Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 1 Ocak 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 1 Ocak 1847 Page 2
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vv'tnftikcd themselves on th-riijlit to nil of Or .(! m, liu would f-ontwr lose his right arm than siti such fi treaty. They nl 1 ioiiinibcrc(l tlio fiinomniiithomi ufailiitiiiiiihlicil senator Mr. J vn on that point. Ami yet tli it pnje was submitted to tho Scinto, ntnl the Pc-idi'iit fm th 'A h" responsibility liy s.iyiiipr lie could not act without advice from Ids constitutional ndiisers, well knowlne- tlio advice would b;. An I wh it did th V Am-vicm minister sav in reply to an inv it ition ton public dinner 1 Why, tli it li" liii-uv tlio views of his trnyuriim'-nt before Ik- left, mi l that In laboring for n settlement on tli; lib pir.ilhl lie was carrvin" out tlio-o views. IIo .Mr. (.!. believed that conquest was tl.o ob j;ct or the war. Proof of that was ahniid nit and coiulu-ivo. The poep'e of tli? L'nit.'d State would he at no Ion to luid the proof: and if loyal to their free institutions there could b; no doubt to their action, lie iptoted from Secretary M.trev'n lo'ler to Cid. .1. I). St-phenm. Did that "how tint the Pivideut w is lepelliii',' inva sion ? Th-o itr-ii were to go to C iliforni.i to re t.rl inva-inn. and nnieiire Indemnitv from .Mexi co! No. Tlio object vvas too iinnil'c-t. All the snplilvtrv of the ni'.'s.m;,-', so much culoplzed, which was not'iing hut a' bundle of low. denit pyuictl line's and perver-ioiis of truth, would not ijull the people. It was not Known who J iine iC. Pulls w i".iin 1 he wished to let all the wntl.l knnv who he wis. Tin President was not wi li ig tint J hn 'i'vler should be more con rp'.ca.o u than Jim.'s K. Pel!;. It was not in n f irit of noble rivalry ( itlier, for he Mr. CI. J did iivl h.dievc the Pro-id. 'lit eapible of such a l.i,;'i e uutiou. Toe l'ro-ident, in tryinj-tn mike t .e p.'opleb 'hew tint Tex ts bad con pieredand iiia!ntiin-d her piri-dicti'Ui Oier the t'.'rritorv ol tie liio Grand.', had nlto failed. The h in iri'ilo oi'iitleiuiu IV1..11 Richmond f.Mr. Skd- fo;j bid bim-ell' denial tl. it. No fid bad been presented to slruv th it Tex: is b id ever e-t her jnri-dirtion over tint territory. No mm in J lis seii-es could be d -ceiled lv tin -.iphi-trv of the Pii-ideM on tint point; In sought to Mike the people believe a li . it wis true that taeie wis a eu-tom-linusi: beyond the uocc-. bat it was in i-t di-in;reimoii in tin Pre-ident from that, to pretend that therefore the Unite I Kta:e bad e.Memled it juri--i!irlit.:i over that en ire region. He quoted a rooliition, tillered by Mr. Uf.nton, in support of his position. llon-o-ty and tiut'i wore, after all. th" b'-t policy. Toe l.nv- bi.-1-uy il M-xir m outrages from the b.'jiniiiii-; to the pre-ent tim , h id been iro-"iited by the I'tc-id-'iil, who then attempted to "-how th it thesl1 were th" causes id" the war. Such an iir-iiiti;:it was intended n it I ir in m of sen-e, but only lor fools, lie Mr. (J.J tli 1 not .1 -ny that at the tiui" of th" collision between th? Uni ted States troops and th MeMCin army, if th" President bid broui'iit forward an amy of th 'so wniiijf b;fore Conri-oss, b Mr. li would b ivo voted for the w ir. " 1! li all tint b id h 'en e.ttort-r-J. It Wis and " the gi'-rnlc t!i it the Coajrivs c f the United, aetiur under a ne'es-ity which lelt no oliivr cour e, were oh'ljxcd to vole supplies. Tlio Pre-'id.'iit hi n-elf waedthe vvir, with rcf Tence to his nwn objects, and without coti-ultinir the American frill as uttered in tin voice ef Cm re--. No indication of the Amer ican will sustained the President. lie himself hid rii-hol inullyi'iti the war, and was guilty ofmiirpiti'ili a pn-itive violation if the constitutKui, which it were menu treT-on n.tto denounce. He (Mr. tl.) held tint tin territorvbetweeinheNiiecesa.pltheRioinde was subject ol ibsput , an Us occupancy by the American troops was a d'cl.irilion ol war it i was nn act tending to war which did produce war and was. therefore, a vink'tinn nli i. -., .,.1,;.. I, . I e-m'j,,l , i 'i. -'i v-i-is ... ....g,c.uuL. the power of miking war. It was a ii-nrpatinn r.f power tnt i'e egiteii liy law to the executive, lie distinctly a-, iui"d tlio po-ition that all that part of the territory, except whit he had alluded to between the Nueces and the Hio Grande, was fubiect to di-muto. He quoted from Mr. Cal houn's communication to sustain this position llo would like to know tho instructions to .Mr. i cases conic up. .1 will endeavor to do' the that I ..... . .Inn.l l,-,r Ilia, n a,. .. t I, --. i it Uf ill mi (or Hlidcll, Why the pimultaniit" inovcnn?nts uf tho ariny and navy at that time hen that in- formation was siibmiltcd, Uonrf-s and thu peo pie wuiuu iiiiown me oojoei ni uio war, anil would could tell vrlisthcr its was coii'iii'"-t nr I not, Tli" war wis r"idn!ly prolraclml in an improper in inn r. Why v.vro tho forces ycut to antu Ko and C.ilif.irnia ? Tho only object . was con'jiift. 'I'ho riitlrman and learn"d ju- j rirtfroni Illinois, Mr. I)orr;r.vs, who was thu accrediled exponent of his nirtv, had slid that I the con piet pavetiiein riht to the territory and they rouhl est.ibli.-h e;ov.'rnm"iit there. i'oIh"ibt that was tho f-r tn I i-linuo of en j'lest. Th"v could never carry it nut. liven democracy could not stand it. 'l'.'ia ancient Commonwe.'iltbs of Virginia nnd South ('urnlini never would sus tain it. Ho oiioti 'I the lem-irl:- rf the I'nntle- mun from Tenne.-see, .Mr. Htan-iiin. that ' the 1 n'titedin tic halli ..f Coni-'e4m the'earij d'.ijscf the preat feitttre of thn nm was liio nciiU,tion of It public, lljt rnoujih oithi--. the territory of .Mexico." I The .Meas, Mr. G'.a'rna i, declares that the .Mr. Stan'TOI wished tn know if th-. n-ntle- 1 C"-U?T ",''Mn"' '''.'i!0" '-'-"-'jl'''d.-'.red nor pro n,nn Mii,l..-,fn-i,l I.i. ...... vok.'d by Me Unied .Mile ; o i theco.uiary, a ion- man nnderstno. htm a- .-lyitie, tint fio tmjti-t means weie .is.iiied m to aveit it! Tl,.a acmiisitnm ol AI '.Mean terutory was to Le tlu d -el uutiou I bh ve lolu abs .luiely untru-: and it feature of tho n;;e ? I w.ll be lite object of my rencuKs to Mi-tain th.s oom .Mr. l.EN-Tiiv supposed him to s.-y tint events we.o lemu.! in l.l ll.lirectio'.l. J Mr. Stanton- then nijem-ed tint (ho "-ntle-man could pcirctly Irtve n correct idea of the Ilnt-H-h 1 ui;-. vt in ,ul S11C;, - COit,tr JCtj Jn on ' Ins (.Mr. ,S.'s) r.'i.iul.s. I Mr. liL.N-T.iv r.'pliel, th' wry prolnblv ti nt ' was true. !nt he was vvihi.i,-'to MiVn.t his 1 eollragim'a rannrks to tin h-.irne I, in order to e3 vvh"th?r th"ir interpret uina of th- T.-.rle-1 man's Nn-jna;; . was not enrre-t " I Mr. SrANT r. V. I stvte.l di -ffi -Iv that he did ' rr.t de-ir s to fee a.i inch nf M. vi i...-i',ry nc(itired unj i-lly. JJut lis said thtt ihe ten leti ryuf event, vv i-i to th it result. W.ut ? Natt'i-vvrcbtin-r nnjii-tly of ,M xi.-.m t.-nitor , but lo procure th? unnoxniun ol'.i larj'j p .rtion ufthtt teinlory. I Mr. (jEN-TKr iiro'e.-1" I ii hisdnnn-istinn of I the j're-ideid, Jle had l.o.-n (jiiilty of rej eit-d viohtion.s of tho con-tit. ition. 'i'ne peoplu should co no to tho rescue. Were they to h ive shivery ! in that VMiit territory ? Won! I the north submit ' t tint? Would thev have -i rnr.lwi nf 'free 5nI fi f o I hf.nt mi I l.n Imnl ..j ...'IV...., I. til I,.,,. ,,ii ,, '." "" " .................... ijni Ttn'i, nn. i.i.i-'ii.v fhi-ol: the I m m to its cenlio. ttnlvhv imtrio ti-m. vvbinh ho f'ired no lono-er existed, Ind me ot her Goierii'inn to n."ei the io i.bueiin pio-Ui.tthie-itened cilamity been averted then. IIo i J.,J,''l11!,r '" '. "'',' A"'n levied a t it ..i.i . . i ii i . i i I loieed loan, no:, irliouejuiu niii several ol the iroviu- lf.ii- ed that t Irro vvero bad mot. who wi-hcdn , Cl., r ,,ln'iti,ieut of that Government, for "I iln-solution ol the IJinoii, IIo called en tho j. i-1 prcs purpose of inectni's liu i idem-iity. 'IV list trioti-in of thu other M) of tho Hons.. Id u'lile ' i'is,i.hueuis wvtc paid rjinpilyni th" time in imttltij; iliivvu the il-nrpei-iiithe Vv'ni o llou.-e. 1 V '" theieiiihf-lld.i.-,MeAi"o wan e iiliana-m-d in lie was ii''.iillt tho niinextition o! any territory 1 '''r" trcuui.i ince.s and unable t. m.-et ths denimdi of ,, ,Zt Ui li ,i,,i .lo.l if.. i ,,; " ,i ourni..'"a. I oi things cuutina-d until un- by Kiiniue-t. .is it not ileMn . i the con other ihree monih, ej.pi.ej, n n atuih r inuhuent riiiuiiwii, in... .ui iiii.ii ii vio . i-.-ii in., nun l A.,.i ,...i ne ... ..,:.. . r-oa.,ai.i uin r.,,ui.ii i, -"iiiiii in- tower in the consent of tho people llnw c..trMer an I fubjugateunv neoi.le, and impose imtl m nnv ,,.,,,,, i,.,!.,.,,, ,.i t '"""'"" form ol .ivornmcnt vv.ihou yi d.ition of Hut principloof thocoii-titiilion ? hero did (,'nm inodoro Stockton -jet tiulli'iritv to ap-minl civil nlhcers ol Lalibirni.i J be l'ro.idimt was invol- veil in tlio inieinnvi finier 01 mjinti Iny tfnf,i jiosition that tho te-ritory w.u in tho limit-n Texas wns not true, or that be h id tr.i-ieon I si Ids lejritiui.ilo authority. It w is revolution try Tcxai which was in frit di cii--ioii. Her baiin d.uics wore to bo settled by tho law ol cm piost by which, in lebellion and here the lumtii-r fell. .Mr. Kessepy then obt.ilnncd the flour, and addrussed tho ('ominitteo. llede-uiod to know whether tho (entlemtin who Iiadjitst down wishfdtobo regarded n.i una of tho-n win ex tended " aid and coinfiirt" to tho enemim cf his rnuntry ? It was only mch nerfons who e.ime nndrtho dontinciations nf too I'resid.-ntoflhe United iJ.ates i and ho (.Mr. K.) nnderstimij ihu gontloman to declare his desire to come within Uio ran-jo of tlio-o ilenuncUtions. Ifsuch were indeed tho object of thu 'untleinan, ho had nn mnount of nurvo which entitled him t ) uiiicli credit. Mr. CE.NTRr. Does the gentleman attributo fiicha position to mo M. hEKNEor, I understood the gentleman to cxiro9 adeslreto brine bimsell under uic r.uij,i , . .i ..I .1.- tl ' 1 . .I..........i itinOS Mr. (insTiiv. Vest for the piirpo.rj of show in? that 1 despised and .cornel thein . Mr. Kn-JM-nv. lam willing to Rive the gen tleman the benefit of his explanation. Althoiih the L'entlemin has shown a 'real deal of car-trMn-s In the ndvocicv ol the enemy s caiwe on this llor,ccrt ilntv be Insunuife-led a great want of tact. Tho .Mexican government may hive men on this lloor el' more ability than thoe they had In thu Held i but, after all, they want tact. If .Mr. (invrr.v. The ijentlemin Tho CiiAta.MA:!. Djcs tho gentleman yield the lloor ? An iMr. KnNNEtiV. Oh! certainly, for tho purpose of evplainlion. .Mr. CJemiiy. I Mipposo the gentleman ln a riehtto arrive at bis own conclii'ions : but when In nmnn?s tint I am !r'.v',utr "iiilaml comlorl'Mo-tbo einmy, he jumps to conclusions which have no foiinJ ition in la.". Atu Air. Ki:nni:iiv. 1 a-umo nothing Tlio (hlAlitHAV. 'J'he genlbin in Irom Ten nossee h is tho I'o r for cx'olanalion. Mr. tiitNTiiv. II he menu tint giving" am and comfort'1 to thu civmy, is to expres the be lief that in certain circuni-tance.s our inieriier are more en l ingered by an usurping President, than by thousand well-appointed invading armies I'"" U'v'" " aid an. comfort." lam upholding the constitution of iny country by re fusing to jield it up loan u-urper and hi servile adiilalor-i. If I ajMnvd any other position al this tim;, I shoul I In preparing the wav to in ike my country as detruded, bise, and infunDiH a ia'.Mcxico. nor.'. niiibi:s n!;ji:cssri:r.fii. Tlnfollnwiujistne Fp.echof the Hon. IIios'v, ol Mi"i lelitnett', deloeied in the U S. Ihue of I.epri...tativc on 'I'aarsday, l)e 17t!i HI'., t'.ie repoit ol we cpy 1,-om tin National Intelligencer. .... ... Mr. I ii.viii'tv.v : I am ully nware oflhe charges which 1 1ii ill ibaw down upon my-e'.f, in evpies-utg ,,.. Mi-w- wlneli 1 entertain lilrin the su'tieel now be- foieus. Tee f're'ideiit ol ilie Uiiled Snles himself h'is'tus tli; exainjile ol d;no i icing as tiaituis nil tlio; wim d.ire to s,ie.ix their mm Is upon this 11.101 an I i i tills eoii'in y : un.l hull itterers lure Inve followed itisexaiiip'e. ' llut,.'r, none of lln0 thing uuve inc. I I wk with equal .reu-e upon tin di indentions oi tin I v.. II Sll 1 bul a-i.l ui li.- llittcicis on ibis lloer I k in v s niiaii ills liere or cl-iewle!!', and 1 wui hp m' th nil II 1 believe lb" Uveeulive wrmi in any ol his m ralion. If 1 b 'l"Ve ll a-"ires, : vvpt mike the iiecla- i Ins usi-ii.,1 ti'iwer. tin 1 tram-! u!e 1 uivm t'.i C i ift.tniio i ot lb I'mt-il Sti.te.s, ui n oiindm m:i it.ons oruca.!!!'! g-mletu. n on tht lljor, wdl d-teriu Irom givmj a lull exjuei-io.i ol tins my view.' an I leeling. Nothing, I say, that tlie Prei lent can say or do. will deter ine iu any de gree Irom a lull an I nirexpresjion ol my own opinion", it co.n in tin, .Air. Clnirun i, tint a Piesident cm anojitet lu.iw'li the p over, cm tranipl" tin I'.m-liliitiou u ider t ot, and wantonly in volve llienati i.i ri wai, and tlie people in'Ht su unit tiitius ntio'ily a. id j'l lily him m Ins cnnie, or be br.m led in nailers to tl.eir coiiiitiy I Why, ir, ll tliiidotiin pr -vails. Me more coriupt nn A liuinis ti.ilio.1 K il u Iris the power or the daring lo mv jlvv this n ition m a w ir, wiilnatcius , the gieafr i its linn I'lity ; lor, Ihe mum -nt it ins vjeceea m in i oin tint outrage, every mouth nri-l be ejus d ni.d mdlin. eveiy o ie must bjw in s I'j.iussion. j uociriue uioie co, rapt was n -v er idvamed ; a s"titiiinnl more das- r l!i- ... , j ii.'1-..r n I . ,i...ii..i1 in n d.-bb, r il ip as. "in1. 1 v. (;e v,ho p-uless to b;"the i ' Ineiif-i ct papular rights may advance uociiineoiiinseuaracieri nl they may be iu i.eilecl accnr.lanc; Willi their mteri.ed our lathers tosibmit to dicniioii f.oiu tiny Fo iree wiriHoevr, whether it be a loaigu monarch or nn Aineiicnn President. . 1 believe, Mr. Chairman, that the lirt principal declai.iiion cniitanied in tiie message of the rresident i wan-xi-isl.yin" i we nNfi tilcnall hono.ubli net ot .Mexico, nnj that imaus to prevent it- b- an untruth ; nnd, believing sn, I will make that declaration heie ; and 1 will endeavor, in the phorl time .allotted mi, tn 'talc some ol the icasons which lead lue lo that conclusion. As to the course, sir, winch I shall pursue in fu - lure iu relelcnce lo Ibe proscenium of this war. I will say, in advance thai I shall judg- for myself when th enn for the oucacinn ; to do my duly hithfully tin h-r ofonrrcvoluuonaiy patriots vveie upon the lloor if they hlood here icprcsentin any portion nt the people, on in1 riiciiniMjiiccs. mil. sir, i ut'iieve inu, 11 any ' North ur South, nnd my tiiciul over th w.iy, th" Chair.nan oi ihu Coiiumtteeou .Military All'airsr-hiiuld come Ibrwaid in ihe name ol the l'le-i'lent, and ut-k for an incre.i- ol the army or a new levy of voluat-cs to pro'ecute such a war as this, ihov indent psiuots would ay to him as the t-leru old Uoinait wid to the ctms.uryof Cesar, "Did liim dishin I his legion? ; Ueslore th. Com'iiotnve.dth to liberty ; Hubunt Ii.saclioasto the pil.i.e c. ii-urc, AitiUt'iud thejii lu.uent ol.i ilo-uau re::atc; ltid him do tin an I I'uto isb.i f. i"iid. Nay, mole ; i'iou'tIi t'at.i's vo, w . n"v.T roiscJ To clear ih- Kill!) or f - vanus.i criitifs, .Msell will n ion. u the rostrum inh.s I Ivor, AuJfctrive lo e-uu h.s paidjn iioni t'ie pop'e." S I 'li I b 'lievv would Iu the ii.2'iau" and feelings r,i,..,, ,. . . t". k ...i..., ..i ......I n. .l..l.i.. i hun. Ilclievethe rieideiit, m makini! that decla- , ration, has made a .statetu-nt which ts not s itnoil".!, nut liin renin) co iiru.n.'ieii, ny ihelacKcl lue case. H .w do 'S the i':e-i I 'liitiUcinplto b4il nil this decla r.'u.on I Why, sir, ihu first ciiatjte he buiiyi u.tiu-t Meu o i, th it t-h" has com. iint.-il Fp-ilntions upon oar conini -rcc, and In icl.i-e.l to ru .1;-iep irst.on. Now, my li-sl rem ill; ri relation lo thu pait cf the. m ssi'i' is, ilnt it is hi rJly iu .tpiauiuious in ihe lVc. i l-Mit ol th.- Unite I Suiie to g'i behio I the treaty of H3J. i; ipjms- Mexico w.i3 s;iidiy ol faults previous lu that period ; s'i" c i:if-.'d Utnv lauhs m that trea ty an I poiit.H-,l iep ir.ino'i. That s'u'di have in. lace i iiii.ito tiep s.iori ni i.iai iieito i. uy tlie treaty of lb3J, a joint co. n. nis ion was creaie I lo exaiuinu m I an hi tli'chi.iH uf cur ciiu-m. That cuiiiiius s.on lomained in K'ssit-i uniil the expiration ol ihe. p no i lov.-nieii u was iinuieiu.) ia- i.eniy, ana tli", awarded t. I'lh.ens biJIJ i. 13 J. .Mexico leure & -nt I to us ri'iS'n l Mt.v 111 Um-i..'' I n lit I'lii'i'ui.i-ifl. vlrtiteol her !i laucc.s, m il i mi coaveunuily in .li.. I .... . .nu ,.i it... i,,. . ....:"...( ..... i : I"- .., , , ' l, ui" ,) iiTciu.-r I' wiii'-i. in iwo iif.,ern;ll 'Uts enter e.i ui .-..j, u M.-tssii . ii ueo urn .vn-vieo -a .ui I nav th" uiteiest on this nun up to Apiii, Isll), auj men piy "he pnu.-.p-.l, with uceriiuij lutcrett m live venra lob? pail in .nrterly i.isi .line in. Now, 1 do ii t ju-tiiy Mexico tu th.' co irw .he hi p irP,i .,1 fib- K-qienlly in this ireiny. Imu W1II114 to nd nit that be. coudii-t deserves re mite n.i.l censure. At the Faiueiiii.e luiueoiiip I. vl m n ktumle loj ihnt there aie-uuecr.-uiiHiniiees iu tim i i-e vvii.i n (jo 1 1 nun- 1 iritctueiioriuuy ot u -r pr..-vc tiu. t'i h was ihe i i-onduion ofntTurs ofth n co i.U'V, nnd ueh liu de- i -ii on.. t ie was uiitiiii" in the lime tn meet Hi s i e - , , .i.. i ., , ' m.ii'i .'. ii.'.i-y , s,.e, ii.iwever, en u ' lu'.i sa- ',',ll '''he lourihun.l li.iU i'isiiluiiiis, and showi . "o "'."'' '! '""'" li -"-'t;-l by our Government , to tint erfvi. 'Inn a; in. however, contends tut , ..-eeived ceit.ui. orders or d.afis on mercantile I ho nes h ivin' u hen upon the .Mexican Treasury ,and i ""l l',,-) di,.lnhue been dn.iouorel. Hut let us hear his own words u.ioa ihnsiih.ect. .Mr. Voss. our a r -nt. slvs in tl lelter lo Mr- So I. II : . 1.'. .t. . ......... 1 . T .i . . . ; 1.. . . . . 1 . . Ai.ii rte 111 el 1 mis, l i 1, ,S nt 1 .V 111 1, the ha 1 ol ihe le.v,.'.. (i,. ,,'t, , .May, IS13, decced he collection 01 :. io.i-...l 1 ...I in I... .li.. 1 1I1.10. 1 ,,, ,.., through iuiih'de.artineui.s 01 taw It 'pub - i!.niilp-iU.atp'ri,.Ueomsp,.i,li ig lo thus, sti.iu i.ii-ii.iun iu tiui 1'iieei vviiti uio uuv- em. mat ,11 1 1, 01... - ' --.- - M.jiiii.a. flit. IIK-.19U.C. l.r.l ' " 1 'i"'.ar, i-ouia u ry inve eui uiiied trout a g.iveiii.u.' itns ubfolatj nsthit of Kuiu Anna then ii ioi I. lem.l 01 lux Ullllllllt 'd IDWi'is. ....-.,11, ....ji.-neeiiy culoic'd, while III! temp u nu mice Uer we hiive ihe Mnt-i -i . . .. '1 P'.eaii . i or Un. lu'lds collected, aillld-t ihu eoinnleal n ti "it nn I'ud ,r,; V , , " ' """ .', is lounuc.i upon men- ....,v io n ouit uuu lo lie r ull.,s'by wliich.SiuiaA.i.i-. as suirou Je l is ma le an I raiifi ! thai Iri-ntv ii i 1 1!. .? bfin ''!",""", V'" '-"'has no lerrilory independent of respective cotislituencies to couie oat plainly upoiuhis sui.ic.eiuly ,L 1'ro.n n, cmtm Clwmn. V'exns herse f f"r on' ol the n , cn,a ' , ,h)' rMc.' i1 V ?" ,a"!- l'"1'1 I""'"" " , --''.'Jl'"' ' ,uf ,",'If 1! " ,1,rl,l,rr " "",' "" l"V "' com- stances, t,, Mexican tiovcrn ii-at was a' s .lute ly u Kama Anna was indu-ej I cni?r ,i T.L'? su"'iw'l'' hri'tl and all other po.m. p ihe Nueces, nnd ll Alex-. "nt Hsslf openly j they , know that vv believer they able l.ipay thsiuital.ueutvvhichbecaiindue J "".""I'" 'u 6 J". l"ve her beyond the l!.o come on men.dcclare iheirdeler I- li niili'iJulyoli Grande." mat "'.they n,u,t Luak vvuh each oilier or with st ihii.iit .hauldhave been paid, ihe iiicapacily ol l ho 'i'. x..s lo eiii Urui. lie did .'m ,1 .' irulPt,lal J'1'" we have tlr repented coiesions of nn ngeut I their own resofctive consiiiui iicies. Let Nonhem Government to luliil its cnga jem,a hid become slid but tn j populace demanded liu dVi,.,.' , ... 'r 1 c"'' 0,,.lh" P"S-"unaided every point," and jlleinp. men say that they will vole for th.' cuahlifhuutit ol creater '1 lie lirie.irs. h... in .l.n. ,... I .... .1... ....' 1.. i. . "CILl.lloil, nnj he Wua le. to ni.ik.. I be ,n.., nl l.w ..... . I, ., Ti-inn Im.l no f iUV' I V 111 til V ol I he leirilnrv .11 niir....... .1. .. .. , r.., ; .... . . . - s,i..a-,." ... ... ,,,,,,0 was urou'u 1...L .. .. ... ... ". Jr.-r.v"."...r.'-..L'", .L 7,: .' ".. .vm. 11. ,-. .inn, uuiru 10 9,, 1,110. or . 1 exusauu Kept u .ris...i -r lu eluso 1011.1 io.-s3noo wi si 011.orp.1s1. iiriiiuu.i in" oi'i -r p mis " About Ibis lime public attention win dirrcted lo1 be luiiise., uiaK", mis c inrge ngnln-t ilm t'.'.1'!!' Ulul ",vr Nuvccfc; ami tlialwii i j.ild r "htlti'ly up the lexnii q iesiion with renewed lorce, and nuiidst eminent, an I uu t'leuJeiii i 1 IVxas a I . iV" l'ru-"'li the Uio Grande, vvli. re .Mexico vv,is in pos,'s- Ihe nngry ciciteiiieiit which it occasioned, the ohm Hue, and legittt tlie occurence Soihi , ,. . sion.oiily 111 rase of up mg uu uttack nud pursuing loiinda iKjpuIar theme lor (oiiuilauit in the 11.11 111,01 ol lceii ilnercd nilo, Ihe violation l ,i,.',. 1. "... "eienieit lore s. the American claims. and frvclv advocated ilsdiscoii. I s u g'oil irason why it should h,.ni ., i...' i. . . . . I I he rrctideut in lusm-i.sam c,liri,l..i,!e upon ours -Ives. We nil know that prior to in . nt me in arc oi .ue.xieo is in some uerrree it.'linn'ieal, n treaty vvaj uutteu up c!.mdftiindy by His rr-siilctit ol Hie Uaite.l Ktntcs, pjr the ainie.xaliini ol Tcr.ns to lid' country. It is true lliat that treaty was rejcti'd by tlic Si'iiale. Hut it vviisimuiedi.ittly made a tia'stionbv'foii'lhep'ople, nnlth- eandiditc of one o! 1 1" in i ties he vvhe is now the President ol the Uni ted til ilr was noiiiuia cJ nhnot sulolv because lie was pledged tonunexntum. All this was known In ii 'u;iie to iiipod her of what the reGirdcd ns one of evifit. it, Miu'n ii t f i'i'i nitfiimt iniik n nv our lita-own d.'piUut?nl-i,a portion ofber republic. 1 iii wonl.l intiiiallv nrnilute no nbstncle in the wav of nb niniiiR the means to meet these iiislnhueiits. The .Mcvicau (tuvciuaieat npp"ais to have ncted In (oilfuth, ns will b-s'en by their hiving recourse to a Iiuccil loan t tnutlt wastiot until our lull) ntnl inau- li'latiuu In 1 exas. excited her peop.c, tint .!... i! ....,. r.:l...l ...",,,,.'.1 ol. irj !,,. I bilious. S:i was in fndt, and 1 f-nr that nn inipii-1 lt d uorlJ will not pronounce us laultless in this mat t;r. I!ut, fir the sake of the cae, 1 will admit that M'xi'owis allitgeth'T in the wrong i-Mie tailed lo m:ether jii'l debts. Hat 1 inninnin that tin", under oil the cireutut'iue-'s ol th" cas. was no ju-tea'ise rf wir. .My liteii I from Oliio (Mr. Guldings) alluded t) tin i in biting Stales of tins Union, nud justly remarked th it mtnyot the gentlemen oi Ihis lljor w!io were o claunro n lor war niriin,-t Mexico, ic- ii-es 'tiled States wiiii'li bnd l.ttled lo nav their il-bts. a 1 1 haw giwn Gieat lliitain Ihe same light to invade ta.'ir teiritury mid bouitjard their cities that wi Inn to alt ick Mexico, solar ns the non liavineiit of debts is cj.ic Tin-d. 1 1 Willonlv allude to nnother instance of repudia tion. M xicois not th" only nation which Ins com inilt" I d -pred ilions on our commerce. Prance to-w.iid-lh closs of tiie last century, bad been gndly of tin oi.n a,tsof vinleiiee. Wc'dennnded repira-tio-i at her h'ui I. She admitted tlie jn-jtiee of our claim ; but, I'll n valuable ciniiideiniion, wc lelea'-ed he., nn I lieame oarsdves obligated to our citi.cns, woe h id be-n di'spuilc I ol tlmr piopeity by Pranee. A.i I whit Ins be u our trcntim-nt towards tlio-o ci tizens l We have turned a d '.if ear to lli.'ir pi'tui'ms liir h df a century , Hut during the las-t s-ssioii of the pres-nt Co lg.esi a bill vvaj passed, gr.anliug paitinl reiiel to our inuircdcilii.Mis. And what was the late of Hi it bill alter it leli this capitol i We all know that ii wis vt'.o d hi (lie lbciuL-nt. It was returned with o'j.eetious ol tin nust cxtriordin iry character, the pnucipel ef which were, that th" amount due wns too la ge, and bad been due loo long, an I that prn bahly iJoiigic3 had lad properly cou-ider the subject. lKre we --ee tlie President ol the United Slates par sjmg inwards uitr own cili..ns I lie very course of con duel tor which iie ariaigiH Mexico ;, ui.corditig to liu own doctrine, they ha,e as iut a cans.' of war ngai:it him, as we have itgaiust .Mexico, on account oi her hub itcdm s. Another cans., of war tel forth by the President is the rclustil of Mexicn to leceive .Mr f-hdeli. .Mr. Cliaiiiuan, 1 do ii"t pmpiwi. to go imo a detailed ex- aiiim iliun ol tlie coiie-pon.leucc iipjn Ihii subject. 1 wni siinplv say mat .Mexico nppmcd ilus Govern- in -.u in aui.i.iee tnai ine aiinexaiion ol iea9 would b- r':arded bv b'T ns mi act ol ho.-nhtv. U'l i- .i.iii.-.wu, i.i- ..icmciui .tiuiiMer ic-aueiu , ill thu country demanded his p i-porls and lelt the 'enmry; nn. I iliui di'plom in . niiercuur-e between , t i.i Goveniiu ut an I .Mexico ceased. Our Govern sabs quemiy seat a iuesigr. to Mexico, lo ns iviniu wn-.tlier she would op.'u diplomatic relations ii'i.l icc-ive a Minister Irom the I 'luted States 'l'he M xican .Minuter informed us that, although Mexico Hi id ju-t ground of complaint ngainn ine United 'Slates lor hrr omdntt in tfUttion to Tcxu, she I would leeeivf a connins-iuncr to tieiit on Unit su'ijcct. Aidwli'iiever Mexijo sp ike of receuitiT nc iigem this tloveruiueiit, sae was earelul to u-,nl!ic 1 urin " coiinm-woner,' and when theie isiinv expla nation whatever, any thing to h the meaniiig ol the I -nil, it is to.uinissiouer lo treat on the veiv s'll'iect which had been the cause of the suspension f diplo- to iiu. lui'iiu'ie, .. inuu-.c. was seal lo ..le iico, out i.i w.iat chir.ieter did Iu appear I In the character ol a special coin.iii'-ion I ro; he went ns nu "cn 'voy extiaordiuary nud minister pleniioientlary," to re ode nerrtlie Goveriuii''tit of Mexico, lie was an t.ion.e,l not to treat sp-cially iqion the subject which hid interrupted our diplomatic relations, but upon all sicdi in ili-pute between the two governments (and he demanded a reception ns a resident miiii-ti-r in .Mexico, clothed vvitli lull powers. To his lequist Mexico icplied that the nilcicourse between tin two government, was suspended on account of tlie nnnex- niio.i nl J exus, and il they were to receive a minuter le-ident i.i the country, it wool I be confessing tlint nnni'xi.tion was no just cause I r the recall ot their ' .Minisier j mi I that they could not do it. consistently their honor and with the usage of naiions j iliat they would receive a coiiiinissionei and th-y made this declaration to the ln-i a commissioner to treat 1 up-"' the subject which had interrupted our lelniions ( when that was disposed ol, they would receive n minister resident. Now. ii mav h mid. ibm tin. j was tpecial pleadinj ; tin ali-rlhoujl.i on the put or I .lll't Iff). W t'll . 1 il li ll 11 na i nil 1 h.iri, unl i tiling oi the same ciiaiactrr on our pa it I 'i'dy j? c.aird lo th? lat that H.e would vml a cumtms- s.oncr to tri'at upon tin g'i'-j ct win "h li id nil'M rut. ted I ourdip.mir.tic jelniion. th-j wou.d ri-ciVL' iiun j an I when that was diop(m'd ol, they would receive a mi n. -iter leiuli'iit. VVciniicd Unit they niuvt leceive a mini!' r irOc'd, or none at nil. Now, here arc tu- I icts i.i lie- ca-e. I do not un lerlake to decide win. h i.i thenu'it, and was in lb. w.-.,u'.' ; th-ie s.-ein to be u Im.e tpecut pleading on both s.des ol Ihe ipiciioll. AJ.niil.iig,, that Mexico was mere in ihe vrrjuilniuir, t lontenj m -re w.isn jnt cause of war in ins a-. Any nati-i.i, il b'l: pleass-s, hai a US it u st ind m nu m lepuideiit pos.tion. and le.W tu o.s'ii uipiouniie re.ations with oth"r l'o-.veis. it mi) b.- in ih.'iu In doit; bjt 1 have yt to l.'u.n it .a j.ii cause of war. Tuere has been a hill? bl ick r public i i our oh.i ncij-liborhooj, with w.i nn w have ieiu-e to i iterehui it tit fecivdili-s the s.ibyct has Ire.t I'titiv been biou.ihi n in thin Hoi ...iu voi.-a umvu ny iu verv men w ufee si iiuii'ur.iil toivniiU .Mexico, because the would not Mccu-.e Mr. Sndell ns miJ-nt miuieter. China. I o-iieve, to tins nay, receives no mim-ter leciJent n.-ar her ci oiveinuunt, from any natio-i whatever i 1 un may la. lolly, but it is not such a crime as wili ju.-'.ily a wnr. l!u ibe jjr iven charge broushl fo.ward by the I're 1 Fti.ct.t, undone which deseives more consideiauoii any other, is this : Mexico p.a-sed ih- boundary ol Ih- Luite.l Htates, invaded our territory, and i-lu-d Am.'iiAiu blood upon American uul. ll this charce w.u suttained, I udiiiit that il would furnish a lied cms id war. II il thu statement ol Ihe rie-tdent, bold nud bank, plum and uitelli'-ihleasit i, isunlor tunatrly wanting in j.Miee and li uth. The fids iu the case do not in nny decree sut un the l'resid -nt, t,.it t.iey aie totally iircco icilahle w;ih his position. as 1 th ill aitempt in .how. xieo pa-'ed o ir boiridarv ! Our army by the ui.u-tiliiWc crlcisof the l', j acd ihe bouu- . 0.11 y ol Alex.eo. .M.'Xleo commence hoiulltl S ! The . .ciia-.u .1 uie.i wai uic a'reajir. lie ordecd ,n. nrmy into .Mexico ; iu-ioinmeiiced hostilities, nut only , without la v, b.u i.i direct violation ol ihe liAt nrin,. plcsoi plcsoi oar orpinic i:.vv-.xe,cisma ihe war-ii-ahm-I power,anJth"iehy trenching upon the p.eioeaiive C an 1 could have been eou,..!i..,l m -im. u . ..w,,,!,!., wn ,e iney vvvre p, b.iou, , Tunis a ju-t statement ol t!uca. 1 will however ' nl, . !....... il. . I .'I I e. . ,7 ;' .'owoer, H'.. i.i I,... i.ii. - inn uiunuctaii nu-, .'il'ilems lie employs, imu ill 111.' Eiai.'lilellls I.i emai.csuuajlHjj;! 1 oi ins po.-.tion. I In the lire! pi ice, nnwever, I wish (o iy , 'p.-,. wh .lever wen li.i bo.iiui.mes, h.jj hy tiieri'hi i r volutieu As u.y lii-ud irom 'I'euae.Me (, ,,bscrv-d iu't ns iar ni she su-a. uued Kr aiuiori v lie th sword, and was able to maintain J, .r lu, .1 1. ., ,f tiiere her l mi.laiujiire to be mu.-ht. 'it iiiitiJrs m,V wh- t'.iersh was o.nfinillv bou id.'-.l h.-o... v... . .. .1 1 1 K.oG ml.' ; I'..' q 1 sito.i as to her nnuinal l... nary .5 e mrcly Kijie.h -ded. the rebelled aL'.imst the paietu country ; nnd iul so lara-sh exfuded her nuns an I in lli.t.aiiied her nulh rity , 11,-1, " " et...ded She l,eldV-r lerri.or by the tie by whielnho held heifeh-r.'.- rijll.rr , tint: but. while h 'r bound ny wis form ',y i!u. s,u: C"s,!,, ,hd extend her null,,,,,) over ,1ml river, m as to mehide Coipus t im!, ai1.( u lew s-Itleinentsoiiihvwe-leni bank of that ,eu.r 1 m,," th.s statement I.i nlvatiee. beciuw the jl n". , SiltK?!!-.?1-". .$" l'-'-' .'. "mice I vi -w i v,w 1 WLl " -Hitincny in I say, th-n, lint the boai lirv of Teias. in this nan of b. r dominion, vv s couiined within Ihe i.umi (1 if valley ..I the Nu-ees She iindesver..a!iem;,t ,'0 exteu 1 h-r nuthnriiv hei'i., ,ol 6;,p waJ .. '. iui j n-r .orc-s .110, .,, s .,n luMnn.-. s, pen irate lino , ..,,..,,, , ,r, , icy wereuttai y dsstroyed. captured, or pit to death, nn tin eveiv cv- I n. 1t11.11 l.'i,ini Hi. n .in 'I'.... ........... .t 1 11 .., r... .1.. 1, :i . I " , iiiic.iv iJiiCil. bis ."'.n And whs, nr ? nW''1'1"'1"1''1'' nuaek, than incur .he was iii"l n I or. jinallv in ihe l,oiiiiana grani. Well ihi. r "U' ''' " "i"w si.mos-i rii ir..'-.'V,t ,1,..., I wi... ,rl ... . ;ul' co"l " '"'.-sol ite pofi ion ol the fin , tndn withth- qi-.tior. II Texas once beloii.el'm tV U'lif d f l-ite, it wn cdedto neii'-- .."iui. .ua uiai account Th .,1 ,i,, i,.. I-,,, u...,l,.,.r 1.1.,.. , ":' 'u-n, lh' ..-.... -t" -.. 111 iiu. 11 shall not. first remark rk is. that iW? vvasuotreaiv m-.l... ,M Was IIO tri-nti. .7., I .' K inn Anna -niiliin"tlni,. 11 . i . . ..'.iiil- in ii ru. Uutinete never was a treat.. . ,i,..,' Iv'"1'??0''-'' tauoii rj ininesecoiii pi.iee, n was a ii.isoo.r i ,.. :. " ir: ''".:: i....wh,.,iia. ti....... .' " :,: i r our oi thi"iiii, ..'. iiw-wit uc.-it., " K..s. .s ; "n on mm nee iini: tlnrc was nothing tlint deserves tlii iinine of treaty, was ever ratilitd by the Mexican Government. , ll'itth.' l'nsid.'iit says that the 1 cxin Congrcra, In ISM, when fixing their boundaries, declared that the Hio (Jrnndo, Iroui its mc4 nth to Its source, was their western boundary. And '("P't'nds it belore the eonn try nnd bt'urc the world ns iiu nrijiuiieiit tojaslilyus in nur claim to the liio Grande. Now, Mr, Chairman, if the I'lcsident of the United -Jiiitcn law yer in bis country, nlioahl be called upon by one ol bin own clients, nud n-icd whether he could prosecute a claim successfully n gainst a iieisdibor to a porlionof land, mid nt the Mine time should infui in bun tluit he bad no other title to it that the dcelaiutioiiol the individual Irom vvboni be had leeeived his quit claim ileed, do you sappnic. he could hesitate a single moment in lei linn him that he had no cans:! whatever 1 I do not bo. heve there is a psttifoggi-r hi the country who would hcuitntc to derhire tim tbere was no foundation fur the flriini And tell ll. ill the 1'rciilcM ol the United fttntes, the head ol a great nation, in a public document, irea.l bel re the country and the worm, us a piiuica tion oiaa act ofvvnr.Lrings lorwnrd tint consideration nscvidi'iiee lliat the country to the Kio (irnndc was ours ' AVbo does not blu-h lor the honor ol bis country under rilriiliiamiO'"' liU-i. llnHi ! Hut tin 1'iesideiitsivs this was chimed by Texn t nt '1 exasileelar-d the lii Grands to western liuiuidaiy. Well, .Mexico declared tli" Sabine to be b"r eiisiern houndaiy. And what does that prove f As inneb is one ease as iu th ! other. The deel nation ol Mexico is us conclusive a that of Texas (neither oi them deserve, one Moments coiiM-lcrnlion ;:md the President h'un-'-ll.byadimtliug that New Mexico vvns a department ol Mexico, and Santa I'e itscnpitnl, and lliat it was conquered by our anus, virtually admits that this argument is dcservill'I t-l lio consldeintio'l. lie knows that boiindaii"S can be established only by treaty or by tho sw-tr I, a id that ticilh r of thes can b nlieg.d in lavor ol the chim ol Texas lo the Itio (irinc'c. Hut there is nnother argument of the President which deseives consnUreiio'i, and ii is tins Texas, sijs lie, had extended lu r authority beyond the N'wrce. and, to sum up till bis declmationi, because they all tall under tin same gctieial piinciple, they r. mount to tins. Texas had extended her mrisdktion bevond th" Nueces ; sin had a cu-toiu.ioiie at Coipus C'linstbon the immediate western b ink ot lint nver ( the people hvuii' on tint I iv t. in tin immediate vallev of the Km ci'S, hail been rcpr 'sented in the Texan Congress, and had liHsenuil to uiiiti vitioli to the fulled States ; the Umteit biates, by r.ctot nr Oonguss, had cs'a bli-h"d a custoin-bou.c at Coriius Chri'li i all lliesi things were 'rue jnt over tin river, on the west bank, iu the immediate valley ol the liver, and therrfarc therwore what I I neretore we Inil a title to tlieeoun irv.some oin hundred or hundred nud titlv miles tur til -r, to tho Kio Gian I, wn ue nut one ol tlice dccla- r.iiious will hold rrood ! Invouil the iSuecc. and thtrejorc to the Uio Grande ! Now, what kind of logic is t lis ! V hv. .Mr. Chairman, suiinose tint n ietion bad ari.-en beiore the Virginia puition of thi" Di&tnctbad been receded, involving the boundary of the District, niul it could b" proved that tlie lVlria extended soulh ol tiie Potomac ( tiiat Alexandria nud Jackson cily I.. i,,.. .,,,!. i,,,: II I.,,. it should be interred mat the Di-tiirt exfuded to the 1 .MK-issippi, what would be thought ol such nn argil-1 ui I 11 would be trcaled wim ik-ervcd ri Jiciue. ' ihis isihe loeicof the mpn"e. llevondtbe Po- t.Miiiic.iith tt'Mt'Jurt't) t!i5 Mi-iimi : and it i 1 siuiiii us ueyonu ine .Mieces.anu tneieiore 1 1 nu uio i 1.1 1 .. x ...'.' ... ! liraude. llcymd the .Vu.-rcs, unci tlicreloie to the ' presseu upaii ne .leAicancii'ioui-iiouseoilicerat Ira Kio tirande' i tos fcanti lyo by Lnpt. Hardee, who commanded the Who does not see the utter absurdity oftaeb icason-1 V,0Ii ,', whlch lic rtcoanoisaiuce ol l'adre ls- hll I And vet this I all tint th r- M t'n Hi . I''w ! land. bo.iti'dar4ii.ii.-iit. Ilett.ates sevenil hei, which he knows will apply to Corpus Chnsti and a narrow suqi ol land on tne wist Ij ink ot the Nu.'c. s, nud lo this nfoiie ; and then.b 'cause they are leijind the Nueces, he would have us believe that the sain u true over tin whole couniiy to tin Uio Grande, winch everyone knows is not Ihe ln t. And this a.tful and de ciptive naiein 'lit, the l.xecutive uifmpls to hide his own iniseond i -t, to coverup bis gross mt ol usurpa tion. I sperl; plainly on this subiect, lor ihe occasion demand it, nud th, cry of traitor shall not denr-n.c. 1 have now examine 1 all the arguments adduced by the Uxeiulive to prove our tide to the whole couutiy to tin Itio tirande; nnd, if they have any loice, I con es 1 liave been unable to perceive it, while the Uxecutive has failed to prove our title to the UioGrand and ilunfore tailed to ju-tily his own condact in or dering Gen. Tn) lor to that river, there is abundant evidence that the valley of the Itio Giande never be longed to Texas, and hence docs lint belong to the U. Slates ; nud this evideiv c mii't be know n lo Ihe Inc entive. Did he not know thai Santa Pe was on the ea.-tem side of the Uio Giande, and that we had m a gnat vaiut of wjjs rkuowledjred that tliat was a .Mexican cuyt Did h not know that our Govern- mem interceded with .Mexico lor Kendall and other American citizens taken in tlie famous t-atiis l'c ex - pediiiou : an J ihat in that correspondence was admit i"d that New Mexico wasjusil) a part ot lb.' .Mexican Hcjuiblic 1 Was h iimoraut ol tl.u tact that we had n I uit.ul residinii nt B-uii t IV, nnd ihat by nn net of ou-rcs3.paMe(l.Mai43J. bl iu iela'.i...i lo ibaw. hick, wv provi I' d Tjai goods nm to Sunt,! le. i.i Mexico, t-hould be nititled to that drawhaclit Has Iw lorjjtleii the lact that Mr, S-cntaiy Walker, m'cr last, n k- c tl.c 1 1 1 iti,, u 1 1 that ret nnj iicoijnises Kama I'e as a p.itol .M-xuol All lliese tarts are well knov.-n to h.ui, nnd hence h- tells us in this very message tint Gen Ke.irtiey Ind taken New Mexicu, und Sum f'e, its ra;i.M(,nnd etaM..i ed a terriiorul ii 'veina.eiit there. v lir.t, th-n. Ik' comes ol his nrjt'i.o 'iit.ioun.Ied on the ncioi ihe Tex nn Coiv,'rcss, that th 1, 10 Grande, f-om its uiouili to its souiee. was their winern Lound.irv. That a'u in.nt isj.rst ns good on ih? one j.-irt ol the rivras on th otuii i just as tiroi srni New .Mexico n tu Tannu hpas, nsconelu-ive 1.1 -auta I'e as 1.1 .-mtiagi. The pretd-nl inoie purtol h:3m"fiage ndiu'ts its fiis ty 111 New Mexico, i.n.1 b.'iiee yi ih-- h d 'aigjni'.'iii. Ail the documents coinu'cfd with tins whole ma tier show lit it the boundary ol Texas coul I not have been the Uio Grand The Tylei treatv S'.-inedto lake it fir granted, that we t-h and hold lue v,'iio,e coumi.v ; but Mr. Oalhoun, more sagacious linn the IVisi.leut, was earelul to iiiK.riu the M"iean tlovernineut t'ini ihe Uiuiidaiy 111 open to tieut i.ui.i would be s tiled on libeinl giouud-, .Mr, 11'-'. Hon, in dueussing that tieaty, showed mo-t cnichisivcy that never owned within n hundred miles of the UioGiande ; and -o lorciuie was 111.1 ..reouicu!,, wneu me joint ri so lution wasprepaieu, ine language was guarded The ttnitinj properly included leithm, and liuhtfuHy belonging to. Texas" Audit was further p-ovnled Ihu, when denied into a Stat , the Gnci.-il Govern mem will claim the rtpht of s-tihii'' nil (juestious cl boundary tint inayatise withoiher tioveiniiienn. nnd the rntndcut. m his v.-ar inessar;? o .Mny l-..t, sai.l that he gave .Mr Sli.lcll lull power to kmiIc the que., lion ol bound iry, and could not consent to have ihe question ot boundary separated 110:11 that of our claims iqio.i .Mexico. Now, sir, all thcs provisions nliout lmmi.lary nre p-itecily mom -less, on ihe saipo..i:oti that me Un Granje is the tiue boun lary. ii vvejutly own toihat nver, Ihe boundary is alien ry settled, and lequtics nnd allows no negotiation iqsr.i the subject, llveiy .!ocu. incut saouiitic.l by the 1'resideiit luinsf, shows Ihe in i-orrectneso ol his nfi-n inuited declaration, ihai Mexico inva led the united States, and convicts h lu ol ngioss inisre,rcsen;.aitoii. wim-li has bela lien 1 he country 'J'lure 13 a .leepleel- '1 lie com' bctweu Mr. D.melson, our mgm the couutiy agil tin the extension ol plavvry C'Laige in Texas, and am Govcrmiient, snliiuiiie I by 'l'ucie me ihou-mds upon tliou-an Is 1.1 the Noithern t'ie I ic.iident in h s annual mcssige (. D.-cembcr ", ' fc-'clionot the Union (and lull.i.lelo 110 hn.iiics.b.u to laj,cjiiuiii.3cou,',uM,eeiilcnic nl'the ol our Eober,ileliberntu,nnd suibtaiilial men, men who have chim to tne Kio Giand', the utter lalsiiy ol tne 1'ic-i i 'he goodol ihe country at heart) who would lest-t, by dcni'sdcclnrat.on. every menus m llieir power, the estabiish.n.-nt ol.lave- Mr. IJ.)ii.dioi.,v,riii'tgtn Mrliuchanan, from G lives I ' in lhe.e .M-xicni provinces, it mey fhould be tin ton, under date o June '.', 1815, riy, is b-heved nx. d to th? Ij.uied Slates. This teeimg is both strong that .Vi xico isconeemi.aiuig lumps on h,. !io Grande 1 and deep, nnj ihe prosecuiion ef Ilus war ct conquest wh -re Texas, as e t.has ct.ubi.-h -d no pusis." , iiconinbutingdaily to ihe ineieiise ,f that L'.ider dateetJun; '.'3, IS15, .Mr. Diuei-Jii says to Iirl this war go on, let victory crown our ilv j.-relnry: " 'l'ue territory between the Nu.-ces , .Mexico will jield up a portion of her teinlory, nil I ihejtio Grande, yu 1 are uvvar'', has been 111 po.s. i and I fear thai our success would he more da libelous to sen-ion ol both p-iiuei. Texas has h-i I in p u e Cor- us thuu deleat j we should have questions ol internal pusChrisii. -Mexico Ins held Saninno. Iloih par. reguhiiion, w hich would be more ditlicull to settle than lies have had occasional possesaiin ot IiJiauo and . lb;- boundary b-iween us and Mexico, other higher points Mexico however, has thiealened tins House on the two million appro, a reii"W-..o w.u lur the whole olTexn,il sue a.vcpts priution suull teach geiulenicn a lesson When thepn.pos.ils lornnuexation to the Union, lfshe un- tint sum vvasuseil lor, ihe mends of the l'reident, dciltike9".u.:hnn expedition, she ofeouise puts upon south ot .Mason and Dixon's line, nunc lorw.ud in a the h.iitardof war tlie whole claim, nndgives us the transport at th- glorious propeii of peace ; and they right otgnti nt o i!y to th.' Uio Grand.', bat where called upon us to lorg.-t nil party ties and go with ihcm ever el-. we in ly please " 1 m a body, that the President iinght be cnal.led to con- 1 lere, Mr. Ch'iuin m, we have Ihe confeirn.n of our own ng. "il, sent lo 'l exis to ksik ruler o ir interens, j learn Ihe I icu 111 the cass, lint Texus had no postsou ihe Uio Giande , mat Mexico held antiago, and that our right mgoio ihe Itio Giande would exi.-l only in case ol a .i.veshii war with Mexico, which would n tact give us the tame right to go any vvheic Clie in .viexieo, Tin-same conf.s-ion is made in his noli; to the See. retary.uuJ.r the date ol Jalv i. ISl.i. "Mv nomiion i. tint we i' in hold Coipus Ctnsiinud oil oilier points up the Nu'cos. II iittnikeil.the right of d 'I nce will 1 11 mil nuuionze u, to expel the .Mextciini u. the Kiodnin.le I leiuvsol linmeill lie oof-'ssioii ol I he fill lory to the Kio Grande. You will iiud tliat I have g I udedi very point." In a letter to Gen. Taylor, June CStli Mr. t)anl'on uses nenily ihe Kime language, "'i ll? wcuUilion of o'-iweeii me .x u.'ees nil.l lue mo iir-iuuc, : ' ' I". - . I ' rV " " - n iliat.i.i.. I '!',.. .w ...... "-urlm 1 "iieu j .nexi-o holds .-sjntisgo, near 111 ill in II in 1 .ran,.. lias referred to ibe of - 1 lercl Mexicn lo acknowledge ihe m - - . l'.T i Mliu. i .mv i.i.i. cpted or carried out by Texas. I shall not nt this nine nutnupi loeunuoveri tnis iiuctrine, but will con tent mjsell by Ki)lmf, that II the treatybe vnlid for one purpo-e, it U lor nnother. If it settles the question of 1 emu independence, it establishes the fact Hint Texas had no settled western boundary like that ol tin Itio Grnnde. The preliminary such it can be cal led, provides, iu its 31 and lib articles, ns lollows: "3. Limits mid other conditions to be lnatlcr of ar rangement in the final treaty. "I. Teviswillbe willing to remit disputed points rripecting tenitonj nud other matters to the aibitra tion of timptics." This preliminary treaty, signed by the Texan Secre tary of btnte.nnd approved by their l'ie-ident, does not presume that tin western bonndatv ol Texns is the Kio Grande. On the contrary, it ndm'its that the boun dary is in Uipute, mid is a fair subject for reference to mi arbiter. Hut let us sec the comment of Mr. I)onelon on this subject, Texas wished to have the United States take niuiiary po"scston up 10 me uio Grande j but .Mr, c-lou II J lo I ne lin irnii, - l.nt , ', m nisnote lo .Mr. UuUianan, July 11, WIS, " The proclamation of a truce between the two na tions, (Mexico and Texas,) founded on propoiitions untinlly acceptable to them, leaving the question of InnnJ.iry not only an open one, but Jhxira in ;uw j simi nf the rant bind of t tic Urn Oiande, seemed tunio incousisieni wim me expectation that, in defence oflhe claim ol Icxas, rmr troops should march immediately luiouiivei. vi iiiiie rx?p oi i nviia i , teriiiiueil not to fight lor, but to settle by negotiation, to say the least ol it, could be ns well lelt to the United States on the same conJitions." Hut tiie proof of the falsity of the resident's position uo.s uuiMo, iK-re. .vol oiny me uocumcnw siiuunt ted with liisniinual message, but the document sub- 1 niiiieii Willi ins war ines5ig in .Vlnv last, conta in perlect reiutation ol b.s di-claialion '1'ne following general older shows so conclu-dvvly that Mexu.ii wns in possession in the valley cf the Itio Grande, that I will give it notice. "War Department, July 8. 13Ij. hir. The department is informed that Mexico has some mililaiij cstuhliilimcuts an the eatt side of the Jin Gi awlc, tchic.'i aie.nm! for some tiutr hare'lcen, i.i th" actual otcupaut y nf her trmpa. In cnirymg out the nisiruclioa heretolore leeched yen w tllbe caic- lui o avoid any nets ol nggies-ion, unlc-s nn nclual state olwnrshouidexi't. 'I he Mexican forces nt the 1 P' sts in their pus ssion.and which have been so, will , uoi oe iiiMiirucu ns long as ine iciauons ol peace be tween the United States and Mexico continue. ... ,n WM.L. MAltCY. "ling. Gen. A. Taylor." General Taylor, in In official despatch to th; De paitmcnt of ur, under date of Kbiuaty SO. 1-ilG, says: r".'J,rivc taken o"cnsion to rctiresent to some citizens oi .oiiiiiiiiorn", i u:i i ine i;niiL'U stales (internment occiinvms the Kio Grnnde. has i. moiiv.. r,l b.iill,,. ! ,n.,..,.,lu . .i V . i ,. . ' i .i ' "V "", " , u.riny win m no case go hvinVn .h - .n11''?''.! 1,,'.nrlv,'"9i,,e -Mexicans , k . " ' " o'..V 'f,' b'; di-turbed m any way by . i .i .. . w. ... ,. ,, ,.- iii iiui- n . tutu un-i win ui nrcif-ciPd 111 n I i ir rur it a "" ' """" '" ""iig vvmcninc army may lltvJ w"' ,LT P nchavd from them nt t nr prices. I "is" ',l,lte'1 " Vntl1 ,'!lallcr s-'.ould be tuvilly nd- ...i.i . . . 'J'15161 neiwecn me iwu uoverumenis the harbor ot o niuago woniu oc im-n to tuc tree uw ol the , V. I" Yl '1(11 li tl .-.tutor.. '.'It. dir. n ................. i... , ,w , , .... 'i.. fu- iu. , ('en. Taylor, in his subsequent letlcr., infoims the i.ccuiivc mai.oii ins vv.iy iioni Uorpus Ubristi to tiie ItiuGi.ande, he was nvl by ihe Alextcan cavalry, whof coinniauderinlbii.'U'doui olhceis lint ourcrua suiK tiie Anoyo Coloiado would be considered ns an act ol hie-nhlics; that lie w.asaHo met by a civil dep ut.ition.pri'ti'ftin'' auamst his o,cupyms tiie country, that, in upproaclnni; I'oint 1-abel hetound the place in H.aiue; that thecal' nvoViii committed the act; tliat tli'y "luimJ icj or t.nce iwffenstte Mexicans their, the nil luteins Int fur JIattiiiii.itis." These despatches hoin Gen. Taylor leave no doubt as to the poes ston ol tlr country in tiie valley ol' the Uio Grande. The executive pavs that ?.le.ico lias military pn-ts tli"re,and Gen. Tnyforvij sthathclound .Mexican soldiers m tlie countiy; that there was a i .Mexican cu-toui. house at Uraos Santiago; that the Mexicans had heeu-.e o the noit and harbor ; that tlie I poit captain tit l'mut l-abel had died tlie town ; that , the .MeMcans living oiitlic ca-t side ot the Uio Grande should not be distuibcd ; iiiid,li:iallv, that they iniaht uiuieistaua mi policy, n; ivsue.i lus proclamation to thatcllcet ; and, as they vveie Mexicans, he uu-d bu proclamation in their language. All these l.e Is show, be) oud a doubt, as itsem'tn ' me, that our claim lo the whole country, to the Uio 1 Grnnde, is based on no solid foundation. All th se r.cts ! wcrc.ol course, known to ihe executive, torthevnre ' found in documents submitted by hiinscl! to Co.ij-re-s. And)et the l'ieident,tr:mipluiir upon the lights of a co-orduiatcbiiinch of the. Govern. uent, and so viola- , Ung the l.oulilutloii he had sworn to support, orders the army Into th country ofa nation Willi whom we ' ne in pence , 1111.1 ineco.iiui'jiiumg general, ncii'ig mi lder lusoid, us, en-els a tort mil morns Ins cantiuu wnlwi th? icachota Mexican cily ; blockades the Uio (irande, so as lo cut olfnie supplies from the M-xienn aimy at .Mnfiinnuis ; sends out n loice under dpi I Thornton, which is believed lo have commenced tu" 1 altnck ; and then, In turn uuhiic nlle.ilion liom In , nwn nets ol usiitpatioti thr I'lcsident comes belore t. ougiess, 111 111 !,iippealmg 10 lh-yinp Hies ol the . ib.icanddeciaicsthat .Mexico InsinvndeJ the United M.n-s, an l-hed Atneiican bloo I upon Amei.can sod ' rv jw, .Mr Llnirinin,is it not hauulinting loes not every American b!uh lor the honor of his co intry, when he sees the llveutive .tit loith a document like Ihe.Me-sige belore us, not only un-n.t iiii"d by I let, but m direct oppos.tiu.i toiVts.itsa justitie.itiou ol the warm which we nre lio'.ven.jaged 1 " 1'ne .Me.xic.ins l iv.mcu ine rniled Hintes 1 ' Let the l'reul -in, or l-t th-' I'rcidenfslneuds.lnve it under ihe most favorable circumstances the lucts will admit. Allow, if you i"c" , 'ii". ...e oouuuary was 111 4tipuie, mm now Is the ca I Why. the boundary is m dispute, but Mexico is m nnsscs-lon : and while lhere is a eno. trovcrsy.ii dipuie,pes.'ssion luim-hes 0 pood title 1 o-weioii,in Uw,isa!wa)saguod title against atrcs- pa--ier. Now. with nil these facts stnrin liim i,i f. ' what induced the I'lesident to take "this course I Mv ' hiend Irom Teiine-v (Mr. Gentr) ) has pointe. unqacsiionably, the principal motive of action 11 cas-' 'i'he l'lei-ideut vvisii-.l todr.iuvuihhis ad e.I out 111 this hum i-tiatiun,aiid he wished todi-tingm-h it by a further nc. iisi.i.oi lennoiy ; ne wisaeii to acquire a lurge por tion ol territory 1 1 that s .vtioii ol ih- U.nmi, in order to give ine .-3,111111 n peipetual preponderance 111 the eoan cm 01 the iuninn. i'h it was, unque.-tio nbiv. tlie 1110- iive wli'Cli led hun to take thai Hep; anjth .1 mgerof 111 11 policy nas beea nho aliu led to bv mv t.iend this 11101 iimg n. id th-1 Linger is imminent. The vote taken 1 1 this lto'i..,i i ihe 01 ihe last sck-.oii, is a lair xpoi.e.11 i i me uciings 01 me countiy. And I will leu gentlemen, north and it the-e .Mrx can provinces are to h annexed 10 the United .States, 11 q'ie.iiou will grow out ol that nmicxaiion, nioinen- 1 tons iu its character, ti ml noi. vvlio;. m-.v t,...d tn n amity greater llnnihe war Willi oexico, or any other elude nu h inoiaUe itealy. Hut when a ccitainiuoii so was 111 0 p .rated into ih bill, eve.y man ol ihein look Ihe alarm and opposed its pa-age. 'i'hey knew ntthe tune that, if tu.' l.x'eunve vvaiiicd ilus money 1.. bribe 1 aredes, or 10 hire .Sinta Anna to return lo Mexico, or in Inn the ll lines ot discord or sow ihefeds ot leioluiioti in tuat country, or 11 11 was wanted lor th" pun IliS'.' ol p'lllliliv. It woul I he -n noi.l .1.1.. 1 vvim that proviso as wiiluut. Tliat amendment up- pi.ea 10 dui a single sun eel tne extension ol involun tary servitude, and the. U lited vole ol Ihe President's In aids in the South shows with what inipuitanee they regarded lliat provision. And Icuuesay, ur Chaii, lint tne null ate not alone in their estimate ol thisqi lion. When comes belore th? people the .'oi.n ...u oeusuuueu as .ne foul'l. It vvi become u I'l-stion on vvhieh ihereian be iioeompioinise.nn.l the J i.if gril.vol the I .Hon may lie involved in the issue. "c Aorihein nnj Soiiihe.n wingsif ihe Deiuocrat. ic pail)' o n. lit to deal JJirly Willi eacn on this -...-' ...... . .....u. m no.:; u.c ue.eiiunic i tu r.- aOllbll SiaVCI V 111 ailV ler.llori 1 levnmi n......rAl.. .... - ' ".- ' ".'I'". "J V'1' men iNuriiieru irn iius ol Dial lie- have nn nc aunt lo settle nl home, which will icnuire nil their intent uiand i souices. ' "lq4lrc N'ovv.Ir Ch'irnian.ns this wl.oles.d ,r !.0.','!.'.!L'.r.,.,.clA' '? '"' '1 danger ii ,t I not ihedictate ol dutv nn I ol .i, .?. . . .. ! will, and to do it in ndvnnce I One tslse strn at the ....... rrk...-r, iuinou wuhiii ihe last . months mid ifw ego on conquering lo conquer, our friends, who nre nntieipnting sueli fmnraUeirxittt Irom the acqui sition of southern territory, may find, when it is too late, that their joy may be tamed into mourning, nud their mirth into heaviness. They niny find ngitntions nt home, more to be dreaded than the armies ol hanta Anna, and commotion" in theinid't of thcni.inorc san guinary than th" revolutions in .Mexico, I hey ; may liu I that "conquering a pence" nb-ond may chtuib harmony nt home, nnd that dismembering one Ilepuli lie may rupture another. If we nre to rush madly into foreign conquests, we may bring upon our own country evils which no pntriot enn contemplate but with tears. That the present war is one of conquest there can be no question. The letter which has been read tins morning addressed to Co'. .Stevenson by the Secre tary of Wnr nuts that que-slion bevond nil manner ol dou'il. Tint letter is well understood by the public. OOU'H. 1 11 ll leiier is en iniuvisiuuu uj ... i ; , I " nnd gloss miiouuts sub-.taulinlly to this : Mexicomii-tbediimcin'jer-'dc.therbysvnror i by revolution. A regiment of arm 'd emigrants man J me State Convention field in Atontpelicr in Oc be sent to California ( Ua-y mift bo enli'-ted v; ith an , , t i , Am-mr, these books was "Trn- f:.. ' " . , J,U liTm into Colimrnia to lemam during .1,; J war, lulls into our hands during tlie j war, or is ours on the return of peace, tiny are to re ' main in that country j if int.ili 'y will, ot the conclu sion of the war, be iuaiched jut acio-s tlie line into Oicl'oii nnd be di-chargcd, Willi the express under standing that thev will immediately return to Califor nia. raise t ic stall laru oi levou, o -ciarc meinseivi s in dependent, and, Texas. like, be annexed to tin United States. Such, beyond controversy, was the design ol tlint rntciprise ( and it 'hows bow Iowa wen k or wicked Adiniiii-trntioo mnvstoon. If we were dent ing with the Power before which the President was di posed to quail ill the settlement ill the Oregon qucs-1 ii. the Administration .-veil nfi.-r tin return of peace, 1 turn might be called upon for an explanation, il such n letter ns that of S-ereiarv Ma rev should come to their knowl- fdge, nnd have reference to any ol their possessions The newly organied governments in New Mexico nnd California, under the direction of the Uxccutivc, no doubt, shows the object for which the war is prose cuted. II it the Pres dent nssures as that ho docs not vvi'h to disiiiemhr Mexico, nnd is leady to innke peace. Hut on what terms 1 .Mexico, wc nre told, mii't pay t'n cxpeiecs of the war. Now, every one knovvsthc poverty ol mat d slrnctcd country. Her finances nre so deranged that she is scaicely able to support her army m the held so poor that the mam nope ot the I oori ibe war ll.-,,,s ibe l'resiilent believe that Mexi'o reiurn oi peace n louuueii upon i er uij i , -up. can pay ns fifty millions of money to reimburse us lor the e.xjKjnsts ot tlie war 1 Djcs he not know her utter inability to meet such a demand in specie I Did be not inform us, in nis two million message, that Mexico wns so poor that she could not conveniently wait till the treaty waj i.ati.'i-l, and, therefore, lie dcircd the twouuliioiis fo ns tube able to pay her in n lvar,c;,to keep her niinvquiet until wc could recall our troops 1 -it...' .v.. . r.i..,.M,.i oi. . . .."I " .m"'l; ...7. .i." mai sue lllll-l eiu up n-.-i ii;iiiioi lie.- iy n.alls of )rmn!.nt t her ihposn. And so in- ic i idinc rrcs i c 1 1 in ui es no ui ec.x coin now's. .,, that he Ins d-clared to ihe world that he will prosecute tlie war with vigor i that he will consent to i n . .. rtri..,.rt . iv in nn-iter, i ui in cuiiiimtv iir i.-ir ui uuitucii aiM conquf-t even allot a irentv o jiracc hnll liae i tinrUvmaaeinhit.No million mct-sace-rin avowal . wotthy only of thi ns of barbniisn. If thitailml- ntr:itio mint rh. k,d in its mnd rniw if tin- Pi. . .. . . ' iueni is allowed to exercise any litis allowed to exercise nnvnnd everv nower i which may furtlnr bis nmbitious designs, the day js only in name. Slmll nrmuteil to K"on without irhuivt, or M:all tlie IVopk-'a Hcpre-fmatir nt-it tli'ir ri'ht ? Jt i iru that oil who -jnk irt-cly will be bminifil n-i traiior" jbnt tlip l'oopl" W'illdi'cuK whether ikvotiou ti our cimnliy not be nt eirL-rtually cx hibiti'il in djicadiuourcoiistuutioii as in trampling u under foot. FREE PI ESS, IU'ItMNCiTON, VI. miDAY .MOU.VIXG, JANUARY 1, 1517. " In the uap.k and xnotnLrn moiitthat is. nrov t;s, TitEr.r. is .o Stap. aeovi: hib iio::izon ro OIVC USA GI.EAM OF LItlllT, EXCl.rTING TIIE INTELLIGENT, I'ATItlOTIC WllIC? TAItTV Of THE Umtkd States." DatM Webster. 3J" Wo wish our hind .N-HVV VEAK." rcadeis " a iiaitv The Mexlenn Wnr. Wc have devoted a largo space in onr col umns, this wek, to an eliicidiUon of tho true position cf 1'rcsidttit Polk, vvitli reference to the War. It our rental s will do us the kindness to bjsto'.v upon the article from tho National In. tellijonccr, and the speeches of .Mr. Hi-dson. and .Mr. GcNTi'.vof Tenne'-ee, the time requir ed for an attentive peru-al, we are sure ihey will fuel no inclination to complain of the space they occupy. We piibli-h them because they furnish a conclusive reply to the electioneering d-icttment which hrs b-en circulated with tin fpariue; expense, nnd in unlimited number?, a tho Message of the President nf tho- I'nited States. We regard it a precisely no such thing. It is n xolitminous, inc-enious, elaborate and attempt to vindicate .James K. I'olk, from the crushine; weight of popular conuemna lion, which his ill-considered nnd lawless acts completion in tho intelligence, b-.t-iness energy have drawn around him. This we believe to j and professional reputation of the gentlemen who bo tho whole end and aim, and it is nearly the I propose to undertake the work. Wo notico whole mailer, of this miscalled message. And j among them Me-srs. Pakmalee, largo Contrac therofoie we c-teem it onr duty, as it i? onr tors on the Cheshire, Mr. Pratt from tho Vt. right, to send a r-fula'ion of its mis-t-itements, ind an exposure of its duinigogiiisin, ju-t as fir as v.e have, sent tho mis-ivo itself. .Mr. J.unss K. Polk docs no. enjoy the privilege of giing before tho readers of this paper c.r jarlc. Wo have given him the use (or abuse) of oar columns and a multitude of them ! and wo shall nuke free to show tho fal-itv of his staic. tnents, and expose the southern range of his nitnotism and concern for this Union, bv 1 10 b.'st means within our rcncli, tliroii'j!i tho famo in odium. Wotaltc ccca!on agiin to commend to our read.'rs tho able and thorough articlo front tho In'tVg'n: r. .Mr. O&N'Tiir, whoso spce:!i will . also be f Jtiud on the Out page is a Teniiessecan, and knom tc man whose air catties ho so l-onjjhlv demolishes ! The Speech of Mr. IIld- s-on-Js, like all his, clear, demon stra. live, and complete. With these public ations tho scandalous errors, an 1 unfounded asump- Hons, ol Jam?s K, I'olk s Difence ol hims.'ll nny be salely sent among our intelligent rpj. 1 pie, vvhn will judge, in tho words of Mr. Hudson-, " whether devotion to our Country may n ot bo as eni'Ctually exhibited in defending onr Con stitution, as in trampling it tinder f.wt." IVace Alieml I The X. Y. Tribune hit J it from "unJoubted authority" that fc'enntors Uexto.n- and Ckittex den, and I.x-tiuv. Wkioiit tiro to bo conunis sioned to proceed tu Mexico and arrange tho terms of a treaty of Peace with that superb Kepublic. Ulterior measures are darkly hinted at. Wc understand that Gov. Wntoiir, is decided on the subject, and has been heard to ex press in the most emphatic manner Id deterininalion, in case Mexico should prove refractory, 'Vo liquor." later intelligence, however, fails to confirm tho foregoing rumor. Glorious Triumph in thu Old Itny .State. Tho election on Motility last in Districts No, 2 and I, (where there was no choice In Nnvenv bcr), has resulted in the triumphant election of i...... n ii.. ........ nn.i iv. ..... ii i.-.. .!. 1 ii. , m . i . N lug candidates ! Massachusetts now stands erect with no tt iln of Polkerv upon her garments, I Jverv District in the Slate is nnvv represented bv a Whig' PRCrXItN (ir THE rOL'RTll I)lS.TEInt . , Veh-ioni upon the samerroudcniiiiencc ! The (.'ovcriimentnl Instructor. Our attention has been called to the fact that "The Oovr.r..N.MENTALl.NsTRUCTon," Mr.SiivitT-t-Et r's adinirablo little School Hook, designed and well adapted to impart a knowledge or tho character nnd " modus nperamli " of our National and State Governments, was omitted from ths list published in our paper of last week. Wo have nodonbt that thin omission was wholly un intentional, ns tho Resolution adopted by tho meat'njuf Superintendents, over which our ex cellent County Surerintcndcnt, Mr. I'AitvirLEr, . j rccominfliiKi "tho books proposed b ,. . . ""nu vj rr.NMnNTAt. hstnccTOR," which Was adoptc-dby tho Convention as a Text Hook for SclioolslW-,t, entire unanimity, as we happen to know. Wo tire sorry for the omission, however it oc curred, because wo look upon Mr. Siivrtleff's book n.s eminently entitled to honorable notice from the appointed guardians of our educational interests,and to universal adoption in our Schools. It slinnlios a ib'fieipnrv vvbieb Iihs Inn lonir evict. ,. . ..ri.. r .t ma department of instruction of very great in terost and importance. We again express thebclief that the omission complained of was entirely unintentional on tho part of our very intelligent Hoard of Supcrinten dents, and trust the matter will be appropriately attended to. Defining n position. The CUcimr, a paper published in Phillips burgh, C. !. speaking of a man xvho was drowned, a few days ago, near Kytnvvn, says " his friends, it is said, live in the ncighborhtxi if ,nc Champlain." Lake Champlain having but about 300 milci of " sea coast," this notice is probably sufficient ly definite. "J.ct its ret tit 11 to our Mutton." rieneh rroierb. Speaking of sheep reminds us of a den.l one. (commonly called mutton,) tint we happened to SCO, the Oilier cav, m jIR. I'lTXIN 3 Meat MarUt anJ that does honor to the rosettes ar.d other adornments with which it is garnUhed.- ' rriit rnn-nn it un tint rr: fin niit-i! nnrl viTPnthf-n in imitiitinn nf tlin rlnscir. nrri(ifp-i. hrfure it was slain, 1-, wo conclude, that Mr. Pitkin d'uVnt know it teas fo fat ! We suggest to tho admirers of " fat things" to call at the Market and examine for themselves. If they do not pronounce that mutton a superb specimen of what good living will do for th-j brute creation, and a tempting illustration of what good living is among " human-," then they need'nt buy any of it fur itiso.' sold. Mr. has dona his part of the work like an artist ; and we think ho will agree with us that that animal dcscneJ scientific treatment ! XT The NC Albans Messenger expresses its obligations to Senator Utiiam for a copy of Polk's Mcsfage " tn one lolumc '." A Solo on the Oliiciul Orgnn. Tho U".i..iiigoii t'nion speaking of the Mes sage of Mr. Polk in reply to Mr. Girret Divis' resolution, thus complacently magnifies itself for its surprising sag icity nnd foresight: " We nre happy to untertand from unquestionable 1e.1l i.i...,-ut..a 1.. I .. ,.r. tW nr ice r-t-"S-i ' mentary instructions laid befoic the llou-e of Uepre s -illative" y"-!crd iv, have proved satisfactory to soma ofth opp iitton, (vc ho-ae all, or nearly nil- as they nre 10 t'ie Dma;:.ats. Il'traiita-matc I the call for in-fo-mation many weeks ngo. ITc were anxious that it shoul I b- nn'l. H'j knew bow it would termi nati m the di-ipatiou of nil huuibiis and specula tions, nnd in th' entire 6at.s,acuj:i of the Americsn people." I If the venerable organ-grinder is right, if '-all humbugs'' are "dis-ipated" by this Message, it is a plain case of suMJion the part of Mr. Polk. Cliuuiplniu nuil Connecticut Itncr ituilroad. This is the last day for receiving proposals for con-tructing tho "Itutland Hoad," and n largo number of Contractors are in town to submit their propositions. The friends of this enter prise have an additional guaranty for its early and Mas-achu-ctt- and Cheshire, Mr. Hevins from the Northern, Mr. Van Pelt from the New Vork Works, Mr. Ciia videklain- from the Pub lic Works in Canada, Mr. Dillon', nf the linns of HooDY it Co., Mr. MeCulIochs b tilder of tho Croton P.iver Water-works Ilridgo Mr. nr.p rtELD, Mr. IJ.vr.KEa, Mr. Aitleton and ethers., who have bad much experience in the construe j t'0" of Railways and other Public Improve-. tnents. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders will bo held at PititlanJ on the 13th int., nt which time, we suppose, the bidding will be dec'tdej upon. "AM and Comfort." Mr. Kennedy, a I-ocofoco in Concrrcss from InJiini,is of the opinion that it is mughtvin the ! u '"Ss to "discuss Mr. Polk's War until it shall i UJ cmleU' 1 ho following is an extract from his speech, on the IClh lust., as reported in the Con gres-ional Globe : " If (lnt1l-n-!!1 Wttrn .l.l.n.:...! . ' . n iimil. ii ii. i-iiiji on ,o. I cour-c of discus,ion, he nked Ihein if they could do v .,.iioi iiini; wnony uuu coiuiori to ourcne " mies I 1 he cfl'-ct iinght be to induce them Tihe " .Mexicans lo carry on the war, and, if they did, i " leould finally annihilate them"! This is certiinly an ingenious illustration of the e(Tecl of giving "ay and co.Mto.iT " to an en emy ! . The Courier nnd Unijuirer is indulging in bitter complaints about the late election in New York. We hope even that paper vv ill yet admit, what is obvious to pretty much every llndy else, that tho election turned out 'rigkt,uct all. To n Correspondent. Onr correspondcnt.who sign, himself "a friend to duration," and who furnishes us with "A few words of advice to the Ilakcrsfield Academy and Literary Association," must excuse ns from publishing his communication. Wo cannot go into 'rartWm Countyio a waken tho embers of discord and strife in "tho Groves ofthe Academy," Quarrels among literary folks are proverbially the most inveterate and acrimonious, (our cor respondent will rcmcmbcrthe great Wakei-biox, who wns styled by Ins friends "t ir magmts, acer, wmorahitii"), and we do 'nt mean tocncotirairo them. We recommend our correspondent to "go i . ' 1 ,0 M,c lomn,,' 1 f-m. n T 1, .1 . . . nit aeed7l vcars,

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