Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 3, 1846 Page 3
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brethren, to speak earnestly tu your people, in bihalf of this cnuso. Uratitudoto nn injured rnct.,olligation and inlcrcsl, tho oico of mercy within u, timl llio roice of eternal justice from the heavens cal'i its, at this season, 'to temember those in bonds as bound wilh thiMii.' Seven liundrrd and fifty of the African's recaptured from the'l'ons,' have been cast upon the cnlonv f)' support) this fnct increases our necessities and sirenirlhcns our appeal to the humane. In behalf nf the Hoard of Managers, SAMUEL 0. CRAFTS, l'ralimt. J, K. Converse, Secretary. P S Collections may bo sent to Daniel ItaMwin, Kt M.intpohcr j tn )ea. Saintnd Tracy, IlarllVi J, Vt., or to ItVv. J, K. Converse, llurlingion. congress. Fripat, Jnnn 19. In t lie Sknati:, Mr Went entl s'l iiuitte I a rrsnlntmn ilircctliiLr llm Sccro lary nl war tn rniniiiiiiiifalc In llio .Son it a copv nf a Idler fiom tlmi. fliiups In tin" wir I)jnrlin"nt, dated i"mv Orle m, Juno 7. 1S1."). in lelatton tu the roininand nf the Western di vision ot thi army. Mr V(tcott sud lid nkril for thin letter a an art of Justice to fien (..lines, a d Hid resolo. lion was adoptpd. Mr Div. called up the vvarclwusin:; hill and occupied an hour in explaining its provisions. The bill was then postponed and niado the special nrilur for Wednesday, and tin; Senate went itn Eveciitive session. In the llnu.T, Mr submitted a resolution to print Iho who it of Iho lestiinnnv In the case of Itioorsoll vs. Wcb-tcr, but the House rilupil In rereive it. Mr ;Vi'Kiy suhuiitlctl a resolution, in the usual form, to terminate the debate no the hill to rr-iltic.t- the I'arifl; on Tucday tho.KMi inst , which nan laid on tliu t.ible by 'a vote of OD to 63. Mil. WALKKIt'S WAR DUTIKS. Vasiii.noton, Juno 18th. I liavu nl lonclli seen I tin Si-ciclii y uf lint Tro.isury's ' Sclicilulo A,' tlesiynoil In slinvv Congress liow lo r.iisu a pari of tint extra luvcnuu nr cissnry to prnsccnlu lliu Wur nonius! Mexico, I linil ill it lie limits fioin this Sclii'ilnin (lie prnlecleil utliclos nlniosl entirely Cottons, Woolens, Iron, Sugar, iVi,, us on llicso lie catciilnles to raise snvrrul millions, mum by ruiliicinn; the present duties, ns nlrenily te cinnmt'iiiled liy liim. Tin; rliief iirtiilit nn which lie expects to increase, tlm Revenue liy uugniviiting duties, nre lliese: Proposed hv do. hv I stimiicd Present duly. .M K'sh l. Walker, increase. Tn now Free SO p el. 20 pet. 9j '.lit 20 20 1,070 IPO free. 13 Hill I 10 15 75 1 0.1 i 20 SO 10i.2'27 I 20 30 75 OflO 30 40 no change dnffee, do llri'iisinne. do Tm, foil, plates, ipc. ? ToVirro, 20 it n- straw lenl.vxc. .it so-mrs, siiii(I,ee. 29 Kitthcn. iliina and stone wire, 30 O i , Tumblers 137 llrinih' ami sjiirils, 10 ''ill eh", Gli Oor.lii's, ,f.c. tl Fruils, 23 to Si S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, WHOSE &8S s t o n n , J?r. 20 20 75 30 75 30 30 30 125 40 40 40 no chinee iroroo 3on 150 ono mo '00 80 000 7.( then lUnni,m-iiv ... 10 whole. " ' ' lee of tho SATUttDAV, June 20. The Senate was nut in session to day. The House went into Committee nf llm Whole. Mr Cobb 111 tho chair, an J look up the TantVIMI. fir Dirrazh made an clcqiicnt mid interest, inc pBpeh in support nf the protective policy, lit was heard with much attention. M S i vyr I, and con u nice I h tini Mr I'ol k and those vho have Mirreuderpd hall if Oregon, after havnii; boislernun'y claimed Iho whoV, nlil and lelt, w ilh sledje hiiiiiiier lick. He pronounced it a Imp, piiilauonoii hickiu out no ui liter who did II and threatened the VPiiiriance of the iniuhty Wet upon t icm for the ant. lie acknim,ldjred hi tnr'y a in trouble. lie attacked 5lw-r-. Ilntnn .md I'.ivue, and thf latter called bun In order. The rule vvpm appealed to. Several members expressed their views. The Chairman L'ave his view. At lenslh Mr Sawyer was permitted to go on, and nn he u cut. Monday", June '22. Tho session nf the Scs' ATE wa. brief. Mr. C'liov. nf New Ilainp-hr,., vv is du'y rjiul find and look Ins spat. Mr then ron', and m an ehin; lent and niiiireiio manner ann'oiiicpil the death nf Mr R'l'haril P. Horrick, of ,Vew Vnrk ; when, after iho paairn nf the resnlu'ioiia mrntoiil in such iiiuuriiful oc Casion, the body adjourned. The HnusF, afitT the aooouneeinent nf the ilpath fifthe I ton. R'clnrd V l'rrn'k, and the ml.ipliiin nl the cuMiiiti iry re. 1111111", adjourn, cd. Tuksoav. June 23. 'lie Senate was not in ecss 1011 iu.1i.1y. II iUse Thij Speaker tnnk the chair tn day at V2 o'clock, md called the IInun to order. Tlie journal of e-tnnl IV wis then re ul, and the funeral profession of the late !In, 1'ichard 1'. MEERtCK entered the Mali. General Si'ntt and his two Aid-, and (ion. Juiip came m and took spats reserved for the Xevt followed the President ami Cilunel.w 1, 11 were all pre-mit erept .Mr .Man'i ; net the Senate ; tliPti the Ciintnitleo of ArranoiiiPtits ; tnen pan nearer;, Willi Hiecolliu. iNexnollnw. ed tl'p f iemU of tie dp('oied and lh New Verl; Drft'cstioo as i.iouriier!'. U-v. Mr M.llioiirn.thi1 Chaplain nf the Mouse otPrMil up an eloquent praver, and the Itov. ,1r. Tutui prpirhoil the funeral serumn. Thever. vice clopil at a quarter nt one n'clnek, when llio irnceinn lofi tho Hall for the Con-jrefs-in i il burial. yrouinl, WF.nvKnAV, June 21. In the Sf.natf, this morn n'. a loiter vvi re id fnm (Jen. Cainea, comn iincatpd hv Iho War ncpirtment. A de bat" ar m 011 a hill reported from the Military I'iiii'ii Hi", by lr It'iiton. Altor some other iniji"iaui business ihe Senile went intnevecu tivo s "-ion, where they remained for soiie limp; afipr which lliey adjourned, TIip llnu-F, hv a strnoij vo'e, adonled a re. nl'itloii to tonuoiaip the debate nn the levenue bill nn Thiir-dH'nf nel week, Jnlv Ihe sei'niul. The diy was spent 111 debate 011 that lull. TlIUODAV, J uue 2-, In the Skvatf. ,f Bright iolmdlieed 1 Inil to increa-" tliepivni unit cntinnis-iniipd nflleers and privit "f ntiliii ry and vnluiitepr comtiniies ami rei'iu'i'iiu, ami to allow the nffiYcrs of the i-aiiie ? omit uf land in certain Mr i'earco repirleil a bill providing fur the publication nd 1I1-I riliut inn nfadiltiooil cnne. of the scisntiiic works of the Ciplnriiiz Kxpedi. lion. The resolution to adjoiirn nr. the 20 h nf J ilv coming op in order, .Mr llreeso moved to post, p.ine it until Mondav, nn account nt tlie absence of Mr lliintinglnn. 1, 1st 21 In 2.'). The -dilution lining' nn its pia'.'e, it ivi briefly and strnngly nptio.ed by ,lr. II mi", in and Vulee, nn the '.'round that the peri id wi about to arrive hen Conuress could and rboii'd legislaie for our prople beyond the l!..ukv Mounlaius. Tho latter moved lo lay the reso lutinn on the table. The lireeso took tho sunn croiin I. llo vw unwillunr to tJ've the power nf adjournment to the Houre. Mr Wepcnlt tnnk the same view of thi cae. Mr I) wis advocitp.l the resotu- tlon. He tlinuolit there was lono enough to do all tbe work necearv, by iIip 20 h Julv. Mr Sevier mnnsed tlie resolution. 'I'liu tno" vas Iiki short .'.ir i lie luisiness before Iheoi.aiid he was iinwilnii.. to ailjuiro and leave iiiUler unacted mi, Mr Clav' n mived lo evteod tin - . J1 3 ' nf-V iciut. .Mrlleu'ni would p'O'nr he wiil'iiN " The Kuronein 1nl .f the IS h July will ar, rive about llio I) I August, and it might be found inceuvp iieut tn a iourn on 1'iat div. Mi Fuifiebl advocated the 27'h July. Mr Sevier opposed the ailjoiiriunpnl. As snon as the Warelmii.e lldl was ac ed upon, he wished to call up Ihe Sub-Treasury Hill and pass it. The debate was further continued with great animv'ino. The adjournment wis advocated by ,i'm, C iv'tnu and I) ckiiiMin, ami nppned by Messrs llighv, Speight, Cn'qont and lien, tno. 7'here was quite a spirring heiween M-ttrt. I) ckiiison and lleuton, vv hich afTirded come amiiFeuieiit, The res'iliHinii was then laid on the tdb'e, yeas 2S, nays 23. Tho lull for oriranizmg ihe Volunteers was then taken up. Mr IJculoii explained itt pro. visions. House. A motion was mule, nn wliiehara'l of the House was demanded, The Yeas and Nays were ordered, and the motion rejected. Yeas 4(1, Nays 07. The Hons. i,en resnlved itself into Committer) nf the Wlmie, Mr Cobb in tho Chair, and resumed the consideration nf the bill to reiluci the Tariff. Mr Winlhrop made an eloquent and powerful speerh in sup port of tho present Tariff system. Mr Bred, bead next addressed the Cninmllto?, and spoke Ills hour in favor ul sustaining the present svs. He was quite animated and severe upon his Southern political friends. Mr lluhharil of Vir einia, f dlowed, am advocated a modification of the present 'I a nit. Mr Kwincr. of Pennsylvania, obtained tho floor next, and addressed tho Committee in favor of TarilTaflbrdinf; Protection In American Indus, trf He contended that party had two much to do with th Ici'iftutinn ol tho country. The Sectelury f.nllier proposes duties nf 5 tn 10 per cent., on lioiilli, linn Stones, Cork, (iiecn Turtle, Ivnij, nnd the viirinus C3 ti 111s, IS ills. Woods, Vreeluliles, &r. &.C., now used niniiily fur Dveiug or ns Dines, whereby lie experts lo leulistu individually sin. ill sums lint collectively 11 very considera ble one. It is rcnrulsiilile that whenever lie culs down .1 duly lie expects ;m iucreasr of Ri'Veniie, mid where lie increases nun lm is s inguiiio nf 11 like result! I ctnnnt dniilil that lie would often bo disappointed both uovs. , c 1 JU "TTrxpects 0 ,,, $1.10,000 mcii'iisr- nn I'ut.iloes, li cnltTnf ilrfwii lliodiitv fioin 10 routs per busied to 30 per ceot, w lien 1 nut . , t . trt ,1 coiilnienl no vviiiiui not C' l 111 1111 on this 111 1 icl'. Sewine Silk or Twist lie vviiold have cut down fioin 3S per cent, (specific) to 30 per cent, nil v.ilnieni, mid expecls lo clear S300,r00 ! hv lists clianee 11 111011- slrniis delusion, Wliv lie liropnses to raise the dulies pinpnsed liy 1M1 K iv on Seenrs .md Snuff, Cut Glass, Tiinibleis, Sewing Silk, ttc. Slc., when his own estimates show lliat he does nut expect to L'l't mi iucienso of Revenue, nnd in several iiistanres mil so much ns Mi Kiv's bill would give, il would io7.7.le bini to tell. He disci linis Prnleriion, nnd decl.iies that the lowest dulv that will pro luce llio remiMto 1'evenue should in cases lie levied, yet expiessly conliudicls this rule in pr.ictire. HnweVer, there is litlle danger of llio pas sage of this bill, but the wotlil 111 iv us well lie .ippiiscd of its cliatucler. A'. V. Tribune. AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises one of llio most splendid nnd cmernl Mi" us 111 Iho Nate, .vii eoous noiiui nnu sum strictly fut Cish, and of course Clonp. IOU SuTT nAlllllNCi lON ItltOl lll US I L lOO'l ItiEa'n OIGAIlti. 3nC0 KsprrnliZI do 10 10 I, indon 11 ca'h do (I oxes containing 100.) 2010 Washmgion Lauornia Ciairs 41.00 I'nris do ldOJ Cheioivs do The aliovuaro a lew l ist received from New oik, nnd will be sold low for cosh. July 2, 1316. V ItMONT t'llNTIt.Vlj It.VIr, HOAU. VN ns-e-puii-iit ul ''Mi ( -n n share hns n-n np.prl t y lln- Dirrrtur nt iho Vt-rmnn( (Vtnrnl llnl It '.itl Omnpruiv ti-i vnKlo nn tlie firl (hv nf Ail". Aiccmntc iJatiu ni i;.ir miion, ni I lie iiimk m .uinir pclnr. nt iho Hnik f Wo.nNtnrk, or, nt iheTicasu rer t Otlicp, 17 Ioiw.lin.trin i'IJ, I ' PIlENCir A0ADHMV. ICnoins over Jt!r. cy's Hloro " IU.NMKUII P.O P. Iln ilAIUY. trccnily from iL Minimal, nnd who has letnoicii d ln reanbir cuirs.' of studies in n r.cnib Uiuvc uv, will open in lln plaie, for two mon'Tiis onlv. iei flf'ttnlh nf Juti iti't , n -'eliool for instructions in tlio I'lcmb LnnKiiaue. I'liu) e.iple olllnrl nuten tue ns-mol tin iiiiihinir slinll be vvaniincou hts pstt n render his in atrueiions nsiisclnla oib.o to Ii9iupt. The tact 01 nis pi s ,s mr rum: Parisian AccnxT, (s)deservidlyesleeniul by nil wflle(lneil',d persons) euro irnei s bun tnhope thai his nttemplsln cstnblish in mis piarcnn institiiinin wncre me c renin ion eusiemiy bo m q urcd in its punt), will be lib'.'tnl lynj ported. Tbe time nf mrctin; hi pupils will be for Gentlemen at 0 n'clnek A. M., forl.idies at 1J o'clock P. M., to cotilinue lino li'inr each. v Mr P. 0. P. DeM iray emitinnrs nlso lo cive leg sons in private fiini'ies. Pre lecinl s wi I bo civiii to his pupils twice ii Willi, on .vi dlis rnCNcit lit r.nTfnc, such inlrodiuid Hi I'raneiby l,e Yitomlt lit ('Wfjudi 'Mil, Itcfer to l Davey Itsq , J. W. Ilickock Ivq.. to tho I'iro Press om. e, or tu ihe liisituctur himself at .Mr I) nine'H lloirilinir houe. Prompt npp'ieaiinti" nre rcspectfu'y soliclcd. 33 lilias Lyman rerrivdl n lew eteemt Silk llcrare TTAS in. I I"l shvvl, nn,l s,-n,ra Alui. Ilerlll Wool Shawls. very InrL'c nnd luaulilut. A crfni vn-ioty Tien Dress U nuts aueli as I' inev Muslin, nnu innclinin umnie ii led llebcs, MikIiii Ginithnnis Law's and lie I.nines, Also, a few JIooriurR I.awns, wliicbwill bo IJ ve ry low. June 23. ! .1. C. lUJTtlUIU'i'HH, nrillTn M P P.VI.V'I I'.II. hns nkej the room over J Iho shop of Mr. Orr, on I'hnrrli street, where be will lie linnnv lo yprve the citizens i f 11m liiictan, in thelincofhu nrofe-ion. P. nrnii If severnl nl Iho peopeofilus may at nny tun ' e inspicled nl Ins rnool. 'r - II. "rion. .rune 'Tjpp.'r HVti To Kent. jsrt O HOL'.SliS at Ihe Pulls, new. "KHh I do on Iho lull, near ihe Palls, il.ffin 1 do in the So uh i f ihe Vi hse. ililiSil. II, W. CA1I.IN. Inly 2, lSlfl SINGING. P irenls are lefunod lo the ndvni tiement of Mr. Nichols., in another column. Mr. N. is .itrcady fivur.ibly known in this coiinnu uity, anil he liriogs with Inni hiohly (1 illering lestiuioni ils of lit-, success elsewhere. P. S. We ai e requested to stale that in Conseipicnco of tlie seven) ruin on Wednes day last, the fiist lesson of Mr. Nicluils' Ju venile Singing School is defetied until Wed nesday of net week. WII.I, PriP.SI-.NTKD. STA'I'P. OP VPItMONT. j A T n Probi'o Court isrn t orHr.uiil I k-. s.. J holdcii nt my (Iwelluiiho ise in Norih Hero, in said district, on the 23th day of June A I) 1910. An instrument purporliug to be ihe 'ast Wi'l nnd Ti-stunent nl ' I.andon, lale of Smith Mu rom said dlSTlit, (hecnsid. tititl presenile In Ihe C! tori ho-e. by Jesse I, md n, ono ot the Cecti1"rs thireio nained for Probate i It Is nu'iredbv nid Ciurt that all persons rued then in. be notified lo nppear at a session of said ('oiirt, lo bj holdtn nt the Court House in IVorih Hero, in said district, on the 2jiIi (I ivof July ni't, and show cause, if any ihev nnv have, ana u-t ihe Probate of-nid Will, for whicli pittpiw il is further ordered, ihnt n ci py of the record of ibis order ho published iluee w(eks s'ucressivelv in the lliirliiikion Prce Pie-s, pnntej at Burlington, ns soon ns mav oe. A true copy of record. 4v3 APtll'S'lt KNK.IIT. ..?. pnnn Congress Vtiloi'. TPTrerfived a sopplv or fresh Conpress ,1 wattr (tiru-ifioin tho old t'onerc!? Spnnizaii.l vvii! be kept a full supply on lunt.tgi'l tunes, nnd b.r si v, tit.o. ri;n-;iisu.N. Iliirlinelnn..liine30, 1340. 1 ."cit-oiit'il I iiinilxM'. 1 Xflfl!1! GPS, 1J inch sen oncd lumlier. Pur i -y i r si'e'.v. i;j.o. pr.TP.itsox. Iliic'lueton, June 30, IS1G. h V . HOlMilNS, ' ' 1 sb m V M .i'FKT. nve' Mr I'.ic1. v intt A. K I) W A R OS' chi:a r CASH iXn. 1 Peek's Buildings. A cont'iiil nssurt int-nt ol School, Classical nnd Miscellaneous Hooks and Stntionety nt (J1TV P1UI. P.S. I PCOl.t.P.CTIONS OP MEXICO, Ily Wnddy I X, Tllotnpsnn. Ii"1, Thomas Homl's Poems. CO Pictures rroin Italy, bv Olnrlrs Dickens. 374 Moses from on old Mnnsc. by N,. Hawthorn- 2 volumes. 1,00 t'tiehton, by W. Ilntrlson Ainswotlh, 2$ . Y ear amoiijr me jesuus. ou Voyaecs in the Artie llejions. 60 t.ivonian Tnles. lij M lUIOIIlol tlie lifrM.f flcury Wnret tiy hi lumb er, John Ware, M. D., new edition, 2 vols. S1.C0 t.eiiura nil.tnsseil to ltdatives nnd Friends, cha 11 v ill reply tu nrirunienls in support of ne amlrxnt ol ne VVinuyt oy iuory a. u. ljiiu, new innni. Price, C2!e. Ilci'dier's Lectures to Young Men. C2l Addresses nnd Miscellaneous Writings Ily Olwrles II. Haddork. D D. Professor or liitclectnal i nuos nphyand Political n.onnmyin Dnrtinuulh Cnlh-ge, 8 so. 82,75 . Swell's School Books. Chamjilain &. Contiociictit River KAIL ROAD. ( linllaiid llmitc.) AN Assessment nl Pivo Debars on n share, has h'M ti ordered bv the I 'Hectors uf the h uunlfilll and Conneeticut ltiser Hnilnrid Cotnpnnv, payable on Pie 12lh diy of August nest. Pnynums iinv be niaioai tlie itanh oritnrlinuton, ntlhe iionu it vcf L'ennes, nt tin- of Middlebuiy, nt the Bank or uiiinno, ni l lie nam. ol Mellows rails, nl lie; i;nesu. ire Hank, Kccue N. II., or at tho OITWc of fiaiuuel llcinhaw vt Son, Merchant's Kxchaece, lioston. I . t ui.i.i;i i, i'rniucnr. liuilinttlon, June 2, IB 10. 1 Abncr Vllcn. llstntc, WP the subscribers, hnving been appointed by the Hnnotnhle ihs tr.,l.,lo n,.,itl r,,p llii. llisiriet of Chit tn len. tomniis-iouers to receive, exsmiue anil n.ljust the c-laiint nnd demands of nil persons ngnnut ihe i-lnte of .Miner Wilcox, lale of Wesirord, in and Uiattict, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd ilso all claims nnd dHnand exliibiied in ofisct there to l nod six months ft omlheHnv nT the il-tlf. bprr-nt. beini! nlliivicil by s4i I court for Ihat purpose, we do Carpels, Carpols. THP. subaeiiler has jist rxdv'd n Inr?' 1-sott-1 menlofl'niptts.ofilill riiitq nb lei nn i pniierns, wt Ida he will sell by the piece, or r. .yit, jt ' low' s( piices. L'"-!''-June 3. 1?C . . I'itncr I laiiLMns-s'- t MIIOF. ns ortment, dm-rt from the maf.afie . Hirers, nt the luwesl cash prices ,,.,,. June 3 N. l0 ' US . (Trochcry and (la. Wnrc A LAflOP, assortnrenti)fCrockerv- f- 'iln VVirn, j uliini. etc. k. f.ovt:. June 3, 1910, A" ) T I C Ii. rtllli: Firm of fl. N. Smith .'-Co.. is this dsv.' t I .nlved bv miiinal con-ent. Th-1 sine s of i'n firm Will le scii'elbv II. N Smiih nnd I.. C.'wiik, y, by whom itwill lierealier be coniiruitd II. is .Mini, j.. co.Vv'nv. IftA O IDV. AV. nkhmond,June4, 13IG. 'M Bettor Into, than never ! THE subscriber has been reeeivng a new assort ment of t.oods, from .Vevr York, which he will sell ns rhrnn. it not cheiw r. thin can be punlnseii tluiefoie hereby irive noli c, ihat we will nttenJ to in the counlrv or city, tuber nt retail or whoVsi , the business ol nor appointment, nt the dwelling ef Juiio3 1c4C. N I.O t.iA . e Siore. nni' inn v oeeunied hv O. 11, t o'sw'.liilrcli tleet Iliirliimlun, 't. ly j-ini'19.46. SilvPI' S)OOIW. TriLAS ft NOYP.S havo no a lire" assorltnent ot Silver Table, Tea, l)ess-p not Snll Spoons which ihev nfi'; upon advauM!! terms. The rjuahly of llicjirtirle will bo ttarrnufca good bv us. Iliirhiuiou, June 1S1C. 2 4) h'or Salt! or to Hunt. A 1.-,,.,, .... ,l. I.l... ,1.. lloa iti.sri.i-. , ....... MilCV-if ti'inn ot tlie vi live coiituninu nnoui KtsS 32 acr. . II. I,i:.VP..N Oil 1 11. Iliirhnjioii Juno 30, ISlG. 4 Tut; ICtntnrr.A.v lTi:iivi:rit)N. Tin-New- Yoik Herald has a letter from Wnsli inetiiii, dated on S.ituid iv, vvliich s i s Mr I! it'll man has h id nn itnxiiv amirs nsv.ivi:. STA'W HI' l';.'lO.Y7', ) ('IIP. Hon. the Disimci nr fhuieiidcii, i . ) 1 Proline I'ourt tor iti- Oi-iri -to Chun n en--'l o all per on-enn -ern-ed in thec-c-ue ot Henry llvde, Lite of Itiirhuiiioii, in said D.sirn t, ili eeised, (,nEEniso, vViiinr.v-. Ileitiy l.eivnoor b, Pt'r ot ihe ,,-t I,.iit 1.14,1.1 Ii i run. intimation fioin I ,tcr nn necouni of his a 'ni riistrnii'in, acd orcsent hi Mr P.ikenli.iin, ns vet upon tin; siibiect of , account naamst sai I e-taie rro inun ui-m .in I nllow , i:," ,i it i i :. i .voce at a seiou nl ti.e Couri of Pnibjic, to be li'ddi ii vit'j .nnu iiii-ii ii i t inn , .nn, -.iiiiijii, ii ni' prdpnseil by the liull-.ll Miiu-,lei, we feeluii-' tliiiii.ed to sty lint lliu Secretary of Stale, as far us In is concerned, will promptly re ject it. The views of tho President are cer lainlv not in f.ivnr of nny such iiilervi iiliuii, mil will irhi! .iilniiited liy his independent .ipprnpri ition. What the Senate may do, is another branch of tint ;u jiinirnl. ti:mpi:ii nc : county con v icn'i'ion. The friends nf I'eiiipeimice, nnd the up pollen s of Licenses for the sale nf inioxici linj iliiiiss, in tm- County of Chilteudi u, .ire iuviteil to meet in Couniv Ciinveulioii ul litll hneto.l, nil Wed ies l.iv the Twelil v -i C mi'Idiy nf Julv ins! ml .it lO.iYloik A.M.. til I. ike .such incnsllles lls ln.iV he deemed X.iedieut til sei lire the pei ill llieilt llscen I nicv nf those principles which ihev buhl In he essenlill In the welfili- nf the Si He Tit U M N CM I TTKXnRN', President Cltithiidni Co Tot it .b. Sucitty E. A. SrvN-miiiv, Secretory. ni the 11.-2 si.i-m i tfie,-in -ni,l Iturltnctou on the tourih Ue.iuc IS v o"3Tilv- t ', ,t ' 1 1 TurttKionr, you :ne iicie'iy notified 'o appear be- lore Mild eooti nt iho tune nnd place nloic-ai I, and -hew cause, il nuv y'"t have, why ihe acc.'Unt afore- aid -In il I nut be nl ov,-J. (iiven iitldrr nvhaiiilai Ibrhnntno this first dnv ol July, A. t). !8!C. Wji. WP.S ION, lltghter, ' M iN oticc lO I )l'lllislS. ITtOM iccenl nrrairjcmcnis, wenre (niib'ed lohir-il-h STOcicioN's'l'rEiu Gum, th i pid, Molar, Plate and Pivot nil shndi s, at leiliiccd prices. Also, As-or'nieiiis tr Dent,! lnsirumcntfl, Fuil, Itiises, do, (tc,, ei nstautlv icceei ivni-7 ai Stociiton's DcroT. liy lT.t K SPi:vK. t Mutbouion, Vt. DISSOLU I'lON. rSIIIP t'op'ir in rh p hert't'ifore cxisiinc under ihe I lii.ii .,f .11 DON'vh i & MILLS, is ilinxUy niisjlvtd bv lliu ual i" ni-i ot. JDIIV M. DOWLD, jr. TIIOMA- MILL. Ibirhneioo, J ,'v I 1: 11. I ' j ICcho 7I1Y ot V .luldteil I 'I V UIMI.K'si CI.IJIl, This eveiiino at 7 o'clock, subject con tinned, the drape Vine. answers r,, s whi nre so earffn' nfilicii oilier rispeeis, i-iifi r ihein lo be freelde.l tint ' him I w Ii n no- cake of.iH-' oilll rVl'Mic.l.So.p a' I Willi NOT' VS,w ill etrclti till ri'iunve it P io.i'-w s IP'i" Why d, yoime via lens m or i.iuie v.iu h nnd 'eauty, n low Iheiuse ves in anpr ir w tli tan af d niuipi s upnn lln u fai -s, when a iurle en e of J.inis Smri will entirely eradicate P LA W'S Pltl'JUUM I'oinwm.r. GRIvST MILL, For Grinding Vhcnt llyc, ()ats Piaster ami all hind of I'rtriiuhr. rillir.flutiaeii'i'r Inurns piirrlina e of R!r..TOSI.n I'Lvrr, ul Weston, t nnniM-n ul, the tmhl for Vtirnionl. Mass.ichn sen -nnd NevvHfminslnri'. is now iinmifaciiiimir, nt Im Mu'li'ne .SMp.nt Hurlinutn rail-, .MU9oi ineiiiosi innroiuiiT-H nt'fi rnnsiruc U'Hi, and prcp.irnl to fell .Mil n ti Riuhts for nny itiwn not nlu lily i)ijio r I of. TtiCL''Tt lulvinfiircnl ttii over tin1 common Gnt Mill, t- nimi-n to nny one on insjut tion, nn tins .Mil; cm ueu-'.t hv lmr icnni or Tier puwer, w itli !i If tho pnwi r rpquirfrt to drive a rommon Oriit .Md . The mill t ok tho fir! premi um nl ihi Turin New York cilV nnd nUo nl ihe Auriruluirul Tiir in Ilrho-ifr, m pi. 1911 None but ihwrrv h-t KlUJ.VCH II'U t i$ro.n;S ore pul intotlifSt' M'llt. We iindtTBi nfd, cerli'V ' Qt. Albnns Hay nn tin' 'J I div of November, lb! i. 'ft 'fin Stontn 3iw Mi lil Mini ph'T, t!irn wii im nj tn Vt,A IT.S POUTMlLl! GRISr .MILK n-fi i p in lint Ifii bn lie's nfpei nnd oit, nni dnnp in tho ht nnnncr, wiihin 30 iiitnntf-; nnd we fiirihcr reitifv, tli il we I'Mlieve lheniil Mill r,pib' of vrf 'rmins nil ihe ynndmL' ii-nully done in a Gn Mill equil to any Ail m ini-t .ittt. i on run ti s mi And we further t ti , tint the null aro.ind elcht bns'ic'i nnd n In fofCInrn, (fine inc'il.j in an liour, wiihinu being in tne irni timt.M. I. S. lMVM-', MUttr. KU.PII I,SKI.U1 JMi;- I M-(V. Ihv,m, Ii. . IIUUMU T. f ''"s"' I the tindersitintd, ctriifv thai penf Plmt't Portn. ble CI nut .Mill-liT. lcn luted nn 'i Mcssr-i White f' tV. Cint .Mdl .it Verueniit'S ani I wi 1 fnuklv snv tn the public tint I Inw fully tn d ih' u.ili bmh on tl wring niivl nroVL'ii 'ci, nnd 'n ci:iiii to tin full C'incIiiMOii, lint the rdmvr mil' u i inpcic wilh n.iy null in tho i-ounlry boih in fl wn md pmv under. AS MAURI' ora, Miller. Wrcinnci). April 23, 181! Tho M'ul itbtive naniM was in nfrnliontn tbe Wr- gpniu's Irrni Coinptnv CJiut Mill. 4 number f ilavs; ., ,11. J UCIIl K 11 IU n Pir w Grnin, wt wore v. ell satiHiK-vi he a "rood nrt'i'lo a m:. imukhu, U'm. Ii. Will Ti;, Ves. of Xrxenncs Hank. Tv. is to criif" thu nnn nf '? I'ornlde (irit; MdU li.i- been put in opr n tic ftiil Mill at All MU'bury, bv the uliof .rvin rjnofHnr titonr', md I havo given it n thnroiiL'h uinl, boih on llnvvtr nnd provendpr nnd I am 'mult tn mv in llio pub ir, I hi i I .nn tMtifi"d iho mill wdl d business trpinl tn any iun uf is tones in ibiiiin'v M. riJ.VM .MI1AM, MitUr. MMdlclnry.Julr 20, 1815. Tin i to eeriifv tint Ilnve bonnhf. nnd hive m vv in uc, one if I'Mii's P 'h'nt Mills in my Orist Mill, by iho nde of 3 Uun of -1 ft 'fl inch Uurr umc", Mid enn frnnkly tny to ihe publii ihnt ll ran do work i f.i.t and n- vvill ns nnv oilwr -at n, of the hrye kind with of i he piivvt r, arnl ven'y t -I eve they nrenpn 1 ) of doiiiii any and all kinds of voik done in a OriM Mill. LKWIS Mr.KItnT. JMK-5 UUHAM, Miller. Ilirtliind, April VH, 1HU. Thu nny vriifv lhai I hive h nhf-antl hive nnw n in, nnt of P'H litnt !r j'.MdU. nnd ll works svi-ll on nil kind of Onin, t-i r n Vv ihe side of 1 II m ft. Ibirr Sionrn, nnd fn nnfid-nily sny tb'iiit w i'l do ns inni h work v itli one 'filf the power nnd as well n'h- hrptone. IMMKL CUSllUNO. .Sptinifitlv!, M.iy 1, 1BIG. Swell's Ilngllsli Gra niiuar. rfHt grammar U on tho lis f Murray, and 4 J . de-inned foni-u in cmnmon -c!iotd,, ac-menne, nnd lughcr feuiinane ol learn-ni?. I he lollowjng arc mIcu'c! from unny tcimiunMl of the wur' rrom Truman U AMnom, M. !., President of Xonrich fnicersity, Nnrwn-h I'nuiT.IIv. Aim. IS. 1813. Pear Sir s t have peni.n yoir CJranunnr with inoeb ffttif-tueticn, nnd hnn t fou partieoliiilv pba cd with iu rdenrnp-s. a nd eteellt'n'-e. ( f arrnnnt'nieilt The I'bnpirrs on 'v ntnx nu1 nduiira' 1 ndap'ttl lo tht t omtr iciiuri ( fcu'ent ', I em if Vfi y I 11 mo p:r fei I. The clnpler i n lt' nl-o, i- exeellrnl . iv r ar the ulos-arv, nnd cencrnl ndapiad-'ii t-f iIp u diU ' lo tur iifind.ird thi'iionnrv, ninoua thn b-a-t i-' "jM WLll dc-erve-. 10 uet i'elt a manuarn Vi)r . ' Verv trn vvours T U. K lASIM. Prom ihe author of i Wood a lio'any" Swcet' ICimlMi Granmnrnn llie ha is i f Murray, ln Iven fntro Iue I by ns, ao I nn.v i-el n - ihe te t book in tint deoartmint in Kun'oll I'num An 'emy i faet wlii'-h may le reanrded a pr"of, that wc lliink i, on the whole, ft penur to anv nmvni u-o, Meriden, June 45, In-irunr in K. V A. Vf;i Frederick I. Lord, son of S Lnrd P. I). President of I) ittmoitth Cittlevc Hon. u- Ta'l-, .N V.. AVpt. 11, 1514. S.I 1c. H n Mvi'er Sir. I liave-x.imitied tvcit Cir.mim ir wnh mieh s I'i-iaciion, nnd llni'i-zh not in ihe habit tifrcL'onunen hnir book-, cannot rLfraiu fiom expre-ntiis my deeded preference (or thi Onmnnr overany oilier with which I am a'-q ia ti'cl. In y temattc nrnugeim nt, in cieirnc" ti 'cuninoii, in r rule cf con-lrtic ion, tn ihe fill clnpter u ion p mr tuvi n, proniincniifin, vet1 fi atn-n tn ii-appendix, comp-i in-j remarUt iri)ii ihe ko ind tif llio icter , the riile of -pcllimr, and ihoderivat tm of word, it aup plie the deVcis ol tn.-i t'ther liiamninr-, I have intr-doccd ihe 1 ook I mo my n'hnol, and -hall re 'ommend it to other, a- opp rlunity occurs. Vur re.p'vf dlr, nti:ur.uic:c. u. i.ono. widow Nancy VlCox, in WcstroiiJ, in md District. on ihe firsi Tlmrs l.iy ot Stplember, and nn tbe fi-ilrrjrrf Thurii'ny'if Oelober next, at 10 uVhck, A. M , on , .feff each o! siU days tl.Mtd thn. id diy r.f May, A, D. 131G. i jiiii.v Ai.r.i-' v Iw3 1HSZI KlMl 11QWK, j Commoner, NW. C.ACsl?, tins just re u-ntd from mitKPt wilh -i new iiss rntieiiliil I'lN V OOL'D?. diiisi met nf Alum 11:111: Lnwtis nii.l de I nines, and Mouinin Oitigliains nn J O limn La.vns. Alos A well select-el nssrjrtniant of I. '.OlIS SUPS. I IIM.P nMTKRS. VYU vt.MI WWOKS Acs JtJ. Iluriiuijiuri, Juiil- 9, 1516. In (illl!SlS til I! vert fekin Tes, ot 16 ct. pr' .J. fur sole bv i.r.O. PI Ti.rsois June II, 1S4G. H111 liiifiton. Jmit! 9, .'4fi. 2 TONS HAMS, fors'leat?! ri.p t II. I OKO. ll'lEHSO:-f SMOKED HAMS an I I.MtO, t jr snlo at ,. b liRj:sii w WW TT! AS. June V,, 'K ur.wiivs. k TTssssf-hussj- 1 f E l.i.V.l.s-is.r' .ii(! a nit T" (51 is. 1 1, Dell . lit lies, VI nil u I k ' Ian des mill 1 k Zlil, Iti IS. Hi 1 lilt W n itv C vv "I I tlil . nn I lis 1 si 'ir a I si-re.vs, s irnm . win TO Ul! FOUND Al Barlow &. Wootl's Storr, 117lousA't Fettls, CIDNI'.V n.llt.uwy .SOTr.S mill ACCOUNTS. O II tit-lust 21 yt'Hrs since ihe-ju'iscribtrcniiini'-'iiccil ..i his iit?t:ii. vusiniiiri 7, n iiiiiuu iu , , , , i. . , . have all settlffAi.rmo,iiou-y, (if tin y ranuut 1,0 y ) , amon-rt vvh'c-h ho ic kvepers msy fi id a 2rrn var a. ilns is tho Lis nUirt i-i iho nvwi-pspcrj youf i,,.- ' l'' "'. u""ul. cvonomicat, an I r'ti'tt"" tl' in,. Imln ntl..nlinn II,. r.n.....l..l . fISS m SIIVU.IUI vim S1U.M.V UAKLOW. uilimtnn, June 12. 1846. lif Triinin'iis, Ifi ttlv- anil hinue-, lliii I. an1 flj '., Mah"niiy ntnl Wnt-prtsl 1 nu''-, IM' flu I Con huoi , &v. if-i-., lovjeilicr with a fill as-ortni nl uf lloiwo I'liinisliiii".-, TliT PLATS. &C. rf, DOXhii TIN 1'i.aTK, IC and I O I.; " " " I s.qi .1 1 1 x 20 T.T BIN IltOX WIRK, a..uni;JNi. Ilussia and Cnli-h Sheet Irun, Slicel LtaJ, and O-i'tpor, Win- Vellum, lijli (Jopper, vcc. Tor Salt- low hy VILAS & NOVF.3. nuil nvjton. May ii. 1910. DO June I. '46. 50 Brooms, Iails, &c. DOZ. firoom.. AO Wool f.nlf 2.) " .Micanto Mnlt. 50 " A-sort!.-! vaiuinh Bru-he1, SO " do hair do 20 " Common and fincy Du-ter, Window an 1 Floor d( Tnl le I iuhe-, Kle-h do, Tooth and Naifdo, ScruS do, Shot? .in I llurse do,, &.O. June -1, Ml. S'IRONOS U Co. Suctt's Primary School flraminar. ThisconcieHiiil very bicid l.Iemi'niarv Treancef ir hciuir.ers, ju-t p'iblitu I, In been rerci.c I wt h irreii favor hy Srhnrtl CiMnmincesntid 'IVirher. Al hcicli it In icen out of the rrc-- hut n few moirhs it In ' een mtrtHj'tce I into a Utzti num' er ol -ch U. nnd ' id fur to bLn'onie lliu iimM popular nn J ucf il I"ile work u(,the Km I extant- The lolluwin nolne- will pta lor ihcm eivc. rrom tht lev. P. M Red of Oxford, X If. Otf-rl. .V II ..lit 10 lilG Dear Sir: Havmi? examine I nnr 'lriniarv i-hoo (Iranimur' "OMiewhai cl'olv, I am per-naded of it Inch merit-, h i f-imple,, and well arranL't'i ; nnd thendore cein- to le wtll ndi-.trd to ihe v unu mind. No mlu r hoo'., wnh Ircli nni acq in i tiled sctlin-jforth th- p'iuciplc of l!iieli-h GraintiMr, c pe cmIIv in iheir ulem'uiary ninhnimi ii eMercato-i-I red to -cc'ire the end at wli'cb it nm.s, thin i the nnt.i"ue.l by vonr-itf. V( It- tmp cilV nl h a lapia'ion to tlie cipnritie- ( yoith nnd ( hildren. I am "'ire, it cTnnni ad ot a wi le 'ir- ilvion ne-pcetlullvvo-.r , I AMI.h M KKKD, .l;;n6tr of the Sttpcrintrntlinff Si-hitot '2 Committee of Ovford .V. Tor ta'o by S. WOODS. Ihir'inji'ni. June 19. IP!fi 2 It It IC II I ON M ftKKT, June 2, 1SI3. A' mir' et, 130 Meif Civtt 10 yokes v i n? ' n. II (! v nu I ('.itvu. 1500 fthei an I ajnlj in i i it 211 Swine. ' PulLC-t titef (UttleWe qni'p rxtrs. SC.2'i, fir 1 nl' b t t mcouu n laliiy bj,5U ; UiiiU SJ 7- u 5 3 2V tijr;iinr Orm-a'p not noiiep I, r()lr amitotic Ai $23 S.'G 910 Sr find SI. M-i-ji-Sale. in lou ni SJ 00 $2 '0 $2G3m'lS Sicine.'a( nt h decile 1 J , Ojt:. At KtiJ fr m . G -tnd 7c. Snnll nius at G. I J U V C 1M I l : 0 1 iM U I IM u ounuuL. piir.-o cftoFUT, Prnpriftnr oe the above I'atent. lliirlmctiTi, June 20, 18 IG ' 2in3 Divlil Day's (Lite Jim.) I. slate. lT.rrno.v to ro.wi:v lvnd. ST ATP. OP VHIIMOXT. I T n of llio Hmrict nf Oliiiieiidin ss. t Pro' oie Couit h. ld nt ll.'ilini'lms vv iih.n ' ur the DistruJ'l ilfil, nn tin' 30ih div W Msy, IS4C uiiies Iicne I III', nf I'.-si X. in s ud ill tm t, anil files in sud nun I her n.' in vvtiiuti:, seiiiiiL' forth thu D.ivulDiv. (hlejun.) lato t sud Hssex deccn'iil, vvs, nt ihe Inns! of his ihath. undtr rontracl. Iiind'nff in I ivv an I fq. my, tn convey tn sin trine i.iiis, ine lonuwini.' disi-iihul pireelnf binl, sinnlnl in sud r.nix, v"i heiMiiiwnj in ihe e-it line oi'ihe highway It-aduii! from lluhliell's fall', so rjllul, bv' An. hew l'lli, to t ol Chester, in tho n.trili line of lui Ni1. 7i thence 51 deir, t 0 chains 40 lin'. s in a slake: ilii-iiei- s 1 r!e , vv Scli..ins-, tin nee n 31 dec , vv. C i linns 10 link-f siil hishvvsy; iliem-e n. 4 dtu., e to the place of be cinmni!. conlainins Hiur acres uf land nnd ni. 7; ihat ihe sii I Irene paid the said D ivul fur sud lind by cnnvevin? to linn and Win. Johnson In r right of dower in ceriain lands helniisina lo theosiaie nf her I in- husband, Hansom KUts, ilecessnt, ami thai tlu-sni I David di.-d without Iiiviiil' rxecnn d n convey-.suit-of said land, nnd prnviiiL' sud court to criint l.censa to Ciforao Whitney administrator of ihe est ne ol Ihe saiJ David, lo convey toiler the sjiJ parcel cf land! , , Wiicnrupo.v, ihe court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wt-diH-sdiv of July, 18111, for hearwi nndde. eidin'-' on said pt n ion at ihe c-fiii e of the Heeister v-f saidcoillt in soul llurlinton, nnd dolliordtr thai nil person, interested tie nuiiueii uvreni uy piuiitcainin of ilns order, conininiuir ihe suhsianceof ssid pention, llireewetks succ-ssiv, y in ihn IturhnE'iin riet-Pre-s, a ni-wspajier printed in sud Hiirlini'ton, tin- lvsi of vvlucli piililieation lo uo previous ,o inoiiine appuini- eu lor lic.truiLf. (Jin n under niv hand ot saiJ Burlington, llii-30i!i ihyuf Alay, 1310. 2w3 H'm, Wr.STO.V, Hc?ister. xickiktjs, etc. X Ci-cs Verl. Ticks J I IJaie ' Tali. (' uiipany" do 'Z " Kinped Shirtiu? For Site by VILAS NOYKS. May 12, 1;!C. JO SILVEU WARE. WI) hnvp at all tiin'si on hand, tn errat variety, p ire tdvtr tel. toble, dcssfii, cienm, must lrd, sill, s 'Eir, Mild t pir p'on; l.tloe, rlesrl, pickle, md children's filvt-r r.irk buiP-r ktmei, vn-jnr tons, silver cup, ti it r ins mlu s, c-flin platf, thim hv, nnd ill nrtitle u-Minliy vnutel in tht-dcr nre linr, nd we would remm I iMiiehriif lb i we ur is heavy -poons (mitle nf ! hr i-ilvrr.or si'ver ;i puie , h il ill ir-i,) for tlie "imp price tint the i!loy.'d ?,ioons , nresnld by pallar. (ire it care nnd pnin" oretnkt n to hive our .poons mode cetl whudi very c-Jential to ihir ilnn'nhly. SpjunsanJ thimble i-'oid I us are marked free. mu.NM.iD a- nuoTiint. 7s II. Our "iler cImw toni!, nnd -spoons t"A ihe Prem umi ihn i:reit I'mr ( tin mericTn In titute, hld nt New Vorlc, 1 346. '1 he Iid1 nn awtrdeil lo us enn I e cen a I our si ore, riirhi hind side n- y ii cuter. family Bililos TtlOM S1.2) lo 32,3). The ureatest viriety or , i Q, inrto Hihle-i tvtr olVen d for sa r tn Wrinonl, I can now be fuund at ihe hef.p Cn-h .Shir nf A.V'KL ROWMtDS. Xo. I, Pecks Huitd'.nt tSartiugton. LINSE. D Oils. VI I.AS ,t NUYr."- arc now mnnufaeiiir'nu at Wj nouski city npurt aril In of .intent Oil. Mir chains ilesuous of utnniutn a iroycf qi titij of nil vd find ii for their inierts ro ea 1 upon us at our Store. Iliirliiujlini, J.,tiH p, 1 ? 6. 1 Hard Ware. OCV POZ 500 fO) IflO 20 lllnke l.ntehes, Ern-- "Prcinioiii'' Screws, do., vvrnt .m l ca-t iron Door I) ills, ' " T-ihle do c.vt. lloo':s nnd Hiiizcs, Toirethcr with an eVensive asnciment of Shelf atiJ h-avy ll'irilvviire, vvlnch is ol.-rc I at vvholesalu or re tail, t-n fivtira'.le terms to the porelnser. J ine 1, '16. SI IIO.MiS cf- Co. Dry Groceries. fl CIIKT.-s Hyson, Younj II., II. 5i. and Pow U" choiliT l'l'.lS, 10 Hhd-. St. C'x. Por'o l!i"0 and N. O. siijiri. 10 " " " " Mnlas-us, 2 T-iiis loaf, er t!iM. and povv-M, Sinrars. Can l es, lljr Soap, titarth, Ouuer, Cas-ia, Pepper, Since, Salenm-, Cocoa, Vermie lla, Tohaecn, Clovej, rs itinei-, Lamp Oil, Sperm I anJIe-, lyvxlu h, sal- m in, vve. vvc. J me 3, JG. STRONOS J- Co. Tin Ware. rlI-S & NOVr.S continnp tho nniMificturitiE f Tin Ware, nnd a L'(Mer,.L-.rtnieut kent ron- anilv on hind Mercharna nSd lVlh-H nn ni alt 9 h. nt ,ij d ai nn'i that wi I sue iiiiafaclinn. Ihinm ton, June G, 1 3 IG. 'Z N It hnnl 7 j hen. .if t' ra'ilo trtnnin back al Wur- will be ul llri.:lilnn ilns wvilt. Msirrif no (2a In Ins lovvn, on thn23ih insi. I y the Hev. Ml. O. Cnimt'lian. Mr. It.vsNrv Hospv nl f ai fi Id, 10 Mi ItnvNVA 'I tAOLT. in lliirliiigtnn, jD a is (fl , In Jericho, 13ili May, .MAav.vvifo of Lyman Itocl wood, need 53 vear. In this town, Uli ult., TowAnn II., son nl Sumner and Minerva ltorkvvood, nirtd 2 ve.irs nnd 1 months. In this tovvn,20ili ult., I'nANCis 11., son of Sumner and Mmcrvn Hick wood, nirrd I tears and 2 nininhs. On Tu-sdsy Murninir, June3Utli, I'ovvaud Pang b ibn, ntie l 6 years, only child of .Mrs. .Maty Pans, horn of this to vn, sn.-CSOMBMMSnHMM M It. MCHOI.s I cominenre on ftat ir .iv m xt. nl 4 oeloe' :,,".v '".. ' sjJMuJ'innuui-iion of Children in .--iii.-i"!!. , , , , . . I f.hms tine no mr ine seiini.-u no .um-,- , '1'vveuly I.ess.ins I vvo or mote irom nnu lanmy. -ir i ii tirsl lesson is tec. t .ueoi unu t'lul.ln'ii art) invncd to aiteud. 3 1 r wixo 1 i i i Gla-Ncs. . i'U t"r !iiTi, vve have Ui'ii. rlo til it .h i okuic i.iists. tiu.vtd wuh what reinainid of our Wecaiinov shi vv nveiv linens cr.rliiirul nt vv III llll I II" rioseit lurt'it im is ,Ve inviie nil who ih a I.-i kmn Ulass to nimme ur nssorini.'nt lieforp purclnsintr O It and vlnhud any filass, son hind. JJ-limss olid Wood ciocU-'n whmaid & unoTiinus. ,'f-m us Hit purrhnw ' T bi'-h Inv" V'1' Spun' purrliasp I'nishos nnd Ctmibs ! A N rndie-- virnMy nfTonit- Nad, Slniinjr, Unir, r fliif, I tin, I I' h. S'oie nnu hnn ItrnIie; i "Mitmi rm of Iirrs-.mi, lino nni I'oiket I'khiIh of Ivoiy, IhifTilo and Horn, at VV.CK tiVV.Wl. if.ii.t tilths H-iir Ods l.ip Salve, t'achous, O t a'as- P -rf not It-ittles, Pun-'enis. I'inev Mirrors. Ind ililt-lnks, Piifl'll.ixis, Tooih Povders, Pa-li- nni Vrties. Unir Hve mil I'tadieatois, O.iui i PI isier, Jonas' Snaps, Klavors f,r Pastry, cel. ect. ect, at I'O'K .V SPICMi. I'lllH'V Krt sli Caniplic'iio ! Hy PUCK & SPKAIt. '.S5PIICOS 4.VC. P f.cniVI.VG.vvcckly, for n'c bv barrel and oa l v unnilil. 10 GIIOSS Peppermint Essences, June C, IS1G Cinnniiion Vlnlergrccn Lemon Clovts pearlnlnt liemlock Tausey Uirt'smot Oil Opodc'duck do do do do do do do do do dj VI I. AS For svli; bv & NOVI'.S. cas'tnvts, etc e: J me 4 lajij brU0.NG-v.f-CO. Haitinir. Slq. llitunir, Coi'd. WaJdiitg, Wicking and I V nun V-tru, for sa e by June C, 11'j. VII.AS A- NOYT.'. Ti" Ciiiais ,.tnrtmenls of vai-" t brand oflnipnri- lestlM amt r. "ail, -i 'd and Domestic Ctgare X pxperirnced v ouni; mai as Itiok-keeper, f llir. IIV.VOO.S7v CITY UOING A II Ii A l ! ! O.FLETCHER, rASHIONADLB TAILOR, HAS reiiiuved his Shop near 11 irb-vv vi Wood's store, vvliete ho coosidtrs liiuiNelf peruriiieiilly locaied. He desires lo reiiiin Ins Mint-re thank for I lie support he lias received .iiii-ehiscniiitiitncc-inent in business in the aforesnd citv. and linnes bv assidutyin busines,B illto iniritn blinicnt tWeir pat ronise. ThroiiLrli s'udv nni nraeiico in the ml tf .nIorini?, tie has uiseiivrrrn a new motto i'l iirsinntr coats, which is tmknuwii lo nny but himself. A correct me.ureinenl istif-Unowlcdwd bvnll theirade to bo iheonly menus of ensiiriiitt compleie ilts 'I'lie pnsition of theciistoiner iniisl bo understood. There is not a Tailor who can enruroa curup'itc "fit vv ith. this knowledge. I). I', would inf.iim lnsfriends that helias purchas. ed nn indnhiinble niode of clentisins pnrmenis, of nil colors, and of civin tasin the fresh nnd lively up pearanen Ihev were wont to have in their inrlier drt). ( UTTING done lo order, on Ihe shoilesl notice, and warranted in ill. if nrnnerlv inudo up. - Itov.' Dresses, and L ail its' Hiding IIshits, made scifrd ng tntasnion or tancy, i WinuojklCHy,Julyl, 18lfi, STRAY COW OTHAVI D fioin Iho sub ujf O sen' t-i nn tno 19ih iii.i., t a iiuiii reo VVttV , linn or jears old, aboui niiiiiiing sie -horns turn a 1 il I Ise Whnevir will return sud Covv to me, or kivo nnv in form. ion in regard to lier, t.hai be r asoua ,iv re- Mardttl vn.s ,v ........ I!r irmton, June is, Ibiu. . I; X. i'l.... vicw3i!J:!-rTs ir.l Its lliess won June 19, '40, tas some nt-qiiaoiiaii' i wi-h the Dni-t bus d be preferred, ly - Pl'.CK & M'l'AK. STIIAY !fl(.. I I lt S'l'vsi pay charge and take it ava Uurtinston, Juno 17, 1816. AMF. into the inelos ire "sL-tht.. l h,a Will TP. IG. crilrr, about The owner will n'AVID IIOfJAX. i iS.v-3 Jutif 20.M8. l'lr-ll I'.IIL'S ilt 3 a. s. ni'.wr.y's. :iitiii."s i.ii'wsifi's i.Mtin. i'.'j 1IOV7. ) S I. lion Jll.lll. I .,.. is riet ol nii'eii "o ... i - for the Distii'i of Cliiiieudent In all persons t-on- crrned in ihe r.ta fChaile. I revvsier, l.i'eofl o,- tlnsitr, insnid Distticl. deteis.d, Osr; WiiEkT.a Aphia lliewsicr. adininisirairis t bom) noil, of the tsia'e nl won ncee tst-o, pioi." ... a lin il net nun! oflier iidniiiii-irali.iii nnd prrsem her nccoinit ses nsl e'nl' f'' exaiiima'i.iii and nl hvv ' ,' . c St n ession ul ihn l oiiti ,.f Pro' .e, to be I hoi . ,nl ihe Iteuiner's "Ifii-e tu Is.irt.nijton in .aid disi'u.i on the fourth Wrilueslny of July next. Tncsirt nr;, " "errttv not n. -it -lorn .aide urt t the tune and p'nee aforessid, and hew ciinse, if any jou have, why the uccount afore- 6"o,vhenU'.fndr, " tli it Burbng.on, .hi. 23J uJy of June. A. f. Wm mQU neiillr. I'titer Ciilbert's Estate. l V. Ihe .uh-cri1 er, havut l.-cn appointed hy I it iln-llouor.i' In the I'm le ' i rt forth" III. iri.'t of Chulenden, (oiiiiiii-iaf i .eci-ive, cxaiii. ine and n Ipi-t lit' elsjtns an ' n muds nf nil oer-ou-avnins' iln-1 laic- nt Peer C lljrl.laieiifllurlmijliin, in .aid O -tit t, t'cM-t-vt-1, ui n enitil fii'olvt-ni, Hint al-n all claim, nn I demand sf frft t-.l in oit et Iheii. to; mil nx mon'h- from ihevn ollhcd.iu hereof leinx nllovveil by saji lo-irt It thai niirno-t-, wo il- ' ' tberelore ht-ie' y sive n t ee. 141 wo will a'lt'iul to 1 ihe Lo ine-b of nor anpoiiitineif. at tho olite ol Sliaf . t,.. .1. t,..-i... T-.l I.. . . .1... . ; ler w I ttt, in if.riiuir nu. Hiram Itl-triei, uo iMii:.'i7.iiit's lor July. Godey's I.'ulv's Hook, Gralnni's Man7iiic, ('ohiinhiin do. Ladies' National. MAMMOTH PICTORIAL 1 rot Ii o r .1 o n at Ii a n , Tor the Fourth ol July. Pri e 121 lenis. a. i:dw vim-s nrr iifurrjrri ''. '. Jtmriitil ut It.irnl Art mitl ldiriil Tt.s'r. 11 Y.V.J. I'OW.NI.Nti, Author nl ' J ilenim.'.' 'I)esti!iis for Cot taut HesiJeiicts'' Kiuiis an t Fiuit Tretsof America,' tVc, v.c , 'I Ins vlnR nine will Ictlevnteil niniily to Horticul ture. G irtteiiinir, in a thoroushly practical ns well as scientific sense, will he ns leadinu nl-jt-ci and ii is honed, iiiroii'th ii- roliiuis. mil onlv lo lender noieb" and easy to die nivioe, the practical cam of all that bf'unca to the a mien, but nlso to tlisseiuiiuie in all puis of die country, n t nuwleili:etif all new uiidiiu p.iriant ilisi overits in lloriicuiiure. i - - I I'oMiiLocv ine ueseni ion nu.i ci'-nvaii"i'.''M and Friin I'lees.iii vvlucli vv e .in already moiolcr- e led ihart any o her people will be a lopie. I'ouiinu- a.ty ttlscilssetl, l.srtieillliu as an Alt nt iuir, "t't llso ll'ive a coll-piciiou pi.tee in ii i-ttu is. iw,iiiv hint., am! ik sicnson Oriianienlnl nr Ijinilscapt' ileniii!!' will bo freqnenllv presenletl lo ns readers The ureal interesi uiiinifisied at this moment, in ma- ny of the stairs, in ine fiiineiisiiiiieiii m iitinni'i-, ".i thecrrciinii of ornamental dwellings, points out the necessity of soma periodical in which lln'se suhjeca shall I e more completely illusirattd from nine m nine. Kursl Archiiictiire - so closely allied in lls naiuie will thetelorebe culbodletl ll the plan of this oik, 'ind -Des ous for Itural Coiiaues and Villi-,' larni- Housfd.G lies, I.itdae-. lce-lloiit s, v incuts, r. will verv frtq.ienlly he introduced into lis paces, .mi merous i tiriespnii lenis, frinn nmon.' thou-of most ahihiv in the country, will place mi.ire lis rcauns , vaneiy ofnrlicles on an ine moi inieies inu -...-jv. wii tun lis set! ro n Ihe lent lJiown sliooiiii'.'s. r IIXOOsKI and oilier sivlcs and qualities of l llrovvn slueltng, for sale by June C, 1310. VI1.VS il- .NOYF.S. ClllllllS. I finn HO'.. Sid.- C..mbs, I UUU COO " Tw i-t t'o 101 ' Wine do 100 " Ivory do I HO ' C F do 100 fresg Wood Poe' et enmhs. For sile by VII..V". i NOYE3. l..n.C ICJ SOAP. 501) tloz. sliaviim soap. I'"t sale by" VILAS it XOVHS. June G, l&lfl. i IGi'i diy cil'J ily, ihe 20lh .Uv It A'lli-t, n ft n tin ii i imv ni ucu.oer nvxt, al luriioi K, . .vt., on eacn tn ssi-i tiav.. I I)4lisl,t!u- S'h div nf .In i II, 1315, JOHN X. POM I UU"5 ) Jw-3 C.r.0. II. SH.VVV, I tun-nisioncr. ELI AS LWIAN T.J VS ihi thy received an e vsns ve J L I'laid. t lin k, h I uncv t limeics. Prinird P'nil. (iidd Mi n l sin .-siiiinctls. F.incv and Gold .Mis Tweeds, Uieti s nnu r Vu-iiucs etc. Plate Col and Drab Mnretns nine Strine. Oauihiis Ph Is Prinls. Muslin. Gin;liains. Co '. Also Great s-,-,rtmonr Q Wickire fl'ock, IStli Jjae- Snner Rlk Lattiur iii I Orl'Knga. Rich Ambries etc. Ijjt.-ry. .... Tjn 1. I . 'ss. iijiN't Valuahli Farm (in- Sale. rMII. .iiWiilcr Ifiiis tV-irons of re 1 linn? from lu-ine s, oilers Cir silc h'S larci-nn I valuable-FA IC ', con l'.inc of aooacri'-nffx t-'lnul AND, a ni li't-I in the vdl-lvle ol Ciazv. i Hill. n. Couniv, .N, Y lion tin- premise, are ivvo ikitlhut. liitiot--. three 'aru.. t.ul ho i,t-. Ao. iVc. The farm l well vvoodel Hud vvalerct, and is nltopether ono of ihe most valuabteanJ plea-jnt the coun ty. Term, e.i.y For parucular, apply to thu snb-criler on the nr.-ini.e-. AUIXANDFIl SCO I I'. Cbazy, April 20, 1610. 47 SARSAPARILLA MEAD. rPMK V-VUPH of th prppHratmn iv rowwi-Nh L known, nnd every day the field nt it u-ef t-. I'x'cndinf. It i a!ir"c and highly recommend ul by I'HVSU'IAXS. And iadmitel to I e iho mo-t n(r'eiT le prrpiration Irom the root thai ier ever Ui-n rmpkuctl in 11 I'l I rial itn ir-ni.i. ' lis scope. A iiniinHry of '''';''."'Xn7 I It I- not local in it'- operation I ul Rene'r'al, eMenainir leleidim- hnrneuliiiral jo irn.ils '-" n.rouph the vvholo ay.ieiii. It ne.urali.cj llicnoi.- Ill II III ii tii'iia ,,- - - j Franco mid Germany, will he mven moniiiiv, e . t ,,-, ,h(; ... nni et a nt al no more nu noiiani iiof.iui"s-nr nnn llortifitliural ;' '" '""7.".,. And ic-toi-c. a hwlthv IrinB to the orran,. which in mini, no- is,r-u,.. ... ... ccnr.rc that 11 ml. lncroli ousanvtal rMerns ti. in.ion of the villous worK. . '" J ,V" m-dcrs the result i- ih.- rani.1 .'eeira-e of ihe ,ine, in Kdin-r, which hovn already been an I ivoratiiv retm- RIIF.IIM VTISM. ed bv the put. ,c . It is now ins . rci i '.' " An, r,,htr pnfi, airec.lon- of .he mn.e.i'aj flre a i. nna'ittlf. in i' isinuaiio 'ir.. . lirni.. rcimival of the n nil ami In nllt-a-esa renewal .nr t... imnl ntnl ne lasieiui in ivurai i.ur i sun. , ,. .. . ., ............. ... .. , .,,.,.., ,i ,!,-. ' ' ain-iisin. iss.T.iti wiiti iun tr.icsi ui me Icib wiiu i. nt" " i - ,.al0 from Hie syleni. inierestttl in cniinir) pi ; The nronrietv'nn I aluin-i dai v rereivln; trsiimnui The Huron illiinsi witM.r-issi.r-.ion Hie nrai pi eac.t , ,). ol larjc order- le.iifv iii!! to us unat month, (comii.enena July trill. I in "'""ers oi v,ea. B ci,,.-andaUoa. Ihomu-i iiM.unr and usees, printed on fin- piper, and eniheli bed w nh ii I iIpi.,mW4 (,i', known. iieroiisencriviin.'-,illusiraiivol iho vni us su Jecis -he above arm-le I. f 'r sal' Wholesale Retail ot n whi"h it i. devoie' .iiiikioc nn nnnmi voiiiniei.I p,,,,, tr.hrrs, Ch irch .1 Iturliuaton, al-.. by . .. n- n . nnn u . . r n.u.l.l. in snv a nee. ....... .... ' ... ,.. - i- nni uou intr-, i i sjj. j-- ... ... - vv, tl. lia'cti ov Uu. anj .vi iu-on a- rniu-i Painls and Oils. 5 TON'S VVIi.-e- l.e id, drv nn i in O, , "P ir-," "I . tr-i" on. I ".No. I." Chioine Ve'lovr. Va R-), Itelleal, Vcrdurri., Pan- Green. Fn-nc'i Wt v, Lilliarire, I'l-rome Green, n '. P v, S mil- Tnrpeniin--, 1000 ss. Lin--el O I. Vtrr i, Window :U-s, Paint an I Varnish "r . he., H . 1 od. Ac. ic. sruo.vtis iV L June 4, '43. Tin I'lal os, Wire, &r. y T llp.CKS Tin Plites, 1 3 X nnJ - at, f J 50 Mil-. lion a-si.ted, Sheet Cqiper, Oi pier Holt, 11 1 ia and P.m. Stiem Iron, aheit Lead, lead pipe, sheet run-, r ve's, .V-c ,; June I, '48. S I HONGS A Co. Saddlery. STUONGi A: Co. have reeeivetl and nrer an ex tensive Mock of Sidllcry, comiiri-in? nlmo-t every ar icle w-ante.1 iu their line, on rea-onal le terms, June '40. CmUM-y. fp.VIH,i; and de.sert knives and fo-ks. evv I steels birchers' knives, sheirs, scisi-rs p.t-r pocket knives, lanip scissors, nz tr., nut pi.-ks -June I. 1310. S THONG ' t i ) (rind Sionos. tones. ANof rni TONS Nova Scot ! Gnn I sJ s'one l'ran!iad rollers. J ne 4. '40. STITO.NtiS .V- r Carriajio .Makers fin I n cten-ive a onmer nfr-iods in Wii.t, T T ih. June 4, '16 'rHO't.'5 - C- Firo n rates' A j me 4, l .y on 1 of .iMeritir vv'.ir' minsh f".'i)Vi!S & SliooiiialvL'r.s 'I'doU fN ureal vanety. STiiON lS ,t ' o 1- June I, '46. BOO I'S AND SI IOHS. 'Pill; Suhsr ,erli' J jiHi rirt-i'.t',! tV 'fie v"niir-ifin if 1i-J ir. .SSJT lssCE Heavy I Inn I ware. LOO nnd trait? chun-, unzon n-id rnrt bixe. an vilN. vis-. "pidi , tiopi, fork-i bom ncythfi ind snathe, tilack hm It bello.1 s, lpdit b unfuera, mrrow and hnml ir nuyfr. rr"bar, rtldn-n ft I le-, w tii'Mi ? tl., ifiI iprins', bn-a lta-ti'e mi'trtnd firculnr piC, wrouuhi nd cm Tri' irun wnJ br'is wirt. shtrt v pner and brass hti p irun, het fri I, thi'i-t 7tm, L'rtrlmjnr rt2,ii nvi"i m-tith f.j i1. UK- .. . ... 1. .e 1 . . "... lo rail no eiamme uenou jiiiri-iiasim; e'sevvnore. N. H Custom work of all kinds nnJcto order and in Ihe best l)le. An assnr'inent of CIIOK'H (iltOrKniHS. con- sistini! in pail oi inr loiiovvuij aruc es : TF.AS, su K. Ground .' nnsroun SPICKS, i.M HIATUS, OIL, SALT. MACKHIF.L, OI1FISH, NAIL-, SNUFF. -le. r.. si, ir.w. Corner of Chuich and Dank sti lluilinetoiii Jmi I, ISIG. 53 t'OFFRE, MOI.VSSES, I'lOI'R, SALMON, TOUACCO, Piihbsh.d hy Luther Tucker, Office of the Cultiva ry The nhove work vvii he distributed at Ilurlins itiiifrce of ihirsffi for pnsiaire, as soon na ihe num her'nf su1 scruVrs will wnriani theespense. Or 'ers solicited md the wink shall he promptly forwarded, an published 1 i. GOODRICH, Ag't- B-jrlinjton, Vt. an.,lH5: ii in.ioot(j Path. I'Vaihttrs ! rTHNS nnJ GKESF. F. nlhi-r fur aile at all ll lies, n.. n hre.- or bv Hit vaul Li. bv VILA-! 01 .VOYF.rf. Ml'iUU V Pui'inztPn, June 6, 1S43. Hme.tjvirjV, Junt 3,15115. NOTICE. t Hereby for' id all persons htirlormtor iru-iinT ny son, Ccorcu D. Pn-kfrmi, on my niiouni as I alnll pay node of hi. cnntrjrtine. JOHN I). PLKi:niN'G. Purliiiston. JuncI, 1810. 53 3 'IMin Snb-cribc vv-cihi here' v res. I hisKlllly uu Vr - of iTMtitude to a In eral pot , . (ur ,n ,. vmpainy ana a-.i.iaint: in ur dle mi itirinne, unlal ft tor r,in,-r n. mr. Thev-giin te'er thtir sersue. to the put li in Ihe .Man ifii-iurine Hn ine-s and in!. a out n 1. anee o' former f.v-or-. They nroio L. ,0 1U " tmu Sa nieii, Ocih, K. rsey. and K'nni. 1 i i'ATHK K . J3 vS I SvsllnDi 4 f I, i T i

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