Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1846 Page 3
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lU IM.l MlTOrv iriiifllA PUEtSS. FRIDAY MOKMNG, JULY 17, J4. Mr. llrinl;i;rlioll"s ypeuuli i f! vrn liulow. Useless us tlio publication o( it in.ty nppLMir, wo cannot Miove its perusal will lie wholly unprofitulile. Dishonesty in high phiues need but to he plnlnly seen, to he stripped of the plnmngo of place, anil put upon a level with dishonesty every whore. It is quite oliviou, from the tiinli",tiilieil whining of this Mr. Urinkorhotr about the distribution of offices, (when wo connect it with his suhsc(ueiit oto on the TarilV.) that a mess of political p)!tage would have pur chased his patriotism mi l silenced the oioo of hi complaint. "We can defeat umr bill," says he "and we will defeat your bill.'' And here should hae come in that other sentence : " If uitr people eitnnol hnee their share of orncr. ami im'M'I'..nlt.i they .shall have at least of the comforts of life." That is to say, when translated Jnto the up. propriate language of the pditical jockey, " if you will give mo an office I will vote for your bill ; and then "our people'' may look for "the comforts of life" where they van find them. npi:i:cii 0r.ur. imi.viri:itnorr,f Ohio, ic llmttc nf II pwn'alirct, Jim- ISO, 181(1. On the bill reiluciti',' tlio duty on import. Mr. DiUMiEUiiorr otit.iin -il tin! ll-mr, and s.ihl liu had ri"it at till tini" tortile purpov ol' Ii ty ing a little plain t.tlk : of telling committee wli'tt Ohio could do, au.l wit it she co ild not do; whit she would do. an I she would not do. 'Pliey had not n de il of iii Mmltm here on the iloelriti" nf prof vtiivi atil IKv trid"1, which led to little in ire pr.ietiiul rmalt tliau the di coiiru held by t'n fallen nMgel w'io waited on tho shore-nf Ii '11, wliib tlrir greit rhi-f w.i ohintoa his iwpjlilion tliroagh elrns " Aa I rcanil hl!h f )l" Prow lence .foreknow-lcdi;?, will, rind fate, Fixed fit', free will, lorekn nvle.lij. nholulc, A n.l fonn 1 no ca.l, in wmileriti4 imea lot." Mr. K. s.iid was warranted to rii-ili the mi iti'itma-i sriiiiin a's of tli" en'ire Oliio dale (Titian, wi'Vmt t!e cvoption of a mm. Did entloin 'il nppoe tin' fi-v were going to Mip port thi hill ? Tli would do Mich tiling. An 1 whv? Tm-t hid Vmii" objection ag.iiii't it. winch, thoiiL'li .-I roic.'. would not of llietnseKe l)'J iiiiiT.ilile ; li lt there were others which nothing ronM PMieoe. They oh.ected to the bill., li vm-" it mile a idj and improper distinction in the ilutii'.- levied on -pint ami upon wine. Titer" ongh to litv livn no micIi (!icriiniiiatiuii Ivtween tlio two nr.iclu-. If there .1 a goo I r" Hon for l.iying a duty on the one, there wa a re i-imi'n illy go.. I for impodng a duty on th nl'i'T. II ith ii'li -l".-i w re e pi til v iinaec -iry; nordiil he think tint th" li.'i'tli and in ira' ot the Am 'rican p-ople wo.ild In a' nil in arc 1 .dionld h i!h li per.n mently ox-lnil I. Their ne.t o',ieclion to th- hill was the di-criuii-ti ition in el li 'trtvii t'i, article of woollen and th it of v !. Th il'ity on wnlU'ii good w.i pat a' .'I ) p T c "'. th il ity on w vil at L'.'i per cent. I! it'i .irticli - w 're iiiip-jrt"t, anil tVy Irmlil both ln" li en l-i.vl a'ik". Ohio was l.irg dy in'ere-t" I in l!ie growing of wool, and lie held tint the wool-grow t- wjre entitled to th sa'n' pro' -c'iim wi'li the in innlVtnrer of UMolle i cloth. 'I'h.'V oli;eoto.I, in the third place, to tV.! ilitine!'nm in 1 le h 'two. 'II tln.jeil oil and thxseid. Tie' one li -in taxed at -JO ier cent., and tli'j otlcr at It) p'-r cent. Th jyh id the same objection to the distinction between raw hides nti'l leith'T. The liid" in the riw rt-tt" were t ixcd 5 pr c--,it., the leither :!:) p.'r (-.'lit.: the olf-ci nf which w iiM I) t j d "troy tirj la iiinl'.i ' taro of lca'Vr in flit country. B it th"e oli ec'ioti might all li gi' ver tm l'r irorwr in niifi 'a i m. 't'iiere were oth'.r ol j c'ion t '. ' 'n!l iv'n -'i could not. Ini wliicli v.'ereuiMip r.i'ili-. Tluli'll pmpo:' ! a ta., con tingent in 1 1 I. upon th " f.vo of th 'till, h'lt ccr t it n in it- op'rition an I elf-rt, iijmn tea and rolV-c. To thi-- th"v co. ild not Milmiit. and they would il 't the ri.iiui to the cunt i ii ry uol-with-tittd'ag. 'I'iiey emtld not con -nt to liar taoni." t'cir vot ' th" crjeked and ili'cor ilanl and -ae iking note of the governnr'nt or g m. Th ' t inll'on t . .V codi-e mi- to all intents an 1 inr)i-e a ioll lix. It might a well have li"en l.i i I on every in m. wom'i'i and child ill th i mntrj It w i a poll lav. aad th" p. opto ol Ohio u'onld not piv it. The-e article' were in n-e h til tli p 'ople, an I mo-' n-ed I y ill .' poor. It na-the " a- in mV rel're-lini"nt when lie came bom" from hi- toil, an I it w.v oft"n th" poor womn'- on'y luxury. Mxny liin'lij in the Vest in nln u-e of it three tim '. a d ly. 1! '-id -tile tav on lln-e article- w.ts a sectiotnl tax. The people ol the Nor'h and Middle Slate- all iirtde ue oftlcia. The lili'iriiiL' ptpulation a miirh if not more tlnn any, while those wh i performed hlnr in th" South s-.irce u-ud them at all. lint it wit said by the gentlennu from (Senr Jor. tint the government could not rai'e enough revenue to mi"-t the public o'TViCo w ithout the ta. N'o.not while tlio coiiiuiillee were rutting down all oiler articles and leniiigtliein free, he pre-inneil they could not. Hut did gen tlemen tllink that the free d.deg ition id' Ohio, fir the in to pnrpo-e of pi a-iugtiii adinin'tratinn. and for nothing el-e under heaven, were going 1 1 tax the stomach i ol the people, an I that, too, to Nrppnrtnn excla-ive southern chivalry .'They would not do it. Wheiict cam" our ministu s nliroad, and with tlioir nine thousand dnllari. out lit and their ninti thoa-aiul salarv ' llieryone of them from Out slave States. When "o c.ini" a in ijority of our foreign ministers nf the seeon I rate oar charges dos allaires 1 l'rom tl.o sain tsstes. Till under an a lm'mUtr.ition that lb "V had lliem-elves mi !!, and ledped tusuniin by ii majority "f their number. A laugh, A voice: 'Whom did Ohio vote for V' Oliio had a con- Klant democratic in ijority on that llmir, and Vet tins was the miuii'jr in which she was u-id "Oiin lh.sp llanos be. An 1 ovcrco'iic ti like n siiiuucr clou I Without oar special wonder I" Ohio bid lieen wlndlv excluded from that sin n of intluence in this goveniinent to which she was t'ntitlod. It was ol tins mat sue justly complain Wo do not cam alsiut your inonev, said .Mr, il All our people are accu-toui"il to work for their living. It i not your money we want hut wo claim to h ive our legitim itii fh.iro of in tluence and consideration in tins government. W'e claim it because it I our rieht. Uurcitl v.ens have been studiou-lv evcluded troia nliuo-1 nil liablic olliccs ; and have been thus prevented 1 ... ; .1.... .; :.. ....i.r. l : Irotll OliiaillOl urn i-.jii nnnu in iMiiHii- hum- lie. ubich form the bei-t education nf a states. tn 111. Ohio is the third State in this Union .and vol what Ins sic L'ot from thi- administration 1 lasslie a foreign innu-ter; .Not one. Acharge.' Nut one. A con-iibhip of the lir.-t class ? .Not one. A rnnul-hip of the second class 1 Not one. A child can tell tlio story who has learned to speak but two word, i'iiv ." I believe she lias one bureau tbatot Indian atlair tod this is all under the government to show that such a State, is in exi-tenee. Our people do not yet know all these things; but they shall kn iw them, and they shall act upon them. Thoy will do it. Are free and independent men going to lick the hand that smiles them .' I tell you that ours is not the sod that gives birth to such nieii ; ami so loii" as I can exert any iullucneo over tbu actions of my people, it never shall bo. Wo will not con sent to tax tlm stomachs of our people to please cither this nibninistration oritsorgm. II our people cannot havo their sb iro ol olhco and in fluence, thoy shall havo at l..t-t of the comfort of life. ... , Oh, but you will vote tins tax asaw ir U, (Vrtainlv, a a war tax you will voto it, wont vim J Vim will not refuse a tax to support the war?" Ves, we would havo voted ou a war tax just as large as you chose to ask if we i h oi not seen you mcli valiant heroes when the tight imr was to lie with the Mexican hyena, but trend.-hn-' like an a-pen lecfnt tho lir-t remote mutter. inS of the Iln"-'i bon If vou bid Mood "P " what vim voiirsehes t iiight it wa right, you might hive taxed iimthiug jou pleaiil. e would have stood by vou till lh' I '1- 'V1'1 f-"V1'" vou our lat dollar. 'Hat yon have taadj a 1110.-I I'lisL'r.iceful surrender. After declaring that .Ore gon was outs of right up to 51s 10', veil have come down to l1) s, and have given up to oiir nn- cient enemy the Use of a great river souin oi in.ii lin . And tiller all thi vou can now turn round and ask it for a war tax. Now, we must pay for a war for southern conipie-t, after you h ive given away million upon million of acre oritur own territorv at the North. Will you now ask from n-to grant vou a tax on tea and codec ' And do vou think we w ill give it 1 No. we will do no such thing. I said at the beginning that I nun here to have some plain talk. 1 n.l.- vim s ineiue Volt strikeout tea mid i n'it e limn vi'air b'.ll.wliit'then' I have al ways stood up for a revinne larill'tl stand for it -till in, neither or a t.tnl or liroleeiion nor for a tarill'for the destruction ofrevenuetaud tberefiire the next llllestinn i. will your bill rai-e revenue enough for the use of government without tea and coll'ee ! The Secret try of the Treasury say that belays thi tax oil tea and coll'ee to supply the requisite amount of revenue, and that lie expect it to produce three million of dollars. Strike it out and you have a deficit of thiee million to -tart with. " Hut th" gentle- n from New York Mr. llfXGr.uioiinJ very clearly demonstrated in his speech of yesterd.iv tint jour bill Would jiroduco a deficit of much I more than three million-. 1 The average expenditure of thi government has been shown to he nearly twenty-ix million perannum,and vou have brought it-' a bill which, w ithnut tea and coll'ee, will not give you eighteen million, lain under no pledge to go for a I irilf ito destroy revi nue, and e'ieciil!v when it i foru-cen and in so in'ended, that thi shall lead to a permanent tax on tea and coll'ee. I sup poeif we refuse to insert the tax ill this bill, you will bring in a separate hill for that purpose ex pressly. Now it is nut ntvduty as a demo-rat to vote f.,r such a bill to rahe revenue. I hold it neither w ie as a st-ite-nrin. nnr politic as a ptr tNau: and h"regive you fair warning that we in ike an i-oie with the Committee of Way and Mean on tin ioiut, and if you reckon on our vote to carry your hill, yon 'reckon without your ho-t. I warn' you to come to il ill time. We have agreed that we will support the a mendni"iit moved by the gentlene'ii for New York. f.Mr. IIii.i.';Viii:ii.l Tor that wo are ready to veto iiii;uiliniuiy,Waiie f compromi ses this inuch-dlsputed (pi'-tinn. and will settle it forever. That bill i exempt from the odious mhiiinu'ii whMi have occ.i-ioued so much com plaint, and it contains b tt two or throe sticcili? I duties. I We eheri-h no hostility to old Pennsylvania. I ( )! till. p,ntr;irvv ui lev, lie! well, fill" u. I1M1I: to her a a pire-tt. Yirgiui t. indeed, el-iiun il-, but we disown her. Good old Pennsylvania ha done more lor the State of Ohio than all (iod's creation U-rid -. and we are not going to pmve in Vricide. Ye have long looked with pride to her democratic binner. itud it would he suicidal mi bi"-s to throw her into the embrace of our en '.ny. 'J'here is a point vvle re neglect wjll be rem"in b Ted and where insult will not iw forgotten. I believe I'etin-yv mia will yield much lor the sake ot compromise : but to go with our eves op 'it. an 1 with fill knowl "Ige for the de-triictlon of 11 ta rill' which does vield sufficient revenue, to adopt 11 bill which b"giu with n delicit of three or four millions, we cannot do it, and we will not do it. Wo can defeat your bill, an.l will de feat your bill. I spetk this morj in sorrow than in ang. r. 1 cheiish no hostility to any nun on this iloor, but goutloui"n on all", ides may reckon ujton tilt. purpose to bo lixod a fit". ' 1 speak a to wise in )ii : judge yu wh it I say."' nn: .vihv TAitirr mm,:,. On our fourth ngn will it found, eonipletp, the J'n o Tritle T.iriII" Hill of .Mr. .MeK.iy. which ha hissed ihe House, tin I i now pcndirif; l?fore the y. n t'.o. We subjoin the yens and niys on tho passage of tbU bill a collate I hy the Tiibitne. See vv here the 7 'ex votes go ! YllAs. Maine Diin'aii, lUinlin,", S.ivvtelle. Se iin ii iii. II. Will a it 'i . Xhvf I l.vill'S'itKE .1. II. Johnson, "tloullon, Norrii it. New Yohk Anderson, nenton.Collin D.iAIott Kllswortli. ioodvenr. (iiinlon. Ilouirli, 1'. Klntr, Lawrence. .Maclav, Mven, ItATIIHL'.N, Strong, W, Hi. 1'Evv.vtv.vMi Wilinot, (Ihadf. and Su,i. Dist.j I. M vat i.i u flile I. Vii oivm Alkin. on, llnylv, Unilinper, W. (!. I'rovvo. A. A. Chajmiin, Drnnigoolu, Hopkins, ll'ibbird. Hunt t. Jo. John-oii, Lxikc, .1. .Me D.nvell. Keddon, Troilvvuy I I. NoitruCittoLiv i I'is, Clarke, Dmiel, I) jh-bin-. Mckay, Iteid (i. oini I i tnr.iv v J. A. lilac!;, .. ifuit, Ilolni's, Khelt, A. 1). .Sim, .Simpson, Wood ward 7. (iKoiiii.i f'obb, Iliralson, Setihorn Joue. Lumpkin, 'Povvnes. ,7. Ai.invu.1 li. tJiiapai'iti, lura'i'.i, iiuiinni. (Whii; ) I IouMoii, .M't'onnell, I'avne. Y.tticev-7. MisM,.iiMi S. Al.tms, Jdl'. Davis, Huberts, Jacob Thompson 1. Lot't-i in.i llarmaiisou, La Sere, Morse, 3. Ti:x ! Kaiill'iuiii, I'lllsliurv Omo i:ilI.Mi:i:ilOFr, ''iniiiinjhini, l'a- ran. 1 rtes, .1. .1. Alcli.nvell, .viorri,, I'er rill, H.ivvyer, St trkvveather, .St. John, 'Pliurui in- 1l'. .Mn-lil ;.l-t-'hipman.J. II. Hunt. McClelland-:'. lnt A. i ( 'athcart, 1 lenley. Kennedy, Thonfis Smith, Wiek-.l. Ilmmu D iui'I is--, I icklin, Iloi'e, .McCler- n.ind, I!. ."-MHitli o. Ki.NTUitcv lioyd, J. P. .Martin, 'J'iblntts 3 'Pi:.NUssr.r. I,.'!!, Chase, L'lillom, A. John son, li. . June-. II. .Martin. Stanton (i. .MihH'n-ui llowlin, I'help, Ilelfe, L. II. Sims, i. ri.oKin.i I'rockenhroiijTh i., in. All 1jcih but 1 (Milliard, of .llilOIIll 1, NAYS. .Maim: I.. Severance I , .MAssAei-si;TTs bbott, J. Q. Ailanis, Ash inun,(irinne!l, llud-on, 1). I'. Kwr, .1, Itockwell II. 'Plioinpsiui, Winthrois !i. ( owi.i neiT Dixon, S. I). Iliihbird, .1. A. liockvvell, I rum in Sinith I. Iliioiu: Arnold, Cranston J. Vi:it:.oT Coll.imer, Toot, .Marsh 3. Ni.vv Yiikk W. W. Camimikm., Carroll, Cul ver, Holm s, ) llitnui rliinl. W. Hunt. J.-nUif l.-vvis, .Mii.i,i:k, .Moilcy, Itusull, Seaman, A. Smith, Wlirn'im, White,' Woonui rr Ki. Skw JhitsEV ;,,, 1 1 imjiton, Itiuik, .Si'-cs , riiu .1, I,i.NNvi,VA.i .. '.',-, lll.incliird, lin,! Itft.l, HuH'mi'ton, J. 1 1. C.imphei.l. Dirrairh. . HI7I. J. II. Ilvvin, " r, ( triin, (.'... nr so, .1, It. Injreiviill. h ili, Levis-, .U,.(-h,Mc1I- vaine, I'.illiM-k, H tm-ey, Uitlrr, Stewart, Strohm .(0e"i fiinnisti!, ml Di.l.AW.iRt Houston I. Viruima I'en-illeton-1. .M A it vi. D I .oi ir, l',rr,j2, Notini Cakouw liirrinor, Dickery, Cra hain 11. (iF.oiu.lA Stephen, Toombs L'. Sol-TII C.VKIM.IN V, ALAIIAIIA, ,M Is-Is.ippl, I'tll- nun, Tex is .Mis-oem, Illinois, AIh-iiio.vv, Nn K.VNsAs Vec II tiltpsllirr Vo;i", ()itlo-l)el.iiio,(iiildins,M irier,Hoot,Scho;ic!, Tilden, Vance, Vinton S. Iniiiana .Mctiaiihev, ( . II. Smith 'J. KcNri'i kv Hell, tl.J)tvi,f!ridT, .Mellenry, Thoin isson, Truinls), Yniing 7, 'I'l.NXKssKn .M. llrovvn, Cocke, Croier, II. II, Kwiiii;, d'eiitry fl. lUMsiAVA-'-'Phibodeaiix I. Total US. 71 Whig, IS licos, (i Nativo. Wholo No. voting, .'()!): 17 hus linn a full hou'se. Deduct vacancies N'evv Hampshire J (no rhoieo;) .M.iss.irhiisett I (d-i;) Svw York I i Merrick dead. i and Spraker iDne of Indi nnn, wlio lint otp oxcojil In cio nf 11 tin,) :ttid Ilium won- 111 uIi-hmiI'm-s, :is f.illnwrt: Yt rmnn' DiMtnjrhim. 1h-o, urolnhly itmlnl. Xrtr Yor AVnoilwnrtll. nf Dutrlit'!, lu. 1I0. Mn'ifftttnl ti. (J, Cliapinin, Whijr, tmirod ctiV with Iiioti. I,(Hn ol' tin. ('(nnt(0lrtl to fn nlnont liy tliw Hii'MiMi illns of Iih uilV'1((iiitj1ilt',li')Co. nf ito. tilniMit, (i-'firirln'W llntlor Kinij, Whi, nlnunt. Ohio (untniiH, lu(o, 4 ft . hiriiftutt OwtMt. t'rtit, lino, n1nnt. Illinois ISakcr. Whig, Wn1vortli, Ijcd, :il-f-rnt. Misrottri l'riv I.nen, pliirtod for Smt:i Vt Arkansas Voll, , iL'o, u!o MMicritig--1 Ii. ATTr.Mnr.11 HiMcit'n v a IV.MAt.r Hi.wr Yrr- tiny t'V''tnn-(t nl unit mnn o'clirk,ii culorml wninuii inn down C;mi1(cm--I. intlic i;U nt Mglit.-t. li:iif, ninl Mc!iiiir wl'M' imtimh'K.'lv tuki-ii lor liur ic-cu liv ti,i,niHUioiiiiil)Mhicli tnvi'd Hiiccriil, in (( te nf the mini ilctcnriiiifil rt"i-ttnmi',liuvcvr on Iit pnit. Uputi hL'in-; tnk'-ii iipmith" tlei-knt the vrie( cho ln-ir.'il tin byuiU'lLT? to!'l lifnlruwii h-rsL-If, flrtlini; that flie win ilt I "-"tinnprln. d'-ml than i l-ak a-j'iin to Ijj lii-atiMii' hiil h'n " It wn iniiloi-tooil tn-m wmiio nf the rrowd tli it -h' jiinipt'd nut nl lhtmlw ul tlr nhfi in ulm Ii Ii r u 11 rhad coiitiu dh(Ttnnd lin iitcilialt'ly tunk th" iirart-t nui-to tluow hefflf into , tin wait r. A hoit lini" alter ln . n"cu,il,f.h' left I the boat, and pur-U'-d Irr way alonjj tin wlnrl'to Pratt-! M nritlduwn tint "trcct, nnkinii, during the time die 1 wa- in our H' p 'ith1 ilforlxto irrt near eii'nih to ! tho plallorni t" throw h-Jfi Itmer. but flu wasloik-d 111 I th'jic ntti'iiip- by th crowd w Inch followed her The lorcguing account nf an incir-rtual attempt nt j Miirido, by one n( tho-t 'contented and linppy" personal 1 chattel while abound in niif ection nt our aunlcd -jlnm for the cpprcseil," is from the Ujltimorc Srtrt. We i-rcsiiim.' "thi owner" of ihi-i woman nwrted the chiahi('" liiht lo"beat" Iter auainfor the llajitioiH ntt- tiipi to ihynivil lniiiwl hi propnty And, hy the way, we nny lw "p-aking with H'th" mark in d'.'ignat- hig the criiii'- of thi" poor woman a suicide. How can a Ativrnmniit eniride ? Tlr crime mut hi murdrr, a the slac doeiHt take bin own life, but that of aw other. iUavlicls. UltKJMTON MAUKI'T .hi.v 0, ISIfi At nritki-t. .l-tK Cnlll", Oil yok" Votkiu!! Oteii, 1 1 Cows nnd Cubes. J."i'io siheep nnd ubont ItTa Swine. ItLcr t ' v n u. Sale')l,i first quality .1 7.1: second nicilitv.s..") .11: till! . iiuabtv. I .10 . Cows .wo Sales were made ut s J.t, VI,, -J'.l, Ji 'i 5 ii! ., ). SjiiEPAxn l,AMns Old Sheep nt is 1 .VI, a 73. Iimb ?l I UIIO .. DO.sTO.N .MAllKBT J.i.v 13 ( oTToxNoihinn doinir except in small lots by re tail, l'no is'ion- There is iiioc tiimui-s in the tuiiiket With a b 'll-rd' linn-1 S-llesof .I'l lit,! Priin Rut; n! sj'J ; :U,lo rl"ni nt 1J; SJiduAiess Heel at 9,.1) " I mo. I'loar lb" mirk 'tuoiil" dull to-d-iy.b it jiri ccs rcuiiim without nlteniiiou to,lernti's.desiif(ifti I'seent t:M: .Michljanat sil.i;.1; llownrd street nt ,!, lii ; l'red 'tieksliiirg nl S 1 (ieorelmvii nt 9l.ti!) t I.ISi ; Ulup via ,isi Orlcnns nl SI. Com Sale tioiu stole, vellow lint nt 0 J n 03.-: whit" nt J.I i .Vi ; New O.-lenns nt H file, nceprdins! toqaahty. Jln lassi tSales ot 5 J hhds Clunfti go lit )e per gnllon, ti nios. WOOL Ji-lv0. 'Phere Ins h s-n considerable inquiry for fl"ece vool durinir llie oust wvek. mi l lite market hnh.'en nearly cl'.'iired o! die old sto -k. The new clip of wool w ju't btgiitninK to come in. but no rales of any note have yet come to oar knowledge. Prime Saxony lleece, vvnhedlb. 31 f I'l Am.-ricna full bloo I, do X r 37 do 3-1 do do 310 3.! do I -a do do a7 ( 3 J Com. to l-f do do 'Jo;'2j Nr.w I'liea VV YORIC MAtlKiJT-Jci.Y 11. t'T'i I lour continii" dull and teading dowanvards. Iinces "ds. .S'lles of round biHined Ohio were made ut $liW) s3.7S ; Michi.;un $:i,81i .i $:i.'JI; Cenesee 93,l i l.l(3' j f'iniiiioii .Vuilhcm kinds vverti dull nt 1 t,4.'i. JXW bu!i"ls (i-ii ", Whent sold aWie, and 1300 .Miejiigan yellow Coin nl 17c. weight. 'Pbe receipts of I'luut v in. the North lliver, are as fob lotva: Saturday, llt'i July 7,(01 I Peek i tiling 11th July. I reek ending 1th July. Two lai Hfuk. . , . , Tcl.T.V) .UiJi7.t 'I'otal from th on'-riin fifth river. hhlB GOT.'JTil ,4iph WcTOft.-H iy PutH $3,5) ; lVirl-yl ? 1,01;). l.'iJhh.UCuht 6'n'iyarpold on priv.iti u-niH. Thire wns n littU- muiv fiiu-iirv for Pork, ui wurdsof UM-)t)3rirIfi wrc sold nt 9'J,r 1 QT.STJ tor Mi-won I runi,', whielinan i iijirovu'iiunt n:i prcMum -suk-. AldlAN'V lAiMCET July 13. IVt"in pries dt not in hi': hrgu u;ntinis hut fair nal'sar' nn ! ot (I n uu I wirhmui Ttour :it pr".iuiniuotntion ; II b'lN Hindi Hoi'k, nil it, noil utS 1 ; IhsK-rn ord -r nr.- li!h-1 at fio.n 6i,7i to 81,11 ru-fordmu to qinlitv 31 H IhhY Wct-rn Corn l 1 at l;jo ; 3 ) ) h I. ( ) lU ill It le ; 10 M Ihi (in I V-fd at H 1 Si ll t cwt Urn-usi. July II, Hli-i oVloA, r. m Th'-p v i-tv hitlf dinmr iii tin- nroilik' miilvt-t ("t'nhv aft t- ! niMin. thr- h it i' t;itiimi!it i ouirci; j t'nt h i wis an 1 s.'lhT- fonn I it to th'-ir in itiul a lvmitnu to ki-qi as coul at R-Hihlc I ii triii- ictio.i tli it ti vurn I w tu lilt hi Ik of ) ) J b i Chiriio whfit aHirn; lii'i) IV U imx'd .Mn'lni,"tii Hour at 11,1 i!( and - hlN pnui" sii 'liiUMnni t4i; Tint in tnimn : -'ry l-'ir di-po-ttion to i.irrhn' w,isfmi-ci. hut eoiwitl inhl diihruliy i- I'Xjtont'iuv n in proi'inn noni, which jfriu- niri Irtnii op Tilting to ail) roiHith'nihli t'Mfiit. Canul IreijjhtMtire 52 u Til c. to AlUmy for tlonr.and'iou wheal loin Aur TilK TAUMKU'SCKUn Wili mo "t this uvyiiin nt 7 oYlw-k. All htso.i fiiMidlv to thf iidvnn,mr:it of .Muiind rci'm:c and tol .Mu-4i-a ttMi-.iti thi" aiitl ml tfiuing cotiiiii,a, arc ni'i totl ixwH til v Tuwn Iiull, on i ii"Jay evening, jiny ini. ai ociol-k, io nkr intoom-ti l-rntioti ih prpn -iy an 1 ctp liency of oh tinning a roiiijKiat p tahi iro.n tttton, or i-huwh-Ti1, to iinliiK-i a t'iri- ot teach rian 1 others Minilar to th cla-fi! held annually m lvton l ir uinlT-ijiucit, lumn ot opinion tint mci n sclifiii' would put thin in "ii ih within lip' reach of many who would not feel diipo'd or iililu to incur the fxpt-ntk ol M-ninnon ol the cities. .IOSi:iM! A. IMIIIUY, ci;o w. WAiii), .srnvi.Ns v(hh)s, II. S. I'AiiKUU. llurlinuton, July !.', Bir,. IlNlVi:Rir tr VlJlMOXT. July Will. ISUi. ComniciMviii-nt il.iv for ihe present year will be on the Jill ol Auau-t. 1 h" ceiebnitiou ol the Society of Itciiaiou luquny Will be on lii" ceiuu ot the ,u. Th it oi the Aluiuui ou the 'nh A .M . ilmt ol the I .:t entry ucieucri un the I tli. t'. .M Juuurchihiii on the eveuiiiiioltlK 1th. Caii'lhlate tor aituii-tou totlw UluL-rlty, are letjueali-il to present theni-elves for cxaiuiu-uiou on tho H, P. .1, j viii:i:f,i;i:, rmijem. l'ltoci; vfriNATios is Tin: '1'iui.r or Timh. D-day is damjerou ne-jlecl lint fold anil Couuh a few weeks, an 1 ihe hope ot recovery will be o-t to juu foievcr Iv t not an) p'cumiry coti-idi ration deter oiifrom trying to tive your lite and health, while there t-a chance ('uiiMiuipiioii n annually bwcepinijotf thou--a 11,14 to the iniiih , no dis-ic' haw bullied the t-kiltof I'hymcriiH like u ; 110 riiviJciau.neihiipH ban ever done ...,.r.. I,.. .),,. I,.. ,..,,rM.1ti;.,i'.. , 1,,,,,... ,1 11- U'Mar Au" ounce otprcvciitaiiveMwoith a noun, ot enre. " therefoie U ton- i nnr Inn, U-.-.un.. nl ...nt...l an I ho tli'-af 1 th it no human meant ran wave jou fn mi an euilv rave, try m wawm, try at oiwv, a viedi vm which had b -co ot mich nitimte v.due to tl.ou.uiiU obtiiina bottlr-of D;. W i-iar llikmuif Wild Cher ry, fik" it, tf i lien - iry, p rw-verc in nsnitf it. mud - ou irive removed th dis u'.e entirely, wliicli it li 'glei t .1 will t -rmin.tte your hie lie not deeeed by (liick, vv tli in -ir imii.itioiH and cotint-rleit , laiy none but the tf.'Mimie and oriental, which h MueJ 1 1Icti- on tlx wi.ipp r rV-VOKK SAIdl, Ufdiicsduy, Au, .1. millltl) TKADi: SAI.I2 0I1 PAHA AM) I Alnulacuired India IlubU r Sinn s. in New York, at llr More ot Ahiier llreedeu, l'Jnnd 15 Cold fctrert, 0!r0, .) ):hih 1'ara uud Mamitaciurcd In ha UubU-r Shoe,co'iHiMm of all ihe .moiiHkinU, vu Men and women' taliit fhet niblier over aboe " hli'i-i rubber mid cloth Miup'd do " lmU4ied I'ara iS'aoctt iroiiicu'i do do Mi!rci' do do oiiien'a furred and lined boots and ahoc, galliMHj ImhuuI (irecians " inauufatMured Uifkin " hheti rublM raftiiiUls Mm' do do .ViMi'xand WQHiau'aiutPnt iiietalicnvTrvho Trie alleiiUiM. uflhd inula centrallv i ret-pectfiilly resU6ul to thw Rile- Il will m found mote exlciiHiB than formerly, aivl lo conjfct of improved si Us and linu'h 'JVi al and made known at :i!f f-vv? iUnvvicb. In l.'X,N. Y. .I'm" ".' th" Itev, A. Uronwn, Mr. 1MvnoNtti:K.N')i'tir,nf Whitehall, and .Mis JfUA IviPDnit,nf Ui x. Oicl.. la this vilhiOT mi th" 1 "ill instant, Cliarlc l'taiiing, oa of Voniea nut Sophia 1'. Harrington, ngnl 5 mnath. latlestiwu oi lh' 'Jilh iilliimt, Iwaisa I.iciala, only d t'i,i'iti'r of l.yiina aal .Mtri'ilt" I'ollurd, aijcil ."ii"ir'.iiiiii.illnnal'1' diyj. IViatira in Vermont and N II unpi'iin' arc n, R'sfdnx.;. In llrandnu, suldcnly, on rinti'lny nc.nt Tu'cluck, I'lUNi; UL-ssi:t.I.,Hin ul C. W. and Haclud 1'. (Jonum, ajed tt yearn niul li mouth. U'lii iirniiiism;, I it ill' tieV t.l tilt! V ictilll ot II Std I'll liiuily, having Ii.tu s"vvii'ly "'.dded en tliepreviini rriilnviili"rniiea. liat liic-iMv.iii'ireoini utc.i oait nl'uriMtiliiitfcr until a lew limiri b-loro hi death. I'mrc nf h'nethnu. Well do we ri'iiimlicr the " luiiiht haired bey." H-hese lauhiiii I'ice nnd sannv eyes were the special ddiebt nf hi father's lione . ninl of whose little life the nhrn c furnish" the lnt sid record' Sharp i the pane; ofofllictinn hk" thi, nn nnpres -nt vvnrds of kindness j or jyinpathy could nssinge it ; Imt.ia lifter years, when '11111" In softened th ' Mil 'labrancc of the painful i will be (ell, p 'ilni,tlmt "In ll tJOIIIIH isyn llll'silivinest (Jill ; 'fn p-ist triim on wurl 1 tich into nit.ither, lire Chun- lnth le-t th" cli.inn of soft regret I Is lljaveus last Mi.Bty I N I (!. i.aki: cji.vurr.MV. Cabin l'vssiut, 'l'nr.nvnu,9J W-Uui rr,t; yl.oo. mevi.s r.vrm. I- ' 'P be S t e a m BURLING O T O N, slll '.l 'IVN, CAI'T. I'. W. Will leave Whitehall every MONI) V Y, wr.nxi.siuv, nn I ir.iii.vv, lit lOo'i'lock.n.iu. tuid Saint Johns every iicsutv, TIivnsuAV, nnd 5VT1 KtJAY, ut Jo cluck, p. m. 1 Ii c Si 1 1! n tn r r WHITEHALL, CUT. 0. t.ATUKOP. win icavo VV luteliall every lUESDAV, Tueusnvv.und svrtnDiv, ill lOo'cloek,!!. in. nnd Saint Johns every MONDAY, W MI.VKsD.VY, mid 1IIIU.IV, nt ,1 o'clock, p. ta. ai7 luti titer X.rticc. Dtnnrr On JinrJ Puswi rersnl either en 1 of the route will I'm. I Can. 1 iS'ny sor Pack, t ltoats to convey them forward vyith I oul il -lav. llurliiirton,.Iuly, ISli'i. r III tho ututtei- of I.eiu'l if. I'litlttiiirdiitn of At'lillnee i!. .lliuis'iii. . i-i.iriiwN lii rifj, fj.v.ill, ST. I TI. Ot' I'lUiMOXT.) , T a Probate Court, I'.sirn-tol Chilt.-n.l. a, j " held nt Diirhii'' teu.wiibaiun I tor ta- Di-trii I of l'hittend--n, on the sixth day ol July, I !'. com sL-iuu-l It. Plan, diauot Wallace C. .Munsoii, ol (.'oleli ster, m soil dis ttii.t, and tile ins-nil eoittt In p'-niioii in wniiui;,s-t-ting lorth thin In s,ii ward is s i.n m Ins ow u right m f.-e ol the tolluvv 1114 d jsjrib"d teal e.-t ite (among olhci ) sitii-ite.l 111 said t'oich st r, vi. Lot No tliirty-Jne fijltj-nrtc and Jijty-tiev.vnvh containing mi" tiuuJre.l a.aes of Inn I, sud lots nre not productive for larnihi'j puriHisi s 1111. 1 that it would con luce to the best interest of said wnrd 10 have said lots ol Inn I sold ninl h iv - the priiL-eilsol su- b sale put at interest, or inves ted in other and more tne rent estate, and puv in snjd court to Iteens saul yunrdinn to s !l s ud three lot of Inn 1 for tb" putpos ntorcsiid, ngietably to ihe stutute 111 s-n-li case mid nn 1 pri vuled. N'lirrruinn, th" couit nlnres.tul doth nppoint the second IPeduts lay in Auusi, Irtl'l, tor b-uting and deciding on said p-'tnion, ut t!i olliee nf the lleginer 'I s tbl court ms ml llurlingto'i. nnd dotii order that al) persons interest-d he untill'-d llu-riof by pulilicutioii et Ih'tsord'-rcotitnintng tlr- substance of n id petition. three w-eks successively in the Darlington l-'rce Piess, u 11 -w -paper piint -din said llurlirgiuii, the lust of which i'i!jii .iiioiis to be previous to tb time so app tinted lor lieariii. (i.veu un h-i my hm I thi full div of Julv. Hit,, liv W.M. WKSTO..7.Vgifr. llnv.-tcwnrly rcciv. .1 tiuiu Aev ork nnd I 7.x1 'IV . n )"" al1 ",u,,k - IHiV .OUi).- Incy w.-ic puichusji with t ami .i.i 1 at run l which wc lluc w-ill nhle nst tii mcII th?m to j lli-j clwtt buyer. , () ir -lock n American I'rml. ety laryo nnd dc Hiruhlc, consifetini? ut alrii"-! ?very Mylc ;uid price 1 an i wc invo tun cnnjiacncc to n-comiii'.'ii.J them lt tlr scrutiny fi purclnw-T O.'oth r kiinlrtol (io nU, we have a larij' and cry tjjncrui Pto-k. ill of whi. h are olf.Ted to tlu- public, an I a jmc forlhcin tlrsiieil. '1'inwe wi-hiiu any tiling in imr line, are im-t re sp-untuHy nnifd to call an.l ejniine lor theinvUe. llirhnioii,.liiiy 111, IS It. !!. 15. WOIM.D re?'itiwly iiiloim the Iiilnbitniitx of Jcneo Oorncrn, tint 1- Iuh permaneiitlv ltc:.t'i ntKiidill.iiw 'l'.Vr.l.Y and SlWtiKOX uy ni-" au'-niK.n to in- piuuti-ii, trint-i to prove worthy ot n-iironria. Jerii'o J unr (oiiur-..ltily 1 1, HltV I the first nullity, bv ho or d hy lYu shin a tun I'auqian nn I warranted Cor Mil July H'.JH' ny Cn-Ii piinl for Wtitil hv Tiu'9 II. CA.N'I'lltl.ll H''ij II,, 1SI0 c,w;t AXrATiTi!!). At tlr! l'i.inol''ori" maki.14 Il i-iiii-. n vouuir man who is a Komi 1.1 ,,-h mie 1111 1 00111 well r"eomiu"tiJeil tor Hober, 11111I iintii-iri-niw hlblH. cool Wllixe anj eun-tanl eniiloyiueill if npiiliration i mail -imiii .Ii:illi:i. ML'.V.S'ON llurlinitton. .Inly 1.1, HB. Cia3 6TIM) -V VVVW WH PCTIM Y i-i i ' i , A , ' iJ lhefje dehrmiM l--ei:iL'c (so co:idim c to uihhI health, wh.-u nicely j.rejnied) icy- cold trom the tuuutatm. with a choice variety Ol ' uiiri inn jl ll mil. The W.iieirf from .Sirntii! 11 0i,,n en Miiia-i-niiiitaiii, .ipii-irani. 1 uiintitre niul Syruji. ul- lor le ilt PECK it HPI'.AIl'S pitlNTIMJ INK ! "at ci iv l'lticns!!" I llddv'- New- and Hook Ink just received anl for sale at i'actory lnci'j tor ta-h hv STHVUNS WOODS. iMirhmston, July 7, 1HV 5 'tllNllMI VAX viT imrxn i;v wn T3 n,.l nr IV-.iiu..kew tio.n the lt i:iitiii(:i.ntir4 ' m the United Stntc 1 he uikvc are a tirst rate inu- I mchI iiiirumcnt tor rarlor oi Lhoir, lor mIc bv stj:vi:ns wiions. Itiirluiirion. July H. IStfi . .1 TIN WARE. " fll LAS -!c NOVIN (ovnn: tih: m.nt-

V facturlnir itf 'I'm Ware, and a general nHSiitmcnt kept coiwantly on Iriml Men Irtnts and IVdlemcau at all tinier he MipplieJ iit nit- that will give sitMac tion Hnrliutoii. .Inn r. lHlfi - UllA lilt SMM)S VII. AS A NOIIVS have V j now ou hand a latp- u--oiliiHnt ot nlvcr Table, Tea, Dc-ii'ii an I Salt SpiMH. which ihey oiler at wholesab- uin advautnj' oih leritn Thoa lliat are marked m th" name ot our hum, thu-. Vilas V .V'yi-, h ntjMi niv, will le Waierwtlp by in to W I 1 1,1 m'M .Kl tP "k sl! u n x Hue KmiI-oi .iMion., I V'trimi tnili lie Imill HH. not recommended Wiviiup. irib I- thev an itinrk il as ah ve. ( Itu lm..t..M, July 13 Ml. liaiaiplatu J'oninrj irul tliwv ISnil ISoail. .v---w v,- -mv SrVrj . tMTL.WI) HOl Ti:. A Asii:wtt:Toi' t I'ue 1) 'llinmm a --li 11 ha lii-i-n ordered by the Dir'-i-tois ol the t'hinni. tin and ronnei-iieut lliver Had It. ti,l Coinpam . pmibl v tlie Itfilt day nl A11 tfnt li'-.t l'tiyin -UN ni'it I" In i.le at the Hank of llm linillon. nl th" Hank "I V'-ri:' nue, 111 the It ink of Midilh linn, m tie 11 1' el I .nl 1 ul. at the 11 ink of llellow I'll!'. Ill th I h -lure ll lllk. h'.-elle N , or nl the (llli,- oi H imi ri II avwJL !" s, Merchant's I'lchanuc, Iii-t"ii T rtll.I.r.T'l', l'ietitenl. I!iiiliiision,Jiin"i. IHIC. I VsTinonl h''IiIi-:iI llixW ECoatl. arrin grr6.w TKyTr VZ eTSt. IN Awissmiim" (it 'l'i:v Diii.MHS ov a it fcliaro hav Inm'ii ordered b the Direeton. of the Vt Central Kail lio.ul Coniianv, iii),ible on the litH day of Aimiwt next ravineni may bo made nt ihe Par tner X, .Mechanic' Hink ut, at ihe Hank of .M.mlieliiT, ot the Hink of WiMhtoi k, or at the 'rrenmirrr'fl tjirae. No 17f Tremont How, Uttoil SAMUKl II WALLl'V Irtisurrr He ion 'unr 't 11. Cljcop -Xaol) BOOK STORE. No. I Peeks' ItilildiiiK. A (ll'.Sirnl. AvsoitTU XTOK si It i!.. U.WIC.U. AXtJ Mis II.I.AMJII.S Hulhs A.VDSr.VTIO.VtllV, AT CUV IT.ICLS. ltistiiryorthcl.ilil.byll Dtvcnpurt, '" A-hi-nm-nli lit' Kllli'tll of .Mlltll. IV Al".. isiithiThnd. , I,W Airs (stiinervillc on the Coilti-xttun ol lb'! l'liysical Srienees. .VI IVrcival Kcctic, by Cnplaiu Mnrrynt. Anllinu's Dictionary of (trei k and Human Anli- iiaiti".iil)ii'Ued by llu: aiitlior, Tli'ima IIiidiI' l'li'Mii, ricturc from Italy, bv t'lnrle Dickiii. .'ll J71 .vln-es Irotn nil olit .vlnase , by ,N. iiuwthonut, i! villain". Critebtoii, by V. Itnrrison Aiuwutth, A Year nniiinu the Jesait, . Hcclier's I,"ctures to Voiin .Men, Addresses ninl Misccllfiin mis Writing: by Clinrle It lliuldoik. I). D.l'ref iTliitcl"c linl I'liilosoriliy and l'i'litieiil llconiiaiy in D.irliiiootlt l.ollei,'", 8 vo. 1 mi vs ,V'i 112 i NEW GOODS. w If Irom II.VK'II Oi i t", am: tti:n:ivi.(i trom New York nt tlcir stor", nt Winoo"ki 1 nils, n tart;" and wdl -eli'i'ted nssoitment of (,roc ties, Shelf llnrd-w.ire. I)ni!;s mid Medicines, Paint!" Oil. Vninislrs, ,tc , which tlcy olfer to th"ircu-totn crs uad lin piiblie trenerally nt saeli prices ns cinuoi fail to be snti-laetory W II. MATCH, A. (i STItONO. Winou-ki Pull-, Muy 7, li 10. LAW SCHOOL. win: Ki;i!sci!iiii:is will ox Tin: Q third day of vnumbi'riHt.oj-n a U .-iiit(H-, at Jl.ulhnjton. 'cnin'iit : in lmh ilicj Iiopi lo nll'trd U-dff' at lca-t fifth' i iiitii'iciitft ot llu iiv Ii ft'ill ' lw tiicii ilcsin- lo iiti!'ti',-tHili'ut' not mlv with a knw-; 11 n "d" H' ''I'-m-'iitaiy pii'ii'iclt" "I (he law. hut alpo with it" -nint and iihiln'.nhi, Th ct.ur-T nf i Mr'j.- lion' will conib'rip pxitatioii- from th" ni't npprm'd tevt-books. will, ,'ni,tlo. n!i,l oinl or ion I iwrinl I let tares; towlneb w ill t added moot courts, the argument unit ileei-mn ol c:e's, wtucti have Ir.-en pre viously given out. The cuiuse of study, which will be prescribed, wilt reii'tire nl lea-t two jenrs for its nccoinpli-hm-nt It will br- dcir object, iirst, to mve the student a iri'neiid view of tlie sjit'.ii of the jaw, nnd of its lendini; plimiples ; tben, to proceed nunlyt. icnlly Willi its vntioiH titles, until the n lent shall have encompassed, us larn it may be possibl', th" wis h sjsteiu The school will be orgntitze 1 by Innntng it into two general divisions, u tlie vvnnts ol th" studeii's shall reiiuire. A pu'ih" mom with a library will be provided, nt which the moot courts will be held ; tin I which wdl be open ut all times forth.' ueeointnodatio'i of the -tu lout- Il is ovp.Mtcd thai th" ineinb'TS ol th" school will have lb" privilege of attending tlr pub lic lectures cl tie- University ol Vermont, nnd will be ii.lmitierl to lb- eii ovm.'iit ot the L'oll"ste Library, tree of uharire, subjei t uiily to tie' incidciitnl expenses of lb" alter. I he vacation ot llw si'liool will U" two. nnninlly,; i. e ,one of fourvvctk", front the lirst Wed nesday ol Aa,'u-t, and one of tune weeks trom thu fir-t Wcihuslay of D'ceinlsir; nearly corrcsp,,; with lie- vai nitons m the College The rate ot ti llUllll! tuition will b" lift v iloilitrs for an cen.leiaicvcur; ami in that piopoition' for nay trnclnni ot a venr. llirluiL'ton, July 10, IttW Mti.oi, in;N'N"ri"P, r,tf wii.i.!a.m w pi;c: 'i:V" VoitK A I'irerov IIjot vd slIOM STOIti: 'Pae siiljriber iiavinji rccfiM'il a new siipuIV i iwmi Vu .1"iiS i"1 hi etorc, on Church Ptn-ct. would reupt cif.illv c-ill th atcntion ci the p'lhltc to tlw Iamr U and rftnEs. C iifr 11 iot, ot every d -rt'i iption, I'r Ilitskmt htte&t tj K " Kul " do " 1'rnivU'i tl j " Halt lia.tfTP, " I'reneh tiifpper1!, " Jingh-h Kid do. " French iatin Clippers, all color., " (Io!d ltro:i7(.'J do " IIoihc do ' rito'it Uooti.t Ihwkiti!) " Su-Jp.-d Iliih'jjr-', " Piured nnd plain do M'tancs I hots and Hfuss. " tl utcr Bouts, " l'rdait Tshest (piahtj ' " UtHkUH, 1 I'aricllo Fdippei-, all C(jhir " llu-kiuH. n'l col 1. Stout .Mon '0 an 1 Calf Itoot-, " IvtiSlierei if nil kind ' Cltihtrctis Hi tan tdShors lollowiriir -tock " Water p-oot lloot-iunJ HIkmh, ' riii- I'michCalftlo do " ilu do do tv wed " d i do Urojja'H, ' .Morocco do " Stout Calf ami Kip Shoes, " Cloth (Juii 'rsbuttotifd " Trunclla tlancing Clai- " Dancing Vurnpt, " iMotoceo Slippers, " Calf do1 " Calf shot-, all kind-, " 11 libbers with leuthr sitlcs " do H irkl'-p, " do 0-M and plain, t'ntj'H VoaU and SHuei ' i'luc Calf Bojt., " do Kip do d Calf and K-p lirogant, " Stout shoo, nU kindH. ' lrunella (Jait-Ti and diuiciiiu liitnn. " I n-iirh (i.ut Hoot-. l"uV Jhots nnd iVj, all i'olorf, ' .Mwocco (laiteis' Imam! and hvt ' " Ihkius it Slippor( " 1 toot- and Ancle Tict of nil colon Gentlemen's Jhuls anil SilQCI, " Xap'djon Hoot, with i add w nhoiit top. 1 nn? Call IJijot sew ed and pegged, do Ktp do do do Seal and (Jmin pc'd Cull' Itrognns nn I Kip S'Wed flicf--, Moro'-eo linot" and It i-kiili. Pine (Jii:-r, Dincunf rmup- and 'I'i"M of all kind-. A!- , .l-illoon of all color", and bl-uk and light "ilk gnitcr lace cotton lac -, c The Milenb'r tcel- assured that all who wwh to make gotul Ifdiiium- m the aboe nicntiotit JuiticUs. will not go nwtij fiom hi-shopdK-atiflicil. N. It AH k'liuUof HoutJ,Sho, Cuiit' rs.Slippjrn, i-le.,iiriil. to order. The -uWnber ha- omMantl m li. employ tlv le-t 1 all woik iinife bv hnn.wirraiifd UUCliKN HATCIIIl UKii Huihnytoin June 'J, ISJu VJTItll I) V31 11 5 1 Mre t, !, Ciinntl i Iji- t Tin tint' - ' Illllei-Ut I Intel I lint eqil'llll .1 111 tlie I'nnadas and lu-t MiTt.i-oed bv anv one m the I 'mied Stati- for leinmce and eotnton It wn- ihe tnuncr iirinsinii of .Mr llmjr bain, and mule rc-e:ii!j the palnce of l,ord Ouhaiu and ,)deiihnm. both nfw-hom mad larjre evpeiHhlurcj m tin liit'-mal iiihelh-hmcntj, nnd durun; the la-t ear th. suh-ci iher h.i mad" vcrv etens e adilitious, w ha h now render lh" capaeity of the 1 lot -I MiUicient to c commoilat", m the niiVt coinlortable nianih r, llliee hundred ifr-oiH. I I't"is.nuMiie ot the wnnty i th" wmtr, ihe 1 wibm-riuer wuh uuahh to t the iiiiiroetiienudontr in , tune to ope th- I lou-e wnl, all tL M-omiorl-i dcMted tm SprmS II.. i mM happv to amioum-c to ,N UinU thu he , w now leinedied all ihe d -hVietieiert ,1,. 1 i,.r.. llm .11 t in i.,.l Iirl j Tlr II. nine n now tim-he,t, and ha-s mi n cued a ry choice (H-t ot hl'ii k .Tanti-. a Stew aid ot lufii retlilliltlllll. I-'li'lieli ismiL ,t-e 1V...I, ',w ViirL ll,,,! willplaeeth" lalile, aiteinldnee ami eomtorl ot tin lloil-e ei'n 10 an) upon ihm eolltlllelit. 'I'll- s-nb-t-riber. unii'-iiil lor the many favor of h generoil puMie, while in liaik-ii'r. Hotel, l-u a coutin uaiieei'l tli -ir kind favor, a.iinnjJlielii thai everj rvi-rtion h-ill ! untile to nnk" their tay with him it 1110-t pieni-'iiit one. Tin Hole! is in the. 1111m -iliale M.'iiniy 01 the priiieipiil attrai tion. Mieh a the Croat t'othetli-al, I'h-iiup il'.M.irs. iV Ve I tuuiihti s ul the itoiit iiH,ii ih'-ir arrival, 10 1111 ey pas.'iij'i'r anil bajri'iiir to ihe Hrie. .1 M DONNT.C VXA. fl3 l.lle Keeper l!an ll .t -I N T OTIC 13. Till; VTK AM) Si'KAlt i-liip hen totoie cvihtiny: under the nnine andetvlcof I cck v Spear, wn, bv mutual rone n. diHMoht d ori ihe Nt of April IS Id "The booktmid demand- of the late film, will remain in the hand ot Theodore A IN-ck, who fultv.iiiihori'd to nMile and ad u-t lh "in The biiMiierwm ihe riK'K.vSl'ilAU J)!U'(! US 'JUIiUSHMl.XT, will beientter he coiitinud m all itn arioiHdei.utmeiitsbv Thco A Peck, who guar aut "' to i-u-iomerc thut tliey hhall Ih mi. I d,a- hcreio forclMtth in the ipnlity nml prices ot all artudtw which lie olf-IH for Kll :w:t tiii:o A I'KCIv. ;i "cJ72)! SAL!!. J i'im.ia n.- ;! (z2t7y- 1 ihed (arrtai:e (four wheels) with 1 leather top. w Inch com J'JtH- ind near ly new Ali, nu t xivliem mid well tni-hM mgle waynon, with l cl i-pnu-js, will b wld rhenjt. l,in pure at thli office 5 BKMiK-lilN'DIXi;. 'riii:si'ii'ciiiiii:Kt)i'i.i. 5 Kiy to hi frien.l and the iinblic lliat h - Mill enr rit on tie- Hook Hnnlni'! and illnnk H.Nik ninkinu ai In old Ha-i.i, w here he ha flip -nor Miikniait and nil woik enmii-ted to In care wll he done m ko.h1 m le nnd taste Hltink llimkn nl'the tie.1 h'len paper in-ide to iirder and ruled 10 auv tnttern and wananied. KilireHol tKNiks in trtiftil and iiilded il ile-irpd !Ti:vi:xs wddiw. Hinh-iition, July H, ISli'i. r'lroiifiV Hn.t liiijj T00j ! Tin: Si iiwiiiiii'hs wm i.t reii.etfiillt' tender their exurev-ioie. nf ltFralilnde lo a lilK-rat iiulihe for their atiie- liniv and i-yinpttthy in i.iir lute tniiiiitun. and tilao f"r form r patronage Th'-j nttpin olli-r their ttcmcea to the iulihc in the .Mannl'ai'turinn Hn,inei, ami no li -it a coimniiaiice of former tao. Th?)- proiuwi to manufacture r'at'tneii, I'lniu Oloih, Kers) and Ilaii nel, liimti ulnie or by the ard ' .MUltllAY A.l'ATMCK. Ilineburpb, June 5, Ittld. 53wS CiId'AllS! IiMtci: .ssoitr.Mt:.vfs orvviti I ous biandu of Iinporf! u.l Dornettic Cifftts, by whil'Ml" nd .tt' t TCK A tf-k - UnWAIti: Ol ('OUNTEHfRlTf. tic in -iii t Fiam the Invtntor hunvlf In the vrrmt I', mrin. i J Alt If), N'nvemlj r I, ISItl tn ea-M- rntein nf the I Slllll ol St3l',IHI. f Imve ilivnl,.il In Mr T, ri'id!nin tin' city ol New ork, N'. A., tlie vshole proecs ot iiinaiifnetarinu, tofrather Willi a stnirtneut i f tn- mxreilienls compiwig my llfilinn I bcmienl Konp Hets to liiaiillftctiirc it for wit! in the tlnileil Stnlen only, nnd to hnve th- privil'-ire of iinminu it ".!( "N I'S'K ITALIAN Clfi;.Ml,'AI,SOAP." tSiiru-'il) A N TOO VKSi'KIM. Witnes., H airy J. Hold-worth Tar aovr A.sTot mi'vi ni-covtnv! .1 lUmaiun ! A mitaflr ! ! I ,r ,.l,r I I ! 'f'o cure I 'nipiiiei nnd l)is!iuri'm.ats of the Skill i iinpie. I'leckl''. rsu Umrii, lnlt Kli 'inn, Hemy Sore Head, etc. etc etc 1'oar Venn nun lat Ainrast. th" cnnilnl of I'maec wn.-ntoiiisied m coiieiiieiicc ol a ih"nvcrv iiiftib lit nn Ilnliau Cheiiu-t. .Many donbied its fined uhiiot nil impossibility lint tiuv thiUj? maiL by th" hand ol iii-jii. i oiiin nnv" siicji siatinr sivyers nstimt cituinc'i by Antonio Vcspiini for bis invention Many classed him and invention usri li'imbtitf. (mid nlns! taiiny fool-i-h p"roiisvviiliout liiiiur. do ta"S'tmi dow ", ntli'iiiftli nlfrie-tinir it in tlie honitnls, the Mediinl Sis-ktv of Pari, (th" best Cll-nii Is 111 lb" Wulld.l telivere.l tlie 1 I'jllovviiiff report tn Hiirnor Vcsp-im I , , m,,. nt th- Il' i'isfa's oiricu lit seid Uiltdtaii " e have iio-v miniitely and cnrfully cxntnltftl the . 0n the fouith Wcdn al'iy nl July If ti. siniTiiliir invcnlioii of Vcprim. We hnv annlyed its Therclorc, Vou me bcrtby itotifleJ to tipptmr befotu conipou'tit part' we buvc us"d it in severnl , 1 m, Court nt th'! time and place nforcKiid, tin! nnd we hesitate not tn pro'ioiim- il the Itnlina Cli -tni- 1 .-,, w enusn. if nnv you have, wtiy thu accottnt iforu cnl !-inp) ns a Rreat bl"siiii!, nnd n truly wonderful ' stli,l pinlit not allowed rem-dy for nuy but menus eruption or ilistig.iremenl of uiven mid :t my fund at Darlington this firet diy of tli"kin. Its inventor wceoti.idjr ill" true pliilaathro- i Jclv, A 1J IS 18 pisiotMitletniir, mankind. WS WM, WESTON, Itctlnttr. (Signed) U'OPOI.D l)liPlti: , IW' - - 'I'li"ii comes the report of the "Socicte de I'lriMitutc," ofsciejitilio e.xieriuisnls : " We are ntoaish"d," exclaim Jim rted President, 'nt this singular piep-natioti Vcsprim's Chemiiail Soup! Wle'ie, iud"e.l, v ill isaotlfce stop ! ft'ie we have n prepariitiou mail" in tli" form ol n h-.ntilifitl peer o srip, which we know by practice, to cure every catanen is eruption everv ibs'i oumeiit of. and i ,ea dideolorc t ikia : Wli-re will us inuuic and siagul u p.iwer ln'us ! The Ncgto. t'te Cotoi" the I alt Yellow l.' ie of th i:tt, nnd lb" iied Man ot the Far VV est, are altk" and t ta mlln "lee ot useMinordinaiy pow. r ot t.t .'firing jelio.v ,,i ,l.. oloe-.l skin, nn.i .link ' " ' , ". """'! ;'.' W'? " ( 1 1 -n several ist-sous were bromrlit torwa-d bv the President, who had ued it, tn prmjl ot In ns-ttmii8.) 'Pliere pre uroliblv few o"rons nf Intelliir :nc". who. nftcr rradi'ig the'nbovc, will doubt the q'lilitie o! jouess 111u1.n1 utieniicul sjoup tn cuiing Eruption, ).liguieiii"iit, 1'rei-kles, S-ilt ftli-uiii.S" cvy. l-,iiyp-nlas, S'tnbiiiu, Moinln w, Tan, Y-llovv orbrowa ikin. .tc. Should t'lere be such perEotis, perhaps the fol ow ing rcconiiu'-ndntion ns well a hundred from otheis, may convince tln-111. 7'fOM the X V Sn.t W e iiial.e it u ml" never to notice an ndveriiud ar ticle, but Irotn what we hnve heard from seviimj per son lespei t ag th" powers nt Jou-'s Ttnlinn Chemical (tented ; and "nn threhire(ronwii'nir'mly recommend it to our rf.idrti who ary allliotcd with uruitiou ,-onp, we no not nesitaie to ptonouiiee it all it is icpre- ' ".J" :r.:: HAitKiNTirro; n.ioniit. O.'ly whol ;sild an I rnhnlag -nt-for Vt :iidCna la. Cliuruh-t , Ihirhitton Vt , July HI, 1 J 10 5 n'A in max HAiii. I n i (Tn ) n AiTri-vT IJeautifitl a id Delirium Vrepjiatvm, rtiHel ,-firs.,., . , , . , i-t -M I It JIUKJIIJ' IW CIIHIHICII, I WW IIW 1"W Wild 1 N will doubt hut that hy toruiui th" root alid !alp ot thr! I teak to n ncalt.ty at Hon, Wc can ruiwe growtti ny.-.d-iik, luxuri'int growth. Tli'1 touH Ixutg heal thy, a ( tlim-nl crtllcd dnndiutror jw'tirl, ii diwn-iird troin th-1 .alp , th' hair now hec.-m mid gilky Thus the roots tronuly fuHtcucd in ihcir native n. t l,ro 1 ''-v T'-di h dipla v lh:ir beauty, an a men ot ihscued nature raised hum death by the pow crlitl nid ot iienc, II iin4 utjJ. a1 above, thu aeUnl. tme. and r nl qunhties ot .lonf-MS Coral Ilotr Kestoiatuc, 1 l-aie the niKihwiil portion of the public to judge ot th truth of it- pui'tmt;ihi.'c qtmiituj, hy the testilu-jtliaU ot the I'dtowitig bighlv re-potable ciLiceiH. editors, p'lblib olliccr-, Arc Th"y an a few taken from a hoiut oth ers It iia-f caltc I forth thi testimonial from the moat enlightened bodyolme.i tit the world" Iron J. S. linker ? , A. S I The American w.-iertitic In-titution ha lieen (avor- ed with a cpecunen ot Joru Coral JIair RuftoMtiie, for the p lrpose of lenling it- recomin urii;.! giitiitics, and repott a- tollows. " Wo have niinuu-lv exami led and tpvl il Jones'- Coiai H ur Ueptoiativcan.liiid that it oon-urt of eomiKJimds decidedly favorable for nour-1 i-!iing. Botteniiit(,riiu-'ing growth, curing dandnitl, and giving a dtirk app aruucu to Uu hair, bfin,; ihe qu ill- i ties mot iciiommt.nded by Mr. Jones, uhiclt thuwi-' cty lindw perfectly tme, and in htu? thereof, award .ur. Junes un- lomimuimn. t (S.giteJ) J. c. IIAKlilt, I' A S. I. V,tim tli.- I.i idn TiincsafO-tjhn. IW ' V,' liu'.c tlii-il J...-.'-.'. l!,.r If. inril.v.. It - i -i ' . .- ..i i l-v i" bru i.l'i . i' ul i M I I'liiit'int uni.Ti-uul . but our .. .. i i.- .t . . .i- . .i . j . , , 'i!lUT linlt' Rtts Urn ii i-lt-,-1-o:i thu elm ltv:ir li -uJ I ll-lllf won b'llu!. Vl- litiv' iii-iI it. unil uv pu'nk on our honor, thai it really put-nt our hair from htLluuf out, oinl giwa it n buaiittful. iloM'iiy, nolt. nnil black iipiwtirniict. ; iind honitly think it i- i-aiinn our old nairtogtiiwairaiii in th" l1llt.rotlurll,-. Tor sole bv IIAIIKINUTdN DIMTIIER,'. Chureli-H , lturl;ijton 't , July 10, Idtfi. , The only tru- aae it-. lor the mlj of my nrlicl'.j in uriiiout unil I anmln, are Harrington lliotlters. (.Snjue.1) 'I'. JONKS, ! ill! S2 Chatliaiii-Hlrei't, Wholesale Pioprietor. Tltt' uxwt ttslrtiuliii5 ili-eowri ! A llU'-saiii ti ?1irrnrl ' a U'on I r' Tucure Knip-lion- an.l D.'tiiiureni 'iitn ot t!i- Ski i. I'mipb-. I'rcrklei, Sunburn, S.ilt IMifinu, Sjuivcv, Sor.' IKad-, c ,vc. ToiB eaiw unolat AimiM. tli rsapital ot France wan ntouih J in couho'hilmhv ol i diacowry inad" bv an Italian (."hemi! Alunj doubted it he 'in t aim et an iuin.wih.l.iv that any thinir nn.b-bv th UvuU ol man. coull have Mich si.uular powers that Hninnl by .xii'Xi iAt'niMior iih invention. 31 anv ciasiMi 1 m,,) n"d iUA iiihcniiou au a humbug, and, a la' many 1 Iu,,1't:i I '"n-ons wmioin tryinif. uo me saui'iiow:) nt ! 'num aiu-i ieuiiii u m iac jiupu-nc, ui ji '.ui ai r Icietv of l'uri, (lh1 hrt rh -niml-' in the world.) deliv ered Ihe tollow-m report to Mtjnor ejmi' "We Uivenow- minutely and carejully L.nuiined the Miii-ulai iuveiitiotiol VeHpnm We have a.ialyzd it- component pan we have used it m ww-'ml case-, nnd we he-. tut- (The ItiH.iTi CiVm ical S tap) a a iricni hi -R-iiijf, and a truly vvond-rtul remedy tor any eutaneo-woinptioiior diftiireni 'ill ot the !iti. ltd mvcitor we consider th. tm,1 pluUnthro- ( put ui Hiitfciiiu mankind. ' (Sign .1; I.KOl'OU) DLTRAV, Vr." Then fnnwi tlie report ot the 'riooicu de rinstlttite of ! eutilir ep ruu-'liU We ar aittouiide I," eclai:n the aged president, "at thi aingul'ir preparation Vepn it's lialmn Chem ical Soup Where, indeed, will -lenee mop U rc vo have a pn-paration made in ihe lorui of a b aim ful pi"ce ol S tap, winch w know by aetutil practice, to curi every cut meoiw eruption everv dHli ireaient of, U'ld ev u ih- -oiore I fki.i ' Tli S r, tie I'reole, lh Vt How Uu 'p ot th" Han, nnd th U -d m ill ot the I'.ir Vit,are alike u ider th iu.iifnc- of its etraor ilmary povveratif t-lea ring yellow or d:eolorcd fkm, ami unkuiLt it white andb'uutifnl,au 1 o ' e'langing the color o:lurk.or black, or brow n km.' (Here neveral wrui. wcic brought (orwjrd byti preaid -it, wlio iud iucd it, iii prooi ut hu ai-.Ttio,iM ) UKAIIUS! IVouith Inv-'tii-tr liiiiifh to pre-it rropriclnr. 7'tii i. Xuv I. HM In mi id -rat. on ol th an. a ot $UJJJ, I huvf dl- vuIiiIl'Iio .Mr 'I'. JONES, rrmili't in tii" (,'nj of New orl,..N.A .thewttol. p-oceiw ot inamifai-ttirii ir. loi;ethci with n tat -in -ul ot the ingredient co.npoii t'tif in Italia. 1 Cheum-al S,.iip. I le n to in iimfacliire 11 lor "ale 111 the I'n.h'.l Si il"-only, audio have ihe pritili's; ol ii-nniiii. 11 - JUNKS' ITALIAN C1IEM iCAI.SDAf " Wituemi, 11 -my .1. ll"l.lw.iilli. lSi"i.'J) ANTUNIO VOSI'KINI. 'I'll -re are prolKibly Ii w p-nioii of int.-lhgeiie-. who. iilV-r n'adiuijt the nlmvc, will dunht lite itu'ihtie ot JtlXi:.y ITAI.IAX rlU'.MICM. SUM', in eur ini! IhiijitiotH, Ui-lwureinentv, IVrUc. Silt l!li"uin. Scuny l'.ri-vn lus, nnluini, .Moiph.'w.Tun, Yellow or Crow it skin, ,Vc. Should th-re be mich peih'ip the tollow'itii; lecouinNtndaiinu, aa well ha hiiii lre.1 from oihen, may eonv inee iIh'iu I'roiu the New I). lean S. mine! Ot 111 O ie of our Bitbucriln'r, Mr. II I."onard. lilliurm tut tluii lie hn U-en eumd of old m-aly Sail fttteiiui, ot I'ilit -en ) ears tnattdiiitf, 011 hi beard, tiiurrni an 1 hanil-, li) 11 cut" of an ailicl- iiuu-h ajvi-itiactl lately v Kiieak of .lone' IialinuCheinieal S-wp. Ileal so niloriii 11, that lie hi tnpj it effi'ct on hi lemale alave, Kurt -. 11 ellow uirl, liiiieh tmtik r.l with iiu-fiiolj, mil h lonnd tu two wci-ki tier skin imieh i-leutvr and whiter Jam . Cliham ap-tini r, 111 Jer.'-y city, wa eured ol carbuncle.. and pimple w-tiiclihe wa; uaikt.'d with toruiitiv iail 4tl a eak tii JfuW lit tan Chenucal'Soap cinicul Soup I'nnn Hie X-. York Sun A rnake it 11 rule u-er to notice an aiKeitiae.l ar ticle, tan from what we bive heanl from aeveral per aonarcape, tuf Oj. uowcraol Joiiea Italmn Chenitcal .S tap, we do uot hesitate to prvu.wwc it all u i t 'p iennted ; and can, tit uefore, uonacientionily recom mend It in mir rendnra who are aflllctcl w-llh ofup lion tuaika or ihitigilienieul. 1'eraont ill turrhuuic thi. ntnat alwaya ask fur JU.KHS? ITALIAN WUltCAI. SlUr.- wul yerhaii, ntnutny who Ium been all ated wtthooumar feiu w ll be to much dtaoontagainciu to try the genn iiiweaa) biMich.Tiy law oaar you will not re go t it but al-vj thu irtf nra of T .'j-u is W HATCH, 0i 98 I'm i hi- .U4lumun SJIIIII. Wlltl.l) I.N- euslomura. thit It, f.,,i,ilf.v,.f1 no cp' no leeii woikmnii fioni il,.- ouib, i mi r.dito kiep, coiisiimly on liniul, Ours. bettor nnd chenp'-r thrill nnv ever olterett fa tin inniket ftj'Sliop oao door wiith ufihu Jtl, Church Street. I'en. call. lltirlinKtin, July It), 1SIC lletiry tl .'!'" ttiit. STA'PIl OF VBRMONT.' f Mil! Hun. the Pro District of Clettmd'Mi' 5 I lmt Couit for thi I)ttiet of Cliiltun lea To nil parson fionscrnad in I'm H-tm of tb'tiry Ilydu, luti oi Bariliigton, in nid DMrii l, ileccneil. Uvtxnm : Wharus, Ilnnry I,i n"itwottb, executor of the h-t Will nnd 'l'"'taiiic it of said di'.."w.d, proposal to reiid-r na ncinint of his ndmiaietrution, mid pro- ...... 1.1.. an.,,!,,., asi.l i nl'iln Ihi r.,Ht,i,i,n. .1 ....'l l!.....-.,n . n, .. mnmminn rrtlmfli,.irt nl flrohm,.. i win iTCs'inen. , STATK OF VhllMOXT. v Tn ProbnW Coml District ot lirunil l-L'.ss. S V boldoll ailny dwrllina hoiif" in Ninth lino, in said itatnct on thu !thdi of Jit i . A l. 1110, An It'eari! t parjs'itin t" by tb'j Insi Will and Tcswineiit ol Phai'I V s I,anio,', Int.' ol S 'ith lleio, in at.l it.s.-i t, !i'e n-e I, bn.t p i." tit.d to tne Court here, he J m. L-iadoa. onii ot tltn Lxeeiti-T thoreiit li'Mie-il f -r Piob.ia-; fi ij md muJ by socl Court that p.M ns. I th"reie, he. netiticd to npptnr nt n IB'isio 1 1 t 'in I 1.1,'" 111 I10IO' n t l II"! I f.u,tllnli.j ill .Norili H'-ro, n said 'liein.-t, oa the Sl.tth uay tf Ju ly next, mi 1 s'io-v ca'." -. if tut) 'li -y may bnvi-,nsalnt the Probat "I .iid Will. fr whrh arposn it in fur thei ordered, lliat a cop) 01 tlie rocir.l ot this order ha p'iblish -d tbre W".-k "iici esaively in the Murlingtou 1'iee l"ies, pri.uid t B itlit.gton, o sewn ns my be. A true copy ol record. 1 AUUUSTU-i KNlGllT.iRtfittitr. riXOOsiil COTTOX. r. iiwn iiAm: nn tnrnng-'imiM with Uic ownc of th'sj S'lnt't ing kcp th"in coiHioutly on hand nnd for sale n the Ka'-'tn-y Priw M'c w.atld Mirit ihfi nttentlon of Merchant- and othoni wi-h.itg tu buy ibolr Uondn hy the Utile or YtWjan utj think that their nupenorquut ity will be n slro'ig rocomniendntiait to th-! Imyrr and Vac eon."umci . "Our iwitik' 9hoaH cnco-irniw Uwi mdantry" VH.AS & NVOE.S. . J " ' ' . rpj t, VTfiS? WlftK A:r. 75 BOXE TlN I I'rttjf. I li A n id extra sifs j'thriwiion wiiu. coouei, ouoyr !. Ku?ta nn 1 imh sh(t iron Junu I. ih-jet lead, Jwd bipe, h ?t zinc, rivew, ciz. STRONGS ,t CO. t TlTRON'CJS -fc CO. hiva ro"'icI and oflir an cv ih,i : Hack of .SAUDhhK 1 , coinp'-iKmg rlmo-t cv-ry article wante J m thcjr hit;, on reasonable itmu 1 Jimc ., 1 I . C'ltTEjUUV. Tabic ami D-wert Knives and ' fork, rarv-.-ri, hUwI, butchem' knives, f-liears, wi-M'tr p n and poekjt krtie. hmo ciora, raor, nut p.- V, Lttf STUUNH8 &. CO. line '1 rIlI) fiTni'. 3 tom Xovi S-otia (trlnd ' Pt jiie- AUo, a ind Hi m e-ank-' nnd nllfir-. J.11-' prRONf. & CO. p VHIMACi: M llUt& will find an extcn-ivj vi uBiit of good-i in ihcir line, on lrn-oii'ibla term-, at trR()XGrf CO'S .line I 1,-mi: ir tk. 1 wn'kmni-liip, by A rww Dfttt'Tn of fupenor STRONG? & CO J i-iu i. law. VKillSS TOOI.'f in ii-fat vanity. O Juno I. FTKUNli.S A C: CO. pO-aJHrNS ;VV'."::U. Jut received n supply vy f tn-h l'.riiF-ei tfy-itiff Woti-r ilirfet from tlw old Cwi'rrt'!' ripring anil will he k"pt a full Bupply uti hanil nt nl! ttiiic, anJ for auto by Jutif30. I U l'ETERSOX i:.VOXr.! I.T MIiJCK. w!iioitcti luiubi-r, for aalu by .Tine 30. 150 piecea, 1 1 Inch U. PETERSON. r WV. IXSrilAXCK. Tun Sr fr Mm i. Jt ' i.iii-iiiii. . i 'iiitiv 'i. WH-.- '--.'r, .tn -ii'-nti-i'iis, n-. . t,.i. ' . ..- , ' i ... ... ' A i laMinuie Co MpTiv o,r Whv ".tvr.MriMafhietio, IJMI--I i-J ir-ih.- i uu ica in i-i'.-nt-iri' i inrenti i:iu ( l, ....u. , .. .,i ..,. , ,. i roll'-lfd ol I'l'ei'H'Ice nn lUPSnll most fi jiuble t'rm-i. Annl ennoni wnw ! by lilJU li 3HAV.Ag-nt. llurlingtonD'C. 17, Hl5 jJKY .'JiiDCSHMX (in Cit'-fri'S !(v- 9 i won. Voiiuu II., II S &. I'michnff Tens, IU hh 1 . St C'x. Porio Kieo &. X. O ?Jirai. It) " " ' .Molaci, ton loaf, cutih'd, nml piw'd Suar. Caridle. Har Soap. Starch, timer, Cnin, iVjiper, Spice, S ilciatiH, C voi, Verim i, Toba-eo, Clove-. .Nutuiey?, haiiip Ud, Sperm Can ll' t. Todlish, S il criiiu-, cic. Jim- 3. IH1G. STUONUS CU. SMKMCAX PlilNTS. il i , - ene 'itrnitu e il-i ;S5 Csr:s F.wrv Ou Print are pur A reni. and lh v am h-i'il of th.- M iniiiin t-rei tlui' ol ihii j ti"ai!y tLrrst lioin the .Miiiutncli4 tfr, We pay no our a profit on tli b it baud) the A? ts roimmwioii l i i-n manner we obiam mndcantnze over thos- who buv th flood- in I'-iamou'it thnn a I'urlaiie A tliey piy a Jobber pi ''fit, which i -'iv-eb u- ii uormV.n" to th Aa-ncie-i. l8es-:ii- tin- adv iit it , we won! I dii-ect the attention ot buy, ms. a-uniin th 'in that we can furnish th-m with lVmti up in uniH b- iter than a-iv Ibm- in thi vicm ii. VILAS XOVHS. nutiintjio-i, Hjrt s) JOI! SALHou roTtnvr, r.itiMo.v Wi. 1 'he i-hore. iliree m.lejt north of tho il laiie eoiiiaiiiinu a!ut 35 aer. . II LEAVENWORTH. Ilurhiiiton, .lime 30, Hlfi WO Ui:.NT. Hoi'SIIS VT'IIIB S UL A 1 ilo nn the hill, mar lh.' I'dll-. 1 do. in th-- -1'tith nn.l i-l ih..- vmae Jn'y J.Wlf. II. W CATI.I.N. 1 (:r:itRi:oi'Vi,n pi.-. st-'.v c si; 1 J A it -vv 'tii ny ot 15 win ii'i.l l'i-.. h l'lit.-a ; nl 1) inbl nn.1 Si.'1'tV". w :'i anl "quire iln phrane. thiek uhs . C rinan a". 1 American Cam era, li il I an 1 plui vl l. irk li. ainl in. BHINS-IAIIJ& lil'JniBKS - SCANTY Alt'i'K'LIN! Sups. i-nitf-TJit:-, I r.inifle. liundohn Iliirll.1. I.ip Salve, Ca c'loii. Cut(ila. l'erfu si" HoUl-. I'.nijeiii. 1'ancy Minor, lul h'll I ik l'nlt' ftn' , T.h lW.ler. j'ate an.l W.1-I1 , Hair lye and j-:-" h'atoni. Court ilat r. Jon 'i' S up, t'iovo'ra for IVt y, i t.- etc etc, Sr?r.jA:.VB!.!: vmim von sai,i:.- S Tli." MiWnber b ri d"roii of p-tlriug froiii binie. .T-r fr nil- li. I u j a-id valnabl's t ARM, eiMi.itni(i 01 'jii aei' "t . v -le nt ittnitt wt- uateil in the illut( of C'liaiy, C niton Counry, .N. Y Ihiou the ur-'iiuae arc tw dw 'llmi-hogiini, tlir.i banu, out-limiiwa, etc etB. The 1' arm ia well wood ed a id wit -re I. un.l i altos-tlter on o.'ilietno-l .il-ii-tlil.' and pleasant locations 111 i'.i" county. Term, eity Kor niiticu'iar, atmly to th- t'irrilier in the urein- AI.::X.NUEK SCOTT Chaiy. April WIO. W1NOOSK1 1'Al.US lilllNC. AHKAI)! Ci ri.l'reilllR, V 'liim ih.k Tin.oit. mi S.'. rciuoud shop near Harlow it Wood' store, wh -re he eoni,ler- hiui-elf p-nua icnt!y located He deire. to return In- uicerc lhaiikx for the hbenil sup 1101I h- ha rec -i 'J "inee hi coiimi -ne in-nt in bu-i-ih1 I t th" aliireaaiil eiiy, and Iioim by axidnily 111 lm-, "till to intrii a hIiii' of tVir patronage I'lnoii jli tuJ) anil practice in the art 01 Tailoring, ho In. ibn-ovei -d a tu w iu.kI" oi dmiti.ig cam. which n n ik'towti to an) hut hmi'telf A correct i.tcaremnit 1- a. k iowleil jeil b) all th- trade 10 n- th" only tni-aii ,. urmH i-ouiiileie "lit " Th poit on 01 11 ' cu- 10,11 -r um In- u i len-iood Tii -re noi a I mlor who can ensure a i-omplen "hi" without th. k-i" Wife ) I' would iiiloti.i hi cumouien lliat bo lia pur chw.1 a.k in tuliitilil mode of rtcaiwing gartiiciit-, of nil color, and of iin them the tread and itiflv np nciinincc th wen- .uii 10 h..w- in Ihetr earlier tint. 1 .-ui -rifvi: .1.1., louiiLu-.on the wllia-te-t . ,,', ,,di"s Itidhii liahit., made accurdm, i ir w-, " " ny iimitr up. io I -"" ffSSP. Iuu , m6. j 7fs no. 111. kfs iATnii:s, gfijjjm V i.'iJ0) .." Pi einiunt" Scn-wa. jr 5)0 dozen nmuirht a id ium Djor Huu. 100 - - Table HUew-t Hooka and llnigea, Tog.-Uier with an exi-nsic uanrtmant ofsh.-lf and heavy Hardware, which t offne.1 at w-holeaald or re tail, on lavorablo tgrtna li Ihe pu-rhaaer. Ju te 1, Istf. tSTt'ONUS -t C0; fUHIMiTS. Tna Si'8sj:HBiimMjL.'rrui ) ciuvaJaluaWlja)taCiieia, of dufceut oualiH -4 Iind tiatterna, whkb 'A'l l hyth piece, nrrr'ltt W-Hr-" I-WjJITY