Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 18 Aralık 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 18 Aralık 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 18, 1840. 9 of this monster of a Message is deleted to ajus tilicittioii ofa war uf which ho mjs: " The nlacriiy nml promptness with which our vol unteer forces lushed to th" lie-Id (ti their riiHiifiiVcull, prove iiol only their p'ltriolisin.biit the irilccii comic tiun that our cause is just." If this is trnp, if it is "proved" tliat "our cause is ju-t " wliv lalior through eight columns to proto it again! Why Ftrivn so prodigiously to strengthen this " iivyj cou!ctinn I " Hut it is which In- mid liis" hired-man" both utinccnmit- nlde niniMnil In nnticp and thai is that the Free m.Mruc, and nobody knows it better than ''' p" wlici, lt. ni,d the Dcpuly both admit U , "'r is a I'ruM.K.nttal war and lnaift, ,, .;, llol, Homing else, it is pro-cental lor mo mam pur pose of adding 'o till" licpullic, its Slave Terri tory, soil which under the dominion of Me.ico cannot bo polluted by the abomination of Shive ry. It is prosecuted as it was begun, to procure an overshadowing inlliiciuo in the .National i.ouiicih lor tlie, I'ro-Shnory Interest ol tint , jltvr nur.-elvcs that the matter U in atoleiably oumry : inis is our opinion, and no winning complaints of the dreadful injuries that .Mexico has Indicted upon it, and no ingenious jierver-sionol'thei- uboiit tho we.-tern boundary of Te.a, will comincc us to the contrary. We say that the war was commenced by James K Folk's ordering (Jen. Taylor to march into thu' lisputcd tcrritiirtj on the Uiu Grand course with the Indian Irih-scn-t of tin- Hochy moan taim should bccxlciiil-'d Iodic Pacific ocean ; and lor the purpose of exec Hi ig tlc'iii, nml preserving liiend. lv relations uitli tin- Imiinn trills within our limits, tin u'ddilioniil number of Indian nuclides will be rcnmriil. mid should lie nulhurUcd 'liy law. Tie-' tnMi-lmictil ol custom. houses, mid ofpo-t-nHieos and post roads, and prows i m tor the Irnu-poi union of llie nnil on moll rout.'s ns the public coin'i'tucnec will suggest, tc qiire egiiullte amhoril. ll ill be proper. lo, to establisa a surveyor gcm-ml's office In that 'territory, unJ tounke tlie neccs-eny provision lor surtc log the public land nuJ bringing them inlo nmrkel. As our citizcmw'ii now reside In llint distant region hate b.-en subjected tommy Irild-hips, piivntlnns nml sic rilices in their emigration, mul hy their iiiipruveinenls have enhanced the wdue of the public lands in the neigliberhnj I of their selllein-nls, it Is lecomincn l"d tint liberal grants he made lolhein of such purlieus of tlies' km l as t'ley nny neeiipjvuid tli it similar prnuts or nights of pre-emption bo nride lo all who luiy cinlarale thilh.'r within a limited period, to be preseribid by law, The Report of the Secretary nl War contains de tailed inlonnation rclatito to the' several branches ol the public s.-riice connected with that department. The op-rations of the nrniylnvcbecn of a satisluctoryaud highly gratifying ch'iructer. 1 lecoinnie'nd to jour early and favorable considera tion the measures proposed bv the Secretary of War, for spec lily filling up the rank mid tile nf the lcgulii nnny, tor its "renter cllieiency in the tield, and fur r.iiin.'nn additional force to scrte during the wai Willi .Mexico. Ihubimmm-nt is likely to nrise for want of legal provision utiihoruin;: compensation tube made to the ngenls employed in thes'veral Suites mid Territories io pay in- revolutionary ami outer pensioners liie nmounls allowed tlicin by law Vour nltention is in Mted to th recoininendaiions of tthc Secretary oi War nn tins subject. Tliese ngenls incur lieatv rcspnnsi unities, nnd perform importnnt duties, nnd no renson exists why they should not be placeil on th" some foot ing, ns to compeii-alion, with otlier disbursing olli- ccrH Our relations Willi tlie various Itidiau triles continue to be of n p.icihe clistiieter Tlie utihappy ihss'-n-lotis which liaie cji-ted iiinnng the Cherokees for many years pa-t, have been healed. Since my In-1 ntinual message, iuip,irtntit Iieatii's have been negotiated witli sjme ot the which llie Indian title to birire tr.ictsof valuable land within the limits of the Stales unJ Territories Ins been extinguished, nn.l ariange ments made lor iemo in them to the country west of the Mis-i-sippi. Ilflw ecu tliree mul four thousand, of dilfrrcultrib hate been removed to the country pro vided lor tlicin hy trcaly stipulations, nnd nriuugcincuts hale been made for others tolollow. tn our iiiteicoure with the seierul tribes pailicular attention ha, been given to the iinpoitant subject of ed ucation. Tlie number of schools cinblisln d union;; them has been inciensed,au i lulJitioual means provi dfd, not only for teaching them the rudiments of ed ucation, but ol instructing them in agriculture and the mechanic nits. I refer you lo the report of tlieSeeretary of the Xavy for a satislaetoiy lew of tie operations of tlie depart ment wider ins charge during the pn-t year. It is f ratifying to pereeiie, tliat while the war with Mexico ias rendered it ti"ee ary tu employ an uim-ual iium tvr ofoiirnrined e-seis on lier coa-ts,tlie protection ilue to otircomai'-ree mother quarter" ol the world has not proed in-iilli.'i'Mit. No menus will be spared to pve etlieieney to the naval service in tlie pro-ectilioii ot t he war: ami 1 am lianov to know that tlie oiiiJeis , t,.,. ,i ..... ,;.,, ,.,..... .a' ,1... r'i'.;..,. ... mid men nniou-ly di-ire to devote lheiuclw s to the i .. n(rP,T tcrrilorv, nnd nnlhoii-eoneol your Mili scrvieo of their eouiiU) m any iiilerpn-e, howeicrdil- try Katrnis to appoint nil its Judges, DiMricl Altor ticult ol execution. 1 neis iVe .Ve ? Wlratmt ii-toiuuling usurpation was I recoiimien I to your favorable conslera ion the , Wrr, 'f,, ..-nd mi mined lorce inlo u partoflhe Suite proposition to add lo each ot our loreign squadrons an i n'exas, an 1 not meielv drive out th" imailiiiv ! rl.i-iciitH-.-i.teaiiier.nn.l.n-cj.jM.i-iidlv ileinmidingnt- .lcxicni,.,but c,allv trentit ncnplured territorv, t.a.tmt, tin. ictnli ifa.iitii.nt nl I'kii.'ii'iiH .a llin iir.B- . . 1 I ITOur third-paity nelglihor on thn comer ,,.), ' has a most extraordinary faculty ofgcllln!; things 1111 i !... t . I I w.. i nun ins iai cr w Ton'r.euu-iorcir.o: 1 1 ' perpetiates a blunder, 1 tst week, that is rather ! richer than common, llu iUolcs the toast given Tlie Hiirlingtnn Post Olliee. Wi wpin "twico blessed" hist weeli Post Master tlrpd his htaiy ordnance ininirowii columns, mid thp Deputy let off his pop-gun In the Sentinel. No damage wa.i done, unless the I.M..I '.''' ... . It.. I -..est- U'..h.. .. , il...'!.A..l tlli.tir.! In We therefore again rail the attention of the l"',,r' ""i,,u"l""c""'"" " '" l'ost Ma-ter to the original catiso of compl.iiiit. i I'biladelphia on the Cd liutant, and then gives, fay, does not regularly reach Willlston nnd Wood-lock on fsaturdiy. We beg of him to take notice lint the letter of our Willi-lon correspondent was dated on .Von-, illy, an 1 that the Free rrcsshnd not thru smiled' i Tins is the complaint, and as there is no l'u-t j Uilico between Jliirlinglnit nnd Willi-ton, we Mr. Wtbflcr'f rrply therein, the short speech he made the iluy Uforc ut a celebration by the Whigs of the 3d District 1 1 This Is about eijiril to the Sentinel':) "earnest cry nnd prayer"' that we would furnish it a list of Iho-e who wcro damaged by Polk's New Tn- rX Uforr it trait inln nvntlion. We give it as onr opinion tint the Senliii'l and (invite had bettor unite. It is said that "two heads ato better than one,"' though tube sure it dues'nt mention trlmt IJnd of heads. lo that time there wa no war, nor any lihelihnml of war. And if the American Army had been permitted to remain on the ackiumletlgcd frontier of Texas the river Nueces no war would hate followed. The ab-urdity of the pretence that tlie Kio (irando "from its mouth to its murcc" was the narrow compass Hut ire can tell our Willi-lon suh-rribers why j their papers of the 'JTth Nov. had not touched 1 them un the 30th. It is because, by the stupid blutidciing uf the llurlington l'n-t Muster, or , some of his " employees," Till! PACK At IK j CONTAININC TIIKM WAS SUNT OlT IN I'reiious ' tiih KntTTiir.tiY m mi. iw satitiihaV I In Mo'.tolt, Nov 'id, hi 1'rederiek Baldwin, r.sq , Mr. Reo V Il.nnch, of U'iseomin, to Miss Miriam It. Mnnfordol .Munktun. In Middh bury on the 10 inl. Mr. W.M.vwr.ianT to atKs Slsmox-s. ID i c & , MOHNIXfi ! Thu WiUUton packngo was in the Sheibiirne Post Ollicp, on its way lowaids Texas, 011 the USth of November, and did not finally reach Williston until Tuesday ur Wed nesday of the next week! We happen to bo in possession of prniif of thc-e facts, mid yet the Sentinel has the cool impudence lo tall; 3 ('Several notices of new Hooks and other articles are crowded out, this week, by the in terminable. Message of our Polko Toco Presi dent. Ton Correspondent. The Interesting communication of " O. O. W." shall appear next week. Little lirand Isle is an empire w ithln herself! western boundary of Texas is fully exposed by about "the mis-directing of bundles of papers the N. Y. Tribune, a the territory of New Mex icn and its capital Santa I V, which lie mo-tly on the ant side of the Itio (irando, have been "tvj'i litreil from Mexico,'' by the American Army, since the Annexation of Texa, as Polk dcchitct. in his .Message! Thi is the tlx into which faNo a-ettni t ions lead Mr. Polk! hy the Tree Press employees'' ! Now wo have no wi-h to prolong, as we had in the out-et no intention of provoking, a con troversy with the Post .Master. Hut wo wish him to understand, that he will not succeed in tr.iusferiiug the sins of the PostOilico to our shoulders. And we recommend him tn keen "Cnptured.has it !' sny tlie Tribune "whv that , '"s lfp"ty quiet. e have some " facts " that wn.ouis Jung before, nml not New .Mexico nl till, but are much better authenticated than those with lexnsjif vour lonner nsuniiiiou wns well loimileil! , . , ,, , ., ,., , Any man who has a niapol North America, can which the .Sciiindtakes the liberty to threaten sec that lienily nil " New .Mexico," including tliat us. and we tell the concern nlainlv that thov had better not call for them. I Congress, siry means ol repairing nml leliiiing th" e-sels of lb nivv employed tn the Unit ol Mexico, Time are otlierstigestions in tlie report which de iHve, unJ, 1 dvubt nut, will rccuw jour roiisnftia lion. Tlie nrouress and comlition of the mail s-rviee fur the pasl ear, are fully presented in tiie rcpoii of the Po-una-ter tJenernl. 'I'lic reeiiae lor tlie cnr eml ingon the thirtieth of June ln-i, niuouiiteif to three j imltion luurliundred nml eiLdity.-even tliou-and one hundred and ninety-nin? dollars, wliich is eight him- i dretl nnd tvvothou-.ind -ix liumhi-d mid huty-two dol lars nnd forty-liie cents less than that ot tlie preceding I y.'ar. The 'put units lor lint department during the mine lime aiiiouiueii to lour iiiiiuoii eiaiuy-iour moil tery r-anla t e.its capital, lies east ol the Kio tirau de, nnd within llint very State ol 'iVxa, undefined by hcrsclt and annexed by our t'oitgre-s! llowisit tliat n citynml tnst terntory cuu nt the same time lie mi iu- teutn nortlou ol our r-tate ol 1 nnil ot llie tlevii-nn 1 piounce (or dt'ptrtmciitWi Sew Mexico ! Nny, Sir, I The news from Washington has not vet 1 p- come specially interesting. The usual prelimi naries occupy the first few days. The v. bigs are "alive" aad will "take caie that the Repub lic receive no detriment '" that they can pre vent. Polkery is not the thing in ('ongrc.s.-. nor any where el-e, that it was a year ago ! Mr. Datis, of Kentucky, offered the following urn sullied it to llie ino'-t tle-ootic trot eminent con eeitn'.le I Not a wotd wlu-pi'ied by ituybodv nboiit its relation toTexa- no (ie; extension of Texannu thorityoter it no nppoituiiilv nH'oidetl its citizens m totelor Tcmiii Members ol" our Coiigu.s, though rp.-olv.lion on Wedne.iday the '.Ith inst., in thu the-e liateju-t In en chosen ! Is not the whole wtdiof , , , muiLdcd audacity mid Irnu.l coteiiug the pretext ot ex-, 1,u" u - leiitinig l to ine iiio tninue Here cxpo-ci hv its tciv coiilriteis V lint we Irate doenmcntnry proof thai the Nueces, nnd not the I! in firnnde, was consider ed by Jlr. I)o;;i.soN, (the American Charge, who negotiated the Annexation) nstho ' We-t- 7.Viti, That the lresid-nt communicate to this House nuy nnd nlloideisof iiistrnetioiis to (Jeueiul Tailor, (Jeneinl Wool, Ccmrnl Kearney, l.'appiiu Sioat. t'antain Stockton, or nnv other ollleer ol th" lioteiiiinciit. in relulion lo the cstahlhluin nt or or ganization l eitil governinent in nny poriion of the territory of Meieo wiiich Ins or might he taken pos session of by tlie army or navv ot llie j'niled States : iiKo, what luriiisof goternui'-nt suce oilicers, or either ol tln'iii, uinv hate established nnd organized, mid whether the rre.-ident litis apprutcd and ri-co'liized saui govcrninents. svciily-s'ven cents less tuaii tiiost: ot the tine'eilin year, Wlnletlie disbursements Im c been thus di I This rcsoltion pro-luced a fluttering in Polli dom, and was under tharp discussion at the last j advices. I Tho Senate has been chiefly engaged shaping its littsiiH'ss. Sj'ncboJy who signs lums;lf " M. S:o't," JJ'The report of the proceedings of thu Coun ty and Town Superintendents of Common Schools, at their meeting in llurlington on the lllli in-l., will he given next week. In N. V. on the Ith Inst., of dK-tisc of the heart, Mrs. liet-ev llerrf, wile ol Itcv. 11. 11 Adams, chap- ltiiutos-ninen nt Havre, France, tin 1 daughter of Hon. lotiph licrry, of Newbury, nged "1 cnrs. In Cornwall, on the 5th lut., Mrs. I.ticina Janes, wife of Israel C. Janes, Il-q , nged 7'.'. In t,-ieeter, on the ,'ilh, widow l'ruditicc llarktr, aged W yi ins and 'J uiiuiths In Hnosbiirgh, on the Slt Nov. Doctor Hmi'ihz I' I he T I ill year of his use. In littsfoid, 1-t inst., nfter a short illness, Mr. Hi,, tv.iiui I, GhanoI n,of thelinnofl'.Ai I!. l,.'(!inngcr. Oliltuiu y...Ve are ngain called upon to reconl tlie denlh of one of the early tilers of Iturliiigtiin.iu the detiiise of Mr JDSEl'll II I!ltlN(iTON,oa the Dili inst., nged TI years. .Mr. Haiiiugton was bom nl I'rniiiKe, 1!. 1. While yoiin, lie beenme n resi- j dent of Middlesex county, Coll., his father, Jeirminh fltiniiictnii, having leinott tl lo llint section ; nt the nge of i iehteen, he left, ns an ndveiiturer,for what was then called the Xrir-II.inijivltii e Hi niitu ; mid, on ar riving nt I.ake Chnuiplain. took up his re-ideuee willi his brothers, WiUinin C. nnd teitjnmf'i, on J'ntlire't, Puiut, in islielbuni". Inthe siiminerof IT'.1'.!, becoiii HKiieed ekniing the faun on whiili he Ins ever finer lived, (situate, about two miles otitli of this tillage.) When he arrived, in IT'.'O, he louivl but three families, to wit, llics ol Captains li'iynlnn. Kiim and OAtitn', who were located on the liinTL'iliol the lake, now call ed II titer ttreel all was wild nnd in an almost mi an nate settlements wcie lew mid far between. Mr. Harrington, Willi llie early pioii"cis 1 1 Vermont, com menced the opening of loads, building bridges, e.c lie has often nllinned thnt in opening lh" rond fiom Ilinhiigton to Shclburne, he felled it hemlock tiee, llie stutiqioi whidi nicnsini d y feet in dianii'ter. .Mr. Hnriitiiilou wnsa gicnt sulieier for years pre tious to Ids dc.uli.bnt bote his uttlietions with tesigna- His progi uy me numerous and compose n part id' our active nnd busy population. He Ins h it u widow, rigid rhildun, tlintydicogiund cltildtrii mid Jire i:rcui tzrnnd rhildictt, to mouin the loss of nn nfV'clioiinle fa ther mid warm-heiuted grand siie. He wnju-t mid uiiiight in till his dealings, mul The lU.inur or run S,ai'trtnv oi tiii. Tr.rAscr.v- I his tlinth makes a toid in the large circle ol his ac- The II iltimore Patriot, spenkingof this icporl.sajs : I nuaintaners. Tlie fimenil solemnities were iieiioriued It wil be s..en tint in reeoniin n.I-a dutvof tier I !. tl. I.'.,.- Mr i,.rL.r .... ii... i-'.i. :., i, cent o.i t"-i nnd colT'e, which is eq nt.ueiit'io nboiit -J I .' , , , ,i ' i , i ' ,. ,!.," , cenlsa iimmd on eollee. mid vi.'ldni" a retenue of ! ,U,IC th deceased ; niter which, the remains ol nearly uiree millions oi iK.llar.', lo in- pmu ny me ilrmkers ol lea and coliec, lo enrrv on tlie .Mexican War I Th" whole document is little better llian an i lee- tionecring hmilidilt and in tliis ri-peet tallits exu tly wiin uie i rebiocni s message. Ilvpiusscs fiom .Vcw-Vnik mid linsimi In ,Moiitir:i!. , VIIKHL. 111CIVS AVte- V'lrk nnd iJmdrril J'.rprr", ttis.Tf.ii Atii!.fii.Mi:vr. 'I'll II I'AI'iU'.Sri WAnriNS for h-nvy fr-icht J Ii me llii'li.ii'iou lor New-Yolk, tuul iiiteruiedi ate i lacs, every Monday nml ninp- 'I lie Mess uiger lor inoeey packs ges nnd lighter nr li.'les, will leave Ruihngl'in lor Netv-V ink, .'ic. every Wednisjay mcuning, un I every I'riJa iiKuuing for .Molilriul. ciu;xt;v&roR. Ihidl t and Mtndrrril Jlxnretti, Will lent- liuiliueion for IJuto'i, and lor Montreal, everv 1 liilat tiirirlllllL' : Will leiue ll isioii lor Uurliugion nn I Montreal, etere I lien, av liiOltUIHf i nnd .llolltreul t(ir Itilttlll ton and lliHtoh every Monday morning. Packages, mid unlets should "" lelt nt the Ulticc Hie liny p tious to nriiiiii ol ill' Iltpless. (In tin nit nml I'or Mile .(( 1 N'ovneoiin Plnster. O'U tl- lhil superfine Finn-, t;o I'lie-heails fust i'i'i!iiy Vieegtr, 51 Toil, Hav UliU. PMXHSQX. lhnlingtnn, Dr. P'i, ISiij. ! " The alacrity nnd nroinntness; w-idi which our to- lunteer forces lushed to llie Ik 1 1 mi their country's call, prove not only their patriotism, but their de'i p coutictiun that oui cause in just.' rrenidcnt's iiicv. Tho Washington cowpindcnt of tho N. V. Journal of Commerce (a Polk pa cr), says, un der date of W.tM'lvnTos- Dec. 1, 18 IB. "flreat exertions lire making to li'l up llie Alevimlria ' Volunteer conunnv. lis services are accented by ' (!ov. Smith. At 'Frederick-burg, nftera naming ttoti nnd fortitui!: lt-IIimril.. ti.HTi l.'nl.clt I . s.enlt ill III. oilolWl. lell ' " enteied lledr names iiir thistinpioritable war !' Thi.s "alacrity nnd promptness-' light under the President's nosp, is wonderful ! t l;Ot'I) SPICFn. Sii. i m ( 'sn.lh". Ilncll-h f 'nr Yj rnnls, Uliiiin, Ismginss. Irish .Mns,Tiquocn, Fla voring l.xtracls, hoiia nijeun, A'c. ". 533 F.irinleby J'JiCK Is SPKA 1! r.'NITTINCJ l'INS,S"Wiiig Needles.nnd Dirning IV rcII"s, wnrmnteil the best rpnlitv. nt Jj J. r. JIAXDMJ.'S. G'(U,D PliNS. llrown's, liem.lict.t.-, Ilnrnej's, f ictoiia, I oiigrtss, Smiili & Fninam'sand Hard fclliotlnrV. !ij nt J I'. UAXDM.I.'S. Till'. rllfMT.ST ASI) lUlST COOKING STOVi; m Chittenden County can l,c found nt the Ag.le-uliurnl Wnre.lloesc. s5 :i j'l.incL h sn'LLT. lhnlingtnn, l.'uh Dec IS 16. rpt'NINO I'0I1KS, iohurnd lla' Viol Strings of L the best nualuy, ju't receitci nv I .tpress.r.t sr. j '. j:amaj.i:s. .i i'.w;nv.r. selmol nnrdngini irf nrilinnryinlirdtarachvrc. Knit- ii.'i tiling 1 1 "jeiii in" in '"'iiioo oi oe- ALMIGHTY CRI1VT0U lh.-t " Tin: lll.OOD IS T1D" I.IFK," be rtfn'iiren lint Ins tliseiiiii- nnd his nniitnts writ purr the nfr'rurrrtit thai leaps ihrongli their teii.s Mel ti. relics, u-e-ie lie y enn :ope i ir a rF.i.s.A ,,t:.T(iii'" lieii-tnecmi gite tlieinramlsotau oilier; hut hriifht and joyous heaith must csjiinc fi cm a ptiltf iiioou. s , , ' Hut a most mil thortght here comes in! ha- roun lessnre the imposiliors whieh re prsenscrt lit"! piiblie by pretenders, and so tuiinrronsnnJ buostfid'H" lhem"dieiiies ndvertised, that lir un Iermny be "How to In lieve in tins Great lieiuedy. A word, ihsrelorc, ll'l this Klillt. tn me nr-i place, nr. to Tin; or.uii .ia j alli i... Noniiittei how tceptical m may now be, rrat inp c will contmee ton Thi'iisinds Imet Irt.t convinv I In eterySnte'aud Terntory m lh" l'n.un, nnd ntnen thenidisilngiii'lu'd tt.Hcm"n, jiints, cleryinen, pny- clan, citiiimis. Tli" bare enumeration ol their names woui.l hll this ,,ge tiie n-aiW Knd 1 1 Me in nt convenient nyiiey f.r a copy ol the OjiiU., which can be l.nd In the second plnee, rut Tin. I'il.I.s. It will eo-t hut the merest trill", mid will introduce 7011 10 11 median whu h yon will de 'iii a blessing 1 the rod ol your day-. A thousand thiug-i press ujioti the mir.rt ot the nJver-ti-ers w I. e!i liiey would lejon-e to say 'o the reader, b 11 til" hunts ol tt,isudv"rtl'Ul''!ll lor'jld. Uutlet eny one nllliifd wnli the follow unrdisi'a'rs make trial the (unel. nber 4 Pills, tad met- will inr I L.K.U1W M'.NTl.Y CUll.D! A-ilum, lldio'is Coinnlaiiits. ioils, 'tiaottie cever, iwels, 1I1 (icieiit nction 111 (,reen Mektie-s, 1 Pan iitanli, institinlio'i, ingli ot Pregnancy, Uo.-liveuess, tzianlioen, Ihtlieuit l'reiitliiu,;, l)ysp"piia, Dyspeptic Constitution liig.-stion, imperieet, AIO. 1. MACKF,l!i:i..In bbl. Inlf bbl' nnd quar- I v ler bbls. or by the pound. Dec. 1910. t OUT II FII011F. SALMON nnd Connecticut l lttver SHAD, ot the first nualuy, 23 D"cS. forsalcby A. S. DrAlTA'. MACAltONI, Venuicilli and Taioca : also. Cit 1011 mid Oiouud Siuees. -1. S. VlAl'LY. 513 Dee. 13, Isli. M OOD. V ()(!. WOOD ! 1 Ooo.l Dry Hard Wood, cnubc had by tipplfing nt our other ut tlietuas 1 uctoiv. Dec. in, S3 ii.'i SMITH st WII.ICINS pODFUDY'S llllAD-ACHF. Ili'.MFDV, vj" S3w:i nt j'j:ck h bi'CAir "'I I.1NAKY HFltUrj all kinds comntulv on Innil v- '.'3:1 at I'J.fK sn.Ai Jlcchnnics Institute v.vcm: it 1., (tor so lie was kindly mid familiarly culled mid known) wcie interred in lh" tillage ceineleiy, where ic-t llie nshes of many of his itirly compeers. Cow. -'ev 1..IU iv s iii-iiiuiL-. 1 a ' ll I' II Is ll All adj'ourned meeting will bo held in thoi, would infirm the rilAlK-i! r C'HAinS! . 1) it I) V VII Ml IT I T! nv tana iwo nu urcii auu 1 neiy-sete 1 no ars mu iwen- r..,t:'t .rip.. . .1 . r ty-two cents. 01 this sum 'lite bundled and ninety. e.r" nmUvT J e.;n at the titno of anncxa- fievcn tliuiHind mil nineiy-seteu iloilars ami eighty I dun, and that he, Mr. Donel-on, pronounced rents hat e been drniyu from the treasury. The ths. ' . i.-.t,,,.,. ir 1 , ,, ... bursenieiitsforthctenrweietwo hundred and ihinj- en""r) between the Nueces and the P.10 tiv ilto'n-iud lour liniidie.l mid thirty-lour dollars and , (Irande disputed territory, when hu "advised" (Jen. Taylor tu take up his position at Corpus Christ!. ".My luisilinn is.1' nv Mr ll,.,i,.1.r,i. new man rouies 01 nve iitoitsanu s-kii iiuiiureii nuu ' . , . s, ., , , . , . , . m thiny-iiine miles; nn iuereasj ol traii-iiortatio'i ol 111 'l letter to .Mr. I, ichli m dite.l July L 1815 one nullioiisjvcii hundred nnd isly-fnur ilioii-niiiione , "that we can hold Corpus Chiisti and all other liuu ired and lorly-iive iTiiles, nn I tti' esl iiblishineut of ,, v. 1.. .1 t. four hundred and eighteen new ll olliees. Con- P01llH "P the.ucccs. 1 F ATTACKEll. the right irneiors.pjsiiua.icr-, mm oilier-, emg ., ,., ,., ueieuce win auiiiori70 us in expel llie -ilex- and who hails from " QfAnTEr.s, ltirfav branch oi lit- sertre, hate periorinedtiieiribuies with I j . ,!,, r:,.,,,d.. ' u'niitll ..!.-.. 1 . n ii .i t i . . t .icrgy and laiihl'uhies-deserving eomiiiendation. leans to the Ulo lii.inile. We will gie tin-, t.," calls upon tho " brave and pattiolic boys Formally interesting defiils eouinctcd wiih the op. , docuin"ntary evidence next tveek; wo would do of Old rrankl'm'' to volunteer fur the Mexican erationsof this esiablisliment, tou are rel'ened to the i . i ,,,, ir pii. i,.i i h, -,r .. , , report of the Po-tinister Oencral ; nnd his suggestions u 1,1,1 lm0 r001n' -Mr' 1 olK 'st W ar. Mr. Scott m-ikcs a very llainmg appeal, fjrii.iprotiii'! its leyenu 's arc recouuiieiiiletl to o"r i monojiolizcs our columns, but we warn our 1 and, among other things, says: School House in Catlin's I.ane, on Wednesday cloning next nt (! o'clock. Mi'chanics gene: ally are cordially iut ited to attend. .1. II. ISUINSMAH) Uecly. Dec. lfi, lGKi. CHAM) I.ODGF. OF VIHtMONT. The Annual communication of the Clr.-nd ,'zigc of l'rce and accepted Masons in crmtmt will lie lioidcii at Masons Hall in Hiirlinglon, on the Second Wednesday (Kith) of January, A. I.. !il at 'J o'clock A. M. and notice thereof, is hereby gitei). Hy Order or N. 'II. IIASWHI.I,, G. Masvr. Jons It. IIoLI.F.Mir.cK, Strirtary, l ivorati e coihi.1 -raiioil. l reneal i ae o union e.t ire-i. i , ,. ... r-d in my last an.i.i ilinessaiie, tint the business ot ibis I rt-,aul;rs 10 '' "s ueciarauous whu lingo 111- deuartment shoalJ be so regulated that llie revenue derived Iroin it sliould he made lo equal llie expendi tures; and 11 is believed that this may be done by proper nullifications of the picscnt laws, ns suggested 111 the r-porl of lh" Poslmast"r General, 11 ilhout chang ing tlie pres-jnt rates of po-iage. With full reliance upon llie wisdom nnd patriotism rif your debberaiious, it will be my duty, ns it will bo lilt ainious desire, 10 co-operate witli you in etety constitutional eliint to promote tlie wcllare nnd main tain llie honor ot'our common country. JA.Ml':t5 K. POLK. W.tsuiMTOv, December 8, laiG. Atvake ihen. and ioin vour brethren in nrms to lowance. II we cannot slioir tnnl .Mexico ii ligui me names oi tne j.m a ami your country. posseisioa Kast of the Itio Grande when the Armistice was declared between her and Te.a, and that the question of boundary was not settled, wo will agree that James K. Polk is as in nocent of this war as he claims to be. -FREE P 11 ESS, n.'KM.NGTON. VI. Fit IDA Y MORNING, DF.CF.MIintl IS, 1410 " In tiii: num ami t!kiit.i.i:ij mkiit that is rros ts, 'i iieuk i-.MiSr.iH AEutr. mi: hoijion Tni.itc isA ui.EAti or i.kiiit, r..ei:niM; tiii:, I'ATiuoiic Winn l'.MtTV of nin Umikii SrATis." Daniel Webster. The rili's-age. Wo liavrsurienileri'd ourcnlunius alinosl ex- fold comfort for Ilrciiktvntcr liillis. The following pnssage from the Me-sagc. of Mr. 7'oA may bo taken in place of a cold show erlath by that rc-pectabh; class of Locofocn who Into heretofore had Governinent Jlreakwa tcrs, and such like iuipiovemeuts to superin tend : JtHT.i:so:; once saiJ that again-t a war for tlie extension or perpetuity of St.Avr.UY, " every attributo of tho Almighty would ho arrayed." HV helievo it yet j but these, mothrn " Jefl'er- sonian democrats'' are doubtless of a ditTerent ojiinion. We would no sooner " tolunteer-' in this nefarious pro-slatery war with Mexico, than wo would cut oil' our right hand and lo coforos may call this " federalism," or " Ilritish whiggerv," or " trea-on," or any thing else they please. Whateter they may call it, how ever, it springs from a deep and innate abhor rence of a war whose iii:sUI.ts, (to say not a word about its caus2.i or its objeili), will bo to extend the boundaries of Sj.Avr.uv under the Ikig of this. Republic. We have scarcely a rea-oii to hope that Gou will not smite a nation 1 that commits a sin so flagrant and inexcii-able ! I llllllil'i'tou mill vieinitv '.specially those wishing to nurchnse Chairs or I'.-.l.m.'t ware, tint be bus now and will hate intisiantly on 1 LOCK KKYS, Wire nnd fVt II. lis nt ' '.a J. V. l!A.l)AIJ;S. l!I'r:'I'.I!I'lcr,l) A- .. hate on coMsignnieut a large stock of T11AS, for le low Harriimton's Ii.nlding, ) Iluihngion. Dec. 'J, 1410. J '-'3 Aimer Wilcox's Astute S'TATi: Ol- 'i:i!MOXT.l The Hon. the Prolate Disum r oi C'iitrii.i'i.s. ss t Courtlorthe Di-tiu t ot hnud, W oo.l-seni Chairs ot nil kinds, which, in point Chittenden: To nil poisons concerned m tlie H-tate ol 01 oiiiiiuiiny mm i;iusn i,rt. .-ecou i io noil- m market. Aim' r tt i!i-o, line 01 tvcsitoru, ill sai.i iisiriei, tie Aso,onliiili..alnrgesitnt,lyiil Labillet are. Work I censed. testate. IIeutim. : done lo order; old Chans' icpaired mid painted ntl, F. C. Wucot, executor of tho Il-tnte of suoii noiiee 1111.1 upon reasonable terms. All knuls ot s-nd deceiised, proposi'S to ren ler 1111 account ol Ins ml ei.ui.tiy niudiire. wimmI nnd luniber taken in exchange , iiimi-tratioii,and Ins account again! said c- ior un inline, jeinn: riiytiown. rcrnons wistiuig time lor e.iiminaliou ,nt .1 s.sston 01 llie aut nl thetiisue articles, will do well to call mid cx i- 1 Court of Probate, to be liolden nt thenire of the Jte nun" before nun basin" elsewhere. WaXTI.11 ill.Otlll leet i.ood H.issiv,-,,.,! P1L ii, I clnng" for the abuve. I L'l . I . 1 I- . I -I -1 ran ji mil 110011 olllll ol llie jail e,illircll Street. Huilingtoii, D-c ltitO. Jj.yis iHavkcts. Itrightou .Uiu bet -Dec. 1 1. licpoitcd ur the Jlostun Timelier At inniket 510 Cattle, 4C3?ioies, 8 yokes woiking oxen, :J0 Cows nnd Caltes, 11T3'J sjlH.t.p nnd about 7iHI Jiw me. Jlcrf Cattle Uxtra ;3,?3, first rjualiiy f.5,,',0 ; sec ond iiuahly,-! JiU n 1,73 ; ihird ounhiy, 11,'3'J a !. Star ('utile. Pales not noticed. 11 tnkilt" llrrn Sule ovule at is7' zittrr, of said Court, in Iluihngion, 111 -aid Distnet on tic sWond Wednesday of .human. A. 1). 13 17. Tnerelore. vou tire hereby notified to nmienr before saiit i.ouri ai me lime nun pince moresaiii.mi'i snow cause, it any ton have, why the account tdorc-nnl I s-bnuld not be allow 1 d. I Oiteti under my hand nt llurlington, this Sth day ot 1 iZ '111. ier, .. 11. is ,0 1 j.wsi cii.M:i.i:snussFi.L,Hi?c A11111111I .Meeting of the t'linniphlin nnil Con I iiecticiit Iiitcr Hnilrotul ( nnipiiii) i li fi-rr.Iin AXXl'AL .UKirm-ri or tih- iileii.Ii.l .'. P.,. . Ill 1 ,-.",1-. 0 ,., 1, ,!, I!,.., .11.. 1 1. 01 isieiintA'H I oenis, ,-,ha Houliii, l,ady of tli- f.ake, ' rond l omtiany wul lie held at llie Court House 111 Km I lulde Harold, .Mrs. llemniis, Campbi'll, Poets and ' land, on tic veond Wednesday, being th" lSthdayo . .111 in i.uiope, no 110 1.11 gland. h iak-neare. Heron. ' January next, nl nine Hetvi'it n-1 irciioon.torihec ee ss'C -i-e'. 1 Hon ot' IJ.r.'etios. nn I for the transaction of :ini- other I'or Christnius nml Xetv-Yenr. -IIIIUSTMAS F.I.OSSOM.a b'-nutilul bo..',, T!:c vy l'v -rgrivn, 10 Kngrat ingn, Th" Aniaiauth, Ame- Ilemi Hook ot l,c.iilty, U Ilujiatlllgs, The Kniunow, n l.naraiiiigs, mid Iieauiilully bound, Th" Ciiiiiinu Iteepsuke. l.-.uit I Wieath, 1!. ligioas .souvemr. '1 ne lokiu, llie.iloss l!o-e, Lads AlLum, The Forg. t A l.uge nssoitiuent of Miniature nnd ChilJrens' Hooks mid lvalues, '!! I""1'1""-' llookstore. cwtisTMAs ax) si:iv-ri:Mirs l'nnsi'XTsi. III! Subscriber linn ii larire nnd .,;,..,!. ..r 1.. llUals nnd Hooks dcslL'lle.l for f 'lo'.si,,,... v nn Tli. .13. and 0.1 B thir, mid CVirM-sjalcs noticed nt SIS 'JI "0, !i'j 1 Vcnr- 11 I ith-Vhi ' i'r. 'v,.V,i , 111 nnd 14,311. I Ip, ' ' ! 1 ', si,'l-.oiuongwiiicli arc ' '""""ii -winuai, uu in t IlgiatlllgS, 1 he Amnrmith, 7 n "Daring th" exi-tance of llie war with Mexico nil ourresouiccs shouhl be husbanded, nnd no nppropria lion made except such as are absolutely iiecossnry for its vigorous prosecution ami the due adiuinistintiou of tlie got eminent. Obiectsof uppropriaiiini, which in peace nny be deemed Useful or proper, but which nte not indispeuyibh for the public sertiee, may when tiii country is engaged in n foreign war, lie well post, polled inn future period. It is not meant to lecoin luend lint the ordinary nnd ncess:iry appropriations 1 for the sunnoit ot got eminent should be withheld, but :. !. : 11 1. ....,. m s..s.;.,,, .a I'. clu-ively to tho interminable message of I'res-1 nrmronriaiions nre iiionosed for numerous obVcts dent Polk. It is a good deal '-longer than the I which tnny or may not be made, without inntenally wdiere it is probable that Gen. Wool has already p , 1 nlleeting llie public: iiitere-ls : it is recom-. . . ,,. moral law, aim III preuy nam 10nu101101 some incnded should not begtnnted." joiiii u 111111. The AVnr. No news of importance from the war. Aunri can forces are concentrating at Tampico. Gen. Taylor has marched with his army to Saltillo, nf the cardinal precepts of that code Those of our readers who may hatn the pa tience and the courage, (as wo have had) to wade through this "multitudinous sea" of words, will find that our prediction of its character is tolera bly well su-t iined. The War witli -Mexico, and the new Free Trade Ta riff both unnecessary anduncalled-l'or.and both emphatically condemn ed bv tho recent elections form thsapleoflliU Jesuitical nrndiiction. To sustain these niisora- ginnted." Notice how careful the President is tn warn The state of nfi'airs in Mexico is becoming worse everv day. Santa Anna lalclv mad" nil inldn -s to his his weak-headed followers that they niu-t not Hoops, nppnretuly mexiract Ironi iliem mi imitation 11111 orstand him lis rn,.nm.,.,li,i ll,.. In w ill, ' - ,ll,lstl " ' .'" Xlirrn Sales of lots nl (We. 1. l.f.:i. 1.73 and'' C.7 multilotof IITpurchasi'db) .Mr. M. While, ol Wa tertowtl. at about ssll.IMn bend. Siriur Shcats, at wlniie-ale I 1-te for f-ows ; and ' 3 1-le torllirrows. At retail, fiom 3 10O and Ii l-'Jc; Old Hogs, lie perlb. llostou Wool .Mlirhel"l)ee. 1 1, Duty, SO per et, 1 Hep'tited fin the llosttni Oniier ) j There has been a pood demand for Amercan pulled I Wool, mid former prices arc su-taiued. Prime SiMiny llece-s, washed American full blood do. do :i-t do. do 1-t! tlo. do l-l&eoni do.- .S'pmiisli Sheep. II FsX. .V .Smyrna do. washed tlo do unwashed 11 'iign-i unwashed -Vixony, clean - - -lluenos At ics, unpicked do do picked Sup. North'n pulled lamb No. 1 do do do " do tlo tlo 3 do do tlo :i-j "3 'sit 's! 11 'J a :n 1 he loseol'Slinroii Christinas Blossoms nnd New Years Wie-ith, r, Christians Keepsake, ;i The Htncnuli or AlK-elion's Gift, 1 nenil-hip's Ollcnug, y The May Flower, y ' Ths Moiht r's Presents, t', The Judson O.'ieriug, ,'sC. i.e. I or Sale ni the Cheup Comer of Ptrnngs' Iluilding, Dee. 1,,'s'jtvJ Uy hTHVHN.S WOUDri. .12;.s-hiiti' .liI:iEniraclory. fjllli; Pii'iscriher is inniiufncmring, mul is prepared 1 10 build loordei.nlikiiidsof buitiL's-i.Mhich mnv lm lluri 'In iu sA.MLsJWlFT.Cer Aliddlebiiry.Tth D-c 1510. iiltv ,r-. .ftllA.MPI.AlX TI.ANSI'ORT- vs4ii,-C,sJ ATION COMPANY. The Stockholder of tbe Clnmplun Transportation iiiiii.inj uie iiereov noiiueil. llini tuc miliuai meeiini for the cleclion of Directors ot said Coninnnv for th ensuing year, and for llie transaction of any other liti-d ness thought proper when met, will b" liolden nt the American lloiel, 111 ihe vill ige of lluiiuigtoti, on Un lirst 1 huisday of January, next, nt one o'clock, P. .'il I'll ll.O IJOOI.lTTl.D.CerA', ... ,. ('liimpUitiiTiaii'pjitatiDnVo. -I liiirhngton, Tlh December, 1510 W oolcn .iJacliiucry. Such ns Curding .tlachme I undeiisi'rs, I Pickers, I .lacks. Napiiei GUT nOOKS-AXXl'AI.S VOX 1817. l.l.Al-l.l.rsOFMEMnUY, with l-J splendid en LTIIllllirst mi l llir.u. illi..n,.iq,..n. 17 C HO Vnoill A -Y.Y I' A I., sjilendi'd qu irto, with .'itv7Miiii l'liiin. lliC". U:il.M)SlllI-StliTi:j:i.a, bound inmab. With U eti'.ii.vlii.rj HI A lll'.M, tj'iai to. 111 T-nsiatungs. MUSICAL -I.YA CA I., quaiio :'-','.-''P':'ViA,Al,',nsii!endiil mo. colored. ''rlU,jUl !'"'lu "Plembd embehUiiiieuis. '-i'V;- Vi- I.-,; i.'"' U1:,J,"8 besq1 1 IIDV l'l:I.l.(l-StUTi:illXC!, engratino. j 'il At hDWAIUli' lljoUlore Peck's Iluilding THE hold "thu ordinary and meetmry appropriations for tho support of Government !" Hut every thing else the xvar must swallow. War is a Meaning, is'nt it fellow citizens ) We have n few facts concerning the inisdiireting ofhiituHes ot pnpeis by the lire rteti emidoiern blc pro-sl.ivery measures, and thus to buildup which we may notice nt number lime Such fur .,' .. .1,,.,,.,. stinreiieice In this nation ' in-iance ns tlie return, this renj tcreh, id u biindle ol n Southern pro-slaten supreni let 111 tun. nation, hiry (, r,rimpPtr trJmn n no., in,.t, Fn,(. this mcssai'o ol James Ji. full; j.iuors tiircugn '.' miles luun Here, wiin mi eminrseincnt by Uie 1'o-t , ,.,1 eoloinns of Lonhislrios nid Master thus" 7'ne I'irst, Iliirlinsilon, V, rinont . ic. nearly ten inoita! columns nl sophistries. .111,1 llllfll 4V, 1'. Mir re-dheeled r perversions of tho truth ! pecially, (tho Tariff, tho wasdusippoinlctl, hotvever, at finding thnt his oiation was rcceiied in jirolouud silence. Immediately niter, In: started wiih nil his fatuity on iimchi expedition, the object of which wns supposed by some 10 be to nt tempi to cut oil' one ol tlie iht isio is of our army. Tuc most probable coiiyeture, Cupt. Kolliusthmk, isilint he has gone to .Mexico, to control the action ol the new Cong! ess. ... 1 U l.ttt .l.lll..l s?cially, (tho Tanll, tlm great basis 01 uie pros- jxirity ol FnEE .Aiion in this country,) the Pre'- j Don't givo yourself the si ightcst anxiety, my Went descends to tho mo-t ronteniitible election-1 witty friend ! Wo am not likely to " swallow" ccring slang, umvmlhy ol a fourth ratu bar-room enough of your peculiar ' facts" to occasion a politician, of the rich against the mor,tlie purfe- moment s lucomenicnce. The " bundlu" alluded to by the Deputy P.M. in the nlsne paragraph, was the package for our v.scr subscribers, in this county. It was sent to lls'ux N, Y. and was returned to us tli tested if Ihe itrapper placed around it in our tifftce, hi that neither the P. M. nor ournelves could tell whether it was iiiis-tliierteil or not. .Mir wo liatu no Hesitation 111 expressing our confident belief that tho package, was properly diiccted, anil was inii-seut by the gross care. lessness of Ilia "employee.';'" or what is morn probable, of the employer, In the Post O.lice here. Such things hate occurred, ns our rend' ers will seo in another article in this piper. We commend tho Sentinel Mo a prudent husbandry' ol its facts. croud manufacturers against the oppressed mas bcs, &c slang that is as far removed from ar .....onnt ns it Is from truth, and is utterly dis graceful to thn Chief Magistrate uf tho United! States, liecanse it is contradicted by the i..Ti: jiicxcr. of tho whole country and he hnairs il ! Al'r.oll.cTlvr. Taiih'K Hint promotes the invert went of Capital in Home .Manufactures gives Ksit'i-uVJiUNT lo "tho ntas.scs," at the same time that it uniformly I' tids to reduce, (as it has uni ft.rinly reduced), tho i-rircs of Muunfai lures and Mechanical products, and supplies Ihe Agricul tural Piodurcr with tho bort of all markets, 11 Home Market. The-e things tiro well under stood at the North, and wo need spend 110 breath in explaining them. One fuel like that, for in ., of tho reduction ill tho pricoofiW, con- .,. ,m nrotectioii, is worth 11 mountain of the most plau.-ibl theories Ihal eicr fining from the brain nftho mo-t rabid I'reo Trader. Hut tho War, the War! Here it is that Mr. Polk lav out InV -trenglli. M"re than tin. third "Coming etents cast their shadow- bsfoir." From the Sentinel nnd Democrat ofNuv. 17, 1310. "Who has leen injured by ll.eT.irili'of Is III 1 Can any body tell I We ically wish tlie atule Free Press would 1 ul, Tl 11 us. We comuieud our fiieud in his agony to the following extract from Polk's Mo-sage of Dec, 8th, 13 Hi: "The net pas-ed at vour ht session "reducing the duties on imports" utit Imviiis gone into opi rtitivtt until tlie Jit of the )neseid nmntli, thete litis nut Leen time fur its practical effect ir;wil the lerenlie. and the luhiness uj the found y, to le dtreluped." r Dr. Wood's Sirsapirilla mid Wild Cherry Diners Thiscclcbiutcd compound, so salutary in iiseilecis in nil cacs wheiinilimiusteretl lor Disp'epsn, Pilcs,mdi ccsiioii. Heretbtarv Hiiinors. nnel luuiuriii-s of ihe liltiod, that niiiiiy ol'lhe most distinguished physicians bate aiiptoted and itcoiiimemlcd il. mid ti,euly nek nowleilged it llie mo-t valuable ineiliciue 1 1 er diseov eicd. It is truly a valuable medicine, and is ciii'cting un immense amount ol good hi the ichtf of sair.'img humanity. For sale by Peck iirttr.. 'Jltti! Gigs, Sillers, l.catheis, llnisliiiig .Machines, IteHillutol-i. ."i-e. All wolk elltlll'led lo hllll, will be executed with neatness, an 1 tl -piten. itis Machine Shop is Finn led iu .Monl eher,tbri e milt s I10111 the village, on the road to Won ester nnil Si Albnns. Tliesubseriber i- coiilideul that he can build ns good a Card or .lad., as can b ' procured in New Kiigtaud. 1 hose luiimug Ins .tlaelunert puui'iinice it tn run as y wen us iiliy 111 ue. .ir r.i.i v II iiUi ii I , Jr , ,rl,,., l.!,.tt: . , V r .Monli.elier.l)ee. 12. 1S1B. "'nf! "J L'"'"r'S bh's-ings o the buiiiml f. Graefnburg Pills. rplir.ltl. abe Tiir. most coxcLfstvt Eiasoxs why 'hat el'iks ot Me.h. ines dcnommiitcd " PA 1 1 ,' should be made th... mean ot incalculable Special Xniiee. I C xTTlv exiraordinary GI!Ai:FF,Nlli:UG P1W ttlueh are ueliictiug uiiiarjlletl triumphs in various sections jfthis country, ate nuw intioihuvd into tins j t ieiiuty, let every nek prison rend lh.- ndvertisem -:it ' 01 i'ie uiai leuiierg couqiany, wuicu will oe (outlet 111 another column. atf WARD &. DOOTT, Uliiccessnrs tn Jones. Ward S' Venny.) M IM'l'.MTL'lillllS OP I, Mil) till, AM) 111 i:V00IN, 1 r-ii' imr.RS .txn 1 rti.rr.s ix- I DYli-STL-lTS, OILS, SUM', CULMlCAt.S, And MA.vii'At'niMiitK' Amni.i:, '.) ."?Ii!k !jhvt1, amiklw 11. ti Aim, ji:, !vst,vt. Kink iiititr. jm(J iFlntulency, i Fluor Albus, nr Whites. .tl r. joxes ue' : 1 siiouiuccriuiuiy want com 111011 gralilude did I hc-ilale in rctuiii you thanks for theU'iielil I readied Ironi jour Coral Hair llcsionitite it Inch, as your agent lieie will iiifonn jou, lias lotted hair to grow on my bend, e)e-hrows, urn! e)e-lids, as ion,' mul lieniitilul nsbelore the drcndhil fire, of which 1 i ... 1 - . , nearly uec.tllie' uie vninn. j lit. 1 e.t.cil pill tu I t XX lion wo henr ,, nni up i fl , ,,n.,i,n ' . . .., i .1 .. I i '. - - j v s j,.-,.. ....... si-coiiu noioe in my nnuiu-i, uo mijh ue neter llseit occasioned by iho Free Tradu TaiilV ttn xtill unyibnigwliiilikfiihisbairMlky,soii.clcnuiiiidt!aik ,;P, ... ... , , , i one quarter the tune. It is, indeed, u truly taluable notify our anxious neighbor without delay. ntei,'.. ,, not wish this leiter published i,iile.s it o would be glad, in tho mean time, if tho 1 ttill Iotu lit you il so. tmi can luai.e nn use of it . j . ,. c .1 i i . i ton like, I licg lusubsctibe, n St' llllfl W'mild lull, mi lis if Iho biL.t r,vi ' ..'... .i n.. .. iiiosi griiieiuuv, jours. riii'mrn's .Vol ice. e x" t . i. si. ...... i -..i i. i. . 'rrMin i,m,.i .... no ..,ri. !.,.:.,i,. i'.. I.,,,,..,. t I ,', 1,11,1 s ii.iii, .--,nns ,,,, , j e l't s; icn .... ...s '., ,.,"' . ..,..,... burnt ofi'bv tire ami icstoredm three tticka by Jones's limine (,'oii(i ih, Ao. 1, will bo held nt the Pt nil Coral Hair Itestorativc. ' j Street llotisi oil Tuesday et t iling, D-c Isilfi, at il i.ATi niz, tliss, June IU, Hlii. tielocK. .x geiieiiii nueiiuanee ni uie .tlimliers is liv order if JOHN K. I. HAV. L';imi'ii, tho Srntind wouhl inform us if tho luko froze over ii -jet yar as early as it did the year after! l"z!"'Vv Patriot desires thnt the Wulchivord shall be" Pick nnd the Country '" Pcikuud ici Counlry 1 llnrtiiigtuii I'tre Piess. 'birenrn.of ctuuse ; w edo'nt, like, ihe Free Press, go in lor Mexico. 17 Putiiut. lequisled. H. C. I.iitus, Secirtaiy. lit It, Islti. rRMin Subscriber bus tor sale u few choice Slioats, M of In- own raising j aim, n d ie 11(1 All lor Iht llllprotl'lilelll l l stock. (Iile r I his pigs, lalletl by Mr Louis llellium. ol I till tlll.lg", ttelglird.Ill HI 111, mills .i.t ai'.liis ..It'i.s itltuiv iiurhngton, ldlli Dec, IS Id. '.'iwl i Nktt .mid Iwlmld ihe linmoiial Coiiunbus, r, H.Mll.Y H. I'AltlJI'M! Tliis is sold only iu UAlUilXaTOX. f,oer!ii's, l.eci'lies, I)1IYSICINS nod Piitnle Fmiiilics residing iu X llie t'oumrv will lileasi- leiiiciuiH-r llint. should ! Ihcy leiiiure llieiu.they will li.idmi exislb ul sloe!, ol ,1 i illier (leiiii'tii or iredish Leeches, toi alc hy I'.'i Dee. IS, ISll'i. (;;'((. II A i f.'t'Al.'mV. We are glad lo Warn that the Patriot lias de termined to go for its on n Country j but it must 1 17 lll''n.O.V' un J i'JJiiti'AHiis has received Ilulwer's new novel, " I.tfiir.TiA," and sells it fnrliJicts. lie j you can Opinion and txpcriciicc of tlieedilor of the Piicliinoiid WISTAir.S liALSA.V Ol' H'll.t't CllLUi: V I. e..iist.nille nikfllised 111 our eoliiiiois XX . t. ,.l IhiiiiuI in wy liiat we put very little conli leuce gene. I i-J" and nilitis, ItUOM'S TOIIACCO, (uiokuuj rally iu pecihcs ami nostrums much less in your cure-1 and i hewing, in i my price, nils. Ilul a familiar use ol tins iiicdieiue tor six or I Harrington's lliiildin. lake down that I'reo Trado sign over its Pro. K ten t ears pasl--Juruig ttlucli lime the c-.htor ttlm! lliulmgioii, Dec is. mm " writes ibishasat uiteitiilssiill rctl wilhueiii" nstluna, - tectivo J anil definition. If you go for your mid he wriiingnot so inuclilor the benefit of ih" pm-( ilGAItS, of various brands, kept on hand mid ,. t. r.t. i in . nnetors. ns for that of those who are libeled wub Vj tale by the Ho.x or iiu.nii r llox. s.e,..i, Uu .cat, ...nt i-quan-, iisu ii .nan ; Ihsninj, . uikcs pleasure iu sating that he ! I- JIVJTI'.lll'll'.l.n N O. inn you tiou i cnanifc stiies Willi us, my line lias Intaiiality louuu ll iicninciai to linn, uinl in ewrv . .. ".. . ' . . - " ' .. I :. I I.... .l -.I lellotv .! Catch us ' eolnir in for M,,vle " if case where it has been used irompily ut the lirst null. I . ,, V,!'"1'',, , ... , . U " . , f l":u "ration ol an attack, with entire and prompt nl.ef.! K( Cross Congress Water littles nl an. J hat is just ttluit Polk is doing, nnd From hnting also obsetted it tried by oihcrs, he is of! wVI 25w3 Pl.Cn h, S. Ill iswuilll llie eouimei 'inline, unless signed I. . . . . ...t .ip.i I r ii l- .....i I i t.i . . nmiunn thst ll iswnrllit Ihe eonti.lenee of thw has also recciveu an assorui.cnirii very ncauiiiu. iora. w,wmi . uu -u nave ininnrin siRnVd T Iti'TTS J,, ii,;1 OOOTHINfi PYIJFP for Child.. ,, cuttim r. lllld.. nrosoni. . ii'ii Helping mm. tc nre mil. wrapper. For -sle by I'tcit Suak iJ !: srnAirs. !5w3 Telb PICK X, .SW..IA-.V li.s l,ire.tiinip!e, thai a high order ul talent long ami sagacious obAirvaliuu, nml go. in inedieal leariiin,'; and cipeueiiee are nroiluui io luar Ubi:i llie intention unit liutuuhicturc ul u I'll,!,. Why n.iiv not tiiisi I, ,o, tulioll In this dltlfidll ol'liiedlcul f'elcn-e bee'rowned Willi ttic sueeess unit attends llie ol similar talents mid tod in other iMngnf Theit is no reason : mid il is but llie simplehi tlu rile oi the simplest com mon s -iihc lo sat , thnt a fid thus piodttce I wih ! as j p Tied uti aiucle as can be made by iieui. Ticetitu-jtir ymis 'rrotton to nut out-su'i eel w ul git e n luun ot it'timy the uiasierv otvi it. Ituslubot hai, been bca lutved upo'l llie t;it.i:ri:Mu:nn vnoimni.i: pii.i.s. and lh- y are pteseiiied to ll e puLhc with claims un paralleled in the whole history of medical science. Ilwid Is.' keen iu tnit'iug the histoiy nl all great in. temiiiiis.that tin y were nut made or discovered tuilil the iirritni ot what intiy be termed un. hlxus oi tiwf. Tb" iinriinr's t uiiipiic.iir in-innce, wust.oi llivtuleil llillil 111 lliC'lidm as ol nine" ltwaiiteued. The Iwdshus uhwi)s lay ut i, inn's fe. i.bui he never knew t.Ual a wondeilul and iincriing guide was ireas uri d ni lis silent bosom, mud the Ditmilt anu inied lime drew uenrttlieii tlu-miil coiniiii'iiis and islands .... I..I- ni...i, ,1 l!,.,l,l ,t ,..,v, l,nna';.,r...l ,., .1... 1 hiiiiiiifti s nt llie udfei t irons sailor, enabling him to launeii inr uwny uhjii uui.itc'wii uectuiM, uiuicui ul timidly nulling wiilun sight of tauulinr land-iuuihs' So wiih the diw'oteiy o tlw New W uild. iinou wltt is.- shoies v. us iiHtti-i' this Giniit Nation to a power a gtor , a mission lar n. youa uie conception ol w iklest I met 1 he I hit orltl ii ul leached lis huh, . si desii ny , lh" "liiliici ol mil" ' drew iieui tor lite retclatioii 'il ..I ,.,' .1, I ,,. I I...I.. i i it So tttili tar intention ol priiuin r, ot sien.n, ot .ho mngiiclic lei trupii. ltcii ol tliese bad in. own ''lul ueMol lulu-, uiurked. made disuuet and Protideiuinl ",' IxstlOICALSI tESCETllESlVIEORI'Ar 1'IIII.Okiirill- t tt. cms, ll'l t Is lrti.LV utKKLn ,,,si bcnuulul an- Ihe illustinlioiis nucl pinols ol ibis which lire to lie luiindiii llie luatory ol the worhl. Ve can truce litem trttni the Mufair ihsis-nsuiiioii ,l,,vtn in the pieseni hoar ; nil ottliein teaching n. the lesMiti and gtting us the hop Hint Hiinethtttt; yet oclter to heat liuiuaii mai adi i at bund. That tin principle is as Hue of Medical asnl I'livs icnl seienee is ideiirlv ahown in the Grni'fC'llticrg Guette, which is lunnslied gratuitously to all who wish II. 1 lie GtiAEFENnnnG rins, are deenml bv nil who hate tested them to be an in conevivnblc ndtance iinou all oilier mediial combtiu lions nnd tllscoterics lii'Juilo known, and ihey are announced na THP. GIIHAT HHMHDIAI. TUHI.Mril. The iinintnr ol these I'ill tem hi iheiry upon no I i'lpe- 11, unburn, ilieid Ache, 'Htnteries, .:it nuiiuenee of Urtn, ludigestton. ilnll iinatioii of Vital part, tliillainatiou of the Stomach Jaundice. later Comiilai'its. en Miration ol Is oori Siiii., tiie Head, ..Menstiu'ilion, Suppiesseii ir At In1, .or l'ainiul, it .ipelns, inert-oils ui-orucrs, aiilinsy. iNeuialiri.i, 'evi'i Low, Nervous, In- Itheuniatistii, tirmiltitit. Kciuillent. Stoiuaeh, vnnoiisditent". 'iter and Ague, Whites. In nil bilious or chionic di-oidets, these Pills nehiex. ic inostwondcrii.ltitiunph. lli.r.E Tiir.v :uv com- irrniox. Anil as thesu-ctpiiiiiliiy oi the American COllsiilLuUll lj tU tllCSiJ Ul-eU-s-. Lie) ai e t. put ttj led by some 1113 I'm 01 inc .tetv it ovio. i'lvir wonilertal t'lVe net- i t tlv sec-n:nrilamtSi.rise o.n their power to oiu.s the i'ur.i.s: ceemx'si. ax- .I'.UStllllEX THE SIOM ,CII A.V 1) DOWELS I MtKE THE atxE 1 Lou- ltKAt.rmi.v .txDei.L-tr.. .tx'u to oiiltjxk ami srr.bxo ru 'to Tin s,srLi. It is uupo-sibli', within t!i" limits of nn ordimry n,l- give lh, leader th"ren-iiiis lor the most xtrnortiinary sneer ss mill -pretui ot tiiee puis, nui r.i tsiiss no kx'sy, ttlueh intc atuindatitly fetistieti tt . intiids of thousands m i!,im countit ; nnd, among them iicconiphshed I hi sn inns, .Iuiists, Llergjincn and Titan, male and lenmle, j& rt rttr.r.oi sl i.nnncAii.s of the woiiderlulefh- ae ol these 1 Ills he pri'senteil ; ,ut a cerllll- nte ill iliese tlavs is scare ly worth the paper on which it is punted. tew extracts trt'inlhe t orresponJeiiC't ot the company, will. howeter, Ik; now given. 1 I.OM 1MIIAXA : Vour entemrise is the ellternrise of the day. Im nrignuti.le w.U ii-ionisli its nrigiiuitus. h is destined loaned a complete rettiiuiiou m uie metucai worm. 1 noM a .1 1'srtt i. 01 Tiir. 1 1 ace i.v t Lsati.x .. 1 : t " 1 hate sold a iiuinlit r et boxes to the ciuzeus rt this place. They bate giti n entire sati-laetion, and they arc destined to becoine die mo-t popular pill of tiie da I i:nM 1 01.1.1VJ, It ivin"bi'aiil-o iivieh. nnd witn 'j-ed two orthrei- cas-s ireate I n th? intnle oi.eeteil hy your Journal. I bate thought il important ou snjuiutruve an nscm m tin-place, in my opinion, more good can ne ut,ne in this bilious climate bv jour iiietWm, than I y th" old modes. I address" yon at tne-m-taiice ol a Imtel wlio ii making a thorough lnal ol tour rciiK'U.c3,nt'.a wuii complete success." FtloM A DlSrtXGl'IsIItD tiEXTEEMlX OT I1T0:; t (leittlenicn, I cannot rclrmn frcin troubling you with a lew lines to express my great plea-urcm bcin' nb'.e to -ay, that 1 hate e.xpeii'encttl ihe greatest reil. tromlhe cti'ect ot jour Pills. For ii.nut tears I hat'! suuered mm h Ir-uii constipation, t.-incii mis tusannng ctliny who!" s.-tem, audi hate not known adaj'. aotsl'tu'a'.iii for inany year .tn 1 hei'ig an old iiutn, Tilesimired oleter iigaineiijoting li:e .but a friend re- comineiHleil uie to try your i ins, wnien i tun, al though, without nnv confidence : the reu!t, 1 am hap- lil llllorill you, lias inr exeeeo ,i Iliv e.vii'-eiiiiinus, cnu-eof niv siitii-rinn i n.-ariv reinoted. and I leel niv I'.enlih lind siieiigth daily le'iewcd.niid 1 am"d, that the merils ot your 1 iik wh"ti listed. must be ueKnowlerigeil bvilie whole coi.imuniiy.anJ will become iheinest popular me, ,e,n ot lt;e uay. Fro.j .li'Dot srtiEonou: Fir. Since ttntii'g totmla't upon the ubject of my ill-heiiiih, I have 1 e, n lekmg your ineds me, nnd aiii leased to say, that they hate leen of the g:eat."t sen tee to me, ana ll IIU'V continue IO n, me iik le hef 1 hate thready lelt, I shall bless the day yoa sent them. I need not allude again to ihe -iiirenngs I have b"loie told you oil but inienJ to persevere, ami hope to be able, the next tmi" 1 write, to give you the happy intelligence ot a perfect cure. 1 haveh'-irdof many instances in my tieighboihood w herein they hatepcr tonned some exiraoidmaiy cure'. From ax4 F.iiscorxL Hisiio.1 Oentleiiien I consider it to be the duty rf every Christian to make known to the tvoild nnyndtnnta. g, s that thev lue.y have derived by accident or Iwni any thscotery oi ile'ir own, and with tins -enuin-iil -tronglt itnpii s'don my niniil, I teel great gratifica tion inliiving il in nit potter lo speak in the high'"', term ol th" tiiltiahle tiiscoteiy tmi have inaue in tha production ot pour Pills 1 wits i-tduied to try them, lioinlhe plulo-ophicnl manner III w hich you hats ren-.i.ied on llie subject, nnd 1 niu-t do my-ell tin, and you tbejiisiiee to say. that 1 had no con ception sosieedynu ttlet t could be arntednt. .My co.nplaiiit bnsls'en lhaiol llie I.iver, from tvlueti 1 de-mired ol getting better; bin smtv taking your Pii.s, 1 nnd my uenend health, spirils ntld appetite so in i.'h llliprote'd tlinl Ibopetotiud lliysell enabled lOOtlJitre, w.t.'iout bod.lj s'jiicrini;. ih? duties of an arduous Pro-f-ts.on luluiuiel will -end tit. u-agent lur more Pills when needed. With great coiliidenition and grulllilde, 1 Qui, o, c. From et cry section cf the entire country similar tes timonials are da'iv receltetl, but our liilliU forbid fur tlwr extracts. ()ie tried, the Usixrk.xctr.a Pi--i hiel sumisEnc ali, oi iicns. vhui.i:sai.i: WAP.Eiiot'si:. Vi John ulreet, New- nrk In towns were iheir is nuliniiieh.tbe Co.npxny wm npKiinl one on npplicittiun bt Ijilt, (post paidi or otlterwise. Pei-ons wishing the I'd!, sent by mail, can older iliem. liKO. S. FEltlilS. liurlington, General Agent for Vernioii'.Jtiid Noithcn N. Y. ftLOl'HS, I'Olt WIXTKH (JAUMllN'iS, Xj ol tario is n ialnies; (iold Mix'd. lirown, O.lte, 111 K, Il.uc til i., liilie, C,c. tt li.X I lliJU.X Co s Dec. I. C3 ri. i xk of jj uiii.'lxc ray. V OTIC!-; is herebj g.v. n, that a niteliug of tin is Mm kholde'so: the II ink oi liurlington. will be liolden at lli'-triiii uking House, on the second Tuesday of Jnniiarv 10,,'tlo k. A. M..lor the unloose ol chousing tieten Dircclorstorihe teareu-stung. It. Li. COLLI, L'ul'.tfr Iljrhngton, Doc 1th. 1SU. imm:mu'ji v.ouii. ." T. W. tilllU, i CO .have the nleasuie of ri mtoriiiinic the public, ihal they liate agnin s---i-s been hoiiiired ttnb a pietuiuin on wk. by the Agnbuhuial r-ociety. Tite trite nuw on hand u good iiKsoriint'iit ol lit ciuality Huursms', and i,nt -made uiraiigenieiits lot reccit ing any n,uaiuuy ot Oak Tanned I'uilier, Itoiu New YolK Alllioujh they liiite t.ei ii at gnat expense in pro curing stock, ih'-y wul eiigige to mdl cueajwr ihsil at UllV otilel shop 11 llie li'.l.llt llnies'iurgli, 1) eeiiitierjBliV S'.WJ. UT(H)l). iOD Coitus nnv V(K)I) roi; stui. i Apply to tiie e,!tcribcr. ai llie Heading Knun, under ttie Fife Piess, or at his rtf idcuee, north ol li.o town. Dec 1. Isli 11. 11. STAC . rvoi iff. 'IMIi: fiubseriliers otter tn the puhlle a well seleet-d 1 ',oiiiueiu ot CltOCUUIKS.V PKOVISIONS, csiiwrflllg in l"rt ol the lollotvillg niiKiv . 11 S Teas, Y 11 tlo Impel fat tlo I Hack tl' loaf S ignis, Crwhe.l tlo jlrown tlo Mula-, s, Pcpiwr, Silt. (uiger, Stl rams, llanuiis, I lice. Cinnamon, Olotes. Nutmeg, Mace, Citron, Currants, Oooca, Caoculet, Salmon, CckI IVi. .Mnekriel, Table Salt, Lamp 0.1, Siwrm Cindlcs Aloiild .la Toilet Sanis, AaJ ni3")' other articles ton mimertas to mention, ult of whicn we are desirous in n-U low for cvrt E, Hl'TTF,I?Fll!l,D Vc Cr, 11 irriugten's ItulHinj, ) HuiluiktiiiiD e. IU, l-l'i. :m

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