Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 2, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 2, 1846 Page 1
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r VOL. XX. IVO. 10. Whole IVo. ioo.-5. BVltfjIIW-TOX, FRIDAY MRIVIX, OUTOISKK 2, 1810. SEWSSSIUS, So. It BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, Published at Darlington, Vt By O. W. C. 1'I.ARKI!, Editor and Proprietor. Tcrasi To Villi;? subscribers !io receive th; paper by ine turner, If pal 1 in i lvau-e Miil sulnc-i'irs nnj thuse who toll? it at the $3,m r'J O.lhe, invariibly, 3,00 AnvEHrisEncvrj .Inert!.! 0:1 tV rutnuvy t"rm.. For tip llurlineton Tree lhess. TIIK COU.VI'IiV SUHO.M. HOL'SH. It stindshy the It -u-Tt'i an old tr-e, ncrc 1 ironn;".i in 01111 j looi.iu.'ni-.'rarteii nn iirec: TuruJe and tune-wurn, mid the weather stnineJ , door. I curved with deep nad ma-ke 1 o'er nn I o'er With nn J nun 4 by rhildih hands traced, Here, a part o. a man, with ifie he-id q litecll'iced, But with shap-: and propaitio.t ne'er intended by na ture, Thc.bolva chill's, bit n "iant in stature. hilf ops.i d w 1 1 111 n- dji 1 ihsdos", Tft Ijnjli-'s nn t d .!,-, mil Man lin; n ron-i, All d lly nolclie.1, where - it" i lie boy sat, And worn e nuoLi w iiere hi a elbows rubbed this way, and lint Th'. dck ol the master, his inkstand and rule, Where he set all the copies while he eyed the whole school. As of yore, just behind wh-re. the friile is laid, Conticateif apples, nnl tup., aie displayed. Unchanged do they sc. 111, mid still standing there, Arc the pail and tin cup, and the master's arm chair ; And still in the centre, all eaten wilh ruM, The old Move, anil its pipe thickly covered wilh dust On three leirs is rcstnm, the fourth broke and Ronj, Issupphed by a brick, lor its weight lo rest 011. The papers 1111 1 n'hes lie filfrcl about, The b..s of o! I p'-is wilh th ieithrs inHi" J out, The marks on the wail- the ink 0,1 the iioor, Im en tue sin jI.c 0:1 tlie ceili p ceilri . is the saine nsnf vore Hark ! the lore of the child,' the hall" open door I U'UMna k !,:., .I,,ll I.... . And the otner who yawns, widi hi- arms o'er his head, And si as as tie wisnes ins less in was aid lill deeper and louder and more w -ary h,s ieln, When hu turns to the w indow his Meepy grey e)es, And sees in th" ti.;lds tile hui'n skipping at play. And envies their freedom, this sweet Glimmer day, And believes in his heait, llct happy he'd be, II he, like the Iambi coulj o-ny be lice To gambol and frolic, 10 stand or to run, Or he down on the bank and ha-di in the sun. Hut ohl this high bench, wli-re Ins little short le", Hang dangling tienunibed and hleless as pegs, While vainly lie tries to reach witli his 10 The too dW mt lloor oh ' lb .ire t!i wo -s Which 111 my u chil I ri ln seh oi lujr k-.urt jiut hark 1 the stc-:i voice ui the ina-t -ris li Mrd To call for the tak of which h.' kn-w not a word, And his 1 jiioasan 1 dreams are di-pelled all at once. The high seat is e.xchaiig.'d, for ilia block of the dunce. How his little breast swells, w hen he hems that " to day For block-heads and dunces, ih ; must be 110 pla j !" And when oil the green, a guy group is thronging. To join in their tporls how that young heart totong- '"4 i . Half blinded bv t ears, lie bands o'er his book, Not daring tViicounier 'V master's siern look, Tho' his eye's 011 tli- ptge, his ilio.ights are away Where Ihe boys on the g'ecn now nolu at play ; He can s-e Irom tue window, 111 kite coring high, As sideways he p-e,n ro;n in. sly y rai-'d ce; His ban J seeks his p nkvi, the in'irbli roll o'er And read.'r his soirows j ir w -s , 1I1 in Irfire ; Hiskmle nu I his jeu-s-harji and cointlc-s tow fctrin", All a boy's store, oMuvenile ihings, IJ u t add 10 h,s irou!)!es, while slnmg to 111. le The tears which will llow in pite ot his pride. The dull buimg drone ofnu idle great lly, Now strikes on ins ear so desolately, Tis 111 vain Ir eiiil 'avorshi. e j-i to learn. Some object di-t atlt him w acre 'er he may turn. Tho' the mi-ter Ins ruled every willing b 10k through Kvery page of lb -m given a th irougli r-vi-'w Kvery copy has.'t, and pd 'il t'.lem away, S till his iak is nnlariicd, not a word can he say. .A. hi lint on ln-liefi,!, til-- nin-ter lli-n places The poor little idler h? s lei,mi y faces " And now sir, your la-k 1" oh'! t-nible sound ! How wiUly the tone, makes his young hnrt to bound. And now bursts the gnei lie so king had suppressed, In a torrent of te irs winch his pride had repress,.,!, Twas ha J enough ipute, to be kept from lu- play. And shut up ahihe 111 th? school house to stay Dut, a dunce to be called, and a blockhead In side ! He. 1 Ins mothers darling, his laiher s own pride! The cup of his sorrows, wis ijuite lull before, The voice ol bii master ha mid" it ru 1 o'er. These griefs are not light, tho' they're ill eting 'tis true ; And I longed to rii-h 111, 10 enticat his rescue j Ilut saddened I turned me, and sin itered along, Still hearing the slnuls of ih li ; it-h .iri-1 throng, And I sighed as 1 lliought ol iIk poor little one Who sat on the dunce-Mnek foi-iii-nnu I lone ; And I fervently prayed lint tliehiture might bring 2io sorrow more griev ous his young heat t low ring. Oiiic, Burlington, 19 1G. r-rs. -Tavnt. The New York Stntn A-;ricult'.inil Tnir. Editorial of the X. Y. Trihun". !l" vv 1 1 "lc il y t'i 111 il call he s i,vn by hand. Al'EL'i, eltu's l ,y e.t. Ititu, lb 1'). 1 'J'h'-r is a rival nu.'hinu by Junes it Smith, This is the great day oft 1 : Fair, nnd a bright-, (' nn"cticut men. I think,) which may be ipiite cr, pleasanter was never rn.oyed by mortals. as go ,d as the ah ne, I mike 110 eoinpuiisnns The cloudless skyanl tho fre-h green eirtli an I piss no judgiimts. Tlie eo-t of tbo 111a liarmoniz" in producing rare exleruil beauty 1 chiius is fromysj to $1 on. livery grain-grovv-nni cheerfuhio's : the showers of night Ipfore h'g neighbirhood shouid hive one,' last have coohd tho a'tnosphere ju-t siillici'Mitlv, I Corn or Se ' I Planter--, I saw two at least tho people of Central and We-t Tn New-York ' H'-it seemed admirih!.'. One is I.. Pratt's P.t liave assembled by tens of th msiu I-, and still tent, by A. .M. Jlt-lg r, Hocho-ter. It is readily evervf train, every tboroughfiru te-ms witli ' set to to" size ol the seel to be planted, when it linmlreds inoro pouring in. Ne-"r diJ Nature ( m ik.M a drill, drops the r"-uirod numlnrof s m1', and Mill more cordially concur in giving ze-t and covers tunui a-fi-t ata in ill can w ilk. Thu to a. popular holid iv. j 1 ibor is litllo nnre t!ia- tint of wheeling an enip- I hao been over tlio giounds.of course ; see- Uy hirrow. Another, of which I have mi-laid ing much to interest, and but lor Iho euoniDiis ' my not"-, is drawn by a hor.-e, nnd plants multitude gathered, whicli seems to m i unpar- rowsas fistas ho can walk, making drills, drop- allelcd at any former Pair, I tdinuhl havo seen miichinoie. I could sav Miinetlnng ol tin ani mals here exhibited, bat, believing l.'ol. Skinii'T can speak of them to better purpose, 1 leave them to hiin. For tho pre-ont, I will priillcr a few suggestions on tho inlluetices and uos of these. Annual Fairs, or rather a levy thoughts which this one Ins elicited. Mental indolence is tho chief danger of tho Farmer's condition. It is pos-ihlo to exist in his vocation with lery nine lnongiii, i'lowmgi this year and next tho ti Ids that were plowed, perhaps by his father, thirty or forty years ago, and harve-ting therefrom Mib-tantiully tho same Rtalns and vegetahl-s, the Farui'T is' in danger nf filling into the habit of doing ju.-t as hh fa ther, did, and for Ihe reason tint his father did it. The old round of crops, tho old modes of culture, the old implements, even the old smoky and fuel-wasting lire-place, aro too olten clung to, becauso tho Parmer is hardly aw.iro that newer and better means to tha s uno ends have been devised and adopted. It seeim eisierto do tho old thing in the old way than tn incur the expensi an 1 trouble of changing fJr the h t ter, even .f aw.iro of it, existent, Tho moral nftho Fair is lm;iruxnnni. Fifty thousand V irmers and Farmers' Sons, with Ton thousand Farmers' wives -and daughters, assem ble once a year to witness an lothibiii,,., ..r.i. choicest product? if their calling in our State Ilo who has the counterpiit of Pharaoh's h'an kino finds at tho Fair tho noblest display of Neat Cattlo over seen; so of Horses, Sheep, Swine, &c. Of Fruits and (iruim there is like ntuinddnco of the h.t. Is it possible lliat ho who has drudged on contented wilh ten to twen ty bushels of drain to thu acre, perhaps with two or tnrco varieties ol ordinary l nut, perhaps with little or none, should ho content to go on in that way i When ha .es, as ho may bore, Sriuashes weighing 1 10 pounds each, hvo that prevv on ono vino that weigh over 51)1) pounds, ran ho go homo satisfied to grow llio-o of tea kettle fizo onlv ? When ho fees that oilier far mer) have a profusion of Poars, Peaches, (Jraiies,, &.c. Iriim u low acroi ot 1.111.1, will 110 jog on with his orchard uf middling Applu-trees ..nt.. Il ...... 1...J1.. snr.It.ll!,.l nnn IVrmA, vni t .1. r I ill- iiHiiii v iw-c-i.'n mo., w,, . a, mil who ever thinks at all, ran go away from the .St ilo liir without rosolvingto ho a bettor rmnT th"r"aftcr without feeling a truer pride in his culling and a firmer ro-olttlion toiinjirovoand ex col in it. Hill this is not nil. The l'uriri"r is her" hro't in con'act wi'li nil tint has recently Irendn'i" in it'i" oilier Vc il Arts in ni I nf his own rilling. Hero is an endless virtctvni Agricultural Imolo- m-nt" i-.iiiuing .Mill", l ri lies, .n-locs, 1 nrl;s. Hor-, ite, oic, 1- alio liiu-ohnhl ntn-ils S oves, O.vns, Iv:ch"ii-wtro. iVc. (There are not len than a dozen newly Patented Siovos alone, so:ii" nf thu n valuable iinprnveincn's nn those exhibited lu-t year. I inein to speak of them hero.iltor.) Lvcry 1 Jiitiy invilcs to corn- nurison. to rcll"clion, nil I th"nco to improvement. i .1.., ii.m. !,.. tl,., inmrovoiiieiifs of th-lisi few vears have secured tho plowingof four ucres withthe labor nnd power form: rly required for three. And the end, doubtless, is liot yet. One such flir as this i worth more to the People, of a State than a dozen ''glorious victories" in the lield of limn 1.1 sl.-iim litt.-. A State Temperance Convent'm wis in ses sion tlironhont yesterdiy. and will noon as'"m h!o it";:iin .ltnljre .1. Van V.ilhenliT!' of .Slen'.pn Co. I'ro-itlent, The attnn-lancc was iiiito full and tliedebiies very anini ited, pspcchiily in the evening. A resolnti 111 tleclarini I.i.mor-sellinv; a crim , and tlr'refore lo he punched in clearlv as any other crime lias been the main Mibjertnf debate. H tnially pneil by a very larije 111 ijon tv. .Mr. Cliipinan is In speak this afternoon on the Statistics of Itninselliiiand the ellect of the hiiMiie-'s on the fortunes, lives ami deaths of the dealers and their families. Auburn voted '.'o License' lat Jfiy, and the vow lias been pietty l.iirlv enloiced. I have s.nn n., liMimrj ,tlw,T.i "r.. .1,. ,i- ho n, ,,.. ..,...,.," .,.t,i , t. .. ...umi;., w, i.,.,,;- ruiiurtir runt .it ; .l nil tune t us. but during- two days, at :i f.-lhc, 'at'ier itie; of Ten Thon-am! v.-lcn I came here to IV ty Tho'i-.ind now, 1 li ivo not s"en a sinejle person intoxicated. And vet wu are told '.No l,iccn-o' h is mined the Temperance cause 1 Don't be lieve a word of it 1 .Messrs. M. Van lluren anil I'. I. IJI.iir are nmonrr the vi-itors here. (Jov. fcieward isahsent attending a trial at Cooper.-town. it. u. The I';irmors rc?iiiti'...Iinplemeiits, sVc. Anliurn, Thnr ilty, fc'ept. 171'. .M. The day In 1 h.'en cloudy, tuns far without rain, and m quit" agreeable, hut the indications of a-ratherine; slorm hive seus'ihlv thii, 1 il the attend nice on Ihe l'.tir. thoinrh thoiisamls are slill hero. Mr. 1'iil noro camo in from Huilalo this morning-, wilh his laly, and wis w irmly greeted by his friends, eom'prisingallthe Whigs and m my others. .Mrs. p. ln, previously con tributed a splendid sp; "iinen of ne dlo-work (her own; tithe Lidie-' i)epirtni',nt of the Inhibi tion, .Mes-rs. Van Huron, 1'. P. Hlair, Ilx-d'ov. Throop, &e. were not on the ground to-day, so f ir as I observed, though they might have been. .imung iiieirien.isg.iiiiereuiieieiroui a instance, 1 I hive lo rccoiiiio.x-ScniilorA. t. inning gathered iieio irom a distance. Dickinson of Sleuben, L. P. Allen of Huilalo. J'r. bee ol the 'iiene.-e.. farm r,' deo. Dawson , of tho -ltochester Democrat,' Joel II. Noll of Al-1 I. my, itc. & e. aKo th" editor of the Conor Can-, iua i,iuiiv.uor. 1 ue nuuri'r o visitors 10111 it dist nice, however, is less th in at some former l airs, and I hive beeu surprised to find so few here from New-York, or oien from the Ilivcr Counties. I think not less than SWty Thou sand h ive visited the fair b'sid" i,lliriis of Au burn, itnl probiblv uloveu-tvvellths of liiem live within a radius of nu hundred miles from this place. Leaving tho Cattle, Sheep. Hogs, &c. to 111- minu'e at lot--ure, I have to-d.iv devoted mo-l at- teniion to the display of Agricultural inmle-! ni'iitsiind l).im"-tic .Man . ! - " . .. ulicttires. the l.inn-r liSITI-lll V II .1 Inmil- ..f cnL.f. ..Cllw.-rt for it seems that thov miift interest st a'.l who earn ho eat it. Of, or three here, e Patent Hroad-1 1..1.1 ri... ( breahand oHgiMo interest ad who Sowing Machines th-re are two I miiinil 111 ltd! ifi rnl'iill t. ll.ot riln. cnsOof P. Seymour. Li-'tllloomlield'Ontirio Co. niteiitiidlast vimr. It sw-s 1, l,rlil, Ct.. f.. .t as fist ,,s a horso c 111 draw a liMit two wheeled b ix containing the seed, surmounted by a sprin b ix on which sit at ease in a clnir tho only op erutor, who by a tiric'i of tho Inn I throws the 111 ic'iine out of geir, and so stops tin sowing w lido the vehicle is still in tuition. Tnis mi c iiu is roi-hly gii'ij"! au-l -lit -red at pleasure 1 . . t y sow am thing Ir m h or p' aster, 'an 1 is said to ins or peisto in.istaril ovvthirty aer-s p-.r day ol ibly ino itli g'Hiin I wit'le is", more even- lng the seed, covering it and lolling tlio ground tnoroughlyat on j operation The Helping .Machine of C. II. .M'Corm'ck, Virginia, (iii uIj at lliuikport, N. Y.) is said lo ha good for lilteon to twenty acres per day, and h is done twenty-two, requiring two hore-, a boy to ride and a in in to sit and riko oil' tho grain as fistas delivered straight on the lloorof tho ma chine. This costs ijlJO, if I remember, and is said to save tlio grain. 1 liiiu it. It requires pretty s-naoili g'ound. Ol Ii ly and Straw Cutl"r.i, there aro not less than hall a doon, generally of recent invention. Several ofthom are great ftuproveinents on any 1 hid before seen. Ono of them (S.iuford's Pa tent, II, A. Chase, Syracuse.) cuts between two cvlin lcrs of rapidly revolving knives, and does its work very f i-t, crushingas well as c titling; the straw, stalks, vVc, itc. The exhibitor assured ni'i Ilut tl.o saving of fodder by this machine was not less th in furtii tier cmt. and that c ittlo would eat the batlsof cornstalks, thus cut and m-i-hed, in preference to the tups and leaio). Jessie's ouan-v-iiui-r, inoiu; a snigi i u.aj.., m iurn. nn ii'lawiti tn cutting-board, worm easier utid nd.niiably, h-itdoes not cut so fit. Hich'il is another gi done, which I havo not siaoto describe, an 1 tlnro aro several more. Willi the best of tho-o Cutter.fwhichevcr that v ; h.O I am siiro One .Million of Dollars per milium inight Ix) eave.l h' lho fanirTi of tins State, r.u I at east 1 'ivo .ilillions by tho-o of tho wnolu I nion. Shall not this having ho iiuda Pitt s 'IIoro Power,' and ono or two others, nro said lo bo great iniprove iionts ; -o of Ida's Patent 'Wheel- -uiiiv itor;" I'.uel iV iNicliols's' 1 liresiiug row er," with other Tlni sliing, Winniwiiig.Harivvv ing, Corn-Shelling, and Plowing implements. 1 mu.t hurry put tueiu. Any good fininr vvh) ii able to buy such implements as ha needs will saved timo aul m ikj money by coming lo tho Stato Fair merely to study theso inventions. Hunt Manufacture, I rejoice to sco that tho Manufactures, even of iu-uy ami sumptuous wans, tiro steadily dillu 1 nug thoinselvcs inlin l und Wositwird Koch- ester bears tho palm hero in .V'ricullurnl liunle- muni. .l.....t. I . 13 1 . here in A'rricullutal liuide- , iiiuii,-, uiviiil 1 IIOIK noticed some very fine ttecl Pitchforks, lloes, fee. from 'Itrashcr Fall',' in the wools of coM St. Lawrence. There are fiultiess rases of Silver Ware hero from iintl"s thin three Svrieuso invnuficlorios Willard & Iliwley's, W. Mili'd's, and It. It. Norton's. I think tip liU 'rhas iinelJnld I' .nsli 'reHlrive lioii 'ilict it llirney. mil niintlier Screen" linn. Mr. 1'isli of Utir.i Ins nl-o snporh Silver Wire. I trid-r-t md that llenedict it 11 inry miho kotn" tn ) Gold Pons weekly, and fin I ready sale for tiin-n. Think of tint fur a 1 ilia ire which wis in linly a stinii'iy swamp when I lir.-t saw H, just tvi-rnly years :i(,u OfS'oves, there are a ilox"n ii"iv novelties, Troy showing tli- mist, ns intnl, hat Syracuse hnV" t'ood kinds, mitotic which 1 reckon ll-ick's (JnokiiiLMn ide by Jackson and i'ledps. St tnlev'si Parlor, (1 'V &- 11 isworth's Air-lit;ht Cook Stove, and Anthony Divy & CoV. ditto, ar" -itiiii the 'J'rnynlhat I remember. Auburn and e'.ii.ster Inivnnls'iciml Stove here. Of 1 .itlery, I observd hut two ti-is from Holly & Merwin K ilishar". Ct. and I'ibo'son & Horner, .New Vor1;. Xo lielter pocket knives ever came from Kn;jl 111J than these linns make, a id 110 cheaper of their rjtiaht -. I learn wilh pleasure that they hone to hold t'Hr own in the miruel, 111 sp:te ol all lnreiit competition. wish I could speak ofthe specimens of Needle-1 work. Hinhrouhry, &s. exhibited in tlu l.idio's ' lint in-trunient coiistitutes ilia Chancellor's dis II ill. There is much hero deserving of prni-e. I missal or retirement. Of Silk, I regret tn say there is very little, and 1 1 Tho title of Loid High Chancellor is nl-ogiv fear this important brunch of NuSiotnl Industry , on to the Ch inccllor for Ireland. is not a Iv.incing- as it slioulil. UI Cloths, tnere ire some verv irood. rniinlv from I). Kllog-o-i'c. Co. SI' ineateles. and the Wool-growers' Com pany, Littb Tails. There bhouM liave been inoro from O.ieid 1 Co. I intist liroal: oll'or lose the train. II. n. llritish Ciibinet .llinisteis nuJ their I'linc tions. 'J'hc "Cabinet,'' is a collective phrase, uod to distinguish the .Ministers ofthe highest political rauK an i importance irom uie general uoovoii fiiiic'liiuaries and heads of departments, who vacate ollice ns a matter ol cnur.-e on everv i change of number.s or opinion m the House ol 1 C iinmons implying "conlidence-' or "want of , ipienlly remained meant till the Council was re ci nli.letico'' in a .Mini-try. Tlu "C.ihinet" docs inoddled by Charles II., 11)71), since which perio. not incliiJe more than a fourth put of those I il has been regularly occupied by a Peer of con wno are tuns anecteil ny lit" revolutions ol poll- lies, and theniimlersof the division lists. Tint it is jio-sibleto he n inemberof thedovernnicnt and not hive a "seat in tlie Cabinet," cotise- 'l"l'nu. ' l".F'"" WM H !l nUmi ject ot ambition, and the inclusions in it, and the exclusions from it, give ri-e to a thousand negotiations ami ili-cus,ions ; to all those lhings! in but, t'-it constiinti! ''.Ministerial endnrm. inents and dilliculties" and render the construc tion of a Cabinet an aflair of as much delicacy, and nice ba'.incingono poise again-t another as biiildiuga ho.iseof raids, and often with abouti. . t ,. ... . .... . fl.".;.:'' I'lVT.v r.Tl.. 'T . VI..s.l i.:i:. t , , ", . mi- omi, Iho-iMliat Inar the chief responsibility for the ' ii i, IIIIJ lll-llll WHIII-S HI ll. ,SI 111- c-omluct ol pulihca.iirs, necessarily give their , '"-" ' 1111 -'unei, wincuseiuoin con- "T !" ll'.T """ ''-' "r "'" H'"' fifteen indi- 'I'1"'1'?' T')' "1'V.iv f tlio Privy Council , Ill -mbers of lb it li.d.t honor.iblo body who nro , m.ii, iii iu .111; .il lllllU. lis 111U1V not in the Cabinet. This is, i f.ct, a select l..l., !.. ...I .1,., ,..!,1 ,,r 11." nut tor .' IV lur IIIL UlllU DUIIIIT " L'Ll.ll i IIIL tllllPl .111111"- tcT lcinL' conoid L'R'd hh sii'ionlimtp- nnJ Ilia instruments for carrying into eir.'ct such lr,.actioMS wi,, foreign powers-a-ul thegen moisures a, he C.ilune may d ennn-.e upon. c(n, Mln.,intenjenw linJ an igemcnt of ouT re arro T I .-4a T .lr' h.ti - K, wit I . Ctl.Cr Countries. ), hUewiso be- Z fn I , i "r", -i t f""''i '"T"' ll,n l" lllu Secretary of Stato to fultil the duties inrly known as '-Cabinet councils ; and when c.r,i!.i r....i...:. i 1 .1. . .1. !"1 are s e,i win. units,,, irermcncy, 11 1 t ll 1 1 t U I fulfil Hi Hi-ll, m-l. i.n-.. . I.. "..1 1.... " .V . r V" .... .V- ' ' ,l'" ' "" " l"u Vlu"et, !' . "'' '"- ;Y'nV tr V';r',T Uu M"'' "'IJ", '""l'""!; 1. the doiih e diihcu y of l.-ing in ! mrnanty ... the Cabinet and in the L-gi-la.ure nt Hi" Mm" tun"; 111 Mch a c is , his re-iL'n 1- "sitii. il in n:,., rf r.,.i ;, ir 'ei 1 111 uilt ii" i jci 01 p'.iiuie nn iirs. or 1110 " '.'"'"i --ic!i a cis-, his re-ignt Hon is inev itablo ; nr, hiving a 111 1. inty 111 Par li.-,"1?,!t: llc !n 'J' '" tl-r--I'll' situ-iiin:i,"lirca!. up the' ' iliin-t," receive the Hoy il courn md to f .r;u a ii.m o-ie, au-l s . Ject coIleigii"s inoro ei'npli ii'it.or with views nnre nn mailt with his own. Or, li-lly, certiin topics nny In Lfr -vh it are call, d'-open ipe-htions," that is, wh"n they conn under diseiissbin. (.let. Minister nnv voln oe. ,.,.1,1;,,,, 1.. l.!- :...i:..! 1.. i ..!..- -. ., ' .'," "' ",:" "puicm upon uieui, W'-hu'it reg ird to his ouiei il po-iliou. Hut vvhou .. .linn.! i- in ur- ,1. v.i-iio.-L ipii.-iion, his cx;rct"d that tho whole, lndy will act togetli-r,' an I stand or fiU by the public d -cision, v. h itever th it in ly b We ii"ed only add. that tin di lib er itions of the Cibinet are strictly secret, an I its re-ohes a.e IVejuently unknoun, even lo l!io c illeigue- of thisindjential C-"inc'd of Ten," illhey ifd put in executinn. Hut, like 111 my otiier seerels,they generally ooz" out in a iny-te-rioiis mui'iiir, and becouie no secrets at all j a in-'.iiM ible instmceof this occurred in Djcein brr '.'. , when the Times was ab'e to announce to the world, th" coming rejieil oftli iCoru i.-iws; a sl.ite'nent tint was lor u time, lefus,.,! b'h"f. tin credit o the joitrnal Inngin in tin bilinee till doubt vv is coiiveited into cert iinty. Tho ," Cabinet," therefore, it Will b" iiiidorstiid, is 1 the "collective wisdom" of tin .Ministry, as 1 liainent is tlrj"colloclivo wisjjm" nf thu nitiou. fii'.st Loe.n or the treaiurv. t.oau JOHN r.U.N- SELL. Tho duties once performed by tho Lord High Treasurer hive, in molerti tiu'ns, b"en divided among a board of live p"rsons,slvled I, irtls Com mi'sbners fir executing tho'oliico of High 1 reasurer, in the same manner as tho Hoard ol'i Admiralitv has superseded tin auc'nnt ollicoofl hird high Admiral. Tho First Lord of the Treisury is always Ihe Pnmo .Minister, for the time being, or tlie'He.nluf hcr.M .j 'stv'oliovern meiit ;' another is the Chancellor of tho llvche qiiorttho other three aro simply "l,ords of tho Treasury." Thoodico of Iird High Treasurer was held, as every per-on is aware, during the pleasure of tho ( row n, ami was conferred by letters pitent; its duties cousi-ted in thu government of the Court of Hxchequer, tho custody of tho King's treasure, tho appointment of all employed in col lecting tho revenues of tho Crown, au.l lho regu- .Hum nl public revenues. All these iioworsaro i U McatiM under tiers pat"nt to tho Commis- sinners, and tho First Lird j--, for all practical purposes, tho lnrd High Treasurer ; he his con nection with tho Court of Exchequer is now merely nomiinl. Kil'ing tho Lord High Treasurer during tho execution of In i olhco is high treason, run 1.0:111 chavcei i.oit, i.onn cttemiam. This distinguished functionary, who-n author ityisde hired by Statute, (l'liz., cap. 18) to bo exactly tho same as that of 'Lord Keener,' holds his o.lice during tho plo isuro of tho Crown, be- nig i ii-ai-i. .7 ...u.s,K, not nece--ar, ybypaleut or writ. 1 ho ...erode, livery of the King groat seal into Ins c.i; oiy cmi-titiiles tho birJ JieejuT, hut aa J(W Chin - cellar ho usually receives letters tentiu addi - tin... Tho origin of tl.o name is, according to Sir IMw.ird Coko, 'u cancel and ., on account of 1,'n power of cancelling tho King s oilers p.,. i.nii i nn nni irr.iuled contrary to law ii-iii, nuv.. - ------ , , : , Tho ollico U very ancient, and said to ho denral from tho llouiau hmi'iru. thenco traiiMiutted to ll.O Homiin vylllircil unu unio niue. iiiaiivunoi of a diocese. The Lord Clrcn-etlnr i, W prescription, Speak rr of the House of Lords, nnd, by virtue of bis office, n ne'inber of thu Privy C'nnncil. II '! ippnitits all .hisliresof th" pear", though nstn! .J . ,! . 11. ' ... v iinon-ltie reromuii-iiu utini ,11 ihij i, 1,; tenant t,f tin nvenl counties. He is p-ilrou of. all liiinps in the pit fifth" Crown rated below em. and th" other Southern, hut about tin pe tit" villi" of Iwenfe pounds a year, II-1 is th" I riod liiesn terms were discontinued, nnd the duties visiter of nil lio-nitils nnd rollrtre of Hnyil found itioii ; th L'li-irdian of all infmts idiols. an I l"n tties, an I tie- hiirhest judiri il of ficer in the I;iuir !itn. When Itnyil Commis sions ure issued lor oaenin'.'tho session, for (riving- the Itnvul Assent to bills, nr for promi'iiing Parli uipnt.tln Lord'incellnris nlwiys one of the Coinini' io:i"rs,nnd reads the Iioyul Speech upon the occa-ion. Miienthe r-iivereie;n 1 pens or rlos-os tho ses-ion in person, the 1ird Cliin cdlor 't m Is 011 the rial of he throueauilhinds to th" Mom irch l'i" sp-.-ecli Opening nr t'Tminil liiif the nnnual labors cf t!io Lejrislaturc. In hia p'l-sou the lj-n Chancellor eiijoyi, consid erable prnti'ctioti. for it is high treason for anv on 'to put him to bei iijj considered lint ditrinjrlhe execnlimi of ht.s ollice, he is the im mediate representative of the hovereiim. is the inure delivery of fit" ureal seal to the custody of this funetio i-iry is tho mndu of his appointment, so the resumption or rcijfmtion of 1'liEs'lDCNT OF Tim C0-JCIL. Tlln MARVIS OF I.AXSUU'.VNn. The President of the Council is appointed by jilnritn. nn I resigns his odice with the political ! ' ...,.1.., . 1. . ..... '. , . . lO WHICH lie oeioogs. iltsiiiiucs I IICI 111 " I , . , . , u . i.'l . .1. ..1 1 ..,t .. .1. ,. ...du.'t-.l iii WhiWiill, n:'" t'i- (,n!o::ial ami attendance on the King per-on as an oilicerof State, and he manages all debate- in the Conn- may hi agreed thereupon, i'rom the reign of j King John to that of Llizah.-th ho was stvled I'riiirip'ilis ct Ciqiinlis Comilaritt.'; hut Queen's reign the ollice was su-peniled, and the j )') y ,j , ' 1 .'' ', K' lonl Keeper supplieil Ins pure vived theolhco on on.' iicce-uon. but it subse- siueraule political im;i irwnee. xECilKlAUlES OF STATE. The three chief Secretaries of State are Karl (Irey, for the CV.wu'es; l.nnl i'almersloti, fir 'or 'gn .;,airt; an J Sir Coorge Crey for lie 1 1 nn : ) nrlm-nl. The n iture of t'.eirsev- oral dtitie-will he suggested b,, the iiimes ofitheclrinni ' of intercourse '..'tw-o?n the Comman- tho oliices over whicirtliey pre-ide; hut their 'der-iu chief nnd the military forces ofthe conn-j i.oiiv, jin-iiiuii, aim jiuwois, vvn require uoiiio in-. lie explanation. Though in in idjrn times it has bjan tho prac tice to entrust the duties of Secretary of State to ,, ,, .".s. Lillllt, 11111, 11111 tlS. (L lllls (III S,I, , lv an arrangement to ficilitute the disp.Uch of lr is on ., ,1,1 ,. i,,,. 10UITi)Ut , inb'ic busino.s.aii I tho three Secretaii,- aro in 1 , .i.. i... , , . ,. 1 ,,,, in,t ;. ,i .1,i,i,1p .,,,,1' :r:,,. i,;,r ,.7,. ....i;',,, ,.i, ,..,,,,, V,.P,,', ,. ,,fil," r .ZtimlZ rihv otl r two ' '.Vibe Se tarv of s ! . ' ,oi.i . r , Psl I 1 ..11 1 1 ""t"" ' 1 "ur v po.-cssioiis-gove - ""' Z TT"''! """ '. . I'""1"1"1"- , . ' r. ' '-i iiiiiiii'-iiuiu lecooiuu-n i'oilini is (?titriit(il tlio nnnniiitnipnt nf

all cinlm:i for.-, envoys nnd otJu'r iliplomittic me,tic ., int ....! .;, r ,i,n ro,mlr, ... .........v. ,uiil.u, in shjioi inienii 1110 no . . " ' re'riilnte the administration ofnistic , and in ..a:,,., ,. .-.. .r ...v. . .n. iu.u. mt nringaLivo in men v . ciident, then, thuttlio ollice naturally divides il""lfinto a tripplo arrangement, namely, the i),,,..,, yMC,,n MU Jd . , ; ,, ,; , , u -L . ; ontrs,e, ... .i.e1 1,. 1 ....1.. .1 1 . t.i.....i to i ill rjnt ln.lividiiil-. nnv bo cousidTed as a di-lincl h.-.inch oftl.e executive (i-iv-crini'Mit; for t id only re.naining trace of their origin il con cen ration nu br :i -mg'e o licer, con-i-ts in the fact, th it no eh mgo ol do art irnts am nig the t.ireo is c UHlde.vl as a n nv a 'c 'trauce uf of lie j un-br l.'n Cron, -an lit tiierefire does no nn .eat such Svri.'tiriesol'S.'a'eas ar" iii"'nb"- nl' Hun .e of C S -er 't iriesof St it aro always Priv; Co in:ill.i.-s, m i n'i-rs of th. Cahinet, a 1 1 of Parli im "it. It gn'ri!ly hvi- P'ms in it to to are tw ) aecretarn.s ol Mato in t .o 1. r.vor Hons., imd one in tlie Upper, this ujwover, is sonu'.nn -s reversed ; b it there i- u i isti-iee of tlio three Scretui -s being at one. m.-iubers of tin 1.1111 b-.i-ich of tlie L'gi-liture The Serr"Uri (lf , State are appoiuled, as in aii:ient times, hj Ihe Crown delivering lo iheni certain seals of oili,-,.; but U addition to this in lostiture.thoy have in hi-kJ. times received al so a pat utu.iJ.M- tli-gr-at-Mil; formerly, how ever, n.ipU.Mt iiccoiii,,amed thu delivery ofthe on- ig is of o.i'u-i. 'J'n ) Sei ret irv of State is. rx ofi'-ia, a magi---trite lhroug,u..t every port 011 of 'tho c niiitr.' ; but the p vv er 01 i-o im general warrants 'in ulnch the ii.leiuors are v specilically de-crib-ed, is an exerei-eof aethorily which no other inigistrateis coinpeU"! to iierforui, and which, oven in tue hands ofthe Secretary cf Stile, Ins givenisatoacj:is.!era.ileihubt. Lord Chief Jus-ice Trait, 111 giving iiidginent resiierting the wull-knovvn John Wi.k ., who was arre-ted nu ll r a general warrant, in I7f!.!, said, 'tint he slniild consider Se-retary of Stite's wurianl turoughout tne whob ail'iir as nothing sujierior 10 mo vvarrani 01 a coalmen justice ol the peac ,,, . . .. . , . , , I nil T. IV lias U..I II lllu 1 1 1. il. il i u li. s. no ongiu o the ol .Secretary of Slate, J, t, or P(M, (which , 0 (...u,,) t and the gradual alterations, which to ik place nt j (ri, chief Justice of tl.o Qu dill -ren: p "nods in Ins powers aad aiithor'uy, al- ird n striking exeinililication of the inannr in wlichtlu lluj'ii.'i con.titiitioc ad ipts it-elf to clreii'iHt nice., vv ithout tho frequent interferenco of legislative enacttnen'.s, or tlio violence of siid- ueti change. iJiitil about tho end of 1'liziheth's reign tin oiiieerw eminent, enrre oflheSov writm sl " I"" lr0! "iJ existence of a Secretary ioriuo i-roiich language a-well as one for the CsTT'. i. uuo,,u '"C M Secre iry of Statu : and in the r.,n.-.i ,ii r ...... l . . rti . . ii-iir in 1 1.11 Monarch s rcign the I r,t in-Unco ,.K'Curred m t In-o, heer being styled -our FritUpal Secretary of.-- . to Sion the unij,, with Scotland .nu iiiiinu. r was iiroi ...eilly incri-i.i..l lo ibn... by the swearing,., of James, l)uk00m, eu Zb.'. ry, who a, well as Ins successor it, ollice we o , e,.si,,.ri., td 0 Socretariei of Suitu fiir Scot , tlsii allliirs. 'l'hisappoiatinentw-asdi,e,,,,ii,.,," l ics iuti ,i mo nuer in mo i iov-M'liue ii inmiim. .. , r. ., , i.i h 1 1:,-.. . nun, nap, me sans His di.tio.- being confined to the Hoval brother Charles, com n in per-on m lie , noi n o H -.pi.eii n ....... . i -v ...... u, . ,. , - , , -i'"imvi ui . ii nu 1 1 tit i'ni..iiiiiin,..ii.r,ii r.. l..ui i nun w r. i nu la t i I'u in iii .ihi-j ni v j ..... t. ti.i.iii i-mi t i.i " . .v .i . Mi... i. ihnni ...iiU'dui .iti.i. mir iti thu tn uiiti 'm. i nv i.imlt S. Tho title of 'Principal Sectary of ofCl.irence, for a short linie in IS7 an I IS JS. ' tors who could not hel,, tl?WS "X, !Wi'. i.-.l-l''ll S COinin.llll s ns worn mnii n IV IS lie 11 IV HU IIIMIV IHll.ll H .1- in ino in- i.iir." ...... ...... ..... IM'n von oil. li latin language, both, luring and subsequent to 'birds Ik.uiM.issiouers,' commonly known as accoumndating oleics ,iow;n a siaei ,. s -thoreigiiofllenrv VIII. 1 ,,0 liM im. ,io 'lbinl.ifAdinir.iltv,' of which the Fir.-t Lord hnrhs. Ho w-a-a b.rn genius for a ui meavro. .;.rt.n,t change t.k place in the constitution of is tho chief. Ho-ido him, the I! .ard con-i.-ts , II id he origin it-al ... a higher sphere he wouhl this o.hce, for then the duties were divided be- of four, or more u-ually six, junior Lords, and I hue b.-en a gi ueral.or a stage-nun igi r, or.i twee,, two person, baring ,ho sam.tiU per-'two Secretaries. Tvvo.iftl.e lea-t are h-a-ttho head of a set ol monU forming analogous lunctions, and entiiled oa odicers, but tin ot' ers may hive I inten-ts worn hi- forte : pi-f.-ieadcsl w.ll-,uiil however, u, niii.anl from tint timj til niiSiLut.ovcn when lho ol-iect is to confer a kn.I at hero were but two riecretaiies. h, tl," latter. I tlio hoard upon ono individual In-lead of another, however, on tho resign ition of one of I ,e cit ' it is thu practice for an entirely now commission im, Siifr . .. .. . . . . . il. ...I :p ---s.s."..-,n. i.iuiippoiniea In n- place, ol who,,, ,,o was destined to take charge of our American jKissessious. Hut by statute fico. illl,,caii, bJ, tho ollico of Coloiiinl sJ..-r..i.. Ubolithod, and there remainej but two Secrcta. ries till 1 7!) I. I'rom 17!) I, however, to the pr-s-enttl-iy, there have never Iron less thin thr-e, liz., iiiv for the Hoop D'par'm mi, on3 for l'or ei;:n ATiirs, nnd one forth" (Vonies. L nMlaboiit the voir 173d. it was the practice to i' icribetho two I) 'pirtmonts, one as North' iivKieii inro "i I'linT :iiii "i oreigii ; ill" 1 irnier nf these p M-forin "I the duties ofC'oJoiii il S wl try I till ss,iUr,,t,. (,iie"r wis i"r;uiiP!itly ap'ioiuted 111 17.') I. I he Northern J) 'oirlm-i! u"d to in-l cluJ 'li rmiMV) D.mimi irk, mi, Pn'ind, l'i 1. sia, it" . while the S ml1! th included l' " Swit."rl in 1, .', Porluyil, and Turkey. Til" hsioniiio'H nt present in use of Homo and l-'or- eijrn rerptiro 110 explanation. In 1701, the lucre ie of h'l-iuess cms--rj'i"iit nmn t'i wir n'i ision-. 1 tha appoiutm -nt of tip Hiht Hon. Henry Diitrlt', afterwards. Vis count Mellville, as Secretirv of Slate for Wir : nn oinee wh:ch intist not be coufo mle I wilh ' t'ntol S-cretary nt War It. tin yc-ir 1801, the hisin"ss occasioned by the Colonies wa translerred to the S'cretarv of State fertile War Department, and Ihe twooliices have ever 1 since r.;muinid consolidated, liotviilhstanditi: nu utle .iiit which was made ill lolfi to Imo this third Se.n-tarvshii abolished. .Mr. Tierney's luoiion, in the House of Commons, to this efl'-ct, 1 ne'Mtiveu on me uroanu tnai, niinoiitrii 1110 : war, lor which th" otlico wus csl.Uilisheil, linl cea-ej, yet the C ' mini branch of his Im-iness was siuicieiitly important and extensive to re quire the undivided attention of a distinct oiiicer. .ich department includes an extensive e- "W-'l""' of "n-lor-Bcretano ml c eris business of tho Home I)'p.irt'n"nt is con- l'orei,;n oliicesare in Downing street. There are altogether six under Secretaries of h Department. Oneol these flvo H "t . "m T.?i ram liuent, ami is appointed or resigns with the nolilie-il party of which he is a member. The other Secretary in each ollice is unillected by ministerial change and in the absence of the pr.ucip-il S -cretary, he is tlie oHicialreproseiit-ative,ju-tashis political colleigue is tiie parlriuu ntiry organ ol the He- parlm Mit to which he belongs. The Svril-mjjiir Mund is subordinate to the r tj,. i,u,l 0f Trade has lieeu establt-hed tor Secretary ol Slato for the Homo Department, tll(1 r,fuil.i(m (lf ril'',.v.,v business, for whom he may he said to act in all In-h bit-1 T)m re.sii'i of tho llnrd nf Conl-o'is an ' sine-. That ollice is at present tilled by .Mr. o,,;(,0 (,r!l similar 'character to 'the foregoing, Henry L-ihourhere, -M. P. lor '1 .iiinton. j c,.,r,, Iinru ,,:lrliciil:irlv with the lirii-ig.'ineiit Tho S-rrrtarnl II nr Is Ihe inediiim of com-1 ;.t i,,,,; ,,, ,lfftjM) il, conii.netion with tin munication between the Armv and tho l.overn- j;,-, Company ; it is held by Sir J. Cum meiitof the d iv, nist as th.' A'!-.itant-!ien"ral is ii,.!,!,,.,,.,. ii y. in- ii-i MU.-I1V Nn on tsi..i..i inuuiip- upon ma nnaticiai portion ci mo governuieiK hi tlie Army, lie is iiouinl to give riu-ci in inu orders o the Lominaiiiler-iu-clni I, so ion; they aro con-istent with the known lesources of , the service ; hut when theyappt ,r likely to oc- in service : mil wiien inev a 1 pi ir imeiv o. ..t- casion an excessof ex.eniliture, he relers lor 1 :..ipiii.ii,,j li. lli" 'I'rifisitre. bv ivnwi I decisions ho is hound to abide, llisdutyisto nrenare the Armv estimates, anil lay inein no- ore Parliament ; ho is always, therefore, a 1 n.-nil, :r of the 1 louse of Co'.nnot.s. 1 le i- oc-1 .. no t ' t Ifl'lir I 11 t nKVUN. IL 1110111 HIT VI II JU -;- - "' " . ',-. , .,. ; Ir . " ' Z Z ii-nuiiv " ' ' j ' pi ui.... s "si ih i. iei I iii 11 li : niu fie hrst . , ", , , , ' 1,1 1 .nr., ..I ui-be 1 1 hi. oiiimiotoi..nt was detiebed fro.nthoS"-r'tirvof Sato's odUe, so i"-,n" "'.' ' "i i . ... . tlm S"-r- t.rv of St to's odUe, so ly copne c.oosidere , ,! ,, ,,.. ,i,,,rtiiients then 1 copnecteJ vv ere the two di iraiii ms into , sidercd. The gazetting of military appoint- i r,,ir:a i? nn.ivinilnn i f thu inents am proiuotions. the proiiraiioti 01 oil tides ol War, and the investigilion of 10 , - a. VII II II. II HI II ill I V iJlll. I lif II. 1 11 II 11 ' plaints a;r,.,st tho .Military, all fall miner u.s Control. I This ollico is discharged by the Kiglit lion. Fo .M mle. The CiiANcrt.i.on of the F.tntr.quER. Mi:. Wood, .M. P. When tho burly Sir John FulstnV resolves himself in'o a Co'niuiiftee ol Win s and Means, tho urchin he interrogaled unconsciously per formed the great duty of a Chancdbr ofthe Exchequer which is'to mike a statement of thegvpril co-iJition of the I'm lives. Wnat 'loi'vi-iii my purs j?' is an import mt ques ion. both to i'n tivldual- an lnalions ; it i- that pie Mm which tin CiM'icdllur ol'lh Kvcli" pier ,11s yearly to answer. .May the Whigs escapo '1 it' li.i:i u 'v' with which' Sir John, lik" many ltlnr mm, w is tro 1 rejiic'ina eoitiii'iitio-i ol tiie 'surplus' they inherit from Sir II. Peel ! T.i" C.uueellor oft'i-'naner is a Lord .f the TreS-nrv, and ni.i-t a'.wivs In n niem'ier d" the lower Hi's; ; tlie Peers' not Itiviivgthe i-iiver of :ilt"ring, nni'Midiug, or origin iting .i-.siires involving tho exp-nllturo of jiuhlie none-,-. Among the duties of tho Chancellor ofthe lclnpier, isthat of miking each year a gen stit..:n"nt of the liuimiil eimlition ol the coun'rv. Thi speech is teelmieally termed 'the li'.i'l."t, and o'niracesa review 01 imp incour. aul oxv'tiditures otthol.-. t year. as eouipired with those of preceding yeir ; rem irks upon th lin.i'ieial prisoectsoi't'he eouulry ; an epi sition of the infn 1 I rep al, in idilic ition, or im-po-i!iim of taxes il' th." session ; a detail of tin pi.'.ilic e.;s.nlilnre ilu ing the current pe rioe, witii itsgrouuls of ju-titic ition ; an ac count of all op-u-ilioiis relating to the 111tt011.1l debt, aul, li.lill), tin oxcjss ofiii'oan over exp'ndituro, or 1 "' kt.-i, iicconipaiiied by such ob, 'nations as tno occasion may seem to re- qinri' O.i the d'ath nf a Chancellor of th" llxpli.'- qipr, it has been lho practice to commit tlio I..V- uij i I-.) " Heiich. AiiM-AMi. Tho Hnrd of Alminity now dis-hirge tho duties oncu attached to tho ollice of Lord High Vlmiril. which was always conferred o'i :t ,-.r..:r nmn 111' TUK AIIMll'.ALTV. I.OED Mneuol t io llloo.l,'s ino necon I, wnen niimb-Jr of Lord: mid he is, to all intents mil purpos s, the l,r.l High A l.iiral, ll.e other Lird- ni're- acting as Ins uil.'l-er- no . l. m ni.,1 tin l-hrsl C. 1,1, "II 11 I II, (;on.Mis,ionersand the Pirsthecrplary hold their ",, -..v., . ,. IV ,1... I ,1.,,. ,,. I,i,,,.,l t" 1," niilOOiril sCt Ol -II "Ct.l- I """V" .' " oliices duri. ' plea u.e.aiid are, iherefore, inc n- held with more lighthe-s at apprehen-ion ; no bersoftho political pirty to which tho ministers 1 cooks pat up and proportion the sulo ofa pistv of tho diy bolon". A new c:nmi-.iim is of I with a inoro final eye. whales, quoth old cotirso undo out whennvvr any change takes j Clnpin m, spo iking of N'eptuuc, place in tho rosiionsiblo advi-ers of tho crown ;iThc whales cnlifd under I.-.n, and kacw their Lt.oviM. when tlmohiect is, n confer; , l l m'lh. Mru to bo issued, ro-ap ( ontinuo, and sub-tit lrd for that ofthe p piminting thoso who aro to tituting tho ol tho now person retiring. 1. M'i. ,.iritv of tl.n laardt of tho Adnuraltv are nt uullv ntcmhcM of Parliament ; the Fir.'t Lord is o-tnsi,ily ns well ai r-allv, the head of th" d"pirtm"nt, and may ormiv not h- a p""r 'it he is alw-ivs a Privy Councillor and n min h"roftho C-ihm-t. nn 1 is renonsili!n in I'.irli ' tfiit fertile eonlnct of lb-it britrh nf lh"tiu'' lie service, Vhn he Ii-ihtmis to Iw a ine-n'i of the I'tipnr House, the I'ir.-t Secretary lo th 1 liniralty is alwivs chosen from nuonjst th siinnorle'rs nf Mioistnrs in the Convni ins. air' ncnrdiiv rnres"'i! liio ileptrtm.Mit in th 1. , ,c'iof th" I,ioisiture. '"," run"t!on cf Tie Lord Hii''i A lminl, n th" llnril ol Al'n riltv. co'it-t 111 III' trovcri ,,i ,l ,,r.l.n I, It." l .,,. nii.l vine. I! I'i"ir orders, all ships are built anil repiire 1. laid j 1 . . - . i . I np in ordnnrv. cr fitted for "a. brekn up o' idd entire, put .nto commission or out of cotn-tivs-ion, n mi" I, stored, aul provisioned, em ploved at I101110 or on f ireion -l itiou. All ap-poinlm-nts and removals of eommis-ion and warrant o!Tirers, wWh the evceptiou ofin isr'T nn. sur.rinas. their ilspe-al, linn Irii'n lliis Hoard em mate nil In-trurlion for the bh ntiec of o!lk-"rs in eoniiuind. lV-tu this Hoard al-onrocei-d- all nro'ii.iiion in the several ranks ; mvl in cou-erppire of th-dr reeonim mi I ilioti.s. II honors, nen-inn. L'ntuilies an i siip'rimui lions nro trr,inleil. To Ihe' of Admiriity all oll' returns from tint fl' '.and every practical detail re-iieciiii"; the discipline nu i c n- iiitien ol t'i" -iups, nre niiiirerse.1. .111 o-.i"r for the navment of lnouev on account ofthe ..':.. 1... ll,.., ,,,,,1 It,,.,- s.,n,si ll.-.l ""; A'"-" " ,i,i portion ol the annual estimates which concerns !.!- ,1 ,rf,,.n,,i ,,r il,"nn!d!e. service. Hiuiairs. ! ulteralinns. ami imnroveinent.s in th" doei;yards. uwhiuldings, invention md exir run nt- ru- laiiiigionivii iii iu -r ereall hud b d'ore tii"n er.t for th- provisioning for iippnvil : and ten and storing nt the s:nps are acuiressou neni alter public advertiseni-ut. rr.nsiDr.xT of the r.ou-.n of trauk. the t.w.l I OF rM.Al-.ESIlov. ' Tho Hoard of Tr.ul" i a s-nb-convnittee of the Privy Council, to which is dele'.-itod tli' coa I trol id all m ' isures itilliiencing the roiuiii rcial j interests of the country. Tne P,-"sid.Mii and I Vic l'.-e-ident are charged with each -lianire of (!jv -ninient : the former ollice is new held hvthe Kirl '.f Clarenilen. Since the great d: iusn ruivv seal. E.vnL or miito. i 'j'bf I .'.n I Privy Sea' is ap,siiut 'd iy Letters I 'litem : anil, as tlie mine nup'iel. iiasiti"! .""cial riistodv ofthe Sovereign s I'nvv S .1 u-i,ic), i ttttlveil t-i nil chu i-.irlers, w irrints grants and pinions, tin. f' Ss , 1'. is ontdi d , ,),,,, t'islli ,lv tll ,,,,ri se "tlie Monarch rn,. .,,,. .,.,. i,,t,n.,. .,..,.( I, .in n tin- ,.omm(m l:Uv of the'land, and any instrument he . 1. .1 , J , ,, . . '" "r . ...' ,..J "u '.'V"11 r"' " '"7 '!'llc' "' .'.'' '.'rT'1.11. 1, 0 . . en vvuu no ui-crrnonary poM-er-, In,' unices pay tiienl.s 111 sfricl till rslin lie" i.l" ansli ivurr.inls as .. ... 1 . ... .. 1 10 treistiryor n.-creinry at War undress 10 . . , - . , J ,, . nim. lvicu regiment lias, m auuiiion. a rav- '", ' " . ' ! ' ' ... ' . . .. ". I inasier o, n- ii-.n, woo . V 1 ' , ," ,'. . ,;1 ,, lxtl.Ilt . or t,. contr.d of tho Paymaster (; - , -or.prv the P iv in ister Ceneral was , . . ! , , ... oi ntrll.taI witj, t)lu lnyin(,Ilt of lho military I' ..I tl.,, nr.....t-.. IH.1I.J .1 i"nn. .. . .. . , nr.ielicillv ellecte l in three hu ,ill(,irtmiMlt ' the -nMr t,rvi,c, by eonferrilli' llivio Dili. lilTsnil the ollice of PllV- ! i.ii-ter-(!eneral, Treasurer of Ihe Ordnance, and . I rcasitrer of the Navy. l'OsT.MAsTEr.-OEVEU.VI.. THE .HAIMl'IS OF CI.AXKICAI'.nr:. Tins is, perh ips. one of the iuo-t raolernof the great ruiices ofthe S'ate ; and, from the name itself, the nature of its functions must ho appirent to nr ry one. A d'pirt 11 nt o eu'.ir' Iv practical, so nnch ingingin itspurmi-e, and so little ellect al by, or 1 lli itieg political changes, ought teiiainlv to be exempted Iro n the 11-t 01 the 'ins and outs.' A perm inont chief ofthi e-t.ihli-iiment. thoroughly ac quaint".! with its working-, and above the tram mels of roiitiiu and red-t-ip'.-in. would bj of great puliiic aiv.mtigo. Hat it is an improve-, nunt vet to bjntid:. LOUll -MO.U'ETH I.03D C IJIIMIEI.!.. There are two other o.liees of the Cihine. which, al.l.ouge j-ililical in tbeirtenure. are less i-onnected with political function- than the olhers .onei-lhe postof l'!rt ( Viiiimis: inr r if' Wind i id I'-irt-fs, h"ld by Lord .Moru'-lh : and 1 tin Cvinc'il i'Aiu rf thr ).-(.-'n i:l i,infttr, which his been given to Lord Caiupb"ll. Tho duties ct flu !ir-t are nrhicipulh the 11 iiiii'iitr 1 lion of the Lin I lievenues ol the I rovvu tot ,lu lttur .;, le il liu-ine.-s of the Count pane tine. On the Cinejs. 1111 1 ii'ii"ties iil'I'is Driving rv "uiuii nu.vr. , . .... . , i , 1 roni tin perusal ol this ame' we b.-g leave towirn on vulgir readers of af ' uom; i.i'i-ns, whetherof tho " greit yu' or tliosmill. Warn, d'd wo say .' Vie drive tuein oil ; tor I lur ice tells us that they, as well as pigs, are to in sotreaieu. u; vr.,j mum ru ,gf, s ij i e eln"o. nut 11.1 moil lenu inine ear. g.iiii.. sin 1 'of (loldsmith, wiio didst in ike thy bear- leider ileiiounco " evervthuig ns in low; und ; tJ(m .,,1 Vi!ll, ,i;,,t imnuni.e upon puhhe upon pin ieldiug. tl hou-es and iuiip"t-s!iinv s : an 1 l leiinug. limn w ho-n tho g'"it Hich ird-on, I in tint null r I aim so .10 u.oer.l mail nil - ii, iii.i ui.. ii-i-w. I vulgirity, he.'.inso th'i I didst dis -i-rn mtiiral r 'utility in a loutnin, and yet wa- not in he , taken in by the air el P.innh.ind my lady li. Tin title is a little startling; but ' .-tyle and . m-ihhh-ih, is a lady slid, can do anything alent- i niuMloiluiul fht?rilit.l unwanl I I eiici.ur.igi.ig, yet compelling mm ..... .-.o o the -spire on ch Md, n an, , ic I 11111, I, uir,. Illlll . IIU, IM-l"., m, now peeci: Tho pigs did not exult, but they know their king. Unwilling wis tlu:r subjection, but " more in sorrow than in anger." They were loifargono for rago. Their caso was hepe o.s. Thov did not too wiiv they should pro l ce 'd. but thsv lan tlieiusslves bound to uo so fcrnd, cen;lomratc(l. crowded onwrd,irtc are i.: .t- r .... aiKi irm urn sistiblv impelled by fate and Jelikin. Ofto" vnnhl th'-y have b'nU"d under nny other mvi e.. They speakednnd arunted n in ordinary ; hey sidled, thov shufiled. th"V h iT s'.opped; they ' iriied ail eye to all the little outlets of escape ; 'vit. in vain. Them thov stuck (for their lery ier-"s vV'insort of stiekin,) ch'irmcd into he cntre of his sphere (.faction, laving their 'lends log-ether, h'lt to no purpn" 5 looking all is if they were ulinirririnrg- their shoulders, and 'sehevvine-the tip end of the whip of ollice. Much eve had they to their hit leg-: shrewd Vi-kvvard rhn-es; not u li'hV anticinMivri s'lu-ak, nnd si dden rusli of avoidance. It was sup-rlluo-i. cle;ter, and th"v f-U it ; lint a PS 1...1 . .'. .l:.!..l. ,1 ..,!.. ..t.ini',1 In s it more meicttlt til -11 nuv oilier ainniai 10 iccoiiimodite hinisi'll to circiini'tanres. Heinjr out r,f hi. pile, he is in tie highest state of wonderimnt nnd inai.titude. He is sluggish, o'l'lin ite, opiniointe, not very soi ial : I js no desire of i-eaiii'f loreigii p-irts. Think of him in a mullitmle firc.elto tnvil. and v.oedering what tlm iloii! it r frit d-ives I im ! Jmlfe by this ofthe talents of bis dliver. We beheld a nun once, an inferior genius iudiiclinga pig inlo tho other end of L-'U'.'-lan", Smith".-' 1 II" bad got him thus for toward themirk.'i. Il wa-ir.nth. Hi-nir annnuneyd success in nine pans out of ten, and 1. ope lor Ih" rem iin l"r. I' h id bien a l appy tiiii-ning's work : h" h id onlv to look for the termination I of it; and he linked (as a critic ofanevilted turn ol riuiid would .ivi in In. n'U in o.,. .l 1 ',, l.l; 1 ,t " """ - " i-' -..--.. indulge in porter and u pleasing security. I'er- hap- he would not ay tn ich at. lir.-t. being op ed wilh the m-enln-i-s of his success ' but by d"giec"-. "specially if interrogated, hu would ooo:i. like . I. i".i. into all the circumstances of ins iiinp."", nn 1 ilu pris 1 e-t h"-"'. nmi. Profound would be his i t nut: full of tremor 1 1 i .st middle I'our-e thi.'rh and skillful his progress ; glorious, though vvi'ha rpii'keni pulse, his triumphant en'ry. I l-dic-ile had bien hi situ ation in Ditckin'gponl r-.v ; mit"rly his turn at Hell-alley. We saw him with the' radianca of ome biicIi thought on his coiiteniince. Ho wi ju-t entering Long-Lane. A gravity camn upon him as he stoercd hit totichy onvov into this his last thoroughfare. A dog iiiovil him inlo a little agitation, dartino along ; hat he rr sitin d his eolir-e, mi without a happy tnpida tion. huvering as he mi. - on the borders of tri umph. The pigs-iil, r , r- care. Itwa ev iden' ; a pig with -all tie- pi culirir turn of wind of his species ; a I. '".nv tout would not movs fi-ter than be could help ; irritib. : retrospee tive ; picking obiecti ni-, and prone to boggle ; aelrip witli a tendem y to take every path but tho proper one, and with a .-iilelong tact for thu alleys, lie bolts! lie'- off! Im-csiI ! rrupit ! ' ()!i !'' exel limed ''i", di'hing hihand agitu-t his head, lifting his knee in agony, and screaming with all the weight of a prophecy which th" spectators felt to ho too true, " Us 11 U'';I "P ill minn'r 1 s.r.T.j Pnor fe low ' vvi.think ill line, now sornellmivl m wing up l).il:etreot, and not to bj comfort- ed in Harbiean. I.ifo in 11 Thousands of ne-inie .,,iv" re id. and lauched over, Dickcn's description of" a Morm on Imanl , ,,,, ,1,;, , a -team s, up- or rather of th" things that har- ,. ,. i,- . I'"1' ". ba il -.'P ': a vl"r'"' ',cor- re-poiulent r ours, who .las just relumed irom . 1' , l(1r i !' r fori coin- " m I.uropc, guts u lor .1 com- i lumoii-piece an account of tribulations nn board 11 packet 111 a torm, Willi notices of I1I0 in a packet geneially. It will erve to ainue such of our reader-as have never adventured their precious lives upon the " salt sea ocean." Wo havo only to add that there is no exaggeration in tho picture. Correspondence Commercial Advcrti-cr. O.'F Sanuv IIojs, Sept. 1 pity him who lakes a sja voyage for plea sure. Laving a-ido all tendencies to sea-sick-n-, which nro not eu-ily laid asid". I cmnot conceive what may be the enj ivinent of feeling the deck slipping' from under von, whee 1 iu walk, an I rolling yon about w hen you lie down. Peril i'is :t tier some d ivs, or r eeattd experience, you fancy you havo sum" doliiiite notion "f tho clnnging surf ice. mil can adapt yourself to your ground. Hut the oribr comes to tack ship, iir th wind whips astern, and you must begin agiin ; or if y hi go in'o your stite Mnm, after 111 iking a sjiiisin idic. elV rt to flint the door to windward, vim Mil jonrsell suddenly landed ugiin-t jo ir w ish-Um! ni 1 111 n I holding by tue edge of tho lnutli, aial the other liat in the bottom of the bow'. Alter reiiecfiiig a moment, wilh your regard downward. unui vein- relative situation -.villi tho -iiiii. and tin' small fin, iter . f mar room, and being well assured of th" is:tii-i oflh'" various ob,ect. you make a bo'd. and tor a t iw, 1 elfort to stand erect tmM.'h M sill, of your riK n are .-hii'.i'ig b- f ,-e;.o ireyes, lik" bills in th" band- ol u i-ou,iirnr. reel without where, and onlv save yonr head front tiiiiiuping into uir looking Ilia1- i-y eateliiu!; at tue curtains, v. .iicn. bv u -irango Iuutiiv, are standing at Tglit angles lieui your liyrthstre rfht into the middle i dine room. Tim w .,. a in yoiir hm ,t ... !lu,f i M rimllill,, ver. Y.I.i put u lumber tovour t,r.,i, , ., u.,.1, l,r.,Ts 1.1,. ..'a-s under vour ear. Vim attempt to iiiill'tlu' candle, and you havo .nulled light am! a'l ; and the Hot ,VX My.ired o jour thumb and I'lrolmger. In despiir, you pull orl' y. ur lioets. by dint of violent jerks between the p. chts ; and vhen tha eliort al length proves sucie.-sl il. you lind your sell at ono enl of the room und the boot at tho other. Finally ready, you make a plunge lor licrth ; al liitl'mi iv.v.-.lul!), and coma heavily a-jainst tho wills of tlie ship. Another etVoit, and j on have laid holder its edge, und clamber heavily in. Down goes yuir head, up go your leet ; the dull light ol night come- in at Flio' litllo windows ; p!u-h and hish, ru-h tha crowding waters ; creak, creak, go Ihe van's everv thing i- mov mg witn- , and you aro moving with tho mid give wnrn.s 'or quiet. now against the wall ol tl'o the lowci tail of too berth uiKin tne tloor. on ve a strange fancy that the snip is gi ing over, and the per spiration surfs at eve-, , ue. 'I - i 1 nature at lengili b"gets f leep ; but, at waxing, what stnuige in. 1 1 m r, bo-i s 1 You are jammed like a wedge in tho i ilhe-t comer of your berth, and the snip seems to h.tie a i.iad iriHisCol liatiernig vour no.t ag.un-i mo 'plunks, lou look out from vour ciirtnns to , "';-';.', M",i ill o . n o. .., n. " , ............. ...p... r. s- i , ,. toillAcii i t of you its brand; i lno cha waiscoat i j'w J""1 dotaM. i l.r'uUv lU?k uu.l sliip brt'-U Tail in nur f ipp, . I .- II .. l.l,, vour cicir b:. fallen over, nnd lanciM your and boot-, and cravat, and collar, in ,,,t..r wmr iM-e. Von all in detail, to iniko good ground wnen ion rise nausea comes over joa, and you l.ury your faintheart in the sheets, hut the clothe- sine II bad ;-v on look up, hut lliu f winging i-o.ittall aro rightful.-You try tosumiuon courage, voa nuke a bold push into tho ftato ifm. pu Kirn yo..rpa.!taln.,andthrun inonelec wilb a cool dtterminaUen thatT'de turrruie ycuj.-