Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 6, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 6, 1846 Page 1
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Vol. X.V. NO. SSI. Whole TVo. lOIO. HUJILLVUTON FUKK PRESS, I'iiMMii'iI nt llurtiiiijtoii, Vt 11 y n. w. ci.AitKi:, Bililor unit Prnpritlur. Termii T" Villus iiti?cn!crs who receive llic pnper by tlicinmiT, $3,(10 If pud in advance 2,VI Mill -iili-rrihi'rs am those, who Inkc il nl llic (lllici-, minrhlily, S10 f, til i.r niiiMtT inserted on (lie customary term-. From the Vkkilmra Whig. Poetical Portraits. CI.AV. )r -.peaks ! and vh'wlcss chain? I'poit a Seinte rest ; lie ccn-'.'s! look upon tiie names That gem a nation's breast. i.nvri.n. Th calm, un-onmlcd di'cp I- rnibli-ni of his mind ; pMii roiieil, in Itf.ivyji'llowi awtLpi lit siandeur utn-oiiliii'd. rALIIOl'X. A loom of curious tii.-iku .May woae a wru ol lliouuht, And li" who rends lire Khinini; warp, .May in the woof be caught. J. q. APAMS. piaievinan and pm-i loo ! Pliiloojther in lurn ; Link with lie pyl! a inlioll soull .S'iiull sorrow o'er his urn. cairrtvt'i.v. Now with n triiint's iiiiuhl lie h'-fnes tin1 pond'rou- thought .lU pours the slollll of l-Itiqili'lll'i', With scathing lightnings li,-iu-ht ! in nr.u:.v. Willi Mnpcr culm and mild And words of sotten'd tone, lie oM'itiirns his neighbor's cause, And justifies his own. ror.wiN. The polish' d tJmfl of wit Is quiti-riiii! in the light ; ''I'is sped ! upon its shining track, And havoc marks Its flight. J. si. CI.AVTnx. The liEluiiiiiVlare niay turn The nerdle Irotn the pole ; Who ever saw him swerve, Or bow to low control. lil.XTO.N. Judgment and lactcniuhin'ii, A mine of know L'de val ; A widkiu-r book-ease on its slu-hcs The aiclihcsof the past. cass. With nent and rounded phrase He tricks llie shapeless thou-jlit ; Like hope ol power, it chaiins lo-clay, To-morrow it is -.ocuur. AI.U..V. Ye cnds ! defeml mv ears ! around me throng ! Through empty pullerie.s leap and roll The notes of " ( llim-so liollg ! " A Wclcrn Editor. In a certain town ill America is situated the orlico of Mr. Washington Wolfe l.ick. printer, proprietor, pubM-licr, ami editor of tliu Citizen nflhe 'e-l, newspaper. .Mr. I.ii'l; Was a "-pry" man of some thirty-two year, albeit somewhat It igg.ird ami worn in appearance, and slovenly its to ilre-s. However, " a man ho was," anil iiriny a lime and oft has lie ran-eil llio feeling of tlie " other idor-i" in politics mid opinions, In 'Tile up rough" hy his flare-up lhming leailers. Ilvvas a iiin day in .In no. Mr. l.ick, was seated at the editorial dek, on an enormously high stool. In con-ideratinn of the of the we.ilher, his cn it was llirnwit aside, as, also, wan hi neckerchief ! whereby u very ilirtv pair of shirt sleeves, and an unwashed and iiiih.ucn ner.k ami chin were exposed to the public gaze. Air. I .irk rejoiced inafairof nankin tmwsers none of tho cleanest anil a pair of el.irenco limits ; and cotisecpicntly, by wearing no straps, anil lii hoots not being laced tip, the trowscrs had rigglod beautifully over the tops of the laller. (iently swinging his logs to and fro, inii-ingly plucking the stubble from his grizzled cliin, anil searching in the air for "an idea to illninine his li.cntal horizon, he presented the mo-t interest ing and natural picture of " The IMitorat llinne." ltounil the room woro hung a number of files of newspapers and bills, over which tho tlttsl anil spiders had cast a ditky mantlo ; fes toons nf cobwebs hung gracefully from the ceil ing to tho walls, anil everything therein, cilitnr anil all, apieareil sadly in waul of cleansing. .Mr. Kick gazed at the coiling for somotiiiiK, but nothing coming nf it no idea h 'inp nailed there, ar dragged tlienro he called, with a loud voice, tmd with theatrical accent, " Sh-ulrack ! what liu ! Shadrack !" Obedient to the summons, ap peared a negro hoy, who walked up to the desk, in, mcio, ,,,e e, waitinp 10 tie auuresseo ; I, I n n.u . wouo, " .u.omu, spe . i pazini; at the ceiltng, and appeared not to l.aio oliserveil Ins entrance, ho asked, " l on call Hhailak, massa ? "Ha! sayest thou ?" exclaimed -Mr. hick. Maidenly turning to him, with a start that would have gained three rounds ol applause at tho llowery Theatre. "Ah! art thou there? and is it really you, mine, lione-t .Shadrack ?" con tinued he, smiling sadly tin tho astonished negro. " ('oino hither, boy, I would li.ivo speech of thee.'; " Yes, massa." "Didst thou go, Sable, to Van Hansen, to ask him if ho would advertise his next sale in tho Citizen!" " Yes, massa ; but ho say ho seo mo at do debil lust, lie call you humbug." " Nay, by tho rood, now ! hut savest thou t-ooth t Say, lwy, art thou deceiving me ?"' " Da what hu say, massa." " Then may the foul fiend blight him ! .May no hu in uiu niacK waters ol llie .Mis nissippi ! may ho sink low and bo overwhelmiied Hi tho bottomless sloughs of Oswe"o ! Oh, (or I l.n , . .' .1. -..nil iiiui un a sireaK oi ureaseil . lightning, and rule linn through tho overl.istin" j forests uf tho West ! A humbug ! ,jy )lu )0 : staked upon tho topmost Himalaya to feed tho vulture and tho caglo ! and may the, everlasting I viianui" swaiiow nun . Having greatly ins muni uy uus siring oi auauieinas, ho onco more turned to tho boy, and asked, " 1 last thou been, Shadrack, to Oof. Roller, the keeper of the billiard-room in llroadway 1" " Yes, massa ; ho tell mo be oil', or ho kick ino outdo place." " Didst thou go to (!en. Chop, tho tavern keeper 1" , " Vc, massa, you 'ro to put In Ins 'vcrtiso inent four time." " dood, Shadrack, good : thou art a faithful fellow. Didst call at Herman's 7" "Yes, massa; ho dreadful cross. Ho say vou send bother bin again, ho come with thick flick and beat life out." Ha! savst thou, llieu Hermans laiois scaled. Thou shalt liavo 11 111 our very I1U I . 1 1 11 II 1 1 j(j I, 41 4 1 v f - j "-o ill. IruiLr n ninn IviCL-r'l.niUlK I ri II II II IS III'MS. til HI Ull" tcred Air. Herman's nauio therein, ainont'tt those whom ho intended to L'ivo a " wine." the first opinrtuiiity, In tho minimis of the steadfast lliiiroupi.uck-anil-tliiii oroiiti of universal li lierty, the (Utizrn nf the Wvsl. Just then. there ramo a lotnl rap at tho rnoni door, mid ero lie roiild say "romn in," a huge Mraw hat entered the partly opened door, and, nHertliat, a small cadaverous face, upon which sat an expression of profound importance. " (!ood inorninp to yon, fir; howiiiryoti )"exrlaimcd the intruder, accenting his most nniiuportatit words strongly. " Alia! am you there, Captain Flam ?'' cried llio editor, Icapiiifr from the stool, and grasping him by the hand. " What may be, your plea sure, this fine morning ?" Capt. Flam, a slender, emaciated man, stand ing some live-feet three, proceeded, with the utmost gralty, to placo his httgo iiinfrella, which ho had been using as a parasol, in the corner, and then seating himself heside tho edi tor's desk, looked mysteriously at .Shadrack, and then at .Mr. hick. " Khailracl;, avaiint !" rricd th . litter. " And now, ir, fn- yii"r lnisin"'.. i N " Sir. ' comii.eticed llie gallant captain, In his oratorical, or ueokly-mcctitig style, " I deem i mi, sir,as the editor of it weekly news-paper, in n free country, o'bu ( great man. Your ollico is a high one, sir; you have a most incnniparahlo Hint inconceivable high duty In perform, sir. You, sir, air destined to pull' the veil from the lace if truth, and to let her benignly mid Mth timely shine forth illtiuiii!C,sir, this everlast ing gloomy earth, sir." " lam proud, sir,to hear you so express your self," said .Mr. hick, with a'lowliow. "Not till, sir ; not ul all," answered Capt. Flam, rai-ing his hand with the air of a man who was determined nut tube llattered. " Yours, sir, is the grateful duty of piibli-hing to the ut termost parts of the earth, by the aid of tho al mighty powerful press, the claims ol'Zic oppres sed, anil the wrings of fic instil oXunl ill-treated. And you, sir, air the man In whom tho power is given of holding forth o the gimlet eye itho public, (fl.igellating the evil-doer, a;ithe un principled, would-be-great iudh idual, sir " " I am rather busy, now, sir " commenced .Mr. hick, growing impatient of tho other's ha rangue. Jlut Capt. Flam still continued, without deign ing to notice the interruptions. "Now, cir, 1 have been mnt gro-sy insulted unwarrant ably insiilied, sir, mid on, r, air the man to whom llookjfijr reienge. Having said this in a loud and impressive manner, Capt. Flam dived his hand into his trow sers pocket, and pulling forth live dollars, laid them on the editorial desk. ' Who i tho olleiidcr V asked Air. hick. " Mr. Abel Wright, sir." The editor pondered a few minutes, apparently in perplexity as to what ho should do ; then, in a low voice, said," Is he a tall man, a strong, tiery fellow, eh V " i le is ii tremendous fellow, sir, or this hand would have chastised him," exclaimed Flam, holding forth his clenched li.-t. "His too much risk, captain, I can't under take it," returned hick ; upon which, ('apt. Flam miilea second dive into his pocket and drew forth livo dollars, and laid them, with a look of the iirol'oiindest mystery, on the de-k. Overcome by such a bribe, hick exclaimed, " Well, sir, I'll try what I can do. .Mr. Abel Wright, you say ; where does he livo ' Seventeen, Jlroadway," a..Wcreii nam, and retired slowly Irum the ollice. heft alone, Mr. W. W. h. seated liiinselfonco more at his desk, and addressed him-elf to the composition of a " Ilare-uti ll.igellatiou" .Messrs. Wright and Herman, whosf names were men tioned in the tirade, alter the following fashion : ' Credit vc Cons! On Thursday morning la.-t, in pursuance of our usual plan "of touting for advertisements, wo sent our trustv negro, Shadr.lck, with a polite message, to the luisiness premises of .Mr. Andrew Herman, of 17 Hack street, requesting him to favor us with his ad-vesti-enient. .ow,it appears, old Herman was not in his best temper at the time, and seeing that our sable .Mercury was somewhat ofthe smallest, and a rather sufo one to lie dealt roughly withal, lie seized tho little fellow, and grasping with violenl'deteriniuatioii tho wool of his head, commenced latheriiighim with a thick cane, anil concluded liU terrilic peiforinanco hy kicking; him out of tho house. .Shadrack has informed us that Herman communicated tohini, with reck less confidence, his deigu of some day bestow ing a like 'hiding' upon our own pornon. Look out, Mr. Herman that's all." The other went thus : "Cautiox! Tii the Citizens if . It is with great iain and tho deepe.-t regret that we ti.ivuto caution tho public against a certain in dividual living in this city. Wo have received such communications concerning him us to com pel us to denounce him as a scoundrel. Hewuro of Abel Wright, No. 17 llroadway ; have no thing to do with him! (let thee to the back woods Abel, thou art no proper fellow for a ci vilized town !" "That will do, I reckon," Niid the editor, with a smile of complacency ;" 1 giiefs they '11 be riling up a runi'uii." ,t was Tllml;iy lm,rnil);?. TJl0 n,mil,or ()f OCCH f Hie HV.s, l oll tai till I" tllO tlllOl U ,it.bitlt ll( litenlt,lri. lM1fbo01, ,. h; t.,t .i, .,.:,. i,r..r.. m i ;,.i. ...... ... edat lus desk, I'ltpaped in sktinming over tho contents of a number of uewsii iiier.-, or rather culling choice muraaux for tho next Citizen. A loud knock was heard at the street door, hick started at the sound, and then listened atten tively. 1 ho door was ojiened. Ho heard a gruff voice growling something, but could not distinguish ; and immediately heavy and hasty steps were heard ascending tho stairs. Aha ! here comes the freeman !" exclaimed the editor, and darting to tho tiro place, seized the wker and shovel (tongs there were none) which ho deposited oh sacrilege ! in tho edi torial desk j then seating himself on tho high stool, ho ulied his pen iutentlv. Tho stens L'row louder; the stranger would bo in tho room in another instant. ' He's coming," quoth hick ; " and there's ono lucky thing, he do n't know me." J no heavy and hasty gentleman, who was nootherthin .Mr. AM Wright, had put his foot uikiii tho topmo-t stair, and without knocking, .!., .i I ...:.l. .. I I... i rusucu. iiuo iiioroom, ariueu won a ue.iiuiiiu '' cowhide," and roared out, "Hullo hero ! is you names hick !" Tho editor slowly raised his oyos from tho paper, and surveyed tho enemy with a bland look. "If vou wish to see Air, hick, tir," ho delilioratelv commenced. " Slice mo into sandwiches and smash mo into Miseugurs ! if you do n't answer plain and spry, I'll britiL' this hero to bear 111111 you !" and ho flourished tho cowhide before tho wily hick. " You wish to sco tho editor, sir J" said hick, coming dow 11 from his teat and going towards tha door. " Yes, sir ; call him up. Say a gentleman has called to pay a hill." ' Yes, sir," answered hick, glad toescanoiu any manner from within rann-o of tho forinii ablo weapon. He stood outsido tho door lor tin in statu, hesitating whether he should turn tho key ........ M. ll.!..l.. .... , , ,1. I r upon Mr. right and lock him in, or seek safety , ",f ' ' ""el";'!liu was starlleil uy another nigiii, wiien 10 j no was starlleil hy another .... .. ... .1 I. " I 1 ."MIIU ill IV I llllllll IlittnL II V. 11 1 111 il " ill II .lir. Lick inquired after. TI19 idea flashed ucross'ricd. ' his mind that this must lie .Mr. Andrew Herman. Here was a danirerous situation. To go hack was madness to go forward was like rushing into the lion's jaws. It was, however, necessary to decide quickly, for tho enemy was now as cending tho stairs. In another moment they were face to face. Instead of a envvhido this second assailant rejoiced in the possession of an enormous cudgel. As tho editor imagined, it was Air. Herman: and if over a man testified his intention hy his look, it was plain that tho said Air. Herman was bent upon committing assault and battery upon soma person or other. Ho seized the luckless hick hy tho collar, and without uttering a word, had already raised ld cudgel high in tho air, in order thatit might descend with tho utmost violence on the person of that worthy, when the latter, with a forgiving and good-natured smile, said, 1 presume you wish to sec tho editor of the Cithen ; if so please to go to tho room above. " " Oh! Iictr pardon. Slisrht mistake of mine. Un stairs, I see." With a rliurkle of infinite irlio i.icl'.s!! iiirhlWrt. nrocucilii' to tho codec- room on the opposite side ofthe road, to wait the issue ol Ins stratagem. .Meanwhile, Air. Abel Wriirht prepared him self for the reception of the editor.and hearing someone ascending the stairs just after hick's departure, he, naturally enough, mippo-d itwa that gentleman coming, l'lacing hiinselfcloo behind the door, and twisting the thong tightly round his hand, he stood prepared todeal a"c.len cher," the moment his fancied libeller should enter. Air. Herman presently bolted into the room, and was saluted in tho instant, with a tremendous, whack across the shoulders, anil in tho next .Mr. Wright was favored with a smart tap on the head from the other's cttlgel. As mavbe imagined, a tremendous contest ensued ; and the hide and cudgel were plied stoutly. No words pas-ed for some time, hut the epithets of j " inlcrnal scamp, rascal, scoundrel, villain, ccc: prcsentlv, however, Air. Wright beginning to I - i , i .... I scoundrel, I'll teach you to abuse honest men ;' to which Air. Herman replied, "l'ut anything in your humbugging paper again about me, anil skin mo alive, iff don't break every hone on your body !'' On bearing this, the former gen tleman began to think there must be some mis take in the matter, and prompted by a sudden thought, ho exclaimed, " Is your inmo hick 1" Thinking this a fresh mid most deliberate insult, Herman re-commenced using his cudgel, and another desperate encounter ensued. Kverything in the room was overturned, edi tor's desk, stool fender, tiles, ink spilled, bottle broken, itc; at last, havingthoroiighly exhaust ed themselves, the combatants stood panting and glazing savagely at each other. " Hear mo," "gasped Herman ;" you skinllint lightning-driver ! every time vou put my name in your paper you shall fare like this. As may by supposed, the extraordinary cir cumstance of each accusing tho other of the same oflenco at last induced an explanation, and, when tho mystery was cleared up, great was tho wrath and mortification of tlic-c unliable gentlemen, on finding that tho object of their vengeance had escaped scot-free, while they had each received a sound thrashing. ( ireat, on the contrary, was the glee of Air. Washington Wolfe hick", as he saw, from the window ofthe col'.'ee-riioni. his tiery visitors emerge from the hmse, llitshed and heated by their exertions ; their hats broken, neckerchiefs untied, dresses disordered, and countenances expiesslve ofthe direst exasperation and chagrin. Two days after this occurrence, Alessrs. Wrightand Herman were summoned to the po lice ollice, at the instance of Washington Wolfe hick, editor and proprietor of tho Citizen if the 'tl, newspaper, charged with having entered the hoii-e of the latter in his absence, and created an uproar and disturbance therein; and also with having broken, damaged, and sK)i!t ade.-k, stool, and sundry other ofthe property ofthe said hick. Fined twenty dollars each, atid costs. legislature of bcrmont. Fiiin.vv, Oct. 123 Si'ii'ite I'raycr by the Chaplain. Hi jiort Hy Air Fox, from committee on I'd itcation, against bill in amendment of chap. 18 It S so that ono half instead of ono fourth of town school taxes sk ill bo equally divided among the school districts: bill laid on the table. Air Chittenden called up theengro'-ed bill to improve tho management of tho State finances, providing for the appointment, by tho Supremo Court, of a county auditor to audit tho accounts of tho Stale's aitorney, clerk, and sheriff, and defining their duties. " The question pending on tho amendment of fered yosterd.iv, making the County instead of l.- O: . . !...!. . - ine oiiprruif vouri uiu appointing lower, .nr. Vilas moved that tho bill w ith the amendment bo indefinitely po-tponcd; opposed by Air Hodges, ami the motion was withdrawn. Air Aliner withdrew tho amendment, and pro posed another soas to make tho County Court the appointing and the Supremo Court t the re- moving power. Air Smith expressed himself strongly in favor of the bill. An evil existed that called loudly for ti remedy. Tho amendment was further opposed hy .Mr Ciishunn, and supported by AIer.s .Miner and Harrington : tho motion to amend was then put, and lost. Without further remark, tho bill it- sen was men p.iMH i'iiaiuiuouly, oust' I'raycr by tho Hey. Air Comings. ltilh inlrmlurrd lly Air Hullock, to charter the H-iuk nf Itnniilon; reform! to committn on II inks. Hy Air Hullock, to alter the name of John Chatmccy Chandler ; referred to ( Committee, lly Air l'aine, establishing the State Prison at Ilarre ; referred to ( com mittee. Hy Air Henry, to pay tho town of Weatherslield 10 SO; referred to committee on Claims. I'etil'mns referred Of Samuel Morgan and outers, 111 comuniieo 01 ays mm .Means, ui iiyron n Jiarnes toi.eneml coiuinittce. ui 1. Cstablish tho Corinth Academical lu-tituto and vi hgertott, J Human, Hauna- Ilurtiell, l lolhs , Coimtv (Irammar School, and it was passed with .Sampson, Nathan II Snow, mid multitudes of immaterial amendments: against bills repeating others, against capital punishment, to J udtciary tlu) ilct ltH,lifhing the school fund, and relating committee. Of Ira 11 Person, to committee on t0 cmm schools, (tho latter unanimously,. L1'""H' and they were dismissed ; against hill amending Air Fairbanks called up tlio bill relating to li- school act of MS (relative to i-itation by C01111 censes, and it was referred to thod'cnoral coin-, ty Sujierintendants, and reducing the limit for mittee. compensation,) dismissed fi7 to II). lly coin- AiTEiix(H Senate -Mr Hirchard called up 1 mittee on Almiuricturos, bills to incorporate the the bill relating to the (iraud hist, providing that 1 Woodstock .Mill Co. and tho Uranito (Woolen.) listers shall assess practising attorneysand itted- Alanuf.icttirilig Company.and tlioy were ordered ical practitioners two per cent on their Income,' ton 3d reading. and may oxainino such persons on oath. Tho I Aktukmhin Senate Hearts Hy Air Hur bill was refused a third reading. t0I, fri)m the Judiciary committee, against tho IhU intrmluceilWy Air Hurton, in relation to' the militia, providing that 10 shall bo deducted ' from tho lists of all general, field and stall' olli-1 cers, and members of uniformed companies ; re-1 ferred to commttteo on Alihtary Allairs. lle)mrts Hy .Mr Smith, from tlio committee oil Finance, in favor of tho bill laving a tax on Washington ( ounty of 8 cents 011 a dollar, lor the expense of building the new court house : nas - sed. Hy Air 1 o-tcr, from tho Judiciary connnit. may bo assessed by a jury, where tho law has provuleil no oilier iuihIo. Alter remarks by Air provided no oilier inotlo. Alter remarks he .Mr m .1 f f . t t tl I ... 1 'rv' HI" I U HI IV II It' 1 II 1 1 Mil 1 1 111 1.1 1 II' Mir f'l 111 s 1 1 In fi 1 1 n t ..... Tho Senato went into joint assembly : on ro- turning Air Smith called un tho bill rcscindinirtboact repealing the law granting a bounty on the des truction of bears, wolves and panthers; after a lew remarks by .Messrs huutd, .Miner, llttrtoti I lodges ami (. ram, in us lavor.ainl .Messrs Howe and Harrington against tho bill, it was ordered to a third reading, by a vote of 19 to 7, .Messrs llircbard, Fox, 1 larrington, Hilton, 1 lowc, .Morse and Hich voting in th-j negative. Air. Howe moved to lay the bill nn the table; supported bv .Messrs Howe, I l.i rrington and Chittenden, anil opposed by Air Kimonds, and lost hy a voto of 7 to 13. The bill wastb'il passed. Jfniise Herniation !ly Mr Aliner, for distri bution of reports of tlu sjato (Icologist; referred to committee on F.ilitiation. Rejinrh Hy Jui'ictu "i Committee, Senate bill in amendment of chap. . J It S ; laid on the table. Hy Committee on Hank ,. (iinanimoti.sly.;Kenate bill to extend charter - i do Fanriprs' Ban's ; laid on the table. Hy OoWji'"nf Way-.rnd Mei- l,i r?eirue lull to crcuil .mi bpalilnig .,llij for worthless money receiveii at the Stale Treasury in Ilennington bills and counterfeit money; passed 1 JS to 18. Hy same committee, against Senate bill in addition to act relating to public accounts, and it was rejected : bill abolish, tng salary of Treasurer a commissioner of tho School Fund, ordered to a third reading. Tho Senato came in and tho follow ing appoint ments were made, when the Senate withdrew : M'nti:Mi;uin!T. STKl'IIIJX ltOYCIl, Chief Justice, unanimously. IMA AP V IM'Iiril'l 11 ,. ...!.l.i l.l 1 i.... I.: unanimously. the table AIll t T 'llPVVI'T'I' 1 !-..... T..l.l'll . I ....iii. . ...illi. .l.i..y, I.I, VI JJJ I.OI1III Whiltemoro IS, Scattering l. 'hi-'hway DANIKh Kl',hh(Xi(l, third Assistant Judge, the roads. imaminou-ly. Senate bi mi ivn'mri r .i. , . .t ooia i, li.ihh, luirui isssi;m ,iuure I T Ol li r 1 1.. 11 l , l ..! . l: . .ii i , ... i ii i . s i Si , i-ftr... t i- 11.1 n 1... I f -I.....1 . ... . . U..I..V i , vk.i. i j- t'.a i laui oy uiL I . ii.ipi.iio. VJl't lltllll. 1,11'rri Jienori.i 1 v -Mr llarrngtnn, in favor ol the .Mutual 1 bill inCOriHiratllliT llin I Iriod l1n Pirn lhaniinrn Tho lul the chartorof the Fartnen' and .Mechanics' Hank reading. - it. .-I:...,. :,t. .. i . .: r it. ii. Air (.'ushmatl. bill nn tl.n tnKl.i lit. it... .-im.i lill ( 'noiitv from tho same committed tho bill incorporating tho Senator- i... I,....,. ..e 1, 1 t -1 1 - , . .1 . I , . 1, , 11 ... .1.- ,i n. . 1 .1 . . ... . . t I ri relating to paupers, makiig it the duty" of over- Treasurer as legal settlement in the Sate, the expense to ho thodrotin ai !,r .1... t. ... fit r.ii ... .1. . ..... 1- 011 tiie table to bo propei!y matured, lly .Mr ritiuloiisere Hurton, from tho same committee, in favor of tho 'of State ti makr bill annexing a part oi Waitslield to N'orlhfeld ; volumo of tlio V 1. .,....,1 11.. M- !.' . . e .1 ..Ij !. j..fc-vu. in .mi 1 osvj, iioiii uiu same coin- no-, 01 on.- two mittee, in favor of the bi U in relation to cxecp- cx-judges ol the a cominumciiiion was receiveu Irom the State' i lie iicnis. i.iLii.ii laii. 111 iL-iiiv lu i rt, ill 11, rM'ii:in. oiioiii suiioi s stating the exiietise of electing and completing to the lull relativ the State Prison toliave been tjS'J.SIi! 78,andal- Middleburv, af'i so giving a iiioiu 01 me annual uralts upon tlio iitenus 111 uiu treasiirv for the iiiaiiileiiar.en of tlm Prison fnm with thu nrovi Itsoil to Ifi-tiJ, the tutal'-fsimtii of" wi.Ifo. vt-i 1117 ljii n.iu to tho committee on Finiare. I of 'he 1 I'll r rs:,.-,. 0.1. , iiu i:ooiii'i.iiuuiiou a.-, i. ".. rill In I ntmrn 1 . if I i,i-nii S.I. i. .mil tiro. inns imrtkiucm iiv nir li iil'os. 10 pav in irum Vll.lllll, L- luuiu 11 o. iui iiuu conies 111 ii-oio- .'u oii-iuu t 11 ,risls reoort : referred tn eniomittnn on t'hiims. Court, and c.o lly .Mr It us-ell of H altering the time of holding ex-judges ; p nt ...... .ir,.... 1 ,lii. en lteniluliiins Hy .Mr Aylesworth, to pay do- mittee. 11'"'". 1 ii. '.ii 10 uiu aiuc- tuii.i..-,iii '-' seat for the town of l'own il; passed. Hy Air to enmtnitt 1 .one, ior -.1 coiiiiiuuee 10 iu.iko 1111 ueueuinres ; 1 it i passed. Hy Mr Kimbtll, of Harnet, to elect bill in ad.litw .. .M aiiontei . 1 commti'ee. ui o-ioi 1 rovioi'oi. nisi 110 fto '(ir rsiv-mrr 0111 was 1 ourL ov 1 e I I.. " ..... .... f.. 11 Ihiurmneil Hills Senate bill, in amendment third rcadlil" ..r..1 11 c ;., r. :. . ..e .....!. I". - . . input where tenants hnli m-or ? in rebitioii lore- debeiituro o Ttirtts 111 111.. iiiimuini tm 1,1.1 . ,rt tiimicii 1 i 11' 1 .1101 11 , ill Dtimnier-toii to l'utnev ; severely pas-ed Air Stoddird called ap tho bill in addition to chip. -0 It S empowering road committees to designate tho degree of elevation of roads and order alterations and repairs: Air Stoddard sup ported tho bill and it was ordered to a 3d read ing. The Senate came iu and tlio following appoint ments were inado : ii rami hie County. Iircnzo Hall, NVroiiif AiV''' Jttilise. ' David (i Dixon booth Hero, Sheriff. i reiiericKiiazen, nrue . Annrnnj. H-nnin-'lmi Cnuntu. Orsamus C .Merrill, John HW, Alexandcrlliillng, Ciimmiiimi rsfnr the Jail at ll-nnmlnn. John (' Roberts, D.irwm Andrews, Al.ithew I! (ioodwiti, Cumnustiuncrf for the Jail -it Man chilcr. Wimhur County. LMwin Hutchinson, .' Commissioixr, in pl.ico of hyndoti A -Marsh declined. Hrinrti lly committee yn Claims, bill to piy Sophia S Allen, and it was ordered to a third reading; to piy Nathaniel Dag get $73 hi, and it was laid 011 tho tiWs. lly Jii'.lii'hiry,aiiiinit tee, bill in relation to ustato of insane persons, and it was ordered to a third reading ; Senate bill con-truing act in addition to chap. 'J'.) R S christening it an act providing for service of tru.-teo process, and it was read a 3d time and passed; Senate bill in addition to chap. II RS K.illtit.. it tttt net i.vtixiilmir tlm i 1 1 ri .tt ..linn ul s!i.rih i it .,-,.,..1 , lVcominittee on I'.ducatiou , the Senate bill to bill in addition to dun. 'JG R S, providing that iu cases before justice where matter in demand does not exceed &.10, a jury of three may Isj had at tho reouest of cither party ; bill laid mi tho table. v ,Mr. Hich, from the committee on Finance, ' to" w hich was recommitted the resolution relative 'to tho State Prison, two resolutions in lieu there- of; laid 011 tho table. Hy Air. Foster, in favor 1 of tho bill relating to tho misapplication nd em- 1,1, up.-! 111 vuu-i- i.uuthioii , u, (iiiou.v p. ,11. vi j. .... . liozzlement of trust funds, providing for body1 Hoiiso bill ind 1 and regaling the act of last year which extend- Rich, from the I ed to attorneys alone. Alter remirks by AIessrf I ed to attorneys alone. Alter remarks bv .Messrs of Ilia llotiso , rtlllllll. 1 iuui:f I U4 I n- ul iuuhmh in IHH.-IIIVI I misfrom I he 11mm In amendment of tlio Coledonia, in ' HI m l j II.. 1 lull mm mn. 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 n, I I II 1 1 IVI - H 1 . I ferrcd t- ting to method 4 , J,l I Rtnlu T I :.. SSi f t specia Millnr lister. Hill, 1) tlio Ma L'll . Ill Jl's. per n .,.,.1,. porieu a b re er t to a . .i I,., i. iiv .iooici; i-ra i ; nn .. i ... .i 1 .'I'l.O 'IVn 1 diirr.F . In 1 iieormir 1 turino- Com lite uou iioi sed. tlte cnaner 1 riiiliieo the p. sed. Air .Miner ll.itt nkill Jl.i ble, and made morning e.... ..e.i. 11 R S einpowcnt' c.-tate wheueve ed require it, w power 111 aumi adopt 'd and tin chap SIRS passed. Kiiuki either party, to iirov uleil no 0111 'i-i.. i.i 11 ... it i on urn 1-.,,, ami ,M ett.i'iics up, and pas -ed. n.ui 11m1.11 "I',' . .tt.s ,, lill 1 1 1, .. 1.. ... out rcra'iuir iu constitutional, 1 from uttacluuc: ,1.,... .I, M.- iler -J tun 3d and it was ordi M 1-......I..I, r l an 1. uiu I',"!,.,.. passed. ...i ,. . 1 ailiiiiinsiniiors I .'ri.rro.'t.iiw 1 1 : passed. I rF.hOAV. I Chaplain. .' iuir.' II

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