Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 21 Ağustos 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 21 Ağustos 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 21, 1846. cou.vrv aiATTints. Itriitilii-jtoit, Tlic (itttrlte n monstrous loni article on "ilinl school fund," which, In the course of century mitsht, if no accidents occurred, have, beiii nvnilahlc lor it grent-grcnt-grnndchildrcn ! 'Phi is a far-ieachm:- cnneoin for lh" "nlimcd rights" of posteri ty which doc great credit In Loeofocoitn ! Tin Git telle deserves the think or "remote Reiterations'' of men, The Gatette keep up in bril1csngiinst the Loco foco nominee for Consre in the 1st District, Dorr Bradley i:n II e perceive from the oinwrrthatthe wiitrjsln'Or.n DlNtlNa W lire wide nwakc. They w ill give n good acco int of iji'-insclvca. A l'lstr. Trade Tariff is not the ihmg for her Iron .Vaiiufacturcr. Wlndhiim The Deiiftetiit n-ks the Locofocosof the lt C 011.'. District if they w ill "permit the urrli en- i my nf mankind to give the victory to their opponents by sowing tares in tip' democratic field 1 lie presume the Locos in that District will attend to tlusscrious muter without delay! A "leinnntrance" addressed to the personage nlhuled to would probably produce n goodill'cct. 1 1 'c tried the Democrat does not refer tu the lirnningttm f7-clc,li locofoco broth er, as the one who is thus unlaw fully engaged in "sow ing tares " Hiitiim I Tin Vritnthn Voire is out upon the TVI:itp-liiT I'reem tn, " without inittns ' Atr. II ir. t Mn in ik"s inince-ineat of a few- of the " headers'' ofth Liberty Party. It is however, a " pressure that no h i.i -it in u caiircg-et !" T.u T.iird I'.irtv wire pull ts nr.- lining a li!-- when th-y assail tin Illitor of the I aire h hn bcn a" inemVr of the Cmi'-rci. turn.' ami kinneit Hum thoroughly. Tin mdsays t rf Tin " NWiori- le," in p-aking the p-1 s "I ili n-w Trinir Hill, iy. thai it should not Ii lor . mi 1 1 1 it .1 -irs. CAlttiutr, FmI, ,uitl Mutsh, all r ilc ,' mitt it V a- t u : a 1 1 it w il I In wll f,,- t'n A to"ul ways (!! mii'it an I n 'v-r torg't" tint Mr. Dillinz in ii -I 'oily I,,, li-p.-srititive from Vcr tin ii-- I: I i it ,lirr I telle Jor it. 'I'ii ll rt'.l nUjsiys : t'f, ,U,.'," "l-"'it'nttlntoek-hollers oli i Iiikp I himplnin .ml Conneetieut ltm.r Kail mil are w nkim up to tin work with tin true spirit. il i I l.t -l I irj a u 1 1 ll hive ll 'en pud ill, in initi ipation or the p,-cifie 1 d iv ol p-iyiiient." Tli- e.luentiunal convention of Kuilaiid county, w ill be hi'd ntl'itifoul on the '.'.iih int Windsor T,n Whiiof th.s in ln.nitiMe trong hol 1 of s iu 1 1 priaeipl are active an I energetic 'I'll"- will id tirir iltilij on the lirs t of Septpnier. '1'le . lie want to know if iln LoeoHx-osof Wind ham, Huthud and Jleunmgtoii Counties who iratn r I their land w ith their lluoil; will ote for .Mr. llivr.v! ICe pr stun,' not The process of watering iniie'i lallil Willi tlieirowil hlooi, would be eiy apt to he til' dt-aihoj tin indisereet lopofocos who practice it. The .L'P has this notice "In Vp will seiul the Jirr till nftPr tin State cleii-Mi-'i incuts pi-r a jiy. st-iiil in your ordprs" Ip'pnfoeo .Vatches" call he bought cheaper than i w , .' we live. us, mi j r'on. S-mtors Them's and I'ntiM w ill n.ld, t i p, opie in .Vuitpelier neM 'l'hnrsilay. We hop Mr J1 Itinghain will liepiectit toc.vplain tin p'-,-u,. i' n i'i 'i in winch h so -uecp9iveIy ihdz'J the I T 1 1 T.intT T n ' ilrtttt lia? this pirngrnph '' T r , irt that th mw eo.nets can In een with "'. f -'s" is denied hy a peion who a;s In t L s is. s on purpose lo see the comet , hut only S 'If 'll s T.i V tlrul't frienl looked lliroiii "Hits" glos p .u jot i right hind, 'Pin J'atrint desire to tn informed if Vermonter are " T n srf of thj I.iwrence Dili ills slave ol the Appl -ton-s .' " -ii-. il nit, in 1 w'nt is mire, tiny don't m.-i.-i titir ' ? i.i" on I "slave.4" of jjjathpm Prec Tra ders T ie Vimnen says, "'Pin ttitr Man Power i? the mightiest on earth!" Wioii'-s Polk's I'eliea. 'P.: I'i'1 'in'il lilsos-ij that "'I'll r w ill be n general turn out of I.ibertv nnn, A e " 'l' s i i' I gr1 illy p' 'l-r a s-n-nd tnrnnul ot t.i ci p-s all owrihe Country, if it would mil the 'er tn i it . s wll I l's'i:i. The G ilasy-a)1 II -1 urn that i vein of chromic Iroi Ins lne'i dis r'l'.r i't i'i St.ite (, 'oiogt-t in ihe i'at p nt of .lay, Oi, l ,ru. 'Pais ore ntfords chromic grpen, e ir . . ) ,:ow and ollnr vahnhlp )iiiuls As the v 1 1- ii i i.i ill jfo nising. th-Tc is reason to Induce I I ii w 'i Ii ol immense alii". 'I a i i- t" hp a "Cunip .1'eting" in North I'rns h , i ni in the Week commencing Hpju. Tib. Omn - Tin 1'rolect ir says 'tir , ted lint tin"' dog-d lysnnd hot Polk time 1 i '" i' o ion. -ll fi,r the lueti oi the Patriot. His s.i ii i is no tr-'-tnl V tt"i'tti t two wekf s ?i i-iul suns ol irncy..i'i 1 1 i-t w -ek's r -1 t'lat he his g j n clean oil ray a- a In I h.i II - i.ivmi ir- eo Ht ritly upon Mnnhus'tis u . ' .1- in I itiiioii s -ris an 1 -i-tvi's Wli.'.i l't-,1 h i I iroiii Ii was oi the wiv to ,' atth'biro'. Poor fe -v l ia,e wool" won't wive him " IV In; - f i1 1 tn 'w nl wo ll I assuig his Tree Trad ft il.s mt'nni pi-o-shery nlhci can afTord to sc. id him a Inte tor the si-r ic he I tr ing to do them. Cinnk'iii The Mrnrnzer has this pair of gog pksloi ili'ist who look on Loth stilt of n matter in mn oneiirrem-e of Opinion. " s U i.'iishnnn we of' " We have not spice for r , - ii pleas' I tint lb.- ine-fnlh pirt ol what we Ta- ,i i ali 'lihi'd, a t iken vis'ito'-iy upoiiaiipveut i i ' i i w-iih our a-' a Inch will In bailed with bou i in i ie corn laws, so much pleasure by lie' i u . op m tin uiiiii'iisp jreat majority otour reud inn i I in, hut ifw-MTs" bt .IWttna Jlrji'i. W i It Ii a. IB we silO'll.l ' C I !)' ll T.l-lh"ii .! " I M Ctnrter. I T.iis is rather awkwnid, to be sure! We don't re oil 'ct any wiuo TAnur lint elicited UitiTisu praise. C iiitteiiili'ii.-'Phe Srtttinrl iof thp opinion tint " I u w n,' piny npp;nrs lo l fat histeiung to dis. solit.'i" Tnere m ii larfp cljss who boldrjulte a. emit opiiiio i. The utin,lsiys"'o'ik is a Letter Tariirman than Clay" on I i'ri I'i it. II", !'. then the 7'jriir of 'to is n better Tariir Ihan thai oi ' 12 We shall see. Will ihe Seminel inform us win th'r or not nil the delegates at its District Con dition on Tuesday last were in farvr uf the nrte Tnrijr II"W". r, we rfinll leim from ihe IinPOIXTIONS pron i'ny ( ii:'.liii:i The Xurlh 4'Mr calls on the l.oeos to' itAin in their sir.rxDrii'" The editor ought to have been in Hurlmgliin lint T ttmJay ! He would i hen Imve wen mi iiiiiaridlelpd "rally," nnd mitsht have di-eoiercd uImj the nrmwifjofiw other piece of ii Jv tit',i'".,HTicy:" Srp to it, lhat every suitable iinansnre used to pro mot. HUtMONY in your ranks." Orleans. The HeearJ has this paragraph respect iiiTllie PiissuiniriP Itmlroad "ItiMLBi.Aii-lrETiS'SAr Dr.nnv Lift I have re .... ..t'tl .e.'iioe- of the director ot the Cuiiiipi in ut ami l'.is-uiupsie Itivers Kadroad Liiinpi ny and tin cmens ol our county mid others, at D uoy Line on Ti.ursJ.iy lu-t, except 11 erhil one, Inni a ge iili'iniu who was iters in on tin occasion. 'Ihe win-ruble Joeph 'p lluekinghaiu, e.l.tor ol tin l!oton Courier, presid si m ihe meeting and undo an interest- ing spe'cn. J lie JloKiun directors ex pressed tinm iu'llfi liliieh nlensed with tit rppiim nf pouutrv berell' liouts.nuj proclaimed ihe IjeXlhat tin Knilroail must be built." T'io 'J'riliwte, Ctmrier and Hu lling Jittirnnl aro in a snarl nejaln ! Tbry remind lis of Ihrco cng wheel running on tho same shaft nnd par nib 1 with cnrli oilier. W'hilo each rciniin per poiidicnlar, all go! stniKithly, tint now ami then ono of lliom wolildoK, mi ll ni'i-riinor, mo ro's fly ami thoM fieri itunniw! " ir We tender our url-liovvlodoeiiionts to tho Hon Hrveriiv of tho Senato, and to Jlon. iii.i ti. - lion. .Mcssr.. iiockm li.-., . .m.j 4 of tho House, for valuable public document. Tho New York Whin; .Slalo Convention is ap pointed for Tuesilny .September "-.I'I. at Ulica. The Ilinpirn .Stale murt iriti a gowl aceoiint of icrelf tlii" Mi- THi: LAST DAY OP CON'.JIt HSS. l'roni the Cominercial Advcrtistcr. Two ciVlnrk i near nt h iiul and nnr Vvnh Itioton lellrrs linvp not vet nrrivcil. Turn sketch of the ilay'sdninr-s in Conoro, thcrefore.wp resort tn the l'hilailelpliia North AmeiicanV telegraphic report. H will In ropii tint mn ijiVnl ileeil Iin- been ilono the hsinitlisnniaii bill Is a law, ntul both Utilise have appninted Horrent for the institu tion. The nominees of the Senate nro excel lent. The French Spoliation hill lias not yet nriv edtho mortal blow given to it by tho. 'President. 'I'ho imjority of the Senile was indijmntat the veto, hut the vote in fivorofthe bill lacked s-nmc-tlimir of two-thirds. The tnnre's the pity. The appropriation of two million, for peace negotiation with Mexico, filled in the Senate prohihly on account of tho anti-slaverv pro viso. In the IIone, an agreement vvilh the Senile was come tn on the amendments to the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill. Hotli Houses pi-ed the bill for the remunera tion of ', White, from Oregon, for loses sus tained by him at tho hands nfthe Igdians. Washington-, Aug. in, r. it. In Senate. The Senate met at Inlf-pint 8 o'clock. 'I'ho Smithsonian bill wa taken up, amend ments were rejected, and tho bill passed a it came from the llou-e. 1 he following gentlemen have been appointed UpjjpuN of the 1 1 i-tit lit ion : I'lifils Cbonte, of M iesachiisetts. (iideon llawley, New VorU. Win. C. l'restiin, South f'irnlitn. A. 1) Ihcho and Col. Totten, Washing ton. 'Die report of the committee nf conference on the civil and diplomatic hill wis'ngreed tn. The Veto ol" the Trench spoliation bill wa read. .Mr. .1. M. f'liyton siid it w the first time a private bill had Inen vetoed. Such an exer cise of the clo power, if sustained, placed the claims of our citizen in the hands of one mm without appeal. Ancient democracy sought to restrain executive power, modjni democracy seek to enlarge it. Mr. Allen read from the .Minnal the rule pro hibiting members from voting upon any bill in which they are interested per-nnilly. .Mr Clinton desired to know what tho Senator in";int ? .Mr. Allen replied" I nrant to read the law." .Mr. Chyten said. "If tho Senator m"ins tn insinuate (bnt anv nersnn ntmi the tlnor is intnr- e-ted. let n know who it is." ,Mr. Allen iid, "I rent 111" law so that anv nil" mlerestcd nnyht know it. If no olio is io. ("rested il will apply tn nn one.'' Mr. Veb-t"r protost.'il ngnn-t the vto, anl said he shuli fiko an npportunitv to dicui it helore the people. .Mr. l'miton an 1 Mr. Div ennmrtrvl tho veto ind after -oni" rein irk from Mr. Ilntringmn. ! Clayton, and Morehe nl aL'iitnt it, th q'i"tion , wa taken on tho fin il pass-igo of the hill.nn 1 r" sulted us follow : ye i 07, niv -,. not 1,'ing two-thirds the bill is th-rofore lost. " All the appropri ition bills hive gnn" t'lro'igh. I 'I'h" aopropri ition lor the iiimI school at An-nijiolisi- ret.-iinril in the n ivy bill. , At 11 1-J o'clock. Mr. Inwis tnn-ed toti!:" np the I Inui' bill, upprnpri iting two millioin of' lollirs to mootiate with Mexico, which I wn agreii to, Mr. I, 'wis moved to etri!:" nut tlie provision rulitiuto slivory in Ctlifornia. Mr. 1) ni-liink' th" lloor in ownition to the bill, and said that if it pis-,.,), it wool I .jive the -i!i"tion of Congross to a prosecution oftlp war until C lliforni i w is ae'piirod. Mr. I."vis -isked Mr. Divis to gi wiy to "li able him to o!Vt a re-ohition to extend the. hour of :nl :m rn ni-'iit . .Mr. Duis declinvl, anl sp.,'to ,m-ii within one minute of twelve o'clock, v hen begive way lo a motion for an executive seion, -itil alter a few minute so spent the S.mite a Ijo'trnsil, si- ilie. I Iur-i: or iicrp.F.srNT.iTlvr;. In the IIo'ie, on motion, lh" 17th rule w.i suspend -1. tr low bills pi-spd tliis div to lu presjnte.1 In the I'rident for his sigtiit'ure. Mr. 'l'h"inpson, of .Miiip; i, olV'red a r 'o lutinn for the S-cret iry of War tn report at Ihe ii".xt sesj,m f Congre-s, the reports of th" In dun agent who recently brought on deputa tion of In li ins from Texas to Wi-liinglnn. 'I'iie rules were suspended an I th i r 'solution adopted. 'Phe I Inuso mxt went in'o committer of t'n who'", on the n ivy pension bill. Th" am 'tiihn"nt o( the Sen it" appropriating 83 100 for privateer p"ti-inns, not concurred in. The committee rose and the Hmse concurred in its report. Mr. McKay offered a resolution, requesting the Secretary of the 'Prea-ury to report to the next ses-ion of Coiigre-s the amount of revenue collected from customs for the present vear. 'Phe rule were eti-pended and the resolution a- ilopteii. 1 lie i-ninunttee of conference reported the compromise on tho ili-igreetuent ol the two llon-o on tlie civil and thplomitic bill, Tim rejiort was agreed to and the bill pissed. I lie I lou-e conuicreil in eotiinuttee. am"ni ed and pissed thu Senate's bill lor the relief of liii jah White of Oregon. J lie committee ol conference on the nival ap propriation hill, relative to the dry dock at I'hil adelphi.i and I'ens-icoli, m ule a report to let the oooci pas over nn ses.-ion. The House concurred ill the coiumitlee's re port and the bill passed. A ines-ago was then read from the President, informing the House that he had signed the civil ami diplomatic nppropri.itinn bill, anil the bill es i..l.!!.l. i... is... hi. ... i. i.ii-tiui mi; .-iintii.s, .in in m-iiiiiio, 'Phe Speaker apKiinted ,Mesrs. (Jiven, Hough and Milliard, liegenls of said Institution. A inessigo was received from the Senate in forming tho Homo tint its amendment to the bill for the relief of II. W'hito hid been amend ed. The llouso went into cnmmitteo and took up slid amendment tn the aiii 'tidin-nt, and reported in favor of 111" same, and tin llouso agreed to the report. S lid bill a amended passed. The pn-t mute bill, with the .Senate's ain-nd-tiient, was then taken up, and the annuilamits agreed tn, striking out ail hut tho post route, and tin' bill passed, 'Phe Speaker now said tho hour of 1-2 haing arrived he pronounced the Mnuse adjourned un til the Mundiy in Decemh t next. 1'. S. Wo hive ju-t received our letters and extract from litem such nutter- as are uf inter-e-t, and not noted above. The Uegents of tho Smithsonian Institution are Kufii Chnato of M.i., (iileon Iliwley of N. V., Itichird lluli of I'enn., A. I). Ilichoand Col. J. (i. Tottcn of Washington, Tno bill Ins lieen signed hy tint President. On tho veto of tho spoliation bill Mr. Welnter said that he should In obliged to forego whit he livl intenueu in siy iimu tin, as w'll as upon tho lir-t veto of tins administration. If an opportunity sho-ild bj off-rod to him, not here, but mingling wilh hi felow citizens, ho should discuss them loth, fully, and treat lli -m a? they de-ervid. Mo would content himself nnv with protesting against this veto protesting ambist it nri'ni plo a inw and il ingerous pnnciple, n 'ver In- , io.-n iicarn oi in t io iii-iory ol i;- c t'iv.' nv r, I "u I'n't'-ti'd iijfilnst it a-inconclu-iv.i w ik oven in Us reasons, and as a-i act of j-roit ii'i.l cryin-r iiijusticn tn hundredi and l'musniI-nf mir c'tucn. wh,. have inen asking,,',, .,, tlicir rountry for forty years ntul aro now- rciiro- iiended lor Invni'' asked union-,' Mr V. said the principle of tho veto w-1 n new and alarming principio. Tiii was a priv-.Uo claim and hid b-.-en cx itnined ly both hnuso of Congress tliroiigh their rnminiOces, and pa"ed, ami yet tho l'resident, who Inil not im-i'-Moated it, unilertwik tn veto it, though, as ho admitted, no constitutional qiienlion w-n i ivnlverl. Tli" vote on the bill, after tho veto, wa as fol low : l EAs -Mpoar-. Asehe,. A.t.t.,., n.,.1... lin.-n... I A New a Slnngu! t SfflSRi B i Wool" Hr,,,irilla mil Wild Clnrry Aore head, Nile., Poirce. P n i 3 , , 1 1 ,1' tlioiiqli this l'm preparation In only lnn oil -red I or Weh.ier, iVcstc , ir , , i,ri b i-r K ' 1 sale .luring the p it yenr, it hi rdrei y wo i tn conli-Nu-s-.V-Jrs le A,cl hot" Vlherton I-nton ' 'I"'"- "ftl l1""""' ' " W"y f,r"Im'11' 'in.p,'lunny, ulee--l,'. Two-thirds not hav inij voted in the tillirmative, the bill was Inst. Three more ntes inilf.ivor wonld b ivo car rieil it in the Somite, but there is not the least probability that it would have received a vote of twn-thirds in the Home. Tho amendment of tho civil and diplomatic hill, to pay tho claim nits the amount of the two miing Mexican installment, was retninod. The bill to establish pot ronlo, wilh all that part relating to r.lnngo of postage, advttising letters, compensation of post m liters, &c, stricl en nut, was passed, but has not Income a law in con-emienco of not being engrowd before the adjotirnment. Destriictlie fire nt Pt. Albans. U'e are indebted to the kind attention of a fiiend at St. Alhin for the following account of a destructive fire nt that town on Wednesday nf this week. St. Ai.tiaxs, August 10, 18tfi. "Dear Sir: Tho largo iron foundry of the Messr. Smith of St. Albans was entirely con sumed by lire this morning. The foundry was very extensive and valuable mil no less' than one hundred person were directly or indirectly dependent tiiti it lor a iiveliliooii. The valua ble steam engine, lathe, a large number of rare and ox-pcns'ive stove patterns, flisk etc. etc. which were used in m-itinfictiiring iron ware, were entirely destroyed and the los to the pro prietors ha been estimated (exclusive of the In surance in the Vt. Mutual of 82.G0O,) at SS.OOU !" 'Pile roundry w.i owned and carried on by Hon. .o'm Smith, Nephew, and Son. Our cor respondent justly say ; "It is right to presiim" tint hy tho ox-erciso o that energy without which no 'American manu fioturer can succeed, ntul for which the Messrs, .Smith are somewhat noted, the '-St. Alhin Iron l onnlry will, plioenix-iiko, rne Invn the asbe ami mice more giie employment to many skillful and enterpri-ing I ihorers. Sra uv M intf i-T'-t-.. Tito et ai' of t'u straw in innf.icture in tin country i almost in credible. The wli 'it or rye from which tin striw is ii'ed i-cut when grei n, and bl.'lelied. In i w I'.ngland. traw pl iitini -mil braiding i carried on to a gre.d p-lr.t Massachusetts a lone eniilnying upwitds ol twelve thousand fe male in tli bu-iu. s. ')'ne im ill to'vtl of l-'ox-horo", in Norlolk countv, with "irce two thou sand inhabit int, em.iloys i.ijs persons in t'e; straw lmsimsi, anl nnnuficiure anuuillv JO i.jn.l b lane's, alii -d at j,.! ).0J ). A snu!r little sum this for on n iM en m'ry tow 1 1 , re. ceivo for striw in unit' lefuro o.i'.y. ,Y. I''ir incr ami Mecl,tiiii. r" v " 7" "t t - ! -. R 1.-7. t Vi Lg J OfMiltrncre rcpici d to nn ( t at the Town Hu re in ii ,i ii I -1 iv- 'u'l'iiu aid o'ch ck !'. M. to in mil. ate a candidate ljr Town Rcpre.--t:i;alne Cie v ining ear. Per Uillcr ef To. n Cnm'iiiltee. rAit.nnns ci.rit. Tldievni i ' at 7 l-Jo'clo, !-. S'l'i.-ct 1',,-tt- oi?s. I'ridev, Aug. -Jl iU a rlici 5. rtlMCIITON M I!Ki:T An.tsT 10, 110. At mnik.'t, ) Ilwf Cnitlp. (iiirluivi of tlm-e .. lv lliir.l i. - -ill. I -.ili""f J 'J cioicti, li-op, mufUVi .ti.f. I'rI' kv Him t.' i n 1 Hnl."1 of rtrn, jiU ; firf-t T't?'!'"?:!.: &'."'! ' ' .' ."',.. Jsl:.T. ... C'i'i en or -,.1 -.'ii Storis-W,' shall omit nn.p's until" fh-v hecolno llli, re , siiil.llsheil foprp sir,i,. at "Jl "a Jl, lid. an I: A'.vink .Sdes lj ni' At retail lioin j to Cc. ALP.ANV MAi:iCi:'P-Ain: IT riour his illeie.l a furtinr il.-ehne, nnd is heavy nt from Hll to I?:! nnd 1 j i'ij'1 bbl pnun Jl ihiran, in poo,1 condition, n without sale ut s!J 7J, N i ni-, if ir.i'it 1 1 11 bushel primp Western Corn sold at ."' ; I'.'.lil inferior in 17c ; -..urn hu. Ilc-tern O.its, in two pircels, nfJTc ; II nil do at -3c Ni:W YORK MARKI'P Aiir. 17. Plonr 'Pin inaiki t is dull nnd prices bm feebly sus tained We do not change our q-i ititions j 'Phe receipt" of 1'loir to-.l ly a.iiouut to I',))) Inrrel, 1 iinkui!; a lotil of 1,iMs,Ui",7 sine.' tin opening of the lltldsoll River. I P.O.STON' JIAUKKT A113. 1" ! '.,.,.. 'I'I... .-t.,.. 1 ,. i e.oitl tireelrf rp- ' till Provision There isn good hu-iuos iloins by I n-tail, no materia! chance in pi ice; io inns prune ! Pork sold nt ".r,,l cash. I'lour 'Pin market is veiy dull, and the operation nre pnneipnjy to inert the de mands lor home consumption ; (leneve, c onmoii ! brands, I,H Il-l a 81.-' : .Michigan, &t,l-l ; Ohio round lim p, e:!,75 ; do Hut hoop, s;im n;i,7). Corn Hit hide doiin mo lerite sales of vadlow- Hit nt fit ' nCi-'e- while sfli&.V; 17(10 sacks Ohio j. How and '. .. i..T. '.. i '..i t.,1,1 nt oricii" sat.. Ii,r i Hllllf murills'U in I'm """I " I'" ' ' nboiii V.)e hit bushel. .Molnw. Tlnre is nn nnprov- e I demand for rctadin" nualines. with steady sales of . u - ,o.7...n, i n miw I U'onl 'Plipr,' has been a moderate demand br IIppcp Woo . but w-p bear ol no lame sues, in some ' sections of tin country, tho wool ha been taken by I n-'putsof tin manufacturer, at iiriecs above lho' oh- t lined ill ouriiiaiket. Tie' stock here is not niee, mu ilnre is no apprehen-ioii ol u scarcity of the article. Prime Snony I leeees, woslnil l), Atuelictlll full blood do ' do ll-l do do I-'.' do " do 1-1 and coin. do " Spanish Pheep, It. P. audi " .S'liljrtta do washed " do do unwashed " lLnitras'i unwashed " Si tony, clean ' llllellos Avres, uniiicked " do 'tlo picked " Puper Xoiih'n pulled lamb " No. 1 do do do " 'J do do do " 11 do do do " :i7 i Id :id a :u a "i a j ml ii ml H a Sd 111 a 11 a 7 in n l-i 7 a in ID i III I n :u J.I as H a l li a II Ciurier. NP.W YORK CATTLH AIARKP.T Ain I At linrket I'll I Ileel'C.illle, (IIKM from the South,) M Cow nnd Cnlves ; Imm silncpnn I Limbs. j Cows and Calves The moderate number that was olT-ie.l niei a icaily kiI", nt jinces a lute lower thin those of lint week sll tu as in q ulity, ate the 1 eMjeni"ot the market s!i'epnnd Lamb 'Pin supphen wprp vpry lira, and tmi head rpui'iin over unsold Prucs rainje lioili Si to iJJ 51 a s:i -ii for slus'p. Lambs have I illen u tiaciiou, nud si ni I'lom 75' lo &! 0) All s-, Id. I ll'elCntile We noteti leduciiou ounll i inlitns, of fully '.'j t'i'ut cr cw t. upon the prices current Inst ?-lAi "u,'""'' ol t'n sjlea liniuiiis Ilnni f.'i l j sil "j. About II) I mis ill. I Ihy ss'lls at r u CJJc per cwt. Straw SJ 3J per ! ItUbjiidles. ii iiiiiiii.i.i ,,11111 .mi en, ..,i, 1 i..i vi.i. ei,- I I 1 ii" 1 I'liu ti 'i is h -level 10 be cibci -nt and UTliil'5Tflv limn "icinni vvn 1',,,, C,. Countyol rew 1,011.1011 nun .naie 01 Lonueeiicul, so ' Vv ,' ' 'r e .LMII. . M.- tlwl M,.,. of ,1,.. pendency ol tin, suit cannot ! minauv. Ihe l ull "crm of thu i'1-iipnio'i per-oually e"rv.d upon him. v; llcomai'U.s'oi II e lues ,lay, ,S-iiiW Uih.itijer Tiilrmoki , il is ordered lint notice be given to said lh.. charge nhe.eio ore,ol J L.MAN. A .1 Di.uei II lar.hnanol ihe pendeu-yoi s,i, suit by puh- I in ci.iiditio.i ol t in sell s,l 1, p.osp .,ous, number ,sm,.. this order coiiiaiuiug Ihe sutistuncc ol s lid bill of pili slarg', mil lh" pio-li 'els forth till I e ll liter- ,,r,.,,io.i.inl. lor lliree week sncccs-ivelv in the Pi... th'ioujh In. 111. s..,ii.ilp.culi-iiityoliln 11,11111- ,.. , i-,tp,'(,.,i, tin lni publication to lie nt l.a-i lion.,nnlt'npi;i ." Iirus prnctiPiMe.bothio m- ,;v,,Mt.. ,l,,)a .,rc tin mvi term ol tin Couit ol st.ii t no I g in r.i In ns-ll. I ni leu I u Iuh si,, be, ,;U:w?viy (ltlu hM,.n ut lliiiliin-inii, within nud (or pi -i. uu nu 1 phi uei nu cess. 1 ,n liciliti. f ,r tin K , coiiniy of Clultcudcii 0,1 tho lirst Tuesday id i,p.piiition ol mm al science nie unusu illv good u.r the I miili 'PucMhyol S'pteinl'r Hill, ut winch .,eP,nci1ialp,.ss. Be8a lirg-ll -nilHian ' lei-ope lmu, iliniel 1,'jardin.iii Mtn-miril to upp arand 01 8.i,n,,o, 01 inly, vv-.tli other exeell nt appiintu, its. answer m the b.ii.1 lull ol complaint. " ly cuib'.I, wnnh lu will use lor iin beiielit ol the, Ditedut lliirhnglon, tliw lltlidiy of Ausust. A. I) Sill 1 '111. Tu.t.on 1'or the Piinnry branches, s3,oj " " Higher " 1,0.1 " " Liugins". LU Biar.l can be olitaund at fiom 81,9,) tn li per week, inclulms wasliiug, ,tc. A', il. ll i very desirable that those who anticipate ntteiiilmg, should commence al tin N-ginnins ol tlie quarter. Willieton.Aus. 18th, lStfi. ni:.ut tup, Pituss. irYom the IlvMon Duly Mill ) sii llxcrt.t.i NT y.'r.Mr.'iv We woul 1 call tin lirt prppiration, we brieve, ever innl ', w it -Ii unites the peculiar virtue of tin Sirsiptrilla mil il 1 Cherry, Of cither of ihe' articles of tin Mil -rn Medici it is nnmccssiry t'nt we 'io il I sp un, i n"v Iiivp attaiind sneh crdcliritv tin 1 co.ui l"ii"p, both with mclical men and the pn'ibn. thu tin only oh pet n now to procure prep irations ofth 'in which cm be min ed hy the inv.ili I as gen ii n an 1 pow -rlnl In thips p'ct.Dr. Wool's a lrsipirilh nn I Wild Clnrry llitnis are nil that can In desired, nsitiscitfiilly p'epned ol the best miterinl. Those who have used it hive not been Inckward in expri-ing to th" proprietor their F-ns-" of its virtu-ssi, an 1 i-n iin I for it b'-ii"fits, ns numerous crtifi'ite in I it rs f oi.i tin most rep?c nhle sources in hisnosspssjon telilv ....... , o i , . '. MP t, tt.,.1. Sold In- Peck'i2lon :nnl W I! Hate! II': t.i ,'n.. w I.O., , nioosiii i ails. llr.WAnc or nirvrrnrriT iNn imitations The in pirailelled and ntniiihlni'f ll'naey of Dr. 1 istir's Hnl-1 sun of Wild Cherry, in nil the discus- for which it is pi lecoinniended.curing nnnv cases after tin skill of tin best tihviciaiiswnsiiiniuihng,hi3ntrccted n lire" nn I iiicrcaiiigdeiinnlfnr it. Tluslicl Ins ciiKed 'ienl tinnrineinleil counterfeiters and imitators to nihil oil spurious mi xtiirp, of similar nann nnd nppenrniicefor the gpiinine llals-im. .Nonip nrn cnlled -.Svrupof Wild C.lnriy,""llilain of .N'pikeinrd," "Wild Clnry. Com Ircy," &e. Another," Wester's llal-ain ol Wild Cher ry?' mis-spelling tlie nnnie, nnd forging certilientes to resemble those of the true lint-am, "Dr. Witar'sl!al snmof Wild Clnrry" is the only genuine. Tin rc-t merely imitate tin name of tin oiiuiual, while they possess none of itsviitms. liuk teell In the math tif the Genuine. 'Pin trpniiine Balsim i pat up iu bottles, with tin word, "Dr. Wi'tar' llnKim of Wild Cherry, Phil-id ," blown iu ihe glnss ciiihts,ris benrinjn l.tbel on the front, with thesiguatn.e of 11. WIS'PA', M I) 'Phi will In envelop d her. niter with n new- wiap per ; copyiight sectie - I, IS 1 1 .mi which w ill nlvvnnp ,ear tin wrilt n signature of " I IIVTTS" Xoiip g.'iiitiue, unless signed , T7'.N'on the wrap per. itttUTicb. In this village, on Wedncsdav eve, last, by the Ilcv. J. 1C. Converse, Mn. Iswc Dow- to Miss Pr.ANcns I). S-'ott, both of this town. Inlip,nn the hi-tnnt, by Rev. Mr. Wnrren, Chester Wtvcti to Jci.ii A. Pitfrso.v, In Charlotte, on the l'-th instant, by Ilishop Hop kins, W. I,. Ilonrov, i;i , ofalonc, N. Y to Car oline U. Dicii. In nsex,nu the lOtli iiutant, of consumption, Miss Cv.NTitii Uraiilf.v, nged 511 yeir. In Wdli-ton.on th" 'Jth, Mr. A mem , wife of Win. II. l'rctich, ngeil CO. .She died as a true clirNtnin dicth. In P-ni, N'. Y., nn the 11th, T. W. Dav, Ki aged I'I',. lu Cmtleton, on the 3d instant, Oeive R .Vlrrii.i., nged S. In Ilirdwick.on tin lib inr, .of a laneeron the lip, lsnc Prencli, ng -d Cel. In Milton, on tin Kidi in-t , tin wife of Dr I'air chdd, nged about Id years. ' OTICIl. 'Phis is to crt fv tint I hive Piven mv 'i sou,. 1 HIIOU'X, Ins nine during the rest of Ins nn-ionty lo tmn-nt business for hunsell. 1 slnll claim no'ip ol'Jus earnings nor pay any debts of hi coiilractmgnfti'r this date s-AMvr.r. r:. nimuw. Iliirlinglo-i, Aug. IT, 1Mi. llwll .I.VCfUS .MAIJCIC A: SVI..iIl.V WIUKS, vt'o'irv at Ii-vr mil .S'o'i'ci'ors 111 Chrtiren, N'AVn nssociated theiiiseHes together under the . 111111; of I MARCK 4- WIRES, to n'a.-liep i.tic ana (. 'tatfrni. noil wi . evnte ,T,e.r , t:iidlnl..l allPtilioii to tin business of tlnir profesiion I Z V ,lli": over S W'ulkerV Store, Church Nire.-t, I Huiling Vt itn:i Qr.u:cT Kruno.,. 111; n. snn l J ..,.lln-.-.-..L..P IIT ... ..!.,... f..t, .S'-pti'inlir. S.h'i ir- nre ;pecteJ to t'ntr at ilic rninm,t)'r,int,m 01 hi lenn. TriTioN I-'iuli-It, - - - to 1,01 rpMiHi, - l.ih) Drnwmrr. :ux I P"hno!-Iinom uii"iluor wem of 'Mr Lmwortliy's, nil j II irlmtim, Anz -3, 13 Id. , , ., . Cij'U'ri' r!I(!)T.'n.''.nIri5ne,l w ' O p m a SClinor. lor I) n n" I Huls, , Thomas' ll'liMl-ia. Coll'g- street, on II 'he, lot,, ll,.- '.' I of S'plem'jcr 'Pi iTiov p'rqnrt 'rof twlv wei k : l or i;u.'lis!stu lies 83.n I " Linm's y.ll T. V. I'UWKH", Ilurlinsto'i, Ans C, H!o. llw-5 m'rsT.'V'STov iti'-M srtMKiJ,. T I'CIANW CIIAN'I'.Y. Parcn-T r. 'Pin Pall l-i Term of ibis Insiitiiiom will commence on .Mon Anv the lll-t iiwl'ilit No schol-irs rci'eiv" I for less than half n t'rm tiefereuce to the 'Piustees Ib'v. .1. K. I lot T. I'ot.icTT, firs II. SlIAVV, l.sq , l!cv. W. (1 II. 1 F.AHOPV, Prof ( Prvsr, Wvi.i.vs Lvmw. Ilsq. narlinslon, Aus- -I, Hid 11 In rhiiiici-ry. Jonx A. Kiciunpsox, 1 CllITTEXPEN C'OL-XTV, Oetoher Term, I 8 I fi , Cniuxcr.v (ionnnidi, , D.vvin A Dvvinsov, Dvmii. llovr.uM.vv, t I Jaioii C. IUvvma- I - im cause hp nrator hips u,-ik ci si J our! his bill ol complaint njiain-t Ilienbove nai ' cd dclcll.lanls.scttiu!; lorlh lhat on the 1,1b diy oi .Ve I tpiubcr. ls:ilVihe sni.l ( liwHlrich cXPCiiled lo one ('I . i r It i . , ,, . . . Adams, of Hirluisiou, iu said (.ouniy. two certain pionnssory notes o that dite, lor two iiii'nired nud thiriv- do ar each, navab!" to paid Adams ,,r onlcr. wiih'interest, one lusevpu.nnd ihcother m eijiht jrar Irom illte. A!li lor 1 ie nurnosp oi s -ci r HIT 1 l" one inenl of said Uut" executed losaid Adams n iuorlae decdol tin follow in. dcscrtb'-d lands to lliirlineton. vi. 'Phe Last half ol lmincre lot, JV LIS ih,. North b-ifl ot in I aorp lot, No i.'o on" uiiilividcd I.hiiiIi part of No. Ill, and the il acie lots No, It, and 17, in said Ibuliusloii. And thai nftprwanL I on the l'dih il iv of .lanuaiy ISIl.said Adams, by ,, , deed of that date. conveved nud lissieucd lo one Ceo. ivenioi conconi, m tue .itaie oi tw- nnmpsiurp, nu lus riS'ii. line nn.i uiierpsi in uini io saiu inorie.i.,', in,. Hole thereby secured nnd ihe lands ihereliv conve)cd. And that ntterwnrd, on ihe Hull day of Alarch, Mil, the slid Kent, bv bin deed of that il.ile, conveyed nud ussipupil loKiid John A. Kichardsou, nil his riht, title nnd mtcrpsi iu nnd to said inoiiii'i'!", tin- note then liy sppiirt'd and the lands llnrpliv cotivcvi'iL nnd ltirihpr setiini; lorlh, that, aliprwnrds.'on tin- jih day ol July, lull in i.:i. I... 1.1. .1 1 1 .1.... i... uic r.i, , , i,..,ii ii, i,j iii i.L. ii in iii ii o.iip, con veyed tooiip slauiupl Itoarduun, ol Alihon, iu said cotinly of Chittenden, a portion of ihe laud so morten ",t'it by bun us nforcsaiil, tosanl Richard-on, i mat patt ol said lot No 1 1 1, in said lli.rhiitjluiijjine south ot me " mil vv line road, i calico; mul that utter wards, on ihe Nt d ij- ol June, lhlfi, the said Simiiel i lloardiuau, by bis , I ol that date, com c)cd lo said l)tvid lloirdfnaii.dclcndanl.togeihervvithothpr lands, the nine land convejed it nlorcsaid lo said Sitnuel 11 Mrdniau by Kiid (iiKidrich : nml lurlh.-r selling Inrtli ' various otln'r conveyances by s.nd (iiHulrich to vari- oiisp,'is.n,, portions ol slid morteaed l.iuils, and luilln-r settin-; lorth tint mul note Imve never been paid to Katd Kichardsou, thouiih due, uml iliat ihe cs- tale in said inoiiaaed premis s has th-reby Ih'coiii" absolute in said llicli'irdson . And prnyini; that lor the rcusous nlorcsiul tin paid delendmiis' may In- fore- clos"d ol nnd Irom nil rijiht, title nnd iiuity ot iedeuip- nun in and lo sil.l niorle'ieed nremise or nnv nan t'nreof Ati.i it nnpeiiiii" thnt said Uiiiiel lloardinan re. sides without this si ne, to wit, nt (Jnswold, in iin County ol .New 1.0111I011 nun .iiat 1 .1... , i... ,. ...,..... ,.ni -.1 m I l.irl,,, 0, u,,.i Hid. L'DW. A. STANSIlUUy, tetk 11 Vhnnceiy. .Vjallev rnr.Lrs, Micilort. 1 In niF. uou tic ul run ist And Journal ot Rural Alt mid Rural Tnsie, edited Dow-nine. No.S.lor Augiw nriccva,, 11 by A HOWARDS' atsel t . . " store nmli.;;',!Vrn':nv'meiit day, b-twren our IlltACiXI'T ,e1r"''''1'rin" CIiiiii.Ii, it COIil) Inn it at m Jtore 1,0 r,nJ, r "'?. rewanled by leav- nn op rewnnleil hy leal V11.A3 & NOVl'.fj, August 'JO, Jsiir, lltf GF)m1 'Tun ltonuxn-nw Miu. WiV. Company nrcnpw jeyly ,,, p,,rc,n, ""J''' .v--touaiiioiiiii i pinion ni ii- uuh, lor which ciO, will be paiJ, ApJiy at th- Cmili ig.ltoo,,, ,,r Conpaiy. JAMtiS COO , Axt il Anininl jlnrtictism i:io"l t i Tit. II. W!S"ii;i. will give nco-i-s? of Inc lure,, witli con lu-ivo evi.l'-ne, thit Il'ileh -rntt, j leh-mtin -ut, D.vinali in, Conpirntio-i, Ainiinl - ngueiisin, ,Ve , all hale onecom-nou onuiu, Hutu Td by th" sime power, nud lire nl uticnl Cliirining. Dreaming. Iltorcis.u, Mngic, Hindi Alt, Shgit ot il iti.l, Ne.-iomincy, Arc, will in their turn. iece,e coiisieration. .Mr W !."( Hires onlv where he. i tnrticnlirlv .,. vited to do so, Iih tor n nuiiv ot Inc'nrcs is lw 1" dollar, to be raised cither bv roulibitioti rir a siie ol tickets. l,etternil,licsod to Imn turough ll,- 1,-Ifll',.i, ,, l 1 .1 ,.,., ,1 ,11 -eeel.-e ,,liA,. liiiiliigto.i, IWMigu-t, lilo. 111, 'Bifll I' Villi t"nn of Miss I!. Mll.t.s' school, will coiuini-nce on the "fah of Angint, s'lolars nlnre 1 ii i ler Inr cure will be thorotuihlv iintiucted iu nil the ll-i'li-li branch-', iwinlly t-iuglit in sehools, I also in trench, Ditiw'j'ig an I inedle work, ineiulan.l oriinineiitil it desired, great intention will l.e pn 1 to tin ib'poilnieiit ut the scholars. Rooms over the Post UUICO. iu. Unrlington, August 1 1th., 1816. o. a mint i:o:r yif. anous. I?m:X(Tl No It), and Semm. best Plates, fine silk, j satin nnd velvet lined cacs, gold locket, extra ! glasses and mattings or Diaphragms j chleiicle id' Io- j diucaud golihtiiereury baths, thercincniPtPrs, coating lioxes, plate holders, sp'milivp, (b rinan nnd Aineriem caiupins. Plates and cases of tlie best quality we in tend to keepn tall and constant supply nt as ov prices as we caucllord iheiu. 10 IlnrvsMiitp V l!p.imit.RS. UHXOOSKI COTTON'. W'n nwr. mvdi: nn nrraiieement with tin" owanrs of these Sheet ings to keep them eonst'iiiiK on band and tor s-de atj tin- 1 m tory Prices, We would soil 'it tils' ntt 'llt'oll of .Meic bants nnd ot nis wislimii to Imv tlnir (,oo,!s Io- the 1 l-i 1.' or Piece .lis we think tint tlnir itnpri mriinul' ttt will be n strong recommendation to the buier nnd tin etnt'uiner. "Our people n'mitlit eucournge hnme initaj." VILAS Ai NYOCis. April, 13 -11 rni IMiATIJ-i, Willi: r. 7j IIOXP.S TIN" L Plates, l-H X and extra i7es, 5n b'dls iion witc, assorted -beet copper, copper holt, Russia nud ling sheet iron, sheet lead, lend oils', sheet 7,ine, rivets, etc. ..... t"l'l,iVOU ... I'I, JUUP I, OlllWIld ML. V. J . CI)TI,1;HV. Table and Dessert hmves and forks, enrvers, steel, butchers' knive, shcirs, scissors, pen nud pocket knives, lamp scissor, ra?ors, nut pick-, etc. STKONOrS ,t CO. June i. Vei-.n HOOK HIMUM.! Z-Jp&ff C- fiOODUICH. bis in bis employ n toll. -'i ... V Hook Hinder who has sened a rep-nlar apprenticeshin and woiked iu the last London shop9. in. i noeks reiioiuitiot snort notice. llurlington, August 1I,1SI0. 10 Pri!i,ixr.To. rnMti.r. Snnx.wtv. Tim Ntvr Tran will commence on Ihe 8th of.stenteni - her 1SII". The classes will then be o-ganipd lor the' first hill of the lien Scholastic year and it iipirn- ble that all who intPtid puteriiiu, during lh" nct sj ! months. 1. nicsentnt the ooeniini,r the T.-rni. N'one nre iidnuu-d lor n !. tune than one quarter nnd no leiiupuonsnrc mane lorauseuce etccpt iu ense oi sick- ; ne-s. .i.V.n : Hill nivah e in advance I t-mov. I.n- gli-h and Latin tier liuaitcr. s.5. D.-awing and Paint- I 1 I lench, s.l-' I. 1 nno .Music, sis. Iloird n lli Neiniu oy, including fuel, lights, and u ashing, s-Jj tier Wnarlcr. jUigu-t lum, 1310 lOtf iV ICrT Table Vinegir, nt 11 io. VV.CK Sc. SPHARS' pvVi; STl'I'I' ! Ilvcry miterinl for ilyins XJ buthci coarse nnd line aniens, Porale nt IU. PIX'c. ,l S-I'iIAKS' p.WI'ItV AHTICI.I'.S I Nicccxtrnctof Inmon, i I Mraet of llosp, Lvtr-ict uf Vanilla tlMnge, Plower waier, essence ol Peach-Kern -I ; (hound Spices, Citron, Vace, Np'Tlll caudles, ,Vc. c. Coiu-tanilv on hand at i. it:ck .t srcArts' 'I'llllllllril ljltld,Hs I'sfittf. VMi tin undersigned hiiii2: been npnointed by the llouoinble Proline Couit, lor lh- 1) strict llriiud Isle, Commissioner p, receive, e.-uniue nnl n.ljii-t nil clnilli nnd deiunuds ai;'iiust the L-t,it ol 'Pli.i.ld -us L-iu.Iou, Ian of isouth ll-ro, in sail l),s. tiiit, de 'eased, and all cliiius and dciu inds pxlubtied m oil's -t therein ; and si nionihs l'roni the -.'.uh d.iv of July, A.l. Hit',, betnj allowed by s-ii.l Couit for that pn pose , We t!i Telbre do Inrcby z t- notice th it we w. II alien 1 1 th bi-tnessi.t our'nppoim neni, nt the dw-'ll'i- linn" i'f I'n w. I w- A-i'ii l.-ri loo, in sail Souih Hero, on in tir-t We.l.ies piy t,f November next, tioui I'-ll ,,','ei'k am till i o'clock, e -i. (iiv'i on l-r on In 1 1. t ..isi.iith Ile:o, tins luiii day oi'Au -list, 1) H,J ll.. r in .ii.vvs. j 1J is.nmmi'w.diicr. Or..,t, I'ai t,ri v ? 'ir.llM'ir.LI) .rl)i:i!ICL IVSnri ri..-- I .V7 1 A.-ndeniic y comincnceson c lay, - pti-:ui.'r I 1 tie Hoard ol liisirm tin io:i-its il .1 r- Sen 1 1 iv.. A 11, ? Assicmt ( I'V" l lie tu 1 , A M , S Pii'ieipnls. .Mrs .1 .V ,V.u!,!)i.o, Picceptlcss Mr ,S' M llvsnr.( 'Pcichemof Vocilnnd In- .Mis N. M tvssiTr.$ siruunut'il viusic .Mrs. O T II iui.iitov, 'Pciclurol Pamiinsnnd P. isiu-ctive. Air. II, l'lMi.Tenclnr of Krench. .Mr. L I) Dvvis, Teacher ol Penmanship. A class ol ihos" inteiidius lo leach will be loitneil nt Ilieconuueueem 111 of the trim 'Plus class will be lurnislie.l Willi a coursj ot m-truction and lectures niliipled to tlnir wmit, Also, luil cours-s of lectures on Natural Philosophy .nil Chenusirv will lie wiven, mad" attra live nn 1 iwiul !,y Hiicvt. iisne and well s,.. I.cted Apisirntiis a Is., Iccturex 011 vnriou oilier lupus Hooks lurm-hnl by tin Principil at the lowest pri ce einr.l. per week, including room, wood nnd wash, iuu. $ I j. 'P11 lion,pernu.irter,for i:ii.'h-h 5.3,1)0 to ?3i1 Aiuient classics, HfM j Piano, 5H Oil; .1elo.lenn, ?'mi: Vocal .liisic, 1,(HI. Draw ins and Paiui.ii' ssl.lM to Is'-MKI. -V ,'. 'Phe 'Pinchi r in Piencli has had ihe N'st of iiistriienoii in Prencli laiuiiies and couveivs 111 ihe lamiunse wilh case licmaik Wewi-h lh" eoniniunity lo uu leistin I lhat our Aiaiiitus is neie, extenitire.teell-eeltited, nnd ol the f'inslo;,;ffirpiri'nxlfeliefl,costlUjlieaiiy lour 1 . .icncrs nre inexperience aim know how to use n SlUH OAKKS.Xecrrfaty. hiner'Jtcltl,.uf. I, ISM. US BROW.V isIinPPINCS Wiuooski mil other stvles and uuahties olTlrown Sheciius for snleby July ll. Hit, VILAS ,t NOYCS. GREAT SALE. - rr" M)'riL'IJ is m:iti:uv oiynv tiut X' .rsp s.. the sulssiibcr, a. ns"iit of the Kssex County, uu ler and by v irtin of n resolution ot the President and Directors of sail board will expose 10 sale nt public auction, on ilie lirst day ol Septem ber tin 1 1111 ot J . W. T.ijrmrd, ui tin village of heescville, Le Co, A.i , 1 wo linn tred Miares ol lln Capital Stock of tin Chimphin Transporiation Company, n company nivigiting I.-ike Clmmptain by Stenui, which said stiK-k was assigned 10 sud (auk by Peter Coinslock in tnu seciiruv tor certniu liabilities of wm I i ter (i. A. Sl.MM(J.NS,.llornfjl. Keesev ilie, ith July, IS Irt. Hw I vrOTK'i:. Tin firm of NLT.SON ,t GATCS 11 isihisdavdisstdved bv intitu-ileo-is'iit. All per sons li-iving unsi'tiled necounts wilh the finn nre ic- il'icsied 10 present Iheiu vv ithont delay to C 1.. Aetson wiio i nntlioris'J toselile tin same. lliirhnglon, July 8J, IS Id. C L. NKLi-O.V. II. (1ATP.S. C I,. N'i:i.-OV coitinins to inanuficiu'-e chairs and cabinet woik nt tin oil stand in Si. Paul street, w beie lie w ill continue lo supply customers oil his usu ally low term. 73 c v lo rnus.-Ti!K srn- "S-sX ntiIht !iaiu purelnp.l of .1 S. f&r&zrSTSSiiWtxrv Iih int-rrsi in thf AnncuU twtil ll'ne iimsf, will fMiiuui tli hui',ff iu lui nvvninm-'. nt tU' Store ol T. V. l,nr, i i-tn ImiUlut. C'lmri'ti H ,nn. wui l hippy to hlmu t nil who m ly h"r lum with n nill.n farxrr tm Wn n.-wirtin-m if I'loiii'h'i thim cim In-fouihl in imy tub-li-!mirut in tin Stittt V hiM evi'ry nnety nml M7- of riou'm imnufic turi'il in litMoit ny l'ronty unJ letir,rin 1 hy Uu; !', Xouinnil Miivin, mnoTir wlurh nn Suhoi!i Si I lull, Duii Mi MuuM Il.ianl, (iani; tin. I Culnutir Vlow AUi thu murli ci'lcbntltl l)iimml VluusH, ?tMil rinntr., Co n-'-lieller1, Stntw-i-uttcin, fte. t-to. V -hnll U Imppy tonell tin aU)e Hrticl?- on It tfrms thn thev ran w. uiirrhiwil rls hfrr in thr ftnir. 1' catl nnJ exnmiiie i")oti do not li A. ITI KI. , . . Jcn.v S. Prucr, Agtnt. Dnrhnyton, July 91, fttf BOOK STORE. No. 1 Pecks' riuildings. a r.r.N-cnit, or scinot, and mis- tt.LASEOCI 110JK1 AXDSTATIO.VEr.V, AT CITV rRICES. It'll' I.IP' of Cmning, price lbMieal Legends, ,y l)r Weil, .Memoir in, Dssavs, lllutrative or Art, Mtcro- er , ,,' '.'"iTT.'uvel to ihe I.ittlepige .Vauu .1. p, Coop'r.a vol. i'nT lS,"!'1;'.' w w Civi!' -v'VM'y 5J 37 it T-n chenp.-.t .Vip ever piibh-lnd are Mtne'n Cirnztap'il? Mnpi An. 5, eoniamiin M-nien , f .ntial Aonrica, Vin.itin, ,.V,..i,p,7,, C'auida , - , ..iiixweu, H"et. Vermont nn I S, lt-mr,j,i-. fj 'dn I.idv's Hook, for August, Caluin'iiin .lnirn7ine do l,rahaui ilo do,i. 'nlni,nl ,1, ... , INiiinuiateii ,v,iiKepeareos. CSindOO Uj i A new-snpplv ol llealei's Nnnoleonnnd hi .lar- 'nil. 3 vols. 2,',0 Hal '' Intter from Itily, 1 vol u iniier irom iniy, i vol, lo Ahisau'l the Illnne, 1 Mil. -ps. V':tri:iH!i:t)TVI,i: IVnte mi l (.'ne..-. J J The Cnscs are already received, and w-e have n large lot of rrench ,v .S.-ovill's Plates on the way, ex pected to arrive Thursday, Aug. fitli, nflcr which' time we shall try to have a constant supply Cus!i orders nre solicited. DIU.VSMA1D ,t I!ROTIIi:ttS. ' r VA..WV & Si.-VT, 1l'ho!e,alr Healer., in IhmesVc anil Inipotttrs of I'ttKr.Iti N IMIV tiDDll.s.. Xo. So Cedar an 1 123 Ilroidway, Xew York. PIiMASlID with the result ofthfir lint year's adver tisement, Clnpp A ICcnt ngtiin preen"t their Card, nnd invit- Meulnat j;-ie'ftliy, (when liying in sup. jil'n for Vnt'iinn nn I vV'rUer sale,) to examine their stock of St ip!.' D y (loo I A l'irg -r ns-iortiiient.low'er nod more uniform price, enn no w-hie he to ri I, an 1 buyer will be sure to meet with quick ilcs and h iudonn prolits in return. New Yotk, Aug 1, IS 10. 8m3 Si:i:AIMII.Vr.S, Arc Wn dcire to cnll ntnntion of thosp who wish for n roo I nnd pr"tty lutnrn"iit lor their own iluvl llti!f,or for a C' th" f5 'tiphitniwe hue thein forie. Also, 11 m.e aid i,ol Pnno' nsn, Pnno k'-yed Melo l"ois ; al-o, Itounl kcjed .Me.leons and uiostotlnr M'lsicnl lustiiiimuts, wliich wi'lbc w.l.l a low ns cr.n b; hn.l iu iuv ot'nr 11 inner Id UUI.'s'si.lAli) miOTIIP.UH. I'OOL ! Tin: Spii-citinr.tts unni.t) SCJ It reoectril!v Mider their pxnreons of -'sXI!iratitiide to a boi'i-nl tmMic for their ns-is. tance anil symp itny in our nip inisi,,rtinnf nMli for former p'ltronaire 'Piny a.jiin oM't tlnir setvices to the public in the Mnti'i.-i' llus'iucss, nnd si,. licit a continuance oi i. --i r lavms 1 Iny propose t0 iinuulnct.ire tsituntt, 1 ni,i Ll"th, horse end 1 Iin neis, upon snares or oy on to MI'.'iRAV & PATIIICi;. 1 Puiesburpli, .lane 5,13 Id. iilw 3 - 1 t "vt1 3 Q aii !):i:J itil" i OOI. l'L.eee U'n.,1 del .! Te.l IO I ll.Mtl.'V HHAfil.r.V jlarliinton, June 11, 110. " Mt. . . ! ..l"SslI)."8 5l SllStl 1 tltlSl'.'tMJCJII ' kiVtS kS.'t.l SluOlltli Qii iiCA v? iS3 vj f?-ii I N Pursinnce oi -i re. ulole oi tin il.r-ct'irs. the I n s-p-si . stock, Inrctotori' ni i an I in i.le piv.i'.tc on tin- l.'ih'ol august tipt, will in iiivi ' '.I, so tiinl only st:, on em-ii hale will h" reuuired on lhat ilnv, and the icliiaiuun ;:i on the loth dav of N.,v nevt" 'hen ,r.nls ,niy be .a,d to tin Treasurer, at hisotli-e in tin otli.e of .S'iiiiu' I I b n- dnw .V. S in . Merchant' I'Achaiue, llostoii.or tot uh- his oll'n ler of tin tollowioir llinks. t llankoflbr oil' on, , Ilmk ot p-i: 'imps, (I-uii. oi Mid Ii burv, llannoi ;;ut. , l-in I, llink ol liclluw-4 Palis, and I h -i ;re Hank, nt , Keenc N. II. i SAMLV.I. S'lVIlT, T,ea,uer I .Mi.lllebury, Aiui-ta, li.o 'J i r'UOL'.N'I) Proven l r, and Wheat Uran, by the VJ load or sin 'le bair,iiistreceied bv jniy-'j. a. .s. i)i:wi:v. " p.. . r.-inmi iiv, tiy tlie bbl. or jnlloti, for sale bv July'J'J. 1)CWY. m:w CDDDS, August 1 I. I3LAIN nnd rs'initoued Accordeons with rivited . keis, st, cl irnniiieil n.irsps.slecl hi.' Clnsns. steel heeds, ea'pet bair with lotks, carpet hae- lock, twin! button tnr coat--, a nw wipply of at.ts mr I Inr", nnd more oi in"-' ni.-- w in row is which ioik -nneiu aim keep ilifs-citrfiom nil 'irtu vt l.Oil on the table, Ice Cream IVeeet-, I'dl''" nn lll.l.Nri.MAll) & IIIiOTIIinW. ' "VOTICII. All pep-ons nre hereby tioiifleJ I i hirlwjr or fii-l mv wife, I'r.vNtts 1'n.v.Mii, not to on mv account, n-i I will pay nu debt nl hrcunttacthi IJili:utonAu"U-'t 1J. blii. Uw3 iii).i-ifiTit l 4 r i tiiTinttt I Uli .U.Ui.ll. V 1 AM.M A AW III I r.Vl.U. 17.1 MOXTllCM.. mvnn ST LAU'ltLWF. Jt LAK'H ONTARIO HOC it:. taiji: ici;wrci:i) t The New- v.Jn Daily Line of I'rom M.ri'reil In Xitigant lilh, Hamilton, 7'oronM , IliiOaln, The splendid new, upper cabin .S'teuner, HltlTISH f I" III: V, Cnin. Citinrni..vix, with l Ii e STi:3Ii:it IIMMCINS. Capt Mvwkins. Imvc Licliine Diilv.ut 10 o'clock, A. ,M , for Pre cott mul Ojdeiisbursh, touchins at tin intermediate pons, ami 011 their arrival meet the large nud il"s-int-ly funiish" I .Mad .".burners, Nivovri Liny of Tnr. Like, Cnpt ClulJe, Cnpt Taj lor, .Vr. LvvviirvcE, RocursTnn, dpt. Van Cleve, Capt. 'Phroop, boiriJ lb" lh" lni I of tin Like, h. Itrockville Ireli.'ll I k, Ki,iT.,n, 5'ickeii's Ihibor, O, - . Ro ' 1 si r (Ji 'eii.t., 1 no I L.wislipi. l'.iss..!,. L'"r for 11 mull u aie Ibrwatded imiiicd at.-lv bv the i'ienn.'r TTi.Dir.ii-u, irnuuu iu coiineciion'wiih the ti!,.i" lions , 10, 1 il.,.-.. i,,r .,,.. I,,- ,1.., ...I. .i,.l Elcumrs IJi Ecs- V,c-roKiinnd'l'itv.sif. I'.irneso, pleasure, business men, and L'nikirantswill find Ihisinw Lineitisiiipissed lorit.'ty, sis-ed, com - foitnndecoiioi.iv 'Phe good lire and cl"aubues. nl- was I'oiiuJ on th, with ihe km I nud gentle- ininly dejio'iin ait ofih"ircoiiimiiideis,aud great e - P'nence in i.'ivisiiins tin Kiver nnd Lnkcs, will cn- sure l icvery one .1 ino-t iigr'-ablenSH.iS'- tjy"Coich, s, 1:1 coim.-i n.,11 wil.i the lloits rutiuins 110,11 iienun,i nc inc uim mijoiumir nu l.vetiinee Coir.-f II )us', .Voiil'eal. at hull pi-t S a. m , lor L i - chine. Pii-Hciiir'ni by tins rome will be called lor hy sending their address to tlie otlice, Ihe ev emus previous or nt 1111 e.irlv bom 111 Ihe moiuiug Ttekrtt lor nnv wits nhove nam ii' ui he had at theollice in .iontreul or on board tue li it I'or further nitoimation, nt t'n .Vteaniboit ollice.nd.nniins Lv h ine', .Vontrral 7' he nbovesieni u , run 111 co'inectiou wit! of Proinlle.s lioui (.iswego to Chicago. I ith a Line li .VlllUUI Monti eal, Jn'y 1H3. V WAumiors:-: ov PULVrS ONLY, BY LEE & JUDSON, ."( Cfilur -Sfri'l, hvw Vurl;. The whole id thi spacious warehouse is npproi'rimed E.WLL'SIVELY In tho exhibition nnd "iilc of PlilYTPM I KMIP I lllnllil U l lilUl ljl3 Mereliinisireinvite.ltopiiiiimp tbeete.isivetiK-k nft',14 ps,si,.,j, neiu. wSere ihew, ,11 ti.,.1 ), ir," Iv an ev '.11111,11, every ii"W and dei ai lc sivle. boib nilUJCX an I 'HIMl.STiC. which th,- maik. t atfird id of wliii'h nic oil'ercd lor sale by Ihe piece or picknie, lor ca-h or slum en, lu. al orlx'low- iinnu hclutei)i puces sma ) A'I"PIn..Ve-llil,si. lliltin..'.Col'd,Wudding, I W i.-ki 1.' nud C'otlun Ynrn. lor Hale bv July 0, l-vlil. VILAS A NtlYLS r: Picks Am. r .1,, ,1,. 1 XV . lilha PIN'S 111) do do S-vvmj; N 'edle IUJ g . K 11111 ig '".'ile. for .May li, IS16. IIAl'Ili'I. i.)3 r:Ms Cp IV.itii. i do do L-tt.r do IllJ ilo Wrapping do ror sil by VILAS & N'OYnS May VI, 1816 I M I 0. Ii.VKi: CilIA.1IPr.AIN. Cabi.v r.iAor, Timovon, 9i fW Dlck Tahe 61.01 meai.s Eirni. T he S t e n in c r BURLINGTON, cArT. it. w. itri'MAV, Will leave Whitehall every MO.N-nAV, wrn.NEstiAV, an 1 inttiAV, nt lu o'clock, a. m tm.l Saint John every 111 SIHY, Tin re.riiv, afJ k.iri.iitAY, ntao'cUxT.,p. in. TIip Stentner WHITEHALL, cvrT. o. t.ATimof. Will leave Whitehall every and Saint Johns eery TIT.StiAV, Tiiir.siiAV,nnl SATtaniv, MOM OA v, WFONI.SPAV, nn. lKlllllY, nt 10o'clo"k,n. m ot.ioclock,p.m. Until Vurtlier X'ttire. Dinner On Ih'tril Passenirersnl either end of the route will find Cars. .Vtiiesor Pack'-l ltoats to colivev tlnui lorward Willi. out delay. lliirlington, July, 1310. Cs I ,SSs ' f3.r'.." 4X Assi;ssmi:xt or 'J'nv I)h.!," t. share has been ordered hy t'n D, ' - .i j Vermvnl Central llatttnatl u, n p-j ,o iimsT dav of Scpteiii',r ii'At . 'i,-.i p. I luaile nt tin J'nnners : ,Me-h uu ; ( k ton, nt tin Hank ol .Motitpelnr. et t'n IS i '.: stopk, or al the Tieasurer's O.ii--, In j li- ; ml Row, Hosion. SAMUnL, H. WALLEY, ', : Unston, July.-il, bit!. , LAW SCHOOL. W U i: St'lJiCHIWtS WILL. 0 . .Til f thin! divuf KiMlP!nbfriiPXt.oifti n I, va :c.iih3L nt fiuilhmton, Wnunntj 1:1 winch tlify hope tn i iPjm yutiny; tivw iM0!Kib! tatihti-'s Inr acn'iiii 13 a ktiow- iHti-; nt it-t m tii' riirmntuis 01 iiu it wm be llicir !"ir to iin!ni"t'i t-nt not onlyuitli n kiiow-h-'ili? y f iun elementary jrti icicle of Vie law, hut nNu wttli it" "pTit and p!ul - pliy Thn rntir' of i'itruc turn will cijiiibui'i rt'nt-itiun-j from the inut aiiproved tf.t-b.'o!s., wit'n i'Tmriati':i,n!i'l oral or nivimcnpt l(vtitrc!; tu wiKf'i wui h" nihitil moot row ts Inr t.ic nruiini'-i t n 1 1 tit f i-iin t i rrw which have h'Tii pre-1011-ly k f tmt !h- rtjurf- of mu ly, which v.-:'l Itf pr". rib- hi rfii'iiTp nt lrit two ) s W n' Jiuph'-lun-'itt It u m h--.their object, lir-, : , :t ihe .'tu Ifiit n Li'-n-'inl i'-w ot the j-y-t'Mn ci . mill ot it-s l'aihuf pinwipU'fj ; tlrn, tn proc . rally with its wii mil- title-. until tho. anient .iicninp;id, n tura it may be poe-ihle, tii y-tfiii. Th K'hdol will Uj ornni'.'tl by it.rti. iniotwii ut'iural dii"ioU'-(ath'; wantf oI'li- -nub i. 3 -Inli rrquin. A public room with a libwy will e prn nt tthicli the innoi couit3 will hp h-l-l ; nr.i ihi"h will be open nt nil times forth? ricconim.Hlatn ot' tin "tu-b-nt-" It 14 c.pfi teil tint the ii.t'inbrs : 1 1" s bnol will ln thf pmil.'e ot'aUendmr tin p -lu-Ifi-tn-.M (t tin Umeiiiy oi Vermont, ntul will 1 a hniti'.'il In t!i tiii,' tiunt 01 tha Coilrire Iiibrnr),!i f 1 ot rh'iru", - iei t ouiy to tli; in'.'iilc-iit.l expii'-e- ot" th" latter. In' acaio-t-j ot tli" wlin'ti wilt b- tw , mminl.v.: i. c , one oM-.ur w 'f, truin u.n tnct V i- II l e iiips.1 ij ,'i i-ein e-f ; neon uorrespf'uii.n tin uicaiton in the Cod 'e. 'Pin inteoi t'l.lion will be li.ty d"ilais lor an nca..ein;ccar; and m tnat pii'poilinu lor nnv lmetun oi a jear. I'jiliujton, Ju'y IU, iDiG MH.O I, iir.X.NT.TT, Dtf WILLI AM W. PiXK. Df:rr.nii::oTYi,i: it, Tr; casi:s. A new siipp.y of S.'oviii's r.ii.l i-'rcrici Plate; cls IJuibleiiud .s-iiii!, Caes. with oal s . sijinredia- p'l iiir I--, t'.ick mas-. and At.itnc ,n Ca:c- enn, O ml and pi it 0 !.' '!' I-. n-ul 1'ips, id 1 ins. illii:sl IIJ .V I.i'.OTlir.RP i H7ir V'l'l VI.' l'Irt " ,v rw 1 .-ii v iwM.i, ,. , Lddi s .News ,,,! IW,,. Ink ju-t , nl-nt i .idorj 1 n. lor c.ih by , . . , . .... ' ' ' rirv iMi.'rn'! ! ! 1 1 -t receded ad for '..N't! WOODS. liarhuton.JulyT, H1C, ft fnt rjio HUNT, i ilorsps at tiii: Falls i'Jil. I 1 do. on the lull, near th" Palls. 1 do. in tin smith part ot the ullage. Juiy i, lil''). II, W. CATI.I.V TO COUNTRY TRADERS. ''Iin sol, cribers. r.i to. ,r stores .rncr of Fulton nnd i lli.'luno-i 1 -trects. Iti'-t.pi. k "ji coiistintlv on hind, and oiler lor s il... n tm tnosi tavornbi" term, a . hkff '' SV 11 - '- T,' .. .. Ul j w. i.M)i im:v (jodd-s A: citociiisr!::, ri'iT.u am) s(.i;i7umrc:!i. ' from tin be-t 'Panneri'-s iu Xew Lln.dio! and I Yorll. 'Pney also ie ve, nud s..i o.i cotn.ii Country Pro luce. Traders mum t-nTllultv i en t.'tid tn fill nil. I i i.mlie bt-tt-r iu' tln'ir purcuao. Z lli-t'-rto j7fHr. i'ulb-tt n;;Tnn. riAiiRixtrrox :o. Hnston, July 'J, l-li. PEARL STREET HOUSE. vTiiis spvrmrs !:srAnirr:j.:r::;T 'Vi'l precird t-r i'i1 e.pei-inl nfetirnri'tdntion of,ri th. erv ceiitn ot tlie m-t populoir Hiin. ditrietot tn city, lia pa -d into ! th llin- duruntheh-t twomonui- in inikunr s.,ch ndditioii nnd iiiiprovpiiipiitsm tintonner condition of tin- house sepiueit to dPinnnd lo those who have hithi-ito e tpndt'd th"ir p-ilroiins" to this 1 1 t"l, it must lie obv ions that, in s,,nip partii-ulnrs, the iimtias'tiieiit was st,s. ceptiMe to nop element and without euteruij into details, tlnv w nl mniply stnic thai vvlnri' such wns ne ccssarv . ii' uher,. nor libor has ls-en sinred. 'Phe' Dinner h"ur ha Is'en clinnifed Irom '- to 1 o'clock -i Dinner n also rvej at 3 o'clock, iu rlie Ua dn Onlimry. Willi the nn-i c-irpiul nttpntiou tn t'n cumfit "f visiters in .-very dcpittmem of tin h. as, the P ..jii, torsh,.H. to recicvc mid restoet,ul,y s uicit a h. al support. N.I1 A Coieb will lc found nt t!i p'heipnl Stcainbont Piers lo convey pass"ugeis t ' no.l trom the Hotel SAMCEL C B'SUOP. Wm. P. Li:ON.. i. Xew- Voik. July, 13ld ,"ni3 111 ("nop -rv. William C. IIvciilnot ) Cmrrr. t o.i, IIir.iTioN Wiirvr. ) 'I UK (Orator in the.ib.we enui" o- 1 Jnlv. Isld. dies w,t)i the IP K - .', 1 bill of complami nipi:i-i Horatio N 1 IK' ll'irllllL'loil 111 s 11 H oil' sjlle I , , iK1 1 s liins tin' on ill- -nth 01 .Inly, I .j, Iin I Wlnni evened lo t h" orator i .M.utjrirf- o. th .1 1 liiuiu r de..cnld land 1:1 11 irlni'-.oo, ill con: Iv t ; the stale of eimont, viz: lUmg i!n I wh' "Hot iminber htieeii us laid down on n plan . t 1 'iJ b'lo'ieinsio dliamC. IlirrtiitMouand lieor.-s K. Ilnruiijioii. sarveved by .lo-eph D Allen, A ). I HI I. which slid plan is enurcl nud ri-cordeil 111 ihe . record- ol deeds inth- Povvn Clerk'" OHice, 111 saij liurhnston" which said mottigc was given to , nnv pi) 111 -nt ol live proimssor) Holes, d-itcd '.'I'i 1 1 r, HlJ.ench I t s?M. nnd pnvable rnpecttvely in . iui iiircc. i..,ir ,iou oe veins irom ante, . inteiest, and lurio r seitmif foit'.i that ti piyahlc on ihe 'Jdih July, H.ii. InJ not b I praying lhat (r tin n a-nii hk.ici..I 1. may lie loni-liwd ol 101 1 from nil right ' 01 re,i"iii,uon I'lnnu 1 iine sii 1 m,"t .Ind It apn nirig lint the sni I Wheiil n' ' State so that s'is.uiil notice ol lh" nmleiKv mi. ,.1.111.1, , eL-Leii tipuu 111,11 1 It is or.Lir.LD that the nd Iloiat.o . Wh. 'e notdied ol iin twnd.Tcy iheieoi by Hiblis.iing I., der containing th siibsiauce ttieii't tbi) i suiM'ssivelv in ihe Pree Press, a iievvsonirt-r nrit . . , lliirliugiou, in sol county, ihe lnt KiUiicimoi : nt lemt ivvcnty da" prior to the m-M term c . I Conn ol Chan -p,v . to b-holden at Ibirliuglon ' 1 "lid, on the lit"t 'linlnv ait t the loiinh 'Pneai i ..t Scpteiidier; A D 1 "Id, ut which tune tin- sail It i rat o N Wheat is re.i ined to and make .11 swer to lln said bid ot complain! Dated at liurliugt m. Jut, li.i, 116. LDUAUD A 1'ANSIILTvY. Cietk in CAaiitciy Pl.ATT V Pick, Siliritor fw3 I!-M)K-lllXI)IX(;.Tiii:sni.'niBi:iivnn.n if siy to lii l'liPiid-nudilii' rublni-ml InstUtoir- "') ""' """onp nn ne w-h luOKUig i his old stand, w here be Iin nuci . Kiiinu and M i""K lUOKUlg III work cutm-tcd lo lis .-nie y. !! I e o.Pie ..: ginvd .'iv and 1 isie llttttik li'io.', 1 .r'''i ' Ih-sI Mi'cii tper nr.. c to i.oier unit ,. 'eo 10 any u-.tieri n.m wnnwnu'.. Ldg sot IsM.k" innrbli-d u iunil ml i-ldcd 11 i'p-I J SPiA KNS WOtjytf ,s.;r,.r'p "-l.l lliirhnglon, Ju'.v H. 1115 I.MKIIICAX I'IMXTS. il d- , - ens,- Piinunre ,. Our Prims are mr- ch:i".'d o the .llnnum-iurei -vgcni. tniu inev aie tint, obtaini'd nearly tl.ieet tnun rlie .Maiiufactuieni Vc pay no one 11 mnjit on them, but kirely the Aif'ts' commission lu tins manner we oltuin ttnailruntafe over ilio-i' who buy these Hoods in lessnmoiint than a 'uric As th") pay a JoMktV j'ry', vvlmh is iv e.l by us 111 going ifiircMo the Agencies. 1 i-i -iii thsstf ndvniiuges, we would direct ilie attention I buvei", nssurinjt them thai we ivin fiirni-h iheiu wilh Punts ujHin tcrnnbittcr thin anv House in this vicjn it v. VIiwS cV NO 1 LS 'Hmlingtiwi, 1iI6.

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