Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1846 Page 4
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NcW'York Adv's. NBVflARDWAIlB. FOREIGN AND DOUES1 10. THE Subscriber (Inrincily f ihc firm (i MlttRR & Smith, mid nt the muiic (.til lnnri,) wnulJiall tlitr attention r tho Public lo his well seleclel slock j In which will la-a.tilel a litrlhrr -I'ljiplf by paiket- In ar rive, and from the vanni, manufacturing oslal li-h inents in this country, winch will lie miM al loir pri cesor cnh or good paper, ami tn quantities to suit alt who cull, Among i he article, olfejetl for fall) ore, viit 1000 kegs Nil, aborted I 100 hag- wrought nail lOOilnz. pnli-heil Shovels) 200 do iron do 50 ilo stoup or grain Shovels V0 oa-k- p..i-liel Trace Chains 10 ilo ilii Log do nr po.t Chains 50(10 cro- N. E. Si lew 6000 jm Junes l'. Screw. Tr'illk Links 100 ilti Carpel Hammers I IX) ilo Nail ihi n-uriel 100 ilii Axe- t 100 ili i f liort handle Fry Pans 100 tin M inoie nn.l ll.iy Kiirb-, njril 100 ilo Oar.Vn Hoes, n.orcd lOCOIbs Irnii, lira's nnd Conner Wire, a-sorltd American TaMean.l IMiket Cuilcrv. , Thomas Tcasrn & C's. pocket ami tvorv handlo lahle Knurs mid Fork-. Al-o, mill, oros- em, pil an.l hnn-1 Saw-. Hatchet, pa l,i he-l, till an.l door Im k-, lniit ttl'nll knul. j lacks, Brad-, Hull f Door Handle-, lint Pin-, Win. low ami Blind i llra Goods in variety , Po lice hand-cuJTi and leff. irons ; Sauce Pan, Tea Tr.iv, Kile-an.l,Plincs, .,'.; B"xChi. els, 'Box S r.i.icrs, Mallet", To' ncen Knives, fbiir, butler, chcee, enllnn an.l c..flee Samplers f E ml Scrip r t ladies' gari'dillne-, ait-l a full a orimcnt cf ihe similar kiml nfagric ln.riil implement-. I. N. I', A me' Pcwr Birrs an I HiMMr.nsl ! Al-o, a variety nl "nut nf ihe vvav"aruclcs not u-u-allv kept in hardware "tore. N. H. Aincij.'an ilardwaredirect rrnm the inann fadurcr-, on sale nl.MF.ON P. SMIIII.Stgii c.llhe Anvil, 44 93 .M ndcii-Line. New Ynk Boston Adv'ts. NEW YOK PRODUCE MARKET. WR would remind our friend tin I we mill coiilin up nt our old hKMiim, No. 30 IVntrr .t., andarefdly prepared to I ike charire f nil t'onfigii menu that they mnvfavjrn- uitli. We would as sure nil who tuny eulruM their pro lure tn our care that every nt len (Ion shall hit paid to their interest We shall keep our patrons fully ndiiscd of Ihe state irf our inaiket, Liberal advancr mndpnn all kind nf produce. JP.WP.,UIIAIUUSO. & 'o, Commi-sion Merchants, 30 Wafer at., N. V. Refer to Messrs Pullet l A. Hradley, ) .. , Messrs. J. & J. II. Peck, !t Co. Burlington, 17yl c aTi d . New Vimic, March Cud, 1816. MMrs Jewkli., It Aim io n iSl Co. I inve no hesitation in BTyirig tint in no conver Mtion in htrli I havp het-n eniiniied. in Vermont or laewhrrr, in which your Name hae het'ti introdu ced, hive I ever intendud to aiv anv ilung whirh hoiiM MXvct your hnrnctcr, tn tiding, rredit nr mode nf doins business na -Iomm snion Mertlnntu in New Yorkjrtor have I ever Ind nnv nnon. from know I- dee or information, to helifve you wrrp irresponsible or tnnt yoii roiuJnctrd your liunineps in a manner unltpcomm? Com m1.oion Merchants 'Yon are at liherty to make such u-c of this aa you may deem proper. I am pry rppetrtilly Vonr obedient pprvnt, (Siai.e.1) N. W. PlK. Copied hy Thckon f. Doremu. 43niG BOSTON, APRIL 18M. Drusft, Mtrfhmct, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Chemicals, Sfc. Sfc. HAYWARD A HAMILTON, NO. 8 INDIA St., IIOSTON, OI'FI.R an rnlira nrw Stik or the above arliclca al Ihcl.iwurt Cnshnr (Jreilil prices. Pnrchascia are rrtpcclTully invited to call and eaamina theiratork of Oooila. lcohol8(l and 00 m. Paints nf all kinds, White and lied Lead, l.inseed Oil, Varnishes, I'aris (ireens, inj). article, Venetian Kcd, " " lapin, Spts. Turpentine, Old Dutch Oil, warranle I cenutne, I Window Gla-s, Vellnw Oihrc, Madder. tji)jwnnd Kxt. Urn. Cam. Iledwood flro'd. Fiftic Cuba, Oro, OnniMood '' Hvp Nic Wood, " ic Wood, I'nik Salts, '(teaching Salts, Alum, llhie Vitrei, iClldliear, (Iiiiii Senegal, Annitlo, Glue, t.m: Hye, al Soda. ICoiks, Ac. Ac, Itliri Uric. ' " Ind. ' " I'utv. Ipeeac " Pulv. Jahip, " Pii'v. Peruvian Hark. Gum Myirli, Aloes, Trauaranlh, Aranic. r.iipiuiice Kit. and Rcf'd. F.piiom Satis. Sup. Ctrl). Soda, Cream Tartar. Tartaric .Acid, waslilt soap, It. .11 llrimstone. Su'pbur, pi)lll!C9, llorax KnK. refM. Kssenlial Oils, Acid Otalie, " iMurialtc, " Ai'etic, " Nitric, " ,Sulihuiic, AInrphine, Quinine, H)d. d', Calomel, K.ii'. and Amcr. Iodine, Wnh the usual arnrimcnt kept in a who'esale l'mc Slure. All articles warranlrd Pure JOSHUA H. HAVWMID, EDWARD HAMILTON. 4tm2 23 India Street- BOSTON DRY GOODS, JOBBING & IMPORTING HOUSE, JOHNSON & SHANKOTT. Nos. 42 and 1 1 MUk at., Ilnton, opposite Federal Street. WOULD call the aiteicion nf the trade in tlii vicini'y to the r lame an.l wellassnrted Stnel.', vvhicli will l n lered lower than New York price, Jor cash or credit. cnMraisiKo in part, DOMF.STICS, FOUF.ION GOODS, Heavy Hru Slieclinsa of White GnnN and Linen MERCHANT'S LINE. all Mle T i i Ii t and line do llfivy & llffht Shirtinir, Hlear'hed Slieeling and Shiriinj!-., Cid'd CaodirifH, SiVeia Hruiul rh'lli A 1 vvt'eii- Pancy tnd pl'itn CuM (nor-, l)oel.iii Plain and fancy Satinets CnlM and llro Drillings. Tudttiiff nnd Stripe-, of every varieiyof llt AIpactM", Orlean-, Iddi niina. Btimtiizines, De Metre ( loths Ircnrh x Knj, Mtrinns Velvet". DUP.SS GOOD. M. He Laiiu-a, Cn h. De r-O'fccs, Curded aitu Rept Cahinerf9, Prtnteil Lawn. Lawn (irnham Planncl-, Liuc)(, printed Ori;andie-t, Halznrine .lean Silki, U'k. and colM. fi'g 1)K. J. SMITH MOST Ropeci fully (nform the inhabitant! nf Burlington nnd vicinity, lhat havinff chanfred hh nr-idence from Chaniplam to Choiry street, three doori wet of the Congregational Church, he con tinue Ihe (tractice of 1M1VSH IAIN AND SUIU2KON, ndopimtr Ihe l eal nnd mot eificacioua reinediej ex tant i mid while tit unwilling to Mieve any ol the vnrintM nytems cf the day pcrfect tie would pauticu--ly elerl Irum them ueh nrlicle4 of tuelinne, n he h.i found from lona experience in a tlircrsified and wide extended practice, in both eitv nnd country, to l let adanteil to each and everv cano aware lhat there are no two case exactly alike. it i- . i. . ... i'uw uir mjccc iiri nuenoeti ni uiurn mncr ne hna resided in IhU Village, he would most willingly ftiihmil to the dec i ion ttf an enlightened and candid tuDiic, lor no i ccniment U inut te acKiiowieoaun V the veopfe lhat he hni u: eeted n cure in om cnc where oiher had failed. Hut a phytirian may ncnlect To notice e'en a kikh) cfTei't, Unlei Ihe caue a he upiocel Is nine time plainer than hU no-e (. Dr. S. continue- to keep for nIel at reduced prices 7 real inrictv ol Itnlnni.-n. Himlentin Krleclic nnd Mniriietio reinedie. which haw been nrored v mil iou of petf-on in the United Slaie" lar more nft nnd tahttartj in retnovinir dieae, than anv oiher known amonir men, and when nccompaniel !y the nctitm ol hi Elcctro-Majinetic Machine, the rflevt lia I i-en mo nlon h no in a mnlniiKle ol caes. Pffft. rfmiih would rI-o leave to inform the puMic that he hii- purchase I ot Poet. Emerv the njrhl to manufacture nnd Mill Pa. HannIno's highly cele brated and itivaluahle PATENT LACE. which f..rMirpac everythintdthe kind in market. And knowing that the arncfe which ha Uvn u?ed in this fectiun has been of an inferior quntity, causing niiiiiy a iHiinrc, wnerc.i ii a jrooo arucie nau iiern laithiiilly applied a ( ore would have been the refill. He ba nude arrangement tor a upply from the oriimal factorvofPr. Hanninn. that everv Lace may vperfcct and every patient l-enehitel hy it. The Doctor therefore invite all who need anything ot uic kino, io Eive mm a can. Let Ihe iiiv.ilhl con-ider lhat Ihe Lace i fir Ihe t'cllcr and cure nf the fotlowinir ili-eae-, whu IVniinm. Mfxiran tr!iiH. nnd ttlnin. A.c. c. stiawis, tjai-nmere, tirocii. Print of manufacture of';, M De lliirh Mer unat'U, Harndti-n cVl land, ItarrgcOmhreand i-hec'i v Pprnffiic, MiiKeppa. Also. C'Zzeii4. Chan.n, RobelGI ves, Ho-tery, Poncce nr. I and pillalfield tldklr S It SCOTT who ii at the nbove named e t.ddi-hutent, respectfully licitdacall from hi friend- when ihey vii( Uotou. Peb. 12 37m4 BOATS, For the transportation of properly, between Lake ciiaaiplain, thoy, Alba ny. NEW YORK, AND BOSTON. INJURED- THE I'ltOPRIKTORS r.f ihis LINK havini in crca.eil their facilities hv the a.lditinn nf several firt rate Hnais iimler the cnminand nt exerieni-tl anu ihiiiiiiii Diaters, are prepared 10 give uj.patcn lo all nroiteriv intends! tn nns I etwivn iheahme named places, with u Inch they may I e inmiieil,an.l nope, i.y prompt attention to theiuicrc! r.l llieireiu jili.yerr, lo receive a continuance nf put tic patron ace. Teirbnat arc to le ti.wiil l.v Steam nn Hudson River-ami on lUe Champtain mIicii nrsary, and cnnipleie n perlect to .ne Yurk, a, al.n. lo Ttoy and Albany. L'.l nl linn.U are t.ept together and iiot MH.jcctcu to in irv tiy iriuhipiiieut. Proprietors, f'OLLCTT Sc. BltADI.I-.V. Ilurllntlnn. NICHOLS, HUltTON.VCIUTri-.NDliN, S.Aiati A. .11. UL,AI(h., SI. Albans, Agents L.A.JOHNSON .Vo9, Cunffrt Slip, iVrie York. CORNeLlUS I.OVF.I.I., York,f- ISostan Pack et Office, Wharf, llotton. April. 1SIC. 47 Nr.w York, April (i, IC-1G. DRAPER, AI.IHtlCII fe 1'RIMC rexp.v; f.illy Mtluit the aiientim d Vermont Men chants lo thir stock ol STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, enmpriinir a de-ira' le an aor'inent an can be found al any hotie m the city, which I hey pledge thrmaelvt to fell on ihr inosl tavira'le term". Second to none io ihi'ir l.icilitie for obiainiu? (oikU at th lowet, nnd anxious io cultivate only a safe trade, houever close, they are ready ami willing to chpt id their SliH'k al the Miialleat living1 it'lvHiicenu orisitial ro-t tlo'ir moito 1 emg, "smalt profits tud quick return." PIMl'KK, AI.PHICH cV Fit I NIC, 46'ii3 in libcrty-Ht., near Hroatlway. R. F. FLETCHER & CO., WIIOI.C'AI.K DEAI.r.RS IN WEST INDIA GOODS AND GROCERIES, ALSO sperm nnnsED on. of all Kisns, MBRCHANTS' HOW, R. V. Klcletler, i 1 1. Whipple Keh. 12, M0 Hints AGSICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. rilHI-. S iltM-rihert wi-h to call the attention of ihe -I friend ot Agriculture, and the Memhcr of the Agricultural Sociith', anl of ihe Farmers' Club par thuhtly, loa HK'TRIt PLOW than has ever I efore t ecu o it-red in I hi market, and to convince vou (hat we fpeak ihe truih, when wo cay a better Voir, we earnestly invite all to call ami ctainuir lor iheiU'elie. We have Pro ity U Mear Centre Draft, Suboilt Si'Vllill, Sward, One Horse, mid i.t hcrt, every variety of Plow made bv them. We have alo Iltiule. JNo-ire i Maon Plow, ol every deNTip tion nnd siz'.', Corn S heller, Chirac, Uoe, cVc, nn expel in n few day a general ftortmcnt ol Farmer, and (Jatilener, Implements. The above atti'e are for Sale at the Siore of T. W. Lovell, StitonV HuiMinirv, Church Sncei, Hur linzton, ly Jidin S. peirce, who i our nuihuri-cd Aut'iit, and who will be happy lo hnw them to all. PI IKIN& WAUK. Mnvl3,18l6. &U SANDS' SARSAPRILLA FOR TUP. ItKMOVAL AND PPRMANIINT CURK OP ALL PI-4KASKS ARISING FROM AN IMPUKti STATE OP THK HLOOD. OR 11 A HI I' OF TIIK SYSTKM, VIZ t Scorfula, or KinVKvil, Rheumatism, Obflinile Cu taneous Pruptions, Pimplef or Pntutc on Ihe Fne, HloH hes, Hilvs, Chronic Sore Kje, Ring Worm or Tetter, Sen hi Heail, Pularccinent nnd Pain of the Rone nnd Joints Slu! born Ulcer, ''yphditie Symplon, Sciaticn, or Lombapo, Hnd Di-caenriin7 from an inpMhciyu- oseol Mer eury, Aciic-, or Drop-y, KxMjiirei"r Imprudence in Life. ALo, Chrome Consiitulional Disotder? will be lemovcd by this Preparation. This medicine hna in many lhouand inlance hr uht heihh anil rctnrniniz viffor lo thcwrik and lanu'itd frame. It nperatiin ex'end itelf to the remote! iraivac'ionstTtheeneritl ytem, nndcou HstH in reuioitiir di-ent-d action in the nlorbmg and ecietmu vessel. Still lariber proof of the value and eflicacy of 'his medicine. Another link added to the chain of testi mony. WE t PoU1.tnkv, Vt. Pec. 4ih, 1315. Mer. A. H. A D. Sand Dear Sir .Altbnugh a tranFe, permit me to relne to vo-i iheMory of my sul!enn'-'9 and the relief I have obtained from theue of vonr Sarapardla. Aboui ihe midille of January, IS32 I a attacked with a dicae whu h my Phyi cian calle I Wieumatimt and I iied aid reiuedie a were prescril ed, and in about three week it left, but nearly the fame time the next year it appeared asain in i he same plat e, ihe nsihl hip joint, (nun which it im-rca l. niovinc on from limb to limb and joint to joint until it had emphatically k pocion of my who'e sjetem. 1 tried exery ren-el pre-crdel by the various Phvjcian, bid wadoomod yearnfier j ear to -c my diseae completely baffle ihe combined kill of Ihe Me heal ProfrMon. " I I era me dii-our.i- rc', all hope of relit I fled, prosperity was turned to auversny, aivt i coum av wnn the wo? nau in ine Sen nt ure. that 1 had nent nil mv livmirand icceiv- ed no I cnefit, I continued thu until .c)ltinl er IS33 when I took a u Men nnd severe cohl, tiim immeui ately tnydi-eae rageil with inciea-el Jury ihtonchout mv w In le sv-tein. Mv IkxIv wa ratkel with con viil-ion.t and twitelwilh cramp until every joint wn oii caie", aim everv nmo painrmiy tnnir'i-u. mj linih- nnd Lndv wero drawn together, iiearlv ina it- tins potnre, in which every joint become o perfectly set that it was impoiMe to move, hand or foot or nnv of my imh. I wn confined in lhi condition about one veartrom the nbove date lo a common bed, next lo a hydroa- tic bed for one veir; from which 1 whs taKenin reti rc 1A4I. nml of.ii'cd in n lataf eav chnir. mid. o a in conform lo the ancle ol my Mill body nnd limbs. I hail not tteen lon m thiciiair, bettire m lect be yau io -well andctMitiniie lo increase until Ihe skin I u I era rv bort at everv pore, riixt harfinir ucha ouan my ol rt'iid lhat lare told of cloth placed tinder and an nnd iheiii would he comnleieU drenched in a lew hour. Regies ilo they oi-ehurl a irluev Mib- sinuce that accuuiulalcd m thu k crut upon thu Mir face until mailer va forme.1 underneath when it lee'ed o I, tormina niters, whit'li continued to increase mill mv leel were one complete. on. n nau-eou Hint I itvame i(Mtnome to mv neaiesi ami rest meii-i. Alihtnmb mv feel were m vxi eclinzlv teit'ler that 1 could scarcely endure ihe wciuhl ol n cloth upon them, yet at time they would burn and itch n in loierattiy mat my nue wooio leohligeu lo lake a rough el iih and rub them until il wa comelime t-al urate I wilh blood, before 1 could get relief, while at the name time there wa a raging intlanution throuRhoul my whole sylem. and a dartioij, ih rob bing pnin in every .joint. All the nails on my finder and toe died nnd came oil. I had a ditre-s nirpaui m my left idc. a t!iti .ictiny headache almoi coniin uallv and lcide- my UieU were m torpid they did not inmc un!e I v ihe aid of pills ol'ttiier ihau oiu-e : .u... vrt.: u:.. .. u... a.. - I... i of my aciual state when your Sarapnrlila, like ,ark' r ''rawn? m the Bruin, where thee an Ansrel of Mercv. found me and udm inhered torn; are altache-l, ami a jrreat en-e of we pht reliel. winic removing the wrapper from the hrt l-o tile, inv wife mtl. Mv denr hn.b ind. vtm mut not allow vourc1f even to hope for relief, for il you do) It win oniy nun another io ynttr already many uriov on diappo.ntmenl. I very enitly lelt the effect ot the tirt doe, and when 1 had taken one half of the firt I otlle the dich.irj;e from my feet entirely stopped, mid ihe swellmu l.eau to nl-nte. and I efore I had liuihel taking Ihe rccomk ihe burning and come ol a dipla-cment or weakness of the organ. of me houy, viz : Weakness of the breast, with shortness tf breath ; cnugh and spitting of bltntd ; palpitation of the heart ; weakness of the side and slam ach; ttyprpia; cnstiieness and piles; pain in the back with curvature; Arar ing down with irrakness of the hips and lower extremities ; and droop ing of the bndy, especially in young ladies and children. The obieci of what follow. i. onlv to aid all Mif- ferer in tkvidmir nslo a trial o the Patent Lace,Pr rel el of their nllliction. It i neces-nrv to say jut enough on Mime complaint!!, to how that the Lice propo-e tt relieve many npparenily opposite mice' tion-. in a rational nnd nninml manner. Man . animal I v considered, i a machine, and that when hi mechanical perfection i in nny decree loi, mere mui lolluw a natural aim correpnntimg MK'difi- ation or deorecmtion of its function, a a natural reult. Thiol true of thefofln will as the hard pan. With reference lo tberraans, or Mft nart tf the trunk, we remark, lhat thev are all con nected together, from the top to the base of Ihe iruncal cavity, and are under ihe influence of their own weight i lhat they, in health, all Mtpport each othtr, from 1 elow upward, not tlraj'-'inp each other downward. Thi compact tate ami upward action i chiefly edected hy the abdominal muscl, when in an mine nml heilihy state. Of cour-e when these are related, the whole pile of oran will tall, produ eiuu a verier ad confuion and diplacemeut of orjrann and nccc-garily ioduemjf n boil cf fiiiu'.iounl tie raugeiueiit, in a tucthauicnl wnv. Thee derange ment will I v met-hanifal, nnd of course onlj cura ble bv rett rint the oart to their orootr pla'-e. The following cxircse one ttf the natural effects of mtie War and liz imemoos relaxjiTTou opon Ihe body which cannot 1 e cured by mo heme exclo, viz : 1 he whole ma! of ori;ai fall, nnd preM? on the uriuarv organ, produciig; a t toot fritpienl evac ualion of urine; or else turning it back, or for waid, o as to cramp it lem ami reiatn the urine, prod. ire retention, Riving too many a lal-e rcaon in suppose ihe kidneys to I enilecte I ; ihey nlso pre mi me imvtT oowei, nui n op, anu wiereoy mecnao icallv nrtxluce costivenes and loroor id the bowel, 'I here will al-o be exerted a preure on the uterous, (or womb,) crowilms it downward out of place, put tmir ittipnorttn2 cord on ihelretch. prttducins a Mne tf pain, wrangbns, aching and Iamenesof the PACTS RPOA DINtlTMR SUGAR COATED IMPROVED Ihdinn Vcnctnhlo Vi$. For Consmmptiottt Coldt Cough$,Rhcu malum, lJyspcpsiat l'tver$t Vorms Dyscnltry and Darrhta also, sure Curt for the Piles, TI3HTIMON1A!,. HAVING bfen altatked t-omv inonlh with a bad Cough, Weaknea n my Cbet, nnd los of ap petite, I ued Wrihi's Indian Vegeiablc Pill, but jrrew wore, wilh cold sweat at night could not (deep, anil believed I wa in a Consumption. 1 pro cureil a box of Dr. SmithN Sunnr Conteil Improved Veirolah e Pills, which reMored my hcallh within days, and I believe them to I e the best remedy I ever iied. (JKORGK W., GRANGER. Camhiidge.Oct. I9lh 1834. I haie been afflicted fot ome time with the Liver Comidainti haviit2 nain hi mv iiMe. weakne-s in back nnd t mnch, nnd rlypepia. I have taken over one dozen boxei of Wright's Indian Veirelable and Hrandieth Pill, but continued to grow wore, and wa o reduced that 1 i!epaired ol ever gaining relief. I then tried Pr Smith Sugar Coated Iinprov- eu i v. rm, ami ocioro nan nninea me econu 1 ox, my pain. and tlypepin had thV&ppenred. My fto now diirest- well, ami I am able to attend to my family dutlc. Several of my friend have More ta ken Ihe Pill lor had cough, and have found great relief from ihem. Mr Otis S. Whitney, 9 Myrtle m. Ronton. May 9, 1815. 1 have been tor four vear afflicted with Scrofula, Leprosy and Peafue?, nnd have been unable to ol lain any rebel until I procured ix boxe of Dr. Smi-h's valuable Indian Veaetable Pill, and in four month all my complaints had disappeared, conlrary to alt my fneud' expectations. I took these Pill for my Scrofula, withodi any expectation of relief. Ml, Vernon, Kennebec Co., Me. April 15, 1945. PKIUT.CT CUM! OK WOHMA Our I'hiIr uirl. 6 vear. ul.l. ha su'lered alllhewor-t stages of worms ; and we have never found an cllec. mil cure, until we administered Dr. Smith's Suzar Pit's which nur little uirl took wilhout the leatt reluc tance in do-es of two al a lime, and we never wil- neeil uch a change in so tinrt a time. I lie 1'iiis brought away a ni.i.s of worms, and he at once iui proie.1. She is now in joyous health. WehaveaUo found Ihe (reate-t benetit from their use. JACOB L.ANLOCL a oini.16 fl. i, . I. IO1" We have many certificates ufuurc. in cac. of WOHMS. AImi, ihe? are warranted ihe Le. Cough remedy now in u-e never failing lo relieve the tno.t oi.-lmate Uousli. or una-, wnnin 13 nour. The and treatment ol lliedi-ed-e accom nnnv everv t.oT. Price 25 cent" per box. No "SnearCoaiel Pdla," can be genuine without il,e .nrnalure of ihe ole inventor, O. HI.N.tAMIN 8.MI1 II, M. D. President of the N. Y. College of Health, upon every Lux, Oifice devoted exclusively tn the .aleollht. medicine. No. 179 OltKKNWICIl STItKKT, New YorU, and No. 2 WATEHSTKEET Boston. C3F0lt SALF. IS ALL TIIK VILLA a US and TO ll'AS is Xi: V FSOLASn ST A TiS. N. II. No travelling pctllers aie allowed to hell, these Pills. CAUTION. A a miserable Imitation has been made, l.vlhenameoi"Sugar Coated Pills." it is ne ce.rry toi sure that Dr. 15. Ben. Smith's signaturi ' . L. ,.. 1 nri -tr A. ctiL . I, Is nil every rnr sue uv I r. iv ii 01 ,..Mi, Hurbngton, W. B. HATCH cf-'Co., Vinoo?ki Kails. Dec. I, 1845. aJUv A SUPKRIOR ARTICLE FOR COUGHS COLDS, AS PUMA, ANY) AfX PUIiMONAKY COMPLAINTH. PRKPARKI) FROM VIXllTTAULKS ONLY. THIS Ralnm it oTcred to the public generally, from h full conviction Hint it t upcnor to nny other meiiicine now in ue, rm the cure ot various di eaes of the chet, lis ellects were firt tcs'ed in pri vate praclicp, and the metliciue more exieniely f ir ciliated at tlieenrne-t dicitude ol ninny, w hit receiv l Ihe mot i-ignal l-enctit from tt, In thsene nt once ditremir ond nlarminrf. The preparer of tin Ral sarn bn for eveml year pan! particular altentitnto pulmonary complaint-, ly wnicmng ine r proffres, investfntmg their eniiu, nml carefully nnticjmr; the eiefisoi ine numerous nno iiidm niprovci rcuieoic. which haveleen nrecribed by phvMcinn ol nil or der, a well a of nlmot every paicnt meiiicine ever ouereti to ine p ihiic. uur, on careiui uhi, I' i luny bown. lhat ihe Comrountl Pulnmnarv Ualsam will not fed in Ihe comparton with any of thn Ilalatn, iough Urop, rectorai, or &yrup ; i-in ha, in nil merous ca-e. caiuc! then-cendency nt a cnraiive, in ihe following comiilaml i C(numpiiin. Asthma or Phthisic. W hoomnir Cough. Meiate. Catarrha atlec- tion of ihe lung, Hytlrothorax or Dropsy ot the ciiei, innuenza, roup, npiuiniroi riood, pain in ine Side, Short ne of 1 reatn, nnd common cold. It regulates-the natural ecrelion of the system, pro cures a free expectoration, and nllav morbid irnla btbty. Heme its grrat utility, in all dicitfce of the lungs. As Ihe Compound 1'iilmonarv Hal-nm ha lbuJar etal)lihed an onnvnllitI reputiition wtierc it Iia I een uett, h i liopetl (tiat it will prove a bieMn to commonily, in prolonging life and' adding to il coo fort-. From Or. It. Fntrchild Milton, P.-Por three year I bae ned Pr. Caricr Pulmonary Balsam in my practice, and nui thu it i a compound well adapted lolunff complaint, nnd en til lit I tti nun I credit. I conider it a safe medicine, and one that I can conlially reeomrneno. i would, however, n'ivi-e the afflicted to con-nil some jndiciou phvi-icmn a to a preparatory course, or an u-si-tnnt medicoiion, a I think the anaiive mlluence of ihe reme'ly would thu be more Mire. u. PAlRCHILD, M. D. Milton, Vt. July 23, IS15. or presingat the hiwerparl ol the belly, caiimg the paiienito put in or tier nano io tnat part when warning, i ne nei ve going to ine lower nmn, giv ing the function ot i-en-ation aul motion, are com nreed bv ihe Mime mean M. e. a oermnnent de M-cnt of ihe aNtominal irgan, producing nnmbne or ele itvo much cen-iuveiie-B, a pricMirc and wrani'iuig pa i n, extending tuwn ine nip and thigh alo. los of. or impelled moiion. eneciallv on too- nching wa gone, the lo..ibome Memh dlap.eaed I v!n a. .! 1,1 ,t,,e nHnine-' creaing lo cramp, or ll.n ..nin in . I,,,, I , b ' lU "" ' .' .. nnion lowartl mghi, "ail my boweU lortbelir.t time n. four eur,. moml nai- ,,'",c ,i,!w',"ntK; 1 f' T 18 1 ' morning orally ai d coni.nuv.1 to do i, ,ince, and my ' Uc ' tl near night, I cum-the j-re i..,oi.t. id T......H.. ii.. .i.:. Mire ul.str'icts the ascent ot ilielrnnsnarent tl. lid. in wl,.u an unexpected yet blcsMUR your ,he '"."'S'- 1 el,t'r '!' ''.V "'- The Sir-apanlla ha. been to mr, and I earnclly de.ire 1 vt'IMB' als" wl" btf --" ollen, and relieved in the ,a lie th H every one allliiMcd with Mith iliea-e as come "'anner. within it- hciinig in obtain and Irv it with- I "' ""' P"'Ss"rc upon tl.t- lower 1 mvel, pr.-l.Knn2 PROTECTION. THK Undersined, sole aL'ent of (he " Vermont Muiuil Fire Im-urnuee Comp-iny, for ihe Dis tricl of Riirlington and Winooki Pulls, repectfulty announces that he will recrnenpplicaiions, and (feci Ut'iiraiiee oil liuildinys nnd(iiUiila, nut txiia haz arduus, on th tnost lavornb'e leims. It is arer(aiiuif ihnt the t arums clacsrs nf proper ty insured by (his comnmy, frtmi the commencement of its operations for )B wars pasl, have pi id on caih $100 per year, n followt-, t ; 1 Siory Dwelling Houses rami nl 4 pr. cl. 0 111 20 30 50 ,3'y .42 ,70 105 I 75 Sioies and GristMilIs Taverns ' SawM.IU J Cahinei nnd J-nnrr's hops j CloihinjrtV Carding Wotks Illark'inilh's Shops ) P.ijier Mills nnd P.tctories t Il isev dent that the a hove sumaremnrh less than it has c oil ihe members of nny oiher company known in me i oiou .iidits, oi i iaiiii iime. The Funds of this t'ntnpirn nre creaied by Prenii ii m Not.' of ihn intir d, i-eruied by a hen of (teal Ps rate or bv tood p--rnoaI sernriiy, nitd amount to about two third of HiniCj m of dollsis. Thosn wishing protection w ill plense'coll. OTice in Ihe Court Houre. LYMAN CUMMLN'GS, Agent. Burlington, Apnl 30, 1S10. 43if SPRINT. COUPS! 1846. vn. as &, ioYr:s. ARK. now receiving from Boston and NcwYnrk Iheir supply nrirlns floods, which ihey oiler at wholesale upon thiui'si liberal terms, OursiocU consists of a ircal varit-iy of PIIIXT-. HEPPde I.AINES, MOUS. De LAINES PIIINTED LAWNS, newest slyLs, MUSLIN OINIillAMS, LAMA CORDS. SUMMER WEAK, Corded CASHMERES, and a large assortment nf other poods. Our purchases were all made with fash, and r are encnurac-d lo belirve that our goods were oh lainrd at prices that w ilt cnu6e us lo sell them very hie in thoe who may favor us with a call, liiirlinnion, April 24, I Bid. 47 out delay. Yo ir .illhcicd friend. VVM. ItVDKU. This may certify licit we brve been personally ac. iainic I Willi the Iter. William Itjdcr lor many year- past anu 1 eneve uic nnove sitiielneiils to lie cnirect. Itcv. John Clark, Pre-iJing Elder nl I'nultncy Dist. .lo-epn AUi's, rastnr 1.1 Jlelli. (list !-.. IJhiireh. J. Newniaii, Teacher nf Mat. Troy Conf. Acad. E. Wcntworih, ' " Natural Science do, J. Strong, " Langoaaes do. For tardier o.irticular and conclusive evidem- . superior Table and eilicacv. ,ee tiailildllcts. u hicli 1 lienl will M.c.ik nf "lmiiiciicsa." .inking, iriirtwiny hiiiI inav be nl.taine.l nf Agents rail.. 1 nthcr like len-atinn-, all lcaue the nri'ins have s in realuy. bee people will lean lorwanl ant wa k care full v. nml nrCsR tlieliainllo I he hm ,T nbrlninet, i , h ni.iu ni-o 11 y, itck ., iiurnngton ( . K. pet pie will hi complain 01 iicarlimrn, sour M-lcli Collins and S. P lte.llicl I, Mon.pcber j F. Iluiitin. 1 mg., and distre.s after e.itinj. Alc, the spleen wil in 11, ,rrgeiiiic, ti, n. ruin t n ri(isi,urgn j nno oy i'riiggisisgencraiiv iiiro'igiiout ine t inted states. Plirc, 31 perlsiille; ix bollle- for S5. Al o. by W. II. HATCH & Co , Winooski Kall. Rare Cliuiicc. 1J"OR sale, or tn rent, a Carding Machine and Clothiers works, ainmed near the Court House in Irashiiruh. The premises consist ufa large factory building, small dwelling house, and one acre of land. The Carding Machine is

nearly new. and admitted in be the best in the northern pnti of ine Mate. 1 nn property 11 ullei. ed at a price lhat will make it an object fur anv per son in thai line of business and if not sold, will be tented for1 one or mote )ears, wilh the privilege of exploiting a pari of ihe rent in repairs. Apply to the uUbcriUr, or 10 II. 31. tl.Vll.S, r.-q , at Irastiurclii II. B. STACY. Burlington, April 1, 46. 45 NICVV tJOODS. VJT. B. HATCH & CO. A rtci v;vivi,,vt,wlix,ik;:i ,hc" "ore-ai a larce and we'l to'ccled assortment ol' OltOl ElllE-i. SHEIK HARDWARE. DItUOAND MM.ICI.SK.--. PAINTS. OILS. VAMSI1E-J A, which they ofTer tn lolheit ciisiiiincis ami the public Ifriiria.ij. a, .u.n iiice. a. cailliiil mil IO le .SlluaC' lory W. II. HATCH, A. O. S'IRONIl. Winooski Fal.'s, May 7, 1846. 49,n3 11 .U. Ail & AUTIIUit, AUK now lepeivingnew tupplitaof SADDLERY, COACH AND IIIEir Hardware, in allils varieties. Also, Drug A Medicines, PAl.SrS, OILS, VAR SISIIES, sf c. llurlinsion, Vl., 184G. fh. G. RATHBUN & CO. mi: 11 ciia .vr t.a ilo it s, INVIJK their friend 10 examine a carefully -elected u-or!iucut of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTINOS, AND T r 1 111 in i 11 g 11 . Aniong their Clo'hs may I e fiiund Super. Kr'nch Ilia k, Blue Black, Bruvve, Ohtc, and all Ihcf.i.liiun abletancy luilors. ' Their a-sirmen of Ca.imeres embraces a variety iU,'ilii!e. ofplain Kr. Ill'k. Kr. Bl'k Doc 6'Lin., und a great vaiieiv ol Ka-hiouable Fancy, Vcstinus, Kig. andeiiiboiscil Velvet 'ighl , da.k lig. Silk plain and tig. Marcilc Mar.ed.'' Vc-I Shape.,- and a ureal variety of pal terns for v., miner wear 'CiiSn icr Coa's Ca-hnierell'. Drao ile Ete. Tweels, Uv, Kor Pant- Heavy Uuck, id mpertor ,Alln'-;i!r-Ad'futfuir.&W-Itlacl.'' Kancv and .S'imiiicr Cravats Sippenders Sliir'. Ilumm. and Collar-. Lile-tlirjad .ilk bl'k, colore ', and white Kv4itvtti.l ,'Also--l rowu an'liraD vrlvil. ami Argea. "-MaJ4. . 1... M.'G. lUthbun, ' V. I'. Ward. IIUIII.INRTOX rpilEsUMMEKUUAllTEUin this Instiiiiiion will L commune on ihe Will of May, msl. and close on Ihe lir.l wick in August. Tbereare .even le.cli ers employrd in ihe dt parimcnl. ol th Institution j ann ine ih-si advaniages may 1 enjoyeu mr .vqw iuir a enrrectkiiuwletltfeiif the Krencli Language. and of Music. Dravviiiu anri PaintiiiL' in nil and wnier col nr.. A few vncancirsln the' family eslabli-hmrnl will occur at ine end crthe present quarter, nuy ia TcaMs Hilf uavable in Advance. Tuition in Kng. Ittaurhes and Latin, per quarter 45.00 Krench Lang.isgef 3.50 Drawing or Pamtiug, 4 01) Piano Music, 8,00 Instrument (or practice 3 00 May 6, 161G. A Class of young Ladies wishing lo aiicnd to rtencn, irrawing ur 1 .tuning wmy. can oe accom inodaied in tho best inniinri. costivencss, nn.l nl.sructiig Ihe free rt-turn nf I lood lo 1 tie) heart, Piles am produced, which nic always relieved by laxative medicines. Thc-e aie e.'ecls ol prc-sure 1 n the pans below. But we al-o ,ee that ihe Moma' h, liver and -.('l.-s-n will now be letl 1111-s-ipporll, and are -hanging' comparatively) from llicir upper h-ratuenls, pri.t'iciug 111 the region nf the liver, a scno ol hanging and dragging, dull pain. 1 causing tin- p.incnt 10 lean over nnd pre that regi I nu with the hand. The regi' 11 of 1 lit stomach will f 1 I e tender mid sunken, retracted nnd Hal, nn.l the pa i ., . e ,1. ,, i ; . Prep.iri-1 and -nld. wlinb-nle and mail, bv A. R. i I fillen aunc. and left a " ennciics. I). SANDS, Whole-a'e Driicgists, 79 Fulto M. New limv such people will loin forwa 1 i.rK. TIIK RXTRAOItniNAHY WORK AND 'ONE WHICH SHOULD BE IN THK II AMIS vr KVI-.RY Married Perion. MORAL PIIV.-KII.OflY or a plainly writien TIlKATISKon I lie POPULATION QUESTION by the Ilo.. R. D.Oivck with additions and nller- utions, by It Oi.oTEn, M. D. To everv oer-on 01 -oiinii common -en-e, nn. worn one winch will command the highest praise. It is a few ii-nnrnnt icinle nnv ivin.temu it. but the editor I. I illy pe-sunded lhat the high importance of the Mioiect 01 which tt treats win pre-eni 11-eii soinr cibly to rerleiiiiij mind-, that 11 mul commaii 1 re lied. Wirelhi. h.s,k carefu'lv rend hy every marn e.1 person, and it- ndvus. aincily followed, we are per siiaueo inai n uuicrvm aiaic 01 stieiy ironi ui- pres. enl would ext-l. The lerrorsof poverty,andot the pro-pect ota fatn ly ol children winch could but Is; poorly reared, pie vent m.inv prudent people from entering 'he matri monial .late : but here 1 a work which will tell yon . , L , . ., - L , ' ... Illiporiani -ccreis wiiilii may onviaie 1111 'n-n n.jee. Hons to 11 happy connnhi.t! relations, and which thou .an 's of married people would give ail Ihey posses-. l( niiilerslaiid fully. The editor is not allowed to statein nuMic the char acter oh Id. work more in detail, but he knows that it is one which will meet with universnlapprob ition, the moment it lecnmes knnvvnamong married people. Person, wanting conies nf lhi imoorlant Plivsiolng' ical Work, by enclosing onednllar I" Dr. R.'l.lover, No. 2 Aiiii"!., or tn llox IE02. Nevv-li nrk Post O.hcc, will insure the senuing 01 ttie vvorK in nueattou. r osi- age on the lb .ok s live cents. . circular, descriptive ofthennjKCT, will lgra tuiiouslv sent to post paid ci'imiiunicaiions. ..ll. a. uiaoie persons are wanted as .vgenis lor lie aUive work, and ihe nr.icfe therein alludt-l to. March 6, 1316. 43mG AS. DI3WKY, has rcivive.1 iluring the p.i-t . week a fresh supply cf (lOODS in his .meof tra.l,-, among winch arc INorlli tliore halmon, Con necticut River Sh id, Mackerel of the first quality, in Ul., hill Bids and Quarters; Kin, Lagnira. Java A .Mocha eolTee, Choice Tea-, Bruwn & Itelined Sugar-, St Croix ox Sugar Hou-c Mnla-se, Oround Spiit-s, Sperm st Mould Can. lie-. Soap Starch Ae. Al-o Lemons, Orange., Kirs, Currant., Citron, Box and nultana Ilnlstns. Mace, l' pper sa ne, lo. 111.110 Catsup, Pure Oround .Mustard, Jic. Whito Hoans. 1 C BUSHELS WHITE BERN'S, part of which X 'J lire small, and very fine for Seed May M. Dried May 14. nt This mav certify that lat slimmer I was attacked with a severe cough, spitting of blood, andpamin ttie side, which reduced tne rapidly and, a-my lather's t.iiinly nn.l it'ed 01 (lie consumption, 1 expected 10 fol low unless 1 found reliel soon. 1 therefore employed le I et phv-icians in these part, who gave me no rebel, and all nppcarences indicated a speed, disso lution, nut fortunately J commenced lal-ing IT. Carter's Compound Pulmonary Hal-nm, and soon be gan to recover, nnd in a few weeks regained my timl health. We have u-eil in our l.innly conuleral le ol Salt ,ison Reed's Vegetable P11 Inionary Bal-am, which gave lint temporary relief. I vvoull recommend Dr. Carter's, a- being superior to Reel-, or any other medicine I ever tried, for di-ease- nt the lung-, even for children. One of my children was lately taken with the croup, and was soon cured by taking Dr. Carter's Balsam. I think every family wo-ild do well lo keep a supply, and u-e it freely vv hen trouhli-il with coughs or colds; even when taking ajourneyl con sider it prudent to put a bottle 111 mv trunk, tnrfe.irl may need 11. EPIIIIAIM K. WEST. Newbury, April 15, 1S55. Wholc-ale and Retail Agents for ihe town of Bur ling!, n, 9 lI.vnniNcxoN & Rrotiiea. Sarsnparilla und Tomato flitters. T'ltEDEIHCK BROWN, a celebrated ,.. JL lit). ton, has succeeded for Ihe lir.l tnnt jn com bining the medicinal virtues of the bis....... . . , Tomato. Apd tho result has met tlie most saiuruin. expectation, of the medical plolcs-ion. The whole vruciunie rviiigiioiii ut'e. noi 'ui iii-ii iwo iutrtsiHTs so admirably adapleil topurlfi, nnuritl, nnd.arff. rate the human system. These Hitler- have all the e'ect ofthe most powerlul purgatives w,en u-ed in siilficient quatililyi and yet are toimldin iheli opera tion lhat Ihey may i.e given to per.on. in the most delicate health with perlect safely. They ate vert agreeable to the taste. The component ingredient r.f itiese Bitters it no secret. They nre cointio-ed of a verytron2 prepar ation ofthe celebrated extract of Spanish Sarsana--:n 1 .1 ... n,.m.... . .....i..i I . ,11111 , i,u 1111 i .111 n' 1 ' a, .-in, , ue hi lull ion O .nine of ihe mo-t popular vegetable inedicinca tl.e country nilonl.. I he true mean. 01 preserving Health and strength is to purify the blood ami correct Ihe unhealthy of the Bowel., For this purpose no Medicine has been found cjnal lo the Sarsaparilla and Tomato utters. 1 hc-c excellent bitters wi be found a cerium cut. in all cn-es of indigestion or dyspepsia, jaundice, Ins r appetite, general di bility, faint ne-s and sinking cl the stnmach, low ness of'st,irit,cosiivcnes., ile'e rrnl nation of bloul to ihe bend, pain in ihe limbs and side, ihanliira, weakness, dizzine., 1 uianeou eruptions tin the tace ami necR, hectic lever, night sweat-, nerv ous and sick headache, a. idity of stomach, l.iln.u. nf fecttons, pile-, cnsttve.ies-, and 111 all di-ea-e. ca.ised I.y impurity nil lie blood, the debility olthe system,or the unhealthy stale of 1'ic and bowels. T hey are al-n excct-bnglv ifficaciius in rt-stnrinz cnnslilulinns brnken down by seilentnry employment, and have been extensively used by Clergvmen, Y'Ai lors, Printer-, Clerk-, Seamsrre-se-, and nnmerovt others whose henlih had hcen injuretlbyconfinemenl and close application, with it e happie-t re-uli-. They restore the action of the stomach, increase Ihe nualitv ofthe blond, nnd impart to ihe wan and emaciated system ol I he in v and the vigor and gfnwoMmerirahrr, Ttie-e Bitters are warranted to I e a purely Vegeta ble compound an.l marl. this. ICF'ihev can nev.r do the lea t iniury in nny core wbstpver.-X"nJ They are kept by person- as a FAMILY MED. CI!sF,nml have been gi ven to Ihe toumg est CHILD. - on account of the imlJncs- of Iheir operation, with excellent ellect. " he following nre a few ofthe many new recotn meivln'ions whirh have been sent to the proprietor of BROWN'S S.MtSAPAItlLLA and TOM ATI O BIT TERS within n short lime. REMEMBER. Alway. ask for Brown's a-there arecounterteit-. Jin. F. Browm, Dear Sir: Having tcled ih v alue nl your ftar-aparllla and Tomato Bitter-, I take pleasure to give lo you the facts of my ra-e f.r vonr own sali-laction and ihe I enelit of oiher". 1 have been siill'enng with the Erytpelas humor in my side, inu-ing my hand and arm to swell verv mind, and Id he very painful, at the lime and for some time previous, have I een troubled wilh a weak slom.'-h; tno.t of niy fowl ha hurt me, and there ha- I rea a singular famines-nl the stomach, whi. h has been in-crcn-mg, nnd caii-i-l me inucn diiTicnlly. Alt.r 1 coinm-ni-ed taking your Bitters 1 could pcriTiv. a gradual nndimtneihaie reliel, and would reconimrnd it Willi much confidence lo I ho-e who are troubled wilh such complaints. 1 our.-, truly, WM DAMRELL. TUB PILES ! a curb rnn i.iri: arMi,TiED! Or. Uplia m's Internal Remedy For the curt of Piles, Ir.Jlmn'ion of th' Liter and Spleen t liijiamation. Soreness and Ulceration of the Sljmuci, flotcets, Kidneys and Iliad der : Inflammatory and Mercurial liheumalUm ,- Impurity of Wood ; Weakness and Injlamation of the Spine andfttrthe He- liffofmarritci Ladies. Ttie Vegetable I'l'c Electuary. t Invented I.y Dr. A. I'pham, a ilisijngtis,ed physi cian ol New 'York city, is the only really since. ful remedy for that dangerous and ili-tre-sing complaint, the PILES, ever oh-ered 10 the American public. ... -1. . 1 tiinrn.' ,1 1, i. l L n ... ini. lui.i 11 i-.11 1., ,,.,., nu ...pM , . .-,1' . . an extermUpidication, nnd will cure any ca-e of wniiiy recou menu io oil nn.l everin- nr who ,. Piles, enher II eed.n - or llltr..!. Internal or ' n,il c,ed w,lh an of ihefumpliini whn-e Ho. ne.t,- amJ prol al ly the only tlnnq that will, t nere i no mtaKe aliont II. It is n positive cure spteatj ana Bull. Me. May 27, 1845. Mb. P. Brown, Dear Sir; 1 hat e some nni pan u si ere I much from Jaundite and lypepia al the Stoirach ; lo ofappctite, nnd troul le and pan from the least Minplefoo-I, wnh pain in the head arvl nd- a slight couih, general wtukne-s and tlel dny of the oyMeiti. Afier uinc a nuiulerot met brines wi'hout anv relief. 1 wa- indm ed to fry your Sanaparilla an! Tomato Hitter. I received immediate relief rom ttitt oe of one Bollle, and fiel ..'ratified for the frreat reb I have receded, ami would recommend tt lo all who aresu-Icriitg from similar .'i-opli-r. Your, tr dy, KKP-DLIUCK U. SLAlU., N. Y. May, 17, 1845. Ma. P. Hiumvn, Vvnr Sir : I am airam oni i I yo-ir Sarsipardla nnd Tom.ito Buters; It c- an art, leihat jt much thought of; an tddl-.tly from Prank fort. Her kimer County, nyt he ha hi en confined to hrr bin for sven year-, an-l ihi- ha- rnal lel her to set nt. Several iri tl icity fay that it i? thebet inrt'ii ine hwj have eer taken, PIeiie send me u fresh -opply oon, a- I have uol bottle in the More. Your-t with rc-in-ct. J. K. WAUNKR, per. R. P. K Palmonih. M.iy 29, 1814. To Mr. Brown, Chemist. Bo-ton. I ceriity that my wife ha leen auVled wnh a ery bad humor on her face, ami at her stomarh, f-r tif vrn year- pat. After o-ing nrioti. niflH-iiie- leinorn mended for her complaints wilh btlteor rot I errfil. sh commenced osins by Ihe a-tvit e of Mr. K('w,ud Ma--on. Apo hecary, vonr Snrsanartlla. and lomaio Hit - l rep, nnd she is now in I ettcrhrahh, than - he bus I r- tore eno)ea for tne la-i nileen jears; and I would !1 Ictlrazocd downward, ptlhirz on it upper li: ment, producing a ilead, d d',, contant p.iin in I be lde, which not h in;; taken iulerually ctire an I tdiere how all hee fcelmsi! vx'u t toselhcr. By iIum mein-, the dia dir.ism ipullel downwards ami ccaes to Mippori ine muss and lieart, and the FARM FOR SALE. COR SALE, a farm in ITmleihill. con. 1 latter will now I e .u-pended, causing a frequent tl it X taining one hundred nn.l tony-six , fring or iialpnaiion and sen-e ol sinking there. The jg(. "i rc-, il nu nuc iiiinurcil ncre- Ol Wlncli 1 i- ,ui-. . -i , i-- . p n ',..ii ZlMmm. is umlcr ciiliiv.i'in.i. il... r..ii,n,i,,ler n. to lean forward in sitting nr standing. Also.ashort- overed tic a-goisl growih nf hard wood. On the. nc-sof hreiih and dry cough, and dull pain in ihe priMin-cs are a convenient, ln llmg bou-e, I nrli,-hcil, 1 hrea-l,aii.l m-usi-oi iigniness win ne icll ic. .in. i anorcnara ol tnriiiy t earing app e Irt-ps, sulhcicnt lor making some lihv nr sivtv- hnrrels nl' cider, Al-o, a farm ccniaiiimg one hundred acres. lying about one mile from the almvcnlinu! sixlvncres nl which i uiid.-r imprnvcmeni, and bason it a capa- cn m, iiih remairifcr is well wooded, pnucipallv with beach and niai.le. The uboie aie situated near the centre nl the town and 01 ihe main road, are well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion of Ihe fence being substantial stone wall, and togeth er compose one ol the best dairy farms in theiiiwn. The abnve will be un'il to close a concern lor much les Ihan tlmir real value, and posse-.ion given on the , of April next. For further particular-enq ure ot a. FOOI'E. iiurnngton, reh.gz. 1844 38tf BltlGdS' PATENT FENCE MA-CHIN II. P. DP.ITKV, RESPECTFULLY gives nolire, (hat he it .til inmufa'Miiring. at Winooski Kalis. Unices' I. pent I'oktable Fi.Nctc, w hero all order, will be promptly attended to. Owing lo the advantages derived in ihe me of the above improvement, he is enabled in afTird a and beautiful fence for yards and gardens, at much less expense than the same can be gut up f,.r in any oiher way, while for durability it i-not excelled by any in common use. This valuable improvement was lirst urougnt out in Western .New York, where it has gone into extensive use. and has received ihe ap probation of lha Mayor of ihe cityof ItufTalo, with msny hundreds of Ilia fitsi agriculturists nnd otlicis in that pari of the Soiie, also of (iov. Hiibl nrd, Doct, Jarvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever il hat lu-en introduced il has been highly approved. As a Farm Fenceil combines more advantages than any uther fence ever used. Il can hp used irilhout posts, and is therefore mil alTccied hylhnfrerzinij and heavingof the ground and is admirablr adapted to tnicrva'es, mlijcci to severe freshets. Il takes lets lumber than any other kind offence, is a certain protection against all kinds of cat lie, is noi liable to gel out of repair, roanot be Mourn down, is easily set up, taken down and renioy. ed, w itlioui injury. Ej-.No Farmer MouM be uithout at least a suffi cient quantity to throw around his fields of .nil .tack yatds. .1 L S O, In connection wilh ihe alove, he has a machine for turning Broom Handles. Burlington Falls, March 12, IBIG. .4. S. DEWEY. Apples. A. 3. UK lit a. m ok cd Beef limns-. .May 11. A. S. DEWEY QOME very line, tor sol IMalehcs. A(( Oro Matches, tor sale cheap bv -fl'UU Mav 12, ISI0 VILAS tt NOYES. 41 Notice! T-HE Parlner-hlp heretofoie exi.'ing under Ihe Firm of L St C. E. bol'elt, i.lhi.daydi-.nlved by mutual -on-ent. The Book, and Paper, are left fi r lha nretent at their O'd Su re-where on. of ttie uiider.ignod may' be fo ind prepared 10 adpi.t all matter. pertainin?io ihe H"'11 Jk,JUL'rl?', CIIAS. E. tytLl.r,TT. Burlington, May, 12. 18 IG. 50 New Watches, &c. MESSRS. BHINSMAID. RROTIIFRS arete cciviug llicir hummer assortment of full Jew. elletl Hold Lever and Lenine Watches. Ar i..,..t.-i. and other manufacture; also. Silver Ivcr, Lipine and Verge Watches, thick and thin, large and small, "i .njr icsiMmiue. uiir.. ,,rs.-ii .ell n .11 a g low puce. a. thev can be had lor in cilvor country. All kind, of Hoods, lokeepupthevaijety, ranttaat If arriving. Steel Bead- and other Sleel (innda. BiUAlDUROT!lERS. S.TJRTBTIstT" , - Done By ROOM dverH. Kvwwh'KicEilhe'Jreet. When ihereexiMs tin- de-cent m public sneaker-. the vi i'-e i- weak and the throat sore, in connection with all ihe other svini'lnms just referred in t and this filling al-o I ring- the body forward in front of the .mall ofthe hat k, or Ilo hndv s axi-. indm ing an unnatural leverage nu that pari. ft-IIowedbv a rr.iin. ing and weakness, and curvature ol the spine, with great pain nnd soreness. The above, and other analogous aleetion-, have hitherto baffled all constitutional treatment t but tree they have leeti viewed as 'Mechanical,' and have been treated bv the Lace,' thev have all l-een trfaled with attnni-hing success ; mid we can now see a host ol case- seemingly well, or half well, or combined wnh real ib-ease, requiring me Ik ine, who cannot cniov lite, or I e cured u ion common prinoi (de ol I real nit nl ; and why 1 I ccauae their ohuii-e Is falling down," and by binding them op, their pain. vani-h.and tllicacy to eternal remedies is itieret.y li'ioii Those whit should wear the Lace. Those who are weak from long confinement ; who live seilcmnrilv, are of lax, ea-tly latigueil, or who are pregnant predi-po-ed to al onion, or nre in child bed, shool I always wear Ihe Lace; pNrlicular Iv all allecte.1 wilh spinal complaint. Weal; and lax.fiuered children should always weir il early, m prevent permanent drooping ""d curvature ol ihe spine. All laboring under what are called 'female' weak nes.e, either ot profu-e, painful or obstructed men Ir.ttion. They should lie ihe ' ais ompanimcnt ' of weak shocniakcis, lailor, currier-, seauistresse-,and e-pei-iobv of f, male operatives in factories, also ol weak ladie-and gcnllenien in travelling. SOn an examination of a Committee of eminent medical men, appointed by tho Amencen Inttitute, a Premium Diploma was awarded lo this instrument. C e" r t I II c a t c s . T he undeiticneil of the Ladies of Boston and its i- cimtv, lake pleasure in certifying lhat.nn their persons llr, lianmng a Talent Met has tieen unmedialely and incomparably more efficient for the relief of female weaknesses ihan lhe ohter instrument, in common use. We tieheve it lo bo an invaluable npplianee.and ricomuirnd it lo the confidence of those requiring support. Whsn well adjusted, we have found it per fect Ip comfortable in its hearing on the body, Mrs. Newcomb, Mr.. Ti'ikeb, Mrs. Pe.xins, " Facial, " Beamhail, " Poster. Ilotlon. 1811. This may certify, that we Ihe undersigned have for several year, been allhclcd with double spinal curva. lute, so ss lo meterially distort and enfeeble our bod ies and depretsslti our comforts; and lhat by wearing Dr. Binnitig's Patent Lares, we have found immedi ate teliel to our pains and wet-kness, and tome of u. Ii deformity ; but especially lo Ihe pain and weak ness at ihu small of the beck and between ihe shoul ders. We would not sell the privilege of using the ljce fin any worldly consideration. We find it's perfect suh-tituto for Ihe corset, and .boulder brace, and superior lu any other article. May thnusaudstry it. Ef.tiAnr.Tn Ciuri-r, A. Masia Lee, Cabotcille.Sept. 1814. Nanct D, Twicheu. N. B. Tho-e who may wih to male trial of Ihe L.ace, can call at the residence nr ur. Sfrmin, or he will I hem anv where in the village, without anv addinnna! charge) and he will refer anv lady or genilem.n.who may with, lo torn, one in thia village who ht. proved ihe utility of ihe Lac. in their own case. Thev mav also he had of his agents liar. rington or Brother togethir with ampl- direction! or spptictiicn. Ac, . w Pins &j Needles. KC( Packs Am. Solid Head Pins JUU 100 do Mixed do ilo do do Sewing Needles 300 Cross Knit ling do for sale by May 12, 18l'i. VILAS .- NOVES. I'aper. Q(( Reams Cap Paper 5Ux.200do Letter do lOt) do wrappiog do for sale bv May 12,1846. ' VILAS it-NOVES. Suspenders. Qfrk Dozeb Su-pender. an iii) KiastiD uo May 12. 1S4G. for -ale by VILAS 4 NOVES. SUMMER WEAR, A-c If CASE-) Summer Wear, a variety of styles and f qualities. 3 Caw. Col'd Cambrics, For sale by May 12. VILAS & NOYES. Wanted. TWOor threejnir neymRii P.iin'er. may tlnd em ployinenl for Ihe .eason, liyauplving inimediite lyiu SCOlTi HAWKINS. M.y 22,1810. 51 STItONGS &, Co DKALEKS IN I'OHUKJN it DO.MUsiTIC OlTer, at Manufacturer, prices, 3,100 eross PIIKMIUM Mcrcws, 1 40 doz. llUki's Latches, asaortrdslirs , 3SO Door Hull., Ac. Ac. The ilitna Insuranco Company, r llartrord Conuectlcul WITH A CAPITAL OF 250,0:0 "10NTINUE to insure against by tire, on ss-. lnvinost reasonaDie terms. GEO. B. SIIAW-Aerar Butlington, Feb, 6, 1846. permanent. It isalsoncnnveinent luediepielolake, .111.1 improves tne general iieaiin in a reiuaruaie manner. Each Box contains twelve doses, at Pi ct-. per lo-e. It I- very mild m its nperaiiun, and mav be taken in case nl ihe most acme intlamui.ilion without danger. All external applic.illoiisnrcin the hight-.t legrec disagreeable, liiconvc'iicn', and (llensivc: and Irom the verv nature of 'he I'isoi-o, tcinpor.iry in tlieir tllect. This .vleilicine utiac .s the di a-e al ouriv. nn.l RI.MOv I.M! I II K CAI SK, rem. ers the cure CERTAIN and PI'.RMANENT. Inflammatory Diseases. Although the ELECTl'ARY wa originally paml lor the cure nl Pile-, jet it his proved iisell to .e a .Medicine lar superior to an nineis, in mini-cases om lit l.iniuntory ihiracter, with a ilctcrminaiiun of I looil to any particular part or organ. In lull un in itton and uonge-linn oi uic i.ivcr nn.i .-spicen ; in- tlaim lion, Sorciic an I Illccrltion of the tltomach. Bowels. Kidncvs. and lllail.ler; in lull iinmatory and Mercurial Rlieuinalisin, tl is the Blst Medicine ever disi-ovcred. Imptiiltlcs ot tlic ltluod. For all Impiiritii ol the It o,l, arising from the imprudent ine ol Mercury, or oilier i-an-e-i for all Di-ea-cs ot the s,i,in nnd ncroiuiiHis .I le-'iion : in an case- vvt'Cre ttie mood is povvcritiny iieTermuitsi io the Ilea 1. iirodui-ing ri Z7.incs nnd ilistressj I Ir. UPHAM'S ELECTUARY is entirely iinriv.ihsl. To .Married Laities. Married Ladies are aliiusl invarmllv sulrecl to lhat painful and iniurion. disea-e, the PILES, with conecq-ient Inllaiiutioil ofthe Sloni.lch, Bowels find Spine, wvakne-s of the Hack, (low nf BIool lo ihe Ilead, iVc. the rvicctuary is pcriccny sue tor rreg nam Ladies, mil the most ii-cful Caihartic that can be u-ed. as it will not onlv remove the Pile. and all inrtimmaiory, WITHOU I' PAIN OH IR (11 ATlt). li lt wi en-iire nu easy time, a -ale delivery, and a -otinJ constitution in ihe offspring. Cure fur Life Guarantied. Tho Eecttiarv contains nn MINERAL MEDI CINE; no ALOES, t OI.OSVNTH, OAMBCKiE, or oilier powerlul and irritating l urg.uive. rso icar ol takinj cold whi'e under it- intbiencc, no changein diet n.-e-sary. il aiH-orning in tne tiirecnuns, A Cl'RK FOR I.IKE IS GUARANTIED. Pamphlet-, giving valnat.le intonnatioii lespecling this Meiiicine, may he oblntniil of Agents gratis. .1. S. Ilnuglitnn, 130 Washington Street, Bo-ton, general Agent for the .New England State-. Arests, lturlinlon. PECK it SPEAR i Montpelitr. Clark .V Collins: Rutland, Dauiell- fc Bell ; lltnninston, P S. Alo, by W. B. HATCH & Co., Hi. mootki talis. JG ly cine i- re- omuieiull for, louse i( in prefer nee toany nruvie now in u-e, i ours rts ecniuii, J. B. LEACH. TO PHYSICIANS. Dr. Ilobcrt Tlioiiipsoii's Uteri Abdominal Suit, porter and Abdumido Pelvic llauda-se. WE ha v e I he cxi bi-iv e right of making, and vcn lms ihe al ove iiienlioinsliilslliimenls, within the Coiiniics of I hitteuden and rranklin, in iheSiaieol Vermont; nnd we now oder Ihem lo the mil lie. contilenl that they are equal in every respect, and in many particular- far ..iperior to any thing in the kind ever ..lered. They have the iinq iabfie. ablatio,. oflheM-shcnl Fac, by ,n almost all Wc' rareh.lly examined Dr. . H. apparatus lor the refielaiid oureot Prolapsus I tert ,U- a. well a- Ihe testimony and 0inion. ol highly eminent meml er. of the Faculty, an I are of the de cided opinion lhat they are worthy (he nllenlion of the pul lie, andlhal Ihey will ia e a high rank among invention, now I efore the Public (or the cure oi the disease, forvv hi. h they are rw-miiim-iide. . CHAN tl M.I., 11. HATCH, T. CH AMIIERLIN, WM. ATWATER. The "ycinstrumen.-.b lfllUTIR D.v.3. 1815 27mS Pvnlan.l, Me. June 5, 1844. I I) ER CoMri.Al.NT. inn he cure. t wilhout rworllng to loerciiiy, if vou will only use Brown's Sarsipanlia and Tomato Bitters. To Mr. Frederic Brown, Proprtelorofthe and Tomato Bitters : Thi- certilie- that mv vvife wa- -evenly afflicted w th the t.ivt r Cuiiipl.iint.aud tier be.ilih w a- very se riously iinileriiilniil. Having Hied various prescrip tions without shcccs-, she was forums fly induced lo Iry your Sarsnparilla and Tomato Bit'ers; her heslth scon began lo improve, and she is now much beii.r in health, and would ndvi-e any one i ill health luus them. Your, respectfully, CHARLES CARLE. All orders for the above .Medicine addressed to th. Proprieior, F. ItllOWN, 63 Washington si., Boston, will meet with punctual attention. PECK & -PEAR, Wholesale Agents for Burling Ion and vicinity. For sale also by George A yets, Milton; B.ivnlon & Kiirritt, Hmrshnrch ; l.sndontV Canfield, Willision ; William Rhodes Jr.. Richmond ; Martin Wires. Cnmhridge; II. L. Camp, Mowe; John H. Bowman, Vergrnnes; William R. Russell, Mid dlebliry; S. P. Kclfield, Mnnlprlipr. Slid also try Drill.;! nn.l Agents generally. SI per bonis, ar G bullies for Su. Sold also bv W. B. HATCH d- Co. Wmocskt Fall.. July, 1S45. 7yl just ruiii.tsiiti) : GREAT MF.niCAI. Itf.-I'KIVT. First American from the tenth Enalish Edition. SBU'-M XNAHKMENP And cure of Pulmonary Consumption, AMD AIL DISEASES OP THE CHCST ANU LCKS.. BY W. T. BUCHAN, JO, O. Of Loudon, liliKlaiKl. Wilh a poitrait of the Author, and Engravings illua tranve nf the An.-ilomv of the Lungs. yVi'ce only 25 cents. THIS work couttins a brief and distinct descrip tion of Ihe ANATOMY OFTHEv.H EST AND I.U.NGS-au outline of Dr. Buchtn's HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL method of treating Co'ds, Coughs. Asthma and Consumption- an account of his NEW AND POWERFUL REMEDY .nd directions (or SELF-MANAGEMENT AND CURE, adtptcl to popular use. It is the result of nearly Twenty Yetr's prscriee and experiment in the City of London, and the com bined experience of the most learntd Physicians and Surgeons of the age forming . perfect Manuel of Medical fvnowlede and Advice in retatton lo 'ih. Anatomy of the Lungs, the Signs, Symotoms, Treat ment and Cute ot Pulmonary Complaints. Tin- work and ihe Treatment which il recommend, are held in the highest possible esteem in Great Brit ain, at tho extiacls from put. lie journals, which' are given in llic Appendix, will altindanilv show. Dr Buchan Hilly declari ., that v illi this sinipl. Guide, 'o Consumptive patient may do more for Aim.. than any ordinary physician can do, byanytht common methoils of praelice.1 Putihedby D. F. BRADI.EE. 130 Washingloti street, Hi .ion, and sold by all the Bookseller, trni dialers in new publications in the U. S. Price 23 Cents per copv lite usual discount lo ih. Trade. Sold in nurtineton. by PECK & SPEAR i Al. ptlier.S. K. Couins; and bv the hWkse Hers grn. enlly. Also by W. B. HATCH 4 Co.,' falls. It. la'l not onlv those who arp suhiect in rTnmnt.inta leading to this disease, tut those who are pi dancer from it (cunstimpiinn) peiu.e faithfully this irnpi' and appreciated work ! 40yl mi. II. HATCH .III. WINOOSKI FALLS, WJNOOSKl COTTON. WE have made an arrangement with ihe owners ..i .k....i,.s.i,,.r. in keen I hem constantly on h.n.i ...I r... .. nt ihe pACToay PalcE.. We would solicit lha attention cf Metchant. ami other, wishing to I uy their Kood. by the Bale or p,ev-e, we think lhat their supsrior uoiy will be a .irong ,..i. m i...,-er and ihe eonsumrr, mviiiiiirnu.iiui, . s. , ... s-.. . . j j II s Our ivcoj.le sAoufo! tncoiirage'J horns id'(y'ESi ' Biillingion, April I, 1848. " GKANITK. RV. ARBOTT, keep, on hand, al Ram, a Uria stoik uf superior G.amte. for building pur. poses. His ipiarry is lhal from whkh thesfone w obtained for Ihe Slaie-llone, .nd he will rill lo order, on short notice, any bill in the line, wilh an articia of superior excellence. Order, through agents will meciwiih-as piompt attention a. personal applica Itoru at Burlington 2?d January, 1346. LIFE INSURANCE. THE Sl.teMulual Insurance Company of Wpr ce. cr, Massachusetts, offer lo usne pohcie. or Insurance on lives on th. most term. Appli-non. rccci, b, fl SAW Bulington, Dec. 17, 184S.