Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 21, 1846 Page 1
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FREE PRESS, THE U 13 i B IJ.rB il ft ri si. H i R mm v h a i v w iioli: iv. iooo. IU KMM.TOA, FRIDAY JIORXIXCi, AVUVHT 1, 1810. VOffi. XX. 7V. s r. V UUltLINGTON F 1112 12 PRESS, Published nt Uuilinclon. Vt., II y 1) . W . V. (J I. A II K IJ , Editor mid Prnpiiettir. Terras! To V illig? subscribers who receive the piper by the carrier. Hju'l Ifpiil iiuiji.-mce a,')J Mail s i'Mirib-rs nn 1 those who lake it at llie O Tn; inviri ibly ".on Aorcamcvcxri insertsil on the cu-tonnry terms. 1X1)1 vx conx oi)i)i:it. rorthc Burlington I'rce Tress. TO JIVSIILl". Reader, my friend, adopt (If tlinit wilt) the caption; and reflect upon Thyself. Tint which essentially con-titutes Tliu'clf, i tliv Sunt. In tliat tlion wastcreitod "in theiinago ofGod.' Soul ! my .Soul, oftto.l lieijottcn, Why wilt thou linger here ! Why ihe bin h of sins Wilt thou, (i."s freeman, hear, Tliy holy cnllin h ilf forgotten ? Sure, if thou hnd-l wnndered never, What hob. ililn-l lib- mi I l'-.i.-e. vith Cod' nni!i'l fit to shine Above tli lirunin 'in, forever. Seek, Ah ! fc ck tlie fount that's sprinin t'puheie the Heaven-Saved arc : Ti'ioii ! my wondrous spiite, 1'roin tho-e f tir regions far Thou ciinie'l, in,-thy bright way winin. Age ' nnd thou shah be roiurnin Soon, homeward whence thou came, All thy fardels spurn! In tint dnns-p-irging thine, God shall coiiMime il,'-,,,, wh" ilie world is burning. Ftars bright 'tars around us turning, Asth'-y harmonious move, (With Uarth, their rfi-ter) Soon -hall they weary prove. In their ancient paths leturuing. I.vriu.r. Tivicr.r., Vinir corr -pondctit H of Ohio, inquires if there i no c.u-t nilo of curing com -till; fmlder than "to rlip tlio stalks, hind thoin in small limi lies ml -tuck tliem np ?" I ill'or mv experience for wli I it is worth. Thro ve irs ago this month, I -'Sv"d the fir.-t corn 1 ever undortnol tor.ii-elor Uler. the field con t.iined nboiit two acres. Win sowing liroid ei-t. and lining covvil ujmt h'llf the field, I hipneuod to IliinU it wouldl,' as well to e.vp'ri m -nt a lil'le. and accord holy struck out tin ret in drills, 2 1-2 I'.-ot a irt," mil sowed til corn thick in the drills. y the lirst of .lnlyt'i weeds were so thick a, ji'igtlrit which in -own, I'nt n-nuiitd lurlly tell w'nt croii was (he l'lopriolor of the mil, while tint which was sowed ill drill- ha' ing been cnltiv.i-1 tiiij potato nor. The Hartford Conrant publishes the follow- in";: Di-n.v-r.t) l'oTATor.s. Mr. I'.ditnr, -As the l'otato Itot Is assuming a very alarming ap pearance within tho la-t week in this vicinity, I live yon Ihe result of an experiment in my ( the pre-cutse-i-nii. Nuticiny sii:n- tima sinroa recnnm"tiditiou o mow nil' the v hi"s of potatoes to prevent the ol. I ctii-ed the vines from a part of my M"rcer 'ot.ito ivitch in mv mriHi to h mown oil' when ho'pnratoos wore bail or two-thirds grown, and i" result is highly gr.ititv ing. those not mown ill" are it large propnition of them diso.isod and iittcn. and thoe mown oll'not one diseased or rotten potilo can he foiiiul. I think firmer- who liavc-latc fields of potato-, whore tlieinesas vet show no signs of dis. "io, (hut if snil'oreil to remain will in a few weeks Inconi" worthless) iiviv he able lo save an onemv, who should stc-.eed in entnrinjj 1'iis pis-a-jo wiy, tooilidicult to he attempted. We oon reached the jr-ilo l)illiou-ie, where the pnirdis stitioned, and tlronoh which we were conducted alter liavimj exhibited our permit from 1 lies Town M iyor. Our pirty Ind n lino lo.ikin; fellow, of the :tJ, d''iiiiitto'd to juhlc them. Altlintirj hut a private, he was so courteous and Hentleminly as to ovite jjeii"ral attention; while his rich Scotch brogue rcu Icred his conversation mu-ically injreeahlo. Om is disappointed in entering the citadel. iiere are lower si.innn;' atractions than were ooueii lor: nut tins verv circiiinianc.e is evi dence of its urent 'trenct'i. Out-ide, a't wall" are to In seen which areiilmn-t entirely covered np inshh', with hur.icks and batteries. There ar a niimlnr of ton'' huililins, at ilill'jrent points within the enclosure u-ed as store houses, mnjizines, pri-on-, enrinn houses, olliccrs' iiiarters, oic. &c, and rlilhers are now hcinjj built. The citadel projer covers an area ol about 10 acres, and is, luiqucMion ihly, and he yon 1 all coinp.iri-oiuthe slrone-t fortre-s on the tod once or twice. vva rovviiifj visoroiislv. ho I pu the plow in ami .1 ne.l nn.le .lie " ,, ,v ,h0 tops oil' vvithout dol.y. The crop w Inch was -own brov c.i-t. and then -truck h mmvn out the land in drills a sowed .ijiim. . u-r ivarly or intito as l.iroo as those where the re-t was cut who,, , ta-s , ad I exoenencel . vn (). Ui0 mmc of prL.ciin. dilheiillv in curing it. anl after I tlm'ijj i . r .,,., ,, , rrri, . If anv am -keptlcil upon t h" jjnmnil ni mv It ,tlery, which f ices Ti.-i cuirmco vv.iy.nml over-1 panied by din-jer. which ve found, w.n from Age my Soul! thou shall, untrcmblim;, When their bright lamps no more Shall Mvinj from Heaven, Ilearwitne-s, o-i the sliore Th" mystic shore, on which a.-einbling Throngs of (Jol's children s.-c the wou ler, "When the Huivcns passaway, And the elements Shall nu ll" in ihat dread day, When Nature's bands all burst a'indcr! Still my Soul, thou 'halt, Immornl, View- llie elemental tluocs: Ah! how little All thoe trembliugs, to the woes Of doomed iivu, within the portal CI that prison, ihitk, releas'-les. Which tVir irivpimcJ Sin, And imforgiven, M ike,: a II 'II without, within ; Ibirning llemorse, as!run;.l an J cea'le-,s. Soal ! my Soul, of their sad number, Oil be thou nevpr fjuud ! Hut, iml'rihteil, Hear tbon tbTruinpet',s,vinil, Whose judgement e-ill -hall break thy slumber. Hark' I hear ihe llansomed singing To Colden Hams tin ir wm ' Siny brothers ' stay, and I Will go with ou along. Up where the Heavenly paeon is ringing1 Iati.i.. it was norfectlv ilrv it was nut in Ihe turn, anl inn week I hid to take it nil put and Fpreid it !L'im. Ihe second ii'aoii tmw -ver. wi " ' m lii-sr! till Iro-t rum". in b ed, it vH a little nipod by fro-t b'tore n n'.is cut: but the old vveallier nreventeil il- licitniLMiiid alter lv- ino th.-ee ilav-nflor cutliiiL'. it was nut in llie him, and kept perfectly well all winter. Since then I Invc followed tl'iis pi in, and have had no firther accident. I plant from Sth to lOlh July, in drills " l-o f,.ct apart ; keep the weeds under (ill the corn shade-the ground, after which they rive no trouble ; cut about Ihe la-t week in o vcmber, with a still; knife. (rras,injr, cutting llietn oll'and layino iheni in the row-,) I leave them thus for three or four d lys.and I hen either put them in the burn or -tack them for the winter. continent. After p-issinrj to dtfi to' point" of attraction, of fiT f.'Ct. '' uf.v be seen to advmtiL'e from w- were con liictc'l to wli it is called the Kins -ever il position- ; out too be-t venv. nniccoin :.l ixuni'.v; ntv notut iwtcli io 1 S l'auit t,) for themselves. M. c. wr,r.sTi:u. Hartford, August fi, IS 10. The 1'orATo Rut. Mverv where in tlii- vi- 1 J or l.ri imiintod cannon ami is at an elevation i to the St. Lawrence, off)))!) fct .ibovo the level of tho river direct- IVoin this point the fall looks indi-cribibly ly b"ne ith it. Tito realet will havo an indi beautiful. The principal body of water, as it ib tinct conception of th" elevitioti of tlii- lnttery, i scends, acfpiircs the lloecine-s of -now, while when he rcttrmb.'r- tint tie -teeple of the lir'-t' the little -treams, which pu-h thein-elve.s over ro-o'. lun in cnnico iii nociio-o-r is nut i iu icci ino suinmii oi mo precipice at various nonit (Jrnliiiig ;rnpe Vine. I'inite we ol' llie nroirri'-s of this ibsoasn ill the potato. The new crop, it is feared, will en- i '"'lit; nnd the steeple of the famous Trinity , look, as they course their way down the rock.liko counter even a worse fate than the crop of la-t i'1 ""W ,".rk lmt r-'ut- molten jjla-sor silver thread'. year. , l rom tins point you can ice the spot where' The pap, which forms the hais, is at ono An exchano-o paper states an important fart, , MTi.( fell. He had been a captain in , point, a full rpiarter of a mile iu width, from if lo bo r,.lio7l onon. It states tint A. II. I aw- the llriti-h army under Woi.t E, and served faith-1 b ink to h ink. and ln the form of a Inure bowl. rence, V.-n., of Lonu Island, recently cut some fully durinn the entire of the campaiL'ti, which with a broken edoe, throuoli which the witer I C'st-nt. and. a hrowii'lliaf for honi or ti e twi orihedi-eu-cdpotatoest.ilk-from his firm, and resulted in the capture ol liicbec. He sub-e- pa-e-', in a shallow stream, to the St. law-' ;mnv u t,-it bv he irt.-' opeinns them, di-covered a inmn. nearly on ' 'inently re-ione ins commi-sioii in the liiti-li ( rence. , " I'm a dvin" man, Ro'rer, and you know it inch Hit cn'renf nidi, which had com- army, and embraced thojiriociples of the patri-. It was at lliis point that Wolfe's, brave armv haven't tvvelve hour-to live no, not six, before plelelvdo-troved the vitality, and of coiir-e de- "ts of the revolution. lin it was determined were repiil-ed by Montcalm a repul-o which I i pav the debt of n iture." cav in the potatoe followed. This, undoubtedly, to invade (..anada. he was appropriately cho-en had.-iiclian ellect uponU olfe .s sen-itive inindas .",, the debt o'nilur ! I wish you hadn't tiii: irvi'ocnoxniti.vr. BX THOMAS noon. Tliero was 'Aiiare l-'ovill, a martyr to that melancholy humorcall'Hl Hypochondriacs, and who wa cured by the l'ross. Many a Tina comic scene there was hjtvvcen th" lm'ter and his mm ltoji-r, a coulid.'iiti il servant of the old school, shrewd, truty, nnd as blunt as a spade. " Well, Unoer," the old man would say, after i very lonjj an I solemn slnke of the head, "I im aninu at last.'' " (ilad on it o Kv.iiriinm, of course V "io, linger, no to another world.', " Whit, to -m-riky '' " N'o, to another and a better one, linger, to the land of spirits." " Ah, tint s o' missing your brandy you be low, you be.-' "Not o low as I slull be, lioger, I am nt death's door 1 have iloubl" kiieckod. and am -crupins ! mv -hoc", nnd it will ooubr. walk in .Vow : ln.. . . . i ...i i .i..., u- i'he fill is o.OT feet, with a width at the brink n ' ""' K' ' Vus, "-j know. II' ha pr,,i the of vonr I List will- 'oiir n -vy 'will com-iiito Ihf ! md. I and vourn 'ic ) i to h'V - your per-nn u hulk. .va uo:." r. .11 it vva-'-iie will b lure. I i m ule another since but no nutter. I've doll" with money and I m I. All I require now is a little turf."" ' Well, there's a whole stack on it in the rick yard, and when you've burnt n' that " " Never, Rog.'r, never ! I'm burnt out my self quite down in the socket, and -hall go ofi'like. a sunn". I am ready, Roger, for the g tr ue." "Yes, ve, an 1 the com for the sickle, and gra-s for the scythe, ami a ripe plum for Ihe led to admire the b"anliful grounds of l'eter I'at crson, Iisq., who-c house was formerly occupied hvtho lale Duke of Kent. It is a very pretty til ire : but do".s not combine all the elegancies of some of Ihe private m mions in the neighbor hood of Montreal. The banks of the river are lined by pine and lir trees, which nllonl a pleas ing shade. The fir-t view of the rapids I pleas ing ; but you are startled with the featful gran deur of the fills themselves, when looking at them from the brink of the rock which overhangs them. It was from this point wo looked down upon the turfi'tient waters ; and our head grew dizzy as wo watched the foaming, bounding tor rent, leaping to the quiet bisin beneath. Hut tin view wis charming; and it increased in ter rific gran leur as we clambered ilown the st iir likerock ton point of proiection, forty feet In-low the surface of the bank. We could alino-t touch the waters in their lighteniiig-liko leap. Hut the I po-ilion was one ol too fearful hazzard to nllow us to fully eiioy the beantv of the scene; nnd even in this review cf that position, our blood grows chill. Hut it arn't due vet it Another correspondent inquires about grafting grape vinos, ;,ti I a- 1 have hail -om ; experience 1 in al-o, I will give il. and think I cm con vince Iii in that it requires no greit -kill orni-e-ty. hi January. Is 1 1. I w.i- -eltim; out foreign vine-in a green-hou-e, and thinking I might gain time bv grafting. I went into my vineyard ami -elected twelve" l-.ib dl i vinos of u it'less th in on inch in diameter at the surface of the ground. The e 1 took up with the greatest care and pi mted ju-t iu front of my green-house. I then can ied tlie..ti'iin thr iuiIi the found ition and cut th"in oll'iu-ide. about three inches un d rg'oii il; si, it th ui an 1 iu-i r'e I two .-io:n i in i arh. I did not bind them, b it simply pressed , t to u irth tightly them, an 1 every ou- took. I I Thev show 'd pi -utv of fruit th" next 'year; In! I o ily allmved tliem loh-nra few hunch"', which they ripen" I well. Tiiis yeir they ar- growing vyitli woiidjrfiil vigor, anl arj covered with lino bunch"s of grapes, while the young vines pi mted at the --am ti.ii" will not 'be leady to' llt"e Iw.i year-. Since then I have gr if-' ted vines in every month troin February till June, and with equal success, and therefore, roncliii.'e that ;'' nr.ij'lnl nndr grmmd there need be no diliiculty about it. i II. w. s. c. (!.inds, Rurlinton, . J-, May "JO, lSIu'. it add-, is the can-e of the di-e.i-e, and now it .leader, lie was conhden! ' success, because to ciiu-o a severe illne-s, w Inch was only quieted !lllv ,,, .cltc t 1L.nli only re u tim t ) discover a re no ly. and tlu wm-aware ol theihs.illertiui ol the ianadi ms i when he iletennined upon the movement which liril't, of the iiirmint i- short. Wteiny "A rgis. towards the Umjli-h government, liven the siiniiltaueously ro-ulted iu his triumph and his " l')uo and over due, Rojrcr. The receipt is ...,,, , , ., prie.-ts were un.iblo to indiKe Iheni to take up deatli. made out, and before to-morrow morning von wi.iitj i ...... -il"-'" anus a-'ain-ltlie Americans; and in the -iiinmer I he ride back to the city i remlereil ueligtit-, .,.111 ,.,.. .,,nthor muter." milium 01 1uupu1.1u11.1up win of 1 "T.j, there were -Iron'' L'rnuids for believiiiL' fill by the dillerent no-ition-111 winch llie city is i " . I shan't -. I h-im't bad am-wnroin a nee- the il,: more exlen-ive this vear thin ever. We hear ilmo-t daily of the decay or drying up of the vines. ,lo-eph Smith, J-q. of liadley, iufonn ii that tlii-is the ca-e with bis pilitoos with which he took great care i 11 planting, and ned salt and piaster Ireelv. lie basal-) 11 id conver sation with a firmer in ll.dchertown, vviio-o poti-tie- Ind b.'g'iu tod'eay. Is tliere norcupdy ? Northampton Courier. tint Lower Canada could b( easily seized and seen. DuriiiL'the entire di-tatice, it is spread held. AiiMil.n reached Qir-hcc in November, out before v 011 in its entire length and breadth ; anl immediately inve-ted the city. In a month, and looks at ouco firnidalile and liomliliil. l.v- ;,, circulation is at a stand still, the heart can lie was joineiiny .vioTooui.r.r, wnen tneir lorces ery one who vi-n.s iuiuec siiouio 1111s riuo ( not .(.rtirn its function Ij.vfincts fiom th" Soe'-ib ofvlr St vvaiit,o( I . the Protective l'oh -y. Ilircrts. ol'uJ vi ir- in Untie-. Ad valorem dull s hid 'n n universal'.', iected throughout tho worl t. an I vvheneV' ' ilc duties could bp ndo-i'e I t'i -v vv r- so' ' ted forad vnloro'iis. Andvv'o f li-'iusatl ri"tice had proved th' 'hey I to nil kit frauds and evnRion. nil w.r utterly Intdc to the purposes of eiilier rcieve or I'-'iMi Thev favored the fnreiirn m inef 'ctarer tim eign importer nt th" rxpena of the hone nieriran. The for"iijn minvf,ir!itfr o toKls to !,i o' i? turrnt, who was the Imji They made out and wore tn their invoice l 1 . price they pleased, thus chentifjf the rei whilst they lird:e down oar hoiient ahipfMir nnniificturor-. For then destructive 1 there was no remody. On the other ham' rifie duties, levied on tlie thina, and nolitJ mut be fairly and honestly paid. Another nerniciou ell -el of ail valo-em ' to 'hi- they g-ive tro'fsfmn when it T I wanted, nnd took it "wiy -.'ion is i-nt-I when goods went down in price I'ir.Kid.and I squeiiilv run into o't in irk"t. "1 . Jutlc Irtwn with 1 o -10 's l at when t"',B ftricosl j so high abroad I'l it 'hoy Co, t'd u t be imp""' j ftiori the d iti-'s w.-o'e '.ii'i Ir f ,v';crt:nTi t fn 1 -t in"", w iien iron was Sfj J r ton ahroai!. "oald not In imported, then 31 per cent, an rem would bo 519 p-r ton; but if iron fe w hat it was n f years ago. fjii p3r ton, it could and would In iinportnii totho ruin -nnnaf irtnr"rs. the dnlv. m pnr cent., wo... down from SIS to -ST..")') per ton ; thu- 11, 1 -dour goods dearer and rbeup goods cl. ' 1 -giving igi protection when 110110 was w '. , and no protection nt all v, le-n i" was. w ore a few of the ininv oh potion . to tli'.s . - " able and ruinous system of ad a'"rem". a. ' bore when cast oll'and re.octe lev yw.ier but this was in perfect harmony wi'll the i'v r -tary's whole -chein". which wis avow " I' 'o prevent tb" "tnbtlitnliun of .IbtHi m'livf": iire.s fur H.-iliA q-oor.'''"lts pitros-' w.x- lo fa vor the llnti-li and break down the Amnca is. and it would an-wcr its puriKiso. It w.i- pl.iv inn into the hand- of Sir 1! dcrt I Vol. nnd earn ing out the iiolicv of this llritisli-liUini'A lmini-- tration. (living up Oregon wa nothing, but I givini' up our nation il in I "i"tid -nc uid reduc- (D u c b c c . rrom Notes of a Viit wit, by th- Kbtor of the Roch ester Ujinocrut.J CiUKECC, July 2S. Wii'fr awl Mimlcn'm's Mmiumn-li Dnrhnm 'l:rrt I'arlitm'itl Tlie CituH l)t li'tf Mii'.ni rilln-Ucl Arnj'JCn- ianlviv Ann lunjaancc j,,,,,,. amounted to HOMO men 5 0 )f whom were vol unteer Canadians, 1 Tlie alt.ick was made on tie night of the 31t 1 Dc, 1775. Arnold -itcceed-d iu driving the j gitird from tho point allotted to him, but he was , soon driven hick wounded, vhen Iii- comnund of I'J'J 111:11 w to taken pri-on'rs. .Montgomery. 1 at the head of OJO men, sououtto nuke hi way up the rock to the citadel ; tut be was met by a 1 guard with the bitlery of U pounder-, vvliodrove hi.n bick bva singledi-chir'e.and in the morn ing, his body, with thirteen others, was di-covered on the rock I'rcs-de-villf. The -pot i-von-c rated by tho-e whom tho gi'liut tieueril ram- to con pior. It 1- de-ign H"i by a pine board, iiinteil )ec. 31st, if "for no other rea-on than to see tho city as it onlv can 63 seen from this direction. Hl II,,!-" Ifrwr",- linn, ('....I m nlllsn I 1 W! " 11 11 to tlie COn' I It IOTI o COIOIIIOS, W'l - lo.l It iope 1 ju-t now hTr two minutes and a half. 1I. 'i'h'- remedy i- w ith the I'l-opl". and the;. Ill'l-l It. II Jf-IUIUIll II HV -II' W HII IJ" propriate title for their bill, he would furnish no and move it as an am"ndui-'nt of the bill passed. .ll.Y.IOIl IMNfjnOMJ'S IIE3IVINS. All mo-m-hine muter. lis performing its funkings at this minit. It's going as regu lar as an eight day clock I can almo-t hear tin tick." " "o, Roger that's impo-sible." " Is il ; Then w by do Dr. IJ irby try to hear it with his telescope !'' ' Setho-cope, Roger, Ste-thocope. There may bo hvno-tronv for that. Hut vou know I .viy lungs aro quite gone Camp Matamoka, .Mexico, ) July llth, IS Hi. ( (icxiLr.Mi:-: I have the" honor to acknowl edge the receiot of your letter of the 7th in-t. 1 I proceeded next morning to Point 1-abd, where I ran'targiio with you - .. . i.i :.. . r I ... I . .1 n. " aro lnierreu nio remains oi inv i.ue i.iiiii'ini-ii jinn.-. Iriend and commanding ollicer,'in order to con- " -No wonder you've bjen blowing cm up tlu- -nlt with Capt. Kem.v re-pecting their removal ten years." to Iii- native state. " They're destroyed. Pulmonary con-utnp- I regret exceedingly that I could not have met Hon has -et in I'ACTS AM) OI'IMO.VS f ;.:.,).,-., ,- 1 mhm,:m -i. '.'). " "' "", ul ',0CK ."i",a vmc" . ?'" with dpt. C, a- he was at the lirazos S mti i My..,-, letter clo-ed rather abruptly at .he " and I could not ,W be ab-ent but dean, of (Iener.,1 Montcalm, niter the tattle on IV,,,,, this point (the King's It itterv) one of, "f. Vin rrmJZ ,N " T- n the pi, in-of Abraham. 1 In, great i-otniietitor, the lim-t view., in he world onens out before 'J.'' ' . ' . "IJ ";' : .' i'..n.. v.-. VI i.,.,. i. .1 . -,i earn iir-eiui. wio-n wu win uii-iugu uv.-i ut.v, ,-.i.,, 1.1 -v 1... . v.. .... .V....J... ,,-,, 1 .ir mi uiiou iiiu ngiir, ine 11111-gr.i'iinuv !,;,.,, he leined upon the -b uilder of a young o.lic -r, pivsPt lheu,-eive, iii.!,i'.i-ing iu J who exciaiineu, 1 uey 1 no im- nn aim L'r.itiileur as limy annroac 1 l ie city, until. ,,.1 ,1:.. 1 :.. .1 c. ...1.. .,r .1.. il.n l'......n.l I'I'l... 1'.-.. .,.! ' VV ,.,i l' , ii. f 1 - , , ? 110 loiiiu 1 r-hi 111 nil- -aiu iu-nu ", -.1,-1 m- ....... ..... ... . . ,1 in 1- 1- 1 ui w -re o 1 si.iui . 1 onv n ye, T know they're all full of Tubcr- and mv livor is in 110 bet- , m in i run f Tho physicians recommend postponc- aid lie, do thev run already ? Then I die hap- Inoa nii-uhers. I he hngti-li nau mil J'J Kill, u iravtn. ias been found ground inoi-l in Iroiilb, and 111 proiuuting the growth ol the live. ' trout Several bu-liel- liny li iippniu 10 11 tree. Siw-m ,r round fiuit loe-. I eminently it'ciui 111 Keeping 111 moil-nun leet, running luck lor mile, nsili n--wl, ,!.. . ,-n ' '- f-ii- - v i.oiv.tti'd field and and 5)0 wounded. Hie 1 reiu'li. 11 11.1v or lw 1 fore-t. mingle 111 la .uli.iil Inrmoin., ami reiulor atli'i tin.- bitt'e. ovacu.ited the city, and tienenil 1 the view enrapturing. I." iking below you. the Murniv marched into tho g.irri-on with .OUUO . beautiful bay stretches out '.ikoun iiiiinen-e mir- vvliich be held, without ili-pme, until me 1 r()r, rellecting, in its .-tiiliie-s, every ol(Tt upon -e up a Q,lur0r Ma-I"r, who will most cheerfully at- rose. ' Tubercle tor -tale.-' ' o. they're schismatic. An 1 you ve got an ab-enee ill your in-ide "' " An ab-ce-s." Well, an abscess m your stomach, and can t li "A bill to reduce the duties 011 luxuries of ihe rich, and to increase them on the necessaries oi the poor; to buikrupt tlu Treasury, -trike down American farmer-, m"ehinie. and working men; to make wiy for the product- of foreign agriculture and foregn liber ; to destroy Ameri can competition, thereby establishing :i foreign monopoly in tho AinTic'anNnirket ; and. by a doptiiigtiie principles of free trad", to reduce Ihe now prosperous labor of tlii, country to tho de graded level of the pmper labor of l'.urope. and lie illy de-trny th" prosperity and independence ol'tlie'e LTuiti'd Stites, and agiin reduce them lo the condition of colonies and dependencies ol Great llntain. ;o-i p-merlv for vv.iut'of gra.s an 1 wa'er." ,. dfietPOM- , Juice It is all . . uVJ nogii. i.verj argHrnrViaTe is out ol 1 "' LO'J ordei . ami svMui:it wm:vr v m:w v.vitii:i'Y. Mr.. Ti'ckeii Addi-on County in former year w is quite not"d for it- pro luetiou, of win tor who it, as in my of the oldo-t "Trojin-" can te-ilV, who received our grain in ecliange for c is'i an 1 goods. 'or tn mv year- we haveculti vated but little of any variety. The whit lly .innoved u- -o much wo were obliged to abandon it, and loo'f to the west for our bread. O-irs'ico" hi- been quite ll it'ering p-r twoor three ye irs. I have heard it report -d by tho-e well inform"!!, tint we now hive in 'o wh "it 011 tlie ground th tn w.i, ever sow n any one pr v ions voar. u never iookim more pneui-iug lor Tnc llo::i:i: in Anix Tun:,. W. Iiiick-miii-lorit an iigriitiiltural meeting at the State .lloii-e, ll.i-ton, stated that the borer, which is a j lly in it- pel feet -tile, lays ten 1 ggs on the tree nearthe ground: that they hatch to young worm and enter the lurk the first year; the next, thev eat into the wood and a-eend : ami the third, come out and change to the perfect iu-oct. II- -ay- the be-t remedy i- tovvar-h tlie tree with strong lie in .liily.iifter the egg- are I lid, and before the worm," have buried Itieui-elvc- in the bark. spring, wlien Da Levy approached with Ig.OUl), it, surface, thus frainiitg a picture of exqui-ite r whom Murray met will 1 :1000 on the field ; and beauty. AH who vi-it Quebec should .-taud up- s'1rri afler a loof inOOineii.he reatre.itedto thecity, 1 , th,". King' IS ilf an hour in advance caMtmi. to be speedily reinforced by a heavy arrival from f y,h-it reveal- it-elf around them. Tho whole ' In, , Roots hip. Cow-. The R0M011 Cultivator say-, th it the di- igrerihle ll ivor of milk, an I of-leu-ive odorin cellar-, from the rut 1 lugi, m iv be obviated bv -u'.Hliluting lb 1 c.i'i:ug turn lioiuitifiil crop than at pre-'-nt, 'I'hoii-.iuds of ortiirn.qi-rooted.c.ihhige. b l.rr ground; t'utit bushel., ol our surplus mu-t see.; a inarlvot a broad. Tho Illack-Sea W.ieat 1 summer variety is now cultivated here, on account of th" genet ul sued'-, vvhi-li we hive in growing it nu all kindsof soil, and through a v iriety of sca'-on-, It nro luces ahun lmtly, and is in-ured agun-t .1.., M'l," Ih- In, lib1", i tho ru-t. The lly trouh'e, it less. In IV'brtiary.Iti 1,1, 1 put on" peck of this wh"at to soak, ami as soon a, it began to gorniiti ite, mixed it with a hum -oil, put into a keg, an I ox-io-ed it to the vveallier, where it -oon froze, and ri.nviined ill tliat state till the 1 i-l div of .March : ihon -own on muck 1 in I, which lull thavvid to weeded the depth of two inches. T'm same night the part ground froze bard, and it th ivved and (roze 0:100 more before the spring opened. Three-fourths of the grain died, iu roii-eqiience, a, I thin'., of the grain l'oing too much grown ut the timo of sou-Tug. R grew wondorlully, kept eight inches 1 ahead ofthe spring crop cowed iu .Slay, and stood 1 i-ix inches higher through thu cmsoii than thu 1 Jllack-Sei be-ide it. The heads were niicoui- monly long, of a deep rod and darker color tlnti the siuiiui"r wheat. The head, were al-o longer '. in tlie head and inure slilf. I liarve-ted I'ourbu-h- j els; the berry w.i, evidently lirgor than th ori"inil grain,' though not as (dump. 1 l"i November la-t, the l.ttbdiy, vv., .owed a p til full of this wheat 011 lo 1111 laud, which cam 1 ,, p well. Ilctood about two inches high when tho ground froze, and rem lined covered with Miow duringtlie winter. It caiiiJ forward finely this seu-on, is now headed out, and ha, every 11 p-ir.mco of a large yield. I think it cafe to mil it tho "Illack-Sea trinler ii hiat," Kit re tains tho distingiii-ldng properties of tho cum mer variety, it must be a valnablo acquisition to our country. For two years I havo cultivated tho 'improv ed White-I'lint," or "Harmon wheat," which I ihtaineil from (Sen. Ilinnon, of Wheal I md, N. llni'lanil ; whereupon De Levy rot realist, in great view 1- gran I an, h i-te, and Rngland leinained lnqiui-t po si-.-ion ol tlie fit v. Alter surveying tlie Plain-', and the scenery around, wo rodu bickthrough the St. liui-gate, for the purpo-o o ciirveving the Covernor', gar den, and tho monument elected there in honor of the once rival (ienerals, Wolfe and Montcalm. The garden it.-elfi, very pretty. The llovver. are numerous and well cultivated. Sli ido tree are jiidicioii-!v di-tiiliuted, and wood-'ii henclie- II re proper interval- to uccommod ite the wearv public. Thu view from tb" girdeii, 11 I10111 "every point ficiiig tho bay, i-beautiful. T.10 niiuimi-'iit appropri-itdy erected here III ikes an iuipo-ing uppearauce. It wa- com menced in I d-7, uudjr tlu au-pices ofthe Kir' of Dalhoii-ie, who headed tho ciib-ciiptinn liber nllv. 'I'be corner -tone was laid iu Novembe of tint year 0110 of Wolfe'- soldier, taking pir in the ceremony. The ba-o i- 13 ft. the car col'agu, 7 It. aln. tho column, 1 ft. tot, hob'Tit to tho apex, 05 II. At tho lu-o of tin column, the -ides are (i It. by 1 II. b in. At tin apex, a It. by - It. 5. Tnu south sido of th 111 uiument Dear., me 111-ciipmui in 11 uj in, Munlailm. ilio lu-icriptioi. declare, tho 111 Jiiiuuent to bj erected in j-tici mi.l tumor to the memory ol tlio illu-tnous lien- 'er.,1, Wolfe and MustCai.m, and pay, each, in I l.ili.i, what is s.u.l to be a very lio.iuuiiil coinpli It was a baimv de-ign, tin, monument to tlu-i I two gallant men". They were alike young and 1 lioroii'.. 1 hev acuinreil their glory upon the l(i-.,io.-nm.iTV or m-'.,ekvmb'. An action 1 .1 1 ',i, ,i;,.,i : il, ,.,, i,r was lately brought, 111 New Jor-ey, ng.iin-t 11 .jq,,,,,,,!, r dillerent iialion-, they were of siini- nursery man lor having sold tree-, a great i ,. temperament and character-alike honored ot vvlni'li, on frinting were found to produce wit. ' , b luvil, ,,oir ryb.w wddiers and in i n pi.iiiiiiu ..trillion. Their two names aro in-ei.,rablv blended and tlii- monument vv ill continue scarce- ill yield asm i'h or m ire t'uu t'i rati hi kp- well, inipirt, no ,,nple,-ii,t llavor to th" milk, and like a pir-11 qi, will kep well iu the gio iml the -evere-t winter-, an I lie ready for 11-0 iu the spring. The tuinep-rooled-cibbige, 'vme ground, i- lo.-s valuable. Ojo-, V"'i,ig I'lf ll irl'i. A correspon dent of llio Michig 111 Farmer, sa., an onion bed was mule on a very mellow soil of gravelly loam -paded eleven inches deep. One half of u.nth -ido th it of the bed w.i, trodden by the b-'-t o a boy; the other half untouched. The bed was merely The ni lions which grew on tlie tmU came up first, grew more tlirifiy. and were more than iloiilile 111 size and quantilv ol those on the other lull being 11-good a jieldas I ever saw." bo mtifiil. Alter witnes-ing guard mounting, andthe for mation of th,everal coin;iimv into a hollow spiare to bear the -entence to -ix month,' im-pri-oinnent of a poor fellow who got drunk on gu ird, we took our leave to tho citadel, well plea-ed Willi what we bid seen; but convinced tint it will in ca-ier for our little army to take St. Juan ib Ullo.,, tliau for an armvof a hundred Ihoii-and to capturo (iueb I ,..!. Mtmrmc't'-t an:' 'iriA-J(!tK.- tr.'t merous frieiiils of tho dea,-'! to know, and I b'g y. .ii will nn. -nn tliem. that the ollicers at Point" I-ibel havo done every thing in their pow er to protect the grave of -o gallant and di-lin- 'iiislied an oilicer. vi ith tins view, ham- " l.tunnar tiroce the Ordnance, suggested th it it should, 'Which in cour-e all' 's the head, and so you've urrounded by a r.iilingcompo-cd ol miiskots got a conlii-1011 of vrater on the brain. Then ptiired Irom tlio enemy. you've bad an electric lit, and three parallel I 1 no grave now pre-ems a very unique anu ' sum,'-, -, aim iiiero .-your -teriain :i"ue, and tho rill exceed Cm'. S'ockton- Uor,' Uy 60 I ! - titv ol nvtai ii-eu wis uj... ' I'hon I u-nuM'nt .,... ii-. n ...i.. I nnd th" nnn-lr" 0! cou' 11-0 1 1 next? Wbv voo'in .nir'n ,,, i l,.,ri ,,' i .'.i ! the re Iktiii progresses. 7 -,1 The Kreatct Iron tl-m ever Cit-t yet. The Ihston Post has .m account of a ctupen-don- pi"CO of ordnmci which vvs cast at Alger'- I'm in Iry, South 1'. i-'on. ou the alter- noon ol the Sin ilium w-u m vv 1 -i liui-hcd, "il i enco- 1 I p unds, t 1 in'j it to ' chaldron.-. 1 -r on i' -11- daco for so gallant a sol- approjiriate resting OUT. 1'onr po-ts, oramented as well as our limited me in-would allow, aro erected, one at each corner, connected by pieces of timlnr, the upper h iviug holes b ireil at every -ix luetic-, through wliicli llie niu-ket birrel, are placed, re-ting on tho lower one; the bivonet- arcali fijml, and tho whole piinted lilack. Appropriate head and 1 loot luaid, are erected On leaving tho Lit idol, wo undo all ha-te lo 1 ,. .,r .1,!. rnelosnro with the re. the" J I'.ill- of Monttnorenci. Ill going ' , ,.. ... ;, ......a.fu, ., ,nn., nronriate orotec- iiil of llie city, wo pa --ed tic Orphan Asvliim, ti,,,, to tho in.mumeiit you aro about erecting iu ilticlieil to me i.piscopil churcu 1 -uo-iuni.ii (joveriiinentCoinatry. urtil I'rttil, The Judge ruled could only recover the first co-t of tho trees,. and that tho co-t ami labor of cultivating wortlde tree-, the rent of the land 011 which they grew, the lo-s of seveial yen re' lime, and tlio lo-, of c.ilo of many liu-l,i'l', of fruit, were not to lie taken into account. Tho jury deci ded accordingly. I'ki it Tkkf.s. At a 1 1I0 meeting in Ho-Inn, John Owen of Cambridge, slated that he cured tho black wart on iduiii trees bv cutting ofi'aud wa-hing in salt water; and iu another ca-e, by wa-hing with silt water only, tho wart cracking oil". S. Pond le irned tho value of salt lor plum trees, by an inundation coverinij his ground, leet with call witer, "killing every thing but his plum trues, and giving tli"in ii'vv'life, lieilih andvig'ir." Dr. S'lurtlin", of lirooklyn, applied to unhealthy, unproductive lificoanla nublo clnritv aula number of ninor public edifice- which did not pronii-o ciilli 1e.1t to induce us to st in to inspect tli"in. ( )n .v -ped tow id. the suburb St. Roich, where ae .Marine Hospital j, located a very lino edi ic , devoted to an excellent purpo-e. As we h-cended the hill tow ird, St. Charles river, wo lid a line view of llieoppo-do country, and pis d through the tir-t ile-truc'ive lire. Tlie ruins ire v.i-t enough to gratify any ti-to, however Ij-olatuly di-po-od. Hut tliey'aro li 'ing rapidly .cm ived,"nnd now odi.ices aro" springing up with ,'reat rapidity. St. I! niche', church, which was l.'-troved, is rebuilt in greiter cpleudor, and i?.irly all tho street ? will be 111 ido w'uLt anJ more JOIllUI idiollS. The toll bridgo cros-es tho St. Ch irles, and iuru.'di.itely as the river is cro-.-ed, you outer upon u highly cultivated section ol country. Upon nearly 'every firm wo pa-s -d they were githering liiy ; and woui 'i, were seen iu every Held, b.isily "employed. They nil wore very broad brimmed straw hits, a short Indict', neatly adpi-ted, with black potlicotts. Mo-t of th"in protected their baud, by gloves from which, and an occi-ionil glance we got at their fice-, wo iulerrod lint come of them wore young, as they were certainly pretty. ,i-i.ii 111 iiiu jueauow- min '. i-. l!j plea-ed, gentlemen, to accept my inn-t sin cere and heartfelt thanks for tho v ery c'onipliineii t try 111 inner in which you aro plea-ed to men tion my humble services in the recent engage ment, "with tlio Mexican-. I am, geutleiii"ii, Witli great re-pect, Your obedient servant, RANDOLPH RIDCI.RY, l'ir-t Lieut. Third Artillery, Co 11 11 m ling llir-o Artillery. ToCipt. GzoTu.r. P. Kane, anl Cipt.iin. J. P. CnuhLLE. liilthnore Am'ricm. I . Il IT..- I..,.. 11...... .1 l.Al.ui; 1 ii.i t. ui iiui ii.u 111 11... in. .. . ,,, -, . , ,, .,, 1 1 On Thnr-dav week, we gave an account of the , "'" J1 '" Hi vonr blue pill, and by- intermediate fever- ' Intermitting." "Then there'., the infi.imation of your mucus member " "Membrati", membrane." "And the lyird knows what in your inte-tates and vescerucos. Then there'- your leg, with their variou, veins " " Varicn-e." "An I as to your feet, with hopping gout in them and living gout in your stomach swimming gout in your head you're gout all over." Yes, Itoger, yes ; it Ins got bold of my woo l- SV-LUIII, -IIIU l-i(lll"ll, ill 1 11 C II HIIIR-W ..... 1 1' 1.11 , . I'm afri'id of lto.n-r. Iluvn tinnitus .i.uf. , r !?' procurod .11 Lngland by Capt. lies-, congestion, lethargy, every symptom 111 tho boak. "Ding the books, it's tliem has done it ! 1 here s Doctor inray s I amiiy riiy-icKer ; Ths i-land of Iimia i-a small and very ioi' you vo give vourself over ever since yoii bro t it . ,-,., Mw, h,nwen t10 j.,,, , Sflvn . honi". And then there c Doctor 111- ow s book. lhl lmnimd,( App!ecro-s, and i, well km and Doctor l r.inkiiii s, as mule yon 1 believe, be-1 , , lrieri fl)r the rugged and dmgoroiis .. tvvoon cin.iim you u got a iiirueu ueau ana ,m of jN collt. There is a famoii, place I "Peululous," Roger, pendulous." ! "Well, it', all on1. Anl then their plaguy I fornnlus"s for tn iking up your own pre-crip-1 tions. You'll pre-crib) voir-"lf into heaven, iu,s,t, sta'o ot tu-ion wis 1 ,- Thn ensiiii" was done und 'r th ' p rvi-ionrl Mr. Alger nnd Co1. H 'inford, the inventor of this -pecie, of ordn ,re, to th" rr-' -pocim-n of which Tnom 1-Jell'-rson, in Hell gave tlie name of the Columhi id." Th" weight of the gun. wnen lini-ho.l, w;'' bi 25,000 lbs. Length, 10 f vt ; diameter at ''11 base ring. 30 inche-; length of chamber. inclie.,; di iineter of chamber, 'J inche-: ler. 1 of bore fl f'ot, 1 inch : diameter of Imre lg i 1". Weight of round shot which it will c J.'IO pounds; weight of -hell. ISO pound Range of -hot or -hell 3 1-2 mile being 1-, a mile greater than the record-d perform mei the largo-t nnd latest invented mortar in R' land, and halt a mile Inyoud the roach of 11 gun in tho ca.-tlo of San Juan d'L'lloa, at Cruz. The cn-t of this immense Instrument for lr--Imr defence will not exceed seventeen buinlr. dollar-; or ono sixth of the co-t of the vviou Stou ten. tiii: wiihmv's i.ic.iiriiocsn. Y. The berry i- very even in sizo, the lit and , .j,,,,, trLVc, two quirts of salt each, iu water; ll'-S III. Ill I ' 1. .1. . . I... .11 I .1 : . Imnd-oiiie-t wheat I ever saw. On acres ofsandy loam wo cowed iiUut 5 1-J I111-I1-rls, September 8th, 181 1. Tho bind i-not whit we call "wlieat land," in lids cectioii ; not very strong soil, yet I was happily di-apponit 'd iu liarve-ting 113 bu-hel, from tho jiieco of III ' bo-t wlie.U that I have seen r.ii-ed Icre for tho last 15 years. Tlio millers pronounce- it such. Tho heads aro a little beared, white, rather short, but extremely well lilled. Tho draw is very Miff, of good 'proimrtioii, b -tiring but f'iv leaves; it i-ipiito mull near the heal, bird, mil not inclined to lodge -, tho liorry i, of good ciz -, veiv vvliiteatid colli!, which produces but littlo bran. One very great advantage iu this variety, as well as intbo lilack Sea., does not ch dl in gathering, though quit" ripe. I hive now the cecoiid and more promising crop growing on Mroiu'er land. Th'H wheat is co well known til it it needs no praise. Mr. Harmon informed me, last winter, that ho cold over 1200 bushels for seed last fall, of Ibis kind Sales more, extensively in hi, own region, lmt had received many orders from tho couth, middle, and we.-lorn dates, as well as New Rugland and tho Can adas. H. W. Jevvktt. Weybridge, Vt.. Junn 12, 1 the trees becamu ho I tho en-uing sea son llu-y boro too inueli Iruit. II i continued llio application, and wis not troubled with the black wart nor curculio. W. lliickuiin-torsiidhohid found roots of applo trees three rml-fioni thu trunk, that bid b 'en .-el out only cixteen u'.trs 1 proof of tlio importance of a wide deep bod of fertile coil. ioiw; Lamps. J. A. .Morion, ol llallev, M i-s., treats young I nubs that have been t hill- ed, by immersing tiicm iu a tub of warm water. tho toinper.tiuroa nine anovo iiiihsi neai, mu lling Ihein and keeping them in long enough to k'coino wanned through. Ho then takes them out and rub, them gently with llimiel till quite dry. Ho does not feed tliem, till by running a b iiit and exorcise, a keen appetilo i created,; tueks rr.uM .mci;. A corre--Hindent of tho (lardnor's Chronicle, inixe, mot and milk till of llio con-i-teiico of thick paint, and then applies it to trees wild a brush. This, applied ouco a ), ho finds ellectual protection agaiu-t hares and rabbits. Would it not i: equal ly so against mien ? ly le-s a memento ol the gallantry ol tho two l.eioes than of llio gencro-ity of its proiect-ir.s. Durham Terrace i, near tlio garden. It i, I in ono or two, tlie gra-c stiKi.l a-thick as wo ev built ni the ruin, of tlie old I'rench Ca-llo of , er saw it in the Valley ol the (Ieii2.-ee. The St. I.otus, which, after beingtlio fucus of colon!-' vegetables, too, looked (in-ly. and tho garden ol lovullv for nearly 200 voir-, was burned totho "-en 'rallv bioldv colli, ,it,..l " ground ,11 1815 1. 'I'be Terrace i, morel) a band-; We noticed several cros-es bv the side of the soiuo platform ol wood, placeil ilireclly upon the ro id, to winch were attached, in gla-s ca-es I'ibro o It iu c 1 1, ami liroiecteil tiyn mgiii iron m ded nii'iw ol in, mid : and 111 railing. Prom it vou havo a magnificent view die Pari-h of lljaiiforl, alsjiit three miles Irom ofthe harbor and lower town, lis well as the St. Charles' Ilridgc, wo caw a very beautiful inoro remote ccenory. lis position renders it n cro,s, about 15 feet iu height, with a 'neat euclo- very la-lnonililo proinonaue, aim is generally cure, erected in honor of thu eau-o ot Toiiiior-vi-ited by strangers. ance. I took oil' my h it tou' cro ,and As wo left the Terrace, we pa-ed tho Parlia-Vd Cod fur tho inform ition tint iu this entire ment I lou-e. It U built upon tho sido of the pal- p iri-h, several miles iu circumference, not a drop ace of the Catholic Rishop, a portion of which 1 of Intoxicating li piors vvi, drank. And we ctill rem tins iu all its ancient peculiarity. Tlio should hivu uii'erredas much from tlio univercal P.irli iiii'tit Hou-oisa beautiful building; but, in ituess and comfort of Ilia iLvellings, and the ciuco tho union of tho provinces, lias c.'.i-ed Ui clo.iulino.-, an I Kilitene.-s of llio children. In u-ed, except as tho resort oftho -overal litor.i- It wis l,ere,iim this elevatioi, from which we ry Institutions of thu city. A portion of it was are now looking luck upon tho "littering spire-u-ed for a timo a, tlio residence of Lord Dur- an I uuicivo wall, of Qiielne. Hut lien. Mont-bam- , calm wa, encauiii'd when W.ilfa undo his at- Wo pass on toward tho citadel, meeting, in tempt to a-ceud tlio bulk-at .M-mtiuorenci, an 1 our cour.-e, what is called tlio grand bitlery pre-, his way to tho city ; and al-o when iufor Twontyor thirty 22 Kiuii'L'rs were mounted, inilion w.i, conveyed to him Hut tho RnglWi with their inuzzlos directed outw trd, ami in tho had landed at tho lu-o of the Plain, of Abraham, c.iinu lino were cover ilhiigoui irl.irs tho vvholo T,,e bariier, thrown up uru Mill seen lietwcen guanlnl bv ono ofthe !M I, vvho-o kilt and boll- thu roul and Ibo river. net ceciiied to excito univercal adinir.Uion. I As yon aii.irn.icli Alontm ircnci, the i-laiu! of Here, on our route, is what is called tho mar- Orlo.ins.aiid the scenery faraway upon the rigid, ket in tho Upper Town, located liehveeii tho are beautifully ultractive: vyltile, by looking luck, French Cathedral and what ate called thu Je-uit you ceo tho entire of tho city, which covers llirr.icks li.'ing tho buildings occupied by the Capo Diamond. Thcsim wa, chining liriliantly, Je-iuts in tho days of their power. Wo were and a, it, bright k'am, ro-ted upon llio tinned luckily hereon one of the two uurki-tdays, and roofs of the piuihc anil private odilicos, the whole counted 25'J carts 111 tho square, each attended looked like molten cilver. livery foot of llio wall liy 11 vvoiiiiii. 11 - " y.iiueriiig, iiuu , was iticliuctlv ill-cerilloie. toll coiuii iracu 1, 1110 COIllusi'HI - We paced found ourselves walls, piercou wiui jiori noies, uirougli which It wasalir il bant ciiectac black inuzzlec appeaivd 111 gr loli.inco. Tho not bo ceen elsowhero iqioii this continent roan !ci-lingofan iinni'u-o cinuon at Alger s loun dry, at South II i-ton the 1 irge-t gun ever ca-t. Vi'-terdiv. the Llth div alter c.i-ting. it was rii-ed friiin the shift, but was still so hot, that vv.itjr, when ci-t upon it, vv 1- iu-t intly con verted into vajur. Tlio mould was reulily -trijiped from the -tup"iidou, ini-s, leiviug a clean surf ico. Though vv ighing at lei-t 20 tons, it wa- rai-ed bv two cranes, worked by twelve 111 mi, without ililli.'iilty. Iu fact, the fa cility with which it vvas in'ived bv the aid of Mr. 'Alger'.- pow -rful 111 icbin 'ry, all'ord -d a spec tacle nearly a, uiterre-tinga- the previous ope ration of casting. As it c-iuio from tlie mould, tlio guui- 1 1 feet S inches long. Ry cutting oil" nboiitfuur leet of thn length, luring out, and trimming, tlio weight will lJ reduced to about twelve Ions and 11 half. The boring and turn iior w ill orciiny about three week-. Tho metal 11-1..I in this in 111 is compose,! of four kind, o ir.ui. I'on-litutitigacompjunl, which by experi moiits b 1, b 'en u-oertuin-d to pi.-e tho great-e-t deoreeof co.u nrlii.--, ctrenglh and t -uaci-ty ; and when u,ed iu the con,truction of ord nance, quite adequate lo tho duty of di-iii irging -hot or shells, twelve inches in diameter tlu boro of the pro-cut gun." The fori"ryiug i- Irom tho llo-ton Po-t. Soma miy bo curious to know tho re.i-ou of cutting ol'colargea piece four feet from one end. I'lie fact i-, the gnu is ca-t iu a verticil po-i-tion, and the upper cectioii 11, ually contains all tho impurities ofthe in i,s, and is not co firm nnd coinpirt as tho cent ri I part. Wo once witue . i- .. I'.--, ..1 11 1.-.., .it Vl.r.,i.'j is 1 llio ci-uuK"! s'..-" 'Voiiif. r.iindrv. and much admired tho aiuie iranco of ' r"' llvdrago powder.-." "It can't bo good for nobody to swallow so much calumny. And th ui vou ilibbUii' with them deadly pi-on-, though you know a- well a I do, tint tfiree acidul ited drop-would kill a hor.-e." ' Vou ni"an Pru-'ic acid. Rut in ,oni" al foclions, Roger, it is of great serv ice." "Ve, like Oxonian acid, for loot tops. Then there'- then wyspipers. 1 do bdieve th"ro ain't a quack ni'dicino a Iverti-ed. lmt you've tried 'em all, from Co. !,;. Anti-luling Pill-, and tlio Felirifil Igt-, lo Sarcy Hirilla. Lord! Lord! the heap- of 111-ty messes you have cwallowed surely ! Not to" forget tho I Ior-e RI-liot.-on tliat the two-legged speciou- could ketch the glaiider-." Capt. .May', ovvMinscuii'Tiovm 111, Cii.vnnr. II iv ino- bid th" plea-ure of a long couverca - .. ..... , ' .....11.. .. 1...., Hon Willi L apt. .ll i v, we iiii'iuy u-iru nun i" oive ii, a do-erintiou of hi- cliarge, that we iniglit get at the exact particular-. Thogillant Captain, tvvi-ted aln,t Iii- long l-ard, evidently som"what confused, and after con-idei-able he-i-t.ition, said : "Why Jim see, tho fact i-, any of the Ikws would luivo given their lives to havo had the chance to have charged the batteries, only I was the lucky ono in getting tlie order. Alter tlio old mni 'five th order, I rode down tlie 111 ,11 following of cour-e, where wo met Kiilgi refuge at it- norlh-w '-trn extremity, called Mueklell irbor," of very di.iicult noco-, hi ever, which, strange to -ay, i-eisb-r enteret. . night than dnringthe day". At the extreinitv t lis hypprbnre.111 so'ltmle is the residenco r oor widow, vvho-o Ion dy cottage is cilltd I "light liou-e," fioin the fact tb it she nnifiv , keep, her lamp a burning in her little wii I at night, lly k 'epingthi, light and the entr of the harbor ""', a -trange veel may 1 vvitli the greate-t sif-ty. Daring the' c I witchf, of the night lh' widow may by . j like Norm 1 of lb" Fitful Head, triin'oiugf li tie I imp wit!, oil, fear.' som f-all bark peri-h through herneglect ; and fir tin, sh- eeivo, no inanu 'r of remuneration: it i, po- 1 1 iinniingled philanthropy. The is-or vvoiu,. kindnt's-doe- not rest even here, fvr -be ' 110 hippy until tho benumbed am! shivering nun. .-coine-a-bore to chare her little board and re cruit hitu-elf at her glowing and cheerful, and she can seldom be prevailed upon to accept of any reward. She lia, caved more lives than Davy's lndt, and thoii-ands t.f mund, to tho underwriters. Tho ioor cri'iiture in her young er day,, witne-ed her liu.lund ctriigglin'g w ith. and swallowed up by, tho remorceloc, Ulllovvs Iu ciht of home nnd friends that thruiigtd to cuve " His circum-tances cooms to liave prompted her pre-ent devoted and sulitary life, 111 which her only enjoyment i- doing good. Hfavtifi'I. Sci'LiTfRE. Air. Ilrovvn, a Ros. ton Sculptor, now in Italy, wbo-o works show reinirkaide geniu,, has complcletl a work which ba,just arrived here. The jiiib;ect I- Je-u, lile,-,g little children. It i eecuil on a clab the river of the bright glowing melted iron which Mowed ina routinuou, current from tb" fiiriuce to the mould, a di-lanco of como twenty leet. The beat of thi fiery ct renin was such us to keep all cieclator at' a re-pectfill di.-tanco du rim' tho nroce-s. It is not vet know n bow largo The following is a einiple mode of reducing water iibno-tiis cold as ice: Let the jar, pitch er or vic-el u-ed for water, bo ciirroundeil witli one or more folds of coar-e cotton, to lie con ctantly wet. Tho evapinition of the water will irry oil too lie it irom the ni-ide an l reduce it there is 110 doubt Ihat as largo a job in this lino could lo undertik'H and accomplished at Al "or's, as iitany other e-tablisbmont on tlio globe. .V. )' Si-'rnlifir Am rieim. ly, bo blazed away, and let 1110 pis, and wo pi-t I ul w Into marb'e, in alto relievo, being uiten.le.l redo oyer tlie gmis, and that is all about it." 1 for a tomb iu Mount An' u-n. Tlie couceptio.i I, simple aim very niiuiiiui, mm 11 ewins in u to meet very cuccodully the high retpiicilimis which a lofty religion, cciiliinenl would impo-e on mcl, a dJ-igu. The execution is very care ful and expressive. It has lieoii wrought for Air. Chnrlo, II. III tlicdge, vv bo b.ic lieeu kind enough to leave it for tho gratification of tlie public at Air. Jluiiroo', I took ctore. Ho hi, secured to the country 1111 iiJuilrablv work of utt. Itaiim Aih: " - - i . ,- 1 1 l II I V I'll 10" ii i' lion I 111' 1II-IUI- ill 1-1 1 1 11111 1- 11 might Iu produced 111 a wilid 111 i-s, but , , a-fri?ojsins point. In India and oilier tropica! ...I.nlil l ull us l.iri'O a lob ill this 1110 : 1. . '. 1 1 . 1 .i : regions, vvliere ico c innat bo procured, this i. comnrjii. ', It was u inolley gathering, and ! was distinctly di-corniblc. You could traco il ! 1 usxv. n tho I Mi, the , was quite attractivo ,irounil the city lion, K.i.d to Kint, while the l'l,,le,, w'.," J .1,' d on toward the Citadel, and coon glacis, which ieiurale Ihe walled city from the ana. Alter tin 11 ni3 o 10 10s vyeiiding our way betweon high .i.hurb on tho right, wereispiallydicliuctly seen, repeated, a I rene 11 1 aro-i, d with irt holes, through which It was a brilliant Miectjclo-sucli an ono asraii- why Layfayetto s n-iino w as 1 XT A motion vv 1, initio by a member of tlio 1 L'gi-litureuf a We-ieru Statu to liva tax 011 larationof Indo- Itor-'s, cows, a-e-, and other dotue-tic aniiinl. On tho till, the 1) a certain town in l.oiu,. A uieiiiber inoved to strike out tho word actw or signers had been to am aid th" resolution by in,eriling tho word indignantly asked "ouadrniK-il.' after aniuuls'. el-e. ho argued, tho not there, and in ido law inielit on rate onerou-lv on Me imr of Ihe .. ihat it should l) thUnl forthwith. Mil- res,)!utinn and ollirr honu'rable winter. ofthe K inuzzii-c umiiuiiii in nu, 11 iit ii.iiuo, 1 no 1101 no seen elsowhero 1111011 mis coniineiii. innu..-.. . - - I changes variou-ly to render Ihe itpproach of Jmt lforo jou reach Alontniorenri, you are 101 11 w .vihibct """-'' ' Tiibee Ft, 11 hk Dinner- A Liverpool mper tells this cturv, as hiving it. origin iu an '.,.ier lean eating-h'o,i3. It i a ow, happen whore it might : "Now, w liter, what'e to piy WA'f-Irt 1,10 coe, cir ; wluit havo you tud, - ' Three li-h. Wa'tifr Only bro" , I think, sir. No, tlireo ; 1 had two ..;u.'Ktl, one i.nelt."m

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