Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 27 Kasım 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 27 Kasım 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 21, 1846. FREE PRESS, DUKMffCTO.V, Vt. FRIDAY MORNING, NOVUMOKR 27 1810. " Is THE PA11K AND TROUBLED SIGHT THAT IS CrON VS, TIIEUE IS NO STAIt ABOVE THE ttoniZOX TO GIVE US A GLEAM OF LIGHT, EXCEPTING THE XHTELLI3EVT, PATRIOTIC WltlO TARTY OF THE United States." Daniel Webster. Congress. The Iat Sc."inn of tlic Congress mostly elected contemporaneously with President l'olk, wilt commence on tlie 7tlinf Dc ember (a week from next Monday.) Tlie Whigs of that body will assemble high in hope, and strong in pur pose, to arrest the mad caiccrnf the madder po liticians who now sway the destinies of the Re public. The recent omphalic indications of the popular abhorrence of this l'olk dinaty canimt In' to exert a conservative influence on the le gislative action of Congress. Not that we sup pose tlie War will be slopped, or that the Tarill i pcaltotho New-England branch of Polk-and- Dallasdom. And first to Maine : "To the democracy of Mnlnc, where there fire four districts yet to elect, we would say.tlirow niue nil dif ferences of opinion, unite nsoiicinan,rnisc the glorious inoitooP'Old Hulhon," "everything for tlie cause untiling for men," and bearing in mmd tlie importance of a single tolc, there is not a dotilt that can you uilC curry every district against federalism and abolitionism united." The "democracy ol Maine" care very littlo for "Old liullion" or bis "niotloe,"wliicharc about as substantia! as the "yellow boys" ho promised them years ago. They don't go Into this contro ersy to sustain a "motto," hut to vindicate free dom and the rights of American Industry. Now for Now Hampshire : "New Ilamnshire nlorious New HnninTiire. the stronghold of democinlic principles the ides of .March will not, we Know, find you recreant to your faith. Your H.'unle. have seen enough of tlftiismlc of feder alism and nholitioiiim combined, and vou wili redeem yoursell Irom llieir thraldom. We hope and triflt that every iiemocnit in that gallant nine .-state win time tne field, ileterinined that victory shall lollow the stand urdsof deiuocracy,nnd thalhervoiee in the next House w ill be, as it has been lor years.stndiviiled. This Is rich 1 New Hampshire by "her last election has a Whig (lovcrnor, a Whig Legisla- i wi.t it u s.-.,. ........ .i , i.. .,... : ..r i a : ...tin ;d.. 1...I i:n-.l it... . '( Ul IOIU Hill uu viini.1 ir I.IUIU ui iiimuiiii u. ma , , ., . .. , 1 ' cifi' In Imvn nl lii-iil m,.t hitr llniimunnl'il n-rt in the considerate and rellecting (and there are such) of thoso who contributed to elevate this Administration to office and Authority will una roidably be inlbtcnccd by tho consideration that the American i-Eonx do NOT sustain and up hold by their approbation tlie measures that the I'arly have devised and carried forward. This grac conclusion cannot be shullled off or avoided, whatever partisan and stipendiary pres ses and politicians may say. The Administra tion of James K. I'olk. does not rosstss the confidence or the 1'Eon.E ; and tins well-ascertained truth, as wo before intimated, will cause his friends to pause and to consider to abate a littlo of the rashness, at least, into which great and unexpected success had driven tlie do minant party. We may hope, certainly, that tho decrees of " the IMtimnre Contention" will bo less frequently and confidently paraded, in tlie popular branch of Congress, and that their au thority will lie of tint questionable character which will scarcely lift them above common ri dicule and contempt. By the results of the late elections in New York and l'cnnsylcinia, it is entirely nmnfest that tho Protective Policy will certainly ho sustained by the people of the North. Hoth these great States have thundered this determination into tlie cars of the Adminis tration. The diatribes of a riotous and hetero geneous assemblage, as was the Locofoco Hal timoro Convention, will, therefore, fill upon minds that have been enlightened bv later and better wisdom. Tlie two principal topics of the forth-coming Message will doubtless he the .Mexican War, and the Tarill' of 1 S 10. in the defence of both of which tho utmost ingenuity and sophistry of the Cabinet will be taxed. We are exceedingly Clad to believe that Mr. Polk will take the ground indicated by his precious Organ, the I'm ion, which says : " We cannot entertain a doubt that the admini'ira Uon will maintain the position they hate taken. The si-ltf lSItt js just (.'oins inl" full operation, (on the lsiot December) We shall have no repeal ; no res lorntion; ,m, moiiification." Such an issue the Whigs most cheerfully ac "pt. I-t the Administration stand up fairly Md squarely for tlie Tarill" of '-Hi, the Mexican A ar, iuhI ''to tliousalid irwl nil.' minor jm.1u tical 'una, ,i wickednesses of which it is guilty, s.nd e ,Op0 j 1818 to be able to impress npon its ttra jhtcned understanding some idea of what is in a!it j,v a popular verdict ! Congress ; and tlie Washington Union exclaims "glorious Now Hampshire!" Wo can promise tlio venerable Mr. Ritchie nothing nearer conso- lotion, after "the ides of March," than the privi lego of shouting "All II U.U, Xeic Hampshire!' Then comes "Little Ubody": 'In Rhode Island, mav we not hone that the snirit of democracy, which has so long borne up against Algc rine tyianny, will nt last triumph otrr it, nnd Kendal lensi one goou anu irue democrat to congress r We have been accustomed to view tlie true and tried democracy of ibis little State as martyrs in a glorious cause. They hae stood by their principles like men of the olden time, whom tlie stake anil the faffrrot could not tiightcir. and we have honored lliein tor their 7cal and devotion. They must and will, sooner or later, tiiuiupli, and we hope and believe the lime is ntlinud." There, then, Our. Dorr 1 Hero ofChepnch et ! Croat martyr of a defunct Rebellion ! lie- stir yourself! Your "glorious cause" has the warm sympathy of 'oVs Administration. You "must and wiii, sooner or later, triumph," and it is rattier important for tlie tottering cause of l'olk and Dalias that you should do it immedi ately! "Delays are dangerous," O, "trite and tried democracy of this little State," and tlie I'nion's 'sufferings is intolerable !' And, fin.illv, this abort "crow" for Connect!' cut: "The demoeraev of Connecticut have only to mike one strong and united etfort.aud iclory is theirs. What they have so olten done, they can again do ; and the cri-.s is one in which the whole country demands of them to come up boldly to the rescue." We rather ' guess' Connecticut has a different "notion" from the L'nion of the character of "tlie crisis" mentioned, and will soinewh it disappoint that anxious concern in (liters ways next April more particularly by the unexpected "bold ness with which she will come "to tlie rescue. This fitiblies the Union's cry for help. We are mortified to say that there is not a word of encouragement for tlie hard-pressed-'democracy'' in the -lth District in Vermont. Our friends there have a right to consider themselves neglec ted. On the w hole the Union has rather outdone it self in this effort. It is one of the most touch ing appeals on record, having the great advan tage of being mado under no imaginary difficul ties ! Unkcrsflcld Academical Institution. ' Tho more our Vermont public. Schools "wax fat" the more will their "kicks" at Ignorance amount to. Wo arc therefore always glad to hear of the prosperity of our academical Institu tions, and especially glad to record any advance In the more important work of elevating the character of our Common Schools. We have received tlie Catalogue of the old ml well established Public School at llakcrs- lield, for tho current year, from which wo Infer that that Institution is in a highly flourishing condition. Tlie Hoard of Teachers consists of Mr. J. S. Spaulding A. II. principal, Mr. C. C. Tltsrjr.r. A. M. Assistant Principal, and eleren other teachers in the various Departments of In struction. One hundred and fifteen young ladies, and Vno hundred and thirty one young gentlemen III all a III are named in tlie uaiaioguo as Hav ing attended the school during the year ending NovAibcr 184b- a number large enough profit ably to employ the numerous board of 1 cachcrs. Tlie Course of Instruction appears to us well adapted to fit young people for the active busi ness of life Tho Philosophical Apparatus is quite full, embracing most of the instruments and figures requisite to impart a familiar and pmtical knowledge of the physical sciences. i he Institution is located, as its name im ports, at uakcr.sfield in rranklin Co. which is some .15 or 10 miles North East from Hurling ton, in a salubrious and picturesque part of the State. Hoard, including room, wood and washing," says tlie Catalogue, may bo obtained "from fcl, to SI , 25 per week" and the terms for Tuition are, of course, and as usual in all our public schools, very moderate. The Winter term will commence on the first Wednesday in December. HAKEHSFIEI.D ACADKMY. After writing tlie above notice we received another catalogue of "Tlie Officers and Students of Hakcrsficld Academy ." Wo at first suppos-' edit to be a duplicate of the foregoing; hut a moment's examination showed us that Hikers field boasts of tiro Academical Institutions, and what is somewhat surprising, as well s a mat tcr for congratulation, that both arc flourishing We are sorry to tie obliged to infer, how ever, from a paragraph in the latter Catalogue, that the "ll.iker.sfield Academy" (as distinguish ed frotntho "Academical Institution") owes its existence to tiie discords rather than the harmo nics of life. However, this is no concern of ours As we have remarked both appear to be in ths way todo good, in the promotion of the i tal interests of Education, and that is sufficient to commend both to the good wishes of the Tree Press. Tho Democratic ltcvlcw Correction. Explosive Cotton. Tho discovery of this new and powerful explo sive ngent is likely, if all accounts bo true, to introduce a now process and new materials (In part) for tlie manufacture of Powder. It is at tracting a good deal of attention among scientif ic tupii.and several experiments, which have been tried at Washington and elsewhere, appear to have resulted in establishing the Importance and practical usefulness of the discovery. Wo find the following account of tho composition of the explosive cotton in the N. Y. livening Post. It is furnished bv Professor Ottn. it fJnrman. wlir, J claims thctncrit of having mado the discovery Wo stated week before last, as a matter of just and logical inference, that the publication of tho Democratic Review was susiended for an indefinite period. This inference was drawn from a declaration in the opening article in the November number of the Review, that Silas right would bo elected Governor of New York " before another number if this llciicw issucsfrom the. press." We are happy in being able to say that the conductor of this able periodical has "thought lictter of it." lie lias addressed a letter to the V V F . . . .1 ! i jiTinniz i nsi, savmir mat uiu suspunaiou is to bo understood in a Pickwickian sense, and I though this claim is disputed by Prof. Sclion- that notwithstanding there is no very cheering i bem, M. Jlottingcr, and others : prospect of the immediate election of Silas totho honorable post mcntiuncd, the Democratic Re- t iotl' will rrmttnttn In ( Krififlin nnd trlett " lllrn ., ,. . i I dissoUes the cotton. Ill good proper acid, the" other disappointed children. Mr. 1inglcy, the becomes transparent, and the fibre is not inii conductor of the Review, thinks Mr. Wright " ought to have been elected;" wherein lie dif fers from quite a respectable number of tlie vo ters of New York. On the whole, there has nothing richer or g.'eemr thin this letter of Mr. Langloy appear ed since the solemn denial of " My grandmoth er's, the British" Rctbcw, that it had been bribed by Lord Hyron ! . The WnN Nothing important from the scat of war. (Jen. Taylor remains in "masterly inactivity" at Monterey. Com. Conner has not yet made his third attempt on Alvarado. When lie does wo are inclined to think be will "fetch it." Yankee sailors will not lie likely to leave any thing to bo done after the third trial. Tho following is the Iloslon Advertiser's "Telegraphic Despatch" from New York, of Monday last : Later tint not important from Monterey. It is ttos'nively known that Atnpudia has retired lie- i k-.i.:ii.. 'p..i... -.:ii -..:..r,... JIIIIU CIIIIIIU. lll'll. 1 It U'l I.UIIIIWI llHi.l- Mil H 'I ceil. iSeW's lm The American Art tnion. We have heretofore taken occasion to recom mend this admirable and useful institution to the notice anil patronage of our readers. On the 18th of December next an unusually large num bcror paintings of very superior merit, will bo distributed among the members. We trust Col. Peck, the Honorary Secretary of tlie Union for this section of our State, will have a good story to tell of tlie increasing interest of our citizens in this National Institution. Tho following admirable notice of the Art Union we find in tlie A. Y. llicning I'mt. It urges witii a Poet's feeling the cause of tho neglSmSM il tindred Arts of Painting and Sculi'ture:. Chntnplnln & Connecticut Itivcr Itnllrond. At no time, when it was most beset with diffi culties, and most impeded by (criotts and per plexing obstacles, have we ever doubted for a moment, the success of this enterprise. Our confidence in it has been the result ot a thor ough conviction of its intrinsic and unimpeach able merits as to practicability and eminent ulti mate productiveness, and that confidence has never for an instant failed. Our readers will see, in our advertising col "It seems that no other acid than that nrorurerl bv the distillationof ten parts of saltpetre, nnd six parts of oil ol vitlrol, will confer upon raw cotton its explosive power. Hydriate ofuitricncid (satpetersaiirelnjilritit) ? coiton i-nuM-iiit uuii ii ii unit; is iiol in uiru or lissolved. The acid bv distillation lirst produced is best. Cotton dipped into it for lialfa minute, and then quickly pressed between glass plates, or boards, nnd washed nltcrwnrds until it is entirely free from ncid, and subsequently dried, produces a superior exploding article. Using the ncid a second time, nil interior ar ticle is made; but if alter having been wushed and is again dipped into the ncid, it becomes ex c;llent. A repetition ol the manipulation necessarily nugiuenis tne exploiting quality. Limuu limy ceil reiu iiii in me uuii longer iniii half a minute. That which lias hi 1 in it so lung as twelve houis, wasfouud lobe very e. losive. his nn- iionnnt mil me o.juon oe wen wnui wuen u is la ken out of the ncid : tor it nnv reinnius in li.u (tl, thvor will nttnch to it when dry, nnd when exploding willlenve on everything white nn ncid tincture. The vivid explosion ol nsnnll ball of the article on a white rbina plate, is tlie criterion to test its good quality by. It must (lash like gunpowder and leave no dust behind it. If a particle even, is seen it cannot be used in guns. It nlso nppears to he necessary, that the coiton, niter Iriving been dipped into the ncid nnd pressed, lie im mediately put into a large quantity ot water. If the cotton be put into nn insufficient quantity of water, it (the cotton) gelsheated. nnd small quanutics ol cotton are also prelernble: for, if large, it lorins into knots of abluisli-grten color, which aie so firm as not to he ea sily loosened. rI he more tlie tirepaied article resem bles the one in its natural sinle, ibe lietler and more powerful it is. With .Vltlisorfi-lths of a gran I) giaus equnl tonu English ounce balls of 1-3 inch di nmeier weredmcn through Itoards one inch thick. HIi six grans n bullet was driven from a nlle, nt n 1 BURLINGTON, VERMONT, ;te,o sruly national institution. imprisrs one of the most splendid and general t Established solely for the purpose of nurturing nnd Slocks in the Stale. All goods bought and sold, A-anning into strength nnd beauty the nrts.solong nnd smelly for Cash, and of couise Cheap. t In, sadly neglected in our own country ; yet.nt the same I rlinie, itolP-rs rewards to its subscribers for the interest irSlES tflkiVfT ',- f( hey manifest in its success. Five dollars are received VJ 1 It1A MVJ w jJ I inroin each suliscriber, and with tlie money thus obtain fllOl.llSA l.i: ! It I'.'I'A ni:.I.IUlS ! wrJ a" engraving of tlie largest .ue nndol great merit is Hi I lite, l ll,,r.lwnr,..Cileri.. tr. sWl. Sheet Iron. Tin. ' "mm lacture ot acknow leuge.l worill, n copy f kiuiuuii c.i m iui i ii , iij in i uiii.oi ent energiesand genius of native artists ; nnd on, (mil Witulow (.l.issol all sies. (ii ueriil Agents and f'oiiiiiussioii .Merchants. I.i ral advances made on I'repi rty consigned lo lliem. Ia-t Side Court Mouse Square, Iturliuglon, Vt. 11 in in. MJM.dlI()d.l.tJlld(l the la- genius ol native artists : nnu m re- urn to l ii, (? who encourage it. senus a oenuuiui as Jj,well as a valuable line engraving, and prollersalsoan Y'n la cnance in nil oi receiving oy ior,n punning or oilier vom Ulllll, oilll ltlllj in iivi ll-iin i. in.iiu... timns, a".xotice to Uontraclors mat ni miles i I of this road are to bo placed forthwith under ' distance ol 13 steps, into nu onk plank, to the deptli contract peoplo expect wrong, he vt ill "Mince the sin Or mollify damnation with a phrase," they will find lhcmchcs mistaken that's all Ho did not leave the Pulpit for the Press without calculating the consequences. Wo find the following "letter from the LMitor" in tlie last Whig. His account of bis Sabbath enjoyments is very racy : Wisxsnor.ONOii.S. Carolina, Oct 20th IS 10. Itail-Unnds nnd Manufactures Mirylnnd and (lenrgia rjeetinnsTlie SMath The Churchet J'tcncliinz, c. The people of this Stale are high up (or ih construe- nn.n ,:inB ...111 lw. n( an men: nnu witii lour or live ffruis.eiiecluai shots - s t, . i " nave ,ecn mm c w ll I low inrr-oieres I he mure ren- ' (Inn .f II... 1. 1!.. n. j .....I f... ir t..t .!. under construction as soon as the necessary lo- dily the cotton exnlodce, the gieuter the care to be ta- In-ing ilie most remarkable thing nl nil ! These cu-lu- i-ilinrf survi'v ran bo made nrobahlv carlv in i j!"'r , . F"e champions ol the interest ot the dear people are t.uing surviv can ul m.un. prouauiy can) in. Professor Schonbcin. nt an experiment made nnrcs. ,o nn m i,i..,!nv-.nm ,i,,,nr ..;.!, the siuing, . . .. . . -., r. . gun I in i,.imv or nit lumivwi ........... .,,. , days, nnd lound it as good ns when perfectly fresh, niter their markets er Hill A mora. "Where's Gilbert !" it mav not hivingbeen dried. i really mainta iiii'.r.CToencnt.iuaUiiiiiouto its numerous incidental atlvnutagi 'I'l... w. 1.: r- .v... : r.!..i. r...i .... , . .i . ., . ., 11' .ii- , ll.-lllliuiuil i,iitiii. niwiiirii we llllll llllS CA- be amiss to say that that gentlemen and Ins par-1 lrllct. furnishes nn neco.mi of some e,,erm,ei,t mnde A in' thimr ihfi i-n ii liifimit i.t urn nn, (:.,.. ,,t tnn cmtqn whk-h lia.l Un iinmcrwil in water tily tin- nw ttnthk free TintU Tariff, will l. n ilnm in Hut t!iii Snnlli ('finilinn tuilitipi:itiii I really inumtniii.thnt 1'irr Truth contbrs uimn tlit-m u with Sclionlifiii'ft mutton, nt the War Ollitv riie rrcsiilent was prej-cnt, withthiee of the mm K'M of his cabinet 11c proilnecd the packet, which I'roli'ffc'or St'lmiiiieiii tn'iit hy Mt. Kuhertn, the American coiis-ul at lUruuii, to he op-Micd only in the prfwiu-c of tii' IWulent. Tlie einclophr'in niii'il nl, a Iliads oi'cottGii, of a deeper yellow tme lhau common, pi ew tiled n'il and weihitijr nhout fity or K:eni' lirums. Col Talcolt, tlie head ul the Or dnance Bureau, and .Mr. Kobcr:on, proceeded to Thn Mrtrcdninnn Cry for " Help ! The Admininration is evidently hnlT frighten ed tn Anh bv . -.r opniar rebuke and q.poMl.onu iia already mind ! Tlie Cnhn of thelftiiin., in Us uin- article, on "The next Congrc'thucr4ily mixes iUcf up: thorn, nni there .s lfd hy lmiiortnnce, not only ai it ma i, ' 1 , ' "' "iimcnse ft lre.i lent ol the Lm..-d JteJ ul the machinations i.l ih M-il III V'"." ,llem b' originate nil bill, reUtia-,. u, ra. , . 1,1 " becomes the democracy. il..-,i,'I L "cnuej ll Union, to urain every nerw, and mZi'jS0" rf the lederohsts to ,, a, ihey hae d.m- V11'""? ania nnd New il.iee i,r. r, tennstl. mue, anu come iniouie lusi il'ni ,.r ' to the ranks of the deinoiniey." Wition admit, mutt-nn : Mr. folk's month-piece and oflicial organ, the Washington lmi.ii, propo-es to open a new battery upon the poor Whigs all its strttagenis and tactics hitherto having, bite Iludibras' gun, "Uorne wide and kicked their author) over !" Tho L'nion now "proposes" to call us "frdcr alhis '." "My Heaving-, ! C.tpting," said Mrs. Dathy, "won't that big gun a off I " 'Madam" said the Captain grately, "ithas no jlacc to go to." Mr. Ritchie says : "Ifour cotemporary of ilie Charleston Journal would fijffii.the lenus 'wliif; and liiuery,' and substi tute the more atijirrprintc ilenomiiintion of led,nilist nnd fedcinlisni. us if e prepare to ito, it would perhaps o' more iruiy ucscripme 01 tne cnaracier and pnnci j pies of the t j position papers." i 1 Ins would be rather Iriglitful if wo Iinl nt got used to it. The l'nion is bchiml tlie times Its fiiend and bclp-m.ito in Vermont (1 ha 1'atriot) has exhausted the federal cry, and now cjIIs us "Tories," ami this, the I'liinn will isMthvr tnoro reierv than what it "pro poses." There ought to lie somo ronerrt ofac- Mr. Ilor.v J. Mismn, A.M. is tlie Princi I pal of the Haherslield Academy, and ho has six been nlready railed into sen ice. As slants In moor nini,, lb,. ,n.'i.rl 11., , l lime me ii.our , u. ments one (Dr. Woohaiui) who lectures on "Anatomy and 1'hysiology," an important branch of science to which less attention is paid in our higher Public Schools than there ought to be. During the year ending in October last, one hundred young Indies, and sercnly young gentle men (170 in all) have received instruction in this Academy, Tho Winter quarter will commence on tlie 30th hist. ty are now actively engaged on the line of the Road from Mt. Holly to Duttomillc high ill the esteem and confidence of tho corporation whose Cuter K.sotsr.un be is. I'oll.-slall.s shaken by the wind t Tho letter was addressed to a gentleman in Delaware, but a few days ago : ! innke sonic expeiinients. A small quantity ol the prepared cotton was lai. i upon a wiine siinet ol paper i au Dr.r.rtTM!.T, Oct. 15, IS tr. Vueii touched with ainiotlier piece ot paper, on lire, Fir In reply toyour letter ol the 12th instant, I hive, the cotton instantaneously exploded, produced nsmnll , the honor to infor.n ou that il is not contemplated to t olumiiofsmokeand lcavim; sliuht stains with very make any further rail on the Executive of voir Slate Hnnll particles on the paper. The best gunpowder hr any oluntcer nr militia force, with a view to the ! ,v!15 tin, exploded It produced more smoke and left I existmi' war witii Mexico. A sulhcicnt amount of, larger stains thus show 1,12 that the combustion was force for the prosecuimn ol that war has, it is believed, more complete in the foriu.T than in the latter case. A small quantity ol cotton was men uirownouT some irraiiisul irunpowder, but both exploded together. In v erv resnect'v. vour ob't serv't. V.M. L. MAUOY, Secretary of War. Tho Polk mid IIbIIhs Tnrill" In Poiins,,. in ii in. Mr. Sevier, and the Washhtnn L'nion were both decidedly of Ihn opinion that the excite ment in Pennsylvania on the repeal of the Amer ican T.irill'of 1812, was but a temporary "Hare up," and that it would subside without inflicting any damage upon Iicofocoishi. Mr. S?eier even went to far as to say that Pennsylvania would give a strong "Democratic" majority slio were to go into auclection '-tomorrow ! " Well an election took place a long while after "tomorrow, and tho bigs carried the Slate by about 10,000 majority, and tho locofoco repre sentation in Congress was reduced from Heche to six members ! "C linn lioliU'eii Ihe-sp ntlrn locofoco "dernorratsj There are two or three ii'ilicaMp thin... foreiioini short naracranh. In the fir., i. . ' is manifest tint the Administration is l.nn"' f"r 11 aPP;lr0"1 1,1:11 ,U' rcmeniU-r their old heart and hope its confidence in the "demucra.l"10"00'' lmC" f 'l,"'i,' ''"y :" ' Ins received a suvero shock ; and italm,. .'V 1 " , T, , . ,,, , ... v,r 11 ciiiiiuu lll'-ll rii . the likelihood that tho I louse of Ri'iirest'iitatiy,., will have to c.oct tlieneM rre.-ident! The "in. Tlw eTuwine iiuuulnritr olt!u: iicwTeriir. vineiblw and harinonimis deninenifv" n-r. ..... I .. i 3 Uy ojr ni..i ....... ..... iniciiiu nas taken them to be. A great many of them, hu way ur Mrnrelous nnd'r friends of tho Kctitinr. os.0 no opportiininy to tell us how f.nds. We their Counlru a little better than il.nv . ' 1! new l'olk I anil is working its 1 u. slavery Wars. onorus Sub-Treasuries, and arbitrary Vetoes. And o this modern I lam in "ees "Mordecai sit ting at the King's gate," and he is troubled. Wo beg him to be calm. 1 he House of Representa tives will not bo called on to elect a President, j The People will attend to that particular item nj business themselres. In the second place, the l'nion admits that at the vry first Congressional 'Wirtion since th triumph of " Yotnig Hickory, Polk, Dilla, and Victiry!" (ah! my excellent northern locofo co friend, does not that war-cry noie sound amaz ingly like gammon !) "them is a possibility" that tlie Whigs will overthrow their splendid lo cofoco majority of nearly 80, and cirry the Hou-e of Representatives ! As a humane man we trust that when that tooth was pulled Father Ritchie was mesmerized I Again j in the confusion which "reigns at War.-aw " just at this juncture, the Union's ran soning goes otfas u micll-ineimsly " as I'au! T""'.or! Wo furnish them with an in fcunn., " "eu ...., ,.c do the whole concern of PM; Dallas, ,t. (;..! ' ' and are getting restive under Presidential pro-LIir; ul"J'i this mint which they ran British Free Trade, empty and Uy that tl, ''.V. 11 it were necessu- tini l's 1 an'I coiiclisiiins in tin; nen-th-t 'I ,t,'1!.'C''1""','U'inatiysortor agr.-i.-tiiL-nt, Itnt ii..., i : ,. "si,,-, d,.siH-r.ite iiuidilion, ...... ...... self vor-v I, nl.. .. - lllltlia 1,1."." ...n- . ? . ' ""'"'ii-nt rnnei-rn troilhh-s it. I .cry lilllu nU ' . . ., .. ters. WefindiUf,,,, ' ''"-onsiderabht m il- Journal: u, ' the Albany There i,niownJ1,,v . nainea Cur.l,m, i,l!;j;.,"iid,ilii,l county, Pa , ; v?' yiTrr'1 " " This )ear b.-rvoie w1: i-oco. ju.mj! Tluai uie mill It would lie reasonable to suppose that a high government functionary would know tho pur poses of tht Executive for thirty days at least. Hut in these piping Polk-timcs this docs'nt fol low. The fc'ecrclary of War first gravely says " we want no additional force," and then come a " haste, post-hasto" requisition from the Executive for 7,000 additional troops! President Polk iipare to be uuilnpcuchublc in one Im portant respect, at any rate bis right hand does not seem to know wba his lclt hand doclb ! Mnrcy innhea a fool of himself with tho most perfect gravity nd apparent self-possession ! And, " take us by-and-Iarge," wo arc a great people. Serious illness of John tjuincy Adnms. Our readers will be pained to learn that thi venerable and distinguished State-man and Put in riot, was, on Thursday of last week, while walking from tho residence of his son in Uoston, sczicd with a paralysis of tho right side which for a time rendered him insensible! The Uos ton Daily Adiertinr says " He was conveyed back to his son's house, nnd re ceived immediate medical aid. Alter a short time his tins r-'sjM'ctas well as the stains upon tlie pip-, the test billed. On applying to the tongue thes.. particles, which were It-it upon p-ip.-rby the coinbutiou of cot ton nlone, it presented the nlknhne taste .huwiurr that the lluid in which the cotton had been iiiiiiiersi'd The createst irood thnl Sonlb 1'nrnlin-i is liL-n lo el. f". -t either lor herself or the country at Uresis by the con-trnclion of Ilail Itonds. Theiu was, recently, a Kail-ltoad Comeniiouin n I)..-tncl helo- here, having lor its object the construction of a Kail-Road between ltaleub,.N. t., and Cnuidu,iu this State. On tie- Itli oj iieM innutli.a siniiiar (.outenimn is to be held nt I'ayetteville, N. C, which will ), numerously attend ed by cin"iis of hoth States. 'I'hnt the sci,.ne will suececil, no one now djuhts, w ho is nt all aware ol the interest t -It by liieeiiiiens.iind ol their abilities to com plctc suili a woik. 1 haie at lensjih met with full retunis from the elec. tious in Maryland, which took place on theTih in-t:int, nnd the results are just us 1 would have them. In Ihl timoreand ll.tllim'jre i-ouuty, wbeie I.ocofocoism have u-u illy iriillnnhed, the Whim have succeeded bevond th.-ir most sail jiune expectations. Last year, parties stool, in the I,-rl,itiiif,3i Wluas to 13 Locolocos. This j ear. they stand fiii Vliis to IIT I. icofocos. So iniicli lor the Democratic Tanli'ol HHi' rioin the lieoriiia eleclions, I nin unable to net any thins hkecoiunlete returns, though I am i1m-m theni. These South Corohu.i 1,-icoloeo pipers, do not pnbb-h the n tuins, which, howen-r, inclines me to belie, e tint niey air not t.iwuaole to tli-ir parly. As l.irasheard wasnot completely preparcu anornen oi me potasu troin, the returns are cheerins; lo the Whi-s Such fmin theniirelnd been deposited m the vessel, and in Whigs lis havebecnelectedtoCongtess.hayesucceed. dipping the coiton into it it hatl uubibed some of ilie ed with increased majorities. alkali, orsoui" of the nitre itself. I siient the past Sablinih here. nnd I willdoibe nine,- Upon Col. Talcotl's putting some of the cotton into agun, witii acap on, an explosion took place Willi comparatively little noise. Un loading the gun a sec ond lime, wiihahout ten grains ol the cotton, a wad of linoer upon i' '-l liall e-l nnotl.r ..-. I iiihiii tlirni, in- gun was fired with b su.arl nois?. It was discharged Irom the upper w iiiiiow of the War Olliee, and niiiiednt the Navy Olliee, nlsiut forty yards dis tant. The ball was loiind about eight yardslrom the basement of the Navy Olliee. Irom which it had re coiled alter making a sunn inuematiou mtne stone wall; and so great was tiie torce witii winch it had gone nnd reuojiiaeu, lliaiwiien it was picked un it was touiul cousiiieinuiy iriiieueu anu sinusiicil. It is evident, liowever. ihat the totton was not prepared in ilie best iiianuer. Mr Robertson is about to have a certain quantity of the raw- material (say twenty-live pounds) manufactured in the tno-t scien- titu manner, and lurther experiments are to be made at the arsenal witii the delicate machinery which tests die force ofgunpow der We shall take care that these experiments shall be duly reported. ........ I ..! I... nauiiliu'illielltK- lunch What then? Ah! says the Union, the Tariff! relieved nnd able to converse, and, we nre happy to le.irn, was not considered in iiuineuiaie danger. The Adicrliscr of Saturday says : or lb 11, had no effect in producing this result. It was Whig bluster and panic, and tho "in element veather" ! So do not think the locofo cos in Pennsylvania. Witness tho following from tlie'-IIurrishiirgl! Argus," a leading 'dcni ocratic" organ: " If th support ,,f theTarifToplfi j, tn y,m m rallying cry, il will be rs,- ibnu idle to eii"aee in , rolllest ; and wefhould save inuih trouble and i . i"" .by M-ri,iitting the Whigs to walk uninol,-led over the eourv. .Vitl-r rain nor suii-hinc could save us Ironi another ih-leat ,f 111'. i i. hliuw 11 or ninny or our , Z' NS V"-' fil"'. V""o'T;"'" 'be "4-"l..nt ..Hi.- ! 'bisi ,;"' I', J. "1 lie is w " llim-l.ii We cut the following from tho ,. O. Tropic, oftlie fit h i list. If .Mr. I.tidlow does not deceive himself, (he has not deceived any Uidy tl-eje) our rinincnt inathematical cili.en, Hon. Mr. Vut-'Mi, will Irue to look to his nascent laurels. Wo look for .Mr. Ludlow's 'Pamphlet or De monstration" wilii nolitlln lull-rest. "i't-rhspsit tuny turn out a song, IVthnps tutu out a M-ruioii," Qi-AinTi-iiK ..f i ill limn -nn. nr.AMi rnoiiiiM SOI.MI. 1 ' It Will be S. I-11 llolll ihe Hull- below', that ll I1.-W I Hllihil'lte for ilie honor ol h IV lllg soiled Ihe ).rnt pioblem hasr.pp--nted t.Vu Ludlow, who is well known to ninny ol our riti.-iis,... rupied nut. I it.rutl)' We are haonv Instate that the svmntoins which existed at the lime of the attack of .Mr. Adnms, have materially improved since our yesterday's notice. W e liaie nsceiiaiued fioiu his ph)sician, Dr. lligelow, that lie has in n gnat degree recoirred the pun i-r of articu lation, nnd tlie use it tlie limbs of the nllei led side. lie nine Irom pniu, has the full use of his faculties, nnd though feiblc, is able to sit up for short periods." Wo fear tho long and honorable career of this illustrious Citizen is approaching its termination. fourth District. In all Scattering IHI " BriinmiU,r vmt, 'he H'nAmgfori ('uion knocks in tho head the The Washington Ciiiou of il, .. . ' . tliUH . I I . tlllllsft .. I anxiouiy ioomh;- lor a mh.ihv u-r ,-arf t tl; the existing War : . Call ofTrnop, Nmet'ur tvtrrn td ihr Mi;n, wrll Vfid in iihutrn-c iMiiilic timim the n-t the n.oiitlit l.M liiitMH-i.t hm leitiit Unit' m the dnnofiotifitioni l.y w tilth In- li.ii HP'MtniiiMn-il, tn tttt Mtw.K linn i, u imn iniiid, wli'it Inii hfir UiUitv Urn innknl nn on of Ih uniH,tibihttet uf (UiHit Wt ir n nd hi many iIim ov erics ul lln Mluthm nl I hi' 11111 irohlciii, nil ui v hult have tunii-d iut in hi int diM ui iii-ft nt ul) tint are M'rhiit'iil nl new aniiniiiict mnita i mid itlCrll l.ililluw'ii n-i'it mnlidflH'c in Uln riifrntn. ,tf I ti(iimi'iiii'i ih In 1m' Nit(U-id llmii H-ihfiH vc IIUUI Itr nnuri hum 1 tn uiiiniiiiii t r iniur) j )i thut a iiiMiintituiix'ii iiiiiinrniiiiii'i.tii m Mir 1 ny Jui . . . .--...... mio 1 , . -- ,nil lUi.l l.r nuk lullli III Hie it Squally times among the Ixicofoco.s! but 13 towns the vote stands : Chandler, Peek. 3.KJ7 IWifi Chandler's plurality -11 ! Chandler's gain over Peck, filti. ()s the tiiiuu timal, cf.n- ii.i:.Mr., a Pi.L'rjlity Ei.ects. Will the Sen'inel Democrat do us the favor to "stir up tho animals ?" .Miiinc, Tho last trial for Representatives in Maine leaves matters as follows : ltcos, r.5. No choice, 1 1 Not heard Whigs, fi'J. from U. Tho prosjK-cts of Iicofocnism aro getting as bliin in Charles .. Ingermlt, or James Jlucha nun's, or Hurl Williams', feileialisin andthat't us " blue us an indigo bu !' case ol ihe person l P. Vnu 1 . 'ilKTI mw ss..t..,l,.l . ... ill hn nunouilced Krw (liUniit, Nov fi. Iilf. You Hillpl..iseiiiiiioiiiiieibiii I ihe l.nited Stales anw additional rer-unJlo ol teem in serve during the war wui, m1,7 4,'i"u- Pn'l r.;.lill ft .. "tlm dmnner-,U nnnAl !l J.. " " M' "ut flon, . T1 "Teile, HI oll lllll the lilol.lelll ol the I )i lilrillllie r " ' .......ij .-u..-, -.iik,, u,..i ,n l. , in .1- ..r ..T'lr.j ...... ... I.. Ijul .. k.i.i. .d....n (l.n ......Ii.. ,t'Wii vkbi.ii will iuioiiipuiiy I he I'miiplilei i, w admit, hope to hold, in tho elections yet tn corneal! tlie districts now held by them Ac." Well : the WIiil". luvo alr'aily gained somo 50 or 60 of tho Districts mic represented bv locofo eos, and yet 'lie In 'in, avow ng iU despair f hnhiing its oirn, in 'ho elections 'yet to come." nn. u.iiiorr;u-v ui -rnmn inr, I Ilie re-nineol nf mfantrv Frn.n M i 'f Nt ( n rf-rimnt of nfintrvfrom Pi-nnylTiima . On reunntof nmnrrvfrom V.rj.imT ' inn , til- arohnii - One -tji (hi U i i nnf-y t-n a N Jn r"guii"it itanitry t-i-u ScurS (. ar ma ' i tin-rpcmicit iiant y i" ;ia Lruisiaua 1 firii- raiment i iwnf y imn n nau. t atlj (in tnnni if niountfd mu t - m V xa I hi iifuytrtant Tnovint-nt ia shew tae fedf! u.-htlur Hr it nnv fciitnnjr ttn r... . r.. Kml,."-iin, raniiM n I urn ml uined Uy (he l)n Uiuhii, uuii.lrlt d Uli'io lln Uti i.f (hu hirli V lev'rtfutty umrt'h'l tyflllllll, m.,il' Ni-w thl-una it.. I'l' fi.ll. 1 I " l!'n(li. . 9 111 unlet dn The Yv Ni-m Casf- Thi rlmiiiinif l U tlu widow nf the late ,Mr John rsrbH, oi iiMiiimiMn, nif nin-i in Mutr. v,n coins. niriui'd nl WiiMunj'loii on Wnln.'sdny, lielorc lUv (irrnii Coin t HUe i I'ncntlly known in .M.irv A line I ontmr. I Ik riiiM wui i.h.-n-'l hy- tin junior coinwd on t-iuli Mdi, mill iihkIi of ihi- cvidfiirc m thclorin ot nt hdiiwtti was n ltd Ihu ruiin-wl twnn Ut Imve iluli d lit ' roiihi.lfriiMi dcgri-i ol juhiitc nltatK and rri-riuiiiiitlion, in tlw in-inn j priMTr.lnn;', 'J'ho Court iidjoimii'd in ih iiHxtduy fur (lie nmUiiuatiuti ofthf Tht1 (rtul of lh Vim NVm rse wni conn'nued tn iliy , and, un the fVldfiu'O lud In rntd luthrr unt'x. hrcli.liluitiiclf r. inlt iim' luiit bt wutrxi ilrd bv it It wa lord tndity,U'ioni (lie shadow ol n dotihl, thut iim k-ltt'l utllllmU'd hi (iflirllll Juhii T Villi Sthh i!Lnuiiiu. and not limiif, iu i-nntfiided on tht other tida Tlu u uriniliu'iifbi w.m hiovrd hy itirii id Ihu hiuh'H (-iiiisi.lcruittm in iIiim myhy W'uln-r Jt.ii.-fc.l.y Win lliiol, Cluk of Ihe Cliruit t-tunl.nnd Mr AU'Numff itMibiiihi Uik In ihut ollur lliein undtiuhlrd iidt-iu-tt(lut (tt'itciul n JSr)(in )u mr n ?("'iide me wiih .Mi Mary Ann i'oiiiinr. ui-kiiiiw ii il.f -il liL-r aM liH wilt' uluI (litil litih-olii ilnldhi lit-r un I not only iiikiKiwU-tlfdltU iMiuiinuJ'iildrhaliiitl mil Hull ilu1 win! maiii'iuo ulUgtd mliau htki ii Uf m riuUihli'liw, lu ml- Aiil -'IN, rauiioiui Ml V l.tlii 'll in M i .i I'iuii 1 ii i-.lilur u. Im link (ntrd 1iK mtu, ami nnl it.i-c mukr (' I kl tll llMk Itfcl I'Hi'l'V Iionor, mill the citizpn-. therrt-dit, Insny, that I have run wuiu-sscu more nnkr mut qiK't, 'excopt at .ls'c n7c,Mlurni any .ahliaih I lum-n.d from hnm Hinc the iiiht id lnt niuntli- I nccount tor it, how fver. fruni tA o ii...l..,. v H'Ats Chatlti-ton nnd Columbia : ne.l. there nr. es ol rnhiic vorhin here in full 'JV .Mt tlio hts rrL's!iU'rnn-, KpiHcopnlmn?, and Sccrdcrs, 'I'hU lat tMined Chiin-h it CnUmMic out and out "dird i the wool." IneyMntrDmds lVulmspIouMi with double line, nnd greas' their bnuw wah tallow At 11 o'clock, mi SiKbrnli. I d.vnr.1 n r,!,,;., t.... t sibif sermon, m tin .Mrthodifet Cpi.cnpal Church, from a Mr. , Norton, n Protestant .Mi-ihoilis-i, why Uwjih mita Conmeyation here, hut i invited to prcaih thro' the country. At 'J n'cloek in tiientt.'rnoon, 1 gie the "natives" u round, mid they did me the honor to mm oui mamunv. upon tlie w imi.-, and niimm; Imndi. Kepi wie oauuatnas it ou'ht to have been kept. W. G. U The General Committee of Whi Voting Afen of the city and County of New York have Nsned i short congratulatory Address on tho re.-ult of the recent election in the State of Xcw York, winch concludes a folhnvi: In the recent campaign we have stood firmlv on the great iucs of National and State Policy. Ve have viiHlitateii tne 1'rotection ol American Indu-try! mid n Sound mid uniform CurriMiei. ndnnli-tl nlilfi tilths wants ofthe (ioerninelit and the iutere-.ts ol the I'eo pie. Vehae advocated a lilieral nnd lenehVit'nt gy. uin or internal improu'incui't, ami a Jut, wiseand Cconomiral Administration ofthe Co eminent. ehae earnestly dtprecated the ill-limed rforttr Kiee-Trnde SoeculatioiH, nnd crude Financial Cneri- menu, the accumulation of n a-i National debt, lite Uwlt"sbpiril ot Coiume-t, and the darin-' nvstiinption Our Hciireu'ulutiir, lr. Mausii lelt home for Wahin"ton some ten or twelve day ago, and, hy the ordinary ar rangoinciiN of tMcI, hotild have Leon iu tint I'olk-riddcn city ere now. Hut we perceive he lias been way.laid and probably robbed do 'LvH yearly ftibcnption ; and added to this, he i-' .N i reward which n good man feels who leaves jX'n Pr,n f ikips ot lui country ln-tory, the ev idence that he Im nut Uv.l it i..r i.....c.lf What rellcctiufi and intplhtjent mind will doubt tho importance oi such an institution ! Inottier land"ii iinreccivr th- fo5terin5 care oftlic nubility, who hop?, hy the liht ol the artist's lame, to be warmed into a !ir.:..tnOs-j, known, but oftennot appreciated by them LmUaul IVmces are the patrons not only of th Art, but the Artist: an I thu many, who imtnred for, would have remained ;or nrlit-sin the widest sense, have b"en called forth, mid Ime civ en to thir country, as well ai thinivesn name, which shall t- remem bercil'till tune shall be no more " While, in our own land," where breatheMio ca-tkd lord,' ilie painter and the sculptor find no power to -utain or encourage but the energi'1 of an American heart ; and it is here, that tlie Art Cuion mei'la our Arti-t, Kittling aint tlie p Uied intlifnce nf seeming neglect, and nrotlers her aid, with a partial aH-urance,at hast, tliat iicfchall not fail. rrepnvn,oi all others should love their country Shall wt- refuse our aid to place our m that pWtiori winch &he can. and muNt.and will eventually occui-v aiiKng, or, might we not say, abue th toother nations ot the earth but which can necr be, if the art are pf'rmitted tn pen-h under the withering intloencr of n'glect. To lie great, we imv-tbe pod,andit wecul tiale a love for tlu- beautilul things ol art, we wiil&oon lose the iH-autiful things r-f nature ; while with thct love will n-e a hilH-rand holier Une for linn whohns tilled our world with the frj'ilune and lautdJl ; and we forget M.,lti-hne-sa, the heart aves iti narrow home, to wamlernut into that world to gntrrr, as w 11 as hcd abroad, tlioe wcets. which new thoughts and hop!.s of brighter destined bung. Nor is this all: the touch oftlie painter's pencil form the brightest link in lint chain which binds the past tho nrc.cnt.nnd both to the future llworv wuv much.U't its ag-ney is f. bly compared tn Uie -pnk-iug cauva-. 1'he otinu American reads, and los to rend, the iXrclaratiou cf Independence; and he dwells with an intensity of feel inn upon the de c vion ofthe trying scenes of the revolution he g!on-s in th tierce alchemy which re(itud and tried uV patnon whosj names are appended to our national charts Yet. if ou would nnkt an impre-ion on his h-tt that would neer leine it, make mm teel how nm 'h they had done and how th'y had done it make hun weep for joy over their greatness nnd comfiics take him to Trumbull's Hall of Independence, and bid him it with th' "signers, and Imid comer.c with ihem as the) ppcak from that painting. Iluiitinstun 3Icsrn- I'lie nhoc leaves ns little to pay in recommending thn nluuhle institution to our citizens for their favor an 1 iipport Tne rou:n3 in addition to the finen coiu-ctmn of pic ture ever brnuynt tog-'tuertor iii-trrhunon.wii) couuni tor a fewdajslonuer the m imhcent picturfnb) lxui and Hrowni and are open Irom eight in the morning till ten m the t'U'iuiig. (Jo, i-ee the pictures, and Le com u metnber Additional Hct of pictures for distribution on the Imii D-cemuer next ' 3S Vlni(r'iiin.'?. 3'J IJInehiii.near Boston, l Kiver Sooiir, on tuc iMuwuie, tl Cnhappy news, t'i Pic Nie, 13 I Kid (;nine, 11 Shad li-hiniron the Hud-nn, C The "Mnrovian Uoeks" Va., Ifi lhy Scene, IT .MontjHier, Vt., IS .My "big brother, 1'J Trench Hroad Uivcr, N C, 5ll "My firt venture. nrr' 51 Ww on the Cat-kitl. iW Salt Mnh, nearCarw May, N. J. 53 CoUUpring, on the Ilud.-on, 51 Ticond-roa, 5 Nenr Mndio Village, N. V. 5" I.anJ.-seape, 5S Cnat Scene (water color) 5rJ Innd-rnne, fill Coat Scene. of a 8jx?ccli in the pure SwcdNh vefnacular! We cut the following from tho Xavark (X.J.) Hon. Ceorge I . Marsh, of Vermont, on his arrival m .u'wkhk ononis way in namigton, was united bv the Swedi-h Con-ul to mtpt the oIUcpm ,ft Ii .i... di-h man-ot-war, lingm the harbor. 'IV New Voik lprti as that the inteniew was particularly in- tertMing mall the parties. The olliee rs hadh'ardof iTpilll "1 VUIHMHl, IIIUI IUC Oil null nvsHMlIMlOll l i . .- ul Arbitnuy l'uwer. An-1 turniiig.lroin ilie tliariicl-r I .'.W' " 11 ,l"".rVrllll'r", U"raa ntiiiiHiiicy oi uie prr-sciu Aiiiiiinisirnium, we unit plnccil in bol.l rclicl llip piinciplt-s nnil e.valle.1 qii'iliti-t-iitiuns of Mrr.Y Cuv. Arounil hini our tomlcsl Ih.h8 liawt-lusicrt-tljiiiil we haie KUlieri-il coiituli-nce ami sireii"tli under ilie shmlow ul Ins crt-ai name. Iu conclusion, we wouKlc.liorlllie Dt-inocriiliu Wliic Youui; .Men ol New-York lo unceasing vigilance ituj e.erlion. e earneily recommend lliorouili orcitn- uniiiui niiilt-nrl'nretar:iiioii in view ofthe approach int! t'rcsidentinl Lanip.-iii;u. Iu the sjiiru of kiMclnt'.-i and coiiciliaiioii.U-t us labor to disseini-i'ite kuowtcdire and truth, and place the rolicyoloiirCo-intry upon the linn and beiHieetu basis of W'hii; I'riuciplt-s. T1I..UU0KB i:. Tll.MI.l.NSO.N, Churman, N.4TII Fr.rnrnicK I r.z, I A. V. I.I.UJITT, i l.OBT (! ClMrilELL. ( , f.,j . . UBAtirORU, J ... ... feecrctaru-3. .11 r. Clay. Wo find tho following in tlio Louisi ilie (Ay.) Journal. llenrv Clan. The editor of the Democrat ihinksit a eelileii matter that Dr. Clav will ro back to the s;....n... ..... I r untie., ci.tu-a ,3ciiuii. in" un inn ii-i.u.-r ll n sei- tied matter at nil. We know nothing ol the (eelinc of .Mr. Clay or the viewa uf hinnoni p.oinineiit Inviids upon tint subject. I'or our own part, if the liocufocos aie to have ail uu-iuestioiiable majority in the next Senate, we hae no wiih to see .Mr, Clay in that body ; but, if the Whifrsare lohave a majority in lsjih houses of Coii,rcrrfaii.l thus lubecome in home decree resjiotiMble fur the measures ofthe (!oermuent?we co.ili-ss that we could wish them to be aided iu their important d'hberations be the long rxpeiienee, the utu-rriii! jud'iiu-m, the vast wisdom, and the match. Ii-hsintell. ctol the gnat Kentuikian. The l.oroKs-i'S need not trouble theinelies about our candidate lor the Presidency. We are ery cer tniii .Mr. Chy will not be n candidate unless lha country shall call on him by acclamation. Hut we canassiire the Lueofocos that, when the proper tune shall nrme, the Winy candidate will be leady and rough too K-rhaps, Aldumen A Cure for Dysentarij. Tjic fiillnwin i tr.iiislatioii of ti rocljio for Ilu euro odlii cm 11 phi i i it , which ua iuli!isinl h t lie pliysiciuiis of Sjiain in tlio Gazctto of .Mini rid during IHIU. "Prepare a ilr.uiglit of Albumen, liytakinp tlio whilos of forty ogK8 " more, a ml nftor uliiji. iini tlipm well, swi-eten tlio sanio, ifncressiiry, Willi a small portion of double rolini-tl siii-ur. U't tlio i.itient drink large ipiantities of this re- pi-uti-illy, iiisomiirn us to nil ins stnuiucli, ud iiiiiiisti'rin I'lystern of tlio saiuo us often HK inssililn. Tin- ... t it-nt must niiiiiiiiiiii ii total iilnliiii'iii'o I'liiiu of nnv kind. In ii fi.w lioiirs uller llio i:iln will uli.itr, and in '.'I hours tlio diso.iso will ilisiiiiiH-iir; if it do nut. uill U. urn In ilisii.iiHiir in H linurs, iroidid ihn ji.i llonl ii' ul Ilie ilra ii lit us usual, "Tlio uddillnii of n I'mv drops of Orange! Ilower ii-iicr is highly I . n.illi'iiil. ges, and they him the warm welcome ol brothers .No rest for tho wicked. Tha Sorth Star, in its headlonjj wrath at tlio rev-suit of tlu recent election in Xew Vork,Iias skewered tlie name of Silas Wright to the lie.ul ol its colunms, as its candidate for President in 18 IS. Poor Silas! lie has fun poked at him even in his imthe state ! Ditrnonlin.'iry Isnoniiicc. Hill's yew ll impsliire Patriot, enquires "Who are the real Dough faces .'" We beg to refer our anxious enquirer to Ath erlon of N. II. tlio author of the "gai; rule." Just feel o(his f.iee, and then ask him what party sustains him ! T II Mitt-son (I llr-rvev C. It lirmlici 1 .1 T Peele W. P. Wiiv ar U t.iirn. W l!..nn y I!nssfii nn W M OJo II Ilau-ll J. II IVarJ Miss L rare A tv -iT'i ir n M MK. ikey J. Hamiiinn K O no J. II St. ar s T A I iii hards J T P- l I). M. .Mct'onkev J (. S I!. .AI .Mct'onkr-y IV ,t UJillt A Woodside ri:.. i.-.. x- i o .... e; M......rin.. .: .n"v ::!! - .v ."-n ,...,,,,,, I I.I.UII-, iioin me ai uacste, K l.ianom f. I tin the Hudson near Croton, H IIaell C5 Indian Hunters a view on the Susque. hanna in the olden lime, Joshua Phaw M I.andsenpe westen. sxt-ne, J II Heard ; run Puce, Louis Urubbe tw 1. a ndscnie morning, from Iiattie's PiK'Ill, j y Cropsey C3 View-fiom the"Pallisadcs," lookin" dimn the Hudson, U. V" C Ilontell -V.'- D. W C Uiutell .1 1 Itahtinto hgypt, (; , nrown Ihe nuuib.-r lor distribution will be increased t.-oni time to time as pictures of merit oficr f.l Manoah's Sacrifice, iV" View- on the Licking Congress. Congress will assemble on tlio 7th December. The Xational Intelligence says : The (imilHixj or Coxukess Already, tlure weeks in adi. nice ol ihe session of Congress, u num. Urol in members may lie counted upon the council ground. Among thoe who aie present we have heard ot the following : Senatois Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana, .Mr. Denton, of ,lis!.iinii, Mr. Higby, of Alabama, .Mr. DiJ, ol'.S' Yoik, .Mr Westell, ol I'londu. Iii-pr-s-iuilies Mr. SjK-aker l)iis,of Indiana,. Mr. Miller, of .Sew York, .Mr Kobeiis.of Alissiwippi. Corrcciu n. In thu report of .Mr. WEnsini's speech nt raneuil Hall, which wo copied from the Ibston Atl.i, there wero several errors, one of which heing nuterial and having attracted some attention from the press, is thus corrected hy tho Adierliser : One pissjige, w liieh was otlterw ise repotted, should have lend us lollows " It is not the habit ofihe American people, nor na. Iiiral to their character, to consider Ihe exiiense ofn war wliuli i hey deem just mid necessary ; but it is Iheir h ibil, mill U longs to their character, to inquire into the iiisiice and necessity of a war in which it is pioHiscd to iiniiKe ihem. " lua war like this, commenced by the authority of a I lesideiu nlone, while we kink earnestly nl its origin, ' ')' properly rcg ird, also, us proliable eK-nse." This is certainly a very different sentiuient from that which tho rurrent sketch iinpnteil to hitn. ,Y. T ( 'our. ( ,'iirj. Ov Boir.D THE ril-RI.lM,T1.V, ) T.ound to Whitehall, Nov 'JU.MB Mr r.ditoi on will gratify some of your readers In-giving an evtract Irom the report of the Priendly Union ol .Montreal, found at the top ofthe second pago m the 1 rnnsct ipt enclosed 1 woulJ wi-ii that my friends in rturlington may know that 1 am yet nine and striving to do go-id to tViiineiiTiiiJ desiuuie Immigra-its. It wasrepottcd last icarwhile I wasinlJiigiaiid.ihat I was dead, but, 1 hop.-, through Cod's goodness, 1 ina et hie to bem In my tellowmen. I acted as a inis-iotinry m Vermont 3s lears ago ; since thai nine I haie croi-d Ihe Atlantic 10 times, andsiimild my hie mil health Is? spared I line thoughts ol crossing once more, to obtain the mean, oi erecting a place ot worship lor Seamen in the pott cl Montreal I rciueinVr with gratitude the manv Inends ii whom 1 am indebted lor hospitality m Vermont nt the early perio 1 that 1 visiu-d the state while I was acting us n iui-vk.iu.y. I hope to visit Vermont on my return from Plula. slelplua, where I mi now going. I am, Deal Sir. Vuuis Truly. T OSfiOOD. To the Hditorof the Iec Piess We insert with great pleasure the entire ar count of tho met ting, in Montreal, of "Tho IVicndly lTnion for promoting Useful Knowl edge among Seamen mid Immigrants " It will bo found in extensa on our fourth page and em braces tho ltoport allitde.1 to in the foregoing note ironuno iiev. .tir tJsGoon. Wo doubt twt the perusal of it will " gralily " tnanv of onr readers who remember tl.e eneralilo "Mission ary, wli-iso generous zeal for the highest uelfaro of tho ignorant and the destitute thus leads him to" tho uttermost parts cf tho earth." D.'utli of Commodore XidioUon. . In Washington city, on Monday hisloda. mgs m t uit city, at 8 o'clock A M Com, X j leii) of K'li'ge StiU" N"")"' ln ,he 3'1 Vil'S'T 's-holson w n a native of Richmond. Wi? ,,lif.i, eT' "JV n"v' ?"n ""'I'l'iPinan ui l0a onboanl the bug Hornet, then under the com. mandot the late Commodore Chamicey Ile slinred. Ill COinmoil Wit 1 1 he senmr (T-. r .1 '. .. , . ' 111 m. ill i "'V1 '"f1 10 rtt'cpate in us renown, to wlncli he contributed in no small degree. At the l i'iT"' ,M""l frigate, the late Commo. dore sertednslouitl. lieutenant ofthe Inited i1at.. mid w is the ir-t lieutenant ofthe Peacock, nnd n Iter her bril inn lig.l, with the 1W ier. ,he cr mtn.iiuer o the i rie ship, which he biought My imil .K, Altera hie ol gteat fi-eluln. .s, nnd a Z"iZll "M1 T''.prU",e.wor,h wn- fr'nioii. and acknowledged, he gws don lo the gmve 'follow ed l,y the iinafi.-eted h.rrow ..f his brollur olliccis nnd mounid by iiumenms friends, whom fifty Aenrsef .miahle whl lly. ,,! imweati-l kitnlii. . ' round htm - Vif Intel "

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