Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 12, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 12, 1846 Page 3
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Communication. TO THE CHRISTIAN I'Uni.IC. Whereas, certain individuals In Hie Counties 0 Chittenden and Franklin, liavo of lato ex s prcttoil some dissatisfaction In rclernncc to my libors at a missionary agent ol U' l'rot. Rcf. nil Amcr, l'rol. Societies, inasmuch as no re pjrts have apncareJ from the officers or said societies In reference to collections mado In their behalf. This is to liifurm the Christian public that I hold myself still responsible to render an account of all monies and oods rc. ceived for the benefit of said society during the 4 years in which I served the same. As proof that all my collections were duly reported, the pvblic arc hereby rufered to Mortimer do .Molt, Esq. Iho Treasurer of the present as well as the oldorjranizilion, hocolfirc as such is at 172 Hroadway, N. V. On recent examination it was ascertained that C. K. Moore, the cor. scr. failed (cither accidentally or for leasons best knoivn to himself) to publish my genera) report from Vermont, while an officer in the old socie ty, of whieh fact I was ignorant until Juno '!." nearly two years after the samo was made. At present all the papers with which 1 am con cerned, are lodged at the office of M. do Molt, 172 Broadway, who holds himself rcspnnsih'e to answer any reasonable Inquiry in rcfence to any business under his care. During an agon rv of four years I hare sustained my relation to the acknowledged satisfaction of the societies which I represent; with which even now I am on terms mutual correspondence, & am assured of their protection. Therefore let no man any longer blame me for the neglect of another or , the l'rotcslaut Reformation hociety for not per forming the duties pertaining to her predeces sor. WIU.IAM UROWN, yae Mist, Act. of the I' Am.l'rol. Soc's. Caution. The public, of tlio nnrlli, if tlioy undertake to bcliuvo all the gruiil sto ties which cotno to tliuin Irom tho " sent of war" will be most essentially "gulled." Wo liave an instance of cxagecintion in the ac count of the attack upon though true in some things, it amounts to almost a Iiojx. Of course, printers cm do no less than publish these accounts as they come along and correct them when the truth ap- , pears. The reason uf these exaggerations may he found in the that many of those engaged in pDCiiring supplies and transport ing troops arc mere speculators, villi steam- ' boats, for (he use of which they are paid tre ble price, and they are busy in getting up ex pedients to increase tho incitement, fur the mare stir (hoy can in.iku the greater the num ber of fat jobs. Such patriots always numerous in such times and an; niton the occasion of great drains upon the Treasury. The speculations in the Florida war me be ing enactrd over again in this piesent wai to hold fast the nettU acquiied "Metropolis of Sin" Texas and to gel more, if possi ble. Culetluuiiin, GJAn off, -cr in the Army of Occupa tion, u riling to his fiieuds in Providence, Itliude Island, says of the lite battles uud tirumpbs : Never was there a more complete victory, and (inn. Tailor sys, "heoues it miIi-Iv to the iiulivMmt g ill.iuti V of his ulTici'is and men." Thero is, as you pern ive, no chance fur rainip iveiing ii was luiil fight in j and ju ahead. .Some of the gnus i-rr tikeu and ri'-l,ilci'ii two or three times. Gen. Arista hid tun hurst's killed under him, and oHr old hero, (ion. Taylor, was con stantly in the thiikesl fne; once when re monstrated with for stupping at a point where the grape shot and tiullols worn llying like lni, he said: "irtll thry tin come pretty thick, Irt us go uu a Utile farther ahead, and thry leill go urcr us." The enemy have lost IS officers, of ulioni 14 are uur prisoners, including one Ooneral and two Colonels. 0,ie CJeneral was killed, and they must into lost in the two actions over a thousand killid and wounded. We uurien ou ol tiiem last evening in one grave, t . ... .1 i. i, r a 11 am wining now on Hie J mi.j Uur toss is snail, three oflkeis killed. One morlally, lour severely, ami five or six slightly Hound ed. Of rank and file some thiuy or foity killed and wounded. I am unable lo eel the 'rart number. X j troops on earlh ever In llived heiier thin our men. When thcij ttcrclolil in ii, tUcij ircnt, win titer in the fact of a buttery or any ir'icrc else, ami their fire iras murilrrnus. SrviTnniw. Kl.rxnnv i.v Muni:. The Legislature of Maine made an iueffectuil at tempt on Friday to elect a IJ. S. Senator for sir years from thu fourth ol March next. The two Houses voted separately. In the Senate, Hugh J. Andeison, tho Governor, was tinmen llio voln standing, Anderson, 2", George Kvsms (whig) 3, Luther Sever ance (do) I. In die House, Hannibal Ilani blin was elected Hamblin Si, JSvans 5li, cattering 8. Tribune, Expedition ag (inst Ssnta Fe. Ail ex press has this afternoon been despatched by the Secretary of War to Col. Kearney, with orders lo march forthwith to Santa Fe. The force consists of the 1st dragoons and die Missoini volunteers. It includes neaily twa thousand mounted num. It will move with great celeiity, and soon take and hold Saute Fe against every opposition that can bo raised by Mexico. M'asA. Cor. Jour. Com,, June 2, The Enu is not Yet. Tho Texas pa pers say thai (ho insignificant llio Grande is not lit lor a boundary for the nation, out that It must be extended (o the "stupendous chain oi otcrra .tladre." The Lenisl.llilrn nn.nnMii., nn llio Ofiil. till., mado an appropriation of S500, for tho ,.u,t,M,0 0, 4 swori)i 0 ,el;lf0f llio Stato, to be presented i CJ(1li Tyori as n token Of tho universal admiration uiih ubirli ibe people view , indomiuUu courage, brave ry, and con.umnuto .kill, as displayed in two briUUnt vic.ories. Tho res oluliou wa. adoptfc,l hy acclamation. VERMONT WllTcT ST-ATE CONVENTION. Tho Whigs of Vermont arc rerjueslcd to assemble in their lespuctivo towns, and choose llireo or nioro delegates to attend the Statu Convention, lo bo hidden at Wood lock, on Ibn 25lh of June, (o nnniinato a Ticket for Slate Officers. I'ronipl and i fli t;ieii( action is requested as, questions of im portance will he before the Convention. HARRY IIRADLEY,-) ANDREW TRCY, GEO. T, HODGES, Stnto POIITUS BAXTER, ) Commit. K. I'. WALTON, Jr., SAML. ADAMS, ' A. L. MINE It, May, 25th, 18-16. lee. 3 - TUB WHIGS Of tho several towns in llio County of Chittenden, ore requested to nssomblo nnd appoint threo or mora Delegates to attend tho Stato Convention, to bo hotden nt WOODSTOCK, on ll.o TWENTY FIFTH day of JUNE, 181G, for llio pur poso of nominating suitable persons at Can didates for Stale Officers. This occasion calls for prompt and efficient action to settle matters of importance to this County. L. CUMMINGS, ) Wm. HARMON, 5 DAVID FISH, ) llurlington, June 9, 1G1G County Committee. CONGRESSIONALCONVENTION. Tho Whigs of llio Thinl Congressional Distiict of Vermont, uio invited to meet in District Convention, :it llio Town Room, in Burlington, on TUESDAY, the TWENTY THIRD day of JUNE INSTANT, nt 10 o'clock A. M., to nominate n Candidate lo represent the Disirict in the Congress of tho United Slates. HARVEY BELL, 1 LYMAN CUMMINGS, I Disirict ORLANDO STEVENS, f Committee. ALBERT C. BUTLER, ItltlClli (). .IIAIIKICT, June 1, ISIS. At market. 375 llccf Collie. 1G mir wnrkini Oxen. 20 Cmvnnl C.ilve-. 70 SIhvii. and 1023 Suine. BO lteef L.iiile (inc iidiiv.' 18 uluch came in at llie c ose ot llio mnrki i,) iin-nld. 1'sliEs llecf Cattle Price advanced, nnd wc epiolo lo correspond cxlia 0f50, and n yoke or two probably nt snmrihinir morel lir-t ipialitv SG,2")t -'': onclnunluy itt $0; iluril qunlitv 81.75 (3 S 50. Working (irtn Satc nt 73 $S0, S7, nnl 990) and a yoke hv .Mr. I'nirbnnk, of Dcilhnm, nt 8125. Com and Calces Sale nl SIB, 23, 833, 830, 832 ami 15. Slteqi Sites nol mode public. Sttine. Old llosr1. Harrows 5c. Phont to peddle Gci very email ping 7 nnd 8c. At retail from 5 to 7c. IJL si ir ir a a dl n In Ilichnmnd, on the 9ih inst., by tlio Rev. O. (.'. Sampson, Mr. S. S. Smith, of Wjlliamstowii, to .Miss Eliza Kimb ofR. 3D a a dl , In Umhrlull, 2Gth uli., Wiluw CitAntTV Packabd, aged 75 cats. In St. Allans, Glh inst., at the residence of her fitber, Join Uuiitnijton, MissSAnAii Huntmgton, aged 2Q years. i t) i . i .1 ,,.i t. t i , i In Hicbmoiid on the I Ith nil., of a long and pain-' ful illness, Mi;s MAniA (Ti.kason, in tho 20th jenr of lie r age. 'I hough rcsigiMiion lo llie will of Iknun is tiryid Uion usns a Cliri-linn duly, yet e find it iinrois.blc lo consign lo ihur last risnng place those unittd and endtarcd to us by the strong est tie-, wilbout fxperiencin' the deepest and most p d nint snrr hv. It t quins souieibing moro than hum in pldo-ophy to uphold ua in nlllictious li'.e lluse which h ive bcfilleu llie nl uiies and friends of ibe subject of ibis nolicc. Almost overwhcluicd wilh ):rii.f from a conscioiisncs of iheir inseparable loss, ihey cm hipe tor relii f nn I tola dation only in him who 11 Teiiipeiith the wind lo the born limb." 'I hey ein.xpeclconilorl and Funnort a. oejii that rclomm ' wlneli t!it-irdt'..irlcJ friend mi briijlitly iMutrnf rd in lici life and enndue t, ninl which rj triumjilwintly sus tiiincil her in iUti hour of dtaih. The wnlir of this f.-cls tcm-ibly his mirr inability ( do justicf to tho merit-- uf the belocJ friend whosu dendt he must deeply deplores. Ilccnnnot, Iiowevcr rufnin from p-iyina his hutuhle tribute to her modc-t worth, her sociil ami inrnril attraciions, nnd lier nobluand &hiiiin! qtia!itie3 of heirt. Thoe who have aESOciated with her, knew hist her virtue, nnd how she fulfilled ihedities of life; as her worth was eicr in iho discharge l tho-.e duties, po it lives in the memory of frit mJs who niourii tint it is only to be lo iger epi'n in the reeollecium of llie p ist. Uncof her correspondents wuh whom, in her life time eho was ji etis'oined lo exchange een pectic epistles, has furnihed the follow in-.' line-, ixpre? of the p".m of seperat'ui), and the anticipated jnys t-f rc-uinuu. i) KAT II. ,lO death, vhat s-orrowsdost ilin'i wake! Thede.ircet Irendi llioii do9l hreik. And wilt thmireuu foreer? 'ru( i romest in on eil hour, .Nu hminn nnu cin flay thy pnw er, The foudesl hearlu lo t-evcr. - Tnumph'.nt nian till ennh di cay, Ti I nil th it's loe'y fade away ; 'IV 1 the I hi tit is nttu : Till fiom the dust the M.tnt'-frlnll rii'C To xtci ctcIi other m I lit kie-, And taslc the jiijs ofhtaen. Then, rrurl deilh, thy power must fall; J'or 'hrit U conqutrcr of all Mis throne w ill Ft'ind forever. No iim re will death nnd Mirrow reign i i'rienddiips will he renewed aunin. In b hi J a thou (a ist not eevcr." Ciiumpluiti Connecticut River RAIL ROAD. (llutliintl llnutc.) AX Assessment of Fuc Dollars on a share, has betn ordertd by Iho Ihteciurs of tho (.'haiiiplniu and Connecticut ltucr Hailroad l ompany, payable un Iho I'Jih day of August next. I'ayinints maybe ma le at the Hank of llurluii'ton. at the Hani; of Vet- licnius, at Ibe Hank of Middiebury, at the Hank of Htitland, al the Hull, of IMIows Falls, at the Chesh ire Hank, Keme .N. II., or nt llie Office nf Samuel llcnshaw &. Hon, Merchant's Fitchunso, lloston. T. FOLI.KTT, J'rcsiiltnt. ISurlinston, June 2, 1BIG. 1 Cash paid for Wool. rpiIF. subscriber will pay cash for clean fleece L Wool, oelivcrcual Ills store IIAKKV HKADl.r.V llurlington, Juno 11, IStC. Abntr Wilcox's h'ntatc. WF. the suhsenhers, havinj; been appointed by the Honorable llie I'rohnte Couit for iho Dis'rict of Chilli mlpn, UoininU'ioncrs lo receive, oaminu and adjust the claims and demands of all persons against tho estate of Abncr Wilcox, late of , csttord, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ollsei there- to; and six months fiom the day oftbcdalo hereol, heme, allowed by sai I court for thai purpose, wo do llieriforc hcribv sivc noiii e. thai we will attend lo Ibe business of our appointment, at llie dwelling of widow .'snncy Wilcox, in Westford, in id Disirict, nn the first Thurslav ol Seiueinbcr. and on the fifth Thursday of October nt.ll, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol sai I days. Dated Ibis id day of May, A. I). 18IC lw3 IM-ZtKLillHOWF., i Commissi. NV f,Af,l-:, has jiiht relumed from market Willi n new ossorllnenlof l'AN(:V HOODS, conn,iiniF of .MouiuuiK Lawns on. I do I. nines, and Mourning (iingbams and llingham Lawns. Also, A well selccied assortment of mi?.'.., S111'S' I fiMTLRS. !'!.S.K',N"., t , UlllUiHEMI SIIIIF.S. IlurhiiRtun, JuneO, 1BIG. uf TO UK POUND At Barlow &. Wood's Store, Smv.-v . "'""""Ai Path, ' 'i'l ":UIUW1 NOTKS ai d ACCOUNTS, will so " ?Vf,el'r"'"l''"l'.ir.bercon,n,en!.U Willi soineol bis nreseut cuslnmers, ii anxious lo have nil neille Aarmmuou.y, (it they cannot psv.) as llm u Iho (.( noic in ibe newsnsncri vour n,i. inciialo attention is rcspccilullv rcnuesied V UAItLOW. IK Ituilineioii, June 12, I8IG. A. 12 I) W A R DS CHEAP CASH aVo. 1 Peck's lluililhiL's, A frciiornl ii?sorlimitt uf School, Clntrn and .Miwllnneous Hooks nnd Slnlioncry nt C1TV l'HIflCS. fi:MOIRol llio lifcef Henry Vnre y his broil,. 1'". er.Jolin Ware, M. I)., new edition, 2 vols. SI,G0. Letters nddrcsnd to Uttntives ninl f-'runln. rbt, ilu in reply to nrciitiients in .uptmrl of the itottrlne or the Trinity lly Mjry S. II. Dund. new edition. Iteicbcr'" I.ecliires In Voting Men. G2J Ad hv'ffi nnd Miwlhnam Wriiiii" lly Clinrlrs M. I). I).. I'riife'.orortiiiilectiial Pliilos "pbyntid Political i:iuiiumy in DartiiuutlifJolleee, Svo. 92,73 Napoleon nnd tils Maisbals. lly J T. llemlley Vol. 2. Coiili nt SKelrbes ol Marshal Mu- rnt, t.efebvre. Mn.i nn. Vieinr. II,,,,,,. Mnr,.,,,i n.i. bmt, llcsiere, Joiudnn, Hernndolle. Murlicl, Poni lonskr, lirooehy nnd ,ey, will, Ibode.crip'lonsof Ibo grcit linlilism ubicb Iboy were encnged. " With n s ibjeet eer the same in its central fen lure!, Ibo notleir bn ncromplibrd Ibe diflieull lask oruivirnr individoilily lo Ibo different bntitc ,eencs. nnd each eluettnin is tonrkrd by ebarnclcristics wbitb distin2iiih Jinn from his lcllos. No ono enn rend theo tcrnlhc descriplions wiihoot bcint; preally mov ed, nnd feeling more deeply than ever the horrois and miseries of wnr." The entire work eomplcle in two beautiful I2mo. vols., illu-trnled with 12 steel enernvmss, and com prising a perfect portrait gallery of Napoleon's Mnr- shals. Price 82,50 The Chronicles of Clovcrnook ; Willi some account of the Hermit of Belly.Fnllei tly Doualas Gerold. Price I2ic A charnnni! rroup of legends, characterized by the qiiami irre-iuuie nomor nnu irony oi uicimis, inicr sperscd with touches cfcxquisilo (cautyand pathos. Kmllla Wyndham, By the author of'Two Old Men's Tales." 23c. Like the prcious productions of this ntttbor, the present romance evince ureal drnmmic skill nnd pow er Ibe scenes narrated occur nt the period of the Pc. ninsular Wnr, and Iho Moral of Ihcstniy nn attempt to prove bow much good may be redeemed from nn unequal nnu inieiicitous mamnjc. Conrrsslons of a l'rctty Woman, lly Miss Pardoc, Aulbor ol "City of Ibo Sultan,' &e. Price 23e. Ciino-ny will naturally bo excited hv iho very till. of tins work: such n ibenic the Indus nnd shndrnnf woman's life depicted by such a pen, cannot fad of proving equal to the high expectations w hich the au thor's name is sore to awaken from the celebrity of nvr lurmer iiuuuciions. llarprr's Illuminated Sliakspcarc. .Sua 81 82 Pnicu 23 ients. NO TI c i: . rpilf. Kirm of II. N. Smith ip Co., is this day dis L soiled by iniiunl con-ent. The lnisiiios of the firm will be settled by II. N. .Smith and U Conkiy. In. ...l.n... .. ill l...nnr.,. i .: i " "J ...IWU. ,k ..III II.ILSIIll uv Luiuiiilieu. II. N. SMITH, I.. CONKKV. UtA OltDWAY. Iw3 liiehmond, June 1, 1BIG. Btti lingtoii, June 9, 1 8-1G. O TONS IlAMS, for salo at 8 els per lb, by C VtVM PCTKIISO? T 3 A S . 5 (Jliesls of Hyson Skin lei, at 25 cK per pound, for sale by OF.O. PKTKItSON. June 11, 13IG. Lost, BirrWF.KN the Square and Winopski city, on or nbout the I5ih oil., n llroicn titer Coat, wilh a largo cape, bullous coiercd wuh the sune cloth. In .... u .iu in ,nii.i,M,in milieus, a i I'ooket h nidkeriliK f, nnd n liaiue sirap for a harness. :. . .7' ' . .. . . " araeo V, i a i' if i nr n. i to hiii iir m ,n i .,rn warded by leawnj I he atllc at the County House i iiiiiiinsioii wm. u u T. June I, 1R 10. l3 J-'n tn i ly Bibles TKOM S1.25 to S'2.3). The Kreilcsl variety of .L (t iarto lliblcs icr olhred for sale in Vermont', can now be found nl the Cheiti Cash Morn of As:L FDWAltDS, Au. 1, I'ccha Ituildinr, llurlington. IJsliiTiToiL. VILS i. Nt.'1'Saro now inanuficliirne at Wi noiitkt rily n pure arie lo i.f l.imenl Oil. Mir chants desirous of ohiaiuiiin i evio,f qu ii'y of oil wil dud it for thur inleri s' to ea'l iiion us at our Store. llurhiifclon, p, IS JO. 1 Fresh Caniplieno ! IT FCF.IVI.VG weekly, for sale hv Inrrel and on ii. diaiifilu. lly l'KCK it SI'LAK. I'.sscnces fcc. I l filtOSS Peppermint I'.ssinces. LVJ 5 " Cinnamon dj 3 " Winttrgiun do 5 " Leinou do 5 " Cloies do Snenruiint do " licuilock do 4 4 ' Tansey do '2 " llirearnot do 5 " Hiili-hOil do a " Oiiiidcldock do For sile hv & NOVKS. JuneC, 16IG. VILAS Ualtiii'' Sec, n A I.F.-s of Itmin?, Col'd. Waddin?, Wick ine and I) t!i linn Yarn, for sale by June G, 1810. VILAS it NOVF.S. Brown sheetings. V Ifl.N'OOSKI nnd other styles and qualities of Drown .Shilling, for salo by JUI10 O, 1010. VIIjJIS IK IVUVI.S. Combs. 1infl DOX. Side Combs. LVtyjU 200 " Twist i'o 100 " Wing do 100 " Ivory do 100 " Cii F. do ICO cross Wood 1 'octet cmnhs. For sale by VII. VS &. NOVIS. June G, ISIG. SOAP. 500 doz. shaving soap, Virsalcby VILAS & NOVKS. June G, ISIG. 1 Valuable Farm for Sale. rPIIK Mibsenler leinS (Viroiis of rc nlTers for sale tiruiir from I u.iue- Ins in ree and laluableh All", eonssimj of tlOOacrt'H of ex elli nt I.A.ND, situ nled in the vdlai.-o of Ch.izv. Clinlnn. County, .N, V. I'pou llie premises are two dwillins hou-e-. ilir,' barn, eui ho i-es, ite. Ae. 'thelarm Is well wooded and watereil, and is altogether line of lliemost valu iuieanJ pleasant lor.iuoiis in the coun ty. Terms easy Fur particulars, apply lo ibe sob-criler on the premises. ALHXANDFII SCOT I'. Chary, April 20, 1840. 47 SARSAPARILLA MEAD. TIIK VALFF. of thu prenarnlion it now widily, and ugry ilay the field ot lis UM-fiilneis is exieouuiif. ii is niiproei ami iii-jniy recoiiiinenu- .sl l,v IMIVNII-I 1 V s! And i adniit'.eil to lie tho iuot agreeable preparation nun, iiiu (wm iiiui s-i err I is-,, euioioyeu Ml IILHICAL 1KCTICK It i. nol locnl in its oin-ratiuu but ireneral. extennlnir llirouh Iho whole system. It neotrali,e the pois onous elements u ibe ii.oon. And re.lores a beahhy tone lo Ibe organs, which penerale thai thud. In M-rofiibnisandall external dis- oriars Ihe result is tlio raiud iieetea.c of the aule, in RHFl .MATLSM. And titbrr painful nirecisons uf llie muculaj fibre a roeedv reiuoial of the nain and in alleasesa removal i l uri-nclii. Keeping pace w ith Ibe ol the iii.easc irom ine system. The nroiirietvandalmo.t dadv reeeiiint? teslimnni ns In llie.sbaiio of l trirenrdcrs lesiifvinu 10 its ureal yalue as a iiii-dicme andaUoas iheiuoitpfcasanr and aprteauie omik iiiiowu. The nboi e article is for sale Wholesale A Itciail at llarrui2loii IJrothert, Church M. HurliuL'tou, aUo by W. II. Hatch & Co. and Mun-on f- Follet. 53 Winuotlii Falh. Strayed. flKKES iip'bv ti,i subscriber, a I Mack Litiul ll.ii k Coif,'aliu't Ine viars old. wilh a calf. TUa owner in reouesteil to i.ay charges and lat-eher away TILLKV I'fNNKV. tolihisler,Juiiul,l9lG. 53w3 FRESH h-W. TJ1AS. & "J i fEBF Mcchnnic's Tools, STUONtiS A. Co. wler a"?ieavv sloek nnd very rxlensivo variety ol MKttl ANlOS TOOliS, which have. 1 ecu n-lreled Willi arent care boll, in reanrtl lo siiicnonty .f linl-li nnd Improvement in pnltern, lo wlneli llie attention of purchaser i solicited. Among whicli nre, ,V .1 ic'imn's hiiiul panel, rimiliur, an I lock Haws, 10 Files nnd Chisel-, bench l'lane and Monldinir tool, Plumb nnd Levels, sttel nnd iron M.pi.ues, llox wcimI rule. Compares nnd Dividers, Ho.'ils and Try squares, Wrenches, ea-l steel, Cun eaienml common Aucer, Auer bilts, llroad Axe-, hand tie, llnlchcis, hollow Aimers, drnw shaves, Mind paper, llrace and lilt", awtVtl, Oimbleis, si-rew Drivers, Chisel and Auger lnndle, nail Hammer hand Vises, Chest handle, Oluu pot, Plane Irons A.e, &e. June 2, MG. llotiso Finishings. 11 INCIIAL, frirl wluto face nine, half i" pi. ue and l.ronzed, Ro.o, wuml do., lira- nnd il".. Hell nulls, Itell nnd b.itigim:, lllake l.itebc, Slot lieu locks Hull and sitowh, Cupbn iid Catehe and bfk, Window spriim. window blind Trimiuins", Hooks nnd lunges, Hooks and Sinj le, AInlioffaiiy and cneercl l.nol,ht tind Coal hooks, ite. ii-e., lopeiner Willi a loll n.-ortiu nt ol House Ftirnishinas, amontrvt wdneb hoti.e kerper may find n grent vnri .'ty ol new. U't'lu . ccuiioiiiicnl. and ornaiiieiiin art). e!e nl srilONCS & Co. one I, '-IG. Jji-ooms, fails, Sec. 50- Itroonts, Wn,l Pnd. 20" Alienulo Malt'. 50 " A-sorled vainish Dru.hc, 20 " do hair do 20 " Conjnion and fancy I)uiers, Window and r' .I,, Table brushes, Kle-b do, Tooth nnd Nnd do, Scru'i do, Shoe and Horse du., ,tc. Jitne l, iu. SI11U.US It Co. Hard Ware. QCn I'OZ. ! Latches, &0J 2500 Bro. "Preuauni" Screws, 500 doz. wrot and cit iron lloor llutts. 1110 " Table do 20 cwl. Ilool. nnd llinire. Together with an exieiisne it-sortment of Shelf nnd heavy Hardware, which is ofieredat wholesale or rc tail, on favorable terms to the purchaser. June 1, '-10. S.TItOMSS cf- Co. Dry Urocorics. nf CHF.STS Hyson, Young II., H. S. nnd Vow U" ebons Teas. 10 Ilhds. SI. C'.x. Por'.o Itieo mid N. O. sugais. iu ", 2 Tons loaf, crush'd. and pow'd. Sugars. Candles, Soao, Starch, Ginger, Cas-ia, Pepper, Spice, Saleralus, t.neon, Verlniedl.l, Tobneen, Clmes Niitnieirs, Lamp Oil, Sperm Candles, CudlMi, Sal mon, &c. Ac. June 3, 'K. STRONtiS Co. Heavy Hardware. LOO and traco chains, wagon and cart boxes, nn villa, vises, spades, shovels, forks, hoes, scythes and snathes, blacksmiths' bellous, .sledgo hammers, narrow and broad axes, augers, crubars, caldron ket tles, wagon axles, slecl springs, brass kcllles, mill and circular saws, w rought and cut nails, iron and brass wire, sheet copper and brass, hoop iron, sheet lead, sheet zinc, grmJsiorrc cranks, oven mouths, plow castings, etc. otc. S l'RON G3 d CO. Junes, lSlfj. Paints and Oils. 5 TONS While 1.01.1, dry and in Oil, "Pore," "Kx Ira" and "No. 1." Chrome Yellow, Ven. Red, Keil lead, Venbgiis, Paris Green, French Yellow, Litharge, (inni Copal, Chrome Green, Whiting, Putty, Spirits Turpentine, 1000 gs. Limeed Oil, Vnrni-li, Window glass, Paint an I Varnish llru.hes, Boiled Oil, tie. &e. STRONGS & Co. June I, '-IG. Tin l'latcs, Wire, &.c. s " HOXKS Till Plates, 1-3 X and extra sizes, I tJ 50 IIJN, lion wire a-so.tcd, Sheet Copper, Cnpicr Holt, and Enir. Sheet Iron, 6iicctl.eaii,icau pipe, sheet zinc, rivets, Ac. &i: Juno , -lii. aruu.tjsj cic Co. Saddlery. STIsONGS &. Co. have ris-eivi-d nnd o'ter an ex tensile htock of eoiiinri-inir nlmo.t every article wanted in their hue, on reasonable terms. JilllU 4, 40. Cutlery. TAltLK and dessert knives nnd forks, carvers', steels, bu'ehers1 knives, shears, scissors, nen and pocket knives, lamp scissorv, rnzors. nut picks, ere. June 1, ldiu. s I ttu.vtis it uu, (Jrind Stones. m Tnvc v..... n.:ni it... .r..a O snme Cranks and rollers. J me I, MG. STIfO.NOS & Co. Carriage Makers WI'L lln I an exien-ive assortment of goods in V T their line, on most rtM-omii:e lerms, at June 1, M6. hTltOMiS tt Co. I''iro Grates. V.KW pattern and of ul'erlor wor.manship, by June I, MB. STltO.MlS ifc Co. Slioeniakers Tools IN sreit variety. STltONOS iV Co. June I 'AG, BOD TsS AND SIIOKS. qMIK Siibscrilcrbas JL just ricened trom the .ilftiiutactuiers a splendid assortment of m, Dl'lflTS sw SSJof almost cierv descnii Hon, wlneli will lie snld nscliespas Hie chenp. est. Tliost wisluniT 10 n-irclmse would do e!l tn rail ad examine btfore purchasing elsewhere 4, it. Custom work of all kinds niade io order and in the bcsl style. 1 71 S . An assortment of fllOICi: GIIOCKRI RS, con- 8isiuir in pari ol Hie iniiiiwini' articles : Tl'.AS. SUiiAll COKKKK. Ground i: unzroun SI'ICES, SAI.K11ATUS, Oil., SAI.T. MACKKUKL,

LODK1SII, NAII.S, S.NUKK, &.C. MOHSfJKS, KlXU'Il, SALMON, TOHACCO, K. J. KAY. Corner of Church and llnnk sis. Ilurlinrjion, Juno 1, 131(3. 5'df NOTICE, I Herehy fnrhid all persons h;irls-,n"ns nr Irii-linu' my son, i;,-orao I). I'li-ki nn.', mi my ;icionnl us I shall pay nodclds t f In rouir.iriiii'j. joii.n i). n.jKKinsn. Il.irlmston, June 2, IS 15. 63-3 "Wool!! Wo"oT!!! rT 1 1 Iv Siib-eriber- wuidd here'')' rc L peeltiilly tender their expressions. nl tfr.n iiuue lo .un erai pul 11 lor iheir i-yuinaihy and ailance in our lale mi lorlune, uud alo lor former tuirou- They agam oder tbeir service 10 the pul lie in ihe MauuMeturni; llU"ines nnd solicit a tontinu anceo'fornifr (avor-, They propose to manulae tutu Saliuetl, Plain Cloth, K.t and KlanueN upon tbare or by the yaid. MUKICAY it PATKU'IC. Ilineburh, June 5, 131(3. 53u 8 IVcnv Books, Just ltcccivcd. T IPK OK FAITH, lyUplism, IU Aulericr Life, ly I pliain. The I'liioii of llie Holy .Spiui sind ihe Church, by Jenkyns, The Kxlrnt ol iln Alonr,nenl, hv Jenkyn, The Missionary Knierpnse, Discourse on Missions, hy Ainerii-.iu Authors, ThoOreat Cuiiiiuission, by Harris, TheGiea7Te.u-lirr, ' lleivlier'. Uvtiiri-s lo Young Men, 'resident .Maxey's Keniains, Sermons and liciiiain, of II, I), Win. low, Jarvi rx-riiiiiiis, Memoir of Mrs. Ann ll.Jud.onand HUtory ol Uur- man Mission, Memoir of tJeo. liana Hoirdnmn, Vital Clirisliainly, by Ai Vinci, I). I). Truth Mado Simple, l.y JiduiTodd, IMuIiiik's History of Ilomsnisin, WorUnil Andrew Fuller, 3 yoN, Aids to Hellii-lioii, by Uoli-ridj-e, Alio, ItosrtV Animal nnd WseiaMo Physlolocy, Ituael'. Outlines of l'livsiolouy and Phrt-noUwy, Anion's Kli'ineiit. uf Phytic, 1 1 ant naina mi's Orasanon, .r.F"r,,lel'J' STKVKNS WOODS. Juno 3, IJIfi, Arlluis Antiquarian. AWOHK l'nijue. Curioti uud lnterclinir, high ly recmninendrtl. I'lm lover of Curiosities will be amply repaid by ihepcrunl nlihU worl. . Pit fate l.y BTEVENS WpODS, DurhiiSioUf June i. ISlo. nn Notice. TlTIt. J'ftRMAU, from New York, hn tho plea lvJL lire to inform the citizens of llurlington nnd vh cinily that ho has opened n shop two doors north uf Mr. Warner's sloro, lately occupied by J. H. Plait, Church street, nnd is prcpated to do, wilh neatness, and in llio best manner, all work entrusted to his core including JEWCtTlY & VATOHES of nil desctiptions. Aho, selling llio half hours lo sinking clock, repairing iiiiistc-bojics, tuning nccor dcons, etc. Mr. Kremoil, having worked in a largo ertablish mcnl in New I'ork, for two years, and having previ ons'y rcccivtd good instnu lions from nil cxeellrnt workman, is qualified lo execute the most dillicii'l work nnd cxhorls the public to place in him their confidence, mid bestow on bun n shire of pntromu'e. Kor hifortii.ition resoeciing bis wi rl.ininsliin. Mr. !'. wool I n fer lo Me-srs. IVI'rrs, Van ArsdaleA; Cooper, is ii. 1 1, .il.iiiiin Line, 1 . liurlmglon, June, ISHi. ltf anouNi) hock salt, WAltltWrm) pure, for sale by juno3,'tG. a. s. nnwr.v. ,S t r a'y e l HOM the Fohscrihrr nn th 21st of Mnv. n LIGHT HAY M.4Rr.,blick legs, n black stripe on lit r Inr-k. ring.linned nn doth forward ftet, her nee is between 10 and 12 jears, was ralber ibin in flesh when she lift. Whoever will return said unrc, or giveinforma. tion where she tiny be found, slnli bo suiinblv re waided. JOHN STUART, llurlington, June I, 1SIG. 53iv3 Hoys Ships, WARIt VNTF.I) to swim, jiinl rnlirr lnv. 5J ItlllN-M.UI) & lllt()THF.IK BRITANNIA nnd F.irlbeii Med Pans, Spit Cups, Soap Dishes, Foot and Hip bubs, nnd sonejolb er necessary and us. ful arnclrs. for sile by 53 . IIIIINSMAID & HltQTIIF.ItS, VioliiiP. AN nssorlmcnt of fine Violins fur sile by 53 IIIIINSMAID .t ItlloriHillS. Butter luti!, than never ! 1 1 1 subscriber his been receiving n new assort. 1 mcnt of tbuhls, ff.itn New Yoik, wdiich be will sell as cheap, it nut cheaper, than can be purchnsed in Ibo country or city, tuber nl retail or whotesite. JimoJt.JKIti. N. LOVI-.LV. ( 'arpets, Carpels. THI'' subscriltcr has just reciivcia large assort ment of t'arnot.of dillcrcnt i lahuei an I patterns, w hich he will sill by the piece, or ruid, at the lowest prices. N. I.OVKLV. June 3. 1310. I'aper I lan;ins. V I.ARGK ns-orlment, direct from the tnanufac . Hirers, at thu lowest cash prices. June 3. N. LOVM.V. Crockery and Glass Ware A LAItOK assortinent of Crockery I'll" Ware, J. . Uliina, ete. IAJVI.1.1 . Iunc3. ltlfi. T I.OVHI.V iseslrcuiely nnxi"iis lo close bis in, mercantile business in ISiirhueton, and will sell his largo slock of Goods nt the very lowest prices I for cn-h or readv paw Cash is whatts wanted. llurlington, June J, I Sib. N. II. I am determinid to close up my bnsinC'S by Octolcr next. ,. l.OVI.LV. SIHNSY EJTull.OWr" HAVING coiiiMN itil Willi him-t'lf, Geo. V. VocmIs, Aiiril lt ISIG, for tlit n-irno pot tranniiii!r bu-iness in the MtTcaiiiile Inn- in I lit' mine of llarlov &. WulkU, wt'old r)t ullv nilorm In-(ricniK and cualonicis lb ti ihey will ki'pp n ffi'iicral rtsorimcul otitic first ijiMhlir-i ol cotnj- nt uli titniN on Ii.iikI, oud -t'll us cm ap lor t alior oihi-'rp tyni can 1 fotind cUewbiTt. Thty hac at prpciit a lari .io k of lrf tifr ioiU on lurid, nnd all t tint will favor ilifin with a tall they lliiul; will bo rfp.ud f rlho trouble, lintier, Cln.'ee,(Jr.nn, Pork,!1!!!!! er, Sliinizle, Wood and inusi kinds ofrarmcr produce la Ncn in exi-h-inge for KouUat lb uiarLi't price-. Winon-Iii rail. June ii'h, ISM. 51 Wanted Immediately. A Hoy al out 12 or 11 ear oil to learn ihe Dru busme-. Apply tt) UAUUlsNGiO.X IAUUINGION & IlItOTIIKll. ApotlKvary. ChemiM A Dmei-t, Church l. Hurltngto.i Vt. m Jst.f.1 t3T XS3 Vermont Central Itailruad Co. TVTOnci: U hereby u.vcn that the Annual Mcciinc IN of the 6'iockl.older. of tho Central Kailrcad ('oinpany. for the flection of 7 Director- 1 for ihe car eu-uin? and the Irnnsictioii of aliothtr bubincss whith 111 iv he presented, will le hidden at tho Court IIoiisl in WuuUor. on WedueaJav the IjiIi of July ne.t,nt lUo'tlo.-k, A. M. lly ordtr nf the Dinetors, II. P. WAIlON.Jr. CUrK: May 27, ISIG. .p)w2 Victor v ! Victory ! Victory ! The greatest yct XT is now n m the tl.iys ol l-ilun Allen when 1'ort Ticoiidiroja .van eaplurtd, up am) noiNd nous ir. Jii-.t ni tht1 New Vorkcrs were ill iu eeslacic rc- joieiiia for War nn I Victory, F7I I, composed m part of MeMcan-, Spairjih with Trei.cli Crownx nnd Unlit-h SuvLrt-iii'-, tinilcr a iTrtfii Mouniain (toy Com niander, re inf.rced by IJ. S, American IZiclta en 1 tercd ilic l-'mpire 1'ily, and look from their Stores iS'BDdlars wonh ot their mnt Spleudil nnd Valu- a! i!e (tijovN, nare-4, and .Merehindize, ami bronchi to i Vertii'inl Ul disirdiuliim in llie Pr-orde, who may line Iho articles l y oppljuiK lo iheir Agini HOWAHI). 5-1 Thursday niorninj, May 23, IF 10. 2.T37r GOODS. NW. f.'A(;i: hisjusi returned from .. Yoik and Koslnn markets unh n well selected as sortment ot (OOIIS,ciinsistiiij.' of FANCY Pill NTS. oleiery descrnption ( (linchims, l'rinvd hawus, and Delaines, for lad.ts' dressts ; Silk l!;ir;i;'e and Del.iine sluwls. ofihe lilest stlej Fancy (asnnei lor rienih-nuirs pants; Su miner ( n,ds for children's t lollies, til kinds t (Dillon and linen Thread Spool Thrend ; I Cn! ',1 Thread Silk and Ttl ofihn lest ijut lly; i Cotton Clutlis, DriHuii;, lied Tickiii';, etc. (.rncciifls. j TFAS of nil kinds and nu iliiit., Ilrown Suj;irs. I crusli'd do , Poudeied and II ivaua t'ofn-e, Allspice, tiniL" r,, S iler-ilu-, (1ml I'uh, S ilm jii, .Mack- ertll, I'ork, Flour, .-alt In the'l .uraud bid. JrSiure one doer souili of M. J, Ka's slisc lore op(- silo tho ol.l Hank. Ilurliiigtoii, -May 2 h, ISIS. 5J V. It MO. VI' CliVi'ltAI, It Al I. ItOAl). A N asse.sinent of live doll.Hs on a share Iris been V ordered by tho Directors of the Vermont Central, nan u,,u i,ompnny, pnyatne nn llie nrst d iv ot July next. Payim-nis may be made at llio Farmers fi Mechanics Hank nl lliirlinion, at the Hank of Mont pelicr. at Iho Ihnk i f Wooilsiock.Trr. al tne Treasu rer'! Oilice. No. 17, Treinonl llo. Ilo-ion. sSAMUIW. II. WAl.l.KY, Treasurer. lloston, May 25, ISIG. 52wl Salilintli Sclioo! Books. "I UST received a fine slock of Sabbnh Si hool I Hooks Irom the Dipuiiiories in lloston and New York, for sale at Diposp.ory pure', by Slay 2",. S. WOODS. Suliimtli Sclioiil Libraries. EZf Volumes for 0J 100 vidumca 83 00 810.00 Juit received by STF.VIJNS WOODS. Mav 2b. llilili". ami Ti'Hliiiiiciils. A I.. Midi, supply tur tale by May SU. S. WOODS. SinoUoil Hams AND SHOI'I.DUIIS, I.anloflho fir-l in.lily Met. aim Clear I'urk l-'luur Corn Miol, and mo it uibcr kind, ul provision., at May 23. A, S. DR.VRV'S. mim.i:k's i.i:atiii:h imiusukvativu ,s.- Vati r l'ruof lllacklne. rpillS lllaekingii) not ilrtignrtl In produce a slili, L but in render Iho leather Soft, Pliable Wairr I'ri'of, and inheli more Durable. Th Inventor In. had many ycara expenenco in the Tanning and Shoe Making business and ha. prepared Ihi trlicle,iav inj; .pent innrli liiuo in piif.-cinn; u, uill(t ieW tolo ly.lo.lht '( lt'ilher. " ' Mmitfaclurttl by F. MILLKlt, Wtrtaw, N. V. IMILOMIU.U llOltJE. s 1 11 u en n y," THAT has leeeiicd null: ,i-iiiiuins ni lite .StiteAsriculturnl Knits In New Yotk.hild in 1S35, HI.' nod ISII. Also, firt County pre iniiiui. and has rer cciieil more premiums thin nny horse in Ibe Slate, Sirllcurv will bo located far thoprcs nl sea son, in Ilur hiigiou, 't., at the old Dutkcc stand, on Church t , near Ibo Oouoly House for Iho acciiiiniodatton fd tho-c who wish to Impioie the bried of lhat tiobb, niiimnl the llorSe. Iln gelding cdla have been told for from SiOO lo 8',U0. One pair of tnntthod, for SI00O. I'or further iariieuhrs s' o Hills. I'reniiuiii llorio I'.l'l.ll'.Si:, will nlso stand in I lie city of Vergennea, Vcrinonl, at ( r.ieretls. r.l'WARD I.O.N(i. mviu LONG. llurlington, May Gill tttO. 43 A ME UIO AN PJHNTS. 35 CASKS FANCY 2 I. I'lllMTU K. f tt Prints nre ntirebired of llie M mnfutlnrtn' J .lgttif, nnd they nre llio. obi unisl nearly iHrcit from llio Maliul'ncturer-. We pny no one ti jirojit oil ibeiii, butlniely the Aaeuts eominis.inn. lii this manlier woidiinin an artrantatre over those who boy iiie.ei.oo. . in less ,,,,m mi I, ,t, n '.K,-,;re. As Ihey i , ,t . . i, i T ' wewoniil oirerl the at'eiite.n ot liuvers. ansiinng them that we can hirui'h them with 1'rmls upoit terms titter than any llmec in 'Ins vicinity. VI I. AS ,t NOV I., May, 12, ISIG. 50 iMnynziiies for J tine. Cobiinhian Magnzinc, tirahains to Ladies Nalional do Go leys l.idie's li.iokt Iteccivid by price 25 cts. " 25 " 10 " 23 . F.DWAItll.S. Notice. llll! undersigned hae cnteied into a eo-parlner-X slnji loethc purpose ol'earrjmg on the Saddle, Harness:, Trtiuk.nialiltn; business, at Jencbo I'ou' ''orner-, at the stanl formerly ins-n. pie I byD.'A: O. Uoml no Icr llie' mine nn l-Kle of ROOD.V SKINT. (Ini.iv Id on, May 11, BIG. 5U3 N. 1), Sros-i:. , Toilet Lookiii" (J lasses, BF.SIPi: a greil variety of others, wo hnveToi'et Looking Gli-ses wilh uml wilhoiit drawers under them, also, kitchen and dumber Icoting ghss,, pocket and trunk do.l'lower 'n-es nn I nniiv other armies. 53 IIIIINSMAID & ItUOTllWl. NEW GOODS M I:SSHS. Itltl.NSll All) & nitOTIMUtS D' r.SlItK lo call I he .iltcnhonofpurrlners to thtir humn er nssortmeut nf dulU Sdier ale its. Speciai-h A Jevilrj, inf( rni.111; tin in that ihe ns suttineiU is inore cteustve and ul utiufeiifilly low pri- ee. Tn onr a'ortuicnt of I.ooUinj; GI.i-es A: Cjocks hicli sinyly or by ibe Case will be pi Id low. To our arieii Mock of ,1 jierinji Kni;hh. Oennan it IVrnch PANCV AllTICl.r.S uluch fjr beauty and cheapntss u think u ill stand unrivalled. j KANS of nil prices ntybs and q lalitie1. 1 &Utl if' Jit (loud1, Ctmli-, I! r shes, CwU phin lln tr, .Sloe1 Cull.-us iV. Itutoni. The t-elf adjusting sptinji slocks an I other kin 's low. I l'arlnr. Hall A. totc I.nmis, for htirntiip cithrr, ' lard, poor oil and cauipbetie, of new .nnd 'es mb'e pil itrii", aUo yin;"-binips, lamp shadt. alubcp, ihiin , nu?. wiek. ct pnrlur nnd in her lamp- at Imu r pri- 1 ll.rt t,B..-l r,,.rr.lrtr.f,rufo,.,.l ..,ll- .,,.l.... Uutirt pnrcn is 11! ciM-wnere. Willow Ware nnd H.-hhy ll.ires, Waeons, Clnir, Crndfcs H.kfts Ar. House ktepuiL- f'ieks-- In creat aneiy. f Inmher-p nls, r noi-batbs bilhc-s liiUet-,Coitc 1 .11-, lumber-.. M its Ac. An. In short wKetolerih.MaHiiionenrihclict tif-sni iiim'h s v iiut iiuu tut 'it',i;i.isj ui uiiwUNj; iu 'iir etisttHiiers Wo des rc 'o tv to thent and to ihe public that we aim to 11 oott tot ds -it fur prtctpnud have nktn reat pain" to buy low and h'ill scil loic al any rile, as tow as the. lj.ct m any dep.irtuunt of our bui nu je. I)ai;ucrreot pc CootN. In this dcpTftnn nt, vm Inve finu Trench Plate., if good Cases, Apparatus Ac, a- low n tu be hid in the plire, orders with ratdi will bo promptly answer ed ntlhe lowest rales, filt, plated and jnM I.oekcls for mint ltures, IIorr Vctt. The very best nortii.'iii of f-ineit nnd Cntion Hor.-'e Xtts with Head nnd piece., also stutl lor line or reins henu Ajrtnt for one tif the most ct tensive uianu'aclun.ts 111 the Xel line we hope tu juit ciisionitrs. Coll Pen. Ol'the arioits linkers nt !cw nrices. These Pens ? IV" ('t , lj J"' 1 " bcsl 1 cn cvor Uln , fi , ' lJi' J ,"nJ arerapiHy superndnu ttcry tber kind nnd ate the i.s-e. Tly ami sprintr ti ' dvs, I i r;r! and ethci Hooks, I a Vdriu u Tine and common p!aj in c ards, iiuuz cards, fine Paints dnu tnjj p. nei ptrfuraled uud ltritol I t a"d, Wat, U'aftr-, Ili'kiuim"n li nrd, Chcs, Ituuiinof s. t'ntn s of nrhn s Kinds, Tojsin great a rietv, null'iind Tolneeo bo.i, ciiiir Case-, ctpir huli'cr-. pv t't'-i". lMicroenpc, Teh scopes, -Mirr r-, Knics', ll.izors, Scissor. Phiednnd Uriiauuia 'art plattd, ltniiun:a nnd tl.isi Candh-tteks, Silver Cn,!, Itnitor Kn c,(?ntnie,s Galvanic Ri.ig vt Kluid to cure Hhurn.aitMii de. The Cuidlc llitnriu't n lnui:lnh'e Hime, Pla'ed on Herman D t r vvnro, Tea, Tilde iV Ie.-srt Spoons phied with puieSiiver on ood tJeriuaii .Siher, also llutter lu'nes ma V in the t-nuie way. Canes. So ."e new and prt it v earns rrct ird and for sale. .Inolral Itiolrutuciilea I'lulrs and niher wind in-iiiimciii, Mtdndians Ac cordions, Drums, Tamhuriurf, nudiu mtirluit ni f fine and ctnuion Vu-Iin-, aU ftuuf ptrnd viohn slrmc-s Inch hne biru ery dilVn-uU lo obtain, iod llous, IVl'S.T.i.I pieces, bridges, ItuHii, HairiJ- o tur nitiHcnl me relntidi'-e. Need'esiV. Pins by ihe paper unrrantcdorti or ca n be lefurued. We cm mention but a verv snnll number of articles netivid. but che this too teui'ihy adieriie i m en i by sn m h it we hive a yond airiini nt nod intend to m-11 the fioods low, mi thai cus'oin-is will not need to lo jk farllcrfur tuih Hoods as wchatc fur mle. We invite the I nest homu nv and cxa nin u'nn a to quality and priet s, Silver 'I hiuible- heavier thn thoe frold (Uevvht-re at ihcloet price nnd marled ,freft Coffin and Trim- Plates made or marKtd m or der, .'Mivtr poons and 1 orks of nny pntiein until" to ordi r, a tm k of Silver Spoons and roiks.llul ti r fCuivt s, rriui Knives, Caps v, alvvay. on hand, mado ofilollar silver and warranted. Particular at tention paid to Watch nnd ("lurk it pniuio. iiiu.NSMAii) imoTiinns. Est i n y. rPAKr.. iberoid in thL L town offolcln jfler.a I Town horse. The ov tier it rq tesieil In call on f KIeK hiT. nt the bt-ijio house at inooski Tails, prove property pay char uoCM nnd lai e hmi avvny. .la 27, ISiG. 5J3 mi: judsox orrEnixa, I.VITXr.D as n token ofsympalhy with ibel.vinj:, and a inemento uf chtiMian a leeiion for the diad. Hy Urv. John Dowlioir. A. M. 1'or sale I v May2G. S, WOODS. I?I,V I'.M'KIt, n .1111010 ay to kill llie boys' belts camel hair., ret- received bv IIIIINSMAID .f- HROTIinild A few do7eus nice bulks ' f llieTiarulia concliiptora or Mexicjii Tutr Flowir, alto the (i1idia)nu psillaconns. silo al 1'IU'lv SI'K Vlt. .-uunlilc tunc for .cuius ilictn out, la Irom CO .May lo 1st Juno, Sperm Oil. 1TOKI! of that nice Lamp Oil, for snVby M ty S3. ... S. DKWF.Y. PVnV, C IDIIH VIMH.AII, for ta'eliv May 23. A. Si. DF.WF.V. AIIJASOX & POIil.BTT "IJ leave to coll the attention of ihe public to their stock of (JumU now n-ndy for inspection, ot W1NOOSK1 PALLS. Tiietinrk islarceand iho ns-orliiienl eomplcle in the line nf (iroceriei, Fam y atnl Slaple Dn ft'oods, I'rockerv and Glass Ware, readv iiiadeCl. lhuiir, Salt, I'ork, Fish, tsupcr-llne Klour in hands nnd bac, Ac, Ac. .ill uf uliiili Mill beolKiei. al tho vrv lo- si markel tiricr. for Cash, aprotcd rredil or for i-ouniry produc'. Falls, May '.'3, 1310. hi I'l.'kh siiintocit M'tilri-sil , CONl'UKfiS Sirini! Waur leciniiin itklj lil-o, Iodine and I'.nilwn Wains, conttanilv nu li.nd al I'F.fK it M'F..K'S. i "SSf 1 .SSISJ. , . I'jro (trio". AFRW Sky Rockets," Itomm Candles, Whrcls, a.r . can bo bid of IIUINS.M.MI) i I1ROTII- F.IIS, As they nro kept sumo distance from tho store, Ihofcwhii wih fir litem r.'ust npply a short time beliirctbey nre wautid lo be leed. C. IIAYiXES. HAS ju t received n geod Assi rlmrnt ' f t'Al'Illl II WfilNCs from New York wlmh ho ofi'ets for salaat his Paint shop, comer of Colltgo i!. White St., 'Fast of Ibo cu'iare. ton, Mny I 1BIG. 43 Volunteers Wanted! VT.PIO will ave them cKes co-t by settling their i v nr.'' inn- ine i u,. nrni ,,i i, .v. t:. . k,i ett btb letlie Is' di I J-in next. After tint time all i ". Ii , : a It ri e fire lleetion. 21, IMG, 51 a 'I'lillnt u 1 e I llitrlnut' i'i M.n W. ALLS1T, AT 1 OHM3Y. M I L T O N V A L L S , i liatles ltreulei's Ilstate. PF.TrnoN to si:ll land. STATi: OI' X't'.llMOST, I A T n session or District of l.'hitienden, 1 fv Iho Probila Court hild nt Iliirb'igloo, wiihin nnd for s-tid Dclrirt ofl'biitendcn, on Iho IGih d.iynf .Mny, 1316, conies Apiui llrewstcr, ndiniiiislralrix of the estate if r;h,t,, Idcwsler, late ol Colchester in said disirict, oi ecu seii, nnu till o in ham eouti iitr pelitton in writ lii!, sctii.'itf forth lhat Ihcsiil rfeciM-ud ri ic rl seized m oncbnlf ol n 8iMiiihl nnd null privilege on lot no. in siid Colt-ln'sH-r, and ofutdipin (be liiptist nnd C"-ni.'r.L'atioinl met tiii2-hotie Ht Coleht i-NT Onire, snbjt'ci to ibe imJowS litrlit r.f tlowrr therein j llml n kalr of said property nnd of the rnertion of dower then in, h nee ttary for thr payiumt of tho debit al lowed by the c u.mironer- as-nnit s-ii I pliif and the expense of a lmini'r:itinn, arid prat nig nid court to hccneo ber lo stll iiiletnte for the purpow a foresnd nrfrnt jy to tho slatule in tuch ca e mtdc and pnnidid. Wht rrii on. ibe ftnirt nfnrrMi! i!ob appoint tho sec nil Wi-drn ihv in Jit nr. HM, for he it in and tie- J ridinir on 91 id petition, nt 'I"' office of the H 2it r of md court in aid M-ir'uitnn. nt ten 0VI0 k in Ibe fori noon, and doth tinier that all per-ons inier(ted bo noiilled iherfof hv pnldibinir t ii - order, contain ! ins ihr tihinnrr uf pa d pehlnni, three wttk" sue- I ccMtu lv in the 111 1 1 nutnti I'ree I 're t, n neipnper printed in end IhiniiaMnn, iho Int nf w InVli pul bca 1 titm to bepreMous to it 1 second Wc fnusday in June, ISIG. I Given under my band ii nd Ibirlineton lhi IGtb I diy.ol May, I8tf. Wm.WCS ION, !!eiiter. 1 A'n'tL'im TUtbilc'- (." I STATK Ol' P.KMONT, ) rp 111; Hon. the Pro- lilrnt of tir.iti'l l'lf, -.. S ' 1 ale Court for tho District o (irtmd 1 It To lln tn-ir nnd leateei ol Al.di m', l.ile of North 1 lero, tlcvaeed, Wniittr,.B, Wtlbain 1 1 om hi-I, admnii"trator oT tho est.ile ot the iid . Ti" IhIu, balli rcpre-nlesl 10 lln- 4ourt ilnt llie perni il t,at-ite nlViid tfeceaed is ui uiriCM-nt lo p In- pi-) di-bti ,iy the sum nf.x hnndied dull irt and hath appl td for bcene to t II -o finch e-tatt tt ntd dciei.p-t a will pav Mild iioi and iho cu!?, and ehnris for H'ltbn s-aide-M'e: TiiKr.rn'.V.R yini are ht'-re' no'ilied i appeirho lore ihe IN'o1 ale ('o irt ai a i.-en thcreni inicli I deii at tho Hourl Hiei-e in N- rh llerf, mi ihe t'C- 011 I Sitnr'.iy ot June . I I W, and h ' ? 1 eau-e tu ihc'eonlrnrv -r b'i .is t T .'I sh.ill tbreet lor the p ivioi-nt -a I (Mil-, vh"ru j the Mid adiniiu'raior vdl 1 1 becn-ed (J. Tiln'r'2 1 sell so much nt the retil f.f.ite tf -nil ('eeea- i wdl I v -nl'icicui I" p.ij 1 hi- alurf-atd miii an I all ie n C'.-t and char-it Il 1 01 dc red h on 1 r lhat ibe fureao'iiL' it. lice I e p d h-hed itirte v 1 1!' -Mtct lv 11 the It itl'tiu"! 11 Tree I'le- a nt"1 per pi mtc 1 in ncilinjiiun. in ihe rounty of L'hillen t'eiijihe lUt if v'- eh p'.hl'citmii to 1 e'prior to the ei- n l M'urii n 1 I .Ii nc. 4. I). ;lfi. (iivtMi mi 'cr m 1'iotat .North Hirn. lln lV.h d.iv ot Mav. A. D.-l" IC III 1 - !; , li'Ziiltr. . .im.j i--i-ui. 1 IM'.TI I IOV To C().Vi:r L XD.S. ' STVTC IK VHIIMOXT. ) T a seion of th , -MlMc, c-f Clutiendf 11 S r IWnu-foiiri htld ; liudmnnm. nli 11 nn I -or f liiriet oft hitten 1 (i, ( o-h diyofMiv. llfi. r-uims fierce W hittit'V. uliuun-tr-Ui'r nf the tt( tf Divjd Dy, laiejuu ) i ne un - in inc ii-tri iniircBiKi, rj i ei- ed, and fib . in nd coiri hi- pt litimi in Wfitm:. set;inn forth that ihe rd drcci'.ed ai i'i" tune of hi fJcattt i waitnhr cnn'ngi. htmlnts- in 1 tw and ff'ioy,to con , vev in John WnuiMijr. I'letollovvinirdfsenbed parctl I of lan I, Hunted in mil n3i x viz : brirmnins ata I "tike in th r )uiheaierlv line nf the highway, nn lot , n. five, he'iiir at a curm-r of 1 md n ned bv Din'm Wbi'ctimh; tli'-rif n-irt i iriih". 30 mm. eiM, in Ihe bncofi-tulhi!!bav,tchiiu'.42 links; ihpnce souih, I 17deir. "D imu. t t-i niup cli.irit", to n tnke in the line tf Chd I-DnT-limf ; ihtnc t-ouih, Si dep. vvest, twt ( eh.iiu-t, tu Ihe hneol sitd lot: thenfe. in the of sud h t,n uih SI d.2. 31 miij.ii! 2.i links to a r.ike; i thence north 5 tie;- ei. " idniui H lmkt tn the I pliceofliei;i'iiiini. eontTntna I0-1C0 acre. of hnd.nnd s lutmio. 5nnd 33; the siid David I IminL' s.tld sni 1 1 iud to nd John Wanch jr. nnd re 1 ccive t payment ibert form the lifetime of mid David ; t thatth; su IDnviddvd without Invincxecutrd a deui thereof, and privin.'iid court tn license said adminis- inlor lo convey m ihn I lo the ud WanL'b, ncreea ' 111 v to ibe stitinetn -nehcne made nnd provided; WiiPRFrfiNMlvcourt ,iforei!d doth appoint ihesec I end We1nc.tlnv in 'une, IMC, for bcarinir and decid- itiL'ou ai ( p ti nn it (he nfiV of the Uepi-ter of vud court ir. s-aid Mm hoi-n,at u n oM ck in th f..renor-n. , and doth ordtr tint nlipernn-. mireted be notifird ib-Tcnf by putd-etiino of this order, containing tho t Mib-.tmecnf mid priiiou, thrre wviks uceeively in the UurIinton 1'iee Pre-", a nevvsmper printed at satd I nurbiiijton, iheliHi nf wh'ch publication to bo prcvi- uiin m tne. iniif -t i mr ct .iniif. Oivtn under my hand t'u- 9 h divnf Mav. lSlfi. W.m. WKSTO.X, register. Notice. rPIin unVrijul have inviel niton co-narinsr-I i-tiip, for the imipoi-e . f . on t'ie .Mercan tile liii'inc s, at Wiuoo-ki Pii I. ondenhe name and -ivlet.r .iiU.fctj.vS; I OLLr.1T. T7"On.l) rrpectfuMy tn- form Indieof lltirhnp- John S. Vcspon, MRS- tni,thai shrtbia jnit reiuinetl fr V -...l ..I. .1 l .l.'VV'C.IA.V. Also she bas strured a new prnee sby wlmli pritsiif eie ry do eriplnn cm he rem 'Mil from Straw and I'lnr itictt - II ilii.Ki 'ii, May 15, IMC EOif V IISS I. IISS I. II -s. V widciiiMion -ol I Miiunier il I Ti'im, on ilnnd iv. the I jili June S linlais nre i Min ted lo enter al II i ommetHf- lit ot llie 1 1 nn . era rcK-o-V: FiU'lish, . . . o 1 0 t rench, - - HI Dinviinsr, . . j 3 00 School Itooin ono door we-t Mra., orih' up stairs. Iliulinston, May 15, 1'lG JO TUT rl'ATS, 2t, O. IIOXKSTIN I'I .iTr, lOmul I . " " " I v -l i . 75 .1 ' " " 1 1 iu 1.1 IMIs IKON WUH". nssnrnslN is, H'issi nnd l-'imtcb Sheei Ircn, Shi-ei Lead, Zinc and C."mt, Wiro Vi'lliiiu, Hob ('ujus-r, .Vi-. 1'o.r Sale hv by VI US .V NOVKS. llurlinB1' li. May IS. Htii. 50 .viCKirj-; s. etc. V" r . Ticks J I llaie '' Fali I'l-niiMii) !i " Sinpcd Slurnns For S..I,. ,y May 12, IS'O. 'Jo VIMS . NOVI S. Col Ion Tlin'iul, QQQ M "'l"r' t',';,.," Thri-al, -IVhi.e Si , - i JiiO dur! p'fls'Thre-i I 1(0 lbl I.UKil 'i'o (at nle h Mav 12. Itilfi. .V NOVFS. I.OSt, i HUNCH OF KFVS.-Tlie lln'ir ill ln IV utnU-d by li-miiij ilieuint hcoJv ol J. cc .1. l I'isk A. Co. SIM Mai. il ( airsll Jolt rpi) IU II.DH1-. The un Wsisnnl -dl r.s-eiva l i roposnls tinul ihe Kl h id' Jtim-, in one t't-lock 1'. M., fur I uil bns n Si-hoi I Hisim,, m . jj ,cli( i disiriii in M rlinstoii. (m ar ihe Iumi a of David Fish,) nissH-ilini; tinipl ui to I c ivn ii the hands u An.c'it S J.din.nn. Se-ansifiroin-ns will be recimsl fir the ma. un work', and Ii r ih h hut and rami nirr ork. ANSOS S JOHNSON . OIH.l lluli.i(!ioii,MnySO. IF4G. Iluttdins Cqm-nittu, A liisliioiialili! llair-Dri'SM'r MAV, lolomid uv.r II. 'I hniuiu siero,' n lumoiiU n-siHrilnlly nn in- il.e alleiitniii cil 1 t,r in.hlir. May 20, IPlU. JAMCS TAVI.OU. rJCI y-i lest S J 'o nf nuculs. V i. it'i;s, i: i it no n s ,