Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 29, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 29, 1846 Page 3
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JL Mood has tolJ from generation to generation for more thin half a century. Had tlio old Morgan been sur rounded Ify thorough bred nun's, so as to l.cep tip tho purity of his blood, Vermont might havo been on parallel with Long Island, in tho celebrity of her horses. Hut such was not the fact. Hu high strains were mixed with cold blood that mixture again with cold blood, and so on down to the present time, till it has become exceedingly thin and weak, except in two or three special case. It only remains as a vvilnes of the wonderful capabilities of thorough blood, and especially of its controlling organific powei and re productive energies, when mingled with lower strains. Let us then no longer suppose that the oldMorgan was a scml-Frcncher, or indulge In that silly mood which delights in the superstitious and mysterious, that would have lis believe that he sprang up hlio Melchi cdee, without genealogy, relatives or co-ordinates that blond, the like of his. is not, was nut, nnd never will be : but It I us be sober, and study the history of the horse faithfully, and we shall find that tlio 3Ior pan horse is but one example of what pure bluod and judicious crosses can do for us. Shelburne, May 23, 1SK1. THE PROTECTION OF THE SET TLERS OF OREGON. Appearances seem to indicate in the Uni ted States Senate, that nothing will lie done to glvo our fellow citizens who have emigra ted to Oregon llio prolcction of our laws. What Iirituiu has done, und done early nnd effectually, for tho servants of tin; Hudson's llay Company, adventurers, temporary so journers in that legion, our own government is likely to refuse to the families who have migrated thither, with tlio view of making it their homo for life and tlio future abode of their children. Ilissupposod that even this slender mcasuio of attention to the demands and necessities of our brethren beyond the Rocky Mountains will bo coldly and inflexi bly withheld. Wc do not understand tins, we wcic about to say, but wc change tho expression, nnd say that wo understand it too well. What wu have to ask is, tint if our western pos sessions are (a be wholly neglected, whilo we seek to .enlarge, even at the hazard of all the evils of war, our dominions in the southern diiectiou, tho intention shall bo honestly avowed. Let tho neglect be put upon its true ground, ami let no member who means to look his fellow-men hereafter in the face, alT.ct to test it upon grave scruples and poli tic doubts. Let him acknowledge that his settled object is to discourage and prevent, by nil possible means, (lie cnlaigement and growth of tho noith, nnd to keep up and strengthen the preponderance of the southern States. When we havo came to the under standing, wc shall acknowledge the fiank n;ss of these men, if we cannot applaud their sense of justice. Wo shall then know how lioiv to deal with the question ; wu shall be ablo to lay before tho pciple in a perfectly intelligible form, and expect u prompt and just decision. It is curious to contrast the temper in which we legislate concerning Texas with that in which we legislate in tegard to Oie gon. All that h is been dune by Cunjiuss in tegard to Texas has been douo with most exemplary despatch. All that lias been done w illkrcgard to Oiegon has been douo with tho tardiest reluctance. Texas was snatched into the Uuiun ; tho resolutions providing (or tier annexation were passed in a hurry ; the ordinance uhicn admitted her into the Union was precipitated through both Houses before the present session was well begun. The annexation of Texas has drawn after it, as wo warned the nation it would, a war with Mexico, and the sauiu session of Congress liy which tho new Statu is admitted into the Union instantly places at the disposal of the government an army of fifty thousand men, und decrees the appropriation of millions to carry on the war. In regard to Oregon tho only step that Congress has taken is to direct the giving ol the notice which terminates the convention of joint occupation, but that measure was wrung from tho two Houses by tho mere force of public opinion. Never w as a nica sure passed more unwillingly by any delibe rate body than the notice of resolution was passed by the Senate. It was passed because tho members (eared to reject it, because many who voted for it had not the courage to resist and defy the public will. At pre sent the minds of men are occupied by the war, and the Senate arc growing bolder on the Oiugon question. They think doubtless that in the din and tumult of military preparation, and tho ear nest expectation with which alleges are turn ed on tho southern frontier, they may safely disregard that public opinion to which they lately so reluctantly submitted. Wo can (live no other explanation for the conduct of the committee which has charge of the ques tion of extending the jurisdiction of our laws over American citizens in Oregon. A'. I'. Lv. Post. Yellow Fcvr.u in Mr.-vico. Dr. Chas. W. Davis, who stales that lie practised med icine in Malnnioras in 1832, has written a letter to the Union, in which ho says: Since that time I have had constant cor icspoudencc with the residents of that place and know that the yellow fever has prevailed but twice, and then owing to extraordinary circumstances. Ilolli times the river has ovciflnwcd its banks in tho month of Angnnt, inundating the prarics, and ibis was succeed ed by an extraordinary cessation of the rainy season and a burning sun. " Fortv or tilt v miles from Malamoras, at Ileynoso, on the Del Norte, lives Dr. Bass, of Kentucky, a gentleman ol latents ami eej ucation in Ins profession, who has been obhg ed to embark in mercantile pursuits lo main tain himself. The town and vicinity con taining upwards of three thousand inhabi tants, and not lurnisinng nun won iuie.s signal occupation." w. oil, How to ur.T a Whole Suit op Ci.othks into a Junk. Uotti.k. Every timo you feol liko taking n "horn," drop "the prico of a "per" into tho bottlo nnd drink a glass of puro cold water. Repeat this until tho bottlo is full, then break it and carry tho contents to a good Inilor. And within (ho space of a week, yon will find yourselves encased in a now suit of clothes, without any trouble or cxpenso to yourself. Tho same con bo dono with hats, boots, fee. Wu havo known u cart load of wool, and a barrel of flour lo be transmogrified In a situ liir manner. The Evening Post, like its neighbor nnd auxiliary, iho Journal ol Commerce, went warmly for Polk nnd Free Trade, nnd re luctantly for Texas, because it had tlio con science to feel, without tho independence to oppose, that wicked scheme. Rut now the deed has been consummated nnd its conse quences aie upon us, the Post ventures, "with baited bicalh," to utter its rcniotistrun- VERMONT WHIG STATE CONVENTION. Tho Whigs of Vermont arc requested to assemble in (heir lespoclivo towns, and chooso three or more delegales lo attend tlio Slate Convention, lo bo liolden nt Wood- slock, on the 23th of June, lo nominalo a Ticket for Statu Officers. Prompt and effi cient action is requested as questions of ini poi lance will be before ihc Convention. HARRY URADLEY, 1 ANDREW TRACY, GEO. T. HODGES, Stalo I'ORLUS BAXTER, V Cominit- E. P. WALTON, Jr., tec SAML. ADAMS, A. L. MINER, May, iJoili, 1S4G. HltlOII I ON.MAKIvliT, May 16, IS 10. At market, 3."i0 Beef n.iule. 12 nair w-i.rkimr Din. 20 Cow and Calve, G Sheep, and 300 Swine. 130 ltt-i-1" Cuttle unsold. Pucks Iter Cuttle Priee hive dtvlimil. and em reduce mil ciunlalloii. l'.Mia G a ( 2"i hr-t unable slijalij sccundipiahty S3 25 a 5 SO: thud uualne Si 7.1a 3 25. II orkmg Oven S6"i SS2, and S90. Cuies nnd ( 'urts Sales at 624, 823, S27, and $33. Sheep .Sail s at S 1 75. Sieinr. A lot small shoals at 5 and Gc; a lot lar ;ci ut 1J and ojc. A retail fiom 55 to 7c. A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH Hoott Storr No. 1 Peck's lluildings. A gcncrnl assort mcnt ol School, Classical and Miscellaneous Hooks and Stationery at C1TV PRIL'KS. llasuell's Engineers' nnd Mechanics' Pocket Hook. New edition much Improved. Ncntlybound in leather. Pmcr. S1.25. This valuab'o manucl has pa-ted under a thorough revision) tho new edition comprises a large amount of important information respecting Sienin nnd the Strom Kngine, and numerous useful facia in the various mechanic arts, leaned from a var.ety of sources. Napoleon and his Marshals. Ily J. T. Hcadlcyt illu-tratcd wi'h 12 steel cngta vings, 2 vols., 12ino. Vol. 1 just published. PniccSl. The second volumo will be ready in a few days. "Thestyle of Mr. Hcailley is well known. In ihc descriptive hu has no superior among the popular writciB of lhoday,nnd none of his productions have been more justly admired than thoso scenes of the battle field, which ho has painted Willi so much vi vidness as to mako a powerful impression on Ihc reader. In this volumo ho has perhaps exceeded himself, and has produccda work that is not in bo of ephemeral popularity, hut which will bo read and ad mired hereafter. .V. V. Observer. The Hush Ranger orVnn Pieman's l.aliil. Ily Charles Ro croft, l',.j. Auihorof "Talcs of tho Colcnic," Ac. 1'nitK 23 CENTS. The scenery and characters porlrpycd in the present work, not only possess I lie novelty, but tho stirring nnd fearful intcrcM of tho nory so irresistible, in deed, us completely to enchain the reader wilh its powerful fascination renders tins Australian ro mance equal in deep dramatic power to the best pro ductions of its class in modern limes. Harper's Illuminated Sliakspearc. Nos. 70 F0 PniCK 25 cent. The corct'oni drama of Antony and Cleopatra su perbly embellished, enriches the present isuo of this beautiful cdilioii uf the great I'ocl. The Engraving of the Head of Cleopatra is full of bewitching beauty. Life In Prairie Land. By .Mrs. Lhza W. I'nrnliani. U'inci, muslin, gilt. Pint i: 50 ccn-t". forming No. XII. of IIARI'l.R'S NF.W MISCF.L- i.anv'. urnriATniK. No work has ever been written on Life in the West so rich in humor, so spirited in its descriptions, to abounding in thrilling incident as this. llaipoi's Illuminated lllblc. No. 51 I'slcc 25 cents. This closing number compri-cs two frontispieces, exquisitely engraved, which have been pronounced by eminent critics as ur.surpa-scd fornrtistic excellence. Subscribers arc particularly rcqi e ited to lose no time in completing their sets, as nllcr a liiniied interval the work will only bo sold complete, and no longer le oblaiuable in numbers. MsiirifiiQcilp In W csili ri', on I In Cell mst., Lj tlio Rev. .1. II. WooKvard, 31 r. V. Cei'.TIs Wilcox to Hiss II. I'ow.MiN i'ATnlncr., all of W'eslford. lu Kfsex, on the 13lh inl., by the Itev. I). D. Warren, 31 r. I'dw-aud PouounnTV, of I.attlecreek, .Mich., to I.oeisi It. Ilcr-Li, of H-scx. In (hisvillige, on tho IGlh insl., daughter of S. M. l'oi'c, aged 7 munlh". lu WcMfotd, on the2lih insl., Hdnaii, wile of Vm. Wilson, ngid 11 years. In llichnioud, on the Gih insl., Mrs. Alma, Doco tiss, wife of Mr. Joseph Poujla", ncd ID years. Sho was n pious and a devoted Christian, and very exemplary in all her domestic duties. In society, she was beloved and respected by all her friends and neighbors, she was kind and affeclionatc to her hus band und children. As a neighbor, she was good and kind, Lut sho is gone to reap her rcwaid in heaven where ihcrc is no pain nor sorrow, nnJ the wicked cc.ife from trouble and the weary arc al lest. Com. II- - ! . . Victory! Victory ! Victory! The gratlist yet. IT i nmv rii ill the d.ijs of Kihan Allen when old Kurt Tteondcroga wjs raplund, up a .vi) doim; uor.s ir. Jut as ihc New Vmkcrs wero nil in i'Ctncie re juicuiL' for War and Victory, ?7I"1. composed in pari of .Mexicans, Spanish with I'reneh Croii and liri- Its 11 Sovircign8, under n treen .Mountain Hoy Coin maiidcr, reinforced by U. S. Ainerican I'agles. en tered lite HmpirR City, and took from their Stores s)7 13 Hollars worth ol their must Splendid and Valu able l.uods, Ware, nml .Merchandize, and brought to Vermont fir distribution lo the People, who may have the articles l y applying lo llicir Agent uuit.imi. Thursday morning, May 23, 1SIG. 5J Magazines for June. Columbian 3tagazinr, urahains uo Ladies National do tiodeys Lndie's Hook! Ite-ccivcd by price 25 cts. " 19 " 25 A. nnwAUDs. Firo Works. A FEW Hlcy Itockcls, lloman Candles, Wheels, tV ic, can be had of UUINSMAID & I1IIOTI1 I'.KS. As they are kept some distnncc from the store, ihnsowbn with for them ii'nt annlv a short time bclore they arc wauled lo be tfed. 52 C. IIAYJVES. HAS ju-t received n good Assortment cf PAPKU HANCJI.NCJM from New York whith he offers for sale nt his Paint shop, corner of College cV White St., Kast of the Square. Ilurlington, Jlay 1, 1SIG. 43 Volunteers Wnntcd ! WHO will save iheiiLclvei cot bv sellliuz iheir nceounts due the late firm of I,.'et C. K. Kollett bcforelhe lsldny of Juno next. Afier that time all nci'ounti will v left whh an attorney forcolleetion. uuruni;ion, iay loin, oi "JOSEPH -W. ALLBWT" ATTORNEY, MILTON FALLS, fjy-MoNSTEns. Isaac Sailorly Esq. of FerrisUurch, has a cow ol ins own raising, luir blood Durham, which a few days since, gave birth to a calf, wcighint; when twelve tiours old, upwards ol one huitdrca anajuny tuso pounds; well proportioned in every way. Anotiikh. Mr. L. Stone, of Eakt Berk ihiro, Vt., Iia a bull calf of tho puro native breed, which at 10 months old, weighed elmra hundred and ten pounds. Ho has .rained on an averaao over one hundred lbs 'per month since his birlli, and is slill jni"in in fasi as ever. Ho is as docile, cenllo and playful as ony calf of that age, but such is his strength mat stivcim iihmuii gu, no , omu drive a pair of six year old oxun. GOODS. NW. f!.t!K has just returned from N. York and lloston maikils wilh a well selected as sortment of CtOODS, consisting of FANCY I'lilNTS, of every description j Ginghams, 1'niiled I, awns, and I'elaincs, Tor ladies drrsses i Silk liarngo and Delaine Miawls, of the latest stjle; I'aticy (-Ti-imeic lor genileincn's pants ; Suuiiuer fi ods for children's i lollies, all kinds r Cotion and linen Thread Spool Thread ; Col'd Thread S.Ik and Twist of ihe I est quality! Cotton Cloilis, Dulling, lied Ticking, etc. Groceries. FIUS of all kinds and nualiiiew. Itrow n Siunrs. eruah'd do., l'uwdrrcd and Ilavnua CollVe, Allspice, IIingeT, Casia, S.ileratu-, Cud liih, Salmon, 31ack crell, Pork, l'lour, Sail, by Ihe bairand hbl. Ti-.Siore one doer soulh of K. J. Fa'b shsc tore opposuo tne old llanll. Iiurliiiglou, May .'Sdi, 18IG. !o: Vr It MO. NT IIIJNTUAI, HAII ItOAII. , slim AN osec-smenl of live dullars on a share has been ordered by thu Directors of iho Ve rmont Central Kail Kuad Company, payable on the first day of July next. Payments may bo made al tho Farmers e .Mechanics Hank at Ilurlington, at the Hank of Mont pehcr, at tho Hank of Woodstock, or, at Ihc Treasu rer's Oll'ice. No. nJ.Treinonl How. Il.i-ton. SA3IUF.I, II. WALLI'.Y, Treasurer. iosonrMuy 251810 3-iwl Sahbatli School Books. 1 UST receivsd n fine slock of Sabbath School I Hooks Iroin the Depositories in Hoslon and New York, for salo at Depository prices, hy .May 23. S. WOODS. Salilmtli School Libraries. Cfk Volumes for .... $5 00 100 volumes, - - - 810,00 Just received by STKVKNS WOODS. May 2G. NEW GOODS. MP.SSItS. IIItlXS.M AID &HltOTIinRS Dr.SIKI'lo call the attention of purchasers toihcir Summer assortment of Gold V Silver W niches, Spceiaeles et Jewelry, inlirming them that the as soi uncut is more e.Mcnsivc nnd at unusually low pri ces. To O'tr assortment of Looking Glasses & Clocks which singly or by the Cafe will he si Id low. To ourcaricrl stock of ylinericoM l-'nglish. German it French FANCY AHT1CI.KS which for beauty and cheapness wo think will stand unrivalled. FANS of nil prices styles and qualities. Siccl if-Jet Goods, Combs, lire shes. Curls nlain Hair, Slucl.8 Collars A: Uosoms. The self adjusting cpri ig siucas auii uiuer iciu 's low. 1'nrlor, Hall it Store Lamps, for burning either, lard, poor oil and catnphene, of new and i'cs table pat tern", nlso class lamps, lamp shades, globes, clnni nies, wicLs &c, pallor and other lamps ai lower pri ces than usual, purchaser are invited to look at them before mirchnsiii!! elsewhere. Willow Ware nnd Hobby Horses, Wagons, Chair", Cradle. Hnskrts &c. House kef nine articles. In great variety. Chambcr-puls, Fort-baths Clothes li iskels, uioii cs i-ms, c nainticr, .llala etc. ec. In short we haclooller Ihiscason one of the best nssoituicnis wc hate had the pleasure of onering to our customers. Wo des're 10 siy to them nnd to the public that wc ami lu sen goou poous at lair prices ana nave laaeu great pain" lu buy low and shall sell low at any rate, as low 11s tne lowest 111 any department ot our du.-i-ncs. Hasticrrcotype Goods. In Ihis department, wn have fino French Plates. ef- trood Cases. Arnaratus ec. an low as to be had in the place, orders with cash will be promptly answer ed at the lowest tales, gilt, plated and gold Lockets tor miniatures, Horse Xct. Tho vcrv best assortment of Linen and Cotton Hors-0 Nets with Head and Neck pieces, nlso stall for I lines or reins being Agents lor one 01 tne most ex 1 tcnsitc manuriclurcrs in the Net line wc hope to suit customers. Gold Pens. Of the various makers nt lew prices. These Pens am rnpi Ily supercedin? etery ' tlur kind and ate the best Pen ever made, for durability and use. Fl-lllm Tackle. Fly and spring Hooks, Limerick and oilier Hooks, a tancty of hues Vc. .fc. Cards &r. Ql'ine and common nla)ing cards, i-iiing cards, fine Points, drawing Pencils, perforated and Hnstol I card, Was, Wafer", Hiekgainmon I c ards. Chess, Dominoes, games of arioits kuids.Toysin grcat va riety, Snull' and Tobacco boxes, cigarCase, cigar lighter, spy glass, 31 icroscopes", Telescopes, Mirrors, Knives, Itnzors, Scissors, Plated and Hnlannia Ware plated, Hntannia and Glass Candlesticks, Silver Cups, Huiior Knives, Cristie's Galvanic King &. Fluid to cure Itburniatisin if-c. The Caudle llistoric'sa laughable Game, Plated or gcrman Silver wnrc, Tea, Table & Dessert Spoons plated with pure Silver or good German Silver, also Uutler Kmu's made in the same way. Canes. Sor.c new and pretty canes received and for salo. .lii"lral Instrument!. Flules nnd other wind instiumeuls, .Mclodians Ac cordietis, Drums, Tamhorines, and an assortment of fine and cfanmoii Violins, also some gooil violfn strings which hnve been very difficult to obtain, good lljns, I'eg , Tad pieces, bridges, Kosin, Hair if- other rnusicnl lueichandiee. Necd'es et Puis by ihe paper warranted oro! or can be returned. We cannot mention but a very small number of articles received, but close this too lengthy adveriise menl by saying that we have a good ussorlmeiit and intend to sell the Goods low, so that customers will not nreef to lojk farther for suih Goods as wchave for sale. We invito ihc closest scrutaiy and examination as lo quality and prices, Silver Ihiinble-. heavier than flint... hold i Leu here ni Ihe lowe-t nrico and marked free. Coffin and Trunl. Plates made or marked to or der, niiver r-poons nnj i-orks 01 any iiauein iiiauc 10 order, a good stock of Silver Spoons nnd Forks, Hut tcr Knives, Fruil Knives, Caps Ac. alway. on hand, ruado of dollar silver and warranted. Particular at tention paid to Walch nnd Clock repairing. 1 Hltl.-vMMAID & IHIOTIIF.HS. Estrav. A1 Iliblcs iiiul TcMiiilienls. AUGK eunnlv for sale bv May 2i). S. WOODH. 'A paragraph is going iho rounds of iho papers slaling that a journeyman printer in this cily lias retired fiom business, having made ten thousand dullars. If ho can be found, lie is requested to appoint some lime and placo where lio can bo seen, us we know of at least two men who will pay twenty-fivo or even fifty cents for one look at liiin, and "agree to furnitsli lliir own smoked glass. Uoi'on Whig. SCHOOL HOOKS OF ALL KINDS, rpoy Hooks in abundance Blank Hooks, all quali 1 lies-ltlai k, blue, nnd red Ink lndcllablo Ink Steel Pens, nnd Quills Letter Paper, very nice do. do. cheap Cap do. all prices. A fresh supply for sale by S. WOOD H. Hay2C, IS4G. A Smoked Hams Jv'D SHOILDKIIS, Lard of tho fir.l quality .Mess and Clear Purk Flour Corn 3Ical. nnd 1110 si other kinds ol provisions, at May 23. A. S. DF.WLY'S. Mil. I. KH'S l,i:ATIIi:it PIlHSEItVATIVIJ & Water Proof lllacklng. r II HIS Hacking is 1101 designed to produce a polish, A but lo render tho U oilier Soft, Phablo Water Proof, and luhch inoro Durable. The inventor has bad many years experience in the Tanning and Shoo Making business, and has prejiaicd this article, hay ing spent lunch timo in perfecting it, with a view sole ly to tli f-ooil if Leather. MaiiLfaiiundby F. MII.LL'H, Warsaw, N. Y. iMVa TAKI'.N up, in the road in the town ofColchester,a I rovvn French horse. The owner is requested to call on C. Fletcher, nt the stono house al Wmooski ! alls, prove properly, pay char- 52w 3 vi ges and late loin away. May 27, ISIti. I 77; JUDSON OFFERING, NTI'.HIH) as a token of sympathy with the living, and a memento of eliri-lian aOecuon for the dead. Hy Uev. John Dowlnif, A. M. For sala by M-iL2u.- S. WOODS. iJM.Y PAPKIl, u simple way lo kill flics boys' bdis carpet bag", ret. received by imts.llAID .f- IIItOTIILIlS, A lew don nice bunca of theTigridia conclnpiora or Mexican Tier Flower, also the Gladi.lous psillnconu". far salo al PKL'K if-Sl'FAK. Suitable time for celling ibcm out, ilroin20May 10 Ul June, Sperm Oil. TXTOHKof lint nice Lamp Oil, for sa'eby 1L .May 13. A. S. DKWF.Y. PUHI'. CIDKIt VIM'.GAH, for sale by 1 3Iay 29. A. S. DF.WKY. MUASOIV & POLI.ETT J)l)(i leave 10 call Iho attention of llie public to their J stock of GihxIs now ready for inspection, at WJNOOSKI FALLS. Tlio stock is largcnml the as-orlmenl complete in the line of Griu'crii-, Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Crockery and Ulass Ware, ready made Clothing, Sail, Pork, Fish, Super-fine Flour in barrels and halves, ilc, &e all of which will boollerra at lha very low est market prices for Cash, approv.d creditor for country produce. Wmooski Falls, .May 23, 1816. 52 Frcfcli NiiratoKM Witters! ClO.MiftKSS Spring Water receiving wwklv; al-n, ' Iodine and Pavilion Waters, roiistantlv on hand at PUCK & PEAK'S, t harlcs llrcwslci's lislntc PKTITION TO .S'LLL LAND. STATIC OF VlillMOXT, I A T n session of District of Chittenden, a. , ( fx. the Probale Court held al Burlington, wiihiu nnd for g.itd District of Chittenden, on the IGlh dayof. May, 181C, comes Anliia llrewstcr, adimnistrnirix of ihe estate of Charles Brewster, late of Colchester in snid district, deceased, nnd filed in said court her petition in wrii ing, selling forth that Ihc said deceased died seized of one half ol a saw-mill and null privilege 011 jot no. 12. in said Colchester, nnd of a slip in Hie Haplist and Congregational riiccliug-liousc at Colchester Centre, subject to Iho widow's right of dower therein t that a sale of said property ninl of iho reversion of dower therein, is necessary, for the payment of the debts al lowed by the commissioner against said clato and the expenses of adruimsirniion, and proving said court to license her to sell saidcsialo for the purpose s foresaid agreeably to the statute in such ca-c made and provided. Whereupon, the court afirfnid doth appoint Iho second Wednesday in June, 181(1, for hearing and tie eiding on said petition, at the office of the Iligistcr of said court in said Hurhrigton, nt ten o'clock in the forenoon, and doth order that all pcrons interested bo notified thereof by publishing this order, contain ing tho substance of said petition, threo week suc cessively in tho Hurluigtnn Krco Pre-s, n newspaper printed in said Ilurlington, the last of which publica tion to be previous lo said second WcJncsday in June, 18IG. Given under my hand nt said Burlington this IGlh day ol May, 1810. W.m. WHS TON, leister. AlplieiiH Tlsdalc's Fslntr. STATF. OF VLItMONT, I mill! lion, the Pin District of Grand Me, .. S I I nle Court for the District oi Grnnd I-lc To tin" heirs nnd legnlee ol Ahdieus Ti.dule, laleofNnrlh Hern, clcir acd., William Howard, ndmiui-lrntor of ihe estate of the said AlplicuT!silnlc, hath rcpn-enleil to Ihi court that the pernnal estate nl'snid decea.ed is in-uflicienl to p,y hi just debt by the sum of six hundred dolt ir, and hath npplted fir license tn sell hmiiihIi ot Iho real r-tate ot snid! ti will pay saidsnin, nnd the costs nnd charges fur settli.ig sai'lc"l.itei Tin nr.ionn, you are liercbj' notified lo appear be tore Iho Probate Court at n seien thereof to bo liol den nt the Court Hou-o in North Hero, on Iho sec und Saturday ol June, A. D, 1310, nnd show good cause lu ihe ennlrary nr give bonds nssaideeaut slnll chi-oot forlhepaymenl of "aid debt, otherwise the said administrator will I elicen-eel ef- inthorized tn sell so much ol the real etale of said ilcceaed a will be "iidlcient to pay thcMiloresnid sum und all le cal ei"t and charges II i ordercil by smM court lliat ihe forcLTuing notice 1 e pul lished three week siiiTcsivcly in the Burlington Free Press a new-paper punted in Burlinglnii, in the County of Chitten den, ihc !a"lof which publication to le prior to the second Saturday of June, A. D. 1810. Given under rnv band at .North Hero, iliis )5th day ol .May, A, D. 1810. GAItY WIIITNT.V, llegister. AS. DIJWIIY, has rtn'irnl during Ihe pa-t werkn frch "upplv of HOODS in hi .inenf trade', among which are North Shore Salmon, Con neclinit River Shad, .Mackerel of ihn first quality, in 111 I", hall Hbl and (tuarter i Hio, Laguirn, Java it Moe-ha eotfee, Choice Tea, Brown & Itelined S11 aar", St Croix fi Susar Houo Mo'a-se, Ground Spiee", SperHi oi 3Ioubl Can lie-, Soap Starch eV;e. Al-o Lemons, Oramrc". Fi, Currant, Citron, Box nnd Sultana Ilattns, Mace, Pepper Same, To mato t'atsup, Pure Ground 31'i-tard, eVe. White Beans. 1 K B1ISIIF.I..S WII1TI-: IH'.ANi, parted which A tJ lire small, nnd very line lor hee'd .liny 1 1. A. S. DF.WKY. May II. Dried Apples. nt A. S. PF.WF.VS. Smoked Beef lJam.. QOMF. very line, lor sal O May 1 1. A. S. DF.WF.V', Alatclios. A C( Oio Mntclii, lorsaleeheap bv WVJ .May 12, 1810. VILA-i f. NOYF.S. I'iiis &. Nectlles. P.k IiS Am. Solid Head Pius 100 do 3Iikcddo do do do Sewing Ne'cdlc 300 Grus Knitting e!o for -ale bv May 12, IS 10. VII.AS .( NOYFS. 500 I'ltEiVlIU.M IIOR-.E. sin ir n Nit r,

THAT has received' three I'reiniumsat the .SntcAarirullurnll'nirs In New Ynrk.liild in 1833, IB 12 nnd 1SII. Also, fir I County pre mium, nnd hn i-ni ce-ivcil more premiuin than any hotso in tho Smtr. Sirllenry will bclocatcdfaribnnrrsuilseason in Bin- hnglon, Vt., nl the old Dtirkcu stand, mi Church si., near 1110 uouniy House Tor the nccimmnilanon ol llui-e who wish lo improve the breed of that noble animal the Horse. His gebliu? cdts hive been old fiir from $200 lo 8,1)0. One pair of matched, for SI00O. For further parhcuhrs see Bills. nlso Btnnd 111 the vcretl". nwi. 1 01 iiiikivi fiur ouuiirs sri- ll Premium llurso KCLIPSF, will nh city of ergeniics, Vermont, nt O. F. Burlington, May Gih 13 IG. r.nWAItll LONG. DWIli LONG. 43 A Fashionable Ilair-Drcsscr MAY le found over H, 'IhoinaJ store, who w out I p-spee-tbdly invite the attiutiou iilihepuhln'. MnyiiO, taut. JAMKS IAVLOII. Notice. T1IK undersigned havo entered into a eo-parlncr-ship for 1 lie purpose of earrjing on ihc Waddle, Harness, At Tru ik.iiiikln? bust nes, at .lerich" Four CorncT", nt the tan I formerly neeu-pie-dbvD. 'V . Howl, un Icrtlio mine an I "lyleof 11001) .V STONi:. Dnus Itooo, May 11,1310. 51v3 N. D. Stone. Ilurlington High School. I.UCIAN W. CIIAMIY, Vreeeptar. The Slimmer Term of tins InstitiilioTi Ki'l com inence on 3Ionhv the eighteenth of 3Iay instant. No schulars received for h than half a tenr, TlirsiF.lvS. Itev. J. JC. COXVI RSU, Itev. (I. W. I!, PF.tBODV, nun 1. rill. 1. 1. i r, v 1 1,1a 1.1 .l.., 1 q OI.O. B. SHAW, INq. Prof. CALVIN PEASE. 403 9nf"l "cn"" ''"! Paper uu xuu no Letter Paper. r 11)0 do wrapping do May 12,1810. for sale bv VII, tH 1). NOYF.S. Suspenders, OftO Doz. b Su-pcnd. rs OLMJ 50 .lo Klastio do 31 a v 12. 1310. James Gates's Kstatc. STATE OF VIM.VOST, jTHIF, Hon. the Di"triet ot Chittenden, s. j X Proba.c Court for Ihe District ef Chitienden i To nil persons con cerned in the estate of JA.MKS OATF.S, 1 ite of Ksscx in said dislriel, decea-ed, Onr.cTiso. SUMMER WEAR. &'C. WiiEacAS. Ilannih fates admimslrjlrix of the cs- ' ry CASF.-i Summer Wiar,-a variety ol slvle and tale of said di'censed, proposes to render an account 1 quahiies ' of her adininistrntion, nnd picsent her account aaainst ! a Caes Col'd Cambrics, For 'aleby said estateforexaminatinn and allowance at a session ' m, i vii lit . vvivro of iho.Court ofl'robste, liolden at iho Keai-ters 1 - - y lil tV N'n office in Uurlinglon, on the third Wednesday of June jy Q R J 3 (J fj & CO Tiinnnronr;, You arc hereby notified lo appear be-' MlUtVIIAN'V 'I'AIfiftllS ' ,-..v .-... .".- M,,u I i v 1 1 r. ineir iriCnOi o exniiniie .1,,l i-..l....t. I .1- ' shew cause, if any vou have, why the account afore Biid should not be nllovved. Given under rnv hand at Ilurlington, this 20ih day of Mav, A. D. 181(3. 51w3 Wm. WKSTON, llegister. David Day's (late. fun.) Estate. PKTITION TO CONVLY LANDS. JL eda-snrttnent of CLOTHS, C.VSSIMKHKS, VF.STINGS, AND '1' r i 111 111 1 11 (j s . "Among llicir Cloth- may le fnuu I Snpr. Freueli lllnek, Blue Black, Brown, Olive, ami all thcf.elnon- auie laney colors, I Their n"oriue ut of C.i""iniere- embrace a varieMy ol qualilie of plain Fr. Bl'k, Fr. IH'k Duo JS'kin, and NBW-YORK WHOLESALE HOUSES, SPUING TI!AI)K..T(I COUNTHY JII'.B CHANT!. Wli respectfully ask your nilention to the follow ing reasons why you should make vour pur- nt.n ..e 1. ..... Ti- i-.-.i. 1... vn.i-t3 u, toiuo- 111 010 iev 1 one mantle, ver) frankly confessing it is our desire that you should do so. It must I c admitted ihat from, E0 to CO per cent of an tue loreicn inerciianuisc wiie-ii is mipnried into Ibis country is received in Ihe port ot New York. Ol course there 13 here tho opportunity for Ihe widest o lection. 1 nc stoe-K 01 goods on nana 111 tuis city isnt nil tunes larger ihan the united stocks ef all the oili er Pastern cities. It is eumlly certain that New York is thecliicf and depot fir tho manufacturers if I tne l.itcrii and .viieldia Mates, and ol the I of iho Western. lor a'n b- T. l.fl t,sirr r nnruK in Knw Vnrb. be- ten.nn ntilK VILtS et NOVFS. iinmcnso sunniks. and the con-e'Tieiit cinnpeiiiion. 1 aie oecee saruy 10 v cr, iiuu cieuns arc caiciiucu uu us libera! a scale a atanv other point. rnc .ucrciinui", .viaiiuiaciurcrs and importers whose addresses are subjoined, are prepared to prove the truth of these positions, and w ill In happy to dis pose of llieir goods oil terms winch will verily all that is asseniu ucrc. DUYX)D3. iMPonTcn and DciLr.n, ;) Staple and Faneii Dry Cioods : 11. .f- J. Ilusin.', Nos. Ill and 113 William street, corner ot John St., the vv asliington Mores, F. S. & I). Laihrop, No. 113 and 117 Willinn sued nnd M John St., the Washington More-. Taylor if- .lrinstroug, 213 Greenwich si. ST ATI-. Or VKH3IONT, 1 A T a session of the .1 ureal vjiiclv ol Fa-liiouablo Fame. ;llntrictlof Chittenden ss. I XI Prnl ntc Courl hedd . Valine: Fi,'. audcmhosscsl Velvet a at Burlington, w ithin and for said District ofChitlen-' da.k lis. Silk plain and lig. .Marseih s .M7irseil" den, on the pill day of May, 181G, comes George Vc.-l Shapes, and a great variety of patterns for .. inioi-y, nuoimitiiii.'i uuiiu c-soiio m m-iviu uay, uiuiuer wear- (late inn. Hate of I'ssex in the di'trict aforesaid. d,v-nn-. cd, and filesin said courl his petition in writing, selling forth that tho said deceased, al the time of his eleath, wasunder contract, binding in I iw and cqniiy,to con vey In John Wausli jr., the follovvingdescribed parcel of land, situated in said Ksscx, h: hcLuuning nt a "lake in tho southeasterly line 01' the highway, on bit no. five, beim at a corner of laud owned by Darius Whilcomh; thence north 39d-g, 30 min, cast, in the lineofsaidhighway,ficliains-I2 hiiksj (hence south, 17der. 30 min- enatrunccliam,to n stnkeiu the line ofCluld." Day'slandt ihcnco south, S7de'g.wet,two chains, t tho lino of a lid lot; thence, in the line of said lot, north 30 dcg. 30 min. east, 25 links inn Blake: thence north Bj dcg. vicst,5 chains 45 links 10 the fdacc of beeinning, containing two nnd '1G-I00acrcs of nnd, nnd is par Is of lots no. ti and 31 : iho sail David hiving sold said land to said John Wauch jr. and re ceived paj ment therefurin Ihc lifetime of said David 1 thai Ihe saidDaviddied without havingexeciited a eleid thereof, and praying said court 10 license s lid adminis trator tn convey said land lo ihos ud Wauuli, agreea bly to Ihc statutcin suchcasc madu and provided; WnniiEceox, Ihecourl aforesaiddoihnppoiiit iho sec ond Weilnesdnv in June. 18(0. for lipnrno- nn.1 incron said pefiAnn nt the oifice of the Itegister of saiil court in said fturhngtnn,atten o'clock in tin forenoon, and doth order that all person interested be notified For S11 ier Coats Ca-bnie-rctt--. Dran ile Tweeils, cVe. For Pant Heavy uci,.e .d .-11 lienor Drilling. Al"ci, Scl'Ailjustiit" Stocks Hlaek, 1'aney and S iinuier Cravats &' ippenders 6'lnrts Ho-oius and Collar-. Lile-ibrcad ilk bl'k, colored, and white Kid (Stoves. Also brown and drab Ytlvit and Series. Ma 1 4. 51. Ci. Uatlibun, C. V. Ward. Notice! 'I'll I'. Partner-hip hcrelofoie existins mm Ier the X Firm of I. it C. F.. bolleti, i Una il.iy di-solvcd by mutual c-onseut. The Book" and Paper are left fir the presenl nt ll.eirdld Sterc where one of the undersigned may be found prepared to adju-t all matters pertaining lo the Busuie-s ol the late Firm. I.OFIS l-OI.I.I'.TT, CHAS.F.. FOI.I.K1T. Burlington, May, 12. IS 10. 50 NE I V YORK Sf P'OS TON BOOT & SHOE STORE. 'I'llF. Subscriber having removed to thesturenu i Church street formerly on-nnh-d tie S! W B n,.n...;n W l'A...U V!,,..- ..IT... ... .1.. . ..I. lliereof by publication of this order, coiitniiitno; ihc ' Yill., ojipowio Mr KcrM s silore, ulliis to ihc pub sunsianceoi sain pennon, inrcc weeai successively in uu o" alulnt eonsisoua vi the Hurlmglon Flee Prc-s, a newspaper printed a 1 said , I. vpiks Hoots and ."-'noes, Ilurlington, ihclasi of which publication to be prcvi 011s 10 the tune set for hearing. Given under my hand ibi !) h dayof May. IB IG. W;t. WF.STON, Ilcaister. Notice. THH nnderi.'n"il have i nlered mm n en-parti er ship, for the iiurpoe ef carrying on the ,'lerean tile bu-inc-s, ut Wiuoo-ki Fall-, under the name and style of MUNSON & FOLLKTT. 'John R. Mcnson, 1 Locis For. LETT. MRS- MERRITT WOULD respectfully in form Ladies of Burling ton, that she has just relumed from New Vork wilh the la test siyc of Goods. H ON NUTS, LACKS, III IIHONS, AllTiriClAl.S, .f c. Also she has secured n new proee-sby wdiieh spots of eve ry dc-cription can bo removi-d from Sirawsand Flor ences. Hurhngion, Jlay 13, 1S1G. 50if MISS L. B. STACY willcnnimen "ol rSununer Term, on .Monday, the I5lh June Scholars are expected 10 enter al tl t otnmcnce nt of iho Term. C El EC OX: Knglish, - - - o 1,0 French. - Drawing, - 3,00 School Room one djor wo-t.Mrs. Lui worthy s tip stairs. Burlington, 3Iay 15, 154G. 50 TIU PLATE, &3. rfc BOXIS TIN PLATI', IC nnd I I J 13 " " " I X sq l.t n ' " ti. 20 75 Bdls IKON WIRK, a-sone.1 Ni. Russia and Fngli-b Sheet Iron, Shevt Lead, Zine and Cnnper, Wire Vellum, Boll Copper, iS.e For Sale late by VILAS it NOYF.S. M.iy 12. 131C. 50 TICKI1VUG, filC. York Ticks Bale " Ful! Company" do 5 Cases York Ticks 1 Bale "Fall. Con " Striped bhirlin; ror sale uy May 1-2, I8!0. VIMS &noyi:s. 50 Cotton Tlireatl, I 000 " "' SI,J"' Collon Tbread, White & 600 doi. Spools Thread, 100 Ibst Linen do for sale bv 3Iay I2,.ltiG. VILAS & NOYKS. Lost, A I1UNCH OF KKYS.-TIib finder will 1 c re XX. warded liy leavin Pee k cfc Co. Ihein at 1I100, In e J. II 21-1 -May. 51 Cash Job TO BI'II.DHRS Tho under.igned will resvivei oroposal until the 13ib of June, at one o'clock, P. 31., for building a Se hool House, 111 iho 3J sebis.l district in Hnrlington, (near ihe bou.o of David Fish,) neeording lua idan lo besi-en in ihe hands ed Anson S Johiwin. Se'aralepro, vvjllbe ieceive.1 fpr Iho mason worif, und for the joiner und carpenter work. ANSON S. JOIINMIN, 1 5M .. building Commitlt, Burlingion,May20,IFji3. WantetlT TWOor three Journeyman Painters may .find em pKiyment for the season, hyapplyine intuirdixle lym SCOITeV. HAWKINS. May 22, 1810. SI Gaiter Boots, uf every description, " Fr lluskins, latest style " Kid " do 1 " I'runcl'a " do " HalfGaiicr. " French Slippers, 1 " Fnglish Kid Slippers, ' " French Satin Mippcrs, all colors, I " Gold Brniucd do ' " House Slqipcrs, , " Sloul Bonis a liuskins, " Shaped Riibheis, " Figured and plain do , Misses Hoots and Shots, 11 Gaiter Pools, " Fr Gaiters, best eiuahty " " Buskins, " Ptunello Mippcrs, all colors. " " Hu-kins, all colors,' " Slout Jlorocco nnd 1 Call Hoots, 1 " Rubbers of all kinds. ' Ghitdrtnt Hoots if- Shots. " Waterproof Boots and Shoes, " Fine Fiench Calfdmb) ' do do do sewed, ' do do Brogaus, " 3Inroci-o do " Siout Calf and Kip Shoes, " I'lojh tiailera buttoned " Prunella Dancing Gai- lers, " Dancing pumps, " -Morocco s'lppers, " Calf d, " Calf shoes nil kinds, " Ittibbcra with Iciiher S'llcs, " do do Buckles, " do fig'd.. and plain, Ifoi's Hoots and S'toes. ' Fine Calf Boots, " do Kip do " do Celf and Kip Hrogans, " Stout Shoes, all kinds, " Pruncllo Gaiters and dincmg pump, STAPLK AND FANCY SI K (iOODS. C'arletou, I'rothingham et Co., 127 and lfc'J William si., the Washington Store-. Jobber ot sianle and fancy dry cood. Zephyr Worst ed. Canvass, Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, Kuibroidcr'd Triinuiiii2s,nd embroidery articles 111 general l. S. Turner, CO William st. between Cedar and Pine Dcalcis in French Silk Goods nnd Millncry article Thompson &, 'ftn Vchlen, CO John St., up stairs. A. II. Collins, 21 John St., comer Nassau. IlOSir.llV, C.lPs", STOCK-!, .f-e. Importers of Hosiery, Supenders, Gloves, Cravats, scarfs, i.c. aianutae Hirers ot laps, blocks, Linens. Oil Silks. John, 31. Davies it Jones, 103 William St. south-east corner 01 jonn strcci. Gentlemen's general Furnishing Store, .Mannficiur' crs aiu vvnoiesaie Heaters 111 sinils, Collars, It.wnn.. Cln.l. r-.n..... i. ' J. P. Wakcniau .V Co., 7fi 3Iadcu lane. CLOTH and CLOTHING sTOKF.i. Ana Cloth Store. Ku'H?pfel cV Foot, 3') John t. near Na-sau, iVatcrsin l-'rench, (iciuian and Knglish cloths, ca timcris, vcslings, suiuiucr slutl's, Irtniiniugs, etc. Drapers, Tailois, and Gcnt'emcn's Furnishing Siorc: 3Iorriau ir-Joue, 13) and 137 William si, in the new block, bclw ecu Jones and Fulluu. Wholesale Dealers in Clothing: Andrew Hall etjlrothcr, Eu Vcsey, eoruir Wasluug- j' STATIONARY WAItF.IIOIISK. Francis fc Lnulrel, 77 Maiden I.anc, Imrfttrsn of Knglish and French stationery, and insuufai-tul;; uf account books, manifi Id letter writer, .croton ink, e. Ac. Lewis Francis Cyrus II. Loulie1 PAPKU lioXMS, .f-c. Manufacturer of all kind of paper bote, bind box es, bind bnx pipers, dealer in binders and l board, and nnporirr of fancy pnper. I liarles Cludiu, 53 John street, up stairs. Importers nnd Mnniifinurcr of paper hanpibg, 3 0 t ..... . ,'ol"'n prints, etc, Howell iSr. Brothers, 137 Broadway, have received the premiums for the best manufactured paper hangings, in ok; 11U1.SU1 uosion, ow orK and I'hilade ipt a MUSICAL 3HUICHAND1SK. .Manufii-lurer and Importer of musical inslrunynla an riiici mu'ienl merchandise cnnsinntly on lirnj. F.dvvard llaack. 81 Fulton, corner Gold. finporlcr nnd 3lanufacturer nf musical in!trumr.i and dealer in strings for violin, piano fortc(, tine publishers of music. C. G, Christinan, 101 Pearl street. UMB11F.I.I.AS, PARASOLS and SUN-SHADl H. o'lti I. Smith, mnnufaeturer, 232 Pearl t., 'en' d.)i r irom tne corner nt Hurling Klip, hnving iclutred from Kurnpe 1 prepared to show his ei totitra the mnt eleaant Frein-h nnd KnLdish slvles. George J. Byrd, 180 Pearl su, opposite Cedar, is pre- paieei wiin n stncK ol uuinrcila, r,irast, eve, inauiifaetuicd al this cstabliahinept, iinurpasij in the market. Pr.RIU3lF.RYTsOAPS, if-e. .Manufacturer and Importer of choice pcrfiiniry, loile soap, rxiraci", roioglies, eve. F.ugene Rous;cl, 139 Hroadwav. I ettveen Lib-rly and Courtland streets. WALNUT OIL &. MILITARY SHAVING SOAP. Johnson, Vroom & Fowler, manufacturer of fancy iiimi ninny soap, paicnt candies, perluuicry, iVc 3Courtlandt st, and 79 Trinity Place. GltOCIUHKS, LKJUORS, FI1U1TS. c. Wholesale cmciA nnd dealer in wines, foreign arid eiouiesric nquon r.nd segars also manufacturer ot cordials and hilars Georse Greenly, ;:0I Chambers St., tunning through 1.. !Im, t il...... .1...... f.... ci-... ... 0 Grocers nnd enmmiioii increhanls, importers and ui.urrp 111 nranuie, wines, segars OiC, Beers it Hugart, 177 South st. Importer nnd dealer in Oiard, Dupuy. ci Co , cngnt ac and cdiaiupacuc I randies, swan and hourclass gin, Jamaica spirits. irin whiskey, .Madeira, I'ort and Sherry, 'Ic-nerdfe. clan t nnd champacne vviuer.faa--oileil cord als. 1l(trr.iHavana seears. &.C. Henry Lcliuan, 232 Washington st. Imporfrs ol'wincs, brandies, absinth, &c. Also, mnnulacturers ot cordials, syrups, 1 liters nnd olh ir nnicles for supplying steamboats, hotels groeers and drucittsls. John 1. .MogKuLcr et Co., 9G Warren st. Wholesale dealers in foreign nnd dome-tic green and dried fruiis, wines, segars, tobacco, tf-c. Uoss .( 3Iain, 210 Washington st. TOBACCO SNUFF .f- SEGA It?. Fins cut tobacco and manufacturers nnd importers cf choice seuars. John Anderson if- Co., 2 Wall St., 213 and 213 Dnana t., have received tlic limliest premium of the Amer ican institute for 13 13, '44 and '-13. 3Ianufaelurer and dealer in fine cut, smifl nnd paper louacco. l'ounu papers on an unpruved plan, WHr rantcd equal 10 any in the state, CJ cents. I.very piper weighs a puund articles warranted or mon ey refunded Uenry lie ill, 77 Fiont St., corner old.slip. M'K'FS, COKFKF, COCOA AND Ml'SIV r. lather nianufaciurtHl or prepared lor family use, i..ay be had of the choice st qualities, at the office nf the Hope Mills, 57 Front st.. New York. DltrcS, MKDICINIS, PAINT., &C. Dealers in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, dye sufT, window glass, ite. Hush et Hilljer, 173 greeiiwich st. Dealers in eils, paints, (jtass, dye stuffs, Deforest if- co.,203 west si. Vanilventer & Tallmadge, F7 Barclay st. come- tv Wnsliniglon. Van II. d T. nlso manufacwire 'e mid blacking wlnihobiainid llicpnmiuin al j a fair of the Amcriiiti insiitulc. Bronze, powder, gold paint, gold, ilver and leaf, dulih metal and eic. J. II. Kickct, wholesalo agent, 133 maiden 'me Broncs 50 per cent, lower lliau any otlur i -sir in the I'nitcd States. 3Iaiiufacturing and furuisluug rstahliilmirnt , daguerreotype bus.ness. V.. WbiiePj bridway, plales, eaes, clicmlcsU, poli-liptgaipai.TTues, and 'very article usetl in ha business. Also the Germ in, French, and Amir can cameras. THINKS AND HliUSIHS. .Mauuficturi'r uf Traveling and picking tnnks, j licis, carpet baps, rocking nnd hobby hor ses and velocipedes. R. S. et W. II. .Strong, 2 Peck slip, corner of Tearl st and nppnue tho entcrn Pear) st. I!oue. R. II. Olssen A. Son, 201 Pearl st. corner Mnidcu hue. Brush manufacturers and dealer in brooms, cedar and willow wara. pad-, lubs, mats and roes, Wn. I'.. Meeker, 19) Washington si. Wash ington market one door above fnlton. Laden 't I loagland, 150 Washingion si. one door be low I'ultou. French Gaiter Bouts, Youth's Hoots and Shoes, all colors. " " .Morocco (laiteis, bntlon and lace, " ' Buskins ev. f-lipper-, " Hoots and Ancle Tie of all, Gentlemen's Hoots and Shoes. " Napoleon Boots with and without tops, Fine Calf Boots sew ed and pegged, " do Kip do , do do " Seal and lrain peg'd. " Calf Brogans and Kip sew ed shoe, 11 31 or oc co Hoots and Huskiu-, " Fine Gaiters, " Dancing pumps and lies ot all kind Also, Galleons of nil colors, and Black and Light Silk Gaiter laces, cotton laces, etc-. Ac. The subscriber feels assured that all who wish to make good bargains in ihc above menl'ioned articles, will not go away from his shop dno-aliafied, N. II. All kinds of Boots, Shoe, Gaiters, Slippers, etc. etc., ma le to order. Tho suhecnber lias con nanily in his employ the best workmen, and all woik made by him. warranted. lllX'UnN BATCHF.LDFR. Burlington, 3Iay 1, 1810. 43wC AMERICAN PRINTS. 35 CASFS FANCY PRINTS. Q DO. FI11MTU i:. lire purchased of the Ahuufjcttr from the Manufacturer. W STRAW GOODS. .Manufacturer.' and Dealers in siravv goods, pilm leaf hats, artificial (lowers, ifc, R. T. Wildest Co., CO William st., up stairs. J. II. Hills, 130 Pearl si, up stairs. I'.li C. Blake, 22 John st. up stairs. i-vncy"artici.i:s. Den'ers in comb, cu'lerv, etc., Importers of French, Fnglish and German variety sroojs. White and Tnsker, 111 and 113 William St. comer of John, up stairs. Importer of German. Zephyr and Tnpilsio worsted patterns, canvass, ihenille, floss and twisted silks, all kinds of frin-'e, cords and tassels, and 11 great variety of French fancy articles. D.U. Pc)scr, 53 John st. nnd 369 Broadway. CROl'KF.RY, I.00"k7G GLAS-KS, &t Importers and Dealers in class, china, earthenwate, loolaiig glasses and chick-, Smallev .t Neldcn,59 Peul st. Riclurd V. Havdand, 82 Alodcn lane, between Pearl nnd William s's. F. W. Ogsbnryi jC Cnurl'andl st. between Green- wich and Washington. Hotels anJ vessels supdi- phed at ihe Ijwc-i rates. W1II11111 A. Francis, 70 Dey l. first street north of I'.nrllandt, between Wash nglon st. nnd North River. Tinioihy T. Kissim & Son, 1 13 Maiden lane, between Water and From, Importers and Jobbers in looking glasses, and Impor ter oi'loikme elas plnie. Itcubeu C. Bull si. Co., 223 Pearl si. opposite Piatt. AGKNCY FOR FLINtTND OHKFN GLASS FAITORHN. Druggisls and ehennc-il fumiiure, finey bodies and l ml of .'ill. nt.ito. tiotdjd nnd ..l.-ir jirs, I'rench and German cut toilet bullies, manU'liollv frutll I lie) not conceive o ninieuisoi cnina nnugiass. ill becouie nece iry, under anv cir Anilrew llo. IS) Mil, I'll inc. wdl rein.ii-o " "oiov.u... , 127 Water st. up stairs. HARDWARi: aV Importer aud,r!.T, July 8, IS 13. Brass rivet for Trunks. White t Birch, olTico 173 Broadway, manufaclurc-s of all kinds nnd sizes of brass rivets for trunks. .1 superior article at leduced prices. 3.U,3IANDF.RSAFi:S. Rich's improved patent double nnd .-ingle siljnandet safes. Warranted (rce from dampness as -si as fire proi.f, an improvement upon Wdder'u patent, for sale by A. S. .Marv.ii, agent for the manufacture , I sSJ ws'rr street. The original Wildei's grnuiae patent d.inb e and s:n gle Salamander safes, warranted !.v from elanipues-. Silas C. Herring, maniifactuter and dealer in nil kind of iron safe, 139 water si. comer of depevster si. Double salamander safis C. J. (iaylor, the original inventor and pa ten tee nf 1 lie double safe and improv ed detector lock, warranted fire nnd iluef (.roof nnd dry. Single salamander safes warranted cijual lu any tinker, for silo by Leonard Hi own, 60 wall si, GOLD PF.N" 3TaNUFACTI'IU.R. Albeit G. Bagley, 1S9 Broadway, for salo at mann firturers prices, by nil the wholesale J vrelers, sta-Holier-, Wc , warranted. India p.uHiTr.R i.eors GooJycar's patent insiduble india rabbcr goods, war ranted 10 stand m every rljintte. George Heechcr, sole agenl, 10fl vaX' . icitiilil, that should '"I-POM'T 1 . fclOllC! I"' I. .J I u'u.'. ... T 1 r I.,:... U, ,v . , ,,ull ,1, me ,raoi,,iriiM , . . Agents, and tlu-yaro thu obtained ne.utl fur some Hull) have lie'Cli, 111 tlio itctutlt John v,rll"cm ,s llllornu'11 Usnm military eslalilishiuens on side of the Rio (I ramie, which are, n, In e nay no 1 ... ,,,',, f l.r fonos. In r.irrvinir mtl llicm, but I nii'ly Ibo Aireuls' coiii , , .' , . ,,...,:,..., I ..,,,",,.;; manner we obtain an advantage Will nctinns herelnlure reeelv e-d, oil (f ill ilie-clioel,inle'(ainoint th' fuJie.' careful to aroid anJ ucls of nsgresston we would elireei ihe ai anirnieil that I 1 llu luxie-'H twtva at thu posts in their lliein ibnt w-ei can lu '' ' nn.,r..Elin mid wliich have linen su. will not be disturbed tis long usthe relations of peace beltceen the United Slates and Mexico rem ,I1NC. WM. L. JIAUCV. Iliig. Gun. '.. T.tvi.oit. On the 1IO1I1 of tho same innutli, vviilioiit any change of relations between the two jjo- vcrnmenls, the lollovvmy instiiicinins are t;iv- ol War lo tjett. I ay- linn, ctrer than any noi Ce)l over ,. .. of such railroads Hurlinglon, May,v(J ,,.,, hll, j, im what il has ip AGhlCULT elestruction ofhu- fiMli: Subseril - . .,, ,, . 1 friend, ol a connection wiili tins Agricultural sVeMij, Front 18.'IG 111 UniM on lhena-Jenhy the Socetary we speak Hie trulh''o. "i""J " lur . earneMlyinviu-nllnvliolo civil list fur While avuiJinj;, as yotl li.ivn heen Hi Sidci lldl V Sward '" "ut 11,11 1 articled In do, nil uaijressivo nieanreg to : J arietv o,fVlow '-s'iiion, how nt my I win ill Mexico, us lout: as thu relations ul o 1.... v 11 :. ...1 ..... . . 1 .1 t.l! I .1... peace exiM ueivveen 1u.11 111,1110111. mm u Uuiluil States, you are expected to occupy, protect, nnd defend the terriloiy of Texas, to il.ii extent that it has heen occupied liy lira people of Tex is. When was ihe Uiolirande 1 1 , . 1 1... .1 .....1 . n al in...- in- In'. 1.1 m ltugale.,Nonrse jr7J would it laku to Z r,tTTniryear tie. p.ofils fur Farmers, .111 The above vi- 1 ...a 1 - hiigiou, l.'iiHu chcalius ulhcrf, duii'l Sfiu.a cheala in return. uccupied hy the people of Texas 1 The Itio bliluiioii niuistances,, to call for voliinleeis fi 0111 thu United Stales, ..I. In a letter written nine days later, nr sev en inotiihs nn, (sen. Taylor writes advisa- lory and timely, as follow j : ' 1 cnnnol urse loo stiongly upon the I)e pirtineiit thr nefessjily of occupying those posts hefoie the warm vveulher shall set in. A l uge iitiiounl of sickne ss U, 1 fear, lo ho apprehended, with every precaution that can ho taken; hut the iiif.ii in ition which 1 uli tiiu, leads mo to helieve that a biinimer movement will t'o nllende.l vyill. creat ex penso of li. ahh and life As in t lor.da, llin vvinier is tiie best season- for operations in Texas.' , , ' " If these ollii-i il PMiac-ls, selected rather at random th U " ill' ''"'g'- "' ,,,ro"' l,1;,,,"n, "''I' on ihe nxecolive, do not prove ihe falsehood f (,o messigeof llio t'lesidenl, and tliu law nf Ciuaress decl'irinu 'icar lo hace exhted 1... il., nrl f Mexico,' no langiiacii of initio can do il. Surely, while sechriiig men und monnv.nnd nniltti!; 10 every measure 01 tie fniire'iiilieh'tlfofllio country, ConrcM, hy iho urnui sonce ol even a not bound lo approve of nil tlio Executive lias dono in declaring war of his own accord, upon his own ri'spnnsihilily, and in niter contempt of llio ifstrainls imposed upon Him by tne con