Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 26, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 26, 1846 Page 3
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er, hit been hcretoforo and is now known by (he name of New Connecticut, which was unknown to them un til aotne time since the drcliratidn at Wesfmlnstcr iforessid t and at it would bo inconvenient in many reapecta for two seperato districts on this continent to bear the aamc name Resotted, therefore, unanimously, that the said dis trict described in the preamble to the declaration at Westminster, aforcaoid, shall ever hctesficr be called tnd known by ihenamo of Vr.nMONT. Andw'hcreas, the whole body of mcmbcra which compose this Convention, consisting of the following persons, viti Capt. Joseph llowkcr, President Nlhn Clatk, Esq , Mr Simeon Hathcway, Mr John Burnam.jun., Jonaa Kay, Secretary i Maj. Jeremiah Clark, Mr Abel Olia, Capt. F.bcnizer WiHouehly, Mr Abel Benedict, Mr Joeph llradley, Mr Kly Drown on, Mr Martin Powell, Mr Thomas null, Mr Cephas Kent, Mr Mose. Robinson 2d., l)r Gains Sinnb, Capt. William Fitch, Capt. Jonathan Willard, Mr Caleb Smith, Capt. Zebedtah Dewey, Mr Jesse Chuichill, Capt. William Gage, Capt. Ebcnraer Allen, Bcnjunin 8pencer, Esq., Ml Whitcfin'd Kosier, Mr Joseph Smith, Mr Stephen Pince, Mr John Soulhcrl.and, Capt. Jonathan Fasset, Capt. Josiah Powers, Capt. Jsremiah Power-, .Mr Gamaliel Painter, Capt. Hemaii .lien, Capt. tra.Vleu, Col. Tho nas Chiltenden, Mr William Miller, Dr William Hall. Col. Benjamin Carpenter, Capt. John llarnct, Mr Israel Smith, Mr John Dyer, Mr Dennis Luiklin, Nathaniel l.nbinson, Esq., Mr Joshua Webb, DrKcuben Jones, Mr Jahess Sesrjesnts, Capt. John Coffin. Capt. William Udly, Mr Ebenerer Hoieincton, Capt. William Curtis. Mnj. Joel Mathews, Capt. William Gallop, Mr Benjamin Emmons. Mr Stephen Tilden, Col. Joseph Marsh, Mr John Troop, John W Dana, Ki , Mr Asa Whit eomb, Mr Ass Chandler, Col. Peter Alcot, Maj. Thomis Motedock, Mr Jacob Burton, Joel Marr-h, Esq Mr Daniel Gilbert, Mr Aimer Cham' crlain, Mr Frederick Smith, Mr Amas.a Woodworth, Mr Amaiiah Woodworth, Dr Bildad Andress, Mr Benjamin Bald win, Mr John G. D. Hailev, Capt. Bobcrt Johnslon. Amounting to seventy-two in number, being all con vened at the town house in Wind-or, aforesaid, and ihs motion heme made and seconded, whether the house would proeeed tobu-incss on the former declar ation made at Westminster, in Jnntiarv, sforesaid, with this alteratidi only that instead of New Con necticut, the said district should cverbeknnwn by the name of Vcsmont 1 That then the names of the representatives bcina distinc'ly and severally call) d by the Secretary, seventy-one of them did snswer in he words following, n: "proceed to form:" at which time and place -Ve said seventy-one members did renew their pledges to each other by all the ties held ascred among men, Mild r solve and declare that they were at all times ready in conjunction with their brethren in the Untied States, to contribute their full proportion towards mainta ning the present just war against the fleet- and annus of Great Britain. Thai the public mat be capable of forming a just ides of the reasons which -o necessarily obliged ibe inhabitants uf the district before described, to declare themselves to lo sepcrnte and distinct from the State of New Vijrk, the following complaints are hereto anbjoined. COMPL UNTS. In the year 1704. the Legislatno authority of New York did obtain jurisdiction over the before described territory of land, by virtue of a fal-e representation made by the late Lieut. Governor Coldeu, that for the I convenience of trade and administration of justice the inhabitants were desirous of being annexed to that government. They have refined to make re grant" of ihc -aine I lands lo the original proprietors and occupants, unless at the eih'irhitant rale of S'10) fees for each town hip, and did enhance ihe quit-rent three fold, and dr-mat-del an immediate delivery of the title derived be fore from New- Hampshire. The Judges of their Supreme Court have, made a otemn declaration, thai the charters, contcvance", Ac., of the lands includtd in ihe I fore descnlud premises, wetc utterly null and void, on which said title was f'wiKW, In connqnente of whii h'on, wri s of pns. rssiun have hem hy ihem iss-ed, and ihe Sheriff of the Oounly of Albany sent at I lie head of n or seien hundred armed men lo enf.trce the exe.-ution ilirreof They have passed an act annexing a penalty there la, of thirty pounls, five and sn mmtlis tmtirnin nicnt, on any person who -limiM rifuse atlpndingthe herilT after being requested for the purpose of execu ting writs of pas cation. The Coseinor-, Punmore, Tryon and Colden, haio madcre-granls to several Iracis of land includtd in Ihs premises, lo certain favourite land jubher in the jtnverninenl of New York, in direct relation n his Britannic Majesty's special orders in the year 17G7. They have endeavored and many times threatened lo exciie the King's troops todesiroy us. They have issued proclamations wherein they have offered large sums of money for the puipose nf appro bending those persons who haic dared boldly and publicly to appear in defence of their just rights. They did pass twelieaets of outlawry on the ninth 1841, Mr Drown nays "Ilut nn my roltirn t was surprised In ascertain tin fact that my Vermont ropurls had noierbeen published ae directed hy inn a few days before I left. My report fur the State was seasonably and regularly in a da with the request nf beinir published Immediately, Per reference C. K. Mooro Gon. Arrt. No 113 Nassau St. N. Y. Not having taken tlio pa per since, I knew not but all was well. Suffice it In t ay on my visit to the city Ihe present month all things shall he reclined and no mistake." Mr Drown In his communication saa "During an agency of four years I have sustained my re. lation to the acknowledged satisfaction f the societies I represent, wilh winch even niiw I am on terms of mutual correspondence and am assured of their protection." I have before mo a letter from Houian Norton Cor. Sec. uf the Amer. l'rotestant Society dated nt New York April 20, 1815, in which ho says "When Mr Monro wrote to ho could not give def inite information respecting the various r.ollof Hons, but Mr Drown had written that he would bo in the city In a few days mid explain evcrv lb ing. lint he has not been in the city sit'ce Willi regard to Mr Drown he has prom tsetl us again and again th,it he would come Imro and see all tilings right. At length we request ed htm not to act as agent for the society, and finally not even to correspond wilh us until we saw him and heard his explanations. It is only tins week he has written us again saying he a'muld be hero in a few days." I hope Sir Drown will bo able to reconcile the discrepan cies in the above, and as Mr Drown reports have confessedly not beon published I will suggest that it would be more ingenuous, and that the "christian public" will be belter satisfied with a full published report by the society of the amount collected in ihr- several towns than to be refer red to Mortimer de Mott, Kq , individually for information. One of thc 1'ubmc. FRENCH ACADEMY. Itooms over Mr. DcncVs Store. MONIUUaP.O P. He MARA V, tceehily from Montreal, nno who has completed his regular course of studies in n French University, will open in this plneo mi ihe first of July next a school far In structions in the French Language, The people of Burlington are assured that nothing shall bo warning on his part to render his instructions as useful as pos sib c to his pupils. Tho fact of his poss.ssing l7t PURE PARISIAN ACCENT. (so deservedly esteemed bv all well educated oersnnsi encourages bun to hope that bis nttemplsto establish hi mis piace on iiisiiiiinon wnerc tnerrencn Lan guage, may be acquainted In its purity, will bo liberal- 1 BtippilMCU. Tiro linm of meeting hl.nunils will he for Gentlemen at "o'clock A. M fort.adics at II o'clock P. 31., to continue one hour each. Itefer lo U. Datey J'.'sq , J. W. Hickock Esq., to the Free Press Office, orlo the"InBlructor himself at -air uoane s Hoarding house. Prompt applications are respectfully sulicted. 33 NOTICE. Tho approaching Anniversary nl our National Independence, will be celchraled by the young men ofEist Shelburne and icinity, at thc new Driek Church, recently erected through the no bin liberality uf Nathaniel GaL'e.H-n.. iinncinal lie. An fir:, turn .U, all, M,,.I A, U..,. ....... ...! 1' - - ......, .v. ,, w i ..ii. ii me, nun other eerci-es befit ting the ncrarmn, may bo cv. oecled. Exnrcifes to commence at lOo'lock, A. M. l'rorrFsion to I e formed under th direr Honor the Mar-hal, at half Mst iiiiip. A picnic w'll be provided tor the occasion by generous hearts and willing bands I'erorderof the Committee nf Arrangpnvnts R. M.CK03SMAN IIItlCU IU.M AUHKKT, June 15, IS 10. At market, 4C0 Cattle, 32 okes w, rking Oxen, 42 Cow- and Calve-, 7j0 SJieep, and Lambs, and about MOil Swine. Pelcts Beef Cattle F.ilra SO 25. lir-t quality G -eeond qualuv S3 50 third q--altl SI 75 45 5 H'urA-iHtr Unn At 575 87!l. S33 91, ami 810G. Coirs ana1 Cores At 820, S.'2, S.9, SJl, fcJ5 and S15 Si'ji-Sales in lots ni 1.73, 2,12, 2 50. .S'trine. Lotsnt wholesaled foi arwa and? forbar rowBi At retail from from 7 to 8. H si :r ir b cs In Burlington, on Wednesday morning last, by the Rev. .'. K. Converse, .Mr. Amos C. Hati s, of Hun tmgton to Mis Sarah A. 31illi.r, of Willuton. In llighga'e, on the ISili inst. by Ihe Rev. 3Ir. O'. C.all.aghan, .Mr. Gkiboe: Sloan, to Jliss I.ovisa L. I. ovo, Inch "f I Sheldon. In Irashurgh, on the 13th inst. by the Hev. Mr. Twi liitht, .Mr Jo-ci'ii Wa n r es, of St. Johusbury, to31ys Mauv Harlow, olihe former place. Lidio nnswers ' Why.'" WHY do mothers who are bo careful of their tbitdien in otlier resnecis. siii7,ir ihem in lm freckled and tanned, when one cake of.farie Italian Chtmical Soap, at II Utlll.NOTO.N'S, will eir-eln illv remove it. F.eho answers " ll'Av." Why do loiing Mnidens in nrisline vouili ntidleautv. allow thcinselres to appear with lannnd pimples upon their facts, when a Miizle cake of Jones Soan will entirelv eradicate it. 3 Wanted. THK Hurlington Mill Co , being about to start up lip ir new mnehincrv. nre nreuared to oive pm. pliyment to 73 or lOiJlilltLS more. Anplicatii n should le made immtdiattly, at the Co'intmc-rooni of the Comnanv. It isrlr-simhU tin,. applicants fhouid not be less ihnn sixttrn years of age. .IA.MKS COOK, Airenl Uurlinglon, June 20, lo 16. 3w4 TTAS just received JLX Nl I3li:is Lyman arrived few elegant Silk Heraee hawls nnd Scarfs. Alsn. tl.-rlm Wool Simula very large and beautiful. A creat aricly Thin fjress Goods aeh as KVinrv Muslin, and (Jingham Oiadu ated Rul es, Muslm Oinghams, Lawns and de Lames. rtiso. a lew .aioiiruii g i.awns, winch will be told ve ry low. June 23. J. C. HUTHnitFOItl), PORTRlT PAlN'IKlt, has taken the room over the shop of Mr. Orr, on Church street, where he will be happy to-acrve 1I10 ciliiens of lliilbngton, In thelliie of his prufe-sion. Portraits of several nl the peop e of ibis place may stony time le inspected at his room. 2 F. 0. IIOPKIiVS, "FFICF. over Mr., Ilachclder's Shoo Store, and V J lately occupiec) by O, II. tSaxb Burlington, Vt.. n' Saxton.Chiircli -treel, 1 junel9.4C. SilvcV Spoons. VILAS & NOVt'.S have now a larg' atsnrlment ot Silver Table, 'Tea, Dessert nnd-'Salt Spoons, which they offer upon advantageous lerms. The quality of the article will bo irarranleff good by U9. Hurlington, June 1616. 2 SILVER WAKE. Wll have at all times on hand, in great variety, pure silver tea. table, dessert, cnaua, mustard, salt, s 'Car. und e?tr Sminnsi tble. fl,'ssi?rt. ttieklp. and children's silver Folks j butter knives, sugar yi silver cups, our-inir iiiurs, cninn piaies, iniul- bles, and all articles usually wanted in the silver ware line, and we would remind purchasers th it we giie as Aeory pooni (made of dollar eiUer.or silver as pure na dollars,) for the same price that the nlloyed spoons arc sold by pedlars, ttreat care and painsaretaken lo haveour -poons 7iare ice, vvhich is very essential 10 their durability. Spoons anJ thimbles told by usare marked free. 1IRINSMAID &. nROTHF.RS. N. B. Our siUer cl iw 10112s. and spoons, took the rremiuuin! the creni Fair uf tlin American In-litule, held at New York, I94G. The Diplo 11a awarded to us can be seen at our store, riglii hand side as you enter. PLATT'S PREMIUM 1()HTAHIU GRIST MILL, For Grinding Vhrat, Rtjet Oats Plaster and all kinds of Prooindir. 'IIK 9iiliscribr hnvins purclinsrJ of Mr. JOSIAH M PLAT l of Weston, Connect cut, the n?hl for .Vermont, Mnssflchuseit- unci New Hampshire, tiow nirinufncliirini;, ot It 19 Midline Shop, nt Unrlinnton Kali-, Mills of llieui'isi thoroimh nnd perfect construc tion, and is prtjpnreil to sell Mil s and Riuhts for nny ttiwn nol already di'pn 0 I of. The prent ndvantnceol this over the common Grist Mill, i oliviotis to any one on invention, nalhi Mil! enn be used by hnre.sterim or writer pnwnr, w nh b tlf the powrr reqnirpd to drive a common Grift Mil , The mill tok the first premi urn nl llio F.iir in Sew York city, and nlsii nt ihe Aericullural F.iir in Roche'er, in Sept. 1S43. None but the very he-t PifENCH UURK SI ONKS ore put into iht'Be MilN. Wo the nndersi.'htd, certify that at St. Albnns Hiv on the 2ti day of November, 1943, in the Stram Stw Mt'l at that plnre, there ws eround in PLATT'S PORTA BLK GRIST MILL, fitted up in that plate, ten bushels nfpea nnd oits, nnd done in the best manner, within 30 tnimre; nnd we furlher ret lify, that we beheve the snid Mill capable nf performing nil the arindiny ntislly done in a Gr'tt Mill equal to any .Mill in tins State, by one rim of stones. And wc further state, that the said mill ground eistht bushels nnd a ha'fofCorn, (fine meal,) tn an hour, without being in the least hraled. u. . t'AVAt;, Miittr. JUVENILE SINGING SCHOOL. Kit. Minors VflLL coniinenco on Saturday next, at 4 ocIock P. M,, at Up Leeturr Rnou'i of the Consrrga iMnnt Church, a Clas for the instruction of Children m Siiuin. Terms Onp ilo'lar the scholar for n course of Twenty Lessons. Two or mote from one hmily, 75 cnt e'ich. The first lesson is free. Patents and Children are invited to aitend. 3 Looking Glasses. HAVING had constant calls for more, we have purchased another lot nf fine Looking Glasses, which have just arrived with what remaimd of our Sptina purchase We can now sIimv a irry dne na prirtnum nl prices lb.U will suit iln closest purchasers. AV invite all vhowihi Li tking t!hs to examine ur aus trtmcnt bffore pun h wu. Gilt and MnhoR. any framed Glasses on hand. JrUrass and Wood Clock good and clitnp, BR1NSMAH) & BROTHERS. B In South Hero, June IG1I1, oftbc l'.ilsy, Tiiaddeo Landon, Sen., in liEudi jcar. lie was horn in Liiibhcld, Ct , IVr. 17G0. nnd he InnL'fd to that ititcrrsiini! elas wliirli ImihU os tn the honored cnera'ii n, that hud in tin- tiun a of ihe re. olulion, CO vr.ara ago wilh n unnll louiily, 'le l.andr.' upon our island slmre, and beean, .aii'in linn I, to build up for himself a compi-encc and jathrr around him ihe rndimenis of home. Hy lionet in.lusirv, pin dence, Iju'lliouuht and the lil,'ssioi; nf Providence, he sono aucceedfd, and p.aioina auilicient lor lumsill, aided bia ( hi'dren in si'illing around iiun. No man in the Hitters knowledge pntmiid more of ibe char acter of the Ancient Putri irch. MiM dutoiedly at. lai bed to the families of lu c hildrcn, be couunucd lo bis paternal care, counseled and aided them on In ill, ,tnrt:iii,a 1 1 t,f mvumn l.,a l.rli n..,t.l.. u'' ' "'" ' '"1. cinpowerinstlie revenue . reward, to an uncommon degree ihe confidence, n s- J""J""1 ",r,r -'"premo,uri,ioaar.ieTe iiiionof i picl and lo.eof his children in-rpturn. His simele death aeamat those inlialitants is said district, that unosienlatous dianity, Ins umlcstdi poriinent hi-pure hey should judje to be offender., wiihout trial. ami upright life, hiatvinpalhy iih nil public inurcsts, They have and Hid continue an unjust claim 10 thn.e ' s suppou of and attendance upon the iosiiiuiiona of STRA V COW C'THAVH) from the aoli- fe.jW'''4,wT9w "n",e 13111 A"', .v.i i'.-vj " rr'1 covv "vn ,,r " ly5.v'fy (hi. olil, alinui mi'dlini! J'f'vx' fy si.e -horns turn a htt'c inyJll-M, Whoever uill return said rjr . nu-A-5Z?ti Cnw to metor eive an in form anon in regard to her, thali her naonablv re- ard.-l. JOII, K KUAV. 1'urlinslon, June U3, I31C. 3' SALMON Or ihe fir-t quah'y, bv th" pound, half barrel or . Tietie. AI.FO, 10 half h' ls. Connccln'iii Hiver Shad. No. 1 anJ 2 Mai ki rd in hhls. hlh. and quaricrs, for aale hv June 21, MC. 3 A. S. DKWF.V. Juno 56. ' 10, Im l'sIi h 3 at " "a. s. 1)i:wf.v SMOKED HAMS and LARD, Kor sale at A. S. DHWKV'S. June M, 3 linda, which picatly retard- einijratton into, and the settlement of th's Slate. a.Taey have hired foreign troopit rmicrants from Scotland, at different time-, and urined lliem todrive ua nut i f possession. They have aen! the avages on our Irontien to de troy ui. rr- L . I ,i. . ... i nor ,mve proceroia 10 erect tne counties or Uum- rrhgi m, hia Lindly rare of the t low nnd paternal watchfulness over thc orphan rtndered boo prculnr ly dear to the community, and heuijojrd iheir ten cral confidence and reepect lo a lush degree. His ln ne deeply deplore. So happy in Ins cin uiiisianrir and so u-elnl lo us all, thpt we could nol spare him. We honor ibe nued, we love lo dwill upon their aicm hut fnendly viitnes, we love lo hnsr-r nroond oeriann ano uiouec-ier, and eaiab'ohed rouria of , i,, ir heanh. we love in l,r m .;, , ,1.,;, r,... .ju.tiCe there, .her Ihey were discountenanced by the d,. ,0 e-,,lalm lliem in our mcmoriea III. Med anthorry of Great Priuin. mln, Iran planted fiom lb- liLs-cd nur-ery of Eood Thefree Convention of the State of New Vol k, at ond virlutua men, he has flouri-hed loncnmme us " J-'. Ifi"( UMniiiiiiniiiv Vlliru, lllrtl :ii:uies Itrcwsti'r'N EMalc. .Vl'.lTi: or VlillMOST. ) 'I' II K lion, th llia iict ot C'lmii ii len, sa. S I Pruhale t'ourt for the Disirict of Cliitieuden i To oil persons con cerned in the estate of C'batles I'rcwster, late of ("ol thyslrr. in alil District, dteenstd. OheETINO. Who-eas, Aplna IHewsier, nuonnisiratrix tic oonu nan. ,,t tin, , inie nf suid deceastd. nrotiospa lo rt-ndei a final account d her adimni-iratmn, and preseni her account .against mid estate for examination ami nl- I'luam-e al a -ession oi tmj i.ouri oi rnr aie, ,o ne hidden at the IteiMt'iciV office m lluihuctoii in said listnei on the fmirlli , Uuesilay ol July next. I ii f.uffoee, i nu are hereltv notmitu to i e ire .aid ennrl at the lime and nlace aforesaid, and shew ca uie, if any vou have, why the account afore sal I sllun'd nol he allowed. ftiven under mv hand nt Ilur melon, this 23J day nl June, A. 1) IS II). II qnir-renia formerly due lo the Kmg of t)rr al Ilrit- I in, are nijw due and owiaj, to thi Convenlion, or ! uch future sovcrnment as shall beestal.lished in this Slate." To give truth ils due limits, they, the late f overn-1 men! of New Vork, have spared neither ro-t or pains, r hern svsntinc; in u-inj every anful in-inuaiion svnVri the compass of their power; (however unwar rantahleh v the laws of (od or man,) to defraud those inhabitants aa of the whole of their landed property; and nothing hut eonseienees void of offence towards God and man, to who-e impartial judgment w-e ap fvsal, could have induced (hreinhahitonts tn have run rhe risk, and to have tin 'erpone the hardships and rttrjues Ibej' tiave borne, for the salvation ofthcir lives, Nbrrtiea asad properties. wiihrontl rci'ollecttons, hut with achinj brans, we bid thee larewcll. May wc meet thee in Heaven. In Sudbury, on Monday the 13th inst., of quick consumption, Mi-a Masgibet I'liETER.nBcd IBviars Hy the death of this iiilfresiin); youth many hearls ars called lo sincere mourning, and are made lo fiel a most tender sj mpaihy in the eatlv and sudden .decease of one so youne and hopeful ; whose hie was so fu of prmn.e to herself and others, and wnose excellent q or heart and mind had se cured ihe confidence and lovo of all who knew her. Her sweetness of lempei, combined with intelligent finnntss ol puipa-e ; hr r conscientiousness anil rone sense ot rijhi, her hi;;h appretiition of Inowlodzr, pauent tod for its attainments her blandness nf manners and faithful discharge of duly, cpve promi-e t that her character, in riner v nnr, wnn , hu nn ..m- i i .1 ...1 . r.u. -r :j nnMB.:An ... V ' ,1. .no.c.r,., ....,- ... ...v roen, , u, ,n s(.13 d uoln,,l(. ,fe )u we nave petnion-a ms i.nrannic . rjesly in me u.o.t nop are ow t.u - ,nd j( bf comfs , m ,,0H. numoiemanner mr reore-., ano nave m veiyereui ilh Mlulmssjon l0 (ne Divine WllL Thoiiijli jii!s Mjiense, reren en several rep. ri. in our iavour; u ymM; ,,,yca constilulion, from early life, had in orui.slanres wherein we nave peiuinneo ineiate be(. dtlcnIri vc, her circiiinslnnees were such Mgislstive suihnnij' of New orK, these pennons dovclopid nnd cateexercise toher power" of self re nste been, mated with neglect. c shall therefore nnCeand self cultivation. She possessed a strong wniy reminu me puonc that our local siiuattnn alone, (,.slrc fr imrlleeiual improvement. A frimd know is s sufficient reason o( our declaration r fan inderen- ing her wishes and her worth, proffered her ihe ns daney, and must therefore denounce a seperatb n from sislancc, by which, wilh her own efforts she would ns oiitu o ,tv v.i, lnj t,f,.r ,l. niI.i;.. . nnr i I c .oah ed lo pursue a recular course of studv. Ac eclsratinn nf hcinz a dislinei Slate, pu' lished in ihe cordinjly .Mis. Poster emend the Keniale Seminary onfticul Courant the 15th day of January las', t al Uurlinglon in Septinibrr IS, Asa pupil, she asva (nrereiy wish, thai in future a lasting and per. ever exiiibiled an example of ingenuousness, diligence, and propriety of conduct. She continued her con n ex ion with the Seminary till near I lie close of last March, when her disease, consumption, gave suih evidence of its true chaiacler, and made such progavs that she was obliged to relinquish her cherished stud ies. Prom that tune her decline was rapid and her suffering, oflen severe. Hut she cheerfully gave up earth's best hopes and lalm'y re-igned herself to thai Saviour in whom she had treasured all her im mortal hopes. Shed ed on the 15lh im-l and her re mains were commuted tocarlh on ihe follow ingday. "ii nearmiroi ihe decease of Miss l o-ter, the mem msneni peace mav continue hei wee n the Riste of New Vork and ibis wiih ihe oiher Uniied Si.tes of America, lly order of Convention, J0'N'AS PAY, Secretary. Communication. - . i IX B. MIACT. air: 111 the Free P,.,. f June 12, i enminnnicatlon from Wm. rirown, late asent frf life I'rni. Ref. Society, addressed to Ihe chr'iatian public in which he sara "As pmof that ill my rollections were duly repnr. terJ, i pnblle; are hereby referred tn Mortimer de"Mntl.iEq'-T'''"er of ti e present as well1 a the old organization, whose office as such ! il 173 Broadsvar, N. Y. On recent examination it was arre.itained that C. K. Moore the Or. See. failed (either accidentally or fur reamria beat lijiown l" himself) In publish my ceneral rerjorl.0"T Vermont, w bile an officer in Ihe old oclelv. of whreh fact I wa ignorant until June 46. nearly two years after the same was made." In ( tetter 10 ne caleu at Uurlington, May 3d JAMK l,tJI-OS, K. A. HUUMtUT. innrncj. NOBI.E SflUHlE, J I Ihc undersigned, certify that one of Platl'a Porta ble Qnst .Mill has hrcn tilted up in Messrs. White tf Co's. Grist Mill at Vergcnnrs and I will frankly say to Ihe public that I have fully tried the mill hoth on flowering nnd proven 'er. and have come to the full conclusion, that the above mill will compete with nny mill in the country both in fl twerinu and provender. ASA jiaiuu.iuiu.a, .Miller. Vergennes, April 23, Jgj, The Mill ahove named was in operation in the Ver- eenncs Iron CouiDanv Gimi Mill, a nuniher , f .Uvs: nnd -o fir as wo wllne-.wlls perf .r ma nee in grim'ing t,ram, wo were vvcll sahshed witn it, and believe It to be a good art'cle SAMUEL 11 HKKK, Win. II. WHITE, Pres. of Vtrgennn Dank. This is to cerlifv' lhat one of Plan's Poriahle ttris: Mills ha- heen put in operation in the Gust .Mill at Ml Idleburv. bv tho sldeof seven run of Rurr Slimes. audi have given it a thorough trial, hoth on flower aod provender, and I am frank to say to the pub:ii'. that 1 am sati-fied the mill will du business equal to any run ot suncs in me monte. i:u..MuiiA.u, Miner. MiJdleli-iry, July 20, 1813. Tin- i lo cerlifv that I have bought, and have now in ue. one ist Plan's Patent Mills in mv Grist Mill, by the side nf 3 Itun of 4 ft. 10 inch Iturr Sion. , and can frinkly say tn Ihe public thai it can do vvotk a fast aod a- well ns anv other sionenf the large kind with 3 of ihe nower. nod verily believe ihev arc raon- t le of doing any and all kinds of work done tn a Grist .anil. LEWIS MEllUITT. JAMES URS.IM.M, Miller. Hnrtland, April 23, 16-lfT. This may cerlifv lhai I have bouvlit.and have now m us-, one of pint s Patiul tirls' Milts, and it works hi linn nil kinds nf Grain, is r in bv ihc side of J Run 4i fl. Hurr Stones, and can confidently say lhai it wiMdons niui-h work wilh one half the power nnd as well as ihe larpe, tone. ' KANIEI. CUSIllNG. tfpiiiigfleia, .May 1, Is'45, PRECOX CnOFUT, Priprielor of the abeve I'a'fnt. Hurlington, Juno 20, 1910, 2m3 Swell's School Books. Hwelt's ICngllsh Grammar. TI!lf grammar lon the bais nf Murray, and is del!tneJ for u-c in common school-, ar'ademie-, mill higher scminarie- or learning. The following ore scleuieJ Iroin many tcslimunial. of Ihe work. from Truman H. Hansom, M. A., President of Sorvlch University. Norwich Pniicr-ity, Aug. 18. 1813. Dear Sir! I have perused your Grammar with much nli taction, and have lecn particularly plea-ed with it clcarne-s and excellence ri arrangement The chapters on fc'ynlax are admirable ndapiei) to the construction olrcnlcnces. I tins; very full nnd per feet. The chanter nn lerh-. al-o. Is cxcellcnli. nor are ihe jrlos-ary, and general adapiaiion of the work lo our standard dictionary, amonz ine ica-i oi us merits. I ntn conlulent n will soon iconic, wnai it well dc.-crvc lo he, itsclfa standard won:. Very truly yours T. t. liAiu.u. From the author of" Herod's Hotany " Swcel's Engli-h Grammar on the ha-is of Murray, l,i.l,,n i, urn lin e I In-in. mi l i now u-el a the text hnnk In lhat deiiartment in Kimball Union Academy a fact tvbHi may be regarded n proof, lhat we ll nk t, on tnewnoie, superior in anv now in use. AUI 0U..I9O 1VVJLMF, Meriden, June 23, 18)1. In-trunor in K. I'. A. frsm Frrderlrk ft. Lard, ton of ft Lord, D. D. President of Dirtmoatk College Hoo-ic Kail-, N. V.. Sept. 11, IS H. B. tile. P. n Mv.'ear Sir. 1 have examined Swells Gr.immir wilh m nib sad-lnetiun, nnd 1I10U2I1 not in the habit nfreeommen ling books, cannot refrain from mv decii'cd nrefereme lor llii Grammar ou-r any other with which I am ueq lamtel. In sy.- .. ' . ... . . . r .1. :.l... I.. .... lemaltc nrransemeni, 10 .-leiirne-- m iittiiniKiii, u, na role- nf construction, in the f ill chapter- inon p'uic tnan'i'ii, pronuneiation, vers fi.-alion in ilsappendix, comp-i-ing remark-upon the -ouiid nf the leiter, the rules of spelling, and on nf word-, it sup plies , lie de'ecis ut m;-t inher thamniar-. I haie intn duccd Ihe I 00k into my -ediool, nnd shall recommend il to oilier-, a oppurlunity occur-. Yours rejpeeif illv, Pit EU ERIC h. R. LORD. StvetlN Primary School Grammar. Thiseonci-ennd verv lucid Kleinenlarv Treatise for beginners, u-l pulili-he I, lit-been receive J with great lavor by School Commiiiees and Teacher-. Al houih it has I cen cut orihe but a few' nioolhs. it ha I ecu introduce I into a hirse num' er ol -choi Is, nod I id-fair to become the most popular and 11-efnI ltitle work nl the kin I exlanl. The follovviui notice, will -peak for llicm.elve-. From Vie Ret. D. .1 Heed, of Oxford, .V . Oxforl, Ni II.. J 1. 10, 1316 Dear Sir: Having examined vour 'Primary .School Grammar' somewhat ilnscly, I nm per-iudetl nf it- high merit-. It is simple, clear, and well arrangel j and therefore -eem- to le well ndapled lo tho young mind. No niher book, wiih which I nm aeqiia'iutcd, Betlini forth the nriiieinles of Eugli-b Grammar, e-pe- eially in Iheir eleimntnry application, is I eiier calcu lated to secure the end at wtnen 11 auoB, man I- me one i uivl hy vour-elf. tPriun it- -iinplieilv an I us adaptation 10 the capacities of youth and children, I am -urc, it cannol mil (d a wide cireulaiion. Ife.-pcctlullv your-, ha.mkl .al. Ki-.f.u, Member oft'ie Superintending Srhnnl 2 'Committee of Oxford. S. II. Vat sa'e by S. WOODS. Hurling'on, June 18. 1B-I6. 2 A. EDWARDS' cheap cash No. I Peck't Buildings. A qoncral assortment o! School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITV PRICES. TTENSand OEESE Fialbers for sale nt nil limes L'l by VILAS A- NOVES. Hurlington, June 6, H1G. , T a session of the . I rV Pro1 ate Court held RECOLLECTION'S 0 MEXICO, By Waddy Thompson. 1,50 Thomas Hood's Poems.' 0 Pictures from Iialv. hv Charles Dickens. 37) Moses from an old Manse, by N, Hawthorne 2 volumes. . 1,00 I'rieliton, by W. Harrison Ainitvorth. 25 A Year among the Jesuits. CO uyages in the Artie Rcj ions. DO Uvoiuan Titles. lit f EMOIRol Ihe life c,f Henry Ware; lly his broih- 1'A er, John Ware, M. D., new edilion, 2 vols. 81,50. Letters nddrrssed to Relatives nnd Friends, chiefly in reply to argument in support of lie do: trine of the Trinity; Uy Mary S. II. D.ind, new edition. Price, C2c. Deeclicr's Lectures to Young Men. 02 j Ad lresea and Misci l'aneou Writing By Charles l. llanunrK. u. u.. i-iole-snrol litl,lectual 1'lulos ophy nnd Political Ejonomy in Darlmtulh College, 8 10. 82,75 Napoleon nnd his Marshal. By J. T. Headleyi Vol.2. ContentsBiographical Sketches ol Marshal Mu rat, I.eMivre, Massena, Victor, liniiie.Marmuiil,Oud m"t, IJessicres, Jounlnn, llernadoiie, Suchet, Poma low. ski, Groucliy arid Ney, with thede-cnp'iins of the great Dailies in wnicii iney were engageo. vvuii a s tuj-ci ever me snme in lis cenerni irn lure, ihe author has accomohsheil the difficult task of giving individuality to the different bat'le -renes. nnd each chiellain is marked oy cliaracltrtstjcs w inch distinguish him from In fellow.. Nu one can rt.ul

these terriffic descriptions wiihout being greatly mov ed, and feehitg mote deeply than ever the horrois a.-.d miseries ol war.' The entire work complete in two beautiful I2mo vols, d'u trntcd with 12 steel engravings, nnd com prising a perfect portrait gallery ofNopnlean'a Mar shals. Price 82,50 The Chronicle of Cloveriiool. ; With some accoiinl of the Hermit of Uclli'.Kiillei By Douglas Oerold. Price I2ic A charming group of legends, charneieriz'-! by thc quaint irre-istih'e humor and ironv of Dickens, inter spersed with touches Lf exquisite Icauty ond pathos. I'mllla tVyiutlinm. By the author nf "Two Old Men's Tales." 25c. Like die previous productions 'of tin author, the present romance evince great dramatic 6k ill and pow er ; ibe scenes narrated occur at the period of the Pe ninsular War, and lbc Moral of thesioiy an oitcmpt to prove how much good may be redeemed from an untqual and infelicitous marriage. Mechanic's Tools. OTRONOS Al Co. Oder a hetvy stork and vcrv iJ extensive varietyof .ME.LIIANlOSTO'J!-1-, whe h hate been selected wilh jireal care bo'h in regard In a iperioriiy of hni-h and improvement In pattern, lo whuh the' .attention Gl'purcha-cr-i-soln ileJ. Among which nre, Spear .V . I lel.'-un's hind panel, ripping, nnd lack Saws, ip Pile, mid Chi-el-, bemh Plane, and Moulding tools, Phmi' aadLevel,"!eel andiron Squares, llnx rule-, (.'oippa-ses and Dividers, Hon! and Try squares, Wrenches, oa-t steel, Con rave nnd common Auger, .Auger hut.. Broad Axe-, band do. Date heis, hollow AugVo-s, draw shaves, -and piper. Brae-js and bills, siwSri't-, Ounblei, s.rew Driver, Uhrsel rfnd Anger hrndle. nail Hammers hanj Vise,, Chen bandJe-, Glue pot , Plane Iron" etc. (to. June 2, MG. House Finishings. jlT INPI1AL Knob, pearl wlirc face pllle, half JTJ pirnc and I rouzeJ, Ro-c wool do., Bra.- and Ola, do., Bell pulls, Bell mil haiging-, lll.ake. lalehes, Mortice lotl.-. Bits and sere.vs, Cuplnanl f 'alebo- nnd lo 'k-, Window spring-, window b ind Trimming-, Iink and hinge-. Honk-an 1 S a 'e-, Mali' gany and Vcneercl knob-, Hal and Co.11 books, (Tee. if-u., together with a full a-,ortm nl of House iMiinisliinus among-l wh eh bo i-e keeper- may fiud a great vsri eiv ol new, u-eiul, e.'unoiiucal, and nriiainen'nl article- at SIRONGS Si Co. June t, 'IS. Brooms, I'ails, &-c. CZ PnZ. Broom.. JJ 40 Woo. I Pails, 2 J " Alieanio Malt. " A-sor el vamnh Bru-he', 20 " do hair do 20" Common ami lancy Bu-ter, Win 1'iw and Floor do Tnl le I rii-be-, Fl-li do, Toolh and Nail do, Scrj) do. Shoe .1 it 1 H, re do , dLu. June 4, MS. STRONOS b Co. Hard Ware. OX( f'OZ. Blake- Liu-lie, sweJU 2H0fj gro "Premium'' Screws, tOD duz. wrol and ca-i iron Door B ills, 100 " " Table do 20 cwi. Hooks and Hinges, Together with an exunsivea ortment of Shelf and heavy Hardware, which is offered at wholesaloor ru tail, on favorable terms to the pur.'haer. June 1, M0. SI'UOMSS J- Co. Dry Groceries. f'( CIIE.STS Hyson, Young H., H. S. and Pow-U"-s eho'igTea. 10 Hbd-. SI. C'x. Por'o Iiii o and .V O. ugiu. 10 " " " " Mola-e-, 2 Tun-loaf, cru-h'd. and povvM. .-sugars. CanJIcs, Bar Soap, Standi, Ginger, Cis-ia, Pepper, Spice, Salerno-, t'noua, Vermicdla, Tobacco, Cloves, Nutmeg-, Lainn 0,1, Sperm t'anj'e-. Codri-h, Sal- Confessions of a Pretty Woman, ' moo, &.c. .tc. By Miss Pardoe, Author ol "City of Ihe Sultan," 1 i '46. STRONGS d Co. &,: Price 23c. 1 Curiosity will naturally boexriied by Ihe verv title HeaVV Hai'tlwarO. of 1I119 work ; such a ihr'me the bghis and slndesof , T nf. , a u woinno s -fe denictcd bv such a pirn, cannot fail ol I . ,, , - u , a,, nrovinr, eoual lo he high expectations which the au- h". .V v'": spanessnove , lorK. hees, ,c, ihci u,..'. ..!,' r.,,m r.!.!,,!,!. ,if "no snatoe., ul.a i'K em 1 ills oel' her former produciions. Harper's Illuminated Sliak'pcarc. .Nos 81 92 PlItCE 25 CF.STs. Bui lin-rtoii. .June 9, 1840 n TONS HAMS. fors!eat7Jrt. psr lb. bv l.KO. PhTERSON. ! FRESH TEAS. 71 . Tin Ware. VILAS & XOVKS contmue I lie nnnuf;ict urine f TirvWnre, nnd n nciieral ns"rlnienl kept con -lantlynti Inni). MfTclinnts nm. Pedlats cm all litnrs he supp'!''. nt rates that will gic sitisfaction. Hurlmiiicn, June G, 19.G. 2 Divhl Day (late Juu.) INtatr, PKTITIO.V TO COXVUV LAND. ST.TH OF VF.RMONT, 1 if net of ChiHendin n. nt llur 1 ifiiriori. within nn I lor the Disirict oft h'tien t!en, on ihe 30ih day of Mny, 1BJ6, comes Irene Kllii, of E-spx, in slid tlitrii l, nnd files in sinl ruun tier petititui in writnii;, settine furth lhat David D;iy. (Ute iun.i lale i sud Ksnex, deccaf(, wn, nt ihe lime of h'n dcith, under contract, hmdin? in liw nnd equity, to convey lo Slid Iri'na I.lli3, the followina k'sonhed pircelof lani), situated in smd Ks.x, iz ; hejmninn in the eaol line oi'tlie hihway leadmc from Hubtiell's fall, so called, bv Andrew Kllm, to Col Chester, in the imrlh line o( m No. 7; thenc s 54 dep. f.G chains 40 lin!s in a stake; ihence 4 deir., w Schitins; thence n. 51 dee . w. G eh.nns -10 link t Slid lnulivvny; thence n. 4 de?., e lo the place of be Einnin?. contiinina fitur acres of Innd. and is part nf lot no. 7; that the si.d Irene piiJ ihe (-aid Diiid for said land t-y conveying lo htm nnd Wm. Johnson, h-r riahtof dower in cerinn land belonjiina to theesine of her lale husbund, Ilnnsom f.llis, deceased, ond that the sat I David rii.'d without having e.xeciiiid a comey mcfofaaid land, nnd prnumr s.ud court to erant license to Georza Whiiucy administrator of t lie eMn(e ol the saiJ DawJ, to convey tu her (hetdid parcel i f lann ; WiiEnrirn.s, the court aforesaid doth nppoint the sefMiid Vfdnesday if July, 13IG, lor hearinir and de ridmr on sa.d peti ion at (he uffi- e tif the Uepitcr of said court in fcaid Kurlinslon, and doth order tint ail person interehled be notified thereof by publicition of this order, coninininc ihc suhsianceof said pnitjon, a newspaper primed in said liiirhnuton, ihe lasi uf H.AS &. NU'i r a ore noiv! alWi which nubhcniion to be urevious to the tune appoint- , city n pure arli-le nf Unseed (lit. Mrf cil for litnrin 2. lerftfe hammers. I narrow and broad nxrs, ng, r, cri'bars.-csldrnn Itl , ties, w.iuriri axles, steel sprincs, brass kettles, mill and circular siw., wrou2hi atnl cut nails imn nnd brass w ire, all, et c pper and brass, honp iron, in-M lead, sheet zinc, unnds one cranes, oven mouths plow castinjs, eic. S I'RO.NGj.f-CO. , J ine-t 14G. Paints and Oils. I 'rushes nnd Combs ! AN endless variety ofToolh, Nail, Shaving, Hair, Hot. Cl'ith. Kb sh. Stove and Mine Itriishes: as- snitments of Oresstntr, Fine an I Potket t'ombs of Ivoiy, liulljlo and Horn, ot I'ELK i jr-KAHS, Fancy Articles! CJOAPS. Perfume-. Pomades. Han.lolincs. Hair"Od-. O Lip Salve, Cachous, C it ?'as- Perfume llottlea, Pnn.'enis. P.ancv Jlirrors, Imb hlile Inks, PefT Hues, Toolh Powders, Pa-io and Ya?he., Ilair Dye and Krndicators, Court Plaster, Jones' Soaps, Flavor for I'jstry, ect. ect. ect. at l-hufx iv -ji'iM(, Cigars 3 A 3 W,n. WKSTON, Register. Magazines lor July. flodej's Lady's Hook, Graham's Slaazinc, (lobimbisn do. I.adus' National. MAMMOTH PICTOnlAL H r 0 1 Ii 0 r Jonathan, I'or the Kourlhol July. Prieel2j cents. A, KOWAIIDS- LAIifJP. assortments of auou brands oflmport ed and Oomolio Cigars, bv wholesale and rcinil 2 st PI-X'K A SPKAItS. 5 lusts ol Skin Tea. at 55 ct. per pound for sate bv Or.O. Pl.TKHSON. June 11, IS 10. Lost, BCTWEKN tho Square and WineosM cilv on or about the 15ili nil , a llroun (iter Coat', with a lane cape, buttons covered wnh Ihe sau.e cloih. In ine pockets mere was a pair ol liuckskin Mniens. n Poeket hrtiidkeribief, and n haine strap for a harness. Al-o lo3t, a ery dark colored 1! dlalo skin, marked with a letter Dor It, The finder will be liberally re warded by leaving Ihe same al the I'ouniv Hons,. n liurlinaton W n..'Q U T. ; June I, IS4G. 13 ' Family li'ibles FliOM Sl,2i to SJJ50. Tho jreatcit variety of , 0,'iarto liibles ever offered for sale 111 Veriiiunt, 1 can now be found nt the (,'bei.p Cash Store nl A.V'KL HDWAItDS, V. I, Pecks Building, Uurtlngton. LINSEI.I) OIL. 5TOX3 WhT e 1, drv an I in Oi iri":inl No. 1." Chrome Ve' I KeJ lead,'ri-, Pan- (Ireen, "Pore," :: V.-n neJ. r renc'i jt-ll-i I lysotl 1 l.ithirse. Ouin C"i.,l, 'hrome Green, H hinnir, P my, 1 -Mini- riirpennne, iuuj !. i.m-cei u . varni 1. alrlt- Windou' i-la- O I. &c. &.: J me 4, '-IG. inna r ,.,..i Paint an I Vuni'sh Hr-i-be-, Hot'eJ s ritoNtis &. Co. Giie n under mv hand at said Ilurlincton, tin- 30lh d.ayof .May. 13JG. wj a m. I'.a 1 u.n, rcjurer. Champlain fc Conneciicut River RAIL ROAD. Mfrn -'' rtzsssm . s -tij 1 1 WANTED, AN ewperii nred nun2 nnn as Hnok'keeper, one thnilns some aiqtri ntance with ihe Droj bu- il.l he preferred, by ; I'KUK. flt M'KAlt. (Rutland Route.) AN Assessment ol hie Dollars on a share, has lt'in ordered by the Pirtctors of the Lhaniplam nnd Connecticut Itiver Railroad I'ompany, pnjatile on the I'iih day of Angul next. Payments mav be ma 'e a' the Hank ofU'irlineton. nt the Itank if Vcr Cenne, at the Hank of Middlelnir y, nt ihe Hank of Kin la mi. nt ihe Hin of Uellowa Falls, at the Chesh ire Ihnk, Keene N. II., or at ihe Office nf Samuel Ilenshaw A. Son, Merclnnt's F.xehanire. Hi)ton. I. t ULl.Ll r, i'resident. Burlington, June 2, 1540. 1 lllf 8 ft VAOtl June 19, '4C. STRAY I'IG. s AMI! into ibe inch's ire f the s'llix-rilvr, aboui 'VVtlie I h,a WIIITF. PIG. The u tier will pay cliarses ond take it awae, H irlington, June 17, 1SI0. DAVID I100AN. 2vv3 I'eler Culbei IN Estate. Ibe suh-cn' er-, hn viiifc I ecu appointed by THE HOli 77 CUL TURIS T, AMI Journal al llurnl Art nnd Rural Taste. BV A. J. I'OWNI.NO, Aiiihornf 'l.aridscipeOar. ilemnv'.' 'Deiuns for ona-e Ui sidences'1 'Fruit. aii'l Frinn rersol America, Ac, ,c , 'I his Mairiziiio will leilcvoied mainlv to Horlfcul lure, O.arileiuuir, in a thiToucbly piaiticat as well as scientific tense, will be its leadint! oto'ecl i and il is hoped, inrouuh it- cnbiins, not only to render simple niul easy lo me novice, tiiu praclicai care ol all lhai be'oncs to ihe garden, hut also lo disreuiiiuie in all pans of ihe country, n Lnowleditcof all new andtm portanl discoaerub in Iloiiieu'lurc. PoMoinov the dese ripiiou and cultivation of Fruit ano i-rini lites, in which we arti already mure imrr e-ud than any o her utonle will he a topic continu- ally dicu4fd. fjaideiimi! ng an Art of Taste, avill alho have a eon-piciiou- pUceiu Ms columns. Kssat, hint-, mm d,.-isinson Oruanirnlalor 'Landscape Gar- dnimi!' wi l be frr qntntly prtsiniisl jo us readers. The err nl inuiesl innnir, Bird nl this moment, in ma n v ol ihesiaies, in Ihe einbelisbment of ground-, and Ihe en ciioii nf oiuamrninl dnellmgs, points nm ihe necessity of some p, riodual in w Inch these subjects ill. ill I e more coiopb iely illiisiratid from time in lime. Kur il Architecture so closely allied in its natuie will then fore be embodied ill ihe plan of this work, and 'Pes an for Cnunurs and Villa-,' Farm Houses, fl lie I.odae-, Ice-llousts, Vineries, Jic Ac. Hill virv inqoeiiny ne iniioumeu ininspn?rs. nu merous ioirespou U tils, from among ihose of nio-i HbilllV in the country, will place before its readers a variety of orltelts on .Time most inteies ng .nejects witliiii lis scope. A summary of llorti-ulttiral new. from the lead ni! borticullural jvirnals Hi F.neland, France ami Germany, will be given monihlv.aswsll asnoiiccs of all te mhre impnriant procrcdmc of the principal lloryenllural Si cuius in tbiscouniry. in short, tlii' per'iAdicol may be considered a conlin. nation of Ihe iou. work, nn rural sulj-cis, hy iis Filib.r, whu h han nireiuy neen si inoran;v reeeiv t Al IT ihe lo the l'rola'e (a irt fur th Dr triet of Cbiilenden, Cninnii--ioner- lo reieive, exam I,,.. ami mho. i the chums and demand- nf .,11 oer-on. nsrainsl the e-laieof Peter Olbert,late nfllurbnglon, in -aid Di-triet, deieinal, iepre-enie.1 iu-olvent, and al-o all cbiims and dein.indsuiliibiicil in olT el l lien -ro and ix months from ihe day ol ihe il.l e hereof. I eitia allowed by s.ii 1 Court lor that purpo-e, we do iherelore bereliy mvc notice, thnl we will at lend lo llio bo-ine-s ofonr appoiilllnent, b )be oilitas ot r-haf. ter i Peck, in llnrhueirn. In -aid Di-lnct, on ihe lGlb day ol July, the aOihday ot August, and i n the 'ii I d.iv of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol sail day-. Dated, tin- 8th dav of June, A. D. 1316. JOHN N. POMKIIOV, ?Coln,, 2w3 GHO. II. SHAW, J Cointii ('ash paid for Wool. rpllH subscriber will pay cash fur clean fleece j. wool, aemereo: al his store II A lilt V UltADLP.V. IJ irlinston, June II, 1916. chains desirous ol obiaimns a good anility of oil wil find n for their tntcrts' lo ea'l upon us nt our Store. iiiirimgion, June p, icnu. 1 Tin Flatus, Wire, &.c. T- IIOXKS Tin Plates, I 3 X anJ extra six.., J 50 HII-. Iron wire, Sheel Copper, Cop ,er Dull. II u.ia nnd Sheet Iron, sheM Lead, lead pipe, shett zni". r vei, &e 4e. J me l, MO. SITtONdS i Co. Saddlery. OTUONOS Co. have received anil oTer nn et- leiluiw uelc of Salllere. compri-iu .ilmo-t cery ir icle wanie 1 m iLe.r hue, uu rea-oual.le ieriu. J.oie I M5. ' - Ctillery. rpAl'I.K anJ d.'ssprt kn'nes iind fo'k, carver, I steels bu'i her-' knives, -bears, seissirs. pen and pocket knui-s. lamp sciisr-, rnz irs, nm picks, etc. June 1. . I KU.NUS ,t UU. (j'rintl Si ones. T TON'S Nnvj. .Sc it a fir n.l ,-iione.. Also, grind J stone t'rank-and r dlers. J me I, 'lb". STHONOS st Co. Frosh Cainphciic ! F), for ale bv barrel and on I draught. lly PKCK X SPKAit. Ksspiicos &.('. I f OUOSS Peppermint Ksjeiun. JuneC, 1316 (muainon Wimergrecn I.emon Cfovts Spearmint lleuilock 'Pulley Pircamnt Hnti-h Oil OjiudcUucIs do d do do do do do da do do VI I. AS For sale bv -t NOV1.S. Battinj.', &.C. BALK-iofP.aliinj, Cnl'.l. Waddinp, Wickin: C lion Vim. for sr'e hv June o, 13. u. and VILAS ,t novi:'. Brown sheet iiifis. ir'-'OO-KI nnd other sivlts and qjihties of HroHii Shitiuig, for sbIc by June C, 131G. VILAS & NOVKS. hers of ihe Seminary csme together and sdopird ihe following minute as a memento of their sense of her """. nd an riprrssinn of iheir own fcehnjun view of ,h di.,-en niion(fPrQVI(Jence. .oir'owTh.'nTh'V," '',8 lf"'nid wi,h lya rnembe, r ,Z ",f,''"Mr'!''-' Foster, recent, in Ihs delis t 1,1 walli r" ,''.n "nd W"tfd iiu u. d.,.eofonrfV in the ,.,ly courw. nrt bi s- "'.'! ".'"hj'so lona an inter. d.epy.ffliM. " '"" vtriues, we ftc ourselves 2d. Hesalted, That' w .rr . ifrs and Bvmp,hy wl i, ,i '.""""If mincle rmr mourning relaiives in il, , I'".f',v,d mother ami in testimony thereof, eoDvrrf,Kd",.0"& a ioinirindaofthsdcVBcj. osiurnt.n Crocltttry and (i lass Warn UAKUh. a China, eh cii by ibepub iC It is now his object lo as ist, ss far j June 3, IB 16. a- nos-ib',,'. in irivinundduionalimiiuUeioiheproHrfss I ELI AS LYMAN HAS ihi- day received an extensive assortment of Plsid. t'hetk, k Fancy Casimeie. Printed Plaid. Gold Mix and Plain Satinetls. Fancy and Gold Mix Tweeds. Hich summer Ve-iincs elc Slate Col and Oral, Moreens. Super lllk Lasting-, llbie Slripe, Cambria Plaids. Plaid Drilling. Rich Prints. .Muslin Ginghams. Coi'd t'i.mbrics elc. At-BO-A Cireai a-soriment of Hosiery WickHsre lllock, IBili June. Carppts, Carpels. TIIH subscriber has just recoiled a lares nort mem oft'arpts,ofdiflfrenl qiali'iei anlpauerns, which hs Hill sell by Ihe piece, or rttatl, at the lowest pjires. N. LOVELV. June3.18I. r I'nper I lnii:inf,'s. LAftGF, ns.nrment, direct, from ihs manufac . ' Hirers, at the I6wesl cash prices. June 3. N. LOVH.V. Abncr Wilcox's lUtate. T7"F. the subscribers, havini; been nppointfd hy the T llonornb e ihi I'm bale Couit lor I tie IJu'rici of Chil enden Cimmu-toners to receive, examine and adjust ihe cltiuns and demands of nil persons againsl ihe estate of Aimer Yailcox, lateol aacsltoru, tn said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and ilso all claims and demands exhibited in olfsi't there to; nud six inonihs fiom the (lay of llicd.atu heieol, hems: allowed hy sai 1 court for lhat purpose, we do inereioie herciiy rite not) e, mat we win auenu io Ihe business of our appoiniment, at the duellini: of widow ancy Wilcox, in Westfoid, in -aid District, on ihe firs' Thins lay ol September, and on the filth Thursday of October next, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ul said days. Daud ihi-Id dny of May. A. D. 1810 JOII ALI.F.N. I Commissioners lw3 IlKZhKIAII HOWF., I Comm",K,n"''' T W. GAfln, has just re'urnrd from markrt lI . ... . . -r ..., s- r.nrt 2 i. s w ii ii a new Dsst'noieui oi n.,i.i const-uug nf Mournins Lawns and de l-atnes, and Mourning utngtiatiis and u nam Lawns. A los A well selected assortniaul of LADU-S SLIPS, I HALF flAlTF.IlS. I1U.SK1NS, CiiitDBENs sunns. WALKI.MI SHOPS. etc. He. &c. Burlinnton, June 9, IBIC. Uf 1000 A LAItGF. assorlment of Crockcrv-f-niass Wnre, jv uiuna.eie. K, i,uvl;LV ,,r T t ,r,ie,il,i,i nl nn, I ihe la.lefu in Knra Lifetmh. m-ts which are now so larae'r occupying all those' jniere-lt-l in country purs ilia. mn.,,i, u,nnii.iiiinii J ii v. IBID 1 in numners ot 4a pajes, printed on fine paper, and rmhrli-hrd with ill inerouseniiravinjr-.i'hisiraiiveol ihe various su'jrct to which il n devoie l. making an annual volume of n'out CnO nsye. at S3 OOfl a vsar, payable in .dianer. Published by Lulher Tucker, Office of Ihe Culiiva lor. Mbnny , 2r The above work wi'l be dlslnbulrd at tliirlinl ion, fice of cbariffi for posisae. ss soon a ihe num ber of sut sculiers will warrant the expense. Orders solicited and the work shall be promptly forwarded, published. I.'. GOODRICH, Afit. Burlington, Vt. June, 1616. TO HE FOUND At Barlow Sc Wood's Store, Winooski Falls, SIDNKV ftAllLOW'S NOTKS ami ACCOUNTS, il 11,1112 -s ye.irs since ihesubseribercommeni ed wiih bomeof his present customers, is anxious io have all settle fWrnoniouiy. (if they cannot pay.) as ihli Is the I itt notice 111 Ihe newspaper! your nu mcJialo attention is respectfully requested. S1D.M.V 1IAULOW. urlincton.June 12, 1B16. Uf 75 N O T ICE. rPHF. Firm of II, N. Smith 0Cn., jj ibis Kay'dis- I baI-.H Irn ninliliil -niunl. Tli. nl,l Ihe iloriicilliirist will be issued on ihe first r.f each fiIm w, ,rlilelby II. N. Smith and L. Conkey, by whom It will hereafter be continued. II. K. SMITH, L. CONKF.V. IIIA'OUDWAV. , i.'lwS TUT PLAT3. - IIOXTINPI ATF, ICand 1.1 " " " IX -0.1 " 14 x 20 13 lllls IKON WIIlFa-.oriedNas. ft issia and Pngli-h Shcti Iron, Sberl Lead, an J C ii'er. Wire Vellum, Holt tloppcr, it". For Saleotehy VIUS & NOVF.S. Durlmglon, .May 12, 1616. Ml Conihs. DOZ. Side Combs, 100 " T ist i'o 101) " Wins do 10t " lw,rv iln 100 " C. ,V P. do ICO cross Wood Pocl el comb. For sale by VILAS it NOVKS. June C, 1SIG. Carriage .Makers ril.L tin I an exien-ive as-onment of gorvda m v tticr hue, n in. ss rea-on ib e lerin-, at June 1, '10. STHONUS i. Co. Firts Grates. VNKW pa"ern an I of uperir wo-'.m.auhiii, by June 1, '16. STKONUS & Co. Shoemakers Tools STItONCiS st Co. P ere!' var'rty June 1, M'3. SOAP. 500 loz, Jilinvinu sonn. I' "r a!e by VILAS & NOVKS. June C, lsltj. 1 Valunhle Farm fur Sale. rliIK nh-.cnl er It'ing iVtron of re I ttrmr Ironi lu-inc', nlTt'is for Ii's la ru a ii' I alnal)lf KAIt ''t rnni-.tmg of 3 OO acres oi t-x l.'ii i LAND, s m a'e.l in tin village of Chazv, Clinton. f?oun(y, N, Y. tVon ,lle prfiniM- ,.ro wo Hut llini non-L'-, mrtf iorn(cui nn i-u". tvt. ineurm i well w(mdtl an I wait ril, anJ is Hlu'peihrr one vt ihernoHt (ra'tnl-'ean J plea. ant locaiion in ihi I'oini tv. Tfrm fa-y rr iMriic-uIar-'. apply to ihe 'th rritrr on tin premie-. ALKXANDIUl SCOI V, Chazy, April 20, 161G. 7 aim BOO rs AND SIIOKS. THH .SMltrr,,.rhn X. y tt rc-ted from tho Minufnclu t'is n t-plcnd d nnr(intni nf HOOTS A 1HU'S oirtini'ii'iexerv ut-siTip Unit, u n Hi will Lesold nich'-pns I h1 cheap, est. Thtm' wi1iihh 10 tj uclnt- iuji hi du to rill ad eximine before purilti sirijj eiwunere. N 1 I'li-tom wok of nil kinds maJe io order and in the btsi myte. a 11 s d . An assortment of t IIOICi: CJItorl'HIUS, con- -istiiij in part of the f..ll m uj aruc ess 'IHS, tiU li. Groiinil .V unsroun SPICHS. .M HIATUS, OIL. SALT', 1 Vt'KKIUX, lODITSIl, NAIL"-, SNUl'P, .tc. Purlin I'OFPCE, MOLs-j.-jES, Fi.oni. r-At..lO.V. TOHACCO, if-e. I.". J. I'AV, Corner of Chuic'i anJ liati1. sts. I'on, June 1, ISl'J. 53if NOTICE. barlorins or tra-ting T Herein' forluJ nil nur-ons 1 mv -on, tleorso I). Pi -kerui,', lai my aevuuut is I shall ia- no Je of I,,- ennlrjciin?. ' ' joii.N i). pi.:Ki:nixo. Ilurlmston, June 2, 1S13. 533 SAItSAPAl.II.LA MEAD. rPIIK Vl PP. of lh'- prensration is tow ui'.lt I (.irnvn, sod every ,1 iv ihe fie',1 ut i-s ii-eful,ies i- eitemliii?, Il i nimr net and lusbly recommend e-l by PHYSIl IAN.', An I isnitmit'el to I e the lun-t nareeil le preparation Irom the roiil thai ever ever 1 en einpluii-J in .III I ICAL PlUt TICK Il i not Inr-iil in it- i.ier.iiiou lui seneral, cMcnninp through Ihe h"le sy-iem. Il nc.iirali.-e the noi oiusi element- .nlbe IILOOD. And re. tore- a hy louo to the oresns, hicb S'"rN r ioni u no. iii -eroi no is auJali eMernal .ti orders the rts ill i-ilie rnind ,'n-tra-e of ihe raine, in RHKl'MATISM, And other painful atfec ion-ol iho muscilaj rire n na'dy lenioial nl'ihe n tm ami in atliM.cs it rene l ) sirentn, Kt"epini aee with ihe rental ul the di ease fromihe .y-iem The pronrielyah I almosi daily reeeiviny lesnmonl- ni-in ine n too ol larse order, le.tiitini; iunicn.ii Wool!! Wool!!! fI,HE S ili-eriber- wo ild lieret y re I (.ectlully leut'er iheir exprisions of sralilude io a I ' eral pu! h lor iheir yinnaihv. and aisiani-e in our late mi loriiuie. unJ al o (or former pairon- use. Thev axam riler their serv-e- to llie v lie m Ihe Maniifaeiorinu' llu-ine-s and olu-1 a .ominii mice o' former 1'ivor'. They nropo-e io inauulae. luie Saiinett, Plain L"oih, Ktrtey and ITanntls inii n -bine- oeby the yard. .MlTtrtW i. PATRH K. II nesburrli, June 5,lilS. 5"iS iew Hooks, Just Keceivt'd. r 1PK OF FAITH. lyUpham, l-i Anteri'r Life, by 1'plii"', . riiol'imm ofibe Holy Spun and the Church, by .lenkyn-, . . . T he r-itent ot ih- Aronement, t v Jenkyn, he M,..,.,ni,v m erpri.e. Ili-eoursc- on 5li.sion., I y nieri'nii Author., Thelirenl O ,IIM,i by H"trl-, IheOieilTVaeh'r, " " ll.ivher'. I oei nes 'o oung .lien, 1're-i.ltnt Mnse'- lleiiiain.. Ikrn'nn- and Keinaio- of II. P. W.n-lov, JK-moir "of Mr" Ann U.Jul-onand lti.lory if Bir- man M-wn, Memoir of fie- Dana Hair.linan. Chrl-lamtv- by A. me I . U. Tri.tli Ma V Simple, ' V John Tod I, Ihrnlms'- lli-'orol Uo.i.ani-m, Work, "t 'uurew ru, r., j , fliehmond, Jilne 4, 1846. Bi tior Inln. thiiri "never ! THE subseriher has ben reeeif inn new assort, msnt of Ooo Is, from New Vork, which h will sell ss cheap, il nol chi-aprr, than can b purchased in tha country or city, either si retail or whnltsals Juc 3, 1646. .N LOVf LV Ticnwas, ace. Ca-cs York Tick. J 1 Bale " Fall Company' 2 " Striped Shining For Side by May U, 1316. dn V)LS 4 NOVKS. SO Cotton Thread, 1 000 lh'' S,--Jer', Cul"n Tbre4j' ivhiie 600 doz. Spool Threi'J 100 Ibst Linen do for isle he May 12, leTft. VILAS & .NOVES nioool areonler. le.tlllinir io ns ni'rw .""'. .". .,. ' value a- a nuslieine andaboa. Ihe mo.i neaan. and 1 Aids to IUtle . iiou, i y i. " Usrrinsrton llrohers, Church .1 Uurlinstton, al.o by Arnoit's Weinrnt. ofj lisic, W. ... llalcb & Uo. and Mu-on 4-Poll,... lUianamann . Or...n1 ' i June 3, ISI6. rfAKF.N up hv lb -nK'cribfr, yiars requested lu jy chari ("olehesier, June 4, ai5 Arlliti 's Anlinuariaii rscd.wi.haiair. Th.ownerls' A lyreeo.nivieu.Vb I h-b ve r.ol Crio.Uis v-Ht rS ind ... eher away, . b. .pty V f,-' OPS. t TILLEV flNNET , an . P trliriitM, Forsli'V STEVENS WCOPS. J e ? I'll