Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 16, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 16, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER Hi, IS 10. ho conjectured the f.itnlerri!iid,nnd foreboded the drcidl'iil result. Perceiv-lno us vvoenmo nearer, tint Mr. IVmllctnn nnd myself only sit up in the t-torn-shocts. he. rl.ip"d his hands together in the inn-l violent apprehension ! but when I rolled to him to have a Cot prepircl and he at tlio same iiinmnt stvv his poor (rien 1 lying In the bottom til' tlio boat, bo throw tip his eyes artd burst into a flood nf to if and I.iiii illation, llunilton nlono npp.-.ircd tr.tniuil nnd composed. Wo then con veyed hint it tenderly us possible up tn tho house. The distresses of this amiable family were such tint till tho lirt shock w.isabited, thy were scarcely nb!o to. summon fortitude tmnuoh to yield HiiHicioiit assistance to l heir dying friend. " Upon our re.ichin)! the house bobecamo more languid, occasioned probtbly by the agitation of his removal Ironi the boat. I gave him a little weak wine and Water. When he recovered h'n feeling" he coM-.ilalnid of pain In hi bad:! we inuncdi itoly illiilreied hini) laid him ill bed, nnd darkened the room. I then gave him alarjrean ndyne, which I hid frequently repeated. During the first divhe took upwards nf an ounce ol laud anum ( nnd tepid nnodyno formentatiotH were also applied to thn-e patts nearest the seat of b! ilin vot were hU sufferings during thu whole of the il-iy almost intolerable. I hail not a shadow of a hope of his recovery, nnd Dr. I 'ot. whom 1 requested might hp sent for hum ah ilcly on nur reaching Mr. ltiyurd's house, united with tue in this opinion. General Hey, the French consul, b id the goodness to in vito the surgeons of the French frigates in our harbor, as tb v had inirh i'ierlence in gun shot wounds, to render their assistance. They im mediately came: hut to prevent his beliia tli- turbpd I stated tn them Ills situation, described the nature of his wound and the direction of the ball with all the sytnptons that could enable them to form an opinion a to the event. One ol the gentlemen then accompanied me to the lied side. The result was a conlirmation oflbe opin ion that had already been e.Nprcs-cd by Dr. l'ost anil niv-elf. " During; the night he had some imperfect lccp; the succeeding morning his svinutoms were ag gravated, attended however with a diminution of pnin. His mind retained all its usual strength nnd composure, j'he great source of Ins miMit ty seemed to be in his sympathy with his halfdi. traded wife and children. He spoke to me fro, qu-ntly of them "My beloved wifeand children'' werp alwavs his expressions. Hut his fortitude triumphed over his situation, dreadful, as it was; once, indeed, at the sight ol his children brought to the bed ide togethnr, seven ill number, his ut t'T.inee forsook him: ho opened bis eves, rave them one look, and closed them again, till they were ti Ken away. ,t aliout two o clock, as the j iibhc well know, he expired. "Incorriipta rl lr -m.laquc Veritas Oiiando u Eli 1 11 1 invi-iueiit part-in I .Mullis illo q liik'in tl'-bilm ucciilit." After the death of Gen. Hamilton, a note which had Iren written the evening before the interview, was found, addressed tot he gentlonrn who accompanied him to the lield, thanking hlni with tenilern-'ss lor his friends-hip to him, and In forming him where would be found the certain kev to drawers in Ins , --U, in winch he had di posited such papers as ho lotil thought proper to iiavn behind him. together with his lat Will. The following pii eras contnining his motives for accepting the chillenge; bis reflections on Ins situation : and some remarks on the conduct of the man who was to by the cause of Ins death, is presented as n highly interesting document. "On my expected interview with Col. Ilurr, I think it proper to make somo remarks cvplnna torv of mv conduct, motives and views. I was certainly desiriotis of avoiding this inter view for the cogent reasons. I. principles aro strong ly opposod to the practice of duelling, anil It would ever give mo pain to be obliged to shed tl.c moou oi a leiunv creature m a private combat forbidden by the laws. 2. My wife an I children are extremely clear to me, and my life is nf t'10 utmost importance to mem, in larnius tit-w. 3. I feel a nn-c of obligation towards mv creditors ; who in cas0 ofaccident to me, by the forced sale ol my property, may bo itisoinode- .gree.Hlllerers. I not Hoofr m-lfnt Ijhnt us a man ol probity, lightly to expose them to this hazard. t. I am conscious of po ill will to Cnl.'Uiirr, distinct fiom political opposition, which,as Itru-t, has proceeded from pure anil upright motives. Iistly, I sh.ill h i.ird much, and cm osiibly gain nothing by the issue of the interview. Hut it was. us conceive, impossible for mo to avoid it. There were intrinsic dilliciillios in the thing, and artificial embarrassments from tlio manner of proceeding on the part of Col. Hurr. Intrinsic, because it is not to bo denied, that my nuini idver-ioiH on tho political principles, character, and views of Col. Hurr, have been extremely severe ; and on different occasions, I, in cniiimou viin iirmy timers, nave mauc vcrv unfavorable criliclm'n puticular instances of the privato conduct of this gentleman. In proportion as these impres.-ions were enter tained with sinceiitv, and uttered with motives. and for purinsc which might appear to mo enm- inenii.une, would nu the diiliculty (until tlioy could be amoved by evidenc.) of their bdng er roneous,) ol explau ition or anologv. The dis- avowal reipiired of me by Col. Hurr, in a general nnd indefinite form, was out of my power, if it had really been proper for me to submit to be so questioned; but I was sincerely of opinion that this could no! he, and in tins opinion, I was cm finned by that of a vcrv moderate and iudieiou- friend vvlioin I consultfil. IV.-idcs that Col. Hurr nppeared to mo to iissiim", in the first intancc,a tone unneces-arily peremptory and incnaciiig.and in tlio second, positively olTensive. Vet I wish ed, ns far as might bo practicable, to leave a door o,ien toaccouiutoilition. This, I think, will M . inferred from tho written communications mule by mo and by my direction, ami would bo con. nniieo i iv we coiivorrniioiis iielwcen .Mr. van Ne-s and mvelf, which iiiosoout of tho snblect. I am not mho whether, under all tlio circum stances I did p it go lurthor in tho attempt tn ac cnmiiied.ite th in a punctilious delicacy will jus tify. If so, I hope the iintivi-s 1 havostated wil excuse me. It is not mv design, bv wh it I have said, to affix any odium on tho conduct ef Col. Hurr, in this case. He doubtless Ins beard of animad versions ofmine which Imre vcrv bard upon him; aud it is probable that as usual tliey were accom panied with somo falsehoods. He may have sup. jsiseil himself under a necessity of acting as ho lias done. I hoie tho ground (if his proceedings have beeiiK'ich us ought to satisfy Ins own coTi science. I trust at the same time, that tlio world will do me the justice to hoi -vc, that I have notcen-iir-rd him on light grounds, n!r from unworthy in ducements. I certainly have h id strongreiiHins for what I have said, though it is p.i that in some particulars, I may have been influenced bv misconstruction or misinformation. It is (,nly my ardent wish that I may have been more mis. taken than 1 tluuk I have been, and that he, by his future conduct in ij- show biui-elf worthy of all confidence and esteem, and prove an oru i incut and blessing to thu country. . r ,i V , 0 " lm""1'1'' tbat I in iv havo injiiren wiu arr. nnwever convinced inysell inai myopin or.s aiiuaciarations have been well founded, as for my general principles and tem per in relation to similar allUirs, have resolved if our interview is conducted in thu usual man ner, and it pleases (!pd to givo mo tho opportu nity to rcsiTiciind thro e nwai my lirst fire, ami 1 haie thought! even of rwri ing my second fire and thus giving a double opportunity to Col, Hurr to nauseam! reflect. It is not, however, my intention to enter into any explanation on tlio ground apology from jiriui'ipiu, i jnq'u, isuiL-i loan pnue, is out oi the nuesfion. Tolhoso who, with mo, abborriiig'tho practice oi duelling, ii)y iiiniK mm iniigiiion no account tohavo aildoil to tho iiuinU'r of bad examples,! answer ui.ii uiy rrtuiiir miii.iuou, as well In pub lic an private, enforcing all tho considerations which constitute whit men of the world ilcnoin inate honor, imposed on me (a I thought),! j. ctillar irreeslly not Uj dclino the call. Tho ability!: le in future u;tful, whithvr in resitting or cUbctlng good, in tltoso criis of onr public nf fairs which seem likely to happen, would prob ably lm Inseparable from ft conformity with a ,.,,1.1;,. ,.,:, il,...i.. ii. :.,., !!.,. " , Tlio death of General Hamilton threw the vvhohi n itlon Intoiiniirnltiir. Next toG'tiTil Washington be stood highest In the all'octlons of tho people. Col. Hurr was forced to leavo tho Untied States, nnd never recovered his position in tlio country, though after m iny years absence ho was permitted to return without mcelingwith legal hindrance. Ho was feared and avoided. although his mental superiority was conceded by bis fellow citizens. Hoth of these gentlemen were men of small stature, (no man that had ov er met tho gl.mco of Aaron llurr's dark piercing eye would ever forget him,) both had belonged to the military fatuity of General Wellington, who, witli Ids instinctive iniglit into diameter, had early made his selection between tbeui, and with drawn lii confidence from Hurr. Hoth had dis tinguished themselves in the battles of the Revo lution, and both had received the verdict of popu larnninion the one as a pure, generous and un- niiiciiiiig painoi mo oilier us a ooio, laicuieu, unprincipled, nnd aspiring man. Hamilton was aged forty-seven when hu fell. Tho blood of Hamilton in his descendants still flows through the veins of some of tho inot elegant and re fined nf our citizens. Hurr at an lulvan ced ago descended into his solitary grave tinmourned, niipiiiuo eiiuuiess nun nione. MHilSr.ATHUi: Ol' VHKMONT. Pursuant to tin- Omtitntinn both I loiws 'met in tlieir respective moms ut lUo'cloik on Tliursdny the 8th of October. PKXATR. Aflrrpmycrby llic Itev. John Griillpy, the wmn tiers elect oi the Hcnnte were culled to order by the. Secretary, I). W. t'. Clarke, nnd nfirr lieiint suoiu were ilinttcd to the election of n President pro tem pore. .Mr. Ilrailiey nnniimttrd the Hon. (leo. 'I'. Ilmlnes, ol Kuihiiiil (iniuty, mid ,Mr. Smith nominated the Hun. Levi II. Vilas, ol Orange county, tin the lirst billot, HON. C.KOItCK T itoi)ci:s was rlerled. For .Mr. llodgcsUJ, .Mr. Vilas fi, Mr. lirmllcy 1, nml Mr. Smith I. Whereupon the Presi dent was eoinhtrted to the chair by Messrs. Ilrailiey nml Vilas. On motion of Air. Itradley, the rules of ihe last Se nate weic adopted for the tunc being. t Ou the ni'iiuniilioii of the President, th" following Smntors were uppointed on the part of the Senate to canvass ihu votes for state oliiccrs, to wit: Windham Co., Mr. Howe. Itenningtoti. Mr. Ilrowiicll. Witiil-or, Mr. Cnshnian. Ittitlaud, .Mr. Fox. Atldis-on, .Mr. Nash. Oranye, .Mr. I'itie,. Chittenden, Mr. Oninn. VnIiinjTnn, Mr S.nith. Caled'iiun, .Mr. Ilemis. l'r.'iiikhn, Mr. Foster. Orleans, Mr Siaionds. I,nnnile, .Mr. .Miner. Isex, .Mr Hibbnd. CJraiiil Isle, .Mr. Ihrrinclon. On motion of Mr. Onion, the. Senate proceeded to the election ot .V'cret irv lor Ihe year ensuing. .Mr. Onion nominated 1). V. C. Claike of IbuliiiKtoii.aiiil .Mr. lias iioininateil Stoddard 1). Colby u'. .Vlontiw lier. On the Ihu ballot, n. w c rr.AiiKi: was elected, nnd was sworn; for Mr. Clarke '11, Mr. Colby 7. On motion of Mr. Smith, the Secretary was direct ed to inform Ihe House of the organisation of the Se nate, .Mr. Ilrailiey introduced a resolution for a joint ns. scmbly at a o'clock ihis nlternoon to hear the report of Ihe nmvamg committee ; which was passed. Mr. Onion introduced a resolution lor the priiuim' of 1011 cupies of lie- Lei.-lntivc Directory. Amended at the suggestion of .Mr. Vilas by fixing the number al 1,00. ami passed. .Mr. Fox introduced a resolution for one daily and one w eekly neiispapcr for each Senator, and the Se cretary and Assistant Secretary ; which was pissed. I he election of Assistant Secretary nnd Clniilain, aftcrsoinc conversation between Mes-rs. Onion, Fos ter, Vilas and Cram, was postponed until to-morrow morning. On motion of Mr. Onion, onb-rcd lliat when the Senate adjourns, it adjourns to meet at 3 o'clock this nlternoon. Adjourned. iioi'si:. The members lnving convened were edict inmU at 10 o'clock A .M by James McM. S.'nlter H-n S -cretnry of state, and Ihe Throne of Ora -e was ad Jrci- iu, ucv. ieo. ji .uniiseroi .vionipclier. The S( ereiary rnted. Ln.rcply to an inquiry of Mr. jlarringlon.tbat hi-tiad rejected the credentials of .Mr. Holster ot appearing Iruin a certili ealc niinended thereto bv the constable il,.n l,e In, I not been a resident of that tow u for eight or ten months of the la-t year. .Mr. Harrington, moved tint tie- g.-n-llennn b- admitted to his seat. The credentials as certified by tho con-table were formal in every respect, and he contended that the secretary had no discretion in their leceptiou. If any one doubted the light of the gentleman to his s"at,b;t remonstrance to that i ll 'ct lie prosciiU'd at a proper time to the House, and the natter referred to the Committee on Elections, when appointed. Mr. lingo's, remarking that the Housi! was still unorganized, moved to lay the motion mi the table. .nr. Harrington ons'-ryeo til it le; li"heved II had id ways been the practice of ihe .Secretary, when in doubt about the ahdity of credentials, to lake the opinion of the House iqiou them previous to in organisation. The secretary remarked that, in rejecting the ere.lcn tias,he had pursued iln course which in his opiuiun thestiiluie ch-arly prescribed, and ho Isdievi'd it had never been the custom ol bis predecessors to appeal in such cases to tlio judgment of the Hons,'. The mo tion of Mr, Hriggs prevailed by a vote oftt'J, totVJ. The secretary, m further answer lo ihe inquiry, said that he had rejected the credentials of John Klwcll of (ilnstenbury, upon the ground that there was no certi ficate that the meeting was legally warned and holden, oui oi,ii in- nun u-ceivetl 11 urn OlIIV OI lilt' ote.lint inoved that the aeiitleiuiiiibeadiuirted'to'hiss"iKHc siidtlierevvasiio law rcquirim; Ireein-n's m-etings to I o" wariu-ii. inecon-iiiunoiipioviiieii torthe hoidini; ' -"s""f-"i mc uuiivs m 11 .-cuiir. 1 ily Mr. that reveiiuo accrniii" from pcil- ofHicli iiiectmijs.auil no oiher iioliliealioii ofibu but . -,lr-rt,"'"h called up the House resolution fiina lcrr,' licences sboiild bo mid to tlm rininti- in. was necessary. He. also nnimaiued that 1 lie slate- ! !!!ileii eoimly conveutious and appointments, mid 1! , ' f, I" ' r r P tie !r I s o incut in the credentials lhat John Klvvell vvasdeclared "''"'.'r,".111''1 V1' , I . thoih,; ,IJ 'f1'1 "r r- "i MT """ell, elected at the freemen's iiieetiu legally holden was Vri 'bu'enden called up the election of Auditor to incorporate tlio Clittteiiden County inhrmary. sullicicnl, in isinuch as it was not toTie presumed that 1 ?'"' "' '"'poller of decisions ol the Supreme Court, and ' Hy .Mr.Iivv reuci'to pay Sophia S.Allen,vvidovvof ihe constable had commuted wilful and corrupi oflici- I " MVchirtiett'i't'tirr. I 1 . 1 ut . i- , 1 I ic"' A- A,lc"' et'r,'i" ''''futures of her deceits al p-riury, 111 d;-clariiiK Ihe election, it was to be sup- , ;Mr V"" "ten 1 ''roduced a billentendma thechar- ..J ,shand All referretl to the Indlciirv C, posed, in the absence olpniol to the coniraiv. llini all I , !1' l"r""irs '''', OrvveH, vvhicli was twice 1 ... 1 ' "-iirntl lo tin. J111I11 l.irj Com- the necessary prcliuiuiiirns had h-en complied with lie read a cciuiicuie ol tin- lown clrk of (ilasienbury ami alsu at-ertilieil (-oiy ot llic low 11 lecord, declarini; ' - " .--v 111 11 niere were ., seaitcriug. These paie-rs, he ihoujlii: couclusiiclv 1 ll,-,, Mr I-U....II I,-,, 1 h 1 .1.. hat there were .'1 ,l,t- ciu.b.s,,..!.. 1 showed that the gentleman was legally clccicd Mr 1 .Miner moved that the motion he l.ud i),e table. im.l hovved that the "enileiiiau was b-iiallv clccicd. Mr. 1 prcsi-uieii it ci-rnucaie 01 m.- town constable declariii" that at the freemen's ineetiu .. .. ..... .... ... .-.,, . rflllJll 111 question. John 1,1- well had G vote 5. This motion 11 lh- House procc.-d" I to the election of Speaker. .Mr. SloJilanl nominated Hheniz r.N'. ilrii'L'soi IJran don, .Mr. It tl 1 noiniinii-il Caleb 1. llarnniTioii of .Mid dletown.anil ,Mr. Strong iiiinnnaied Win. H.Frcnih ol Williston. .Mis-rs. 'I'a) lor and Jones were appointed tellers. The.rcsultof tin- Isiltotin was a. f ijlowii: Whole number ol votes joo .N'eces-ary lo 11 choice 'J5 )'1-N-Ilr's in C. II. Harrington f,3 W. II. French n Nathan Siiidtc 1 A. I,. Miner 2 Hirltou Kice 1 WhereiiKin .Mr. Driggs was declared elected and loos, pis nam 01 olli -e. Tin- Ilou-e lien proceeded to the election of Clerk prn temp ne. Mr Russell nominated Ferrand F. .Mtrr.ll,Mr ll.irrioinn iioiiiinale.l U. A. Kmiball,.Mr. Strom! iijiuinited S, I'tarl hilhrop, .lesrs. Kiwlj mil Hirriiiion were appointed tellers. Tue result was asfol.ows : Whole mini Vr of 1 otes 193 Neeess try to u choice 100 F F. .Mernll 111 II. A, Kimball M S. P. l.ithrop 11 O.I,. .Shatter I Mr Merrill was accordingly declared elected, and took the oath of ollice i he House and Senate exchanged announcements of iheir organization. Mr. Lawrence moved lint .Mr. Frost ofllridport be admitted vvithout ihe production of his credentials. ...i. 1 100, en to lay toe llioiioil oil tuu luoie. .Mr. Harrington suiinortcil the iiiolion. it heinu in his etiiiceiiiioii u much stronger case than ihe others they had thus disposed of, inasmuch as theie was noevi- iience w natevcr lielorc the House cither that a meet lug had Is-rnilden, or thut the geiitleinan seeking a seat had received a vote, Mr, .Miner said there was no iloubi rcsis cting the legal election of the nieiulier, ami Unit he Imd nKvoys been the pruclice in similar l'?Ti"lu.o. '"" to 8 '-t without delay. The motion m-i ' , !"""" fev ailed, B 1 lu M. 1 he lollowiug gi-nilemcn were nominated by ihe chair and confirmed by the House, as Canvus-ing Coimuiure. ' Ueniiington Co., Mcusr.. Ajlesworih, Hurwood, .Mcliughlin. ' WiiidUam Co . Meiers. F.arl,, Barrows. vV llldsor Co.. .Metkra. Aibiiii. YV',.11,... I, .1.1...1.. Itiilland Co , Afnr Cojenntii, Ciiihu, lliowii Addison Co., .MtKsn,. Foot. Wright, llacon. Orange. Co.,.Messis. Sicilians, liill, Foster, Cliilleudcii Co , .Messrs, Uariiiuu, Fhichcr, French. W iishipgioi, Co , .Messrs. Phelps, Haillcy, Smith. Caledonia Co, .Mrsns. Newtll, Merrill, Kimball ef J.vndnn. Frnnkhn Co., Messrs. Drury, Bridges, Pintt, Orleans Lo., Mcrs. Nelson. Hales, (iage. Jainoille Co., Messrs. Terrell, Itusscll, Benjamin. I'.sset Co., Messrs. Ilentoii, Hich, Fry. tirund Isle Co., Miwrs. Davis, Reynolds, Robin son . The committee appeared and were sworn. llcsiihithn. Ry Mr. Fnhbanks, that the rules of the lut session lie adopted as the rules of the present, until others are substituted ; passed. Ily Mr. Rill, that the Joint rules of the last session be adopted ns the joint tulesofthis, until thendoption of others; pnssed. Ily the same providing fertile publication of 100 copies of n I,egisative Directory for the use of the two Houses; passed, l'rom the Senate, providing for a joint ns scmbly at 3 o'clock this nfternoon to hear the report of the canvassing committee ; concurred in. Mr. Lawrence moved that when the House adjourn, it be to meet nt 3 o'clock ; carried. Adjourned. ArTERMOOK, SBNATE. A resolution, adopting the joint rules of both Houses for Ihe lime being, was received from the house and concurred in. A resolution was received from the House, for a joint assembly to-morrow at II A, elect an Auditor of Accounts and a Reporter of the deci-ions of the Supreme court. Mr. Vilas suggested an alteration of tho judiciary w ould possibly be tmde nt the present session, and for that reason he would not make Ihe appointment of Reporter nt so early a period. Mr. I'oeter d"eined this suggestion no reason for delay, since under any system a Reporter lor the coming year would he ncccssiry to nnke up Ihe reports of decisions nlrendy made, .Mr. Chittenden moved to lay the resolution upon the tilde ! carried. The Senate repaired to the hall of the House to bear the report nf the canvassers, nnd on returning, a resol ution from the House lor a joint assembly nt 4 o'clock this afternoon to elect a (tovernor, I, eutcnant Gov ernor and trcasurcr.was concurred in, A resolution from the House, tonieet in county con ventions at 3 o'clock P. M. on Friday, to nominate County Oliiccrs, and to meet in joint assembly on Sa turday, 10 o'clock A. M.,to elect county oliiccrs, vvos taken up, when Mr. Smith moved lo lay on the table, urging that a change in the judiciary, particularly af fecting county court judges, deemed necessary by nnny members, that a proposition to tint cllect would probably he made at an early day. Mr. Smith's mo tion was agreed to. The Senate repaired to the I In It of th House, (or the election of State Oliiccrs, and on returning, On motion of Mr, CiHmnin, it was ordered that a committee of two Senators be appointed by the chair to wait upon the I.ieut. (Jovcrnor and introduce him to the chair of the Senate: and Messrs. Ciu-hman and Smith were appointed for that purpose. Adjourned. IIOUSF.. Messrs. Carpenter, of Belviderc, and Kecler, of nyiiep'irK.piesenti'i! their credentials, and were sworn. .Mr. Hariington presented a reinonstrnnceof Alem bert Pond against the rigid of Joel M, Mead, of Rut land, to hold a seal in the llou-e: referred to the Com luittee on Dleclions. Jtemlutiant. By Mr. Russell, that the members of me iwo nouses meet in Uouiity ami I'robale Dc-tricl Conventions to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock to nom inate County and Probate District Oliiccrs, and that the two Houses meet in joint assembly on Saturday at 111 o'clock to act upon said nomination., and by Mr. Kimball, lint each member be furnished with one dai ly and one weekly newspaper ; passed. By .Sir. Stoil d.ird, forn joint assembly in If o'clock, on Friday lo elect Auditor of Accounts and a Reporter of the De cisions of the Supreme Com t ; pissed. Bv Mr. Fair cliild, fir n joint assembly at 111 o'clock on Salurd ly to elect a Secretary ol'State, and Judges of the Supreme Court ; laid on the table. Fiom the Senate, lor the publication of f.Ol) copies of a legislature Directory ; concurred in. Hy Mr. lk'iiton, that the speaker be re quested lo invite the Clergymen of .Moulpejier to olli eiate in rotation as Chaplains ol ihe House. '1 he Senate came in, and the report ol the canvass, ing committee was made us follows; Hill GOVERNOK. Whole number of votes, IVIKl Necessary lor a choice, 51.332 Horace haton, 23,151 1 John Smith, I7i77 Iiwrcnce Ilrainerd, 7,118 Scattering, fit KOI! LIEUT. GOVERNOR. I.sonard Sargent, 23,33.', Truman R. Ransom, I7.US5 Jacob Scott, 7,081 Scattering, C5 TCHAsfltKH. Whole number of voles, 4,311 Necessary for a choice, 1! llli-ha 1'. Jcwctt, Dmiel llildwin, 17,317 Z"nas Wood, f,,y7 Scattering, . 'i'jj liiievou s oi urwpon, ,-iiaron Hint Holland were . ..Mr'. Kimball presented n resolution providing, for a joint suHeiiibly ai I n'rluck to ilti Oiivcnior, I.ieut. Governor nnd Treasurer: pasad. I The Senate came in. and the follou-inT clecinna i u-ere nn.le for ,l,e v-...l,. " I ' IIOIiACi: IJATON, (7i 'rrnnr. ! rtjA'S1.' A,!i(ii:A-N'T- -'""- Governor. lU.lrillA 1'. JlJWiri'T, T.cMuicr. I or (.uvemor, Horace llaton, 13C John Sinitli, 73 Iiwrcnce Ilrainerd, 1 1 I or I.ieut. Oov., Leonard Sargeant, IIH Triiiinri H. Uansoin, 75 Jacob Hcott, 2 For Treasurer, Illisha P Jewett, JM Dmiel llildwin, 71 Znas Wood. j-. The Senate w itlidrew, and the House adjourned." Friiiw, October 9. PHNATi:. Prayer by Itev. John Cridley. Tile Hon. l.-onard S'ir,rennt t.teii,.is rt. elect, and ex olli -io l'rcsident of tin- St.ii in. lm,,,. .;L. President said, that lie"did 'not purpose toinale a de- 1 JFwc,tt" 1)0 "dmilteil to a seat in the House ill tailed address upon the proem occasion, hut he would P'ace of tho silting member from l'ovvnal. simply cipress Ins thanks fur the conti.lence reposed in Hill intmlucrd. ltv .Mr. Lawrence, ill aiMi ofKhlnv'loSco?,, tion to sections I I and' If. of chapter I, U.S., 1 ' L ' ' . 0 ';P"n IC with th benatq ill main- I nrovidin.r for tho eleclioo of to,,-,, ,,. .,.,.. l,.t .... ' , iniiiioj; 1 nu iiuercsn anu nmior ol the people of Vcr- u'li" T'" lh- kindness au,f courtesy f tV" '"einl"'" "'I tins, body to overlook any hiiicrfectionsin read ami iclcrred to Ihe ( ommittce on II inks ( In motion ol Mr. llradlcy, 11 coumiiltee of two Sen- M wa1 V".'" 'o.wuit upon His ilxcelleney ihe (Jov """" uhi me oenate is org.iuied 11111 rc.adyto receive onycouiiniinicaiioii which h- mar I., ,... ; ....... ria,1 '!' feieiveoiiycouiiniinicatiou which b- l"1'1'"1 'oinike; and .Messrs. llradlcy and Vilas were I,ll,,r" " ,K' . '"'".vies "I'P0"'"-''1 '"f '"is purpose. STANDINC COM.MITTi:i:s. tool 00 ot vlr llo,l,r..o tl... , , . Uit l-mnnee Mr. Klch.chairinan : Mr Siniih nnd I r. Onion. f ' j OiAeJii i'rmiy.Mfssrs. Foster, Vilas, and Bur- OnAsricHttiirc -Mcsrs, Howe, Ileinis and .Morse ' On Munufitctnres .Messrs. Simouds.Kobin-ionanii 1 Hilton. ii" !f.,i"",-7e-!ca- Cari'. Miner, and Ilirchard. On Minting Ajfaua .Messrs. Ciishman, Page and llrovvnell. On limit t and t'analt .Messrs, Chittenden, Har rington and llellim's. On hiiiiku. .Messrs. Ilradley, Jifield and Nah. On I.11111I Taxes .Messrs. Hibbard, li.-U and Sim- onus. On motion of Mr. Cram, the Senate proceeded to ihe election of Assistont Secrelnrv. wben THOrf. 1',. POWi:itS, Ksij. of Woodstock, was elected ; lor .Mr Powers il. Win. XV. White, of John son 7, w hereupon .Mr Pow ers appeared am! w as sworn On inutioii of .Mr. Cuslunan. tha Senate proceeded uled Itev. (ieorge II. .ilanser.und Air. .Smith noniiiia. tedKev.A.O.lliutou: it... v. 11 iu,mi, w lien ,,r iiiKiges iioniin , Itliy.J'KtMtGi: II. MANS till was elected . tor Key Mr. Maiw-r,. Itev. Mr. Kiiw-1 tJ Senate, announcing ihe nppoiniment of Frederick ' Hullimis. I I'd of oodslock asSecretiirv 1,1 e,..,i 1 1 .Mihtary AIIjiiu, and that 01 i V, .M. he would take the uathof ollice, andut 1U A. .M. to-morrow transmit the ailllil'U 1 he I hairiinnouaeed the following Commitlee On Itales .Mr. Hodges, chairman; .Mr. Vilas, ii , and ,IIt. I ISII I, .Mr. Cu-linioii iiTirodiieed a joint resolution raising n coiumiltee on joint rules, which was passed, ami Messrs. Ciislunaii and Smilb were Uipoiuied on llie part of the Senate. The Senate met the House in joint assembly, and on reluming adjourned. liousi:. .l'ravcr by Hov. .Mr. Comings. Tho Chiir announced tbo appointment of .Messrs. Iliissell, Harrington and .Miner as tho Committee on Kulesj and of .Messrs. .Stoddard, Aylesvvnrlh, Ktebbius, Itolfe, llildwin, Ilarnes and .Smith of WaiUlield as thu Cuimnittco on Election-. .Mr. Il.irriligtonmoved to admit .Mr. Frost of llndport, .Mr. Idvvellol lilastenhiiry, ami Air. Holster of .Mount Tabor, without the production of their credential, ilr. Kiisscll moved to amend by ttnking out the (wo last uanirt, llr thought Jlic'-;"o.,7i''I.'ol'lr. Frost esscn tially dillereutyr,:s;ro w,H n) ou,t n))))nt election ntiVronU Ills was merely Ihe com mon case of a member's leaving Ids credentials tit homo through accident, nml tho Houso had been accustomed, with scarcely nu exception, to admit in such instances, without hesitation. In reference; to Air. Holster, It was a question of eligibility. Tho Constitution provides that n member of tho popular Branch must havo been a resident of tho 'town which ho represents nt least ono vear previous to his election. Tho i . . .. . . tho credentials. dilTered tnateriallv from the form prescribed by the statute. There was no ccrti- ncaiu mat he votes, but simp moreover the i tilted that seat, llioso views were also supported by .Messrs. 1 AI nor. So, lb nfUVim, ,., Hi,.l,t,f r.. IIi,rri,,K,o ,! Thomas tboSl,t that tho ones- I tion simply was whether one member should bo i admitted without any evidence whatever that lie , had llOPtl fdoclod nnd t,v ttl.nro r,vel,lp,t ,.!, nt least Jiad wmri fttcic evidenco of their elec tion. They deprecated all party distinctions in the decisions of the question. Tlio amendment prevailed, 122 toG5. Air. Cba so moved that the resolution bo dis missed, hist ; tbo resolution was adopted 128 to til, and Mr. Frost appeared and was sworn. -Mr. .Smilio presented a resolution directing the chair in the anpiintmcnt of tho Standing Committee, to include in each a farmer or mc clnnic. lie believed that it had always been the practice to appoint upon several of tlio more important Committees, none lmt professional men, and members of classical education. Ho thought tbat every interest, and every order of society, when practicable, should be represented upon such Committees, since tlieir reports usu ally have a decisive inllucnce upon the f.tto of every measure referred to their investigation. The resolution had no connection with politics; it only object was to secure impartiality and .subserve sound policy. The Chair decideifthatthe resolution modified tho rules of the House, and must accordingly lie twenty-four hours for consideration. The House proceeded to the election of Clerk, and FnnRAxn v. mhrrill was elected and sworn, V. F. .Merrill, 117 K. A. Kimball, (J:i H. I1. I.atbrop, 10 Also, to the election of Kngro-sing Clerk, and NORMAN DUUANT was elected and sworn. Nnrnan Durant, 115 Horace Clark, li.'l A. M. Dickey, 12 A nicngc was received from the (lovornor, announcing that be would take his oath of olllco at 2 o'clock this nlternoon, that ho would deliver his annual .Message; on Saturday at ten o'clock, A. M. and aNo that ho had appointed Frederick Hillings, secretary of Civil ami .Military affairs. Mr. Denton introduced a bill ainendipg Sect. 12, chap. 42 of the Revised Statutes, so as to exempt fifty bushels of potatoes, ono plough, and certain other agricultural implements from attachments ; referred to Committee on the Judiciary. l'etilions were presented from merchants and others in IJurlingtoti, Topsham, Wood-tock, Richfjrd, liakc.-liilJ, Derby, Halifix, Hartford, snoreliain, Lliarleston, Waitshold, liurke, Win esbiirgh, l.uiKiiburgh, Ilighgate, Georgia, Cal!U and Ur..tllchorougli, praying for iliuiiireaso of the amount lo bo Jiyi ' ,T7.odlo,s lie..cos am! X'. I'?"''1!1 ", 'r peddling without licen-e; rclerreillo tlio ( -oiniiuttio on Ways ami .Means. 'i he Senabt valine in ami tbo lollowili" ap- ointmn,,tc ,....!.. . sii,as ii. iioi)c; i:so. of n,i,t..,,i ..,i;,nv r a e sr Ilodiros 131. Ira H.ivis. I'.so f 'n,.!,.. w ' ..........m, ,.ii,iii,,i in . ii.suiiiiis i tor .nr. i ", e. , - - -, , i- s.. uw, i?caiierin" .. lT.TI'.lt T. WASIIIUJUN', KSQ. of Wood-tock, Iteporter of decisions of tho .Snnreme Court- for Mr vVasMmrn ris V , nnprti i(. 1 ourt. lor Mr. as.iburn, US, tj,U- "iii"-i, "J. 1 ho hen.ito retired and tho House adjourned. SKXATK. Arxr.RXooN. .Met an I adjourned. IIDL'SII. .Mr. Harrinerton called up tho credentials of tho members elect from (il.itenlutry and .Mount Tabor, and moved they be referred to the Com- mitteo 011 eiecnons ; carried .Mr. .Miner presented the petition offKrastus

P. .1. . ,.1, , . V, 1. ,, ,, lduralityon Hie lthbillot. Ily .Mr. KusspII, re-districting tho judicial circuits of tho State. niittee, Pttilwn referral l'rom citizens of Ilock-inti-iiii, Ir.isburh, Westminister, t-huflsburv, (iiiildhall, tir.ifton, We.-t I'.iirleo and Hancock, all in favor of further restrictions upon pedlers ; all referred to tho Committee of Ways and .Means. Ofdideon Palmer and others iioainst in unci ii-sirtluuii-. upon in er ; re III 111 re "fJ ""'1 capiiai jiiinisumeni, which was read, and ot S. V. Katun and others, on thu saino subject, referred to tho Judiciary resolution for tho aP- l,,"",'"pl'tol coininlttees to canvass the votes for Meinlicrs of Congress : passed. Adjourned. Death or n Member of the House. We have a melancholy duty to perforin, in an lioiincing tho very Hidden ileath,on Siitul iy mor niii!r, at liis rnoin'in the l'avilion, of Dr. William Cullen Warner, represenfativo of tho town of llristol, 11 gt'il years. Hy a jiriovous mistake, Dr. W. took a IaV(io doso of strychnine, which, in spite of tho immediate sen ices of a physician, resulted in death in thu space of ten minutes, I ' 'in 'uemliers an I otlicers of both lloiisus, tho ollicern of tbo State and National L'overiiments present in town, and tbo citizens (lenerally, ex- pressed their respect for the deceased by uniting "T '.-"ices. At two oVloci ,.,ef,r. "orul l,ri,,l'1',,,',01 repaired to the- hall of tho Houso of Uetiresentatives in tlio order as annev- 1 ed, under tho direction of tho .Seri' Anns ; ! nml ufior lb,, r..,tl.rtb., S;i,ii.rn.,m,l r.. er, the IkxIj- of tho deceased was given into tlio possession ol iricnJs, and removed to llristol. ORDER OF l'UNKUAl, l'ROCK.S.SIO.V. 1. Cominiltco of Atr.ingemeut', apiioiiited by tho 1'resident of the Senate and Sie.ikrr of tho Houso, tow-it: tho Hon. Alcs-rs. I lislges, Ilrail iey, Rich and Chittenden of the .Senate, and Messrs. .Miner. I.avv rcnce, II irritigton, Danfortli, tiregory and Horton of tlio House. 1!. Tlio Reverend Clergy. 3. Fall hearers, witli tho corp'e. 1. Governor anil Lieut. Governor. 5. SjK-aker of tho Houso ami Secretary of "iitie. 0. Clerks and tjflicers of tbo House. 7. .Memliersof tho Housoof Representatives. K. Secretaries of tlio Senate. ! Secretary of Civil and .Military affairs and unicorn ot tin Benatc. 10. .Member, of the ficnatc. eoi sinuie, as tho statute directs in such cases, O.vnssinning.aswenowdo.ihem,nr,tuj,!n,.r,i... had certified that tho member elect had not re- civil interests of the State, whichlnve for a ho r e. Z vh, .ZcT Anil h " s , v,-v I o e be" in,; s dei tin rnnnl.n- ii, ! il, !, n. 1 riod. been enttusiedto our care, it i., Ilr nils' villages. Aim I the snrvi v , Whose U'.inugs .eqnently it w-a, Jncnrnteni upon tho'llmi'se to 1 jWlStt hZCTTOM 1 refer Ihis matter to tho appropriate Committeo , wcn u bu?" ly believed it will in sViriug -ncl, r. ull., no citien for InvestiLration. In tbn case of Mr. F.lvvell. 1 Anl here J S f"d that it has been undertaken and prosecuted liad received a majority ol the ,t, ,iia.i,.rnn r ii ., . lonicit nyu in solving problems oi ucep mien ly that he was declared elected ! onal benclit. or to be e, i le',)' " Z'.', ','n: woild.all 'o"Mlikiugas.;,,ai,i: ,..i i.. ..r 1 3t........1...... i..t i ,,.,,i i i " A . ' ' " " n.imni, nre vci in no nnnger vi uvnig - UllM.Uli; Wl XIianillllMM IlitU tUI- iv.i.nii.ii ii,nn uini III CUIU'CI IOn 1, Ul 1 1 If! rOTinirV. Mm no I l,r.t,nn,.,1n Jniin isianii. t in ntin ir:int. lur t in i ru-mm nci-ini c-ieunv nini con-sian v in vn-w. t hnt i r i n,-.r c.ii-m. nnnmnr ! , Uii! tint receive ll imiioritv of tho votes cast. 1 !? '' lciV.c' .V "re '"towed to he executed for the will he rcmiirrd in order to complete f-ati-liictorily tiie There vya, certainly in tbo t,ro.nlW rKSot K room lor doubt, and bo thought the (.ommitteo niie our responsibility to the people. We should a.,t 1 vvVre w a i , - to comi'dete the chain of ev idence in on 1. lections shoot, bmo c hariro nftbo 1.0 b pel. 1 remember that the civil nrivde,,,., bie,o . " ... .,..,. ii,.,,,.... 11. Tre asttror, Auditor of accounts: and An- be ultimately ethausird. But the soils of Vermont. ale consumption, the rfiect of adding, by such en difor 111 tho Treasure l)nri,n,.i ehiellv primitive ill their ehaiacter, less deep nnd , eiiuragemcnt, but a fraction to the ordinary amou'it of 12. .tlidi'esof tho Knoroioo A. lintei r'n.(. Jllilli 111 DI prohR! it District Courts. 12. .tlidi'esof tho Knorooio A. hi. inlet r'n.t. 1 M rslii ,f , & .7 t r ' i.j. uai in i no t-tale and District Clerk, II, Jlcmhers and ex-iueinliers of liotlt Houses nf Congress, lfl. Citizens generally Ditihj Journal, ' "' ' .' u "UrNXtP . ..-s, Fellow Ctiiicm nf the Senate ami , f FCtltittifr ---i-v have conletred, with thai unfeigned giiiiitude which "? commence thus repose,! in us so justly demands, "iiu.ii ue guamiati'iup is temporarily entrust- v" r K'osoi n gracious anil ocrien fi, , WA SX , t t.t i r." . . .r .v who have coulided their l-iI tlieir interests to our care, but we ' '"i"r tl,c Vl' 'l"1 It IW lliell 111 enerututol imrnititin to Ilrnven. I tot ingratitude to Heaven, regard the olliceswilh which 1 l1,enl,al,itua1lvrcaar,Ttle.,inceswll w el,l we have been cntr,,ste,1. not oolv a, ,,bliii, , s t I Hot Oil V as oblieritillLt US to tliose who have clothed us with a brief authority, but I as involv ing a still liigher responsibility to I Inn who j gives the privileges and blessings which we are called lo guard. 1 Mring.thc past year we have, os a state and ieople, received from the (treat Author of all good, renewed tokens of His bmelicence,in not only preserving to us our civil privileges, but in granting to us even more than ihe cnnuuou blessings ol his Providence, in th" means of personal and social enjovment The earth has yielded her increase in more tfian ordinary abun dance . and our citizens have generally been impercd In. their various pursuits, so that, lndu-try has every where received a large icward lor her toils. Awat. tenjed its quickening inlluence to the scliools ihein ing sickness has visited us, hut on the contrary, even selves, iinp.nimg to their pursuits a life and animation more than vyontcd hea th has generally prevailed. unknown mid unlull bebrc. And 1 cannot lorls-ar And although the sound ol war has been heard in the cane stly to express my deep and linn conviction, tint distance, yet it has not excited apprehensions for our tic. highest an 1 ht interest of the state demands ihe ow n icrsonal security ; lis desolations have not liccn j continued maintenance of measures calculated to ele felt within our own bordci", nor have its Furrows, ex- vate the character of our common school. m view ol cent in a levv instances, entered our dwellings. . tbevast intiueuee which these institutions must exert r rrr r.KT"' ' ' .- jiu n,ui,- oi in-. , ,,ui,-o,-iuL II.,-. oix-ii co ir- actcrizeil ii uy mvam si iiinieny iiiii- ii-gi-liiiioil mil government, than has the state of erinoul. ... .. I hclme ,.i-.. ,.!;, ,;, ,i, i ,,. i,. In, been 'to govern a, little as might he c.V,cnt l.tii' ,m,..e,!,7 ..I' I.- ..I,i,..,. ,),.. ,l, ., I" iilcirVnbstamialintVrcsK N"cvc fr. , ,.. ..I,,;,,, ,,r , , l, .ci , i. ,,.,, I ; ,i, cnioviueiit of "lile. liberty and hnpomess." siie has vet v , - " I'" V"',' shunned the opposite error of legislating for ihe Isme lit of individuals to the injury of multitudes, and av oid cd all complicated and entangling connections witli private or local interests And while f-he has exten ded lier favoring smiles and fostering core lo all usetul enterprises calculated to promote Ihe general good, whenever llieir successful prosecution rctjuired it, she has never yet sought to assume the special and exclu sive guardianship even of public and common interests w hen they could be adequately sustained and promoted in any other way. And this general course is one which sound economy and ti regard lor the best inter ests of the people nt Urge, would, lor reasons sullicient ly obvious, ever dictate. I,"t it he our purpose, th"ti, to conform to so w ise and prudent a system of policy, and aid in perpetuating it. Aside ftuiu making the ordinary annual appoint ments, your duties for the session will probably b few. In tiie proper field of legislat'i, there is not, to my knowledge, any great and prominent measure of public interest, winch will demand your attention Modifications of existing laws may, in some cases, be required to meet new features m our condition, or to remedy original defects in past enactments. Our habits of rapid legislation of course expose us to the danger of pas-ing laws not perfectly matured. Yet thu expedition in the transaction of hn-iness can scarcely be regarded as a tuilt, unless carried to the extreme ; and this onghl doubtless to be guarded against. Hat iiiiperfections and errors, vvh"ther ili" result of haste or of changing circumstances, should of course be remedied as experience and practice brill" them to light. And in the mean time, the recognizee! principle tint laws should lie as stable as th" changing condition and wantsof society will iianit, will doubt less be kept in vi"w, and.ox,? rf.1? in due Inlluenen in - s''rtit!STug the extent of our legislation. .1, iiu'-cis w men may claim yoiirattcnttnn ing A confi lence does not seem lo ho universally felt that silliiciellt guards have as yet been thrown around it If an apology could b" lonud any where tor any loo-n -si ot practice In lh" management of public funds, there surelv can he none lor it in Vor. moot. And it maybe an appropriate subiect for voiir I uoairv. VMIettier anv Ilirtner n-ovi.ioris lire neeess'i,,- furs ciring lliat tiu-ictinhtv a id fij.-div intliit biaucli ? . ,t, - "j m "e l,utmc 'cll the lllterel ol the reieures. ii f - i AuJitnr of Accounts to report annually " any modili - I "i"01" )"'.! ,,xl'"rle,lre '''ill prove to he necefs?ry 1 ?r C'T ,! inr m". .t0 Pfo1 a f"'lbful neeounting or all pubhc funds;" mid the report of this olliecr, wiiit-ii win 111 one nine lie lain n.-iore you, will give 1 '.""r inquiries, il in hu opinion there should be occa- won for any modifications, a more definite direction ,1, .11 is cic uiicoipieii orueeoieii uccctsary 1 he practice ol taking cv.ccs.-ive interest is a wrong 1 1 1 1 iioini' U'i'ii'- ifiucoy 11a. oeeu proviiieil, corisiunnntetl, ana as one ot Its tUsa-trnUS cons-quen-alihoiiLdi the attention of the legislature has been re- eesuirciidv rc.ih.ed.we havelK-en involved 111 an 1111- .euieui) oinicii .11111 given 10 ine silicon. .Measures have beell tltonos.-, for re, i.,K- nif tl. evd l,t so satisf ictory as to have received the legislative sine- tion. Hut di em tlip Mihjrct one of s-iillicicut inipor - tancc rcnevvcdlv to claim your attention, although I can .suggest no better mod- ol planting ihe wrong or ... .,l,lltlll iciocss uoiici ,i, 111, oi ,11,11 oi ii l otion i) process. In case, however, this remedy or any otle-r should Is; fixed upon, I vvoald respectfully suggest tin- prop,,-,,- oi tnahiiig ii prosp-ciive omy in us op. - ra - tion. ItiMruethaia provi-iou for anew and more clleetual mode ul recovering hack usurious interest, inasmuch as law vyas violuted in taking it, could not unci ly he regarded as attaching any new is-na!ly to an had been committed. Hut it is ever desirable to nvoid di-tiirbmgpast iran-actions entered into with due regard to the estimate which the law, t-ilher c.xprcs-ly or impliedly, has placed upon lln-m And as in this ca-e tin; statute tion the taking of usurious interest bv the utter mad cms uiiiuisi io s,iiie- equacy o its provisions for preventing the practice, contracts, m-nie imuer the law us it is, mn:iit is: regar led ..lull it... r ,.-.ln ..n.,o,,.,, to u olcdgc of public faith, that they should never bo s.ou'.nto the Union et any state wl,o-e constitution ' 11 Ie7t v,l .' ,, , B ? , '" rorn called in Whether this v lew of the subject, tolerates doimi-lic flavciy'" And shou'd not such ' 'otK""I'"'f.lo which shall lieopK-ndta! a eopv-of ihu however, be tenable or not, it is believed that a rciue. declaration go forth lucomp iuictl with the tU-cl.iration report und the petition annexed, to consider ihe sUb 'i "."i te'i'?- 'Iie W""''' I"' ",oru likl'ly '2 '"' re' ' Vt-rmoul begins to feel, in relation to tins subj.-ct, ject of connection, and to determine w hetb.-r ceivcd with lavor, lK-caueawakeiungnoappr.-heiisioii ,,at "th-rc is a point beyond which lotliearunce tea- ,,., ,-:, , ,,, t . , ' y that transaction, suiiposcd to be eoiiqiieied were to be csto he a iirtuel'' That this ground of unvieldmg op- "l'l'r"L 1,1 " "lul ill aid it, und it to, in what man- oroiigui mio controversy, it nie wrongs oi iiie past are not redressed under this plan, it will still be no small attainment to guard agauisi like wrongs for the luiure. It is a matter of just gratification to be able to say vv """- - ri 1 --.M'M.- uresMIliT with 11 ironit iltMrnt nl rimit ilv. nml t hut if r, ..... j r - appears lo ! necoinp h-hing nil those u-etul resiills winch were anticipated fiom it by the most ardent friends ot the measure. 1 he ends prupo-ed to Iw atlaincd by this survey inayjusiiyi,eiegardedosofnoinsiguiiicauiuiiiorlance I he great object contemplated vvas to pic-snt to ihe people ol the state as much practical and available in- limitation as possible ,111 regard to our locks.soiK and ooiiri.ii iiuii.i, is, iu, a viewto tue luiineui.iie oene. tus vv hich vv ould How to the grcal mteiests of ugricul- lure and Uianutacturcsmore especially l ie lormer by wayt. divertuiglaborlroinproj.jcisandenlerpris,-s lhat vvouldendiudisippnmlincntnndloss.nnddircct. nig il into proper arid profitable channels. 'Ihe cor- rcclioi), too.ol mjudiciuns modes of ciiliivalion, tend - mg io graui aiiieierioratiou and ulimiatc exhau-iioiiol the soil, ami the soostitiiiion r,.p , I,.. i,i .,1 .,..., ..o I .1 V .- 1 . 1, , T meiliods cf inanaeemeni calculated t.-n. 1 U-f.-m . :. , , . i . vi '1 1 'J'! ,1 ' i V'"'C " at ,'""' ,""'' l yielding o the I ilsirer a prcseiil reward-was one Ibe ior evl ''v"1".'' "l" ,' continue 1 the tw-riod shall ccuse onlv sure I proveinent thai of increased know led,,,. Tl...,- ...... ate not merely by urging industry to mmv v igoious cf- IOH3, u.u nj ginning 11 111 men 11 uircclioii as to mike itselibris i io.;tai.,rii.,,;.w,il, tl,,. e,,. . .J .,- sweat and toil ' 1 fiat agriculture is intrinsically on important savIoZ, , 'S ,".Ue ,'ncorai:"'",, "'i" .li.n.i..,, .."1 ... ".' : . t--.s-. ,.i And while this intereo iL '.....l-iI:' 11 s .s, 1 . . . "'J " R " suci .Imir.iWeiuiri o heV o perhaps fi, ,, tla,e in 6,lio ,) ' " "V..i;.iVi iiently unportant that the culmaiion of the,,! sh,. . ..! r 1 ....I,U I.. . evenil no correct prnciiHes oT science are ali,l f,,' ir cubivation, continue 10 y dd abund no ' ar f;t wA Ktic of trars-altllourh d- ub. 1 vM?lo ., uui,ieii,,oic to loundalion others ,!..' ' ." t ". ' .7. ' . .' .' '"'r"" "at ouai ,i,.cy. 1 er c ..1' 1 ' 1 ..... :.' , . . 10 or niukimi m ner wiici-or in are will, all ,he great mier-st, of clevi,.d , d ad- "cteVe , u iicip e " """"l1"1 r''lu"'Uo,.oi u,e pro. ",-; J" fi" jo,','iedd aid 'of t'he'J!; f 'ilr'lc'lice1' i! '"H 7" I ' ' -Ivanlagesof ,l,e system, no prop. I W ' K. ' l' U , iu'MltltoMiffi clearatidpralp',. (ito TiiircuiR Co., Set., Savvver. sciences, as well as he rml 1 im . 1 V 1 llle "ban that the nation winch protects tho a Ur ol its S S lam niALT, Andrew Siwt led 1 an, honorable of to, n, i " '.g "K" m""1 rln 1 ,m . l"l"'lall..ii, vv Inch lusters imd encourages ,ts t,vvn i A. II PltRi L, Jons Fosmcir. i iiuuiuiiiij.iiiiii iiuniniriv hiciitifii nu is 1 1. . ..; 1 - .. " v r . . " ...... n ..... nu uoiiiiuciei in iiccoruanec with si-,111,,1 rn.. ..t. ..r... ' , - -.' ; -"."'l "- .ij 11 out us own licultural science, 'i'he prairio and other al v.aln: L , .w,V,l,1Jm? '" '"""'''S '", winch nliound in many ol the states H-in. riebl n ,., 1 . ,l" ""rr" l""" y miner calculated to charged with all ihose various doernl 11',.. aU. h, m,ll"lr: "f."ll'f countries, by opening I which enter into Ic"" n bouui ing in those ingredients essential to pin- longed spontaneous fertility, require that correct prac- lic.ii principles be brought to hear upon their eiiltiva- tlou, if we would secure their increased productive- Iness, or even save llicui fiom deterioration. What nature, however, has n.,t done for our State, science , can do. I."i Its irrlit then be diffused, nnd its guid- imee be followed, and, under an adequate system of protection to litis interest in connection with others, Vermont lias nothing to four for her contmiied and in- 1 "-H"' I'o-I'inly. ItcrvalHs and plains will teem nun iiii'iiriKiHi icnimy, mm iirrn mm nunr izmn-, in uumuiuiss iutjui.uiti(ou uur iimsiuuf, niinu iiie The contributions made by the survey to tlic now nloiitmg science tit geology, nun mc mil ai- sl to mc iry eousid- crraiea in curious should Ij IfPincil m-cp-iry to Hiipply the tie- "v 1 "-j i ' cuium cum m..b.. w ...s. ""','1 blication of ,l,e Hna, report .cb a form ' can be mveo it. and such provisions made for its dis- frit.,..; ...nUii.,.. i..Um,J .Urnl.lonml :;3""V",,,,''uw''v - 'iV. ' ..'.. ..r .t .!.. ,.r r 'ri. ..C .1... tntn D,i.,er;,,,en,lent rf Cmmiinn Schools will iniine'd'iiilely be laid Mbrc you. In re gard to that great interest of the state which' forms the subicLl of ibis reoorl. it is sotlicient for 10'- lierc tosav. that ail the lieuclicial ptirioses and results which it could reasonably have been c.H.'ttcd should bo ac complish al at so early a stage ot th" common school cnlt'ipiie, as connected with our recently adopted system ol siiiy 'rvi.ion. it is believed have been fully re ali.ed. A verv fundable degree of interest for the im provement of their schools has been awakened among the people in many pins of the stale s a deeper anvie- lion for their work : and the general iinpul. Ins ,.. ij v.ii. among icueuers 10 MX'ire u proper H'l llllica- u ion Ol r llllo I lit, "l,r "'"'"W !' atuancimiuestinies. , 1 0" reports ol til" 'l'rusli'es and Sim rilllen, lent of - . .,U-,.L ,... I 1111,-11111.-111 (I, i the cnnont Asylum lortbe Invme, which liavebecn I r. .i.i . . ... .,, ii,.., in m conduion ,.f tlnt'l,.. llu on'", S ..... ..... .''.'. """'.""US icretiuy loiHn ,..,., , ,, ., . , , i ..: .i i. v :: . " e- : " ' - " oi' resiuisoi us operations amine evidence mat tli" lieiielnctions ol the State loit have not been ,.,.;oi,,iuy O'smweil. : . "I"!"";'?' ' appcarst hat 19, have been a, - luitted inn. th.- Asjlum.iind Ifi'J Inve been i liarg"d. wd.'-iar!. me n i sharlu Mn 'eS ued tointilieeiic.. ..r, . ' 1,1 1,10 eoniiiiucu munificence of the State It i"ioo,,t l,, i.i f I . .1 r- i pi itv tin i l e m i 2?! f the frienJs of liiiman- l nodal, c! if debt, and with ac- n tcn 'i " ""V P'--'Sbas uteri .1 upon a lull nn,fnueaibarrass., career ol use- iiuuess, am is nnw.lroiu u-ee 1,, week m,m i.neb ,., ,,. ,,.,,..,.,1.. . . . i . i ,..,. Lad e ten, o i - n ? tyV' wl,r molnXl, , ' i". ."".'.".""'"V1".' dl1rk,'" "f tlif'nrity,liiHi clif.rnet.-ryc th" unh-ipty iiianinc. Or here tli clou, I of il irkn 4 -lt1 i -rmiin'tiily tluwn iivjii the fifiul of the unloitutKiti? itiui;iti.o thut in thu mtiTn'!-s uthH mcmal nun no -ik-!i iavoml.le rcMilt, a hutp iippo-.fMl, cnu rtnliz.-tl, our lm nniiity imv yet b.'cotw,led by tin- n iKtmn tint a rf'tue is ntl-irilpil linn ihu IhM a.liipt-tl to lu coiindi tioti, ana tli'1 br-stcalriilatcil to rontriinitf' lo Iih coni tort and liupjniu-!--, that ln-'iicvolt'iice could prowdu or devi Ittit rrniont, ai.!e from tln int r.'-l- which h.-r i t. . ' . . ' ... ,,, o. : .V","-:1'','n '''u'ru, .as,,t,,..t..grmv- l! ooo IZu . lHl'0,.M,n " S"'",,ral eminent, of 5. .1. ? I ' .,A'"' """" ."""ri'-t-' hy? lK;en r in, h- n-t, , ri 1 "iioi'i-suicp,M ci.o.t- nngtlii- past j i ur,havclcenconuiumalcu m the Con- gress of the 1 llltcJ Stiles Amongtlii iue.-vaircs.anil first in liu train, i that l:y 't:c,i I.. institution ol Slavery has ln-en;-", distinct ly reciiKiiiu',1 as one of lie- element' of national policy, and adi'lited as one of, lie ,il.,..,,!. ,il ilit. tiniiiiM. ,-in, Ily thus pro titutiugthe nation's power, and applynii. itsenergies i, lh-imeo.istiintional and mill dlovved pnrpos.- otet..ii,bnthe limits and inercainiithe polit ical inlluence o ihu institution, ihe uovernmeni has u-d an uo, ...lo,, the in A ani-t siav, ry its.U,as a system wrong 111 irac- ticcand vvroniiii principle, crmont bus uilieii the !if,V,'?.!,,"r..!f,r':!::'r:it!i:';:'Mili-ll..n', cousiitutHju vvhn-h breath s llu spirit ot irccdoin m every u.i -, u -r p.- ,p,e tuve deeply mi nuru mil spiru. ' -ii, Un an 1 inai.ituiuiog h -r 110-111011, she vvoui,i 1 Iroui uil lawiess vi ,1-in e Her ab'iorience ot slavery , vv nl numtest its, 11 neither in vvords olin-olenre, nor , acis ot outiag,-. It is embodied m a calm, though stern and n-nled purpose.earu -ily 10 adviK.-ate Ihe cause ot human nirnts. and firm v and teatlcs-ly torc- ,w iinyencroadiiiieui iigmu lier u 11 And this it is her fixed determination to do by whatever means she. can nglitliilly anil lawiully coininanii. It is true that the uuju-t measure alluJcd to has been napjiv war with a neighboring Kepnniic. nut it mc 1 I . .." o 1....' .. .1,,, 1... ... . ,,.. ,jr the future. We h ive yet lo engage 111 ficsh con- 1 diet- 'I'he mca-'iire already cn'i-iHHiuuttd we nre , ivliictumly compelled to believe, n b il one ofn series . ol m.-a-ines yel impending, desi gn.-d to give to the Ic" nboiiuiling in lliose Ingredients essential to pin- i,, , ,?. i,.h!1Iii- iconirn correct nrnc in vain. rarinuy irgreo'ter milencem the gem rrd gov- tllf s"'b-cct of " connection w 1U1 thai, Uamil i secure the perpetuity ot its power, iarly known Hsthe Hutland Hail Uoad) by the Chesh- ; s.ave svslcm Mill eminent, and to Kucouraged by past success, slavery appears tube , projecting s hemes lor the cuentiou ol li.-r ttomaiiis In cr j et id-r space, and lor increase of the already i di-prupoitionap-amount ol pohticalpowcr conceded to the territory which hjsbeeu recentlv aciuin-d. 1 submit then the inquiry vvhiiher ihe ocea-ion d-tcs . i demand some action on the part of the I.-gi-la- mre, al this nine, by way of resisting the fuitlvr pro- .nssul llu. dimrerous and L'luvviuirevil. which now threatens toabsoihevery other interest of the govern- ineiit. ami to mini tie nauuiis cneruies io ine unwor- thy and odious ui.-k of minstetiiig to its own unholy purpo-es and deiii.ui.U. .... ousitiou w the ground winch right nnd justice and the honor ot tlu state requite us to inantaiu, there can lie inquiry vvhetl, a public nvow'al ol o,u ost.on. orany ,.o..r ...,rt ii n.n.i i.. .i. i... mujie iieninnuci Piacry, una siay ue presm nooa- ..I.. . .( 1.... - l. .. '..i.l ... f . il.. I . uuw (ict iwi-, it nuiii rtauu u.v-iuni hiuiu itl i ,w i,unur ,, ,u. desceiulants ot patriotic and worthy 1 sires, that they earnestly und unwaveringly struggled, ttu-u-Ii in vam, tor the right, ihan that tiny aided, or even lanu ly subinilled to, tho wrong And while we , re reaping, us we hive U-gtiii to do, the Initer fruits of llu-measure which has already Ueii con-unmialed j deli nice ol the vv ishes of N'eriuont, and m opposition tohercanust app-als to national ltiugiiaium'iy, it is ut her no sourc o reerel. bill nil her one ot ni.t and I hom-si pride, lint sheViuonsirnied against th rmc m udvuiic -, and exerted her besi energies mea vent its consiiniination. And her regrets under the have lollovvcd the ,1ml of wren-, may In-allevuied hy the reflection lliat they are not 1 otlierowu procuriii'' , 'jVre is, h.iMcver, no occasion to despair for fu ,.. .1. . , ,- 1 .1 , , u-ioii i.i ,n--iniir tor 111 of wisdom which llu- na,t ture ciiorts. 111 me ies.sons , . 1 .... 1 ... iniiy in,, c 111100 -.s.-,,,,,,,, ,u ,, giumtai progress 01 enlightened vicvvsand jii.lM-ntmientsm regard to the m,rms,c vvrolu ot slavery and its unvv outlines, a I '"' """' '''" ''' nation, we may ti? iveiinpr'ss.-d,and 111 llic gradual progress of, vim: such unwonted tuiwiwritv niiisl he rciiarded us one ol the bilter results l tlmtn.l. 1I1I100. nlr...i,lt- siiitteo i.f ul,l,-li le.a I....... ... t , . ...,,ii.n-ii,i, ,u"." I'1""-1 "K .Ku'rniiieiu w 1111 n we inu-t ex- peci win ever o -nosiue 10 tue interests ol free lalsir Hut Vetmoiiieoiiuoi K-e her miere-ts crushed and her prosp.-ruy Mae.l, wiiiiout uttering her decp-toned limit iiin'miii nl lh- ruinw tsjlicy under which her i'liu insist, 11 sin a true nml correct svsten, onviciions unti 111 regard to ol Ihe government tu i-n too clear to allow her glltened into ilillet sub. , ""'"-'r '" "'1 Its l anoius pursillts;iiid oiliism its vvhol, policy tosecuie so lar as ontciacahle the i.,.l,.ei, I u.. Ii. "..V.. ,,,u- ,,p '''i' t iticretiw m I ", ' ' . ' . .,, .,,, I.,,.-. u.ii iiui , nnd Miimt o them ' " "- nilKlluit renriCIIOIlS 112.111111 It ruinous y"",l,"i"iiiia!eiieenreniov.i, , u doubt could we LT n"'? T"X "' 10 lhe '"""' Ad ' Si V"1'"."","""' "m,"'n,1 ,!" l'r- ductief a nation'. IiKt wlmhi' icqnircd for iiniuvdi- I I u snjojiiieiu more that labor, is toadd to itssurplus produ ts, audio in- cr,,.ie n lifilioo's wenll b In the li.,o lI,.. moment It,.. mat lalmr, is toadd to itssurplus produ ts a nation s wealth in th" sh.i'pe ol p provementsanil acecumiihted ansol in the higher want", in a much greater pro atn ba;ty glance, would be apparent muiisieri ig In iportioii than, But tiuaririiiu -ntor aheorv colli I be needed when we have suHi iiinnte evidence unou ihp uoint in our ex- perienec under tli protective tariff of HI J. A gen- cral prosperity, before ii'ikuiiwai, here exhibits its-lf, and asserts, in uii 'ipiiviv al laugu ige, the wi-dom and hern ; licence of the pole y embu lyd in that measure. i uurrii irjmiry nn-j it.'cn rtri jiiiijjT 111 vvry u'-jmu- i iiicm u iinmri t'uinjjeieiii mm i-urt' rcwurj inr wr vmn. mm nu incrcnit' ol in comlon-j nj 1 1 1 hiikih nu cm " lm Imenpo 1 rml m univorilly uptnrt-'nt that the ioait clwrvnnt cotiM not hil to iiircicve it, nor mulltliQ Innlic-tilaro tod-ny jurfility. Awl wliy Iia a Ijlilit lj-en wnntniily thrown over tins cheerful nml gratifying proi'M tJ To ileny to tf.p Congress of the Un'itctl fitritc the right, in levying iluti upon Import, to Iirriniinatf, in tlio miutnieiit of tlio-m duties, for the K-cifw nml tlitinet jurio-)i' of protectinif fueli inciul hr incite of iivltttrj- ni may r-'quire llu- prot'-ction in order to en pure tlifir pro-parity, ia not only to deny to it ft right inherent in pvry gov rnmvit.bnt to rep'i liate on of lli'j Innding pnnioTi nnd rnd for whirh the eonf-'tr-nry wni iimucti, nnd to di-hargc it from on.' of its liighft nnd mift facred obligations. Wrniontudl d'-mmiice thf doctrine whfrcxrr flif infft it. thatnny gorriiiii''nt in which h'j h conc'-ni'-d wui iiHtituti-d ?. i.. j.- t..i it... i ,.r .1... , p(M,pL. Wrrc l(J ,c r(.,nrjcil n, iJ(.yon tl5 w: ,-f ,t, in rnosea.inaeeii.ine Heretical uiotiosiiion ueurs unoniw r ,,. , i,i . . 1 V : ' ' . '""r-" "'"'",li""."" 118 ". 1 't1""1 "Jm4 . "c "rc eouieu, n, v.og ess sno. in i.ois sueu a,, an amount of duties, and sncli only, as will nil's, auf. iiuioni reseuue lo met i me cxpenuiliiics oi in" gern al governiuent, while we insit tint di-crimiualious lw made lor the ili-imcl and proiuincnt pursis,. of grant ing protection wherever it is in e led I't lb" rehtivu K-ale of duties I," fixed ill accordance with this princi ple, and the absolute rate we cheerfully leave to be determined by the necessities of llic eas.. Th" lejoicing, in foreign lands, which lias Iss-n elic ited under the tisniilnptioil that " li'-nc 'forth the princi ple of duties tor protection inut tn: considered as abandoned in lh" United States,' is not without suili. eieni iss-tfittoii, if tins nbaiid jninent is, in tnilh, destined to b (sTitetinl. Under it, we surrender lo Is- shared with other nations, no small portioi of the l-nfitt justly accruing to ns tntm the in lustrtoos nn I enl"r prisng habits of our population dividing th" fruits ol a toil which in the otherwise favorable circumstance; under which it is bestowed, ought to raise us above the common lot of humanity in the enjoyment of the com forts und blessings of lilo. It cannot however be supposed, that those who ad- ,,., ,, ! ,,, ,v..,,",r,i.. ,,i;ev. ..ooteooJnt,, .,. ' "". ""..'.: it" ' "c i,u, . on, jortant consideration that I us policy lien" , toi"h '" : "r ov' rlk i to ov me supporters Ol incsvsieiu in iii'-ir comcm u nn i- icoinciueni purpos.'s oi uieir own, or purposes at t o s;a aim imitcii tiimiv , to me ai- l,t ol local and limited utility, to the al- .,,.... , ., i..i. ,i r -,i , u. ,;.. ,i, w Inch t tare of ihe country I n,,, ,,.,,..,..,,'.,,,,,:,. ,I,; I .,,1,1 ,1,-ertion of the m'tere.-t of tb" country, or rath-r ,le unnatural warlarc vvlucli is wag"d against iheru. ' '7 ' , gimed the ascendancy, unt voice and exert her energies. heartless policy ns has now "V" T " "'C '"-cnuauey, uoiu sue s. c .no rt-i.oi .uioi, of tint sv-tcin of iirotection to Aui"ricnn industry ,,.,, ,-.. i'al.r,'uf Hcpui.he" adopted without 1 ad pursued without wavering. Hereon- Hii.-n.-o thai success will finally crown Rer clforts Ls i.i,i ,, i , ,, ,.', ,ht the ,.,bcv r "i :". "-,"". , j . w'lucn sne iiemaui st ne noi m 11111 '""'""' P"b''y, and hence thai she t for aid in the'rccsublL-hmcnt of asvs,,, ItMiiamN the adoption, is not merely a heal tan n oi wnui in its op'Tiiiioii". and f-o itally ci--'imal lo hrr own and thf fiicTal weiiure. WiicthiT an) Fps'cilic action i. requit-' in rcLTird to tins linprirfitu "tihject, or lo ntluMs not advrrta to, in which our iiitcre.-is are involved by oir comyction with ttu general ovenimcnt, is dvcriully confided u your d-'ciMon, to l determined by our own judmfiit in r.' to wh it the lnterci-t ot tlv slat? may demand. Permit me toa-iire jon that 1 shall rordinliy co-operate mall your in'ns,uesdeMn'd to promote the welfare :imi pro-pi-rity ot ourpople. Ana in hip iii-ivirtiu ot mi our oni'jial amies, muv we. to iruiaci ov ien mo. ve3, and l. enlightened such wisiloni, that with t!w j,WIM. Lle tl,mmlloreirorts, none ol the (treat mh-re-ts of The .-state, her industry, edin aiion. morals or religion hall sutler al our hands i - imt, vrp f iiuRAcn i:aton. HxiXtTlVC ClIAMUER. Moiiipelicr, Os-lob.-r, lUth. S Tor the liurlingtou I'r, Tress. Mr Clarke. ' l'or tl.c information of ihe Stock holders in tli Lake Chamiihin and Connect! ait lt,er Hailroad Co., und others t.-eluii' an interest in lhat . "'' ll. ? "'f y.- lorpub- lication, a cop ol pro.ti.evhn recenily ado,. ted at Ilos. ton bv 11 portion of tin Siock'ioldi-rsof the Htrhhiiroh I.-l'l Coloration A meelinS ofilu-se Stockl, ,IJ. ciauu win (iciceive is uuvcriis--u lor llle iotn lust And I cannot but anticipate a remit wh eh mast tl -eiily concerns their ovv 11 uuereswin.l -secures ihe euuuui nee. ni.-nt and early completion of our own gnat woik. Your Ob't. Servant, T. roi,i.r.TT. October I J, lslfi. litfliliiri:li Itnil Jlon.I Company. The Committee appointed atn meetimr of Stock. I holders in the l'ltchburgh Hail Uoad Corsiraiion,to vv I10111 was referred a letter ttom Timothy I'ollelt, llsq , President of the I -ike flnmolni,, 1 i- . 11 'Uieui OI IOC l.llvO CliatlipUllll Olid Connecticut River Hail Uoad Corioration, written in answer to a letter addressed tohim eptL-mhcr 7 181G by a mini 0f stt,K.-khoI,lhr in the I'iteli'.uri'h Rail l'l r r K.1 '" " MJU 1 Kd.1' u "k1 1 .- ire and I'ltchburglt Kail ItoaJs, resiwctfullv report , That thev have met no I con i.ler. I ,1, .i . i ! ' ' m "' ."st and con-ule cd lb-siibjcct, and 1 arL unaiimiousiy ol opinion lhat the interest of the Sttn;kbolders in the l'itcbburgh Hail Iloail Co .will b,- greatly promoted by lonnin- the said connection tl,-.. ,,1L. ..,, , , ' " .nucctioii, tlut w , eoiiragcuicnt and aid requested arc reasonable, that measures should U' taken bv the FitchburiTl, Had Hoad CoriKiration.tosecure itsbeiin' accomplish. . ,i ,.,.,i,. ,.i.i. i ' 1 he' "'ercfore recommend to ihe Stts-kholJers, lo ,.,,-euog oi i,. Mock. i '""" " wiiaieMtiii. They have prcparcda request t ihe Directors, fora ."'V'""51' l " "'" ""'1 'T recommend u wini; Pisiifdhv tho S(t.'kh.1t.l,.rt- i...i uirci-turs wittiuiit Ui-Inv J TIMOTHY r I ITivii a JOHN J. SWIFT, Ann,.'i:' C-mmI. SA.MUUI.HAV.MOXI). Ho-ton, September i 1SIC. To the Directors of the Filchlmrgh Rail Hoad Corporation : OestU-VEn- -Thesul:rilK-r, Stockholders in the 1 itcliburah Kail Hoad C orisiration, n-sirrtliillv n-.iuest von will t-all a uiccting of the Stockholdc'ts, to holden in H "ton nt an early day. to consider, and net on the subiecl stated in lh,- nuii..,l r... i. 1 - , , .. . --1 ,1 111c prois.Teil connts-i.oii by the. Hutland Hail Hoad wult '''"J m-Miire 1111,1 1 uchburg liail Heads. ... . . 1 -. I IMOTIIV I., J J SWUT, N VTI1 IN Hltl. SVMIEI. liWMOvn, C. J llVEntTT, Sivio Wilkinson, II 11 U'ttr-soN. XV M I'ai-.'ons. Jr. Cnu A Hrrn. Cobb .S Winslow, I.oki: Caktir, JoNVS Ct)Ul,iE, Jons II.vrh, Frcs S.vRiirxT, IhlWAKIl PllKERlNO, J. W llr.Mts, HonrRT lAKltV, ., ., - ,- . 3, t'lLIURT TACTS, ,. ..i,,.,,.! , ..imriiiati, 1 linvvs 11. icnoij, ''"TfcR, Tnistee, Ulnjamin Tiioirso-s. . Zl 1 , U.O. I l I Isrn '" "ta "U-min. !v ( o.. m. Haro, r"-n Hr.. Treasurer, J rsIKARVS HARP. JaMIS Hl'NNIWrLE, Hl-NKV (i ASSET T. Kmmiliis, Waitt, Ulus Craits, Jostru Ioctiier, ' tu, '- -v- , "'n'ajii.n iii'MriiKEV, ,!.,",Mrv.!, AN1 ltAHiAM, 1 lUTriirn. 1 AL1B TIERCE, NOl'ICD. You ore hen-by notified that a meeting of the Stock, holders oflbe litchbitrgh Hail Hoad l'oiuianv will bn held at the Tn-nionl Temple, in llisuon, on Tuesilay 10 o'clock, A. .M, tn consider ""'1 cl n the sulije,-ts contained in "the foregoing petition, relating to a connection wnh, and nll'ordiiia i'l m. the Uake t'bainplam and Connecti cut Hiver Hail Hoad Company. J..l'','N,.l -wl-l'CH. at el Ihe I itchburgh R K in October?, IMfi.