Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 2, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 2, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 2, 1846. tiii: tiiki:i: ciiowxs. nv ttu. rtcRso.v. Ehe wore the rimvn of D"nnty, A iuecn of hearts was she ! Ami prnu I nn I tnmi men nt her fect Adored on bended Knee. Bin. iiociiiftl n thing in woisliip, So rcital wns her Brace, An I such n eal ofnnjcty Impressed her perfect face. Her checks were red with beauty, Her mile w rich w it!i pearls, Her whit" brow phone like purity Amid her golden curls, llercjrs were like deep fountains Beneath the southern skies, In which tlie richest blue uf heaven In pure icilecliuti lies. Her voire was like the wild bird's That insliT hjtnn at evens Ht radiant -mile cune o'er the soul So like a dream ol heaven. She wore the clown of lieauty, Hut won it in her pride, Anil envy, with her withering breath, Walkul ever by her fide. Fhe wore the crown nf Oenin She inn'e,the field ofthnuihti l?he lu iied n-itnn.'V lieuutiousbook, With holy I '"ioiH frtinzlit ) And to.nh", that me to others Impciiitralily sealed, Unclasping nt her lnagir touch, Their prci kau lore revealed. With footfp like the zephyr, a'.v rlnnlieil I'nni i"-'ts' height, And fom t1 rainbow coronet, Viy i'-iil'iiidoilfli2ht i By Hebron's puie louut'iin She ott.'n pun i d to drink. To cull the iieeil"-'ihn llnwirj That clu-tcrcd on its brink. Her mind was like pure water, Where riehet pearls abound, Her laney strii'V tlvui playfully, AnJ tlipnv them tli-Vei a round ; Che wore the crown nfOein"- 'XV, .... inoirirchi bow ; But it was fever to hr heart, And ice iijnn Iit blow. She wore Illiio'i's circlet A thorny crown it seemed, From which no .!i"cn of yellow gold. No di imon I tu-tre Reamed ; But from its pure white blossoms Inhaled a frnznuit lialm, That lay upon h-r heart and life, A birring and a cliaim. Above h-r fair voiv.i ; f irehead It u me sr ly bruht, Atid lieiiim riHe,nni tienius' gem, (Ji-ew nidn-'ut in us luht : Tint crown of holy mrekuess She wore iu p-ui" 't -ipre ; It Fhed n ol'tiulh and love, An I tilled her foul with Um. Voto the crown of Beauty! lis iluwcrs grew pale and serf, Andjtsadorentled like bin', When auluiiin days are drear ; Wo to the crow 11 ol llcnius ! 'Tv a? cold upon her brow ; Alas ' 'li only o'er the grave Its liv nig jewels plow. All hail ! Kcligimi'o ehnplet We bliss its neavrnly power ; There's healing 1,1 each leaf, And balm in every (lower ; Noblight, noch'in.'e, no withering Comes ever to that w tenth ; It bloom, a I aim, a hh-s in life, A glorious hope lit death. Titr. nt:vT-.i or NArm.r.r.v.-tn Ileadlcv'a ''1'ouUhe .iiimitation hat Mr. Kellogg, at that life of" .Napoleon and his JkWW-a t"n;N intui. led 1,,-it we shouM be subjected to, le replete with tcret and sparkling with a thou-! r"i-";'' "oni- cthcr reason inu.-t be ' 1 ., r,., ..:,: . '....,!.. p.i 'r 11 .. : Mitight for to account for his conduct. r..M b' ",)v-' 1 oei 00 10 lowing oncaua ei uescniilion o t on i ea! i ol I in cno. 0 -.1 .d U.rmr SritTr ' eand the ,n.,ter fpintcf wonderful mind was to tie ofthe L'rave-and intnre qtierorot iiall j-.urojie uio worlil : But at lenplh that quenched in tne night of the grave : and nature, as determined to assert lhegreat'ic-s of her work to the last, trumpeted him otlt of the woil.1 witli one of her fiercest storms. Amid the roaroflhe blast, and the fhock of the billows, uS they broke whore a wave had not struck for twenty years amid the d irkne-s and gloom, and uproar VI oili: ui tliu lliul IUOI IL-IUOIIS II g 1 s Ol I lit I lonelv isle-Xapol.-o-., ipint was p-assing to tint nn-seen world, where tf sound of bat.lS never come", and the tread ol armies is never heard. Yet even in that .-oh tun liour.his delirious soul, caught perhaps by tho iiittlo-lino roir of the r-torm without, was or,ci more in the midst r.f the ., , ... ,., r., , ii.' ill i .ii iiiliii. i. i tu ii 11 ii ii v ii.u'e iiivii mi nin th.! Illttlu-llliU ro.r ofthe ! ,,.r, '.,. Mnlnw "In- th,. ,.mi,!..,lle t ili'i. fight, struggling by the i'jramids, er Danube, or, on the plains ol Italy. It wa-the thunder of the cannon that -n.ote his ear: and amid the waver ing light, and covering smoke, and tumult of the Bceiie, his glazing ey." caught the heads of his mighty column-, a-' torn yet steady, they bore his victorious eag!"i on, and 7 V'' d'Arinre" " Head of the Army" broke from Ids dying lip-. Awe struck and ttill, hi-few remaining friends ftood in tears about his couch ; gazing stead fastly on that aivlu!, Ivingly brow ; but it gate no further token, and the lm.ghty lips moved no more. N tpoleou lay silent and motionless in his la-t sleep. '1'ftltfTrTI TM Ti"rtl"i f 'iTTH S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, 3i V 1vt 1? jsfM' & 't 'iKy 'H 4 i 4g5 Olfii 5'-ii &!&!) STOIt AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises one i f the most 1 and general Fti cUs in the .Svue I .Is bought and sold trictly lor Cash, mid ol ouie ('heaji. MLliCHATS' 1I0T!:l. 39 , xi) 11 JVi.,CaurtUtinU St . fright hawl svtrxaiv.i up f torn AiirM Jiivrrfn Hrnadiray ) The ahut Hctcl Insbr-en rnlarpedthit"'non,nnd llie Proprietor hojxM to nceommodHi? more Vermont ruMrmers. He retrret U hemg ohlied to turn utl o many llie pal fall nnd pprinu, 1 1 ii neeoin,!io I 'tion" arc un- mor" nmple, nml he inifct-i thfy w dl be f imitl Ntti fa'-toiv to Icifne: int-n Term', i l ;ij it d.tv7 p-r K 'I n iitu liPfrtcti Frer Vrtta, l-i kept on 1 ileat t'nH Iloti'e WM. .Ml IHIIIIAD. We flop, wh?n in NVw York,ni llie Mfrehants' Hotel, nnd II Conitland-'-t., nnd iind nn oblipinij "Hct," polite nml attentive senrmusa good tahWmd clean rooms nnd l-i-tln. )nif IlIilNSMAH) imOTHKUri, I LOUCi IIS.-TIIK SL?Ii. MTiber having inireha-!! of J. S. X5E2 Ware hi- iniercti m llie Asricnl- tural Ware Jlime, will continue the bu-ine-s in bis own mine, at the riloie ol T W. Lovell, Stet-ioirs building, Church st , and will ( 1 11 1 py to slmw to all who may i.tvor him with call, a taigir and letter us. pertinent of Plough'' than can be louiul in any ibtub lihmcut in the Stale We have every vai ieiy and f ie of Ploughs munufuc tured iu Boston by l'rouiy and Meaiii.aiiil by Haggles, ftnurM.' ami Mason, among whicn ale tial,w,i, Side, hill, l)ouble .Mould Boaul, tlaug and Ciilimitor I'luws Al-o the much relebrutfd Diamond J'tovjh, ticid rianters, Com-sli 'lleis, Mraw-cuticrs.clc ic. Wr shall lie happy lo sell ih" uboie urticlcs on bet. tcr term than ihcy can be jiuicha-i'd clvwlurc in the f late. 1'lcase call mid naiiuue I' you do not lo purchase. A. 1'ITKIN. Jou.i K. runu. Agent, Bnrlington, JulySl, ISIf.. mi Bukli.noto.v Flmali: Skmi.v.miv. Tin: ntxr Tl RM will conimence on the bill ol t5cplciu. tier ISlrt. The clas-es w ill then be organised for llie first half of llie next fvhola-tic )tnr: und itisdinra ble that all who intend eiilcri.ig, during the next six months, be present lit the opening of the Term. None arc admitted for u Fk.. t me than on ijuarter and no deductions are made for a. .si nce except in case ul sick- KM. i ii.'io : nail paytinie in aiiviiun elisliaud Latin Jicr Quarter, $5. Dm iiig,$l. French, i'JfiJ. l'lanoMusi the .S'liiinary, including fuel, lights, a TliHMS: Hull payable in advance. TnTiov.L'n- wiawiiig aim l uim iu-ie, s,i. liiiuril in , and w a-liing, prVaU-irtr. AuifM lOih, lflt. IW J.&J.H.PECK&CO. WHUl.KSAI.i: Dl'.ALIWS IN Paint". Oil.". Dye Stuffs, Glass, NnikDrnds, Spikes, Foreign nd American Iron, Mecl, Big Iron, Coal, Tur. IliJiinif Cloth", l'huf nml Ciuendi'h Tobacco, Flour, nud I'uirigu nnd Western Salt. Agents for the Sale of -' ?rA Scales, Adam Smi'i'r I'mir, millards, Maccoboy nnd Scotch Siuiir, Smoking nnd Chewing Tobnccu. Ua tin: Nintrc, ( ullrgc-st., Ilurlingltm, W. 14 FOLLKVT & ElKAJIIilSV, viiou:au: )i:ai,i:us is English American liar. Bolt, Hod, Slit, Hoon, and Iron, fin Iron. I in, Doll ami Nicit uop p.'r, X.v.U, (il'iss, l'later, Wet it I),y (!io ccries, 1'lonr, Kill, llnrr Mill Sto.ies, Boltiiii; Cloth", Sheelins, &.c.,ice, .V.nv, ,iu. IZinr.-lrilliftr. (iftinilt A'rrnl ant Cmmismm Merchants, SOUTH Wll.llll', burunqUn, I t. II Dr. fl.i. iia.ii'hh. Ilavlnirrelurced wit'i tli int-uitioti of makimr Bur- linctnn lii permiiiicnt resi.leire. rcpectfully oil -m hii pri'e''ioiiai serv icci to inn menu." ana tuc puuu WOlC WHI U II) III" Hl'l 1111 B.I'lt:ito.i, SepteinV-r H!G. TO THE PUBLIC. The tinilorfiirtinl, niri'iiH of tlie Champhiti Tr.iii'port.itinnConip-iiiy. nn lotorinjrtlm Strain er yar.mat' to lior flatitm iw it line Bout, pub-H-IrvI iiftatcmcntof llirlr rraHim for thp with draw al of that liont on tli" 2.'1 of July. Tliu l'ro-prielor-i and Agents nf llie Fr.inci Sultus ap pear tube very iimcli incensed nt :m expose of the fact". Mr. Krllopp, llio reputed ownernf the S.iltii". admits tliat lie made a contract with Mr. Buy i! ilic rnrninr el ilint lliiiii mi the 1-tol July, hy which lie expected to receive prcntei proiits than li; could liv "I'tiy proluhility" re.ili.o in any othef wav amf lie do's not ileny that our bargain with Mr. JJoyil v:h preilieat?d on lliat contract. lie, however, tries tn excise himself for not fnllillino; h oiiouerenient, by the turn' pirt"iicc tint Mr. Boul did not pay si cei tain nilv.ince. which he ay ra to he inailo on the 2d of Jul-, nml 'tliat'lii'fuys'enileilthe whole inaUer.' To make his card more palatable, ho adds the 1111 il Af el' low scurrility, alnii-tii" sweet at'io finioiis ".V 'n. nlrcl," siing on lica'd the B' at Insts-priiur witli eclat. In a matter of breach of l.iitn, 11 nm? will lianl-Ij-pas for a,ti eccurc nor will eiiitliets be re ceived as a sub-titute fur facts and argument. Ij:t itbehnown that the negotiation with Mr. Boyd was nt Whitehall, and on the 3d of July, the day aj'ir .Mr. Kellogg says the whole matter was at an end. The Coni. uny's Agents eal'eil fir Mr. Kc! lepjr's contract, which wa pmduccil aril a copy taken. Twoohjtctions were made to it upon which Mr. Bovd applied to Mr. Kelloirir, who was in the village and wis apprised of the nego tiation, and con-cnteil tint his contract .-hoiihl be altered so as to provide for weikly returns, and th it ".Mr. Allien, or Pitch perron i:s s'nuhl he n greed npon," shoul.l be the Itecc er on the Stilus. Will it l,o believed then that .Mr. Kd-; cons c.ue.1 .11- co raci on i-u on me u o ; Julv, the ami Iv fore ! lhiscaiini ml lie supposcl , , ,.,,.,,. .I,.,rirn ,1 . ,, ,,, -prtJ '' "--11.,!;, rho of ! fSrTr1" , , , . , . He says he w piirsuitig ''the even tenor of his . ... -.-. .. vvav, w Inch will pr&baulv be louim to lie to adopt be their ilesircto imtiuestinlents not only viiih a know such rrices, d.u s, and hours, us will enable Mm ledgc.of i!i,v lcme,iiary princicles o' the law, but nlo to pocket the nio-t money, without rcgaul to the rrtna I., I ,n ' convenience ul "the travelling community. ' Mr. Comstock lias al-o coino in to the rescue, and put hi.- name on as emlor-er of the state' mentsof thel'ropiietors ofthe Salttis. Wo ad. . I . I li . I 1 li I '.11, " 1 XU:ll " " " ' I,U '" 1 !'C U" V." ."'I1,""'."1-. . , ,. We iliri'laim my desire to continuo a news- purer control rr- v. nor -nail we continue it,-I!ut of the travelling community'' and many per- Oil? Wild lUVO W KllOWlt'lIirn ol tho Stt"UIllM:it ' ' . .. . . . ... transaction, have been gn.sly deceived by their pretence-, wo consider il to lie our duty to tho.-c vie repre-ent, and to the riililic, to ilit.elo.-e some part of the hi.-tory of that concern. It shall be dene briefly: 'i'l,e keel of the Saltnsivas laid in IS Li, about the time the new .Steamboat Company was char tered, and when Mr. Com.-lock was a' Stockhold er and Director of tho '-Old .Monopoly," to .-ay li'ithing about the Canal M'moj oy. " Mr. ('oni htock claimed to have the lontrol of the hliiiding of that lit at, and pro, o-i d to our coiiii any to fur nish liiin ivitiiiKMI'Jllto ci.iuinui! the l.n.lblng of the ."altus, as the Comj aiii's pru.irtii, bit sni .vi.olv as ,n Orrosii'eiv Boat. Ili.-"pr ipo - ill was declined; but us lie repie.-enti dthut tl e eirerpri'e ccmmencul for our h.-iiei.t.l.u was iill'ered aymci t for the m iteiiaN, at co-t, and a suitable sum lor hi- trouble. He refu-eil to !ieee,t tin-. He wanted to play it decitrganip, tind becau-ethe coinpany ikcuiiid to adopt Ins plans to ttillo opio-ilionl he turned iibiut and I I'filoltiooeo.E to-tin.-iiri. I, .i.riliiinu 1 1 In eominenre.l l.ispre-entu ler.itions. II fn-eoiir.-e has m-iited the public l.ivor, then lie and hiias--ociiu.'s will reap their reward. Laurels thni gamed they uriy well sp-irt. The New Hleam. b nit Company proie-.-ed their ohji-t lo bo to le dum the tare tn mil to make the passage north nt an eariitr In ur, to accommodate the Noit lorn Villages. e ct in; r.iir.i-ed with tli"in on thee tc-in-, and allowt'd them and their friends tn take .-lor!: 1:1 our ('euipi.ny at Ml jicr i-n'. hehnv par, to any unioni!' they "ri'ipiirvd. The ('nnij any might hul 'tli" control of the Hultus, il thev h id ln on willin:' to i-uhmit to I gros.. eviction!-, and become partvlo a deception I neither of w Inch were thev n illing to do. Wo know full well that the Company cannot he Bust lined without Public Puticnnge. W e think that has been merit. (I by tiuiutuining a lirst rate line of Steamers, with earu and rei'ii- l.irity. When tho Company cominen-'ed luisi no , tho fare was $fi, which' lias lieen reduced, us fast as the limited travel would admit, to i;5, s,i, iu:il,S') before opiosition eoinmenced, and now to 'J'he gains h ive not lieen very large a-is m.inil'.-t by the fict that the stock has nev er ben above par. and for tlu 1 i-t ten year.- h i b.'Oti iu 'he marka at ll to u'J , r r '.'di -count. A uordiniyln allowed in an-wertu an impii tatiim mule by Mr. Com-tnck that .Mr. llrainerd ami .Mr, Doolittlo forfeited an ngreeinent inadu with .Mr. Kellogg iu .May l.t-t. Thi.- i- altogether without found num. Such an arrangement was eonlemjd iteil, and tho term- noted for eonml ra tiou. It was not consummated for the reason that circumstances led us to beheie lie was about to u.-o it improperly as a "triumph," And although it is not now lni-ted that lie did so, yet the negotiation was not renewed. Mr. Kel logg never pretended that any agreement was clo.-ed. In a letter, written on the next day, ho Hx-uks of it as 'nidi, an arraiigemuit as 1 tailed ynt rdai." The Company Ins never forfeited an agree ment j it is their pride to Iw punctual and f lithful. In ci nrliii-ion. we a-kol tho Public no iiat.on. ago but what is (airly earned, ami ns wo have liefore intimated, we here tenuii.ato on our part tho cr controvert,) with tho owners and Iriends of tho S.iltu.prcfering to he judged ol by tlieyufcty, coiiieiiiiiiceaud comfort which we haio heretofore allbrdi d to the Public, ami by llio course wo maytako for the fiiluro. Inordor to carry out our designs for tho comenienco of tho travelling rublie, wo take this occasion to statu that wo inteml, beforo tho cloMng of naii ation, to put into tho water a fc'teainboat which sliall not bo Mirpas-ed by any boat alloat, for speed and all tho iipplianres lor llio comfort of pis.-cngers. And il Hiiolher lino is to bu nib btituteil for that of the Old Company, wo shall after trial, uwait tho verdict of un intellijient public. JI.H. KOSiS, ) AenU I.JJUAINIIKI), Snium.Tr. P. DOULITTLE, ) Cumi-any. t'rplemler, 7, 1640. 1 B Ty It. MERCHANT'S LINE. I-ttUc Itoijts. For the traiiiortatlon of liroperty between 'KC CitAMrLAI.v, Tnov, At.nvw, iNr.w 1 oiik, and Boston. hSl.'Ki;i. MH3 PROPRIHruilS of this i.i.nb ii.w- itii' increased their f.lcilitlcsbv the addition ofscver- nl lirst rule Bo.itsiiuder the command of cvperieneed A. faithful Ma-teis, are prei ared to give, despatch to nil properly intended to pays between the above iiamcit n aces, with which tbev innv be inlm-tcd. and hone. by piompt attention to the interest of their employer?, 10 reccinc a continuance ol puolic paironajie. Their boats are to be lowed by Strum on Iftiamn ftirrr. and 00 f.nlr tlhtnni'l tin when tieccss.ll V. and complete a perfect line to A fie Fori, a, also, to Tiuy and Aluituy, Lots ol goods are kept together and not euiijCcieii 10 injury uy ii!iiiiiip.ncni. t'ri.prirtor.t. rnt.t.t'.TT X- !tn A lll.l'.V. r.urtlirlin. NICIRil.BUIl'l'O.StCmTTUM)nN,.'-(..i;iH A. .11. U.AIIK, to. Albmtv. Ascitis. . . Ii. A. JOHNSON. .Vi. II, Ihmti'sSliii, clr 1 orl; COilNKML'S l,0Vi;i, Yotkti Huston 1'ar.k clOtirr, huig H'iiirt, Hnstm. April, BIG. 1 SiKLW.'T SC1!()()I. .Miss I, li. Sr.t v Vj will comin-iice her Fall Te .11011 Mond-iy.the llth .V'Wembcr. Seholars are cvpccteJ to enter at lae eoimii"n-eiiient ol the Term. Teiro.v KiiL'hli, - - - t" l,"0 French, MM Ilrnvunit 3.IW Seliaol-Uoom one door west of Mr. I.atiworlhy's, up "tans. llw t Bdilington, A113.21), Hlo. IlI'ltl.tMM'OV ICCII HC1IOOI.. L't'lAX W. CIIAXi:V. I'ltu-MTon. The Fall reriu of tin" liislitiitoiu will coinmeiice 011 .Mon ibv th 3Is Xoseliolirsrcc-ived for lesthaaliall a term. U. f.-ri'iice to I be Tilltees. l!ev. .1. K Hon. T. Foi.i.ett, fim. B. Shaw. i:n., liev. . 1). 11. 1 eabouv, 1'rol. c. l'EASL, Wvi.i.vs I.V.MAX. Lv. Hirlinnlon. Aug SlJhjti. H ii.usro.v IIirii Kntnot.wn Fkmam: Si:- willcomiucncpun Wrlnr.lttyt Sriteinhcr 'Jilt, under th" rhnrt;M li"ii,(ufnii.lti IjVMAv, A. Mt The rnnJilinn of tlii Mmol i-i prosperous number of iupiMnnj'( nml the pHMiectt Tnr llie fitlure Halter ing, The lntruelhin vwvy ( lit lie i-dirieiit niiil tlmrouiih. It is ui ntial ieculinrity of the InFtitu tionto le.ul v puinl, pn hr pnirticahle,lth to in struct nnd pumii liiuielf. Tiih u-nders lita ftinlies plons'iiit nnd ensures fiicccss. The i:icililies fur the iie'imition of natnrnl f-ci"ncc nit; mni-iiallv mnd. 111 SI'IKMIOI lpl.llit-, lib titberi'l.eellelil niitmrulu bite ly enlarged which he will use ior the benclit of the MUll.'llI. Tuttim For the l'rimary branches, $3,00 " Higher " l,IW " " Languages, liO Hoard can be obtained at from 81,2a to SI,'it) per wck, including waihitiir, ie. Ar. 11. It e very ib'siralile tint thoe who anticipate attending, should commence at the beginning ol the quarter. Williston.Aug. ISlh, 1910. Vct':iiit Oic !:! ES;iil SSostd. IN Assi:smiot op'Tnx l)iiu,vus ox . li fhare Ins been ordered by llie Dirci to-s of the Vriiiiiint Crntial lliulrniid Company, pavablo on the riuvr dav of Oiolicr next ; pavineiiii lrav be 111 ide at th Fariiii is Ai Mechanics of Bu.ling- .,. . .. .,,,, f v,..,,.!!,.. ,., ..... lallk , Voo,l M,vl; or at llie Treasurer Ollice, No. 17j Tremont Bow, Bo-ion. SAMIJKL II. WALLCY, Treasurer. Bo-ton, Aug. aj id Hi. :iwi:). LAW SCHOOL. H. SUiSSCIilMRS WILL. ON THE i: young men reasonable l iciliiics lor acquiring a kuow- i,, i u.m ol the mdimnitsut the Law. It will ",l""r!.l . .... - tion will combine recitations irom llie most approved tetln)ks with twamiuntiim, and oral or iirmticript lecture; tnwinrii will ne muieu nutoi roiin, rnr uie iiriiiiieiit and deci-icm nf r:wj, wldeli lne len ;rr-ion-ly i;ieii out. The cuiir' I study, which he ptcTibed, will leijaire nt K-a-t two jenrsfnriti mnuiiplihliifnt. Itwillhe their ohject, lirM, to atv 111 Mu.I'Mit n ijeneritl view of thy m -teni of the law, nnd of it-1 1'-aduitr rincip!es ; tln-n, to proceed nnal t icnlly willi Km ariotn titled, uiili! lw Miident -liall have eneomnaoHed, ns Jiir ns it may he pn-dile, the whole i py-tem. Tli' ehocl w ill h orji'inied hv turnitnir il liito two tieiu-ral ttii.misnMHe wants ol Un- KiKlen:- 1 "lmll require A piiMie room with n library will In- prtiI.U'U, hi whiui iw iui n un- o- n-m mill ; I r .... 1.;. 1. I ...Ill I... I . 1 J SriZT' ZTZ the school will have th" pnvilege ol'litleildillg llie pub he lecture-nl the I'liiver-ity ol Veimout. and will be a . I ii 1 1 1 Kit to llie i iijoyni Mit o'l'the C'olleg I.ibiary.liie of ih.rL'e, siliiiett oilly to the iueldelUal e.pews ot the hitler. Th" laeai'om ol the school will be two, iimioally, ; i. r , oue ol four we(J,, fiom the tiist Weil-iii'-.Iay ol .ugu-l, upd one of nine week- Irom llie li:-t Widne.-.lav of D'Ci inber;'ly corresponding willi th lacctiiuis in the College. The rale intuition will lie 'illy dollais fir an academic year; und in that prupoi tiou' lor nnv biieti ai of a jcar. lia.-hn glon, July 10, Id Hi M II.OI. IinNNHTT, .'.tf WILLIAM W PUCK. I H i li. I..VKF. CilA.m'LAIX. Caciv I'asmuc, Tiui'iiT.ii.Hjtr) Dm Faki: SHK) ML.II.S L-VH'l' El'-'' uii.l ! The Si i BURLIN f.ll I It. W . a i.i GTO -ii;:.:vi iv. iTd leav e Whitehall every M.isniv, wi.kni.suav, an I ir.uuv, ut ItioYlook.a.i'i. un I K 'int .lohns every 'irr.MiiY, T.ll'K-i'AV.alld SAllKUAV, at ao'cloik.p. in. ii iii r HALL, The Hi, W H I T E CAIT. 11. I.ATIir.Ol". Will leave Whitehall every and S dnt Johns every TU-M.AV . Tiu'r.sjiv.nnd Mrnuiiv, at III o'clock, w suiv, wcii.M.Miw, and 1 KIIIAV, at:iti'clock,p.m. Until ltrt!trr Xitire. Dinner On Fawngersoteiilrrrii lof th.' rouu will find Cars, .Vi.igi s or t'ackct Boats lo convey llicm Mrw arJ w il!i out delay. Ituiliiigtini, July, lSlii. os titeplien Jcibn-nii's i:-!ilte, STATU OF iVUIt MONT, A Tn l'mbate Court District of Cmni..Mi..',s- S hol.lenai Burling ton, within and lor llie Di-trict aforesaid on tli" 1 till dayol September, A. D. IS Id, tin instalment purpoii. iuir to be the la-t Will and 'I'tstamrt.t of Mcphen Joliiwon, late ol Burlington, iu said district decc.i-eil. was presented to the Couit here lr rrobate, by 1 er naiulo C. John mi. lh' Kvecutor. theiiin n.imeil. Tii'iefii" il is old-red by sjid Couit, tint imblie noikc be giunt i .ill p. i "..s one. nnd therein to ap pear l'foies.iul Conn, at a ses.-ion thereof to be hulil- en at llie llegi-ter's ollice m nuJ Burlmglon, on the tirn Satunlav in O.lober A. 1). mifi.und contest the probate of said Will, mid it is lurlher ordered that ibis ouler liepiiuifciied lll.e w eel,s successively ri me i.ur linglon 1 rce l'rcssa newspaper priimd at Burliugloti, iu this state, the lat of winch pulilUationsbul be pre vious to ihe dav c-ietied. as ulortKiid tor curing (liii n under my hand at the Kcgi-ier's ollice, this urn, uuy oi man. i. it. into. WM. WUSTON, Register, i i:i. odd witoi ;iit ino.v rii'i:, fur sieam and all nimhir u-i'S where strength and il'irahdily is de-irablc. Also. Hi i and linn t.VicAa and Vatres, i.llimei, Tees, I'langes, (.Vmi,'iNg, l.ijt and 1'iaee I'ninjis, Steai.i (lunges. Coils Tnlular HtntrrM. lt.itl. liotiM's. Hotels and Miinul.iLiurers. together willi a great i.iri' ly of lixluics luhpted to theusi-ol Sleain, (ins ond Jlydtauhcs geneially. Duller vines ofallilesciipiious, l.iigli-ii anil Ameri can, on hand and made to order ut sliori notice. WALWtlli'I'll t NASON, Ul'latl to. .Yfio Yuri., and l.i and Deconshiie st. Dostan, C. M. ttVWM.Asrnt. ll.iu'.l WAUUIIOUSKOF PRINTS ONLY, BY LEE & JUDSON, nn vihiv fSlrt'i'l, IVcw Vork. The w hole of this upacuius w arehouse in oppropriated EXCLUSIVELY lu tho exhibition anil t-ulo or PRINT KD CALICOES Merchants are invited tiiennninetliocjttcnsivcutock of this enablishment, where ihey will find, with waree. Iv nn exeentioll. everv' new and tlesirnblu .lvi, ImiiI, rOUKIU.V nud D'OMDSTIC. which the market oiloril all of which lire olb red for Nile by ihe pu'Je or pacKBe, ior casn cr fiiojicieou, ai orisiow inane fdcturcts pntctr. f inn FOR NIAGARA FALLS AND BUFFALO, 17.1 MONTH UA I.. 11IVER ST. LAWKKNCK & I-AKH ONTAI110 KOUTK. rxnv iti:iuer.ii i The New CJSl1' Daily Line of l'ruiii Montreal tn Xlagnra Fulls, Hamilton, Toronto and Ihtfulo. The splendid new, upper cabin Nteamers, IIUITISIt (JI!i:i:, Capt. Ciiamiimlaw, with the sTi:.9ii:n i:xiki:hs, capt. Hawkins. Leave Iichine Daily, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,for Pres. cott and OgJcii-hurgh, Iniiching at the iiitemiediatc iioit, and on their airival meet the large nnd elegant, ly furnishe,! .Mail Steamer , NiAnAitt Iitbv or TUC t.AKE, dipt. Childe, Cnpt. '1'aylor, Sr. I,Avn.D.tE,, Capt. Van Cleve, Capt. Throop, bound for the had nf the I.alc, via: Broekville I'nneli Creek, Kiiig--ton, A'icljit's Hubor, Os wego, Itoch'vter (iifeiiMon ami i,"witou. l'.ien gers for Ilanultoii me forwunled uoiiied tilely by the .SVamer Ti.i.uiKArii, icmiiug in conucclioii Willi th? above Boats j mil llu,efnr 1'nioito by the fphndid stcain.'rs tin.i.s Victoria and Trasiir. 1 int.csoi pleasure, bu-ilicss 111 a, mid lanigrents will Iriil ibis 11 nv I.iuc uniiirpas'-ed H Mlety, fp-'ed, com ljrtaiiilecouoniy. 'i'lie good tire and cleanliness nl w.ijs found 01 tlijie boats, withlhc kind mid geml,.. ill-nil) depoitni.'iitiil their coni'ian.lcis, and gieate pericuce nf i.avinatin.; the linrr and Lake?, will cn suie to every one a hum ajrecihle pT-age. t fCoaelies, in connei lionwitii the Boats running from l,aelniie,l"'ive theolficc tiljoiiiingthe Fxchaugc Cotf-e IIou.',.lo;itrcal,athal,int b a. m., for Ii ehine. l'a-.sengiTs by this roue- will be called for by sending their 11. Idrei totheoHi:e,the evening previous oral 1111 cully hour 111 the inoriing, Ticl,rti for any ports abov e n.inieil can be had It the ollice ill -1oiitreal or 0:1 board llie Boat. lor luiloer iulormation, npplv at the Steamboat olliee.adioi'iing Kiclnnge Iloief, .1ontreal. ''iieiihovclcaniersiiiaiiiiomicctioii with a Line of l'ropellersfioin Oswcjo toChieugo. L. MOODY. Monti ral, July, IS 10. Us PEARL STREET HOUSE. Si I'eml to, Aric-lor, nils s:i('iiri r.s'i'A ici.istrMr.NT jjiT i-ireiril IOI lie i-;vsini nn uiiiiiiniiiiiiiiii in -s. .Mur.citA.vTs, in theivcry centre of the most populous business di.-trict if the city, has pas-t'd into the hands of the inulersiirnid vlu have been eniraeeil durini! ihe last two liiontlis'in luakiiiL' such mhlilious I ond iniiroviinei.tsas tlicfitiuer condition of the housij J'mm tie X. Y. San. seemed to demand. To who haie lotheito ex- We make it a rule never to notice nn niHrrti""d ar tended th"irpatronagetottisllotil,it must lie obvious tide, but fro.u what we have heard from "veral per ihal, iu some iiarlieulars.tlie managciiuut was his. sons re.-peiting the powers ol'Jones'" Italian Chemical ceptibloto impioM'iuetit: nnd without entering into Soap, we do not he-itate to pronounce it all it is rcpre iletail", they will "imply sine that where such was no- nciiteil ; and can tlieielore,coneicutiou"lv reconunend ce-sarv. neither i'.rH-ii"e nr labor has been snared The Dinner hour has lei-n changed from 'i to 1 o'clock a Dinner is al-o served at 3 o'clock, iu the La die" Ordinary. t Willi the mo-t careful mention to the comfort of visiters in every department of the house, the Proiirie lorshope to relieve and nsjieclfully sulicit a liberal support. N.B. A Coach will br found at the principal Steamboat Piers lo convey passengers to nml Irom llie Hotel. SAMULT, C. BISHOP. Vm. F. LBONAltD, New York. July, 13 IB. bm3 TO COUNTRV TRADERS. TIIIj subscribers, tit tlieintore corner of Fulton nnd Biclmiond streets, Bo-ton, keep cou.tautly on hand, and oITt for sale, on tie most favorable term", a larg; and well selected a-sorjuent of w. india (;ooi)s.v (;iu)cr.nii:s, Aht, vvvvAi and sa.ii i,i:athi:u, f oni the b 'st Tanneries in Vew Fuglan 1 and New l'ork. They also receive, and sell on coinini-"ion, Country Piodnce. Traderivisltiug the citv are rc spcctlully requested to call mil I'xainine Is-'fon mak ing their purchases. tJj"tcferto .Uessrs. Follctt it Brudley. DKXTEU, IlMMtlNGTON st CO. Boston, July 30, 8lli. Qii.ii.ii::it stock s-?oi,i i,v O 7 BItlNS.MMD it BltOTHCUS. BJHFNTIiVU INK ! "AT CITV l'ltirns ! ! " 1 il Ijddy' News nnd Uooklnk jut receiu'd and for at l-'uctory l'ricea lor cai, bv bTKVHNS WOODS, llnrlinston, July 7, lSIft. 5 Ooz. HLAKE'S LATCHKS, 5)A,JV 25m ,n" rremiunr Sciew . jiHJ ilti.t-ii wrought nnd cast iiuu loor Unit", 100 " 'Table 'J'J cwt. Hook niiil HinRc, Touethpr with an eteii"ive asrtment of fh df and lu-avy li'irdwarc, which i- ofl'-red at wholevde or ru tnil.on tiixorahle terms to the purchaser. June 1, HJfl. SiTUOXGS &. CO. rjAIU'CTS. Tin: SunvRinKii has ji'st m U reived a large awiriinent of Carpeli, of dilprent iinlili"i and nllerni, winch he will rll by the iiieee, or retail, al ihe lowest price:. N. LDVULV. June a, lSlii. I? n I- " ,si03'S Vf. Half do, fine 1 V;1" . 1 "lu,H" trnni aoiiinent oi mo;uh, hue Liohn String. Hooks Line.-, nml other Iiewdoodjut reci-ceiw-d. 7 j iiui..u.iw (Y. tuuiiiuii.. I nii . " " " 1 'PIIIj Al enu-edby llie biting your hore I can be lirevcnted bv U'ill ' a FLY A IIT. The cojiifjrt ofdiiveranilhor' i ample pay forth-. at of the Net wi'd. irood and eh'-nn. bv' BIHNS.MAID A. IIKOTIinBS. I'i:i:i OI'! TU!: Vl.ltlS from breal, rake, i V and other lood bv ii-big llio- ,'ire Cover- "old by T BlllNri.WAID .tllllOTIILiiS. l-OfKlM.I'TIU.V The eo-ii'irinT-hip h-reiojore the linn of McDonald ,v I J eA.ting iridi .MILL: h tins day dissolved y tniiiual co'wul .11111., MrlJU.,lAl, jr., TIIDMAS .Mll.Lri. Builingion, July I, ISlfi. w3 'CH0i)L !H)DKS or u, ki.h. Toy J Boolijin aliii'iil.iue. lllmk Boolvi.aliq.nliru'. Blaeh. blue Kil l red I'lk-I'ld, liable Illk-Hteel Pens, and (Juill d. tter Paper, ery nice lo. do. iheap Cap ilo all p.-iers. A iVitIi nuiply fur sale bv .May ii. U'OOD.S. JI0KI3I) HA.MS& SII0UM)ERS-rjUHi' J in the tir-l ii'iahty Me an I Clear Pork I'lour 'orn AI -al, mid most other kin Is of provi-ious, at .May A'S. DKWKY'H. JdilMKl Oi!il'iaiciir, R.Yn:.i)i:i) as a Toki: or Svmpathy S with the Imng.and n ineiiirnto of Christian atlee lioii for Ihe dead. By Bev. John Howling. A. M. Porsaleby S. WUODri. May ',. 4 P E W I) 0 7. K y S xin: nuuw or tiii: -U Tigri lia t.'oiiehiplon, or Me.xienn 'Piger Hower, aUo ihe tiladiolous Pfcittat-oiiiiii. Tor Kile bv PBCIv .t KIT. A I! Suitable time for wttinj them out is Iroiuthe'J of May tu the Ut of June, )lh I7A.NS A new and eitensive ossoriinent of bone, i. ivory and uiher l'.im, of pretty Mylcs also a few also a lew AKi Heel pati lioam unit leather i'ans, jtt-t reeeied. Mines iiuu in-aua. j July -i. BBINS.MAID k. IIROTHHKS. G in.Vl)OI,i:s AND LAMPS. All a.lditionnl I aKsortini'iit ol (iirundolcii, and also ol Nilar, lard und oil Lamps, jul received. 5 July a. BlilNS.MAID k. BliOTHKUS. rpiii: ,i;tna inhuuanck company, of I Hattford Counectkiit. wi'Ji a capital of 8-30,tKK), continue to insure uyain.,t liv"!s by lire, on the most reasonable terms. (UIO. 11. rill.YW, Agent, jiurnnginu rct. (, iiu. 3 IXSI3KU OIL. Vins & Novps .m: saw i( I inanitfarturiui; ut Winoo-M city a ;.iiie unicle ol Linseed till. .Merchunts desirms ol obi.iinmr a aond ju ihiij of oil will find it for their interest tu call upon us at our Store. Burlinsitou, June 8, 1HIG. 1 frWOnil Tin: llinii.i.fiTO.v flln.i, laitJ Coiujmny ore now rea-ly lo piircha-r a few iWiLtlioiirsinii iHiiuuls of ll'U(L, for which ca-h willlv paid. Apply at llie Cnintinir-lioom of the Conipiiiy JA.MUrf C'OOIv, Agent. August 30, 181(5. 1IC Wholesale Dealers in Domestic and linimtersof I'tfltlilti.N DltV (iOODS, No. m Cedar and 123 Broadway, New Vork. PI.KAHEI) with the remit of tlieir Ian )rarsiulver. lisemeiii, Clapp ,t Kent again prevnt their Curd lir.d invite Alerehanls muuTiillv. Ivvben tnviii'. in son. plies for Autumn nud Winter Kiles j t j I'Mimine their ' k oi napie ury IkssIs. A larct r tu-HOrtmelll Jowcr ninl mnre imilnrni nrii,s run nn w here be found, and bujers will In- mire to meet 'i "ir 'r "nu iisniinmf rrotus ui rnum. .New ork, An; I, IK 16. (m3 BUWAUt: or countuufuits. this I , Vrom the Inventor himself to the present Vieiimelnr. IDA HIS, November 1, 1310. In consideration of the . siiui oi IjaVK), I have divulged lo Mr. Tr Jones, redding in the city of New York, N. A., the whole proccssot manufacturing, together with n statement ol the ingredients composing my Italian Chemical Soap lie is to iiianuf.icliiie it lor sale in tlie United Stales only, and to have the privilege of naming it "JON LS'rj ITALIAN CIlinilCAL SOAP." (Signed) ANTOO VKSITIINI. Witness, Henry J, Hold-worth. THE 5I0ST ASTOCNIUNll WSCOVtnV ! A JUrvsing .' A mirarlc ! ! A xenniler l!! To rule Bruptious and Disligurein"iits of the Skin Pimples, Freckle', Sitiibutu, Salt Bhi iim, Scurvy Sure llcad-i.etc. etc. etc. Four years ago lat August, the capital of France ifm ill .iiic.ini,iir.H ul tl ,tinvrrv llllule bv on Italian ciieinist. .Many doubled it s.-ciiieduhuu-l an hnpo.bility that any thing made by Ihe hands nl man, co.iiii naie men singular powers unnai ciaimen by Antonio Vcprtni lor his invention. Many 1 1 i-'d him and invention as a humbug, (and tdas ! tunny foci isli person" wilhoiittrving. do the same dow ;) at Ic gth ultei tesiiitgit iu the hospital, the Mednnl Soeieti ol l'ano.dh" bet Clc'ineti iu Ihe wo 1,1,) diliiciul the f..;iow'iugrepoit to S g .or Veep' iiu . " We n ive now mi utey and cxaminei! lh singular I nent' in ol Vcpuni We IriV" nnaly.cil its co.npo'icnt patt .ve li ivu u-c.l il In 'V iui cas, -, i and we h '-itate mil top'o.iouaee it (the It ih in Ch 'Hi -' cal Soap) us u g-e it, oud a truly w, nderful renvdy lor any Int'itieous eruption ni disfigiiem lit of ' thnskm. Itsi'ive.itor wecon-i br tin true philuiuhro- lust ol suflei in r tnank.ii I. (Signed) LI.OPOLD DUPItKY, Pres." Tli"n come" the report of the "Societe de l'Intitute," of scieiitilie experiments : " We arc a-tu:iu-li"il,n exclaims the ag-d President, "at this singular iireparatiou Vi-pruu's Ch 'mica. ' Soap ! heie, laded, will science stop ' Il'te v. have a piep'triitiou nnde in tip firm of a Is outifu piece ol soap, wlnih we know by aetird p'tictice, to i cure cr-ry cutaneous entptio l. eicry ih.igur''ineul ol. I audeve'i dHfolored skin! W,i"ic will its magic and I singular power bease f The Negro, the Creole, thi l ellow liaee i tli" lm, anil llie licit .iail ul llie ra West, are alike under lh inllu-uee ol itscxtraorJmai powers ofblearing yellow or dieolored km, and iniik iitg it white and fieauti.ul, and ol changing the color ol u'aik.or bl'iek, or brown "kin." (IIre "everal person" wcie brought forwa-d by the President, who hud u-ed it, in prim! nt his a-rlious.) Ticre are jirobably lew pcr"om of intelligence, who. after reading llie above, will doubt the qualities o, Jones'" llihiin Cli"iuieiil Soap, in curing Krupuuns, l)i-lignreuienls, l'rci kle,S ilt lihenni.ScuiTy, l,ri"p elas, S.uabiirn, Morphew, Tun, Yellow or bro.s n -kin, stc. Should there be such icr"oiis. pi rhaps the follow ing recommendation us well a" iiunilrcit Irom utliers, nmv cunvinee. tlifin. li in our reuoers who are tiimcicu wuu crupitons, mark, or ilistiirtrement IIAIiltlNOTON BROTHr.It.S, Oalv wholesale and relailng'-ulsfor Vl nud Canada, Church-st., Burhugton Vt , July 10, 13IB. ami) IICMAN HATH, IN THI1 I'ORM OF A Jiritutijul nnd DHinnut I'rrprtt ation, railed JOi:sS COKAIi IIAIK KilSTOHATiVi:. "jVTOTIi Anionitth" educated, there nre few who 1 1 w ilonht but that by torcui the ront- and f.ahi nfthe henk to a ti'-nltliy nrtion, we can r aiw jjrowt! aye, dark, luxuriant growth. The rootb inu' heal thy! n wdiinent railed ilandrutl'or mirl, h dwlnrged inmi the -ralp ; thi hair now heroines tolt and sl'y Thin tlie roots ?tron,'ly la-teneil in thir tntive !od, proudlv nnd plendi hy di-nlav their beauty, ch a fcieei men of ili'a'd natuie raided itoni dealh hy the pow erful aid of Seienct. Hawu stated, in cbove, the nctml, true, nnd real ntnlities oi JoiuVs Coral Hiir Kes'tomtie. I leave the inti Ili'r.'nl poitiou of the piMie tojud ' of the truth of its poM --Mnj thew. iunlitie, by ttstimotiiaH of the f illnwms highly respectable titit,niH, editcr-, publib ollicer., tfcr. 'I hey nie a few taken troni a hrn-t ii oth en. It I ni" called tortli thi tr'-tiinonial Irom the niot enhghte:i-l body uf men in the world. F,nm J. S. JUkcr. i:.;q.t F. J. 6. . The American seiennf'c In-tittition In been favor ed with u !pscuii"n of Jones's Coral Hair Ites-tomme, for t!ie purpose ol ttt-uni itsi rccomni' nd -d (ju:i!ili'-. and repiit as 1'Miow.-. " Vc hive minutely cyimined auJ le-t"d .lonessCoial Hair Ue.torativc,aud find that it eoni.-ts of compound' dtcidetlly bmtrnhle tor nour hIuiii;, t-oftemni;, caum yrow th, curing tlarulnill, and iri inn n dark npiva ranee to the hair, beini: th n tali- IK'S lnoBt ''"inend-'d by ?Ir. Jone, winch tliMPoci- t'lj llllll -1 ( Liy till1, Ullll 111 111U UK'il-Ul, U(I1U .Mr. Jone (gncd) J S. HAKKU, I'. A. . I. Vfom the T.-mtU't Timet of Ortnlrr IS 10. " V. hae tnt-d Jo iivV Ctual'Ilnr le.-tor:ttic. It isbutSii'ii. We nt tiit thoituhtitiinvre pulf.but our 'belt'-r Inlf mis that in etlVei'iou llie cluldruu ( b-ad truly wond-' rod. Wt btivf n'tl it, and wo v ;k on our honor, that it really prcnt-toui hair from l.illinu out, and gives it u h'lutiiul, uowuy, s!t, und back nvt -arauec : and lion -Miy thi:i'v it h cauiii our old hairttirowaixain m tli - winter of our hj" IVKikibv HAiHtli(iTOX nUOTHlIRri. Churelit., fiarhn.'tnu Vt .July 10, Bin. The only true nifent for the sale of mv articles m eriuoiit anil Lniritla', are Harrington Brothers, (.Stoned) T. JONKS, 5m3 &-J Chatham-i-treet, WhoU"-ale IVopiietor. The most nMtiwiulIn:: disco; rry ! A R!..iti.f I n Mlirii'lnl fi Won 1.r '-'I'n r-nr.. IVnn. tioim and irenvnts ol the Skm, l'unplei, i rcckirf, Mjutmni, fralt Klifuiu, M'uivt'V, ore Ilt-ads. Ac. Ac. Tun; year ago at Aunt. t!ift capital of I'mnce wa ntoiui ii m coiieu i"iie' oi 'i oi-"overy nn.le t)y nn It iii'in Ch.iu-t. .Uaavdo.ibted it emeil :ihno-tau impoibditv tint tiny tlii.ig in ulc bv the han.U ot in m, (.nnl 1 lime -i h si i ni!:ir nnwer n ihm rl itm xt hu Antoxm Vimkim tur bis i:ientio'i. Mnuv clae'd hiui ai il his iiieiili ei as a Iui'.iIhij. ( rid, til-is! m.itiv- foi.lii peiMius w.t lout tr mg. d.i ihe i-TitH' now ;) tit I- igth iiitei t.-iing it iu th lioi.tak, th" M be. IV i cii'iy ni t'iri-.ili'b si en 'i.i -is 1,1 fie wo'td.i dein I'li'.l the lollow'i'l ' 'ell ;rl to . llor e-u mi ' "We true now iiii.iul'dj id careiu. y examined the Mngul ir in'nt o tol 'e-pri ii. Veli,iv''ii.'iatvy.,'il itsconuiou :ii i.arl .e In-.e 11-,'d it 1.1 -iv '.ul ens.1 ami w" li.'mtaie not luprunoTice itCl'.ie Itil.ii 1 1'lviu leal S,n) nj a g eat til -'na, a'l I a tnuy wondetlii. H'UieJyljriiiiy e.iri leo.ii 'uptHi'mr ih-iijiri'iit. nt ot iuekin. Ii' ri.eut 1- we ro l-ider the tni" ph lanihro- plbt of Hllietillg lllllllkuitt. (rf.gued) LHDPOI.I) DUPBAY, Pres." Tiien eoiiies the report ol the 'tfojiete de riii-tttute. of t. 'ieutiiie e.p"rimi'!its . " We ar a'.oti 1 led," exelair.n t'le agd priideiit, "at l!i nfigi'larprepan'l.ou Veprmi's It ilnn Ch-'ni-iealmji! Wiie.e, M.leed, w'dl -cience ttop ! Il're w have a pi-eptitilion ma le in the lorinot a lieauti lul pi ee of, wltieli we kllowbyoetii tl praetiee,to eiire every ciaue.uu eruption eerv diigureui 'lit of, and eveii discolored km! Tii Nero. Ill- Creol', the Yellow Baee 01'ihe La-t, and th Red linn of the l'.ir Weet.tire alike 11 uler the mlluenee of its exttaor dinary puw'ers of il'iumg ellowor dipeoloied bkui, oud making it white ando"auitiul,an.l 01 e'lattgingth color of dark, or Lh. k, or brow 11 i-km " (ll-reheviral rer-ous w "te brougut f irw-ird by the presuU'iit, who used it, in pioot of Iih Br.AlTi'IHrf! Prom the Inventor hnn-elfto present Proprietor. I'ans. Sue I, Is 10. In eon.-ijeration of the iini of (,'A rill, 1 Imedi vululg'd tu Mr. T. JflNBS, rmding iu the Cityof New urk, N. A., the whole proce-sot inaniilaeturnig, I together with u .statement of the ingredient compos ing my Italian I le'imeal :o.ip. He is to iu.iiiut.iclure il lor sale in the I'niled Stit.s nnlv. audio lne the privilege of inmhigit "JUNKS' ITALIAN CHH.M lCALHOAP." Witness, Henry J. Holdsworth. (Signed) ANTONIO VHSPHINI. There are probably few persons ofintellijenee,who, after readimr the above, will doubt the o'lalities of JOXliS' ITALlAX CHEMICAL SOAP, iu cur inir IhiiptioiH, Di-fiiriireineiits, Creekles, Suit lihenui, Scurvy Hn-ypelas, .Sunburn, Moiphevv.Tiiti, Vellovv or Crown,vS:e. Should ihere Ik Mich pethaps the following reiounncndationi, us well as hundreds Irom others, may convince them, 1'roin the New Orleans Sentinel. Oct. Bit One of our subscribers. Mr. II. Iieo'iard, informs us lliat he has lieen cured of uld scaly Salt Bhcum, of I'iliieeii )ears Matithui;, on his heard, lineers and hiud.s, by a cake of an article much advertised lately we speak of Jones' lialruiChemic'il Soap. Heul so inlorius us, that he has Hied iLs cllects on his female iiltive,, a vellovv iiirl, much mark ed with tun-spots, and he found in two vvetlvs her tkiu liiu. li dealer and whiter. James l.Itlrun.ojniiiter, in Jersey city, was cured of carbuncle 9 und pimples, vv hit h he was alll.cled vv ith for many j ears, by part of a cuke of Jones' Italian Soap. I'rom the New York Sun. We make it n rule never lo noliee nn advertised ar ticle, but from what vvc haw heard from several ier wuisresK'Ctmg llie powersof Jones' Italian Chemical t'vtiap, wedii not hesitate to pronounce it all il is rep resented" and can, thetelure, coiiseienliou-ly recom mend it lonur readers who nre ullhcied with erup tions uiuiks or du-liurcii!eiits. l'ersons in purehning litis, must always n?k for JOXDS' ITALlAX CIIKMICAL .S'tl.l': nud perhais. as many w ho huv e lieen cheated with rounier leitsw II Is-loiuueh discourtiijement n try ihecenii ine, we say to Hicli, Try tins once you will nni re gret it; Isitnlwajuwe that tin name of 2'. Jones it on tht wrapper. mis i Mil A LL persons wi-hing to obtain tne br-t Cooking i Sloie, wid be sine aid examine this invention. The snVcribcr has th utmost coiiii lenee m itssun'n or mciit",b"lii'iiiig it to be Without i'ei pt'ton lh" tin ft perfect, convenient tin.l eeotiomical 't-'Vc fir sutninet orwiLt-rcvcr oh'eled to tin public. Those inteicsteil will call, examine and judg" fiii- tliemsilieii,, nn hand, and will be k' pt n peneial wil tneiitot CW., Dvx and Vai'nr STOl'J.S. tog thei with all kin I" of tie I'lir.iiltne, Tin, Hieet-lion and C'.;;ir ll"re, (.-. ,S'. Teims as low as any in the maiket. ISAAC DOW. Church-street, A..J. II, Hid. K'mD (raSALKPaTonRVT. . rwntw X$.A the Lake shore, three ii i "s north of the vil lage containing about llio acres II LEAVENWORTH. I'tHo'eim. Jn'ie nn. i-ttr. 1 HATCH, fiu.v Smith, worui i.n- IV I'or.M his cu-tomer?, tint he has employed an experienced woikinati fioin the Miiith, and intends to keip, eoutautly on hand,(;t',beiiir and cheaper than any ever olV'red ill this market t c"-"!!!'.! one door south ot the Jail, Church Street. PI u-e cull. Burlmglon, July 10, lSIo. CJAHSPAUILLA AIEAI). Tin: vai,ub op VJ tin1' jiri'imnitton i now widely known, and every day the Ii'dd ot it- iHeiulnc i c.Vteudm. It is uji proed and Inir'aiy recomnipiuled by I'll YrilCIANri. nml h admitted to 1r the hum agreeable preparation from the root that hn ecr bnen cinplojeil m MKDI CAIj rilACTICK. It is not local m its operations, but nen-rul, .t"iidi:m thi"in;'i the whole stem. It ii'Mitralizestli" poi-t.mons elrineiits in the lll.OUl),aml re-to"'s a b 'nit'iy ton to th-' organs, which uen-rate thi't mud. In ji roiula" and all rxternal di-orders the result i" the rapid d'-cn asn of the same. In rheuma tism, and other pamlul ntlections ol th' muscular hhte. a speedy rcuiov:d ot th' pain and m ad cia renew al ot tureiurtli k",,pmn paee with the retreat of th ibsasj troni the fy-teni Tn p-op ii-ioirt atf iilmost daily rcceivinu testuno ni'ils in th- f ii'ic ot l:irt;e order-, te-,tijyni!i to its yreat Millie n a mhctri', unit at-o as the most plear-ant and aijieeabl' drmk known. Th nliove article is for pal", wholesale nnd retail, at HutniM.ruN.V Hr.oTiiF.ns, Church t liurlinst' n, aNo, bv V. Ik Hvitit Co., and AIc.vsun vc iVr.Lr.Tr, Winooki 1'idl. 53 MOUSE FlXISHIXfiS. AIixcitAr, Kxons il Peail white l.iee plato, half plate and half bronz ed itosewoo 1 do. llr.i-s and (ila-4 do 1 'II pulls hells and h ingmi", Blake's latehosanortic lucks, butt serews, cup'ioiril ealebes and locks, w'indow Fiuings. window blird trnnmings, buiks an. I lung ho- k'aiiil staples, mahogany ami veneered ku ibs, bat and coat hooks, etc. etc , to ; 'titer wuu a mil .'Ksiiitme it of HDL.-.; I'L'll.NHIHNliS, among-t wh'u h buu-e-keepi 1- may lind a gr-at arie IV of t.ew, us:tul, eeonoiiucal, mil orn 1111 u.tal am-ele- ut STBONtiS ec CO. Juie I, ISh'i. HMii:SAXi)TIrA.IEXTS. A LAIM5E it supply lor by ri. WOuUri. .May 15JM:AT!1KKS. Uk.vs & (Iiusii rnunnus 3 lur Kite at all tii:u by June C. VILAS NOYUri. jrriA'lTinIU:."vKiij; at all timi V on h'ind, in i?' 'it vnn-ty. pun nlvr tea, talde, de-it. c renm. nm-nril. ftit. -u r-,r, an I ripoons , tahl -.ii -fe'-t. puk! .tin 1 du. be).'--i',cr rk- Iiut ter knives, 'u'lr tf.i'. ndv i cup-, nurMii tu les col tin plate, tlumSl-". a d .ill aitM ! usunli wanted m the silver wnn' line. A 'id w would n-nim I purc!n ers tint we mv as nspoiu nmt old illar iier or siUer as pun a doll.irs.) lur the kiiim pi ice that th' alloyed hpo.ii" are wm! hy p'Hcr. Creat care and pam are ink-n to have our -puons matte rrtl, which is cry i KSi'tti in I to their durtduhty. ripouu and tlum lile told hy ua are run Led ti re. imh.iAiDtv niioTiinns. N. Our Silver claw loinr. ami spottns took tlie I'reiuimn ni th' c at Tair if tne Am ui -an Ii'-tituti-U -1st nt w oik, I'.t'. The iJ.pltura awarded t US can bo heeii ul ourctore, riqhl haihl :de as jou t 'iter. uia:s"lvTi: j II I D'sWiCV rcspt'ciluily ijiv'siiutnc, tint L it -t.ti mnnu.act itiiiir. ut Wi,ioo-ki Kails, Ur.u.i,-. . ti v r 1. irt iii.i. 1 'i. l where till ord.'rsi w ill be p: o:npt ty me I 1' d to. OrMijtiii'K1 ndvantas-'s derived in tiv noftht ah ne imp t -uir-.u, h t-nablrd toatfud a tin ' beautitul leu e ior ard an! irirdeiH, ct m icli les- cpeu.'' t'litu th' s.i.n cm Ik .t up to- in any oth-w-av. while lor iliinitubtv, it i" not ecellid bv'auv n. ' i'nni tifi'i tw.. 'I',,,. I, ,).!.- .., I u-uiir.! b uti j it out in Wc-ti'in N'v Yoik, Wii -ie it 1km mm into txt:tsii ii. an I In rcei'u,ed th ' approbmon ri ihe M-iyor nt th- city i f IlaH'iio, w all m my hun dred ot luiii am ti iituiits and others in tint pan of tli tite ; n!o oi (I ivein-ir Iluhljaid, 1). ct. Jam. Jn Ue Churchill und mmv oth .s m New II imp- i.rc Iu tact, wlvri-vcr it Ins iW.i rifoJucetl, it In.s been hmhly appro d. A a Iumu I'cittv it iMtuibim. snore a hnnta th tu any uu-r fucc cer us.-d. Il enu Ik use I irit.iout 'ut;, mi 1 1 t!iivt re not eillrted by tlie freezing and h-aviiT'oi the pound, and tsadmuably a hpte.l ta tlit'Tales, sabject to h-verc irchen. Il takes os hmilvr than uuy ou-t km I ot tence.isn cTtam prott'etion aain-l nil kiiid-i oi citlle, u not lia ble tn g -t out ot n-KiiTteniint betilotei d-nrutis u-ly w.-t up. t.dveri down or r.'iuoved, wit!i.ut injury. t (No t i ner s'nuld be trillion t n knst n utTi tiei.i quintKj iu throw around his luld of ram and flack j.rds. connection Vvitbthe aboc he hw a ma chine ir turiiiiii! 'roo:u II m lies Iturlmtou 1'aU-., larch VI, lsh. H fBwfpf) gPGAR&AttTUUIt fc.'C-t-s jl a are iiovvreceiMiiciiew sup,;i:V, Coaih nnd Shell HAKH- i WAIll,, in all us vum ues. AKi, Drugs and .iledi 1 fines, I'diuts, Oils. V.iriiii-nes, ite, Biirhtiijtim, lslti. rni.v pi, vn:s, wntiiAr. tjboxhstin J I'lates, l-U X and extra ies. , 'il li'dl-mm wire, assorted Jieet coptier, cojiper bolt, Bu.-sia nnd Ijiic sheei iron, sheet lead, lead liuie, sh-et zuie, rivets, etc. June I. STItONtiS ,t CO. tiilvT'irKcnooii LiiiUAiucs. no IJ Volumes for S),IK) UW volumes for Ju-t received by STHVB.VS WOODri .Maxi. . WOim' LOOKINd (iLASSlX Ilismns a crcat onety of others, we b,ne Toilet look" iu(!lis's with mil without drawers under them ; alo, kiu hen nud chamber I,mkini? (Jhscsi,jiockei v ;d trn ik do., 1 'lower Vai nu I mmv otV r artiel 03 UINS.lAll)t llllOTHKIIS. F Hi I WORKS. A Ki:n-sKVi:oi'Kirrs, Bomau Caudles. Wh"es, &e.. can be had of llltI.NSMAll).tBI!OTHi:i!ri. As thev nre kent gome di.stanee from the toie, thins.' who wish for them inii-t apiily a short tune bei'oie they nre wanted lo be u-cd. SJ wi)a-wati:r and xkctaii! 11 Tliese delicious lieveraees l-ii cntiibiciv fTir5! t" pood Irallh, when in. -ly prepared) icy- 1.,,. cola iruni llie louutaiiis, witit n choice variety L of Syruos. con-tantly on hand 1 1 ' Tlie iliiv iul Wnlers Irom Sirntoira oiven. ed Soda rouutains, Appaiatus, runuture . mid Syrupi-, nUo ior sale nt 5 I'lVK & SPEWS f4'a'5Ii5S tV Co. DKAI.HKS IN Foiu:if: & na.ii ixi u; hard waiu', B. SADI.V'.IIY &c , otr-r, at Manulacturere pnets tl.VM) cross Bremittui Screws, 1511 dm. Blake's luteins, h-mticiI tjjes, 3 Door Butts, ,c &c. W0l Mfft M'htnrN llnNitm of M'lltl Cherry. the great rcmeilyfor I! O N (1 II .11 I T I O y And the best Medicine know n to innn for Alhm of every Mage. Urn Complaint.. Brondiitis lntlu-nia. Coughs, (old, Bleeding of the Lings, Shottu..m of Breath, pains and weakne-i jn llie side, breat,"&,c and all other disease"! ol the ra.Mo.vAnv hhoani A very important disease over which tlnV'lla4m exerts a very powerful influence, ii that of a diseamb LIVtR III this complaint it has undoubtedly proved mora cllicacious than any remedy hitherto i'mplu)i d, nnd in numerous intanciswhcii patients bad endured long and oevere rulf -ring from the iliseaw, without receiv mg the eat lien"(it Irom various remedies, and when Alr'.ltCL'ltY had lieen resorted to in v.un, the use of this Biisain has restored the Liver to n healthy action, and in many instances elected after every known remedy had tailed to produce this desired effect Besides its ostoni!iiug efficacy in the diseases nliovo mentioned, we also fpul it n very tllectunl renvdy in Astum v, a romplai'it in which ii has been rxtcitsivclr used with decided tuccc-ss, even in rates of y ursttand lug. ft not only emmat-s from n regular Pliy-i 'ian, but has also been we : -led 111 all the complaints i,,r which 11 is icciiu.iii'n'ii 1. 11 is not my 1 11 utl nt. tuerctore, eilti'T to cloak it in in"ter, 01 ill any w.iy deceive th pu'ihe by overrating its t 'utiles on th contrary, I -oni simply ui.l avor to give a li.iet stateim nt 01 its usi.'lul less, nn J tlitteiinginysell th it ibrir -nig t Hi cacy wi.l e mi o tn,',ii-:is ch p.ooiso; us ) tuef as will 'tis.y tl,-. mu-t mered lio is, that 1 onsuinption liny and "ca.v EL ctr.EU," if this muliciii be Mtortcd to in time. i 11 is p"rlnis, no disease With win hourroun try is all''i i 'd.wu.cli svveepsi.iVauiiu ii.y ssj nnny tic t ins, us iliat lell J '.-iroycr ol 111" I1.1.11 1 1 ta Con 'ir.nj.tiun. I) iy aliei day, year alter i a, the msaliaw mo.i-er hurries to the po'talsul th-eold ami sent tomb I" Ii add 'd vii.tlliis to it eouili-t No walk of li.e is Miere.l irom it,s biigliirig milieuee No age n e.enipt irom its death-d 'uling -lialls. Th old, thu inidih'd aii'i tin )o mg. all alike, are f hhJ for tins common enemy ot uri.idkiuil Tne wli.te-lmired pa tiiaielt, whos" life ot t'ltip rati'-i. has re idered his sys t un nun -ivious lo the uti.ieks 01 ollrr ills, and wfioso gsil if "ds prepue.l bun lor t.i'! e:ifoyniMt of life' din evri'.mg. ii:i Is consumption tat 'iiuig its tang ipon lusvit.ils, an I t'armg hun from a world, ever inyht tu ini.Us which look cuinuiiiccitly on dav swell P"t.t. Is there no help for the afflicted ! No prcventatito 'if the dangers l''t u in our changeable and .l-kle chin I Wi think tli-ie lnav be. And if the illegations of tlios who tire nt Uu-t entitled to veraci- 15 . may oe ucueveil, there is apieventative and a rem cJy. lsfir's thlsnm of Wild Cherry is offered to a suf fering world as such. It iv-cds nut th "advcntiuom aid" of u long string of fictitious cert.ticatep to give it notoriety. Its true value and intrinsic excellence aro MiHifi-nt to entitle it to the conli I -nee ol the public, and "Wntt on to fame" the name ot iu inventor, as 11 benefactor ol his i-pecies. Opinion of a Desnlar Vhyrieian , , .LVter, Mc.fpt ), I?I5. I Ins certifies that I have tceommenJ' d the uw ol iyi All's Balsam or WildCiilbuv toriivas.-softhe Lungs, ,,r two j-ars pa-l, and many bottles to my knowledge have been ns-J by my p.iticris. nil witb In 11 fi nil re-ults. In two ca s wli-ie it was thought conliiued cun-uinptioii had taken place, the Wild Cher ry effected a cure. L BOYUBN , Vhyirian at Lifter Corner. NO QUACKLBY : NO DLCLl' l ION 1 All pul. lis led Mati'iiieiits ot euies jicnormed by this niHilieiii,', ar , in every refect, true. IlLWAnt. of Cof.vrr.r.tEiTs anu Imitations The un paraleted and astoni-htng eilicacy ot Hr Wi-tar's Ilal vim ot Wild Chrry 111 all th" dis- nses lor which it is recommended, caring many cases alt t tie skill of the best phjs.eian.s was unavailing, has ebetteu a large and mcrea-ing di'iuand tor it. '1 h..- lie t has caused fs'Veral ii,i)imcipled coiiiu.'r.eit us and imitilori tJ palm ofr-purioiisin.Mrcs f-.innar naim and apt car ance, for the genuine B.ils m If" can'tul and get the g. Drt Wistak's Bal sam of Wild Ci tr.av. .Noil' g"nui ie u.iiess signed, by 1 Bltts. Al.lie-sall unlet 1 to Slhi W Iowle, li.-ton, Ma. 1'or s,lc by 1'.. ,'K .t Sl'KAK, Bur liiigtini ; also by W. 11. Il.iteh. Ilniv,li la it Aofcvrs C.eorge Ayre-. Mot in: LUiynton & Bur rill, lhnei'jiirsh; Unutieul, II ulistnn ; William Bin ad-, Utehtnond ; H. L. Camp, Sluice; M Wires, Camlnitlge; Curtis A-, Djteher, St. Allans; S P.liel tield. Multiplier ; l)iekin.-on ,t. Nobii , Chrtsra; F. II11 iti lgton, Veigenin'i; Or. Bui u, Motdlruiny Sold alisj by I)niggi-ts und Agent? generany "5 Jm: I'ILi:S! A Ct-nn mit Lin: Gimr- J A.snti.l Dl!. L'l'HA.M'S 1NTK1.NAI. KH.M LDY, lor tlie cure ol I'nes, I itlamatioii m tlie l.ivi r 'ind Spleen ; 1'itlimati'iM ."-oieu.'-s nn I I iceration of the H iiinai h. B'.wvis. l,J.n-)s nn I Itla.i ler , Inflnn nntoiyan l Alercunal Bin o mil m Iioiuuty ol the Bloo I ; and lull'iniat on of tae pl.le ; and lor tae p'li.'i in ui irru'd lam -s Tin Vi ,r.TAnr.i: 1'iix lit 1 vnv, inv nted by Dr. A. L'jib'un, a d.-iuuu h"d pl.jieian oi w S ork eiiy. is th only realty .-u 'ee'-'tul leme ly tor that dan rous niul iti-in ui coinpl''.c J'i,c,cvcr ott'.r ed to tlie Am'Tiean public. Murk tin- it i- an Inttrnal Uemedy n t an exter tint tippu 'anon, and will run' any ea' of the IMes, either hlei'dmjz r blind, internal of ; and pro! ably Ihe oiily tluiuj thai will. There is no mistake iboui it, li is ii piisitti-f cure epcej.y aii'i ; ermanent. It is nl-o a convenient medicini' to take, anil improves th i'iieial health iu a remaiknhtc manner Kaeh Bov coiii.nus twelv do-cs.aidfc els. perdo. Il i very mild in it- o ration, and may be taken in -ascs ot the mo-t acute mtlamtnation w'uhout daituer. All external ni'pbcalions nre ill the highe-l degree dls lareeable, lncouveiiient. nnd otiinsive; and Item the very nature ol the ih-ia-'. temporary in their cllects. I'll.-.Medieiiie attacks the disease at us source, and reaming the cause, reudei s tlie cure retain and iivr .ua lent lii.ivtTnr.v DisrAsts. Altlioiiah ths Blectnanr was originally prepaied lur the line ol the I'.ies jet it Ins proved it-ell to be a lneilicme far -u'rior lo all ulieis, in nil di a-i-s o an 1' ilnnimato v character, .villi a d'Meniiiintiou ot bloisl lo nnv imiu'itlar pattor o'srm In Iiilhinnlion and Cini.'ettioii of the jjver .11 1 Splei u ; li'lbtmiil.on, Son ne an I 1 1 'iatu.ii id a" Stomach. I:, .v Is, hi mi'". and biad e I t'.am .taiuiy and Mcumnl Kl'j'iu;i.ili.-iii,il is llie beMmrJ .eiee ever di-coveted. iMiri! Tin.- of int Bimid. I'or nil impurities of thn ...'od, tin-in fioin the ititp:ude t u-e oi Meiiury, or ih t raii-es ; lur all dii n-i-s ol lite Skm uril Seiofu- us .Nile. u. m j 1 1 all (a- - wl.i',1- the Llooa isp0w r I illy detenu. n I to the Head, picdum t; iiizziuers and ht ess. Dr. t ti'tnm's ..e, tit'iiy is entnelj uuiivalei. To Mvar.ui I, vims .Mani.'d l.adu nie a.ino t mva ninv -iibji'i.1 lo Hint painiu. and, tli" l' With eo'iscipu ut I ll.umiititiiin oi U.e S.oin-1,-tl, Bow,'!- and piue, wt l.klie-s i. Hie Jjai k, tiow of H u id to in- II a I, de Tlie t.'ciuaiv is i rleet!y -i.e lor l'iej:l lilt Ladies, nn. I Ui nin-l useful C uhait.c ih'it inn os.-i!n) lie u-i d. as it vvih u..t only rtlnme the Bib s nnd all mil iiniunuuy disen-- , without jmin or it ritat, nn, but wi.l en-tire an en-y, n sate de livery, an 1 a sou"d (-oii-iitiitiuii in o: sjinn;, Ct tti. lor. I.iil tii Ai-.ATiui Tlie cleituty eomaini no Minriat meitieme ; no Ames. ( nlih ytttli, Ciamlnge, or otlier powerlul and itiitaiitii; I'mranve Nuiear ol takiiii? cold while under it- ii.thicrce. no change ia diet neivKa y ll ink' u aei iiHinij; to the di.ections, il ( are )nr t.ije is Uttaianticn. l'.imphlil-, m'vmnvnliiable itifonnnlion re-iectinj this Medicine, inny be obtained ol auenis, jnitis J S lloiuiiTON, llkl U uslunsto'. t . BoHon, Gen eral Air-ill lor the New Klmlniu Slates Ai.tM Birlineion, l'u K Si nr., Slnntnelier, Clark V Collins. Itmiand, Darnell- ,V lis-it Bm. niiiiiton, 1' S lVck: Wuiowki 1'ulLs, W. B. Hatch Co. rc.y I )00TS & SII0US. 'FiTKTirL'scRiHra Pgi'S I has nisi received Irom the .Manufactmrrs ' n i-pleudid nss, uncut ot TOOTS A. SHOES, ofntiuost every di-cri tion.whiih u ill be h. hi amlnap ns the chrnpesl. Tlu is' wt-htli topurihnse would do well lo cull and I'Miinme U-toie im?ui; eiKw).it. N B CiL.i.'iii woik U iU kuuls indue to oide. and in the first stjle. ALSO, uu ii-sortment of CHOICH (IKOCr.KlES cousi-im iu pail ol the following ait.etes TrAs, SiuAus, CoriEi:, Sen t, Salfkatvh, Moi..s-u On,, l'unr., Sii.t, Codiimi, M iiKLr.ti., Saui j:,, S.Mir, Touacco, NiilS, etc etc Burlington, June I, llf. S3tf MBBCHANT TAIUtllS, JNVITI; Tllllllt KHIHVl)-i TO KXtMCVE A I careful!)' selected assortment ot Cloths, Ci'S-unercs, Ve-tmgs, and Ttmiuunes. Anioiui their Cloths may lie found Suier French Black, Blue buck, Brown, Olive, and all tlie fashion able taney colors Their i .sortini'iit nfCn-srneres embrace a vnriety ofnuahti' sot plain Kr Mac.. Doe Skins, and a great variety ul rWuonablc rnncy I'estihxi l'lij and rniNissrd Velv.'t light and dirk lis Slik plain nti.1 li Marseilles Mnr-rillra Vit Sha', nud a great v anety of piittems lor Sum iner wenr. For Summer Cans Cashuvrctts. Drap de Ete, Tw eeds, ,Ve. For l'jnt Heav y J)i'ck, and tuiierior Dnlhn-. AKi, Self-Adjustim Sto'U Bliek, Fancy and Suinuier Criivals Susicuders, Shirts, Boeoms and Co. lars. Lile IhTiid.Mlk, black, roloreil. and while hid t ilov es. Also, brow u an I drab Vclv cu anil N-rcM. M i; IIATHBUN, C. F WAUD. May 1 1, Bid. H1 I'VVV II. lit I WVICII. nud Trncp i-J. Chains, wagL'oii niui can -.- y. silufc "led "ham br ad n"e" au.'ers,rrolKirs,ndd...n kel l. ng!!on ile?. sr I m. riliiw hra.-s kettlesamll M r'r;''r kiws.w ro't und cut nails, iron nnJ brass wire, fheeiropper and brass hoop iron, slwet lead, isheet rinc, Rnndstono &mm'ht,awn CO.

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