Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 22, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 22, 1846 Page 3
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r- Taylorund Ampudia was ol I ho most Interest-1 1,ho"bin0p!acC8 810,000,000 at llic dicposal of tho President, ami providoa for Iho continti. mice of Iho act for two years. Privates of foot companies aro to rccoivo 810 per month ; mounted men S20 per month including uso and furnish of liorscc. , There w.n consiilcraclc discussion on tho bill, and some amendments were acreptod, but nono which chmjjcd the main features.. The lull then pas ctl to to enacted, and in tho Houso by a vote of 18-1 to 1-1, tho title was po amended as to read 'An Act to Provide for the prosecution of tlio Kxitlna War between the United States and the Kcpublic of Moxlco.' The War Question in the Senate. Tuesdav, jlay 1'-'. Tho Senato took up the House Bill making the appropriations. Mr Calhoun opposed all harty action. Ho said it would be observed that the first portion of tho bill amounted io a ticciaraunn in war, anu that wo should bo Biire of being right before makiiii! such declaration. Mr Allen said that as war actuilly existed, no lime was to bo lost in voting tho requisite in nroicctour troops and our citizens. Mr Mangilui was ready to vote any amount of men or money, anu tviinotii any ueiay, ucciar. in" lint there was as much patriotism on one .if tlx chnmhnr an on tho other. Mr Calhoun replied ho said wo would not dnlav a moment he was ready toact now but why, ho akcd, vote for a bill which nude false declaration : that war actually existed by the act of the Mexican (Joveriimctit ! Hu said ihiro was inoro meant than actually mU the eye, and that was demanded by tho care and safety of the Army. He added tint his mind was nnit up, and that he would neither vota for nor agiinst the bill tn iu present form, lie luiplit, ho sitdrbe alune. lie it so be cared but little for popu larity, lie could not for the sake of making ivar on Mexico, make war giro un the consti 1 11 1 10 II . Here Mr Benton remarked thai the Finance Committee reported tho bill as it rlcxd. The M I Urr Committee could do tko Fame. I f the (Winer modified it to would the la'ter. Mr J. M. Clayton would vote any amount of nun ami money, it l lie bill was truly and laim foily reported, and that with a view that it might bo so reported, ho moved to refer tho whole to the Committee on .Military All.urs. Mr Benton then stated the amendment acree upon by the Committee on Military Affairs in the morning. One of them struck out tho preamble and declared that war ein-ted. Mr Allen said that the Committee on Fin ance had also sgraed to report the first part of the Dill trorn Hie llous. The qiioation referring tlie bill to the Military Committee was then rejected by a rote of 20 to 2G. Mr Allen then eaid tho Committee on For eign Affairs would have made a report if an op portunity li id pieseulcd itself that the Com initlee could not shut their eyes against palpa uio ami glaring lacls, viz: tlitt actual war existed. Mr J. M. Clayton questioned Allen as to the otuar isct that war came Irom Mexico. Allen nude no reply. In tho House, Mr Winthrnp corrected the journal, lie voted lor the increase ot Vnlun teers' pay and not against it. The House then took up the bill from the Senate, organizing a cornso oi tiappera and ritnere. Mr GiddingB mada a speech about Iho army on the Uio del Norte, shooting deserters. He was frequently called to order and at leii'tli stopped. The bill was finally ptsncd and retimed to the ociute. Wednesday". May 13. Vice Pree;dent Dal las this morning signed the war bill. The Preaidtnt traMmiuei letters received from Gen Taylor. The House bill mkinr op proprntions for fortifications for the next fiscal year, wis liken up. 7'ne Committee on financo had reported an amendment to the appropriation, aligning tv instead of one hundred thousand dollars for the fortification of Florida Kewf at Key Went, and Tortugas. This was discussed in the Senate by Lewis, Evaiip, Yule and Westuott. Tho lion Sir Johnson of Li. orVrH an amend ment for repairing forts below New Orleans, which was rejected. .Mr Johnson of Md. proposed an approsriation for Sillr' Point which ws also rejected. The amendments of the finance Committee were all adopted, and the bill was passed as ttiiH dispatch closes. The Indian appropriation Bill is bow under difCUsKimi and Mr Sevier is speaking. House. The speaker signed tho War Bill which was immediately 6e'it to the President. A co-nmunication was received from the So cretaryof the Treasury, stating tint tho (.team reienuo cutters would be completed this fill, and asking authority to appoint engineers. The bill on this subject was then taken tin and dh cussed by Messrs Rjthbun, Gordon, T U King, Holmes and other,, and it was recommended to the Comittce of the Whole, with instruc tion lo amino. The West Point Bill was taken up in Com mittee of Iho whole and repirted to the House with recommend (tiorfs tli.t it pans. As this ieB plch closes Mr Bntckenbrnu'li is hpeaMng in favor of fijlitiii! Mevicj, while discussing the army appropriation bill. Rb'Monor Pi!ivtTcr.ii9. Wo hoard last evening that an affidavit hid been made bo- fore Judio McCaleb, of tho United States District Court, to tho effect that vessels in nits port were auoul iirctniuti" lo sail as nrivdleers against American commerce. This rumor may be true or not, but it cer tainly becomes tho officers nf tho customs ta bo on tho alert. N. (J. l'icauune. Alludine; to tho samo subject, the Courier, published tlio preccuinp; inirlit, savs : " It has been hinted to us that certain emis saries, who aro now, or have boon lately here, had in their pockets commissions for privateers, .signed by the Mexican uuthoti ties, which they wcro ready to dispose of to peisons willing tn incur thciUkof hoisting t he fid", of that country, to cruise ajiinst tho commerce of the United States. This traffic in felonious documents might have been carried on a week ago, without much hazard to tho persons of those cmissaiics; but, un der present circumsluncos, ihey might per haps find some benefiil in secrrsy nnd can tion. For humanity's salt", we again inform lliese I'Riissanes thai their movements uru watched." Alpliciis TUdalc's i:6tatc. STATU OP VI'.ltMONT. ) mill: Hon. the Pro lllrietnf (irand I.I,., s. 5 I t M- Court for the wisinei oi i. rand Lie T ihe heir, ami Iceilee ol Al;li'-';"i ridal. Uiu nf Xnnli II...,, ,i, -n I Whereas, William ownr,i ndnt'iit-t rn tor oflh'' estiieoiim.Mij Aipiien.TisljIo, liaih repri-i-nlel to tlm court that Ihn ,Pr,onil nuta ol'sai I dciied ia in.uflicRnt lo p.iy , dP9 ,,y ,,c gul 1)f Mx hundred dollirn, and h.iih appl c, f, lcPnsf. xn n iiiiH-n oiiiK'iui ,-iair oi nl oi-e,v,l tts Vil pay said Mini, and the costs and charges for selthn said c-tati-i 3 Tiitm ror.n, you are hereby notified to nnoar lie-, lore the I'" Court at a h-mcii thereof m ,e linl den at tho Court Ho'i-n in North Hero, on the sec onl Saturday ol June, A. I). 18)0, nnd ,IIW ROo.l cause lo tho contrary or cie bonds as said conn hall direct (or the payment ofwnd debl, otherwise the said administrator will ,iliccnte,l if- iiiilioniol to sell so much ol (he real cstulo of mid dccea.ed ns will If njfficienl to pay the alorenid mfii md all le. ,-nl it and charecs It t ordered liy mid court ihat ihe foresolim notice le pul lilml llireo weeks wiecessivcly m the Unrluigton l-r I'ress a r,ekpa .,..,.( ... Hurl n!on. lu bo County of C Initrn Scn.thela.tof winch publication m l e prior lo the ,rcond Saturday of June, A. D. 8IG. Rlvon uider inv hand at furth Hero, this 15th day ot May, A. U. 1816 A Fashionable Hair-Dresser T,TAY 1 found over II. Thomas' store who would May tO, I34 Postscript. From the N, Y. Extra Sun. By Exti-iiot-diiiiit-y I'xpccss from the Scut of Wnr, LATEST FROM THK ARMY MAG NIFICENT VICTORY GLORIOUS NEWS-POINT ISABEL VCTO UiniJS M ATA MORAS REDUCED TO ASHES-AMERICAN ARMY TRIU M IM I A NT 700 M EXl C A NS KILLED ONE AMERICAN ONLY KILLED A GENERAL ULOCK ADE OF ALL MEXICAN PORTS ORDERED. Tlio news of which llto nbovo is tlie title, was received at Now Orleans by tlio steamer Now York, and sent by express to Mobile, where it then look tlio mail. An engagement had tnken place between tlio United States and Mexican forces. Gen. Taylor, on the evening of the 3 1 inst., left lite entrenchment witb a detachment of U. Stales troops, for tlio purpose of opening communication between Point Isabel and the entrenchment. On tlio morning of tlio fllb inst., tlio Mcx ienns, nt day-biriik, opened n heavy cannon- ndo on tlio cntienchmonts, which was gnl- antly returned by the U. S. troops, who in 30 minutes, silenced the enemy's Batteries, reducing the city of Mulamoras to ashes on tho morning of the Clh. The slaughter among the Mexicans was tremendous. Upwards of 7C0 lay doad on the field of battle, and tho number of houses left in Mu tamoras, was not sufficient to accommodate tho wounded. Vccounts say that tho number of Mexicans in and about Mctamoras was 5000, and rein- fui cements tvcic daily expocted. From the Galveston ftrtes of the 8th inst. Gen, Taylor had left Point Label. There was not the slightest doubt he would cut his way to tho entrenchment, notwithstanding tho vastly superior numbers of the enemy who wcro known to be posted in large forces among tho almost impassablu thickets of chappoil in tho road, with determination to cut him off. The number of Muxicans is estimated nt fiom 15,000 to 20,000. It seems reasonable to supposo that a decisive and glorious battle was fought yesterday, and wo wait with pain ful anxiety to hear tlio result. FULLER PARTICULAUS BY TEL LGHAl'II. I send such additional particulars as I can get from Now Orleans pipers. The news reached New Orleans on the evening of tho lOih, at 10 minutes before 9 o'clock. It is impossible to describe Iho enthusi asm ilh which tho news was received. The population seemed suddenly quadrupled the stieets presented one living mass of human beings; joy is depicted on every countenance, and ono universal prayer of thanksgiving ascended on high. Muj. Iltn gold of the Flying A i lillery, commanded the nieiican camp during the engagement; tlie American camp has been strongly construc ted, the Mexican lire had not the least effect upon ii. Santiago nnd Isabel aro now un der martial law, every compelled to lo martial duty. On tho morning of the 6th, previous to the departtiro of tlio N. York, heavy cannonades wore heard, and suppos ed to ho another attack of tho Mexicans on the United States troops opposite Malanin ras; great excitement prevailed at Point Isabel and Santiago, up to one o'clock, P. M. when tho New York took her departure Arrived at Santiago.on the Gth inst., schoon er Decatur from N. Orleans; United States schooner Fliit will Icavu in a day or Iho for New Ot leans; steamer Monmouth left on thov 5lh, bound to Aransas, for tho purpose of bringing every man capable of doing duly to the camp at Santiago. McClicster and ladcliff aro the names of tno among tlie si"C who wero killed by forcing their wav thiough rendevous to the U. States camp. riie subjoined account is from the Galves ton Civilian : Gen. Taylor proceeded with the m lit body in order lo secure Point Isa bel which was menaced nnd open, tho com munication leaving only "CO or SOO men in the camp oppostto M.itnmoras. The army proceeded without interruption, but the Mexicans thought that tho diminished force in tho camp offcicd a favorable opportunity for its capture, attacked it, and wero repuls ed nitli gjvoro loss, several hundred. The loss on our side, not stated but very insignifi cant. Our batteries wero opened on Matamoras, and reduced the place to ruins or neatly so. This was on tho 3d, nnd llie fighting con tinued till night. Walker, tho 100 known Texian soldiers and spy then took forty men to carry tho nows to Gen. Taylor, at Point Isabel during llto night; ho lost 0 men on tho way, and had hishorso shot from tin dar him; but our troops aro in fino spirits. Gon. Taylor was to leavo with a largo lorco on Tuesday morning for the camp uppouitu Matamoras. Notico. THE undirsi-'ned have eiiti r.. into a co-partnership lor iho purpose ofcairin?on ihe Saddle, Harness, Ai Trtiuk-makltig htislness, at Jericho Four f'orncr, at the slan J formerly occu. pii'dhvD. & O. Itood, under the name an J Mvle of ROOD sV STONE. Onl in Hoi d, May 11, 1313. 5hv3 N. D.Stoni:. ("ash Job T0 Ill'ILDI R!. The under-isned will receive 1- proposal unlit the l.lih of June, nt ono o'clock, P.M., fir ludlingn Si hod Hon,r, m llu 3J choi I d unci in II irhngton, (near the hou.e of David Fish,) niniruing 10 a plan to 10 u rn 111 llie Hands 01 An-on S Johnson. .Separnlepropo.aU will be rcu-ivcd for Ihe mason work, and for the joiner and carpculir work- ANSON S. JOHNSON. 6,,w3 ., Jiutlding Commute, llurhngion, May SO, 1B4G. Wlllitoil T nlo'v?L!,,!rre,!f)l,r',c''lni"! Piintersmay find cm 'lo",(!",fu'll"i"'on,bvPplyina immediate ly in annlvinn imintlin,c- My 12,1840. SCOIT& HAWKINS. SI Lost. A ""NOH OF KEYS.Tne finr wi e re- Peck A Co, Slit May. oiJ. II SI Volunteers Wanted! Y7"HO will save llicm.tlvc cot by selllins their t V nCCOMhfu tint !... f!.. ..ft . A. M 1 beforetho latrloy i.f Juno next. After that t'imu all ni'coiint will I n left wiih nn attorney for collection, ..u.n.iSiuii, ,.,,iy j mm, 61 JOSEPH WALLBH, ATTORNEY, MILTO N F ALLS, similes Jlrcwsler's Estate. PETITION TO SELL LAND. ST A TIi '! op vi:n.uc"iM a t srasjon of I'rnl.i,,., District of ('liitlcil.Icli, a. j A the Court held at llurhiiatnn, within and for s.iid i-irirt of I'lnlli-ndcn, on il.o lGih dayof.Mav, 191G, roint Aphii llrnnstcr, ndminisliatrix t,f ihc cst.ilo i.f Charles Iircwstcr, Into of Colchester in said district, deceased, nnd filed in said court her petition in writ Ing, setlinc forth that tho slid deceased died seized of ono Inlfol a siw-mill and mill privilece on lot nn. 12, in said Colchester, nnd ofaslipin the llaplist and Congregational tneelins-houso nl Colchester Centre, subject to tho widow's richt of dower therein s ihat a snlo of said property and of iho reversion of dower therein, is necessary for the payment of lliedibls nl lowed by the coinmissioncr ngainsl sni I estate and Ike expenses of administration, nnd proline siid court to license her tn sell sud cslato for the purpose a foresml nerccaUy lo the statute in such cae made and prowded. hereupon, the court oforcnid doth appoint the seennd Wednesday in June, 181G, for hejrintiand de eidinir on Slid pclilion, nt the office of the Urgistcr of said court in said llurhnalon, nt ten o'cloik in tlie forenoon, and doth order that nil persons intcrcMed be notified tlicreof hy piilihhinc this order, contain, ins Iho substance of saiil petition, three week suc cessively in llic Ilurlington 1'reo Prc-s, a newspaper printed m said Hiirlinatnn, iho last nf which put lica l'Slfl'0 ')0',rcv'au9 lu s3'd second Wednesday m June, flivcn under my hand nt said llnrlinijton tlr lCih uay oi Jiay, laiu. - iji. wii-siu., Hrqisltr. ,lames CSatcsN C'lstntc. stati: or' y:r?Mo.T, rpn n Hon. the Di-ln.'t ul OliMleiiMi'ii, s. J L Probata Court for the Ilistnct tf Chitvndrn : Tn nit persons con- ceined in the estate oUAMl'.S GATP.S, hie of Ksscx in slid dislrii'l, di'cea-ed, GnncTisa. vtnr.ncAS, llmnih ti.ites aumniistratrix oflhe cs lato of sii I deceased, nronuses lo render an nccntint of her ndiinnistratiiin, nnd piccnl hrr account nuoinst said istucfor eximinalion and allowance nl n session of the Court nf Prolate, tn he liohlcn nt the Heiters otliec in Duilinptoii, on the thiru neduosoay ol .luno next. Tiirnrronr., Von nro herehv nniififd to appear be fire slid court at tho lime and plaee-nforcsaid, and hev can", if anv voti havf, why tlio account aforc sud should not bo allowed. Given under tnv hand at Purlins'.' n, this lOih dav of May, A. I). 18J0. 51 w 3 Wm. WHSTON, Register. - David Day's (late ,ttn.) Ilstate. pr.Ti no.v to co.wn- lands. STATK Of VERMONT, I A T n session of the "Di'tncllnf Chittenden st. ( J Pro' ate Court held at lintliiiijton, Mithin nnd lor said District of t'liitlsn den. on the full il.iv of Mav. 1340. cornea Oenmn Whitney, administrnti r of the istato of David Day, (hie idn.U.iii; of I'ssev in ilm di-iri -t aforesaid. ileri.. ed, and fiiesin said court luprtitmn in wriline:, scltintr lortn mat me a'ii tlie time of his deaih, wasunder contract, binding in I iw an I eq'iny,to con ev to John Waiisji jr., the folljwind.-srnbcd parcel of land, situated in said r.ssex, hecmnin at a stal.ein the rotuhcastcrly line of the highway, on lot no. live, iicinc at a corner ol land n-.vned hy Dorms Wlutcnmb; thenco north 39 deu. 30 mm. ei'st, in tho lineof sai.lhiqhway, C chains42 links; thence onlh, 17de?. 30 mm. eist n .like in the lino nf Child- Day's land; thence soiilh,S7 dep. west, tw'ti chain, to Ihc linn of sud lot ; thenre. in tho hue of said It.t, north 30 deu. 30 niiu.eit, 2jlmk loa stake; thence north 53 tleg. west, 3 chain lo links to the phceofl r"innins. conl.i nine two nnd JC-100acrrsof hnd.nnd spirlsofloisno. Hand 31 ; ihc su I D.nid Iming sold snid tiiitl lo sud John Wauali jr. and lo ctive I pnvmrnt iherrform tho Iilelmie of said David : that the bail IDav id d.ed without having executed a de.d thereil, and praj mssiiu court toheeus" aid ad minis- ' Irator tn coucy said land to ihe .'iid Wnneh, affreea- j hi v lo ihe siamiein dichcaso made anil provided-, WiiEnrxpiiN, lhrtcoiirt aforesaid doih nimomt llio rn. ' ond WVdnesdnv in June, 1RSG, for luarmj nnd decid inixon said pennon al the oflke of iho Ilccislrr of said court in said lliirlinglnn,at un o'clock in tlis forenoon, and doth order thlt all pel son inlnsted be notified ihrreof by piildicalion of this order, "containing llic substnnoeof slid pe.iinou, three vveeks sjccc?ively in tho llurhngion I'icel'rcs, a newspaper printed nt said lliirhncton, llmlast of which publ.cation to bo previ ous lo ihc luno set for hearing. Given under my hand ilii 0 h dnvnf Mav, ISIS. Wm. Vr.STON, llcSistcr. Notice. 'TUin un'orsizn',(l have entered into a co-pirtner-3 plitp, for the purpose rf i-nrrymc on the Merenn tile litiMi.o-9, nt Winou-ki Va'U, nn-Ier the name nnJ st le of .MUNSOX rOLIXTT. John S. Mcnsos, l.OUIS KOLLETT. MRS- aiBRRlTT ATrOUI.I) rispeeifnlly in- V, fir'o I, niiMof Ilurling ton, ihat olielns just relumed from New York with the la ttit an 'p,f floods. 1! fl iV n i: T s, 3pin .t? J. JjwU.ty3 I. At'l'.S. II 111 HONS, , AtlTll'lClALS, it-c. A's i sjiehn ecurcd anew pi on r by whu h spots of evo- ry de-cription can herein d from Straws and I'lor thecs. II irlington, A 1 n y 15, H40 " fOtf Nolicc. ry Hi: commit. lonod, noncomniiss t uincd OIlV er, M i-ic nn-, and Private of ihe lOih I. gin lnlantry Comj nnv of IJurlmirton of l'ie uiit lorm mill ia of the Uih Reji 1 ent, arc Icnby nol'ficl lo appear 1 1 inn lorni, anil nil I c ii(,nii;irs 'quired ly law, at the Colli Hon u II. ir hncion, 01 Ti.e day, June V .18IG. at y o'loe!., A. .M., for tho put ejtoi 'Iilnary Drill an. I Inspecti r,niid line wait fur ordeis. Hi- oruVr 1 I the (Altitun: "tGWCXni .,, s- I.OVI'.I.L. Clerk. Ilurlington, May 15, 1616. MISS L. II. SI'At'Y wi lcommencel rSummcr Term, on Monday, the I5lh June. Scholars nre. expected 10 cuter at Iho ommence nt of the Term. C CI EC COX: English, - - - S3 to 4,0 French. - - - l,K) Dravvinf, - - " 3,00 School Rooinons djor wc-t Mrs. Lingorihy's up stairs. Ilurlington. May 15. 1810, iO !HY PLATS. &0. rfc IIOXIS TIN PLATE, IC and IX lu 15" " " I x npi.UO S " " " II x 20 7.1 II lis IKON WIRE, assorted Nos. Russia nnd FiisiVh Sheet Iron, Sheet Lead, Zinc anJCo'iper, Win1 Vellum, Holt Copper, &c. For Sale 015 by VILAS &. NOYF.S. Ilurlington, May li. 1310. SO 5C1-C Yrrk Ticks I Hale " Falls Company" do a " Siripcd Shirting For S le by VILAS A. IS'OYES. .May 12, 1S10. 50 Cotton Thread, 1 000 Sle'' Collon ThreaJ.-rVhi'.e J SOO 1I02. Spools Thrcal, 100 lbt Linen do forfnlehv .May 12, 1610. VILAS & NOYES. WILLI STON man SCHOOL AMI FEMALE SEMINARY. . qiHE SF.M.MElt TERM of this Inniiuiion wi'l Jl coiniuciife on Wislnc-dav, Juno 31, under the chaise a heretofore, of J. LYMAN, A. M. 'I he condition of the School i pro.perou-, number f pu pils larse.nnd the pro.pei'l for the f Hiiro fl.iliennir.'l'ho in.lriK lioii is I elii-vcd to bo efficient and the rough. It i as nn e-.cntiil pcciliarily of tho institution to lead the pupil, so fir a practicable, both to inttrucl nnd aovern bim,clf. This renders hi studies pleas, nut and ensure sii'-ce. The fi ililie, for the an quisition of Natural Si icnco aro unus'ially goo I. Spcihl allcntion will bo (tivcu ilnrins the coming term lo the study of lloinny. The Principal pos sesFei a largo Herrchclian TVIesv'i'pe, of Hipcrior quality, with oilier excellent apparatus which ho will use lor the I enefil iflho students. Tuition for lb" Pi imary branches, 83,00 Higher, "... a,00 Lansuagi'S, .... .Jo Hoard can be obtained at from 31,25 (0 81,50 per week, including washing itc. It is very devtrablo Ihat Ihoso who anticipate at tending thoul I commencs at Ihe beginning of the quarter. SO Wilhstop, Mayo, lflto. mm w A B. DE1VHY, has receded diirin? the past J. weekn fresh supply of 110003 in his .inoof trade, among winch ore North Shore Salmon, Con- lu'ctinit HlicrSh.iJ, Jlackercl of the first quility, in til l', Inlt l!Ws nml Quarters I Uio, LtiRiilra. Java &. Mocha .collie, CMT..,Br.w& ItcHnc,! Su- i eolloe, b'l Croix iv .iimir iioiio .ioiasc", urounu i Spec, Sperm V M""l I Candles, Soap ytanh ic. Al-o I.cmons, OMnscs, I'ij, Ciiir.iiil, Cilron, Unx and Muliana Hal-tns, Mnec, Pepper Sauiv, To rn. iiotsiipjloro orouno jiiMaru, o.e. Wliito Kenns. 1 K UUSHHI.S WlllTP. lir.AN3, part of which 1 tJ aie small, and very line ti,r wol, May 11. A. hkwi.i. Dried Apples. At A. S. DRWUYS. May 14. Smoked Beef Ilanie. l.MK very fine, lor sal .May 11. A. S. DHWRYj Matclics. A Cf Gros Matches, lor sain cheap bv fl'UU Mav 12, 1840. VILAd h'NOYEi Pins &, Needles. Cfin Packs Am. Solid Held Pins JUU 100 do Mixed do do do do Scwin? Needles 300 Gro Knitting do for sale bv May 12, IB PS, VILAS if. NOYKS. n per. 9 OH Ic;,m, Cap Paper '-.uvainiim Loiter oo 100 do wrapping do MaylS.ISIC. for sale by V1I.AS .f-NOVRS. Second Arrival. MORE NE1V ROODS THIS SPUING TUST returned from New York, uiih a Ire-h sup- tj ,iy oi inu . . . . '..I . vu iu iMii niriieiiiaiciy.aiinev are hut Jut open- ,, ,, . . ed. nnd will find a cood assortment lo .elect from. 'uiyn, lo 10. DANIf-L Ktll.V. litittons. 8 f(( Gro" s''irt tlatto lUUUlOOOdo Pant do 25(1 do Coat i'o 1203 do Vest do for sale bv. Mav 12, IS10. VILAS U NOYF.S. Suspenders. Dozfh Su-penders HO do Klastie do for sa'e bv 300 Mav 12, I8IG. VILAS & KOYRS. SUMMER WEAR, &c. rV CASI'.S Summer Wear, a variety ot styles nnd t qualities. 3 Cues Col'd Cambrics, I'or salcby May !,. VII. AS &, .NOVHS. HI. G. RATHDUN & CO. MIUIVIIANT TAILORS, TN ITK their friends to examine a caufully select- JL cu .l.orllllClll oi CLOTHS, CASSIMF.Itr.S, VHSTINGS, AND T r 1 ni in 1 n t H . ""Among tbeir Clolh may he fuun J Super. French liiai-K, llluo mailt, iirown, Ulive, nnJ all tlief.iluon utili' laney colors. -Their a.ortiK'nt of La-.tmere cmbrice a variety ol qualinus ofdain I'r. Ill'u, IV. HI'fc Doe . Skills, and a ureal aiiuiv ol I'a.lilon.ilJo Fancy. Vcstings, Fif. andcinbossi'd Velvets light nnd da.!; fur. Silk plain and li.T. Mjrjciles Marseilc VtM Shapes, and a great variety of patterns for Summer wear For Summer Con's CaOimerctK Dran de Ftc. Twicls, io. For Pant Heavy Duck, and superior Lriiimg. Al-o, Self-Adjusting SlocU lilack, Fancy and Summer Ci'avats .Siippender Shirts Uooms ond Collar-. I,i!e-llireaJ ilk W'k, colore I, an I white Kil Gloves. Also I rown anl drab Vilvits and .Verjca. May 1 1. HI. a. Itatlitiuii. C. K.Ward. Notice ! HM.!!! Parttur-hip herctofuie existing tinker tl 1. Firmifli ct C. i;. I' olleit, i. th'S day di.stlvcd by nvilual coiuent. The llool. and Paper are left f r the present at thcr Old Sicrc where one of the un 'cr-ignej may he found prepared to a-hii.t all mailers pertaining to the lius'ne.a nl the late lirm, I.Ot'lS l OI.I.F.TT. CHAS.K. FOLt.l.TT. liurhnston, May, 12. 1310. CO "LEATHER & FINDINGS STORE. i:. C. LOOM IS, 1-1 AS just rcceivca irom D-wYmk n Mrp- nnri gon cini nB riincnt oi reamer. Moroccos. Kids nnd Finilincs. ns can be found in ibis State, and will be ,, , f , , , , r, soldasjuvv for cash as can be bought !s '.'i 0 New ork, if you do, or do not bclieveit, call and cvanunc q'nhty nnd prices. Al-o, Tanners' Oil, by inu not or q inrt. i.itienise, 1 rana Miller s Leather Preservative nnd Water Proof Oil H'aclnnr;. 1 have used nnd sold Ibis Itlackinn lor ihc fist 3 vesrs. and tan ncotnir.cnd it to llie Public as the best article now .11 use lo render the Leather, soft, pin! le, water pro'.f, and much mors durable. It is an excellent ar lidefor Cam 120 Tops and llarnt-Siies. Thedircciions will bo found on llie inside of the cover of each Hon lor tiinir II on Csrrianc Tops and Harnesses. I'citl Slrcet, Hinslon, May 7. 49n3 v h ii m 1 mi kTuseI S 1 11 II E N R Y , THAT has received 3 Premiums at ihe Stale Arrl cultural Fairs, in New York, hsld in 183.",. 1942 and l?ll. Alsc, lir-t County premium, and has received mote premium than any horse in tho Stnte. Sir lltnrv will be Ircated fcr the present seasod, in Hur linston, 1., at the old Durkeo stand, rn Church et near the County House for Ihe acommodalion ot llio-o who ili to improve ihc breed of ihat noble animal the Horse. His eeldin? cilts have been -old for fiom S.100 10 SiOO. One pair of matcheJ, for 31000. ! or further pirticihrs spo UiUs. Premi'ini Hone ECLIPSE, wi'l also stand in lie city ol declines, Vermont, nt C. I.vcrctls, EDWARD LONG, D VID LONG. Iliirlinston, Mav Clh I -13 iXEW YORK &- BOSTON BOOT & SHOE STORE. rgMIE Subscriber having removed to the store nn for Primary Schools, by G. J. Webb,, i'rce'i ol II in 11 Church tireet formeily occupied by S W. del Und Haydn So.'icly, Editor cfMass.Coll. Ch. lie hi9 Binl, consibiing of Imdies Hoots and Sucrs, " Gaiter Unola, of every dt'scrui.ion, ' IV Hubkms.lotcst iylo " KiJ ' da " I'runelln " do " HalfGai'cru, " French Slippers, " W.Tter proof Boots and Shoo 9. " rineKienchC-ilfdodo " do di do sewed, " dj do Hropans, " Morocco do M fc'tout Calf tnd Kip hhoef. i-ngnsa Kia .uppers, i ( loth Haifcrs buttoned Trench Satin Slippers,! ' Prunella Danciag Gat an co'ors, icru, Gold Hrnnzed do I " Dancini; pumpB, House SI. ppcr, j 11 3Iorocco slippers, stoui lioois a liiitKins, " l.iii do 11 Shancd Kubbris. " Calf shoes all kinds. " Figuird and p'am du Missci Hoots and Shoes, " Gaiter Hoots, ' IV Gaiters, best quality " ' li'isltins, ' I'mnello Slippers, ell colors. Rubbers with leather soles, " da do Hacklei l do fi"d, and plain. I Joy's Hoots and Shoes, iino Calf Hoots, " do Km do 11 ' Itukins, nil colors, " do Calf and Kip Hrogans, " Stout Shoe, all kinds, " 1'runcllo Gaiters and " moui .iiorocco anU Call Hoots, Rubbers c fall kinds, Children I hots if Shoes. " I-Vnch Gaiter Uoots, all colors. dancing pumps. Youth's Hoots and Shoes. " Fiso Calf Hoots ewed " " Morocco Gaiters, nnd nee-red. Diition ana jace, " ' ISuskins & Simper!'. " do Kin do do de " Seal and Grain pss'd " Hoots ond Anclo Ties of nil colors. Gentlemen's Hoots and Shoes. " Napoleon Hoots with and without tops, " Calf Hrogans and Kip ewcu snoc s, " Morocco Hooti and Huskins " Fine Gaitets, Dancing pumps and Ties of all Uind.s Also, fiallcona of all colors, and Black and Light Silk uaiter laces, cotton laces, eve. eve Tha atibsenber feels assured that all Tha tubtenber ftcla nssun-d that all wha with lo make cood bargains in Iho nbove mentioned articles, will not go nay from his shop dissatisfied. N. II. 4 II kinds of Boots, Shoe, Gaiters, Slippers, tc. fie. male lo order. The subscriber baa con stantly in his employ iho best workmen, and all vroik maiio by nun, narranieii. IIKUIIF.N Ilurlington, May 1, 1816. 43v.C Vt II.MDNT CIJNTIIAI. ItAII, ItOAI). A N assessment of Use dollar" on a share has been '. orderel ly llio Directors of Iho Vermont Central Kail lload Company, payable on the first day of Jan. neit. Payment may be made nl iho I'arniera it Mechanics Hank at Burhnsion, nt tho Hank of .Lnt- pchcr, ot Iho Bank nf Woodstock, or, nl thuTreasu rcr 8 UlUCe, iso. W), ircmum .v. iiiMioii. SAMUKI. II. WALLEY. rreasurer, B.ston. 22d April, IBIG. 49w5 Strayed. IT'BOM the flubicriberon the 1st May laat, a lied X Cow with short horns turned in, and three three year. old. A suitablo Uewsrd will be piren to nnv one ho willeiva information olsaid low, at J. ot J. II. Peck it M.'. Jstore. wl JAMIIS WAI.l,. SCHOOL HIXMiSi pllU,hoj ,y JKNKS& PALMER, Boston, and for , , Bookseller nm' Counlry Traders generally. ismnntrtMs attlllM nit IM'.llllMrl H( K9. IHJl itur m un..... . .-.. ... - T"l U", ? liS 1 V f , ,W S aid W .. . - -- others tnicresieii in i-.uul-iiuuii, it ri-.intBim, m following series of Headers, iz. ivorccstcr a 1'iiuicr, or i irsi iitn-n. i& pt't;1', ISmo. . ...... , Worcester's second noov, lor Heading ana Spelling ICS pace-, lBmo. Worcester's Introduction to Third Hook, with Hiilea and lntruetion. 20liagc, IBrtio. Worcester s Tlilru nook, tor treadmirniio spel ling, with ltide and lntriictions fjr avoiding com mcincrror-. 258 papes l2mo. Woi'Cestrr's I'ouilli isnoK, IT Keadmc, Willi Hides nnd Invlructioii", by lt''V. Samuel Worcester. 4SC pajre, ia.Kio. 1 lieaoove inrni a coinpicic htiu oi iieiunnp uoohs which arc not surpas-ed by any other work for thii purpose. The u-ne has recently I ecu cnlargtd ana improved, by I lit insertion ofn course of leon in KniineMtion nnd Articulation, in each Look of the cries adaptcil to tnu capacity oi tne siuoiar icr w hnm n" the several works an; intended, prepare 1 bv Mr. Wilham Itus'ill, a (h-lingiiislied Icnelicr of Uorution. Tho prominent characteristics ol tlie Bo ric arc in follows, viz. j Hxcetlcncc of Selection, tmi n in qraunlion anil dia meter, nnd useful subjects tuficihcr with de scription ol natural scenery nnd ol,ci-l, lending lo promote n fondness lor agricultural life, buns;, rather than llio-eof a warlike spirit. Thev aro ilc-iancd lo inauu lieniiinc a Aiii, and iKo. lo imko Enunciation an important purl of learning to read. Holes for cood readme, adapted toench eson. and ali-lofcrrori tobenvoidcd, loscthcr with n pcllnig lesion, of word selected liom the rca'lmsr Ic-son, Thev aro nrenared bv a practical nnd Intelligent counlry fachcr, and nrc comeipicnlly I cllcr adapted thin nio-t olhcr to the iie of counlry schooli.. The enlarged editions can I e mcd w 1 1 Is oilier. n-siiiuuiix nun, naLiiL,-, n Testimony irom icacuer, who uaicu-euiiic oook, uniiorni v avoran e one oiwuoin f..,vs --iiiaiui limn .i.i, ',.. ,...;., .,.. .,., i, r,i in ilirifi-ibe time from nnv other. INtimcrou commendation bavolccn icccuel byllie publii-lier hut a few r n v are nnnendi'd a we relv neon the meril of the books, nnd icque- for llitin a candll examination. The hooks are printed on good paper, sal staniiallv bound, and are lurm-hcd at a low rales us an of the lo-s meriiorion works. Thev are in exlcnsiveusc in nearly all parts oflhe Untied Stale. Ilecommenuations oflht abort II orks. Gcnrirc 11. Dmer-on, F.-o., nn eminent teacher of llo.ton, and one ol llic aiiiuurs oi me nciionl nnd Schoolina.ler," ii'tnarUm a letter tntlic Publishers! "river .nice 1 teeanie aciiuamico wu u air. woi 'pter'-. Iiot.ks. lhev have .ceined to nie hetteradanlcd than any oilier scric mm iiai-oiue io rov unow-ieiige, to llie cahacitie anl wnnl bold ol learner anc leacbers oflJcinentarv Schools. They are not, like most oilier intended lor un purpose, a mere coinpi. laiion 1 to a creal extent they are original. 'T he reman: lo teachers, the nonce ot errors to ho avoided, nnd the ouc-tion to aid the undcr-dand in? of the learner, are nil ol irreal ulue ; lulwhat i.of lar ere.ucr. I Ihe elevated moral Ion J which per vnde the-c le-.on, litlinq ihcin not only to extrci-e the min-land communicate the an of readinir, but la dointich lor that belter and u-ually neplecied part of education, the formation of the moral character, and Ihc education ol the inoiai a icciion-." And in tcirnrd to the Inlroducl.on In l ie T urd Hook, juM pub li-bed, Mr. Kmer-,011 ndJ. " I welcome tlii- n on ad litiotl lo an invaluable crles.,, I rom v illiam Ru!ll, Teacher ol Llocution. In a letter received bv the publisher. Mr. Iti.-.ell remark " I consider ihcin tlie bc-t adanlel of anv to youthlul reaJers. They ale more imple 111 mailer 111.1 .tvle. and more inlcrc.Umr to children, than nnv other that I have trnd, and linely Muted, in tiarliciLlir, to maternal instruction at home. KMKItSON'S SPELLING HOOKS. F.imr. oil's National Soellinc Hook and I'ronoun- ciiipTuior, on an improved plan, wi h Heading Les son, one Hundred and rsixiietu l.Jiitou Inlroduclini lo ihe above lor voiiuccr seholars. by the tame. The-o works, are hiahly recommciidcl by Tca.-ber and others, ore used in ihe Hi klon Public Schools, and al.o ixtciisivcly in the various j-chools in the Unite I Stares. PAULEYS HlSTOniFS FOH COMMON SCHOOLS. Parley's l'irl Hook ol Ili-'.r.ry. Parley' Sec nd Hook ol' History. Parley's Third Hook ol Hiftory. Parlev's Hook of ihe Uniied State. F.MLHSON'S AlilTHHETiC, (in three parts.) Part 1. contains Fnv Lccns for Urcinner. Part 1 cilntiins Lcsons for all Scholar. Part 3 contain the higher operations. Key to part 9 and J. li'iei lino to nan 3. Tin series 01 Ariiumeiiei is in use in tne a 11001s of New YorK, Plula Is-lpliia, an I Ho-ton, and in oiuer nlitulion svliure iio.iorn imjoov coicnis are uuopiea, HAILLY'.S ALGFUItA. uai ev a r 11 rsi'i's 01 'nv " ,ut i.a".". and Common School,. Key to the above for Teach ' Bailey's First lessons in Algebra, for Academics The above tlgchra is on the induclire plan, tnd i de-i;iicJ for tbo'o not versrd 111 the seiente. It is used a a Cuss Hook 111 the i'ul lie rstiiool 01 uestun, and in varu u School anu Acaucmics ol luru cna racltr in all parts ol'tbeUniieJ Sutes. liOODUICH'S UNITED STATES. Goodruh's History of tht' 1'ni'ed Stan-, adantcd to ihe latuciiy ol youth. Revised and tularireJ Irom the One Htiudredih Edition, and bronoht down to Tvlcr- Administration. Goodrich's sad i-merson's (lues'ioiis 10 ihe ui'ove. The abi've History of the Uni'ed State is among the must popular works of the kind. It is i'l u-e in ihe Ito-lun bcliools, ananas a high una extensive popularity. WOKCISTEK'S DICTIONARIES Worec-icr'sF.lementarr, adaptid fi r use in School nn I Academics, containing nearly 9CO0 more word than any other School Du'tionsry. llo. Lomrrriien-ive, tl 'renouncing anJ I.xnianato rv.l de-ignedfir the shu.i, and fi rireneialre.'erence 'This Dictionary is recommended !' pir.-cns of the biche-l literary iiurit, a "ccrabinia'r advantases a a.Prouonnciu Dictionary, superior to all other.." and a beina; "a mrsi (otnjirchonsive, cor.e.H and iiiClui compenaiuni." RUS-ELL'S ELOCUTIONARY SERIES, I. Rus-tU's Lessens iu Eii'in'iaiicn. 2. Do. Ka dimeiit of Ge-ture. 3. Do. Kicrcise in KIocuiioii Also, Ru.scll'a Lloeutionist, a new work, coinbiiuu all the above. MUSIC FOR SCHOOLS. TI,A T.ltil.1 .nn...... nn V,T,n, Ql.,lnrr n.1nl. Tin Cuinmon SchocI Soiurter, for nJ;nnccd learn ; bv the fame Ptiblichtu tinker the taiutiou uf tho Hoion Acu'emy of Mu.c. i The Vo'ing l-ad' Vocal das Rork, (!t.;gne for families an J ths higher sobouU i by the iame, I'ub- llshiM as anovi'. Tlieaboc form a IVosressne Series, for e Uf li I'am.hcs and School. JIISCIILLANnOUi!. firnnd's Geometry, I'artt-1 and 2. Do, Philc-ophy. IJo. ChemUtry. Do. Anilmieiic. Do, Ali-relrJ. Sulluan'd tU Hock, Pulmcal,, nnJ His lorica!, Krcst's Grammar, Hca'-uet Krench IM rue Hook, IlolbrooIvV-i (itomelry. Abbot'., Mule Philosopher, IVouVb Penmansthip: Parf-V Anihinetie. HilJrelh'j. L'nitcJ States. Hall's Lecture to Teach erg. HI. sir's O itline uf iiitory. Johusoii's and Walker's School Dictionary. TheCLiM'a Hotauy, School Coiiiiuittret Teachers, Vc.t deir-ius l ex amininp any of the abort', will Le supplied r about charge. In addition to tho abote, atway- for t-ale at FatiB factory prices a eoniple'e asorlineiU of School, MuMCnnd MtecELLANCot'S Hocis, St4tionert, de. May 2.-50 AMERICAN PRINTS. 35 CASKS FANCY PRINTS. 2 HO. Fin.MTU K. OUIl l'rlnts ari" purchaaed of the .Mjtmfdcturers' Agents, nnd they jre thus obt.iintd nearly direct from Ihe Manulactititrs. We pay no cne a projll on iheni, Lutlarvly Ihe Apenls' ccnninission. In thi manner we uhtain nn nifr.inji.'i orer lhi. who buy l...l'n..l. .nl....i,,n.,,U... a..,t... A , 1, a iay a .jjt,, projll, v. huh ia nved Ly us in oin(r direct tothoAcencies. Po-se-tiiiirilie-rnaTanlnze we would direct the ntlention ol Hu firs, anurinc tliein ihat wo can luruish them with Prima upon terms ief(r lhan any Home in 'his vicinity. v iua or. ;,ui m. Ilurlington, May, 12, 1813. JO AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. WIF. S iliserihers wi-h tn call Ihe nttenlion of frli n.U uf A-rnot'ltiire. nnJ the Member r.f flHK Sibserihers w'l-h to call Ihe nttenlion of Ihe 1 friends ul Airici'lture, nnJ Ihe Member r.f the I Agricultural Society, and nf the I'armtri' Cluopir. Ilculailu, to n IllTri'Kll PLOW thnn has eter I efore ..... olered in ihi market, and to convince von that .nk- ihc irnili. when wo tay a 6rer Plow, we earne.lly invite nil to call nud examine for iheiii-elte. We have 1'ro.ily & Mears, Centre Draft, .Subul, Sidollill, Sward, One Horse, and li short, every variety of PIjsvs male by them. We have al'o Itiigsje. No irso if. Mason's Plows, ofevery descrip. tion and s'ie, Corn Shellcrs, Ch irna, Hoe, iVe and epct in n lew dav n pei e al asforiment ol Farmers, nnd Uaidencrs, Implements. Tho above atliac ure for Sale nt ihc Siore of T. Loveii, ri"i-on a numiings, v nurcn Piieet, llur. ltn?tpn, uy Jonn b. i-eirce, wno i, r.,,r nuihorised iRem, - u. . ""-'" ""n. ...i.i... t --u. " v. LAK3S BOATS, For tht transportation of property, between LAKK CIIAMI'LAIN, THOY. ALUA- NY. NEW YOI'.K, AND HOSTON. TIIi: I'HOPIilFTOH.'j ifti, , MM! having i, i. ciej'cil llnir lui'ihtio by inc a tditioii f several firt rale floats lillder the ci minand o( t'Tiienetictil nnd fahhfiil .Mu.ler, nrc prepared lo givedj.paiih io an propcny inu'iiuin to pas letvvecn the alio vc nnmoJ places,' with whirli ilitv inny 1 e lntru-tiil,ut.d hope, by prompt attention lo tnciiucrw oflhcir em ployer", to receive n continaimc of put he patron- t: Tavir boats are to lo tnwed bv Fleam on lltidsnn Hirer, and on Aire Cliami'lain v hen nece.-siry, and .."gitvic u ,,ii,ti.i nil; iu i.tit J urh, u, hi -o, io TrounnA Albany. I.nt ol tiood are Lent loccther and not subjected to injure by tr.iiih.iincnt. Proprietors, FOI.t.r.TTit IlllADI.I.V. Ilurlinrtan. MCIIOI.S, HUinON&CIIlTll-.NDDN, St Album A. ii. Cl.AltK, 67. Allans. Agents A. JOHNSON So 3, Cientiei Slip. A'tu York, CORM.LHS I.OVi:i.l A'tir VorA .f- boston Pack et UJtcc, Ijona WliarJ, Uetlyn. April, 1SI0. -17 Biirlinpton Ilijili School. I.UC'IAN W. CIIAM:Y, Prictpter. The Summer Tsrni of this Imtitutiin nil com mcnte on .Monday the ci'-hticuih of Miy instant. No scholars received for less thin half 1 tern-. Till SI'KLS. Itcv..!. IC. CONVI HSK, Hev. (). W. I!. PfURODV, Hon. T. FOLLIHT, H'YLLYS LYMAN, Fsq Gl.O. H. SHAW. lino. I'rof. CAL IN PEAKS'. 49 a 3 NKW-YORK WHOLESALE HOUSES, SPRING Tit Alii: -TO C'OU.NTHY NCR CHANTS. tTTE resoeclfullv ssk vaur stlcnlion to the follow V in reasons why you should inaka our pur' chases of Koods in the New otk oisikrt, ttry frankly confessing it is our denre lht jon .LjulJ do so. It must 1 0 admitted tint from EO lo CO per cent of sll tha lorein inerchaud,a whi"li is impnrttd inlo this country is receitel in the port of New Yor-. Of course (hers it here Ike oimortunilr far the i.lnl e lection. The stock Vcoods on hsud id iU. city is it all timet ltrrr lutn llie united nockt 01 u ir.e ui erFastirn cities. It is tnuillv ctrisin thit.S'ew Yotk is the chief sod ?ret depot fir Ills inmufacturtrt cf tho tniiern and iiiida'e sines, tcu si at projuLit of the Wettern. Ihe pricet oftooda in New York, by rcasin of Us immense, and the cumcjuent com? nition, are neccesirtly lower, and credits aro extended ou 1. libera! a acn'c a nt anv other noint. The Merchant, Manuficturtrs and Importers whrss eis s'..bjincd, are preLarea lu prsivs Iho irtith of lbesa nositioiia. and -Alii be lmt-PV tn dis pose of their goods on terms which will rcrily all that is isserieu uere. nnv goods. Importer and Deaiehs, Tn Staple ami Fancu Dry Goods: E. ,f- J. Hinsinc, Nos. Ill and 113 William etieet, corner of John si., the W aihinsjion Stores. F. S. 4 I). Lithrcp, No 115 and 1 1. N nhini ttwei indSOJohn it , lb': Washington litorcf. Tailor if- .trnistronf, 213 Gresnich st. STAPLE AND FANCY SILK GOODS. Carleton, Frulhuuham A Co., 127 end IS.9 William tne ailiinnton mc Jobber ol sian'a and fincv dr? enod', Zephyr Worst sd. Canva.i, Ulowea, lliUDi na, i.iees, ru-troueru Triinminns.and rnibro.a'erv irticlts in ireners I). 8. Turner, U0 William si. betwuen Cedar md Pine, Dei'srs in French Silk Goods and Millncry irtic's . Thompann &. Van Veg hle.i, 60 John s! , up stairs A. 11. Csilhna, 6i J c tin a 1 corntr raaaau. HOSinilY, CAPS, STOCK?, .f-c. Importtra nf Ilonerjr, Su.pcnder., aiosca, Cmili, a cans, oc. .u a uui d ,,n s, ,-,., Linen., Oil Silk.. John, M. Daviea &. Jones, 10S William St. aoulh-eaal corner ouunn atreet. Gent'emen'a general Furnishing Store, Manufictur er and wholeialt Cealcra in hhiita, Collar', Bosoms, Stocl;, Crarato, &2, J. I. Wakcnian o: Cu., 75 Maiden lane. CLOTH ond CLOTHING STOIU'.. A'tic Cloth Store. Knoenfel I'jut 30 John t. near NVsau, 'ea'er9 in French, Geiman and Vv' h cli.lh ca snncrca, xalings, aumraer nam, irimmingi, ic. Ilnpers, Tailma, and Gentlemen's Furniihing Siorei Morrison ? Jone, 133 and 137 Wiilnin it. in the new block, between Joneaanu I'Uiioil. Wholesale Denier in;: Andrew Hall &.Urther, 5 Vcsey, corner Washing ton tl. STIlAwTToODS Manufacturer nnd Dealers in siraw yoods, palm leaf nais, nrnnciai nowers, ,j'C , fl. T. WilHe.V. Ca., 63 William at., up staira, J. II. ili'ls, U6 I'eirl -I. up stun. HU C. lilake, 22 John at. upetiiira. fancy .urricLr..-?. Dea'era in camha, cu'lery, Ac, Importera of French, i.nansn nna ut'rnian variety eooj. White and Tasker, UlonJ 113 Wilham st. corner of John, up ataire, Importer of German. Zephyr nnd Tapilfie worsled caiierns, caiif as, t neniiit. nos anu tuistej aims, all kinds of trin'ie, eord an I lasiel, nnd a great mr.ety cr hiencn lancy article. U. M. Peyser, 53 John st. nnd J3D Uroadnay, CROCKHIIY, I.OOlTlNa GLsF.S,4.C Importers and Dcilera in ednss, chins, earihenwnie, looi-inu giasesanil clocK, Smallev .t .TcMen.53 Peirlst. Itichrd F. Ilavilirt I gj Jl.uden line, Pcrl and s iliiam a1.. F. W. Ojrab'iry: 56 Courl'nndl .1. between fireen vsich and Waahinaloo. lljltls and fuse's suppli plied at ihe lowest Mtts. William .4. Francia, 7u )c. it. Erst mill r.orih of i o iriutiat, between null nton a', ana :orm II er. Timothy T. k'nuim k Son, 143 Maiden !ne, between water ana i rant. Importer, and Jobbers in looUng glasses, and lmpor ters ri'lokin phss plain. Reuben C. Kull . Co., ?;9 Ptall st. oppotite Plait. AG KNOT FOIl FI.IN T AND GKEEN GLASS FAl Willi:!. Orufists and ehetn.c.! fiirmlure, tinrf bottles nnd vialanicu', uiaiii. mi'iieu and oriecsUst rotors jir. Trench and (rnian cut lui'it bolilrt, nianl.l ornanienis at ctuia anapiass. Andrew Koii, 150 Maiden lane, will remore lit Mas 127 Water at. up Hairs. HAHDWARi: AND CUTLEHV. Importer and dealer in far(n .nd domesiic hard ssare. cut nnl'a. John J. l.Bjrave, CO j Green wiih at. third above Ve-ey .t. on tce.ortn uier aiue oi iue cuj Fs te cut nails t , HI and 113 William A: J. Bussinj John street. t. corner of llHITANNIA WARE, kC, Manufacturer of Plain and Jappsnned and Planished tin svare, Britannia ware. HulT'd Spoons, sVc. aad i'ea!er in Coirie mills, hol low wre, lanterns, Ac. P. II. Cl.rk, at. Manufsctnre i and importers of bntannia vrare in all lit branches, dealers in bloek tin, antimony and bismuths. B. ataman &. Ilstl, C Burlm a'ip, near Tesrl at, l..4MP.',&c. Imporler nnd manufaciuier of salar lamps and chan- aa icra, traiuet, nsrlor, hall, church c table lamps, jj.raiidolcs, klob jappanncd v are. John W. Mortal, 151 Fulion st. ruBusHnn, uooksf.u.fiis, ."ec, Hunlinstnn .f. gavage, Publishers ol tha "Naiimal .chool and Parley's Geography, by S. G. Good rich, SIS Pearl st. Samuel A. William Wood, 2GI Pearl st. opposite Unit, ed Jvaies Hotel. Importer of English Books. EJmund Baldwin, 155 Broadway, in connection with' Robert Baldwin. I.on Isn. unhoits lo orJer lor un versities, public libraries, s.ieiilificand Inerarv mm i-.ncusn oooks, periodicals apcl works ot every del cription, at iu per cent, commissrn lor casn STATIONARY WAtlKHOUSi:. Frnncis & I.outrel, 77 Maiden I.anc, Impittere of l'nglish nnd French stationery, and manufacturer -of account boobs, manifold letter writers, crolon Ink, fin,. &c. Lewis Francis Cyrus II. Loulrcl. PAPF.Il ilOXLS, ifc Manufacturer of all kinds of paper bouts, bind box es, bind box iauri, deifer in binders and boards, and unporer of lsn'-y paper. t harlcs Cludius, C9 John street, u;i stair j. Importers and Manufacturers of paper hangings, fi e board print'", CVe, Howell it Ilrothcrs, 137 Uroadwny, have rpeslvedtbe premiums for Iho best man dactured pnpsr I inglniio, in the ciu-soi lustun, isevv 1 un; ana rn. a icipmu.. MU-ICAL MERCHANDISE. Manufai lurer and Irrporieff inutiralinetri-nwnla til ki'i l in 1-11 at oitreiir.i).i,3C (.ons antly jn nana, r.dvvatu liastk, 81 Fulton, coiner Oold. Importer nnd Manufacturer of musical instruments ana dialer in airings lur violin-, piano luiief, anu publishers of music. . (!. Clinstnnn, 101 Pea 1 i street. UMIML'LLAS, PAItAS.Ot nnd SUN-SHADES. John 1. fmiith, manufacturer, 212 I'enrl at., one do' r from the corner of Hurling Sup, havnip returned from Europe is prepared to ihovv his cur,,' nets Ihu most elegant Frrn'-h and English styles. Geornc J. llyrd, 160 Pearl St., opposite Cedar, is pre- h.l..l ...,l, . TT.l,r-'U- I1..B..I. f. . inanufuctiucd at tl.iir csl.iblishnnpl, unsaipasssd in the market. ' Pr.UI'L'MF.RYT'sOAPS, .r-c. Manuficturer nnd Importer of choice perfum$ry, toilo ajspa, e iruei, i-oioirne, svc. i: ljeue lloussel, 159 IJroadvvay, 1 ct'.vcen Liberty nnd v-oiir.iar.u sir&c.s. WALNUT OIL sit Mil ITARY SI1.WINO SOAP. Johnson, Vrootn ct Fowlrr. manufacturers of fancy and firmly 3:tips, psieut ennd'ts, perfumery, ii.c. S U-Httlut.J, (. a. id TL, ,, i' ..,.. GiiocEuif:.-, i.iyuoi'.s, rntjiTS.&c. Whotesa'e srocer and dealer tn wines, foreisn end domr&uc l.quors and sears alao luanufactursr ol cordial and bitltr. Geore Greenly, 201 Chambers si., running through lo ilcauc, three doors Irom west st. Grocers nnd comm'ssiou merchants, importers and dcaieism fcrandi'.. w,nr. csars sVC, Bens at Kogart, 177 r-oulh st. " Importer nr.d denier in Omrd, Dupuy, st Co , cogni se anu Champagne ' ranuics aucn nnri ncur cms cm, Jannicn sp.rn. Irish ssniskey, .unaurn, I'on anu Sherr, 'Itneritf'S clartt nnd champacne ssines, as. sattpd cord aU. bill rs.UIasana scars. Cs.c. Ileury Ltlaran, Woshinston st. linporfr? ol vsinrs, bianhcs, nba'nth, &c Also, manwlaciurerd Ol coruiais, ayrups, iiueraniiu uiu tr arlielrs for aiipplymg steamboats, hotels, groceti and drurpisu. Jjbn I. ,lo;taicr i Co., 93 Warren st. , Wbotssite dealira in foreign nnd domeslic green and dried fruits, Willi's, hegars, tobacco, i,'C. Ro.a if- Ma.u, 210 Wa.hinglon st. TOI1ACCO SNUFF .f- SHCAI13. fine cut tobacco and manufacturers and importers of rho'ce fara John Andcr.n I'o., 2 V.'a!' st , 213 and 213 Duaue at , live recsiisu tne r.ntr.est prrnvAtn ot Ir.s .tnr can intltiutc for 1313, '44 and 'A5. Mnnufae turer and dja'er in cut, snuff and paper tobacco. Pound partrs on an unproved plan, war ranted ciual lo any in the slate, d cents. i:vcry paper wi g-ha a pajed tuiiclea warranted or mon ey relundid Henry Hell!, 77 Front et., rorncr oldjs'.ip. fpi'- i s, corrr.F, cocoa and must.uid. nunufjciurtd or prepared lor family uso, maj be had of ihs ihuiu'st qualities, nl the office of the Hope Mills, B7 Front at.. New York. DKUO', Mr.iUC'INr, PAINTS, &C. Dealers in druga, medicines, paints,, dyo a'.uffg, ssmdow gins;, eve. 11 u sli i Ilillyer, Hi jjiecmuch st- Dealers in cits, p imts, lnss, dye stuffs, tli.ri.rta' ,1. eo..20j Vandventer it Tallmadje, 67 Barclay st. corner f v asinnclon. He li. , f. also inanuiaciure u.s nrd blacking which obia.ned thepremiumatlhslat. fair of tlio American maiitutc. Bronze, powders, cold paint, fold, silver and florenca leal, auicu tntini anu eic. J. II. Kicket, wholnale cccnt, 133 maiden lane Hronzee 50 per cent, loiter than any oilier house in the United Slates. Manufacturing end furintlnnt; cstJWisliment in lh iligusireotypo bus.ness. E. White, 'a broadwsy, plates, eases, chemica'a pali.liuih' appaiatbsoa, ar.J .-sery arlicie used in lr business. Alio tl.Cerman, 1'lLtich, and American cameras. TRINK.S t.SD IHIUSIIUS. .Manufacturer of Traicling and packing trunks, a lices, carpet l.agu, roc'.ini: and hobby hor se, and velocipedes. II. S. cL W. H. .s'irontr, 'i Peel, slip, corner cf Pear et. anl oppoa te llio easicrn Pearl st. House. II. II. O'sscn ck Son, 201 Pearl st. corner Maiden lane. t!ruf!i manufacturers nnd dialer in broom, cedar and n-i! '.w ware, pail-, tubs, mats and ropes. Win. I'.. Meeker, 103 Washington st. opposite Wash. irifiion marUei one door above fulion. I.nden a: Holland, IC'0 Washmgion st. ono dcor be- losv 1 'u' ton. Brass rivet far Trunks. While is. Birch, office 175 Broadway, manufacturers of all kinds ond e zea of brass rivets for trunks. A superior article nt reduced prices. s.r,AjiArcT)KR safks. Rich's improved patent dojblo and single salamand' safes. Warrsnltd free from dampness as il. r.s filrt procf, an improvement upon WtlJcr'd pitsr', for sale by A. S. Mr.n, sjent for the manufacturer, 139J wat-. street. Tho ordinal Wildet's Rtniime patent doub'e and t.:. gle fa'alaiuar.der safts, wai ranted free from dampne. Silas C. Hirricir, manufaciuier and dealer in all k-n 1 uf iron afes, 139 aier st. corner cf dep jsler st Double salamander al i". J. iiaylur, the onsmn invsritor an, I paienti oflhe H n.ble safe and improv -ed dtlec'or hie.., ssarranifJ fire and thief proof ifh ! dry. Single slsinaii.'sr sales warrantee! equal u anV maker, for sale be Leonard llrossn, ai si. GOI D PI N MANUFACTURE. Albert G. Bailey, t9 Bruadsv nv, for sale at man" faclurera, by all Ihc wholesale jewelers, tta,'4c , warrant! j. India Kuli7r.u ccors. Goodycar's patent ins. dubls india rabler Roods, war ranted lo s'ai.d in evcrv climate. Georje 1'eichcr, sole &jent. 1C0 Broadway. WINDOW SHADES. Impportcrs aaJ dislrrs io Frtnch and Italian window shade-, J. (' Woocs'.'.ird, 5fSl Bri'sdnny, receives by ea I ariiial, fita'is cf (siry style, landscapes, corinih. an, Roman and (Oikic, t'dt cornices, gimps, eVc. WINDOW SHADE DEPOT. Barlol s Pt Manny, trtiats in (cneral, 7 Spruce tt 4 ibwrs from Nassau, inanufacti rers and lmportei Anions: their shailra nrs rn h view on Ihe Rhine Nwiiierlaml, s,apa oflke most ce'ebratal call' drsls in Fyror,Si ripture piece-.landseapes, al bi i . anj kinds FE4.TIIER-STOUE. Feathers, led and maltrs-e cf every descripti. (piai.iy an-j pne. rucsieau ot every vauet) Public attfnnon called to Wilhs' patent sci" bedsltad, constructed lo entirely taclnde buffs. 4 i feathers dress 'J and inaltrssses madeovor. ?amuel S. Psiker, IZ9 anj 1J3 Greenwich et. con. r of Court'anl. MACHINE AND HAND CARDS. John Whittemore 4 Co. manufacturers of cotton r wool hand .nil ma, hme cards, and dealers in n , cles for .ManuLiciiiKra ce, OScc 215 Pearl st. AGRICULTOR 11. STORE. Manufacturer and drsler in nsricu'tural machines f imp'emsnla, portable horse power,, n. Plousihs and ploujh castings, jm gear. I . seeds. J. Plant, 6 Burling slip. FISHING TACKLE, HARDWARE AND FAN " (iOODS. John J. Brnwn .V Co. importers and dra'ers in he ' ware, fish tackle, 122 Fubon et. nlfer lo an? and dealers in lackle, an eitc.isive atsui . ment of fish hocks, liaes, rules, rods. MARBLE. Ornamental ira b'o woik of all kinds, richly 'in' I statuary nnd pbin Inantle and monuments- r a. ers supplied with blocks and slabs. Undethillcs Ferris, 372 and 374 Greenwich t.

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