Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 2, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 2, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, PRIDAJT MORNING, OCTOBER 2, 1S46. yon lift tlio other font; ynn havo half succeed ed, when thwack yon go against tho lierth. Your hand drops the breeches and catcher at the curtains. Your hr;id swims your heart (irows faint yon drnn into the berth, nml full down to leeward. What hopeless wishes for quiet ! Perhaps some, confoundedly good-natured friend puts his head into the door of your stale room with an " l'h, F , ai'nt sick, are ye ?"' " No,'" you say, speaking very. very quick, " liorrihly sleepy." And von wish lnin any where lint where ho is, and tliank heaven when he slams the door. Hut it is useless folic still. In halfnn hour's time you hate on your pantaloon, waiscoat and WxiK and havo half washed your head swim ming mill your stomach showing strange symp tom. You attempt to tie your cravat the end limps round your shoulder': it is agony to reach it; you re-t'n. moment things are growing worse; von seize your coal nndlial the chance i douhtful : you stagger to tlie door you rush throng1! the cabin, who cares for laughers now? you are beyond the roach of such trial" you swine yourself down to the gangway you lean your head over the boiling and raging "mm and you are relieved. There is another side lo the picture : tlio wind i not strong, hut counts, every whiff of it. home ward. The un send-, warm slreal.n over the l"e quarter, iiiul under the sail you lounge", your head shaded and pillowed upon your southwes trr. and your limits stretching into tlio warm sunshine upon the deck. You have a hook : Vou have ransacked the ship's library and slum hied lqien rtitlwcr's I'ien'i or l'ompeii. and as yon read of Irene or Nydii. the old houe down hy the l'nn llo'o, and the dirty hanks of the Tiber, and the swarm- of children of Roman inoth'T", troop in your nvuiiory: or Vesuvius and it" smiling skit", and its good monk' wine, and the unburied riiy witli it irons guides; or theeaiy luxury of the niolion gets the bttcr of your eye, and it closes, and your head yields to the woolly pillow, aul dreams of the land of ittnrvcomo whisking and goitii.' : and by and by, n s!"cp grows stronger, tViugh's w ind.-r home ward, and you are putting your feet down on old doorways, and catching the smiles of old fa ces, and restrainintr the caresses ot our old dog. 'Pinole, tingle, tingle, goes the lunch b"ll, nn.l xon lift vour head to seethe captain shooting oil" f T a bile at the fruit and the sardine". You fill to dozing agiin.u lien the two white puppies come frolicking and catch lit your crat tail', and bite at the t.-i-el of your Scotch cap. and you are still pi iving with th"m when cabin hoy comes up with a pla'e rf boiled lice for the fowl1, and our dog nre away to dispute claim-' wilh tiie turkie". Tin-wind hauls abeam and freslien". Yo.t skill your heith to windward, and the ship lie lightly cior, and tlie mate cr ders the men to the leaee. " Slack to windward.-' ' Slack it 1-, sir.-' " Topsail brace." "Topsail ra''c, sir." ' Yo-heave-o.-' " Ilolny." " Belay, sir."' And you watch the cpes tra versing, crossing and recrosing nsninst the deep blue sky of Augu-t. Now she'parts the waters gallantly, ami you look down over the lee rail into the dancing and frothing wine. As you look, a platoon of porpoises, mir-h.illed by a he.TW. tumbling old sergeant, come frolicking liy : wlii't, they cut the top of the wiw with their sharp black (in. ami sink in Hue. and ii-e, and dive again under our keel, and reappear and slip away, though you can see where they swim a long way on. a- they tn-s their black hacks out of the sinning mass of ncein. You fa'l to whittling, or pace the deck, until "tit. gle, tingle" again goes the bell, and this time it is a dinner, then ynn sit out tlie stews anil j roasts, and nuts and wines, ami captain's joke, I till three bells strike, and the fresli air of deck feels gratefully. Tlio ship is scudding along nnder a strong breeze, now on tlie quarter ; the ripples net upon the wines, seething in our wake; the stout old Dane boiinrches the wdiite planks, every now and then shouting to the man at the wheel, " No iyer,', ' keep 'or loo!." Then we sit on the green settees, as evening comes up in a grav stripe out of the Eastern lino of horizon. The smoke of Ihu captain's pips floats n way in blue clouds under the crot chet, the carpenters piano " forard" is whi-king out "havings, nnd the steeragers are looking on, lounging over the water c.isks, or enjoying tlio last of the sun on the top of the long boat : the ducks quack, and now and then the mu-ical laugh of one of the light heat ted (ierman girl singsout over the ica. The wind drops more astern, 'heave up;' and a creak, and a creak, and a 'belay, Kir,' and the yards are squared to it. The sun drops into a thin haze oer the horizon, that m ikes its disc, as distinct as a h'ooded moon. The wind comes in puff-, as if Dolus were blithering' alter the universal quiet; slap go the empty sails, and there agiin,they fill,andagain lap the mi-Is. Now, it dies wholly. The waves liave diminish cd to soft sounding ripples, and tlie surface is Ull'iotll, The m 'rriost of tin steerago company are Ci'hered along the line of casks beside the long boat. and the are singing a rich, w ild German chorus. Adtnirablv tliey tune their voices hark'how it mellow as it rides olTonthe waves ! That indescribable note of the man in the long red e.ip that one bears so often in tlu alloi ol'Switzurland bowit rolls ner th url'.ice ol the water, bringing hack to my mind, who was oulv a wanderer, and douhlv lo theirs who call it their own, the. land of the iir tree orthe gl icier. Now they have changed loa soft plaintive air You may distinguish the sound of woinnns uiices : "and the sun, fur a moment lufore hh fitting, is free of the could, and throws a stre.iu of crimson light over the queer head dre-ses aim earnest simple faces (1 the (ierman singers. Sweetly thev (ill the air, as tlio sun goes down and all becomes jrrev. The li't trace of the rod light has sunk in the Wc-torn waters; so bv degrees, all j till, aril the skip, witli it crowd ofliing souls, as .-ilonlas the sea. DON. FREE PRESS, lUriU.INCJTOX, Yt. FRIDAY MORNING, OCTODKll 2, 1816. The Wnr with Mexico. Tho Sentinel and Democrat Insists upon it that " tho unexampled obstinacy and depravity of a Whig Senator has entailed a wnr upon this Country for month'", perhaps for years." Is it not rather singular that locofoco newspa pers all over tho country, the Sentinel as well as tho rest, have been pouring out vials of wrath and denunciation upon tho Whigs for months, fororrosixo this Mexican War I They tho Whigs havo been branded as enemies of their Country, British Whigs, traitors, and all manner of enormities, because they Jiave, from tho begin ning, resolutely opposed both tho commence ment and tho continuance of this Polk-and-Dal-Lis pro-slavery war ; and now this consistent Sentinel is equally beside itself with rage and fu ry hecaue tho Whigs, as it says, have "entailed" this locofoco measure "upon the Country!"' What is the Sentinel driving at? Is not tlie war just as necessary now as it was four months ago ? What lias been achieved by it 1 W hy should it be terminated nor, ifit were ncr called for? Has Mexico been conquered, or humbled oven? Have wo "conquered Peace?" Has Mexico paid the Indemnity-money, or has she promisedei1 Has Polk-and-Dallas-dom fiddled and danced in "tho Halls of tho Montezuma.'?" Or has any one thing been accomplished for the attainment of which tho whole pow er of tho Uni ted States has been for months arrayed against the poverty-stricken, distracted, and feeble, Rc public of Mexico? Wo will tliank tlie Sentinel to answer any one, or all, of these questions, and then we will bo prepared to discuss witli it the " unexampled depravities "and tho " moral tur pitudes " of which it makes so wonderful a dis play. It has "blown hot and cold" about this Mexican War about long enough. Jct it "de line its position" and let its readers know why the war should bo stopped, or why it was begun, and its opinions and charges may ho entitled to respectful refutation. To the pcttifoging of the Sentinel respecting the cau-e of the defeat of tho hill giving Poll; 2,(K)(),()()0 for the purpose of purchasing a peace, wchaioa short reply. The pretence that tho war need, or will, be continued one single hour in consequence of tlio failure of that bill, is tco preposterous and absurd to merit a moment's at tention. Tho .'"I'J.OUO.OOU wa no more nmhl to give the President "aiithoriti'' as the Sentinel says, lo bring to a conclusion "tlie oxi-ting war with Mexico," than to give him "authority" to negotiate any other Treaty. The l'ioidont had. and has, all the necessaryaiithority in the premis es. The defeat of tho bill, therefore, neither ad ded to, subtracted from, nor in any respect ntl'oc ted, the authority of the President to conclude a Ttcaty of Peace with Mexico. Will the Senti nel deny this ? Whence, then, originate its Wilis Stntc t'onvcntlom The usual October Convention fur the appointment of a Ptato Cential Committee and Coimtv Committees for the ensuing vear. will be linlden nt Mnntpcher on WI'DXP.SDAY TIII'UTtt Ol'TOM'R licit, nt 7 o'clock. P. M. A full attendance of the lui! mem hers of the legislature, nnd of delegates from towns iKirrorcsi-ntcil. is desired. 1 it uMivtm Ani.RY A.VDItKWTT.ACY, Plate GI'.O T. ltopm'.s. rouTi'smxTint, l 1, W ITOV in fiAMPtil. ADAMS, Committee. A. j. MINI'.K, Srpt.23,1Slfi. The Whhrs of Massachusetts. We don't know to whoc " sleeve " wo would sootier " pin our fiith"than to tint of the Whigs of tho old OiMMnNwn.M.Ttt of Massachusetts. There is a freshness and vigor, as w-ell as sound ness, of l'liivcti'i.E, in the "Old Biy State,'' that carries captive both the head and the heart. We love zeal in a good cause. It isasdillerent from fanaticism as a cdnllagration is from tho genial and vilifying warmth of the sin. Fanaticism beats out its brains in belialf of r.n abstraction honest and fervant zeal in a good cause, goes fi r prtelicitl benefits, and nlta'wibh good-ends. It never rejects possible advantages because it can not achieio all it desires. Tin's is the distinc tive difl'cronco between enthusiasm and fanati cism. The former is consistent with tlie ut most ardor and determination of purpose the latter is inconsistent and hurtful, because, in its headlong crrs.ade after ' Reform " it neier takes society ns it Is. There are multiplied in-tanccs, scattered oierthc world's history, of the baneful effects ofa fanatical spirit of liboity where the means employed to bring about benelicial results bale had no respect to the condition, the capaci ties, the w ants, or tlie irdfnre, id' mankind. We have tie fellowship wilh this "spirit of Progress and Improvement." It never accomplishes any thing bit ciil. and it never will. It eirr h.i we'd-di lined and consistent jntrjuse. It vcxtr know definitely, and communicates clearly, what it propo.-es to do: but it always "goes ahead,"' reckless, vindictive, relentless, and in discrim iritiug. (live ns tho sound heart, and the practical head the heart that feels and spurns Oppression and Wrong, and the head that juditioiifly, and with right means, labors for their remival. We an led lo the-e reflections by perusing the "proceedings" of the Whig Slate Conven tion of Massachusetts. More than a thousand .staunch aid indexible Whigs of that State as sembled in Fanned Il.ill lastweektoact for their con-tituency. m nominating a State I icket, and , throes of well-.ilTected anguish over the "do in setting f.rth their principles and opinions in pnnity"' and the "turpitude" and the "despcra licw of tho existing condition of affairs in our tioif ofa Whig Senator who deemed it his duty, l ountry. And well and nobly m our judgment, . did they discharge their duty, (ir.oiuin X. Unions , and Jons Hir.n, haling been found "faithful and true," were re-nominated by acclamation. On all the great topics of the day on the Tahht the Mexican Wak the Or.r.uoN Question the Sen-Ti:i:.isfuv the Vm on. Slavery, the Whigs of .Massachusetts, "without fear or f n or"' pronounced their news. Ono I'nsolntionon the lalt"r topic we copy. It s:.i i - a doctrine iiiscpar able from whig prince 'e- and. ns we unhesita tingly IHieve, one that can be carried out only through the prevalence and the ascendancy of moveil to stiuke out the following proviso in the Whig principles. It i, us follo.vs : bill, which wo again publish for tlio instruction Umlreil, the Willi's of Massachus-tts will I of the Sentinel : it) in lie io uf hi en win mi n hi i ontT means lo resinin th" nlrendv prrponderalini' iuiliienee of "WMci, That as an express and fundamental .In, f.itMiil.iw ,nf.ri.4t4 in tin. ,i:0 iim.'il l.r,,wt,itifM M .!. I mm! il u in nt llm iifTiiiisilntn ill ;im' territorv trrt.n t ip feat all measures calculated to iipholil slaiery, ami pro- Kepaliue o! .ilexico hy the Umleil Mates, hy virtue ol mote all coiisiuiiiioiial iiita-iimslor ilsuurilirow, anil any ueaiy wmciiniayiienr'oiinteii iii'iweciiuiHii.iinil will oppo-" nt all times, wnii uncoiupromisiu yi-ni toiiii'Uehyiii" i,eeumeoinny moneys norem appro and lirnmcss.nnvfiirilii'r addition ol'slavchoWiii!; stales, printed, xuriiES si..ivr.r.v xoa invoixu mv si I l.HL SI AI.l. L, Lli I.Als I 1", A., , I'Al.I L1 S.A11I 11.1. 1.1' Toitv, except for crime, whereof the partv shall lirst be made hereafter, hy Southern l,ocofocos, Slave Tei'.I'.itop.y. Slavery is not tolerated in Mexi co, and consequently nil the territory wo wrench from tho Mexicans w ill be, till propotly arranged under our llepuhllcan System, "Free Territory." Hut " tho immediato jewel" of this hurried correspondence is Mr. Smart's quotation of the " language ofa very distinguished Democrat." It is indescribably fine ! It discloses a sensitive ness of patriotic deletion to " constitutional ob ligations" that is rarely found. Isttpposel emiW bo prevailed upon, (is tho language of this "very distinguished democrat") to exceed my constitu tional obligations; hut, then, my dear friend, don't urgo me! It would bo "aiery difficult thing!" Mr. Smart bo'ccclics his "friend anj fellow citizen" to "pardon tho hrciily of this letter." Yc take it for granted it was long enough for poor Whitney ! If not, all wo can say is that Mr. Whitnoy is a very unreasonable man. The Sentinel's disinterested love for 'Dcm ociatlc raimcri." Wo copy tho subjoined letter from tho columns of tho Sentinel and DcMixrat of last week, and respectfully ask that veracious and gentlemanly affair how it finds itself ? Will the Farmers of Chittenden County have tho kindness to call to mind tho burst of indig- n int virtue which we cut from tho Sentinel u-t week, and remember how its generous heart swelled with disinterested zeal to do something liberal in their behalf? And will they call to mind, also, its low and " pure locofoco " attack upon the Free Press for an omission for which we were no more responsible than wo aro for an eelip-o of tho moon ? And then wo ask them to read Mr. Weston's conclusive refutation of its miserable imputations, which they will find he low,andtryto make a "running average" of the lalnc of its professions of regard for "Wool growers" in general, and "democratic farmers'' in particular! Darlington, Sept. 21, 1 8 10. Ma. Wixsmw : I notice an i ditorial in your paper oflhe 18di iiisi.,cliiirKhu! lli'-ollicers ol tlie Chitten den County Agrienlliiial Society witli " illiberal offi cial proscription " lor not fuinisninglnr your paper, as was done lor the l'rcc l'riss.a copy ol the list ol pre miums offi'red lor tlie present jear ; and as this charge liny tend to nff-ct the Society niiirioulv amoius ho-e who reau voiir paper, i ikiz ie.iu m sum- uiu- Itnilroads. The Agricultural I'nir. tZX ! "'"B itwi11 M the enterprise and Fciety,isju-tlyceusiniib!e. ! trade of Uos-'on, to the rich and productive region Bum nine Miue.iuio. j. on i .i ,' "'- . r Western Vermont, rem ers t. a wnr.- of im t, though I well recollect tlie laeto 1 caueii at your i " , printing olnceaoilreiiu'1fti'ii your lureiuau .ir. gre.u coiiseqiieiico i" uv.u euy. ue leei au- hlistl 11 nonce, Hiiiiii l iiicii oioueii -,!. ,, , In savt bat t heso eon. i er.,1 nns urn ,n. ctinc ol tlie lloanl ol .Maiuijers lie replied m1 . . mUtimee. that a ihoiiL'li vou hail nhvais null hs'ieil our L'liining to tie luiequateiy cstimatcil, anil that we notices gratuitously, ym iciuld not ,'itllif, am, mo,e ! , , M ,0 fon;rratu)atoour Wet- icithmit pity, as you bad ilotermincil to hale pay lor , J . , , . all notices puLl.slicd therealtcr. I reported tlie mat i cm i ermont friends on the attainment of thoie inerlo the Hoard of Managers at their next nieetinj!. i er,.l r.nlts uddel, seldom fail lo rnuiml I was never lntoruieJ, until r nJ ly last, tint you u.ia changed )our mm, I an 1 were walling to pulm-li oar resolute and persevering eliort. notices raliutoii-iy. i nn 1 icarn.i irom .nr ay upon whom 1 called for lhe pirpo-c of callun; his atten lion to vour editorial, and to the notice aboie ttated, ieu by bun to me. (J.i conversing with Inm, 1 loiuut that Insreenllection and us it unquestionably was his duty, to oppose the striking out a proiiion in the bill prohibiting the usc.of this .$'J,OUU,UUO for tho acquisition of Slave territory ? l!ut wo again affirm that, whatever consequen ces may bo chargeable upon tho defeat of this- uncalled-for and highly objectionable bill giving tlie President the unrestrained usonf QS.QOl.OUO tf the public money, they lie at the door of Dix on II. Lewis, the Locofoco Senator from Alaba ma. He it was, as the Sentin;! admits, who, a few minute prethms to the hour of adjournment, I mine corresponded in relation to the notice given . . ,, ,. ' u ., ..,. m,,im, by bun, though be said be did not mean toeveiude , ttt0 Llock- 1 'ree )oung gentlcmoi ht nl premiiniis in tint nitice, but he ndmittcd village. Knwiv T. CilAXEY. aged IS, a On Thursday of last week, between ono and ntlcmcnof our nremiiiiin in t nt ni ice. out ne numi ten village, r.ow is i . iHAXEv. aireu lo. a urniner .it in giving me that notice, lie made no exception. .fii.-r,,..., p.,..n. nr .), iTi,i,rs!tr riimir, Thch-tol nreiniumslor 1SIG was first nibl'shed in ol 1 roles-or ol tlie Unui Mil, the 1'tee Press in February last. 1 belieu- that you ex- i Henry ThoMI'sov, aged 10, son of the late Judge age Willi that paper. , UI1J'-C""7,''' '"'r Tliovtrsov, and I'oEEKT Conolly, aged IS, son tlint ynii jinblwietl Ilif s-ame h-t in your jiajH-r o( , ' 11.. 27tli iVlirnnry Ja'-t.a (act tint 1 hail not brloie no- j of Air. John CoNor.LV, embarked in a f-mail fail tl. I Immicil vnti in iitr!iiii. n notice ot the time anil 1 ... .1 11 .. n-i plaeeorourCailleSr.owandl'..irforyorpaperoftl,c ' 10 .uko i ,. excurs, , , ,e nay. iwieu 11m inst.,viucli you pniiiisiieti. liauyouiiuiuii nine , aooui two nines iroiu me w narvc5, anil nearly illfonneil me that vnn wiheil :l eonvol the list nt' pre- ... , ,, ..r ...... , .... , ,1 J 111 ' 1 .. ,,.l.. 110 sal io iii-iiitu nu. 11 111 .1111 per isii ii , II iniums lorpulihe.'ition, vou would luiie been tiinusliea i 101 o;iu w itliout uelay, ' s pioii 01 inu su uti, mo ouut nun c.ipsjzeo n, iuconcui-iou.isi,, c,, iistinctiy.iuaijnui w uw i n notwithstanding th? judicious precaution, that I cliaii: I1111I the lived duly eotnicted With this proviso tho hill might haio passed, (though we are glad it was defeated, any way !) but with this proviso Southern pro-slavery Lo in ibis tTnion, out of whatew-r territory lonued ; and tint they will in bke maimer oppose all liirthereMcn- loiioitn" sinveiynt tiie Alucan rncc on tins conti nent. It.umli r the government of rioviilence,it sj nil happen that portions e. .'licoiinnenl, not belonging to 1111; sullen li lies, vjuiii ne sciiieu oy uie .uou nice, let those setdep. carry wilh t'n l.wdierever they go, to- eellier Willi 1 leir iiwn tree lilintrl. 1 i Ili..ei.r4 nl tree gmernmeiit and free iusiitiiiion,f,,ral,und elniu-and cofocuism resohed h should not pass, uit, to use ett'TS luriione. l lielcieroiir lailginge 1 I,. I. 'litter C,,r,t In o.,. tl. nln.rnif .nt rnlt,l 1, ,,,,.... to lie spoken, our history rememln'ied, our example . '. . " on intel, or oar kindred acknowledged, lln-rc let iiniicr- ol the hentiliel id freedom and equal I iws be pmclaie d to man. j "Hy ,eep-dyed,nnd dammble p'.ot.liy the "mor We stlb:oin tho short and tbrillino .sneoeh of . al iurnitade"of a notorious dianairoeue. base fiiiiu'd n.v.c, iVFn.-m. " to beeoiiie the willing iiistruinciit to do th" bidiliiigo: , , j demons, the Mexican war was entailed upon the coun 7 ello.p Citizen and (icnllrmrrt I consider it ns a j ir , perhaps for years to come." great piece ol gum I lorllllle cum lor a tew moments tn ,.()or -irmv svin'o tnrrihk- in rii,lni-s " lint tt belnol.ir1:e.lbodvi.ftlJre1,res,.ttivesol-.lieVhies! U"r arn1 "0'13 t0rrlW 1" 1 h""lors, but It of .M:itichnsetis nshaie leae iivsunliled. Whereier was nothing to this ! th" Whigs of .Masachu-ott.s assemble, there is nn odor ' . . ofblieity 1 love to inhile an aioweil attielimeni to, Torofiieo Ilreiitv nnl lVrsnieniiv oareouutry, wliieliwaiiiHaliearliiowold.bin which I-ocoioio Jircwi) I crsplcuitj still beats in neeiirilinee wilh Irmiiiii hberiy, wlu-lher at borne or abroad. I'ir-t at, mid tlieu aliioul. (ieiiil'-men.fieba party as th-- Whigpanv, made up as it i uf intelligent and indeH'ndeni nien'anil nnss.s ot men, could mil besllppo-edore.vpiTted to llgiee wilh ..ii. loi.iiiiii, i.i.vil .11, ,l,- il,'Ml, III IIIIMC M.ll- i , .. . icy wlueiur.ny arise. A eo.ii.nimiiyoffeelnig mid a '" reply to a trouble-ome quc-tum superior to enminiiimj- o purpose Mill had to a eo-operalion 1 w hat lollows. Tlie "Hon. 1 rtiueil is neeess-iry io n eoiinnilliity ul nei, 'l liere are tope-s in iiM-itinn to w men, gentlemen high in my regant nod warm in mv atf'eiious, we a line ,,' duty not apparent to me. Others rely on other loundations mi inner no .es, in r ine weinre ot our common conn try nosmr an I II "'nncholy Accident J. J.ost ! Siiiirutern Lives Tho Kingston, Canada, N'ews of Monday lnt gives the particiilms cf a sad c ita'trojihe, which happened on Saturday the Uth iiist.hy w hich 17 lives were Inst. Some H'.i or '2 1 workmen! were engaged on the (lovernmetit defences, being enmtrucied on Ccd ir I'land, opposite Kingston crowded into a row boat for the purpose of returning from tin Island. There wa a heavy sea at the time and when about tho middle of the Channel a wave truck tlie bo-it and she was Immediately upset, preeipitatingthe men into tho Itiier Six men. only, wero saved ! The remaining seventeen perished ! Nuirly all of llietii wero married witti lari'e latmlies (tererilunl on tnem lor sup iiort. It is stated that Sexenly-tiro children have heen iiipuiciioi paternal protection I'tui sup jiort by this cntaHroplie. Troy I'tut if the Ul st Since the palmy days of good king Martin, of Liisuenivahl, wo haic seen no specimen of polit ical adroitness aiut agility in avoiding a categor- K. Stnait Sir:" ' who has immortalized himself below, is one ol j tlio locofoco c indi. I ites for Congre-s in .Maine who were not elected the other day .Mr. Whit ; bin for my pan, the daik and troubled night i ney, the interrogator is ono of the "unterrilicd"' i stnr iihoic the lionon, but lhe iritrioilc, intelligent I i i . ,. ,. I united Whig inrtv of the linie.l Smies n.e I Maine, w ho, in days past, according to his ow time o. s-piraiton Ins nearly arrived, nu.l 1 will cnnfes.-ion, was giultvoftho ten; "netit Iarcenv' merely say tint 1 partake with you in the happiness , . ,. ... .. ' ..,,, , 3,t1iattbeiiisdeandidaie'voulmies,.le-tedfor oltenlmg "froiii ln sent to hoar .Mr. Smat Our Street., We nre heartily glad to notice lhe improvements making in one of our streets, ut least. At nn expense not woith naming th" appearance of our village could tie greatly improved by u Jitll" intention to th" meets ...TLi.l...'?il!,s. The slovenlv lino 'nranee of Mont- iielier in this respect, lis le'come a by-word, mil nl !liou"li lhe p-ople ot lhe Sjtute who nre lien? during the sitting of th (ienenil Asanbly, uu I who nre nl wnyscoiupl.iiningol the inuj.iisit us ut the iuol in , lenient seiiion ol the yenis jet, wf rullyure lar.iery far ldiind the village- of the Stale m the matter of ftreets and sidewalks. A village ol Lie tw nud w.llhol.Montuelier,esiK'Cnlly,tlieeaiilol olthe.Stnlo ought lo pay no.iicv.bat more Utintlou to the outer '" Vi- iimke theiie reniatks with all the fear and treir.b liti" that iui?ht be ujposod to Is- proier in a n comer.but it strikes us that il ; my linn can ind lus uride a Utile aroused on the subject matter of this am-i-le it won't make much dillercnce whodoesit. 1 at- I Kit. Certainly not, her ways." Moatpelier ought to '.'inciid II?" A student in Western Kf serve College, who lias been various stages of cdacnti'iit, or lime rriH has nipporled limits'li hy gralliilg, inoculating, ' i .. Inirniliieinr' choice Innts. and lins. Hi laUjinwlationUJ and luuiiattl uli lhe town round- the high oll'resof (imeriur and fdeut. (iovernor.will be delicti. .Old the maintenance nf snmut tirinclnles K'curediuthe Coniiuoiiwcaltri. 1 rejoice in the an ticipation ol the spread ot good principles, nnd 1 lirudy bebcie that tleoc is nothing winch will secure them but nlirui miiuileuaiice of tlie Whig party, (lentle men. thankful ir eieiy token ofjoar rcgird, 1 sin eeiely wash tint the In rinoiiy evinced on this occasion, may lend n-iril great res'dt the complete and entire triumph of Wlug principles. Mr. Webster resumed his seat amidst a per fect torrent of applauso andcheer.s. I'l i The fall Term ol ,bt County Court com menced on Tuesday last Judge Hennett pre siding. Previous to tlie usual proclamations by tho Sheriff, the Itev, .Mr. Peaeohv made u very solemn and impress'ivo prayer, most appropriate to tho place and tho occasion. Wo understand that the Docket is an unusual, ly largo one, and we commend tho vjrtuo of pa- ueucoaiiu orouicriy-iovo to all especially liti gmts. Tho Court-room was in apple-pio order nn 'l'nut. -.l I I. ... . .. ' v .... . pu , v .i, t uccn lucro since,) I lie new carpet within tho liar, is a very neat one but incontinently suggested lo us, by its multi farious, reticulations and convolutions, tho idea of a tpidir's web, The rcscinblanco is imaginary without doubt, P. S. At tho hour of our going to Press, the. lirst caiio (The Hank is, tho Steamboat Com pany) had not been decided; which will account for tho ahseuro of our promised law notices this week. II J' I'ho Rochester papers: compliiti that tho Hotel keepers in Auburn took advantage of the immenso inlluxof Strangers, on tho occasion of tho lato , V. Statu Agricultural Fair, to prac tice, extorluni charging in some instances ns high as I, per day. Their sympathy for tho "KarmerH" wad (something of tho Sentinel's cali bre "goedfur what it would fetch,'' Smart I'.-hito in theSjiute. Ilnvever, .Mr. Whitney lias doubtless reformed, and wants to know how his old friend and instructor feels on the suhj'ect ofhlaiery. llo is in a hurry, too, fur the infer- m iiiuu, as mo election is near. Auw reau : I'trrsnr.i.D.rVpt. 5, ISIC nun. i,. n, ,-inin mr- l ernut me to inquire wlielher, ifel-cted a lllcllllier ol Congress, ynn Nun!, I pom agaiusl tlie uiIiuismou ol nny more slave territory into the Union in nny wnv or under unv cm musinm-ci whateicr. A trunk reply isdeired without delay, nn mv rircin'Il Ulirur. 1 he umlersienei is not a total straneer lo vourfiim ily, nor lour political history, lie was bom and resi ded in Vnldo IS'i years : was a member ol lhe Louis. lature ill ISI J.niul freiiuenlly stole Iroui his seat m the

lluiise to listen to the debates ol lhe Senate of which ) ou were a member, i ours respecttully. i.i.u. n in i ,i,i , n e r I. V . Cambln. Pent. 7. 181fi Sir: Your letter ol Pent. C is rtceiied. Vou en. iiure,7(ntiiH(i?!, if I bale not iiiisappiehended you, bow 1 shall ote, it elected a member ol Cougiess. ttjiun itiiyi'rvpunUitjn tit acquire any naditionat ore, tci I itm u. Ill reply, 1 have lo say that during my term, if elected J snail nol ole lor lite acquisition oi any oilier till KliKKTllKIMTOIiY. In tlu? language ol a very distinguished democrat "1 will lie true lo our eonsiiiiiiioiiiii onugatious m res. pect to slaiery, but lo go lurtlicr will Do u iciy ihnj cult thing." Pardon the brevity of this letter, I write by return ui I11U1I, I leabo lu cousiuei inr, Yery resjie etfully, Your friend and lelluw citizen, i;i'H!!IAM K. SMAUT (Ico. Whitney, Ilsq. IMtuJield, Soiucrsel Co. I here, tlicn I Janguago was given to man according to ono of the most consummate dipli matists in tho world, to cnablo him to conceal his ideas. Neighbor Smart has, therefore, hit it to a I . Ohservo tho e.xccssivo warness of tlio remark : "I shall not vote for tho acquisition of nny other than FitEr. TERittToity," This leaves him a wide, margin for voting for tho "ac quisition of all Mexico and California, to be Tho llostnn Courier speaking of the Ogdcns-1 burgh 1'ailroad, says: Mr. Hayw-ard, the engineer appointed to superin tend the survey from (Jg.lcnsbitrgh to rintts,UIKh, ! now in the city, haling recently been oicr the whole route, llisieportsnreiiiore fivorable than the most nctive friends ot the road bail exoeririt. I'mi,, ,i,n fiunimit westsvard, about 8U miles, tho gind"s will not exceed '.ti leet to tin mile. It is bclieicd that il.e road may be constructed the wholeol this distance nt annv. erage cost not exceeding S'2U,000 a mile. 1 lie Vermont Central Itailroatl is in rnpul jiroress. Mr. l'nlne, President of the Corporation, was in the city last week, and gives the most encouraging leprc sentations as to Us early completion. We copy the following from the Kccnc Sen tim I, Our Itailroad gradingnnd bridging is going nn fine ly on every part ol the line. The Commissioner have just sanctioned the road, anil assessed lhe dama ges to within a mile, or a mile and n bail' of Ik Mown Palls, and would bale completed their woik on that part oftli,' line had the engine, rs been fully prepared lor tnem. it is now pronanic me uruige across tiie oon- i necticut tuconncct wilh the Kutlntid road, will be laid I just above the piesnt budge, and lhe d'-p it located on the isjanii .oiui ol tlie uwelhng house ol Horace Ilaxter, Il-q. The Coinniissioneis will meet again on the 'Jjth, to locate th" line across portions ot our ul lage not yet compb ted. We are happy lo learn that tho Committees appointed by tho Cheshire and the "llullatid" Hoard of Directors, lo agree and determine upon tlie point of connection of the two roads, met at Hollows Fulls week before last, and decided on the location of tho Depot aiidlhollridgc, at that place. Tho llridgo will ho thrown across the river a little north of the present bridge owned by N TL'cicnr.,llsq., anj tho Depots will lu con ftructcd.ns Fiiirgested by the Kecno Sentinel, on the island, and North of the dwelling-house of Horace Ilaxter I'q, This decision, we under stand, was mutually agreeable nnd satisfactory to both the important interests concerned. Claiming to know a little something of the pe culiar and perplexing obstacles which have hilli crto obstructed the progress of " the l'ntland Road,' as well as of the various and substantial merits, and tho claims of that great enterprise, particularly upon the business men of havo especial satisfaction in saying that there re mains hut little doubt that it will bo very soon placed tinier contract, and its construction ac tively carried forward. The importance of the road tn tho Cheshire and Fitchburg interests is much greater, we doubt not, than even its most sanguine ineuiis iniyi vcniureti io calcinate ; anil VKKV IJI.STIUISSI.NH CASUALTY. oil rig;.,tioii3 cf ili. Caulj Snow nn-l rir.m sensou tipon re-orted to immediately previous, of Thursday being tho day on which our paper goes to press, wo were prevented by indispensa ble engagements from visiting the Camp (Irotiml on which the Inhibition of the Agricultural So ciety took place, until afternoon, and then we, as well as orter animals and goods, wero driven from tho ground hy the sudden rain-storm. Wo had, therefore, but little opportunity to examine tho various and beautiful specimens of tiio pro ductions of Nature nnd Art which wore nn tinged for exhibition. Tho neat cattle, and horse", tho excellence and beauty of which, wo nre inform ed, were greatly superior lo those of any previous Pair, wo wero prevented from seeing at all. Wo regretted all this much less, however, be cause wo concluded that Ihosovcral Committees would furnish Reports, somcwdiat in detail, of tho articles, and stock submitted to their official inspection, which would bo infinitely more just mid satisfactory than any thing wo could say. Ijiitlicrcin, too, wo aro doomed to disappoint. inent ! And so, what shall wo do or say 1 "Wseo somethings well worth mentioning, tho' thov may not have been tho best of their class Wo shall, therefore, speak of positii e, not com- parahie, merits tho latter aro set forlh in tho award of Premiums, which will bo found in an oilier column. Tho exhibition of HonTirrr.TiT.AL product', as it appeared lo us, was very rich and creditable. Tlio Ilr.ETs, C.r.r.oTs, Squashes, and Pumpkins from the gardens of .Messrs. ('lias. llunr.CLL, cf Jericho, .1. CI. CittTTEMiEN, C W. llaow.v, and 11. lluowsLLL, of Williston, Usal 1'inasoi, of SItelburn, 11. Stiaexs, of Pssex, and 11. IVk, II 1joins, A. CatCi.v, J, I, Cutler, P. Doolittle .1. So;tAns, and 0. T. Mooke of Utirlington wero of almo-t unrivalled size and perfection. .1.1.1 I'TLEit exhibited 7 monstrous squashes. the product of oh i in'! Hut the mountainous squash of. I. (7. Cihttexdex, was entitled to, and received, tho Premium. .Mr. U. Pieesov had most beautiful display of Carrots, and two splcn did atennelons, weighing dl pounds, quite equal to tho products of " lyjtig Mand."' Mr, Sor.AoEs'.s cabbages were monsters. Of Knurr, we notice line varieties contributed by S.MiTtt P. l'iEKso-,of.Shelburn, Smx K. How ai:d, Mrs. Davis and S. P. .Mr. Howard's "show box"' was a lich and tempting affair, and tho luscious clusters of grapes s'uitin by Mis. Davis were greatly admired. .Mr. Pinn sonS table apples and plums wero very line. In the lent devoted to domestic .iianefac- tukes, there was a brilliant display. In on! to he able to do any thing like ju-tico to the beautiful fabrics exhibited, a thfi's time should have been devoted to their examination. Of C.utrrTs and Rur.s, manufactured of rags. there were rich specimens furnished by Mrs, Plaxnagav of llinesburg, .Mrs. Tin. Roiers of Westford, Mrs. 1'ord ofllsscx, Mrs. Cnt'Rcii, Miss N. A. TIidd of Colchester, .Mrs. Iltcn ariisOn- of Jericho, and Mrs. Jxo. Hcnr-ictc Tho Rug of .Miss Kido was a very beautiful af fair, as was aNo that of Mrs. Hcrkick. lyOVERLins ot el.iuorate worumansiup ani fin'-h were furnished by Mr. Ktun of Colchester, Mrs. Hicrsii, Mrs. Judge IIexxett, .Mrs. rutin oI'Ksse.x, .Mrs. Djuglass of llinesburg, .Mi; Well-, of Underbill and othe.'s. 11-autiful specimens of native various I'jrms, from the Cocoons to the linidied fabric law of controversy is beyond tho reach of ar gument. John Oalt, tho author ofa "Life of Byron,'' once said, that bo felt curious to learn "With how little brains it might bo possible to conduct a newspaper ?" We think, on tlio whole, this Gazette man would pretty nearly solve the pro blem. Ho docs not appear to know what ho does write! Take tho following as an evam ptc. Speaking of the article in tlio I-'rco Press calling on him for tlio proof of his loose and groundless slanders, he says: It'll, Itifi rrrrnlinn nf trhnf tip Jinn minted from our paper, we behe an article of the same length cannot uciotinu m any political pa per in me. lanu wnicii so fuily reveals the ilepruiity and wantol moral prin ciple oi tue writer i Now a man never intentionally stultifies him self, and Mr. Urigg-, of course, didnt wan to say that what we quoted from his paper as fully revealed "depravity and want of moral princi ple as our article did. But he does say bo in explicit terms, nevertheless ! Wo shall leave this " Reformer" to dio by his own hands a sort of third-pirtye'o ih si. Personal. Tho Washington Union commences a long loading article on "The President's course on the Oregon question,' ns follows : Defeated and exposed trickery is alicave Jiumilia- tiim !" Tlio same thought occurs to most people who propose to discuss that topic, hut wo should hard ly look for it in "tlio Government Organ. The Affirmative. Tho Aorta, Star enlightens its readers with a long and dreamy article on the new Polk Tariff, taken from the Havorl.iU (N. II.) Republican. Tho object of tho Haverhill chap, nnJ, of course, of his stellar friend, is to show that the Tree Trade Tariff affords a higher protection to wool than the Protective Tariff. It is an odd proceed ing altogether, but tiie particularuu of the thing is found at tho very starting point of tho article, which is, verbatim et litcrj'im, as follows : "Which furnih"3 the greatest protection to wool growers, tli" old or the new Tarilil Topime the afiirmahtc of this question is our pres ent purpose." Wo can call to mind but one parallel case. In tlie Quattlcbum Debating Club, on one occasion, the "question" for debate was : "If a mans-e his father and mother drowning, which should he sale ln.-t t" It was decided, says the record, "unanimously in the afirmalive." We wish our Haverhill heroequal success ! Mvn or Tim Mormon V.'.ia The Pt Louis Union ilxtra.of tiie l'Jth instant, informs us that the latt Mormon war Ins lieen luoiight to a close bv a com promise, imd"r which the besieged (or those of them who bale taken part in the hostilities) agree to laie Nam oo and the ritate, w ithm live days. Tne number is estimated at liom tlu.-e to tiie hundred, and but about lo 1 of them nre Mormons. No property has been destroyed, and the number ot killer and wound ed in the i ariou- s!unuis!v;s, is supposed . to have been small. Ihst'ni Advertiser. Precisely as wo exported! We published the account of the " battle" and " 12 or 15 kil led,"' 1 ist week, as our readers will bear us wit ness, with a protest. There has been sono skir mishing and gun-tiring, (at prudent distance) but tho damage dono was ' small."' The whulo all'air is disgraceful, and wo hope we now havo m end ol it. As to the virnts of tho quarrel, 'here probably were none on cither side. lor jniir paper nfthe 11th int.,had 1 not lieheveil, from qie notice oi ,ur. ,ay, tint it 1 requestpu you to puo- iisn mem, jou woiiu cuarye tiietoeicly lor tncir rio licatiou. 1 mil. Very respectfully. Yours, W.m. WKST().,ri'c-y, of the Chittenden County Agricultural Society. New York Htute .Nominations. The New York Whig State Convention as sembled at Utica rn Wednesday of la-tweck,and nominated Joux- YouWo, of I.ivinoslon, for Gov ernor, and Ha-iilton- I'isii of Now York, for Lieutenant Governor. The Tribune savs of .Mr. Youxo : He has iuM lieen tlomin-Oe.t no ,1, Wleernnrliilrite fir (iovernor, and wo coiili.Iently believe will be eb-e- u. I.ler lirul 111 Ills nriuelotes tinil umiel lit! ' in his .evuii'iii iu io, i roit CI loll ol 1 lu! lie l.iittiit-. llie ill osecn .. .. . tionot Internal lmnroicnict.nnil svere Win , men,. ""or extinction ol nope. are. he is yet almost uniformly liked by luennl eppo-it.-Political wews.nnd hundreds of th'se will lie tinning his most untiring supporters in the ebction app-o-ieh n '. All we HOW ask is that Wrielit will nut re-.anl i!lscie. turn as the better part of ab and luck out ol the cou- t. l e w ant the satisl.-iel on enl onlv of eleclin-r John YoulllI but tiiedunhle er.ititirneiiniii decline him and beatiue: Silas Wrieht. lla,-ine mule nrntiiee- nieuts tur the openiugcontest Wllh eipros ri fi r nee to I Mr ii'.:..!,. i.. ,i. i. o i ei .... , ,;i, -s i,- hi-j, (, , .ilium,!,,., v, us nil wci,H fair play ill the opposing rank- w.ll insist on bis send ing a poll. That assured, we n-k but a clear field and no lavor." Not the least interesting incident, during the fitting of the Com ention. occurred throueh the jeney of the Lightning Express. Millard Kill-hike was the ardent choice of n largo num ber of the Delegates, and would have been nom inated with entire unanimity, but for his well known desire that Ids name should not bo ore- ented. A few minutes after tho nomination of .Mr. Youxo, says tho Tribune, Air. ll.llicoci: of I!rienittii,i,,nn.l t !,D rn,.n,,,!r, the receipt ol a Telegraphic letter Iroui Millard 1'ii.l- siiu.1.111 i nn mi. expressing m. grntilicatiou at the choice ol Joux oe.vj u., a enndulite lor Uoiernor, and bis determination to give that nomination nil ar dent support. I he iiiinouneeiiicni was rieened wilh," 3.rTho Sentiwl thinks wo need'nt concern ourselves about the Congressional election in the Fourth District, and says : " The Demooratsof the"01d Pourlli" will ,l il. iob"lbr .Mr. Peck in due time. uml all the I-'r,-.. Pi. can say will uot cilert nny thing either w ay." Wo supposo if wo cant "oiiect any thing either way "the Sentinel is willing that wu should keep trying. Tho Sentinel rims into tho following mathe matical fog in conclusion ; " If nil the energies of that paper the Free Press for scleral liioiilhs.liuve increased tlie fote of the whiir party ol'this county only IK) from themte of last year. now many conveits wiuun bing'e coons uiukc in u distant part of the fc'tate. llo who knows the lormula for nn "infinite decreas ing series" of which lhe first term is "ieio" can give the result in the "twinkling ot an eye." This is remarkably seiere, only tho 'orwiii" is not adapted to tho case stated. Will our jo cose friend icrinit us to suggest, inasmuch as ' tho energies of Ai's paper forscveralyn.r." have decreased the locofoco vote in this county CO "from tho loto of last year," that he will tind em ployment for liU "formula" nearer homo ? Aiiti-Climni. Tho Sentinel says, that" within three weeks thcro have been twenty " reports or explosions in tho town of Deerfield N. II., "srsexere as to throw down stonj walls, jar tho buildings, and alarm the people," Tho .SVniVJ thinks these remrts wero "appar ently of u volcanic or gaseous nature," but sug gests no method of providing against their futuro occurrence. taking a double-reef in the sail. This occur red at about 3 o'clock, P. M. The young men clung to the gunwale of tlio boat, and were drift ed in the direction of Juniper Island, the hope of reaching which constituted for n tini", thrir en couragement nnd .support. Rutin this hope they were di-appointcd ! Tho wind which was very strong from the north-west, ami was accompan ied by a chilling rain, drove thein past the Island, and about eqiii-di-tant between itauiP'thc Rock." It was now getting dark, mil the rain had been baiting upon them, and the wind and waves par alyzing their strength and unnerving theirspirits, fur some hours. Young Tnoaivov was the first to fail. Through exhaustion, and, doubtless, he became d"tirious and between 8 and It o'clock died in tlio arms of Conolly ! From this moment young Chanty begin to loso heart and iiopo ! Lashing the bo dy of Tiiomi'son lirtnly to the shroud-, Coxolly, with a sclf-'ossp..sion and generous courage al most unparalleled, exerted himself to animate tho fiiilng effirts.aud cheer the spirit, of his re maining companion. Amid the almost impene trable darknoss, without a hopoof help from any human arm, and half the time completely sub merged m tho waves, tliey llius drifted till after 10 o'clock, when the boat struck a rock .some 20 or 20 yards from tho shore, on the west side of Shelburu Point and from 5 to G miles from the place where she was capsized! The concussion broke the must, and the boat immediately right ed. At this time Chancy h id become delirious, and resisted every effort of his heroic and self forgetting friend, Conolly, to detach him from his desperate hold upon the boat, and finally, throwing him-clf into the boat, he died altno-t within reach of the shore! 'Conolly, thus fear fully left ALONE.succeedcd in reaching the shore, and literally craiehd to a barn, where he remain-' cd till day-light, when, 'faithful and fearless" to the end, lie obtained assistance to secure and re move, tho bodies of his companion-, which were found in, and lashed to, the boat precisely as he h id left them. They were brought to tho vil lage on Friday, and on Sunday committed to the grave. Amid tho gloom that this calamitous accident Iras so naturally occasioned, it is impossible to forget tlio extraordinary si.r-rossEssio and the calm, considerate, devoted, and invincible cour age cf tho survivor, Robert Conolly! To these qualities, so admirably oiinccd, ho was, by a beautiful and benign adaptation efcauso and ellect, mainly indebted, doubtless, for the preser vation of his own life; a consideration that pointedly illustrates the truth, that couipeusatitii' benefits, in tho ordination ofa kind Providence, always accompany tho disinterested performance of eunl ieeve. were contributed hy .Mrs. Piei.-e of Uurlirigton. Mi-s Bariiei: of Charlotte, Mrs. Stove of Jeri cho, .Mrs. Ki.t Stearns and .Mrs. Root. Mrs. Rood and .Mrs. Graves of Jerirho, Mrs, WiLsox-of llinesburg, exhibited lino specimens of I i.ANs-Ei.s and Linex cloths, worsted and woolen HosR, -fcc, &c. The splendid display of llr.oAt Cloths and Cassijicres by the llurlington Mi'.l Company attracted universal notice and admiration, and atte-ted at once tho consummate skill, and the busings energy aqd enterprise, that control tho operations of that extensive Ilstablishment. We noticed a great variety of very beautiful Fancy Articles, such us ,amp Stands, (of which a lich ono of shells was initio by Mrs. Mills,) Card-racks, Screens, (by .Mrs. Root,) &c. &.C. Mr. Titos. . Gieu of Ilincsburgli, sent in an excellent and commodious Tkavellpg Trvxk, tho sub-tutitial workmanship and ele gant finish of which well entitled it to tho Pre mium w hich it obtained. Wo close our hurried and most imperfect no tice of this interesting exhibition, again regret ting that we wero tinab'o to examine tho icry MEXICAN Jfl'AVS. It appears that the news, published in our last tint Mexico had declined to reccil c overture s for Peace from tho U. S. except on condition of the withdrawal of all the forces of the htt, r iron .Mexican territory and waters, was premature. It now appears by the following extract from an article in tlio I'ninn, that " The Government of Mcvieo hn determined to refer the President's overtures tor ne gotiauous lor jM-aee to the Constituent Congressof Alevico which will ns-emble in th? tvgi.rii.ig nf l)?-e:uli'r, we heheie, Tne more we se ot M wi -an 1) plomacy, the more it is marked by procrastination ; and the stronger wo see tin- nceenity of prosecuting the war with all our energies, isacli, we cannot doubt, wul be the course of thj Administration " Tlie New Orl-ans ricaytns, of s-pt. COth, is in firmed that CanaL'S, the Mexican Co.o.icl, has been taken prUomur. I.vrna from the I!io Grande rtcTrav teers Movements or (Iexliul Taylor, .o 'l'ho U S steam r Telegraph, and the steamship James L. lhy. armed at New O. leans on the lstliinst.. bringing a.Uiets irom Port I-aiacea lo lhe lttih. .The Picajm e says, the Tcleg-aph brought 'J3o sick and dovharged volunteers, ol which she landed one co.npanv ot'Osr mausnt Port I.aiacea, and one company ol Ye vans at Galveston, bringing the remainder, ".uu", toth.s city. Ily this, we have news trom Caniargo to' the 7th mt (i"i. Tiyur ha I erosi'J the Sin Juan the day before, and taken up his line of march lor fsernlvo on the morning of 111- 7 ill. The commands of General sooeiiiieii. nf Stock. Yi'oor.. &c. & .. of. Worth and I'on.nel 1' P. fnnthwere stationed at tho ' ' . latter place, awauiiig the mmal ol General lirjlor which we nave noun so giowiug luiuiiius. The I'remiums, to bo sure, "tell tho story." but we should have been glad of an opportunity to tell it too. "When the editor oflhe Tree Prcs-ssiiis. we called n thun; on "uneai"pled uml mcorrgible depravit) ," it ui-iwum.,iiuun ,.. .tii.1.iU'-.l Lllst-niMni, t -tyly bun to quote such an us-crlion troin nur paper ror ine use 01 me oiiiiiv. inoiui turn lime." ..... ready any da) to show huu the befct umhortly. Senti nel. Our Incr.d over tlio way isgettmg huffy, 1 Io may as well laugh, however, lor be makes every uody elso laugii. If tho Sentinel has not what it considers tho "best authority" fur "moral turpitude" its condi tion is truly deplorablo ! 'l'ho l.egisliituie. Tho session nf the legislature will commence on Ihtirsuay next, tlie btli Instant, ID" Our readers will recollect that, week be fore last, we quoted from the Third-Party 0': ellc f,v direct and affirmative charges of the gross est and most offensive character against " both political parlies" in this town, each of which charges we d'liinl. This constituted a logical ' issue" between us. and nf course made it ne cessary that the Gazette should furnish its proof. l!ut that foolish concern meets u with the fol lowing reply! " We loi.e st.-ited ibe fiiets which be oiintes. nnd are prepared to prove eieryone of them hut the luitlien .. ,1..,.,, eWa e,i Aim. for it M his busmen to show first that thttj ait not true and tee challenge him to tlu it ; : The readers of the Frao Press w ill find ano ther precisely such an instance of law, logic, and common sense, in the case of the imprison ed slave, John Crew, which wo published last week. The Gazette of course sustains tlio slave- drivers, and holds that John Crew must prove that ho is not a slave, or that ho is nglilly im prisoned tmd sold! 1'raie the negatiie, must we! This is about tho "narrowest cscapo" that wo ever saw attempted. The dazette, ill a very small effort to ti the ch irgo of making " faUo statements" upon us, says : "He the Free Pre chirps lis with saving that the Iabeity lotes "rathei tell oil we said no meli thing, nnd be aiu-thaie known it when ha penned that seiuence." Now supposo we were to adopt Mr. Briggs' rule of logic, and insist that " it is his business to show fir-r that ho did not say so." But we shall take a different course. We don't call on tho Gazetto to prove the negativeit will find eniploj ment for all its leisure hours and strength in proving its allirmatives. The following is what it did say, at any rate, on tho -Ith of Sep tember : " A few who voted for Mr. Parker en the ground cf temperance, iaiA(rjri(u,uiiei a lew pauoiunrs. Wo can't waste time in attempting to argue with such an opponent. A man who discloses so utter an ignorance of the rudiments, cf the Th- whole inrces, on the march to Monterey, is esti mated at about Ig.lKWmen. (Sen. Patterson was leu in command of nil the vo- l'luteersfrom Cnniargo to the mouth oflhe Uio Gmnde, (Sens. K'Uiernn.t viuitmanas-coiupenjing i,en- lay lor. He has prohibited nny strangers trout coming up the river, under extractions irom Gen- Tailor It was reported tint (5-n. '1'. would not proceed" fanhir than heralvo until lu received farther orders Irom tho Government. A Point not i(tilte t-'cttlcil. The Sentinel, quoting from the fi'We,says : "Of the Whigs whose terms expire in ISIC, succes sors have been elected to tiiansof Maine, Cdley, of New Hampshire, nnd Harrow of Louisiana. Theg-n-tleineii elected nre James V. Uraiibiiry. John P llnle, nn 1 .solomon P. Downs, nil D.niocriits, though Ui doulttul liJicJar Hale icillact icith the Veuucrattc puily." Wo should think it rather doubtful, truly! It is pretty generally thought, how ever, tint lie win declino to "act with tho democratic Party," in adding Slave Suites to this Union. To Coricspomleiits. IT Wo havo received a communication from Mr. IUrm'M in reply to that of Mr. Haight. Mr. Harnum complains that Mr. Haioht's quotation from the contracts is disingenuous, ' it is written out in the specifications, and fol lows a printed clause which reads as follows, viz : Payments shall be made as follows : " The f lid Fngineer will, lictwcen tho 1st and " 10th of each month after the commencement " of the work, cstimato tho quantity of work lone; and tho amount then duo for said work shall bo paid to tho parties of tho first part." As tlio i ontroversy (or w hatcier tho parties may please to term il) is tints reduced to the question as to what is a proper construction of the Con tract, ,o trust Mr. Barnum wdl perceive a propriety in our witl hilding the farther gratuit ous uso of our columns in the matter. Wreck orthe V. S. Jliis Washington! Tho brig Washington, Lieut. Commanding Geo. M' llache, employed in the Coast Suriey, was wrecked in a liolcnt gale oil" Capo Ilatte ras, in North Carolina, ontheSthof September. Her gallant and accomplished commander and ten of her crew perished ! We will give a de tailed and graphic account of tho disaster by one of vr officers, next week.

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