Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 9, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 9, 1846 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FHEE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 9, 18 JG. From the N. V. Raiulny Mercury. Poetry .lliule tip Aliout Autumn. BV ME. 01 1 coipT-'"W',il Autumn conies To ilull tt.c tHMiiilioiw year lill" his brawny hand, oml bids It glories disappear: Tin- Mower nil lade, the leaves turn brown, 'IV birds forget tosiugj Woodc-buck" retire into tlielr holes, Tip snooze it nut till spring. r-simctinics tin- days arc Sabbath-like, Su quiet ami so Mill ; Hoiiictnii s the leagrant winds start up, Anil blow it nut tn kill s Sometimes the skies are Mm and clear, Sometimes tiny wear a frown, tin threatening tint they seem would faltl 'l'n tear the hcaicnsdowii ! A lonely orphan rose is left '.Mid lit-ntmg storms to bloom, While sister ro-es nil have gone Down to an early tomb! Hut soon tint rose mut lailc and full, And join the led and lost ', lt rli'fk" shall ne'er be kiss-cd by 'I'ne euld lips ol the trust. Where ore the biids? the little birds, That smg m sweet lor tne I Alas! they'er flown, I know not where Peihaps they'er cm n spree 1 Tiny will nrtiini 1 know they will Tlie violet too, ami lose t 1 thill hehnld thenl all ag.lin, When they have changed their cIo'r. Farewell, dear flowers, my sweetest friends ! 1 lie autumn now i nere ; 1 1 id )ni all n lk t adieu , Until another year: And yon, kind inend from you 1 part, Hut with a heavy sigh ; 'Tis t.ite compels give toe your sleeve Old Summei ('tat good bye! Oilier Goldsmith. A singular nncctlnti is related of Goldsmith's lust journey tn Kdirc.vvorth's town, previous, to hi entrance ut college. Having left home on, lin renelied Ard.iirli, where it vva necessary for liitu to sleep, nt night-fall, lie liaul tt guinea in his pocket, and was determined to enjoy himself, lie nked for the best house in the place, and limn n piece of Irish literal coni'rclieiiitn, or waggery, was directed to a firivate lion-c instead rf an inn. Goldsmith utd no thought ol a niilnlic, and, being readily admitted by the servants, who. from his cnnti ilcnrc, concluded that ho was some well-known friend anil in itcd guet of their master, lie gave directions concerning hi- horce, and being shown into the parlor, found there the owner of the iiianidon at his lire-side a .Mr. Fcatherstonc, a centlciii'in of fortune, and somewhat of a vv it. Oliver begun to call ab iut him with authority, as one entitled to attention ; and bp. host having jioon detected the uiuth's error, anil lining wil ing to enjoy an eveninir's uuiueinent, humored his guest, caused wine and whatever else Oliver choc to order to lie brought him ; accepted with his wile and daughters an invitation to sup per at his 'own table, and received with becom ing attention strict 'inactions to have a hot cake ready for hnakl'i-t on the following morning It was not until he hud called lor his bill before Slutting the house, that I'm alnshcd school-lad iscovercil his blunder, and learned that he had been entertained at ti e residence of an old ac quaintance of his father. The adventure was nuhscaucntly tn ulo to furnish the main incident to the comedy of " She Stoops to Conquer," Not so Had. Thoe who have ever seen Gov. .Metcalfe will no doubt remember that the old gentleman is somewhat remarkable for the length, breadth, and thickness of his proboscis. His old friend, .Mr. Clay, is probably not less dis tinguished for tjie size of his mmilh. A few days since, the Governor and .Mr. Clay met at the Ixm-rr lilnc Licks. In the room ol an artist, Mr. C. discoveied a profile orctit paper likeness of the old Governor, which all had declared true to life. Mr. C. look the profile and made his wnv towards a he it; of lasiies, in which there were several descendants f thn. Governor, nr. as an informant denominated them, "several juvenile stone-hainmeresses," To fine of them Mr. C. presented the profile, sav ing, " Mih , permit me to present you with an admirable profile of the irnw of your honored ancestor: you will perceive that the artist has put a man to it tn giie tin' pie'ure the ; rop'r effect" " 1 am greatly your debtor,'' replied the young lady, '' I needed just such a picture." " Here," she added, presenting to Mr. Clay his own likeness in min iature, " joti will perceive I have already receiv ed (i mouth villi (I moil to it.'' Frankfurt Commonwealth. J.&J.H.PECK&CO. WIlOl.KSAI.F, DKAI.KIl.S IN Paint", Oils, Dye SlulP", Glass, Nails llrad, Spikes, Foreign nnd American Iron, Steel, I'm Iron, Loll, Tar, Hulling Cloths, Plug and Cavendish tobacco, Flour, an I Foreign and Western Salt. Agent for the Sale of lairlmnk' Sralet, Adam SmifVif llurr Mill-Stone, I orillards, Maecoboy and Scotch Siiuir, Smoking and Chewing : Tobacco. Un the Siuare, College-!., Ilurlingtnn, 't. 14 "T'OIjIjETT & IIKADfiKY, WHOI.KSALK DKAUmS IN English it American Bar, Holt. Rod, Slit, Hoop, and Hand Iron, Tig Iron. Tin, Holt and Sheet Cop ier, A'uils, (Tla?s Plaster, Wet & Dry Gro ceries, Flour, Salt, I'lrr Mill Stones, Uniting Cloths, Sheetings, &c.,&c, VxF Storage and Forwarding, General Agent ami Commiion Merchant; SOUTH WHARF, Hurlington, Ft. It III. li. Marts!.. Ifnvh.rr relumed wilh the intention of maUnff Hur- linglon his permanent residence, respectfully fillers his iriu 's-iunui si:iurs in .lis ...cutis unu mv mi.i.v. Olliee west side of the square. Hurlington, September It), 181(5, linke C'liamplniii Sloain ISoatsj TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned, agents of tlie Cliatnplain TrannnrtalionLompany,on restoring flic otcam- er Saranac to her station as a lino lloat, pub lished a statement ot their reasons tor the with, drawal of that lioat on the 2d of July. The Pro nrietors and Atrcnts of the Francis Saltus ap pear to be very much inceucd at an expose of the tacts. Mr. Kcllomr, tint reputed ownorof the .S.iltus admits that he niado a cnnlnict with Mr. Hoyd for the nett earnincs ol that Itoat on the 1st ol July, by which ho expected to receive greater proms man n; coma ov auv prouauiiiiv realize in any other vvav ami he 'does not deny that our bargain with Mr. Hoyd was predicated on that contract, lie, however, tries to excuse himself for not fullillinir his encasement, hv the lam' pretence that Mr. Hoyd did not pay a cer tain ailvancc, wiiicn ne says vvasio oo inane on the I'd of July, and 'that'liesays'endcdthc whole matter.' To in-ike his card "more palatable, ho adds the usual W of low scurrility, almost as sweet astho famous "Saltus Minstrel" sung on liourd the llcat ast spring with great eclat. In a mutter of Invuch of filth, a son-' will hard lv I ass for an exetisr nor will epithets be re ceived as a sub-titute for facts and argument. liOt it be known that the nngotiiitinn with Mr. Hoyd was ut Whitehall, and on the 3d of July, the." day after Mr. Kellogg eay.s the whole matter was at an end. The Company's Agents called for Mr. Kcl logg's contract, which was produced and a copy taken. Two objections were made to it upon which Mr. Hovd applied to .Mr. Kellogg, who was in the vilfage and was appiised of the nego tiation, and con-entcd that his contract should be altered so as to provide for weekly return ml that ".Mr. Allien, or such person ass nuiii tie agreed upon," should be the Recover on the L-.l.... :ti ! I... i...i: 11 .I.-. r- L-..I c Do you keep nn allium.. Iiilia 1" said the mi-tress nf a boardum-K-1 o Ituoneof lieriiunils, a youni: cirl fresh from the i nuntry. "Nunie'in," -said Juliat"but mother keeps u aany button J rarelter. A sensible mother, at anv rate. S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, whose AP' G A8H 1 S h lr. MERCHANT'8 LINE. tnkc Bonis. For the tran-portntion of proiicrty between Lake CiiAstrLAtN, Trtuv, At.nvNV. New onK, mid Huston. THE rnOPMCTOHS ok this uxn n.w Inir inrrnnsi-il thpirflieilitiesbv the addition of sever al lirsf rate lloBtsnnder the couiniand of eAperienccd ct laithful .Masters, arc preimr-it to give depatcli to nil property Intended to pass lietwccii the above named places, with which they may be intrusted, and hope, by prompt attention to the interest of their employers, to receinc a continuance of public patroungc. I Heir Doats are to lie toweit uy arrant on iinuiron Klrrr. noil nt, T.iIen nhamlititin when lieeeSSUIV. nlld complitc a perfect line to A fie lor j, as, also, to Troy anil Albany. Iots ot goous arc Kepi logeiuer unu nui subjected to injury by trniiliipinent. I'rtitntcior. FOt.t.F.TT . tin ADi.KY. Ilnrllnulm. NIOIIOI.S,Hl)in'ONoiClinTt;NOKNA..l''"" A. .M. Ll.AliK, St. Allan. Azrnlt. , f. A tllllVsinV Vn !l rv,.v..s";,i. Xrw inrk. CORNKMIJS I,OVF.I,I AVm York Voslonl'ack i nnirt. I,n Wh.t t. Ilnxtitti. Anril. 1SIB. 17 WiLUSTO.v Ilinii Sciinoi, and Ff.malk Sk jttXARV. 7Vif Fall Term of this institution will commence on Wrilnenlaij, Seplemlar Villi, under tin. .-li.iriri,.nstiprrlofore.fif J. I.VMAN. A. J. The condition of this school is prosperous, number ol pupils large, ami the prospects tor tne niiure uauer ing. The Instruction is bi-licved to be eflicient find thorough. It is an essential peculiarity nt tne in"iuu tinn to lead the pupil, so far as practicable, lioth to in struct and govern himself. This renders his studies pleasant and ensures success. The faeilities for tlie acquisition of natural science are unusually good. 7'he Principal n largellershelian Hescnpe nf simi-rinr nun He. w ilh nlbel ewllent annaratlis late- ly enlarged, which he will use for the benefit of the student. Tuition For the Primary branelies, 63.00 " Higher " 4,00 " " Languages, -1,0 Hoard can be obtained at from 81,23 to $1,50 per week, iuehidiug washing, ifcc. A. ). It is very desirable that those who anticipate attending, should commence at the beginning ol the ninrter. Williston, Aug. 18th, 1816. FOll NIAGARA FALLS AM) BUFFALO,' 17.1 MOSTltF.A T: IUVLH ST. IiAWIll'.NCF, & I.AKF. ONTARIO KOUI'i:. I'.VHi: KKDUCllI) ! The New CJI Daily I.ine of From Montreal to Niagara Fall, Hamilton, Toronto nml Hu falo. The splendid new, upper cabin Steamers, BRITISH QUIlllN, Capt., w 1 1 b the STH.VJIKR i:xritl:.SS, Capt. llAWKrss. Leave 10 o'clock, A. M.,for Pres. cott and Ogilenshurgh, touching at the Intennediate ports, and on their airival meet the large and elegant ly furnished .Mail Steamers, NlAilAIlA IAtlV OF THE I.AKE, Capt. Childe, Capt. Taylor, St. Ijvvnr.Ncc, KocitEvrrn, Capt. Van Cleve, Cait, Thronp, tmunil for the bead of the Lake, via : Brnckville French Creek, Kingston, S'acketl's Harbor, Os wiro. Uocht-stiT (Jiiei-n.lnn noil Lewislnn. Isspn- g-rs ior uruiuitnii arc lorwanleil iiiiineiliatciy ny tlie .S'.eamer Ti.i.tauAru, runniiiL' ill f mineclioii with the above Boats and those for Toronto by the tpluulid imwAiu: of coi'iN"n:i!Fi:rrs. itr.Aii this ! From Ihe Inrenlnr himself la thrp!rent Vinprirlor 13 A HIS, November 1, 1810 - In roniili-ration of the . sum ol etfflno, 1 have divulged in Mr. 'I'r .loni-s, residing In the city of New York, N. A., the whole proeesNnl mauufat luring, together with a statement of the Ingredients composing lay Itnlim Chetuical Snap He is in iiiauuficture il tor Nil" in th" United Slates only, and to have the privilege nfnauiingit"JONi;S'S ITALIAN CIIIIMIL'AI, SOAP." (Signed) AN'1'00 VliSPItlNI. Witness, Henry J. Ilnldswmth. THE MOST ASmi-Nlll.Nrl MsrovrnV1 A illrsxinff i A tnirarlr I i A mooter 1 1 ! To cure Eruptions and l)iligiiri-tiients of ihc Skin Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, Salt Ithi-um, Si urvy Sore lleads.cte. etc. etc Four vears ami lat Aumist. ihe i-.-mital of I'tanee was astonished tn consi-qucnce of a dii nvi ry iniiile by I an itauanv nenur. .vinuyunuiiieii--iisieineii inmni an iuipnssthility that any lliiug inrnte by ib- b-nnls of man, could have such singular powers us tin 1 1 himu d by Autniiin Vesprini (ir bis invenlinii. Many ibisw-il bun and iuventinii as a humbug, (and alas' many lm. ih persnusvvithntit lrving,dnihesaine dnw ,i at length nttertetingit in tin: hnspitals, the .Meihcul Society ot Paris, (ihcliest Cheini'ls in ibn world,) di-hvind the following rc(iort toSignor Vesprini ( " We nave now uiiuiitely mid cai fully examined the singular invention nf Vesprini. We have nnalyeil its component part? we have used it in hi-vcuiI iiiws, and we hesitate not to pronounce il (the Italian t'le mi- r, - LAW 8CHOOL. TH E SUHSCUIHHIIS WILL, OX THE third dayof September ne.t, open a Law School, at Burlington, Vermont ; in which they hope to afford young men reasonable laeilities for acquiring a know ledge at least of the rudiment of the Liw. It will lie their desire to imbue students not only with n know ledge of Ihe elementary plincicles of Ihe law, but also with its spirit and philosophy. The course of instruc tion will combine recitations from the most approved text-hooks, w ith examination, and oral or manuscript lectures; to which will tic added moot courts, for the argument and decision of cases, which have been pre liiiuclv. iriven out. The course ot study, which will be prescribed, will require at lean two years fur its nccnmplislinient. It will be their object, first, to give Ihe student n general view of the system of the law, and of its leading principles ; then, In proceed analyt ically w ith its various titles, until the student shall have cucoiiipasscd, as far as it may lie possible, the whole avaiptn. Tin school w ill Ik umiiuied hv funnim; it into two general divisions, as the w;ants of the students shall requite. j punne rnnin wui u iiimiry will on provided, at which the moot courts will be held ; and w men w in ne npeil ill nil nines inr uie iiieuiiiiuoiiiinoii nf tlie students. It is expected that the members of the school will have the privilege of attending tlie pub lic lectures nf the University of Vermont, and will be admitted to the enjoyment of the College Library, free nf charge, subject only to the incidental expenses of Halttis. Will it bu believed then that Air. Kcl- 'aV.t-'r "c "cations ot me scnoo win t,e two, , -i ,,. . , 1, r1 annua v.: I. f.. one ol four week", from ihe first Wcd- logg considered his contract ended on tho 2d of m.wv ',' A.,guM, and one of nine weeks from the July, Ihe day liijore! J bis cannot lie supposed , irt Wednesday of Decemlier; nearly corresponding without tho'impiitiitiun that Mr. Kellogg, at that with the vnentions i.i the College. The rate of tuition will oe liny iioiuin, lor un uiiiuciiiic.)ciii, tnm in uiut proportion for anv fraction of a )car. Burlington, July 10, 181(5. M1LO L. HKNNF.TT, 5tf WILLIAM W. PKCK. steamers Vicrnr.iA and Transit. Parties ol pleasure, business men, and emigrants will find this new Line unsurpassed for safety, speed, com- loriiiini economy, i ne gooti larc ami cleanliness. al ways found nn these bnats, with the kind nnd gentle manly deportment of their commanders, and great ex perience in r.avigathig Ihe lllvcr and Lakes, will en sure to every one a most agreeable passage. Coaches, in connection with the Boats running from Lachinc, leave the oflice adjoining the Cxehange Cofli-e House, .Vontreal. at hnlfnast 8 a. m.. for La- Chine, i avengers ny mis route will he called lor hy I iiavc preparation made in the form of a beautiful .iiHSf iciriiuureMw lich wc Uww ,, or at an eallv hour in the nutrnini?. Tirkrt for anv ports above named can be had at the oflice in .1ontrcal or on hoard the Boat. For further information, apply at the Steamboat ofbee, adjoining F.xchange Hold, .1ontrcal. 2'hc abovestcamers run in connection with a Line of Propellers from Oswego to Chicago. L. MOODY. Montreal, July, 1816. Us calSoaiOasn crcut blesim;, and a tiulv wondeilul remedy for any hntancous eruption nrdisligurcmciit n oie skiii. i is iiiveninr w e cuii-iucr uiu u in- jiiiiiuiiiiun. pist of suffering inankiud. (Sighed) LLOPOLI) DUPIlllY, Pres." Hien conies the report of lhe"Socielc de l'Instilule," of scientific cxpeiiincnts; " We arc nstonishetl," exclaims the aged President, "at this singular preparation Veoprini's Chemical Soap! Where, indeed, will science stop ' lleie vv by actual practice, to PEARL STREET HOUSE. m J'eail St., A'eic-York. MTIIIS SPACIOUS IISTAHMSIIMKXT erected for the csjiecial aecouunoilalion nf Merchants, in the very centre of the most populous liHiues district of tlie city, has passed into the hands of the undersigned who have lieen engaged during the last two months in making such additions and improvements ns the former condition of the house seemed to demand. To those who have hitherto ex tended their patronage to tins Hotel, it inun be obv ious 4iiai, in some particulars, tne management was su-- Wistur's l.'nlsuin of Wild Cherry. the great remedy for t! O N h IJ .11 ! 1 ( x Ami the bt .Medicine known to man lor Aihmn of rycry rtnqf, Liver Complaint., Iliouthit,, K7 ( oug is, Colds, Hlechng ol Ihe Lung., Shoitne 'li Jlreath, pains and weakness in the Fide, breastfee BIllJ all other di-ea-rs ol the rtUIOMARY OKflAXS A very iinKirtant ihsns, over which tins "Hnlnm" exi i.averyiiwerful influence, is that of a uutAsm 1.1H.II III this complaint it has undoubtedly proved more efficacious th in any remedy hitheito einploved, and In numerous inManceswhen patient'bad endured long and severe suffering from the disease, without receiv ing the least lK-nelit from various remedies, nrM when Ml,lll'l'HY had been resorted to in vain, the use of tins liilsam has restored tho Liver to a In althy action and in many in-ianecst-fr-ctcd permanent ci res, after very known remedy bad laded to produce this desired efr-et II' i-les its astonishing cfneaey in the disensesabovn meutmned, we also find it a very ell.-ctual in A-nniA complaint In which it has been rxtensivply u-' d witli decided success, even in cases ofycarsfetatiil. mg It not only emanates from n regular Pbyirian, hut Ins als,, epici mll the complaiii'ts for which it is recomrnen.fcl. It n,A lny intention, therclore, f-.tlnrto cloak it in injtery. or in any way tb-cr-im t ie iiiihiic by overrating its virtues: on the contrary. I Th': iils- riher has the ntm'f 'onfiih-nce in nsuH-ri- j-miply tinfeavor In give a brief statement ot its or mi ills, believing II till" w.ilioutejfi-piion the most 'i-"'lnines, and flattering inselt that iLssiirpnmg elb-iieil'it,foiivein-1it and ootiomi'al ,'.iove for suron-er '"')' wnl enable me to lunu'-h'uch proofs of its vi.tues or w inter ever off-red tth puhlie Thw interot d , " 'l' "";' 'i"t inrre.Iulous. ilint Consumption will iiill.ejurniri' and 1'idff for ih-m-lvs ",!")' EE," if this medicine be resorted IimcI, ami will le l-7.i n gnerl asirt- ,'n t""c. meiitof fool.. Hot and I'artur .S70I7.S together I u-f is perhips. no disrase with which our coun wilh all kinds -.f lore I at Mint er- Ttn, Hhetl-lnn tr' ' all-rti il I. which sweep. nrTannually so many vic nud Vuwei Wute.tte tfe tmi., as that fell iletroyr-r of the human race C'on- 'i'crmii as low asatiy intli" market I sumption liiy atterilny, yi ar afttr ytar, thefnatiate ISAAC DOW. mon-ter hurries to the portals of th cold and silent Church-Htcrt, A'li' It, IHfi. I0m3 i '""b Irf.h added viuwis to il conquest. No walk of . - ' hie is sacred from its blighting influence. Nn age is tr-flm f i i i it .-A.-iiipi itoiii ns in am-iiea ing snails, i tie old, tlie BOIt SA LI, Oft TO ItLN T, A I WOT O.V , m,ddle-ag,-d and the jnung, ail alike, are food for this QfLJ m ne- i.-ikc sunre, loree n.l es n ALL i mmf WKtimg t' obtain th" bet (V.king Siove, will Ik- wire and examine ttn invention north of the vil lage containing about '.U:i iicjih ii li:avi:nwoutii. Biiil'mglon.luiie HO, 1HIC, cure every cutaneous eriiptlon, every ihshgiircnu-lll ot and even discolorcil skin I Where will it. manic aiu singuiaJ power bcase I The Negio, the Cicol", the Yellow Kace of the Cast, and the Itcd Man of the I-'nr West, arc alike under the inlluence of itscxtraordinary powcrs of blearing yellow or discolored skin, and mak ing it white and beautiful, and of changing the color of dark, or black, or brown skin." (Here several persons were brought forward hy the President, who had used it. in ornot of his ndscilions.! There are probably few persons of intelligence, who, after reading the above, will doubt the qualities of Jones's Italian Chemical Soap, in curing lilroptions, Disfigurements, l-rccklcs, Salt Kliciun, Scurvy, Lrcyp-1 im rpoii f!irv s'ith ,rnrin iv elas, Sunburn, .Moriihew. Tan, Yellow or brown skin, II ''"1111, UU.N MIIT1J, tlOt l.D f. e ui i.i I... -..i ..a ..nri...a ii... It 1 nnvi bis cir-tomcrs. that be has cmiiloveil a; ing 'recommendation as well as hundreds from olhcr3, 1 experienced woiknian fiom the south, nnd intends tn may convince them. I kp, constantly on hand, (.UNs.lK-tter and cheaiicr i ntiv I'ti-r iitiiMPti in un-; iibtiKi'i. one doori-outli of the Jail, Chnrch Street. -Vm the X. Y. San We make it a rule never to notice an ndverti-vd ar ticle, but from what we have heard fioni several per sons respecting Ihe powers of Jones's ItalianChemical Burlington, July 10,1810. ccssarv. neither oxm-iise nor lalHir has been snared The Dinner hour has Im-ch changed from 2 to 1 o'clock a Dinner is also sen ed at 3 o'clock, in the La dies Ordinary. With the most careful attention to the comfort of visiters in every diparthieiit of the house , the Pioptie torshope to recievc and respectfully solicit a liberal support. N. H. A Conch will lie (bund at the principal Steamboat Piers to convey passengers to nnd from the unlet. SAMUEL C. BISHOP. Wm. F. LUONAKD, New York. July, 18lfi. 8in3 time, intended that we should bo subjected to de ception and fraud, borne other reason must be sought for to account for his conduct. lie quailed iinderthe cli-irne that he had t'o- serted his Isiasted independence for the hope of greater profits, and now uses nn ungracious and doubtlul excuse as a "gel o. 18 10. LAKH CIIA.MPI.AI.V. He says he is pursuing '-the even tenor of his CAmN pASSAUE Tiirovoii.SSOODeck Fare 1.00 ay, which will probably lie found to bo to adopt meals extra. such prices, days, and hours, as will enable to pocket the most money, without regard to the convenience ot "the travelling community. Air. UomstocK lias tuso come in lo tlie rescue, and put his namo on ns endorser of tho state ments of the Proprietors of the Kaltus. We ad mit that he ought to be heard, for ho is the Fac totum oftbat concern. Wo disclaim any desire to continue a news paper controversy, nor shall wo continue it,-llut as L'reat merit is claimed by thc-e men for put ting alloat the Satus, ' by the emphatic voice of the travelling community" and many per sons who have no knowledge of the Steamboat transactions have been gro-sly deceived by their pretences, vve consider it to be our duty to those we represent, and to the Public, to disclose sonic part of the history of that concern. It thtill bo duno brielly: The keet of the Saltttswas laiilin its about the time the new Kteainlioat Company was char tereil, nml when Mr. Comstock was a Stockhold er and Director of tho ''Old Monopoly," to say nothing about tho Canal Monapnlij. .Mr. Com--tock claimed to have the control of tho building oftbat lloat, and proposed to ourfouii any to fur nish him vvitli.$i:t,000 to continue tint litiilding ol the Raltus, as the Compani .t properly, but SEEMINGLY As AN OrPUMTIKN HoAT. llis'prOjlo- ul was declined; but as he repiesentedthat the enterprise was commenced for our lienefit, he was oll'ered payment for the materials, at cost, tnd a suitable sum for his trouble. Ho refused to accept this. J le wanted to play a deeper game, and because tho company declined to adopt his plans lo stille opposition, hu turned nlsiut and commenced his present operations. If his course has merited the public favor, then he and his as sociates will reap their reward. laurels thus gained they may well sjHirt. The New Steam iioat Company professed their object to bo to re luce tho I ire to 3, and to make thn passage north at tin earlier hour, to accommodate the N'oithern Village. We conn romlsed with them on these turin, and allowed them and their friends to take stock in our Company at lid ixr The S t e a in p r BURLINGTON, CAl'T. II. W. SIlEItMAV, Will leave Whitehall every MONDAY, wutNi-shAY, and FRIDAY, ut lOo' and Saint Johns every tlt-sday, Thursday, and SVTLT.n.VV. at a o'clock, p. in AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises on" nf the ino-i mlcndi"! unit cnernl Sti-ck. in the State. All goo U Imiihl nml bold ctrictly fr Cn-h,iinil of ftmrw Cliciip. SIEItCHATS' H0Tj:i,. 39 and U Jhtij'ourllaiidl Si., high! hand tide going up from AwM Hirer lo ilioadway.) The iiImivc Hotel haslicen enlarged this season, and the Proprietor hopen to aecommodate more Veruiont customers. He regrets his being obliged lo turn oil o many the past tall uud f-pring. His nccoinmiMlntioiis are now more ample, nnd be trusts ihey will he found satisfactory to business men. Terms. 91,23 iier da) j" per week. The Bnilington Free Frets ib kept on Filent ibis llfiiw. W.M. .MI'IHIICAI). We Hop, when in Js'cw York, at the .Merchants' Hotel, 3U tiiid 41 Courtland-st., and find an obliging lliw-l," imlite and attentive servunts.a good tahlend llan rooms and Is-ds. I'mfi BKINS.MAll) it BROTIinitS. - . I'l-oufJiis.-TiiK sun. tV scribcr having purchased of J S. Knf32 an Ins ht..rokt ! ,l. Jnr...i. lurai ware lloune, will cnntiuue the business in bis ovvii name. nl the Sture of T. W, U.vcll, Stetson's huildmg, ( hurch n., and will be hanpy to show- to all who may liivnr him with a call. a la, get and (rffrr as sortment ofPloughs than funU-founJ in any i-nab-lisbmetit in the Slate. Wr hove cvci y v ari-t y nnd size of Ploughs manufac. t-ired m Boston hv 1 rout v and MciirK.nn.i 1. ir Noii'seaud .Mnsoii, among which are Sulssiil, Side' hill, Double .Mould Board, Cong and Cultivator Plows fiif. below par, to anv amount Ihey required 1 he Company might have lud the control of The Steamer WHITEHALL, f.VIT. U, LATitHOf, Will leave Whitehall every I and Saint Johns every MO.vnvv, Tlll.l!SIlAY,and W EU.NUSDAY, 011(1 st-rruniv. I 1RIDAV. nt lOo'cloek.o.m. atDn' Until Further Sotice. Dinner On hoard Passengers nt cither end of th- route will find Cars Manes orTucket Boats to convey thein forward with out delay. liurimgion, Jiuy, mu. TO COUNTRY TRADERS, T11K subscriliers, ot theirstore comer of Fulton and Kiciiniond streets Boston, keen constantly on common i-n'-my of mandkind The white-haired pa- m. nun, ini-H- nn- in irinpejnncc mis renneiea his sys tem impervious lo tlie attucks of other ills, and whim good dccils prcpaied him lor tlie eiLojincut of life's calm evening, finds consumption fastening its fanes upon bis vitals, and tenring him from a world, ever biuht to minds which look complacently on days well rj.. in. is tlii-re no help f,)r the afllictcil ! No preventative or Ihe danger vvliich beet m in our changeable and bekln clime. ! We think tlu-re may Ik-. And if the allegations of those who are at least entitled to veraci ty. may be believed, ihere is n preventative and a rem- l-tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is ofT red to a suf fenng world ns such. It needs not the "adventitious nut ot a long stting ol fictitious certificates to give it notoriety. Its true value mill orr-nll.,,,.... suflici.-ni lo entitle it to the coulidcnce of the public. I . ,c . 7 ' 01 "s 'nventor, as a ccntililc to iinoriii-i. incut r nml without cntcrintr into , Snnn .In n.n Im.itntn ,1, iiriinnimc it till it is rt-nrc details, they will simply stale that wliere such was nc- srntcd ; and can therefore, conscientiously recommend r t net) Mill I, A All! l) 11 ii. .-in i'1'nn iw ,111. .iiuiii.u .n. . j 11 il tl.ia i,r,.n!ii-fiti.m is tniw wirli'K known, anil cverv 1 l.uili;, tor two vcars nnt nn.t ,....,. l...t -1 .-- - . ' . ' .: . . , , , , .- 1 :.-" 11 j i-uiui in Opinion nf a I.'egular Phjvcian n,i, mr,-.r... .1... . ..!'rr' ' S 'l". ! . I'..,. ,...,. f vc cominenueil tlie u-e of Hill MM. 01 1 v istars Balsam or N tr.D Chlkrv lordi?easi-s of the ' " IAI! t'lXOTON' BROTIIF.I1S 1 lla' lhe ,H'1 "iu "-nilnes, is cAlendiiiL'. It is ap- Kno.-,lge bave ls-en by rny patient., all with O ilv wholesale and re . nn .enlsfn n provc.I and highly recommended by 11 VSICIANS. l-mlteial results. 1 ,,, cast flert. j, thnu ,,' Y-i LY o ..i v. "i"t o i L o- , and is admitted to be the most agreeable preparation I confiincd coii-uuiption had taken place, the Wild Cl,,-r- "'U,L"""1' .-u.) r, tho root that bas ever been einploved in .MKDI- tllTMAsf it ti iv TIIP FflltM nF CAL PltACTR'i:. It is not local in Us operations, lS,nldXnelili)Jl VrelZlleld general extending .hro,, f' ...W"",- '! JOXKVS COK.V I, IIAIll HiiSTOItATH C. neutralizes tire sic-ohous lUuieut- in 11, B1.00D,and rCMiHe U ll'.lllllj n Hi'- til' .m mill fc' in- nm- A! O',','3r'nons 1(,"cntr,,' t"'re nru fvvS wh" that lluid In scrolulas and all external di-onlers the I a. i vviu uouni nui iiiui uy ion-nig ine roms unu sc.n n ,,, decrease nf ihe same. In rheuma- oi me nc.iii i , u iicauny ut iiou. w e can cause gru in ,Hnlj ot,r p,,,,,,,! nlll-ctions ol the luu-euhr fibre hand, nnd olfcr fur sale, on the most lavornble terms, a 1 erfnl aid of Science. ..,.,...., in Tin i-i in (,-""111. ". a sin-oily removal ot tho tiam nml in all cases a rcnew- diy, a sednnent called dandrnfl or seurl, is discharged , ,(ft.n ), Wiiig pace with the rclreal of the frum the scalp ; lhe hair now- becomes .sot t and silky. , fro7 ,,c .syVteni. 1 bus the roots strongly fastened in their native soil, p(,prictors arc almost daily receiving testimo- nroni U-nnil sn eni hi V (lisnlnv I icirlieautv.ns a siii-cl . . . 1 ... . .-i .. i ..:i. ;.. men of i liscascd nature raised from death hy the pow large and well selected assortment ol W. INDIA (JOODS Ac (JHOCIMULS, .lo, UPPER AND SOI.K I.r.ATHKR, from the bst Tanneries in Xew England and New 1 ork. they nlso receive, anil -ll on conuius-'ion, Country Produce. Traders visiting the city are re spectfully requested to call and twainine bet'nre mak ing their purchases, tyiteferto .Vessrs. Follett &. Bradley. DKXTER, HAUUIN'OTOX &. CO. Boston, July 30, 18 IG. CAHPCTS. The SimsciiiRKit has just m: ccived a larjje nortiut-nt of Carpets of (lillVrcnt (nnliticf- nnd patterns, which he will f-11 hy thp piece, or retail, nt the lowest prices. N. LOVKIiY, June a, 18 IC. KVOLVINC PISTOLS, A H( .lo.. (ine Uevolvini; IVtoIx.n ond airiniciit of Violins fine II Violin Strinjs. tVh IIou!v5, Iilnr-s nii-l other new (iuoiNjiiDt reeiTrivi'tl. 7 imiNsMAio vt nuoTiinitrf. Havinir stated, n nlrove, the nctnal. true, nml renl qualilicfi of J ones' h Coral Hair lUtorntive, I lenve tlie intelligent poitinn of the public tojmlge of the truth of its po-wesMnj; these qualitie1, by the tettiinoniaU ot the follow ini hihlv res-peetahlc nticein, editors, publih ollicer-s i-tc. 'I'liey are a ffv taken from n hot of oth ep. It ha-i called forth thU testimonial Irom the most enlightened body of men in the world: Dom J, 8. Vmkrr. ., F. A. S. T. The American scientific InMitution has lieen iavor ineoi lame unier. testu inir to lHirre ulue n a me heme, it ml aUo ns the mobt pleasant and nirreeabl' ilnnk Known. The above nitiele i" for Kilo, wholesale nnJ retail, nt IlAnni.aTOXfcitnoTiiEns, Churcli t Hurlinttt'in, alo, bv W. H. Hum !c Co.,and .Mlason Ai i'uLLnTT, Viiioinki Tails. s:i II 'J ini.-f.-ieu u i.-uic. t;. liOYDli.N, x-, . ,..r.h'!c'""' "' l-'"fr Conirr. 0 Qt'AChi:V ' SO DECEPTION' All put lis.icl stateiueiits of cures performed hy this medicine, ar -, m every res'cl. true. liEVVARL OF ColXTLKrr.ITS iSD IMITATIONS. The llll- panikled and a'tonimng clhcacy ol l)r Utar's llal--am ol Wild Cherry in all the ihs...-i-s for which it is recommended, curiiigmany cases nlnr tlie skill of tl.e bi-.-t phyicians was unavailing, has cflictcd a large and inerca'iiig ilciuand tor it 'I ,ns lect has caused M-ycral unprincipled count-rleiters and miit,iti.rf to pnlui oil niunousmiMurc" of similar name and apiiear ance, for th" genuine IJ-iNani. He careful and get the genuine Un. Wivtar's II, L sam of v ii.d Ciilrkv. None genui ic unless nirneil I by I. Jims. Ad.licfs all orders lo StTi' W 1-ovvi.c, lio-ton, .Ma-, For sale by PECK .t t-l'EAH, i'ur liuaton ; alo by V 11. Hutch, H'mooski J Aucxts tl -orge Ayrcs, Millin ; lloynton ,t Cur- I rill, lltlll'lhlirnl, . I'nntw.l.l ll'.-ll.--,.... . VV'.II iIl.i:it.I, K0RS, I IthoaiN, ttirhmund; II. I, Cai'.ip, Stoice; M Wires, cd Uwvvuoil do llra-is and (tlass do hell pulls, hells and haniliir- ltlakeV latchesjnorlice liH-k. butts ed with a specimen of Jones's Coral Hair Ileslonitive, screws, cupboard catches and lock, window- springs, fir the purpose of testing its recommended iinhties window blind trimmings, hooks mid hinges, hooks and nnd report as follows : ' We have minutely evaiiiiueil staples, mahogany and veneered knobs, hit and coat nnd tested Jones's Coral Hair Itestorative.aiul lint that i hooks, etc. etc., tog -tli-jr with n fu I n-sortiucnt ot it consists of compounds decidedly favorable tor nour- HOUrii. I I'KNlalllMIH, IJiin.f ....It.-nimr ,-niuiin. .rrnwtli enrin r. bin. bull rntil ainonirt which hi HS-.keenerS Hl'IV' tllltl II ITrCai VariC- giving a dark aniiearance m the hair, being the quali- 1 ty ol new, usclul, ccunomical, nnd ntnnu:ital arti ticsinot recouiiiientled by Mr. Jones, which thissoci- nnsn nxisiiivfjs. Pearl white face plat , half plate and half bron.- I '. 'imiriiige; Lurtis.t O.itcher, St. Allan, li.V licd- 'ivlinds iierfcctlv true, and in virtue tlicteof, award .Mr. Jones this testimonial." (Signed) J. S. HAKE!!, F. A. S. I. Viotn the l.mdtn Timet nf October, 1-110. " Ve have tried Jo.icsVCoral H lir Kestorativc. It is brilliant. We at lirt thought it n mere pull', hut our 'better b-ilf says that its cll'cctsoii the children's heads is truly wonderful. Wc have used it, and we speak on cies at June I, lllfi. BTKONUti & CO. HIIMA.VDTITA.MK.VT.S. A LAKCl I supply for sale by B. WOODS. .May -i). SM:ATlIi;itS. llis & Gi:i:sr. rr.vTiuats for ile at ull times by SCHOOL HOOKS ok .u.r. ki.vd. Tov an!" ,K ''lu-P nKoimrS M ILVHU W Mil). V. IUVB AT AM. TIJII2 Cap do. all prices. A Iresh supply for sale by VB llfAnnURH. InJ. m g.-.u v.; tv. ,uio wlvcr tea table "" -0: h. OODa. Church-st., ilutlington Vl .July 1, lalS. I flc-ert. cream, tiiiisiard. su.t. sugar, nn 1 egg i-poo:,s , , . , , .,' . , ... table, desert, pickle, all I cii.idieussilver 1; but SWlKPll IMAIS.vV SHOITf ni-'lJtJ T tiuv V 1 '" "1' w"" f"r i . rf l'5.?"10'" iter knives, sujar tongs, s.lvcr cup-, nursing tudes. ct.l II1C Mllft Willi.' lill. .llll ' .UIlt IVIIIl'l IJIIlCIIUt. A. H. DEWEY'S, U, i:i.di:i wituiiciiT ihox imii:, for steam and all similar uses where strength nnd durability is desirable. Also, Unit and Iron CocXs 1110 Yalce. JUlou-, Tee, Flange, Coupling. JAjt and Fvree Vampt, Steam Gauges, Cods Tulutur IioiIei,(or Path Hou-es, lintels and Manufacturers, together with a groat variety of tiMuics ndaptcd to the use ol Steam, (las ami Hydraulics generally. lloiler Flue of all descriptions, English and Ameri can, on hand and made to order at shoit notice. WALWORTH &. NASON, MVIatt St. Seir York, and 18 and 'ii JJceonshire st. Huston. C M.flUlI.D,.lgfi. lOin'J May -ii. The .Pudson Offering, NTENDK1) as a Tokkx op Sympathy with the livinz.and a mclnellto of Chrii-tian nlli-c. lion for the dead. Hy Key, John Dovvling, A. M. For sale by S. WOODS. .tiay so. WAHHIIOrSHOK PRINTS ONLY, BY LEE &, JUDSON, ifd cilar Slret'f, iVcw York. The whole of this spacious warehouse is nppropiiatcd EXCLUSIVELY to Ilio exhibition nml sale or PRINTED CALICOES Merchants are invited toexaniine the extensive Mock of this establishment, where they will iiud, with scarce ly an evception, every new nnd desirable style, both ... t... -v..- .i-'ii . 1 j-tir.iF.v ami ui.ii..-w il . wiucn tie mantel 1110 r-uiius, u nicy 11:111 upon vvillinj; to submit to nllbrd'-all of which ait- olftred for s.ale by the nieL'c or pat Kiige, ior cusu or suon cretin, ai or ueiow niaiic facturcrs prices. Bum .toss f.victions. und become nartvtn 11 tlocoi.tion niilhor nf which vvcro they vvillintrto do. Wo know full well that tho Company cannot lie sustained without Public Patronage. Wc think that bus hem merited by iniiiitaitiintr a first rate line nf Steamers, with ( euro ami regu larity. When the Compiiiiy commenced busi ness, the fare was (5, which ha been reduced, as f.istns the limited travel would admit, to 5, $ I, and SU, before npKi-ition commenced, and ntivv to .2. '1 ho gains li ivo not been very large as is manifest by the fact tliut the stuck nev er been alsivo, and for tho last ten years lia been in tho market at it) to 3(1 wr rent. dUcouiit. A word may bo allowed in answer to nn impu tation made by Air. ConMock that .Mr. Hrainerd and .Mr, Doolittlo forfeited un agreement made with Mr. Kellogg in .May Ust. This is altogether without fnundation. Such an arrangement ":ls content) hileil, ami tho terms noted for considera tion. It was not consummated for the reason that circuin.-tuiices led us to liclievn hu was nlxiiit to 11.-0 it iinprnperly as 11 "triiiinpli." And although it is not now insisted that lio did so, yet the negotiation was not renewed. Mr. Kel logg never pretended that any agreement was closed. In a letter, written on tho next clay, ho sjH'.iks of it us "sucA an arrangement us I lathed yenriilai. The Conipmy lias never forfeited nn agree ment ; it is their pride to be punctual and faithful. 111 conclusion, wo asunl liioruiiiie. nop.itron- ALsti 1 he much ft- i-hnitci I),,,,,,,,.,.! ... Inl. u 1 Planters, Com-shellcts, Straw-cutters, cic. etc. 1 "K0 nt what is fairly carncfl, nnd as wu liavo We shall be happy tu k-11 ilimiliovp niticles on bet-1 In; lorn liitiinated, wo hero tenninalo oil our pa tt.r ti-rma llmh tlii' ,-nn !.. ,.nr..l...u...l ..1.... I... .t. . . . . ... ii..;. ..,n i.:i. .:. T. " . ,M,,'": i raFr comrnvcrsy Willi mo owners am puri'IiaKe. I) Dnrlingtnn, July 21, 1HIG. UHbl.VGTO.V FKMALK A. PITKIN. Jonx S. Plibci;, ylirrnl. btf Skmix.uiv. Tub to bo judged nreferitiir of liy tho safety, convrnieiicfnnil comfort whirl wo bavo licrctoforo atlbrdetl to tho Public, anil hv the conrso wo may lake for tho future. In order to carry out our designs for thu convenience of tho travellimr Public, wn lake this occasion to . -V, T "' ""'"' biii of Hcpti-m- Mato that wo iuteiiil, ln-foro thu closing of nav ig firitiniiffiflhene P?1"0 ter a Steamboat whirl, ble that all who intend entering, durimr the i.e.! i Li J I fc,iaU. "ot. ''"'''''l I'V any alloat, for inonths, fie prcseiit at the opening of the Term. None i bne0( an a" "'f appliances for tho comfort of ye auniiiieii ior n it w iiine tlianonefjuarter nndno p isscngcrs. Anil if another line is hi lio hiIh nils. ncecjcept in case of sick-, btituteil for that of the Old Com nun v. we shall ..ft., ttnl I . f'. . ,1. THiMS.. IfuHrmiBhlpb.A.lvnn t "".V. n mu vi-raici ui un HUOJJlwnt . v 7 : ............ i iiiim.-v, n nunc. flWlIifr niirl . 1 .. II. II. IIUSS, 1 Agents L.1IRAINEKU. Jcham.Tt I1. DOOIJTTLE. S Company Rfj-ifmher, 7, ISlfl. rhsh Bud I-ntin iier CJuarter, $S. Dinwing and Paint ,l";"'-rJ,,-r f "o o ,iiiinc,s. Jfoar, j flr .Seminary, including fuel, lights, anj vvai-hiin: "i lrf,u.rtr "' AniU'l 10th, IMA. 0f" , LOST! On Commencement day, between our store and the Prohvteriun Church, n (iOI.D IIKAl r.i.ij I . 1 ne miner snail ik- rewartleti liy leav ing it ai our store. VIEAS & NOVE.S, III' Augu-tai, itiiii Cljcap iasl) BOOK STORE. No. 1 Pecks' Uuildings. A 0EXERAI. ASSORTMENT OF sf 1U1I CLASSICAL AN0 MIS- H.I.ANtOl'S BOOKS AXllsrATIOVl.BV, AT CITV fKICLS. HAGAR ARTHUR,"" coui:it or ( iiritui axd collkch: STKKtrrs, BURLINGTON. Vt. Dealers in Ilmdtuire. Urugn, I'liint, Oils, l))f.Sull', Ac. Q,nlll.i:itV and Coath hardware, fiuns, Axles, O Elilltie SlirillLrs. Itniss KVltlcs. lllncLamill.u llnl. lows, .Mill, (' nud Ilirculur Saws, Looking (ilasses ii. Looking-glass Plates. AI.O Druirs. Mt-tlicincs. Paints. Di-e.sttnlT Pni, fa dicines, lVrfuinery, Ilrushes of all kinds, Ijinin'Oil l.uiM-cil Oil, V urnislies, !c., (c, Vivi'i NEW FALL GOODS. MKSSItS. HltlNSMAlU & IlKUrrilKRS. have thisday returned and are njieningan ossoit' nient of Jewelry, Watches and Fancy (ioods. unsur passed l-y any previous assortment. Our variety ol plain and fineOold and Sioiie. Kings and Pins is more eiteiii-ive than usual, nl new ami pretty nitrnw, liold llract l. is. I jir Itings,, Cold Pens, Sun-cta- cies, unuiiis, iseais, iveys, ami oilier articles hi the line in jencuy, rciiticriug our lull ussortiuent very Proprietor. The most astounding iliscovcry! ers that we give as je.-iryioius tuiatl? ofihillar silver, or sliver as oure as tioiiap.,1 tor tne same once mat the nlloyed sihioiis aie sol-1 by pcdlcrs. Urcat care nnd Blessing! aIirracle! aVonJcr'! To cure Erup- ( pains are taken to have our epuons made well, vvhieh lions nnd Disfigurement of the kin, Pimiilcs, 1 1, ,i y essential to ih"ir durability. Hpooiuund thiin- l rt-CKit s, cuuouiii, uaii itiivuiu, luih), cuit.- uie suiii uy us uie mtii nc.i jiec rUKANlKH.KS AND LAAIPri. An n.I.litiom.l Volt, yeors nyola-t Anijit.tli cnpitnl ofTmnrp wm ntonL-ut?tl in roiwiiuenci of a ilisrovery inatb1 by nn Inthn Cht'ini-t Inny lUmbti-il ii ppmo( nlmo-t mi lmpoiDiiity unit nay tnan ny me mm 01 111.111 1 T ; y;;.-", ,J: . V T I con inao sncn fininiiar powers umi cmitivu nv VJ nrtineiu ot (tiranilolfs.timl also ol si)lar. lard r,.n....?t ,L ;. ...;.. uCJ:i ami ilj-a-niwjut mwp.l. ,,, I niulliH invention ns n huinbu-. (an.l, ulas' many JUIJ imuio.H,niimuiiimiP. foA M-rMms witlmut trying. do the kiiiu-now ;) nt defy of TurK (tho best clieinist) in tin world,) deliv- imiNs.MAii) & imoTimits. X-11. Our PiIvit rlaw tun-z-, niiil s-piion took the rrcinimn nt llf crcat I'oir of the Anurican Iiie-titutc. lu-ld at Xcw Yoik, lSi(. The Diploma nwnnlcd to ui, can be wen at our store, right iiand tide us )ou tencr. T m: .in.N'A ixsukanck company, ot IJ II. P. DEWUV rtMi'ctlully gives notice, that he 1 Hartford Connecticut, with a capital of U'UXH), I creil the following report to Hignor Vcnriui : 1 7. com e to insure against loss.-by inr, on the most I . bave now minutely and carclullv ccamineil ' ' , - reasonable tenns 1,1,0. II. SHAW , Agent. the singular inventionof Vesprini. Wc have analyzed i...' Iluilinglon i cn. o, loiu. f IXSCED Oil;. Vilas & Novks ari: its component u-irts we have ucd it m seveinl cases. and we hesitate not to pronounce it ( 1 lie Italian Cheni- it still manuiactuimg, at vVmoo-ki Falls, Hemes' Pa Tr.xr Por.T.viiLE FtML, w here ull orders will be prompt - aueutieti to. Owni'lothe advuntanes tlerived in the ue of tl: nbove iinnrovcment, he is enabled to atlord a neat and tieaiititul tcnee lor artls and garden, at much less I an, w e Hesitate not to prono-mce it 1 lie Italian L ien,- , , ' , - ' . , jul ical fsnaiO as a crcal lilrs-itig. nnJ a truly wond.'rlul ....! 1..1. . .. i. i.o i..n. nj .,,nfn,lrin.. nt Vi,.oo.-ki .-ilv n ,,r, nrliclc f I. r not- c, cruolionnr .bsliinironnnt of V.V, o, .., Ml I i .M.-rchaut.s.lesirous o 'ob aiuint. n,!, the sk n II-inventor wc coi-iJcr the true iihilahthro- I r" .. Vil7' . :'. .',n"! 'm' : ,wa' "r,it ... .. ........ .... . . , oioiiziii tun ill tv csicni .tew i orK. wnere n lias pone jMoiiiy.uoiiniiii.imiw... ...v tuiiu,,..!! .- -' "" ,ilt0 cMcusv e uc. ii ii. has rccc ved the nimrobiition lilood to t he Ib-a.l. cte Tl, ,. Klct,,nr- ,'..r..l. of llie Major of the city of lliillalo, with many bun- safe for Pregnant l,niics, and the mo-t iL-s-f'ut I alhnttic us at our Stole. llurhngtoii, June 8, IS to WOOL ! Tin: IitmuxcTox Mill (Signed) l.KOPOI.I) DUPRAY, Pres." tl.-l.l. Moutne ier: Dickm-on X: H,. I0i.r.., v Huntington, Yergeunes; Dr. Itus-ell, MiddMury. s-old alo by Druggisin and Agents generally. i rvUK P1M:S! A Cvkv. ran Life GfiT- l AXTirn DR. I'PlIAM'ri IXTIIKXAI, Uli.M I.ln , for the cure ol Pucs, Iutlauiauon ol the Liver and Spl-en ; I illainatiou, Soreness and Ulceration of the Sioinai h. I!owel, K.dn -js ami llladdcr ; Inthnt. matory 1111,1 .Mercurial H!iL-uni:iti!in Impurity nl tli H'oo.1 ; Wenkiic-s ami Intlimatiin of the Spine : anil tor the r-h f ol m-rri'-d ladies l iic i .Lr.vm.r. Pill Lllctcvry, invented by fir. A. t't'hanl. a tlistllliflllli ,t nut-n-inn 1 . u- V..-1- city, is th ,iy u-all) Hi.-cf-iui n-uieily for that tlau- geroiis ami tli-trcMing J'lfu.uver otfer ed to the Ami-ticun public. .Mark this- it is nti Internal I!cine.lynoi an t iter nal appli.-ation, and will tore any tii-c of tht. ',),, e.t.ier bleeding or blind, mt mm 0 cviernal , and probably the only tiling that vvi.l. Theie is no iui,tnke about it It is n posif.c t iiicc iy lln,i , rrme,lU It is also n coiiviuicnt mcdiciiK to take, and improves ..i"g. ucral hct,:;li m a :c.,ia.ksl,lc n.i nr.t r Lacll liov: co ltauis twelve dose.al8 els. per dose It is veiy iiul.l in its operation, nnd may be takeii in ca-es ot the most ncuL- lntlanimation without danger. All rvtemal applications are in lhe lusjluHtlcgrt-c di iiiireeable, inconvenient, and oltensivc ; and licin the "' nature of the disease, temporary in their clKcls. tins .vledicine nttatks the diMae at ils source, and remmng the caine, rcndeis llic cure ceitaitt and ner liiaueut. ' Intlamm vTor.v D:sr isr.s. Although the Electnarv was originally prriaird fur the cure ot the Pdt, vel it lus proved iL-elt tn lie a medicine tar sui- rior lo all oihcis, in all disease ol an Inllamnmloiy character, with n determination ul blood to any paitieular paitor organ. In lntlamation and Conge-tion of the Ijver nn I Spleen ; Inrlaination. So.cntfs and l lceiation of the fctoHiach. lJowcIs, Ktduejs, and llladtler ; Inflam matory an. Mercurial llheuiiiatisiiut is the btt ined icine ever dn-coveied. Imi i-ritils or Tlir. ISlood. For all impurities of tlie blood, arising from the imprudent use of Mercury, or other cauvs j lor all discuss of the Skin and Scrofu oils Aticction j in nil casts wheie lhe lilotsl is iwHtr fnlly dtleniiin.-d to the Heat, producing dizziness and tlMrcfs Hr. I pham's FJectuary is entirely unrivaled. lo Married l.vntns. .Manied Ladies arc alnicM invariably tubiccl to that paintul nml injurious th-. a-e, the Piles, with ronseoucnt lntlni.,,.,ii;,... ..i .... nch, Bowels and Spine, weakness of the Hack, flow of rmnnnnv are now readv lo nurchase a few ibousaiuf poimtU of WOOL, for which cn.-h will be paid. Apply at the (Jiuiiting.Uooni of the company Augui -o, 13 to. Then conies the repoit of the 'Societede I'Institutc. of sotentilic ep'.riini,nts . vv e arj asioumie.i, evclauns the ageit prcsutent. JAMi:.-j COOK", Agent. llvvti IiAPP &-KKiT, Wholesale Vealei in Domeitie and Imporleitof l'OKKKlN DIIV (iOODS, No. 85 Cedar and 12" Hroadway, Xew York. PliKASKD with the result of their last year's adver tisement, Clapp Jt Kent again present their Curd, ami invito Merchant generally, iwtien laying m sup. plies for Autumn and Winter sales,) lo examine their stock of Staple Dry' Ooods- A larger iis.orlinent,lnwer and more uniform prices, can no where lie found, nnd buyers will be sure to meet with quick sales anil lianilsoine primus in return. IVl'W l orK, Aug. I.imo. ciio1 Judge Churchill and imnv others in New llamnshire. In l.ict, wherever it his hi en introduced, it has leeH highly approved. As a l'aim l'erco it combines more we have a nrenaration made in llie foiinof a lieauii- I ' , S.s ' V?" ' r'?" L,lr ' i' .""" "- tlreils ol Ihe lirst agneuttun-ts nnd others in that part . that can povibly be u-cd, as it will not onlv reniove ..I til., .lal, - olj. ... II..,.,,,..- IV...I l-..u tl... 1.I,.D .....I n0 I..II I . ''at this s-iugular preparation Vt-sprini's Italian Cheiu icalSonp! Where, indeed, will science stop ! lb-re and eve tliscolored skin! Tlie Xegr,., the Creole 'i, i . 'U. 'n h the Yellow Haee of the lias., and the Ited ,,,-in of the , V lU1 ' ", A' ttfe " i-ar vvcu.arcu ike miner tueiuiiut r X ! ,r, I .i i.,' i ,,,e '" B''1 "'" "f repair, ctrniin lebhien Wn,is easily lJU m.Z: , -1 "I'-,,,kcn Jowl' l,r removed, without injury, i , - (I I, ?, lmer ',outd be leithoul at ItVt a sum- UlimatorV dl-M nws. irilhntil i,ni or irritation, Inn will ensure an casv- time, a safe de livery, and a sound constitution in the oCspring C iRtroR I.iip tti'AR vntifd. The electury contains no Minei al medicine; no Aloe, I 'ulocyntlt, (iamloge ur ; other powerful and irritating Purgative .Noltar of taking cold while uiitlcr Its mlluenee. no change in diet iicifsMir)' It taken ntcording to the directions. u i nrc tor l.ije is Uuarantied tltuarv nowers ot clcarinir vclnwor nml iiiiikiiii; it white uud beautiful. nn. .. .1 r i.J ..ii. I . -1 :.., . i-otur oi u.iu,or oiiit-K, or urow u smh. viicre scvciiu i , ,i, i i. :,.:..!. c . psiiis were brought forwaid by the president, who "'I'V. T"" " K""'""u .1 m...,Ui i ,,."r..r i.u riL-.n.v stack v arils., in cnnnecimn with the obovc he has a ma cliiu for turning llrtsnn Handles. Hurl n;ton Full,, Mar.h 1-, 1SIG. 41 lud iisedit,lu luoofof his ax-s-rtions.) ltl'.AD THIS' From the Inventor himself to present Proprietor. Van's. AW I, WO. In consideration of the sum ot fclkhlo. I havetli vululgeil to .Mr. T JO.N'F.S, residing in lhe Cityof S.'.... V-...1, V t .1. , .. I. .! 7 J.. - II00K-HIXD1XG. TiinsDiisntuiKit wtit' II say to his friends nnd the public thai be xi ill car ries on the Hook llinding and Illank Pook innking nt his old viand, where he has snnerior woiknian an.l nil work entrusted to his care will ! done m good style and taste. Illank Hook of the t'st linen paier made to order nnd ruled to any pattern anu w nrranieu. lMgea of books marbled "Jl'.'j.J.'ypf) v'o0i)S Durlington, July B, 18IC. Strong's Uuilding. WIN00SK1 FAU.S COINCMIKAD! DFLCTCHEIt, F.ISIIIO.VAHLB Tailoh, iis . removed shop near Harlow Jt ood s store, where he consilient hi nself -nnanenlly located He nere i.r ttiiisiuvin n ..--. i" , ,., , dcMrea to return his sincere llianks fur the liberal siii iMRiTvnV 'ji'M-w' f t i I 9 nn now rirtM ni! now t NVtt Viiik.N.A .ihewholppriviwutinanutaetuniii, snpnlu-H f SADDiitilt Y, Cimt b nnd ht'lf HAltD AGAU&AIITHUIJ lion lie has receivej since Ins coinuieiicci..v-ii. iiess in llie aforesaid city, and hopes by assiduity in business, still to merit a share of llwir patronage. Through study nnd practice in lhe all of J adoring, he I.:.. ,li--.,...t...i n new ...otic of tlraftrig coaLs, which is uuknow ii to any but liiinrlf. A correc incnsiirenienl is acknowledged by all lhe trade lo be the only means .ifeiisuring complete "Ills." The position of the ens. lomer must lie understood I'here is not n Tailor who Meet i,ootla in all Iheir varieties, Heeds, Clasi-.Tas- wu. Kinjy. iiuit.ins tvc. Yc. l-aiis, Ounrd Cliains. Fishing I tickle. I.inenand Wool Pro. ers 'I'.ini.,,. t-Orks. itllill StrimiS. Pln.eil. Cermnt. .!..- ...i u.r ver (.oods. paguerreotyiH. CkkIs in much greoter variety than heretofore , Solar, Lard and Oil. Parlor 1juii, Looking (.las-, Clocks, Purses; llig, Ther mometers, Sluiheinntirtd Instruments, IxH-kcUilides Ac, r nn nlinost iiideflinilr variety of fancy (it-sis wliicliwc bballlie ilcns.'d lo shew or sell to all who call. Silver Ware of all kintlsronstanilyouhand andany kink made to order i Sikmuvs, Forks, fill ami Knivti made of pure silver warranted and marked free. Watches, Clocks and Je welrv repair? A c ,e uBR,,.?PMA,D - BKOTHF.RP. Seplflllber lSlh,ll. ; 1H'1 mini ir mini ipii-,-,1, - -. , , can ensure a complete "fit" without i n kuovvleilge. I). F would inform his customenf that be has pur chased an indubitable mode ordeaii-iug giinnents, ol all colors, nud of giving Iheni iiieiresn n.. i.t.-.i m .1,.... u.,yd I., b.ive in their earlier tlavs, CU'ITINO done t" firder, on the shortest notice and wamnteil to lit, if properly made up. Hoys Ureases, ond ladies' Hiding llabil. mnde according to fashion or fancy. Wiiiooski Falls, July 1 , 18 10. TVi-fHIWTiiv M'ANTI'.I). of HDWAUp I ti.Mntiinitt J..i..rtni u-lio left the 1 arlsb .tt t f It I .1,1, BL"I j..,., - -- , , of Tllauhn, County Monolian, in ire anu, m ..f). IMIJ.- -IOOK HI PPlllg I I I.e. iitt i"i - - .-, - . -- l alasisler.Ca.Varme, in ll.irling.on. Vt . w-l ill who ,,, he cah cominunicnle by addressing a letter to her. cine of John Myers of llurhngtoii nlorcsaiu. Ilurington, VI., rsept.j, -., i fnnhfonable Mahogany hair CloThtsnring wmHP " RiiTrire allhe VAUIKH SI OKI.. Huilmcton, Anpnt W, Iff'- logt-ih-r wilh tistatt'iuent ol lhe ingreihentsfoiiipos- VAKK, in all its vnricties. Also, Drugs and .Medi- oii j iiiiiiio. v in-iiii. ui .i-n, ii.- n o. iiciiiuuit nut- clues, rjiuis, tins, v urui.ics, t ic. .i.i fvut-in in.- u nn. -n ,-iai.-n nii . nun t.i ii....- ii.v i io. o, I . . t I. .. ii it-11.1-1,, i I . s . i III I. Ill-l' HI llllllllll It i 1 JllJl.l VJlLj..!- 1LA1.SOA1 ilnt-ss, Henry J. Holdsworib. (Signed) ANTONIO VF.SPKINI. rplX IM.ATi:s, M IItllA-r. 75 110XIIS TIN 1 Plates, 1-3 X and extra sizes 5u b'dls iron wire, nssitrletl sheet Conner. coniMir Im.Ii. I!iissi.i and l!nir- sheet iron, slieci lean, lean pipe, sheet zinc, rivets, etc There are l.robablv few nersolis ofintelhuelice. who. , Jim,. I. STltUN'fiK .v. CO. after reading the ubove, will doubt the tiuahties oft . - . j- il ,. '..""',.,,, i,l,. -a ..-..n - i, ir u J"t receive.1 liy t 1 i;v VUOIJS. from others. "may convince tlicni. Fro. n the New Oilcans Sentinel, Oct 1311 One of our suWriliers, Mr, 11- Leonard, informs us that he lias U-eu c May '5 TOILCT LOOKIXR GLASSIX Hcims n ercat variety of olhers. vve have Toilet Ixik- urcdo'l til scaly S.ilt li'heuin.of ing (Hassea with and without drawers under them . eighteen venrs Handing, on bUbentd, iingeis and .kilclieiinn.lcinmiK-r i.tx.King i. asses, ptKeiun.i bail, s, by a cake of an aiticle much advened lately trunk do., Flower VV,W fejTiriis we Hi-ok of Junes' IluhauCh-uiieal Stsip. Henf.! ' HltlNh.MAID V HuO 1 lll.Kb. so iufoiius ns, that he ha tried its elk els on Ins I tic .1.1 111... l.a l.l.lo .. ilia' ... r ,. . female slave, Itos.;, a vellow gill, much mark- rVHrsSi:s,-l,ateH improvement ol .a I uie pop. ed wilh biiu-siH.ts, nnd lie foiuid ill two weeks her 1 ular insiriuneiilsfur llernn, or Ilio till erent rup skill much clcuier und w biter. turcs incident to the luale.-Acciirately yi'imeil I'V Pl.t Jv tV hi t. Alt. James Fliham. a )iintcr, in Jersey city, was cured ! Al-o, all ilio Ft-niate Trusses oi kite inventions,coi. of carbuncle and pmiples. which he was ulllicted with stautly on hand, ' tor many v ears, by part of u cake of Jones' Italian "."77r7"T,..T, ciiemiciiW ? CjOI)A-M'ATi:it AM) XKCTAIt! , - , I ' iJ These delicious Averages (so conduciv e From lhe Ivew oik Sun, p , ( I(-uH1i. when nicely prcarcd) icy- We make it a rule never to notice hnndverlised nr- -,,iL coldtioui lhe fountains, with a choice variety tide, bullroiH what vve liave lieaul Iruiii several per- -i of Svruns, constanlly on Haini ill ! l lie .vimeral vvaters irom n sons resiHM ting tho sivv ers ol Jones' Italian Chemical .Snap, wc do not hesitate to pronounce it ull it is rep-rest-iueil; nntl can, tberef ire, coiist-ieuiiously recom mend it to our readers w ho are ulllicted with erup tions, luniks or ilu-figuri'iucius. Persons in purchasing this, must always nk for J0XF.S- 1TAI.IAX CHliMICAl. SljAF: and Saratoga opeti- sssrso eu. rsotia-rouuiaius, apikiiuius, t u.o.iu.i- and Syrur, .U for & TKOXS tV Co. DUAI.UUS IN 1 aiiiphlets. givuif' valuable mfoimation respectins; this .Medicine, may be obtained of agents, gratis. J. S. ilocuiiTO.N. flit) Washington-.! , lioston, gtn- iii .geni lor me ,ew r.nglatitl (states. Aoirs llurhngtoii, PttK ,.-. rJiEjtK; Alontpelier. laik A Collins; liiitland, Darnells ,t Hell; lien nqton, P S Peck. Winuorki Falls, W U. Hatch Fill I'ha-J"i-' l.sW a splendit 3C.y DOTS & SIIOIS. Tin: Si-nsmiBFR has just received from the vlanulacmrers nleiidiil asxtitmeiit of HOOTS A SIIOKS of nlmo-t every tlcscription.vt Inch w id lie sold as cheap as ihe clu-aiiest Those w ishing to purchase w otild do well to call nml exnmine Is-toie part basing elsewhere. X II -Custom work of all kinds made to ordcrand in lhe lci stjle ALSO, an assortment of C HOIC K OltOCEKIKS consi-tmg in part of tlie following unities Teas, SttiAKs, I'un le. Sin es.Svllritls, .Moi.asmj Oil, Fixit'ii, Sai t, Courisn, M n kekll, Sal-vos, S.M.-1T, ToHAcio, Nails, etc etc. ,- , K' J FAY- Uurbngton, June 1, 1816. 53if .tiff '.i, .v.. ifi an.l, . :n:: .... .. u.......!.t , ifii;i'ii:xl X- l ii l i i :vi ii : 1 1 ir 1 1 i .i it I-. siuti si.iiiiu- srhat,asniaiiy wiu.iu.vris-i-iiiiii-,.irti..iiiii-oii-ucr- ,-tin.iii ,v ".. . , - - h-itswIllH-lomiiilidi-eoiiiugeineiit to try lhegciii. I SADI.I'.HY tVe.. otllr, ut .Manufacturers prices inc. wesay tosuch, Try this once you will not re- .'50(1 gross Premium Screws, ' ' trt it but always set that Ihe nameoi j Jones is I Ml .lot lllake s hatches asnti.rt sires, oil lhe w rippef 3'( " 1K. Hlllt" c c .11. ii. Itathliiiii .V Co. MUUCHANT TAII.0KS, INVITE TIIKIK KIIIKMK TO iiwmixf: carcfuhy seleeicd aMnrtiiieiu of Cloths, Casumrrcs. esungs, imj 'l'ruuin ing, ni'i""!!? "!'iir rW!1' "m- U' fo"l1 r'"V'- French Itlack, lilue Hlack. Hrown, Olive, ond all tlie fashion, able fancy colors. Their nrsoriment of Ca-simeresembtnces a variety of tpialities ol plniu Fr Hlack Doe Skins, and a great variety ot Fashionable Vmicy. Vesting t. Fig. and Velvets light and datk fig. Mlk plain and lig. .Marseilles .Marseille. i st Shapco, an.l a great variety of patterns for Sum mer wear. For Suminer Coats-Cashinercits. Drap de Kte, Dnlhu.'' r '"'li'"l'a' buck, aiitl suirior Also, Self.Adjusting Stek Dlack, Fancy and Summer L ratals SusiH-nders, Shirts, lUoina an'j Col In re. l.ile thread, silk, black, coloretl, anj while Kid Olovcs. Also, brown and drab Velvets and Sergea m c. iiathhun; C F. WAItD. May H.ISIfi, rT i:vv n.viiiTwAui:. Logmid TrBCfl II Chains, vvngeou and call boxes, anvils, visca Uti es, shovels, foi ks, hot s, scj dies and snathe s,black sm hs' bellows, sledge hammers, narrow and broad nxe , millers, ci.'oi...., cniuroo m-hicb, waggon ail slot I springs, brass kclllcs.mill and circular savts.wrw nans, iron unu tiruss wire, siieei copper onn u iron, sheet lead, sheet zinc. ort...4.r.r.A L oven ...outlis. nlnw raslini's. etc. 1 ne STRONGS A. CO.

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