Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 12, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 12, 1846 Page 4
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Ncw"York Atlv's. lOltF.IO.V AM) liOVH-.SHtl. HItK (loriurily nf the lirtu dl MiLtr.R & -I Smith, niifl nl the .nine old stand,) would call attention (if the Put III- 10 Wi ll S.'llTlc. I stuck i to which will Icntilcl n further supply by packet- mar riie, nml from tin nnou. niaiinfiieiurinir IMi. mail" in thi country, which will lit Mil.l at hie pri ces for cash or iron I paper, nml in quantities to suit all who call, Ainunjr llienrtide oltcicd for sale are, vi t 'OOO ken. Nail, noorled ! 100 bass wrought nnil in r 1 "'""HM iuu no iron no SO ilo miup or urnm Khmcl. 20e,vk pulMiel Trace Chains 10 do ilo l.ofr ili 1000 lhoiil or pn-t Chains 000 ero- N. K. Si row 6000 urm June t'o. Screw f00 Juacii Trunk t.o k 100 ilo Carpet Hammer 100 ilo Nail ilo nnrtel 100 ilo Ae t 100 ilo short linmllc Fry Pan 100 ilo Mintire and Hay FnrU, a.sinicd 100 do OarVn Hoes, a-sorcd IOC0 lis Iron, Hra-a nnd Copper W'irr, assorted American Tiillennd Pocket Cnllery. . Thomas Tinxr.n A; CuV pocket nnJ ivorv handle table Kniu-s nml Pork-. ANo, mill, cro. cut, pil and liaivl Saw. Hatchet, pad,clie.l, till an 1 . I t lock1, buit.nfnll kind. ; 1'iicl;., Hrnd, lloli Dour Handle, Hat I'm-, Window nml lllind K.i-'e.Jinirf i Hias Goods in ureal variety , "n lice hand-nifls and trir-iron Sauce Pan, Ten Trav, Fde.'and FA i1 Tool-, Wanes, ,f.c. HnxChi.. els, 'Hot S ra.iers, Mallet, To'iacm Knives, flu ir, I'inler, chcoe, rolton anil e.flcc Sampler- j 1 nil Scraper ( In lie' uartlen line, and n lull n--oriincni if the similar kind nf njrric dli.rnl implement., I. IV. I'. A mi: -'Pi-mi1 IliTTsnnd I'inimi.hs! ! Abo, n variety id "out ol'iliu w nj " aruelcs not iimi a'lv kept in liardwDre stnrr-. fi. II. Ameiicnii Hardware direct from the manu facturer., on -nic bI.MF.ON 1'. SMI III, Sisn oil lis Anvil, 44 !U Uiiilcii-Linr1. New Vn-k' NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET. WF. would i-rnii'id our friend, lint we s-lill contin iifntnitrold 'ii'iidd, No. ;l( Water nt., nndnrefillv priyncd in t ike chime of all I'ondiMi incnt tint I hey nnv Cimr n wilh. We would as sure nil ho iniycmr i t their pr.ituru In our cure lint rirrv alteiilion sli ill hn paid to their intrrc! We shall keep our paimns fully aihiscd.of I ho slate cf our in tikei. Liberal advance made nn all ki id nf nrnduce. JKWIII.l,. IIAIim0 & -o. t'lmitni iun Mcieliniii 30 Wuicr st., N. V. tlcfcr lo Messrs P.d'eii it llradlcv. ? ,. . JUssrs.J. & J. II.lVck.Jt Co. j Turlington, Vyl C ;Tt J) . Nr.w Vomt, Mnrch 2nd, 18)6. Mes-rs .lEWELt.. II)nnin.V I'o. I have nn heinn.m in nina lint In no innver satini in hich I hive heeii eiiL'a'jeil. in Veirnoni or elsewhere, in wdiich your name hae hern introdu crd, hive I ever j-nenL-l lo iv inv thinK which (hniiM .ill'i et your characicr, siniKliutr, credit or mode of doin'j tuiini--s n Co Men h.nnis in New York; nor hive I ever h-id nny reason, from knov)j. edae or inrornriiinn, lo deli e nu ere irresponsible o in.ii ton rnunucno vmir tniincss 111 a manner t.ribeconnnff Coiuuiiion Mcrclnnts Von are at lit), riv io male such u-c ( this as you i.iiv di em proper. 1 am icjy rcpiH'ifully Vour oliediciil servant, (iuncd) N. W. FK. Copied bv Tiikkos s D.iRr.MU. 43uifi BffSR CHANT'S LINE. f,'k, LAZ3 BOATS, For the Iranspnrltition of proirrlii, btticecu LAKE JIIA.HL,IN, TliOY. ALIJ.V NY. NEW YOUK, AND BOSTON. THE PltOPKIKTOrtS i f thi, MM: bavins in ireaed their taeilitui. I v ihe R.'ditiun nf fir5t raie lloats nnd. r the c'oinnuin I ol cxpcricncel nd lauhfiil Miwer, arc prepared lo uive iL-.pu'i h to all property iiitenihl to pis. 1 1 tween name I pints, w 111 which I In v mav I e I hope, I y prompl nlleulion In llieinicriMs nl'llieirein pli jer-. In reieive a eouliiiuiln u i f pill lie pairon- T.'ieirhoai-arc lo I e t-. i-l I y Sim on Hudson Hirer, and on ,tkt Chilnihun In-u ncii- s try, and i-iniplce a perleci Lin,, to .Vcic York, a-, nl.o. to I ioy mid AJtany. f.i ol Imni I. ure l.ept lo-ctlier Bud not .ul.jeeicj lo nipin- hv Ir in-lnpmcnt. J'ropriittirs, FOLLfrrrA IIIUDI.I.V, llnrlinrlnn. MCIIOI.S, liri(IO.NVL'IIITIl..NI)i:1..i;tanr A, M. CLAKK, SI. Allians. As nils .L.xVJ!?.,I.?,SnX v0.""'-'"iiM.W;., .Vrir York, I.OVRI.I., ,Vr Yoiki- Uoslon Pack et Offict.hons M'hnrf, IJoslon. April, 1846. 47 & (E3.UD. Nr.w Vobk, April 6, IS 10. DHAPRH, AI.DItlCII cV I' ltlNK rc..v: fully (illicit ihe attention ol Vkbmc.nt Mer chants lo their stock ot STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, comprising n dciral le an a.or'nicnt n can he founlntnny ho.i-e in the eily, which they ledso IhcitHclvf. to nil on the most livora'le term. Sceond to none in their fncilitie for olnainini: liond at ihe lowest ra i.', nml nuxious to eultiviie only ,i aafc trade however cloic, Ibcy are ready nnd willui',' lo dispo-e ot iheir Slock al ibe Miiallcsi living' iidvaiicvnn original cot their nioito lemR, "email profits and quick returns." IMUi'Mt, Al.llltlCII & FUIMC, 4Gi3 1 l,lbflt)il., near Broadway. PROTECTION. THE Undersigned, sole agent of ihe " Vermnnl Mutual Kirc Insuraure Cnmpanv, for ihe Dis trict of nnd Winooki Kails, rccpceifutly announces that lie w ill iccrivcnpplicaiions, and effect inMirancc on liiuMinus nnd eoiiicnis, not ixlia haz ardous, on Ihe mini favorable terms. It is a-ccrliiincd that ihe arioii classi s of proper ty insured by ibis company, from ih- conimencenieni nf lis operations fur 18 liars (uist, have piidouearh 100 prr year, as follows, tin ; 1 Sn.rv Dwellui" llini(.9 rnieil al 4 pr. ct. $0 1"! Stores nnd Grut-Mills ' 10 " ,3-1 Tavern " ' j- 42 Saw-Mills ) Cabinet and Joiner's hnpt I " JO " 70 Clothina .V Cnrdina Woiks " 20 " 103 lll.iek-tinih's Sh,is ) 1'aper .Mill ami K miotics t" to " 175 li mrv dnil tint iheHbiDenun.aieninch Irssiban II liasco-i ibeiiieinbeiaof any oib. r company known III thi) I'ntiid Siiiks tor the hanie lime. The Kunds of tin 1 'iiiiiiaui are created hv Pretni urn NoliS 1 f llic inmirid. kceurid by a hen of Heal I s t ile or hv p-r.oinl secnriiy, and amount 'unborn two third, of a unH n of doll.ii. I Iiiim wi iioi! ptoieiiioii will phasc'call. Office in llic viun iiiiur. ,. . 'V'UNCUM.MINGS.Ai'ti.. Curlmslon, April 30, 1910. 4g,f .Ill" M I J lo. "7f . B. HATCH &. a r'c,;T.v:v:',v':v.v'.k.',, ,,,c" "". a lares and we'l e'ectetlni.sorliuriit ol' (JUt)lKllH. S1IEI V IIAIIDWMtE. 1)11 IJO AND Ml DI('1NF., PAINTS OILS. VAKMSIIRO. e. which they offer 10 lo their cuiomcis and the public po'emil) a) bucii prices un cuooor rn 10 l e .allsraC' tory W. II. II VTCH, A. O. SIKONtl. Winooski Fal.'a, May 7, 1340. 49in3 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. mi: it an a ,vr r, u.on s. N'lTi: I beir frieiid tu examine a carefully kclecl id.i.or incut of CLOTHS, CASSIMEItF.S, VESTINRS, AND T r I in m 1 11 tr a . Amonir their Clo'h. my 1 11 foun I Super. Fr'tndi I', a k. nine mark, llrown, Ulnr, ami all I be fa. In on able fanr-y colors. Their a-ornicnl of Ca-.imere embrace a vinety ol nualrie. of plain Vt. IH'k. Kr. lll'L- )oo Skin, and a e real laueiv or r j.ihoimi,io rancy. Vtelinat, V11. andcmhosse.1 Velvein a ria.k li'.'. Silk plain and dir. Mano-dcs Mared-d Vc-I .Shapes, and a f real variety of paitrrna for iiininer wear' Kor Smnnicr Coa's Ca.hniere'l'. Dran de Ele Tweels, e. For l'ant Heavy luck,n ,duperior uriiung. AIo, Self-Adjif ling .foc--lllack, Fanev and Slimmer Cravats .S' ippcnik-ra S'liir's llo.crnii and Collar-. Lde-lhread ilk brk, colo, irt'. and vi hiii- K I (itovee. Also brown and Ira b Velvit un K'rgea. Mnll. H ( Ralhbun, I'. K.Warrl. Boston Adv'ts. B03TOW. APSIS! 1826, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye. Slufft, Ciemicah, fyc. e'c. HAYWARD & HAMILTON, MO 28 INDIA HI., HOMTON, OFFI.R nn enlire new Slock of the nbovo articles nl HielDHTst (Tli or Credit price. I'nrchascts are respectfully united to call and examine their stock of Goods. Had. lllii-i En;, " lnd. " " Pulv. Ipecac" Pulv. 'UfnIiolPfix nnd00. Paints of nil kinds, Vhitp nnd I'cd Lead, Lmeed Oil, Varnisbc. ''ari tircen. sup. article, Venetian lied, " " Jipan, Snts Turpentine, Jalap, " . Pu'v. Peruvian llirk. O11111 Myirb, , lues, 1 Trasnfanth, 1 Arahic. 01,1 Oui. li on, 1 warr.inte 1 uenutne, ) Window Gla'S, Vellow O. lire, Madder-. Liipiniice Ett. and IlcPd. r,potn Sails. Sup. Cirb. Soda. Cream Tartar, Tartaric Acid, Castile Soap, Hull Hrunslone, Su'phur, Logwood Ext. (fro. (Tain. Uedwood CroM. Kit-lie Cuba, Gro. po flip's, Horax Knit. rrfd. Oil. iOatnwnod ' llvp Nic Wood, " Nie. Wood, Pink Sails, I Sic x lung Sails, , Alum, Hlnc Vitrol, Acid Oxalic, " .Muriatic, " Acetic, " Nitric, " Siiloliiiiic. Cudbear, :(tiiui Senegal, Morphine, (luininc. Annalto. Glue. lld. d Potassc, Lai: Dye, al Soda, Cork, &r'. Ac, Calomi I, E.ij;. and Aincr. Iodine, Wuh the mini n-snrlment kept in n who'esale Drug iure. iu aniens warranted t'ure. JUSIlin II. IIAVWAMD, EDWAIlll IH MILTON. 45 n2 23 India Street. II. F. FlaETCH Elf & C0 wiiot.nsAi.n uEAi.r.iis in WEST INDIA GOODS AND Giiocsmis.?, ALSO si'nriM.;- ru:nsi:n oir. or all Kisns. MEKCHANTS' HOW, R. I'. Kletclii r. J. I,. Whipple Keli. Vi, '.lli. o7.i.r AGhlCULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. 'IIIE S ilm-rihrr wi h to call the attention of llic friend ol U'ricnlptro, an I the Memlier- of lie Apricultnral Sorittu. and of Ibe Fttrinrra' fJtttl, nn.. Ikulaily, In n IllnTEII PLOW llilli has e)er I efore ' ecu o .ere.i 111 1 in inari.ct, ami to convince von that we M'cnk ibe Irulh, when we -av a 6rrr I'loir. we carne-ily iuM'enll to call an I examine lor ibeiu-elve-. We hive Pro it j- fc Mear, Centre Praft, SiiIim il, Si-le Hill, Sward,' One Horse, nnd i.l hort, e.cry variety of Plow male hv ibcin. We hive al-o lluircle. No-ir-e ,f. Ma-on- Plow', of everc decrin. tion nnd sut ', C. m Slu-ller-, Ch :ms, Hoc-, &e., nnd expet ill n lew 11 ueucrnl a.-orliiicnt ol banner, alio ti.ttiiener, Impletnent. Tbeahovo ani ve are for S lie at the Siore ofT. W. Lovcll. Stct-onV liuiMillL'-. Cbnrib Slni'l. M ir. ltnston, l y Ji hn S. Pcirce, who i our aiuhori-eil Aeiit, ami wuo will be happy to lmu- them to nil. fl I KIK it VV'AKl'.. MaylJ, ISiG. 5(1 SPK1XG (JOODS ! 1846. VI I, AS &, NOYKS. UE now receivir.c from noston and New-Vork . Illcir sill ply ofMullii: (;oilll. wlni-li ibev i Ifo at wholesale upon the inst liberal terms. Our sock consists of a ureal vanity of PUI.V.V. ItEPPde I.AINES. MOUS. Uc- I.A1NE, PKINTEI) LAWNS. ll"wit an . MUSLIN Cf.MIIIAMS. UMA COUIW. SL'MMElt WEAll. Corded CASHMERES, and a larce assortment of other good. wur puictn"cs were all inailc wuh Cah, nnd we are enci nrmed Id heline lint our L'oo.l were oil lainrd at pi ices ihnt will enable us lo tell llicin rtrv 01c to thofe who mav laior u w ith a call. Hurltniiion. April .4. IS 10. 47 Itaro Chanced F Olt ile, or to rent, a t'irrlir's .11 i''hine,iti I (Tloilii. r- woil-.s. sunned near the Court lloii-cin lrat"iryh. The preno'- eonsii of a lirsie fictory I inldiiii, small dwelling h'Mir; and one auoof hud. The C.irdin? .Mtichinc i nearly new, and admitted lo be the best 111 the northern pin of tliM Slain. The iir.,r.riv ',. IT... ed at a price that will make it nn object fir any tier. son 111 mat hue of businis; and if not jold, will be leiiiid for one or more years, wilh llic priiilcgc of expcuditijj a part of the rem in rcpurs. Apply to the suuscriur, or 10 11. M. IIATi;s, n.q, at Inshurelii ., . II. II. Sl'AI V. Ilr iniitnn, April 1, 40. ", 11 AG Ail vfcAliTllUlT, Altr. now receiving new supplies of SADDLERY, ioiii isd sticir Hard w are, in all ita varieties. Aho, v jfriis . Dieuieint'8, kl ) PAIXTS, OILS, YAH- XISIIHS, cf-e. Iliirlingion. Vt., 1S4G. lUltl,INiTN Till-. ftUMMICRtlUUtTI'.ltin iliiilniiiliuion will commince on tho .'0ih of May, int. nnd clo on the first wrek in At'cust. Tbeienre sescn Teach er employid in the departments of the Instituiinn; nml the oesi nnvannpes mav te enjojeu lor ncquir iiii! a cornel knowhdi;eoflhc Krcni-h LanLMiine. and of Music, Draw mit nud Paiiiiini! in oil and water cul ms. A few vacanci.sln Ihe family cstahh.tinirnt will occur at ibe 1 nd cf the present ipiarlci, May 15. Terms Half nawthlc in Advance. Tuition in I'nj. nianches nnd Latin, per quarter S3 00 ! renen 1. 'in:! lauej j :u Drawini: nr Pa'niitig, 4 00 Pi 1110 Miihc, 8 00 luxiiuuiciit for practice, 2,00 May 6, 131G. A Class of younc Ladies wishing to attend to Knneh. Drawini; or P.nniinir onry, can be accom- mulaiiil 111 the hit manner. iS'olice ! 'TMIK P.irimr-hip hereiofoie exislin; under ihe 1 1'irio nf I, & C. E. 1-i'llRit, i Ibis day di-solvcd v m con-i'iit. The Itook- nnil Paper are left fir the pie-eiii ,11 their O'd Store where one of the unlcr.iVnel ni)y I e f 1 01 J prepari! to a h-i-t all mailers pcrlaiuinxto the lltis-ne-s ol the la'e V'lrni. 1.01ns Hii.i.Err. CHAS.E. KOl.l.l.TT. Kurlinslon.May, 12.1810. 50 I). (I M.V.'H Palonl Ulcrinolor &. Syringo, This Iiitriinient i ad.ipttil to the app'icntmn of remedial nseills, 111 a 1 which I'flcn i'e ler the from applying, lor a remedy, incon Mipieucc of the delicacy ultcivlinir it a luuni-traiion. Willi tin in.truiocnl the pnlienl can s.lftdy and n'adily apply whatever may be pre-cnl til."" After tilling iho Syritiue.the pipe is to I o inserted, the pis ton gently force) down, audtbein-iriiment kept firm ly in ennwci with ibe parts till the contents h.iu- ta ken e lid, Thelrwal ifninfie in Leticonbrra,i' ofditler-, nl a.lriuirent iiiieetionsi ibe.earu eoiiipo-ed offo Intion of the u(pliaie of zaie, iron, roiqivr, or I he ac eta'e nl lead, nr infi-fonsol veirjial le ii.triiurcii., such as Rreeii in, nnk lark, nr mil call.. They .hniilil lc.n-tlHt tir.l weak, their lreiif:ih li-iiifraf. icrwunU iucrt' if netrs-ary, D N OAI.E. Tlii is 1" eerlify that we have examined I). Gale iiterinti Synnue and 111 our opinion it iwll fitted for 1 he ti-e ietend.i1, iitca-esnl Floor AP-u prccilentia or prolap-u Uiri i and other weal i.e., ol udjaunl nicun. II irhhEtou, March 31, 18 IC. CMC. II. Hall. M I). Horace Hatch. M. D. Juuie. Poller M. D. Holland, Vt. El I.. Plo'lp. M. I). Wmd.or llcnj. II. Paliiur, Wowl-link. Phy ici.ui. ait I ihe public are invited locall and exa nine the ahme in.'rninrnt. For a e nt HAUKINGTON HIlOrilEIl S. 44tf l.-hurih-l. ' 8(W)(riiOOKS OF ALL KINDS. rpOV Hooks in abundance Uhnk Hooks, all quali I lies-lllai k. blue, and led Ink ludellabie Ink Steel Pens, and Quills Letter Paper, ve.y nice do. do. cheap Cap do. all uricca. A fresh supply for sale bv S. WOOD'. I .Maj 2(1,18. i ivy mmmm SAXDS' SARSAPARILLA fOU llll-: IIEMOVAI. AM) PEllMWENT CUIIE OK ALL DISEASES AUHINO KKOM AN IMPUItE STATE OK the m.oon. on iiAitir ok THE SYSTEM, VIZ ! Scorfii'.i, nr Kin'- Evi1, l(heiiiiiatini, Ol.slinitrCn lam mis Eruption. Punp'c.-, or l'iitulc on ihe lace, lllnti-hea, ll.h-, Clirnmf Sore Ei's Urn? "orin nr Ti'iter, S'.ii.l Held, I'nl.irseinent an I Pain of the Untie nnd .loin!-, Sin1 born I'lcer-, Syphilitic Symplon., Sciatica, nr L-imlinso, and Dt-ca-u nrr-imr from an iiiii'licio i use ol Mer eorv, A.ei i', nr Drop-y, Expo.'trenr Imprudence in Life. Al-o, Chri.nic Consu'tutional llinotdirs w ill bo temovtd I y Ibi Preparation. , This tnedi'-ino has in many lhoiiand in.iance br usht In-ill li and returning viiror lo; nnd lani id frame. It nperation rx'rnd it-elf to the reunite-! irnn-ai"iiuis i f the ireni ral ytem, nndeon Mst in lemoiinir di-ea.ed action in the absorbing and -ecrctmjr essel-. Still further proofof the value and edlency of this niciheinc. Another link nJdcd lo thu chain of testi mony. Wb-t Poultnev, Vt. Dec. 4ih, 1815. Me.r. A. II. & 1). Sand- Dear Sire t Alihoimh n trnnsrer, permit me to rcla'e to yon the story of my 'iHermir'i and I lit- relief I hnve obtained from Iheu-e of vonr Sar-ap.inlla. About llic middle of lanunry, 1832 I wa- attacl.ed wilh a di--ae which my Phyi called Wieumathm, nnd 1 uedsocl remedie a were prcscril eil, and in about thnv week it left, but nearly thesme liir.e thu next year it appeared aiain in the samrpl.icr, Ihn rtshl hip joint, Irotn which'it increaa I, luoviior on from limb to limb and joint to loinl until it bad emphatically k ioeion of my w-lio'e system. I tried every reinnly precriliel by (he varioua Phyician, but was doomed year after K" lo '-cmvdise.ieeomplclelvbanielheconibinel -kill of t he Medical Prol'e-siou. ' I eenme tlix-oura eel, all hope of relicl fled, pro.periiy was turned to adversity, nnd I could rav wilh Ihe woman in the Scripture, that I bad .pent all my livinir and receiv ed no I un fit. I i-onliniied thu until Seplembcr 1839 w iicn i too a mi men ana ere eold, anil tinmeili aiely myili-ea-e ragril with inctea-ed fury thiouglioul my whole ayiem. My laidy was raikcl with con vul inns and twi-ie I with era inn until eierv ioini ui. dih cued, nnd everv limb paitifdly di-loried. My nolo- nun niuy were ar.iwn mjeiner, nearly in a -it-llilil po-ltire. in which everv lOmt I ecoiuc o t,erfeillv sei that il was iinpo-ible to moe, li.iud.or fool or nnv ot my umii. I wa -oiifinel in tht condition about one vear from the above dl'o lo a common bed. next In n bnlrola. tic bed fur oneve.irf Irani which I wn. tal.rn'in Feb ry 1841, and dnced in u larse ca-v chair, nnd." so a lo I'onloriii to the ancle of my -lift body and limbs. I had 'not been long in this i hair, before mvfeet be ano lo r-will and coiiltnt.e to increa-t- umii ihe Lin litlcrarv btirl at everv pore, dia- barjin? -uchn quan tity ol 11 ml that lame lol.l. ofcloih plat ed under and nreund ibcin would be coinpleteli drenched in a few hour-.. Ile-i.les thi they ni-charied a irluev iib stance aivnmiilated in Ihii k erut upon the ur facc until mailer wa forme I underneath when it pec cd o I, Ionian? olcirs. which continued to inciuase oniii my loci were onecompleie -ore, oniiuooulhat i -c.ioie loain-omoio my nearest and licsl fiieriil. .iini'iiisn my i en were so exceiMinsiv tenoer that I ollld a -a reel V endure the wei"hl ni n chilli thein, yet at time lliev would bum and itch in tolerably Ihal my nur-e would le ohlijred lo lake n roimh cloib and rub lie mil it wa sometime al- unto I with IiIo mI, lelim' I could cct relief, while at the mine time there wa n raiiin? iufUiiMtinn iliro'i'lio'it my whole svteni, nnd a ila ri mi. ihrob hu pain in every jimiiI. All the imilaon my linL-er and loc dud nnd came ol'. I had u ditrrs ti'.'pain in my lefi i V, u di.tractini; headach- almost coiilin uallv and li'side. mv I o.iel wcre-n lurpid thev did not move unle. I y tin- aul nf pills nlimcr iliui'niue in .evcral day. 'Ibis, Sir-, i but n faint de-crtp-tm i of tin state when your 'ir-iip.irlbu, like in .iiiei io .icicy, louiui iiienn l J'l:illlll,crtl lo lu relic!. SVbile riloovillj Ihe wrlpper Ir ill the t,r-t I mile, my wile -aid, Mvi'cn li i.biud,-.i nu.l u n allow Mnir ell'evcn In pc ..r n -I, fnr ll V"u do II will only add anollieri -mr mica iv a ' i e -ii'i ihsappo-n't. etc. Iv.ry-'':) '' , t i '. ,h-i. ol Ihe lir-l d.i-e. and In n h , i e , i .,f uie li,-. rii-c ii, i. .ure troio l.'.-i in ir y v ,ipcd, and il e sWei. nj , , . j' ; ,.. .,. I had l'iilbl I i. tu i ibe -en, I, .1, i 'ui' , . il if binj wa- . . . r.,. ii--nn. li ,,... , - ,1 the ,111111 in n.y I i.t, si !,. and Unek ce'LCO,' v h .e inv h .wi I. tur lltu nr I Mills in Imir -car iIiomm u.u ni.iHy acd hn- ciitii n icd toil) u sone, mulin lualib i la.udlv iinpii,imr. t. s o.- w 1 i'e cIh an nneKp.;ctcd jel n.i-pc ilal lo b cnlnt,M r S ir-ii.anl.i In. been: me, an I I i arne-ilv dcir. thai eiery io,,- aillcid wuh ml h d, ci-c- ,i con.e w iiliiu il bi'imu' p wir nnv ol lain nul 'u it -uli. on delay. Vo irafil tcl frie'u.l. w.M. ItVDHf. This may i erniv wo hue i ten prrs ma ly ac q laoiic-l wilh the I.Yv. Wdlnin lty.terli rmaiivyear.-im-t and I i-lien- the nboic iati men's to be coircct. licv, John Clark, Pu-i liiij. Elder 1 1 Po dtin y D.t. ' Jo-eph A) re-, Pa-ioml Mo b I.. Church. .1. No i man, Teacher nf .Mat. Troy I 'mil. Aca I. E. Weniworib, " " Nai Science do. J. Slioiii:, " o Laniriiase do, Knr lar her particular nnd i-ouclii-ie evidence of ll upcrior ral lean I elieaey, eu pao.pblcls, which nny be i itit nine I if Airrnl- Mil. 1'rt.piiro.l and -old, wlcle-nleand re-l, by A, I). A. I). SANDS, Whok'ta'o. Drogd-ls, 73 Kulto t. New Vnrk. S.ildal.o by, Peck & Spsin, R'r'iniloni S.K. Collins an I S. P Ke.liiel I, M npilierj K. 1 1 un l tnjx I nn, eraen ne M. K. Pia't e Lo. Pl.itt.buru'h : an I hv llrii.v'RL'cniri'ly thro ivh.) it the Enud State. Prun, SI l er l-o'llc; -x Im'tle for S.i. ' Al o by V. II. HATCH A- Co., Wmooski Fall. FARM FOR SALE. JSlTlt i0H S'U'l;i ,''rl" ' 1'ildeihill, con Vf Mimiiir one homlred nml lonv-.ix f a,'n", ' nlieliiindinl ncre, of w;bich -AOMm, is under i-ultiv.nion, ibe remainder is ooverol I y a 8ilod crmvih nl" hard wood. On the preinoeMiri-acoiiicnienidwilliiiu hon-e, I arn.-lieds, .o. .iii-l an orchard nf lliriltv I earint; app e trees, .iidiciept loriiiiliiijraouie liliy or uty barrels ot cider. Al-o, n farm I'Ciii.iiniug one hundred acre, Ivillll'-Oill one mile from iIim a l...v ,! ... u.., ol which i iind.T iiiipri.MiiHiil.and baa on it capa cioii. I am, the remainder i well wooded, principally wuh beacli and maple. The above nre .iiuawd near iiieeeiinei.ithe inivo audio the main road, are well waicrod and well fenced, a considerable imriirm ofthe feme I oini- Mib.iauiial tone wall and toiieih "llll" one ol the be.l dairy f.irui in the town. . ..B ... ,.ri,i-iio-e. win io sou lo uo.ea concern b;r m ich le.s than thxir real .ulue,aiidpoe-.ion sriien on Ihe lt of April next. Kor further particu l.ireiiqureol A room. 2i2ton, Feb. 22. 1811 3gif b iVig (jsm'a' rRfirr FENCE MACHI N ii. i. ih:wkv, n PsDt'CTkni t v . tii.e iiwnie. ini pe manufncturini!, at Wmooski Falls, liaicu is st rB.NT Poiitable Fi.nce, where all orders will be priniptly nilendid In. OwiiiR lo the advantages derived in the use of the above improvement, he u enabled to alTord a neat and beautiful fence for yard and gardens, at much lis. expense than the same can he n, up flir in any other way, while for durability it i not excelled bV any in common use. This valuable improvement waS r.rM btoul,t out in Wistern New Vork, where li -has none into extensile use, and has received il, Ir, probation of .he Mayo; -of ,l,0 cy iTlUdl' 'wTh many hundreds of the first airriciilturii-, and nihcrs ... . .. ...... u, ,n. ,. oi uny, Hubbard. Duel Jarns, Judue Churchill and many n,he " , Ktw llampjhire. .. fact wherever it l,a. been inl "duced II has been l,iShly approved. As n Farm Fimcc ' " V "'"'' mail nny other fence ever used. It can be used without VOstl, and is iZ Jt . not ufTeeii-d bv it.f,e;,i ... .' "u. '"-"lure and is adinirsbly a fapted u, " ". V ' "s1 sevete f.e.liets. It takes less lumber than any mhe? "'i.'.i'T''3 P"'f"n anainst"."!! ki'mls .IVNo fanner should be without n lean . r slackrjr ",r"W "r0U"d '"' RM' 'vtifni .ALSO, In connection with the al ove. be hn . mi.. , tumiim llrooui Handles. ""e""- machine for imtimijiori i-alls, .March 12, IgJB, 41 New V:iisi..J a. .lied Oold Lei.r' andU W "clle, "nf i' andoiher manufaciiiH-, iUo silier . ntt !,,, and Verue Wat. he., H, , k nn" J L f,y" M,'IM at veiy r(.oble ,,,.. "J M '"if "1 low price, as they l n be ,.,, ',r , ' tvL "" , All.k".'..fOoodl0ke,un ,ev,ro ln',y ly arr mm. So.i ii..... Z., ' . ' "'"'I'lv, coniiant. - - ' "ii'Miii,. i ...i. 'miN-.MAlD,.H!IOTM:tSi 1'iilir lt,j ill?. J. SMITH. MOST Rcpectfujly inforin the inhahifanta of Hirlmston nn lieiniiy, ihal liavinR chanired hi ' re-Mence from ( Inmplnin to Cherry street, three door west of Ihe CongreKalionnl Chiin h, he uon nn ne Ihe iir.leiiei- of I'll Yslt IAN AND SUltr.KOiy. n loptiuu' Ibe I eel and tno. eilicaciona remedie ex lam an I while lie , itnuillins to helieve nny of the Vurio i. sv.tcm i f (be day perfect, he would enutiru. V -p.ii'l Irnm ibein ueh iirltclc nl medicine, n he Ii i - foil i-1 from long experience inn diversified and wi'e extended prnctu-e, in I o h eilv nnd counlry, to l e I et ndnptnl to each and everv case aware that there arc no two ease exaclly alike. How lar .ncce.. ha nttemlcd hi eirort since be ha resule.1 in thi villain1, In! would tnot willinply submit lo the ihvi.ion nf nil enlightened and candid I'lonc, lor lie i ecnurlcnt it imi-l be ncknowledaed V ihn vrovle that ho ha elected 11 etir- ill sriin.. in-e where o'her had f.n'cd. Ilui n physirian may nealccl Tn notice e'en a good i fleet, Unle the cnu-e a be suppo-e, 1 nine time plainer than Id nn.e i. Dr. S. ennlinite to keep for nle, nt reduced prices n " varielyot lloinnico, liiroleplic Eclectic nnd Mairnetie reim-die, which haT been proved by mi. lion of pcinn in the United Stale f ir more safe nnd lalutary in reuiovlnir di.eae, than nnv nllier known anions men, and when ni-companie I by ihr net ion id hi Elcctro-M.isnetie M.iilune, Ihe "i-fTeit ii " n',0l,i"h ns in n in diiiude nf ca-e. Hoot. Smith would nl.o 1 1 leave"ln inlorm ihe public that he ha purchase I ol Dnet.Kmi-rt the rmht to manufacture nnd .ell Da. highly cele brated and invaluable PATENT I.ACC, which far.iirpa.c everything: nlihe kind in market And knowini that the arnc'ewhich ha I een ii-cd in thu section ha been of nn inferior quality, cvi.iiie many a lailure, wbcrea if n'i;ool arucle bad I ecu failhlully applied a cure would have been ibere-ult. He has made arrangement tor n supply from the nriRinal factory of Dr. fanning, that eieri Lace nnv I V"J"t nnd every patient lauiehtlel hy it. The Doctor therefore invite nil who need anything ol the kind, tn Rive him a call. Let the invalid consider that the Li-e i fir the relief nnd cure of Ihe following di-ea-e, which come ola displacement or weakne. ofthe orgau of Ihn body, viz i W'caknns nf tin breast, wilh shortness if breath ; cmigh and spilling nf blood ; palpitation if the heart ; weakness if the side and stom ach; dyspepiia; cmtiieness and piles; jiain in the back wilh curvature; bear, ing down wilh weakness if Ihe hips and lower extremities ; ami droop, ing of the body, esjiecially in young ladies and children. The object of what follow is only to aid all uf. lerers in deciding aslo a trial o. Iho Patent Lace, fir rel ef of their affliction. It i neces-arv to say jui enough on same complaints, to show that the Lace propose to relieve many apparently opposite ntlcc tton. in a rational andnnturnl manner. Man, nnimally considered, i a machine, and that when his mechanical pqfection i in any decree !oi, there must follow n natural and corre-pondina modification or depreciation nf its function, n a natural result. Tin is true of lhesofin well as the bard part. With reference lo the organ, or soft pari nf the trunk, we remark, that they nre all con nected together, from the top to ihi1 base i f Ibe truncal cavity, nnd nre under the influence of their own weight: that they, in health, all support each olhir, from I clow upward, not drazging each oilier downward. Thi compact taie and upward action i chiefly enroled by the abdominal muscle-, when in an oclive and be.ilihy state. Of eour-e when these are Hnieil.the whole pileof organ will tail, produ cing a general confuion and di-placeincnt of organ and ncce-sardy inducing a host nf fiinc.ionnl de rangement., in a mechanical wav. The-e derange incuts will be mechanical, and of cour-o only cura- hlo bv relnrinr. llll" imil. Ill I,.mp i,.n,.. nl... Tl... I billowing rxpres-e some of the naiural efTects of musoni.irnnu ligamentous relaxation upon the body . which cannot le cured by medicine exclusive jv, viz:

The w bole mas of organs fall, and pre-sos on the ! urinary organ, producing a loo friquiiit unc I nation nf urine ; or else turning it back, or for I waul, m as to cramp utem ami retnin the urine, produces retention, Hiving mo many n lal-o rea-on lo Mipposo the kidneys lo I ea:!i ic 1 ; i It. y also pre, on Ihe lower bowel, bnt it up, nnd ihcrel'iy nieehnn I ically pnjilitce costivenes nnd torpor of the bowel. I I heie will al-o be exeried a prc.ure on the nteroii, I or womb,) cruwdmu it downward out orplace, put I ling itnpportin? enrd on the ire:ch, firodueinL- a J M-n-e nf i nn, wrauirling, nc-liio and lamcne-snf the I bm k, polling or I'r.nvmiin thegroin-, where the-e ( lig-jni-nl ure attached, and a great -en-e of we chl ' or prcingnt tin1 lower part nl the Iiellv,cau.uig7lie . t..iiicnt lo put hi nr her bind to tint part whtn wiilkmir. 'I he he, vo- comg to ihe lower iimli., gu ii z tin1 ttin'-iion ol -cn-fltK.n and tunnon, are c-'io-pn- -nl 1 v ihe -nun- ruran fi. e. a pt rminent ile scent oi t lit: at I'niuioal i rgnn, produi ing nnuil ne or e' e n o nun b .en-i'itepe s, n pncl lit g and wiciiltiigpiiii,. xiendingdcwu Ihe hip. nnd thighs ; al i, In i r r iinp.s1. il liinnen, e.peci.lllv on lllo ' v n. a pill in 'hn hiornnig, incren-ing to cramp, or i uiii-t ,'u ire I" of moMi.ti towards night, "all d .er im hin'cillv," winch is leltcr in ibe morning. I - , the f. ct w ill .'.vo I near niglii.le' au.uihepre,. .ire ol stl'lil lbs1 nceiil nt ibe triu.n.iri.nt lt.1,,1. in. t In the b ly, but will le letter in the morning. The I xetus. aIo, will be swollen, and relieved in thoa ne iimnier. , Hy ihe pres.i-rc upon the lower 1 owcl, prndnriiio co.iiv. m , and nb.iruc ing llic frcn rciiirn nf blood lo . ' e hi.n, Pt'e are produced, which are nlway reliced y laxatDe niedicines, The-e are eleel id I pre-n ire " n iho pill lelow. Hul we al-o .ee the -loinn h, liier and sph-en w ill now be left un 1 s ippnrle I, n,l are 'hanging' ci.mpir.ui.elv from j their upper 'ig.iments, pn.l icing in ihe region nf the liver, a sense nl hanging and dragging, dull pain. I causing il,e patient lo lean nvir nnd pre-' that regi on with mo hand. I lie regit n ol the inmai h will I o tender .in I uiiken. retracted and Ila I, nnd c tie pa tient will speak nf "gout uess, M iul iug, gnawing and o'her liko ren-atiotis, all becaii-e the ortnn have fallen away, and left a 1 gonine-"in reality. See bow such people will lean forward un I wu'k care fully, nnd prcs the baud tu the lower abdomen ; iiih pei pie will nl.o complain nl heartburn, sour l elcli ings, and disire s eating. Al-o, the tf.lecn will bedragucd downward-, pilling on its upper liga ments, producing a dead, d il bcaiy, con. taut pain in the Mile, which nothing taken internally i-ire ; and ob-erve how all llie-e feeling ei I together, Hy thts mean., the ilia iliragm t.ptilll downwards to Mipport the bins mil heart, nnd the loiter will now I e su-pen led, causing a frcqoent fl it tiring or iialpiintion and scn-e ol sinking ihcrc. The lung will ledraggel upon, pro lining n lo lean .forward in silting or stun bug. ' An,a shun ne-sof bre.iih nud ilry corgh, nud dull pain in the brea-t, nud sense ot tightness will be fell. When ihi descent in public, speaker, the vi-ice is weak and the throat ore, in ooniiecni'ti with all ihe other symptoms 'ut r. ferns! to ; nnd tin falling al-o bring thu I ody forward in (rout of Ihe email nflbt1 back, or the body's nxi, ind"i ing an umuiural leverage on that part, ('..Mowed by n rain, ing and wcakne s, and curvature ol tho .pine, wuh great pain andorene.s. The above, and oilier analogous allection, have bilberio balllcil all con-iiinlioual trcaiinenl; but, ti-ce ibcy have been liewed n 'Mi-ch.iuical,' and have been treated by ihe 'Laic,' il ey have all I ecu ...u.... r ,, ui..iii-iiing suei-r-s, nun we can now ee u host of eases .ivuiiugly well, irhilfwell, or combuieil Willi real ih. ease, requiring me hcine, who cannot enjoy lite, or I e cured u ion l oimiiuu princt pie. nl treatment) and why 1 I iciuse their "hni-i-1 falliiigdown," and by binding them up, their pains vani-h,and iflicacy to eternal remcJic. is thereby given. Those who should near the I.arc. Thov1 who are w eak from long ronlinemeni j who live sedentarily, are of lax fibre, ca-tly fatigued, or w ho nre pregnant, nredi.po.eil in al onion, or nre in I'hdd'bcd, en'ould nlway wcartheLacv; particular y all nllecitsl with spinal complaints. Weak and lax-fibcrcd children should alway wear il early, to prevent permanent drooping and curvature nf the spine. All laboring under what are called 'female', cither ol prohi-c, pninful or obstructed men tration. They should be Ihe ' accompaniment' of weak shoemaU-i, lailnr., currici-, seainstresse,and e-pe. iaiy of female operative, in faclories, also ol weak ladiesnnd gentlemen in travelling. Lif On an cxarninatton of a Committee of eminent medical men, appointed by ihe Anierieen Institute, a I remlum Diploma was awarded to this instrument. Certificates. The undersigned of ihe La lies nflloston nnd ill vi. Vm".v,' pleasure in certifying that an Iheir persona Dr. llaniung'a Patent loict his Inen immediately and incomparably mora efficient for Ihe relief of female wcakiies.cs than theohtcr instruments in common use. We heheie it lo be an invaluable appltanre.and recommend ll to tho confidence of those requiring support. Whsn well adjusted, we have found it per fecilp comfortable in lis healing on Ihe body, Mrs. NEwcoMo, Mia. Tickeb, Mn. Pebkins, . , '.Vi'!1 " UML. " Poster. Jlotlon, 1811. This may certify, that wc the undersigned have for eyetal yean been illbcled with double spinal curva lure, to as to inelerially distort and enfet bio our bod tes and depimale our comforts and Dial hy wearing Dr. Ilannms s Patent l.nie, we havo found immedi. ao teliif to ourpainsanl weikne.a, ami somenf us todiformiiy, km especially lo ihe pain nnd weak- ii. r. in me .iiihii ni ineuei k ana Peiween Hie .lioul dir.. Wo would not sell iheprivilegeof using the l-ii-e fnt nny worldly consideration. We find it a perfect sub-IHule for Ihe and shoulder biace, and superior tunny ulhtrnrlnle May ihoinaiid.lry it., . A, Mabi Lee. CuboteWe, Sept. 1311. Nancv I . Twiciieiu N. II. Tim e who may wih lo mat trial of the Lace, can call at the re-idence nf Dr. Smith, or he "ill I il I hem any where in the village, without any iilhiionil rh.ireei and be ill refer anv Indy or geni'i nnn who tuny wish, uir ime one in lh villige wnonj. tonvnl ibe utility of he l.ce in their own en.. They may nl.o I e had nf his aaenli Hnr. rinnlou i' Hrnlher together wilh ample direriiona foapplk-ailim. sic., At, 40 .F'XCTa RKn UNO THE SUGAR COATED IMPROVED Indian Vcgnlablo fills. For Consmmption, Colds, Coughs, Rheu matism, Dyspepsia, Fevers, Worms, Dysentery, and Diarrhnet, also, sure Cure for Ihe Piles. H TESTIMONIALS. AI'O been nttniked omr inonih with n bad . Cough, Weakncs n my Chel, nud los of np. petite, I u.-d Wright'. Indian Vegetal le Pill, but grew wnr-e, wuh rold sweat nt uighl could nut sleep, and believed I wa In n Consumption. I pro cured a box i,f Dr. Smith's Sugnr foaled Improved Vegetable Pill, which relond my health wuiiin . days, and I Lelicve them lo I c the I esl remedy I em ;!. (lEOIlOE W. OltANC.Elt. I.ambiidge, Oct. lOlh 1831. I have been nlllictcd foi .ome time w ith ihe Liver .om,lninl having pain hi my u!c, weaknc- in back nnd t nnch, nnd dyiep ia. I hue mken over one di en bxe nl Wrigln's Indian Vcge a' le and llrnndieth' PilN, b c contin "el to pr w wnr-e, and wnso niliiee.1 thai I ite.pairol id ever gnining relief. . 1 then tried Dr Much' Sugar t'n.iicl Im in.. cd I. . Pill-, and bcfoie I hi I Inn lied the ceoiu l ox, my pain nnd dy-pep ia Im I ili n i.circ l. My fiiml now ibges's well, an I I urn il.l . o n cu I ui my family il nie Several of my friend have -in v in', ken iho Pill for Inl ciugh, mid bate fo mil rtheffrom hem. Mil On S. WuirsEv 9Mvrilesi. Ho-ton, May 9, IP II I have I ecu li r four icar nflli 'le I wi'h Scrnfda, Leprosy and I'eal'ne.s,' and bin- 1 ct n unable in ol -Inm any tehel until I prm-iiml s-x bnxe. of Dr. S ui h's i.ihle In li in Veg' i le Pi ., nml in fiir inon'h nil tny com.d.iini ha I 'i-appearcd, cinlrary lo all my frien I-' erpecin ii n. I tno'i ilnse Pill's for my Scrofula, wttbo it uny expe -lain n nl rebel. .IaME II. t'HOATK. Ml, Vernon. Kennebec Co., Me. April In, 1343, PEUFECT ( I'KH OK WOKMs. O tr li'lle girl, C year nl I, ha- su lered a'llheworst stage nf worm; mil we have nexer fo-md nu i ffci11 toil cure, until wc n ImuiMrrrd Dr. Siinth s Sugar Pil's which niir Imb.'girl took wilh ml the least reluc tance in do-es of two nt a tune, and we never wit-ne.-cd such a change in so -hurt a nine. The Pills brought away a nn. of worm, nn I -be at once im prove I. She i now in piynn henlth. Webaenl.o found the ereale-t benefit from I heir use. -Ucon Car-loci, 8 Stal le st. N. Y. IrCP W'e have many certificate of cure in ca-e of WOKMS. AIo, ibcy nre warranted the l e Cough reinnly now in ti-e neier failing In relieve the ino.t ob.tinaie Cough or Cold, within 43 hour. The directions and treatment ol tlicih-ca-e accom pany every box. Price 25 cents per Imx. No "Sugar Coaled Pills," enn lie genuine wilhont the signature nf the sole invcnlor, O. I1KN.IAMIN SMITH, M. D, President ofthe N. V. College of Health, upon every box. O.h'ce devoted excloivclv lo Ibe saleof tin medicine. No. 179 tillKKNWIOH STREET, New York, and No. 2 WAT Eli SI REET Ho-ton. Icdtoh sa lt: is a ll the villa ar.s and ro ir.vs it sk ir ksglasd sta ti:s. N. II. No tra.clliug pudlers aie allowed to tell, these Pill. CAUTION. A it miserable imitation ha been made, by the name oi "Sugar Coaled Pill." it i ne-ce-rry Uibcsure that Dr O. Henj, Smith' Mgnatun I on every box. For sale hy PRCK t SPEAR, Burlington, W. B. HATCH .r-'Co Wmoo-ki Kails. Dev.' I, 1843. 23 lly TIIK KXTKAOIt 1)1 N A II Y WOKK, AND ONE WHICH SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS OK EVERY Married Person. MORAL PIIY.-'IOLOtlV. nr n plainly written TREATISE on ibe POPULATION QUESTION by the Hon. R. D. Ow en with additions and alteration-, by R Oloier, M. I). To every er-on nf nund common en-e, tin work I cnu which will command the highe-t prai-e. Il i Ir le a few ignorant pennle mav coivlcmn it, but 1 lie editor I billy pcsiaded iliat the high imporiance ol Ihe subject nf which it ireals will prt-ent il-o!f so for iib!y lo rcflcciing inind-, ihal it mui I re--peel, Wcretlu biok carcfu'ly rend by every marn e I person, and it advice strictly followed, wc a re per suaded that a dilfcant slate ol society troui tho pres ent would exi-t. The terror-of poyeny, nmlol the pro-pect of n fam ily nt chd Ireit which could but I e poorly reared, pie ciit many prudent people Ironi entering 'he matri monial sinic : but bete is n work wlmh will loll you secrcls which may olivine all s ich injec tions loa happy eoniinbiii! relation, nnd which thoti .an s of married people woulJ givealt they posje to inidcrstaiid fully. The editor is not nlioweil tnstntein put In the char acter nil hi work more in dc'ail, h it he knows tbtit ii is ono which will meet with turner ipproh ition, tin innmciit it 'econu-s known among married people. Person, waiting copies oft hi. important Physiolog ical Work, bv enclosing nm-dollar lo Dr, R.'Oloicr, Nn. 2 A nn-r., nr to Box 10.'. New-York Po-t O lice, will in -ore lite .ending ol the w'orl. in question. Pnt. nge on the 11 -ok 'a five cent. HV'ripiivenfthoonji ct, will I e gra-tui'mi-ly enl to po-i paid i-nnimuniiMiiO'i. N.B. Suitable pcr-iiti nre wnntcda. Agent for ihe above work, an I ha article theicin allndisl to. .March C, 1S1C. 43nili AS. DI'IWEY, has recoicd during the pa-t weekn Ire-h u(iply tif OOODs in bi.inenf Irade, among whicli .ire Norlh Shore Salmon, Con iil'Cliciit Ruer Shad, Mackerel of the lirsl qualily, in Hid, half Hid. and Quarter ! Id", Lnguira. Java A Mocha entice, Choi e Tea-, Brown & K'l-lincil S i-gar-, Si Croix Cs Sugar llou-c Mo'n-so. Oroiiud Spice-, Sperm iS: Mould lan lie., Soip Starch ic. Al-o Lemons, Orange-, Fig., Currant., Citron. IIo nn I Siillann R.lNtns. lai'e, Pi p.icr Sauce, To. iii.i'o tJatsiip, Pure Ground Mustard, .Vi Wliil'o Hnnns. 1 r BUSHELS WHITE. HKANS, part of which 1 J arc small, and very line lor Seeil. .May 1 1. A. S. PEW1 Y. Dried Apples. May 11, at A. S. PEWEVS. Smoked Beef I lams. SOME very line, for sal May 11 A S. DEWEY' Alatcln1.!. A Cf f!ros Malche, fi rsi e cheap I v 'bJVJ Jlav 12, IMG VII. A Ss .OYE. fins &. Ncctlli's. 8 A"'- So'll Ileal P.n, 0JJ lOOdo Mnel.'o 'o do do Sew in. NVed'e S00 Or,.. Kniuing for -al I v May 12, 13H. . VILAS ,t. NO YES fn per. Ofsn Ream tap Paper Ul '20,0 lo I.e ter Jo UM) 'o wrapping do for sale bv May rUSIu, VIUS .f-NOYES. Siispi'iideis. ch OUW .10 do Elastic do for sa'e hv lUi 12. IS 10. VIUS stNOYES, SUMMER WEAR, Jfc. 7 CASES s-uminer Wear, a aiiety uf styles and qualities. i Cases Col'd Cambrics, Forsaleby May 12. VILAS &. NOYES. Wanted. TWO or ihree Jo irneytinn P.un'er may find em ployment fjr the season, by n iplyinc immediate, lytt! SCOITst' HAWKINS. May 22, IS IC. 51 STItOAGS & Co hkai.icrs) in I'OKCir.M domustic Olfer, at Manufacturers prices, usnn gro. ri(i:.tiiii.M screws, 1.10 dm. Illakt's lutein. , assoitedslica , 330 " Door lliitla, Ac. Ac. Tho Mum Insuriiiico Company, or Hartford Coniicclliul WITH A CAPITAL OF 250,0:0 CONTINUE to insure njaiii.t lo,.,., by fire, on ibemotl rea-onable lerm. , tfiEO.II, S U V-V-iw Ibirlinjloii, Feb. e, IF Ili. 3-! ".A i.CV II I ll -I A K. --- .mi "Mi I. -li-1i JJ a sui-nitiou aii i km. i: nm uouou.s COI.DH, AS I UMA, A Jf l A 1 , 1. 1' IM ,J O N A It Y CI ) M V I , A I N TS. PREPARED ritOM . l.tlirTAIILES ONLY. 'JIIIS i ii 'bred to the pnblfc gcnernlly, Iroui a f HI conviction tint ll I .tipcrior lo nny other medicine now in ne, for the cureol various ill. ei .-a i, I tin, chest. Its c ects were lirsi Ics'ed in pri vate ractice, nud the medicine more cxteiisjiely cir ciliated at the earnc-l snln ipnle ot many, w hu recciv od Ihe most signal I euelit from ll, In disca-e nt once diirc-ing ami ul.rmmg. The preparer nf llu Bal sam I a for year paid particular nilcntion lo nii'iiioii.iry complaint, by watching Iho r progress, tnvi s'ignting their cau-e., nnd eniefuliy noticing the o o-'siif the iiumeri'iis nnd in t npproviil remclie which have I ten jire-cribcd by phyi 'inn. oTnll or der., a well as nrnltnot every patent medicine ever o ered lo Ibe p il lie. Hut, on cnreful trill, n I fully shown, 1 1i . t ibe Compound Pulmonary llnlam will not fail in lliecompaii.ou with nny nf ihe ll.iKim., Cniuh Drop., Pectoral, or Syrup ; I in ha-, in nu merous ca-e, gaim-tl theu-ceii lency 0 :i ciirnitie, in llu1 billowing t'liluid.lltll : Con. 1111100011. Asthma nr Phlhiic. Whooping Cough, Measle-, Calarrhnl nlli--lion of Ihe lung, Hydrothora.x or Dropsy ol the nhcl, lull icnzi, Croup, Spitting of blood, pain in ihe 01110, nuoriric 01 1 renin, am comiimn I'olil. II regulates Ihe natural secretion of the system, pro 1 res a free expeciornl ion, and allay morbid irrita bility. Heme il great niiliiv, in nil dirac of Hie lung. As the Ci'inpomiil Pulmonary ha Ihii, far u-t ihli-hed an unrivalled reputation where it ha leen u-ed, it f. hoped that it will prove a to community, m prolonging life nnd adding to il con fori-. I-'rom Dr. II. rairchild, Milton, IV. Fi r brec year- 1 hate used Dr. Carter". P innnry Halram in my practice, nml nm satisfied lint it 1. 11 compound well adapted In lung complaint., nud en tilled to mud credit. I consider 11 a sale medicine, nud one ihal I can cordially recommend. I would, however, advi-e Ibe aUlii-ted lo con. ult some j idicmu. physician u to a preparatory cour.c, or an a-si-iant medication, a 1 think the Mutative inilucnce of the remedy would thu. be more Mire. II. FAIRCIHLD, M. D. MiIioii, Vt. July 23, 1315. Tin may certify thai ln,( summer I wa nltm-lcd with n severe cniigh, -pilling of blood, and prim 111 tin- ide, winch reduce I me rapidly; and, a my lather' family bad d id oriliefoiwimpiinu, I cspiclel to fol low miles-1 found rebel -non. I therefore employed Ihe I ol phv-11 in these part-, who gnve me no rebel, and all nppcarence indicated a -peed, ih-.n-lulton. llu forlimilelv I commenced Dr. Barl.r' ('nnipouiid I',, Inn, nary It . 1 1 -; 1 1 1 1 ; 11 1 1 1 1 oon be gan lo recover, and in a few week regained my tiuil health. We h.uc u ed 111 o ir l.itinly con-ldcrnl le ol San ,1-on lice I' Vegetable Pulmonary llal-nm, which gae but temporary rilitf. I u mil I recommend Dr. C.irler', a icing superior 10 Reel'-, or any nilur medicine I ever ir.el, for di-ca-e. of 4I11' lung, een fnr 1-I11I Ircn. One of my children wa lately taken with ibecro'tp, nml was soon cored by lal ing Dr. Carter's Balsam. I think eierv family would ilo will lo keep a supply, nn I u-c itfictly when troubled wilh cough or cold; cen win 11 taking a jnutney I con sider it firiidenl lo puts bottle m my trunk, lor fear I iniynecln. EP11RAIM K. WEaT. Newbury, April 13, 1535. Wholesale nnd Retail Agent for the m-n nflbir. 111121 "II, 9 IlAr.BINC.TON it BbotIIEA. I TIIK PITIES! ,1 cvni: ran un: guarantied Ur. UpliniuN Internal Itetrictly For the cure nf Pit's, InJIamn'ion nf the Liter and Spleen; Injlim.ition, Soreness and Ulceration ofthe Stomach, Jioicch, Kidney and Iliad der t Inflammatory and Mcrcuual IVintmutism ; Impurity of Wood t Weakness and Infi imatinn of the Spine and'forthc lie tuf of married I tidies. Thr Vcg'tiiMc IM'e rJectiiary. ItiM'TiTf-T I y Pr. A. I'plnin, a fhiinuiiUnid liyJ nan cl Svw Vctrk nty, is llu rnly n-ally MKiv-ftil miuijy for ili. 11 intieruit anl iliiri'tini i'oniilaiut. ihe I'll. tn-r - (Vm"'! Id llu Aiiuti'Mii ivilil ir. Marl, tin: it k.iu INTlHtXAt, IMIMI.DV not in i-Mcrml np 'ialiou, niul wr'l run' nny (nc (I Pilr?, fit her riceiliirj i r ltif... Internal nr I'Mfrnal; .mJ no' al ly t hu iny ilium that will. There i iki mit..l-r at o ii M. It l a joi.ue cure speedy and permanent It i$,..'tacoiiveiiitut lucil fine 1 1 i n U Mil I improve-the cniera! li'Mlili in a rfinarLa Mc in.innrr. I'ai'h IIi counin twelve iltj-o-, nt 5& ct. per '!(. It 1 very "MM in Mv oprr-mon, an.l mav I e iu ra-i-. i tin moi a niic inlliniinatt'in wiilmut ilnnutr. All etternal nj-plicatji'ii-nr'in tin hrshtM Ifrte ili'Tifrc f.ilile. nici'iive ii'rn'. a nil (tfTt'iinve : a(u! iVinn ihe wi v n.tlnit of ,a ise i e, ternporary 111 int'ir 1 iu1'!". 1 im hi- neme at nu . .nc iitMT it it. Mi'inv nnt ItKMOV'N-i lilt- (l SI, ren cr iheiMrc n:UT MS an I Il.i;AIAM..T. 1 11 fl.i mmatnry !).cae. Althni-rli tie l-l.r.'n'ltV :i- tni'SmnVy ire p.iretl t r the euro ni Pilr-, ei tl In pmvil ccfi tn 1 e .1 .MclieiiH far periur lo nil o'heiP, in a'hh-i ie- iran In am niinrv Inr.i It r, vt,U a 'teii'rmnn'it'ii nt I (Mnl to iinv p irt iei ila r nar' or nrjan. In I nil tm ni.iticii ainl (Jitn.vt 1 11 1" ihe ami S.i!'n : hi ll 1111. l nn, Sir-'ne nnll'Mrriihiii of, lie .'iii.m.irli. Itt.we', K iclii-, nml I.lmhVr m 1 it tl itiiuiaiury an I MertMrnI Kheutn iti-m, ii is the Ucst .Miiliciiie evt'r L'i.coVt'li-il. Imptii 1 1 If of Iho Itlood. Ktir nil Impurru dl ihe It o ,1, ariini from (ho I'fipr t'Viil H e ol .Alereitry, or oilier cai-e.; for all iieic I 'hi' o i ,i a iici ? ti f ip mi I ffiiini : in all M e- wl'ere the Hlnotl i- powerf ,Hy t'e'i'rin ii'il tn ihe 'lei (r in',: il z.ine and ih-ire.. Dr, Ul'ilA.M'S r.I.rATUAUV i- eimn-lv imr.ale.l. To Mnvx ted I..i.lft",, M-irrel .. Iie nre alnr bt iinari.iMv Mib-ect lo 'Ii if painful nml inpirion di-en-c. ihi PILKS, wuh eiiiiie tent Inll.iiit.Uiuii i l Ihe Stom.ii'h, Houtl-. uiul "pine, wtakne- nf (lie Mael.-, thm of H'oo I lo the iliM.I, At. The niiviuary is perfecilv safe (or Pres n on La hr. an I llie nii.l n-efnl Caihartu- ihm tun po iMv be ii'ftl. n it will not onlv remne the Pile- an 1 nil pill inmu.nry, WITHOU I VMS Olt Iltltl I'ATION, h it will en-nre an easy lime, a -ale delivery, ami a urm I cnn-tit-ninn in iheofl'-'prin. I'uiv for I. He GuarantU'il. The Klecmarv (Pninm no MI.NKKAl MKII-CIM-:; no Al.or.S, I'ULOJVNTH, CAMIKHIi:, or oher pnucrfnl uivl irritattii? PiirLrative. Nu fear ol takinir roM win e nmler it inrt leiice, n elnnem ihei ne e-arv. If 'nl rn aei-ordinr to the direction?, A cntK I'Olt I.IKK IS CU ll.TIIU). Pnnndileis, mvniz vitlmil le infiirm ition ie?prptmg thi Me.lh'inet nny no olt nine.) of Acent praii-. .1. S. 1Iii:il'1i!(1ii, 130 WahincTton Street, Hotr.n, general Aneni fir the New t.m.r!and Siate. Ar.r.TS. llurlinton, VV.CK A- SPI AH ( Montpelier, Clark iV t'lilhii-.; uttand, Paniell- A Hell ; fhnnington P-S. Ptvk. Ai-o, hy V. II. HATCH A , Hi MooKi Falls, 30 ly TO I'll YSICIA.XS. Dr. Hubert Tlininiisou's Uli rl All lomlnal Siip mii tcr ami Abiloiniilo l-clvlc llaiulacr. WK Imciiiirclia-edtliocx. li-nc rialil f iii-ikins' 1 nml cn lia; ilicii'oM-incniionisliii-tliiiiiciit., ; union the Coiintneol t'liiticnilcn ami 1'r.inl.lin, in tlie Stale ol Verinont ; iiinluc now u Icr llietn lo the j .1 1 ,..(, I.-1, i ih.ii ihec ureeii ..ll in en'IV re-Hct, I an.l in many particular far s ipenor lo nny thing ol the kiml ever o ercil. Thev have tin-iinq i-ilitie. aiiiirolalion of ihe Jli-licnl Kaculiy in alnmal nil nirtso, .1 fr.iriVini? !?:"" Wc'have earchilly i xanuniil lr. II. 'riioiiii-on . apiuraiuslor the nfielaii.l eureot Prolapsus I ten, .i'e. as well ii the lo-Uinony nnil opinions ol hijlily eininenl nicml era nflhe Facility, an I nr.1 of the ile cnleil opinion that ihcyaro worthy the Httenlion or llieiiulllc.aiiillliat they will t.i enlilgh rani, uniong inieniion now I cfore llu1 I'nblic lor the cure of the docan1 iorw hu Ii they are r'i'innienill. ii, iiAirn,' '' T. ClIA.MUKfir.lN, v.m. atvvati:h. The aboviMnslrunicnt.for.ale by HAKIIIMiTON it BIIOT1IEH. )ec,3, 1815. a7i3 si WINOOSKl COTTON. WK have tiinile an arrangement with the owner nl i!ic,e Sheetings to leep thein i-onsinntly on liaml and for tale at the I"a.toby Paten. We would solicit the attention of Meiehanls and others wt.liing to l-uy their goods by llie Hale or 1'ie.v, as we Ihinl. that Iheir superior quality will lie a strong recomineiidaimn lothe Isiyer and llie coniumrr. Our people should i neoiirase "home fnifu.rv " ' VII.AS . .NOVKS., Apul I, I8I. Snrsiipariila mid Tomato Hitters. IRprcrUrK IIMOW.N, a lelcbrmed chemist ol' X llt.sinn, ha ucicci'il fur llie llr.t time in com oi in nv thu inediciunl virluc. of llic !-'n-rAsiLI,i and Iomatii. And the re-iill ha met tlie. most .nngnin. exiecialion of hu medical profes-ion. The whol caetalile Ittniiiloiii doe not turnMi two snli-lsin. o adnnrnbly nilapliil iupurify, nourish nnd inTipo rate the lininan sylcm. Tho-c Hitler liaie all tba c 'cct of i Im tjio-t pout-rial puraiire when u.rd in siithcicnl rfiiaulily, nnil jel nre so mild in ilieir opera tion Ihal Ihcy may I e irtren lo person in the moit ilcltcnli1 lira lilt Willi perfect sofi-ty. They ate vcr ajrrceil c lo the In-u-. The i-otn;ioiicnl in.-rodicnt if lime Bitters 19 do ferret, 'I hey are coniiio-eil of n (ery.lronir prcpar alioii of the eelehraleil cAlrncI of Spniii-h Sarsapa rilln and llie extract idTomnioi , wuh the addition o some of the mo! popular vegetal le inedinncs tie coiintry a lord. The ir- e mem ol nrcervinf llealilinnil Siren'1'1 is to purify Ihe blood nu I correct iheiinhealtliy ''' of the lloucls, Kor this purpo-e m, Meil'cinn"' hrcn found eijtial to the Sarsnnarilla nnd T"""1" Hitlers. The-e excellent hitler tll be found a cerlatiV11'' in nil ca-e, ,,, li;,r.tii, or ilyspe.i-ia, jnuniln ej0'" ornppinte, ircncral ileliiluy.famiiies and-inl.inh ' llie .lomaih, Inu nes ofsjiiri.,colivciies., ile-ermi-iinlion nf bloisl to ihe head, pain in lli.-limhs nnd side, lmrrli.Pi,,ne, tlijrine., culaneon. eruptiom on Ihe lace nnd nc k, hectic levrr, nurlitwiat, nm on an I sick headaclie, acidity of siomacli, Inbwi. af fii lton, pdes,, nnd in all ili-ea.c t-aii.rd by iinpiirity of Ihe Mmxl, the drl.ility oiihe s'y.tem.oi the iinlienlihy slate of i'ie stomach nnd bowels. Tbey nre al'ti exci-riliiiL-ly cfTirnrKU in reslorinj coniniiiii iisliiolrii down by .eijrninry employment, nnd lime bu n exlen-ively ueil by Clrrzvmen, lilt lor., Printer', Cirri., ficamslres-r-, nml numerous olher who-e hc.iltli had been injured hy confinement nnd rloo application, with ll.ehnppie.l re-nil. Thrr n-lnr.1 llienelion of the stomach, iiicrea'ctheqoalilr ofthe blond, and imparl tn the wnn and emaciated sy-lciii oltheintnli'd Ihe viiror nnd zlowofimrhrulih. Thc-e Hnicr nro w.irranled lo I e n iiurelv Vrget Uc compi ini! and marl; tin, JCPthev can nerer do the lea. I injury in nuy case w'Mteier.iJ Thev nic krnl bv ner.oii. ns n KA.MIftV MKIIf CI.M-',nnd have been t'iien to I be youngest cmLDaKsr on account i f Ihe iiuldiies of their operation, with excellent elect. The followi'mr nre a few ofthe many new recom ineti'l.rion. which bnvp been sent to the iiropneior of HUOW.Vrf SAIHAl'AIilLU and TOMA'ITO BIT TKKS within n bon nine. IIICJIF.MnKR. Alvraro 'a-k for Ilrown's a there arecouulerfeit. Sin. K. Pnows.-, Penr Sir: tlnvtnr tefed lb value ofyour Sar-apnrilln iindToinnto Hitter-, I lake pleisin-e in shell! you ihe facts ofmyia-eKr vour own snii-iartion nnd ihe lenelil of olher. 1 bare In en sn:i;.rfnr- with ibe Er.ipclns h'linor in my siiie". cau-inc- my hand nn I nrm lo swell vrrv inm-IS, anil lo he very painful, nl the n. re lime and for nme time pre. tu , hate I cen iroiihlid with a weak stoinsi-h; ino-t of niy food ha- hurt me, mi l iheie ha tern a insular fain'nc.. at llie .loinnch, which ha. tern ia crensini, nnd cau-eil ine imn-n d ffi-illy. Alter I coiiimcnceil iikintr your Hitler I eoulif pen eii. a crn 'ual nmlimmt-ilin e re'iei, nu I win.Kl reci mmend il with in'icli conlit'enceto iho ewho are iroibled wilh complaint. 1 our, truly, W.M DAMRULL. Hi'h, Me. Mav 27, 1845. .Ma. K Raoirv, Dear -Sir: 1 hnve snmel.ine past ic'erel inn. fa from Jaundice nnd Dy-prp-ia at tha Stotrnch; lo.s ofnppettte, and trout lean I pain from the least .iuiile fooil, well pain in the head and sid ; u slight ci usli, mm ral wenkne-s nud .Irtulii jr of Iho y.cin. Al'er u-inij a muni er of ini-Iicines without nnv relief. 1 was in J n e I to try yn-ir Sar-aparilla and Tomato Hitler-. 1 rccem-d immediate relief tromika u-e of one lloiile, and fu l i-r-i'ifieil for the i?real rebe 1 liavereceiiel,ainl would feci mmend it lo atl-who-are su. Icriny from similar ''i-orler. Viir, Inly, KIICDEUICK I). SLAIO. rii'-a, N. V. May, 17, IB45. Ma. I. IIroh'n, Di-ar .Sir: I nm arain iit of your Sarapanll,i nnd Tonialo Hilleis; It l an arth'lrlhal i much thought of; a. old lady from Frnnl.fiirl, Her kimer Coiiniy, ny he ha been ccntinrdtu her ficsi. for seven car; and thi ha .nailed her toret.ur. Several iri ihcity .ay thnt it i. the Let medicine they hae cier taken. Plca-e send mea fresh supply oon, a I liav. aet bottle in the store. Vonr'. wuh n-peci. J. K. WAHM.R, per. R. F. RAY. ,. Falmouth, May 29. 1644. To Mr. Rrown, ChcmV, Ho-ton. I .eriily that tny w lie ha I een afThclcdwiib a very I ad humor on her fare, ami at her stomach, fur ri I' een year, pa-t, Afcr uiii! iiriou iiieilicines icvoui-in.-ndeil for her complainls with enttit. .he eonimenied nsinir by ihe a.lvire of Mr. lMn-.ird Sla--on, Apo heenry, your .'arsapjrill.i an I tomato Bit ter, and she is now in 1 etli r h, than she has I e lore enioyrl fur the la.t filticn ears; and 1 would ... crfdlv recoliimcn.l o nil nnd elervhrne who is nlllicied Vnh nnj of the roinpl.unt. h'u e this medi cine i re mniiieiideJ for, to n-e u in prefer nee to any article now in use. .Yours rei eci nlli. J. H. LEACH. 1'vr'bnd, Me. Jnn. S, IS-44. I. urn Complaint, can be cured wuiiout reorffff; to nicroiii y, if you will only me Brown's s-arsipanlla and Tomato Hitters. To Mr, I'rcilcrn-s llrown, Proprielorofthe Sar-apa-rilla ami Tomato Killers : Thi- trrnr.e- mat mv wife wn -everely aHlictril in in. uinpi.iiiii,-i!ii ner nr.iiin a. very se rionsU uuiVriuineii, llaiiiur iiu-.l various pre.crtp tioits wilhi.'it S'liir-, ,ie wa- lor'niia eh minted in try I'llrHarsaparillnamflouin'o Hil ers"; her heslth si on hc.Mti io linpr' le. and he i. now ui..cb belter in heal.h, and u-oul ladvi-ennvnne i ill health tuua them. Voir-, re-pe. ifidlv. IMlARLIS CARI.IC All orders for ihe almie Medicine ndclicsed to lha Pmpriiior. V. IIIIOWX, Ct Wn-lnngtun si , lioston, wnl meet with pnncitiil atitntiiin. PF.CK A -PI AK. WI, IcaleAcnisforHiirlinc. ton nnd vicinity. f,,r sale nlo by Ocnrcr Aver Milton i ll.iinlinol llurriu, lliiusbnreli ; I at den fc Cnnfi. hi. Villium . Williim Ilhnde Jr., Hldiiuond ; Mnrmi Wire, ("nml.ri.lsrp ; II. I.. Camp, lone j John II. Illinium, Virirmnes; Willinn R. Ru., juj. illebtiryi S. P. lie field, Jlonlpi her. Sold also r llrusci-i nnd aenls fencrallj. SI per buttle or 6 hoi lie fir S.i. Sold nl.o hv W. IJ. IIATCK J- Co. Winocskt Falla. July, 1SI3. 7yi just rL'iii.i.iii:i) ! c;itnT mi:iicm, tti:-iMtiT. first American from the tenlh Enulhh. Edith. SK1.I'-.M N.t.K.MKsT Anil cure of Pulmonary i. onsnmption, ASP ALL t)IFr..SES Or THE CHEST ASO LCM. nv W. T. ouchan, m. D. Of I.niuloii, Uiiglanil, With a poitrait of ihe Author, and l.ncr.iins illu. tratue of the Anatomy of the I.unei. Price only SJ.j cents. THIS work cnntninan'hrirfaml distinct de-crb-lion of tho ANATOMY OFTIIK I HKST AND ' jVw.,(..!,Tj,1,.,..?,,,llne ,f 1ri -'"clion's HIGHLY Ut Ll.-lbl 1.1, mcllioj of trenlini; Co'ils, Couehs Asitiuia nml t oiiuiniition- nn account of hi. fivw AND l'OWFHFUI. RKMi:i)V-and dnec ions for SKI.F-MANAC.r.Jir.NT AND CURF; ad.pied w potudar use. 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