Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 19, 1846 Page 2
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DWHtf b XV EtMT E It . - Tho fiillpjrjmc ir .the. fttport of the Select Onmliilae'e'df tho U. 8. House of Rnpresetita .lives, ott ilieehiirge brought by Chat. J, titger-. toll, against -Hun. Damel WrasTEB,. for official misconduct while Sccrqlary of State. It will be read with general interest : ', Tho Select Committee of the Una' ot Jlepretents Hires appuiijlfd .to investigate certain charge mad Hv .ih Hon. Charles J. luxereoll axnst the Hn. D. vVchsie r, fur u.Hrial micon.luci while he held the Office of Secretary of State, of tlieUinleJStal-, beg leave lu report i . That they have given to the subject referred to them patient anJ laborious ihvesiuation. and have eol'ectel a leria maas uf testimony, the. rnult if which,.ony, .without atata- mm Me detaili, they deem, it necessary to prraenl tothetfoute. , The committee, to the liret place, directed their at tention to the flrat charge at-etnet Mr. Wehatet t that, without iheknoledse'of the PieeiilemVifrhe'Uifittd Sum. and tontratr' to usaie. he had taken out ol the hands ofihe oriiinary.die' uriie aeent, and into lUa'Aafif.Xtttiinn of that Dirt of ih forcum -hiter- cwtrse fund.coinmanly known aa "The Seetet .Her-. vim RuruL" and aDaeonriatrd it to hia own-use. The-emirirnse find that, liy law, ihia fund ie commit, ltd to Ihe exclusive control of the President of-the Cutied Slim, who may, if he think proper, I rep ihe money himself, and dia' tirec it from nis own hnde I or he mavcommtt ih keeping and dis' ursement of tu, h agent or agents under hie direction aa he m.ay deem it expedient to appoint. In inauguenc, a the committee presume, uf.lhe many ami imp in-ani'duue- which neceearily comtantly occupy the wh ite lim and attention of the President of Ihe Unl. led Stales, en ae to render ii vcrv trniih'eaoin and difficult fur Him. in pertun, to keep anil dishorn thlf fund, add make up i t ar'co inte, he hn always, fin'nt nlrusie.l the Aiet e-iab ie'imcni of the Government.' Ihedl-charteOf thoae duties In uther hands Ae ih flecre arv of Mate of the Uiiyed.$.tatet.l- Am.!,lM lk I ....... I . . .lik. n... .i I... , In whatever conrerie the nieun tela. ton of the coun try, he would seem to ne"th nalural and apitopriale IteYit for the ditrharitc f llirae dutns,'if he could pe'rfenn them wit mil detriittrni Unihar pulilic hush nessof higher i nportiincc. AccorJincli, the com niiyre,,. la. ih iiwnntrniim of General Wiahtnilton. the clder.Ailniiis. nnH nnrt nf'hatnfMr , Jerfertnttlavrnl the office of Sccrtary of Stale was" held m eiiccetsyin by Mr. Jay, JerTinon. Randolph Pickeries, !tfar-h.all, and part of iho time th1t Mr. Madiiun held that office under Mr. J.flrtan, the wholeof line fund was,, under t,he direciioluaad.'iu; pnreiaion uf the Preaiile'nt of the United State', re ceived, kept, end diah irsed liy hf time nrv of Slate - Irtihecallpafrof Mr.' JtffL-raon'a adininittra'ion the Secretary of State, without nnv law rcauirina it. eeema to have been relieved from Ihe ilieuharae of thi fluty, and the keeping and riia'tiu-inr or-tnia lunJ, under th Preaideni'a dtreciinn, appeare in have been paaied over into tho hand of azenia. wlioannc- counta, after receiving the eanriion of ihe Pteaidenl. are aeinejui ina I reaaury, out no change una tn-cn t.Udc in the law or in thejirtvcr or iIumos of the Preaidenl in re-pixt tu thi luud from the tii eufen era I Wasliinjtoii to the prcarnt dav. -Tim- chanve miia: hive been nihde rm ihccinvenienre of ihe Sec retary ofStato. mid not from any'wanl of confidence which Mr. Jeffureon had ip Mr. Madiann. The com-iiutec havo examined Mr. Tyler, the late Pi-esident of the United St alee. He ieitjfifjl that when he canto into ihe Pre-idcncy he found Ihe fur eign relaiiona nfihe country inn very drlicate condi tion in certain pntiiculara which Ihe committee do n udeem it cxpetticnt lo epecifv. rrqiiirinc, in hie o pinion, the employment of confidential acr'ntai and tor reaanna aasigned hy him to the ommittee, he re garded hia Secio ary of Sin aa Ihe fluent per-on to eeleet and emp'oy them Underan impreasinn enter tained both by him and Mr. Wehatir Ihm liia was the uaual and proper mode, he auTgeited that the mo ney ahu ilil be ditKuraed by Mr. Wehelrr; and for tint pnrpoio placed in hi hand- a portion of the for eign tnterno ir e fund which was then lyinz'in depot its with Mr. Siubbt, ihenr'inary disbursing agent. This had not been done before for a long lime. A knowledge of the modern uaage in respect to the keeping and disbursing thia fund, it ia not improbable led Mr Intaraiill into the erroneous belief lhal ,thii money had come improperly, end without ihe Presi dent's stnctiuD, at Mr. Wcbstrt's instsnce, into his heads . But there can be no doubt that the President had ample authority. lo commit to his Sectetary thn leap ing and dultutsing of ihie money, and that. He Hons hala ruhl loiudgeof inexpediency. The commit tee find from ihetoiimnnv thai all the money put in to his hands waa oln'-ed there with the knowledge and aancii in en I hy the order if ihe Preeident, and s inneh of it as n -cetarv was dishurst-1 in accord. anee with hia views. A bnl.mce. not needed f r the ntirpoaes contemplated, was nlierw.irds returned by Mr. Webster to Mr Siuhh., the ilibursing stent, with whom, thn testimony shows, there is osual'v on dep isiie 1 larger ainnuut of money thnn ia required to met pre ent denim U. Wiih the c remar'.s ihs com niltee dismiss this and proceed to notice ths rtennd charfC. In that charge Mr. Ingersoll seriifirs Mr Webster wiih u-ing the public money to corrupt the parly pressc-. Among Ihe agen e employed by Mr. We' j sier, unrl r the lauthori'j of ill" I're-idcn'. ss above eaplaincd, was Mr Francis O.J. Smith, of Ihe Slate of Maine. There it in the Department of Stale among the papera relating lo Ihe fecret-servtce fond, a letter from thit genileman lo Mr Webaicr, which contains an expression that, uneaplninej, might jii-tly lead lo theimnreaaion lhat he (Mr Sniih) had uaed the mo ney of the G ivernmcnt in lhat way. The committee have fully invesiianed this charge. They do not deem it neceasm- or expo'iem io go into a -peci'ica tion of the acta of Ibis agent, who was employed in a eecret service, or to inquire into the pmprirty reem ploying agente for secret service within the hmils of the United Stateand paying them out i.f the contin gent fund for foreign intrrcum-e, but will content themselves with simply remarking thai lesmnony they have tnken fully explains whatever is ofobscure or doubtful, meaning in the letter, and removes every foundation fur a belief or even a auspicion that the public money waa used or stteinptrd lo I e used I corrupt the parly presses. This brings Ihe commit tee to the third and last charge; thai when Mr. Web eter went out of office ha was a public defaulter. From an examinait in of his accounts, ii appears lhal when he le'bed from office, there waa of the moneys thai had been entruated to him an apparent balance of fj2,290in hiahands, aa .late! by Mr Ingrr soli. The expenditure n this sum remained to he ac counted for bv him. There aeema to ha ve baen de lav in procuring vouchers from the agents whom Mr. Wsbetar had employed lor the monevs advanced bv ki n to them. For the payment of n thou end Hollars which he claimed to hate made mil of ihe fund in hie hands, he alleged the vouchers had hetn Inn, mislaid, er not procured, and it hat not yei been found or ob. tained, iho igh efTirla were made by him in Bnd or procure it. These causes nccati med a delay in the eet'lemenlof hi accounts fir sume eigtlileen or twen ty months. In the a rn nn of ISII the period having arrived when its wis ncceasiry for Mr. Sin' ba in close hi accounts ai ihe Treaaury, and Mr. Wrhiter not hnv in then procured tbe neceasiry vnii'-hers. he pro posed lo pay the apparent balance agsinsi him, with the undersisnding lhat the Government should re fund to him ifhe subsequently procured the evidence of his pavmenie. This proposition, whiih proceeded fiom Mr Wehsier. was acceded to bv the President af the United States. In the month of .Nnvem'er of lhat year Mr Webster procured a voucher for a nav ment of iOO. and paid in cash 12,090 ihe re-idue of Ihe eppareni naian t in nia nanus. I hi mon-y wss remitted hy him in part fiom Motion end in part from Philedstphn. In the following winter he viejtrd aorne talent enhanced by ihe fad that.a their Inaea-tigation.-ihacommitteayiiraseeTsantaioftheJiaege in aimilareatee, have taken the ieerimony;Wilnoui n. lice to hint, in hie absence, without eomfiiunicaiion with him or explanation Horn him. Jn coiiclusion, Ihey'beg.perinissien toremark that thMiovealigation h.i bio .ght out facts (which are embodied in the in timony) connected with the forei.n relations of the country, the risclnsrJre ot which public f obey wtnild. eeem lo forbid. On tide eubjeci, they entirely concut with the President of Ihe United -Sia'ce in he iiewa so lolly and strongly enforced by him iii mVrhesiage si ihe present aession.m anawer lo a resoliituin of tha llouse rrqueslina a communication to it l le aame facta that are embodied in the tesilinsny tsksu by the coiiiiuinee, and which, for reaaons then assigned, he declined to communicate er ma public, eicep) with a view to an impeachment, and lo filUUlh'lhejiropf necessary to attain the great ends ef public justice. He expressed the opinion .that, eVen in lhat cato,fhe House should adopt all wise precautions to prevent the imneC' tsary eiposure of matter the pnblicafV 'A bf whi-h mishtiniunoiislv afteci ika nnhlicintereat. No diaaent frnrrjthe views of !hUms.-Biie wsitxpretsed hy ihs'lfou-e.-'The'cninmitie. thetefore, think, lhal tlteseMcla were laid'open to their view vritn an jm plied unrVatanding. both on the part of the Preaidenl and of the House, that they would he tnaflVpnMiconJy it ihe event-of an impeachment, and nftheir being ne-eessa-y f ir b'tmnug to jiKtice great public ilellnquente. Inasmuch, th-r-fore, ee no evidence hashcen exhibit ed to thee. mn tiee. which ran lay any, Inundation for animiH,eli'inent, all tha reasons which induced !h Pre "idem to decline lo male Iheae la :il puhli in tha call of the Hijuee, return in full forae againtt heir di closure nnnr. ... Thev therefore reamman,d lhal.lhey hediaeharged from Ihe further consideration of thia euhj-ct, and that the tee imony taken by them (which aceompaniea this reponl he eealed up, end'teed conn lentiai," ann ne. posited in' Ihe nrrhivesof IheHHS', not lota opcnel unlets bv it't order. Arid "they report retentions ac cordingly i Ruolttd, That the les'imony taken in thia investi-, ga tion he sea'e I up' y the Clria, under the a pervitin! jSf.Ouu'.OJO.niuee, endore-!d.','n(ldenlif," and da-noriii-d nth, nrchivesof the Honae, and that ihesame be not "s ne I nnlcas by'jte order. ii , ' Remind Th it this report he laid on the table and printed and that the -elect etmrflittee he discharged frorrtlhk-'fiff lhe 'enh'siderslion 'of th subject. "Signed and submitted be SaVCEf, Tf.VlTf)?f, JWFB't'ON H4 VIS, IAMR'- P- KING, .. SF.VBO IN JONES. Navy to enter into certain contracts for ttal'ea he etrised it. ta "smash th Ventura' trnito;talion uf the U. Stutet malls in ocean f milt,!' If, the ventured out. Tha Coyer deanicr. I llnr pitted about fifty soldiers in charge of Ihe Mr Srlinnck obtained leave to make w.ew eho?"r- - i?Vr -J?r?S!L report ftum'ilM commiliee appointed to h. WXWmV""?.' " 3?ST,SS"r , i . i . ' j. , . i iivivnce- vxceDi tnv prsjsciiEv wi awui iuu quire now inn rni ot connnence tmpnira ny. iean'fhldlerf law, and htfrdofore uniformly pn-tervedHir u edpt.'M sjot1 wagat hie coneignee' In the city rvlation (o the pipendittire of the lecrct itr- when the order cime,' and wee guarded tu hit Vie fund,' came, to be broken ; and-how boat on tKo beaelt by about twenty of hit friend, CharU J. Insertoll obtained Ihninfurmalloii e" armd, to that the enldiete were alraid to inreUlionllipretowliirhhetiadcommuniea. jpt mtklnj him a pritoner. ted to the !lo,r .and to . tho public. jTfa. SffiSSittl rt-port it very short, and merely recammwndt ,0fh, Tidor ,ft ,e,eral English vea the publication 6f (be rerord of proaaedtnga e-k .vpnir; loading. Na American man f-war f the committed, and ull thn tMtimany taken haat savyet been teen ofl (tie port. AT. O. Delia, bMfori' tbeni, leaving Tl for the House to dww Junti. . . . ill own 'inferences front the faclt and adopt Crr..TifottrtTOrt.rhe Mattmorat corret liirh nieaiurrt tail may deem proper. Tie pondetu of Ihe (Jew. Orleans Dalla allude to a tetlininiiy rnmple ely estitbliahri thn veracity fact, aa'jte that paper, "of which we were not be. of Mr Aslnniin, wiilcli at tii to iiimltimjly fore apprised, to wit.Mh placing nf Ctpt. Thorn called iiti.iealion bv Mr Ingertotl some time undef trre.t by order of Gen. Taylor, under tine, and the truth of the as.ertion whirl! "i',?W"Be" "L" ki f. ,' . ,. ., ... . , pf omy in (Ufferirls hi enmmand tnjie surpria- Ihe iUtt,-r dni.minm..d ''he li.i of coward. .ed e ,nfe, b (he 0( th.. er.ts The report and ppri were, .laid on the of ,he we of'cour c knnw but little, table and ordered to he printed. hbr.we protean against the ctrictureanf nurenr- Mr Andrew Slciyurl uiiiKi d a snipe 'lion, resptindant in reference to the court of Gen. of, thn rule tit enable him lo introduce a ret.' -Taylor. ' Tho General in our opinion, i not the oliition to adjourn- Cougreis on the 24th' of man to be influenced by gntundlej prejudice. . tin mb, V. 1. I.. . ttinlt a 1 11 . 1 m . govern menl if nut, and any important amendment ts inierted, it mint be referred back again Great Britain never will content to abandon utv. The House' refined .to suspend tha rule ayes 87, noes 82 not two thirds. The House) then look un the privato cal- endar. and in t. short limo adjourned. SitDRr av, June 13: On Saturday the Sin- atr did not ait. ' 'lu lhe lloufs tlie" Naval Appropriation bill was the first busines of importance taken up. Mr M Kay made -an earnest appeal In the committee In reject alj.llie amendment lhat had bven offered, increaiihg the amount 'of apprnp'ri. atinn. He particularly nliec ed to the Dronoe- ed appropriation to dry dock. Mr Vinthrrrp expressed -hi regret lhat time Washington, and, on the first of Fehri'V. IBts. pre eenied vouchers for paymenle made bv him' while in otrien not before credited to him. In ihe amount of a 1. 030. which the President of the tin red Slates d reeled to be refolded, snd lhat the amount was then repaid to him- Mr Webster was urged bv Mr Sluhhs io cnnect ana transmit his accounts and vouchers. that Mr Stnhhs might close his secnunts wiih Ihe Trttsury-.i'ii' to committee find no rvid-jioe of.any uirri vajj-iautv nivinar neen mane av ine rresc -dent which induced the payment of the appareat bal tanee agaimi him. If ii he aasumed lhat Mr Wchslcr was correct in hit impression lhal tie had paid the shove mention thousand dollar out of the fund In hia hands, and if to tnis amouni ne added ihe vouchers for tl250. pro. enrsd by him after his retirement from office, making lopelhrr SJ250, sod ihia last amount he dediiciedfrnm . .view, ine apparent naiance againti will rh"W lhat tha real balance in bis hande when t went r n of office was StO On reviewing his accounts, the keeping ot wnicn was ir me mo-t part eiiiriisiei 1. him to Mr Stubbs. Ihe disl'nr ine stent. ih eninmif tee hsve I een ted to doubt whether on the Anal i.iil. men! an i'em nflWO wss not by mistake carried to his credit which had Been liefore allowed him, Thn error wa-pointed oul In the committee br thediehurs tncagent, ty wnom the account was drawn up and lb teillemenl made. He proves lhat it wss at his own enggeetlnn, end n" tl;ai.of Mr Web'ter, that Ibis Item was car ried to hie etfAii in the final settlement. It isnnl nc cs'Siiy logo into ihe particulars of ihs history of thi item and ol the cause of the mistake l one waa made. The committee deem' li'snHrieht t remark that no ' blame I" imputed lo Mr. Wehtter, who ihev are satia fled waa nnl aware, and prnhah'jr ie not n'nw.ihal this item had been before ere li'cd lo hirri; nor is thedis bsrsiae arent who drew up ihe heme of ihe final se llesneal lUAIetn ihe chart of nelieitee lfi(,be vamed thai this Item wte iwie allowed to him an-t , that the Andl settlement wss.mWe in al n'her r ' aoecta eorreel, then Ih i-ffnn'd' Mr Wefcsieirjre should have been ffpad 550 tally (nreaA" W MtJftt Ha: if Mr Webster was nit mists' en in the hebrf lhat , be had pf l the ihonaanif do'lsrs shove meotionrd, ' ' then the government ,iill,nwee Mm liOO. Theeoni-nitleedaem any eoiunent no iheabov--fais connieted with 'this charge unnecessarv. In "tiejr'hfihHn ih,rnrr'iiiof in retaiion to any 'f - I. rdiirehre-to irn-aeach-Mk VlVh(er' Integrity orilie Mondat, Jurte 8. In the StNATiTMrTjewis, from the Finance Cornmiilecj reported the Sub Trejsi'ry bill. " " " .-; A supplement tn the War bill was. reported, and Ilea over until to-morrow. t '. A. The resolution ol Mr llannegan to adjourn, on the 20lli, was taken up( discusied, and pott poued until MmiiUy. The bill 'or Ihe pavmehf rif the French Spo. liatioue rnmniilteil pr:tir tn 1800, wai taken up and passed, yeas 27, nay 33. .. The House waa engaged in Territorial bui .ncefi. B'lls piieseii lor the admission of Iowa, and to enable Wisconsin tn form a Statn gov eminent, preparatory to admission into the Un it rt. O lier bills were reported from the Commit tee of the Whole, but not pais). On motion of Mr liungerfnrd, it wa ordered that when Ihe House adjourn, it adjourn lo meet to-morrow morning at 10 tiVlo.-k. The Unite thnn passed the hill to aid in Ihe eonal ruction of a canal from Rock River to Lake Michigan, and adjourned. ,- Tuesday. June 9.--In the Sematc. to day, a motion, offered on the previous .day by .air Houston, fixing the hour of meeting at 10 o' clock, was taken up, and, after a short consid eration wa postponed till Monday hext. A general disinclination to' meet also early an hour waa apparent. The greater portion of thia day' session was pent in the consideration of a proposed line of teainahips to Europe. In ihe HoDrg, a report waa mad "by Mr Vin ton, from the select committee appointed in in vestiyate, certain charge, mad against, Mr Webster by Mr C.J. Ingersnll, tn relation to ib; secret serve fund. A counter report was tmde by Mr Brmkerlioff. Both reports were laid mi the table and ordered to be nrinted. The Territorial busmen waa fin illy disposed ol. A these bill will presently he puhliehen in their order, it ha not been thought neccass. ry to trace llieui through all the minuting their amendment. Mr Hunter made an earnest but unsuccessful effirt in behalf of Ihe people of the district to to have i heir business taken up iinin-dulely in the wake of the Territorial bills, with which, on In motion, it had heretofore been linked. Wr DNESDA7, June 10. The Senate waa nc. eupied to-day in the consideration ol the House amendments to the hill supplementary to the act lor Ihe prosecution ol the war with Mexico. An executive message wa received from the Provident during ihe debate, and the Senate im mediately went into secret session. The House, alter giving it attention to sun dry ol her inaltt-rs, went into Coinuiiilvo of the Whole on Iho state of the Union ; and, after a atruggle fur business, took up and debated the lull lo regulate the appointment nfrerlaiu m era of the government. A long debate follow ed. Thursdat, June 11. The Senate waa or cup'eil tu-dny in the consideration of the House miieniluienta In the bill iioiilemeutary to an act providing tor tne nrgamzatimi ol the volunteer Inrrc. At twn o'clock tbe door were c Used, and the Somite during the remainder of the ce ion wa occupied in the consideration uf exec utive business. In the House, a report wa made by Mr liar aleon, trom Ihe joint Committee uf conference on the disagreeing tote nf the twn houses in rela inn to th-; bill making alterations in the pay de partinent ol th army. 'I he committee had agreed upon a compromise whirh ihe House accepted. The b II. therefore, neeja nn.y the ignature nf Iho I'resment In become a law. Mr Mi'Kiy then u reeded in bringing up, in Couiinillee of the Whole on Ihe state ot the Union, ihe bill making appropriations for Ihe naval lervire. The ditcuenona were mainly ii mailers ni ucuii. A i lint resolution wa introduced by Mr Mc Kiv tn refund expanse incurred hy Stale and individual under a call fnr militia and volun tas made by G-tnurala Gaines and Taylor. I lie res iiiitioii vva pasted. FniDAV, June 12. Senate. A message wo received frnui thn President. iMnainil ing the detailed accounts uf the battle of the R'o Grande, Mr Allen ofT-ri'tl a rrioluiinn, in suspend the 40' Ii title, which requires that Executive liusiui-ss alt-ill lie transacted with clot ilniirt, Thn resolution lies oyer one dapr un del tho Hile. . ,i j,.; ' rt...l.!ll . C..-J E,!!..l.litri.f.:. I ..! Lue"r" iu reiti-.a cuisir vv line, losses in curred bv Inui in ronsequenrp uf his ben ribbed bv lh Pawnee liidUr.i, while on his way from Oregon te Watliinglun was re jected. A bill providing lor the pureliasn and dis tribution of the decisions of the Supreme Court, aninng tho several slates and lenilo ries, rnmo up in in order. Mr Ifenlim nppnied Ihe bill wnh oine warmth, and said he was agiutl thiswltolu svstent of bonk-b'iyilig and book-printing hy. Cungress. It was a diagrareful .fir., that members nf .Congress hid received luniks that cost the government $250 which they aiierwams sold rnr $Id. Mr Ashley dcfeniled the bill, and after some f4ilher remarksA the subject wai post- pnneu. , ... TlieSeolitVntalilUafler 1 n'dack nn mntiiin of Mr Benienwent into Ciecu-iiv-setian. llouaB Mr Mc Kay gave notice lhal he wished 1? (all f)i,the ,b reducing the duly on rjporls,-irrTv' other puimtes, toai day nrxl wrek, prrnVkhly 'pri Monday, vM 'tit alTierrferesaaeve! Ie gw iiitcrremaaii'lee of the wfiolr, for th'e'pirrpowt of diapoainf 'ot-ttie naval appropriailon nil, resisted-and noee.c Mr 'naval wa not afforded, im (hi or some other bill, lo I Povl. R. C.k. and 41 Indian Chief, and. four aw nmNlhlliff aa In thia nrifrin ann nrmrrait nf I . L e.,..u,L'. a.,J .!... t..H,n the Mexican .war. . . . I tribes." This ia a very important arrival, a He wished, also, an opportunity tn urge, m near wild 13 Indian tribes bordering on Tessa is o'r some other bill, the adoption nf a orovi. I :. 'm -;,.ii.. Tne ireatiea wiih all these ion for the wjdnw.of Capt. Robert Gray, the dia-1 have been made by Col. Lewis, in connection coverernf the Columbia River, the fruit .ol l -vith Aidra Buitler. of S. C. and the delegation linee enterprne the country wa now about. to I are talfejHo Wathinglon.bolh withthe purpoee j -j r""-'' . lot narmrr ine treaties rauuru, aim i ruanii But he confined In remarks now to a protest ih'-a iim.n nf ih wilds." with tha extent ol against the provision of thn bill, which wa in- nur emmiry, and the number of ila inhabitant ; tended lo rut i ff the pay and emolument l ,in' which aubiert they have at preient very nh. General Henderson, the Commandant of Ihe Incur idea. Thev renreent at lent 50.000 arine Corp. A board of nfficera had exam-1 nnlr: nt-.,f whom will ha peaceful, at least dur. ed I his subject, and had reported that General I ma the'abatnet of their Chief, and w hoi Henderson, a a Brevet Brigadier General, was euiiiled tn the pay and emolument which he had rereived. A member her laid that a majority nf the iffie-ra constituting the board were brevet offi cere, and were interested in Ihe decision. Mr Wtnthron urged lhat thia wa a time when j should do juelice to our gallant officers. He must have been actuated by a high and rig id ene ol duly in ordering the arrest of Capt. Thornton, and until the court-martial be held, it i prematura lo comment on the unteward affair-". PgA.CE WITH THE rAMANCHIS INDIAN . The steamer Rodolph, arrived here last evening from Port 'Caddo, bringing aa passenger Capt. T. S. Alexander, lady and Mis Alexander two Com paniea of the 6Vh Regiment of Infantry, and 05 rankand file trom Fort Towaun, commanded by Cast)' 'Alexander, and L'entepanta W el more, Bural,'Brnest, Dent, and EAetnn. attended by Ur. JJunpson. Also, Uol M. U. Lfltais, Uum mi(itn'ertn treat with the Indian ; Gen. Ms eonirtJ-. J Wilson, Major R. S. Peiglibors, J. the itavigaimn nf il.n Columbia river who WM jn due, Mm ly. From the evidence iitbm.tted in the Son- b Mr Qr, of K(,nltickv. He held the utei, it piisiihln she nneht consent to a Hip- r;nk of Captin in the lot war wiih Great iiUtinn of years in regard lo the poiienory BtM ttfo WM rtj.tin-oUhed for hit cour- neni. ine Drittin govarnmeni taKet ine ,ee and gallant spirit. He lost an eye in one ground that upon consideration of national of , ,, corntMtti b,M norlh. pride ai well at from good faith towards her ... fr.nlefi' tl- t, . ,, 0t . .,ron, mind subjects their improvement! cannot be sur rendered without remuneration. Ii is left optional, however, with the Uni lad State to lake them at a fair valuation, and whenever it may be most acceptable and convenient. There is a teller among the papers from Mr. McLane which induced the authorities here to expect more available terms than, have been submitted, lie teemi to have misapprehended sortie paints. The message of the President is very characteristic of the man and of his course as Executive. It is neither resolute, patriotic nor gnnerons in its lone, and he requires a for all time." Tl various tribe represented are the Caman rhes, Laptn, Ton-key.wav, Warn, Witchata, l owack-a-nie, Annn-dor-roi, L,aoao, lon-t, ru chi, Delaware, Ponamhow, Bede and Bu-lux-ee N. O. Tropte, June 0. Mrmnrs nr AurttriN PmsnvEKs.-The sloop General Henderson had received his brevet for Tom Jack, Capt. Parke, arrived yesterday morn, distinguished lervires, and if he cnuld now be i me front 'Cornus Chrlatl. She left Aranaa deprived nf it, what confidence would I p4ss t.stMonday, at which place the steam ship Aieiierai.rayior, or any tuner oracer, nave in the Sea had Just arrived from uraem Santiago, in rewards tenaerea in mem tor t.ieir valor in ine take to the latter place tome t tne persons Mexican war! aucn conduct would be discour- connected with the Army, Irom ai. Joseph's Is oing to young officer, a well a uniuit t old land and Cotdus Chriali. ne. I On hoard of the Sea were MrLeiater, L'eu. It we were tn earrv nn the war with Meiirri lam'nt llomohreva and Mr Rovers, all ot whom :t . ... 1 ... i r r I ' ' ' . i . i .. i. . 1 1-j tl. I-- 1 1 W5IO iii ,cim iiur naval nirca JU. Itra. welt SUDDUKU in litis uooil aiuru, i lie iiii- Cruz, and bombard tho Castle of Sar. Juan d'- I mer, indent, wa severely wounded and sup Ullna, and when a breach wa made. In carry it I noted to be dead by the Moxican. 'I u this c:r by (tnrin, who wa tn enter the breach but the eumalance ho oe hi escape. He wa (iib- -equemly found in the chapparal and taken in MaUmuraSf wnero ne was won iroaiaa.ana re covered from hia wounds. Mr Rogers, accompanied by 15 men, twn women and.a child, darted f'nin Corpus Chrisii for Point Iiabel on Ihe l nr 3 1 of MY. Tnev arrived at the Little Colerado a day nr two be fore the battle of the 8ih. where they were aur prised by the company of rancheios and being overcome with their, numbers they were com pelled to surrender nn a promise nf being well treated. Aa soon, however, as they delivered uo their arm they were tied lour toielher,irip lied of their clothing aud robbed nf all their money, of which thev had a considerable amount Having been closely bound, without resistance, their throats were then cut with a large knife bv a person appointed for the purpose the wo men having previously suffered dishonor. In this manner Roger saw hi father and brother butchered beinre hie turn came. Aa the wound upon hi throat wa not fatal, he had the pre euca nf mind lo fsiim himself dead, and wa, with all the balance, thrown into the Colorado, where he managed lo esape ui seen and swim to the upper side of the river. Thence ha tub- seqitenlly made tils way to the Kioirraiide, wa taken prisoner and waa sent to the hospital at .Ualanioras, where he wa exchanged. It is stated that a- letter wa written frum Porpue Chnati two day before the departure of this company giving informalinn to the Mexican ul their march and tne amount ot their money. Farther development may delect the author ol this cold-blooded act nf treason. It waa not, we loarn, without much reluctance and some threats from the American officer, lhal the Mexican of AVer consenter to exchange Mr Rdgem- AT- O JffftrunUVrMi. W. mariner uf our navy 1 Mr W. referred, also, tn he past service of that corps, under Col, Hen- ders-.n, 4te. Mr llrorkenbrnugh defended hi proposition for a dry dock at Penaacol. He eaid 100 mil ions, aincc Iho late war, had been expended on ie navy yard iroin Maine tn Norfolk, and only lew inoiisanu molars sou in ot raorloik. Al the hour appointed the debite ceased, and he vo inj commenced in thu committee. Tne amendments nffured for a dry dork, sec. iinial, floating, or stone, at Pnrlamuutb, Penaa- cola, and Philadelphia, were lost. An amendment appropriating $150,000 for a sectional floating dock at Philadelphia, was adopted. Tiie House adjourned without final action on the bill. FROM THE ARMY. W have .varione Ictlera from Ihe Armv nn the Rio Grande, imc of which we publish. We learn thi: l.'ut. licurgo atevens, a fine young mcvr ol tne U'l uragnona, and a native ot Ver mont, wa drowned in iwimming arroae to Mil moras, where the greater part uf the annv sem tn be concentrated. On nf hi soldiers waa also drowned. Col. Garland, whn pursued Ihe flying Mexi. cans so ne uu nines, taking a lew stragglers, had returned tn camp. Upon iiiforiintion, derived from various sources, it waa thought in camp that it would be impossible, during the summer. ir our armv In mircli lo- any consnlerab e dis anre into Ihe interior ol Mexico, whether from he want of water, nr from the rainy aeaaun. lo"s not clearly appear. This was long since reseen by tseneral Scott, a appeara from his recently published correspondence with the War Department. Out the official newspaper, which lake upon itself the dir'atnrial eupervie. n i an ucpariineni oi ine is ivernment, nd which haa conquered "all nf Oregon or none." for al leaal a hundred time since Ihe campaign waa npencu, ridiculed the idea lhat troop were to he (lopped, on their victorious march, by eith er Rood or droujhl ! Tne progress of the sea son, we sre fesrtul, will sadly vindicate ihe sa. gtrity and foresight nf the distinguished eoldier whose advice the Union eo loftily die ain. New Hammhiki- The legislature of thit Stale dispatches businets with a prompt itude deserving all praiie. We learn from ihe New Hampshire Daily Slslesmsn, lhal yesterday, a ronvenlion of the two branchri wai held, and At Mrl-arlanri, publisher of OREGON QUESTION. , WiwiNOTots. June 10. The Pftildent'a message communicated to the Senate to-dv. contains the protocols of the conferences be tween Mr. I'akenhamand Mr. Buchanan. In reference general the Iree un,, ne mo vu-,1 ici wi mi- million a oay . i , r . , Comnanv. which einire. in 1863. and !.. e. wId. A. Anderson, Cnmmlssary General charter should one be given Vancouver's Island, and a common right thro the Strain olrura. Mr. Pakenharri's power of settlement is Ha N .Immm .B a mMmI N al- h.,.1.. I... lo the Oregon controversy. The " """-'" K'""-. "i .l. "l e .i . . verlv. Jr.. ws elected Treasurer, and Rd. Thav I.a.ffiali,Vilria haa alan lwetft l.taM-1, Cilley, si Senator to Congress, lo fill the va eancy caused' by the reiiguatien nf Mr. Levi Woodbury. In thn Senate. lhs vote was 8 condi,ion..-.f ,h. Senate will approve of ZJffS the proposition ai it he is au.hnr- cm hlti 134 B- w Jen P ,yd to go on and complete a treaty without cjonA j . Cj rf ,Noltin-h,m. niriner insirticttons irom me iiiiuie govern- Rockingham cnttnty, who is chosen by the Whigs and Independent Democrats, a Sena tor lo Congress, front the Granite State, is brother to the Representative frem Maine,' and great energy of character, and is greatly respected for hit moral worth. Journal. (&Mriue5 JaaaVSaat1 FRIDAY'MORNINO, JUNE 19, I84C. CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. aaaaaaaaaBBB The Whigs of the Thiid Congressional District of Vermont, are invited to meet in constitutional majority of two-thirds before District Convention, at ihe Town Room, in agreeing lo enter upon the formation of a Burlington, on Toksdat, the SEVENTH treaty. Had he met the responsibility man- DY OF JULY NKXT. at 10ncl,.ek A fully and bold I v there would have been no M . ... hesitation in the course ol the Senate. He . '". . . " .r(, desire lo save himself from accountability 1,18 Ul,,ric ' Congresi of Ihe United to ihe western division of his Marly to put antes. HARVEY BELL, LYMAN CU the Senate between him and harm A counteracting movement wai the imme diate effect of Ihe detection of this purpose, and some serious difficulties wero interposed to giving advice bv the very men who would he willing to vote fur a treaty upon the tame basis. Should the Senate refuse to advise, the ORL NDO ALBERT BELL, ) IUMMINGS, I District ) STEVENS, f Committee, C. BUTLER, 3 THE WHIGS Of the town of Burlington, are requested most alarminrr embarrasimenttnra viaihle in IO ln" American H.itel on Saturday, the future. Mr. Polk haa said enough in his 'he20ih day of June inst.,at 7 o'clock P.M., mesaage to convince that Chamber, lhat tin less they pursue this course, no immediate al ternalive of adjustment is left bom There are tl.ree Whigs and three Demn crarts absent, not including lair. Cameron, ho is expected to-night, being the very best posture of affairs for the required vole. It ia rliu to Mr Benton to sav, he has act ed with high patriotism is his course to-day. The Senate will en into Executive sesiion in-morrow at 10 o'clock, and endeavor to bring the iasun tn a cloae. Should they not succeed, they will sit out on the succeeding day to appont Delegate to attend the Stale Con venlion, to be hulden 't W.latu.k un the 25 Hi day of June, 1846. J.McM. SHAFTER, Fvr lotin Committee. Jane 18, 1846. THE DAY HAS DAWNED. Every heart will rejoice at the intelligence from Washington which announces the def inite settlement of the Oregon question hon orably ard permanently. Patriotism and The terms do nnt embrace anv thine lhat 've f country have prevailed over political has not al one time nr other, been offered lo Uemagoguism and subserviency to parly die Great Britain by the United State. Prom the Daily Tribune, June 1 J. PEACE SECURED. We hasten to lav before our readers the announcement whirh hai juit reached us bv Telegraph and Locomotive Express, that tation. Polk, Ihe man discovered by the Baltimore Convention, thought to secure a re-election by his course in relation to Ore- gen. Uaii, a man ot equal calibre and a rival demagogue, sought to unhorse his trad er, that he might win the prize, which he im agined was ,to reward him for his exertions. the Senate has voted, 38 to 12, to advise the The Organ, with its crarked bellows, was a President to make a Treatv fur the Settle. ment nf the Oregon Qoestinn on the basis suggested by the British Government. The terms of the Treatv, though nnt offi eially announced, are, nn doubt, substantial ly as named in previous dispatches. This i great news, nnl fnr its hearing alone upnn thia Country, but upon the whole civilizd world. Il is a triumph of true Patrinliam over se. fish and brutal Passion nf which hulh Great Britain and the United States mav well lie proud. Mhv no unloivaril circumstances pre venl the cnnaiimmatinn nf the wmk so ausni- cinnslv begun ! The laurels won in this con- Thk Light which Has dawned on New Hasirslima. The House of Reiiieseuta lives on Tuesday, made choice of John P. Hale, as Soqator in Congress for the term of six years from Ihe 4h of March nest. Il was a proud, tiny for New Hampshire, and il will ba a proud day fur him, when he shall take' his teat jn t e highest national couuril. Never hasa triumph over false hearted and It ie mentioned in one of our letter, thai crushing Diiliiical tyranny, been more signal nearly all Ihe oxen by whirh Ihe two 18 pound. ,.r ,nil than in thia instance. Thn nintl er. commanded by Ieeut, , Churchill, were drawn I isainassaotis comhinaliiin of art and schemes T'k'" ' VFXTU" been combined for his defeat, but hi. ":' r" j" " "...l 'IH' friends hawhovercouw them all, and the re i.v.. a i it., ,,niiii k.'ni. huke which ii administered to brnw-bealing The following is an extrart of private letter radicalism is sucn as nothing nut me vun o oi from an officer in the Armv. dated I frpoman can rite. Such is the reward be- Matnoxa, Mav 151. "I went over the field stowed upon a man for daring tn be hoaesl, iin wiin ui u raima, ami tne anH bold in his IwnestV. Me was in a tail- airH which met uiy eyes mere, wa one Which imiglnatinn can irarcely depict. Bodie nf Mesirtn soldiers were lying about in every di. rection some with their heada entirely or nan. ly shot off other without leg nr arm other wrtll their enlrail torn oul. ..One nun. a- fine fit auxiliary In ihe demagogues who made the II ills of Congress vociferous with their cries for "54-40 or War." But their game was blocked. They had reckoned without their host. Supposing that their political oppo nents would fall into the trap, which was set for them, PuLK, Can it Co. saw no obstacle In llieir complete success. The pairio-ic, high-minded, enlighlennd course of Messrs. Ct-arroN, Manuum, Crittenden, 6tc. 6cr. in the Senate, and Messrs. Adam, Baker, Darragh, Sic. &.C, of the House, brought the Administration to their tenses. Finding test are unstained bv human blond, and shall thai no political capital could be made oul of Mr. Ingersoll' CharoM AuiNrr Mat Webster We insert in our te-dayS iwfMr the Report of ihe Committee ef the Hammtt Representatives on the charge of Mr. Inger soll against Mr. Webster, of eHclal mises duct while Secretary of Slat. Wa ask . . . . lention or ihe reader lo the repen, am ir im purpose of showing how completely the char acter of the accused ii vindicated y an en tire refutation of the charge, for thii ia luft. ciently apparnrwilhonl RTrord of comoveat, but at a matter deserving of rtmark frem lit curiosity, that o grare. a'caarg should b founded tipotrso slight a-pretext. Mr. Ingersoll charged IHr. Webster with having withdrawn part of ihe secret service fund from the hands of the Ordinary disburs ing agent, " without the knowledge of the President of the United State and contrary to the usage, and appropriated it to hi earn use," with "using the public money te cor- -rupt the parly ptessei" and with being "a public defaulter" when, he went eat of office. In regard to the first branch of this charge, il was proved to the committee, hy the testi mony of tlie lale President, that it was on hit suggestion lhat a portion of ihe foreign inter course fund, which waa lying in deposit with Mr. Siubbt, ihe. ordinary disbursing agent, wai withdrawn and placed ia the; hands of Mr. Webster, nnderthe ieipressiea. entertained by him 4ad! jkt., Webster, that this was tha usual aud proper made , and tha committee report lhat thi'. was the practice un'der'lhe administration .of Washington aad Adams, during the Secretaryihtp ef Jay, Jefferserf,' Randolph, Pickering, Marshall, and.part. of thai ofMr, Madison. In rrgard to lha breach' Sf the charge thai imputes the use of the public money for cor rupting the public -presses, 'the Committee say that they have fully Investigated this charge, and they remark that the testimony they have taken fully explains whatever is of obscure or doubtful meaning in a letter of Mr. F. O. J. Smith, which' seems to have been relied nn as countenancing it, and "re moves every foundattnn fur a belief, ere vea a suspicion, that the public money was used or attempted lo be used to corrupt the public presses." The remaining charge js thai ef having been a, public defaulter. It appears that when Mr Webster went nut of Office, there was an apparent balancein hit hands of $2, 290, for which he had nut received, from th agents employed by him, the proper vouch ers for ihe money he had advanced to then and for this reason the' settlement ef his ac count was delayed for eighteen ar twenty months. Fur ihe payment of SlC'OO the proper vouchers as he alleged had been lost, mislaid, or not procured, and havo not yet been produced. But in the autumn of 1844, Mr Webster not having procured the vouch ers fnr theabove balance except for the sum ef S200,paid to Mr cash, the remain ing S2090,of the apparent balance against hie with the understanding that the government should refund to him, if he subsequently pro cured thn evidence uf his payments. Thi was in November, 1844. On the first of Febuary following, lie presented voucher for payments made by him while in office, nnt before credited to him, to the amount of $10,50, when hy direction of the Presidenl, this sum was refunded. , It thus appears thai the charge of bingk defaulter had no other foundation than a de lay of a few months in the setltement of a account, for procuring vouchers probably from persona at a distance lo whom money whs remilsed, which account was settled neat ly two years ago by an over payment of tha apparent balance against him, in consequence ot which mure than a thousand dollars bava been since refunded in him. Mnom in undying beauty when those arhiey, ed by War and Carnage are trampled in the rtnst ! a War, they begau lo count the cos'. They found a,new foe, where they least expected. Col. Bbmtdn, with his heavy artillery, anni hilated Caii, and with him, all hit "54-40, The treat question of ihe Session it let ,l,.rf TKlll, llDU. -1 , a ,tiA P,t,lr,,F fV..m I. War. and erured an honorable adiudicalinn r none," followers. While Handing ready nf a much vexed niietiion. The Senate has to defend the honor and tha toil of iheir given the advice to Ihe frendent by the country to the last extremity, the Whig Sen ""'"" "i nin nrnv, lima a rrtiy win ,lmi,j, i,r. mair iv nf Iheir onno immediately be framed on the terms offered hy Great Biilain. Tlia wntm aija AP. A vn, tn 19 Nivi. Cnrwin absent from lickneis. Mr Barrow than could he furnished oy nents, were not willing to plunge the country . . tar . i c- l c . k . , -. .... jyjiliiio a war wim cngimiu, uu umci m.- resoiutton and Mr Crittenden absent in Virginia. A fourth Whig vote could h-tvn been obtained if it had been necessary. Mr Atchison did not vole, and Mr Bright was absent. The following letter nf a date anterior 'tn that of the foregoing dispatch was intended to reach us al an early hour, but was delay ed by the breach in thn I elegraplt. As explanatory of the causes of action nn of the Baltimore Convention. The result is now before the world. The resnnsibilitv of War or Peace was thrown upon him who had first fanned the flames of discord. H dared nnt assume it. The speech of Col. Benton demonstrated beyond the power of his adversaries to gainsay lhal our title to Oregon was unquestionable to the lude where no kind of toleration could be ex tended to an jndependant freeman, and yet ha he rianabovethejMijcp.ofJtien.mUis. W etfot'aTondr ibalthe'highesl manifes- aiions of erlimisiasm were displayed from looking fellow, was lying nn the ground with a thi. State. Cnoitel at lha election by the cartridge in hi lingers, having evidently b'en House. Glory enough for on day . kill 'd while in the art uf priming hi musket. .1 crept annul on my hand ana knee thn ugh W!?i!" I U Rl,AT0o. Monday. June 8A ciime acmea uraa; ana si one spur, are-1 . 7 . .l ml f .1.- ...a ,k. u.t- ..i . i.L r..i I fir broke out-i the office of the Saratoga av Mn 1 1 u ! umii an n woamiim mwxican aTiri. i r-- - ... atabed thrnugh ihe heart. It ia impoMible to Sentinel, at tjav-brea this morning, oitrning conceive who could have been eulliv of thi. ; six hui dines on Broadway, opposite tne u. human act. It is hardly necessary to ay ii is 1 8. Hotel, in aa uf lit sBvatt business parti r 1LI- .L. A - . I liniHistiuia nisi any nmencau cuuia nire done of the lowfl. ' il- Tt.- He. es itnuhil the werk of an in the sen fc,lLTZTi1"M? cendlary. Aa itftempt to 1 fir. to -vi --2 .-ciiise, canse i .. - . t-- c....,w ..-nini in rnn lo an anchor offihe B .uthwe.t Pa on Monday w" 7. """ Y 1" L-L ... s Hhe-eaiUd from that port on the 28ih alt. aequence pi wyin n w.iv,. ... r. . - lib. last, haying Belize. naaeao-e of nnle kiif Java ,k. I n'clni'k I his morMtUf. I n bugine were water From Capt. Major, whn came up to tha citv lo frn'm' iha canarloal reaorvoir, .of ihe U. S cure provision, &e, we leira that (rait ex. Hohl,.and but-fur the abundant supply from ement exierd in Tobswo against the Amer- .i.:, .,-. ,..,- wonl.l have been still more di itiucilv'n.. Beside furnishing the wa tar tha aeratuiaVxta nf thai U. S., with by expreo fromjh city of Afexicn z and Capt, accuilohifei Jiijfl!ty. promptly threw, lisjoe, oarciviag the earliest intimation rif it dpitj tHsir.)r J'aVaaaW',1 refrsft!n t"'"?" fitrgr", ny me asaillan 9 law WIllstltMeaj.riiasasseai.. of,MVra,lftindsip.rachiag,bivessl. The ; ,;. , J I a! 2r j ' l";Prevnt Ctpt.-Af ajnr'a er Ventura Tiareoth lhal Ihe a'.'iT.""'"'.-'""'"'-"'''""!.- , inc - . i,i i , it aavmf liW toprev nt Ctpt.-Afaior'a " "'"'. ' ,1 rf,,ii the Mexin.t..m. . .Dui .fvgh. IT-IV-k me- luri to nut nd capture hi v.ssel, chanic went to the hons" of a.- farmer to rm. ftiMifcroffheiesmer.howeser, knew tome hairahd"lnquireTITlie iwie "l i Tosidor wisMurnished aviih n. : . ' i.1 inauiraul tha honest riiyofbismative. la lh('iearf.of ih.duuet of navai anair., outawrro reavar to rrpor, a kit efl;-. Tit vl: of tbicepinlor. I ptrhapt ie 1 1 aittherlt any rooitr tha Satratary arTlhe fat hmf, iMdthf ,-' alv-poijnilar, r lnt"V!rg. I r 'lar, the Dart nf the Senate, and develnnine lhel49lh Darallel. and worthiest for a single foot position of Sir Robert Peel and the aspect I beyond. Tbe 54 43'wer annihilated. of British Politics, it is highly interesting. xllB N ticB for , ,Pllnn,,i0 f the joint oc Washington. June 12 The terms before I ctinanci had reached En 'land, and instead the Senate, though not it form, are substan- f b - - btrt. Declaration of War.there tially ihe ultimatum of the Brilnh Ministry. 1 ,n n ... . M. Thev were nnt nut in lhat .hape. because 8ir came a Message of Peace. The British Mm- Robert feel did not desire to embarrass his jury offered for a settlement tho very line .uec-eoor with an committal to his policy, or to d,monllM,.d hy Col. to be the true eave Ihe responsibility of a wsr upon the thoul- u " ' ' ... Jers of hi friend if one hnuld grow out nf it. one. The President submits the otter to Ihe Thia may be new to the country, but informa Senate and asks their advice. In vain do lion I in posion of the Senate allowing that ... ,.!. r , ea An .n.J nrnieai and Sir Robert Peel will probahly resign within the remain orthe M 40 .quad prolei and thirty day. A portion uf the Torie have aigni- threaten. The vole shows a more fatal rout fed to Lord John Russell and hi friends, that ,htn had been anticipated. Here it is: Vns Messrs'. Archer, AMty, Btnton. Berrien, BttKtty, J- M Clayton T, Clayton, Co'sun, Corns ron Ctulquitt. Oil Dayton, Dtiis, F.vsns, Oreen, Gintral fhuittn, Wiyasoed, Hunlinttolt, Jarnafin, Johnson, of Wl, Johnsiin, of U., Lewis, MrDnfic, Vlanom, Morehead, Miller, NUu, Pearre, Penny bnektr, Phelps Itutk, Snitr, Sptifkt. Simaoaa, Tiienfu. vveo-ier. eruooprsirt, susr-ja Nav Messrs. Allen. Alehisna. Alhertoa. 8ree. Csea, PickinMn, Jennets, FairSeldSturf een, Semple in. Only fen adherent! of th Baltimore. Con- they will form a coalition to expel Ih Ministry whenever lliey are ready. Sir Ruben is op. noted lo thi condition nf thing and will be ant to lake the Home Labor Bill, aa the chance to declare himself fully and lo reliunuish the Pre miersliip. Mat night a goial leeling prevailed a to the result had a vote heen taken verier day, Iho tw.thrd could have been nbtained, but tine difficulty is now tn be apprenended and that is a to the amendment which may be ifrered for example; Ureal Britain asls tnr the navigation of the CA.iumh.a Kiv.r during the venion ,ef , h, of thelf dtfo,, j llelllfjf ari inn liimnuii p m 1 uiuiriNi ""n 'm aro eTsa l expire in Is6& Some Seiutot fear thi stipu- KE" Senator Dig, whole two dayi racsta I .ion would cover a renewal'nf the charter tion was , applauded ro lha ikie by tha Or- l "in legal opinrnn ia iii.i n wuuiu pih. k , j i,. usainss ika .ID -hn ski .J,Ukti, Jatra tn ina.rt a el.... tn Bd " " mOng the Set ! tu that effect. Thi would Involve the aecean- Thu endi a vexed question which parly tv of returning Ihe proportion to England ; for Madness had nearly pUeed beyond the reach mi rainnnama nana arsi ueu aa to any altera-1 ii-.j-j,.., "TU. J w. r lion. Thi. diCculiy will I hope be obviated. f IHmnl. The country owl a of Tbe prapbsitien of Bnland ubmit, that br I gradilude lo pol. Benton. In this one good orivilegaof navigatiM in Colombia nvtrhlll te, ,h, .anihilali.n of lha damsgeguism' of bubiaet i ib United State law of aaviaa. .. t !.-. . '. . . tion and revenue, now in existence, but n far. ?wn P"ny on ' laer rlriclinnhall be irepod without th r. He hat howB thai, visionary as were many ...l:. .:Li a?... ...t.i.1..: i-.i I ' ... 7 '.' .7 Ll'?? .t.i.iT"'. " "V'c o'i IHI aa American al ior ramunvra'tvn iur avriuaij aviiivienTnie pariow I . ,, . . . . tbe line of 49. prosidw for campeneatkist for "L wyes hfc.couijtfy better thi par- any American pray in ce nwn el tt. I ty Giivernor CuLpy, or Ntvr HaMnaitaa. From an nrlicle Jn the poslgn Sun w co py Ihe tnllowihg paragraphs "concerning th new Governor of Ncw'Hampiliire : "Guv. Culhy is' now fifty-three years of age although his appearance would indicate that lie was conslderal Ie younger. Consti tutionally healthy and active, what with many others would be the decline nr dnwn-hill of life, is with him hardly its most vigoroajo prime. Brought up upon a' farm, and mak ing its cultivation one' of his prominent ob jects, ha haa art tl I found lime and inclinalia lor other and more active pursuits. lie ha been engaged la tome extent in mercantile business, and for many years was one of lb proprietor! of an extensive and highly ap proved scythe manufactory. (His taste leaf him early into the military line anal, (rem an enrollment a a private inline infantry company of hi village, he rose; step by ttep, lo the office of Mainr General of one of thre Divisiaio nf the New Hampshire Militia. Popular in his native town, even U-yond hi party generally, be wai earj. and baa bee repeatedly, elected IM the oftce of Repr. lentalivn i i the" Stale L-gislalare beside nften terving his constituents as Moderalar, Selectman, &c. Pntaetstatf frank uni aaajr manners a gentleman always m hbeVpert- . i;i .- r , ... ment, whips aa-oatii ig inr nioiterr, and Oepre cation in uiher, ihe peanek prorw-ntiisi-a af the fashionable world iu.eresird for many ji-ars as (iiiijj. I'llir in an sxiainiv line ol slag coaches, which brought him into favor able contact wiih the travelling public, for aviinae rconimoaaiean, II occasion require, he never irorned lo held tkt.rtmt. aav aaara than he ha hesitated tn.w, a) ihe rail nf bi pnuurai ifienas. in asaum- those of IM tStm Gnvernnient Gov. ColhyV paptilarfly baa been well-groundetf; and may ba rgiait at tteadily increasing. in person, uoveruar Corky ia abntst mil die lite with a coanlaaaisKr indicative of keenneu and intelligence, and head aWvl oping a good deerte'of swataWii. with a ore- dominance of Ike' lrreDlur. wa ahenld judge, over 4h regecti v tWtjire. With a fund ol good practical cwtitaon;ense, quick- iioaa oi pprenrnsiun, ana a reaay apprecia tion of wit and humor a good knowledge af men and thing a'ditsctnes of purpose, aa) kindness as well as manliness of heart aad life ardent aad effective, if not eloquent, a a public ipeaker, and ferii tenteati), at a business writr-itb lei af dignity tbaaj the old-lime Governor, Oilman ant) Laag don, but with air their bnnetty, aad ja than their edacatUa) and mteWajaea-whb aaneh af tha mtKrar.V arjer aa4'eaTbaiiam af a Fieica lb, aKtbility aat ac'ial aakkiei or a Harvey ih. r fiMlnI atmaliiiii of a Page and lb decision wWto-jt th tVajtiiH-

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