Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 10, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 10, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 10, 1846. Dlalurtmaccs on the Ilallrond. Considerables cxcitctncnt wits nrouscd in our town, on Friday lust, by tbo sudden rc. quisition of tho Sheriff, Mr. Ferris, for mi armed force, to aid him in tho execution of legal process, which had been forcibly re sisted by tho laborers on tbo Central Hail road, near Richmond in this County. The principal facts in tho cose, as we learn them from the Sheriff, arc these : On Friday morning last, information was communicated to tho SlicrilF, by Mr. Dep uty Gleason of Richmond, that tho hiW crs on the Railroad, (some 200 in number,) ubout three miles east of Huntington's tuv cm, had suspended work, and having col lected together, were engaged in disturbing tho peace in various ways that they had thrown impediments in the way of tho mail stages running between Burlington and Montpeher and with violent language am demeanor had attempted completely to pre. vent tho tree use and occupation of llio road by the public and finally that they were holding in duress Mr. Karkkr, ono of the principal Contractors, peremptorily refus ing to liberate him. The Sherirt' promptly repaired to tho scene of the outrages, accompanied by two of his deputies and Mr. Church, Constable of Hurlington, and by peaceful means en doavored to cause the rioters to dispense. His Proclamation to this effect was utterly disregarded, and bis attempt to release Mr. Marker forcibly and successfully reMstcil. Ohtaing tho necessary warrant for the nr. rest of the supposed ring-leaders, be again encountered resistance, and tbo individual jirrestod were rescued bv force from his custody. lTndor these circumstances the rcqtii-i lion for an armed force, alxive alluded to, vas promptly resorted to by the .Slierill". The Light Infantry Co. in Hurlington were tjatied out, anil the Company of Firemen immediately and unanimously tendered their services to maintain the .supremacy of the law, and were furnished by the Slioiiir with arms and ammunition. Willi this force, amounting to seventy five or eighty men, the Slicriiragain reach ! Riuhmouil, on Friday evening, ac companied also by a number of our most respectable citizens. On Saturday morn ing, cither intimidated by the presence of in armed body of men, or otherwise awak cneil to a conviction of the fruitlessiiess, as well as tbo criminality, of further resis tance, tho Disturbers bad mostly dispersed Mr. Harki:i: was released, some ten COUNTY ITHJIS. twelve were arrested and lodged in jail in Hurlington, and thus the iilliiir terminated fortunately without bloodshed or further outrage. One word respecting the causes of this disturbance, and wo leave the topic. It up- (ears that the around of complaint on tbo part of the laliorcrs was that the; were mil ittid far their lalor,(c that they bad received no pay for several weeks. Their language to the Slicriir was, "give us our pay and wc will disperse this is all wc ask,and this tec trill hare." Now these were poor men, ruming their dailv bread by tho sweat of their faces, and Ihey ought to liarc heen promptly paid. Holding all resistance to the Laws, and nil illegal combinations for the purpose of redressing even real wrongs, in litter abhorrence, and believing that they .should ho suppressed, promptly and, if neces sary, by armed force, wc yet unhesitating lyntTiini titiit theso laborers, indefensible ns their conduct became, were .not the first irrangdacrs. That sin must lie at the doors of those who, knowing their necessities, con tinned to receive the liciiefit of their unre warded labor. Wo know how easily theso sentiments may bo misconstrued and misrepresented. Hut wc cannot help that. Those who, by injits. Jice, incite others to n violation of the laws of the land, should and will, in the estima tion of good men and merciful judges,liaro tho responsibility of tho crime, however un equal may bo tho legal allotment nf punish, vu ut. "He just and fear not" is an admirable maxim ; but He just anil you will hare tiath. ing to fear is a much more practical truth. We understand that those who employed those men, are Messrs. Smith As Co., sub contractors in the 4lli remoce. Tho Direct ors of the Company will undoubtedly take such steps as will be likely, hereafter, to prevent irresponsible, men from having it in their power to involve tho community in difficulty and danger by unjustly with holding from the laliorer his hire. Hr-xxiNiiToN. The Whins r the Rattle County met nl Manchester oa the lid instant, nail doubtless nomi- nntcd n good ticket for County Senators. Hut the Pmniicr vflnst Monday, for some, unncccmntnlile rcn- bo;i, tin", not yet tvnrlieil in. Wc Irani however, fnna the I nice of lieedom, Hint WII.MAMHr.NRY of 11-llovvs Falls, lms been w- lected as the successor, to Hon. S. Four, the present nhlc nnil valuable Representative in Congress, of the First District, embracing Hcnningtoii, Windham nml Rut Innd Counties. Tin; selection is nil excellent one. Mr. lll.sitv isn gentleman of line abilities, nnd uf most capitnl judgment, ntul though not n speaking mnn, will be imnlunble ns n Comnnttee-lnaii. He will do cred it to his large District nnd to the Slate. WixmiAM.-Me.ssrs. EiiENLZi.ti Hour. Jr.., John Kim- nu.i.,nnd Austin Htm mntinrclhe Whig candidates lor the State Senate in this sterling Whig County, (!oil men, nnd trii". Mr. 1 iowr. has heretofore repre sented bis County in the Senate. The I'elloics Palls (latcttc sajs " the nominations will gie entire sal-i-lactiou, and we believe the ticket will receive every vote of the party." The I.ocolbco District Convention (ll District) says the Wiiilmm Co. lhiiinruit, will meet at Jamaica, on the 15th hist, for the purpose of keeping up nn organ isation we conclude., lly the way wc perceive that the bending of the first outide column of the Democrat i"Thc Finn-side." Is'nt this rather iiijlamniatoi y ? The Democrat, speaking of the Slate Ticket of its party, says " our own party have been compelled by ireumstanccs to select another, unit an able mini, ns a cindidate for the first office in the State." A most cmba missing position, truly ! The Phu nix has a capital lender on " The State Nominations," besides ihe follow ing complacent pattt- ,raph : (ov Slade nnd Prof. Adams State (Ieolori-t were in town during Sand ly and .Monday last. The Gin', iliit hiniirif the hiinur of calling upoii im. Kt'ri.v.Mi. The Whig Comcnliou.for this County, assembled nt LiiUeloii veslerilay. We will muter- write, In-fore hand, for llie nominees of ihe Whigs of Old Itutlaud." The Rutland nnd Addison Insurance Co. have de clared n Dividcltd--e.xcusfiisi irderedan itncstincnt, of 8 pr. ct. for the year past. The loss by the burning out of the Ilolcoiubs m Vergennes, is doubtless the principal cause, of this largetull. The Herald contains n communication from our ac curate nnd efficient Auditor, S. II. Hodges, Esq , re butting some of the conelu-inns of his prcdecis-or, Judge I'u.i'.u:. We will publi-h it next week. Wimisok. The Journal denounces OJd-I'ollow- ship. The Annual Coiiuni'iiceineut exercises of Nor.vvKii tTMvr.r.siTV, was held on Wednesday and Thursday ol this week. Addresses weredrliveiedJiyO. A. IIkoun sov, Editor of " ltrownson's Review," and President Ik'RLUim of tie' New Ion University, Baltimore. Un der the v'ery illioicnt iiianngeini'iit ot (Jen. Kanmivi, our military and scn-millic University at Norwich, np jiears to be thriving. The Cadets publish in the Atir, n graceful "Caul" of nckiiuwlodgeniculs lor the civili ties they received in their n-cetit e.veuision, under the command of the gallant (lenerul, lo Jtostoii and vicinity. The Whig County Convention will lie held at Wood stock Augii-t 1-t. Mr. Hasku-i., E litor of the Met any, was married, n few d.ijs since, in Shoichazan Mc. to Mrs. Nlil,o tint euphonious town. The County Snp.'rinten l-nt of Common S 'bools is d -livvringn series of public lectures to paienls. " II is 1:1 his duty, be out of it who may." lhere was a Sabbath School celebration ill Wood stock oil the 1 tli.. Prof. Iluller of Noivvich University delivered nil The Jr di-quiets ii-elf most umn'ce arily by linp- ing that the Whigs ol Oi.n WtMison, the tiibiultnr of Vcimonl Whig strength and siirit. will ji-ld n n luc- tuut nnd lei I Je support to the U big Slate Tii ket ' " Thy win was fatlier to the thought, Harry." Tie- Co. Convention will lie held at Wood stmk Augu-i fith. Tin- .lye thinks John Smiiii " owry way worthy of the support of the democratic party." Si-reial other parties, in times past, have labored tinder the same dcbi-iou. The Jijr also cuhgliti.ns jw reaibrswith tli" follow ing slaieuient, clear nud triuhliil ol the principles of the Whig Party : The Whigs, it -ays, "are lyposed loth'- def-nre of our soil when the toe is invading our terri tory are in lav or of taxing the poor lor tbo benefit of the riih are in l.ivor of educating the ticli and lining the poor educate theiu-i Ives are willing to sacrifice evervtliing, honor, territory, and blood to tho rapacious cravings of crowie'd beads, lather than maintain tie honor and dignity of our ov n Republican Institutions." The .Isr nlo spells Siholars" with t.yo l's, which is'ut right. Apisox. Wvi. N.vsn, of New- Haven, and Dvvis Rii n, ot Shoidiam, aie die Whig candidates for the Stale Senate for ibis t'ounty. . strong ticket. Judge Riih is on' of tho present Senators. The Adion Co. .Medical Soci -ty held tle-ir niiiui al mi etiug at MiddHiury on iln- 11th tilt. Dr. Ai. l.i v ol Midillebury, is President, mid Dr. W. 1'. I5t.. 41.1, Secretary, (or the vear en-uing. The society thus fjnually rxruntiniiiiicutcd Dr. A Hall: J.rtiitrril. That the communication-of Dr. A Hall are ot hi infoiisMcnl,roiitrndiclory,uuil itnprolcssiou. nl u i hiiracff, ihat tip1 society iclu-e to hold timber i orn siondi iice with, or loreceivelaithercounmiiiiea- i lions troiu him. A w riter in the Vanmiilrr, signing biniM-lf 'Cel-us. i is also very leroeious uiou ioor Dr. Hull, and even in-1 so far ns Inlcnt Is concerned, will cninimrc favorably vv itli the democratic nominees." Thank yrni ! The seinbccnlennial celebration of the Cnledonln Cn. (Irnmninr Scliool, took place nt l'cnihniu on llie 1st Instant, The exercises were highly interesting nnd Icstructive. Judge lltnilit.ti delivered the nddrcss. This institution is in a deservedly flourishing condi tion. A son of Mr. .1. (lordon, of Sheffield, 4 yenrs old, wns nccidcntnlly killed by the falling of a cart body iihui him. l'ltASKt.lx. Old rranklin Is the granary of Govern ors this yenr. She would be. beside herself if they should nil, Datum, S.viitii and HnAi.Nr.nn happen to he elected. The Whig Co. Convention will lie held nt Sheldon Creek on the lUlli, (to day). The Whigs of Franklin 7Hi give n good account of themselves in Septem ber. Tln'y uwc it to ihe good cause, nnd to IIonACE r.ATnv. The.SV. Album UepiMiciin, In Fpcaking of John Smith, rather Inaccurately remarks: "His opinions have been formed niter a enreful Investigation of the principles of the lira parlies." It should be " the three parth's," as Mr. Smith was first nn Ainertenn Repub lican (or whig), then nil nnti-m ison, nnd then a I." cofoco. The ilesermlhig aeries of changes is very ri'L'iilar. and we wonder It escaped the recollection of the Jlrimllieaii. We nsk nothing for lunklug the c irieclion. Oni.i'VNS. The runners bad n grent celebration nt lrnshurgh on the Ith. The Whig Convention meets at lrnshurgh to-nior row (11th), the Loeofoco Convention, nNo, meets nt the snme time nnd nlace. I erhaiis Ihey can agree on u uoniitinlHin. Major Stewart, a soldier in llie last war, died at D.'rbyh-t .Monday, nged id. rrocecillngs of the Senatorial Convention. trThc Wblgs of Cliittenden County mct'inua vention nt tlie tout lions.- In lliirlingtnn on the 7th lulv. inst. for the purpose of nominating State Sena tors for the County ct ( Inttcnili n. On motion, Daviii Ri:ad, hsii. of Colchester, wns appointed Clinirmnn nml 0. i. Davey, of I)ur!mgtoa, On motion of Mr. Weston, a committee of three front eneb town represented, wns appointed to nomin ate candidates for Senators. After n liriel ilelilieraiion, inn Loiimnticc oi nom ination reported the names ot Danif.i. II. OiUO.1 of Milton, nnd llxnav DnAm.r.v, of Hurlington, as can didates for Sennlors, which report wns adopted ; and, by vote of the Convention, llie above named persons were itoniinnteil. .... On motion, the Convention nuiour neii. . DAVID UUAI), Chairmnn. C. V. D.vvr.v, Secretary. In this villa ge.on the 2d inst.,by the Ut. Uev. Bishop Hopkins, Mr. Tiiomvs Waters toMissjAXE Dlack, both of this place. At St. Albans liny, June 98th, by the Rev. Mr. Cn- dy, Mr. CnAni.Es Sieahss, ol N. Y., to Mrs. Sarah CliWAniis, of the former place. In this town, 30th tilt., of inflaination of the lungs, Kmv-ARn Marsh, only child of Mrs. Mary E. Pang. bom, widow of the late Alnos l'angliom aged five years nnd ten months. LAW SCHOOL. m H K SUltSCltlHHItS WILL, ON THE nt Burhniiton, Vermont; in which they liom- to aflord W HATCH, Gun Smith, vmvw in- rnn bis rnstntners. thnt he lias cintiloved nil pxpcricnccd workman from the south, nnd intends to keep, constantly "u m ioli, muti me-i ih-ti than any ever ofiercd in this market, 57 Bnop one uooreouill oi llie .iiiii,v.iiiolii .iivvi, Plrase call. Burlington. July i, lom. l)cap ,1. J?WAKDN asl) SODA-WATER AND NECTAH ! These delicious ls-vernges (so conducive to good neniiu, wuen oiceij- in-i.inu, iij coldfrom the fountains, with a choice variety of Syrups, constantly on band The Mineral Wnlers from Saratoga open , ed Sodn-Fountniiis, Apparatus, Furniture andSynips, also for .ale.nt & PRINTING INK! "at citv i-iucks ! ! " Kddy's News nnd Hook Ink jut received mid for sale at Factory Prices for cnh. Iiv Burlington, July 7, IHtfi. STKVUNS WOODS. 1MEL0DIANS with koiixd kius and IT! Flntor l'eaimo kt-vs, from the best innuulactiirers in the United States. The alsive nre n first rnte mil sicnl instrument for 1'nrlor or C '"'1!''rjw'',,!,y1. . blrAl.NS WOODS. Burlington, July 8, 18IG. S BOOK STORE. No, 1 PcckV HuiMinif. A (jr.Nr.nAr assortment or .stni tr.Assri'Af. anh mis- 1.IXA.MJHS IIWK1 AN11 STATIONERY, AT I IT V FBH Vt. nrtoryorthc Hntil,ty It. Davi-nimrt, ArhifVfim,i)l,4 of KnighH of Mnltti, hy Ah.1!. Mitiicrmnii, Mrt. HoiiKTville on the Connection of llie rhyifal l't n ixnl K'-rnn, hy Cnptnin Mnrrynt, t '-5 A n Hi"! i. l)-iunry el ttrcrKnnu iiomniwiiu Coimies. Tho Turiiritt'iH'ak'il! Our CoHgni"ti Fiimmnry will lw lricf. Thn HoLncifllr.iT.nM.NTArivis hac mainly ... .t i t t. i :.. I - rnincil, iliiruii? me wcck rim nig r i iu.ij , in m- hnlv upon llie 1 akiik. 1 Iiimc ImriMini! liifaure ot tlie Wliii; r.irty (the Tarilf of vWclwd many nhle i-p'Tilies in ih'fence. Metrs. Marmi nml .mi.r, rath mailc astrotiEjclIort to arrest llie proreKsof I tut nn ViUUnj last,au,iiy nppropriate for ihe enact ineiit of a nienMire mi iitjurititi to thn ciilerprie ntul in dn-try of ihf Country, McKay's hill was paeil, hy n ote ol'lll to 'J.'i, nnd Tiir Winu Tarii ror 1SW is iu ri:u:n, fo far ns tltc Ilon-e Hcoiieemeil. That it will hewiwtl in the Senate, r lianlly ilap" lmpt. The mwtht'rvmnntut they ultrrtyx tlu when the irtnk uf I)Mth viiKirr,ntlj"iiiti',il. The t n"',in lhfnitiiy ofittriuinph, rxelainmt "The revenu-' T.iritl" paetl ! (Unry enough fijr iih iliy!" .Mr. ItuiNNKt Rnnrr,aloeofnco from ()liio,trj.isf in the ino-sit signal niaiuur! On Tifstlay he male a iiipt fi-rociuiB speech ttaulnst .'leK:i,s hill, ami on Trnhiy if' far it! The power of party .trilling ran mnio further! Wc will pnhli-lt the New Tarill'hill next week. It grent ami pemieioiH priuriple the fitlwitution of r aim r m thr ypccific thitiis, tliu-op'iiing tin iloor for Iniiuls innunvrahle. The SKNTi:hae tlone lil tie of inlereft except to pnss a hill retnweiliiiL! to Virginia the City of Alexnmlria in ihe DtMrietnfCoIunihi'i. ThWhUlwaH pT-teJ la-t Thur.- lay, ami the S -nate adjouruej oer till Moinlay, Tli;: Couxcnlioiis on Tiiodny tu-t. Th" DiMriet aivlS -intori'il Convention which were ln'hl in thw Village t'u To -l-iy h-t were ery liuiner o!ily alien lei! inueh mure su, imleeil, linn, at ihW hiny f'MMiu of th" year.eoiil-l Ime hfen.or va, antie ipitfil. Nearly ev?ry lywn in t!u Di-triet w a repre sent et I. The n-Milt-soflhe tlelihcrnlioiH ofllm-e Coiivetitioiw ate h 'lore our nailer-, in olhcial f nn, in our rohunrw Im-1:ij'. ItnlllmUn'Tcp.vial ni IttlcM I n to saytlmt ih"-1 n'-ultH were attninfetl with a unauiinity imt en tire ntul mrtU il. ( n the lir-t iitfmmul h:il!iting,hy lln" larye t'oinrnilter of ihe l!li let Convention, (enii-ilin- ofimarly n huiiilrnl iiifni1irs), (!m. P. Mtiisii, our pii'-uth;hly tli-tinuni-hl ami a hit Urpre-entative, n'i'i'ixeil rvcrij rnte. So pel feet an nureciueiit of wMi e-aiit opinion, w itlioiil pieimw consultation or ilN-riH-itu in CfmniLillce.isa-j iinii-ual.imliiiarily, a il U always hoimnihle tf tlu noiniutv. In this in.-lanee, it fin tiMie-nn rmph:)tie,iinil il'ci-ie inilication.that, hy i Iii- in (iiin-v, Mr. Marmi has justified1 th expectations which vaiied ami extraordinary nl I ininiiifiiH, his imh-fatiirahle imluMry, nml his well i known HtMmhi1'" of political fiitli.lritl hd hiseon-litu ! ciit-f to indulge Khpi'i thihiin. His election is of couth1, I iM'ymula preadvenlure. The wuiie trood ft-rlm prexailed in theCouu ly Convention. Our excellent and popular State Sen ntors, MtM. 1!r.iuxv and Omov, were n-noiutnn led Tlry will represent. iVuhfu'ly nml well, tin inter e.MsotChiU'Mideu Cin'inty in the Senate. The spirit which pervaded th' Convention, leaves no room to donht tint th-y will he reelected. Vfiutur men ren'mnahle ineihtiea for ncnuiriii!? a know ledL'e nt h-n-t of the i uitimcnt of thn haw. It will le their urirc to nubue Mudeiit not only with a know ledge of the elementary princicles of tlie law, hut nl?o with its f pint nnd philosophy, T he course of instruc tion will eoitihiue recitations from the inot approved text-hook", with exatiiiuatiou, nnd ontl or hianiwcript lectures; to which willlw udded moot courts, for the argument and deciMm of casci, which have N-en pre viously jri veil out. The eourw of mudy, winch will he prewnhed, will require at hnM two yeans for its ncLomplMuueiit. It will he their ohiect. iirst, to dive the Ktiidcnt a general view tif the fjtem of the law, nnd of its lending principles; then, to proceed nnalyt ieally with its various titles, until theftudent shnll have eiicompaswd, ns far as it may he possible, the whole system. The fehwl( will Ite ornatii7.ed hy forming it into two ceneral divMons, as the xinnts of the students shall require. A public room wiihn library will U' provided, at which the moot courts will Ire held ; nnd which will he open nt nil times for the nccnmiiiodation of the undents. It is extKcted tint the members ol the Hjhool will have the privilege oi attending the pub lic lectures of ihe University ot Vermont, and will lw ndmitted to the enjoyment of the ColUe of charge, subject only to the imidenlal cxitfe! of the latter. Tlie vacations of the school will he two, annually,; t. r., one of four week.", from tlie fnt Wed iieidriv ot AnuuM, nml one of nine weeks from the lirM Wednesday of Dectiulter; nearly correpondhig with llie vacntiotis in the College. The rate ot tuition w ill le tilty dollars for an academic year; and in that proportion for any fiaeliou uf a enr. liurlinglun, July 10, lc 10. Mii-oh.itnNNrrr, 5tf WILLIAM W. PBCK. JEW York am Kosto.v Moot and S HOI: STO Tliesii ihcri her hav nir receivcil a ih'W mpply of Itoiits and Shoes nt Ins More, on Church slreit, would re-pt'ctlully call the altentioii ol tlie public to tlie Mllowing mock BEWAUE OF COUNTIIItraTri. Itr.AII THIS ! From the Inventor himself to the present Vrirw. PAlUS.NoviMtnVr 1, 1810. In roniil.'ration of the sum of SWiOl), 1 iinve iIiviiIitimI to Mr. Tr .lom s, rn.i,linff ill ll,M r,tV llf NVW VoiU. X. A., till Vvlioll' oroci'ssofinanufactiiriiiL', tnip-llii-r with n t !i t.-i i n-tit of the ingredients romposmi; my Chemiinl Simp. He is to mnnufacture it for sale in the Uniteil Sno s only, anil to have the iirivileip'of iininingit"JOXI.S'S ITALIAN CIICMIUAL riOAl'" (SiKin-il) AN'I'OO Vl'.Sl'ltlM. Witness, Henry J, HoliNworth. THE MOST ASTOVMIINO DIsCOVEKV ! A ntessine ! A mirarlr! .' A leonder .' .' .' To cure Eruptions nnil I)ilianremetits ot the kin Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, Still Itheuni, Scurvy Sore Ileoilsfotc. etc. etc. Four yenrs nijo Inst Auirusl, the capital of France wan nstonWheil in conseiiience of a ili-covery mailc hy nn Itnlinn I 'twlitist. MatlV llollhtcil it tS'Cllli'il alllUHt nn imissihility that any thini; inale hy lh- Inmls of man, couiu nave such suiuim irm u-. in... l,..iuii., Iiy Antonio Vesprini for his invention. Many classed htm nnil invention ns a humhu'', (ami nlns ! many tool iah witliniit trviuir. ilo tlie same ilovv il at li-tlilll alter testini! it in the liopitals, the .Mcilual Sis ii ly of raris, (llie liest LlH'tnists m tiie worm,) iiriivcicu urc followini' revrt to Siijnor esprim : o WlmvM now iiiiiiutclv ami carfu v exaliiilii-il the Miiirulnr invention of Vesprini. We have ninl vi il its -,rto U tlllVO tlU'll It 111 SlVcrill ClISi'S. s""vi"'"' i . : , , ,. ... in mi ami we hesitate not to pronounce it (tlie Italian l Exthane, llostim llll oii.ip, iis il t;ii-ni Ull-v-uit;, .in-. " renii'ily for any biitaneous eniption orihsi;iiri.iii'iit ol the skill. lis inventor we cumMer the true philanthro pist of sitlierimr mankiiul. I .... r? . i.,i,inl t. n,Tlll,M- l " tMijueut i,t.ui ui.u iiniu, i, i ii. Then cotnos the rctiort of the "Soeietc ilc rin-litiite," of scientific experiments : We are nstoniMieil, culaitns the nui-d frc-ulent. at this sinijulnr preparation esprim's I heiincnl joan! Where, imleeil, will science stoii ! IIitc we have n iireimratiott maue m the form ol a heautitul piece of soap, which we know hy actual prai-tm unities. ahriilirci! bv the author, l.-' Thojnna Hooil's I'iiciik, l'ictitres front Italy, bv Charles Dickens, 11, ) Jloso.s from nn olil .Mnn"e., hy N. Hawthorne, t! volumes, 1 11J Critchtoii, by W. Hnrri'on Ainsvvorili, 2. A Year ntiionir the Jesuits, fir, Ueecher's Li tlures to Vounir Men, b! Aililresses nml .Miso llatieoiis Writins: by Charles I). Hnililock.IJ. .,rrof o! Intellec tual l'liiloninhy nml I'ohticnl Economy in t l).irtlnollth College, S Vo. '-! " NEW GOODS. HATCH & CO. .tut: itronvixn from New York, at their store, nt Wiuooslti Calls, a Innre nml well selecteil assortment of Groce ries, Shelf Hani-ware, l)rii','s ami Medicines, l'auit", Oils, Viiriiishes ltd which ihey olfer to their cu-toin-ers and the public generally nt such tirices as cannot fail to he satisfactory. W II, HATCH. A. i. STIIONG. Winooski Falls, Mny 7, 18 to. 'Iinrle Ilri!V-sfrr' KMntc. KTA'n: OF VERMONT, rill IB I km. llio Pn- lh"irirtorChittcndeti,ss. X Irate Court for tho DistrW ol Cliittcstilen , To nil persons roncmi'd in IV i-mie. of (.Inrlisi IlrcwslcrllmcofColcliesti.'r.iii snid lhstrn-t.ilewnsi'if, GRMrrtNil. WntivtAs, Alphu ltn-wster, m)uritii"(rotrix At Imttis turn, it the i slnte f said deceased, propwsj lo render nil mi isint ot 1st rslunni'tratioii nml insiil ls-r c count niraittst said estnti-for cxaminntion nml nllow niHi nt n s'ssi.,tt of tln-Uoirrt of ProlnM tobn holdall nt tin- lteijiseT-soirii-e,in ISiirlinulijti.lnM'iJdstricl, oil the fourth Wednesday ot July next. Therefore you nn; lien-try notihVil o spjwir Ijeforc said court fit lis; time nnd ptnre ftturesauf, and shew cnuse, if nny you have why tlw ncswmt aforesaid sltould not Is allow en. I Given under my Inn 1 nt tiurlhvrton, this 231 day of fron W.M. WESTON, Regisltr. Juvenile Siniii Scliool. 1IR. NICHOLS him, com.mkxci: ox St- ITl urday nevt, nt I o'clock, 1' M., at the l.n-tiiro 1 Room ol the Conirreialional Church, u Class tor llio iiistriietion of Children in Sininjr. Ti.uvis. One dollar the scholar for a course of iweiily I'w'o or more Iroin one l.miily cetits eatb. 'Ihe tirst lessitit H fire. I arents ami ( bildren are invited to nttelid. f INSi:i:i) OIL. Vius & Xiivin .tniTxmv li inaniif-icturiiiir at Winooski city a pure article of Linseed (lit. Merchants desirous ot obtaiiiini; a tinnd quality of oil will find il for their interest to call upon us at our Stnie. llurhiuton, June 8, 18111. 1 Uliniiiplniii and Connecticut Kivor Kail Unil. RUTLAND HOUTB. Ax Asskssmiot ok Five Dollars on a share, has been ordered bv the Directors ol the Champlain and Connecticut I'iver Kail Kuad Coiiuvmv, pavable on the l.tb day ol Au tru-t next, r.'ivmeuts mav be miute at the Haul, of ltiirliiutton, at the Hank oi Verneitncs, ut the Hank of Middli biiry, at the Hank of Kiitlaiul. nl the Hank of llellows iVills.nt the Cheshire Hank, k'eeiie N. II.. or ! at the Ollice ol Smu.i. IIlxmiavv &. Sox, Merchant's Juie, A. I). 1810. Jvv3 lli'iirv llil's IV.nte. STATE OF VERMONT, MMlEHon. the Fro- District of Chittenden- ss. J t bate Court for thij District of Chitted leu To all persons concerned in the Et ite of Henry H)de, late of Burlington, in said District, deceusrd, Ubutimo . Whereas, Henry Iz-avt-nvTorth, rxeculor oi UK- last Will and Testament of snid deceased, projioscs to render an account of his administration, and pre sent his necoimt against said estate lor examina tion ntul nllowance nt a session of tlrCouttof Frobalc, to lie holdeit nt the Rciristcr's olficc in anid Burlington on the fourth Wednesday of July 1816. Therefore, you are hereby notified to oppetrr before, said Court at the time nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore said should imt Is; nflovu'il. (iiven under tuv hand ut Hurlinzton this first dayol July, A. D 1SIG. . . I a WM, WESTON, Register. Will Presented. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T u Probate Court District of Grand Isle, ss. j "1 holdenatiny ilwellinn lions,; in North Hero, in said district on tho Jjlh day of June, A, D. lilfi, An lii"trument purioitin4 to he the last W ill and Testament ol TiiAnurX's I.A.s'luv, late ot South Hero, in said district, deceased, bejnrf presented to the Court here, by Jesse Landon, one ot the Executors therein n lined fur Probate ; Il is ordcicd by "aid Court thnt all persons concmed therein, lie nolilied to npjiear t a sessiim ol said Couit to be holdi n nt the Courtllou-o in North Hero, in said district, on the -iatit day ot Ju ly next, ntul show cause, if any they may have, acainst llie Probate of said Will, for which purpose it is fur ther ordered, that n copy of the record of this order bj piblished three weeks successively in the Hurlington Free Press, printeil nt Uurlmgton, ns soon aa may Is:, A true copy of record. AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Register. Fit B S II AttUIVAL. N. W. Gage, has j!it returned from market with a new assortment ot Favcv (loons, ronsiitmi of Mourning Lawns and de. haiues, and Mourning GinghaitH and Gingham I.'tWIH, At.v-- w -11 selected aH-ortinetit ot cure every cutnneoim eruption, every th-niiri'iueut til, and even discolored skin! Where will its may;ic and mi:ulaJ iwwer l'a i I j. dii.s IJotrrs and SnoLs, " tiaiter ItiHit-f, ot "every1 d'"eription, " rrltu-kiuslates-ftyle M Kid " do " rrunt lla' do " Half daiter", Kreimh Shper., I " IhiL'Ii-h Kitl do. French Satin Slipper", all rulur-', " (lolii Ilroncd do " llmw do " Stout IUu ,t Ihtkin " Slrifd UuM'p; i " Fiijiired and plain do Jlt'sir Unit and Sftorx. ' ' (holer lhiot-, " IV.ainri,lK,ft qunlity' " Hu-kin, , " l'miu'llu Slipper-, all, rolon, " " llu-kins, all cnlurs,! " Stout t MoriM'eo and Call I oot, " IIuhU-rH d nil kind-. Children Ii'Mitx nnd Shoes Water proof IJootsaiid " Fm- French Calf do d. " do ilo do sewed " di tlo Bropnis, MortH'co thi " Stout Calf and Kip Shot-?, " Clulh (laiPTshuttoned " l'rimella dancing Oai- " D-mriui; Vuuiih, hrtccu SlipiK'n. " Calf tlo " Coif hlio'i. all kinds. " KuhUra with leuther soles " tlo do lI'icM-",

" ilo lh;'d nml plum, finy' a llitrtm and Shoe " Fin- Cflf IJooU, M do Kin do " do Culf and Kip lini;ans, Stout shoes, all kind?, " Frum-llu tiaitera nml lanem ruui(w, The -NVirro, the Cn ellow Knee of the East, ami the Red .Mai WINOOSKI FALLS (IOINCJ AUUAD! H FliKTCIIBU. Fasiiiovaum: Taiww, iis If rel le. the llll of the l'ar V-Mt nre alike under the iiilbience of ilscvlraordinarv powers of blearing yellow or discolored skin, ami link ini; it wliite and U-auttful, and of tbaii;iii!- the color ot dark, or black, or brown skin." ill ere sei era persons , , . - . . u,,. ,. u',.ru l.ri.inrlit d.runn IiV tin- ' illl. , 111 till tlst'll i . i . ..,,. . . ' y-r ". ;v ' ( wnere ne enu-uier" nuu-'eniHTiiianeni v locnieil. lit , m prMi ot ins njwniim . ,esn-s to return his wmw thank fur'tlie hheinl i-up-I here ore nruhnniv lew n 'rs-on- ol intellij'enee, wiio, ' . , , . , . . i after readim. the vvill doubt tl.e i;n iti.;s ot , . , : , .. , , ,- ' Joiiess Italian theiiiical lurni,' ,1 ., i,,,.,,,,.,,,;., . ,,.,.. i, , , .ir ,, 1. Dislnjuniiients.l'rcckles.s-alt Itliei ?curvy,l,rivp-1 'n,r,.r, si,U- nn.l ,,r-.ii,... ,., ,t... ,,Vi ..r'r'.Vi ... i. as, Sunbiim, .Moriihevv. I an, ellow; or brown skin, , , , . , , f . . - Am ShouM tliprt Im- fiicIi tH'riiaiH the tollnw inn it ui as wilt a- hundred' troui other-, may coin it ice them. from inr i , Wi mnkn it n rule iiffr hi notice au adverti-'d ar- iirl. Imt from what we have heard iroin several tier- mn respett'uiir llie Mmcr of JnnenV Italian Chemical Siap( we do not hesitate tuproiiounee it all it i repre FiULttd j and ran thprelore.eoiveiwitiuuly reeomuieud it to our miner wiio aie uiiueteii wan i-nipnm.!, marks, or diH;uremeuii. Only wholeile nml relail aenltfor Vt and Canada. Church-ft., Iturlinqtoti Vt., July K, l&U). .VinI Fn iieh iaiier Hoots, Youth'g Utt and Shoe, all colon--. ' Moroceodaiteris hutlotl and laee, " Iloot' nud Anele ot all tolors. f (tenth inrn'n Hoots nnd, .S'Aoca, t i " Napolt-on lloots.with1 and without top, Tie' iHarkcts. nillCHTON MAIiKLT-Ju.vK.lJSir,. At market, iVf) Cntil". (inclining W in the middle of the week) lit joke Woikllli (Uell, Ifi Cow and CnlvetsItHHI Shei p and ahout "iW Swine, Kr3 head of Caltlee-nnemerthe Western Itailroad. Jlu v CArn.i Sales ofeMia.rtil.. ; liM qualitv T." : -eeoml quality. S third qualitv, )1 .ri ?!. Wor.hivi Ovi s- Sales iioiirrdiit st'J.TH fi yi. aled were nia.le tit '.".i.tii, Fine Cnlf ItooUi sew ed and lege.ed, do Kip do uo do Seal and Grain neir Calf Ihotian-J Qnu Kip wwt'J iluc8. Moriieco Hoots and Rukiii', Fine tlaiters. j).ineiug rnnia and Tteri ol nil Kinus. Alo, Galloons of all color, nnd hlack and light tolL iniilnr lni'i". roltoll laren. &.C. Tiif Hilrenln r teel nured that nil who wih lo make ih1 Imrurams in the nlove mentioned articles, uill mil i'ii nwnv from liU hoti 1 witistit(l. V. It All Lindo nf H(M,u. Shm-i". (laiterc. SlipDers, ttn . Hindi1 to order. The suliscnU'r has constantfv in Ins employ the liesl workmen. and all work made by nun. w iirnoiieii. m.i-ic.. ii. uuiumiu, Hurlinirton. Juiie'J, IMG. 53 HUMAN HAIR. IN Till! I'OUM or A fCA lVw Itl tk'P's! I t'I'f'lll'U C'TKONOS .V CO have receiv Beautiful and Delirious r.rpmalhn. called O ( ) "!.(" "'-i. ?,LIII'S) S tell- Ce of S ) I.KKY JONIM'S COItAI. JIAIIt ItilSTOItATI VII. (-'Pt!x '-!-"Hli;ross "Piemuiin Screws. J ' , . r',, . , N., , , a , 1 .1 1 1 vr WHl dozen wrought and rast run l),,r Hulls, in r urinie w.ioieu in tour imi,i OTI; Ainonir ihe cducaied, there are lew who 1 .. ., ruble .. June 'J. will doubt but that by forcimi the roots and sealp I "Ocwt Ilisiksaud lliices I " oflheheakton neahhy action, we can cans.; ,-rovv i t roRetl,.-r with an ..Mcnsiv." assortment ol ,1, -If and C7l'VM Vm J aye, dark, luxuriant iirow tb. I he riKitsbemj h.-al- i "...,r .,t,:,.i, is .,fr.....i . "i ...i . .1. .' ". V- lork, carvers, steels, butcl I) OXsMX.AN'S HOTKIi. notkk dame suiuaies mat ne inr. 11 ) noes tun iiuueiFlanil llie ilil- a7,J,:i ti gipjrit). lerence hi twien a " J'lons nbcees," Mu au " alrrMof i Siiu.1' vnd l.wiis Sales bri-k, and weiiiiticcdscvc i,,i:.,- t i I..U.. nillotsliikenat'si i.),v.u,oo,i ,.i ii .1.1, is not so reiy plain to as. ' Who shall decide when doctors disagree." , nitii t Hotel is not fitii.tlled iii the Canadas, and not Miriui! .-) by any one in the United States lor elegance nnil comfort. It was the former mansion of .Mr. Bing- baio. noil more recelltlv the tialace of Lords Durham and Sydenham, both ol whom made large expenditures m Hie llltenialillllHllsimcnls,aluHluniiL' llie last year the subscrilsr has tirade very extensive additions, which now render the canacitv of the Hotel sufficient to ne- I coiinninkitc, in the most comfortable maimer, over three bundled iktmuis. I In ciiiiscouence ot the severitv of the winter, thi I sulisoriber was unable to get tin- improvements done in 1 lime to ofiell tlie House with all tlie comfort desired tins cniriuir. lie is tnosi nappy io announce to ins IIATIIKR COOI, ! Any tiling cool, in this wi'iithrr, is rc rrcslitnL'. ror instance: o tcccivcii it The ladits of the iharilabli' association of St. l'aiil's Cliurth, Vrrceiiurs, held a l'.vii: on llie l'ourth. 1. C. Titkh:, V. coiuuiitnicatcs to the Wrmon let an iiiiere.stiun repori ot'the recent trial licfoic the Co. Court, of Eastwood mid Iticc, lor highway robbery a crime ot very rare occurrence in Verinoiit. Th-rc.-poii.U-nU wcie coiivicied and sentenced to the states prison Kastwissl l.'i years, Ki, (. In years, Oium.l. Tho Wliii; ticket is, I). I'mnic, .Inmu lUiunn audi;. II. ln n uviin. The lobofios have re-iioiiiiuaud .Misers. Vilas, J'ai.i: and 1'itin.n, the pres. nt senators. Oraiie will give a e,nod nccounl of herself in Sip. leiulsr. Wamiinuton. The Patriot, (whose IMitor, .Maj. Uastviav, has recently, iu a very happy manner, prac- tk-ally illustrated his allacliii. it to the cause of an I nexiilion") has mi elaborate article on Orc-iow, in fsu'i.M. A I t la-l week s prices were olitameil tor , - i',i...7t... t...- .(,.., I nil ,1,.. .I,.i;,.i,.iu.u n I.... ..till ,1... 1 ... r.....:t IV r.t in; Hi" UMii in, n,.n ... iim-iiiiioij- win i !., i.t, ,-u... i.,,u..,.iiuiJ . w,ic)l !, the i-stsklishnienl w lien lust oienil. , . , ., . i m - , i.s.i i l ie House is now tiuism-il, nnil lias just n-cciveu N. II. lhe.-isuilroveoiitlieroaiH()hios) lt)hcad . ,irv ,.,,;,. s.-rviints.a Slevvard of his lor next Moinlaj, nud to ! very line in iiialily. ri-niilntioii, Trench ciss, Jvc, from New Vork,.lhat .w.,s- w . i.i-i-i. T... .m will place the table, allendance nud comfort ol this .w.-siw.s .ii. www. i j i. .i. ' Huusecipial to any uisiii this comment. 1'uira The stock of nriine uualities on the inarke1 The subsi-rils-r. erateful for the inanv favore of is vcrv- limited lor the sca-on.uiid nricis for extra and m o,. runs uulilie. while in Itasco's Hotel. W's acoiitin baker's Hour aie tally sustained ; low- crude (ienesi o lmm. of their kind favors, assurmi; lliein that every ami 1 Him arfselliiurut Ihe pievimis rales llie loriner i exertion shall Is- miule to make titeir stay with linn I I'll .... I .1 1.... i-l s.11 y I lul ' . 'IS.:.. ll.....t ... ,1... l.........l,s w hull, like John r Ma c. the llihtor seems im lined to letter from Boston, ft day or two since, en- separate from his Cn-idcm and his party. He says closing .'in advertisement, from ono of that (the italics aie not ours). increa-sillg class of citizens who employ llio " Our ricwsinreguidtothe title ore unchanged i. ii ,T , , II etelitc- icih'iie the lest itaim totlit whole Jii. bun to iKirlray imnges on highly polislied i,d territory" . ' metal surfaces, and forthwith style them, j The Patriot is wiisliid, however, ihat " a large m.i- icU'CR AKTISTS. Artist reiiliested u-. J'.'n,' "f Auieii,an sop!e "aie with him-a icn- ,i in'ii miiiwi is cn i ii teuia tei i to imparl consolation under ull ordinary siluicnl alibi lions. We learn from ihe Pali int. further, that a " I'cd-r-al " convention was held at Woodstock mi the 'i'llli .!' ii IIII.aiidiheoihi rlMI IIHInrbb (la vixAs usual on Monday there is very little dointf in the Corn maiket, nud inccsare the same asat the close ol the lasl repoll. O.llsaren (;oil deal depri'Kseil own; lo tlie heavy supplies, unit prices tnve lallell since the first oftheirtsv ut luouili I'i li 13c pr bushel. most pleasant one. This Hotel is in the immediate viciuitv of the principal attractions, such as the (ireat Catlieilnil, l liamp n vtars,.c. cic. Oiiiinhusscs at the limits upun their arrival, to con vey passengers aim oaffioiee io me noiei. .1 M DON'NUdANA 5vv3 1.111c Keeper Kascu Hulel T 0 T I C K . TJIK PHCK AND SPEAR iS I)ltU(J KSTA 1 1 LI S H M K NT. The partner- ship heretofore existing under the. name and style of reck iV, .Nicar, vvas, py muinai coiisrni, uissoivea on Ni:V YOIIIC .MAKKUT Jc.seS7. l'urr. All ilesiiritclii-s arc ijuile dull (Iinesie St I'J), Mkhitrau si, Ikilluuore, Alexandria, etc. $1, iomibiisb uoitherii vt How Corn sold nt .Vie.. Jarsev- Corn Meal !ji h7!. Sunn bu-hels Ohio Corn sold in lots, tbc 1st of April ISIC. Tlie lsjoks and demands of the i i I l: ii is.. ...I ir.. 'i.... r.. ..n : .t... t.n.i.. ..r Ti.. i a ii imi ii, iiuiiiii) nun i i'iiiiiiioii, ui . ., ii in i . i.i ii- linn, will leoiinii in i uc nullum .,. a iirwuu- tx l'i:oviso.- Were dull, without chamre iu priies. lVek, who is fully autlsirised to ts-ttleand adjust thetn Therciiioisofriourvia ihe North liiver for the wei k I The business at the l'l'.CK.t SI'UAll DRUG ES- imiiiiiiit to IV'i.W-J hbls making a tola! lor the season ol i TAU LISUMEXT, will hercalter be continued in all'.i liarti'ls its various ilepartiiunuby llieo A 1 etk, vvho guar- ii nivv Mill i.'i'-t' 1 1 sr i antecs tniiisinmers tl. t ttievsliall l' hereto, lore, ootn in llie quaiuy aim price iu an articiea w-nicn to puMislt tins Jiev.oiirpniiyiiig nilverliseiiicnt in tho Free I'rcss, f,n- thu term of om: yi:.vk, and nlso, io do him tho favor h trrilc a short rdilorialin his praise. Vherciiin tlie ful lowing Hill of Exchange, wo vveto informi'd iioiild ho jtvuilalde for our henefit : "Puc ihe PubtisSerofthe rmiliiigtati Vice P,rs,, 1 hl' lol' so Convention Mas or order, t cither of our Kstablishinents in liiainini! ,n-1 1'riday, their District Coiivci iil..s in itie Ilnionl. einht dollnrs on demand. i.... Ha in,,,nn ...... ., , ., tjuiuiusi, - f, ...iu.,- lilasit nl rnali ,,. .- ' jHiyooie iu iiguciicwij's w (Sitjncd), ultitiio. We had nl hi ur.l ol il. The itsohitions niloplcd n,ijK nr to have Ucn vcty disagreeable lo the Pali lot. lly ihe way, was that old lldenili-t, Jolm NiiiiIi, iiunmiatc.l by the convention alluded to I I louk Dull Very little offi ring, nnd for that not niiuh inquiry SaleiOenesee SI (Kij nnd sales Wrs- , Irru and (leiiiuc liomsiorcnl l ' i ; OatsILV Thefollowinc letter rrom llev lll'.NI! V WOOD, of Concord, N. II , editor of llie Congregational .lotir nal.a religious newspaicr ol a lii;;h character, speaks Miliums in lav or of the (jood qualities of Wispir's lialsum. Concord. N. II March 3, lSlo. Air W S 1'iivvle-Dear Sir Two vcais aao the be oonrs for luil Sw3 THKO APECK mi RALK. A KIXKLV FIV ished Carriaee (four wheelsl with leatlur Ion. w hii-ti cvsl V31KJ snil near ly new Also, un cxceiiem au-i w-u nmsiieu sutgi wimjjon, with steel sprmt!, win nc soul cheap. r.nqutre ot this olfice. S T 1'OI.I.r.TT, ISII'i. President. 1 llurliiitoii, .tun Vci'ii.iMi. I'ciili'al ICail ICoad. s5S 'foXDi 4N AssnssMii.vr ok Ti:v Dum.m:'! ox a l -hare has been ordered by the Directors of the Vt Central Kail Road Company, payable on the first day of August nevt I'ai-iueiits'm ly be made nl the I'ar ni"rs .V. Mechanics' Il ink nt Hurlington, nt the Hank of Alontjs-her, at llie li.ntk ol Woodstock, or at the Treasurer's ( Mice, No. 17J Tremout Row, Huston. SAMl'lil. 11. WALI.UV, Tieasurer ISo-ton, June -i, ISII'. twl l.AI)Ii:S'Sl.ll'S, IIUSKINS. WAi.KiNii siini:s Hiirliiiion, June 'J, 1310. ItAI.FOAITCIlS. CIIII.DRKNS' SHOES. Aie. fcc. &C. ltf w uiiknow ii o anv but himself A correct nieasiirciiii-iit . is acknowledged by all the trade to b- lh" only means MXOOSKI COTTON. Wk iivvi: madk an nrraui'iueni with the owners of these fchcet to keen th'-lii coiistantlv- on band and for sale at th" I'actory Price. We would solicit the attention of .Merehants" and others wi-hin' to buy their (ioods hy the 11 lie or 1'iei-iv-is we think tint th"ir stipe rior qual ity will b" a strons; recoiiimendaiion to the buyer and tli" etiaMtmer. 'Uur people should encourage home in lastly.- VHjAS &. NYOUS. April, lbl'". " T1 1$ A i I T IL iT. F. AllliOTT KEKfS on H Innd, al H irr", a larire stock of suiierior (!ra.mte. lor buiidiiiL' iurioses. His Quarry is that from which the stoii,- was obtained lor the State Huuse, and ha will lul to ord"r, on -hurt notice, any bill in the line, with an artuteot suiierior excellence. Orders throunh agents will meet with a prompt attention as personal application. Airent, at llurliii 't.m. SETH MOUSE. January Si, IS 115. T LOVKIiY IS KXTIlKJinLY A.M0tS TO i 1 close bis mercantile business in Hurlington, and will sell bis l-irtr-stock of (loods at the very lowest prices lor ca-h or ready pn j. Cash is what is wanted, llurliiniton, June U,'l8li. N II. I am determined to clo-e up inv businew by October next . tiUVKLli. Sll.VI'.lt SI'OOXS. Vll.AS itXOYKS, hnva now a lare aortment of Silver Table, Tea, Ds's-si.-rt and S-ilt Spoons, which they offer upon advan tnireous ti-run. I'he quality of the article will be war runted Eood bv us. Uiulnc'ton, July i5, 13 IG. 2 of cnsiiiinir complete "tits." The nositiou ot the cus. toiner must lie understood. There is not a Tailor vvho can ensure a complete "WC without this knowledge. I). I-'. would intorm his customers tint h" his pur-chiw-il au indubitable mode of ciean-uui iririnents, of all colors, and ol irivini; them the Iresh and hvelv ap- 1 ?',vi'r vr-Tr" V ' !" "I,l'r""'r uays. rpY pi.ATJvS, Wllti: &-C WiniKiskil'alls.Julyl, IS-lfi. J.mel. s.KO.NGa .V, LO. ed and offur an ex- comprismg almost on reasonable terms. 7S BOXES TIN xtra 511 b'dlf iron wire, STItONOS & CO. t , , ., ,,.i , . , , I i'ii' iii- i ii i un -i'.-i ric iissiiiiiiii'iii oi Ml MI utlil -aye, dark, luriant prow lh. 'I he r,.ts I..,,,., h.-al- , y n.,..,,,,., u -,ri.a . w i,,.' r .l .j .-. .......... .y i;M ,,n i;(orjhie lenm lo t he imrc ki-mt trnut il wnln flu. Imir iniu lu'i'niiii'k. tsiitt nnil hi Li i .... 1 - jmie 1. nin. ihustlie roots Htniimlv m.-teinii m tunr n;itie wjiI, - Qndhplen.h.Jiyuiirynieiri.eautv,: I 1AH 'K 'S. Tun SlIlKriiliim iiwirvrnp. men ol di'Rml nature nuseil truin dcatli hy llie pow-1 I i - . . n,r,, r. J, . T- ', ... . " , '-.'- " Miiin.H in syilljn i-., ,n -Ill-Ill .mil r .11 r Pi.. . ,,, I,.,.., v i'.t'ii, i ill. f ' ii JiOtljIjl, TaMe nrni Des-erl Knives and erful aid of Keienee. Having ttntel, ns nlwet the uetmil, true, i tjuniilies oi Jones conn linir iie.-ioriiue, i ia c ine jUIie ;i $n TIN WARE oih lILAS & N0YJ1S ro.vrixiii: tub .mini'- uo:-t i f liuiurinii nf 'I'm Ware, nml a -nenil n-irtne'ti intelligent portion of tli jmMie iojutl i'f tip tniih of its DofterAMna tht-Hi oualiti". lv tli1 leMimomaU t t tli following highly re!H'etn.HV "ritieeiw, eilitor-, puhlib omcers, etc. i ney nre ti lew laki-niroui a 110.-101 011 ers. It lias called torth tlii- ietiiiioniiil Iroin llie mo: enlightened lody of men in the world rrom J, S. linker. i.t .1. .V. . The Amerienn wientitic Institution lm U-en fanr- rd with a KTimen of Junes' Coral 1 Ini r lteMoratiet for the purio' of tet-tinir it recommended inliti.", and rejHirt as follows; "We hae minutely evimint'd ana testeajoneMBLoni Hair letorntie.tinl luiii mat it cotH'im of coiiimhiiuU deeidcdly tavoraMf for nmir-1 ihing, softeninKtfausny; irrou lli," curing dandnitt, and (,'ivin a dark npjM-aninee to th hair, liein the pinli ties moat reconiiuended hv ,Mr. Joiifs'. whieh thirtt-K-i ety finds iMrfectly true, and in virtue thereof, award ur. I f lautiriui ni 1 111 v are. nml a K'-neral a-irtne'tit 1 1.. ... ......... 1 1 M ....V. 1 It 11 .. .. 1 uiii-iuiiiij "ll ii'tini, ,11' II.IHIUI' illlU I I'll l IT" I HM at ail times he Hipplird nt nite- that gie tntMhc- I lion. lliirlingtnn, .liinc (", 1SIC. 2 X KXPLRSS VAMim OF TKT1I, Nll., t Hlenimr, Hair, Il'it, Cloth, Klevh.Htoeatit Shoe wi--itr, pfn and piwket knixc, lamp neisor, raron, Hilt pu-Kt, etc. ft 1 KUrUS A- CU I Jll'l.- I. GMtlM) S IOM'.S. tom Nova Seotia Ormd T Stones. AU, grind imw enink1 and rollers j Jtui- I. STRONGS &, CO. CAItKIACi: M AKIMtS wilinnd an extensive , nrtment of good in thir line, on reainable terms at STRONGS &. CO'S. I June I. A new pnttprn of superior STUONGS & CO. HniKs: atsortmutt of Oreim.1. rim nml PiNttrt Comtia of hory, Dutlilo and Horn, at rnCKHZAR'S. Junes thU testimonial: , J (m0V VAUVS. fill ( (Signed) J. S. HAKl'.K, I- A S. 1. !wl II son. V,.,, II II it C P." " t' .".iV. , . From the Ijindnu Times nf Orlnber. IS 10. Jfc II) bh.l Si C'C l'..n,. .V- V il ,' " We have tried Johch'h Coral ll-iir lli-storative It 10 " " " M.,Itiss..s ' isbriltinnt. We nt tirt thought it a mere nut!', but our I l! tons loaf. ,-ru..h'it. no. I nmiM si,,,rai's 'belter half says thai its ctrectson the children's heads Caiulles, I( ir Soaji, Starch, (linger. Cassia, IVpis-r, U truly wonderful. We have used il.nnd we peak on Since, Saleratus, Ckw, VeruucilTa, Tobacco, Cloves, our honor, mat it really prevents our hair troiu l.illm utincs, Lump Oil, Sperm Candles, Oodtish, Sal out, and gives il a bentititul, downy, colt, nud blat k crams, , te, STItONOS . CO. appearance ; and honestly think tt is causiii-; our old June 3, Hid, n , . ................... I Uliuntv mi . .. t. . roraaietiv iiAiiitiit i u. null i iii.tin. l .iii.uii.ii. i-itii.v :i.i i vers nv-ei' unurcn-Bi., itiirunijion v t , .nny in, lam, ;i no , ras,-s runiiture do. , The only true agents for the Kile ot my articb s , riws-il ol lb" .ilanufuturcrs' iiim: ;itATi:s. L vvoikmnnsliip, by June 1, isio. rIIOi:.ll Ali llllir TOOI.S. in en-m varietv O June I, STKOXUS ti. CO. P.VI'IMt II V(il(;s. A large ssortinnt, ih rect Irom the inuutifacturers, at ths lowest cash irices. June 3. X. LOVELY. CHOCKi:i!V nnil (ilnssWarp. A large a? Mjrttnent of Crockery und Glass Ware.China etc. June 3. N, LOVELY BETTER I.ATEniAN NEVER! The sub-K-riU-r has N-cu receiving a new- assortment ot (Ioods. front New York, which he will sell as cheap, if not (henoer, than can Is pit rcha.sed in the country or citv, either at wholesale or retail June 3. N. NOVELY 5 in Vermont and Camillas, nre Harrington llrotheis, (Mlgneil) T ,lll.M,, Sn3 82 Chathaiu-strcet, Wholesale I'ropnelor FRENCH AC'AIi:IV. ROOMSOVER MR. DEH'GVS STO IM. HfONSIEUR P. 0. 1. I)i:M..IUY, mu ilnt ill. LY from Montrenl, and who has romplfted hW recular courw of tmuhca in a rreneli LTuixeiMtv. will oiien in this plnce for two MO.VTHsoti!y,oii the iittcemh of July inn. a school for hiitnietion in thu 1m end i Uin guae. The iteople of Inirliui;ton nothing bhall fe wantinc; on hi- p:i are a--ured that part to render the CJur 1 nun ntv pur- V.rittsi nn. I 1 1ii.- nr lluis obtained nearly dhect fnuit tin- Manut aclurers e pay no up,, a profit on thnn, but lorcly the Ag'ts' comuiis.siii Iu this maimer we obtain tinudcantazr over tli'ise vvho buy these OoihIs in lessniiiouut than a Packuxe As they juiy a Jofther's profit, which is sav ed by us in going tirec( to the Agencies. IWesMiie thets! advantages, we would direct the atlenlioii ol buvers, assuring them that we can fiinu-h them with runts uiwut terms Ivtlcr tli-in anv I Ions,, iu this viein iiv Vll.AS .V NO YES llurliiigloii, Hir, SJ A FvltMllV north of ihe v il- LEAVENWORTH. LMK SAI.n ouToltKXT, SlH. I the Lake hliore, three utiles n II Hurhugion, June 30, HUV Ks SSENCES, fee 10 gross IVpenuint E-wncs, insmictioiMM useful as Hissible to his puiiils. The f.iet ' lage ciiiitaiiinig about SiS acres. ot Ins posuBBMng llie j'liiw.lAMU.V .11 l , (so deservedly esteemed by all well educated pen-oiis) encourages him to hope ihat hi uttempt lo establish in this place an institution where the French Laugu ige may be acquired ill its purity.w-ill be liberally supported, The tune for meeting his pupils will be, for gentle men, at 'J o'clock, A .M.,lor ladies, at li o'clock 1' M., to continue one hour each Mrl'.O P De.Maraycontinu' 5 a' v- !esso:s.s ia private families. Free lectures win be given to hi' pupils twice a week, on Modern French Literature such introduced in Frame by I Weomte Chateau-1 briand. Refer toC F Davey, Eq , J V Hickok, Ei to' the Free Pn'fc ofii"e,or to the Instructor himself at Mr Ooane's boarding house, I rroiupt applications are respecilullv Hilicited Jvv.t S cross Ciunanion vv I'ltergrcen 1 Le uon 1 Cloves Spearmen! Hernlts k Taniey nucamoi llmn-h Oil Opodeldn. k For sale by IBIS July Ji Ho do do do io rio do rio do do VILAS & NOYES 1 tier pound, for sale hv June 11. bests of Hymn Skin Tea, at cenu O. PETERSON 1! Tons HAMS T I'RIiIN'OTON, JUNE 3 13 111 for s.ile at T I etc oer lb hv GEO. PETERSON OMOKEI) HAMS AND LARD, for sale at June -t, ioxiiu:ss WATIIH. June Sti A. S. DEWEY'S. r io V J of fresh Coinrress Spring Water direct from ihe Just received ji supply old Congress Spring ami will Is- kept a full supply on hand at nil tunes, and for sile by June ). 4 O PETERSON 1S0O pieces, IJ inch O. rETERSON vs.m:aso.m:i i.i'.ifiirii. O is-asoiieil ItimU-r, for sale by June 30. PL CASKS'TOHK TICKS, J 1 Bile "Falls Company" do 'i " Striped Shirting t-orsJleby VIUAS ao rvOYKis Mav U. Hir.. SO PHKSU I'AMI'IIKXE. ltncravixr. week- I lv. for sale bv hartel and on draught, hy Julv ll', 1 PECK i. SPEAR 10!) Gp.ofS Matches, fob VILAS ii NOYES. It 00K-BIXDING. Tiii:snNi'iiim:it vnnj kiv to tin Iru n H ami tlie juiniie mat lie slili ear . .. 11 l ..... 1 1 I ' 1.1 1. 1 ' ....1 1 "1 rit on the liook Huuliuu anil lUank lIK.k innkmu at . ! . .... .1 .. ... t . ' ,1 ... 1 . 1 ... . V i .."?..: " J, I Ins old stand, wheie he las superior wo.kinau and nil n ich oppress.'.! by ihll'icuhy 11. bn-niluug. 'that 1 was work ...itru-led to his care will Ik-done m g,sK style incniiabU ol rapid walking and violent exercise, nnd '"! '?' .W,'tT. ll".. 1 Vmd,: I'he Lu ofiso Convention as brld at li, I '. ..s uiiiil. .. n, sleen or nn uisni a l-d bv nmht. to.or.Ur and rulct to any pattern au.l wamiiued. .... ...... . ..' . i i r- . . 1'. s ,.t liiMiks lu irb ed anil ei ileil it ili-siri'il cnlioii ut Danville on ! "ic siitl ring was ireiiiienny ciirciue. nii.i, jiiugiog STEVENS W( ( l); lliulingion, July W, Hlfi. Strong's lluildmg. Wo hnvo tlccliucil tho "negtitiiition" tho "devil" him-scir not cnriiif? to lo portraycil exactly us ho is. We will, however, buy low iiiiierrco. i of our friend w Artist, wiio lms hail , world. Messrs. F A. Wniiiiir, of Warren, nnd II. Hoi., lux, of Middlesex, arc the Whig cjudnlalcs for ihe Seliale. The llnlrW,1 thinks " ii riniarkiihle how er) (iiiuiiiutiii palriolic and blood-tlursiv mc the 1 Hon to ni"il I......1.S I'.l . . r i- . ..' . I .1.... '".iiina oi i crinoiii on -paperr rvotbiiy remnrkiuiie about n-u is the .asust ihnur in the Irom the iiu llicacy of llie remedies used, I supim-ssl theihseuse incurable llemg persii-ubil to trya untie of Wistar's DaUuiii of Wild ( beirv, without the hast intideiice ut lis i llii-ai y or Hint ot any outer prcscrip lion no one can limy iiiiiicrMuiiu my surpu-i- nun w In'ii I I. tm i, 1 the ilillicultv nlmosi entirely removed 7001. ! The Si'issniniEns would res(iectfnllv lender their expressions of lore one Is.llle was iwii up iiav ui a iiioriai aver- Hie jCisXls.irniiiiiiite to n biK-nil nublu: for ilieir assLs- tanee nnd sympathy in our late misfortune, and nasi r. ... n'i... ..ii:.- .i...:. Hits troiihlo with us fur nothing, nnil py him in our I.nko Cliiunj.luih trout, priini) iiinlity, if he will ngtee lo take 'cm as they mam. Whig District and County Con- venliotis met at Danville on llie Si h iiisiiint I he ( aledoiiian ihuiks u -Uunluiblr, lo wc n !.- coiKoiap.rioiopl nimg ..ii, John Smith's,,,,,. ntlent ileiuoiioiy, 1 1 icilninly jK w,. The Xoith Stoi tin Whip Slate li. Kh and seldom ining ll iu any form, no- ' ornier patronage i n -mi in r nu-ir services - , . .. u i, ,,.ll,.v.. on bus s ' lo Ull' Pill. ic 111 llie .Mamui.' oiling l.usiiiess, nun so. thing but , mihv Willi in I 11 w w IU r. i. i us i , ,rlllPr f- . .Il. Ill.s pill.lli- KB ..III. I lis........ , .. ..-,('U1, UVr..s'n, lt. ncls, tuwu snares or uy l ne vain ' MURRAY PATRICK. Ilmcsburgh, June a, lHirt, 53-8 pKiAHS! IiUKii: ASMiiiTMiivrs r vaki- j nifthtandsof Imported and bv mIioIimIc and leldll st PECK f. SPEAR'S tl... ,i. t.. I ,illi, rsi siinll.lllv ullbcted Willi ic.pict, lours truly. HENRY WOOD. None genuine unless signed I Hitts. on llie wrapper lIM'.(;,ll. 10 ll(l(iMli:M)S0l'(il)EKVIX I n.ii. first ran iiualuv, I n sale bv Julv M llf. i! PETERSON Ji .cTES.ciTitAV ric TA(iiri:iuu:oTvri: it. vtiw.v r vsiis; jtOsHvJ c xj A new supply oi rscovin s uint i reneii rtates ; also Double and Single Cas.'s, with oval ami sipi'irc dia pbragues, ihtik gtasx-s, (.eriuaii und American Cam eras, Oolu and platcil 1,-K kets, anil 1'ins. I1R1NS.MA1D .V, llKOI'IIEKS. IANCY ARTICLES! Sum. peiikumis, jT Fomadeti. llaudohiieh. IlairOiU. Kin Salve. Ca- i-Ihhw, Cut (ilasrt, IVrtunie Iloitles, I'uueiiN, Kaney Mirrors, innriiiiie inks yw jinxth, itMitli nmdeiK. I'a.Htert nnd Wnshrti, I In ir lye and Kradientort., Court I'lnnter. JoiuV Simiw, Flavors lor Paltry t ie eie ete, at I'KCK : SI'KAU S. irALUABLK FARM VOW SALH. iU w The suhscnlicr l.'iug desirous o reiinng Came intiitiu: iiy- losure of ihe subscriber, alioui ihe tih Hist . a WHIM, l lli I lie owner v ill uiv i liarg. s and take it tiwnv DAVID HOC W llurhnglou. June 17, HUV -J3 pATTINO.&e -Rales of Halting, C .'. d. WaddiMg. I i Wieking and Cotton Yum, lor sale bv July 6, IS HI. VILAS .t 'NOYES. BROWN SHF.ETIN0S nnd oilier nlc nud qualnics ol llrown Slus-iiug for sale by July it, isifi. VILAS .V NOYES. , 10MI1.S. 0 Ju!y, HlO. ltKs) doz. Side Comtis, '.il " Twin do IKI " Wing do Kl " Ivorv ln HM " C A. F do lot) gross Wish! Pocket Lonibs. I or Kile by V I LAS .V rv (j y u.s from biisinew, oilers lor sale his large and valuable I ,.. . I. . ..I liu ........ ll . . I TiSlx.ll, ioiisiihi, l'i in n o ,ii I I ll' IU IB1M. sit tiated in the village ol Chay. Chnioii County, N y Upon Itie pnnuses nre t.. owe ling-lions..,, u,r,,. r.T iT barm, out-hoiisi's.rlc etc '1 he Nnn is well wood- 'I'll HhA I . 'i IIOI'SKS AT THE r.U.I.S. ed and watered, and is altogether one of ihe mostval ' CLIil. 1 1 iln on the lull, near the Falls, 1 do. ill uahle and pleasant locations iu the touiilv Terms ' th" south pail of the village easy , , Julv 2, lmfi, II W CATLIN I or pjitieuidrs, apply to ine suns,-ntier nn the nreitf MATCH L'S. ."I sn'e cheap by .'lay u Pins and i:i:dles. 500 pack? am. solid h-al PINS 100 do. Mixed do do. 100 do Sewing Needles. 300 gro Knitting Nwiles, for sale bv Vll.AS &. NOYES. Ma 13, 1SI6. !)Al'KR.5n(i ItrTvMs Cap P.m-fr. I do tin leiter d" UK. do Wrapping do For sat., by VILAS NOYES. My VI IRIR 303 l)n.K.v Suspirrmats. Cla.ll. do. fur ssle hv VlfASi NOYES CUJMMKIt Wi:Ai:. 7 Cvsks Simmpr J Wear -a variety of styles and qualm. 3 t uses Colored Catnhncs, for sole by M.y W, ISIS. VILAS 4. NOYES I inriXSl'K NCi:. The State .Mutpii. I i lnwiMiiee Com(vinv of Worcester.Mssachnsi tls. olhr l s.w Policies of Insurance oulnej on the most favorable tern.- Application! reoc.vcJ by (JEO. II. SUA W, Agent Hurlington IVe 17, iili CJl'SPB.NDKIK Jlayj Ch.v, April W Mfi ALEXANDER SCOlT July, lbic OAP MMoz Shaving Sup ror sale ry vii.Afe e- KO VI 1 VnsU paid t'ov Wool. flMIE f-UL-srWIi! R WILL PAV CASIf S$R CIXA-V 1 Fltecc ".ZX Hu-'l-fr..,, I.i:, I' ItlB