Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 13, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON TREE PRESS, FR1D AY MOOTING, NOVEMBER 13, 184G. FREE PRESS, HUUMNGTON, VI. I'RIDAY.MOIlXlXlJ, XOVn.MDKK 13 IS 16. The Administration. Wo do not believe tliat any Administration of our (iovi'rmiif nt ever ran so "swiftly In destruc tion " as tlmtor.dMM K. I'M. After a little inure than eighteen months of public Soricc,it has lost nearly every supporter it hail north of .Mas-oil mill Dixon's line Maine. Xew Hamp shire, Pontisylvuni i ami Xew York ! b'o sudden ami wide-spread a defection is almost without a pir.tllcl. It ijtliojust,and we would he pl.ul to Ic uble to say it is always the sure, reward of polit ical knavery and deception. .Mr. Polk came in to power by meant of the most flagitious and liare-laccd Iratid;', and we verily believe lie will go out w ith a reputation for Statesmanship and Btatestnanlikcability as small as were his expec tation" of receiving the nomination for tho I 'res iliency fifteen minutes before lie heard of it. His career, thus far, has been signalized by a se ries of public measure?, and by a course of policy, which are oHln-dve to the moral sense, and des tructive to the interests, of a vast majority of the American People. The U'nr into which he has plunged tho Country, against a feeble and disor ganized neighboring Ifepublic, has ceased to awaken eiithusiaui een in the Slave States fur whoso exclusive adiantage it was undertaken. The gallantry and skill of our little Army, (sent noon an o.iedition in our judgment as intrinsic ally absurd n wn that of Don Quixolto against the wind mills,) are the only considerations that prevent this war Iroin being every way utterly ih-gracefiil to the American name. There is not one other ennobling or redeeming feature about it. It appeals in no other respect to our national pride and patriotism. and is in it-self re pugnant to the principle-of common humanity. It is a war for which no adequate cau-e can be assigned, either in the aggrcs-ions of .Mexico and anarchy, and in our judgment is utterly in consistent with the steady maintenance of that Constitutional Order so indispensable to good (iovcrnment; and when it can fairly bo said to be encouraged by the legislature itself, it would seem to be time for those who inako the laws, and who have Ihchlghcst interest of the commu nity in thuir keeping, to pause and reflect. Cap ricious legislation is despotism ; and it would be hard to say that any people would not bo safer and happier under the caprice of one, than of ma ny, and harder still to expect that any free and enlightened people would, in these daj s, long en dure either. Our readers will receive these suggestions for what they are worth. There is nothing partic ularly n jw in them, or forcible except so far as they may bejust and true. And we will simply add that our own opinion is that the (leneral As sembly that should sit tho longest, and make tho fewest laws, would best entitle it-elf tothe grat itude, as it would be likely best toliavc pronuted the peace and welfare, of the people. Tllil MIIHijlAlilillE ! Tin- popular iirillct on III- Wnr. tho I'rce Trmlc llritisli Tnrill. the Mii-Trrnury, mill nil mill singiiliir Ho AH mill Science oV I.oc focoism ! Tin: empire statu redeemed : a whig ;o i:kNk hy In tho counties of .Norfolk and Uristol, so far as heard from Gov. liriggs lias a majority our nM of 1,037 last year the same towns gave amaj. ugii'mil him of 600 Net Whig gain, '-',115! Ss far as heard from the Itepic-cntatlics stand Whigs 80 Locos (i And the Alias thinks "tho whole -10 Whig Senators uro elected 1" The Atlas says : Mr.MiiF.Rs or Covnr.css. Hon. Robert 0. Win llirnp is re-elected in lite l'irt Di-trict.'llon. Daniel I'. Kins is re-elected in thf Second District, Hon. Ahum Abbott in til" Third, Hon. John IS. Palfrey i chosen in the Fourth, lion. George Alininn in the Sixth, linn. John (Juincy Adams m the Eighth, Hon. Arte nias Hale in the Ninth, (to the '."Jib find 3Ut Con gress.) Hon. Joseph Grinncll in the Tenth and we have sttong hope linn. Chatjes Hudson is re-elected in tin; Tilth, mid Hon., Julius Rockwell in the .Se venth. It the .ith anil I icTth have shared in the VV lie: nam ill the km iifthe State, we have LU.CTID our. extii'.i: VV 1110 DLLLUATIOX ! JHirlugnn. liven this strong hold of l.ocofocniin is yield ing to tho storm. Tho .. ). jicrata el I ucs d iy, for which wo arc greatly indcblul in our cvcellcnt friend, Capt. I!. W. Siikkman, of", the llurlingtoii, says : ir llie State legislature, ntnl have perhaps tncnibcrol uongrcss iroin the -il di-tricl observe that the ordinary reading mutter ni Frco Press, each week, is nearly if not p equal to the amount contained in both tho or p ipers printed in this village. "Fair play a jewell," and our subscribers ought not to li plain at. any rato of tho amount they get forfir money, however justly they might grumble Its inaltly. Tlio JRttrly History of Vermont. .Mainly through the instrumentality (our antiquarian friend HeniiV SrEVr.xs, Us of lLirnct, very creditable and effectivo brts have been made by the legislature, witli the last few years, to rescue from deslmctioior to recover from their forgotten depositories, iner oils documents connected with, ant) illusAing. the United States for expenses Incurred during said .evolutionary war ; nnu, u, in me opinion oi me Governor the Interest of the State requires it, to pre sent such claim to 1'ongress. i, Jiesoivca; l lint tne liovcrnor isnerrtiy requcs fret to c.tnlnine.orraiisc In he. examined, the histori cal collection of Henry Stevens Kq. of liaruct, and if sain collection can lie procureil upon terms sausiaein- ry lo ins i.xcclicney, he may cause me same 10 oe deposited in the Slate Library i and tlie Oliver mirlie nutlinri7ei) to draw his warrant on llie Treasu ry for such sain as may lie mutually ngrccd upon .pay able in uuuiial payments. P. S. Since tlio foregoing was written wo are pleased to learn that Governor Eaton has issued his Commission, tinder the Great Seal of the State, to Henry Stevens, Esq. appointing him "to act under and carry into effect," the 1st, 2d, 3d, and Oth, of tho foregoing resolutions. The Commission recites : "You will by correspon UAJOKITV. A Willi) flAIN Ol' i!,Ort ! TWENTY-THIIEE WHIG .MEMBERS OI COMIIIKSS ! A Whla majority in the Legislature, mill on joint Initio! securing n W h il; I'.S. Senator ! j "EXCELSIOR!-' We point our readers with inexpressible sa tisfaction to the noble record below. Never vv as an aihnini-tiation so signally rebuked in its mad career of eonque-t, ami destruction at home, as thai of .lame A". I'nllc ! It ha- met " donee, by examinations and copies of record tin; early history of our State. Tho fivatc " and such other means as are necessary, nc- collection of. Mr. Stevens is a hi "hi v icrest- "cotapli-h tlio purposes of said resolutions, and iug and valuable one J and wo aru glado see " from time lo time report to mo yourprogre&s in '"'d ;.1ri'dy upon our territory, or in her failure to meet her with a period tornado of popular condemnation. ccuniary engagements to our Government ; and , I'roin the I'.ast and the West, the Xorth and the tlie Ituler who in thisiifjooftho world, needless. S mth, the judgment is the -imp. GEORGIA ly involves nation" in the wickedness and misery and .MAIM'., .MASSACHUSETTS and OHIO ariilMiireringofVAi:,de-ervestlieuniver.silex- PENNSYLVANIA and N'KW YOltlC. XI'.W ccratinn or mankind. ' JI'.liSEY, KENTUCKY, .MICHIGAN AND Tho other prominent measures or tlio Admin-' IOWA, have til! arrayed themselves in open itration of .Mr. Polk the Anti-American Tariff, and emphatic opposition and hostility to the fitr aiid the ciimhrous, and twice-rejected.and useless thcr ilepralulimts of Locofocoi-m. Never was huli-Treasury, have found but cold favor even there a more overwhelming and spontaneous with its wariue-t supporters. They are hostile ri-ing of a cajoled, deceived, and indignant to the true intere-ts of the people. Their enact-' PKf ll'I.i: ! Amid all the proud array of States mcnt ams nut founded on any alleged demand of contributed but a few short months ago to wish of the Country, which, without them, was swell the triumph of James K. I'M, there is in a condition of healthy and progressive pros. scarcely one ' so poor as to do him reverence."' perity. They are the foul offspring of party cau- cu-e-anil political (.(invention, and the untram ineled hw.-ms, as the recent decisive elections prove, reject and repudiate them. Xo interest of llie people demanded them no section of the ountrv called for them. Thev are mere nnriu - . - i .. .j measures and nothing else. Onlhu whole it is manifest that thepcopleare II real V sick of tho .sinnll Ilirlit llint ll.n,. ' ; t v 1 t nyuna - - - Rrtvisedly placed in the great national candle-1 ('hauiiitniue -Mick. They begin to feel the effects of their re-! clmhlT- -" ' jection of the ' Drunmioiid Light" which was I ('oliimhi i - -offered to thorn. They begin to appreciate the ' I) it '-hcM injustice and hlindne-s, as well as the preinMer-' ':ri-' - - - - - cms iiosiirony, oi rejecung hexkv li.ay lor We subjoin the latest election news from New York, New Jersey, .Michigan, Massachu setts and Iowa. si:w VOKK. Ileportcd .H.-ijoiities on Governor. Albniy - -Alleua'liy - Ikoimie - - i Cattarnujus James IC. I'M 'Hyperion for a Satyr!" And as a natural consequence of this returning sanity, they are in all directions spurning this luckless Administration, which attained power without merit, wields it without ability, and will drop from it imregretted and without lienor. .iiw MiiKim; The Legislature adjourned on Tuesday morn ing of last week, after a Session of twenty-six ilavs. r.ixht'j-lhree bill- were passed, twenty nine of which originated in the Senate, and 11 fly- four In the House being an average of nearly four hills jvr Jay. Whether the Session was UtVj; rnmigh to allhrd to each subject of legisla tion the careful deliberation, and the matured de rision, to which each was entitled, is not, per haps, for us to say. Wo may bo ierinitted to express our M'uf, however, that hasty and im mature legMation is getting to be a prominent i vil in our State. A largo majority of the two hundred and titty or sixty legislators who are an nually sent to tho Capitol, have conceived, or are charged with, some project for which thev docii it deirahle to obtain the solemn sanction of Lvvv. One observes, or has licen told, that a particular Statute, or a particular part of a Statute, operate: oppres.-ivoly, or iiiamteniently, ill one section of the State ; and another observes, or Iris Ix-en told, that additional provi-ions to existing Stat utes are demanded in another. Lach has hi. bill ready, to remedy the real or supposed defect, The effect is plain to he foreseen. A mnllUmlt of laws aie romn, each of which has its friend.- and advocates. Custom, (which usually has all tho force of law) requires that the Session should not extend briuml from three to live weeks' -the shot ter the more creditable, and the al most unavoidable tendency of things i to cau-e t ie ititn.diiction or wjlueucrt, and the presenta tion of milliter, to hear upon legislation, that are to a cnn-iderablc degrco incompatible witli its ju-t ami legitimate exercise, and h ive less res. pect to public than to private good. Laws aro enacted not so much, perhaps, lcraiie they are necessary or desirable in because the os)iecial friends of them are able, bv various means, to secure votes enough to enact them ; and the fate ol measures gets to be decided not oil their intrinsic merits, but through the agency of considerations which, as wo havo intimated, are too frequently of a private and personal char acter. Wo do not make these remarks as specially ipplicablo to the legislature just past; but be cause wo havo had occasion, during tho la-t feven years, to observe tho evils of hasty and ill considered legislation. Laws are enacted nt one Session to bn repealed nt tho next, when the muses for tho repeal ought to havo been, and would havo been with the exercise of proper de liberation, foreseen at tho outset. We can call this nothing less than trilling with tho gravo and serious and momentous responsibilities which invest tho Law-Maker. It weakens tho povv cr and tho sanctions of guml laws, and almost nullifies tho oper.itionor poor ones. It leads to that most pernicious of all results, to, wit: a practice of setting at defiance any enactment of the Supreme Authority that may not be jupular, or that may Ik-thought to ! oppre-site. This .practice is but the steppren dtnt to law lost-ncs- Pulton and H - - Greene - - - - -Uenrsee - - - -I.evus . . - - -Livingston - - - .M.i.lison - - - -Monroe - - - - -Montgomery - -Xnuara - - - -Oiieiiln - - - - -Onondaga - - -Ontario - - - -Orleans - - - - -Itcnssi-taer - -Saratoga - - - -Schenectady - -Schoharie - - -Sullivan - - - -Toinkms - - - - I'lster Washington - -Wavne - - - - Westchester - - joining - - - Yoc.vii. Wrii.ut. - -'JsJl rhenium: a It) - - .VHI Clinton Kt'Ci . - - 10 Pranklin siV.l - - 100 Heikinier - Til - - Mil JHlhsim 700 - 'Xrl Kiims 5VJ - - 1(H) New Yolk lilKi . . Orange '-'on . . fiiU O-wcj-o H . SOOll )sej.m noil - - loo Putnam MO . - 1130 Hueens VIM - - TO'.' Itiehtiiotii! l.V) . . 1.11 Rockland 100 . - 100 Seneca l'.'i) - - 1-JIM Sleuhen find - - Ci.ll i-ulMk J.'ill - 1151 St. Lawrence - 1IVJ . . iCH) Tiojii sou . . Ills Wnrr.'ii - - :nr.) (dem) is eleeted in the fust dimiet by aboi!tUi,imtito- i n i i.. .1... .l.t. l i... i ? J f... Ill, linn iiiiiu nil ill llie iiuiu uuuut u luujuill, a creat lallingotf. Two years ago Michigan gavn Polk 3.1G(i majority. Her present delegation in Congress are all Locofocos. Iovvn. Our young Western Sister is beginning Iter career gloriously ! Wo cut the following from tho JlrmlJ X. Y. Iowa. Tins State appear, to have gone for the whins. A letter ill tlio St. Loni. (Missouri) IlrmihlU enii, says' Welme most of the returns from the re cent election in this new State, and have achieved n idonoii- victory. Tne result is as follows for the legislature : Senate. 1 funic. Whiffs elected. 8 I Twenty is minority of the House of Uepresenntives, and ten is a minority of the Semite. We are confident of tiin e more N-tntors, and four more nieinti. i n the House. McKnijilit is undoubtedly elected Governor, and we nre very confident of the clectiouot fleudrick twhiff) to Conuress. q'he vvhigs of the Union maj jiut down low a ns a whig Stale. Since writimi the foreiroinir, we have returns of the election ot Cook (whi)to the Semite in the Cedar n ml Linn distiii t. We are sure of a majority on joint Lailot. Wr. shall uvvn two hood vv-iin Slnatoes in the I'mted Statls Senate. XI'.W .lLMLSLY! .Yd n irhit Miind Xeie Vorh : The election took nlnce la-t week for Le:ii-lnlure mid Coiifru'ssiiien. Last vear. 1- WI112 Senators, 7 loco: 111111 mr iVs-emniy vviul'sio i7 Locus -3 Whig iniijiirity in joint ballot TIMS YUAU, IS Whurs to 7 Locos, in Semite ; mid li Whin to 1- Loeiis. in Assembly WHIG .MAJORITY IX JOl.NT HALLO T, .Is ! MKMiicits or eovfiniss rLLiTt.n. District Xo 1. .Ins. G ll-iini.ton, Win". " Win. A. Xewcll, Whig. " " .'t. .loseph Dilsnll, Democrat. " I. John Vim Dike, Whig. " " -. D. S. Greeorv. Whiir. l Whigninl 1 Locofuco. Prcseet delegation, 3 vv iug auu two i.ocos. I'oiT-Lvn Vott 111 ISIi'i 2,(Ws Whignnjority. Clay's niaj. Isll, bSI that the Legislature, at tho late session.uthor- ized Governor J mix to purchase it at cati-o it to ho placed in tlio State Library, fe hope this may bo done. Tho timo will cue when money will not bo tho measuro of tlufaluo of these documents. The present gcncr.i.'on is not far enough removed from the porio-'o!' their or- icin. nylitly or snfliciently tosppfc-'nte them. Hut in alter years, when Time H nngmentcd tho jit.-l pride which Ycnnontcrf have occasion to indulge in view of tho hrrni-m, md the in flexible patriotism, and the H'If-ncrifcing devo tion, di-playcil by the ' Grcn .Moiitraiu I!oy,' tiiese old leaves from the hisbry of their ,Statc,like those of tho ancient Sybil, vitl grow more val uable as they diminish in 11 tuber, and will pos sess 1111 interest which it isnovv scarcely possi ble to conceive. We rejoice that the Leg laturo of Vermont ha manifested so e.xcellenti spirit in regard to this matter. We look upci it as evincing true patriotism in one of its met attractive forms the patriotism from whichever)' admixture of elfishness has been reinovd, and which seeks to gather honor only by pajng reverence to the Past and the Dead., Wo subjoin in tins collection a series of tho llesolutions of tko General Assembly, pis-ed on tho 2d iusttut. They wero re ported by Hon. II. S. .IiNEi:, Senator from Lamoille, from the Joint 'ommittee of the two Houses, to whom tho follwing papers, commu nicated by the Govcrnorbad been averred. " the matters specified." Tho selection of .Mr. Stevens is a most appro priate and judicious one, and we confidently look Tor interesting and valuable results from his in vestigations. The document that escapes him will lio a " smart " one ! The Young Soldier ntul his Weapons. Tliu I.ntc General Ascmbly. Tho following are tho titles of tho Acts and Resolves passed by the legislature, at the recent Session : PUBLIC ACTS. 1. An Act in addition to llie acts relating to Com mon Schools ; . , a. Ail aa in amendment of chapter G3 of the Kcvircu StntutMi ... . , ,,, ,,, .1. an net prescribing 111c manner ooiui-siiaiiuunieu for injunctions; I. An act to amend an act m addition to chapter II of the llevised Statutes; j. An act extending the jurisdiction 01 r-nenii i s 111 criminal cases; (Vrintcdinfidiuii the outside of this nttnwer it the j-rec I rcss.) fi. An net nrovidunr for the service of trustee pro- cess; (in to-tlny's imper.) . i. All nci in audition 10 cunpicroi ui me ive.i-i-u Statutes, in relation to religions and other societies ; . au act 111 relation 10 me cuiieeuuu ui iu-im to.iltitj's imi'er.) 'J. All act relating to tne juuiciary; uno-Hijys Vrr. ) . ...... r , 10. All aetrciating to me assessment 01 ouiiiugea, (in tn-ilnifs imper.) 11. All act 10 improve 111? management, ui me okivu rinruices; (11 ttrtlinfs jnjirr.) 12. An act iiiadditiontouuactrelalingtotheCirand List; (in In-Jntj's imper.) , . , 111. Anact lo prevent imposition nnd accident in the nl meibellie! tin tfl.ltail'l Miner. II. An act altering the tune of holding die County Court ill the Counties ol v uiiisor anu oumenoeu ; l.'i. An net altering the time ol holding the County, I ,l,n ('(il.tllVril W.-i.liiniTliui ; 111. An act relating lo Highways and IJridges; (in 17. All ocl relating Ui Iliarricu women ; un i-''' Court from Rutland nnd Windwr to Darlington and .Montpclier '. 15, Relitmg to Slavery and the .Mexican vv nr In all iig three acta and(ccn Joint Resol ves ; a pretty fair three weeks' work. Our rea ders will find tvv-enty-mo of the forty-five Public Acts, on the outside of tho Tree Press or to-day. Our itinerant, locomotive, mercantile friends will find themselves a special object of legislative care. Wo recommend them to read before they peddle! Wo shall expect toeoa.Mtss Pedlers' Indigna tion .Meeting in front or tlio Capitol in Mnntpel icr on tlio second Thursday in October next. Two now lhnks wero incorporated (loth in llcnnington County) and two old ones (tlio Far mers', Orwell, and the Farmers and Mechanics; Hiirlinston) were re-cliarlercd. It was confi dently thought that at least tiea other banking institutions would reccivo favorable legislative action. lint, in the miilttl uaimiuf mid myste rious amalgamations an! enniolutions nf multi form interests, it is supposed that they voluntarily ' went into winter quarters preparatory to anoth er campaign twin sisters indi-appointincntand hope, awaiting " the dawning ora brighter day " one of them a little provoked, perhaps, and the other a good deal surprised. Whi; gam, 1,: The I'irst Gun from tlie 1'ouitli District. A slip received by the St.igo from Montpclier 011 vv ednesday evening informs us thufCiiAMi- LEit has gained, in seven towns in Washington Co., over Peck 171 votes, since the first trial. It is impossible to tell who is Governor till af ter election. Wo havo been liuimied by n visit from Master W.vt. CitAUNCKV Lavodos, of Xcvv Orleans, the projector and compiler oT two Games forchildren I of all ages, which combine ntuusetnent with in struction in an eminent degree. They are call ed "The GAMn of Hnolmi Iti.oon Ruval," and "AMEr.icAN'SioitY and Glouy." The for mer is designed, and admirably calculated, to im part a knowledge of the Sovereigns and Nobility, and ot the leading ficts and events, and distin guished personages, in tho history or Ungland, from tho time or tho Xormui Conquest down to that or Victoria. This noftil and ino-t desira ble knowledge is communicated on "!) cards or about tlie size of ordinary playing cards, and is so disposed as to arouse tho interest, while it strengthens tlio memory, or tlie players, and stores their minds with valuable information. Tlie game is easily understood ; and ho who u'iii il has a right to be considered ''the best fil- hnr," (or ho wins, it hy exhibiting a superiority in ueful attainment. Tlio latter or the games referred to is vet in tlio hands of the publisher. If it follow ("hih tatis mutandis ") tiio plan of its predece-sor, it cannot fail to bo highly entertaining, in-trttctive and popular communicating a familiar knowl edge or the leading events and tho leading men '"TV. . 1.- 11..!.:. ..r.i... 1-3. vn nci reiiiiins iu ieiuinnu oe; .' v.. .- J,t,,rt,. ('... rl. I'J. An actnrovidinn forlhc distribution of the And llrtr'n !)..,, rt 2(1. All act in relation to suits upon Official Bonds; (in i)-n!.s;i;ier.) Zl. All act 111 reiauonio iivoree ; " An net 10 reneal on act enlitled "nil act to re leal the laws giving 11 bounty on the destruction ol ii-ars. wolvi s.nml numbers," approved Nov. C, IS 15. (in to-ihiu'uviilier.) li.l. All act UsSesSlllg u III I'll mi: vuuuij ui iiu-i1 ' 1 A 11 net in relation to the Accounts of Kxccutors, Ailiiiuu-trators, Trustees and Cinrdians ; An net in alteration ol chap. Uj of the Levi-eil Statutes elllltleir'Ul 0lletice3ag)lli-lpnvaiciruperiy (in t'l-day s juijier ) Uiiilroads in Vermont. Our readers will recollect that we published at length the proceedings'of the Stockholders and Directors of the I itchburg Railroad Lo. prelim inary to a meeting of the Stockholders in Huston on tho t!0lli ult. The action of that meeting should have been published in our paper of last week, and would have been but for tlie absence of tho I'.ditor. Wo give it below, although the necessity for its publication has been to a great extent superceded by the siib-equent and harmo nious action of bnth the l itchbiirgntitl Vermont Central Hoards. IJut.a a portion of the Rail- ai. Anucl to abolish thes-,hry of the Treasurer as r,,.,,nni.inP,..,f i, timns -iv,. insnri il, r,!Tieil commissioner"! the School rund ; . ., , r ., r 'JT. An act to unucxu part ol Dummcrstoii lo the account ol the proceedings ol Hie meeting of Town of Putney; ,, ,, , , t'.ie 'JOth Oct. It is as follow-: US An act to annex a part of v aitsheld to the town , I fW -VT A MEETING Or THE STOCK- S'J. An act laying a tax on the County ol Orange; loi,)i;lS in the liti-libing Itinlrond Company, till. An uet l,i) ing a tax on llie County of Washing- , h..d at the Tremont Temple, in llo-ton.on Tuesday, ton ; I me -Jim day oi( jji loin-r curreiu, in compliance witn All act in reunion 10 uiesiue 01 ivin esi.iuuj i.-.. me pi lliiou 01 l . v. i.'-cus uuu oini-rs, siocKnoiucrs Secretary of Stills Office October SI, 131G. His Eveeilcncv lli'KACl. L.rnX Sir. I h ive the honor lirewitli to forward you ai letter reiiivedfrom Mi.ssr! Wiley i( Putnam of Xew-1 Yoik, 10 winch I icier j on in our own Xational History, by means soattrae- 1 answered llie said laiir mil took llie liberty of as-1 snriiig llu- vvriteis that the -tnte of Wrinont would , tivo and agreeable. u have no hesitaiion at ii-spouil to llie 1 ropositioii therein conl.-iined. ami ,1 nny r;lte in recommending it tis heartily to pub-pleilg'-d my owucxtrlious hit tlie contributions ol 1 ' ' " , ,, " ,. , nc lavor anu paironage ao wo no me one which v'erniout would be gr.iuutois, or upon the basis of a coiiricous and lair evcmngi. We hive, tliruiit'i the Vt. I'liivcrs'ity, re ceied valuable Public Documents 'f Great llritnin and it s-'piiis no more than h coiwi.tnit with our own honor, and nuruiuic.ihlc n htions 10 tint government that wc should comply vviththeir request. 1 have the hoinr to be your Excellency's Humble Sent. .T.-McAI. Shatter, Sect, of State. lfil nr.oDWAv X. Yor.K,.!ui.Vi")lSln. Tn the Sieretinynf State of thf State of Vermont. sin: 1 ne inaiiagets 01 me nriusii .unseuiu, un- . - 200 . - 111) . mo . . 'jii . . 8110 . -2117 . . HJi) . - 4.M) - - am - - (Hi! . . :iihi . . 10il . . . ,vi - - l.V.) . . .vi . . lm - -1113 a'l.'j'.-i rjur Yates 2iW i:i,su: I'.vnr.r.iiiLL. Xovcnibcr 7ih,lSM. To the Kilitornf ttir I'ree J'rcs: Dear Sir Asa friend to education. and fiir llie ben. cfit of teachers, and the Public generally, will ou be-o goo 1 us 10 gne me loiiowing nonce one or two inser tions in vnurpiper! f. 1 .KAll.I,l,li,sO. Mipt. com. Schools. is already published And now one word for the ' stripling " who is endeavoring, with his "sling and pebble," to overcome the giant, Poverty, who opposes his attainment or tho end he seeks! Ho U fifteen years old. He desires to obtain a thorough ed ucation the noblest earthly ambition that can inspire a youthful heart. With this admirable object in view, he has turned an energy, perse

lioiin institution, under the direction of 1 arhiiincnt.V 1 n n...l .,l.., tl.n, ...... :.. tl,f.,r,.nt,-.. , . I 1 r ,1 ,- f ,,r I Li ailsO, anu kui-iii. iii-.i. ui u in un.,ii-vi,ian.i- Snvr-ss, Jr. IVu . ol' Veunont, uTpurchnw a coin- vingof all pr,ti-e, into a most worthy channel or KiS on!: iH 'USM ' r 01 1 oObrt. Hoasks you to aid him to obtain in-true Thiscnllectiou isintendcd to coani'ise a series, ns lion, by exchanging a little ot vour monev Tor i.. i ....,i.i .,r..n p.,i,i; if. ' r . " " . . . journal-, and Stat- Panel, of eve . I -m-V,;,., , , ' lll;lt wIllc1' m-trilCts wllllo It a.UUses ,jau. I ill pi uited by order of Congress, and of the Legislature Ufair and honorable; and we have no disposition "Vu iZ iMr at Xew YurU nIll, I to say the nun is who, having the mean London, are ni-iructed to purchase all tb e Docu- declines the trade. only, we will mv that, while inents,A;e and, as Americans, we are ambitious that I it is undoubtedly true that the man who has no .I.,. l,K,..f.l i, nn.l ....... r,.l,,,., . .. .lo.,,,,. should he thoroughly and taithliilly carried out in a money is poor, it is, in our opinion equally true s,n,i.ar1y.,,a,,ualas,uiau,yn,oue;atecx- t,,att,,0Inanw,ln M blU , u a hniild fj-cl obliged, therefore, if you will in- great deal poorer. c,,,,. il..-r,.,,i mpnluili.-.l : II. An actio uiinev part ol the towns ol uocking lamand Gralton tothe town ot'Athens; 1"). An ucl laying a tax on llie Luuuty ol benning- tou. PUIVA'l'E ACTS. 1. An act oon-titiitlug Win. Edwin Partch hen: at law ol Win. Il'itherfor.l; 2. An act altering the name ol certain persons mere- ill mentioned ; A. .Ml acl lor llie rcncl 01 lite nan in nie cu-; 01 ui e State i-i. James .Murphy; 1 An acl loruie reuti oi nancy v ilium aim jas. Willard; 5 An act to pay James Hussell the sum therein men tioned ; li. An act to pay Mep.len lioycc tne sum merciii nielli loned : 7. All act incorporating the Vcrgennes Tow-Iloat and I raiisporlation Lunipaiiy Voung's mnjrity Kl,ls,r Wright's iuii in!!. 10,uXt Whig gain 2H,'JIS! AssKVIKI.V. Whigs 7 1 I JlCOlOCOs ,'lt Whig majority 20 A Whig gain of about tonrv ! 1-t District Viederiek II' l.'ird, I.oi;o, prob. Jleiny V. Jtinjaiy, Jinny .Yi-oi, " Win. li. Maclny. " 1'ur.D. A.;, Whig. It S Jneht'm, Loco. Wit i.i.vM Xllmi.v, Whig gaiu. Cokni.liis Wakufa, N Ing, sum, DanillH Sr Joux, Whig, aniu. El.l.VKIM SlILIIIllI., VV big, '1111 I'i.iu! II. Su.u.s-ii.r, whig, titiin. (iiiiii 0, Ulvnoliis, Whig. JllllV I SLIMIM.I.AND, Whig, (will. Oblax'do D Ki.i,ui'i, Whig. Sidney Linrrenee, Loco, probably. IIliiii Wimh, Whig, re-elected, (ieorge lVtrclnJepelldeilt. t 'villus, Loco, .losi.iu .Mri.t.ix, Whig, cin. Tiuioihy Ji-nkins,T.irili'llunker. (1 A. SLukireiither, 1,'jco. A, Hunker. Wm. Di ra. Wing. sn'u. DVNII.I, (i"lT, Wlllg.S'lill. IhaMvsS Coxiitn, Whig.sniu. Win. 'I', l.vvynsNCE. Whig, num. Joiiv .M ll iLI.iv, Whig.sinn. II IIolviks, Whig, re-elected. Koiintr I,. I'osn, Whig. D.VVlll lil MSLV, Wlllg.S'lill. Drui.i.v Minviv, Whig Nathan K Hall, Whig. ' HtliVFV Pl'TN'Ot, Whig WAsiiiMiroNlli'.NT, W Whigs Tw-EMV-THRcnj Ixicofocos r.leien! The pre-eiitdelagation stands : Whigs 8. l rofocos 'Jl. Xativcs 1. A lug gain of Hl- TLEN .MK.MIiCl:-. ! The Old liny Stale. The triumph in thn sound and true old com monwealth of .Massachusetts is overwhelming ! Wo have but pirtial returns, but they are EN0f(.n, Tho Whig gains nre immense. Tho Daily Adiertiser of Tuesday (the day after tlie election) Eays : The returns from the country show beyond doubt, that ill Whig candidates for Governor and Lieut Governor arc chosen by very large majorities that llie lrf-gislatuic in boili brunches b Whig by verylnrge majorities, nnd that in lb" Congressional districts, so us nny choice U imulr, Whigs only will In- chosen. Tho I Ion. Rout. C. Winthow, tho able and accomplished representative from Uoston is re elected by 2,1121 majority over eiery thing! Gov. Hriggs' majority in Uoston, is 2,(172 I-istjear', U2" 2 1 do :i i do nh do fllll (li) (ill do 7th do htli do 'Jill do Will du lllh do 1-.lh do i:ith do 11th do 15th do lt'uh do 17th do Hll do I'.ith do .nth do 21-1 do 2.' I do :: i .i. 21th do 2illl do 2f.lh do 27lh do 2- llh do 2Jih do :i Jtii do :im do 2! I do ;ui do tilth do The Xotice accompanying the foregoing note will be found in its appropriate column. Wo insert it not because wo are ' a friend of Educa tion," nor because we understand our obligations tn"the public generally" require it. We do not understand how it is that the conductor of a new-paper, ir be does his duty, lavs himseir under any special obligations ' to the public gen erally" that aro not reciprocal. We employ and pay live or six men Tor setting up and print ing adverti-ementsand other matter in the Free Press, for the benefit and advantage and informa tion of our SuhserHi, rs. We aru rospim-iblo to "the public generally," as every other good cit izen is, only tor tho proper u-o and e.erei-u of our rights and privileges. So far as our ohliga .(- tu fnrm-h the occasional gratuitous u.-o of our coliuns to any Imdy is concerned, they aro far greater to the .Merchants and .Mechanics 1 who piy us twentv-five and thirty dollars ncr un- iihhi for advertising therein. .Mr. I'armelee i-undoubtedly right in assiim ing us to bo "a friend of Education." And ho will always find us ready to do our sharo to ward-promoting its interests. Hut we think it is our right to do it in our men way, feeble and in ellieient as that way may be. We nriko these remarks with no spirit of f.iult-liniling with .Mr. PAK.vtr.t.rx. We under stand very well that tho sum which the laws nl low him for the performance of his arduous and respon-ible services, can hardly be called a com pensation ; and wc tiro aware that ho is not au thorized to charge tho State any expenses in tho way (r iidvcrtiiug which, inthe proper discharge of tho duties or his oflico, ho may be compelled to incur. Hut at the samotimo we cannot per reive how this small economy on the part of the State imposes any obligation on tho ptinter who may be a " friend of education," to go to the ex iensp or aiding in tho execution oHts laws. .Mr, l'.vi:ML'l.r.n calls upon us to print an adveitise- incut " fiir the lvnelit of tho public generally. Wo do so ; and urn public generally, to wit, our subscribers, complain that our jvijier is ton full of a hertisements already. Xovv there ought to lie a reasonable limit somewhere to exactions or tlits kind upon tlie rolunins or a newspaper. Wo do not intend to call a mass meeting of Prill terson the subject; hut wo do think it no more than fair that, il' wo must hear tlio bullets or our subscribers Tor crowding our columns with no tires for tho benefit of "tho public generally," the public generally should not complain if wo as! to l paid for it. Ono word in regard to this matter oradvertise mentis in the Freo Press and wo pelise w form us as soon as nos-ible 1 vv hat portion oi tne Kecords, statutes, or I uoltc Documents ot vour State, Iroin its firsl existeace, can now be supplied tor this purpose, and at wlnt cost I II. Whether you can iiiu-ci tin- tr.iu-niissnii ions, itherannualiv orolteuer.of all liitiircdociinifnis. etc. pruned by our Legislature and Slate lioverniuent, and at wlnt co-t 1 As soon as we ascertain these narticulars wc shall, at once. authorUe vou to draw uiion us at ten days' sight for the iiiuounl, or we will remit il as you may Inert. We would, at llie same time. venture. inosi respect- fnllv.lo siieeesl.lliat the lilieralltv of llie llrlti-ll Gov- ,-rmnent in iiresentuiir the v o iiiiunoiw Public Records olGrcat iiriiaiii lo many public libraries in the Uni- ,..n slnNs lielleins. tie sunn ill- r.-soonilea III un tins occasion! namely, by the Irec presentation from llie si-n-ral State Governments of their resnective 1 lib he l!i cords lor the Library ol tlie llnti-n .iiii-cuui. 'his suL'cestiou is not lunde at the instance ot me ilin-i s. nor hat thev intimated it in nuv manner the order for the lurclnne ol the Documents being un conditional. Ilelieiing, however, that the Govern ment ot at lea-t such States as InveU-eii benefitted by tlie courteous liberality ot the linti-h Government m the in-tance relern-d lo, would promptly and chei rlully avail iluiu.-elu'sol suih an opportunity to return the oninliiiieut : nn.l that it inigm not oinerwi-' occur to muse 1 ovcrmneuis, we nave uius -eiium-u n-ni-n Xet Whig gain. I.S5J ! Voung .Master IiAncdon is a native of Ver mont, but has passed ino-t oT his lilo at Xew Or leans. He lias the true Vankco energy and per severance whose reward is always micccs ; and fiir le.-sthan the small sum ora dollar and a hair, which is tlie price or his published Game, we will guaranty for him tlio Education for which he labors, and, after that, ho will take care of himself. The Games can be bad at IiDWAnns'. .Mr. Iloiulloi's Oration. Our readers who had the pleasure of listenin to the oration or Mr. IIkaiilev, I11H August, be Tore the Literary Societies or tho University will bo gratified to learn that copies or it can be obtained at Edwards'. We have read it with re nevved satisfaction, and with increased admira tion of tho genius and ability or its accomplish- fullv to icoucst that vou will nfer this suggestion lo i ed author. It is a beautiful, though oi eoiir.- rapid and very general, summary ot tlio great leading facts which illustrate and prove the ex istence or tho "oxn rnoiinEssivE pkincii'le which, having its origin In "Uethlehem or Jtt lea," is destined to overthrow (hereafter, we may hope, without tho wars and tumults which liave signalized many of its tiimnphs hitherto) tho earthly Thrones and Hierarchies that still obstruct its way. Jinny of our renders will recognize tho fol lowing passage, and recall tho delight with which they heard it pronounced by the anima ted Orator himself; the Government ol) our Slate, m ci-e it mens your views. II, however, tliere siiouid ue any iiiipeuiuieini in the way ot this obji ct wc are prep ircd to purchase the dociunems, .Vc. us soon us we iicctveyour com munication le-peellllg theln. VV c nave tlie honor lo lie. Mr, Veiy ii. -iieitlully, vour obedient servants. WILEY it 1TTXA.M. P. S. In case the Documents nr. presented, we re quest thai th'-y may be forwarded to us, addressed lor mat purpose, and tint a i iter ne uuures.s.-n in Librarian of the Museum advising that they were so scut In either case the books nny he torwurded 10 us.and all cvpi-usis will .e uiid byiis. II llili 1 Ss. 1 1. l.'.l.'l Tho Resolutions are as follows : I Hrmlrnllu the Semite amrjfnuse nf Vemr- sentatiren: 1 hat his l.vccuency the iioveiuor n i...v..i... ..l,rW,-.l in take smli measuri s lis he mav deeiu expedient to procure 1 copy of the Statutes Jour nals and State p-in-rsolcvcrv(li-scriptioiiprinleiHiy the General Assembly of tins State, from the la-binning of the Government to tne prcsem nine, uuu cause un Kline to be delivered lo the agent ( 1 lb" .vlunagers ol the llrili-h Mu-eiuu in the city ol .New oik upuu mk h terniaa-he may consider ju-i ami cqunuoie. o .'tf,- i oat i ie iniver ior is .-reov iiiiinor' ii'lto take such nieusims as he may deem cvpedient lo nrocure the practicable, it not, copies ol nil I. .1 ,i....iitA in 1 ie null ie ollll'es ot Ureal llll SlHIl .'- , . ,. . llritam nr clw-wliere in i.uroie,ii, m m- jmiie ue may serve Incomplete the recoiiisoriuu-iruic nu-eur-i.. i...,...., ..r . nod ilnit the Governor be an- ,, ,-,.., "v-v.; ... .iv,,,,,, ,. Jionzen lo draw ins , uiiuu, in ..- ...-.-... w - U hvcrv of such paiier?. . )"...,i..,- 'I'h-i ibe Governor is heribv nil thorized lo take such measures as he may deem eviie- ,1... ..r,..;,-ili irnnielieable. ll not. con on ui ' i i , , y. . i... e. i i . ,u IfS, f 1 Ull rmu - i , . i , c State Depnrnueiils of other notes, and in the hands ot inJividii lis, which gu tu illustrate the i ally history o! Ibis Stale; mid thai the Governor lie uuihonred to draw Ins warrant ou tne t renary,nu un- uran i m siicll tialiers, lor such sums us lie may uinis. pii.iK i. I. Iltmhrd, Thatlhe Governor 'is lien bv and thorued lo pns-ure lo bo arranged and hound such tiles ,1... Win,, deonriinent as liein.'iv consider worthy ol preservation, from the origin ol this ( .oi eminent up o the session of the General Assembly in October A. I). ItiKI; And thin the Governor lm nulhoned to draw liiswarranton the Treasury when the same is accomplished tu lus-alisiuctiou. . .....).. . ri,-t the Governor is herebvnu- thorizeit intake such measures us m iu.j i..usiuri neccKsary lo secure the reiuainuig paicrs ivrtaiping to the Survej or General' department, and cause them to good enough to observe that wc use simller type for our ordinary reading matter than has ever lieen used in tho 1'ren Press, and that cotise quently we get a much larger amount into its columns. They will also do us (ho justice to ro havo done with 1 lie arranged and bound into volumes vv ith a suitable in readers who take ''ex; Also to cause the Compass, ('limns, and insini nailers who ta .o .', ,H.ollsli, ,0 the suaie, who deposited m iih. at t tho topic. Those o. kiii.i reauers vv m ta .o . " "- : Ci (0 1 d.-posited u, ihe t nnn..1 in tiin kiiliinct tn rnmn iim nl tin .?....?. . .,.! tl.s.i tlu, Cnrnior lie nuihor- , .,t r n,K-ortistiirr in nur columns, will lm 'zed todraw Ins warrant on the lreas.iry ' lor sum ... , .,., I,,.,.... i, l,. mm- ronsuler lust ami proper. Hnolred : Tluit Ihe Governor be requested to appoint some suitable person n Commu-sioner tn ex .!.'..... .i.. .i hv l enrv Stevens, as niiiiiir iiicin- uiiHiii- , .i i- lo the Itevoliitionary expenditures on tli part ot this Sinte, and Ihe documents mine ,,ni, ..... ,l ... ,1.. ..liKo l.'i-w.liiiioiijind sseritnin whetlf r ihia Slate hdi a jul claim upon ilw Government of editors or administrators ; m addition to chap. IS of the Revised Statutes; :I2. All acl to punish unlawful attempts lo cause abortion ; (i la-day's paper.) 153. An act m relation to Railroads; , ,, . , !l A,i-i,-t in n,t. lm, .ii to .-hunter j'.l of the Kev 1-ed Statutes. cntitleiT"OI the partition and distribution of -talcs;" (in toiltiyspnp-r) Ai, net m r,-intion to the real ctate of insane pcrxiii-, in addition to chap. 11 of the Kev ised Statutes; i ''ii"" p.i i" i i . io. ill oei reuuiainig eeii ini ii-va oi -.-ii'-ini-, 17. Anact reining to licenses of Innkeeper and Ketailers; (ih to-dnu s paper. lis. Anact m addition to chapter I oi the i,evt-ed .Statutes, relating to the s-tle ol real estate ol minors and in-ine pers-ms; (i to-day's piipT ) 3.1. An act makiiiL' iionrotiriaiiiiii-tor the Vermont State Prison ; (in to-day's paper.) in. An ait relating lo l euiers ; tin w-ainjspn- II. iXIl OCl maMIlg appropriauun-ioi me su,-jim i ui ov eminent; li An act to assess a ia ior mesupporioi i.oiein luent ; in said eoninmv. a coniinunicatioii lrom Hon T l'olli tt, Pn-idetit of the Lake I'haniplain and Con necticut Uiver Uailrcad Company, addressed loa com iniltee ot stis-kholders m ihe Cheshire and Pitchburg ilailroad Companies, was submitted tothe medin Whereunon. ih- whole subieet, after c -u-di raole ilisru-sion, was reterrcd to a committee, who reported, with ffp'nt iinanunttv.lhe lohowtng preamole ana re solutions, which piis-ed unanimously Whereas, Western Vermont, embracing the fertile agricultural valley of th" Otter Creek, nnd aoounding in iron ore, and omer vamouie nun-rais, uuauaijiu already numerous mamilactones, and o vast amount ot water power unoccnpied, with a lorge mid rap Hly increasing population, is desirous ol rotineetuig tier M-ll w ith this i itj- by a railroad, leading by tin w ay ot Rutland to IMIuws falls, there to coiineit wniithe Cheshire and I'ltehburg Railroad- -. 'I'herilore, Uesolveil, That m the opinion (if this Company the Lake Champlain and Connecticut River Railroad is entitled to ihe tavorable con-ideratiou and regard of the stockholders ol this Company, and ot the city of U '.-ton ;aud when completed, it -hall receive as t.iv---rable terms for tic tnin-jsirl-ition of passengi rs and fremht over the Kitchburg Railroad, ns tho-e of any 13. An net authorizing theTreasuicr to borrow the railroad novv connected, or that may be hreotter I'lilloieled with the roHil ol this coiuoatlV. Resolved, lint the l),r 'ctors he requested to trans, mil a copy of th-'-e resolutions to the Directors of the Like Cnaiuplaiu and Connecticut ituer Railroad Couipany, nnd assure tnein ot our sympathy and fiicn fly lecungs towards ibelr euterpri-e. A iiiouou lor the appointment ol a committee to frocir: sj',scnptions to ill 'sio.-kot th- L. C andO R. R. Company, was olll-red and rejected It was then ordered that the prcsvi dings of thu meeting be published m time of the city pupiirs. Joii.i P Wrun. O t. 21 IfVW. Clerk V R U Co. The subsequent action of both the l'itcblnirg and Vt. Central Hoards, to which we n ado al-lu-'un alnve, is subjnined. It allbrds a- the pro r,)iindest gratification to record it in o ir column-; ns U"i rno-:iril it ;is nlaeinrr llin tu-n r. ;il Ttnil. S. An act tu nay (Jeo. M. Kidder the sum therein 1 . , , , ... " ... , ntioneil- road interests or v ermonl upon their proper and natural foundations, and annihilating all cause for controversy or jealousy lietvveen them. It 1 1 tho Olivo liranch which signalizes the restor ed harmony or two great and not ncccs-anlv con flicting Corporations. It multiplies a htudred rold tho assurances that both the great trunk lines 0. An net to establish n Pcmale Seminary at Man chester; 10. An act appointing an Agent to defend a suit al law therein inennoned; 11. Anact to incorporate me Vermont vvrougiu nail Company; I. All acl to ineorporuie me iinuoii anu iieiui: .MuiingConipatiy; ,e,,,, 1,1. iVll ail io iiieorponui un- .-oiinniiu iu-innii) II. An act lo alter the name ol John Chauncey nf lluihvuv in our St.itn will I.. e,-,,.(-,.,.i.t C'l5." An act to pay X'athan Daggett the sum therein 'i'l'e Central has already made such important mentioned; progress as secures its ultimate atidsneedv com. Hi. An act loincortioraic me i rauiiim wo. .uuiuai i , - , ' I'ire Insurance ('ouin-'iuv : 17. All act lo pay Jaiues Morse, the sum therein mentioned; IS An Art to incorporate tne Granite .Vlanulaclur- ing Company; I'J. iVll acl io uuer me name oi wiura i- raiues ci- mout; . ........ SO. An act tomcortwrate the liurimgioii iiouKann Ladder Comimiy; , . . -I. .Ml act conuniuug me line in i .iiki-i s nun il. All acl lo idler .the name of Charles Allied s3.'Aii net to incorporate the Woodstock Mill Company ; 21. An net restoring John Messcrto bis legal priv ileges ; i.'). An act Constituting Adelia Sophia llarbcr, heir at law ol Ephrauu and Sally Grisivold ; -'i'i. An act to incorporate the llutenkill Hank; l'. An net to incorporate the Windham Proudent Institution lor Sivings; lis. All net lo pay Sophia S. Allen the sum therein mentioned: S'J. An act to amend the act extending the charter ol the It ink. ol .Middlebiiry; pletion.and wo have every confidence tliat the "Kutland'' will, without any considerable delay, be placed under contract at least for smno 30 miles (rem its Eastern Terminus. The ce-npe-tition between these noble enterprises, Imth of which have hitherto been managed with con Mimtnito skill and ability, though unfortiinatelj not without some acerbity of feeling, will hence firth bo only the honorable nnd fair one vvliicl properly springs from the coitr.-c of business an J trade, lloth will pour wealth into tho lap ot Uoston ; and both will contribute to the prosper ity or llurlingtoii, and tlie State. Tho following are tlie votes of tho Pitchburg and Vt. Central Hoards: Fur the purpose of producing In rmonv among tho sl...LI,..l.l.r. ,1.. ......1 l?.,!. ".. 1...U .7. olihelliukol .Middlebiiry; , , , , process ot construction b-tween the City ol lloslon and 3.1. An acl to meorporaie the ( oruitli Academical , jlkl, ouaniiilaiu. and ol inabltug tne ri-SK-ctiv. ill Institution iiiul ( ouiiiyGniuuiiarM-liiMl; reciois olsaid corporations toaet freely, mid to a tout 31. Aniictaullioriiingthe Irei.siirer to pay s lv a- L,udl ,1WUMIW a ,y moyjudge to beconducve mis liinli-v t li.t siiiu lhi-ri-111 lnentloui-d '.!J. An net 111 addition to an actio incorporate the Connecticut and Passiinipsie Rivers Railroad Com- ' 3J. '.nart nlterni" the name of Pranklin Wilkins; 31. An act to i-taUish the Gland I-le County I'ire ln-uraiH-e L oiupany ; Hnve vou ever seen an cacle fettered 10 the earth day alter (lay and vveik alter week I How Ins plu mage droops ond his proud bearing sinks away into an expression of fear nnd humility, His eye, that v as vionttu outgaze the sun, is lustreless and dead, and but low sounds ofirntauoii escape bun. Hut just let the freecry of nfrco eagle, seated 011 some t.trmotm tuin crug, meet his car, nnd how his roughened phi. niaifo smooths itself into bc.uny. Ids drooouiir neck becomes erect, and Ins eye gleams nsof old. Hour tnni wild seream again oil ins car, and ino-e hroad wings uululil theioseives m their native strength, and w itli 11 cry us shrill and piercing ns that of Ins fellow, he siraiiis on Ins letter, tind perchance bursts away, soaring gloriously toivariU heaven. Who then shall stay lus thght or till his heart with fear I So had iiian lieen clriiued down lute after aire, till Ins stunt was nroken, 111s dignity and glory gone, and lus soul marred 1111, 1 stained. Our declaration of rights was the cry of lhat free eagle on his mountain crug, and ineieuercu soul neard and auswercu 11 tne world over, vvitha shout that rockedthc thrones of Europe to their bases, and made the chain thut hound it smoke and quiver beneath its angry blows. Poland strt-tched'oul her nrni towards u- uud tell weeping amid llie nshes ofl'nig'i, Italy sang once more her ancient songs of freedom in the Roman Forum. Ireland shouted and fell, and France look it up," and the earthquake open ed under the Bourbon throne, nnd down sunk a whole d)tiasty of kings." Amid the half anj complete lull, ures ot other nations, Frnnce alone was successful," 1'er Contra ! Ureal ' Democratic' Triumph! Tho victories nre not all on ono side after all. We cut the following from tho Sorlh Star whither it has flown to warm tho frozen regions of liocofocoisin. Wo hopo it has not had tho ef fect to elect Mr. Peck in tlio 4th District. It certainly is "cheering news" however, and goes tn prove Polk s popularity beyond a question "Democratic Victory in Wisiilvhtox The clerk cfthe Housenf Representatives, Rem II French, Esq , tlie true interests ot their several coiwiruiious and whereas, an understanding has subsisted or lias been suppostd to sub-ist between the ilireetots ot the K.'h buigaud Vcnuoni Central Railroad Corporation ( the effect that the directors o! tlie Vermont l.-itral Ruilroud Conui'iuv sh-iuid 1 lot connect wnti the N. t-th- i-iirauce (. oiupany ; crn R-ulnnd Corporations, vvuhout the assen- first 3.1. An net directinuthe treasurer to credit John ..i., 1 . , .1. . f. ;.r.i... i-.,i.i.... d. SisilJuig the sum therein iiieiuioned : Cor"wrauou. and a Uki uud.-r-ianduui n.ilv ell ct JO An net extending ihe charter ot the 1 armersand lha'lhe directors.if the Pitchburg Railroad (. - . u... y .vlechaiiics llink; I shoulj not many manner aid or countenance tin , u- 3, An act to incorporate the Green .Mountain , truetiuii ol the tailed, w ,1.,, ut It-ink ; I the assent lirst obtained, oi Ihe directors ol f . i- 3S. Anact extending the charter of the I armors Central Railroad Company , and wlu-i- .s .1 u, liaidv, I deemed to be advisable that llie said resieeti - - p, JOINT RESOI.l'TIOXS. rutiunsas such. and their re.neeiive bainli ot direr I. Authorizing the Governor to furnish tothe Agent ;ot'u'ul their indiudualnixkh,.ldcr, should ! p-r HI'- of the llritisli Mu-eum sundry dwunient-s coiuiccied . tectly tree and untraiiiuielled liy any obligaiiou, or 1 w ith tlie early Hi-lory of Vermont ; norury mtdertanding, now existing, or upjs-.t, J uthoriuug Hi" Governor 10 transmit to the Li-' any persons or corporations, to exist, m relauoii t,. 1 1 llt-r.,,..! I'nivHrsile lor nreserintlull ill ilk- preilll-es IherelolC, Library of ih it lii-litution.l)).uiui-iits,Joiiriiiis,,Ve, , p.iy That llu? directors of ihe Fiteli'.u llliistruiing the past uud current History of cruiont ; r01l, Company hereby agiees that ihe Ventu 3 In-trueling the Directors of the State Pri-on toj rnl Railro'idCoiniiany. nssuch. us otlieersan, make certain liiiesligauous respecting me expenses 01 uuai stoci.noiuers shun Ik- ierieeiiy tree an that Establishment ; 1. Accepting and providing for th" disposition of a lUU-U-llgltl Ilki'lies-UU L Oie ju-Hii- , ii.i.ia n.,iios..,- cdlo the Slate by tlie llarol Itutland County ; 5. Authorizing the Governor to appoint wane suit able liersoii or persons to correspond with the eminent Scutpior. Powuiis, w ith the view of obtaining marble statues ol Ethan Allen nnd Thomas Chittenden, for the ucunt niches ill the unpuoi; Il Tendering the Ihanus 01 inn iwo nouses 10 ine Hon. CiiakixsP vine tor the presentation ot a marble bustct Ihe late Judge Paine; and directing the di-po-ution of It ; .... . , , . , D.rceting the distntmiton 01 nie secona .vunuai oy Hie Report of the Suite Geologist; si Directini the s-ecreturv ol Judges nnd ifv-Judges of the Supreme Court, certain Slate to furnish to th' Ita ' tilierty to net with, nnd receive aid lrom, an.i - , w nh, the Northern liuiiroad Company (X II vt where, an I upon Mich terms us the directors o holder-of mul Vermont leijtral Railroad ( . , , may deem lor their mierot it tving uiuteis , nil oilier lenns and condition-in! s-ubscni.ii 1 , stcsk ot the Veniiout Central Railroad Coun..i.,y slia remain unchanged. Provided, however. Thai the directors of ihe Ver moot Cot iral Railroad Company shall also nrrec that llie Fitch mrg Railroad Couipany, lis neb. and tne directors utM stockholdeisthereol, shall Ik nt Ii.'ktiv to aid nn.l countenance and subscribe towards lb.- coiistruinon ot the Rutland cnlu-d.a' -l not only 10 agree upon terms of connection wnht ie Chainpuiin nnd Connecticut River Rmln nil ( -un-lny. but nlsi to nssmt the eniei,irise m nnj inaimct which they thai! see tit. Slate Library ; 1 The foregoing preamble nnd resolution, hav ing bce-i 10 Direciui!! the Auditor of Accounts to furnish to submitted to Ihe directors ot the Kitthbuig Kailrom each 111 the Slate, his teiort tor lSIC; I ('oiupany. nl n meeting held by them on l riday, Ocl 11 Providini! for the distribution of WHO conies of 30. lilii.wcre uiianiuiouslyHdoiited, AitiM the Fust Annual Reiiottol the State Siipertnteiident ol JOHN P WELCH. Cletk F R R KeHris, journals nan .vci: ', t roviuiug ior 1-eriainuuuiiioiis 10 oe inane 10 tne has hon elected alderman cl one of tlie ards,iii place I Stole 10 endeavor loprociireihe passaceof a law ol n liig. icign-.t 'moving th Seiwena el ih'U S. DiMrn't ud C11 Common Schools 12. Appointing Dvvid M. CAMr, Xatiii Smilie, and Asa IiOW, Comimssioners to ascertain whether or not a more suitable location can be found for the Slate Prison: 1, (-..,:-r. t. 11. .....,.. 1. , r. 1 .: ii. un... 111,3 1 1 iiin.Mu-11, us , luriner lime uin..u...v.j .... . ,c to determine llie boundary line between the Countiesof amble nndjesolve.odopted th.s dn bj itie 1 u.-r-bnrg lienningioil ana vv uidr.ain ; iiniiroaaiyoiiii-...), - .- " ' ' t J i... k.A lti-nrH at iliMir null ns, r. 1 1 ti r , It. Insiructing the delegation in Congress rrom ihis f'T, "ty iSthofXovemUr next. Ane-t h st.tlln rllv-,irtAnrniir.ih. 1.... ... noun o mi "r Co riosTOX. OotoVr 30,lStr An informal meeting of the Hoard of directoreof llie Vermont Cental Railroad Company, was held this day in this city, nt which a majority of the Hoard weie represented. It wasvoted unanimously uiai un- s- y" Cireui; (Suedv PAM1. II W ALLEY, Jr. t s,