Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 22, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 22, 18 47. oil, Mr. Lcako gave his reasons wliv lio f-IioiiM vote in opposition. T ho South, said" Mr. l.raliu, cannot and will not, submit to any further inter ference, on tho part of the North, with her rights. Ho consiileied this art, should It pas, a tli-libe-rate violation of the Missouri Coniproinise. Mr. Kennedy, of Iowa, followed He paid he hud voted deliberately, and ever s-lionld vole delibera tely against any further extension of slavery. Mr. Douglass followed. Ho said ho was ready to meet the ipic'lion at a proper time, when the proportion of the jreiitlcinaii from New York (Mr. King) prohibiting slavery in any ncwlr ac quired territory, should come up. " I Iu said liu would move to amend tho proposition by insert ing " Missouri Compromise." Mr. Hheltgave his constitutional argument in the defence of tho State rights. Without ta king a vote, the Houso adjourned. Tel. Hep. N. Y. Papers. ClllTTJ.NI)l'N' COUNTY Agi'tcul.ural Society. The annual meeting was hidden at Strong's Hall, Darlington, on the tith inst, nnd wasttell attended by the farmers of the County, showing an increasing in terest in this nourishing institution. The leportol the Treasurer showed a balance in his hands nilcr pat ing nil the premiums awarded. A repot t was rcte'iied from the Committee on fiehi crops, as follows : The Committee on 1'iehl crops reports that thv Jiave examined all the specimens, and the mode of cul tivation exhibited, niul rcgiet to say so tew were shown, hut the quality, in inot cases, maJe full ametuls for w ant ofominty . On winter wheat they award the first premium to Levi Comstoek, Shclburne .),titl Second, Tu John N. I'omcini-, lliirlmglou, O.i Spring Wheat. 1st premium to Chestet Dim. Shclburnc, 0,00 2 do Clnuuecy (looilrich, lluilington, 1,011 The winter wheat was ol the while Hint nricty. Mr. Coius'ock'swnsraiscdoii asluty mail sod, ami produced the great quantity of 11 bushels to the ncre. Mr. Pomeroy's was raised on ;i-ir jilniu laud, and his fi'-ld averaged 2 1 bushels to the acre lloth specimens, were fully nial to any raised in the. wheal district, of Western New York or Maryland. Mr. IlliiTs sprinu wheat was grown on a soil of gra vellyloam, planted last jrnr with corn, highly innnu red, produced 111 bushels to the aero ol the bald red rhall aricty. .Mr ('oodnch's wasgrown onniMy gravelly soil, plowed for the purpose ol'seeding for pas- I ture laud, slightlv manured and planted withpota- toes m im., plowed and narrowed seen, l ou-nei and 12 quails, plow-id m, and unehiHliel ol plaster and m bushel ol slacked lime sown on it, product 22 bu- ' Wlfl on one nei e ; .Manv larger cr nit bateb-en raised mine county nolcxluhieil.tlnn some on which premiums have been awarded, in ,lomgwl,;el,,(),i aswdl a .wnttnl hate bren taken into con-ideratiu.i and rum ihe lour speci- mens exhibited, grown on lour t.' of soil.tbe conmiittee do noi hesitate to say that the tanners ol the County can, not only supply all ilemands at home but hat e a larg- surplus tor exportation. Wacom theyawani Hie 1-t preiuiuiu to John (i (ioodhue, Jericho, 21 do Col Smith, St lieorge, 3 1 tfo Chester Blin, Shelburue, tin tlo Warren I old, l.ssex, ,ou The nriidiice 'Jt 1.2 '.HI. H." 1.2 and fid bushels to ' the acre, estimating one bushel ol shelled corn for two j bjih"U ol cars. Mr lioodhiie's com was grown on green sward, i long manure plowed m, an.l rotted unnutc spread on the surface and an equal miMuie of plaster ashes an I lime, at the rate ol one spoonbill (how large a spoon I) lo each lull. .Mr I'orJ's was grown on gacnswaid and manure plowed in. On Ojs. I 1,00 3,00 . I 3,01) 2,00 I 1st premium, Leti Cmn-tock, Shclburnc, 21 " N. Shams, Willislon, TiT and CI buiheU to the acre. On Beans 1st premium, Win Bowman, Westford. 2d do (Jen S ixton, Sliei'jurn, IS 3-1 and 15 bushels tu l-2aere. (),i potatoes. 1st premium, Chester Hull d do Nathan Stearns, 1st 317 bushels lunz red 2d 131 " King potatoes on 1-2 acre. On Cu riots. 1st premium, Tristani Conner, Burlington, 2d do Usal Piersoii, Shclburnc, 3 0') 1 2 00 5,00 J 00 I 1st jooj nu-ueis, Long oiange. 2d 213 bushels Altrinithain, on 1 acre. The committee regret that th-y are unable in any case to present a report of the quaint' ol soil, amount tif manure and sed, mo le ofculiure,.c. iic. ol any crop, and in most c is-s none at all. To carrv out fully the objects of ih society, th-.-c should lie detailed by etery applicant lor a premium. Some fine speci mens of crops not entitled to premiums were exhibited among them specimens oi com anJ beans lit' Mr Comstoek of wluch77i hu-hels ol the'd 121 bushels of the latter tere urown on a single acre. On ihe whole, th" exhibition shows that our sod, with prop.-rcultivatio i, will n it sj:'t by insm wilh that of any part of the Union, unless we except the bottom lauds of the alley of the Mis-i-sippi ; and we advise ouryou.ij men to rennin in our healthy climate and cultivate th; lands in the talleyof Like Cham plain ralhertlian remove lo the land ol forjs and ietcis. CIIIIS'I'CI! IILIN, ) l)A.VIi:L PATKICIC, f Commniittee. L'LI.I.Mi STANTON ) After the reading of the report, the society proceeded to the election of olti'ers fir the year cnsiiiug .Mr. Weston said he fi'lt highly honored bj the office he had held from the first org iiu.ition of tip Sojiety an 1 as lie was not disposed to monopolize cither Ihe honor or the profits, but held lo rotinon in olli 'e, espe cially tho-e " where us all work and no pay," les pectfully declined a re-election. Tne geutltmen weie unanimously elected officers lor 1317 J'rrsiilntt, l!ev M Bixc.ntxi, Williston I7ff I'lcsitleuts, C. Smith, M. (.corgc ; I'. Wilson, llincsburgh. Stciet'iri, C Goodrich, Burlincton. Titamrer, N. Steams, ill. stun. Hoard of .Unman i, Ileury II. Stacy, Burlington Thomas II Canlteld , Willi-nm ; Ortille N. Clark, Milton; Heman II. Newell, Charlotte; Daniel Pat rick, llincsburgh ; Geo. Suxtou, Shclburnc; Ortille Slnw, Jericho ; L-iii'iei II. Plait. Colchester: Henry .-tanton, ; 1 iiuotliy Nblcy, Wcsllord; l.eti WhilL'omh. Bichmoiid : Samuel" Wells. L'ntfcrliilt i John Snytler, Huntington : Nathan Lock wood, St. George ; Moses Colton, Bolton. The Society by a unanimous vote, referred all busi ness arrangements to their ollieers, adjourned w ith lull determination to prosecute t igorous!) all measures for improving agriculture, wilh mechanical and domestic uanuljciurcs- 1 rom the National Intelligencer. At the present moment, ihe billowing Idler, nceiv ed by the mail ol yiatcrday, cannot tail to be of the deepest mtclest tocteiy class of cmr rcadeis: TO TI1L5 CDITOltS. StNTA Anna will notmaich on Sa'tillo, hut will make a feint to ciente such an impression. -should the army uiuer iienerai i aior be concen trated in that neighboihood. S.iuta Anna, with his vtholt force, will uish on Tampico j and, if lu ac complishes the reduction of that oI.kc, he will proceed along the coast to the Bio Grande, and, with nn oter xt helming force between Matautoias and Point Isabel, cut oil' the supplies to ournrniy. With some knottledee ot th-s ilnracter of Sinn Anna, and the topography of the country, combined with the recent news, I hate aimed ul the ubote conclusion. The subject being one of ureal importance ami in terest just now, is the reason I trouble you with the iierusal, auJ rcpiest the publication ot llus short letter. Very itspectl.illy. ' ' A NAVAL OITICLB. Annapolis, Jan. 13, ls!7. Court C'llt'iiih-r. Cliittcnilcn County Supreme Court. December Tehm, MIX Avr.cs tc Co. v Cntrxcry ('ooprmi This was nil action on book in which ju Igim ut wus rendered in the County Court for th- defendant to recover Ins costs There was another suit in fivor of Atres against the defendant in Inch judgment was rcii ler cd for the plaintilf 'I'he suits were so connected Mint any balance allowed the dclcmlant in the first would hate applied on the piaitmti 's in the sccouJ. The jefeii'lenls cxcepled m lsih suits, clnimum that one item of the plaiiuilPs a m tl." first su,t was improperly allowed, and one item of the dcfcudum's account improperly disallowed. Tin- first item was an order diawn by Claik- & Boiriluuin n fat or of the rilaintliron defendant and by him accepied.pijahle in nancr The Auditor reported thai upon the testimony of ihe' plointitf Ii" found nn agreement betwiin ihe iilaintill'and th f-ndant .that this order should be charg ed to the delendant, in his general account. The see. ond item disallowed, wasa charge by Ihe defendant tu the nlaiutiirof an account agaimt II it Stacy. Tor this aeeoiinl the plninlill g'lt't his written receipt to the defendant, stating that it wasto - app led oil the irenernl account lietwccn the nrlies,on ih back of r.i.i.i. ...nau,lra..,l nn ii'-ret-inent in' the defendant to moeure for the plaiulitrStaey's nolo lor tin- amount of he account ngaiiistbiiu. Uns ihe Audiler repotted had not been done by the delendant witniii a rcasona- '''The case was argued by WiitrrEMORE and Platt for ihe plaintilf, and A. 1'tcK and Jxasson for the de fendant. ?! "urt. wriIovc:Ch.J.,hld8to.l,erlrs. item, that tne plan.. . .r:, Sh? A fc. . " . 1 i:.r . u'itiipii in thia nr. lion 10 tirove the acreeineut reported by the Auditor. ; transfer of the note though not negotiable for. a valui and ihi "reemeiit to carry th order into ihe general bin consider. tion constituted s snthejent eonside ration t accou trju'lin'' authorit'd the charge of the o-d-r for th'piomis-efthedtf'tid.ntstopay it totheplaintill ' generally, patablclii piper. And n to the sicotld Item, though the locoipl by Ihe plaintiff of the account against Stacy tu be applied upon the General account between I lie parlies, was absolute on the face of it, It was to he considered In connection with, and as controlled by the ngiccmeut of the dcfetuhiit endorsed upon it lo procure Stacy's note for the amount. And not haling been fulfilled, the charge wnscoiiectly dis allowed, .tudgmei t ol county court all'umed. .Ir.nn f. Smith v. W.M. S Hyde. This was an ac tion on book, to reenter for sen ices rendered as n phy sician, to deleiidaut's father Mid mother. The Audi tir reported that the plaintiff commence 1 his vertices upon ihe 7th ol September, 1SKI, upon an agreement w ilh the lather tint unless n cure was ulleclcd, nothing was to be charged. After four or live ti-its had been made, on the llith of September, the delciidant execu tida writing to the plaiimlf agreeing to be lesponsihle to him ior attendance on his lather No other special contract was made. The Auditor lurlher reporied th it the patient was lather injured than benelilledhy the tcrt ices ol the ilamtill', and that the sert ices to the moiher were tendered upon the sum? agreement, ami with the same result The county court rendered judg ment for the defendant and Ihe plaintiff excepted. Tiiecase was arcued by SilAtTia for plamlilf, and A l'i K lor dileiidant J lie court, per lii .n-r .1., said tint tne planum commenced Ins sert icis upon the liability of the father aloue.aud upon an express agreement 'no cure, ho pay ' Altertvards the unilortakini'ol the defendant was giv en. This was entirely collateral to Ihe agreement of the falher,iind isinerclvgiimg the defendant's credit in ai.l ol Ins I itlcr's, ft hinds the defendant only to the siiinc extent that the father was hound to pay w hen cured. And it is essential to tut accessory obli gation like this, liiat the original and piiucipal obliga tion should lie tahd. 'Ihe plaiiililf having filled to cute, by the lermsol his ugn cnicnt is not entitled to pat incut. .Indnim-nt of county court allirincd. .Moino.v it Ci.Ar.KV. I'i.v.'i--. This was an action of cjcclmeni for laud in Wiln-tuii. The plaintilf's claimed title by t irtueol a letyofau execution issued upon a judgment ol a lusiiecol'the p -ace. The pisncc who lendeiid the judgment was tow u clerk ot W'tllis lon. On trial thepluuiull 'h lnttodueed a copy ol rec ord ol the levy of tue execution fiom the otliee of the town clerk, purporting to have li'en made within lie1 life of the execution. To the niluijioii of llus copy the defendant objected and called the town clerk as a witness to prote that the record was not made until lifter the lite o ihe i vculion and after the commence mcntof this suit. Theplaiutills objected to tlnstcsti luony, but it was admitted by Ihe conit, niul Ihe town clerk testified that tin" execution was receitcdby him for recoiil within us hie, and that he made a minute upon it iiecoriluiffly, both as town cleik and ns m-igis-trate. Hut tint it'wasnol actually lecorded bv bi.n as a justice, (though it as lown clerk) until niter the hie ol the execution and after the commencement of thissuit The county court decided upon tin se facts iu;u uie ticuoo cimho. om oe iiiaiiioiiiieu.ouu a teniict having been icndcrul for the ilcleiidant.theplai.itill's c.xeepte I. 1 .ni;'i iv tin iiiv piunuiis,uiiii bmiu.iv i- 1'nn.isj lor tie- u.-l-iulaut. 1 I'll-coutt. per Hi..viTr J., held that th-justice was prop-rly admitted to testily as to tl,.. thne when Ihe , record wasactually made, as this did not tend to im- ,,'aebor tar.v the record. Thatunder.hesla.utepr,.- tis.ou respecting levies on real c.-tate, Ihe title did not 1 p'i'S until Ihe lety was actually reconled, both in the i town clerk's oIKcc.and in the otliee trom wloel, tt is. sued And that this let y not being recorded until after SjOO the commencement ef the suit. the record not bating I.U0 relation back lo the nine of the levy, but passjn the li a,00 tie only liom the time ol the Ami the minority oi uic coin i iiKiiii lieu .in opinion w iinotii uowctcr tie- ClillUU the tlliestion. that il let V of an execulioli is out niul to pas ihe ntlc ol fand,'unls, actually lecorded at lenglb inboilioHiceswithm the life of ihcexcculiott .luilguieiil olcoumy conn nllumed. Mam, J concur- rcd in the tn.lirineiit ol the court, but dissented fioottbe opinion expressed on the latter point, git lug ins reos , ons at length. (i . A. Ai.lev v Patruk Cirtv, niul n As- sntliosit upon a lecemt C.Xecllled bv the delrndani's lo pi.iiulill, asshenir. lor propel ty attached by him, on a suit in tJtorol one Wcllcr. .Iiidguunt was reentered in the suit on which the property was attached, in the supreme court. 'I'he couilrose'at the term when the judgment was rendered, on Ihe sixth ol January, which .is on Satuiday. On .Monday.the eighth, execution wasis-ued and was put into the hands ot II l'crriswho was then sherill'to make dein-ind upon Allen. The .l,.,1M.I ..-..a I.. I... I I ....1. ... l-l miimiiu ..uomiuuij I, 111! VII ,IH L 1 t. 11 1 1 1 Ol 1 COTOU TV , upon Allen, anJsubseqiiciiily ami wiihm the hie ofifie execution by Allen upon the di lendaiits. The plain-1 till on trial olle i, man I on Allen. He nasi b.eclcd toby the defendants nsinteiested to prote the tleiuanJ made, Iteiii" liable to the creditor it it was not, but was uilniitteil liv Ihe court. It a pealed that a portion of the piopertt em- oraccu in the receipt, was the property ol Wellerthe plaintilf in the sun, and had been sulbiiienllv taken by him. I or this poiiion the nlaintill did not "claim to mXCeei,,rVn! "the '.I rVlllt ''FTP. "'"I?1 lie ',.line 'I'I.ij 1 .11.' .t.. tj .it'-. i mi t imritt-t; iltl rAUUU(.ll l)J Hit," COllll,, ti. liuvii in ii in" tuiuauou oi tue property m Itie receipt, could not be varied bv nnol testiui.iov ln tl,t the actual talue of tint part ol the propeily belo'H'in.' in Welter, sliould l. ,l...l,,..,r..l I'...... .1.: : .i...:..7. The court uho decided that the demand on Allen and on in.- iieieinnni s, was made in season to entitle the plamtill toiccotcr. And a tcrdict hat in been re. luriK-d lor the ulaintill'. for theamountol ihe m,i,,i noil ihe il..',.n lems ..v I a fhe case ttasarirued hySMALLLV it Piieu-s for tho . a' . ... planum, mm A. I'rcK co Kaison lor Ihe ili-temlcnt' I h- court, per Uali. .1., held that I'cins wis pr.ip erly adimtted us a witness, bis interest il nn , bem lenioteand contingent, and not allected bv the result ofthis suit. Tim a demand on toe roc ipters wiihm Hurry ilaysafierjiidgini-nt was not ncci-ssjit .protidcd adi-iiitn I Was made on the olli-er tviihm tinny days, and on the icccipters wiihiu the hie ol the cxeculion. Ill'ilthe statute havinr immded ilnl "the ,l.n- "which the pally should liist by law, without leave oi "the entitled loan execution, should be ilecm "cd the tune o rendering the judgment," fl)r the pur poses ol holding propei')' iVc , the court rising on Sat urd ly, the parly would not be culitL-.l lo an exccu'ion until lb" Monday lollowing. Coiiseoicnilv ihe Sun day inlert ening should not be rtckonc.l as 'one of ihe tinny ihvs liom the timeol the rendition of the ju Ig. iiient I hit the rule for comjiutatiou ol tunc is, whin th computation is ,um n date, oi the day of a date, the time ii to be computed exclusive ol the day, but when from an act doue.iiiclusitc. That upon llus rule the day in which the execution issmd, being ctoludid from the computation, the demand was made on Allen within ihe ih, thirty days and in season. That the rub-claimed by th'.-tlelcnd -nt's as to the valuation of the property, was not correct, nor was the rule adopted 1, the entnt Tl, t, ,1... .1. ...I I I 1.1. ... 1 j ' J ...... wm, ri,.,uii li.lM' lll-iluillll "" ....".nun Hum u i i ipi, such ,i proportion in th.-whole ns the portion taken away constituted, in stead ol the actual talue ol tint poriion. And that though this rule I not inuu-rniiv alter the result in this case, it ma,! b.-i-sinblished us the gepcial rule, mid a new trial ginnlcil on tlmt ground. l!L..Lrr J., disscnimg rELTiiiLiiv. Bceuiws la Ciaiireiij Bill to fore close a mortgage 'I'he t'el -n hnt clanni d title in t ir tueol a levy ol an execution against th - Oinior's mort I ,iv I nil eviure l' 'PI ,'Tr .'.'l 'I'h"''0", ow"' ly law Ind expired. 1 lieilelendiiiit had made a prctious lew, but finding the laud ineuinbeicd by n prior at- tachiuent.made a uiolion, wilh notice, nndnn appear - anee, to tlie court whence the proccsi issued, to set nulc lhelir-1 levy and lor an alt is execulioli, which ranted, and tlie alias e.xeiulioii amounting to 3 Ilia, was levied on land for SIS 1, being S'iO too much, and in recording it in the Town Clerk's ollicc the exe cution was n corded by mistake, as issuing on a judg ln'iit of IS 12 instead nt lrtll,i.swns the tact: but Ihe 1 own Clerk bad corrected Ins record, tliouuh not till atier the live months allowed for a lieu had expire I. 1'hree points were made 1st Whether the nlias c.xi cutum was properly i-m-,1 1 2 I Whether the If ly w as nii'iusbcinjjtouliir.'c ' and 3d. Whether it was ton! lor being nuperleotly ueord-d t llus court bv iiiipcni i in-1. ii in- m.!."h nnu u toui oeiow, anu it came to Tin-ca-c was nrgued by A. Peck for Orator, and K.tssoN lortletendaiit. The court, p.-r ItovcnJ., hell, 1st. Tim lhc alias execution tins properly is-m-d, though wnh some hesi. union: 2d, That the fety was toiil for l mg too large ?JU or about 3 per cent not coniirg withi i th" tnnxnn tin nii,ntni . .! I ..... nr... ... I any small mistake ot computation of the othcer: 3d. I it nasals) impuperln rccordid. I ml lor that causj-oi-si void ; thedef-ct not being cured by the sub sequent amendment out o the Ihe months. lieiiiauilcd with an order lo ajjn in the decree of tl e Chain ellor N (iLi.xnos v. Perkins it Partriiwe T lis wasan aitiuii ui ussuuiiisii it iuii ii joii i mil si tt-ini prt li s- sory note, git.-n ong ui.liy by the dele. ni's to C II Mat.iii.iind by bi.n tnii...e?rc,l to the plan tilf Tl, note had ncoiidilioiiainicxeil, prut idnig thai said M ,r- upon a jomi ami si trial pn in if tin M.uul.1 niiy all ihe inc-MmLnuKis uimii trriuui lnuil-i.i-xm.niu WKTHie.1 innrinnii.'. 'J'ii.- .U-d,.ia- tioii i)ri,riiin!lv i m ri "u'liinry t'.nn upon ti pt'oin- i-iiiy note, nn. I '.;t;iiiH' 1 no Mnktiunt ouhe cumii tion iiiin'-l. 'I'lu cfuintv fourt upon uiotio.i permit t -I ninendt-il cotinto to ht1 fiU'J, fniiiiniiuif; ;i tt'itcincut of thy LMiidiluri mi 1 uv-Titi'Mils it h'ul h'Tii coin. plied Jtli,a:i.l till express jdiunUe to piy thptimi .rd,tnp,K-are,l thai ihe noiu'wa, Iranstced ,0 the f (MC lll-iril JHIll U Ulmtiiil.'.Maiiintor.ivai,iabl,-.-o.,s.deratio,i. That iu the lime ol the inimf r one of ihe defendems ma le , k rroinise.t to oat 1 he note 10 1 he 11 aintll . i-iiilenee was eiven bv Ihe ilefelldellls lo show liieum liranccs existing on the laud, nor by the plaint. ffto show inem pain 011. , 1 ejury u -mns r. iu.ii.-ii .. tcm.c- i.m the plaintilf lor SiM.U the defc.-ud.nt ctcepicd lo iho C TffV'".i'"i''' ,,,.. t P,r-.-t.-I'mirs fori, lab. .iir I?. si Z t S Tr ,,V., ,i ior plain- tilt, and Jvasson for ilereiidciits. mem w allowed, as it did no, change.he , ue coun, per itci.liua j., ueiu iiuu 111c uiiirnu- 1 imiisp nl Aflimi lh inrtn nnr litf rinrhf-H. 1 hot IhP I " o '.he no . .C. Vio, ;;,',.h . for a'valu-i. ......1 ...... 1 .i 1 ..'.. ..... ...,i..i ., i. .i1....T. ..i- .1 of iiowerlul and unnecessary medicines, niul loo 1 tlelendcntssubseque.itly to lhc tran-ftr and on bemg -b such. "''"J ."1 'iV.'V M.Hl 't',' !,f!'f,'t' ... ..i'...i ..1 .1.......1. . i ...i ... .i.,r J?. more shattered than helore, fo meet the els lloiIO.-il. lll, iiiuii;;., er,K,,,, u,. ...1...1 m m - - , , . ,vn .i n-l.-m..! In .to o ut-r That etett if the conlllioit annexed to the note could be consiileied to render the amount due on it unliqui dated imd uncertain, tins would not constitute an oh iecilon to the validity of such a transfer and promise. That tboiiromisesDf the dci'cuilciitq to nav the note to the plamlilf, though made at dilli-rcnt times, being in,,.li n I., mlnel .,,. n rnnsi, eratlnn i,. til,..tcM,.,,t in i miio,, of a ioint mimi-e. And Ihnlthe coiiditioii In the note beim-io 1 clear all the incumbrances on the land, the acknowl edgment of one of the ioint liromissors would be vritna fuciu ct idenoe against both, of Ihe performance ol the condition, ami it it weronot, tue ueienuaiii ivouiii do bound to civi' evident e of ineumbriinees existing upon the laudjbefore the ilainlill'could be called on to show tiieiu paid. Judgment of county court affirmed. , Il.tvvtit Mii.i.s vs. StMfr.r. C. Wu.r.F.N. This was nil action ol trespass lo recover for a marc, wagon and fanning mill, attached by the defendant as the propertyol Chas. and Claudius Mills. In April 1813 the plamlilf had n life estate in n f irm in Colchester, on which Chas. and Claudius Mills, had for wine time previous resided under a lease from her. Chas. Mills then owned ihe wagon and tanning mill in piestioii, together with a pair of horses, all of which luopeithad been kept and used hv him on the lann. This properly he lit that time sold to the plaiiililf. 'I'll.. ....(, nit,.- tl,.. a-.l.. I.n.niil.l tit ' llil 1 1 lll.rl.ltl to tue house of Myron Mills, with xtlioin the plaiutiir resided, and who kept litem for her, from two to four weeks. At the expiraiion of that time, ihe plaintilf Weill lo icsiile on the lann will! uiarics .Mills, wnom she employed lo carry on the farm upon shares during the next year, and the horses then went back to the (arm and were used by Clns. as before the sale. In the hill of IS 13 be exchanged one of the horses for the mare in question, ami continued lo use the more on the lann until 1'ebruary 1811, when the property was attached. The wagon and fanning mill bad lieter b'cn reiiioted from the farm, but ituiaiued Iheic in the posM'ssioti of Chas. until the time ot the attach ment. 'I'he county court decided that these 'facts did not amount to a sullicieiit change of possession of the properly nnd n tciibet hating been icndeicd for the tl'l"lldalit, the phiulilf excepted, 'i'he case was urpued by A. Pick Pl.ATr, for ihe plaintiff, and Llvi:.nwortii ti 1', lor the defendant. 'I'he Com! per Mover,.!, decided tint Charles Mills hating remained on the farm mi I in possc-iou ot the pioperiy m iiuesiion from the lime of the sale lo the lime ol Ihe attachment, the fact that the phintitl'ullcr the sale went to reside there wilh Inni did not amount to such a possession of the propel ty as would render the sale talid airainsl crcditois. Nor did the ch inge of possession of the horses, for the period of fi.'lll I" IUIII Htm', lU'Vll !- uwu 11 II COU' tiliuous pnss"sioii of them lit' the veluli r for a tniin tier of iiiniiilis ami up to the tune of the attachment render tin- sale valid. And thai them ire bat hi" been procured by Charles Mills in exchange 'or one of , iiuse imrscs, aiw stiiisetpieiitiy reinainiug m hi ps ! ses-io,i, imi-t stand upon the same Iboiinir as to ciedi- tors as the horse for which it wits echan"cd. And toe one OClll liable In attachment, the other would ! 1. '.,, 1i1,,r t c ...i.... . i l'r.i.Mov tiT. Ukigus oV Co eiioo tVil bond Demurrer to. leclataiioii, for s'pcc'ialci, .'- 'I at t e ns-irnuieni of the bond lr. , tl, . J, . ,ir'i Pi .,,,, ir ffl J, ',, "y, rm" h,e tt oil , bene- w.n !,.,,,, t V...I i ....i noun, ami lhc writ bore date y Sept. 1813. The bond bore date April 1813. The aflegaliou was, alter iccit iiig the bond iVc., that " njtei icanh, to wit, on the 7th day of September now hist past," the bond was assigned Ac, in the usual form. The case was argued by Kassox, for I'iainlifT, and U.MIlKWOOn, for DcletuleliK The court per Ham., J. held the declaration good, and the dcinnner not well taken m point of fact, as, by f lir intendment, the laueiiage amounted to an al legation that the assignment was after the making ol the bond especially as the actual tune was immatc unl, and it wa laid under vidclicit. Judgment ol the county court ajiimnl. S. S SttiTii vs. J.xo. ICeim n. This wasan action ol g.-neial assumpsit ur work and labor, upon a con tract for clearing land. The plaintilf ollered one Samuel Smith as a witness, to whom the defendant objet ted us interested, and ollered to show by testimo ny tint the witness took the contract upon which the action was hiounht jointly with the phintilf. Hut the court ruled, lint this fact il true would not make the witness interested in ihe cm-iu of this suit and ad mitted nnu to Icstily. 'ihe witness testified anion , .1" ., ' ,. , O "mer things tint he was not interested m iheconliact. u" Sf.1"1 "e'ence to the suit was tint the witness "as a joint contractor with tlie plaintiff and should n,t' '"""''I 111 'be suit. Ami, the question whethrr , "? 'va?Jal',t contractor was led to the jury. The I;11"."!111 ad a tcrdict, the defendant excepted to lhc 1,..-1S'"JI1 " court ill admittiiig lhc wituc&i to tes- The case was argned by'TEr. & PiiELrs for the plaiiililf and MaIik, for defendant. 1 cm,,t "',ai'"-'11 "re " consideration, but Fl-.dirccinganew I 11111. Cai.viv IVrrv .t tL. vs. Oi.ive Ward This 1 nnilitn anrrcln to set aside nn execution. i ''' "eclaration stated that the defendant reentered a judirmeut and is-ued execution auiinst the connilain- f,'"r1' ''tT5' ''rjuight an nnilitn to set aside for ht an nmhtn to set aside for '"",nl J." I"-, of 1 a ,uIH-rrtr,, .f he indg- "I.' " 1 1111 !" ' "" lT '"is annua, one oi ine 1 111 'oumv coiiimranteii ! 'nnnt and cxeculion come ' lllination of that suit" The audita was entered ill, ... . . . . , i ''"mi. atiu jiuigineni iinmz icii renilercd tor the "Kii'it'iM llii-fUlll , nil in ill" Kunri'II)'.' I ui 1 1 1 'ii .xeepliotis, the countvcoillt ordering execulioli staid upon allow mg the exccpiions. While the case was I tiius pending in the sitpienie court, the defendant took out another cxeculion upon the original judg ment, it tvus to set aside this second cxreuiioii that i the prc-ent sun was brought. The delendant demur j red lo the declaration upon the ground that the county ; court hate no power lo supersede on execution except while ihe amliln is pending in the county court. And 1 thai u final imbiment in the county court ta-ates ,suih a mijiti itedtai and is the determination of th suit. The county court adjudged the declaration suf ficient nnd rendered judgment for the complainants, , to which the defendant excepted. I The cae was arcuej by Smali.v it Piiems for comniiinants. and s.Tcvr.Ns for the defendant. Tue court retained the case for consuliration. iUavkct! Itri'hton .tlurkct-.-Jiiiiy. 1st. Reported for the nuii Tiaceller) At market. 2.K) t'nttle, 8 jokes winking oxen, 32 Cows and Calves. 1C00 Sheep ami about 2so Swine. Heef Otitic l-lxtra Si, lirst quality Sj.50 ; second t-uality, 1,75 -i fi. M'nrhiitg Oxen Sales were made at STS, SSI, S'J2, and 8105. Coir and Calves Sales noticed at S20, 2fi, 33 and 811- .SifrS ilcsoflotsat eieW, 1,13 2.C7,nnd S'). Xiruic At wholesale I Jo for Sows, and 5i - for Bar rows; at retail, from 5 to 0,und 7c pr lb. - Wool 3InrkcU..Iniiy. IS. l)tv, 30 ,,e ret. . , ,, , . , ., ,, , . , Rtpnlcd far the boston Cuimer. 1 There has been a fair demand for the taiiousgrad-s ' of llecce nnd pulled wool. The stock ol tine wool in market is unite small. Piiuie Saxony rieeces, is! ied 37 32 20 American full blood do. tlo 3-1 do. tlo 1-3 do, ila 1-t.tcomdo. .Vpuuish Sheep. II Tit -S' .Smyrna tin, washed do do unwashed Bengosi unwashed .S'l-xouy, clean - - -Buenos Ayrcs, unpicked do no picked Sup. North'n pulled lamb No. 1 tlo tlo tlo 2 tlo do tlo 3 do do do 23 WHO WANTS A 11X11 PUT Ol'TI'LTII 1011 .. . '- ' e-37" V..IW rm.l nidieniii,. t. fi... I...:.,.. or twice cleaned will, the Amber Tooth V.itr, hate ' ( h" best niedical iiltciiilancc is nlw.-i).s protnlctl lor the appearance ol the mo-i U-aiinful itory. and at lb" 1 sick soldier ; niul no il.-.luction of p i- is made tame tune, it is so perleclly innocent an I exqWi,.y 'bni'V the period he is unable to peiforin his duty -fine.ihalitseonsianiilailyiiseishichlyiidtnnln-eoii., Htould the siddiir be .li-sibletl in Hie hue ol his daiy, . ,.i ir.l . i. i . i lhim "! '"-'"'f'd P'lish, and prcvenlmg premature de. . fa'' 1 1"-'';1'1- ''''''''fed " prevents fr.ini lu-com. l"! ''"rs""' " ", "leV T1' r"". me '.'J' etcn iu inosi. , mn inni ore m nooii condition, cit nir .YLVr1 "w ,ou" lerHl llf ' . "V. 1 "uu HiafcC m7 ,,Iloin n .u i-pi . I ly SJw's! IIAUIUNCTOX. Dr. Wood's Snrsnnnrilly nivl Wild Cherry Ililter. Th'rfnre cerium tfitrasi-ii if iliM-nvs ihry mny he ... .. .1 id. it.i . Til l. m uhiehare mamle-ted in a cemral ..f rnticn, i" i iit-M 1 1 iiiii""tuii, - it r ii iiriiniit' ihiiik, ... 1 it. 1 r: digi-ute organ u nil I he nerves It, meet ihesv-. "' nT"... L " L' hi 1.0 r V. .V-. "J'." v" I nnr. luu in -iij i- t . s. iic-.iuh iiiinnii'W' ifldl i in Mill ss of nil 1 Int a iwi-.h-il ia L'eiitU tiUfrntie tonic. ruleulairil tn ns. I niM uaturti wiuiout Moh iire to Iht lawn. If thn U "-- ny ,K. ri.strc,l i,,oui rcsu rt ,nall,, 'cxnsite renv-die.. Tl..i wlm bate tried them know that encellenl medicine-Hr. , s-,,,,,!!,, , Wil,l C'hertv ll,llers-l.. 1 I ,,. ',, ,,,, ,,.,-,...i ,i,. ,., Bi,,r r..,,,.,!, ,i:... .,... 1 fidenceol tw wo may aua m no at p1' f. , . . . , .. . .. . Cte hut e alr'sdv attsmd it Por s-ale bt Ma-I Special Notice jr"TliecxtrnordiiiaryOltAl'.lT;NIH:itC.7';,i'.S. which are nchictlng miparalled triumpbs in various sections ol this country, are now introduced Into Ibis vicinity. Let eterysick .person read the adtcitisciucut ul 1,1 ' " naiciincri 1,0.1. in..,) , which will lit-loilliu III nnottirr c-ol.iinn. 1 or sale tit hnntwoow's, West sid, -mm "ra,i-' te'lnare iltrtvvicb. In West Rcrksliirc, on the 3ltult,by Ilev. J. J. Cryssa, Air. Sit.ts A. Noiiix to Miss Math.pA S. IxK.xn ti.L, of Berkshire. IiiSwanton.Hon. Garao, of West I'nos- burgh, to Miss Mauy Ja.kson. of 8. In West Ihiosburgh, Mr. (itor.ut Tassht to Miss Marictt Ivarnswortii. In Sheldon. Mr. Isaac 1'. Bri.M.s of W. I'nosburgh to Mis IitTsr.V lilTI.I.R, of S. In Si. Albans, 31st ult., Mr. S.trronn D. I' to Miss Jo WtcKwir.r.. In Vernon, Vt., Nov. 30, Mr. Riciiird M alone to Miss Caroline Grr.nv, both of Iloston, Mass. JD i c b, In Colchester, on the I3th Inst., Mr. MATTiitw ClIEXLY,nged4d ycaisand II months. In Sheboygan, Wis., on the 2fltb ult., Mrs. Ao.xes II., wife.of Samuel I). Ormsbcc and daughter ol the late Hon, Moes blrong of Rutland, aged 33. Ill Wctbiidge, Vt.. Dec. 21), '4C, Mrs. Ki.t-tNor. W'RtntiT, mother of Ciov. Wilht of N. Y.,ngcd 63 In Hast .Montpeher, on the 2d inst., Hr.2i.kUii Davis I'sq . in the 73th year ot bis age, GKNEHAL OKDKHS, io. 2. WAIt Dr.PAUTMHNT, AwerAXT 0em.uu.'s Oiinr, Wiiahiiintniu Jtltntitni 8. 181' 1. The following act of Congress, changing the term ol enlistment, ami protiuiiiL' a i-oumy uir re cruits, is publi-hed for the iufuimation and guidance ot the olliceis ol Ihe Army " An Act to encourage t nhstmeuts in the lingular " Tt It mucin! lij the rMfle ami Jlviise of ,c-tn-cwntiititi "f thr Vnilrd 6'if uf Amtnru in t ',wmm est nssrinhlnt. That. 11101111; tl itituiuaucc ol the war wilh Mexico, the term of enlistment of the I men lo be rcciuiteil lor the regiment ot uragoons, ar tillery, infantry, and riflemen ol the present military establishment, shall be " dutimr tin- war," or lor lite cars, at llic option of the recruit, unles.-, sooner dis- chit I lied. "Sic 2. Anil hr it fmthcr ennrtril. That there shall be allowed and paid to every able-bodied man who shall lie duly enlisted to scrte in lb" tiaiiieiy or inf.intrv, for ihe'tciiu of lite tears or during ihe war, a bounty ul twelte dollars; but the patincni of six dollars of the said bounty shall be deleticd until the recruit shall hate joined lor duly the regiment in which be is to serve." II. The general superintendents of the recrnting s.'rtice will gite prompt ami alt necessary lusiiiictions to the recruiting ollieers, who will iuunediatelv pub lish this general order, with the table of established rales of inv imrecab v to exi-liu ' laws annexed. three limes in two newspapers in the ticinity of their respectitc rendez yous. 111. t he term til serticc win nereauer ue, tuiring the war" with .M-L-.tico. or t"r fie i-nt, an tlir the culitiiifiit, in ihie lunn, tin-refjiun-il rccvipt fnr i. . -i i i i .i .il - i 1 the new term mini 'new blank's can be printid, by subsiiliiting the words " during ihe war," in the baml-1 int iniviiiiri'ti uuu ii ; nnu ,ii y in m -iuiiui- uir writing ol the recruiting ollici r, for the words " lite vears." ,, orinied in tlie nreserilied on ih of alle.'iaiioe. IV. Company commanders will add two columns to the tiiii'ter rolls, and muster and pay rolls now in ne, to show the payments on account of ' bounty," In the lirj-t column will be charged the adtancetl boun tv naid to lhc soldier at the lime ot his enlistment : in the second the retained bounty due him, and which is t to he paid alter joining for duty the regiment in which 1 he lsioserve. Hecruiling ollieers win auu similar columns to the blank uiu-ter rolls, muster and pay rolls, and mu-leran I deseriptite ioll, ccc., rcsiiect i,..k. r,,r,.isl,e,l lor ilie reeruil n 'sert ee. V. Th" term ol service hat inn been changed from it. ..nK. ... .)...;,. ,l,d 1eiei. tin. I , l.,,. ty of twelte dollars ttlowed, it is exjs-eted that the rank and tile of the army will In filled in a slum time, with due exertion and actitity on the part oi me re cruiting ollieers, who will explain fully to the recruit More he enlists, the conditions upon which he entcts

v, vVhenevcr reer 1 tul, they must be b,u j' j olIkv. : sinimu. be shall the sert ice. VI. Win-net cr reeruitinz stations prot e unsucccss a ham out-it. and new ones cstao i- i ollicer fail tocct recruitsat more than .:.'....., i.... Huiieriiiieiioeiti lo i.mii tn i.iiiimii. i ,n yhltc than rrduiary aiiention must be t aid to i ,n,..,,.l iMvlrncliiiit nt rnrtnitsi l.v nil nliii-xra ntnl cotuman lers from th" moment of enlistment at th; rende tous, until sent to join their regiments. Tu tins point the attention ol commandos of depots an J posts is specially dueclid See No. 73S, Aliny Re gulations VIII Tin- garrison of Tort Columbus hating been withdiawn lor sert ice in the field, that post has been milled oter cxclusitily for the recruiting service ns a depot of instruction. Colonel Crane, of the 1-t re gimetit of artillery, the general supeiintciident, will give special aticn'tioii to this subject, and see that the lecriuts be coiutortably quartctcd and well instructed during the short tune they may be retained on tiuv crnor's Island. By order II. JONCS, Adj. General. CNITHD STATCS ABMV. I! KRnTiNi Service Wanted for the United Stales Army, nb e-bodu-d men, bclwecn the ages ot.' in and 33 years, being above j feel 3 inches luKli, ot j good chai.ictcr, and of rcsjicclable standing among their fellow cili'ens. None need apply to enter the service, but those who are iliteruimcd to sett e the period of their enlistment, honestly and faithfully, " during Ihe war" tilth .Mexico, or for the lenu of five )cnis. Tal'.e of estaUirhcd rates of pay ngrcenlly O ermting laics Pav of artillery Par of tlra. A. Inl.intry sol- goons and i Grap-. hers, and 1 1 1 1 II e mc n iiaitoons and when iritleiiicn when mounicd. L-rvmg on foot. Pay per month P'y p. luo'ih To the Sergeant Major, Quarlerinas ter Seig'i., Chief Muicinn, and Chief Bugler, each.--- SI7 $17 10 Hi H 13 13 'J 10 h y 8 11 11 II 7 . 8 1st Seigeiint of company, t)idnaiiie Sergeant, All other Sergcauts,cach Corpoials, Buglais, Musicians, I timers & Blacksin'uhs,! Arliliccrs, Plitutes, A bounty of twelve dollars will be paid lo each re cruit cult-ted lor the artillery or infantry arm. Besides the inoulhly pay, ns abote stated, one ra tion per day is allowed to ctery soldier, which is am ply sutlicieut for his sub-istence ; also a large supply of comfortable and gimecl clothing Good quurici-. and fuel are at all times luriushed ; and ctery alien tioiiwill be paid to making iliose men who inny cn- bsl. und lire determined to sert,- ibeir count rv in ir,,,l ' t nib. eoniloriiible ami conlented wilh ibeir situation. """ i" i W the nlnne it ( mvii that the unv nnd nlnvnmtt are ie-piHtuhIe, nnd tlmt with prudence and ctihio 1 1 1 v the monthly p'iy vt tin huldier may he laid up at every thin; reiintrtti fr hicointortnudeonvemi'iii e i-i luriii-shed ly ihe pnerniiif-nt, iiicluili't.r; his ir aui coiree. Tlia pruJeul nduTi thfrelore, nny is.i dd)Kie from A t-' to -?I0'.) durim; lus euh-inientof lieenn; nnJ at the expironoii ot the term he ran, if he choo-es, purehnM a tiirdl (arm iu any v the western States, an.l there petti- hun-elf eomloitably, . .. I .. I- I I ll. s..el ,.f I.' i.i-. Ull 111!" UM II lillltl, K'l lilt- I lt-1 fi I11S jllC, . lm Hiinot two do hit wni ,. paid t any citicn, V,in. '.,iiitiiiui.tiiri inf nr So . mi- ...... I be regularly cull-ted. Ihe cmen should presi-nt his reciuit to ihe l.ieulenant or Captain, and not to the liecruiliug r-crcennls. JA.MIIS It. f-COTT. 1st. I.t 7 tf liecrmting Minion, 1 liecruiting Ullucr. Ilurlmgioii 1 1. -.u January, 1- 17. I-'irc rVolit'r. T11 ' "w"''"" "' .!l-' Umlingloi, ire Company, 1 ' hereby nolilied that the annual ie, lli,g.,.i "id Company, will be lioldcn at the Ainerii-ai. Hotel, 0,1 the fourlh W'cdnelay, (tin- .'7ih) of January, ISI7, i 7 o'c hick in the ctenini. for 1 he elm ee ol In H'm. I : j t Compuny. IltMt.N Cl 'IMIMJS, Cltii J.nuarv 13, 117 '10 those wishing a sure and certain remedy forth" I rih'ive complaint, tte would recommend Hartlctt's COMBINATION I.INAMHNT. This article is incpaictl and put tip by Dr. .lames llirtlett.tif Boston, a well known and excellent practitioner, it hating been always us.'d by him in his private practice. We ehecrlullv recommend lis good qualities, it isalso ic comm 'iided by those who Into used it as an excellent remedy lor weak Limbs, Hums, Sprains, iVc. Unl chieflv for lihciiuntic allections. The wnlleii fisn-t- J-'",!!!'"!!:,liif,,.,.h Ti;)?!?!- b Bnrhnglon, W. U. HATCH, .t Co.. 30w3 Wiiiousklliill, ciioiTims look iii:ki:. nTlinXT.S it CO. have int received 2) tloz. I O throp's superior Axes, mmul.iclurcd of Ihe best .i..l,i.. rei'ineii Cast Steel, and tcinntntrit, which they will veil cheaner than ever, at chulemlc undielatl ............ . .ifjii. j. -11. SI'IsCI.VT. notici:, LL'I'ersons liaving unfcllled accounts Willi the -Y subscriber ol oter one years stanuing, are re questctl to s.ive cost. call and-settle the sune imm-dialely. to S. N. OAL'T. Wcsllord, Jan. If, 1S1 SJttC notici:. rp li;F, l'.irlnership heretofore existing under the I uniiieandliimof W. II. II ATCH (Co. was dis solved on the 1st of Jan. inst., by mutual consent. Wmooski l ulls, I w H n.x it II Jan, Id, IS IT, J 30w3 A. O. STItt INC. OATS, OATS. CASH paid for OATS, hi 30w I Jan. It), IT.'jg 1'. i. II. PPOLITTLfl. I? 1 1 1 'TT 1 1 1 1 CI i; I, I) A' ',C. Have on hand a 2J few Baskets Ileid-leck Co's Champaign, London Club do Also a f;w Highlit Casks I'urr Juicr Poll Wine, " Cog. lhatidy. 30 WISTAIVS BALSAM 01' WILD CHCItltY. A fresh and genuine article ol llus valuable remedy lor colds coughs OvC. can be found at 3Jw3 IIAUUINGTO.VS. JT'Itr.Nt.'II C'OLOG.M:. Tims? wishing a nice I. article of 1'iencli Cologne at the Inipotter's pri ces should call at IIAIIlllNGTONS. 1. rtGI', quantity of Lump Tobacco of taiious i y tituiius, on nann ami ior sine oy L BUTTIUil'lCLD ,t Co. MI.AItS' Oil,. A few more bottles left of that JL pure Beats' Oil, al Half do Oil, Oil Jtc. at .iowj ll.llsi.Mj iu.x 15 USCIf IsXIimtRIiR'S I'irst Books of Natu- XV. ral History. K vols, l'lcmcnlsof tleology, " Botany,' " IJntomolosy, " ('o.ichoi'.-y, " lleipetology and Ichthyology, " Omilhology, ' Mammalogy, 41 Anatomvaud Plivsiolorrt. The above series ol books should be in the Library ol ctery tatiiuy. a larife fcuiuiiy lor sale nt r" Jan. 20. C. GOODKICII E. It i; TT i: It I' 1 1! 1. 1) A Co. Have on hau l Kooiiic'h Snulf, for sale at '1'ioy price. 30w 1 1 J ACIL'AI. PA IV IIXTKACTOR. A Box ! I of Ibis intaluable Salve should be found in ctcrv house. Itsellect upon Hums, Scolds, r is trulv ni.i' gical .To be lounJ ut HAK1UNG I ITON'rf. ti riHIXI'Si: IIAIUI.It.VIMCATOIt. Lulies . '' 7',",! Zl Zr I I M '!(. forehead, &c. s l .mld us,; his spei lie. It l a I with a superlliiiiy ol liair on Ihe lice 'V,"e 1,1 T '"J"1' " ;,. . all sneli obstructions to beauty kin, but clT-'i tually removes I he cnuine lor sale only by Witt 2 IIAKKI.NGTO. BH OUSI. WANTI'I). Wa.vtkdto KiJ' 11 Bent n bouse coutcnicnt for a small lam- ilv. For further oarticulars. cnuuire at this office. Jan.... 1 u risiTip OT Tll T5 TJ 1 VT n 11 J. Ill J VJ 1 i U 1 IvllN X I!j1V, 1 rIT,r T I'l'ti' ntVC .r , fc ILL lib I (lit A lUl UA 1 S IN AT tendance at the room under the l'atr. 1' Ollicc. lor the ouriios.. of ln)uistiu r matters with some thousand i, iinhtiduals who hate iinscttlcil accounts with him. Jan t.lai.. II 11. S l'AC . A CIM FltO.M T1IC OLD IJLOL'K',' '"Til RVROX VAItXEY, nnspicr- 0 t i tt fudy intimates that he is on hand frv, todo any iobbilr.', in the Iron linf-. that the Public mat' see fit to favor him with SHOP nt the Old Stand, here. ' occupied oy ins lather. ll. ,,!;.,... lir ..o 'u "-""- - . " -i t A iv liine ti" Wlr.trcs. n. ll-Tl 'X THE PEOPLE'S DESPATCH LINE rr.o.'i IITUI.I.Vt.'LO.V TO .-I(TI:,VI, Against Monopoly. U'lLIi co.M.tii:n: urx.vivK o.v .Mo.ny the Istl, day of January, 16 IT, three times a week during the clos - of na ligation, as follows I.eate Ihirlii'.gton on .Monday, Wednesday nnd I'n To'cIo-k..t. ti , in Colehestcr, ttcst .Mihoii, Ceor-iia, Ht. Albans, riivanton, fiiith 'ate -sprmirs. riullipsburgh. i'lkt- lliter, thence mi the t'rau.l Line !oa, to St. Johns. to lodge ; from tl via.Cliamblvmid Longiu-d, at an ca Kiwim- inorning. theliet- in .lliiutit-iil early hour the fol- Keiuriuni'.I.-ave.'Montrealat'so'cloek 1- m .o-icaeh of the abote named days, tin' Chambly.autl iiiiiii-ii.-il, to St Jolmsto lodge, 'l,eate .-s .lol.u on Tu -sja-s, '1'hurs.lajs, and -S'ltunlajs at T o'chs-k t. ti. tc. Tike Kiver, I'liillip-burgli, llighgaie Spin--., .Siv.inloii.Si. Albins, (ieorgu, .Miion, Coiclu-ier and Uur- liuston to lodg-. The D.spati hline hasliecngot up for the accommo dation ol lhc rohhe. not beillir Cllclllllbclt'd with the L'. S. or Ihighsli mails. Therefore nil tin it ho feel disposed to puiiomf us, nny K'si us-mcd tbui tliis Koine will be p -iloriued with good Hoims mid t.'ar n.ig. s, also with careful Dim-rs, and no pains w ill be siiaicd to ensure the coiuturt and accommodation if I ass -liters. rare Horn Ilurlmgioii to Montreal, Ol1 I'ar- bv old I.meeame distance, s.7,no N II. IVisseii.-rsiui all .Siage routes Soutli anil tvist of Ii'iilmgion, going iioiih.will please lake nonet-and ijtern tlieinseitcs iiccordni'ilv. S t! SKI.M:I;, Ilurhu'gion, VICTOlt ADAMS, W Milton, T. II CA'Ml,lli;i,lSt Albans, NI.I.SU.r IIL'I.I.AKI), Swaiiioii, U'ATS(I.VS,.V Co. I'ike (titer. 1' I.UC'KIN. Irolll St. John lo Montrenl All orders ond parcels promptly attended to. I ,. I ItAs p-oti.lcd at ull tunis. lluilmgtoii,.lanuaiy l.s, IS 17. S'J .liest.!-,. i'llis tV t'liurcli, In connection with Mr Low of I'latishurgh, will commence running a Stage between llurhngion and I'littsburgh as soju as ihe Lake takes, hating each place daily nt 8 A. M. BOOKS AN1) I'APKlJ P (7001)1! K ' 1 1 , ( I.yiinn's buildui i. up stairs,) has chas. rs are int iteil to call and examine his slock. January 7, Is 17. s- .i inri-e siihk Ol l'lll-s and l'. 'i; i. l'ur. Pf.AXKS. Ii sale hi A (; ass(iiitmi:t ran U COODKICII January T, IS IT ,500 l'A(!S fiiisii (innt'.M) pi.vsirt!. HKIbM. S.ip-ilii-,e r:nr, -jo ii isiu ,s i.auau.1 sun, KM l Spruce Shingle, SIM Tmc do rorsaleby CHO. I'lITilltSOX. nuilmgloii, January 12, HIT. VJv3 4 IiL pi:itst).s i.i)i:iiri:i)TO mi: iti: 0Tin- il ed thai 1 am in want of inv nav. an. I wbeib..r ,i,. debt h large or small, whether it has been dm. fom Hioyiii iieiiuii iniir, wtieuiei Miic;Si IICiOrlo the pay will be thankfully receited. IVrsons whose ilibts arc not cash, are csneciiillvc.iiiiionetl iumuisi s, iug that, because iheil, hi is lor bnrii-r ny, then lure 1 I shall never need it ; and persons bating unsettled c. counts, who have realms h r suspicion that they may be hi arrears, are ripectlully solicited In a-n-crtam tbl- tacts in the cat-, as soon as may he eomeniciil. In i-oiiclusioii I would iv there Is nollmig iniircaiinoyiiu; than depending on a ilebl that is neter poi.l, uniess it who do not intend to pay me are trqled to m like men and Kay bound tokeareeetpt.Hothat I ranwi. lie my Uvoksand o lo ,ork and eani oniethin. to rep.ace what I hntlo"tby them, " Will; deep gratitude to all paying customers. o( whom Ihave a good tauiy, I remain their humble ser- t.nt i l- f. . v.,...-,.' lluilingion, Januiry, ISI7 t I ,XMMIi. IN CIIANCnitV. John H. TowtR.nndA CIHTTI.NDIJX COUNTY, IIi.nrv Oaki.s, I Or teller Vfim. is n! e Wh-rctisat the MnicllTenn Oi.orue DEAvirrand of the Court of Chancery in ami Oitni.v L. Ham:. I for said County, A H. lSIti, John II. Tower and ileury Oikcsol Uii'lihill filed m said Court their bill of foreclosure ngaimt George D'a t ill of parts unknown, and Orun L Ihleof saul L'n tlerhill,prayintsaid Court that the said D-avill and Hale might bedecrtcd topay the end Towct anil Oaken ceriaiu sums of money then due ami th, iciher to gtuw due upon certain prouiisory notes secured by mortgage, anil that in dclauit id such pajinent by a d.iy to beset and limited by aid Court, tint the said leatittaiid Hale, and all person" claiming under them, inmht Is forever loreclo-etl ofitullroiii all right title, and equity ofreileuifitioii(if,in anil Ittthe following prctiiist s, to wit: "The lollowing tlc'ciibcd land in Uiideilull, in the Count) of Chittenden nrrd rfiate of Vermont, ti.: Bounded as follow", to wil : Itoi'itiuinir nt a stake and stones on the ca't banltofn tcit.iin iliteh, una nuent th" date ul 111" said nioitg ige Heed, Istweeli John (; Jackson and one L. M. Dixon, Iht uee easterly on tlie Hortlcrlv line of the Tavern Stand, now occupied by one M C Birney, to the highway, bui rods; llieiiee noilherly on the west line ol siid highway, fiurleeii rods; th mce westerly lo a stake and slimes', Mtiudiug on the e-i-t side ct the aforesaid duth; i!i, nee on the east bank of the said ditch back to me place of in;' u iiiuii, coutaing ihrce-lourtlist I an act e of land, he ihe same mote or less. Also, all the buildings m,w stand ing on said premises, aim ai-o ah buildings winch mat he erected on said land." And the said Deavitt and Ha efailiiuto appear and answi r to said 1i.II of fore- closure, and it appearing to Ihe Court here that Ihey intc not uao personal uouee oi me pendency! Din, Tnrr.Eronr. it is ordered by the Court that the said cause be continued to the next term tlieieof, und that tlie shj n.-avitt nnu irue lie notih-ti ol ihe pciuleney ofsaul cause, by pubhshiun the substance ol said bill ot lurcelosure in the rrec 1 ress, a newspaper printed lit Biirliniion m saiil Counlv, three weeks suecessitelv. tbelasi of said publications to be at kast twenty dajs ociore iiiencxi lenu oi sum niurt. Giteu under mv hand at Ihuliuirton. this cletentb ilayof January, A. 1) lis 17 1...X Bl .XiXKlit in , ( (riA in t'itinrriv. I-. G. Hill, Solicitor 'iJn 3 nituti CH'i Aiti.isii.ii i:nt, nunuxr.rax. vt rpHKsiibseiiber iscon-tantly supiilied with, and of L fers nt wiiolesalc and retail, .tiiiencan, Luulish, nchaiiil India New Clieniienls : Lecihes; Hnri'iral Instruments Mineral Ti-i-llinnd I) ntal articles ; Saline or Mineral Waters ; Dinnerreoti ts- articles -. fcnuiae Patent and Ttioms.itnan .Medicine; Pure Litiuois and Wines: -od.i I ountams and M nips: Brti-hes. 1 i-rfumcs, f-oans. Inks, lllacknitrs.ranci'aiiil Domestie niliclcs: Glass- Ware; Dvc-s-tuir, Cainpheiic A.c 1 rum the ailtamiiL"-of icceiviii' .Mineral waters. Campheiie, L-eelies, .Vc.,pi-iiodicaily,purchasei3 can relv utioti their freshness. Individuals wishing 1 russcs, Leeches, &c, will al- wavs ti i I a pe-oii in atten t-mce to npplv them. Mtdiciiks ihspen.. il at Ml hours ot night tMl Tlil',0. A. IT.CK. Till IIANMXf! LACi:. nit. Smith, mo-t respcctlully informs the public tint he Inspurehascd of Dr. llmerv the riiiht to manufaciitre and sell Dr. Bamung's higfily ctlebruted and intaluable l'ATU.VT LACIl. which fir surpasses ctery thing of ihe kin 1 in market. this section Has been ot an iiif.-iior t-n-ilit yt causitu inaiiyn failure, whereas, jf n goml nrtiele 'had been faithfullv apiilied, a cure wou! I hate been the result I i Oil it n.i.i i ml tii nriiK .i it 1,1, , I,....,, ...n.i ,,. il" ha: s made arrangements lor a supply horn the ori- izinal faittuy of Dr. Hamuli.-, tbatetety Lace may be pencct anu every patient iieuetitteii iiy it. t in- Doctor thereloic nt ites ull who need mi) thing of the kind, to gite him in-all. Let the imaml con-ider that the lnee is for the re lief a ml I'uioof lb'- follow intr ihs-uses, which come of a displacement or weakness of the organs ot the body, viz Weakness of die breast shortness of breath ;co.uh and spilling of blood ; palpitation of the limn; wtukness of th" side and sloiniich ;d)s-pep-.a ; costiveiiess and piles : pain in the hack wilh curvature; hear ing down wilh weakness of the hips and lo-.v-r ex tremities, and droop ing of the body es-p.-ciailyin The nbote and other cu-iloao-is sfi-ctions, have hitlvno ballletl all con-titutionaf trentnient ; but since they have i,ecn viewed as Mechanical' an I have been treated by the ' Lace' they hate been easily cured and we can now see a host ol cases seemingly well or half well, or combined with real tli-ease, icipnrius medi cine, who cannot emov iii'e or he cured noon common tiriiicinles ol' treatiiieiit : rtinl win I heivm... their hou-e is falling down." and by bindinc them up, their p tins taiiish, and allicacy lo internal remedies n theiihy giten. C'rOnniiex-imimiiou of i Committee of eminent medical men, appointed by the Amcrii.ui Institute, a rreiiimni uqaoiua was uwarucil to this Hiilru- mc ut Tj,tt B. Those nrnlied hv the doctor, he lr.irrnnti to yiiand to len'fl the patient; but tin-same may be had ui ii.irritmtou s.who also has mi a-oituiint ot jcicri a I fftepnenoii i iinonm iiii-oiioi-imumi, i. r-eiiiiuiuii ,..i Meihcinc, ul the lowest cash prices. deuce, Siuniers' U -ports and Notes ot Sergeant t ii- H5:i (. J. Smith 1? vv be I MllSllit -d lit Ills losliliMlee re, f'l.erp.. ii .1 .i.... .. ... ....i. ..- :i Church, M any time, when not piolissioually en- gged-all the ,..,', ' ,' ntapna. t.-ms oi certain Kimrhis ol tli-iurr and CaLineO ,o the coiit.ary noili,itai,d.i,. and he wishes li , friends and pat.ons to mnlers, I, ,h, he s not in j s-- r-urri, mwm i-ai oi ill-- ii.o ire u-l 11UIHI Hie lent iii-sippointed or ui-couragcd on oivo'tnt .ol any opposition or iten persecution lie in iv rcccite at the bands ol old school i'hisiciaii f.n the) know their crajt is iu danger. It is not siiange tlutiuore than tlirei- thousand dollats tvoith ot flciet t.c, latro leptic and Miiiiieiic medicine, which h.- Ins dealt initio bis numerous patients in llus ticinity, in let- than tour tears curing multitudi sol cases given ot by the icdieel faculiy, cs wholly inrurahle by all their ' jaU'trx," t-hotild e.eite their feui nii.l rail 1 irtli UvirtKtteirtt tiittixiitittoti. Hut t ii.t " 'tj jndn mrf " 'run, th-y Iiuve, hv enllin-j; to th-'ir nut u't! iruunin. o'tl r ticat'ioii-:! incju lin t, and mail' dices, e.vil. d and kepi up in th- mindn ot the people by the hue cnitiuuz and emit ut n arm 1 1' hungry doctor. uIium; brwul iiiul li'iiti-r ii in danger, tike'i .inif thire or j'jtir Jem piiiieni- trom hun, in as huiVt k z'r;;, 'ivz: ; by curing a patient which he could not. To prote b-yoiid all comrott-isy ond to tlie entire satisUiitinn ot the rtibhc, ihui" wl.rt he l.ns said ubote is true, the Djctor nlf-rs the following test., inony ot II. I'.. Iliihbell, K-s , winch will not bo doubted by any who know- hun, as a sp i-mi-u of huiidrciU more which he might adduce, were II ne cessary, CIlKTII'ICATi;. " This liny crrtily that 1) ct S.iiilh, of I! irlingtou Vt . has made a teiy important cure upon one o,' the lneinbers iit my t iiiiity-bem-; nu L'lcer intuiting ihe whole iinkle joint and marl the whole tool, whiih had halll-d the skill ot sver.i i-minnt Phisieiatis for about font -.ears, iluimg which tune the t'lrer con lliuieil to mcteiise and send. 1 am hippy to sny thai, m my opinion ilu ruie would do honor many fhtsieian or --urgeoii. if. u. Jll lillt.t.1.. f'uirtat, Vt Aug. lo 'II! Ztr II. D 'cior.-siiiuti keeps eoitstantiy on hand nlirge Sto, k ol licl'TUc, lal'olcptie and Magnetic Iedlcllles, and most ri "iH-tttitlly mvib s iiitahdsand those who need, to call. -JT tl l.titlicr Dixon's I'sliilt-. ' ST VIT 01' VliUMl I.N T, i AT a Probate Conn liistuetol Contend- n,s t hol.leii at Uurlmgton, witliin nnd I ir the di-lru't aforesail.on the -iM day ol D vciuhi-r. A.I) Hll'i. an lustruuieiit piupoittng to be the h'l ll'iiand Testament u lMtr Ju-ju, hie ot .Milton, iu said ilistuci, was pri-senii d lo tue Court here lor IVobate. by l.eti S. Tomb.iioii, the l.tecu tor therein named. Tutni iorl il is ordi red by viul Court, public notice be nn en lo all p. isoiis inter -t d therein, lo ap-js-aris'loic said Coun, ut u scssi, n thereof, to lie h-id at the liegist i s ollicc, 111 s.n, llurlillgloll.oll Ihe loin ill s lay in Januiry, HIT, an, I coolest the probute of said ul. and it is t aiili'-r ordered thai llus order be ptibl.sic.f three weeks siuiesjit.-l) m lis- illll.n; ton 1-ice I'lesji.a newsp4 rpiu t. d .U li.iiiuiiili u. in siid state, the last ot winch publications, to In- prrti oustnthe ilny assigned , us aloici a ul , for heating (nun, under my bund, at the liegistrr's Otitic, tins ..'Jill day ot December, D lcm iswa Wm. Wl'STOX, Urgister .-t.' Hunks, "PllllSn-red .Mountains by J. T Headlej, Ilhi-tra-J P d, price. t i'ljtt Huttoii'-, It. i k of Xaturc laid cn-ti itetised by It. v J.I, Ithke, 3S l. nine lo ttisjoiuumi I nine, lorjoung per sons ol ciihcrt-c, tls 1 he iw o the liody in relation to lhc Mind, ! by (Jen Moore. M D Si) l.n.1 (iM-the's Auiobiogruphy-translaied.Unaris, Tin- Sir I ianu-.Il Head Hill, lleaucbaiiiiior the iirrur, u .Not el, bv ti. C. It. I Jnmcs I The llnchauterorthefalt of ( Sir I'.l. Ilulwer. for sale at i:im'AUI).S'lliukMorr ';ill X St'ille. A 1,1, persons luting unskilled accounts xvilhus arc hereby requested to call .t settle the same in the ourse o.'tht present month without tml SI'At'l.DINfi tV KL'.-PtU.I,. Jan llih 1517 '.'. Hoot S'opIci. 'T'HIH PORTI'd!, being manufactured from some of ,, . "!' 'noSI ctlebT.'ited Boots of Germany and the IIiHied Stiitcs,nti) mcrlnlly as a J'uiilyrr of thr Hand, nnd is the Is., I.ATIIOLICON ( vt-r dcovi r ed for the cure of ) YSI'Ji l'HIA. Themott fr.o inni liberal ue of thn lr.,-ruK,., ro fr from being fol lotrcil by nn unpleasant reaction, fends to restore .regu late and intigninte the nr run-is sjstcm. The most ih-la'iite rciiialcs may partake of it, not on);- with im puiiity, nit w ith the most seusib;..- advanfflge. I lie Atlti lhspeptic Boot Potter is composed en tirely of Vegetables, and as a temperance bctcrtigc, is not sitrr.etl Tl.' lollotsing Centlemen hate been appointed ngeutslor thesiileof ihe abote, and as they will keep a supply rotisMntly on hand, nil orders, written or tetlnl, atl.lressed to llu-m or Ihe Propiictor will bo promptly attended lo. W. P. llussell, M. O. MldiJMniry. 5. V. Pannelee, Drinriiist I!iito , Messrs. C. T .V C. O -"-evens, Vcfgeime!. Mauulactuied in Burlington, Vt. by W. C. ML'NSON. I or ale in bbls. kegs and bottles, sent to any part of the United Slaleo. December, Its 16. 2rft( Is:t:c Warner UAS rnit sm.h coon assortmknt ov Kamdy Grorerieo, including Molasses, fc'ugaH, I, Coliee, Chocolate, lvpper, spices, fie.. Ate lie bssnl-i, foj-nat-Binmly. Holland Out, .St. CroiAV Jamacn mnl Boston Itmn.r'cntch Whiskey, Port, Mn tlcrin, .Malaga and Muscat Wints, all selected with much care. and he will warrant them ns pure as can be lioiiL'lit in the State. He has alio low priced Liquors ol good quality. Tim-rii Keepers nnd I'ninilies wanting spirits' or wines may depend oil finding pure nnd good arti cles. December, lsIC, SITJAHS.-i:, hhds P n 20 Ikhc. 20 bbls Ilttia Clarified, ID tlo Ciusd do to do Crouttd do 20 Boxes Loaf do Dcc.Sl.lslO. f-ugnrs, do Tor sale by foM ITT H liRAPLET. I AISINS-20 bbls Sun Uajsms, do do 1 V 211 j bbls 2j ) btitcs Bunch do a K) J do do do l'lO 1 do tlo ,l Dec. 2 1, mr, rol.t.ETT! Br.ADt.Ef, x sin:i:r nto.v a.vd tj.v. ?.8f I'aik Kns:.-i ?hiet Iron, Sj Buiulles Ihighsh tlo 20 do Am. dt 1WI Boxes Canada Plate, 10 tlo Pcntpool do 15) Boxes Tin, 20110 lbs Zinc, ic. &c. D-'C 21, Toelett h( Br.trr.ET. T S. l'I,ASI'l.'li-T,-, i . Tons Not a Scotia Pias I'oi.i Err St Bumpee-. .ll.:cliiiif .ll.uuiiaclory. TIHIC Subscriber is manufacturing, and is prepareil J. to build lo order, all kinJs of" Wonli-ii .Mnciiiucry, cuch as Carding Machines, Condensers, Pickers, .lacks, OIL'S, s-1.t'lS, Leathers, Brushing Machines. Nappers, Kegulnlors, .Ve All work entrusted to bun. will h cxecntpd with neatness and despatch. His Machine Shop is situa ted m .tlontpchcr, three miles irotn the tillage, on tho road to Wotctsicrnnd St Albans. The subscriber is confident that he can build as good a Card or Jack, as can be procured in New fchigtund. Those running his Mnehmerv pronounce it to run as well til any in ME'UAU U'JUUJIT, Jr. Munlpelicr, pec 12, IcUO. SJtf VvARD &, BOOTT, Successors to Jones, Denny 2- Ward,) JiAM FAcri'itints or laud oil and uvnwooDS, IMTORTLRS AND DEtl.IRS I.f DYE-STUFfS, OILS, SO ATS, CIIEUICAT.S, And .M .vx v r a err it i: it s a ut icm:s, IE ilk Strttt, andrtav it.; t), Jr.. Ujslmt. ItliK iioijtt. -.VuG ISurliii'ftoii Lnv School. yil!; course ol study, prescribed for this Institution, i will require two yenrs ior its acecmpiisnmcni, Kaehlear will contain two ti-rius. Iht- tialllliliur ' subjects of study, the order pursued, and the booki read, are ns follows: I Diniuthe I'irst IVrins of th" Junior year, Black-. stone's Commentaries lit-Stephen, Ciuise's Dic'-tot ' the l.-iwsot Kial l'rupirty, Silcclcd Iit.esol Keiils uoimneiunries. I'urillgllie r-eeoiio ii-linoi nil- u-.n,.i ii-nuin.i.- lion ol the Kllsl Term. Also, Slort on Cotltiac.l, Chnty on Contracts in connection, Gould on plendui;, I lldlliS. D.irmg the ond Ames up first Term of the Senior year, Ansel Corporat.oiis, Lour on fc ties Jlaud s l.dilion.) r-iideii on teivlors. i'llles .-clccled liuui 1 . ... , .. s. J. .... ' lrj'"e" ' , ,'. ,',, ,' , i o,-,., vi,.,rsin ,., 1 "f1.",' 3'1". " p ,fnC" "ieiuu is an 1 V '"""'; .'?' w- f v ir m fcrS?, i l "re'. " f V. f' S',,," , 3'K .. ' 'f' J ' , A Iu ' ;,",, a it'i,,. De.e.t. i:. iineiii. U-e and ('.-dilution, label and Slaiuer, .1 usance, jenui-r. Trespass andTroter. D irmg the Sicnnd Term ofthis year a continuation of ihe Titits of Stephen's Ni-i 1'iius, whiihfhall mt h-itc been completed during lb" preceding Terms, Siiiiih's leading Cases, Story on Azvney, Story on i l.'W ' 1 TU-""'V" " f. '". ' t ,.i' .. f.-intio.-.ill.aiv ... Mo it Cou'ts will be h"!d tveel'y dinm2 each term. pnilie roomund l.ilcary tviule nj nil tunes l..r ihe iici"iiimod:i:i' n of studcits. I'he tacatici.s Mi.ll-e one ot four weeks, comnn iicing on the ntst ri Aiigut: undone ol nun- weeks cum-m.-ncin goii tin-tti-t Wedncslnvof December Tlie Ian- of Tuiti in w id be i' D.-l'ars f,,r nil Acadcimo i ''r-r 11.I.IA.M W. VIXK. Ihiriiiigton, (i, IS ST. '-"I " bolting cloths .1 '. I) 11UUI1 .MILL STON I':). u. r. urn:, So ii Motion Glue!,, Milk 'trci t, IItistu, f to.vnxur.s to imi-okt anu Ki;i:rs J constantl) for sale un eM'-nsite assortment tf lto'linu,- Cloths of the most nppt oved Tattcrus. riomIonr-ecrieiiee in th .tiaiiuiiiciine anu stic oi tnisartuie, me 4vu-tetli-eris enabletl to lunn'h lllt-r wilh nunc perlect and du-able I loths than call be lou:td .lsttliire and ut , 1 1 ry low prices. i isn. I rrm-li lllirr .Mill Mnti- of nil sires, manu-facfn-d nl the Massachusetts ftate I'lisoii. Sept. 1 l.sttj llpt V.'i'.uulilo lli-iil I'stnti- I'.ir Salt: sSis ' I;!'. 'I'll I .-subscriber wishing to pirchas.- a lar Sy g-r farm w ill dispo-e ot ihe place u bete he mm lites.coiisistinuni fittyacree of excellent land,?5ocies cle:irt-il,midi-rgiu).lculiuie und the remainder in wood. situated two miles from tlie s mare, on the loan teniiiu,j to the mouth t ouih ot the riter I ossessa-n itnen toe ti st day ol Apnl. Sabss-l iber. rorfurth'r pameuliis cii.;uire ul t!e (7. T. Ul'ScKI.l.. Ilurlingtoii, I).-i- 1st. ISlfi "Jiu I I1I.0TIIS, mil WINTTIt r.'AHMC.NTS, 1 I . I va -' puaLlics. (7..1J M'v l Prowii, Olne, l,i k. li.i- lii k, lllue, iic. at UATIIBL'X .N Cos Dei ! r', t'S-! ,:' mi"i'i'i""' I'l-T v ;. I aye en V A eoiisignineni a large stoik of T 1'. A S , t.r l-L sole low llarrmeloH's lliliklinj. ) lt.irl.intoii. lKc.'J, Is 16 :tw3 KM TTINC ri.N'S,S. wiiiS Xccdles, nnd Darnmg .NmhIIcs, wartanicd iIk- best quality, "t o.i J. I . tiA A UA i. r old i i: N t Itrnwn's. Henciliel ; liainet's. icioria. Coii"icss, Siiiilh ec I'miiani's nnd Hnrd mhcr's. S3 ai J. V. KAXIKIU.'S. llrothcr's, TUT. VUV.AVRST AXI) HKST ptOOKlNO STOVIs in Chittenden Comity can t UiundattheAgiicultuiiu... .'.iil lbirlingion, 15th Dee. IslC. ristiNrivi. rii i: it , Violin and liars Viol Strings of L ihe best quality, jurt received by ' iveil ry I. prcss. in J. V. HA.SUALVS. S5 25 X O inees Quinine, f-iwlt at lUmti-oios

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