Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 11, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 11, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRES8, FRIDAY MORNING, DECHMUJUJU, jo. . tiucted in liol.l tiie country between the Ncuccs nnd tl.e It In (irrnj'. " Previous instructions, will lnvc put you ltiiios"s nolol the xiews of ths Goxctnuicnt if the United States, not only into tin-extent of Us tcrriloiial claims, but of its ili'lcruuuatinil to insert til Til." He Is inuru -led to put Im lin.ips Into winter quar ters nc 'niil.uiy, ns nc.irtl.e Km Giaudc nscircum-t-tmv will piiinit. Un tn this tini", nnd to the I III. f Wsrc'i, Hli, T C.r.iiis Clnisti. I lie op.ii mul decided Mejixxas token on tlic lSihof January un mat my in neoicmiy nt ilitected (fen. '1 n lor to umn-li in the l!io Grande, an J in take up n position opposii- M itatnurns. In j doing, h U itittnctcd, in ca" Mexico should declare xxai.lo ns Mtmnny open net of lioi.hty,not to net merely on the defensive. 'riinii"''out the correspondence, i. i plain tint the Intention was to cu.u.u.sli the J'.' man title to this tcirito.y hy nrni-J oeeuption . unit tin- instructions are exploit, to treat every assertion of title ur movement un tli" pirt ut Mexico, ii all net ol' hostility, and to proceed accordingly und rcFit it. To show (1 'ii.'ral Tavlur understood th- iiistme. ttouof his ( jveriini nt, it tiny b obs-rxed that on 1 the Treasury, nnd cxnrcase.l hi- exnectation that llic til- 21 of Much, J) miles Irom iUatainorns, at n President would recommend u lux mi lea and ur,nr, bireain caiieu in- .x.rayo, lie was met hy n . in pi lee ol lie millions .triekenout ol the lull ot '-IS. pirty ol Mev,yanswhoe eo.nininihiij; ollieeripforin- 'J'he majority wiiieh ..truck out those fixe millions linn lint it tie erosj-il the Etrcnni it would b deem-' Mill existed. his, advice to them would hi r.i a ucci.iniuoii in war, nil l pui lino Ills lialltl a copy ot .in ji.ii-iiiuviuiiiiiuuii iii mtii eii'ti. mul manufacturer unprotected in their labor. (t.oud tnitl continued ehecrim' ) In I iifrlmul, where ilry Imc progressed fur centu ries, and the laborer is reduced to the lowest limit, lice tmde may do. In fryniunstu! exercises urn Mlip tlieni'Ui s naked. Tim laborer is mippcil naked In the aim-title office trade. (I,ou.i applause ) I'll" speaker nlladed U the practice oniie Luropcan nat'intm, xxhieh xvns to protect llieir own indiitiy i lo the fact tint the cry lor tree trade in llns'.ninl wnsn mete cry for cheap Ue tliou'.'ht tliai lice trnde wns destnictivool llr interests ofhbor i.i this country, nndnllour American iueimcts xxcrc tigaiusl nny such n s.i?m. lie notie-il n l'ourth ol July procession in iTrii-!, in this city, with the inottns and devices on the hi'tineis p lintin li the nrosneetivc cncnuruicmcnt Hie maun- I lactiireisof the country expeclcd from tiieconitilutiun m in- u mien maics, men tmopicu uy icn n;u, One motto " In the ravs ol tli- ci iititnlion we ptospcr,"nud nnolii'r,' Li t'l" Union Government protect American l.inintlactuiviT," nmt anoth-roflhe brew-cis," lloui-brexved is best." (Applause.) Mr. Webster rcfericd in conclusion in the Hate or . iUavkctc. Hriitliton .Iiirkrl-1'.' 7. Urporttil for ths Ihslmi Travcltn: Al maikci lOOai'attlc'J.VjHlorei, 1 1 yokes workhnr oeu, lid Cows mid Calves, jJOJ Blici p and about iOU fciwilie, llrrf CUtlr llxtrn 95,7;. first nullity $.',M i : ond quality. -1,75 1 third qaality, :ijOa SI uc Citllc Sales not notu ed. 11 VA imr O.t-ii lilies made at 67i, 76, fll, mul 5j. Ours uml Olives Sales noticed nt Ql'J, 'U, '-'I, 23, an I in. Slurp Sales of lots nt 75c, 91,12, 1,JH, mul 2,r. .V.iw Sales of old I logs I 1-2.'! Shoats.lor Ihr lowsoe. for Sows loj at lcluil.froiu I l-!2tn5 l-2nnd fie tir ill. , IS. II. tn consequence of n lnrffe number of Il-'cl Cuttle hemi! ut initiket,n laiye number leniaiii unsold at I o'clock. ho was then bowed down with rheumatic nfleclion) the old mall threw nfido his crutches, stepped up in front of ihe company nn.l proclaimed with cmphatie indignation, "I'll go foroncj I want to sec iIiom b.ij s of mine nn J know whether they nrens destitute of pat Jiolic bearing as the comrades they have left behind." "No ! no 1" shouted many voices nt once,nnd Instantly the requisition wns thrice filled up. At the ngc of forty-five he made n public profession nr religion, and fiom lhat day to the hour of Ids dentil prncticcd it in his life nnd enjoyed Its consolations mi l hopes, Tor years his house at Orange wns finiiliutly called the "I'renchci's home." Kiperiniental religion waswith himn favorite theme of conversation. He loved to dwell upon the incicy and goodness of Orel In his tlcalincV'with man. The mere ouiicaitl of ihristinnity he regarded ns of minor importance, but he nave c idelicc in his old age ofhnving drank deep- liciice he 'os unilorniiy tijiieral Tnvlor nut his forces in order of Imtle crospoj the stream unj pushed on, the Mexicans re tieatiug, He arrived on the Hio Grande oppritc Intainorns on ill" 2'.it!i of March. I win n.'.xt dr.iw your attention to the lnngmge nd dre dhy.dr S 'crctary Uuchanaii to Jlr. SliJIll on on the 2uih Jan, Hid. Ill Tc .Mr. V a dneimnt. the of which Mas not luin sh "d lo the rcpoitcr ) Now, il by ordering titops ol ihe United .States to the lelt bank oi the liio Ciande, he had Uiken po'ses non ol'nll wiiieh nny man liad ever claimed titccn Mitutinj a part of the teiritory ol' Texas, whnt was it that he propcted todo withi-o much" vigor" when-t'lerCoirc.-iss'iojI.lpjnnit Did he mean the prose cjtionii a wir n-jiniu M xic.i I U'.is it n geneinl war of iiuaiiiu.nii t aeu'iijuio.i nu I cuiiquot. whielihe iiMeinled tn wage ns sodu as lw should ob. tun th'p-rniK.ioi ol Con,'. ess I II lint wajlus par ti . I tuiu'i n wjjI 1 hive been much betl"r lor liiin to have adhered to it.nudtoliaic waited till Congress I.J give mm authority. It wns nn act h ajmg to war, and Congress was then in session. Why should llic llxecutivc, on its own meie. nulhorily nnd diieretlou, take a st ) soiiiiliorlint Without eoiiilllilig Congles nta iini" when Congresswas actually nisesion in the Capitol I Tnat is gruvo question to be nsked here ulter, Applause. Mr W next read Mr. Slidell's letter, dated Tib. 17. 13 Id, In reply to llic letter ol .Mr. Buchanan. He tlic l proceeded ; And here allow me to say, nsn nntter of history that before, and nl the time, our troops were ordered to match U the lelt bank of the II io (Jrnnde, im np prehenion whatctcr was entertained ol nny inva-uiri of Texas by Mexico, or any acts ol ho.-td'ily on llie pari oftlnl power. Tins i evident from the 1-tters of Clcn.Tiulor. It fsplanil'iat no n-h npprehen-ion was felt down lo (bat time ol'ili" iniruciious given lo (Sen. Taylor, on llie Auuit. ll re Mr. W quoted -veral b'tlers ol Oen. Tn; lor, winch it" euutiMkbd estabh!i"i two projinsitions ) lt Tint no iiinT exited ol any invasion by M- iei. 21, That it was th olert of our govcmm',nt to ukc pos ss.nuby foreeol theiii'putcil t'Tinoryjand thm loti-' Mexico ciio-ie to treat. In other words, that in' IVendent did, without the authority of Cong-em t!i it whi 'li lie could only do by its n uliority, i; nnkea nii'itxry tnoveiuiu on a country then at peace with Hi United State" M V considered this ns a very grave matter. II -'. i 1 ihc no inrl nmiutorj laniuage, but to turn it n',i"ir'd like n pi-eci'di'nt indirect hostility with i.e. mii uio'i, and p-ennnt witii eil consequences 1 1 ri .it' 1 1 to tli usarpitioii ol executive powe-. Tiie wur p w -r was witii Congress, hut tint nru ision ol I 'i t .;i-.Ull!lo:i MUCH be lull. tied, il the rienidrllt hj h ii in-r- niihurity cnl 1 dir.vl s i 'h on. invasion i, lernlorv. nu I mut nee 'ssnrilv involve war iisi C" i-i-qi-ive". lihy li.e Constitution it was for (' iiii'i ss to ssy whelher tli-eoiiitry shall go to war or hi -I ii n '-oi'ly ev-'iy t.xecuiive mcasire involving iv ir.-, ill 1 lv si'j mttel to Co.igresi (Iud nnd gj liel tl a-, ent 1 11 ! ulies were th" consequence of this act of the I'i ' ill's, and then cn.'ie the actot May, piecded hy a pn iiiu'jle of som celel-rny. II n t!u ut wostiti" li stun allv. it w.n to be IHi'wed withoiH un act ol I , ij-i.., i n was not, no act ol Congress could make il li.: Itwa- a Fivinzof Chief Justice .Mir&lnll. that the I, -a -tan might niter the law, b it it could not alter I'i '"Met. ail lm iiUWrniitin of the position was lids : Sippi' C mreM sioill pass in act declaring thai 1'ivn ii nil- ii'ier wroie in- History ot l.ngiauu, w nl w I b t'l fore ol'sieh a liw"! Il might bo sin tini i i,i'jrc.s ny rie a ioi uay ju-titieii tne 1 rc h. I t nu I oiaileth war it- o". , hut Mi. V. ditl nol nl' I r iii it th- act m "int nn. than to say.thal lh l',-e- d " Ii 1 1 a rifit t j iL-l"n I til? whole extent of our o'vu I T'.t ny, lut not to ueq-uie foreign territory, ra ta U-hp,o .1 'S. npp jint go jruors, an.l anmx an cn ti'Mi r!il Dlti- I'nion. I" it meant to ju-tify tli il r.i i o,t lKiei said s.i. II 1 repeated, tin a-i ver, te it M x -o, was wliody u.ijustiti ibte in rciuiugto ie .Minister. His renal ks were far Irom be- i'l'tu 1 1 il lo justify M".iico, or to show up our own (! . - i a n as in the wrong. His only aim was to lit ,ii i t'l 'separate dopjrtui -n;s of our own govcru li it a ill. ship' was, ilni waror no war, p -ac or in; i , w" s'nul 1 mite in maintaining, m i.d its m l ' ityvil sir". i jdi, the Constitution of the United Sdt - I.iiiiJ and long continued appiaus'. Tin' ir, liiweer, was iij,,,n us. Oar aiinies. snid Mr W a-.- in the liei I, our navy on the sens, and il is nurdti'v a-, gjo 1 eiiuem 10 ina.iitaiii the goveinment, and ni i it in an honorable maun t to bring the w ar to a pe-dy coielunon. 'i'he people demanded that every i il'ui trh ' il I lie nnile to elf et this end. Our tleet's n,ilu...i 's wereiietin mi ier tiie order oltliurgoi t uiii .t, m 1 as ,ich th 'ir..ljiy wasooedieuec. 'I h.ia hr 1 1' y lnddone Ii mor lo then country. I i.m beliin I non, ". so I "VI i . W., in ascribing prnTse and ...mor to (i-nernl Taylo- and nil h.s ollieers. Iin'iun cheer mj i 1 a'iih 'h;n I I bo, f irward of mo.-tuien m u;icct admiration fur lie' g io 1 conduct of our volnu'.et lknow ol no hi-lory of oiroAii oroiheriountiies, which cm sho.v an example of raw reciuits, Ircsli fro u t'l bjsjii'j,' ci,-il lu', e vhihitinj at o.iee a j much Albany 7i!nrl('t--T)pi'. 7. Flour. The receipt of I'orclgn News nnd absence. ot iiuyeis,as migni ue expceieu, inxc nrougiu ti-iy imug to was sob' i ;s . : - ----- , .. iinii.Tii-ii,,!, I,,., :tv'. siiiicxistcil. Ins advice to tliem woiuu nc, ns.oic . .,: . i r -i-,in i,.l.l. i...n n,l xx hat von haxe delroved inven us buck our national r ' J'i . i ,o, i i . I i r..n n, .n,..i r Oi.,Ie i credit-put nn end tothc war Von have incut led a ' ,Jur luweu in. ooc,uuu iojuuo imi iocu iiir.iue-- , m , ,,,P, , , ... ... ...... v.. .... . henvv debt, but mxn us n enod oroiectivc sx stem nnd ltnvlnn I lee. 7. n. 30 nrrr. liehnd stendily filled up the measure ol m tne e wnipayii. i no riaic oi iicinuii was i.n online i hinrlrd for Ihr Iloitmi Cornier. tin. nifitLi.l I.. Iii.,,. .... ..p... ij.i.tia nn.l sit ii I I J ... lv of Itssnllit and nowcr. cheerful nnd linimy, nnd prone lo look on the blight to n stand slill. A sunll lot ol It'll b'jls. tietisee sijc of tilings. lie roinetlimg to lie thatiK' old Saturday night for S). We did not hearol a f . f It,, made those around him liaoiiy by inspir f Vlr I -UV i , ,'e." ihe'sale of 3500 bushels two ami , ing iheni wilh the conviction that the measure of his hnol nordoirini of oi dim rv medical teachers, riinl- ing liuuself upon the rr elation of the ALMioinT ciiiJiVrott that "Tiiu m.oou is the urn," l,n fnnuit-es itmt liis disciolcs and his in tients Mini r pure llie lifc-cit'rriit that leaps through llieir veins nut arteries, neinro iii''y c.ui nupi- nn h i-h.ia-N,..vrcure. Ilelielhecan so can olliers; lint bright and jojons heaith must come I'toin a putc Hut a mot nnd thontht here conies In 1 So count less nre the impo'ilioiu which me practised upon Ihe public by pieten lets, nnd to numerous nnd boastful nre the medicines mhrrtised, Ihnt the render Inny be slow to b-liexe ill tins Ureal Itemed)'. A w ord, thcicloie, on tliis point. In the first place, ttr.xn Ttir. (m tertxttrRO ( a?i.tti:. Nonnttci how sceptical )n.i may now be, that paper will convince )ou. Thousands lim e lircn convinced in every Slile nn I Territory in the Union, and among tlieiiidibl'mguished stntosincn, jurists, clergymen, phy scians, cixilinus. Tin hare enumeration ol their names xvould fill this page. Lit the rendu send lo the most convenient ugoney for u copy of the Uazeltc, which can be had In tli" "ecoivl ithcv.Tnv tuc nu.s. It will com tint thr nu-ti'st tulL, nivl will iiilruiUin- you to n inolidnc witit h will (It;- ui n Mi a'ltit'J tin i nl of joiinlaj-.t. i iiimis.iiui iiiiuM pifsiujum nc nun i oi nit runi : 1... . i t:r.. t tiifli n t.ifinnr.r llinl lliP rr iuu i1 urn n 1 1 iui.1 ' cm." iii.ii.i.i . - , , ... ' .7 " I t.t...,l.. el,ee,f,b,ess of voith and Ihe ' ."'cts wti'i'li liny woiiKl icjo.ce los-iy totieremcr, I Here Ills necn n inir nemau'i lor me various quau-, ii.'T' . i '" - - bJtth Churcli Music. riMir.rfATiT.lf.Y.Cin'ilna Kacra. Tlie Odeon. The lloston Mclodim, The Ancient l.yre, Tiie Mozart Collection, IVrthoven Collection, Kingsley's hoir. S'onna Choir, lloston School Song Hook, Juvenile Singing Hook, Musical A. 11. C , by 11. Ives, Musirnl Siiehim' dozen or single m tbe low est lltieCH.tlt s!.. t i'. -v. liutiiugtiiu, No. I, riyk'slluildinz, ? , I).e. 2, io. j I.LIWAIlDd'. 23 Now lnlc Honlis, rplIP, MODKItN It .U' Hostnn iVrcd Mel I ndit. Aeolleclio.i ol'Clnirth Mtiic, comprising in id.lition to nntivol tin luot iiouulir tunes in coin. r grent xan.'iy ot new mil oilman I ines, I) KCKI VMDo.v cOifsiosMRMT, n:w casks il. nrfl1i1 Itfintimmlinlil WluslfCV. of S'lll'.'lior qnlity. Also, a g-menl usortineiit of Wet and Dry llrocerie", U.-y Goods, &c .Ve . - 1 I1S IX. Oi I ... I . Hxchnngi; Ibiildings, Wnter St., llutliiigloii, Nov. Hid. J Ti the T.oxert crf'CSooJ Jlusio. Till! undersigned iiavingiindc an nrrangement with several of tin best riaiui-ForlcmmuCictoiicsiutli'i cny ol ftiiv i crli, would gn'i notice Ihnt li.' xvill re ceix'c orders lor lity instruments, frninmiy pnit ol Ver uio'.it nu I New 'oik adi'iining, and make wroinHy SUIl Selections, in rcirnril lit Inne. mnt.-ttnl sn.l liuisll as may suit tin taste of purchasers, 'i'lv reputation iil.'iiees.Clianti.Motctl..niid Anthems. ndat.led to ! ncqiirctir.yinoi.i--;tJ).inhiui,(,i!o Social nn I lieligious Worship, Kiti. iies Singing ' " ",V' ' LV, i "," 1N"",.f ' ''!"'r- .is nlrcndy School", Ac, by l-i'lxvnrd Ii Wlnf and John II. (iould. P'' "c" f fbhdied to n-ed conunendrtioii, nor I. With the exception ofn lew ol I tunes, this i n rol- V'' " MwenM in tins vi.-nnty shotild. lection of I'titirely new music to the Atne.icnn t.'.blie i ' J ' ' " . ' " Z' h'l'iveu,ents, iu,td rl having eilher lieeiiarrnng,,! froin ihe comoosilUi, ot w n. 1 itisii'ii i.urcpenn wrueis, coiuni.nieu ny xiner- :.,, ,r , ,-. ,i, m ;:' . ' ; ' .,' '' : if an Authors, f,r original, l'rice $7,5J doz. 7ocis sin gle, rorsnbnt 23 KinVAItlW. wasi-nou-oii looKingiotiiccii.i, lurm "i "", i. ,, ' , xv lni. ,1,,. ,, .,,,.: I ,.;,!, wl,',,!, n.,.m fi,,,,, the consJoiislicrs ol xvoiuu noi retunce t nat xx i a i it i:u uesiroxcu. in...... ; , - - . ---- Hot even if it should, and llie p ople slioiild be fool- an I some ;l. i. . i .1.. : ' ... i i'.. ........ i iinmiua . isii .-iinuii ii, i in jr ui iiiiiui'ii-.- iiiiivium ni iuiviii . j ,. goods wbich that xvould require, what would be ihe i 1 h'''1)' consequences i Th' goods must be paid fir, nnd the I . J11'.'.." .". " 1 ax nil' 11 l 11111,1 ilelfmee llie f ill:l llirl.l I I'OIHIMloll anil -i.ii ...'.."."... '". destiny the country. ' Ino.v.siid Mr. V., tike leive of you, nnd of the oeca-don liy U-turning my tli.anks to tbe ladies xx ho haxe honored ) ou au'd alt ol us by their nltciidauce her-". II t'l'y luxe not leecivcd nny plcasuio.they haxe at leasi lullillcd the duly nnd the destiny ol their sex by conlcriing it. II Hi nu hcnc.rut!ire ine hive nt nny time felt their ens soincwbet xveary, ol one thing I urn sine, their eesnl leas.1 lnx"e be n niways grauti-'d. finally, I rejoice ill the piospeiity ot the times, nnd in the happy country ii which we liv, xxithntl the inniiinerubfe bles-ings xx inch l'roxidctic? has conlerted iqion it. Who Is there, nn.l lux.lnt nrt ol'ihe world, that can lo k back x ah thn gicater plcisire, and a more hon est pn le, upon Ills country s history. Wnal I nn T or luothor cm look forxvard wilh more hop? lo th.' future happiness 0l ilrir childicn. And xvlulc llie fithers nnd thcsonsshall uphold the pillars ol this our happy confederacy, nny those pillars ever be ornamented by the grace an.l b.-auty of the mothers und datighteis. .Mr. WclLtcr here concluded, and the applause xvn irolonged for some minutes. nu I some large nupuilalions oi loreign j quotations ... n .i,.i,. itn.,nv i he close of life to sucli n man His name is houonble, nnd tliougli lie lias illicit no 37 a 3S ' bigb station, he Icaies to his heirs, in the tieaured re :U rl 33 inenibtaiiccsof what he xvas.ns a parent, a tlni-tinn coolness, bravei v. and ICiieers. The nio-t di ilngui.hedofth' new rniied levies al II in'ier'oll II di I but bravely stand behind temporary d -fences ;but tlrse men made their way agu. ist tor rign armament', tealed stone foititicalioii., mucked walled cities, and perl'iruied all the sex crest dulksof the field Wlintexi r imum; may haxe called them to the lie),), it is at" g.ntifying to h.-o what wc rin do n tiie way ol injitny jnu m if an emergency r.'uuiri's it. i'orlliL' rciiniuil'Tol the sp-ecli wc arc obliged to content oa-' lies xxitha bn.-f tketch. The l'lieladel It'iis I, Ij; -r sa i . Mr Wost . t','i turned to subjects or n domestic chiruct'T. He iclerred lowli'ith.- temi 'd lite niter s' sts which bad been alfect'dliv ihe exereisi! ol the ronstitulioli-il veto. He compared the qnhlii'd van xv,thlhi! Veto ol' lb 11 l'jlisli in Lineli. im I iili.i I . I to the fjcl of ihe no.i-cxcrcise o! tlu lailcr fur 1 IJ jeais. The influence of ihe Crown hid b-en nkvixn sufii- ci'ttt to pre.iti'n pmigjo! an nhuxious law, but I nnvcio uasnppiieii toai-iw actually p-isscd. lie did not jnip'iie coriuiition to uiembers ot Congress, but he t-howt d how illllilL'iie.' cualJ all', ct one third of Con gross in rclatioi to a law obnoxious to th" Hxeculix'e, mid veto or lullily the volts of th" oth 'rtwo-thinls. The veto ol the rixer and h irbor bill xvas comuieiu r. on nt length ; llie duty ol" tloverumeut toii oxiJ" for the iniiirou'in nt ol tliehiibnrs ol llie Atlantic und ! h" grent I ikes, nnd lor the cleo ring out of the Western rivcis ol snags, was strongly eniorvcd.oii 1'ie ground tint the people of t'l" Slates could n ,l make ihein, mid the (Spueral (io.erunii'iil on'y cnuj I. A gi', Phillip Hone of New Yotk, read the harbor and riicr bill lur .Mr, Wcbttir.iii order lo re lieve him. There is one thing xxhieh llie gentleman did not rend, it being, ns Mr. Wch.tersail,xoted down by the lltuocraliciiariy, bccaiiie, he supposed, lliey thniight tbev xvould not haxe liad so much u-c lor it. to wu.i.'i appropriation for the liiiniovemeut of ihe navigation ol iii iiiver. ti.ouuauucoiuinueu i.iugutcr.j The speaker rcviexx'ed the constitutional ob.eetion: of llie 1 resident, xxlurh lie controverted by piovni'j: that thcK objeotsol unjmiven.nt were not Im-nl iiii-l state, but an J natiuiiul The p. nvor of Con gress lo make harbors, he contended, xvnscxpresaly piien in ihe cnnsiitulinii in the power to regiilatecoui inerce xvilh Ion ign nations and between Ihe .Sunt. Mr. WcbMir concluded this bmnch of Ins subject by reading his opinions upon the csiminerce of ihedd lerent Slates ol this Union, x.'hu II he consi lered us a unit, nnd tiie power x.hich Congress piwssis to con struct piers, hurboisnud hg'il-hoii's's.aud nujiruve and make rivers numable, xverc full and uinple. At this point, .Mr. Webster sat down Irom fatigue, bill lie , nfiera liinmini's hesiialiou, to di.'iii the rrcsideiil's veto on ths Trench spoliation bill Uc p.uc n jiistory ol the traiiaciions out of xxliich llie ii .tms ,.l',,nr i iiicnsfnr iliesiKihations by the I'lench iiiivntitrsdiiringlhe rrcncli Hexolatiouot l,,Jnros.., mi I then, he com ude.l, tint the veto ol lb? bill Tor tnvin" the damages wa3 iinpiinllelcdiulhc hUtoryol i. iu r..iiiQ xiere trivial and till. (Hi; COIlllllJ , uiiu in 'i - worthy nl the dignity ol aigiimenlf' .Mr, W'Lbster rccimcd to the tarill question, whuh 1 !.l u. ,1... ......t ii.mnrtmt HOW IW-loiC l lC COUII- ne Finn ii-. in. in.".....,' -- rniile Irom our forciuu icl.itions. lie was m layer of lull, adequate and thoiojgli pn lei lion to the indii I ry of the country. The principle of the tin rol M i the true principle. (Applaui- ) And ho would -i .1... u.lnr us lie was concerned, lie would allow nu tampering with the tarill', which was ruinous iu principle ; no tampering '" I-" He would buy t" the iron men r.f IVmisylvanai that - . , . i. u. ....... ii in e so ter. or lna.e "":a V" "1T..U ..nXeVrx nuldhsvcanyillee. The AVnr. There is nothing- new, or important, from the Army or Navy. Tlia fj.illatit Tavlou ro in.iiti3 nt Monterey. Tiro followitiir isn snnitna ry of thu intcllifjunco fiom all ijunrtcrs since our lit : The stcnni'liip McKim, lias arrived nt New Oilt'jiis, luuino lelt I'razrc St. Jiif;o on Ihe lilt lilt. tiio brinis intullinnco tint Hon. Wool tool; peaceable pose.-.-nm of.Monclin.i nn the iiOth of October, the .Mo.xic in governor and in citizens forininir liia escort in. Col. I).i!iip!i;iu litnl liken the city of Chi huahua without resi.j.iticp. Col. Jtilfy had been ordered to march on Victoria, in Talnanli pas. On t!i" of the (le?iatclies from our (iovernmi'tit, onlerine; the iliscoiilintinnco of the arm-lice, lienrrtil Taylor despatchoil .Major (Iralnni lo Siltillo to givo notico of tlio fact. Not a soldier was to lie scon at Saltilln, and on the 1 Gilt (Jen, W orth received orders to inarch for that place. Tlta accounts from Santa IV are to the 20th of October. Tlio horses, ami iiuiios Were dying lor want of forajre. The cold weather had set in with severity and inanv were on tlm jicklist. (Jen. Kearny xx-as al I'ra Cristo, 2').j miles SJonlli of Jvinta I'e, haviti"; abandoned his wagons anil packed his provi-iijtisntid bae;.ra''e on tntilcs. tien. Worth's divi-ion occuptcil tiie city of ..lonierey, unn l ivigjjs b.uiu llntlers uerecn c.unpe.l out -ide. It was rumored at C.nnargolliat another rev olution li.ul broU-n unt In" Mexico hy wiiieh .Santa Anni hid been declared Dictator: and that the opponents of Suit i Anna headed by Hen. Valencia, had demurred dming- 1dm from Han I.tis de I'ltto-d so that tlio, in conseqiienco, had 1'j.lleii luck to Mexico. Ilunur dimblcil. (en. l'atterson had left Camargo with two Ihonsnnd men, for Tuniico. Cel. GatCB had been appointed fJovornor of Tampicn. Tholossof troops by sicklies, on the ltio Ordtile, s-inee the opening of the campaign, was o-titniited at fifteen hundred. Coni.n idoio Stockton lias formed a regular territorial (jov"Pim"iit for California. WA-m;,Tnv, Dec. 11 S 1'. M. Conmodoie Stexvuit an cd to day, pursi unt tnorler-. it is ntidi'rs'onil, ro - i i i 1 1 his pn-s-onco in tlu (iulf of Mexico, to superintend pro jected niv il (uoritioits against thcer.emv. it is now l 'clar.'il that fcanta Anna, AUuon- to and tlio other Me.icni ol'dccrs who xxero liisoed llirougli oiirs'piadr in gave llieir pirole lint to engage in tlio war against tho United Htates which wns lite cau-u and the condition of their being p tsi-ed. The Steel and the I'lint. do II-1 do. ill 1-t! do. do do. 5i ini.h Sheep. U It.V .Sni) ma do. washed do do unxvashed llengasi unwiished AaMiny, clean - - -ll.ienos Ayres, unpicked do do picked Sup. Noi lb 'n pulled lamb .o. i no no no tl do do do 11 do do do ill a 2 'U II a .Subscriptions received to the Tree. Press in Not ember. ii Grand Ile, Vt. 1 2 Burlington, Iowa, I V South Hero, Vt. 3 1 Montpelicr, " 1 1 l.ex, j fi Willis-ton, 1 1 Ludlow, " 1 1 Champlnin, N. Y. 1 lr.Mnnchesler, X. It. 1 pmrtnISIMS-HJSSS'HSililllilL mmvm.iAtnxi. WWII linn Windsor. Vt. Chnrlotte, ' Dn.Icihill," ferg enncs, Mihoii, " Iliiilinglcn," Noithlield, " Wnllingi'ord Joiiesborouch, Ten. iHlUTtCtj. In this toxvn. on llic 2 1 ult., by the Uev. John tircg- ory. .Xlr. I kculrick A. of Clninplam, Jx. l ., to Miss Sunn A. Ai'nr.uv.ol'this town. In llus town, on the '.'Sth Tx'ov., bv th' Itev. II. J. l'aiker, Mr I). I'"i.r r ui.a, Ia3hi un'blo Tailor at Wi-noo-ki 1 iil!..on ol J. an I A IVtcher, Long Hulon. Yoik.iure, England, to MissSiirRM.x.v.dauhicrtf 1". amis Sh -11111111, (deceased) Ipswich, Satfolk. ling. Iu M"iiklon, on lb; 1st m't.,hy the Itev W 1 ord, Mr. V 1LI.IAM l.i.o:.-ARU of Iliuebui g'.i, lo M'sc I'm iu. A..'Sjiini,daughicrui'XnihanSaiith,i;sq ,ol.Moi,k ton. In Ilii limond, on the'Jjth Nox'.,by the I'.. II. (Ireen, lq., Mr. l'i.iLiiCr.xst:2.l,o! l.,to .Mis l.ecv Wv Marv, ol Hiucsburgh. and a senant of his country, a ikhcr legacy than gold enn purchase. Com. -.-' i.i-.. iimrawg ii.'.' liiniiso! t lisaiLerlis-'iienl fjibi I. Hut let nuv one alllitUd xvilh the lollow ing diseases innke trial o the (iiacit nljerg 1 ills, and they will be I'Lk.h.v KIINTl.Y LUKCIJ! Asthma, i Flatulency, Uihous Complaints, I Fluor Albus, or Wldtcs, lloils, 'Gastric Fever, llowcl", deficient action in Green Sicklicji, l'KAlils STRKBT HOUSF,. An Oyster Siinpi r xvill be qixen at the Fcarl St. ,( orIi.w.a' House on Tues.l.iy livening, loth ins. "..line Host" i, il xvould hkc to s 'c all his fnends on the occasion. Uec- B, 18 Id. CPHI1 subscribers oiler lo th" public a xvetl selected 1 r.siortnieut ol (JltOOIHflF.ri .t PROVISIONS, consisting m part of the lollowing articles : II S Tens, Y II do Impei tal do Dilli. nil Uriathing, i), Dvsu' otic Constitution. liigi-siinu, unp'iKct, Illack do Loaf fctlgilts, Cruelicd do lhowu do .Molasses, l'epper, .S..1.-C, (linger, Kaleraius, Kaisins, Rice, Ciuuamon, Clme Nntineg, Mace, Ci'.ion, Currnnts, Coccn, Chocoiet, Silmon, ('od Fish, Mackerel, Table Salf, Lamp Od, Sperm Candles, Mould do Toilet Soaps, And many other articles too iiuinToas to mention, nil of xxhieh xx'c ure to stll low for i:. UUTTLMiFIiSLD .V Co. Ilarrinetoii's nuildi.iir. ) lluiliugton, 0.c, 111, lb 1G S 21wl D i c b , In ibis xillage, on the 5th hist., nii'.nbeth II., wife of .Mr. George li. llarimgluu, and daughter of Win. I). Merrill, l;.q nged PJjears. Iu Fairport, Lake Co., Ohio, on the lGth Nov. Fd o.xii A. Dit.anii, aged 5ii ye irs 5 inoiilln nnd 27 davs, ot lexer, son of A. 11 and C. Maraud, of this place. .Mr. JOHN STACY. The good old soldi-rs of the Revolution xvill foon piss away. The very few tint survix c most all be from cighly lo otic hundred ) ears old ; and x-ery soon, the last link, which unites the piesent generation with lhat eventful period, x ill he enu.tered. .Mr. John St.xcv, xWio died in this town on the 1th int , at the residence of his son, Henry 11. Stacy, Ivq. in his G7tli year, xxaone of ihesc' worthies." The in legiity of his chai.icicr and hisscivi.-L-.i for sl.x yearc in the cmse of his couutiyV frtcdoiu, justly claim tiie graiiiude tuuliespectof the living. Mr. Sr.xCYXv.i3 bom nt llopkinton, Mas"., Ctt. 1G .-S-if-a L". MirrTiinrUOLI) A- t:., haxe on I- a m consignment a large slctk of T HAS, for low sale Hirn.i ..'s llailding, s in. , lliiihiigton, Dae. I, ISP). 2lw3 in;rri:;trn:n) ,v ro. haxe for sal- I J Wheeler and brown's Lump Tobacco, by the Box at Ncxv York prices. Harriiieton's u.liltiiir, lIurhnjioii.H.'C S, 181G. 21w'J i its? . ,.rtr.. ,1. 1..1...1.: , ..c i.. .o. ' iit-coriiin ' io iiieiouowin-rnci.le ol nremiiuus. .'12. nt.x'.oris is 1 ixisr, w-iucn ine anun-ianuy siuisu'ii ine 1 ., , x':.. .! : n..n. r .1 V-v , ', 1 minds of thousands iu this country, and'ninong th-in , ' ' , -Uo v-ry hu.'ial suppoi that rrcmiwiitoAnurau'ifur S101. the nceompiisiicd l'hyMiia.H.Jn ists.Clcicyinenand h , i - , , J , private c,t,.'iis.,nle and female, li I ' f ,a "''"'' o l,,s business to merit n s'nre f -:- ' -' " I -. '-- li Ni'MiitoisCiiiTiiicATi.,of thexvoi.dcrri.leio-, i , r, 1', v iii'",'1, ,f ""r'".', "v a,'"'cf ! S s- ' 1 c I -- 1 i. S -' - -3 cacv of tliese l'il. might be picscnted ; l.,t ccilili- V.', n.?r -Web' I I""1""? ht "! . T1 T ' 5 ?i 5. p" ' 5.S E 5. v cat.' in these days is scarcely worth the paper on winch -T; ' f' & I i, S I tl a, 2.3 E i h H itis printed. A lew extracts frun the ib I , ' i ' wishw lii.iher to iniorm his - r,.' - 1 -- r,C of tiiecouii,env.will.howev,'r.benuwi:ixcn. h.enJs tlia he tonsideis li.uis.' more coinp'tsnt, ' -f. ' ,3 ' i'll.tlT III I'll I or in 11 IJ UiO ntiv ir:irm'iir tun. Ii cumrior In t. r- -i u . 1 -s Aimer M'iIcoN i;intt. STATi: OF mUMnXTAThQUun. hcohMc DismicT or CiurTc.NUEX. ss S Court lor tJw District of Cliittetiilen : '!' all p r.m' co'icpmed in LMate ut' Aimer Wilcox, late of Wostlurd, iu said U.stnct, dc ccnseti,tcftalr, Grli.pinm : WiiuAy, K C. Wilcox, fxcrulur of llic Itntt of ftinl Meccacil( jno)o'!'b to rentier uniu'cotint ol Jus au ininittrJttoiit nu I picsi'iu Ins nceoiirit tigaiiHt ttiid rn tnU io 'Vi-inutiou mlnilo.ane,:it n "i' of tl.e Coait ci rro!at'. to bo IioMimi at xhiofnrc of the AV- gixter, ol Kii.l Court, in llu;!. union, in m 1 l) on me .jfooiiii fiine-"iay ot jani.arv, A. ). Mli. Th'rt'fore. ou are v n Uy iioliliif m nppear Imf re eiKl Court attli'j time wul nlare ulorcpaiil. nun thuw cmi, if nm vou hne, wiiy tuc account afjresaid, hiioulj not lie allow nl. linen under my han 1 at nurUnsion.tUUStli dny ol i-'eoeinucr, . it. lcttu. siw3 ciiAni,nsiit'rfsi:ujM(.'ic Uintml ?3pclin oV io cnmt.iplnin unit C'un- B-jm: ANNUAL 3inr.Tin or Tin: L1 K Ch-inii-lainiin K'onne.'iie'i! KiverKail- " Hivi'Hth-ardsjnuj'i, auJ witn -ss',1 two nrlhreo fJIHl, Sl)liS('Ri)I,lv W'tUIXn TO I'L'KCIIIS): i3.-s ir-if 1 m 111.- nude dtreeteii liy your .loutnal, 1 H n larcerfann ill.h-noseofihiMilaeewliretiei,mv iveth'iiulit it iiniurliiiit vou suoul.l Inx-e an aaent in llers...onsisiom,.i i;rn-n, ni'..v,.ii..m n-. this iil.iee. Iu in v oniuiou. moii'irood can lie djne in ..leir.,.1 ,in.l..r7,.'u,.iin ,i....!...i-': 1 Ihnbil.ous c imaic hy )our iiieilecmes, Ihan by ; Ihe j -imaied two miles from the s iiiare, on the mail ler.din" 1 -''eUa old mo l.'S. 1 address vou nt the mi nice ot a Iricnd who is iiiauiiij; n ihoiougli trial ol your tenicdies,niul with complete succes-,." i HUM A 1) STIXOt'ISllCD OlVTt.CMXX Of lloSTLN" '. fieiit!ii..en. I cannot lef.aiu fiom troubhntr vou with a lex'.' hues lo cAiuessmy yieat pleasure, iu be'ing able tosav. that 1 haxe exncnetieed th" relii t Iroin tiie i liict ( I jnur 1'ills I'or many ears I have snlt"r"U i"ii' :i t:om constipation, xvlueli lias itisar.ans cd i.iy whole (i)slxiii, r.nj I have not l.iioivu inlay's good ti ail'i for unny years past ,an Hieing an old nun, I d. snaired oi ever ngnuicinoyino. hie ;hut n friend te- eniiiiiii' nie lo itv xour l ui-s, xvlucll 1 illil. I'l- titouh, xyiih'-mt any . .mlidente ; the lesiilt. 1 am Imp-; py to iitt'orui you, h is fu i xeeeded my expectations, in" can-- oi iny suiiuium .s u.'i.riy u nioxe.i, uml i te I my l.e.iiin una siiciiut iimiy reucweil.iuul 1 urn i-ci it i .e. ...! ..i.i . rou.t coiinninv xvi i ie.l nt the Lourt House in llui , ' ' i. ' i i ., ' ' ' i ' . I bind, nn the . ml Wrdnei!ay, beinsthe laih day ul January nexi it HI o VI )el. in the lorenoon, I ir the elec tion of Direcims, und I jr lb" ttausaiiiou of any other oiuiness, wuicu may iz liloimiu necessary. A5IIsBWIlT,67fri. .xliddl(bury,7lh )-c. 18IC. 'lx5 rr- ;.(f -lLUII'IiAIN' TliAXSJ'ORT- ise ,V ATION CO.AU'ANY. nelluns mure linn six )eais ser- I 'llc Mo. bin. ders i f the Lliainphin '1 rini-portation i-.. it wis v-iil, Mr -i lii-inn-i.ri.i. ! .. "".l""' arc herel.v nniui'd.thnt ihe annual meeting wasx.itli .Mr. . .a Inmspna- , )(,r ,iu. ,.iectioll uf )ir,0,, of Mul (,.,. for t ciisiunir jcr.r, un.l lor th" linn- u unn ol nny ml, r busi-li-ss thuiiulii proper when niei, xxdl b" holdeu nt the American Hotel, m tne Milsi" ot lluilintton. on lie lust 'I'liutEilay of January, n t, nl une o'cln I,. 1'. .Al i n ii.u i)ii.ji.n'Ti,i;,r7,', ("tnntpltti.1 Ti 'importation t'3. 21 Ihirlinf ton, Till December, 1SI0' Tlicl'Jtli nmonp; tin' regular toasts nt tlio WnnTEit Fbstival in l'liiludelphia was tho fol lowing : 12. Kentucky .Music to tl.e rar of ex-cry Whig! This tn-ist, says Ihe N. V. Tribune, "elicited a biir-l of enthusiasm." Tlio Phil adelphia North American s-iys: When the 12lh toast was read, one of the Commit tee o! Anangenicutsproposeil : TiicKtarol the W.'Ft-IIi:.VItV CI..VV. The iiuno'inccm-nt of ibis n .me touch'-d th" electric ehor I, which i always ihrdlinly icsponde.l toby every true n 'iirleii xx m. I lie w noi" aii'ii.'iice rose inres- pnii.l lo tliecoiniiliuient lo llie ycat x m Mate.nrin, L'hauiiion mil IJead, and cheer upon cheer rent the spaciou3 .Saloon. r.l'RMSijJ'UI MLCIIA.MCS I.NST1TUTC. Tho ntiniKil mectinn; of II. M, I. will I13 ItclJ i i tl.e .School liourt'on Ciitlin's Lane, on Wed- nosday Kvonintj next, nt Iulf p-ist si oTIoclr, lor tin) I, lection of ollicors and admission of new inemlcrs. I!y Order of J. IJ. HMNS.MAin. Scrrctary, Olt.WI) I.ODCi; OF VKHMOXT. J ho Annual cnininiiuicalioti of tho (Iranil lj-uli;er,J I'm wul accepted Masons in Vcrmtml will bs hoU"ti nt JLisons Hall in Burlington, 011 thu Kecond Wednesday (Kith) of January, .. 1.. ;n at !) o'clock A. M, and notico theruof, is lieteby fjixen. By Order of N. B. UASWlMsL, 1ft Mas'.cr. John- B. Uoi.LExnr.rK, Senettiry. 1'r. Wool's Sirsiparilh and U'il.lChrry Hitters 1 iiMcelehr.iti'driiui.iiiud.w saljlnrv 111 iis cHVis In u,l ciises wheiiadmini-iered for Disi 'p.iu, rilcs.iudl .estion, lleredieiry Humors, mid li,,puiuies of ihe lllmi.l, lll'll llll.iy ullll.. uiii.t ihstillir'jmlied pliysicuius h'ne iiiiprin d milreeonnn-ndedit, mil op.-iily ack nowledged 11 the most valuable medicine iter discov ered. Ilistruly 11 valuable medicine, nnd ij cllectini; un immense amount of Koidiu the relief of sull'eriui; hiinianity. I'or sale by l'uii !; .S11..XR. 'Jln'J betnir, at an early nge, bound out to seixice ed but slight mix antati.-s of education. Tiie d.aili of his master subsequently set him nt liberty, nnd iu 1777, when in his seventeenth )cur, hcVnlered the sen ice of his country as n private soldier and served, xxith but slight intermission, till the close of the, xh"ii he rrci 1', an honorable ibf-chargo from lien, I.nox m l)-e., 17iU, niter pometli vice. Trom early life ipln, ti th his iliitij, ereiy iclicrc; nnd the picnipt li .lelity wilh xxhidi heneq.uited liimseil as a soldier, xx as soon rc-ponded to in hi promution, fust Id ollice iu his jinj'U'iy,and aft. rx.'nri!?, to iheolliceol Clerk of the Kcjoinent. While Cen. Wamiivitcs lay nt Nexv hurph, he xx ns selected us nuc of the life-guard of lhat distinguished mat.. While holding this post of duty he x us particularly and p 'rsonally noticed by llie Gen eral iu a manner most flattering to a soldier's pride. Mr.T.icv's serxicts as n soldier x.'erc nni-tly ri n- dcrcd on the northern tronlier, upon the Hudson and in Ncxv Jersey. He xvas at Whifplains and paitici- pa ted in some of the shirmi hingat tlial place. He CJCjL'jMjiiutw ant! 7Zky V:.r's aii'T nonKs-AX.xirAr.sPoi! isit. r.i:APr.i:rsoFMKMony, with 12 splendid en LTaillliH nn I tlirpp itltitninntiorni THE rSOl'J)tU!AXXl Al.,pk"Ad quarto, xvilh 10 .iieyiuuit 1 nirraxings. FJllXXDSIlll' S OPPJ:i!IXG, bound in nrabetqa" llll ii ClllUXlllgS, sonieiinies expressed rcgiet tint he hud never ihanccd j quarto" 10 engrnungs. to participate in the mure impoitnnt battles of llie Uev olutioii; yet, fcxv men ierfo,nieil, more active service. He was often selected for detached commands; for the transmission of important despatches, exploring parties and couli lential tru:ls of xariou, hinds. On one of these occasions, he pa.--s.-d three da) s and three nights without tahing food ofany Kind. In subsequent years, he often alluded to this exent xvitli sati-i.iclion, nshaxing taught liini one of the most useful lessons of his life. His country's fiecdom ncliicvcJ, he returned to his native coumy, Woiccster, !lass.,neqiired a trade and Bellied ut iiulnir t .1 ( .Sit .1 , . .. l A., .li.arlo. pr.tlKAl. (irPKKISG, a splendid nuato, colored. TUP. ISOUifVliT. I,o,10 s-iilen.hd einbellUhnixni XATi:r:Ksni:MS.mio, silk bindum. tup. may Fr.owu;. ODD Pl:l.l.tlWsl)VVrAUXG, engraiin;s. t!l Ali:i)VAItl).-5'ilool;-tore I'.ch's lljiidmg. nn: Gracfcnbcrg Pills riUHlULl ARE THE MOST COXCLt'IVT RrASONS Xxhy I that class ol Medicines denominated " l'A- 1 l..x 1 . "tiiuilit lie n.ailc tiie means ot mcalculali i ', ''.-,,". j' , ..1, n and cndurinit blcs-mt,s to the hiiiiian fuiiuly, Sup ... . . v. .. v.. . ,,osy ,or ...xain-.i c. tlial a me I order ol In cut ninr an, in tins State, and engaged in Agticultmal pursuits, bjguciousobssrvalioii, and I gnat medical learmng and where h? rc-ided thirty-eight )cats. till the infirmities expel ii-nce ure brought to upon the invention nnd ofngeadinonishcd bin, lo sech the sheltering protec- irM Hon ofhisihildrin j ami since lojotie ins liecuau un- i w ith the s.icei.-.,tnai nttends llic sacrifice of similar obtrusive inhabitant of .jurlnigton. boon alter his re- talents ami toil in oilier tilings 1 1 here is no reason . i i ..i.r.Li, ,.. r..n..9 .... ti.n im.n i and it i but llie sun nl"St dictate of I he siiu nie-1 com nova, i.oi. schw ,...,i.. . ...... moii Mi (o li.'il n ,,jU l!iuj U,UCV,,-W1, ns in Ih-J I."gn.ulure, nnd icceix ' cig it coiiseculive ji,fjcctiin uiticleiiscunhemade by man, T,rcnty-Jive ( lections, lie was fifteen) curs llieir town cleiK, and 1 yems ihvuliini to any iiicsuh.cct will give a man ol for txventv-nme yeats, mi oliicniing magislinle. In ability the mastery over It. 1 Ins labor lias been bes this capacity lie distinguished himself particularly as a peace-maker. By the integrity and benvolence of Ids life and the soundness of his judgment, he secured the high respect of his lownsincn.nnd i'Acrtc.1 a strong inlluciice ill moulding society into its proper form. Such wns the respect toward him, that no one dared to do a dishonorable or mean act in his presence. As a Magisttatc he xvas called to do a somewhat extended l.dMiiibs, nnd llicic being no lawyer hi the place, he xxns generally resulted to for legal advice Such was the confidence in his good judgment and in tegrity, that appeals were rarely taken from his decis ions, nsn magistrate j and in but o single instance, in neatly thirty years practice, wasu deci-ionol his oxer ruled by tlio higher courts. The following incident is iu point. The late Denison Smith, Ic , being ap plied lo, to abate a wiit issued by Mr. Slue, y, replied "Kir, that, that is hopeless, I have settled thai question long since., Sir, is tiie perfection of reason, and lluie is loo much reason and practienl common sell's; in what John r-tneysavs and docs, to allow any hope of escape upon quibblis. 1 advise )ou to settle )our suitor prepare to have justice ineetcd out to you." Though emphatically a man of pence, he wasnl ways f.'i'lmgly uhveto the interests and honor of his country. st the louiinenccnicnl of the war of ISh! he lined oul two of his sons lor the army, the )ounger biitlifiecu)i'ursof age, mviiing Hod s Missing on them nnd llieir Couutiy's cnuse, he bade them go w here .luty railed them, and to regard Ihe post of danger as f-earcelya day I'lapscs in which we do not receive some new test' noma! in fuvor of Wistur's Itahani The subjoined w MMMit u yesterday by an entire stran-g-rwlio could have been i.illueuced by no sellldi mo tive. .Mr. l'jvvlc : New Hampton, April li, ISIO. D-ar 8 r Having beoii trim ded about lour years ..i,i. ....!,. ,., ,1... ...,,i.i,.,..,.l. ,i ,.r, . .. non- remedies but to no iffecl, I Hied the lluUm of tl"' .osl of honor ; but, said lie, "never return loyour Wild Cheity, whichgavuinc iiiiiuediiite relief, audi father's hou-c in disgrace" Sliortly after a levy was cm hereby ussiirc the public, that hi my opinion, il is , . ,,e lowl, for vollim,.er9. Tl.e commny the l-.t iiiediemo fur l.ung nnd (onsuiinitive coin- 1 , , ,. .. plaint which luscxerhecn introduced to the pubi.e, . 09 I'arndcd iqwn the common; the requisition was nnd 1 jude from my own experience. read to theinand the order given for those, x ho xvould . , . , film'sif '''i voluuleer, tosiepoat in Iront. A dead pans- of some v&ffi " ,,,ued)when,forgeigl,i,dtcrfp.ude,,for iiitAiiri'AUiiito viifiin'.Miti: 1'ii.i.s. and they nre presented to tl e public with ilaiinsun tiaralhled iu the whule histoiv ol mediinl science. It will be teen in tnicinir llic lustorv ol'nll mem in ventions.tliat they wire not made or discovered until the nrrival ol what may he termed the ri'i.NEss or time. The mariner's coinpn?s, for instnncc, xvus nut invented until in the " fulness ol lime" it wustiee.le.l The loadhtaiic nlvvays lay ut mail's feel, but ho never knew what a wonueiiui and uncriing guide wn irctis ured in iis Mlent bosom, mil i! the Divinity appointed lime drew near xwion itcnim continents nnd i-lauds weie lobe unveiled. Behold it now traiislerrc.l to the lii.iu.-irles ol tiie advert irons sailor, en.ibliii'r Inn, o, launch far away upon unknown Oceans, instead of timidly s iiliug wiiiim sigm oi lainiunr lanii-mtiiKs ' Bo Willi llie uiscovciy oi ine ;ew XVoilil, uKill w hose shores xva lo r,r use this (hunt Nation ton imwer a glory, u mission Inr be) on t ihe conception of w ildest lancy. rho Did xx oildind reacin d it. lugliest desii ny ;lho "luluessot nine nrevv near lor the levelniu oi the Nl.w.und helinl I the immortal Columbus I,,,, ihelorecisile ol Im ilicnclieil iuinl. leaky vrnsel, Iniind it ! r-o Willi lli im enron ol printing, ol steam, of tin lUDgnctio lel'grapn. l.aeli ol iliese mid us own "in nets ot lime, iiiarucil, made iliatmct and Providential ri' Is MEDICAL SC1L.NCE THE SAVE GRi'AT rillLOSOl'in CAE I'RISCIII.i; 1 10.1'AIXV MiltKlll. Must bcauillul nre tic illustrations iiiiu iirooisoi tins xvincii are to he li.nn.l in the hlslorv of the wolld. We can irne ih...n fiom Ihe Mosdio di-peiisation down lo T - j resent hour i all of them leaching usth'lisson and giimgus mi nope inniwii.iisi'.a yc wcucj io . ai ii'jiuau mat (lilies is nt liand. Tint tins principle Is as true of .Medical as of Phyj. leai scieiiic i".i.j .,, ,i,c i sttiL-ii-iiuui; IJiiri ll.', which n lurnhed gratuitously lo ull win GnAEFENBEnG TILLS, are ilecmtd by all who have tested them tn be an in conceivable advance uihui all other medical coinbnn lions und dis:ovencs hitherto known, and ihey arc uiiuouuceu U4 TlIB fillBAT BBMEDIAI, TRIUMI'lI. The inxcnior of these, Tills tests his tli-oty upon no Breast i'uui!. .Urines. Catarrh, Heartburn, Constipntlon, lllead Ache, Cough olTrcgnancy, Il lysteries, Co'tivencss, Incontinence of Urine, lllillg 'StlOll, liitl-ituatio'i of Vital parts, Inllamatiunoflheritumach Jaundice. I.ivcr Couiiilniiits. lJetctmiuatioii ol lllood to Bow Spoils, me Mean, .iicr.siitiaiion, oupprcssed ir Arhc, j or Painful, rysipelas, .Nervous D.sordcrs, Inilcnsv. Niuraliiia.. evei 'Low, Nervous, In- Rheumatism, tcrniiltciii, Keiuillcnt, Mioinncii, various diseases, 'ever ninl Ague, IWhites. In all bilious or ilironicdisordets. these Pills achieve the most wi.n.lerfiii tiiuni h. Ilrix they r-ttY tom- rr.rtnnN Av,l ns i ie suseriililu itv ol the Anicricnn coiistuiition is to ll.ise discatcs, lliey nre aptly styled ny fconie i in I'm in inn iXjCix- xvoiiu. Their wotiilerlul cllieacv in tliese conmlaiiits arises veiv low nnees from their power to oriN Tiir. l'onns: iixvist: xxd si.iaNuTiiE.i Tin. sroMAtii a nu f.owr.i.s: make the I'mxt 11iwiiF.Ai.iiuLx A.snii.t..xr.: and to nivr. tone ANusnir-Norii to Tin. sxsri.'i. It is iiiiiiossiuie, within the limit's cf nn orditnrv nd- L'ltisi'ineitt.tomve the leader the reasons lor the most extraordinary success nnd spread of these pills. But Clonks! Hooks!! minks ! 1 1 n n. wards. No. I IVek's froni New i ork alu Hostti lection ot 'i'heologicnl. School , .Music and .MlscellaiieoiH Hooks, Uegant Uibli.s, I'royer IJooks, A'uiu.ils and Illu-tratcd NVorks, which arc ollercd ncrxclt the tastes '.I tin; risini rn.'tniii The sub. sviiber Hatters himself tint th- Htlenlion h hss given io ioumc, win w-urrn.H s.i u s -lections on ills part ns shall ilean; th'.' Inns t fastidious, and hopes thnt liisnt- i tern; 1 to iniSnilnee trnoj ins.ii.i,i",la im.i 1I1U ,-....1. 1 H. RDVAi'fDS. Sl'tCISSOIl TO A. ! borhood, will be 'ncjn.led by those ninoni! us. vvTn : 11.. .!..... i.hB n.i w s i ion ii.stx i snnieni ni n niiT i,.r st.'ni.ssr.i r .n. i,n large' nnd "iileiided col- i weal fiste. Prices low, nnd'tcrins liberal. Addnss hi niait. a ,an-j-ioi ii;: iiiiu wrgjus noieu. C THO. HOPKINS. Burlington, Nov aft, 131(3. 21 jjuii .vi -riiis urn .nu.tiu'tT. wli'.le'alc and retail nt city prices. D.'C. 'l.lSl'j. mim snows, ran wixniit (iAiuiK.vr.v 1 ndvertiseiti mts of Btovs. but lead one more lietbro J ol vnrions (rnlitiesj Gold Mix'd. lirown, Olive, 111 h, lliue IH k, lllue, He. at K.VI 11UC. H Co s Dec I. 23 JiAXK OF nuni.iKaroK. N'OTlC'Ilis hereby given, that a meeting of the .Stockholders oft he Bank of Burlington, will be holden ntlhnirllanking II m-ie,on tlies-eciuid Tues.hy of J.inuarv Kio'clo. k, A. M., tor ihe tuirposi' of choosing Sv'vcu Bircctorsf irlhe veareiiiuing. ll.CS. COBB.C'ru'n'cr. Burlington, Dec. Ith. 131(5. BOLTING CLOTHS-- A XI) u. I', wmiti:, No. fi Morton Block. Milk street, Boston', rflONTINUi;s TO IMPORT AND KliEI'S J constantly lor sale, an extensive assortincnt of Bolting Chillis of the most npproved Patterns l'rom longrprienee in th' Jlnniitirtiire nnd sale of this nrtiele, the Ad. veitlscris eiiiihli'd to lurnish i'lll"rs with in. ire perfect and d'linble Cloths than can he fouii J clswlvre nnd nt I'leiicli IJiirr .ISIIl Sloues of nil sizes, factiire I nt th" Massachusetts State Piuon. S:pt. 1 1.SIG. llvl I'M. WRK3IIT. NOW IICTFUNS 1 1 IS you pay out nil ) our money. Yon vill find at ths ol 1 WAI.WVMf.'IlT Kt-JTAnMSlliMEXT. Church-st., 1 sires of the improved Yankee Notion Cooking Stoves, tli" No. 5 receives oxer thrc toot wood, and has j holler holes t six sizes nlso four boiler Premium: three srs Ctoss Burner ltnilwnys; two sizes Pnrlor Cook, two sizes Slew-alt's, o.i.' sue' Thom as', one size of the Umpire. Tiie mosl of lh"se i.toves en ilaiuunt suntilennd do not ic.j'iire the skill of an experienced Bugincer to jnit or keep th"in iu openitiou. Neither do 1 vvisii to ta.i your patience witii a longspun paper document 1 1 show thai the smoke goess0 far iu lliem that fuel or pipe is ivarly or quit.' useless. You will also fmd six sizes ofbo.'t stoves, (our siz-s air tiht box, three s,z-js fancy air tight parlor, one size aich parlor double and single Canada stoves, two p'ttl'TS beautiful coal grnl'.s, C.ildion kettles, Hollow ware, plows, plow castings, copper bo.xed mid cast pumps, cast : inks, umbrrlls stands, riiuniTs and grid Hes.torcookingstovcs.frameH and doors for Brick ovens, urehliames nnd doors, Bus. sia panpool end Canarht pipe, topper and linxvaie nnd van.. ns other ntlirhs.ntiil will dsn furnish to older n beautiful description ol cast iron fence for cemetery en eloxiu'.i, or fij.-.t xi.hU ofuWvl'..r.j, S V.-. TAYI.OB. Darlington, D cembcr 2, Hi. STATE MUTUAI. .Vrl ASSt'K.W'C'K CO., of vo:. Esri;t:, m vss. Hon. .John Daxis, riesidcnt. rpIIK undersigti.'il couti.iu.sto act ns agent of tho I nb ive company, nn 1 ofiWs to lake ic-ks on livuj. iiccoriiing io iiieiouow ing scale o premmuis. .'12. I ROM I.M I V.-. A ' Vour cut Tiirise is the cntcrnii'sc of the day. Bs ' R"l "ff,1 ''' 'r '" 'bcart of Tnilorngai if..- Kalis. , A J iingnilud w ill iisloiush tis oii -1111,1,11-. It is destined , , ' i,' ,''.'' 1 au""M" l0' nlla exKa- . : loali -et a c. inpk'tj revolution in the meioeai world. ' . m.,. 1..,.,, . 1 ,. 1', ' ., 1 ii,:'. . ,- 1 , 15 iil.o'ii-SXoilsd.llM'j :tl I'm m xJi'sti.EorTin:Pi.A.Ei.s V.i.viLr.:,' N. Y : I 0h, ,p;, ' """"" '"""chj curico. (. -fi1 ,,,;,;, " 1 nave sujd a number nt bcxeblo ihv-citizens of ibis . i,.. ,'.-,, .., .... . - ir r.7 11111 1 ir.. 'i place. They have givi 11 cniiie saiu-iaclicu, ami thev ' -J'u 'is V,s linn' lj'jl iiicdcsuitci loijcccnietiie niosl p.'t.uiar piiloiine day. i-novi ior.Ei, unto: Win.-oski Falls. Bee 1th, ls!G. 23-tf Vnlii.'ible Jlen! Ustato J'or fitile. ir 111 IS ,07 1,01 fi1 UHi lo the inoii'h of die river. Possession given the liisl day of pril. I'm fuitner partiuuais enq tire oi" the Subscriber. Cl.T. HL'SSKI.B. B.irli!igo'i,I)'e. Bt. 131(5 '.'Sml Jl 'J ) SOi l,lu 1,10 1,2'.' 1 .VI l.7:i 1'Js 5,21, "Ml, .'ulj A 1 LASS (WNDIjINTICKS xX terns. ', Lamps, Glcss 's ai n.'J Wii I 31 op vAitmrs pat- ! and Wicks for .nlc by ' n".l lU1.ssM.x111 .v. Br.oTiiri'.s. IS ,7'J ,s-.J ,'JI J71 ,'J.'I I 1,1 KV 3.J, I flllltl' flt'.N'S. rOW priced Qnns,anil WinNor Hilles. for sale by -i 1.23 Br.iNsMAiD &. llr.oiiiLr.s. l,ir1 0,10 1.0;' O.SI 1,11 0.1.1 1,111 ctif 2.0! 1.2,1 7,21 2.0", 1,1 1.2 2 2.01 1.21 2I0 1,2s, 22.112 1.1I2 23.11 i.:ir. 2;!,'.'.i 1 ,3.1' 21,1 . I.I I 21.O0 l,l'.l 2.1,01 1.11, 20, I.S'.i 20.S7 i.o:!1 27 ir 1.0- 27.1H 2s.j'. 2J,(H 2J.0 1,8i 31.31 3' I,'. 11, 111. 05 31.37 1 .li -Jit.-'T C,7.:J 2.13 "133.1)0 3J, 1,32 733 2,211 33,'5D io, I..I7 e,lJi 2.21. 31.01) II 1,3.) S.21 2,3S 3.1,71 121 1,10 H.21 2,13', 30 -M 13 1.3.) H.2U 2.VV 30,73 11 l.:H 8,12' 2.1S' 37,17 jj, 1,.!7 H)i 2 0', 35,21 10 1,37 8,0'j; 2,70; 3.l.nii 17 1.3-i H.13 2.S7 3J.P3 h 1.11 h ai am' lo.m; J'J 1. 10 SOI) 3,11 5 1 1 jl 3,lnl' 3,23 42,W .11 1,03 U,1o3,ll .1,1, 5i! 1.75 1(1,23 31 13.3J 53' l,y 11,21 3.7fl if,.C2 .1)1 2,13 12.131 :!,tiiV .177 51 2 3s. 13,77; 1,17 l'J.17 .V,i a, Ci, 1.1,10' 4, (Di 5a,U 57 2.W 10,55 l,Cli j1,"j 3i, 3,17 17,'Jl ijil 33,21) Vjl 3,lil'J,ll,r,,lGl 51,'jj 0i 3.0'I,2').1C1,I2I 30.7j ('STC.1S. A 11X1! nssoilmrtit of revolx-iinr Castors inst oneo Kiius.i '.1 that the meuts ol Pills, when tcBted, "A e.l. Purchasers are inxit"d to look at tuein be-' inn note ol thirtyone cents, or the sum of lt.ioi) by A trilhii'l d.'iinsil.iliila small uou ,1, ul- sj rcqaiicJ, lo guard ngaiiistcuiiling -liens. Tims, a person nt the age of 2.1, nny scure to lti family, nt ir.s death luu, by llie annual pa)inent of si, 11, 1111 nnnmi uepoit 01 tune cents, ana a preuu- inust be ledged by Ihe whole coimuuiiiiv.aiid 1 fore purchasing. win uicome ii.e u.osi pipuiar uieuiciui: 01 ine uay. ,i,v I r.o:i Ji'nat. 01 f,onot.x: lhii.vMAtu ix BaoTULns. n23 C!!A37PIilN& rOXNGlTK'l'T J3 . Y. EL ii IS yXjD'3.H a NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS, 9 ir.-Sincc wrilini? to veil the su'.leel of I -f". ,r '.' l' ,"CSJ' "riielc,, Ulajses my ill-health, I havels-en'takiug your inedieinJ, and I l'iam "Miaueu, xx icks, . c ,,r -r. le nt iimpieaseu losay, mni niey nave been ot lliegreaiest ...v.,,. s. rv ice 10 ine, him u nicy eoiiiiiiue 10 give me me re bel I have n. ready lelt, 1 shall bless th" day vou sent th-m. 1 11 '.' I nut nllu.le njaui to the s ilferini's lb ive ', be.bre t .Id ) ou ol ; bat mien 1 to pe-s were, nnd hop" i 10 o u ue, in-- ii.'.xi 1 line 1 wine, 10 giv you tne nappy 1 intelhe iee of a peifect are. J irive h"'ird .if tu.t.iy ins:ai. 'i's in my neighboihood wheieiuthey have per totiucd fctnic etraordir.t.ty cures. 1 r,o.M a.v Bi'isiorAt. Bism J. I Gcnth nier. 1 consider It to be llie duty cf everx- ! rt.ri.Mi,,, 1,, n l 1... ,,,..1.1 I. .. : "'","' . ' ........ .. ....... ., , vsrr,i ,n,T t.-c. gts lint iney may nave ilenv e,i liv accident or Irom , .. 1 iimf tt- . v 1 ' . T'rrV nny iliser.xcry ol llieir own, and with this sentiment s.i()i), ls! 1 y icii 1 11" IJIv-i'tfiMX .... strongly nnprissed on my, 1 feel great grana.'u- SiKwl O..i ill,l, Iii, 1J Li) r.V- iion 111 inxiug it 111 tin- power to speak m llie f.igli si u m nf i-i nay o. juiiinry. nn. wr in." 1. railing tern ol the valuable discovery )ou have inane 111 the Masonry, and Budging, ol that part of the line of the production of pour Pills. I was induced to try them, I ''hump uiii tu Connecticut Civ.-r Wail Itoa 1 r 1 l-i' ... 1 , ,. .. 1 , ' ...,.....( .. . r'.n I loin llie Illlllllier 111 W 1IICI1 VOU IIJV C - inn'iui.: n na ...nil in.J.i .11 i,eiios 1 Jills op 10 reasun -d on ihe subiect. and 1 mii-t do .'iii-s.lf il,., mul including the summit nt .Mount Hollev. a di-tanee pieas'ire, and you the ju-lice t isn'.th it I had no con-1 "f about 31 miles j nnd al-o from its terminatii'iint ception so speedy an ell'.'ct couid Ik- anived at. My I " irhngton to t'.ie village of lirandon, a d.?tancr of co,,ipl-iiiit Ins been thatol ll.e Biver, Irom wliicit 1 about 3 J i.iiles. il"-p.iired ol g 'ttiug better ; bntsinee piking vuur l'dls, Maps, Protil"" and Sp-cili-atiotis o! ihe rcsp-ctivc l mul my general Ii -iltii, spirits an.l up, -lit" so m.ieli onisions win ue toiniii, nii"r lain ot tioceiuber, in inipiuvcd lhat 1 hop to tin 1 myself en ibled to en f ni, I the oflbe ot the Company at 11 irlington, and at the wiilioui bodily s ifi-riii't, the dutiesofnn arduous P.,- j ofi'u-e of It n. William lb nry. B -Hows l ulls, where f -ssiou. In future I wulso.i.l lo yojr agent 1 .r 111 're ev -ry nec&ury iutormaiioii will I . given. Pillswheu needed. nil gr-at consideration 111. 1 . 1 nc b'l" "Ul be dm. led into sections of convenient r. x:-ii r 'j. t : rv cr Jv-VLV-TULiS-.-. X-.jisl.,.' r.TUJ:"-.:n cnititude, I 0111. eic I'loiu tviry section of the entire country similar tes timonials are daily leceived. but our hums Inroidiur- thcr e.xiiacts. O.-ve mu.D. ihe tin iciLxstnr Pills will in i.r.sEt'r. .m i. oniLiis. WUOBBHAU: WAItmiOfr-U, I'd John strei t. New-York. uBIn towns were there is .1,. branch, the Comp my xvill iq.p .int one on application by letter, tpost pn.lj 01 otherwi-e. i X' I'ersoiis wishing the Pills sent by mad, can o'der llum. (ili(J. ri. 1-T.ltltIS, Burlington, Oeneral Agent for Vermont; mil Norilicu'N. X. Af-ignee's Un!e ol i'nnhtupt IBlccts. 770'I'ICI1 is hereby given, that by virtue of the sev 1 1 oral ordeu and decrees in 1! uikuqiicy, issued out of Ihe District Court of the United Stales, lor llic Dis trict ol Vermont, 1 will s-ll at Public Auction, at the Auction Boom of 1 Sherwood, 111 B.irhngtou, on Sat urday, )ce lUth, 2 oYlock.P 11 , n note git tnlu Smithy IIVs. ns to l.eri Hioicn.Srpt 2-1. HI2, furi'ji In-one Doltai s mul fuitu-her cents, 11 im'ile in goods, 0ntte.n31ul.J10m their State, ihe same U'tug surrcndeied bv I v 1 Brown, a llankriint. NATHAN B. HASWI.I.lo.lMi'jiire Dec, 2, HIO, 23w3 riUOCr.ItlllS mill t'HOVISIONS, Ihrrlng J ton's llinl. ling. H. lliittertield J-Co. are now open ing a well selected stock ot Groceries we ate desirous to sell, low lor cash, Biithngton Dec. 3d lSlfl. S3xv WOW). 200 CmiDsnitv WOOD fousvm:. F Applvto ihe subscriber, at l'ie Iteading Jiooi 1, under the l'ree Press, or nt his residence, north ol tl.e town. D.'c. I. HIO. H. B STACY. TVfOTICJJ. Mil. WuiTCOJin, iivvixo si:ru- 11 redtheserxi esol Mr Cxs'ucuuc K,l'ieeel"bi.ile.I Viohni-t. is (ircpired to furnish music fir Bails. Pur lies, ece ou rc isouable terms. 1,-tiers. addiessed to 11 I! Whilconib, Burlington, Vt. will receive prompt attention. Burlington, Dec. 2, HIO. H11.I MMIUPKIX AND COMPl.l'.XIDX, at this (and, .L indeed, every other) season, w often repulsive 111 mipenriinec, caused, in eight uises out ot ten, by ihe atmosphere i and xvhat persons snppo-i- .lisease of ihe blood, n simply n dissascot the skin. It some ol the ihou-1,1,1s whotske purg.itivu uiedieine, pdls, and u-s'less Sars.ip'.rilla, xverc 10 use 0.1 the. r skin u sol teiiingand clearing balm, ihal i ik'hs llie pores, wlni ens the "kin, mil causes .1 healthy perspiration that, lie the skin nfver hi disfigured, unhealthy, or diseased with pimples or freckles, sunburn, nn and morphew. the trui-nml genuine JONI'.h S IT l.l N CI1BMICA1, SOAP iieier fulls to cure ai.JdisM-l lliem, and lo i.i.ike llic skin clear and lovely. It nets so middly and sootliingly on the skin, tint jih) siciuus u.- it 0.1 laJies and iiit.uits, in old cases ofscurv), erysipelas, sail ilu'Uin, sore head, lingworui, audit (rrilnd.lho genuine Jones' soaji) haj often cfleotcd a cure when cxvry failed. It is injecda hlcsied rcni'dy. tiold, Pric- in cts. bv il;c Idi Hlfi S3il IIABBINCTON i'!i"tli Inr ciinatructi.iii. nn. I foin ili,.s. t.i ulmm tl 1 uinirs may b rmurJ(.'i!.-"atU;ictory j-jcutny will be rt nuitfil. Uy ouh r of ihe IonnI, , i 1 oiiLiii r, j'ltsiiicnt wuicpoit him. vSiUonu It.irlv. l, Co, l.urlinton, OM-mLn-r IMd. the nnimrl tinvmcut cl SU.10. nn nunrnl drpo-t if RJrent' sind a prcnhmnut cf 6'.1J. Tl.t punmini iutu is t-iktii tu gunnj ui;ain-t lliercntinency cifpri. nt nn 1 u'ii:Ba:il moitiiity, hut the Din-efis have yreat coiitl h-nr 11 tV ij 'h-'i t'm their piy.ii.-nt wiUnrter n cnlleJ tor. A larpe propoition ot the proruj of thu Coiiipuiy w every t!unl je.-ir. ili-tnbiitctl a:no:i tli.i eAistin,; piihde, by bem mltleJ to the s-1:113 respect ively hi -ure.1 ; thus contiutnliy incieashi; iheaninuut to he pn 1 J on the death nl lh-' person insured. The policies nny h' inadt lor the benefit . sencral'y o lhepanso jrp'a'e, nr s(-:inMlly fjrth b 'lU'iit 01 liiif wiU iiu.i childun, in which I.itu r ea?, tlic su-n m isurrd is bej und the rcarh cf hist creditors. Th-' clianiett r of the I'n&id. nt mid Uir-'etors of tbi company is a smrnut) oi tl.e Kiftty with whuh & mill may nnke proviio:i for Ills finnly , at hi- d cai1, iu.vever nnnble li nny b.'co.n- hy failure in bu'iiie-, or otherwise, to piuvide for them. Theff nipnny ha&a tnpuul rf $1CO,0.0 on- halt of wireh U paid ii: alld'lneted 1:1 the flocks of llie United HtiiUs, theSL'itcot .MfttfRchuttls, tl.u c.ty u:ltjU)i, n.i t rt 11 t m .s.v.i-nI by bund mid mortijTS'i ot iminunibered 1 al estate 111 Matsaclm bcv., worth three tun-s the &:un-mt lo.ined thereon. 'I'he remaining Inlt of th giara-ity cipitil is lia ble to be callett for, whenever t! lntetct of the'inv -!iiU retj'iire it. ApphentioiH nny bv nvid to the .MiV-oiiIxr, who viiUtiniii!ipii!.p!iicis citniuinin;; ad the pmirnbM. a-i also the charter and bv-Iaws of the e'mip;iny (ilia, li. SHAW. A-ent nurllntoii Dec. I, ISIfi, 3ilG CO-I'AHTNIIiJSlHl'. 'Hill. sunsntiaiiKS iivvk iVTnm:n i.vro A Co-Partn-'iTliii), under the linn of 1.1). Uixny 'mJl-'u. II. XV. (.'ATI. IN, S23 1. n. IJIXIjy. To the I.oier-. oi" 'ood JItisic. rjlHE ir.i)i:itMovi:i) iikkv n.MKr E. uotitie.l, lint n areut eimeb u aluml to take lilac-' in tbe u.u-ical xvuild.sin.l n it liein willing to let ths div ot lier.ied uias. xxatlmui ci .nun - iu t 'r u lii-e.and -' j K'ji a ti m b -ti -v.-r in tli mi n-i I dmn, ipi k mi i , cne.ip, and no uuiu Conine. it for debt" Mstem of itoin ; I business, I would therelore Rive tuiMie n itiee, llrt I line on liaud urn iniuut.iciurin Piano Tortus, ii Hom-xx'o d and Mabojj.iuy uis in n variety ol Mi Ie. Buitabk- or llu.sor any oiluT market. and bavin dev.i- tcd tbe Iamxxcnty car, my xxlio.e tune tu ihe ro- fjllli-j SuilMRIUKIt IIAVI.VI3 UISI'llsKI) (IP HIS Jl Goods to I. 1). Uixliy and l , (,-ixes nniict- to nil persons bavin.; unsettled rtccounts xiitl. ban, that In-, Hooks and Notes xxill r nnin until the In January next, at tl.e store ot 1. 1), Hixhv . Co , und niter that time xvill bj placed m the hands of II. I,uv.mvvrtii I .r colleclioa. AI.l. iiersinis lmxin nceonnts naiiist liini nre requested to present iliein for udjnstmeut immediately ';. U II. V. CATI.1N. STILL THEY COME. I l & Co. H wk now a Ltitr.i: 9f n vortment of d"irale (, which they otK'r at low juices for Cash ukreADY imy. A 'jyhir; v- miticut ot Wouh-iii and abetter a-ortnn-iit ot fan y -res thin t-hown. Cloths ot all de-jerij-tiotw, t (, cveiy uriety Ca-luner, Zaphyr. Tl'iid and N tt tfhawU, A l.i rue u:jtuix?nt of .Mutii nnd Horn, lhitTuh Ilobts ti i nl n jenerd u-.tortnent of all kind of tJood-. suitable ior thu m.irket. -lit Nov. THANKSfilVlXfi, CIIlUS"niAS Vi'iil' arc coming. nAKI.lNl.'I'ON lias opened lor coming cxents, 1 IliitJ Pipe W'tKHihome's Stcity Mtitinrti ll'i.te tin Cmkmr purKi-ws uUo ll.lf pipu (Jld .Ma-d.'i.-aljr table it's.'. alo, Cloven, ( mikint. n, Alpic.,Nitt.nef..,Ginfteri-ape, Sunimi rtuoty,t'..iraxiiy Semi, Chocolate, Cocoa l.ri'pircd. .Mii.-tard, ling und l'tench, Pepper .Siiure, CatMip, Pickled leilister, riardlius, fSda Cinckerii.Xc. cce. ite. Tho' .un arch of lancy nriic-lrj for pns euis.iVe. xvould do xvcll ta call and look over our goods in lb it hue. lluiiu... on, Nov. -.lib, 1810. aj MUP.CIIANT TA1I.OK.S, HAVt: iu-t n.'eixrd lli-ir Second purchase of Kail and Winter Hoods, couipiisiu, H xerv lari-e ns Mitmeut of (I.DTIIM, CASril.MCHn:. Nl'ST. l.N'tiri, THI.M.MINIJH Ice, kc. ' io . Shirts llowmi. Co!lar, Crnvnf, Scarfs, Pi!k nnd I.luen lldkls., Ulk , CotorM mil While Kid tiloves, U line nnJ Colot'd S'lk do., Sipsnder, Suspender Link and Shoulder Unices, Tailurj" Meat jrM and Ctayons. M G. UATHBl'N, Nov ?l, 13 I'i, j:h3 ixiiruii; and liiumy Piano Fortes, n n j.el.eeJ, then -tore, tint the Public ar' fully sausli-J i finy u!u:uy tor saeli business, and lullybeluvius tint llie Punu istiro't to thehiill 'slderfriv of js'ilei I.ou win ll it is fitly i,d p te 1 toacco'llpanv tbe,ntid I clialleu'-any per mi to I'vliibit Piano's more lit lor that purpoi-e liiau lao-e of my own make, 1 thcre.orenntieip.ite a continu ed share of Public Putronaj". Anicilrl'ivum Pinn re'.iired on nasjinM. terms, lu'iiin; done cheaper than ever. And I xvould further hay tu all ieMilts, xxlio, ill nny rnle, mu-t huve a Ni . Voik Piauo.uu Uhoo' to buy ot SlodJart c"i Djllham or A. II Hale it Co., or W. I'. Grow, in u, w cia -lishtiicnt) pirsons xxlio 1 nu. iuiuimt"ly aciU'iiut' d xvilh, iinJ have ib.'ir Price Current, I xxill render niy a-1-ist.iiiec xvithoutlce or reward I xxih give m-true-tionntfo, so that lit one K'-.-o.i Pupus liLriun ,lu-ii may know llie dill'eicnce b 'txveen lu.ui'. Etui ionr'n orxoicitiia Piano, r.n itupoit lit lesson, never taul.t by nny Aluic Teuchet in my knowledit?. I-s m 1 re.-. All jiersous x filing to iivuiltheinsi'lxesot th, 1-reai opportunity to g. t n first rate Piano, or any ilimjj in my line of busui ss, me re,"..:'lv united U call ultd e.ainine for themselves Jt:fIU'.L MUNsON lluiliugton, Stb, H1C. Vi)m3 I'Hl.MIU.U W0HK. .'- T W. Ulllll.cvCO.Iiive the i.!cstJre of r-5v" ml iriiiin, th public, tl at lb.) Itixe uin --wi si. U" .i liouoreu .:' n i r.'imuu. on xx irk.l'y tl.e Agr.h'.itural Soci. ty Th.'y l.nxe now on h id u gix-xd of let iiiil.ty lla.nes,.s. n.d have .nidi '.rrnng'-iuents. to i.-euiiiR nuy i.uanl.lj ol Oak T.mi'ed Leather, Iruu .xew Voik. A'lbuugh they haxe been at reat c.Xv?nse in pro curi itock,th-'y xxill ensue to hell clicper than al uuy othcrshop m the i-ounlv. iliiie.sliiiri'h, DeeeintiiT ZlC. Blxvt I.I ICIxOUUY NutsllraxiliindMaderiaAuls, Pnpxsr LL Shell, unj common SjIi, Ma'apx Giu iii'S, lluliin.s Currants .Citron Jlocc c. may - found in A.S.DHVKi Nox-.SIili 1510. TUliAltS op tup. riioiciirr, ij il I'or sale by HAl-lU.NG'J'ON. ! ! Slusili'.- ISmiks! t ' Lot. CII01liSnndSi'iii!U Adioals, suipliedonn goj.l terms ns nt any otli-rpliHe. Tho P.allery, Tne II wion Sicred ir.r."rttv The rarmi'ia Sacta, The Choral, The Vocalist, lxinir.ley-s Jux-f nile Chcir Thi Primary S-Wl &'nsier, Te..iprraoi,e Melodidii, lor sal hv nutltnswn, Nov If, IMS ii

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