Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 30, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 30, 1846 Page 2
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TODAY MORNING1, OCTOBER 30, 18KJ. ntfKMXr.TONT' FRIDAY MOUNINC, OCTOMltl 30, 19IG. Tin; Itevolution in lciin ylMinin. The ch.tngo nf sentiment which has found ex pression through tho ballot box, in tbo roo.ent election in Pennsylvania, is among tbo most re markable in our history. There win no man of overshadowing personal popularity to swoop nil before him by tho power of a name. No groat take was to bo played for which could arouse tho loading actors to desperate exertion. Hut a great fraud had boon perpetrated. Not darkly, in a corner, or in rol.ition to n comparatively trhial nutter, but npenlv, boldly, iinblushingly and insolently, with but feeble pretences oven, of Innocence on tho part of the perpetrators them eke, and that in the mightiest mid mot deep ly important concern' of this vast common wealth. Confidence had been reposed where its recipients l.uighcd to scorn the credulity which prompted it men had been lifted from ubjcuiity to the height of power, by the single uico of that very people, and then hail turned the very power thin (drained, against the hope) and tho happiness of their benefactor. Tho tale which had beguiled the people into the sup port of tho successful candidate", was publicly declared to have boon a " cunningly devised fa ble" to get votes with. Add to all thi", some of the dominant, in the intoxication of fancied security, had tho impudence to aert that tho people ought to have known nil tho while, that tho specious storv was only an " electionearing lie" ! At the simo time pointing triumphantly to the obvolate speechi of the pigmy who by dint of laborious chelation had emerged into funewhat of notoriety, for the lioastcd truth of their assertions. In short, whereas Pennsylvania supposed Polk n frii ml of her inli re.-K siio found him a free trader of the " str litest sect" ; whereas she thought the ' TaritV of I St:! safer in his hands than in Clay's," sh" --aw him coolly sign u bill Ton, adjourn- succeeded in prepar ing an Anienitcii"voiiiiimioti to suunni m ine siiil'mgcsof the people of tho State of New York at their approaching election in November. We find, in tne N. Y. Tribune, a synopsis or the principal changes which nro pmpooil by the Convention ; nnd as so important a Ki1iticnl movement of the great and powerful .Stato of New York cannot fail to possess interest for tho people of the whole Countrv, wo insert tho Tri bune's article nearly ut length. H will bo won tint many material and novel chingos have been recommended. Tint some, and indeed most, of them are wu-nirmnis in the existing Constitu tion of that State. w ill not. we think, be quo-Honed. Hut wo cannot go tho length of the Tribune, and pronounce them all beneficial. Thelnmicn-e reduction of the power and pat ronage of the Incentive we regard with entire approbation. In the words of oneof the K "solu tion" indicative of a proper National Policy,which were oll'ered in the United Status Senate bv Mr. Ci.av just previous to lit rcsigintion, the Iacc- utivo power in New York ' Ins incica'cJ, i1-in-1 creasing and ought to lie diminished.'' This Amended Constitution greatly diminishes thi" dangerous and anti-republican Power. The snund policy of tho very great alterations proposed m the whole Judiciary System, howev er, we look upon as in a high degree question able. Our reader" who are but slightly acquain ted with the existing Judiciary Sjstcm of New York cannot fail to perceive thatlh" changes pro posed are thorough and radical. They certainly proceed loan extent that we should be sorry to see imitated in Vermont. We cannot believe, for instance, that the plan of subjecting the thirty two Senators oonstituing the Scnatcniid one hundred and twenty-eight Members; the Assembly, (the num ber unexchanged ill either rase.) Who nm doubt that here is nil improvement orgrcntpracttctil importance i It si cms tn us tliattiic value ot this rc-Iurm cannot tic over estimated. . . ... , i. hcxuTii or Si.ssioxs. Oar Legislators will nerc- nllcr lie naiil the old mice (9'.1 Pcri'nyi for one linn i red t'l days, if they sit so many, ntcnili r gnlnr Ses sions then (April lOlhto l.Mh) the pay stops, uiouki the vtoik limy go on until the Iloiioialilc beiiatc ami Assembly halThave romplcteil their business. This will somewhat shorten the Sessions and the cost or them. 3. Somc Ur.sroxMmt.ITY. No art can pas? without the express usoiMit of a minority of nil the .Meinhers elected tu each House, (17 Senators and C A."'1": blyiucn,) an, I the Yeas and Najsinii-t he called jind recorded on the tinnl passage of cv cry hill, Soil bad laws are hciiecforih enacted, the People will Know by vlmm, which they have not tilwajs. been enabled lutheito to discover. IV. The r.zrmtire. 1. Paiwons Wry little change has heen mule in the nilicle uVlininir the powcisnud dolus ot the Unci Cscculive, cxecpl to picscnho that he shall annually nitiimn-iir-nl,' tn llu. lite lllOOes of all coll- v u ts w hose sentences may liaie been cnuuuuted by him during the p-i-t vonr, Willi their several iill.-ncc-s, P-rins ol entenee, ,Ve. mid ihe reasons lor his lenity. We lire sure tins will he nppiou'd. ii. Ahmimstcvtivi. Oinci.s. The f-ccict.-iry State, Cnuipliollcr, Tieasurer, Attorney (li-ncrnl nnd Slat" engineer mul Surveyor me to lie cnosen i.ien. Ii'nilh'lic the nennle. Willi llnre Cniial (.olnilliloncIS one nniiiinlly lor three ycais, and time Inspeitois ol I risons ,htio. :i. lNsiu ros 'AH ofinc Tor Hi" weighing, gnag ing, inensiiiin', culling or inspcclitig nny lii"itlinu disc, proiluee, inaiuif.iemic or commodity whatever are hereby nlioli-hed, nnd no sneh ollice shall here. nlli-r he prp.'ited be Inu- ' hot ibe slnle III11V COUlllllie nr r-.t.ibhOi the in-iier-linn ol intuit bninrht or Sold by its.-lt ; and for the piescrvatiiui o' ill" Public health. 1 1 oini'leree nnu luuu-ity i.iay oi course im.ioiwii Iheirowu voluntary iospi-ctioiis nt pleasure. '. The Judiciary. Out ax-d New Cocrts. The present Court of Chaucerv. with in iuniuueiahte nnd costly parapher nalia of Vices, As-Niaut Vices, .Masters, llxniiuners, eVc.. is to be nhoh-hed, nml us powers traii-h-ned to the Courts of, hut testimony in Chancery is to be tnkeu ns it h is been mul will h" in haw. Tecrc is to ben S ipreni" Court eonsi-tnm of tliiriy-two .Indies, elected Icir eiirhl years from eiht l)i-lricls ( like our jireseut Senate Districts,) oneeciy two yearsnfter Hie nrsi LieuiH'O i oese ,,u lies ine 01 0010 toiuii Whoso heart docs not thilll to read, or to re member, the unequalled Corn Iiw lyrics of IIlliot, the fearless advocate and tho strong defender of tho rights of his fellow liAnotiEr.s 7 Who can a. t tho vivid comiction that tho reading of tt o lyrics must havo forced upon him, that ho was in the presence, and listening to the Words of one whose heart was moved with intense human rympathy, and with burn ing and consuming imUgnnllon 1 It is impos-i- bla to over estimale tho influence in reforming nnd elevating tho popular minJ in hughm!, for instance, of that noble lyric, ' The toon vo mit's sow," with which IIu.iot electrified all hearts during the pctiod whtn the stupendous election briberies and frauds, which have so long been a reproach to that nation, were e.vcit mg so much attention and indignant rebuke ? llow many souls were purified by it ? How tinny bowed spirits did it inspire with a loe of honesty and uprightness? llow many honct totem fur life did it make ? Who does not re number the flashing contempt for the smooth an J subtle Oppressor which swells in these no ble verses : ('..Mia ll.r.Hwrt.M.i, ,1,.. Sltnti. ..n.w.l tlwni tnlt i.-ill ir O, ehoiceol the Jiulges ol the Supreme Court, and I 10l.l a Circau Court, soeeial term, or Court oiOyer oftbe highest Court of Appeal, tnthc caprice and i ""l1 T'eriujuer, while three of th-in mnv be desiiia. , , , . i ted tn hold tieneml leinis. 1 our ot these Siipieuie tho frequent blindness, p popular election, can I (,'omt Judges haung the fewest jenrs to imc, to be i tle-rwi-e than liarinful. Indeed the doubtful jgelliT wim oilier four elected for naht jenrs bj-a exneuieiicy in hi- cirioe u j:e.n in nine ueen ' 1t s:nte Itibiiiial, or Court ol Appeals. i;aeh t ouu f'itbv the Contention, Irom their ns.Mgning to , t) shall elect one County Judge who -hull he Snrro !..., . , , . i i rite, and, with two Ju-nees ot ibe. 1'eare, liny hob It.'ieso.HUirrpsa i,--m tj rvre ol unpreceiieim il , fortim tnul otVrinnnal of lasser liingiii- lennth. If it issupposcil to be beneficial or dc- tale. Counties haingover -ItiJM) nib ibitanis nmy to repeal it, and ...Wrtuto for it a Tariff which j Mr,,,t, ,lt tll(,0 M.,,, 0,hcers should a elected 1 h." il! 'cuher iScouul .nay would ruin her: wliereas she was told he was il(.c,tv IV ,,0 people, why not pruvido tint thev j be esiabli-hed in Cities. friend of internal improvements, .ho saw him .h,,,,,,!!,,, elected ,,S ,,-n as other high funJ- J y'IS'Iyui nithJ'mSMs''T mlul,m!-l.e5 vi-to a bill to prmiilp for nccc5ary Ijarlior ik- j ticnaric? arc I Tlu Trihmr nroi as an urn- jilnnut' In- uo-itm:niL-c i-i in'r-, hut no uo ate to le thn mnnovl. !.. r ...e.i. ,.i .1. .. ... 1 pai I to auy 111 Ige 0.1 uny pretext wlu.tever. No 111 Igj to prosecute an lixectttite war for the extension J nw la-t resort " inraningtlie Court of I'.trors of shivery ; nnd lastly, whereas she thought her i "are now elected by the people."' l!ut ina-much son Dallas was lomeMy, she found he was no- j ae wo believe il is conceded that the Court of body ; and even Ilucliaiian, who almost n', Hrror of New V rk, as ut present constituted ktcmnied the torrent of whig indignation nnd elected, is a Court of very inferior judicial iv;.wioh, we no not see wny too lact mat u i n Court tint is " now elected by the people," is not un argument nfiniutt the practice. I!nt we are debating from our fears rather than our hopes. Wetru-ttlnt in this important respect the Amen led Constitution, if adopted as the Tri had again't the Kane letter fraud, and had done more than nil ethers by the weight which his personal character had lent to his violent and reckless and false assertions, to f.i-ten this I'un'c dynasty upon the country ; even Bu chanan sat comfortably ensconced in the highest otthe hig.i'r Coarts cm be elected or appointed to nny othei otliee. The Ju Iges shall have no power of nppiintinent vhneer. The seveial County Ch iks are to In- Clerks ol the Supreme (Joint, an I a Cork of the Cimrt ol A peais is to be lected lor time jiarsby the IN opt". 3. Jcsri'cs Justices of the IVaee only are to he ni 1 by tees, us heretofore ; hut the present absurd rcquiteinent tliat a towns'iip comTinuig twenty voteis and one containing twenty thousand shall eaehileet four Ju-nees is abolished. The 1,'gnlature istode siginte how many Jasii'esare tube elu'sen and on what ralio proh.ibly one for taeh townsld, ol les tilt 11 1,0.10 iuliabitniis,tH'o from tint up to j,HJ0 three thnee up to 111,0,1(1, tour thence to -M.o.M, and so on, '1'he term ofoiliee is to continue (liar yeurs. 1. KKUMIMN'U tOUKTs. t-OUlls oi uoneuiaiion . eat of the cabinet of the Utrayer. and witnessed lnne believes it vv ,11 be by 1 (10,000 majority, will J b,n iml u.riv ttuvf aruesfm!.!'"8 unmoved, the legitimate consequences of his own and bis master's treachery. And now, with all these attendant circumstances, came on the election of 18 in, and the curious in such mat ter", looked on in wonderment, doubting even then, if the ominous eructation which had be gun to Is; beard, was tbo signal for any thing but an old fashioned lcofoco victory and re joicing. There was an unusual absence of ex citement apparent on the face of things, j et deep in the soul- of the people, there was that which " pa-seth show". They asked no aid from whig leaders to enable them to sec how matters stood. The naked record, without one jot of argument, disclosed such utter villainy, the stern truth of all that the Whigs hail told them, and labored ti make them believe in exposition of the Kane fraud while it was yet in progress, rushed upon their memories, with such power that talking could do them no good, and they waited for the time of artiun to arrive. It came at last, and mch an utter disconlitnre, such a hopeless over throw, has never befallen the suffering party, sinco the fall election of 1 8.17 in New York. Out of twenty four representatives, the Whigs etrried scienlecn, the natives one, leavingabare six to the party of th" cheat", and two of them minority viitors, with a liege popular majority sgalnl thein, while they now hold fourteen lie rrcsentatives in the existing Congress, against nine Whig", and one native! The Whig Ca nal Commissions, elected at large in the state, has about ten thousand majority, and the Le gislature Whig in both its branches. These are tho mod"" of expression adopted by a people goaded to fury by the provoking nnd gratuitous insolence which reckless parti7ans have added tn tlu iniquity of betrayal. It is a mole which will be understood by those for whom it is in tended, and it mav Inch them the wholesome lo.ssr.n tint there is such a thing as being too uu blushing in falsehood, even for good nnturcd, humbugged, forgiving, Loecfoco Pennsylvania Tho practical results of this victory to the Wl.igs will bo valuable, beside" the moral power conveyed by so signal a rebuke for so palpiblo n cause. In the event of an election of Pre sident by tlio house in February 1810, it secures the vote nf Pennsylvania, besides adding greatly to the pro"iect of a Whig majority in the next house, nf ltcprcsontativo, Add to this, the un expected victory in the key stone, will bo of no email service in nerving the arms of our New York brethren nt their coming struggle, and with such comfort they may well hope for vie tnry, in spite of the open defection of -the Con rier nnd the dubious support of tho Kxprcss. ' justify the wisdom and foresight of its frainer" We take occasion to express ourdi-sent from one other ofthe features of the new seni ; and that is the removal of the disabilities which all codes of law in Christian (iovcrnments have im posed upon those who deny the existence, nnd thejiistand benignant superintendence over-ruling Pi:(jvit)Eer.. We cannot but regard this propo-ed alteration as something worse than nion-trous judicial ubstndity." It i" a largo, ind we think an unwise, concession to the inisj- illed liberalism"of the day. On the whole, while we find many things to ldiuiro and cordially approve, in this Amended 'institution, there are others forthe principle nu lil.ejitvf - I.ruvL l'n.vulcr. Three Comniii- sio'ier-aie to lil nppo.nled by the irxt l,"gisiafire " whos' duty it shall b- to revfs', n form, 'abmlge and simplify the" piles of hraeiice, pleadings, fjunj ar.d proceedings," ,.-.:. i;i tn Conrlsof thisStatj, VI. luwittcc. Stvti. l'l.vAxcrs Of the net Itevenurs arising froai the Canals nf this Stale, jl.ti'U.O M fur ten vi ais foul ftl.70 I.OIK) theienller i. to he set aoart as a Sillk- of an i ing l'uad toon the prioemrd and ial 'lest t th" dual I) dit ;.:!.') 1,01.1 until ill-- Canal l)-ht ispaidni.d nil. r w.irl s!,.'iJ0,dO) to pay the o-h.-r (or (ieneral IVi.l; D-liiol the Suit . nnd 8-,!,,0A1 p1 r t iiiuin (w ue'i alter enrjit vcais may be niereased to Ut.r,) is to be iippropri.iti d from the Canal Woven ie toward de frnjoig generally the etptns" (.fill Sttt (iovrn luent, iii.iking $'l,K3 1.OJO immediately mid SJ.100 IKK) niter ten vears to be npproprnt l Itoio l!i Canal I!"veniies iritd th" .S'lnte ) bt is paid. Tu" In'nnee nf th ' Canal lievenues is to !. sneiedly appropriated lo ill- prosecution and completion of th" Cue Ihu.irge iiKiit, Kiver and (tones -e Valley Canals. H:..,,, I, VI, ,, ,,. ,; ., .,. ,.,,.,,.l I lie v a lais mid .-'III ,-nrillgsnl toe siaie ale rover icv ol wli,(.h weeiiteitiin a strong repugnant e , , llllv fn.rVnii of state cn.htor money o strong, iiiuecu, mat wo snniiiu reg'iru tne i mane louny peinin,r corpoiaiion pre-ent defeat of Ihe whole mea-iire of lieform - not by any means the gitniest misfurtiii e that might befal tho citizens of our sister State. The follow ing is tlio synop-is of the 'I'rUiiin;: The Amended Constitution. Th" State Constitution toruie.l l,v lb" Cnnventio'i winch hnsjiist adjourned ihlf-is trout iheeMsiinCon siitutiou mainly ut thi- following jumiculnis: I. Grttnttl I'int wioit!. 1. l!i.i.u.iors Pelluom The New Constitution oro- viihs more etleelivesnjeeiuinls tur nbsohite l.ifHoiv- of ........ ,. I -1...I! I l.. 1 :.. ' tiersritis. ..i.... ....... .1.: ! 2. il ivKi.vr. N o sneen enrter lor Hanking n tr noni, i,.,.ri,', l,..l'l 'n. .,.,. h. I .,.! poses is to be uraliled, but 11 inks in iv- be , sliiblishi d that not long ago, when mimeou" belief, or want uf , K'"-1 nw1- 1 hc -Kishluie Ohio Election. Returns received from 70 Counties give the ggregato vote for daveruor: For IIedb, whig, I"-J00 For Tod, loco, 1 1788 jRebb's majority !i50-J In IS II the loco majority in tho samo conn ties was 510, making a Whig gain of 301:! votes, The members of Congress now holding seats. arc divided 8 Whigs tn 13 Ijcos ; while the hto election gives us 11 Whigs to 10 licos. The Mate of Ohio, with a population of l,i00,()00, -. Fei'UKi. Di.ur The slate shall contract no debt rxeeedm ' sl.OUI.I.IK). un i ss to no et the exigences,. Ins iriu'tion or War, e.rej t lor soui" s ngl,. -peeilied iobiecl. all I Willi the eMiiess nnoroval ot the People signified by a direct vot ; nml a d.iei t lax niii-t at tho I lime be levied sallieieiit to ay the iiiinnal interest I said debt and extinguish the ptnu-ipjl witli.u fiylit.-L-ii ) ear". VII ' I . Ih-sivcssj A ssoi ;ai loxs Thise are to Le for , med under "eneral laws onlv.till I not under snccial ' nets ol ineoipoiaiioiis. Tho'pajmeiit oi tl'.eiruebt is I to he s. cured by su li individual" and other liability lis i tin- l'julatiircmay prs,-ibe. All eorporati uworirinil as-o 'ulioiis mav ai'u nnd be sued the tame r.s natural " They knew tint 1 was poor, And they thought that I was base J Th"y thought hvonld endure 'I'o be coveied wilh disgrace; They thought upon their tribe Who on tilthy lucre dote Anil they pit Ted mo a nninr. 1 for my vote, bovs, in roi'E !" ' 4 " Oh, no ! I'll keep my vote As a treasure nnd n trust ! Mil (linwiinr nunc shall attntc, Il7iei I'm Irrrlrtl in the ilust ! And my children, when I'm gone, Will hnve comfort in ih; thought, VVoir thrir Jittlri tens not nnr Tu be iiocuiit, buys, uoram!" Put our present purpose is not especially to eulogize Ku.ior. Wc find tho following glo rious hymn by Mahv IIowitt, making the tin- ami itious round cf the Press, without note or comment, 'i'o be sure, it needs none ! With the still small voire of enn-cious truth and lovi it speaks its own praises ; and is abroad in the wide world, mixing with the humble and the poor, tho sphering and the oppressed, a quiet hut moving Missionary from Heaven ! Give it way ; and let every gentle heart entertain it, and every sound ore cherish it, and millions of its converts to the cause of humanity will tiltinv utcly attest its resi-tless Influence ! LAHOR'S THANKSGIVING HYMN. 11 V 3IAP.V IIOW ITT. That I must work 1 thank thee, Ood ! I know that hnid-hip, tod and pain, hike morons winter in th" sod Wliphdoth itiultuc lit" hardy grain, Call ci tli in .Man hisnoble-t powers ; Thirclore, I 1Mj ,p:,,i erect, And, mind life's scveiest hour", Kund steadfast in my self-re-pcct. I think thee, (toil, tint I imi't toil ! Voneiiinued slave of lineage high, The g mie-law loid who o.wis the soil, Is not so l'ree a lnau a" 1 ; II- w-cus ihe fetters of 1 13 clan ; Wi'iihh, liirih, and rank have hedged him in I In e 1 mi this, tint I am max, An I to the gieat in mind akin ! Think Rod, tint like the mountain oak My bit is wilh the storms of hie ; Strength grows f:tm cut the u inppst's "hock ; An 1 patience in Ihe daily strile. Tie- homy baud, llie fallowed blow, Degrade not, howe'er sloth liny deem j Tis Kii" d.'gmde' to cring" and 'bow, And ajie the vice we discsleein. Thank God for toil, for hardship, whence cour:ig. p'ltieneo, hardihood, Ao 1 lor tint sol exueriene,. Which l"nve oar bosoms il.h nnd blood j Which leaves us tears for other's woe ! llrol'ier in toil, re-sret thyself; And lei ihy st -adf ist virui" si,jw- That man is nobler far than pell ! Think God for toil ; nor fear the face Ol wciith nor rank ; tear only sin, Tint bli 'lit which m-rs all oiitw'ird grace, And ifuns the light of peace within! Give me thy hand, my brother, give Tny hard an 1 toil-strained hand tome ; We are not dieauius. we shall live A brighter, better Lay to see. limit urn, nswcll as a mm could act placed inn silintion busIi ns We notice in the article of our last week's 'q, mreeon ,,f ,. (ircat llritalu was th firt who paper a typographical error which may be con- Imded with the nnd bag", with winch In proceeded to d tl .!.,, (i, l .... ti , . i ' ''cr pool, via lleliasi. ineywiu oe sem on 10 me. siJored, wlntt ie Uwycri call a 'mitonal van- uitc'j ,vnie-i by th" Caledonia which siils to-day. In ation." Itoceurs in the Intcrostln" an I liiinin- Ibe course of the following diy, Wednesday tin -.11, a . , . ., ci , , ,.. large nuniher ol th" passeng'TS proeeed"d to Wnrien oils correspondence between tho Second Auditor l,u1t,i.r, t ),w'ipatriclt,with the intention ol re- in the Treasury Department, and Captain Tobin turning to Liverpool. p., i . . , , , , . . Among th" p'Hs-tig-rs were the distinguished dan- ol tlio l)lnsiatiaolunteers. Captain lobin.m seuses ViemioH.'s, 13 ,n ninnber ; th?y me nil Geriinu 1 miauling his i 1 tbdity to nut 1 tin resnonsi- . but two, one oflh-s- is French tin I the oilnr Ihizhsh. , J . , . ', 1 I rom llnir extraordinary youth, the elil"t being not blhty for some two or thrco thousand dollars, more than twelve years old, and th" youngest nboutsix, which tlio Department had charged aoainst J1'" Rn.-it'-i ,cnrc nud syuip-ilhy was evinced for these ,. .. , , , , . , little traveller!. 1 h"y appeared q lite unconscious of lumonits books, remarked very significuntly their situation ; some or thnn were .sleeiingbeide lug- that he "is not wortli a Continental dim'.'' Our ft'1 0,1 m n? vigorom w.-re seit'uu out . . , , , a repn-t iu th eonxi. guard witchdious, an I others compositor Mines the expression to "Continent- inuo--e.itly innusiui Iheauelvcs wilh picking up tho al thmn and ns it is an error which affects tll?'ls li? bench. , U.i the same day a consi lerahle number o th" pas- uilli Captun Jo'jin, and ourselves, we hasten to sengerslH la iiK-eiingiiith-cnast-gnrdstaiioudioin" make thu correction. Gin- vcr.-ion of tlio thill" i v. !''' L't of New- Voik presiding, to eik- into . . , , , , " : consideration th' best tneain ol linking application to is unjust tn the Captain in two respects: in lhesii,,WnTsfor reuuhirsriii'iu i f ihep-mig.' mon the first place he would not havo used such VIoua''? "'C ulhtr "l'1'""9 ""ending ih.-ir uiihnp- tngiiagc ton high Ciovcrntncnt Functionary A monos-d was inn 1 to th" n?r"nis of the Ilnllfnx whose Master Ins acquired some reputation for . VWliVrlX Clitcitaiuing tho opinion that tho Sibbatll is a . fell obliged lo idm-upwarl ufs'My of the pissengeu very "useful institution," and in the second u"o nd engige I tot ikMVir benhs place the Captain's readers get a much hotter ' owners ot th" ship have, h the most handsome man idea of Ills tmcrrlu from vvb-il ho ri-illo,; ne' ' "er.ielnrned the pissag' mo.iey.nnd expressed their inui oi ins jmrriy irom uimi in. nail) did taj . vxllnm sorrow j . .. 1lnt'.ne ,mwn ,,. Wire ! i!ntvd m their pri-iit '..linuon. I Tnere i a reumkabl eireiuus'.anee connected with this iiulortiuiatenllur vvhich mast u:i leriro tirther in vesiigiiion wim h is. hmi thechait ol ttn' lnh eont furnished to the (irea! 1) nun riys down the i't John's Point without a light, wlnl-niioo-t nil oilers now in use have the light in irked down an "infrm 'ting light on 4't John's Point " an I to the del ot in the rlmt lur nished toCaptniu Iloskefi, nnd published m Id 10, muy be attlibuled this catii?lctfjdie. Wlicnt, I'loiir, Ilrcnilstnlts, Vc. The following article which we copy from the IjOiidon Shipping (iazette of October 2, will bo read with intere-t by our Fanner as well as dealers in Uread-tuH's generally : I hough Wheat 1ms risen m vahi" about tmr HTDealers and consumers of Iron wire, Nail", 'outing, Window shutters, &c., read advertise ment of G. II. Morewood & Co. in another col umn. ntleen Dnv I.nter 11 v Tin: CAM'.noXl.V. i.oss or Tin: STEAMER GREAT BRITAIN! i'assmsx'rx nml Crew .Saved ! A11VANCC 1 THE 1-ItlCE OF ft.OUIi ! third rcadinir. Ily Mr. .Smith, Trom tho commit tee on Fitntice, iii favor or tlio bill in .il'eraium ofthe act relating to public accounts ; hi, I orb-red to a third reading. Ily Mr- Hodges, from the committee on Claim", in t ivor ol th" bill b pay John SpauldiiiL' the sum tV'reiu incntiuiicd, ami bill was ordered to a third rending. Tim bill, evt-n ling the chtrl-r of the I ar-, mcr'.s Hank at Orwll, wis read the third tiw mid, on motion id .Mr. I'otcr was laid on the table. .Mr. Ilradhy called up the bill extending the charter of Urn Ihnk of Uurhiigton, and the bill vvasas-e,l. t'etilwn jrrvnfd. Itv Mr. Illsh, of Ai Cliipiinn and 1 other", t'o reduce the Ca, I'al .Stock ofthoiltnk of M dJlebury : rcfjrreJ t;tnu cnminiltee on II ink. I'fom the If line Ihn'nthu. Forjoint i-J'ti-bly to eleel Si ite rijpii.ilen lnl of Common jis, an 1 to eleel li.ig.idrr (ie.ieinl ol the ninth D..s. m , coneu . I in. hul iiiorpunilmg the Wiiidlnni T' -v-id -nt Institution lor Sivi.ijs re.orreJ toconiaiitlee on 11 links. ;? Pmyr by I!-v. Mr. Comings. l'm it the Senate. Hill to aiiieud unp. 21 U. S ; refene I to Ju heiaiy committee 11.11 l iext-aJ th-! ebaiteroi the limit uf Uurlinjpon 1 relerreJ to commit tee on Hanks. U'l'irt. Ily Julieiary eomm:!t"", bill in niter, m of chip M i fs , pnuishm-iit lor hois- steio i; to I," tin or impriaoamuit,or both, no 1 Hunting u as i unlit tor mnimng oi p iso ling to certain am.inlso whieh was ord -re I to h taiol rendtiig .SVoe .jxoB isslii llii.i.s It 'q uriug. in cnsof th- disioilitv oi n co.i c.or luu'i'ig na ii.isolieet"d hoi in Ins hnuds, 8"l ctmeito nppoiin a su.nntiif pa-s. il. In nil -ration ol the net ol relating to pu.j. : ao oouiii', t tint it s.iul luloag -r req me a vol ol two llur is to act upon claims, w le-o have befoie b en e.i-tc-iiMiiv-d by tne (general Am. i.ibly ; pass-d, The engrossed bill to pay John Spalding 8l2 for lieunmg.on Ihnk an I rounterfeit money leeeived hy him tor IRtps, vv Kilo Treasurer, wns tnknn up Sir llolge? made a sMtemeiit otlaeis, and reina'ked ihat sueh c-lairus bid been uniformly allowed to .Mr. Spal ding's predecessors, nn I th-bill was passed. Ililh nlindn-cd. Ily .Mr Ilihinsin, i l ah nnoi ofclnp II H so as to obhdg town to reoeiv ana s-ipport iaupers having no legal settl--m -nt in the ft ate : reieireu to me juueinry comiinii .or quart-r since the end ot .Inly, and prices ot other de- .-nutu, no u ine romoioo- oi MmiK, m '' o seiipuonsot gram in nearly Ihe same proportion, nn opinion is p'-evaieni in-it q-iotations w-m oe inucti iiign 1 ri-f.Tpd som-ieli ol the liovernor's missaae as rc'Hi- lo the subiecl, reported a bill ol'Zi sections, i o.v. li ig or iliiring the iipproaeiuug winter, l lie grounds lor , mr me appuium in uj m - u,,,.-.,,-; ,u,i ... t- , iehel nro, the nseeniiined delieienev in the pro- nuiiiiors to ouuit in" aec-ouoi oi ine -lerin, era, , , a .1 nr.. , ... n..,.l . . .. ,,.i,.,i..v in t in or... dueeof nil spring corn, nuJ the extensive failure ol the stat.-s n't.nny, .v., a in ii-nuing uisoiuus. potato crop. Tint (treat llntain will require a very Tli- bill reino.Hhii.3 th" Ju heial sj-st- n vvv large itniortntioiiot grain Is-lore th-- net han-estcan- up, and niter the suggestion ot -nine dilheioie n,, , . . . . , 1 ooi oe , ,1 sul,t, -u in,,, iisuie OL-z-ivsiii um i.iiii die- 1 uve 10 llie arrailgeiie-ui ui uu s--ssiuiiso, ok- .. .-.v iii'iiiii p cuiu-ciuiiui, 1 kii 11 j jiverirjoi comparatively insiguiueaiii an over i.orop', w uusi ui iyoilil. was recoiiinmteii 'o me coimuurec nftfi-nnnn nf .III, in.i .. I . ... 1 harve-t ol Is 10 Ins turned out more m lill'-remlv .... .1 l.tlOCI til JIUS1UII ill ...... ... ...... , , ... , . . hnlf-pnst 11 o'clock, Tnesilnv tii"l.t. Sho "I."".? S " . .H? " "! "Z"? llilil r.ltltor it rotlll passaL'O. Iinvill" en. 1 it will certainly be necessary topay high prices, tisiheir c-otllitereil n series orwesterlv winds. She "w" "''sessities will render our continental neighbors , . iii, "" more than usually tenacious in parting with th-ir pro- bl'lllgs Olio IlllllilreU and tell passengers. I duee. Prices have already got up con-ideiably at all 1 no must important new-, is thu loss of, ",e leiomg pirn m tli' untie, n,i I ny tin hriianinn ,t.rt ..... ...... ... T..:...:.. .. .1 c steamsiup we .urn t nt t he exiic-etattou ot a tuiiup-ol the steamer lir.-ut untnm on the coast of ,i,, ,,.,, ,,-,.., i- i,,,i ,.,J i n n, .'. lrelnnd on the night nl' S-pt. '-"J I. A Pull count of tlie ilisnster from Willmer nnd Smith's Knropcan Times will liofbtim he- low. Puss- n-.'ers nml crow nil saved. The state ol'trnile tit iMiinulie.ster liiul im. proved. A lieliel' vvns previilcnt that tho American cotton crop would prove nn nv. crime one. In the iiiiiiiiifoctnriiiL' district's. t ratio was still dull, nnd. there was lint little alteration. of ti ,ur oi liir - t ii nl a d j'l-ir p -r Innel ai ihe principal m i, k fso, ill.- United States. Weare. how ever, gt id lo le-ini from in -n -e tint th' yield ot both win al an I bid. in e irn. aba-idint over th greater part ot Noith Auienc-a. Tue latter article, it is true, ind not then been secured, but it was in so a ivuueeil a stite a' to ! co i: 1 -rtiJ oil of d mg'r Ore-it ns aie llie resources of the United .S'lates it would be nu wi35 to calculate on any thing like a supply from llmce at all nd.-quate to our wants j nnd tlu- nl 'a that the price of wli at w ill continue to tea I upward does not, therefore, apjvar lo us at all unreasonable. The. iciiv cries irom our ownrtrmers, wiueii nave rcceiioy 1 lie til ICOS 01 UOItOIl, nntl ol Com nntl , ol! ; and, for some tune to come until ill" sowing ol the 1 lltr-V n-tio!w , th" autumn eropsshall have been completed th"sup uic lauci aiucics ,,io, nlum-.grow-n wheat are hk"ly to be mod-rote; even a temporaiy reaelioum puces seems, tneie ore, impiobable. ria--li, at lent, nppenrs to be th" present iiupiession ; a-id at ail the principal provineril nnr kew h'-bl during the week, m -re-hauls a. id uiilleisliave shown si inueh an.viety to niereiise their stocks as to giv e sellers the opporlumty ot realizing :m aJvane-' of c 1.. l ... l . i .i i .- e i. 1 Tom .w. to i per qnrter on previois rates l ne Ot llcl.lllll, mill the I'cllltlOMS Of LllMpe, I nrrlvnU nl wl, -al rn ,sl-.c-is into London have l'en urisinjj out of tho .Spmisli iiiarriaoe, hail quite nuJerutem. ice oar last, nor has tli"iiimitve. lind un cMeilsivo effect up-ill the lnurkct. I !,,blK'J "l -M irk-i-iii ' by sauqiies oeen . . . . ' . ""-'"' "c." hv nnvm -nus ir' -. O l vloo lav the smm-troin Ivent. i. iiiiiii . ju i, slul. ,,, miiiiiiLvuiu "luiii ij-tsex an I .-suniti; was tess crin on inai inv w Flour, liail improved materially. The rate of ilisciunt in the London nnn. cy market remained iinclinntrcd, hut the demand lor money had improved, nml the funds were dull nnd ne''lected. The state Th" engrossed hill, retirnlnig s,, nitieh of seet i a S ofth' act of' 12. relating to fie Grand List,as ex m its Irom ti.xation one sleigh, and on- li nn , was taken up, and alter remarks by .Mr, CuMuium in uslavor.niid by Messrs Cinm and Vilasogaiiis'. it, it was rejected. y,.as Mers. Ii -11 , nmi, Ilrndley, Brow.icll, Cusliman, llodg -s, Howe, Peg', Hobm-on J Nis M--ss II .lows, Ititrtuii. Chittendi n.C v, Cinm. Fiti'ld. l-'oslor, Pov, ll.iruiigl'in H.b'ei 1. h. -ton, Ivioi'jilt, .Miner, Niaa.Oauu, ttieh, y.a i.,., las H. II nine Reports By Ju-hciary Committee, I . ii addition to ch'ip lill st , nuthorijng probate n rt to lic-'-nsj tor the sale ol r--nl ejtate by e.vcutors, n-,d in relation lo suits by executors, which were expm -i- J by Mr. Tjler, nud ordered to a third reading Ly eouiimtiee un l-r th" 5th joint rule, bill to piy Jnme-i Morse Sills, 1 1, which wa s.ipsjrted by T-e eias and opposed by Mr. Htoddaril, when .Mr a k r moved lo dismiss the bill : tins motion w-ns su,.j,oited by Mr. Itiis-ell, i,t 1! .opposed by Mr. Tluui.-is. nud Ice-: 3Jtil O.i motion ot Mr. Converv: ute bill was laid upon the table, llyjudi lary eonunittee. regulating jttrisd.etL.-n of , Vergeuni s(-uy courts, and relating to reniov o "i pau-p-rs, which wvre ordered to u third read nf ny comimiieeo-i M'litary Vll'urs, bill relatmg t' 'Af olfi-ersol the militia (subject to removal,! an I it w s ordered to n third reading, when Mr Tyler m v I ii suspend the rule so ns to act upon the bill n w but Mr. Tlninasimv i to hy the hid on lhu ' nt the req I'siof'Mr. Ihrriiiglon o, M. lliisin,'. i was with Iruwn, and the rules were suspended and 1 1" t .1 pas.', d . i Itazroisr I lillt. In j-elnlion to accounts n'. , tors, ailniiuistrator. e11 irdtand mm Irustc-i . e.xerti ms were making fur tho relief ofthe people. The steamship Ilritanniu. from li-i-ton nr rivcil nt Jiivi i'p'i il nn the morniai; of the llOtli ult. in thirteen and n half daws. .She oneountere ted licr pass; Tliu irip-rsuiiiiounce the death ofTlinm as Clarksoti. the vvi-U known philanthropist. 'I'o incomointe tho llurlincton Hock nnd Lau k. Commov : n,.u,l and ths stands were e'eared wuhoiit dirfii-ulty at rates I Mr. Thomas eild upthe House bill, rehti-i'; I. t' .'!. fe-r qu irter nbore those current m tue c-o.nui -uee-1 Co 1 1 an I Pass, fti.- -r It nlr ia i (Jo.,i ,e qci -si i c i . iin-iit ol th-preeejinj week, sjiuce then ta.:iors have 1 Un ,n tiie uineiuli.i jiii ol im ej-njie. the i,t, i n vi in.sincd on a I'art'ier ns- of 2f. which his in sjiii 'Ph ,.ni)s confessi-dly being to g t nil ot the In, est nnnsure cheeked the demand ; still, n lair c-v:.-ni of has bei-i mersej-dby th l-.-uaie'sh'il boi : r v . bii-.ines.s was done-tliH ni-irui ig at that ndvau -e I rioussu r-stious, it vv is loj.i.l that the ui. i 1-oreigu tree vv tis lias in -t iwili utiuiition, an 1 Has mut be n'lt-uuujn jud then the llou-w. rt, i".i li d severe weather whicli protrac- i 1,1 ol"e qute us muh ns tl-igiwh. In bunted 1 ha'rdly nnythmg has i tk-'ii plae -, not so much Irom issarL. I th" want ol d'-ui ind ns froai the searettv of goo i q iat- terms nt whieh ihe liner Itti-s, nnd th" eitravn km Is have b -en In Id. 1 he ilu'v t -II tofts p-rq-uiru-r i . ,, ,, , . y -si.-raiiv, an i w oi re.-eue gran nny lo 111.- minimum i-i. wi,iii i.iuai.ivu, wusm prearu 111 i point. O 1 .Mond iy the low a millers ros- tlie t ,p price ol Hour to a - p-rsieli. nt wai--u loipnueiii -in tlie sal-Ins sin." 1,-eii r.itii r tree. For th" bet flesh brands ot t'.nt-l siiaies Kiour '.Its. nnltlas per bar rel has been pud, nud sccou.Iaiy soils have brought CorrCsilolldh.i 1.-I.U3. beli'-f, was held to disquuhly tii.-n altog-iher lor givin. icstmiony.s,, tiiai a g mg ot ruuiius iinglil li ive oul raged nn I lourdeicd the w ite nud daughters of a di-be- icver in it- iiescribeii creetl he tore ins veiy , yes, mid uu.'iiy d--lied nnd c.-cnpcd ml 1-l,:i1 k-iiiiIii.-s iheieli.r. l'uiiiie (liiiuiou has in eood hint rotrcclcd this luou. sirous judic-ulnb-iiidily ; lie- e-,v ('oustit'iiiou un -i- . ly niiniiiiinti s it mul f roveies iig-iiust lis leeuire lc-e. - I.AMI Tr.MT.i.- Wink- il Msllllg titles mi l j rigiit- ol nil laiidhold.-rs me careludy preseived nud puaiauieeii. pruvisi-Mi lias i-m lubtle ngnmst nny tu taie crealioll of Ag.ielliliu.-il l.e.i-. Iiold ll-cms, nud the PeU'lal stipulaiioi.s i-i cv.i-t.iig 1,1-as, s Invc- been f irmally aboh-hed, res,-rvr'g the landlord's lights to items or s-eiviei s (ctuiin. vve coiisia.-r tlu-se provis ions ol great practical n- vv-ll iistiieorctieal vain-. i'he L'-eisl-iitue slnil c-a-1 ntiiple seeorily f-,r the payineiu of th -ir n ites nnd obh ntions, and shall in no tasi- s-iiietioii a suqiension ol sp-eu-p,ijm -ills bv ihein or any ol lh'-m, ilirecity. Stockholdcrmullnnksto b- individually liable to the nmounliif their s,-vi-ml shnres iheiein.iiinfidition lo lho..' shares iheiiwlvcs In , ase ol Insolvency, bill-liold-rsliave pn f 'rene.-of nil other cieditois. III. l'.dw itinn mil S'hml 1. IYmis The cnfitunls respectively ot th" School, I. in inline nud I' fi Ui-pc.-it 1'undsiiie t-lie pre-, rved iuviomte, nn I tin ir n-venu s to be duly appropriated. Tie-nun of 2"i,ull per auiiuui is to be tnk-.i Irom the n-venu,. ,,' me U si ),-jlo-it Fluid and added to the capital oi thi School I'lttid. I. Miscellaneous. Consiuuta.n may be inad 1. Ai-aendment.s to tin a ttoroiiATio.N it Clleovmu's ltioin-s I I ohpno as inreioiore. or th l.-gi-l iture an I I c, pie m-ij at a Clergjiiian.iioimith r h-nv co.iipeteut or quiiilied, ""Jf uue ",'!ltc' ".".call a cotiveutioii us this one vvns lias net in- -in iiginit- lonnv ollice u tiler Ihe Mute, not pm -,bimiio'i-i) i"i -' ""i'- eve-n lint o! S. hool ('oiiih.esion'-r or 1iish( lor. This nfier.lli" IVopl,- shall vote directly toc-all or not to inosi ,uiwi3e resiricuon voiiguciiiy n croiclc t M tlie ', '-"""" great nu 1 gooil John Jay) is abolished by- the iNi-w-! - ' 1,0 Milm-i is left nbout nsiit present, but all tier- Coiistitiiiioii, and the Piople are Ht free to rcouiie or , sins ouierwi-e suliject to .viuuia iiuiy who eiueiiaiu rcieiithe-eiviceso C enrvnieii na I'o t en cnou-itv. reugioi s s.-rupics ngam-i uenriug nnus snaii oe . a- tlie same os oilier fitui ih. We deem thorn great uu- eused then Iron; on lenus to be piescribdby I iw. piovcinciit. True.ih-ri- have Is en ensi-sm wluchm-n I , t nenrsi election oi juuges un.iyr tins cons,,,,,, have!donedac!eiiciilcnrocroil"votcthni.selves shall lake place ltwei the jir-,1 luesd-iviu to PohlK-s.buiwedoiiotiliiuklteligionlo.tiinythiugi-'V'"1"1"1 ,lla K'nj"1' - "isday in June ii.-M 1 he th-reby ; lor it lb -y earned their Kehgioii into Plitics, ' t-ourtsurc lo ojien on tlie lirsi Mond.-iy m July ne.t, they could not hnve tuk-n it where it was more need-1 but tlie ci 'ht-ycnr terms of.-rvicpoIihe Jud ges shall eil-, mid il they di 1 not, having none to cairy, the b-.'leeinnl to coiiuiieuce on Ihe lust Uuy ol January sooner thev lea the pulpit the hi Iter. I, CohincvTI'CA' -Piuvedon has lieen innde forthe nppoiiumeiii ot liirt e t 'omini?sioiiers to " reduce into a systeioaue t ohi. ui" vviioie ooiiy ol tlie i,-iw- ot uns Mate," or so nun Ii llicicofas shall seem pructicable. II. 7Vie Illcctive Vriiuchise. 1 Natckalizatiov. 'Ihe New Constitution re- quires tint c-aihdecior shrdl have been a citizen nt lea-l ten anyt iieioic ne lst-uuiieu in viue. i ms win put a Hop to tin widely prevalent practice of intuniliz .... ....... i... i,.... l....i. ., i , i, ,.,, L ,. n,. election, wheicby .Miijora ol'lhisl'iiy uud Mi-uiheis i. following. t All to" present state functionaries will bold till the 1st of January, HH, when the) will I- niperseded bv ihesuci-essors'eho-eii nt the Smie Kl -clion ot 1817. Tlie( Inventor a. id I. lent (lovernornbouilobe chosen will bold through their regular term ol two vears. Slieiilfs, Cleiks, (Coroners nud Jusyee ottlie P,-ace in oll'.ce when litis Constitution lakes etli-ct shall seve rally serve out llie full lenns lor which they will have been cltcied. llMriet Attonieysare lobe chos-nfor three j'-arsby th" I'eojile ot the several Counties,in UJilllloll lo Mierills, i. iem, .vc. f'lie new Coo-liluliou c"-nerallv will take cIT-ct Con gn s's from llro'oklvn have nforeihne been i-ho-en. on lie- li of January nejtt. Judicial oflici-rs may con. WeTe-heve it will cieatlv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1! i the nggieg-iie of, t'uue tonke f-es nnd perquisites nil the Ut of July frau Intent Naturaluntions, including the numerous pen I h-Local I ouris i-stabhshe.l 111 this t,uy, nnd cn'-s in which the person iuqieilectly or I n oilier dues, shall reui.iui inilil the h-gisluture shall nut nt till uudersmnds our Iitiuu-jge, and swears what , orc-e i" soiuooi iii-iu ony i y 10 is not true without U ing conscious of iist'ilschood. 2. l'lix-IiWl.NU While n considerable number of who have hitherto moved out ot or into otherwise direct make nut that the leri aie to commas nlso.but these are expressly abolished by Art. VI. J'JJ 1 s.ut-11 aie suusimuniiy ine most lnipornnt changes 1'iogrcss of tho Scntin"! in " Ikirly cws. Our worthy neiijlibor has no stonnch for news from any quarter tiiis side of Mexico. It gives its readers u tea-spoon-full of intellio-'nco from Ihe recent F.t.r.rTios and it piil-full of news from Te.vis and tlie War. Another ol its spe cial-providence friends arrived in Iluilinton the week pa-t in time tn brill"; it ii A'. )'. Uepreis "ten hours in advance of the mail." Of course. Any able-bodied traveller, who takes the ordi nary Cniiil bo-it and stnj-o conveyances, can reach it or'ven point at fatst ten hours before the (iiivermnent llxpre-s." A man co-nV help rjet 1 1 ur ahead ofthe mail unless he breaks his log, or over-sleeps n stiifro or two! Hut the Sentinel finds nothing comfortable in its'X. V. llxpressnf Tiiesdty evetiinp,' except the blood and thunder of .Munterey. The latest mw-s of the important elections in Onto, svi.v.vm.v, Fl.op.ttiA, Ac. don't appear tn have caught its eye! Is not this something of an oversight in our recently awakened I'ip Van Winkle, who invokes ''Aid. to tnko a paper which aflbrds the news at tho earliest possible moment?'' Hut wo suppno we must letournmiab'o friend "go his length" on Mexico. We are quite sati-fied with tho exchange of Pewsvlvaxia and Ohio for 7'iuyjs. And when we get New York, in Novemls'r, the .Vchihc'. ' peculiar in stitution " friends will have to use extra diligenco in the patent process of ' annexation," or wo shall get ahead o( them ! Tlie Sentinel, as usual when it gets elated, in dulges in a little harmless extravagance. It copies long details from the lUprest, which the Lxjiras had previously copied from tho X. O. J 7(iT, nnd calls them "interesting details which Ime not yet appeared in print"! A furry com pliment to tho Express and Dtlta but lee some times think tlio Sentinel is about the only "print" mere is m tlio world. FlecUon. will belcbv be enabled lo vole nud miscliievoiis practice of n-iaov ill" voteis Irom one Ivv inn or I owusaip lonnoincr, ia oiui-r 10 oveioearoy th-ir votes the ai tual trs.Jeiilsol the Inter, will be stop. s-u oy ine lequireiucnt ol i.iniy uayi lesmencr in the I). Min i by w hich the candidate tor vv houi he v otes is to be chosen or reiec'led. n s.... . n pi. r. J - "l-l lltAltl. Ill COJJUil.O 1 tliV -.S3, in- cuitri,. tloll has or, s..,ci..l tihsLlniU- to ibp Ar,ipioi Itnee ibe balancing Ten,, wilh a ppulu.ion of 30,000 to rtaS.KM Z fc4U,00O, ftlioiuil llio eictiiuii ui i-fcemc-iii yo nnu 11711 wi.'oiise. VV t'lliue k. v., nn Tiioerlav rl nd relully p. ... , ,,. ... .,.,. oursliou now submitted ns u scuainte nrooosiiiou (and liat tney-liri.llicio a I. in ..i., .-ui one ,1,. ,,,,l,,,.j. Shnll '!,, j,,l,ln,.n,, "ifjiicofiicory must "look out for a ttorrn lorf mrr. required of n single class of our I'cciple, m -i"s wnicn is u-ust iiKeiy to possess tne I'!.., ...'l, .,.. ,... I',,,,,,,., in nnnlhnr lesa linn nroilOSi'd l' til ' Aln-nd.'d (.'ollstllutillll. Tloln not six but more than four iiioulhs before an linporiani . nh we could vv,sh, tliey nre qu-te us good ns we have tlie coi rupt i lor two inonias i vve b.uu most iieaiiuy UlC IU lillllj UII4 (IJOj.l 1,-ill. Property Ou-ilifieatlou shall be strieken out nnd Cot ored Peisons nllowed to vote on tlie same terms nnd W illi Ihe same huiilutions ns other nersons. il the Peo ple shall su direct nt the ensuing Uleition The nuked tdy." tMjJT-rae Coutjn k Co.. Kiflinnl. -S....nTF b, SJ V- 4, , .Tie Lrgitlature. y Senator and every Membe r of ndoption ol the ,rw t.onsli. i i.stnct men elec ts nun only ance oi n.s new. vjur iuy .Senate and mlcen Afcsein. .stnet choosing Si-notor h AsmMy Ihstrici Corn Ith)iiies. Wo verily believe tliat tho great radical move ment whicli has been for some years loosening the solid foundations of tho Fnglish social sys. tern, has had more powerful aid from tho pen of tho Poet, than from the head and voico of tho Statcsmtn, or even from the desperate amides pairing efforts nnd appeals of oppressed labor itself. IJnioTanJCAKLVtE, and Maiiv IIowitt, Into achieved now towards tho political nnd moral redemption and restoration of abused hu manity In Fngland, nnd towards the demolition n( tho abominable and intensely artificial sys tem whicli has, for centuries hound the misses of the Fnglish K?oplo to remediless want and euflering, than all other agents combined, tin Soteli ('lutrcli, Livei-poil Ith October, on the providential e-eiipo of the passengers of the (Iron! Ilritnin. A sad neciib-iit occurred nt the Aber deen lliilroad works tin the lfnniing of tlie J-Hh S pt. Three ofthe arches of the in- clined plain gave way, nnd buried n num. ernl the workmen in the ruins, seven of whom vv-'i-e killed. Tlio (!;t'.'.etle, (ol'tho Kith ultA nnnottn- end Ihe following nppointmeuts: The lliglit ! lion. Jsir (.htirh s hdvvnrtl dreg, lvnt. to be d ivernor nl 1 1" Island ol .lantiica ; Lieut. Col. Win. II, -i 1, (! ivoimir of the Islands of ll.n-liiidoes, Crannda, St. Vincent, Tobago unl fct. liiici.i; Capt. Charles Klliot, Cjv enmr of the i! nmidas, or Smiors Islands! nud Uight Hon. Sir IHirv I'ottinger, I'art, Gov. ol'tho Ctijie of (.I jod Hope. Tribune. From the Iatropenn Tunes Sail Disaster to tbo olile stp:itns!iiu '(Jreitt Iliil.-iin.' It is with extreme regret tint we have in announce that this noble vc-ss--lhns met with another di,-w,.r on her l-i -t outward pnssigel om I.uvrpool to New Vork nud one which, we f.-arjiny disiblc- her from everaaiii cros-mgthe Atlnmie. Mieleli this port on the morning ofthe "v I ult taking is pa$-c'ngeis about CJ tons ol valuable line ltikkIs as height, and about th ' siine iucnsurcmnt ol p-is-en-gers' luggage. .S'lie toi k her departure, witne-s-sedby a large concourse of spectators, uund th" cheers of con gregated tlioiisnnds nnd llie roared artillery. After cleanngthe He'd ll.iay, s'lehoreavviv lor th' Calfoi .Man, witli the iiileiuiou ot riimung tie Aonh About Passage between the l-le of Man nnd Ireland. The morning was hi auhful.the wind was fair, ,1m ship was in excellent trim, and sV bad prom ise of a pleasant and rapid pissage, nnd tint, too, un der the command td'nn nble nud experienced canto .. I... l. I 1..M.. . . 1 . uu inui ino-i ftoLit ff-niur , nir si ii ne j ears, llav hMteil the Atlantic Ocean, to the satif iciion of In, pj.i gers, tin comiuercial public, and ihe company ,y w horn be w as employed Pur about ten hoars the noble palace of iron tlio largest lerhnpsthat tenants tin deep, was proin-l!,d by steam nml win J nt the rule ot li or 13 kiiou an hour In hot it nny be said she had overrun h--rse At I or 5 o'c-loi k, i'. i. the I-I md was sec-n directly vi-ible on tlie starboard bow .Shortly nlier it set to rain, and llie wind incieused, the ship liinkni.r ocllcni progress, nad the piw,engers iincoiiiinoul)- de lighted w ith the vessel anj her admirable qualities as as -a boat. ight then closed in. dirk nn 1 wet. nod tl, .. 1...1 Brau p.'i legislature of Ocvmont. (Continued 110111 first page ) tjtiiing the j i-i-di -ti 1,1 ofju.iices in trustee sui's hi on.1 hundred doll tr.-, vv is taken up. and aft -r remarks against it bv .Mr. Vilas, was re- iccted. line .' m'.u'iin. Instructing our mombers in Cnngress to usti their eH'ort- lor the pa-sage ofa bill to pay volunteers in la t vvir; rolerrvd to tho Judiciary Committee. A coniiii'iiiication was read from tho Secreta ry of Stite, nnuoiinciiig th tt all the official ac counts of the Stato Prison were lodged with il Superintendent, and that ho had 110 official means uf giving the Senate the tabular state lneiit de-ire.l. ,' irt. Ily Mr. Ilradley, from the committee m 11 ink-, in favor oftliobi'll extending the char ter of tho Farm -r's and M -eh iiiie's l'.tnk at liurlington, with slight anietidinetits ; amend inetits adopted, and bill was ordered to a third reading. llunse. Praver by Ilev. Mr. Comings. I' -titimn nfjrr J.' Of J. (ioodliuo andothcrs, A. ('. lliigg mid others, Alembort Pond and others, nnd Dyer Strong nnd others, against Capital Punishment, to Judiciary Committee Of Samuel Ward and at others, nnd Holland Thrasher nnd SI others, to make Coventry the shire town of Orleans County, referred to mom b.ri ot tint county. The (lovernor 'communicated tho reports of the Auditor ol Accounts on tho claims of James .1. lieard-ley and Charles Story, which were re ferred to tho Committee under the litth joint rule. 'Pne Senate; communicated a letter fnvu Charles Paine, relative tn a bu-t of tho lato Judpo Pane, tMfoihcr with re-olutions upon Ihatsub.ect, and tho resolutions were unani mously concurred in, .'ngrosscd llitls. In relation to divorce ; passed. To incorporate Windham Provident Institution for Savings; passed. To annex part of Duiiiinerston to Putney , Mr, Itii-sell t . ' 13 h concur therein. Tc-e-uav, O-t. -2) Senile Prayer by th Clip, lam. TneCovemornotiti-d the s,n-P ihnt a v i-an-y had n ui red 111 the I1--1 U. vision ol tn" Men 1 t resij ntlo.l of M ijor Gell-rni il -ill ill K u l 1 llmir &' Incorporating the llurli'igma H k and Ind I r Co.npany : reienej to the s-..,uu;9 , 3M Cuttt-n len .Mr Vil is presontcd th- following joint re"'- t, - ,Vjr-.(!ly the ri nate and House ol It -,e - ,. .. tives, that both Houses meet m joint u--" n -, - u Wednesday the 2lst i-ist. at 3 o'clock, P M to : . ; tlnnks to Almighty Cod for the victory In' i'ju. ed nt .Monterey, in .Mex'co, by th' Aiuerua-i Ar uy u ider the coniinan I ot Ceiuriil Taylor, and t.i t 1 1" Rev Clnplaui of the rieaat-be rc-ij.'st3d u a . I s tin Tnroi" of Urac n p-iv-er sua" I to tlie 1 c a Mr Iumball mov.-d u .ay th' lcsoluuou 0 . t We. .Mr V ilas d?sirc J that some reason mnrhtb ,-i- cd fir s i -h 110 irs.-, aul c ill.'d for the .s i.ii .sir noiigeg remuiKea t nit lae icsoiuti ui si him with sane suiptise -, he a Ian consider the subject, nnd hoped that the tin 1 1 . v cou! 1 bo productive ot no harm would prevail Mr Vdissuid that the ic-soliilion seemed 10 1 n to be onlv lesponsive lo the feelings unit inu-i :.- . a eyeiy Am-iionn bosom Tney now fur th - 1 o orlieiady knew that this glorious vic-torv 1 -..i 1 achieved, and h" hoped that the re-ponsc v. ju 1' , -st iiitineons Irom every patriot heait. Tmrc -i w no doubt ot the event ; every Senator was cv i , i J of it, and he leared that a delsy in giving so t 1 express-on to their fec-lnitfs would inipoy a C0..1 . s 1 indirT'i-cnce to this brilliant suecew o. our arms, w s. h" tniste 1 none could eatrtain. Wny oh ,-. t h t iuunc-diate passage of 1 1 rt solution ( v is t 1 t propel to ofit-r up tha-iks to ibe Ureal O.sp i- , tilings for s ich 11 niilii.inl blcseing Itc-ei., ,w s 111 accordance w ah the usags 01 all nations, v, 1 ogllize theetistence of tiie Supreme Uuier ,11. veise. Oar own hisiorv abounded with p n . an I why depart fiom them now I In his v 1 .v cnuie the I.egisltiiure ofihi ctoveirin ii 1, seinble and n-iurn thanks to lleuven lor tins benefit, nn I thus show to the vvnrld that we inerclv rely iqiou li-innn e Iforts tor s icce-s. but : h to the (iod ol llatiksto support and seed us 111 ta tu s eeutiiui of this righteous wnr. .Mr Kimball remarked that it was not ln o1 - n unking ih" motion, to futeti ihe reaolutei'i n tible Alter the devotion to it of proper con-. 1 ra tion. h. would again cheerfully call it up .Mr Poster did not doubt the' nainoii4in of the s tor from Oungejut 1 hoped tint nn one woul I iin lt s own. lie was in favor ol th suSstanee 01 ih-i s u tion, but h" doubled w hether it could not Is. vn Ty ns to iisiiiine a shape nnd lonn belter heeuinin r 1 10 Legislature ol ihe Slate. .VlrCram expressed himself in favor ol lav 017 ihe resolution on the table, nnd keeping it there ' II (-Iu-ved thnt it would be quite as acceptable 10 1 e s iv creigu l).spens-r ol evviua. und ui Ilim whos, ,, u, t 011 e.u th vv is hailed bv the song. Peace un Lei 1 a d (tood Will to Men lie remembered that 1,11 1 1 "g ofa theatre, n few-months since in a neighls-.i y, with the loss of a lew-lives, covered lh whole , 1 -nity with gluoin nnd now, when n vieto. y is t i:' ed nt uu- expense m tiunarntsot lives, why sh -1 t as- al y I of llur ini'tnn remarked that lluninierstiin oh-1 be so ready to shout ac-elnninlioii, and ofiei il, r.sij 11 111 y in-sueiie,i,uii nuii gaic. 1 ne log was re- I : ...1 ...-1 .1 . 1 i..l ... I A 111121IV Cod 1 lie cou d not do ih,..ho c. . rv iteiliy aken 1 lie weal .er was ,,k and foggy, I '""' '"' ' .1.. ' . .. .u... '.n . .' . lie inight be to have any one doubt hit imi-i. 1 - . ' oe,':,e"!oid u'l-u .i::-!.,8.!;- r ZiZV":w". i TtZ t.rrvhn m t ,h- y"f-Vl. .b. f'd' ' ' f ujrses.ion of Mr. Tv b-r, the bill fllcl f01livwi lhl. ,,,r, adopted bv ur tin lhebrcakers!',''wuurewreckedr''oliSveiire ' vvas laid 1.11 the table. To restore M run Shaw Inn war on n .ii.ulur oecnuon The-e-,s - - cd !" rcch' t hi, l,.,ml nrivileo-os : inssed. UenetlintT act resolution that required rarticulur red--, .... . e LiT I he V Uf? role, in the Park. (Oil n " rrietf In the back" during the urong foulh wind n few days smee, nnd showed strong symptoms of Unnin; fur ....iui.i, inutKiutv ,u c-nagiiu uiai ine nines 01 tlie wings got so inf'rnallv ihrnshed nl .Mmireree A council of doctors was h"ld, when it was found that nice v. mggeiy iiseii, ie joumlatiuii teas rotten. I hey decided, however, tliat the ihing nmld be jiroped up a Inile longer, by means ofa lew bars of iron, and ropes. The idea, though, is not original, hut was bor rowed fiom the whig party who once a v ear or so have to resort to abolitionism, or some other ism. to Keep wtiiggcry erect Sentinels Democrat. Served it right !" leaning for Canada.' It bad no business to be It ought to have seen t A R-nernl fear prevailed that tin slop was in collis 1011 w-iili some oilier vessel ; but u was soon found that sh.'li-idstrand'd. 'Pne night was dirk and stormy, the ship b.-at in-vsanuly u.i.ui tlio s.iud, thebreakeis ren-atedlv lireakuu Iii-.ivik-nver h..r 1 .1... hie boats w-asearned from ustastpniiiL'son the iimrter Alarms an 1 cries insianily p.-rvaded tin- ship, and npl ireiieuious w ere general iiinong tne passem'eis tint she would break up during ihe night beueatlillie force ofthe breakers which constantly burst over herdecks Toadd to thitiinineiitol wo. the lightning glared, the thunder bellow ed portentously iloni a thje-k ciiru.ui ol oveilianging cloud, and Ihe rain liegan tn a j,, 10r. teuts. The scene was one that bailies desi iuitioii .So iar uthe eye could iiercc through the gloom, Ihe sea wnsa general caulJrou of loam.uiid vvlut,- spray la-h- tlljV tll.KLI.I. m fsflilU Lilt. ll.h.BP ... .)! I . . I 1 n ' iMii ' -"I M UM IttMini JtUi what U-rel the I-ocofoco Polo in conseipienco of its leaning for Mexico. American WAes rhouhl i I'ouu' l-eing mistaken lor ilnu( the 'Cnlft.f ,Ian,.he . 1.1 . .... . . , U'xnt n!inn nt llnlluiui'tin m IVm Is i.... mm . ineir own nusines.s. 1 lcofoco stump Thr0ughou,-the emeigV-uVy' C'nTauii, Uc"!, -'-ia ia uu nisi! 11L 11 it wiiriiini; lu all !" 0 ... 1.1 . 1.....1 ...i,..l, . ,i.,d ItfMinilinrr net I the resolution that required narticu ar reil-, which U..ho,l tho bounties on Lars, wolves j SSff 'a, Z$Z a ''"vSi,, Judiciary .committee tO fZXZl reported a bill in rel itnm to tho Judiciary, Ixing I Ke ,!,, warrnu with tlie most nowcr.ol 1 limes for holding the hnpreme (.nurts, nnd pro- oaith tor our dearest nghis- while now we a vuhiig for sjiecial term-, whicli wits laid on tlie table. Ily tho way, tho "allies of the Whigs" didn't get a great deal more "infernally thrashed nt .Monterey," than tho ln-ofoeos themschts did tho other day in Pciinsylvanh. At least that is the prevailing epinicn. -1. . 1...1.-.. rd willi admirable s-ll-Hssessioii. energy, nud with ........ --. n. , mm iiNiiirtu'tit'iy .......Ir .. ... l...ln 1... ' .IIUll, ..Hlfc UVI.1l, I Momhv, Oct. 10. S'nate. Prayer by the Chaplain, Hill in'raJuee,!, Ily Mr. Smith, in addition toactincorporating the Passiimp-ic and Connecticut ltiver Hail lload Company, providiii"; in case the Corpora tion shall complete that part ofthe road between Puirlro and the mouth of White Kiver, no other lino shall intersect with any rt of it without its consent. Mr. Smith remarking that thi bill would obviate all objections nude, and lie perlectly satisfactory to the friends ot the bill, --.. We 1 e- -cd 'I dness j and luiniednii ly imr l ie si I ln0 . , ' ii;ro-meut lie diiKUWd with ; vn U'low. nnd by Insussurniic sniiieteli I -rrieil. and the bill was road th? third tima and ehciiMoiij uf the isissc-iigers. llu ,f. was s-ed. the rxcitrj nppp ' "r" suw.-tk.iui. , poruou 01 tne auiu;rM ie liirneiiioineirneriusailil Wept till liiorillii.. (If ,ie captain nnd ship llie iass,-ngers speak in Hie bighest terms. 1 li! ship, previously to r sirikmi, diiplycd in the ea elheim-sl adin mh e ,,.!,....' u ...J ar- "... r.,itj n sea DOfll Uepnrl. Hy Mr. Poster, from tho Judiciary committee, in favor of the hill mikinir it ineum- lient iimn)lctiueii,in caeoftho disabtlUy of ii Liiui'i.iDr uv 1 rnn tinufkiTaTitii t v t.iii m in- thcptiii,tiatqiientl) tcithitoccuirfiicc.acitJlhanile, to apjvomt anothw ; bill ordsrtd to a man uur ghtous encounter with a poor d. ler iK'pn'.lif. He thought thi" auddin mituu-- ji-i.-iuu ujii iu-jinn ni me K-aisiiiure ot v '1 -t was alto ;ether iincalled lorjind lliiil it onus,., 11 vvou d be ouile grueioutl) received hy IU-nv,-n Mr C i-lunan had 110 raj,ecucm to '.he rc, ' -11 - -Thanks were due, nnd thanks, he thought sli 11 d b rendered Hut many Senator iloubtrd whitii'-r ihe torm ot the resolution was ihe moat proper one And, he would submit to the Senator from Orange ' o no douhl would at onceadmil that 'ohrs'con 1 1' n' could injure no man. whether be would not v ' by way of courtesy .and sulit-r llie resolution lo lie ',yc m. iniiil consent, for the present lie knew not w I y as propoM.-d outburst of gratdlul patriotism need be quite so hasty. Mr Poster could not conceive why the inimrdnte disposal ofthe resolution was n matter of sueh et-i-me urgency. The Senator fiom Orauae anl Ins Ii 1, ids vvrro in posNsiou of the suhstantuu facts vejier. sv atUlisiwk Yet why ln their pit 1 i,sh ,s lftbfirloveotcoBiiir- had s ; 1 t. Ik thougtu it would do 110 hum 10 ton-go ih. . il., 1 nfili fw lioivraUmier. 4 .Mr Smith would have no otyectitn 10 lav,- ; Oe re (itauvu upm the tU, if aay aiwular g..,si c u i s

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