Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 22, 1847 Page 4
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I BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 22, 1847. nn old Mark cil, the renter foot of pintjnn ofthattitno, than hr- Imil horn mi liis l-t arrival, tliniijrli lit-looked much healthier in r... Htiin vLi-rti-irn w.i cot for liim, III who m-nor-illy lav coilrd upon which lm couM lie at hii case, with nn nlplm tho fender, purring rtfntisral-j bet and other rleinentnry works of reference, D0.MI1UY AND SON. Continued fiom First Page, ly, and wlultins at the lire until the contracted I and ho wheeled down to the sca-side. Consist piipiU of his eyes were like two noles of ad-, rut in hi" odd taste, the child set aidc a rmlily- liration. The pood old ladv mifiht have been raced l.ul who was propo-cn m ine uriiuur ui ins -not to record it disrespectfully :i witch, and j carriage, am! selected instead, his cramllatlicr 'aid and the cat her two familiars, as they all , a weazen, old, crab-faced man, in a unit of Paul sat liv the firo together. It would have been quite'ln keeping- with the appearanreof tlio pir ty if they had all sprung up the chimney in a liijjli winil one night, and never been heard of unv more. Thi. however, never camo to pas eat. and l'.inl. and .Mrs. l'inchin, were constant ly to be Tunnd in their usual places after dirk ; and Paul c.-rhewinp the companionship of Mas ter Hither-tone, went on studying Mrs. l'inchin, and the rat, am! the lire, nipht after niht, as if they were a hook of necromancy, in three volumes. I .Mrs. Wickam put her own construction on 1 Paul's eccentricities ; and being confirmed in her low spirits by u perplexed view of chimneys from the room where she was accustomed to sit, and by the noise of the wind, and by the general dullness (gasldiness was .Mrs. Wirknin's strong expression) of her present life, deduced the most ili-mil reflections from the foregoing premises. It was a part of .Mrs. Piprhin's policy to pre vent her own 'young hussy' that was Mrs. Pipchin's generic name for" female servant from communicating with Mrs. Wickani : to which end she deoled much of her time to con cealing herself behind doors, and springing out on that devoted maiden, whenecr she made all approach toward .Ml. Wirkam's apartment. Hut Horry was five to hold what converse she could in tint quarter, consistently with the dis charge of the multifarious duties at which she toiled incessantly from morning to night j and to Kerry, Mrs. Wirkam unburdened her mind. ' Wli it a pretty fellow lie is when lie's asleep !' s.iid Horry, Hopping to look at Paul in bed, one night when she took up Mrs. Wickam's suppT. ' All !' sighed Mrs. Wirkam. 'lie needle.' ' Wliv. lie's not ugly w hen lie's awake,' ob s en oil Ilerrv. 'No, Mii'm. Oh. no. No more was my un cle's Hetsey Jane,' said Mrs. Wickani. Ilerry looked as if -he would like to trarc the connection of ideas between Paul Dombey, and Mrs. Wickam's uncle l!et-ev Jane. 'My uncle's wife,' M-s. Wickain went onto mV uicil ju-t like Ins ni una. Mv uncle s child battered oilskin, who had not tough and stringy from long pickling in salt water, and who smelt like a weedy sea-beach when the tide is out. With this notable attendant to puU him along and Florence alwavs walkitnr by his side, and The , the despondent Wit kit m bringing up the rear, ha I went down to tlie margin ol the ocean every iUj end there ho would sit or lie in his car riage for hours, together: never so distressed as j by the company of children l'lorenre alone ex ecuted, alwavs. tin away, if you please,' he would say to any child mho rame to hear liiin company. 'Thank you, but I don't want yon.' Some small voice near Ins car, would ask him how he was, iieibans. 'I sun very well, I thank you,' he would answer. 'Hut you had better go and play, if you please,' 'Then he would turn his head, and watch the child away, and say to Florence. 'We don't want any other.s,do we 1 Ki-sme, Floy.' lie had even a dislike, at such times, to tlx company of Wickani, and was well pleased when ne strolled away, as she generally nut, to pick up shells anil arquaintanres. His favorite -pot was quite a lonely one, far away from mo-tloun- gers ; and with l lorencc sitting by Ins side al work. or rcadiiiL' to him. or talking to him, and the wind blowing on his face, and the water coming up among the wheels of his bed, lie waul ed nothing more. 'Floy,' be said one day, 'whero's India, where th it boy's friends live ?' 'Uli,"it's a long, long di-tance nfl',' said Flor ence, raising her eves from Iter work. 'Weeks oil'?' a-ked Paul. 'Yes, dear. Many weeks' journey, night and day.' 'If you were in India, Floy,' said Paul, after b.'ing'silent for a minute, '1 should what isthal .Mama did? I forget.' 'Loved m !' an-wered Florence. 'No, no. Don't I love )ou now, Floy ? Whit is it? Died. If you were in India, 1 should die, Flov.' .She hurriedly put her vork a-ide,ani! laid her head down on his nillow. caressing him. And lunnacics oi ine nuveniurnus saner, cnauiing nun in launch lar nway upnn unknown Oceans, instead ol timidly sailing within sight nflntniliar lnud.uintks! Sn with the iliseoM'ty el the New Wntld, upon t',ok on iu-tas M.i-ter I'aul do. My uncle's ,n would she. shn sniil. it" lm were there, lie child made people's blood run cold, sometimes, Wnnlil be better soon. the dij. .oh ! I am . i great deal better now !' he nn- ' How ?' a-ked Horry. 1 wcrrii. 'I don t mean that. I mean that 1 'I woiildn t have sat up all night alone with . sl,uld die of bcingso sorry and so lonely. Floy!' Hetsey Jane !' said .Mrs. Wickani, ' not il" you'd i Another time, in the same plac?, lie fell asleep, have put Wickam into hu-i s next morning , IW, quietly for along time. Awakingsiul- ior iiiiu-eu. i cumuli i nae none ll, -Hiss ,,...., -tone,, started nn. nod sat is emilL'. Merry.' Mi-s Hcrry naturally a-ked why tint ? Hut Mrs. Wickani, agreeably to the n-age ol some ladies in her condition, pursued her own branch of the subject, without any compunction. ' Ilet-ey Jane,' .-aid Mrs. Wickam, 'was a sweet a child as I could wih to -ee. Icould'ut wish to see a sweeter. Va ery tiling that a child could have in the way or illnesses, Het-ey Jane had come through, ''he crumps wasas com mon lo her,' said Mrs. Wickam, 'as biles to yourself, .Miss Ilerry.' Mis Ilerry involunta rily wrinkled her no-e. ' llutUct-ey Jane,' said .Mrs. Wickam, low ering her voice, and looking round the room, and toward Paul in bed, ' had been minded in her cradle by her tlep irted mother. I couldn't say how, nor 1 coul.m'r siv when, nor 1 couldn't say whether the dear rlnlif kn-w it or not, but It 't-ey Jane hr.d b"en watched by her mother. Miss Herrv ! You in ty say noii-en-o ! I u'nt offenJcl, Miss. I hope you nny he able to think in your own ron-eience lliatit is non-f-ors) j you'll find jour spirits all the better for it in this you'll excus'tiiy bcingso free in thi-burying-groiind of a place ; which is wear ing of me down. .Master Paul's a little restless in his sleep. Pat his hick if yon plea-e.' 'Of course you think,' said'Herry, gently do ing what she was a-ked, 'that he been nurs ed by Ids mother, too ?' 'Hetsey Jane,' returned .Mrs. Wickam in her m'-t solemn tone', ' wa- put upon as that child has been put upon, and changed as tint child has changed. I have -e, n her -it, niton and often, think, think, thinking, like him. I hive S"on her look nlten and often, old, old, old, Iikohiin. I have beard her, many a time, talk just like him. 1 cmi-ider that child and Hetsey Jane on the same footing entirely, Miss Ilerry.' ' Is your uncle's child alive ?' u-ked Horry. ; Yes Miss, she is alive,' returned Mrs. Wickani witli an air of triumpli. for it was evi dent that .Mi-s Kerry expected the reverse ; 'and is rmrrijil to a sifver-clnser. Oh, yes Mi, Mir. is alive, saw .Mrs Wickam, laying strong Etre-s on her nominative c.i-e. It being clear tint somelio ly was djad, Mrs. Piprhin's niece in-pnred who it was. ' I would'nt wi-h to mike you uneasy,' re turned Mrs. Wickhain, pitr-iiing h.-r supper. ' lo'nta-k mo.' Tliis was the surest way of being asked again. Miss Ilerry repealed her quo-tiou, there fore ; and after some re-i-tanee an I reluctance, Mrs. Wick im laid down her knife, and again glancing around the room and al Paul in lied, sail! : 'Slip took fancies to people; whimsical fan cies, some of them ; others, affection- that one might expect lo see only stronger than com mon. Uiey all died. This was so very unexpected and awful lo Mrs. Pipcliin's niece, that sho sat upright on the hard edge of tho ln-il-tead, breathing i-hoit, and .surveying her informant witli looks of tin-(lisgui-ed alarm. Mrs. Wickam slnok her left l"trcfing"r steal thily toward the bed where l'l ireure lay; then turned it up-ide down, and undo al emphat ic points at the lloor; immediate ludow which was the parlor in which Mrs. Pipchin habitually consumed ma ioa-i. Florence asked him what I a thought lie heard. 'I want to know what it says,' lie answered, looking steadily in her face. -Tlie tea, Floy, .eleit ... it llml it l.-omw nil .ivillT ? She told him that wa- only the noise of the 1 m believe in ilm rolling waies. i on tin-point. 'Yes, yes," be said. 'Hut I know thai they are always "saving something. Always the same thing. What place isoverthere ?' ' lie ro-c up. looking eagerly at the horizon. She told him that there was another country oppo-ile, hut lie said he didn't mean that ; he meant firtbcraway farther away ! Very often afterward, in the mid-t of their talk, lie would break oil', to try to understand w hat it was that the waves were always saying ; and would ri-o up in his couch to look toward the in visible region, fir away. run Graefcnbcrg Pills. TURRU ahf. the most Voxci.tsivr. reasons why that class ol Medicines ilenoniiniitcd " I A T11NT." should lift mndn tlm mentis of inenlculnlilc and enduring Messing to the human family. Nip pose forcxnmple, Ihnt a hiili order uf talent long nnd sagacious observation ,tind great medical IcnrninK nnd experience are bnnuhtto hear upon the invention nml manufacture of a l'll.h. Why may not this lung de votion lo llus division of mcchcnl science be crnwneil with the success thai attends the sacrifice of similar talents nnd tod in other things I There is no renson i and it is but Ihc simplest dictate of the simplest coin tiion sense lo say, that a l'dl thus produced will I"" ns ticrlcct 1111 nrllcle !ienil lii.mnile liv ttinn. Ttrentll'flVt ymit licvvlitm to any one suhiect will uive a man of ability the Inn-iiry over it. This labor has belli bes towed upon lil uitAKronnto vKfitxtur.i'. pills. nnd they nie presented In tl e public with claims un parnlli led in the whole history ol medical si iiticc. 1 1 will h" seen in tracing ilic history ol nil urent in vcutiunsjlril tliev wire not uitule or di-covered until the nrrivnl ol what may he tenia d nil: ICI.Nr.-s or time. The mariner's ronipnsf Tor in-lance, w.isnot invented until in the" fulness ol lime" it wnsmeded. The Ivtuhtmir nlwnjs lay nl mini's feet, bat lie never knevvvvlnta vvoiideilidnud uueriing guide wnstrens. ureil in lis silent bosum. until the Divinity appointed lime drew near when distant continents nnd islands were lobe uuvi lied. Heboid il now trau-lcrrcd lo llm binnacles of the adventurous sailor, enabling him to whose f-luires was to ariae ibis (tin nt Nation Ion power n glory, a mission fur beyond tbe conception ol wildest fancy. The OKI W'oiltfhnd reached its hieliesl destit ny tbe'fiilnessnl time ' dtcw near ftir the rcvclntion ol the New, and heboid the immortal Columbus, Irom llie forecnslle ol bis dienched mill leaky Vessel, found it ! Sovvith the invention of printing, of steam, of the miignelic telegriiph. linrh ol these hnd ils own "lul ms of time," marked, made di-tiuct nnd Providential, f: r,T"lx.MFn','AT I llll)-01'Ill cvi. rntM'li'l.i. Is ehiai.i.v MAr.Ki.n. Mo-t benutilul nre tbe illuMinlinusund nrools ol tins vvluili ore lo I found in the hL-tory of the world. We can trace them man llie .Mosaic di-pensatiuu down to the present hour ; all of them teaching us the les-on and giv ing us tne hope thai nunrlnins yet belter to neni human mal adies is at hand, That this principle is ns true of Medical as nl l'liys. sieal eienee is clearly shown in the (niel'eiilie'rg (:iette9 vviiich is liuui-lied gratuitously to nil who with it. The GnAEFENDEKQ ILLS, nre deemed by all who have le-ted them to be nn in cnuci ivalilc nilvnuce iinoii all oilier medical r oinbiiia- liotis nud discuveriis hitherto known, and they arc announced ns Till: CIUIAT KUMKDIAL TKIUMl'It. The inventor of these IMKtc-ts bis theory iipnnno school nor ilogina of ordinal y nil tedicaeacbers. Plant ing hiuiM'll'iipoii the levelat'ion of the ALMKiHTV CIU3AT0R "Tiic iiLooiV'irf tiii: Lm:r he rrqnirr llmt 111" dicijiles nnd liis patients male pure Ar liJC'Ciitrcnt that lenpn thrnuuli their citu iiml iirtcrU'H, iH-furu thi'y( rnu Imjte lor a vr.nMA M.XTnm Ji,lii,nKic,imyi(i tli''ni,:iiul suruii tnhcr; I nit hright and jojuus liciutli miM conn from a mrc hlnoil. Hut a mnt nil thonlit here conies in ! So rmint-le-snre the impti'-iliont w hit!, are practiw.'il um ih pnlilic liy jirctciiilcrp.nn 1 bo liuuieriiuand 1 icri t Tul me ine nit men ire iui riifu, uku uw ii ;hit innv w mow (.reat Uuineiiy. A soul, tlicicfore, In tin tirr-t nlaee. nrAn Tin: Oram r.xnnnsi flA.m e. Xi matter how scepiirtil jiu mnv now lie, that pnptr will convince you. 'riutusaiHl- fiarr Iren commend in ecry Stiit" nnd Territory in tlic Union, niul anions thcniuistinjruHietl Hntenuii, jurist, cUriiymcn, phy Hfifins, fiiliniH. Tho I in re enninciaiion ot the. nnimswouhl fill tliis jwigc. Ict the rt-aih-r siml ir th tnci-t convenient agency lor a copy ul'the Gazette hichcan be haj Winter Supply I HA VI! received their wintcrsupply of (Jnods.nmong which may be found, fancy Prints, 1'iiiiiitiircdo., Alpncciis, M Dehaines, Hen. do do. Cnslnneies do do, 1 laid Lloliknigs, hinseys. Col'd Cambrics, fnicins, Ijrond Cloths, Cns-iincrcs, Saltinets, (ley Cloths, Klanuelj; Col'n if Wol'n, Vesiing., Surges, Vclv els, ('.nnvii-satid Padding, lbirlaps. or Wool tfncksi, llagging, ltrown riliectings, Hlcnt lied do, Apron Checks, Striped Shirting, Ticking, I .aces, Footings nud I!dgings, liincns. Col'd Wadding, Cloth nndl'ur Clips liootsnllil Mines, Wrapping l'npcr, tVritiugdo (letter & Cap,) Cotton l'linnds. Linen do Silk nnd Twist, Pack nnd Pound Pins, sj 'w ing Needles, Knitting . do Coat and Vest Muttons, Pant do Shin , do Variety of tombs, Ivory do Pocket do l!nois, Sci ors nud Shcnrs. Ilnrp, , Silver Thimble", Plated, I Steel & Vniietyol Spoons, Heal Siii er do Hsscnccsnnd (tils, Shaving Soap, I looks nud l!)es, Wibh Su-ienders, Ula-tic do Collon Inp Lolton u Itibbons INCONSKQUEN'CE ov maiovixa to ni 1 11UIL1) "OAK HALL" io maki: it srrririr.XTt.v t.Ar.ui. to ACCOMMODATE 3Iy .Numerous Customers, The whole slock of HEADY MADE CL0T1IIX0 ! AND F U It N I S II I N 0 C! O 0 1) ri will he closed up VHiiY cm; A IM ANU AT OKIJAT SAO'UIITCU! apes, Colton nnd Worsted Hose, If itibnns. Colton Yarn WickingJ Worsted Hells, Vnilety of Slinvvls, i (ireen llarnge, ' Pocket lldkf9,Silk JfCot'nJ Silk Cravnls, Table Diaper, C-inghain do, . And a ereat varietrnf ntbernrlictcs. ri..B r i . ...i 'ii m,u- eie piireiia-eu won kjaii, no,. ,ui much care, lalu in tbe season, vvhru owncrswerc very nnxioiM lo sell ami reduce their stock", and wc are therefore jnstilied in adding that they were obtained at better rntes than u-ual. Having upon lavorablc terms will, we feel confident, place it within our power to sell nt lair rates. He Ihnt buysfrur luii-t sell so, in order to Wrc, while they whojiuy Cirnp can sell so, nnd tfiriir. It is our aim to buy erery thins vvell that we traflii: in, and this enables us to sell tin assortiineiil thtunglt upon advantageous terms. I'liiicy Prints, This article we deal extensively in, nnd we buy our supply from Commis-iou Houses by tbe Packauk, and ol eonr-e oblaiu a fn'iffni!vnntage over ttmnller puriha-eis.who buy ofjobbersb) ihc jurcc Our pur chases of this iiriiele iliiring the year have been over nne ittetheil timl tiiitmi tltnttvittil vards ' ( 1 1 II.IHHI.l nicrchanis will certainly liud it convenient to buy of us, wpnem sun, and Uiey may call nnd he com incett. Woollen nollis. We are maniihetiuiii'' a large lot of iSray cloths, which we 'will sell decideillv air. We have nl-on good stock of luncv nnd Plain Woollen cloth-all client!, of course. Tho-e wi-huig Woollen Socks, Siockings, mittens, (IJoves, jam, l'lniincl. 'Iow Cloib, lv'er-ey,i)ried Apples, ( !ic-e, Hens anil Turkeys I'ealhers.nre iulbrnied llint we keep llieni audi times. Iliirlington, Dec. I 1SIG- 'J3vv STATU MUTUAL l.UT, ASSL'UANCU CO., (If WUKI i:sTKlt, 3IA-S. Hon. .loliu Davis, President, rpill! uudcr-igned contliuissiu net as iifintofthc X nbove eoiupaiiy, nuj otlcis to take ri-ks on lives, according lo the follow mg-cale of premiums. viz. l'teminmsuf Amuraner fur )?loo I - i I ! - i I .1 l5So,r,r,'i:i.'jt in ,ti7 i.iit fi ,1'iS! ,M Si ,T.'il ,7'Ji ,h.l, .5" ,'JI ,''11 '' 1,0 I 1,111 l.llfl l,ns, l.ioj 1,73 4,tts, 5.1 li 5,1'ij' 5.7'J, 5.SI, .','.17, t,u '! r,.:n i,n i ,ir!; ,l,Ki'$.n;ti jD,7ii 1 .10, 21,17 1,1'J 'JL".S ii.n i;w 2:1.11 1 ,:tc a:i,y.i l,:ui 21,1s 1,11 2:.,ii 2-i.fil 2o,2li 2r,,8- 27,15 27.1H '14 A SJJW 2'.l.(17 :i ),:s,i ;; :n,f..-i l.wl !.i 1 1 l,fl'jj 1.72 1 1.X31 r,,.v.i, l.yi -,0M 2,u7i si,:s :is 61.27 67.1 2,i:i iX,W :u 1.32 7,s:i'2,2P :;:is l,:t7 S.07 2,2s 3l,(iU l,'.:j 8,21 2,3-i 3j.7l l.lll h.2l 2.13 :ili.02 1,3.1 ,Ci 2,11) r.0,7.1 1,3 J 2-H 37,17 1.3 Mis 2.l'i7 3S.2I 1.37 M.O'.i 2..T, 3.1 .or, ,3S H.lj .',.7 3.I.I3 1.11 tS,3I 2,'JS IU.M'i n.M 3,11 l,i:i y,il 3,2.1' 12,'.IJ l.ra 'j;r, 3,11 11,1s 1,7.1 10.2s 3.1S l..,3'J 1. 'J2 11,21 3,7fl, lf.,1',2 2,13 12.13 V:t 17,7 2 3n 13,77 1.17 l'J,17 2. r.l l.l.lfi1 ,in Mn.l'J 2. yii irvi.i i,r.ii 5ij 3,17 i7,yi i,n'.i r.3,21) 3.12 ly.ii siin 3, r,3 2(l,lf. 5,12' 5.1,7(1 GRATIS ! In the f-ecoiul ptacenv the tilus. It will cot hut llie (i licit"-1 trifle, nii'l will intrtnluce yon to a medicine whicii you will tl 'Til a blcinpto the enl of'yourtluyfi. A tlioii'-niicl tlii'i pieswiiji m tliemiiul of tlientHcr-ti-crs wlntii tiny woulil rejoice to Kiy to the reailer, n.uine inimsoi uniajveruieniem loiiuti, iiu lot nnv nvsr piioor ihov. For Roopixg, Vinov Smutti:us, kc. riMii: MJIISl'KIISIMtS UK tocall the nttention A ofnll thoie intere-steil in rootinir, to theirdAli VANJZi;i TIN l'liATKri, nn.l to the iinnya.1 antnK's which thev ixjnvw mcr nil inliilic nnd other fc.ubsu.nees hilliftto uhM ior this purpose, poe M'sjiny u thev lo, the Mrcnuh nml lihttifs- nl iron without its liability to rtM, liainij now been tes-tcil ?eeial carf, both in tin- country uml in Europe. They are nl-n Uh Mibject to expan.-ion ntnl contrac tion Irom suibltn thanirerf nl the atino-phere, than common Tin Plate, Iron, Zinc, Arc, or any other metal now ueillor rooliu.anil consequently form a much better ami tihler root, lequirni!! tar Uss tiequciit repair, whil-l the lntco"t is hut a trine more. 1'hc subscribers would a No call the attention of nil dealer? and winkers' in the mam other pnr poes to whicii Iron thus proucted, can be apphed. In general terms it is applicable all nrtieb'.sot iron ubif-li it is desirable to nrotrct from the action ot the atina-phere. And they would ef-prcially call lh' at tention of tho-e. micreteii m ibhutiuriia hlXK, to their (lalvanued W ire, which i now al niuM entirely ned i.i IJun'iie.nnd which nhyw-erscery purpose ns a conductor uf electricity, coMin only about one half as much uscoiiper,and iiiK-e.-aing equal durability witli that iutal, Ilaviti'r lately erected works in this city for the Wholesale Traders ll'W fmd it to thur iiilninlngc lo Iwk to this ! OAK HAMi IILMLDIM.', i:n ni anci; ns. 32 a.w ,stiii:i;t, iiosto.v. Still' ib. 1 TO COUNTRY TRADERS THR sulwriliers, at their store eorner of 1'ulton and Kiehniom! streets, llolon, keep contantly on hand, ami oiler for sale, on the most favorable terms, u large nml vvell selected n-sortment ol w. i.M)i.v (joods .v (;itoci:iui:s, Aso, UPl'KU AM) SOI.R i.r.ATiinrv... from thr best Tanneries in New I'.nL'lainl and New York. They nl-o receive, and sell on commission, Country I'roiluce. Traders visitiiiR the city are re spectfully requested to call ami examine helore mak ing their purchases. ti-Kcferto Jcsrs. l'ollett &. urauicy. ni:xTnit, iiaukixoton tc co. Uoslon, July 3D, 1810. V It 0 1) U C E vllominission iUcvcljantG, r'o. :m Wnler Slrci'f, NKW VOHK. J.vs. S. l'Enoi'bo.v. (!.vnDi.rr. Hiilrman. r.r.rr.r. to Messrs. Draper, Aldrieli It I'rink, 1 " Tow n-eml.Savrc .S Clark, New York. " .1. ."v. I. 1'. Sevi'nour, ) " I'liillips . fuvler All.anv, 123" .1. i i, H. l'eck, ,S' Co l!iirhnWln, Vl. KESTOIiATlYE 1'JiAXCAIS'E. (ou-iinintloii. LOI'IS I'OXTAI.V, junior partner nfihe linn I'ontaiu N Hon,Chenu-H and i'rc-crintioni.t lo the Uoyal Ihnvcr-ily, I'nris.ha Wa-h- hmtiai City, 1). I ., n IJepotlor tin- -aleol their above celebratcil eoiniioiunl, which thev olii-rto the Ameri can I'libhckiis a slri: axtiikitk ior. Cox-fvn-rio.v, in in abvamiii vvell as ivcirir.NT -tai;es. Aetinu ilireetlv imon the I.V.NOs.aml nrrttillL' there ileeav. il not only soothes ami ipiiet, ulnnee, tlie ili-ires ami onin alteui a m upon mi- iiereioiore reirari eil lata disease, but restores the l.uims and their syuipatliiziui; orKan lo natural ami vttion. ACCOIll pauviut; each packai;i. are eneral intructions and directum- (tran-lateilj for its u-e, adnnted to all ca-es. and il strictly lollovvcd.w'ill not I ail in every instance if the Luna's are not vv holly consumed of re-torinfr the patient to health which may be permanently -ecnreil by future enre and avoiding too much cxpo-'urc to at- uiopneric cnani.s. Price. '.xzh Francs. LOI'IS rO.N'TAIX b'or the inforinatinn of persotn re-ulini m tlie iuteiior any pall ol llie (loverument he would stale that the reined)' is prepared and imported direct Irom their Lalioiatoire, Paris, and that llie same can be trau-poited through .Mail,a he isadvi-ed by (lliieers oftbe l'o-t Olliee Department, toany i'o-t Olliee in the country at the same charge as for a double letter. Any persons therefore resuhni; di-iant from thi City, who may wi-h to availtheni-elves of the rcinedy.cau do so bv addre 1112 hint tlirouuh the mail.not n:iid Two dollar" nceoinnanviniian order will entitle a oer. son to one icholc, and one third package. l.UUIS 1U.NTAIN. WashiiiKton.D. C, October 1, lSlij. 2lm3 Uf HATCH, (itw Smith, wot'U) ix IwinM bis entotner. that be bus employed n experienecd worluiian horn the ninth, nnd intends to keep, con-lantly on hand, tluNs, better and cheaper than nnv ever ollered in this market f tY Vma one door south of llie Jail. Church Street. ' Please call. Iliirlington, July 10, 1810. SAMUEL PERRY; Com mi si, inn Merc li tut, IV s . II B' i- o ii 1 1 1 e e 1 , Nr.w ijkk, A. M. l'I!i:i:.M.X. UZT liilcml enhances tm Consignments. ui:ri:I7n.vci:s. Mess. Snydain, Sage t Co. New York " John John-on's Son, " " V. & W. Martin, " I'reeland, Stuart eo. " " i:. P. & A. Woodruff, " " Stanton & l'rot, " " J Palmer . co. Philadelphia, " Win. Taj lor & co. " I'oll. tt & Ilradley, lliirlinjton, Vermont. Hon. 11ra Aleech, Shcllmrne, " I.awrenee i!rainerd,Pre't,St. Albaii", " .to-eiih Warner, Ca-h'r, .Middlebnry, " A. I,. Calliu, l'res't, Orwell. John A. Conant. Ii., Ihaudon, " Oeore 'P. limine-, Pre-'t, Itutlntld, " Hon Myron C'latk, .Vanchcstcr, " September, lllh 1SI0. lltf - -.- i It Y STRONGS & CO. wiioi.i'.sm.i: r iii:rii, w:.i.i:ns In Hardware, Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Sheet Iron, Tin, Plate, Sheet and Holt Lopis-r, Iron Wire, Flour, Sail, Paint", Oils, Dvc-Smli'-'. Pla-ter, firind Stone", itc .l.inufacturer's Agenn for tin1 Sale of Aailsand Iron, nml Window (ilnwof nil si7es (teneral Aci nts ami Comini ion MerchnnL". Li beral advances made on ProiTty conigned to thctn. I'ast Side Court Hou-e Square, "Ilurhnctou, Vt. It I) MEKCHATS' HOTEL. 39 ami 11 lJ!IL Cunt tlundt St . (risht mint ftitle smns uu (turn AorA litter tit Ihuitdiray.) 't he anue Hotel lino orcn eniaracii imsfan, r.nn the Proprietor hopi" in nccoiniuodate limrc Vermont cntomci'. lv' rrirrets hi Itcin obliijcd to turn oil so many the pat lall and 'prmg. Mis accommoilntioii" aie now more ample, and he tru-ts thy will be found siti-factory tu lmine? men. Tcrnii.&V-T) nr day S"pcr week The IlurhiiKton l'rce Press ii kept on Tile ut tlm llmi'-t'. U l. .Ut llillt'AI'. Wc (-top, when in NVw York, at the .Merchant Ilokl, '.t'.t and II Courtland--t , find liinl an obhirnn; "llo-t," polite and attintic urantj,,a good tabbvuid cuN rooms and bed. l'-IniG niuxsMAii) & nuoTimns. WINOOSKi VAU.S GOING A!II:AU! rLirrdlKlt. Fvsiiiowiir.n T.wmn. has removed hnp ii'ar Darlow Wood's store. where he con"kbTa hiiuHf permanently located desires to return In fcinccrc tlnnk for the mVral Mip prt he lias rccencd ince Iih cmntnenccnicnt in bui iicm in the aforesaid city, and houvs by aiduity m biwimf-o, (-till to merit a sliar- of uVir titrotinge -Through ttudv and practice in the art of raitoriuir. he has discovered a new mode ol draftmu coat-, which unknown to any but himself. A correct measurement i aektiuwledsicd by all the trade to U- the only means ot cii-urmi; toinp!"te "fin " 'v position of the cu--tomcr lniut !. understood. There is not a Tailor who can ciiMire a couinlete "tit" without this knwwlrdp D.I' would inform his customer tliat lie, hn pnr cliased an indubitabli' mode of cleansnt fjanneut, A all fiIor. and of sriinj them th'frefh ami lieiy np pen rn nee they were wont to hae in their earlier das (TTTINt; done to order, on the tWtei-t noiiec nml warranted to til, if properly made tip. Urc-ses and hidii ' Kidiur Iluba, made according to fn-hion or fancy. Wmorki lull?, July 1, IHIf 3Iit. TKKMAU, rnoM thi: citv ok New York, hn the pleasure to inform the, cilienof Ihirhnuton and vicinitv, ihnt h" ha- (pencil n -h"p at tin room lafly mcupied by J. II. Piatt, (ItMir1 north of jlr Wanief tore mi Church street, and i prepared to do with neatn' and in the bet manner all work entrusted to hi rare m (ludins Ji; V VATCm;S (i nrry description, iimkuii! Patent Leur Kapttu-nt" as ctod a .Miti-on or Uobinon : n, Unplfx. ,c ,;e, and nil verticle, :r All kind of r pairinir et'i;t4 I pinions, "tatkcvlmder. win el, etc n well and nt -it a. i can lw done m the city o New York Jii-ic beei . repaired. Acronhans' and Melodian tuned A t I work done by bis own hand. I Mr I' lumntf worked in in a brpe p-ttihViuiVT t ; in the city of New York for two van, and ii ' previously received jreod in-true tiefr fom an ex- European workman ! well uualnVd to exeetit- th j mo.t diflicult work, and lie eOmrt the public to p'are f in him their confidence, and bctow upon hini a -hnre

I of imtronaffe. liefer. for information retect!"' hi- an A r "dale and one afUiitcd with the following dKeafcn ir.ake trialu'i j they will be aide to fnrnMi any articles which may be I h (ra (enber!; Pills, and thty will be PCtt.MA MuVTI.Y CL'KiJU! ABtlium, i iriiitiileiicy, l!iluua Complaints, ll'limr Alb"u, or Whites, ll ul-, G'isiric lVer, It mtl. di-ncicnt action in Green Siiktu, ih-east Pantf, iGnpes, 'llcaitnurn, jllead Ache IlyptericH, Incouiinence of Crine, ilinligt-ftion, jlnll'imation of Vital parts, I iillamntiouol the, Stomach Jaundice. J.iur Coirplaints, Rmo;n')C'r my word- Mis IJ rryt raid .Mr Wickiun, nnd In tliinl fill tint .M.iMer Paul is A tntluiL' deuo-it alula Hnatt liremtiiui note are ul bo rc'ju'tred, to jruaid nainstcontinentie. I Tnu, a personal tlieaie of may wenre to liis i family, at In- dentli. Sl' 'he annual p.inient of 1 1,1 1, an anniril deposit of time cent, and a premi um note of thirty one cent, or the Mini of $ltnh) by the annual pa nn nt of bl ltl" an imnind deposit ol hJcentMind a premium noteot, Tbf j renuum note is taken lo jjuard a-jain-i ihetouiineney of :rcat an I iinu-ii il inoriahty, but the Duet-tot junc great conli Lmicc ii thebhet thai their piyment will newr be calledlor. A large propoiiinn ol the profits of the Company is eery third ear, di-iribnti d anions the eAi-tiui: policies, by linjj addetl to the miiu respect, ively ni-'uied ; thus conthnully ineicaMii llie amount to b paid 4i this death ot tb jM-rm iunied The policies nny be made lor tbe btiulit, p-iitiiilly of th" p'i I'sotale, or pcifrnly l)r llie U-u 'fit ot his wife anil children, in which latter carc, the bum iu- hunui is beyond the reach ot ins en tlin-ri Hie ch ii.icteroi llie PrcMdent ami and Directors of the company is a unnintj ol llie t-afe(y with whith a m in mav make provision for Ins fuinK , al Ins de- 1 ccae, iiuwcver uu'oiio ne niay heenme ny lauure in I not too fond ofyou, I am lit U n it too fom) I Tiiecompany hasa ouaianiy tapiial of $U"100I of hip, I aKMiru ymi ; tlinu"h then- i-n't much I nc I'lf wliich is ptiiiFtn and inw?ied in tin' stocks t,. live for you'll iwciimj my Umv mi Irco in I ,'''!"!,Tii'(l ':',rt? iw of .Manacliusii, the thlKiailof a hou'P " citf ol U i,um, an I 111 ink-i a 'cired by bond and ... i, , . , , , , uiuit'iKe of uimicuiiibcred real etale m .Maw-achu- MlH IK'rry a emotion nllirht linVO rd to linr Mu ll- u.irtli ll.r.K t.n,, .). nm..iml l...-.n...l ll.eo-no l.iul too hini on fho b.icl;, or ini-dit ni i The reimiiiiiiK hull of the guaranty capital is ha- inicicMS oi me Catanh Coie-Dpation, Couijh of Pregnancy, Co-iivcnc-., Dnrrhoea, Diflicult Uieaihing, l)j 'Jiep'-ia, Dj'-jH-ptic Constitution, DiiieMion. imperfect. Weleinunatiou tl lilootJ to'how ?-iurit the lleatf, , Menstruation, Huppre'-'-cd IhrAthc, or Painful, llr-ipelas, Nervous Di.-order?, Ipik'jity, (Neuialyia, I'l Ncr l,ow, Nenou, In- lihcumatisin, tciniitlent, Ki-miltent, jStoinach, ariouseae'-, l'eer and Auc, tWIiitcH. In all bilious or thionic disorders, thce Pills achieve the most womb rlii I tiiuinph. Hikl tuly mn cm lETiTiox. And a the cuci ptibihty ol the American eniMitution is to thcM- di-caMs, th'ey are aptlyMjled by some Tho rill ol' (lie rw WmM. Their wonderful efluacy in the.-.ecfinplaintames fiom their power to im.s the Pones- tt,FWn and MKt.NGTUKX THE MOM Ki H AND l'.OU ' MAKi: THE I'lU.NE I IlW lti:t.TIULV AXDCLLIU. AND TO UIVi: To.NC A Nil sTr.KN(,TII TU 'I UF. Ysri.M It i-- impossible, within the limits of an ordinary ad ertis'nieni,to tti f the reader iheirawms for the iwm exttaonliliary mu ct -s and Fprcad of thes-e pills. ut i;i.ons ini LXtsr, w hich hue abundantly tailzied the , iHiiini 'i iiiMu-siiiu- in uii- iiruuu i ; uou.ninon'' inein t tin' licomntiJi...! !') veu-int.e I.trti- f 1..... I . i - 4-, it i uiitii nun pn ate citien. male and fi-malc, I xr .Nlmi Kortfr-RTii iCATr.s of the wondcrfulclli cacy ot the- Pd! iniyht be pn wilted ; Hut a certih cite in the days isK-areely worth llie paper on which it is printed. A few etratts from the coircFpondente of the company, will, howi'cr, be now iven, I'kom Indiana: our enterprr-e is the enn iprife uf the day. Its magnitude will aotonihits oriinatoip. It h iktiued toatbet a ctuuplete revedution in the medical uurM," Prom a Jcvrit r.or tiii: Pfuk iv Wijsti.k. N V ; " I hae Mild a number of boelo thecituciis ol this place. They 1 a;e ejwn entire wilMaction, and they ate ditinedto become (he moi-l popular pill of ihc day." Prom Jrii. ok Glokuia ; Hir. Since writing to j uu InM upon the subject of my ilbhcalth, I have been taking vour medicine, ami umplcaM'il toHiy.that lliey hae f-ccnof the Rreaiitt Hen ice to me, and if lliev continue to lmc me tlie re. lull I iaL nlieaily lilt. I rjiall hlcys ih.. ,ny ymiM-nt llifln, I lUTil lint alluile nuniii tn tin- M!li;-nilL's 1 lim.. ilesirril. A uiijityif I'lati-a (iiiaimrit'iuri'il in Kuiupe,) cunstanlly on iianj, from 10 tn IK ir- tin.-i "ir-. i;t:o it "ioi:kvooij, co. Xi 1 1 anil 111 ll.'rucr i-t. NtM York. Th" I'atcnt KiL'ht fi r llm aitich; hat ln-cti m enrol for llie IJinU'il SlaU's a.-, will as lirt'iit itrilain. aiul nth'T Knrojirail cimnirii'i, nn.l all h-at inrasnrLS will hf taken lu prevent any hifrlnincni by iinpnitaliun or ntli.-iui;..'. Hit. IM ISIrt. lSyl MOTICIi Al if . Win n oMii. n.wi.Mi si:cu l nil 111' fervicf if Mr. (' iMicr.m ci;, tho crlchrat.. Vin.linist, is preparctl tDfuiinh niu-ic It Halls, l'a tic , ' on rea'.iniahli' lerin. I'ttcr-i ndihrH'il i; i! U'hik'oinl., i'.utlin'lbii, Vt. will riceni-iroin ntti'iiiiini, lliirliiiclmi, Dit 'J, I8in. Hnill C- 1 LOCK Kl'.XS, "m an J'Cat TlITl-i tit ...; J. V. HA.XDAI.KS. 711. (i. IJaJhJmti A: 4'. :.n:i:niANT taii.oi:s, i rT.wr. in"! recoiM'J ihrir S'TOiuI pun hapnl i all 1. L nml Winter (.ooiN. romnri'iiii: a ery lamr as- soitineni of i'i.otiis, CAsrii.ii:Ki:s, i:sr. NU.S. TKI.MMlNtiS .Vt , fcc. ShirH. llnsnin. Collars, Crmats. Srarf", Silk anil I.inen liclkr"., lllk., Color'd ami While Knl (iUnif. White ami Color'.l Silk .lo., hnpcnilerii, tsu-jiriuli I'.mN ini'l Shonl.ler Urates. Tiulors'Mfa-.urn. ami Crayons. 'i'UUX e.V'wAiti). ' Nov. 21,1310. 'llwS CtOTTON'S 40 Hales ' iiiR, fur fale liy Deremuervi, Vi'i'iiioiil Central i::iilr:ui. itg:Aia:i: eckaiiemc IF YOU ARE AFFLICTED WITH Itronrhiti, Af-thtntt, ttlistintte nr cnnninn n.iyi and (.olds, Spiltin "J ldtnlt Idetiltng of the luns, "hijiini:-i 'mth. Difficulty )' Unalhiii'j. aire lhrnrtt, lln'tr-.eiiri.s, first .Sri.TV (if Cnnsiiniption, And Ai.i."oTin.r. I'ci.monauy nr. I.rsu C'i milaints, ll i.s known as 1)1!. KMAXriMAS H.VI.SA.1HC I.I'NC AM) COUCH JCI.I.V. Tin; materials of this Jelly are purely vegetable ami hahaiinc, and are the mi ent,on ol an eminent physi cian, Irom whom the proprt ior has pnreh.teil "the reeipe. It is certainly worth ns wemhl m gold, hut is pat at a price tn he wuhin the reath ol rich or poor. Stiiiie.i nml ret-iilt nee of pervms refilling in the citilnf Xeir Ymk. trh'i littre been rtiiril arhetii- filed ly Da. ;mam i.i.'s IIiusamic Col on ,vn ' w otkmaiisliip. to Mews. IVIIow s, 'i'if n it irnx vreveribed in another farm .' I Coorier. Xo. 1 1. Maiden l.ane, N. V. .Mr. llir.i.M A.i.ts. 113 William-t . X.Y., had, . llnrlim.'ton. Sept. H, BIO (f 13 for some tune, a dreadful pain in hU side and chest. ! ,. ,. , I with a hacking coiiuh, nml shortness or dillicnliy ol j I 111. .tin I lltl I. till. I , breath, lie n-ed pail ol a Ironic oi th. iMamiefx ' ... . , retui.E rvmTr.n. , Ihtlmmic l.nns and Cough Jelly, which pcilectly I 'iii. Minnoic arm nnriiiv appreciate .Hfdicice , i'n r.i... .v.i Tlio Xciv Kiislaiiil .MUTUAL Llt'i: IVHUIiA.N'Ci: CO.Ml'AXV, IIOSTX, HAVII established an agency in Ilarlington, Vt., and will irant policies on the .Mnttial principle, on ns taornbte tennsusany f-imilar institutions in ihi country or l'!i;latd. rorthe iH-tter security of the insnrcd, in ndditinn to the amount received for premium, deposit and pollen s, this company has a (xuaranty capital ot $100 .lion, one half of which was paidiuand salely invcsii'd Iwlore tlie couinanv went into oueratiou.nud the Irilrniee is loibl.. to be called in whencer the business and exigencies of tiiecompany snail reijmre it. Tlie object of lids company istofumish every nnean apportunity to make a small annual savuni iluniiL'Ins hie, for the her.elit of his family niter lm disease, witli out paymif any more than is aitually reiimred to meet the reiiui-ite evpenses and pajiuents of tl.e company At the cspirniion of c cry nenod ol I'ue jear,cach meinber is entitled to Ime Ins de.,.-ii,, r Sl, mueli thercol as remains unappropriated, credited to him on account ol his future prciuiuuw. lie is nl-o entitled tn receive ine same time tlirce-lourthspf tbe Mir plusnf his piciinum mer nnd abme what may he reiiui-iie to meet the liabilities of the company, lo the b-nelit ol the iiieome of which, he will be entitled is long as he remains a niemticr. HGAI.i: Ol' ANNUAL l'AV.MIINTS, Toil EACH HUNDRED noLLARS. iherting, Ilatts ami Vick 1'iim.n .V I An Assessment of ten dollars mi a share hns been or 1 ilercd bv llie directorsof the Vermont liiiilroad Coinpahy, payable on the lirst iliy ol IVbiuary next l'aiiuenisinay be made at the Tanners' and Median lies' Mink, llurlimtlon, at llie Ihnk of .Monlpelier. at the Hank of Woodstock, or at ihc Treasurers Oll'ue, i 17 Ticmoni ltow, llo-ton. SA.ML. II WAI.I.I.V jr., Tiemmrr. Itoston.D.c. ti.", lSti.. S75 WIMCUT, NOW KKITKNS HIS elhanks to the inhabitants ri Hum ictnu nn.l Sinoo-ki Tails, for the very lilerni support llul i... i.-., r I.-...I since Ins eoinmencemeut. and hones l.e oriel iitieiition In his business lo merit a share of IITM. ll sineercthnnks to tlie ..lore oi.i ion oi ; nut intend to persevere, an, ,pc. ir ..,r,mai:e. He also ! "T,," "1' '"' ' i ine, in nilevcai llie h omy ,,n, I,,, has rccciveil llie latest In- iiiemeiiee oi n peri. ci erne. I h ie heard ol nuniv Vi-;.,,.., i,i. l. ..nnbles hini to i uisiuiuesinmy neighUirhoo,! w herein lliey lunein-r- r.' . , '.,r io,,r,ler lie wishes lormeii siiine cAliaorthuaty t lues, I : , ,t' , i, -..noi.l.Ts honsi' I HUM A lllsri.MII'lslllll lit. pattin;; priiliiiioil a ccssatinii uf that siidthiiii' inoiiotntiv I ,u '"' called for, wheiieier the hut lio tiunid in his liil just now, and nrosontlJ i ''""'P"".)' "'''I'"1,'' '' , a.val;iti'', sat up in it will, hi, , ir hot'..,,,! ' :, '"- -to th!, r. . .t ...rr... .r .. , . ""-'"HI ' I w ill tnriilli liamiihlels conlainini' all irom tlio fiicci nl soinu clnlilisli dream, ami usl;- c i ior i lorcnco. Sho was nut of her own hod nt tho first snutul of his voico ; ami Ijoinlin cucr his pillow jui rnoji.itcly sattji him to sleep naiii. Mrs, Wick, am, shaking her headj and Ii ttinir several tcurs, pointcil out tlie littlo ,'rnnp to ilerrv and tiiriioil her eyes up to the reilin, ' 'Good night .Miss!' said Wickam Bnfily '(5ood nij;ht ! Vour aunt is n old lady, .Miss Ilerry, nud it's what you must h.n0 lookul for often.' This consolatory f ircwvll, .Mrs, Wickam tic companied with a look of heartfelt anguish : and heinej loftaloun Willi the two children airaiii.niul bcroininir con-i'ioiiii that the wind was blowing mournfully shu indulged in iiielincholv that chcapet nnd iiiostacce-sihlti of luxuries' until sho was overpowered by slumber. Although the ncire of .Mrs. l'ipchin did ni t expect to unit that exemplary dragon pm-lrate on the lic.irth-ruj; when sho went down stairs she was relieved to find her unusually fractious' and severe, with every present nptiearanco of intending to live n jong time to boa comfort to all who knew her. Nor h ul sho any symptoms of declining, in tho courso of tho ensuing week, when tho constitutional vhinda still cen'Tiiued to disapiwar in regular succession, iiotwitlisliuul. ing that Paul studied herns attentively as ever and occupied his usual .spat between the black pklrts and the fender, with unwavering constat!. cy. But ns Paul liiui-e!f wis no t troni;erat the e.v the subscriber, who naumhiels conlainini! a I the naiticulars. as also the dialler and by-laws ot tin' company. t!i:0. li. SHAW, ABent. HurliiiRton Dec. 1,1810. S3 uiR Mittivv. 'PUU sabsctibers oiler In llie public a well selerted 1 iissoriinenl ol CUOCIIUIT.S .t I'KOVISIO.VS, isjiisisimg in pan ol the following articles : II S Tens, . 11 III) Imperial ilo Hlsek do iod! Siinais, Crushed do llrowu do .Molasses, IVpper. OIUCC, (iincr, SilcnituH, llaiHi)s( Idee, Oiunnmon. And many otlipr niiidi-. ( 'love., Nutmeg, .Mnce, Citron, Curraut-, CiM'na, diHtiute, Snluiou, td Cifch, MaclveicI, Tulde Salt, l.lllll Oil, Sjicnu Cnndlcp. Alnnld ilo i oilct hoop, nil ol vvhiih we aredes, " ' r. u?,'' '.'"!'. Uarrin, -s V7m' Co. Ilurlmt'ton, IX'c, III, lstfi. , . I Q IiblsSpts, Turpentine, for tah-Ti llAiir.ivnn.Vs. 20 ljl''7t'"l"I'l"'"' fjr ale at SI lfRRtllT0N'. (loiind l.i.twoctl, for sale ut Habkiv.TonV, es to inform the public limns tor the i an runt -ut nccordillj; to the thither In inform Ins ll far mole coinoetenl. VH.I..IV .,C llns-rs. . .''. " - ''V" "- '".. ,.,,. ,.., i:...,iie,.,ei ..,. .i . cuiierio cm oriom. ....,.) ... ......... r..r..... ... .. :.i . i; I ...uu uouiniiii; you ,,,,.., ,,-r pro essor ill t heart oi i niiormgni ine i mis, nl li't e 7 1 .' ''M'r,'K, '"' '' ,,,,,,a I X Al orders punciuallyntlcnded to, and execu- able losny. Il, at I have cMieiieiiccd llie itremest n- iff ,ad i,, the ni..-inparoved styles, o Z !d,: .V" r ' ! ,".r ."'W J 1 lm u W Uu-.l w J . I Iarri,.K.on lomurly carried , , "i "".. .... it uu. uisarrau- lllcin,.4 cliny whole sjFiem, audi havenot known a da i v nn,,.ki Tails 1). enit, li.'filtb lor ln.oiv v..;.rj..,,-. ...1 1...I I I ... ' UlOOSKl I BUS, It' 1 ilespaireil olever auiiiiiriiiovitnr hfe nil u friend r... l iinl. nl- ' l ter bb s. orbv llie iioiin Dec. 1M1U. Ith, lSlfi. 23-tf coiuini nded me louy vour Tills, which though, without nnv conhdeine the result, 1 am hip I'.. ' 3 .i.s i-ti exceeue.i my expectations, the cause ol iny siilierina is ncurlv icmovcil, and I l.eliny henlihand slniiflh daily renewed, nnd Iain mushed ihnt the merits ol your Tills, when listed. liuM he nikliovvledueil bv the whole ciuiiimmily.inid will become ihe popuLir medieiiii! of the day. TlUlM AX l.llMOPAL HlslHif, flcnlloiiien I cou-iilerit In he the duty of every Christian to make known to the world nny ndvniita. Ki s tint they may have derived by accident or horn any ili-covery ol iheir own, nnd with this sentiment siroiiiilyiiiipicsscdon my niiiid, I leel treat trratiiira. lion inhnviiii: il in my power to speak in the liii-hesi teimsol the valuable ih-coverj' )ou h.ivemniie in llie piodaetiou o your Tills. I was induced to try them, from the philosophical manner in which jou have the, and 1 iuut do invsclf the plinsure, mid joiiihejusiiec losny, that I hnd no con ccpiioii so spicily nu eliect could he arrived nt. .My complaint has Ihtii lliatof llie l.ivcr.trom which I drspaued ol irettinubctier; bill since InkiUKj our Tills, I liud my general hcalih, spirits and appetite s,i much improved llial lliopetoliud iii)ilf euabled tn endure, without bodily siillcruih'. the iluiicsot nn arduous Tro fession. Iiitntiirel w ill send to your nsent lor more Tills when needed. Willi ureal consideration and trrnjitude, 1 am, Ac. l'lniu every set lion of the entire country similar trs. tlmouiuls nre daily icceived, but our limits forbid fur llier extracts. Uxce tiiieii. llie(lRAin..UEK.i 1'n.ts wii.i, ii-rr.i'.bLi'E a li. orm rs. re- j -TO. 1. MACKT.I'T.L.In bhls. half bbls ami ouar-al- ' fN ter bbls. or bv the pound. -I S.ULHIA. JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. C o in in i s i o ii .11 ( r c li a . And Dealers in I'HODUCK A XI) PKOVISIONS, Xo. M uter Mieet, n.'lwccn Cocnties Slip and llroad sirccl, Abm. S.Jew ell, ) s: iv ii....;...., t !"'. 1). Van Wniienen. S SV.W VOHK. cnu ro Messrs. Toilet! N Ilradley. lluihnstoii, J..t J.Il.lYcksfcCu. " I',piesses (Vom Xew-Vorl; nud Iloston lo 31 onlrcnl. VIKlill. .t ItlCIVS mill 'Montieal Krprf, WIMKi; AHKAM.BMENT. TUT. LXTHT.SS WACOXS for heavy frei3ht, inve inmui!iiMi mi i-i an' places, c cry .Mond.iy nioinint!. wiioi.t.sai.i: WAituiioi'si:, HI John on. ,. V,.,...'.l- Vvf' III towns were then, tu lm l.rni.el. tl... f ....,....'.... will upioint one on application by letter, (ikisi paid) or otherwise. ' 1 1 orSeTtheni''1' wislli"K ,h' li,U b' cn Ui;u. S.FKRRIS. nurlinoton e rnioul ami Xorilun N. V, , .viunoii i.oolii, west side ,s O'lif inlAwnt for 'or sale Sm rivvonp's .. .11 I.. .. ll, I.,r Xew.l oik, ic. cvciy i'...i,' uu.tiiiiii.. Tni.levcrv TriJay uioriuna lor M0mrC!l1- CHUNKY COS. liuilun aud Muutrtnl Cxiness, ' Will leave Ilurliiiglun for lloslon, nnd lor .Vlouireai, eveiy Tnduy iiioruiui! : . Will leave Iloston for llarhuiitoii nnd .Montrrnl, eveiy Tuesnay monuna ; aim .mum , ton iiml llosion every Monday innriuiur. TjKkaR.s .,,,d"r,l.'rs should be leu nt llie Oiliee llie day pre v io arrival ol the T.vprcss. On n ; : On n ' policy lor Tor poliev Tor , Tor A".' lor th-sTven i.iii. Age tor tin seven one I whole1 years. )iar. ; whole! years, vcar. hie . , hfe. in i.:r si)73 so.TiS :w 2 7i ii :n si it 137 u.-i 0.71 :i7 'ssi 'nn "ifto i'l I. II 1 H7I 0.70 IIS S.U3 1 n i';f 13 1.11 0.7fi llt',7 3'J 3UI i 153 -33 ll ims omi nr.7 111 3 ir, i rs i tl l.i 1.53 OKI 0.7J 11 3a5 lf.3 li 1 .5fi 0h7 II TS n S'J'J li",S 1 :i7 17 1 f.l ' (I '.ill U61 13 3 5 1 73 1 ill is 1 15.") ii tn dsn ii :if,,-, i r,3 l'J I 1.70 ll.D.'i OSS 15 3 1 f,7 1(7 i 171 uvs nui ir, :t'.ir, i -. i;i 1 1 7S lno ir iia SU7 1.78 '11 1 S3 I ll.'.'.-i S 131 '1 IS 1 s.5 i:i i.ns uu, o.w iii I.5U a uu, i.iii lit 1 1)1 l.llj ' 1 (11 50 1 71 .' II " US 'J'l 1 '.IS 111 1.03 51 lie.' o.'.S a,..3 If, !:' 1.13 111.1 51 5.1.1 S.7I 'IK i I i.m i 1.1.1 i.ii7 j:i .i3j -i.'.n ! i.i SS '1 1.1 1.17 Mil .11' .1 15(5 3 17 2 5.1 '.". S! 21 1 1.20 1.1(5 51 5 11 1 3 13 2 71 30 . 2 2S i 1 21 1.17 5(5 15 21 3 72 2.1U 31 2 31 1.23 l.lll .17 i li.17 IU2 3 13 32! 2 12 12.1 12(1 5S f. VI t.3l 3 12 3.1 2 111 1.2S 1.21 .111 7 2S lf.7 3 7(5 31 . 2.511 1.30 1.22 Oil 7.(55 .101 1.17 3.1 I 2t55 , 1.31 2.1 I . . . cured him. Mrs. .Mor.ovw 1152 Tront-st , Brooklvn. had a very obstinate coiuh and cold. She tried every other re medv in vain, and Dr. Ilmmittel'ii JiaUnmic I.unz and Cousili JrVy cniirely curidher. Kcailcr, reader, let llie voices and prateiui hearts of these resectable citi.ens ofXew York, ap peal to your hearts and understamliuits, il you are nf dieted with any pulmonary complaint, couh.cold vtc. f5C Mr. I,. W. Conkuw 102 Kldridge-st. Mr. Ai.oxz'i liRovvN.72 Kcade-st. .Mis. Morgan, 1152 1 rnt-st., Urooklyn. Although the inventor mut nirain reiterate his opi nion, thai he eon-idcrs consumption, m its continued nnd worst stages, incurnble,jel lie lnu-t ow n there is slid hope, when we read the billowing letter : Oiangc county, Aft il 19, IS If.. Dr. Lmasci i.. llenrSir i on may perhaps think my statement I nlinnt incredible. .My reason for feanniz'so is the fait ol your never rtcoinmendim? your Jelly for the cure ot , confirmed consumption, but only in lts'prunai v or li, i sialics. 1 have every reason to believe that was in its last staiie ; my rlivsieian mid me so ; my IriLiids told ine so: ns well did mv symptoms, for lliey were trnlv nlariuinjr :nnd I felt fiillv convinced, that unless rchefwns obtained. 1 must soon Ik? consumed to the narrow eonlines ol the silent urave. Hat by the ttuie- I) ue ol your remedy, I snl! hve. nnd again enjov in loiiner good health I hud. indeed, dear sir, till the alarming sysinptoms you spi nk ol ns iorinuiir cui siuuptiou in its worst 'sin ire , but by the use ofyour Jelly, I naiusay, I am cured, isaac j. i!iu;u. And now, reader, hav ins (riven you a plain state- nielli, lei llie cooiire v on It. p iur, eie ills ini i.iiv 'Thus, n tiersou at the nire ol 2.1. in order'to secure SlIKl.Ui his family ut his decease, pais aiinu illy during his life a premium of$l,7!, nnd deposit olo'lll, and one at 31, a premium ofSi.lOtuiil deposit of $112(5. 11, 1, AKIJ 11111. 1.1 i r-, Trcsidellt. Dii i tors, Willanl Thillips, James liead, Thrw. A Dexter, liobert Hoos'r, T C I.nwell, It it Torls s, William Tarsoiis,t;eort:eH. Kuhii T. Vninwriiit, Chns. T. Curtis, Win. W. Stone, litis Tufts. Applications fur insurance received, ami pamphlets containing full particulars as well a.s the net of incur norniion ami by-law sot llie conunnv, furnished by S. WlltLS.Aoeiit l!irlin!ton, Vt. lU'UI.IXC.TOX AGRICULTURAL WARE-HOUSE am) si:i;i moui:. rpun suiiscniiiiiiis n.wn takkxthk I Tuoma' roiit:oiiCillci:c -.ticci. tsod(K)rs P.iihi it the l'rce 1'rcn- Otlicc, and idler hi the i'arin-T of i luttcthlcii itiut the mijtumni; ('(mnticH, n p-ncrnl ns wrtnicimrAirncuhitiiil Imjilfnu'iiu, cmiM-tiny ol lVimtvuml Mcars Ccntrc-dnitt l'lonln. Uuylcs, Ximtsc and .Main's do ' " Xuhsm! dt Cultivators .Strnwcnticrs, KciithiirsCjIindcrClmms Corn blicllcr", iccd jduntcrs, luh nillcr, (urdcii rriiitTrcpf,(1rnic Vines, (Imwhcrry Ihi-Iics.Gur-den nnd Hoer S'cds tt all kunU. Tlicy fin(iuade nrnincmt'iits for obtaining Cntit Tree, id tlie several varieties (d'annie, ik-ui, iilmns, Cherries, pcache-, c. from the Albany and iWtim Nursi-De, by which they can supply oiders on sliort notice nnd at reasonable price. They arc nK Aizentn br the Albany Cuhivalor, (he AriculturiM.the llorticulturM. the IbMon Culti vator, and the Nevv-Yoik I'aimer and Mechanic. They have on hand (Jrape Vine, well rooted, of tin ft it low mu varieties, which me m condition to ie trans planted tliis Cull vi: Ualulla, Miller'' Iturpimdy, White Sweet Water and lyman ('rapes, nil "I wbichwere nu'd in Ilur luii'ton, undare.ol course, well ncctnnnted. ITIIKCK SWKI'.T. lbiilinston.Nov. 10, 18lfi. '.0tf tbtnmrd tteni ;tn I.umn l)ocTnr-.s. in tTif Valley of the Columbia liiver, Oregon, and 'ince 1 introduction into civilized lite, has been jfnK-reb"if-tit to tl." li'iiiinti race than nil other mJi r ucd It will almost do nwny the cnrc mtnifcd op n our mothers from live It will effect a quik, ei-y d'divcry tint no other medicine will, exc pt what 'lie red wuim-n of th'- forest ucc, tint is conirennl ith na ture. The patient will art auout in half of the tun tliy do treated in the old way. It is n ure preventative of Hroken llrensti and childhretl u cr,nnil tlf proprietor i williitir to WAR It ANT a cure to nil who may have occasion foriu Us- TIkw wljn have li-cn iniposcd upon by Qn.-'-Ks and QuncU lutptrum-, nnd have the nntnral frnr nfn second inipo-ition, can referred tu xime ot the moi rcfprctaide iaimhes in the town. All orders trom n ilifctndce,()Oft pVul) will be attfnd ed lo upon the shortest notice. Cor sale Wholesale and Uetnil bv the Vrori tor. Dr. WIUTUIKU, and by Harrington Si Ifrothcr, A sent. ' Iturimston Vt. Sept IS Is IT.. u ' mill PILIS ! A Vvm: for (Iimr- P wtil'.' UU. iTIIAM'S INTEUXAI, II1..M KDY, inr the vne ot FiU Infiamation of the Livr nnd Spl-tu : Inflamaiiun, Surene- and Clcc-tri-.n cf 1 the SiouiikIi. Iltiwels. KidnrjiJ and Iihuhler: Int! ti -mat"') and Mercurial Rh uiiintim ; Itujmriiv ct ti HUh ; Weakness nnd InllnuiaiiLii of the t'pu.e ; ai J for the relu-f 1 1 man led Irt.ik-n. Tm. VLutrvm.E Tn e Kr uTfMiv, incnted vpr A. Cjiham. a diMiiuuihhed ithMcinn ol New Y n city, is the only rejlly smcefnl rctnedv for tl at t'aii rnns and ditre.'.injr cMiiplnim.the i'iw.ever ci7 cd to the American public. Mark this it is an Internal hetnetly not an e.xtcr trvtht-HAI.SAMIC f.l'XC. JIIM.Y try it. 1 have , npplication, ami win cure any ca-eot tl.e nief put in price to v on nsbw as I can ntlbrd ; if you im it, "tlicr hdinK or blind, infernal ol cmcii al ; ami nnd Miecced in curing vour-elf, I rhall have the trnli- ( prolrtildy ihe only tiling that will. Ihcie i no n.Mtar iication.,fhaviinrie-cu-d another from consumption ; ' Miont it. In-a pu-imc riirc -;mw amlj n mane vt and 1 hope, in ictuni.tiiat vou will not withhold inom . I i aUo n convenient nicdiLine tn take, and iwprovta me your name, aud a stateint nt of your cure. IMt. I V..MJtl Uvlsvmic Lrvii a.vd (nn.n .Illia" Affcnt rriccCiltvC nt-n!' ;t' ,u cr.oiwii: 1: iiauimxgton. Hurl ni;lon, Vt Nov Wtii hid, 'JJui3 ihe ireneral h'-altii in a remarkable manner. Uncli llo contains twe!e do-e,atPl cts prrd'-.'- isenld liv the ! very Hiun ui ns B -;im um vv ui t. t"'' m',fct crutt' U'l.nii.nintion without tlai.ccr "ir"ts' All external npplicntious are in the highest decrtc ili I airn-fatue, inconvenient. otieni-uc ; aiuf t-um the I vfry nature ot the dim ae, temporcry in their eficcts. This Medicine attacks thr dw ase at its M.urce, and I irmoriitg Ihc eutit-e, ruidd the cure eel tain aud er- niauent li i MVfir.Y Although the nicctuarv IIAV1XC.UTST AKIUVIjl) l'KO.M WW I rV; 'f.. ,"."ha Iante an 1 la-luoiial,le iirlnient ,n,.rs , n diseases of nn liill.iininatoiy iharact, r .1 l nichef , Jewelry ami I urn-y rlicl', which hit ol- w,,h n .letcni.iualion ol U1.01I to nny patticulnr n.i t t oriran In l.ilmm.iiinn ami I. on:etion of ihe l.,,- nml Spleen ; liilIaiiiniion.NirencKs anil L'lcirntinn ci ihe Stomach. IttmtU, Kiilnevs, ami lllailiirr; Inl'.am I inatory nml .Mercurial UhruuiatUint i tlie Uttuieii I icine ever illseovetcil I I n KiTiusor Tin. I1liid. For nil impuritns of the lilood, nri-mi: trom the impriuh nt u-e ot Mcictiry or ! other cause j lor till ih-eiiMS ol the Skin nnJ Sc'utn. , ....0:1...- 1.....1. 1. 1 ., .......V. J..1....1 .".". urn- iu- pioou is 1 in. f. 1 pin. s , .- ..1, i.uiio-.. ...-.w-, ...,i..o.-, 1 limy .leieriume.l to the ll.-.i, . pro. hiciin' .Iiit-iiu- nn,l U.p.c3 ...ul Loiiimon. -I'r Hm; rjcctujiy w ,! nni ,ioU,KcV,,i,,a,r,fc,,a,ni..Ceysn,,,,SeaK cles. 'l'hunh es II,:,, ,1. Ornanieiit,. .namelleil . v ,. ,,, ,bi,,,,,nt,on "nl e 01,0." ami Willi Stone -tlinir-. (. . lliacelcis I laps !ldl nott,.s .! ,,,,1 tt(.,lkn, t,, 1!a'c n f llenru. I'rosst-s. I oh anil tl Lhames. au.l 11 e rent 1 In..... l. 11 i' .mi . ... . . iw.,luw ot lers for Kile at vcrv low nnc. s.nt his Sl'W Ji'uclt'l's Nlinp. In Stroney iliuUhni;, (.'oliere -treet, ihrcctly opposite Cole ,v lioluiisou'3 Store. The citi7ciiHof l!urhui;ion nud Mcmiiy are rs-pcclful-ly imiteJ locnllan.te.auuue InsooiUfor theiiisi-es. I In assortment consist, 111 part, as lollows : lllclies. t.oM, Ihi'.lish I'ateut I'ver. Anchors, Cylintlcr( nn.l arietv of I'.lcuiliil rir.ticr ItiiiL-s, I'in nn.l llrooi'ln. ol tlie i itrst i j le.s. ti.r I-atlies nnil tii'iitlciueu. ."-ihir Special les 'Tluiii!iii-, IVnciU, Colli mul SiUer Tooili-pi, ks, S,c llutter Knucs, with A'llur, l'eatl or limy llaiulle., Sihci siioniis. Wnrrauleil as hihkI ns the Com IYnrl ami Shell The Kleclii.nri- ia iu.rlV.,.. -ate for l're niaut Uaihisj.nuj ihe most n.,.t,ii rml that can p.w.,y us-.l. ns it will 1101 .ml) remoie the 1 iles nnd ml iiitl iiiiiuniory disuse.., icitLaut ta n nr irritation, hut will ensure m, ca-y time, a taie de Incry.niul n pound consniution in die ulprinj; Ci lie lor. I.irt (ir.vr.ANTiin. The eleciury rontnun 110 Mineral medicine; nn Aloes, Colocynth.ltamUsr or oih. r poweilul nml irntatinc l'urgatue. Xo lear t anl I use-., SMerl Hie" mul I urs.; Llnsiw.r'ierl Heads ' of tiikins cold while miller lis inllucncc. no thaner m 1-urse l.iiie. Willi nar-iiiwiiisseiH mii. t nate,l au.l j.t iiece-s,,ri 11 mken according to tl.e ilireciionV Herman s.ilu'r.iiins. I. eriu in .Silver lectin les. nnd ( ,1 l ure lor J'.ije is tluaiautird ' .steel Tweezers, Cheap .s'leel .s'tH.-ctaeles,- Key King-, l'umplilets muna Miliinhle information rcsrwnn- mid a Ian... n-.sorlminl o I .1,,. l...l.. ..... .... l. ..1....1 1 r ':. 1 lun .H...- I .'... ,"""K'i"-:praus. lingers' Ha7or. Kiuf'sand .S.u-sors. Wade and lluirl, it's ltaors, warrant- d, C h iputaii'a llaor .strop-, ShaMiiu iisip,' till, nnd IVifiimi'ry. Variompatti rns ot .Shell, lion, au.l Ivory 'mulls. Coral Heads and Xccklaces, Clolh, Hat, Hair, and Tooth . J 1 ous.-.llieiisater-priu-., res,Kvtlul!y atinouu inisic iinc, ioiiiis, inw 101 nu. i loiiu oirms o, , ccs nun i.e n.w iciiien ine aiioe estahhrhuient which .1 is llm i.hivv 13.) U a- umilon-st . If.,,.,,, . end Aiji 1.1 l.-r the Xew I'.iiiilaiui -!(ate. .-,AV'V -"'"h.Vloil. l' .t SlEAK. Montpr ,r, t laik & tomiK, llii' Darnells it l!ci! li. . iiuniion, 1' S. l'eck. Wmoosli, Tails, v. unui, iV Co KAKIj ST It UK'f 3fi- Ij- the Wl quality, Cl.irioneiie Kecils, etc. All kind of Watched, Clocks Musie-Hoxes- nnd Jewelry, Cleaned nnd Uepnircil nt the shortest Xoiice. Old Hold and A'dver taken iiievchanije for (rood- or w otk. X.ncinher lllh, llfi. VOil .i 1 - - ri n ' r mm km. ...... Hinnliesot ri.iui,i.iu , uoarn and Mien ll.K). v.Hi;,in nil in nrieiies, Al-o, Drug" and Medi cines, raints, Oil. Varnishes, uo. 1 Snl I in "ion . ISM'.. MOTIILK'S UIM.inP. rpt) MARIMKI) LAI)li:S, the Mother's lleliel, I medicine whicii soothes the disagreeable sena. tiou ot females ahotit inhecome luotheis.nnd insures nsafe deheryin nil ca-es wheie mal foriualionor sonii) iinnalurnlt cliruui.lauei s tin not nreient. 'i'lie rcputntiou of thisarticlc. tho ih silent, Iihs liccomc m, exiended ns to produce 11,1 numeiise il.niand. A iimjihlet inlendcil only I r the iyv thie directly interested nnd their ph)siciaus, is prepared for gra tuitous distribution where ihe Iteliel is lorsate ti. A- HAItTIIOI.IC CO., ISivhe.ter. X. Y. I orsale liv l'l!CK" X- KI1 v 11 A(i Mice All I'lllllt '"nilhorimUi;. ins for this place and ieiniiv,w'hn Vre now rrVriv nVn.. 1. "hl l)r"2",a run-iuur. Wl'ioucr VIII 1MJ. 13 E9ll 'IMIi:.SriiM-niiii:it, i.m:orTiiK it.axku.v 1 lions.', llnthpate Spriuyi, res,Kvtlul!y atinouu ccs that l.e hits iciited the a him- e.i.i!il,.l.,..... .. h now- m en lor ihe ni-coiuniodatioii of the puhhc It haslateU K-en luted up mul futnished 11, istile uu surpnss.v t,y nny public house , this Mellon, and sit. ua e,l as it w at the head ol one or the t,riCn,al t ill ihe moft dilnjlitlul ".rtioiiof the picscnts iri..r nttinclionsto ,,e trau ller for plensum ; w hue. it is not so lar reiiioM .l ttoiu ihe biismeKs m.riion ol the town as to oil t any nupmeiiicnce to the man of hus iness. 1 he subxTilM-r haung long Ik-cii ciiirajnl 11, his present busiiu-M. timers hiuisi.f that ,c .fall be able to uu c satiacliou to his guests, i far as his o 1, espenence, a well iurnuJicd tabic, careful nnd alten tive K-n an is, nnd a lair stored w nh the choicest Imuors may contribute to tie ir enmlott nnd i iijoymeut A I Ihe staitej which h ue llurhngtm, call' at this houw lor iMSseuirers, and coin e) nines will be proud id to and fiom ihe sie.imlxiats. Tartu-sot pleusuio will beiiitcrtained lit the shortest Iliirhiijjioa, Oitn's'r li'th lSlfi. II N COLU. If. AOS HAfiS. ehani;c for Hook ADAMS uousi:. 371. Yahitortun Strict. II, -t.. TV- . T. AUA.tlS having opened tins n.u.. I - - i; .1... ..' A ,..'.r i .1 1 :'. "urp ll'e p.. 1 iriit KtiiK H l.VTKn IX " , ' ,s. . , 1 wniuing tn ntako it cnual tn k,. o BI1V o'her in lie I'ninn .ami ... J . ''pioil" .-. . v . e. iimii,s 1 v,..,i, . : nion, ami not s-f nnd toanv