Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 11, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 11, 1846 Page 4
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DOMBBY AND SON. Omlintird rom frit page. lvlnir in sUtp than ft Kncllf! l-iHYosl.trinHt. Mm their arrival, NtUs Tox produced n irtuij for licr jpihtin, nni Mr. Chick a knife (Mil fork and fpoon In a cn.r. Mr. DuMbey also produced n bra:t lt fur Mln To , nlid, on the receipt of this to km, MItox was lendr-rlv nlll'Ctcd. 'Mr. Johll,,.iidMr. Domljcy, 'will you take me Man in me auic, II you please. Wliat i ate you got there, Mr. John ?' pnt n cold fillet of veal licre, Sir,' re plied Mr. Chick, rubbing liis numbed hands hard together. vv1i:it have yon p;nt there. Sir ?' ThH,' returned Mr. lloinbov, Ma (some cold preparation of calfs head, I think. I sec cold f,wl haul patties salad lobster. .Mi" Tn will d) me the honor of Inking some wine 1 C'liinpijiiie to Miss Tox. Them v tooth-mho in cvcrvtliinjr. The ine was ii bitter cold that it forced a ll'lle 'ream Ironi Mi-s To.v, which she had great dif ficulty i'i luriiln into n 'Hem !' The veal had Cu.iie from such an iiiry pantry, that the first tiotenfit otincl; a sptis.ition ns of cold leail to Mr. Chick's extremities. Mr. Dumbcy nh.iie rcnniiied uninovil. lie mipht have been lump: up for wile at a Russian fair as a specimen of a frozen gentleman. The prevailing was- too much even for I L sister. She made no elliirt at Ihtteiy or fttnll-lalk, ami diieote-d all her efibrts to looking s warm r. she could. 'Well, Hirh.iid Mr. Chick, nuking n tlesrcr ate i IiiiigcviRer along silence, nnd (illiniti glass of shcrrv", 'I sh-ill drink this, if vou'll allow me. Sir. to little Paul.' Mess him !' murmured Miss Tox uKili" a sin of wine. Dear little Dmnbey !' murmured Mrs. Chick. Mr. John," said Mr". Dumber, with opvero grav ity, 'my son would leel and express himself nidi jjed to you. I have no d iitbt, if ho could appreci ate the f.ivur j on have dime him. He will proe, i:i time to come. I trust, eilual to anv resnonoi- bt'itv lint the obiifiiiirr i!i-:piioitiiii- of his relation aid friends, in private, or the onerous nature of n ir ivioition, in public, nviv Imuuso nnoii him.' Til'; tone in which this was said admittim? of nothing more, Mr. Chick rel.iiied Into low spirits mid silence. Not so with Miss Tox, who, hav ing listened to Mr. Doinbey with even n mere tmpliatic attention than usual, nnd with a more pressive tendency of her head tn nun side, now across the table mil said to Mrs-. Chick olMy : 'l.oui-a.' 'My dear,' said Mrs. Chick. 'I biennis nature of our po-ilion in public, may i nave lorgojten me exact term. 'Kxpnsc him to.' said Mrs. Chick. 'Pardon me, mv dear,' returned Miss Tox, 'I think not. It was mom rounded and flowlnc. Obliging deposition of relations and Iriendo in private, ur onerous nature of position in public nny impo-e upon him !' 'Impose upon him. to be sure,' said Mrs. Chick. Miss Tox otruck her delicate hands together lightly, in tiiumph; and added, casting up eyes, 'eloquence indeed !' .Mr. Doinliey, in the meanwhile, had is.-i n 1 or d r for the attendance of Iticbards, who l.o v entered cnrl-e. ing, but without the baby; Paul b asleep after the htigues of the morning. Mr. Dombcy, h iving delivered a glas of wine to t'ii- vassal, addrusoed her in the lollowing word-: Mis li x pioiuii'lv settling her head on one side, R d making other little nrtangi mcnts forengrav ing them on her heart. During the six months or so, llichard, which seen yon an inmate of this liouoc, you have done your duty. Deoiring to connect some little snice to yoti'wilh this occasion, I considered how I could bet el'.'ect that object, nndl also ad iscd with my si'ter Mrs. ' 'Chick,' interposed the gentleman of that name. 'Oh, hush if yon platf !' slid Miss Tox. 'I was about tn say to you, Itichaids,' resumed Mr. Dombev, with nn n'ppiiing glance at Mr. John, 'that 1 was farther assisted in my ileci-ion, by the recollection of a conversation I held with your husband in this room, on the occasion ot your being hired, wlien l.o di'c!o-ed tome the melancholy fact that your family, himself at their head, were sunk and steeped iii ignorance.' Ilichards quailed under the magnificence of the reproof. 'I nm far from being friendly,' pursued Mr. Djmbcy, 'to what is called by persons of loeling sentiments, general education. Itnt it is neces sary that the inferior classes should continue to taught to know tin ir position, and to conduct themselves nronerlv. So fur I approve of schools. Hating the power of nominating a child on the foundation ot nn ancient establishment, call mi (from a worshipful company) the Charitable (irinders. ; where not only is a wholesome educa tion bestowed iiiion the scholars, but where a dns s and badoc is likewise provided for them : I hive (first communicating, through Mrs. Chick, with your family) nominated your eldest son to an cxistinirvacaucv: nnd be has this tlav, I am informed, assumed the habit. The number of her son, I believe,' said .Mr. Domboy, turning to his sister and speaking of tiie child as if he were a hackney coach, Ms one liunurcuanu loriy-seen Louisa, von can tell her.' 'One hundred and fortv-seven,' said Mrs. Chick. The dress, HichinN, is a nice, warm, blue Laizo t iiled coat and cap, turned up with orange-coio rJ bindinz; red worsted stockings; and vary stronc leather mull-clothe. Ono might wear the articles oue'o-self,' said Mrs. Chick, with en t'l'lsiasin, 'and bo grateful.' 'There Richards !' said Mis Tox. 'Now, in deed, von mail bj proud. Tho Charitable Crinders !' ' lain sure I am verv much obliged. Sir.' re turned Richards faintly, ' and take it very kind tint jou should remenber my little ones.' At the same time a ision of llilcr as a Charitable, tirinder, with his very small legs encased in the serviceable clothinil' described by Mrs. Chick, swam before lticlurds' eves and made them water. ' I am verv cl.ul lo see you have so much fee ling, Uichardo,' said Miss Tox. ' It makes one almost really docs,' raid Mrs. Chick, who p:ided herself on taking trnotful viowk of biiimui nature, ' tint tliera may yet be some faint spark of gratitude and right U cling left in the world.' Uichard deferred to these compliments by curt seying nnd iniirmuringherthanks ; hut finding it quite impossible, to reenter her spirits from the di-ordcr into which they had been throw n by tho image of her ton in his precocious nether gar ments, sho gradually approached the door and was heartily relict dl to escape by it. Such temporary indications of a partial thaw as had appeared with her. vanished with her; and the frost set in again, as cold nnd bird ns ste-r. .Mr. Chick was iwico heard to hum a tune nt the bottom of tho table, but on both occa sions it was a fragment of the Dead March in Saul. Tho party seemed tn get colder and col der, and to bo gradually resolving itself into a congealed and solid tUle, liko tho collation round which it was ns'embled. At length Mrs. ('hick looked nt MinTox.and MWs Tox re turned tho look, and they both roso and said it was really time to go, Mr, Domliey receiving Ibis announcement w itli perfect equanimity they t'ok leave ol" that gentleman, and prosuntly de parted under the piotection of Mr. Chick; who, when they had turned their backs upon tho house and left its master in his usual solitary state, put his hands In his pockets, thew himself back in the carriage, and whistled ' With a hey ho r'levyJ'ail through ; com eying into his face as he did no,iiapion of such gloomy and ter riblo defiance, that Mrs. Chick dared not protest, or in anv way molest lu'rn. Ilichards, though he hi4 littlo Paul on her bp, could not forget ner owii iu-wmi. n rJt it was ungrateful: but the influence of tho rfty fell even nn tlm Uliuniauia unuvw, nm, .hi mM hardly help ranhr his V !...!.! r!I...Jv. n.l 1 in 1. urinem wjiuuviti, aim hidirc. iiiiiirm '.'iv'".-". .vnjfn'm', . r , if. forpivh'y Mid .termj s,, on r She spoke, the nursery, of his "blessed legs nnd was ngain tfotllilcil by his sdectro in uni form. 'I don't know what I wouldn't trite,' Pal I Tol ly, 'to fco the poor littlo dear bcfoio ho gets used to 'cm.' , , 'Why, then, I tell you what, Mrs. Richard,' retorted Nipper, who had been admitted to her coiilldcnce, 'see lilmnnd make your inlml easy.- itl. n. !.,,,. ,.-n,Lln'l liko It. I'ol V. hh wouldn't lie. Mrs Richard!' retorted Susan, nnd them two Inspector Tux nnd Chick, not Intuiliii"-to In on ilutv to-tnorrow, ns 1 heard 'em say, mo and Miss Hoy will go along with von to-morrew morning, and wel come, Mr-. 'llichartN, il'yon like, for we may as well walk there ns up and down a street, and better too.' 1 'oil v reject cd the idea prctlv stoutly at firt ; but by littlo nnd littlo she b'gan to entertain it. ns she cnteitained more and more distinctly the forbidden picture." ol her children, mid her own home. At length, arguing that there could be no great harm in calling lor a moment nt the itanr, oho ieliled to the Nipper proposition. i ho matter belli!: settled thus, little Paul bc- ganto cry most piteoiioly, nslrhe had u forebo ding that no good would come of it. What'H the matter with the child i a.ked Hiuau. He's cold. 1 think,' raid l'ollv, walking with him to nnd fro, nnd Inisl.iiig him. Jt was a bleak ntttttnitinl aUernoou indeed; and as she walked, nnd hushed, and. ul.tnclng through the drc-iry window, pressed the little fellow closer to her brcat, the .itliovcd leaven came shoveling down. in be L'unliiiual. R33A19SSBI KS3AI553E2 IF YOU ARE AFFLICTED WITH ISroirhihf, Aft'iiwi. ni'iw- 0 en irnn't omif'ts and CViM, .SnmM' Wuc, hn ' if 1 te lunirf, U hntij.ii)ir-( V.irg'. f)ijj!ciil'i f irriithii.rire t'lrnil, llntrenf, J'rft Sliifics if (.'onttiinylitm, Axn AM.oriir.R I' on Levi Cojii-lainls, It is known its J)I. KMANUl'.l.'S ii.vf.o:.?7tr i,in i) coiruu .11: ma The mat-rials cf this .Telly are purely tryfible and b"Is,unic, nnd nre the intention of an eminent pbys'e cinn. fiooi whom die oronri -tor has 111 reh loed lite recipe, li is ceilniuly w 01 lb it weight in cold, but is j nt nl a price to he within the lench ot m-h or pour. .Yiimr.-J ami lrsitlcncci tif jn-rn'ins imiilimx in the C'ty of A'eje Viiil;, ir'to liter been ritretl nrlnU flrillij Dr. IJwanci..'s lUustMic Colon txn Levi .ll-l.t.l.v. irArii it iran vrrsrnhril in ilniitlirr firm : Mr. Mira'I Axi.vrv. IIS Willinm-st.. N. V., had, Tor so.ii-1 tune, n iheatltul jtaiu 111 his side niul elu-st. with a lni-kinsr eoiMli.nml shormcss or dil'.ie-iltvej breath. He uced part oin bottle nl' Jr. KnwiinrVit Italsimic y.'iu? una Cuugh Jelly, wlucli iierfeclly curd jinn. Mrs. Monntv, IU2 Troiit-st , Ilrnnklyn, had n tery olMinne coiiab nml cold. Phc tried every other re tnedv iu vnin, nnd Dr. llinanitrVi Jltthimic Lnni; nnil Ct,n"h Jrl'n enlirelv cured her. ilender. reader, let the jjlail toiees nnd erateful iienrls of llicse rcpeclnl'i'' citizens of New Yoik,np- p'-ilto your Icons mil iindt istaiiduii:-i, ifyoii are nf tlicted with nny piihuoiiaiy co.nplaiut, couj;h, c dd ic. he. Mr. L. VT. C0xKi.1v, Ki l',l.hldgi-st. Air. Ativo llnowv, 7 ltende-st. Mr. Mouux, lli'J Pront-st., liroc-klyn. Ahiioitrrh the inventor luiist nenin reitemlc his old nioit. that lie enn-ddee. colioiinii-tioll. ill ils ctiiilirlued iiid worst siaces. liiciunlile.tct lie inn-! own there is till hop-, win n we read tho jollnwmj; klter : vinnge ctiiiiiii,ijn 11 iv, joio, I)n. n.MAvr i.i.. D-nrSir: Von nnv oeihnns ildnkinv statement nlniootiMcrcilihle. Me 11 nen Ibl feiilinsso is tlio tatt f jour never rrcnmineiiditii!oitr Jelly tor die cure ot onlinneil ciuisiunption, but only in its piiuiarvor foot tanep. 1 lifitectcrv rensonto beliete llml 1 wds in itsht singe ; my plivicinn teid me so : my fiiciul1 told me si:aswell did mv stuiDtoins. for ihev were truly nhrmin? ;nnd I felt fully convinced , that unless relief was ohtain.-d. I nuwt soon he cuiiiqued 10 the narrow cimfines of die silent urate. Hut by the time ly use of your remedy, 1 still lite, nnd njjam enjoy my loriui r nuod health. I had, indeed, dear tir, nil llie tdirniiu; sysnp'o 11s you speak of ns formula con sumption in it- wom stage ; but hy llie u-i1 of your jelly, 1 again say, 1 am cuai. And now. reader, bat inir eiven ton n plain slate mentjetine coiijuie von 10 pause, ere it is loo late ; iryiiusii.M.SA.iiie iiU.Mi .11.1,1.1 nyii. 1 nate put its price to you nslowns I tan nllord ; if you U'-e it, nnd succeed in curing jouiself, I shall have the grnli ficntionofliatiugicscued nnotherfrom coiiciuuption ; ami I hope, m return, llmt you will not withhold tuoiu me your name, niul a siateinent 01 your cute. i)tt. i;.m.m 1.1rj Balsamic I,eo Avn Corou.I11.LV, is sold, by the Aueiit, Price Fifty Cents a Ilotlle, or largersies, One Dollar. nr.orcr.n n. HAiiRiNfiTov. Buil.ngten.Vt. Nov Wih ls:fi. ';iu MUSIC l'oxns ami AcconaiA.vs ornn- 1TJL fercnt prices f.rsale c-hcauat HiindaU's Ntw jeweby shop, llurlinilon Vi. !Cw3 JJI'ASS axi) ttomi n,"'hs (! i;:.ns at w.,o,es..le or Iliad ns cheap lis llie cheapest, put in order and wnrinnted to keep good time, at ltau dall's New Jewelry shop. Unrhnntmi Vt. lflw;3 GROCERIES. ? & II. II. D00LITTL1 orn:it rrrn I Sale, n choice selecliou of (iroccrics, which will he 'old tery lo.v for cali, or credit, tiz: IIso'i, "I Loaf "1 Hyson Skin i r..,,. I'owdsrcd Its,,,.-, Younn Hyson f 1 ' - l'orlo Itico Sc. f Sugar nnd l'ouchon J Havnnna J lVpp-r, Spice, (linger, Nuline''st C'K-ia, Cloves, Uuisius, Salaintus, Ulee, Cocoa, Starch, Si .tp, Mo Ijsses, Codfish, e;c -0. t. li'itli 1S1C. lTwb' ISiitlu'o Itohes. Bufialo ltob'es just received ami n r ae by I'. & II. II. DOOI.ITTLi:. O.:t.C0ih W. lTwfi tB-:AE2L "ITEJSJT Mfil'. fyiHI SfuirniiiKii, LiTKonin: iitKi,u.v M. IIoue, Hiyhi;ate Spring, repcetlidly auiiouu ees tlrat he has lented the above eElablifhu'ieiu which is now open for the nceoinuiodatiou of die public. It has lntcly been titled up and tumi-died ill n title un (urnawd bv nnv uiibliu house iu th's pection. nml sil- inted as it i,nt the heail ol one ol the priucipnWin-et:,, in the mo-t dehnbll'ul portion of the villay, u presents Bipertor attractions lo llie tmtellerfoi plcauie ; while it is not bo litrrcmuud 1'ioin the biisiiii-spoii:ouol the town uk to offer nuy incont enienee to the in tn of bus iness. The subscriber bat 1115 long been i-iigaecd iu bis prcsMit huiiics, iLlteit, nui-lf that he phidl be able to i?itc f.aist'ielK'U to h.s (.111 ,u. o lir as his ottn e.tpeiience, n well fuiiubed table, itireful and ntun tite crt ants, and n bartlored with die choicest liquors mayeontiiliutc to ihcir eouilott and enjoyiuent. A I the stages which leatc ll-:ilin;iou call at tilth house for p.t verniers, and convcy.ii.tc3 will Lc protiJ ed lo and irom the Hcainboats. Parties of pleasure will be entertained at the thorn-. t notice. II. N. COLL'. Ihirlinpton, October lGth 1810. 10. BURLINGTON IRON FOUNDRY. ("Corner . '. 1 .m jni II aler iliwti.) ritJIi: S I' II SO It I It 11 It has extended bis I establishment lor making bastings, and is now prepared toeticute orders with dispatch nnd on rensnnahle terms. I Invin;; a large nssoiiment of Put terns for dilleient kinds ol machinery, it is an object lor those that build Saw-mills, Orbt-iiulls, Starch 1 ac inrir. I'll oenoills. .Ve.ite.. to call and CMitlliue befole .iiri'li'isioir elsewheie: as hisnattertis are of ihe lntett improvement. Aim 11 great tancly of other .atterns too numerous 10 spcciiy, IMnmrhs. ihildroii Kettles. Potash do., tt necon Hox esand A ties, constamly on band. Also the Procus tionand Kenttmg WnterWhed.which is eonsidered to 1 the best wheel lor snw-imllslhniisln use. Unst ings furnished on reasonable terms. .jgM iisj, HIO. 13ui3. r 1. STflX i: resnectfulle returns his thanks lo Jm l,'i friends and natrons tor the liberal PB be has reccited the nasi summer, cud avails himself Ins menus anu pairons jor niu uucini iiuironnp of the present opportunity of iutoriniiig tbtin that ho n rcceiven nis 1 an supply 01 ,-iapie DRY GOODS & GROCERIES, Which he veill Sell upon terms that cannot foil to uit purtn'iscrs. Constantly on hand, a general assortment of specially lb' t Airtight JhuUe Oven Pinwith Cooi it,'. Sltirr. which HO l.llll'iv sllotlld Ik Mil inltt vt-lin . r- .................. -j;, -,;', Xhb toreouoniibe fuel nnd save two-thirds the labor ly other Mote L 111 L f ! 1. 1 Jlu'rliii.'ion.CVt '.'i', HI'i. 17 Oil tvoiililnt lie, Hire niciiani i reiunj-u RrCssiveIy flltproveJ condition of the establishment Nipper, 'he'd like it very much I think, when ho nnd the enlarged of (ioods, Wares nnd Mcr-tt-is asked ' ehnnli7e Ihciieln collected, fioiu nenily nil the por- ''Von wouldn't n?k him, I suppose, nt nil !' I ''"'J' "f ''e Olobe and each may take tor llicmseltcs ...... ' 11 ' nt 1' lee Trade tirieos. mi d a ler the ltc-iextmnn of wnll 'ol IV. , .) , i hhcTarjlf of 1812, which will be soon or the Mex- TURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER """ "in nil Pit EE TRADE. OCCUPATIONS auk v.uttous and junv are the notions ol accomplishment. Vet the frrand secret of eminence and success is to hn(;ns n iiHinrss but one at n time, then with nn attained knowledge nnd direct ntlcnlion, the result tuny be mathematically tabulated, with that in view the People's Agent 31) yenrs since commenced Mcrchmid Mug with the Mono ol " Up unit Doing, .Quick nnd Cheap for Cash nnd no Imprisonment for Debt," How it has been carried out maybe known to the I'cop.c, hya visit to their Store nnd viewing the pro cMiences must he rcnuilmle come nnd get tour Dresses, Cloaks, Hoiinels, Hhnwlp, uoas nun mulls nil leniiy lor u general 1 ltank'iiviiig nuv. .0. XI At IIUMAHUB. tfl'P H!.T, a rnxvi:xir.xT mvni.uxri JlL. '"r n small family, near the square. I 'or par- tn ul.iisappiy 111 mis oinec. iuv. 1., inio. rcturtkifv (mum, J Oiiimn, Tnr Sale K .1(1 7.)Ui. nti:sn tphkkv llAUIUNliTON. Slttll r A3IP OILS. spi:iim 011, pnti:, $1 W li tier callon: nlso, wlialc oil and common oils by November a). ltt3 IIAUUINCTON, TIN PLATES, &c. 1 fr nOXRStin nlates l-3x KxtinSiMs. .'Ohdli I UU nssmied Nos. Iron wire. ID lulls. Unsin, iidish nnd American sheet iron. HIO boxes Cnnnda lihtes, toi;ethcr witli sheet copper, sheet zinc, bolt cop p -r, I inned nnd iron rivets, pail cnr, tta pot handles niiii Kiioiis.siicei aim uar ienu,ivc. ie. Nov.JIII',. n2J J"'9ilfLC.2i WA?t'XlNG MILLS, iidsTON'iioiJ.ow-trAitn, Jt Cook, Ilx, and Parlor Stoves, fir al nt the Atj rieiillural Warehouse ol PJLllCfi H .SWKKT. ltuilingtoii, Nov. ID, IS JG nilw'J TRUfsSllsl -1 for the tnrious ruptures occurim; to t(V'"f.j7 the Mule, fur sale, nnd uceunttely np-ft-iplied nt PIXIC it SI'KAU'rf. Constantly unhand, the modem Im ty provctuclits'lur ltuplures incident to th" reninle. together with tiie nuiuer- ous ussoriineiit of Adomiimlsiippoilers extant, aiiouiuer unices 01 most niiuiovco kiiuH, e,c November SO, 1SIG. -liiul OV MAKUMW j'U.UMADi; lent prenamtion ol I'.liIi Tilts i:t:i:i.- 1 .1.1 't L .' fniuid at olw3 IIAItll U. ION. WAiVOV Ti:i:TII AND HAIR mimns, S. call nml s-e the best n orttneul eter tirouglit into Bjrluuto.i, of Slw3 HAIiltlNliTONV. fit i;sn t'' IX'l'IVl(L rnitsM.i: nv inititnt, ajjh L nt lieiiul. AKo, Lamp (ilnsocs nnd Wicks ut Sliu3 I'JX'K V SriJAIfS. SAWS. S Pi: A It ! JACKSON'S SO and SS in. double refined Sprini; Cast Steel nnd tl. S. baud, panel nnd rip piiinS iws. do. hacksaws, nssorled sizes, 10 to 19 inch. Rowland's Mill Saws, Hoe's circular and cast steel V saws and billet webs, wnh other kinds unl of tnrious qualities. nt STltONOS st Cos. Nov. lS.ISHi. n'il CUTLLHY. A N rxtenoiv? r.s'ortmcnt of Table .and Detn i Kuitesnnd Folks, Carters, Steels, Nut l'icks. CookV nnd Uatelicrs Knives, Slitars, Sissors, Hotels' pep nod pocket Knites, &c. &e. KTON(IS.tro. Nov. Bid. 11.I SADLKRY, f:C. STI'ONtJS Co.bavinjx replenished their stock of Sadleiv. Harness triiiiinitisnnd Coach Hardware nie prepared to furnish consumers, anything Wiililed ill Nov. 15, '10. n21 unsToitATivi: ri!AicAisi:. Cousiliiiptioii. LOUIS I'Ort'r.VIN', junior partner of the firm Fonlniii ,N Son,Chcniss nud l'refcrii.tioni'ts lo the Itoyal University, l'ari, has cstablisheil, nt Wush- nifittui 1. uy, n. o ., n iepot lor ttic sale iu tlieir a:,ove celebinteil'ci'lltliound. wfiiellthev oiler lo llie Alneri. can l'nbhckns a scr.E axtiits. 1011 Coxsc.ui-Tio.v, in its Aiiv.txer.0 ns well as 1x1 ini st stages. Acting directlv noon the Ll'Kos.nnd nircstilie tliere decav. tl not only soths and iiui''t, ittnice, ihe di'lreos and pam utieiuiniu upon mis 11 -reioioie regameu taint disease, but restores the Lungs nud ihcir sympathizing organs to mtccw. and ukaltiiy action. Accom panying each package me general iiistitielious and iliitetions (nanlatod) for ils use. adapted to nil enscs, nnd il -li icily loilowcd, will not lad in every instance il the Lungs are not wholly consumed ofiestoriugthe patient to health which ma) be permanently secured by future rare and nt oi.ling too much cxpo-iue to at-moplii-rie changes. Price, Light l iancs. LOUIS F0NTAIN. For the infoimalion of ieisuus residing m tho interim anv pan ol the t loverutueut lie would stale ilt i'' r :-i -.') 1? prepared and nnporled direct Ironi ih' ir La atoire, Paris, nnd that the same can be rnnopn-fii rirongn .nan, as ne isnutiseci 1 y un,et rs of Ihe lVt Olliee Depattment, tonnyl'ost (llheem ihe eountiy nt ihe same charge ns lor n double 1 :t r Any peisons therclore residing distant from ibis Ciiy, wliouiay tvi'h to niaiUhemevcs nt the remedy, can tin so by nddressing liim through the mail, post paid 1 woitollais nceompanjmgnii order will entitle a per son to one whole, nnd one tliiul package. LOUIS 1 ONTAIN. Washington, D. C, October 1, Htli. aima Tlio Nctf i:n-.'lillld .MUTL'AL LII'L INSl'JlANCi: CO.MI'ANY, UOSTO.V, HA VP, emiblMied an ngency in Ilirlington, Vt , and will grant policies 011 llie principle, on as I ivomble terms as any similar uistitiilioiisiu this country or Ijii.-ni.I. i 1'orihe heiierb'-curilyortbe insured, in addition to tiie iimoum icccived for premium, deposit nnd polities, this couiinny lias a puar.iiity capital ol 8I(KI,(KXI, one lnll ol tt hich wns paid in and sal.-ly intrMetl Iwliire the company went into opeiuii.m.nnd thebalmce is liable to he coiled iu win-never the bu-iness and e.tigencies ol th" company fball require it. The object of this coinpnny istoliirnMi every one an npporlunuy to make n small annual Mivimr during his ble, for Ihe benelit of hi, lamily aher his disease, tfith ouii.i) inj; nny more than is actually required to meet the requisite expenses mid payment? of the company At the expiration of etciy peuodcf lite ) ears, e,ii (1 in-mber Hcmiiled to Into tils' deposit?, or mi much uiereoi us remains uiiappiopriaicii.creuileii to him on account ol his future pummms. lie is ulsocmitled to rccchcbaclt, ut the tame time ihri-e-lounhsof the sur plus of his premiums oter ond nhote ttlnt may Lo reomsite to meet the liabilities of the initiimiiiv o, ,!. bentlit of the income of which, lie will be entitled M lung as ne rt-uiauis a member. SOALL' OP ANNUAL PAYMENTS, I'CK LiCII la'NDUCn DOLUKS. Oil 0 1 I I 1 O.I n 1 1 O.I a 'uolicv Tor 1 Tor Por for ite.ior ill- seven one Age lor tin seven ' )cars. iwbolc )eais year. one year. , tvnolt I hie. life I81.3S 1 37 ! 1.11 ; I. it 1 LIS 1 53 Ij0.73 0.72 0.71 0.70 0 8!) (181 0 87 0'J.) 1 0.'J2 0U5 U.'Ji 0 73 0.71 0.70 OCT 0 07 0.72 0.7S 0 82 0b5 0.8S O'JI 0.D3 O.'.'j O.W 1.01 1 03 1.05 1.07 1 10 1 10 1 IT 1.111 1.8D 121 1 28 1.25 30 cj.2 71 37 2M 31.33 1.13 LIS 1.53 1.5S 1 C3 103 1.73 I l.VJ 1.87 SI. 80 1.30 1.38 1.35 U3 301 1 3.10 3 27 3 3-J 3 52 3 05 I 381 . 3 I I 13 1.31 1 I 511 ! 1.71 1 '.M 5d5 ! 1.11 1.51 1.57 161 1.03 l.t.7 1.71 1 78 1.85 l.ill 2 03 8.83 2.38 2.15 8 55 2 71 2 31 3.13 3 12 3.70 1.17 1.50 I 01 18 I 1.05 l'J 1.T0 JJ 21 2i 23 21 25 1.71 1.78 , 1.83 1 IAS 1 1.91 1 1 .US , 2(13 I 2113 - 2 15 2 21 2 2S 2 31 ! 8.12 IM 1 2.53 I 2 CO I 1.110 2 07 8 IS 8 30 2.11 2 5S 2.71 8 31 3.17 3.13 3 7-i 108 131 4C7 5 01 1.00 1.02 1 05 l.OS 1.11 1.13 1.15 1.17 1 80 121 1.2J 1.85 1.2S 1 30 1.31 20 27 2S ! 29 I 5 3J 5.00 5111 0.21 3il 31 34 33 31 35 C57 5S I 6 U2 5'J I 7 2S CO 1 7.05 Thus, a person nt th? age ol S3, in order'to secure llMl. m hix fnmilv nl lii Heeenu. nit-aniin.i.ll...l...:.. liislifen preinium efjl.T'J, on 1 deposit ot $n l'J. nnl one Bl iM,H ol 9,.o nnu ueposu ol S(J "f, WILLAKO PIIILlAl'S, President. Directors. Willnrd Phillios. James Read. Thos. A, Dexter, Ilobert llooper, V, O. Iiwell, It. 11. l'orbes, t itlinm Parsons, (, COree H. Ivllllll P. IVnlnurinla Chas. P Curtis, Win, W. Stune, Otis Tufts. ' Applications for insurance received, and paniiildcls continuing lull particulars as well as the act of incor poration uud by-lawsoflhr company, furnished bv ' S.WIliL-sVAgcnt. y liurlinglon, Vi. lean ivur cAiieiiccs inu'i oe rciummicti, inerciorc i i, Tmii i n him mill mlbm "Ifil ' .'jV DESPATCH STOVE ! I'ATUXTIjn .IILML 1H1I. TI II 5 int entor of Ibis superior and celehrn ted Stove, would lcfpcelfullv cull nnblic ntteution to the lllilliy ,MCH H U01II01I1C9 111 OllC COIlt C- nient, ecouoiuicnl, durnble, compact, nnd beniitiful nr tide, ol moie cnpieily lor bent nnd eookiiii! purposes, than nny oilier ever olfercd to the public. Pint, 1 or us f!nxvi:xn;cn! It has I huiler boles placed udovc theimmeilinte nctinn tf the lire t one tamo oven, occupvinc tiie whole bne ot the Slove, which, by experiment, bns protcd itself 10 nc eqiai 10 n nncii oven lor nil linking purposes! it alo has 11 Mother oven of smaller duucic-1011, baik of the fue-box, nnd over th" back part of the low er oven which cannot be surpassed for cooking purposes, when 11 higher tcinpeintiire ol Irat is required than for oartnu bread. Viilatoe.1, Meats, VniliUiia, fjc, mav oecouAinuic ine upper oven in ine mostiieiraule manner, wn. pi nking bread in the Intterwhlch is a convenience iitshly esteemed by tboe who have useu mo etiore, ami uniire. Ironi etpeneuce. I I; oven h also n eood blend-baker, by re-'iiliilimr the beat by means ol tin placed nbove it. Secondly For its jUlCiW.lf 1 A J'Xiii.' Th? fire-box is placed in such n position, that the fiiepas3c3 directly under nil Four of the boilers, nnd tb" Fire pas-es KLLVLN feet K the sinatleot sized fct've, beiore it reaches the pip, nnd applies ihe bent directly to the outside pinks ol the Stote the wholi distane". nnd iheiebv obtains llie full use of the foe before it escapes inio the pipe : and when lienlisnot necessary for the room or tor baking, by closing one ol the cross damncrs.lha heat from nterv small mi.111. tity of fuel maybe made to net directly upon one or twonrtieles ol furniture, nnd thereby get the full use ol the smallest quuntily of hid, mid in summer, when the lower oven is not needed for luikiuu. the nooer part ol ihe slote may lie used for all ordinary cooking purposes, without bentim: the lower pait, nud theieby all umieei-ssary heat is dispensed with w bleb makes 1111s siotc u 'si'aimf:ror winti:r stovj:, V" i' t K'rvrinriii nrmn-icniPiit in rinv Stove w l' Ur.- t!i- 1 uI1k uikUt that unrticulnr nnnif nr - fciirry uv nl" the ISiom- i siifiicictit lo jnti.)' rvry pcinn nf its dutnliility, ns tin plutps nrc ofMiMicim'thiLkiu' tn tnak tli-'tn .litnble,iuid llie eoii'tiiK'tion of the is tow is finiplt? nn.l compact, lin- j t.tti, uv ctipaciiy otthis nitre in (iiuig n groat amount uf (hfsinrst ot the sunc time with n Muull rj-iiimity of i'ut'l surplus tiny Move c.lnt. Th'1 pro ressoi l-fikinhrcad in the lowr om n, linking potu t , jurnl, iV,e. hi the uyiCT ocn, luoilin nrloat i:m niitJcr the eit iron ruat-UT in (runt, nml bnilin nn tiie top with 1 hoih'ps may lie done tit t lie fami tune, with tlv saincniiiount uniit'l tliat it would require Inr ImKinuor boiling rdmie, itnd do nil the tt!ioe named work iierft ctly, and without the one interferiii; with the other. All ntihe foreoinf; Matcmcnl enn lie corroborated by hundredswhu hae the Minouuw in Urfo. l'or Hnle by STiVrS0NS ROW, No. I. I,. L. STONi:. Chit'r-li-Street, Iluilmutoii, Vt, (Vt Hid. ipXCIIAiVGJJ ox Loxnox, Livnii'ooi., Sut Ldinhurgli, D.ibhil anil (Ilasgnw, 17 For sale hy J Ai J 11 l'LCK t Co. U'AKTED, QAA f'onloof H'-mloel; Wood, for which wv' w halt Ca.-liwill In paid nn I the remainder iu goods, b y 1 . tt . i,u 1,1,1,. 1SWJ liurlinglon, Q't.aaiaic, KI.1AS I.YJIAX Ori'llltStoletlhe Store enll.-d ihe fierman Store in tie Wiekwale Hloek. it has been tboioughly refuted, Fainted &.e. nnd is in good condition ioriin mediate lic. Huilinginn,-3 Oct. 131rt. lSwtf PEARL STREET HOUSE. m yVori St., .X, ir- York, ".' Tins n i'A cio i s i :si'A i; i.i.sii.ii r..vr f:,lj' ereeled for the e?pecial ureommodatioti ol Mr.ntii.txT!.. in Ihe wry eenire of the inrM Ioiii!oiis business ili-lriet of the eity, lias pawd into ihe lnnds ot the itltilersi jucd ttho have heen cnenged durinir llie Ijs.1 tvto months iu makiiif; puch udilitious and iiiiproveiiientaas the tormereouditioii oftliehoue peemedlo demand. To those who have hitherto e. te.idcd their palionatre totlusllotc I, it mu-the obvious tliat, iu pome pmieulars, Ihe mauayeineni win ms eeptihleto iliiptoveinent . and ttimoiu eiiternii; into details, tlv y will fcimply flate that w heie meh was ne cessary, iu ither c.t police nor labor has been i-paied. 'i'lie" D.uner hour baa been changed troiii lo 1 o'cloik a Diutiei is alot-crted at II o'clock, iu the La dies Ordinary. With the most careful attention to the co!iilbrt of tinters in eveiy depaitiueiit of ihe house, the l'ruprie toinhopo to lecieve and repjieetrully solicit u liberal Plipp'Ut, N.ll. A Co.ieb will he found nt the principal Sleainho-it lh, rt. to convey pa -sneers to and irom die lb.1.1. swii'cr, r bishop. V. m. i'. LLUNA1M), New Y :k Jo't , 13V.. Hui Oysii'fh mill FmitH. KV.PT on hand in the various seasons, Oysters in the shells and ken. Annies bv the bain I. Oran ges nud Lemons by ihe box, Quinces. Pears, Peaches, - -ci roinioc 1 iiesmuis, tt aiauts, tVe. ccc., by the b jsli-1 or barrel, lor sale by 11. I1LACKMAN. Aeeommodatiou for Hoarding at the house ot 0. lit. II lit! AN. October Hth, Blfi. cC. I H(V l''"- Dees' Wnx, IVJVV 1OJ0 lbs. Lrgot, or Spurred P.)c, 200 lbs. Hear Urease, (nice) at PLCK & SPKAIPS. Oct. 3, 1811'.., STOLW TpHOM the Subscriber's thop on Tliursdny after noon.i'Jili ult.,n Silver I.epine Watch, tourhnh-s jewelled, l!ia-s tnp'd, Litorpuol make, crimson silk guajd with gilt Heads woiked iu it. Whoeter will give any mlormation of taid watch will be handsome yl remuin-rnn d. 1). 1 LLTCTIHIL Winoo-ki Palls, Nov. 5, 13 It.. 13 w 3 VARIETY STORE. 1171SS1W. IlllIXSMAID AND IIKOTIICIIS ila would inform the public that their JEWEI.IIV and VAIHETV SPOKE will be found WIUA. I 'lLI.Iill with goods in nil its t arums departments nt pnceswiiith they will endeutor to make kiti-Jactory lo the closest bujcis. Purchssers of Watches or Clocks may it-si sssuicd that nu uce- nv ills wiu Is- made to buy of us, nnu il is our inienuon, us il is lor our inteicstto gitcn guml Vnlth a and at as low piice, ns ihe in tic-It- can l.e purchased for jji In our silver spoon making wu nre terv onrlicnlar in lime "tolEllKCiaiaaiZfl uur Spoons jiapdwcII and of good coin without alloy and our Spoons with our name and pritalc stamps upon them we wanaiit as pure as DOI.LAKS or CltOWNS, our prices nre no higher than ihe allo)ed nnd poorly made pjioons nie usually sold for u round the country. t y Our stoi-k id' Castors, Ten Pots, Candlesticks, Lamps, Tin Waiters, Looking-.tlasses, Toilet t! las ses, citing nud I'hyiug I'nrds.Cuilsniid plain Hair, OlassCandiestiiks, Lamp Classes and Whits, Willow Waie, Carpel Hags, Night Lamps, &.C., &e. .t M USICA L Inslrii menu csmiiiers, liays, itriiauma Molasses Cups, Tumblers, Soup Lsiiles, Sphtoons, Eeg bolleis, Crirce Pots nnd Pil leiers, Coniniunioii Piiruiture, Tberniomeiers, Paints, Oold ami Silver. Steel nnd Herman Silver Spectacles nnd Cases, (logics, Eye (ilnsscs. 1 'clescopes, Work IJoxeSj Pancy Coods, Suulf Boxes, oekelsTojs, Dolls, ice, is good, Diguercotjpe Coods i . .ii i i.. , i e. iir.n.l ol most oil kinds wanted See., as we rcccite Coods nearly every week iu Winter and Summer, we can supply niiyiliin in our line att-hort police. . We hate Brushes (!ombs. II 'ads. Sunns, Hrace- let", Hlr Pins, Steel Kings, Clasps, Ke)s, Chains, , Work Hags and Baskets, Cold nnd Silver Pencils, 1 Silver Darts and Birds. Cnnes, Oo-Caits, Ilritannia (ii.iin .ic. I and Earlhi'ii Bed Pans, Wheel Heads, Cutlery, i' Kazors. Itiutcs, Scissors Snaja, Hones, Soap, Lather Iloxes and Bru-bes. Shoot lug Irons, Single and f, bar rel Pistols, Double unci Nn- fie barrel shot Cuns, Hides, losks. Caps, Hoiiw, e. tS7'We invite ALL tu looV'al our ntortment Is torc puithasing. SI BIUNS.MA1D HROT1ICUS, mm. Kf2 -ii Jirr uu n ihmmii SAMUEL PERRY; Co nt in issinit Merchant f TVS. Front lrcel, N' Ytir.K, A. AI. FKKKJIAN. DJ" Liberal udiancrs nn Consignments. itt:i'i:iiTIci:s. Mess. Suydnm, Sage & Co. New York " John Johnson's Sou, " " 1'. , W. iWnrtin, " l'lcelnnd, Smart ,teo. " " II. I'. & A. Woodruir, " Stanton it I'rot, ' !; I'"hnercV,co. riiiladelphin, " Wm. Tnjlor.tco. " I'ollelt & llradley, Iliirlington, Vermont. Ion. Lra .Mecch, Slielburne, " Lawrence Urnineril,I'res-t, St. Albans, " Joseph Warner, Cnsh'r, Aliddlebury, ' A. L. Callin, I'res'l, Orwell, " John A. Conant, Ln, , llinndon, " (!eorg" T. Hodges, l'res't, Rutland, " Hon. .Myron Clark, Jiinclicster, " September, lltb ltHG, jf FI3BCUV)9iOi tV SSSE'lKilIAIV, I' II 0 D U C 12 Qlomintofltcin iHcrcljants, IVo. il I Walcr Slrccl, NEW YORK. Jas. S. Fi iwrsox. GAnni.T.r. Sherman. nr.rnn to Messrs. Draper, Aldriih Jj Frink, " 'I'owiiseud.Sayre tj Claik, ' .1. e( .1. F. Seymour, " Plllllips ( Cuvler 123" J. fii II l'edk,JCo.. . . New York. Albntiv. liurlinglon, Vt. d. &, A. LOWERY, WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COMMISSION MKIICIIANTS, 1U1 Frnnt Street, NEW VOUK. Keep nn band a Large Asaorlment of Hoods iu their Line, at such prices us to induce good men to all. lima II, V, S, McCullougli, WHOLE S A L E D E ALE R I X DRY GOODS, 1V0. Hi Vine til net, Corner Xitssaii, Opmaila Custom lloijon, Nkw Ytir.K. limit IBoo.s & .'Shot's. CASES Hoots nnd Shoes, For sale chain bv 20 VILAS ! NOYLS. Sept. Sjlh, 181fi. 1:1 X i f tAI1Ui. Ili;.!US. norteil no-a. "Extra me- munn Sunt j'lijirr," innnnfnrtnrfd trom elcar AtutiiU71 ''i-inp niul cmereil with pure yrnnulatcil ijuart, whieh rcnJi-rs it the mo.t durable niul thereby the most taluuble nttide now in nr, Ur wile bv ttTItuN(;s Co. 13 Agents, Scpt.25tb, IB 11"'. GEOLOGY OF VERMONT. rTiini Seeond nnnunl 1'eoort, of the (leology of the J Stale of Vermont thudny publislied, C. UOODIUCII. r.iirliiiglon OetiOth JSIfi. 17 DOUItLi: WAfiOX. A TWO Horse Waon lor wile cheap in exehange XI. tor otlier property. Oot. 0,1816. Has been used soli'1. VILAS ec NOVLS. I5UCK MlTTKXy. DOZ. llackskin Mittens 15 d do lllotcs, 1 J l'orsnlc by Vll.AS .N .NOYt:s. Oct. 5, 1810. V.'OOLKX SOf'KS. 1 OH BOZKN Woolen Socks, lletailcrs of this lull aiticle will do weel to i nil. VILAS NO YLS. Oct. fl. 1810. I It O W N SIILLTINOS Winooski nnd othe XJsltl nnd uualitics ot llrottn Slieeiing for snleby ,j,e I'll 01... voci-j .-,1... , ll,.l? . Are. u ks a iiiit , I KM HOXLS ' HOXLS 'Pin Plate 1-3 IX. 1 ir, ,io do do IX square. 11) do do do Ct!!ltiCS. At.s.n a pood assortment of W ire, Lnglisli Iron, beet Copper, ttc. Scu. Per sale lntr inr rti I v ' VILAS vS NOV IIS. Sept. 2jlh, 1310. 13 IltiSiiBi;;, Wielisnp:, A:e. (rr"t 11ALCS Halting, Waddiu Sc. Witk.'ng. j 1 or sale oy Sept. SJth, 1310. VILAS if NOYHS. 13 ;oloretl 4;nHi!rie. r r AKP.ri Tiilored f'ainbrics. O 1 Cuse Silecias. I 'or kale bv VILAS e; NOYCS. 13 ept. S.'.lb, 1910. Oil llvnl. THOSr: wi-bing ibis excellent article for feed, can l...u,1to,lnT nor flit Mill nt the Pall 11 nr o t. vitvt Sept. 25th, 1810. 13 NVIL"5, Vises, Bellows, Screw Plates. Shovels. r Spades, (!nun Shovels. Hoes, Polksr Hooks and Hinges, Logan 1 'Prate Chains, Cro liars, Cutter Sinus Iron Pumps. Cut mil wro't Nails, Horse Shoe Nulls, Sail IronsPallor's Irons, &c. ,tc. Nov. 13,'IC. n81 STHONGS.tCo. 3. V. P-ADiiLZi, TJF AVIXR .IUST AIUUVi:i) FKO.AI NKW fl I York, with n large and fa-hionable ns-orlineiit ol Watches, Jewelry and Pancy Aiticlcs, winch h ol fs'rs for sale at t cry low prices, at his Nuiv .1 utveler's Simp. In Strongs' Hiiibling, College street, directly opposite Cole ,V Kobnisou's Siore. The citizens of Burlington and vicinity ore respectful ly invited to call and examine lust'oodslor lliemsclvc. His assortment consists, in part, us lollows; Wntclies, flol.l, EnMisb Patent Levers, Anchors, Cylinders, nnd Lepiues ;"Sdter, English Leters, Anchors, C)lmdcrs Lcpiucs and Coiumon. Colli IVneils .V I'fiis, Oold lickels, Oinrd Chains, h'eys and Seals, Specla cltM, Thimbles, Heads, Ear Ornaments, Enamelled and ttilh Slone settings. Cold Hraeclels. Clasps, Hearts, Crosses, I'ob and Vest Chuiues, uud a great tarittyof Llegiint ringer Hiugs, l'lna nn.l llrn.iehes. of llie latest stvles. fir Ladies and (lentleinen. Sllier Spectacles 'l'himhles, Pencils, Cold and Sdter Tooth-picks, .S'dver Hutter Knites, wuh 6'dter, Ptarl or Itory Handles, IS 11 v t'r Npi.ons, Warranted a good as the Coin. Pearl and Shell Card Cas.'S, SleelHlgs and Purs,; Uasps.Slcel Heads, Piip-c Rings, with Lars nud taiscls. Sdter Plated and Cenoati Silt er ioons, ( leiuiau sdter MK-ciaclcs.and .S'lerl Tweezers, Cheap VcI yjiectacles, Key Rings, and a large assortment of Cutlery, Rogers' Razors, Knifes and X'issors, Wnde and Butch er's Itiuors, warranted. Chapman's Razor .Strops, Sbatitig itoap, Bear's Oil, anil I'erfuiiier)', Various patterns of .Shell, Horn nnd Ivory Collil.s, Cornl Beads and Necklaces, Cloth, Hat, Hair, and Tooth IllUsllCS, .Music Boxes, Violins, Bass Viol and Violin Strings of llie uesi ipiiiiiij, v..iwo"- ..iiuo, ..v. Ml Lin. la of WntcllCS. Clocks. Music-BoVCS Ond j Jewelry, Cleaned and Repaired ut the shortest Notice. Old Cold and A'dter ta1eu iu exchange for goods or No't ember lltb, 131". Wf ir Y A XI) STRAW COTT1.RS0FALL II Sizes For sale at the Agrieullnie Wnre-llousc iYwi) by PEIItCE st SWEET. II, 18KJ. S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, AT .BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises one of the most splendid nnd geneinl Stocks iu the Slate. All goods bought and told I smelly lor Lnsh,nnd ot course Uicnp, wrinhvsAfj: y miTAih Di:hi:ns In Ilnnlwaic. Cnll'-ry. Iron, Steel, hhoet Iron, I in, rint, yh"et find Unit Opi.r-r, lion Wire, I lour, ball, IV-iints, Oil", Dye-Stulln, Piaster, (irirul ftone, &c. JanufactuuT's Apmh lor the Sale of A'uils ond Iron, nnd Window tilaof nil 7C. (ieiifTnl Atreiit" find Ccnnniioii Mrrhnnts. Li beral ndvanci s nindc on I'rnperty coiiMsned to lliein. Kan Hide Court Houm Kq-Kiie, Ilurhnyton, Vt. 1 1 J00K-IUNI)L(i. 'I'iinsunscitiHiMi would say to hU fri'Mid? nnd ihe pubhf that he (-till car ries nu thf Uook nindinu nud Ulank Honk making nt m old stand, where lif un1 tuperjor workman nnd nil v.rk enlruMrd to Ins vnv " ill I dnnj in cood tyle nnd Inste. llltiul Books ot tlf bet lmr u paper liiudc I lo order and rulrd to nny nnttt'rn nnd wnrrnnted. I L.Ugn'j ot huok'J marbled and ruimmI il U'irrii. STliVi;Nri WOODS, i liurlinglon, July 8, ISIG. Hiromr liuilding. VIN()OrKrPAU-S 6Tn ( t"Xl I ZXV, FLIiTCHIiU, Fasiiioxahm: Tailou, has b removed thon nenr Ihrlow iSi Wood's clorc where he con-iders liimef permanently located lie deFirH to li'tum Iih snieere thank'' for the liberal sup port lie has rcci'iNrd cince )ii cominencenient in buu neoS iu the alon-Titd city, nnd hopp, by nsiduity in lHinii'S5if slill to merit a chare ol their intrminije, i hrotijih -tuily niul practice 111 tiie nrt ot t ailnrmir.lic Ins di-eoered a new mode ol' limiting coat, which U unknown to anv but huneir. A correct mca-urenient i- ncknow edged by nil the tiade t be the only meant of ensuring cmiplep! "fit" " The po-ilion ol the cii3 lojner iim-t Ik underi-tood. There it not a Tailor who can ensure n complete "lit" without this knowledge, I). 1. would iiitorm Ins customers that he has pur i lias-ed an indubit ible mode of cleaii'ing jrannents, of nil colors, tup I of giving them the fresh nud lively np penrance thry were wont to have in their earlier dnjs, CUTTINO done to order, on llie -h"rteft notice nnd warranted to fit, if properly made up. Uojs' Ure-es, and Ladies' litdinj; lldbits, made according to h-tmm or lancy. Winonski Tnlls, July 1, ISir,. VTOW: LATH'S. Wk mm: attiotion 3 ton new sttle of Stole Jmwiih, i-alled Oriental Lamps, for burning Lamplione, which east less shade than any other pattern : uKo, Done Lamps, nnd store Lamps lor burning Oil Witks, Ola-ses, Hull and Parlor Lamps. I'orsale low. 1 Iw3 Hr.ivsMttn f tJAUft, KAti.. I'WPlt ItUJS WtXTOI IN LI exchange f..r Hooks, Pnper te. S. WOODS. ftTOTIC!). Tin: Sriisci:iui:it has jpst ni:- 1 i tunietl from New York, nnd is now reeeitinga lirge an 1 fresh supply of Hooks and Stationery, which will he sold tery b.w tor cash. S. U OODS. liurlinglon, Oct 2,1310. Strong's Hudding. 'ATflUN AND CLOCKS. YU Invite llie ntlcntion of nil who wih tn Iftivnnv iIoL'niitinn of (10I1I or.SiUer Wnteli- tS llniM or Who I Ctoclw, either r'mUt d.iv or one tiny. In our new n--ortment, wliieli will he sli at very low pnec-.n- low 11s in nny other plnre. V would jiM olnervt- that Houe(; keeper? will da well tn buy clocks nl llio wlia enn put thcin inorilcr when they'neeil it. 1'or snle ch'-nn by U.ii.vsmaid & J.-;oiiiri;s. Ojt. 1, WJii. Ml. rjIMAU. rito.M tiii: nrv ni' New York. the iilcneure tn infonn the Cil".'Vi citi7.enio( DurlniL'ton and ieinilv. that lie Ins fji'ticd a f!iop nt the room Inl'-ly occupied by .T. II. I'lntt, '2 doors north of Jlr Wiirnr's store, nn Clmrth street, nnd is prepnred to do with nratnei-? and in the best mnnn t nil work rntrtifted to his cue, in clndint; JE-iU IIUIY V W ATUIiS ot every df enptioii, in.'kin; I'ntent lje-r Ilnpcinent' as god ns Johnson or llohinon ; Aluo, lJuplex, I'pine, and nil ertitje, &c All kinds of repainns;, cttuii pinion-, Maff, c ylmder, wheels, etc. ns well and nt-itt as can be done in l!i city nt New York JAmic boes repaired, Aceoidmns and Mclodiaus tuned. All work done by his own band'". Mr. I' having worked 111 in a Iire eHnbliS'hment in the city ol New York fur two year-", nnd Iminj; previously lee. ied geod insirueiions 1 om an e.veelleut j.uropean workman is w.-n nualttietl to execute tl mosuhlHcuIt woik, and be e.iiorts tiie pubiie to pla in liim theireouhdeuce, and bestow upon him a share ol p-it.onage. lb f.-r, tor ritornialioii lesiiectpig his woikniansiiip, to . Messrs. lVllows, Vaa Aisdale and Cooper, No. 11. Maiden Lane, N. V. liurlinglon. Sept. 3, HIO, tf3 nu: Mo nwws ur.uiw, OR TEM ll.E EN-CESTniS. THIS valnnhle and highly nppreciatcd Medicine 1 was obtained Irom an Im.ian Dotir.Ess, in llie Valicv of lhe Coluinhia Kiter, Oregon, nnd since its introduction into citihzed lite, lias lieeu of more bene fit to the human race than nil other inodii-iuesever used. It will almost do away the curse entailed upon our mothers from Etc. It will ell'ect a quick, easy delivery that no otlier medicine will, except what the led women of the forest use, that is congenial t uh na ture. The patc-ni will get about in half of the time they do treated iu the old way. It is a sure pievciuative of Broken Breasts and cbddbrtd let er, and die pioprietur is wiihug to WAR RANT n cure to all who may have occasion fonts use. 'Pilose who bate been imposed ujs.n by Quacks nud 0 nek nostrums, nnd hate the imtura! fear of a second imposition, can be icferred to some of the most taiudijo in the town. All ordeis Irom a distadee, (post paid) will be attend ed to upon the shortest notice. 1'or sale Wholsac ami Retail by the Proprietor, Dr. Vt lUTCIIER, and by llarringtuu ii Hrother, Agnts. Ilurlington Vt. S-pt. 13 ISM. 13 f.Mi:ilt'IIAT.S' HOTEL. 39 and 11 !tL,i"fiii(iici i., (right hand tiJegoing upfiom Xtiittt Jlieert'i Vroitdtrny ) 'i'he above Hotel has U-en enlarged this season, and ihe Proprietor hopes lo accommodate more Vermont customers He legrcts Ins being obliged lo turn oil go many the past tali and spring His nccomiitodaiions nre now more ample, nnd be tru-ls they will he touud snii-factory to business men. Terms, gl.'ij iwr da 7v-rwi-fk The Burlington Prce Pu-ss is Kept on Piieut this Ilou' WM. ML'IRHEAD We slop, when in New York, nt the Merchants' Hotel, 3'J and 11 Comtlaud-st , nnd find nu obliging "Host," polite and nitcntite servants, a good table ,atid tELA.v rooms and beds. l'-hiili BRINS.MAID .t BROTHERS. TO COUNTRY TRADERS. TIIE mbscriliors, at their store corner of Pillion and Richmond streets, Boston, keep coiistnntly on baud, uud oiler for sale, on the most tatomble terms, n large and Well s decled ns-s.rtuiellt ol w. i.Mii.v ;oois .v (,i(oci:i!ii:s, Also, VVVVAl AND SOI.L LEATIILIL from the Lest Tanneries in New England and New York They also rets ive, and sell on commission, roinitiv Piodnee. 'l'niders visitinir the citv are re. spcctluily requested to call and examine Iteiore milk jg their j.urtbascs. Ijf Refer tu JAssre. I'ollctt .V Itindlev. DEXTER, IIARRINOTONit CO. Boston, July 3.1, WW. NEV FIRM NEW GOODS. mm: u.i)i:iisifii:i) havi: roinin) I n coinrlnerslup under the linn of II L - J. H. MOORE for ihe transaction ot a Oenernl Mercantile business. They hate lattly returned trom New Yoik tt uh nu entirely new and fresh stotk of Coods con sisting ot DRY COODS. FI.OUR, PORK. CODFISH, MACKEREL, SALMON. CROCP.RIES, CROCKERY. (iLASS-WARE HARD-WARE. BOOTS & SHOES, SALT, Sic, fee. It is our intfiilion to keepn eemral nortmfnt of1 Coods.nnd we! to eite usneiiu ns we sunn sen as low as can Im nnr, chased ill this tieiuity. Most kinds of Country I'io duce taken in exchnnge for Coods. HORACE L MOORE, JAMES II. MOORE. PcatUt .Nov. li, lSlfi. '.'OrtS KTOIIE. W HATCH, fiiw Smith, vovin . Form bis customers, that he has employed on experienced woikman from lis- south, nud intends lu keep, constantly on bninl, (!e.s, belter and cheaper tlinu nny eter olli-red iu this market. I & Shop one door south of the Jail, Church Street, 1 lease can. j Ilurlington, July 10, IBIfi. ! ADAMS II0UM2, ' 371, Washington Stmt, HosTov. TV W. T. ADA.1IS liaving ojicncd this new J nnd splendid Hotel, beg leave to nssure the pub. lie that nothing shall be wanting to make it equal to nny other in tin- Union, nnd not second to any, , November, HIO. I'JniO musi2 nxisinxos. Mlvkrai Kxons. am. reau wime lace piaie, nnu niaie nna nan oronz cd Ho-ewood do, Krn.s nn.l ttl-iia do. bell pulls, bells and bnnging",Ulake' latchcsuortice locks, butN sercw-i, cuplKiard cniclies nnd locks, window spring, window blind Irinuiiinir. liook nnd hinirrs. hooks ant) I Maples, mahogany nnd veneered knobs, bat m id coat hooks, etc. etc , together wim n lull assortment ol noust; FntxisiiiNos, nmong't which hou-e-keepers tnay find n tnrnt varie ty oi new, useiui, tconouucai, ntm ornamental nrti cles nt June 1, I8IG. nKATIIKRS. Hnxs & Goac Fcitiiem 1 for s-ile nt nil times by June 0. VILAS & NOYES. rAL'A it &,AitTmjK I nre How rpeeit iorr n,w ililibes of SAI)UI.i;ilY. Colieh nnd KhelfHA U Iu V AI5K, iu nil Us tuneties. Also, Dnis und Modi einep, l'limts, Oils, VarnUlies, etc. llurlinijton, Id 10. rrilK 1'ILKS! A Cpnnron Life Gcaii- l AXTiEti! DH.liPHAM'S INTLI1NAL ItLM LDt , lor the cure of Piles, lullamation of the Liter and Spleen; Itillamatiou, Soreness nnd Ulceration of the Stoiii.ich, liuwcls, Kulm-js and Mulder i Inllain matoryand .Mercurial Hlieiiinati'in : Impurity of the lllood ; AVt-akiicsi and Inllamatioii ol the Spine ; and lor the relief ot married ladies. Tnr. Veoltadi.e Pill Lt.EcTi'Anv, interned In- )r. A. L'pliain, a di-tingui-hcd pbysieian ol New S'ork t-iiy, is ine omy icaiiy tucicssiui rtiuecly lor Ihat dau g' rous and distrt"siug coniplamt.tlie i'i,eter otrer ed to the American public. .Mark tins- it is an IntcrwilHrmcily not an eiter. nal application, and will cure any case of tie; Piles, either Weeding or blind, internal of external ; nnd probably the only thing that will. Theie is no mistake about it. It is a positive cure iqiteiy nnilpeimanevi It is al.-o a contement uicdicme to take, and iuiproici the t'eiieral health m a remarkable inanm-r. Lacb Hox contains twette doses, nt8J cts, per dose. It is tery mild 111 its operation, and may Ik; taken in cases ol the most ncuP' iutlainmation w ithout danger. All ettenial applications are in the highest degree dis agreeable, incomeiueiit, and ulleiisite j nnd t'ltm the terv nature of the disease. IrintKirniv in tlmn. , i 'Phis .Medii ine attacks tiie dis. ase at its somce, and lemoruig the cause, rnidetb the cure ttitaui and per manent. Isrt. mmatorv Diseases. Althouzb the Electuary was originally prepared for the cine ol the Pilt, jet it has protcd its'li to be a iiiedicine far superior to all others, in all di-ease" ol an Iiillammatory t-hnracler, with a determination ot blood to any pauicular paitor organ. In Indentation and Conge-stum of the Liter and Spleen ; lullamation, Soreness and Ulcemtion ol the Stumnib, ltowtls. KiJuejs, and bladder ; h.llam-matoi-j- and IllicuiiiatisiiMt is the btst med icine ( ver discovered. Imi-ukities or the Hi.ood. Por all impurities of the blood, arising Irom the imprudent use ol .Mercury, or other causes ; tor all diseases ol the Skin and Scrofu lous Afleotion ; iu all eases where th" lllood is power fully determined to the Dead, producing dizziness and di-tre?s. Or. L'iham's VAccluaiy is entucly umivaled. To .M.ti;r.iLD I.U'ii-s. .Married I.adus are nlmos mvaiiahly subject to that painlul and injurious di-oase, the Pu.i.s, tuili i o,ist.,juciit Inllammation ot the Stom ach, Hotvels and Spine, wenkncis cf the Haik, How of lllood to the Head, etc. Tiie Electuary ii ierl"tctly sale lor Pregnant Ladies, and the mo-t useful Liithaitic that can poR-Kily be used, as it will not o.dv remove the Pil'-s and all mfl immatory diseases, leitl.aut jmin or iiritiitinn, bin will ensure un easy lime, n sate de livery, and n sound constitution in theolispring. Ctr.E ion L111: The elcclurt tontaiiis 1,0 Mineral tivilieine ; no Alues,Coloeynth,Giunloge or other poweitul and irritating Purg.nite. No tear of taking cold while under ils influence, no change in diet inci s-ary. If taken according to the dirttlious, a Cure fi.r Life ii (itici anticd Pamphlets, giting tjluable information rerjvecting tins Medicine, may he obtained of ngents, grans. .1. S. Hot uiuox, 130 Wn-shingtoii t., Huston, gen eral Agent tor the New England Slates. A;..vr-. Huibngion. I'm it Sii'.tnj Montielier, Claik - Collins: lluiiaml, Darnells & Hell; lkn- !!'. n, 1'. n. i cck; tt mootki I alls, tt . II. llatili ,t Co. Sfi-ly Ll.IAS, HAS reccited one tase I.adie's lieaty Kid walking Shoes. kid lined, atone Dollar a tair, alsol'ar tveirw and Mansfield's walking Shoes, cloth and leath er Uu-kms, Kid Slips, &e e. Low priced Buskins, cheap ruuarouud Sbpsat 37. ALSO Men's Patent Rubbers and strnpped Over Shoes. Ladies Patent Rabbets and Rubber Buskins. O.t. ','3. n MOTHER'S RELILT. rPO MARRIED LADIES, the .Mother's Relief, a I medicine which soothes the disagreeable sensa tion d Pennies about to become mot hers, nnd insures ns.ifc deliteryin all eases where mal formation ur some unnatural circumstances do not nu-tcnt. The reputation ofthisarticle, thouzh silent, has become so extended ns to produce an immense demand. A pamphlet inten.letl, only for the et c of those directly interested nnd their physicians, is prepared for gra tuitous distribution where the Rebel is torsale. As we are thus obliged to come before the public, we take the occasion to say, that if the increase ol the call toi the Mother's Rebel, wberetcr known, be any guide to a direct opinion to he formed of the estima tion In tt Inch His held, we have the satisfaction of Mieting that it has Iseen the means olalleviatingan mlii.i'.e amount ol sutienng. and saving many taluahl lues. Whereter it has been usd during the abote period, deep rooted prejudices have given way to can did ami thanklu! .expressions of groiiiude, on'd a wish to extend on their puts, as fir ns possible, its benefits. Medical men of high standing have had the candor to acknowledge for once, that their prejudices must be abandoned, and have been ndtocntts for its use. All tho-c tt ho wish, are intitedto callon some of our agents and procure a pamphlet without charge. O.A'BARTHOI.IC JtCO. , Rochester, N. Y. I or sale by , , . , , PECK Sc. SPEAR, the nulhorued agents for this place nnd vicinity, who can ali supply Druggists at the Proprietors Whole sale piice. October Olh 181:.. 13 m.IAS. LYMAN. HAS received bis Pall and Winter goods consisting iu part of Is-autilul Primed Cashmeres, M De Lames, Lyoucse, Plain Alpncea, Plaid do. Ca-hniere De Cos., pmo English nnd trench .Merino, Indiana PincSLixo-iy Plaid Clujkjug, Printed Flannel, Cloak Linings, c. A SrLExrin assortment of Broad Cloth Cassimeres.and Vesting, Pnncy .S'ltinettes tery low, Ilenty Itlmk, Bine, nnd other Colors Beaver Cloth, tor oter Coats, nlso 1 Unions, Cord, and Binding. Prists. A great variety of Prims, some small bright Plaid tor children Also Tuikcy Reds. Flannels Plain ami Twilld. Moreens M-arlet. Crimson Black, Drub, and Lamb Wool, Merino, and Cotton ' Shins, and Drawers. Winter Bonnet and Veltct Riblioii, KichS IkScarfsand Cratais, Black Silk Shawls Zephyrs Worsted, Purse Twist Plain and Shaded. Marku'j! Cant ass, steel Beads, Purse Rings and Worst, d Yam, Fine Merino ond Woolen do 1's.MEsTII Ooors, Brow .. Sheeting and Shirting from 5 cts per yard o Is II. a do fi cis per jar. and upwards. bril ing, ( anion 1 iniincl, Brow n and B eacb'd Striped Shi S ollord . Double nnd single wldib. Tics!' Ihus, adding, Wicking, CrIW, WarpndCottou if- i ,,0l" ;t'!r'leeries nnd Oils n sas usual. usniill- inoCK.WUct. 1810. 17 Fitisii cAMPiu:.i:. Oct. 'J.ltiia, " - sv CM LA, i ts. ' (Dwfi, UVrosUl'IUTCOF SODA. i iw, ... , 'J. . ., -"'OVB, WITH ni.i. M.l'l'l.v OP TUP For Sale by ""'"""'I' "nr- ISw'J HIUNSMAID .t BROTHERS. D I', STIU'l' ;,ery material ferdting both tt ase and hue aiticlcs, For sale at r PECK W SrEAR'S

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