Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1846 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, J ULY 17, 1840. TIIK :V.W TVHIFF. nml fur A LULL raJdrlnirth' tntv on Imports', other pnrp rv. H 1 .' ' fnl Untie if rMtn'niires of 1'ie V,v7 nf nrrir; in Giior-" nemVi,!, Th-H IV vn mil after llio firnldiv of Dv'ComW n. t. in li 11 nf the duties hrrctolori' iinrrwil liy l.iv mi tin' article- licro iwifiiT ineiithmeil. iiml cm meh ns iiixy now b1' e.vmpt fro:n duty, there fhill In lev mil, collcr t"ilnntl palil, nn the pnod", wares and merchan dise herein cnumer.ilcil .mil provided for, impor ted from foreign countriy:.", tho following rate ofdn'v that is to say : On troojs, ware? and merchandise mentioned in Pi'h. did.i A, a duty of oiu h un Irr.l per centimi ml valorem. On (rood-', wares and merchandic nicntioned in ri,".i Oi. in ci liedido li. n duly of thirty per eenttmi v-aimem. coml'ts, swect-m-,n',Vir fruit pre.eived in stirpir. hrnii ly or tunlucs; currant, dates, fig-1, .'In ner root, dried or fjreen ! ;;l:is cut J Hirer, limn nf ictures of ceil ir vvihiI, frr.iu ul 11 1, cilmy, in I lioirnny, roewond mid .satin wood; nutine;, pi ni'Mitn", prepared veget ili!e, meal", poultry mid jranie. Healed or riu'lns'il in cao, or nlliprvvi-ei prunes, r.iiiii"; wnplinlu tops for l-iblos or oth er article of fnrnlliiri' : -eif-tr", Miuli', piper si' ffir. and all oth'T imniif ictnrof of toliiccn! wine". Iliirpunilv, champ tt;n-, claret .W-uh'ir.i. jort, sherry, and all other wiiis uni iiniUition of wines, snir.nni.i: n. Areentiue, tilabutt-i. or (Jeninn silver, mum- f.ictured or Htini'iniifictiired ; no,hoer. and por ter in casks or hnttles; article" eui'iroidered with jjold. Fill er, or other metal; article worn by mti, women, and children, of vh itever tnitoriil rnm- "titioncil ' l"'01'' 111 "'"J "lor mule wholly or in part, by linilll, u-.-- Sllll-, IMI-UII1-, lll-lllUlll-, C.-SCll- cc, extract", paste", perfumes, mi l tincture", purpose."; tt ol yra ' iin wi,, ware." and merchandise mentioned ,".,l'e1r frf1", l""."r, "inal purp In r-tiiedule C, a duty of twrl,j.fnc per centum I la."U' ' m 1 "ther art.cle" coi.o"rflof y ' o-icr. palm leaf, Ftravv w ha ebnne, or vi .vivalcniii. I ,1' ...: r.... i - i t illow, iiniina; in irhl On freodf. wares and merchandise mentioned ! y""w'"o I . 'vluo" u'r' '"J " ls , 111 l,,'ir ' ' ... .. . . .. . . I n nlicr cotnnn-itioii. nr u-:.. i. nil nil other lend"'.' tend ,w u fill mic, citric, muriatic, white and yellow, nitric, pyroliiiiieoiii mi I tartaric, mid all other nehl-i of every description, ii"ed for chemical or inedici u il piirpo"i's. or for in iniifictiirinff, or In Iho lino art",not otlierwi"e provided for; aloes; An tror.i, Thihet, an I other's hair or moluir iiU'nuuif.icturcd; cedir wood, ehony, pr.midilla, milmgtrry, ro"n and satin wood niuuiiuifaetured; cream of tarlar; extract o( iiiiliirii; c.tract mil de-oetioii" nf lotrwoml and other dye-wood" not otherwise provided for; extract" of madder; llu-Fc-il: green liirtlcj'jruimy cloth; iilum; mnher; mnlnrgri"; aimiseed; iiinmil carhon; antimony, crude and regul us of; arrow root; articles not in a cruilo slate, ihoiI hi ilyenyt nr liiminfl, oi otli"rwi"e provided for; it".'iHtli(l i; hicon: lima ni.; hirely; ln"f; heeswax; Inrrie"; veget ihle", llowers and hirk", not olherwio proideij for; l)i"innlii ; hitler tipple: MankcN of all hind"; hl.iiik hook", liuund or lmhounl; hlue or I' vitriol, o. suljihile of copper; hoard", plank", slave", 1 il!i, sc Milling, spif", hewn and siwed tinilnr; and tim'iT lo In il""d in huildins wh.irve"; liron.i II pinr; iron !' pn-; h" spirit . t.l . ii .. a r i "inner cumpoMii ill M lllliiil'J I, ! inn, ill :u ' ii'i luiliiilll till , . , , t , . , . i ; i.... J 1 henzoates; holoi'iia sausage-; hracelet", hr.nd ' On good... wares and inerchandhc nrntiotird 1 VY"X' " "nglets, composed of hair, or in schedule 12. a dutv of fifteen per centum ad uf V"cl' 'Ti''. " c"ml'",u'". I""i'' '""ace", su , ' i ponders, wehhing, or oilier l.ihric", coinpn-ed ' OiiL-oods. wares and merchandise mentioned ! In nt of Indi i ruhher, not otherwij-e in scheduler, a dutv of to, per centum ad va. . rroMded for lin ;n id hr.,"hes of all 1 W j,rnl " cameo", real and imitation, and luo-aic", real ' Onp,. 'varcs and merchandise mentioned ;""! 'Iipii in ffold. silver, or other mschlulo O.a dutv of fnc per centum ad va- ff "ml 'h "n'K"' ""'r.1'"; pr,M rr uulini-hcd; capers, .ickle and 'auc-'s ol all ' w. -2. Anil it furihn-rmU'.i, That from '"'", '."' otheny.-o provided for: cork- -th- md nucrlho liist dav .f ,i"M. the chl ""Stoneware, and a'l o her ware . i .., j: i i i co inel 0. pirliv a-i 1 mui'Til suli"!an- i i'iki-. , lie- .lilil lul l i-ii iiiui.-L- ur li tMii.' i ill 1 . .1 ..ii .i . i..i . ii .i. .ii i.. . i- a ce 11 t rllirnviF-o m ft id m! lor ; lir.' i.ilw.llll 'II Ml lil liw i'.i-iin'i li 'ill ' I 1 . . , . , i . .ii ii -j i,.- .i'.,- 'i'i..., liati, IiraiiN, pi ills. sn:rl".'re. an 1 wil'ow and if r the iir't d iy f 1) 'Ce'n'nr ii".t, Ihore rlia". li- lei-'.l. co'Jecf" '. and piid on nil srnods, . ....1 ... ...1.., ...Ii l.....Al.l Cm.. ( comitri .an'not.,ecli'U- provided f.r in tins , c" 1 1 ",'' ". ,s,r'uv' 'l,,p. gray, act. a d itv ,.r t.-I v r iv i'i ad valorem. t l,,,,m U':l1- ",""' "r. '"V ""'r vTiM", ," Sc -1." Ar! i'fiir.-Wm That in all 1 ,u""' r '' !!:"r, ,' "r"tl!,r1 caio in which I'iJ invoice orr ntrv.-hall ni.tcon-, '''V;-1'-1:"''1111'' ''V',1 .J''"!'4' tiinDio weig'.t orquanlilvor m-i'isuro or .rood.. ! ".Ui.i.-t, ol i,.r, and all lher iinnuficture." ware'' or m"rchnidi"e now weitdie,! nr inniir-1 ".' 1ll,r '? ul'!Hl U" 1,0 :l .''ouipnnent m.ile rdorgeageJ. liie-ameshallhe'weii,.hed, gaug-i.r'',1; Cll,s' ;'-T'-i sock", slock- cdorme'r-uredMthec.xK..i.So of tho owiier or I drawer-, and all similar cnirieil'M? , articles m.ule on frame--, with hv m-n. woue'ii i4c. An,U.c il further ciW-,1. That from ' i;,,i,,,ri'"' ."i"1 ,('tl,r.r".hu' l'rm 11,0,1 ,!,r: nrdnft-rthe lirst dfi-of DeeemL-r ivxt, in lieu ! rar-i-c i-e", ockci ikiik, s,i mi iio.v-, snuiemr". uiu .in Miuuar iiiueies oi wuaiever inuenai composed ; c:irpet-, carpeting, he irlh rug", he lishelh'9 ol'lhu United .States, there shall he al- in 'li r i i rh -I ih nr hlock, nu ll it ''i a i ' ir.i i.' -lrtil in leaf; kin'- i't " win'', iliruing. or lured ; kermes, dye; lac spirits; madder, I ground ; nickel ; pewter, when old, mid lit only to he rem iniifuctiired ; r.ig", of whatever male-' mil: raw liiilcM ami skim ol all kind", whether dried, sailed, nr pickled, not oth"rwi"0 irmided I for; salllnwer; saltpetre, or nitrate of mla, nr , pota"h, when crude; seedlac ; shellac: sumac;1 lin in pig, lnrs, or clocks ; tortoise and other I shells luini'inufactured ; tumeric: wa-te or shod dy ; weld; zinc, speller, or leiilenegue, tiininn- uf.icturcd, not otherwise prmided for. j K(;ni:i)ui,i; PLATT'S PREMIUM Porlahlt; l-isl .Hill, l or Grinding H'licnl, Iliir, Onti, I'lnslcr, nnd all kinds nf i'lviindcr mull SUltSCIIIIinit, iiwi.mi pur.nisi:n A. i't Mr. JuiUii 1'i.att, of Weston, Cimnwticut llie riht for Vermont, .Mn"sii'hitHt"!iud New 1 iiiiiji- Swell's School HSoofis. il?J M7 il M All T iiL'raiiiiiuiris on the ha- .Lili-l7 sis ef .Mnrrny. nml is ili-ii'iinl lor ue in coininou t nonl", nca Irniics, rim I lnalier smninnrii'S ol learina''. Tin' lollowins tire selected liom iiituiy leu ' i inir,iiiiila iiftlii' work. I'ioiii Tiuinun li. lliinmm, .V. A., I'lmidnil nf Xur- WMnr'i llnlsnm nrwilil Clicrrv. Hi'- ifrsnt ri-iiieuy i ,r C N S II .11 P (' r,, x And tlie l.est Mnlirinn known to , for'.t!na of - ',' ".'T', "Viu C,1'",1,1"rnVI 'V"1"-1'""' lull' "u" ( ouah", l,olJ, IM-e.ti,, of t!,n I, unn. H,ortni of Hi-rai l, miii ruul wi okni in h nd-, l,rrait .Vc ami nil oiliir ilivnwi of ilm i ri.XARY oR,i,s A very impottant ilnv ov.-r wlncli t, n..-ex-rtsincrypuwurfiil influence, ii tint of a insuirj cracker." lares. n-ed for linking hat." or homi'Ms; iHihs tninhler". nlain, moulded, or pres-ccl, not cut or printed; liats and Iraniit" for ni -ii, women and children. of the homitv herelofoi nitthnrijii'd hv law to he I .1 .i.,i! I' ..:..i.t. ..i i-..i. ..r ,i. 1 i in nil lie- i.. 'iiuaui n ,'i in mi-it ii.-ii in iii'ji ., , .t ..' .. . i . ', . . .... '.......' .. .... .1 stile", mill iithir tuirtumu nl viimtmtr limn Ijwed, on t'lurxportalio'i tli"renf, if cured. with fjivijjii salt, a drawoai-k eqiuil in amount to the doty -,11'ld on the fait. -nd no more, to he a-cer-liiinedurdersiuii legiil-iiion-e." may he prescri bed by the .Seere.ary of tho Treasury. Sti-. ik Ami i further ciiarinl. That all p"o!. wares, and lneichandise imported tiller the ia"-iife ei't'ds ael. mid which may he in1 public -tores om th" I day of December next, j I hail be -abject to no oilier duty upon the entry i t'lwo'.'f th.-r, if thj -nine were 'imported rc.-pec-tivelj af-.-rtliat day. Ste. 7. hl ! it fiirlhir ai'irhil, That the twelfth section ol the act entitled An act to pro vide revenue from inipurt", and to change and modify exi-ting laws inipn-ing duties on import', i nnd lor oilier purposes, approved Augu-t thirty, eighteen huudivil iind forty-two. shall be, and Iho same ii heiehy, so far modilied, tint all good- im ported from this side theC'apeol (lojil Hope or t'ape lloin mav reniiin in tin; public -tores fur tho spaceofone ycarin-tead of the term of days pre-eribed in tho said section : and that all , food." imported from beyond the ("ape nf (hind lope oi Cape Horn, may remain in the public j store." one year intead of th" term of ninety day" I p-i'-t i " ! in -.-iid -eclion. " ' ' S. '.- 1 ," ilj.irthi r, That it shall 1 h r tV owner, eon-ignee, nr agent ot im; . lie'.i b -en netuallv iiurcha-ed. i either Anihusi)ii, llru els, ingrain, haxony. Turkey, Venetian, Wilton, or any other similar fabric; carriage" and parts of cirri ig" : cay enne pepper; ch"es.', cintuion, clocks and pir't of clocks; clothing, ri-ady made, and wearing apparel of every dc-cription, of whatever mate rial coaipo.-ed, made tip or in inufictured wholly or in part bv the tailor, seam-Ires", or nnuuf.ic- i turer ; coach and harness furniture of nil kinds : 1 coal, coke and culm of coal; comb.-of all kin Is; ' cim)io-itioni nf gl i-s nr pi-le, wh"ii set; con I I'ectionary cf alt kind", not olherwi-e provided for: coral, cut or manufactured ; cotton cord-, gimps nnd galloons : mint pl.nter; crayons of ail kind-: cutlery of all kind-; diamond-! gem". ! iearl-, rubies, and other precious stone.-, and imitation of precioit" .-tune-, when set in gold, i -ilver or other metal ; doll- and toys of all kinds ; epaulet-, galloon", I.ices, knot", star-, ta".-el-, tre-e.", and wing- of gold, -ilver and other metal : fun and lire screen-, of every d"--cription, of whatever materiel cinnpn-cil; leath ers and How M-, arliiiciil or orament il. and narls thereof, of w hntevvr material coinpo-ed ; fr hit auge & lemon peel; patent mordant; paiiit-.dry or and slick-for iiuibrell is, piri-ol, and sun-hades ground oil, Hot olle-rvv i-e pi.iviiled lor; paier lini-Iied or iinlini-lu-d ; furnilure, cabinet an I j hanging- lunl o.iier fur screens or lindnard.-: household: ginger ground, grains, gum bui.oin pearl or hulled Inrlcv: periodicals anil o'her orbenjuuin: lnir pencil-; h it b i lies of cotton : vvork- in the course ol printing and knitting; ozier orw "'W pr-n-ir -d for biket-ui-ikers u-e: tuvi-ig -' n -: a-'ing mil moling tile an I bricks; h hi -Iio I a-. hre-cia: bronze powder; Ivitler: e til-ninui: ' .ilamin ; cautlriride-: C'ip", gloves, legeiii", mils, sock. stockings, wove shirt- mid drawer.-, mad" on frames, coni-po--ed vv liolly of collon, worn by ni"ii, women or children; c-i"-i.i bud--; ca-lor oil; ea-torum: c.hocol ite: elironi itu of lead: eliminate, hichro in lie, hydrioikite and pru-.-iate of pota-h; cobalt; coco-milt", coculu" indicus; coiperas or green vitrei, or "iilphile of iron: copper rods, bolt", mil", and spikes; copp'-r bottom"; pla-ter of I'a ris when ground; ipuck silver; sall'ron, mid saf fron cake; seppi t; stel,!ill than otherwi-e pro vided for; copper in sheets or plates called bra ziers' copper, ndil other sheets of copper not olherwi-o provided for; cubeln; ihied pulp; eni"ry: ether; fel-spir; lig blue: li"h, for eign, vvh"ther fre-li, smoked, salted, dried or pickled, not otherwi-e provided for;li"h; glue, or i-ingla-s: li-h .-kins; Hour of sulphur; i'rankfort black: I'reneh chalk ; fruit, green or ripe, not otherwise provided for: fulminate, or fulminating powder.; fur" dre ed on tin- skin; gimboge ; glue ; gunpowder; hair, curled, hid-, sea-weed, and other vegetable suh-lauce used for bed" or in itlre"-es : haul" ; hats of wool : hat"", in ule of wool, or of which wool shall In :i competent material of chief value : hitter-' plu-h, compo-ed of silk and cotton, but of which cotton is"nt miterial of chief value : hemp-e"d or lin-eed, and r.ip"-eed oil, and nil other oil u-ed in painting; Ind'nn corn mid corn meal; ipecacuanha: iridium; iris or orris root; ivory or bone black: jul.ip; juniper Inrrie:-; lac sulphur; lampblack ; lard ; leither, tinned, b'nd or sole ; leather, upper nf all kin Is; lead, ill pigs, liar, or-heet-; leaden pipe-; lead en shot : leech""; linens nf all kinds; Ii'piorico pi't", luice, or ro it; litharge; m lit : niingiii"-e : ininiificturesof llix, not otherwi-e provided lor; ni iuuficlitres of hemp, not oth"rwi-o provided fir; mirine conil, iinm inufictured : m"diciiul drugs, roots iind leive, in a crude state, not otherwi-e proviil -il for; in tal". iinm inufictured, not oih-rwise proviiled for; miivral and hitit-uiinou.- siib-t inees, in a crude Mate, not otlier-wi-e provided for; mu-ieal in-triiinents ol all kind", and string" fur niu-icul iii-truments ol whip cut or eat gut, mid all other string.- of the -line miterial. nitrate of lead ; oat" and o-ilnval; oil-, neat-foot mid other animal oil. spermaceti, whil" and other li.di oil, the pmduc" of foreign li-liene : opium ; orangi r, lemons and lime.' -Iiirc 1" now in-miilartiiriiiir, nl hi" .Mneliine Simp, nt ,nVA rmlii. IlurliiiL'ton rii 1, All U ol the nio't tboroiiLdi nml tier- 1 fJnru.mli Pmvi.mii-. Aiw 11. 1SIC, lect KiiiiriU'tiun. and is iireiiniril to Ml .Mill" nml I n.,,u;,. 1 1,.,,,. i,..mi(.,1 r,mr ( iriiiiinwirvviili inin-li In ibis rnniiilnint it bns ,m.loul,ti..1l v m..i . Itiijlits for nay towns not nlready ihspnwil of. Tho li-faction, nnd have been pntlicul.-tily plenvd with rllicin-ious tlinu uny rrincly hitherto employe nnd prcnt tuluiiilai'o of this over tin; common (lrit .Mill is jt, ,.,.ariii'" nnd cxHlencc of nrmmp'iii'-ul. j I" nuiueious iiitnin-i-whi-ii intii'iitsliad iinlurcdlotij; . , . . , ,. , , , ... , , ,,.. 3 ' i ' ' l"1 -'. .' , 1 nr ( I in I iters oil ry n in. un ii ii ii in ii oiy iuiiiiit-ii ii7 , """" "it 'i-c, iiuuui p;i -iv- iinni'is nntinrled lor breed : bullion, rroldmid ! iw bv Imrse, steam or vvntcr novvvr. with hall t ho 1 ,i ,,i ,1ru,.i.i..iw,., -,.tv full nml nor. init iln ImW hcnrlit Irom vnrions ri'inmli... n,i "ilver; cabinets of coin", medal", and other col- power reouiicil to drive n coininou (Jri-t Alill. The ,.ct yr thnpicr on vi-rh. nlo. i" eX'-i-lknl ; nor nrc .M I lilt; I' It V Im I b --ti rcsorl-d to in vinti, tl. u; of lections ol anliipvtie.s; colleo and tea, when im- 1 '"! 1 , " i""1""."' '"' ' , v 1 " the clownry, mm ucui-ini mi.iiitnnon oi in- worn moiir on ij.u-"hi m..- h i.ioi.-h m- i,ivr m n iiMiiinvnitioa, ...... ... ... .......... . . ,. . .. .i. 'irt.'t.. 1 1 i hi.-i, nifr ini'iiy I i;ni liuli-il to projiui- tins ili-sind nstonisliinit elli'-ncy in Ihi' dii'-n- ".nhovi; p nm nn i u a wry cu ;ctun r ,i K in inlnint in vvhn-li it Ins lif-en evi- lively I'.-d success. even m caws ofviais-tand- It not onlv emanates from n remilnr l'livncinn !.,. In nlo Is-cn well twtyd in nil tli'-eotiiplainis for which . it is ricomiiifiidi-d. It is not my iiiti-ntion, thi-nforc, ' i uiu r to i loik it la lny't-ry, or in uny way il ixie 111" public by ovcrrnting lis virtu'-", on tin- contrary, I shall "imply end'-avorto civc n bri'-f stali-uiMit ol its I udulni"". mid Ihticriiiuiiivsi'lf that its siirnn-iiio- clfi. ency will i-iinhle in" to tiinu-h"iicli proolsof it- vul'jcs liorlei i l I r.,Mi t i. ...m ,.f 11. r ,rr. . , ' " ................ . .... ... "y Sllllliiaru illciloiinry, niiioii uiu n;.i-i oi 11- i' nn. ' . I,, i- V ' -, ;'". ' I'Pti-iiH'i'r. Hi.i .None nut the very hi-l 1 11L,.M,U ,mi roni l,.nt it wil soon ii-comn, whalitwc deserves every Known n production, in Alii'-ncau ve.el". or n foreiirn 1 t4' '(IN no. nut Imo i ir-,. Mi . i " .".ir" i..i i, . e( Vi ves-el" entitled liy reciimcal treaties to lie ex- We, the inuli-Himed, eiMlify Ihntnt St. Albans Uny ' " Very truly yojr, Til It VN'SO.M. ll-ides ii eoint roni d -enm mil in.r ilni na. tnim im, nn.1 1 on me .u uny oi ,-ovemoiT, is i.i, tit me nteain siw ., ,,. .,, n-..,;.. .., mcmioueu, vv other. ehare.'s : eniree. the -rrowlh or nroTlncti.m ! iV'1 V'2! I. .'' V"Tc,wn Bmund in IMatt's I'orti- ! a..,....;,.,..,.,,, (imnimar on the ba-is oT Murrav. AniMA, n r Im" (fll"l .HIIl.lllU'M 1111 Ill II lilt II UUf. It'll IIUIP'I ni oi me pO"-ess10iH l the ellierlanil", imporled .n" nml out, nud doii.; in the -t mum.T. within 3J i mm uie ieiuerianiis in inosaiiieminnericuiii". iiiiniii'-s: mm we iiirlln-r crtily, Hint wc bcli'-vc me gold, silver, nnd copper; copper ore: copper, I "n"l -Mill cnp-ible of pi-ilormm nil the irninhuj; uu- vvhi'ii imported for the United States mint: cot-. nM ,,V"" '" " Ml" l''linl t0 Ml" 111 111,3 , 11 r i .1 i t I fctnte, hy oni' run ol -tnii'-s. ton : lelt, adheive, for slieallnng , cirden seeds. a...i i. i,,i.r vi ,i,.,, ,i,..,i,i ,ni i-,.,.! ini, and all other seeds not otherwise provided for; J bn"!ii-ls and a half of corn, din" mrnl,) in an hour, good", ware", and in-'rclialiilise, th" growth, pro unco, or iiriiiiil.irturo ol Hie United M.tto", ex ported to a foreign country, and brought h ick to the United State" in the siui" condition a wh"n exported, upon which no drawlii-k or bounty his been allowed; V.iiiW, that all r'gubilion" to ii-cerlaiu the id'-nlily thereof.precrilnd by ex iting law", or which liny In prescribed by the Secretary of the Troaiiry, sh ill In complied with: pi mo ; household ellects old an. I in u-e. of per.-on-or I'.iui'lies from foreign countries, il ued abroad by them, and not intended for any oilier p-rsnn or per-ons. or for sale; pink, old: model" of invention- and otiier iniproveni '11'" in the art: I'rniiikd, That no article or article" shall ho deemed a model of iinproveni'-nt which can lu lilted for ii"'; oakum; oil.sperm iccti,wliale anil oth'-r lib. of American li-herie, and all other articles the produce of such fisheries : paintings and statuary, the production sf Ainer ic in artist- re-iding abroad, and all other paint ings mid statu iry : Vol iW, The same ha im- vvithout hi-iiiir in lh" h-n-l lii-ote I. 1) S. I'AYNi:, Milln. KAIil'll i,asi;i,i,, .1A.Mi:S liAMSOX, Il A IIUKI.IH'T iVOIll.U StJUIItK I, th" tri lersiij.ied. certify that one of l'lntt' Porta 1" itnrsirs has h?en introduced hy it", nnd i now ii"'il n" Ih'- t-xt lioiik in that department in Kimball Union ArndMiiv a 1-icM vvhii-h may ben-iranli-dns proof,lh-il vvc think it, on the whole, supi-rinr In nnv now in in- Ald'IIONSO WOOD. Mi'ridcn, Juno S3, HI I. Xn-lructor in K. I'. A. 1'rom l'rnhrkk II hint, son nf X.miI,!). V Vresidcnt nf Ihnlmnnth Ciltrgr. Ilorwic l ulls, . Y .Si'i'l. II, 11H. limit itur nnd iitoveiuli-r. and have com" to Ih" full con rlu'ioii. Ihnt lb" nliove mill will compete Willi nny mill in the i-oiiiitry holh m lloitriin; nud iiroveinl'-r. ASA IIAUIilNOTO.V, Miller. Vergcnni'S, April "3, 1111. Th" -Mill nb' iv nanieil wa in rpcratioii in ill" Vcr Bi'iiiies linn Company (int .Mill, a number of days, uudsolir ii" vi-e witnessed its pf'rloriiianeu in Kriiid lnj ciniii, we w-erc well sali-li-d with it, nnd believe it to be a irood nrticl". SA.MUi:i. IIAUKHIt, W.M. II. WlllTi:, Vies, nf Vrrgcimcs Ihnk. This is to eerlily that on-of 1'intl's l'orlablc (inn AI ills ins bei-u p-it in up-rntiou iu tliu (in-t .Mill ut Aliildli-biiry, by the side of seven run of ISurr Stones, :um I iiiivi- mvi-ii it n uioroiiitn irial, liotli on Hoar mnl S Id". Oi.-Mv dear Sir. I lnvfeainin"d Swell's will ntnlV the mosi ioen-ibiloii". ihnt Cfiiimniniinri (5rammar w ith much - itif:iction.nnd thou!ih not in the , mm- mnl iv ttr I l:ni ti." if tlna lii.ili"ino Im r....r,n J,lnhit of ic'comincntlinsr. books, cannot ri Irnui Irom e jn in tun" I presim my dcciddl pri-ieicnc" lor ibis llrninmarovTr There is pcrh.-ins, no di"eae with which our coun. nny other with which 1 nmai-iiinmted. In sytcinntic tr- j, all -eted, which swei-ioll'nnmnlly so many vie) l.oni insatiatl nig. remarks .upon tin- soumi oi uie loners, ui" rules oi ,,nh rv. , added viciuns to ts conu-e-t No stii'llni!:, nnd the deiiuition ol words, it supplies the hfi. iered from it" bht'liting inlluenci-. No ngc 111 I' l I 111 III,, -l Ullll'l I lltlllllllltlc. I have introduce.) th" hook into my school, nnd shall ii-iuoiiui nn ii lo i nil'-1 1-. ii" I'jijinriii'iny iii-i-ur-. Iile (in-t .Mills ha been lilted up in Mi-rs White it "rmiiL"'mcnts, in rli-nrnnsa of dchmlion, in it" rules ol , mii, n thai tell il -"iioyer ol th? human rm-c -Cii's tln-t Mill at Veru'cnnes, nml 1 will frankly say ' con-trueiion, uithe lull chapter" upon tmnctiiation, niniptiiiii )iy nlti-rdny, v-arnfier year, then to the public that I have fully tried the null boih on pronunciation, veriliention in its appendix, coinpns- moii-f r liurm-s to the portals ol the cold an. ported ill t'oad 'faith as obioct" of ta-te. and not ! provender, and I nm fmnk to say to the public, lint I of merchandise : per-onal an 1 liou-ehold tdlects '"Xvlml'nZv " " ""y m" not ni'Tchainli-oJ of citizens of the United 1 ' M. CI'XNINOHA.M Miller. Stale. dying abroid ; p!ater of l'ari",unground ; Middlebury, July lsi.i, " " pl.iliua, iiniu inul'.ictured ; sheathing topper, hut T,i i, t0 i-cnify that I have boaglit, and have now no eoip'T to In con-idereil such and admitted as in iw, one of Plan's l'nteiit .Mills in my (In-t .Mill, by free iinle-s in sheet" 1 inches lono-nnd 1 1 inch- s1'!" of 3 run of I ft. Ill inch llarr Stones, nud can es wide, and weighing from 1 1 to Tl 1 ounces the '"'"n'i'h' !!' ',!n '",'1'''!: I1''11 ", iIu wi,rk !" 'o1 .M i- i . i i .t f nn.l ns we I ii nny other -tone tl the lnree kind vii i -tpi .ro n.)t;shoitluug inefil ; -pecmi'-ns ofnat- , nl ,,e pov.vr, and veiily believe th-v me capable of 1 1 nil lii"tory, innier.ilogv, or botany; treo,-hriih", 1 domi; nny nud all kinds ol wank don.'- m n (in-t .Mill, bulb", phut", nnd root", not othcrwio provided i I.IIWIS .Mi:i!UlTT, for; weiring apparel in actual ite, and other ,, , , , ., , lA1L:ri li'tAUA.M, Miller. personal clll-cts not merel,adi-e, proWion il 1 .ii1! ',r.'J .' j !' , , book, i-.rn,en.", and tools of trail, or-cupa-; , itX ..riffivK.M IV ' ",r 'mi"oynient of per-ons arriving m Iho -ell on nil kind" ol tirain, is rut. by the side of 1 Uuu United St ile : I'rm Wv. Tint this execution 14 It. 1 In i r Stone", nnd cam conli luitlv sav lint it will -hall not he. con-trued to include in tchinerv or do ns much vv-uik wnb one-hall the powi r nnd ns well other nrliel,.u to.,,., rln.l rr I, .,. In ,., , ,, l',e. as 111" lame Stoile. . . .. U.UIU, OLSIll.M. imporleil luring e-tahliliment or for sale i S h li. MERCHANT'S LINE.-I.:iUl' HoiiSs. IiVKi: tncnuvn nsene,to make such addition in "!""o-i '-. V"l r'-'N ."."'-i M;ui" or ths enUy in , , cost or vuHm given in the invoice, " .'!" '''nn. not olliervyi-e tirov ided lor ; ca-lmg ns in ill o r-lrnl m iv rn ,r I n, -,mi , In tin, trim "' "v " . ' ' "' ' "' ' l,u" ' '-.-i-i- "i 1.1-1 110:1 i'.'niiiiiiimaiiufictiired;lionev;liiiniaii hiirl ban . turn iii tlie I nited States: piuu aiiples : pitch: ed or prepared for n-c; ink and ink powder; iron , pi mtain- ; plumbago : pork: potn iuni ; I'rus- Por lb" tnin-iiertalion of i-rop-ttv lietw-""U L'nvMi-i.iix. Tr.nv. Ai iivvv . Xi w ore, and I) j-tox INSt'lllit). riUJI'lMUIUItS or this 1.1x1: 11 w- ' iiicr 'nsfi! tli'ir Jn'-ilmw !v t'l 'a Mition offt.-v r- ti lir-M. 1.1 1' Htnnuiiil'-r ih',fuihirui 1 oi rxji.-ut'ii ''-il A, l.mlifiil .Mn-Ii'i-, nn pifjrirfil it Jt'-(j it 'Ii to nil prop 'ity mt'iiil''tl lo p'lss n-tw. en U i.liu'i -.wiih which th 'V ni.iy hv intni or- J hy proin,it &t(iii!ion to th- tnt'-tt ol tluur I'Jtipioyurs, it) rerrinc n co1Hiiiuuiif' ol pumic jKitionai; . Their boat-, are to hu toweil hy Steam on Hudson Hivrr, nul on Ltke CJniiniluin when iuvitry, nA C'"n'!"t" :i pirf'ci Hut to Srw York, a-, nl-o, to Trot nnl .V'jfti'ii .n ' i'iii hU tin- L-ut totr.-tli t uti I not i repuhliCH- Pu'jft't.'J to injur) titiMlupmeut. HpringlTL'U,.M:iy 1, Hto ruussoN cnoiTT, Vt'tpuctur of the (tore J'utrut. nurlintin, June CO, Hitj. " yfii3 PROTECTION. rgi ii i: yxi:usi(,i;), sou: .iot or M the ' Veiiiioiit .Mutual I'm- liisuninoe I'oinpany, lor th" D.-tut i ol Ilurluiito i and Winoo-ki l'lilts, re- -peetliilly imiioiin licit he ii.n teeeive npphenllous, e.eniil liom its denth-di-aluiit shalts. The old. th4 Inuldle-ag -il and the young, nil ahke, nre lood fur thii comiiion enemy of ninudkiiid. The white-haired pa triiin-h, whoe life ef tenip-Tniire hi rendered his svs-i tPiu imiiervious to th" ntt icks ul other ills, and vvhone good divds prejiared him lor the enjoyment of blc's i-.ilm evening, finds eoiisumpliou lHtemu its tangs upon his vital, and tearing linn from a world, ever bright to miiidj which bok complacently on days well spent. Is ihere no trip for the afflicted I No preventative of the dangers w Inch b -i t us in our changeable nnd lii kle clinu ! We think there may be. And if the. nlleirnlions of those who nre at 1-n-t entitled to veraci ty, inny be believed, ihere is a preventative and a rem edy. Wistar's llalsain of Wild Ch-rry is off'red to a "uf fering world as such, luieeds not tlw "adventitious aid ' ofa long -tring of fictitious certificates to give 11 lis i rue vniii; tui'J liiirm-ie exL,,uence nra the conli li-llee ut ih public . the name ol us inventor, ns & iKMi'-luclor ot his species. Opiniun nf u llrzular Vhywian K.teier, Ale., S pi. 30, 1SI5. Tuiseertili's tint I hive leeomituiklcd the u."e of Wistar's IIvls.vm or Wild Ciieckv tordi-ruscsut tin I.uag", lor two yeurs past, and many bottles to my knowledge have been ii"cd by my mtienl", all wttti beiu li -ial rtsulls. Ill two cas " vvn -re ll was thought eonliiii'-d I'onsuinption h id taken place, th" Wild Olu i ry ell'jcted a cure. '.. HOYDiiX, Phyuciiin nl Lreter Cjnter NO (iUACUT.UV ' NO DBl'lIlTlOX' All puhlisueil snt -nl ill" ol cure" performed by tins medicine, are. t'l every resp -et, ti nr. ee". 1 nuts anil 1-nut I rees ol America, etc. ele , liLWARt ol i ot NrEIll Ell - su IMirATloN lll"ua- I Ins vlng;i.ine will b" devot -d uiainlv to Ilortictil- paraleled n-id a"toui"luuir ethcJi y oi Ur. W i-t-irs l.n ture (iiidening, m n thoroualilv imtrtiral ns well sain ot Wild Cherry in nil th' dis. n"-" for w.u. Ii it ns scieiuili" ""ii-e, will be ns i ndiug object: nnd it is ici'oiiuiK'Uil -J, euii'u in m i- is--s alt'-r th -km t lit" li"!n-d, Ihrongh its eoluins. not o.ily to render simple 1 best physicians was ti. invading, ha" elf et da u g and eiiy tojhe novice, th" prnetu nicar.' ol nil that fie-1 and increasing d'-nruid lor it Tins tact ha" in i d longs lo the gard Mi, hatnl-o to ili-"ininat" in nil paits I severnl unpnni-ipl -.1 on iti-rli-it -rs nnd uitilaiurs to of the eunntry. a knowledge of all new uml important ' palm oil' spurious mixtures of -uiular tcune and apti ii dicoveriesiii llortieuluire. j u ice. tor tti - g-nuui" Hilsuii. 1 ovioLouv the de"cription nn-l cultivation- of l-nut II" earelul nu-l g"t the g 'nume Dr. i-tak s lit Voius re-fieet illlv. lTii;i)i;PilCK It LOUD. SWETTS ntlMAKV SCHOOL CIIIAMMAH. This eoncie. nnd very lucid Kleincntary Treatise for beginner", just published. Ins been received with great favor by School Commitieesnnd Teacher". Although it has been introduced into a large number of schools nud bids l-ur to become the tno"t popular nud useful little work of the kind exttint. The (allowing notice will speiik for itself. Vrum the Her. I). M AW. nf Ojrhid, X 11. Oxlord, N." II., .Ian. If., 1810. D.'arSir: Having examined vour 'Primary School nraiiunar' somewhat clo"ely, 1 nm perinded of its bieh meiits It issiumle. clear, and well urramred : and therefore s-eni" to I." well adapted to the joung nutoriety. lis Irue ynlu: mind. No other book", with which 1 am acntiiimed , siilli.-ient lo cnuiluit lu selling lorth the principles ol Cucli'li Crainmur.e-p-- , a id ",ult on I" ltui" H cinlly in llieir eieiin ntary nppiieaiion, is pener enicu lated to si-cure lb" end'nt w Inch it aims, than is the on" is-ueil by yourself. From its sitiplieily nnd its ndnplatioti lo th" raja iticsol voulh nnd children, 1 uin sure, it cami t ltd ol'a w.d.' circulation. Ue-p--ctiully yonis, i).nil:i. .m. i:i:i:d, Mcmher of the Stipn itttenilinz Srhonl Camutittn nt (irfonl. X. 11. lot sale hy S. WOODS. Il.nlington, June 13, 1815. 2 rpilt: IIortieu!liirl-t, nnd Jo'imal of Rural Art I nnd Huinl Ta-t" Hv A. .1 Dovvninir, Author of 'Landscape Card. -nun!,' '0 -signs tor Cottng" Ueidden iv.,.,D ...i !.'.:, 'i'...a ..? i.. and l'mit Trees, in which we are ulready more mter- nnd ell I i.i-uuin,-.- o.i biiilJmirs and eonients. not c-led than anv other nconf- will ! u toine , untinu nny iiiM'u"-i"ii. ii.iioiiiiiiji ii un ii iim", ii oi ui solnve a conspicuous place in its columns. i:sas, hint", nn I ilesnras on urnaineiiiai or 'i,nnascnpe uar- xi. a ha.ardoii- on the nm-i l.uonihte terms. It h itsi'i'.-tiiuied that th - v in ions cl i-s." ol proppity insure I by tins i oinp-uiy, Irom the coiiiiiieneein-Mit of ns-1 peiunou" lor li Venn past, have oaid o.i each above mini -d yloil i.ei vii:-. ii- follows, vi. : I, an 1 hope, 1 pi ,ry dweilt.ig houses ruled a: 1 pr. et iap.inue.1 v .ire ol'al' d -d for ; iewelrv, r kin!", not otherwise provi- markel vi'. e of such imjinrtn in Iho principal m.irk?Mof til j country wbenr th -. itnp.rt ition shill have b vn nude," or in which the good- im ported eh ill have been originally nimuf icturod or produceJ, as the cie may bo; mid to add thereto all co'ts nnd chaigi-.-'which. underexi ling laws, would f a-i-i pirl of the truo value at tho port w! or" the same may be enternl, ukii which 1 1i j duties should lie asse-scd. Audit (hall be the duty of the collector within who-e di-t.'ict tho same may be imported or entered, to c.nt"o the datable value nf uch imports to be tipprai-ed, o-tinfited, and ascertained in accord ance with the prov i'ion" of exi-ting law .- ; and if t'.m ,.,!,, , I, ..,i' I. .,n , I I... in centum or mere tlm value so deck. n'.d "no 1, ' "'uchinory, or with the ii"-ille, or other proce.- entrv, th"ti, in addition to the dutio" imic..M hv , "' icluri-il iirtirk-., vessel snd wares ol law on the same, theio shall be levied, collected :1"'.",r "' ""' t-'la-s shall ho the component nud paid, a duty of twentv percentuiii ad valo-1 ,,".t,'r'i,11' ot olherwi-e prmided for; colored, rem on Kich appraised value-: I'rm We,, nnrr-, k'"mLll1 "r l',""ei "V "lils" '"O'.-'als turwatch- fWcs, That under no circiiiu-tances .-liall the u ' "" ' " - .-p.-ci. cie ; painting duty be I.--e-.-ed upon an amount less than the invoice ; any law of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding. Six. !h Aiul i'.e it further rnnrled. That if, upon the examination of any parcel, package, or quantity of good", of which entry has been made, the nppniii-or.s of the I'uiteif shall Im of tho opinion that tho same are undervalued liy the owner, inif oner, con-ignee iau blue; puinkin.- : tmt'.v : mulls; red chalk rhubarb: rice, or paddy : loll hrim-tune ; Ito in in cement ; ivo and rve llnnr; sadillerv. com iiion, tinned, or japanned; sago; tal soda, and 1 or imii-i'i'.n ; jet and in-in- I all carbonates of soda, by whatever natii"" de igu it 'd, nut otherwi-e prnvid -I lor: sail", i.p--oin, glauher, llochelle. and all other s ilt- and prep inlinns of : il!", not otliervvi-e provided for : .-ar-pirilla ; shaddocks ; chenthing paT : skii. tinned and dre-si d, of all kind"; skins i f nil kind. not olhervvi-e provided for; slit" pmcil"; I smalt- ; i pi-rmicuti candles and taper- : fpirit" I of turpcntiip", sponge-; -punk; squills; i starch; Meariue caudle." and t iK-r-; stereotype j plate-; i-till bolloni-; siilphato of binles, crude or reline.l; siilplnle of quinine; tallow caudles : , . .1 1 1 I ,.. . i ijmiiii , i ii , iniiMi! ial e- it i in iii-i-iiing- , !n Stores ii a I jjriel mills " lo lavern.s " 1- Siw-inills ) (kihmet nnd joiners' shop" t'loihmg iV. caiding woi-ks lilaeK",iulli s -ni'iw ( , , 1'ap-l null" and lactones -'J it is eviueiit mat tie oiiove sanis are mu. 2D 3J l'.nuri tttra FOI.I.UTT Si UIi.VDI.IjV, l.nrlt isti i, ' it has cot nnv other souipuuy known in the I'lutcd corn-pondent-, fmiiiaiiioni! tin --ol in i nluhiy in th NICHOLS Ill'KTONiV, L'lin"n:NUKN..V( AVmiii Slates, lor the uik- tune. i country, will place before u readers n vnneiy of arli SVMOfWlLD 1.111. RRV. il 'll'IIUe II I "" by I Be rrs. Adlie-snll ordi-rs to W I ai x, Ifislon, .Mis". IVirsileln li:C'K"i,tri; U ,ar tiiiutan ; nl- hy W 11 lliieh, tl'tnwlu l'i I A'.ews li -om' Avre". M!tm: llnvnt m & 11 ir- deiuug' will be frequently presented to its renders 1 ritt, llmri'jurglt; L'a tii Id. H'dlnttin ; W. iaui I rl he great iuteic.-t iiiitniloted in tin" moment, tniiiany .", llirhiwmn ; II L Camp. ,Soif ,- vi ir -". of the states, iu the emldii-liment ot grounds, an 1 the C'lnibndcr; Cun.A: Pie-h-r St .l."jfi,,-S 1' It-d- erection nf ornamental dwelling", iiui9 out the ne. I fi.,, Min4p'ii t l).ekui"...i , Noble. Hi 'mi; V ! ei-ity of -onie lierioilicnl m which the slllueet" shah Un itiligton. Viu-nnrt; Dr. Ilii-w.ll, Miditlebury be more eoinplit-'ly illtistniicd from tune to lime. Itu-, Sold ulso by Druggist- and Atr- ills geueiuiiv "a ml Architecture -o closely allied m il" nature will ! therefore be enilsidied in the plan of this work, nnd J (iAI.K'S IITAT I'TKItl.Virnilt & Sl ' '.''"S'V '",r llu' V,"'"-':" vln r, ', . 1 S-' 'l'1"" b.-irument is adapted , tl npph hlepstlnn Ircipi-iuly be introdu.-d i Uo us nnr-s N m;-m- , ,,,., (l , , ,. , . ,,,,,,1,-inir l..r a re ilv. ' in t-on"eiUi'iii'i- ol lie- d.-licacy aue.idiug it- a l.iuai: 9J.131 .r M .70 lor. 173 or agent, with the intention of defrauding the revenue of tho flu ted States, it shall be lawful for the collector within vvho-e district tlie same may be ent 'red, tho sanction of tho Seen tary first Ining obt lin ed, if, in his opinion, tho mi mo shall beiidvi-abie, to t iko such good" for the u-o of the United Slate.". And such collector shall caii"o such poods to lie sold at public auction within twentv days from the timo of taking thosaiu', in the wanner prescribed by law for tin sale of 1111 ( hiinied gords ; iiiid'tlie proceeds of .,-eh silo shall lie placed forthwith intt'io Ir. i- n-j o toe

United States; mid -itch eolieelor in In reby au thorized to pay out of t,i le-cruing ri-vt-n;:e, to tho rwncr, im; ortcr, or run ignee, or n-ji nt of tliu goo Is so taken, iho ial.ii) thereof as declared in t.if e"ry. nnd liv per iitiim upon such iiineunt in tidditii-n thereto; and t lie said col lider si ull reinli r to the Secretary of the Tn.i niry, with hi" account" cf the eustoi.i", a slute tnc i.t shi.wing tlie amount of duties ch.truonble (m tho goods so taken, and the tiiiioent cf pro- ceeds laid Into tho treanry ; mnl thin seelioir shall be in force tm'il the first day c f July, eighteen hundred and forf.-eight, unless other wiso directed by Cougre-.-I Klc. 10. Ami l'c il int'iir cefc'.-., That the deputies of any collector, naval oilieer, or sur veyor, and tho clerks eniploytd by any collector, naval ollicer, surveyor, or njiprai-'er, vihoure. not by existing law- requiied to le swoin, shall, be fore entering upon their resK-clie duties, or if already cinploved, Is'fore continuing in tlie die-barge thereof, tike and suli-cribe an oath or nrrirmation faithfiily and diligently to perform Mich diilits, and to n,e their hot "endeavors to pruvont and ih tict fraud" ii,on tho revenue of the United Sttile.-; which oath or ullirinatioii shall le aihiiinisteiid by the i cllcctoref the port or district where tl.e said deputies or clerk.- um bo employed, and shall Im ol" u form to lw pre by tho .Secretary of the Treasury. Hu.. II. Ami lie it j'urlliir i wul,l. That no oflicer or othor per-on connected with tho navy of Iho United States, shall, under uny pretence, import in uny ship or ves-el of the United States nny goods, wares or merchandise liable to the pa) incut of any duty. S )-'. Ami lie il further owr'c, That all nets and parts of ads repugnant lo tho provis inns of this act Ik-, and tho same uro hen by, re pealed. The following are tho schedules n li mil In: SUIII-IDUI.I-: A. Ilrandy, and other spirits dirlillul grain, or othor material, cordial-, abj nllif, arrack, rimiein 1 irscluuiwiii-iT, liqueurs, iiinruchiini, mil1'.' an I i ther s; ilituoiis hevemges of u siini 1.; ' i: i- ter. scui:nni,i: i. Alulas'er a, si ar oinaiiients ; almonds, nn. cholrce, Mirdn:e.", and all ether lish presorred in oil; cl; i.:u to 1 ill icturu" of jet, nn 1 inut-i'ions thereof; lead 1 p'i"il--, in-iee.i roni, verinicelli, gelatine, jellies, and all -imilar preparation" ; m inuf icture- of til i hark of th" cork tree, except cork" ; m iiiu f icture-of hone, shell horn, p-arl, nnd ivory, or any vegitubln Ivory; m inufictiire", articles, ve els and ware", not otliervvi-e provided for, of h-,i", copper, gold, iron, lead, p-wh-r, pkiliui, silver, tin or other in -Ial, or of which either of t tho-u metals or uny other metal shall b.' tho com ponent of chief value; nnnufuctiire of cotton, linen, silk, wool or vvor-ted, if embroi- dered or tamboured in the loom or otherwi-e, bv ' ui- tal : type", new or old : vanilla bean" ; verdi- gri" : velvet, in tlie niece, compo-ed wholly ol cotton; velvet, iu tlie piece, compo-ed of cotton and silk, hut of which cotton i" the cimiponen' uiilerial of cliiel value; Vermillion; vva can dles. m,d tiper.s ; whalebone, tliu produce of f,.r eign li-heries ; and wheat llour: while and red lead ; whiting, or I'ari- white; while vitriol, or snlph ite of zinc; window tiliff, broad, crown, or cylinder ; woollen listings; yams. sciiuduli: i:. Ars mic ; bark, l'eruvi in; link, Quilla ; Ur.t7.ll pa-to; brim 'Ion ', crud". iu bulk ; cork treebuk. uimniiMl'ii-lureil: codilla, or tow of In nip or llu.v diitnond", gkiziT", set, or not s -t ; dragon's blood; llax, iinm m-'fi"luri-1 ; gold and i-ilvoi leaf; mill -ml k'-nn " ; silk, raw. not more nd vui""d in un ml i-tiir-' thin singles tram nnd thrown or organzine ; terne tin plates; tin foil: tin in'e- or shei ts; tin iilaP'S ri vail zed. not o-lierwisi proviiled for; steel in liars; cast, shear or (lenu iii; zinc, spelter, or teiitcnegue. in sneeis. sciniDui.i: r. Auimnni-i; ann itlo, lioncon or (Irlem-s ; hi rilla ; books printed, magazines, pamphlets, pe ril, lie il- and illustrated new.-p.iyers, hoiin-I or unlioun I, not otherwi-e providiil'fnr ; bleaching powder" or chloride of lime ; building stone.- ; burr stone", wrought or unvrmiiL'ht : cameos and mosaics, sind imitations thereof, not set; chro nometers, ln.x or ship", and pirt- thereof; cocoa; cochineal; cocoa shells: composition of g'a or pa-te, not set; cudbear: diamond-, irem-. H',irls, rubies, and other precious stone--, and imitations thereof, when not set ; engravings or plate", 1-oiind or unbound ; hemn.-eed. liiweed. and nieed; I'uller's earth; furs, hatters' dress- eu or uiiiire en, not on tlie s-kin ; lurs, unilre-s ed, when on tho skin ; gum Arabic; gum Sen egal ; gum 1 r.igicanth; gum ll.irhary; gum lla-t India; gum Jeddii;i'iuu sub-titiite or burnt starch; indigo; kelp; natron; terra japonic:! or catechu; hair of all kind-, uncleaned or iiiiinaii uf.ictureil ; India rubber, iu bottles, slub--, or sheets, tiiiiiriuufucturcd ; lemon and lime juice; lime; maps and charts; iiiu-icand music paper, with line, boiinil or unlHiind ; mix voinic; oil.-, palm and cocoanut ; orpiment ; palm leaf, un manufactured; polishing stones; piiinicu nml puiuicu stone-; iiit-iii" and reed", uinniniifae. Hired ; rotton stone; ki! ammonia ; saltpetre.(or nnrnio oi nio.i, or pot.i-ii; reimeil orpartuilly n iiueii ; son i a ui ; or s linl ; tallow, iii irrnw .M C'LAHK. Si .!6,ih. Asentt. I, A .tOrlXSON. A'i U. !nf utirs. 'Tiii, :uitM:i.i(id i.oill,. aio o,i sj et titiiee. Long IVIitti), limliin. April, IS Hi. AV,p V.irk. Iluitun J'nch- 17 Th" land" el llll" Coillli'lliv are created hv Pr-iiiiilm Notes ul the insured, wciued by a lien ol itenl li-lnte, or by good per-oird -ecuiuy, nud uniou.-it loiibout iwo lliilils ol li million ul ilnllriin. Thus wisliuiy pioti-ctloil will pl-isp cull. Oilier in the Court House. LYMAN CL'.M.MINCS, .ternf Iliirlington, Apal :w, IHIi'i. tsif J) Ii V. ):Vi:X rr'vUW u'lvnoii.-.-. Unit iif it till iimiml-tct'iiin, ai Wiutiv I'nllf. ItRu.t.s I tt.nt lutTm.i. l,L.t.i,,w;.i,n! all orI'ms will U1 prmiiiit y nth n.lnl to. ' Ort'iii'' to the n.lvnntne" dcrivcil in tin u-of tV abuve jiiiirovfiurnt. i cnahleil tont'Pjnl a ni'itl mid ln-nuntul i-ivi lor y.trJ an-1 Krinleu. at nnu-li vt -u than iht saiiu' rim ! ;;ot up lor in any utlicr wa,wliitf lur is not tr Ilcil by any in OdiuMioii u'. 'Pun ahn!ic jiniiro''mint winlir-l lim ii'iit nut in Wi'-teni New Vnrf. when' it .un innn mtj exti'iww u-e. aiu lia- n-iTivt'tl tli aiprob.itmu ol tjti'ilit u- it plain I r lil'n'k )jl .ckin ol' tin Mnvor ol tli-' ritv of lintlMt'. u itli iii:mv hun- aru tv of I'n-liiotiahlc laiuv ilrt'.Uot tli- lln-t agriculttirist-t an I nihiTrt hi lliat pari I'rstutu Va. an I t'nilin-.-iil Whets lisrht atil ol tli'1 Mat-' ; iiIhi ot (n tnor llubbiil. I) k.i Jaiviri, tl irk tij- llv pUin anil lij;. Mnrs'iili M irilk" Jn U': Cliu.-rluU ;m I many oihrr in N w li'impim'. VtM Sli;ipi, an.l a trrcat varaty ot p.m -ni- lor Sum- i ti rni , v n Ti- it it iiai ijr-ii uiipin.if .i, n nn ihm-11 iii'TWfar bmlily appio'-il. A-a lariti rt'iH'' it I'tMnbinfiiiKirL' 1 Tor Simmu-r Conta Cahmrt'tt". Dran It Kte. a.nnttiL's than any oiln-r h-uiv ci-r u-- Hrautu Tw nh, Vm Taut-- lliay Dark, an 1 ipiriur wi."ii icui'ini mm it iii' ii-nm- nm i ii'T'li'il ny in M. ii. ESailtlrll! & t,. , .MLIU IIA.N'l' TAILOUS, ' g N V IT I'. Tiiiim i-i:irAi) to i:imixi: a B earefii'dy el-et,-. n'-ortineat ot Cloth-, Can-imeri-", c"tinr", and Timmiiiij" Anion'..' Iheir ( ioiln uny li" foua.1 Hajir I'reneh Illuck. Illue lllaek. Ilrowa, il.ive, and all uie la-luon-ahle hliey eolom. I heir n""ortiiieut of f'n"-uurTe.s embraces a varietv , ana a greui on jjlii , porcelain L'las.-; m-iniil'iclures and tides of leather, or of which leather slmll he a component part, not othervvi-e provided for; in iiiul'ictiire" and articles of uiirhle, marble pa vinjrtilo", and all other m iihlo inure iidviueid in m-iuul'aeturo than in rial s or hlneh.- iu (lie rniiirh; ina'iuf ii-tuie- of p iper, or of which pi per is a component miterial, not otherwi-e pro vided for; manufacture-, atticle-. and ware-, of papier juiclie; iimiufieturi- of wood, or of which wood i u conipiment part, not othervvi-e provided for ; niiuiif ictures of wool, or of wli'eh wool shall ho the eompouent mitnriil of chief value, not olhnrwi-o providi-d fir; medicinal preparutirii", not othervvi-e provide I for; m t ilic pen-; miner il water-;; niu-k-ts, rill's and otiier tiro ami"; nut", not othervvi"" provi il 'd for; oil-cloth of every deseriii'ion, of whit ever miterial compo-el; ochre" and cvlmi earth- ii"eil in the ci.uip '-hien ol" painter's col- or--, wh -ther dry or p-n-i-n! in oil; oil-, vol tiile, j e i-enli .1 a nil si. pressed, and not otherwise pro 'vil.'dlor; olive oil, in ca-1;-, otln-r t'nin fiilid on; onve 'aim oil, ami all oilier olive, oil, not otic r.visn prov id il for; olivm; paper, anliipiari tri. cl'-iuy. dt.iwiuvr, eleplmnt. fool-eip, imperial, I -iter, and other piper nol olherwi-e provid- d Im; paper h'ie.", an lull nth -r fancy I ox s; piper eiiveio" : am ol- iiiid niiihliade"; p ircliui'-nt; pepper; plated and p;ilt warn of ull hind" ; pliy iuj,' card"; plum- ; in.l line-; red chalk pencil." ; millinery ol un Kinds, nut otlierwi-u provided for: minion", preserved; sewing t-illi, in the gum or purilied; lions compo-i-it wholly of Iuli.i nih il -r; H'.iliny; vva.; Mlk twit anil tvvi"t compos d of tiilliand mohnir; id" arm- of every doi-orip-linn; silver plated ur'tal, iu sheets cir other form; soap, (Vtile, perfumed, U'iud-or, and all other kinil-; Mioar of ull kind"; tohacco unmanufac tured; syrup of mi far; twines and p ick thread, of whatever miterial compo-ed; umbrella-; vellum-, vineoar; wafer.-; water color.-; lire-wood nud wood 1 1 1 n n.t 1 1 1 1 I'i t ti r 1 1 , not othervvi-o pro viiled for; wool iiiiinaiuifai'turci!. srnnnui.r. c llultons and liutton mould", of all kinds; l.o rax or tinclal; lliii(.'iinily pitch; calomel, ami nil other mercurial pteparation-; cuiiihir, crude; featlur IkiIs, feutliers for IkiIs, and downs of all kind.-; fo-s silks; jjra-s cloth; hair cloth, hair -eating, and all other manufactures of hair not otherwi-e provided for ; juto ; Sisal grass, coir and other vegetal.le sul.-tances tuuuaniil'.ictur ed, not iitherwi-o provided forjhaizes, Imckino", llannel", and lloor cloth", of whatever material composed, not otherwise provided fi.r ; cahles and cordage, tun,,) or nutiirreil; cotton lacos, cotton in-erting", cotton trimming laces, ci.itou laces and braid"; inanufictures couisi.-eil uhol ly of ci tton, not othervvi-o pruvjiloil for ; ui-iiiu-I icture.-of goat's hair or mohair, or of which gu.u s nair or mohair shall lie u component ma- ..... ...,,i.,,,ro ,iii,io,.ii ii, r - nriiiiug i ui chain) liur relimd; caeea, cioves, coinpofi tc; fvi Ub'.C', or other aitlclct ui luniiluie h i ial. iiese uml lloor matting and main mado ofllags, juie or erass ; Hires ol sill;, or ol vv liicli ilk shall ho a component material, not other h irovided for; manufactures f vvortted, or of which worsted shall ho a comioiient miteri al, not olheiwiso .iovideil for; rooling lalen; siaios oiner inaii nxiMij; tiaie?; woolen and vortf d varn. BCHF.DUI.U D. Adds, acetic, acetous. l'iuoic, hutaeie, chro- Ireeimt and heaving "t ihe txiotiud, nnd i" aduuralily a 1-lpled In UUerVides, .-iilyvt to severe treshels It tain-" le.-" liiiubi-r tn-ui anv oilier Kin,l ol teni"-.i"ti c -riaiu protcclionanam-t all kinds ol entile, is nt In. bte to n -t out of repair.criiriu le ti'.uien ine,is cuj-ily s.i up, taken down or removed, without injury t. "'No tanner slumld lie iritlnut lit len-l n snlli cieut ipiniitity to throw urouinl hit-fields ul gram and sun k ni dt. Also, m connection with th" nb-ive he has ti ma chine for turiiine ll.oom II m lies ll.irluulon 1'ali-, .March li, 1-ipl. tl Dnlliiii' Al-o, Self'Ailjititiiiz Slii'ls Illnck, Tuncv nud Siiiimi -r t 'nival-. S i"i)einlcrs, -Whirls, llo" wi-nii'l Col lars, 'Lile thread, silk, lihi-k, colored, nu I ivhil Klit lilovvs. Also, brown nu 1 dub Velv. I- n id r., .M C RvninCx, c. r. w ai;i). .May 11, 13S,i cles on alt theluo-t nit 'rc"tin siilijectswillii'l itsst'ojw. A saiiuiiarv oi iioiiicuiuirni n-ws irom in- leunni Iiortieiillilnil journnls 111 Ka-flnn I,,i nnd (Isrnin ny, will be given moiil'dy, n" well as nolieo" ol ull the 1 more iiiiiormni proeeeiliiii: ot the principal llorticul j 1'irnl Kietie" in tin" country, lit short. I'm periodi i nil may b- eoii"idered a emitiuiiatio'i i.f ih- vurioii" work- on rural sul,eels, by its L liter, which linv - nl i ready been so fivortibly ree -ivv.l by the p'it.lic. It is ' iiow'hi" object to n"-j-t.ns lii r ns po"ibl, iu givins: ' additional mipu!-- to th ; prnrewol Ilortirulutntlnm! the tn"teut m Itu-id Lit' -, sabj ets which aie now n . largely occupv mg -ill ihoae ultere-tetl in count -y parboil- Tits IInri;cu!turi"l will ho i"snd on the first of en -li month, (coinm-meme; July, 16.) iu ninit'a ts ol 15 jiage", iiri-ie-d on tine pap -r, nn.l cm:, -lisle'd wuh na inernus enrnvinu.. illustrative of the subject" 10 which it is devoted, inikiai; un niiiiunl volu uc ol about f, 1 1 page", ut 3,00 n year, pavable ta alvnnee. I'liHislied hv Lather Tucker. Olhec of ihe t'ultivaior, Albany t The nlwive work will!.'di"trihut-il nt D'trlinj ton. Iree of chare.- for jio-eu '. ns so ei as the nu ii'kt ul siibsenbei" will vvnriaiu the exp-ns O.ders s ilieii 1 -mil ihe v.ork slinll It - prompt!. for warded, a" pullisli -d. I' CiOUUlill II, Aif'-nt II irlnut hi, Vi Jim.', l-IIU EJlBMAXDTKSTA.MK.Vrs. , LAIKJI2 If suii.ily lorsd. .May J.I bv 4 iiitirfi;ni!i, Imi'i,i:.mi:is a Tui:sii!isi-iilK,-iH wish tocill tii--ulletition el the liieii.l" of Ami. culiure, nn I tin-1 nb-r- ol 111 A','-icultiiial :- ici -ly, nml ul the I'lnuer--Cm1, pirtn-iila ly, lo a llul'Tiill I'l.l )V tlue h-i" ever bi lore ln-en ulf-red la lllis mar kei, and toci'iivi s-- ou w- sp-uk tlij truth, when wi- ny ii 6rf r I'luir, vvc eurni-fily invite nil to call and 1 .11111111e lor lis niA-lics. We have rioiitv.'i. Clears' centre ihafi,sul.-oil, side hill, sward, one hoi-se, nnd in short, 1 very variety nf 1'lows mad by them We have nl-o Iluiritle", Nour-i' and Mason's I' ol every descuptiou uml sie, 1'orn sh dlers, Chums, Hoe. Ate nnd cvpect, in a f-w- days, u L'cuenil ti-Miitiiiciit ul runners' and Hanlm-is' Im- pleliu'iilt The filuue -uncles nre I nt the store of T Itovvll, Mi-1- ,ii's Ilii.i'ieii!, Cltuicli street, Uurlenttoii, sm . ,1,., by John . I I i'-iec, who is our uiuuori-cii uem nini VlhVM A ('run ran Lwv. Gvwi- M an nti ! Jm.rPJIAM'S lNTEUNAfj UIJM 12L)Y, I'oi iIip run oi IM.-, luriuimtioii ol the Liver anJ Spit'i'n ; lutl nnatio i. Son-it anl IJUvralion of tin Stnuni'h, ltw K' hi imd UlaMtr ; luilum 1 latory nivt Ifrurnl UVuinaitan Impurity of ihe liliio I : WfakncAi ami Itirtiuiatiou ot the Spin' : am! lor th" rt-lu t ot umrri"il hulifft. Tin. Vu.Eruti.1. 1'ilk Km.cti'ar , iiivent 'ti bv Dr A L!hain. a ihituiinuli' il phv-ifian ol Nrw Voik , city, h th" only rrallv tii iwtul o'lo-'iK lur tint ilau- rrtmii4 nilil iIi4lifHs.niir I'OIiinl.linl.thi lfllt ev.r nil. r. C1.!SI!ATII SCHOOL LILliAlill-!. .)0 ed toihe Amcncau public. lj Voliiines for Ajotii Mark llus it i-uu Interim! 7iVieiy am un c.t -r- 1DJ voliuii"s lor ftlu'n.1 uul iipiiheUmn, and will cure auj cus,' of ihe Piles, Ju-l reiviieil t,v STi;Vi:N-j WOODS' I eiih-r bleeding or blind, iiiteniiil of est'-nml ; and .May -ij. ' I pi-olse'ly the only thing thnl will. There is 110 uusnik" ' j ut.0111 11 It is a jistitive cure ptedy unit permanent igiilli I' M 1 oneivn m ,,.,, ,, , it is id-o a com eiiieut medicine to lak". and improves 'B'Olltl.l I.OOIilAd (iliASSI. lllMDia tl,. .tu-ml lieahh in a remarkable manner, i a great va ty of olhein, we have Toilel Look-I Lich 11 . co inim iwvlve doses, nu- da per dose mi; i,L.iss.'s w-uii 1111,1 wiinoui uiawers uii'ler iiimi ; ' 11 is very mini m us opcnition, mill may lis taken in t-ation. With jhi"i:i-tnuucnl theitienterm -afelv nnd read ily apply ulinirver iiijiv be ip-"erilesl A'ller lUlir the Syiingcihe pipe is to be lu-erieil.thepi-ton gcntly foreed ilow 11, ui. -I the iiistruoieiit kept liniilv ill eontlcl wiih ihe part" ml tie- content" have taken eti-ct The local remedies m Itcuconi.ea. eun"L-t of ditli-r-1- it astringent iiijii-lnui": thc-i nre iumio"cil of siilit tions of Ihe snlphaic ol zinc, iron, copper or the nce iit" ot lend, or infusion" of veu-taMe n-fi a nts, -ucli a- ltre.-n tea, oak I. irk. or nm gills Thej should Iv 11s 'J nt titst v.vnk. their strength U ma nllcw-atds inert- isi-.l 11 11 cc-siiy. I)AN CALC Tni" 1-Mc rt ij- tlint vie InveVvnnine I I) (Jale'i l'teimMr Serin".' and ei our oieiiou it t- well litteil tor tin- u-e intend -d, 111 1 as-t,,f t-'lour Alluis preceden ttn ur prulni-ii" t't'-ri .nil ot'vr weakness ol adjacent org-i i" llui-imgi ui, M-ircli gl, 1MI1. C ,V C II Hill. M D II iia.-e Hitch, AI I) Iftir linuMn : Jam. s l'oti r. M 1) Ituilinl, Vt : VA l' I'li-lp", .M. I) Windsor, Vt; 1! nj It Palmer. Wood "tock. Vt : riiy-iciaas and the puMic are invited lo call and cx nuiiil. the nlsivc m-triii.e-nt I-'or -ale nl HAIiUINin'ON 11KOTHCI1S. Ml Church st. 'I' HI! lAT:iMr,ti)r.'t;Y Wokk. and oxk R which "hould b -in ih Inn Is of every Mnrriril rrrvm Ml)lt.l,rin .-11)1.1)1; V. or aiilainlvvvrit- Tu-attse 0.1 ihe 'o.'miiii Question, by the Hon. men, vv-un an 111 , M I). Hid alieratious, by U Vlbo lull tiniinv 10 s 101. ill-Ill to llll .May la, fsid. 1'ITKIN it WAUi: fll aUiJviU'ho'imiiiehniiiht'r i)uking CIhh, pneket ami t caus ni'tiic most aeuu iuHaimmtioii without ilnuipr uiiiiw nu., 1 loAL-r .i'-t an i in my otii'T anicici i ah curnai appucutumi are in tun Jneutt ilrgrL ilw 5.1 JiUIXri.MAlD vV. ltliU TlllIKS. , aurepahle, int n em nt, nml otf-iwuf ; ami From Uie . j t-rj in tun ol uV dwja', tftuporurv in their efltcts iiimp IVniMfvi .,,.,, i,,,,,,.,. . Tim Medicine attnek- th ilw-d-e at iti mmrce, anj h 11 !. '?'. K' 'I" ,K,,,I ' remontti; the ran, renjere the cure certain ami titr- kiimau ( aivlit-, V lieN, &c , can he ol matKMit UMMAII) vrc II lUJih Ai ihey are kept j 1mlammTjkv D.scvt- Altliougii the lllectunrv huh - ili-laui-c Irom t!n Mure, tho-tc who wHi tir I hem i un .ui.niillv urciLir..,! iti. .ir. ,u i... i.i . .'. inu-t tiinilv a r-hoit Inn hrturt! tlit'V are uiuncil in he l.'u.i.m,J ii.,.li 1,1 l,. m, .,)...;., A, ... n I lll'll, U othi-M. Ill 111 lll;iit'H 11 lit! Itltl Itiilnnliiri' nl.nniiii.,i Wtj a iK'i- nmu'HHHi nl'blooil to nnv partH-ular part or OUSi: riMSinXfiS. 3Iim:bl K.vohs, "JJi'S. j-ir. -VfSS5?iiVr--'i oi th.. hiver siril 1 vV I.IMTIir.l! lMMNI'l!. Ill VA'rivi: tuirWnler-pr.",f lll.ickinir 1 JVarl vvbii.-lace plat s half plate and hilfl.ronit IiVj. Line ." uet du-iiciil I" ir.laee 11 '''t""."" '"kl 9"dl.ll"S drt VII pull". but to render Tim lenlhrr wdi. pliable, .11 r- 1 '".' m' '""?'T:. .1 . 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IH LA S & N 0 Y IIS un: .now iiixkivim: hum lloslon nnd N Vutk their mpply ul t-prin:; CikiiI", which lin y oil.-, iitwliiilcs.ili-iiiutliemo-t , liberal trims. ur i-io. k iwit "1 a irieat vnin-iy of 1 ',o,i II,. i , r.miirt. Lima (nras.luloreil Lash-1 meres, AV;.;. delMines, Mm'.in (inighnms, Summer JK0D.MS, PAILS'. &r. 51) noz. llitouMs, f III 1I07CU Won I Pads, 'i I " Ahcnnii. .Matts. SJ " A orted Vtirin-h Ilni-hrs, "U " do. hair do. il) " Common and Toncy Dusicts, 11 iiiiiow- nun 1 four 110 Mdl ?,,rir ne' M I"'-;"' V T ' iCv"?m"Z WmtonM iv me Tuble Urn-lies !-,, do '. Tooth an.l Nml do !' S-rub 1, S, V ,i '' '" "'I ennn iiiied o bWieve lint our (i.-ds wire ubla.ucd ! Ju Sh.. and lion-, do i-le STJU1MW iV Cl) filial nil orher j;reaso and , ,,,.,.; -,. , cnaable us m k-II themverj low m i June I, Hit. Hurhneton.'Apiil il. Hit'.. , ,,. . .1 . , , e- - - in iirices 111-11 W 111 CII.IUOII- 11- in - soap t-lutl-, not i.thenvi-e provuleil for ; watches, tli.U who niny favor us wuh a inll .0111 I'.ius ui w.iu-iies, w aieu 111. lien. us o all hinds, not othenvho provided lor ; wood or pa. SrmiDL'LIJ (i. Alcnrnoipiti ', nrnl, or rrinln tartar; hell", vvhuii old, or liell inetiil, tit only to ho re in iiinfjctureil ; brass iu nip;s or furs; llr.izil wisiil, and nil other dye-wood in stick"; brass, when o'd, and only lit' to Im reuiauiifiitured ; brii-tles; ehalk, nut olherwiMi provided for; el iv, uuwri)iii;hf, eopKT. iu jiijr-i or bars: eoppeV. when old, nud lit only In Im lemauulaetureil : Kilipliei,fSAl)l)Li;i:V, luaill ui .1 c-.i'-u ' - "' WAIli:, 111 nil ns vnrielies Also, Rut's nud Med. eines. I'.niitn. Oil", Yuruishcrf, clc HlllllllKlill. lfSK'i fs, ,...,., i i,ii,,..' I.'. . .,.tii, lWlM A .X Mllll.-s. 111. ' ) has iu-t received liom the Miiuura.-tit.cts 11 Hilcuiltd tisw.ttinciit ol IIOO I n V,r-lllr.M, ofalino'-l every desi-riptiuii.whiih vv ill l wild ns e iciip 11. ,1, 'I'I... wihIiiul' to nun l.isi-would do I.l i:avv "r7, 1 J I I haui", II VIED V MIC. Liu; nml Tinee Ad'AItiC AltTIlljlt 1 hpadcs,sl,v.'l",lofk:s. Iiiw-K, k-j thes and stiath'-ijilai-k- iirenowreceivmencvv Minius ih-iiows, sieiiee iiiiiuiiiers, narrow-nud l.iond iics,iiiitt'rH,iioi.urs,ialiIron kciiles, wairuon ales the Molnneli. IlowelB, Indue),., nnd llluddrr : Intluni iiiatory nn.l .viercnnnl is the Ikm nu-d- icille ever ibscovclcd. hiiuurii-01 nu Ilt.iKVi). lor all impurities of lho blood, miMiii! bum the imprudent u- ol .Mercury or oilier cnu-e- ; fur all di".-u--s ,, ih,. Skin nud .'-crilu-luus Alll-i-iioii , in nil discs where the lllo.ul lspovver Inlly ,1 'U rniined 10 the Head, prodm-ing drumem and dimics", Dr I iiham's lilcctuaiii i"eniuely unrivaled To .Mvriulu Lvmis .Mimed Ladies nre nlmo-t wil.icci to that (willful and uijarious discos -. the I' with co'iseii'ient lulhmiiniiou ol the Slum nib, llowclsaii.l Spine, wcukii -s ul ihe Hack, ilow of Mood In die II -ad, el Th Klecinnry ts prlecilv Kite tor 1'iciiu int La lie,nn I th mn-t u tul Cnlliartu tlul eun ibly be u-ed. us it will nut only remove ih - Piles nud till mil iniiii iiory discuses, without ;ri nr irrtt itiau. bin will ensure an en"y tun -, n sale de livery, nnd a sound constitution m theolf-ptinj: Ci Ri. roll Lur. Hi vuvmieu The eleciitrj inntains 110 Mineral medicine; no Aloes, Colacyiith,(iiimknr, ur other K.wcrlul and immune; l'liruamc. No lent ot lukllje, euld while under lis uitliieiiee, 110 t-batie 111 diet nci-ciwary lftak"tl itccurdlln; lo tlie dini-tions. a fine Jor Life is Cimraiiticd. 1'auij.lilt-ls, giving valuable uilbnuatinn respeetinjj thus .Medicine, uny Ik- obun.ied ol ntrcnuj. srniH J. S. Iloluill'o.N, 13.) Wllsliiujrlun-st , lUibtull, gell einl A((eut lor the New- lamlnnll Stale Aut.r ii.irnnuion, 1 n k v; vinnlpetier, n-.'l pime", bra-s ki'tili-Kjinll and circular mvvi.wru'i Claik .V Collins: Kiiiliuid, Djinrlls Hell, Ib-n mil cut nails, iron iind bniss wnc, sheet t-oMw-r and buis". hoop iron, sheet lead, sheet zmc, grindstone erank", ovuu mouths, plow cn-tinie", ete Juiic I. STKONCH .V CO MAIXTS AMI OILS, ft TONS ULI) LIIAD, I dry nnd In ud- -pure," "IlMin," nnd "No. 1" chrome vcllow. Veil red. Paris erecn. l-'reiieli icllo,,'. Ilints; LTind-toiiei", wrought or liliwrilii"ht lhr. "i-ll loenh 1111.I In Ime pan Iwisin t-lm-vv here , hilinru"', ttuiu eup-d, chruino (jri-i-u, wlntiini, puny, ries.nuls, mid le.'etabh'H u-ed .Aclnv,.!!- i ' N " - I lu-lotu wuik ut ull kinds made lo nideraiul Minus tuiK-uluie,lii m callous hu-t-cd oil, vtirm-li.wui-V '"'" ,.,u"" "ii At 1 llh, v 1 I V III , ,i. , 1.. dow-Lilnss. tinint and varttlsh hrnslieM. Im.i e,l 01 . etc June I. STItONliS CO. SLIAS LYMAX ins this nv iii:n:ii:i) J un eteii-ive nssoitiucnt uf l'laid, Clu-ik. and 1'iuicy Cnsmiicrcs I'rintcd I'lnid. Hold .Mix nml 1'lniu Saliucits. rnni-y nnd Cold .Mix Tweeds. Kich Milliliter Veslinirs, etc Slale Colon-d nml Drab Mo reens. Super. 111,-irk Lnsluij!, Hlue Slri', Cnmbria I'luiiL. l'laid Drilliuss. Kich l'nnts, .Miulin IVmg-b.-niif. Cul'd Ciunbiiin. ele Aim-. (in ut iiH.rtuient uf llu-icrv Iveiii''. ur in 1 iio.-iii'rilves. but nn n 1 i;, l.. si, , 11 Us i-lasMil iik Mieh that lias uiidorfronouiiv man iilinluri", ivory, uninaniifaelureil I; ivory liut, or veetuli'es ivory ; 111 nlder root j mitguJli ; iiearl, uiGther id'; hui,iii!,'it, niiluliln for shoes. Un,u, hooti'C'S. or button-, i .velu-ivelv : 111 mtihiei,,,-, J of mohair chilli, i-ilktu.-l,or oilier luauufietitres ' .LSO.nni...rliu.-tii "I CIIOICK (lllOCIIIiUIS, coiiststiin; isirt ul Ihe lullow llia atlil lc ' Tl is, Senilis, Cult II , Sill U-.SVLUI.VTIS, .MolAtelS, Oil, IWk.Saii' Couii-n, .M.iiKtaiL.Sii.Mo.v, Smti-, T.iuiiio, Naiij,i-U'. cie p lluilingtoii, June 1, 1HW of cloth, n.ilabh) for the maniilactUM. of -hot, , gHHSIl SAHATOUA WATlIliS.-t'ONlilllXS boot, liootec", nr hultoiis cM-liisivelv ; horns ,? P"u, Water rcccivina we. kly ; also, IikIuic nnd I ,m, tl. s l,.,ri,s I,,... tu. .,.,1 , .i . i- ' I uvdiuii aicrs. eon-tanily on baud tit liorii-upr, nuiu . iriuie-iipx, ami tectli, ' ':i'1C X Sl'llAK S nuiiitou, 1'. S. I'eck .V Co. Wiu,Ki-ki l'ulls, W II I Intel, ;Hj-lj ILVi:i WAltL. Wi: 11 wi: at u.i. timis )3 un band, mtireai variety . pure silver lea, table . dessert, ereain, uiu-iaid. suit, sugnr, aiul etti; Skh.hs ; tulile, dett'crt, puklc, uu.l cluldien's silver Turks .--biu-ter knives, siiar lonts, silver eiim, ntiimnu ludes, cot lin plates, thimbles, mid till nrtu-tes usually w tinted in the silver ware hue And we would remind purchas er" that we give as Amrvspoaii" (mud old llur silver, or silver n- pure ns dolluis,) lor the same jince that ihe ulloji d sjioons ua- sold by pedu-r". (ireul cure nnd p-iius arc taken to have our shs.iis made icsll, which is very essential to llc-ir dunilnlny SH.nsaudthiui- 1.11 solil l.y us lire miflArif Mff. HKlNSMAlDcs IllIOTIIIIUS. N II Our Silver eluvv loiuu, uud sunis look tln rieniuun nl the (jrent 1'uir of tlie American Institute, hrld at Nnv Yoik, 1SII'.. The Diploma, nwurdedu. us. enu In- seen nl our store, rtplit band side us you Ii tier II I) Onan, with ItloVCI To everv- itersou of sound common sen",-, tins work i" on" wltieh will eomm-md tie- luulie-t prni-e It is true n few iiriioniut people in iy ciindciuii il, but the 1 diloi is lull) p-rsa tiled that lac liicli luiIKirlance of the -jbject o which 11 treats will pn -eul ii-ell so for eiblv 10 rcilirleiii iniiid" thai it tnti-t command rc-ticct Were ilu- hook car. uiily reu-1 by every married per son, nud its advice -liictlv followed, we ure Is-rsliaded that n dill'-rent -lute of-i's-iety liom the prescnl would exist The terrors ot pnv, rtv ii'id ot ihe pro-pivi nf u lii'iuly ot children which cuuld but U- jhirl) reared, pievent tunny pru lent p -o,!e trom entering the intri inoninl slut-' but here 1- 11 work w Inch will tell run iuipnrtaut secret- which muv obviuie ad -ucli ubjec lious to a happy connubial n i-itmn and which ihou fland" o married people would givt all they poa.-c-. 10 understand tully. The editor is not nlloweil to Plate iu public the ibar ncter of this work more in detail, but In- know thnl 11 is one which will moot with imiversal upprobanon, lho moment u b.-coini-s known among married peupie ,!tim wnn,'"8 enpit-i of this imjurianl I'hy-iolo. leal vv nrk, bv eni-liuiitiK one dollar to Dr liuv r No - Ann si , or In llox HJi, New Vork post otli .- will insure tin- svndiui; of Uie work 111 oiicstion Ti'Jiagi; on tie- hook is five i-ents. A ein-iilnr, des,riptive of tlie oruLTT. will be erntu-iluu-lv Bent 10 mst-puul eomimmieatmns N il Siiuable s-rsons are wanted ns aiioiits for the iilsive v.ork, and the article tli-rciu nanit-d .Murchl'i, lSlrt. 43nir, VAIISPAIIILLA AIKA1). I ui:- vali 1: or J ihisnr.-iBiraiion is now widely known, nnd ritry d i) the field ol its u-s-liilnesB h extetnlmi; It is ai- pr d and luahlj reci.mmended by I'll VSICIANS. aiul is admitted 10 Is- the mo-t nuieeable pn-pirauon Iru. 1 the root dint has ever been emplmcd m .MLDI J" M I'KACTlCi; It is not tual 111 in oi'rauons, bin ;.'nenil,, ,iidim i'i on,,, the wliulc sj,t, in It neiimdizesihe pui-,iit,ms , , ue-nts 111 the llt.OODfltul re", .res 11 henltiiy ton to th oris ui". which generute thin II111J. In scrolulns nnd ull external di-ordetsiho ic- ill is the rnpid divren-e ut the same In ibcunin. Usui, nud oilier mml'ul nll'-ctioti" ul the uui- ular fibre, u si. edy removal of ihe nm and 111 nil casvsa rem-w-ul ot siren :tb k,s-piii iiacc with the r. treat ot llio di ic lo in tlw system The iri'prietor"are tilmost daily receivinij teliino nu; s in ih.- sl.ijiK- uf larae urders, temiimir k. lis irrem vmi.e ns it ini'dicinc, aim uU. as the mist pleasant ami nil cubic drink known 1 The nb ive ntiicle is for uil ul.,j 1 1 o llv.RiMi us. IlKo-rutRs.C iimaZV n . " Mvtui .V Co, and .Mtsv.v .v- I'.,,', r-r' bv W I Wi luosk 1'lills Viot uy! Viflurj ! Vit forv f Tiii:tii:avTi:sT yi:t IT is now as iv tiii: l)A.s or Ihm Allkv t w lien tort 1 iconderoga was enntiucl. 1 . .1 ' t A-V ,m"! i"i:s IT. Ju-l ns it he N,w orkers wen-nil in i,n,icie8 reioie. nu lor War and i,i .,v. sTi;t, ,.1IU,.ll , i .M. vicans, S,m.h wuh 1 reucli Crmvu- nnd Itritish sovcrcurns, under utlrc.-n .Monntniu lloy Cummin, yr. reinloiced by 1' S Amcrict.n VVU-l enle "d "l L-opire I uy.und took trout thur Stuns s.713 I olhr. w.'itliol iiii-ir Spluultd d IJoods. nres. nnd M.-n, nnd brou.-bt tn Vermont tor .list,, but,.,,, . , . t',.,,,,,,., ttllu m,. hZlZ applyiiittlo ilnir Vac, HOWAKD nurluietou, M.ij 's, is pi y JOlt Su.i: vt iTutui.MiTo.v lluoTiiints'T" 8. KUKI 1! LO ALIA CIO A KS. .tt-MMl ,sH-mnn do. IIKlt) lindi.n Kcgnlia do. tMiK) Vns1uugtoii Lanoria do. IIHKI l'nris do. UHli) Chi-riwlcs d". The are a few just receive! freni Niw Yuik and will Is- sold low for rush. JnlyS !