Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 11, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 11, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDiff MORNING, .DECEMBER 1J, 1846. FREE PRESS, HUItMJfTOX, VI. IT.IUAYIon.N'l.VO, 11IXU MIlBU 11 1B1C. " I.N THE DAUKAMI TKUVllI.t--!) Mall 1' THAT IS tiros tii, hibbe h mi Si aii Aiiuvr. the iitmr.oN- TOGlVS ISA ULEAM W U'lHT, EXL'l.l'TIVU HIE hiti.moext. rATmoTP Witm r.uiTV en1 the United Stails."1 Dinbl WVjsIt. Itiillronds. Titc Cevthai.. wTmiJerstand, contrary to the Intimation in our lat paper, llmt it It now 'ho intention of tho CoiilMclor to jm-li forward tlm work at this end of tlio lino, without delay. Mr. Palmer, tho Afj;ent of Mr. IlKLKNAr, U al ready on the ground with a pang uf hands, malmi" preparation for the Steam I'atavator, which ho Informs u will bo placed in tho em bankment iio:th nf our village, as roin as the itcccs-ury arrangements for its reception can bo completed. Tun Cimin.AiN and Connecticut delphia for Mr. Weiis-thii, wn great ILll ol the Museum in that t'ily on nesdav of lat week. The A, V. Trit The Mnlls again. Wo have received a Icttor from tho l'nt Master, with tho roquet that it may bo " pub lished in this week's 1'rca Press.'' We are a good deal crowded, hut hero is tiio letter : llditorof the Vire Vi f ?i . Sin tu ihe linndirr of ilia IVc Press, yon pub lish the complaints of sundry "t your milwcnlwis, llmt they do not receive your paper in season by due course uf mail. 'i'o satisfy lb. 111 that the fiult is not your" you say, " tin- I'rce Press is nstciriiluilvtilnci-d ill ilieolbco here.. ns tin' day nt puhiicstiu'i ni rives," If by ihe"doy ol publication." yiiii menu the dale of the paper, which is always on Fndtiy, ynr statement will V right. inn ti.iperans wen ns nu oilier itinii mimci, ini they are unipicstionable bound to do! Is thorn1 no "fault of tlio Post Oilices nor of the mails" here I Hut wo liavo no room for further comment. We will only add that new? papers all over the Country, and of all purlieu, are filled with com plaints of Iho management of "tho Post Officios and the Mails." Wo do not prctcnt to say, for wo do not believe, that our Post Olllcc is worse managed than others ; hut wo would adtiso no body to undertake to show that it is managed tocr. We will take tlio censuro that belongs .tons, but wo odvcitUc till concerned that wo company will bo held at Middlebury on tlio .Mr. Noble "cannot persuade himself tint wo The n rent IVslhitl ill I'iilla Jolpbln in hon or of Ouiiicl Webster. Speech uritfr. V cb iter. This splendid testimonial of tlio admiration, respect and confidence of tlio Whigs of l'hiht- gi.en in the Wed 'ribun: (whose editor was among the pupst) ays :- "The 11101 spacious saloon in Pailadelphia ' f 1 r... 1 !....,., nn I mi'iitni'i v h e. Willi lab i" anJeent-: yet Pel m-tne u.iy nrnvi-1 e.-i " , ML 1 lolly have established th j"t tint the cnrtii is . mini 1 urmiay login, vviicn 1 e paper wraii 1 ) tlpy are lell ill tliu O.iicc. Ulir papers for III I'll i ., ... 1 1. I ... .1 l. ... I.-..1 .., ........ I ni. ?1 .1 i... f ..I. An. I 11a lti.111 Mil II' III' 1 11 Ul LIU this nlln'i' nil I iiilml. enliiint trn he llinil until .Sftflr- . .... !..... ...... , , ,, , , r , . . 'i if 1 . r II ... it.r 1 flliiil s u null i. LU III, luuic. TliO .!inil.ll .Meeting Ol IllO SlOCIillOlllOrS 111 IIIO uuymui mi -imir inn iuuu .umnraj ..,.".....,.. 1 Olll . nf,l, from 1 111.4 nllii'i' three times fl Wl'l'R. Vl'.l innfitit tn nlinrnr liim ..-111. lit.nn..t.. t.n1.ll ...... . . u '" . ., . : . . II' '"v...". ... . (.III. IH-LlMUi; 11.11.1 lull neeuut try. v, e iiad no sticli llotirisl) about'facts and proofs' pioimo, as will be seen htf tho advertiseni"iit. I in Aloiajny", Weilmwlriys mid Pridnys, nt 0 o cluck 1 ' , , ,r ,, AM. Thuse piipet-.llieie'orr, left in lln.s nlbee 011 pi,Hrs. nt, neeuil I I lie llu'lnul Jlirnhl, sajs : 1 i'ri,ay, top, on this mute, iz : to l'.wx, Jerico, intention; fobi.slloui " lready the Dirwtois have lcceived proposal? for I'ndciliill, 'i'Mliiul, lViili., I'lclclier, Caml'iiilse, hrrc pontrni Is nt prices nui.-li lesn than tlie estimates ; ' Jnlimon, Morrisiuwn. Iljilepalk, ami ro on to lias- goes lor Homing. niid it Hi'oiiiileiillylrlievcil that the whole Kinilim; luirgli nnd Deiliy.nnJ tint sectiou ol tlie stnle.can- 111 III' COIliraCll'iI l"r III Ol lir I- l- pel ceill K'-. limn , mjiuiihuiii iiiil 17 iii'iu, mini ...wm'." ......... -n - - ,. . ... 1 . .1 .... M r. tlie eFiiiiiati'. Mr (iillvrt's seeo'i'l nxplorutiims nt , the lieu weeK.aii'l woiil.1 not lie likely to renen iati y . mn ij oy too nrjt 10:111 aiier Mr. Xnblo bay", in conclusion, that our j.a ..11 ... 1 1 ... m'iu tt'.M-i' 1 1. m e tit erei i"jiu, iiii.i 1111,1 i" -j - , ..1...1 O'l. . .".inMfim- iwj 'mi. Hi was emu loseil ulmot enllreli oI'iIiimuoi'iliul and lespecicd L.,,..!. ti.isine-.insiurriiil'i.l.'lp'ii-i, iub nmoii? the ,;ui'ts . werelKn. M'n. Joits I Kt.t tri-v ot .Mil. James 1 s- WlLSl.Sol ?J II I HUMAN Si'lirtot Ol. C. ViNriinirnn.ltii:o. Asiimi-n ol Ms. If lCLrcni'M.ViiiLir Uoni..Cu!,. ..H. Skisntii i.I xN. Y. .V- V:. In tb; mi of 111- least.ttio u.-illorioa vio p i.lilenly inaibnteil t.y the iull u of se.-eral lin'vlrcJs of the LaJies or l'lul nl.'lpliia, formini! a co'istellalimi of lleautv "iieli l.a l-irety bi'en witlii'seJ. Ill" wholi: nssemlil'Tje ruse liy simiillalieou" iinpMNc nnd welcomed the lair nd.htiuii tu their vompiuy ith three rtipturoas cheers." Tho third regular toast wa" as follows : 3 W-HitW UVis-'rr The fiilhfnIHepresentatiM'.tlic n'llc Xciiotialoi-.tli' feaile-s i?t.i tr-sin 111, tlie i-lmpi'iit IWemler uf tin' (.'iiiitili.lion. His tintnuiie serueei ileiiniul our gratitude, Ins irituniilieil buiiui is Hie nu twusprniKrty. In reply to this to-it, .hicb was received with tho nift enthuuasiic appl.t'isc by tho vast a fomblv, Mr. Weestei: delivered aspeecli occu ping i-ome four hours. An imperfect though highly interesting report of it will bo found in our columns to il.iy. v 0 inseii 11 m exclusion of much other, but far less interesting, matter 1 will thank j ileep-r an 1 the rock I than he nt lirt iuiipnseil,nnil eO'i-n'ii te.itiy tint me cNpense. mere win inueii ies- iint olficcs nor of the maiU. 1 Williston anil Woodstock are ithcays "left ill tho You, nlsn, siy, ' yim Inve just received nuoilier on tvidav, fat tho latest) and siohM It ..ii'.hIj ..o 1, u.itr.iinM in I.tvo lnioiistranee 10111 jour saiii'ii'ii'rs 111 ii'iiipiin, 111111 1 - It allurds us much mtisl.iction to nave , , .. ' , , W,it,.iiiill st,,,'.-unite." I reach tho?o places on Suliirduu. We would re contributed to tho " happiness ol the l.ililor ol nm informeil thennil on that lonte, h aves eigenni'S e.,L.cif,y cnrniire. then, as wo did last week tho liunlrr Hill Aurora. Tlio CiicsntitE. Tlio work on this road i iiti 'Moniluy, V, i'ilii'" ia I course, pnp'erslelt in this oil' steadily progressing, as wo le irn from the Koene papers. It is expected that the road will he in operation as far as Kcone, by September next. Thj Sfi-UVAN. Tlio principal amount of the required subscription to this road lias boon taken some 8100.(100. ....1 i-.i.i..,, in e mi I'litlnn. would on 1 where thev aro "sent" to ! And whether their Snimlnyifii tu VrB.-iuics, iiiul remiiiii itlrie lilUtai-. not reaching their place or destination till Man-il-iy, ninl without any fanltol the l ost Uiheisor mails. " Tlie mail leau's hero lor St. Crorge. llinesburun, day shows "no fault 111 Iho 1 0t Olhccs, nor in AloilLlo'l, MalKs'ioio, Nr'.v llineniom urisiui i-h-ii 1 . ., ,1 which wo had picpired. Oirrcndcr ud for fo doing at least they might to. It is bvyond a question tho ab'est and most conclusive strictly political s eeeb that ever full from the Old Commonwealth Senator. It is uniinpas fioued,, logical, without the "lightest efibit nt declamation or t'ispliiy, and as n.eiciless for tlie tins of tlie extraordinary AdinisUtr.ithm of .Mr. Polk as is tiio law for the ciiiinnal it con demns! As tin exposition of tlie error and wrong that lio at Iho foundation of tho measures nnd policy or that Administration, and of the sophistries by u Inch tlnn- are defended, it is dem onstration complete. Wo allow ourselves to hopet! a' the readers of tho free Press will not U 1 t'jgive this speech a cncl'id perusal. They will bo better prepared thereby to understand the Message of Junta K. Poll; which wo shall doubtless lay before them next week. They will bo better 7rfinm for tho"Migar'Coaled pill-' of Fkee Tisai'- and Wah which that forth-coming document will unquestionably content. We have, herein, 11 pregnant illustration of tho truth of the maxim : " ilrror may safely be trusted abroad, if Reason ho left free to combat it ! " We have got the documents ; .Mr. Polk can lire away! Andv.hcnho succeeds in convincing the people of this Country that their welfare and happiness lio in rf using Protection to Aneri Libnr, or tliat their honor or their renown required him to make war upon Mexico and up on the Constitution at the same moment, we trust he will be re-rlccteil. In Ibe meanwhile wc con gratulate our readers 011 the decisive indications tlmt "there is a good timu coming !" A I.ocofoco iJea of :i logical iiifcience. Some Locofoco newspapers miintaiu that the only method by which a rirtti can show thai he was not opposed to the last ar with (Ireat Jlrituiu, is to commit himself, body nn soul, in favor of Polk's war en Mexico, and eicry other into which the Country may be plunged, no nnt-1 toco by I'riJj tor how, or by whom! This process of reason ing presents a "prime opportunity"' for freedom il:u. rxeelit Tnes.lnv n'ltl Kii lav. nl 'A o'i lork I1 uonseqili'lltiy, pipers leu n'lc on ioi'iy. i u'J -'i that ronle, will 011 riituidsy, " to llinesburgli nnd reuiain theic until the MniiilaV lollow ins. , The mail foi Houtli Iino.d'raud I-lennd North He ro, I am iiiloimeil leaes .Milton for lliosc places on rriiliiy.ninl ifso, ofconi-sc t papirs for those places, lell lu'ihisollice 0,1 f''i(i;,L'o 011 Saturday to Milton niid leiiuiii th.'ie till the 1'iuny lollnwtiiir These ilifKcLilti.'H woulii lie lenif iliej liv leavinir tie' papeis at this oiiice on Thursday, in season for the' 1 nu.iy mnriuiisiinil. Your Williston seems, informs von that "the sientiiicl-neeriiii'si.s,wh;i.' the Krec Trees , Tho i'.((n"o calls on somebody (tho Party Cor since I hove Iml eh ir.'e oft ic To-t Ullice lu-re, the porals or Sergeants wo conclude) to " Wakn tlio "fceiiiiiierii-isl,ecii..tiniheollh-,' oii 1 1 Immlnj s and , Democrats"' to attend the polls in the fourth ...... T... I ':. I .'. :l ' i District fur llin oil rniwn of olnclinir Mr Pnfl.- no j"uv.iiuJiiiiMiilio;siiiaii. ... . j.u . .,..vk....,u.. A crv sni.ill oortioil oiile. of the "Tree Tress' is left ,1... Ktl. r.c l......n.. ' inl .. :, w-...... ...Ill hi... ,1. - --. , , 1 liii; uui ui uhiiiiiui. 1 1 u Liini; u inn 1 1 1111c uu ereou 1 hursihiv s, to eo hv 1 11. lav iiiuinuur small, .... .. ... .... and the remainder is usuallv hroimlu in on tlio niter- alien:! " .Muster' without "warn- 1 ID ll.-(!overnor Seade rff this Slato is deliv ering addresses in New York in behalf of tho great cause of Ilditcalion in tlio West. He is tho General Agent, we believe, of the National Isducation Society. l'nrly Drill. "Tiuiniii;"iii Iho 1th District ! of opinion. Dispute it. however, and the fulini- I m"m ' reenui2ol I;ml.-.y. 1 he conseiiu.'iiee jl n tail- , . . 1 . , , , . , uic to o.liy I rnlay s man, tiiu-t 01 necessity tollow ; nations of "democratic" wratii are ratlipr flight- I mid thai lcacs many of tlu-m. as nhoc sntcd, tntro fill to behold. Tho consolation is that this p-ir- ' l1"". "eel; fullovin. 11dall tins is no fault ol the Tost . uuii's,noroi in" inan.s. Youalsnsay, "It ntinott appears to 11.1, tint if the "Tost Mason vriihlf the pt;icrs rteie,tbey would I "golo Willi-tou theuiseHes." I can hardly persuade myself lint you mean to charge 1 m w ith keepini; back your papers, mole especially in tlienhsfuee of 1 ictsand pioo.'s to warrtmtit. ! That your purrs are sum 'tun 'S miscarried or1 wioiuily ihrecteit, is eiy possihle ; hut I assure you ' they lire nlwajs s'ni by ih" lirsl mail after they are left iu th.s oliiee. and according to their ihreetiou. lis von exiiolt vour i.uliSiTibers to wait natieiulv till ti"M week, when you will tell them all you know nbout it, I will wait piti.-nilj , also. liispectfully, your (limit. StM. W.M, NOISLU. The 'ilonopnly of Inti jotism. Patriotism, in the lucofoco paper.', has finally reached the boiling point ! Tho l'lVtr is tho political tliermomeler by which it is meas ured. The chief tiouble is that tho Peon.e doifl rise in tho tube along with tho "organs." Th'tj remain mu-t provokingly in tho ''temper ate" region, while tho papers swell, and fume, and perspire, With the hot glow of patriotic in dignation at tho poor Whigs, whom they call fed eralists, tone-, traitors, and a variety of choice names oxprcssie 1.1010 particularly ol 'n'r ocn undoubted zeal for tho Country's good. After all we beseech these ardent patriots to reflect that "Oilrrs, perhaps. Can serve their Country '.villi i.s w-.irm n .' :d, Tttough'tis iwt kindir-U into tj much aA'JE." Tho consolation is that this par ticular kind of lightning ueicr ftrihes tinybahj! j 3 rWo like the A. V. i'rircss, It is ably j edited, an 1 the amount and character of the mat- j tcr it contains, evince great industry. Hut we sometimes wi.-li it were not more than half its, present si7e, (we speak of the weekly) or that it wore printed so that wo could read it without quite so much cye-servico. Its type i.s shocking When we turn from it to tlie Journal of dm it re, it is like emerging from ihrknss into light the m itcrial abatement of the satisfaction in this particular case, being, howeer, that tho light of tho Journals "Light that leads astray !" The AVnr. Wo never make up our weekly summary or War news without being reminded of tlie follow ing pleasant piece of official romance which may at all times, be found in Jumcs K. I'olL's mes sage to Congress. It is about as precious a spec imen of humbiiggery as can b- found: '" accession to ocnTrr.niTi r.v (the annexation has m en tujiodu-ss achievement. No aii.m or 1 ora k has iu:l.'; iiAisr.i)Tort.niiiTi: tit. hcsi'lt Tiii.suokd has xo nm- in the ncroitv. Wi: hue Nor soeaitr to iatlnu oeu TEiiRinuiiAi. rossnyio:is iivcoxqi i.sT,oa oeu r.cririLicA.N ixsuruTicixi oili; a KEEULl'A.NT rEori.E." We liavo not extended " posses sions by cow,ifst" Oh no ; of ammo not ! Cen. Ke U'.NEi- did'nt conqu-r "New Mexico" be only "look possession" ol' it ! Tho .Mexican people are not at all "reluctant'' to receive "our republican institutions." Certainly not I They have been iyiHg to receive them (by hundreds) for months past! All they appear to want is to lie "peacefully annexed !" "I'crsunal Jltuciuents." Tlie reiercn.i Nnrria Day was, a few days ago, a candidate to represent this District in tho Con gress of the United States. We supposed as a matter of course that h 1 was an established res iJentofthu District. Wo understand, however, that he now reside in the I'irst Congressional District, where he is preaching, in lirandnn, a sort of third-party gospel, fioiii texts selected inainly,we presume, from tho Awhryiha. These intinerant candidates fur Congicss are ery ton ven'.cut. N. I!. As the 'rfligious lews" cf tho llditor of the S"ntiwl, "aro net those embrace d by" Mr, Day, wo look for Hoinething very edifying from tint Sv'iisitivi! piper on tlio foregoing piragraph, IJ'Tlio Ilutlan.l lrrtilJ,n an article landKo- rv of tlie Au-nic s Art L'mon, and commend. ing its liberality in presenting two of ils most ad' niirablc engravings to (Jovernor Haton, (where in we cordially concur) tlm- places itself in fa vorabla contrast with tlie 1'rco Press on the score of good manners : "Iu nil our notices of this institution we have, been rnrrftil to give the iinineh of all iho .Secretaries; und Ihe lluilmijlou l'ie Tress niiJ oilier jmpers should be cquall) ruurlroui." Certainly , Hut while tho interests of tho Aht Umo.n Iiad to vigilant a friend as tho Jl-ruUI at the residencn cd tho only Honorary Secretary for this State, besides Col. Peck, that wo ever brfurr beard of, it w ill pi'obably bo conceded that no dimagr has been done. It affords us great pleas ure, however, In say that our friei.d Cieu. Ilor KiNsof Hutlr.nd is an cllicient uiul arrive Secre tary rf the Union. ( ) tin appointment of .Mr. CoLnuHN ofMontpelier the Herald g'ues us tho first intelligenco. t-'aptniii Itiilseley. 'i'his bravo and einvalious soldier, the gallant commander of IIingool,Is i,ijjlt Artillery, who -o highly distinguished himself at Palo Alto, Hetaca do la Pabna, and .Alonlery, was thrown from his horse, in the stcits of the hitter city, a few-days afl;r the battle, and was so mnch'in juied that ho died ! Ho was an universal fuor ite with tho Army, and indeed, the whole Coun try. W! 10 can forgot the generous daring, tlio self-forgetting devotion of friendship, that he exhibited at Ucs.aea do la P.ihna! "Hold 011 Charley," said bo to tlio impetuous May, "anh let .he draw Turn: nun !" The ,nct Victory to be continued in tho '.Sentinel Ihlrii," "runny Ilnll." There is a littlo lyric going tho rounds of tho press, entitled Panny Hall," the authnr.-hip of which is imputed to our neighbor of tho Ytrmont I'utriul. Prom the silence of that paper on the topic we are bound to suppose tho imputation is correct. We trust wo aro incapable ol being in fluenced by em ions feelings informing our judg ment 01 so tlmrt a poem, and nobody (unless it may happen to be our snappish neighbors of tliu XmlinHand D-micrM)wi a-cribe the ex pression ofouropinion to political motives. We must lio pennitle I to say, however our motives may bo impeached therein, (and wo admit that ill-natured pcoplu may easily disccner something wrong in il) we must take the liberty to riT- inark (as we bold the independence of a news paper to baits brightest jewel) that the littlo sapphic, entitled "Panuy Hall" (and wo liaie read it witli some attention ami without preju dice) which has been extensively copied, and in many instances not without laudatory remark.-, itappears to ns, (ami wo bine some con fidence in our opinion in such matters beingour- selves the identical ' man who read tho Moid kins,") is, wo say without circumlocution (for it is baldly necessary to multiply words aboul it) a very creditable littlo affair. Having thus briefly and pointedly committed ourselves on Ibis subject, wo aro prepared at any timo with equal succinctness to furnish our leas ons for tho opinion expressed, and to maintain it soundness, Impressive .Silence. .Mr. Weiister, iu tho speech of four hours which ho made 1 1st week beforo the Philadel phians, ii-itr spoleof, nur in the remotest man ner uliudtd lo, ChnrU-s Jared Ingenoll, notwith standing tlir. (minted referonco to thoobccno la bors ot that notorious scaengor in tliu toast which preceded tho speech ! The forcgoin" letter is ono of tho ino-t extra ordinary attacks upon the air that we have ever seen ! It has about as much reference to the matters complained of as it Ins to the nowly discovercd planet of I.e Vender. We published, last week, loiters from our sub-cribers in 'ond slocl: and Williston, complaining that their pa pers do not come regularly to hand. In rt'y to these "complaints" Mr. Noble takes occasion to advertise the days on which the mail ibparts on a variety of other routes ! Wu liavo all pio per respect for tho itiii, hut the J'ost Muster will wo still consider tlio Post Offices and tho Mails in this Polk-rid-den country to bo irry m'n.'inh!i matiagul, and ha will pardon us for siying that wo look upon his letter as a rather tran-parent piece nf iratn- inon. The letter of our correspondent iu Wil liston was dated on .Monday, lieu days after bo sWMhavo recoiled tlie Tree Press ; and that of our correspondent in Woodstock was dated thir teen d ivs after tho Tree Pros- should have b"en received. If tho Post Master will bo good enough to let the post routes to (Iran 1 Isle Deiby-hno alono for the pre-cnt, and account for the irre gularities cinpUined of, ho will hit the case exactly. Our siib-cribcrs in firand Isle, and in " lisscx, Jericho, Underbill, &c., itc." know, though it would appear that tho Po-t Master does n,i, that their papers arc placed in tlio of fice on " Thursd-.y night,"' almost invariably, and when wo get any complaints from them wo will notify the post master iu good time. 1 hose con-titute mainly tho "very small portion only of the Preo Press,' that ' is left heio on Thur.--diy, to go by Friday morning's, mail." And of these wo lune as jet made no complaints." It is in regard lo " tho rem inder' that aro ' brought in on tlie afternoon or evening of I'ii d ly," that the complaints are m ule. When the post master will explain why it is that tho Tree Press of the 13th No ember had not reached Wood-tock on tlio t'Tth, and that of the 117th had not reached Williston, 8 miles from liur lington, on the 1st of December, it will bo time to talk of other matters. Hut wo im ito tho attention of the Post .Mister to tlio following : r. - M'ddlcbary. Vt. Dec. Mb 1310. I). . C. (, llsq. The " I'ree Tress- ol last week Iia3 not been re- UL'ivril .11 nils oui. l. Iliesubscriljcistu the I'. T. reoaest me lobworm you, uiul have you sen I il,.- miinj. papers. 1 nm, sir respeeiiiiiii-, i) s. winicituy, Asst. p.m. Murder in I'liittsliurcli. A mo-t revolting murder was committed in Plattsbiirgh, N. V. 011 Monday evening last, by 0110 John I.evere, a Canadian, upon Ids own 1 wife! Ho hid taken her into bis waggon for j tho purpo-e of visiting ti friend some four miles ! from tho Village, and when about three miles out ho deliberately murdered her by smashing linr head w ith an axe ! hevere was the keeper of a Meat Market in Pittsburgh, and h is hitherto borne a good char acter. It appeared before tho Coroner's Jurv, however, that he had repeatedly threatened to tike the life or his wife, and the ao ( identified as his) w ith which the d.istardlv as well as bru tal crime was committed was found concealed near the scene of the murder. Tlio Jury ren dered a Verdict of Wilful .Murder against him, and be is now in Jail to await his trial iu Janua ry. The above facts wore obligingly rommttnica t"d to ns by .Mr. Tuteee, the J'.ditor of the Clinton Co. Whig. 3 j'Our polar friend the Anrth .Star, says we were mistaken in saying it hoisted tlie Silas Wright Hag for the presidential campaign in 1813. Wo u-cre mistaken it was the St. Al liuns licpuhlican, and wo take pleasure in making the amend-, and relieving tho Stir from tho hiiiden of that follv. Tho Star adds, vcrv significantly : Ve should be proud to rapport him Mr. Wright, lor lint lush olliie, v ere tl li iici ally timlcilimtU,j .... ..wi, vi, my, imu c ii-f( (u OC I ftC COMl ItlU IC. The .S'.vir al-o takes occasion to put tho fol lowing interrogatories to us : "llv the way, Air. l'rec Tress, where is Silas VV limit's " native Stale !" Is it not 111 Vermont ! and Jlso, is it nny wonder that in a Suite solouc lui-rnkd by wliiL;ser),iiieii of ihat party sliguld" poke fan" nt one ol Vermont's iiobIei, brightest ornaments 1" Asto the nuthe stale of the di-thigni-hed gen tleman in question we cannot, of eour.-e, im dertake to determine; hat tho statu ho has been in for the last nuaiter of a century n that ol holding office. Ho is about to remove, however, to a "stale of retirement," and in this respect, Vermont certainly icnuld appear to bo the "na tive state" of a ,'irrfoco. In reply to our friend's lat enquiry wo can say that tho only ono of "Vermont's brightest orna' ments" whom ice now remember to hive "poked fun" nt, is .Mr. I'aul )lllinsh'im, and that adroit gentleman "dodged'' tho shot beautifully ! Il it generally presumed that tho Sentinel and Dunncral will furthwith, on tho arrival of the Mestagoof tho President, issue an IIxtra, Tlio basis of this presumption is that the said Mos. eago will proclaim a oreat VjcTour obtained by the allied forces of Southern Tree Traue and Noithorn "Democracy" over Protection to Amkricax Isuesruv. It is believed that this Our unhappy neighbor, hiving doubtlesj well will ho Iho loudest growl of tho 'JJntish I.ion" 1 ntudied Ids strength, goes for an "eternal 11011 that has been htaid in this Country since 1812 entity " We tnbik he bus bit it ut last. " 1 et we CO for t in eternnl ,,.,. in,, r ,.,-a. i rii 1c.1t.1re1., 0 id log.ciUiu I'uromaU." &ii1i'hW and t'lllt'lUiHf, Forests yews. A It It I VAX, And to tho following : , . Orwell, Dec. 3, 1310. Alydear sir, " f lake my p"ii iu hand lo infirm you" that your paper does not rench your subscriber in this phce, nur nny where else 011 this mail route. South ol Vcr- k-iii"", mi ii"-- .iiiiiuiiij iiner 11 is printed, in oilier words it is ju-t as lona in coiiiitijj to m, nlier it is dated, us the An,. Yuil; City papers me. Ii ftrikes us that this is not rvnetly tb- thins, in these Telesru phie tunes. Isownll those who take ilic piper in this legion, have I eeome subscribers, ns 1011 are well aware, since vim liocanie its II litor. nnd we were Inind l iliUit," uVrelore. Xor need I s iy 10 you 111 the plirasj ot b'hoys, tint we "don't do una Mm? else" Ibit, nlih.iiijrli the IVe Tres.) is uticmn 11 welcome i-iior, jet 1 niii-t say, ns a Inibnic-er of lines, It nets to l f,ilu.r t.,e ,y ,w t;,n j, E,,"t,,,l., reaches us tai't jou devw mint leiuedy f.,r this I'oiiipljint I e line written to jou nbout it seveiul tunes belirc, nnd it would be some consolation to us to be iiiloim.', whose thtf fault is, that we iiiiKhi Know whom in scull t 11 "it lu-s ut tho door" ot jour olbce, ami run t U lu lpe.l, why ilien wc inu-i : trv and put up with it as well as we can thou A I ,,iii sure y-could easdy ,hiMe jour subscription h-t m this vicinity, if we euiild nlivajs ncciie the pnp.'r bv lie l iidav's mad. The dilliculiy. however. ,;. . ciilicr nt the post ollice in your jilace, or at VeriteuiKs H,it wherever ills wc hope oa will spmlilv reclily " Youistiuly. ',, It appears that tho I'reo Press of tho S!7th Nov., had not ivaehed .Middlebury on tho .Itli nf December. Is there no "fault of tho J'ost Offi ces nor of the .Mail-" hero I To our Orwell subscribers wo can only say (and wo mention it for tho information of the Pat Master iu liurlington) that the Tree Press for Orwell is regularly placed iu tho Post OhMa, onTii-jiisiiav cvnM.Nj , nnd our opinion is that it leaves liurlington regularly on Friday morn, ing, and remains in Vergennes from I'riday (instead of (5'aturd.iy ns .Mr. Noblu suggests) until tho succeeding Aloud iv, simply becanso tho .Mails from liurlington to Vergennes, nnd from Vergennes to Whitehall, if., not eonnm, a. or Tin: caijidoma at IM ,l ,l . Tlio Royal .Mail .Steamer, Caledonia, arrived at Iloston on Katun! ly last, from Liverpool. Tho litest foreign intelligence sho brings is of Nov. lu'ih. Wo aro indebted to a friend iu Uostonfor the r.uropcm VVmrxofthat date. The news is of 110 special importance. Tho Commercial article of tlio Times sayt, ; " The accounts which coin lo lmi d by the Caledo nia ale favorable in a 01 1'li-rclnl ol' view, lor tuey nrins iiiiiuerous or.iers, contingent on the 11111" of the Ameiiiaii porls under Ih" tariff. uri'iiui. has ulrendv intliii'iiced fieinlus. wbifh until the last twai or three days, were 111 a statu 01 comparative stagnation," The Cotton 'market is quiet; tho speculative demand has ceased, and pirties ate looking to the effect which the alleged deficiency in tho now crop will have on tho 111 irkot. The corn markets tiro stationary. 'Tho pres. cut 4s, duty is found to bo prohibitory, and as fast as com or Hour arrives it will, it is said, be exported. Tho money market is easy. 'Trade in the manufacturing districts continues in a V ery depressed slate, Large orders Ii 0111 America wert'iilixiou-ly expected liy the account Ironi Ireland, we find lliatnlilioiiirh there is ,'xlreiue di-Mcssm litany parts oi' the Soulii and Went, und occasional outrages mid food dismr baneeM(jci the ijeiiernl condition ot the country, nil minus consul. it o, 11 iiiiiuu, rii Mv. W'chxtvA-'H Witctich. j Air. Webster rose and snld It ismvdntv in the fust place, to express the drep emotions which I feel in ris 1112 todisciiss most iiiuiortant subiects iu th" Inlilst of sin b 11 presence ns tint which now piirtoutuls inc. It lias not ii"en niv lortiine iieretoiore to enter 011 me ins eussioii ol'siieh topics, while galleries such ns these have been lined with tin nssetnblnric ol the intelligence and beauty of liiycoiintiy-woiueu. 1 come aiiiong jou to nuurvss von as nn nsscinuiy 01 theb isiness nun of ilie city of Philadelphia ; ol men cnimncdin lb" honorable pursuits of private life, nnd having 110 other interest In Ibe political occurren ces ol the day, than ns they hav e 11 bearm" 011 our prac tical ofhiirs, and ns they now immediately nlli-ct the prosperity niid industry of thecountry. on me mer chants, tmd ns such, deeply concerned in the jieacj oi

the country. You nro manufacturers and mechanics, having an Inipoitaut inteiest in the protection of capital mid labor. You tireland holders, many of whom t have 110 doubt nic cultivators of jour o'vu lau 1 in the immediate neinliborlionil of tins city Tinill.voiiiire Am-ri mi, members of this irrcat tin 1 glorious Republic, b' mil to ilsde.stiiiies,iiiiin,iri!"ly partaking iu nil th" eheetsol ilspreseiitptospeiityaiiditsfiitutt; glory. I haveb'eu honoiod iy nn invitation to mltlress such nn usa mblv. 11 isniwaysintreeaiiie 101 me lo tluiili nml lo - 'iik on Kenernl questions ol our nitional iiolicy, nnd tot-ace their tesults ns th-y h ive .1 heannij on the city ol l'lul ndclpb a. With 110 habits ol public hi", but such ns nave iii-'cn coniicco a in a moie especial manner Willi the Constitution nf the Uuit"d States; hav ing been 11c citstonvd soiivwliat to the stu !y ol its history nnd pim cipte.s, and having, for some yeais, taken a part mils practical is natural I should look back w ith inteiest to the orisri,i nt our National Inilc-pi-ndciiee and totiie formation ot tlint con.litutiou.nut ol v. Inch the tlovenmn nt ot the country, us well as in unex ampled pio-p"rity, have since grown. 'These lellee Hoiis bring with tfieni many local nssociulio.H. 'Tiio declaim ion of our Niuional Indi p'-adencc was made 111 jondi r II ill. 'The Coiisliti.tnm ot our coun try wasliamed in the fame ball, inhere be one snot which forms to Americans th" object of supreme I1.1 111.111 regard, it h a I'ke this. It isumiral that lie should gather, 111 imagination, those girat men and il lusirtous patriots who one" occiiiued thatsiered apart ment. Tltej have all gone to their graves, bit th 'y have left their wo; k belli, id them, the initr'iisiiable me morial of lh"ir w is loin and patriotism 'Th-' nty ol Tiiiladelp'iia is, 111 rertiuu resp-ets, much connected with the history ol our tiovi rmii";it nml s'le is deeply interested 111 all till w?ai an I ivie which betide the lepubhe. Ilercential po-Hion on ih" coast, her latge amount of population, an 1 her couiinelcial iges gave her importance among nur Atlantic cities. She h the great er.pital of the great State ol Teiinsjlvaini, which h is not improperly been denom inated ibe Key Stone iu the Crent Archofthe Ameri can l'mon. i lciiii nibcr tliat some j-enrs ago in ad dressing an assemblage ot her citiciis 1 said, what I then b 'lieved, 1111 1 what I believe now, that with the exceiiti ins of Ibmlaiid there cvisted no snot on th" globe, so full ol natural riches 113 the Stale ol lVniiyl vauia. (Almlalls" 1 r.njoying a mild and delightful climate, poss"?:-ed of a rieli unircxuberant soil, and endowed with m.neral riches to an extent beyond nil calculation, I know of 110 spot which can go bet nnd Icr in natural power lor th" pioiluction ot wealth. Temisjlvaiiia may be said with tinih to be cop -enied m every gleat ltiternt which belongs tothe Cnited Sta: s On ihe I'.a-t her buindary nr.i"hes the tidewateis of th" Atlantic; 011 the West it hiirdersiui those great rivers wh'uh benr o 1 tli'ur bo-0111 tile neb piodi.ets raiseil bevrud tu" A' legha lues ; si reams which, whilst thevconnei-t the,ii sdvesiii oil" direclio.i with Ihe (lulf at 11, i-ouih, have liole-s coimee'i n Willi th" O'ean 011 the llasi. II she chooses to say we w ill connect the nav igntimi of th" waleisof the Cull with th nav ig.ttinn of the wai ters of lb" Atlantic, sh" can do it w nbout trcsp-issmg upon any man's ten itory. It was with her a honi' al (iir. She may nt plea -are wed th" waters of th" Ono wuii ine waters 01 me Atlantic Mantling when- it!o, I cannot help thinking what Tttin.jivaria is, an I what Teiin-yhania itto b-. All that sh" is, nnd all tha' -he vill bi'.isgicitly owing to tlie Con.-iuiiitou and gov ernment under whit h we live I would not intiiilge an idolcnoiisC'cling towaids the t'oi,-titt,tioii tl the United States, or nny oilier mere v.-oik of man, but. this jitle of idolatry, 1 hold it in most profound rt-peet I believe that no human wink npproaeiics so near to pi rleclioii. lint no human ability lias produced such a result, or holds out such a pro-peet ot social happiness lor ages nnd ages to come, ns th" Con-iitiition trans mitted tons by our I. ulris. And what is the duly of us wim cnioy 11 : vv e are neie 01.1 lor a single nielit. jet limited 111 some degree as our protieiion and rip poit of it inns! b". what is the duty which it dins, or rather winch it do s not devclve upon lis 1 Siiiin of tho-e at tie- time lie Con-titutit.11 was adopted did not approve uf it Tin re weie soin.' whofaucJ it.irouia natural jealousy of power. Tut the gieat majority of the people ul Ihe United State, adopted it, 1111.I placed Washington at its head linni"ii-e cheering 1 I bis I onsl.tuliun fairly interpreted,!- th" bond of pur union. 1 nose wiioopposul it, were all hound 111 honor lo sU miu nml billow ihe t-xmnpl.- oi Patrick Henry, who, ihauli himself opposed 10 it, wh-Mi he aw it was adopted bv the co.inny, tool, it in the lul liess nf its spirit and tll witness ol its iuteroretalioii It wns not t nr toeoineiu under it, and then to fritter nwayiisui"aningliet'in-e men disliked it The. peo ple had adopted it, nnd it ought to be received with honeu nctiuiciaence. i'or the same reasons, those who aiecaih'd ii on now a davstoa I mnister ihe iii'-iranu'iii may think that if tie y had been consulted thev couul have made u much hi tt 1 one. 'They inav pel-en!' tlcniselves ihnl nur u'ifortunnte 1 uiicrs nau uoi me neeessary inteiugeuei' tocoiis:ruet a iloiumeiit ol this mipiiitaiii e.auil that in tins particular, and in that, it might l.ave Jieen much unproved, and sU to liy to get out ot lis plain iiieauinirond intent, tint that was not fill. We are all tailed upon to adminis ter it boiie-ilv, l'lul m the sense in whiih it was adop ted, uud which has been 1 1 mi- al up m ever since U may happen that theie have been in-innce-sin winch Ihe spirit ol the instrument has bten denarled (mm. Hut what of tint 1 Are we to abandon it oiiihatae c mm! Abandon it ! 1 should ns soon think of nbau tloiung my own hither whui lull'.ans had attacked him. Here Air. W. was inicmiptcd by lung and loud c.iecri'ig It isiclii'i our dmv 011 1h.1t account to mliv round it, to stand by it, or fill with it. (Uenewcl uicciiug.) What was the conduct of the great lovers of libertv in Iliighsh hi-tory ( They pa-ed .Magna Chatta 'The I row 11 violated 11 and what did they do ! D.d Ihey abandon the Ch'irti ! Xo. They re-nllitined and ic cnfori ed it, uiul that is w liat we are to do. 1 have irverfi It more interest, I nnv say never so muchiiiteit.-l.iu nil my public III", ns 1 did in one otthe pound- ol ihe I i-t Congicss. 1 could not but purMiade III sell lint we were in ihe liud-t of ih" mosi inipuiuiiit cvenis. It vvasiny puiposf, towards the close ol the session, to review with some cue the acts 01 Congress, md ihe acts ol th" Atliniiii-trutiou, during ihntscsaion; but it so happened that duiing ihe llun' houis winch marked the close ol Cougre-s, n-, (,pp uiuuiiv ofl'-n-d, and I thai d.'termuieil to avail mjwif ot su'ine m-ea-siunlo uceoiiiphsh that purpose, by pas-ing in icvu vv the leading ineaMireaof Congrei.s,and inakingnn ih.m such eoiiiiuenis as 111 my humble judgment they inight deserve. And ihisinaypcrliiips be 11 p.operoecasion fir me toi"rioriiiilnt,futy. liutiny peipose Ins been so long deferred, that flic task has been 1111:11 Ijrit" Ibv oilur comui"iiiiiiors more nuih aiiie than I. mil thev have given iht ireoiiiiueiilsoii its proceedings. (Laud laugluer and cheering ) Tohiienl events mve oceuned since the sjs. ion tint hnve inijircsseil me wuii protoimd eiu jtion T,is te sull of th latecleetioasopeeially in ihe central .states on the Alanine seaboard has been su-li as tu awaken new hojies. Theie Ins been a movement 111 th" nation tar too deep niid gener il to tinj its cau-e i 1 any '11 ue ly evanescent gluwol temporary feeling. N.i si -h re vulsion 111 the political n.-pect 01 ihe i-o.nm 1 uty has Inpiieiieil withii, th - last nny years. The renin k will ''P. 7'esl''''"ihy I" theStaiesoi IViuisvlvanui ami New 01k. v hen has such a revolution occur. e. I in TVim svlvania since Ihe great eoiitioversv iu I7'.''.hin 1 IsJI 1 At tint p'liod theie was 11 stiongly cunt stl., oUctiou b.'iweeu Uov, .Vltlvcan and .Mr. Ifoss, which resnlied in th" t lection oft iov .Meh'ean, nu I vvh.eii led to a long si rus ut inimical ci enis which have since toli.iw- becniise. it stands nW not in Its glory, hut in its I 1 h Haltiniorc Conyenlion vvns held in M v, ls, measures, that they have tinned their backs upon it. I jm I one of the resolutions theie adopn I, ,VJs u, tti I think il is certain that luultiludesnf eatidid and inttl- 1 lows ligeiit people, who inve been in th" habit ol piitaiu- f "(, .,lvel, That ourlitle to th" whole or Or j .u j ini! tliedeniocrnticpiriy. have fiininl that tie; tulnimis- clcarnnd unqu slionnble " trntioii of.Mr, Tolk either ndopis dottrmes tiltogetiicr ,n j, , h- mnnural, ad i-it-.l th i. words, n'i'l by Ins din-tion 111 sieeretny m Si-i ri . ii"W or has carrHloId ones to such cxtrein ihat it is impossilile lor nn Honest orjusi man unoiiow n ram i, nml thereloic lliey have come out Iu nil directions nnd llock d 10 lb" polls nml giveii"phiuipers" fur lb" lugs All' tll"y UgllU HIS lU lllliesilO III- lllin 01 j ins-. . think lint on nil the great measure" pi public pnli-y theic nic lo be seen th" most 111 uk"d d 'p u tines Ironi the measures and principles of the Jackson administra tion . , , 1 will illii'lrat" this in one or two msijiie, s. nml I w ill Ik-jthi Willi tlie protective pilicy nftbucouinr'. It p'ciih lather loo liL'ht a uu.-stioii lo nk wli-lher Young Hickory" b.ispruvctl h mself like Old llic; p-ntel th'in, an 1 - it tlnm tu th" llntis'i M Air. Takeiihini ; nil I Air Tolk hiring 111 ul nu npoloy for bis eotirs liianj-'d on p.-evioii o.l-rs of the (ijvciii.iicu!, yet decl irai lint o ir title, to tlei whole of Oregon had not nily b-"-ii ass'rn I, Int nia.ntain" I bv irrerragible I lets an I aruai'ins Tit s d chrntio'i oi ttu Haltlinre Convetittou, 1.1 ils 11 litiient, nnd iilmut its wonls, ra 1 through all the do HiuMtsmid nd'iitUHtratioi spe ches ol that s.'--iou, in.isni'ieh (hat if p tiiau Itii-w vvlnt were th t-rms of the II llliinon res ilutious, Irjknew wlnt nil the ora- tois ol the parly might, could, or would say It re- ory, but the gnat q leslioii put lo th.' i"o u lias oeen t mi . j ,n 0i,lgltl0,1 f. ( .t vv;,(.n a i mis, wii"iii"r nn principles .u, t in- tm tirecR torin.totii- in -si 'ug -rs 111 ll-im-i s uat nu entire departiiio Horn the 111 'asures and prtnci- me great necuraey wilh which ttiy deliver. .1 pies of Andrew .lncko,i. I d not menu to lis under- 1 , (h . m ...i,., w, whicli th -y wvie dnr , siooi 11s avowing inyseiiiin .iu.ot.tiiv .t 1 rvtit, rails it ive I llllll tir trotililt! n stil Ivm ' w lit all.. rh I, ' Ties.. lent Jackson. He was a man of sens', nnd mail ul trolly character. 1 believe tb it bis amis nn 1 intentions weie all Inrthe happiness and glory ol the countiy. I thought to be s i-e, lint to extend nnJ per fect til it glory lie did exercise a littl" more power than he constitutionally was m possesion of, but candor colonels in- tosav that I ev T ihoiwht b meant well ; mitl while, to a certain ext 'ill. In sought his own glory nu 1 ri'iuivii, that h ol lusciu'itrv lei bad nil -1 ly gui'iier. Just so any iinu wn j 110 ibistjol liu lliittm uv Convention, need to study iiut'niij "Is.. I, ri j'n -r nu I lou I applatts-. It si. .1, how 'vr, th it this clear an J iriqu -I m oblc litl" had sine" b "11 sellied by what In eon lop d n very fur nmingJiiiont, lbs IDs carrying it ngaiusi th" at id's. 'tv tl,..fe,r,.l,-il,l.,.lnr .,r;,ll.. ..( ,!, , , ! . connected the gloiy nnd renown ofthat q 1 -simn by t.-eaty 'Vis this. Treati. s a .r Alter tlie coniproniise act oi '..J inerev. as 110 great 1'n-sident an.1 niproved bv th" Senate, anl ago-r 1 ngitaiiiiiiniith.'subeetollli? laril! until near the tic- , nl a-tpi"eed iu by liie Tresulent. .Mr. Tolk was rio.l ol lint act. Dar'ng its toiitinirince.Mr. tin iu- in.iii,r,ilnit-t in .March 1915. The ii"gotiatiou was ren'stidiiunistratiiiii commence, and teriiuii.ated. 1 he t.-rmmnted in AiiLm-t. H 15. nnd be ni not nirun, circuiiist'iiicesofthccoHiitiytliilniit end him to ex- that from that da v, th-present Adminit -"'ion either press any opinion on the protective policy. 1 shah .,( home or abroad did th" least tnuig or nth to nd- theieloie go 0.1 1 1 compare the opinions olth" ir"S'nt executive ul th-United Stai"s as ollieially declared, with those ol Trcsiieut Jiicksomus also by hiiuself ol lieially declared. I begin by rea hug to joa what Air. Tolk said at the opening ol the la-t session I'rtrart fiiimllr. d'olk's Annual Messige of lust " Tn object ofi.iipjsin'; duties on imports should be to rais rev ai 1 to pay toe 11 'evosiiy expenses ol (Jov einiirnt. (' huilks nnv, ii'idoulitcillv.iii Hi" ex"re ol 11 sound d.s-rction, ihscrimiuale m arranging ihe rates ot du y on ilmeretit .articles ; but the dtseriitiina- tiuns no'ild Ii; wiiinii Hi" revvuuo standard, ami be mud.' w ith l le vi. w to raise, moit-y lur the sapport of l.overumcnt "It Con'e.sslevva dutvofonc tier cent, on ;i (riven will pro luce a given amount of mm to th; I rcasury.nn I it will incident my nnd 11 -ccs-unly Iititir.l protection or ndvaniage to tue amount ut on. per 1 cut. to tli j home muniilucturcr ot a similar or like article, over ihe inipoiier. II the duly i,e raised to ten percent, it will produ e a greater amount of monev. tie 11 but bv th 'sword ! and slbr.l greater protection. Il it is mi d tntwvnu, a docti in.' maintains tlv a vvh- " 1 e'y to nil ("id ill ttt piitable and tu.r ivvcnty-fivenrtliirty percent an I if, as it is raised, the revenue derived Ironi it is found 10 lie increased, lb" protection nnd i.dvnnl ige will also be mcieased, but il it be lais'tl to th.rl, one p t cent. an 1 itis found that the rcveii'i' produced at that rate, is less than at th" rate ol tlrrty, it eens s t be a rcveiiue dutv. The v mice 11 a single sl"p. If it hulreur lell it, it would not hav e been broun , tyjeais. Hut il was no.v seitied .i considerations Air. U traw'd the eoitr" nrtlie Administration 111 the con. la ( of ine Oregon T niy down to the point icre .ri . Ii 1 'intnu 111 h s l";:-r to .Mr. T.ik-n'iani n.lvnuee I ih" opim ,i, tlmt u oiieslioii wloeli mvt (veil tb: territo-yof th' United Sr-,tes, ought ntt to be re lent I to tin aibitration ol any wwerwliatev"i Hut sinl Air. W how vvn this I vVhnt sort ot a doe. ti ine was this ! livery question of boulirv was n rj ie.-tion oltenitoiy, nn.l Ironi the days ot Washing ton dnw.i, we have b"en m Ih habit of refernn iji s 1 11.11 of b'luiid-iry to nibitrnlio'i. Under Jui-issn, .Vli.hsia, Jackson, and Van Uureti, this has hi u done, and iilwnjs been panetioned by the nniii'i Hut now cranes vlr Tolk nrd avs that 111 qu st,ou 01 territory ea.i be so submitted What does In: mean ' II iw is a boundary controversy to b- setti -d ' It throu di th" infirmity ol human nature, the two parties ttoii'H o oio.iiii 10 c iris.", is mere no wav lu s a vyii'i tlo"s not see tint sui h rigiit ot fie strong 'st Sup pose s ich a riue-lion shoulil arise Ix'twccn lluia nu I Sweden. 1 lis Ahjcsty, the Autocrat, is of opinion thai his right is clear and inq lestionable. S.v.'den ifubts and eainot be convinced, but ctfers to n . 1 tho question tu tny nation iiuler heaven. His im 'iy repucs, nru a question 01 tcrritoiy is not a ipi 1 1 iio t.1-,-it,iot in uieii-cen iingscaie ouiuties on wmcli i iur nruiiiaiion. vv nnt men remains tj tin 111111 11 is as 'cri'iineu irom e penence, that too revenue is , power hut a hopeless war nr abject ubm.s.-.o:' .- n .1 L'reiuesi is 1 1,, niai..niiu rate of ikity which can be 1 a doctrine takes a great public q i"siio.i fro..i ti " t -laid lor the bona j ! purpose of collecting money for j hunnl ol lenson ami public opinion und rci rs 11 1 the support 1 th- tiuveriiinent." th" longest sword. 1 do not think that this eorr -pnu- ixow, 11 isiiiineiiit to understand what th" Tres dent ur"' " "lt; cuaracuT 01 ine unue,i .- m - ie- Hi"a:ii oy a levenii.: stanjard liat il is veiv n am that 1 "'" " ii.iu-ti tiu iii, 11 sucu ouestions 11 regau! to peace, to the illlStlttltlotl. to tile .retntes .f iitiiniiiiiy, 10 tn piecepts ol relig.on, retpnr". tlint it hould be sublimed to luipiritul aibitiauon p- 1'"'.' - j IS it C .1 he meant logo against nil proteetioii. Hi, Bole mil esclusnc object is to get inulicv tor the levenne nod llotlll'lreK' H" sus nn,! s.-i,-s ,1., .. .1... lllllV.tlt'i,.! Imt. Ini.'in. .1.. I'..- .1... -'.'. l' -t.. - ..iu ii.imiiu- iw in- it-, .-title. :i no inni .... - . . in doing so, mi im itlcnialrnlvanta inayaccrii" to the lemaiuing topic ennneeted with our fi mien -t ol luaniilaciurers. Hut it m-ndv I1"" "s '" 111 1 xi-img vvar with .Mexico. II it iiapoeiis.verv well. lint n is a i.iaiier o,., . i. I ml evistnigwar, and as nil we say in or out tak mi into the view of a Inw maker, lievenue i i n ss will b' heard and reatl as well in Ales nothing but levenu- is to enfriuto his ealeiiininuis I l'"'.' ml" 1 States, I wish tosp 'ak on mi. n . s r. Tiot'S'tion iudoiii"stii' niaiiul.icturi'si it n m, . i with caution and witu caie. as wvd as caii'lm .N i hoi to b- re'cteil but u is to coiitribui" no inn.iv" no ' erllieless, 1 liold soui j opiiuji.s r .-pelting it, nnd wuii thepirtol ilmv wiiomike th" Inw. 'Ties is no ni.s- I ' "'ici'iity, 1 mu--l avow tuem Air W h,re reprcs'iitiui'.n. .Mr Tolk i.s in lavor oi taxation tor r;'ITP'Uilnie.l Hi gen-ral facts in the history of T, xas, ri' if there were no iron , w,",1" tne .ckuow edgmentof her inJep n 1,-nce v imiiulictu'eaantl no cbtli ma.iufaeturcs m th" L'nil.'d ' ', ! uued Stales mil i.aropenn po,,crs. lie nm J iov .Mot u.ijvi-iiuuB io.ji nun uecn urgeii ngim-t nu I'' States. Vnstiiisti,"doctrin"of Andrew .lueksoo I.'tmese' And here I wiil read an cxtiact Ironi 1 resident .la.iksii.i'stiisl ins- ige to Congress. An exlrnrt fruni G.-n. Jaehon' first Message. "'Tlie g 'iieral uile to be app!i",l m granting tiu du-ti-'s upo i u lie! o lorcigu growah or maiiuiacture, is that which will place our own, m fair competition wuii those nt other e jinitries j nnd the in lucemeiiu to ad vance even a step Itejund tins point, regard to thus' aiticlesol primary n.x'. ssny in time of war ' What Is tint I Ill's he not ray in so many words that in mipos.ngdu'ies for revenue, it is the duty of t'oagr, 3s to pi i.-e on, manufactures tn fair com petition with ih" maniii'ii tares ol toreign countries' Nay. Ji's.rnut mtaither! And call on jou, 1 .nasylvuuians.t'oai here to Pittsburgh, nnd esp-enl-ly oti nil iioouilncturweTsot uon, well to con-iK'r it, does he ik t siy.tlritin reg-inl nartichs ofpnmary nec 'ssity in true ot vvnr, the iudu"eineius ar control ling, iu Hdvaiice even a step bevou I this, nnd to put down loreiii.i eompelition I Now, I as's., ii it the pol icy ol .Mr I oik top u ibwii foreign competition ! Or is it not railicr to put down our ow u competition with ion-igners f 1 will now- read j-ou an extract from ( len Jackson' sjoond inesa'ige, which iu my npauoii expresses the true Am ui mii do.'trm" lullj .truly, n.hnira'jly. ''The po.vei toiiiqusi dunes on niqioits originally belonged lo. the seveial ei'tates. 'The right t adjust those duti '3 v. uh the view to the encouragement nf dome.iie brim, lies of industry, i-so coinul'telv iden tical with that power, that it is dilliailt to suppose the v.,isii-i,i.-f i mi. one w lui'iui ine oilier. 1 h Slut's hnve delegated thtir ov cr imports to th geiieial gnvtrpuv'iu iianon or re-tnciioii, saving the verv ii V..i.i i K inspection laws urain -i ov a iciieriiom .vtr. Iiincroit to -iiier T i .11 ..urnim, iuiiiij lieu c.iti.fiy pitSiCti irom I in l oiicemraie ins lorce on i,s "western i. m nj trv prot-'ctioii does not exi-t then; nn.l eoi;s.'iju.ntly it luo '."anile, to p.ote.'t what in t ic e u be nn p-osessed In the general go,ei.-,:neni, it ! tiun, w ul be our Wigtcm border " " must b" txtnict. Ojr political -ystein wt.'i.d i.ias I hat the I ii.ted .S'lates h.ul no t ni'Xauo.i . i st, j pat it was not aluir exeicis. old solution d power. - I, that we had tmt.., v m In.iltintit would be iiiiiuerous to extend it I (An, I this he coiiMthred iii-uaiio.uitablc.1 Tb t would bi'su'),c,'tinga counrv men Iree l.-om - i..iv , lh"cu-s oln slave popuhi.m And -Ith '1 nt i nexatiun would lead lo a ,vir with AI"Xi i He said ill mc was none who thought L-ss re 1 ly than n di I ol th" Mcmcui gnvernuient !- i I m la a noiliing ihat d a-rved to be cnlle I e jui'iit. Moie tint acted on the prmcplcs u seiilative'heau govvriiiiient. ns sue h i.i pos'sse,l h id b" ui created b p . I memos in livorol m liturv adventurers, vvl.n .- , ( i-u i .ica inn t in ro.piu s ivession, vv nie t . , were tnc victims ol tn uu nil, nnd nut-iit tru CJaiciuid rli'linnt reges, plectuntur A. ii, . j 'Th-: minetsiion, however, was comp. (.s.uiii u in, i it renriru.itr uuascel IBIllt .1, :t been b 'tween 'Texas und .Mexico. 'This was il ofilnngs when uV Tiesident l-gan lm r movement in that direction. That I inuv seat uu o ic, 1 will state to yonthre- pi V, . which in my opinion are fairlv tnnintainubi corie-nondeiice sabmuied by the Ux"cutivt-' j gross. 1st, Tint the Trerident directed the oeeu a t Tritniy, by tore of arms, to which t't' i htat 'shad no nset mined title ; a lenitorv w ci.iuiieti oy me i,nneii otntes, vvns nlsn c I I a y .Mexie ,, and was at the tune ana is.- 'ssion 1:1 h-'r.aetuiluc upau r. I Th-' iexan Lo.ivemii)nwto nsiSI" July -, whole nutboniy "I.;, to mss the annexation. Il-forethis dr,t to w t "lit Inn- I on the 'JSth ot ay, Ojneral Tailor was or lered ., , tn.'onsideiiible i niove towards I ev.s j and on the 15th of J,,., . s on or in ,r tiv) -nt 01 ami xi- present i,ie anomaly ol n people stripped ul 1 .e right lofostei li.eirowti mdiistrv. and to contract ut mu.i r "Itish and desiructive policy which might be adopted by Ibii'igiinaiioiis. 1 Ins surely e-iinot be the case; this indisp 'luab'e power thus Barren lered by the States, must be with. 11 the s.'ope ot authority oil tlie subj et, expreasly dele rated to Congress. "In (Ins conclusion, lam continued ns well by tho opinions ot Tre'il. uts Wushhigto'.i, Jell'ersoii, .Madison and .Monroe, who hav each repeatedly rec ommended the exi'tcise ul this right u 1 ler th" Con siiluiion, ashy tne uiiilonu pen, nee ot Congress, the coiiimiifd acquiescence oi te Slates, and the (jetier nl un lerstandinsr of th' pot,j." According to Gcneial Jacks in. when the novver goes, the duty nltneii".i tothe po.vir (joes also It ,ipp urs tome that ih's-extracts from Lien. Jackson ., "'' 'isLTl 1 l'ie j , - , n 1 iv', 1 1'-arsiro 11. .vir. .Harcvs ,i- it 1 Taylor nt Jul, Ml,, 1 ,15. Uuwml Tav l. ,- t.a-re lutornrd that what he is to "occupy, dodi 1 aed 7 . h";l''i .'V'u" ".,r'"ry of Texas, tbth-evient t nt it his be.11 occupied by the iK-ople of Tcv ' I n " pears that in t!ied,'spa,c!, ia4. oleJ ,h ,,,. y si OCC"l" by Aleico. Mr .Marev goes on tn siy j "Th- IJio fi a- le s claimed to he the boundary bi'tween the two e ant- s and.up to t i.a boundary, vuu nre iu extend vur tr r Si P'.'ns any ration the ruv.-rn . eTlf ' T' '-U'"t, over whi'l. th" Itepi hc ... Iexasdilnotexsicise juris lift,, nt ne I ul "miexatioii, or shortly befo-e that cv . nt his nukes ,t p,,fe;tiv W thai the U.mej s . , had no n-s ertaiiietl tn e.nn. n.. n.,,.,. ...1 . . . V. read yeiy ihlierenily irom those oi Air. Tolk at the i Is-rritory i for it nduiits that 'T 'sai only il means that ihe sol IUII. lirMftl in.'iM.r .... ...1. .1.. . nl.., , r,i " " eiuuil, una 1.1V 10 also at tu 11 p nsscsstuii, CI Tiiaia-scrlyas Juij. Hu .)., t , ns vyell us others aequ li.itcj v.nh ih ub -i territorj' was in the aetu il possession f St ! ' it contained M"xi-an s-ttleui 'ilts, over w had not exercised juris lu-tion up to the tin . . a 1, v Il his message means anything llltv nt t ...veriiineiit is to (ti nil the iiioney ii can i ir t.'ie purj).""s of revenu?. If nnj advantage accrues to ihe iirniulacturer, it isncci d'.itnlouly. Touched by the solid principles of An drew Jackson, the whole document explodes like gimpow tier. Il is true that hi verv ..ii...l le,,,,. . Jackson did veiothe bid f,,r tb. Mai svll!.."r,,!,,i . i., I 0.1 theSth ofju'v. 1 think the H-oi!e of New York, and Temisylvnnm I 9 ''"Y?1 1 '''k)r, Hut "ihis I) -part u- it is , .. and O no, 1111J Indnnia. and llun-iis, ami Afissouri, Mexico has soui" Alditarv VaWw ',,.,., Alichigaii, un.lma vrurd, of all the West, will east side ol the Itto (hand", which are n.i 1 1 ,r . ... ,.,,,, .... ,, in- pnueip," til npposi- " -" iu iu' nciuai necupsney ul tlnn it s l"b w.ebs ,n .. . .. 1. I I '-r. . i O.I L t 3 111, ., I..I.. .1... . ' " .. (11. 1, UiUUilt I ullU lireiltert' Ihan (.uirnl Inelts,.,, ... I Ii it the War. Ih War. 1 Inve l-..n ne",.-,,.,V,.i ' his p lt 'lit V US .,r US I U 1 UU W ll'l llli'lt nt n e taoa n...l '. 1 I I, III ll.U.l.l.O VI , tel. n ... i,. .l. t no doubt your own. nocaiionshiveled you to do' the '') ol .M .xiem lorces or Mexican sonic, , . ' r wnne. I would ask. w tei n.r m, I.-,.- . ' vvhlell the Iteniihoe .,i !'.,. i. i ' wuii a in ih who av owe 1 the beuefahat if (Jen. Jack- i 111,11 at "le Period of wwexction. or s1,,,uu ''J,'.!., ".. an .! bad bei it nt the h-ad of liov. ev:'"' .. ,,', ? ' " Ju!y-.'he rieeretary vvrol. asj . a ly us p, etion any p t.t, ., ,h, ea-tern si I . st.n or Air. eminent sho ilJ i ll r f t" 1 I , .... I ...... t"-"" ' I I ,u t.r., i .. rr "pen 11" tine """ "i-iuii'i.i nosinmian. n isnot tonne -"- .... ito.n in' '.sua ol .May dow n 1 1 tos'lllt'll'iestlouait ono 111. in n tn, .!..., I. I .1.. SU.lllintto 1 ot his ininn.. ,..!.. i f i. i, , , r i ... . i. .i ..." t . '., , s .1'."..":. o , i.... . i'" -'. t'u. iHse- in cu. i loin tnai lone t en i ll mint t i. it-, .i.,.. ., i mi ii'iin '. I in w e ni i. iiit.v tli it Mr !'..-..-. i ts-tiiiji, u, n,(ir,,u t.... ,, such revolution hi punhc s .niini.-nt po.vvr against Air. 'au Hureii Co.- Texan purposes, . ""S"1 b". - yield to, it, o'r vvh never miiibt'iam nut' 1 he Kline thing may to some extent be said ot New and it was 'Texan purpos-s which led to th' present 1 "n cvimmstion, tobeherriht to elaimit i nrk. Since the great controversy which occurred in n, thereloic, is vvarmnte.1 to say that I He intended toeuineansh ib i thaisialei.bouttlies,iii,eperiod,lknowufnonevvhi,h Air. an Hureii had been nominated, we should I otherwise h s oets and niiiiiicUona sir m r1" has taken nil men so much by surprise. Nor have have had the war. I Tlie lloverninent set Tn ... 1 hs-ale1';.1",i ' " th'se great niid inaiiifest changes be. 11 tho lesult of any I'has been the purpiw of these remarks to .how ' tliat the Rio liiamle vviii The UWm i'''',,'.'' ' " coiiibmed cff.r lo firm public opinion No mass some. 'Ment , the eniises of the great changes which j Texas, ns app tfom ,hi c," aTs..t lueeiings.iioliborioHseverliuiis, ,, simultaneous ef- hive taken place in public opinion. It is altogether of ihe v-ii', ot .May and le liih !,f h, Inylor iorisnltie inlluenci; ineii'a niiimoiis. have led v inn to say that here has been a IochI cause mtd'ther,. i O.i the 15t:, ,t ,. 'J'", ,JU1P' tna results., ii expected. It seems lo ine uneui the 1 another local cause. Tlmt uiiti-rentisui cont.olled 1 d tu k wli a position" ok or i .e nitlTe P -'''' ' 1 . most reiniukuble ot ihe whole all.ur, the cle, lion m New- Yoik. and wuii thing dse uii- as "vvillbebest toreM inviso, r? ' lhatilhasbeeuii"sp,,iiianenusrnn-t.,,.ti,,iHeniivic- trolled it in Teim-ilvanin, mijihat it tin-ml been the m ill- ,eiu Ul ' .,V,i T r"' .' v . resu.i oi isiaie ro.iey. tn v oil want tu know the nue , b.wiularv .' In aecr.ln,, t. " ' T tinu ol the people at lari bull 1. 1 he question is what is thU resolution I that has proJaced th re- What is its The insurrection in has assumed n .rrv character tor whom, and ugauut whom lur what serious shape. ' j and against what I 'The ihllicultics between the llritish and Trench fio- 1 ""''."'l "' l-rnorm the duty before me without d . v eminent.., rcspictmg the .Monipeu.-icr mairiageuucs. nmiciation nnd vviihont vitnperntion 1 shall avoid as Iitittn iitiinit. .iil..l '..i..u e..i.. lartlIios--l'ile,llll letlectltlnsnn men. nn.l nil Mi.;,... betw'ccu i.t.rd Nuruianby mid M (iuiut on the Lb-' f,c!' s."ri'soii .aily Hut n m ns clear ns the sun, that je I, while the l.nglisii mm t icneii juuriials thinvv ud. obstacles in the way by llieir iirilating articles. l'roui Belgium, tho following unique, news is received. 'The Ithine Gazette publishes n letter from Ilr. Ilecke.of llru-sils, in vvliichlie asserts thai lie has divoveied ihe means of nerinl travelling nt any lieigfit thai he pleases He states ihat he hassjlieitejihenii. pomlineiil of nn coiuiniltee to exnimue Ins i iisiiiisiM'. u n revoiuiion iigainst the incasuns and thepiinciplesof this now cM-teig Adiniiiistni'iun ((.rent cheering ) It is n revolution nnint the man. nerol getting into vvarvvitli Mexico. lt,s revoiuiion against the tnrill ul'lii, a revolution against abjiirdiu ot nil idiFiirditi,'- tlie Stiiti-UV,.,,-,..... . . t . - -t. . .. i f . . ., ""-f"'? , " iivoiuiiuu,'i 1 l"JU" u"J ,u, : v ? ")j w ra!rau I he present ndininiJtralinn is not reg-ir ju-i ri'presi'it'niivc ortiit) regiilir8iicec-.sor vuninustraiiou in lis piiuciples and test I Ixmknt 111" election'ul Al-mbeis of foiigre msiru. u uisof July Mlh 'a IV 'h''"n',n:"'' th" Thev baiu imti.ii ' in , o .nil. ti,.-.s !,,. i ..r...-, lo winclt uud j et their ei, . ii,,,, ms been eurru',1 by IniKer ma- ! On '' Ctb of August the Seer....r, than any oilier nnd maui'y m direct releienee 'Tn, lor. " although a s i e of ar Tul V " 0 " lo li.iiioua no i.e. M W .re ,..i.,,.,.i ... .1 .!.;,,..,, ,.fi'... ? l . . farvvuh Aleve,, ,re, fir .Mr. 1'isi, , New Ymk. nn,l in In, ohmi-un,, 1 is T' ......'f I1"'18 "'.y llr" ' more vot this tlatte isl, i New Yoik, nn,l to In, ohtni, ,nK ' is nevertVU-s. d7Mli.d riir oner nnTL"' Hum Air. Wright. It w.llhiot , , ,u la? , (on sh ld be f! j- I TTt f" mi 11. 1 lion 1,1 l ie a.,i.l U'l,. .ss n.,.. ' Vu' ,u meet vv 1 "'';,"" '.''"' ;ver it, nor nmund it. nor j wludi would ,u ,r v . ' m. TJr t hiii.l ,t. Th. re is no Unuw an, tli.iij, but ju.t tn Ihe iiuti Miom,&o'ZZ$?!?', '" "1 ,' v " s iSni. to .1, a,. I to neknovvlejge that hi, theJ result the same lcl ' 'a' ' ' '' 1 le is e-, , ul Ijubhc ..pinion ngnuist the udinliiUiration. tI,ong 1 'Texas c au,ll0"1"J lo pnx'ure vulmit,, , , discoverv.nshe ianlrendv nrenaiedtu Flinwtl,',. be ' ..; . . Vi. , ,lI "t l"'M- Jaei,s,,ii , I - e ' ' . ., , I i. "i .'tt . , uu ..ui.-ii, inn. . mil Knows it r,".'iiil, . lias t be iiienns ..rsiiotioiliiie a carriat.e in I be n.r wn ,. ...i...- .,-..t. , , ..i.-soa n us.iuui. nut uny point d'ajipui. mid Imid applause ) .,.,Ir, ' ,"'"v "dvetlfd to the Oiegon question -! ins he said was now ns. itU.,1 n,, n;i nu "'ird-d as .he i h!U IUU r- llesl'0ulJ nol disiuih it, nor .or o aiivoi her ?;l'K'",rrllve uapleaKnit re, die-tinn. comneieJ vuth .. measu, J1'' I .. ''"'' or il,r. res,-,,, j, lmfih, be ii iiioasuies, t w . , ,n,K tt.,u,u, ,- it,. , , " On the 31d of Auaust, the Seetetary iintrueted 15 -nernl q j,,r ,!, S b ,0ljM Mexico as ".u,e a -V Vf"';,!,p""" 'r-'U-t ni.dcit.s- twnh a conwderable Intce.s.vha in uiveiuent iiiusi 1,. VarY etlnsan iiiva.on ut ihe United States, and t. Tom nieni'ciiientol hiisiihtiis. He is the .1 illStl l.eled itovv 3T()ur readers will find, on our first page, an aduiirablu jtoetic "improvement" of ono of tho most iill'ectiii incidents of tho Mexican War. Wo aro under obligiitinns for it to a valued cor respondent in New York. ...i i i : i " ... ii .'to-.,, vi'iiintoi!.-. tutu ciiecrs,- Hut now we must be iust tu those who were opposed to in in tunes past e most hi some incisure forcet the things thai nre behind, and I lake the truth tobe that ll because the present Administration Ins adopted asvstcui of iiuasuus ul nsuwii. nml ttso,,..i .. ..fa ncier peculiarly- its own, ai.ait uud distinct Ironi nil tint pleawne loeiilru, went b'-lore thai hundreds and ihrmsinds of eiiueus ! pending th- Drei vvl,7"iilous ysupi.nried (,eu Jneksn.t an I Mr Van ihsling.iishetl eeu winie to iniKe n remark on is prngrea IK- the trra. 1 i ' i ,,m"i"H s, lie is ivof Unll neii iL.Sl.r.i.. f. o ' tonwinule n Inrif futee..-ve. Ae .nglanJ weie ik'ttle. , hut the Urcai.ii eommversy I ' 30'u Anrjiw, be vvps- insiruet. ,nr, leie the au Ii nee broke out i ho a bmsinfai- "' .)l"can force crowed I.? J, (;ranil, , ' p ause Hit the nuensiiy wilh i which that qaestiui, ! """nn traqw ,.y,,, It tbat am KT-iu-r . (irjM.veij oiniTqiwihm aa billed. -ir . i-aiJ li? hup-.l it mlit ikii us out uiuhee i. miv mm on .nr. lulKo actvvswn i0 imuvr. it Al lltrilul tlm .Inula ..I .LV.. . "-' ........ ,vj iiiiic 114 ijjj r.. I l l Mid U f juitn'. niHiui iin rMaari u nn t . . .i .uiiiumipi nun r smH an f jvm ntun-lv ' in vn ot'vnr v 1 , t inaiiHcst u (HJuie nptu- hi . 1 it.,,,' .. . 1,1.1 ,.,T.,rtJ, I . L vnP I t'" i'"W u'i riwte "Diuartinent f h1TJ"1rr.ti",J- m"!"!' ,,w '"-"',"' of 'T..v s to lite haiiils ofn1.. J,!? xr K,lh ot O'loW llw Secri'Urj w, . ne rtfil. i. ...... ,. . J ie intitrrnnttnn lenirti trm A.,r Ar . erx t " " n""'"i ui- -uiMiifiit o) ti,1 i" 7"' " iw tf .im nfemi't le " ,( . ' 'e.- I niai-i.'c T,i, Jl . , I in