Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 8, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 8, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 8, 1847. imJ more, prohibit-, ihtiiiotir limited Information' on the subject warrants iisiiisaji";:. V have heretofore looked ocr Mr. Hi.i.ct's articles, (wliich through his kindness wo liave in pun. phlet fenn) al11' 'mve 'JCcn tnncli interested liy the beauty ami clearness of his demonstrnlion, which nui'thc our apology for nbtrmliiifr our crudo suggestions, in place of the results of scl entitle and practical investigation which our cor respondent desiw. Our colnms are cheerfully tendered for tho-o who may to willing tn com municate the information sought by ".M." METEFIOLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR DECEMBER 1046. IIurmnotov, 1 mile Hast of Lake Chatnplaiu and 2&G feet nhovc it. lCl I'll TIICRM 1 WINDS. lSAKO.MLTCIt. Huriini-ton I.aiv School, 17 8 18 10 ,U .. ,Lt.., ,.' 1 U l..' M2U 2j, Tho nc.t term of this Institution, as will be seen from tho advertisement in our columns to day, will commence on the 3d of February. W. ti!.r nlnntiirn iti nrr.iin mlUnf the attention ...1- ... 0 ,t. of our readers to it, and in saying that the re-U', T,:)' w suits, thus far, of tins most praiseworthy at-i-l -! 11 J -n s tempt lo establish a School for systematic; ami .j . jj.m m v fliMrmirrli instrnclinii in tlin frr-ut nrinritdes. and " t 5 " H -1 ..... B - , , , the minute details, of law ami Practice, havol fully answered the expectations of its compe tent and enterprising authors. The number cf f tudents in attendance during tho First Term, which terminated on the first Wednesday in De cember, was unexpectedly large, and by them' the warmest commendations were expressed of the excellence, both in character and degree, of the legal instruction derived from Judge l!ns kett and Mr. l'ccic. Indeed the competency of both these gentlemen for the laborious and responsible task they hao assumed, is unher sally admitted. We trust, and believe, that com plete success will crown this attempt to es tablish on an enduring basis a Law School in Burlington. 1) I) S J 1 j 'J i K 1 I y S. it.,1 r M"J i-u1 Sun I 1 'J dnclus 1V(Ui'm'i'M R je.xi r:nnch.juic.h iucli j Rise v M r M 1 P '2111 22 xw ,x J, !3J.w'ni)H7 3JSjrir fair fair I J 1 17-Jli3:i.vns r.1 s 3J.13 aj.'Jd 2. r.l) mir snow rain !l fl :tr,i:i Ml s " v"h!.Utj2.).in-..l I7inm 'l.iir clear t l' J7 W'tw"1 wMy.ya:i.l7 -j'.isHfair 'cloudy clear 1 5 7 rivis 22 sivsiv .w; lit) 'n clear 'char clear i 0 i y 23 2 x I n is r.y.).3l'3.l,tr, :n fi clear clear clear 7i S ' 7 3U 31 s r.s r. s I 3J 27 23 yy '.".) 71 clear clear cloudy 8 3 3rt 11 pn31 s. s .v t.'J.l 1 1 15 -J'.l a . cloud) cloudy 'J I 331 21 ,n 1 n 's! J 111 .! r7 39.') I cloudy clear clear I 10 5 2S a.! til X N I s S'J.S'l!j.7ij HI cloudy lair Icloudyl 11 f J.ilfi IS x 1 N je 2H'JliJ3jaJ.)Jnow '"-now Irlou.lyl 12 7 15 19 13 . nw rw i'J.j.1 2:1 C,V21 O-Jcloud) 'cloud) cloudy 13 ti 11 1'J II' w"w",w"aj.."i"iS.iri'J:H'.Jcloiiilj cloud) 'cloudy 11 133,1 13 w" w" 2.1 03 SJ fir, S'J CJ l.iir Itair lelear I lj 3 12 1 NW nw xw2.)0.'i2.l 0." 2'.l.i. lair l.iir cloudy 10 1 111 111 (3, n x ,x I.3JHI 2ii.H-.!2st:if,iir el' ar cloud vl 0.59 0.1D Line Boats wiihdiawn for winlcr luetics vl snow. Cnlm.- Baiik of Foi ovtr the Lake. Flocks of Snow Buntings. j 1 inches snow. 0.12 Snow squalls. Tho rjiiprrmc Court. The r?esion of tho Supreme Court in our "ounty terminated on Monday noon, of this week, when Mr. Slierill Fermi dismissed their Honors with gieat suavity of manner, and ap parent sitisfiction. Wo slnll publish next week, pretty full notices of the ca'es decided, on the accuracy of which entire reliance may be flarcil. The Court occupied the whole of the forenoon ofMondiy, in announcing their deci-ions on such of the citu-o' argued before them as they had agreed upon. A few jet remain "wi'.hthc C-uirt,'' which we shall have in good time. We take pleasure in saying that the decisions wcretoan wvisutl extent, unexceptionable to tho lhr, and that tho Opinions both concnrrci.t anl diss-n'inj, pronounced by Judge Hall, (who is tin Junior memVrof the Co rl & nn his first Circuit. ) were received with marked and undUjemhlcJ satisfaction. E a 3J 82 3il.70 2.1 03 cloud) lair Icloudyj s ' :i 3J 07 2-f.y.l 2 7 snow rloudj 'cloudy s s 2' 07 3S 0."i 2-,73 cliMidy.suow .snow w w u.Min -j.i 2i rnr 'tair iair 1 w xwiJ 31 2J 511 s.i''. e-ar Iclmr lelear I sw xwSJ.'JS 3J0.) 3J.10 cluudj.i'air X I X 3J 1 1 3 1.23 3i).2J cloud i lear clear I s s 311.22 3.) (10 2'.U'.:, eleur lair lair I cloudy clear 1 sis 2J 02 2S SI) 2 70 cloudy cloutK t lear 1 X sa.thi 23.b7 2'.V33 clou.h iair clmr . x 2J8" 3J.12 30 lOclear' clear lelear 1 ' s 2J 02 2:1 111 2:1 57 rain leloiidyfair 1 j s 2J 00 2.) 07 ay.fiil cloudv cloudy,rain 0 Inches snow. 0.48 2 Indies snow. Eleilis running. 3 ineln-ssnow. s.i 0 3ii; jj: s s xv-a,.i2i2.o.i2'.i.lM.ur ,now 20 7 1321 I7XWNW s clear '.7 ., 3133 lili si 28 " 37,37 21 N 2J 3 0 13 j I N 30 1 25 33 3 1 1 s dl. r. .11 .ij wJ S 0.12 3 inches snow very liht. 0.11 2 inches snow quite moist, dlalo louud the moon. 0.12 .Moderate rain, ley and slippery. ;0 27 123 ,meau23.'. I 1.0S '22 inches snow. 3J.5J 2J.5y 2J.C1 iinean 2.) 5'JG Tlmmein timrntiiri" of D-ee.n'iT I'm- lh li veais nrccdin" 1SI0. was 22. 0J. by which it will he feon tliatlhis month has been a tiille wanner than the menu The mean tail ol water in the same time was 2. Sj inches, or 0.0 in. more than in December this vear I he tall ol nuwtiii monlh dill'is hatatiitle liom the averair for IVxemher iu the 8 ineceJiim vcars The water in the tahle includes, what has fallen both in snow and ram. The l'.llh may lie recaidedaslhccommciiccinciitul sleij;iiiiig, niul liom that time it contin ued jiretlv good tlirouc;ii tne moniii, auiioiiu inesogiu uiaw on seveiunnjatnjiuvu m age depth ol snow at the close of tho month was about 8 inches. The eer- p'c.iyune of the monev so that if a man weie to take the said tiaAciing trunk, strap it behind his cariiage and cut out to parts unknown the II ink micrlit snap its lingers m uneio fa?e and toll him to go to any "mctitmn.iulo to eais polite. " Is thfMo a comment required on such a con cern a this ? " Tin- Hank are not safe guardian" of th1 I'ublic Money !'' O no Although cverv moth er'" son of the nomocracy will willingly trust all their own money w th them, the 11 ink" can not be trusted with the in-iney on depi-it, when t.'iey would bo responsible for it, and yd they can' be tru-ted with it, not as Hanks, but a owners of a vault, and when th.'y are nut re sponsible for a cent of it I " O Democracy ! Democracy 1 1 Thy name is Humbug." orririAT.. LIST OF LIITTEKS,! run tnu tntss iivsrtciAt. Arrni.vrMEMT and leinainini! in the I'o-i uuiee m uuiuugiou, Januaiy 1, 1817. mo I. !l r.,rl)r rttnrlnt. And a' ndvcitiscmcnts made under the ordeis of the. Pust-tiinsicr-Gcncral, In a newspaper or newspapers, ol lcttrrs uncalled for in any l'ost Ulhce, shall be in serted In the paper or papers, of the town or place where the office, advertising may bo situated, iaiiB the largest circulation. in, an Acui l ost UM'CC idltifinroiuunii liowoid.Chns 'I'nr f?nnn It rrirTATlov Of any remedy nmntif l'hichn, is certainly the b""t pnililc eidenceof lis excellence nml utilit. This has been already at fimeil by Dr. Wood's barsapanlh and Wild I herry Hilt ts As theic is no secret about the salutary cha- ace that is racier of its constituents, lcgular phjsicnns have not ln-itateil torecommenil it t) tli"ir patieni", ns worthy ol'eoulidcuce and mil, Anion;; ulheis, our iiri-iu m Ilmohlyn, Kings's Co N. Y. wiites, " I would field, your preparation has Riven very genera! satislaction in cases of Nenoii3 Debility and deep seated Colds, etc. etc. and I am indebted to oneol our first physi cians lor Hie sale oi many Domes. 1 or sale by 1'fck ti. Si tun. 23w2 iHarrtcb. In "S'e'v-IIcavcn, on liie 31st ult.. by Hey. R. T Wade, Mr. Ltlward W. Squires, to Miss Lucy Ann Goodrich all of Nev-IIcacn. D t c b, lleckwith Middiebuty aged The War. Tho news from the war continue to bj un important. Movements are making of the A merican forces in the direction of T.impico, and the probability strengthens that Han Luis l'otosi will ho the theatre of the next battle. The N. O. Picayune In" this ptragraph: Throuih Air. Hard, oneol" the pasensrs by the Masiachu-t-tts, we learn tint tlen-ral Talor was lo .MonL'iey in the loili insfiiit lor Victoiia, with en Tiv'i,i;,'siliyiiO'i,an la pinion of Ge.i Smith's lingale. It is alet, reported that lien Urrea, of whom w-e itaie not heard ol lnte,wa nt Viciorn, wuii 0000 eivairy Gm Wo A r.'.mia I at P.irras, and fien Woitli at Sallillo. It wasp mmelv reported and be lieved m camp that Sama Anna had 23,000 men at Ran Luis, In Ilex, cn the 21th ult.Itaclnel Miranda, daugh ter of Charles II and Abunl L. Nichols, nfrt-il 3 years Mo;riAV 'ZS Dee. In the Senate, Mr. John-1 ami 0 monihs. son. of Loni.-ian i. iire"ntcd a petition from I 'a Wednesday the 29ili D-e ht .Williim Henry, citizens oMhc pari-li of St. MaryV, I,ouisian...'' '5f0!1 ul -,lr r.tmutr.iiing noain-t ine prccni lariu on sugai M and molasses and made some remarks in fiver " " Ti-mirr-t of printing the petition, tn which Mr. t'peight IOIICi, objected, antl, alter a brief debate, the jietitiop ' 'J,I:F' C'liittci'ilen t'miniy ll'ti'c Noci"ty will was rfterre-il to ine com.nitb'i- on lin.u.ce anil Mfitnt tue iiew tjrici; ciiurcli, on lluroday i... r ... i ,..,,,.,,,.,,,, next, nt bl o'clot k 1'. M. t ,o t(,,o,i,io. i p.t.tu.ty ...t. i w. An AMra,.t ,, ti,e ,all Il,port of ,Iie Amc3 l",M""r-', , . , , luiile fcucicty will on rem by llif tjeeieiaiy. and i 1 lie bill authorizing the purchase of the pn-'.5,rm,.ii pm-hed by the I!ev. O. S IIot,6t limes n?rs of tho late Alexander Hamilton was taken burdi. 1'y oiderofthei'iecume Commitiee. ,tp. and pa-scd. I Jan.8 1S17. II, 1'. IIICKOK, Secy. Ill the house, the debate nn the President's mot-fa".-1 was at length bronchi to a close. Mr. ...i... .i., ,t .:.. 'PI... -...I ... I,L, o,wioi, i no um .no ,u.. ,.nJl,m u , , (j,, i ellows, intend todedi occupied ins Hour in a reply to me Epecc nes oi ;c;llc t),eir ,.w UM Tilur9lav cv,.n,n,, nejt, 1 lib Ins colleatrues, (Alers. .iiililini's ami 1 loot. "'nut., being the second aunnersiry of the institution ami was succeeded hv Col. ll.iker, who inadeiof said Lodge. in olnnncnl anneal in favor of a prosecution of An, Address win be delivered at ine l apt.-t enure i tli-1 war with me utmost vigor. Tcu-pav, 3 Dec. Tim Henato ndjottrnrd imiiit'.li.itely alter opening, in token of tho pro , O. oft). I', rni:nN .mountain of the in- xi ilrpeiident On! Ilur levities. Counsellors U. it I', encountered each other on Mondiy morning,when the fjllowing brief co' lo'jiiy ciuucd : Counsellor K. I am sorry to observe, Mr.l, that your cold is no belter. Conn-cllor 1'. lam sorry too. But it is the let I hue got ! A general dispersion immediately ensued. N. 1!. Some allusion lias been made to Mr. f'urran, the IrUlubarri-lcr, in connection witli this piece ol lcwty, but bo's not living. found emotion with which it had recchod the inehnciiolv inteliigenco of the ri.ralh of the lion. A. Harrow. Tho Hou-o waa occupied with resolutions and petitions at hall past six o'clock in the evening, by Jtev. Al lien 1 'ie ol urccsicr, .Mass., which tne public are icsnecllully imiled to attend. lly order of the COMMITILEOr ArXAXGEMr.NTS. Jnn-y.8, 1317. Adam.s.J. 1!. Adain. 1'iof. C. D, Atwatrr, Thomoa Allen, llfisha iVutlri, Henry II llabcock, Nathan llabcoek, Win. Uailey, IthoJa , llaley Harriet L. jhllard llnrnum W . Uallaid V. jlarinril John lhnonWin. M. llirrows Georgo Harney Anna Uarstow l'.lisha llascom Mr. lhayton G. W. lllack Chailcs II. Illaiichctle Jos. lllanchette, Hatieo H-iial Alargaiet lllaikc Lleike Ilcatiy Alexander lltale.s Jacob lleckwith .Mrs.C. L. 3 lifiiient Julia lirnder William llcaii'olitl Celestill lk tis Michael llevens, lirilton !i Co. lllens Aleeo Heyly John Hleese W T Hlinltoy Uliu iiiirri"on lilin Sophia lihn Mr. Uingham Benjamin llishop A U ltihn, -loft iliigiiam Lueian V. llrov.iil'112 llrown Ileiijamin llrown t'aviui 1' llrown Samuel II 111 own Shepherd D UoirilinanGeorgeJuii ltownian l'bcnczcr U'irgir Mr Hoiiianger Joseph Pepin llrowuwcllChauni'cy Uuel James Duel J M iiurhanli Slephen W llutler l'rof Htih Win Caj.t Hasher Uniterm-! J ltruekman Liai-1 Ijrau Harmon C Carolino I'.hza Callanau Mary Capers William Case Matilda Carver Adeline Betsey Ciain Dool. 11 Cam Rebccah Carriuto.i Julia M Carr Marsha M Carter T J Casey l'att Caipemer Joseph L, B Cliamhcrlin L W Chamberhu Com Let Chapman I'ully 2 Chnimnu Polly W Cliapm M Clark llalan Claik Cynthia A Ciane Thaddeiis Clemens Chamna Chri'lie John Chieuin Louia Choate Caiohue Cosicllo l'utt Conliu James Connor LdmunJ Connor Geo A Connor Moody Crosi Ths II Conant 1' S Connor James Conway Thonn 2 Conway Michael Cool: A Horner, Saml Howard, HodanJ Ivcrs.r.lten Isham.JiihiisS Wiam, S 1 j Jewelt, Fayette 2 Jehii'oiii Marh Jeliuon, Moit;3 Jones, (' I. Johnson, L A Johnsi)n, 1111 Johmon, Arthur 2 Johnson, William Johnson, Henry I IC Kelly, Patrick Kcfle-r, I'nttick Kl'Mnan, Mr Kinihall, John Kidtl.T W Klntr, Mua Keily, Mary Kiiig, Deacon Knox, James M L Ladd L. Laurent Antouino A largo n-rcw- loose The Fct-Ii Sz. &ivnv Dltlii; IJSTAUMSK Jl 11XT. iii:i!i,i(;tox:vi A re-olulion prohibiting tho sale of intoxicat- rrtHI subsciiher is constantly supplied with.iiu I of- Conk W V Ing liquors in the relectories in tlie laascnicnt ol - i " 'w au.i reian, -imrncan, w-imi, X'trktrrviXL the Capitol was pa-sed bv an overvholining1'lclldiand '"'''u i)iU(!S- Cloud II II " livijority. It is to bo hoped that this me.-isiire,' N-Cw chemicals; Leeches'; Surgical Instruments: Cunningham Patrick which the moral sen-e of the wholo nation lias .Mineral Trethund D.-ntal articles ; Snhne or Mineial , Curtis it ('hittenden so Ion" demanded, will be strictly enfoiced. I Wnieis ; Diguerreotypc nrlieles ; ("cnuine Patent and I'm tis plen Dec. The liroceoding" in ! '?"'. 'i'-' i " "l1";1'-""' ,, -, T,mM .-llinili 5, rjutip"", ,,..,,. nicies: Glai-s- i Cumuimgs John Wnie; Dyc-siulf, Cainjdiene ,.c iVe Culhr Silas i oiling .aiini proceodinr'" in Tiiomsoiunu. .Methcmes ; Piije Liquois ,i ., 1,1, .n i S.ula 1 unutain-, and Syrup-; liriislu , 1 er flci Willi most ll!,4t iil.K-kius-t, r.-mt-y an.l Domestic an leed, has there vnit. . Dyc-siulf, Cainjihene ,.c MT srplip. 'Pin 1'nmi lli ntUniitaiTe of leceiyintr Mi hearts of inHitv men were bowed down, and Campliene, Leeches, ,te., purchasers can rely upon ' J'unigiiii John tears in many eyes spoke more eloquently . Inn ZUunS Trusses. Leeches, c , will al-1 Cu'1"",S":"'11-i1"'11 Wldxcsdav, 30 the 'senate to-dav were inve mournful interest. Rarely, indeed, has there been witnos.od a m'jre nllectms scene. J he The ntlier diy Mr. Secretary Walker, tho greatest financial humbug of tho age, who reaps his laurels as an American in tho llrilish I'arlia mentand the Hand of Cuba, addres-od the fol lowing brief but significant noto to the Chair man of tho Committee of Ways and Meins ; Tmtsuij) Ihimtm'nt, D.e. 21, 13 !,. C Ttrmlt ...i m,.t .n....l I .. . n n..M . -.v ,1,1,, u, uait ,'ui .11- . , . fntion to the views snbnntte.t in iny last minimi le-1 alul udjoiiriied. port n reg ird to imposing dim, 0,, 1Pa an I coll'ee. These duties weiesuj-g ste I in lew ol the nes.-sity rf obtaining the loan therein propo-ej, mid this de piilinent leels bound to coinunniifiif ihf tipinimi en-1 1,-rtaineJ by it, tint, in the alspnccitf then duties, it iciUjnobaChj be icho'.bj imjnactiralte ti nrsntvite the loan on such lenn as would be permuted by Congicsi. Most lcspectfully, our obedient sen ant. It J WALLU, bjcretary oftho 'I'reasary. on JAMrsJ. McKay, Chairman ot the Committee of Ways an J Means. Now then : On Saturday last Mr. Wcntworth, a locofoco member from Illinois, introduced the following resolution : " Ursolred. That it ij inexpedient to impose any duty on tea andcojfee." A motion was made to lay it on tho table, and it was lost, 19 to 103. The resolution icas then adopted, MS yeas to AS nays ! Mr. Folk's Congress docs'nt too tho mirk, by any means ! And yet this war of Jemmy Folk's is so wonderfully just and popular! even the tongue el uevoteu irienu-inji iien way3 n, a peruuin atteiulanec to apjily them. Jloro man one ot ine nouorauio spcain-rs-, w ho Auuicines uispenscu at an iour m night, bare testimony to the many virtues of tho la-23i( TIICO. A. PLCK. mented dead.'wero well nigh altogether oer-, siTI,.i.7illll ff "s7. l7iml whelmed witli emotion. Tho eloquent senator 5'U pi "",. r ,- , , ,- :, .:,i,. .. Vil I. courseo study, prescribed for in ln-lilu ion, from Kentucky was, tor a time, so entirely tin- w , , xnfun lor il3 aC.0,,,i,nip,1t.' manned tint he struggled in aiu lor utterance. ywir Wlt contain two terms The patiuular After tho culogiiiins had been ironoiinced, Nili,ecis of study, the order pursued, and the bocks ft,n ,i-n:il rpoliitinn wiirn iwlotileil. :in 1 the lead, are lis follow". Senate immediately adioumcd. I ? m" 1 .' 5 Julor PTt lu the House, metit hail been tho Senate, tho lion. Mr. Mor-o delivered a, Dauugthe sjecon I Term of this year, a com'.nua- fllack. lli) .iiijuiiiiiiu. ft0e's Commentaries by .Stephen, Cruise's D.gestof alter tho melancholy announce-',. ,iW(j) Kt.a, Vrm'nyi d-Jied Tnlesof ICenfs made through the Secretary of c.unuient.irifs. Hon. Mr. Mor-o delivered a, Dauuathe sjecon I Term of this vear. a com'.nua- nmesrvricon tlin life und character ol the do- Hon el the 1 ir"t I crm. Aho, s-tery on C.;titruct,l Dul ' Da "el L "l ,!,,, .,:,, ,i,j f w-hieli iniilti -i Chilly on Cratraets m connection, IjouI.1 on pleading, Dodge A cea-ed, the toilliing pathos ol Wlueli nuuo a iSu. j,,,,,,, ,n,lni? , connect ion, Greenleaioii lu- 1. Daniels Samuel D,iian Charles Daion Henry Deinaulier Isaac Deriviere Jean Ilaptistc lJ.w Peter Diew Ainasa D-cker -lob Deane 11 V It Digger Mosis D.guetle Jean llaptit'.e j'onohoe Lllin Daggau James Danmiig Ldward t'iek ftamuel prolniina imjires-lou. 1 deuce, riaiiaJert,' iteports and Notes efri-rgeant Wit-' r.astwood Peter J lie lloii-e then passed mo usual resolutions Uams. Ihrle Aiaunah A l rii luuirtim . w. f pi ill' I u m iniiiu uiv -cinui yvhi. iviinci i ,i v ll ic ltll was not in ,e"s, t-d iy, the bu y nieeling to VJZ . pay the last tribute of respect to the remains of hroll nj iv-nv, Master and S Tvant, Whaifsanl tin1 late Hon. A. Dirrow. Wiiarhngeis, Cariieismul Piiimei", Uxecuioisaini Huu-E or ItBPltn'st.NTATIvcs. Tl.o hour of Aduimistiaiors, Way, Water and Water Courses, Ar 1" h lvimr Trrivi'd ibitralion mul Awaitl, Hills ol Uxehauge.-itnl Pioims- , ,, , ., it , i , sory Notes, lasurauce, Covenant, Mopi-aire in timisitu, I he Sp-aker called tho Ilousoto order, and o '.,, i)m.)U i:,!tW.i, Usa and announced that in pur-nanco nl tho resolution o-cpation, l.ibel and .Slander, Nuisance, Tender, adopted etcnlay, tliu House wouiu prncecil to iiesnss and iroier the Sen'ito chamber to attend the funeral id Daring the SeconJ T i-.- if.... ,i I..- i,. of the litlesol btenhe , '.. ,, ,. , have been completed during the pieceJing terms, ; p.lrlr iM i if J ho member! ol tho House accordingly pro- Sliml,.s i,.aiim, Cas,s Zry on AenevrSioryon & )" ; m ceed.'d to attend the funeral, and by a resolution, i;,iuuy JuuspruJenee, Lube's hiuity Plead'ni.titory's ' nnnaean Mary also pas etl yesterday, statins adjourned to 5a-,evo.n:iieiiiarie- on tne onsiiiuiion, x neatoii oinn- iCM.y J turday next. . , , ,, ,, , . , ' I, I ,,m ,4 Vl-ill lirt l,ol,l uwl lw ,l,irm.,nMi (Arm A public room and Library will bo open at nil limes tor the neeominttdation ot students. The xaealiont wdi be one id tour weeks, commencing on the first Wednesday in August j ami one of nine weeks coin mencing nn the tust Wednesday of December. The ite ot 1 union will be I illy Dotlurstor an AcnJe; I Wm rf ,!,! ven r n rrttitmiiillun ofthe 'l itlesol S-atc- ilieii's Nisi Pun-, whii h shall not lll-nrau sinuuel 1' Iwaids Maiy A 2 lldwanls It ts.-y 2 Kdwards C It L iwariN James M llgeilon I! 11 I'xcrts .M Uieits Union Ilouto Lxciett George 1, Lvcielt Leonard V I'arrcll T'dwanl I'arrar Ihniin P 2 The " Pettrslmrg'i Intrlligcnrer "has the fol tn,ii.r descrintion ofthe Sub-Treasury at tint ulace." It will bo seen that a Snb-Triruitry, at the South, is as dillorent from a Northern bub Treasury as Southern and Northern democr.t cy i " tVbfitdonnr readers tliink is the nature and character ofthe Petersburg!! Sub-1 reasury ? Tho unlearned will, of course, promptly reply "Why, Sir, it is a' patent Asbestos Iron llux, with a bliinuerbussweii io iuo.i .um s-ovixou so tint if anv nun. who lnd'nt tho hang of it, attempted to open it, ho would get a load rl,rsiii his hroi, baket." This would bo the natural reply of all who l. id'nt seen, us wo Invo seen, with our own eyes, tin Petersburg!' .Sub-Treasury. Well! perhaps, someone v.i, v" Do tell us Mr. Lditor, what it is out ".Z:. "?JZ n lnn.f story short." Well, hold your bleath and listen ; Tliu I'dersburgh hub Treasury is is W " Lvtitr Jraielm Trunk, with straps to tiutcl.-just such n mo as a man would take on a jaurit to tho White Sulphur or Saratogu-and bought, no doubt at nno 'of tho Potersbtirgli Shoo and I runk Stores! ! That's the l'ctersburgh buh-I reasury it is, ei.:. ,H.,b i.v ibp measurement of our Sweet- I III.? 1,1, t.n, - r I-otiito-Vard-Meastire, is three , quarters of a yard long-half yard wide, and hal f yard high, and willhold a bushel and a halt of gold and nl ver, or thereabouts, -It is placed in tho K-ichange Hank not on iloposit but as the safest place our collector ran find. Tho Bank is not responsible for a iHarlats. I'rigliton .Mml.i't-"Jitny. 1. Uepoited for the Fusion Timelier At market 5211 Cattle,, 10 yokes working oxen, 31 year, and m that pre portion lor any (taction ol a iar, Cows ami Calves, 31JJ Sheep and about 27i)Swine. I M1LO 1,. liUNNLTT, Veef Cattle K.tia S,5U, liift q-jality $5,25 ; sec- WILLIAM W. Pi'Clx. I Jiurlingloii, jany. ti, nil. 23it I ontl duality. 1.5 J i 1.75: third ouality. &3.5U tit 1 U urkina t)xtn S.dei madeut &7d, 73, "i, and 'J I Ctwt and Calces Sales noticed at $13,31, 2i, 3J, JJ and 45, In Iliiiikriiptcy. md u. xTOTirp , u .,.i . i.. ,S''it(--3aIe.soflot"ntS1.25.1.752.00.S.25and3.l2l , '." . , : .u " 17 l'eeuy Ann ' 1'iaher Sealer i'lUsimmon" John 1'it'geraltl Mrs. Prizi-llc Henry II 1 l'uv Jane l'lood Ldwartl Faster Abigail l'orbush A P Poole A Puller Nelson U Gallup laicy Giavellin .Mary A. Guiles lhnily 1!. Gintin John 2 Gage'N W. Gates Hiram Geer C. P. f the a-ets ol Levi llluial. ot I tnrlimriitn . ,n k.'ii,l l!,,vl,.n I,,r',., I, 1. 7l,i .Hi ,,,-r r District. a bailkrillit. W ill be made mill il.l Inic.l liv iIir IlepjUed for the Ihston Courier.) lF,r,'.n',1!' 'mH'' 1fr i''"' 'W" W" V"ock '-n Loui'm V , 1 . J , , , , .. ', . Itoreiiiion, at the olbee ot Samuel Pieuiis", D.stritt ! :. DtVi,I Tnere continues to be a good demand lor the van- ju et., m Monq her in said ,htnct, among the cretl-' r' Isoii C G. unK.ii - .,,.. ; lino, wi'i miuii nan- piovet and l ed piools ol I leir i -,i,r,., s;,,,, iniirkei was not arc-, thouir i it U ihouaht sullieient1, Hh, l,ef. t,.i ,i. !. ...o: ...... ' .. ' i. . :, . "ihn m ."-arnuel r . u . r. 'r.k..f r Tn. iv.,ni ':: , ., :. ' . "'"s"""-.....-,,, t..,i,- , r P. forthepres'iit wants of the manufactures. Tne Wool lan, there sho-.i n to the contrary. "Dated ihe tilst day lucnonota -iic o 0 December, HID. UDWAP.D II rilENTISS, CcrA. 37 33, Hi t J'ii 2ii ? 2J Ill P 26, '22 to 21 " dc " it ii " iff " 3 ' "!? " & " " fi ' '-"J ti 31 i!l 2li II 17 9 & 12 M)Ii'I) CAM 11K1CS Jany. 5,1317. GilliUan C W Grimes Sarah Gliries Daiiloith Goodhue Sophia Golden Catherine Golden Patiick 11 Hatch, A L2 Hawley.'J CN 1 lalght. A 2 Cases Cul'd Cambrics, Havy, James 1 Case Silfi-nis. llailit.Cant l'orsah'by I ll'iight.Mniy Mni, I nt KheainiL' lime, ata ret fioiu lost year's pi ices, and us value in market for the inst season has o -en leinarkablv uiuforu. tsome ship m -nts of th article hae beennnde this yearto L'io'-l"0 WOOLLN MANUFACTUKUKS A large land, and ihe result efrepeat-d cxpetnnents shows .1 quantity ol 1'leece, Pulled and llroken Wools lor that whatever sirplns of tin article there may at any 'sale, .Manufacturers will lind it lor taeir interest lo tuna be in tins country, cm be sold theie, al remuiei- call, VILAS h yui'JS. ntmj prices, if s-leeted with releicnee to the wa.its ofl Uarlington, Jany. 5, 1317. 23 the l.iiguii maiiiiiaeiures. Prim-' a ixony Kwuts, washed - - - -American lull blood do. do 3-1 do. do 1-3 h. do 1-lttconiilo. ."vanish Sheep. 11 Pi. !' A'.nyrna do. washed do do unwashed H?ngai unwashed .S'lxony, clean - - -lluenos Ayres, unpicked do ifo iirked Sup. Norlh'n pulled lamb No. 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do WliltennnW C. Williams Martha M NVhccler Joseph Whashbuiu L. O. Whcclock John Y Yntrlngton, Charles W. NOBLL. Post Mastct., iIS A ti A X I IV E S For January, 1817. (i RAM AM'S.Cotumbian , Gndey's La dys Book , La 7 dies' National mid New Yolk Illustrated MaRl 7inea, recoiled nt EDWAltDS' Hook Store. VlLASit, .XOIT.S, Any body can tell that lady has eoiiunon prepared Chalk on her skin ; it ruins it ; she should try the Jo-n-s"s Lily White ; that would give her skin a smooth, snowy, uatuitilwliitcniw I'd sale by JURR'HOIOn. 'lMCKIIADS. lOOOIbs. Cotton Thread, while and JL assorted. 100 lbs. Linen do Jan. 517 Tor sale by VILAS if NO YES. i-xhii:i) AiM'iii:. 1J l'orsaleby 5000 lbs. Dried Apple oii.vint sroo.vs. O ve-r Table, Tea, D.-ssert und Salt Haw ley, Aimer llairogau, James Ihiiuoii, .Mott Harrington, J Harrington, .MisWm Hariiugton, V Himngion.G U Ihriingion.IIeiiiy ii-imoiiu, iiuairi A good assortment of Sil. i Hawkins, Wm poous, kept Hathurn, J 1 i-oiitaiitly on hand. 1 o prevent any imposition we llealy Thos woubl add that they are inuike-d ' Vilas it Noycs,1 lliiinessy.P llUBUsaro.N," imd nil such will be warmiiteJ, by usl Hewitt, U II us a gootl article of Stiver. January 5, '17. Hibbird.HN'3 Hill, t (i ( -tOTTO.VVARN, jWAUIIMS eve. 35 ilale. 1 11,11', UJ2 J Coltou 1 am, Cord Wadding and Wiekinc. I llin nan, N V 28 lor sale by VILAS ti KOYLS. Hmo, M l.ausou Lenj. Lou- baviV Lariiierc Prancis L-viille Antoino Levee G. L. Lxroeque l'elix Lo)ni's Lucia Lane Ilunell 2 Lion Newell Lyon Ih-iij. Lootnis C J. Luck Louii M Miraudctte Jteques 1 illt-it'-r- Narcissij Miller Wm. ,M.

McMillan Allen .Miller L. V. Miller David Miner L. MnisC. B. Mills Mary Macdunough John ilav John"V. McGafl'n Lucy Michand Mr. .McDermott John Maitin Ellen .Mclntrc.l. P. Mc Ilea 1". McC'arly Thomas McKierian I! Mcl'.hoy Jenv McWillinns Denis Mcl'adden Hugh Iears A- f. McDowell Kobt. McltaeJ. II. Mower Itos'tmond Moirison Win, Munay Henry Mcrs Samuel N Nash, W P Newton H 2 Nelscn, S L Newton, Marcellus Noyes, Morillo O O'lliicn, Michael O Connor, Mr. O'lte.-fe.Judy O'lteily. John Otis, John P Putnam, Mnry Paul, Geo II Potter, S N Pitkin, Dr2 Piek'-nng, l'osina Portrau, Chs Paiker CC Piatt, Ii1 -Palmer, Shubacl Parker, P W Parson", s ,M Paie, Antoinette Piouly, .Marnide Porter, W II Porter, LJwiu Pu'.uam,l,ucy 2 IVikins.l.ii" 3 Perkins, Mrs Pollard. Thos Periy, John II Plaoe, IMgar2 Place, LJwar.l (i Quin, John (Juick.G C II Iteeil.II A Itieh, Clniles Keiley, James Kit-hard Kayinond Ualleilv. John ltams loll. David W Hue, Henry Itider.ChnsP Ileed, Henry A itedli.-l.l, in M Ivobiuson, Geo It Kvan, flr'tlgett ltinherlord, A P ltowe Lvdn Kockwill. Phcba Kogcrs, Julia S Shail", Michael Spt-yer, A S .nhorii, Polly Sp-ilding.Haiul B Sahn, Leu Strattoii,"-11111131 Sbeiiium.N P2 Sweney, Hugh 2 Spear, George Spear, silns Seierance, teo W 2 Stevens, "linry Sweney, Miles Sherman. Nathan Spencer, Miss I ' Sauiu.Ji 'lutjr Smith, t'haunccy Smith, Phillip Smith, James Smith, Sain in I Sniilli.Clinles.S Smith, Adam Smith, Plulena Sullen, llyron 2 Scully, Hugh 2 Stuhjrd. Uvstni Short, 1) W2 Slone.SB Sli ester, JO Scully, John Slorrs, Charles Suiibury.II U Stons, Manila T Tiennan, .Mary Ann 'I'haer, Jane Tow sley, I'Jward 'Pouley, Ilostwick Talt, Sulonion 'I'hayer, Maitin 'l'leiney, Maurice. Thomas, Charity Thoiiiton, Sarah C I Tubbs.C Tcnmy.K S 'I'hayer, Pumelii Taylor, John Taggard, Juliette I 'Pailor, Jaiuia'P Tracy, Sally Taylor, Samuel Tii) lor, Joep!i I! Ttmer,4Viier Tisdalc.Capi Tolten, James 2 V Vcauq.liouis .Madame VatilA-uw.-ii.l'dwiiiU Van Orman, John W Wilkins Sarah Wheeler AUeil Welsli Joseph Welch Ann Wulbridgc rnnny Watts Alva 2 Wrmwurih John B.3 Werthiiuer Man 3 Ward Mstildu White Win. P. Wells W. W. Whitcon.b lis Wood Lisa M. Wocd Wm 2 Wnghi Adilmt Wiight Chsrlcs K. WilonK. A. Yf'".Rnots. rlU'.SicrcJ Mountains by J. T. Hcadley, Illustra ted, price, $2,50 llutton'i lionk of Nature laid oncii. Revised by ltcv .1. L Blake, , Uui.le lo Wisdjinand irttie, for young p:r suns of either ftex:, 'I'he use olthe in relation to the MiuJ, by t iio. Moire, M. ., i.oeiiu' s AiuooioRrnpiiv iiansiaieu.ypiri", The Linigiuntib Sir i'ranti" II. Head, Bart, tleauehainpor the Lrror, a Novel, by G. P. U, Jami s, I't.e Dichauter or the fall ol Grenada, by Sir tl. L. Iluluer, l orsaleat LD w AltUS' liook .Vtora WCLLS' (iltAMMAlt. axd all ,1,,. sj,,,,,l tii . .,,, .',, I.,, ,e. State Couicntion, lor sale in large or small rjuantities by any Music Te-ucher to my knowledae. L';i C. li I.UiiAlfl's, li'-. An persons wHising to mail tin mselxes ol No. 1. Pecks' Uuildinrr. this great oimuitunitv to get a first rale Piano, or any thing m my line of bii"ine3, are lespectfuily invited to call and examine lor lhmsevcs. JLIIIKI. Ml'NSO.N. Burlington, Dec. 8lh, IS IC. Ilin3 TO THE LOVERSJF GOOD MUSIC rTWE uvnnnsioNKi) mvixn tines -mtrLY rptir.OI.I) l'lllNTrnWill be for fev dys lu nttendatiee rt tti." loom under the Vn-e Pre" Office, lor the purpose ot H-ljiMinj with eoni" tl,oii"i.nd of individuals who have unsettled nccounu .Ian.7,lll7. 11 ll-bl Aeyl outcomingin lora share ,and 1 11S1I--150 Quintnli Cod Ki'di, he " up and doing qui'-k and , i- Ml I k-icis Norlhein Haliuou, n.Mit for debt" f) stem ofdoin;' 10 hb!s do do i'J i do do do 20 bbh .Mackerel, IS i Ho do lOJdo d) 111 i do Connecticut lltver ShaJ. ruLi.trr &. Utitr.v. S3 33 51 l,no B nAtlft.-.l (Vint n rrrenl ertneb Is nboilt to take I lace , W lib lull!. in the musical woild, mm noi being wining io i-i day of heroes pass, without bt-inaa frin believer in the cuc'ip, Dim in, iinprisoniii.'iii ioi mu, ,iwui -,v..,;j busines", Iwoull thcieforc give public notice, that I have on hand and am inanulaeturing Piam j I oitltsm Hos-woodand Mahogany cases in a variely olst)l'-s, suitable lor this or anv ollierinaik -t. and havinn de- vole'l tlie list twenty years, my whole lime to the 10 1 d, maniifactJiir.i, lepatriugaud tuningPiano Pottes, it Dec 21. I- b'.lii'Ved, theielorc, that th" Public are luliy suilis- V... ..... 77777? ; .",'. ; . " .. lied ofmv ability for such busine-, and fully benev 1 'B'HL 1101 Al, l.Nr.LI MI II till DVK I, t,-!5 Ing that lin Piano is bro't to the highesi degree of pel- -6. by all Itoyal Limilit-s in Larope, a re nedy feclion when it is filly adapted to accompany Ihe voie", which cn! a ces ecnsidnnbl the beeulirnl niter! audi caalli'iig.' any person to exhibit Piano's mote f.t the app-aiunee ol the countenance Itoiu thai which H lor thai puijiose than lliose ofmyown nieke, 1 theie- ma'di ihshke.l, il is pleasing to blue lli-se elliciint fore amieip-ite a continued shaie (f PnShe P.itionai'. inn n to leinove these dif.-cts lo i-f,e-ct tin; change cf Am dt-l.ivian Piam s tepaiied nn ren-onahie term", hair so mueh wished for, is the (fraud ond never lad-' tuning done cli'-aper than ever. And I would lurthcr mg properly cf .... bit I,,, ,11 ,,k,u. ,,u i.n flint',.i. ,n,i,ii,.i!'u Pe.r.i- f.itstivooil xoitetrthln hiilr ilie ')t-!. 1'itii'i. l'choose lobuy of Sftoiid ec l'un'.iam whieh the pioptietor can with ju'liie tay is lar tru er A. II Gile & Co , or W. 1-' Crow, i in iv e- p'U.or to tiny other in Luiope or this conliuent, in 1 tniilihineii: persons w ho I am intimately ocfpiainted properties Lre very powerl-il, bat very i',iioc'-nt 'I h J I unb. und Imi-n ibrlp t'li.-n f:nirent. 1 will lender nnv Cheiiii-'nl result is ti wonder, it is lice liom pain or assistance without f-c or reward, f w.'d gwe iitoirnc- die, lo'irig Ihe skin .or changing red or gr y bans, tionol-o, so that in one lesson Pupils learning Mii"ic to n, chesuut or bl-iek, und a preventative ot may kno.v the dill'jlencc bi tween tuning tm J toneing tlie Im.r laltnj; oil by loliuw mg the iusiiuctions on Ihe : n: ..i - I I.. ,ll V..,,.. li rvtm.. w ,. . ,t mi- o,.-t, a tin.. ., ,,,, . , uipuuuu m,e. ,.j.,t , - - ; px-uwui tTAS Fnn sai.i: a good Asso-minxr or E. I'limily Grncctie", including Molasse", Sugar", ens. (i fl'.'c. Chocolate, Pepper, spices, ite.. iX;e He liasulo, t o: Ininaca am . enn. Malaira and Mim-at Wines, all m-lectcd with much caie.aiul lie will warrant them as pule as can be bought in the State. . He lias also low priced Liquois of good quality. inicrn nrcpiTs .11111 i ninnies wonting spirts or wines may depend on finding pure and good arti cles. ' December, lsl'3. -I'..-H I-. II .n I'l.n. nfn l'..n..... i .n. I ognac liraiidy, lloilaiiti (,iu, t:i Croix-, i .i;. i.i it llnston Itum.bcotch W hiskey, Port, Ala- 1 ' o Eioxes iiaianui hhds P fl Sunns, mil do 2') bbls Lxtia Clarided, 3J do Ciii'lied da 40 do Ground do 20 Boxes Loaf do for sale by Dee. 2l,lal0. ' Toil r.n ,t Ilr..iDt.EV. D TllKJSANNi.; LM'A). IC. Smith, most resprctfuliy .iilumr the public1 tint he hnn ,urrha3eil of Dr. Lincrv thciLrhttu :nmif;icture mid sell Dr. Unnmntr'a hifrlilx ct-lebratpil and linnluablc PATENT LACK, v.hic!i f.irp'irpT?-!?-! evi-ry thing ofthe kiml in market. aivi Knowing mat ui nmci'; vtnK!i ins i&vn ust?il in this section ins ctn ct nn infi-nor quality, causaig many a ftuhirf, wh'-rcn-t, if n 5001! nitirlo Jiul heen faithfully applied, a cure would have been the rf-ult lie lias iniik arranem'-nts iora supply trom tlie ori uinai laciory (i dt. unnninT, maicery wee mnv oe p?if ct nnd every pmcut btn-iltlcd by it. The Doctor therefore iiihUm uli who need tm thing ofthe kind, to gUc him a call. Iet tfv invnhtl cnnider thit the Lire is for the iH'nndciueof the filhiwmg disa.', which corns ot a lifplacenicnt or weaklier ol thy organs of the body, vi7 ; cakic:3of tl;cbrcat thoitnes'-i of breath ;cou?h am! pmingof blootl ;p.ilp;tation of the henit; weakness) of th" side ami tomach ;dyi-pep-sh ; coMcnf&s and pils ;p'iiu in the back with curv.iture; bear ing down with weakiv"-- of the ltipnnd lower ex-tremitic-a; and droop ing ot thn body c"? p'ciHllynnoun lailies and chil dren. The above and other nnalo-rrvi-j nfrctloni. hivi hitherto batl'ipii oil conMitnijonnl treatmi-nt : butmcc the inve linen viewed ni' Mct-hmical' and Inve been t'fjited by the ' Lice' thev have bee in-a si lv cured inul we no.v s.-e a host ol vn&'s seeimnj;! well or halt well, or combined with teal disease, ieqtmiii inedi cine, who cannot eniov hie or bi cured unon commo:i principles 01 treatment ; una wny ( because tiT'ir I.J AISIS 20 bhl-j Sun KaWn liDsea Bunch Sx d.) do 15. 1 do do Dec. 'Jl, d do do For-txTT $t Br.AmrT. tSiIK IVr IltO.V AXD TV Cyl Pack") Htiia Sheet Tron, l'j UeindU-sfJiiah'h do 2J do Am. do 151 Eoed Canada Pirtte, 10 do iVmpocl do IjO Bo'ce-j Tin, CO'W lbs Zmc, &c.c. DiC 1. KoLtrTT f( Hkadlet. PKrBH KASTW00I), J'urriiT mul (,'inv Lcujh, C'L'Il l'38tiainr, Ilinab.iiu-'if'ivi'ii.nnil all dieav ' f tint are curmble in the llort-c, Cow, Sheep, Pi', or Dig. Keep) ready made Ihe Ods for cut, brii:tesnni rore t-hnuldi-ie and bin ks tint King Wil liam the lVlhhatl u-ed in Ihe Roal Suble", made up by Ihe celebnfd Farrier Youit lietile to eurc liiuli in I loni' il C ltllennd Oral rot in Sheep. Salle tn cum bilei tree Iriim pain, and .suite to cndieMe cum! and btiiiuii", cuiesthe Venerial divaS'i in nil iti stupes HetiU ulcetutcd sure leyi and filnU f nil 1 pile-i ana many chrome dtaiea Inleilt'e rtneivattv,; tor lliiu-h, green stools and all eruptl'i' sol the fl'iiu.ivorm ri -kei. Hye-water? lor intlamed pjii and lilin Ulueblaclv luli,pol.shedpaslc blacking ol a fust rate quthty Sol'l atlstic Hiir.Rxvain's, wc.t iJ"7nrr, or at m D tiling, Chainplam St. near Glus-i Pactc-rj, liuilmi'lnn, Vermont. - i.uS On hand mid Tor Snlo Hag' Moiantia Ftanier. 0JU 10J Hbls s jpe,ii-e Fliiti' Sill Hojphetids first nuahtv VireT. i J '1 ons Ihv OLO: fXTLHSOX. Putl'metr'H, Dec. 10,'ISIf-. 2i "r fj. I'J..VSTi:H?.-) ToniXuiaKcoliaPlas- i PoM-LtT vt Dr.MDI.EY. Nnthnti VC. (laje's IMdtc. t"5ri the tuWribeii, havinhcn appointed bv tlie Honorable the Prolnte Court for the Dililct of Chittend -n, Co'iuni-tionen to receive, examine ami adjust the chiins and deunulsof all ieions agiin1-! the estate ol Nathm V. Ga: l.-ite of Ilurhnj.'lon, in Eii 1 Distrirt, dc -autl. repri-"iite.l imolvcnt, rnd a!o all claim-and ileman,"dm olfet thereto ; and i-ix montiis fioni the dny ol tlie date h-reof, l-eui4 al lowed bysai'1 Cutut for tiiat arwe, ive dti therefore hereby yive uolii , that ii e v. .11 attend to the !uaine- of our appointment, at th nfliee of ixasir-u eV. llu -k-ley in Buri.nion in ai I I)itnet, nn the fiit V.eti-d'ly-refiiectiiely ot Atuil and June next, at 10 o'clock A. M .on erteh of sain day'. Dju-iI, lhiCth day ot December, A D. 13 10. vYIJji:' lA'.M iN.) Geo U SHAU . Commijsionrt .? lequnina medi- , VjkJ llfci.MiY,".t TJ"NITTIXG TIN'S Sewini N'eed'ee, and Darniag IA. Xi-e-dlef, iiarranted the b-Et quality, at l M J- I'. HA.AiL. Z. 'noli D P I' X S . Bioxvn', Benedict & Ilamej'a, J Victoria, CoiiErcE-", siuitii oc 1 amain s ami ijaru Brother's. 2j ut J. I UAXDALVS. :rnn Cm:pr.sT axd best COOKIXG S'POVD m Chittend-u Counly can hi found at the, Agrtcaltuial W,iie-Ilon.-. 2j3 J'LldlCL HIVE-XT. liurlinglon, 15th Dec. lSlo. noute lsiauiiiz iioivn, anil ov unnnng mem up, i , ,,, til -'-i"-'i Ihcir pa i in i a-iiili, and alheacy to internal remedies n i fi ' tr. , yI 11 A II IT A TS OP thereby civen. J, would infurm th- ' Buiinitun and vuimty, ' jOn an c.xammition or i Committee nreimnent especially thos xvirfun, to p ir- base C;hairs or Cabim-I m-du-al men. riLiiumted hi- the American Institute, u ' wnie. il-.-ii be hr. m.w mri I,-,,.. ,.(.nC,..,.tV . Prcnnuiii Diploma xvun awarded to this uuiru- hainl, Chi. mer.t. -.11. n i ... i- ...u:,t. ;.. . .... in uiiiuuiiiiy ar.u iim.-i, aie ecouii to none in mini;'--J f. Also.on Iniitl.a hm-su'ply of Cabinet Vaie. Woi Ijy tlxpn-w, a largo assortment ol mule and fe- vo,ori Inml, a lam-supply ut Cabinet v aie. Woik LJ male Tiasses ct IIinr.ixaTo.s'n done to order; oM Ch.m-t repaired and p.ii'-fd at short uotieennd lip-in reas.nn''le temirt. All kinds of IVillimn 'VooJ"'. INtnle. I countn- pioducc, wood and Ijinuer taken in exchange lor me uocie. lerms: ray ciivn. reisuni "Ai-nitii; any of the above articles, ill do well to call and c.v. mine bv'foie tiutehattin elsev.nere. WAMro I'l.rxX) S.ct cood UmrwooJ Tlank in ex change fur the above. 'hip Urn doors eouth cf the ja.i Church street. Iluihngtou, Due. litci. iw-l "."WI- the ftibM;nh"is lniiii2 been appointed by ihe V Honorabb- th- Prnb.-te Court tor the D.yncl of Ciiitie'id'-u, Comtini-.on'rs, to receiie, e.xaiiiuiti and atlut-t the i-hiuni and demands i f nil peisniis agahi't the estate ot William Wood 1-tte of Went. ml. insnidd.striei.dfccaetltreprt-sente I insolvent, and al.-.o 1 all cblll and deminds e.xhlblle t in olivet tberilo ; Imd ' fix months Ironi the day ol the date liere I. b, ing I allowed, by said Curt, for that purpos'.we do theie fore belt !.v l'iVC notice that lie will nttelld to the buti. ' n-3oto ir'nlment.e.t Ihe d lelLn-jof the wid. IIIU.t''l'.M AS BLOSSOM, a beaulitul book, The Hannah Wood, m Ve.-t!ord m said ih-tiiet. on the v i'verirrcen. loCn 'ritiinir-i.Tiie Atn-irauth. Ame. 22. day of January and tlie lit dnv ol l'ebiuaiy next, 'ican Hoc!, ot iif.iuiy, Hu.-iauii-i, The Uambiiw, at 111 o clock, A. .M. on each of said d lys 10 Ihisiaviin-s, and b'-auli.ii'ie bound, The t' Dated, thS "Till dav of D-cember, A. D,19hi. I !Cccp.ihe, L.iuti IWieiub, K'.-iiyiou suuiemr, The ANVUN KOlT.i:, ) P I Token, Tne Aloa, Ruse, l.adv s Album, The Por-'U htk3 dwid s. n vsmrox. Lomm,i- .Me Net. I'or C!in-.iii!'.s Veu -Ycnr. riH'XIXG rOP.KS, Violin and Bas.- Viol Stn'nKscf L the best quality, just received bv Jj . T. RANDALL'S. vj"'l consignment u lare slock of T LAS, for &5ws sale hiw. llarnutoii's Iljildinr, ? Dec.y, lilC 2M Anuinil jlcetins (if the Chnmplain n:itl Con necticut ICiicr Ituilronil Coiiirmiy. &(rVm AXXL'AL mectixc or tuk ty JL Ciiamplain and Connecticut River Uiil loaii Copipany will be h-ld at the Court Ilouac in Rut land, on the seconil Wdncday, being ihe 13th day of Januu'y next, at H) o'clock in the forenoon, for the elec tion of Directois, tiiid for the transaction of any other bu3iUC3s, which may be thought ncoess-irv. x.M'LSWlFT, Clerk. MiJdlebury.Tili Deo. lSlG. SlwS Chriwisna ansl rVcw Year's G! CT BOOKS ANNUALS FOR 1S-17. LEAFLETS O' HVMnltY, with 12 splendid cn- cai uis ntid three ilhur.hritior.s. THE EUl'DOIH d.VA'f'.IA.fp'endnl q-iirto,ivith In Mezzotint oinriuvmirs, FRIENDSHIP S UFFEJ;i. ( '.bound in urabcwii-, iltb 0 i-ntr.iixin.3 DIAVEM. q nrto. 10 , ni'iaxing. M USICA 1. . I SN I 1 .. quarto. FU RA1. tU-'rj: A7A(.',i -i,-r. I'd qnrrto.ce'rrcd. THE DOV'jVLl', Ho, 10 s-l..--iuIi I embidlwLuieiiu. NATURE V(7;.Vs-.q.riito, n!k bindinj. I'llEU lYFl.un'LR. (luu l-L.J.l.lin '.s in 1LUIN:. eiqraiinj'. 21 At l.DWAUD-!' Book-tore P.-ck'i- Uuildia--. Mi v i i. i -'i'iuv iiuiuiu, .Tii?, lii'IIlUl A b" consulted at his lemlenee on Cherry Poetiyuf Luiope, do do lhi street, three iloori west nl tn Lom-regatioinl &C A. . Hnlendld volumes of the Poet, llhiatrnte.l Longfi-ilm ' Poems, l.nila Rookh, l.idy ot the Like. Childe Harold, Mrs. ilemans, Caniiibell, Po-u and ia.Ki, .Urt-peaie, livrou. A lar' as3.iruiient of Mi. nature .md fhildrens' Books and G.imt., -5 at EDHAr!l)S Bookstore. Peck's BuilJius. Church, at any tune, iihen not proles-ioiially en uaiiei nil the niA'e insimmti'inx find rilr nlimtni. f (lois of certain Knights ot the Lancet und Calomel, tome coiuniry nouiH iint-iaiuiuit;, mm lie i ishes bm friends and iriirotw to underhand, that he la not in the leat-t disappointed or di,co'irag -d on account of CIllL-i'l'M t I v1 V'lt' Yi'lv any opposition or i-ien pruccutmn he may receiie ! l'uul ' -IA., A.,JJ .W. ll-l EAR . at the hands of old school Phj-Mcian foi liiey know IMtlNI'NTS, their eiajt is in It H not mange that more ' rip III Subctiber ha a l.irg- and nice stock of n l t'nn three tho nan 1 dollars iiotih oi II ncfe, latio- - nulls anl Books designed lor ChriMnia-, Xcw j lepue and .Magnetic medicine, which h has dealt Years and Uiilh-duj Pieeiils,nmont' iihieh are tlvmlonr Vc-lcur,,,; mulmu cc ill iUI.Lfun" ' '2 by th- Medical laciilty, as iiholly incunt'jle by all their "fallacies," i-hould e.xeitc their Jeuitt ami cull forth their Inttei at md cnatio.i. but let the " nalKl jade nice." True, they haie, by calling to their aid fir.oTiis, roit ymi c.iu,u:xi;x, J ol van .us quahlies ; Gold ?.lix'd. Brown, Olive ,.,.i. . . in ' ,, . . t. ... it ..f-nni-v lil'k, ll'.ue Blk, Biue,;c. at Dee I RATIIBUX fl Cos. P700I). 20 j C'tiiiiis Ditv WOOD port sals. VV Applv to the subscriber, ot the Blading Rocni, under the Free Pie, or at his residence, north cf the tuna. D.-c 1. lslo. II. B.TACV. 'j IIP, sub-cribcm offer to the public a ' ell s leeted 'I'he Amaranth. 'Pile Ro-e of Aharon 7 " Chrisiims Blo-ionis and Xew Years Wicnih, G Chrislmn's Keep--ake, y n 'I'he Iljaeuuh or AtiectionV Gut, Fucn.l.hip- O.l.-nug, y 'Phe .Mai Fiower, y t, '1'ln .Moilii-i'-. Pieseni", C, L lie Ju.lst'11 Uilerillu, ,X;e. tVc. old tipiniotis, old educational prejudice, and preju dice, excited and kept up i i tue minds ol the people iiyuif (ie cunning una ciujt ot a mi annul Hungry doctois, wiiu-c bread and b-iit,-r is in danger, liken sini ('nee or our tri-ei- inttenis from Inm. in as many jeais, with no oilier appucnt ell'ect, thin to Forile at' ilie f!i,.n"iHL. i'a,. p .:' u., huiryil.-m to their graves- but in iw, h.stiny , j) e 17 "S vl 1 lVi"Tl'l-i' r - wn iw 5 been able lo -how the -rim ioritu of liieir tnatiiicnt. ' ' ' 'S '' J " h 1 lA ''N U UUtW' bi curin; a patient Inch he could nut. 'l'o proie b"iond all co.iiroierv anl to the entire sittiiie-tion ol the Public, that he Inve said nboie i-iirii-, Ihe Doctor olf-ia the foilmvmg lestl i.iony nl II K 11 ibbe'l, i;., , whieli will not bo UJirjiei oy .111, Huuw null, ns a SK'ClIlieii 01 hundreds mole which he might adduce, were it lie-cc-ary. rtppi'ii'i,. Tn V- .... . i .1- I ... ,, ,.(,, " This may certify tint Duet, r-iniih, of Burlington ' j iv.,' ' Vt., has nnd? a icry iiuporumt cine upon one of the tappers ,11 iiu.-io -. ...j . tn.,, uu u-iit, nitoMiui; tir- wholc tinkle joint and niiiily the whole foul, which had bafll -tl the ikill of seiiral eiiiiuent Phiiciaus for 1 iioriment ol GIlUCIlUlKri .V PROVISIONS. cJnsiftiiig in putt ot the following ailu-lis: .TitH'iiiBjf .lE:uiuS:j''oj'y. fpiIL' Subscriber is nianufaciuring, and ii prepared 1 lo build to order, all kinds of WooU'ii Alneliiuery, lien ns Gi.'s, CnrduiK .Machines j Condensers, iiizets, Leathers, Itru-hiiig .Machine", Regulators, Ac. II H Teas Y H do Itnptlal do Black iIj l.oat Sugais, Crushed do Brow 11 do Alolat-t s, P. pp-r, .Stilt e, ungcr, bilentus, RaiMiu, Kice, Cnmainon, Cloves,, Aiace, Cition, (urrani, Cocra, Chocolate, S.ihnon, Cud Fib,. .Mackerel, Tnble Salt, Limp Oil, Spettn Candh, .MoulJ do Toiht Scap, Anil mini other articles too mimeruns 10 mention, all of tihiek ic ate desuous to sen low for i-n-.ii. L. 111. 1 1 LIU It.LD Cc Co. Harrington's Building, ( Iluihngtoii.D.'C, 10, 1S1C J Slwl foil '.CCO 3J0 Boxes Tobncco.from 5 to JOcis. i 15 '0 do Fine Cut Sniekrig and Chewing do D.-cembei St. Fuu-irrr Bruie.-.'. rbout luiiryiais. durum which tunc th" Ltctr con tinu'd 10 increns. anil spiead. 1 am hippy to siy that, m my opinion tlu cuir would do honor to any Physician ortfurgeon. 11. 11. I1UB11LLL." l allfax. Vl. Aug. 15 '10. X. B Djctnristnith keeps constantly on hand alirge tjtock ut Uclectie, latroleplic and '.Magnetic .Methcines, and most respectfully invites invalids mi l those who need, lu call. 21 tl. I.utliT Dixon's I.'slntc. STATIC OF VLU.MOXT.I AT n Probate Cotnt Di'tnct ol Chittenden, -s I holden at Burlingtun. within and lor the distriet aforesaid, 011 the'.'Jth day ot l)icember, A D ldlO, an instrument purpoiting to be the last Id!' and Tvstamcnt u' Luther llixon, late of Milton, in said district, was presented to the Court here for Piubate, by Lei I Totnbcrson, the I'.xecu tor therein iniiued 'I'utp.Eionc it is ordered by said Court, tint public notice be giien 10 a'lp. rsmMiiur-ft'd therein, to np earbelore slid Conn, at a ses-1011 thereof, to be h -1 I at the liegc-tei's office, III slid Burlington, on the loimh Weilui s I.n in J iiiuarv. Is 17. and contest the rrobate of said Will, and It n farther ordered that ibis order be publ,h"il three weeks sue ces.-ivrly 111 the ton Ftee l'reu-, a ne i spnper printeil at Burhuglun, in said slate, tlie la'l ol wiucn puiHicaiions, to pnxi oustothe day assigned, as altiieinid, tor hcaimg. Giien, under my hand, at the Kcgi'tci's Ollice, this '.'Oth day of December, A D. ISIG. !i7x'J W.m. L.STOX, Register. Dm id Unj's (Intii Jiininr) IStutc. STATE OF VJUtMONT, ) The Probite Court for D.sirict of Chittenden, sa, j th Disnictof Clutien ilen,TiiallH isoin mteresied in the ente of D.ivil Day, (late jiiuioi) late of Ls(iex,ins.iid district, deceas rd. Wntr.tis, George Whitney, administrator of the estate ol the slid deeened, huh tiled m said coutl. Ins petition, pra nig 8.iid com t to extend the tune limited lor paying the debts due trom said estate and fur set thug Mid jear from Ihe 5th day of Janua ry, IS 17, ami also pioposes to rentier nn account ol Ins ailnunlslllillull lllltl 10 prc-rni 1113 iici-oum ufcoutsi 6a id estate lor examination nud allowance, WiiuuuroN.lh" court u'orcs-ud dothns-ign the lib Wudiiestlay in Januaiy next, lor heating and deciding in the premises, nl the olli- o tlie Register ol s-huI point, 111 said district ; und doth Older that nil persons int.-tested, be notified thereof, by pub lishing ibis order, couuinma the 6iibotance ot saidjje. rekBEuccessiirlrin the Builinr'ou I-iee Press, the last ol xvhich publications to be previous 10 th day ppoinu:d, as ofores-id, for hearing. Given, under my hand, at said Burlington, this 3tih d,yof D.crinti.A. u ,":..... ., Ail work emruMed to him. will be i-x-euied with neatnesi an I d.-spneh- His .Miehine gimp 13 eitui ted m .Monlpeher, three miles trom the ullage, 011 the road to Woiceslerand St Albans Thesiibcii!.er is coml lent that he can build as good a Card or Jack, as can h" procured in Xe- Lngtand. Tlioe lunuiug lu Alaclunerv pronounce it to run as well ns am 111 ii'-. ME'JJA 0 WEIGHT, Jr .Montieher, Dec. 12, ISIG. M",tf WARD &. BOOTT, tS.i;ccssrs tj Jjae3, Eenny S ll'si '',) .MAUi'Afr FM'US OP l.MSl) Oil. AXI) lllTVTCOiV-, IWrOKTECS ASP CKt t.V DYE-STUFFS, OILS, SOAPS, CHEMICALS, Anl .Ti.vNiT.vf"rrni:iis' .vnT!ri,r.s, Anm.v it. ward, jr. UoHun, KtitK r.nnTT. 2'jiiiG j Q BbU Spts.Turjientine, far sale nt rt bbls Coinphene, for sale at ZJ -21 II.1nr.1x-. 15 ARRI.XCToNS. ARRIXtlTOX 9. Glound Logwood, for .-ale at Ilir.ntsGTO.x's. rireiiien'x Nnticr. Till Annual .Meetuigul tlw Itmltvgtm IVunlerr Eusme I'Mipiny, Na 1, will be held at the Pearl Street House on Tuesday, D-e. 22, la 10, nl ii o'clock. A general attendance of the .Membets is requested. By order of 1 1. 111 V en 1 - JUIl,, 1. , IV. 1 , II. C. Ldo-iis, Cjitain. Scnctaty. D.c 11, In 10. SNu'l:. ' 1 1 III' Subscriber has for sale a few choice Shoots, -I of Ins own mi-nig; also, a fine 7.0.1,' tor the inipr-nernent ul stoek One ol his pig., Intte.l bv Mr Lotus Gei mam, ol this ullage, wa hi mouths old, Stills. Lunsittuuv. Burlington, ICih Dec, 13 10. -.awl l.l'flllCS, iK'fl'llOS, FIV31CIAXS and Piiiate l'u.nilWs residing in ihe country will pleas. reiin-mbei that, tb.i-ild the) retjuirc, y mil fi id an cxe. h.iii ftuik ol cither (icrman or Stzcdis'i latches, tor sale by Jj Dec IS, IS 10. GEO. E. IIARRING VON. V 111 TTIlItrillLI) .V Co.olIertomerihanJ 1J' and othem, ROO.'.PS TOUACCO, (amokuig onJ chewing) at Troy prices. Harrington's Building, Builington, Dec IS, lsl6. ,"); Ounces Qiininc, for Mle at wij 21 lUnniN-nTO' Valimblc Hcnl Itntc I'or .'n'.c. t'it'TIli; Snbscriltcr wishing to purchase a lr-!J-'X. ger firm w ill di'iKwc ul tin' place where he now uVes.cousi'tiuge! tilty acres of excellent land,r5 ncri c.eateii, initler goon cuituie nnti me reniainaer in w con, sninicd two miles Horn ihestriaie, oil ihe load leading to the niouth of the ruer. 1 o-s-e-sioti gu en the first day cf April. For tutther panicubue enquire of tha -Jt"nbcr G.T.RUSSLLL. Burlington, Dec. lt. 1310 "-ImX (""ASH will he pn'ul for O 2 bbls Pure Bear's Grease, 1050 lbs Spurred Rye. IfK) " Oil Cedar, 100 " " Hemlock, KM " " Spiiice. fv GP.O. F.' HARRIXGTOy. r,utlinginn..Ian I.IMS. i'3 VO I'K'i: This mat- ceml) tint I Invegiien mi i son.Gt'KutW W H.PWXK1-, hn time tioul thit dit," to no businefisfiir hunseit, and shall nut coi-tiel hisiarnings nor pay any 'lj-'1i,'jlI'1w'0Jj,,J'15U). Auiiist 1,1310. ' -7"-1 iVriniiHt Central Knilroad. CZlts3 Zl 'tis yr-f fr-txi All At-sessm- iit i f ten dollars on n share lias been or derctl bi the direct, usuf the Vermont Cential RadruaJ ( .ui'pahy, pn)nble on ihe tirst day cf Febimiy next. P.i)inc:nsiiiny lie mnde fit the Knimers' nnd .Mei ban les Itjnk, Bui hiigiun, nl the Bank cf Moutpelier, M the Bank of Wool-tock, or at the Treaeutert, CCice, 171 'Fremont Row, Boston. sA.ML II W'ALLCY jr., T easurtr. Botton, Dec. Si, 110. S7w 5 CM.OCIiS 1IH ormorp good Brars and Wool J Clocks, for talc bv the dczen.boxorsinele.attK 23 1 locst prices and warranted to perform ioU. I Bm.nsju'0 i. BRorntiis. CiIGARS, of vaiious brands, kept on hand and for I TO LKTA New Urirk Ilonv i ule by the Pox or quarter Box i H W. CATUX. 2 J? 1,1'TTERFIELP HCo. Jrmutr) I, 1S47, ifwl