Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 18, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 18, 1846 Page 2
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" , Ii'.T retlntion. hv liail l.iieti !i oniony, wntiM iijjree to rri'Uituir lu-r n- i-'ii'li, nnd vot Jlr.'.'U'o iir tu urn tinii', 111 mu I'stnn iint.i ol mi' run-Itt-tl wnrlil, mul ir1 t u't. nun" tin1 let- mi iti'li-pen ilcn'. nuviT, lijc.iii'i) )iin i'l.iiiiH'1 Iut " !' '"'" uiiy. lt'Sjulii li lit i'(i!iiiuu-il until llir pn-"Mil loiiii'rt that Mexien u-.i tmo nl Jkt cm!- tiiri in ivlh'llii'ii apihil tier, this Hniild Ir.ivo in ile li'T Mi.iir di 111.H Hi l''rt T licr in- ll.ipcll.llMll OXi-telld'. Tf..i. t Hi'-' I'l'linll nl i . !. . -. .. . .1 . ft. .li. ..i j ... linen ilni Mine roKitkm to .Me.vk-u tint Mi'.ii-o Ihiiium t. Sn.h n n i tw U'loit-Spiln ,,PkM..l- .-I je.l lu-r i,loeti,1e.,c-f. Willi l!,i ilif. I (uronco- . Hut Mori; tin niiucxaituu m icx.i- m , til., lllit.'i .Sl-ltoS w.w etltlMlllllll tt'-ll. .Ml'MlMI lioroir. Iiv a liinn il to t ol lior 'ooniui 'lit, Irnt uckmiwli'ilm'il tho iirloji"il loiu'o of 'IVxas lis u ; lUtiim. It iv ti his that in th" net (ifroi-oirilitioii hi pro-oribo.! a oiiiulil'.oii, whii ii flu' hail no mi-' thority or piwor to iuiioo. that To.vis f-tnu1.l mil iii'mox hiT-Ji'lt to any othor powoi hut this i-o'ilil not ilotiiirt in any ilojiroo I'roin tho rornj: niliu.i uhli'h Moico thou ni nl1 ol hor tu'lu ilin il.'j oinlonco. l.on this p mi U'.oui"Ut cT l i'l-, it is nhsiiiil for .Mi'Vii'o to iiIIol'O. as a pn to.l for roni'iieiii'iii? ho-tiiitios aj.'.iin-t th" I'nitoil SlJlt's that 'J'r.Mi- i ttill a palt nl hor toiriton. l!ut tin lo mo thi"0 who, onnooi'ili;; all th!-. to ho truo. a-i-liino tho jrtnuiul tint th.' truowo-t- .rru luii.ii in u.jii i- i"u .ivii--.ii.-iv-. .i ... . .... i l i' 'O : . 4 1... .... :.. I ..r iiir nio loaoui- jiio.i inio, iii.-iri..i.-, mi m i.riiiu , r(.t) ,v ,,,. llrlnv mam. monllis li-lorp it a Ivaii oiir armv toth"o.i-t htnk ol Iho littr nvor woa., tf, ih.' o i-to'rn l..ii"i' ofth. llio (.rami". In pi-ol tho Toxun lino, ami imniloil tho tornlory . u. ;mmm mossasu of Docomhor la-t, I liifirnu'il oi .tiowo. . Miiipio-.aioni'Miiiu a.-i. hiiimii i'.i-m-i, .Miiu.iuiii-o. n ni'"1 i' 'I'" !1- Hon. I ox.H, as ooiloil to t:io I 'liloil riat".s nv I ranee, in IN M. lias Iiooti always ol'iiui. cl a- o.x ti'inlinj; wi'sl to tho Hi" ('raii'lo', ir Itio I'mo. Tills fact is i.. l.liJ,.,l hy Iho a Ohorily of our mo-t oinin 'lit H it. .-moil, at a porio'l whon tho qufstloii wasas woll il n it li.-ltfr innliT.-toiul tli hi it I- al pro'onl. Duiinjj At". .I.'H't on', iiihiiiu on. Alossrs, Alon.-oo ami l'iii''l;i:ov. who hail li-on sent on a special iui--inn lo Al uliiil, i'lm"g i il. aiuoiiL' othor things, w iih tho alU'tui'iit of ' lioiinilar. hetwoou tho two rmintri.'s. in a lo'to aiMros-oil lo tho Spini-h Alini-lerof Foreign .f- lurs. un-lorilitool lliolwonty-oi-lithol .l.iiiiinry, lwc,. tho Nuocos a:nl the Dol ,oilo," or liio IslTi. a-w rt tint tho ImiiikI irios of l.oiii-ian.i, as t ;r.nitto, and "tu rep. 1 any iuva.-ioii of tlio'J'oxan r"di:d to the Cnite.l St.iti- In 1'iaiiri'. ".no tho tonitory uhi.-h ini.'ht bo'att"iniitoil bv tliu Alo.x tivor l'ooh In on tlu tMi-t d tic river l.r.ivoon jt..1M fU-,-t.." tho we-tf ami they add. that "llio facts and. i, .... ,.,.,m,,,t i,r.,,,t,r t ik.,, ..: ,,..r. i.. l.rincinl"- whioli iutif this eoucluion i ii.i """"K" ..... ............. v that th- I'liltod Slates Law in t a hollor riirhl to thei-laml ol Non II, loins, un.ier llio iv-ion re- un.ier llio oo urn re- torrrd to. than the halo to III" wuole dMrict of' tcrrilory which i-. ajme i!e-crili".l.'' I) iwn to the ronclii-iou of th" I'lorhla treaty, in 1'ebru.m. VIH. bv uhh-h lids loriilorv v.ti- rodod toispiin, liio I'liilod Slates asserted and inaint.iiii"il Iheir lorrit.irinl ri'liN to Ihi- exlonl. 1 In tho month of .lull". I hi, duriii'' Air. Aloinoo' ..diuini-tr.ition,i!iforinalion b nHui' heeu reco'nod , that u irmilur ol loreieti adionliiior hail landed , nt (i.ilie-toii, with the avimod purpose of form-! volition ot 1 e.xas to re.jnet that a military lurcc iii";.i .settleiii'Mit ill tint licinilv, a m -s- i -iionl.l lio snt In the fiiitcd States into her Icr oii'or was de-patched h tlio (ioiorniiient of j rito.-y. fortlic pur,j-?oi' pro'oct:ni' and dofi'U.l tho (.'nitoil Sla'o-, with 'iu-truclioii from the in? ht r ajranwt the t'iroatoiicd imaion. It Secretary of Slate to warn them ti.ili'-Ut.hlimiM , Would huie b"en a x.u't lu-fioJ faith towards, they bo found theio. "or any otlior pinto norlh ol , the people ol Te.a.- to ! io r.:a-ed toaliord the thu'liio llravo. and williiu the torr.t.irv i laiinod aid which they de-iroJ aninst a threatened in- liv tli- Uiuteit Ctalof. lie w.n in-lMCtcil. hoiild th -j- b' f mud ill tli' count ly north of that , free determin itiou to annvx thoi.iselves to our world, that Texas had Ion" sinci' achieved her river, to in'ike to them "thn surpri-o Willi I'nion, in coinpliancu with tho oorturo made to I independence, the Secretary of Slato exiire--ed which the President his seen pos-ei-ion thu- tn- them by the joint resolution ol our Connie.. tljp leretnf this jroveniiiiciit that Aloxieo i should ken. without authority from Hi" Tinted States., ( f f .ccon!iii;;y, u pcitinn of the armv was order- liavo tal.eti oli'onci' at the resolution ofannexa a place within their territorial limit", and upon cd to advance into Texa. Corpu-'Chii-ti wan lion pa-sod bv Congress, iin.l e:uu assurance which no li-vful totlle'iiontcanlu made without I tJio po-ition elected by Con. Tavlor. lie on- that our'-most Mrenuom, efforts AiM bo iknolcd their .-auction." lie wa- in-lriictcd to rill inpon ; camped al that place in August." ISI.'i, and tho 1 ti) tho uuiieuhlo ailju-lincnt of every cause ol them to ".now under what intioiiil authority i army lemaiiied in lint po-itmu uulil tho llthof' complaint hetweon the two overnnieiit-, audio iney ul na, iio i iu Kno iiraii uK iiiiui' that, by tho Morula treaty of 1MH, the territory us far we-t ;w the liio liraml". wa-coiiiiriued to Spain, in that mite he -tales that "by the treaty nf the twenty econil ol l-'ebruary, Ib'l'.i, helweoi'i tho United St ites ami Sniin, tin- .Sabine v.-a- ndoptod as tho lino of boundary between the two 11.. ...... P. .t.,1.. t. I -I ii i ' "." ,. ' , ! , ' J. , , . ' oniz iti.m had b-en t'lloctetl , lexa,. hut the .. . ... ; .. ... .nv iiiu . no i"-i.. . u.i.iiiiiv.i k' ... "nn n toe u.'aiv. a i t ic a lieu. turns Woro made to that power lor oraut-of land. . ol mid i-neli jrtuiit-, or peiiu,--ion- ol M'tll-nient, worn in lact in ulo by tue .sp ,i-h aiithonties in favor ol eiti.i'ns ol the I iiitet! Mates, propo-ine; liM'iiiiora olo lex-is in iiiuiieroiis 1 iiuil.o-, bo- fore the declaration ol Independence by Alexi- c"- Tho Texas which was cetletl to Spain bvlhe riorida treaty of IMIii.t nibiaceil all the country nowclaimed hy tho Stale of Toxa-, between the Nuocos and the liio (ir.ilule, The lepuhlic ol Texas ftlwiyn claimed this river a- herwo-torii boundary, uiitl in her tro.ily tnatlo with S-iut.i Anna, in Altj. lH.ili, ho reco;jni-"il it as .-ueh. Ilv tho fon-liliitiou whieh Texas adopt"d in Afareh, lMoii. senatoiiul nn I reprosetiiative tlis. tricls wt roory tiiii-.otl. ovloiuliti"; wo-l ol Iho 'ii"-ro.-. The I'oiijrres- of Texas on the iiinelo"iith of Deceuihei, IH.P!. pi. od -An act toilolhi" tho houndaiie-i of llio r. public nl'Texii-," ill which they decl ired Iho llio (I'r.inde, Ironi its niontli i,, its source, to li th'-ir It innd-ivy, anil by the .uid act they oxtend"il their il and political juris diction ' over the country up to that boundary. I)iiriniii poriotl nf more than uln-year-. which iiitenened between the atl'iplion tif hor conMitu tiona'iil lierailiiox.itlonas olio of the Slates of o'lr Union, Texas u-seiti' l an I eoiois"d many net- nf stnereiiity and jiniMlictiou over Iho ter ritoiy and inhabit nil- we-t of the tteeea. She orjj'inizt d and tl 'lined Iho limit-of coiinlie-ox-teiiibn to th'' lib, Ijiu.ido. Sl.o e-l Minimi! ronrtK of jiistico and ox i'Midod h -r judicial -js. tein over Iho terilt.iry. Sho i'-tab'i-!ied a cils toin hoti'-e, ami colli el d tlulio', inn! u l-o post office- and o-t r. a ls, in il, She o-t iblished a lam! olticc, and is-m tl loi-iiorou- nr.nit- for Kind, within its lim.t-. A Sen.itiir:in I i Uepre-ontu-live residing in it wore elecled to the ( 'onjrress nftho lepuhlic, and sonel as Mich, before the net nf iiliiiHvi.lieu took Iuco. In both tho Con Uresi ol Texas, which jr.ive th-ir n"enttothoteriii: ol auneviliun In the Tnited S'-iles, prtipo-etl In oui C.mre. , were ropro-ei-.tativo- ipsiiliug wei.1 o too iifct-. who tool; pait i,i thu art o inioexali m itself. This was the Texas't, bv . .t f our Coierre- of the 'J'.lth ofi),rom'.er, l lo, a is ndpiitl, d asnno ol hoS'ate. ol our Tni ,. Tint the ( 'nimrcs, of tint 1 lilted Sliite.untl, r.-t.l te .Stale o( 'JVX. l i.i v' . "'i( ('.MTJIM ,. il'.n ti ,'7'.ee" i,l,i;''r,'t I'f'm Iho lact, n .ueyauniiiieuinto III I'uion, loexlend ,.., ,i, " tiiti.r ti . r ''ei-einii-r. ISI.'i, only a Uw K, ."tail -I "a ' II "!"' I'"""1 h. .. ..!. .i, , . - '.""" 'o-irtei in hi. i-l nu ni i ex i Ity Wllll'll thin.,., t.! . delivery at Corpus ;ii-,i, si,,,,,,,.,, ,1 Nueces, ami lieni.r t,,o same point at w bid, tin, Texas custom house, under Iho l1Vl.. f tl t iiiibllr I. nl b-eii be:i O..I .. I .1 ....... .1 . veyor to collect the revenue should be npiit, for tint port by tho President, by ami ,) ...ivi ini mat Mlr. K.illll-d novice lino ciio-eill ol loo .etlll". surveyor w as aceorihinjly nounnaleil, ami i olllir.llodbvth,, Senate. and lias been over sine tin. ,, ,t',. niauco ol l.istlnties. All tho els nflboVopnh. lie ol "IVxas, and ..four on.-ro-s, precede, tin, order, for the a.lvanco of our army to tl, east t,.lr.,i'., Hit. tirando. Sol..,..,', .1.. ... i ........ v nil- gross (lassoilan act; certain p-t riiiito-," oxtondiii"; west of Mieces, 'J Iio ' ' '." .. ." . --nulls a ,., Hint tsi ill l lt rintu nl 'P... und is rcpawnlcd in Iho lloiiso of Itepn-senta- ... . .... .................. I'senta. cho.en tive. 1 no .Collators iron, Malovvero,1 by a loKisl itiiro III wlncli llio counlry west of Unit river was represented. In view 1'if all these fact", it iiilillioult to ciuiceivi' ti.ii vvlml orotind it can Isi inaintjiiicil.tbat 111 occuinini. tl II" Illt'COtlll. try Iln-.ece with our nr.ny, will, a viovv nlely tn ils ,.,-, irity and defenc e, wo inva. flnl the territory r.t .M i'.xico. Jtut it rtiili havi K-M-li tllt limrc ilitiiniH In iitih tlir J).Mrutii inir inaiiiio piace is wtioiii mo uiiiieo oiiite-, j mo -jfjui ol Hull uiontli, n aeheil llteoa-t lrinli of telation- between the i-i-ti r republics." wiiowillMilVern-t i'rm'ui.'tit uttleui'iit to bo the llio (Jiando, oppo-ilo to Alutauioras. Thin '1'liat 1 have nctotl ill tho spirit ttf tliis asu. ...Uiil.or',m1.T any aiilhoiiiy other tbanlheir . luoUMiiont was, made, in pur-uunee of orders from i-.mcowlll appear from the events which m,. . .... . .... h, . : ,"""- me i liio i nr jiepailmt'iil, I iii tl on tho tlintoentli ol . unco occurred. .Notw itli-lantlinir .Mexico bid I I .1 t V,'. ' ' . Il!"l,", Jannaiy, IMii. I! .oio tlieso ord-rs weru U-ued. abruptly toiniinitetl all iliploni ilic intorcour.-c ....... . v.. ... ..... ...i .... iii.ii lit, nn- i.ii. i..i..ti, i. ..i .... .. ; . i. . ... i... : .. n t. , I... I ...I... I Nil.. ... j .. ...I -. .1. tvlirw ilutv It i-s t" fci; tlmt tlio lnVril.' f.iitlifiil-, to iviwiiti.i. it ill tho t.iL'o ol nil tlieso nriieeetl- lii.. I"tl' "I'll"' ''tii'!;i-L's of Tonus utnl nl' ! j United Statu, ho li-ni iiMiim.-iI tliu ro-iji'iMMhili- j Ivor vii'ldinif up tho torritiirv won nl'tho Suut-i- lii .Mi'Mi'o, or ol rofii-'nii; to prntoi't t.i"l dol.'iul tiii" territory uml il- inhiliit'ilit-, inclmlinir Cor pus Chii-li.'iis woll as tho roiiraitulor of 'IVxa-, u;;i'ii-t tli" tlnvi-.tene I iiiva"-ion. Hut Miwico lioi-"irin never pluooil ill" war i whii'h ho Ins uncoil, upon tho srmuiil that our "'"I""""1 " """'.' tl'oNiiccoH und tlie Klu (.ramie. Hit ri-r.ito.1 pivt.'iMoii thai '1 OMiyv.,-. imt in fact nn iii.K- "- "" ..- - , M1I1.UCIY -er-eoteil 111; urn ipvi m.m.-.l .ui HIM p isj in ooiiiinoiicin' a war wun tiio L nuoii Stall u'.is to ioooii pior Yo i- mul to ro-loro M.'.ic m atithoritv ovr th v h'i!" tonit'Ty, not to I'll' o.ooos only. h it to tin' N'lilllo. In Mow of tho priol titiU'il in Maoos of .Mexico to this rf. foot, I ilooiu al it my ilntv, ii" a ins isuro of pro o. nitioli ami ilofolioo. to mil-T our aruiv to uren py a position on our fronli'T. as a military po-t, li'om Wn'i'li our tpop o'.iilil ho-t roi't an I lo pol any attouiiti il invasion which miylit 111. I l.o. Onr.iriny li.ol oci'iipioil a po-ilion at Curpn Chri'-ti. wo-t of tho NiU'O , us early us Au;:ut, ISI.'i. without conipl.iint Ironi anv ijuartor. Hail tliu Niiocos h"ou ii'i'arih'il as tho truo witorn : . .... f-. ii,m,ui,nv (, 'ivxa-, lliat ixiiiniliry hail liocn pik- U'nro., .Mtl ,, . iit it.itioti of both the (. ( n 'i-o ami (..oinonlion ol Texas. I hail ilooni oil it piopor lo orilor a i-!r n ipinilron to the ci.a-ts of Aloxii-o. aniltu I'.ilii'i iilialoau elticiout milil.irv forc'im 111" wo-t"r.i frontier of Tc.xu-. t iprotoct ami tlofeml tho iuhahitaiits ai'ain-t tho uionacoil invasion ol'Ali.xico. In that tnosMiyo I iiifumi.'il Congress that the iii.nnont Iho terms of annoxiUion oll'oro.l hy th" L'uitoil St.ilo woro i..,t I... fr...i itin l.iii..i. I m.. m r.r I p.ut of mi i' own country a- to make it our iluty to all'inl such prolocti'.n mil ilelonco; am! tln'l fur that purpose our ."piaihon had boon oulcroi! lo thy (lull', am! our army to"taKo a puilion lio- oaii'i , soon niter Iho I 'ro-iilent ol ioxa-, in April. I v i. .,, s-iin Ni. eroc am num. romeinn t. ( 'im,,re.s of tint llopuhlio. for tho niirposo , , ,! :. M ,i . , i ,i , . , ..,-. i tie ii ir..noeil bv tho i'ni'e.l Slato-, the "omtii- . incut ol M '.xico inado serioiw turoats of iua ;d:HL" in" Ti xiiii toriitoij. , 'i'ho.-o thriuts I.ei.iiiu! inoro iiiipoiup as it hi'i in ro appaiont. in tlie protrrofs ol th" ouotioli, th it tlio people of Ti.a would decide ,in I'nor o accep'.iji.rtho tunis of annexation: ami. Im.illv, tlioy t;aU anuio.! -.icli a luniml ililo o.iaractor. a- indncci! K'th th" Conro." and ('mi asion, io wmcn iney naa ul-hi exp.i-eo tiv llieir , .uaicii, ibhi, w lieu it muwil we-twaul; ami on ! i hutting tho deei-ion ol tho Council of ( itnorn-' have heen tho Jlrt to it-k for it- rosumptioii, ot. moiit of .Mexico, ntlii-ine; that ho fhoultl not be wail lii"; all ceiemony, I emhiacetl the lir-t"ft-reeeiy.-il, nml ai.-o tl.o ile- atch of our con-ul ' voriblo opporliiuily "to a-ccrtuiii from Iho Mo.x rt'Milin in the city ol Aloxiro the former bear- ieaii fjtneriuncnt whether they would rocfie nn mg dale on l..o n tfiileon'.h, nml tho latter on the lie !. ..C ll..n ....1 1 - i !..,..! Lit. ......u.i... ... j.ii.viiiih'1, i .i.i,ti. i.r. ui i.iii "I wlneli accompanieil my iuesMij;e to C on-'ies-' ,,t. t'.eclcw.itli ..I .May i,u-t-wero .ecoive.l al mo uopariiiieiii ill Mate. I been coiiiinunicii-; li..iiL ,.,.,,.!,.. ...1 It I.. ..1. ...I. .1.1.. I i i . . . . K.....n; ti.-.t i.i..... i :.. i by the Covenimont of Cenoral Ilerrer.i. Il was ul.-owoll ki.own that but litth- hopo could bo entertained ol a dilibronl le-ult from Cenoral I'.nede, in c.tso tlie uenenieiit w Inch ho w.w prosecuting sl.oultl piove sue - , fill, as was hmblv probablo. The- larlir.ilis ol l'nrodo-, as inini-tor. in tlie desp-itcli relor. led to.-tale.breathedthelii r.'t-l lio-lililv ii.'-iiiit tho United States, denounced Ihe propo-ed 11"-1 notiatiou a- tiea-on, anil openly called upon the tioop ami the people to put down tho pnerii-i ineiit ol Herrora by f r-'f. Tho rocoiiriuo,t nf Tex i-and ith the Tuilt'tl Statt's verotqu n- ly threatened. Tne.-e went the circiilu-tunoe-. cxir-tinn;, whin it w.i- ileemi d proper tn order tho army under the couimiiid of (".' Tay lor lo lulvancii In tho we-lerii fmntier of Texti"--, and occupy a po.-ilicii on or mar tho liio (tr.iudo. TbeapirelioiiHons t.f a contemplated Ale.xi can inva.-ioii luivo boon ineo lullv ju-lilied bv mo I'voni. ii.o iioUTiuination ol .Mexico to ru-h intn lin-tihlie- with tho United Stale.-, was aoeiwatii-iiianiio.-ieu rom mo w-nolo lonur o tup note ol the. Mexican iinui-tor of i'.)-oi;;n Af- De.euiber l i'-t, no doul.t wa- entorta'iiied but lair- to our minister, b-ui in.; date on tho twelfth , th it he would I,., teceivod b tho Aloxicnn "ov ol ..larch, loll!. Paretics had lieu unolution- eminent, and th" Inpo was e!i"ri-hcd thaTiill izo-.l lho piyenimeiit. and hi- mini-ter, alter re- ri.i-o of miMimlor-taiidiii" b-tweon the two feiriii"; to the i-o-oltitioii f. r tho annexation ol countries would bo speedily removed. In the lewis winch Ind been .minted hyour l'o.i"ri'-s coulidenl Iio;k' that such woiild bo the result of in .U irch. l.-jlo. pro Is to declare that "a la-l ' his mi-slon, 1 inl'oniieil (Wrcs th it I forboro r.i,cu it- no-, or, ins,! ai; wu.i frroaierexicine , so nni.iiiie an netoi murpatuni, cieateil an iin-l ponoti- ii"Ce-.-iiy that .Mexicu, lor hoi ow n boil- or, ,-nuiiiii repel it Willi proper lirmness nud dip. 11 iv, 1110 Diipremo iioverninent liatl lieloie liaml tlocl.irod lint it would loo!; upon such an act as a mu b. Vi ; and, as a consequence of thiMleclni'.ttion. nonoti mon was, by il- very in line, at nn end, uud war was the only lecoumo of llio Mexican ';o eminent," It app-'.iis, also, that on llio fnuilh of April fd he.vinir, (ienera) l'aiodo., thiough KU minister of war, i-sntd 1 1'dom In the Aloxicnn general in command ol the Texan Irontier to "attack" nor ariuvbv every means which war permits." Tn this (ieneiiil I'areilos had It-en plo.lncd to tho iiriuy anil prnple nf .Mexico, dunlin; the military ritoliititni vvhuii liarl ijroimiit tuut into nnwvr, . .i... :..i.. it. ..r ...ii 1 1) ii i ii... Wll HIH flJJiHCl'UUI Ul .JHII, in III, llt'lllT.II 'II r- e, .-inldrof-cd a letter to tint coininanderoii tint rrntier, in whieh ho tatcd In him, "nt Iho pn H'PI'-" ' the bead oflhat vali'int ,,n, nrmv, either lifliliii": air, inly, or propami"; Inr il "o."y no um wonen r.aie, io ui-iuoiniior the i.pernlioiisol a , iiiiinlifii";" am! 'siiip(i-iii'r tlm lerritoiy of .Mexico, Ity cetliii-; away the do vou nlroadv on tho llio.ilro ol oieratioi,s, nnd p-iitment ol loxas. 'l'ho oroyornniont of Her "wilh all tbo forces a-somhlcil, il i inili-pen-ablo , rem i- l-'lievnl to have boon well di-no-od It. a that hostilities Ii" ciiiiineiicetl. vour.-olf takiii" ' pu-ilie ailiu-luiont ol existing dillioiillies; but, tho initiative ii.'tiinst the eneiir. ."' Theinov ot ol niirariuv in tho Itin (Irani!-,' was matin by thornuiminihmr L'enor il tintler no llitn r.r.1. ....... ..I. .. :.. i li . . '.7 " "" a. u"",.-s,v.. it.-i- "'"'. r Mexican clti.ens, niut to re- 7, , ' , ,'""i i'.T . oo, m, i . n n, ,1 l'' Tl'' ' war and he .1 ' i"'l!',;'l"1'"11 " "; , vV-iV, "'cs. onl,.,,, bo tailbtullv ovocnletl. 111111-1 ill's im- ... 1 ... : . . . . 'of tho Itin (irunilo, v i h , B 't VnVn? , then recenlle iobiiiit...i .. .1 ... ' our union, tlio couunnndinr, .,,.enil oftho Moxi r i . r- i-.1 I'M III I NU til 'M ,,, 11,rt.,.N W,(j n ptirsllailrool lbooriter- nl l.l- j,Mveriunont, bad ri.lleel.'.l a I ,lrm,. , ' opposilo shore ottho Itin (ir-.ndo.ciosseil He, riv- . ., im.iiie.1 our leiniory, anu commenced honil. 1 Hie by attacking , inr forces. 1 nns, alter all tho lupines which wo bad ro ,...!, ...I , ...I 1 .' M....I in . illM,inev ri11t,.t0l, u .,. ,,..,," ' lui-sion of peace, and whom she had nilcinnly nc ruii-iiiiiiirtii'ii ncr lonjr tiin-t nttr nunlry lv cntii- I re MrM'ruutrairf UmiLLXtiTON FREI3 PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER uii'iicllignii omjliiv niiilrliedlili;f the Muod I ul t.tir i-i m-iw on our own so . , Tin-United .St.Ue-t novi-r nlk'niplcd to iH-ntilri' 1 t.:i bv ciiii-piit. Uii th" coiitr.iry, at nn rur- Iv peiio.l after tho poonlo of Texas hailnchievoi1 tin ir independence, Ihoy soiiahtto bo annexed to the t'nileil State i. Atii .'"ii'eral election in Sep tember, 1830', lliuy decided with (,'roat iiiiaiiiiuit,' in fiwirof "aniioxatioit ;" and in November fol lowing, the C'nn.rrofs of the lepuhlic alithoi i.ed the appoiiiliuontof a inlill-tor, to bear llieir re-ipte-t to this oovernineiit, This ifovoriiinent, however, haunu roiualiiod neutral betwooii Tex as mid .Mexico durinir the war between tli"in, and conideriii? it due to tho honor of onrcouu try,and our fair fiiuo anion? tho nations of the e.irl!i, lint wo should not a lhi early p"riod roiifunl to annexation, nor until it should be man-ile-tto tho whole world that tlio lui'onoii't ol J 0X1? ny .Mexico was Impos-mio. relu-o.l loan code to the overtures inado hyToxis, (In (he lUlli of Apiil, IS 1 1, and alter more than seven oai.s Ind ol ip-cit .-iuco Texas had established lioi independoiico. a troat was concluded lor the annexation of that republic lo the Tinted Stale-, which was reieeled hy the Senate, finally, on the iirst ef March, IS 15, Conrrp-s pas-ed n joint ie-olulioii for unuexin her to the Tolled Slates, upon cerium preliminary conditions to which her a-ent was roquiied." Tho solemn! tie which eliuraetetistei! the dolil orations and conduct nl'tho eovorinnent and people of on tli" deeply intere-tine; one-lions presented by the-e resoluiionsiro Known to the worid. Tho Congress, llio Hxeciilive and the people of Tox-a-, in a convention rleclod for that purpo-o, ac cepte 1. w ith jjreat unaii'miity, the prep i-e.l terms of ai', anil thus con oiuini lied on her pait the ;rcat act of icslorin'to oiu lederal Un ion a vast ten-limy which had been coded lo Spain, by the Honda treaty, moru than a ipi.iitot ol a century bolt ro. After the joint leMlution forlheaunexalioii ol Texas to tho Tinted Slates had been pa oil In our Congre-.s, the -Mexicin inini-tor at Wash ington iiddieeda note lo the hecielaiv of Slate ln.Miiiir dat on the sixth of March, IS 1.1, pro-le-tinjr again-t it as ''an act of ufrre. ion, the ino't unjii-t which can ho found locordod in the initial- uf iiied"in hi-ti ry, namely, thai of ilos poilin;a friendly nation,'lil;e .Mexico, of u cou-.-iiKr iblo poition of her territory," an 1 pr. telinr airaiu-t ihero-oliition ofannexalinii,a boiiiirau act "whoieby the pi mince of Texas, an iiiloyral poition of tho .Mexican territory, is agreed anu an aiiimtteu into the American I nioii; and he nouneeti inai, as n con-opionco. In.- mi. i il to th" Lmlod Mate- bad leriinn.ited. and deniand od hi- pis-poll?, wiiich weio ;miited. It was upon tue absurd pretext undo by Mexico (hor self indebted for her independence ton succe-s' lul reol lion) that the Ifepublie of Texas Mi'l continued to be, liotwith-tandiii";all that had pa--. .i .. m .i ... .i . . . . '. -en. u iiimiii'i- in aiexico. nun im-i slop was. la lion by tho Ab-xicait iiiim-tor. i.very noiior.iiue eiiort lias i eon 1101 bv me to avoid tho war which followed, hut all'liave proved vain. All our attempts to pre.-erve peace have b.-on met by in-ult and r.'si-lince on the pai t of .Mexico. '.My efforts to this end commen ced in the note of llio Secretary of Slate of the tenth of .March, IS 15. in answer to that of the .Mexican mini-ter. Whll-t decliniiiL' to reonen a di-ciis-inn which hail already been oxlnu-t"d, .mil nrm ii" a "a in u bat w:i l.-nnu-i. in tl.n ..-I.,.!.. tliu cultivation ol tlie kiiulest and mo-t Iriendlv 0. Ill , envoy Ifoin the tinted S'kle-. intrii.-tetl wilh full .,n.v.,.l...,:;.,.l ..11 tl il.... .It t jiir.... ij.i-. tin tuv- j..i.-iinio- in ill- lute oe- I .vet n tho two t'ovornmenls." hi September, ' IH 10, I believe.! tho propitious moment lor such all lueiture nail uri ivotl J 0XII-. hv tint i-otbii. .!....: I ..I I "..i ... . i.,i..M 1 1 r .r. ... I ' 1 head f hail iiuuul to acknow led-'o the intli'.pei'. tleiico ol Texas, nibjoct to a c htion. it i-lruo which i-ho had no li.'ht to impose and no power' to onforco. Tho )a-t liinreiiu'r l.opo of Mexico 1 if h" still could luuo ritaiiiotfativ, that' 'I'e.vw ! would out anaio beeome i,,, ,,r't!..r ,...,...!.,.'. '.. mii-t haio Iicimi nhnidoiied. Tlio con-ul of the Tuiie.l ..t ..: r Alt ;ico was, theiefore, iii-lrucled bv Iho Secr.t- t iry of Slate on iho lifleenth of .September IS 1.1 to make th" enquire of the .Mexican "merriment The eitouin- was n, nl,. .l .... ,... no ,. . .r (Jctobor lSlo.tlio Mini-tor of Toiei.-ii Allairsl , of the .Mexican irmetoi.ii.iit I,.-. i,t.?.,,i.i ,'i I ilooiircon-iil, ";ao a favorable respon.-e, rofp.ies-tin-r, at the miiiio time that our uaal f.rco minjii l.o withdrawn from Vera Cruz while negoti utions f-liouitl bo peiiiliuir. Tpon the receipt of tlii-note, our tiiival force wa- promptly with- I draw ii fit. in Vera Cruz. A minister wa- iiniuc- iliatl , appointed and deputed to All xico. livery tlmin; bote a pioini-in.r aspect fur a sre-dy j peaceful adjii-tinont of all our ditlieitltios". ', "id At , i . i t e o in" nnmi-i ............ ... :.. at that tiui" to "roeninmeml Mich nil Honor in. -as. injuries wo mosfif retlio-s for thowrom's and Ind mi hint; horn", as it would have been tirn'inr Iut 'l " Jo 111 ike had ii-imicIi nerjotialion Inou in-titiited.' .1. . .. " . .1 . 1 o my Mirp 1.-0 nnd regret, tho Mexican novorii. ment, t.ioiili soloiiuily pleibrod to ilmn upon the arrival of our minister in Aiexico, lefn-otl tn re ceive and accredit liiin. When bo reached Vera Cruz, on tho thirteenth nf November, 1815, he found that the a-p -ct of affair.- li id imder"oii" an unhappy cluino. 'llio Kovoriiinent of (,'en I lorn ra. w le. w o,i lb ,t lime l..t.i .1 l!if Tt'juiMif, v:n totti'iinjj to it- fill. I ' 'II T'll , f . ' " , , V T n n tl null lll.l HI 1," ll'll III iiiiii iii mcitinuw nu K('vcrnnK'nt ci iliTitru.hv a military revolution! anil mm ,,r ' tiincipal means winch bo employe,! tn effect 111- lioipo-e, .11111 reiKierillO ot, orillllClll Ol tier- " 1 " nu"J" 1 l'""L ' rl ....... .....i nun ,..o in tern odious inlbo nrmv nn.l ,,. ,.f X t... t .... I lutileer clll.ell soldiers, who So pi 111 I I.l ly le-pnllded .., 1 ,. 1, ,,,i . .,' ,' , . wa- by loudly coiidoiuiiin" its tleterininatioii to reci-iio a uiiiiistor of po.ico fitiin tho 1. State- ' nil '"iniini 11 was 1110 lutenlion nt llerrora, by probibiy manned loriis invnseciirily.aiid in or- ,1 t to wanl oil t .0 ol tho rovoliition led I by I'arod.'s, Molited Its solemn agreement, mid , lofil-eil to leeeivo or accredit our iniiii-ter and lhis,althoiijii nil jrinod that beli-ul boon invested with lull .w,T tn atlju-t all .pactions i ili.-pute between tho Iwn oov, rninents. Aiiiohl' tbo I With lull mMO.Hljii.iIHiii ,11011-. iiuliluU' U-IWi'i'M tlio wa jr,iv rmniMits. .nin'' tlio ' frivolous pretext- far the refu-al, the principal j on" was, Ihat our minister bad not "one upon a I .'..1 ...I- ...... 1'.. in.l 1.. il. ....... 7i.,..' . . . 1 kmli- iiI inie-if.ii ronliiie.!t()tliL'fiin-iinIinn',.vi- 1 .ill mil- lf'll. onniici to iut fiK lion ol 1 ul'-'U, h'uMlialM KMimntnrL'f. iiotionrlIa mul our I'itizrn uuri'nroeil, Tlio .Mo.ic.lli (iov-1 crnuifiit well kmvtliut hotli our nulioinl Jiouor :.nillHM)ruloctioniluo to our citioiM imm-r.. J icv ii'tiinni nt u von ii'i- iniK nf ilnry'am! indemnity lmuM bo tu-atotlof to;etlier u-.iiiituiiilly nud in-ojurality lilondrtl, iiiid tliov tmMit to lmo ktii Unit tliis rouo vaIitl caf t'litalcd tormblo tlio Wnitoil Ktatm to extend to tlieui tlie mo-l IiIhtuI ju-licf. On tlio 1 IJtli ot' IVcciniter, IS tioneml Men era reijrned Iho IVeKidoni'v.und yielded up llio (im eminent to ("nml iMretl wttlmnt :t t-trurri'le. 'i'Jiu a ri.. illli(il, ,..,,, ..j: j, i.i i i ,i n ;olutio d snl.dy .y tliP army eo.tniiniiil. - d by Pan-dci; mid tin- i supri'iii" puwer in . Iinlitaiy uiiri"r, j "' "- P:1 " niiu the! luiiuHol n iinlitaiy s kl,l,w" mrly liu-tilc to the United Alilimiijli tin- pru-.iir-.-t oft. tin-ill t......n..lnrn ....lltrt 1.1. . p l "-. ... . .. ... .iij...inv in .... ill.' ninviiineriiuioiit wiiiuiirouuliiu'.lriiiu l'ie known I li.i-iiniy el in t . Llniicd sjinies, ct, denr- mine I lllllt llollllllL'Muillil he. lelt" ml imrt ' in rtTlore bicinlly rt'hiiiHl,...tivei'ii the Iwueoaatru-s ' our innu-ler n luMrticteil lo present hts credeiiliuls ... .... ... .v,;-iiiiii"iu, nun aK io ii" ncercinicti ny n in Ihe diplnuiiiicchiuneter ill wlncli be had b"eiitoin liiis,oneil. I liese innruc iioiis he execule I bv hi? n it" ol the lu-t ol .linreh, HP), adibesed to the '.Mexican lunii-ter ol 1 oieijr,, Allans; bntliisreuu.-t wa Insult iinsly relu-ed by that Aliitu-ler, in his answer of lite twellth t.ltlte pante luonih. No iillirinlii" rem tiled tor our luiMrr but to tleunud his pas-puns, mid re iiini to the Slates. Thut wns the exti.iortlinary epectncle'iited to lh ciiilreil wnild,olu L'.iveiiuueiit, in wulntion ol us oA'iii'preMin;riMii"iil.Trit iny twice rej.'cletl n iiiiiut ler ..Ipeaee. unen J wtihfull iowcrs liinljiis nil tin. e-oii" tnuereaei' lirlweett lilt! Iwo eolllllries III II 111 lllll T lllt mill hollin-nMn In lmth. 1 mil tint fiw-JO-e Ihal iiinileinhMttirypie.sentsa pinillel t:ae.iu winch, in iii.iv- wi p' n-iiinu lias rciuseu cMiiionear iiopiiiIinn linm imotln r r teinuuanni; existing tlif ti 'ullies beiweeii tlit-m. ijcnrri'l) a hope of niusliug our ilillietiliie., cetint n leiuoietlav.ornf piesTMiii; pence wuh Al.-xieo, could be cheus.lic.1 while l'areiles reiiiiiinc.l at tlr hciul ol the (jicnuu 'lit. lie had no quired ihe Miiuemi' power by a luilimy rcolution,uud tu.iill lite ino-t so euin pletl's to nape wariiniiet llie I'nileil I to lecoiiqn-r Texas, which he claim, edits a revolted piovinco ot .Mexico lie had denoun ced us mull) ofiren ion all those .Mexicans who con sulcrc.l To.sasns no lou-er eon-lilnliii" n part ol the teint.nyol .Mexico, . 'Old who were to ihe cause ol peace. Tlie'il'iniioii of Ihe war which be wnit'ilaitaui-t the I'niicd Slates was iuilelinite, 1,. cauj.' the end which Ir propose,!, of the recom pie5t of Texns, wns luiiuli.; Hesides, iheie was j;noil rt-asoti lo ijc!iec,iniiu all iiijcoii.liiet, Hi it il was bis inten tu in to coin eit the lepubltc of Alexicoiuioa mourn chy, mid to call a lureiuu lnrepi-nti piniei: to tli" throne I'n paialiiry tn thisenil,lie had, iluiiu' his hurt rule, il'-slmjed Ihe bl.ertv ol the piess, tiileratiiii; tint jior lion ol it only which oo utly iidvnc.-ited lb' e-tnhlisli- in 'in nl a innujrchy. I he belter tu ncure thesuecess cnil goM-ruiuiiit li'inj nece--arily superseilcd, it is ol bisnluunte ilcsiijii, he had by nn uibi raiy tlecr.'e, 1 the riuht nn.l tluivef the conqnernr tosecmc lu cun conv.ikiil a toiMns nut to be elected by the bee nuet, and toprovulc ihe ninintciiaiiee of ciil or- ote.. ol the peopi", out to l.e it n m n manner to tier nud the ileitis ol the inhabitant'. This ri"ht has make tin in nihsi'ivicnt loins wilt, nml to Knelniuab- i b.-en eeici-ed, mid this duty ,eil.iriiied, bv our mi-.-o iileeoiilinl our their tkhbeiniioiii. I btnry nlll iuimiI, by Ihe c.-lalih'shineiit of I n.ler nil th eircum-uniiccs, it was bilievcd ihat 1 temporary yiivcriuii.'iits in hoiueul the conqueied pi ti nny ii-Miitilion in .Mexico. Initn.letl upon opposilinu to x iin-i s in .Mexico, u'-uuilaiiiiL- theiii as lar as tiraclie Ihe nuiliiiinuire,ecls t.H'nredi s, would lend to pro- nble to the l,vc iniiiiilioin of our own country. In iit'ite ote vnutr u pi-iice ns wen us ireiem nny nl- leiuplei l.'iiopeau int. tieieiiee in the nllairs ol ihe , .Ninth Ann ru t jiiiiiieut linih ob.ecu ol deep in- tt'UH lo lite Unitttl S.utles. Any -itch Inrcijtu utter- alii'iitteil, inn-t have be. n a-i-ted In- ihe Unili'tl Males. Mvviews upon that subfet were lul-1 ly coiiunumcnleiltu Congress in my l.-i.i niuitialine- i . ice. In nny e nl, it wns eel tutu thm no chance V "'.""' '" i"i-K'"i"'"v"i "i . i.-Aico, iii.-ii wt.uui inijiii me expen-es iiece--nrily Ineitlenl tu the main ilepme I iiieiles ol power, coulil be l..r Ihe wiiim', -o 1 leiuiuee ol our po erinu and nutliorily tner thein. ns lit" i nu n m ti were concerned, while it was humly (unliable lint anv chane," mii-t be tor lie- better. Tllswaslhe tiiteolnlfnrt,' when Com;ie-s, on the tlurieemli rl May last, p.comu..'i! die exi-iiiae ol lite war which had Ihcucoiuiiiciicci! by the em inent ol I'lireil'-". a id it liecaui" an objecl el inueii itu poiiitiKe, wuh in, lo n-pecilj -elilciueiit ol our till In nllic-uud the iclointinu ot nu hunninhle .'.uee,that r.iifdcsfrhoiikl not retain power in Aiexico. Il.-fiie that lime there wcie tjiiipliuii-iiif a rmolu tit.n in .Mexico, l.ii.ireil.i.s it wa'-uiid. rlood to be. by the nmre liberal piny, mid especially bv thus.' who wereoppn-eilto Inieijtu nilcif'Tcnce. mul to the mon. niihal iiirm ol (tnnrnuii'iil. Sania Anna was then in exile in llaiuii.i, Iumu been expeilctl Imiii power and bnm-h.'il liotn ina country by a ieolaiiuii which i.c.'iured in D.'ceinter, HI I ; but il was know n that be bail Mill a considerslile parly in bis favor m .Meieo. It wasal-o equally wellknowu ihat nn vigilance which emu I he exeileil hy our -qu.nlrnii would, in nil prnlm bihly, hae nrevulcd bun Ironi (lleeiui-' a lainbn.' mil where on the t'.teu-ne (bill loa-i ol AI.'Xi.-o, il j'ri-"'" '" which it woii.d bine been hinly nit he ilimeil to renin- to his couiiliv. lie bad openly '"r '" '' " ami the wisdum el mnkiim thein pmf.'-.-.'il nncnlne clnmie of pniu-y ; hul evpri n'l ''animt be ili.ului il. It i Mii-wal that the uiea-ure h.s re.rrel ihat be liad s-tibierteil the teileraUon-iitutioii J-ecoinni"iiiI.'d nt your lni fe.-smn met wnb llie nppro ul ls-.'t, mid mowul that he was now in l.ivor ol its i b'"i"" "t it' ci.le.l iiia..iuie in both 1 -cs nl Con- nv-tor.ition. lie lud publicly declaicd Ins liuftiliiy,iu ih.'Mroii'.'eH lerms, io ihe t-iabh-bmeiit of a inou ir. hy, and to Utiinnean inteilcieiice iulheiilKiirsof his cnuulry luloiiiuitiou to this efit'Cthad been teceivcd, fiuni -nuice-b. In led to be the date ol lite leeo' lulinii ol the existence of the war by Conjrrcs-,ntul was ullcrwmils billy coulirilli'il by the reieipt ol the d"S atch ot our consul 111 the city of Mexico, with tbs iioennip:inyin,r documents, winch aie herewitli trans-inili'-il. lisijes,it was reaualle to supjiae that be mu-t see lite itunotidt.o!i-eqii -uees to .Mexico of a war wuh lb" I'utUilSinU'-vuud thai it would be bis interest to laior pent e. It was iimUr these circumstances and uwm ihe-e Coll-idenitluus thai .1 W'asd.'Cllleil expeilleilt lint lo ob- Hiuct bun turn tn Mexieo.-linuld h.'ntieniillodoo. Oiirolv'ctwn-t'irrffiurniiniiofiieace; ami wilh lint nny, no ren-on wasiiercnul why we -iiouldtnke part w-iiiil'niedes, an lull luni.l.y mean- of our bl.K-k.i.le, 111 luevcniinth reiuru ol Ins rival lo .Mexico. On in- cnnlinrv .itwiMk hcved that the inn -Hue division w Inch nidiuar.v -nici.y could not but amicipnle as ihe licit ol Stuia Anna's n turn to .Mexico, nn.l bis eontesi with l'nrede.-, iiiiuht uroiiKly tend to produce n ib-pi..-iiiim wuh bnth panics to n-nore nnd prrs-rve pi'uee wilh the United state-. I'medcs wns a soldier l.j piolc-.-iin, nud a iiiijuiikIii-i in principle, lie had bul nccutly bclort'lis-ii sucee.-i-lul ill a milnary rtvolu timi, hy whieh he h id obtained jiower. lie was ihe -worn enemy ol the 1'iutcd States, with wh'u h b- lutd unoived luscniuiiryiulheexi-iiiiit war. Santa Anna bad beuiexpi-llctl boinimwerby the nriny, wa-kimwii to l.e in open lin-tthly to I'uied"-, an I .ubliely pi' tli. d imatu-i lno'iu lute, ventinn and tlie r.--i..rniinn ol mon aiciij in .Mexico. Jn view nt lb 'se lads and cireiuu--lances it was, ihal, when oidirs weie i-sued to the eoiiiiinud. r nl ear naval lorce- m the (lull, on the Uth lay nl .May h-t.milj two tlajs alter ihe cxt-tciiee of die war It-el 1 11 i.-eo-iui.'-d by Con are-.-, to place I the 1 0,1-ts ol Vl.'XICottuderblis'kade, he wns tlileclcil ...... t. .1. .a- ... t...... ... M "" "lu,"l" "' H"ir" . I I u .ocxien ,1, me early pari nl Auim-tl"lkiii, 1 'y ''ch the power ol l'aiede wanner hr.nni.and lie b is M, ee b ..'ii b -bed Ironi t ..'couiilry.t.n lisi,..w 1 exile. Shortly ullerwaids Simla Aimareltir it leninuis 1,1- -, wli.'ther lus ictuni may 1 u , j.t p.o e to be Pn. b e ton piu ,- lie ailju-liiieiu el the m-i " d.lbculties ,t bi'iinj man. tleily his inter. -1 11. to pei-eu-re in the prn-eeutinu , ... 1. . 1 ... 11 . .1 , olu war eonuii"iiee, by rnredes, to neeoniplisli 11 pur p-0 -o nli-itrtl n- lue ieeiiiiqiie-i 01 1 exits 10 mi llilli. ilad l'nii dts rcitinineil iii is morally ieeiinm mat inn piiiii.e uii.ii-iuieni wulllil liav l.ul I, .- oeell I 'lino th iiniiienceineiit nf lio-lililies bv Aiexico nir.-nu-t ihe Unite I Slate-, the mdi"iinut pnit of llie nation was nl ouee muu-cd. CoinrtesH prouipily re.--O'Uldeil lo llie caii 'clitliotl of the touillrv.uliil. by the act ol ll.e lluiteenlh ot .May Inst, I. cuuttisid Ibefiut net oi iheilu teei ih ot May lai , ncuettiMd Ibefiut In war c::,m d, b He nu ol Mexico, b. iwceu Ihe 1 mted sums n, that lepubhc.nud tjintueil die n,.,,,,, neces-.iivlnr lis vM'nr..iispt,.s'eiitinu. Il-mj iuvolvml uta war iliusioiuiueuci tlby .Mexico, and lor ih" jus

tice ot which, en our pun, vc may cnnll lenlly npn-nl to iln- whole v.nrl.t, I n.-oivid to jiro-ecuie il with the iituio-t vifr ir. A 'diuiily, the puns of .Mexico, on the Culf and on lite Tactile, have been placed undtr ' n ....... m v-.-i.o "I" l"""1"' n is'tts Ironi Ihe D-partim tin of ' ar anu me .xuvv win iniurui vou niuie 111 uel-nl t.t I the nu-n-tires mlnpted in th- eiuersi-ncy in which our country was placed, nud ol the uratilviii'irctulis which lltve tH'eii nccouqill-lleil. llie varuiusioiuiuiis 01 llie army have pt'ilornicil tliur dill) iiuilerreiiHli-.iiliiiuiuaes vwtb iheiuu-iil li:i"iiia!ied skid and coiirnee. 'lit" vicioncs ot I'n Vtcloiles nt 1'nlo un nml i.esttca tie 11 t'aluia, aii.l t.t .lniit. uy.wnn decided in otln r rcsneeiH on the onti ol ihe a"iin-i irrc'iuv snuerior milliners, tun uenin-t mo-t ' l,,t,lV IMJlll.llll III UH-II t'At'l'Ulltlll, Illlll l'llllli j nicii I'uimj . tin in ii. ni ii jii.i' c mi n'-w m ' UldH' t f.UK'fp. tui.l in. n who naw .iuaini I tin m wlulrwu. ! th. ului-r and ik-kiuluc' their euuiitiv'4 riL'hts mid hon- "r' 1 lo llieir counti v '-call , with an cxpeiii'itee ol 1 1 ...,a.,,.. 1 ,. i..,v u-....i.. 1,.... t. . borne tti.-ir purl in tit" hatd-fnualit b-illle ol .Mo'im-rcy, wuh 11 cnu-tiincy nud courni;e equal 10 that ol vclTnii will e.xlubiin detailed stitleiueni ot tlie condiiiouol the nnd worthy ot llio highi-n 11.lu1uali.u1. J'be pnvn-. liuanoes. The imports vcar 1 11.I111 no Hons ol In iii; uuirihrs llireiiith die em inj's country, I he thiitieth of June u-t, wcie of ihe v nine ol "one nnd lluniijili a wildeiuess, bnve been borne niibimt a handled nud twiiiy-one iniilion six hundred nud murmur I'n' tapid iiiuvi'iii.-nls, the l'mvince ol .New ninely-one ihnusand Feven biuulreil nnd nineiy.seicii Alevi'o, wuh S m'.a I'e, ils capital, has beru caniured dollais ;ol wluch the ainouiit exported was elevin wiihniii bUnl-licd The navy has co-op, riled wuh inilhon iluce huudreil and loriy-six ihoii- uid six liuu Ihe aimy, and rendered inipnitnnt scuiccs; if nots.1 , dredimd tweulv.tlnee tloilats, luivint; 'he uiuiuiut re- ,he, on ih.'ir ow 1. clement, nnd becni-v ,. de. l-nees which lulaic has mteipos. d ill the tblliciiltics '' ihe navmnimii 0,1 the Mexican coa-t Oiirsquad. 1 n nn.l.. 1, 11 11 iH ciiii-s- tie- .-in-ill ...... ii" I'.ice in nil-.-, " ' ','1 uf VhTti''coi; u s's-mn of ihe t'ldil'm nui 111 llie r.uilu, wiuum in-njii r.iuiiii 01 n Ku.iiit , (M(1)l, ,,,,., haw ar.jmrc.1 IiIu.J1,-m Po- s'm.ii f Iln- I'tihli-rin:)-. niut ih Ainvrn-aii lU-r h:is b'nirni-cd nt every 1 1 ''"''xnilulate you len.le.l our iinlitaiy 11 ij ii...... i .... , . , l',,",l"(' i- ytu -ni the t.uttt which luii 11111- nt-1 I,'lKIt'a ,mr 'nl"l " lr ,iaHI "Hainan K.. t. mumw U,.r Alt-xu-u eommciiml lia-iililM's, nt ' ;, I)IU. w ,.t,., ,y iwll, wo li iv tuk n -ion "t unny ot lnr ptinciiml -rt, lri li b k nn.l pur- l,,,r inalm nrmy, mid unimu-il tinlitiirv jhw- i lu'! 1 Ul, Ml?!rafl!"l"'H. '! ...i TiW. fc'iiH, i-mimiu, luiMJuii'"' una v iiiii-T-, . .: i. ...,,t .1, ... ..-,. ..,! j I ii,is, u fi-iritury lartftT in exU'lil tluii that cinhiaad in me (nyui:ii uiiiurn fiun-' m mini, nniiiuiini urrti uim iiuiriy-iivr uumniui lour Imiidrril mul liliy Ity n roii-iiU'itiMi (MipiihtiMu, nnd imirli ol it moic I tvo iloll:ir mi l lorly-t'iht ivnt, nud Itom iiHidi'ituI tli iii n tliii.isnnd nulrn from llio HiutMit which we nud inUrlt.intMnii nuiiivs, iiin.My-twit lliuusunl une had to oilUrt our lmsmul roniuiintr our nunc- luiinlu-d uud luwiiy-M il.-ilnM mul fci-u-uiy-om' nu-uU. H tli" llKkad, tlu iiniNtrt and o.iMirt tiadt j i-t-nis. Tin: f.tuiluurn ior ihi kiuio u woie nl tin riH'iuy ha Ih'oii cut oil AV U may the Ainc- twinlyciht iniihoiu lliiily-uiu- tlioiwind one luui- ! riran p'-oplf l"1 imnd ft ill" inTy nud yallantrv of j ilrrd ami tourtfcn dolhr and tHcniy conis and I Ins ' our n'HuUr and .ilniitr,r olVu't-rs nml mklieni. Viw I linlanor iu thr trcaniry on th hM day of July Ia-t was ! i-wntsnt theno few inomliioilurd a i; nine million uu luindml nnd iwcnty-Ms thoiiKind mav ourciiumry ran, hhut u riinini-i onni. iu- v r, ly ur ,!u ,ntiinti-nurc ol W hoimr, mid tlir ,k- ( fi-n. c of lior riijhts, mi nn rir.'ctivc force, ready at nil I tunes voluntarily tilrhiiiilsli the vomlurts nl lioni" lur the porili mid privation-, uf th- cntiip. Anil tli.niirli ill" porni nun nrivnnnin ol Hi" cninp. Ami tliiiiiL'li such 11 lnrce llinv li. Inr the lime iiotieii'... it i in thr. .1.-..t ii. c IIU I VlllUIIIILUI, 11 IIIC lll.llliy 1(1 IMIIlinOl.l H O'ltHIM'l the nw.-fiiy of cinpNivui a Inrf rtaiiiliui! nrmv ni ' ol lu-ncc. mid nroi. s that our neoule love their mdlinhmi. ., n,l ,,. i I., i, , .1. i., I ,,.l ......... tlieui s bust the war was in n course of vigorous nudwic-ccs-ltil prtiscenlinn, beiuit Ftill imxions to arrt'-t its culs, and eou''iiiu; thai, alier iho bnhianl icioncs of our arms on the t'inlith and ninth ol Mnyl'i-t, lire ualiuiial honor could net be eompit.iniltcd by it.ruiullicr oincituic wna to Alcsicu, by my direction, on ihc lwculy-?ccnih of July lat, to terminate bo-iih- i ties by a iracn just and houoniMc to both couiitries. On th" tlnrty-tirt of fullowiiv;, the Alcxienn L.ovL'iiunent ih'i'hne'l to neccpt this liiniilly oveltaie, hut referred it to lie tii-riMou of u Alexicaii Ctni're-s, lobe ii-s'hihleil ill the ciuly pint ol the .ri'.-ent lunniii. 1 c't.niinuiiL'aio lo j.hi, hi'leuitii, it cupv tl tli" leller of Ih Secretory ot State, pieposini; lo're-epen n.'.i-li-nions. of lii- ol the AIen'im !iovcriini"iit, nml of the l.'ply theri'lii of Ihe Seeicniry ot State. I The war wilt continue in be prn-ccnlc.l wuh viijor, 1 as the b.t lue iiHol Feciuing peace. It U hoped thai the decision uf tliu Abxicnii Cou;!re.-s, io wle.h oar last oveitiuc has been r"l. rred, inuy- result m a spc. ,!y ainl houotahle peace. With our eperinee. boweier. ol ih ii.tKiisounhlc t'oiuse ot the .Mexican nulhonlie., it is the pint ot wisdom net to lelai in ihe cilery) ol our inililiityi'p.'rali.iiH until the result is in ule known. In this iew, it is deemed iuipiirttiiit to hold military posm-o-iotn.t till tic jiroviueci which have been taken, ' until a lirlilutiti' lieaty of peace i-hall bao been coll cluiled anil ratified by the two cuuuliies. The war has not been way.'d wilh a icwto con-iU".-t ; bat hriiu been coiiuueiicetl by Aiexico, it has been carried into the enemy's cuunliy, int.! will be ioroti-ly pri.ecated there, with a view tool. lain mi honutable pence, iinil Iher.'by secure ample iudi itinily l..r the expenses uf lit" war, "ns well as to our much in jured eiliui, who hold large pecuniary demands ao.-nuel .Mexico. Ily the Inw-sof miiion" n ennquered territory is sub ject lo beoieriie,! by the conqueror ilniinir lusiitilila ly to esion, mid uulil Iheie iseillp-r n Irettty of pence, or he shall u.lmiianly wiihilrnw troni it. The old me provinces ol Hie iNew .M.-vico and ol the LulUer- i mas, litile il nny lurther re-i-t.uice is apprehended lio.n the inhabitants tu the temporary eommuents ' which have thus, from the luve-iiy of ih" case and accordim,' lo the hw- ol war, hem es-tabli-li si. It may be irop"r to piuude the sectiniy ol then- nn- ! pniiant couque-n by making an adequate nppropria- ' tmn for Ihe purp.-e of erecriti f.irlilieatintu mul tie- ' Jxearthe cln-e ol year la-t -ePMiiti, lorrca-onscom- ' iiumieateil lo Oinitri s-s 1 deemed it lutporimii. n- a incastue lur hecntlli" a -peedv ti.-nce Willi .Mexico. Ihat it Mini ul mum y Miuiilil be apprepnatcd, mid piaied in the power ol tlie Llccutnc, Miinlar to that which bail been made upon two fernier oeeitsiotis, duriu;' the itdiuini-lratioii of l're-ulent JctV-rMHi O.i th" 'jr.ih ot 1'ibiiinry ImKl, nn npproprmtion I ol nyu inillinus oftlnlhirs was made, mul placid at t!ieilipn-.i f the l're-id.'iit. lis objict is well known, It wns nt thai tune in c'iut.'iiiilaii.iu to acquire l.n.u--ian-i In. in rnince, and il was initialed 1" I"' npphed in apart ol the consideration which imiilit I." panl Inr that territory. On llio thuteenlh el Tchrunrv. 1m, lite same siiui wjs ill like maimer approirrite'tl, wilh a view to the purcha-c of th" l'lundas Ironi Spain. 1 lies.- appropriations were in-ide in l.-ieiluate neutn tinlis, nn.l as n means to enable the I'rtt-idcnt m at-cniupli-h the mq.nrtaut objects ini"w. Tliouoh it ,tl.l nut become ll.'ie aiv Inr llie I'lesidenl In u-e I." "'' nppri'pmtiuiis, j.-tnttate ol timers miaht lne r1'" .""."en. tu n rem luriu-. n mil inakui'; nn I ,l,I,riI1":,""i' V1 '"". million- of dnllnrs pn nl null Il..ll-e. nil.) II ealinti-h tn I... I., yr.-tt. .1 .1 .1, I b. 'cntue 11 law. 'I lie re.1-1111- w nu Ii ind iee.1 me to 1. O'liiunend ihe mea.-nre at lint tune, -in! ex.-t ; nnd I ajjiin H1I111111 the -ulijut Inr your ciiii-iderntion, uud fiiiti the importance of e.iily uetioii inuia i! Should th" npprnpri.itinn . m,,,!,., : t.t , u w,u reinaiii in llie, tren-ury ; ii l.-tL-emed pn.per In apply it, 111 whole or in pmt, it will be aeemiuud Inr as olhei oti'ilie cxpeudllure.s. lininediati'ly nlier C..nrcs liad rccosuiscil the ex istence ui the war w.ih Mexico, my mientioi. was ilircUCil to Ihe thlllir T lll'll pii.ul . rr. inll.t 1., out in Ihe purl- ol I ul a an I I'mto Itteo, 10 pre) upon the coiuini ice t.l the L nut .1 Slates ; and 1 muicil the pccial uttdBii.n ol the Spaiu.-h i;nicrmncut to the IniirtecmirsjRicie ol our treaty wuh that Power, of the twentieth of DeioUr, 17'Jj, under which the ci lirens mul Htbjects ef eiiher nntiou who -hail take i c. j.nnii-.-ious ot leiti-rsiit marque to net nsprivuttcrs nuain-l the ode r " shall b" piun-hed a uraiis." , It atf.m!-1.1 pi '.i-'.ir" 1 luforiu you Ih it I have re c"ie,l n-stiraiie ih" Spaiu-!i g., rinneiu mat tlusitrtli'le ol lie tit aty slinlllH.' l.ollitully nbaeneil on its part. Orders Inr tin- purpose were iiimiediaiely llau-iuilte.l tioni that iiincrninellt to the ailthntities 1. f Cuba and l'ortn Kit n. toeeit th"ir tlllnn-l i41lanee 111 ut entiiij nny alienipis to fit out priv.ut cis in tluw; mjaiu the I'.iitcil Sntc, 1'iotii ihe (.nn.1 I. 1 1 1 1 i.l Spam niu fully t-ali'lii'.l tint this treaty will U-executed 111 is-puit as well ns iis leiter ; wlul-'i the I'niied Sintiswidoii their part, lailhltilly p.'ilonu ail the obliaiimi- shichii uupnse- on tbcni. hn-bcen rectnily recciied at the I)e parlitient of Smte, tbnt the .Mexican (i..crum"iit has -"in to 1 Tn 11 111 blank eomiiii urns to priaieers, nud blank eeiiiliciile- t.f iiaitiitiliai.iiii, t-iued by tienerat Salas, ihe pic-cut bend ol the Alt' iuiu tliiierninr'ut. There i-, nl-n, ic-i-mi tn apiiri'heiul thai similar document- line Is'cii trnn-milieil to eliier patt-ol the world Copies of ihcse paper-, ill limitation, are ber.'Wiih lom-iuitie.l. .. .1 : 1 1... .1 . e . ' .. mi- i'n niiniiai le- o 'iiiio 'it nv me iiracuee 01 cm- 1, ,-. I ., I(,r ennnn,:-,,.!!,,!:. piuap-cls and rc;iu. ,,lti ,,,, t:il.,r,,,,,d,,ei appenrnnt lli'lme been obH-ncd ' I an,l ns ,.. cnmm'ii-i,,,,. nre in l.lnnk, to be tilled ,, Wltll ,, ulmt., lcili,cn, mi( , ,- . , , sini,,y y. ilin!, 1(,pr.h,,-e tluan-the whole I p,,,,.,,,,,,;. c!,., only b? cotUucd as an invitation o JlU lhe fa.-t,,,,,,,,. , uirl, v hl, . ,., , . I ,r R. riu,, iM. ... lneree. It will be lur our cmins el ju-liee to decide I whether, under -ueh circunu-tauces, these .Mexican letteisot mniqii' and shall protect tluw who I nceept thein, uud eoiiumi lolihencr. tijion llie hili siui , under their uitihonly, lioiu Ihe pain? uud puuilucs ot pirney. I If the certitlcniesi.f namrnhation thu- frrnnteil be j intended by .Mexico to shield So-im-li suleeeiM Inun llie yiiiU nnd punishment t.l pontes, under our treaty i S,n.u, ibcy will . eil.only pr. , s,lc., ',,,. If1,g(.'-,lId ,e but . wea ,-. ,m,4 n M,,rm llri.aI1.. prove uuuvniimr. . nil uevice to ile- 1 l iiilneli.l ihat Couortss sho dd lniuiedintele I tnovide b.v law lor the tnaliiiid iutii-luueut nsptratis 1 of Si-iin-h sit'ijcels who, o-o ipu.! the of Iheh trovciuuieut, shall be fmitiil guilty ofpinatecrin aaain-t the I'niied Sintis 1 do not apprelieinl Action il.iujrer bom lluse .rivnteers. Our nnvy will be con- I slutuly ott the nleit loproieet ourconiniercc. li 'sales, ' in ca-e prui -s sbmild be innde nl American vessel-,, the iiiuin-1 vigilance will be cxfrled by our bloknibn'j s.jinilroutopievi in theciiii.iis Ireiu takiiii! th.-iumtu Mexican iiorls.nml it is ii..t npprchended ihat nnynn-1 lionwill xiolnieiis iiculrnlily by siilf'rinjr su. h piiycs lo be coiiilciuneil and snltl willimii-jiirmli.-ium I .,,. , i,., i... ... r,,,7 , , , ,';'' ,. . .... n hi.iiij,.,- u.iu ir- j pnsal agmiM vc--es under the Mexican ll.i" It is . : .i.r.i . ... . .. ; ' ,, " . " ' ' '" . ' " " '" '. eumincieiiil vesr ot Mexico up m the litfslt seas ; and it is, thrrclme, liot thai many Aineiieim pnvatecis would be tilled out, 111 ,-u-c ,1 law should pnsi 1. ul In., iiny lhis mode of watfaie. Ii is, nntwiilistiindui);, ceriaiu that ueh privnleris nnj r.-inler gond s -nice to the coin lucrcial im-resi. ot the cnuttlrv, by rccnpiuruiir our iiieiclmm ships, slioulil nnv be ink, 11 by armed vi '-el iindcrihe .Mexican lla'j.aswcllns by c.ipiiiruir those ve-M-ls lllclll-elvcs. I.xeiv olefins W lllllll .,..r .........r ' U1.....l.l t... r.....l .-.! I. ft. . . "'." I'"".. ' ' .1 . 11 1 i.niic mr l.,e l.rolccltoll ol 0111 commerce I he minim! rennrt nftli..,r.. ..r.l, 'o iiniiin in me coulllry Mr ilollieslle coll-lllliptioii one bundled and ten million ll,r.'e lemdred mill Y'riv-h' e thnusaiiiloiic biuiilrcd and seveniy-loiir ilnll.irs The value of the cxiHirts tor ihesmie penod was mie luui- Hrrtl ami llnriin nnllimi lour Imiiilrrtl mul fi"ltiy- wEe-linne limi.liv.I oii.huo iiiiIIumw mu-limuln-J ami l'tly-onc tlMMimiiil ( indt liiiiulrfil nn.l niii.' "m.iib I uiiNMl'H l UUIIH'MK' priMlirilOIH, fllll ('I'VlMl million llmv,1 nml loilv-cix iIioihiii.I mv tnni. ur.-u uim iwvnij.inrtc iMlaMolionunuinul-'s. The rm-inH imu tlio tituMir fur thv Mine v.-.r twvnty-nm.' millmn Kmr Immln-.l mul nmciy.mi.e iIihumiuI twoluMnlritl nml Initv mtvoii licllnrs nmUi mils; ot whirl llu ro wn iforiuMl trnm ciMum i'")-''''''"" lunulrnl nml tdie thmwitul ci ii'ui.iri'.i ami (my.,n n tin ntu im iU'.icn e. '....i.i... i... i . ' .. .,, j111 ccuW.Iiimu snUsM-t jiublu laiuU twoinilhcUMv linn- ivir nnmirru uui iinrtyninr i o art. am t Liht rrnt f nniouut oi tU auc d- M n.cli.tins u.ZTy 18, 1840. ".LI ."I J. lIUHiJJJLJlL Ml I "I ' J " " V JT imtc, on ihe firftt of tie t're-'ti month, win twenty four million two hundred and hlty-sec thousUHl foin liuudrrd and nimtv-fjur do!lnra and sixty cfiiti;ut which th" utn of iwvciitfen million cvn lmndied and tu'hiy-eiL'M thousand "Vi;U hundnnl and nnnty-niiic dollar.-" nnd wxty-lwii c'tits wu outiandiiiL' on th" f'tU'lii oi .Match, Idlj, K-aiUL' thr nmniint incurred since thm time six million lour hundred and ixty-t-c-U'u thtm"nid mx hundred and miwty-tuur tloIhiMuiul lIHK'tV-tlL'lll (-'Clllt. .1 In order to protrctitc the unr with IPXirn with xitfor mid enert' the h'-.t m ana ol bunkum it to a sp-edy mid homlrahle trrminatioii.a lurther Joan will Iw iirrr-ssary, to meet the cxpi'iuhtiirrs for the present nud the next fi-eal years. It th' war -h uld b- conti mi"d until the thirtieth nf. lime, IrtlH b-inLj tltf-endof the next ficnlyeiii--il h e-tuuati-ilthnt an additio-ial Innu o tweiit) -three miilloiH of dollars will b rMj'tir t'd. 'J'iu climate i made upm the niihiption tlmt it will he ucecnrv to retain con-tautl in tli" Treasu ry lour iiiiilio'iiv of dcllai. t'j yimrd aymnl roiilm"-!! cn,j ll -iiich urplu wp' not ref'iiitd to 'e utaiued, tin u a lot.uot nineteen million of dollars would be MiHir-ient. If, however, t'onreFH Hemld, at the pre eiitn-twion, iiiipo-c n revenue duty on the principnl artieies now embraced in ttic free lM, it n ( .lunrilrd thai nu additional annual rcu'iiueo! about twomil honnnd n half, amounting, it is estimated, on th" tbntieih of, lime, lour million ol dollar, would b- derived from tint foiucg ; nml the loan irrjuued wouttl be irilneeil by tiiat amount. Itw eMiiuntrd, aIo, that Miould (.onare-' yrailuate and reduce the price ol y.ich of the public lamU ni hae bet h loni; in tin maiket. the ndditioiial revenue dcrhed Ironi that Hniree would b" Hiinually, tor "everal year to come, between half n million nud a million o'" dollar1 ;ntid the loan required may be ledueed by that n mount nl-o. Should the11 tin iiMires be ndi Med, the loan re quhed woiTld not prolnbly exceed eulHetn or nineteen million-int tlollni lenvuur in the treasury a constant "urpln- of four milium! nfiloihi, The loan proposed, it i estimated, will In Mittieieiit to cover the nece-fTry expenditure. lMtli br the wnr and for all other purpo ses, up to th" thuliethol June, lih jand an amount of tins loan, not c.xceediiif: one. half, may be rciuired da rim; tlie jue-ent li'al jenr, and the greater patt of the remainder dtuiny the tir-t halt the ti-cal jearsueeced In order that tiiuelv notice may be gien,nnd proper tnea-utra taken to ( llect the loan, or sueii portion uf it in may be reijum ,! it i important tint th" authority of Coniire to make it be gnen at an early period of your present se"ion. It is sut;sie-ted that the loin t-hould becoutiacfd for n p"tiod of twenty ar, withnutho nty to purchase the block and pay it off, at an earner penod,nUH market nlue, out ot any Mirplus w hi h may tit any tim he in the treaMiry npp'icahle to tint purpose. Attertliec-taMihment of peace with .MeM co, u n supposed that a considerable s-urphi' will e.xit, ami that tie debt may be eu iguilied in a much slioiter period tlnn that fur which it maybe coutiact ed. Th pel md n iweiuy year, as that mr which the propo'-ed loan maybe contracted, in piefereiicc to a 4ioiter period, ji nuue-ted, bfrauc all experience, both at home unci abroad, ha1 shown tint loans are el fei ted upon much better term upon longtime, than wh n they are reimbursable at -hoit dates. Neet's-ary as tlii- meauiic i, to r-iiMaiu tfic honor and the jnieren of the country, engaged in a foreiirn war, it is imt doubted but that Connie-. wttl promptly aiithoric it The balance in tlu treasury on the firM of July Inst exceeded huh millions ot dollars notwithstanding cnn-iderable expenditures had beru made nr the war during the monih4 ot May and June preceding t?rthe war, the whole public debt could and would haebecn etuiL'ui-heil within a -iioit period; audit w as a p.ut of my ''tiled policy, to do :, and thusie liee the people iroui its burden, a .id place the gu em inent m a pu-utiou whieh would enable it to reduce the imblie cApen hture- to that economicalstamlard which lMnot (oii'i-tent with the general wellare, and the pme and whol.ouie pioerc ot our iiiMitution. Anions ourju-t enures of complaint aitust .Mexico, ariMtiioiitof her rclusal to treat for pence, an well he foie ai --mce the war o unjutiy commenced on her p-irt,aie the e.xtraoulnnrv cxpeudituus in which we Jmebeen inohed. Ju-tice to our own people wdl make it prop- r that .Mexico should be held n.i-pons;bU: lor these expenditure.-. Kconnniy iu the public, expenditures i at nil times a hum duty which all pubhc lunetionatiet of the irnv eminent owe lo the people. Tin duty liecome the more imieiative ma penod of war, when large and cxtiaotdmai yt xpa:ittturcsbeuiiir unaoidabIe. 1) i nn the e.xiteiue of the warwith .MeMco.ail our re sources should be hu-banded, nnd no nppruprntions made except such a are nb-olutely nece.-niy tor its ioiou pr i-'-ciiiion mi I the due uutimu-'iiatiou ol the ocinui"nt ('.'' t- of appropriation wnuhin peace ina bo deemed unMuI or proper, but wlncli are not inde-licnnble tor he public scivice, may, wh-n tli country is fiijia'd tu a toreiuu well po-tnoncd to a tutur penoil liy tue oh-enance ol tins ioIicv at jourpreMUit P'-'ionJarc nnionnts may be ued to the ilea Miry, nud be applied to objects ol pn -Mii4 nnd urgent liece-itv, and ib' ' ermtii.ji o a correiiun iimii .mio.,. .v m 1 ..tfie iW-lA may be m .;.!. j. It h not ineniit to recommend t!iat ihe ordinary and n-ei-j-iry nppropu itlti tor the Mipport of eu eminent f-hmilU be withheld but it is well known that at eery se-.-;n of Conr.-s, apprupnatious are propo-ed tor numerous objects wlm-h luav or nny nut be made, without materially ntf'etmi; the pubhe intircsts ; and the-- it i-, rccuiniiieiided -hould not be trained. Tlie a't pm-d nt your Lite sc. i"ii" ii'dn-im; th" duii 0.1 imp iiis'iuu having ;(,ne rito operation until the (i.-n 01 i!k- pre- -ut month, there has not been time to 1 it m. ieii d 1 U 'i-ni'mu til-revcnti", and th'bu.-i-lievt it tlu couutiy. tu In de eloped 1 1 is not doubti d, lioweer, that tlie mt poney which it adoj will add 1 irzely to our t'ueiiu trade! and promote u-e general I-rowpi-uiy. Altlmui iteannot becerlainly luie-ui nmonut if revenue it will yield, it intimated that it will e.c(ed tint produced by the act of IS which it Miper-edd. The leading prineipb e3tub.i-h cd by it are,to ley the ta.xaf wnha view toniiv leve une, audio im them upon the ruttuU mipoited aceiirdm! to th- ir actual alue. The net of I t' the excessive rates of duty wiiich it impo-cd on many article-, either totally excluded them trouinnportati"n.or yreatly 1 educed the amount imported, and thu- iluuhmhed m-tead of proiluciiii rtu-ime. Ity it tie fixes were impoM-d not for tiie I nitiunte purpose of Miiii4 revenue, but ton(Urd ad Miutatje to t-iOied da e-,ut the r pi-n rl a lane nnjorny ( f iheir t. Anv ciiien. Th1.-e employed Tu agriculture, m ch-meil pui-uits, comincrce anil na- ligation, were couipl!ed to contribute from their j'ib--tanee umi'I1 tif piohH audovertjrown wealth of ihe ci,mp.uaiie!y lew who In I imc-tid tueir capital tn ! manuiaetuit . Tie- tnxts wri not levieil in propor tiou to the itlue ofth- articles upon which they were iiupofs-d ; hut, wide!) depaitmg iiom thw just rule, tlie J hunter taxes were, 111 many ea-es, lexied upon aitu les , ot luxury and hihp.ieeud the heavier taxes on tho-e of 1 vii ml low price, con-umed by Up ijreat nnM 1 ot th? people. It w.h a fy-t.-m the inevitable tiled ot whu h wi. to nil ve fauued claw-csand the wealthy few from contributiiu; th ir ju-t pioportiuit fur the up. poi t of to lay the burden on tie- of the many cngijed mother pursuit-, than manutac tiire. A yvtein m unctjual and unjust ha- Ieen -iiperBei1cd by the existing law, whtch nnpoe- duties not lor the betielil or injury o cla.-esor pursuit, but ditribuies, and, ii! far iii prncticnhle, erpinlizcs tin pubhe bind 'lis am n all clauses mid occupation. The taoied, who, under thn unequal tmd unjust )tt em whieh Ins been repealed, hae heu tof.ire icahzcil large protits, and unity ot them miiiistK'd liiije fortune!, at the expense ol die many who lunehecii nnd.' tnbutaiv, willhaeuo icat."ii to complain if they shall bere rpurcd to bear their just proportion ot the taxes ucces s.ny lor tie support ol f;o eminent. Ho far Inun it, it will be p'-nvivtd, by uu examination ot tiiecxinmj; Inw. tint di.viiumi.ifjoii-, m the tutcs of duty unp'it, wuhiu tlu: rewnue pimnplt, haebeeu t'etmued m their laor The incidental nid ainin-t foreijju com petition which they still e ijoy, giw-b them nu advau taue which uo tKlitr m-uu- jioi-oew ; tni I ihi-. nne oth t xvitl complain. bccuue tlie d 11 lies i , n il nic m. iess,uy torte.'iiue Tli."e tcxciuie duties, metudmg neigmt ami etinrees, wincn tlu uupoiter mul pay he lore he can come 01 eoniMimtn w nh the home luanu facturer in our market-, amount, on neailv all our lead ing brn lichen ot maiiul icture, tu mure than one thud oj die xalue ol ihe unpolled articlc.and in w:iie casn-s to aluio-t one Init itwa'ne Wuh saeh ad'.anlnet, il w not doubted that our domestic tuurw v ill continue toproper. r-alu-imrm xvell conducted ein bliAlmientd cuiuriaur protii than can U lent il Ironi any other regular bu-mess. Indeed, 50 far from requiring ihe protection t vwn incidental icxenue duties, our manufacturer m friera lea,hn.' branches areexiendii'U their bu-im, ci m 1 idetice of gnat menuiiyaml skill, nudot llieir iihiluy to comju-te, withincre.i-d proHct idMieccss.Utr the oeumaiket ot the woild. I'Unestie mauufattutc. to thexatue ol sccial millions ol dohui-, which eatinot hud a maiket nt home, nre uuimdy t ported to foreign countrie With sueh rati ! duty ns tho-e ewtabh-hol by the cxi-tmy law , the sj stem will probably be pel ma in m ; nud capithiut, who hnc made, or Axali herenher make, tin ir nivr-'luieui. in munutacturts, will know upon what tor iv The country will be titi-lWtl w ah then rates, Weause the adantages which the manu bictun rsi'lld enjoy, roult iieccKsnnly Ironi the collec tion of rotnue lor the suppoit ot umtihu.-iu. Ilmn pronctiw duties, fiom their unjust ojK'ratiott upon tlie mn'h o) the pmple.t-uunot tail to gie rise toc(eii ne di-.-.m-laction and complaints, and to rotiPtaut clfoit to change or reHa them, rendering all mcst meiita in luanul.ii tare uncertain and precariou- how. cr and mote permanent rates of duty, nt the Mime tune that they will ield to the manufacturer tmr and rcinu ncratUM piotit, will secure him nguitw the danger of ! re. e lent chunges m the svt-tein, x Inch cannot lail to tutuou-ly tillt i t hts mterit.s. i.nultaiuuuly with the lelaxation of the restrict he jwhey by the Tnilcd States, l!nat Untian, from who.-e exnniple xve derived the system, bos relaxed lursi. Hie has modified hercorii laws, and redtued many otlu r duties to moderate rcw-nue rant. After net. ofcxinruiiee, the btatcMuen ol ihatcoumry hae been coii.-uuineil by a Hern lit ci siiv, and by u puh hcopuuon, haxmit dcp foundation m the suHer mjts and wuntsol uuki tripled millions, tu abandon n )Mcin, the clWtot whuh wns tu buildup iinmeiw billunes in the hands ol the f.-w , and to reduce tlu u boting mdtioiin topauiK'n-m and nuscrv. Ntarly tn the Kline ratio lint labor wat. depressed, capital wat increhi-d nnd eoncvmratnl U the Htiiih protective Hut Th" evils of the sytern in (ireat Urilain were m h-ipth rcn lercd Intolerable, mid it bus been abnnJuiu id, nut hot without ttS'-vrre ftrugb on the part rr the piotcctednuiU'ivored . ,av-trj rcta u the untiu! advantages whieh they Unv loni? enjoved It itt, to be expected that nsiniiiar tiiiiri'ie would be mnoV by tie-Kime tlaes in th" t'mted State?, wii' ti'v-r mi Mtempt .a nrule fo mothty or abom, o,c sum" unjut fysteut here The protectee piMj y been, m operation in the United States mr a much shorter period , nml Its pernicious (Tcts were not therefore, so clearly p-ueeivc I and i !: I,nt -fi however, w as know n ol these, effect lo induce its r.-' penl, Il would be f range jf, m tlie f-tce of th- .xflinp r,f Great Ilritain, otir priticljjal toteitfti cimciik r. nt I of th" evils of a sj-t'-m rend -red mnnit'-st 1:1 that country by long mid nauiblleAjicrietiee, ami m the f,iee of th immense advantages whieh, uinl'.r n more libera commercial poify, w are nlmdv r' ni tiui mu-t continu- to deriv. by supplvniL' her -Mrxm population with food, the kmtcd Stat' -hu . icstorr h putiey thatshi In-bie.uoiopeiled to ab;.:id"ii, and lima diminish her ability to purchase hum us th" food and oilier articles whieh he so much ne'-tl", and w p-j nmeh desire to -clI W the simuitnnri ushbandnn ment of the protective policy oi'Great lint .111 nnd th L'mted Stale!, new and important mark' h b ve al ready been opened for our oiinculturai and otVr pre duct-; commrrrc and navigation have rc-eiv Jn new impure bibor an I trade have beru r bacd from Ihe artiheial trammrls which Inve sj .ii" fetter (dtli 'in; and to a neat extent rcciproety in thn e.xehanije ot coimnodities, Iut" been introduced at thi 'iuie tune by both countries, and crcatly tor w n. ehtofbolb. (iieat Itntnin Ins jen lrul, by ih pressure of circu-n-tanccs at home, to atiandou a pol icy wluch has been upheld tor age?, and to open hr markets tor our immense surjdus of brenilstun- , ami it :conti letitiy belie veil thntoiher To-.v-r- of Lurope will ultimately sec th" wisdom, if th le nut com p'-lled hy the pauperism aud uflerm":s of 'lu .r crowded population, to pursue a similar policy Our taiinerTiiemore deeply miereM -d m maintiin in4 the jut and liberal pobey ot th" exitinr nw.tlnn nny other cla-s of our ritt.en. Th-y ton-titnt- a large majority ot our population ; and it is well known that wit mi they pro-p-r all other pursues prnpr a 50. They have herclolore not only received none cf the bounties cr favor of covcrnnient, but, by llie un equal opeiations of th- protective policy, have been made, by th" burthens of taxation w Inch it imposn, to contribute to the bounties which have enriched other. When a firciffn as well as a home matket has been opetK-d to them, theyiniit reive, ns they arc n w receiving, mcrea-ed pnees for their products. They will find n readier sal", and nt better prtce, for their wheat, flour, nee, Indian com, beef, pork, lard, bin ter, cheese, and otliernrticb't, which they produce Thu home market alone is inadequate to enable them to ih-posc ol the immense surplus of l' -od and other tutieles winch they arc capable of producing, ev en at th mo-t reduced price, fur the manife-t rea son tint they cannot be consumed in the country The United Slates can, from their immene surplus, supply not only the home demand, but the deficiencies otlouj required by the w hole world Tint the reduced production of some of the chief ar ticles nlfnod iu Great Itritaiu, anil nthr parts of Uu rope, may have contributed lo increase the demand for our breaiNtull-aiid provision, is not doubted ; but t nt tlu r;reat and eflicietu cau-e of this increased de mand, and of mereaed price, coiw-tsm tlie remov al (d nrlificial rest net iuns heretofore impo-ed, is deem ed to Iv equally certain. That our exports of food, nl-n-ady inrreased and increasing beyond former exam pie, under the more liberal policy which has been adopti-d, will be still atly enlareeit, unless tm y 11 checked or prevented by a restoration of the protect ive policy, cannot be doubted. That our commercial and naviiratutj tntertst willbe enlarged in a corrci ponding ratio with the increase ol our trade is equally ctrtaiu; while our manufacturing interests wui stu'l be the favored interests oi the country, and rirciveth incidental protection nllbrded them by rev emu duti--- , nnd more thin tlu they cannot justly demand In ni) annual mes-a;e of December last, a tnritl" ot revenue dutie, based upon the principles of the ex , I'tm law, wa recommended ; and I have seen no reason to change the opinions then expr cd In i view of the probable ben-iicial cfllcts of tint law, I i rccommciHl tint the policy etabh-h?J by it be main tuned. It Ins but jii'.t commenced to operate ; nnd to I nbandonor modify it vvulmut i;iiuu it a tujr iml, would lie ine- pt iltent and uuwi-e. Should defects in nuyl its details be nsccrtainedby nctual experience to I exist, th--e mav he liereatter coi'rectcd ; but until uU detects snail become mamUfct the act should bw fair- 1 ly ti-!ed it is siibinittcd to jour consideration vvhethcr it mv not Iv prep-r, na war measure, to impi-sc rtxer.ui tluin"i on some of the nrticlcj now Mnhineed m tli tree list. Shocldit be decmid proper to lmpo- ueh j dntte-, with n view to raiv revcinie to meet the ex-peu-e-.)tf thevar with Mitieo, or to n void to that ex tent the creation ot a public debt, they may be re. p.-ni'Mi wi ti tbecun-rncv which irav ri-e to th-m fhall case to exi-t, and co'u-titute no part of the pcr j nnrteut policy o tne coiiunv I The act tf the Oth of Au'guM !at, "to provn! f r the lNtter organ zation ot th- tn-u-urv . and fur ti.e coII-ctin, satc-keepimr, transp.r, nnim d,sbunient cf the pub he rernue.'' has cenjed into execution a-rnpully itsthe delay nccc-'ari'v ariMn-r out of me n)poiutuit'iit ot new otliccis, taking and npprovui' then houus ntt.lprtpririuijaihUecurinpruper piacis , iorth.-sdeketjumjotthe public money, v. md ner I ,,'It 11 u not proo-d to depart in am r- .-t frcn 1 ttiepiincip esorpc.licyon whith tin great measure is touuded. iherenre, however, ilefeets m the dilails . ot the measure, developed by its practical operation. w;J-,h e hilly sn forth iu the report ot the Secretary I P1!1" irMiry, to vluch the attention of Cui-ress is invited I he-e detects w.iuld impair to souv extent thcwuv-s- ii. operation of th- law at all tim-, bt.t aicespi-cially euilurta--in3 when (he country is en K'tR'Ml ma war, when the exiK-nditures are ncatly increased, w hen loani are to be rtf-ted, an I tie dis-huisi,i.'ntsaretobtmadentpoim'mnnv-hiuidr. d mib-s di.-taut,m -.ine caws nun any .lerurv.nm n larcc portion u them m fori.ljrn coumiv q ,it. 1IlU(ltVa-t.onsM.e-ted m the report ot the Secretnrv of th r-aihi'i'' 1110 u'C(J""uenJctI 10 -vour forabie cotwd- In eonneetionvvith thi object, 1 im ite vo ir nttrn ti..ntotheimport-.iiecolevt;,i,hthin-n branch ot th in.m ot the L'mtedtates nt Xew lrk Twot ur s of the revenue derived from cu.-tom bein- c : "ci, d at t.i.d nomt, the dcunnd tor speCle to p 7 UUl. wit be large; a, a brach mfnt, vvberle U n ( and bullion could U immediately convened j Amerieau com, xuuld greatly tacibtate ihe.ranL-, 10.1 ot hepuohe busucs, cnirce the ciruua . 1 of gold and -dver and be ut the same time, a tale de. JHwitotthe p i',i;e monpy. a tau u ftfTn ",in't:;rIl"cf'1' "Jiralhntinj-nnd reducing the pr of such ol he public land n, fiave Uen lon oiVrr 1 in the market, ?t the minimum rat.authoii4Ti bv Ixi enmg laws nnd remain unld, induces ' 1 x recomniend tlie suhj(.ct to favora' c Many miihonjf aer'es of the, hmo- U en ofleredtn the nnrkei for more than ihirt. x , (r- n larBerquimtitieslor more than ten or tw., ty -enrs an t ireinc ot nn ml. ...w.U-.ljfffi.r.n Irfm,: pine u.neeii1x.-.. tl.?m nbtnc their real v.ilue v tu prevent their ale, nnj thereby Je t' i li.-u-.try lu.iti nny ineente l,om ,),, L, J. i,. " 'nil- he,,, ii, ml elieets cf the Biaduntins pr,e,r!f ..... .... .. .. , ,,, . 11,,,., mi) :. .iii,ls.ihin their liinits. in which it lms U-en a.l.Tic" ii.v, n..i. i-i-n ueiiuumnueu nwo hv llie 1 ,utr,l guiles, tieiini; ns ilv inwfi- ol the Cl..etnaw tr,j r f ill tlie ku,.. u lliirlonJ. yma . ' putesei Mi.ssp,,, an.l Alahann. 'Tl.e Cmrkai, IiiiiJs, uhi h would nut command in the lentk. t i iiiiiiiimui. pneeittaMi-he.ll.vtlw hMsi.fthe 1 .-i btottslur ihe pu.-ol their laiuls, were, m nurrnn L 0. the ireo.y ol ,M.I, that tribe, lul," i, n ? cf knil turs-u.e nt grniliintej and reiluecd rat. s I, ti-d iviiml 'l'lierewilt was, th.u arL- (.'-,.. ' 'r ih. !-- land, were pnreha-e.l, whieh won I , ,. ' have remained unsold 'I'lte 1J, w, r " ' their imu lue, anJinany ,., cf n, wereennliletl u purdute unall uaets, , TuX lhe hate P.-lilitlwul, their f.tiihe. That s m ar r.-.uli. w ould In- ,;r.v ,-e.l by the a Jt'nt.m. o , he ''1' 1. at..;n whey l.y the I'muM Siatr., ,, all tl," Ma,!, in w hu ll they me llie owners ut lame Iwdiel r,i i., s w ueh Imt- U e lu.,, , ,l,r ,, 1, . ed ltcmnot Ik- a M,d p.,U.v lo , "h , i U .inaniiltes ol the puhlie landifronul " , J. L , , nun ot on,- .-,.,.. ,v Kl , u,,' em .." "r ' 1 exi-riene. hat khown tliev will ni. 1 . 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