Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 20, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 20, 1846 Page 2
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BUllJLIiGTOi FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 0, I84i. FREE PRESS, in;ni,!f;To, vt. I'KIDAY mumning, NOVKMIUIK ) ltilo " Is TIIK. HA Ilk' AM) IHOUnl.EU NK1IIT THAT IS I'lllS I's, T1IKIIK 11 Ml Sl'All .UlOVT. THE HOKION lOUHk tSA ULEAM 111' MUIIT, EXCEl'TIS'O THE IVTCI.UHKir, FATIttortO Wlltll 1'AIITV Of THE t'.Miuu Statcs." Dani-l Webster. The next President, Carolina I (The Sorth StarA the news,) Do1 sometliin;,0 cheerful Sentinel, or the bottom will lis out of your Multure on the tliint trial, to a dead certainty ! A Noil Nciultur. The Vl. Patriot, lias written more, nnd lunger, articles than all the other locofoco papers In Vermont together. In favor of Sir Hobert Walker's l'reo Trade Tarill' which almost (wo believe unite) uniformly discriminate) against the American Manufacturer and In favor of the Foreign, thus defines its position : "1'itrr. TnAtc. To sivi- nny further misreprcsen fa- .I......I ..-I...I .. ,..iii hi' IVee Trflde. We State tlllt. tlv 1'nrr. 'I'nAnE. wo mean a Tarill' which shall raise a Hevenue sufficient only fur the necessary expenses iff Jnvcrninent. iinil that hall have a due regard to the particular interests of every section ol our country that shall give by protective diuies such prclerence to domestic over foreign products iu our own markets and L.,.ll an .liserimiiinto lielucen tlwsc articles VV llicll We can and those which we cannot produce nt home, as to give a lint, ire anil silufiry encouragement 10 ine industry ol every American citizen. There I Uhal text and commentary are in a "coticaton itioti accordingly" then wo have got to bi-ein again. H certainly Is right that tlie readers of the l'.ttriot should know what its Kt! itor "meant" when he talks aho ut "l'reo Trade" ind if he means a I'kotechvi: Tauii r, it is certainly in him to say so, as ho has above I'KEE THAUE mins, does it, a Revenue sys tern "tint shall give, 1IY PROTECTIVE DU TIES seen ritLii:ithCE to domestic; oveh 1011 EION l'llODCCls IN Ot'K OWN MARKETS, AM) SHAM sOD.'SC'ltlVIINATr. hetween tiicue articlcswhiuii WE CAN AND THOSE WHICH VK CANNOT IXOIllTE AT HOME, As TO OIVE A JUST, SCUE, AM) SALUTARY ENCOUR AUEMENT TO Till-: INDUSTRY or EVERY AMERICAN C1TI ZEN!" Now. then, if i-ucli a lirill'U any tiling more or less than a Protective Taiiiif wo are dumb! We had about time taking converts this fall, but the 'ano can come in and take a seat. We have noticed in scVCi'al quarters a dispo li'.ion to discuss tin' question nf the succession to the Presidency, Although wo uro Inclined to think the discussion of this exciting and impor tant topic, at tliis time rather premature, it ncv rrthcles" ought not to occasion uny surprise The question, Who sh ill be our next President ? i-in a meisnre forced upon the people by the circumstances of tlie times. The evils that the whole Country is siiffciiiig, and is likely to suf fer, from the sheer tibiae by President Polk of the power most unwisely conferred upon him.are ?. numerous and so glaring, that the second thought of those who rolled upon them is, When and how will all this end I The When is two VMi s, the How i by the election of n Whig Pkesivlnt the latter is getting to bo about as certain as the former. No sensible man can mistake the citricnt indications of popular feel ing. Iii'colocoism will lie overthrown in 1S1? by a whirlwind of popuhr inliguitiou more re sistless than that which swept away tho Van lbireii diii'i-ty of IS 19 ! And those Locofoeos who t'link they cm sopanto their Parly from t'n' condemnation which is already falling heav ily upon their Adininistralioi. grossly deceive themselves. The Lneofoi'n Party, In the North and tlie .South, are responsible for the short com ing' an 1 the Inii-Cfiniing4 the nms ires and the policy tlie War and the Vetoes, of James K. Polk, and the people will certainly hold them to thut ics onsil ility. ') 1 ey will change their men, but tliov eanmt change! the issues. The rron.r want no wai.s, they want no Fiiee Trade, they want no Slb-Tueam'RY, they want in do ubl. -refine J South rn-absti action Vetoing President to rule over them and ruin them. And our word for it, they will manage so as to rid themselves of them all. And then comes the quo'-tion which is various ly answered, Who shall lead tho Whig Party to ViMni-v iiml nu"it them ? XVn have seen ' las deserves the hinh reiiaul. and ndtniratinn ol the . .. i-ii st r .. h - ' democratic parly ol the Union ; and we hereby tender mentioned the mines of Judge McLean, lb- , th unaunlitieJ thanks ol this convention Aden- I l u, unanimously . Ingtoii correspondent of tho N Commerce says: Wanhimitu.v. Nov II. Inm now more convinced ihaucverlhiit the war with Mexico is nearly at an end, nud that Ihc Government expects peace, nnd willing lit tnnkn it oil Idlrnml linnnrnliln Irrills. PUcll lerills Ol course, as will be approved of by Cotiurc") nud public sentiment. The f Joverninent bassoarrnnsed luntters thut nothing will he ilone nil Congress meets ami blh. nnd until IheMexiean Congress Fhall haean opportu- nuv to mane proposiuuns mr jieacc. ifeneral Taylor is hoi to enter upon the wil'i I gooa? march to the city of Mexico nor to y.m IjUis 1 otosi. lie will halt at Saltillo, nnd fortify tlint place and Hie passes between it and Monterey. , ., lie lias oruers mat render H uierciioiiary nnnu.". In Ink, tlintrnitrse.or to rntl fur inrreased lorces, now on the Kin (irande, and proceed. He will not proceed. I lii winlpr rfiinmnrn ivi nnintini IU lminii i1.rt CQ .. i... .it. I i. in. to. llii f crnniciit willcoininenee sonic operations in tlie Gulf of Mexico, or it may be content loliold what we have of Northern Mexico, ami tieiemi it, i lie inner win the course, lor wisdom scans to intimate it. The War. The Army Is still ut Monterey. The Wash Joiirnal of ,1 Loose I.cnr from the History or the Old Time. The original of tho following letter Is preserv ed In the Terry family, Hnrtford, Conn. For our copy vc are indebted to our Indefatigable Antiquarian, Henry Stevens, Esq., of Uamct. Its authenticity is of course beyond a cavil. It i3 undersigned " llrother Underbill's epistle to Master lluntly." Wo look upon this quaint old epistle, as we doubt not our readers will,as a daguerreotype from the times of our Puritan forelathors, faithfully portraying, particularly, tho inflexible nnd stern religious zeal, and the uncompromising fidelity to religious sentiment and f.iitli, of those early Rcpublicans.who anticipated the Commonwealth of Cromwell in England more than thirty years, by establishing its counterpart on the bleak shores of New England, It Is impossible, in our day, to repress a smile at tlie business-like i. . r .i , ...mi .i::t.ti-iif,1 ), n mo war is cnucu, win MJiiiu .....""- i . ... . . ... nntIpnlpn ., ,.m. for, and i , , t," j b ... selves against the "wanton opcn-worKeu gloves person inform us what it wms began what has been accomplished by it ? " We pausu for a reply." Our gallant Navy seems deter icd to come iu for a s-harc of the glory. Rut Commodore Conner docs hit appear to get the hang of it ! Ho has already made tiro abortive attempts to capture Alvarado, neither of which reflects spe cial credit upon him or upon the American Arms. Of tho latter, which took place on tlie 10th of October, a correspondent of tho N. O. Picayune thus writes : of handsome "Mistress Wilber," that called forth from " Master Cotton " ponderous " quotations from Gregory Xnzianzcron t7ooJ Wurhs!" The Governors in those days were Governors in Is rael, and overruled the spiritual as well as the temporal affairs of the Colony. Alas, for pretty Mistress Miriam ! We see her bright but down cast eyes, and her slender fingers peeping thro' those "vain openings," ns. she timidly suggests the "honey moon" in palliation of her offence, a suggestion so connected with home joys, and the Innocence of early life and love, that she thought, doubtless, it would incline the heaitsof her judges to Mercy ! e thinkthcrt? are in THRors and Peterses in our generation who have no whit of the rigid intolerance of their fore- V were wilhin ten miles ofthe month of the river nt ilnvlirht nud stood slnvslv into shore, it bcinir dead calm the Vixen and Mcliune towing the schooners ihe Alissiimii nneliored nt loti2-shot distacce nnd commenced herliic' Up to this tune every thing ap pealed highly laonhlc Ijr the success ol the expedi tion There being a ileal y swell on the bar the pilot .1....I I ...1. , ,1... ...c,nl 'I'l.o f.,.,.,. .Inn. leading in the Vixen, with the rest nf the force follow- fathers for this form o' gndlcssness, l:' lb aM ra,'. Sever: "t we are keeping our readers from the let- owing to the distance. A long eighteen in the Tor- tcr. ard sent n shot directly into the lorl-tnis movement , j , (.d-lteiiieinberiug my kind love was repeated with belter success, the distance being t0"ir' Klltonl ,,,"v send joa some note of my trial at I'orclgii Arrhuls nt New York mid Boston. The Steam Ship Great Westers arrived at New York on Monday Evening tlie 10th hist, bringing L!vcrool dates of October 31 and tho Acadia reached Hostonon the lblh, having left I.ivcrpo ol Nov. 4. The news Is not of especial Importance The news of tho taking of Monterey had reached England nnd caused a good deal of excitement. The British Journals think tho Mexicans fought well, and got the best end of the bargain by the Capitulation. Civil commotions continue in Switzerland) and are creating alarm in Portugal. Tlioro hae been terrible inundations m Franco, augmenting the distress and suffering occasioned by tho scarcity of food. The Famine in Ireland, and in the Highlands of Scotland, is very severe Tho suffering and want are teniblo Bread-riots arc frcq uent in Ireland. The demand ofpnwisions is of course increas ing from those dreadful causes though Eocofo- coism attributes tho rise in the demand and price to another dreadful cause tlie Turiffof 1810. The import duty on wheat has fallen to Is. on the quarter, the lowest rate under tho present Corn Law. Cotton has advanced l-4c. Tho money mar ket tight. Tlie Cholera is slow ly advancing, having pass ed tlie Russian quarantine on the borders of the Caspian sea. lessened and naain the Korwurd made a most bemiti- Conncctic'it I.ocoToco-. Tlie State Convention of the Locofocos of Con- ilul shot. In the meanwhile the Mississippi had closed I r, ?.'!.'.i V ,1'. I .. l.r l,.lv ,na nl.,tl ll... ...I, u ..111,.. . l"Jla '" fi",l V " ' , V . . u,i ...... Alter lie Kuleis at Iloslou liau laneu to iiisicu wuui Mexicans m a way that must have made some of them I n, "v : ij LYi, u-ns nlr.ised to call " the damning .wf..'..i a ll..i,.l,ina..i" imnn me. I looked to be sent away iu pence; but Gov Winlhrop said I must noiue tlie examining oi tie v-uuit.u. 1. ,1.1, ster, Crittenden, Gen. Taylor, Mr. Stew art, Mr. Clayton, "all honorable men," cither of whom wo could cordially support. But there is another .name, less on men's tongues, but more in their hearts j a name that is associated with all tint is glorious in our renown, nnd ail that i beneficial in onr Nation al Policy, for the last forty years ; a name tlwt awakens putiiotic pride in ecry Ain'ricnn bo ii ni, and is honored wherever the American Flag is known ; a name, lint, above all, like tho pound of a trumpct,thrills the heart ofevcry Wmu and kindles his enthusiasm, when he remein-1 bcrs tiio base frauds and deceptions that defea ted the popular Will, and threw odium upon popular gratitude, in the memorable campaign of 1811. That great name wo traliovo is still forcmot in tho Republic ; and when the time comes, and tho People again loemMe in their National Convention, to select a man who will best embody tho principles of a true National Policy, and who will strongest unite all hands and hearts in his support, wo doubt not the name of HENRY CLAY, will again meet no rival nor competitor And then givo us for Vice President a true Whig nnd a true M in ! givo its, for instance, AllllOTT LAWRENCE, of Massachusetts, tho Boston Merchant, whose unrivalled business capacity and Statesm inlilto attainments will inspire confidence among the gp'at Industrial Interests of the Country, and it needs no Prophet's vision to predict tlie result. These are our individual opinions. Wo 1111 lnuneo them frankly because wo know no re 1 eon why wo should not. If they aro erroneous it will appear in good time. Tho Free Press will, in any event, sustain heartily tho nominees of the Whig National Convention. Oh, that 1 may eonie out of ibis nnd nil the 1IKC gOUl SCCII llllli.:, ... j see more siars man tlie L,ord ever niaiie. uuesiiot fiom her demounted n heaw can of theirs ftoniastoc- nni'ltent. bold wenlt. ndnnlod llio t'lillnwinrr U'ide. this lline soon remedied . but thus far nil their ,!, shot lia.llalleu snort- U mug tlie morning soernlol . r . ; , ., 1Bttc.a laseonieiicd before them. Sir ,u " . pur oa ? -Junueu w mini 11.1 u a nine or iiie ion, receiv- j, . y. ' ,ho (j0v,.nlor, Diullev.llayncs.witli .11ns. ttcsoivcil , l mi Willie we euicrnin n in'i esuniaie , i - v......,.-...., ... of the geuenl course of our Senator iu Coiigiess, the i dilU-rence. 1 lie "well on th- bar having somewhat lion. John M. Nilcs, we leel constrained to denounce , ' I'lde 1 all 1 . M. tiebuewas formed as lollows: lussiu-eehreccnllv nroimuiieed in the S-nale of the I sleaincr ien, 11,1.' ship.towinsgiui-boals Rcel-r and United States upj'n Hie Tarill', ns enuallv unsoun I iu ' !V',la : ''earner McLaue.lowing the ; cutter theoiv, erroneous in l.ict. and aiiti-deino'ciiilic iu ten- lorw.ud and gun-boat 1 urcl ; then two launches deney an 1 Adopted Di, to ). three cutlers nnd a bulge, eoafiiiung a Inrce destined ltesoli ed, That for his noble, mmly, aud decided !;!r bmirding th- vess;ls ol war, brought up tlie rear. i. 'P.,r;ir ..risie. ii.rt n.; 2,.. m n,i. 1 he ien. with her tow passed the bar and look no- fast, nud the Cotnuiodoie tiudiug hiinsell depriied of tlvj support of two-lhirds of ids loice,aud being uirible to sustain the lire of a twelve-gun battery Willi but four liiht pieces ol his own, was obliged to retient. The force m the boats was now exposed to a heavy lire, the shot tlyiug thick aui lastnronod us, and had the Alex i ans fired grape it would have knocked some ol us in to fits. We escaped however, with a good ducking irom tlie spray ot the balls. 11 being now too late in tlie day lor nny lurther opc Whig Itcsolllllolis. All right! Let the loeofoe is denounce those who oppjsed the Uriti'h Tiri V of 18 1'J. All wo ak is to have the issue fairly aadsqinicly made between Free Trade and Protection. Then if we aro beaten wo will submit but till then tlie Whigs will "pick their Hints and try aoain." The THE WAR 'unrth District. IN' thi: BACK CANDIDATE GROUND! "There be six Itkhmonds in tlie field! " Tlie approaching Legislature of .Massachu setts will be icell-eJited whatever may come ! The NpringfuUl Republican says: " Editors in-the LraisLATfRE Mr. Buckingham nfihe Boston Courier, and Mr. Bryant of ilieflirre Patriot, will be members of the Senate; and Mr.llay denofihe Boston Atlas, Col. Seliouler of the Lowell Cmirier, .Mr. Ilawley nl the Hampshire Gazette, nnd .Mr. B.-ebe of the YVesttielJ Slaiulard, are elected to the House of llepresentalites. All arc Whigs except tlie last tunned." The vet -ran Editor of the Courier appropri ately heads the honorable list. He is a staunch and true Republican of tlioold school ofsterling ability, and inflexible independence of character. rations, signal was made for return to nnchornge, nnd thus ended this bloodies combat, bloodless not becnuse each and every man of us would not have shed our hearts heet to hae g'lin-'d the day, not because our ters Cotton', Shepherd lluch Peters were present with uihers. They propounded that 1 wuj lu lie ex amined touching n certain act of adultery 1 liad com- U ....ll, nno Viirinm ill ucr. WUCOIisaiu- uel Wilber, for carnally .ooking to lut alter her at the lecture.iu Boston when Mnler Shepherd expounded. This Mistress Wilber lulh since been dealt with lor coining to that L-cture n-nh a pair of wanton i open-1 wurked gloves, slit nt tht lingers nnd thumbs, for the purpose ol taking sniitf; :"or,as .Master Cotton observed, "lor what end should those vain openings be but lor the intent of taking lillhy snilP" nnd he quoted Gregory NaianziTon Good Works. Master Peters said that "these openings were Satan's port-holes ol liery temp tation." .Mistress Miriam ollered in excuse of her i pin attiic "that she was newly married, and appeared in her bridal nrrny " Master Peters said that marriage was the occasion that thedeiil took to cast his tie ry darts, aud lay his pit-lalls of destruction, to catch frail Hesh an. I blood. She is to be liirlher dealt with for fikiiu'snull'. I low tlie use of the good creature, tobac co, can be an olfeiiee, 1 cannot see. Oh! my beloved, how Ihe proud 1 liarisecs laoor auout ine mini aou tuiu- The following were among the resolutions adopted by the Whigs of Boston at their meet ing in Faiieuil Hall, tlnee dtys before the re cent splendid triumph in Massachusetts. They present the great issues at present before the American People in a brief, intelligible, and di rect manner. " Keep them before the people." " Htmtrctt , Tliatwc are sincerely and earnestly de voted to the Constitution ol the United States, the great woik of our fathers ; that we belieic tliat, for a great number ot lias eminentlv contributed to the prosperity and ihe happiness, tlie peace and harmony, the distinction und renown of our country ; that we feel it our solemn dutv to maintain it, in all its integri ty and purity, nnd to do nil in our power to cause it to be so administered ns to dispense euual nud exact jus. tice, according to its provisions, to each and all the Stnii-s and ihelr resnective neoolc. licsolteu, 1 nai wane weopposemc Aiexican war, ns uinust anil uunecessarv. nun wnue we nre ueicr- mined to resist the larther extension ot slavery, to tlie utmost limits of our Constitutional power, we do et bold, that there are other interests and other questions ofiniportancc and Inngintude, ns well as tiics-. i ne iTrpnt i nieresisoi viiicricuu L, loor. i e s.uriv oi ine unn property on the Western waters; the taitli and honor ol the government, involved In the long deferred claims ol us citizens, iaiu;iiisniiii4 in iioveriy iiuuuisui-ss, uo tmUnnw-n mi ions nre lavislieil in an u l lecessarv w ar the relief of both the community and the government Letter of John 11 Clii)lon The following noble nnd patriotic letter from John M. Clayton, one of the best men of the Country, was read before an Immense gathering of the Whigs of Delaware at a meeting in Wil mington on Saturday the 7th inst. It states tho true issue under which the Whigs have achiev ed their recent triumphs, nnd will go on conquer ing and to conquer tlie Tnnffof 1812 against the Tariff of 1810. This issue, together with the growing anil dceponing repugnance of the great body of tlie American People to the War its cisttcsaiid consequences will lilltl o mcasureof popular condemnation of the spuri ous Ad.iiluistration of James K. Polk. "The good time is coming, hoys''' lIo.Mr.sTr.Ai), Nov. 7th, IS 10. DrAR Sir' I have ju-t now returned Irom a visit to me lugsoi Kent v-ouniy, nun niteniiecling nud ad dicting them amid storms and laius, have nrrived nt home Willi a very bad cold and soar thront. It was my confident expectation to meet Ihe Whigs of New castle county iu tho convention now nssembled nt Wilniinaton ; but the iuclcineiiey of last weik, and tspecially of this day, have, mmh to my regret, en tirely disqualified me fioin addressing them at tins time. I was the more anxious to nvnil mvselfof this oppor tunity of meeting so manv of the Wings nf Delaware, becau-e in Ihe lnid-t of the political revolution width is now spreading over the whole Northern and inid- uie pan oi tue uniieu Males, i desired to "peak em phatically upon the luture course which I have resolv ed tu pursue in) self, nnd which I intended to have nd vised tlie Whigs to adiiear to heieafter. In my opinion, no Whig sliould shut hi' eyes to tb" fact, that the present ovewlielnung tiiuniph of his paity is mainly to be ascribed to the repeal, by the Democratic parly, of the Tanlfof 1st-'. Our Iritnds went ill lo the contest muiiediatdy alter lite reprld o nun iuw, inline in' issue wuu ini'ir opponents turecl ly upon tie question whether the net nt 'Pi shall b restoreti, mm proclaimed upon all their banners ns llieirnv owed oiuect tlie nbsnlute and immediate n-ni-fil ol the TarilfAet of 1SIG. Ulion this issue we have triumphed every where else : und uuou tln is-ue we , expect to stand or fall hi Delaware. The people nave not oy ineir votes in the late election, merely signified their approval of some geneinl abstractions, j Instead oladdresjiii!r them as the Inelids ot meidrnliil prntectiun, the advocates of n judicious tuiijT and . ouicr uiimurtiiu pnrase", vutn vwueii party politicians ; have ohi'ii amused die tnns-ts when they intended to ' deceive them, the Whigs have spoken plainly ouuie- 1 cdically iu favor of the TiinH'.ol Ittli ; nnd pledged 1 iiieins.uves.m t ie event ot I Ueir ncces-ion to nower. lo lesiore that Tarill', and to repeal the Tanll'ol IS 10. Election icw-s. The ,cv Consrc-s. Sixteen Stales hate now held their elections for representatives lo the next Congress. No more elections occur till March, when New Hahi'shire will givo us two more Whigs we trust. The Books now tell the following story as compared witli the existing state of tilings: Next, Presevt Coviirlss W. J, r. Viict. vv.jj-r. in. vac i. Maine, 1 Vermont, H New York, S3 New Jersey, i l'ennsvlvniiia.n Oliio, H Illinois, 1 Missouri, 0 Georgia, 1 l'lnriila, I S. t'aroiiuia, 0 Alkansas, 0 Alassactiusctls.y ll 1 Michium, Delaware Iowa 2 0 11 1 7 10 C 5 1 n 1 o :t o doubtful 1 I 5 0 I 1 3 10 0 (i a 21 t o o :t 2 o ii o 10 12 2 o (I 8 I'd 0 0 0 1 f. 0 0 o (i 5 n (i o :i 5 o o ii oion 0 o 7 0 II n oio o 1 y o ii 1 (I 0 3 0 0 o looo New "o" H HI 0 2 Present Loco maj. 31 Whig iu ij. in next Net Whig gain. 53 ! 7l lilt; HULt Ul uuiu iuv luiiuhuoii; mi... wit b ......... ... . trom the embarrabsmems sure 10 nne iroin uinnuum HUll e w Ilc , wc.,.n not Ve, ?.tt linw. it,i ' 'pimcit'v l.iuv tji Bnnn ni nnv nttpinnl shn i hp 1 ..... i i . ' 1 Ian of attack was nnt good, or that vve werenot pro- . nun . . f f. . j nerlv led. but because Providence has provided the I eneinv with such natural defence as eann it be over come by a naval attack with such means as Coin. Connor has at his dispoial. This blustering and bullying about the coast of Mexico, as it appears to us, is simply ridiculous. Tho accounts from Santa Fe are of the most extraordinary character. It appears that tho President has directed (Jen. Kearny to " annex " the "Territory of New Mexico" to tho United .,... I il,o m.iinr I" I witil wished a conv of their charge." Sir Henry Vane said "there was no need of any eliarge seeing 1 Knew i was buiuj, to.uip .v in., inn.l,. out ivlwn there was all UllCertailltV W ICUlCr Ihe accused was guilty or not, and to lighten theaccii- ...1 nfl l.i tin. lintnrf, nt'llll eilllie. Hen WaS UO tlCCd.' Master Cottontail!, "did you not look upon Mistress Wilber!" I conlessed that I did. "Then thou nrt verily guilty, brother Underbill." I said, "nay, I did not look nt the woman unlnwlullv." Master Peters said, "Whv did vou not look nt Sister Newell or Sister Upham 1" ' I said "verily ilcy are not desirable women 119 lo temporal irrnces. j neit ,,mi eicrs aim Rl nude to carry that Law into effect ; the redemption of the country Irom the misrule nnd corruption and im becility which dwell in its high places of power anil trust, and the elevation to ollice of men who will fitly represent the intellect aim cnaracier oi uus nation ; these arc objects of which the Whigs sliould neccr lose sight, and to accomplish which they should .never relax their exertions." States, and to organize a territorial Government I cried "It is enough ! he baih coutesst-d !" and passed , ' f, to excommunication. 1 said where is the taw by therein ! This Mr. Polk does, doubtless, by vir tue of his election as tlie "annexation" candi date there certainly can bo no other law nor authority for the proceeding. Tho Boston .li.'- which you condemn me 1" Wimlirop said "there is Wo wonder how ",'them b'ess-d" liefnnners! r " lind themselves who requested his opinions on certain precious notions of tlHrs, juH h'fur' election ! "I would rather," said lie iu reply. Be the slave of a Plainer, driven tn Ids mil in the morning by the whip ol Ins driver, and writhing under its l-ieeraiions at night, thnn a Senator, with under standing in chain, and action controlled, by foregone conclusions." Si much lor Buckingham!" The ruptured Kn-jle, Tlie Albiny Argus complains of the bid taste of tho Tribune's Coon Conceit, cot un to iidlifu triumph in New or!;. The Ar" us "By a printed proclamation, dated S"pt. 22, 1310, (Jell. Ke rney announces tint "beintr duly authorized by the President of tlie United Stales," he appoints the lollow'ing persons the executive and adiiiiuistr.ilive ol lieeisnl the laws and government of the "Territory of New Mexico'" the Whig (lovernor, Charles Bent. Secretary ol the Territory, Don Adiicinno Vigil. .Marshal, Richard Dallam. 1'. S. D.strict Attorney, I'rancis P. Blair. Treasurer, Charles Blunimer. Auditor Public Accounts, Kugene Lcitensdorfer. And Juab Houghton, Autumn Jose Otero, and Chas. Baubien Judges ol the Supieine Court. Ileie isnnnesntion more Fiidden than that of Texas. The aiea of frdedom has in tins case been extended bv a simple proclamation The people of New .Mexico"' are lunnedi itcly placed under democratic government w iinoni me lrojine oi voung lor tlieir ru.ers 1 hev .,,,niri,.,. to, rniieht aws : Brother l'eters nre v

1,1,1 ..n iliwC.nmmiitee 1 lam sure thou hast made a law ngiinst tliis crying sin." Hugh l'eters said that "he h id such a law iu liisinind, hut had not written it dow n." Sir Harry Vane said "it is sullicient." H.iyues slid "Ave. law enough for Antinoinians." Ma'ter Cot ton look a Bible from Ins coat pocket and read," vMio s.,..v..r loot.. tb i, noli n woman .Ve." William Blaekstone hath been with me privily. He weeps over the crying sins of ihe times, nnd expects H'JOU HI gOOUl Ol lilt' JUUS1JH.UIMI. i minv iioiu i.iij 1 in. I." said be. "because 1 did not like tlie Lord's Bi-I ops, hut 1 have to pray to be delivered 'rom the Lord's iireinreu. Salute Brother I isk nnd others who, having been disappointed of libeity in the v llderncss, are lookiuj lor a belter country. Your fellow tiaveller in ihe Vuleol tears. JOHN UNDLTMIILL. Boston, 2SthI'ourth Month 1G:. thinks, doubtless that "it is u.ibecomiin' a moral !",f,i'i' .'"l'' il"n'"1 "I1'"'" 1" Tho returns from tlie Fourth District thus far ere of the most cheering ch iracter. Wo find tlie fullest report in the .Worth Shir (Loco) wide!, rays : " It is yet loo early to dtermin the precise result in Ihe D.strict ; but il is quite probible throujh the negligence oi me uenioerni", mey nave snu-ueJ Ine whigs to stenl the march upon ihm ; an 1 if .Mr. Pch j his nuv plurality uvcr .Mr. Chandler, il mint be quite I fmiu The St ir gives returns from Caledonia, com plete, from all the towns in Washington but Warren (which in Sept. give Chandler, Whig, 111, nnd Peck .'15), and from parts of tho rem lin ing Counties of Orleans, L-iuioille, and Ls.-cx, as follows ; Nov. Sent. Chandler. Peck Chandler. IN Caledonia, complete, 1U1 1212 15J3 Washington, 1203 15.)'.i 1323 Vote of VVniren Sept. Ill 33 111 Lamoille,!) towns, 101 2IH 17J Oilenn", 0 " 503 301 5J7 bti, 4 " '.2 132 20'J 1102 37 Jl 3010 3010 81 117 k 1032 l'JM 35 377 132 5j I5IU 4104 417 and religious people to rejoice at a victory over the enemies of the Country." It likes the i!e vicu of the I'.iciiing Journal much belter, and says of il : "The Uve Journal, more wisely, parades the broad i i ,w'"l'h eaptuied nioie thin once and which despite ihe Cuoni, iu good lime, we shall cap ture again." Very well. The Locos have, il is true, held ciptiie the American Laglo for a lung while. But the Wiiios li ne si t him ri:i:i: uguin, and "his roughened plumage smoothes it-elf into luiuty, his drooping neck becomes elect, and his eye gleam as of old." When you attempt lo "capturo" him again, Mr. Argun, look out for his talon. Hi Chandler's maj. Nov, Peck's maj in Sept. Net Whig gain, Twenty-live towns to bo heard from ; and if Chandler s gain at all corresponds with the above ho will have a decisive plurality ! O.i the next trial a plurality elects. (lentlemcn nf the old Pourth! "Pick jour Hints nnd try again I" Iictllio Candid.ito who is in fivor of "sii-tainini' tiio War," ns the Pat i lot avers Mr. Peck is, have the privilege of doing so by lohuuVritpr. Don't X. V. Courier A- Kiiqiiin'r. The General Connnitleo of Wliig Youn" Men for the City ami County of Now York.ata meet- ingheld on tho 12th instant, uibp'.od the follow ing resolution ; Rtmltrl, Tint the lrutel of a Whiir Jnnmnl nt tlie late election was the support ol the nominee o the luica Convention us the lug candidate lor (lov ernor nud that ihe onnosilion ol ihe Courier and Ihinui. rer not to the nomiuatiou but ihe elecliou after noini mtiou of John Young as (jovernor Ins made it the du ty ot llus Couiunttee to s.iy to the Whigs of tin's Stale und Union that the Couiier and Liupiirer bus no longer the confidence of Ihe Whig parly of lliiscity. The CVinr. ip .'iy. would probably have lomo this rebuke with more equanimity if it had succeed ln defeating Mr. Young j asit i, how ever, we supine it will fill back upon tlie"ui,iu ennscia A-c," "Prime Old Pout." Tlie lluilington Free Press pretends that it has received a bottle iicconipinying a ni.irriage notice. It may he so but such liberahtv is "were uncommon, wery!" The uiiiiounceiueiii lias set ihe editoiial Age on lire. Hear ihe Woodstock t i OKIO . . . . .... rent country ; but "We wish somebody would get married and send us , , i ., Jlisi SUCH ll IVU mi. ""''",". '" ' ...v w licit- iiiu vvesieru vouimaricxui ii aro gels uatiy il,ndv 1 1 ink we would iirinK the stun, However, we to oe nioro anil more a matter ol doubt. I'rc'V We certainly live in dent Poll; is subjecting tlie country tn a process of political dilution that he may think favorable lo his re-election. Adams Utilise, liostun. Tho abovo is tho appropriate name of a new edilico for the accommodation of the traveling nubile irljieli line roinlli. Iinf.ii rsnefntl in p,ve him an to do ,t , , ,e ame ,f 'Wj,w s Uoston on tlio site of the tho floor "H-ngrcss ! f you ,', oW HJD T,UT,!N ... ,t is a lomliJ aml yon can send an Ant.-W ar, AntLPrce-Trule, .mlVct Ktal,IW.monL and has been erected and splendidly furnished at an expensoof about 8200,- txr, The enterprising proprietors of this noble Ho tel, Messrs. L. &. W. T. Aoams. ricblv deforvo the encouragement and patronago that they will I ..oiioiitss receive, for this very creditable and lib eral cllortto enlarge the means and appliances lor public accommodation and comfort in Bos ton. Therapld growth of that city within the past few years had left It without an adequate numlicr r first-class Hotels-u capital want, which Iho Messrs. Auams have contributed so well lo supply. We wish tin in sitcrcjs. Anti-Slavery Representative to the next Whig Congress. Will you try I P. S. We take pleasure in informing tho Sen tinel that its warning was not disregarded. Tho "democrats" were not foolish enough to "allow tho whigcandidato to have a majority at Iho sec ond trial." They only let him havo a plurality, and he proposes to "enjoy the same blessing" on the third. It is getting lo bo warm work, my fino fellow, nnd you null issue another Kxtiu. Touch 'em up in the Fourth aliout THE WAR. Maioawayubotita Into "brilliant democratic tti- htnph In one of the School Districts in N'ortl; The Ollnpoiliiiuii .Museum, Tin; newspapers are going crazy in their zeal to render this Mii-cum the most perfect of its class. It will be fice to the Prc-s ofcourse. We understand that Dr. Conn, of our v illage, will bo able to furnish somo varieties which ought to increase the interest of the collection. Ho has The tail that Othello delivered to tho Venetian Senate, properly varnished ; A sprig ol" the Samphiro that Kdgar saw a man gathering on Dover Cliff; A valuable jewell from the collection of Cor nelia ; A sketch of the life and adventures of tlie son of Atisterlitz ; A fac-simile of the Crief that Palience-on-a- Monuineiit smiled at, (a very funny affair); The seal from the deed of dreadful note exe cuted by the witches in Macbeth ; The wings of a hum bug ; A likeness of tho Tartar that is sometimes caught ; The last sermon preached by our Minister to Spain ; A detailed account o( a storm in the see of Home, witli a biographical sketch ol the lives that wero not lost ; The axe of the last Session of tlie Legislature- Tho head that Davy Crocket always vvent when ho was suro ho was rigid, nnd An accurate representation of iho Breakwat er at Burlington as it will appear when Polk permits it tn Ihi built. should use il to put into miHce pies 'ofcourse Jut so it seems lo ns ! Is the Pree Press man ecr- ; it ii-n. I'oit I ho dares make us such a j'or( entous marriage donation They say il is good to put in a camphor bottle. beltuics 1 alts Oazctte. This is all very funny, and if tlieao jolly gen tlenicii over the mountain had only inserted Sentinel and Democrat," instead of the ''Tree Press," it would have possessed tlie additional merit of being true. We never received, nor pretended to have re. ccived, any such bottle. It was sent to our neighbors of the Nf ntiiul by sumo considerato friend, wliu doubtless presumed that concern would be .specially thankful for any "Port' the ''storms of State" that are beating upon them this fall. ThuiksgiwiiS Concert. We would call the attention of our b.Miuvo lent readers, to tlie Notice iu another column, of tlie Concert to be given by the Ladies interested lu tho Charity School, on Thanksgiving Even ing. Tlie object of this enteitainment is a most praiseworthy one to aid tlie purposes of those who, remembering tlio touching admonition, "tlie ;oor you have always witli you," would admin ister to their highest moral and intellectual wel fare. And when charity is invoked to "temper tlio wind to the shorn lamb," it is easy to be en treated so wo look for a flowing house. Tho Laiucs aro tho almoners of your bounty, "little children" its recipients who will not givo ? New Vork in the next (Jointress. Tlie Tribune publishes tiio official returns which show tlie election of tlie Whig candidates in the two doubtful districts. Tlio Tribune adds : " We have thus our Twenty-Three eirnicht-ou, . Whigs elected to the next Congress from this State t ', 'with three Old Hunkers' elected by whig votes, t cil regular i.oeo rocos. vv e imtiKinaiougniiouo Second Congressional District. The present able and excellent representative, Judge Collamer. is re-elected. His constit uents have tints done credit to themselves and the State. low n. The returns from this young state are contra dictory. Tlie average of probabilities appears to We have succeeded bv no barren irenerabiie. but ' bo that tlie Locos have irot the Governor and by a plain manly, and uncompromising declaration I ( ,,.,.. nnd th,. Whins the Legislature ooin oi me principles vve menu to maintain, and ol ' 4 the practice by which we mean to carry them out. i and tlie two U. S. Senators. Another v.eek The people are sick of deception, and will no loimer mi tr,ii btar lo be duped by any mail of any paity on thi" , .-U.J- .... iiui-; ..llls l-AJI'-ei ill IliUllllillll UlCir III- uuiph, they must ilcul hnni-sily on all occasions ; anil! Little Holeware. noioiiiy proiess plainly but practise literally, iiccor-j dull to those lirotessioiis and die now known viUbe. oi tue people, l ne accsiou lo oower. ami me restoration i end.tir-t of all thing Whig Wliia Congressmen, Houston, and Tue lirst thing to be ellected, on their ' majority in both Houses of the Legislature ; be-A-er,isthe repeal of the Tariff of 'Id, 1 . . tT , . turn ot the Tanll'ol To this great 1 curing a Vv big U. S. Senator. . let t'Verv U'liirr ,.iX,.r. I... .1 , When a law aceoinpiislunt; these iesults shall have The Iicos succeeded in electing tlieir Gov- passed Congress and been approved by a President of crnor by about 100 majority, through local can ine United suats. t hen. and not till then m ,v I, em. ble opinion, will the greatest wish ol the country be grubbed, and its U st interests susiained. When this shall have been iiclueved.lhe people will, in their own good tune, indicate anyih.inge they may .,t,i in iiilii ii-n-inii; , , iii r n t l ie line i v but ho wields " A barren sceptre in his grasp." Micblgnn. We spoke a little too quick ; Michigan u joined to her idols ! HJWe find tiio subjoined in the N. Y. Specta tor. It is incredible that there could be lotind, oven in New York, an editor so hardened to in sensibility as 1 1 give occasion for the note of Mrs. Kir.KLANO. But so it is: Papcrsof tlio Herald school, of which the Messenger of Major Noah thus shows it-elf to be a worthy disciple, have so depraved the public taste ill that City that they posed to compromise no principles w ith our opnnnents auJ when the battle has been secured, theonlv basis Ml.,1, III,,,-!, 1,,. J Ll,., .'I.. ... be Ihe Xtatusqiw ante bellum. Put us back precise- Vo,c Xcw tU . "j" Constitution nnd ly where we weie.beiore the Tanlfaetof 1810. Un- I J.iiml SiilliHge. id that end is obunned.we hearken to no compromises, We subjoin from the Tribune the official vote vve listen to no halfway measures.aud leal ol all, to ' ... t. , ,, . , such as ropo-e to sacrifice one class ot inaniilatiures i ' "le rcccllt election m New ,i ork, in thirty to maintain another. Uiridc and conqurr, will be one counties, on the new Constitution, ami ue- iii.i.Miii oi urn opponents. 4wi; 'lis our uuiy ioi i ditrut any man who shall seek to dn nlc us, by otfer-1 ing protection to some classes ut ihe expen-e ot all the lesi. 11 there be any among us who shall desire to play that game, or dare tooli'er us as a Whig measure any proposition, which has for its object to hatlle nud de ieal the unequivocal restoiation ot tlie TuriU'ot lSli, let us at once repudiate the measure, as uncalled lor by the p -ople and opposed to their wishes, (scouting uu iiosir.icuoiis .iiiu generalities, let r.quul Suffrage. It is as follows : OITICIAL VOTE tcr! "The late Mr. Kiuki.vnd We conv the follow- ing liotc from tlie Lveuing Post. Its intent is perhaps suilicieutly obvious, yet it may be proper to say that ine -evpressions reierreu lo were lo iiietiiecunai .vir. Kirkland. while laborinir under necuniarv embarrass ment, had liccn neglected by bis wealthy relatives with an obscure insinuation that he might have ln-en driven by this neglect to suicide. Our acquaintance with Mr. Kirkland was not intimate, but such as it was, it induced tlie belief that his industry and talents were al all times so welt appreciated as tn place hiiu above tlie necessity of reliance upon the aid ol friends or relatives. To the Kditorsaf the llceuiin; Poit : (!ent!eiuen:--Mynttention lias been called to nn ar ticle iu the Weekly .Messenger of Nov. 1st, which b-arsat lirst view the aspect nt wanton malignity, but which I prefer considering as the lesult of nusiutoiiiia tion. With almost insurmountable reluctance, )et urged by a strong sense nt duty both to the memory of lny husband and to the teehngs of his relations, 1 feel compelled tu say thus publicly, tint every expression in that coiuiiiimiciitioti which leleisto the condition ot Mr. Kirkland or tu ihe conduct ol his launly, is desti tute ol the shirhtcst Inundation in fact. Por these lew- words ot deleucc against caliiumv I began insertion iu your paper. CAUOLINE'M. K1UKLAND." iNovcinuer lutn isio. lis ronliniie tn present llie Iiriliciulc fur which we now eolllen I. man. tully and openly,as an object visible and tangible, the ,.,, , , , . . I . KESTOHATIO.N OF THE VV Hid TARIFF Ol ISIS. lt find it to their pecuniary adiantage to catch at 6tan.i asihe waichword a the nariv. the sbibbo- every breath of slander that malignity inav lit- leth ol our political faith. Inscribe Hon every Whig nag ; ami eaen win necome u taoaiutn as invincible as ihe banner of the Constautines. Had it been permuted me in attend the meeting, I should have availed myself of the opportunity lo con gr.itulite the Whigs, not only on the triumphs abroad, but uu the prospects in home. Iu every pint of Dela ware which I have visited, the Whig tires burn bright ly ; and li the Inends of the party do not sutler them selvts to be distracted by false i-siies, their victory is certain; and Delaware will present to the country, ns u-ual.a Whig (lovernor, a Whig Representative to Congiess.and a Whig Legislatuie. 1 have the houorto be, Very respectfully, vour ob't servant. JOHN M. CLAYTON. JTWo had tho satisfaction of laying before our readers, at week, a Meteorological Regis ter for the month of August last, In this num ber of tho l'Vco Press wo present a liko tablo for September. These interesting and valuable ta bles wero prepared by tlio Rev. Zadock Turnip. son, whoso scientific attainments are a sullicient guaranty of tlieir accuracy. Mr. Titovuvov has obligingly Intimated his willingness to furnish us with a similar monthly register soon tiller Hie close of each month. Our renders will feel no less indebted to him than wc are imuecIic.-, Ilowind's. "Titr. I'Eon.r.'s Agk.nt" spares no pains nor expense to show his numerous patrons tlio pleasant fruits of his agency. Ho is adding ex ternal graces to tho many internal ones which attract his comtitttents ! That glazed front is superb, and in tho bright gas light which illu minates it, it looks liko a fairy palaco, stolen for the exhibition of tlio usoful and the gay, for mor- tal uso. Burlington Shops aro getting to "show their blood." Pl.t'k's is a gem on the dark side of the Square in a cloudy night, and now Howard's throw its bright rays far into tlio gloom of Church Street, Harrington's noble edifice will givo us a touch of its quality in good time tliat granito front is not boarded up for nothing .' Things were different in Eth.m Allen' time. The Third l'uily. The voters of this impracticable and useless Party, as lias been happily remarked, 'Taller fill oV" nt tho late elections in New York and Massachusetts especially in the latter. So far as we have returns the decrease is decisive in every county, while tho Whig vote is largely increased ! What can Le tlie reason .' N. B. Tho Third-Party Gazette in Burlington keeps whacking away at tlie Whigs without mercy on the ground, wo suppose, it lias al ready stated ; to wit, that the Whigs are not irrcclaim.ibly bad, and may be reformed by good round chtistaiii misrepresentation and abuse! do ahead, sister Briggs. As we evpectcd. Tiio Sentinel has argued away all the comfor table reflections the poor Vv liigs wero inclined to indulge respecting tlio recent New York elec tion, Wo said it vv otild bo so ; and vve regard it as a pieco of wanton cruelly. Just hear him "Tlio whigs, opposing every thing unpopular, f except themselves,) and advocating every tlntiEr popular, (except democracy,) succeeded in elect ing their governor." Tlio Whigs succeeded in N York, therefore, because they were "unpopular, and the Ixco. focos ' popular !" Or, in another view of this re markable proposition, because all they advocated was "popular, and all they opposed "unpopu. lar !" This Burlington Sentinel and Democrat will twist its own neck oil one of these pleasant days Inveterate Joking. Tho ioston Post will never givo over its jo- king till it hurts somebody seriously. Tho fo lowing is in its Saturday's paper ; "The federal f meaning ofcourse the Whiel nriihmr, tic;nns have already C)pbered out a majority in the nest house of representatives; ond there is, alas, too niiien reason loiear mat sucli a caiasiropne i in store for the nation, In that event the demoeroev will have to "look to the senate," and our trite anil patriotic ' I resilient, o present good measures and defeat the adoption of bad ones. Tha"wisoand pitriotic" James K. PoM '. We havo nothing to say about tho "patriotism" of that inconsiderablo gentleman, liecauso we sup pose ho acts up lo tlio light ho has in that res pect ; but his 'leifdmn .'" "No more rfthal, Hal, 'an thou lovcst me I" Scoii'l Awiual Report on the Geology t.f the State of Vermont, by 0. B. Adahs, Stat" Geologist, Itiirliiigton, Chaiincey Goodrich ; 1810. Sin We have received from tho publisher a copy of the Second Annual Report on the Geology ol our State. It is a large neatly printed pamph let of 272 pages. We havo not yet had time to l .'o it a thorough examination, but vve have pe rused it suilicieutly to satisfy our-ehes that it contains a large amount of interesting Geologi cal information. After an introduction, in which is given a succint liistorv of tho labors of the Survey during the year, tlie Author lias divided tlio main body of his work into live part-, v ii : Part 1 , Elementary Geology. ' 'J. Minerology. " a. Concretions. " 1, Scieutilic Geology. " 5. Economical Geology and Minerology. With an appendix : illustrated in tho whole by 1 1 Engravings, '.'l of which are from original drawings. This work partakes, perhaps, somewhat more of thu character of an elementary treatise on Ge ology than is common to annual reports, and ob jections may ari-e in tlie minds of some on that account ; but all w ho read it must admit that it contains a large amount of valuable information,' and, if same portions of lirst sight, app-ar ir- lelevant to tho Geology of Vermont, wo think it will be found, by careful consideration, that even those xirtions contain the very information tno-t important to bo diffused among our citizens, in tho present stage of tlio survey, in order to pre pare the way for a full understanding and duo appreciation of tlio final report. And vve are very sorry to learn that our legislature have not seen fit to distribute a larger number (less than 050) of copies of tlie report among our citizens. After supplying themselves, furnishing a copy to each town, live to the Statu Library and 100 tu tho State Geologi-t, thero were sir copies left for the Governor, which, however, wo understand he declined to receive. But we learn that tlio pub lisher ol the report Ins presented His Excellency 50 copies for foreign distribution, that it may be known abroad that a Geological Survey is in progress. Not a copy, we believe, has been fur nished by the State to tho assistant geologists, nor to any of our Colleges, Academies or Schools, Un tho whole wo regard this repottas a valua ble document. It evinces great labor and re search in its preparation and embodies a large amount of valuable information, and when 2"2 octavo pages of such matter, printed on good pa per, can uo nan lor ou cents, vve nope it in ly et I CoNsriTniox. . KqvAi. Si'iiraoe. I Co- IV Ao Yes. So. I Albanv 'Jl'C loll 'JjOf, 731'ift Saratoga KKd bii 4'Jir. Rensselaer 7P.I7 1331 'S!M 1571 Tompkins 3721 1171 1321 3537 Dutchess 3103 5173 New-Yolk 7131 23,t(W 5219 23AHr, Orceno 2s.s3 12015 231 1113 Queens fijl -j:)72 71) 32W Oneida 7;l -.';,-,3 3377 523i Clster in 11 a-jii 3TJ CO'Ji Niagara 111 'J3S Genesee 3171 5'JO Oswego -125fi SI.V5 2U72 21C7 line f.lSn 1207 2335 5'JJI Schenectady 2173 1153 3C3 1833 Montgomery 1217 2153 515 35119 0tsiTn :isvj s,,-2 ll:t7 4,j.. sithnharie -KM t-'.i2 321 il'jo Putnam 117 707 32 133U Sutlolk 1317 1337 231) 277a fa)uga G332 73(5 ld3S 53tt Lewis lb2s 370 87'J nsj'J .Sullivan 2'MS 510 207 2250 Orange 1132 2231 153 ens Onondaga S253 CVI 1 337'J 522-1 Wavile 1 10-.I utaj. maj 'Jon I Washington 53'J7 712 3327 2220 Pulton and Ilain'n 2U1 1 maj. .Monroe foil") " Kings 11)31 52.V, nai JSC!) Total so far 122.1 Cfi,5ia 3t5,S35 127,G92 Majority tints far : lor tlie Constitution 5.),SS7 ;gfli';iSiiflmgc 90,837! If we lived in New Vork our vote would have been with tho minority in both instances. "Premonitory Sjiiipioiiis Somclwdy down Eist has lately written a Poem about the cholera in New Vork in 1S32. Judging from the following sample it must lie a mm ing a flair particularly tlie ''lamentations." "Sighs and sobs they might be heard ' Cms to heaven were highly reared I l.iinentatioiis not a few. Walked the streets of New York through "' jj'The IhinWIlill Aurora, speaking of tho New Vork Congressional election, says : "The delegation will stand 23 Whigs, 8 struicht Democrats, 23 nominal Democrats." Total, fifty four. If the Aurora, while it had its hand in, had squeezed out forty would have come up to the ''whole or none" standard 51. 10. We like to see a piece of work fin ished ! Fliat naner Ithe Pree l're.s! nln n..ia ,1..,, tv "independent democrat" us a ichig gain An in le penueiiiuemooin must tie a curious u-fiig" Vt, Pat-not. Yes, but a groat deal more curious locofoco An indep-mlent "democrat" is sure to bo a Whin- unless lie lo.-es his independence again. IOWA. It is said that Iowa has irone sU,,,l.ln. der, wlnggery is worse than the "potatoe rot" thii year. Sentinel .N, Vein It certainly is making a f.imino among the li cofocos. We e.v wet lo see them, in regular des peration, 'Tim violently down a steep place." as they did of old. 3Iitssuc!itisctt. Tlie Boston Atlas of Monday thus sums up tlie decisive result of the late election in tlie Old Bay State. They are quite satisfactiuy, wo take it, to ull parties : We have re-elected, bv vi-n- I, 1 , . unprecedented, majorities, our most excellent VM,n. Governor and Lieuteivani Governor. M r have cho sen thirty-one lugs lo the Senate.out ol fortv Se , . lors-an.1 prevented all our opponents from choosinc a Rinide melnher nf ,be ssi,i vv--i.n i. . . IV. el-ll I I.- . II... s-f l!......,....... . . "r '-.,""""" ..., ...,.,,.,,, El our -.ate, oy an over whelming majority of of , hundred and fifty Wo have elected eight good .sound ond true Whig Mem tiers ol Congress and have vet two Districts left in which there will be but little difficulty ill ultimately choosing Whigs, who will be worthy to take their pluces umong the oilier eight. Mossachuseits will thus, lor ihe Irrsi time for many represented bvan entire deleiration. in the nresem nn.l i i.A lind its way info every house, or at least into ! v-ongress.ufone politicol character. An able, rtticient. .very school district, it. tho State. hS.iT.KS .lie nanSalTlo, of Bepre"! 1 lives. By tho results of last Mond)'s election, too, ITTho attention of Ihe reader is directed to an j d hSSV! etSM5 J'feTs advertisement in another column, of l'ontain's I These h effects or rather, some most or; nuneiil enecis, n. ine silecessJiil cllorts ot Ihe good mi.. vm .-it.vmiiii lis. celebrated remedy for Contmiipiinn,