Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 5, 1847 Page 3
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HURLING TON" FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 5, 1847. 10 e 11 1 u :i l:i i n r 13 c, 111 7 ir c 18 -J 111 u j.cji i'j I3JIJ1 ill IV Ill'Jl ill s :n:n :n :ii3i id ui i:i 17 17,1 ii sr. :u, i i i:i I .-, ij ir. l s s NVV N ' ;j I'jlA .li s t s lirlnti.1. 1 Wc copy tlio milijoinoXfrnin tlio Huston Alias. TliodeKtitiitionaiulMiireriniinninng the labor ing population of Ireland, i briefly yet feelingly described In the address, are almost incredible ! Would that the.-e f.unifhiiut sufferers conhl par take of onr ahundance! The urgent and elo quent appeal of tlio philanthropic ladies of Ire land cannot fail to ha responded to. We will most cheerfully take chittr.! or any donations and transmit them to Mr. as dircrted. It appears to us that charity could not be more Duchinyly implored. Starving women and children, and strong men in de-pair, a1, In the name of dm, for charily, the charity that " Droppcth ns the gcntl' mill from heaven I'pnti tin- place beneath, ' ' ... ..... And bhue- "'' " nl,(I ,lliU kitit.umni: iuiiland. T" nn. .adieiof Avrr,ic. tn.. ii .1. t..ln-4iif Atnrrica arc carncstlvenl. lf,l upon by tl'.cir Irish sisters to as-,.' them in-iviii fi ,13 '- nlKC in funm" an I II" HI"" lant pestilential discas..., .- . ' 1 - -' the utterly destitute men, women and children nll.od- !- c smitt-n Ireland In former time, it win Paul hi In- - ij " N lind,thatthe licsi pernio in me inwiwin mr inr wi Aw, the l-ithcrlcss and the houseless vvnndcicr, nnd fur the hungry, the Irish cutter wnsevcr ready to share Ins Inn lint nw tlieie is not one to divide the daily Iltllre if he " veil has, inch is consumed at onee and lie has untiling lelt to sale the Man my neighbors from ill in" at his door Oil ' (liit our American siter rould sec tlie laborers on our roads. able bodied uien.s.-ireely clad. tarnishing with hunger, w ith despair in their ouee cheerful l.iccs, tasKfriiin at their w oik. let striving to earn the meal winch is to keep life in them to eariinnutber too pro lialily hav ins tasted no fisul since the day beloic. Oh ! that they could see, on tke iiu-t mortem examination of hundreds ho line clad of hunger on the roads, where they woik nhim-l to the last g'lsp, that not a particle of Iboil is found in their coiitrnct al siuumch. Dh'thitthev could see the fever ami Limine slickcn family hu Idled together o.i tli'dr bundle ol'dauip maw, with one or more eoij ses among tliem,vdei thesui- ivors have not strength to drag Irom beside them. Oh ' that llic.v could see the dead f.ither, mother or child, l)utg cnlihilc-, and b'ar the screams ol the sur al! ors nroiind them, caused, not by sorrow, but in the agony of hunger, tliey whose hands and hearts nre ever c-p-n to co'iipis.ioii, would unit" in one mighty cllntl to sale Ireland Irom such mi-ery 11 ou, dear lnilv, into i hose kind hands this may fall, would col lect niiioiig triends and neighbors, sum., however mall and transmit them to lieiijaium 11. Wnrdcr.No. 17J Vine -treet, I'luladelphm, througli whom they can be remitted to any of the undersigned committee, such mil will saw many lives ma countiy winch the Loid, inri'ditcoiis judgment, has sn seveiely stricken, mid fame tlie blcs-iug of them who are ready to perish to ,.i i.i t,.'i ,,,,d lVov isiims of verv sort. nuts , ! bounty it 1.. luiid the leneh ol the noor to buy, and'thos,. who METEROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR JANUARY X047. llttr.MMiTos, 1 mile Hast of Lake Champlaln uud 250 feet above it. 1317. i riiHi.M.i vvinih, i n.vnoMi.ri rt I vuatii M 1) S 1 ! 0 "s , 1 , Ua.ll. I r m.'J iV Sun l" 1 I) W.ll im I'M It le.v r.ninch. inch. ineh. ltie 1 U r m R l m a n t; s . Inches .N . N r. 'iiiitu n 8 7 :tt I'J 37 s s l.vvJJ.I7-JJ:,i; iJ7(ram .1 c Hit ill, .11 svv vv w 'JJsiiiDtl.'il,) II fur I -J -J 1 a J ill N t: s swaj lj:iJtl'.M.-i7elcar r :i :n ii .i? swmv'sw j4v.i -jjutiMiu r. I 'a:i li .IJ s vv sw mvJJ j l.l.M j o.I clear 7 S Jill Ml s s w g.MII'Ji.S-fJi.'.IJclcir h i. ii w sw w J.iui'jj.'j.jur,2iiiir iJ II fi I fil cb.ivjy eloudy cloudy It.'Jl .Mraleiat mistvrnbovrrv lev Jt slinrv. II 'hiir hi'ir HO I ... :.. .if . ..- .1 . . 1. 1.. ..... ,1,, riiu.v 111 im-11 uiii: niLLwa niuii 11, Couiiniies very slippery. Ilaloiouud tin-1110011 111 the morning. 0.10 Very high wind. M - 1 1 - I 31 . f. II II III I U C 1117 13 I lb'ij i. lair I'.iir I iliir siimv jtair l.air ii'har 'clenr ' Ji'liiU'lysiioiv lair eleir s 'JJ S'l'JJSJ-'Jsfi clou Iv lair leloudv1 N N '-'J H:i 'J J 'Ji'i 1) I):) clou ly cloudy lair i N s U.7A l.l fi7 -J.1 37 clou I) cloud) cloudy Niv NW'JMJ J.J 1 a 1 1 1 11 1 1 ar 1 .' !, ;in.i-j;ii -iv ,;i clear cloud) clear s MVJ.l. II, 1)7 'J'.l III cliiuilv cloud) mioiv ' s 1: s "J J.7H tii.fl:i . -Jit rlon Jv imv rain ' vv .nw'J'J.ii'JO'J I'j-jjr.l fur " Mr T.iir , N N'Ul.lia.l.aja.iayelcnr jelear Iclear I s s aJ.N7a'jr,7aj.:iiil'air Icloudy cloudy' N N aj:maj.7Cr.tJ (iii cloud) clear Iclear s s II l.l I 3 1 -Jil 3.1 10 clear clear Iclear I svvNW3JHSJ8D3.tMI cloud) lair 'clear I N s caj.Siaj.8la.i7r, lair icloudy clear i s vv 3J.3J 3J.3i 3J :1 fair Iclear T.iir s NivajS'Saj.riGa.lHJIair Icloudy lair ' N 3Jtll 3) (I'J 3 Ilia clear clear .clear s a.l.'Jiaj'Ja'J 5:i cloudv snow hiir xvv vv vwaj.iiiaj tvl 3J.HI cloud v cloud) clear j mv xiv s 3J 31 3J :u 3.) a7 clear ' clear .thaw s s s, i.l.lja'J 31 clear Tair snow ' x 1 .v a4.sJ3J.i).l3J3lnuiv Isnow clear I XI. x r. n aj.ll aj 15 aJ.M lenr char clear I Halo round the moon in the evening. 0.3j a inches snow. .Steam Terry Coat out. 0.12 3 inches snow. 0.37 Much w nler running in the streets. Thrni. below Uliist time this winter. 'Sleighing poor, u-e viaffons a sleisihs. jS inches iiuiviuthe night squally. Squnlls w ith very little snow. Halo loimd the inouu. K- v cry smoky. Halo louiid the moon. 0.11 3 inches ol tnovv. Jlcc beginning to form In broad lake. 0.90 il3 in. snow. driv. storm . snow bunt' us. .Very aim, clear a cold, lakcn'ly el'sj, SL'DDI'.N CIlANtillS-'lhere is nothing more' trying to the human constitution than sud.l mi j changes of atmopheic. Hint rarihea the blood, t quickens the circulation, and incicns,.s t,P pet-spun, lion : but vv hen suddenly checked, those hiunots vv Inch should pass oil by the skin me thrown ol inwnnlly, j causing coughs, colds, consumption, dilhcully of bica thing, viateivnnd inllamed c)cs,ore throat, level-, Iheuniatic pains In various pnttsol the body, anil .1 . . ... ,!... .1... ......ii l In, it.., 11a ol rv,li! uiiiiiy ouier coiiiiiiiiui;., im . 7 ...... v illg cold. , . ..... .... p , HVsAO tmlifin IVgrnMf ; are a dehghtfu tni'dieiiie lorcaining oil" a cold .lecnus- they expel trout the body those liumois which arc the ciiusc not oulv ol the above cnmpln lit, nut in evety inaiiiuy oil iler'he.ivcn. ronror liieol said Indian egeudil. mean Jl" aj.Cj 3J.C.I aj f,7 mean aj C7 a.bU a I inches ol snow. The mean temperature of January for the last 9 jenrs was 20. 1', by which it appears that the temperatur: of January thi year wa a little nunc than half a degree above the mean. Tin1 temperature during the month has been very changeable but has not gone to great cMieiees; dunng the fust hall ol the month it vms, li.r the most part, near the lieczing point, being sonietimes above and sometimes below, w ith n little initi and Know alternately ,iu cnncipiencc of which the giouud became thickly coated with ice and the sleighing con tinued tul'-rably good upto the Ifith when the loads became bare in places and the sleighing poor, and thus continued up to the lime of tlie uow storm on the 3.1th. .Most of the snow whiih lallcn previous to the aJtli had been melted and converted into ice. Tlie lull of watir in rain and snow has been a trifle luurc than usual this month. I (;i:xi:uAii oiii)i:ns,-i(). 2. WAlt Ur.l'AUT.MnNT, Awt-rAXT (Itxr.BAt.'s (irritt, lt.,....,nO,tl. LiiMinv H. 1817. 1 m'i r..u. net ol t'omiress. cfinui!ing the ti nil of enlistment, and piovidiug a bounty for re emit", i" published 'or the infuiuiution nnd guidance ol the oiliccts ol the Army : "Ax Ait lo encournge enlistments in the lingular Army. 1 ti. :i ,.,.,,(,,( Iv ihr Sriiutr anil Ifnutr of i'r- Pirsnitiilirrn of Hi' Vnilcil Stair nf Amtuui in I CVoo-iiss iiwrmWrrf, That, iliiruiiJ .tin' CHiuiniiui ce oi the war with Me.vico, the teim nl enlistment ol the 1 men to be Tccriutcil lor tlie reginieius 01 ooiguu i- l'crioilical Eiitfraliii'.' Agency i:sTAnusiiK i.v 1831. OTIS, BROADERS &. CO., Irtt UV.i'iin!;N Hosow, CON'TIN'Ur, tn'iipptr the following works, Hn vmg given jiarticulaV attention to this business fir ths past vr.Ar.s. persons ordering Irom tleiit can depend upcii the woiksbenigprouiitly lotwarileil as incd ' Ninth American tlevicvv, Ouait-rly, Sj,(K) a year, lie- rl.'inilnn Uuarteilv. 1 prints 1 l.diunurg, ol .Miitli 111 ii su lie c'vv, J Ws J 5M-ANKS. A in:.i:it.ti, aswiiitmpat row llsalebv C.COODlllCH. January 7, IS 17. . IAC!S FRISII (lllllf.M) I'HSTWl, JJJ kki 1,1,1. Snprifine Flour, Son l!iishei Camilla Salt, 1UD M Spns;c sjhingl-, S'l.Ml'iue do Torsaleby UV.O. PETERSON'. Iliirlmgtou, January la, HI?. U'JhJ Mv. DRlflf tl'l'I.i: by VII.AS ,t N()Yi:S. niitiKD Ai'i'Li:. GV Jan SU. 31 Pills taken cverv nighton going lo I eil will, in a lew ..,., i,,,:,,,,,... n,l nil -ineii ol the teesent military the U'csiin'r Iteview ilnys.cnirv oll'lhe mo-t obstinate cold tat the s.inie t f-t JilTl ili ms-i t , slinll be " during tlie war," or t,,r live 'l-i,.ourwork,lljii'mibers,fiirnisie,Hr3.m lime Ih- digestne oigans will be icsloreil to a liealthy . . , nniioniif the leciuit, unleas sooner dis- Ilrowimn's U I irt -rlv It-v i -vv. U iart:rlv, 3.110 to p, and Iheblooil so couiplileiy piiiinen, mat new 'i,,,,.,!. I Southern Qirnteilv llcvicw, ,lo 5K) hi;, o Ivi.Mrivillbegivcntothewhnle liaiue.. ..f,, o j,! U it fmthrr rimelnl, ' hat there The N-w Coirlau'ler, do KjWJ lli.wii'.coi'Cot' The public lire caution-' .l,all be allowed ami paid to eveiy nble-bodu'd man Aincr i ail llibli.-ai Repository. do 3.IHI cdngainst the inanv'spuiiousini'dicme.,whi(li,liior- whn "'nail beduly cnli-teil to s.-rve in tlie nitilleiy or llibliotli.-ca Saera mi 1 Tiieo. llcv. do l.lill tier to deceive are railcu oy uaiiie, ffiiunui iu nuiu a lulllll try, lor IIH' iciui "i n j - ... ... imiick'-iiiih-iot ,iiii-i.iii , , .i,.iii Indian Vegetable Pills. . a boiuuv of twelve dollars j but the payment ol n nuts Meri'liMils' Mncarine, do 5(1) Tnr. oxi.v or.:iilvvi.A'nfirN('lsT Ixmav l.i.r.T.vnt.r. dollarsol the said bounty -hall be ilelem il until the Ddi-ctie Mag of I'oieigi Literature, do' Wn.t.UM WnimiT vvtm-, n.oliiit shall bale joined lor duty the legiuienl in Ainericinrlli'iiew or vv'hig Journal, do 5.111) tlx with A n.x o.VTiir. Tor I. Mil t. ol u no.v. A'onr uluch he is to serve," . 1 Soulli'-ni I.iterniy Mess-nger. do MK) vtlirr is gniulnr, anil In rmintcrlrit l.'iit is lonrnr.v.1 Tlie general superintendents or the rcrrnting ol lie IVanklin Institute, do .',.111 tlllies devoted cvclii'iuly to the mle of II iig'l'' service will give prompt and all lieci arv in-liuetioin Dcniociatic Review, do 3.IKI lmhta VtgtlMr J'iUt. wholesale and retail, I fill to the recruiluiL' oliiccrs, who will iiiniiediateiv pub-. lllaelivvood's IMinl.urgh .Magay'ne, do 3i) Itace Sdeet, l'luladelphia j asi lireenwuii street, ,sh this genernl onler, witii me liion- m i-niooi.-1 1 .img. m iioriieultiire uiul liotany, no jfu oy.iates ol pay njrccaniy n ci-iiog i.i New-Yoik: and 11H Ticinont Street liostou, and I'lXlv Sl'llAIt, lluiliugtoii, t. .Spceiiil Notice. E-5rTheetraordmary (iltAr.niNIlRIU. V11.I.S. winch sre nchieving uupar.alled triiunplH iu vanous sections ol this countiy, are now' introduced into this vicinity 1,-1 everysick person read the udvcitiscmeiit of the Ureufeiiberg Coiupany. which will be found in another column. Pur sale at Siiluwoju's, West side Court House Sipiarc. Congress. jas to read " resolutions of censure," instead ol 'thank host bv 117 to 1. I .Mr Thollllison of Mietinni. lllnied a siiuortitinn TVrsnlv nr. Tan Small- The Inan l,',l o' the rules, ill ord'T to cll'-cl the oll''rmg of a lesolll- ILrsn.u. t. Jnt.!scnnie. i no loan lull tjon calh , n t ,, jj ,;jr f ,n,lecl, was taken up. .Mr. ecott opposed the tie- ji,, (!,., Tu)lor. not hitherto published i aU or all tailsortlie bill, ami moved that no notes slionld'oirespoudencewitli the rjuarter-uiaster-geiieral. rela lie disposed of in nnv vvav for less than par uud ;"e to transportation, .V. lor lien. Taylor's nrmv, as intere-t. Agreed ti). " W'''lliislherepi,rtslroni(ieneralsiIiiinariiud(J.iuiiuan A;se.Mr. Illlct, the new member from I'-fe '-j-'t'i, Mississippi in place nf .Mr. JelliTsim I)uis.,nors SU. ' ' ' wits ipiulilied and took his eal. On motion of'Mr Asiunim moved to amend the resolution of Mr Air. Ilovil, lite I liinsu went into Uomnnltoe nl oou, ,,,, k us u, mciu len call lur iniormation a the Wlinb t-F'wiiiTr. ti:i:tii, svi;i;t iiuhatii, ANiJ IIIIAI.TIIY (ll'Mr- lor a.'ie, iiw, or the money reiniided to nil who are not satisfied, niter one trial, that one bov of the AMUKR TOOTH PASTP. ha. not done all this and more. The New Orleans Plea June s.a)s, mi Sepi 13th, " It is ihe most am!,rosial, delicious article, and too cheap nl a.", cents n box' Sold only in New York at nl CHATHAM Street. Try it once, leader, l or tale by H.var.lMiTox. s nun-veil, I si.Mm,,.,,,'. i. ,,i j,.;,.,,,.,.. An". Ili.Mno- tluee times in I wo newspapers in the vicinity ol their , t,y, (!u 500 respective rende vous. .... ChriMian Ktiinlner, !" '.'M 111. The term of service will hereafter be, during (i,,.y' J.adv's Unok, .Monthly, 'MM the wai" with Me.vico, or f ir live years, us the re- ( ( Inh.un's Miigazme, do 3.0) emit may pnfer. The blanks now in use will an-' ,w R.'iorter, dj 3,Ul) .wcr lor live years' lu-n, by wiiting on the back of Journal of INahh, do IjW the cnlistnicnl, ill due toim. me nq ureo icceipi ior i lie t cople . Journal, a new iilipttateu I ,lo do do do do do do do lo do do do do do do do .lo do do do do Wl) V00U:X MAMTACIA'ltKltS. A I H largo ('ianliiy f,f neer, I'ulid and liroken i Wools lor sale. Muuufuctuieis will find it f T llieir i interest lo cull. Vir.A-j: j( NOYKS, Iluilmgtou, January aJtb 31 , HOOKS AM) r.ll'KU. K1'shuilditig. up'isirs,) has n large to,k ol llOOIv'S and PAI'lllt. Pur- . clia.eis ate mviteii to call anil examine Ins stock I .1 ii ii.n y 7, H)7. 25 BOLTING CLOTHS A.VJ nur.n mill stoxiss. the hill. The utnciidin"iits were reported to tin House, and without any vote thereon, it ad journed. Vcnrsnvv.a7 Janv -Senate -The Judieiary Com mittee repoitej a bill lo regniatc attachment's in tlie I'n. ted Stafs Court., m tl,. several States, The Trea-ury Note bill was read a third time and passed, year 1'-. nav. a .Messrs. t.dtev ami Corwin.of the rotnfiieecom- Cow. and Calves, l5 I Sheen and about Itlo Swine. nuttee, reporteil a joint resolution tn provide birth"' llrrf Citllc Kxtra svc,j m quality Sr : ncond tran-porlation of the mail to and from the army in teiahty, 5"5 5JJ : third n.ialitv.stli I i I 7j ,ifiii ojiii .tuic uiaue in c ,, ai , -js i siuo. woiilil giauiy give in iiiem, nun, me muh-. iuu- uiv it not iu their jiovvt r. l'everaniliit!ierd"adlydis.aseslnve folloived in the tram of laiuine, and unfesssouieextraiirumary aid can be iibiained, Inland must soon becoine one vast lazar lioueof Ihe dvnig and ihe dtad. I)iuunan.vay, County ol Coik, Ireland, L)ec.a, 1SIC. , MARTHA I). COX, KATIIARINIIA.COX. IIARRICTSIIL'I.DHAM. ANNA MARIA C AI.HRA1TI1, ISARIM.I.A Sl'I.l.lVAN, i:i.i,i;n JAtioi:. lIor.r.tai.E W'c learn that one of th workmen ol the Central Railroad between lure and Montiebcr, was killed last week iu the following ili-trcs.iug man -tier. A rock that th-v were lilasting, not going oil readily, oae of the hands went on the rock, supplying the much hail gone nut ; but while on the loiklhe rhnrge went oil', proluemga seam sulliciently larg to take in his legs and a jiait of Ins body. The seam themparlly cio'ed up, confining hull closely. After using every means in their jiower to extricate him with nohonenl su"ee-.a consultation ol physicians was called, and at hi earn-'l solicitation a blood ves.L. j was opened, by vvlueh an en I was put to his suite rings. l.ibeilij Gazelle. We have s.c:i no mention of this circumstance m the Montjielrr pajiers.bnt think the above statement is correct ; having lienrd rumors lo the same i Hi-cl soinedj)s before its jeiMiealiou. Tie; unfortunate man rejiicsented to lie htcially rrush.'d to a jelly as luli uj as the hips, and as his death was inevitable it wj. the put of mercy to jut an end lo his agonies m the manner above stat -J Vers. Verm inter. "Horrors cm horrors dread accutnul.ite !'' We are sorry to feel obliged to say that our neighbor of the (iazelle bus drawn on the tears ,f numerous contemporaries without good cau-e. i ,':,II':V.' ."l J ' L ' ' " '. . 1r riT Vf! V P. ! e on Hie lull to increase the p iy of and . , Bn " , " ,';"lwl. V"1' .Mexico, so Inn.U i.. ,.,.,,j .,,1.1 ,.li ,., r ' '.' '.' '" - .' 1 1 sue ui oi me L llllcil Mates was connect- I ............. ...... ...IMIILl'-l.-- W , I,.,.....,, , P ,.,,,,., I... .... ... . Me-rs. McDowell, of Ohio, I In r- the object ol his amendment, and charging the ml ,'nlll. Wiel:. llolinrt Soiitli. (,r:ib:uo t 1 istlatloli with the ili'vlirti ,ilu.rir,.iii..i!..i. 'I'n.l.. tlie nnnv tmiiiiiin. Clern.ind. Pollock, Miuris Ilovd and Mindrv! f'Vr Ojual"" replied, and contended, that the acts others addressed the Committee: Amendment's ',"' 1 u,slJl5"'sw 'he rcveise of such an impuia wore proposcil. The Committee then uoeeed- Mr Thompson followed, and concluded hi. remarks ed to vote on th" nnien hn Mils, muiid of vv hich,by moving die jircviou oucstinu. were adopteil.clinnging in iterially the fc.iturs of. 1 ne llou-e udjoniueil until .Monday, withojt tak- iHavkcls. Hiighton 3Iiirl;et Jitny, i.". Hejmrleil fur the Huston Traveller At nnll..t f.:i Cnltlo .'11 , ..(. ..a . .1 Clltev lihd Cnrwin. of the l'ot DITiee eniii.Tmi-- I IK.I .. n.,.l l uul e.'. .. ' Melco. Mr.Cilley's resolution tn withdraw the troops from, nnd Sllj. Mevico was taken up, and alter some remarks, Mr.! Coirs ami Cnhes Sales noticed at SJJ, Sfi, S7, 31 Cdley made an evjilanation, and the o solution via. a7, Ii), and sia. laid on the table, veas 1 1, nays (I .Mr. Calhoun wasnoi, Sieep Sales of lots at 51,7D,a,aj,S,7j 3,12, l.-Jjand jire-eiu. s1.-!. one A communication was received from the " .S',rfAt wholesale tc for Sows, nnd 3c for Ilar- iresiiieiii, in repiy ic, icoiuiiou 01 ui'j-.iiry, Miewiog rows; at retail, iiniii r, to c,,nno 0, c ur lb. the whole amount l postages lor the last tiseal )ear N It. Wc nolieed a bright n-d (Ix. seven vears old. (or the l.vciitivc dep''s letters. vveiglung nbout 3.lilU lb. , ted bv Selh W)iu.iu, lq , A coiumnnicaliou was neeived Irom the Secretary 0 .Shrew s'niiy, Mass , and, in our ojuuioii, the fiue.-t of the 'Picas iry.with a statenienlof the names ol the model of an ox that has been at this niaikit for many c lerks nnd oilier person emplojed in the depaitmenl vears. We also noticed two bi-auliful cattle weo'lung during the la-t vear, and the manner iu which the 5I0J lbs , led bv Luke Hush, I '.q ,uf Wcstlield, Muss , lontingent bind of the department was e.vjiendv J lor live ).-ars old, which we pronounce second to none in the vcar ending IJIihSeptcinbei lust. N-w lluglaud. The above live yeai. old wire sold ..... ..M'.K..., .i.. .. j.'iui i ...... .in.,,, in uuciioii on i&i i eo in inc v,;une 1 air lliuel. ihe adiaiieed bounty, and they will also siillur lor the new term until new blanks can be uintid, by subsiitutiugtlie words" during the war," iu the hand writing ol the reciuitiiigolhier, lor the vvoids " fne years,' asjiiiuted in ihe jircsenbed oath ol nllfeiance. IV. Coinpaiivl'oumrindeis will add two loliuuu to the nuister lolls, nnd iuiiter and pay rolls now in use, tofhuw the piyiiienis on account ol "bounty" Iu the fir--t column will be charged lh ndv.irced boun ty nd to the soldier at ihe lime ol his enlistment : iu Ihe second tlie retained bounty due him. nnd which is to be nai.l tiller loinuiL' for duty tin regiment in which I he is to serve. Recruiting ollieiis will add similar column, to the blank iiiu-ler roll, niu'ter run! pay i rolls, and muster and uWriplive loll, .Ve., u-iect ively, lurm.-lied lor the lecruitings'rviec. V- Tlie term ol seivii.i' having been changed Irom live vcnis to ibunig the war with vlevico.iuiil n boun- r t. .. .t..u.. i, i. .. 1 1 .(. i ,. I dm, ,1... I rcssOlhcc.froin U A. M. lo I P. M., and will so re-1 alll ',n u the niniy will Iw Illicit ma shoit time, main till the 1st ot March. Alter that Jieriod biisinrs with one eveniou nun iiitohv i m ne in "i men will call bio, abroad seieral week.. ,!.,. In .,..l. crtlltillg "Iheele, who will evplalll Udlv to the recruit ing the " sjiring lime" in waning for dilatory delin quents, it is not a sniposable case ; and an agency w ill ' he the only alternative. Tlie hills are mule out, and one hnudii'd a day can be." bowed oil" with ense al which rnt3 the month of IVluiriry will jut about carry us lluotigh. This note is addressee lo jou, sir, in jiartieular 'I' II. U. STACY I ft home," at the reading room, under the Tree ' entci. hetoiche cnlit, the conditions upon which Ii the .(.men. VI Whenever recruiting stations irove unsueces.- noi hea . mom h v. tor a 1 class ... i . haul and Mary Ibnviitanl .MisMir tineau nre coutribuluis to this wotk. l-n gliTh KJiliun, do a,j) do ;.I".'lieiil. American Jour, of Med S .iencv, (Jiaiterlv..'i,O0' do IMIsS-leet Medical l.ibraiy, di'rilW do iledico-l'hirurgieal Review, do 5UJ do Uiili-h and 1'oietgii Med Riview. do 5.00 do ilritis'i fj I'oreig i Vl "dl R.'Vi. vv, Reprint 3.(10 do lloiton Med, and Surgical Journal Io:itlily.3'0 do l.oudi'U I.aueit, do 5.DJ do llrailhwaitc's Rctro-pect, Twice a iar, 1,5J do Weeklies, t.ilteir I.wing Age, Weekly. fiM do l'liiladeljilua S nuiilav Coutir, do a,0i) du New York Albion ; or ll.itisli an 1 Colonial Porcigu Weekly C.a tie, do (5 ,110 do Am nca.i Abuaiuie s 17. yearly do 1,0(1 do N II Any vvmk, jiublished In lids countty, not ini'iitioueil pi the above h-t, will he Punished to'order 0 II, i. Co, through tlcir agents iu London and P.iri'.are enabled toupiii nil Luro,ctin piibhcntion (b'd.'rsiua le up for b ith ih nbove jilaees o:i the first ana tiltciiilh 1. 1 i i ei v inoutti fill, they luii-t beabindoneil, and new ones csiabh-h-. , . .n...u.i M:.e-l'ii!ieous, School nnd cd j nnd il any olhtvr I id toget reciuilsnt more thiiii ' .liioic ItooUs In Wesiford.on the 3It lilt., bv the Rev. John II Woodwaid.Ceo. W. Pcltiiigill.oi Georgia, to h'liza belli R. Moigan.o! W. IiiOeorgin,oniliel7th inst, David J. einoi's I-land uir lony-nmin year ol Ins age. In Georgia, Mrs. Ouvl Uallard, cged -13 )cars. Of Consumption, on the Dili IK'C. 13 IC, Lovix.v, wifcof'Russel W. Uarto, of Hinckley, Medina co., O. Tried friend., Oh shall we ni-ct. Where the spoiler linds no jnev, here lovely things and swui Pass not nuny one nation, he shall he relieved and oideicd by the uperiulendcnt to join his teguuent. VII. More than onhnaty attention must be paid to the tactical instruction ol recruits by nil oilicci and coinuian.leis from the moment of cnlistim-nt nt the leiiib'Z vous, until si ut to join tlHr leginietits. To llusioiul the ntleulioli ol coinniaiidels of deiots and jiost i sjieciall)' dnicted See No. 73s, Aim)' Re gulations VIII. 'Plie garrison of Port Columbus having been withdrawn lor service m the Hell, that pt has been turtle lover cxch.s vely for the recruiting service ns a dejiot ol iustiiictioii. Colonel Cmue, of the 1st re. giuient of ultillery, die geneinl superiiitendent, will give sjiecial attention to tins subject, and see that the lecnius be comloilaWy iiiartercd and well instructed lining the sirt tunc liny may ue retameii on (jov- suiHuivd vvholi-nle and ntail Poisons ordeimgnta ilist.iuee, by leuiutiug the money oi nciiy liieieuee. may dcjii nd ujion jinnupt attention, and on as good terms asthoiiL'h p't-sciit. LtJCAL"l'ION. The iuM!e nre inlornieil that we nil out no travelling Aolxis. Therclme lo avoid being imposed upon by unauthorized jicisuus, reinil )ourordeis direct tons. lloston, November, HIG. 30w2 n. r. wm rn. No. I Mm Im lllnek. Milk t:t t. P,ostoy, f io.vnxri:s to iah'okt axij kkkps J constantly for "Mr, nn ixt"ii;vc nnr Uncut of lin taut luU;v of the nioet npp-nvctl rnttrni. f'rnn loiff r.tppri-'i.r1! in th-1 iMriiuuiictntL1 niid 't: t( ttiif m title, f AiU i'rtitT t'liuhU'tl tn tiirm-ii III. ii uu inon p'rttTt nml iturnhlf Clutlis thin tan b l'Hi:nl t U litre -iiiJ ut ci luw jiriccs. At ft. Iirnrli Hnir 31 Stou. of u thru, inarm f ictitm I nt tin Muac!iii-k'tH tiluic l'muii. Sept. 1 Hit'.. Hpl The rvvAi A: iwnv niivc i:sta it mk ii m i;.t, nrnuytrrox rt, riMinMiWiilvT incon-jtinilv mpln. wittinnl of- lVr- at ttlmli'-ntc nuJ reuil, Aiu-.iiuaii, Cnliiljf Trench mul Iiuln New Chotiiinl- ; I.tcIh's ; Surtjicnl Instrument-.; Mineral IY ' I) ntil articles, ii.iUne ir .Miucrhl Watt'is ; D.;.i-'rrrUypf' articU h , (.eiminc Patent anJ 'ihmnuiiiaii Mcdifmc-i ; Pur l,iip)..i aiid Vims; Soil i i'nuutn anil hyrniJ1; Urushf.-., Per fumes, &uais. Ink-, lihokniii. rtincy niivl 1).hiic-u ntticles; Giat- Waif; Dve-Stiill". (.'ainphctie Ve. ,r, IVfiii tlV ruUnutajc of ri'tviving .Minora! wnton, C'lMiphriic, L'fi;ln-. Vc ,penoJicylij ,pareliueis c&n relv iiprtn tiicir fic-hui-"'- lllillviilu.lN llllllLf Tril'-M'F, I'Ct'ltro, c will al- vas ti hi a pursuit 111 aliciiJaiice to tippt) tlicin. MeuiciiKs iiisvnN.u at an jimir-. oi iniit. btf TilliO. A PHCK. C7iuimm:us look innu:. STHONCS & CO. hae jum rrrmed I.a tliri'p'a .superior Axe-, nianiif.ielnred of ilu best tUmMe letiiK'il C'l-t Siecl, nn.1 icnnint"U 'v Inch thej will s11 thi'iiper th.ui eer, at w.ivlct tic and ntail. Jan. IU, M7. 20 rrriini! the Pre-uikm to inorure irnhl uiul -ilrr mo ilal-ttnr iho itllicf n nml men ot lh Kremh, Spnm-li' anJ ltitli'sh e-s4-!. fit war, ho aiilcil m rcstuin the ! sifHH-n nl th1 lirii Somer1. I'awil A jont reftliitioi wasottt're! Iy Mr Oirret Divi9.1 rctj llllliy Hit" 1 i lilt-IU HI IllMTIII lllf I H"i"H' tMU'UI''! I stati:m,':nt op ni!ic:inov ii:ki:t rou is ic. 33,iiTH Ileef C.alt'ie.i iles iblmiiited nt Sl.l'.,;v70 ID, Kit b'toirs, " " '.iuII.'JSJ lUS.tljJ Miecp, " " IIj.'.-.'IIJ 11,'JIO tjuhic, " " t;o(i,iJ The ingenious accident narrated, anil tlio more iii'icnimis tiiethoil of relief, arc ' all in my eye and Airs. Klizibsth .Mirtin," or rather, as it wa ejtpresciJ in iho orioinal bv the Duke of Wellinlon, Mo mm o'-cutn, tl 1'AhahetU Mar tin." Wo (Jishku to stiuh people's feelings, hut let all w ho arc really distressed give a shilliti"; to the poor. IMPOPiTAM7 Itl'MOi'l. Tlie Huston Daily Aihtrliser ot Tucfd.iy, says : bave.viho he is, nnd iihat is his compensation. The House re.'useii 10 snp..i w regular order o' business to receive the reolutionf The bill toincren-e (lie pay of nnd grenthonntylan.l to tie- resuhus an I volunteers ol the tinny, was liually passed asuinelided, 1 T I to 18 .Mr- .Sehenih uioird a sti-pensinn nf the rulers to in trodueehis re.-olution relatueto the w-itli of our troop, to the I' ist tule ol th' Itlo Orande, vvlllili was ii,.'iiivc I by a vote of 1-iio l.r,0. The two Senate iinienduienia to the Treasury note bill weie npiwil to. 'Pue I otIe then went into eonunittee of the whole on th- Naal nppropriitiou bill. Alter dilmte the roiiiuuttr.e ros- Mtthout nny action -iiendui'i a million by .Mr Hopkins to clos.' the debite at t o'clock to- morrow , tlie m,il-e iinjouiiieu. I m iisovv. Jany. -J ll,910 Iteef Cattle, l.l,i,r. Mores, I lOT.WU t-neep, ( 37,310 Iieef Cattle, 1 l, htores, Td.'JTI Sheep, 51,7111 .Swine, 1315. 81,171,113 DISSOLUTION.

'EMU. Cm'' iiiinrrrnroni: i:ist- B ui'! under Ihe Hi m of !spauhlin2 It Iluuell is tins d'iyili.'j!v..dbymituilcjii.,it All p"ions liavini; un-ettleil accounts, are e.arnesily reouested lo call and settle furihw ith. 11. It. SI'Al'l.DINO, Burhiicton, Ptbrnary 1st , 1817. Notice. Tllllundeisi'jrneil havini; laken the Um horttofore n.,..:.. I I... I I r. I, . . i . . ui.i,ii ii i,, .i.iiiiino. i. jin-eii, lire Jirejiurerl to m. clllte all kt.iils ol l'.il.niiiL', l'n,er limiting. Sic. Jti'., with iieatnes, nnd de-paich, iheap lor Un.h, nnd from well known experience, tiil-t to yu'e illlllesaUslactioll to alt who may iiil iheiu n cull. .s ii iiussnu.. .1. I.V.MAN s-PAUI.DINO. I!jrlin-ton, I'ebruaiy lt,lbi7. HJinO ill order II. JONT.S, Adj. G-neral, UNITED STATUS Alt.MY. r.rrrt TTiNr: Her.riLC v nntcd for the United States Amiy, nblc-boilied men, between the ages of Is and 3j )eiis, belli above , leet 3inihes tn!i, ol jrooil cliaiacter, aim m icsjiecoioie m.iihiiiih ninom their lellow cmens. Non.' need apply to cut, r the s.'iiice, but those who are determined to -civethe p-riod of their enlistment, honestly and faithfully, " durint the vvar" vvith .Mcsico, or for the u-rm ul five cnis. Table of estallisl.eil rales of pny csiceal'.y lo cxulints laics ,1'ny ol artillery' Pay of dra- .......... "HU Hers, and ol 1 1 11 e in e n liaioons nml wh.-n ritlenicn when, mounted. icrvin on loot. I j. or oio.tll. f'v . .o .1. siM:riAi Mvnci:. Ai Vctaom hum j n;istttlel account1 with tlir uhi-cribcr ot n.i'r one car':4 standniLr. are le- q'i,(-tctl to call UiU s.-ttle lc sjiiu iimn Minti-iy. to &avf oust. Ii. S. GAL' V. Wettloiii, Jan. 19, 1317. JWwG A1 notici:. rpiIH Partnership herctofoii exi.luif- under tlie I name an I linn of V II. HATCH fsi'" vvasdij solved on tie 1st ot Jjn. in-t., by mutual consent. Wmooski l'.-ris, ) u. j VTCII. Jan. I), 1317. 30w3 A tl. .'i'l HUNG. 15. CnAtt. estimated sales ?l,953,f,IS 1511. ISYi:, COIl.V A OATS. Ct ASH paid forPi)-,Com & Oats, by ' 3.' llcl, i,'l7 1' it H II. DDOLITTI.C. T-Tt).S lIAY.for Sile I) .livered in the Villag J il'reipiired by 3:,s3' 0 II. MOUIll'.. cJlimatedfalec $1,C.SD,37I Daily Advirliser. liiistun .tlm!,ctr(,l. 1. llejiirte.l fur tlie Huston Cittiiei CKAI.V. Dntij-Uver cent. The result ol the ste-iuiei's new s has been a very 10 oclock, 1. .vl Ihe laryendvauie on the p m ol icceiveis, vvith a hrisii oe T II. Siuiicit Fi.axm:i i Pur sale by CATKIN it SPUAIl. liXehaii!' IJuihlin, 3,w3 Water titieit 3d l'eb. IbST. I!rTrr.Hrii:r,t) A'C... Have un hand a few lla-kels Ilerilsieek ta Co'& Cli niipai'-ii, i, ant .i ( ,u'i . iio Also a few P.islith I'm e Jui're Toi t Wine, " Co.. IlianJ. 30 WnSTAU'sj llAI.r? V A llesll rnid ,e Itou. i. .nil ii, u,...iiio. Ithas been eiiraiied since mam! for cvnoit.itiou Home fO.lKJ.l buhels Coin. six o'clock, u nb elo-e I doors. callini: the aves and noes comniisi- tin, cnrnoes shipn'' I lor l.tvetnool, have Ihe mails or last niht lirinc lis mterestin; I on motion, to adjourn and to evcuse ansentees i ur- been icsom at vjj a iji per ou-li'l.lhe puo-naser na intel!i"onco Isitli from'" the nnnv ami rumor her proceeding, under the call dispensed with, 81 to vin ihe tiJvniitni- ol n lowci intent neihi ( n i is from Tbo rllv nf Movie, Ilmv 7,r llio litter -.nnd the.loors opened. , ,nnw sollis. A Kiiaull ipp, nnti ,ck Cull . I I'l ' irom mo cilj nt .vicmci. IKnv tlie l.uic r A motion ofMr (Ides (o lake a rrp until tomor- nt W. , ii'idtw.j i.,,.. -mi,- . i arc to be depenili'it upon wo rannot now judsc rowr.t ten o'clo'i I. was ue4'itived, -i-it,. oi 'm-ne, Uit.nrc vMntted at o c,ai whie.i souu sales The telegraphic despatch to the New York pa- The llou-e i now ciillun the n.ves nndnoe.on nn h ive been made. Aiiiii-o Ila-tcrn sold in I'.l, per pers states that it was rumored in 'ashili"lon appeal Irom the decision ol thr chair, l.nviii!! been buJicl.siiii'eai j'J.nud ure heJ nl the close nt 3.'j -r on Simdav. " that Hie Mnirein dm-'rcis hail ' c"Uod nbout limes this loreuoon. rsyiuptouisol bu-hel. 1 he ,ii..iaiiuii inthe lliiiibsh maiket is ,M. ., ' , ! nan I any, ins naa .. , ( , j 10,mi,1PI1t. per quarter of iSJ lbs, which, with llvi-ham-i ut S per aecepleJ thr I mlcJ Sinks ;,r.,;tiin far Jiracc, ' VRn- .jJjnn .sVr Mr Morehead pres.mted cent. and lVight --.! I, will nctt ubout Ml 31 , r bu-liel " and had authoriseC the nppointment of peace n mi-moiial fu,m ihe i ditor of a daily Cincnmali pa- otW, lbs. Oui rmuli-hniiviccs state that the demand " cmnmis-inivrs to mel commi-sioners tier n-kms Coiures) to inve-t bun vv th power tofurm fur Indian Coin loniiiiued unnban d, and the mm ply " fnun the rniteil istates (loverninent." We I " coinpnny to evtend tin nintiuctu; teleimph , him luiheilo has not hcen by any means mleq lale ; the IIIC .tlt'tllllC Iteean licieiicu lo uie I o?l oino- "nml" j.j.iv...... .iiuiiii iii.ov..,, . in-, . Committee. The Coinmillie on Printini reported to be Koni'jto 1 iniicc, uu I prices have luither iidinu niaiiist pimtins Miudry luemoiials ol Ptiends piavui' ceil. 'J'lie belnl vvn pievnlciit thin coieiuiiieut would a speedy termination ol the War. propose the iinuicdiute nbolnii nol ihe ieiuaiiiiuilu- 1 lie ten ri-izimcnt mil was in ui taii"n up, nun nr. lies on nnii,Min ii i.iu - ii n-i ,,-n,.,;iis ,u 4 I'lAV DOZ. lATIl HlIAVV I'llINfiKn Wooi, il Clove. 1'or sale by CA'PLIN .t SPKAll IJvjhau'. II id h ij. Water Stuit JJ 1 VS. 1317. 3Jiv3 RIIADV m tun rivriiixfj, 0vi:i!i,ls, I'rocks, Shirts, and Drawe-s ,tc l .l no ... I!, il lin., I' VTI.1V X- RPI' I? Wile Si. t3.Ileb. H17 3iiv3 me laws pronuen ikuimoii lor nun. Iiy me auoie n is seen that tin pay an t allowances To the Sergeant Major. (Juarteinuisler Sera't. Chief Mu-ician, and Cluet Ilujler, euch, SIT 817 1st Seiiiemii of company,! lo 1(5 Ordnance Seiiennt, U All oilmr .Scrccantsacn 13 13 Coniornls, y 10 lliirfais, 8 'J Mu-icians, H I'airicrsAi P,!ncksmitlis, 11 Alliheers, 11 Invatcs, A bounty of twelve 5ollai will be paid to each re cruit enlisted lor the artillery or inluntry arm. HisiuYs the montlilv pav, ns above rtated, one ra tion per day is allowed to every soldier, which is am ply sullieient for Ins subsiMence ; ulso a lame sunny ol comloitable nnd iinteel clothui' (iood quarteis nn I luel me at all times luriu-lied : and evejv aden- tio.u will be p-inl to makiui thoM ineiiwho may en-li-t, nnd are deiermined to wrvo their couutrv m ffood 1 nth, I'oinlortabie and contented with their situation. The hei medical attendance isalwnis ,uiMdeil lor the suk -oldier ; and no dednetiou "ol jny is mad" ilurnu the (icriod he is unable to ii-i form his duiv -houl. I Ih soldier be disabled in the line ol Ills duty, m or wild ciii'.p.ity ie .nine aiticle ol this vuluib . reinedv for ciddi coaion ,.e. can be louud ar 3Jw3 ' lIAItiaNCTON'S. I7I:C1I '0-i)(;M:. Tho-wihiii2 a nie X nitiele of rrciuh Coloyient the Importer's pri ces should c ul ut HAKltlNtiTilNS. A I. MICH I'.uantity of Lump Tobacco of various lliauda, on hand nnd (r sale bv 3J,v3 i:. HLTPilltl'IP.I.D&C'o lIIAIts" OH.. A tew more bottles lelt of Hint I) pure Ileais" Oil. also llulfalo Oil. Mncas.irOd, i:c. at l'Jw3 HAlUNOTON'ri. i.i J'srrir.n:::if:crfs.Pirt Pooksof Nnm- J-l rsl History. S vols. Uieuieuts ol (;..oloify, " ll.tnny, " I jitomo!o-v'. " ('oneho!o!y, " lb rp 'toloey nnd Ichth)o!o7, " (Jitni'iolojy, '' Mauuiiaio'y, " Aiu.tomy ami Phvsioiorv. gsThe above "tie ot book .liould be tn the Library of I'vetv tamdy. A lare suiiplv lor sab-bv Jan I"). C COO'DIIICTI. 1 IJi'TTIlll I'l III, l.r.Cu. Have on hand -i" Uoonic's sjuulf.lor s lie at Troy price. 3.)w I AtJlt'AI, lnr!iTI! vCi'OU. A P i ' J ot this invaluable Salve should b touud iu i-iety house. Its, lie-1 iii'iu bums, s-i-nld-. i'.e istrulv ma- lIAlilil.M" t U. TiiniiANMNC r-Acn. DT!. Sinitii, nn-t ie-p'cihiii inl.'rin-. tlicpnIdTc til it hflri-tiinrrhaseil of lr Knit-rv tin iiehl in manulactme aiulMeil Dr. Banning Infily eelebiutej and itnaluublc iati:t Lin:. which f ir y irpaiM eiry thino; of th kiml in nnrktt. AnJ Kuowin-i th:it the article uiiieli In" l-en iwil in tlii M'cti;i has been ef an infi-riur .iifthty, (auMiu mane a tiihtri', lieiiin, if a aitirle had been faithfully anpli'd, a cure would have hern the rt'sull in.- ii.!- ii in m- tiii.uiviir-iiL' nn .i yiij'jii iruni nie ori uiiril taetory of l)r 11; inn iijr. that e rv Iiee may bi pti feet ami i ery pitient hf-ii-tiitclby tt 'IV Doctor iht re tote unites all who need anj thing of the kind tu iv liim a call. t t!ie nn.iliil consider that the Licp is fur the re liefaml nifpofthc following di-."a-ts.,neheome ot a dtp! ici or weak nerd of the oran-i ot the body, W7 Vcakncof th" brmt "hnrtn''-- of brntli ;cou?h ond -pitlinjiot blood ip.ilp.taiiontd'lhe bvnrt; wtakiif-4 ol th.- nit,- and ttfimaeli jd)1-p-p-ia ; eoiiPiK";-; and pili ; p.iin in the back w iih curvatiirt-jb. iir mr' down with v.cikue-i of the liipnnd lowi-r e.t tn iniur'x; and dump ing ol the body t s p -eifilly iiijo'in,; The ftbrnc mil oth?r &ni!onu eiT-ctions, htra hitherto b.i!lied all eonitittitioiKil treatiiitut : but sum thoy have been irwed as Mfrhamear and hale leen tnaicd by tli; ' Lnce' thi-y liaw l'iia"-d cuied nni Wk can no'VM'f a hot otea-.". .nnnfy well or halt r,n!-;whea!;noto,n;:V,fiJotri Jrra::.'"; pniieipif tt tretitnnM.t ; and v.liy ? tffnno their " hti.i-c i fiMi.u div.n. :ui b biu.lniu lliem up, liicirpa.n-- amn, aiu unicaey to inu'rnut remedies i thereliy irnen 7.if0.inn Pxniiunitio:i "-f Cuinniittfe of eminent ni"difai mt'ir, apptdntrd by the Amriean Inaiitute, a, IV-mium Diptuin i was awarded lo iha in-itm-inrnt. MTtf. . I. Tho('nnnli'd bv the doctor, hf ic trranti to and to bntfft ih" patvnt; but th' tame maybe had at mnuutoii i,w no af-o nns an noitinent ot Jctctts .VfuiciHf.ftt the lowest ea.Ii priti'1. U VV be coiiMlud nt iV strtri't, thru' door w his n -idenee on Chnry --I nl the t 'onurfu'itional Church, at any Line, wiu-n not proK'ton.illy tn ijiged H il"-' J'tlsr msum, it fjni ami rite vitajwa tionsvl ('irtam Ktni'iit ol tin Lancrt and L'jlomtl, to tnt! eontiary notnwuh'taiid:n;, and he wi-he- vt triemWaiid p-itrou to uiul r-tatnl, that he is not in the le:it di-iippoint-'d or dwoiuag'-d on aeeotmi of any ojmithn or t-n iierternttift h- inay rreeivd at tut Innds ot otd -v-hool l'h-ieian-' fut tfn-) know their emit N iu ilanfi It i-ivjI trane thai 11101.5 tiiantlim tho-i-ind doiloi. wordi nl lA't'-tte, atio Ifptic and .Matuiie meiiiein, whifli h" Im- dt-rdt out to hw nuuitTou- patient!-- 111 tin- vicinity, in K- ib:oi l.inr i.'ara cLriiii' niuUiUid .-. ii ta-.- ii'n ov r b tlw MVdieal tacnliv, a vvnotn imuiaule b nd art not toll what U tbe anlbority for this " ru mor,' or the mod? by v.lucti the nceouuU nn uliicli it puriiorK to bo funnded wore received. Wc have tiiUherau account of an advance IS "ir t ixT 1 1 if mi Vi'ii mr tvn i M r r Sr- nrL i-,-I",-,itt nnn tint, wuii pruiion-'i-' aiu t-eono- ui'ai 1 o u.- iujuj ai n.vui.i.Nt. 1 u. .-3. lullactex; htioni.i exeite tlH'tr leuis ami can 14 v sY-'Vr mv tin monthly p-.yoMlu.sobhPr, nay be laid - Ww3 I i-iU th-ir bitta rt ludigMhw. lint .Vttl.e ;. r-o m on TJ Wit,; I 1 a-.rverytluni;rin.-lteforhieom!ortandeo:n.-mence , , ja le wukv." Tiu.l. b:ne.b calhni; to th-ir aid i,v lh" aovermiietit, incliuliiiji hi" M.L-ar f J1.1 iV 1 ',1 ,1 . r H r t 1 . old c hcalio.i.ii pi em Itcc?, ami V,rjn- T . ? m hxtt I . . MnVro, nnn.brr '" 1 l,n,Jt"" Ml'"r- tlim-lme. liwy r,-a- ' " ' ' a "-P" f "..'J1'1" '' died. f.wiu'd and kept up m l,i luuuU ot the Vi.tJe lh- e..idt.unl Iih H-h.ol ;;n."7fr ddyMve trom I to during his t-ul.-trnt-ut of neek. b.ielu-ad.c riioiil I iw.- tin; -v he Ii In- . , CiriliillJ ,ttdna't hi -wa.mot luuity ofim. Uhirtfnn. ; ' 1 . ,lt five xca.s; and at th- ..iru.m ol the Umu. he can, n wn y to .nnre tlu- kin, but ttl t.r.ll remove j w h.Mouh. ltisaui--.'ut ilp-.-tnh.iri . ik ;U - Wlu.rn lilW. athj tht M-ttb hmw -If eoiulortably. , f"ly by JKvM HAlttJNd 1 ON. ...... .V1. IUA1,1IJ,Wuiff tlnn to lll'll in IMUl r l.l III,-, I'll , lit '1 ..i ... 111- 1 ,,.! . . .1. I I movement nf our nnnv und tho neeuirithm of u'ln P'n.u m npiiosition In the m-ciumi t-riiniiii; 'bun in ilein-iuOfcoinewnai lugner nnccs. i.ooKtnini Victoria. Tills arcount nun,., throu-jh tlm to- V"rtJ, V'f.l'Z liici, ana is uiiiitmiitrillv in tlio main u.i,i i,.n..u. -i,.. ,i ,,r.i.,wii. ,..ili.,u.i.i correct. Ihe Inllinviii'; n tho itory in told by iers. s-uclcullmil.s nrt. ulieudy furinuii; iu I'liilu- wuneideu cm be tunned 0i tollie iruUub.e icsultcl jruhir channel, and is undniihtt'dly in tho main ,'nrree.t. The fnlhnvin" is. tin- sti,rc ,w inld Itv tlie telegraphic ih'-palch : I drliihin 1 . il nn htock tun inndernte cions in tie nenn .N'inlli el Hutiipe, it vvimld seem llmt hiijli prices must - ciilltllliie tu lull- lur lillilllin 111 ciinie : ceiniiiu)' uuill nex- hiirvcst. Wamisotov, Jatimiry 111, 5n, :.t Thohri"! L'orvvinmnde a spirited and olnTient reply, mil Hjll I'lilij. 30 ;ifr-(. Ceorgiana, from TampU;o 1 1,1, in-t. arriv.,1 ut ilS amcndnin wn Vi nous bu "7 A I We nnd" Kiled Vnul. New Orleans Hi lift, l-nliuipl huino,i arrived mldicr the option m receive n ccrlilicnte id m i r vviiliusifedii advuncc in puces. Tlie ftock iu niniket Hock lur luur hundred dollats inleml of ICUucn ii not lieiivy.butsnnie l:irie lots Inch linvcbcen held rl'iT,irn nn till, l2th. dirpel fpnii, Vietnrin . 1 i-eiu -1. f...... I !n..n..,l '1, I..-,., r , I of I-.,.. 1 lin I lie culllltri'. will undullllti'illv tsjiin l,e blouitlit til t;l,t. L,.,i, onerations for tho nr,....,il The ndjonrnwl last nmlit nt half pift ten mnrkct. I iuui a J,tveriol niniualrcH,r . received per .Shichls, to su-p-iU onoralio is I ,r l o rc-i t. I oVluck The uJMiui tif.n f f u'moti,,,, lliberniu.vvecMratt tlie lilc,m- " Tuesupply Has Ho entered ictoria vvilli tien. liuilin.ui cm tlio . iu,.xeu jr Al,muu hum viiliui' uu nn npneiil Imin bum l,nt nindi nitc ; liipnients iu yeuciiilnl tins nrti- llth. General Quitman drove the .Mexicans be- the decision 1 Tins iiiornini the minion tu clelroui llie I nited Mutei have nut, been leuiunera 1'oro lii m the last thirty or forty miles before cu-1 excu-u wiilulraun, also ihe nppenl teriiiu Victoria. I'liiii on live, and eolcly uvvnii; lo tlie want of caic iindjude-, "t.SII TAII) I'lilt IliAlV. he (iiiitu.n nl Mr I )i ..ti, nml, . ,li r'i.i,i,ii,l,n ,,l 1 1 ini-nt ill tlie exiiauter. It will ultiluatelv become U II I'fl, !t Nl- ., If IV e I'Pt te : . . . r... 'P....1 . r V, lime leMllueil cunslili rill oil ol ine naval u piiro ilia-.llllicie oi .im uu luii.nice mim-ri.iiis, iiimiiBii n . Ull tlio 1st January, vjcn. .iyu" i"i- ,,;, Ht Sims nl . t'., raynennd Hum-' no reason lo prevent it paymj the luenliant rqunlly T A .HI'S, I.K.'II T. I.ard Lamps, .-solar. Oil and wnrd Col. Mav to exainiu.i tlio innutitaiii nas-c- , nd.lies,ed llie lyouuniltee. The Committee then Willi nny other produce ; but UieMiuple truth i-, neither ij LMienucnl I.anin.. for Snm-s. P.irlnm. I'lm,, I.... la'tvveen Monteiuorales and Uihradores. On his proceeded to vole on the iiineudnieiits. 'judK' nieut nor care hecu used , uud uuuhties luive s &n.,of new und beautiful imterns, ,iti cuinuii e lei struct and g m-ni huif -ll- 'Vim icii.l 'rs Ins uu lies plea-ant and ensures su.-ces.. I h" lucillties .,r the acq lisiti.ui of natural svieuee. ale ii'unu illy io.,d The Principal poessa l'iri Il-r-h diau 1'ele-oop; rtsuperioru nlity. vvilli oilier excellent upparatulaie. ly enlarged, which he will ue lor the benUitol the student Tuition I'or the Miliary branche, S3."0 " " Ilitther, " -I.IW " " l.niiuaeg, TJiiiiriZcan he obtained ut Irom 91,2j t" Sle'Jper week, ineludinil wn-liuw, .tc I, ,. : . . " , . . . . .1 .. , ; ii. ii i", cry tic. n ii me. Iliaiinose win iiiiiiciiine 1 mill TV .... alien I ns, slio-dJ co.u i.n ut tlis b.'j;ui,iui' oi the T'''. NI;VI (l"-UTi:il IV THIS I.VSTITI'TIO.V quaiter m wtlleoniincnce, on tiic'J I day of Mnreh. Tcavs U'nliston, I'ehy 1 ,1917. . half payable in advance. llii'jlilihrnneh- esuii.i i,uui, jter iuarier ;., ; l reucll l,auuae, -j,- .Vlusic. ss,'l.l. 'u!, l.iiilin, Wtfliins; Sec Q'l'j iieur a sma deduction is made Noueiireailinilt lUmltivirilii. lur less than one Term or two Qiiaiu-ra, and no deductions nre made forab on Ins own land, lur the re-t of his hf The s,im ,,(' two dollars will be pai I tu any eiti7cn, Xon.L'oiiini, oued Oiiiccr or Soldier, vv In, shall brui to the render vous an uble-boditd n-cruil, who f hull be ieiuUiiy enhsteil. Tha citueit shuuld prisent hi I rccruu-io ihe Lieutenant or Captain, uud nut to the I Itccriutiui' s-erueunts. ! J.Mi;d It. SCOTT. 1st. I.t. 7 Inf. I Uecriiitins Sttiiiuti, 1 Hicruilui' Olhcer. 1 I'urhiiiou Vl -0 S January, 1317 ) I l!ui:in:;toii feinuio Seniiuiiry. Ac:i:ii nio.M Tin-: old im.ock,'' j, MYI1() V.I.Xi:V. unsi'irr- . ii tfy iiuiv mtiiuaies iu. ii in is uu liion wrWfs-J-.ik lodo nnv '!iliur.i, in tl'" Iruii line, -s-n7rv fiat the fuiilii nny see hi io tivor nun -A. v- witn SlIOl' al tin Ol.lStind, liere- tofore occupied bylustither Hurli.ijtun, HI7 2.'. nl't'ii WIIIIAT ri,tUt.iVs!i ground, fiom 0; )rawiui,s!,iii SJ new wheat, and wnrruutcd cood.hy 1 H '.vr.n, includ nn 1 1 IVb. 1. IS 17. ) l)i:Vr,V. perliuaitcr Hi the . lmi. .,n,.r nans leadili" to Linares, I Mr Cocke, ol 'IViin. n-ked the unanimous ronsent been iiused.niid cviu Irainl u-ed m packui,so ilmi a rouud ( s, Wicksaud extra (ilobes and his rear jriurd cut oil, by rolltn-; f tones into j4Tl.,.,uv. 3il.lau In the Senate, Mr Jarnagii tlie naa5 which was pcircelv wide enou''h for :i on leave introduced n joint resolution, prc-entiii; il Kinule horseman. Col. May managed to jot thanksof Cougi.-ss to lien. Tujlor, .and the ollice f inja nor. Loi.iii. . .-..'? ,, ...I inn inen under ns coiniiiand, lor their (allnnl coudui throiijih Willi the mam body "f his lorce, 1 1 ft( lh(, o( Mul ....... ..- - -- i i f ,i ,,,.. 'l ll"' llou-c tu oiler a joint resolution iciiucruii nie prejuuicu nasju-iiy .'jfieu u.iuisi h.uuis io piciciu arm wzh aiuincu u, . ....... -v i t h:uiL.n i iiiinn-u. fill ;,,. ' :,t ,.r I in,, iiiiver i.i i ni' on. rem value oi me article. and his rear jj.urd cut oil', by rolhn-j f tones into ,s!lrt;,:,uv. In the Senate, Mr .larnagin,1 1'liine Snxuny 1'lc ces, IIR MIS11CU - - ers American full blood do. 'Jl for their al!iinl conduct . du 111 do. ..... 10 .i,,u.i. " . (ll mt M-iiic oi .nuiiii irv, no i- no. ..... .1 -,nl,,..U tinnt whero llO WHS enabled tn .llslllOlini I lrs;,,,,,,1i1r..ii,.w,Iliini.ion,lme,illnlliell,,ivliill .In 1. I.t-eon, ,1,, and return to Htircor tho rear puanl. Uut it was irnt inj. j (iptionul -Aith tin t-olilit-r iu i-ithcr take fmui ,s? Slifi'p. U I'.V. .S ..... " In,.. ilm riipinv hail rctreatc.l with their or re ive one hundred dolhis iu six per cent stock. .Smyrna du. washed " l0? ,au J" , V. .. ln,l not been asrer-I This was received, nnd the bounty laud amen biieiit do do unwashed " irisoners. Col. .M.iv s lo -s n v " rl f M limmrg!,u , nmended by Mr isiiuiuons was llengasi unwashed tained, nor whether ho had any men hilled. lhlM Irnl .s'iJ.oy,clean " Tliero can l3 no doubt, however, that some ol i j, jientou ollernl nn ainendnient, tn appoint the Uuenos Ayres, unpicked " ninn Inn. 1 illl'll. I lolloHllli; nauieil oliiccrs, VI.. . I ourqiKirur-lluisiers, no un pu Keil -Ii-iil-, ,Vc . tila-s l.auuis, IVs-luups. tilus.. 1'l.ited Ilrass uud Britannia Caudle-ticks The Solar and I.ird Lumps un- inpidly superccdiuu all othcis and for beauty and ccoiiouiv me iiu-iupa.s.d O. IIKIS.VIAII' ,f IllltJl Ml.ltS ftonnmU 'I'.ivlor. Tvvi''Z. Patterson and l'ih low were at Vi'ctoiia with u irpe force. Col. Kinnoy states tint tho .Mexican forro at San Luis amounts to thirty tlious.iiul men, ntnl ho estimates their entire force in the field at lilty thousand men. HAnm'u. costivi:ni:ss. HiBiri-'vi. CosTlviM-is is lbs sure but nlten iinus necled cause of the worst diseases lo which we are (ubiccted. The action ol those organs ol tlie ys. irmdwiltnul to throw olf nil cvercincntary olects from the body, must be regular and clhcieiil. il liude. lire to retain the health even ol those iia.ts ol llie Irani. which ore most distunt from ihe leu sent ol irr.-R.ila. rilies. Thus Coslivcuess nllects the bead and Ho Inacb. nnd while we are pained nans we ure diverted from thu real origin ol our Irou lilri AluH remedies for ibis alleciion Kive bul tempo rary rebel, leaviuj the p.tient in a worse condiiion than before, Nu meditine llius ncliiia can h- other than dauscrous, or at the best use less. N.-J of H.n i-lsa. however, isl) I. W OOD S hAIItiA I AKII.I.A ANIJ WILIM IIIlltltV IH'I'TKIiS. Tl-'f,'"'"' flffctsnre neither teinjrarv' nor delusivc.liut ilt.ken in moderate dow. they w ill be sure to pnliic. a .lady ction of tho lwel, and coiiseiuently ronlinne, (jood l-ltb. IV alc by I'E' K 'V -N tas. tu rank as nnjors j ten n-.i.ttut i iirier.nn.iers, to Sup. North'n pulled lanili rank ns eapiains, and a reguueiii ipmlcr-master for'.No. 1 do do do each rceiuienl' Allied lo. 1 do do, do Tlie bill was then onlen d to n third reading, nftvri 1 do do do the ainciidment sb ill have beciicnuio-seil Tue Senate went lino llxeeiitive .session, nnd af terwards liiljimmcil to .Mondii); ,.lt. r,i rulcJ were suspended, by n votc el 'i:ir, to '.'.l. . , , .Mr Cocke's resolution of thanks lo, I ii) lor. h so heirs nml men was receiveu "u ti 'f IMIS. Good Live Gccsc leathers, for sale by -! 01 M.I.OVtll.V ji llurlin;ton,rcb. a, Hi7. rij ' LMI'I-! Ct'N CO'n'ONTniTT: ' Am iteut and I " Spottsui-ii.nnd all whowislm better urtiele tliau ' ' TowJcr, lor l'isiol, Itille und other shootim, all who " to keep their iuis clean nnd bee bom sninke , " and smell v,hen shooting, are invited to use the tlun HI Cotton, which is wariniiicil in jruc siii-f.iciion ,r Id saleby IlltlNS.MAII) 4i llUOTllllltS. 17 Agent. ' nice except ill case ol piottacu-d sickness. Jan -JTtli lolii. lllwl T.VI'OIMIATIOX W'A.VTilll ol Win, Galla J. eher.n ls,y nbout 11 years of age, who ran away lroin scIiihiI, ul tluifshiirgh, on Tburs.l,iy Inst, was in llnrhiiglon on I'uday uud Saturday until 11) o'cIik k, when be left there asbe slid to go home, bill has not been heard ol since. Any intortnatiuii of said boy v ill cooler a ureal favor on his allhcted ourcnts. l'lcas.' aidless jnliii Gall-jgher, or 11. .t ll. lloynton, ol . ', Uincsburi'h fs.iui boy wore away a sail cloth cap ond frock over coat lliuesbiirg'i, Jau.27, HI7. 31w3 .IDat'Iiint; .Tlumif aclory. fMIIIl Subscrdicr is inmiihclutiug, ond ia prepared 1 to build to order, nil kin Is of Woolen .iinehiiicry. ucll as Tromlhc Bay State D-morrat, Boston, Nov. I.1SII. iti:u:i)ii:s There are so mmy in 'diemesol doubtful chuncter ndiellw-daud nulled bv the new -tuners ul llie nic-tent m. t'lirrt I fDiio. ollercd nn amendment to come time, thai we should have shrunk Irom the msk we I in ul the end ol tbeliisl resolution, sub-iautially in the have now imdctliiki n, were we not most thoroughly lollowin" words. " While engaged iu a war lou-cd cnnviiireil. Iroiu our own personal know ledge, ot the upon tw Ry .Mexico by the most llui;riiut ni ls, and Ii- lads which we Hate bi-lnw nally by an invasion of one ol the Southern States ofi It isol " lstar's Balsam of Wild Cherry" thnt we the Lhiioii." would speuk, and we speak advisedly. A lady of our 1 Mr Thompson of Missi--ippi, moved to nmend the acipiaiutaiKe, whom we sec every day, was a (,hort nnienihiient by adding that " nothing heiein eiuiiuiu- lime since, in what we thought a prec.irious, if not n ...ui.nll lie ,nn. iroed into niiirobatioit ol the terms ol id.mgeious siutc of health A couith bad settled un ibecnpitnlalioiiol .Monterey." her lungs ; her loun seemed uu'tiii" uwny . she was A 113 W f SKS Of that p.-nuine old MONON- i1' J C.AIII3LA WIIISKV.ou hand uud i,,rs.,leby 'l'I"-rs. Ilxehange building, 3J CATI.1N -S Sl'llAlt. . "ilvvoik Walerslrcel, Itu l'eb. ISI7 AUCTION SALES, m sui:i"twoni, Will eoniiuue bn Auction Sales on lherll V nliernoons of ' Pk. wi:dni:si)avs and satukdays. A laree n iantitv of ll.iiisi'holil I'ltriiilim of different descriptions will Iw olleird, logether wiihl i. ii, ti.. n... ':.....i, .....1 ii ' Carilins.ilachino, I tligs, Coiid,uciJ, Sizera, Pickers. Leather". Ilruslung .vlnclunrs, I Regulators, Ac. entrusted to him. will lie ,'vecuteil with tieniness an I despiich. His Midline Shop is siiua ted in Monilier. three mile's Irom the village, on the road to Woice.ti r and St. Albans. The siib-eribcr is coiilidetil that be caii build ns good a Card or .lack, ns can be pricurcd iu New llugi.tud Tbose luninug bis .Muchiiiery pronounce it to urn as well ns i in in u. Ml.lA 'J H'UHtlir. Jr .MouiH.I.r, Dee U, Hlfi. '.'5ll WARD &. BOOTT, (SueccAitis to Jones, Jtenny llljnl,) Stovesnnd l'ipe Alio, )iy Goods, Cutlery, Boots M vM'PAlTl'ltCItS til' 1,41111 1)11, . VXD l) IIWOODS. lie soiti nt private . NOT1CH. X iVriv Si'iu ol' rH:a. THE PEOPLE'S DESPATCH LINE ri'.ovi BTRUXfihOX TO .HOXTIin.VI. Against Monopoly, iriLL r()MMI3.Vfl3 KlX.MXti x Mommy S the l'th day of Jaunaiy, H 17. 1 1ml limes n week diiri.i' t.i-cli s'ol navig tollows l.eave lliirluutiiuon .vlouday, Wedueslny nnd 1 ll day, at 7o'iloek..v. n . via Colchester, vv nl Milton, (ieoign, St Albans, Swimton, lligligate Springs. I'liilliii-hurgli, l'ike Bivcr. iheneeon the Gian.l nil St. Johns, to lodge ; lloui thence to Montnnl via.Cli'iuiblynud Louguid, ul an early hour the lot Im mg inoiunig , , Kcluiuing, Leave MontrenlntSo'clock r.N .onench of llie above naniedda)s,via Cliainldy.nnil Longuil, loSl Julius to lodge , Leave St Johnson linln)s. Thursl.iys, and Satunla)s ill 7 o'cliH'k a. M. via. 1 ike Kuer. I'uilhp-liurgh, lliglni'ile Spiings, Albans, lieoigi.i, Wit Alilon, Colclietler uud I,ur llllgt.m to lodge The Despatch hue has been got up fortlvnccruimic. daiinii ol the 1'iiMie.iiot iK'iug I'lituuiU'red with the 1 S. ,r I!i ,!i.h io: ills. Tbcrclore nil those who i.-cl .( In us. mav rest lis.iucd that tills Koine w ill lnMlerlorill.-.l with gol Hi'isis II I id Cur. n.iges, al?. w.m e-iiciui i.iveis, una no puns m if sp.ncd lo cusuie ihe couitoil and aceoiiunodaliou ol I a-seugeri. 1 nre iioiii iiuriiugion to .vtontieai, ?iti I'ar by old Line s.mie distance, "-7.i .) N 11. rasseneison nil Staee routes South and Last of B111I1U410U. going north, will please take notice mid eovcin uictnst' ves u.coriime v !S DM.V, llUlllllglOII, VICTOli ADAMS. W .Hilton, T II CAMl'BKLL.St Albm.s, NLLSDN Bl l.l.AKD, Sanion, WATSONS. .V Co. l'ike ltivcr. 1'. LUCM.N, lioni Si John to Montrenl J Ail orueis niiii pauvis promptly atlciuleil lo. LXTltAS proviJcJ ut ull tunes. Buihngton,Juuuaiy I?, 1SI7. -J iritis hoes, etc .vvliicll will IlKewise Ih'miiiI ni orivule . . mtUI 1 Ul O 1 Ul .ttniin-ii,. S , '. - ." " 'V ..- . ,- , . , . . , 1 iIim iiMii'inlineut of .Mr I 10. ,.!, no., to a .anion her vvoik. and we thou., it. ii tan ciicnpar man can oe purcnascu uuy wiieie.ise. ' I soon to icsinue itnguin. I'or oIhiui two uionihs she Burlington, 1I7. liiluiii win. , . 1 ....... , ,i..i , , 1 . 1 , . Ihe entire oniciiuinent was men uunpicu oy 11 vine 11.1s oecu 01 King, pim b ,,-mih o, ,, ,in ueiry uuu, aircuuy leis sue 1.1 iviiiicmiv, ncuii.i us iu ui. uiue e rcpiiinc her labor. I his is but n single ens;, nut 11 Is one, at lenvt, 111 which we cannot doubt the eflu'iiey of the medicine. .N'one geniiine, unless eigned I. BUTTS on the rrr'f Per fal'bj I'rrit fV. Srt ..r 1 in ... to A motion to lay the subject on the table was nega tived by u large mujoiily. Tlie resolution ns amended, was passed. Ayes UU, Mr Cock: hf rtupon move d to nmnd tht tith, o A I.I, persons indebted lo the buelimi of POTTLIl : IIAWI.I3V ore berebvinlonnedlhnt all debts due the liim luu-l lie jmid lo J. C 11 vwlev by the Ist day of march next. 1 Jam'tJ, ls7, 1 51w3 luor.TLr.s Axn ncu.i ns tv DYK-STi'lTS, OILS, SOAl'S, CHEMICALS, Ami JIAXI'rAI'TI'lt IIUS' A11TIRM3S, t .11 ilk Slrt t l, ASPBEW II. WARp, JR. lloston. KtFK 11011 r. '',, nfi huiTv lliem 10 tlu'ir i:nivis hut in no rife, biveihey been' nb'e to show Hie i;w.Vr.'y of their lieuiiiictir, bv cioiH-ra iaii'iitvh.iii be could net. To iuuvc te'vond all coutroveis) nnd to ih entire snislaiiion of ihe I'ul.lic, wlut l.e I. as .aid above is nue, ihe Doctor oiicts th- ful owio tesli mull) ol 11 ll II ihU ll, Us. , which will not l doubled by any who know Iuui, ns .1 specimen of handle's inure which he mil.t nddece, were it tie icary. CIIHTiriCATi:. " This m?y ceitily that D.ict. 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