Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 25, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 25, 1846 Page 2
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J "S X BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FljIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 25, 1846. FREE PKESS, IlimMtfGTON, vt. FRIDAY MOItNINtl, Di:CI2MM.It 3, W8 " I.V'rilK HARK AND TltOUM.T.l) MU1IT THAT IS Vrcii vs, Tiinut; hvoStak above tub horizon TOCI1VF. Vk ULKAJt OF L1MIIT, KXCr.l'TINCI HIE lSTEt.t.tllENT, 1'ATItIortC Willi! I' UU'V OF TIIF. t'.MiKD Statls." Daniel Webster. The l-rosldctit's Message---ngnm. We believe there tiecr was an official doc ument, put forth whose facts worn mnro distor ti'd.nnd whoe reasoning was mure ItiniiHcuuciit, tliati nrc thoo of the recent Executive Message. Mr. l'olk, as it appears to 111, must have count ed more largely than wlitici.ins generally dare to do upon the credulity, or upon t!ie ignorance of the American People, when he undertook the task of shifting from his own shoulders the dire responsibility of involving the nation in an un necessary and expensive Wak. That he felt this responsibility rating upon himtelf, before the Message wis written, the very length anil elab orateness of his attempt to c.-eape from it incon lestublv nroc ! If it were true, us he asserts aiidre-asorts, that the war was '-uiumexc-i-.I) ev Mtxico," ten lines instead of ten hundred lines, would have ns.-ertcd the fact, and formed hi jus tilicalion for tho active prosecution of hostilities, ltut it is wc TRVE. -The eyes of the people have been fixed on Mr. Polk, mid liirf nioveinents touching thi war, cut since the evil hour that ww him inaugurated ns their chief Magistrate. The People have steadily and intelligently watch- nl the measures mid the policy of tins Adminis tration, they were warned by their profoundest Statesmen to ct-jwciil from its acce'sion, and they have, more than is nual, interested them-t-dves in the conduct efthoe to whom they had rntriistcd it nianngement. They are, therefore, not to be reasoned nor cajoled out of the Knowl edge they have thus acquired. It was tho row tiW'oii weighing heavily on the mind of Mr. l'olk, that his measures mid policy hail been thus narrowly oh-erved, and that the popular verdict v.-as strongly and intelligently against Aim, that forced him into the immense ell'irt to vindicate himself which he made in his Message. Jiut it will nut answer the end anxiously hoped for ! A great majority of those who have read his Mes sage know that its facts are misstated and its ar gument are unbound. TheyAwoir that by hi own uniuthorued and unwarrantable acts he plunged the nation into n War, and that, too. at the very timj when he va surrounded by those who, and who alone, under the Constitution, have power to declare war ! The special plead ing of the Message may puzzle the brain, but it will fail to warp the sound judgment, of the peo ple. The character and the mutiics of this war, nn.1 tho history of its origin, were well under Hood long before the Message was written, and that precious document only serves to swell the rhetoric, and inflame the spurious patriotism, ol partisan prcssuud of partisan politicians. With the great body of the people it inspires neither confidence nor respect. Its tone of moderation and christain forbearance under the multiplied mid aggravated in-ults and wrongs inflicted by Mexico, is a great deal too humble to stand even cousin-german to the rough and ready language of Truth. It is the practised cunning ol the engaged Attorney, lint the plain and .intnl pin. qticncc of the Statesman. It awakens distrust by its very elahorotcne, and throws doubt upon its own conclusions by the very extraordinary and unnecessary effort expended in their demon stration ! We ask our readers to look on the following collection of phrascsj each of which can he found in that portion of the Mes-nge which is devoted to the War, and then tell us if such superfluous and repeated declarations of im:i.ccnce are not umong the surest evidences, of guilt ifthevdo not betray the guilty consciousness of Macbeili at the sight of the ghost of Ranquo : "Then raus't not tay I did it: liner shake Thy gory locks ui me !" In running through Mr. Polk's mossaga we find the changes rung on the assertion that Mex ico ctmnicnccd this n.iserable war, us fdlowF "Fpon the commencement ot hostilities ly Mexico .pniust tne u. ,:e. 'lleiug involved in a war thus commenced ly Mexi ett tie." "In less than seven inontlifinftcr JlmVo commenced hostilities o?c "The wur has not been waged with a view to con quest, but having been commenced by Mexico !ic." " Among our iiist onus's nl complaint seainst Mexi ro, tie ivcirheltire ns since the wuro unjustly com- mtnera on iiei al l v,c. "The existing war with Mexico was neither it tired norvrirohed lu the V S.&c." ''Mexico hnt.elf ircamt the ugretsor,by invading our trfiii in .insult anil) , etc. " Hut Mexico hciscll tins never J thcwnricA.Vi the hat leased." he. " It is 11 1 .at: rd I it Mexico to allege, ns a pretext for UfiC "'si 'iiimr utiuiHsi tur u ,5 , c,r. ttrett of the twenty-ninth of Deetmher, 1815, wo. admitted at one of the Stale of our Union." And upon this foundation, therefore, rests the whole argument by which he cs' apes from the responsibility of having unwarrantably and nn- constitutionally Involved the nation in it war. If the Itio (Jrandc was no( the true and acknowl edged wcrtcm boundary of Texas If Mexico, at the time of tho proclamation of u cessation of hos tilities between her and Texas,ttctually occupied the eastern bank of the Hio Grande If the question of boundary between Mexico and Tex as was unsettled then the order of tho Fresh dent directing lion. Tatlor to remove from Cor pus Christ! near the mouth of tho Nueces (where ho had remained unmolested from August 1815 to March 18IC)to the east bank of the Rio Grande, was an iniaswn cf Mexico, and a commencement of hostilities by the sole authority of the President of the United States. This position we take it will not be denied. Now let us see how the mat' tcr stands. Tho perfect absurdity of the claim that the Ulo Grande' from its mouth to its sourc;" form ed the western boundary of Texas was stilli ciently exposed, perhaps, last week. Wc nrc milage lli:niiisr6,,ri'nsi;i, minted her Ion" course of ! war" V. "ntimcnring an vjfen- v-oiiErc", recoimisri tl.e ejjstiliie of Ihe ... vhich had lent commenced lu tltr tim rrt.tnri nf ',.. ''J redes," iff. " It being manifestly his ;.nia AiiuaM intrrrst not tooeiseieie in ihc pmsi t iiiinii cf a tear commenced ty raredes" Sr. ivr. (;r, 7Vfie tiroes is the assettk.n rr(atcd, witli nniinportant :iriaticns cf j hrnseology, that Maico legun it! ,Ard t ur readers will'nbsenp that in utmost cery instance the assertion ii. mere surplusage, nud night be omitted without in the slightest dcgrenflVcting the tense. This tautological reiteration gics the .Message tin air of a criminal indictment rather thin a grate State Pa er.and we nru almost djs;t pointed at its failure to conclude its averments against the arraigned Heublic in the oii'iiary word.: "a gainst the jcaee ,f the , eojlc ,f thcUiiittd .Stales Mud their dignity !" WUo commenced the fnr f We promised our readers, last week, that we would lay before thctn "documentary proof" that the war with Mexico, in which our gallant army has so highly distinguished it-oif for courage and good conduct, and our administration has rcap. td such a harvest of infainy,(we pray our tocofora friendsto notice and comment on the distinction!) was commenced by the President. Wo now pro cced to fulfil this promise, tho innrebricllv, how ever, because we intend to publish, next week, a masterly examination of tho samo topic from the Rational Intelligencer, for winch wo take occa sion to bespeak tho caicful attention of our read ers. Tho President cites "An act to define the boun daries of Texas" passed the 10th Dec. 183Gby the Texan Congress, in which they declared the Rlh Grande from its mouth to its source to be heir boundary ; snd by the said act ....... ,..,,,,, jurnmcium txer the country up to that tnuiidaiy,' Amfsays: . " TUtwaitie Ternt which, ly the uet of ,ur Ccn. willing, however, to go a little further. Tlielar ger portion of the province or hitateof New Mex ico, and the city of Santa 'c, its capital, are on the cartcm side of the Hin Grande. Now if any of our readers will step into tho Custom House in Burlington, the gentlemanly Collector of the C.tstonx, .Mr. IllirKts5ii,will show the 11 att Act of Congress "approved March 3d IS 15,'' the title or which is "An act allowing drawback upon for "cizn merchandize exported in the origiml pack- "rt!f to Chihuihua and Santa Pe, in Mexico, " and to the British North American Provinces "adjoining the United States." How utterly preposterous, and unworthy tho seat he occupies, then, is the President's claim of the Rio Grande "from its mouth tn its source" as the western boun dary of Texas ! But how was It, at the period of Annexation, lower down, between the Nueces and the Rio Grande ? Was that space, at that time, the ack nowledged territory of Texas ? Iiook and see : The Annexation Resolutions passed by the U. S. Congress contained this provision: "First ' said State to be formed subject to the adjustment " by this goiermnrnl of all questions of boundary ' that may arise with other governments." This resolution was passed March 1, 1815. On the 4th of June 1815 President Jones, of Texas, issued his proclamation declaring " a cessation of hostilities-, by land and by sea, against tho Republic of Mexico," which, of cour.-o left the parties in possession of the Ter ritory nctually held by each. iu no more. On the L'3dof June 1845 the Texan Congress finally con-entedto be annexed to the U. S. in compliance with the Resolutions of the Iatttr government. On the aath of the same month, Mr. Donelson the American .Minister at Texas, the nephew of Gen. Jackson, and an out-and-out pro-slacry annexationist, wrote to Gen. Taylor as follows: "I would advise you to send your dragoons over land, taking the most direct route fjr San Antonio, which is a iicttltliy point, about one one hundred oud twenty miles from the ciilf.ubniindiiii' in cood water and sur- rounded by u country said to be in a good state of cultivation. Your inlniilry I would adise to be furnished with transportation direct from New Orleans to Corpus Christ), ns being the most certain and least expensne route. Corpus Chrisli is said to lie ashealthy as Pen sacola.n conwnient place fir snppli-s, audit the Will our readers ho pleased to observe that Corpus Christ! near tho mouth of the Nueces. was tiilx ' the most Western point occupied bv Texas 1 " On the !id of July following Mr. Doselson thus wrote to Mr. Buchaxax, Secretary of State . This novemment tTcxnsl left for treaty ar ranzcmritt tiil uoc.ndar) QCL.sri", lu the. prupot tion lor u trcuiy ol pence Willi .iicxico j. Oi) the 11th of July Mr. Donelson again writes to Mr. Rcchanan : F ? Vm! wiiri'.nvp utiwl veil ihll i'l mv rrtrresnnn deuce liti this jioverniucnt there has he en uodi-cus nol) ol til- qucsilon i,f limits hemeen Mexico mill lexns. 1 lie joint n-Milmioii nt' our Congress Ivlt the question an open one, oiut ill iHcltimuary proposition made bv this government, under the nusiu.'4a r.r,i. Hiitislt and l'lciHiiguvci mucins, us tiie basis ol a deli n'livc treaty Willi Mexico, let til-; qa-slionin the same Mate. And although this govt i nincnt has since indi cated a pouit on the Itio Grande for the occupation of our troop-', 1 did not consider this circumstance n9 arjiu the question since the President but a lew weeks bctore is-ued a proclamation suspending In sti. IiiieB between Texas and Mexico, the practical cllcct of which was to lcaejhe question preciselyasit stood when our joint resolution passnl .Mtxro ix ro. SlSiION 01- ONE loRIIO.N or UIL ThRRiroKVi and '1'cxas of another." Will our readers please to observe that Mexico was " is rossrssios of one portion of tho Ter ritory" between the Nucce and the Rio Grande ! And finally, on the 2 Ith of July .Mr. Do.vel- s thus wrote to (Jen. Taylou : 'The contingency Ins therefore occurred justifying the immediate renin nl nl the tronps under jour command to the iro.itter ui Tex-is. for the numme nrnrnteeiin.. liertiritoryfro'iithe tlireatened invasion by JlexUo and the iiicurFinitsf tw InJiims. h'iK". M"' I1" ' "',5'"''i,'t's referred to, San An- lantry. as the p" iff , , ,i " V ' ' "l""- i"- present circumstances." V ret l" k occupied iniJer Corpus Christi is at the mo,,,, of )0 Sl and Son Antonio is :,tst of it, am 18 miles from the Rio Grande, and yetthe'o pus.. accnnj. ing to Mr. I)oneiov, who was the last tn, li the world likely to claim lets than the while 01 Texas, were on the ' PitoxTtEii of Texas" ! ! One other item of history and, wo are dono. Tho following is an extract from a letter written by an Officer in the Amerkm Army, to a N. Y, piper, iinuiediati'ly after Gr.x. Taylor's march front Corpus Christi to tho Rio Grande, and dated ' Camp opposite M itamoros, April 19, IHIfl. "O ur situation here is an eilrnonliiiary one, Hight in the enemy' t countty, actital'tj occupying their coin and cotton-fieldt. the moult oi the Sail Tea, hornet, and we, with a suull handful ol men, mart hiug, with colors Hying and drums beating, right under lite g'liisol'one ol their principal cities dipl.i)iiig the Kur. t-pangl-d llanner asif 'mdefianet, under their very nose, und they with an army twice our sole, at least, sit quietly down, and make not the least resistance, not the lust elfort to driic the iuraden olf. There is 110 parallel to it," There, then ! James K. l'olk may disappear ! Boston City Election. At tho municipal election in Boston, last week, Hon. Josm, Cjuixcv was ic-elcctcd Major by a imjorilyof aW,t 18OU otcr all others. Com mon Council Whig as usual. The tender mercy of n Locofoco iSovernor. 1 Wc do not remember ever to have heard, or read, of a piece of cooler or more hardened ras cality, than the grave and serious recommenda tion of Gov. Smith ("extra Billcy") of Virginia, that all the "Ireo negroes" In that state should he FoitrmLY expelled from its limits I If we had not read it, wo could not have believed it possi ble, In this tige of the world, that a man, suffi ciently distinguished among his fellows to be elevated to tho office of a GovEnNon, could m found, who would bo willing to father so infa mous a proposition ! But such a man there is; and he is the present Locofoco Governor of Vir ginia a State more given to boasting of her love of freedom, and her chivalry, than any one in the Union ! Tho following is an extract from (Sow Smith's Message to the Legislature a few days ago : " I regard our free negro population as one of our Greatest v lis, and to getnd of it as one of our highest T ., 1. . , . .1 . .Oil., lltUle". itrcu, 113 mil) ueme apparent Ullliciiiiy 01 ac complishing this desirable measure, it would dwindle into insignificance,, under a bold and decided treat ment. But all I now propose is the passage of a law pro.iding that each county, at our next ounual( elec tion, shall have the right to vote upon the question ol removing the free negroes, within their respective limits, beyond the commonwealth that oil comities oting alliiunticty shall communicate the fact to the executive, who shall tic required to rcmoe llietrce negroes within such counties oftcr six or twelie mouth' notice ; and that such population shall not thcieufier be permitted to reside therein." There, then, is a suggestion worthy a Nero or Caligula ! "a suggestion," says the Rich- Virgil & UlccH nud Chceny St Co'. Expresses between Canada, A'cw VorJfc cf Boston. It will he seen from tho advertisement In our columns that the Winter Arrangement fortheso lines has been completed. Wc take occasion to commend tho enterprising, Intelligent, and gentlemanly Proprietors and Agents of both to the public confidenco and patronage. Indeed wo know of scarcely an effort of individual en terprise which so harmoniously connects the re wards of Labor with the Public convenience and accommodation. For a very trifling compensa tion active and eminently trust-worthy & respon sible men engage to ensure tho safe and expedi tious transmission of goods and packages, to and from any point on the long lines, which they weekly traverse. The convenience and des patch which such nn arrangement provides for tho community, entitle it to universal favor and support. Tito days of departure of these Expresses from Burlington arc given in the advertisement. Mr. O'GitADY, the attentive and obliging agent of Messrs. ir.ctt, &. Rice, left for New York on Wednesday morning, as usual, ha ing in charge anong other valuables, f5(85,000 in spccic,whiclt camo from Montreal on Tuesday under the care of Mr. Rice himself. The Report! of the Secretaries. Having laid before our readers the Messago of President l'olk, in all its length and breadth, they will bo satisfied with synopses of tho Re ports ol Hie Secretaries, and of the Post Master General. These will bo round below. Wo should bo glad to publish tho whole or tho Re port of the Secretary of tho Treasury, that our readers might see how much more elaborately, (and we admit more decently,) he pettifogs against tho Protective Policy and in f.ivor of Free Trade, than the President, But wc will give our readers luminous extracts by and by. Retort of the Secretary or Treasury. It would take us a week nearly, to the exclusion o' almost every thing else, to give m full the prolix re ports of the Secretaries of Departments, and when spread out in all their voluminous details, it is doubt ful whether thev would be read. Wc nrcfer therclore gumg onabstiact of their duel points ami iccoinmen nations. Mr. Walker, (secretary of the Treasury, submilsllic billowing statement ol receipts anil expen ditures for the liscal year, ending the JJ of Juno, ISIO: 11ECEIITS AND MEAN'S, S2fi,712,f.r,7 b' mond (Va.) Whig, "eminently worthy a cowled Monk, or a higottcd sovereign of the dark ages,, with duo deference, wholly unworthy the Chief Magistrate of a Christian Commonwealth in the 1 Dili Century!" And yet this Gov. Smith is one of the so called "rnouREsstvE democra-cy." The Fourth District. On the 5th of January, the third and final ballot will bo taken to elect a member of Con gress for the 4lh Congressional District in this State. We cannot permit ourseheslo believe that the voters in that District will so far declare themselves in favor of the destructive measures and the pro-slavery policy of .Mr. Polk's ad ministration, as to suffer the Candidate of the Locofoco Party to obtain tho required jj'm rality. It certainly is a time when ineonsidcra- Wr party difference among tli3 Freemen -.hould give wayliefore the great cause of Justice and Humanity of Irecdon and Protection to Amer ican lalir. These arc the true issues involved in the contest about to take place in tho -1th District. It is not whether Mr. Chandler, or Mr. Rowell, or Mr. Peck, shall be honored with a scat in Congress. Fur from it. It is whether the administration of James K. Polk, that has beaten down the best, and longest-tried defenses of the national prosperity, and that, for the odious and wicked purpose of building tip an overshadowing pro-slavery inilucnce in this Republic, lias plunged tho nation into an unnec essary and aggressive Wak, shall receive the aid and encouragement which the election of one of xl friends and supporle rs would afford it, in Vermont. Upon itcn an issue and who can deny that it is tho true one ? wo cannot so far distrust the patriotism of the electors as to doubt the result. suggestions with regard to lighthouses and the coast survey. Ruffalo Com- Ado. Report op the Secretary of War. A skeleton abstract of the renortof the Wnr Secretary, famished by telegraph to the New York press before the report paid on matter which went free through the mails prl to the passigc of the late law, of which no sccoun was kept prior to the commencement of the last fisca' year. The diminution of the revenue t,f the Deiinrtment , arises principally from the loss 011 letter pottage, which was communicated to Congress, was published last when compared with that of the preceding year, week. The heads of the different subjects enlarged 1 amounts to S77B.S33 CI, being the entire loss sustained upon in the report, were laithfully given, but they tur- by the Department except SVl.tOS 81. nisli but a small hlea ol the contents ol the document. The P.,mai,.f r:. I ;. , nniin .l,-io Inem,. tne revenue 01 Dilhiiveiiess Is the monomania 1lai-ll. 1 lilli,i.-riif,ea la die niiinntnninn r ,iilli ,,, I .1.- .''... ,in.. .r. 1 1 siucrnuie portion 01 tins ucliciency the Vn.V,,... r J,i T T ' . : """'"" the pat year may be traced to other causes than a re Cuiwir", l'".1,', U'lctionol the rates of postage by the act of the al of m3WnBi"a'n'dy bev. ," I 2p''WV"'''uhcrcit with Munh, 181 j ; and he kscrites this portion of the loss !ulPieni,ecX 're !cV -m . ke, '," I" hato cxprcse j to the enclosure of theenrrespnn-.1-.. ..1 t ....... - ' - 'rg"' a m laius ,!cnce L,iLral In rson tunic r one emelolw I rom the if oiiice 01 HLiiiisiies excuses nre m.en in I . . ...... ,., facts oud special pleading occupies the strongest p sumo 111 me annual rcporisoi nit-1 rcsiueni ami 111s Sllicte b-ttl r limit heini ton lanre OS we sU!L'eted while I the law was under consideration ;) and to irauJ in mail iil'ciih. The" War Secretary commences will, a detail of the !,!" ""lk? ",,! f""""'"? recommendations: operations of the army ol (ten. Taylor, from lis move- , 1 o remedy these ei its, I respectfully suggest that th mem from Corpus Christi to the lib Grande, to the ""be so amended a to make the single letter weigh occupation of Monterey. A very small. -pice is allow- one qnrtcr instead of the half ounce, except in the caw edtolhchitoryolllie army of Chihuahua, nuil we have "' n I'-ttrr weighing 1-ss than half nn ounce, and writ- very mile enlightenment lis to the object unci end ol , ,."i""' " 01 puper. mis expensive ana indetmitc expedition. 1 hose who From customs I-rou, sales ot nubiic lands Kroni miscellaneous sources .. Total reeeints Add balance in the treasury 1st July,13 1 j, 7,63,31)0 Si Total means The expenditures during the same fiscal have studied ihc movements of the nrmy, mid the vari ous reports therefrom, will well recoiled that lien. Wool lias been declared at various times to lie 011 the point of cllectmg a junction with (Jen. Tiiylor.lheicby abandoning the apparent object ot the original expedi tion, but the lenorl of the Secretary does not faior the 2,G9l,t.V2 IS, piesiunplion that there i to be any change 111 the orig- Ol 71 nnl ,1... Mm,,.. Iil,n" ,, ,ri'l,.l,nl.,rn " W Z. ,11c ouiy naragiamt winch tilers to this division o the '"''iii'"-i "-oi '..vr "u'i-i-'ti E'J,IOy,'JI7 (W iuwiduig nimy : 0,.l i1 1 1 1s,t,clwc''" pawners. 1 1,1s may be ncroni- Its march Horn :-an Antonio do liexar 011 the SUihof, That ihc same power be given to Ihc Fost Office De partment to prevent a violation of its revenue laws, as is now given the .Secretary of the Treasury against smuggleis. Tlutull letters passing over mail routes, which re late to the cargo, be free, when they are unsealed, and sihjict tothc inspection of t'le Tost office agent, when fluid is suspected. And ll a' the ttostage on newspa pers be so adjusted as to a) prjacb more nearly the cot 37,157,553 Sj 29,031,111 SO Iter. Dr. Smith's Tlmuk;lvij Sermon. We have had great satisfaction in reading this able and eloquent discourse pronounced in the Congregational Church in St. Albans on Thanks giving Day. Its topic rs "Popular instruction and itsrclttion to the higher institutions of learn. ing" a topic of deep Interest mid immeasurable importance, in the judgment -of those who best understand, and most desire to promote, the true prosperity of a people who are to bo trained to the momentous responsibilities of self-govern mcnt. Dr. Smith has discussed and elucidate I his subject, in the pamphlet before us, with tho ability for which he is distinguished, and with the warm zeal of the Christian Patriot. We shall take an early occasion to lay before our readers portions of this admirable and instructive discourse. The Itcv. Mr. Parker's Address before the Rcchnbilcs. The Rev. H. J. Parker, delivered a very in terrcstingand well written address to the "Tribe of Rechabitcs of Burlington" on Thanksgiving Day, twocopies of which are on ourtable. Mr. I'AnKErt is, wo perceive, a member of this hon orable fraternity, and, in the address before us, sets forth, with much feeling and beauty of ar gument and illustration, the beneficent indiien- year amounted to healing a balance in the treasury on the 1st ol July, !8IO,of. o,12fj,39 m The estimated receipts rind expenditures for the fis cal year ending 30ili of June, 1817, nrc as follows: KEltirrs, ml : From customs, 1st quarter, by actual re turns of the collectors SIil5332o 33 For the 2d, 3d, and Ith quarters, as esti mated Total from customs , From sale of public lands - -From miscellaneous sources - Antonio de Ilexar on the September, nud was billowed in a few dais thereafter by thcrcnrihvisiot), of equal number, liy'the list ad vices from that olliccr. n ci,:iv of which aeenmnnnics this report, it appears the column under his command ' For the Free Press. A Convention of the Town audCojnty Superintend- badiiossed Ihc Itio (Jiiuule, penetrated thedipattineiit nts of Common Schools, in Chittenden County, was of Coahuila to within thirty miles nf Santa llosa.and holden ill Burlington, on Friday, the 1 1th Inst., to de- Mffivrhlc, rvspcctingtbe li.oko be used in tiou has just heel, recelled, that he entered .Monclova our district fcchools. on the 3lst ol October, without resistance, and vias le-1 Tne Uev. Simeon Parmelee, was'anpoinlcd MoJera- 21. C81, 90 1 f.S 27,835,731 CHI 3,IU0,IKK) 00 100,001) 1)0 31,335,731 00 $50,IG2,170 08 Total receipts, exclusive of Treasury notes and loans -From treasury notes, under the act of SM July, 1810,95,000,000 00 From loon under the same net 10,000,000 00 Add balance in the treasury 1st July,18IO,U,t2C,l39 08 Total means, ns estimated - -rxrENPiTiitis, viz. The actual expenditure for the 1st oiiartcr. eudinir 3Jd) ol September, IS 16, amounted to - - - - - The estimated expendi tures for the public ser vice during the other three quarters from 1st of October, 18IC, to 311th of June, 18 17, are as fol lows, viz. Civil list, foreign inter course, and miscellane ous purposes, 5.310,022 fil Army proper, including volunteers 19,579,137 83 Foitilicotions, ordnance, arming militia, .vc- - X.JiidJ .es ceiled in a friendly luuuucr by the inhabitants." The movements of Gen. Kearney. nn to tiie neenna- tion of Santa Fc, und his departure tor California, arc duly eluonicicd. Our readers have heard of these be fore. Hut the destination of the major part nf the troops which belonged to the expedition, and 1l1ich were leu at batua re oy their commander, is lett 111 utter d.nknss. The Secretary probably knows ns lit tle of what is going 011 ninoug the turbulent and insub ordinate volutin crs, xihoaMhc last accounts Here ex ercising ihe largest libiily in the city of Santa wellas wbnt is tu become ot them, us any of the unin itiated. ?1 1,093,661 57 cos which arc likely to result from an imitation j"ln." department- - - .ou,,,s is , , . , , Tensions- ....... 1,198,013 G2 of the firm and steady continence ot those an- interest 011 the public debt jjc and treasury notes- - - t,ojo,vati 01 me loan o, ieu- - - ,ow w cient "tco-totalers" whoso name they bear. thinks (wisely and well as we deem) that the I bjst way "to regulate the traffic in poison" is to I regulate, "under the restriction of our pledge, the appetite tor it." The copy of tho address that we have read is a very neatly printed pamphlet, published by "Jlr.o. Same. D. Nichols," the other is a

gloomy-looking affair intended wo infer, for those Rechabitcs who have fallen. It looks as though it might have been got up in the days of Jnnadabtho son of Rechab, qftitc ill the infill An interesting and timely publication. Ttv the nntitrtn" "i ft," I'tiMist.ft... -r Tl 10.11 as, Cowi-ertiiwait & Co. of Philadel phia, we have a copy of a little work which pos. susses great interest, and must, justat this junc ture, command a ready sale. It is entitled, " DEscnifTuiN or the Rei'ublic or Mexico, tVCLVDIMJ ITS rilVSICAI. AND MORAL IT..1TUKF.S. GEIHiRAl'ltr, AGRICULTURE, rKOUVCTS, MAM' rACTURES, ETC, ILLUSTRATED I!V A M.vr IN WHICH IS I.SCI.UIlEU SMALLER MAI'S O)' THE Vallev or .Mexico, and the hflds or Palo Alio asd Resaca he la Palma." And this information, useful at all times, but just now especially desirable, is embraced in a small volume of 83 pages in the form, mid of about half the size, of the Vermont Register, vorv ncaiiy pnnicu, aim coniaining, in addition Treasury notes which arc vet outstanding and pay able when presented- - 130,193 97 Naval establishment- - - 9,278,771 II tiieir geucrul circulation. tor and the Hev. J. K. Convt rsv- Secretary. The mem bers of the Convention gave their opinions of various b'oks which had been put into their bands forexami n uion. After deliberation, on motion of the Rev. Mr. hymm, of Willhton, Jlesolced, That we recommend, for use fa our schools, the Hooks proposed by the State Convention held in .Montpehcr, on the Ihc llth ot October, 1816, aanuers i rimer, opening hook ami Headers ; and whin a greater vori'.tv is renuired. Palmer's Mor. al Instructor and the F.du ational Header and Moral i , . r., . en , , i vm?- ,)ook,ov o. T.; iteosiers Lommotl A good portion of the report is filled will, the adi en- ydloul u.ctH.tiary ; WiMard's abridgement of IjT S. """ ' , , 1 , i 'i mi History ; Smith's First Hook lorv : bnuth s I-irst liook of l.eogruuhv.for begin ners, and Smith's Quarto (ieography, with .Morse's yu-iito ior reieren.e, aim .niieiru outline .upi; Colbiirne's Arithmetic, Well's S. hool.Uratninar. Al so as uselul Hooks lor young cbililreu, .McUlligott's Young Analjzer and tiie Sell Instructor No l.,by Jo sinlillol'.irook alsj, Root's system ol Tenmans'iip. It was further resolved by the Convention to recom- t u res company m California. The Captain Colonel we should say, for promotion grows rapidly among the fa vorites ol the administration the Captain isuson-in-lawol Senator lienton, and n South-Carolinian to boot, and his deeds are magnified into the most daring and romantic adventures which the world has iverseen. 1 he operations o Oeu. lavlor and his ga ant iinni- sink into insignificance when compared witli iheex- ploits of the near connection of the Lord Privilege of mend the daily use of the .Yeic Testament in tho the Senate. Col. Fremont, it nppear, with lus-fd- w100l, 0f County. Tiie Convention also recom entitle mission," composed of armed soldiers, in the , ,. ,:,i,v r,, ,,,,,, (.!,;,.,. r heart ot Laiitomia, hod awakened the suspicions of "v,,"s - v..- v.-, v.,-- the Mexican authorities, w ho, in their siinph ny, could stitute for Wells' School Grammar. hardly pencil e that Ins objects were as peacei'ui as was In many schools, the books mentioned in the abori represinled,andGov.Cast,,nadeeiideavots to ej(ct lis,,Bre already in use. It is n .t supiscd tha) th him by force troni the country. I he Colonel, how- """va"s " ii ever, whose gillautry we would by nn means impugn, 1 change will be made at once and entirely throughout upon discovering these movements, began to opeiatc 1 the country, but it is earnestly recomminded to tho upon the olleiisu e, and as we are told m the report, on l-tricls and their Comnii tees and Teachers, to intro- t heot i ot June last he deteriinued to turn upon his , ., , , , . . Mexican puisuers and seek satety, both for ow , dace the books proposed as soon as ,t can beccnieu- patty ami the American settlers, not merely in the de- lenliy done. cv of the art of Printing ! We aro si r iriscd to ' !'.ro,u custom-, (or the lour quartcis - 828.000,000 00 ... . . . . . . . 1 r observe that it bears the imprint of our neighbor of tho Gaulle. President Polk's facts, and his cnglish. Addressing himself particularly to the Farm ers, and requesting them to look upon them solves as specially interested in sustaining his Free Trade Tariff, .Mr. Polk says in bis .Mes sage : "When a foreign as well ns a home maiket is own ed to them, they must recciic, at thry are note receiv ing, incrnsed prices for their products. They will find a readier sale, and at better prices, for their wheat, Hour, rice, Indian corn, beef, poik, lard, butler, cheesy, ond other articles, whieh they produce. The botne-nuirket alone is inadequate to enable them to dispose, of the immense surplus ot food and other ni ti des which they are capable of producing, el en at the most reduced prices, tor the manifest reason that they em lot bj co:i4'iui-d in the country. The United States can, from their immense sJrpluq( supply not only the home demand, ihc deficiencies ol lood le qttiicd by liv whole world." That will do, James! Nothing can exceed 55,211,212 09 Excess of expenditures over means 1st of July. 1817 4.779.012 01 , 'I hf KTiiti nf fc.Yirt.OOfl fnr winnlvnirT (Vfifirni'ii! nf ' Contirc-s, wiii fifthc executive uqiaitiiK'Jiid, ure in clutlrd in tlic nboc sum. The citiinateJ reedpts, mean, nnJ npr'ntliturr'', for the fiscal year commencing the In July, 1317, and ending .kmii june, lat.arc t ioiiows, vu : iir kiVlVi ii! - ili-vn"own(ril Captain, ur Colonel riomont, was ! the (Jniteii .tsitrs. . s . . , ...... . , v i-s, I IS' I 111 ill 11 IV VI lit I. wim me iinnnn5,ntni such Minller leat oi Castro, hut in tin total ouTthrmv c"t tiie Mcx-) icannuthonty in Cal lornin, and the tMabii'-lirnent cn independent government in that extciibirc depart ment." The remainder of Col. Trcmo'it's ntlvcnturcs nre pretty well known, A political friend of the adminis tration, in the New York LIenin lVwt, pp-akt ot his proceedings in C.ihfomin ns saonni;"vciy strnngly ol the frcchootini: Hiint which tent Druke aiui the cut- ' ,u., ... i..,, ,.t ft. ,,t. nd. ....... ... i .t,,. ' world, niakmgwar upon the hiianiHrds, on their own aslnro on tlil and "intent innkeHriRht," whenrniht is upon our own I wm, as any County m the btate ! Our corrcs- l r.el '.,,.nr, nr. lku i..,., . .. n. t .fx , HI- f.. I - revenue from postage, and alo J : J.J.C.U.. tor pos,aSc,oft c& pnont nra-Mtetil ii.R imclluIce Pnacm u'" .V S,. ,,,, ' , . , tint war with .Mexico had coimncncid," and since i square miles ol ".MOincr J.aun, However, wmcn then hisnroceediiij!" nr a matter of history Hi-joiii prQVes l)iat ,.t10 ex!enl u( a man's nossesjions" biitorccs to those ol Commodore htocktoii Laliforma , 1 1 - wasd.-clareJ to be a territory of the United Htac, may not, after all, be the true measure of hit und hy the decree ot tli. urmoital Commodore, iiie S. rAR.MELi:n,.Vou'fr(er. J. K. Converse, Seeretaty. Durlingtoi), December 1 lib, 1915. A Crow for ('rand Isle. Wc have always supposed, as Mr. Hlonca said of St. George, that if Grand Isle was not ground, it was a largo ki and 'rom sales of public laudi l'rom miscellaneous sources- Deduct di-licit on 1st of July, 1817 ul I ncc.iu itjol treaties matte; "It matters not hoie long we liie, butuuwl" 100.1WO oo : Kor the l'rct PirfcS. " Mr.. Kditch Partly as a ru-paiation for a Thanks. " ",' . swisiui iiT iv, l).e,.n, .,,,1 .,,! t. ,l, ,,:,: Total mean, forth service of the fiscal . Y ' ) ' 57" V!f t ' , ",1 ' ' 1.7" " , ' " 'lu " ' H , . " year ending June 33, ISIS S27,220,937 99 , " , . , m'Bl "l ,v , f H Apo' 1 ' ' " " ZnZ ... Z.T.I . . T . ,. -it 7, J . - on? mis i,i;onii io iiM.ciuiu me .izncu luia Droauc. m-w.-iii.kc niniiimcius.a i inuior luauetssuikiuto m- . , r . , , , sigiiitkance. i'ojtoi, Courier. ""-'mom , tioniol the Island.embracui;; the towns of ouih He- rj and Grand Isle. The frnin was threshed onli- in IsCroitTrr the Plchi.tacv or the Naw. The II--1 part : as to the rest our people resorted to the ooner ol EXrEMlIHT.LS. The expenditures durinn the wime nericd nsestiina- ted hy'icrnl depaitinentt of sjintc, Treasury, War, .s.-ivy, niu i osi .tiii5ier vjeiierai, 117. : The'b.ilrinces ol formernppropnatioiis which will bercfi.iiridtob.-e.peiided this year 7JI,25t 31 Permanent and iiideti-iite appropriations 'J,:il'J,!H 72 fs-cil'n: approjitiations asked fortius jear 41,717,335 18 Total estimated expenditure .... St5,7dl,7SI 31 rk of the U.'iiaitincnt, e an- enabled to nn-i-nt 1 presume the actual prtsluctions uouldnotvarymate- iiu syiiop-is of it. The .Mediterranean riallyfrom what are here presented. s 'iited to Comm s: but hv the tm.h. Vt .TI X.f E"eS-mS, at n Inch you know, nnkees are adepts. I i I'-rs. ci t the kt'.loii s riai ron nas notoecii continue,! , iinnt, t hp in,. It n proposed to rcitie itns soon ni circumstances wiii ! .... permit. The station at .Mnhon has been di-contimiid ' , heat, nt theearni-5t request ot the Portuguese Roieriiim nt, 1 k"' anlni;aurcare m progress tor Hi- removal ol' the , i, '" llilhllc stores Ii,, m oln 'l'h.t't., 1...!; t.....l 1 1 fits, roll, cousistlllff ot the i'u,iK. 7 I nn.1 )l. s', . l'.- 1 H 'ani South Hero. Grand Me. I ) K bushels, SI.OM S,00ubU!heis, ll.r. M.., .! , .11 . . . I . .v. .... ,..,,,,neu, weiLCMctiicu wood ; theart, set forth in your Message, except the ..,..-..,.- . ... nnysicai leaiurcs am i .,.-..i. tvu. ,i..i,..u....,.m ... . . o the natural history, of Mexico, and the man iters and customs and amusements of u in habitants. From the chapter on " Amusements" , we mahc the following extract, shoivingat once ' tiie low condition of the popular taste and morals, and the cheated character of that forsworn and infamous, though sagacious and able, knave, Sinla Anna, whom our verdant President per mitted to pass the American lllockade of Vera Cruz ty assume the command of, and to i npart p .wcr and efficiency to, the Mexican Arms : "Coek-fijshtinK is pursued with intense ardour by all classes, Irom the nnwdent doiin lo the l-pero or bei;. gar. Allbetlr, tbeeMeiilof their means on the ii. suit ot the haul... m. Au,'ustin,osinall town 12 miles bom the capital, is tl e resoii on the biitlwlay of the saint ol that name, who is theiiatron of gambler", of marly the whole populali I Mexico, forth- purpose olwitiics.-iiii' the cock-fi-'htiii!,' that then taliea place. Looms arc i-nx-med. nud preparations uie made for weeks iK'fori'hanil. The coimneiiccmeiit of the scene it thus desorii,,.,! l,y.Mr. Thompson:" When 1 en tered the cock-pit, sjanta Anna oud genriul Uravo, with a lare imintier of theino-t distinguished men in .Mexico, mid quite a larKt-tiumbcrol ladies of the high, est circles.witeulready there. Theniasierofcerenio. nieaoiithe occasion walked into the nil. nud exclaim. d two or three tunes ' .Ire .Vn purittima , lot Sillos lie ne''Ilail, most pure Mary, the chicken cock ore coniii.B- v.l,e,euKi, K MK-'k isbroii"hlIn coiercd, nnd u ihalenKe a loalranee mien Mull w...-, moil accepted, niul the hetlili commences. As soon as the co. k-fi.duhw i.mei "..'.jj . cominenccK, and the amount r ..n ...ii ,.), ol money that is ost jin.l ,, ;. i; r. i Is "II won ciiongn I cnglish a d'ficiency" of food, however, tee should think it ju-ttlie worst time to dispose of an "immense surplus." But of course wo'-don'tknowathiu"" about it! It takes a President to know how to ".supply" a required deficiency ! Hut, then, the facts in tho above paragraph ! .Mr. I'ollisays tho Fanners "are sow iir.ccivt.Nc increiscd prices for their products." Let us see. The prices of the following "products," compar ed with the prices a year ago, arc as follows : United Suites Court, ii, Vermont. .Senator UntAM introduced a bill in tho Ken ato on tho lCth instant, providing that Hurlim. ton and Montjiolior shall hereafter be the places for holding tho Circuit and District Courts of ihc U.S. in Vermont. Tho bill was read twice and referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Diixinoiiam gavo notice in the House of his intention t introduce h 'imilw bill. Dec. 1815. Dee. 1816. Flour, Genesee, So,75 bbl. tj-i,3la5,37 ' .Michigm, 11,68 " 5,lSa3,85 " llranJvwine, 7,00 ' live, ' 4,83jIJ " 3,73jl,ll'J Wheal, .N, York, l,ll)al,l5 1,I2jI,I3 Hye, :t-i hi 7oi 79 Ihrley, C3i Ci !J:i 6i Corn, b!i S3 7da 72 Oh, Mr. Folk ! Not even the famins in Kit ropo can keep up the prices of Agricultural pro ducts under your Free Trade Tariff! JCrTho Sentinel and Democrat avows a pro found admiration lor President Folk's Message, and hopes every body will read it "lo his wife, and his children, and his whig neighbors." We suppose if a man has no children tho Sentinel soon as the cock-fiijhiiui; is oier", e.ects him to burrow n few to read it to ! This du , " : - w. is ii.iui.'ious : JJ.OIV ' .... o lars is Irequently to ! s,.en ot once on a table.oll in I "alo hind of Polkery Roid. 1 here nre also balls nt niclil. when thelirvt i n . m . i, . people ol the capital may be Ueu dincS ilid, he 1 0,t SUct:r- U,,t Wl iiio-i ocpraveu, not only i the same dance, but as partners. I lie Binusruienis on thism-caMon arecall-d diys " Augustui, and last lor three or four Messrs. Thomas, CorErtniWAiT t Co. have supplied the public, hy this interesting and ccn venient publication, witli a book of reference, which has been gtcatly desired, and we doubt not they will find their enterprise amply re wn riled. The price of this little work is but SO cents, and we presume Howards has ero now placed it on his counter for sale if he has not, he isn't the bookseller we take him lo be I John .11. IJotti. This ardent and eloquent Whig, and distin guished scourge of political traitors, will proba bly receive the nomination of tho Whigs of the Richmond District, (Va.) fur tho next Con gress. Wo have little doubt that ho will bo elected. Mr, Hons holds, wo believe, that tho presidency of John Tyler is no disparagement of the renown of Old Virginia as "tho mother of Presidents," Tyler being an unfortunate sort of "an accident," from which the "best of families" aro not wholly exi-ni We rather liko this whole especially in a Deputy lint will the Sentinel he so very obliging as to give us its exposition of tho fol lowing passage in this much admired Messago: "The United Slaiescan, from their immense sur plus, supply not only the home demand, but the de licieneitt of food rejuired by the whole world."' And if it would not bo asking too much, will tho Sentinel inform is under wh it state of things a "deficiency of food" is most likely to bo "re quired J" The ' forlorn hoix,"oflhe Locofocoi. Speaking of tho present session of Congress, tho Sentinel ij. Democrat says : " Fpon the harmony, discretion and wisdom of the democrats, the rights and interests of the people, the honor of the country, everything depends. Wenctcr had mve tofearor urr lohopo." It is but a short time since tho Washington Union endorsed tho opinion "that thcro is no man in tho nation upon whom more depends, than upon William I,. Marry" ; and now the Sentinel apprises us that "eierylhing depends" on tho ' discretion and wisdom of the democrats'! This is truly a gloomy picture to look forward to, and well may the Sentinel exclaim, " wo ne ver had more Xnfcar, or moue to iiote." When I everything' is about as bad as it can be, there is nnipiestiiinably more to hope tlnm at any other tiinu ! . '. .- a- Thi sum is composed of the following particulars : Civil list, foriittn iniercouise uu.1 inucel- Ariu'v'nronfr " "- '- '- '- "- "- ' "- '- W"??? o? 'T' -W Itol.aie sailed tor Japan a'nd'lvam- . Anil propir o.o, J,2U '.i.i sVnka. m tne mom h ol May or June In., .,.,! . i,,,. Harley, I7'i:i:ii on' . . . .7' ..""f-s Volunteels Fortifications, ordnance, arming militia, &.c. Pensions .............. Indian department- ......... Naval establishment- ........ Interest on public debt I returned to .Macao about this time ,tUnl 12,000 2,000 CUO 1,100 515 11,000 i i--i i." il"')' commence th 'ir liumeward cmi,j ua the .Nonli I .'"""s. V--l,r.i2,lo.j 00 i '..ctnin January or l'.-bmarv. Onler. u-n. .., , ' nrrots, m " V:",e'.r, S 1 Ooiiiinu lore il.ddl- m last to proceed to the ' """1"' ., ',V,,-,. LK? est coast ol Mexico, nndaume the command of the f,"s''r' p0. fmi''ilii s'"?Jro ! N'J ackuowiedginent ol the leceipt ,lo,-,10'' tf'-a 1,10JM ,2 n, i , has en receue.l ,ii ll.., 'V.. Hutter, lli3J " 731 51 ieuuci total means lor the sen ice ol the fiscal jear ending June 3J, lsl3. . . 27,220 937 99 Uxcess of expenditures over means 1st of July, is is 8Hu3,s:r. s: The sum of 3 51,050 for supplying deficie ltriil sn.i-.ilrn.t enti.i.ta i.til.-ln.r.i.. P.J... .k.. f L llCC minder Kitchie, mid the bri llaiiibride. LieuU'iiant h commandiiijlVnnmaton, under Coinmodoie Kop-eau. I J'amt'S, 1 ne sq ridron consists of the Innate L'mud '.'H Slates, and the sloon .Marion, brie bjlnliin mid Hover. ! V." t-3i an.l the store ship &outlianuitoti.U(S cun mall. A in'! ' C'llu, nud mterrstitig narrative is (,'iien ol the operations of I the Pacific s.r.u lion since the war, both under Com- I lelirv 1M re. . I i w',.. I , - ... .... .1 . , enuelroui poitnKes.H275,Oo;i , r nu-'es of Co Vress ; "uu."-f-;!"'" V , . ' ," ' 1 "ro a"' and execu.ive ofiicM.. n. J S ' 17 A ? 7 ,t. , "' "f ,he.u'!' "al r"l'u ul . . . su.ned bv the Ilniied Si,.,. i; , ,.T;, i" V.i-.i." V;.: ;. 1 .. 1 nes-uauron now consists ot ti-e huanmh nnd the nll'l i,i , 7.. .....i.. i.. V ... ., . i ' "" ""'""I Lonijiesi lu'.iles llees. 1 lax. Hay. 10.000 3J,3iM 25'! 2( V) 75 11 22j 1C5 120 new- sw-msiiU0 initios 3 bjJ. 15 2,2'j0 tons, 11.000 1.'.'5) 2.iJ 3AUJI 311 " 1,200 4,000 " ftVJ 4K) " bit) 1.U0 ' 337 0 1,I'3J20 000 ' 1,500 K.OoO " 200 20 " eo no 31S 2,410 pound 200 1,133 " 1,I302I,OIK) " fi'JiJ 13200 " 8,197 ls,nn0 " 2,25 1 l,soo fijo 279 US 11 12, new swarm 0 2,200 $3M 100 3,400 2,4i0 too sfio 0 3,000 2,1100 31 211 143 2,!0D 792 401 1,110 t3l 331 C35 0 ol Columbia, nre iiicluJed in the ubjvcsam. I'liis excess is based on the assumption whole amount ot live millions isout-n.iJinj of treasii the S.OOUS l'orfsinoillh. I.e. nut Wurieii, and Cjane ; schooner siiink.and store ship that the 1 he l.aee Independence a on her way oat ry notes niithoriied by the act of 2.M July, H 10, under sviuie command, and the sloop Preble has sailed lor tho a renewed authority now- requested lo be conlcrrcd by s-mie dcsuiialioii. The doings of the home snuadro'i Congress to issue the same ; but, as the whole omount I ate also tally narrated, and copies annexed of the of. cannot be outstanding a the same time, on account ol i lieial repoitsof Com. Conner in referei ct to the block thc nuiiilxTot notes cancelled before a new note is is- nde, the dtsisns on Alvnrado, ihc affair nt'n sued, the ir-, ,a'..v,u.,,, I, ,i, I ,i, .a i-.u , " ', V . 'r.' nl l ,. iVlJ .1 - ' y-rs. - s... ,r ... ...... .... y. . I Ull JUSIICC 19 HOllC IHC ol July, 1813, should tn; cstimaled at llinetet'll tnlll ions of dullius j which will cover nil expenditures, in. eluding that ol the war, ifeoiiiinucd up to that date. '"e importance ol keepini; on hand a larae balance m the lreusury, say lour millions, lu supply the limits Willi bullion lor coin.i;e, and meet all demands with punctuality is insisted upon, nnd therefore the Secre tary nsks lor a loan ol twenly.three millions, or for that sum, thoujri the nclual deficit on the 3,1th June, IS 13, may not be more than nineteen millions. As one means of nuiiKiitina the revenue, be suests a duly of ti nty.ive per cent, on lea und colle,;, which niter linking allowance lor consequent decreased consumption, w iim;, 0uld yield 8WJ,0J0. This duly to In-1 ll. ctiial, bethinks should be put mint once, sons to bcoperatue on the spring importations It would besides, in hi, opinion bate the farther food effect of laciliiating negotiaiioii lor the loan he nks r. The loan he recommends, s.iouhl lie lor the period of twenty be r.cotin ted enily m the spring, nnd pajmciilslo be made as the money may lie wiintril The imymeiits made on account nfdebt and interesl upon debt incurred, except 833.aK),prior tothe Ith of .March, 1315, niesiated to be $3,2mm1I7 fil Jub'nsyoUUHT11 uuJ fhi 22J of .heTJury::1'' ,lM l" iatu The entire debt on the 1st of December last wns $2158.191 CO. lA-ccmucr iai, wns mstedMSr lhecurrcm m "e ' Alter these statements nud estimates, the Secretary next takes up the sub-Trensury ,lW( l,icti be sa)s does not work smoothly, anJ j, dHectiie in some de tails j which he proceeds to jsihu out ns follow s . lNo adequate security js pioiidcd for the sati-ty ol money , the bands of disbursing s,,11( nn j J' propria ion is made to ay the e.'ns,.s ,,f transfeis, or loinab cogent, to pay creditots with punciuahty und e?.',o f ''.) ,l,tKJ""".f'"akmgp1y.eiiis m lorcign counttie, hrougl. ngen.-ies or foreign bills of exchan-'o isnotsulicieiiiydelnied. 'l'j, nulhoriiy eu'iilsm .Mexico haieshow-ii to be cl the highest importance A branch mint aiNfw Voik is strongly nvoimiunj. The T nrill ij then taken up, nd is discussed in the most npproved Iree trade liisnion, that is to say, iii. n meie rehash ol the thousand limes exploded lallacie" on this subject One example of the Secretary's ,rra. boning lor all. lie assume. "a my .nod ers e estin.atethat by the new Tarilt siMy im- ion. will be added to the value ol the products of E ! ture, conimerce and nnvigaiion. 'ljou't lliose enjiced in these pursuits hope they may get ihein I "fctra The reduction and graduation ofprices ol the rub be land, nre recommended, asi.nlsa ihl ,l mineral land.. The wareh'ou bill ,, l.ude" ana extention o' our rtvenue law. ov.r Oregon is" .dvocat Cc' u,'lTi,,i;r,W'$.d0n'Uo?,p" & nctusl tetilers. I he nn of ih( ri poit is cs,CMp,?j i,h commanders of bolh squadron, in whom the conti deuce ol the department frems uuabateil Kxtiacts Irom the instructions umk-r w hit h they acted, show al so u disposition on the part olihe Government to moid nil collision with .Mexico, if possible. The vessels comprising ihc Navy cl Texas seein lo have been found unworthy ol repair, Willi the exception ot the Austin, which isnt IViisucol.a, The others iiaie been ordered to I sold. The estimates of the department uie o iseo uu uic .-iiiio mem oi io,uiv lllell, tllou"ll Total, Add lor Poultry, ll.OoO Total, UPtH Add lor Poultry 300 .11,320 41,376 11,320 Grand total for the Island, $-fi,703 In these statistics, no nccou'.it istaken of the pork, becf,cntl!eor slieep sold, nnd the growth cf stock. There nreinSiuth Hero 55 tarmcts occtip)big land, ia Grand Isle GJ,making in nl! 115. Divide each sum by the number of families in each town nnJ we have in South Hero on nil aierage to each farmer S709,ond inl.raiid lsle,'$7l3. The senson was very unfavora. ble tor Sugar. Inordinary seasons, sugar enough may be made tor our consumption. Our soil is peculiarly adapted to the cultivation of fruit, nnd being surround. no more than JJaiehow in service. Authority. ' " '.v 1 IZZT'"": m"J ness in lloston. or your villagers succeed w onJcrful'y in pulling the wool over lloston eyes, the Kniiroad must pass through our Island and perhaps our County. This done, and where in Northern New F.ngtarul, is there a spot sofavornble for Agricultural purposes a. Grand, Isle County 1 I presume that 99-100 of the people of Vermont have no just idea of our county. It is the general impression that vie are so small as scarcely la de-erie being looked upon the map in fact, that ii would require a pretty sober ninn to w alk through our Island, and avoid stepping of, on one side or the other. Hut we ore large enough, and oar soil is rich enough, to render us pretty independent of the rest nf the w orl J. We can say lo the S,auth, you need not plant ony esne form ; and lo the West, you may send your fodder, for aught ire care, to Guinea You may abolish lands if you plense, you enn't starve us ; andnsfor our Wool we can spin, it wc cannot sell it, In conclusion, although we do not w ish would nsk any other town in Vermont, (our Island, in cluding both tonus contains but oUnit SOsiuare rode..) tuexamine the productions of all their fanners, a. I have done, nnd show an equal average, if they can. O. G. W P S. I see I have accidentally omitted the Buck wheat :icver mind. a-ked lo build lour sea steamers to be employed in con nection ith oar squadrons abroad. The prarucnbili tyotlbe dry dock at New iurk is not doubted, nud inewoikis urged ui on the laioiab'e lunicc of Con gress. A dock at lYiisacol.a )s also recommended, ard oilier improvements to increase the elbcieiicy of the yard nt thut place. The lestriitiuu on the Memphis work adopted nt the last Congress, it is thought may be advantageously removed. The exclusiie employment of naval officets, ns na lal stoie-keepersnbro-ul, is not thought to tw wise, nud a modification ol the law on this subject is recom mended Tbenavol s.'h.'ol is spoken o m terms of approbation, nud the same appropriation is nsked lor it us was bad last year A suitable n uice Is al-o given lo theollicers ol the obsenntory, whose valuable opera tions nre beginning to attract the attention lliey div serve. Auadditiou to the number of assistant sur geons is very umrli desucil, and the department also recommends nn increase m the rank nud tile of the marine corps and in the number cl w-armnt ollicers The report concludis with ndwsing that nulhoiity be giu n to the Piesident to npioitit one nut of 5 or ti mid shipmen at large, irrespective ol the place of residence of the ier-on iippc-iuted. Provision might thus be made for cases ol neculiarmctit which are now exc!u- ded. Nothing is said in the report mi the stem i f promotion j ue rvcreiary cniiunc minted to n laitn till narration ol the doings ol the Noiy, Midi n few practical suggestions such ns wc have itieutioued. .Y. 1. Com ierand Knauuer. The Ihi'or.T o nit Postmaster Gem rat. shows that there has been a loss ol reunuc under the new law, nssti.ted by the Piesiileut's Message, ot something over Sj.3iHI,ml. This less is stated by the rcwrt ns follow. . From table A it nopcai. that the annual average in come Irom llu 1st July, l33ti, to the 30th June, 1315, umotiiiled to the sum ot ..... $!,3ol,C21 C5 Whilst theincoino for the ) ear ending 30li June, 18lfi, the fust under the new Inw.nnioiuited to 3,IS7,199 33 Making a loss of revenue, the first year under the new law when compared with the annual average ol the nine preceding yeuis o. .......... $377,425 30 And making t!oss of revenue the first year under ihe new law, compared with ibepreceeding,ol . ......'. $802,624 4 T he rcttnucs, .bovf stated, include theposi.gei It w ill be seen by the Congressional icpoit.that Mr. Wimbrcp on Thumlay last off-red ing on the Secretary ol War to furnish a staiernentof the eviiendilures lor harbors, roads, nd fortilicnlion. in the several States and Tciritorie.. The reply to this inquiry will pnbobly pile ncllicul report ol the fact which we recently lound iu Gslveslcn paper, that the' I'nitca States snag boat Gopher bad armed hi the 7iia ISrande.lo be nnploird in removing cjb traction, in that river. Tins will form a amgular coninieiitory upon the Pjesidmt's leto ol the river and Inutior lull. . , , . . , It seems that in President l'olk'. opinion the gov. cin.iient niny clear away ihc obstructions in the Klo Grande, although it would lie uncoi niiulio.ial toclear owsy those in the Ohio, in the Mire way that it may appoint a goiemor for four jeors in Lahlomia, while it hat no such power over territories more legitimately under it. charge. Fttton Daily Adr. Ml

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