Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 5, 1847 Page 2
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V BURLINGTON FREK PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 5, 1847. ntrin.iMnox, vt. rnnuY Mo!:MNo,n:iutL'AKv:, lsir. In the uvuk ami Ti:ouni.r.l MiilirTMAT t vrns v, Tiir.iu; ts m St vii Ar.ovr. tub tinnizyx TolllVE IN A Ot.EAM III- LtllltT, EXCEl'TIMI Till: tSTEt.t.tllF.NT, I'ATUtllTtO Wlllli 1'AliTV" III' THE UxiTF.n SrATl'.s." Daniel W'ehfler. The I'ltcniocriitlc" policy or doing Mil tlutt good nmy conic. Tlio Stntlmlivvl I) nvKral publishes, from tlic N. Y. Juiini'il if Comm'iv, a tetter from llic Hcv. Y:ilter Collon Inquire, a fort of non-des-cript Justice or tlin Peace in California, under tho reign of his Serene Highness Coninuidore Stockton who not lung ago formally annexed that favored country tn tttl - Union,. mil proclaim' cil himself ( Inventor, Captain CrcticralCoininaiid or-iu-Chiof, and every thing else short of Km peror, therein. Tlio reverend .lii-tice-of-tho Peace's letter is well enough, giving an account ofhi I'leftion to that responsible post "by the suffrages ol'lhe people," in the most approved re pulilicau stylo, ami expressing the opinioirthat, i-ince his aforesaid election as a Justice of the I'eacc, (or Alc.ihle). "the misses" (the true 'democratic" phraseology) "are thoroughly with lis and right gi. nl to ge'rid of Mexican rule. Had it been otherwise," say Mr Cullon w itli j inimitable simplicity, '!ey u-imhl iicic hate elected me ".' The correctness nf -uch a process of reasoning it is not for us to dispute. The reverend .Magistrate thinks California should never bo surrendered to Mexico again, hut in toad, ho says, ''let Congress annex her to the Union as a territory, and c-t.iblMiachil govern ment." II Congress suppose they can do the thing any stronger than Commodore .Stockton has ilono it already they will probably find them selves mistaken. Our military and nival olli cers have got "the knack'' of annexation to a charm. lint, as wc have remarked, this letter ol the Rev. Inquire Cnlton is well enough, though it is )iorhais tinctured witli a spice of tlio carnal cm ings of conquest that is moro appropriate to the political than the spiritual calling of its author. However, this is no special concern of our. Our present object, in noticing the letter at all, is to call attention ton sample or two of tlio philo sophical reflections with which the Sentinel in troduces it to its readers. These aro in every rc-pect woithy the reputation that our friend has already attained by means of hi-, profound dis quisitions on the inevitable "destiny" of the Spanish American race "who aro to di-appoir be fore the Anglo Swnn as the Indians did be fore their own ancestors." Mr. Colton says, among other things, that ho "einpannelcd the first jury that ever sat in Cali fornia," whereat the Sentinel indulges in the fol lowing hurst of feeling : "Only think (') that llic trial by jury is unknown to them in this p irticiilur llii-y nrehnt so enlightened as the sjnvous were in the time of Alircd, inoic than t00 years ago." The Sentinel having thus "broken ground" proceeds as follows: "Who that carefully enntrmn'ntes th detracted, de graded conuitiuu ol me .ntion ; the violence, tyranny ami haughty dictation ol priests ami iles. p its, the iguuinut.s.nv ish an I almost hopeless degrada non ot'the bruti-h misses, the hiirh-iii-iu ol her nrin ncrs, tlie iuhuinanity of tier nitional law, tlie iii"T,'rc products ot her ter tile soil, the ninn-i run-sslem, which. uniler tlie sacred Inlne ol tL'!t,onu, cru-hcs ihe body o the uil-l,.'lll.l wen uigu itii'iiiiu it'':, tuc s0iu ny uij mg up all its noblest impulses nu I iinteii'iluiugits siililim est aspinitioiis who can doubt th , our uiva-inn will be the dawning nt a mure prupitiuiu day upon (his much abused people I" And this is the .Sentinel's description of the character and condition of tho people again-t whom it desires to see arrayed the wh de naval and military power of this vast Union! Hut when wo poor Whigs venture to suggest that neither ju-ticc, nor true magnanimity, nor self- defence, nor national pride, dent m led that our armies should im5tliismi-eiab!- sh ulow of republic, and thrust upon its unhappy citizen ground to the earth by domestic oppres-ion, the unhallowed civilization and liberty that Vai: confers, the tune is changed ! Then, Mexico j becomes the Kxm.A mi of 181U anil the Whig-I are branded as federalists I What troublesome inconsistencies this thirst for fine writing expos es us to ! But hear the Sentinel onco more. Another apocalyptic vision touching the 'destiny' of Mex ico is thus unfolded: Her tyrants must he humbled her people must lie mi l t r.-abiJ t'i'ir heavvn-hniu hiiili-rightspoliti- cally nnd religion-!) h.-rol-l hnl iis nj thought rind wnysnf action iiiu-t l" hrok"n up a new tone inu-t be given to th" mauls of her penpU rm I u betn-r diree lion to their energies. Will not our invasion do it I ('an the Mexican people f'ul to be ei'ii-cious of our vast superiority I Will they not b.- led to romp-ire iheiusiuvrs as iney run oe wiri uiey iriuy tire f The TeMis nty. Our readers will remeinhcr thai, among other pecinl benefits that were to result to this nation in consequence of the annexation to It of tlio lie- public of Texas, the augmentation of our .rtiw Hirr by the addition of tlio vessels of war con- titutiiiL't he Texan N'avv. was uarticn arlv in sisted on. It was a cunniiu'doi ici of thee pro-, to Ho-ton, or that our correspntiilent cared liimii lavery annexationists, and -.peculator in Texas . about the matter, wo would not say a discourag- scrip. for it was an appeal to a well-known feel-, ' """"l U.lmt let things tauo tneir own ' ' . I .1 ...1. .1 l!l...t.. ing or prido and attachment which the Amen- course. iiu as we uiiuh ii more iii.ui a) can l'eoplo feel fortius arm of the National I).- that of such a road "the bother would more than fence. Our N'avv has alwavs been a pel with counterbalance the bcnelit, and as we lieltevo the people, and gallantly ha"? it won its way to tho public as well as private good is always best this distinction. Am" anneal, therefore, from subserved by aiming as near as practicable at howeversuspiciiuisa source, in its behalf,orauy tho truth of things, wc shall take the liberty to project that should promise to add to its strength say a few words about this scheme of bridging ijike (.lianipl.iin. ous days of interruption of business communica tion between the two shores of the Lake, In any one year, would be permitted. Necessity and cnteiirise are tho mothers of a great many in ventions, and among others of .no for ploughing through icy barriers, which might bo easily .. .1 ...! .1 - '.,..!.! .in t.r'itbur ! , . , , , ... n , , t iioapieu oi overcoiue lllcilllllciiiiiL's in n-i.(i'..."h u.iu ,,.,..;; ...... ..i;,. , , , . - I,.,.llr I.llkn lllir ll!T llrlilRlilit Hie Wo like the communication of "a plain blunt Islander" which we publish below, and shall bo glad to hear from hlmagain. Ho write-in good temper, and ifwo really thought it would bo of. anv medal benelit In the Islands to have a rail Tin: for the Tree 1'rcM. l'A IIJI. ' The llnllnwl Unuil has been let in part, at both ends, (hj miles ill all,) for atrille less than imtlilun eouipaialivcly speaking. We nre Inclined to think that line which can be built at tin; prices indicated, wilt butt no one but the stockholders. Wo presume liow- "f"11" .u..j...s ""''., , 1.. ... ... l..,.', 1,1, expenditure", iiimer tne present nrninneineni ; mey nijut mj- i-mm mm w wiW.-.u. tlie view ot going bacK to l lie i nriu in my iiiire' Mr. IMitor, I look for tins luniliiiR the firt thing on oiieninir the l'reo l'res, and when I find it, " All Cold. seem to have been bidding tor stock -subscriptions moie tlinu lor a tub. The policy id the liiilhmd Lo. isald to There niu a great many cold things in this: world, but in our poor judgement the cotdril ItAhig thing, when the mercury i at zero, in a man with a long, shiny, hard, eamlct surtout. Three inches thickness of mircr-wadding the entire winter season, Hut wo are writing more on this topic than wo propnci! to do in tlie beginning. Having here tofore stated our opinion to be, however, thai the project of bridging our Lake is "simply iui praclible,"vo have deemed it our duty to state, in justico to ourselves, the reasons for that opin- svvcetcr llower in the nut wneu i iiiiu II not, l ion e i lo iirc-iuuiM- im-.--.i-.-, , and set it down that 1 am cheated save in the IJdl- docs'nt mend the matter. torlnls. lliere I e.voeet the 11 aiiiil run nuii and no .... ...i, it i. .t. ;... i..! i... .,. i. i. There is not a l.nsi. .ii,.r the A rrr.r-i .1 1 1 n - in tour selections That ' whole collection of that fanciful lioct and fan- would be quite unpopular with the farmers. The clful man, I.ntutl IltrxT, than tho following. Tree I'icss. has been and is the farmers friend under It has been a hundred times published in the both administrations, the old nnd new. It conies to' n.i.. l, .... r , nnrinliriN of tlio diy, . II JULIIIlj l-"l llll.l.-. V. l..W'-.. or elliciency, as these wily operators on patriot ic impulses well 1. 1 o v, would have a strong ten dency to disarm or silence opposition. J l.o Texan Ships of War were represented as valua ble, nnd in no respect inferior in their properties and appointments to any naval force of equal magnitude on the seas. Wo take no special exception to the remarks of our correspondent about Hurlington. Il'rho was a good deal less enterprising and careful of her interests than she is, wo should have little fear of her rapidly increasing prosperity she is where circumstances would uinvoidtbly do for I , . . . , I .1 c In duo time Texas became bono ototirbone- er, wn.u emerpnso atm energy nave oouo .or Slaves, Navv. Armv. hcmlock-slab-Custom . """' otlll!r I'111""- She is practically at tho llouses,anilull.tosav nothing of lis public lands. 1 beginning and ending or large l.u,ness transac public debt, or conveniently undefined western boundary ! I'he promised ble ings and advan tages wore ours, Hut mark the sequel I The Texan N'avv vn cmuli mnal, if wo remember rightly, as worthless. At any rate wo don't be lieve there in Cuptain's gigofit ' annexed " to our N'avv. lint, in lieu thereof, these fortunate United States have been politely presented with a sort of cuVtcil to the principal blessings alluded to, in the shape of an unliquidated account nf Messrs. D.ivis of Haltimore, and Whitney it Schott ef Philadelphia against the whiloino lie public of Texas of over a million of dollars, fur tions,nnd tho "borders nf her phylacteries" must be enlarged whether eho lends a helping hand or not. Our correspondent may, thcrcfoie, have his joke at her expense whenever ho chooses. "lie laughs be-t who wins," ami Hurlington can all'otd to endure the wit of those who deny her advantages, when she perceives llic results which those advantages must inevitably secure for her. Hut says our correspondent, in order that Hur lington may bo )irospeted,"Hostou must forget her own intere-ts, and discommode lier-ell'va-tly she must dig through your our mountain banks, anil consent to an annual sabbath of nt least nnr mnnlh for iier cars to rest, or, what mtess nenin. for it refuses to ttublisli our Horticultural i . ,i.. .1.- ,, inithm'itetlltl !'?u' tho'inht that this pirt of the load would be built I 0jri.s j,t(1 0f premiums and nil that Ami if that . . 't,. 7o the rood Ib'n Ad- it tlie ennont inti'iests in that section eould be bar- . . ' ' .,,, , . , 1 mistnUen in Ins first reply to tlie goon jm.ii lnoiu.ed. iisili,thelllaek liivcrund Williams' liiver nr " not as bad a, Old Ilunkcrism I cant spell ( tiuililhi'' tlth urn Tixnn .Xuui! Mr. Clayton has presented intho Senate the petition of these W0,,,J be -5til1 w'"0' Vi,i,l,.v ,,rc;,l; gentlemen claiming thatour Oovernnieut should , thc lon-' c-tal.Ii-I.cil habits of old iike Cl.ii.n 'nn,..l,n, inri t. ibm- l,il. r..r T..v,.s. ' l'1ai''- Not so, my unliable friend ! wbicli have been "annexed," and which aro now rotten and condemned I wo view tlio matter, has no mic.'i alternative placed before her. She has to come to IlitrHiiglim to llow into .1 1. ..i. . ... ... . ,, , ., . ., . , ior inu piuuiiLis i i sm. t-.ueui e can tell our renders that thrU' are most 1 1 I r I 1...-I! . ...I verdantlv mistaken if tbev suppose the Mexican , "ur "r'J"m J no avenue Waris the onlv legacy tho defunct :mpiro f H'rough which tho-e products aro to reach llnr Texas left to us. We' arc coming in for further , ''"'St''" """''l depend upon her w i-hes or her benefits resulting from that remarkable rxten-' supposed interests. It must be constructed where sionofthe area of Freedom which goes bv the ' ' c"" ""constructed ; and the embarrassments mine of "Annexation." This is one of them, i ' hc "aJ- f"cli an avenue must bo met and Wo shall next hear of a petition for the pay-1 "vcrcotno in the be-t practicable manner. J bis m-Mit of the s.ilnrins of its numerous Dioloinntie. ! UVeilUO lllllt be anilllil Agents, Secretaries of State, War, fcc, and for the settlement of tho accounts of the mechanics who erected the boatd shanty where the "Pub lic Archives" wete kept. Hurrah for annexation ! When does Mexico come in ? DTPrentice, of the Itiuhtille Journal, quotes the remark of the President, in Ids late message, that during tho past year no afflicting dispensa tion of Providence has fallen upon our Country, and enquires ir Mr. Poll: means to bo under stood that his Mexican war is" the work of tlie must be pardoned fur pronouncin DjuI." tho lake or ArKo-s the lake ; and if the latter, how ? V'ii's is Ike ijurs lion ; and this is tho question which it is tho pur pose of our correspondent to answer. Our correspondents plan is to bring the Og-den-burgh road to House's Point, thence, through I tho Islands which constitute the prosperous County of fliand Isle, to a connection with a rail j road in .Milton on the Vermont side of the Lake, and thence to a connection with the Vermont Central-road, somewhere in INscx. Now thi ' project, plausible on paper, and eminently prac ticable in theory, ai it is made to appear, wo ogcrvis- 1 have beard more than one tny that if the 1 l0ln lie Ibis : to eel Ilcistoll stuck til build theroad tlolll l!el- li.u-s fulls h. the foot nt the iiinuntain on the east side, and uae the Vermont stock to build southward front l!urIiue,tou, on ihe west side of the mountain. When the money is expended, they will tell Huston 1 tu cross the tiioiuilniu nntl till up ihe irnp between the two ends, with a thlent that otherwise the line fiom , HitrliiiKlim will beevtemled to Whitehall, N' Y .and thus make a New-Yolk load. The last UurlillL't'Hl i. i, .... I...I I -...I .-..I.. .!.. i I I 1 Tee 1 less s 1 1 , llllir. U. ...... ...... ll.l- .vul....... i ., ., e . , r, . , ,-u.lllj u.inw. touto Iron, HarliKton " will open at hast f,j or TO , 'di a smiling f.ce, and cheerful a,r, ami geiier- I " l)m (Iimmei, Wo nines ol n ihreel railway eonunuiiieaiion wan .xevv-i auy nas a vvom ot eneourneeineni ior us iui. i - " . , . . n,i Yoik." Hostou has m.'t yd lariii-hed the s-'l),oni) i ,!, i,,,,. , rl...lly" understand what an Old have heard that it3 sentiment has been Hem to uo ii'keit for the lielluws l'tiils end ol the line the sub-1 .,, ... . . . , , ,. ,, . , , , r m,,i,i,i rih,Jru. It is the criticism of ion-reasons not founded, we admit, on any Cannot the cold i.novv ii iin icuiinenis in tne vvay oi iiio mtii i.iiin.-1 r.. ,ei ppnii ior siujiiio, piit it nas not eiven it. r hil' of the bridges but on circumstance "... ". .. . i . it tlie erinont inti'iests in that section eould lie liar-1 . . ' , , . , 1 mistaken III I extrinsic lrom iiiaiconsuieranon, as we muu evi foitii. If wc are icraigno harm will be done; if, as wo believe, we are rjfif. good may result from tho publication of tho truth in the premises. And so, having already kept our readers too long from tho good-natured communication of our in telligent and hjiunli correspondent, wo leave the field to tho "Islander:" l'or the Tree Press. Ma. IIditor: Very tnueli the same reasons which infiuetiee an ambitious Utile man, to desiie to become a threat one, I linasiuc, impel you lliubiutioniins to desire your beautiful little villnge to b.-come a great one ; your men ot business would desire it, and so would your eitivns who have ictiinl finin the active pursuits of life. " llntli gieitt and niall' mining you would doubtless be deeply gratified lu behold Hurling ton, (the villatre 1 menu) lapidly iiing over itsbeaiui. fiillviisc'iidiiiL' area, and thickly skirtin;tlie banks of the Winonski. To this end, every thins must b"iid. l!n-ton must lorget her own interest", and discom mode herself vastly She must dig thrnuKli your mountain banks, consent to nu annual sabbath of til least one month lot her cais to rest, or what would be still worse, vuinly'nttciiipt to break up the lung e-tub- b-bi d habit's of Oil Iike Chnmplain. Now I love IturliiiEtou : l am leallv proud of her Veiniont has unreason tn blu-h fur her loveliest daughter. Oilier States have liVgrr gills, but the girls are not olwavsthe liaml-ctuest. best, or sweetest. I have no ubjeetiou to our iliugluei's growth, provided sheilm not uniw ugly or nit nu unbecoming nils. Now- with nil deference tn your opinion, Mr.P.dilor, i nnd oniut of iiljserviilion is rather more ad vantageous than die wtiler's I acknowledge), I think lliirlingtnn vvuulu do well not to anticipate- ton much from the tnmiuition ot'the Vermont Kaihoads at her shores. I should deny the charge of knowing lunch about ra Iroad innileis. but 1 have, foituiiately or otherwise, unbilled the! notion that 1 neonle seein to lie somewhat nninunnistieal Montinlicr Watchman. Wo take the liberty to say that the foregoing article is in every respect discreditable to its au thor. H is written in bad temper, and evinces a spiteful and vindictive hostility to a great enter-p.-' sc. clo-oly identified with the interests miJ pres. perity of tho whole of Western Vermont, that wo regret tn sec. It is a direct and gross imputa tion upon tho integrity of the gentlemen who have hid that enterprise in charge, and of the contractors who have thought proper to under- like, work of completing it. Upon what ground so gratuitous and uncalled-for an attack can be jiistilicil wo certainly arc at a loss to imagine. Mr. Walton is tho Clerk of the Vermont Central Itailroad Company, a work that has already pro grossed so far towards its completion, that, (as we aro informed in the very number of the paper that contains tho above discourteous notice of a sister project,) "contracts have been authorized 10 exeicise nil the public spirit and patriotism on this for the cars necc-arv to commence tlio running 1 s"''J''ct' 1,0 1,aJ 1101 unfoitunately a nt-i of bis own c ,., ,, c i . , ., . to " f.'atlier." oi ino roan, Ao mean oi niuroau ruainj, mere i, .. ...... . ..... ..v...,. .- , Sentinel did not " mnid its ways" in tins matter, it .......1.1 I..- Tl cr,,ilc ,,M-..ii!i.,r. in Oilnrn Hut this h nothing to us, you know the less the bet ter, say I. Air. lMitordom firget " The I'arm". 1 have just seen a eiieular letter which calls atten tion to a new movement among Wool Growers, in Pennsylvania, Virginia, aid Ohio I tend it to you herewith. The doctrine of protection i not very popular in certain quaucrs,aiul e!f protection l"nt of all. Hut iroiA-, virk. rorl nt whatever others may choose to tiny you lur your labor The produeers of the grent staples of ibis I.'mox must take core ol their own in terests or they will not lie cared for- No man or class of men, in the pres.-nt stnte of wioiety, can be ex-pecti-d to look beyond their own inteicsts, and ma nufacturers do just ns little of this " holii g leymil' as any other class oi men and I believe for one that they are jtut ns pamotic nnd ns little selfish ns any oilier class nnd the wool factor the " go Lctieccn'' vi.n., n..n rmnv Ids tribe increase ') Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace, And saw within tlie moonlight in his room, Making it rich, and like n lilly in bloom, An Angel wnting in a book cf CoM llxeeeding p-nec made Hen Aillicm bold, And t" tlie presnee ill tlie room lie said, ' What wrilest thou !" Tlie vision raised its head, And with n look made all of sweet accord, Answered, 'Tlie names of those who love tl1 '"rd "And i mine one !" said Adheni ;"Nny, not so," I'eplied the Angel Abon spoke more low Hiiteheerlystill. ands.nd "I pray thee, then, Wiitetne as one who loves Ins lellowmen" The Angel wrote and vanished Tlie Pxt night, lie eanr again with a great wakening Injhl. And showed tlie names ot thus- w botn ( ;,d had blest. And lo ! Ii;n Adluun's name led all the rest ! .Simple method ofyirescn ins tlio Union. The .'Sentinel H clear in the opinion that while 'Hail Columbia V and 'The .Star-span-led Hatuier' arc sung in full chorus by the ihe farmer and tnaiuil.ictiirer would be ju't the man boys and girls in our public schools, there is no , danger of dividing tho Union. I We aro sorry to see ''Yankee Doodle,' ex- .)... I.-..1 1... t nmcxmn ft.O S.'nltilinl IS rlfrilt atlOUl I o,-,n i,.t, rf. .!... ,...r..i.i.. ""'l"s - f ------- fore, or jealousy, can be supposed to lie at the (. of M w ,VrUll, ,, !rottn, , ,,. ; d wo would be glaa to know vvtien the in. bottom of this uiigencroiis assault upon tho Hut-ditiun in having a fine llo.k ol sheep in Ohio, are lcrelmS excrci-o "in our public schools will land Itoad, and we have no choice but to attrib- tuulcrstood to have a large wool depot nt Springfield, probably bo commenced, as we infer of course, ute it toa feeling of hostility to Western Vcr-! "hi. Ii they lnve tstablished out of a singular that so long as it is postponed " the Union is in moot. Certainly the period for eontrmersii be- i lu imert-n oi me wool uanger . tweet, tho Central and Rutland roads has Ion- ! m ) mrm ' ""'. . Ohio. Thill ..full , ., , , jogeiner wiiu as great a " kiiuhUwit of Yankee , nice passeu away, noui roaus nro unuercon- lariueis as wiiieunseni toplrie their clips under then' innary, impracticable, and even preposterous. . Wc aro a ware that those arc strong terms, but W Tiie .tnninil or Commerce publishes Httr ' t!ie' ar0 jstifiahle. l.?t us look at it. It ordc r from a dislingiii-hed source, snpnos-d to Ii- from Gen to bring it about tho navigable waters of Iike Alui'i'He. to a lrien.1 in N. York which, if we are ' .,,, i i . , i i i tu tsreive it as a type nt .11 '.ieau le.'ling, sctsni rest -.i'in.:...n. ... ...... n .... ...... ...... was endnwtd wilh nt Ifii-l a few grains of common sens... That may be a mistake, but using that alone, I cannot bring in -elf to believe that the tnilrnads will trimiiiate nt Hinluigtnn, belore jnur learned Chemists shnll discovi r some method by which I irge bodiis if water liny be prevented from freezing, witli an ntmospliere lung upon it whose tempeiature, for some months, is "(I degrees below the treeing point jor Lake Chnuiplnin shall be persuaded lo keep fur t10 '.Jewel! Hlool;' up such a tumbling among her waves as to prevent the Ice King from subduing them. That fneing. i un old tiiek of our I.nke, and I confess that I do not indulge in vcrv sanguine ex pectations that ihe old lady will be very docile. She wants her thildit-u to rest awhile tvery year, and tlieietore she thaws a shield over her bosom, and laughs ot the wind-Hoims nnd sutlers them only to truhe upon her quiet brea-t. I do nut know but Huston will humor your notions awhile, nnd peihops tract, and assuredly it is not for .Ur. Walton to say that both roads will not bo built. A very short time will enable tho Watchman to determine whether or nut the contractors will "go to any very heavy expenditures under the present arrangement," and whether they were "bidding for stock-subscriptions" or for "a job." Wo need, therefore, waste no words on this top ic, futther, perhaps, than to say that it is within our own personal knowledge that very consider able expenditures have already been made by Messrs. I)r.cKt:n & Waiixci;, the Contractors cclion.on tho mountain, preparatory to comm dicing tl.o work on that chorus "will doubtless be a timph of harmony well worth listening to. tri- shelteriug winas Mr. Uditor, I do hoie you wi'd Keep a simp uukout lor that " om. i-ait," fur it may be vtry interesting to us Vermont Wool Glowers. imicion. I'atiil Accident in Huntington. Mr. Solomon Hood, an esteemed and valuable The following is ihe circular letter alluded to by citizen of Huntington, was found dead in tho our Correspondent, " Ovun:n.v.-' Weshall endeavor 1 wood" not far from Ids residence, on the 13th tilt. to keep watch ot the "One loci" so mysteriously threatheneil, and present it to our readers if its size will permit ' .Heeling of the Wool Growers. We copy the Mlovvmg letter from the Washington (I'a.) Reporter. The author is llUhop Campbell, of Virginia, head ol the Canipbelhty sect in religion . To Vie W'ool-aroreers of Western 'ennsy'ruiiia. Virginia and Ohio Gentlemen At a c.-ii-.-in!,le meeting ol Wool-growers, assembled lrom Western section in the course of next week ; and that con- Pennsjivnnia.tuid Oinn, held m the town of Spring- iderable cxpence is daily incurred by the con The circumstances of tho deplorable accident which caused his death are thus related by Mr. i) win PercU'son- in a letter to us under date of January G, IS 17. Mr. Hood was -11 years of age : "Ileingcnacerne.l fir his safety, on account of his failure to return nt night lrom his labor.lus friends re pairedto ihe woods in pursuit of him. Thelughwinds having extinguished the light in bis lantern, Jacob Uood first lound bis brother's hat, then reaching over all questions of n spt.r.y pcac- q'lie letter predicts trnotisan Ilia.. d fnieesslnllh' with Iraw-ll. it'sii"ct- ' IheMat ing the war, it m-i!s tint nothing liasyet been done Inwards couiiieiing Meucn, mid sp-nks ()f th-. 1'res- j id uit's prnno-ition oi an armi-tiee in lb" S"ereinrv's letter to Conner, witli the propnsrd to 1 negotiate, as adding niault to injury an I interposing j an iiisiirinoiiiitaiiie tnirier lo me Mvoranie ot tlios. proposalsby the Mexuun Congiess. bcati- uci - jJemociai. And yet James A". Pali;, as President of the United States, granted to this very Almonte, mil to Santa Anna, a free pas through tho A mcrican l'leet blockading Vera Cruz ! The.-e two men, the one by his talents and energy as a .Statesman and Diplonnti-t, and the other by bis s:i and as tho Commander of the Mexican forces, have done, and will do, mure towards protracting this unnecessary and mis erable War, than any hundred men in Mexico could have done in their absence. And still this same James K. Volk, "Out of the leaeh of danger, bold, O-it ol llic rereh cf -V i ic, t u.u.len:," I'irstdhe main avenue of communication between even to bait, till it draws up at the depot in Og.lens- ind Cninibi. from House's Point tn A1-1 burg; when by pa-sni' through our Island, llieie b.iigh; Seem I, from Albuig'i to North 1 fern, thereby r.ii' the communication with High gate, Mi.ssi-qm i Hay, &c; Third, from North Hero to (Jr.ind l-l", thereby bridging tlio com munication with St. Albans, fee, and Uourth, field, .Vlnssni August last, sundry resolutions small tree winch bad fallen that day, put his hand upon of much importance to the Wool-grovvinii interest ot i.ia hr,.iW. i.ut. I....K. Tl,..t,M,;. i,n,i ii,i . -n tractors on the worl; already commenced near thes- States, espceudly to ihe growers oi fins Wool, :,, . lt, ,,, ' f. '. ,, ,, , ' ,-i1;.. ... i w.'re pisse,i ;nmong w Inch was a resolution tn call a t v., "i'p-. ...... ... ..... our own village. gen.-iiil meetinj ol nil the Wool-growers ot Western prnce poles, one had lodged in tlie top of another, nnd The Watchman disquiets itself quite unne- renusj Ivama, West-rn irguua.uud llastern Ohio, m Mr. I'ooJ, supposing Iiiiii3.-lf safe, proceeded to trim cessaiily with specul.Uions about what it calls luv'xS WilSSF'aSiSi , " Iyli nJo,,l,e po h,ch was lodge.l. On ac "tlu rlieu of the Rutland Conipauv." We will 1 Wool-growing mteresisof tins portion ot the I'ni.m- collit uV noise ol the wind in the t p of the tree-, laniidie jou with a little actual cxpeiimcnt, but that rc"eve 'roln ? gropings in tlio clan;. I !'"'? v"v,tui T'' "' "''f !"""",'' and specially struck him dead to the ground, bu-aking his skull r' uia.k. t tor line Wool than at prcTeni IIc 'W h;'ve "10'J nfl" tllc fa,' b'uw ouuirv. ! was struck. Air I. ood was a conscientious and an up- 1'tie crisis demands mature deliberation and prompt right man, and a ver) uselul member of the commu nity in which he lived, and in his early anil sudden de- We !nv no home market, nnd no torenoi nnritei m , l'rturem the very prune of life, tint c. mmunity hn lie relied on 1 int iis,'u class ol speculdton that l.,r- i sulfered a g-ent los. lie has also l.-lt l-huid Litn be- , , eny, newer,, me v ooi-giowers nn.l t he sides other near relatives,,, w,f,. 1 ,x .n,n rii,ir he will consent to hitch h-rll.-o jour post, pilicyoftho Rutland Company" is now , has been fiom the beginning, to construct ; road from Hurlington to the Connecticut I.ivcr, forunv length of lime, seems to me preposterous IVIi.Mi wl... .-in. l.nrti..-4 tier lenm fit It. line unit lint lint p , neuou nu mis veiy essential liuerest ot t!iu tl:ie-t tor llic sole ami simiuo purpose ot opening in , vv ooi-grow inguisiritiin Aiuericn, it not in the world 11111 uiiougii our .si.llHI, tui-ii- . , , ., ., . . ,. ,i , . , , ., , , ir. t 1 . - . Hi' UIIUH!, IIIIU lU lilt' .lilt ll VJi.-J. v .. v..-., ....i would lu only on" mile and a hairs ferry or bij g'jing , ' .. . ., ., a .1. ..i.i. ...i ..- 1 Hoston Mathet. 1 hat comnanv has never en- ,L,,d Monncal, trideis IMc, W,,". , tertainedthe di-honorablo and hnckstering pur- j tbT tlX'gr,' would lie avoided, when nil this cu be done, iron pose, imputed to them by the Watchman, of ci;-, ilu ir own tlccc. s to Lowell, Massachusetts, nnd sel ill Now, men who ,.sht to know- about such L -n,r 1!h.(i111 Mo hlMagono portion or an- ZotiX ibn.'TS. orooonneelliis nart of the rnlltelhe most tensi- ., ., . , ... 1 .... !. i ..i .i... t, e .. 'r1'' shore in Milton. Now then, admitting tlie lirw tiaa'.iililii of constructing the-e rev oral Draw bridges acros tho important navigable waters of l.iko Clriinplaiu, i Crrj avj mvi Kilhin JiJ'ly wiles nf te idiom if that l.ahe hi insane a to suppose that it irould eierbc rrmtlTl Eli .' This is thc simple eemmon sense qiiolion v hicli wo desire to have answered. And as our correspon dent rather plumes himself on his common sense view of things wo expect his reply." Tho idea of bridging for thrcchahestfn mile (as our cor respondent expresses it in figures, though it i more) over the deep I.ako from (Jrand I-Io to I'.iml nil ,,i,l lli.'wl ttn .i.-.ll ,....:.. .... ..It.,-!.. his tho in-o!ent ellVonterv to charge tho great , . . . ., . , . , .,, , -. , ii i i as be has done: it is absurd. Hut will he lo II join, o. nu- .vuu'..c.t ptyp..., , t ,o ,,. to ioo cno ,( ,() M, hu ,( independence to cenure him and his lawless , , ()f , N Y , , nothing of any finger in the pie that the (iencral I (Internment may be supposed tohave), will over consent to the bridging of the navigiblo waters of Iiko Ch implain. not POUR times, butoiicc' , pronounce this part of tin from South Hero, over the liar, to the Vermont bleol any di-tanee m the who.e route ol the . , . . ...... I.,,..,,,,.. t Iink .a h n. ant di sugreeahle attitude. lie teels bimseli Lt'iitnil Kon.i. j roin Ainurgu io tne i oik siue. tueie i r-- ----- , . , . I .-"iisiitiii. .. . ii-i-i.,i . , wi, i, lijcr, uuu vt ooi ould never be nuv seiioiis obsneles in the way, nnd .New i oriv road. 1 Hey nave inn a mgiier opin- ua iiun.-iurer ne legimiies ne prices, jui ges ol the .... ...... .... ... .ill-lint-, .tun iiit-s toil tt nil! lit. ii in-..s . t -...I ... r...,.l.n-u.... He, , ... . id. ! ..C t ir int.. .rent ,vi!,il:l lts ntlll lUSIIiess ' . . - ; . ' acts,) with "giving aid and comfort'' to tho Mex icans I When tho Whigs send (.encrals and Stitesinen to plot and light for Mexico, instead of lighting ng-tinst, nnd gaining victories over. I t'lein, as tliey have dono thus fir, it will bo time fir vour cirpet knights, and small attorney vv iieiiiney su-iu ug.iiu suiienm-i uiacniui. vein it i . ,,,,,,. i,., .;,!. .,,.:,!,. !,t;-,;- i' ( Will I " - i " " " Hot be to use to a higher nn.l noliler desiuiy I ill they wnen iii"ynave e.p"tiencTii ii-iuriiiiiy, seen with 'tli'dr own yes our vutnous deeds heenuie ac quainted vwh the hberiihtv ot our political nnd ieli ginus sy-iems becume cnnvious ot vast superio ritym every manly b.- led to think s.. riously of llieir own follies and iiuirileour noble exam ple 1 We are sanguine in hnpes Wc tru-t no thing may be done to prevent these noble tesulls.fnr they would render this war as saint ary tu the cone-ne. red, an it isjii't in the eonqueiors. Ileporls f.-oiu all qiaitfi-sshow tli'st the .Mexicans pret.-r our ruler-, to their own. We rathcrthink that will answer! We murt overrun and conquer .Mexico for her rant good, the tyrant's plea over sinco the world beg in the argument of despotism nnd not of reason or humanity ! " 117 jnrf imasion do it !" tri umphantly asks this apologist for a pro-slavery war of conquest and subjugation. "Will net ' confer all the blessings of civiliz- our invasion ation and political anil ti ligioiis liberty on the-e "ignorant and slacish and brutish masses V Of, ,,, """"S, ihe foilowin ,,,r.o it tti ! Whoever knew of nn invnsinn I """l"r" ' Pill the l, let it nn'er b3 fnrg ittcn th it the onlv mm in the Republic who lus undeniably "given aid and comfort" to its enemies is James A'. I'ulL Doinhey A- Son. This tale is finally cut oil'. Any person who feels curious lo seo the end of it can call at our office. It is as long as tho wires of the Magnet ic Telegraph, and not much larger all the way of a size. Wc never saw such a talo ! In addition to various vcrbil nnd written re monstrances ngain-t the further presentation of it in our columns, wo havo received the follow ing : HranJon, January 2?, 1317. Ma. Cr.vr.Kr.: Ata meeting of your subscribers in resolution was fiom tlii tauce is only about ')- of a mile. Tlie C'cntial Route connecting with the Ogdensburgh lload thiough the I-lnud would undoubtedly be one of the best loules in the t'nitcd States. J suppn-e the stockholders will look to their own inteiesl tatlier than the convtnieuce of any of ihe Utile villages scattered along their route. We Islanders care little about it any way. Tine, it would be a little handy, but iheunimy think the bother of it would more than eontcrbalaiite the benefit. Our wishes have not jtt been consulted by the Directors ; perhaps, unless they fuul us very anxious about it, tliey will conclude to haul up, and stopnl vour plin-e. A few weeks' frolic in leighs, may be of consequence enough, to induce the It. 1. Company to disperse wilh the winter services of their engines. Wilh the liest wishes for Hurlington, 1 am )ours, A l'l.VIX IIl.UNT IsLAXtEK. to Intnent their Iofs. Although to them the loss is ir. reparable. at least as it refpects the present worid.yet their grief is assuaged upon the joyful consideration that they have no cause to sorrow ns those who have no hope." . On the morning of the day of his death, after rend. !i,ni.., ilmli .r ei i , .. .. Tims have i. . " . ." V ".' "l uu"1." most uiicnnstituiionnliy, and most imprudently "imly "rouna tlie ilomestic nliar which lie had long sthe Aluniilaeturer in rather an mvi- enulerrcu tlie legislative, juiltcinryfliiil executive lune- ' Dciore erecteu.anu wiu rehe had olfcred lus morning In muiseluurvvooien iepuu icontlu'saine person, Air. ' and evening sacrifice nf praise, and pouied out a fer- niiiiiel I.nttipnce. I.ntte At ns.sneh.iA n .in... r.l .... 1 ...... ... ulUiirsvery gnevous to the i0 sensibilities ot Ul, 1 m laitilul prayer lor the divine blessing upon hun ' gentlcnmi, or anv other iierson ot eleviiti dconeen- " '" """ 'amiiy, tune thinking, however, thai thai u. 17. S. Semite. failing to do so ? War anil lu-t,and rapine, and bloodshed are, in the philosophy of theso bene factors of mankind, tho f.ivniito agencies of a merciful Providence to improve our race! No pe:ple can be christianized and enlightened, in these days of "democratic progress," except by thotratisfiising.'ilchymy ofpovvderund tho sword. Tlie licentiousness and thu cruelty of Wa it af ford thc only proper di-cipliue for tho continence nnd the Immune virtues of 1'r.Acr. ! And so, the Sentinel having received "reports from nil quarters that the Mexicans prefer our rules to their own," let us throw up our caps for jiolkocr.icy, and fay, with tho blind multitude to the crafty Anthony, "burn, fire, kill, slay! let not a Mexican live I" IT" Tlio Heu" is thu title of a neat little nevvspapei published monthly, in Middlebtiry, by, I). S. WiTtiuiir.Y, and devoted to ev erything but religion and politics other people having opinions on tlieso latter subject, tho editor deenm it prudent nut to have any. '.'.let per annum. Ilevdred, Tint the moderator be directed to ad dress ri letter to the V. litor of the Tree Press (post p-iid) informing him tint it is the unanimous opinion ii this in,'.'linglliat"Dealingswith the l'iriiiof IViuhcyaud Son, wholesale, retail, and lor e.xsirtatinn," is precise ly in the Ir.iutient bo'irdiug-liousj line, where iiiisus. p 'cling peoule nre "inkeu in nnd done for" on lerius greiiily disproioriioned to tlie "take in" an I lhe"do;" nnd" I leahngs" of this character must ls enter ed into, we preler th" harmless liome-mautitietiireil inol isvs ami w-.-iier ol the author of "The .Munikins," to ihe "heavy wet" ot this foigogn Pirin ; and lhal the lUilor ol the Tree Piess will ."ilige ih by "dishonoring" Doinhey nud Sou's paper intend of on oiri. I coiiununicalc the foregoing resolution, in obedience tnihe direction of (he meeting, mid will only take oc casion to add that I think it speaks for itself. Yours J. 1). M. Wo think so too ! to "the Dickens!" Dombey and Son may go lid. I". P. JTSomcthing wo said a week or two ago.lho Sentinel avers "puts it in mind of a saving of Aritntle." Wo are sorry that we aro iinahlo to reinem bor anything that tlie Sentinel has said that is not, in our opinion, wholly unique and original i neither quott d nor likely to bo. o dcsiro it to be understood that wo are dis cussing this subject in a practical, "common sense," view. We do not say that bridges can ml be constructed acros, ilm waters mentioned, nor that tho route indicated may not lie a feasible one, inthc abstract. What wesay is that no such bridges cicr icill bo built, and that no such route ctcr in' be traversed by a train of cars. This islho light in which wc are now debating the matter. Should thc time over come wlienthein triiisic feasibility of such a project should l'tn lis? determined, wc will endeavor to give it our candid attention. We know not, and we care not, what particular iutere-ts or views are at tempted to bo subserved by representing that Ogdensbiirgh may bo connected, bv a continu ous lino of railway across Lair Chnmplain, with Hoston ; we have only to say that in our opinion it cannot be done. Hut how then can this formidable obstaclobe best surmounted, is tho question that remains. We answer, by carrying a railway around it, or by crossing it at that point which is, during the longest period of the year, unobstructed by ice. In either of the-e rases, our excellent friend the "Islander" will observe that lliirlingtou must lie prodigiously lienelitted a railway that should go around the Lake must connect with tho Ik ton railways at Hurlington, and Hinlington is the i ery point whence the I-iko must bo crossed' on tho second supposition, Our correspondent will probably admit that lii '.innuil Sibbath of at least a month," during which he siige-ts that tho Iron IIor.-o must he haltered at Hurlington, would bo likely lo be greatly shortened by the improved appliances which skill and science, (when lit the pay of the business enterprise of Coinuitinity) would bring to hear iikmi tho somewhat poetical "shield" of icu which he makes our goisl "old liidv," the J Lake, "draw over her Iw-om" to protect "her children" (tho lish, wo presume). We ven ture the opinion that, with thoOgdensburgh road in oiier.ilioii to tho other shore of the Lake, (say at Port Kent), and thu roads under contract from Hiirlingtonto lloslon completed, no ton continu- Thc following elections to tho Senate of tho United States Ii.ivo recently been undo : Louisiana. Pieiiuk Sour.t, to supply the "toned bv the death of Mr. m?n of Hoston than to iuvtgino there could be anv viitue in a "mousing scheme" like that ! short we pray the Watchiii in to believe that the railway enterprise which has s0 lung ami so ar dently engaged the efl'irts ofthecitizensof West ecu Vermont, and which is now on the eve of its j" hid no 'policy' in its management mid laborers connected with thegrovvlh of Wiecpand in behalf of the bereaved, an I may they alwas trust in but tho straightbirward and proper one of cot.-, "rr: " , , W - b. who is emphatically the wiJ. Hons .No oersnn likes to In " a law unto hunse I." Ins ast forma ornver. or il,-..,.., i 1. ., judge, jury, an I witness in his own ease. In sympa- ' diction uponlus now- afllieied m..'.i... ir" thy witn ourtrieiListtie .iiniiulncturers and with re- .,.,. . , . "'" "' rcnceto our nun interests, ana mat ol nil limners . .-u.,i,u ,u,0 laiuer te niistvereil I oill ,n il.e uui-uiowc.!. oi nil- ttiinve icui.,11 III sicu- !......!' U.. .1 1, , 11,-n. nit-un in,- tidy uL.nitiii...-o, meevrs i t-ittlus nn.l necting tho Valleys of Otter Creel; and Lake oi i.: i.. 11...1 .1... l:-.. r..:l I t.,..,,pi.ii, lo.upo'itt ...lieu , ,)nwli o ()lu0i -iU-.-ut,m,,d ,,, ,:.! dne ol the of its purpose, then, we doubt not, thu Railroad 'th ult . that tliey have very important developments Company would (as they have long since been vacancy occav now. New Jersey. J. W. Miller, reelected for six ears from the Ith of March 1S17. Virginia. R. M. T. IIcvTcr., for six years in place of .Mr. Auciiui:, and J. M. Mason to cumplcto tho term of Mr. Pr.xxYiiACKEr., do- ceased. Of these gentlemen Mr Mim.ei; is a Whig, Mes-rs. Sot'LE and MasO aro Locofocos, and Mr. IIuntei: is the C.ilhotin wing of the late Tyler party. cordially invited to do) have "made a New York road," without str.itagoms and without "threats." One vvoid about this "Now York road" and wo have done. That such a road will ultimate ly bo constructed, we should bo sorry to doubt. Hut our transurmt mc ueighborexhibitsas slight n,nn .loin,, en i.-Jlb llw. rrn. nrm nil,' of W.,ti.rn I - I s. " b- "s."' "V Vermont as he has with tho character of its in- I habitants, when he projects a New York road for them by the way of hitehall. I hey can do bitter th in that, as the Watchman will learn in good time. Hut when they have accomplished it, Huston will find little to alarm her fears when she perceives tint from the point where tho New ; York road will intersect the Rutland, the rich, to moke. 1 shall give their ow n words ) " We take a moment's leisure to say to you, that i we hope you will use every exertion to get out all the t W o.i! -growers ol 'ir extensive nci)iuihuance (mr olf! ; or near'' to intend t lit- meeting ni Siciihenvillc, on the ) " I of Pebrunry net,and thatyouwill sny lo thein, I that such inlurnution tviil then be laid before them in ' rcterenee to the Wool q'rade ns w ill call lor prompt ' 1 aud united action lrom every person interested cither . 'as Wool-groweror Wonl-deulci throughout the vv hole I co.'!'V,r'' , , , , , . , . , I u i' jiir, sincerely, inni uououy win ne BUUiTCcj togrtnsletp about the' inuiter, as we feel the nnpor- I tonee ol that meeting ten tunes ai much as when you w ere here. Wc mv e learned one tact to the trade, that we think worth more than lilt ow' GjJ.andafainvr to the fatherles. 1 o- I)AVID I'LUflCSON. Jaamry 2u, 1317 P. is. Will ihe .Xorthcra GaUxy please copy. Correspondence or the I'rce I'rcs. Woodstock, Janua ry S5, 1S17 Mr. Clarke Reing transiently here, m this beau, tilul village, nnd having a moment's lei-ure, I projs to send v on a tew words on "nutters and thin, m Ecni end." " Thivillage,or"W.jdstoek Green," is one ot the largest and pleasnntest of Vermont villages, ns vou nnd most of yurreadeis.nre doubtless nware It con- lainsououi iauumtialitnnt,fne houses of pubh leiibenville lleralilthe Wellsbumh Wceklv Herald nil.) ltit heelllltf Times r mn nnt ilu products of Western Vermont trill be nearer to but all other ediiois in ihe region above relrred to, hermarhtt by about a hundred miles than thru '"raj'letci this gient hiiciest. to call turn genernlat. . , , J ... , .. , ten I ineeni Wi'si-ni Wool-grtiwersiu r-teubenvilleon will be to Mom- nf .tele lor..' If Hoston h id the duv nloresind V lllnesns muelinsnl! I i:-: ... . the Wool sent us this se0Sun. V.V w preparing to " ""'-mp.nii elegant (.ourt House, a large ami mikeuluil Keiiori ol nil wehavu pilhert' that "" f..ninieieti eumce lor a .Medical College and lneeting.' aoinething like a doien Stores of various "sort, an.l Having b-en requ-stcd not only by these gcntlemeii, sizes" The people of the villa to nn I ,t, r but by the Cetiventioiuu .Spring irldlwve named, lo I ,.m,unitv in the n., I , V- , lhe farm"? give, tinielv noiiee f the Ineetin;.. I have nd.lrcss.d """"""'y V lu; "'"'"t "I which it is situated, conn., copies ol this notice to the Washington I! "porter, the " mduttrious nnd thriving population Hul uite an 0111 r pioces u ha, s Jark trvts IT A correspondent, vv riling to lis from New York under date of tho 13th ult., thus "touches up the leaders " in tho great fancy teaifi called Fashionable Society. A self- constituted Aiis tecracy in " Young America" is really a very fit topic for ridicule. Tho philosophy of Hums is getting currency, daily, all over tho world, " The tank is but the guinea's stamp. The m.vx's the gowd for a that !" "One can hardly realize that il is winter, so mild and pleasant is the weather, nn.l on the lt. nil winter costumes were laid aside, asit was more like .lime than January. Il was something of a show tn see the "turn outs " of the " upper tens" in making llieir v i" its about town, mid mingling with the tammmitit from necessity t uillkes one laugh to see these miisliruom nnstocrnts strain and pull'hke the frog in the table, (nnd with the same fate, poor things, but for their wnisitmnds ) while one knows their digrce, liuengend claims to flic airs they assume. A lapstone "coucliant"an.l hammer" rampant" is the heraldry their lathers knew most nliout. 'I'he Pulhcrs held high llieir beads, Ucause of the proud consciousness of honcsly nnd iutegiity, lhe sons theirs, because God in his providence bus seen fit to lit thein goon two legs iuslead of four." shrunk from mm)fiVioii,vvith such an advantage on her side, the niiineroiH railways that now pour wealth intu her bosom would not yet have been built. This is all wo havo tn say. Our readers will i bear us witness that we have, not assumed to be Hurlinn-ti the Champion of any particular railway intere-t ' .Montreal. since our connection with tins paper, vv esterit , hernia erinont, and Lastern Vermont, can take caro of themselves. Hut no circumstance, of po-ition can deprive us of tho right, or ab-olvo us from tho duty, of vindicating what wc believe to be tho truth and justice, Ail of which i hum rtfiioetfjllv submitted bv vour f.llowciticii. A. CA.Ml'Hlll.i;. Hunus-v lirooko County, V a , J Jauuar) lib, Is 17 Our correspondent then proceeds to speak, in terms of considerable severity, ofa very silly anJ scurrilous nevvsi uper, published at Woodstock, lie will pardon u for omitting'this portion of ids letter, as we really do not think that in ca.ti gating such a brainless afihir thu play is worth tlio caudle. e are mc mod to thiol- it.,. , jVOur snappish ncighlmr of the Third-parly dinette says wo havo been making " another scirulous attempt to expose our his dishonesty and sacrilege." Wo don't precisely catch tho meaning of ihe word " icirulotis. " Does it menu successful! Trustees of the Hurlington I'lrc Compiiny ri.ixrt.n jam'.vhv 2.1, IS 17. Messrs. Wm. II. Wilki.ns, ji;., Horace I'erris, Joseph Hatch, Ionard Johonnott, Dan Lyon, Charles A. Seymour, Timothy I Strong, Simon Willanl, Wm. J. O.lell and (leorgo lVter-on, ll'(ine;is; Noble Lovely, Treasurer; Lyman Liimmings, Clerh. ('oiiiiiiuuicntioii. I laving often had occasion to stop a week in Phila- JVTho llarl of Lloiii. tho now flovernnr n . - ..... ...... ..v ... ..... 1111111 ... I II 1,1 1. ,l.n. . .... (leneral of Canada, and suite, n-HMi through j few of the readers of the free Press il on 1 liursd.iy last on their way to piper in question, and fewer still ever vi.b to.e it a second time. We rate it considerably lo. low the level of tho Mbanu .ll'e,'OC...nj !M. . ii s! o.r.!.iii..i... ,r. ... , ... ' 'uo . . .., ......... ...ii... s,n-,.,ir.. i.!"in was conclusion n mo leucr ol nor not ot tne party. His Uxcellency cameout in tlio Hi- CorxTirariT Moi.v. The citv is rloo.Ie.1 with coiinterleit money ot nil descriptions. IJutu-a tiuin- tier ot ccsmierieu inns uhi tne .Nashua i It I Hank corrcsiiondcnt, e-... ...i. i . . ..en wuou, wfnopc to near again is a follow i 1 am really granfied to see ihe naiiay cntPWi, going ah ad so briskly in Vermont i, ,i. W,,i, .i. i. of Ihedeiiominaiiun ot 5's, hav r been uased w ithtn a 1 1I and Rutland routes, traversing the c. m l.'wd..bytoog men ; nnd as we have a de- ihe wov of the two urine,,,.,! ,1 "ir eriptiouot oneol them, we give it lor benefit ol the I , , .. 1 I,rmcqul thoroughfarei, public. He is about 1J jc,.uld, 1 uu'lies high, I ' '. aeeouu uKlatiug nicst o the business coinum. has a plump, round t.iee. carries hu head a little on one i nitiea on .mill sides o ihe inount.i.n .. side, wens a eloili cop, grey mixed overcoat. a silk will nssu no a more umiortani in.,,,',!,. .... , purple and green eheeke,rvest, suull-eoloied cai, and 1 u.r .p,....,, ,""'""" nnlunR Any persoiwvvlio i , , . . ..... iiueresi nwnkei'd wears about lus neck a led inutller. . .... . nni.ti. ,i.n ....a.. .. ... .1.. .. nave lrom tne vi-iu.l Huh H'r-.Miage are re- " me Connecticut P.iver Va'lrv qutHedtogive luloriuaiion to (.'..n-iablc li. p. air.. above the mouth ol White P.iver in n-lmW,, , .t, i. j suuiiwe an.U'nneee, lu.r KaJ. New (ul ' ions have been opened between Hradrbrd t.,,,1 While born, No. 11 Prauklm Avenue llusta.i True. Temperance Convention, The Peoplo of Chittenden County, who are op posed to the granting of Liceusoi for thc sale of dclphia,! enn strongly ndvisenll Verinontersto make intoxicating drinks, are invited to meet at Ituit. CuxuRiss Hall, (corner ol 3d nnd Chesuiit st.,) their home while in the city. They will find a convenient location, quiet house, low charges, and in the proprie tor .Mr. SrrnicVANT, and his assistant .Mr. I.vtiiboi-, geutleiu inly and obliging managers, which one may consider as a "matter of course." when he is told they are both thotough bred Veiiuontera. G, JTMonroo lMwanN, tho forger, died in Sing ing prison ln.t week. Lismov.on Thursday, the KKHITURNTH day of rebruary in-t at ten o'clock in the forenoon, fur tho purjiosoof connilting iih)ii the ho-t plan for insuring a great vote against License in this County, at tlie ensuing March election. TRUMAN CIHTTUNDUN, President, Chittenden (lo. 'P. ,. .SuciVty. P.. A. Stansbi'ky, SfrHary, Hurlington, IVb. Ut. 1 S 17. iiH-.i. ,ect now s t hat il,i...u v.n... ol the Connecticut will soo,, l accommodated with a railway. It is certainly a matter of congratulation that Ver mom is not lobe much longer shut out from the great ninikt-t h,r ii.ln.i.t n...; : . . . . , ' """ i-s."i. i. no, uiueti longer to ilepnv e Iver ol the position, to which by her iutellmeiice iiidustrynnd resource., ahe Is entitled. Hut moremioii on llu aud other sulgecis. Yours truly The noun Shell Kntuii-rkc Since the lSihn Vceiuber fin &Wyf .1, Va!?hed f o.n ihet.reebuJi Vsit, by Unilrcwd. 0'.V. Vu,k, I lu t-hells when they leave the lk-pot, havecoit .,.lJi,,;"!"'ei,'"-s' ''- cacl! liinkiimiUeHuniol I I 111. I, f.3 This is n mere "drop nuV bucket" ol Mexican v or ep us. '-i.te Journal.

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