Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1847 Page 2
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11 LY 19. 1847. i The llrnnde wai undisputed policy both dictate. it but feeble mul beaten v bow much of the terri- ion we inti'iicl to relrtin, fitul let I forbcarim? hi iKiuir the time ; and we could even net it lor iiolliiim, ns n al lioiior 1 would prefer to ! tor nil we nao no heller tu e than I he l hi it oi II Mexico would not then make neace as y for n time she would tint netive operations cense, even to tliceMcnt ot border lornys, it we mi line ofno-tsnn the Irontier : nnd. if peace not restored, nil the espouses uf the wnr would be nvoiJed, nud nil the wnle ofhuman life nnd the unbered nud indiscribablc calamities which nl- wavs follow in its tmin. sjuch is the ndvtce of the gallant nnd good Taylor, nswieiu council nnJ ns humane nnd merciful after icloiv,ns he is skillid uiul heroic in the coullict nl battle.' T. 5t two a couple of l'olasli lirook, Wo havo understood tontioti of Messrs. Decker. Ho break ground on tlio Jovvcll clion in Ludlow, last Monday. lie Vt. tt"rifriiri of last week, has an nr. ticlc, improved in style, but not in temper, ros- n-,,.1 peeling tlio nuuanc noau. J.110 i.unor is 01 xccllcnce l'10 "I1'11'011 tliat tlio road cannot bo built at the of .Science, Li- contract riccs, because, as be says : If we paps over the ground, the judgment is averse tnnny tiling hkenn cn-y work ; if we consult their en pincers, of nil them show n line of more tlinn ordinary ihliiculties ; if wc tutu to the experience of every other rond in iN'cw-l'ngland.tlic result is unfavorable. Wc believe tlio only " line of more than or- ilinary difficulties" isthcono surveyed ) '- Fclton, - .Ltum" J", nebessary that wc ! ".Vtl.LI !r.,,. M- VV..1 1I.-.I Mr. IVIlrm'a line is not the one on which it is proposed, to construct the road. Mr. Gilbert was so for tunate as to find one of a good deal less than or dinary difficulty. Hut as Mr. Walton informs us that he, after all, " has no objection to the building of two roads from Burlington to lloslon," it is likely that hereafter wars will cease between the " rival roses." Speaking of Bridging the Lake, the Watch man has this paragraph : iS?The Burlington Tree Press authoritatively lity gn and manifest manners and itn Eurc almost infin- Xlttt, th ink (ion ! (and we (tcsiro to sav it with all reverence) "tlio d.ivs of Chivalry are past !'' The argument of tlio Can non and the Ihltalion, is getting to bo esteemed as but little cle than a repeated reduplication of thit nftlis pistol and the iudividiiil dnoli-t, in the judgment of a just philanthropy and an elevated patriotism. Seli-Defence is tho only law that will really justify a resort to War, and ought to It considered the true measure of its extent and duration. When ,'in-( is secured, human butch ery and bloodshed should cease. This is our opinion, and this, we are glad to believe, is daily becoming the prevailing opinion with the en lightcnod and humane all over the world. l!y this standard would we judge all ware, and 110:10 sooner than those in which our own country, un fortunately for herself, tniy at any time become Involved. ji it especially do we believe that a war whose 1110 d object is CONQUEST is in the last degree nevotis and indefensible Mischievous in policy, and indefensible in morals, if true policy and morality may ever bj dissociated. And such are wo obliged to regard as the character of the existing War with our sister Republic of Mexi co. Admitting tlio truth of tlio statements of its advocates and apologists as to its origin, the line of sEt.F-nci'ENcn has been long since passed, nnd the Armies of this Union are now engaged in conquering Iho territory, and subjugating the citizens of that Government. The morality and j'itico of such a War needs no comment, and its policy may be estimated from the fids and argu ments that are set forth in the subjoined article. It is well under-tnoj to ha from the pen of the Hen. W.inuY Tuovtrsox, of whose means of knowledge on tlu topics ho so ably discusses it is unnecessary that we should say a w ord. We find the article in the Xitianal IntHligenccr, and earnestly commend it to tlio attention and sober consideration ofo-tr realers. T.13 I itelligcneer thus spo.iksof its accomplish-; 1 author: 'To those of our readers to whoso mind the in itial of the writer nnv not suggest Ins ninie. we may be allowed to say that no citizen who lias idther written or spoken upon this nutter his had greater opportunities of personal observation df the cb tractor and features of iho Mexican race, their polity, and too country they inhabit, than the gentlem 1:1 to whose pen tlio public lire indebted lor the information cum eyed in tlio sub joined article. In committing his views to paper, in the pres. i'nt einori'eiicv. lie h.i nrfortned a patriotic, ser. vice, for which lie is entitled to theheattv thanks of Ins fellow-citizens, and even of tho-e among them whose views, in regard to the existing war, may not heretofore have accorded with his. to tiii: r.nrrons. In the ib-bate, n f-w days mice, in the Senate, unon the Hill tonppropnate three millions of dollars to be ued by the President ol the United States in tiegotin ting n peace with .Mexico, .Mr Sevier, the clninmn fit 111" tyoiumuiee 011 1 orelgn iteiations. sud, 111 sub- t. "p"Thcgold ring, the gift of the ladies of Xcwhurv poil, was presented to Col. Cushing, by the hands of a young lady, nn Tuifrday evening, nnd the ceremony was followed by a length) speech from the Colonel. jluriker Hill Aurora. Wo must bo pinioned for stating our opinion to be'CoI. Caleb dishing is, on the whole, something of 1 humbug. He was born and No; brought up in Massachusetts, and became a anied y sionnelv nk , is it lionorablei coniue.-t. ll nuv such the strongest I It is the ie is slroniier nnd belter niiucu ,and he takes his purse and keep it. Isihere an insfmee in nil the history of n nation, nnd n nation thoroiuhly united ns is .Mexico, with n popu lation nfciglit millions, uiul nbuiidniitly supplied w ith all the numinous ul war, having beenconqueicil 1 Why should weep-ct such a result I IsoureneniylheUafct warlike ol nations t Are tier jvopie i"s prouu, less pertinacious, less rcvengeiui, nil utneis .mi but precisely the rcvP tl.o tl.-.-,.ciultn t t.f the he- (, , c , Tyler sent him to China, ' ung determined not even to complete the public.ition roeso fcagunt urn, unaiilia, and Sarago-sa. It is J ''..' . r.i'soino Kreneh now s wh e!i thev had couunenced. It it time ; they have been the cnus- of corruption and rum cnouglinireauy. l I. L,monicic. s,scrve the ccnori- .oition 1.'. pit: 111 the Vermont Ciron- becauso wc believed H to bo unfair, and hecausc especially it is not usual, wo are hap py to say, to meet with harsh or unjust judging of others in the editorial columns of that well conducted paper. It appears to us that the ve ry circumstance mentioned by the Chnmiclc in terms of rather ferocious disparagement, (that tho Messrs. II. "have come to a full stop vtc") should havo elicited its commenOation and praise for it was a step thai involved, un doubtedly, a no inconsiderable pecuniary sacri fice on the part of those gentlemen, and one ,1 , . .1 .1 1 1 ..o ,,. ii 1 rai: lie is -ueatii on uriuges, ami 11 one siiouiu uap- wlnch chnntifll Icast.should induce nstoimpttte , pi.nlobL. i,,, h(. will itr, exceding great gravity to their own convictions ol right anil uuiy. Jim 1 aver maims Homing uum - unoge 01 signs. vo liavo no wish, nor intention, to argue this matter. Wo copy the article from the. Cmtricr ,J. J'.nquirer as an net of simple justice to the Messrs. lLir.rEits, who, wo are firmly persua ded, feel themselves under higher restraints, from "ivinc: their aid and countenance to the savsthat thisbriJge never will be built, nor any other bridge across the Lake. c can't dispute the (..clic he is" death" on bridges, and if one should hap- Ycs , and our facetioti friend will find it a ,.!.! ..e i.r.... : 0 1. il UiHIgU Ol SUII1L ft.L UL1UIU lb lliipFUlia IW Hi; built 1" The StilUvnn. The Iiunlcr Hill Aurora of the 1 3th says: "We understand lhat n noint of iunction lias been I l... il,.Uklnnn.l ullivi Unit. tr.isliy, immoral, or licentious publications of t ds, mutually advantageous to both, and that a sul tlie Modern French Novelists, than those which ' licient amount of subscription hasbeeti obtained tothc 1. r r r il,n .,,, f ,, 1 Sullivan stock to warrant the immediate putlingof the inigiii aiisi.- Hum a. iv.ii u. ...v. , -. under coutiact lor coustiuction. ItcliclTor Hie stiirerlng Irish. A wide-spread and noblo cfibrt is making throughout tlio land to send relief to the peridiinp children of want and woo In Ireland. Tlio dread ful picture of suffering anddestitntion which has wen hold up before tlio American People, has, 0 are glad to say, moved them as 0110 man to retch out their arms to succor nnd relieve. tiblic meetings have been held in many of the largo towns, nnd generous contributions have been made nnd aro nuking. In Washington, Now York, Boston, Albany, New Orleans, and othes places, most efficient measures havo been adopted. The Yice I'iiempent of tlio U. S. pre sided at tlio meeting in Washington, resolutions were moved by Mr. Wehstep., and eloquent ap peals made by Messrs. Ckittesde.n, Owe;., Ma clay and others. In New Orleans (iov. Jonx ios presided and among other speakers wo no tice the name of IIent.v Clay. Tlio Hon. Mr. Hu.vr of X. Y., has introduced a bill "for Iho relief of Ireland" in the House of Representatives, and wo cannot doubt its being unanimously passed. Tlio great heart of tlio Na tion is touched by the spectacle of a si-ter People steeped to the lips in poverty and sufioring, nnd nig for iho iranf of food! and relief will be afiorded". - , And shall nolhimKfurthcr ho done in Burling ton ? Public Meetings arc field elsewhere, and because, doubtless, they arc tlio Di,.t method of warming and uniting ottr sympathies,anu' nrgan izing our cflorts. .Shall there be one in Bur lington ? Asyctbut little has been done, com pared with our means to do. A few ladies, (tlio portion of our race ever foremost in deedsof charity and love !) whoso small beginnings we mentioned lat week, have, by a quiet and unob trusive effort, secured already about one hutnltcd dollars. Can we not easily add to it three or four hundred more ? l'ive hundred dollars sent from Burlington to a far-off People, stricken, by an inscrutable butall-wise Providence, with Fa mine ai'.d Pestilence, would bo something, not to ).( of God forbid! but to remember when allhclion comes, as wo know not how soon it may . to our own doors ! P. H. After the foregoing was written and placed in type, we received the call for a Meet ing which will be found another column. The Into Col. A. V. Hyde. Wo find tlio stibjoincl brief notice of our es teemed townsman, Col. Hyde, in tho Sentinel if Ucmocrnl, of last week. The rare excel lencies ofcharactcr nnd feeling which CoI.JIIyde manifested in all his intercourse witli the com munity in which ho lived, would justify termi of warmer eulogy than tlio writer of the follovv ing modest obituary has thought proper to em ploy. And though it would, perhaps, ill become us, witli the limited acquaintance it was our fortune to have with Col. HyiiE, to attempt a fuller notice than the one we crpy, which va doubtless communicated by an " old and famil iar friend," yet wo may take occasion to say that in the discharge of his public duties Col. Hvnr. secured the entire confidence it respect of t'lo'e from vvl.oml.e difietcd in prliticsl opinions an I relations. Ho was confci-cdly a most caf.b'.o O.ficcr, as well as a liberal true-hearted gentle man, nnl, as the writer below Eays, "an up right anil honest man. I rem the Sentinel & IlBpcrat. Col Ityd-wasn inlive of Cranpic, and an early graduate ol th University of Vermont. After leaving College ,bc commenced v completed his law education witti ine lion. L. 1 vnniNessj alter whicli lie be came n junior partner with him in the practice of the law. (In the appointment of .Mr. Van .Ness to the Colleetorship, Col. Hyde liecame hisprincipnl Deputy; nnd lor n great number of y-nrs he honestly and laith fully dis-durg'! t'ie duties ul i 'ich be lets npioiuted. In all his intercoms1, ruber in his public ibitiesor asa prunte c'tizen, be maintained the cha lacier of nu upright and honest man. With a large share ol benevolence, he fed the hungry, clothed tha linked, nnd visited the desponding and oppressed, hko the good Samaritan," pouring oil mul wine into their .bleeding wounds " Ilu was the choice oi continuirg inw.'intis termed " single blefscdness ;" but his last cllbrts vvojc directed toftic soppoit of a widowed sia- 1.-T, ami uie ciu.aiion 01 iter cniutren. Lul Hide wJttsnttncked some months since with a pulmonary complaint, which, nlthough not attended witti pam, pr'')ei' upon lus constitution, leaving mm at the tune ot Ins di-ath greatly emaciated, All the aid t'lat the heahngiirt could bestow was administered to him he was constantly attended by his affectionate sislcrsatid kind neighbors, who took a deep interest in his recovery, but the King of Terrors called him from the midst of his u-efulness, leaving many sorrow ing tricnds to mourn lus departure. Com. Press. Prom the Jf . Y. Courier it Enquirer. On victory has been gained, if the Methodist Pro testant tells the truth, According to that paper, the linrpers, ol rvew Tioik, nave come to a iuustop,na reuniked by Napier, in In- history o the Peninsular where he stayed until several months after Tyler War, that "no country ill l"uri'p- is soeasv to overrun r,,i-,mtlr.ii in this rnnntre mil Ihmllv rrlnrn. nsPpaiiinmc mi difficult to retain." The ultimate was lorgottcn in tins countrv , and imall return late cit tli" legions ol ilo.iapane confirm ibis truth , vi a Cu-hing man ; ho then became 11 member ' .hSftt ' Massachmetts Legislature wherein the liothsnnd in .vioorst jyt in not lorgei mini is ine y thing be did was to attempt to get tlioUld ' I rnnil nnce.-il I liniiitrti 11 ll rli n irtnn last wpplr nn Ids U ,1,1. nnmn.m.l, Um. in lifiio .ssi ll.e """M- S sweemns cciimeol the HAtircKs which it contains. ! way to Boston. We have understood, though The same what ? Is it proposed to put the Sullivan Slock "under contract for construc tion '" The OgJcnsbnrgli. The Hni'Ineer. Mr. Haywood who has been m,l-lnil,,l, nf .he line of this ' ih opportunities, are now willing to cloyc, but IUI IIIU UVII.I.lll IIIIU II I .1--IIO-III Ul IIUl Will" St. Valentine's ilny. d. d. The Anniversary of this ttneanonica! Saint was celebrated, wo understand, with the customary ceremonies. A great deal of beauti ful love was made in the usual clandestine man ner, and wo learn that several modest gentle men and ladies, who havo heretofore slighted Gun Cotton. Wo omitted to state in our lat, in noticing the tiuii Cotton prepared by Messrs. I). Jagger it Co.. that it is for sale at BnixsMAtDs', where, too, may be obtained tho Patent Revolving Pis tol witli whicli you can take sir of the nine lives of neat in as many seconds.' Indeed it would be a rather troublesome piece of work to under take to tell what tho Biuxsmaids have u4 got that comes fairly within the line of their busi ness. They are not known to be long without anything that is ever called for 1 Spanish nec.bme, proud, nril-nt, melancholy, which is thus to lie suoiiueii lo our purpoac iou" lorcen 10 surrender to nuother race a count i v discovered and con quered by their nrius, nnd which contains a thousand memorials of tlieir heioic vnlor nnl constancy. The constitution of Mexico contains a c!aue whicli Ibibids, uud'Tnuy pretext whatever, the .alienation of nny por tion of the national domain. Not salislie.l with ihis, the same thing forms a part of the oath ol olliv'e. This difficulty .vonld of usell seem innpeiablc. liut there is anoth-r even stronger in the undivided public opiu. iou of .Mexico. What Administration ot that l.ov rnuniMit will dare to defy this public opinion, or could successfully coi.ibat it I It is not known tonllthft they nre n.t ftw nor un disliuguislied nni'ing ouisiives who ihink the war not only inovpcdient.but u' have not hitherto v en Hired to breast the lorient oi public opinion which they suppose to exi-t m lavor of the war I i do notbehee tint such ii tlr public opinion of this country. Vet tint is ill- iiuprt's-iou winch has gone forth, and it Ins contracted tie' action of more than one ol our public men. Will this inlluence be Ies-in Mexico, where the opinion is universal lint the war islhgrnnlly nn Icrini- iiuiiy unjii-i on our pm t vi nai giounu, men, nave we lo hop-for n speedy p-ace t None, certainly, un lesi Ironi the extremity of delenccl"ssness nnd suffer ing to which we shad reduce our. iieiny How is this lo be accomplished ( The answer ii-uaHy of men is, "Hy n vigorous prosecution ot the wnr." if nny thing is meant liy this, it isb) advancing to the city of .Mex ico. We iiave already pen 'trnted into liie intenur ol the Mexican Republic. What evil have we tlieic- tiy uiu.cicii upon ner, lo iiy noinirig oi nni exirciniiy B.iv Klato to adiancc to Col. Polk 8-0,000 for carrjing on his war with Mexico; failing in tint ho resigned his seat and accepted tho Col onelcy of tho l.cgiineiit of Massachusetts Ynl tinleers, attended ono of the theatiesin that City the other evening in full uniform, as a sort of military and patriotic lion, surrounded by his stalT," a la mode Napoleon; then received a 'plain gold ring" from a young lady in Nowbury purt and male her "a lengthy speech" therefor, reliable authority, that it is ins mti.ii ilia Ugiien-uurgii roau snouio terminate lunnmgtlicrounusot tiieco'iutry picss lor a ween or t rom no vcry two past. Ji ine laci w men u auoouiice-, we Mmw notimig : tliougli wc tliniKit quit' . .' t tru tt ' i'i the house had commenced the public.uion ol novels nf- at Kousc's Point, and communicate with Vcr- ICl W lllUS llSUI l-ll-ll lO UV UlllllUIMI, ' I- ll.l, I" IUJ II'MIUI , , , ., . , . , , il.-e,t in-mniU- sioo ii ni w Iniever exnens, mont, thence, by bndpitig the Lake, through or inconvenience, lor mere is nn aiiu iii-nmg nouse in the United .States mote habitually solicitous than they able to discover Heigh-ho ! their Valentines arc'. Harrington's. This establishment made its "first appear- Grand Mo County. Wo have great respect fori ancf)' 011 Tuesday of this week. Wu should me Ulllieu i?l.ii'-i iiioie o iiiiiu in., e-uiii nun-nun uii-v i tT , i , . ,. . . ... . . ... nre.tocvclude Ironi their picss nllwoiks of nn iiuino- Mr. IIAYWooD, and cnnl.denco in Ins opinions; hardly come opto the popular verdict by saying ral and licentious ciiaincier. since, However, it teems ,llt we incline, nevertheless to tha opinion that that it fully ennuis tho expectations that had to li.n.t hrfnni. ('is)nonah e lor certain liersons anil I . : . . . i J 1 ' and finally embarked on board of three or four judgment they have confidence. And widi icfei , . , , , , . , . . to the novels most genernlly selected lor ilenuncia vessels, after h iving been obliged to date one tnc ,,0 l'aris,aiid the ' Wandering .1 presses to misrepresent them in this matter, it may be will enough to icuiind the public of their actual prac- tice. They publi'h, probably, file times as many books eveiy)ear, as any otlitr Ainericnn bouse ; it is of inursc iiiinossible ti lb- books thcm-elles Hut we have reason lo believe t!ri llief put no new boo: to press without examination oy some person, in w hose eleucc nunciation, lenu'i .lew.' company of his xolitnlccrs aboaid at the point of. we happen to know that thy vvere lecouimcnded to .... ... . I the Ifarncrsas tnoittl books, by (lirwnen of fstablis.i- thebayonet! U lien no gels to "the wars J5l ,., reputation and wide inlluence. Whether this juJg-1 n , . , , let Col. Polk catch him writing letters home, mem was correct or not, is another question ; we I Jgdensuurgii reai " ... I .l.i.ib it ..rrr.n..nllil . Hut the I lan.i-i s linil tPflsllll in ron. I 'I that sail! Our private opinion is that the Col. m lt , tlt.y ,11,1, means to establish a new dinastv in the land of 1 Why does the Vermont Chronicle find it convenient ' . ..1 : r . . .n. .1... I .1.. 1 IO Slll'I'llH .III liuilli i1. 111. it.t, ,iiu. in', ii.iiiii.n. that thing can't be done!" Our neighbor of the Vermont Vatcman says of Mr. Ilayvvoo I : b;en rbrme.l respecting it. It is very beautiful. Wo venture to say that no where, cither in City "Ilisexp-ctatimsas to t'.i-Og lensbirga and Cen- or Countrv, lias there been better taste display tial loads have become veiy exalted upon possessing , . " . 1... .,,. .,,,: m . , ," d'her in design or Vxcciilion. J 11c whole ,,. ,, ,,- , . , , , structure is vcry crcdiLable, lioth to tho public o nresiiine the atctiman would havo no. . ' I I 1 . the Aztecs, under the name of "tlio celestial em pire of CVslI-I.NG." SiMintois 111 Congress, The Honorable John Davis has been elected o'tieclinn to the Rutland s taking, in tlio "1000 Freight Cars" which Mr. Felton estimated ns necessary on its line, the surplus business ofthe The Central. The Mnntpelier U'd'riiiiin ays : W. (,'. Haurixg ton, tho owner, and to tho skill and professional talent of Me--rs. ii. & W. Patee, the Archi tects and builders ; but the principal story, finish ed for, and occupied by, Mr. (Ieo. U. Harrivg tov, is a gem. The front shop, especially, ex hibits a rare union of beauty of de-ign and ele- ol sull'ering winch is to u-diice her to sue f jr p-.-ace I l,v the legislature of Massachusetts U. S. .Sen Tiie inhabitants ol the towns whicli we have taken are ( . . e . . . -. illl'l IOI SIA I I'lII .s II UUI IIIU llll Ul .'1.III.II lll-AI, Judge A. Fclcii. present (iovcrnorof Michi- The imnression which has nrcvailed to some cx Invedone more to place the best books in the l'n- tent, that the rails have been contracteit lor only a pail g.tneo ol liuisii, ami tlio .viessrs. I'ATEE have g is h anguage, wiiliin reach oi the gicai mass ol the oi ine roau, iscrroue u. n me iron iscumi.iiicu ur, r,ai0n t0 Con"ralul.ite themselves on the uni American people, thnnniiy ether pubh-hiug hou-e in and although the policy ol the company is to complete r-' u -o.i0rau i.ui, uicin lives on mi uni the United sjmtcs I They have, to n gieat extent, ' nud run the Southern ball of the nnd at the carhe-t 1 versal and warm admiration which it has elicit rieilY'ilhit universal u-iina lor iivenu reauing, penou, .m-wom 1- s.m pi.ussom.,, I"""'" ,i Tho nniiniental nirt ( the ranol.wnrk- 11 it,. 1 1.1s become n c laraiteris ic o our neotue : ine reinnimug pari 01 us iu uaic ine wuoie - 1 1 carving anil guuiiig,; uiiii exfnnl aim inter 1 gan is the Sen itnr elect for that .State, to take the place of the IIon.Mr.Woodbridgovvhose term i i't ai secure 111 their irrsons and property as tree from inolestatiun 111 all their nursiiit ami oceiinations U3 they weie belore the war cominenceti ; nnd the prolitsof ih'ir occupition greatly increased by the presence of a large additional population, ready nnd ... ...... ..II ,l.;r ,.r.iln"tj lin.l .1. a,x ri I ..vfr- tionate prices. Will it be otherwise when we advance , will expire on the -Itliol .viarcn. to ine city of. Mexico I. That isonly one of their cities .... WUIature ol Kentucky had not sue- th' principal one, it is true, uui not ine only one " . ,re we lo march to the city of .Mexico, nnd then march ceeded, at the latest advices, in electing a fcena- ickl low long inu-l pur army leiii im theic 1 It .--, Mr. Mni'.r.iir.An. who .Wlinos n is very clearthat to nbauilon the place assoon as taken ' would accomplish nothing, but, on iheconiiary, would re-election. protiact the war. How long must o ir ntmv remain t ilieie.nn.l how longwillitbe pi-sibU. ( ,r(l ycs.lKiy j ;ijMr to piovisiou that nriny I To do so lor a month will involve n cost tittle dreamed ol by most peisons. Ul what number iint-t that nnny consist f utance, tTnt the people of tluscoiii.'ry would never cou- cnt lo peace wunoill me cession bv Alcxico ol the de pirtiuenlsof Californi i nnd vew Mexico This dec larntion is nil the more important from the close per notiatnnil politicnl relations ol tbedi-iiugiu.hrd sneak rr with the President ol t .p United Stat -s, nnd luspo sition nt the head of lb- Committee on 1'oieigu Keln linns; w leu u-i iv ine iiui-reiice lie kmnia n. expresses the opinions of the Lxecutive departnunt ol rmr rlnverninent. The .'resident in hismes-nge ntthe commencement of the aesnon.ueci ireu uni ine ncqaisitiou ol can territory by conquest w;as not our olyct. 'I'here iscertamiy some uiiiiciiiiviu reconciling tin declara tion with that made by .Mr. Sievier III the Senate. Th rnly mode ot uoiugsu is in suppose tint the purpose riltbe r'xecutivehave changed since the lime when hi'.e was written. II the purpose was not nni ii wtion two months since, what is time that has since occurred lo change it t Is it that Hie war has be r.rntrnetiil two months lollirer. nltboueh Wltbnnl ni. tive oprntionsoneither,'idel II this givesus n right to demand so barren tiort ion of th territorvol .tletico. "to how much more shall we be entitled ntthe end of the vear I Certainly, the extreme southern boundary of Mexico w ill tut satisfy tlusjust uiul most reasonable demand ol ours. The nlleL'ed ground ofthe vvarnt the lime ofitsco... mencement, nnd th" only ground upon which the war was waged, was our right to the country between the iNueceHUiiii the mo iirauue, nil that ins since been tid about .Mexican spoliations upon the property o Amrrirnii citizens is nu lifter-thought; nnd, if tbislat ter cause was n just one lor the wnr, the right solo di cide rested with the Congress p United Stales, nn l not with I he 1 'resident. I hat body had lor years re fused to declare war against .Mexico on this account when .Mexico rcluseu to recognize the jusme o l ie claims of our citizens, or even lo promise iud.'iuniiy. Trenlies hnve since been nnde for the settlement ol those claims, nud the paviiients bad been punctual!) made until .Mexico wns thrown into ti state of disorder nnd temporary insolvency by one of those almost peri odical revolutions which nave so much ullhcted ami impoverished thai country. Would it not have been liarshjiilicf,osay the least ot it,) under such cir cumstances, and for lliiri delay ol a few mouths, result .iiz from iibsolule inability, tu have resorted to war lo riilorce payiiu nl I If other motives had not cxisltd, will it Ik pretended by any one that l.'uugis would (.'nu .Manufactory in Windsor. Messrs. Ilonr.ixs, Kexuall it Lawrence of A move for 1'ieedom. Wc do not remember to have seen it mention. cJ in the Liberty (latrltc that a bill to nrrEAL the Black Law s of Ohio, passed the House of I'eprcscntatives ol that State on the -Ithinst., by a vote of 34 to 30. The dazcttc, that goes for freedom, "and nothing else," will bo glad to lay this information before its readers, we aro sure. Wo don't ask it to state that it was a party voto the Wntcs going for the repeal and the L- cofocos against it. Oh, no! That might injure t'ie cause if Third-partyism in Vermont ! (iarrisonsiuustbeleli:itTuinpico,atVera(:iiu,.lula- , Windsor, in our State, havo recently put in op pi, and rerote.oltwo thousin.l men nt each place . J ' ,' How many at l'u -Ma n city of ninety thousand in - eration an extensive IjI's .Mam'i ACTOr.y, the habitants, and in tliecJtilreot th" most deiv nnd have put into cireuiauoii minions oi copies ui ine . coiupn-ieu us souu us pi m maun-. .ro'rrrfrirthe Kte rt .rnf: had the pleasure, a few days ago, lo wit- .nl, appears to ns to he almost the perfection of .;nc would imagine that they had never done nnv-1 ncss the working of the "Steam Ilxcavator," in good taste and beauty, and satisfies us that Bur I '-. .uul I'"'" ,"'.u' '"' "? "5 ! llnrtland. nn tho lino of the road between Wind- : MiiTton has mechanical abilitv enual to am .tr- 1 li-ncll press, ll c nave lieiiiu peisons in i-oiiii-isn- - -' tion, ctergyineii, too go even l.irther ihan this, and f 0r and White Hiver. For heavy earth excava- chitestural emergency that her growing pros works'of Paul de ICock.with ihe-'Piiaies Own Hook." j lions this powerful machine is a truly admira-, perily may create ! and all the miscellaneous outpourings of theliceniious l,l0 contrivance. It looks as though it might i.e i As to the trading occupants of this fine build-lire-' iiinulDtli sides of the Atlantic, so iiiilwerinii- . . . . . " . , . , inteaul i 'lor.intis m i-li of tjie d.-iiunciation to one of those antideluvum monsters wo read of, 1 ing, (barring the lawyers up stairs, who can which thcyliayc been exposed. Nothiiigcan be more a nnstodon or megatherium, inspired with a , sneak for themsehes .) Wo can only say that absurd than nil this, yet it is but a Inmt indexnf the . , " If , ' .,,.'' , nature of the censure usually bestowed imon them, sort ol mcrlianical lite, and digging its way out ( they appear to keep pace with their improved Tlv llAiirirr.s inay.c.f course, make mistakes in the ortl10 bowels of the earth ! It scoops up a cubic , advantages. Mr. (J. I. Harrington has made character nl the works thev publish. But no house . 1 . " . could take greaterprecautiotis than they ndopt to pre-' yard of earth at every sweei of its frnA. and Ins department as at'ractne as we suppose it is ha"' commal 'less in '.olfi lo "111 ,,lr ni".S ils h"S ,'oa'!' 'k'PU h !" ,l10 PosMI,l fbr nn 'WrarJ. establishment to be booksthey have printed, while scores nnd hundreds ot , car. .vnu mis operation ii perioims, ii we re-, tnaue , and .viessrs. jJuTTERriELi) ic Co. Iiive iioiclshaie rl1fl',,Jl,V1Cl'te ,"':!!:' member rightly, three times in two minutes ! ' filled the h.i-einent with an assortment of the deemed ob.ectionablc on nioinl giouuds. lliese tacts, ' " ',.., . ,. , . r . , i , .,,., r., , . , JTTlic following niece of gr.Jtc joking has hjen communicated to tho Free Press by the in genious and itulusttious editor of the "I'crmon Autograph." correclncs of '-ought to" and "shorter," as a rhyme, wc trust t'lore will bo no cavilling. We remember a couplet in point to show it lias precedent, as well as the rule ot-idem sonans, in its favor. It was made on the occasion of a great freshet, when a mill was ccn lloating Icdlly down tlu "swollen and angry current," and is as follows : "This heresnw-mill goes by water A daru'd sight taster than nought to V And it is of the same saw-mill, we doubt not,J that it is written : " Uncle Jerry jump-d into Ins hollow cno, And paddled dow ii alter lt, uhcir-itty-irheui!" Wo go for "the largest liberty" in rhyming, though of course we shall submit to tho superior knowledge, in such milters, of our friend ami contemporary, the author cf "Fanny Hall." If our correspondent's rhyme is inadmissible, will he please inform us what docs rhyme Willi "ought to"! Epitaph on n MioenriUcr. more immediate incentive; thereto being, we un- lllo 11 in lllllw... ,.l Mn. ...n M. II. n ".. ..1 .1 .. .rt I ..1 .l. renowned nnd warlike Tla-cahins ! I should say that derstand, that they have a large contract for fur- the garrison at 1 uebln should not be less ilnn six or I ,,i,,inr Rifles for tho rrencral Government eight thousand men. 1 lie garn-oiis at Tnmpico nnd i . , , , , era C1117. will have to be leuiforced.iir rather reii'w- I Messrs. KEMiAM. it Lawrence had previously II any resistance is olfered to th-nroirress of our nnnv. 1 for the manufacture of all descriptions of fire- ut,rr&f "W.1! I arm., and nre well-known ns skillful and tl.or- wail inure man one waucil low II lo pj slormeil, mill, aiiueii to ttiese, me rnvngesol pestilence f Jl this en teriirise is attempted with fifty thousand men. wilh reasonable estimate of loss of ufclrom di-ense and bat- ougli Mechanics. During n recent visit nt Windsor' wc had un opportunity (for which we aro under obligations ,,-f;,.h wcshal civility of Mr. Uoeeins and Mr. to emer tip city ol Mexico. To collect these troops, Lawrence; to examine tlio world ol elaborate concentrate thm nt . in ( ruz. maich to t h" city of ' ...t i...,:r..t . i.:., i.:..i. ciij i Mu.ln.. ,.'..l r .1 , , . , T .lini lll.ltllll II I 111.11.111111.-11 llllll IIIIS lllis I4l:i- eMCO.IIIHl remain there loll'r i.notnrli f o (irmllU'C I 111' result will renuire ntli.n-i one v-r "lt,.vi' I and iidmirablv-inanaL'ed .Manufactory. Wo do ey nnd Irnvv hiany livPS w., nint yrnrV oiieratinns co-i nn, :,,.pn,i ,,r course, to nttmnnt nnv .letrriminn in I v-errimiy not ,, ,),,,, red mil ,m of ' ' ' ' tollats uud twenlv ,i.., i n.-u Arn ,1.;,. of the almost inniunemblo machines whoso uses that the benefits ; . i . oi i, ' ; I n ,.,,.,,,,. ' iTii :.- i ir.. tlolllor what it . ' I ' J, j " .. ' V..n;,, ll ,, ' I "peiiiuuii IHIUtAIIIUlO IU1I3. ii wu neiu shall, iii truth, bn4c nccomplished nnv thing I If, ns competent to do it (as wo do not claim to be) our .v.... r ... 1 1 1' 111 11 11 SI r.1 If . II t"J sir ,!;;; h; ' ount would possess l.ttlo interest for ordinary reaii) no p.uen,.,. r ,.),,., ,ul smle nnd ridiculous readers. Our only present purpose is to chroni " """ "'"""ishes, Hie Mexicans wil nave si en now , ., ( . ...l.:,.). .,. ; i; ,l,l impotent lore..., . .i,.,,, i,,,,,, ion,,.v,ed ndvnuce ' c1l lhu ,JCl' vU,lUl " Pmi ls indi-putahle, in nieiriapuu. n)j j, Wln nvt. H11j. ,ije, to the mat mo l.stauiisliiiicnt ol .Nlessrs. II. iv. it 1,., is "V.'''.''.r.l'v,'" w which they already cherish towards j .i,.:,i,.. s,u-rinr t,. nnv similar n,.n !.. tin, I'i. ted States not, ticrhnps- in its extent or expen ... .....1 .. siillnjicnt degree. .'""'""believe tint, when nil the charges of the ..ji,..;. i.. ,OTfl0nine to be settled, in the shape lauds. i-ii-iii'h, losss of prop-ny, nnd the iioiisaini after-flapi of n wnr. that it will Ik- found to wnV '') or svvciiiv millions. The hue I'loiida cost lis foity-two millions, with never more than "'e. fifth of tip. nriny now in Mexico, nor one-tenth of l.iat which it is prop is I to spiuI there ; nnd supplied, too, nt sj much less cost. Could not ibis money be better spent I It would cobweb our whole country wilh railroads. Hut, when? shall wc get this money I Not much longer by ih- spendthrift expedient of giv ing o ir nates, for in that Is summed our financial resources up to this time. This certainly cannot hut always It must stop, if not hi fore, w lieu we lull to pay inierest except by th'. issuance of new nines. When our.debt is increas-d to one hundred and fifty or two hundred millions, no iuei ease nl thetarilfcan meet the exigency; lor nil must see that tiny considerable increase of duties nu most o the articles will diminish revenue by render ing their importation n losing business. The onlv pos. sible alternative will be direct taxation. To "that complexion ii must conic nt last." 11 it. if nil I'les-difli -allies he surmounted, the end is not yet. Mexico is not yet humbled not even crip pled. Thusiar the war Ins, in every n.pi' lii-tedh-r. ltlnsnnio'i lued her people, elevated her military character, nu J caused the cxp'Uidilme of a inrgcnmiiunl ot loretgu capital in her borders. 1 could extend llus article, nlrendy too long, by nin ny prools of the power of the .Mexicans lo submit tu feiv.itions, nud their rcailines.4to do so one suffice- A. most ten ific civil war Iris for many years bceVi raging in Sonorn a Stale bordering on die Pncitie oceitn. Houses burnt to nhes, llockH'exteriuiimted, ad oue-lhird of ihrir lorn bunkered. S ou will siveness (lliotigh it has cost them something tin dor .$100,000), but in tho amount nnd quality o( ils machinery, which wo jttdgo to be ;icc7iu its parts and in its combinations, and in its adap tation to produce tho result!) required of it. We havo seen a good deal, and n largo variety, of la bor-saving machinery, in oiirday,nud not a little of rare excellence and beauty; but we havo tin hesitation in saying that that which is in opera tion tit tlio Manufactory of Messrs. Hoeiiins Kendall &. Lawrence, (most of which is of theirown invention) exhibits a union of mechan ical genius and skill, and a completeness of de sign and finish, tint are altogether unusual. These gentlemen deserve great credit for the enterprise nnd energy whicli they havo display ed in perfecllng this lino manufacturing estab lishment. Wo bellevo they aro now fully pre- pired to execulo tho (uvomincnt contract to great ailvnutage, and to perlormsuch other work in the way oftheir business, or in tlio manufac ture of machinery nf all descriptions, as may In ordered, it is only just that the public should mideisinnd.nnd Commend us to this llailroail .Mastodon lor Hard cnoicc-i t .nnny .-.tores and lirocenes that can wnen imnersinoii wc nave . o ... ,..;i ,., : vrk, but keep out of ts way when tlio bell . bo obtained in any market, praise instend of ceiisuie, for the course they hnve I ' i pursued, pushed. March Meeting The question cf Licenso or No License to bo decided throughout tho. Slato on tho Second Tuesday of .March. We perceive that a Form if IVaming or this Meeting has been put forth by tlio Woodstock Herald, which, together with a section of tlio law further elucidating the sub ject, the papers in tlio Stato are requested to copy. Wo take it that the proper authorities in llurlington know how to lea.-t, and when they wish ns to point out to them their duty, they will prtAably give us timely notice. o don t mean to go crazy on this or any other"inovement," if we can manage to avoid it. The Clioihiro. The Roslun Post says : "The Cheshire railroad has recently contracted with Dnvcnpoit it llrulgisfor six first cki's passenger cars, three second class und passenger baggage cms. and ii... f-.. ... i... I i.. I :.. j. jw i.i-igui cuts, io oe mill irm ... ju.. , tsThe Uutralo Courier very properly remarks, that a constant reader and admirer ol the X. York Tribune lor a twelve-mouth, would become so tho roughly un-Aincticauised, and so alien in nil his fee lings and simpalhii-s, thnt it would be necessary for him to take out iiutmnhiatiou papers, in order to ex ercise the right of suflrnge. iVnti'nr Jj Wfwoo u. Ona recent visit to Keene, N. 11., we had an IVojs h? s!uul.l hip-i:t to hi confined, for opportunity toobserve that the work on the lino stealing or some other crimc,in the Penitentiaty Discretion is the belter part or Vn'.or. (Jen. C'as, tho special champion of Mr. I'olk, and tho ready ndvo;ato and apologist for his measures and policy, docs not like to answer questions. Tlio following amusing interlude occurs In tho report ofthe gallant (ii-noral's lato ispccch nn tho Tl.r.'e Million Hill : Mr. MOIil'IlKAD inquired il tho honorable Sena tor considered the pieseui proposition as confining the l'rt-sideut,iu the disbursement ot the money, to the puiisises lo be specified in the treaty, ns the icsoluliou of the last session did I Mr. CAsiSsaid thatnis understanding of the propo sition wok, thai the money was nut tube paid until a treaty was ugiccil upon Thepawncnt was nut lu piecede the tienty, but to follow il. .M.WlMISTLlt, (rising.) Will the honorable fe nntor allow ine- .Mr. CASS. I will hear von wilh nlensure : but I ennnot nnsner nny more questions. 1 hove said that no money is to be paid until a neat v manned. Air vv LlkS'lTU. lwus merely going to reiuaik that is the vcty turning point. Mr. t ASS, (hastily ) 1 will sil down nnd hear the liuuoiuuie senutor, but he must not nsk ine any qui s lions. They entirely disarrange what 1 have lo say. .Mr. Wcustcii lesunied his seat. " Ask me no questions and 1 will te'l you no lies" seems to have been the temjier of the Ge neral. And then that word, " hastily," appears tu havo been thrown in by tho reporter maliciously. We presumo the (ieneral was as cool as a cucumber. oi tins roau is progtessing vigorously, we were indebted to tlio kindness of the gentleman ly and ellicientl'residentof the Corporation, Mr. Howards, forlhc pleasure of a brict examina tion of the Culvert and Viaduct across a branch oftbc Ashueloi, about a mile .South ofthe beau tiful village of Keene. It is a noble structure, admirable in its architectural proportions and ar rangement, and in its adaptation to tlio purposes on nhickwell's I-land ; in which case the Loco foeo O.lice-holdcrs in .'ew Vork would manage to let him vote ii'.iutt the papers. The War. There is no news of special interest or importance from the theatre of tho War. In tho abcnco of authentic intelligence the daily lllMKN nT llin nMi.j n... ain.l ...III. .1... T t . i . ., , , . , ij-. -v... ... inu nun .nu linen w in i j -pi'CU" file I. Illl'll It ll-le (t.-tltlFnn.l 'I'l.r. nm.if n.. 1 ' ' I ,, ., . c. ', ., . . . latiuns of letter writeis, and rumors of impor tant transactions and events which aro mostly tho Summit, in Surry, under tlio very efficient management of Mr. I'ak.malee, is aUo in a line state of forwardness. Tlio Cheshire Hoad. when completed, will bo among the most magni ficent Public Works of tho Country. The l'nssiitni'slc. This work is also proceeding with spirit nnd efficiency. It is under judicious and careful without foundation. Such was the idle repot t, paraded allover the Country that Santa Anna had been shot by his own soldbrs ! .o battles have been fought, nor does there appear to be any immediate prospect of any. Our Army is nt various posts in Mexico -Saltilto, .Monterey, Victoria, itc. itc, as heretofore. Whether management. The intelligent and estimable an attack will bo undo on Vera Ciuz, or San President, Luastus I'airuanks, llsq., in a letter I-ul, or not, tho letter writers aro not agreed. addressed to the Stockholders relative to their claims for interest on instalments paid, which wo find in tho Xurth Star, says : " The investment is now known to be a safe oneind with the etitaiiitg of receiving interest annually, nnd tliepofprrf ol nu ultimate annual dividend, exceed ing the legal late ol interest, many olour citizens prr. cr to place their lunds in this condition, rather ihan loun them on oidiuaty secuiity." ITOur "weeping friend" of the (fairYfe gets "blovvcd up" worse than the poor fellow did that ho hied to death in thosp elastic rncks, for pet. ling titnl storv alloat ! Our contemporaries don't settled." seem to believe a word of it since it lias been contradicted. The Hollows Tails paper nsks the (i:tctte."ieAo did the Healing!" WeUdicvo Doctor Cobl), is tlio present physician to tlio Oazctte, and he probably "operated." It appears to bo well ascertained that the .Mexican Congress havo passed a bill raising 15,000,000 by the hypothecation or salo ol Church properly. Tlio best news, or rumor, that we find in the papers is the following. May it prove truo! Peace with Mexico. The XewOrlenns bulletin (good authority) contains the following paragraph " We have seen letters ofTth January Ironi the city of .Mexico, nnd from parties having necess to high sources ol intormatiou, which express, in decided terms, a IWicf that th" ilillerenccs between the two uiliu is .wli cry spucdi.)' be amicably and honorably tiii: nnroT muutixo. We nre requested to inform the public that Mr. Nolt.froin New York, will deliver nn nildri-sstn ihe Depot meeting, at .Miiwientiry on m l.tninst, .hiii rt7otiry friilr.ry. Here lies, entoomb'd beneath this od, A man who once file's journey trod, Who olt'ns said lwfure his full, Had ii-'d his last nud known his uicl. Till h-t ot all that coblergrim, Stem Ds-ath, sew'd upaucndofhini. This man to give him justice fair He surely was n genius rare, Since whilst his band its cunning mov'd. Polks' uniterstandiagUe improv'd; Yea, more than this, sure o earth rolls. He had a knack at making sdes , And whilst he was no rogue nor client. He knew wed bow to make end meet, And with sj U skill Ie things could tether. He'd join both sole uud IhmI)- together. He in no baigam would dispute, Hut for the odds would give you loot ; And while the lapstone felt his thumps. He bad a knack at making lumps . Strange thnigsthey were, the truth to spenk, Suckl water only when they leak'd! He like the weniiier,(-o we're lold) Ui 1 olii-n irax both hot nnd cold, And.vrhnt a riddle sure must be l ie wrought so very queer, we see, llistend ot giimngas ileaglit to, His thtend drawn out git-w- but the slwrter. Tint Irakis genius t what is skill ? Wnai thoiigb his awl u boli could drill. What though a sale his hand could maks I And give )ou boot for cimlort'ssake ; As I have loid )ou once before. Ills thread is cut and he's no more. The Old I'nttiol ugniuiit Ms Tost. John Quincy Adams lias reached Washington, and resumed his scat in Congress on Saturday last. Tlio whole Country will rejoice at the re turn to the National Councils, of this noble and fearless Champion of truth and freedom. Di lining n position. We see it stated in some of the papers that a genllemin, commenting on the amaiing imbe cility and incompetency which have distinguish ed Mr. Polk's management of tho War, remark ed to another that the names Polk and Tyler would descend to posterity together. "Let mo tell you," was the reply, " that those names can never go any where without ascending '." Mr. Tout. j-j-Tho Washington Corrert'"'cnt of ,ho Itoston Atlas thus speaks of the recent speech of one of our representatives, tho Hon. Solovoji Toot of Uutland: "Thenastwa.IH.bly mont, In a.speec li war. "'J il5 ctniiot praise for its ability, ns l'"''1 ,,,; . i' .Vs. and to and its eloquence ifffi I iff r.-'oV tne ses- i!7sM Cn(ire', "

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