Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 13, 1846 Page 1
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Vol. XX. 10. Whole IVo. 1011. tDlCIiliTOA,l'IIIAV MOIS A !.", IVOVH.HKKK Itf, ISlC. ivhav ss'itii's, ivo. 90 IJUUJJNCTOiV J'RKK PRESS, Published at I'tirliiiL'lon, Vl 11 y l. JV. C. fl.A It K V. , VAitor iintl Wiiovcor. ,. . Terms! i ii illne subscribers win. recciie. the paper by tlie earner 3.00 If pniil in advance 2,M Mail itbsciiber ami tlm-c who take it nt the Olliee. mwiruihly 2,00 Aiiiv.UTisKMi.riiwrlel mi tin- customary terms. Ilii'l.eiis' Si-tr Work. 1I. I.INliri WlTfTTlin HUM OK DOMBEY AND SON, WHOLESALE, RETAIL, AMI roll r.Xl'UllTATIO.V. BV 111 ir.LT.S DICKE.VS. Clmptcr 1. Dimibry iintl Sim, Dninlicy sat in the corner of llie darkened room in the j; arin-ch tir by the bod-ide, ami Son hy turkeil up warm in a little bucket bed Me.ul, carefully ili-pn-ed on :i low settee iiiime ibately in front of the lire anil c.lo-e to it. if his rinistitutinii were aiir.liijjnus to tint of :i inuf lin. ami it win essential to to.i-t him brown while he win cry new. Dombey about cijilil-aniMnrtj' year of n;rc. Son about eiht-and-forty minutes. Dotn liey wa r.itlier luld, rather roil, ami though a hand-iim. well-made man, too i-leru anil pompous in appearance to be prepn-.-esin. Sou ivn very babl, ami very red, ami IIioul'Ii (of cour-e) ar. undeniably hue inlant, -omewlnt cru-heit ami "'i";m, in ""ni, uai uus a ui.uunie. connec-t-pott v i ii reneral elf'ct. a- vet. On tlie brow of DoniliQV, Time and his lmit!ici-Care haiUeUonio Dombey wts quite. irr,mfite.I by the in on a tree that was to come dim n ill iulmn. He had thought so liulenfthe patient, mod time remor-ele-s twins thev are for Uri-1 Oinii tiirouirh their human fore-ts, notcliin; they jiii while the countenance of Son was croved ami rc-cros-cd with a thousand little crea-es, which the same deceitful Tim" would take delii.'ht in ?mootliiiigrmt and wcaii 115 away with the tht part of hi i-cytlie, as a preparation of the surface for his deeper opeiation.-. Dombey.cMiltinu in the lon'-looked-for event, jingled and jinirled the heavy .'old watch-chain th it depended from below his trim blue coat, whereof tin; buttons sparkled pho-phore-cently in the feeble rays of the di-tant lire. Son with little li-ts curled up and clenched, seemed, in bis feeble way, to lie sijuariiiii at existence for bavin'.' corn:' "upon him --o unexpectedly. ' 'The houe will once again, .Mr. Dombey,' said .lr. Dombev, 'he not only in name but in 1'ict Dombey ami Son ; Dombey and Son !' The wnnUhad Mich a s'.lteiiinifitilliieiirp, that )i appended a term of endearment to .Mrs. ).im bey's, name (thoujrh not without somehe-itation. :is beiu' a man but little used to that form nfiul ilreu): and -aid, '.Mm. Dombey my my dear.' . tran-ient lluh of faint surprise overspread the sick lady's face, as she raised her eye-toward him. 'He will he chri-tened Paul, my Mrs, Dom liey of course.' She feebly echoed. 'Of cour-'e,' or rather ex pressed it by the motion of her lips, and clo-ed Iter eyes aji.iin. 'His father's name Mrs. Dombey, and bis p rand father' ! wi-li hi.-, ;ranilfatlier weru ulivo Ibis day !' And nirain ho mid, 'Dnin-bey und Son,1 in exactly thu same tono us before. Tho-e three worils conveyed tlio one idei of Mr. Domliey's life. The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in, and the sun and union were m ide to jiive them light. Ricrsand f oils were forim-d to lloat their ships; rainbows jjavo them prniui-uof fair weather ; winds blew lor or ajjain-t their enterpri.-es ; stars and planets circled in theirorbit-, to pre-ervo inviolate a cy ti-iii nfwhich thev were the cei tr J. Common abbreviation-, took new meanings in his eyes, and liad sole reforenco to them. A. I), had no con cern with anno Domini, but stood foranno Duiu- liei and Son. lli-b.ul bis father had before him. in the course of life and death, Irmn Son lo Dnui- bey, and for nearly twenty years had been the I sole renri-entittive'of the tirm". Of tho-e veurs I he Icid been married, ten married, as some -aid, In a lady with no heart to give him: whose hap piness wa- in the past, ami who was content to bind her broken spirit to the dutiful and meek endnrnnco of Ihe present. Such idie talk was lilllf likely to reach the ear- of .Mr. Dombey, vvinMU linearly concerueu ; aii'i prooaoiy no one ill the world would have received it with such utter incredulity it he, if it had reached him. Ofiiiihoy and Son had often dealt in hide-, but never in heart-. They left that fancy ware to boys and girls, and boarding-schools and books. Mr. Donilu'V would have rea-oned : That a mat rimonial alliance with himself miifl, in the nature of lliiug-, bo gratifying and honorable lo any woman of common sen-e. That the hope of giving liirlh to a now partner in such a liou-e, could not fall to awaken a gloriou- nnd stirring ambition in llie brea-t of the lea-t ambitious of her si"i. That .Mr. Duuhov bad eiilcnsl on thalsorial contract of matiimony ; almost no- ces-arily part of u genteel and wealthy station, I'von vvitlioiit reference to the perpetuation of I luimiy nnu". . w nu i" i i.o n i.iii open t. me-u j snlvunlago. I mil .nrs, imnuiey nan nan naiiy praclicul Knnwieiige oi ins po-iuon in society. That Mr. Dombey had always nit at tlio head o liis table, and done the honors ofhis hou-e in a remarkably l.nly-liko and becoming manner. That .Mrs.'Doiulioy must havu been happy. That ho could n't help it. Or, at all events, with one drawback. Ves. That he would have allowed. With only one ; but lb it one certainly involving much. They . . . ... ban horn married ten years, ami mini uus pro sent ilav on which -Mr. Dombev sat jingling and jini'liie'liis heavy gold vvalch-cbain ill the great ann-clwir by the side of the bed had had no Tospeak of; nono worth mentioning. There , with (ieiirge or I'rederick. An ell'ort is neces. hail l enagirl somo six veurs before, and the nr'' That all. fdeir I'auny were a Dom child, who had stolen into the chuinlier iiuoli- Ijey ! Ilut I ilaro wiy she'll m.iKo it; I have no f crved, was now crouching timidly in a corner, ''O'1''' she 11 m iko it. Knowing it to be reipiired whence she could see her mother's face. Hut 'd nor, as a duty, ofcour.-o she'll make it. .Mv what wan 11 "irlto Dombey and Son! In the dear Paul, its very weak ami silly of me, I kuovv, capital ol the House s name and dignity, siten a child was merely a piece of baso coin that could ..'. I,i.,en.leda b.ul l!ovliotbln.r innui. il v ... j n Mr. Douibey cup ot sali-l.ictiou was so lull at this moment, however, that ho felt ho could afford a drop ortx-o,ol its contents, even to sprin kle on Iho dust ill the by-path of his little daugh ter. " riorence. von may go and look ........ r rottv brother, if run like. I daro say. i ...'t oo.el. loin !" Tho child glanced keenly at the bluo coat and EtilT while crarat, which Willi a pair of creaking Isxits and a very loud ticking watch, embodies her idea of a lather ; but her eyes returned to jier mother's face immediately, and she neither ...! nor answered. Next moment the ladv had opened her eyes nnd seen Iho child ; and tlio child liad run toward her;nnd, standing on liploo.tlie neuer to nuio herlacein nor eiuoia u, ..... will, a desperate allectioiivory iiiurii at variance, ponied no to have been made i what linen- There xxas no sound in answer but Iho lon.P oxerheard. " c, ri m liaise. Ins smuu with her years. .,,. ' 'Irapers ca I " last colors' originally, and .,. licking of Mr. I Minboys watch and Doctor Par- an IrW, ' OU lTd moss o ; s nn ..... .....H testily. A very ill inlui-ru nnu iuorisii pro- nuilliii, :iin hiiri'. 1 lnui heller iibk ioi'lur .'"! . I'epiif Im'll liinollieniKiilni'ssiDfricp 111. kl.iirt. -1,mi.i, i-rliiiM. I lie;.) down. I iioedii I lie ou, lie .i.Ueil, jiausmsj for a niuiiit nl ut tlio n-t- ro before the lire," Intake particular euro of I ....... fin.n ,.!,,, ' Itlnekill. Sir?" Mliriresfed ibn lilirsn. n ' offered it as a mil J suggestion. "Of tins young gentleman, .Mrs. lilockitt."' " Mo, Sir, indeed. I remember when Mis riorence was bom " " Ay, ay, ay," said Mr. Dombev, bending over the basket bedstead, and slighiy bending bis brows at the same lime. " Miss Florence was all very well, but this is another matter. This young gentleman has to accomplish a destiny. A de-tiny, little fellow I" As bo thus npo-tro-phizedthe infant, he raised one ofbis Irinds to Ins lips, and kissed it! then, seeming to fear that the action involved some compromise ofhis dignity, went, awkwardly enough, away. Doctor Parker Pops one of the Court Physi cians, and a man (if iuinicn-e reputation for as sisting at the increas.' of great families, was waiKing up and down the 1111 with bis hands behind him, to the unspeakable ad miration of the family Surgeon, who hail regu larly pulled the case, for the la-t six weeks, among all his pitients, friend and acipiaint-aiice--. as one to which he was in hourly expec tation, u.iv a ml iiiglit.ot lioing summoned mcon junctinii with Doctor Parker Pep'. 'Well, Sir,"' viiil Doctor Parker Peps in a routul, deep, sonorous voice, mullleil for the oc casion, like the Knocker ;" do jou liud that your dear lady is at all roused by your visit f" ' Stiiiinlated. a it were said the family practitioner faintly :howineat the "atue lime tii tlio Doctor, as miidi as to saw " llxcuse mv ,ll;lt 'ii not in condition to answer it. He .iid it would be a Hi-f tction to him, if J)jctor Parker Peps would walk up stairs agiin. '(iood ! We niu-t not disgui-e from you, Sir,"' -aid Doctor Parker Pops. " thatthere'is a want of powerin Ilertiracethe Duchess I beg your pardon : I confound names : should say in your amiable l.idy. That there is a certain'de gree of languor, "and a general ad-enco of elas ticity, which wo would rather not '' ' See," interis,d the family practitioner, with another inclin ifum of the bead. " Quito -o,M r-aid Doctor Parker Peps. " which we would rather not s. e. It would appear that the system ofl.ady Cmkaby excuse mo : I sliould say of Mrs. Dombey: 1 confu-e the name- of ca-c ' ' So very numerous,'' murmured the family practitioner ' can't lie excepted, I'm sure ipiite waniderliil if otherwise Doctor Parker Peps's West I'.nd practice '' ' Tlnn'cyou.'' said tlie 1) ictor," ipiito so. It would appear,! was observing, that the sy-tcm of our pitiont has su-t.iincd a -hock, from "which item only hope to rally by a great and strong-" "And vigorou--," murmured tlio family prac titioner. " Quito so," as-enteil the Doctor ' and vi gorous etl'ort. .Mr. Pilkens here, who from b'w po-ition of medical udvi-er in this family no one b 'tter qualified to full that po-ition, 1 am sure." ' Oil !"' murmured the familv practitioner. " ' Prai-e from Sir Hubert Stanley !' " Von are good enough," returned Doctor Par ker Peps, " to say mi. .Mr. Pilkius, who, from bis po-ition, is be-tiiciininted with tlio patient's con-titution in its liormil state, (an acruain tance very valuable to us in forming our opinion', outhe-e ocea-ions) i-of opinion, with me, that Naturu must be called upon to make a vigorous ell'ort in this in-tanco; and tint if our interest ing menu tie- Loiinte.-- ol Domtioy I In ' your pardon ; Mrs. Dombey -houldnol be " ' Able," s lid the l.imily practitioner. ' 'J'o make that elliirt siicce-sfully," said Doctor Parker Peps, ''then a cri-is might arise, which wo sliould both sinccreh- denlon v mi ina', tney no m tor a lew socomls jno'- inr at Ihe ground. Then, on the motion undo in dumb show of Doctor Parker Pop-, went up -tairs ; the family practitioner openin; th.'roim d nr for tliatdi-tini'iii-hed professional ami louowing mm out, witn must oiiserpuotis p ilitine-s. To record of Mr. Dombev tint he was not in his way affected by this intelligence, would be toibhim an iniii-tice. Ilu wa-not a man of whom it could bo properly said that he was ever startled, or shocked: but be certainly hid sen-e within him, that if bis wife should sicken and decay, ho would bo very sorry, and that ho would find a something gone from among hi- plateand furniture, and other hou-ehold pos. siou, which was well worth the having, and could not be lo-t without sincere regret. Though it would b. a cool, bu.-ine like, gentlemanly, sell-pos-es-eil regret, nodoiiht. His meditation- on tlio subject were soon in lerrnpted, lir.-t by the ru-thugof garments on the st lirc.t-e, and then by the sudden w hi-king into the room of a lady rather pa-t the middle ago man oinerwi-e, Imt ifre.-.-ed in a very juve nile in inner, particularly .as to the tigbtne-s of nor hoiiiiice, wim. running mi to him with n kind of screw in her faro and carriage, expreivo of m.u.iu---on eiuuuui,.iiiiiig iht arms roiiim HIS , uccu, ami sunt, in aclioKing voice, " My dear Paul ! llo' iim'iu a Domlioy !" ' U ell, well !" returned h T brother for Mr. Dombey was her brother- I think he it like the family. Don't agitato yourself, liusia." ' It's very foolish of iim,'' said l.oui-a, fitting down, and tak'uin out her vorel.ief. " but he's ho'h such a iwrfect llouibey ! 1 never saw any thing like it in mv li fu ! " " Hut what ithi? about I'.inny herself V said .Mr. Dombey. ' How i l aimy i" . " My dear Paul," returned Uui-a," it'sno- thing whitever. lako my word, it's nothing whatever. There is cxhau-tion, certainlv, but nothing like what I underwent mvself. idlbor i imii7 .m "n uty iroin nean to tout ; i I'ut I am so very ipieer that 1 mu-t a.-k you for a glas of vvlnu and a morsel of that calm. 1 ,.. I i ill r ., . .. ui'mgnu miooiu nave i.iueii out ot the staircase wiuuuw .t i ciioiouowii iroin seem" dear r an I I- c. . ny.and that tidily ickloMiig." 'l'he-o la-t words originated in a sudileii vivid reminiscence, of the baliy. Theyvvcro succeeded by a gcntlo tap at tlio . door, I ''Mrs. (hick!" said a rerr bland f.mvilA voice outside, "how uro you now, my dear , friend " . .My ,lPar l,,," f ii,a j,, a ow V(l!(.0 as sho ro-o from h"rseat, " it'd. Miss Tox-. The kinde.-t crc.ituro ! I never could hue got here ' xvitliout her ! .Miss To.v. nw limtlin. m. iv ,oy. i.,i, Iny ,ear, my xery particular friend Jxsa Toy." i 1 he lady thus specially presented, xvas a long jo.u. jihil-, wmiriug sucn a laued air that she .i,u, n no ny a in mile, out. Ilutforl his hno tiuslit li ivo lvn iliweriM :m tlm very pink froneia iirnmli ilinn nm iu.l;i,...n i.' 1 r , . r,l 1 . , I " 1 1 "o. .v ino h iliitnflii.U'niiiS ailmiriSly tmnrrytnii iKth at wa . s.,,,1 in i lu'r pri'snm-o, and looking at iho spo.tKcrb aiil .lie iiiunUlly fiii-cdiiitaliiiigoll'iiu- prcssiniisof thrir itnnrrcs upon her ponl, nevcr piui wiui inu Miuiu inn wiui me, ner neau lin.l n,,!ln L..ll1n,t .... 1 1 1.. 1 I selves of their own accord as in involuntary ad- miration. Her eycs were liable to a similar af-. tlio sail time lnokili" round at the bystander, Sec. 1. The Siiprciii" Court of this Smies'nll here fection. Sho had the softest voice that ever and hoV.r m, her liii"er. nlier ci.nlt of one flu. f Judije mid live Assi-mm was beard; and her nose, stupondnislyuuuiline, 'Kb J.,, ,eneate,irwhat was it von said, '?. ."''"""t"1 "' "'!"""'r V'""M hy had a little knob in the very centre or kovtonu of tlio bridge, whence it tended downward toward her face, as an invincible determination never lo turn up at anything. Miss Tox's dress, 'though perfectly genteel and good, had a certain character of angularity and scantiness. ,Sho was accustomed to wear odd, woody littlo flowers in her bonnets ami cap. Strange gra-es were sometimes percei-1 vol in her iir:and if was nh-ervni bv the I ,.;.. .,r,.n t r ..n, i..: . 1 , ' , " ' : V .' Ijimfs, aid other gossamer articles indeed ol I cverviiiuui sue wonv v:nen i.u.i iwo enus 10 11 iuteiiiled to unite that the two ends were never on good terms, and Would n't quite meet without :i struggle. She bad furry articles for winter wear, a tippets, boas, and mull'-, which stood tip on end in a rampant manner, and wire not at all sleek. She was much given to carrying 'Fanny !' said l,nfsa, glancing round willi a about of small bags with snaps to them, that gatl.cring alarm, "mlv look at me. Onlyopon went oil' like pistols when they were shut up; vnur eve- to show te thatjou hear and imder and when fulldresei!, she wore round lmr neck stand me ; will von Cood heaven, gentlemen, the barrene-t of locKets, representing a li-hy old what is tu be done !' eye, with no approach to speculation in it. 'J'he two medicilittendants exchangeda look The-oandotherapiiearaiiccsiifa-imilariiatiire. acrn-s the bed. all ilm I'hv-iel.n, .'u..nni.r liiitl served to propagate the opinion, that .Miss i.i.v , .1-.1 laoy iiiivii.u is caiieua iimueii 111- dependence, which she turned to the best ac- count. Po-ibly her mincing gait encouraged theli.dief.iilul siii'.'e-ted that be ciinnili'' a steo of ordinary compa-s into two or three, originated ill her habit of making the most of evervthini'. " I am sure," said Miss To.v, with a prodigious curt-ey, " that lo have the honor of being pre sented lo Mr. Dombey is a ili.-tinction which I have long sought, but very little expected at the pre-cnt moment. My dear .Mrs. Chick may 1 sav l,oui-a !" .Ur-. Chick took Mi'-s Tox's hand in hers, rested tlio foot of her wine-glass upon it, rc-pres-ed a tear, and said in alow voice, " Illes.s you !" " My dear Louisa, then," said Mis Tox, "my sweet friend, how are you now ?'' ' Hotter,' .Mrs. Chicl"; returned. " Take some wine. Von h ive been ahno-t as anxious as I have li-en, and mn-twantit, I am sure." Mr. Dombey of course ollici ited. ' Mis Tox, Paul," pur-lied Mrs. Chick, still retaining her hand, " knowing how much 1 have been interested in the anticipation of the event of to day, has been working at a little gift for I'a nny. which I promised to present, lt is only a pincii-biou for the toilette table, Paul, but I di) say, and will say, and must s ty, th it .Miss Tox has very prettily adapted the' sentiment to the occasion. I call ' Welcome, little Dombey' Poetry, myself." ' Is that the device ?" iniulroil her brother. ' That is the device," returned lmi-a. " I'ut do me the ju-lico to remember, my dear I,oui-a," said Mi-s Tux, in atone of low and earnest entreaty, " that nothing but the 1 have somo ililliculty in e.pre.-ing myself tlie ilu biou-ne.-s ofthe result would have induced me to take ro great a liberty : Welcome, .Master, Domliey, would liavo been much more coiigi nial to my feelings, as I am pure you know. Hut the uncertainty attendant on angelic strangers will, I hope, excuse wh it might otlierwi-e ap pear an itnwarrantahle liunliaritv. .H-s J ox made a graceful bend as she spoke, in favor of .Mr. Donihey, which that gentleman graciou.-ly acknowledged. Hven the sort of recognition of Domliey and Son, convejed in the foregoing conversation, wa- so p to him, that his sister, .Mrs. Chid; though heallected to con sider her a weak, good-n iturcil per.-on hal peril ips more inlluenco over him than anybody el-o. " Well !" said Mrs. Chick, with a sw eet smile, 'after tin, I forgive I'liiny everything!'' It vv l- a declaration ill a ( 'hristian spirit, and Mrs. Chick felt that it did her good. Not that she had anything particular to forgix'o in her si-ter-iu-law, nor indeed anything at all, except her haxing married her brother in il-elf a spe cies of audacity and her having, in the course of events, given birlh In a girl iii-tead ol a boy ; which, a, .Mrs. Chick had freipiently ob-erxvd. xxas not ipiite whit she had cxpecteit of her, and was not a plei-ant return for all the attention and ili-tinction she had met with. .Mr. Dombey being h i-tily summoned out of the room at this moment, the two ladies were left alone together. .Miss 1 ox immediately be came spasmodic. ' I knew on w ould admire tnv brother. I told you so before-hind, my dear," .-aid Louisa. .Miss To.x's h.inds'and eyes e.xpre ed how much. " And as to his property, my dear!" ' Ah !" s aid .Mi-s Tox, with deep feeling. I ill nien-o ! I tut his deportment, my dear Iuiisa !' said .Mi Tox. 'His pre.-enco ! His dignity ! No lortraitthat I liavo ever seen ol anyone lias icon half so replete with tho-e nu ilitie. Some thing so stalelv, x'ou know ; so uncompromising: very wide acro-s the chest : so upright: A pecuniary Duko of Vork, my love, ami nothing snort id u; sau .xiiss iox. "Dials 1 should designate him.' Wbv. mv dear Paul !' exclaimed tlie siter. ns lie returned, 'you look quite palo ! There'.- notb- uiir uie mailer I I inn sorrv to sav. lonisa. that thev tell me that Canny ' 'Now, dear Paul !' returned bis si-ter risine-. 'don't believe it. If you have any reliance on my experience, ram, you may rest, assured there is nothing xvanliiig Imt a'n ell'ort on Tunny's part. And that elliirt,' she continued, taking oil' her bonnet, and ailju.-ting he cap and glnie-, ina Im-ine like manner, 'she mu-t lie encour- ugeu, ami reauy, n iieces-ary, urged to in.iiie. Now, my dear Paul, come up tnir willi mo,' Mr. I ininbex', who, be.-idc.-. beiiiL' L'enerallv in. Iluenccd by.liis sister for iho rea-ou ulreadv inenlioni il, liad really l.utli in her as tin e.xne- rienced and ni-tling matron, acijuie-ced ; nnd loilowed ner,at once to tlio sick chamber, The lady lav iiimiii her lied as ho had left her. clasping her littlo daughter lo her breast. I he child hung close about her, with the samo in- len-ily as before, and never raised her head, or moved tier soft cheek Irom her mother face, or looked imthoso who stood around, or spoke, or iiiivcii,orsucii a tear. Mtostles.s without the littlo girl,' the Doctor whispered .Mr. Dombey, 'Wo found it best to have her m again. Therowas such a solemn stillness round llio bed ; and the two medical uttf ndaiits seemed to look on Ihe linpassno lorm xvith so much com pa-ioti and so littlo hone, that .Mrs. Chick xxas for the moment diverted from her purm-e. Hut pre-ently summoning courage, and what she ralli il tirieni'o nf mind, i-ho sat down he tho . , 1 .... 1 , , ., , . ik hi w, aim iiu in mo ,Wf procuo tone ul one A whlht after tills, our hem tfot into a demle 'deii Z if i 7l?ii w nu'in fiivors to aiv.iken a 1. i-onnr! I. --.j .:m - .T-.i. i. . i ... . i il"7B V . I'anny! 1 anny!' I'iinnv ! P.innv ! Ker Pen's walch, xxhicli scetneil in tlie silence nfi IoIki riiniiiii" 11 rui'u. .1' 1 n . . , 'i.:.,i. ...... .. i.iiii, , .1., .1. .., pi.u. ..iti, . nil i, will! Kb- ' ill), OS, .'Mill it ;la fcsliler Q suiue.1 liohlngjn, 'Jieio U.Mr. r.uuo In it, Inlihuto! A -.'r I .-e you. UWty.iu lol.ini l.nt al u hulF ai to lay your liltlo boy tlio baby, I'aimv- von re-iinint -a mil wid ye a. knowynit havo lnrilly seen bin yet, I think I in nod nit t hey can t till von rnuo ourseit n I t,..,- k . .1 ',.. ' . roused ' I vnlirsm tillle ? I'.b 1 1 Shentbercar to the lml and 11-tonoil : at .. "t . . I'iinny I iluhi t hear you. t !. 'J Ii shall be the duty nt iliejudzn of ilmPu- Ix'o wd or sound in answer. Mr. Dombey's pieine Cmri nr a majuritv ol sikmi nsonvi watch id )r. Parker Pop's watch Fccmed to nieutafi -r their appoiniin an, to drsiKii.iii' tin- .Iii.Iiii-s be racinf ister ! who slmll ntlend Ibe s."i..iis of the s-upri'ine Ouurl iv , ! , , .,, ., for ibc eiisaiiiL' year, in sin lin inniuier llmt four shall , Aow.nlly, ranuy.mydear,' said her si-lcr-1 j,. nwijpi,., ,, lt nmuty ; nn.l it shall be lb- duly in-law, airing her po-ition. and speaking les i of tlie loir thus dsi(innie.l to ntlend the ti nii of the conlidentl1 mid more earnesllv. in snife of her- Supreme ''nurt in each of the countii s tu vliiih tbi-V you ,i0I1y vnrkCir ,,orr-.,rv lor SC I. I S I men tn tin ntofn er.-iua u- . er.n von in in ui... ir. 1 i. . I .J. " ! .V,'A " . i'""''i'-" .v I'UIIO'.H.. to ; i ouryiiv oW, 'lis. I ndi.l"-r ' "". l'"'' 'u" wincn you are not (ti-ivisee. to'im make ; buttKs i.i a i-oil 1 i . 'mm, vuu kimw,',i'" rami?, aim wriui ncrtT vicni, wiien fuiiuw . . . 1 1 t ile,,e,.ils upon Come ! Try 1 I must really scold you il you iki 1 1' I J 1 IV I ill 1 1 1 1 ins I I "till I ' II III -U ilt lil'i UU illhl . tunoiis. 'Jiic w.ucim st'umuil tu trip each otli- crop. down, whispered in lie child's "ear. Not having iimier-tooil llie purprt ol Ins whisper, the little 'crealuretiirnedlier 'rfectly colorless face, and deep il irk eyestowat1. him;" but without loosin" her bold in the lea-t. I'he wh i -pe r w a s npeat ed . '.Mamma ! sanl tlKclulil. The little voici", fuiliarand dearly b.doved, awakened somesbowif con.-ciou-nes's, even at that ebb. Tor a turnout, the cl d eye-lids trembled, and the no-til quivered, and the I'aiut-e-t shadow of a smiluwas seen. 'Mamma!' cried th child sobbing nlond. 'Oh. dear Mamma ! oil dear Mamma !' The Doctor gently ,ru-heil the scattered ringlet-of the child, a-idefrom the face and mouth of the mother. Al is !how calm thev lav there; how little breath there a- to stir them ! Thus, clinging fa-t t, that light spar within her bosom, the mother nifted out upon the dark and unknown sea that r lis round all the world. Tu le eoiliniirj. 1'iuiii tlie Omvicrrliil Ailtrrlixcr. A'evv Iir.eiitiou. A gentleman of thi-ity Ins invented an in strumont, 1.1'or re.idil- 'linding the meridian : J. Tor taking the aziuuth of the sun; :i. Tor linding the declination (f the imgnetie needle: I. I'or givingapparentime; ti. l'ortracinglines in Mirvoying; (J. 1'orsttering vessels in Mnnoih water when the sun is fining; 7. An 1, in con nection w ith a chronnme'.er, for determining the buiL'itude, without a tedious process of calcula tion. Its principle is very simple. It con-i-t-in the con-truction of two or more sun dials for different planes, one of which niu-t decline from t, meridian. These pImim atu counecti.l sous to Inrin tingles crpiul to those tor winch tlmy are calculated. Now, as each of the-e dials separ ately will give the true time only when placed exactly in it own plane, so two of them can agree m tune only when both are in their true planes, imJ each mu-t corre-pond, or diverge from the meridian, in an angle eipial to that lor which it is calculated. 1! r. Illiitlntlinn, ltlbero lip two sun dial-', con slrncted for vertical planes, declining from fa cing the m Tubaii, at an angle of 30 : , thu one lo the La-t mid the other to the We-I. Let these planes be joined together at an angle equal to the sum of the complement- of the declina tion of the two, that i-, at lit) - , the West on the left side, A S, and the Ivi-t on llie right side, II S. When the-e dial- are adpi-teil to llie sun, so as to show corresponding time, it is evident that they must be in the planus for which they am calculated, ami tlio angular point ts niu-t lie South, ami tlio line S N the meridian. Tin-instrument, surmounted with a graduated circle, with sights elevated timni a tripod and levelled, will enable a siirxex'or, without exten sile Know ledgo and exnensive iu-ti iiments to record Iho lines of his surveys Irom the true in -tend ol the magnetic meridian. 1 bus those disputes which uri-n from the nlloxvance made for the unknown variations of tlio in iguetic nee dle will be avoided. A full de-criptiou of the in-triiment, xvith a model, may be seen at Mr, I'h et's mechanics' agency, 3 1 Ann stria;!, New Vork. ' Important Dis 'ovenx. lniUnlavnnt Slop- ;u'g o'k lliiilu-itij Train. The experiment look place in tlio line Chan ee it Aullni, on a model cnn-truclcd for Iho purpo-e. The in ventor is an engineer mined Alexandre. A model train was Jet oll'at dillerent rates ofsjiocd. irom lilleeu or twenty leagues an lumr, down a very inclined plane, and vet, notw ith-tamling the-o circum-tance, tlio train xvas checked xvuiiiiultlieslighte-t commotion. The break is xvnrked by Iho conductor of llie la-t carriige. liy xvhich means the whole of the carriages, instead ol strjckiiig each other, havo ti tend uicr to retreat. As soon as the breaks of the hist car riage hive taken their poition, those of every other carriage in tlie train act instantaneous)", and by alio! her admirable contrivance the lo'n tnntixe can. oven at the greaUt rain of speed, no detached Irom the train. I bis is not all TllO VI TV :icf nf .n-viritimr tlio 1. it: inioti v tiro. I yiiles i,i,t llcci,l.nt rri,7 ils r , , 1(X; Ur r.,r,.- ..T.e '.i 1 1 ,! . r.;r ar.l; f,)rass.ui;usitliiH ro.i.'lieJiiMillioiiii ...-nui o irntii 1110 ir.UH, Btiy nuy in line iiunurni, it stoH, 'l')ie invetitur osliuiules tlioux- ien.-o ii'uiloiilnjr Iti. ; 11s al n llioiissuul tr.llie for ....el, rv.rronr., A ii uiioil in -. ... poi Hid by the government, h tve xvi tnessed, and, it is said, approved of tlio experiments. t7u- liL'imm's .l..r-. .Mlsstvii a Kcoimcnt. Wlioii tlio army, niys tho nirrespnuilent n' tlm X. (). l'ie.iyuui', wu foinino; nut from Corpus ClirUti, ni'iir tlio C11I11 r.uln, tlioy lieijiin t , willi wil.l I'ntlU-. ( )no iluy ii Mililior m ule rli.isntu n liull, uml boi'oinini; I'.M'iti'il, forgot that llio uiiiin ilwis between liim niul liU rpgimput, ami liroil, mUriti liU marl;, atul fnrliitiatcly tlm rrgimi'iit at tlio pamu tiiuo. I In) Milliter yas arntcil his riireleritiieot and irre.'itlar cnndiict hut wan ni.n rol..-i...l ...1 11 r. "V , 1 " '', 1 11 tt a.S, h. Tl " '' 1 . ... 1. 1... . i..i " 14 " " " I-. 7 1 T ', ;,! h,,,;, ......." t i ,i. ... ..... 1 .. .i...iu Miu .unriiiiii;, h iiii ma ih'iut nail,

' now and lbe. ,,,,.1 k -d m I,, . l nb'iioinir illeries ery fast, when hn brnke nut with. in, jes, anil it ;ia miner jo rails yiiuiel t.u I r iikiii tin. liio nl mo, md iniitoeil ii whole ml llml I talk In inc. N A cuu5 of bcvmonl. Ki.,ir 'rr,,tm,t.,ii (ulhirsi 1111" W. ' lull"". L,'',':.:i 1 ''"CAV uin i.niiro u. """" "I'lepmy ns.r . in caiis. .miaiKiiis.11.1 reui-tllllllL o, ur and deteniui.u sael. uitise. or hold th rnul minZ, i-a.'f.-'t, l,e determined liy such court, uules a (r Uch term but where there are only I.UIl, ill' .1 IH IH' - Mill-Ill III III'- ll''Cltlllll Nr. t. The term of the Suiirenie Court In the sev eral comite s 1:1 11 he held al Ihe following limes : In the (ouiily of Cliiueiiil.-ii on the foiirih Tuesday ill Deeeniher. In ihe county ot 1'ranklin on tlie second Tiusdny nexi nlier ihe lonrih Tu-s,lny in lleeemlt. r. In the comity ot (tram! l.-le oi the fourth 'i'hiu-'dny n-xi nlier lhe fourth Tuesday 111 lie. eemher. In the coiiiuy ot Addison 011 ihe fourth Tuesday next niter the ioiirtb Tuesday in D'avniln-r. In the eoiiniy of lintl.ind on the nth' Tuesday, 111 XI liner me lourth I iiesuay in Uitember. In tlie conn "f Ikainmaimi on iheeinluh Tuesday next alter ihe lourtll Tuesilavill l)'eellll,er. InlheeiiutilVof Wind hnin 011 the ninth Tuesday next nlier the fourth Tuesday in I) 'c. nilwr. In the county ol Windsor oil ihe tenth Tuesday next alter the fourth Tues day in December, hi the comity of Oranire on the thiiieeiith Tuesday next al'er ihe foiirih TueMlny m December. In' the county (-1 Wa.-hiueton oh the hlieeinh Tuesday next atlei ihe lonrih Tuesday in I) 'ccinlier. In ihe county ol Ciileiloiua on lliesiv- teeiuli 1 uesday next alter the foiirih I uesday in De eeniher. In tie counly of IX-'X on the seventeen! h Tuesday nexi idler the foiirlli Tuesday ill Il'iemhcr. Iiithecounly 1 f Orleau on the -iitliieeiilh Tiiesilny next lifter the fouith 'l'uesday in Uieemlur. In tl.e county of Iii'toille on the nineteenth Tuesday next af ter the fourth Tue-di. in Decciulier. Sec. .". There shall be six .liuhi nil Cireuils in the Slnte. The first -hall consist ol the ei.unliesi.l lien- miieton anil Hiitlaml ; tin- .s-eond. ol the con tie ot uiiihum and Windsor; die third, ot the loniuiesot Ad.h-on and I hitteud'll: th" lonrih, ot 111 comities ot ( Irnuee nn.l Washington : tht linh. of ihe 1 ..uiitn oftirand l-le. 1'rnoklni and Lamoille ; thu sixth, ol the counties ot 1 nleilom.i. l,ex and (Ji leans, r-ee. Any ol Ihe t.rovisuui- m the cxisiuiii lave 11.1t iiieousisienl with Ibis net, shall continue 111 lull luree. Sec. T. This act shall take cllect from il nassaae. Sec. S. lt shall be the ilnlv ol the Sutiem,. ( oiirt In hold anndjourtied term thereof in an eounty 111 ibis Siale, when ihe iinlinisiied business lit siicircouiity snail require 11. 1 .- .x . lUiUil., Zprnkrr oj llie Jlviitr ol Jitirc- sentitlirrs. l,i:ilXAI!D SKUC.EAXT, Vrrshletd tittle Hen- dtp. Approved Oct. 'JJ.ISIG. H0K ACT, I'A TON. 2. AN ACT relatui'' to liceti-iiiK Innkeepers and llelailers. i herrbv rnartPtl. ,r. Srr 1. Any jn-rson who -hall deal ill tie celling of lusiineii spiriiu. Mis liquors, wine, ate orneer, (excepi iiitf small beer.) in iuantitie- ot twenty gallons or more, at any one time, -hall be deemed lo ho a whole sale denier wuthm the meaning i f ihi net. Any person who shall ileal m the K'llutaof di-iilled -piriluoiis li.jin.r-, inc, ale or beer, (exit plitnr small oeerj m quantities ot ne jam or more, nn,i le-s than twenty gallons, shall he deemed lo he a retailer within the tncniiiu of this net. Any pci-on who -hall denl in ihe cllini'of disiilled spiritmil's hqaors, wme, ale or beer, (exeeplmu small beer) in qu.lllllll -s less t.a i onv pi.u. -h.lii hi deemed to he a lavernkcepi rwilluu llie nieaiiinir ,,f tins un. Any per-ou wtio -hall keep a bouse ot public eiinr tanuueiit.aiiil shiih turuish therein, viemals, lode'iies. room or accommodations for au. st, shall ! d'cmed to lie an iiiuke. per within the lucaiiine ol this act. Any iersoii who shall keipa victualui,..-h,Hic,-hop or cellar, and therein si II victivi or Inuis, shall be defined to Is- n ktik-it, within llie uu nnuicol tlusai I, srr. V. It any person, without a license thin tor. as provided in this act, shall bereafu r deal m the scl- mi: ol nuy ill-tilled spirituous liquors, wines, ale or beer, eveepiiiie suuilUK cr. lie shall torteii.nnd pay io the Treasurer ot the count), lor Ihe use ot Mod coun ty, a a penalty : I'or each quantity of twenty callous, or more, rf ei ther of said uilielei. ihe sum of twenty dollats ; I'or each quantity of less llmn.lweiitv ttnlloii and no! le than one pint, of either cl -aid articles, tin dohnis ; I'or each quantity of less than one tint, of either of said article-ten dollars ; Il shall lie guilty of more than one dis tinct olfciice, us proiiil.ited ill this act, he may lie pro ccuted nnd subjected to nil such p amities at the -nine tunc'. If any iiersoii without a license therefor, as provided m llusnct, siiull herenltcr liecmnc an ii!ikccicr oi un ern keeper, and shall, ihereiii, furnish any victuals,'coniniodaiion foreucsis, he shall loiteit anil pay lo the Treasurer ol said i ounty, for the use of snid Couni) , Ihe sum ol iweniydollnrs. ii nuy js rson wuuoiiiu lu-en,,' tiiereor,iis nrovuled , in this acl, shall herenlier keep nny ieuialhii)! lions.', shop or cellar, and -hull therein m il nny vieiuuls or trail, lie shall forfeit nud pay to the Treasurer ol tlie ....... u- i.M.i .i'u.-,i .iuu iinv io uie i reasiirer oi uie County, lor fhe use of the' County, lis a ..eiinliy, the sum ol 'ten dollars. diIinovniieaga .,y'-,W.il1,w nun- ! 'PL.. I ' . 1 tl t .... . Si tut 111 ler.'i. lt shall I- the duly of th-'venil Suite's At- ii.)s,w.tlu their respecuve Cuuiuie., lo proMcute violation, of, his net; nnd liny are here! )" -oiw.. ed mlorm.nii nlliieis lor ih.n pun.-.., to coimoenee nil itiictl inlnriiitiii'i'HUriis nun ir-n'iMithinK Mure im .lufticcot" lliu lVaii-, M wril Srr.X Any Juvtiti oi the iVdo i rmpowprpil to luliil i.tPf In ill.. ..niMti- fiuitt till .uirwiu ..l.i.r.r..) ..ii: t.r, n.r.i,, .i.L ,..t ... J. ......:un .... -.ii lmr t. -tiln it tin-inn Ulorr hint. ,Vr I.. Any iH-moii askuie and reee, a license. n-irui wien' ni in. 1 in iiniiu---i 111 mm nn, ior 1110 MU' 01 nnv tiiaui i'u iini,,. .... ..1.. ...l... ui,ii 1 ,..i...u ,1,.. s.i 1 . . ".1. .1 c 1 .mi 1 . . , .1 1 .. 1 N-vnihl Tiif.l.f in Msirch. iiti'ilidv t'iliun-v the Vnt" lie .niua-es 1 mis oes,g, nuu . ,.,., ,. , .,,,, ,,r,.,. Iy ol suel. Alam-irate -hall b- I i-ii .0 ... . ,.e , ,- ..,. v. ... . , . ,,.,..,.., . ,,,,, , Sinte. nt,i o inu J11UK ll-l l. conn, or Mian oe ueinine.. irojni -t ,, -, ,,, 1 ,,-i'c. li, . aci'oaiits lor t ieervicesiii .iiv un.,ii..iii.i. 1.1 ci.l. nlor m ., 1, u.iriinit'.lor mien lanci em .nine' .-. o' -.... .'. 1 . ... .. .. ,. ... 1.. .t...:.....wl I,... -j. I oi'', i.v loll-. Ml r HVIIsse.i ; n in lor ..-..-..-..ii j ,t. . . , . . . . ... mini UhhuuU vnlut( 1-o.y il.. rt t., ilu Tniwirrr olJ f h w,iu' "" ,'", "" '""T ,rd ,y ,XuiU t!i io.mtv.lor th- iuJ i the i.m.y, -ixIoIIuh: I "r- Am! onl. r inll W dnmn I.y i.ny I U-ik. nn I. l ur 'ahc- MM-a u uhoifMle Uler. a huh Ilnl 1 wJhiiIm-Rluimiv nl the Court Auditor, nor I.y M re infill 1 I liv iilfllUlP, IIWI IIU'JV Llt-llt 1141 ttUMUIfX U'l ...,..,., J ' '2. I or .1 luiPnan rntniUT. n hii.i nnt 1, tl.nn iv il nor niorr than twiuty lur one jrar: ! not it- innti inrrnJ iiouiire nor more matt ten tiouais tor m inoiiilw ; X I'or a lu-fiw :titii tnvernkt'pjM'r, n mm not lr-f tlinn thrt'i' ilollur, nor more tli-n tw-nty ilollars tor on)ar; and not tlian 4ih dollar and litty tt'iu- nur ni'-iv iluiii It'll dollar-, lor i iu miiIih; I. roraliri'iiM st -irtHTr, n sntn not loi titan two dllitri tur onr rar( or one dollar for months, Srr. "7. The AtNiittmt .liulieii nt the ih'enil rounn eoiirtlhhnll hte power torant lieenin-n t itlKTein- 1 "Her ,.roi uleil all lieeiu.- nmnwd. ball he . slueil hv the L lerkol the I ollllly l olin.uiljreeuri ei . ,,, . ollMly t.,,.rk., .,.. ' a, hcolls,.s ,! imiliorue the wrtv ilierem .sell aeeonl- I mil loilieienmiliereof. net kIui'I euninieiiee on ltn tiivt divol Muv nr n- ati.Nia.irumuu iiieon tie nn-i ua 01 nuy, or o- I d no li.viw sliall be Bmated for a IonBer term than one year. I .NVr S. shall receive a liis ns,', until ,. the uiht tiav ui Ann hall bine lianl Ihe wim ill which lie shall lell asses.- cd.nnd Ihe .urn ol iinv rents in addition, as I. for 1 . .. I 1. . i .. i i . ii . . i i Html lieeiiHe; un.l uu heeiiHi :liail Ihi eli.iltial uuul siiell Ul) II lent. mid fees, uml alii.ll, itliin lliiny .'ii nlier nroiilitii 1 lie I lelK .Hull receive til! lnonei ill 1,1 lor lleeliM'S any lieense, wiyoer in uie 1 ouiily 1 leusurer, tlie miiii recened lor meli lieeii, iinjeifier uli ihe miiii of tinny three rent, nut ol' ihe le. imul thereon : un.l nil licenses cranled llll.ler thu III I shnll ilcMuule llie lioih1 or sit tie, und the town in winch, llie nemon re eeivuij' the Mime, bhnll Ik nulliorued to pursue the bu ineiM tor which he U licenced: und uliall not e eon- lH"'"! oiiuilioiize mi.Ii luisiurwlo In-carried on by Hiiy niher io'imuiii. nr al any ouVr lilac, eAiei.t iliat 1 ilewilliJtea m uie ucerw.' .vr v. . meeiouioi u.e iio.ioiioiiinirrry town m thin Slate, w nn are uteri, m umuaiid frwmeii' iniei inc. lial. Ik holden al thy iwial place of holduiK tnw n iiicetiup., .ui ihe limi Tiiftsliy ui Jlirch, A II. 1st?, and each l en r tlu'rea Iter, ill oue o'clock ill the 8ller, Mhu'hineetiujpahall winied. vul Rnveriied, in all rpijU, .i l.le.l in chapter Ihliteen of ihe Keviar.l Matuiea, rnilii.u, "l l.iuiuan.l lUamo, aud.'oiiliiiiwi H'it lltilll rHf o'liork. I' l .Vr. ILU AlMUcn lileeling Hie cotiMahle. m .1 of the Selecininl, or II uu llie dayol die anuujlilei.iie.ioi mi mlLu. ihe moduuior n -KlWfciWi mfmrn lfW M- mertitU shall preside, and receive the ballolsnrthe I . . ........ ....I. .l.'.ll l. u'rillrii nrl.rinlei. el- 11,.. !..,a . .,r il.,.u-r,s .Y7.;rnwe.Mind the II I.... .1 ..! ul 1 1 1,1 the enlislaie. St ee - ll,,n "M""" ,. 1 ' . ,l, men or nio.l,-rat.r. ai-ieii iy uen ju-(ii.e- n.-- win.t ray pres.-i,l, Ih-..Mic1y sorted, counted mid leel i ' The tow, cle k, or some one or more " ' lecv- ill,'. by ft 1c town, shall be ,,reset at lie y"un"l ...I cord lb- names i, nil the, persons e eV 's ' . ' . .-. . r 1 . . 1... 1 ... 4 .... r. in ti,,i t.nvji .See. II lie tnv a clerk ill each town rir,rlt,nvnlea orballois shall Imie been so counted, -hall make a record thereol, in ihe town, book of records, nu I shall within ix dajs from the firtTu'-si!ayin Mureh.irans 11111 a eopv of such r-coribdiily cerlifu'd and -ealeil up, to the Clerk id tli: County 111 lm h such tuwn may be Miiritnl. . .Mr. 12, 'I'lie several County Clerks shall, on 111 I'hnrsihv nfierthc first Tu. s- i 1 1 Male, s in o'i 1 le i lire - day 111 Mured, nt new convenient place 111 Montpe. ' m the .-n.-rm s .leparlin.-nt. p wptitiB those ri jailor-, lie?. puMiely canvass ,tes so ri lunied to him by "ceruineat nuy on- term, -hall Le euihruced in one ac Ihe County Clerks ntfl nnke pri'lamaiion of the re- j allowed to Ihe Mierill nlone, who shall Is- salt of Ihe vole, 1,1 the cmnc Slate, under luow 11 s,e,. ! aeeoimtahle to nuy i-rsen entitled to 11 portion thereof nilure an,! thesenl of this nil of the new-pa-, ?,"",',., , in. .1 1 1 p.-is winch shall he then printed nt .Moiiipener; and 1 ' ' ' ' '" I rea-arer s ,n!l not reeetve ihe bond ', , . .... . . . . ,' ol ,oiv Stfitf Vlli.rii.'V or l .,r a. he Iiim (ir..v i.ln. 'iiau irnnsinii 10 ui" clerk u Ihe several couaie'sa eriilienie ol the r.-nli ol the Tote in tl mire Slate,! under hi s,m,atare and Ihe Seat of this Stale. 1 Nee. i:i. It th- inai)ntv ol the votes returned , tbniiiL'hoiit il ntir.'Siniei.hnlll.' -hnllbe 1 ihe .Intv of ihe nlore-a.d .In lues ol the -vera! county ounstouranl licenses, in aecordince with the pro-1 visions of this net. to nil seh rr-..ns a shall make 1 niphealioii I here or, mid who sii-tam a tfooil 11101:11 ) character. I .XVr. II I 1 he inrtK.Mtv r.r l ie votns. so relnrnei . 1 throuLrbout the entire Slate shall he Aw I.itenr. th.1 iy for .Me'ibema!. Chem'ieal and .Mechanical purpos.-.. , to mi-'Ii peison .only ns sirlll have been approhated for sneh iinrnos.' or onrnoses. hv the civil nnlllortlv of the town; which appn bition' shall he ceriiti.'d mid iKtied by Ihe eliairinau ul the hoard ol civil authority so approbating ore. l.. Any person v ho shall a license lor ll," purpose l-i i inemioiii d, shall have power towdl lor mede'iiinl, chenueal and in.'ehaitieal purpo sonly. and shall pay lliere.'or a sum not es than oae dollar .Sec. Hi. '1 he hoard ot ei il authority, when conveu- en ior mill purpose, may license, tor lie' term oi one i. ' vear.auv si uilahie peronor person, lo keep a vietu Imir houe. -hoit.eel.iiror inn. in tlieir respective town, icid to sell therein all kinds of lruits ami provisions, aim m iyor may not s -u smnll beer and eider, ns ihe hoirdot civil authonty may determine -ilwuv un der s,t, h p'ix ilaiious iis the board ot civil mitliority limy prejs'rihc : and -uch heen.' shall le nxned by n tiii'jouiy ot ihe lH.nrd ot civil authority, but no -uch li cense i-nall nutlioruf th,- pe-on or per-ons io -ell in bis victualling house, shop, cellar or inn, any wine or distilled -piritiiou h.piors, mixed or iiiiin'vd. And the bonrd urautinirueh license may. ntanv nnl nud vacate any such been-', 'by them i;rnnied, w he,, , the opinion of a minority of said hoard the i.ul,lie c-khI re, u.rc..the snme. ,V. 17. The sevetiih -eciion of this act shall not Is- so c. usiriied, us to mve power or nuihoriiy to me ns- nsisiant .bulges ol the County Court, to grant been se to irrocers. t-ei . Is. I.very person hci nseil according to the prov isions ol ilu act . ns n uiverul.ccper or uni-keep-er,sliall, nl nil times. Ik fariuslieil wuh -uunliie pro visions, lodumus and accommodations lor strauecrs and trax'elers, and w ilh suitable -table room, hay nn.l jirovender torih.-ir horw - and cattle, nud with a -uita-hie shed nr co'.emie tor horses, near his hon-e, with convenances in (he same, tor tecdine. -uch hows ; uud it -itch kiejier of n tavern or inu ket per shall neix'eet to be so soturni-hed, it shall lie the duly of the .ludee ol the county court to vacate or annul his lieeii-e iand -uch tavern keeper or iuu kei jier shall be liable for all Ihe penalties ot this act. d be prmetd tu s.11, after wniien nonce gucn to mm ny sail jud.'es, inai mey hnxe nnuiill 'd ami vacalcd hi heui-e nlure-aid, the same as it no lleell-e had In i n ernnted : nnd in like manner, the said .ludees may. at any tune, annul and yaeaie nny iicen-e i.y iiiein enintct, w hen in ihe opin ion oi said Judei -, ihe public I n quires the same. Sec. IU All pro-ecinions m the crennc Coy Court, tor violation- ol this net. shall be tried b a ju ry of siv tri eiueii, lo he drawn nnd -uiiiinoned m the manner j ri -crihed hy law, lor drawuin and summon in juiors lor lb" trial of civil niuse-. m -aid court, and all hues collected m such prosecutions shall bw' paid in to ihe Tr. aury et said city. See, 'JO. The n i-innt .'ludi;es i f the county court 'hill meet on Ihe third Tliursdajs in April nnd Oeio ihcir n-peciie Conn llmi-s, tor the purpo-c ol e,rnntuiv! heeu-es m aeeord.iuee wnh the vole ot the State, and may adjourn horn lime to tune, n- in their opinion inayj e nccessnry ; and they shall reeetie the sum of ten cent- per iiul'. lor nil iieros-ary Irnvel m the di-i-liariri ot the .1 inc.- enjoined upon il'n-m by lin net, ntnl lo ether with uie c. unity clerk, shnll re'ecm the sum ot one dollar i. nil, per da) .during the contin uance ot their , .ion. Si c. - I. The prc-t-ut county i ominis-ioners of the eev -eral countii -, shnll nu el at ihe otlieeot the several Co clerk- in iheirrc-peeiin' countii mi the fourth Tin's daj of January, A. 1). IMT, and shall bale power to ginnt liienscs, io continue m l, ihe first day id .May, l IT, and no longer ; ihea-.-es-iuents to ! in pru jsiruon to llie tune lor wliali they aie gianied, under ihe nit ol ls il. Sec NoihiuiT in tin- net shall he con-trued to af fect iinv hceii-e h.-reli lore grnuted oris'ii.illy incurred C.."'et u l..r. ., u...: o.. ...i are hereby reis-a led. Sec. Ml. 'I his net -hall take cllect from its pais Ajipioied Nov. II, Is lit 3. AN ACT, to niiprmc llie inanagtment of Stati l'mniiec-. It i lurebyeiiavted, Jxc. I he upreiue I ourt. nl their next ses-io't m ..i, ,.,,. i... h . , . . ,? ' ' ' ,, , couni), who shall h. ttail appoint n t ourt Auditor tor such swum in ilu- tiiiihlul i-frfuriiin;i' nt In- iluinii, nii.i who ir-liult hold hi-, lilhc' unlil lli . , m, . . ,y nhm s,, 'U.' ,', , i I? -U , r . ,P T , "" T "' " ' " ,l"' '''' ''K Auorncv and t lerk ! " such as ..rise , .( ,q,.-M ..I , ad am: ' I "- 7";'';.,tf the miomenanee : tlltlt I lint iri-soni itminti' imuisiT' And in u nHow- juu-t nf nny t-iiuiii In --liitll tt'HTi:tlly nutt ull -nrh lI'MIIX tll'Tfot" It WIIV. Il II" Hliflll hM,tll'.lllo-.M.'il. A Ihi l"UtM't'l III llMllllUI) , lilt' niM' f IIKMUlOIH'll lltTOlUU I I ftU'lit 'M hv ihe Au.hior ul Xcro'tm I. K. The County t'luku niiitll draw mt crcltr nn .1 ... ... 1. ..... 4 ' I reiiwirer lor uie miiii aiiov, en ny uie v nun .viliu- tor on i-iu-h --(van 111. 1 1 nan it to the ivtmhi hi u iumMh- i ' , . f , , T tlif MniK-nnlluMd ; Imi no order nnvnlilf to hnn- I , ... , .. . .. , r. I. Within d nltir the rwinj' ol radi I . lrk 4tU lorw nrdto ilu J rfUMtrrT III! at Mniefof all the order- dnHMibv him swiee th Court i-oiiuiii-need, which !isi II Ue i rtttied by tin to iri Audi' tor lo eorriond with the ai-eonmallo-Aed h iunt .nu me 1 ieiK Minn tniw 110 lunner oriier- uiiui uv commencement of another Supreme or County Court, ur Court ot Chancery, nd ihe Treasurer nhali pa no older drawn l' a i'lerk until he chilli have ieeeitd Mich nrwmct of the name are innde to the Countv Cleilw, the TrcaMirer u Inni Ji 1 ...... !t . h.M.L.,..- ..1 vi . 1 hliull .,nv ZJZS" MU"" ' 1 ' '.lr. ,1 , .N'e.i,. iil.m ten dai, nlier . th- utHccrH inaknii! n turiw lo tbem Uu tr tee', nud . 1 . .1 . nth rdeetion.niidlhe rourt, tin clerk shall jwiy to the Trenu '-" ' " .'.'I'"" "m"1"' ,""' money lurnntte(t to tin 1 1 to itrfrny or conn, ami 01 tne 1 " aceruillg to llie r-mte, H4 mlull (101 liae leett ex- .,.. p. ..n; " r,?H ,"""' i-j "n 'll,'1" h'fs.and al s.ieli curl in iai) mg ihe lew. ot jurors I"'"1 itne's. and ol ihe Ais-i-iam . udees ,. ihe ! ""my court in stale causes.; and the n-asurer slin 1 "u" ""P'l' Bie cerniH-ioe ni uie aillouill S.. IKI- xnc.'illohiui.uiidoliht'aiiiuiiiil,ilaii)oIuidhyhiui I In the I reii-tit-fr lo ihe Treasurer. See. 7. Within forty ilius nlier I'li-eium the 'leik hliull forward 10 ihe 111hior of AeeouuN one of ! 'rl;l'":"u' " lurnwhe.1 htm, and the .inmiuil re- I't'liiu nl llie lelurnintl ollieei . , ... , . " 1 . , r 11 Inu lony iluv. utn r .lie riMiig nf eeh eoiirl.llie rleikklull l.; 10 llie Auiliior of Ae - Treaxiierasleineiilmiied aUa statement o the i lees whieli hade accrued to the State mid lo tb Ab-I ...1111- ...... ... hit ........ nr, iu.i one-u u lllill O) llir siHa nt Judge ot the eouuty couiifi m Matecaiwi, will copies of ihelirand Jury and IVut-Jurv ileln- , ture. tu U- eeiufieil bv the counly Auditor ; a li-t nt the ltneie 111 Slate eau lo 1- cerulieil b llwMnle a ,ui,rtiey ; the onemiil riwipl nl tlie jurors, iuich ol ihe iiioncis reciied aim naiu oui oy ........ in . ... ol ihe iii.incjsreceiied ami nam oui oy inn. ul the rsateianah..met..aiitirnr...... -u ... , . . ZZJKLW-lS he & hSK i. ceiulr. by hmw-l cl ai i mm ' "L"" " ihev re tlim n aim uie cnur. ,iu...e-. . . I ,nr miiit, nuu n . ... . .. 1 t. ..L.l. L.. . ku. .ui.i.llll. ... 1 Ihe aainr ; nod a lilf niriu ill kiieli I 'lf t their IW i and ih.Il- lui-andaiiiu.lirui.iiieludiiiii all fiiii,ws and jimc ,, Ad m link his iriurm -lull Mlou.a. near n. may ik-, -nun ior m u me ;xii.i,ior 1,1 Ae- CO'llltfl 111 IV prcsi nl'. A ltd til" Auditor ui AmnillM may, nt his ilLMaemm, ami 011 -u-li conditions as hn I I. ihwtp-lie oh forwaribinf tit miv'sueli nail. s. VI. If nuy coii'iiv elerk sliall iH'L'lei l 111 inako - - , j . , v aiiy ret,irii...r iiy to he I r. asnri-ra.iy iiioney nshre. hi piovided, Ihe Audii.T of Aeeounls shall 1 notify He; MuKs Mionmy l i,,. c.u.ty, !,.. shall imnied,aj.;ly (a.-eate such clerk and In; sureties un liieir ciiirrn imkl ' '" 'M' nrisini? in each case of in (U''SI ot lli.-de mid cruiitual prnceetlines lsfore inairi-inites shall Ik' embraced in one ncruuut.aud al low eil in tlie Mitintrate before whnii they wire had, 1111 1 no one els... rVe 11. II sneh Magistrate bnll neiflecl, upon rensonabl" deiinud Iwin made hy any ;erson euliileil to a share of such exjH'n-es, to pay Hull the same, gijeh pel-son may recover of suih Magistrate tlieninoiint m an a"tion 1 ,r money J11.1 anu rce-iieu ; ami 110 pruiier- nun any exe- venires snb- .11 court, and the - xpeii soi noiiiini; the s-inie, nu.i nu inner necounH v ' shall therenpi.u notify uch Mate Attorney or - I'TK. w u Mian lorinw iiu supply me ueiieieney, ami " ' ."' '. ru' '" "taciion 01 u,e rea-iirer. in-omee s nan i,e con- ""'"d "leani.nud th.-jiids-snl be county court for 111 emnnj . upon oenm oowii.-ii oi. reoi 1.) . 1- 1 re "' "I'l"'"'1 1," m,Kr I'"""" "K - 'r, ',. " V." ;,. . t n . . I-ee. 1 1. I.very Sum s Attorney sluill enter upon n ' 1 . .. (,n,.,i, ,. in, i.i.iii,.. .,..,., in. , n 1-sciiplion ol every demand and elnini in tavorot the Mile in his county, lexi.innw Mnte-iau', nnu i '' di"ir eolleetiou,, which shall come t bis knowledge, eiuhraciu'i the names ol the parlies, mid ihe nature amount and dat" of the deiunnJ ; mid shall Iroin lime to time enter upon a space, l.dt for that purpos" nirniu-t -neb de-.'iiption, all the pror ceilings winch may he had o.i -iuh detu ind or claim; nnd, w lien hi term of olliec exnire, lie hliall hand such book, with all the evidences i Mich demand and elaini to hi -in ce or, who r-hail ipre bun a receipt lor the saiu. See. la The nnnual renort to ihe Auditor of Ac count ot eaih State' Attorn, y, shall einl. race a trau- script of every proper entr which he thall have iiiaj.; Ill -Hell book -luce the la-t renort. S c Ii. 'i'he Auditor ul Account shall keep a sim ilar hook, nnd shall eiih r therein nil the matters -o re ported to him by tl vend Slate's Attorneys, ns well asany other prop-r hi itters or proceedine that come to In knowledge. S-c 17 Wlvnev. r a ii"w Slate's Aitonfy shall en ter into olliec, the hook lor hi- .oiuity shall he hy him transmitted to llie Auditor of Account, who shall hlni'aitlv compare it wim the uimsiiuiidiiu; dejHirl ineiit m hi hook. S-'C. Is The Stale's Attorney alone -hall be author '" ,'i'!t'hari:e an) i lnui or deuiand nsatiove desi'rih- n l." tn"'vt !l"' 'u. '' hi" county; and on the -t day " M pleiuhi r aniiu.illy. he -hall luriu-h the Audiior m ''"' ' wY f H -U'lenient of all he p-iy- ized to discharge an i hnn or deuiand nsabov e drscrib- meat made 1 1 tlie Trea-urer on account ot such claim nr demands during the preceding li-s-al year ; and the Auditor m the Tien-urv -Irdl tninimt the same with hisannual report to Ihe'Audiior of Accounts. See. l'J, llclbre nllowan nny claim against the State the Auditor nt -hall require proof ihercni.iinnvnieiit to testimony upon nam, or ttiecer ntieate ot -nine loiiitni-sioned othierof llie State, of ficially eogmant ol the merits ol the claim. Sec, -0. Whenever the Auditor of Aeeounls Fhall allow- any -uch claim, he shall place the original nc couiit or ihe evidence nt the claim nn file, and drnw an order on the Treasurer lor llie -inn allowed, which older shall slate the nature ot such cluiin, nnd Is- inaibi pai able on die teiiih day nl die -iieeceding month; and, when delivered, si ii II operate ipso lacto ns a dis charge nt the claim. See -I. The Amliton f Account shall forward tu the Trea-uri r on the tirt day of each month a correct abstract of nil llie orders so drawn by him during the preceding month. See -'. He -IrillnUofiirward to ihe Auditor in lie; Trea-ury, on the lirt day nt SeptemU-r annually, a correct abstract of nil the orders -o diawn by him diir. ing ihe preceding fi-eal )car,ai'd a digesied nbstract of nil the orders icporte.l by llie counly clerks to hav e been nhinii ,'u or i ii'.i-uicr iiioiim uie -nine ieiinii. Sec e;i. Whenever the Treasurer -hall p-iv any or. ill redrawn nil htm he shall llllinedialelv so ifelace ill., same wuh an impropriate stamp ns to prevent it from d again ; nud whenever the Auditor in the Treasury shall allow any suili order in settling w oh the '1'ien urer, he -hall again so d. fice the same wuh nu appropriate -taiupu- topri vent llie -nine from bem' again received as a voucher for any itiarge bv .1... .1' 1 .1. . '!'- . 1 11 fiearni'; date over three year pruMon to the time when the Kim-H pre-'tiied to lnui. ,1., nn .,-ui, i . ii i iii on- i icii-uicr sunn kiv ii J oruer t'C. -l O.i the tir.-t day ol Seot-iii!n'f annually tit (Quarter .Mii-ter (leiienil hdl reimrt to the Andiinrin the Trcauiyan al'Mrm-t o nil the onle-n drawn hy hmi on tlv'l reaviii-r ditrmt'thr nrt-eiMlinirli-eal vear : iml fim turuish the Auditor nt Att-nuiito a like ab "tnici, tonrttu-r wuh ntnieenuntot all the wmeei and epen-e to pay which they were diawn; and the -nine or theHiih-tiinee the-e "lelmll U' mbniced m the 'tntiual lejmriot the Auditor oI eei,uni. Sec. 2j. The Ij 'uil'itieCewiniHei , wlme duty It lo eAa.iiiiie the Ufporl of tlie uditor ul Aeeoniit, drill rtl-o entniue hw rreord of.lun pre-'iiteil .isiatn-t the Slate and ot hi- priH'eedniij- th-'reoii, and mike P-pott to the(ifner:d A-N'-mhy. See 'Jti On the thirty-t'u-t day of Mnv. annually, the Treaniircr fhall forward a tutennt of all the Suite taxi-then m nrn-ir, and tlio name of iho de lllujjUt'nt -.ollettori to the Au litor ot Aernunt-. whi -hall aeertam the turret tnei ot tV Maietirnt, antl reji-t theii'iui to the Auditor m tue Trca-u:y un or b-lore the tut day ot Si-ptemU-r. Sec. Section- nine, niiietien, tlnrty-pix, ami t!nny--veii ot chapter ei)ht ot the K.-i-'-ii Statut-., and ieetioim three, tour, Uw, -i, mhi, tune nnd eleven ot "an Act iclatinu to pul'lu niTount'-." approv ed November., M.i.and all nut h provt-ions o( tor titer art- iw are mcoit-i-tent with t hi-, are hcrtby re-jM-aled. S -e. "i. Till- uct t-hall tike (tli-et Iroin it paace . t'rovitled. llml theclnet jie-iiee of each eoitMt v u 1 .-hall act a-eouii Vuditor in -mi Ii coitaiy until tlie mi i-e-viotl of tlie Supreme Court l!u rem, Appnned, Nov . . HU. t. AN ACT reintimr to iwdler". ft i.i ffirt'if eiHictfii V. See. 1 AnypcrMm "omglrotn town to town, or from place to plaee 111 the -ami- town.etthyrmi loot or oth,'rweMrrjiuirl.ellreiivit!ijr tile a:i) eo -ds witn , urmerrn indue which are the gnmth or man utaetureot any loreijm touutry, or nny eottin, luicii, W(hIcii or sdk oud. or (0(vl cninju d in pint ot ei ther ol (slid maleiial-, pUitetl or tfilded wan . jewclrv , any (talent medicine, or any compound mc.htiue, th cnmjMtwinon o w Inch i- kept M-crct lioni the imbhc , wau hc orclock-, whii Ii are the growth, piodmc or inanutafture ot the I inted Stati.. ntnt any i-M r-on wluiiall tmu-pott any ruch t;othUt wares and im eluudte troiii town to tow 11, or who -hall coin, irom wnhotii tin- State, nun atty town wnhin the Mine, bringin-; any -ueh hhU, wnn or tnerchandie an I -hall 111 nny town iu which be may tmu-port or brin tin Mine, temporarily ve wii.f m, ware on3 nierciiimi.e uisue ny aiuiion or iuuerw i-e. at nnv l!uWC Vr lmv? 1,nUMr "tore ur u,ht r l,fl' NUtU te "" 'U- u ii l- uii-l , vmm who Mhall U-a pe.Ilrr, wtth- (till 11 1 111' 111 tori r .1 l,inw tlt..r'..p .,rr..-....J..,.. ' lo l"4 hn-meH'.iifurtralily to the dim lions ot tin- nrf. - ' 1,',a" 'neit nim My to the Ir.-a-Urer ! the .State, u -"- '", "- i.oii(. mm uuiwr, i ( . ., , ' " . , , . ' ,," " . 'V 1 sicuetiby the ( mmtv ( lerk o the Countv w herein the niri-ii.-"!' 10 pet! it r 1117111 in' i,-ueu nnu 'i i:. .,i u,h r.-..i- i i ri,i.K..n...i u m'-VJIL., iW, 1 r " ?""" ".' . .-"'it 111 .-tirct, r-ii.tii i,-ti.r, .11, . 1 in- t .'Mini -ii;il' .l V I Lpuniy ; e.lell lieense hn'lll ex .tutv IkiuI llu-retor, rhall tie num- 1 by llie ('ouiily Clerk K-uinc tli. it bv liun I'.r ihut nuniie : nn.l tiiiil , , " , .. L J.l I t.l I 'f'' ' ' ' , ' " ' ' ' .IHIhSHHI lliinc n'l tor Miilouur. to Ins uuu us., the uiu nl litty ivnt. lo l' i:ilil by the ieison lieenW j nn.l Mid license uliiillU- ill tliefolloiiitf toiiu. S TATU OV VKILMONT. County pi . So. lie 11 know 11, lint lieeiw is hereby erant ,, A llilir wid Ounty i be a ' ai,rw,ihinlliw Ptite. lor one I nun the date lflwlli nn, he U . Si I'l tlKttWr UK' Mllll Ot I. .il.... till en und 'nny hand this day nf A ! C.I), County Cletk. Remi'lered, I" 1' County Ticamnr. Sec I. The Counly Treasirn'r uf the Ounty, w ,en r --. , , , . , . -,""'". - - ,.rh0 mmnS V,',"T by the P-.S..,, is, 'H .h.,11 rome,slln'lh, hctn aceoi.l n to the tniuiatw-c piv-.mtwd.uTi.l no lirrn.r o " "' "". d?' alu'" "f the County . .,. ,-r.