Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1846 Page 3
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3- , LIFE OF SCOTT. Ws ootlcud at (ho Uookstoroof our towns man, Mr Woods, a day or Iwo lincc, n beau fllti. octavo volume, of 3G6 pages, by Ed ward D. Mansfield, Esq. devoted to ttio life and public services of llie distinguished indi vidual wlioio name heads tiiis paragraph. Among our distinguished military men, Gen. ( r Scott occupies a prominent position beforo tho world, and to us or llio nottli, particularly, his name is a talisman that calls up associa. tioni and trains or thought upon which every American delights to dwell. .The bright pa get of 'our country's history wro associated with tho namo of Scott, and wo havo never found a man familiar with the scenes of the , .Niagara frontier whoso pulse did not' quicken with the merest allusion to llio g.illant chief who conducted us thro' thoso trying scenes, But G en. Scott's claims to regard rest not upon his military exploits alono. His whole life if illustrated by an every day regard to those practical virtues which lie at the foundation of all true greatness, whether in military, po liticat, or civil life. Tho book is well written, exceedingly wi ll KOt up, and illustrated by several fine wood cnifivinni. representing llio scenes of Cj e Queenstown, Chippewa, LundyV Lane. &c. &c. Those who took pait m these scenes. will find the work peculiarly interesting ; mid its details are thoso with which cvfry Amer ican should bo f.unilhr. It may be obtain ed of.Mr. Woods. wXwACrUKlNG. We take tho liberty of calling the atten tion of tho public to the advettisemcnl of Messrs. Miitirtsv & Pvtiiiuk, woolen manu facturers, at Hinesliurgli. Tlii-v ate compe tent, trustworthy, enterprising men, to whom n little extra patronage, would, we doubt not, ho of esaenti-il aid in retrieving one of those providential misfortunes incident to their pe culiar business. The indications aro that wool will be dull, and those who choose to have it manufactured, will be sile in the hands of theso gentlemen. Windsor, May 2". The Steam Shorrl is now hard at work, at the Hour Glass, fill ing two or three curs a minute, and is just ' now the great attraction for the curious in our neighborhood. Chron. U. S. Circuit CW.. Tin- U. S. Circuit Couit is in session in this village. Present, Justices Nelson and I'rrnlN. Spafibid, in dicted for mhbing the Mail between Wall ingford and Rutland, Ins been found guilty, tifter a laborious uia I occupying three days. The case went to the jury late on Monday evening, and the verdict was rendered before 10 o'clock. A trial of the case was had nt (lie last term of the Court at Rutland, when the jury could not ngice. Sentence not pro nounced illicit our paper coes to pres. No other criminal case before the Court. Chron. A hill is lie I ore the Senate for building leu War steam-ships cost, $3,000,000. Mr Allen has moved a call for any iufnr--maltoii that tlm 1'rrsidenl nty liav relating to tho design of England ami France lo make Texas an independent nation. .cailTor volunteers. (cticral Orders. IIi:iu Qu.tiiTRtis, Vt. Militia. June 1st, 18 ) An invitation h.ivinjr lieen received from the 'resident of llio United Stales, for vol unteers from this Slate to aid in prosecuting the war against Mexico, I ho voluntary offer j oi service oi muse wuii in iy uu uisnusou iu engage iu this war, will be accepted In an extent sufficient to form one bttl.ilion nl five companies of Infantry, to consist, each, of one Captain, one. 1st Lieutenant, nne 2nd Lieutenant, four S.-recinls, four Corporals, Iwo musician, anil sixty-four priviles. Tin battalion officers are Id be one Lieutenant Colonel or Major, one Adjutant, (.t Lieutcn ant.of one of the Cump lines,) one Majir, one Quartermaster Sergeant, and one Drum Major. Thu volnnleeis tvill be ac cepted in companies or in b.iti.iliun. The officers are to be appointed in the manner prescribed by the laws of this Suite. The vulunK'Cis will report themselves to the Adjutant & Inspector General, and will be mustered into service when their service aliall be required by an officer of the Army of the United Stale's. None under the rank of commissioned officer will bo received who it over forty-fife, or under eighteen years of age. i no volunteers are lo luriiisli their own clothing for which lliey will bo entitled to receive a compensation when mustered into nervier, crpjal to the cost of clothing furnish ed to the army of llio United Slates. They re to be armed by thu United States; and are to serve twelve months after they shall have arrired at the place of rendezvous, or until the end of tho war, unless sooner dis charged. By order VVM. SI. AUK. F. W. Hoi'KI.N'R, ). Adj. & Ins. General, y GEOLOGICAL DISCOVCIUES. It appears from the American Journal of Bcicnco fur May 1850, that u very exclraor iinary discoveiy lias been mndo iu New lUmpshire, of fossils in the While Moun tains. In a deep cut of Ihe bed of the Soco River liavo been found some strain contain ing shells, by which those, rocks liavo been ascertained to be of tho same geological ae wild omo ot the rocks in New York, which abound with petrified shells etc. 11 itlit-rlo ii has been supposed that il,0 rocks of New Hampshire bad bctn deposited at a period far more remote than thoso of New Y.l . but if appears now that many of them aro o'f the tame age, and that they have been heat ed, to such a degree ns to have, for tl,0 most pari, lost all ttacesot uiu lossils which they oncp contained, and to have become highly rrvTtallinoin their texture. This interestm discovery of fossils was made by Professors i unit I) I). ...i Henry U. ana Wliuanm. nugera, who sup. ... 1I..1 the henline of the rocks was alien tUnt on a waving of tho earth's crust, which .1,,.. folded into mountain chains, and that tho White Mountains aro higher lhan ,i..r.,.i Mninilains.bccauso attwoperiods the former were plicated (folded or plated) in different directions, first as iwe successive t alei at tea. Wowing Iu different directions, raite ntgner wavn ui - t-;- inginonadiieclioiionly. Hut in Vermont thore has been only ono such system of pli cations. We learn from our Stale Geologist that many phenomena in this Slate coincidowith the general theory ol pucauon wnim i.iuiiB been familiar to Geologists. Ilenco in a mountain in llio north-west part 01 monmon, tho arch at the tops of ono of llicso immense folds has been perfectly preserved, where the thick strata for hundreds ol toe. may oo ., fi,l,le.l like nancr. having been onco plaslic, although now, from llio effects of lical, ol llinlv iiaruncss. mv filled with ancient lava (grcen-slone) was .n.t ruiiinir ncross tho rocks in tho north end of the Mountain, and giving ihem a slaty structure. Galaty. v. v jy- '.n VERMONT WHIG STATE CONVENTION. The Whigs of Vermont ore requested lo assomblo in their respective towns, nnd chooso threo or more delegates lo attend tho Stnto Convention, lo he holdcn nt Wood sinck. on the 23ili of Juno, to nominate a Ticket for State Officers. I'rompt and effi cient action is requested as questions olim norland; tvill be before the Convention. HARRY URADLEY,") ANDREW TRACY, GEO. T. HODGES, State PORTUS BAXTIiR, S Coinmit. E. I. WALTON, Jr., tee. SAMIj. ADAMS, A. L. MINER, May, rfSth, 1S1G. IlitKill I .N MA ItKKT, May 25, 18)0. At ni.iil.i-t, -1 10'e, JO pair wnrkina Oxen, Id Co an I ' drcs BOO Sheep, nnd 723 Swine. I'aliEs ttrcfnlllt Last week's price wcrcfully N'lslai.ied. We ipinle cxlia C,5u It .jdj lirl ipialiiy (Gar,21; -ruoiidijiiahly 8j,r0n 5,7.5 1 llnrd qualily Si.7."ia H. WorLint; Onn-SilM nl 870 S78, nnd 892. CWt and Calces Sales at S18. t?23, 823. SjO. 832 and 813. Shcei Sales trom Sl,ulo3..S. Sirint. Old Hons, Harrows 5c. Sow die: lots to pedd'e, small pijs &icnndGc; very email pigs, by the lot, 7e. At retail from 5 lo 7c. Boston, May 33. Hua. Tho Courier's Wool ar ticle of this datceocs into an argument to show thai prices must be 5 to 7 cents less ihon last year. Wc have not room for it to-day. Quotation uuchausrd. Last year's crop has been used up pretty close, 2,000,- 000 lbs. of it has gone to Tngland. Aspect of DusincsrThc news by the llrilannia is rejiartled as decidedly fjvui able; the presure in the London money niare.i beiuir riliiml. Money more plenty, and buincss flourishing in the chits. Ilttwcen 100 and 500 cargoes arrived at llnnnii during the last week, and the Kill Kuails were ripialiy tnisj', the re cc pis uf tho Wtclcrn showing an increase ol '25 per cent, oicr those of a-i year. In this vi'lajje, on Monday morninir, by the lit. lev ttiiliop Hopkins, Mr. Lv.Ms Cumminhs Eq., Ait uncy nl Liw. m Miss IIarum-.t Hl :i TRtoN,cl- dcit duihtcr ol'.Mr. Jedediah Trjon.of llns place. Wc lake occasion lo a.tkiiow'ed:e our imlcl leilness h r a I bcral piilic'paiion in ihe bo"iiiioii-' pionsiun wlmli UMi.'illy crowns a festive ecra-imi hkeoncwe no recjnl. i. tliat il isan unuu il hins, nor that I there is any thing icry important in it, of itself j hut in oni: woo ruiy rcancs now vnsuy more wc nrcin dcbtul to a j't-t appreciation nnd propirio-c, linn to the cjleni of our n'cnn, lor Ihe ioeiiiin of hapii nes, and tonne ho learns lo c?nmat thoRe ihmu san l little n.iimless Ini'lnctscs uluih chicr thcpalh ofhfc, tvin tin. is rim wiihuut ils niotnl. Wlinlhal his ever been married and if i u haie mil, reader, remember what wc iy docs not rem. mbcr ihe ex uberant Rloties of that rvcniliil d.iy ! how hrulil the world without, how anient and wnccie ihe friendship of those nroiind one. Did you dream that you had so many friends, or ihil they fi ll Smh excccihni; in terest in your welfare? Could you doubl, in the face ol such protestations, that you had won Ihe universal fivor of the world, and that homaro and adoration were lour due ! The intoxication of a moment hie ihi-is not lalculncd to Irad one's mind to a contem plalioa of those minor dutits to winch wehaicallu- de.l, or to ronn abroad in quest cf acts of charily and Mii.mcM. lint, when occasional y we find a iuitli. fu', Muslims bride, crowned wilh gylamlf , mrroimd el bv ndonns friends, in iho mulsl of music, of jong and llio dance, so mindful (f even the smallest pro priety of ihe occasion as not to forget the poor print er's, buy who lonc.y his hour of midnight toil, "unnoticed and unsung," lo us, it expresses a great deal. Il speaks of faith, hope, and love; domestic happiness, the ind mother, I lie friend lo thoamVted, the ministerin; aiiiiel al ihu rick bed, and, in shotl, the whole catalogue of adorning virtues which com. bine to make up llio crowning jewil hi the diadem of female excellence. Peihaps tome may regard us as extravagant; but so clear nrc c in theso opinions, that wcie we looking among the widows fora wife all other things being equal o should turn to the filcsnnil .ec whoiemcmbeied iho printer. Valuable Farm for Sale. Till. Mil.. ml cr leins ('c-irinis of re loin? from l.usiin-8, oircrs for mlc Ii s large and laluable I'Alt M, con-iftini; of300acrc- ol'cx' ellcut LAND, siln- ntrj n the llt.l"R of Hlui,-. f.'linlnn. County, N. V. Upon the premisc-i nro two dwtiling IIOll-e-, llsi I aril-, out houses, .te. it e. -I lt. I'arln is hc'i woodivl nnd watere,!, and is ahogelher one of memo-,! vii u.iu eaua pleasant lociilious in iheeouu ly. Terms -.iy Kor pariicu'.ar., apply lo ihe sub-cril-er on the prj-iiiis,-.. alk'anih:r scoi r. Chazy, Ap'il 20, 181C. 47 Notice. A ft. I-'IIUMAU. from New Vork. has ths nlta tire to inform the ciieiu uf llurlingion and vi ritiity that he has opened a sho, in doors north of .11 11 inner s store, lately occui led by J. II. Plan, I 'lurch Alltel, and is Im An I. ..nnt...... and m ihe best manner, all wurk'eiilrusted to his iarc inciujh JEWCLHY & WATCHES of a'l dt-sTiiplioiia. AIo, setting tho half hours to inking r.iocx, repairing music-boxes, tuning accor deoii9, etc. .Mr. I'reninu, lining worked in a larec cilnbhsh. inrnt uiNew r'urk. for iwo vcnri. n,l l,.; nr..i ou y r-cciwd cond iuiruciHn. from an excellent woiLlilati. s n'lal fipd to .ovnii, il... ...ui,11 wort. 1 and odious tic nublm ;,, i,i, ih, r confiJence, and best . 011 him a share of patronage. 01 iuur.ii.ii.)ii respi enng 1115 wnrkmaiisliip, sir. K. .MiK i.r. mM L. 11 ..... ...1.1 . '"-mis., oim, vsii,krsAiaicOL.iuuper, No. II, .Maiden Lane, V Y. Hiiilinglun, June, 13IU. ltf SARSAPARILLA MEAD. Tllll Y4LLC d" l!n prenariiiiuii is t.ow widdy known, and eicryday llio field ol its in-efulues. is i x-i i, Juigf. It i. jiproiis.lKiid bklily recoiiimeiid edhy PHYSICIANS, aivi tssiluiiiiivl to l? t,0 mu.t agrfealilo pn-paraliou ...... ihviwi iiini 1 iii ever 1 crn eiiiniovoi 111 MKDIUAL PIUCTICK ll I HOt lo-dl In it. 1 ttmA l.i.n I.11, .....1 ...l.n;...r Jliroog.i iM whole sy-tein. ll neuiruhrcs ihepoU- . iriueu;i , i(,e . , nwxjo, r.,.,.?,0,r".a '"'allhy lone In the or?nii, which ol 7 f 'ttl'iid. In ,-croliiloiis and all external -e!-d;,';en10r;1y-1vn'',iu', i" ' . 1 . .V"0"?.'."! the 04 11 anil nu e,.s...n tlre.ici,. KiVm eu-seau rvnioiai u't.eake l-o nil.. ... ' 1110 rrlieni 01 ine .l.i.l.,"'n.r,'".'1 !'nsil,ilyrecei,inaie,.i,n,,f. The . - ',-lvin. ThH.boie article 1. for khI. Whole.ali l(ai 0, Harring cn "rothrrs, Church t. Hiuhiiato,,, ,.0'bvl V?, II. Ildlch & Co. and Miinom if. Folhl. 53 IFiuoo.Ai Fallt. Mcclinnic's Tools. QTItOHs'A' t'o. ouVr a beavir ih1 ami vcrv IJ?rtfttilr v.ri.tu.J 11 l.'1'll 4MIIVU Till II si ...I.:..!. iivclwvn (-elected with great care boih in n.'rnr.lio upcrioriiy rffinl-h and Improvement in pattern, to. w m il me mieniiuu in purchasers it loniilcl. .linens winch arc, Spear V .licUun' hand panel, riiipmg, nnd hack Hams, t.o File nnd Ohisil', licnch Planes and Moulding; tools I'lnmli and Lcrcls, steel nml iron Mipiares, Hot wood rule-, nnd Dividers, lluila nnd Trv sonarcs. Wrciinlii .-ii n.rl. (:..... eaic ! and common Aimers, AfTnrcr bills, llroad Axes Lulu mi, iimcneis, nouow Aiiiiors, uraw aliavrs, nnd paper, l! and lulls aw Sells Ginibtct Drivers, Chisel and Anger handles nnd II hand Vlnn, Chest hnndles Glue pot, I'lai eta, screw Hnuinier laur Irons Ac, Ac. June 2, 'IG. House Furnishings. M1NF.HAL' Knubs, pearl 'white fnco pi plate nnd bronze.!, Uo-e wiiod do., 1! He, half Hras- nnd (last do.. Hell pulls, Hull nml hangings Wakes latches Moiiice locks Butts and screws, OuplHiaid Catches and lock, Window springs window blind Trimmings, Hooks nnd hinge?, Ilnol nnd Sin le, ..aiii',uiijr un.i .uiieeii.ii hiioo, mil un'l Ull.ll IIOOkK i&c i-c, together with n full nssortiti nt of House Furnishing, atnun!7t which house kecnors mai runt 11 orem vm-l. rty ol new, u-clul, cconuuucnl, ami ornamental nrti- cieai srilONGS & Co, June 4, MC. Brooms, Fails, &c dl IK)Z. llrooms Woml Pml- 20" Altcanlo Mall. 50 A-soriinl vainish Brtidics 20 " do hair do 20" Common and fancy Du-lers, Window nnd Floor do Table Implies Klc-h do, Tuolh nnd Nail do, Scru'i do, Shuc and Horse do., Ac. June 4, '10. STRONGS U t'o. Hard Ware. QCn DO., niakc. Catcher, &03 25(10 dross "Premium" Screws, 500 doz. wrot and cal iron Door Hulls, 100 " " Table ,u ' 20 cwl. 1 Tools and llimres, Together with an extensive nortmeiil of Sheet and heavy Hardware, which is offered at wholesale or rc lad, on favorable lerins lo the purohiser. June I, '10. STKOMIS if- I'd. Dry Groceries. n CHE.STS Hyson, Voitn- II,, . S. nnd I'ou rhonsTeas, 10 IllnWSt. C'x. Porlo Kiconnd N. (. hi-iis. H. " " " " Molas-es" 2 Tuns loaf, cru-li'd. and pow'.l. Hnjars. .'andlc. Bar Sonn. Stnn h. Omcer. Cts. In. P.. Siice, Saleralus, Cocoa, Verimcilla, Toluiin, Cloies Niitmens L.unji Oil, Sperm 1'undles, dullish, Sal mon, ivi . ivi:. Juno 3, M0. STRONliS if- Co Heavy Hardware. J" OC! and Iraco chains wagon an cart boxes, an litis, vises, spades, shovels, fotks, lines, scylhes and snathe., blacksmiths' bellows, sledge hammers, narrow and broad axes, augers, crobara, caldron let tics, w.iRon axles, slctl sprines, brass kettles, null and circular saws, wrought and cut nails, iron and brass wire, sheet copper and brass, hoop iron, sheet lead, shcel zinc, grindstone cranks, oven mnulhi. plow tasnnes etc. etc. S.I'KONC5Sif-CO. Juno t, I9IG. Paints and Oils. C TON'S White Unl, drvnd in Oil, "Pure," "Fx- Ira" ami "No. 1." Chrome Yellow, Vcn. Reil, Keil lead, Verdigris, Paris lirccn, Krciuh Vellow, l.ilh ir jti Oiiui Cop 1 1, 1 :iironie Green, VVbitins, Puny, Snirils Turpentine, 1000 gs. Lm-eol Oil, Vnrm-li, Window kIis, Paint and Varnish Hru-lic, lUilil Oil, Ac&e. STRO.MIS & Co. Juno I, '4G. Tin l'laios, Wire, &c. MOXF.S Tin"Pliti'.. 1 3 X and t-iiru .iziw. 75 50-11 II-. Ijoii w n; .i-so.icd. Shivt Cupper, Cop ier Hoh, It i..i,i and F.nj. Sheet Iron, shei t Li-ad, lead pipe, sliivi zhio, rivets, .fce, die. June J, M0. , .STRONOS Jt. Co. Sailillery. STRONC.S & Co.'lmc receivnl and o!cr an ex ti-niw; Mi-k of Saddlery, eomiiri-in iiliiio.t cifi y .irnclo uiile I in their hue, on ren-uua! Ic term.. June 2, 'Pi." CmWy. TAIlI.i; and dcscn linivcs and fork, carvers, steels hircliers kn:vcs shear, scissors, pen and pockel knives. Inmp scissors, raz-ir. nut picks, etc. June 4, 13lfi. STltONCS A. CO. (.rind .Stones. K TONS Nova Scotin Crind Stones. Also, frrind stone 'r.inkiaud rollers. June 1, '40. STHONUS & Co. Carriage Makers Trilh lind an extensile n.sorunrnt of goixls in f T thnr line, i.u inoai rea-iimlile lernn, at June 1, '-16. STRONGS & Co. Fire Grates. A.N KW pattern and of superior worVininship, by June I, MO. STKON'liS &. Co. Shoemakers Tools IN great variety. STKOMIS it Co. June 4, MG. BOOTS AND SHOIiS. rTMIE Subscrilerlias X just receueil trom the Manufactutcrs splendid assortment of HOOTS Si hllOKK of almost everv descrip lion, which will be sold aschespas the cheap est. Those wishing 10 D irehase would do well lo call :id examine before purchasing elsewhere. N. 1!. Custom work of all kinds nude 10 order and 111 ihe bcsl style. 51H.S tO. An assortment of CIIOICG GIIOCRKIUS, con sisting in pan ot the lollowiui' articles TKAS. SlIliAlt, COFKKK. Ground 4; ungroun SPICKS, SAI.F.ItATUS, OIL, SALT, MACKKUK.L, CODFISH, NAlL-i, SNUFK, Ac. . MOLASSES, Fi-ora. SALMON, TOHACCO, 4-c. 1?. J. I' AY. Corner of Church and Bank Its. Ilurhngion, June I, 1316. Ik! If 'NOTICE, I Hereby forbid all persona harboring or tru-ling my urn, Ci-orse D. Pickeriny, on my account as 1 shall pay no debts of hi ronlrartinir. JOHN l. PIOKKHI.NG. llurlinRtoii.'Junc2, IblO. 53w3 Wool!! Wool!!! nMIK Suhsi-ribers would hereby re. L iiiviinlly lender their expressions of gratitude 10 nlilcral pitUi" lor iheir sympathy and aMslanv 111 our late inl-torliinr, and ul-i" lor forinei pntroil- m-e. They apnin oiler ibeir tern ice lo the pul he in tlTe.Mauiifacluring Uui-iiiesa and solk-il a loutiuu ....... ..rr,.Pin. i'ivops. Tliev orutiu-e 10 manufac- Into Saiim.ll, Plain Chuh, Kerst-ys and Flannels 1111011 .bares or by llie yaio. ...,. MURIMY 4. I'ATBIOK. Iliiicfcurgh, Juno 5, 1816. 538 New Books, Just Hccvivctl. I T IFK Olf FAITH, by Upbam, JJ Auienor Life, by t'pnam, - I..,, ... . .,., .','!.. Aiilerior Lift-, bv L'lihalll. The Union of the Holy Spiul and thu Church, by JciiKyiis, Tbu Kxient ot lh Alonenieiit, by Jenkyn, 'Ihe Mis.ioiiaty Knlerprise, Diwoursc, on Momoik, liy Amerienn Aiilhorr, The Great Cllmlhlioll, by Harris, 'I ho Great Teacher, " ' llce. her's lasctiirrs to Young Man, President Slaicy'i Itcmains, S'rmnn and Hemain. of B. D. Winslow, Jarvi.' Sermons, Memoir of Mrs. Anil II. Judon uud lll.-lory ot Uur man Mission, .Memoir nf H111. Dana lloardiiian, Vital Chri-liaujiy, by A. Vine!, D. D. Truth Made Simply, by Jy.hnTodJ, HowIiiik's lli-tory ! Humanism, Works ol Andrew Fuller, 3 lols. Aids 10 Itetlveiioii, by Coleridge. Also, lloset's Animal and Vegetable Physiology, Itiitrev'a Outline-of l'livioogy and Phrrnolngy, Anion's F.lcniciils of Physic, , llaiaiiamann's Oraanon, rVr.-ilehy STKVF.NS WOODS. Juno 3, ISIC, Lir IrW taair4Sfaw Arlhiii-'s Antiquarian. AWOKIC .I'niquerCarious and lulerc.lin, high ly recnmiiirn Wit.' : I'hi- Inver.'of Curiosities will tic amply rcpasl by ilw iktu.sI otlhis work: . ' ' - ,.' Fur .ale by STUVKiSS WOODS. Iluilington, June 3. 10 Pi'. - -Strayed, ' " rll.tkKN up bv the.Milwcnbvr, u .1 Ill.Vkljinr.lllack Coi,oNnllnr rnrs oM. Willi n enlf. The owner i- mpic-nM to pnf ehargc ml J f.'tLAMVi'v VV Colcliier, June 1,191.0. '.n.13 igg I r y c d ( tiw riltnM Ilinin'i1irrilii.r"nn the KM mt r 2l'tnrMnv.'nl.l(ttlTIIAV iV .mil.' I.I--I. I 1.1. ..f .Irlnn ill., iki j. uincn II ks. u linn.,, pii i'b on hrr back, ling-bniu d on both futwafd fect, hct nge is between 10 nnd 12 years, was tnthcr llun in fksli when snc left. Whoever will return said iriarr.or 'giveinrctini.i lion hero she may be round, shall bo f'in,1!'!;,,c" wanleil. . . JOHN STOAtlT. Ihirlmnton, Juno 1, 1SI0- B3w3 " GROUND lliick SAJiT, WARI1ANTF.I) pure, for sale by Juno 3, MO. A. S.. DF.WP.V. Toilet Looking Glass6.s, nHSIDl'.S a crreat ariclv ofothnrs. wo have Toilet 3J Looking Olascs with Hnd without tlrniyers iimhr them, nlsii, kitchen nnil chamber InoLinir frlastcs, pocket nnd trunk iln.. Flower Vnses nmlniany oilier arnale-. 53 IHUiNSMAll) fc IIIUII'llI II-. Hoys Ship!,, WARH AN.TKD to swim, and other Inys. 53 lUIINSMAIl) tt HltOTIIERS. BRITANNIA nnd Kirihcn lied Pans, Spit Cups, Soap Dishes, Koot and Hipbath.,' and some oili er necessary aim usi mi nrucies, lor sale ny 53 IIKINSMAID & BIKITIIKRS. Violins. AN" assortment of fine Violins fur sale In . 53 llltlNS.MAII) & IlltO I'll MIS. Better late, than never! T1IK subscriber Ins been receiving a new assort ment of (Juods, from New Votk, ihn.h ho wid tll ns cheap, il not chnjior, than can be pnrehiiscd in Ihu couuiry or cily, iiihcr at retail or wliolc iln. June 3, ISIG LOVI-.LV. Carpets, Carpels. Till' Hiihs'crlbir has pist rcccjvs il a Jaree "isuri , inentofl-'niiiolsofdirtcrenlii'iali'ici and patterns, which he will sell by the piece, or retail, at the lowest puces. fj. LOVEt.V. June 3, IG 10 Paper Hangings. I LMKIM as-iirlmciit, direct from the tnanufac s lurers, at (he lowest cash prices. Juno 3. ' N. 1.0 V FLY. Crockery anil Class Ware AI.AltdK assorinicnl of Crockery if-Class Ware, China, etc. N'l.OVUL.Y. June 3. 134G. Nl.OVICI.y isrlrcnkly anxious to vlote hi mercantile bttsincsi in Hiirlington, arid' will s-ell hislargc stock of Comls nllhe very lowest prici.3 for ca-h or read v pay. t!ash is wliat is wanted.' nuriington, June J, Ifc lli. N. IJ. I nm determined 10 close nn mv hn.ine-s bv Oclolrnext. N. LOVKLY. SIDJVKY UARI.OW. HAVINC eOnnectisl wtiTilimi.vir) Ceo. I', Woods, April .t 181(i, for ibe purpo-c nl iransai lin? business in Ihe Mcnranlilehne, ju the name of Harlow & Woods, would nspe -t'iinv ni'orin Id. friends nnd customers tliat they will leep 11 general ns-orliucnl ot the li'st nuahties ol Siif at all times on hand, and soli ns cheap for ea-hor other piiyns can belivind elsewhere. They haio nt prc-ent a large otock or spring goods on hand, mid all that will favor lliem with a inll ihev think will be repaid fir (he trouble. Iliilier. Clice-e'.Orain. Pork.Lnmler. Shingles. Wood nnd niosi k iniU of Farmers produce l.iken ill exchange for Rofhlsnl thetnarkci iricc. WiiiiskLI Fall-. June 5tb, 18 IG. 53 Wantcil Immedialcly. . Alloy about 1 i or II year.- old to learn llio Dru; buauies. At.iilC- to HARMING I ON.&lm'1TllKit, Apothcar 5 Cliciiii-I A Drir-'erst.. .Cbun-li sf. IlurhulO't Vl. Vermont Central Kailrwul Co NO I KM! is hereby given Ihut'llic Animal Meeting of the SiockliolJcin of llio Yerinnnl Caultnl Ruin ad Company, for iho cleclioii of 7 Directors for ihe careismn? aad the transaction of all other business which mav be presented, will I c hidden nl tbc Court House in Windsor, on Wednesday the IjiIi of July next, at Iu o'clock, A. M. Ily order of the Directors, i:. P. WAL'lON'.Jr. CUrk. May27, 1SIG. 5'-w'-L Victory! Viclory! Victory! The greatest yet, IT is now as ill the days ol'Kthan Allen when o'd Foil Ticondt ruga lias captured, UP AND DOINO DOKS It'. Just as Iho New Yorkers were all iu rcslaeic re joicing fur War and Victory, $713, composed in part of Mexicans, Spanish wilh Frcmh Crown and llri li'h Suicrei-jn, umlir n rccn Mountain Hoy Com mander, reinforced by II. H. American I'.aglis, en Icred the Kmpirc Cily, nnd took from their Stores 8713 Dollars worth ol their most Splendid and Valu able Goods, Wares, and Merchandize. and brought to Vermont furdistnbulion to the People, 11 ho may halo the articles by applmg lo llitir Agent IlUls.lllI'. Thursday morninff, May 23, ISId. 52 KjnT goods. NAY. fJAOIl Ins just relumed from N. York and lloslon maikcls Willi a well- seleclid as sortment ol GOODS, consutuig of FANCY PIUNTS, oleicry dcscrciplion 1 Gingham, Printed Lawns, and IJelaines, lor lauies messes 1 Silk Itaragoand Delaino Hnwls, of ihe latest stylet Fancy Cassimeto lor gentlemen's pants ; Summer Goods for children's 1 lollies, all kinds; Cotton and linen Thrend Spool Thread t Col'd Thread Silk and Twisl of the liest mia'ity; Cotton Cloths, Drilling, Hed Ticking, ele. G roce.i ies. TKAS of all kinds and nu dities, rtrOwn Sugars, erush'd do., Powdered nnd Ilivnna.Coffcc, Allspice, Uingcr, Cassia, SaleraltM, Cod Fish, Salmon, Mack orell, Pork, Flour, Sail, by the bay nnd bid. jVsiore one doer south of K, J. Fay's shsc tore opposite the old Hank. llurhiigton, May, 1816. S52 VUltMliXT CENTKAI' HAII. IIOAD. AN assessment of five dollars on a share has been ordered by tho Directors of Ihe Vermont Ccalral Kail Company, payable on the first day of July next. I'aymcnts may 011 inane ai uiu i.inu?i iv Mechanics Hank at l!iir!intoii, at ihcHink ofJInnl prlier, at Iho Hank of Woodstock, or, al llie Trcasu rct'a Ollicc. No. KJrrcmout llow. Hn-tou. SAMUKI. II. WALLKY, TrtMitrer. Hostun, May 25, 1810 52 1 Sabbath School Hooks. f UST received a lino block of Sabbath Sihnol J Hooks Irom llie Dcimsiiunes in lloston and New York, for aalo at Depository puces, hy May 23. 8. WOODS, Sabbath School Libraries. CA Volnnies for UU 100 volume, Just received by May al. - - . - . Sinou STMVflNS WOOD.S. Itibli's and 'I'estmitcnts AI.AHGK supply for sale by May21. ' ii S. WOODS. Smoked Hams AND SIlori.DKItS, Larrloflhe tir-i mislily Mess and Clear Pork Flour Corn Meal, and most oilier kinds ol provisions, al May 23. S. DIIWRYS, Mil, I. lill'S I.I AIllHltHMllJsiHltVATIVi: ti Vt'atcr I'touf lllackjus. rpilIS Slacking is not dceiijiicd ln produc e a polish, 1. boi in renihr tho Irnihcr Sofl. Phablo Wutir Proof, and iniich more Durable. Th iniinlor has had many )cara experiiuru in the Tanning mul Shoo Makiii2buiiucssl and has picpaird Ihis niliclc,hay. inx .pent much luuo iupcificltng 11, wiiha view sole IJT In llio SOMl ftilMtmtr. ManUacliireJby V. MII.LIIIt. Warsaw, .N. Y. SCIItRIL IIOtMCS OF ALL KINDS. iivv ll.u.L . ,,. .Iiiitiilmiri. Iltnnk llimltii nil onali. 1 tira-lllaik, blue, and lul Ink Imlcllihle Ink Sicrl IViik. and Ouills Letter t'atHT, very nice do. divclic.ipi-Cap do. all nncra. A fie.h supply fur HE - T ' 1 "r 1 sals by . IVHOD'. May 20, ISIC. a n iV vv a ij n " .v. CI WAP CASH No. 1 Peclc'i llmliVmgt.. A general-assortment ol School, Classiqal'and Miscellaneous Hooks and Stationery at CITY l'Ult'KS; llasivelVa Uiiglnetrs' nml Mechanics Pocket Hook. New cdiilon much improved. Noilly bound in leather. This valuab'c manucl'has pa-icd under a fhoroiiph revision) the new edition comprises a larpe iilnouiil of imporlant information respecting Stenm nnd the .Hiram Knciitc, and nmncrous useful .facia hi ihe various mcihanic arts, clcnud lioin n vorely, of sources. , . , Napoleon' anil Ills Marshals. Ily J. T. Hcnillcy i illustrated Mi l2 tVcVcngra. lings 2 vols.,"l2m0. Voh I just publishcil. PlIICE SI. The second volume will be ready in n few.days. " The style of Mr. Ileailley is well known. In the descriptive ho has no superior among the popular writers of Ihe day, and none of hi productions have bven more justly ndniirod lhan thoo ccn6s of the balllc field, which he has. painted wilh so much vi vidness innko a. powerf I impression on iho reader. In Ihis volume ho lias pcrlnps exccideil liinielf, nnd has produced a w;orl Ihal is not to be of cphemeial nilarity, but wh'ch will be read and ad mired hcrcaller. A. V. Ohscner. The Hush It nn tier of Van Dlrniau's 1iml. Ily Charles llowcroft, F.-q. Author of "Talcs if ihe Colcnies," Stc. PmcK 2.i'tENrii. . . The scenery and charai tcrs porireyrd in iheprctrnt work, not only pofscss flic nnveliy, hut tin? slimri2 and fcatful tuleresl of Iho slur) so ii resistible, in ilccl, as oomplclily.lo em ham ihereailcn wnli in I nowcrfu laicmilton renders Ibis Autrnhan rn-! in iiii'o sijiiiii in ueri UIIIIII.1HU i.u iu i.lil. ovsi .io- - ductlonsofits class In modern limes. . llarprr'H lllitnilnnteil Shakx are. ' N03 70 SO I'niti: Zj'cv.vit'f The erorcetius drama of Auloriv and Clciti-ilra n perblv embellished, enriches tlie prl-setil is lie ol ibis be.-itiltfiil cdiliun uf the great P01 1. The laigraiiug of the Head of Ch.vpu.tra is fulluibcu itching biauiy'. l.ll'e In l'liilile Land. ' Ily Mrs. Klr.a W. I nrnhain. I'.'iijo, muslin, i;iit. I'niiK nil CMS. lorming Sn. XII. of IIAItl'l.ll'S NF.W MI-SCI'L I.AN'Y OKSIF.IU.IM1 LtTMft.M I'llK. No woik hat ever 1 11 11 written 011 Life so rich hi humor, so spiriied 111 its descriptions, -,o al uunJing in thrilling incidents as this'. Harpot's lllutnlnatcililtlblc. No. 51 PnltK25 cksts. This clo-ing number compn-es two fronlispicces cxipusitcly.cngravcd, 11 hich have been proiinunaed by eminent critics as unsurpassed fnrarlisiic excellence. Subscribers arc particularly teip.eiml lo lose no tunc incompleting their sets, nsalnr a hmi'eil inlerval the work will old) 1 10 mid complete, and no longer lc obtainable in numbers. NEW GOODS. Mr.SSltS..nitlN3lAll) .HIIOTIIISItS DKSIItl'! to'call the nl'tenlionnf purchascrs'lo their Summer assoAmervrif Gold 0. silver Watches, Spceiai ks ct JcwilrVi' in'(lrming rhisni'dliiit-the as-' sui linent is more extebKivciind al tiiiusualfy low pri ces. 1 o our nsorlmcnl oFtLooking Glasses "V Ciocks which singly or by t lie Case wilFbeHolll lon;P" ' To our varied stock of American Knghsh.'Griman & French FANCY AUTICLF.S winch for beauty and clicapnesa ue think will stand unrivalled. FANS of nil prices .slides and quililiis. Slecl if- Jet Oonds, Combs, Un slics, Cu,rl plain Hair, Slocls Collars & llofoui'. The self adjusting spring stocks an I olherkin 's low. Pallor, Hall & Stoic Lumps, for burning cithrr, lard, poor oil andcamphene, of new andi'es table pat terns, nUoylass lamps, lamp ladcs, globes, chim nies, wicks &c, pallet and other ramrti nl fowir pri ce than usual, purchasers are invited lolook at (liem before purchasing elsewhere. " Willow Wnro and Hobby Horses, Wagons, Chairs, Cradle, llaskefs ifcc. Ilousc-krepinij ailicles. In great variety. Chanibcr-p uls, root-hath I'lothca Biskel", Clollei I'm, Chamber, Mais &c. r. In sliori we hale 10 oiler ilu. season ornc of the bct assortiiien's wc have had the pleasure of olllring lo our customers. Wo des're to s.iv lo ihem nnd lo the mihlie that we aim to sell gooif troids at fair prices and havo taken grcal pain lo buy lowahd -eh til sell our at any rale, as low ns iho lowest in any department of our bu-i- III-... l)at;iirrrcolpe tloods. In Ihisdcpaiimint, wo haie fine French Plate, if roorf Cases, Apparatus Ac, as low ns to tic hid iu 'the place, orders witliea.h will he promptly nnsuer cd, nt the lowest rales, gilt, plated and gold Lockets, for mini mires, Horse Nets. The vcrv best assortment of Linen and Cotton Horse Nciswiih Head nnd Nrek pieces, also stuff for ones or miis ueiug Asuns mr one ui me inosi i-s-1 lensive maiiu'aciurcrs in llie Net hue uc hope lo autt customers. Cold "eiii. Of Ihe various makers at lew nrices. TlieePensl arc rapi-lly superceding retry thcr kind nnd nic the bcsl Pen ever made, for durniiiluv nnd use. li'lslliiic Tackle. Fly and spring 1 looks, Linuticl. and other Hooks, a ninety of lines .c. .f c. Cauls &r. Finc nnd common pin) ing cards, li-itina Aard, fine Paints, .trailing Pencils, perforated nnd IhUiol beard, Wax, Waftr. Hii-kgammon l.oards, Cluss, Dominois. gnnus of various kinds,Toysiu great in rioty, SnuH'iind Tobacco boxes, cigar Cnie-, etgar lighter., spy gloss, Microscopes, Teli cipi, .Mirrors, Knives, Razors, Scissors, Plaled and Hritaiiuia Ware lilalcd, llrilannia nnd Glass Candlesticks, Siller I Cup', Iliuior Kniies.Cristic 8 Galiantc Ri igs et I' iud 10 cure Kiiucinaiisin ipc. Tho Caudle llistorio'n a laushahlc Game, Plated on gcrinun Siller ware, Tea, Table it Dcsserl Spoons ulatid with pureSiiier oti good German Sdier, also Flutter Knives niaoiu the saino way. Canes. So.".e new and'prclly canes nceiicd and for sale. .Musical Ins'riimciitr. Flutes and olhcr wind iiistiuim iils, Vilod ats Ac cordiuns, Drums, Tamhnrines, and an rseorimeni of fine and cuiimoit Violins, also some good violin strings which have been very difficult to obtain, goinj Hows, Pegs, Tii'd piece's, bridges. Rosin, llairipottur musical nierchandisc. Nccd'cs ifc Pins by the paper warranted oru! or can be returned. Wc can mention but a very small number of articles rcciiiul, hut closo this too lengthy advertise, mcnl by saying ihal we have a good assorlimnland intend to sill the Goods low, so tlint cus'oiuers will not nr.if to look fanher for suih Hoods as we ha ye for sale. , i Ve invite the i-locat serut'ny and exaninat.on as lo miality and piicis, Silver miiuibles beaiier lhan those sold ilsciv lure at Iheloiie t priieand marked ,ree. Coffin and Trunk Plates made or marked 10 or- ilcr, Silver Spoons ami rorKs ot any paiicin mmie to order, a good flock ot Sdlir Spoons and Fntks,Bnt tcr Knives, Fruit Knives, Caps cVe, olwayMm hand, madu of dollar silver and warranted. Particular al Icniion paid lo Watch and Clock if p iirinp. Mtl.SSMAID & iintvriip.its. Estrav. TAKI'.N up. in llio road in ihe town ofColclnsiir,a I row;n French horse. The owner is reiucsicd lo call on C. Flcli her. nt the stone house al Wmnoski Falls, prove timhcr iv. nav char- 'li'!mm "' 5 mi and lake loin anay. 'JquGV Mnv 27, IBlli. JrJv, 3 THi: JUDSON Ol'l'EJUNG, 1NTF.HKD as a token ofsympathy wilh llie living, and a memcnlo of ihii-uan u'leciion for ihe dead. Ily lli v. John Djvvlmir, A. M. For sale by .ilay .0. ivi'i'i'. tJM.Y PAPKU, a siniple way In kill lhc hoys' bills carpet bag., ect receiicd by IHilN-sMAID if- IHlOTIlriWj A lew du.ens mco hulks id llinTtgriihaciuiclupioia or Mexican Titter Flower, ulsii Hie lilidinlou patll.icnnii.. fur silent Pl.t-K ! Sl'KAIl. Suable lunoroT selling llicm out, laironi.uaiay lo Ut June, Sperm Oil. ,1ortKof that nice Lamp Oil, for sa'chy if I "May tl. A. S. DF.WF.V. 13UUI'; t:llKll VIM EG AH, for siloby 1 May 29. A. S. KKWKV. MUISON & POLI.ETT BI1G leave to rail I he attention of iho pnbhe lo slock of Goods now ready for inspeclmn, al W1NOOSK1 FALLS. Tiic stock'is Urge aad llio as-orlineiil coiplcle in ihe line ol lirocunes,. Iuney an i ample irv no.ius, Crocker v and Glass Wure, ready ina.l.; Cl.illiine, Salt, Pork, Fish. Superfine Flour in' bands and liaises, Ac. tic., all of which mil licntf tcu l ihn v. iy tow. est uuikct prices for Cash, aaproicd iicihl or for louniry piodiiie. Wuiooski Fulls, May.SLiaiC. , M I'rotil.-Nn nil oni Wntfiii 1 ((ONGIlHSSJspruii! Water rcitltiiii wnklv, ul-ok j ludina and 1'iivilwii Walcrs, rouslaiillr on hand mm at t PIX'K vt-M-KAR'S.' . ftljigazinee for June. Ctlimhiaii Mafai!iii, ''rrlee K rta. (rahams do ft I oidies National do . UoJcyj Ladie'a Uookl . Ileceivcd b " 25 A. EDWARDS. ITiro Works. . & 'i.'Kiv 9Vv tlnckels. Romsn Catidle. Whce's. ic'.. can be had of IIKINSMAID Sc nilOTII KltS. As they are kept smnd disiohce from Ihe alore, thopc who wish for ihem i -ust apply a abort lime bclorc Ihcy are wantedslo bo ti.cil. ai C. I1AYNES. HAiu-t re-nved a cood Ascrlmcnt i f " UtKrilMiH from New Votk' whit h he offers for snle at his Paint sho.l, cnincr of Cullcgo c While St., Fast of the nnuarc. , . . . hitlmalon, Jlay I, I31U. M Voliintcera Wanted ! VIO will save ihenn lii-s cost hv selllinr lliclr V aceounlsdiielhe late firinnfL.di, t:. K. rullen bclorelle; Isl day of June" next. After that titm- all 'amounts will I e-lcfi Willi an attorney for collect ion, May 21, IBI0, ' 51 JOSEPH 7f. ALLBltT, . ATTORNEY, ' MILTON FALLS, liarlcs Hrclcr's Instate. ' pi'VrrrioN to sf.i.i. land. STA 7Y. OF VIUIMOST, 1 A T a sessi. n of District of Clutlenuen, a. .in. the Probaie Court held nl Hiirhniilon, wilhuiaml for slid District of t'hittenilen, on the lCih dayof .May, 1318. comes Apiua lin water, numinisirninx ol tnc rstnlo (I duties ll'rwstfr, late of Colchester in said d;sirict, ,i. .,i ,rl ci,. I ;,, ,..,, i h,r ,.i;,;,. ,,. ..... , fftlKIU ioi tii mil IIIO S.1HI 111 crneej Uicil rcinl of one half ol a s-iw-'mill and mill nriiilcce on lot im. Is. in s.ud Cutchu'cr, and of a slip iu the dipli-l i,nd Conarci"iiriinalinci'liiig-houo ut Cnleltcsler Centre, ...1.:. .1 ... .t.i.i .r.i.... .1.... aleiN sa fl property mm 01 the reiersion of ilowcr lluriin. 1 ncerfesarv fur the oaviiiuut of thedtbts sl towed bv the commissioners agniTTsi said cstata nml I the e.spenai li of .rdtritnisirnlioii. and praying raid court in ncen"i-'ner o srn stih rsiain inr 1110 purpose a I fori s.inl rryf-rilily to the statute in such caso made 1 ami prnuilcd. ' Wliirciimn. the court alorrs ud 1I01.I1 apiiunt the nor- nj Wnlnrsdiv in June, Iblli.for hcariie'iind ilc eidjiirt oe-snid pi-iiMiii, nt iho olhcc of llie negi.iet or snalcoirl 111. said lliirtmatnn, nt leu o'cln k inli" fnriiioiiM, anddoili older ihut nil pctsons inierrsleil bciin'iDi-il theicol by publishing tbi urdr, ennlniii' mr ihe 9 ih.'anie ol said petition, ibree weeks sue (,ui tlio lliirtinaton Free I're s. h acwspipcr p'ihteii iu su,d Murlinqton, iho la.tnf which pit' lica tioi to he previous to 9111I second Wclncsday in June. Civcn under my hand nl aid Rurliniilnn this IG1I1 day ol line, 19 ltf. Wi-t. WKS ION, l!e--Uler. James, Cntes'H I'lgtalc. SV.lTi: Ol' VIMMOXT, t Il F. Hon. the D'.iri-t nl Chitlenileii, j x PioliiiO Court for Iho I). Strict if Chh'enibM! : To nil pcr.ons con ceinid in the estate o'JA.MF.S OATKS, late of K-scx in si'd dis.rict. decea ed, . fiiir.ciNG. Hunnh Hates administn'rix of ihcca la'e of sii I ilcea'cd, lo render an account of licr ad'n'nisiraiiun. aful present her account ag-iinM said es'Vefor examination and allowance at a '-estion of 1 lie Court of Probity, In he Iwlden at the llcgi-leis otTicc in llurlingion, on the third Wednesday uf June ,..ri. TiirBr.rORE. You are lierehv notifi-d to appear be-' 1 r... ...,1 ,.1'fll fl.. tl.i.n ..nM nl..... .C.......I I sli'w'c.ii's". if any inn have, why tho account afore sud snouU.Tto! he niton el. (l ien under mv hand at Hurlingtrn, this 20ih Cay ofMsy, A. D.1S16. GICT.J Wm. WESTON. rtcgLlcr. David Day's (Inlp. juu.) Cslatc. PI'.TITION TO CONV'KY LANDS. STATU OI'.VLliMONT, I A T a sc;.in ol the JIHsirict.ol ciMicniltn as. I i V I'rol ate Court held , nl Hiitlitiulon, niili n and for sni.l DiatricLof (.htt'en- 1 ileu, on Ihe lldi day of May, IS16, comra Ororte Wh'tny,nt!tn!n:tratiof tho estate of David Day, inicjim.i re oi rnei in ine oi-iri'-iaioresaio, decras. J, and filcsin ssid court hi petition in writing, setting forlhlhal iiisa!ildcceasFil,at Ihe time of his d'ail", wa'suniler contact, hindins; in liw and con- vey In John Wauah jr., the followingilrscnhed parcel of land, MtUuleit ill said Ks x, liz: beginning nta ..I-!.. .1 ....I.......-I..I -.L.I-L ... MH',e 111 in'j r.iunnjsici ly lino ill llie lllgnwav. On lilt 11.1. live, lieiii? at n corner nr ml nu-nl I.u n,.-. 1 Wlr'comh; .thence nortblWdej. 30 min. cast, in toe . lineof s.iidlimhviay.Gcliains 12 hnks: thence somii, IT.U.. lA'n,. .... I , ''bild- l)ny1andi thence south, S7dfg. wen.twr. 1. ,.n.' I. ilaw I u.i nT .11 I I.o . il.n.. t.. I .C ......v.. 1 -a. . .i, .,... 1. . u in inc nne s.l let, rlorth rW-deg.-SOrnin.".!!, 2jlinkston slukc; ' tlicnce north S3 fe; wesi,5 ctnins 4't l.nli to the plcei,if licsiniiing.iiHiloiniia inn and 40-100 acres of land, and sparlsoflnis no. Hand 33; the aald Daiidi haling sold said land tosaidJchn Waepli jr. nml rc-1 ceiled payment thereforin llie lifetime of said f'av'd ; I I hi. I tt, sni.lDllliit il h.1 uillionl l.nviimn.o.....! . .1.. .1 I .... ....... .....ii... ,,i u ,111; tnereot.nnj pnymg.aiii court toiiCcnsKsaiil admin 1 trator 10 convey saij land to thos iid Wangli, ncn-ea-' I bv to thes'atuiein suchcase made and : - I WiirRKcpcs. ihecsuri Hforesaiilibiiliannooii iIia... lannoi'nt tlie see. ofnl Wdlnesdayin June, 1P10, for hearmr nndiieii.1 ingon said pe-rio't al the dllice nf the Kefts'fr o'aid court in stiM Rurlingtnn,n trn o'clock in tlw forenoon, nndiloth nrrltr that f II person interested bctiniifitd hereof by pulibcu nn of ibis order, conlain'nn die subsianceofHiM pet'tion, three weeks succcssiiely In ihe I'urh'ig on F'- l're-s. a newspaurr printed 11 1 .nil Hiirlington. Ihelist of wliiih puld.cation lo he previ ous 10 the tune set for honrng. Glicn under my hand this 0 Ii ihvof Mav. ISIC, Wm. WKSTOy. lleeUler. Ts'otice. THR i;mlers;gn"J have enlered into a co-nartnrr-s'-iip, lorije iinrpose ifeairymg on t'le Mercan tile Im- ic-s, at Wi ioo-ki I'.i'ls.'nn.ler the name khJ Mj'eor MU.SON& FOLI.KTT. I JOHN . ICSbON, I. OCIS 'oI.'lKTT. WOUU) rMpectfulIyjn. ftifltl latiiiVfi nf Hiir'.ntr. lontIiat frliphJi jns'reiti'iiMj j frouiiNVw Vork wiili the la. i Ics I siy'cof G4Kfit. ' HON XRTS, LAIT.S, KIIMJOXS, AlVmVCiALS, t c. .'Algii sliclnt sfcureJ n new xocc Buy Hhujniini8nree ry Uecrip!ioncarrbc reintivM from Sirav?nd Kiur tiiccs, Hurling. on, .May 15, 13-16. COif L. rSuiumcr SS L. II. SI'AL'Y willcomnien 'el Tcini, on.Monday, the 15'h June Siho'nrs arc t pceicd to enter alll nt ol the Tirni. I.nj'ih, ... French, Itraviin?, School Huotnonc djor wc-t Mrs. Lsn up stairs. BuiLiiKiun. May 15. I31C. o4,0 1,0 3 00 worihy'e rrjr HO'l--TINPlATi;iCand . IA5 ' Ix hi i r, ' " " u i so I.T 11.11. Ilini WltlK. u..lirtisl Xl Hnsvii and Kn-ji -!i Mliw I Iron, Sheet Lead, Zni' .indC.i iper', Wire Vclliun, Hob Ciir. Ai. I'm Sale me hy VII.AS . NO US. llurl.'icion, .'.I.u IS. IS HI. 50 TICK1KJS, UC. ('j.e Vi.i' . Ticks J I lliVI'i''-l''iinp.iiiy"d'i i u S uped SIi.tiiiiu; I ,. is i'i by VII. S V NOVI- S. May 1.', ISJii. Col Ion Threat., -fJQ() 11... Ml.ver'. Collon Threj I.-iVhitc i DtiO dolt pi'ols Thread 1(H) Linen iln for aU hv Mar 13. ISIC. VILA tV NOVKS. Lost, A BUNCH OF KKVS. The tinJir will li-n-ivsnleil by le.ivinsihoinat thcu'lien vl J.c. J. II PiikcVTo. -21.1 May. il ' nsli JoW rpo liril.OntS.Thi; Mill rcfivc 1 r ronoas until the I JTh ol u r linol ll,i I Vl, III IUIK-. ai u c Ul UH. P. M ., foi 1 til lnin a Si lii'ol lluirr,in ihe 3J ieb n.Nsiril..i!'ha S Johnson, lit i i araiepro,ioat. wilHH'ririnsl fi r , and lV lhii'inir and inrpniler 1 . vsriev tmiriMIN. ll.e iiusoii wors work, .llws nuili.ijioii.Miv'SO, IS Id. i'.A Fasliifih'alilo.llair-lircsser MAV iry H.TImoih.' siwi-. whownuU l'HEMlUM. HOR!K: THAT ia,rocivej three l'ie,iiiiirri.l lb i'f -lirV'i'farslKtira in New Vork hel in IBJ-i, l-'ln-Lli'U-Alo f.r tCoitijr ort- i fliwl "Luit? r.i wived tnuto pte iih'ni- ihut am lioi'. 'ill ihe' Hwe. aimen:v win i , i..t.(,u nl tumri- n'Bur lmgton.Vi mm n,l I) ,Kw si.nj on .Vllirh't , near ihe diu-t H..b iur 'he 3iC)mrtia.'lion ol tlio-c who -, iu M iot -lit '.ti i-f liiji nohlt animal the Hur. In. mi c iV i.i,.-'b-s-i old !i,.rrJj.""..',',-' ', ft,ar' "F d inaehefl. for 61000. i-i t turflin , j' i. K ii,. . Prtmuiii lln-se K.i-'i ll'.-f' w.t hm madia.) city ol Vorit-.rme., Sira, ..n, '.i".-i'..' I'.j V-'lt:.' Ul-Vfti ,. ...... MVIUl.O.N'ti.. Rurlmslon, 1 1. . . 49 THK inif'e-.i! s'ii,i tor v fe,l i-s .ii 11,1 eo-parlner- uj-e i . . . .0 ii,; Huddle. Ili'iifss, it '!, il.'ilili'Ci'j iMislnesp, ol.lerr'.nKo o'ikv-, u . ... . ori.ii-rlv o'Vu. pc'ii D. ss U i!a .J, i..i..u. ill a fin) si I v'.e of ROOi i. ON1I. r i UScM .rou, May 11. til'). Slrl N U.nruAij. , Hurlingloii fliuli cllool; ' ' I.irt IA TV. C HA.M'.Y. Pni'tlu Tn Sjrn ns-"If ,i of t In.'.tii'iot VD'cOin mence on M- u..iv ''le c.ii'in-i of in u;iia,I. -Nnclicihirire '-"I '! iSsn !ia fa tcrii... r::t's.rc. si. n.v.j.i: (ov'.i'isr. v,. o. w. l pr.iroiiv, Hon. T. f O'.F.T'. ,-f.LVs l,nr',.V'l'm, ct o. ii. f?iiAvv r.., !',. vl r.N n-3 !p!l'' or a r, .01 is Tt'-a'.e - lis'.i.e, 'UO 1'. t rptii; llijis.'-be P.-h I I , - ) I (' .. ,fj.r ihe STA' I) Al a.. 1. 11 ;i-. i 1:1 1.1 . 1 3 '1, 1 . 11 1.-' . i p.' te 1 siu'e 1 1 'II i,s e f s.'l.i l,y- ;tii rtfae t e.l .'. u - o .'fMa-eJ " 1! c'luei r-J.rt 1 lr lifi-ii-e to sell 'I l .'..ri Is veil iia.t Jul eCUilil j.' h- 1 f. ol .-' d .ll'.d I 'M 11 ' e '1 11' . 1 Ii tf 1 1'' I) .1' ' I .1 I M '".It'SO - .1 s'u ,t o ' il,e-.i..l sed so .1' ' . ii rii. d V ,ip;i.iir Lc- f 1 0 in a. 1 e -i 1 :ifji to 1 e h .1 I ill.' -r. IL Vl 1 lie o, 1, . ,,f .... ot J.11.-. V ..I. l -.l'i .iMlsi-v'i, :""I 1 U.i . 1. ' 'a k-' I I'mi J. -aid ."'I'l' t 1 . j 1' 'i : :-. i.'h. 1 rf's , 4 "I I !i l '' , ' d .. I .s' hi I.. r 1 1-. I . .ot, 1 ii dr i . -l us . 1 "1 t-., 1.1 .111 I .iM '- 1.1 1 I - 1 v'. !" u..,l or- 'rt ! . , ' 1 ,' I , ' , 'h "i ',. 11 'i .' i 1 i I . h I.. I- he 11 e- li-'i in 11 1 1 1' .0 , 1 ' I.. Iin'htl el I 'I mill- 1 1.1 0; 1 ! 1. 'jt.-ihu 01 Ipf-nor 'o llie . 1 '1 in 1 1' 1 e I II. Is Id I. I,y. 1 11 M ' - 1 I at -M 1 III 11' r", th's lilli i, . i). Y V.'I'ttM'.', , H'gHtif. ,A7:ir 10 uk .y no s ton BOOT & NH0E STORE. 'MIC s!.,ijT.'ve' Int i,g polios J to Ihe store en rhii'e'i -"tI .l'llv crurin-d bv S Well, o I- e ll' K 'o-. otk-i5 to the l.c ht. - ) ii. co. - sun- ol 101c. Ihio-s, a"J ";ni.r.4, 1 tin :u I'ouii, jf 'vcrj t'sc M oil ' K. 111.-', Us .I'l-sl 'A I Kil i'i Prune! n ' .o 4 II a f Cat ers. II Kifn'Ji pc', I'ng'isli K i -a, i.po, t. Fier.e'n 111 .ppTs, nl" ca o-s. " ;!.' Iln., ..I do iloy.te sj. pper, . MO.", llujl 11 U'..k..s ' shaped Hubbsi? ';uc-t tl'j t't an c.t.J .iytit Cj'f tii.ii K.? " t rri I'lidumtl I'; njia Uincm; Oj; " j'tl. r, -..t.ycrs, 1 C. ii I do , Calf hv kt'ids, Kulnttre u.tu tc4itirr tw'et 4i -tlj Mi. A if, no GiU a.'! uian, 'u5ij ''yjcv- f'itL C 0.3, ' ' 0a il'i) w'i " f:j C?if SiiU Kji I' gii'eJ a.. I a 0.11 .1 "' ' 'inn' i'.'iri. 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Tteio'.l !ine.i r-s in !. 'i.r'tuM'i'i .ill .li.:riuve,1t .Il.evt OIS t filestMK-tl"lois.e Cl's... b.'.ion.o. I't'l'Stl'l.l' X..I I. 110 1, '-iper, IT'" "e- e'a'e I. teuil. or .ur i-.iiiis ut les-t'-.e it-tr'ir-i;, Hfii -.s i.een nn, o.ia 'ai., of Pu' -fid'-, 1 ny llOUlO 'I ledt 'lrs' 1.1'5k, ine', :reim0 ttsi'. lerw.i i. nAjs-.i ..' iivss.-v. Ill's li'Al l. is 'o .isrinV :ini vve 1 nvs? i-X'ii'-'h'-J 1 f'e, i,, ;-,',.. ti' .tl O. i o.l 'I'll i' st,,,l m .-slfjf i ili hoi 1 1-1 i j.- -si, ii ea.s r,; ..r.ipi,. i.i.. ...ii j n j ' j ir pi!.. f r , i . ,i i.c-s jI j,' a.rtfl i! .1. i v ii " i. . i, i1- Id. i'. .. ' h;'..V.. 1). ' Jltt-e- IK. "J L t ., . i . ilH ""I1. 1 .'1. I). tiiVi.Ii.ll Vi. . 1 I'i .' 1' l .: , 51. H. ,u.t-..l I!.'. .'. P. 'le r, W.ta.stl I. 1 P iv ii.. .ii . . v' Uialt juI issviii.e '. ut-. i -i ;.jf ll.ll!lll.u!(i.l IlltO I'll li 9. I'll im .-I fc. Nifhuli.- f Itiltsl. 'J3 Ci ." u :.i .S , 1 1 It.'- i. I ci e ii (V laii.' i ; . M- - i' ti oV tuoj . I Ills!'.. 'T i m . .ii-Mina i. ' bu n ii-..w ll 11 1-1 i ,'i p.i sireels il 'iiteMi'i .. fio h ih. . t.i..r) do l.rir t Ml' J ,l'. ..tsV.iTI . ' HI. fl, (TOUil ,o' s . ttt. i ,. I,. , in t eyiii.'cr, oo vi Vii... . '.-e'.J .i'iJsJi.i, ii lljin- . .ll I . .V.i- . Jill '.r. V Mt-'' 1' I ' I..I.OI CJ ...Ir.elKUl ll.e Jlf-rs.'-.V A . loti-.l..!' '..sJlr sue! iiuivrrsil lliesr l- ir 'tlfdt ., nuj N..r:le,si Gem e' l. '. w l ' 'r.'i.i i..e .llr .."icr !, l.i, -s in hi. jij i h :," it . he m. I'.uii lijili en 'e-l. Is a -n-js n'ts' m' "!"' t - e'ss pi. i,' w Var- .c, ,iS L ,., , ... T, .chttirMt I liro 1151,, """" " ' ' ' It'll' lllls-J n;i, l,(lt Done Ily .i, t. kih;t. BlHW'ovti fl. l..fn.iurTVmcc, -ol!rr;.stt. i hi- . in u : Im . ii

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