Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 10, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 10, 1846 Page 4
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BURLINGTON" FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MOHNING, JULY 10, 1840. Trail the Nc York Kvcning Post. ADDItl'KK TO JOHN HUM,. 1 Wonder, John, if you forget, some sixty years ago, When we were my youtu?, John, )our head vva , while ns snow ; on dulii't count us much, Jolin, anil thought tn make iia run, But found out your mistake, Mm, one Jay nt I,r..v INUTON. And when wo nskeil you in, John, to taken nip of tea, Made ill old HoMou harbor, John, Tin: teapot or Tin'. ,HUK, You didn't like the pnrtv, John ; it wasn't quite select ; Some aborigines were there you didn't much expect j ion didn't like their manner, John, you couldn't drink their tea s You thought it Rot into their bends, and made them quite too free j . But you became quite tipsy, John, (vou dunk a lillle still.) The day jou march'd across the Neck, nnd ran down Dusker Hili.. , , , , , i ou ncled jiit like mad, John, nnd were tumbled o er and o'er, By your slalwnrt Yankee son, John, who handled half a wore, But now I hopo 5011'rc sober, John you're quite too liit 10 11111, You havn'l ' got llie legs' now, you had nt 1!i..n.ino ,1o.v. You had some coins upon your feet,, he win one, Tiiat made you nt the York town light so lame you couldn't nm ; You tiied enough, I will ndmit,nnd threw nway your gun, Andt told n man to hold your sword, his name was Washington. Anoth'T much-loved pot, John, has sweet n-oeia- tioll. When you were going down to Yolk to see your rich relation- ; The ' Dutchman of the Mohawk,' anxious you to en tertain, Put up sonic '("iati-s' that slopped jou, John, on Saka hhia's ilain. That hill you nuiM lenicmber, John, 'lishigli and very We menu to hne it lithographed, and send it to your queen. 1 know v 011 love tint hill. John ; you dieam ol it o"- I nights. I The inline it bore in '(' was simply lion Ilunirrs. Your old fiieml HniAx At.t.t.v, of continental fame, Wlio called you to piurender in ' The (iieat Jehovah's naine,' j You recognised the ' Congress,' then, authority mo-t ' high, I Tile man he called so early, John, and rid you of I'or.T Tt. I know jon'll giievc lo hear it, John, and feel quite sore and sad. To learn that I rim's dead anil gone ; yet slill there's many 11 hd That'" growing in his highland home, as fond of guns nnd noi-11, And gel up quite as earlv, John, these brave ' (irccn .Mount'iin lt-iv ' un no we mver mention it. vvc thmk it unite 1111-I The tliy you charged the cotton bag, and got into Kentucky. 00 I thought you knew geography, but niwc in their ,..,rrn"' ,,,,., , , Oilcan- ' '""'"v wns that day below The' 'i.-ai'uv ' on that day, John, was some distance from the bags, " And did joug. t (he 'booty,' John, somehowniy mem- nrv lli I rather iTi.iik you made a 'swop;' I'c got it in my head, That instead of gold and silver, John, 5011 took it in ... 1 1 1 ... 1 ' - Tiiougii mistress of the ocean,' you couldn't rale the Mm irmi. Tl.Vo.' :,.,,..,,,(...:.,...,. 1 , 11 ' ' 1 . i . . '" 11 u,i.m,.iraN, on had no ' Dr.vins.' Yen had enough good spirits there hock and sberrv. JOU :Irank both Hat, John, you couldn't stand our fare, you couldn't take our I'i iir.v. . ' We make tln-m all so vet,' John, on land nnd on the s-a, We took thi-t lillle Comment, on purpose to be fjee. Our eagle's Jiee, and lows lo soar ; he cannot bear a His nilon, seratch'd th- lion's back, and set him in a rage; Oar glorious stars nre sparkling bright, increasing j car by year. ' , ." llnt "vrr. kl"-nv. ' ,e """" 'l ""'lr l'raJ". " Dost hear it, John 1 It thunders there.' we're children of the tree. Free irt our sires of'Tfi -as i(,l.l,nslirae, as tru-, " ""n-J"!' "'in Keep u,e Mini, we look, ,iear John, from von To keep our Hag tree on the land, unsullied 011 ihe wae, Until ihe last blight Marshall set on the crave. I thought your memory I'd rcficsli, vou li kc M ,, " mm limes Po these o eats to please you, I have tumbled into rhymes. And don't forget jour old tried Iriends, because jour'c now the Ton, But, John, just think of'Tii and give up Ohluov. One nf the best stories which wo have lately read, is entitled, ' Tin; Corliss. ,t Cminfn Talc." It is from the cln.-tu pen of .Miss Mif ford, an F.ngli-h authoress nf considerable repu tation. The whole is too long for one paper ; mm 11 is a nory wmcii vv ill not no to Uivule Tho first half ol the story, like th" bigger portion ry Charles to tho woman whom ho loves.' ol'the first volume of some of Scott's novels, is ' ' Have you heard the 11 11110 of the lady in rpies merely introductory to wh it follows. So we , tion ? Have vou formed any guess w'hom she wall sum up the prefatory part in a few words, . nnd then give the ihmmem'nt in .Miss .Mitfurd's own beautiful language. Lawyer .Molesvvorlh was a rich landlord in Cranley, the native town of .Miss .Mitford, He hail two ilauohtei'.s. to whom his 11 p.oant house owed its chief attraction. Amies was a heauti-1 ful woman ; Jessy w,is a pretty girl. The fond lather intended that Jessy should marry a poor relation, one Charles Woodford. Charles had been brought up by his uncle's kindness, and had recently leturned'into the fimily from a great office in Ixmdon. Charles was to ho the imme diate paitner and eventual successor (, the nour ishing business of his benefactor, whoso regard I socmen lully jiisdheU by the excellent conduct nnd remarkable talents of the oriihan nephew. Agnes, wm secretly euteitaiiif il ail allectiim for Charles, was destined by her father for a young ! 1 . ...t 1 11., , ... 1 -I 1 ..... . . , , , . . 1 . . 1 naronei who hail lately u.'cn much at the house Bui in afl'air.s of love, as of nil others, (says -Miss .Mitford,) man is horn to disuppointnieiii-. . htt'nme ;r;.oc, rt Dieit iijwc,' is never tru er than in the great matter of matrimony. So found noor .Mr. .Molesworth, who Jessv'having arrived nl the age of eightiui, and Charles ill that of two and twenty oM'ered his pretty d.iugh ter, and the lucrative' partnership to his penniless relation, nnd was jn'trilied with astoui-lmient nnd ilidionation to find tho coiuiection. verv n s- (lectfully, but very firmly declined. The young , man was very much distressed and agitated ; he i had tho Inchest respect for .Miss Jes-v; hut he could not in.irry her ho loved anotlier! And then he poured forth a confidence as iine.iocted as it was undesired by hi.s inccn-ei! patron, who lelt him in undiminished wrath and increa-ed perplexity. This interview lind taken place immediately after breakfast; and when the conferencn was ended, Ihe provoked lather sought his daughters, who happily iincousciou.s nf nil that occurnd, were nmiising themselves, in their splendid con servatory a scene always as becoming ;i it U ngn cable to youth and beauty, Jessv was Hit ting aliout like a butterlly among the fragrant ornngo Irees and bright geraniums; Agnes was standing under a superb fuschia that hung over n large marble ha-in her form am! attitude, her white dress, nnd Iho classical airangeinent of her ilarK hair giv iug her Ihe lookol some in mpti or naiad, 11 rare relic, of Grecian art. Jessy was prattling gaily, as she wandered nlxmt, of ii con cert they had attended the evening before at the county town. ' 1 bato concerts,' said Iho pretty little llirt ; ' To sit hold upright on a hard IhuicIi for four hours, U'tvv ecu Iho same four j eople, without the posibility of moving, or speaking to any Imdy, or itiivbody'H getting to us 1 OliJ how tiresome it in !' ' I saw Sir Kdmiiiid Irving lo slide through Ihe crowd to reach you.' said Agnes, a lillle archly : hi presence would, perhaps, have iiiitiijated llie rvil, But the barricade was too complete; he was forced to retreat, without accomplishing his object.' 'Yes, I assure you, he thought it very tiresome; he told me fo when we were coming out. Anil then the uitific!' pursued Jessy ; 'ihe noise lliat they called uiii-ie!' Sir IMiuiuid says that he like no mump except my guitar, or "a llule on the watir ; and I like none except your plavinp' nn tlio orpin nnd slimine; Handel nn n Snnilnyj cveniii.', or rinrles Wtiodford'i" rending Milton and hits nf Hamlet.' 1 'Do you cull lint music V nked ArtH'.iaitfrli Inj. ' And yet,' rontinneil she, 'it is 1110-1 truly siCwilh his rirh I'.ista like voice, nnd Ins line sense of sound; nnd to you, who do not jjroatly Imo poetry for its own suite, ills dnublless 11 pleasure tiiiich resenihliup; in kind llint of lienr 111(1 llie most thrillinj; nfinehnlie.s ou the noblest of instrument. 1 myself hnvo felt such 11 ilicntion in lieariiifr lint vnicp recite the verses of limner or Sophocles in the Greek. Charles Woodford's re tiling is music' 'It is n music which you are neither of you likely to hour again,"' interrupted Mr. .Moles vvnrlb advancing suddenly towards them; "for he been ungrateful, anil 1 have discharged him." Agnes stood as if petrified: 'Ungrateful! oh father !' 'You rnn't have discharged him, to h sure, papa.' said Jessy, always good tvitured, 'poor wiario.s: what can he hive done ( 'Itefused vonr hnnd, tnv cliild,' said the grvp'irenl; 'refused to he my partner and sou- :.. I I e . i, , 1 V., .... .1 1.1.. in-law, aim i.iiien ill invo vvun aiioiner lauv : W hat have von to sav to hiln now?' ' hv. really, papa,' replied Jessv, 'I'm much more obliged to him for refusing my h ind, than to you for oliering it. I like Charles well for a cousin, hut 1 should not like Mich a husband at nil ; so it this refusal lie Ihe worst thai has ha poncd, there's 110 great harm done.' And ol the gipsev ran declaring that 'she must put on her habit, for she hid promised to riilj with Sir l.dmund and his sister, and expected tliein every minute.' The father and his favorilu daughter remain ed 111 Ihe enn.-enntorv. .'That heart is mitourhed, however,' said .Mr. .Molesworth, looking afier her with a smile. ' IJn'ouched by ('hurled Woodford, undoubted ly,' replied Agnes j 'but has he really refused my sister ?' "'Absolutely.' 'And does ho love anolher V ' lie savs so. and I believe him'' ' Is he loved again V ' That lie did not snv.' ' Dili ho tell you tl 10 11:1111c of the l:td ?' ' Ves.' ' Do vmi know her !' ' Yes".' ' Is sIiq worthy of him ?' '.Most wort hv."' Has he anv hope of gaining her a flections ! Oh ! ho inns! ! I... nnui 1 vvi,,t .,,,., ..mild I I1'"1, . . , , , ,, , , , ' 1 lo is ibMenninoil not lo trv . J hr lady vvlinm I h" loves i-. nhnvo lum ill rvory way ; nnd 11 I tnncli as In-hail rnimtcr.icti'd niv' wishes, it i- nn lm,,.,,l,, ,rirt r Charles Woodford's con- intemlt Id lonve his ullcctiim- mi- suspected bv it- object. Horn ensued a sjinrt i:iii-c in llio iIiuIotup. 1 diirin, g which Agnes appeared tryinu' to occupy If with collecting the blossoms of a cape hnrse jessamine, an walering n favorite geranium 1 but it would not do; the subject was at her heait, ami she could not force her mind to indif- j lerent occupations. She returned tn her father. urn III, .V.I1 nmlniuli. I.,ln1,! I,.. motions al111 ,llc' varying expressions ol her countenance. 1 and resiimeil the conversation. I 'I'ather! perhaps it is hardly maidenly to a- I vow as much, but although you have never in j set uonls to:l me 011r int"ntions. I have yet I seen nnd know. I cannot tell how, all that your 100 kiiiiI .mti.ilitv towards 1110 has desiirncl f, ' J," I S, ' ."'t' , ,'??'' -l ! nlher, doubly mistaken me ; hrt in thinking ine '''' ,0 !l sji'endid place in society; next, in , iurioining tint 1 de-ired such siileiidor. You 1 m"mit. to rite Jessy and the lucrative naitner. ! ship to Charles Woodford, nnd ik-sbmed me and 1 J'""r ''"'g0 posse-sions to our wealthy and tilled 1 neighbor. And with little cliango of vrnii t'leso arrangements mav still for the most 11 irt ,0l, Lm. sir r.dmtmd mav still bo vonr .;,. and your heir, for Ii loves Jessy, and .Iesy loves him. Charles Woodford m iv rtill be your parlner and ado.teil -nn, for nothing has I ' , , ' J! I m"n.t', "M 'TC lm".,"l Ym"'" h" Mm inu-t bo ambitious indeed, is she b not content ' with such a destiny. And let me live on with you, d 'nr lather ingie ana unweuueii, with no , thought but to contribute to your coniforl, and lo cheer and brighten your decling years. Do not let your too great fondness for 1110 stand in the way oftheir happiness! Make nvMiot so odious to tliein aim 10 inv-eu, near lather! l-t inn; live always with you nnd for you alway your own poor Agnes !' And blushing at Iho earnest ness with which she Iml spoken, she bent her head over tho marble li.iin reflected the lair image, as if vvhose waW.s I she had really been the Grecian statue to which, vvhil.-t h listened, her fond father's fincy hid compar ed her. ' mu live siiiL'lo with vou. and niir- inav he !' ' Not the slighte.-t. I imagined from whit jnu said that she was a stranger to inc. Have I ever neon her .'' You may see h"r at leal vou may see her ret lection ill the water, at t hi- very moment for he has had Ihe infinite prc-iiinntion, the adiiiira- ble goo, taste, 10 tail in love vv itli Ins coii-m Agues ! ' Father!" 'And now, mine own sweetest wish to live single with mo f" do you still "Oh, lather! fither!" ' Or do you de-ire thai I should nnrry Charli to the woman of his hont .'!' ' Father, dear father!" 'Choose, my Agnea! command. Speak freely around me, but sneak." It shall be as you Do not cling so . ... ........ .... 011, my Hear lather! I annot we all hv together I cannot leave vou, But imor Ch irle surely, father, we may all live to"cthcr !" And so it was settled. And a very few mo ments proved that love had contrived letter for Mr. .Molesworth than he had done Tor himself. vvith her pretline.-s d her title, and her fopperies, was the very thing to bo vain of the very thing lo vi-it for "a day. But Agnes, ;ln, the cousin whose noble character and splendid talents so well deserved her, mule the pride and tllu lui'l'mi-ax of his homo Istlrr 0 Cassiu .If. Claij Ui Ihe rca,lcrs of I'lC True A mmcan. To ore. I!kaui:i:s. We have volunteered for Iho War, and will say a word, in our friends. We have denounced unsparingly Iho Annex ation of Texas, as a IhiIiIIv llagiiious scheme, and a wnr with .Mexico as kindred with tint dis graceful and degrading acts degrading alike to the Government that ei nsuuuuated,aiid the poo. pie that submitted to il. The nm- is p-rfTted: Texas, unfortunately, is a part of our I'nion, The oilier is just lieguti. That the war with .Mexico might easily have been avoided that the commonest regard for ju-tice, and a moderate share of prudence, 011 the part ol the Government, could have prevented it is palpable as the day. But though tnis he so, we cannot cliango the fact. W'ttrcihls. It has liei n declared by a Government chosen by the people themselves. We submit, therefore, as good citiens, to tho law of tho land and give that Government our support. Ite-islnuco to it now would lie rebel lion ; if general, Anarchy, in its worst form, would lie Iho result. Congrcs'.s, as well as the Country, is of this opinion. The Whigs, predicting the result long ago, have fleadily opposed Iho nlicy that led to this war; yet, when It was forced iiimjii them, and hostilities avowtd, they rallied as 0110 man iu support of tho Government. The preamble to the resolutions iu Congress, declaring that War exists by the act of .Mexico, is a lie a nefarious trap set'by demagogues to catch their opponents. As such, vvoliavoilenoiinceil, awl do denounce it; hut, making Ihi- protert, we should have done as Ihe Whigs diil have voted whalever supplies ol men and money were asked for, holding llie Pies. ident respon.-ililo before Iho Country and the 1 World. ! Oiiropinion is,that the war, so unjustly nnd ickedly begun, should be pressed wilh vig or. It is the only allernalivo left. Clouds ami darkness, in couseipience, rest upon our path in the future, hut it has to he trod. Wo act upon this necessity, and do not hesitate to support the Government tn prril all to nw-tnin it for wo war not against the South, nor Ihe tropin of the South, but ag-iiii't Slavery; and when there is a common foe in Ihe lield, und the summons comes to the Citizen Soldier, we know, and rait know hut one Country, and one Duly, and would not urge another lo go where We are not willing our selves to lead. Hut in taking this step, we shall neither shut our eyes ton vile and wicked policy, nor close our lips against the mercenary spirit which has in volved Ihe country in the liorrors of War. With our harness on we feel, indeed, a more uncon querable drlermiintioii lo resi.4 the giant course of all this mischief ; a stronger will than ever tn overturn a corrupt dynasty, and elect as tillers, Freeman w ho w ill s"t.itu liy and defend the Free. Not a jot nf Principle do "we irivo un! Nut a hair's breadth of Sentiment, of Opinion, or of Op position, shall we j ield lo the curse which, vntn- pire-like, is sucking away the life-blood ol the N'ation, nnd which, unless shaken oh" forever, will destroy the ltepublic, while glutting its in fernal lust. The people of Iho United States have a hard task before litem. The Public Offices of (he Country, Iheso many years, havu been filled, for theino-t part. by demagogues who hae sported with Iho pnblic'weal.ns children with their holi- d ly purcha-et ! And paid ndhcrence.nnd a hire ling press, ,,u, labored to gloss and glorify their pellWine. , and, even while perpetrating and per- lecung 1 neir gigantic schemes ot Iramllo embody their names in the public mind as the cssvicc of American grealne-. We mii't lie purged of this rottenness. There can bo no safety, securi ty or stability to Liberty or Properly until wo are. Now, as the only ( ouslitiitioinl remedy the Peo ple have is through the llillot l!ox, there must ha established a sound and healthy Public Opinion, whereby worthy and honest men shall be put in the places of the unwoithy and di-honest. For this end, let all who are for Peacoand Progress let. especially, every friend of Freedom, to what ever party he may' Wong unite, and heart to heart and hand to'lruul, labor with liMy sinews and ceaseless energy, until the CosTirJxio and Uxivr.KsAt. l.nseuTy shall lio acknowledged uf all men. Good friends for whom we can vouch, who know u-, and who have stood by us from the be ginning, will conduct Ihe 7Vh Ani'rirun while we are away. They will be trammeled in noth iug. No position taken by us. or lieces-ary to lie taken by them, in bohalVof Freedom, will they abindon or he-itate to assume. Fur Iho ltiglii, for Justice, fur Universal Liberty, they will plead is strongly and fearles-ly as ever ! Our paper is 'in tin-State, in Ike-toni Tonnes-ce, in the mountains ol Virgi.iia niul ,orth Carolina. Let the reader glance a' his map, and see what an inroul would he undo upon Slavery if the People of Ibis largo region were roused ngain-t it ! That they can be thai in our humble way we nre hustnning on this result, we l.nnir. , I for our selves, then, but for thu Cause, do we usj; the I'rieiiiUof Freedom to sustain the 7'nie Amrrirtin! CASSIUS ,M. CLAY. We trust that this last appeal at least will b heeded. V'.r Trw Afiu'ricmi bo su-tained, not for any man's sake, hut for the Country's, for 'JVulli's, for Hum tnity's sake. It is a noble pa per, in excellent hands, and is wielding powerful inlliienco in behalf of Universal Freedom. llarldly any other paper published in the Slave States has so many subscribers; no one friendly to F.tuancipation lias half so many readers iii those States. TltronghoutKentucfiy, Fast Ten nessee, Western Virginia, and the .Mountain District of North Carolina, it is tn-ilciiiir ilelf b".ird and felt. Being allorded to non-sl.ivehol- ders 111 Iho Slave States for lurely (hie Wot year, it cm only be sustained by a li'ieral sub scription in the Free State. Let us .rive il that iiO'.Tiiilion, promptly o ol luithf ulh . I..'t evei V I ,'ri('"'1 '"' Freedom give his suppirt lo Ihe oul fearless advocate of Universal Liberty published h, il,,, u. s,.,,,.. ,,r s:,i. (.,r,,n., r .'....i is now eihleil hv a n itive ritv. i, u wor,, iu . ; ,;,, lllor,, , tiasien liiuancipation than any other piper can lo. Do not nli'eritto fillor I titer. Act, fiicnds of Freedom! .ct mur! ribune. SFAATOll BACKUS ON HO.MtFOPATIIV. Doctor BiekiH. one of Ilia four Whiy Sena- 'or- from the Mb District, . .. recently made il very amusing report on I lomieopathv, Irom the committee 011 medical s.,tMeties and medical col leges, to whom hi I relet rod num"rous po liti nis from tho counties of C.ivug.i and Onon diga, praying for the establishment of a lloniie opithy eolleg" at Auburn. We cut from itsun dry assage.s : "Your commit! e are of opinion (hat perhaps few person-, ami those oerhans who h.ivo h,.r,l of boimep.itby, and even been in the habit of s.vaiiowing lis tiny globules with great serious ness of ioiueinor,'do 1111 ler-tand the iulinitnuiid astonishing minuteness to which their medicines are. derived. They are scarcely conceivable Ik tho human mind. Few men have iintheinatica'l talent enough to put down iu figures and ordina ry I"1 pathic dose: l.(J(l()()i),()0()U(lll,OIK)(K)t), (I.'IOOOI), 0001)00, 000000, 000000,000000,000000, IWOOOO oneilecilionth of a grain ol'charcoal or oyster shell i- not only a fit and proper do-e to Iu given as a rei ly for severe diseases, hut i- an agent id' such power that one do-e will con tinue n-ling for thirty or forty days. Hahne mann says tint a se.xiiliontli of a g'rain of Car bonate ol Ammonia will act beneficially for up wards of thirty -idiys,and that the decillionth of a grain of oyster shell will require, forty nr fifty, or even more days, lo produce all the good it is caiable of, " It would seem to your committee, that there nev er was a, scheme proposed so contrary to com mon sen-e. and all the principle hitherto prouiul giteilas reasonable. I'ndotibteiUv tint circum stance is the element ol'its popularity vv it li so many. It has so little to do with the com', moil sense of mankind, tho old fashioiud laws of cause and eU'ecl.and having assumed a mysteri ous form, many have been ready to adopt it' i;.t. how can thu infinitesimal doctor and his patient lieliovein the virtues of tho millionth, billionth, trillionth part ofa grain ofmagnesia and rhubarb, and predict Iho mo-t wonderful cures to re-ult from Ihe exhibition of these inappreciable dos es of medicine. Your committee feel a oroat unvv to meddle with this subject, esK-cially to di-ciiss its principles at any leiijrth -it is fenced iu with so many sensibilities,,, and female, as to enjoy a kind of charmed existence for the present ; the medicine is so delightful, and there is soincthiii" p:irUikine;sii much of trancendentali-ni in aiul about it. It is a sweet scented, real Herman fog, Unit for t!ieprc-o;it will survive in its individual pans, line me poivpus, alttrit has lieen cut to pieces' as a whole. i "One peculiarity of houueopathv, u: its par ndeofsyiiiplouis, (which are exclii-ively treated by liomieopithies to the disregard of disease, drawn up with such sipimrent regirdto minute investioation, and exlubiliiiir at the Mine time sai much acumen in discovering changes imper cejitible to ordinary observer',) i very attractive. Wewill only present a single example the e.. ierimentmide by thegreit ajm-tle. 1 lahneuiaun himself, ol Ihe decillionth part of one grain of charcoal. I le very gravely says it produced gid-1 ihuu-s, loss of memory, sleepiness and wakeful-1 lies, loss of aiielite, pain in tho head, nausea, ! colic.cold in the head, hoarseness, cough, rliou- 1 matic pains, sharp iains in Iho chest as if from ' an intense charcoal lire, Iho decillionth pirtofa' gniiiiofcharcaial being ignited. This svinptoiu ' is naturally followed by hot Isiiling in the chest,' which at length is parted with n steam, nml from I tins ellcct, the great father of Ihis syslfmcon-i Kiders charcoal lo rank highasa remedy for wa ter in the chest J" J 'I'l'inales who have become advocates, have, I III very many instances, l.roino pr.ictilioners up-1 ou this cytoiii. have their l.i.x ol medicine and I llieir little hook, which they have obtained for n j i'nars, and urereaily, aim protess usiinny n great willingness to thrust the little glohu'les down the throat of any who is disposed to open his mouth. They prescr'li'iit home, among their neighbors, In the steamboat, on the railroad car, for all tlitnisrx, no matter whether acute or chron ic, and all Ihis is done wilh such a sapient cast of countenance mid a solemnity nf manner that would have struck with nwo lather Hahnemann himself. Any one may commence practice under Ihis system vvdio can muster a ten dollar bill, as this will furnish the books and nieilirine .sullicient for two years in a moderate practice. Hut it seems, notwithstanding all the-e faculties, nnd the great number id' practitioners, male and female, that are so scieiiliU'ically prescribing over our land, the petitioners desire a college, a honuEopathy college, to b" located at Auburn, lo all which your committee would re-pond 1110-t heartily, not wishing in any way to interfere with the fullest expansion of Ibis Gorman bubble.'' 1 3 rx ii. MERCHANT'S LINE.--Iakc Itonls. For the transportation of property between I.AKr. Cuami i.,vt.v, Tuov, At.nvw. Ni w or.K, nnd Boston i,smti;i). TUB I'ltOI'IMBTOKS op this mm: iuv- in inerensed their laeiliiies by the nddition of sever al lii't rale Boatsuniler Ihecommiiiid ot experienced fiillifid .Mn-ters, nie preiared to give despatch to all property intended to pass between the above named jila, es, w lib which they niny be intrusted, nud hope, by prompt ntletilion to the inicrisl of their einployei.s, to teechie n comiminnec of public patronai.e. Tlieir boats arc to lw towed by Strain un Iluihon Hirer, nud on Ltikr Ctiiini'laiii when necessary , and coinp'ete n perfect line to .Ync Yuri, ns, nlso, to Tiuy und Albany. J.rits of iromls nre kept together and not subjected to injury by tmiishipment. J'lHnrirtrn s. rOI.l.r.TT llUADI.IlY. Ilurlinstm,'in'()X,tcnrrn:Ni)i:N,.v..i(.in A .M Cl.Alllv, St. AUinni. Anient I,. A. JOHNSON'. Alt U. CnentirxShp, Xrir York. COHMII.UTpi I.OVIIM., A'cic York if HmtonVaek rt OJiee, fomg lYmrl, Ihnltm. April, lain. ir HIU(!(S' l'ATBNT FBXCB MACHINB! II. 1'. l)i;Wi;Y re-peeilully gives notice, that he it si manulactiiriu:, nt Wiuooski l'nlls, Hr.ious' Pa tes r 1'oriTAiii.i. l-'r.N'cu, w here nil orders w ill be prompt ly ntteiulcd tn, On im: to ihe ndvnntaees derived in the use of die nbove improvement, be is enabled to nllbrd n neat and beautiful fmee for yards nnd gardens, nt much les expense Ui;m th,. same can be got up lor in any other way, while for dnrnbility, il is not excelled by nny in common use. This valuable unprnvoni'Uit was lir-t broimht out in Wctcrn New York, where it has gone into eleosi ,. ncuv nn.l 1ms r.-eeo nl the niinriili.llioo of the .Mnvor of tin- ritv of Butl'ilo.wilh innnv linn- beiks of the lirst iijriculuirists nnd oiheis m that part ol th" plate t also ot Covemor Hubbard. l)oel, Jam- Judge I'lunclnll and many others m New Hampshire. In I let, wherever it has been introduced, it has been highly approved Asa Turin lenee it combines more ndvantag' s tha t any oilier fence ever useiL It can b Used iritiwuf and is tlcaif ire not etf-cted by the freezing and h, aving of the ground, and is admuably adapted to intervales, subject tu eere ficshets. ft tnke.s less lumber than any other kind of lenee. is a certain piolcitfou again-t nil kinds ot catlle, is not lia ble to g a out ol repair, rawtot be bloiru ttoirn.i easily pet up, njvi n down or removed, without injuiy. i tNo l.inner shoitUl be irithoitt at least a sudi cieni qinnlilv to thru mound bis fields of grain nnd stack yards, in connection with the above he has a ma chine for titrmug Broom Ibin lies Hur'uvtou 1'al's, March 12, IS Irt. II Qss-,-----, (iiiin'Mi'ii i, I Mi'ix.M i:vrs "c!Sr iu 'I'm: siili-eiibers wish to call ihe -!. l;vsc of the Iriends of Agri culture, and the members of the Agricultural Soeieiv, nnd of the Tanners' Club paiticu'.aily, to a BTTTT.U PLOW than Ins ever bt fore Is-en olfued iu this mar ket, nnd to convince you that we speak lie1 trulh, when wesnyn belter I'lote, we earnesllj invite nil tocall Illlil examine for ihemsehcs. We hav e Proiuv .Menrs' centre drnit. sub-soil, side bill, swaid.olie fi,rse, Itud 111 -iluirt, eveiy variety of Plows mad 1 bv tin in We have nlso Buggies, Noiirse and Ma-on's Plows ot eviay ileseiiption .tint -i.e, Com s!ielels. ( hums, lines, -e' nn I expect, in a few dajs, a geueial ns-sitm- at ol Tanners' nnd C.udneis' Im- ileoit ills. Tlie nbove articles nre fir snle nt the stoic of T. W. Lovell, Stetson's Iliuldiug. Cbuieh -iifi't, Burlington, by . lob. i S. Pi. ree, wliois our nuthoiised agent. and who will hnptiv to .how them lo all. May 13, liit). PITKIN ,. WAHIl NEV7 GOODS. T W. fi.U!!' insjirsr i(irrruxi:i) i-imi.m 11 1 New York nud lloston mnrkeis willi .a well se leoted .assortment ol liOODS.cou-isiingof I'ANt'Y PlilNTS.ol every deseripiiou j Cinghams, Printed livviis, and I) 'hones, f,r ladies ,lrt es ; Silk Barage nnd Delaine Shawls, of 0V latest style ; Taney Cassinieie for gentTmen'.s pants , Summer Coods lor i luldren's clothes, all kinds ; ('otion nud Janeu '1'hread ; Col',1 Thread- Silk and '1'wet ol ihe best quality j Cotton Cloths, Drilling, B'd Ticking, eic. (Iruerriel THAS of nil kinds and oualiiies, Itrown Sugttrs, cnish',1 do., Povv.lereil and Irivanua Col! , Allspice, Cinger, Cnvia. S.ileratus,( od I i-h. Sihnou, Mniker cl, Pork, Tlour, Salt, by lie' bag or bbl. Store one door smith ol T, .1. T.iy's shoe store uiiposite tic old Itink If irlmgton, May -M. It III, :J era-, iiiixBirs Li:ATin:it i'i!i:si:i- fy I" YVI'lVi: nnd Water-proof Blacking. ' v?fcb- This Itlaekmg is not designed to proiluce n fiolish, but to render 111" leather soft, plialil", water proof nud much more tlttiable. The inventor lias had nntiv ears experience in lb" tanning nnd sie ma king' busmi ss, mid has prepnred this article, having spent innch time in perfecting il, wilh n view solely to the good of the Leather Manufactured by T Mll. 1,111!, Warsaw, N" Y lor sale r, I i.ur-u. 1, ... ... ,., iui.-. r... a loo ooeioo. .1 illy i", i.e. fiwll Ij A K & X 0 Y I3S mii: now iincKivixri fiom Ilosion nn,l X York llinir supply of Spring (looiN, which iboy ulf.'r nt wholesale upon the ino-i lilienil terin-i. () ir" stork con-ist. ofa ureal variety of J'rintx. Moil de Lnine. Lama Coiilt.t'oloied Cath- ineres, Itepp dehtinen, Mtnltji !inghunit. Summer ii ear, nnu a larire asMuiiueiu oi onier tiooo-. Our I'lirrhasi . w'cre all mule vv it I i rash, nml we are eiifoiirairetl to b" beve lh'it our ItooiN were otitaiueti nt prires lint will enaable nsto sx ll them very l.ovv to those who may favor us with a call. 17 liurlinstoii, April al, Is Id. AliAU&AKTIlUH 3--Sy-sJi" K II nie now reeeivmi; new plies of SAl)l)i;i:i!Y. Coarh and Shelf II All D- WAlii:. iu all ns vnrieiii-s. Al-o, Dni'-s and .Medi cines, l'liints, Oils, Varnishes, etc. imrliuitioii, lSlii. " OOlCI.VtJ CI. SSr.S.-lIaviii; hnd ronIant -i calls lor more, we have purchased another lot of line Looking unisex, which have just arrived with wlrit reinaioed t our Soriii,' iinrchase. We can now sho.v n very lino ns-ortiuent at prices tint will nut the closest niire VV e 111V lie a 1 vv no v .l .1 j,ook- iug (II iss to examine our assoriinpnt ("'fore purchas- un.'. (bit and Mahoitany fninied (ila.sesou hand. I It-Ilii.s.sniidW,idCloeks-L'iHl audi heap. , IIUINS.MAID it imOTIlllUS. N' ji: W WATCH IIS Al- SII'.SSIIS. j ItiovsMiio -. Iliiorm.r.s are now receiv-, l-.W WAT(lli:SAi-.-Mi:f!SllS. IluivsMvui.tlliionu.r.s nre novv rcceiv-j ; I he r Summer iiisortiuent of lull Jewelled I 'd I,rera, I.epii,e Watches, of I'.UKlish lamitaeture ; ids.., Si vcr I,ever. I,epinei,nd hes.thii k iiiidtliui.laruenudsiuall.nt very VJcX. ins their Suiumer iiisortiuent of lull Jewelled I Cold 1 and other un Verire Wiitebe 11 n-Tinable prii'es We w ill sell to all at as low prices as they can be had lor 111 city or country III'VVV iivi:i vi im- 1 , ... Allliuidsonioods.tokeenuptlievarieiy.constant. V' ,,,, ,'.,, D1"". 1 1 lvurnvni" Steel lleailsando herStec (iiKids , 1 L"n"'S . " 1 K,1, '", ra,rt 1k'v,'s "nvik v ins, ij uriivuv. . vi 11 niwanMii r. , ,,,,.,, spades .snivels, lork. Uor. s,-jthe.s nnd sniihrsjilack liltl. .ii.Mi'.x smiths' U-llows, sledge haii.iners, narrow and broad ,, 1 , 1. ir...r I 'mes, augers, erobars, raldron kettles, wairiroii axles, 3rAM 130. Till: Hl'III.IMiTON Mll.l, (.0 , steel spruu-s, kcitlosomll and circular Kiws.vvro'i Vl lieing about lo start up their new nnebiiierv. nre and cut nails, iron aiul brass wire, sheet cooikt and prep.ired to j;ive employment to ',: or Hl (illil.S brass, hoop Iron, sheet lead, sheet imo, Kriiustne inure j viiinks, oven mouths, plow ciisiinus, etc Application should be made imineitiately, nt tlie Coiinliun-ltoom of the Company It is desirable that 1 npplicauLs should not lie loss iliall sixteen years 01 line , 1 v 11st rnnk : Avrni lbulinjtton, June '"), llrt. ..... ., , 1 , t0l)TS&SII0i;S. Tin: Suiwriuntut rlt it blijn-t received lionl tbe Manufaetiireis ' M. n splendid iiKsoitnieutol HOOTS it KUOHS, of nluiosi every de-'ripttoii.whi(b will lie sold us cheap im lie- cbeaiest. Tluw ishini! to pun bus,, would do well to cull and examine liel'oie puil'hnMUl! ilsewhere. N II Custom work of nil kinds innde tuorderand ''i',So"nuni.rtni.nti.f(;il()ICi: (iltOCIlltlllS, cousisiiu ill part ol the followuu! urlicles: Ti vs, Sunn, Csin 11, Sin i,Kai.i iiatv., .Moijihi, Oil, ruu'it.Svi.r. (Vmisii, Mnnnii.i . Svlmov, Si'it,ToiiAon, Nau-'', "-' j,ll' lilllliuelliu, JllUe l.lNlli .Vlll PLATT'8 PREMIUM Portable -! i n ( ,11111, lor (trimling U'hrat, ffye, Oat, Flatter, ami alt Aioff tij j-ronntier. rimi; e)Uiuiiiiii(, invi.vo purchased I of Mr. .Iosiaii 1'i.att, of Weston, Connecticut, the rigjit lor Vermont, Massachusetts nnd New llnuip shire, is nowMuamilaeiurini;, lit his Mncliine Kliop, nt Burlington Falls, Mills of the most thorough nnd per fect construction, nnd is prepared lo sell .Mills nnd Bights lor liny towns not already disposed of. The ureal ndtnnlnge of this ever the common (iri-t Mill is Hivious to any one on inspection, lis Oils .Mill can be ised by horse, steam or water power, wilh half the ', -lr . SmTrn i ilu"1, ! 7 'VVl-.i "-.I. ' ,.;tl 1 1 ii Ir il... ttrmt : 4i... t'..:- i.. V t 1 . "l "'" lit un; 1 UII III iUW IUIH nlar. il. A ..-:..(. !.. t i a i ttj t hum til-' ui jit; i ii ill I III il I nil III iv'irin'Mrr I si..;.,..,l..,. ima w,, i ... ,i . I., i . 10, t, viii HI! I! t S TDM'S nre i nl i, i tl . . l II e. the lint ersitfu,.,!. eertifr llmt nl St All.nn llnv on the 'id day ol Xovember, Hill, iu the Steam Saw Mill nt that place, there was ground in l'latt's Porta ble Crist .Mill, fitted up iu that place, ten bushels of peas nud oats, nnd done in the best manner, vviihin SO minutes, nud we further cerlilv. that we Iwliele llie I said Mill capable of peif'oruiing all the grinding usu- I ..II.. .1 .. .. I1.:J, 11.11 -....-i .1.:- ..uj ...mi. ,1. .. .mu eipi o oi nny .tun ill oils State, by one nm of stones. And we further state, that tlics-iid mill ground eight bushels nud n half of corn, (fine men!, in nn hour, without being iu the cnl heated. I). S. l'AVXi:, M,Urr. BAI.l'II I.ASI'.I.I,, 1 JAMi:S I.A.MSO.V, I II. A.I1UI!I,IIIJT, " it'""r MOHI.IISdUIUi;, J 1, the undersigned, certify tint one of l'latt's Porta ble (irist Mills has been lined up iu Messrs. White & Co's (irist .Mill at Vergeunes, nn.l I wall frankly say io me puouc oiai i nave iiiuy irieu me nun until on Homing nnd provender, nnd h ive come to the full con clusion, that the nbovc null will compete with nny mill in the country both in flouring ami provender. ASA !IAI!lllN(;TO.N',.Viti-. Yergennest April 'ill, Its 1 1 The Mill nbove named was in operation in the Yer genncs Iron Company (iriBt .Mill, n number ol dajs, ami so lar ns we witnessed its perloriinnce in grind ing grain, we were well salc-nial with it, nnd believe it lo lie a good article. SA.Miir.i. bai:ki:ii, W.m. 11. WIHTi;, Vet. nf Yrrgrniie.i Hank. This is to certify that one of Plait's Portable Crist Mills Ins lieen put in operation in the Crist Mill nt Middlebury. by the side of s,.t.n run of Hnrr Siones, nnd I line given it n thorough trial, both on tlour mid provender, and I nm frank to say to the public, tint I am satisfied the mill will do business equal to any run of stiiiics in the countv. AI CI'NNINCIIAM, Miller. Middlebury, July ai, IS 13. This is to certify that I have bought, nnd have now in iie, one of Plan's Patent Mills m myln-t Mill, by the ide of a run ol I It. 10 inch llurr Stones, mid can Irankly say to the public that it can do work as fast and as well ns any other sioue of the ;irgc kind with 3 ol'the power, nnd verily Indieve lliey are capable of doing nny and nil kinds of wmk done in n Crist Mill. Id'AVIS Mi:UUITT, .IAM11S CKAIIAM, Miller. Ihrtlnnil, Apiil SJ, SC.. This may eertily that 1 have bought, nnd have now in use, one o Plaits l'jtent Cn-t Mills, and it works well on all kinds ol (irnm, is mil bv th ide of I Run i Burr Stones, and ivin coiilidciitly sav that it vv lo Ils ninth work With one-halt ihe newer mid ns welt ns the large stone DANIBI, Ct'SHINO. Springfield, May I, 1HU1 PUTSSON CUOI'I'T, Piotrietor of the abiire Patent Burlington, June 2d, Hlii. ana PROTECTION, 'pill; UAI):1SI(;m:I). sou: .uh-vt op 9 tin- " Vcnuniil Tiro In.urnnci.' GnniMiiy, tur tin IJMnrt id linrluinlon and Winnnlvi I'nlU. n"-- j-perifully niiuntinri"- tint In will recme npiilirntious and t' I left iiLiir:mre o-i Imildmn and coutenta, not e.tra liaardou-, on the ni-t mmable tenn. It I- ascertained thu the nrtou clae nf properly indued hy thW rompnny, fnnn the coiimi"ncunetit iif it- itperatioiH tor IS ear pa?t, liae paid on each spM) iier vear, n follow x'u . i Morv uwi'iuiiL' rioiin-s rato.t at u nr. ct 80.l."i J .:i'i htou-Mi nnd yrM unU 10 'raern" " Saw-mill ) tt Cahinet and jcdners shop $ Clothing A: carding woik- Itlackmith simp t u l'apei nnll- and tat torir- 'JO .V) .Td It h eident the ohoe siuii" are tnurh lew than it Ire co-t any other rompanv known m ih" United State-", t-r the Fame iiin 'VU" lirid-tot thi 'oinpany aie created hvrremium Note-, ol th.- insured, -"ciircvl hv a hen of lf nl t-Nftte. orhy iool perMiiml scriiritv, and amount tonhout two thirds of ii million it diitla I hos wi-hiiiif protection will plee call, the Court IJou-e. , IjYMAX rLTMMINCS, llurhngton- April :it, 1 S 11, illYiee iu .liri-nr. tsif ES.-slhhiin V o. r .-ii:i:cii.T TAii.oiis, I XV IT 13 'i unit to'iavmivi: A a ran luuy n-in'tiM norlnn-nt ol Hol'i, t n.-sinu.Ti V osllinrs. mill 'rrilimimtr Anion,' tli.ur Cloths''ui.-iy Im fount! Sujkt. rron.-li in it is, iiir-, unmii, vi. iv., anil nil llie l.i-Iuon-nlilo fanry rolor--. 'I'luir lis.sortinent of ('.'(ssinirp I'tnbmpo. a variruy ol iuiilnios ;i'ilam l'r. lllnck Do.' ;Skm, :in,l a yrrat vurM'ty ot I'lisiiioiiablo l'aiiey. luii'. l'ii; ami ombow 1 Vrlwtf lii;!it nml ilark Iii; r-ilk jilaiu iin.l Iii;. .Miirsoilli-a Mar-Wllt-i V,-t .Sliaivx, mu a gri'at varr'ly of pattenn lor S nn luiT vwar. lor Siuinncr ('oats ('as'im,, p-ap ,c jji,., Tvvwil., i-ie. l'or V.mif Il.'avy Dark, niul Miiionor Diillms. Also, Srlf-Adjiiiting Storl, ! -Illack, r.incv ami Siuiiinrt'niv:is,,s;.Hp,.nilr.sI,,-uru, !oiinian'il Col lir. !ilf llirwiil, silk,, an, wliitf K'nl (How. isi,, blown nml ilr.ib Wive!, nml Srno'.. M C KATIinUN, C. 1' WAltl). .May II, IS Irt, Iii(ij:sauti3sta.iii;.ts. aiv, 19 finiply fir Kilr by S. WOODS. .May -J'J nr ( i)t i -Pi i wiimni , ,,,., - , ' (.'erousnml ib-tri'ssui rouiplauit.ih" V'ies,ever o!i'"r VAIiliAIll SCHOOL ULIlAIUIX SO l lolb" Ainenean pubhe )3 Voluiues for ' .Mark tins it is an Internal llemedij not an eter- IIK) volumes lor sl(l,lK) I nnl appheation, a'ul will rur" any cas,. . ,f ihe Piles Just reeeiveil by STIIVIJ.WS WOODS. eilher bleeding or blind, internal ol ' ; and May -.'3. probably the only thin.; that will There is nonu-take T0ILI3T L()0KIX(J (JIiASS13S. lillNlDIN 1 n "real variety of oihers, we h ivi: Toilet Look- mi; (tlassi's wilh ami vviihout drawers under them ; nlso, kitchen ami chmuior l.ookin;(ilassi.slpi,eket and trunk do , l'lower Vases and nimv other aitich's. llUI.S.MAll)t lll!OTlli:i!S. V I II 13 Y 0 II K S. A itvvIkv imrui, liouiaii Candles. Wh"els, ,v, can be bad ol iiui.-vf ii-ii ,- limit ni;i;,s. s they are kept Hiuie iliiauee lroni llie More, those who wr-h for tin1 luu-i apply n short tinr b' lore they are wanted to be iiseu, IJOliSi: I'l.VISIIIXd'S. AIli:itt. IvvniN l'earl white fire olale. Iintf i.l.-.i., n,,.l I. .Ii l.r 1 d- -liosewood do.--ltniss no.llilns .!,. t.. 11 bells und hannums, lllake',uiortiee locks, butts screw, ruiiboaril iatches and locks, mdow sprui"., wuulow hdnd triiiiiuuu;., books and hiU"es,liooksand staples, nnhojranv und veneered knobs, hit and coat hooks, etc etc , together with a full assortment of nonsi: rnKMsiiiNus, ninnnli which mav find a rrrent varie- tv ol ip'W, u-etul, ceonoinical, and ornamental nrli '1'"' "t STIIO.N'C.s! - CO June 1, IS Irt. IdliOOMS IMILS &( "ill im j)" '' -, ';' ".. ,- ) 1 J"f, "' !um Matt. .0 tl , I 1' 1 ! llltOOVN oo "J, nr o ' -M Co,,uo a,i I'ancy l).ers Window an I riV..r I Table llru-hes, Hes,, ,V t';,, ' , Nal do ' Scrub do , Shoe n, iUrfv du. ,'.,,.. S'l'IH Nl ri t CO June I, lairt. ' vu' June 1. STIIONCS A CO - -)..'rs AM) OILS. S TON'S 1! I'D I P V 1 1 I ,i.....i: 1. .i . , .. 1 . . ... '':)." , "O "in, 111 11 lure, i.xira ,.,..1 .V.. 1 chrome yellow, Vet! red. 1'aris rcen. I'reiuh yellow, -:isi' . k-.iu ciiioioe Krcen, wuiiiui'. puny, spirits turpentine, HUH) gallons lur-ord oil. dow i-lasB, uiiit and vnnusli, lulcd oil. etc. Jam' ' STKONCS &. CO I JULIAS LV.MAN us this div iim:ivi:n J nn extensive nssortiurnt of I'lnid, Check, and Inney Cussimeies 1'rinied I'lnid. Cold .Mu nnd I'laiu S.uiiielta. Knncy and Cold .Mix Tw Is, l!i, h siunincr Vcsiines, ele Slnte Colored and Drnh Mo. , rerns. Suia-r. lllark Ijistinp, lllue Slripe, Ciimbria 1 I'liinls. I'lnid Drillio;;.. IJich 1'nnts, .Musliu I iing. j hums, Col',1 Cnmbries, etc. 1 Aiao A treat assorliueiit of ry. I Wlckware lllnck, 1Mb June. Swell's School llooli. figim- VN'WTS KNTJMSIt (JKAM- S ?-rJ-f J MAU. Tlitqrnminr.ri't nn tho tin tifltlflV F-i of Mnrrny. ntul i tltinnil for uc in CHinmfm P('1ionl, nrnd'-iiii'-Si nml liiclicr tMMuitinri nf Innniinc, 'J'lic follow iiii nrc frlectnl fiotu mnny im. liiiiotiiiiH nl ni' worn. Vium Truman 11 Hansom t M. A., VrrtUhnt oINV irirh Unirrrittf. Nnrwicli tTiiivcrfiiy, Aii. 1H( ISJfi. T)np Mir T linvr ticrilrd V(Hir (i mint n:ir wit li tnncti witi,-lhptii)ii( niul nt U'cn inrticulnrly pk-asutl willi it rlfartu'si niul rjtct IJcticc (t'arninnnrnt. the rimtructiii f ctUeneeS, lmin4 vfry'full nml i,rr- ,fCt' The chanter on verlr", nlso, is excellent; nor nre tlio inn eiossary, nnu p ndard ibctionar I general ndaiitntionof the woik toour Piaimaril mcllouary, aiuooi; oe- n-iei 01 meriis. i nm confident it will f.oonti-come, w lint it well deserves to be. itself ii standard work. Yery truly yours, T H. HANSOM j Vram the author af" Wantl lintam. Swett's llnglisb Crnininnr on the basis of Murray, has been introduced by ns, nnd is now used ns the text book in Ihnt department in Kimball I'uion Academy n tact which may be regarded ns proof, tint we thiiiK it, on the whole, superior to nny now in us. AI-PIIONSO WOOD, Meridcn, June '-J.'), 1HI 1. Instructor in l V. A. Vmm 1'ieilrrirk J! 1trd. mu uf A had, I). I). 1'ietitlent of Daitntottth College Iloosie Prill., N Y .Sept. II 1SII. S. Ide, Ksq -My ilenr Sir, I haveexaunneii Swett'.s Crntmnar with imiehsatisactioii,nud though not in the habit of recommending books, cannot refrain from ex pressing my decided prel, renee for this Craminar over nny other witliwlueli I ninncquainted. In systematic arrangements, iu clenrues.s of deliniliou, iu its rules of construction, in the full chapters upon punctuation prominent ion, versiiiealiou in its appemhv, coinpn- mg remaiks upon t ho sound ol the letters, the rules ot lelling, nud the ilerivntiou of words, it supplies tin detects ol most other iirnininars. I have introduced the book into my school, nnd shall recommend it to utliers, ns opportunity occurs. Yours respect'iillv, I'UT.DT.KII'Iv It. I.OItl). SWIVPTS PK1MABY SCHOOL CP.AMMAl! 'Iliis coneisi' nud very lucid Kletnentnry Trrntisetor beginners, just pujihsbi d, has been received with great favor by School Coimmttccsnud Tenchers. Although it has been iutroilueed into n large number ol schools nnd bids fair to becoui" th" mo-t popular and us, fnl little work of the kind extant. The lullowing notice will speak for Itself. Vioni the Her I). M AW. n Or dad, A IT. (Kfonl, N. II , Jan. If,, Is IP,. D'arSir: Having examined your 'Primary School fr;niiinnr somewhat closelv, 1 ntu per-uaded of its high merits. It is simple, dear, ntul well nrrnnged ; and therefore pectus to be well adapted to the youne mind. No other books, with which I ntu ncquainted setting forth the principles ot Hughs, Ortumuar, es-,o. eially in their elementary npphcatiou, is . iter calcu lated to secure the end nt w Inch it aims, than is tic one issued l,y yourself Twin its simplicitv nnd its adaptation to the capaejties of youth and children, I am sure, it cann it fail ol a wide circulation. Respectfully vours. D.VNIT.I, m i!i:i:i). Member of the Sujiei intending Srhool L'anutittee of (trfoitt. X II. Tor ale by S. WOODS. Burlington,. Tunc It, 1810. a rPIII! IlorlirtilturKt, and Journal f.f Hnnd Art L and Iliiral Tate Itv A. ,1 Downing, Author of 'Innil-eap" (ianleni'iir. f) ins f r (ottare lie..iIcn-ce-.' lVuit- and i'rmt 'rrer4 ot Atnenea. rle etc , Thn AlaEni'ie will he devoted mainly to Horticul ture (inrdenina. in a thoroughly practical ns well n'' wientilie ene, wdl he iM leafmi oh;eet and it U hrjped, through it eoliini. not onlv to render imple I tul fc fo t hi m i ire. 1 1 u imifticn 1 nn ui fill lint Im. lojinMo the L'arden, hu : aUo to illuminate in all part i i in- t ..wii.Tj . .. niiMvin uK. ui un iii . .mu (uijHjiuiiu i p'uni ou -p'iriomnntur"-ot similar junieand npiN-ar-ihcinenein I orticulture , xr,lf Jltr th, tf .,,. i,i--iin. roMOLtMi the iievniition rtn.l cullivation nl rnnt i nnd 1'init Tir m which we ate already more inter- etet than nny niher people wilt he n tmne cnntnui- anv (iicnaeu wnnu'iimt? iinn .-n 01 ia-i wuini- olne a eoHpii uoih place in it- column-.. K-aj-i, hint, '"id de-urn on Ornamental or 'InndcniM (Jar- leumir win he treiiucniiy prenteii to it- reaaer 'I'he irreat intereM maintetedat tliimoiii"iit. in ni'inv j ot the state, in the emheluhment ot (jmiunN. and the ueu-):i oi niu.on-Mijo iiwrinua-, uu oui uie lie- I eeuy ot Mjnie periodical in which thee -uhieet shall ! he more completely illiwrate.l from titiv to time. Un , nd Arehitectnrt fi closely allied in it nature will therefore he embodied in the plan nf tin- woik, and Mi'-tens fir Uninl Cottaje-nud Villas' I'ann-llnii-e-. ! (iate.s Lodaes Icc-Huu-e, ViU"ri-,ete.cte, wall very Ireijuently e jutrudueed into its pnyc. Niunerou enrre-spond-Mit-, from nnioiiif tlioieot most ahility in the country, w ill pln-. t li.n i r- tender a anety ot article- on all th 'iuot interetiiiirau'iiectwiiliiii itcnpt. A Mtuunarv ot Horticultural new,- from the lectin ' hortienllund journal- in L! ltjlaud, Fmnee and C -una- I nv, v ill b" irivou mouthlv. a. vv.-ll n notir.'1 ot all tlv inoro uupoiinni p o dnn; ,,f ibe prineip-il Ilonicu!- I tural Soci-'tu-j in t'n oountry lu .sliort. ibii p.'rio-li- ' -il may b- nfl Toil a roiiluuntiou of lb" vanou- work, on rur il .ii'ijTt-. by it. - lit,-. v hi'-h bav ai- ri'iuly Ini'ii I ivornlily roc'iv vl by lb- imhlio It is now uh o1),. oi ii n--ist,as t ir n. poj.ihl... iu givut. a I litiou i' on, i i ' tin- prou ol I um" I ! til.' fi.t-lni in vtiri . lo : m hoc H whir i arc n,,w laiui'ly otrupjuifr al! tiio-j intfa'.-U'il in I'ouuiry pur-i-.iil. I b" IIorticirturiBt will te iw, on 1I10 lir-t of racli I ""ni!i. (ooinni-nciu .lulv. Mlii.) in nnni'i'T. of Is pa;;e., priuleil ou lino p'lp.'V, anil'd witb nu incroiH onirnivniir-. illu-lrativo of iIil" various sh'iwn to vv Inch it i- ib'votfil. unking an annual voluiuo ol nbout liiHI i.iu, at si.uu a yoar. payable in ailvanro I'libiisbi'd by Iulu-rTiirkiT. OiH "'(,l tb" Cultivator Allnnv J r" '''b" abovo work v,illb"ili-tribut''il al llu-lin,'-ton, iron of rhari!" fir po-n ooii as tin- niru'i t ol sul,s,-n!n m will vvarrunt tb" o-vpfiiso. (Inlors -si. j. it ,1 in,l tin- work -Inll bo ni-ouipllv lor-vvnrih-il.n.pulbsli..,! ' ( IOOD1UCII. Agent IJtirluii'tou. Vt .liuv . Hlo. mill: PIM-N! A Cmuroit Lin: Crvu- il vvrun' 1)11. t'PIIAM'rs INTllllNAI, KlIM I1DV, lor Ihe rure of I'll.'.. lullainaiiou of th" I.iver ami Spleen ; liiihuiatiou, Sorem-. an 1 I'leeraiion of tlto Sioniarh, llowels, ICiilneys nn.l il-i,,ler ; lull mi ni itory nn.l IMieuiuattsiii Impurity ol'the lilooil ; Wrakne. ami lnlhuiation ot the Spun-; ami lor the rebel of nnrrieil ladies 'I'm Vi.,itTvriLi. lii.i. Ki.HTrvru . invetitil bv Dr A. I'jilnin, a ih-iuiL'iiis!ieil plivse'iau of New Vork ' rile. Is llie link re.'litv .sue. ,..p ,..., .1 .... - t aliout 11 It is a posniU. euro--meedu and veimanent It is al-o a convenient medicine 10 tu!... nn.l ti,,nr..v..v llieeiicrul h"alih 111 a remarkable manner. Iwch l!ox contiius tw". Ive ets. per dose It is very mild ri its operation, and liny lie taken 111 cnes o the mo-t acute iiiiliniurttion w'uliout tlanaer All external applieations are 111 the lushest degree ths. iu;reeable, iiiconvenietii, and olli-usive ; nnd Irom the very nature ol th disease, temporary in their eti'ects Tin Medicine attacks the disease at us source, and lemoring the came, ren.leis the cure certain and per. maueiit. I.MLtMMVTuKV D.iEVsrs. Alihoueli the Klectinry was onuui.illy preparcl lor the cure ot ihe Piles, jet t has proved iisell to be a iiiedieme lar suj-'nor to all others, 111 all disuses ,,t an lull iiuuiutory iluracler, with u ileternunaiion of bloo.1 to any pirlieular imrtor orjriu lu I nil nnu 1, mi and l'o,),je.-tioii ol the I.iver and Spleen ; lulhtn.iimti. Sorcuc-s and 1'tcenitiou of the Sloinach. I'owels, Kidneys, and lliadder 1 lullani inatoiy and Menuinal i ihe liestined leuit' ever discovc'i d. 1st ft niTUjoi 1111: Hun in. l'or all ininunties of th, lilood,nri-iii Irom the iiupnidtnt use (f .Mercury, or oilier causes , lor all diseases of the Skin and Serotu lous Atlectiou j 111 all cases where the lllood Smwcr tully ilclernuned to the Head, producing diiziuess and thsircss. I)c. 1'pham' lilceliiaiy isenlircly unrivaled To .M.vmuui 1 vnir. Married I.ndic nn nliii.i-f invariahly Mihicct to that painful nnd injiiriou.idi-ea-k th' Viu, w itn foiw.-ueiit liulnumntiiiii nf the Slotn aeh, lloweU and Hnine, weakne 1 1 the It.n k, tlou oi lUnod to th" Head, rle The I'dermaiy w ii-rti-etly Kite tor IVnnnt Ladu'-, and the nuwt tn ( ailmrtie mat can o-.-Hiiy (k- imeii, a- it will not only re mow the Pile and all inlhmnnlor- de4a.e, ir it hunt ni m iiinuti'n, mu rniirr an rav nine, a site ile h t ry. ami u wuud c-on-titutton m tlie ojl-iirtn-i: Ci r.t roi; IHK(iiARivriiu 'I'heelectun i-ontnin-n MuifKit mnlmtir ; no Aloes, ( 'olocynthJCtimboze, or other jumvrtul ami irntaim l'ur(;aiie No tear of taking cold while under in mthtenee, no rlnmre in dirt neivs-sjiry It taken aceonlmg to the ilirrciion1, a t'ntf tor Lite is (iuaiantied I'.inipliIeK tfiwntf aln.ihtr itiformntiou revctmg thn Mediritic, may ohinmel of agent, fitnti J. S lIoiunro.N. Iii' VajlunKtou-s.t., llwott, gen eral Agent lor the iw Kugluud State-. AtitAr ltuihngtui, 1'tiK Ar SrKn; Mnntpelier, Claik ,V follms; (inland. Dim. -lis 11-11; II -n-nutgton, 1' H IVek W'nUKk-ki latL", W it Hueh Co iV.-ly VHiVi:ii WMU). IVlillWi: AT A!,L TIMES ouhaiid, in srcal variety, pure nlver tea, table, tleswri. cream, mustard. Kilt, wtjinr. and etrg Spotuts j table, tleiert, pttkle, und clultbeii'sKilver ForkR,--but. ter knives, (.ujrar loiie, Mlvcr cujis, iiiuiui; tudes col', tin pl.ucH. thuntilett. and all aitictes usually vv anted ui llie nlver ware line And we would remind purchas. crs that wo (,'ivc as Afrtrj'poons (made ot'dollar silver, or wlvcr as pure aa dollai.) lor the suue price that the nllovfd ejHious arc Mild by petllcrs. (ireat care and pains arc taken to have our siootis made well, which is verv essential to their durability. Skiuus. and thim ble sold by us arc uniikeil fire. lllil.N'S.MAIDc: IIUOTIIIIUS. X. II.- Our Silver claw tnnesi, and smioiis look the 1 - till in i u at the urc.ll I air nl llie American Insilnue held itl New Yoik, lHIt'.. The D.plnina awanlriltn us, can ne set u ai our -nire liner r..rl.. I . i , riHlll hand side as vou j Wltnri lliiNnm ofWllil "hcrry. the urent remeilv fir , , , CO . r, I .11 V T IO.V, And the best Medicine known to man lor Asthma of every -i"e, I.iver Complainls, Bronchitis, Inlluciiin. Coualis, Colds, leeihn; of the I,uii2s( Shortnem ol Brenib, iains nnd weakness in the nde, breast, Scr.., nud nil other diseases of the rcr.Mo.NARV oroaks. A very important discneo over which this "Balsam' exerts n very powerful influence, is that ofa diseased r.ivtn. In tins eniiiplnint II has undoubtedly proved more j pflirnrioiH thnn nnj trmrAy liithfrt" cniptnypd, ntul in iiniiirou' iiMiinccln'ti tinticnto lind endured loiiij inir tlm lf.nt W-imlit from tnrin.t reined., nnd when MllllCI'llY had lieeu resorted to ill vain, the use of this I);ilniii has retorcd the I.iver to n lienltliynetiou, unu m iniiny msinneesein'cieo oniifl..t1.ii toil.., .ui. i i every known remedy bnd tailed to produce tlusiiesirtu elliet. B"si,les its nstonUhing ffiency Itl tlio diseases sfKive mentioned, we nlso luul il n vciy eH'-'ctunl remedy in AsTUMV.a complaint in which it lias Int-n extensively used wilh decided suecessjeveu in cnsi's of yearsspind ing It not only emunntes from n regular Physician, but has nl-o is-en well ttsted iu nil the complaints for which il is rctomui'Uidcd. It is not my lntiaitioti, therelorc, either to cloak it in mystery, or in any wny deceive llie public by overrating its virtues on the contrary, 1 shall simply endeavor to give n brii f statement ot its usefulness, nnd flattering myself that its surprising effi cacy will enable me to furnish such proofs nf its virtue ns will .sntisjy the most incredulous, that Consumption may nnd "can nr. tfnnn," if tins medicine he resorted to in tune Tiieie is perhaps, no disease with whi' h our conn try is affected, which sweeps oirnimually so many vic tims, ns thnt fell destroyer of the human rnce Con sumption. Diy ntierday, yenrnfter yenr, the insatiate' m.mster hurries to the nortnls of the cold nud silent llni, (rrf, aiM,.t UQtti, u, , TOn,iiest. So walk of ntf )i f.crrd irom it" hlintin intlitHiicv. ae i 'M'Hipt innn it d-nth-di-alint; fhnlt, 'Yo old, ir nnt!dli'-ni;ftl nnd uV jminy- nil nlik', nrc 1'wxl tor thw romtiimi ninny ot nmndkitid. Th whitohanvd Irtarrli, wliow hf.- of tfinpi'rnnrt has rendnvtl hw ?f tm irnrcnnm- to lv atuck." of otlvr dh, and whwi; iiooj ilefiU prqnrcd linn tor tlip ciijoyinnit f lif.s riilni ovfiutii. liniU ron-uinption ta-tenintf it1 f.mgs iipfjii hi vital-, and t'-amnr linn from a world, cr hrnrht lo iiiiikU which IikjK, complacently on days well J-P"nt j 1 Ui'TP no iK-lp lor the nmirtoU No prrrntBtii I ijf thf dan'T which ln-nct ih hi our c lnny:cnM niul iicki" cimi" f p think thr-rr may And it thu allegation5' oftho-i who ar nt loa.t entitled tn veraci ty, may m lKdiccd,thfrcH a preM-mahf nml a p'in rdy. U'itars llnl-cini of Wild Cherry f fdl'-rcil to a puf-f-rini; world a miicIi. It lvfiU not tlv "adventitious aid ' ofa Inns; s-tnrii; if lictitioit- itTtdiailc to iw it notorictv. lttntc vain-and intrni-ic ctwllencp nrn i Millicicnt tu riititle it to thn ,nntidfnriMpt th; pulilic. anl "Waft on to taiii1-" th'1 name nf its incutor, a,- it hrivfactor ot hi- sjii-cicw. Opinion nf a Hcnlar Phtjtirian. livt'T, Ale , S'pt :tof TtH.".. y certili-- tint I li iw rocoinnmiiifd tin u-' of WlSTAU's I1!M up WtUlCllHERV tor dl-aors of till- liui2J. tor two years pat, nnd many liottle to mv kimwji-tl hnve'lieeii 11-1 d hy my patient, all with ImWinal rc'-nlti. In two ra where it wat thoiiirht rojitimed c-oii'Utuptionhad taken place, tho Wild Cher ry i tlrted a cure. i: ItOYDUN, 1'hijtirfan nt Krrtrr Qtrner. Nf) QFACKHR V NO DCCKiyi'ION ' All p'tMisied -titfin ntj ot cnre pi-rfornied hy thN ni'du"ine, are, in eL'ry re.-p'-ct. tine, ItMwnicoi- CorNru;n.iis ad Imitatiovs. 'Hit? un paral'cd and n-toiiihinf ellicaey ot Dr. Wi-tar's IVil--nn ot Wild Cherry in all th" di-a-T-f, for which it is recommnnd.'d.rnrinir many rw at ter yi "kill of the-b'-i ph) -imrw was una iiliiii. Ikh otl'-cftl a lary-; and iMcreanii d uimd for it Tin- fiet Inn cnic-'d -,,-vernl unprincipled coimteiieiter- and imitator" to U nrelul and m-t th- tr-oim- T)rr. Vtk n,. i Sm or Wn.n I'm iinv .r.nn.n.. i,ui r,,...l 1 hy . Hrrrs, Ad in if all ord TS to SEm W. I'OWXK, "uel.y Li:CK AiSPEAK, JJitr- It lltte'j Wntmski luilll, Are-, M U m; lioynton Sc. Hur- jiu-tun. .M 1 01 hnstnti j a!-o hv W A'JF.ntv (1 oi'r i ntt, Jftnubiimh ; , H1......IJ i!,i..7,.,l . ti I t . w' . I ,lu,r ('rt.s 1) ueh-r, N Albany's. V Ucd- ,i i .-.. )l(.4in.oii A- n .. f !,-!,-f V Jlauti'imou, i erafnitr; l): ltu--ll( Middtcbui u old aUi hy Drui--t and Ai; -nt --ii"rally ft J (iALITS I'.ni:T Uti:ih.ctok & Sm- ! ts in. '1111 Iu-tm:nrnt i- nd.ipt-'tl to the nnpli riiinn nt re urdial njeit, m a rl-i- ot ili--avi wtucli ntfii d tT th- ind.wihril trmn nppmii tor a rem. dy, in -rjifiH-e of the dclieacv attending its adniiui" trntion With t'ii-inlnunent tin-pntient-an --at. lyand read ily apply whntesermny he pn-enl'd Alter tillin-s the i-nrmce, tin- pipe to b.- m-rted,thi ju-ton jii ntly torred down, and the mtrunient kept tmnly in rontat t with the prm- till tin- content' hive taken Vtl-t-t. The nral p iii"'di tu n.-uril''-1 e.-u-i-t of ihtPr e'U trin-X'-nt injri imtH the-r nn-1 umpoMd of h1h lion ol to" fu'ih'ite ot .me, iron, ropp r. or the aio tate ut Hid. or mtu-'ioiH ot M-ffenMe ntriieni, fcirh a- greriMea, oak hirk, or nut jrr J J-. They -hould lx U"-.! nt th'-t w :ik. their -trenth heuir afterwnril m cre.TM.-d it n-ce-tttv. I) AX fiAIiK. Tiiw to c--rtity thnt we lneV:atmuetl 1). (laie'- Htenm lor Syriuyr' and in our opm.on it is well litteil for the ue intended, in e:i-"-if Mour Alhiw preredeit tn or pro!np-iH I Vri : and otii-r weaklier ot udjuenii oraraiH. ltiirhnton. .Mnndt IIl, C.dcC.U II .11, .M 1) Horace Hutch, M. D. Bur Huston; .fame Porter, M 1) Ruthlil, Vt ; 11 K. I'h-lp-, AI. D. WnuU-r, Vt; IUnj. It. rainier. Wood--toek. Vt ; I'liypieians and th- puMlc are imited to call and ex amine tli a!or m-tniment Tor Mile at HAUUIXCTON UKOTIIEHS. IU" Church ft 'JIIIH I-XtIUOHDIMuv Woitlvf AM) OXK II w hu h should be iii the bauds ol eerv Married I'eimn Ml IR AI, I'll VSKll.Oliy . or a i-i:nly vvtiI leii Tn ntis. on the I'tamlatnm Question, bvihe Hon. I! 1) Owen, wiih additions, and alteration-, bv K. tilover. M I). To every p 'r-ou ol'ouiiil conuuou nmiso, this work is one w inch will i onini mil the hiyliesi prarse. It is true a tew litnonnt people m iv condemn it, hut the editor is lolly p-rsmd, thu tlie hiuh iniporiiiK-.- ol" the .-object ot which it treats will pros, m it-a-lt so for cibly lo relleciiiig uuntls.thnt it must coiniuand reflect. v ere llus ,,i,ik c.iret'ully li nd bv everv lliaineil per son, and its adv ice -.trictly Pillowed, 'e are iiersu.uletl th it a ihtruent suite of ' ictv trom the pro-enl vvoultl cit. Tic terrors of pot en v. and of the pri-i-ct ofii I imily ol clultlreu vvliieh (oiiid but Ir- wly reared, prevent tinny prudent p 'ople from emt-rini! the nitri luouial -late . but here is a work which will tell jou important scents which may obviate all such objection- to a hippy connubial relation, nnd which thou sands of lu'imeil icople would give all tliev possess lo understand tally The t ditor is not allowed to state in public the char nctcr of this woik mure 111 detail, but lie knows lliat il is one which will meet with univers.-ilnpproli.itiii!,uV moment it In comes known anions married people. l'ersons wantinir copies oftlus iuiKirlant riiysiiilrsr ical Work, bv eueio-iiii; one tlolhr to l)r tilover, No. - Ann st , or t,, lki -itl. New York -net olliee, will m-iire tie- sending of th" work in iiue.-Uon. l'osia on ih" Issik is live cent.-. A circular, ties nplive of the oiubt, will be gratu itously sent to Nist-pattI comniumcatioiis. N II Suitable jier-ous are wanted as nevnti ltr the alsive work, nnd the aitirle therein named .Marth fi, lSli'. am& tlTsi'.TmiiLA 3li:.l)7 Tni: vuxr of- this pr liarauou is now widely known, and every tlay the tieul ol its usefulnesv is eien,hnt It is ap proved and highly recoutuiciidcd hy Til VSKTANS, nud is adlnlllt d to lie the niost aerecable prcimratiou Irom the r.iot that has ever been cmploj ed hi .MKl)l l'l l'l! U'TRT, It is not local ui us uiieratious, but senerul. eiendiur throuuh the whole system. H neuirnli7esihe ikiis,ih,ius cleineuis m the Ilf.OOIVintI restores a healthy tone to the oriruis, which generate that tluul Iu seroliilns and all t Menial tbstirdere tho result is the rapid tleen a-- of the suite In rheuma tism, nnd tuber pmulu! atlet lions of the muscular lihrr, a sjn-eily removal ot the jnim and in all renew, ul ot siren ;ih keeping pace wuh the ri treat of thn thseas" tn ill the sjsteiu The proprietors are nlim-i tlaily reeeivins testimo nials iu ill shajie oflarce onlers, testil)inntoitejeaC value as n inethci-ie, and also as the most pleasant and ajrricable ilnnk knovvn The ab ive nrlicle u for sale, wholesale ami retail. at Hvnnisrj i ov.V lliioruuss, llurhn-ton.aUo, by II Hvtcii & Co.. and .Mrvsn- .V Konvrrr. ' Tails S3 Vit-tary! Victory Victory! Till: liRK.VlTST YKT. T is miw s i tiii: i) us or Urn v.v .tuxx I vvhenlort 1 iconderoun was capiuretl, 1 1' A.i Doixa vans it Jut as the New orkers were nil in eotneics reioic mt lor nr ami Victory. STKI. ruuipos,-il in imH of .Meiieaas, Siwiush wilh rreneh 1 rowtis find Itntish ."sov crcijfiis, under a (Jreeu Mountain Hoy Coininand cr. remtorcetl by V S American Unfiles, entered tha ..uipiie v nv, iiiui itxtk. iioiu ineir ."siorei ctu i.ouarii worili of their mo-t Splendid and Valuable Coods, vv ures, and .Merchandue, and brought tn Vermont for distribution to the Teople, who may have the articles by npplym to their Aireiil HOWARD. llurWton, MaySS. ISIfi. SJ SOItSiu: r Huiiii.MiTov IIhothkks' : hhi i;i:cai.ia cioaks. Ittitui Ilsperanzn tlo, imm I,ondon liegaha tlo. SUM W'nshiiiinon Lanoria do imm l'arw . limn Clieroote tlo. The above are a few just received from N'rw York, ant w I I-' soul low !ll C.lSII. jj IMP",

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