Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1846 Page 2
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BVRIj INUTON F.REE PKESS, Fill DAY MORNING, JULY 17, 1840. FKEK Nt ESS; tii itr.ivc ro.v. vi. HMDAV MOUNl.Vtl, Jl'IA" 17, loll', WIIHJ .NO.M I NATIONS. l'OIl (lOVKUNOI!, HORACE EATON, Of Knosbiirgh. TOR I.Iia'TIIN'ANT COVIIHNOI!, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Manchester, von ti!i:asi im:i!, ELISHA P. JEWETT, Of MmliM'tier. VOW CONCiUIJSS, 3.1. District, GEORGE P. MARSH. I-t Cimiriossionil District, WM. HENRY. ro;t s;;nat()I!s7cii!tti'.xi)i:n co. II Wilt V UK VIM.CV, l) VMi:i. II. O.MO.V. lienniiiston Co. i!. n. iiitov.M,i.i., li. .Moitsi;. 1'raidUn Co. II. 1 1 I'll. LOWS, WM. CI.AI'l'. ceo. w. lwrat. Il'u'lllir I' Cl. v. a. w liUiiir II. l!OI,DK. Omi pe Co. I). PlilDl.. WM. llj;i!AI!l). oi:o. w. I'lnciiAun. Caledonia Co. U. IJK.UIN. JA'S I). ni:i.i.. Additin Co. WM. .NASI I, DAVIS ItiCH. Windham Co. v.. i:ovi:. jr. JNO. KIMltAI.!., A.. DUIU'IIAKI). Till: IM'IM.IC I.A.MW. lie it cnai led by the Senate anil House of llepte fntntircii of the I'niled State of Ainei iea in Con are ttiietnblrd : Thai nil public land which shall uavc iien oriieion lor sale fn years or wine on llie iitm iiny oi .laron oigntei'ii iiu.uiie.i nn. joity-seven, diall then alb r h" s ihiect I" int:y at nn(. dollar per ucre, mini me nisioiv oi .,i lieu, one iiinusnuu cignt bundled mill liltv ; nil 111- It r in lining unsold, shall he subject in i-nt'v lit "v 'iity-livc ceuls p-r acre until t' . lil'I tlav of I iloh.ou''thousi,iid eight hiindlciuu-l h:tv-t hit't' . and nil then ivniiiiiung unsold, Tutll 1 subject to entry tit liny oi tits per aero until the first ti iy oi war ., o:i" i.i a-ao-i ciion iiini.iii-.i iuiii iiuj lix jvvIiti i'i -v shall lie Mi'ijeri in outre nt twenty-live cents er ioto until th lii-t it iy nl' Mnreh, one 'thou sin 1 eight handled and liltv-mu" ; when nil lint tli m remain unsold Ii c .1 -.1 to llie Stitm within V lllrll l'ie) r.'-,ieelively III' St, And he il fitrth,r emftel. That nil publV Intuit which, liter th" li"-t clny of Milch, nil" llmil- K'lll I eiirllt hllllii'eil till.l folly-seven, -hill hive hei'll nir-red lor .vile i.-n ve.n nr on die tir-t ilnv nl' Mnrrh, on-lhnin-iii, eiht humlr'.l tin.) lilt v. cli-ill th -II he uT,ierl to .nilil.ltion, entrv, nil I eeioll, in llkr pini'lcr nil I nt p.noiN oi'thlee venr ; nifl thil nil public laml iieh Mi;ill hne km' (,pie.l fir s-ile len u-niK or rn ire in the nest meeee.lnii; prin.l, or nii cub -ii mi , -i-ttl !i in like nntinT n In ilnvi, ent'y. nml cesoi i. nt lik-p-rimls of j.-iiit; i,(.y I'onweeiniM'iv oeeiir: I'roriaen, , ' I' r"'u "'It the uov.Hon- nf iliii net, Finn 1 ..-uli .it I in pmchn-e i.ioie lhnn one section nt l.i fn. I.,..., -i mi i,iy ami tHi'iily-lic cents Sr.' u A 'ri be it fin lh-r e'ltet-il. Tint upon ee- ry r-Iimi i i:i ih pil f mml Iniii-whieh s-ln!l 1'ilie p.,e. hy th" lti linluli,' p'oeiM nl'tlli-' net. the iwiiynim oi ). u! iijinn ,,,,) ,,t th? ihl lnncK i-lmll hnvu tin- ruht oi p- iption nt Hi niln.uetlor re- ihiec.l pueiM, n'il -h ill ele 1 1 In n prio I of months iio.ii mi I iiir tlie il ite nt whieli t!i re- Pliective kiiiuii.iIiou tlnll mm- plnee ; nn. I nnv inn,l iu, enti-reil liy the le-peeli, nernpnut-i nr pettier within 111 il pMioil, thill he linhlo to lie ciifrril or p.ire!iij. hy nny other perwm until ih. ni trmihi-iiioij nr reilm lion in priee i.nll fike phce wii-ii u mi-iii, il not ji.-evionly pnrelin-e.l, he nnitl nli,ect to th- ujit i, pre-eniiiion f.r iiioiitli". n l)"l.ire, nn, I o on imm time in lime n s,ii, reiliietion snnii iiike ji!.vo YVunYe,, in il iiolhlliu in IhNnet roiitnine.l t-!-ill he con-ini.-.l l inn -rii re uiilniny n.;lit which lin-i n.-ciii 'il or nny neeiu In- iu I ,my nei Srnntiiii; ire-emption- tnaepril .ilerM irion the 'pub lic Imnli. St.c. I. Ami he it fmther enaeteil. Tint nil ni Kninl pirn n tin n piou.l i a-i fem,ti m trom the nn position n upon l-in I -.-.lil hy ii. L'mt"il Smii- lor tue years liom nn.l niter t!ie il-iv of sal , he, ami the same are hereby. iep ul..,. The liire'oinr i, .Mr. ('Ai.nm-.sS p;m f,r ). grai. mil Wash, of the I'nbhe Diinnh. Hnw iimeli moie hem ieent -.n th .Jy-iem of Mr C'l.vv, wliieh-pro- M.leJ Jiir ili-s-ile of thii win prop'ity, nt mllieienily low prices, n it .h.nilil ,c wante.l in llie process of who,, some ami natural cmii.itiou, nml the ili-trilni-lionnfth" rmeee.Unmoii.4 tlies.'cral Spiles of the V iion. Il will h" seen tint .Mr. ('ai.iiocn'-. plan iikm iiu pniM.lenily, nml we think unwisely, pmi,lcs,'mcll"ct, that lie- price of the Public I, in. It .-hull he in an in ersc the ,l i.irin.l; ili is reversing the known lawsof traile Now ihes I.m.U h-lony lo the sever Hi Snt 's nf this I'nion, or ili-y il i not. Iftlcy ilo.we nsscil that the ih'poitio l ol ili-m propoc,l hy .Mr. Cai.iiol'.v Ninof-t improvident, nn.l uujiifl In the States. If they ilo nol, th-ii let them be plaeeil wIl Tc ill ) cnnnni, heirnfter, lie usjil ns a bail lo cat -h ntes lor tiny il"iiri;ogue win in iy choose to nuke pohlicnl capital out nt thin. I.'t thiMi go, uncoil. litinn.illy, where thy belong. The Wiiio iliK-tnne in lejjtrd 1 1 t!i"se lands i tint ll-ey nrc ih iinuion prepeity ol the Hi-.erein St ite nf ihis Con.'e.l -rary, n-i.l llnl Policy mi I .lu-iuv bolli dcuniid thai the proeee Is ariMig from uwis'iiul lit deposition oi t'l'in should be divtribut -d, on cipntable tiiiiis.nnii'iig tin w Si.ites. TlrH is llr uni form and con-iist '.it doctiine ol th VI1i4 Party lhro'i,'!ioiii th" Union re'p'eini; this noble pitnuimy They woiil I disluhai" th pnuve Is to t'p seveial Stnte, to li- iipp'opiialed liv th"iu in tnich iinnuer, mid for m -h Slat- nl,ti is, m they may il .11 eped -rut and propr. And who can set hunt to the nnioii'it of" iiisid which such nn appropriation of the PioCvCiU of the Public IimU might, nii'l wo-il I h likely top:n rluce. Cninpate the piobable results of with n yKteiu, In 1I1? ndwipciii 'lit o! ih s-l iiidanl, nml the thlf is.011 of the piilllll s, nt V.1,11 AlloN, III the t'.p!nmlln!l lllld ileM-lopnnil o! i'i' lit, 11 li' L of the Stales, ill ill ronslniclioll of wol,s n IMt.ll.NAU IMlT.0VEMk.NT, l-l the tnundiitinii iiiid ciidnw nit ill cf iii-tltulinus tie sieicd lo jirniunie nml illn-iint the application oi Science to Ai.kii l'i.ii lit. nml ihe Aims, nml, by iluse menus in enrrjiuj frwarl the ureal Wolk of Ill'MAN ll 1W)I.MI..NT. -oniiare ICMllls like t'l 'h- with th iniscmblc an I contciupiibie huckstering policy of stung airay nml trnittiiiz ibis emit means ol Is' teli'.lill lllloikill'l, which lovlncn.8,11 Would tha t'll upon us, mid then we nsk the people m decide wlui li llry pitl'-i whiih p!n idewrnsthi irwibcrnml itiHIiHcnl apprinu! the plnnol th- iiuihifuius Pohti. cinn, or lint of the I'alriot ami the Statesiuiiu I Who cannot we lhat ihe lapid reiliietion of the pri i-cro!" Ihe Public Lands, ns pnniil. il lor by .Mr. Cai. iioi'n' lull, lo lirrnlij-Jiir rrNper ncrc.isnoth'uij more nor 1 ss than putlino lh"iii nair into ih" niniki t in that price, to li-iinit llie c upi lilyofthecnpit'ilistiiml the speculator. The plovi'ioll to ihe weoml Kection, prohibiting tiny one perMin Iroiu pun luoiii,' more tliiiu one Mclinii at the the rciliiied inlis. is pmilicnlly 11 s tfi't nullity i small liou-kin of fairnesn thrown over 11 iiioiiMroiis uss of deception, rt'tnl-'imu ihe sliow ofiqiiity rimjily absurd mid iidieiilous. II th" provis ion weie lhat 110 one nhoiilil noi.ii more than one c tioii, there miiiltt I 'mc 'Hicncy in it. Hut in the tci ill of this provu-ion, nny i-s'ciiliilor, through his Peter I'uiiks. hi men of tniw, cm puicln-i' nuJ holil 11 imlhoii of iicrtx, il he cun raise his ij'iVI,tXiO. It is too plain tor tirgnmeut- Jlut the peojile, it is said Jiave i'Iiowii I,iH'olocoisjii to tuU' oer them ! Ami, therefoic, they lini-t nibinit to .f their TiirUricpil?dlhsir in'iiiulactijrcs prostuir toil tha rowarJ of their labvr rtJuccl to the jumper imduiil of njrope iheir Public I.anJwai.tJ-their i'iiiii ) " o' 'u,,,n win 0 in IPJi H.VOi the rntmtry in wi l'-'pread disaster nml ttiin,rc-ctii-li-lvil and li.inllv.inm.tsrc lhem'Ucs invoUeil In nn ifinrcosary, nnj'i't, tijfnresie, nml most exp"iisive V.trfjmiiiMice.l b) Ihe President nlone, without the nuthority of Con-c, nn I as wenwr in plain Nioln tiosi ol th OonMitiition ami nil this to rnlify ihs endless hostilily nf .Southern Slaveholders lo the 1'ice Labor of tic .Votth, nn.l to carry out the ilrenmy pephi'trKs of the clnmpimts of Tree Tindc! How loin; inut these thing? h" ! .tilt. im,MNCIIA.1I. This gentlemen isni"of the thirteen members ofthc llnui.' who i7 not vntr on .Mr. AlcKny'sTarilVhill. Tic M. V. Tribune, in noticing the nlwntcc", Ins this rcconl : " VutMONT Dillingham, I moo, prolvibly do leeil," Vcf-houl.l be ilad to Know whether or not this is tine. The three H7n llepresenlatives of Vermont wete at their posts when thiinst iinportntit net of the session wasdecideil. H"irir trim I'aal Diltinaliam? Th" people of Vermont it riuht lo know who " do Igcs" when their interest" are deeply at Make. On rich an isaii".nsrnr.t;Ti!Dn niiu't I'imri'.eriov.i'icy will take enre to sec irAi iiud irlirrr nrc ihosj whom they h ie p-nt to 111 it,lm..'t ltt.Mii. " 1 ace the music" .Mr. Dillinuhain ! You lame njinrc up lo the mark wlni called upon to nid in guinj 11s loft: vori-s asainst Vtoteclioii by otin;f for the admission ol Ttxis with its romtitiitioniil n!nreiij, mil now wo Vermonti is w to know w hv yon fmnd y ours 'II una ble 10 give 113 one ote for it. Your name appears among tliejensntidnaysnn llie amendment iniinttli' atcty I'irceiliiis the vote on the final passajte ofthc bill; Irit in ten minutes or so nfier. oit nrc nnssm;! " I air play is n jewel," .Mr. Piiliuulrim. I,"t us know, at least, hievjou imalil h.ieolo,l, if iiiib-js'iiable en-p.-mcnls had net, pieeis-ly at the critical moment, called ) on away fiom the dutiisjou wete sent thcic to perl'utin. Z$" .tc. lliinkriliojr,lhii pcndiilum reiirc.snntatie ftom t)'.iio who "U'hl'pciin that lr never would consent, consented" to oie fr the new Tnitirbill,tool; occasion on Satur ilay to make some " peisoual explanations" in remrd to his oAtraordunry course. Hi principnl ecne f ir ltiniself appeared to he tint the IMitomf the Union had chang'd pi.K's on tip Oregon question I IIa!so unile this siq;nilijant tenntk: "In reinrd lo the laiiffhill. for which he nn I the Ohio dele-rntjon voted, he said that they had obtained iimeli mote fioni ih" committee of wa"s and means than ihey had conceded, although Ae ir'n still nf the opinion that thelill te in' t nut pioilare ittiijtrirnt irv rime to meet the orilinn y irants of the govei anient." So it s"enis the new Tarilfdoes not, in lliejuiliriuent of its Fupporter,eonie up eeu to llie Ilrrenne stand ard ! Amlyei there nrc loom! IMilnrs in Vrinmnt who " rani'.iatitlate ilear readers on the pas-io of this iniportnutnet ' ' We shauld nss 1011 think t congrat ulating n man upon having his bruins knocked out 'rii" follow jn ione nf tli rootijini alnp(n(I hy the "Prmvrnttic'iSomexuUm of this Counly, on thv'-M Lrfircv pawner hy thfJIotiM of RpprcrLMita ti. i of .IcKa's 'I'arii! liill : ' " flrw'cr.l, T.nt th'' 1 irir impor fitMn of lu'twrn an I .'! (inllmiH pivm N ot ti.l( at a duty of -s tit l ri one cent per p Mild, has initennlly cs 'iiinI the p. iJ Wiuiout the ptreiit l'irili nn- eiju'd and nnju-t, in not extciuliu the t tint- proectio:i to th wol grower tint it dues to tin in inulaeturer." Th ias,..e of Ih" new liill i. thus referred to by . 'p. ICanehard ,t W. II. Clialiu 'r. II ihenter the S-alinel S Venvicral : i ,,ri,. i,Miece-!ul,(aswv tru-t it may b -,) one would , eonratuhte our readers on ihe pasng-- oftlns imiiorta-it in t thio'ih the Hons... i,f lleiirosonlatiie1 nn I well ouie it as ih- jirecurfoi of more just and la- rexoiiu.' laws lor the Inline llrtn our cou.itrv has yet been blessed w ith." Th" xety jj-eat satisfaction w ith xvhich our irijrhbor regards th" irohab!e reieal of th Taiill'o! o, cneoiir n es us In hope that he w ill be kind enough to point oat to us lime the ne w Tmilf remedies th . injustice an I in. o jiialit) oi in.auied ol'by it parly on llie 'i ini ail wh-ih-r tlrou!i th- op-Mlioiorih-new-liv. th" price of Vermont wool' will be "111 iterially" . nrTied ' Zj& Tli" New Vork Co istit it'.iml Contention, wh ch has been in (-css-ion at Alban) for social weeks, tin b-cii gr.uely debiting th" neiv.ssiiy of cenaiu (oi-iitiitioual provisions to prevent the p-oplc of ha,M''.rom eleetinga :veror under M years ofag'! This is Mipcr-Mibhiiiated prudeiiee. ('eav was nu 1 r when he was chosen .Speaker of the Ib'ii-' ol Ki ple.-i llllitives Prri was but '.I years old wh -il he vvusialiiil to till the inipoilanl olliee of Piime .Minister i f Ureal Uriiain, us fun ,ord of lhe Tieasiirv and Channllor of lhe"ipier. Hon.i. I'.vrti. was but H when he iifloiii-hed lhe Abbe Kay nal by the extent of bis iicipiireineuts, and but -7 ! wh"ii h" comuianded the army of Italy. Aeexvmuii I was but 'J.'i when h" fought the haul" of Aibe i which decided th" Lite of Asia, ami but 'M when he died. Mo-t trio-is it tint " Life is more than breath, and th" quick round cf bloo I , Il js a great spiiit and a busy h-ait. j We live m d 'cis,not jeais: in thoughts, not breaths In feelings, not in ligiiri'soii a dial. Wet-hoiiid count tin, by heait-throbs. He moi-i lives Who thinks nio-l, f -els llie noblest, acts ,r .s. A id he wliose h -art heals qui -ke-t hvos th" longest l.ix itj one hour more than inuviis iIomuii" W'tiuse fat blood !cepi ai it .'iii nlonir their m'tn." 1 We me, on th; whole, lalher Am fi,r peojile lo whii.l th la vi ol lhe above lines is applicable. Wo Imp- th -re are none in the ,. Y. Con- ' xeiitioii. j Cvnmillittio'i of the H.iilnia I Itioli is, T.i" in livid nKclnrg-1 w'.th b-ing ongiged in th; tiols on lhe line ol llie Central Kailro il near Iiich iii , li, I, mill who were iirresicd by ihe Sheriff and lodged in Jail in Hurliuglou, underwent an o.xamiua lion li-io'e II. J. 1'iir.Lisanl IbwAitii A. SrANxurnv. l'.rs Tne examination an I arguments of Conns ! ooeupi"d Ih" cuuri during five days. O.i I'riday all. n.iiii t'ai julgu-nt of ihs in igistrnl"s was glv.-i, di-cliaiging all lhe prisoneis but Ihrco, who were order ed ti give luul for Ih 'iriipp'arane" at the ii"M County I oiirt Miehi"! I) oxvt ri I'i- sion ol s'i), Mie'rrl Diw.isiiud .Michael Ilinrahnn in lhe cim of SUM. Drown an Hhnnlnii give the rcuuircd b mils, mil Downs, I nling io , , was lecoiiuuilt -d. We under- stmd that tliMimoiint of bail iorinred from llanrahan wiissutiis-qneinly reduced to SV.i, nnd ihnt he was ihs - charged on hisown rccogiiiance. The whole number nne.-ied wns nine. mistress, poetically mined at "conwcitin. hisself Sam Wtllcr sijs, into "the sweet South That breathes, upon n bank ol violets, Stl v i.i.xti nml ol vimi ndoi ." Am A h Fi-i ion ate Jeiifii The Wnrsivv New Voikcr sa)s that Judge Skinner sentenced a man fir two )i"im in ih. Slate Pii-ou in a noM ajlecthiiale lll lllllT. u 1 1 lit'. The Jude probably reflected lint he should nt nee him again lor a long tune. 'I'I.e Sentinel i( Deinueiat, speaking of the new 'P.irill' says- "It the fiaiidulent nnd dcccpiive maxim nn i, minima urn nn.i nperific. which rcudfred lhe law of 'I'i on" of ll." most stupeuduous swindling nets that r . I.... i!... SI,.',,. it....i,u...- I csijbhhs4"4 n plain H)tein of ryvenui dulies, m ur raiig alasto rui1 revenue sullicient tor the wuuis of the gnmuiiieiit." Will ouuicighlsir over the wny lie kind enough lohi foim in whether this win the kind of language he. in ployed ill Irlfi in s-peaking ot the "law of 'I J 'I A fruuk reply may pave us the trouble of nu oiuininu- tion. , , . Tte I. tt't .111' v W Hrovvti wil)iipiuriiext wnk I he (.N. J.) Adrertiser sivs : I ", dollars , '"'j ,'',', 'r,. hliednt lo.,n,anexle.wvo haei-nda on the Monte- nud'.esisv. -d s.aicsmen ol that lly ami tin! we will . Tlw ',ll 1 . " "'IU. ,7 l.V ' P'U Irj-a lor ih" ihs'ovoiy ol lbs ooiis,..noeli ss miner who ., v . ,.. Ti. .. , . ;,,i, .i.,,,.! . ' '' i a,.,,, i reyro.ul,uls.iil liiJmilosroiuilu.s..nt lie has pick- lis,' nil lumoiable and lair iiiciuis to secure his re-elce- large and coinmoaiuiis i mine nous. ,s Komg nn m robb-dnllovver garden ui .he Souih ward lasj night, firm as lie hoped to the , ,mc. , h. the roads lcadmg to' Milainon.s, with a no,.. ,nudoi. Hie Setiat. adjouriied at 4 - p. M. ull'": 'nrT,:''!V,'b?r.:'!sr:o,''l ;lVi .lr"11""-'"4- ' -"l'y"-- knew rahls.,. .,U1.1 V.;'W!','''',,'ir"'li''',!!'1T'a!"e,l'',,!'V.'1!.7l''rr"l Wbiehresoluiionswere scvcrnlly rend, and, after The 'nicrnf Freedom in a sensible nrlicle, reonni. , "."T , 'puMion at the ,.. It w s p .lied ,,, by die roois .. I earned oil ( ,, ,,y ., . .ILHAM t. '- wore s, vcally ndopie.b ' mends iis-Iabem-" Iriends laupm iheir c,es to I " , f 1K - .....ion , ,av & "Anthinizc, M.iAUr Uowou 1 g.vo half ,li, h- knevy ... jfc'' di'ss,".,,' On motion f Mr. li-ll.the Convcn.iou passed ,l,e iheir lr. interesi. nn.i vote the xxhig take. Tlie J ''" aMo. si,,,, to re such a sinner.' '1 he only poss,b,. ,.,. , ftM", ZX?Z -,,!n!e nlo"? cliai .'. - '"'," " ' """ I'""1"- ax ll "ur l'"" ' , f" W "''"" I 'aire has lieen a strong ilunl ,Kir.y ,M,K-r It is its o- , ' ' r " '""T1 BnJ "r- ii'itioi, f such nu ollence lhat we can lliuik of, is ihal i., thiii.ihat involved in this bill ; mid if it stood on '"" " received I AVW.c. Tint the thanks of ibis Convomioii lie ii.mon now, (found".! mi n s-uisCictoryexiwrience) that t.i ...... ,,r, inT 0,1 ''i'HM call. Tin! A.tinntcA:,- iu:vh:w. The July tiiunber of this sterling Montlily I" 1,11 1 ii tr table. Tho lending nrlicle is from the pen of the Hon. I). 1). llAtmr.ti.of Albimy.nnd discusses wilh great force, clearness, nml ability, ' Our relations wilh j .Me.vico." We wish it eould have universal circum- lion. e cannot rcfniin from riuotiug the conclusion of .Mr. IlAttNAr.ti's article, ns it sets forth in nur jmlg- inent, not only th- duly, but ibetrue Ameiiiuii Policy, which llie ndministintion ought to pursue in the exit- tlngilillieultios with .Mexico tint is, to obtain Peace, " Peace with justice nnd honor." "Wo have iiitiuiated,in llie onmineiieetneiit of this nrlicle, whit we thought Ihe. nihniuistrntiou ought to do the iuitintie tcp-i it ought mimedt.itcly lo take to reuue penceliil lelalions with ,Meieo. Ilul we conf"ss we have little lo hope fiom lb" Adininistiatiou "ccpt i l the dillieiilties which will lerlalnly onvi 10 tovory tep ol Us I1111I1 t p.ogioss in its piopns.'d on leer ol coiii'i".t Possibly .Mexico having done what she could, nny soon suecuinb to our power. Ilul bevoud Ibis, our bop of pence resi niuinly onjbe in terested mtei po-niou of other Poweis of lluglaiid or I'iniice, or bothwith llcir tiinidly olliccs, to tue diule between usaiid Mi'.xioo Without mil-Ii iiicdia tion, if prajers of oms could be heard in Mich hioJi i rutois, we won! I piay th" Admiuiotratioii, lor the Honor nt in- ooi.nry, tor Humanity s siko, 10 uuiki poaoe Willi .ii .xieo x c piay (iod Input Ibmlglltsiif p -nee 11,10 their henits-pence w 11b jn-lice nnd honor peace without compio-i, nr the wniilnn doiie nf sooilimiihe oii-niv ol Ins iroods. his tio.s1.sions nnd ' iiis 11 'run Ind 'fi uilenily of its special claims upon nil good whig, fnrits able nnd sound exposition ofthc principles mi J doctrint s ofthe whig party, llie Aineiican Jlrririr po' great interest asa l.tmily journal. Wo most c inb.illy reooiniii -nil it to our readers. It may be ob tain -d at 11 WAi'.u',' lbok-lore. The present number co'itmus nu ndinirnblycxcciuednud nccuratc likeness of DvMtt. Li;sn.r. Thetollowingisihe table of contents: Contents tort Jot.v Our llelitioni irith llerira. Ilyllnn. D. I). IIau Ntlin. limit ire Lore, llv W. T. IHcon. l.-iuh limit A Skcleh. Cirilizatioa : Amriicaa and 1'iiinpcnit. A I'tttltri'x Uneiie. llv IIlaekwei.t.. Tlnee Chaptrison the Htst'iiil of 1'nhtnd. Chapter 111. diameter of the Wcs. llv Dr. 1". P. Wi- 1 ll.l'.irin. The Ane ! A Simiel. l'a.iiii:ei float the Life of a Medieal V.electic. . 1. ill. llnin. Hy Rev. IIxmii IIoyt. llrannoiit anil Vlttrher. Daniel HVri. Sapohnn nnd Aw Maishnh. J. T. IIi.mii.ey's tcc- ou.l voluim. Fia tare and Coinnteire. Vote'iii lisrrUaniJ. Ciitiral Xotires. -tilt. ll.VVMOXI). Th - mini -raja fri 'il Uof thisgMtl.-ni-'i, in this vi cinity, will h" glu I lo read the following autiounee 111 Ml, which we cut from the N. V. Courier ff .' ijitirer. Mr. Ilaymon I sabi!ities,nnd scholar-like at tainments make the arnngmicnt spoken of a most gmtiiyingone to the readers no bs than to th- seu- 1 e.r llliloi . ol' lliel "l.l't, 1.1. .l..t. .1 1. XX'e s'u,. nM'!v ih him the sifjcos-j li . fo well u lalili . to ftuiirntiiiil. .. UV ,1 -sin-to iMrm th- frien-N of our ahiah!o :iFo-ntc, Hcniy J. Kn inotui, lliat we Inn madi nn nir.ui'invii witli him, hy winch h. the riuht ot heconiln o lf-third l ropnetor ol tli'M ouri'T and II ltl'iiriT, iipo-i cert'iiii terms whieh have heen agreed npo;, Owner ami Jrjuiin; 'I'h3 Uvmn" G tzrttc U t!i" title of a ppiritfd little Htrt f, tfn r tlnirn , . tit Wtit !. tlun lint Iniiiiiitnii, with her I.HIJ inhabit'itils and llouiishiii lo.iiiichs, miirliv sustain a umi-teeaUii at least. .T.Vi Daily thinks il ii'iaocountable, after all the civiluios and oouitesies which our Ciinailian inn- nx-txnl trom o.irliand), ami i"-ieeially alter lh xi reception given to them at the I tini- ol tlnr niu'ereinonioin visit to Plntisbnrgh ill 181 1, that their papers r-hould ,,,.., , t ,I.e Mieh I I i- ,.. i . ugui in iuii j' i ilium oh .in i our nine army Il is mo Ind Mr Darby has been strously teinnie. I to US ,1 'ei.)ed lallgua ;e on llie s.,bjeel. J I - - j The l.i'ieily Gazette is the title of a new jiap-r ofi creditable uppe.irance.ju-tospiblHied in llutliii"ioii,bvi r. . .... .. . " i Hi" growth of the " I.iben-Irtv" Mr" . M. , 'L " I IMOv IS ' II..I .I..,'! ..I ...,, u. ia ............. 'vvhitever I mp to b- wrong nml dcMiueiivo to th,.vvismt.i I'I tub 'only a leinpiiary on icini"iit, mil liroM,'ritvoflh"oou.itrv. wbeiberiniov own ,-iriv or , , , , , ,,; .. .j ..... . . "' '",,'' 1 . . , o -o.oi o'-iiij i.ojeci ill e.xp is -siieli w rongs and labor by all righful means to correct it." Il A;ir Mr. Hrh'Anrill do all he Inn promised in thif hrhalf. hi:waki:i Anoth'T I.ooofoco Ins declared against the repealof I th;'ParilIofHli Mr.S-.iaiorNii.ES of Coim-cii. out.hlsgiveu utteran?; to inula of wisdom, bin wo emtio,, all p'r,os ag,is, building :, hicI, a fumda- j ZaWvn$ wf li"". I was recoguied among th" orthodox ralliiii" cri" (li th reeeption of th" n-w Tarilflidl bv the S 'li- w'1'1 in-rih 'd upon th- h.inn.'rs.un 1 p np it 'he orators 111. it is moie I l ref.r o I.. it" ,.r,,.J,.. ' '".m"t lrl1111' 'nl th en ml ry vv IS lll.lebledfir t o'l win 'h in .lion, debit" arising, Mr. Xil"s spoki in will b loirul b-low. It l- not mute wj cj-idtcit a deelaration of hostility the indignation is not quite ni virulent, us .Mr Hrinkeilioli'V, and it may, thercf ire, b none smcoio, "1! il lu Ih 'S 'juggling I'm Is no more believed T.rit I, iller iv ttl, ns in :, .I....I.I.. . Tun kei t'l word of promise to our oar, An 1 1 reak il to our hoi e !" Mr. Nn.i.. ih mi a I Ii.mi' I t'l-S'liite. 'II" was in fa.'or of t!i re,T''iice ib'eau.. lint was the usual o.i'irs' of p-ooed ire. If lb rule had any propriety n was peculiarly propi r m lhe presvntcioe. 'I'his'lull pvuh.irly lequirc I ex iiumiiiou by a ooiu.uiitee. lie Ind just co.n Iroiu am ing th" p .,iple an I k-cw th -ir h '1111111 'Ills. II li 'h'-ved that tills lull wind I collie on th" n iiihern mil eistun M.tious of th Cnion like a llnin leibolt. It vvo.ild prolii" great suniris' M thoiijbt thai it would b the rut ot wis,,i,i to refiniu Irotn loiichiug the present law tor another year in or - der that ihey might see what lhe financial condition of the con ntrv would be at the cxpinniou ol that period. I He ilesiiod to see the lull am ai led, an I lor tint pur jio.s' wished il to g,, nun committee. In his opniou, I here wore gioat interests of the country notsullicient Iv oherislc'd by lhe bill Jnm an I wool weio aiuong-t tho-e intere-i-, nn.l he fear-d very in i -li the financial i"! a I oi in lull vvo.ii.t n m,iirioiis. I I'nu-vlvaiii i.vv.l i h'T mieri-t-, wa. brought inlojeoponly- .inigglmg as r a. .. ,,, .. i , ,.i, j; ",i...., ,. , ,,, .' ' .. i ' . Would sh not look lo som . of ih" g-oat lealurcs of , tins oni vviin uianu t n- ii" would. II thought it would lie her duty to look into it. nnd h" thought il would b ' ih ' duly ot th" commute to look to Ih '.-a' thing. With that view, he was desirous tint ih" lull should go into th hands o th" committee, so that I hey might do ih-ir duly Hjt this thing would. ll"supisi'd, lake in ooiirs". 1 1 kn 'vv whit Ins coursi s oppose o. ne wont . o.iaeavor ... o'.rryoiil the o.m- l ions ot his oousllu"lls. whit ll he U'lieved were in con. foriuity With ihose ot the whole country noiih of ihe Cupilol, and, ns h" supposi-d, substanlially lb" s.niio throughout lhe country The custom folks were in tavoi ofa tanlf tor rcvcnii", wilh .lisciiiuiiialioii lor protcclioii Was this a lull passed on thm, two pnu . .pies I It might Ih- hi, but he was inclined o lluilk il was imi lie was inclined lo liehcve lhat in iii iny instances it discriminated against protection. In Iced il upfit nrcd that there was no fixed principle nlmul il, occii one, iuii I thai nd vnlorcm a principle i.evv.uov el, mid c.Xicriiuci tal, never acted ufMiii by any govern ment on earth. He could not saiieiioii stub ii princi ple, ns it revewd ul! the principles on whiih their fi nances had Is'i'll mist'il be saw the ooiirs.' the ll.iug iiiii-I take ; il must go s u was, and nil discussion there would be of no uvull Sllll, however. ii" wonni iiisisi Dial il wns tine lo die countr) trom ovi ry i'iiiisid.Ti..ioii of duty and piopmly, that the lull should have the usual relcremv, nn I u full examina tion. fvjr" Oar aeknow lodgments are due tu Judge I'iieeos of thu S'liate, mi l lo M.s-is. Marvii nnd J'uit of the House, fur IntervMiinj; nil I vuluahle doou iiu nn. Iloth lIoitu'H of lhe ,ew ll.tunisliiri, l,citu lure ln" eoiii'iurinl In tin. 'Mil d'ulrlotltio; the State. KAIUtOAIW. t, 4 . K.itMovr l.r.srtt.. The Annual mooting of the Stockholders of this I!m, for theeleelion of Din-ctors, Jir.,w held hi Windsor on Wcdnesdny of ibis week Wo lindnot.nt the tint "nfgoingto press, learned nny. tiling 01 itieiietiiiiioltheineeliiig. Wo 11 re informed hynnenriheiiriiioiii'il Cinitrnotors. .Mr. IlAtntiT, that the work hns been rosiiincd on the Section in Hicliiuon.l xvhich wns llie thentre of the re cent ilistuilnnees. N'nr.Ttirr.M UxtMinn. (Concord and I."batton.) The lift Annual Uepoit of the Directors oflheCompn. nybnslieeii publMied. The Road is M miles long, nnd the maximum grndoisM feet. I-J(H) men are nt present engaged on the line, (siys the Iloport,) nnd It is expected lint the first section ol IS miles fiom Con cord will he completed this your. S17o,(i:l.) ofthc cap ital has been paid in. The D.rectors have purclns-d UN) tons nf railway iron of ihe Mt. Saxage Co., nnd , have oonliaclod for .VHX) tons, with tlie Trcmoiit Iron Co. CnvMri.MN AxnCoxw liivr.r. It Aii.n.oAt, (Huthnd lion I.) A meeting of ihe N II. li-nlron I Co.ninis. sinners, wns h"ld nt Walpnle on I'riday of Inst week, Itholthtlisl A In ,l,.i,l ,,..., ;,, r l,,,iitinli.,n r,,,, .,,.,..,.. , ,,,, r , ,. " . ' , 1 V" 11 ' Hon. IIenrv.oiio of toe D.reclors ofthe Kutland llirid, x I1U-I1 we find in the Middlcburv ( Iii'inicatcslhe result of tlcir consultations Itr.t.Lows 1'it.t.s. Julj'S. Hlfl. Dear Sir 1 hae il, pleasure lo intorin you. that this morning the N. II. Commissioners deci ded that thev could not extend theCheshire Iloadaboxe It'llows Palls. ornlKixo the proposed junction of the IJull'ind Iload other words, that they could not consent to u connexion beHreen lb" Cheshire nnd Cen tnil and lint they were rexdy to proceed to the loca tion to Mich point only us v.Ms'dosnt'd to connect with llio H.iiltiu.l s lb- irtcfli bailie is f ii,!ed In haete. youis itnlv. W.m. IIKNUY 0. J.INSI.EV. A meeting ofthe Dnector-s weiind"rstand,isiiibe held on tli U'.lth in-Jt. Th ll'ig'ui"es are ongiged 111 locating Ihe Kind South fiom Middlebiiry. Tun Si'LEivas 1'Aii.r.nAt). The chaiter for this roa 1 was granted by ihe L-gMnture of X. II. at their lecent s'ion. Itextend'-d from WiinKir Ilridge to the Northern terminus of l'ie Cheshire road, running through Clnremont and CLnilestow 11. The Ix'ccne Sen tinel siys: ' " The n"w S.illivnn eiarter, to connect with the Chns!iire, x ill no doubt ! as satisfaetorv to the Cen tral, as it will to ih" Uitland mid. Il euros nil lb" troubles which our lluthnl friends have !n.l, nnd it has not. according to nil oitwnrd evidence, for a long tinieh'Ml oouteiuplnted is dvirable, lo extend ilk' C'.nnil b-low Windsor, though ih-ir ch'irlor allows the ext'ii-ion (the old P.ts.unsie clririor not interfer ing) on th Verino it side i0 H.Uows fulls, and oven to sjuiIi line ol the state." Vermont and M.xse,im.TTv Wi understand t'l it operations on this nro going foiward wilh re ii'W'len'rgy .l'arly one half ihe entire line; be- in under contract. 1 In IVi inonl, th" Iioooivi preas is quite u.riiiiino'is an I Irnnyin itsapprovil cfthe r-p-r.l of the T.nifl" of HIJ, while in Peninijliiiriin iuite a difK-rent tone of feeling prevails on ih" sn1 topic. We commend lo th" Venn oit branch of live unit" I " l)einorae" the follmvini; from Ih I'liilmhlphi i Sentinel, a ery able supporiorof Mr. Polk and his administration. N Me Ka)s bill so much betfr for Vermont than it is fir i o 1 1?) i .nun . U we foul lli'.e to kn jw-,t jo, il it should not be considered lniis riin.'iit, what tlie general imprcsiio.t is, in Peiius)lviuun,jus n iw.nliout the pre ci'c in '.iniii4 of Air. Polk's Kane letter .' Prom the Pennsylvania Sntinl. '!' i'il:-t irilf ni"ii are pro hgiouslv m ousiienljnst ai this inn Tae old lh"ory that they njviin -ed an I o'liuir towasthat hig'iduties oxerll .iv th" Tieasiirv. II nee Mr. W nk t n-pm r iji ! I llie pioprioty i.f brio jin-r it down to th" rer"tiar st-iu l.ird. whieh m 'am ju-t oinuhto let tit - (io.erti.iiMit live from haul lo muth li it no.v thai ih" A laiinistr.iuo.i will, m con- -'i'"o' "no-war, nie o v ision ir n nniy I rev- i..s. ,i...' "Jr. ..." ," "".V . ... .... .,' . i, . ii ot i in I I -J"l mil III1 Idle mill',', in

nreorJin-e Mr. Walk -r's brl or m bill ol Mr Me K ' wl" nr'r'-- """ on i 'y i"no th Tie isur) linn the I'o k ill loui 1 IW. HOW III TIV 111 'Onsisieill M Hie ,.., ,,:r ,i...,j lf,.l., ,ll..r Ub. ' .. i. ,' . ,i , .. ,,' vvJ.-arv "" " ' poeKel. ol nr lllll.-iarm ineo. i nrrn, mow n vvll II vv ha lo ir dunes dovx-n to i.vniyp-r o-ut., al which tun th" So.illi terribly .it''et 'd wilh bad limes, an I ih Nutio ml (Jovernui mi M.sid hi n .ar zero in tli l:"r"l-an mom unik. i linn no one would 1. n I us a o 'ill. o ir nalion t! nromis -s b. mir ri.-ii ol no t.i ii in il. ...'. .. . . I.?. ""I 'SXlT " " ,r 1 !"r 1 " "gm s v lor t in n . tint in I ri'iisiiry vvnscinpn an i inn ion-rcptenwi '.i. With t!l's flew starm I'i' in -.nhers of Congress m ih I i"e. xv oinnoi b -li 've lhat th") will idler th pres. on; t iritf. Ii'theys,:nll,iu ih -ir lolly change u,ihlnd olf'eis vvillb - f-'.i all over t'l" country, an I m nopirl ol it iimr.'s'iij.isly thin in iliesnithern Mites. A id n j.v nny vv. venture to tnak Ih.s bri 'f extract from th; " J.uicaittr Democrat" another ililul-d Peu isylvauii sin i T ! Th " loeofoeo g 'ntloinen in , " "" "'-- r re.,, n. ..siu-y do in Vermont ! I th sgreai in -as.ire to DuiioTatic votes It irn ai teell ' I .n i" it I I'll ill II 11 ui inr lorv 'iu mile III II III" l.l"C- torulvop ofP.'ii.i-ylvann w nlliir been lait to Col. I'a'.kh tdlie appealed before l'ie p-ople nn theoppi- ; th' erittms rrcnne Inn, Others nnj ching" vi"vvsoiithissibject.lronilc-,ror iro.n nit Tested mo- tives b it vvv nu -il 1 J sfin I wh -re we Inv e always sun,,: HI 111. l I ...I ,11' 11,1.11,11' ,11 I M ll.M 1 1 1 1 1 lie, I Li'"S , on Tgy, every Illtellljit to thwart lhe wishes or -i.-itli th- inter, bis ollh" iepe ol this great st it We sp"tik vviilun bounds wh"ii vve siv that tuu"-I TU tsol in 'cm 'lis o 'eioisv vam l are op'posed to any ultenilioii or modiiieaiimt ol the i.inlfof I Hi. Till: Alt-IIV. (leu.!, by th" Inert accounts, was slill nt, waiting llie imivcuienisof the politicians "1 Washington H-writesto Se 'retary Marcy mi ler ' dat"ol Juiw U,usol lain ii-ccss'irily detiined at this point fir want of sintible transportation tocarrv o'lolleii-iveoneratio is. Tliere is nnl ii stcionboal at iiivoouui.'.ud iirooer lor lb" nivig.itiou ol th" Kio (irand"; and, without water opposed lo ihe insiiiiiiion of slavery, nnd ihey tran-jiortation, 1 con-iider itus'lessto nttenipt any ox- will, within th" huutsot the Coiistitiitinu, do their in tensive inot'euient Por any op 'rations in the direction mo-t on nil occasions to diuumsh its mlluence and lo of Moul 'icy, it will b" necesirv tocstahlislui large de- procure its abolition. pot at Canurgo, which I sh .11 fos' no tun. ' in doing as llcnalretl,,yv. we cordially approve of lhe iioiuiua- s ion iis iroji a tiausioitsuriive, unless 1 receive counter Hons of tie Stale Convention at Woodstock, Horace in-lru 'lioiislio.n th dcpiituieiii. Hilton ol lluosburgh, tor tlovernor, of Leonard Sar- I trust ih ilcpiniuvm will h .' that 1 1 "iild not possi- geaut ol .Mam liester, tiir l.ieui ( inventor, and of llli- ble linv i aliticlnat ',1 the nr. ol isl.'b I. '.'IV V re.l.lon e- sh'l P Jewell ot .M on. neber. li.r 'I'rejisnrer hii.I .ill iiii-nislniiii lioiii-ooi't as ure fiow hcrc.nndoti their way niiii T. vvniioai urge i.ieaosoi .r.iuspoiia.iou, llusforo" will onibarnisw r.nlur Ihan t.icihiat' our oier- in ion i. I c.inuoi tli" ilepaitmeiit has nlieady giv ell in-lrueiions has m! upon the change in our ifisitioti since my hrst call for voluateers correspondent ofth" Halumore I'alriot, w rites (July 111) respecting Mr Polk'swar on the Mexican, ns lollies: in. o. isu -in I,,. ... o' tl'l'llt tl!IS ll ,. IIIIOI. IVVO IIIIOOI t.ll It IlllinIS 1st TIiiii no nttack nnon i he on-tleol St. Juan do I 'Una, at Vera I nii, Mian loitnwiiti no inane ny our si.ieidroi. ot war vessels 111 lhe Ulllf ol Mexico. J I.Thai we will "conquer a peace" with .Mexico only upon th" groun I llnl she will yield lous nil her leirimry down toilcJi I pandlel iline ru'itiinglriiniTainpico, mi lhe Cull, thto.igl. lllas.oii lhe Pacific 'I'I." firsisiateineiit tuny lie true lolhi'ig mure like ly. A K'hI many of tli lives ot our ollieers im.lseii men mu) I. and th" Castle may or may not be easily i.iken What cares Mr l'olk how iii iny hies lusiMihcy iiud ambitious Hch n.cs may los.' I Theeas ll"will..ltinnlcly lieouis, and in so much hisHcheuus will be carried mil ll... .be oilier sla.e...e..t cm. Inrdlv lie 11.10. Oi.r tioveruu.elil ...llilot lie so gieedy IH 10 seek tho tils. I. . Ik rinent ol Mexico to the extent mined We luiol.t ns well I ike lhe whole Jlcpuhlio ns to tnke lb" tout i.llud"il Io.iiii I leuve onlv ulsiiit ii half doon de- J yreosot latitude lo the .Mi'xicalH.a ,XH lliqsiilaiit queslloii m In-ginning to ugi.a.e .no public mind, in rcliiiion to thepiogrcKsof our nrmy in .Mexico. Iislitsi destination is said lo Is' Monterey. C.uu u K' I Iheie I Monterey is miles bom Matiuiiorus Cun our nrmy peilorni llu iiinrch nml Hike along th" necessary noies to sulisist men nnd hor ss, oxen mid mules! Aiellieie toads over which the vvngous utt... bed to lhe uriii) call Is' drawn I llnoi, tun the u. c.sssu.y stores U'cohvO) cd ll" lrtu'k b'lps's or iouI.'h, it. tny nothing ol iho or.l.naiu o ili mtlnii'tit I In reply ...u opinion pi. viols io no!e cx- I tenia tint tlie nrmy, with the necessary Mores for snbsis-1 icnco, cannot get to .Monterey tins rummer. will 11 remain nt .Mntnniorns I Whit will be its expense I . llowloiigwilllhew-nrlnst t How fir will the 812,'KKV nskcl lor, g wards defray ing its expenses , IMSTItlCT COWII.NTIO.V. At 11 meeting ofWhig D-legates from the towns llr.i.tflws, Wm. Ct.Arrnnd Ci.d. W. 1'osti.k for. Sena comprising the Third Congrcsional District, held at , lr. Tlie ticket is the gun.- as l.i't yenr, with the e.x llnrliugloii on the 7th day of July, 1810, At.mnT (i. eepiioiiof that sterling and slaimcli whig At.vxil Si- WiiiTTr.Monr., l'.sii , of .Milton, xvas elected Piesideiit inn teimmre. nm Wm. Westo.v Sccrctnry in te m- 1 pore. I Ou motion ol Lyman Ciimmings, INq., voted that n ., . .. . ' 1 1 . 1 i- 1 ... ...w ... ............. .,j ..... ...j,., 1 iuatc olliccrs of the Conxciition, to oonist of n Presi- 1 blent, one Vice President from cadt County, n Secrc- I tnry nnd two Assistant Secretaries, ,'nt. Mcwm. Orlando Stevens of l'rankliii County, Wnl lis Molt of (Stand Ule County, Calvin Solace 1111 1 Llins Pottom of Addison Coiiuly,nud Daniel II. Onion of ChitteudciiCounty.wcrc appointed mcli Conimittee. .Mr. Demiiig iiilroduccd Ihe. fillowing rosolulion which wns ndoplcd. hesolfcil, lhat nil Whigs pres-nt, belonging to !be fiK:!:s?n!bis co;,!::,:;:),:!''1 ,n '"riii-"'-"ei" " The following resolution was the,, introduced, read, nnd passed: f The .Vrswitrrrsajii " We regret to leant that lieioleed. That a committee ofthree from each tow 11 'W- H'dlurd.of C.eorgin.dicl Hiddenly on Pri represented 111 the Convention, be appointed to 110111- day last Irom the olfects of lient.nged about .11 years, iuate to th" Cdiiwntioti a Candidate to represent this Thednywns oly xxnriu." Di-triet hi Congress, and that each town give one Mite 'nic yoimiri-n dauuditer of S. S. Keyes, Hit of only lit committee. io 1 . 1 1 , ., , . , Highgalo, iln il on the i.lth instant. A Committee wns thereupon appointed in pursuance Ciilcilnniii. The Caledonian of the lllh instant of said resolution. As the Committee was large ,their has not been rocciti'd. nninesnro here omitted The Whig District and County Contentions ns- .Mr Hell of Middlebiiry. introduced the fiilowmg lepolutton, which wns rend nnd passed: lleiolrrd, Tint n Committee of live be tmminatod by the Chair to repmt resolutions for thi-s Coiivention. The Chair thereupon nominated Messrs. II Hell, I). W. C. Clnikc, (J. V. Houghton, (). Stexciis, nnd .1. X. Pnmeroy, who were thereupon elected such Committee. Mr. Stevens, from the Committee appointed to noiiiinnte nflieers for the Convention, reported as f il lows . lor I'rrsidrnt, A. (.. WIII'ITI'MOUtl. Cor Vice Vtevidentit, Messrs. Parris Teethier of Addison County, V. S. tt.iir.ts" of iVnnklin County, j John Peck of Chittenden County, ami Al.uiRr C. Heri.t R of (Irand Nle Comity. , lor Secie liny, W:.t. Weston. Atiintaiit Seeirtnriei, Jueiix A. UicKXxmiof Mid- dlebuiy, nnd II. H. WiiitimioI St. Albans. I And f-aid noiniuees were severally elected 10 . 1 QUI "'i''"? oliiees. 1 lie L-nnveniion took n rccen (),i le-iisseinbhiiL', .Mr. Stexons, fioni the Coimnittoe nppoiuled to pro- s'lit a nomination lo th" Contention of a Candidate lor Keprescntalive of this District in Congress j ic- polled, that th" Commitfo on .inoinhiin,' together, proceeded to take an informal hallotnnd, e.xamin the xotes they f iiiml th it excrj- xotc was given for th" Hon. (Ieoroe P. Marsh; they thereupon lesolvod uu iniinoiily to pros -tit the name of ClIO. P. .M AliSlI to the Conx.-ution as the.Whig candidate ol this Con- gressional District ; which report lming been ac eoptod: O i motion of II -etor Ad mis, Ksq , (V.lered. that the tj u -tion on the adoption ofthe lioiniiritloli oi the Committee be taken by rising, .Vud the ipiestio.i, will the Convention nominate tlii Hon. tiEo. P. Marsh us the Whig candidate for Representative of ibis Cougicssional District in the Congress o! th" United States, wasdecideil in the-af-tiri.i.ilte by a uuamnous xote. a I rritNoo.v. , from the Committee on Mr. I! v eolations, re- .mnn ,, ,,lowin: .oi.... ernwmi. as she over lias l-oiiA,i!l nrsiirrii .' i i , e ., continue to be, distinguished by hr tirrii Jt.lherence lo the D mo.-nmo W Ing I rincip es, wmcn , Hinniiupniiiu 'ot1""" " -..v m, libit- loiniilaine, AV'T ici. Thai a Proieetive T.irill' is iimoni- tin 1 1 h 'rished orineinles ot the Whin oartv. and th it we will elect no in 111 to Congress, nor 'aid III the election ol any person to an olliee in the (i.iv eminent, who will not yield his hearty and unwavering support to tins onlv Mire basis oi national pros-p-ritv Lminrril. lhat our oouti leuee in the principles of IZJl .trill oi in- remains im-n ik-n, aim mat tip 1 1- 'I lhe l,x 'CUIIVe and ot l,ocotoeos in t ollgress " th- duties mi all protected articles, o, ih uesiru.-iion ol an llie gloat inuu-triai nii-r.-ts ,,i in- counttv, in Tils our s 'vcrc.-t comleiiiiiaiioii. ltetitre.l. That while W'e hive with ,1 , sorrow vviin 'ss",i th rep 'ate, I violation ofthe Constitution ol our country, hv a pinv lils-lv Mvling th 'inselve.. "(Ac Dent trim ij," never have we vniH'sse la more Ihgniul usinpaiion ol iiowcr excreid by J K. l'olk in s 'tiding our army into a frntory claimed and pos. si'ssnI bv .Mexico, and over which h has over rvr- cis'd iiiidisiuibed ilouiiiiion, without deigning toto.i siilt Congress, though actually in scsi-idii, and alone havi ig lb power lo declare Ilcto'.re I, 'I' since James K Polk and hi- pirly have h"ld the loins of j, iwer. we h ive roll 'Wed ovi ilenee til llo-vve.ikn -s.s oi Constitutional restraints in the hands of thus, who, m the administration of th (overimi 'lit, s;ek only tor personal and pany aggraii. dlclllellt. lieii!rnit, I oil all vvir-.wiien lhe honor and rights ofu ...tion e-in Ir s-eured b) negoiiaiiom, coiidii-ied upoll miiili it, meltile of lll-tiee nml eti'iiti- lire no 'lirikii'm nn.l liiibarous. Hemlred, Tint vve protest again-l nnv further pros- ccutiou ofthe wnli Mexico, as i Icailv aggrissivo. nnd o ir (i n.-rn u 'in, by means of Inei'idl) ncr.iiia- tion. (-hall h ive pros -ui- d claims to ihe .Mexican I Tlllll 'III ll T II 1 ,1. M 1 ,1, II . I II I.l I , llefilerd. Tint althoiiuh wo colldelim lhe no! of lhe President in s -il. hug an army into a I'Ttiior) , i launed nu I puss 'ssod bj M 'iieo as a i irl ol h -r milioiial do inaiii, yet our hympitliiei nro, and over have been, with the gallant ollieers and soldiers of' our iirmv, who were thiisplnocd in conflict wilh the nriuv of Mexico, and lhat vve rejoice m Ih-ir xietories, mil that our warmest minus are due in t.enernl 1 .lyloraud iheof- ticcrs ami soldi-is uud-r his command, fir their skill. bravery nnd g.llantrv in th- brilliant notions olthe sih lllld 'Jill of Mnv l ist " Hcnilrcd, That lhe xvarniest ilnnks of ihe nalimi nredueiotlieiiohle-heaiiedvvbigsand conservatives in lhe S 'lute who biilal) siood lonh lor lhe cause ol p 'iice, iiimi iuiiy nnd loligioii.agaiiisi the ihe norm ol war which a lew do-penile laciionisis attempted to rinse Is'iweeu this country mid (5 rent Hntaiu. lit itrcd. That the' oarlv is yield iii ibein our wannest support, and ciult.ivnr by aa pioper in 'aus io proiuoio iiieir oieetion. Uvilrrd, 'Phil (i .urge P .Marsh by his rourse in Longrcss, bus tuny an-wered Iheliighexis-ctntionson. terttined of him bv his friends and ooii-lttueuts ; ihni, by his sup-rior aluliiy, intelligence and patriotism, he the nhleiind mifiartial manner wilh which he has pro. sided over our deliberations. v oleil llnl lie priH'eedmgs of ths Conveutioii l. ' . " Ol.' OO.Illl.OI. IM l1"''1 ''' IM l'f's.dcut and S-crctarics and imbli.hej t m nil me vv uig i.ip'rs hi tins ijoiigressional Disirici. I he C on vein o'l Ihen iidjourue.l. a. c. wiinTi:.M()iii:,'ilf.i,rH(. Wm Wi.m'ov, l J A lla Kvvini, ! Seaetaitet II II Whitimi, ) Tlio W'ltlo.s ol" .Mainu Irtvo linniiliateil I Ion. David Hiionsox as their I'! lor (lovcriior. lUtiunvi el, 1'ri.lny ninrning, July 1(1. (ellllcmeu. Jninos XV. Hnidburv- of AiKmsin Inst cvenuii n iiiiiiuled bv a D.Tuocmtio (si cnll. d) i-mu-iis in iHiiii onuu lies oi me legislature, lor lb ,N 'liator,in place of lhe Hon. (.eorge llvnns Cunrs. liuMlott Atlnt I'ai ii Ai.tii. I so? inch in the xipers nlmut ',.) Alio, but nnlsidy has yet jriivii a lair trans, hiliun of '(i'i. Alln. I'tiiti is ti imV, ir mint if a tliiji, a cnirttar , is to jrjui a caniii"; , , -,, . .....,. 11 . r - is olte i used iirnnilively to mean a .lriibl.ItiK ,i. njili. ti l ',, Mi f .unhiuj, inure lo"' or tlutii a lull tin ashing 'iiioh. t;IT.TV NUMMAItV. " . .. (rnnil Isle What tire the bigs about in this lillle County which carried off Wj Mim(, n(. (1) u M, knim. , I off the llANMU ill 131 1 I 'rilliklin. The Whig Convcuiioii met at Shel- Ion Creek on th" ltlih intitit and nominated Htr.AM bin, who declined n rc-iioiniiiatioii. Mr. l-Wtuof Swnntou tnkes his place on the ticket. Ucsotutlons cordinlly responding lothe. Slate nnd District iioniiun- lions were adopted. Tlie following is one of the,,, : . I jirmirea. 1 nat wo coriuaiiyrcppoini 10 1110 noun. nations ol the Slate Convention, and declare to the people ot 1110 fttuie, mat wmic liuiine iiuty inipeisniui Slnenride um-s a warm suiuwit of the oeneral lick- 1 people ot 1110 male, mat wmic nume 1 uiy impels ami ci,n loeniprnieioiimicji 1111011 a fiersonai Knowledge 01 the high character and nbihlies of the lir-t nominee of the CoiiM'iiliou, invites and niithories to expect, a largely increased tying totem uiii 1 raiiKim. Although the lesolutioii fails tospecify irhirh Stale Cotivculion, xo warn Mes-is. Smith nnd llminerd ng.iiust building up hopes on that foumlntiou. An interesting Tetupcnince nnd Sabbuth School :"-" - m,. ,,11 1 ciiip.'niucc oy .1. n. ,-saxe, l.sq. ami on aooaiu Schools by llov. Mr. 1'eemii. semblednt D.nnille nu ihe hih 1111 , nn.l nominated forCongress (iio. II. Ciumileii, Iq., and for Sena lor-, lion. Wllcome Hi.mis nnd Jas. I). Uei.e, Il-q. The Star says the Conxentionswere " respectable lis lo numbers," The Star is very iimeli distressed about the Sn'ccb of Porte's HxXTt.a, V , which it does not htiii to npprote. Tlie special grievance complained of appears to be Mr IltXTF.n's comments on Mr. Secretary Walker's nnd .Mr. Mclxny'scllbits ro have tea and coffee taxed wasn hieojoro ptopovtion which was promptly xotcd down. I he Star is 110 belter plened w ith llie speech of Mr. CtlANtil.r.R. We would recommend to the Star, for l'"' " 'l of its ,mn pence of mind, to keep away from tliq unnli-factory Whin Coicntioii1. 'IV looolopo DiMrict CumctitiuiiClth District) wm li.lil nt DimilU on the Itli.ntiil iiomhiatt'tl Lrtas It. I uk, I,ii ol .Mo!iiii'!iT,t'r(.iiiijreK-', in placu of Mr. DiUmgliini. 'I'll" .VmjM Slur f-pfalvinijol ihi-noiu- 1 inntion snj: 1 lie wnulil nirniii rxnri"W o'tf conllnl niinro val of Mr IV'-k'4 iionimutmn, beli in ifclfctcil, ti' wi 1 iH'liarffc t he 1 ut is o tin1 station wi i a (icon tome ilir lui-li r(-ponihilit iittPiuhn it, ami with '.ealomli lehty to the interests 'of his con-tilu-ms. 1 If Mr I'uk justifrs this belief, (iuca.A'ofhiseleo- tion) he will be honorably distinguished fiom Mr. l'aal Dillingham, who oted Cir Texas, and 'dode- cd' his own coiiutiy. Hut we incline to the opinion t Ii-i t the fieemen of the Ith District xviil eudeaxorto b-truly RLiT.tAi..xrrti in the ne.xt Congress, The fniimexl thing the Star says, is, that in a re- ' cent debate in Congress a Mr. Doasl'in of Illinois, "lloored" John (jrtvv AniMsl Wiishiir.Mon. The Patriot fails us ibis week. The ir,icAviari'x leader is a good exposition of tb way the Polk policy will work The wh-- 'ntry Wllloxhib.t II vraetiral oxp""illo" " ines.oue uimg, tosotno purpose if the ' Pliey" is not arrested Olltll"!'. T1 t'llteiprifie is tne line ol ti goon lookinw vspaiier,lo lie published monthly nt Uuu-d-fph. nl-' cents d yar. We w Wi the " hoys " who edit it Slice 's. Th" Orange County Cninnioit School Aniocialhii had its annual meeting tit Chelsea on the 'Jlth ultimo, lion. Simeon Short, ol Tlulford.Has chosen Pres ident, and W. C Helcliorof Hiadlord Cor. Socntary forthe vear cimihnr. , Cliittontlon. Dr. John S. Weh'ter and Asaliel ,Vtk werenollllnnt ,. lhe lnCofiK-o County loiiventioii at I.ssexon theaj msUint, nscaiiduho for .Vuiators. To? Oo:ivenlio:i piss,. I ib" follow ing resolution : ,'mj!.'-., That we cordially approve ofthe course j olth' iidinim-tration in relation lo our negotiations i nn I vvar with .Mexico, and w 1 oni heailtj support. e-l" ourslve.s to yield Ileeot III oils An I yet we do not leant that any of ilrm have yi t voliini to L to go on ami reu 1 t the ' hearty nip (nrl" which is -hi oidmlly 'lilodged'" 'I'll" Sentinel and Demon at sjiouking of the new Tnrilfsavs : " I h Mil i.oritv is Inrge enough, inid the vote stiows il Hi-,liscrii.miatessio well nigh balance i- ihli'.-rcit inter. -ts.,1 thecoiiniry " Th ' m i.oritv is large enough, nud the vote show th th 'I'll" " intere- of th country " are mi "balanced" by il. lhat they will be likely lo stand plrtly ttitl wo lldlllit. Addison CoiiiniiTioem.'i.t at Middlebiiry College o'l th? "J'-'d inrt., du-.xt odui'sil.iy) (ration l'f ire lhe Assoeiaied Aliunni b) l!ev C H, Drake of Kovalton. Poem by J. (i. .Sixe. i:-i ol S. AlbatH The Ith was col -hinted lit .Middlebiuy with miiili iiiiiiiiatiou (. xx.dnANtix. l.-q ol xcrgennes de- livcrcd lb" addioss ' ) n, ll was Pnsi- delilof lb" day. The following ate muting ihe inezitlar toasts lla Di. 'A. Hani The .Spirit of '7iV The only kitinl winch can bo imbibed w tlbollt li liceiiMe . Hy II' .V Ciodiieh Texa Amy it prove nn bo ior mid blessing i the I'nion. Itccifiinly does not niiake miiili of cith'-rju-l now. Dr. A. Hall is down upon lhe Addison Co. -Medical .Siciety, mid upon (Vl-us,"ns we e.xpectnl. Dr. Hall will make niiueo ot .otiie'tdy before he cis ihrough wilh this coat ro ei-sy. Ilesaxs: 'I am readit, trilling nnd nble to lUlend the nbove posiiiotis,imdrA,ic;ii'c;md defy ih-uovnl of what 'ia1' "lilt'''1 thediM'a-e,bv llie comlunoii iin ui- oal callbio of Ad.ll-on Co. Med. .S iclelv, vv llh J. A Al- len the Alpha and D.negi ol the i'ociet'y at llieii head.' Thismny b" called "loeing the mark." The Dr. r"J 7'he disease rvvlikh is the lione of contclllionl was nothing more nor hss thin a I asor l.umbir Abseess, lllld that he passed the K'alpel baildle down lire xvlmli course ol th" l'sois inuscje to the truchauter minor , Wo shall watch this very simple nnd intelligible con troversy wilh intense interest. It ill bind. 'J'ho wings of i V., I !utlan,nl iheir Con vention on the Vth in-t , nominated (Ieo. T Huoues, Jvs II 1'iiiTrEXtiL.N, and Joiix 1'ox, for Senators Aessrs Hodges nnd Chitten len are re-nomiiiiitcvI,iiud -Vr 1'ox succeeds P lliitiini, Isq 'Phe iioiinuatioiis nro oxcollcut ami will receive tlie hearty support ot , , ',. ,,, ,, , e"'"'"" ".""' "'"','""' ' 1 Tlie Rutland County Agricultural 1 uir will be held nn the -till M'pteuibi'r. lhe Ials-riy w.rty Ins its shire ot demagogues. Wiudsoi. The whig DmiicI Loiivcnlioii l.o. 'J, luJinu Wmdsoraud Orange,) will meet ut Ko) niton . on the H I lust. The .ler has vv rought il-elf into a phrcusy of luof- feiisivc vvrutll U'Ciuls' a cleteyman made .l-o ofthe following very appropriate expression in a prater of fciod tq. nt Norwich u shoit tunc since : "Hy its folly mid wiikedneiss this government has involuil ilsi'll in a ruinous vvar." WhereuiKiu lhe Age explodes as follows: "Thnttsj.mdsU'.iutitul. don't ll ? Charging iqion the gov eminent xv huh is defending the xery institutions sustains his iesiiteroi.sbroaihiii Ins hypix-ruici! Istdy.w ith folly utid tctckediies lit dctelldtng our soil fiom invasion. ' The Af;e's mother ought to gixe him somctliuib; nonf A ilia,' indbillii. The Hellutct Full Gazette xery cour teously icq.i"sis the editor ol the Stnlinel it Venioeiat, Hiiilington . " 'I'o huve the kindncsn to lend us a few of the old nuiuls rs of his M."r llioso which contain the ii.wof John Smith's frdeuilinni It is not our de sign to accuse Mr. Smith nlhitingchaucvd, nl nil we onlv nx mil tosee what his own friends udd f I. Is oiv.e.isioiis to oe.l.iH.UC ,w. ulu. ,,c . p pretensions to dcniocrucy, a shoit tune sine,-. Shall quest will have Ink- uptatid. A my .hsastioiis fuc occurred m II, Hows Pulls on I Monday last. The fine Paper Jl ill of tV-srs (Jrnti it I, x-iih most of its contents, together with the largo shed adjoining, nml a large quantity of wood, were destroyed. The lire oeenrred nlioutt! o'clock in the afternoon, mid is supposed to have taken from the chimney. Lphriam lfiec, S Dutton nnd Itenj. Smith arc the loeof.ioo candidates for Senators. Iloiiiiingliiii. 'llie whig Convention nominated ilr.AiKMW 11 llnow.xr.t.t. and Hr.Mv .Vjrse for Sena tors, on the 'id lust. lion, A. Ij. Jixeb presided oxer the Convention Wo nro pained to leant tint fJ-n N'orma.v Ht-ACit- Mr.n f ll'nnuigioii.die I nt niehWg, ..,., , on the illiiiit (o n H. ropri si'iited the town of lienmngton ill the Legislature last fall, lie was 33 years old. ,,,, v .. ,, ,, . . , . 1 1 ll! 'Nf, Hum wlliro J.fL'Isllttltro ml. )l)nril l!lsl J.',-,uy nnor invinir tmsscil ' . : . . . . . 118 Hills, .17 I'r'snliitintia, nii I Adilross. Anions the Hills is thu " Act districting tlie State," in obedience to tlie itx' of Congress; nnd iinvni"; tlio Hcsolntions is one "direct- in-r tlie rocotition (if llie IiDrtiotl of tlio pro- C(.c,s ,,, tll(, Slllps of ,,lll)Iic hawU nU()U I ted to Saw IIiiiiiMliiro," nnd oerttiiit sound Tnriir resolution-!. Tlio old Granite Stuto is cuiniiiir to linr souses. Mr. Mnrsh's Speech on the Turin". Our able and indefatigable Representative lias made anotber admirable speech in behalf of American Industry, nnd in opposition to the IlritUli Tnrill'liill of Mr. McKay, from which we xill publish 1 some extracts next werlt. C!)NiIti:sSI()Al, StJ.1I.1I.VKV. Miimhy, Jci.v (!. Iii Sf.sate the TarilTBill of Mr. McKay was roceivoil from the House, and 11 delrite of ore-it Interest occurred on the motion te refer it to tlio Committee on Fitnnce. Mr. Nji.cs. of Ct., tool; lmn lmiiuii I apiiiist the lull. I lie motion to refer wis reiected 'J I 1 , ...i ,1.,, .ji n ,1.., ,.,.: nr i, Sevier. was then ttnilo the speci'il order of the thv for AtmifUy M".tt!ui licry 1 iy tlifro:ifler till finally dipf)M.l of. ! In tliu ! n coii-i li'rah'o fiortirm of tlio ilay va t'lKcn tip in prJinl rxplunatioii"4. Sn!i-i'itii"til!v. on motion of .Mr. AlcClcniatul, tlio irrnilinttitiii hill xvas Lihon up, ami delxitod, mid siini" prooross w'us niido in it. A joint rt's-nl til ion was oII'tciI lix -Mr. HoTC, prnxiiliiiT fur tins adjournment of (ottnjs nn tin' 27lli uf tlio prosont miititli. 'I'liu chairtnaii ol'tlin f Viininittoo nf Ways ami .Menus intrniliKT'i! two important lulls, mx' att thnrizin? tlio i-suo nf trci-nrv notes-and ti loan, tho ot'.iT inakino' iippropriutioiis for tlie i.iyinoitt nf tlio volmitoiT c'urp-.Tiitliori.cil t" In.' miod for tlio priwi'tllion nl tin; Moxioatt vvar. The two bills wore- rof'-rrt'd tiitho f 'oni.nittoi' nf tlio Wliob; nn the flute of tlie Union, an. I ordore.1 tu 1m printed. Tce-ih v. J' " "es tc. 'I'he I itul nithii. MM wis disoiis-od. an I, after tin Kxecn (Ivo .s".sion. the Son it(. ad'oiirneil. Tli.1 Itof-E pros'titod a scene of somo ititoresl for alxint two Innir- n( the day's i-eiiui. irrovv Uvj nut of n joint re-nliitinn nllered liy .Mr. llniro, lixiiti.' Moniliy. the third of Ano;itst.' Sls th- tim j for tli- n'l(iiirittii -nt. In the lirsl in-tince, the ro-olntinn xv.i adoptod hy n lieaxy xnte. Snlneiii"iitly tli - xote was n'ciitisiiloreil.'ati'I tlif further rnn-iileratiriiKif the resolution xvas p.,st nui' d for two vw'oks from thK day. A proposition, hy .Mr. lloyd, to" toriniinte tliu ileb ile on the nidnation lull tnilav, vva laid nil the table. An I the lull ini L'rw.'iit snnie fnrthor in com nitteo. Wi nxr.siuv, .Irtx" 8. Senate. Tii- laml "rridititinii liill, .,t.r ,,!ut , Wl ord.-red to lu eiivrni'snn tnr tlio tlnrl r.'i lili"r. lines.':. Nol'ilttg d mo d 'bit th" frrad'ti t ion bill. xv. Jfi.v il. l:i the Skxxt,- iiuln' , .,, . ; :.. 1111 '"" "r''lii' t'l" l'resiont tn soli tlie resorved I ininoril in lllh, , is, Wisconsin, anil Iowa, was roan a umi ,,,, ,( p;1ssCi. 'I'll graduation bill va- niss,.,! ,y a vote of 2(i to ,. 'Phis bill will bj foan.l in our i-dltitniis to day. ) Mr. Dix: tiinl,. an ti'ile Koeooh inili.r..tio,.,rtl,. ..,- i j.. s;.v,P1i .,,., i ., . ,' '' 'c "'""ndi. eiits, pmm.-ed ."- , lV X -V"' ''""", tl,t,n a"nvA u' ......, . uiii. it.iieiiueii, was nrilenal to In printed. Th- tinny npprnpri ition bill, as amended, wan passed. The I Int sE sM.Mt the dav in comntlttee in the ihseits-ioii nl the gni'lmtinn bill. The form uf thoipiei-tinn h is 1Vii ehatijroil ,v ;, sneoessfnl motion nf . Mr. .Mel 'lorn m,l t..1.,- I :.I . the II a bill, nnd take tin the liill iv ro- ceived Irnni the Senate. A pr 'pnsitinn i, s., , ,.,(.,, ,le iIIIt..tjon tii-inorri w nnon. ' rmnvx-, JfLv ID. In the Sen xth. tn-iliy, af. tor the inoriiiiio lm.ino.s, the cnn-i.leratinti olShu w.trclioti-e lull was resinned. After s,,,-i,. from .Messrs. Simmons and Davis n'limst ' ,il i its nre.-mit shape, a shnit cmivcrsn tional debute took place ui a imition tn recommit, suls. milted by Mr. Weh-ter, xvhich was f'mallv ailoti- ted by a vote nl .'li to J.r. In the Uiii-,..;. n resnliitinn was nl,,t...l .. iwj; the discussion on the om,;,timi bill at two o clock. The cniisider.itinu of the ,iH wan then re-inned. in cnininittee. up tn that hour -after which a iiutiiK'r uf amendments were olVorol but voted dnwn. and the bill was tinillv rvimrtwi to tho in the precise terms in winch it caiue Irum tlie .Senate. IVuijiii- the iiuostioit to lay tin; bill ,,, th0 table, the I luii.-e ndjniinied. Sati iihav, July n Skvatc Mr Dix n jK.i led back th, Warelmtisin Hilt f,,, ( oinniittei utt ( nintnerce, witli nmenilments no "..tion ...i o ui upon tiioin, 'ei... s ....i. ' . . The .Senate took up the private raleml tr. renewal ol Patent to Ross) uexmui. lor improvement on Uailmh.I Wlf'ls, was delate, by Mos-rs llvilnn (", "'1 on. Urns, Phelps, WoVter. ,u,.i iTJ rar amer- j Monday. IK'stprjned until l i the rotirs. of the session ouit,. ., ,,,,,.,i , tl.e-e irixato bills wen,,,.. " ! a J ..' '"" r'rof ;,l ! A bill for the relief nf M.7wexr HiTS' xoto of answered 17 I present : 1 1 to if tirs xvere closed. ATr. 1'. Ixin.', nf Kv ..Kimi ni.lltorirooecdt, ordoied Veas 1 15; aVs if 1 1M"'ro The rriestioi, recitreifon l.lvi,. ,, . -,. nn t iKe i eas 'IJ . v.1Vk s, "HI on tlio the table. ' -, 'V,-V s'h7. -S It was Wl Mr. l.nrilim ,,f V v , "o.ecanecl 18 '".nstdora ion(,frOItt;nm";,of ) lm until tin, day week ! Tb Z (nr. xiero ordered. YUisS-j my'u s,.n' J nv refused to K).st.une. "tlio Ui.use The ittu.tiou recuriiNl tlio reconsbt . - HI tuys IK). S it ttas'Uu'rlT''0"- tin; table. ' N,,t " '"'t laid oi, Tho linnet' liatini' ,v ,is ,:. , TlioH...i-cHd;n,,rned. tthen