Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 5, 1847 Page 1
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4(f I f 'tt Vol. XX. IVo. .!. Whole IVo. 102:1. UUHMNCSTOX I-'IlKK PRESS Pubh-li-il nt lltiilmrJnn, II y 1). iv. o. i.aimci:, Alitor and Vinvrictur. TcrmBi To Villa-"" subscribers vv ho ticeive the paper by the earner. . -?,' Ifiniil in ndvntiro, . . . . . , -r'O Mail -ub-i-ribers iiiul those who take .1 ul tlie Olbve, invariably, . . . '- AuvEitrLMLNrs in-crtcd on the customary terms, ,00 I'mm the Liberty Hell, rimiticnti (torn mi unfinished JInntictlit. BY JOHN QUI.NCV ADAMS. To I'll! .Vu- of lllitot u.Verehed on her ehek-ieheel- edeur wrr the tl-jnr. fio'itinq the Speakei eh'tir, in the 11 ill of the House of Ueprcsentatues of the l'niteil States. Mn.l'iH thy car! come down upon the floor, Anil wilhthee brinK lint volume, in thy hand: Tap willi thy marble knuckles at the (lo(r, AnJ take nt n reporter's drk thy stand i Heml round tin allium nn 1 collect 11 score Ofauioginphic Killers ol th" land. Invilcf.irli Solon to etihscrib" his name, A s.'ll-rccunleil candidate lor lame. tlto manure fiom tlic stalls is made into comprint with that in the yard, mixed with muck, and is notti-ed till it fiits become lino by docomposi lion. IMnmv'. The manufacture (if butter mill cheese Nonly carried on to the extent demand llcscilptlnn ill' Cincon. TI10 following f-triliiiiy description is taKcn from the recent work of .Mr. Xavier .Marmier : Cracow is it rilv, the aspect of which is at Ihmlisli Unilrnitili. I L'ali' of wind common to this rooion. It is lint IMractofa IcttorToTino r tl.n IMiinrs ,,rl !olm,ppne,l that any Hoard of l)irertor would it... V V i,i,ri' 1 . have lit t'lM'teu 1 in n 11 ion ! .'1'iiiif 1 ptoii'ii as litis, tlio A. 1 . Journal of Cnmmeice. da ed 1 ..1 . . 11 11 ,..i .n-V. r .1 ... ., WlllinilL 1IISI. llClllg WCII Silll.IU-i III UIU ICUSIIII l.tU.tlroot.. Doe. IS 1(1. It Is not yet 20 year, since the llritili Par- Come Tin speak thy llio'ighl, historic muse, nnd tell until ol all 111. 11 p in niy sarin , c. 1 i,-l,,., dw 11 rt,:is. I 111 I'S In dvv ell. Point out the champion" lainpant lor llie lu-lit. S-est thou a sane wild tumult's rage loipicll, An I can all h-tciiing with linens.; delight I Heboid lli'-in gitln'rin;; at their country's call Show me the stars ascclidanl, great and miall. Come ! let 11s take inspection fifth" 1 tail Two hundred men ami twenty-live nre there, fr'ats in eoneeiitrie circle I10I1I them all, t AnJ fronting litre the Speaker in ln clour, Willi clerks belore lino oil the roll 10 call, And con tb" Jnilv Journal in llieircaie. At Ins uslit Ivmd the keeper ol llv iloor, While beaidlesjp-iKes triji arouml the Iloor. Columbia.' eaale, perelied upon the iiwec, 1'roelailll- llie - oil o in.- u .. . The man olllod implore nl Heaven the firaec, And pioinaud prolane.all -vem to piay. lint piayerniicere and lervenl who can luce ! M,w! cnn-i thou look inlotlie heart ami -ay Could but thiMoice ol rmhtcoiM pracr nwn.l, What loe could pumper with our (loil.oiir trieml I Tw w ell to nucleate the day with prayer ; H ppeak'lli''riilei"ofaL'liribliaii lauJ, It tenclii'" ol lout p:iion to beware, And bidlhi' heart Willi kindn.'cs to expand. Oh ! 'ti a jnv the ..raphmi luiutu j-hare, lliforc their Cod to 'c a people Hand; In humble p 'iiitence their mi' route-', And fck h lace lo pai Jon ami tobies. liut 'hall not prayer agendum lo the sky, In meek petition lo lb.- ihrone ol grace, SI11II 11 not draw 111 iio-er lion 1 llie tie Titat knits in (ymjiitliy llie hum 111 race I Shall not ihcMipplicant to CJod on hiujii, find I'jr cinipa-ion in hi-, bean a place ! liut ritiiiu from lu. knees, unleeliiig turn. And from lin lect the humble tailor pmu ! Alas lor virtue in th" heart of mm ! Aceured irallie ( d.1-1 thou pio-perMill ! Creation Lord ! may lrcble niorlal Irani The liual purpow of thy holy will I Wilt thou not 'peed th lilc-inig 011 tie- plan Tlicdecd ol linn's reJemptlon to III 111, Thatw.iile thiie.irlli reioliesher daily round, .Nolouheruil.iee bliallone biale heluunJ. Of cood anil eil wlio t-Inllilraw lh line I W'n it iintehl. InuJ shall sever right Irom wron 1 L ml Co I o.unipoicnt, lb it h md N ilime, Slreniii ol ih- weak rnJ wra'tue."" of th. strong ! It lour is the purpose ol thy wliole deni''i. Tlie law-iol llie and thee alone belniitf, Of iii.j'-'jI man b'yonJ tl,c bun ljctl ruin,.-; Kiht is eiernal and can neei ch ine. And h"ti ihrouiiiiout llie dickered pcene of life, Thou and thy unbbor cro"" eai h oiher's path, Whfii n.lver'"inter..''is lwlcr 11110 strife. And rival passions kindle into wrath, lictniiii 1I1 v hand nor i!rap the deadly knife, llely 011 t,'od to lecue lll"e flom PClitll, ll.'l.ireliun ku-'cl lite finiiinini.lall milil, And b.nid ihysoultohi behest ol right. Am! my nut thon'uvj countiv risltl nr lrro;,', Sirs'teil fit bl-jiitljtir tut itnhnUtnreil ciue. Tiii life mid till th'ii'i htisl to hrr belong, And f tee xn'imiMttttn tti her iijhteuntt Ittfj. Jtitt iitftiec h'ildt n(i b-ililife tor the Htritnn ; Jl'rs'r ted to S'lnrtion intuit nhe nn-rr tlitnrfi. lj then, tiy eutintry tnunles on the unfit, i-uil up her httnneni,aud avert thy Bigot, IJuiney, 'J'Jtli Oct. 1310. eil liv lioinc e.oniiliiplinn, l liceu wa- Inline proiluceil lor sale, nuil ol such ipialily that it coin inaiuleil (when old) from 'JO to 'JSVetiN per lb. The dillereot dairy a jiarttnent were slmwn to ih, anil all information 111 re"iiri! to the nrioii pro cepe and manajrcincnt clieprfnlly (riven. The lnitlilingi appropriated to this brancli of bitsincr"i arc rather small. They were erected soon after the commence ment of the society, mid are less eimveniL'nt than iiiot of their modern structures are J it !, there fore, designed to supply their place with a new cdilice, to ho constructed on the most approved plan. Tliu several rooms fur milk, butter and cheese, arc kept with tl.c most scrupulous neat ness. .N'ota lly or any other insect, nor oven lliu least speck of ililt, could bo beio discovered. TI10 cbeeso room wai cool and airy; the win dows of which were protected by gauze screens anil the temperature kept Imv'by wetting the Iloor w Ith cold water. After the c'lire-o is prop erly cured in this room, and before the weather li:t become so cold as to make it liableto freeze, it is remmed In a room in Ih" cellarer biseiuent nf the hniiH'. Here the temperature is nearly ,1., lonce majestic anil painful to comteinpl.itc. lllliament first sanctioned Ilia formation ofa joint . : . .1 -...II.. ..r 1 1 ,1. .. t. ..p.. 1. 4.. ..,.'.... ..M t 1. it ... is the cradloof a monarchy, and (lie tomb of 11 nation ; the town in wliicli kino-s were crowned. and where they arc now buried ! tho capital nf a powerful empire, and tho powerless head ofa norrow district ;tlie lirst paeo of a heroic epoch, and tbo lat linu ol'n disastrous history. It is a monument of splendor and of nothinrifcss, Na ture adds to tbee contrasts by her freshness and brin-litness. Approac.hino;('rar(iw from War-aw, nothing meets the eje but a large green valley, fertile as the Touraine in France, and strewed with trees as in Normandy. The Vistula wa ters it, meandering amongst golden crops and at the horizon nroeen the varied lines of those great chains of mountains which spread from the I'lack Sea to the Danube. In the middleoftbis va.-t valley rise the (inline peaks of the churches of Cracow", the blackened walls of its rampaits, and the creviced towers of its caslles, tlm ne erepit works of man side by side with the eternal youth ol nature. In the interior of the town, as well as III? country which surrounds it, there is not one monument which is not illustrated by otne iinblo reminiscence ; not 11 hrnok, not the same, about 1.5 il-grccn at all time. It is ".""; ;l ",ul'' ". T " ' ' ' kept here for unv length of time, and improu's "-- - "' ' ' V ,. " " ,j, rp - 0 ' tlio sleep sitiniiiit nf the Wnwull, Craeus, the ' . .1 i 1 mi. ...n. founder of tlio Polish monarchy, constructed a JtClllltiniu tl ,llfiri;Hrt(ii. iiiu i-n.ii jui . ., - . .. , - , ntioned, (which, hf the way, is so cold that j rrtne,nn.l gave Ins name to the cily winch icehouse is eier needed,) belongs to the . ".' " , . slock enntpany to cnnslriict a rail road from this place to .Manchester, which rail road was de signed to countervail the canal monopoly in the transportation nf freight, It was only lifler the Act of Incorporation became the law of the land- in the year ISl'S, that the idea of trans porting passengers upon this railway, and thus competing w illi the stajje eoarli inon'i po'.y, came to he seriously considered nn a prospective, and feasible item of the new scheme, (ieo. Stephen son, whose name in giant letters of hard iron now covers the length 11 ml breath nf this land, was the tir-t to sugge-t the pos-ib'dity of intro ducing locomotivo engines upon the new rail way, as tho ninstpconon"'i motive power, but be found no echo aninngst bis professional brethren, who to a man opposed his evidence before Parliament, when he modestly staled bis belief that such a macbino could be made to carry freight at the into of Oh or even tittUt miles an hour, liven niter a commission ol Engineer-- had b "en appointed to seek informa tion (111 I IIS tlOltll. '-(Pi! ll'll.llll U!I1 Sfl ! tho minority, a" I publicly laio'lietl at by lily of executing; it ntnl the snlliciency of the work for its intended purpo-e when done. Careful nnVmo-t elaborate experiments were undertaken by Messrs. r.iirbiirn & lloilgkinnin men eipially eminent for their practical and scientitic knowledge oftho strength of iron n a building material and upon their joint verdict 11111. Arar tlio villaue of .Mogila, are buried tho remains of tin. heroic Wanda, the first Queen of I'nland, daughter nf Crams, beautiful a-an angel according to the old chronicles, and proud anil courageous as a valkyory. Cracow, founded by Cracns, at the ml ul the seventh century, was tlie residence ol till the commencement of tlio 17th, at me no ice house is ever needed,) belongs house of the principal or senior family. On sig. nifying our wish to see the arrangements for culinary purpn-cs, two of the females at mice accntupanietl us to the kitchen, and kindly show ed us the admirable fixture, anil explained their 1 1.1 i. 1... . ,.. ...:...... 11-c. 11 wiotiu 11-cii's- in .iiienuii .i iiiiiiiiuj i , . 1 .1 !.,,; 1 ..11 ,i. 1..1...,...,,. ..i,i ... ' kings which aio here secured. Wo have examined . ... 1 1"11-" Sm 11 1 similar departments belnnging to various large ...... 1. i:t ,..1- 1,,, 1 1.1 .. ....... ...,,r,.,.t cn,,.M!,.,wns,il.r..nrn here. nd we k-iim- n.,i 1 111 tow ii bears a ii iuipn-iog character nf age. A which must to adnii.e, the skill and ingenuity "a!l "m,s it yet, as it did hi tho time "line,,! in the ori.rinal desi-m. nr the nTeitnesS I "ll0n 11 lMi:t of Poland. '1 ho streets Idisplaved ill their use. A view of thi-beautilul-, iir0.!',,o""' t,,rll.ln'1- "d dark, like tboseofthe ..I,.".,, l,ii,.l ..,, s,,,,;,ti nnd , ,i,.t middle aco, and houseshavo lestnoned gables. .; ,..n; I.I..I, ..wMiiJiiM bnm cmdncied. I liku Augsburg or iN iireinburg. Here one sees is a sight worth seeing. The cooking torn fain .mint. Slenhen-nn was slill T,r in " "t ul '. .1. . . .l.ill liii't 'itin il (lint' ct-ifn ii I win vnt nim- ..,... ... r . n ' I.. : orhismost distinLrrii.-hed cnb.innor.iries.- 1 nr. , cmipeiei, inr ,e purposes oi railway urn-iic, Orlirlii of .Wtjro SIiiictj-. Mr. llancroft, in the first volume of his His tory of the United States, gives an accnuntol the early tralio of lluropeans in -laies. In the mid dle ugos. the Veneciuil- parchascil wliite men. christians and nllier. and sold Ibem to llie ! ac.enos in Sicily and Spain. In England, the anglo S.ixou nobility sold theirservaiitsa slaves to foreigners. The Portuguese first imported negro slaves frnm Wetern Africa into Huron,' of approval, the tubular bridge is now going on. 1 111 1 1 '-; P'1!" ff"11 ongaged in the trall.c, nnd .. 1 1 .... ... . I tii.irM uhi' i. ,il.i.ii, ..t !.. .1 .. llie stone juers oeing iii progress, anil me iron , " ......'... ... mlv .n es in mai work contracted for in pint. In conductini .kligt.nin. Alter America was discovered, the tbesoe.voeriments. the rreiitlemeti above named "I I isjuuiola were imported into Spain discovered sniuo valuable farts. They found i that it was necessary to provide a much larger amount of strength in the tubes to resi-t com pression than to resi-t tension ; that wrought and cast iron stand directly opposite to each other in Ibis particular jthat cyhndric and elliptic tubes arc far lessnble to resist weight applied horizon tally than are tubes oftho sipnre or rectangular section. Hence, adopting the latter form, and stiffening it by unking the depth of the tube nearly double Its width, fi!ll by 1 I.) and then ad ding interiorly two rows of smaller tubes above and one below, they arrived ata form capable nf ;i space nt is ttiev slate in their repoil Hilly Hid made slaves ij. Tlie Sen- iards i isil,., I cna-t of North Amerita m.d kidnai-pid then sands of the Indian', whom thv in to shivery in Kuropeiiiul tho West Indies. Coliimlius himself en! ivcd 50. native Ameri cans, and .sent them into Sj.ain, that they might lie publicly sold at Seville. The practice nfsel ling North Aineiiran Indians into foreign bond ageciMtiom'd nearly two centuries. Negro sjiuerywas lir.t introtlitcril into America bv Spanish slaveholders, who"d with their negroes, A royal edict ofSpiln anlhnrizeil ne gro slavery in Anvriea in 1.11.1. Ivnor'l'erdi. n.nul himself suit fruui Seville .1') slave to labor in lli'Mnines. In 1.11 1, tlm direct trallie in shuc lietweeu Alnc.i and I lispamaola was enjoineil by a royal ortlin.ince. 1is t,Vsis, whnlndseeii tho IndniH vanish away like dew beforotbe crti t 1 -! sumo nn one w as more iistoni-hed than liiin-elf, , , '.,,' - , . , . , , . , when a few months afterwards, hi engine, the1..., ..", . ". , ..;,'.' cities nfth,. Soaniards. sm,.ir.,1 tl,n ,.v,.,i;,.i i l,t-,.t il ........11 ; ,i , linn's in o ny i o n cues si naro anil on leei nnir , - - i , --h -s iinckcl. ran upnn the new rai iv av at t he rate , . , J ,, '.. , . ,. ., . ' that the ii"'-rn"s whr, nbm.. cm m,. nr.. .m ..e .. .ii i , . i be l' u.-ei . T be succt'ss ul is.sim ol this irreat i": 1 -'one can eniiuru seiero ni v nines .in Hour. .1111 wun anion" me vast .,, , ,, ... , . , " multitude n-vemlilcl to witness the openiii" of l'r"l'-'ct " r' ',ce ' f,tcilieniiii in the same the l,iverpoo and .Manchester Uailway, could jm"k as lclr,,nl I,nln(-'1 "vl hiiioatore. mm, vii in ii;ii:ilinil., I III' IITM SinilC III inns, inigui no stilt iiiriheremplnyed. t his was in MIS. The mistaken benevolence of Lis Casas extended the Slav e trade which bail been ....... ;..i ,..i.ii. ,..i the foundation of a mnnnpnli- whose strength t-fent liidinn 3lnsncrc Iliitrhery ofWomeii Sir Inbn it inlli it,,, iti r.ji t, and giant like proportions seem already IhwoiuII nml Cliiltlien. that eugtiL'ed in the Slave trade. ' In "ifa.l be lie reacli ot legish, ,v control. In n-2H, ns 1 1 A letter from a gentleman at Council IllnlT., tran-ported a large cargo ol Africans to Hip-iti-have said, the lritl-h P.ilinm'iit authorized the I dated nn the ITlli of Deeendinr. t Ids cnrn.s. . Inl.i. In lfi.1T , il.r nvmi;i!, ......, .i enn-truction of a railway 32 :-o miles long be- pnndent in St. Lnuis, ptulus that, on the lire- and Queen r,'iibeth nr'nterted and sbaved in , , i , , . , - , , "v . r"'"1" '" "I- , suues mai, on me giro- , iiiiu .'o -rn i, , uieiu proiccieu anil snareu i stablislie, liniise I tween this placn and .Mancheiter, which, alter, ioiis div, abindof the Oinahas were met by a , the trainc. II iwkins. in one of his expedition r,iri ml tin, on , I hn mi ..ul nn, ul tin, I ., i. n si 1' : i. . .. i . . . i . . . , . , , , .. , . i, . .... . . . at Warsaw, and until 17(11 pre.-ered the priii- j the invention of the Lncnntntiie Steam llngine hand of the Sioux, in the nei lege of crowning the sovereign of Poland. All by Ceo. Slepliennn in ISu, mm fr nlyt t,;ll :l i,ltt' ensued between them ; and Itborhn of the 1 set fire to an African city, and nut nf 8,0(10 in- Ml.. I.t t. I !..'.:! r- lly nl some three hundred persons is here done w ith less labor than i usually required for thir ty. titilet. A large pnrtii n oftho sales if the so ciety consist ul dried horns, extract- and the seeds of vegetable-. Some liltj or sixty acres of laud are devoted lutho production ol these articles. Toe amount nf sub...., or tlm net profits ol the bus iness, .ye did m,t learn. The cultivation of their herb and iegi table gardens, as well as their fields 1 by their ,'enorallv. is J he herbs tintl other ihlions. ites adorned with small columns and coverc bylines, as they are in the pleasant villages along the llliiue ; there are statues nfsaints, ami further the pnltiis of the bishop--, whoso famrs were long since courted by kings, and the old University the lirst of the old Sclavonic tniivcr sit es, after Prague. and On all sides peaked towers and gilded crosses meet the eye. There are no le-u than thirty eight churches in Cracow, all remarkable ;soine lrchitccture. others by their pious ra Thtit of Xetre Dame dates from the thirteenth centurv ; it contains thirty marble that nf St. Peter and St. Paul was reenn- I-o traveling agents over a large portion ol strucled by SigMnuud III, on the model of St. nuutry. We noticed a press used lor pre.--1 Peter at Koine, that oftho Dominicans, founded iireitfi nitiims ,iri, out no in tlio l,t niniitn.r are sold by established agents in the large cities altars and the couutrv sing herbs, which appears to possess some inipor-. in 1220, pos-esscs a double low of stalls of scnli: tttnt imprnvenipnts. It was invented b) a young J tureil oak, wrought admirably. The long pnliti nun belonging to the society,ainl uu believe he cal vicissitudes which have desolated and op h is seemed a patent for it. Wo hope he will pressed the people of Cracow have not yet cx furnish drawing-and a description of it for in-,tinguished their religious feelings. One Sunday sertion in our columns. 1 1 saw the artizans of the citv. tin p"isant" from Wo are well aware that main nf the Improve the country, with their wid.1 lilue dre-ses adorned incuts of which we have spoken cannot be so . vv ith red borders, and the women vv ith pieces of readily or adiuntagenti.-ly carried out on com- white linen, which they throw in -haul-fashion moil larms or individual e-tates, and we cannot ' over their shoulileis, tunning from church to bring llieiu forward as dc-oriing univcr-al adop- church, prostrating tbent-elves in the sipinrcs tion ; but we do think that something of the sys- j before them, and kissing tho marble lloors of the tern which i- hero observed in conducting btisi-1 naves. ness might be prolilttbly imitated by many oi -engers and Iretght tr.Uhc. in 1S;io. In the that the Sioux killed sixty of the Omaha before last sc-iott they authorized the construction i tliu cnnllicl tennin ited. "Tho followiii" p.irticu of .1000 miles ol railway; whirh added to the lars vve lind in a letter to the St. Louis Hc- exieni oi roan previously auiiioriod. and to that I publican : iiiiu. my in nieraiinn ai nils nine, inaKcs a grand total ot u.:i"U miles Since 183D, the stage coach system, the boast i of all llnglislmiensind the admiration of every loreigu traveller in this country, has b-en coin'-' pletely subverted, overturned "mid dom dished. If you wish to see a stage roach now you must go to Scotland ; lint the oiigiu il tyv has pas-etl away iur ever, formerly traveller- m itle their tour.s over the ''King's highway," in Milrndid 1 coaches drawn by four blood horses: but who ever hears am thing of the ' King'- highway" now ? No one ; it has, like the term stage coach, become nearly obsolete ; it has been voluntarily surrendered by the Parliament one strip after another to any joint stock company asking the favor, until they have got to the f i1-end. The only highway we hear of now is "King Hudson's." ' habitants succeeded in seizing 2.10. James Smith, of l!o-ton. anil Titos. Key-er, lirst brot' upon the colonies the guilt of participating in the African slave U.ide. In 101.1 they imported a cargo of negroes from Africa. Throughout Massachusetts the cry of ju-tico was r.ii-ed iignn-t them as malefactors nnd murdere "It was a cold-blnntleil butchery of women and children, in the ah-enco of all "the warriors of the village. On the night of the 12th and llitb, the letter state3, a war party of Vancton Sioux Indians defeated anil ile-troycd fourteen families of the Omaha tribe of Indians, located at the time at Wood's lilull's, situated about sixiy nines irotu mis piacc nene vievy. inn in injn n Kiiicu snip entered .tames river, and iiii u and warriors of the Oinahas had left the landed 20 negroes lor sale. This i-the epoch camp on a hunt ; and tho Sioux, sunn after they ol the inrodu'ctinii of negro slavery in Virginia, reached the camp, discovered that they only In'd for many year.- the Dutch were prinripalU'cnn women and children to contend w ith. " The ! ccrned in the slave trade in the .Market of Vir Two- ANKrrmr.s ok Powr.tss, i- ms II Tivtr.. When Powers, still a young fel low a Cincinnati, lir.-t ob;yeil the divinity That stirred within him he began statues in wax, colored and dr-sed to life. Of two of these stnlucs.wi' get two aii-cdntes, that wo will introduce without pri'ficc. One was a full length latuo of mi actor ii imoil Drake, a great favorite on the Cin cintrili boards, to the life-like lidelitvnf which he obtained a testimony scarcely less signal than hi. ii i.i in,.-1, uu- in nn- i.iinous irmj 0j- tvveen the two Grecian nainters. TI, ii. vvtis represented in tho attitude in which Dr.iko use J tnnpp'"irnti the risiii-riifthe cnri.-iin .t, alto-it to b"gina particular comic Mine, of vvblcli we Know nun- ine po'jirally harmonious title " Love mill Slis tges.' To lest the clli't't on the audience, tl o actor on one occasion submitted the Image ii his own stead. It did not lliil to br greeted with Ibe Won ted round of applause which, however, after some moments of impatient d day, became Tra dually converted into vini.-tit tokens of tiiiTci iire. wilh a hiiugati'l ho .ting wi'h which the popular artnr had never been as-ailed, wheii the audienco perceived too contemptnoils indill'erenco which he -eetnetl rxltibit to their applause, and the dogged -ilince which be seem ed ditermined to inainl iin. without even tho grateful acknowledgment of a bn ,v to the pit. The curtain fell amid a great uproar. The tu mult which succeeded, of an onpn'ite character. wneu ii ru-e again, anil i nil.leij the explana tion of the mystery, in the appearance of the ori ginal side by -ide with his r,eite anil tnetionle-s statue, may ho " better imagined than expres sed." Our next slory i as Irne, but ofa reverse or der I'owerj had mide a statue of another pub lic per-nn in Cincinnati, the proprietor of the Western .Mii-eiim, .Mr. I) irfeuille. 'i'here was a particular indii idu il well known in the circles of literature and art in Cincinnati whose n.imo we .-uppre-s, though the story wo cannot w ho had rather a ridiculous reputation, as a critic, whose vanity was etpiallcd oidv by his severity, while both were exceeded Iv tlio ignorance a lid incapacity which he brought to his vocation a woitby scion ol the f aut.iilcrn family. Tho statue being de-tined for the .Mu-riim ' (where v. l j'lesnnie, n i-.-mi in ne seen; was placed in a gla-s ca-e. Jnr critic was Ono evening invited to a clo-e inspection of it. as a work of art. 1 In tl.c guilty men were committed for the ollence, I was as ti-ttal very iiusj aring in abii-iti" the and the representatives nf the people ordered the many faults ho wa- very i harp in directing, negroes to be re-tored to their native country at It squinted abominably tho uo--e wa" most public cliirge. At the latter period there were unnaturally awry and tl.e legs were beneath both Indian and negro slave- in Massachusetts, critici-m. " The case being oncn. he hatinencd to slaughter was terrible 'evenly three were kil led, and nineteen mortally wounded. Two men made their escape one of them, Joseph Ltille che, a trader in tho employ of .Mr. Peter A. Sarpy, and at the time in the charge of a stock of goods. lie run fiom the scene of blood, bare footed, our farmers. Above all, we do not hesitate to recommend, both toliu.-b.inihneuand housewives, the Sinker.-' examples of neatne-s nnd cleanli uuss, the imitation of which wo are sure would result m the increase of comfort and li'ippino.--. ,f (Juli'uiilur. J'hri'imhiKy ns Applicable to tho Horse. .Mr. Thomas . I Lr.w is, observes, that, while reading Dr. Covini:'.-, celebrated work on Phre- ' The slave-trade. nology. his attention was uartictilarly drawn to the article on page 20.1, in relation to the horse. " It is there shown," it is said, " th it tho shape GlhC C iivni I of the brain, even in the lower animals, indi- f-a------S"'rv lltHU calc. their geo I or bad di-po-ition. Aim i.-t every one." he continues." is aware, that the value ill Shaker t'uim. j the hor.-o is very much enhanced by his b dug n . ,,, . ,, , . , I docile and trart'able. According In" the article T he present setlleinent of .shakers, or United , 1L wUl tn, when the organ ol b-nevnliuco is llretbren, ul New Lo bannn was the lirst spot on . ,rgcly developed. the animal i, nnld ami docile ; which this sect ever located, j hey commenced when it is small thovare vicious, ill-natured, and here about foity jear ago. 1 he society con- imructubl,.. 1 tbehorse, the oroan is placed in Fist- at present ol iibnul mo ,h'ios. mnre than , ,10 mil f ,i. forehead, a little above the li.iIfol whm are females. I rom suiull begin-. (.u.?. Vien this region is hollow, a horse i- m.s " ... ... .... , i,, -m,, i-,i. mvarialily vicious uml inclined to bite and Lie ing ui tins iiiuu- iiwi, ii-i-s limn seven iiiuu-auu acres of land, mo-tly lying contiguously. We spent a few hours examining; various objects con nected with this community. Their buildings nre all built in the mo-t sul. Ono day I crnseil die market place at the mo ment when a prie-t was about to take the last sacrament tn a dying tn'in ; ho walked iindora canopy held over him by at'eii hints, four soldiers Willi shouldered urn-diets e-cort.-d mm, anna young chorister vvnt in front ringing a bell. ! "At the -onitd of the bell i II the pis-ersby stnpp"d, toolioli their hats, and tiie gre iter part throw tlieni-elveson their knees. followed the pious cttr't ge as far as the hou-o which they enti red. l'he four soldiers establi-li"d themselves as sen tinels at the door, and upwards ol lOOper-ons were there, kneeling, with their hands crossed nn their hrea-ts, and praying, in a low voice, until the prii ill that tin J here certainly is something very peculiar if and arrived at lelleview with both fe-t frozen. not anomalous i.n the po-itiou of this nation, Mr. Sarpy and .Major Miller, the pre-enl agent, claiming to be the mo-t free nnd enlightened on despatched a party of men lo asccitain the tacts, earth where nearly all their great highway.- and they conlinu'ed on their return, the report and puoiic avenues ol iii'nr-ceniiiiuincation tire nt l.iileche. J hey al-o reported that live oftlte mo private propeny oi ti mere iriciiouoi me, whole population where tlio outgoings and in-! coniingsnl twenty millions ol people can b in lurther than the ground of the massacre, they a measure conlrnllcd by a hoard nt litiilway Di- fniin,! the placo where tho goods of the rectors and this will not appear an exuggera- trader bud been divided among the robbers, tion, when it is shown by returns of the It seems, adds llie letter, that fate is again-t pi-t year, that upwards of 111! millions of per- the Omaha Indians, four or live day-before sons travelled ny lailvvav in tlie twelve mnnllis 1 tins event took place, one ledge, camping tit results. 1 he operator in tlie st ition at Phil.idel- nhla. wislnn" to ritm,nmiiint Imm ll,-it .. ll.r. Sioux Indians had h.-en kll1, d, no doubt stabbed ' i!e-ign of Uncle Sam to get pos-cs.-ioii of tlie by the Oniuha snuavvs. (niing twenty miles I teiegraph is ililcated, would stand near a table approach the candle which he hold in his hand too closely tn the face of the liguie upon which, to his amazement nnd terror, he unconsciously repeated the miracle of Prometheus, eliciting from it. in tones nf very earthly and livingem-pha-is,tho exclamatio":, " 1) nil, thti'l"liiirn l.lll ) use It'l'!'' -Mr. b.irfi'tlillp. revnrsiiv tlm .vl.vr.NETtc I.ETTcr. Pr.iMtNi; former experiment, had sub-titiued bim-elf for This is one of the most ingenious pieces ol me-' the image, ami had thus cxtortul a- signal atri-clrmi-in that we h ive ever seen. It is the in- ! bate to the talent of the aili-t, as he adinini-tered viMitiou of Ilnyal 11. Ilou-e, antl has been a- a just piini-hment for the critical severities of tented in this country and in all tho princiial former occasions. llrooklvn faglc. kingdoms of f.urope." lie aiiplving it to the I ' , teb graph wires which connect this city with Philadelphia, it would prodnre the following irecediiig,throtigh various portions of the United Kingdom. If there is any ono branch of business in the hands of the J'riti-h people, better calculated than any other to show ata glance how rapidly Ctibaiiue's old trading hou-t wa- attacked by with a small In X six inches siiimronnd three in dies high upon it. On the upper surface of the box appears the letters of the alphabet, arrang ed in two circles around the centre and on tho ends of ' stop-' v. Inch may lie depressed by the finger. On the side of the box there is a s'm ill brass crank. The operator, takinir the crank A I.ivn lF.r. ioi ad i tu,.1If irt or a I'hat. In a hon-uin 1 ligh-st. Pai-ley.a peat tint had h 'en on the preini-cs some months vva,as usual in many houses, laid at the side of the lire to dry. Next morning, part of the peat being bro ken oil, the sound ofa b.e wis beard, humming most melndiou-ly. No bee could be seen near, consequently tlio n itunl c.--, In-ion was, that was in-ide ; anil so it turned out to be. The peat was tirt miniitily examined, but no crack or crevice could be seen. On bein.r bro ken carefully with a hammer through the niiddhi there was the little lively a- if Ink!. ing in the midsummer's sun. The' little bed or tomb in which it liny h ive luen clo-ed. nerbrms for ago, was little larger than its own body, but s'.antial manner, and are cnn-inicted with par ticular regard to convenience. One ol their birns is con-idered in till respects the best con In mild and good iiatiired horses, on tho contra ry, mi" pin exieu is as out a- tlie eves, or even farther. " The iliivercf a cabrioht of Neuilly, says Dr. Call, bought at a low priie.a Imrse which nobody could ti-e on account of its extreme!) bad temper ; but it wa-an excellent runner. In nie ursi ween it nil on ivyo oi mo driver .- lnn'eis lie attempted to correct war party of Avonas, commanded by the welliin one baud, b"gius to turn it, and at every known duel W Into I loud, and lourol the men round he depres-e- two letters of the word he vvoundc d, and one woman killed. I desires to cnmiuunirnle in Ni'.v York. Upon wealth has arcnmulateil in these islands, it j. public in, states that the Sacs and Osage In-, letter, that same letter is w ith unerriii" certain-' h ,11, iw 11, r , f,.Vv ',! :. .' i . ' ,l,,l,.,ils r,,l11.1 nrin ! ha i ,. recent le held emmsi I i 1 1. I 1,., n 1 U- on ,,t,.,l ,1 1, 1,1.,,'L- il, 1.. If.,.. 7. ..... . " ' ,l . ,ttt "I Continued to V" ., 1 . , ., ., , ., . - i i K- ' 1 i I i "."si.ii.-is, move ami miz ; out, til ij vears inuii um i-oiiiineiie'-iiii-iii m ine i.ui- iriiiiui, lie-inicii oi which was in iiiine ineir , ojiuii ute paper wiiieii is uraw nig out nt the I utes were nutnbt'reil way imuir. aooiu iuo minimis stoning nan ueen lorces nun niinieiice in run anii niunuer me uoiii ut me apparatus ill me statlun in tills city, cold of l),.ci,ti,l iuii ui.u iitev so invested, and the nverage rest per mile hail whit.'?, pojhly under tho impie not been le-s than J..l.1,000. .llow ing tor a re-1 can ntiiain tun irotn .Mexico, tliiction of cost in the ru ids yet to ho construct-1 The Osago and Creeks are also about coin ed, for which sanction ha-been obtained, and.mcncing ho:tillities. placing the average per iitilo nf these at i-illO. t mine nut. When we remember UuU when coiupiueu me umotini 01 private pro- e nnor m m 'e b.-iv e suiTend. it is 1 lertv inv ested in railwav-will nut bo lar short .1 gratifying to think, that, in tho midst nf their ulierings, they have preserved the piety which coii-olcs tho heart, and the faith which strength ens it. In tho which Inoks down upon the distant plain, rises llie old ctv-tie nl liieir Kings, rebuilt by t asimer tho liretit, enriched by his successors, nnd ib-v-atted by tho Aiistrians. In ascending the stair ciscs, and tiaversing the galleries of the ca-tle, we find no traces lelt of the ornaments describ ed in such i? owiii'' terms of adunr.ition by the ! of three hundred millions of pounds sterling. I IIC 1 OIITIAE OF AN' AlTREXTlrrj, Judge Martin, who died in New Oilcan at the ago of S.I, left his liunij in .Marseilles whiloa lad, with UK) Irancs in ininey jCSO. After rambling about the West Indies, he arrived fiiemlless in uinu t ,i,v, . in . .,,! one ol Ills ears. ii is nun ,r. . .in. -." , ieei mug, n iv t),L. elU )V r..oti!,Ie.l blows, but these only reu leei wi n-, .uhi ii-ciiiigii in iuo wan-. , ,.,, the animal nmrn vicious. II,. H, r,.sU- ed to try tho ell'ects of gentle trealment, and tin It consists of three stories. The basement is devoted to the stock an 1 tho storage nf vegeta bles in winter, the soc-nntl and third lo hay and grain. Tho main entrance (or produce is in the third story, which, from tho barn being on the sido ofa hill, is nearly level with the ground. A Iloor runs lengthwi-o through the barn, on thi Ftory, and the buy and other at Heirs tiro pitched downward into the b iv on each .-ide. Tho ban succeeded to a certain extent. 1 hu organ in uue-lioti was very smill in this animal ; and tliu same conform ition will bo found in all horsus which require to be muzzled to prevent them irom lining.'- Tho construction of such exten-ive lines nf road has given an a-toni-hing impul-e to the mechanic tuts throughout I he Kingdom, beside ..IK I..,.. ...-I. Inn... . kl-,,,.t,ir.l. ,lf Cll.'lt (IIIIIT. . ., ., , . , , , t.llllll- IIIWI lAiriLIILV r . . ,.v .... v . ... . centre of the city, upon a high rock I . nt to be met with in any other nart of tho world. I In entering a town here, you rush in over the I chimney lop-, upon lolly viaducts, or you pa-s Inueath" through the bowels ofa mountain. .Na ture present- no ob-tacles that art enli-ted in the cause of railways has not overcome, and limy. 1 -i... 1 1 . .i. e. .u. ........ -;. . ; ..r ... ... eei iiii.ii ii.iuii-inn iuimiu ,!,,,.. i .... ,1, ... I....I it... i . l in,,- , ii- in.- n.iii iiil-ii ii'"i-iuet. du'v evpeti-e- were only so imposing an appearance, ttini iuo recollec- - , . . r .' .was lec iving live imui lions in Us lonner liornic dwellers, have given, ii,.,p ii ,,,t ii,n Tlnmes b-is b .eti J""i-', !l"t urgt prohts timn in- hn stamped on it a character ol sublimity. Tins ...,i. i ., ir.,.i,i' ..i,,r -md -nil i- in nun. m-leail ol castle lias seen si pow-ernii uyn i-nes pass no- ,. .., ,.,!,,. ,t, .,, ki,.ir,. - ":ul i"u,uuu, iie.ilh its vaulted rnnfs. Il has seen one nf our , '. i... princes seated on the throne of tho Jagellon ami two I rencli women, .viarie do lioiizagite and .Marie d'Arquien, wear the sceptre of the crown of Poland. The descend mts of the (ireat (.'iistavus Va:i receiwil there tho con- s gns o, rnyaniy, inc . .no oe-c, .,,,,, m n.e , - , H,luli,i has never .lectors ol Saxony ; then tl e nob e .Stani-laus ,CLM11tai0,1 f one may say. although thou- Lesezynskm, who-e ... Miiory I, s ,1 ble.,l ,1 ..foersous are daily earned over the-e one i our pinviuce- -, .inn ini.ui, .lie lover . I , ,,. u. ,,' . ,. ..,-,. Su ,, .., poor inset t. it- min. It awoke to feel the chilly ju.-t at the moment it was i ".roaming ot sun-lune and (lowers ;so it ceased 77; nr.SHlS OT I'XCIJ: .V.l.lf TO its untimely song, and died. Tho bady oftho lil'.T l'(JNSi:sS10 or Till: Ti:- 'ee is kept as a memento of the occuirciicc. hiuniM'u is nr.rr.ATr.n. dew i jjuytr. The rapidity with which these letters are printed i- a- la-t as the operator in Philadelphia ! for tlie Journal of Commerce. "A Son'Tios Tbo following i- from a com munic.ithm in ibe Southern Standard, written bv IL'verlv Tucker: 'Now, Ibe most rational ac count 1 ever heard of the mark S i- this: The Straits of (iihrultar, called of old ' the pillars of were also then called the rv um ultra can depress them with his linger. An inperiene ed per'oti li-is printed with this apparatus at tho rale nf one hunilreil anil cightv letters per mi- v..r,t. r'..P..i.,... .. ...I ,.. , . "tn-. mi.- iMiiniiig is uoue vviiti unerring enr- himself to a printer. After three' ser- i " 7. i, . '" m-e une nnd there Umn, . ii uu tn i ii v inr nnv nitui-ik-n iiitfit-u tim n i ... ... - - wee, he became a journev man, and in a few .,,,r..trir 1iliri.s,.s H. ,.-r.,.V In,. II., ... "! won"' blmn li-ned her discoveries to ye - b main out hi- employer. Sometime alter- " L " " 'j", ., V,. '"1 K 7" T,1, '"""inent, and vvl.en she carried home tho ward he caino to Louisia,",,, and linallv, after ! ,' ,t? 1 1 Oel I'Z ili U "';allt' ,"'" " ""ied her enterprise, she coined studying law, he was ,-,,a judge (' ,1,, S. ! " flh , " ' V- ? J"? it into dollar-, and stamped the.,, vv ith a trium- prome i-otiit. lulo lioldiug Ibis olhce, ho be-' ,ic .rii,., ..... ,rl ,,' ,1,, '.',, ",.;, 1 11 ul'"um ,u llor -a'lt arhievoment. l'he piuar- u iey near tire the ptliars'nl Hercules, and travellers ol (he seventeenth century ; but its m appearance, .md tho recollec- . t. t.. .I.t I I'.. 11 nn.ihlr ..j ,-..t . . . , . . , , . , . , . . ,, . . m i v III' III mis ii mi luiiuii ui t , in., . ,v , . . unci; wans, ,ls nm towers, wiiicn sun gave it s . . , . ,, , . j uiiii uiuiu nece-sary .- vve nave ninmeu cime naitner in a brick-van!. At tin end of .,.. , ... Ui..-,.,, Ids i.-.n f..,i .,,,1 :. . ., .. , . i "I'i" '.LU lu "u 'ween auiie sUtion in tin- city. tvv eioy U-! r s 1 '"I" A1' ' W to the eye nveinlm". i twenty, vecen .. llo,;l ,., .i;.. ,,., , , , sand dollars sa ary as ,nf,s h a M ,.j . . ... , , k vard l.,it ltd niiirit i'n never be imnirent to t be I ! ... ...iti.,.1.. 1 tl... .1.,. t.m rd !l- iirliri nfi Inr !- ' fairly carried out, and its ti-c- as a common Ihnriiughfaro uro fully established. Siuco that I work was coinmenct'd, them have been many ' others involving dillicullies of construction of a I'l.n l.n.t -, ,1 I-. ,.-1 .1 I. .1 il! !.. ' VCTV WOlIiS ill UlO T-W Ot ..... 1 , i.i.ii ...iiiinii uml mil iij .11 illltl, i in, I jlllliri'.S- l , 11 I II Til II I. .Ml IV II I I IS 111 IT Willi . . . . .. . . t i-,.lim... -,!, , ... i...i. .....i i, i.,..r,. iv. .i i... ..r . ..i i ... ..... .....i i e. i hucli are iii inv ol tl.e railway viaducts, eniiianl; ,, . . - , , ii. ri .v. i. ..... vi .in., iiHiiiiiiiii .1 iiiw.-u ii i kii s iii-iiuur, w nn iii'i-lt irinuiiai ies-- . .i . i isc'ipauieoicoiii'iiiiii nf hugs lard, wheat llnur , tiv ities. whicli attracted the attention of llie and black lead (plumbago.) 'l'he lard is to be ' wholo of Ilurope. Tho ca-tln has been de.-poil-mi-lted over a gentle lire, and the other ingre-1 t.,l (,f it., wealth, ami robbed of the crown oftho dient -canal in weight may ha added, till lliul kings, preserving only their tombs. There re composition is brought tn a cou-i.-tency of com-1 po-onll those vvho.-e hearts once beat high he lium paste, without rai-ing I ho heat near the j.eath the robes of royalty ; under that seiiul- Ihat imminent. .. I....... ;.. ... i. . : . .i , , . ., 100 francs, original capital, ZZLTS ', was a pour rich m-iii, ' -,,, ,..i....i. " i prudiiced, wo -e no re.i-oti why it shuuld not be at once adopted by all our magnetic line-, ami thus set a.-idu tho pro-cut syslem, which people in the o.intrv denominate'" Hieroglyphics. .V. V. ;,e. I',l. lie may havo been considerru ptrsiinonioits but nnllions would not hivu nnluced him to swerve from the strict line of integrity and duty. See what stability will achieve. 'The following i his Will : " 1 in-titute my brother, Paul ltirtholemy Martin, heir to the whole e.-tate, real and ht si ual, and my te-taui.'nt.iry eveeutor and de. tainer ol my estate. In ca'-o of his death, ab sence, or debility, I name inv friend and col league and it is so disposed that scarcely any of it has lobe raised higher than the wagon from which it is thrown. Only two .mud- are nece-sary to unload ono to pitch oil", and ono to keep'the mow level, thus saving a great amount of labor, compared with what is required in barns of coin innn construction. The apartments for tho cattle aro complete. Thu walls, which aro of very solid stone-work, aro plastered, and though cool ill summer, vve should siipK)-o they Would be so warm in winter that no fro-t would bo found there ; windows in each side permit free, ventilation. 'l'he fodder is thrown into racks for tho stock from tho "feeding Iloor"' in tlio second story. In front of the racks aro mangers to catch any straws that dmii from tho racks, nstho fodder is pulled out by the alii mils. An onon snico Is left between tho racks and mangers, which allows tho animals ready access to fresh air, prevents the nay in iuo rao from.being mido tin palatable by their breath, and hulling point. One trial ot this paste will satisfy chral stone lies tho entire hi-tory of live ecu any ol its superior utility. llAKn.VI'.ni's TilHATMIAT OF A JkW, I'i I I.WO vki:. A (I'eiman Jew, with a wife, and child, was recently banished fruin I la. .over simply he. cause, having led a wandering life, ho could nut naiim his country. Hu was sent into seven luries, snmetimes fatal in its aspects, often sub lime. There uro tho monuments of llolela, of Casinier tho (ireat, of Stephen Il.ilori, of the valiant John the Second; and there thu chapel of the Sigi-miinds, still shining wilh a lu-lro duo to the piety of their successors, and to tho liands of a skillul sciilptnr. lutho vaults platform with a gentle lope, which renders n easier to keep Iheni clean and dry. Tho cows are tied with chiius around tho neck, and are always milked in their stalls, summer and win ter. They am milked exactly at fixed times. So punctual aro tho attendants to this, that a clock is kept in the apartment, and thohoril-man told us at what moment thu cows would ho in their places. The b-iruyaril is so contrived that noun of the manure is wasted. It is kept littered with straw and btich waFtu matters ns can be procured, and neighboring states, on, I as Irequently sent back, , beneath are llie rem lins of the heroes to whom and on each ncci-inn ho received a severe Hog- Poland vowed an eternal sentiment of love and ging for having involuntarily broken the laws, i veli'-ration, I .ed by u sacristan into the crvpt, At length, through the intervention of a huniaiiu by tho light of a trembling lamp, 1 read oil a lawyer, ho was transmitted to America. black saicnphagii- tho n i.iio of Sobieshi, on an- other that of Kosciusko, on u third that ofa CiiiMr. Mi-.Tlion of Mt.M'lM; ( iuna I alio .()l,,tow.i, glorious assemblage of thieu im- ii piece in iiiui gias-, ,-,, ,,.,,,. r,.n-i, ,,orishuble names, srpirutcd by time and re- " united in the tomb, the last treasures of a iieo- oin whom everything has. been taken away. royal castles of lite .lagclluns and oftho now only an Austrian barrack, l liu University, hut a short time since one of the giveii room also to blip in boxes, when it is wih-1 and grind it well with the whitoof an egg. It ulml.u ed to feed wilh slops or roots. Tho man who joins China without riveting;, so that no art can i ., f1(llll had charge of the stock said ho could feed and break it ill tho same place. You are In observe i , take cure of a hundred animals in Ibis barn with jthat tlm composition is lobe ground extremely I .,. ; less labor than hu could inauago twenty in any t line mi a painter's stoic. other barn ho ever saw. 1 ho cattle stand on a i - - - ri,di,-t in I'.iiroiu,. unle nnii.iliis about -..imiii. j The liirl.nglnii iiazeuo piiini-ncs me :a-,, ,: , '- ,i ti i e.,r ,.i r u.r Il.tMt 'ri,,. 1 students, J hu town ot Cracow, which former S SZSliul, Juuf i 'y .OthOOO inhabitants is now reduc- rosm d it until tholay of hi- death. Alter '-M- '"; the height., (the terrace t.r nt event tbo receipt wai found hid away int. !. are to Ik- seen at three nam. of the hor ii ii i vi i " " ;. u . 7 uM , ir... izon, thrco gigantic, tuinuli, similar tiilhnsu near J. I lbs! brown r, 2. ilt pet re, 1-2 oz. ' "H, "f nieiils and tunnel The boldest idea yet started by any living P.ngiuoer, is that of Hubert Stophcnson,"novv en gaged upon tho construction oftho Chester and lloly head Uailway, vv ho propo-cs and is now executing a tubular iron bridge over the .Mcnai Straits, (to connect the shores of Caernarvon, shire with tlie i-laudof Anglesea a feataccom pli-hed previously by Telford, but on llie old and well tested plan of snspen-ion bridges.) Mr. Ste phenson's project is ono purely original, and id gigantic proirtions. Ilo proposes lo construct tl tubular hridgn of plato iron 1 inch thick the plates to bo riveted together in tho form of a rectangular tube oriiinnei, navinga cross sec- tion 1 I by 2(i feet outside iiieasurmeut, and loex- tend over tlio .straits in iitreo sians ol loo leet each. Two lolly piers will bo erected in the water in support the central span, at a stilHcient height over tho channel to allow the largest das- of shipping to pass free, without striking their royal mist heads, i hero aro to bo two ol tlie; len ing free tran-it of tlons at the samo time, rach tube for tho paago of a train is 1 1 by 17 feet, leaving nine feet of vertical dimensions given almvo to bo accounted for. This is im propriated to the purpo-o of reudeiing tho tube f.ATlsc, by the C.viii) A green 'tin from Or ange coitiitv determined to spend a few weeks in New York, fur the iiurpo-u of -eetngall the sights i , , . - nun 111 uiuei in su iim' in.-iii-iiiiaiiii.tiices 111 iioiue l.dw.ird Sniioti, my te-tamonturv exe- ...;,i t i.,.. .1 .... . ...n: .1 1... .,, II. ,. .. llllllil Hi" HI llll.ll. Illl-IL-.U .-SU SI S ,U ulu and detainer ot my estate. New Orleans ' took ,,5 ut 10 A.t; , this tvv enty-Jirst day of .May. eighteen liundrcd V,en he wa- u-hrrod into dinner the first day, and fourty-four. I . . .MAKTIN. , ho was surprised at tlio number ol people who . j sit down, as well as the vastness ol the dining Am;si:u hums.-Wo have, and : r"i"' "V V" C'V' ""P""?. a tj'' unfortunate baud ef bully Ireatcd einiorants h-;lcl',"m" il l'rl"tL,J account of his dinner be They are portions of the .Via- Xationf o( New l,,ro Iu'n- 'V"1 .' ':lt..lMrl. ul,c'' V, 1,0 u, York. They were sent hero by Cnvernment, 1 a,,ril,,'rl . 'f ,1,r,.T l'e "'s.'l.""0',""1' according to treaty stipulations. Their treat' I SV-""' llC m"il ""V ""!!""," n.-M.t, sullering atid condition cannot l. des """j" " 'll ,lmt !" atlarked the cribed. I havo said thev were from New York. I0;"1 "f l' '!' 1 Wl"' v'"or tl,Jw"." f " a' I'l.rt.. i.r,,.,,.t.t i.Z. 1... .1... 1 1 fie could-Uutnoi-noiiraniottia&UuJ. Ju-tttlit'ii ' ' ' l'l' l"IH IIIIU IM HIV Mil VI (I U It'll I .1 .1 . I in June U.l, but wilh pV..,,.i-es that money , ''? sr";'!11'1'"' '' rir-',lt I't"!') "alter to should ho n litl them on the r arrival here, lie ''"? s0", V1". P's'.-vluc I our Iriend heard, across them n twined ti lillet marked wilh 'ho beaittilnl words '.his u!tni.' farther jet: Tho two .straight lines are supposed in represent these pillars, und the line that waves uem-- them stands tor t ie ('diet ; and thus (be mark $ i but a rudo pictuieol Ibis paitofthe impassion." This sound- very well, but i- not correct. Tho oiigiu of the sien I-a- follow-: The Spani-h word for dollar is "peso ;" in the plural, ''pesos." In old Spanish account- the wind is written in full, and placed lul'oie the numerals. Then wo lind it abbreviated into P's. Afterwards wo lind tho small p used, and the letter s (diced on the lower part of the p. Next, that tho curved urtut me letter p i- omitted, 'vluch L-ives the present dollar sign Q,. The use of two loiur trokes 111 the sign 1- modern in its 11-e. Thin the sign rj i an equivalent for the word ''Pe-os." A. 1 , .our. Cum. tho tieatv, they were to have houses, field mills, churches, schoul-hou-es, and other com forts erected for and extended to them. Hut up to this time they have not leeeived a dollar of in mey, lior has a cabin, tn say nothing; of a Imu-o, been erected. No churches nor school house havo been prepared, nor his a field been . opened. The consequences are easily told. Of so tubes laid paralled so each other, tl.e entire! ,10 w,olu number, mure than one half hue h-ai gth of each being 1 iM feel, and thus allow. amsitnuJ tn their imUherrarih while tboe w ho iuo trains 111 opposite direc-i -enum tiro boino down by sicki.ess ne. 1 he clear sp ice lelt in 1 0f so many friends. .S';.' Louis He and tl.e lo- puOlictin. HccALt. of (!kn. Taylor. It is confidently stated, Ii,' tho.-o who-o position gives them tin sulliciently still' to bear its own weight and that opportunity of knowing what is going on in of. of the train, by dividing 11 by 1 1 feet of tho up-, licial quarters, that (ion. Tavlur has been recal- pe.irl ash, 1 gallons of water. Iloil altogether und god 1. isjtho picklowell. When cold, put it on the ':'- ' meat, to remain in 8 weeks-beef :i ''T'1' weeks. Tho abovy is for 100 lb-, weight. owol.i wlu .Y. .. Stiitiii'l, liuavian nods. Tho liist of "racus ; tlio second 'lighter, and the lb-, weight. loveofawliole, is coiiscc I per pnrtiniiol'tho tulio into 8 smaller tubes ar-, led from tho tield of in Mexico, that he ranged in two horizontal rows, to resist coin I will retire on the arrival of (len, Scott at head :i tlie tlireo hcati.! ,ires..ioii, and the lower portion or ro.1dvv.1y of quarters, and that ho has been ordered to Wash these contains tio,t10, n ,y ifuei,is divided into I similar im-toii, immediately 011 his return to tho United that of and... .,,,..11 ..,,1., . ...!.... mi... , 1 ni. r.. 1:... 1 : .... . .. . , .. . -ipiioi. i.i.'v-i 11. tu-i.i iin.Kiii, inuiivo gr.iiiu oiairs. 1 tu-v j;u n, ,ai u- m piLuici 111s arrival lie tliird, raiseit ny tho tu,s c(lt t,0 separate roadways for each here by tho middle of Pebr.i iry. for our conn rated totbo nicmury uf lr!l'm of cars, aro to ho bolted tngether side by ' try's sake, wo liopo that Iheso givings out will I side to re-t-t lateral pressure from the heavy prove untrue, H aflnnpttm 1 ountuin. and instantly referred to thu li-t tu see wheio it was. 'What !" exclaimed ho with astonishment, turn ing to his neighbor "drr j,iui , lh, ,vuu dtucn th re I Why, I hureimlii go 1,1 rMst be-jaitJ I .( already us if I lalj burst ," Kr.NTr.MF. ton KonmxG tub U. S. .Mail. This morning, at the opening of the U, S. District Court, Judge ii.tts called up William 11. Win ner Inr sentence. The pri-nner was arraigned yesterday on two indictment for robbing the I'. S. mail at Port Jervi, in this Slate, where he was clerk under the pnstuii-ter, and ho pleaded uiuiiy minor i i 1 iniiicimeuts. 1 lis honor, ill 11 very feeling address, adjudged him to he impri suned for twenty years, that hidng tbe lowest tK'ti-ilty ten years for each ollence allowed by the laws nflho United States, Tho convict was immediately taken into custody fur the per pose ol being tran-inittcd to Sing Sing, lie is only 21 vears old. and his family is amnnir the olilont and most resiH'Ctable in that part ol the Stale, his nncustry having distinguished them selves 111 tlio revolutionary war. Aer 1 vrk (iti:rttc. Strength tf Cn, il The best mode of estima ting the strength ofa curd of heiup, is tn uml tiply by 200 the square of its number of inches ill girtn, and the product will express in rounds the practical strain it may safely bo loaded wilh. 1 or cables, multiply bv 120 Instead of 200. The ultimate strain is probably double this, Tor the titiuu-t strength that ri cord will Unrlndbro it breaks, n good e-tiinate will be formed by ta king ono tilth of the square of the girth of' tlio cord to express the tons it will carry. This Is alaiut double tho rule for the practice" ju.-t given above, and is, even for an ulterior measure, too great Iur turred cordage, which is alvv.iv weaker thill white. Ill cables, the strength when twis ted, is to the strength vv hen the lihres are aral lei as about three lo four V. 1'. .1erAiiii'c. TitF. Iinviit Sm.LL Kktmifhim:. Since tho 18th of Decomlier 28,(i It) shells have been des patched from the tireeubu-h Depot, by rail road, to New York Theo shell, when they leave the depot, have cost the inv eminent 1187 l-'J each, nuking tiie stun ofg.U0.3Tl (3. Thi- is a inero drop in the bucket" of the .Mexican War expenses (nnd all to bo thrown away.) .Ubantj .irni'iiif Journal. Svi.r of the N'avv l'r.ins. Tho prizobrig PI) mouth, together with her cargo.and th9chr. KfTelegrafo, were yesterday sold by the U. S. marshal," by public, 'miction, pursuant to tho de cree of the U. S. district court, rendered a few vy. rks.iuce. Tho bring wa knocked down at ,S3jjJ ; tho cargo, coifi'ling of 870 half bales of cotton, was sold 1!0 at 0 1-i! c. jierpmnd. and -17ii at ! 5-lc. The schooner, the cargo of I..w 1 t lipen niliiiili,!. broliellt. S.U05. ' A". ". lMla,Jin. 10.

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