Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 30, 1846 Page 3
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BURLING TON FREE PRESS, ER IDA cninctl by it. lb vn bo-n I to suppis tint every Senator vvonl 1 In In fivnr ofn pup isitio 1 pn rcisom. hie, and li uvever plns.l h might b' to gratify th" feclingiol so n- S "tutors, n 1 1 nit "1 1 th courtesy ile sired, Mill h tin lg'il it wo il l involve nn tiunecessiry wait ot ti n, w'ucli might hi d-toted to more ndvan tag ni iitrpjM. AtrViln. i'iniii-!ni h hid been prstmlly np. p-ilc I td, w il 1 ny t'nt, how'ver iljirio i, uiler olVr r i nn,i :, h ini'it li -1 ne ir,l th' co I !' sv-ask'l til iln'inu 1 1 lul IiVm "th a iiir.-"li jn, tint h Hth eoil.luot iIj it. Tn resolutini hid bcti npp i I, mill th-ir dl iy In in pissig. v ml. I lie u co-inui" i a uiu.l it con"' il il nti 1 il i'it ofits ji-o;riety. Itc.n simpl P'.inn.ti vi, niiith s.'aiia coiU not as w ' ! iv is ever. 1 K -l'lillnilitdilstrik h'.m.t'nt t!t- S-ntnr ill I ut i " 1 1 th? en m 'sy w'i'nh t'l is' whi ask -1 it w i i' t 'In. Win-this si 1 1 -1 Hi ?io n znl thit mriu't tlf'nnth pat nf t'l S m i-! Ti I'ni'i i i' I will I b- ns -i-.ntib1 it niv tun hv tu urv. '1 iy, if 1 1 i" - "It l "i,i I vr al lie believe l,to nny la New liighnl. There wore now lioMiii Windsor Coimly Court to tlf fn nth T liv employe i upon it Uborcrs whose irrnlier was more i " n iy s relcrred to Jn lichry on linillec lly Al tliau twice tliit of oar co-ivi.'ts. II? would IIow-c, in lelatio'i tu tin art of 1311 relating to th 7 , ,,,,1. IHC 11 lilt 1 IIUI Ull Will. 11 HI ny. ,1 cioiislyinrn:.' I. Tnerc vvvis something in the very tinlnrc ol ti employment now prosecuted that rc.ul- u-u in roaiiMion an I loss, t ci no thought it very in mrible to ni'ikc injury if the present slate of things con 1 not lie remedied. Th-s Mews were forcibly sustiincd by Mr, Smith. Mestilel in ol hw remarks, lint there was a rupitnl nfjl l.lUDlineJted in the boot and shoe de pirlnient of the I'lison.and ycttlut owing lo inexpe. rinco nn I tin want of machinery, about n day's lab lr w is rei iirej to min ificture a lnir ol shoes, while in ut'ursnusn pair coil I b- mid- for from II to 17 reus: nnl nlso tint th c.irrng in inufacto-y at ii, grand list, providing lint listen shill link imln-o'int ol the iMiif nny p'r-oti fir d-bt ,1 i" from s-tc'i pT mii, except on debts due to such person i rcfericd to same committee. lirj'Vh. lly Mr I'm, from rnmmtltrc nn P.liea. l' lull Incorpornliiig Chitlen leu Coimty In. hnrnry j lull hi, nn the table, lly Mr foster from Jii lieiary enmmillee, in favor of the bill extending the .lun-lictiori of th" Vcrgen.ics City Court relative to th- hceii-e livvj Mr Cus'inim rennrke I that a gn bill, iuelu linir ihls h-ovi'io'i, wis pen ling In the olhcr llous-.u'i 1 moved tn liy th bill oi th' table j r'?r7 it ""' 'I.rVila,lm,n rn committee, in fivor C iill-I d : reie TeJ 1 1 the rn.ii.mllne nn rninn'n It'pnt by Mr. ilr.iJuy, lu.n th; iom.nitie on Iliilks.i'um 1 1? I lriroj.-atij i ofm tS.evi .Mm. itrtin-l by 1 1 i'it' - in 1. 1 rM'ii iks , tiiiUnt at I) m lin rtj i ! bill hid o.i th fibl;. ! i"i Ins 1 1 li' 0 iv T iriii t'i'Uii- I H Uj; 'Mor t' I th It -p) t oftiii Com a il ,1 iii-.v it Tid i t'i,s. 1 1- wiini mo. mi,)i;r fo-th; L)ju, L) I tua.i I 11 1 1 1, trim w.neh c. ssiiv tnivut a fvmil o';m n ll'ililf'rel frin it "p,iiito I th ;-e wire ii.n fen 0 u ,ri I I) i.n i i;r- liHlui i 'i 'i oilei rt1 m r-ji-l t) l i' p-op i-iy m "n" i,i,i i-t i n w i u 1 1 m pi t .1 1 1 a, in u 1 1 awed. Mr. Il'ailley, from t1i- eomniilt"e on Ranks, report' "I in I ivor of the petition of Mr Chapman nn I oili er ninl n bill redujiiii; the capital of the of.Mnb dh'uiry lo $T3 "JOU. Mr Uich, Irom t!i" ro:nmliie ni rimn". lo whieli ha 1 bon co'iiiiiill I ih" in) it lejolulion p-oi li't? lor ii" apj oi il neni ny in invcrnor ot taree p'rous to t'ie i i n- in is II tin it it rut t'le ,sj k-s w i i A syi I n at i J ,ru i 1. i.x o. w.i i n li ive be -u a J mi c I c.a mil" t ue nccoti its ol ili" Stat I'mim. nnl to in fo l'li u mil's were iirlly eititl 1 1 101 y ii.nthy, th" pit jvar ) a 1 1 t.i a t.i.'W iiii'.'Ve.i ii.illp'iiH qnre into llie rp lifiiey of iemoinu the Prison to m 1 1 lit iv si mi I il'v n'ly ret im 1 1 iim ij-wm 1 '.' ' i-rsj.u.t I u 1 1; A'y.J it 1.1 1J juj I, o.i- il- i,i .nou.repjri' i n Fntttute, inaiuug itnniy in c ! 1 1 it ''i I -1 th'tr nnn mfver mi,' it "I w nn Ins b'e.i a I.n. it -J 1 1 i ljtn; pityar ihj d nv "f th; com ii'.tiv to mq me whether the I' isoi b' Il i ,i "r-ji'u 1 1 t'l lvsiity of th; wir, still tut -on ni'ioa;r!ui pn I, t.i . hty.'ir,tot.i II i.t- coiU n IvantiL'enii'ly be ir.mno I iosom"p!ai'e nffwl h' w I r ii "i i its sivenf il p ofeutioi. It it o it r IXjyiu n -j7 01 anj to th; Ujjto.t A-y.u.u i.u raw material for the prisoners ta labor upon, rjfe.ii , t. t? lit is 1 1 writ-1 lini' tJ cam l.'r, S3.'? . I MrC:i!imanmov"il its in leCmii-misti,oii"m"i!t II' h h i ! 1 1' res il mot will lb' I ii I ol th -1 iW",si i '''.,'"' . ru'er by Rv John Li'l.l'.ev. thou ilit at all events th Prison houl.l be FulV'reil to hit r i-in ' e mil 1'ian in, ii ni.211 jjajain iut;n . itin tit i. up n il ;ir a nly ih'p I of th;fi.i: T.i o . -!mti w is t)i" i ti!in. an I rsnhe I in th nf. referre I fi in il .e , v -as 'J'.mysT, M -ssrs. 1'ilbl I, llirnnt m i '"i' '" ImielieinT ol farm. rs'U ink j referre J to cj.ii. i i lenib e'evpeii-se, and imalit beien.l 'red unn-eesiary 1 11. .1 ; C llt.i I.T.I... in ll..n ,,n iTiita ' I .. .I. im'..' ... ,i.. i i 'I ,.i i. tv , i.i.itii3u. t, t.uii, i nn, i , lias t uiiii in im: i ....... lijst'iititmt. lly Air. ' irucrny ki" jo.n I, i.iiey. thn'Mht at nil events th Prison Iimil.l be fuII tci! to i itttoi lu -.1. lly Jfr. I! i Ij-a, incirparating remain where it is. until it as fi en what ill'i-ei the inklm Uu ny M fire I.isin i;!Co'iipiiiy, cmipl"Iini nf the Central llailroad would have on iis I to .In hciaiy co.n.nitte'. l'ru.n ill' ri.'.nte, ' prop"ritv : the itupiirv would subject the State lo eon. lieritiv M ( mi 'il ln called up th bill eten lin th? clnr tei ol the rarm.'rs' lhnk, ill Oiwell, and it was pia. e.l Urn'' I'raver bv th" Uev. C. lijtton. Vri.'.am r'icrretl Ui A .1 S;i"ir n il others, that S'l aercs or )J worth ot html ina be see ired In every manasa p-rmanent Irei'u ild. Fi,upt lioin moitpit's or i-'M.iui' to' d -'it , riad and ref -rrt 1 lo (I 'neriil eo.n millee 01 ih" sun', lor the repeal of nil law relative to th I,'ir,l's Uiy : ?,lr Il-own mnved lo dismiss it, as iwl ' not uneonsliiiiiioinl ; .Mr Itmsoll of II. sinl th" p 'Itliou was re-p'ctl'ul, an I ihoiuli he iliiipiiroved th a't'onnsk -d, le w mid not thu? siininnrilv dispose of Ih-p'Ulioii, hut tlie lions-aijree.l with Mr llrowu nn.l dismiss ',1 tlv p'titton. Oi John Piuiiey run) oth ers, to reh"ve llohon fiom the Mippori of ibreiit.ier, piup"rs,by reason nf being iliseharired Irom the mil road wolksnr b'fl uniiai.l In' irri'tpoii-ulil" coniracloii . read and relerre I lo ih" .liiilieiaiycoinmillee. Th Governor notui nl tli llo'use nl ihe ri'sii'i'ilion of Major (i mi ral II man I! Smith of the 1-1 Divi-ion, and a r-'S'iimion ol the Si-nalc to fill the acancy was coneitrr- 1 m. li"sibilt'tn lly Mr Thomas, fbr a joint assembly nn Vedui' liy lb" -Nt in-i at 1 o'clock . i. :i. to i;ie thanks fir Ihe ictory at Alonierev, and tint the chap lainofih'' S"uate be'ri'qifsied to nlli'iat''. Mr .Miner move I to lay the resolution on the table ayes 103, im ,Vt Th" S 'nate earn" in and ih" followiii!;aiipoiutment3 w t in ' ', an I t'l S mte n tired ; I) Will II ILT,Y of Chester, (leueral Oth Ilrigade, II I D.visi'in ISAC M-mXISLSof Uanby, .Major General t.f tlie hi li.viiio l. T.trJ'i ! mry'iU Mitrr call 'J up ih"bill rehtinit to th .liilu'iiry, wiiich provi I I ir uu adluuuil Jul.'-ail nti'W urr.ui'in -al of circuits. tii"s ih tin's u i : lmt l'i" t -r ns ol "th S ip'i'.n' pr v' I - i- spvi-il Druis. Mr II ol M re ma:k" 1 1 nt tu .lit liei.iry c un uitlee had been I ivor cd w it1! t t aid an I advice o th mo-t ilisiiii2tiihed ju li 's ri 1 lawyers of tin' Slate, an I that these as well rsta i i a uittee w -re ir.mumu is m tavor nl this bill The bi I was re id th" "c'ltid lini" : wh"i Mr Miner msiam d the bill, i-tatiuL' Hie absolute ii"eeity of th" m"a-ar m order to clear up th" dockets m all co in ties sai th" twn.s.inllest. Al the low '.-I c-tiiiiate, nol-wiih-tin leg the ,i bo ions ser lecsnt th 1 pr 'sent con it th'Te is iio.v on lu.l year's biiiii"ss in arrears. of co.rie nee '"mly embarrass, the court an I 'ah,ee tinj su-t us logical (Hay ml e.pms.. .Mr Ua-sdl nt n ais i s lpportej t!i" bill, mini 14 mainly to -ho. th" sup'ri irity nl 1I113 mo le of reli'-l us cuupaied with oth er 111 -is 1 "s s ij'.testeil. Mr Dill opposed ih; iuereav in the number ot the Judges, and moeil to am'ii.Ko ns to le ne the present huiii'it, and leni;lh"iiiii!i the urn" ol th" t 'rms of Ih" co in. Mr Harriiuion nf 51 ileetu -il this poor eeo.'iiiuiy for the people : while SI'.' IJ wjul I Iv i.iv"d in aju I re's silary, Ih- p-ople would pay in'i 111 y m r.- linn that tlinnu'i d days 111 collee ti 1 x aii olii'r nts, an i enuse.i 1e.1t increase nf law y i ! - .MrlJ'i'.'ts asi o,iDsed tli 11111 -u liiient, R un 1 in nt it ' shoivinit that th il ni-s rej mcd n-e a.' a 1 r 111 ire than live pi I ."scon p'rlorm, an I ch 11 1 ? 1 1" e ,'iis jrowi 1' out ol 1 his m it" uf th 1. ii II ii-'i ' 1 'd tint 11 w m 1 up iiV n I 'iijih ui tlie t" .1 " I I e erts wilh t'l ' jl- s'U! n 1 hit nf ju J-s, 111' 1 !" ii.n-' s 1 ii 1; f t ih co 1 in co 1 t : ,md 1 11 icr ol 11 i s n 'cuirj 1 1 1 . ,, a i lorilln ! 1 11 (' 1 1 t is I 'i 11 I." I ir l'i pi pi" ot I , .v, i. ..'Im 4tijei,n, it wo'tul trt, lit 111 l -ei-s o is t 11 1111 1 i.iiv ol Lie e 1 ultim itely weaken the 1111 thoriiy an I vd l'ol ih court iisdl. Mr 11,11 replied tint In- 11 '11 I.n it wi 'I I r ) ore b it HI weeks lab r nfth "i.l M.' ItiissMI ol ll mi 1 no urn In I b "1 allow 1 1 1" chancery hjiin si, wiiich in 111 my of lb' eouiuies r juires a ""!;, wuhoit coailint tu' liui req ir 1 .'' 1 1 ' ch ri"llor to 111 ik up Ins opuii j is an I d".- - Mr S 111I1 wis f ir ju'li'" a 1 1 " m 1 j nv, .111 1 n,-'i 1 th n ta 11 11 an I m j 1 losi by 1'ie d 'I lys of jiitti is 111 ire th in th Hilary reij nre.l, uiH a loss to p i,u' '0 Ih Stit, in I th it it wo ild th 'refoie bet 1 ecno'ny lo pay lor nn eiri hlg", until the ib a ol 1 1" courtshive b"en cleare I, w.i n ihe pcs-cit-'. 1 'il call I li? reiiar;! Mr T.i 111 is sul Ii wi - "'.la n th'i a 11 .v oll'i"" 11 1 "ie b" i cr;i- t la 1 1 1 1 1 cit oil t ii'i I 3 .Viil lilt ui" o.ii , an I -lore, relntrint tinnrlu nn Slale Prism to com uittee 0.1 Slate Prison j pi.'il. Uy .Mr. 'i;;,lor a s-lect cu.nuiiltce of I'uc to e'iiin,ie the lranaclions of the Vermont Aylum lor uu tin ine , p i-eu, l'.'litnnircjirir,l. OfStephm Hoyec and of Ira Ij Persjus, to co.iiinilte.' nl clan. is lly c jiu iiut;.' on i! hcuo 1, un niiiim-lv recoin iiDuIi.ij IJ I) topics 01 th repjit of th" Si it" o, ,ui.tiuii Siliooi. to ti - pruned for tlcuri- b.1110.1; Mr lo.ies moved to lay th' moito'i to print '"i1 lelatiiw to iippeaH l,n o.illi"tabi,- ,-1, and lin prniliui; was nrd 'red. lly , ",V, " ' '"J,? .". ' coin.iiitiee on l!or,is, lull graiuuu a Icrry to James urioi.ii tui Aiouriiu ; i.tuion me tiiiue. by tlie ililli'ienlnMi'-ct Ihe Ccniral road would put up- . .1. . I.... ' ..I' il. l....... 'I'l. ,ilM ,,r. ler bcini; supported bv Mr Kimball, and oppn-cd by II, Smith. wiiltlullliMl. Mr Smith moved to reconsider lb" vole adopting th" amendment ; carried. On motion if Mr Smith, lb" resiilutioii was recommitted to the oniinitlec on 1 llianee. Umie. Prayer bv Il'-v I'n Riliou Th" Sp'uker aniiouiic -d the "elect committee on the inn iiiiiiu'iil , iiiiiini"i"ii'-ir. f llurlit!!!ton. liarrinirton aj illd liclowll, I jler nlld .lull"" nl Cbeea. hum iitiiaiiii'tti. ny wri uurcmu.reinimainmn Scliool DWrlet Ao. 13. A tntDtiii2 of said IJi'tilct will bo linldcn by atjuirnmcnt llilictonln?, ill llio school lioue 1 1 Callin's Inne, to scf if tbo District will tahc any incasuri! to incrcaso tlio accommodttionof t'13 school. Of coursn II involves ci'iisc, and If. is miplnsatit for a few tnon, ot in a Roud canso. tu vote taxes on their ubstfit neighbors. All perfuns will t.ikn duo notice, &c. lly Order. &c. ). K. I'ANGfiOHN, Ittirlingtnn, 30 Oct. 1819. Clerk. Tlio sclinol fur tlio winter will comm"iicr; on Mon t.i y next, November i!nd. under the charge of its old teacher. The scholars, who dosirrn to attind, arc de-'ircd to bo all on Irind 1 he llr.-l divof Sobool, I). K. 1'. tW . '1 r HI .aTtV?-T-.TMl JnVril 7 w-r Kim ....... .. ' . jm .1 'I'm; Ml Y".i . itn n'K to can tneni'cniion I nl ti jl nl an tnose mieresie i in rooin',', to timritjMj. MsiiriiH,, VANIZIIU TIN I'hATM, un.l to the ininynd. ,uiwr!il antae;cs wbuii they po'sess over till tnctalio nmi 1 ,,fmi liesisvei niher nibsianccs hitherto uvd lor tins piiipose,io. 1 ,.,- jr, il.nil'n'l JiV scssniit ns they do, iheslrctHi ninl lmhtnessof ium 1 Irsfili s. ' new featu. r Without its liability to rnM, hain now been tested I tspeciallv to ihe tmw' inaslc, neiera M'lirs. dot I 111 tills Country 111!' ll l.lirolie. kimrer ll'-y arc Iliso li'hs fiiujeci 10 '-Airui-ioii nun riiiiiiue. t ltll, IS.l II , or llistotl I'OII'' inn fn 111 mdib 11 ilianprs n tlie ntino-ihere, than I Char Ii Mu-ie bv I, ov II Masim -published 1 uu it icr and cn- Nolle!) to Tc.'ichers, Tlio Hoard of cvainiiiins CiiiiimiUc for the tuvn of iiilrlinton, v.'ill bold a second ninl lit mei tinir, lo examine To triers for our ivii.tzr school, on T.iediy evening, nt .SIX o'clock, November "nl at the residence of Uev. .Mr. Cotivcrsc. All such persons as vili for licnne to teach tbo coining winter arodefirtd t j bo 1 resent. In behalf of tile f'ominitlee, II. I. I'AKKM. Tn S-'ii lie can; in, and thclollowmi; annolnmcnts V. ?""r5'., 'M,r ' !" .l I" ...1-. .... niiiii r 1 , in" 11 ii ,'s 111 I le 11 ik i ,ni 1 iiissiimer. i in 11 quue whelher nny nlllecr nf a bank lias been indebted were mad on 11 rnsor tiih sT.Tr. rntsos, IIIIl.VM IIAKI.UU', ii,trmleiidcnt. hil.AS II .lUMSOX, ) ALLIES' VAI!l)ilJll, Directors, iij.iAOi: rn'ii:i,i). J UlY. 'J'lIOri h'II)t),;i:, ttinphiln. c i.m .vi ii 1 oa Tin: I.N-. ixr. CAI.CIJ II IIAlil'IMITON, lis,), d .MidJle lowu. state srrrniXTr.vni.vT or commo.n suiools. His'y IIO.tAL'i: CATON. MILITARY, ITiltllZ IIAItWOUI'Jr, General 1st Urigade 1st unisiou. Ai rtnvn.v. Snmlr Hrpnitt. lly .Mr l'oster, iiuiii nn-.iii-iici it) cumiiiiiiee, 111 1 ivor 01 111 1)111,111 njililioiilu clnp Hot th li S e.xteii.lm llli'tloll Ol lull ord 'red to a third read 'I lie II un" am '.lJmjnt. to lb S'liate bill rem I'll! tli-Jit Ju'ialswem, w.u.'li pro.ulc tint th; Sa- liv, s of ih-nront pii'iii'Ou t -.nil liold axiia 's-ions, wiicn 'mt 11.1- b-balf ol the neonl". heiebv tenderour thank- lo Gen 11 us 1 -1 Ii i,i 1 --s requr's lakci up pisul Taylor, ami throuj'i him lo the o,li".'rs uu I soldiers. by 11 tut 'in Si lu 'J, .Mess.s Kimbill and llrow.iell for the b: illnnt vutones which th-y bae achieved on wlllUlll Lie II 'Hue. I il, . ,.fi In,,!; ,, im liiud.iinle and bef.ire lbe i-nv nf to it m a sum cxceedim $10011 lor mole than one yenr ;) refened tocommillee on Hanks. Mr llarrhiiton of 51 , called up the resolution from the S'liat" relaiini; in th" ictory at Monterey, and tiroposed to sub-unite the following, reinaikins that lie hoped it would receive a unanimous vote: " Tliat lhe thanks nf the General A"mhly nf ihe Stat" nl 5ermont are due to ihe Senators ninl llcpre s 'iit'ilivesiu Congress lor tie prompt luamier in which they respon led 10 ihe call uf tlie Piesulent iif the lbii t"d States for a siniplv of men and uioiiev to relieve Gen. luvloraiid tli" lirae oliieeis and nldii'is under his command Irom their pel ilotis condition nu the enet b 111k nl the io Graiiile ; 1 the ''miitii le ol the and that in our nul juient who!" Ameri"an people is due to iiiuier 1 tlie llirt.-. I 11. ,11 'l'..l-l,,r un.l ll.n .ill'ie,. ,.,1.1 u..l.l. -hi-rill's and the deputies over llio Slate : command lor tin unexampled' j-ktll and bravery with wlucli lliey nave proseciiteil the cMHiti!; war witn Hie model- J It-publie nf Mexico; and that Me Ih" Ucpre-enla-1; Sa-, tiv, s of ih" people of th" State nf 5eruio'it, and in Opinion nl' n Kcmihir S'liyiciri'i. I'iete:; This rruli.'S thai 1 have rernniniendr I tb" u" of wistaus ni,s.5i ok wir.i) CIlldlKV for dc'iises 1,1 tin l.uniis, for two )iar pan, and iiniiy bullies in mv knowledge have been used by my patients, all with benelieial re-nits. In two cases, w here it was thouirin coiilirui"d 1 0:1-1111111- lion h id lukeii plac". th Wil I Clierrv elli'cfd a cine. 1,. inn IJI,., rliysicianatllveierConier A" QiinfKeiu 1 A'u Drrrpliin .' Ail oiibh-hed statement- uf cures performed by this medicine, lire, i ieiy rc.-pei t, I III l til GVarr'ctM ami Imilitlinns The unparalleled and a-.tou'is!un illieacynl Dr. 5fi-t.n.s llal-am ol 5 ibl Lheiry 111 all lue dis -aseslor which it is leconiiiieu'l' il, 1 iiiiny many case- alter the -,ill nt ihe ben idn -tcians wis iint'iiMihuLr. Ins clll'eteil a .ir te 1111 1 1 1 Teasing de 11 ri I for it. Tnis l.iet Ins c.ius'd s -vend iinpiineijileil coiinlerf 'iters and iiuita- lor-10 p-iim 011 spurious mixtures, nt similar mine aim npp"arait"e, i-ir ta" cr ninii- 11 its-im. lie can lul and act the mV- UU. WISTAU'.S I1AI.SAM 01'5Vll,l) CIIKUUV. None -.eiiiiine, unless sismeil bv 1. lll'TTS. Ad tress all or.leis to sum v.rowi,i:, IW0.1, Mi.-, j'or-uiebv. Pixies spi;a'u. W'lTuorr a uoia ILucstiov no on" can b" either Inppy or healthy. I bis 1- th" itieat secict n tilth ! f.r h' Jibuti, lly .ilr 1'ox, from the committee 011 Cdu cition, 111 lainr 01 tb lull 111 addition to act iclating lo co.iiuiuiiseliools; ordered to 11 third reading. Tile lerojutio.i propo-ni a joint as-i'inbly for the purpu-e nl nU 'riii,' up thank- to I lent en, thro' th" Cliipliin ol in S.'iiue, lur th - recent Meiory at Mon 1 'rev, was talieii iii un inmon of Mr. Kimball, and .UMlr.i.llcy picseiiied lb" lollowin.' snbitituie. Hmi.f U. lly Ih S 'iiate and House ul Uiaire-en-lauie.s, 1'iui in; ( Assembly of ihe Slate nf Ver1no.1l, w.ule ih would in no wi-e wiih.ild tliecx-pres-ioii ui tli -ic strnii,' disipprubaliuii nl the cvi-ting war Willi utn si-ter lti'p.iblie ul 5Ieie jas uimcces-siry, u ijii-i, uu 1 oppressive, 11 ive receiveil ivilll lively grnl- .51ontercy 5Ir Pop" thought any action uncalled fir, nnd mov ed lo lay the subject mi the table. Mr Miner said that the amendment would not b" entirely nut5-fuetory to bun. and probably not to the majority, he would have it lie for cun-i.leration, Mr li'irringlnn niirecd to the suestion chcci fully, and so did the I louse. The cmrrosscil b 11 I'lnnijing the name of Claia Trances Vermont was passed. or.!.r..txs corxTV ni'it.nixsi. The majority, (eight) of th" committee 01 this ub- iluatio.i.aud with ju-t 1 -eiiugs pride, the ject, reported a bill cbauitmg the couniy -eat fiom Ira--uitellij.'iiceol lbe rceui brilliant nciiieveiiieiitiif Gen-1 b irgh in Coventry Tails ; and the imiioiuy (liuce) re- parteil agam-t tins lull. eial T.ivliirau 1 ins linon. before Monlerev. Mr Cii-hiuau hoped tint tlcy winldiioi only return thanlis, but 111 ike lniciee.ioii lint uur rulers may be in lu 'ed to re-tore peace lo the two Itepublies. "Hut be t!uu,'hl lucre w is a dlliejhy involved 111 lb; resolu tion. Il dut.iu slo the Cli ijiliiiu the uu le ol addresi 1114 the Tnrone ol I presjrib -s wh it sliall be tu chiiaeter ol h.- ill ink-giving. He h id couclu led it was In tier fir them all to peitnrm it iiidividitaliy in th -ir closi'i-, nnd hould -uppo't the iiuieniluicui. .Mr I1.1 r 1 10 k ion vv iy ih w ir vv a- ch irac t'ii.'iliu th' 11.11 '11 I.u 11 11- 1111 lece'-iiy, 11 ijusi. an I o, i,i -. ve. 51r ll.-idl-y -ui h hid 110 ica-0.1 to . v '.siie iho-e em 1 , lie. 1 i.i t:n iiiii;ii liiient. Air. v' Mi-I ill it lie was -aus '. - J ili-it th -re vv is ua dis. P lULion 0.1 lu pirto. 1 1.' trie 1 li ot th aui ' 1 1 11 J it to J -e I's its limits, an 1 p 'rhip it vvoal I be i la Ills ill; 1 1 tji into a gi.nral il Mil 0 l t.i." s 1 , 'Ct. T.i; I01111 ol 1 1? o'ijin il res,l it o 1 was tint a loplc I in th" ll-l war o 1 asi o:ei-l ill. a'l I co lid 11 it b'Slld to -nor in tn I m-i of pa tv sp.r I. Tlio e vvu-e but f-w 5Ir Jone-. of Ch"l-ca. moved to lav th" bill on the labl" : oppo-ed by Ale r- Clcavelaiid aud Il.irniMlou, nl .vi.,suppoiiei nv .vie r-. iiu-scn, ui ii. .uiiijuiics, ol C.,uuu carried i-7 lo jli. tiic roiv.wu, cisn. Th" majority nf the commiitee no I'dcctious report ed the taeis 1:1 ih" case Willi 11 re-obilion that llirtow Too UllS'tl'iil Povvil'll. 1- It'll elllille.l lu a -eat, lllld lhai llr.i-l l. .leivi it isentuleil 10 a -eat. upon l" votes prove I 11 hive b-'f 1 ca-l. alier a .'riiiiiiy of the h-t ; Hi; ill. o 1IJ lep ill'U e.eepiious 10 111 uiaiu'Toi nu ll", a ij cluiii'J tlie el'elioii of Mr '1 lio.upson, by lbe voles lound 1.1 tb-' bov. Sc.; itc . lltrrnnan. Jiepnts. lly Air. Howe, irom a majority 01 me committee un A-trl-'iillurc, to which it had been le com.ii.tied, 11 it 11. i-t lbe bill rejieuling the act reminding ihe law iiaintiiig bounty lor the de.-lrucliun uf beats, linn common Tin Plalc, Iron, Zui", itc, or any other mi-isl n nv iit'lfor roofiit.anl cons"ii'i"nllv form n much belter and tiuhter rool. reiiiriin; lar less frerjucnt r "pair, wiiil-t th first rwl is but a trille more. The sibs'ribcrs woubl al-ucall the ntiention of all ilealeri an I w.ukers in in"las,to th" inmy nth r nur po.scs to Willell Irn'i liins p-ntecteil, can lie applied, in.: a 'Ml t 'i ms it is app!i'able t j all artiei sof iron which it is desirable to protect from lbe nelnui nl th ntui'i-phcre. Aud th -y wo il I eepeenllv call 1 1" nt tetitioii nf Iho-e iiitercieil In Tl'l.liGliAPIIIC liISIlS, to their Galv.'ini.ed v ire, whieli is now ul-luo-t entirely used 1 1 lj'Uope,nn 1 wltich nnswers every purpose asa'coit luctor nf cl"ctncily, eosihiit ntilv tin il on" h ilf as iiiu.'h asu )p,icr,and po'se-6iii(; equal durability with that metal. ll'iving l.ilely erected works in this city for th" purpo-e of riilva liz njiiails, spik-s, b ilt, viare. Ite , they will b 'able to film sh any a nicies which may be de-ire 1. A si.iplyol'I'lit 'Sdiiin il letur-1 ri Ilurope,) co ntantly on Innd. from Hi to II-! ire mni -. Gl'O. II. MOItlAVODIKt CO Nos. It mi 1 1(5 ll-aver M New Ymk Th" Pat'tit Unjlil fortius arti 'le has be mi secured for llio I'nileil btiU's ns will a- Great lliilniu, and oth' r r.nropean countrie0, and all leal ineusure- will be taken lo prevent uny ir.lringmeiil by iinporl,itiuii or ntheiwise. O.'t 3,) HP-.. Hyl "nil: im.nm masJ I'oit isn, BY S. N. DICKINSON WI?I.h" published atiin 1 arly day in l)eenib"r Tne Directurv lo the llu-ine-s Vnp"nl Il'i-tun. wdl b' llioroii!r-.,y prepared, and in-ui al al y;rcaier leiieth tliau ii-iial A th' bu'iii" olih' city in creases, ibis il"pait'ncnt ufour Almanac irrows' vviih it. In lb" number now coming out, there will lr a -eriisnt DIAGItAAlS rcpresemin-tihe vaiious UAII, II OA US ducrL'iiia Inun I! iio.i,vvub bi'lorieal s!c idl es of each. T.iese diairr.inis or mips have b'en irepaicd nt -onie coti-idetable expens,., niiil ir -ther vv ith th" llusiucss Directory, iorui tli" pnn 'ipal f-atur's loth Al inui. lor HIT Tin iwu il quan tity nf 5lieellaneiiii- il utter vv ill be fottu 1 in its pie;es '1 be covers will be illuminated with snni" choiee spe. ciinens nf piintin t, an,l the line lare Alap nt lloton, will he hound up in th" volume. 0-.l;rs maybe -ent to Al- 11. II AR'SSIIV, 23 C irnhill. or to the Proprietor, H. S. IJ.lkixs v, 52 Wa-hinton-lref t Hwll VcrisjDt.l i.'cniral IJ:.5I E!o:isl. fi-saa. et.ftts cs-,fssf5 tKtsn .I'- 'tnent nl leu dollars mi a share hasbeen irdered bv tbeihre -tors nl the 'erillo'lt Celltial Kail Una. I (joinpaiiy r.ivalile nn me nrst ilay ol iie cemberiievt Payiiiculs uny be iiiade ut the i'ariner- , Mccli'iinis ti.iiili nl i;uilm'ton, nt the llanKot rl inn I miilf iS-JC ill lift1 s ,.',,. V 'tl SillUC Del II- ivlnih. wila llir iti-int uia-mt stmlenLi. cj I hanllv fail to be reiMnlcd with inror Tlll.OllldU.l'r.( AS,-,S and principal dialccticl or unusual forms of aiminiilous iiiulotlur iiouiis.iid icctiv s, inui pronouns, inui lnc pruiciyal ten-es u. sanction nl lb" llostou Sculemyol Almu No work of lis kind lias ever been received Willi mole ileiiif il (mil uiiiveisal approbation 1 it having been extensively introdii" -.1 lo cboirs nnd .-iniriiii! seliools throughout tlie 1'ilileil States Til "I VOI' UdST-Co'isi-tinir of -'tort and easy (tlie. urr'nig al lor S"iraiio, Alto, Tenor, and Ill's Voice" by I., .51.1.-011,1111.1 (J. J. Webb 1 V.'iy popu hit until S. 5VOllijS IS 1.5. Uw3 lllHllinliH - V 'He. linM' lieen in. .fteil Salerntu-. Starch, Nuistiiul I!ai-ms. Cod-ri-h, Atackerel, .Salmon, he, . .V. jiisl receiveil 1111 1 Mr sale l.v 1. 1,. niw.'i. I .Stelsnii'ulUnck.Oi't !."). lSlfi. 17 .V a- T nr ili-n 1.1. iilifti'.i f ell ..Mi.ii- .....J... .. I .vioni 1 uu r, at uu- ii.nik ii vv uoii-uieK, oral ine ADMIMS'I'IIATOIIS' SAL11. 1"Vnnrcemeiit of the lleir of .Ialn7ie S'lernnn J di'ieas'il.tlic Adiiiini-triil.irs will Ml at Aiielion at th 'ti-amboai whail in X'ernenties nn Saturday the Ill'tOi'tuh'r in' Uln'cloek A Al. 'i I lo li I Tons STK MllO.T MACIIINI'llV. Anvui.' winch lire rt ll.nlers and Hue, !l Cvlui J ts, I "ill-ill-, I PlMOIl, fi W'ul'r Wheels Centre", I Cuy.v! I, '2 'Iy wheels, I ('ii.tneeini" Hods, '2 Drum h"ad shafi", Ilcd plat", Wiiiki.iir lleam, I) -ck Piaie, A r Pump, ll'itvvi il !o-s Ilea. I ,vc ,Vc &c I'mir 'i'lin- 5i cm jtit lion. Cnn-i-tin nl St"anibont ami lliai'k uu i to is, li ills, .S'CII-W liollSIIIld Keys, Weill"-, .Niils, Hand Giarinj, Gib-iin-l K''v-.,V-. A lot nt aive 1 Copper Iloiler, A i riniily nl Old Hnnsan-I Copp-r, liouiiil. 'S'iuari-. un.l Hal II ir Iron, Hand ami Plied m. Wrntiuh! llnll Pipe e;c. rt In tl'l'ini'iolil wrought and Cnt Iron. A lot of New ll'irdwiiie A ipnntiiy ul Carpentei'.sainl Joiner's Tools. 1 l.irje and I -iiihII Tuniuii; I.n the 1UJJ lbs A iih-ae t C, ! in ) liush Clinol. - l'nvMii.ix Srovts LUMBER. VIZ : t'iear Siuil nnd Cmmnnii ll.iaril- and rinor Plank Il-irdivood Plank I '1'ipbo.ird-, Doors, 5'iii-liivv Su-h and dres-ed nine lumber, fv'e. .Vc. 10JO rickets, ninl IIKI Cedir l'n-ls. I KV HOA'P SAILS, A quantity ofCtil Slone, .Sliaii Stone fv-e. A'" -Sc. II MlltlKT SIIHItMAN, IS UAII SCOTT. 5 11,1,1AM JOSI.IN ViT(enne, (I-t, IT. ISHi. lTiv.T TIIH l'l!OPOSiTIO,,-j have I-n a patlieiilar sireectol -tiiilv, anj lbe ih'-s nl the ftrticle me nu ll it'cv explained. I 111! UUA.STITY ofif.inblfnl vowels is i-areful y iinik"d,nud tor Ih; mutt part without rticidieiiti; i.i accent VriUYNUMKIlOI'S IMHT.UUNCIia hav b- 1 tnad; iohuiIi ir an I rtutliririti . Nr. MMi 12JIIM enure new iirtu-lt have h.-i i a I led lo lue orinioul wnik. Tlie nriin nl wniknt 5i Pu-kerinit ha- b-en made th" basis nf three diim i l,"tieons, pnliii'i.-d m li'iirland or Scotland, uiul s ii now is, etetiively revi-i il and trreaily imprnved t is believed lo pirt-s ileei led advniilaires for tb' Viii riean -ciioiar, uvi r uny ntlier ureeK anil i,ni:i i l."lleiitl. 1 Vol, svn, beep, lbitpll.-s. Price 5-1 7 1 with n hberalilisc-iant to vvholeside puichaaers. I'ur sale by S. 5V00DS Ilnrlins'on. Cit, Sept. lllrt. 17u jl(A.S and Himn-C!vS or .u,i, kixds t 5? whol.sile or ret-iil a-- h'-ap a-the rhenpe-t pi in or er and vvarrinted to k p ir mil tune, til Kaie'ni s Ne.v .ievver shop. Ilmhutitiai Vt. lGiv'l 11 ttilO'VllVJlA, ninv iw day ilie(vfil cjpart tKi"hip in tlie thn Hwiurj? Uy iniitual cuii'm, tit tiuinci will hLTfaitcr lie cariPl on ly (tLUItuE 1 !I.nn'N'-T"N N. H. Oi nrcn-mt or ttn' iti"'lutinn, it brroitit iu'ci'" v to rlo- til utvuimf.i't th tinn tiui-n Ji.n Iy. Tlv li ! juti) tw limn t nt iur pliff 'it Im-m . ilARillXOIViN BRfril. i.- ItiirIiti2lon,fK-t t. Irt. llmS jiA.tUMUnM'j. ( xmpmiim:. i rinsK win J wth a No. 1 nrtit'lf (" Ch''mpVn nn fin I it m Ihirrinjiton'' Tut- prior m n iIhi-.m! u CD ''frit- gtlion, 15 ewprr nut. As onrln'iu-'Sfj will b i.i 1 lure rtitiri'Iy lur ctn'i, - shall nlf'r.J thills' lit our t- -tiiw Jiartnuton, 15 U l. Jiiw ' SH'CK V.'iriMT I'l.UL'lt, i iiiii fiiinrvp, i) ju-t reieivcd by A. S. Di;VT i SVW IV MM. mni'or.r. li souu inuul in a -ootid body. Without t'li-,, neither vieorol the con--litittion, s'lrenth ol p irp ise, in t.vny nr iu-. can lie cp-'i'l".l II i- nbno-i Ihe sole i-oiidiiinn nl heiilih, and a- -ueh .-hould ree ive the eiiiln-t nil 'iitiou.bnili l.mii invalids nnd those who would nut becume -1, When the dn; 'stioti is si irhily nnpiun d, llieie is tin n-ce-siiy nt a vinii-nt nr p.uirai-ted cum-e nf niedieine, which a'lier a little temporary relief, leave- th" -of-lerinsr patient wors" than belme. Ilj a tuii-ly re- coul-e to some t.'Ulle llpel l"llt like lit Wood'-'Sir- .-iparilla and Wild Cherry Hitlers, the I0.-1 ble 1111; may be reeoveied, and health rciniticil. Tins d, Inrlufiil ulterative anil p-n. nt meiheiiic, has alieadv ....... ,1... I....... -I'.l... ..,.1.1... V...I i.i'i, ui- i.ii..i "i in.- j'uuin , .mil iiiu?l uuuii me -n I'j ... , t , .1.. 1, ....11 I... I I n., II J - I 111 CO I S, 1), u". ,ii i.t-eeiiii, 1111 1 ii eui-iii 11-iiii-JV, Ul illli e - .1 - ea-yand uentl.. 111 its np-ratinii. ninl certain, -aluiary I " '"'Jio i. u 1 anil ueei leu 111 ns eiieri. 1 110-e vvtio tiave tru-tl u will require 110 leemiimetidiilion, and those who have not, and arc aniicleil vvitli Itidiesiion, Impure Hlood, I .i it Ciiinplamt, Itbe'iuiaii.sni, and all that cla-s of di-ease, vvli're a cii'e ts entirety dependent una cood digestion and healthy slate ui the Hlood, -hould cer l iinly give it a trial. At Puis it Sn..vr.. wi ml nw-Meaunn.fcj' Ajci3fa,i: r. s . .gatjjcjsfcym 'Pn a-urer's Ollii-e 171 T.ciiiOiit Uow. Ibi-tu'i S. II 5VAI.I.Y. Iloton Oet 23 1 3 16. Trca-urcr Hwa Da. is Hi. luv : BlOTATOnS .isi) Wiinn. V.ti:iio r- U count-or ill c'! for ll-mls and Shoes, l-i'l bu-'le1- PofllO'-s anil olJeonls ' i Wood. ll'nv'J OJtl'2, Hlli J. II. l'i. ATT ' - WYPOiUPrnTKOl'' SODA ITU. SI'I'I'IA' 01" ' ii about evi ry article 1:1 the TUP. AllOVi:. 55'ITII DaejueireotvLie line. I'ur Sale bv lSw-2 'I1IIIXSM UD ,t IIROTIIIIIIS. WANTfD Onn Conl-iil'IIeiiilock Who I. for which -vV.V. half Ca-h will b; pjiJ an I t.i- remainder J 1313. III.! VS I.V.5I .. HAS received mie cn-e I.adie's heavy ICid walking Slines, Kid lined, nt nne Dullar a nair. al-o l'ar vvell's and 51au-h"ld's walking Shoe-, cloth and h ntli er ll.isknis, Ki.l Shps, te .te. I,ow priced Ha-kin-, cheap ruuaiound Siilis at '.!" -.VI, S O

Mrn's Palnt Ilubber-and -trapped Over Shoes. Ladies Patent Rubbers and Itiibb'T Ilu-kins. Oet '211. 17 lint id lini'- Cntt' .jr.) IMntr. .S77M Yi:i) Oil STOLRX RDM tui: I'Asrrin: or Tin: Vav It '-H larm, a Pinail litovvu Horse, has "ni th" heaves Snllle. Is tllllli'l' old ine ."t 11 l.t'ie e. 'k' ' Any p -r-on who can itive miorinati in of Inui wu, ii -uitablv levvarded bv i n sii'isenlier who tiny b" feint I liv ntipK 111 lo J . Potter, nt the store tinnerlv k. jit by Poller ii,i I llawlev. GII.liL;ii.T HLAlb . lliirliuton, O tuber 15, Hlfl. lhw-S f()TI('iL .ilit. YiiiT(05in. hwi.nt. siicr- l' red the -erviei-'nl ,lr I V M'tr.llH K. Ill" CI '" irn- te-l Vio'uui-i. is pi-'par-.1 in lunn-'i inu-'e for Il.t, - l'.inies ,y, nil nil-nil .I, e l.-m-s I,ell'-i.s add.-. ti lo It. li luteoiiih, Ilur.ifigtuuA t vvui receive pp-uipt atteiinon l!nrlui,'ton, 1'2 0,-t 13115. lfi.3 "MOTHER'S RELIEF." rp() M i:iili:n LADlUrf, thf Mnth(TH MM. a 1 jiviurme w nic'i MMir,i4 iw tn-;i rec:imi' f t. w, i.ov'i-;i.i.. li.vj E. LYMAN 0Pri:Ui to let thrStrm in ih'- Wick wart' Hl-ik. illftlTtcb. 1. . . I . I ... ... ,1.1 ., ,'. .1 . I . rr , , .1 il.hi Id I WOiV C- UUU O IIIIU'US. an 1 il'euj'.it in view ol'oar bulliaui s ijeesi iit'.Io.ile- Mr Sun-i' call -d for a siafment uf facK n.yr j Mr How replied tli it Ih ' only statement he had to Mr Ihrria.Unn renruked that h" ui'ieh regretted in ike was, th it in Hi:ith-re wa-pud out ul'ih; State t'l it no ic.i- i. is were n-si!ii;d I ir th laii n of th-1 Tieasury lor bear certilu lies, $2i.i,iii '11 'J H,in '!. narff'snnle ns n-i our cavern- om.ui i?m... ui "ii i-'-iiiii'--iit- hi i. -. m .1 m.i: s'.-1 Hill Ml 1.11 'III. 'Til ill '.it vvre ul a very grave character anj il iiiuuil;il e.vpla laii-in. Wu id ul'iri'ir r.-in-k th; q ns'io'i of a 1 quins the am i I.u it v is 1 1 i "i. ail r-i.t'lin th afiii.n i li. ", 22 ti 7, il'tiri. I'.i'll.lIi iiU'iJi, Mm;r,Pi';, its pij ail li i I si'.v.ll 1 1; I ;u p of-'i. in i 1 1 i ti ni isji, S inth a 1 1 ilur Jtin j 1 1 th - it vitive vv -"i.t siak? hill o f II in iv I 1 1 1 iv I i; bid o i Ti"i'itiuii ree I'm u i u tienbiplio.ini the t!t ta , ,st M Tnnii'i ,' 1 1 1 1", l'i a-n 1 1- r i i -u as i,u 1 1 I, Mr Vilas , i;, m mdivi-ion. in 'it i u i-1 i'il '--1 ri. , I htknv nvt.ivii' T i I'. -. I;'it I "i I I it I ilivis.iu . Air 5'ilas ih;u Tn-eii. i I r n-e'i I i u th? .n mn i 1 it o, ir I - ill w 1 1 1 iv 1 1 re i 'lull m o 1 1 1; t liile, 1 1 ir.v ; op- rn-a n 1 1 n nt oi -li il wis - t I, 1 ij tu 'J,au I p rl 1 1 iy .o' es i ul 1 u.u.i 111:01113 c.n tli; 1 II w i- o 1 'p- Ilia t.ii. I tea Ii . :i jai i.t lue t ivern ne 11. A icivin S'nitr l!'prli--Ai Mr Ilalley, .vlr S.n Ih si.d h; vvtiteJ opiortu illy to s'n-.v by fro 11. 1 11 if 01 llniks. in fivor of th; b.lli'ui- t'l prop-r d hiimi mis tli u chaij-'s 1 1 t'r icbuioi pa at- a 1 1 Wu In 11 I'r nn I mi riivm ts C i.npiuy, vv 'cut ly u ii 1111J -I. Oi: ciui.w hi 1 b-e:i inv.- wit'i 111 a 11 1 1 n "it In-iii'it it at li aui 10-0'-, I" 1 ti - 'III 1 1 1 1; I i;n t Tiiio-y, 11 n 1 1 1 ur prop- am - ti n a lipi I. a 1 l.nini mu 01' VI-. Vint, in 1 erty h 1 1 .x'j.iiij.i is.-atel. aui n haJ been ui.'o .a ,.11,7, ,, ' V: .,. C,n ih ah.,:; i 1 Air, . , n',.ll rem irked lint li e S-nator fo n Onn3; ' 0.m ., , . .J, m,-, m.k.ur; ,t th pruluunl iusi'ii -11 ; ti - b.ii wisu'It'I tiati'rlieili'U. liy hi I nt ol i."l lie u 15 nl res 1. Hum, vvll linmj Mr, I M irii.iiili'Ciiiii'.it"nir,mii.',atiiii,tti H- iy n.'i"i, 14 tutu wu I 1 un ally evil; bin s, a ii' 1 1 ni th- h'tn; law, tint ntiu ii;ys nn 1 i'.i ) vv no not s;uti're to ilh'iu lii-v nuioiil in 1 -Up i't.1 oi-s -'nil oily b-nsj.-s'l t.vj p-r q 1 :s.u is.but 1 1 c 1 1 1 1 1 1" 111 'l.vsu 1.1; appro.iriil; c it "il 1 1 'ii uiiuu'i! n; ; hi 1 on th? t ible lly iy ijreoi'S'eiiii 1 it l.'.'i-.aiui 1 M.11 U...1... ... 1 1-.1.. tlr. H-i.-tir, 0,1 1 i) is V 1 la-ll in 1 .'i less wei-e I i-v full ... 'or,,', nu; ft- riilii-tu ll'.A ail I.i'lhr.-'it fi.-re 10;r,,f ailej ,t,o ,s agamst thefr I Hi-;.m I l!i ', ;;'l,l,u''V V.'lmrnl'V.1; L Cd.u.u'iv. nissTl lle.VIrlii to 1.1,0 n th JjJie.arv Gov rnu.ent, nml rem-; all e.M i.itiun. llfiiz L1V1 Alt u n h' 11 line ol C I11.1 1 w co.u iiiu -e, ! . w 1, ! it h lib' -n reo.n 1, 111 favor ' Air Cram hop-1 th it this dis.'.i ,.,0,1 mi- it be iost- ei nioiil ; rel-rieil f . in- J u. 1 . 1 r) 10 iiiiu e n 1 1 ii. 1 a it -11 Jm I.- f,3 c ban. 'ii o li. S , si that pi.iM mini rme-r rie a ijo-iru 11 -,n mine i.-'i-i.iiure, ',-.. .,,1.., ........ ..r 1. .,. .. l.h, .,il,.,., th-v were-,, .b.,,s.,l. c!,l re. nil Jrm ihe rt nale ul the cii.-u-; ot 1.111IJ111-J the s'alc "n") a-lva l"J "''" "i','"ii- "i -"-"' f 1 '.. .. " . . ..... 1 IV..,.,,,-,1 ... ,t. in, 111, il iiiiiiutiMi mi c ui.-ii ,,7 iiir-nw 1 ii., - --" 1 11 1 r 1 lie ll.iu-e iilil"l)iliiiem l 111-- 0111 in iiiii-Tiiiiuii-iii ni 11 -.Ci. 111 '15 82J. in 'US Si); an I 111 his 111J '.nent ill's; co.i-i I mine item 1111 jiit b; av;J to the slate vvitlio it p lube d luue -nt. Alt S.iui.i, 1. 1011. 1 nut oppos.-d to the bill, moved 10 lay it, tn i.i-pns -ut, n t tu.-lible ; cane d. ii. Air ro-ier.iroui the Ju liei uv committee, in fa vor ol tne Hon-; bill so am nlii's-c-. 5 anj 17 uf clnp Vj nf It S., tint courts in iy .it t.u irtdis.-retio 1 impose cith--r or both ot the peualiies, --p vili 'dm each secuoii , p'i-t.d lly Ih" s nne eoiirniilec , 1:1 tavor of prcerre' 1 ic 11 ins-0111 n-i in 1 10 in.- u-uoiai ui piupvi-, ,.nu I u.i ih' rible. U 1 111 mon "f Air. II jiij' lull provi Jm.; lor Ine b'UTiinuaj.'iii'.it ol Hi.- Si 11 l'uuuces, hy.ippoiut ri eo 1 uy au btoi-. t j aa la 1 1 ajeai its 01 st-ue'- ul t r 1 'j'-, c 1 r.vs s.i -nil'-, ,j ,an I ileii iiu t.ieir duiics, was 1 ii; -n up a 1 1 urderej to be en 'loss -d. L, igivn't ll.'n. Inaliitioii to ih- act relating n cj.11 mit.v, in c.i' nt th - ili-jbibty 01 the clerk, to 111 ik 1 1; ii'tirn. uu iired bv I iw, ui ih" sciiol irsuf the ilislnet. pitn'il. KeJ.icillit capilll si li-lv nl Hie Hi ik 01 .ill I beau.y. the ell irter nl vvlii -li w.i- e.vle.i ded I it s '--SIOU, ti jTj.'J'J); pi--ed. I'l lld.lltloll lo , Cllip llul ll Sus Uevtell I lll'juiisjl. llollulshcr- I ranees llfiiltiti'i.i lly Air liieh.direciinlbe lnbraii-in to In New 5 ork. on th llthimt., CmaLrs Hcrv II vi.!.. Al. 1)., nf ilus villaj;.., 0 Alis l,.;i-.v i; Ci.ikre of .Ni-vv York In Ver"nn-.,ouih'27ihi'it at S, PaV'sfrirch, by '.he 111 Pi 'v . Ill-hop Ilopkms, l'r.Entuics I: Woot naus.b, lq ,Ci.un-ellar nt I.nw, 10 AIaky 1'. daugh ter uf AIjj. S. Hal-ey, Cbamplain Arsenal. In thia villaj" on the "lih in-t. Airs. N'antv AIaimv, con-on nf Hiram I,-iiulon,ii-,'ed "11 years. In Sheldon, Oet. '22. 1.rcv l'.viii.Y,you-i-;-;-tdiu-t'. terol widow Jane Sta.ilebeen, ttg'ilayuiiH II) monllis an I -2 davs. Ii liinil boro', on th- '23th intt , Mn. Hvnv:i. wit of th'laf Air. .1 mai n 1 S ihsb' I I'd vears lu Mi Uli-s -x, '2 ih m,t., AI.ind.v.n v C. wi,"- of Unfits .51 ilit 1, iij. I j, 1'i-i.itiT i m Ahsnein'tts are re. q-l ted efc. 0 1 ih; lllt'.i int., h the town of O.ik, P.o-k Co., W. T., I.'iu'l W,irrei,a;. 55, a inti,-,. uf .51, Ul !; illedthc Gerinati Store It Ins be -ii tti'iroueJilv refined, Painted .c. and is in fjood cundition lor mi ll. cd ale us.-. ll.irliii!iton,'2J Ojt Hlfi. Hivtf IJUS. LAXfiWOKTIlY insi'sTiiTitKivKi) ITS n full -iqiply ol lashionabl" Alilhner and Ouey 1 iuii's, eo.ll lliip, ill p. 11 1 ' i run ..iiiu?, i i-i ui-, i e,.i -, e,--, lilbb.) I-. I'eatiiei-ail I l.aei--. ALSO, tn.i-t.llit- I Iy u 1 hand llnimcls and Laps nt th" lievve-t -lyle, iinJ pill r.i .v In a -b--i'tl-r- l"r -ale nt the lnvve-l ca-h pie- - Milliners -uppiie.l al a -.nail advane.'. Auso, (' 11 i' lii ijlet-an I l'i 1,1 1- nl lb mi Hair l,.l nun. i.l), I 1 "-r -21-t. 1 id 17vv3 9.('ll..(!l. o.v, LivKKPOiii., ij iiJinb ir '!i. I) ibh'i an I Gi i-i iw, 17 I'ur sale by .1 t .1 II PUCK ,t Co. GEOLOGY OF VERMONT. f5IJi: Secnu I annual Ileport.ol th" Geuloyy of the I Stale ol Vermont Ihiail.iypubb-beil, C. GOODItlCH. liuilniirtoii Oct '20ih IMG. 17 ai.vii.ui ii.,i 1 nr. 1, me 1 ronate ,;on , iViinles nlmui tolK-eum" mot her-, and n.-un-i 1 iim r.iij if l. in t rL.Niii.s .ss. ) Limn mr me 1 ii-inci 1 1 a.;if0 tlelivcrvin nil ta-es vvle-ie mal Innnatuui or Chittenden To aii p-rvms concerned 1:1 th" listate nl U.ivid Day, (lale jr.) late ul said Ditnct,d Cin-s-ll, Gr.tLTIVI. Wni'.r.l'vs, Genrje Whitnev.aihiiinistratnr nf ihee tate ot sanl tie. -ome uunatunil circu'ii-ianees do not prevent. The repuiati-'ii of tlusariiel", tlioudi -dent, lias become so extended as to proilu an iiinneiis.. ileuiatid A ii'itimlili I intei, I. il tutli-Inr tlie eVenl lhi)-e il.rectll 1, prnpo-e- to render an account of tt,.n-teil an I tli"ir phy-u-ians, is prepared for ra- his admuii-tiatiiiti. and nre-eni his account atnin-t s.iide-lite lor exainmiiiiou and allovvaneeat a -e-sion ol the Court nf Probate, to ! iioId"ii at lbe Ilem-ier'.-olliee in -aid distriit.ou the si-cond Wcd 11 Jayo! oveinlier ne.t Thrrefnrr , 5'iiu arc hereby notili;d to appear before -lid court at the lime anil place aforesaid, and show c.iu6e,itany 5 on luve.why the account alja'said-lutild 1101 II" auoVV'e.1 tuitous disiribuiio'i vvheie th. Uehel is torsale. As we are thu- obli!."il to come before ihe public, we take thencca-ion to ay, that if lbe mciease ol the call tortile 51other's lleliet, wherever known, be any jiuide to a direct npminii to lie lorined nlth" nnn ill vvhteh it 1- held, we have the -ali-l.u lion ol believing thai it lias been Ihe mean- nl alieviaii.iij an infinite ri mount ul -ulleritiir.unJ many ,ilu.iiite live- wherever il lias n -en used iiuruii: tii'-aisive Given imJi-r mv band at Iljrliniton this '221 diy of, ,K.rl,.,..,-p rooted pre.u bc-s have mven vviv t , an ,,,li..r V IV i-te. , . . . 1 . , , ta.-h ii, nt ni.'im.slth oolj-olii debtor, if Ii- believe he mini on their own e.p;iis M?',' r ISV " I ?,: : t '"V t" uma . Ve nrk" I .hi.,',- Presid-n, ha I de- chap ! I .,1 li S, and Iheir amend,,,, n, In lull in re tli-b.,1 am 'iih n-theneto'l '15, reluiui lo c'l.uiiun chied lb- pies ml resoluuo i m Iivis.ble. an I h l-ilio.i lo lb-colleetiuii uf taxes wine loiiiurre.l in. S Im us, sins 1 1 a'u'isi th; olli-e uf Cojtily sjp;nn- no npp Ml ha 1 bv.i taken, the ihi-ussion ha I cvideui- J twine l!i.tnr.T.s. liy General Loiiinnttee, agaui't ten I -in , b,ll in I "i ul -Iy posipi-iel. i Iy un- -,n i.n dnsiti-i.ietio.i II ua I in Ins inuul al petiimii nf J S II iiber.iu I others, and Ihiybad bave I tie tt.u r,'.n ) t'lin r tn? Julicnry syt"ni nl tna pr...;e i -in w .n -a i-e: n. -.-.i i o imur- vvuaiu u-,- , 10 Wiiiuravv : n.iiiorinefciipi'i.- i..u.', .n,., m. ..n.-j- Mlle was flK lb" e.uti.nltt r,'.n ) t'lin t tn? Julicnry syt"ni nl tna pr...;e i -in w .n -a i-ie n. -.-.i i o imur vvuaiu u-,- , 10 Wiiiuravv : n.iiiorinefcupi'i.- i..u.', .n,., m. m..-;-, ik-iiup, an I the nurnJuients propgs.'d by dju il; lly rt- i d as the lii'.i'.t autbority. A bill which was explained mid s.i-iam-d by Ale--rs rt.nuli wren I'i'ite.l. ! linkup app-oprialioin lor war wnh .51 'Men, Willi a ul Weston, an I I'.nrchild. Air liu-i ll, ul Ii objected '1'ii'G iveriinrn mil -1 th"Snit'!l!ntn vaean -y ha-1" d;.'l irmij that ih war ei-id by an :i"t of oepurreil m in lr-i In,' id - lirst division of ihe iiiihua, Al .ieo, h 1 1 been mtroiiueci inn, nie national House by th pro.n-it.oi of(i mi. Isaac AlcDiniels. ol It .pres.'.itaiives, nu 1 iioiwiin.iin im- ne cime-l II ills' I'n Sp -akif anno meed the select commit- prot-iaiio n ul a re-p 'Cible vv is sjie.n i ly tee in usury, lu wit .iuuiie, ltoyce, Albee uf il;cide I by ihe irieii Is ol Ills a luimi-ir iiio-i llul ihe Vc-lmini-t,T, V',leox an 1 Ilarvvooi. bill an I p.c iui'ile vvre on- n i i msepirable. J'tlUivm referre l Of J C lli;!'i"e, lo General Air Vil. is rc-prided ih il the his!h precedent spoken mmniiih. iVC S llio i unl oibers. on nedhrs. and 1 of bv ill" Suiitor was not ni analo 'uus case. That Iflm.i ('. inis im I nth'rs. lo coiiiuultee ot Wav-3 and I wis a bill this a resolution. It had not been shown nmenil .-ban 2I It S clin-lellill ' it 'an act lireseilblll .Means. I t icrc was. a rule requirms a division in the manner in winch Uiuds shall be tiled for injune- lUiiluUin liy air l.resory, lorn joint committee si -a q i '-no is . G-iian uiii a rule lo mat i-nect, lion-, atul il was passi'il. liy i.em-rai ivi'iiiuinti-c lint the bill would nrevcnt buwun Ilr amusement which Air S.mtii I' ntroverted. A inolion loilismi-s in i,i, wasiu-i, into 13, and lbe lull was la, I o.i ihe table, liv- Jii.liciaryconiui'tlee.hilltruni tueseiiiile in iiiiieuilmeiit tntne act. n an iition lo cnao. II I! S i, -Icring lbe tine nr nu net prowum-rior wrns oi atiacn- inei.i when leinnts hoi lover, ivaucu was areeu u, ami Ihe bill ordered lo a 31 reading ; S -naie lull lo y.ti:i). A Tthisnfihe.nsan .pprenti;e tn to the Piintinn V bisin-.i, a b iy fmiu litu 1C years uld. apiihcitinll i j li;ce?siry. Oet. Ill, li lii. .VAdverti"ii "its,tii ensure insertion in lb' I'ree Press, m-i-t b- iianjej in as early us 7 o'clock Thurs tlay liioruui 's. "DESPATCH STOVE f i i vtsivit.!) .i rvi:. hii, 'P ' ,,n' "' 'hi-superior and celebinieilSiovc, ....un, i -p euuiiy eau pu-uie an, -nu, 1:1 tn 1 1 lany adva-ii-i -whiehrt coiii'iine- in nn- r,,i-,. iiieiii.ceonomii ,il. Inrabl", compict.nid beauiiiul ar licle.of i.ioie cip. iiy tur ti 'at and cookm.' p.iriio-es. Ill in any oilier ever olfere.l in the public. Jrsl, 1 Ul 114 nx'i:n:('i:! IS u nci: is b.-r-by rtivi-n. that I have irivcti my Son, Wii.i.i.vvi l-ni.iii ne K Hi nLT, his 11 me ilu- ri'U tn 're,,,-,,,, I -rut Ins 11111i1.r11y.ini I vv.ll claiui none nt In- 1 -inn ie-iur pay nn v d -ois ol his contracting inui tins dale . HCItVUY UL'ItNET Iiurlington lo O.-t. 13115. 17vv3 e liriee October Mi 1-1.5. 13 rT ,STOiJ uxpcf ii'ii'lv r-'turiH UU thntiks to 111) fririhN an 1 mtruii-i Itr l!i lininl it:iirtin:iiT hi- Ins nrvi fil t!i ji t-t Miiinn.T, nn.l a.nls htm,lf oi liu' in's.nt oipttrtiimt nt nucruiij) tlmn thai he j i.ii rvi-i ni j,ui mijijuj ni r' ijif DRY GOODS ii. GROCERIES, Which be if Sell upon t, nn- iliat caniii.1 fail la uii piiieh,-'-is 5I.-.0 Co-iauil) on hand, a ee-ueiui a oriment uf rr.ta-la.' C-Z'SiZ?) I'spic ally ilr Mrt.gld l)mhlr Ccen Di'P'ilrh Caik i" .sorr, which no i-mi ly sh.uil I lie vvuh.ui who wi-li.-s toe. n.iumi-,. f . n, NIW. two-tliirds the labor leqillled wnh any oilier rv'o l,Slil-OllV lllo.'k.(. huii'li si ) Jliiihuioii, Oi t 20, luifi 17 OclnliDr SOili, is III. NEW GOODS. Niw Y,k a Inm usirtinin nt (IjotN winch U.'tubcr, A ) 1310. ! iliil nn 1 i-i i ikhil viirl.--ii.i'i-.()i irntuii.i-?. hihI a v i-li Wixi 1T0., Ilfgistcr. , (iftiii(l on Uu'ir iiurl", ft" fir a piijtt'.i b n i'-fc. " i .Meihrnl men of li.jr.i MiiiiiUnj J;ii-' irnl t'n i miu ir (t Ar!,.-J,v1, "Mrt-l L.'iim ' a-!viiov k-dij.. lor tint it., ir ir.-ju.lnvs mu-t bo W III I C 1 L lOUllllIii i niHliHVli-iiiit.ii ;;1 -s tor n, v O Alt uwe now-A, an inv.i-u tu mil tin -imic of I.Vntl)- latU or .ItitltJ tt Onlrr. J our ucnu andprueure a pituplikt Mitlmut duri;'. rjMW Sn!Hcrlr ln jim r wnd from New York j ; A UAliTHOUC LU , n Jitrut in(l ut 11 m 1 -r 1 nutriment of Ucaiiy KochesUT, .N . niT'l'' t"l't .Jit if mi w .ncli mnv If fouiiil ' I or !xle by Hroul r.otlt 1'r.M U it ii 1 )r-i Catu, uvvt Snrks an-1 I , I LLK A, l i u, P' Twm.,1 (numl owr Sark-.hnav tin" authorize! sTpnt- f.-r tins pUcp mid vitimtv.whu Hoili tru. ki lor Imw-i w-ar, K-ii'y' n d-i di, 1 fan al-tp -upply l)iu;siHts ut thu Prupriciois Vhulu- IMot i-ltitu Sat'k. Vi an 1 Pnnts of eu'ry Vuricty . Cloths, Cainii rt", 'V wd-. V--tmT and Triniiiiin(;s. i i-.hi- - wliichtV- will nrik" n,t to ord-T in jond -tyio, tit a j)HOV," SHIIUTINC IS Winutki and m!i.j Pinail aJaiiCf Ii"iu K-ady luid mr Call sin I s-.e. i 1 il'- an 1 mmlaic ol IJrnwn thi'ttin tor sfi'cby J MlI.S AinVliuM., i Sej 't Hit). VILAS &.NUYhri l)-ip t mid Tiulor.Ui irrli M i Ilurlinstnn.O't J3, HIiJ lTwtj ! ym, iMlurtiliam, nMii Solomon Vi'hcatoir IrSTATnorVKUMOVT.? fllK rrohnt- Court ) H'ti.t C't- XV nd-i.-v- S ('"" Umt f f 'inttcii it'll 1 4i iili ii -tit i iMtfri-u-d l'i th- fpt. tf nf Si II. II. DOOLITTM (HTi::t mil V. It.rmni, ..ha- Nioiimi. hc..i..n, ht of ilf, n i h ii.v s.'I.tiiou of I inxvnw. whieli , U" J""-tui 1 ri;t;'1"1 'A; ,(f ' rn-v' , pMatf, (rn liit-d in sijul Court hiii jwtitic'i. in miiiiii;, -.'ttmt'tnli tliat h'-ii"liis,!i'j unJiiidrd (iftlipit ih r- of in common w it It tiie oth-T h'-iM to wu 1 f-tntt'. a' d irnviiiir --aid Court t jordri putiuoit tlir ot tob tintl-; aiiioiiiT fjjf fcv nil wroii- o itnli't! th n to and to ap point foiniiii-'-itiier.' to inHki wich partition, ai al y M tht -fitntf in ucii ca-Hj nmdf and tnm ivd WlifreuHi.i. thf Omrt afon''iid doth nptimt ih' ' ond UVdiu-lay in NovriiuVr, ltC, t r hciiau ! dM'idiii(;im saithMMiti-m at thf oil'ivc ol the ivt-i-ier of nnl c ouri m soul imriitut ti-n oc!(k-k in tn lur- -' imnii.niid d-)th mdrr tlli't all jwrkiti- lMrrett,d Ik- lio I titled ilicri't-f by tuihlidtlion I tluonlcr, comaii-ip.; the I 'i!i-MHvol--aiJ jwtition. thrit wtvk1-cu'Tfv-i' in tin il lrluiirtoii IW Trc-.-, a tn v-t.iwr j-rmtrd m i I j Itu.-liiifEiou. tlw la-t ol whit'h I'ubliciinon--lo W , uui Mitld'oind Wt'tinc-.lav in Noi'tub-r 1 -s 11. (iivcn under mv hami t!iN Jth clav ! U.t hir. IS id. ! ' U.M WILTON, A'iWrr JJ)J will he sold virv low- lori-n-h. orereilit. viz- llv-on. I I' 1 llr-ui Shin I M. . I'ovvil.-reil i, Vull'iL-llv-.n f 1'"''' l',.r,oi:,eo& t" mill l'ouelioii J Huvaiiiiu J lV'ier, Sjiii-, (linger, Xutmetrs, C-iA-ia, Cloves. II il-iil-, Siliirulus, liu-i-. ("i.'-'ifl, Starell, Soup, Mo-la-es, Coilil-h, V O. I -.Mill 1 ill"). 17vvli linl'lii'ii Itnhe-. IliitTilo llohi'S ju.-t receiveil ninl fur -ate bv I' -VII. II UOOI.riTI.B Oet.Siih 17 wl! 'jpiIIJ SnwmnEit, i.Tnoi-Tiii: ri:Ki.i.v 1 Ilu'is,', Ili.'lurit Srui,'-, n ;ie 'tfully nmioiin. res thai h" has rmu 'J Hi u'-'Ve i-i i!ii,-h.ii"iil vilueh i-now open lor i!i- ,ii-i-,iiuiii l.itnm uf Hie puh lie It ha Intel) been fnteil up uiiii tunn-he.! in a .-lyle im- I V!i STITI' ! I"u-ry inaleriolforilyins lih i- coa-e un.l Im- li, l'or sale ill I 111 ,. Ilf't'tl tiliri'll1-i,l nl i- ,...1 1 !..... ll ins inoii-r inn -pi.ieeila.luve Hi- mime linnetin "in o-.-ii,i in a miuu nuvuiue lori-i-uur approieil . a - il i-, ul'ih h.-inl ot one of th pn.ieui'il flreei-, ! I -tlv. .V bi'i..U.V oflhehre ; one lll'-e oven. ,K-eup) liw t'l" vvlli'le In-- "ViV'-,;';VT,V"i1"liI, 'rt "' 1f';'l'M,l-".r,,l'',l''-.,V''!- ' illliMllo-ld,'hii',lll'.ll iHirtlonot Ihe pre-'llls , - ol lu- Move, VV'hl.'.l, by .1K.rilll"llt, Ins prove.l itself '"j"' bi' Ulneh. lue nn.l l.olil . M,-,l I loth- , ,r,r ttr.l,-tlT.ll-lo the truvller for ple-lMire ; while liriil. (' !)VS li'-TATil. tobero'i'illo iilir.elMivi'ii tor nil Lakin r,, . er i !U,p ,k ,,nck an, fauey ( a-iineie-, , me it .,,, M, f ,r ri-rn....-.! from the l-ini---poiti,..iol the ,.,,,,.. , .,...,, ,..,.. (llnn,VT nu .-o h-is anutlieroven ol -miller dun- ii-ious. Im-h 1 !'-"J1".- 'lo' , ,;d ,ln- ,li',U town us to .uf-r any ineouveiiieii.-e lo the in in of bus- 1 'f Mil. SI Uv fill II 1 1!-. II V M. I.l.-. A1T0.-,T' o Ihe lin-lnu. mill over the nek un 1 1 nt il. I.,,..., I niils lor l.nli. - iin.l ( lul, n-nV )n is nr (lna .ui V. u i , i , I ,, v He I.morable l'mliate Lu-ni I r t,i Dis nf thtv.-ir.mi eaeh House lo tit uu jn a il iv ol adionrii. u'l.lisnute I an I t-xnlii-it. 1 ie vlrou -Iv-hoiieil tint the tnent t pi-.'"!, nni llir Sneaker appointeil .vlerwrs Senate wouM I iy the resolution uu the table, iu order (irej-ory.Kuss'llul 11 aui Suiihe, on ih? put of logive Seintors ihe opponu my, whieli llu-y deaired, llo'i. I ut ili-pruvm us grave ulleitious. ltepirlnMj (J meral committe-, iiniust bill rela- '1'ne uiJliun tony vvasthe i tiken.ainl wis lo-t by ting to the niipointiiieut nf ju-lteeii, nml it was hi 1 on 1 nvote nl y to lit .Mes-us lii-llow-, l-'ilielJ, ll-irrintoti. the lable. lly eoinuiiltee ol lileetions, the il-po-uiuii ' Al iii-t, l'aire, Itieh, Uobiiisuii, Sliiilh.uud Vilas to. nf Stephen Smith in referenee to th' re-elen-e ol .Mr I tnu m ihe nUiriiiutive. liolsu-r, the return - J in 'in'i"r Irom Alt. Tabor, ne-oiu. I '1'ne q I'stum reeurnn? upon th pissije of the res. jnnieil with lie- u'solutioii that .Mr Holster isnotenii. nlutio.i, it was di3-usseilut great length by Mr Cu-h-tled to a B'll. resilutio.i wa-ieje.-ieil, b7 to 57, mi l in its favor, atni Alssm. Vila-, Smilli, ami llar mi't IliesiUj,'.-! vv is reeu.nuiilteil in th'i'oui n'tlei- vvilh iiiijtou in ihe neg-itive I'istriieiiu.ei lo r p ul a reotulioii deeiarni Mi IlilsIT 'I ue i) r'-tioi was taken some tinn alter candle, minted to i - il Tn- co.u nut ! ni-. ,ii-ni.y re- lii' I re-ulf,l as follows " nonej ileii 1. i-iy. uu I lie res iiutioii vv is pis-.-1 i eis M -.s s. li ovv-s. Il-nin, Ii-aJIey, ayrs'JJ, no s 7.'. o,i i Mr llji-ter app arej unJ was Ilru.v.i.-li, jlirtou, ( iiutetideii, Clapii, l.'ranu Cii-h- woniaii'i m---ni inui, iiiOJiM, llilluii, lloilais, it I, tgriHetl ht'lt In alteration of chip. V I! S j 1 .Morse. O inn, Siiiinud- li. reg,il4tin,'jii,niuiioii of erieiiiie.sciiy courts ; rela. .N iys r'l.i 1 1, 1'ot, llurrington, .Miner, Page, ti.u n removal uipiup'rs; reiiniij lo m in uitieers j i lioiimsou, Mnuii, il.i-t -I. i.l reUlioii tosile oi realiiate by exeeutors.audiii ad- i 1 1 nine The cli lir innoiiiiee,l ihe cominitleeini ex ihtio.i to cuip H ll Ss'v-erally pus-d, p-ii Inures lor lb'' Ins iiie Asi-lum Mensra. I.-ivvreiice, i ne ju .n-.-iitf "-- nni wu mn fcuu,eci was reaj a Mory, t.oii verse, i.nri, unit uieiiarusoii. lliird tune ami p-m-ed item, cuit. We.lneilmj, Oji. SI. "Smite. 1'rayer by ihe rinplain. . Jiitgiunetl tiI Ineorporitinjj the Corinth Aea deim ul lusiiu'.on; pms-l S) iiiuuiJiu s-ctiu.i fiSelnp. II that vvuen Ih" phuuiir, Ins uent or altorn y. th ill file alii Ii. il. 111 il the d.-ien J-nt is about la remove (rum tli' I Ins feretel about jus ii;rso.i or el.s.'vvh -re, in jn -y or nth r prop riy, the writ liny !Je a 'im-i tin holy j pi-d, ali.-r the 11,1,1,111011 uf an am 'nliiieut, prepared br .Mr llolg".s, itwriiiij; the words 'or ab--'iuil' ahi-r 'remove.- in i-umruc-lion oi'lhe act nl ' U relatm to tin trustee hw, -1 tint in case non-r-sident debtors 0.1- ropy of ihe writ u'-aiiuil each nl mieli il-blois, lull with one uf tbo trustees, uhali be auliieinul serv ice us regards debtors ; F1Jomt Iteiilutmn Uy Mr. Harrington. requesii,K he Oivei.ior u np,niui 11 couiuiitiee 01 three 10 visit tlu; riui.' rnon, au tiieexiinmiiioii ol mluars and iiin -i-tiHtf ni uceounl', oui'.triiui a table ol the an. ualcip'-.m's, uu I aniuil n imber olp.HJ.i.'rsMiiea ns ,iabl.i,.ient, and alw lu eiw lire li the 1 rim co.ild noi be a tv-inwa '"."ly ' i! u',un tlla Fiti-ofa inarbie ouiriy- . . , . . , 0.1 Wt L.Moiiv.iis hunda b-dofinartfl tup'rio- Jlrimli. Ilv Julieiirv comniiltee. n'-ainst bills in alteration of chap. Sill S , nn.l relating to the judi rliry,!ltld they were dl-mis.-i'd, being Hlpeiseded by llieju henry bill U-lon-jn-s-il ly (i 'iieral minimi-tee,iigjin-t i 'litiuii ol Jueob Spi ar nnd ulhi-ni, and llu-y ll id leave lo witti Iraw. lly Ju heiury roui.iiillei! Senile lull relitmg to tax'-s, and it was ordered ton UJ reading ; Senile lull relating to the ju heiary, wnh tin am uJuient reining to i-.-rnil ti rins vvliieh vvns agreed 10, auuiiie mu was I'.vs-to 1:1 ro.ieurrenee, nv jinn eiirycoiuinilti'.', lull 111 rilitiou tu railroads; .Messrs. llainnetoiiol .M. and Walker objected ill it this lull in-ti-rlered vv nil vested rights, 1,1 giving railroads the power lo Hike tiinipik--ii ; but AIi-mih. -Miner and liuirfll of li, argued that thispoini might belt-It 10 the cuurls, an I 011 motion ol Mr Walker, the lull was lail 011 ihe tible. lly (ieneral I'oiiimillee, billnlleimg the mine ol Clara l'nince Verinunt, aud it was order ed to a al reading. Uy comniiltee on the Slate I'rison agaui-i altering the act of IJIf. rilating to insane prisin.-rs. Tiw nmcnJm'nt of the S-nale 10 the Uurhngton lloiik and I.i I ler Co. bill was coneurred in. lain "L'BSD1V' " " l'fayt-r by the Clnp- fli(( inUfidueed. By Mr Purton, a!trtnc tim of ng.-iiii-t llio pennon uf (i W Ivelley and uih-rs and Ihey had leave to wilhdrivvj lull lo pjin-h il.llawlul attempts 10 cutis,' abortion, and it was ordered tu 11 thud rending. Uy committee on Military Vll'.iirs, lull in relation lo ih" enrolled mihln, (n lative lo lelurns) and it was ordered to a third reading, lly cuiiiiniiii-e nu ll-inks, agiiu-t lulls lu iueorp.iraii! tlio liailruad lhnk ('it Wiiid-ur,) and lbe Central llink, and 111 fa vor ol bill lo in-'orporaie liilteukill 11 ink, and Senate Ii 11 (iiiiaiiimuiily) I'XIeiiding ihe ihaiP'rul lbe Dank uf lliirliiigtun, and llu-y weie all laid oil the lable. The remonstrance of Heinan Allen mid oihers vvns referred tu Ihe i-'le.-t coiiiiiimec on ll.e Duiunier.-iun ta-e. Mr rin- call-.I up ih" hill to piy Jnne.s Morn $llii 1 1, mid 11 wns supported by .Mcl.ouJ and Junes of ('.and ord,-n d loa il 1 ri-idmg .Mr. I'liirbauks called uj) the bill relating to railroads, and feiippoited ihe lull, reuniking tint ua -r I'vauiin ing llu- bill he was s.m.-lied ll did Hot infimge upon tin- right nf turnpike companies, as 11 provided lor the pavmi-nl ot itaitJgi s to Hueh coiiipittitp. !Ir Miner thought that the only ipi-Minn which ciiuld nrise vvuulil be whether ihe stale could utl'.-ct the Iranehise nl 11 turnpike or bridge company by author Uing a railroad cuuijiany to enter upon such turnpike : this question nt power lie would leave inr lbe mutts. Mr Walker inovid to unke out the Mil wciion on the ground lint It docs give the authoritc ul lud.'d to by the gentleiimi from Munchn-ter Mr Itus bell ol II was 111 tavor ut sinking out all relating tu private corporations he would not have lbe l'gu-la-lure mleileie with voted rights; let the corporuiions 111 interest settle lhe-1'ics-liuiu which may ari-c ninong tlielllH'lvi'S. Mr Miner ciid that if railroads nre to he subjected m ill., i-i riiniis iiftiinmikes without reinedv. It vvuuld lie an end ol mu-t ol our railroad projects ; nml 1111 Ins nioliotl the lull was again law 011 ine lanie The peiitiou ol James M Sl ide nnd oihers was re ferredm thecomniillee of Ways nnd .Means. r... .,.., Hill. Scnale lull, relating to the col lcctiount laxesj iinieuded on inoiuoii ol Mr llr.ivvn. m us 10 requite Felei lincn to npiwint sum' co upeienl pi rso.i to tollect tJxes when- th-re is no prnp -r odu er lor lu- purpoe, mid, Tuxtig lbe v-'niiniv nl WopIiii i-uui ; jiasseil. Aiuicxingiart ul VS aittlield 10 .-voiuititi'i ; 'au. nven whiehc inuot b virpissd for conkm" iruo-es "';1,' Linings, 1 tench Merino, Illin k and l'ilored Al- when a higher H'inp"miure olh-ai is ri'ipured tinn I'lecn. lioiimeha, Si-nu-mliius. ( a-hmere.s, Mou-ehuc lor o living bread. IWlin, Meats, I'ttlJiusn, ,V I -'e l.'iin. Hombi.ine, l'laid Shawls, Wa-hington do, iinv oecuoKJigi: the iijip 'ruve'i in the ino-t ile.-irable ' '-' ''"'s Carp-t Hag-, plain an I twilled imnner. vrn.e. akmg bren 1 111 ih lower which is ' Oiii--li'iin-, Oro de Kbiue Silk, HIn- black Oro (iram a coiiven-.enee iiighly itceiiii'd by ihose who have "'"i I.i-he' L'r.ivois,(iuilmen's do, 1'ongi- and S,i.t uscd ih" Slurp, und julg" Irom cvpuiuiee. This I "hield II Ikls , Linen Cain'i do, Irish Lui"ii, Linen r-n-i'iing, IHK1101 Loi ui .'limine, w tiii 'iio .itukoiiet, bsrri-d and Sitip'-d ('anib,Svvi-s Musn-i, Ih-hop Livvn, (ifeti ll.irag", Cnp Lice, LiL-iu.--, Triiiiinings,.SMk Vi-ivel liibbon-, .Silk Velvet, Tabby dj, .Va-i.-iider, HoulU't und Cup lilbbnlis, lilklllli col'd Lu-lrmgdo, Needles, lhns, I'earl .Sunt Uultons, Co-it and Wit liutluii-, Nixony Wool Wrapper-, L'uibrellas, bl.-uk, drab, and a--oiled col'd Linen Thread, white and col'd .Spool Thread, Knitting Cotton, Cotton Yum. Caipet Wurp, Ihtts, Ticks, lljrhps, Horn.' lliaiiki'i-, lulie's and (ieiit's InJia liitbh,-rs. a v,ry superior urti cle, Tailor'-s riimuimgs ol all kinds, tine and conse Ilrown Mieelillg-. liu-sia I )iapi-r, .', otch do, llird- li)e do, lliiekabuek, Crash, 'l'able Linen, I'aheoi-s, .V, V- i7vvi-. I- j,- ii 11 Dooi.rrn.i;. oven is also u gnu 1, liy n-g-ilaiing ihe ' Ileal uy means ui 1111 price,! uoove It .eruinlly 1 or lis i: o.Miur i mu.i Th" fire b 1.1 is plan dill su-h a po-ition, that the lire im .-s directly under alU'ourof ihe lulers,niid the 1'ire pis-s LLIiVl'N leet in the suull.'.-t mia1 Stove, belore it reaches the pipe, and npphes the heal directly to the ouu-ide plates of ihe Stove th" win ile di-I nice, mid thereby obliiius the lull u. uf ihe fuel belore it 1 snipes into the pipe ; and when heat is not n-'ccsMry lor ih room or lor baking, by closing one nl the cio-s d ii.itiers, the heal Irom a very small quin liiyollu"! inuy lie nude to net directly upon one or tvv-oiirtiel"s ul furniture, and th-'rebv g't tli - 'a n-e nl ihe smallest ijuiniiiy ui luel, and iu -uiimier, when Ih" lower uvea is not ueedi'il for biking, ihe imiier p-irl nl ihe stove may In- usi-d hr all nrihuary cooking purpos-s, wiihout hi aluig ilie luvvi r wrt. and ther.-by all imneiessary heat isili-penscd wnh which mokes tllisslnvea WIXTDIl STOVIV not s,ii,-nor ill iirraiigi-nieni to any Stove now lieiore the public under thai pirnciilar name nr title A cursory view of the Stove is sullieieiit to s.itisfy every ierson nl in durability, tis ihe plates nn; of sullieieiit ihlikiiciw to make llieiu duiable.lind Ihe con-truetioiiof ih" Smve is simple and co-niai-t, ha v Hi1.' no light llmisey ilauis-rs nr apparatus ujioiii it 7 'linf, llu- capacity ni ilus ,S'ure 111 doing n great amuttittul lt'triiie, nt ihe same lime with n small H'liuiiiy nf fu - I sirpis-.-s any siove extant. 'I'll,, pro. cess of baking bread 111 the lower oven, baking na loes, meals, .te 111 the upper oven, broiling nrtuasl ing under th-' cast ironmaster 111 from, und ,,ulm,' nn lbe tup Willi I boilers, may be done al tin. kiiiu- lime, vvilh th" snin" amount uf luel thaiit wuuld require lor baking or bulling nlone, and do a'll the nbove iinmeil woik perfectly, and without the one interfering wnh I he oilier All of the foregoing ftatcments can he corroborated by liuudredsvvho have the sun enow inns.', l'or Sale by sTivrsoN's now, No. i. l. l stoni;. Church-Slrcct, llnlingtoii, Vl, Oet ISIfi, i.. 1.... ,1..".,.. 1 . ir .1... . 1,. .1,, .li i, im-i ol .ami i1 ".i. nniuiissioner- to rt '-n '. able to give siiisfai tion tohuiKii'-ts,oliras hi-own and a.ljii-t all il.uins and, il.'iii'iti.l.s ol all 1ws.11 s . el)ellelli e,a well tilllii-hed table, careful lllld alien- I gaill-l lbe e-lilte n llu - (. aily, l.lle ol ( anil.i ul. -, 11 tive sc rvaiits, and a b-irsioied wnh ihe choiei-i liquois said di-liiel. d 'ceus-d, ri presi-iit.-d insolvent. nn,l t le may contribute to their tmulorl and enjoyment I term ul n muiiili- Irom the 1 Ith day ut .-p her, A'l tin- sun.-, which leave liurlinsiou call nt this 1-H.,is alluw.-d, by said I the crediim-.,1 -11 1 hou-e for pi-wcnjers, and iiiiiveyani-e,. will be provid- deeeii-i-d, loexhm.i and prove their rem .cute 1 mini, cd 10 and from ih" t-ieamboai- 1 lH'ur1' l" C ""' Entire, that we will ntu 11 ! t" ihe- r.irlies of pleasure will l' entertained nt Ihc-liortcst 1 nmies 01 our upK.iuiiii"iu ui ine uou-e .11 .-..(.11,11 i,i. nullc,. I ily, m L'miibiiilg", 111 said lli-tiiei, on tbeVd 1 rntay o ELIAS LYMAN II. N. C0LK. Iiurlington, Octolicr lf-ih 19 if.. lfi Iiniiy .1. l'iiicn'- IMutes. Un: TIIH snWItlllllllS iiwixn m:n.v appointed h) the lloiiorable the I'lolute (xuitt lor the l)i-iri( i iifl'hiiteudeu.iouinii inner-10 receive, examine nud adjust the claims and demands ul nil jier sons against ihe i-iai" ol lljtHKt J I'lacl, late ol llme-hnrgh m said D.-nn 1, d-cn-ed, lepre-'iited al-o all mums and demand-, ethlblted ill otf.1 then 10 I -, 111, nulls in-ui the dav ul the date heli-nf, b"ltlg all iwed b) said Court (or tint pillpiise.vve dothereloie lien by g.te notice, tint we will iin.-nd 10 J. J AS receive, In- pi, ,., W.nier giwulsconsi-tiin; j - J J . , ' ' y, , , .H,. r " . I ,!., !" V.."..':','".'; .' -' " ii '.eJ. - "fTVL , li ' l Til." d.!y ol Nov. inlicr .....I ith Tues i.,y ei ii ,- ' i " ,: ',"',' ' '.';- ' V",, " -- - 1 Alarch nexi.ui 11 01 in k. A M .oncachi' saidilavs. Del os , line l.ngl.-li and freneh .Meiino, Iiidiain, '.' ' lo,,'",,.,, . ,', s , ,' it i,iu ' I'm.' Nivhiv I'la.J Cloak 112. l'ruiled I'laiinel, Cloak ::'' V-1' :V "i?,l 1: )!- ! ' ' !Gvv3 JUSi.i'li MAIISII. S ,iits. ;m:iti.iTi ms jist itucKivni) ill fiom -' Y'i I.', her Kali and Winicr as-soit-111 mt ol Millinery (Joiids, compn-iug all auicha herc loloic kept 111 her shop logeiu-.-r wnh the l,iien ttvles mid piuerns. Burliiifion, Oci. 30 l-iIG. Linings, iVc. A Sri.tcii)ASsor,TME.sT or Uroad Cloth l'a.s.-inieies,uiid Wsting, 1 'aucy .S'liuielte.s very low, llenvy lllack.liluc. and oilier Colors Reiver Cloih, fi)roverCoais,also Ittiltons, Curd, and Hmding. I'm is. A great variety of 1'nnts, some sniall bright Plaid for rlnldii-n Ali-i Turkey lieds. riannels I'latn and Tvvilld, .Moreens .S-arlet, Crimson, lllack, Uiab, and Lamb Wool, Mciiuo, and Coltoii Shin-, nnd Prtiwers. AVinter Rimnet and elvet (Iibbons, liichSilkSearlsand Cravats, lllack Silk Shawls, Zephyrs Worsted, l'urse Twist I'laui and Shaded, Maikiiu Convn-s, Sleel Heads, l'urse Kings and Tapals, AVorsied Yam, I'me .Merino and Woolen do. l)0MUSTIt (loops Drown Sheeting and Shining from Sets per yard In is. Illendo lii els per)ard and upwards Prilling, Canton rinnnel, llruwn and llierich'd Striped Shining' Collord Cambric, Double and sing!" width, Tick 11 un, Wadding, Wiiking, Carwi tv arp, and Cotton Yarn. W. I. Goods, Otoceries and Oils ns usiul WiekWdielllock.JOOct. ' j; school .Alerting. 'l'!!!; voters in Di-iri l No. 13. nre notified that a I meeting will Is hi Id 111 the .--chool lion.-, 111 -aid Pi-irui, to-inoriowciemng, for business of very great iuqioriaiife to all iieri-uis concerned ill the wcltatc an.l supimrt of the school I) K rAXlinOKN.Cert Burlington, O.-t. if,, I-If,. ICwl Oy-lcivt :icu! I-'i'iiits. ! Ill' T on Inn I m ih - various seasons, ())sters .1 IV tlio slu 11- und k-jipi s bv the hand, Oran ges nnd Lemons bv tin box Qmiici-s. Tears Teaches, sweet Totato- -, ( lei? ".nts alums, ic .,e , by ihe bj-he) or batrel. lor sale by I). IU.VC ICM.W AeenmnJat in for fi.iardr at the house of I) 11m ..min 0,1-: r U'h.lSIG jfA lGif D-ecmb-r nnd in- 'il l'ridiy nl Alaich next at ID o'clock 111 the toit'llnoli. oil each ol said days. Cambridg;, September Hih. A 1 W.i! JOHN U AliNLli ( Cnmn L. IILNNLTT. Comrs' 15vv3. 'To E)ciKi-.l. riOVSTAV'l' supplies of Stockton's Celebrated V..' Teelll, I'nlls, lusIriltUellls,, Tut, Tnnth powders, Vashes and Tusies, Touih llm-hes. V y-e, receiving ai TrX'K .t STriAlt S iluilmgti'ii, Octolicr 9, IMf.. IjwJ. W.iiiltJl. IVJ'V liMUlU Lrgoi. or Spurred Kye, Oct 9, HU 'JU lbs. Hear l.renw. imce nl TUCIv .t STl'AR'S IVnl cAMi'iinxt:. piirillVIXC AVIMiKI.Y. l or sr..-by liirrel, ll and on TI.CK . STtAlf S Oct. U. Is 10. lSvvli. Ill SIC l!ors '".v.'" '"i.r.'cj til) Sll'-I' 1'UI . BURLINGTON irtON FOUNDRY. ((" 1 1, 11 ;.. I I'uf. p S'.n, 's.) mill: S I" UC 15 I It lilt has extended hi L estabii-nnii-ut lor making Castms ond is now prepared tucxemie ordeis wnh ili-iatcli and on rea-oiviNe terms. Having a tari't a-soruneiit of Tat terus lor dill-ri-ut kui, is 01 nine 11c y it is an object lor llio-e tliat iiuii'i i-aw-mi ,s iir,i , . M-irchlac-101 u-t. Ta)M'rmiiis. ,vc , n can und -'vaiiiinc before tiureii isiii" cisi vv ii'-r. ns ins c r.i ms are nr 11,1- improvement vo a bn-ai vauety ol oihc too 11111111 runs 1,1 s,v , uy l'loui'hs. Caldnm Kettle Totasi cs nno 'iiii-, ino iiiniij no nun on,, nn.l li".irimt .ler lie. to lie the best wheel tor sawm l,,rnilii..l .111 i.-nson.-ihli. 1 Buthtigton Oct 9- I16