Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 18, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 18, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 18, 1840. FREE PRESS, nmti.txcnox, vt. FRIDAY MORNINH. SF.l'T i:.M ttt:U 18, I8lfi. Tin: ohih.o.v iiuiwtion. at New York nf Hon. Lofts McI.ane, American Minister to Hiiplnml, the N. V. Chamber nf Commerce, presented In liim, through their President, James (i. Kiv Um. ,.tn!i, rntnliiiwiin n mmibntet v of the manner . ... , I.. 1,,,,,., 1 ."i, e I ur lui' . our -i'iin-.-i in in. I I lion.' i"- -m- 111 which tha Oregon oiicsliou has been tttiiu, , n,.t ,1,R,p.11(.n1,tlvllrj. jn ,, ,hu.., .,dvm.ce the mid expressive of tlio high 5cno cntci tinned by i happiness nl ihe people of both countries nnd ufiiian that di-tlnpnt-lictl and intelligent My of Mcr- ki',"lJ)J1jyi1;) -.,,., ,,,,. nrr.-Pjon, if 1 should omit chants, nf the valuable -services rendered to Hit j to Male it ns my opinion thnt, in the cnuuiiy and - . I.. I ll ,,r in -inline- In lirillU ' among tlin people I have just lell, these expectations Country hy Mr. McI,am in nuling to ming Ur-m (() i.p'.p.aHv cutunii..,! j nu.t tlini the mi- nliout the pacific and "lumor.ililii adjustment ol tlenient of the ()ieiron question will soon mne In be our national dilll-ronccs with Croat llritniii.'' !"irrnlly as lhc knoll of ihose invclernle our national imun nu I jealousies and leuds which.itliny In- apprchcndcdjinvc The lolliiwmp gentlemen wen- i.ppo..ui.' u- si uing cxencii a uiisenicvnii miiucncc over llie pco lilr. it not lll.oll llit- councils iifiiitt 1 countries. 1 may Hay with certainly also, that whatever may In- thought of the result by some tcspoctable portions ..four couiittymcu, the terms c have ultiinatcly nb ti i ii-.l, no less than the vindication of our richts nml tha u'limale approval of nn honorable concession, have ridded llllothci refutalinti lothe eharireot niiiliin ntiilii- ! tion, and to Ihe. imputation upon our nalio.ial failh nun i.niiuy, not uiureuuentiy mane in Funic tpniters ... I.IIIOpf, 11 Ihi.-se ndvnntngcs be properly appreciated, the time- ip not runup- wii-n all will be ready lo acknowl edge, and rejoice in Ihe it-suit. I ilu in i in.. u,h llf lll.ipi 1U OC.II Hi7 I'MllllO 11V to the cell-:- imives.lllv eilleltaincd ilhlolld of ihe cnteipiisennd puiiittialily'o' the .oniniereial classes oi we uiiiicii siate., ami utile inniience it has c.u-r-led in nisinimng American cieiht, in dctiatice of cau ses which 1 toodeeply d. plore to attempt at this time more pnriiciuariv in nun c lo. I will a. M no. hat even these causi sale lieirillllinir totiel lbeinlhi-nee of juster v lews nun a i-rigiitcr ltnpc ; ami that little more linn n pcrsevaniicc oy some oi tiurlocnl gnu-rnhicns m lb -ire.verlioiis lo maiiitaiti the public ei edit, is need ed lo elevate our country lo a proud and enviable rank anions the ualions of the caitli. communicate the resolutions to Mr. Mc-Iane: James 0. King, Chairman, Henry Waring. James 1). 1'. Ogden, .t,itn"s llrovvn, 1). S. Ken nedy, T.iwii'eii.l llirii-, .Incuh Iltrvey, Clmrle? II. Marshall, Win. II. A dor, James 1). Murray, James, Privner M. Wi tmnre, and Chatles A. Davii. Mr. Mc1.Ar.'s reply to the adilrei'S of Mr. King on presenting the resolution, we give be low. It is dignified, earnest, patriotic: ami we cannot conceive of a finer rebuke than it ail minUters to the factions wifcacre' of the " de mocracy ,"' who flooded the land with " rant and fiiftian" nlwut " tlio whole of Oregon or none," and whose zeal and fury for ' the whole" vva doubtless In the precifc ratio of their ignorance of the true merits of the lonj-vratjil rpiction. Pbe calm and state?tnan!iko expiwilir.n of thofc merits hv Mr. Meluvn is in very imrked con trast with the "clear and indi-putablo" ileclama lion of our small-light I'retideiit Polk. Sir. .llrTjitnu'f Reply. Mr. Chairman nnd (Tc lllemen, It is so difficult as almost to discouraL'o the ainmrl to nmi auiiiaie words in which to make- you my drinks for the sene you entertain of mv public semcc-vmd fir lln- flutter ing term", in vvb'nli youlnveli en p'.i'a-d, to give it expression. Sneh acoinplim,'nt.ii,,oeeediiu troni Mich a body of my countrymen, vvu'il ( be an nuipb- lew aid I could no-nlily pret -nd lo ; and 1 will not nllemot loib-i'nH- tin- inc-re uatitii ation it hasnllorded inc. llishlv a 1 value it, however, il sivis niepleaure to neknowle.Is- tint, liems luy-ell upon tlie occaMon to which you particularly n-lcr. only nn liiMniment m niium me purposes oi oinerd, nn renter share of your approbation i-, due lo tho.-..; witl w!.n:il I have ei l"tierated. (Iiiuttiii!! for a moment a more parliciilar nf -renee to the eonduei and depositions ot our own novcin meilt. t mav. vvilhout iioiiropnelv. nsjiuv V lint jour relcrenec to the di-liui'iic-hcil Hrili-h nale.ii-iu hv whom I be iiefruli'ition on lie 'lent of lint sovcrn- ment wasdirecled, i fully merited, nu,l lint upon any occasion ol conmntnlation upon inc icmiii, ioo inucii praise cnimot lie bestowed upon hi manly scum-, and unwavcriutf deterininniiou to promol; an amicable fetllement of the nuestion. I am free at ihe same tint loa'-nire vou. senll.'lilen. that no one can b more en-ible of the imporluue,- of peace to nil inlcrc.-ts of the couutiy, an I cp.-ci-illy to those which you so woiihdv replev in linn I am. Of course, where the honor of the country is mvolvtd, no one would stop to count tlr-co-i, nrc-liunte the evil of war: but it is a mniifyim evi b-iice of ih ml wince ol thf nir,. in whieh'wc live th it tin- lilicr- nl Writes rue not air dd to ni knowledge that the national honor i more nut to be committed hy haMy mnl mipractieable de uvnu, than by w's- an 1 iiiuel concc sio:is. Governiuent-.'liku ouis i-peially, can rarely di turb the pence of the worl.i, without incuiriiii; a tv reMion-ibilitv to die raiw of civilintiou and hu man happincsvind if not baardinz their own (-lability, without seriously iiupairiti:.' tb"ir moral inlluenee I certainly could iK'tlnve b -en in luced to rctuiii to noliiienllife nthe leiuc-entniiveol mv cmintrv nhrnad unless I had been per-niailcd, iuthecii-isto which you have referred, the views ol my own government bad liecn cntirtly consistent with such a s.-ttleuieni of the Urepon qiu soon as oimtu 10 nave s-cureu nn Hon orable peace, nnd unless I had entertained the hope that 1 miirlil be cnalikd in some degree to co-i'perale to that end. . for my-irlf, after our wveral couviiitions of 181s, Mml lft'IS. tor die iolnt occunaiion ot th- territory, (the lutterof which icceive.l my supimrl a" a Hen iior of the Uniteil Males.) 1 naiiaiwnys resarueo iue wresim question ns les, depemlant npoulbe lorce of title tlian ,i-wm the orinrililes o! n'l einutahlc liartilioll. It would have been unrca-ombfe to expect, nfur mieliucknowlediiemciits of the ri-ht of joint occupan cy, thateilher party would lie iiiuitu ,1 wholly 10 ihs ptissess Ibeolher, at leiet wilhoot soiue re-rnrd to in reresis winch had friovv n up duriiui their mutual po" cewion. ltapis-nra tome iiNo, tint nil the previous acts of our own i;uv eriinr-nt bad not only liceu consis tent with, but allirinatorv of thi vh-vv ; and 1 could see nolhni? in the national (nuiorlliat would ju-lify, much lessileiiuitidndciinrture Ironi il. I'ljcwitie belore, hi ;sprent a dea!, e as alier.lhe I ic ily with Miain, m V, or .,,, 'Ym),. ' ,t i,no---i- lMI'l r.ll ,1... till.. Ml,.. I, i.ii tin. imiulit! ot .liseov ere I ... j uk id gin. . inin-en, hinco umj Liiiii-ntauii li-.n- ure of its Di'trict t 'onvention, anything that, s'piints at 'rcsoi(rio;i.s"Mi!iiHto upct the Senli ncl completely ! Hut tho nnin charge, dive-led of its I'onri-lies , of fcehlo i li toric, U i lain c njii"h. The Senli-! H'lio i ltesponsiblc for tli2 continuance of the V.'ur. Ills well known lo all our rcn U-rs lint, ere the 8th o. Auiiiim, .the Pie-ideiit bav ia' reanui to believe that il In- viw in possession ol sjlhdenl aiilhorilv, and ol the proper l.ieiliiiis, he could brini; to an honorable mid sp-cdy coneluion,the existim; war with Mexico, sent u fp-cial me,ii;e to Imtli houses of Congress, yiv -iu' bis views upon Ihe s ihjeet, and rcpii'sims them to take such action as should seem prudent. A bill q uckly passed the ltoiis...,iippropriatins a sunt ol mo ney lor lurvvardui!! th" ;i t-! nj !;i J n foliations wiih .Mevieo. '1'n- bill was sent In tic .-! -lute, and that body, by a vote of 2.1 In II. decided lo p iss upon lie li 1 11, u nl il would have jns.-eil l..r th- opposition ol lb - wliis Senators, j i is to make political tapiial nut ol lb - conlinuaiiccof ilu-war, ami bj pr leiidin lo oppo-c, and d -nnmiciug il, expectins to insiatiale Ih-uis-lvci inio ihe I nor ol the aholmoai-ts at the llollll, resolved to defeat ihe bill if possible. As ihe bill W...S lo llC pissn. upnll till- ,. iy nf i!u- K'ssion, iIicm- immetnt tvmt men oidered one ol ilrir mo-t d -sp-raie deiinsosues.Jolin D.njs of .Mass , to sp..;ik as.iin-l Ihe hill, ml lb -hour of adjoiirimient should anno. Ip. li ul the uni A.niipli-d im, incoirisible de iiraviiy todo it 'J'ne bill was de,Viiied, and the war, by this in i-isin,ul and mo-I icvolnnjaet ol'moial tur pitn Ic, is p..i;,ps .cnuiled upon the cmiinry for vcars lo cune ' Are not the Wilis now jo-ily elnrs.-able for all Hnvinsnnw effaced, upon honorable term, the last ; the War which they havo wickedly, nml for tho eane that threatened the ieacc of two lieoiile of kin- wnrf.t (lf mrnrm purposes, commcilccit. The drcd orlsin, nnd nssocinled by commercial relations i i ' iiton- extensive nnd important ihaii exist between any ( Wiitns "responsililo for tho continuanco of tho other two nations of the slobe, may ' ""' "' '"'l": I war," are. they ! Who Is responsible, my fine to besin n new catccr of international Intercourse, nml .. .,' . , by the nnint"rruptcd pursuit of commerce-and the nrts, fellow, fortius attempt to rlnke nut a proviso in aV.Sr,cZn;i : ,,cha,rof '""Mvn.1 PnntnoM ? a inoment when, by the wisdom nnd courase ot llrit- ish Ftatesmeii.n new nnd important step has been tv I c ,,riin vrro. ITceiimn. ken in Ibe culaiscnn-nt ol commerce, by which (he -"'c 11,0 i'c"ri' ' rccmnii. Iradeof ihllerenlnatioiismust he vasyetenileil,nnd I ,,r , , , , , . the motive" of harmonious u-laiions indcliiiitely mill- c published, week heforo last, extracts Irom liplicl. As between the United States and tlieat tlc very ahlo nnd eloquent nrguinentof Ex-Oov-I ntain. esneein v. the caiisea which ousht liaturullv r. to associate ihe two people upon an honorable bais, I cmorhrAVAliu in behalf of tins miserable, con anl contiibiile to their iii.imal pro-i, nly may iijvv ict. It will Ik' recollected that Gov. Sr.U'Ann's pica In his liehalf, wat "insanity." Ottr own opinion is that murder is very rarely committed except under tho Influence of insanity tho de gree of lnanity which is snll'icient to absolve a murderer from legal responsibility for his acts, is another question. We confess that both tho wanton and Indiscriminate ferocity nnd extent of the Van Nest murders, and the argument of (iov. ScwAitti, have inclined lis to the opinion that Freeman should not lie held to have been legally sane. Wo are aware that this opinion is op posed by the verdict of two or three juries, and hy tho strong fact, tint tho murderer by imme diate (light and other attempt at concealment, evinced a consciousness of guilt. We are, nev ertheless, sorry that an appeal to the clemency of Gov. Wr.toiiT, of New York, has proved inef fectual. We find the follow ing correspondence in the N. Y. Lrpress of SJntiirdty. Freeman will be executed on Thursday next, the lilth illst. Acurax, August 17, IS 16. Dear iir William Freeman, a ncsro, lies in the jail of tins county under sentemp of death lor the crime of murder. 1 ncied as his counsel, on the solicitation of humane peisons who believed liim to be insane. 1 believe him absolutely and hopelessly insane, siukins from mono mania into ili'inenlia. 1" believe he was a lunatic, and committed bis crimes unde'r the inll lence ol an insane delusion. Thus lielicv ins, 11 seems to be n duty to op peal tojoti lor pardon to the convict. The srouiulsol my opinion are the same which were submitted to the jury mid overlooked by lhciii. lbes leave, ihcrvfore, to transmit heievvitli a copy of my ar gument on the trial. You will, of course, know w bat allowance should be made for my prejudices and my zeal as counsel, and will know bow much confidence ousht to be reposed in the verdict ot the jury. Alyown duty is finished when 1 cxpicss to jou my sine-re conviction of the truth of the plea which I unsuccessfully maintained. Fully lieli-vius that lb- subject will encase your most ilispassionaie consideration. I have the honor lo be Your Fxcelicncys obedient servant, WILLIAM II SKWARl). His F.vcellcncy, Silas Wrislit, ' Governor ot the Slate of New York. Faki'tive Cu.vvmn, Albanv.Tlh Sept. IS Hi. S Dear Sir Oil my return to the City on tin- Mil till , I louinl your letlcroftbe 17tb, rclatms to the can-ot William l'lecman, and the ropy of jour printed arsu ineiit which accompanied the letter. A 1'irse share of my time, since my return, has bt.,.i devoted to the ex amination ol the icportsfrom ihe judse.imil ihe oilier llu' evil consequences that mav rc'sull Irian a coulinti. 1 il,., eonelnsinn lint iheie isnnthiiur in the teslitnone to anee ol the war I 1 here can Ik-no ilouht ihat it was I warrant me in overrulins the verdicts of the two a well coiiimv. plan lor Senator Divis lo coniimie ! juries, liudins the fact ol sauitv. Thecase is a painful speakuisllll Ibelioiir of aifo irnmein. V wdir inter- one in everv asoect of it. and vet it would have been ......... ..... - -... vi- . .. -j . , . .r .- .. ' .- . r . .. ii,..,. , ,- u,w eiiiiiiii.-s rcsorel lo mis nes- pemte lesomcc lo obtain puty ends, and render iheir o'poll"ns odious to the public voice. Yet inviewof Ih-se undeniable faei, ihe Winss of this secton n. s.nii" to he riiniciriitiuiii'i ojipiiH-d to the proscculiou ol th- exwins war. .More, they Wek to hoodwink Ihe nbohlioiusis ,y iis-uinius lo Is-hevu lb- war a dic tation ol ilu-slave iuti resl. How con-i.-tent I How worthy of all crc leuce ! We lind the fnregoingin th .Sentinel & Dem ocrat of lust week, nnd we are glad to see i1 there. It is an old acquaintance, tlnugh in rather a shabby dress, having in various shapes jone the rounds of locofoco papers ever since Treasury iVotc...Covcrnmcnt Nhnvlng t Lvery day adds lolho vvcig)it of condemnation which will eventually bury this Polk dinasty and its miserable schemes " licyond tho plum, mct's souiplings." Already has tho work of swindling government creditors commenced, hy means of the irredeemable "shin-plasters" which are issued hy our " hnrd-mnmtj" task masters. Woaro favored wilh the following extract from a letter dated " Now Orleans, September 5, 1810," and addressed to a gentleman in this village. Tho writer says : " The new Issue of Treasury " notes mado its appearance hero a few days '' sinco, and they arc already felling nl mm i In " (i percent, illseniint. One poor fellow who had " sold goods some time sinco to the government " with the expectation of receiving Ids nmnei " soon, has sinco been obliged to stand a xVric " of fa e ;icr cent., to cnahlo him to meet the lin " liility incurred in making his purchases, and is " time compelled to take Treasury notes which " are woitli only 05 cts. on the dollar, for his "pay." Beautiful exceedingly!" Treasury notes commence circulating at a discount of 5 on the 8100 ! And this loss falls not on tho govern ment, hut on the honest creditor of the govern ment. Who vvoiild not ho a Free-Trad--, Stib- reasury Hard-money locofoco. This depreciation of Government rag-money, however, ought to surprise no one. Capitalists ill not, of course, take Treasury notes nt par, while there is no specific provision made fortheir demption. The Tariff of If 10, will reduce tho revenues of tho government, and send MJt.- tos toliiirope for the irlirchasaof foreign man ufactures. We are a truly wonderful people ! Indian Department avnl service Arinv Volunteers and other troops Prosecution of the exisiins wnr Keeuuent of mounted riflemen Sappers, miners, and ponloiiiers Milium- Academy Fortifications Defensive works' l'ost Office Department Pensions D-lri-ncies of 1810 Smithsonian institution vi. : Interest on fund of (Sjl.l.lW (') which inay.have accrued on 1st day of July next Miscellaneous asaut to mv h-elinss to find il in mv power, consist ently with my sense of duty, to save this man from the aw till fate impcudipsdvcrliiiii. 1 read your arcument with attention and deep inteii--t, but 1 did not find in it in HPT to obviate the force of the testimony upon the other side and the v cutlets of the two juries. I am, verv respectfully, Vour obedient srrvunl, SILAS WRIGHT. His Hxecllency William II. S-ward.ifcc. H'j'Wo lind tho following in the letter tf a correspondent of the .Yen- Foi'A J'j'press: " narlv next inornius we left Whiiehall in the filst boat, nnd at about eleven o'clock reached llarlinstou, tlmndiniirmnpiii nf ( V,,..... I I.., rr.r , i the l.ireest town in V. rmont The situ.ition i-l llur- . J " , luutou on ihe point where tin rik"t is it least u rrore nftim-s, It is- a slnmeless mis. a coiiuiumditi'; elop", is nmeh adinui widest, nnd on I ; hut the pin --. t .c . o ....i.i i i , is so saudc. so u'l'-vcii uln o-irp-ll o trees. ami so lilt e .1,-pi.,-,-.,..,.,,,,,, u.o ocuuuci prooamy Knows imK.,iw: nmmA a ,,blie -pirite.1 population, th.u it but that operates as nn iinnodinient to its in- ' I was .dad to b-avc it behitul me. U is u town that sni-tloii in It I, i,. ,i .., ,.i . , ha-, been erion -o i-ly tlaltercd, ami this flattery Ins in seition in it.- columns. Il gives that nice print , i r.,l,allitv. liad th- u-u-il clK-ct of uirnins its head a lino opportunity to call Jon Davi- a '-de.-per- and hlmdins it unli- nect-ssiiy of uiakinssome clloit- ate demagogue," and to indulge a great propen- JVprcigrew.-' suv h in- u.r .ermng, ny caning a tiling tin Wo nr ot ,i;.110-.,.I to denv the iu.-ti.css, nnd e..-,,,;,;,.,J u., U.,rrizib' .Lpruily" and a , P jlutirc of ,is 1(,.Kc- Wu fcr is t(K) 'moral turpitude" (!) A-c. &c. We vih our renders would read again th,' scntenco from the Sentiii'l, i- im mucin- '-Tim hill was sent to tho Senate &y." and see how ind'pciidtiil the word 'resolved" in! It i-fighting on iU own hook. ' true we are inclined to alme tho natuial advantages of position nnd prospect which our town pos-escs, by leaning too much upon them. and letting other and not Ic.--" important matters. WC COlli. I .isst 1 1 lO l.e- loiilll-y 11. ..I." "J Oil WUlcre of the Columbia, title which il sou I for nnylbinj, was valid bej-ond tlu-fiM parallel de-irce ol latilude, our government at no linn propn-ed a mole noiiliern boundary linn ilu- paiullel ol M, nud never ib-mainled more than that of I'J. Ilavinssom, from my otfieial position at that tiuu of the policy nn I ob jects of Ihe Convention ot 1H-JS, lam quip- persuaded thnt its main dcsisn was to 1 ttd, in u tuture partition of the territory, to the retosuiliou ol mir claim to tin-country, not nurili, but south ot ihe I'Jih jinrnll.-l, an 1 between tint an I the t'oliun'iia river. A division of the cou-itry upiu that prnriple, with a re-isomble resardtrt risbts srow-n up un Icr t'i" joint p wsession, klw-ays npp.; ire.l lo tit to alfi.-d a ju-l and praelical ba-is for all amicable and li'i.iorable adjii-ttu-llt of lb subject. Si-li,nNo, I was -itis;i-1 were lh" views ot our ow.i iiiv-rnui -nt ut the tiui' I cnsis -il in my re cent missni ; an I in and sb-.tdtly l-iborui lo etf-ct a scltleinent upon ihat lin-m, 1 was but rejiresent inc tlie pohey tit my own sovcruim-ut, nud laithfully piouioiius the intentions and wi-U"-1, the Prcsid-nt. It must be vciy rare, il ill t oiopliealed dilli'rcncca briweeii ureal nations, jM-aj-cful rt littions can be pre served witboul some modification nl evtrcine preieu- sions ; mid tqion Ihe pie-cut oecasion, troln the l.-Ilslil ol tune lor wiucii lite iju.--iioii nan neeii tiepeiiiim- connecHtl therewith, take cine cf thcmelves. Uurlinp'mi is iinevi'ii " and "sandy," and, to altngi'tiier ton gieatnn extent, "barren of tree: Wo wish it were otherwise. Hut to remedy these ev ils ami thev tire evils, as other travellers besides the one quoted alsive have borne testi innnv, co.-!h inonev, nnd the investment, in a n,. i ...,, i.i , i. .,-..,,.. ,.rm.,i.t ,w.l nll.,no,i i... ii'ir ml. ,.""-"-"-,""".. '.i''i'iji'" " .... ..... .. ,, y ,,, tlSJIlMISt, r,,;!, ll!inl W()r). (() rcrMm,lo 1po10 , ,.,;(. , , ,, ,.i',.,r,r,. W....L .',t.i c ' l"',,lie i'ni'ns'Pmenlrt for tlieplca-ureorthe pride .. . H , . i ,i , i of the thing, and harder still to make them see t!,is.,r,m,b,iin,,i-.v....(i'.iwin,. ' ' !ti,!,t li"fl1 iinproveinents are always ultim-itely ,.i !,. i ..i . ' . i , r! pnifitiiblr. Hut everv hodv might plant TiiF.r.s And in order that we m.iv not In accused of ; : ' . . , ' ... , , ,. neioro ins lireiuisc--, aim tree-, si- sir vvaiier inisrepresriitation, we quote the nroceediii-rs of the .Senate on tho hill, lrom Ihe Vnngreftumal (I'n'ie, as follows. : NIIGOTIATION WITH MIIXK'O. Mr. I.kvvii in ived tint the S -nate take up for eon-iidi-nitluli lh.- lull lrom lie- Hou-e enlilled " All net in iKms lurllier provision lor lie- expenses nitemlms ir u in I ii ii hi I ei leu ii'.i I ir. .1 1, tsi I inns no i.i.tM . .- .. .. . ,., . . -ye- ; -. i ' r , i i mi'-rco'irse i.-:ween l ie uniieii - ates nm im sides, tlie two sovcriuiien s coiiiu no uv.- m-cn tea. , mtim ,1UI a-i tin mU-. I the yens and nay, ,,,, Cns snnnhlv exuecteil toconie to nn iinuenble arran-ieineiit ' ' 1 " 1 B i motion. Mr. linu.ii:. preiuisc- Kcolt beautifully said, " are ayo growing while wo are sleeping." If lliirlington were as rich in trees as she might be, and ought to lie, it would liko the quality of Charity, cover a multitude of other faults. It would, at lea-t, cast her sand and cl ii.-l into tho thade. Hut tho Future) is for ns tho Past is without remedy. Heforo a thousand year-, wo hope, the wit nmi mutual concession tu n eir lor t er tie m. i, ,,., .1 c. ... .. .... '"V'- i 1. 11..! 11 i... 1.1,1 n'i ,tio'iiloiuiioi'i;.lituullow!iieiomakearepoitl ' ClTV of Hl.-KUNci lo-; will he graded and ved .1 'a,,.!.. . i; -n . , ,ri I . L il, V,. ' . Mr. '' I caiiiiut consi.nt to withdraw ihe mo- V, ", -. .,' -,, . ",. ".' Y " . 1 J. ' I tma lor any purpos- wltalevcr. vious claim to ihe jtiristluiiuntind un.K.-t tipied territnry between the -t'Jth jmrultt 1 iin.l ihe L'uliimhi'i river. At the same linn- we have cllrctcd n mat -n-il minlilien tion of our former oiler of tin sarreiid rof theperpt I ual navisatlon of ilu- Columbia liver to Hrili-h trade slid Iliiu-li p.iiijecls sen. rally. Alilioueh.fiiiin tlefci nice to tin- viewsniid opinions of olheis, which il was 110 less my wi-h than my duty, I earnestly eltileavoicu 10 llleciti si'tic-uieiii upon tin- otsisortii -our Public. Squ-ire, (its coniiniitiro poll invi The quefiion l.-injr put, the motion prevailed, uiion 1 goratcd by a "happy mixture with the rich nTh1'V!iM-t',;v.,,.u,M. i 1- , 1 i- vegetablo mould of our intervales, lilled with b-ins th"ii before the Senate us 111 committee ol die' thriving trccc ami shrnluVry, and it- center re w nine Mr IIvass movetl to nmen.l lh? tircamble, Ain.-ndiiieuisi.i the eu-tcliu ' elatotcsnt tb.. 1,111 wnr.. decided to b" fusl III order. .Mr, Lkvvi.s llieu moved lo strike out the proviso which had b -eil lidded I.) the bill 111 the House of Re- lowing Ihe iiaviaiion el llie river to the s.-ncriil trail.- .s,.n,aI1v s. and which h im f. .Hows lor a i-no.l nl twenty y.-ais ; nevcrili.-l. -ks, wiieiiiini,, .. ,,., iM q-,.al s ,m rxpre-s and r,md.niient:,l from cause-! to wliieh'l need nut now- naitieul 11 Iv n-fr. proved 10 In- impractical.!-, in susseslins nnd tin-ms that it sliotild In restricted to the Hudson ItayCompi ny, I thought I was ellictm nil ubj-rt even le-.s o!t-jet-tinnable. It w-ems to m" the ic-t-snt stale of com merce, it is nut tmly th" pilerc.-t bat ihe piaetice t.f nations, lutiipemieiil 01 snine iiiveieiaie utiiious ol colonial policy, nlrcndy jielilins to more ciilishtcne.l views, to allow the sieal"si lrecduiu nf livers and poris to the tutde nf the wnil.l ; and 11 mav b" nhscrv rdiliat.utntlthe I'nitcd Mlnustiii'l (iicat Ilritain shall determine lo uhtiudnii lb.- reciproeiiy H-eurod by the rxistius couunercial convention, the recent Ongon treaty confers fewer privilescs ol iiaiisition linn may be t-iaiiiied and enjoy .l under (he comuieieial con venliou. 1 leltconlileiil, moreover, lltnt bms Is-forc tlie two sovrrinnelUs would desire to allel tbeirrv.-t. ing colinneicial liectloin, il indeed, they should ever cleiie to iIohi, thiriiiK tlie continuance of peace, the Hudson's Bay t'oiiipany would cense to leu,, occasion or motive 10 navigate such u river its ilu- Columbia is known lobe. It would not be easy 10 iniasinenny use they could make ol it, dtirins n state ol peace, m consistent with the commerce and interests 01 our own ITiiiveitnl siiti-Jiittinu nl the adjustment of 11 dim. eulty to comp I -ntctl mid inveterate, was h arcely to be rX-eClCll, UllU JllllisoN,uiui. r,..ii-it.Li..i tu KUOW thnt iu iretieinl uccei.tublei'.csi to tlie couulrv ai l.tru.. eilonis a sure ipiiiruiuee ol the conliiiuaiice tif nur In- Hire 1 eace. 1 lie tone nu.i 11 mjier wnn w inch the lie. nr.iinliotl W at! COIlduetcd. ill tllClT SCVC'Ifll tlllelils by loth goveriuiieiils, have been cicditable to their wisdom und uioderatioii, and have already m o eel to elevate our ow n in uie opinion 01 nctier nations. I sincerely believe that these, c-llects cannot be too highly appreciated ; ami if uny jiortion nf uur fellow citizens, in any section of the country, should feel thai they have not obtained nil the teriilory or udvunln-jcH they had eiieetetl to ncquite, it may be lio-icd they will nevertheless be Mti-fied that the national honor, o (urfroin uulferins, has really Ihcii clevatctl by lite result, and that, in prceenins tlie blessings f j.-ate, and keeping our country steadily in u c-iircer of (rlon cus prosperity, they wl be amply compensated for any tbeppotntmnt they may have experiea-f d, and gain far more lhn oneauivalent tor uny doubtful advantage loU .Knijjht only through lh iii-ttumcuiahly of war. juicing in tho play of a refreshing Fountais, will bo a relief, of a weariness, toll: eye, and our neglected ' Camp tiionnd," that like Corinth, " Slatuls A fortress formed to Frec.loura hands Zcnl Without Knowledge, Tho Third-Party (inielle, contained a long nr ticlo the week lieforo tho election, entitled "The Duties of Ministers," from which wo make the following extracts : "Since the Liberty party has nominated n minister of the gospel asa mcinber to Coiisn-Hs from this Dis- tricl, nntl wi- ll.i,i , iii-n, iinouii.ii. -il uni- nil ni-iin -i ..- 1 . , ,11 tnlivefroui this town, many nj thfletidinqtmtitlciitn ' those who possess greatly superior nuiimu nu liare become wnmlnfullu alarmed lest relision will I , . ,,, ,.,, vnrintv. ottnlitv. coin. sulfer on account ol ministers leaving their holy cnllmij (iilttemlen County ARricnllurnl Fnlr. This interesting ami Important anniversary will occur next Thurfdtty, tho 23d inst. Wo exKct toseonn tiniisunl turn out of our Fau mf.hs, Meciiamcs, nnd Manufactuuei-.s and cit izens generally. Chittenden County must bo behind none of her sister Counties not even to engage In politics.' This is not true. "It has long been their object to keep ministers and Christians awavfrom the hallot-box.espeeinllv- if they went there iu Christian men, without leaving their ic ligionat lioiue. 'Vhi is not true.

"The politics of the old parlies have, been sn corrupt that the leaders have found it for their interest to dis courage ministers from saying or doing much, lest th'-ir wicked deeds should be brought to light, and their corruption cvikisciI, hence they hare labored to impi ess .rm the public mind lb.- idea that religion and polities have no connection whatever." Thin is not true. "Ills enough lo destroy the piety ofany man, to dis connect bis relision from his duties ns n cilieii and n Christian, and yet this doctiine, destructive as it is, ffrfrorilW.atiif practised upon by the great mass ot professing Christians in this nation." VVn's is not true, (if wo understand what it tnean.) "It Ins even gained such ascendancy that a minister it rioir lonhea upon ostoo gooiun man ior a cutiuiouie for nny cilice, for the more tricked and recklcs a can didate is, the more rotes he trill secure' Tli is is not true. Now- then wo ngaiti asert, that each one of the foregoing poil'nc nfiirmntiims of Ibis Third- Party paper is wholly nml entirely fulo. I here is not one single syllable or word of truth in them from hegi lining to cntll Wo take it this is n broad nnd satisfactory Issue. We call upon thu Gatclle, therefore, either to show the truth of its allegations, or to admit that it has descended in- Public Ilvpenditurcs. Ti, ttninn nublislies no nilieiat statement of the an- iropriatioiisiuaile by the last Congress, as folhnvs : 'iviland diplomatic cx-ienses $1,1)03,11 12 03 ndian Department do l.lOri.OiN Ml r.4l'J.703 33 f, 8T:i.(W-2 67 11,'J37,33'J tK) 10,OH0,IKK) (W 8100 00 23,tHKI 00 '23.n7r, (K) I,lll).IKK) 0(1 170.000 IX I 1,078,'! 10 7," ,7tl,'i3. Ml I-700," 1 1 99 212,129 00 129,13-1 89 rnl r .. I. II 1 f..T.. ''. 7 t. to tilt? hurst "Ueptli of political ilof,'raU:(Uon (to wenl nt( l.on,.1ieto.nn,l winiy siv ailmirnM-, op- 4 : .... ....ine,!.,!. At t.vti Intt turrliT H.VVHi'l VM'W i...i. Cn ;nZ Tii.c iamtr lirvt 1 a Southeni-pr. ilemnrrpil. nml iVn roint7 mnn uny. hlo electioneering sl.injrofa pr)t-liour politician, (iia-ajntrh, which willh" mnhrly continual hcreattcr. tnuch agnin-n tlie ilepire ofihi- f-iculiy, rpjci;teil. It i- true, we Iielicve. that the Xcntuicl lias lai unny m iu.jj .11MVV It the iort-mn-r, which vc lmflm tie Vori- I t 1'IRST 1 nt'lTS OF THE iNKVV-lt'RK AND iVI.IlVNV , . . more or less, for years, poured out its abuse nntl 1 ,MA,i;; '1'r.i.uir.viu. Gon.U oi.leretl for Va.v ((-ncc Journal, Ik? rtt, it is the briefest and most curility upon Clergymen, and the Faculty oi , hvvck -s am-ty ftore,ny 1 ue-miiiii, ! rpcoril hifiitny and tli-jrntcp that tho University, for presuming to cxerci-e their Kni(..i)(.ir.r, Capt Ilot-oiiTON, the moming. .11-' ever was 111-itlo I "The facility at I'lttofleld," if unilouljtctl anil intleloasihle rigid to loir, nut even it is wholly guiltless of every charge brought by thed'azelte against the old partie-j " in this town." 651,l7fi,l91 18 'The a mount of appropriation for Smilhsouiaii Ins- titute to lieplaccil in Ihe tieasnuyby mteret-i accriiuij; n Stale bonds lield by tlie United r-iates lor original niitlisoniniifund." Anil now, we again respectfully ask, where is this l-'iy-rv-iE ami A half Miu.tovs of dollars to bo obtained ? Wo havo a "reduced" Tariff Inch may, hy i-tiiiiiilaling foreign imports nnd liscniiriiging American Mriniifiirlures, produce twenty millions, fur tlie coming year. Will some nevolent locofoco, enlighten us as to the source from which tho remaining thirty millions is lo coino ? Alllictins Invent. On Mnnditv evening last tho Locofoco l.iber ty-polecm the Scpiare, for tlio second time in its brief and lickcty life, suddenly gave up the gho-t 1 It probably entertained iputo 11 dilk-rcut opinion fiotn tho Scntinu'. in rcgartl to tho result of tho recent election in Verment, and conclud- ilid it ini.'litas well "come dmrii." Our distant rentiers una y not have heard of tho peculi irlylnnpv conceit which this defunct polo embodied. It was stroetnl In IS 11. '1 lie lower hull' of it was of" fhag-lnri leiilnul, as an cm blem of "old Hickory;" the upper o( bass-wood- or some other soft and stppy material, vv ith grat appropriateness ti-gnifyin- " 'oh' Hickory, Dallas and Victory," the irWc most felicitous ly illustrating tho tactics and the " nut' of the "!uirmomoiii d-inorracy. Hut the whole affair is in ruins ! What there lelt of "olt! Hickory" (for ho shook oil the I'olk-ftalkat the sacrifice of his head nnd shmb lers .') stands in gloomy significance of the bro ken fortune- and shattered prospects of 1- rce- 1'i-ado I.ocofucoism in New Kngland ! The 'i-AoEt) IIaoi.f." is again Free ! Tho winii Pole, which has so long gallantly withstood "tho battle and the breeze," has (vve are sorry to say it) been seen two or three times t-incc Monday, irif.'i its thumb on Ihe em! oj it; luxe .' We cannot defend such conduct ! On -Saturday last, we examined th" Iron It not, upon the new l'linncc buil.liiiiis nf Mers. Slirbuck J Mr. llrii'.'s, tlio IMitor of the Gazette, thtims Son.ol this city Tin- building i W by to feet, an I 1 .. ....r i-. l..ri'..c Ir.,,, I'lnlos 111 lit- 1 1 to be a "minister of the f!o-pel. His paper is 1 . . , , ,),,, ,,.,.,i, .a-.,,, im. ,u, . 'Pben-1 must tiiis debasinc and daslardly spirit of ptth- certainlv a mod motley and irreverent mixture phtes are so i;roovcd in casting, that they inatch with servjom.v t t,P dictation of fLAVEliv 18 tolera- e ' i- 1 1 ."111.. i,,..,,!,,,. one nnnih -r, nml when laid, make not onlj a hand- , of evangelical and vvorltll) matters. Appeals to mo mt nii, lirr)i watpr (ht nlll, um.t l;n. j,,, or ,v,.rtiPi , hw Hvolavi) ! Wo trust tlio Almighty, nnd imputations 01 oisuoncsij- aim uur,- ior a wn3 in . , e ir- 1 - .1....-- rr t,P crc,ut of'OIil Derksliiro County, ' which knavery upon his fellow men. run through Ins ; ., when laid, ih.-y are covered with him- has wn biith to so many distinguished cham pions of I- UEUiOJi and .Ir-sTicE, that the abovn s'ateinent is I fit is no, w hen eho nr.rt concern as tlie rW.rr. It is manifest tiiat lie re- r.itu-r.S IIuinr-..n, ol I roy an. w -.--i vve c.m-Jcr j Iimp(0. tnloili ..j,,.r,.EEl" et her remembt r gariN hiinselt as a warrior lit th'j "Cliureli mm- ()j;rt.,wc i".itni . n,u n,ay, iliat they are the mot tnnt," and his special "ini-sion" to Ixs to fight, economical Knot n. wilh "the swonl of the Lord ami of (liileon,' anil vantatics in tlie extent, variety, quality, com pletenoss and excellence ofher l'roduclioiis. It is a rivalry in wliirli none hut generous feelings arc awakened, and wherein deserving merit is cheerfully rewarded tho rivalry in the cause of I.VHT.OVEMl.T. Tun MoitJinxi. A regular Ladle, between tho Mormons and Aiiti-Monnoiis at nnd near N tuvoo, 111. appears to bo inevitable ! Wo shall give the particulars, il they come. Tlio j.rcliw innry blustering and bullying on both sides we. anil our readers, care very lilllo aliout. Wo are glad to see the following, which we I copy from tlie A'. . Ntnl'neJ. Wo can not spare such Whigs from New Hampshire as Gen. Wilon, yet. There is a story iroin the rou-ids ihat Gen. Wil son "has lived Ins residence p-rnnn-mly in Iowa." (Jen. Wilson is till absent at th" West, so we have no authority to contradict it ; but vve do not believe it to lie true. Jliiinelie Trlt'grnph. Will not soma effort hetirilo to securo to Hiirlington the benelil.s and ndvaiitages of the lightning rail road 1'10 express by means of which, doubtleis, tho fairy I'uck, " put n trirdle round nboul the earth, In lorty minutes ljok at the following: :o.iiumcatio.. Tor the Hiirlington Tree Press. -SIa.Ci.ARKr.,Sm Injotir paer orth.. 1 ttli instant I notice ncomniiinicntion from II H Ilnnnuii, upon tbepuhject of n Contract with llfgleston, lhrkr,V.Co. for certain wbrk upon the Vermont Central llnil-U,OT,l, In connection wlthome tlillicullies (wbichirrewoiitof Mid cniuract) with his laborers ill lticbiiiniitl in July lat. l'rom the remarks, preccdinj- tlm com mtmication ,lbe public would infer that there was some controversy between Mr. Ilarnum nml Kggtc.ton, llarker J5C0. I am not aware that there is, nor his there been. I tlo think, however, (hat from the tenor of the Comiiiimicalion, the public might inf-r tint. Mr. Ilarnuin bad not been promptly paid He snjs"vvliy pajmentwnsnolmatlc nlthe timo it wasdueInvii not yet yet lKen snlifactonlj m. ,a:ied." To thow this, I refer to the words of the Conlraet "Payments shall be made tu the parties of the firt port, nt such times only ns payments are received forc'U ninths upon said work." Mr. ll-i muni .also dwells upon Ihe subject of his vvoikiii!! two months before be trot hi estimate, nnd would leigu make the public think, thnt we hnd with h"M his t-Mimnto from him. Tlie (!nnirnc( provides thai no estimate hnllhc made by the Kngineer within one month nlier the commencement of the work. Now to illustrate this, we will Hippos.- .Mr. llarrmni com inen e.l woik 011 the 12th of April, nnd the Ilngiwcr takes the estimate on the line ol lioad the 22d ol the sam-month. You will perceive that Air. liamuiti co,ii I not get an estimate for April, but would liave to work until the 22d of May. and, inakimr the rule cf pajment on the Ijtb of the follow iiigmonili, it would niak two itioiilbs. W challenge Mr. l!amum,ornuyolbr contractor, to show to ibe contrary, that tu estimate have not ln-cn paid, as soon ns received umiu estimates made. Let the blame fall where it lieloiig". Yours, &c. P. II. IIAIGH'l'. Aduiis'ion to Collcsto Denied. Youm? lloberts, ibe brother of Governor Roberts of I.ib-rm, came lrom the Colony to I'itlIHd, Massachu Brtts,ln order to acquire aknovvledpe of nledlone.that b- might make bim-lf iiselul to the Colony. Tttcfae- IlltV ,1, l'ittrif.l,l h.'HK..I I r.f ,l.n.t.,.t.n.a. bany Join mil of Vrnlaij. lion Hoof. they hail the hundredth part of the f-ense of man hood mid independence of a Yankee tin-pedlar, would have seen the whole South in the Ifed-S'ea before it would have "rejected" young Kolierls becatiso "a .Southerner d'tnurred." How long nn. ..l.j ..j - - e- 1 H-r pnilll'l Wltetl lam, lll'v- tire covere.t wnn nun-j harrangiics iu the most mi.-cellaneoits manner, nniiousconl tar.which ndheres wuliguat i -nacity to 1 , .1 1 1 , .,,i, th" iron, prot. els n troln the w.-atli -r, nud preserves it the one, apparently, giving him about ns much rnt , ,,r,, ,, .,, 'iy M,.w,. wilh the more carnal weapons- of political mis representation and deception, tlie forty tlioii-and 1 voters of Vermont who do not agree with bun , that Third-I'artijis in is tlie best icny lo rid the nation of Slavery ! . We protest again-t tiiis reckless aiid'vvhole'ale ihiise anil deiiuncialion, and especially fiom a pa per which lays tlie largest claim lo the religion . of the (io.-H-l of Christ. And we particularly! I 1 I, .. ...... , ns.. VY-m '.i ,111111. Il-.ll IU""!!-'" Iron roofs are n-thing " new under Ihe Sun" in Vermont, Th" Mib-inntiul anil very thoroughly-built Grist-Mill or Jons Ccaa.nt K-rj, of r.rnntlon is roofed, or sliingltd, with cat-iron plates, locked together by flanges in a manner that renders the ronf perfectly tight and secure. The plate-were ca't at tho Turincc of C. W. CoAr l'.s.p of 1'r.tndon, nnd furnish a safe, ornanuntal, durable and Heap roofing. iMPDi.r.vxr rittwi -ujixito. 1 young liob-rts" nnd this pttsillanimous '-rne-ulty at I'ittslield," anil convert it into a Vast. nrotest iiL'ainst this ilnigi'iiig of the Mivisteks of that Go-pel into a position where thev are made, . AUKIVAI. Ol'f .VTA ANA IN VKRA Clil'Z ipparenllv to sanctum tho electioneering mis-1 1 u' . . . . '., ,. J 1 representations nnd slang o! a nrti-an paper. We venture to nllirin that Mr. Ilrigg- never heard, and never icill hear, the Rev. -Mr. Parker, j whoso election he advocates in the article from 1 which tho above extracts are tik-n, mako tho j I'.xtiael nf a letter Jioui on officer attached to the ',',ae Hvlloil" aoie "-1'J1. .it'll io," tie tr Vera Ciuz, dated, Aini'sr 2.). Hid. 1 avail 111) self of th- "ailing of tb" I 'mte.l Slates .u-onnmir and fal-o nssertions which be has cutter l,.g-irc, to giv e ) 011 an uiMing 01 what is goui; 1 tin hri'. ;i!c nyuiW hoththe ohl puIitiCHl pnrlic in i Sinta Am nrrivnt Iwrr n the It5th U.i- -"" Vermont. We have have no acquaintance with . ?,, a, I 'Si '("'"unmn.. ii, Mr. I'., but wcas-timo him to be 11 gt nllenvin, and was well received mi his landing at Vera Cm., but our .ili-.liu. Tlie Xenlin,-! fiounders through a long and unusiVij silk- article, c implniiiing that the Frco Press is imt a Third-Party paper alter all! - If it do'-s not lind fault with our abalition principle-, it tiny abu-e us as long as it finds it profitable, for not joining tho Third-Party. We really ho; that we-ndoifnlly astute journal will try to con tain it-elf, when it liuds that u man may bo an aholilioni-t without being , Thiid-Party-in.111. The Sentinel ijimtts several eMiarls from tlio Free Press, nml, us vve have beferc said, so lorg a it dne- this, vve care very little for its c.n m nl.i. Hut ihe gem. in the -iV'j aitich, li tho conclusion, .- fellows: " The new piriff is daily beenniin more popular; the .Mexican war has Iv-en continued by the nb-tiiiai una preiiietinate.i net ot n whin -enntor ; thejccctii rlection been titoi e unfavorable t't the ic'iizi than anil lurrious one ,- Ibev en rr tneirpnvr,,n , w anil lnrrious one ,- Ibevnrc driven to tlie letziMature to en CT ineirpnr,,n , wt u ..rwm., l-c-lvre lr in nmrc gliininy linn cverlfore, thrf ate ctnnpAled ti acknowledge that dsmaciutic ;wiji ha sained k SIGNAL lUlL-Ml'll ATTnC. r.CTI. Ilt-j-no-i . V'rRit..,. in upright ami honest citizen. How long he aecuiiis m- noivery eutuu.. .-..c. ... , ,,,, wauinl wice we can take un farther " notice- will permit hi- naino and clnmcler to Is.- used as I Through the I'.ulish h la Iron st-itio-ieil h -re, we , tonn -iti.actnry." .... 1 e 1-. 1 vvvre inforiii'-d Miiueiitiie siiice tint Com. r-loai, com- . , . ...... . a sanction ol mci a species of political warfare, njj, lhc ti.,,,,.,1 States naval forces m ilv I'.icirK (. cerlainly -, perfectly ! Won t you have our he will, of course, determine for himself. 1 bad taken -.- -mon nl CaUi.nti.a. Tms is what hu? Hut wo have not quite done with the (Inze'le f,., , nilon'i' von of tic loss of the beautiful j vet. S lice the Free Pre-- Iris been 111 tlie Uiim-.i sst.u, s nng 1 runo ,, oy a 1 a -co 1 1 - n o -. i.i.v 1 1 11 1, ux iki:i,am). ... .. . 1 ..1'n..- ..i..s. 1 1 .no st.iie- ( amain 1. W tar- Iwinl-i of its present propn.'t-ir, it has b-jen tlu,.. -j-,,,. TruMo.i u, I li.uu l -re 10 th rly 1 ' "-Ir, Gtinoxs, of lloston, will ! liver a - '-uinrrmv evening, 011 thec I'iie '-(I'rei.n TIo nf 11, tallied a most discourteous ami ungeiitleinanlv ' covered, and-1011 a nrue of Captain Car- oonni" lias .vn fruitful in trrrat nnincs. which spec il object ol the attack- ol this Thir.l-P.irtv p mot this uioiuh cr 1. pc. ll.i lhc 1 tin w uk tine in Strong's Ha , to-i ,, , .. .. ., 1 standing inlo the li.iibnrol liixpan,12'l iiiil.s 11011I1 of - paper. Tho verv lirst No. ol the Gazette con- Vera t'ru 11 -nr. '.I Mevi.-un c.i-iiug v.-ssel was .lis. History ol Ireland. Th tallied a most discourteous ami ungeiitleinanly coverc.l,imil-;oii nucr ni-me a orueo, ..p... ,, y .- (j,.0(ini lia ,vn friutf imputation upon the tinceritit of our Anti-Sl.ive-, !, ...i.T,,1;,, i,n,.re.l,ui in doing i ran th- Tuisnm impart to her Hi-torv a powerful iiitiri-.f I,. ry opinions; ami when, a week alter, in reply to 01, ii reel, a, ,criIirk( , (,;lyiW!l0n ,,, oQm the S''itfiufl1 wo htatt'il that thu I rco Vrc w.i-, n,.rmnail m th M-mtlroii tor ih- ni-tinn-p "t n Hon lay hi-auot njwn her, tlio ha richoi-t in her amy of K-lf-irrifidngantl noMe-honrtod I woulil continito to Ih?, anahilition 1 M'li.. Lnfti in whirl thw nitrvr Irlt wa- ' . I iit'ir' ila v- h ihI i.ulhnn. pickcil 1111 by ihe St Mary' olf .a ! ,.;..;,; i i ' ! I ) .1 . i I.... 1... .1.. ll..;...rj , i.. ..- . Will I in -roiivi-rtril infit ;i Pi-nt ir 1 ttt i.-t- (-it imiiuu 'l .11 1-. n. u iij tlio ltnirii ijiun -v, iij t (1 UK' I'l ...... n.i-iv n(ui,..Ai;r imv trcn V u iniiv bo m'L'ountn httween ivin. wl. eh from tlm n.,.n... J . i i .1... I... . I. I'.. .....I 1 " ' -'"'' I .Ml-. II, illlU 11 1 vpi'i'ii'i u ci i,L'l'' Tv.-ii iv ' t)itturi'nitii (ttid variiMitnl linnnti r-f !i t-i..i.. UIIM M'l ttlll-l- stl lit 1 I I JlD rii.AI I ill'll ill-, I I .... . v.,,, .,1 in- iiVl) VDl.UNTAItY.SKIiVrn'Dl-l.-slIAI.I.IA'KIt i:X- will challeim-o universal aihnir-itinn -nul cm, Is-VMN ANVl'AIITOr.SAlDTKItlilTOltY.ex-i . 1 "'-no umvcr.,11 .iiiimr.uion, .111,1 con- c. pt lor crime, whercol the parly hall fust be duly j tribute to tho universal comfort and delight ! convicted." I Theso things will come, nnd icari if ,), vvo Mr Dtvissind In should like to hear tsime rens.ui , . , , 7. . ., , ., ' ' . ussimied loi Miikim; out this proviso, j ny bid clelianco to the New ork l.xpress, anil Mr Lewis btwl there icui no time tvne for airing tun, up our noses at Jlovvliiio- (ireen with its reoHons or making explanations. . . I , . ,1 - 11,, .Vlr iuvis I'liservul mat inn S.-CIIH-1I liKe icgi-iaiiiii ' '-'I""" u.inn"v.-, mm mu Diueiy Willi us iiinler n hiyh d.-;ri e of tedlll-prc':3Ue .Air. I) wis then proceeded V Ol'I'OSU the striking out of this proviso, promi-dug .Mr. Low- is that he would give way in tlino for a motion to prolong tho M-s-inn a few hours, which he would have done if tho Senate Clock h.ul not been 7 or 8 minutes -.7okvt than that in the House. -Mr. Davis' object not to defeat tho hill, but to 1'isr.sEiivT tho riuiWMi. KOUTHUKN I.O-COI-'OCOS lmil ilcteruiincj that, icith the prnii so, tho bill should 110 pass ! Hut for tho motion to strikeout, by a lx-ofora Senator, Mr. U-vvis ol AlalKiina.tho bill would hate passed tlio Sen ate in live minutes. Here then, is the true and tho only cause- of llie ilclcul ol tins inn rickety seats anil dove-colored grass. I I'Wo perceive, hy the W.'or.le-viin.that our townsman, Col. Thomas, is in Maine, suc cessfully engaged in selliiig'l'hittV Patent (Irist .Mill." This now ami iiselul invention is gain ing -troops of friend-" wherever it is introduced. A company lias been formed iu llingortomaiiu factum them for tho State of .Maine. The I.nvv School. It "ives us creat pleasure to learn that tlie I. vw Sciioot. opened m this Milage hy -Vlessrs. liE.s m:tt it I', coinmcnceilits First Term under very favorable auspices. Seven or eight young o-entletnen are wisely availing themselves ofthe superior advantages thus alUirded them, and wo are informed hy one of them that the method and in-inner of instruction are in the highest degree Kilisf.ictorv. Wo trust tlio foundation is thus laid of an Institution in ll.irlington which shall materially ntlvanco the standard of Professional attainment in our State, nnd rellect substantial honor upon its enterprising rounders. J'irst Congressional lot. Hon. William Hr.suv is elected, of course. His majority will lw betwoen one and two thou sand, wo are not particular. Second llistrict. Tho .Montpclier U'ntcimci claims, and tho Patriot concedes, the election of Judge Coli.amkii bir n fimnll mniori. VeK'mtra t 1 ho ooct- stock Age claims, and tlio .Mercury concedes, that ho 'lacks;215 votes c.r an election ! Tlu-so papers were all published on the Dili and lflth inst. WhoThall decide ? Wo incline) to tho belief that the UWnoct iipcrs aro right, accu rate as our friends of tlio Watchman and Patri ot usually arc. Do tho Whigs of the 'Jd District think they icvne to ably and laitlilal a uopre- scntative as Judge Coi.lamek ( (lazettegoes out of its vvav to thrust it- Mti'iu-, yL.n (;ruf Aiioii"ii-.oiir coniinodore wns lulonued Patriots-, whom Power could not intimidate nor to tho controversy, and again imputes hypocrisy ol t.jft;Y;,,.,! .'XTXrtXtotnmrc , c""" . to the conductor nf this paper. Immediately 11 f- urjt i)orryiiian. two MeM.- ni c 1-11111; vc-s.-isap- It is a fine topic for the Ij?ctunr, and, if well ter the election (and in tlio very paper in which l'; .ot to bo interring end in- it excuses the want of editorial matter by tho wasiinililc.lioiiithevi.l.-ii.-eol'th-j'aleblowiii'- stmctive. Among our numerous Iriili citizens plea of illness !) itco.rsely and in the mo-t vul- j!X'r!.r ' r;,""ll ' ;UVakl'" lhe I'loaMnt t ear terms falsely charges the Whig- of Hurling- I.nrriveds--veralil.iyat!. ttn ihearrivalotthe l'rin- i I tome tho ton n follow- Iccionnt lhe wreck 0) the I niMou, slie wastoiuui ton ne lollows. 1 ttlnndoned.nnd ihat h. had bc-u Hupped of all her "The Whips have made a most strenuous ell irt.nnd ,1tntt1c!s by the .Mexicans. A "ll.i; ol titiee was we have it from ir.sil nuibority.tlntinorelhinaibar- M on tlull, , th I'rine.-inii, by whom 11 was I rcls 01 Hour were p.u.l lor wiui; v.u.-s, nn.i tueauiouui j.,in.ieil 1 nt (.ant. 1 arn liner, 111s ouieers 1111. 1 r.rin, ma xoitrneen! V.rin, gcbvagkl" Too civil liy hull'. would not biirri'iuler tho mivvt-r it would givo them, without tho proviso, to enlarge tho area of Southern freedom ! Tho t-LAVE-lioLlitNU anil sLave-mamm; policy of the South, of which tho Stiitiml U a vv illing ajiologist and -supporter, de feated the hill ; ami upon it and ita allies at the North must ictl Ihe lojiomibihty of continuing Tho Albany Knickerbocker, acknowledging tho valuublouid rendered by tho Troy I'iro Com panies, iu arresting the l.ito destructive firo in tlio former City, Kays " wo will reciprocate the fioutht-rn Irficofocoisiu kindness one of thcso days"! llj'Tho new City of Manchester, N.1I. (which, hy the way, is a niiraclo of rapid growth and prosjierity,) lipid its first municipal election on Tuesday of kibt week. Hiram Iluovvx, Whig, was elected Mayor. Tho vote was: Jlronn COJ ; rUudcrb, Wo, 317; Scattering, 'Mb. Third District. OeoiuikP. Marsh's majority is from 800 to 1000. Tlio truth-telling I7.ui tie sticks to it that It is but about 200! I'ourlli District. Tj-Tho Hon. C. P. Vah Xiss. c-.. paid for ibis purpose in nun, nnd other things U known ,w tt, u.rewith him. landed nt Tii.iii on the , vf,mor f onr suite, arrived 10 town from Ut. but to themselves," I 17,1,, nnd were very bo-pitaliiv received nnd tn-nled ' 'm asli- And filially, in its last paper, it closes its dis- by the inhabitants. On ilu- luih, ihey started 011 foot mgton, on .Monday evening h-t, and took lodg . 11 1 mail), m us 1 i) .r, u 1 1 jf -nnupieo.intendim; toolbr tiieinsc-lves ns prisoners j,, nt the .im-rican. creditable career ol electioneering, by tlieinex- fttl,r .', then we have nolurib -ruecouiiisoi them. " ... .... e .. .1 . , . .1. . - , .Im .In . ...... ....I,.. 1 rt .i.-il,io . , he 1 press i e ineanness o l iKing us io iiik ior me tmiiie n- m i... -..-i; - ... . .. .... 1 . ,., ., , . ,i coiniiinnd.-r otlhnt vessel finding there was no iss-i- (-l,ittru.ti-u Cimiitv iw fr ., inaiiuer ill which wc-think proper to nnnage tho ,., ofsawn" lh-TruMoii, set her on lire, nnd she r StnUor.. pruate business aairs of our Printing (Mice ! 1 had tuna to die water's ed. w hen lh- l-rice,i, wk j'teriillthi-.ithas tho effrontery to talk . '.' . ... ' . 1 County Clerk, for a statement of .1.. r.m.'il, !" ,u,t -vl.i oortnliis t thn clmiucter an. I Jul es 1 The cutter l.-Cire, i.o Hours ironi linuiw. arnveu " i i .i, .-!, vi. oh . esinie lies or our coiinnortore. sun- ' v.isiui n,.i- ior.eiinor in lliia (V,,it,. -in.- in . i ;rnot niuu .- pose.) rcla lulu to a itirce iiu.uuis ninii-un- .ntn in- Now ifthis christian paper, which prides itself .Heju-an- l ; - - J on the pneces-, which uttemK its i'lVorti to ilra MnMii? h 'atl m.U 'Hi" l"ire rt-tum- t . i .i i.i i i- i ( Mmm ior mini1 in h'r li-HU'r-', whtfh tin in u hud clergymen lrom their exalted and peculiar sphere . , "'m ''r',.v,ms h,.r (rryl, ... into tho bitterness and contention ol party strile, I aImui t ndajs suiee si.mta Ana lelt Vera ( niz lor I he CUV ol .vlevico, pnviouslo wuicn, iijwever.ue will lind iu the columns of tho Pre.; Press any sent n polite invitation to our commodore, lo meet him false and meio uirlnan npiieal- like those vve on hoard lie- Kn?lislilrnrnie Ludmion the interview , . , , ,- .. i did not take I'hce Atewdsvs hack, one ol the l.n- havo fpioted above from its columns, or any so- " ' 1 c 1 ' , UnMmv ,iwl, in a violent ini.i s.U.ill aggregtte rotsuit is us follow-i : Whig. locofoco. 3J iartv Harry Uradley lTifi, A Teck 131f, rirmi-n - 1). II Onion 1S0J, Wets-ter tw:i!wn iJ-J .Messrs llradlcy timl Onion olected hy nn av erago mtjority over Peck and Webster 0f.l55. JTTho .SV'i'ii- wastes ajjnntdeiil of virtuou, Ahichis not canahlo of vtlin rommuiu.'uuon tur tli owimwae ; Wve ini uwifeminu ovr ir lnmrut notice of tho , wo will apologia for HepresDnuitivc. . and it-lf it cannot fintl disabled by the slckne. ol h-r crew ; the seurvy ls t b.t. .nboiinded conhdi-nco m tho gullibility nf .... . ! Iiroken out on Uinrd ol her, nnd she litis now 1 11) ens ,,g readers. Tho l-j)!t,.s SI, vi . riuus statement of fact vvhicli being shown to ha true, ,1...... Imtl. tr, nop romloru find such tilings in our columns, wo shall bo content ' (,,-'mi. .tnii di-s.-.i-ic. 6 tlio -Jitli. the . utter l-'or-tn let tlm nolilie iitdi-i, wbptber lou,l.,ouil,...l , wirdnrnved lrom the lUlue, but brought im iiitelh- ' . ' . . . i-eneeofilll! professing of especial godliness nnd sanctity aro not often used as a cloak for tlio vilest spirit of political ilem.igogiiisin. Tho riicineii. The l! Hugine Company of our village took nn excursion to Plattsburgh on I'riday tlio 11th inst., where they vveto most hospitably en tertained. The Plattsburgh Companies return ed with them to Hiirlington iu tlio evening;, preceded hy an excellent Hand of Music, the three Companies, in their neat and tasteful uni- ..... llisomrli knnin nf nop npiiieii'il m ..... f..... t..,, f, - l I . no i.iajori.)- agatas, ,-,-ck, ..h, .- . Tlpv 1)res(.u., very fm0 ,0ar.lllC0, I.cofoco District, Is, nccs-rdlng to tho atch- j ; tence ol'iiiiportanee ManiieticTclegrtiph lleport to New York.) Wasiiivitox, Thursdiy livening. suiriDr.orriii.ixiuu'N'DVM.coNxr.i.i,. The Hon. P. t! McCounell.of AloUama.coniniitted suicide this nfieinooii at h df-pnsl two o'clock, in bis room, nt the i-t I'hatlcs stnbhiiii bunv-ll ...,ii,, l-,r,. , lni, Linle ibree times m the neck, nud live tunes In the stomach lie bad lieen for the two days previous laliriiii under lhe influence ot mania a mtu. The suppiuilion is ihat he iiiu-t have died man, not less than KiOO ! This is probably one of the items that go to mako up the Sentinel's "democratic triumph" iu tlio State! Now! I-'heemen or the Fourth! stand to your arms ! It us havo tho "Arlful IMgcr's" District re deemed ! You huvootice helped Southern Slave holder, to a vote for tho admission of Texas. lt us now know If )oii mcant-it, public spirited young men. A tiro inoiirvillago cm l-'rid.iy night, would havo had hut " n ;. ighly slim chance," however olio might have fired in I'lattsbitrgh, iu the absence of its fearless ene mies. The Pluttshiirgh Companies returned homowards iu the Winoonki on Saturday morning. . . f iirsiuvv, appris-s tho public that his religious (!) view nro not Iho-oeinhrared hy Mr. Parker." Mr. Parker's greguion win i-e ltiankful for that, at any con rale iu'ltiiitly ; s.) deep were lhe wounds iiillicted, Ihat ,,f il,,.-., on ihe nick or those on the stomach iiiut have inevitably proved fatal. An impiest was held on the Isidy, nml a v enhct rendered in noenrdance wilh the ulmve (nets, alt-r wiucii me nouv oi me ue censed was taken in the charge ol the Cleik ofthe House of Representatives. The Union Hates ihat Hon. Aithnr V. Ilagbv, of Alabaiii i. iscouliiied to his loJgings, by nn attack of bilioustc ver. AITU1NT.MP.NT HY TUP. I'lllSIDUNT ticori;.- lt.uu-ioll, of M issue liiiseitj,, to l,0 Ilmoy r.lraordiiiary nud Minister riciii-otentiury of the jutted Slates for the United Kinirdoiin pf (.real Ilritain and Ireland, vice Isiius .Mclpaue recalled at his own rcqii.-sl. John Y Mason, of Virginia, tolw rtrrrrlury of the Navy of the United Platci, v ice Hon. (.corge Hancroft, migntd. -Wiiiuo Hlcclion. Tliel.lec.ioniuMa dy. , chad not heard a word up to, h, imo ol going ,o press las, evenin,-. vP J"Z Our Railroad grading audhrid..! ly on every par, of the line. Th. CoT, . !-"'B n , ' j sanctioned the road, ,l "ZA T T"" h'" Lis now-protahle llie hridge IZIZT ' to connect w id, llie li,ln1 ' ' lK.vell.e present hi idge, nnd the de, , .J 1'0.C'"'"'"m m,agninon.heVJ,l ' to l.s-ate the hue rt..r nur villap, , . ' c-.inpleted.-AVfr Sentinel of lhe ICM i,((.