl. nn I wl'l told u good us.ort'oeul to select Irom -May II, I SIU. I) AN I IX'. Hut tons. 1 Offl r"" sl"" I'utloni LUUU 1000 do Pant do 2311 do Coat 'o 120) do Ve,i do for sale I v. Slay 12, I8IB. VILA & NOYP.S. Suspenders. OflH Doz. Web Su-penders UUO SO do Flame do for a'e by Slav 12. I BIO. VILS it NOVRS. s umm i: n i 'F. a it, &-c. ry CASH'S Summer Wear, a variety ol sivles and I qualities. J Uascs Col u Cambrics. l-orsataby .Miy 12. VILAS ,i AOYP.U. M. G. RATHBUN & CO. MP.U VII A Nf 7 VI ll.OHS, I.NVITC ih, ur fneuds to examine a carefully sclecl is! a-.nrtnient of CLOTHS, CASSISIFIIF.S, VKSTINOS, ANU I r I in in I n p , Amnni; itieir Cloibs nuy 1 1-fiiun I Super. IVied ll'ni k, llliiu lllark, Hrown, Olue, and all lliefa.luon atdt lam-y rulors, I heir asMirmeot of Ca-.tmeres ,-iuhraces a varie'y oi Tiaiitie, o ,, ,r. tf, .-r, tk )ou .S'i nn I a irrrii ninety ,i.,a,mfa,0 .' v. I criiu. I ,j. audriidi,i8sis,l Vcliet, 'iht and v . . ii """"i'IT'i and lii;, Jlarselles .l-ir.rlle t...... .. " '" "o treal variety ol niihnu tur ,-'i'iiui, r Tw;'.ur::w,'i',;'-c".hi'"r-' pr Dnlhii... "" i uiK'iiur A -O. Srlf. I. II... c. A'inmi,.r(:,-.., .It'. ., . , .11 W HUM HUH II III I fllort: ""'IITMI III i ,M, ..,.-. rtie)'. HKi'll ait I i ruh Va- i.l. .. M.G.IUU.bui.. CF.Ward. M SCIIOOI. !?M)liS, Pol lishedhv -II MS.V I'AI.MKIt.llo-tou, nnd for sili-1 y llookst-l era nnd Counlry Tinders pwrnlly IMPIIOVKI) SHUIF.S UP UIIADIN'n HOOKS. riMlllniiention ofCOt'N'l V SL'PI lil.STi'.MII .VIS I StilOOL.COMMITn.KS, Til U HLIIS and others nucies e,l In Ivlncalion n rcaucslud to Iho Pillowuu icries of lli-iidirs, h,t tVoiceslci's I'llinci.Dr F,rs IlotU. 72 pa 8", 18 tin. notrcslei's Secoml Hook, lor Itcadiir,' and WynccUiS Ihllntluclloii to Thlril Ilooli. With I( iIh4 nitit IntriiriioiM. S61inii. iBmo. Uotcr1cr's Ihlril Itook, 'or He.uhuz nml Siirl- .....I. It., s- ...V... A. .. ' ii i, wiiu itim- unit j r iuihmih iur avoiuinff i'om Win eater's I'nurtli Hoolt, fr nenHiriB. wMi It'ill mil Il1lrn(.llUI). hV UlV. S.linnr! Wnriktir. 4SG itaees, I hcnhnvo (nrni n romiHeto feno of Ilcadinfr Huh! e wbU li are nut ura8ctl bv anv olht-r war: fnr tlii. piirjioL'. The fenc Im reei'ntly ven enlarged ana improrcut ny uie insi-rnon en n entire ol lc-on. in riuinHalMMi nnd Arltcnlaiitm, in vncli Imul t f ttie cries, nuanlnl to llie capneiiyul the tar win iit Hit v(pal world arc IiiUthUiI. irrpnre t hv Mr Wlllinin It'iell, a ilMi'iiu'int-lnM tcaclier nf i.ltiLMiiion. Tho irf)inincnl of ihe sv tiv ar; a lolinw, viz.j I excellence or Stlechon. loin in trrndntmn nn cm M'-kT, ttt nl and nt'fil "iibjfrt t'teiln'f wi'h i(u- -criitiKinx ol n.ilural sirncry niM ohjpct, temiinif to pronioir1 a ionant' ror aanciiiinrni lik', bcintf thu-cn, r.ithcr thin lliO'unfa warlil.c iiirii. I hey are iie-iaiiru to mnku J (fad in a Study, nnn iUo, lo nirtHr Enunciation mi tmrt of learning to read. Unit's fur ootid readinff, nd.i tiled tornclileon. an n of error- tu be mii ird, loL't!ilnr with a 'pcllinjr iC'on, M wonu hv eciciiirom ine readinff loon, Tlit'y are prepau'd by a practici! nnd intelligent eotiniry le.udier, and nre (oni'fi'irn.)y l-elier ticlaijtrd ilinti most otbiT to the ne of ci'intry clioo. The enlarfjcd editions can lentd wnh othir. fr..lilninn' f mill ti if l-rr. who iHU tl.iil ttm linnl iindnrinly t.ivi raitle one oluhnin nv. 'that tii -Choi its icarii inon in one tnonih of ilu rrit in inrM'i'Mii' nun- ironi nnv otner." iVumtTou n- foiiiiMrn 'ntfni h.ive I cen n"iie M v Iho oil lihr Ir t n tew Miiy am npp n'e1 a wo re! upon lln merit ol 'he looks, and mme t for them a i-.iuilil ex ltotn1! ion. The ln'uks are ttnllti- Ion -rii' -d, st,i (ttnni Lilly 1 1 in ti l, no I mi ftrlil-lit-l nla- low rate-ns nnv of .1... I ..... T - Thev nre in extensive ise to nearly all purls of the i iiiiioii .-s n e- lirntmmtmhititin nf the nlwre War. (eorirell, l.lii-r-i.n. I; o nil enuuent ti'm-hrr nf llo-t'in, an I oi.e ol Ihe ai.hiirs ot the " .Scho.. and' si-imiuoi jsti-r,, rem ir'.stn n le'trr totlu-I'lildishi rs : "1-Ji'e: -In i-1 I ,s .line ni'iiuaiiiteil Willi Mr Wot-ce-fr' I ", Ks, ihe Ii iee -ei-tni-d to in,-t'ci't-r.i'tn e,d I In ii niy llh"r -or e- 'hat hai-uuto my I mm-lo V, tu the eioai me- aii.l wnnt- h.i:li n d-nrm-r. a"ml 'ot -lieia ol I'.lo oeiilarv S li'io's. 'I hey aiu out, jil,i mos o litTs ui'eitdetl fur this purpose, a mi-re eumpi laiionj to a errnl ex'ent they are oinxoril. I 'The rem.irl.- to lenrhers, the noiire. of errors to I be aoided. and the qi:csions to aid the uiidrrstand ina of the leirncr, are all ol value j l ut whit I i- oflar sreater, is the elevated uminl lone whnli nnr. vade- llie-e les-on-. liitum theiii nol onle lo i'yri.i. the mint and comiiiiin)ca:e the art of le.nliii?, hut to do tnuiii n r that better am' u.oally iie-jei-il port of I ed u alion, the forioaiion of the moral ebaracter, and i the oilueaiiou of the nioial a 'cetiiui-." . An I in resrnrd to the lntroiliii't.'ou to tin,- Third ' Ri'ok,.t'ist pubh-ln'il, .Mr. Muirrsiui add-, " I ui-li-ume 1 llit. n. an nllitiontoan invnhiahlc sene." , From William llus-ell, Teacher ol Kloeulion.l In a letter receivol hy Hie p ihllsher-, Mr. I(iis.,-l i reiiMrks " I eon-iucr tlieui tlicle-t alanlet of anv to vt'ti'hlid rrn.lTs. They are more -imole in inatlei 1 an I -h le. and more ultere-lm tu i-liildreo. than nnv 1 other tb it I linve trn d, nnd tiuelyMiiteil, in iartK". 1 ir, 1 lo uiaieru il instrin'tuui ut liouie, I l.Ml.ltSO.VS SPP.LLINO HOOKS. , . ,.. ii ., , ..." l. ner-ons National Spe bus Hock and I ronoim- i-iiIL I on r, on no lmproie.1 i.tnn, wi h lti'.idlnsr Le- ! .sons, line lltiiHtrtsi nnu nixtifiii iMinou Iiilroductn ii tn the above for voouircr M-holars, by Ihe -nine. The e work are bisthly rn ononenilisl hy Tea'hers and other", are useil in ibe Hi sion Public Schools, an I nl-o i xieiifiiely in ihevariou9 mIiooI in llie Viit'e 1 Slaie-. paulf.v's iiistoisils foft com .von schools. Parley'" l'ir-1 Hon', ol lli-nry. Parley's Seer ml It.n.k nl Hist TV. Pirlej's Thud Hook ol Hl-lorj. Pailtv's llnok id the Untied Stales. F.mV.USON'S AlllTIIMUTIC, (fn Ihreeparlt) Piri I. C'tii'aiii- Fa-y I ii- f.,r llHjrinner-. Pirt 2 i: ml litis Li's on- f rail Schol ir-. P irt 3 eont.iin ihe huber opera. iuis. ICey lo putts. 2 and 3. (J te--tio-is to pan 3. Tlii- -irn'-ol tri'huieiios i- in use io Hie S hools ( .V, '..rl . PI, I.. I. I'l."., o., ' II" l. , .ii.'l "' " I" , ins-it ut ion- w Ih'm' iiio ' ioiprowmi-iit- nie udopltd. liMl.l.Y'S AI.(il.l!I!A. 11 ii'ei's Fir-i l ssius ui Mu' hra, fi.r Aci'ciuies an t I'.uil.ii'ui &chuul-. Key lo ihe ahove fur 1 e.n-li-fl s. The a''"e tle' in i on I'm- md n-ttve plan, an I i V t--nol Ii r iho-e no veisrd in tin- scume. Ii is i-edu- a ( la H .ok in llie P l1 lie hi-hoi.l-ol llu-tim, il.d in van ii- S'-hool and A'-aih'inie- of hull cba racier to all p iris ot ilieUm ed S a'e-. IIOJDItUII'S UNITI'.D STATI'S. CI'UHlrl' h's lli-tory ol the I iiriil Sla'e-, adaptel 'o tin' i'iiv ol ouih. Revised and enlarged Irutn HieOie Iliii'helih I dt!i"ii, nu I liro-'eht down to Tj lei's Adiiimi-tr.ition. (.oodrtch'-s and llncriuuV (i'ie-'oii- lo Hie el o e. Theabi've Ilis'oiy of the Uni',-1 Sta'es is anion!? ihe oio-t p p'dnr work- of the kind. It I- in u-e to ihe Hit-loo Schuols, and bis a liizb and ex.entive pop ilaritv. woitciKriiii'.s nicnoNAitiL's. Woree-ler'- F.lement'iry, adapnd l; r u-ein School , an I Aei.d.uiies, ci'iitaiinny nearly 1KO0 more word ih in any nth, r Si hool Piettou iry. Do. Comprehensive, tl'rono uii'ni? and Kxplanato- ry.) i e-iyned for llie -aitie, and i rireneral re erencc. I ins nu iinuury is r cuiuiiiein ea i y persons oi me hiidie-l literary merit, a- I'liiohiniiiir ndvnnt i:r- a i.l'iouoiuii'iii Ittiiionary, mperior to n I other-," and as hi'ine "a oi'i loinprcben-ive, cr,e I and tocfil compel) Il on." Itl'S-F.LI.'S I.LOLUTIONAltY SF.niF.S. I, Kus-i IPs Les-ons in Kn on horn. 2. Do. flu- dioiciu. of lli'-i oe. 3. Do. in r.lociiiun, Al-o, Uii ell's Kli.eutiuiii-1, a new work, eombiiiui all ihe aboto. mi'sic roil sciiool. The I.ilile Soiis-ter. an UVmco ary Sincim Itook for Primary Si boo'-, b (J.J. u clih,, Prcs'i ol Han del and Ilaydu fto-'iely, lab'lor of Mats. Cull. Ch. .ilu-ic, se. I he ( oinnioo School Niiisstcr, lor nuianccu learn, liy llieraine. Piihlisluo under tlie' i-.iimiwu of the llo ton Aca Viny of Mil-io. The Yo'ina l-i'h local I la-s lior.K, ccaigncu tor f unities and i lie higher s' hools : by the Kline. Pi.b- lirlit-1 a- ulii've. Ti e a'i"e I' r.n a I'rnsrcs-iie .--erics, is-r tue uie ol Faui liy. and Schools Ml rT.I.I.iNHOU. Or nid's Oeonielry, I'.n' 1 a i - I'". Phdo-opliy. Do. (Tlieini trv. I'o An tone ll.i, Alltel ra. ilivan.-t la - liiH'K , r in.iai, .uor.ii, an i ilia- ton-' Ii Fr st'aOrauimir. I! s lei' French I'l ra e Ho..!;, il tin, uk' lie. nie'iy. Ah'"i'sl.i i!e Plnlusi pber. N'Hi's's !' iioi in h'p. Pat e - Ariilnueiie, lid Ire Ii - l ni'f i rsiaie-. nan s i.eei'ui'- ri itiieo- ers lll.ur h (I tlnie ol in-dry- Jiniisoo s anu Wilkir -'SJ b u. lii.-ln'ii iry. I heClul'l - llolniiy. Sell i I C" nun ne-, 'I -aeh,-rs, -V,-,, ,te-iriill ol ex auiimil ail)' ol llie above, wdl ho ipphed without charge. lo a Iditi'Ul to the ahoe. always fur .ale at satis fuitmy pii I'-, a loulpk-'e a-sorlmeiil ol' Scllooi., Me-icaud MisctLLANLoes IIjoks, StatIomlkt, in: .May 2 -SO AMERICAN PRINTS. 35 CASKS FANCV riilNTS. 9 do. Ft it.snuiu: po. OUIll'r ills are pun hnsiil of the Minuf.uturcrt' Aatnt. nnd thoy aru thus obtahit-d ne.irly direct from tin- Mtiuuiaciurrr-. e pny no one a projit on tlieui, but I nri'ly tin A'-'imts' I'oioiiiiF.ion, In thi iiiiinnrr wi' ohniin .in nuVfiniiire ovi-r those who hoy ilii- u Oiiods in linsnmo mi i In n n 'ocAuire. Aailwy piy n JAbei't piofit, wlmh 19 saied by u in eoin. dirttt to tho Aci'iii'it'-, I'o e-.inir the-oa ivainnt--, weuoii'd nire-l ib al i-iiImui of IIiivits. auttrtng llit-in 1h.11 W'o run them with Flints iipo'ii ItYiu-irfrr llian nuy Home in 'In- vioinhv. VILAS & MIVF.-3. llurlin?ton, May, 12, 16 IG. ' 50 AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. flMIK S il,-i ilier- wi b In call the mieniion of ihe I fiii'iilsol tirrii idliire, and tin-Miuihers nf ihe .lriVu"iirn Sorirhl, nnd of lie- I'armert' Clubpar. ,, 1;, II'-. I'i'KIl FLOW 1 li in Ina ever I efore t-euo 1 rel in ibis uuirl.fl, and 10 convince vn-i that ..-a -i.,.i'. -lie iruih. when we .nv a better 'loir, wt- i-ariii- llyinvivall in rail ami exam nel.ii thi-ni i-lve., V h m- I'm uy U Menrs, (Vnire I'r.ifi, .Suti-ml, SlU'lllll, Swird, One Ilire, mil il .hurt, iery vini'ly of I'liws nn lc llirin. We hln nl o It isjles. No ir-e f- l l ' Flow., ofeierv ilex-rip. noil nu I z", O m Sheller., Illnirns, line., Ae., .md e ih 1 in n few d.i a uriind as.ort'ncnl id Farmer-, an I O iiileoers, inifiient, '1'lui.ibnVH ni'l-e nre lor Sale nt ihe Siore of T. W. Li'Vell, f'l I on' Ihii'din ', 1 hurih Siici', llur luiiiloii, I y J bn s, IVtr c, who is our n uhori-isl A'jeul, ami who will ba Iniimy lnw lhu to all. I'lTKLNstWAUH MayJ3,j8)6, . . 6V A.'KDWAR I)S' C If HAP CAS It No. 1 Pick's liuiltlings. A notirnil ii-ssoi tmt'tit ol School, Cti-i"il nn l Miwi-llancous Uooks and Stationery at CITY I'UICLS. TtlST receivel fioni the rhiladclplila nnl New York "Tr nle Sale-" a Inrec s'ocl. nfsi bool, Glas sienl it Mi-ccllnuinus lino'.- many nl them will lo o lend nl n laice di ui nit fro n ri'i ilnr prices o lt-r man nreat in luc eoient in ino-e a' o-u lornitn!; or re-I'lciii-hiuu Lilirurics. School I3mki al luwesl iri its l -At.SO,- Mot kinds of Stniiouiiry f.'Uiid in City or Country Stoic-, at fair pn e NMV HOOKS. It.irners Illulr.iled Oil le -... SI. .25 do do Wandering Jev No. 12. Ilnardiiiff O it.- The Ol I Coiiiincnlal by I.iudin( 2 vol. The I'Vunle Minl-ler, or Sons IL-veoge, Memoir's ol the "Pretenders" 2 col. ,23 ,38 ,73 ,12 ,50 Notice ! rpiIK Partnership -hrrrtofoie etisiini nn ler the L KirmofL & U. K. l-nlk-it, i tins day dl-solved by mutiinl eon-ent. The Uoot.anl Papers are left f r tbepresi-nt at their Oil Su rr wlieie one of the untlcrsiirne I nny le f.iiud prtparel lo n Iju-l all niatk-rs perlaininto the Hun'iip-fl ot the la'e Firm. i.ons lot.i.r.Tr. CHAS.H. KOI.I.I-rrT. n irtinttlon, May, 12. 18 10. SO NEW GOODS. "VT. S. HATCH & CO. A UI5 reccivinu Irnm ,rr York, nl their store, nl Jl nninihl lf A I.I.-, a larpeand we'l seVctedussortmcnl ol C.HOt KIltF.-s. sum v HAimwAiu:, nituo-i and .MH)iri.Nn!, PAINTS OILS. VAItMSIIES. it, which they nffei to to ilnir co?tntnriH and the public crncia.lyat such pncea os eaiinnt i:oi to le sntistac. lory , W. II. MATCH, A. O. S I KONO. Winooski I-'ollj, May 7, 1910. 43m3 nuiti,ivr;To flllli:nUMMi:iUlUltTKItintliU Institution nill L cnttimeiue on the -Oih of May, inst. and close on the first wi'k in August. There arc seven Teach ers ciuployid in the dtpartments of the Institution! nnd the best aiUnnia'ics mav he enjoyed fur ncquir ini: a c-nrnrt knmvli'di.o'ofthe freiuh Language, and of .Muiie. Prat-. nil! ami Painlui' in inland water col ors. A few vanurit's in the family estabti-liment v. in occur nt i lie emt ri me present quarlei, .ilay 15. Terms Ilnlf navahle in Advance. Tuition in I- nj. Iltaui'liesand Latin, per quarter 85 00 I'li-nrh Lintl'inne, 3 ftO I nrawinir or Pauiting, 4 01) Pnno .Music. SO.) 2,00 Instrument fur practice, May 0, ISiu. A Class of youna t.idics ui(.hin In attend to Trench, Drawii or Pinning only, can be accom- tnodaied in Iho hist innniiir. - ..J7""- r-r I F flTHFR R. V Mil WR5 ST(lHC I!. C. 1.(11)31 IS, ' rTASjut received Iroui New York a larcennd een- I JL eial ns roncitt of .either. Moroccos, Kids nnd Findings, ns ran be foioid io this Slate, nod wnl bo sold ns low for ensh as can le bought thissi'eof New York, if you do. or do not he'icve il, en'l nnd examine qinhty and irices. Al-o, Tanners' Oil, hy the tdd or q nrt. Likewise, Frank Miller's Leather iVc-erNative nnd Water Proof Od ll'iekinir. I have .,l n,l .J .I,,, in .L, inr I.i 1 ..n,. n.,,1 I can ri commend il to ihe Public as the best nrtte'e I now in use to r.-r,d r tha l.eiiher, soil, pin' le, water j proof, anil ninth mote dural le. It is in excellent nr 1 tti li'fii Carriiee Tups and Harnesses Thedireclions will Ih- found i n llie inside of the cover of each Hox for usiny it on Cirrmiie Tops nnd Harnesses. Pcail Street, Uiirlumton, May 7. 403 itKr.itsi'ii;i.i) ACADEIIG.VMNSTITUTION. J. S. HWIILDINO. A. H ) A-snciate C. C. IIISIIKK. A. SI. S Princi.als. Mrs. J. S. s-'fu'limno Priceptress, Mr. S SI. ns-nrT, 'IVaeher of Vocal Slusic, Sirs S. SI. Hassctt, " Pnno, .Mrs.O. F IIinoiiTO.-r, " Painting and Per-

spedive m The Sninnier Term commences nn Wednesday, June 3. Lectures wiib espeii n. nia n lc mien n, oinl. A set of Comer Pate Slider-. ( Cnrnenler's I L'Ulibui Impreiril) on Nitntnl History, correctly I and lit-'iu'lfiilly eidored, frum thehi st iiii'biiruies.cuiu- prising Hie ui'i-t lunar' a'de of llie six Liunean elas ' si-s, is , xpe, led i arly III ihe lino. A emus,- nf lee I lures will he low ii on Hiitany, illustrated wiibdio I emus repres, oiinu Ihe pu-eess uf L-t-iuiiuatlon to lie most In autiliil specie. oflViwers anil lues The n' on-, enlbrncUlL, 300 spietimns, ate thrown coin scteen coTitiiiniiii; SI square le, I. Liclures "iien on Iv to ihi-mcinhi rs of the si bool. Hoard, 81,00 lo SI, 'ruiiion as betftofire. SF.TII OAKT.S, Secretary. I!uUcrsfield, Slay 6, 1SIC 49 Now Watches, &c. MTsSUS. llHINSMAHKt HKOTHKUS aro re ffivnii! ilit-ir iimiiit,r n.iortNnriii f full Jpw rlltil fJolil I,pcr nm) lifpine Wnirlip, of rnff'i-.h nntl oilier ninniifnritnt t nlt-o, Silver ,eer Lfpine and Verm Wntrhes lliu-k nnil ihtn, Lirre and sniejll, ntvtry rtaMiimMe prins. WVuill fell to nil nt nt law inicf s llifv tnn ho hnl for in nlv or country. All Uni Isoff!o(nl, lolici p up ili" inHy, ronsinni ly arriving. SutI IW' nnd oihir Sirel (Jno, H!(l.NsM.!I)'imOTHEUS. TIIH Undt'Miynei!, sole nst'nt of ihe ' Vermont Mnlml I'Ve J ifur.iiice Compinv, for the l)i Iriftof llurliiiiun nnd Winooski falls, "r-'-pectfully nuummres ihnt lie will n reive npplicmiona, nnl eTi-ct iriMiraiu'e on luiildinys nnd foments, nut est in haz onions, nn the oiot Livurnh'e teniH. It ii n'rertnintil iliat I ho various clara of proper ty ijisnri d hy ihis rompatiy, frnni the couiniHiuenieni of iis opt-rn ionn for 18 vmri past, have paid on caih $100 per f-ir, ns follows, mz : 1 Sinry llinj Uu?C3 rated nt -Il pr. ct. $0 15 J Siote and GntMdU " lu Tn veins " SawMilU (" ('.ibinot nnd Joiiicr's .hops ( " 20 Cloiliins iV C'nrdins U'oiks " 30 IlhcltMintfi's sSljnpa ) Riper Mills nnd rictories i " 50 A- .70 105 1.75 li id c v drnt ili it llie iihove euni. nre much less thnn tl ttisio-t the nu'inhrrwof my other company known in me i. mini nmii un imp fanm time. Tin' I'linds of this lompiii ore crened by Premi tin Nolrsof iho in-und, secured bvalien of Heal Kb laie or hv ood personal s-tennty, and amount to about two linn! ofn million of dollars. Those withini prottciion will plesse'call. OtTice in the Court lloui-e. r.VM IN CUM.MINGS, Agent. llurlington, April 30, 1S1G. 43lf n.inli l llarniini'a I'atalc. rT0 the Frohntti Court in jnd for the District of X I hitipnden in Iho Stnioof erinonl. the under li'.'neil, ll.11111.1h lliirninn of Itrooklyn in the Slate of wino. reini-senlM ami nuovvs inul .lie iie widow ami iciicl 01 Dinicl lliriiiim, tile of Ohio i "11 y. in Hu St.iie of Ohio, iltivaseil, intestnii-, ibnt the .lid Din ii-l at bis 1lcCL.1sc.lell oersonil esialeonlv in said dis Inct of C'lniiendi n, and did nut leave any c.tale, wh-tftvtr, elreulierci tint adiuiiiisirniion Ima been duly umntt'd, and nil tin-just dthis of tlie.nid decens td, tuct'thcr with the expenscn of Admini-iraiinn ful. Iv isiil, nnd ihattlnre now remains in thrliaud-nf tho Adiniiu-irator of snid dcicmed, llie mm of 177 dollar- and 75 rents as surplus of said estate. And the undersigned, llaiinnb Itirnimi, further sbnw-tothe snid Court, that the slid Daniel llarn. , urn, ilt't-e.isid, did not leave any kindred who could lutirrit iiisesiaie, nnn innt sue, as wuow 01 uie saiu dtce.iseil. is cniiiled 10 llie whole of il, She then fore uny slid Court ihit ihe whole of iho surnlus of siid 1 slalo nny he assigned and dei reed 10 her, nsrceably to ibe fitamie, in such ease mnde nnd provided. Dated al llurbnton the 2jlb d.iy of April, A. D. 1910. HANNAH HAltNUM, IlyT. W.OIIin.nrr.ltr'y. STATF. OF VrrtMO.Vr I rpiIF. lion, the Pro Disiiieiot'l'hiiteiidiiiss. ( I bite Court for the District of Chittenden To all persmis concerned in the es'iiieof I) t.MI'.L II MtNU.M, Inieof Ohio city, in die Siale of Ohio, ilefensrd, inn-siaie. Tha tiireiroioi; nppheatMiu of llnonuli narnumhiv ini' been pri-sented lo slid Court, nt a session thereof, held at lliirhnsioii. in 1 ml Hisnicl on the 2"nb tlav of .April, A. O. I H 10- The slid Conn dmli order nd nss'in ihe third Wtdnes.biv of .May lOo'cbnk in the forenoon nl tbeofTti-cof iho Itemster of tiid Court jn lliirhngton, nfiinsaid. fur luiinni; and dc cidimi upon llie msiters nnd tliitii-n 111 snnl applica lion ronliined. Amlsiil Court doih furiber uriltr, that iii-lire thereof .be euro 10 nil persona iiiterrsied lo ippeir before said Court nl tlin timo nnd place nfnres ml, nnd show caiisii, ifany they may havo why ihe prnvi r of the ai I applicant shoid I not I e sront' nl, I y piihlishint! Ihe a ihsinnee of saul app'icalion ttiieewieka successively in the Free Press, a ne a paper primed at lliirlui'jlon sfurrsaiddh lasl nf win h I'iiIiIumiIiiiiis shall be before llie day asu'ijned fur bear iur.. tiiven under my hand 111 ll'irlinuion in the District of Chittenden ibis SSlh i'v of April. A. I). IB. 6. 49 3w CIIA'S KFSSEI.L, udfs. o o o HOW GOODS GO T the Peoples Store, there is a perfect ru-b for no ills al llie ridiiccl prices, ctciy thiniron llie Hail cash it Klectrie system now.a-days .New (i'iii.c.iniini.'vt stllinf od all the tune nn the lip A. DoinL' prices, at ... "OWAIIDS. P. H. nl-n Cnrnclincs reduced Lntco nuick sales it small profits is tho older of the day al ilia) 0, '10. nunanna, FOUND a small sum of Money enqinrenl the VAIUKl'Y STOilK May 7, I31G. IJILK.MKNTS OK DIIAWINtlA MMNI'll VI ION linpplied to the Meehnnie Arts. A Hook for the in struction and use of Practical Men. Hv Charles Da vies, L. I.. D. Fur Hals by .11 I'.Y "Win May 2,1818. 413 Burlington lliizh Scliool. I.IIC IA.N W. CIIANHY, Pnaflor. Tho Summer Term of this Institution ni'l com- m'-nci" on Mundiv Hie eijhteenih of May instant.-- No scholars tuennl lor less man nail a tcrir. (I H KI..S. Hev. .t. K. CO.SVI USR, Itcv. O. W. P PKM.'ODV, Hon t. KOLi.r.rr, wvi.i.ym m .m i q OtO. 1. SHAW, y.ta. Trot. UAH l. l lvAM.. 4D3 (Jo)iirtncrslii) TIIK Subscriber returns bis sinrere thuiks to Friends nn 1 the pnhhe tn ireni-ral, fur the liberal sunnort elenihsl to him since bis couuu"iicement tn Husiui-ss, and tieis tiiosi rri clfnllv lo inform Hum tlieui that I tic Unsiness rnrtiul on tn his own nim, will In- einlmiied from ibis ditj undiir Hu Fir in ol' MB ItlUTT & WAUsWOin II. c. MKitiurr. Hurlinjlon, .May 4, 1916. 533 .Strayed. IROM the Subscriber on the 1st May Inst, a Urd . Cow witti sli'irt horns turned in, and lliree yens old. A suitable Itewnrd vnllbceiven to anyone who will give information ol said Low, at J. iv. J II. Peck c I'O.'a store. 19w3 J AMI'S WALL, NI5W-YORK WHOLESALE HOUSES, Sl'IUNO TKAIMT(I COUNTRY MBit CHANTS. WE respectfully ask your attention to the follow inz reasons why you should make your pur chases of coods in the New lork market, viry frankly confessing it is our desire that you should do so. Il must I c admitted that from 50 to CO per cent of all the loreian merchandise whi'-b is imported into tins country is received in the porl ot New York. Of course there is here the opnorlunily for the widest so 1 lection, i lie siock oi coousoo uanu in mis city isai all limes Inreer than iheumtid stoiks I nil llie nil ei Lasnrn cnies. Il is iqiiilly certain that New York is I'll' c ilel inn L'rrsi uepoi i ir nie in iniiiiciu rers f the F.nsiirn and Middle States, nnd of the nrodiicts of the Western. The prices of itoods in New York, by lesson nfits immense siippli,, mid tin- eon-tq-unt competition, nre neccess'inly lower, and crt diis areexlcndtd on ss liberal a scale as al anv other r'o)tit. The Mrrchauls, Manufictiirera and Importers whose addresses nre suljuinid, are nrepared to proe the iruili of these positions, and w ill be happy to dis pose of ibeir iroods on terms wbii.h will vcnly all that is asscttcu ocrc. DUV GOODS. iMPonTKiis ami Dr.sirns, In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods: V.. d J. Binsimr, Nos. Ill nnd 113 William street corner of John St., tho v athingion Stores. F. S. A- D. Lalbrop, No 113 and 117 William stteel nnd 39 John si , llie asliinptnn btores. Tailor if- Armstrong, 213 Orcciiivuli st. STAPLF. AND FANCY SILK GOODS. Carleton, Froihincbam it Co., 127 ond KD William st., the W.asbinulon Stores. Johher ol slante nnd f incv drv ffnod-. Zcnhvr Worst ed, Canvass, Gloves, llihbnns, Lares. Ko'ibroider'd 1 riinnimiis, sun emnroiutry articles 10 ecnerai : I). S. Turner, CO William st. betw.jen Cedar and Pine, Dealeis in French Silk Goods and Millncry article Thompson A Van Veithien, CO John st , up stairs. A 11. C dims, 32 John st., corner Nassau. HOSIFIIV, CAPS, STOCK, .f-c. Importers of Hosiery, Suspenders, Gloves, Cravats, Scarfs, A.c. M inufaeturers nf Caps, Stocks, Linens, Oil Silks. John, M. Dalies & Joins, 105 William St. south-east comer of John street. Gentlemen's General Furnishing Store, Manufactur ers and wholesale dealers in Shuts, Collars, Hosoms, Storks. Cravat". &c. .1. P. Wakcmau iV Co., 10 .Maiicn lane. CLOTH nnd CLOTHING STORF.S. New Cloth Store. Knoepfel V Fo it, 33 John st, near Nnsau, I'ea'crstn l-rencli, l.eiman nao i.n( isn cloths, ca.sunerts, lestings, suiuuier sliifls, trimmings, Ac. Drapers, Tailms, an I tisnt'rmcn'a Furnisbinr; Store: Morrison if-Jones, 3jand 137 William at. in the new block, between Jones and Fulton. Wholesale D.-ah rs in Clotliins : Andrew Hall A, Hrulber, EC V'esey, cumcr Woshinj- STIIAW OOODS. Manufacturers nnrl Dealers io sirnw poods, palm leaf hats, artificial flaw era, ,f-c , It. T. Wilde A Co., (13 William st., up stairs. J. II. Ih ls, 135 I'enil -I. up staits. Fti C. Hlake, 2J John sl upstairs, FANCV AIITICLF.S. Dea'ersin combs, cifleri,eic., Impurters of French, Fni-lish and German vaneiv cools. White and Ta-ker, 111 nnd 113 William st, corner of John, up stairs. Importers of Grman. Zephyr and TipiNie w.irsted patierns, canvass, themtle, floss and nvisted silks, all kinds of tnn-.-e, cords and tassels, and a great 11r1etv of French fancy articles. II. M. Peyser, 53 John st. and 359 Uroadway. CIUH'KF.KV, I.00"kTG GLASsF.S, AC. Importers and Dealers in class, china, earibenwate, loosini: and clocks, Sinalley A. Nelden,59 Pe.irl sl. Ilich.r I F. Hauland, 62 M.,idcn lane, between Pearl and William sis. F. W. Ocshnry; 5G Court'nndl st. between Green wich and Washington. Hotels and vessels suppb ntied at ihe lowest rales. Williim A. Frantis, 7G Dey sl. lirst street north nf Courllandl, between Wjih njton st. and North lliier. Timothy T. Kissam & Son, US Maiden lane, between Water and Front. Importers and Jobbers in looking classes, and Iiupor- lers til'looktns idnss plates. Keuben C. Hull A Co., 22S Pearl sl. opposite Piatt. AGF.NCV FOR FLINT AND GIIF.F.N GLASS FALTOIHF.S. Druem'sts and chemical furniture, fancy bottles and 11ls id cut, plain, nniilett and iarie-aii'd colors, jars, French and German cul toilet bottles, mantel ornaments of ehinn andiflass. Andrew Itus", ISO Maiden lane, will remove 1st May 127 Water st. up stairs. H AUDWAIli: AND CUTLr.RY. Importer and dealer in foniiin and domestic hard- w are, cut nai's, John J. I.asrnve, 20'i Giienw'u b si. third boose above Ve-cy st, on thi-Noith Ituer side of the c il). H Kaj;le cut nails 1 ,ti J, flussing, 111 and 113 William sl. corner of John surcl. imiTANNIA waui:, &c. Manufacturer of Plain nud Jappanneil nnd Planished tin ware, llritannta ware. HnlFd Spoons, Ac, and I'esb r in Coffee mills, hol low ware, lanterns, Ac. P. 11. Claik, 13 Plait sl. Manufacturers nnd importers of britnnnia ware in all its branches, dealeis in block tin, antimony and lusiiniili.. Hoardman A Hall, C Hailing slip, near Peatl sl. LAMPS, Ac. Importer and manufacturer of solar lamps and cham datiers, I rnckel, pulor, ball, church .V table lamps, girandoles, glubea, jappanncd w are. John W. Morgan, 151 Fulion at. PUISLISHf R, iioOKLLFRS, Ac. llMnilnirinn ,f- Saiage. Publishers ol ihe "National S-hool" and Parle) ' Geography, by a. it. liuou- SVnne2& wmiam Wood, 201 Pearl st. oppoaite Unit- ed States Hotel. Importer nf F.nglUh Books. V linun l Bildivin, 13i Bruadway, in conneclinn wiih .i... ii ,1.1.. in. l.nn too. imnoils lo order for uni veivines. public librnriea, seienlific and lilerarv msn F.nsltsb books, periodicals and woiksol every des cnp'.ion, al lu per cenr, nmiannvu ir STATIONARY WAI1KIIOUSF.. Francii It I.outrcl, 77 Maiden Lano, Importers of F.nghsh nnd French stationery, nnd umuufa turcr of account books, inntnrotd letter writers, croton ink, Ac, Ac. Lewis Francis Cyrus II. I.outrcl. PAPF.R iioXFS, f-c. Manufacturer of all kinds of paper bores, band box. es, band but papeis, dealer in binders and I ox boards, and importer of fancy paper. ( birlca Cludius, 53 John street, up stairs. Importers and Manufacturer", of paper hangings, fire board prints, Ac, Howell A llrothcrs, 137 llroadwny, have received the premiums fur llinbest manufactured paper hnmrinjrs, in uie ciiusoi itoston, iiew 1 ork anil rnilaucipiiia. MUSICAL .tiFRCHANDISF,. Mauufa'-inrcr and Importer of musical instruments rii Hunts musicni mere nitidis? con" enlly on hand. Fdviard llnack, 81 Fulton, comer Gold. Iinporier and Manufacturer of musical instruments nn l itcater to strinus lor violin-, piano fortei, and puldishers of music. C. U. Cliristman, 401 Pearl sheet. UMI1UF.LLS, PAKASOI.S nnd SUN-SIIADF.S. Ju'iti I, "mitli, manufacturer, 233 Pearl st , one dm r irom tne corner 01 miruni; o;ip, liaiuvi reliirind from V. irope is prrpared lo tninr his cMuiiiets the mosi elcunnt Fr iv h and FiiLdish stvles. Georire J. Ilyrd, ISO Pearl st., opposite Cedar, is pre paid with a stock of IJ'iitiri'.lis, P.irnsuln, Ac, iiianiif.ictiucd at this (.sMhliilimi'M, unsurpassed in uie nniKei, PF.R I'UM Kit SOA PS, .f-c. Manufacturer and Impurterofeboice perfumery, toile soaps, fxtrnrt. colognes, Ac. F.nuciK, 13D llroadwny, letwecn Liberty and v.oiirnnnu streets. WALNUT OIL A MILITARY SHAVING SOAP. Johnson. Vroom tfc Fowltr, mnniifaclurcrs of fancy anu lanoiy ainp", paienl canities, perfumery, Ac. 3Courtlandt at. nnd 79 't rinity Plate. OROCF.RIF.S, MqUoRS, F1IUITS, Ao. Wholesale crocer and dealer in wines, foreiirn and loinesiic liquors nnu segars also manulacturcr ot cordials and bitters. Georso Greenly, 201 Chambers st., running through 10 ucauc, tuiccuoors Itoni csl St. Grocers and commission merchants, importers and oeaiers in urnnnics, wines, segars Ac, tlccrs & llogart, 177 South st. Importer and dealer in Olnrd, Duptiy, A Co., cognt oc nnd champagne! rnndiest swan and hour class gin, Jamaica spirits. Irish whiskey, Madeira, Poll and snerry, lenerille, claret nnd champiBne wino, as sotted cnribals. Intters, illnvana segars, Ac. Henry I.clman,232 Washington St. Importers ol wines, brandies, absinth, Ac Also, manufacturers 0t cordisls, ayrup", 1 titers and oth er articbs for supliiigstaiuboats, hotels, grocers nnd druziMsts. John I, Moucnter & Co., DG Warren St. Wholesale dealers in foniffii nnd dome-tic green and dried fruits, v. i es, sea irs, tobacco, if-c. lloss ,f- Mam, 210 Washington sl. TOH.U'CO "NUFK ,f- SKGAIl". rine cut tohacco and manufacturers nnd importers of enoice seirurs. John Anderson if- Co., 2 Wall st , 213 and 213 Duaue st., have received the Inchest premium of the Amer ican institute for lb!3, Mf and '43. Manufarlurrr and dt n'er in fine cut, sntifT and paper lohaeco. Pound papers on an improved plan, war ranted equal to any in the stste, CI cents. J-very piper weighs a pound articles warranted or tuun ey rrliimhd Henry Reill, 77 Front St., orncr old.stip. spicks, corrr.F, cocoa and mustard. F.ithcr niBnuf.icured or ptepand lor family use, may be had of the boicesl qualities, at the oftice nf the Hope Mills, 1)7 Front St.. New York. DIII.OS, MIUUCIMS, PAINT-, AC. Dealers in diuc,s, medicines,, oils, d)o s'.ufTs, w itiuow class, eve, Ltush A Ilillyer, l'3 grcenwtcb st. Dealers in tils, p-tints, glass, dye stuffs, neforesi if- co.. 20j west st. Vjndvcnler A Tallmsilre, F7 Barclay st. corner nf W.isiiinelon. an i. d- i. also manufacture mle and blscking which obtained theprcmiutnat Ibe late fair of t lie American institute. Ilronze, powders, gold psint, gold, silver and florencc icai, outcn ineiai .no eic. J. II. Hieket, wholesale sgenl, 133 nisidin lane llroc7es 60 per cent, lower then any other house in llie united Mates. Manufacturing nnd furnisliinz establishment in the daguerreotype husiness. F.. Wfite, P5 breadwny. plates, cases, chemicals, p.ili-limg appaiattises, and --very article used in I lie business. Also Ibe Cerium, French, and American cameras. TItl'Nh'S AM) III1USIIIS. Manufacturers of Traveling and packing trunks, a- hces, i-arpet I aus, rocUing and hobiiy hor ses and vi lu-ine'lez. H. S. A W. II. .S'troni:, 2 Peck sl p. cornir tf Pearl st. unit opposite tt.c easurn i'e-u tt. 1. just. U. II. Olssett A Son, 201 Pearl t. ct'rn:r ilatd lane. llrush manufacturers and dealer- in brooms, cedar and v.l' w ware, nail-, tubs, nu's nnd ropes, Win. Iv Metker, IDi Washington st Wash- luiun maiket one itoor ntmie tulioo. Laden A lloauland, tn0 NVasbiuuii bi. once'oor be. low 1- unon. ftraBs rivet- for Trunks. White A Hireb, olfice 175 Itroidwny, manufacturers of all kinds ami srz-s ol Im-s intts tor trunks. A stifienor ailicle at uducid prices. 3ALMANDKIlSlFi:S. Ilicb9 imprnvid patent double end -mg'e salamander sife. V.i rrnn it it Irte fioni risnipn, s-ns veb as fire proi'f. an improvement upon VVtlJer s patent for sih- hv A. S, Marv. ii, agent for the manufacturer, 13?i water street. The original Wildei's genome patent doub'e and sin glj Satainander -nfts, warranted Irte from daiiinnes-. Silas C. Herring, tnaniifnctuter and Jralrr in all kind of iron safes. Uu water st. corner of depeysler st. Double snlamandfr safes. it. J. Cailur, the nrigtntl in i tutor and oaten tie of the double eafe and improv- cd detector lock, warianted fire and llnef proof and dry. Single aalamandcr safes warranted equal to any tnaieer, lor sale tiy Leonard llrown, 81) wait st, GOLD PFN MAN U FA CTUU1 R. Albert O. Ilagley, ISO Broadway, for. rale nt manu facturers prices, by all the nholebsle jewelers, sta tioners, '.vc., warranted. INDIA KuIiFFR COOi S. Ooodyear's patent insoluble iudii rabbcr goods, war raniea io stano in cicrv (iimuie. Gcorgo Heechcr, aolc agent, 100 Broadway. WINDOWSHADFS. Impportcrs nnd dealers in French and Italian window shade-. J. O. Wnondword, 2P9J Brosdwnv, receives by each arttiai, stiaues oi eieiy btvie, lanitscapes, coritittn an, leomao anu gouiic, 1:111 curuices, gimps, eve. window siiahi: dhp'ot. Barlol A lie Manny, nritsts in pinrral, 7 Spruce t. 4 doors fioin Asssau, inanut iciurers and liniioriers. Among iheir shulcs are ru h views on the Rhine, m Swiizi-i and. copies of tin- most celebrated onilii drats in t-'urope.S'-npluic picce-,laudcapes, al bes an. Gotliicsof all kinds. I FF.ATllFll STOKF.. Feiibrrs, I cds and matlrns-e- of eiery description, qmlitynnn pine, iirosiiaus nt every variriy Piihlu-niteiition is ralhd to Willis' patuit screw betlsii ad, eonstnieted to enlire'y i xe'bide bugs. Old feathers dress,,! nnd malirntsf n niadeovur. Samuel S. Paiker, 15(3 and 133 Greenwich sl. c.irner of Courllandl. MACI1INF. AND HAND CARD. John Whtttemore ,f- Co. tunmificturi rs of cotton and wool hand and in.n lime cards, nn.l dealers in aitl clea for Manufacturers use. Office 213 Piail (1. a g it i cu i.tur a i. sfoia:. Manufacturer nnd denier in agricultural machines and I implements, porlnhle horsepower, ihreshsrs, nnle. I Plougha and rlougb caalings, gin gear. Field) si-etls. ' J. Plant, 5 Burling slip. FISHING TACKLH, HARDWARI1 AND FANCY GOODS. - I John J. Brown & Co. importers and dca'cis in bard who, fish lacl-lc, 122 Fulion al. offer lo anglers , and ilenlcrsin fishing tackle, an extensile ntsoll ineiii of fish hooks, lines, tules, rods. I M.RBLF.. j Omainenlal mstb'e woik of nil kinds, richly -nried i statuary nnd plnin msnlte and monuments. Deal i ers supplied with blocks and .labs. ' I'nderhill A Ferris, 372 and 374 Grrenwich si. I IH.IA8 LYMAN HAS received a very extensive nssortmenl. ftf Snrini! Goods, constating of n ercal variety in beautiful Lawns, .Muslins A Ginghams and a fe v pieces rich embroidered Swiss Muslin, also Saii.i striped do. and plain Swiss Jlii-im, a larto nssortntcnt 01 uaiicoes, iwanturtcxs, cvr. llrua I Clolli", Ci-simeria. Satinctls, 'l'wccds, Croton Coating, llich Fancy Mi rsmls A Valentia Ve.ting niacii, etreen, nintecv. iirao .noreens. Xenbvr worstert. Mnrltlmr t.'n,,v.,.s- Pur.e Twi.l on Spisils and S iek. Steel I'ur-oMounls A Clasps. 1111', t;its, Taylors Clntks spool thread, hiiillinc llitend it Vnrn.Tidv Cotton. Hattine. Wad- dintr, Cnrnel Wntp, Cotton Yarn Ac. W. I. OOODS A few diesis mote of tbat superl. nr Hyson Skin Tea, Wo's'y'sJI.onf Sosnr,'Crusli'.l Sugar, llrazd if- Itrown Sugar, Co.le, Cocon --bells, (linger A Spices, Preserved Oingjr, Citron, Mneeaio- ni eve, eve. Hut ing'on May 7, 1915- LAKS' BOATS, l,nor the transportation nf proprrtttbetwccrt LAKK CIIAMIM.AIN, THOY, ALIJA NY. NEW YOHK, AND BOSTON. TIIK I'liOlMtlirroilS nf tins LINK tmvin? in-tfa-'t'J tlivir (tn ihtici 1 j- (he aiMitiun of several firt rnu lUmr unt'tr I hi ciiintn-jnl tl I'xps-ricncl uihl I.ullit'il MiCicr-, nreprepaml 10 ivu dj-patc li to all property tntt-mleJ lit pas Utwcrn theaUne namcl plai-tsj Willi wlncli tlicy way te,an"l Imp?, I -y prom-pi aitention io theintm'-'l uf ihwr ent plcfr, 10 rcd.'it' a continuance jf pullw patron I iirir boat! nre to 1 c In wnl hv Steam on Hudson fiicer, nnd on Champtain nln-ri nwrsary, ainl ;iinpiclu n pt-ritrt Isiiio to Acic iyrt a, alo, lit, Troy and Albanv. Lnt oftJood- nru kent-loactber and nol -ulijcctcd to injnrv by iran-htprni'nt. Proprietors KOLLI.TP &. nilADLLV, Hurlington, MCHOUS, III K'l'ON U CIHTI KNUKN, St.Mban I Sf , ... .... ' .u. .u,euiw, or. mount. Agents. A. JOHNSON .No 9. CocKft Slin. Xeu York. CORN KLH'S I.OVCLL, A'e is Vori ,f- Hc-ton Pack et itjiice. ittmz ii narjt uosion. April, ISIG. 47 F arm for Sale, SITFATHD one mile fiom E-scx Center, conalsl inL' i f 100 acres, eight or ten of which is wood Innd, There is a large an I convenient Dwelling; Home, thnc good lurns. together with convenient out-buildings, A 1 s o . One II rse. a two var old O It. one Cow. two single WagL" ns, one a ngle Cu'ter, oni- pair of horse Travers ftkighs, cud her entir lit of hous' hold I'urnniite. RUTH BUTF Kit. l:-sel. Aptil 21, ISIG. 4'iw3 Vi iisiii.'.t ('i:riti, it n, itoAD. A as-e.snu ot ol hve d u irs ii i sn.ite m been I a--.,r.jcru J ' v the I) ii ectors ol 111 erinonl leiilral Rail Road Company, p lynble on the first day of June iiit. Paynirin. may be tnndo ni the l armr-rs & Mtchani i lisnk nl llur m-'ion, nl llie Hank ot Mont- pelier, ai the Hank c f Woodstock, or. nt the Treasu rer s uiiice is li :, 'irimotn l.'nw. itn-ton. SfMUI.L II WALLF.Y, 7'arr. Ilsston, 2'21 Apnl, 131G. 43w3 Stolon IROM the pasture of the sub . ?criber cn the 26th tnst.. a HARK lit Y MARC, 20 veam old. erv thin in flesh. ittXffcrtsM with foal, wnh a long scarononu of her hips. Whoever will return sail mare, or givo information where she may tie nan, snail no suitably rewarded. PUT K. 1IF.WITT. Charlotte, April 17, Islti. 43w3 Prt'miiim Horso s i n ii i:n n r, TITAT has received 3 Premiums at the State Ari- cultural Fairs, ui Now York, held in 1333, 131 2 nnd 1314. Also, baa received more County premiums than any other horse tn the Stale. Will bo located in ihs Milage-ot UiirhiMloii, ., lor tho acoininodation ol tho-e who wish to improve the bree-d oTlhat nobla nnimal the llnree. Hu gelding cults have been sold for from S?0O to SIO0. One pair of matched, for ijlOJO. I-..r further particulars see Bills. Premium Horse FCLIPSF, will also stand iu Ike city of Yergenucs, Ycrmont, at C. ICveretts. I.IHVAllU e-u.u, DVYID LONG. Bjrlington, May Ct It 1315. 43 0. IIAYNES. HAS i'.i-t reeeiiefl a good s.ssTtment rf 1'1'Rll IMMilMiS from New York wHk b lie off-ra for sale at his Painl shop, comer of ('oHcga ci Whi'c St., Fast of lh Square. Iliirlmgion, May I lh 43 XOTjCE. TIIK copartner-hip bereto'orp eistinc under iho riami- nn I firm of D. ci O. ROOD is this d iy by mutual eorisent dis-o'ml. DUNNIS ROOD. OKI.IN ROOD. Jericho, Vatcb 13, I11B. 433 NEW GOODS. A LL admirers of New Goods will do well to call aV and etamins Ihtiti st DAMFL KFRVS. 439 Church strrct, I'urhngton Yi. !o(icc, Cash Wantctl. rilHOSI' indebtrd to the undersigned nre hereby I no'ified ihit payment according to contract it ex pecteil, delinquents must not ft el unhappy, when w e.'iforee eollectiona, as we shall at nn early day. April 21, 'If5. 4d STRONGS ,f-Co. Smoked I Jams and Shoulders VntY nice'y tured for family use, for sale by 5 STRONGS A Co. NKW l'ORK eS" BOSTON BOOT & SHOE STORE. 'IMIK Subscriber hiving retnoicd to the store on I Cr.utch street formerly occitpnd by S W. Wells, opposite Mr Kern's Start, oilers to llit pub. lie hl it Ji k, consisting uf L4ntss Boots and Shccs, " Gaiter Boots, of every ib-sciipl'on, " Fr Buakitis.latcst style " Kid ' da " Prunella " do " Half Gaiters. " French Slippers, " Fnghsh If nl Slppers, " French Sum .-lippcrs, all eo'ors, o Gold Bronzed do " House Sbppers, 14 Stout IIiMtsa Biukins " r-hapid Rublets, " Water proof Boots and Shoes, " Fine Fi ench Calf dado " do da do sewed, " do do Brogans, " Morocco do M Stout Calf and Hip Shoe?, 11 Cloth Caiters butloneil " Piunella Dancing Gai ters, " Dincing pumps, 11 Morocco a tppeis, ' Calf elo " Calf alines all kinds, " Rubbers with leiiber soles, " do do Buckles, " do li'il. and plain, Hoy's ll'tols and bioes. I igureii and p uin it .li'sirs Ihoti tihd Shoes, - Gaiter Hoots, ' Fr Gaiters, beslquahl) o ' Bu-kuis. " Pi une llo Mippcrs, all colors, j " Itu-kins. nil colors Stout Morocco nnd' Call Bouts, " Kiibbcis 1 all Km-!-, Children 11 ,f- Shoes ' ricncli lljiter B-Mlts, nil el irs, n Morureo t'aueis, ' button ntiil lai e, ' " " Buskins A bpiwr-,, o Boms and Ancle T.ei of all cob is. ' Gentlemen's Hoots and Shoes. " Napoleon Boots with and without tops, , do KTui C:-lf and Kip ' Bionnns, " "-liuit Shues, nil kinds, " Pruiiello I, liters anu d ini'ini! itmps, Yuttt't' Hun's and Shoes. Fine I 'utf Boots tewed nnd tugged, " do K'p do do d 41 Seal nnd Grain pe2'd. " Call llrogana and Kip .ewtd bhocs, " Morocco Boots and Buskin-, 41 Fine Gaiters, 44 Dancing pumps and Tics of all kinds, Also. Galbonsofall colors, and Black and Light Silk Gaiter laces, cotiem laces, Ac. Ac. , '1 ha .ubiciibtr bels assured that nil who wish to make pood bargains in the nboie mentioned aitte-Ies, j wilt mil go nwny from bis shop iVsaiitfied. I N. B. Ml kindsof Boots, Sltoe-, (inters, Slippers, Ac. Stc, inailo to older. The subacnber lias con ttnnllv in bis employ the best workmen, and all woik. i mai'c by linn, warranted. I UKUBKN BATCIir.LDKtt. Burlington. May 1, 134S. 43nS Ciiiiiilieiio. TT'HI.Stl Camt btno or Chemical Oil, constantly receiving. For sale by Barrel or on d aught, 43 bv Pr.OK A SPF.AU.