Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 4, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 4, 1846 Page 3
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lUjliUNtnON FREE PlltiSS, F-ftlDAV MoltNiNti, 8E1TE31HEU 4, l&fr most, admirable nicti for I'rnlc-'cir". It ny h" nUeiithm Id the- world lli.m to hooks, and in its direction, loss worldly wi-ilnin, loss nti lit to win public favor and tocxcitu public rilthuiam, tlmti would bo found profitable. 1 have oIIimi Wondered tlmt the friend- of both Institutions, mid of sound l'ducat'ioii jroiier.ill, '1" nut I'trivei to brinif iiliniit a ii'i hi'tweon tho UnhrMly. unl Middleburv Colli-;."'' Collets In er-, innM tire not needed, nor run llu'V l; Wrty! sitnpottod. 11 itb now i'.vlt ,ll0"r'p1' " 'L'r 11 1 Hort : but if pm.'"" tho ct r un of both ; , irtlio Stata could iiiii7rin.unport!ti;i)iu.liito:u oriniiu' ilitiifot between the t'.vo ; If tin- rigid tlicipline, miiiii'J scholarship, lni;li aril lofty n in-1 utinii and mbiiiwlilo "pint of the University, could be. reinforced liv the prudence anil popular in in.i;?oinont of Midillehury. 1 am sum tbu re Milt would l)f aii'-jiicioii to Hie iiBlitntbm and to llio catii lliliiciitiiiu in the StuV. Why itlns not Ihtii "iiu'i'-li'd, or attempted, 1 I'aluiot im oino. It i-ci'ins to ine that thoy wliu -lioultl hrinjrUto would bo, eminently, public 1k-h-ef ictors. The place Ins nl-ei a mot excellent Fi'milo .miliary uml'T tlr euro (il'Ucv.J. K. Convert, a irood Academy, and admirable proiishms for common school education. The locust trees, by whii'h it w.ii once so beautifully shaded, have b'cn lu-irK all do-lroycd by tliu ii'mvr but fore.-t trees arc rnnltially tahitio their place-, A little more public -pirit. guided by pood ta'te; lo--. ri valry u'l 1 intern 'clii's Inutility ; u more united spirit of ilev itiun to the general poo). in short, more it'i'i't'-ism, aul loss r.'yitij-wi, would make Darlington as pru-oininoiit, tinniifr the town" of w lln'l iud, in ri'l ro-p'cts, a -tio now is in ler.uilt'i tier lmtural -itiialiou, winch is mi-iiir- luiicd in mis country or in the world. Vmir-. etc., 11. .1.11. mti:virn:s. J i The storv about l'rofo.-nr Auckland col urinj b! ickbirds iu a ino-d fantastical manner, liy I 'eihnp them certain llowor-seed, is a ht ix. 1 , Mul-liipmnii I'il-bur, of M was drown ed in the (inlf of Mevicoon the 2.1th July, from erne iA the boats of the S. Steamer .Mi is M,.,il. X l.onir 1-dnitl is to In rp ir.itoil from the 1'ipM'np'il ihoro-o of New Vork. I Tin l!"v. Dr.. I. I.. Wil-on. of Cincinnati, is di .id. lie had preached in that city for lilty j ears. 3 About iifiOO tons of cml arrived at liostun on M"iid iy, the 17th ult. 3 j The rem litis of .Major Rinmrohl cannot ln rcmoM'i) until cold weather. J Still anotlier -tabhinp; rasp has taken p i in St. I.ouis. The victim's name is l!ob i t ll.vpi r his assailant's ('attend. ' (ienrpe .M. Dallas, the Vice President of (lie I'nit 'd Slates, i-mnv on a visit to the War l it in Springs, 'a , vv itli hi- family. l O.i Mouthy, a deaf wo.uan. aped sixty Wis n.n o.erat Vi'-llro', Mass, , by tia n"0' ( i - oi the Worce.-ter I'ailroad. She died in sl.i I IV. ! 'On Monday week, n man was taken ill in Tr 'tl i-r eatinp a piece o( new rlieeM'. Ili f la a 'ins indie ite I poison. I temperance lecturer named William li. Williams lias been lined $S,in ll'itl'ilo for cow ludiiip an editor. J ' A master build"r of ll -t. n uii Soars, lia-b-en danperoiisly if not fitally woundid by lilhnp from the root of the Hovvunl Atheiremii. I .' A ilis-oliile woman. mined ltarluel Snlis. bury, was recently loiind dead in a me idovv.iiear Troy. The verdict was "dj.ith by intrmper :uu'e and t.posiire.'' 1 Ki-ber Aui" 1) inlinj, the deceased editor nl Hi D 'foit .liiv'i'w, wis a nut! exce'leut man, an.l was much esteem.d even by political opponents. J.. A reward i offered in l'hil.idelphia for the discovery of th person or persons tlmt severed t In-tel"pr.ihie vv ires. T'io act, in I'eiilist, ha ll la. is a felony. it ' l'rentieo says : 'The 'Que"ii City' is cr t inly a very remarkable place. It contains the liip're.-t telescope and the bippc-t as-es in the country. ' J i' liv a re-enl law in Now lliinn-liire. 11 ink sto.-kh dd. r are liable in their individual itv for the ilei'ts of the h ink. to the amount of the stock. I h"ir inlividttil liibility ije.i nut ilt"iul to ot.her corp jrati in-. 1 A son of II. ,. linpers, of the Mapnelic t ' pr.iph, ir. I'lltim-r w is scald, d lodeaih a iv it iVs apo. by turniiip oll'a h ith pi pot which Jet upon his person a stream of hot water. I SpenceT, who shot bis w if" at.Iersev Citv. w is tob' irraipie'd last week before the I Inc'son t'ountv Court t'liief .lu-tice llornblnvver pre sidiup. Divid (irahim. of this eitv, and eni-i- I .in Willia'Msrm, of )'u. lliethtown, hive b'en i up ipi ii to d fend him, while the prosecution v ill hs c Mid lifted hv th" Attornr-v (leiieral, Mr. I'ro.v a n J J. W. Seudder, of Jersey City. 1 Ckownei) at i.Ar. Tho I'hilailelphia Xnr'h A r n '" says : "The eerenuuivof plac inp tho erovvnlnp stonn on (iirard Collepe will lake place on Saturday ne.t. at half past three n'c'ock. It will be an impos'inp eereinonv, and u 1 irp nuinh'T of.our citizens will doubtless bo pre i'it." An iirithiiieticiaii computes that it has taken more weeks to put up this buildiup th in it contains blocks that is, at the rate of a stone a wei'k. It is time it were crowned. 3 At llillsclile, Micbipan, n pentlennn n lined Ityau has cultivated aline berry which ilillers iii nothinp but color from the hi ickberrv. The color of Mr. Hyan's new berry i- a liplit Ilesh color. 3 j' In I'ittsbnrp, a man nam"d 11 -II, under the inlluenco of relipious excitenieut, has undo sev eral attempt!-to commit suicide. U f The circulation of the I'ranrn AiiiPVtrrtit has been prohibited in Santiapode Cubi. It i too democratic in its sentiments for that repion T.'Wm. Uncle was murdered a short timo since at Shreveiort, I.i.. by a steamboat enpin i er whose n line is not piven. 1 A -ilk ilvinp and nrintinp pslahli-liinpnt at I Aim Mass., in . been destroyed by fire. Iiss SIS.OOO II It i proposed in I'hiladelphia to p; t up sedan chairs for tho nm of Ihe sick and iulirni. J I.ieut. .Maury, of the National Observato ry, has l'en inuhlnp observations upon the star Autares,"aiiil ho declares it to be a triple star. 'J . ltr.TF.O.'Ess!l of Alcxamima. 'I'ho rouimissioners appointed by the President, under the late act oft'onpress, have appointi'd tho lirst und fo-otul days ol September in-t. totaketl.e Mitooftho people of the city and county or Alex andria, cm the question ol' retrocession to Vir ginia. 37 The scene iu the tiiapnelietelepr.iphollicc in IS.iltiuinre, duritip tho prevalence of tho storm of Friday afternoon, is represented to have been fearfully sublime. Tho electric lluid with which tho clouds were charped took complete possession of tho inapnetic tolepraph linos, rendering them entirely linmanapuahlo in Ihe hands of tliu oper aUirs. 'J'ho liphtuinp could bo seen continually playinp tiroiind tho iiiUruupnts, uu I at 0110 timo 11 hill of lire, apparently several inches in cir cumference, caino in 011 tho Washington wires, and cxploiled wilh u loud report, Out) of tho operators had a narrow escapo at this time, as ho just had his had raised to touch tho instru ment whim tho fluid caui'j in. LOST, STOLCX, OK STKAYI!!), Prom the owners while nt the late nemocrnlic District Convention n .Vi of fffwhiiniM nilciidei in define their position on the new 'laniriaw ot ISIfi. Any one finding the H.inie,im.l will return them to the Coin, niillec win" had ihem 111 chart,"', ,'i-t nurse, shall be i" rewarded, tnrovided said 6'oiiinutlec caiisc 'them lo be pubhshedj by the people nt large iu Wild district. .... ,air Ghitunden County, Hi Sp. , .,. ,effMr-. 3 f'J'hu controversy, or which tho Riibjoined letter Is u cnnlhwalimi,U n kind of "hclr-loom" which wo received from our respected predeces. sor. Jtatncr from a certain reluctance to Inter fere with any " liphts " of his nurslnp than from any other cause, (for we prclend to know tioth Inp ofits merits) we havo permitted it to po on. Hut itinit-t stop at some time, and perhaps after " one tiro more " as well as at any other Wo patber from .Mr. Hamilton's, letter that the main ilillicnlty nmr is, to know what becaiiiQ or the "100 in money and ponds'' collected nt .leri- cho Corners, bv .Mr. lirown. We think shall do im injustice, then, by sajinp that with the latter pentlemnn's rc7i to this ijucstion, (if ho thinks proper to make one) the controversy in this paper must tennitute. If that reply'is sati. fa-tory it will doubtless pratifyi; if it is nn Mitisfadory or evasive, Mr ltrovvn's itcruscrs, at least, oupht to be content. '. I'rctn. V), W. C C:..vr.Kr. Sin Win. lirown is oat again in your paper of the tilth .Inly, niid cenw to require n lillli raithcr notice, lie publishes a letter to show that he succeeded last fall in clearini; up his character lit New York, and is silent nhout his ignomncc that his reports were not puWislin,. Hut as these subjects have, but little (nniiection with the subject al issue, let them pa's. In his first cniiiinimiciitinii .Mr. ISruvvn says, " Whereas cciiaiu individuals in the counties of Chit tenden and l'raiiMin have of kite e.presscd sonic dis. satisfaction in lefeienee to my lnhins as Alissicinory KReut of the Pmt lief and Am. I'rnt Societies inas iiiueh asnoiepnrls have appealed fmiii the officers of -aid societies iu n-H lence. to collections made in their behalf." I am one ot tl. dissi,tM!..,l,,,nJ will state the reason. 1 1 tj i:t M, l!mil .,,.'ne,l at Jciieho Ccn- ire as i uiuierslooil lium luin'-elfaad others at the time, about one hunched dollars in money and goods, for llio l'rot. Kef. s;,)ci, ,y, w hid, lc ,i,,misej should he lie kiiowleilpcd in llie Protestant Vindicator. That it has lutbeeu done, he sajs. is K fault of the Secretary, and refers the public to .Voitiuier I)" Mult, Trcas. for pioof that his collections weiednly Kioilc.l. Mr. lie .Molt in a letter dated July 2S, IN If., states what Mr. lliownlias uiknouleiliiei! s receiving at Jericho Cc n- tre as follows- " On ufcirinp to liiv. Win. lirown's corre'ji.mdence with llie Society, I find lo the cicdil nl ' Jericho t i-ntre, itomls m the umoiini ol $ 1 :t,st:t." In . letter Jatcil April ISl.i, lleinan Xoitou the Cor. Secsiales llie ajiioiint of .Mr Hrown's acknowled incus, atJeriehofenlre, as follows: " Xow I w ill tell yon what he has icpoiled lo ns nhout collections Avails ol poods liom Jcrii'ho Centie $i:),s:i. 'i """ Jericho Corneis ihc anioiuit not stated. In the letter h"sp"aksol receiving poo.lsainoaiuiiif; to !jT.',V. lie aisj suites tint lie tost tiliy dollars hy i a receivinp lis may have .... ...... lion 1, oi ui-se eoiieeuous may na v e come irom your lovvn we uonot Know. In view ol uo uii- juu iii H.iiiny leiecne uiai we nave neen .. 1-1 pa'cilma c inJ.tion p-ciiliarly enibanas.inp. It is verylarlioi ir lulcmion to keep an) thing hack from id . rl..,r,.l...J ,. l.:,.l. .i. i.. ...i " t.. i i.. ' , i i ' , '"uno!s,,dnt'.Ma'.K)V..andeon-il?rab.' on the m.iiket - sin licharg' lias Ken hiouylit ng-ii-i-t us. col-, V. s'crn Corn oJ a al Sc.; bu. warm, I'.ij. I!je leclions in your town were not puhli-he, hocaus.- the ! m tb- -treet fij.c. S ci ay liiil int hnnic ihjhiilflij irhal t,i iwHiVi. HUSTON .MAUKI1T Aug 31. Th" Society Ins done the hest it conl.l iu the cirouni- Cotton- There Ins lu en since the la-t review, an stances ami 1 have no doubt vournconle will think so . neu iii -j kuow- in" jacis in llie case." II the above is a liir -p 'cimea of Air. Hrown's reports the Society liny be cu'in-d for not publishing iliem. Tho Tieas. and Secretary slate definitely what Air. lirown has repelled and no mention is mad" of money. The avails of goods is set down at !ji:i,s:t which is about th'ai nt for vv hieh the cheese given by thelnlies vvi- s, l.lto Air. liyunn. The balance of ilu goods th money ,,1,00 or nunc remain to he account el for. It i- to those who have cntiimed him wilh Inn Is Air. lb'ovv.i is bound lo account, and it is no viu ibealio.i ol hinis- t say K. ,as i)crfornied all the du nes lus employers have ici'ioieil of him.or that ihe h icieiy pivfeis no clnrg 's again-t him, for th-v know what he has recnc.1 lor ihem only so far as he has repil"d. Ibeli'V lh"s.i"i"iy will .lo Air lirown the jii-ticc to ncknovv ledge all ihcy leivive, and to pnjl.-h h.-repotis wb"u they "know .1-tinil -)v what lo pub-l'-h-" JA.MIX li.AIII,T(I.V. Air. Ilrnvrn received at Jericho Centre, as we 11:1 ler siood at Ihe lime and believe, one huiulrcd di.l larsin niuii'.y.iui I goods as Mated above. l).ix:u. I I'blv lu 1., I.1.M1-. Ill.VCKM vv, J. I.V MAN. fs'l The Villuge Cciii'.'terj reuec. The following communic ltlon from A!r. Pang born ha- been lyinpon our tilde fur soiiulime, and we no.v publi-h it wilh a cordial recommen dation ol its siiepe-tions to the I'on-iilonition of our citrens. J he spacious enclosure which con-titut"' our ullage cemetery has ,eeii so im proved and protected, hy means of tlm rare am) c.pcns-o that h ivc heretoforo hfi ii be'tovvetl 11 - on it, that it presents a pcneral appearance at onco croilit ihle to the town, and e-pecially grate ful to the feelings of all who have friends depos ited beneath it-surface. Wo are sure that no artfui.fiit can In required to yieo 11 , tho peop'e of liurlinptoii into the propriety of iracnimr what they have taken such paim to eun-lruct. It is a topic with which argument has little to do, feeling evervthitip. Wo iloiibtnot Air. I'anghoni will beaulhori ed to make the requinil repairs, whenever he 111 ikes the uther ' atteui t " ol which he sjieaks. Aln. FuiTur. Permil me through your paper to call the attention of all interested, to ihe condition of the Village Ct-moicry. conli led lu my caie by tho Town lor the la-t live Jims. There was a small nnciirnec due ihe committee, to whose evertious mainly, wc owe it that our place of buna! isa credit lo the Town, iii-tend oflieing in in former forlorn condition, ami s'nll that debt he lint, u,l! aom. Mnall renairs arc necenary also. 11m 1(c i,au all, ihe f'licc built wilh hi iniicli care and expense is suir-ring for waul of paint, and so much so that I have no doubt that ifevcry pcr sm who has Irien ls icning llieie,i.i.iil, know lis con diiion ns well ns Ido, the necessiry means 10 doall 1 have m-'niion al vvoulil be raised in a single day S mie persons in whom I mentioned ihe sublet sag gested thai inasmuch us ihe place wns under my su p 'rv ision, 1 ought to raise by subscription ihe necessary iii'-am In do what was needed. I made 11 beginning soiu weeks since, bin 1 found such a variety ol opin ions about the best way to do it, and so many c.bc liolls tu lie ailsvvercj.lijforo each person could he sat isficd that he should do any thing in the case, that all the lime I could bestow upon ihe object then, was ex-linu-led before I had raised half tlr sum u-quiied. Theie will Is another attempt nnde soon by some one (in) self if 110 one rite will) to carry ll.e ihing thru ninl in the mean lime I wish every person vvhohnsiiuy concern for ihe credit of the village, if he be so fivoreel of Heaven nstu have no personal, or family interest in the thing, I w i.-h, I say, that every one w ould try to in fariu hiinscll of the true slate of ihe can', and if nny one can devise nny better plan liom ihe one 1 have proposed, 1 will thank him heartily to carry it oul, nnd assure him vv hen called upon lo bear my part of the burthen I will iniike 110 excuse. I). K. I'ANdlOfiN. Tlio worU of It('i)'iil iu l'riiiis)hiiiiiii. Vin.rA. Kinship, l.'sij. of l'h!larIolihia, who Mates that ho votcilin 1811 Jor "I'olk uml 1HI la.V in tho confident Iwlicl Ihat ho was voting to "'-o, "tho TarHl'df ha-IsmipiI pro- po-aN fur fiuhlhlilnir li' TialicT in I'liiladclnbia : . " i i I, . .... 1 1...I ii i n, . 1.3 called" J,In Home I.r.ACil'E, ANU T.VItnt An fde.s.-rse I'olk and Dallas will not ho invrt ir,. Jiiir.rH I'fUkTtinfi vi'in iinr ni . tut., mi in,.-ttepisidiittj oi me " very auic and .in i il... r.i. .. . . i, accomplished "James inea,m - likely to hoodwink Mr. Kinsloo u koco,..I llme;tCWo J .-Old Mr. ll'iton, the Caledonia Spring pe-1 dostiiaii, 1ms dmi- it, us even- body said be, M'llllW 'ill, He Ins walked his IOIJ0 miles iu 1000 consecutive hours;, milo In eacli hour. The a. l . Spirit o'.'ic VVm ,i9 chance of do inpit "was nhout euiial to u nun's chance of beinp struck by liphlnlnp.'' Tliu old man is id years old, and compleled his extraordinary lierfornianco at l'J o'clock, noon, on Wodnesdiy . i . . ..... ' ' J oi last week. 1 ins in one of that c ass ofellorts wherein snrem is tho only thlnp that Is respec table; and this has bjen achieved, under dilli culties and embirassmenls of no nrdlnirv cbir- icter. Wo iuclinato retract our former souk- what,pr(7; notice of l'uthcr Uxion, and to ad mit tint be Is a " rum old file." ID'Tho lion. .Mr. N'liiyr, ofOhio, has been Irfi uul by tho tioininatiiip.comentioii of his dis trict. However, be can console himself by the reflection that, brief as bis conpressionu! life has been, bo has become irhtih t.ninni by hlsacbiev- meiits on the lloor of the 1 Ion lino." ) " ill the stnsrtc ' , .'AlMIlIitS V tjl , 'l'his eveninp at 7 l-'J o'clock S'H'yCi': tho best means or iinprovinp the character and in creasinpthp vimeties of fruits, l'riday, Sept. 1. llfl. iV"lii('oriiiutiou l iinleil Of tiior.ur. Urr.vr.s, a journeyman Printer, who lelt his family iu tliis place nhout the 1-t of June la-t ami went south in puisiut of wot k. His wife.ih pairing ol further tidings ol him, unless n he throinjli this mean", Insconcliiileil to ictiirn toher honie in Iielaiul theie fore ally peiMiu who may know of his v hereabouts will confer one of Ihe kindest favois by adilres.-iny tic suue to lil.lZA UI'.IATOS, Umlingtuii, Vt, ittrtfkcts. nt.w Yoiti; catti.i: m.I!km:t Aup. :ti. At maiki't, lv!7 1 I!"cf colli- (nhout a')') from the south.) 10 cows ninl calves. 10; JO 'hecp and Lambs. I'lllMS. H"lf Clllle. 'j'hmisll th" ollerin!,'s were luiull lllolelnunelousthan those of ihetireeediliir wee!.. m ! prices have lietn vvll suppoilcd ( We uuote llie lnar- S T ' ..xp.ri-ino ,.er,nu.i.,, Cows AN'j t 1 he averaire of orices is not so ii,u, in t iiT J ......s SlIIII'A.VIl I.VMDS. The Slles sliU it mieesdo not lidcso hi'di asihev oiitimie larir-'. ! hut pi ices do not nilco hih ns they I d last wriK. ! Slieep arc sellmii al liom centsio c.-i ii." a (I ! K'!"1,?,"',0;5 tL'"H 10 81 '"'J "SJ :'J' 03 ' fll'jl''. and ; rt jj u er I,UXV JIAKKllT- up. :ti n i i...i'i i i ,.i JVIUIJ Ill'.IIV l.'l J I'.'.l H'MlrlJ , Illlll -.lit'- I have heeu tiiiolc in small lots ut 1 fur Ones..o : fiom iii'w'wtieat yl,l'li ; .!)0 !!!-. siraicnt Aliclugan, in , prim-order.hiou 'lit SI. New (ieuesee Wheat has Wheat has mcica-cil demand lor 111 articlc.audsalis ol is a 1 100 . .i ............ . .n.i.,n bal 's lo consumers at tall imees. t Wool. Theie Ins been a modetnte demand for l'leeie llool, ninl prices leinaiu unchanged, l'tilled Wool is exceedingly dull ol s ile l'riiii" S-ixiiny riccccs, washeil lb, 37 Aineliean full blood do " tt:l do a-1 do " :w do l-'J do " -Si do 1-1 and com. do " vi Spanish Sheep, U.r. mi 1 i " lit) S nyill'i do va-hed " 18 do do unwashed " 10 11 'llgas'i unwashed " li S iony, clean ' 10 llucuo's A ics, unpicked " 7 do do linked " 10 III tie :u JS 00 n l'J III 111 e Super Isoith'n pulled lamb ti HO ,. ! No. 1 do do do a;. V!. do do do " H tl do do do " lg go 1 1 Cuitliei. - Aicirsr 17. IIUKJHTO.V CATTIii: MAIIKI'T At market. Ia7a 11 'cf Caule. iucluihncfl.V) Siores. 10 v ekes w 01 king (len,:iJ Cow s ,v, Calves. V1-J0 .sthecp 1 111111 iiboul 7U0 Sumo. j Paici.s. Hkki' Cath.i. First qinhty, S'i,7.'i ; seconil q-nlity, is"i.-" : third ijuahly. sl.otia Lm. I Sroith Ca rria. Sal -s afiout lh" same as last week. WonKi.'.u I l.i.. r-ales weic noiiccd at so), s.i.1, and ?'.r.. low- As'ut h lies were noticed at sij'i, sjd, .:i7, s,lo,aud .sin. i!iiop an'O liv.vms. Sales of lots at 21 117. si ,'i - ' 1 7.1, b- I. and "u. .,-.11 It 11 1-1 1 1.1 1 It Mmt, Sfpt. in, isi:. To tiik P'l'K and Ariucrr.'t l)nr Su I tnkr piV.igtiif hi I'tniiinimif.iiiiiy ihiouli jou, to all whom 11 iiuiv rinirem, ntul im piiiiiw I'nt'i.iiiy.tli-' wniiHi inuji'llt'i't your truly wmul i tut iiu'ilk'iuu, li.i.s!iaI upon int'. I lne fiiiojcMl pTt-tt health tor lour or livi ears l,hi'niis.oiruip my hvt-r ihMcn'-"tll and t'hni 1 might wjiiip day with coiT-umplion ri.'pti'iuhfr, IsIj, I Wo'; a Mitjht coltt.whi' h jiioilmvi! a Im.-kin ctKiijli ; tin routmui'il until r.-hruaty, lbll, whfii 1 nil.lfil limit her coltl ; my t'oiiyh incirawtl, I -oott lost my nppctitt', mitl my Micngth liiilnl I'nrMx wt-rKs 1 coulii not li upon oiu- null' ; 1 sweat mtj titui'h night raietl nuif.iiU'rahlf hlooil ihniny ilu wnit'T.anil coulii nut (-peak a loud woltl lor two wrelti Willi all thi-iv had symploni". 1 had a t-ry m-wic pain in my tid ami lifiWL-fii m houldf r-; gcnnal !- hditj M Inwt'il 1 w as rotirim'd toinv room tiltnut cititit wiki 1 Ind hurii'd a s t-icr aiul hrnthiT, hoiii diod with eo'i suiupiion. 1 I'ApHctcd to dii mji'll ; my Iriends nl.-o il.'f.pntrd nl my hl At t!iH Uw an uncle, who hail h'Tii hfiiefitted him1.'!!, aiUwd nu to take 1)k Wia i in's ltiAM or Vjm Cm it it v I accordingly pro- cnrcil n hotlte. tonk it. nnd ft-lf snfin licttiT nlifiiiim! another, and a thntl : then J ceased to hleed and mv ! coulii wa- much better ; hut my diean was ko de iy lootfii, i was ounireii lo cominae luKing me i 1 " 'Ti T'W? i, 1 - ' ,,"""" " 1 JMler I'lue, oi all descnpnons.-pngbsh nnd An eri ijc; nt retad.lruiii J m l.j an.l n: I ,nni, or,,,.; , ,mrt ,;,.,, , - I umi iriii'Pii ti v tcMV' Kimuulil 1 had t iken sewn hotile. I cm ltonetly in"ub-t'mtial hbN, OliwUil, iu pipesaudquattcr casks iiuil ti til v MV, I li-'hew Dr. Wi-tat'- liaKaui of Wild fu-h Cheny Kiwd iny iii.-. Mns. Marv 11. ;om. VAIXTS, rAUXlSUHS. lUUrSin:st .y. We are pciHUialiy aci-unimed with Airs, (iould, a White Lead, Kn ihy ; do do to utoimd in od ; dodo bi-ted JU taking cate id her dining hereickiH'fs, believe Amemau dry, do doyroutid; I'take While; Tari and know the .tbovt; statement to he tru" White, llnji ; do do Am ; U Iiitiiit Chalk, hitli-truc. AIu. 1'. C. I'rtLroTT, . lint; Ked lrad; Omnjft Aliilt-uil; crmillioii, Cm- Mns. S. A., ne; doKnlifl ; II''d i'lnlk; Venetian Ked, Ihitf ; Iso. I Mnnmcrciattiect IJoMnu, Ma?.M , Sept l'.'.l.Slj. Xone genuine, i in lew t-iyned I. HU'I'TS on the wrapper. lorsale by l'UCK it Sl'KAli. A rLW .McniCAf. Iomiiinatiov. SirsTirin 11a nnd Wild (h-iry. A Combination nl thow two alinhlc aitielcs of the l.iteiia .Mcdica has been happily ellec- ted in the remedy now extensively known as"l)r. Wood' Siisapanlh and ll'ild Clieirj Iluter..' K. pTieni-e ha" hIiuwii beyond )!-mimhi ih propnetv and utdlly nrututmi; lli-h two cniatie m-'Mi-. as tliereliy n retn'dy ha- been obtained, lor iutvoiio, sertd'ula, bil- liousaii'l otir-r uh -as's oi a Himlai charai fr, mcliid im thn-e of the dh'eMive orir-i i-.di.n-iwi i. bc.-nbu-Iio Are, mil other ili-i ases of a him fir thurneti r, which siirna-M-s unv other now In tore the nnlibe A n-ti-r. et ice to the pi'iniphti't acconipanvin each bottle and which may h" ol the nj uit, will exhibit tectiiuony in lavort)lhis prepaiuttoii Inuu -u U icspect.ihle Kiur- es usui Kiu-iy ine mo-i increiituons in iuuo aj- 11k t i'd hv any of the' aliow diHiidei rheeif'illy rccnunneiid the UiiteiK 1-V.r nt Peek St. Speais, iilavricb. Iu Jliuii-burgh, on Ihe STlh ull, by llcv. O f; Hojt.dLO. I .IX I.VMAN l M'V-I M (' HoVM'C'.V. Iu Colehcflcr, Aittrn-t "7th, by Ccurisc I' Mnjo, Mr. U.m. S IIvil lo .Vis Jimimi rAUIIlNDbolh of Colchi'fti'r IJiiiivsImiiI! Acailciiiv. fU)our.: 1.1:1: i.yman, m a t'i! U Mira.MAItY ANN MJLIJS, .IMi,l Teaeher llie licit Aeaittnueal Vcar of tlm nwitnituii will t-oiiune'iic-p on Monday, .S''piembrr,7. Ttiilwii 5I.IK) pi'rijuaiifriif 11 weeks. Tlm above arrangement fur two Teachers is uittn deal lo be permanent, ttlu thorouah ti aelung ii now cunfidi'iitly e'Vpi . ted I Ullill.-SVciflaiu fi, TilKtr-r. llinestimgh.Juhj SI, llfi. 313 Vermont (Yii'li'ul ISuil Koad. I A Assi'.ssvi:.nt or Tun 1)jm,hs o.v .1 I tharo lus Ix-eu ordrrctl hv ihe Din, lors of ihe tin i tiinom i inn in i.tuuaaa Lsiinnany. paia h e on thu I - !,, Bst day of l) next! rmvineiits Lr be' ,r ... . ... , ... - '" ''I tie- i -..,. ..I FI...I , ... . . ' made in the PariiierseV Mechanics Hank of llmljn inaur m iir- i iiiiiit u u, .tirrnuiiirt iiiini. ni i imiin .ill i. . . - ivuw ut-pteni. u.tit ri il t in i... m . .:.vt;k! ALU.y, Amiott i jsc-ion, aug vi, iih 3v'13 NOTICE TO Trod PUBLIC, iS Till! 1I0.V0R AM) (il)OI) PA ITU il of ih 'iivvneisofilieiciio 'r TltANCIS SAIn'ri are Jloui! tl llco tin' suon.inio me ct nsiiico i i iuui-i bill signed bv the coniniitt of 111" Chainpl.'iiu I nun porlation Co'inp-my and now before the public, I leel calleii upon to state soniesiiapl" lads in relation there to. Si,mn lime in At fie tfla. Mr ltrnitterd was at Whit'- hall, atComstoek's InniliiU'.iind then clip red into an nrriiuijeiii"iit wiih Mr Kclloaa, us 1 was infnriucd, by Mr lv at the time' Mr Iv'tluai!, at the ri'ipu'-t ol M. 1 II. ..1 .....1. . it.. Mr liinineid.went to llarliiigtoii toclos,- tliennnngi lu 'lit, as I understood fiom .Mr Doohtlle. It so hap pened Iw.ison hoard the Ileal with Mr 1C. when he i came to lliiilingtoii, and advised wilh hint nbinit it, i niid 1 unexpectedly stopped at l!iirlitigton,tlics'ini' ,hy, I and wassuiiug on the platform at the American llo I tel when Air. IJoolillle came and puke lo ine.iunUaid Ihev had made an nri.iinteineiit lor laiinhig the llo'ils, ' and that he was going to commit il to writing. He I and .Mr Kellogg went togclli t inul niailen wilting, n.n. im iiiu iniiiei -.muling. u i ii mil; i iiiiu iii iiij poss'Ksiou ;iitul the prcliiiutiaries are in subsume that the fare was lobe 9- on all llie Ilea!-, mid the S.illus was to cotilinue iiinning as n Ji.iv lloal, as usinhiuul cadi wastohe iu.lep -nd -lit of th" oiher as to the earnings, . nch had tl cir own, ninl club paid theii own e.ptns..g Air. Kellogg dossed the lake wilh me the sum! nlieiiiooii. and told ine ihe arrangement and showed me the willing Xc.t d iv. on nor return by lie- A!- Knl!.nrif received nonce fiom Mc-rs 11 lohttl" ami Hiamerd that th"y declined canying theatiaiigeuienl mlocllect, an I assigned ns a tcason, thatsoine person interested, urnn ngentof (he Kalius. had staled on hoard that lloat while on her pns-age hetvv ecu s,uri and liuriiiig-1 ion, nun me .saltus wouiii not run into Wcslpoit a-1 i gain until she had diiveii the Hanniac from the lake. l-i nn-yi.i l lien nuviseii ine own Ts ot tlie r-allns ( to keep aloof liom the old monopoly, -that my experi- ' cnee iu liegoti ilmg with them had 'long hefoi'e taught me tint thevinade llnse lirotiosillons not lolie Kent in , goo I faith, tail siuiplv tor the noise nnd cnjiiud tbm could he made out ol ihent And il seems ihat ihe on- made by J II. I!eyd,lo give a ecrlain sum tor 111" tiuiArigs of ihe rinllus, was only mad.' lor ell at and not to be kept, but to gain some advanlaio tlmel.y. His I.argam was tohave no foice unless a large sum was paid in advance, which il appeals Air lloyd never infiided to pay. or wns not able to pay, nnd never did pa, and theie the thing ended, hke ull oilier negotintions lictctofore made hy the monopoly with the Snlnis Coinpany. where the public was to he the ganieisnnd not theinsches. And 1 now slate that I never have, neither has nnv other pei-en iuiercied in llie Salmi, lor a iiminem thought or eiileiiaini'd any proposition ns to running Sieaiiibnais and regulating Tare on the lake, which has not conlcmplateil saving one hall or inoic to the traveling public. Though seveial piopo-uions have I ecu nm le nnd a willingness loneci pt tiiem sig iulied,vat ihe old iiioiiup'.ly eoiisiantly declineil to lul fil, and contuni" tobieiikth' m when iu'idc,VMiiloidv believing that they enjoy the monopoly ol I ike Cham plain, and that they can dnve oll'nuv lloat that is put on at a rea-onahle'iate ol Kare lor ill benefit of th" traveling public. iu musing llie Sihtisfo tlout on the vnteis, I ilesne the public to unit astmd that theirwi-lus lorniiother lioal to rim iu companj vuih Ihe Saltus, on opposite dajs, will soon be gian tied ; then, on any day. and bom any poll, ilcy can travel us tin up and as t ist as ihevcau "o safe. I". CO.MSTOC1C Setfinlier 1-t. laid. ttlwx! lilit. rilUMAU. nto.M tiii: nrv or .N'evvA'oik, has the pleasure in inform the jH citi.ensot l iir melon and v icmitv. ihat has ep"ned a shop at th" loom laielv occupied hy .1. II. I'lllll. -J doois Uorlbol' .1r V il I Iter's nit J Church street, and is r jiand to do with malm ss and in oie jksi inanner nit wurh eiurn-icii to nis care.lil cliiiling Ml.ltV .V WA'l ('lti:s ol every d'-cription, making l'at.nt I.cmt i:scap"iu"nts as go nl as .In'm-on oi llolun-on ; Al--o. I)upl -x, I,'puie, and all venal", .Ve All kinds of rcpaniug, s.-iiiag pi'iions, stall', cyliiul r, vvh"els.ctc as well and neat as canh' done iu the c t of New York Jii-ic boxes icp'tued, Aceoidiaus ami Alcloiliaus tuned All wolkdo le by his own hand. Air. !' hiving win keil iu in a large cstaljH-hnieiit i e ciiy oi .-sew- ioik nir iwo vcars, aniivi'iv m I leviou-ly icceived geod in-tiuetions f ism an c?ci Hem European woikiuan is well uualilicil to execute the i inn-t dillietilt vvntk, and he cxholts the juibhc lo place in him ibeir coulii lence, and bestow upon him a shaie I ol panning". Refer, lor inforiuaiion ic.-ieciiug his vvoikinaii'hip, lo Ale.'sis. I'eilows, Van Aisjale nnd i Cooper, .Vo. 1 l.iAIaitlen Lane, JS', Y. I'urliiiL'ion, Si pt. .1, ISII'i. tfltl I i M'tntAi vtio.v,",r p.uwaui) , JAle.N''deiyais, who l. ft llie Parish o l ll.iuliu.l oiinly Alonolian. in lie-land, in Abtv, in i.i, uioi, siuiiing iu ueiiatt lor Ihe ii. sjtau s. lie hasnsi-ter, Calharui". iu I'.urlinglon, Yt., with whom ' h" can coiiniiuiiH ale by a letl.a' lo her, cine of JiiluiMvi'lsol lltirluiL'loli iil'.in said. Itt.vl I llurhii.i.n, 'i . si-jt ;tr lsji, w.yn:i). 'J' TIMS Ornt'K, jouinrymnii IMntrr who 4 tnn ms at both Vicf uml ic Nunc nci-d n;.p!y acijit fiicIi a i'oiiu- iminturihli-'il i"r S.Ut ninl Iin!ii--irtuiisha!iit,j. ' i i:mm:u witni.-mrr nt imim;, nr stffiiu ttiul nil niDtlnr iih-s whcie .--trrnirlli mnl tluniltijitv is tlcmnh!.' ls-i. Hiast owl linn Cur!, ' (t'i'1 Vt'lrpt, kllnnc. Trrx, l:h!gr, Cm.jiUuzr. JAft ami Voice I'umjv, Steam (ittaziv. Coil. Tuhniar H iHns, lor II ah I Inn- , IInl'N ninl .Alaiiitr'triiiier--. Inrrol it'l'U'il I II nTPHt VUllftV iif hMtln.j ii,T:n.1f.,l I.i .1 1 tj ? 1 ' 1 1...! 1 ! ..11.. I If Iff Ml lillli tli- it I 1 1 1 I I UMIIII 11 13IM I'lilllV " aiiii 111 1 11 it i,y t 11 I'latt St Snr Voik, ami M ami CJ Jhroimhhc st JIosIgh. r. m nuAcnt I'AIXTS, OILS. DVr.S, Cllll.VH'ALS, VMt. Msffi-.s, iu:rsm:s. m x nmr glas., xncjis AM) i'i:i:nrMrj!v, MAXi'i-wr. rvnnns' Aimn.i.s, 'iirxi;, auras, raiuax axd uumlstic ICi'.L'i'-St.j'I'iov. . . uppositn thcTioy IIoil-c. 0 WK'KKS. Wudm'sm: Diirfidw, kv.v.vs ? cou'tTiitly nil hand, n lu'l and complelLMiirt ment ol yonds l-elonin to the D'tt traile, to winch the iiotu e of d'"ili-ia, maiiufacfuiei-, jdij ician- ami nth'-i, i- re-pt'ctfnlij invited Th" -t'ck l- nnile up ol -.i,kU of th la t q-nlity, uicuinl loir, and nlieied toth-tiad- on the nur 1 t liMH. nvi: jroons. huyrwriod, Niewooil, U'liwoo I. I'llMi-' Kedu'Oid, IVachwouil, ('rniiw'ood, Cudheai, Sicily .Sumac, lied .Sander-. Auehn-a, IVrsan Jlerm-, Ilxttaet h'Krw'tunl. arTeiutMiuio Axn t'tor maddlu. 0AI'urc Sperm, fiom the Ihi mimuf.utoiies in - Xcw ImiiUud. in hhd", pipen, titieoflnuil UtU. 1 or- 1 eisill Idn'eil in pipfs ,v quaiier (ii-K, .viin'iirau uu , iloiIuAm ; Imlin lic.i; i-.e i iiik; ry nns! rown, I dry, do do ytouu 1 in oil; l'urple do; "J icarde Sienna, ' Im" ; dodo Am ; (!iim T-'pul, K I S ; do Aluean ; ! Miellnc Orantre t dot.'aniet, do hict, Turkey Vui- I nr; Vaudke AVown: I'hroiiK- V'-llow; rreneh Ohio; Wnmmt do: .Stone do: I reiicll t'Uow di do: ii ixo- ny Cicen; .Muieial Cici-n Venlnms ilrj- and loiind , in oil; Pallet Kuiu-s; (!nvn Vci liter, 1 reneh tineii; lVu-ian Iiw Nos 1 and '', flue Venhter ; Antwerp ithi': IVwdL-red do; Sli) fine- Uirk l'auit; hmiip lUm U. lln. i-"ri -d, Uo Ain , snitili pip r ; Uoiv ltiack, Ji do do Am ; IVa.iklo t Ulaek, h?nd; i Patent head; Neat-foot Od ; Spiuts of Tiupcutme; ( opal .unwh. cou-Ii ; tin do lunntiire, jaiiando 1 i do d.v llnwin. Piti-h. Tnr.Ttintentme. Aiihultiim Pumice S'tone, Itnck, Kotti-n Sunn; (iroiniil (ilavs, I'lttly, (dai is, uoui i4-Mi,ner do. Copper ltiuu.e, rroMins all eolois ; Smalts, blue and ireen; do bl;itkaul brown; (Ili-s pap--r, Ihoimd P.iint Mru-het.: liouud Cam d Hair tools. VASTi: J.lQVin JU.ACKlMi; black, red, , aiul iudi'lihle A'AX etc i:.SSt;'TIAI. (;.."' Harden Iiavendrr, llovma. iy, IVpii'-riiuui, Arc inrani-leisand oihciwu.'. yj;.i1v.s'-.''i,:i.-'au'i 1 siiinn. ir.vyjoii'f; . bn.e h-kmi '! J.IUI'dlllCh '.lS7'V.'--'aiiibrri iiii.lTantillii O.lhi'M. TAi: N 1'1'JVll ceiu-iaiitly on hand, with oilier n.i Mil Mores DllUdS 'I'm key (i,ui.u.fre"-h S'nm.iii bales; line Sponge; ny ilu r with all ibc lure e-lieiiiirailii, I'lrnrh and Lnsii-li.uf warinnled punly and g.'nuuienoj, VLI,J'i:i:SAUCj;-:lt:.i Ihnf- llje. SVlCha .Nuliiie'(;, Cloves, C'aama, Mac'c'.Uiiiac'r, Ca-ia IliuU, t. JillllAX in easu s ling, refi'ie.l. VOTA'tV HVAKCJl-M e-ai-k. Huli'siHirap.TlioiupWi'.SIiakerainl other 1 HLh Hl'M AHDOMI.N'AI, PLTrOUTllIW at the lowest man. ufjcluieis prices, I-ai3 Ci 11 A V CI.O'I'IIS.. A hiri-e lot offiniy Cloth", I for Kile low, in exchange' Im Wool oi Oa-h. V1I.AS e'v NOV US Au alh ISM. nI3 'lUtUSSIlS, Lalett liiiiriive'iiienn of nil the pop I hi"liuuieiitsfor Il.'inia.or tho iblfereiit ruji- tures mcidi'iu tu llie male. Aocuuitely applied by PPCK .V t-PPiAIi. Also, all die Pcmalc 'Praises ol late im enuoii'scon' Mainly oil hand 'i (-.VJII'iniVi:. con-lantly lecening 1'IXK-eV. KPKAIPH. I ... ' - Nnv (,'ootle. Aili. AftPAV lot of SiUcrcd Pans, b and 10 Kercel Ac cordians.S .Melotbans, 1 Seraphiue, Ujuble hand .Mirrors, tjhell. Twist and Side Combs, (lold, Silver fc and Herman Silver liowrd Ppectae'let. Toilft C.s!ii,e. PKINSMAIDA- flHOTJIEHR IjilUv 'il!UDI.-t!lll,SU'.-3H tHO.'ts' TO THE PUBLI6. f'.i. ....... ....,..,! ..I.t.1!nnt;.... n...l fe.t.-.n, . E.1.1-.I.' n , .'in. piiiiio.iiiii'in iiii i ii.iii .ii iiiiii i relative to tho Steamers on this l.aho jvm to reipiire such nil cNplniUtloli ns will enabln Ihe Public to understand llio lelative prxitton of till . th.; parties cmiceriied I lie Ullili'isiyiiru WL'M' iippOIIILI'll II V.'l,llllllllll't' of the Hoard of Directors of th" C'lininphiin ' I ranspoitation I on'ipiliv, for the puVpose of Suiierin em lllir t in rilllll nir n their teamers for the current Season. iii'kT tis such committet' make thi cnmmiiiucation. We have from time lo tint-1, for the la-t four teen montli-', seen several Adveitiements and l'roclaiiHtion-- put forth under the sanction of j the Pnn.rklnrt and A p-i. of the steamer 1'rau- cis Saltus, invoUnp tliu sympajhy of llie I'ublic, I iis.-ailinp nnd misreiireseiitinp tlte inanipe- iiiflit of the Company which vu represent. It has heretofore been thoiipht by lis ulinoressarv to make tiny reply lo attacks' con-ldeied to be iftinlmi and wiirrihw, believ inp thattlu best :i nwer lo siicli riiliciilmi.t umiouls was to b found i ill the siiiH-rinrini, in u'l ivinrh, of the st".nners i beloiipinp to this company. We now think tint lepirlufe in some respects from tins course i dein itideil, (Jn the '2t of July hist, the Sti aucr Saramc, stopied runiiinp as adiy boat in op position to the Saltus. and was flllKeipiently put on Ihe Ferry, between Hurl'mpton und St. Al bans, &C, The curiosity of the public soents to have been e.Seited and a slronp desire m mifested to know by wh it m 'alls such a result w is pro duced. We answer It was u b'l-in 'Ss triune lion neith'T private tier necessarily pnl'li". It would si'eui. however, that one iirly to the trans action are laborinp under e.xtretn apprehension, lest the travelling comiiiiiuilv vv ould doubt their rnlirr tlisiii'-rvslnln-!!. an I .Mr. Ivdlopp. the re p'ltetl owner, and I 'apt. Ti-d it", tho nil-tor, of the Saltus. have each published n delii il that any nrr.inplnenl Ins been in ule, and that our Company orany of Ihe members of it are iiUer esicil in the o.u'niiurs of the Francis Siltus ; and inoro than in-inuate that we Invo cileourapi il rumors ol that kind for -.mister purposes. The inaiiil'i.'st oh.ect of the eour.-e tuirsiied bv them i- to create an impression, either that the harainc was withdrawn us an un-nlc UoU, or tint she was driven off by the superior rovu-s of the Siltus, her lipoids cce. A plain itatr- ment of facts sli.ill be our leply. In the firs' place, we declare that the S iranac. when she war tikeu off the lino was, uml js, in perfect older irid condition, and in n'l repects sifeinher 1 lull, .Machinery an 1 lloilers. We consider the character of our Cornpiny ii"ip thai till their limits shall bj of such a i!e-cri lion and perfectly safe, so fir as they Can bj nt ule so by human means. Oil tlm lirst day of July last, an apreeiuent in vvritinp was made b"tvverti Cl.arle- W. Kel- lo us the owner of the Francis Sul'us, of tlio oiu part, and .lulin 11. JInvil. I.-' i. ot tiile'li. II. ol tliu c.tln-r j art : hy which nj;ri'i'iiiciit,.Mr. Krl lo;.',', for a irico nprii'il upon, coiitl'.'i'tial to pay ovor to Mr. Hard, monthly, th" ii"tt I'iriiilij; ol tho l'Vinris Saltus. Mr.'llnjd i- a dirortc r in our Coni any, but undo tin- iiyri'i'inpnt without tho authority or knnr.'loilm' if the Company and ..,'nV mi hi- own ai'eount. Anl on I ho s unt il ir por-iinde'd dipt. l).ui, of tho y.iranat', to di-continui.' her tiip". .Mr. lloyd oHe-riil his contract to our company, and al-o prop'i-id to in ilu" an nir.ineri'inont by u Inch the e;ro-Is receipts of threo of our boats and tho 1'r.incis S iltus -huuld he d'ni'lcd. Wi di'cliiu'd tho lir-t oiler and :lccci,.,l to llio lust, alter iHibcr.ite cimsult'ilion, ninl inlhtencei! by the circuiii-tanees of the caie. And on the loth diyof .Inly la-t. a contract Mil" exee'iited be tween the iiililer.-iijneil on tin' part of the Com pany, and .Mr. lloyd, by which itas aejreeel that each paity should continue to run their re pjetive boats on their own account us to expense- and b.--es ol all MiuN, anil d'uiele the ros receipts (nun anil incliijini; Ihe Und d ir of Julv. ..ti coiUin orineiiilos ,-fr.l ncces-arv to lo oaii- li-hi'd. Sine" that time we hare run the company's Inati in stuct ciinfnrinity to that njjn enn'iit which has b 'en lniiinrii'ih ii'jillrj on our purl, without roparilto the iiie.-li'"ii" whether it is an contract or olhorwi-e. 'J'he condili't of the of the f-'altu-ch'.irly indicati; llicir intention not to fulfil their eiiiraiieiiii at ill this in.ttt, r. ,Unl to ;.;"t!.i ::i sehes of the adr.uitape- resulting from tin withdrawal ul the as a day, which was dono on tho filth of IhN u.nli.ict. Yo dei'in it proper to add, that we hare re I'nn ti. Mine, and have no doubt, that the contract nl .Mr. lloyd with ih, was undo with the hnow h'djro ninl npprol atioti i.l Air. Kel!re.e; the oiijrinul contract lulu eon .Mr. ISid and .Mr. Kelloir (a copy of which we now haw) haiinp been liiriii-heil fur in- cction and eMiniuation to two i f the undersigned by Mr. 1. V. Hiker, in wiuise hand- the said coutrart was placed, us we were iufuruii'il le, him, for the ben.'lit ol the p.ntics. Tlio Public will make tlu-ir own eninninnt on the hi-tory of I Iii-. our npoli-p- 1 ir obtruding an account ol the company's bu-iiu on their notico is to bo f mu I in the'di-couite-r that Im- Iits-ii e.erci-ed towards n company who have biithlully fullilled the duties iuio-ed on iiieut, II. I.. II. 1IOS-5, i:i.isi:i:i), DOOLlTTIil'. Dated, Aniritst 'Jlth 1810. 1TN.II. 'I'ho Sai'.avai wi I resunio her place a - a cheipd iy I! i it in two or thrue dav.-. and we1 tru-t -h" will not lo-o any patron ipo on account of he.- ah--em?o for tho c;ui.-e- a ionod, .MIIIH'IIAT.S' IIOTIM,. :i!l ami 11 tyPXj'fiurttrtmlt St , iizfit h.tnd i leaving up from Xtiith Ii'irert i Ihotithcuy ) Thf almvc llct-! hits bf'ii cnbrgf-i! t!n5 -eain, and the Propnctur Imp 's tu iiccoimn l ita unre Vcrunmt ciMom tk Ilu h'm'I-his ll'ild obh.'il to turn o(l m many the p'i-i lull uml spjinsj I In ;tcvij;iuiioJiiiuu). arc now innrc finiplL. nn 1 Ik tru-l th.y i ill be I s'lti-mctory to hiin '-m men 'ItVriii'.51."-!J w ilnj $7pr weef, Th- liurn.iKtuii I'rcu l'lce-i is kept uu 1'ileol tin- Ilnu WM .ML'IUHIIAl) Wv nup, when in Xw Y iK.uit'iM .M-idrmt-i' IlittJl, t',' atnl It t'u'irtlaiui--i , ninl liivl mi oMiri:i r "Ui.-t," pnlltc IllliI ilttM)tlr' fi-,,int-,ii g,u.l tubliviu 1 ilkn riKuns ami In !-. l-..i(i imiNSMAU) A: UHO'l'IIIiS. siii:i,itri!M; men scikxm., ryitl IWUh TVAUl iu citinni 'Ucp uii Motitl iv the tin AcuJjmy will nt 'in her. I'mliuii s3 5) a i) nrtiTliiMnl troin si ,r)i t. OJ ,i week li M S liOVni, IVm-ipil. SOI' V, -A firft rate faslifoiiable Mnboginy Inir (.'loth prin-' Itjttoin jfa, winch will Ik- -(dd low Kmnireatlhe VAIIUITV STOli U Idirlingtoii, Anj;iit lsifi. ni UTiij.isrox llitiu Stuitoi, vxii ri:.Mu: Si hivauv. '7i Vail Trim of tin- inotitution will ronuni nee on II cdneaay, Sri-temter 'Jib, under tli" charge, ns heit'lofore, of J. 1.MW,A. J". The foiiditioii of this ivhool i pro-peroin, nmnlw?r of pupit lare;e, and the protpecH lor (he funue llailcr in The Int-tinctton islwlieved to be cllicieiit and ihorou'di It ih au t-v'iilial pet ulinnly ofihe Iu-tnii' tint to lea 1 the pupil, ho as practicable, both to m HEnti't and noveni him'lf. Tins lciideis hw piudies ucquisiuuii of natural t-c-icncc ine unuiullv irood JIL.IIIU tlllll l II1JIV3 rilULt OD, IIC ! Illllt PI IUI Hr I j. i iie rnnciiai iio-sesA'sa i-ire iierMi'-uan i aee-'ojie of Miiieiioru'iahtv. with other ewevllem aiiurirnHH(iir Iy ciiIarLjeel, which he will iij lor the heiufii ot the undent Tuition Por the Piiin.liy braiiclKs, &3.0J " " Higher MM " " Illlgtiagri, 4J Tlttitd can Iw obtained at Irom $l,.'ii to $1,&J per week, liichidiui; washing, e.o. A'. I! Il is ve ry deiridile lint ths! who anticipate altenibng,fhouldcuiiuneiice9 at the beuiuiiiir ol the na liter Wilhitton. Alii Willi ISIfi. V OTII 'II. This im rwriify that I have.' given my nm, II. A. yiA'tJIPA', hU time durnii' ihJii'Mol hisminoriiy lotnuisact bti5incs for libndf. 1 t-hall claim none ol his earning nor pay any debts ol' l;U contrectinglifler UiUdate. SAMUEL It IIKOH'X, Hurhnston, Aug 17,I8I W.i , .f .Vt'OII i vn a inmi' , . fn'1f)""ri'.?ru.' ; v. on,,, Iliirliiipiiiii, tl!Li:CT S Will COIIUll' 11 .S' - iifmlior. f" h romiiviicnieni o ' nio. i.'igir rreneh. m Dravvnu'- P 'hoil-Hooul ore up stanfl. lliirhagton, An i . QIMiIX'T v('IIO ,1'U a SC 111)01. r " ' ; September Ti in.e. :?any crimes arg comtr.mou Tor i:n'h-', 1"" '"'-MOSDAV, Allff. 10. Iliiiliiigtou. in o 'h srcliation bill wa3 read l!IJI l,i(:TOro,e and aid it was th I' Uf'IAN W ( II ved, In the hl-tory of.thi Term ot ilu- ln-t.i tPro'ident of tho United '"v- ri ',l I'" ,.'il lor vcto t0 .tho PW.1J-'5 n' re'nIlhe'TmiV11! ... tflnsll i II rl rirl T I tvtmi'in i Uev. J If. Cowi.nsi. lonii npht, trat whicl Siivw, list, R'v W "3 ground of expodi"n PiiAsr., Wvtr.ii I.yM-v-ice in which an Ex 11 irhnsto'i. Aug Ul.HI'nft. ncknovi-lnilcrino In 'b. , villi Ih. tnUnl nft.. Jeii.v A J'f 11.vr.usox, ) lad not oxtonded hi- Cino-'r.vClnnr.icit. I 'nto tho puhiect, had IIaviiiA Davids is-, f moisure of this ties l)v'irt.l!iMi'ot.v.v. et the two house' ot .lACOllC llAVV'I.I.V J rinilhtftll cW.Mor l . Ill: au--' me ejn i r ui ,t . . I Crain ln liill of t '..,) m.r. ,, ' " eld IcikI mts. i tliu ; In th lint ?rt of thoso h ir ifinber, I jllii.ili so I t. uidrii h e cf the act, dur-Ad.iui-i.of II ulitiiiiin. iu sod ("ninTy luoiui oiv luites oi tlmt tl it", lur lV'i h'ii-,7.,, . thntv dollars eaeh. naiuble in -aid Ad.oni m ,,.,.ry with interest, on- in i ' en , and th oilier iu eiulit -tre from dale And lor ll'-' p lipuse nf s -e-iirliier th. pi in"nt ot said inites ii"il lo od AiIjiiH a ntuiturnjj tb'ed of the fnlluuin tl-critied Ian Is ill llilrbnston. .. The i;ii haifot It I, No liH the- North halt nl KM acre fit, Vo 'J lliteii uuihwdi-d tolirth liirtnf ll'-incielut No 111. and aire lot No Hi and 17, in s.ii I llurluuitui. An.l that altt-rwurds I on the' l.Jth day tl .lummy Hll.-aul Aduiii. hy hi , tljed of that dnte.ciiini-etl ailtl"tl lo ot'-'lleo j Kent of Concord, in the .Mat; of Ne-.v Ilauip-lme, all ' his tight, title; an I murest in ami tu said inortijag -, Ihe j iiotesth'-rehyseureil mil the lands there hv ctuneeeil An I that aiienvaid-. on tlr loth day ol Mnich, l'sll, ' 111' soil Kelil. bv his ttced of that '.co ieyeil rmd asained to - ud .lohn A Riehaid-on. all lus nirht, title an 1 iuti;ret lu aud to -iinlinoriijiije. llie note iherehy seeuu-d and tie- lan.h lh 'reby coneeye.I, mid fiuth-'r ! "tutu Inrt'.i. that, at'.-rwanl-e.ou the a'h tlav of Julv. lit 1. lh" sai I lino Inch, hy lude..-d ol tint ilal".coi'i- icyd to "lie tfini'i"! II I'liduian, ol Miliou, ri sod e-ountyof Ctntt'.'tid -n. a puitioii of tin; land soiuoitu- ee.l tj liini in afiire-ind, t-i "'lid II a h.iiil-iiu, i, : tluit pan oi snid l.. No lll.u'. saul Iliirhiitoii.lvmg south of llie " Hill Whit' road," so called ; and that after- wanK on th" l-l dav of .Ian", LSH'i, the -aid S imu-1 t Itoaiilinun, hy his ih-eil tit that date.coiieeed to said Pivitl'leudant.toje'lhe'rwith uth'-r laiul-t. tlK- uil'' land cuneejetl as iitnresnitl lo saul stauiir I 1 ll.i-irdui-iii hy sii 1 tiiioli leh : and tinthersetiini; tmth various other coiuejant s hy -:n I liiiu.lru-h to ari ouJ p 'rsotis ol piiition-t t, said nioiteatri-il land-, and lurltier s'-tiuig i.irth tint -anl utiles hie la-wr liecn pai.l tn -ai-1 Ui'-lnrdni-i. though da , and that the cs. 1 late in -aid murtiritf-'d prenu- s h-i-t th rehy liecom , ab-'t'iiite in eai I liieltartl"on And praying' that lur the rea-ou attire.-ud tlie said del ui lams mriy he tore clns.d ol a nil troin all i mlit, title and euuttv ut ted aup Hon m ninl to said mortgaged premises or any put thereof Au 1 it appearing that aid 1 ini.l lloiirdinan re id"s witht uu this i.iat' to wit, at (IihwoIiI. m the County ol New London and Slate nt I'onnuetieut. m that untie.- of lh; pen li-ut-y of this sail canuut be p 'rsoually s-'ivcd iljtoli lulu. Tin ni.roiu.. u is onlere 1 tin notice be ijiven to said 1) uiiel 11 lartluiau ul the ie-:Kl"ncy ot rnid .-ml by pub- bslung tins ortl -r eotitaiiuug trie si'h-Manee of ei.iitl lull oft'oinplaiut, forthree weeks siicees-uely m the I'leo I'rej.u uew-tpaper print-d ut 11 iilingt iti.m-iiilcoici-le oi Chiiiend.'u, Ihe last pii'da-atiou lo b- at l'M-t twt-nly elajs heloro the no.u lenn ol the Co.ut ol rtiuu a-iy toll h-ililen lit lluiluurtna, within and fur said county of Chnt":ul n on the lir-t Tu'-day id ler lh" tjiirih Tu -day of S 'pteiuh-'r lslli, nt which time said ILim-d Inian is iequiie.1 to appear and au-iee 'T to th" ".od lull ot e'liltljilllllll !i'.- 1 pt 11 irlmtcm. Iliia 1 1th d.iv of Ailein!. A 1) OH'. ' HOW A. STANHlllJI'.Y. Vtetk i,i Chancery S iM.Lrv X- I'liru's, Silu-itms. Hull v 7 1 ; noun c u t7i '177 rsf nd Joiirnni ft Itural Ait ai.fl Rural 'I'a'-tr. cJitM by A S'. 1) iwninjj. No for Auii'i-t itncf 'Jj c 11 hi A i;i)v.itiw IT OST ! Oi Cumnfiiconvut ilny, h 'tween our t.A str.,p nnd liV Tre-ln t-rian CluJrch a (IOIiD liltAf-'J.irr ThcUndt-Vph-illhe revsauldhv e:n ni'Mt at our torc. V1IAS wt NOVf. Atian-t 'JJ, Hlu Hit -' WOOM Tin: lU-uu.wro.v Uu, Psi"gP I'oiupauv nretitiw read) to pureba' a tew frW.i2i'A lliim-aiul poini-lstif U'tld.. tor eapli will In- pail Appl) at l!r f 'neintmii-leiioiii nl the Co.upa.n JA.Mi;S COdlC. .Uent Aiuu-'i':i, nn; liwt; lltlOli 1!1.1)!C ! '. COUDllICII. has ui IiIb eiiiploy a lit oL lhnd"r who ha m-iee-tl a reuiiuir w.H3Si1 aoiir.-ntlee -bill and wo-leee! iu the beht lioitdon shops ()ld lloi hs reboa ul ot hhort noiice llurhiieton. August 1 1, IMG. II) 5)nii,i(;io. I'liMM.t: Si:mixiu.- -'I'm: lw xi TfiKM w ill eoiut-.ienee on the .-"lh of-ptem-li-r Ish'i Th" classes will then he orijanieil tor th- Cm., I, . Il i.l' , I... ..... 1 .1,..!..,,.. ...... r r.,,.1 it lu tlncl... . hie lh'lt all who liiien.l e liter,-!;;, ilnri'ltt the ne-M m iiionihs, be present at the oienini;if lh Term. Nmie are adlitltted lor a It -as lone than tine tmarier an.l no tl 'thi.-tioiisare made fur libs-'nee exeepl in coac of i?ie'k u TV.HMS ; Hall payable' tn alliance Tuition-. Pn glish anil l.niii u-r Quarter. ?.'i D.nwiiig an.l Paiut mg.&l. I'lein-h, Piano Mime, 'Js. Il iarcl bi tin- .S'anin ii y, mclu liny fuel, bijlil", and wasbtng, p'r (Quarter. Autpi-i Hhli, Hir.. ltiif IV I('i:ST Table Vinegar, at 11 IU PP.CI- spp.Aits' lYi: STlTr ! Pvry fur djina nt iJ buth coarse au I hue nriul"s. I orsnl 111. PPC-iv .V SPHAItS' I' LOl'tillS.-TliK Si ll. v.-v iH-iitx-r haviliil oiiit-liat-et ol .1 r-. eAz-z3SS& Waie his inl.-reM in the Aqru-ul-tmnl il'ttie Jluitte, will e 'iitinae lh.- hu-i-ie-- iu hi own nsiiie, ai the Stoic ol '1' W Ijovell, r-i'tsou's Imilttiiti:, Chiia-h i , and will 1 l.u. t.. . . -il, who to iy I iv a tin 11 wn.i a call. H turner and letter n. -firi.u -ut ot Pi i tubs than e-iui lie.' louud in au ttah hi! inellt iu the Suite. VY lne eery .oiety anil -ie ot Ploiuilw iiinutifiie lured iu llti-toii hy Prt'iuv a.i I Mear.antl hy Uii'le-. NoiitKeaiiil Ma-.iii, which are Su'i-'ll. J-ide-hill, I) Mible Moultl II '.aul, Hun,; ami Cultivator Plows Also lh - much e debut '.I lli.imanit VluilsH, )Seei Plant -r-, Co tl-shelleo., rtfaw -eultei-, e le etc Wc .-hall be happy to s 'Il lh nine t iimcl.- mi b.-l-ti terms than thev cm b mreli.i--tl el-.- here in the -lute Plea-c call an. I iwsiiiiiie i s i do nel i-li lo plucha-e. A PITKIN, .toli.t P. Pur.rri .Heii! llurhilKlon. Jul)' 21. f E Ki:i!M-ii:i.i) Arun'AiicM, Ivsn i n mv. It 'Phe Academic year coinim-ncc', on Wednesday, ',-piemln.r U I 'Phe Hoard of Iiwrm loin toiMitu ol .1 H Hi'.iii.nivu, A 11, Aweiate Cm. C llisutl, A M . Ptuie'ipalo ,Mrs .1 ,S' A'l-Artwx.. Pieet-ptie s Mr S .M 11 v-,stn.) Teachers ol Xex'iil ami hi. .Mis. .v .M lU-strr S urumenial ilu.ic .Mr, 0. T lloioiirns, I I'oi-lR'r ol Pauiimijatnl 1 eispecuee. ni .iiipi. tttL.i , i, i. m unu m.ij.i Mr. II I'l-iK-Teac'liT of Preiieh. I Parui-olpleii-uie,buiiine'-ineu,aii.l Kioirauts w ill Mr. Ii D. Divis, Te-ie'li-r of Penioau-hip , find ibis new Line iniitrtia-.Hl kir'itfiy. speed, coin A class ol ihoseun 'ndmg lo wicll will lie funned at t.M ami eeouoiiiv 'Phe ijnod fare and elennlim tMil ih mimeni't-nieni cl ihe t.-.m This claw, will bo w-ajs ioiiinl on ihe-boAis, eilh the kind and genii. . ie.1 Willi a eoatsj ot in;mn turn an.l lciures i.loiitoel lo lli"ir wont. Also, toll couises of leeiares oii Nat mil PluleKophy and Chumwu will b given, sure lucverv one a loon BureenKe piij-im-nu le attractive and ueful bv an exleii-ne and well se- '. V- imel)e. m conue. t"ii with lh" lldot nlniim b'.-Ietl Aimriuus nli Ir, lu'ret omanous olher innics. 'rr, ''a' ,l""'' V "' oibee atljoiiimg the L,chi n . niniisii-'ii ny uic l niu'i-Jij in uio low-cut pn Viiartl, p-r week, ineln lin room, woo.1 and w'ash iiii!. iil.-i-'i 1 u tioii.pcrqinrtcr.ftir English &3p0 lo Ancient flas-tii'3, 91,11) ; l'iuo,3 M : Jflodean, St") Veval .Uu-ic, $1,IVJ Prnwinj and Painting Sl.lWlo S'4.00 A' 11 Tlie 'IVac-lnTm Picnch has had ihe heft of lustnieii.iu in Picueh familiea and conVites n th lanyiiiiffe with 'ease . I lieniaik --We wish th comuiuuiiy to iiitJcinan l !... - t. 4 ., .,..... .mll.AlrlJ- .iii.l of ilv. iio...iioiii.iuMJcvri(cfinyC(jiinsncarly j.7tX), an I our Twtrlwt are those of esptrknee and SBTU OAkES, Surtl try lhtrtfiM,AIS '. "' ntrj oncth in vitilicitwnof t!i3 roto. and in on outlon to tha cUiins. Mr. .Moroheid foHmvd in ibfinio of tha lalm, and in co'idomnation of th" voio. And ths nno'tion hMnr; p-if, "Khillthi' hi'l nss, nothwithstindinjrth? objor'ioni ofth? p-i. ddont ?" it mi d 'ci-le I by yeas and n ivi as fo. lo:vy. yoit 27, nay 15. Thoro not heini? two-tltiris in tho aff.rrnatLrS ho bill did not pu. .NEOOCtATIOX WITH MEXICO. 00 Mr. Lowii morod thit tho tike unfar sonidoralion tho bill from tti honir-, o:ititld ' An act miking firthcr provNion for th? c ioncs at.tondiiifr the in:rcniran hot'.vcn tho United Stifis anl foieign nitions," and de maii'led thu pi" and nays upon hii motion. rho bill, Jnrinn b?en" roid a rust and second ini", h"ini then beforo Senate a? in committee of the whole Mr. J,cwi3 moveo' to, strike out tho proviso which had h;en added to the hill in tliallouiaof lloprofi'iititivi's, and w'b!c'i is as follows : J i on Jed, That .is an exprc-si an.1 fu'idamontil "l.-t.-i".! t'1-? 'I'-'l i-itnu of any frntorv ,' the into two ten -rarelYe'idie United Stnt ."by virtu- of shall ii-i'iiie A pil-iie iooiiVu bstween iVm, I nl l.-il. at whii h lh" iO"ol comt- will In ,"r. I" '. h will b" "pen at all l!nif Itu 'h" nei niiiiniidioi- i nl llie student. It 1- cwp'Cted th il th'1 lll"luhel- i the st-hotil will have th pnviloir "1 nil 'luhum the p.,' c leetures uf the Uiuver-ity ot 'eruiont. ami wuil h i' limit to th enjoyni -ut ol th t'nlli'gi' I.ihrtirj .tr of chart; '. suhe-et only loth" iiienlt-uuil expense-i i the lulter The vacations of lh' chotl will he teen tnuinally., i , one ft lour week-, from the lirst t I lie -tela v 'I AiHe'i-t. and one of nine we. ka Irom in-lii--t ",'eilne-.l.'i uf December; nearly"u the, iacalittn in Ihe Collt'ire. The ral ot tun a will Ir- filty dollars toi an ucncleinic ear; and in thai pi'o;Kutiuu tor anv litictiun ot a ear li irlmtuu, .luly lu, ISirt MII.OI, 11ENNETT. .'ui WILLIAM W. PECK piMNTINT! INK! "at city it.icis! ! ' j lltldv's News an I Hook Ink jut received atitl l..r "ale at r.tctorv Price's for ca-h. bv hTIIVCNrf WOODS U.irlint!to:i, .Inly liirt. 5 TO COUNTRY TRADERS. UII ubcriher-, at tlieirstore conr-rot I'ultnn au-l IJi.'lunti'iil streets. lli,-iun. k'"-n con-tnnilv on T Inn I, au I oiler for sale, on the iuo-t tavorahle te'iin-1, a lar' im,l well s-k-tted as-nrtnient ol V.. INDIA COODs A- uitiit iiitii:;, .. ri'PI'.ll AND SOl.l' I,, trum th'' b-'-t T.mnt'iit s in Nen Huland and N w York. 'I lev aleo ree"iie, aiul 1 on eoiiuui it-n Country Produce. Trail -rs viJein the till art- r---sjictlully ret(a".-led to cn! uu Ij-vuunui' hel'ure nnk in t th"ir purcha-es. ' -rf Refer to J.-ssrs Poll tt : Ilradley Dr.XTt',1!. IIAI!PcIN(iTON& CO Ilj-ton, .Inly IM, ISP-. PEARL STREET MOUSE. Hi 'rait St.. Xnr- Vuik. y-yrnxs su:un s i:srArii,rrii3i(:.vr frjri erected lor th' pprinl accoiiinioikitlnii of .Mnu Hants, in tlie very centre ot the mn-t popnloits bu-tuc-- diM.nct ot the city, hn- po-ed int.i the hmul nt'th" nnd rivd who Jiac been eniriii' d ilurin-i llie la-t two ipontti iii malfinn "tieh nddiu n- Und iinpruer.i'nta' tli 'lormer condition ol'thc hou-i t-eeuieil to ilemand. To the who bae luiheit'ie t nd'sl l'.nr pttronae t) lluf llutel.ii mu-t be ob i"in tlmt. hi "ni" i'irtwl"r, th- tnnnairinciit wa-i i--cpnbleto nnproveinent : and withmu entering into i nil-, tlv-y will "imply tnte that wh-r -nch i- ti. i '---! rv. iifLth'jr fp'MH nor labor h- Imvii Hpur d 'I'll1 Dinner hoar hor bei'u clmnaed truin to 1 m'i lock t 1 tinner H uluo "jnod at .lo'clockiiUu In die Ordinary. With th in st cireful attention to th cointort ot vi-Mloi- in every depaitm-'M ot'the hoiite, the I'lopii' tor hope to urivte and re.pctiuliy soheit a lib ui' j-i p j'tit. Unacli will Ije iomttt J't llie prmcn-ij Steainbofit lTi ev ptitie'ii. rs lo tout (pail the HoU-l. --.WIl'IlI. C HISIIOP Wm P l.PONAItl) nm:i New York July, Hlo wAitr.iior.s)-:oK PHINTS (lLV, BY LEE & JUDSON, . i'filsu fcis't'i'!, Voi-I,. The whole of th s ?j a. inns e ip !,"ii-i- i- itpprr t u;u I i:cij-SI V ELY tu (Iio 'IiHtilto:i ilml ,i!( uf V I? I NT !- I) CALICOES Ierehantnreonileil t imuii' iheevlt 'iit'slui k id this -n- Oe-y il! tniil, with -t art - -K-an e.e"itioa. et i 11 ee-n-i.l tit -iratile M)! In lh I'OUKIGX and IHIMi STC. win. h Ihe niu-K i nlloril all uf which i ill! red lor s-nle- bv die pi nck'Hie. .ir ca-ll ol ch at e- wt'liiu'W l'rl'", - re. lit, at or be low tn oim Wfiolcmk healer in Ihnm tir ami ImjiQitm ot roiiUd'v hli (i'IU)D.s. No fc.fCeilnr and 12- Ttroadwriy, New Voik PMASlI) with the refill ot't!itirla?i yearVa.Ki -ti-.ment, I'lapp V Jv ni ii.miii prewn't their (.' u ' aild inrit' .Merchant- a 'in alh. (wh'.i Living m -no plten l-i--Antiiiiin and Vinitr -.'i!ei-fi iu eiauune tli . t-t.K'k nfHljple l y O(oil . lari("r nnoi tnienl, lower and mor' miiiunn pi n i -can n w hre be found, nn I buyer w'tll be sure to ni--. with quiA wi!ci and Inndwune prolit m rctufti. New Vork, Aurf I. IslC. I'OIJ xMAOAliA TALLSAXI) lil'lTAIA). 17.1 MOXTJ!jr.. Kivnii ST IiAWKPNCi; ihAM; ONTAKIiJ IIOITP r.i:i: jii:i)rci:i The New r- D.olv Iillle ot" I'ihii) Mmt.'r.-nl ., V II-. ',.., Vte-'i.t'.i mi I llulfa'n. 'Pile ll"W.lippel eTib.ll .Steamers, IIIMTISII JI i:i:,C.ipi CiiiMiimnu, . w 1 1 h ( Ii e STIIV.MIMt ll.VI'llllsv, Capt IIjwkis lieaee Iiehiiie 111 o'clock. A M , tor Pre- roll uml Oden-hiiruh ttnu hum at llie uiteniiejiate iioit. and on ainval met ! the lareje and elegant ' Iy fiirmshetil Mail .s'teauier?, l.inv ok jpt tans, ("apt Clulle, Capl. Tajliir, ei IituptveP, lbs ntri.K, dipt. Van Clue, Copl Throop, boilnd for liu h ail of the I.nke, ia- Hrookul!' I'reneli Cierk, Kiinj-ton, i'iekeii' Harbor, u- Wego; llot-h 'Sler Q.I -ens!. ill nn I I.e-wi-liill Pu-ritll- fierr. fur Hnniilton me forwanled ni"iKtfalel h the .Sieauvr 1 ti.u.Rerii. n inline in e-e niit-eiton with th- ahove lloau , an l those lur I orouio l) the pli tletltl niaiuy eiepoiiuieiii oi men euiiiiiiiiniieiK.iiiui girni c.- p'rienee in i.nwgatiiit; lae uieer aim ike, w ill en- Coflee Iloiwe .liMltreat ol half lnt t A. tor Lit. chine Pu-s-iiisi'ts b) litis route will he ealled lor hv Sdiitbnj ih.'ir adtbc'K- to die olliee, the tweaung m Men's or nt mi roily hour m the murimii;. Ticket for nnv li is nlsive nsmi'il can lie had ai the ulhce in JAinm ,il croulsi-irtl the lloal. Por further inloriiintiein. apply it ih. .Sieainbo it oll'iee athoiniifg llvchange Hoiel, .Vnmreab 1 lie ntioveneiuiii-iirim in connection will! a Luis' Proi"llers from Osweno to Cliieaero of Proi"llers from Oswego to CliieaKo Ii. MOOIJV floutinl. Ju'y. lSltr "CI ' ' LS VHlllAt' 7 ItntULnl 14.1. I a T- J . -. v. i . I 11 '-". "' euu vurr ju u ells iron waie, a-soii,l alittl oop.wr, eoipjier bolt, Husia ml Uar fhi iroo, h aeei iroo,Ki t win, te4 pipe.Mlselzim:, rivett, n, J'lm t- rJTl!0'CR K CO

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