Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 25, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 25, 1846 Page 1
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Vol.XX.IVo. 28. Whole IVO. 1017. JUJStlil'WTOX, I'KIMAY HOKXIXtt, DfllftEtflltttlt 2,1, 1810. IVEiW SKI51ES, IVo. 2 i - 111 T I? I IVCTHV l.MI.,1i' HIM.'s-S Ipcnsito for llic trouble of feeding tlicin. Sheep, -UUUMMtLUjN l'Khh 1 M& imveAcr, tvWlo tlio jjroi.iul W lw m..1 rfrj, may Published ni llcirlinsion. y . j rlln ., moro or , nrconliiiij as there should Uy l. IV. (!. Wf.AHM,, , bo food Tor them on tho ground. ,, .mf ropntlur. , .pi,,, ponrekt rmluor Fi10, bo reserved for llio Tcrmsi coldc-t weather, after tlio slock lias become To Villus- subcrihra who receive the paper l.y ''asimr.l to dry food, timl when their appetites the carrier, 1,01 aro sharp. Inst spring s calves should lie fed If pii.l In ndvaivi' 'J,jO 1 on rnvvn, or second crop hay, ns it Is less bilid- Mnil subscribers and thine who take it at the . in j jls erects nn ,, )cnvels ,nll 1;,y Iroin the Abmi? L'nI ;.nthe customary ten,,:' I cr,m.", A UjT P?ntof "V"1","? nnT ".IVCU 11. Ml, Will IIO lOlllltl VC1, IIUllOlll-l II. W.IL- tle intended for slaughter, bhould ho foil with strict regularity, in clean mangers ; ami they sho.dd lure clean, ilrv, and comfortably warm places to lie ilown am) sleep. Farther south, whore little or no snow fall", n system entirely ilitlerent from ours, is pursued with ratting cattle. Instead of being sheltered, they arc kept usually in open lields, nml fed nrincipillv with Indian corn, stalk, ear, husk and all, without any other preparation than to cut and shock the corn at tlio proper time, and carry it to the lields from day to day. At first, it would eem tint there must be great waste in tins moile ot feeding, and there is unquotion ablr in, re food used in making a civen nuanlitv of mo it, than is re mired where a well regulated Vl"in is adopted. lint it should be remember ed that a great object in tho-o sections, i- the For the I) ulinston Tree Pre". Tlio Tolllns Hell, It is Slid that the b-11 of the Atlantic still tolls over llic sccnc ofd '.olatio,i. Tint put of the wreck, to which it is attached, lnpp"Ufil to io.lije. in such a p sition tint the hell was supported out of the water, and at the motion of every wnc strikes twice, and so, nielli and day, tolls on its dolelul notes. itjlcm lie nisltr. Toll mournfully, toll mournfully ! l'lirlbenoivl mid brave who'dicd, Wh nml Ihn wild and f-arlul crash Were sui.'t -n side hy si J.'. Toll iiiourulullVj toll mournfully ! Ateqiiicmsad and wild, Fur sire and soawhn perished there, l'or .Mother and her child. Above the how hug Mast is heard Tint sa 1 and soioiiin knell, As if it moan 'd .and sinnjided still The wolnl file to tell : Iluw ieueroas h;.art m death's embrace, There sank to riie no nioie; How shrieks, despair an. I fervent prayer Weie lojt in ojean's roar. The holiest ties of all the earth, Alas! were sundered there, An I h.irls ill it throbbed with life's young hopes, Now wither in ili'spiir. Oil! wherein all the earth, is there A X nice to spjuk this woe I 'I'o cheer the inuuiner's luokeii heart, Of chock the teais that Iluw ! Who, who, can "anthe the widow's grief, Or drv the orphan's leans Or coiiiturl to tie' mother brine, In life'.sil-cliniu.r years.' Whos-only hope, whose, dailing son Went do'u n aiiiid the storm I There perished then, n noble heart, With true atiection warm. Toll mournfully ; toll mournfully ! Hut ah ! that "oleum knell With thousand, thousand peals could not The woe and luiutell, Of heari grown sick, with hope deferred, Of those who watched in vain For friendsbeloveil.ntiil absent long, Vho neercaine again! Or.Ac. I!urlinlon, l)-'C. Id 10. a large pair nf scissors, nnd fell into an unac countable stale of excitement. 1 Why rniildn t you let mo hoi sitd Mrs. Jtrmrn, ' when 1 was contented. Yon little fool!' 'I bog vour pardon. I don't know what I havo done, panted Florence. 'I could n t help it.' ' Couldn't help it ! ' cried Mr. Tlrown. 'How do you expect I can help it ? Why, I aril I ' said tlio old woman, milling her curls with a furious pleasure, 'anv body but mo would have had "em oil', first of nil".' Florence. wn so relieved to find that it was only her hair and not her head which Mrs. llrown coveted, that she oll'eredno resistance or entreaty, and merely raised her mild eyes towards tlio face of that "ood soul. ' If I hadn't onco had a eal of mv own be yond seas now that was proud of her hair,' said Mrs. llrown, 'I'd have every lock of it. She's far nwav, she's far away ! Oho! Oho!' jIrs. Ilrown's was not ainelodiouscrv,but, ac coinpinied with a wild tossing up of her lean! as well ho might, what ho had to do with her. Hut she, who hud hoard what pa?scd, nn.l who. besides tlio relief of so suddenly considering her self safe, and tit lior journey's "end. felt reassur ed beyond all moasnro by his liv lv vouthfiil face and manner, ran eagerly up to linn, leaving one of tlio slipshod shoes upon the ground, and caught his hand in both of hers. 'I am lo t, if you please I' said Florence. 'I.otl' cried the boy. ' Ves. I was lost this morning, a long way from bore and I have had my clothes taken 'away, since and lam not dressed in my own now aiul my n uno is Florence Domboy. my little brother's only sbtcr and, oh dear, deaf, take care of mo if you please!' sobbed Florence, giv ing full vent'to tlio childish feelings she had so long suppresscd,an I bursting into tears. At the samo titno her miserable bonnet falling oil", her Inir came tumbling down about her face; mov ing to speechless admiration and commiseration young Walter, nephew of Solomon (tills, .Ships' Instrument maker in general. .ur. LlarK stood ra t Inamazement : ih-crvmr evening. 'iioros a wonderful ai venture 1 Hero's Mr. Domboy's daughter lo,t in the streets, and robbed of her clothes by nn old witch of a woman found by mo brought honi" to our parlor to rest look hero !' ' (Jood Heaven 1's.iid uncle .Sol, starting buck agatn't his favorito compass case. 'It can't bo! Well,! ' ' N'u, nor anybody cl'c,' said Waller, anticlpa ting tlio rest. ' 1 Nobody would, nobady could, rou know. Hero ! just help mo lifttlio little s,n- f i near the fire, will you uncle Sol take cam of the plates cut sotn? dinner for her, will von. uncle throw tboo shoes nn ler the grate. Miss Florence put your feet on the fender to dry how dimp they arc hero's, an adventure, uncle, eh ? (J 1 1 bless my soul, how hot I am !' Solomon (iills was rpiite as hot, by sympithy, and in p.xcp-slvo bewilderment. lie pitted Flo rence's head, pressed her to eat, pressed her to oiiiK, ruiiue i ine soicsoi nor leei wnii ins pocn t Inamazement iirio.. ii wus full of nisslnn-itn'frrii'f. and thrilled 1 under his breath. noer saw such a start on f'n- i ha was hcinu- constantlv knockerf mriinst nod . ., . 1 . .f. , I ,..l.r l.r..-.. t'..i. i .... .1....1 1 1 1. 1 , .1 .. , r .. to ine nearioi i iorence,wiiom it ingiiieneu more L"-'"ie. nmua (ucki-ii up ine miou. ran i uiiuoieo over oy mai excited vonng gentiem put it on the little loot as the Prince in the storv might hare lilted Cinderella's slipper on. He bung the rabbit-skin over his lelt arm ; gave the than ever. It h id its part, perhaps, in saving her curls ; for .Mrs. llrown, alter hovering about her with the scissors for some moments, like a now I: of iilltnrlU-. 11. M her liii n 1 lie cnciiw, ,,r , innnl l.,l.n. ,1..,. nrnnrlt.,n. Mho linlinnt nml lot 110 tr.irn nf thpin ose.aon to atelya much dearer article there, "ban lieef, or I tempt her. Having accompli-hed this victory like Saint (imrge of lhigland, with the dragon tlio materials from which beef is made. Hence, over liersell, .Mrs. llrown resumed her seat on ii kulmu uenmi iiuiii. on ilu, senm nf ..enui.nn- It ninv In. Imttpr to 1 t ie bones. and smoked a erv short black nine. wool t cry, .Miss nomliey. saut falter, in a waste soino corn, than to expend too much la. under, figid to Florence; and felt, not to say like liich- tuii , iiiuiiiyiiiii ill. 11 i.iiiio UIMIIO irs,ill Oill bor in sa inr it all Three lields are usually appropriated to stock leeilmg. I tic tatting cattle are led these, in regular rotation, and arc followed the course by store ratlin and swine 1111 what is lir.-l left. Where earn choose drv land, with a linn, clean close attention is paid in leeilmg, tliero is less inowiiiL' and mumblinir all tlio time, as if she , tiauspnit of enthu-i sin. 'What a woiideiful were eating tlio stem. thing for me that I am here. Vnu are as safe When tho pipe was smoked out, she gave the : " as u you were giiarueii-uy a wnoie noai s 111 cacti 01 1 cniiii a raunii-suiii to rarrr, uiai sue niigiii ap- -s . i.uiiiiuiiioiiiaiii.i.ii,ii. uuuui in ' pear tho more like her ordinary 0011111:1111011, and ir.v; to clean told Her mat slie was now going to lean norma uny muru. sum 1 lorence. luui is taken to i public street whence s.he could eiupiire her war onncring tor joy. so.l. nml to her tr ends. !ut Ho cant oned her. with' trying lor joy r tnouglil Halter, ani 1 in threats ofsiimmarv lengeanrc ineasenfilisobe-i he c.iiiso ol it! ( nine, along, Miss Dimboy. uieresiiio other shoe oil now! Take mine. wasted, when the hogs hue cleaned up the field, 'dience, not to talk to strangers, nor to repair to '"ore s tho other than would h.- suppi-cd by one unacquainted ! her own home (which may have been loo near r "'' "omI'oy. with tho practice. Still, w'ith the carelessness for .Mrs. Ilrown's coin enie'nee,) but to her f.ilh- A", no, 111;, sau which too often prevails, the cattle being fed er's ollice in thecitr; a-o to wait at the street l act of impeti in too sin ill fields, or such as become muddrut times, or covered with mtniire there is much waste and loss, both from the food not being eaten, and the stock being kept in uncomfort able places, where, if they thrive at all, it is but slowly. Wood and timbor should bo cut an 1 hauled if practicable, before deep snows. There is eco nomy in this 011 several accounts. .More fuel is saved, and more labor is done 111 a L'lven time Florence, checking him in nulliil" oil' his own. corner whore she w oiild be lelt until tho clocks 1 1 nesu do hotter. I hose do very well. struck three. Tho.-o directions .Mrs. llrown en- j hy, to bj sure,' said Walter, glancing at forced with assurances that there would be po- her loot, 'mine am a mile too large. What am I tent ores an 1 ears in her employment cognizant t unking about ! Vim never could walk in i'w .' ofuH'sho did; ami these directions Florence '-'one along, .Miss I)oinh"y. It me soothe villain who willdaro to molest von now. So Walter, looking immensely fierce, led off Vlnrnii.. l.'l.l "... I ' 1 ,1 ' -i.'.sihu, minting ii;iy oapp ,illlll llicywi'lll arm iii arm along the streets,' perfectly indiffe rent to any astnui-hinent tint their appearance JTarm. Hindi Weevil CnrruUo gmnnrin. Linn. This insect, called by somo "bbr.k weevil,"' Dr. Hai'.kis describes as being, in its perfected state, a slender b"etlo, of a pHchr red color, about one eighth of an inch long, with a lenilei snout slightly bent do.wiwards, a comely punc tured and very long, contitiitingaliniist 0110-half tho length of the whole body, and wing-covers tint are furrowed, and do not en tirely corer the tip of the abdomen. This little inseci, o,Hi in in meiio ami gruu sta 0 do- I it may be piled in lar-e pile yours stored whfit and other grains, and often ,, it ..; 1,,,' r,.i.l.i r.. " . CO.IOIIiLn 111 u 11 i' ....... liausos. Its powers of multiplication are very great, for it is stated that a single nilrof thes3 de-troyer may projucc aboro siv tiiou-and de scendants 1,1 (.110 jcir. The feiniiloilepositsber e""s uiiontho who it after it is hou-ed, and tho promised I'.iillifullyandearne-tly to observe, At length, .Mrs. llrown, issuing forth, conduc ted her changed and ragged little friend through a labyrinth of narrow streets and lanes and alleys, which emertred. after a lonir lime, noon a stable with less extien-e. anil far nmro enmi'oit to nil1 rank with a L'atcwavat tho end. whence tho roar might or did excite by tho way. engaged in it. Kails for fencinir in av be workei I of a irreat tlioroni'lifaro mado itself audiblo. ' It was growing dark and foggv, and begin- out lo a good advantage in mild weather, and in Pointing out this gateway, and informing Flor- ning to rain too ; but they cared nothing for this : j stormy days, if there is a suitable place to work ' ence that when the clock's struck three she was . being both w holly absorbed in tho late adven- under" corer, posts 111 ay he mortised and undo to go to the lelt, Mrs. llrown, after making a ' tares of Florence, which she related with the i ready for setting. Stones for walls maybe parting grasp nt her hair which seemed inroliin-i innocent good faith and confidence of her years, 1 readily mured, wlien there is just miow' enough ' turv and quite beyond her own control, told her while Walter listened as if, far from tho mud oil the ground to make good sled ling. " sbe knew what to'do, and bade her go and do it; and grease of Thames-street, they were rambling I l'eat for in mure mar be dug in many places, remembering that she was watched. I alone among the broad leaves and tall trees ol If designed for Use next season, ami 1 without With a lighter heart, but still sore afraid, Tlor-1 some desert I-land in the tropics as ho very ,buig m ule into co-npo-t, it will In be-t to ence felt herself released, and tripped off to the likely fancied, for tho time, they were. spread it on the fields at once, an 1 expose it as ' corner. When sho reached it, she looked back 1 'Have you lar to go ' asked Florence at last, much as poihle to the action of the air, frost, and mv the head ol (loncl Mr. Jlrown peeping lilting tier eyes to tier companion lace, and rains, by which any acid it runt litis will bo out of the low wooden pissage, where she had 'Ah! Hy the by,' said Walter, stopping' 'let dissipated, ami it is rendered line an I lilted for is-ited her parting injiiii-tions ; likewise tho list me see ; where are wo ! Oh ! 1 know. Hut the regulable) food. While bi"s are frozen haul ' of flood Mrs. llrown sh.ihiiiL' Inward her. Hut olliccsare shut up now, .Miss Domboy. There's. ciiuiigli to bear a team, is agoodliun to carrr though she olten looked hick afterward every nobody there. Mr. Domboy has gone homo long oil the vrlni'h has been dug. If not wanted , minute, at least, 111 her nervous recollection of age. 1 suppose wo niu-t go home 'o 1 1 or, stay. in situations the old worn 111 lie could not see her iigun. ' suppo-o 1 tune you to my uncle s, wnero 1 tie in tho ftreet, tin I 111010 and more bewildered , in a cinch to tell them by it; and in Ibe meanwhile the clocks appear ed to have made up their minds never to ftrike three any more, .u last the steeples rang out three o'clock ; there was one cln-e bv, so she is ho il irted about tho room "attcmiiliinr to ac- ruin lih twenty things at once, and doing no thing at all. ' lb-re, wait a minute, nncle,' ho continued, (itching up a candle, ' till I run up stairs, and g t another jacket on, and then I'll be oil". I say, uncle, is n't this an adventure V ' .My dear boy.' said Solomon, who, with his spectacles on his forehead and the great chro nometer in his pocket, was incessantly oscilla ting between Florence 011 tlio sofa, and his ne phew in all parts of the parlor, ' it'stho most ex traordinary ' ' No, but do, uncle. nloae do. Miss Florence dinner, you know, uncle.' 1 es, yea, yes, cried holomon, cutting ins'autlyinto a leg of mutton, as if lie were ca- t'nrgloragiant. 'I'll take care of her, Wallr ! Mimler-laml. 1'retty dear ! Fiimi-heil, ol cour.-e. Von go and get ready. I, ird bless me ! Sir Richard Whittington thrice Iiord.MayorofLon d jii !' Walter was not very long in mounting to his lofty garret and desdeuding from it, but in the staircaso thin the entry and staircase of Ml" Tox'shousr., Perhaps, taken altogether, firm top to bottom, itw.isthn most inconvenient lit tle house in, and the cnWoi ; but then, Mi is Tik snld. wh it 11 situation ! There: wasveryli'llodivlight It bo got them in the winter: no sun at tin b.'t nf times : nir was out of tho question, and traffic, was walled out. Still .Miss Tox said, think of tb situation 1 So said tho bltte-rac-d Maj'ir. whoe eyes worn tirtlng ontnf his heal : who g'orieu in I'rin cess s t'lac" : an! wlio deligh'-ea 10 inni iou convrrsiliouat ids club, when'ver ho could, to sorro hing connected with snino of tho great pro pi" in the gre it street rou idthe corner, that ho might In-e tlicsatisfactim of Faring they were: his n-igl.birs. The dingv't'n,nient inhibited by Mis Tox wxs her own; having Inen devised and be I'leit'ie.llo her by the d"Ceaed ovn?r of the li'hyeyein tho locket, of whom a. miniature Willi a powdered lie id ami a pn;uii. I fie kettle. hnhlT 011 ci'vo'ito rid.'S of he was shut up with her little H.oMho mrlor lire-:il ice. The "r.-ivler iatt of tlio cmeh. And when the coach nt length moved i furniture was of the i uvdered-Ti "d and pig-tail oil', Walter on the door-stop giily returned the p 'rin I : rompiisitig a pla--'V inn -r, alvviys hn wavintr of her hiiidkerchief. while Ibe wnJnn 1 L'liishiii'' ati'i siir,ivlin its lo ir at'nuatod bow midshipman behind hi in seom"d, like liimlf. Me I in someb.idy's vv iv : and in o'lsoleto h irp-i- vcluding all tne chir l, illuminated routi 1 the in iKer s nwnwmi it. 1 hen converting tho parlor, for tin nonee into a prir.iti' tyring room, sho dressed her. with great care, in proper clothes ; and presently led Inr forth, as like a Dmiboyas bor 11 iliiral dis qnahlications admitted or her being made, ' (mod night ?'said Florence, running up to I'm"'.1' ' '0!1 'nvo vcry c"0'' 1(1 ln"'' Old Sol was quite delighted, and kissed her like her gran Ifither. ' (Jood night, Walter 1 Good bro !' said Flo rence. ' OnoJ bvo ! said W.iltor. hand. ' " Mil tie.Tr forgot vnu,' pursued I'lor'-nce ' No ! Inderal I never will. Good live, Walter !' In the innocence of Imr grateful heart, the child lifted up her fico to his. Waller, b-n-ding down his own, raised it again, all red and burning ; and looked nt uncle Sol, quite sheep- ISIUV . 'Whcros Water!' 'Good niobt. UMinr!' et h andkerchief heated at the fire, followed his 1 ' Good bye, Waller !' ' Shake hand, once mar p irlrut, locomotive nephew wilii his eyes and ears, and ) Walter !' Tins was still Florence's cry, after t hilancei uau no ciear perception 01 any tlnng except mat int 'nt upon tint cmch alone, evcludin other pa-sinir coaches from his observation In goo.l time Mr. Djm'ieys min-ion w.w gained agiin, and again tlp'ro vra s 11 noise of tongues in the library. Again, too, the coach was ordered to wait' for Mrs. Kichard-,' om of Susan's fellow-servants ominously whispeied, as she passed with Florence. Tlio entrance of the lo-t child made a slight sensauon, nut nn much. .Mr. Dmilnv, w'10 a p nnl"d garland of swer t p"i. Although Mijor Ilig'o-'iC In I arrived at what ii called in polite lit. .ri' ire, the grand meridian of lif.., ami wis pmc vd'.ng on his joiirnev down'iill willi hardly anj t'iroit, and a very rigid piir of j.ivr-lnne-. anl longdhpped eleplnutino er.audhis ores and complexion m the stite of artiliei il exci'tement already men tioned, be was mii'litilv nroiid of awakening an had never lov ed Imr, kissed her onco upon the j intere-t in Miss 'IVv. an I tickled his vanity with forehead, and cuitioned her no to run away 1 thu lic'ian that she was a spleivl -d worn 111 who again, or wan ler anr where with treacherous hid hereyo on him. This be ha! seven! times attendants. Mrs. Chick stopped In her lam-n-' ''into I at the club : in connexion with littlejocu ta'ions on tlio corruption of hum in nititre, even larities, of which old Jo. llig'o'jlt, "l'l Jl"-,' wh'ti bfsdioned to tho luths of virtue bv a Cln-i "'gstock, obi .1. iiig-tock, old Jo-'.i. mg-iu-", U in-ii's;, lonion- ntable Griiider ; and received her come something short of tho rec none but perfect 1 (onib? vs. .Mis ted her feelings by the 1110 lels before her. Uichardsjtho culprit KichanN, alone poured out iter no in in oroueu words ol welcome, and liow with a wel- "f o forth, wis the perpetual theme: it lieu ptiou duo to as it vrre. the Mijor's stronghold and donio Tov reirula- "flight tumor, to ho on the most famib miliar lerms witn 1, is own name. 'Joey II. Sir," the.Mijor would say, with a llolllish of his w llkio.r.stiel:. 'iswoTth a doZ-'U mean time Florence, overcome by fatigue, had ed herself over the little wanJerin" head as if of you. If you hid a few mare ol the Higtock sunk into adoo before the fire. Tlie short in-1 sho really loved it. 0 breed among you, Sir, you'd be notu tho worsa teryal ofquiet, though only a few minutes in du- ' Ah, Richards !' said Mrs. Chick, with a sish. for it. OM J". c need'nf look fir for a wife even ration, enabled Solomon Gillssofar to collect ' It would have been inucii tmre sitUf.irtorvtn ,,twi 'f'u was on tho look-out; bat bo's baril- his wits as to make some little arrangement for those who wish to think well of th"ir fellow heirtod. Sir, is Joe he's tough, Sir, tough, her comfort, and to darken tho room, nml to creatures, nnd much mare bcomiu" in vol. if a'l lde-vili-h sly!' After such a d'Claration, reo her from tlio blaze. Thin when the bor ' rou had shown .nm? nmn.T fe-lin.r. in iiim. far wheezing sum Is would b; lieanL; and tne i-.u.- i . o..i i.. -1 . 7 :.'.i.i ,,, 1.. ..-inn 111s U 11 n C. 1 ! I'll W Tl,n,. trit ,t,r tn tin i,r.n,., JISIIIUL' W 1 1 1 1 Ili.'COi' 1 iniO OlIIO', turelr deprived of its natural nourishment. 'Cut oil',' said MissToK in. a. pi lintivo whisp er, ' from one c im n in fountain !' ' If it was mu ungrateful case,' said Mrs. Chick, solemnly, ' nnd I bad tnur reflection'', voung "rubs hum !i,itely burrow into the wh it ea:h individual o.' upying alone asingle grun, tlio substance of wiiica it devours so io to le ire nothing but tho hull ; and this destruction goes on within, while no extern il lead- to its discovery, and the loss of weight is the only evideuco of the lnischief that has been j don'o to tho grain. " In duo lime the grubs un lergo their trans formation, and comu out of the, hulls in the bee tle ft ito to lay their eggs for another broo.l. These insects ate effectually de-lroved by kiln drying tlio wheat ; and grain that is kept cool, well vcutilited, and is frequently moved, i said to bo exempt from attack." Mr. Ittni, of Shorebam, Vt., gives us an account of the miniier in which the in sect attacked some stored grain in his neighbor hood, and the means lis took to de-troy it. He states tint tho in-ect first made its appeiranc l.i't fall, (IRIo.J in some boes of wheat which hid been standing for somo titno undisturbed in a mill. In tho lollowiug spring, the insect be came troiiblesoni". It had been- prorioii-lr wholly unknown in that quarter. The in-ects soon "bee linn so numerous, that grinding was suspended for a time, lie mule experiments to kill the in-ects with smoke, lie lound ho con Dickens' Xcyv Work. DB.M.IN'G.S WITH THU FIltM OF DOM3EV AND SON, Wholesale, Itetnil nnd lor i:poitution. von aro safe, nnd bring you hick some clothes. Won't that be best ' 'I think so,' answered Florence. ' Don't you ? What do rou think i' As they stood deliberating in tho street, a man JIV CHARM. DICKLNS. Cnc'nded Part 1 1. CIIAl'TUIl VI. They had not gmo very f ir, b it InJ g ine by soim very uncomlort ihlo places, sii.'h as briek lields anl tile-yard-, when the old woman turned down a dirty I me, where the mud lay in deep black ruts in the middle of the road. She stop ped before a shabby little bouse, as closely shut as a house that was full of cracks and crevices would In. Opening tho door with a key she took out of her bonnet, site pu-hed tho child before her into a hick room, where there was a great heap of rags of different color- King on the Iloor; i heap of limes, nnd a heap ofsifted dust or cin ders; hut there was no furniture at all, and the walU and ceiling were quite black. Tiie child bee imo so terrified sho was stricken speechless, :md looked as though abiut to woon. ' Now don't lo a young mule,' said Good Mrs. Ilro.rn, reviving her with a shake, I'm not a going to hurt you. Sit upon tho rags.' Florenco ob wed her, holding out her fokbd couliln t lie ini-l.ilien ; and atler olien looiiing paou iiieiu, who gianceu quici.iy .11 ii liner a over her shoulder, and often going a little war, he went by, as if l.e recognised him ; hut seem and as often coming luck again, le.-t the all-povv- ingto correct th it first impression, he pissed on crful spies of Mrs, llrown should take offence without stopping. sho hurii.'d off, as fast us she could in her slip-1 'Why, 1 think it's Mr. Carker,' said Walter. shod -hoes. holdiiiL' the rabbit skin titrht in her' 'Carker in our House. Not Carker oiirnian.i- ger, Miss iinmboy the other LarUcr; tlio ju nior Ihlloi ! Mr.Cirkor!' 'Is tint Walter Gay ?' said the other, -topping and returning. 'Icouldnt beheru it, with such kill them willi brim-tone smoke, bv placing them hands in mule supplication. in tho farther end of a stovu pipe, though so far ' I'm not a going to keeii vou, even, alnvoan from tho lire as not to In hurt by Ibe heat. He , hour,' said .Mrs. Hruwn. ' D'ye understand what could also kill the 11 in the same situation by to bacco smoke. He next tried to do-troy tho in sects by fumigation, llaringmado the mill as ti"ht as lie could, be burnt a hundred pounds of brimstone in tho course of twelve haiirs. Alter 1 say ; The rhil I answered with great dillieulty, ' Ves 'Tl 'slid Good .Mrs, llrown, taking her own so u on the banes, 'don t rex me. If vou hand All she kn"v of her father's oflicos was that thev belonged to Domln v and Son, and that that was a irreat ui.vvr h "1 oiiirinr to tho citr. So i-he could only ask tlio way to Domboy nnd Sen's a strange companion.' 111 tlio citr; nnd as she generally mule the 111 pury ol children being alraid to usl; grown s he stood near a limp, listening with sur prise lo w alter liurri'd ition, lie pre people si0 got verr litllo satisfaction indeed. sented a remarkable contrast to the two youth- Hut by dint of asking her way to tho city alter a fill Iigurcs arm-in-arm before linn, lu w as not while, and dropping tho re-t "of her inquiry for . old. but his hair was white; bis body was bent, tho present, she really did advance, by slow do- or lnvved as il by tho weight ol some gre it trou . 1 . 1 .1 . 1 . ...1 . . 1 1 1.1 1.1 r .1 1: i.. i.i ..... returned, she was sleeping peacefully. ' lints cipital !' ho whispered giving Solo mon such a hug, that is squeezed a new expres sion into his face. '.Now I'm oft. I'll ju-t ti'-e a crust of bread with me, for I'm very hun gry and do n't vrako her, nncle Sol.' ' N'o, no,' said Solomon. ' Pretty child.' ' Pretty, indeed !' cried Walter. ' I never saw- such a lac", nncle Sol. Now I'm off.' ' That's right,' said Solomon, greatly relieved. ' I siy, uncle Sol,' cried Walter, putting his face ill at the door. ' H're he isagiin.'said Solomon. ' How does she look now ?' ' Quito happy,' said Solomon. ' That's famous ! now I'm oil'.' ' I hope you are,' said Solomon to himself. ' I say, uncle. Sol.' cried Waiter, reamioarin'r at tl.e door. , 11 ... 1.. : - , . .., , ouwii, ... ' Wo met .Mr. Carker the junior in the street, queerer than ever. lie hide 1110 good bye, but ctmo IHiind us here there's 011 oj I thing ! lor when wo reached the shop door, I looked round, and saw him going quietly nwav, like a w ho h id .-eon mo home, or a faithful dog. How docs she look now, uncle ?' ' Pretty mirh tliesama as before, W.illy,' re plied uncle Sol. That's, right. Now I tm off.' And this time be really was : and Solomon eyes strained md started convulsively. ' Notwith-t Hiding his very hbeial laudation of himself, how 'rer, the M.ij ir was scllMi. It may be il inbted whether there ever was a mora entirely selfish por-00 nt Ik art; or at stomach Richards, I sho ild fe -I asif the Ch irit able. Grin- isporhips a bailer expression, seeinir that he ders' dress would blight my child, and tho edit-1 W,H nl'jr" decid-dly endowed with that latter or cationchoko him.' , gin than tho former, lie had no idea of being For the m itter of that b it Mrs. Chick didn't overlooked or sliglre 1 by aurb 1 ly : least of all, know it ho hid Incn prettr well blighted by th" hid he the remotest comnrehcii-inii of being dross already ; and a- to the oduc itlon, even its overlooked an I -lighted by Mis Tox. retributive eilVct might In produced in time, for And yet, Mi-s Tox, as it appeared, fjrgot it wis a storm of sobs m J blows. 1 ''Im gradually forgot him. Sue began to for- ' Iiiuisa!' slid Mr. Don'i.'y. 'It is not 112- g'thim saon aOr her, di-covery of the Toodlo ccssary to prolong tbe-e observations. The 'amily. She continu.'dtu f irg'ct him up lo tho woinin is di-charge 1 and paid. Vou leave this nmooi tne christening. X.'io w.uit 0:1 forgetful l.,l,?,. IflI..... 1- . , !.. 1 tl -t 1 I . . miii-e. ixiLirirus. ior inking mv nti me son siid Mr. Djiubw, emp'i iticTllr repeating tin-.,- u ut.i.'i.s .mi 11110 sVicioiv"wiu.'n an not to be thought of wi'h.i iti -Im IJ'or. As to the accident whi-h InM .Miss Florence th'n morning, I regird one great sense, a hippy and lortunito eireum stance ; inismueli as, but fort'nt oecurrence, I 11 ver could hue known and from your own lips too of wb it you hid h.'en guilty. I think, Inui-i, the other nurse, tho young p-rsvi,' here Miss Nip,ir sobbed aloud, ' being s,i much younger, nn I no-ce-s.irily influence I by Paul's" nurse, in ly re main. Hive the L' thi- wo. topped .mis, 11,1 no appcino ior dinner, sat on tho op- nun s coach Upiid to '.Mr. Dmnlnv p -itesido of the lire watching Florence in liar 1 an I winced ' to St urVs Garden- ' ' -lumber, liuilding noreit ininv airv castles of Pollv moio,l ..,. .?a ,t... .1.... .'..:. 1. 1 the most fant isttc architecture, and looking, in hollingto !,er Jri.,s a cryiti ' to her ! bo , the dim shade, and in tho close icinity ol" all 1 most pathetic m inner not to .'o "ay. Itwis,of the in-trum-iits, like a magician disguised in a j a d igger in the Ii uHitv f ithcr"s heart", an arrow 1 luui wit 1 compound interest alter that, aoms thing or so ,1 -body had superseded him as a runiw Ul in. le-i. Good marivng, Ma'am, 'said the Mijbr, meet ing Miss Tox in Prince-s's Place, soais weeks al' t t.'i ? c'uii,"-chriiiieli'd in the last chapter. '(ml 'ii irniuT..-.'-iid MisjT i; very coldly. ,Ioe l!tg-tock, m I'aai.' observed the Mijor, with his 11. .ni v, 'has tint had the 1.111,11 0' bo. 11 to you a; rour win low, li.-a considerable ponol. " .1 jo Ins b.-:i hardly ii-el, .Mi'.i-n. llU sun )ia3 been b.'hind "a cloud.' .Miss Tov inclined her hoad : but rerr coldlv in bed. 'Jos luminary has Inen oat of town. M.i'ani. with Fln-ence ! I1"'';)"'' imrod tlio Major. . to her ! bo '' ' "'!to1 ' ,"'v" "' ' hare not boen out I tO'.'.M, sill .Vliss lux. 'I hive b.ami lunch igaged litely. Mr tone is ii-.irle tl ,t .,-t...l Welch wig and a suit of coll'eo color, who held in hu"hr.iin 1,. ,.,"i..,fi- ilo.ilisb n,i I, I,.,,. I h i to -0:11 j verv intimito friend-. I niV.ii.l I thechild in an enchanted -leep. could not ,li- nrn cl mg ta this obscure stranger, "e m- to spare, even now. Good morning, lu tho mean time, Walter proceeded toward anj he sitting br ot that ho c ired to whom S'r !' Mr. pombey's liouso nta pace sohloni acliiered 1 bis diiighter turned, or from whom turned avv.iv. I Miss To.xwiib her m,.t fnciintiti"- sten by a hack lior-e from the und ; and yet with Ins ' 1 he svvilt sharp agony htr,ick throifh him, as nn 1 carriage, di-ap;,cared from Princess's Place, son might do. ,:" "Jor -ui.n 10 iking alter lier with a bluer that night, at all events 1 fico tlun ever: muttering an I growling some 111 Il ill ti .ft.,,, ro .-r,., I,. I.lj 110 V rv I 1111 llilll 'Mt-ire r r!.-. stunned by the noise and confusion, anxious for he spoke, weie .ill sublil and qiiench"d, as il edout, and breathlessly announcing Ins errand ( tearsthan-ons of that age ofieji have, for h h id 'Wny, il nil no, Sir,'"s1il t'13 Mijor, rolling her brother and the nurses, terrified by what she th spirit within him 1 iv in ashes, Ilevvas re I to the servant, felluwcd him straight intutho li-j lo-t his second 111 ither- !iis first, sofirnsh- his loln-r eyes rouiil anl roitul Prince-s's had undergone, and Hie prosject ol encountering peel liny, inougu very piainiy ures-eo, in o.utiv , . ..i... , ..10 . ,i-iu 1- .1 141e.11. luiiiu-ion m ; 1,111111 y a siroKe as ,-ud len as that natural af- 1 ' 'ee, anj apa-triphiziug its intrant air, 'six . ,.;'' . . ' , ur' V "i,,ULi "'s si-it, nun . inciion which liad darkened tie- beginniii" of his nniitns ng, tlie worn in lovel tha grounl Jo-h. .hi-- 1 itiuii.iius, iiuu .ijqiei, wuru uu uuu gr.tgited together. 'Oh! 1 beg your nardon. Sir.' said Walter, grees, toward the heart of that great region which , ble ; and there were deep lines in bis worn and heid o it of tho window every two or three mi- bethought of what hiss i"s governed by the tertible Lord Mayor. I melancholy face. The tiro of his eyes, the ex-1 nute-', in impatient remonstrance with the His son cried lustily t Tired of walking, repulsed and pushed about, I pression ol his features, the very voice in which , driver. Arriving nt his journey's end, ho leap-1 Sooth to -ay, poor Paul rushing up to him,-' but I'm happy to say it's all right, Sir. .Miss Dombev's fouiul !' this, tho insects appeared torpid, but on Ining ' ' 1 won i nun you. 11111 11 you liken to the nir soon revived, lie then tried to- do, 1 II kill you. I could h ivo you killed at any birco, and burned about 1511 11.-. This, toap- tmn even if you was m your own bed at n arauco, did not disturb them. From the-c "'" Au;v let s knovy vvho you are, and vvhat iiufavorablo rc-ults, he deemed it of no use to you are, and all 11b nit it. continue tlio process any longer, though he The old woin ui's threats ami promises ; the thinks that in a brick or "stone building, with a dread of giving her olfence ; nnd the habit, un- tinned roof, every insect or other animal might ii-ual to a child, but almost natural to Florence be killed hy brim-tono smoke. Ho then applied now, of being quiet, and repressing what sho felt, and feared, nml hoped ; enabled her to do this bid ling, and to tell her little history, or rhal she knew of it. Mrs. Ilrovru listened attentive ly, until she had finished. 'So your nine's Dombey, eh?' said Mrs. .Ilrovru. hot water, and garo tlio mill a thorough scald ing, using nil Ibe water that could bo heated inDtlireo Targe kettles during 'J 1-Jdiys. To prevent future increase, ho had all tho hollow places to bo got at filled with lime ; and tho fcinall holes and cracks with mortar, and the walls were whitc-wa-hed. Soon after this, tho mill was put in operation ; an insect was only seen occasionally ; but in the couri.0 of three weeks, thero was a considerable increase; though they havo sinco rem lined sta tionary, uiid aro not so plenty as to drivo away fi-tiinii.r4 1 to v nn in-oets Wore to ho found in the binut room, or the machinery room, where ' would allow ; keeping, all it is damn. ened eye on Mrs. llrown lier angry filber in such an altered state ; per- but his clothes, moulded to thu general ch iracter plexed aiul frightened alike, by w hat had paed, of his figure, seemed to shrinkaul uba-etliem-and whit was pas-ing, and what was yet before solve- upon him, and to join in the sorrowful so ber ; Florence went upon her weary way w ith licit ition which tho whole man from he id to foot tearful eyes, and onco or tvrico could not help oxpros-ed, to lie left unnoticed, and alone in hi- tttnmilii'r tn envnlioi- tuir-lllur bv crvinrr I blliuilitv. . . I . " .. . r. . . . .v " I . t J ... . . .. ..1 1 1 i. !..... l'l. !..,., ...lit. 1.:. .. r..- le : !...!. bitterly. Hut lew people noticed tier at 1110-e .vnu yci ms interest 111 youiii ami iioieiuiiies- 1 . .. i. nn m- uji.-u uu, .inniionn- n.ui, times.'in tlie garb she wore ; or if they did, be- vras not extinguished wi'ththo other embers of' and spirkling eyes, panting with pleasure and liorod that she vras tutored to excite comp ission, ' his soul, for bo watched th; boy's e irne-t conn-1 excitement, vras wonderfully opjiosed to Mr. and passed on. Florence, too, called to aid tenauco as he spoke with unusual sympathy. 1 I J unbey as luat confronting him in liW library all the firmness and sclf-reli incu of a character . though with an in-xplicable -how of trouble and c.nir. that her sad experience had prematurely formed eoinp,is-ion, which escaped into bis looks, how-; I told you, l,iuia, that she would certainly and tried; and keeping the end she had in view, ever l.ard he f trove to hold it risrner. When b. found, -ill Mr. Domboy, looking slightly teadily before her, steadily pursued it. U alter, 111 conclusion, put in mm ine que-iiou ,- sihm o.u i u mai i.ioy, mm wepi 111 com- 1. ' . r..n 1 . 1..... :.. .1 n ho had nut to Florence, he still stood glancing at . )iuy with Mi-s Tov. ' Let the servant-know II WU- lllll lu num.- I...U, .1, ,.,u ..iiio...., . - -., 1,1, ,, , r.r, ,,. .,. . n-.n.j,-,. iliM.I rMI,r.t mleetl. 'UUI Willi llie saillU r. ll Casino, 11 ns- 1 i' i-.Mi,-- y ..w-a. nini.'j f ito upon his face, mournfully at variance with who tiring- tho ititonn ition is young Gay, from its nrc-ent bri"htnc-s. the ollice. 1 1 iw vras my daughter founJ, Sir ! ' n ...II . I I !..." II .... I . 1 .1. 1 Wl.oi .1,. ...ti tj,. Ms Cirk-er V s,-i il Will. ; 1 "" nero lie 1OOK0I nil ou nlwavs givo ino goon an ' Ves, .Ma'am.' ' I want that pretty frock, Mi-s Dombay,' said Good Mrs. llrown, land that little bonnet', and a petticoat or two, and anything else you can spare. Coino ! T.iko 'cm oil',' Florence olnred, as fast a-her trembling hands the while, a fright- When she bad di- jlr. 11. says 110 Ins hoard that this or a simitar rested nerscit 01 an me articles 01 apparel men Insect is ut times troublesome at Troy, but th at ' tioued by th it lady, Mrs. H. examined them at lie found none in a null ho examined at Hartford, leisure, and seemed tolerably well satisfied witli Ct and 110110 at Rochester, and sev eral other , their quality and value. places along tho Frio canal, except at 0110 mill 1 .....I I..,, f..,., I., f.l.. cnl. Ill 1 JUUnj'ui 1, nun mil. n n .nun-. uu luu'm rj n-- fied that it is not destined to bo as troublesome in this region as was at first supposed. Hiislness l'or Winter. In tho northern teetiou of the country, not much can bath-moon thu farm during tho winter La. but tho caro of stock, the procuring and preparation of fuel, will necessarily occupy much time. , , , , .., If pastures and fields aro covered with grass which it is deemed advisablo to feed oil", block may bo turned on for that purposo when tho ground is' not soft, hut they should bo kept away when thero is a liability of poaching tho soil. In general, cattlo ami horses had better bo fed in tho barn, or in suitable fixtures belonging to the barn-yard. Tho extra quantity and quality of tho manuro which may Iw saved from keep ing" them in this nituation, will more than com- Humph ! ' she said, tho child's slight figure, el-e except tho shoes. Mi-s Dombey. running her eyes over 1 1 don't see anything I must havo the shoes, than w hen sho IniMarteil on this strange adven tare, when, e-caping from tho clash and clangor of a narrow street lull of carts and wagons, she peeped into a kind of wharf or landing-place up on the river side, where there were a great many packages, ca-ks, and boxes, strewn about; a largo pairof wooden scales ; and a little wooden house on wheels, out-ido of which, looking at I tho neighboring masts and Units, a stoul man stood whistling, with his pen behind Ins car, and his bands in his pockets, as if his day's work wcro nearly done. 1 Now then said this man, happening to turn round. 'We have n't got anything for you, little mrl. Ho oil"!' 'If you please, is this the city?' asked tl 0 trembling daughter ol tho Domtieys. 'Ah ! It's tho city. Vou know that well enough, I dare say. 'lie oil"! Wo havo n't got anything for you. 'I don't want nny thing, thank you,' was tho timid answer, 'lixcepttoktiow tlio way to Dom bey and hon s. Tho man who had been strolling carelessly to ward her, seemed surprised by this reply, and looking attentively in her face, rejoined: 'Why, wh it can you want vvilh Doiuboy and bon s 'To know the way there, if you please.' The man looked at her yet more curiously. and rubbed tho hick of his head so hard in Ins Poor littlo Florence took them off with cnnal wonderment that ho knocked his own hat off. alacrity, only too glad to have any more means 1 'Joo!' be called In another man a laboier- of conciliation about her. Tho old w oman then as ho picked it upand put it 011 again : projiiceu somo wretcned siin-lilutes Iroin the bottom uf tho bean of rags, vrhicb sho turned 111 for that purpose; together with a girl's cloak, quito vrorn out and very old; and tho crushed remains 01 a uonnet that had probably been pick ed up from soiueditcli or dunghill. In tbisdain ty raiment, -bo instructed Florenco to dress her self; nnd as such preparation seemed a prelude to her release, tlio child complied with increased readiness, if possible. In hurriedly nutting on the bonnet. If tlmt nut. bo called a bonnet which was uioro like 11 pad to carry loads 0:1, bho caught it in her hair which Joo it is I' said Joe. Whore ' that young spark of Domliey's who's been watching the shipment of them goods?' 'Just gone, by t'other gate,' said Joe. 'Cull him luck a minute.' Joe ran up an archway, Inn ling ns ho went, and very boon returned Willi a miinc-looMm ter. smiling, vice, you know, when vou uu sp-.'UK 10 111. Hi it. snot ofton, though. 'I think your own idea is the Inst,' he an swered, looking from Florence to alter, and luck again, 'Mr, Carker,' said Waller, brightening with a generous thought, 'come ! here s a chance for you. lio you to .Mr. Dotniiey s, and no 1110 mes senger of good news. Itfm iy do you some good, Sir. I'll remain at homo. 1 on shall go, 'I !' returned the other. 'Ves. Why not, Mr. Carker ?' said the boy. I lo merely shook him by tho hand in answer ; ho seemed ill a manner ashamed and afraid even to do that ; and bidding him good night, and ad vising him to make haste, turned away. ' Come, Miss Doml ey,' said Waller, looking after him as they turned away also, ' we'll go to my uncle's as quick as wo can. Did you ever liea r .Mr. Dumber sieak of .Mr. Carker tho ju nior, Mi-s Florence V ' Xo,' returned the child, mildly. ' I no n't often hear papa speak. 'Ah! true! more shame for him,' thought Waller. After a iiiinuto's pause, during which he had been looking down upon tho gentle, pi ticnt littlo face moving on at his side, ho ho-tir-red himself with his accustomed boyish aiiimi- tiou and restlessness to change tho bubject and 0110 of the iinfortunato shoes coming oil' ugi'm opportunely, proposed to carry Florence to his nnclu's In his arms. Florence, though very tired, laughingly declined tho proposal, le-t ho should let her fall ; and as they worn already noar tho wooden midshipman, and ns Walter went 011 to cite various precedents, from ship wrecks and other moving nrcidents, where bov 'Vnti'ro Dotnbcy'a jockey, a'nt you ?' said the younger boys, thin ho had triumphantly rescued first man. ' land carried olf older girls than Florence, they 'I'm in Domboy's House, Mr. Clark,' returned : were still in full conversation about it when they mo uoy. 'I.00K ye iicre.incn, saiu .nr. warn. Obedient to the indication of. Mr. Clark's hand, n.r;..n.l nt (Im instrument maker's door. 'Holloa, undo Sol !' cried Walter, burstfn' Into tho shop, and speaking incoherently and out jo-tieully ut Richards, ' Hut how was she louu I who firm 1 her V ' Why. I Inhere I fuunl Miss Dim'ny. Sir,' said Walter modestly ;' at least 1 don't knoiv 1 lint I can claim tho merit of b tv ln c.x 11 tly loiind lier, fir, but 1 was ine lortuivato uiitru m.Mit of ' 'Wlnt do you mean, Sir,' interrupted Mr. D.nnbey, regirding tho boy's ovideut prido and plea-ure in his share nf tho transaction with an in-linctire di-liko, ' hy not Ii iriug exactly found invdiughter, and by being a fortunate 'instru ment ? Ilo plain and coherent, if you plea-e.' It vras out of Walter's power to bo roll 'rent; hut ho rendered hiiu-ell as explanatory as lie could, in Ids breathless btate, and stated'why ho had come alone. 1 Vou he ir this, girl ?, said Mr. Domboy.sternly to tho black-eyed. ' T.iko what is necessary, ami return immediately with tins young man 10 fetch .Mis.- Florence home. Gay, you will be re warded to-morrow,' ' Oh ! thank you, Sir,' said Walter. 'You are very kind. 1 111 .sure 1 was not thinking ot any reward, Sir.' ' You area Uov. said M'. llJinbey. suddenly and almost li -rcely ; ' and what you think of, or . tiled to think of, is of littlo consequence, ton hive done well, hir. Do 11 1 undo it. Louisa, lea-e to give tlio lad some w ine.' ' i" i...v. ..t c.u ,i vi'.,ti, n. .Vir. WOlIinui si Rimini iii'Hii , ........ ....j with tbaro disfaror. as bo lelt tho room iitubr the nilotiiL'd of .Mrs. Chirk ;and it may bj that I.:. ...!...!'., ...... loin l-'iL tin irr.'.ater re-i us mi it,, a "."' , r ... . li-b, as ho rodo back to his undo s Willi .Miss mi sau Nipper. 1 Thero they found that I lorence, much refresh ed by sleep, had dined, and greatly improved tho acquaintance of Solomon Gills, with whom sho was on terms of perfect confidence and ease. Tim libick-cred (who had cried so much that sho mlL'iit now lie called tho red-eyed, and who .... . wasvory siteill aim ucpn--i-n; mupuyvi 111 ner lift. At tho s 1 ma blow, bis sister, too who cried " 'g'tock vv liked 0:1 herself to sleep so mournfully, hid lost as .rood , it ' and truo a In ml. Hut tint is quite biside the 1 The Mij lrdec' led, after som question. Lot us wasto no words about iu ctiaptHu VII. A birJ'.i ey glimps' nf .l,ss Tax's d crl'm". H ice; aisu oj me Hnle ,J .Mist Tux stvjeulons. .Mi-s To inhabited a dirk littlo house that 1 hid been squeezed, at, tonie remnto period of, F.nglish History, into'n ttshi.iniblo neigldv--hood at tho wo-ten I oftWtown it had stool in tho shade ik'. l,,or relation of the. gre it street round the- 'rn.'r.eoldly looked down upon by mighty i'1"'"'011"'' It was not exactly in :i court, nn-' it not ex ictly ill a yird; I but it wis tho dulle-t of Xo-Tiiorotighf ires, j renderei'anious an Inggird by ditint double I knocks. The nunc of this rel i rem. uit, where ' gii-s grow iK-tween the chinks in the stoua tiivem.'nt, was l'rince's Place; mil in Prin-I ces-'s Place was Prince--" Chipel.wilh a tink ling b'll, where so'iniui' as tuiiiyas live-and-twenty people attended servicoon'a Siiudiy. The Princess's Anns was nl-o there, and much resorted to by spNudid footmen. Asediu chair was kept inside tho railing beloro the Prince-s's Arms, hut it Ins never come out within the memory of in in ; and on fine mornings, the top of every rail (there wero eight-and-furtv, 11-Mi-s Tov had olten counted) was decorated vvilh a pewter pot. Thero was another private house beida Mi-s Tnx's in Prince-s's Place: not to mention nn imuieiiso piirof gites, with tin Immense pairuf lion headed knockers on them, which were nev er op3iied by any chance, and vrerosuppo-cd to constitute a di-u-ed entrance to somebody's sta bles. InJeed, there wis a smickof stables in the air of Princess's Place ; and Miss TWs bedroom (which w is at tho bick)com alluded a vista of .Mews, where hostlers, at whatever sort of work cngiged, were continually aceoinp Hir ing theniselves with ell'erre.cent uoi-es ; atiJ where Iho 1110-t d mi.'stie and confidential gir ments ofcoichtniu an I their wires and fami lies, usually hung, like .M.ickb.uh's banners, on tho outward walls. At this other privato liouso in Princess's Place, tetiinted by a retired butler who had married a hoiisekoeper,a,iartments were let Fur- ..: I.-. I ... - . ; , ..'... .. iiisiu-u 111 .1 snigiu geniiein-n : to wit a woo.ien featured, bue-fareJ, .Major, with his eyes start ing out of his head. 111 whom Mis To.v reroe nized, as she herself expressed, "something so truly military;" and between whom and herself, an orr isiotul interchange of newspapers nnd pamphlets, and such pl.itonic dalliance, was ef fected through the uisdiuui of a dark servant ol the Major's, whom Miss Tox was quito content to classify as a "native," without connecting Wnat'i tho mjauitig of consideration, it in nit in in-traiis ; tint it me ml plotting and jsiiiriug; tint MissTox wi- digging pitfalls. ''Hit you wm't citch Jo', Ma'am,' slid the 1 Mijor 'II 'V tough, J. 1!. Tough mil do I vili-h sly ! ' over which reflection be ct-' ' I Ml -"' - ')" "'-1 W nt,1-r 11 'and'' pa-t, it seem d lint Mi-s Tot took no heed winterer oflm M.i0-und thought nothing at all a!i 1 1' turn. Si' bid been wont, once upon u tun , t look out at one of h.T lit tle dirk windows by a-.'cid.'iit, and bltishingly return the M ipir's groe'ing; h it navy, -lie tiev ergivelho M ijor a chairo, and cired nothing at all whether lu loik".l over ilu wiy or 11 1!. Other ch inges b 1 1 c ime to pi-s too. The M i jor, -t Hiding in tlie h ids ol hi- own apirtment, could link out tint an air of greater s.nirtnoss had recntlr come over Mi-s l'o s hou-e ; that .1 new cage with gilded wires h 1 1 been provided or t in ancient little c itnrv uir.i ; mat. mvers oritiiiiL'nts cut out of colored card-boards and piper, seemed to decorate the chiinney-piece and tables; that a plant or tr.ohad suddenly sprung up in the windows ; that .Miss Sox oc casion illy pr.teti-eil on the harpsichord, whoso girland of sweet peas was always displayed os t 'iitatiou-ly, crowned with tho Copenhagen and Hird Waltzes in a .Mu-ic Hook of .Misi Tox'-. own copying. nverand ainveaii tins, .vnss lox bad long boen dre-scd w ith uncouimuii care and elegance in slight mourning. Hut this- holped tho Major out of his dillieulty ; and ho determined within himself that she had come into a small legacy, and grown proud. It w is on the very next d ir after ho had eased his mind br arriving ut thi- derision, that the uiiot, sitting at In- broakla-t, siw an appari- grow luxuriantly, ,f rould m)t immediately Obedient to tl.e indication of.Mr. Clark's hand,1 Into tho shop, and speaking incoherently and out arms witnout a woru o. " "r re-' im with any geographical idea whatever. SUentanslu it. Good Mrs. Hrovy,, whipped out tho boy approached toward Florence, wondering,' of breath, time forth, for tlie rest of tho preach, and made a very bjsterical weetmg of Perhaps there never wis a imallcr entry and tun so treineu I u an I wonderful in Mi fox's iitlbidr.ivviug-ro 1:11, tint li- re:n lined for somo 1 1 111.1 rooted to his rhiir; then, ru-hiuginto the next room, returned with a double-birreled ope- rra-gla-s, through which ho surveyed it intently for somi minutes. it's a H iby, Sir,' said the Major, shutting uplhoglassagiin, 'for litty thousand pounds!" Tho Major could'ut forget it. lie .rould ill nothing but vvhi-tle, mil staro to that extent, th it his ey es, compared with vv hat thoy now be ami, ,;, been in former tiniM quite carernous and btuiken. Diy after diy, two, three, four times a week, this Hiby reappeared. Tho Ma ;or continued to stare and whistle. To all oilier intents an I puriiosos ho was alono in Princess's l'l ice. Miss Tox had ceased to mind what ho did. Ho might havo been blackas w ell us blue, and it would hare been no consequence to bor. The persevenncewith which sho walked out of l'rincess'i Plaro to, fetch this baby and lit ConUnuti 011oaiH ft. 1

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