Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 19, .1847. The Iturllngton Drawing Hook of Flower We have heretofore t.iken occasion to speak of this beautiful work of Art, and to commend it to tho admiration of our readers. We are gratified to learn that a few copies have been left with Mr. Edwards for sale. It is designed ( a fact of which wc were not before aware) as a work of instruction in the Arts of drawing and coloring, as well as for an ornament ( and a rare one it is) for the table, or library, of the amitcur ; and conducts the learner, by easy de grees, and through a pleasant path, from the fibres ol the leaf to the rich perfection of " tho consummitoflower."' This work, as most of our readers know, is tho production of our tovvnsnun. Mr. John IIent.v UorKts, ir.. to whoso, talent and industry, it is in tha highest degree creditable. Wo do not allow ourselves so far to distrust tho taste of our citizens as to suppose that the few copies to bo disposed of will remain long unsold. As a fitting companion of the Hook of Flow ers, the same aitist has published the " llpn- lixgton Book of riaur.ijs," which is ibvoted to the Fame useful and ornamental purpoies. Tho heads " from the ancient masters," which it contains, are very beautifully executed, and, with t lie elementary drawings, place the work in the first rank of artistic excellence. Mr. Ciillionn on the Wnr. In a very exciting debate which aroo in tho Senate, on the resolution expelling the Goveriv ment editor or rather libeller Mr. Ililchie from the floor of that body. Mr. Turnev of Tennessee took occasion to make a iolent at tack on Mr U.ii.ttOLW. In tho course of ins ri ply, " Mr. Calhoun said he bad been a lourr time a mem ber of this bod v, and tins was the first time lie hail ever been availed in a manner like this ile did not like to mvo ve himself m any sneii controversy, but llie oc casion cave hiuinn onnortunilv to vinelicnte himself. In tegnrd to the war, he said fir deploicd the cause of me war, ne deplored the war used, lie deploied tne manner in which ilhailbeen brought on, by theii of (Jen. Tuvlor ami his troops from Corpus Christi to the ll-o Grande. When the order bid been Given to th j trooiH to a Lance, he. told n Senator fioni D.'lavvarr, who gave him the information, that it was impossible, that it wovld l.r..o toa war, r.nd that it oitjht to be arrested : lint someone must mow in it ; lie (.Mr. Calhoun) could not, for it was necessary fur him tojnescicc hit fiicndlu iclntious ictth the J'residcnt in order t'j settle t'ic Oregon question, and inevenia icar teui l.tiuiana, wiucn would oe cer tainly followed by a war with M.xiro. lie had been prompted to rail for the leithdraicd of thetioopt. and would nnvciaiun resolution beiore tne senate hail he not thou 'lit that it was too late to do this 3Ir. Polk's organ I.icKeil out of (he Scuttle. On Saturday Iat, the Senafe, by a vote of ill to 111, deprived the editor of the Washington Union, the miserable uioulh-piecoof Ibis buffet ed administration, of the privilege of entering their Clumbjr. TI13 h ury li'uiier stigmitizsd the Sr.xATn as " Mexicans," !ls " compatriots, friends, and CJIovv-s-o'Jicrs" of f-'anta Anna " or any other Mexican General," because that brdy did not perceive it to be their duty to square their official action by the wishes of tho l're-i dent ! And when lie ts thrust out of the fconafe fortius abuse of the I'roF, lie raves about tl.c ' Freedom of the l'ress !" as if the freedom of his press of more consequence to tho people of tliU country than tiie freedom of on.vio:; and ACTION of the .SENATE OF THE U.MTED STATES ! bill, nnd against the proviso, ns an nincndmentto this or nny other Important appreciation bill, Mr Dixon, ol Connecticut, and .MrRnthhuu.ol Nrw Yolk, continued the debate, niul advocated the pro. viso. Mr IvniHinnn, of Texas, obtained the lloor, and tliccommiltcc rose. Some miscellaneous business wns transacted pre .., . .1... .l.n.,r,,i,iiti tiitiiinrr whlcli was the ll- troiluction of n bill by Mr Wllunt.ol New oik, or the lehet 01 ireianu. . WASitiNfiiov, Feb. 10th 1817. Sfrtr.--Thc .iu lining. I'nimnitlee lenorlcd thcure-goii territorial Bill with sundry amendments. Air 1 nice oiiercu n icmiuiiiou '-""Y"y , Tlhe Union newspaper fiom the floor ol the Scn.i c, for an attack pn the dip niy ol that b ,ly,m an 11 clc in bis piper ol the 8th instant, upon the Army nil . ... 1 t,1 ,l ri,iirlniaiil Hat PIPCr, lor II one sided rcpoit on said bill. .1 .Mr 1 ulec nsueii tue lniuii'uiioc tin -' 1I1? resolution. Obrction being made, the . ice I re blent decided flint the re-oluiion must lay over on day. The Three Million Peace Hill was then taken up, nnd .Mr. Cass spoke tit lenglh upon it. , lie was in 1 a vol 01 n iiuihh pis'-'-" war, and opposed the plan laid down by Mr (.milium. He lemetteiilliercmaikspfMr Cnlhnunns to our in- nbilitv lo prosecute llie war succea-fuily, becausj ol ilsinilncnec in Mexico. He thought Air Calhoun s defensive plnu more expensive than theoileuMie one, and it would protract tne war rauier 111:01 iv." sp'edy termination ol it. Mr Com in has the floor fortomonow Thellcport of'the Committee uf Con- f-rence 011 tlie ten legi.ncnt bill was, nnrr n spnmu .,1..,,.. ..,.,,...,... I in A. ifimn, 1 nl .1 o c oc v. II.L Xf UnJ.;ni,,n Hunt reunited a bill for the relief of lielninl icad twice and lcieried to the Committee of the Whole The Cominiltce ol the Whole then took up the three million bill, Speeches weie made by Mts"rs Kant man, I'oote, Hiiiiekcilioft.l'iirris ol Ohio, nnd Wood ofN. Y. 'l'he Coinmillee lose, mid the upon of the Confidence Connuillec on the ten regiment bill was adopted It gives the tV"idcnt power to appoint ofiieers of regiments below the grade of field olheeis, 111 the rc ccssofthc Senate, and without the necessary subse quent conhriniition ol the Senate. Adjourned. I'ebiuary 11. Senate. Ilictiiicc million Dill was taken up, nnd Mr. Corwm mldies-cd the Senate. His speech produced quite a sensation. When he con cluded, Mr. Bngbv jot the floor for tomorrow. House. Mr. C. .!. liutcisoll moved to close the de bate on the three million bill, on U o'clock. Ordered 10 he on the table, SI to 71. The bill was then uken up, mid Me-ssts. Dohiu and fiiles aildres-cd llie couiinitlee 111 favor ol the bill, but in opposition loth" proviso. Air. Gotdon followed 111 uvorol the bill and the pro ved, tint llie us" of Sugar and Molasses for brewing and distillation, abolition oftlie present duty, mid tem porary sii-pensioii of the limitation laws, weie con tenuifiited ! the nriisal ol llie expected steamer nMlus portis flicrcfoie looked lor witli great inteicst. 1 lie. oititalionsnt Liverpool on the l'.'tli.were 70s s per n artcrol'WJ lbs, wliiclintfi per rent, r.teliangcatid ililperbush freight, nets, fiee or all chames, ns fol lows: 70s, $1 H7 per bushel ol 00 lbs J 73s, 1 lb do. (tool,, Duty, III) ltr ct. , There has been an unusinl activity in llie ool iron-Let ihirinit the nast weck.niid nearly all the lotson sale in this city line been taken by nnnuhcluieis, nt nitndvnuee over former prices the present , slock of domestic I leccc and rolled wool ill mainei is " My less thiin nt any picuous lime within the 1 1st 10 nr. . UA. ,!, fn,.,r,r f tile I'CllCta V well siipplieil willi Ihe ntt'clc, and the present price of woolen goods will 1101 wariaiiin greai uui" Wool J it is evpecte.I, Inwrvc, lint th" quotations g'ven with this lepoitwillbc sustained, l'nine fcaxo- ny j iceccs, washed American full blood do. - - do :t-l 1I0. - - - do 1-2 do. - - - - do 1-life com do. - - - .Vpani-h fchecp. Ill' At .V - - - - .Smyrna do. washed - do do unwashed - - - Ilengasi unwashed - - .S'lxony, clean - - - - - - UiieiiosAvie,s(unpiekcd - - - - do do picked - - - - Ilvtra pulled Sup. r orth'n pnllcd lamb - - - - No. 1 do do do - - 2 do do do - - - - 3 do do do - - - 10 45 3:1 a :b 311 Hi 33 'a at 3j '.'3 el 'J3 nt a " r? " & I ii a ,, a 37 ct 10 Si (t 31 U7 .a so 15 & H 10 12 Tiiur.sDAY nvr.siio, 8 1-2 o'clock. Wcstop tho press to announce, with inexpres sible satisfaction, that a blow has been struck for Freedom in the Congress or the United Stater, which will thrill the hearts or all true patriots with joy. The W1UI0T rnovfso, which forever precludes the farther extension of Slavery, either by tho Legislative action or the Military power, of the United Slates, wa' House or Hr.rr.EsEXTATlvr.s 011 .Monday lust ny a vole of 1 15 to 105 ! It will bo seen that tl.o House was unusually full, and tint the friends of Freedom and tho honor of tho Amcri. can name, were faithful and true! Let the YfOTICI!. Tin: l'.unwntsmp nntirrorotti: 9 ,., ,,,,,l,.r il,,. ivime nnd linn of Wm. Jordan and Co' was dissolved oil ihc I'iih of IVhrtiiiry inst by mutual con-ent. WM .lOltlUN'. Wlnoo-ki lulls, 1 iuv,.-, 1. iiuu.Ti.. 12th l'eb. 1817. 31w3 invamiaum: pamilv compamon. SIX LtXTimnrf on die I'tSIlSOKTlIU I.UNUs Cnusts, l'leM'iitlon and Cuie or Consumption, Asthma, mid Dieas"9ul the H-ait. On the liws ol l.oni'eviiv. nnd mode ol nre-eiving male mm limine benini. nmmeliv nnd beiinly irxiiu'ing eanscsiiiul cure ortliose jr-rn-es that ptoclnde Coiisumpiiou, or shorten life, lis Allections of the Skin Hpiiie.ytoiincli, llowels, Kidr.evs, l.ncr, Beroiuia, 1 lies, iraei,iuin rcmale Complainls. ltsiules, coy, practical, and pure, lorui 11 guide to perlect lirallli nud longlile. as llngravini's 321 pages. 50 cents, l'o-tage U i-S ccnts. liy rsA.iiut-ii. cni-.ijii'. i'iiuii, ii..h,.u.i'i tit 7071!l!UAH-WAY, XI'AV YOltk. Anv neiMui rdiiiuing filty mils, lice, will receie one copy, by mail, to any pail. Ihc trade supplied J.inu iry, 1.4 Ii, 33m3 Airlillntil XV. llvilcM'stntc. STATnoi'VllUMON'T.J AT a I'lohate Court t)Ulri-l ,a ( boll ell lit llilllllltoll within and for the bitrictaior.sndoii ihe Hith day of .Sji:1s' Safsapsu'iJSsi, rou Tin: ur.MnvAi, and rmtMANUN'T CUIlIMir Atd.DlrfllAsSl'.S AltlrMNG I-ROM AN IMl'L'lli: STAT.; DFTlIi: I1I.OOU Oil UAUIT Ol' TIH. SSTI.M, VIZ.: Scrofula, or king's evil, Kieumiithm, obstinate cuta nniat einnlioni, pimidcs, or intitules on the fare, Uotvhei. biles, eln omc src ryes, ling wiirmortet tir, s-aldhrad, rnlnmemrnl andynm of the I'meD nnd vdnti, stuhbwn ulcers, syphilitic symptoms, sciotirii,Of lumbago I and ilcstusiiailswi! Jiom an injudicious uscoj meicniy, ascites, or dtopsy, ex posmcor imprudence in life! also, chiunic con ttittttioitftl disuiders. c. In this preparation nre strongly concentrated all tbe Medicinal Moijciius of Haisap'inlla, combineil Willi the must efleclual mils, llie most salutary productions, tiie most potent "iinplcs ol theegit!ible king lonr , nud ils unprecedented success in llie restoration to health ol those, wlrj had long pined under the inot distressing chronic maladies, lias given it an exalted rliaiacter, luniishing us it does evidence ol ils own iutriu-ic Millie. The following is an "timet from a letter received from Itev. William Galushn . liciiKsmnrA t ,Oet 22.1,1810. MLSsrs HaMjs " I have been allhcted Willi n severe I pun m my ide, occasioned by a diseased liver, tor llie l'ebrnarv. A. 1). 1817. an instrument purporting to be i , nv..u. . snir,.,!,,,, ,,i times what liiiuru'iL'e tbelist IliKaiul lcsiamem o- .ireitioaia. i. . nyae cannot coniey, bu I since inking jour miipaiiua 1 U7ii,i.isto.v Hinir S'cnnnr. ami Fam.w.kSi: MISAHV. 77ir Spnng Term of Ibis institutio.. will comiiience m Thuislay, I'cbrit iri, Isth, uudvi tile ehatge, as lierctolole, ol .1 Lv.MJX, A. M. The condition ol this school is prosperous, number of pupils large, find the pni'in-cl" lor the fuluie lliltrr mg. Tho lnstiuetion is liehevnl tol ilfieient titi.t thoiough. It is an essential i'cnharit) of the Instiln. tioti to lead the pupil, so tar as prur.iicMblclKilh In in struct and puciii liiuis.df. This renders bis sludii if pleasant an I ensures sucoes., 'llie fucilitas lor tl.' aequi'ition of natural seienc- nre intii-tll- gfwl The Principal iiosessesa hrge lleHieliau TeicscKpi olsupcridriiuilily, wiiliotlMTcvcellenl apparatus laf ly cma winch lie will me lor tlu' bvii'-filof tliu student. Tuition For the Primnry branches, '3,"0 " " Higher, " -i.1"' " " Iiiuuag.'., sVi'i Hoard nn t obt'iiu -d at fiom Sl23 to SMJper werk, ineludiiiwa'hing.ili'. N I!. It is very dc.iublc that those who imticipat nttrn-l.nj, s'i juli co n n.-ajj at tin b; 'in.iini of the piair-r. illi-lon, !'. I , 1517. 1 n cic v. iri'.AT n.oi i:,rr.-h J- ncN-wheat, and wnnalited i;ood, by l'tli. I.lfl h g.ouiiJ.frnf.: UKWUY. 1 1 , , , llieilSl l.ltllllL. llll'lFlirrini ' y . Cllll lio. CO 11 I'V , OUISIIIIC lilMOl JOMl .1 iJ ijuilll.l 1 Se.vate now but act up to the lugli duly that is p,te ol'lluilingtoii, insu I IJ.striot deceased, was pre-1 have been greatly relieved, o much so that 1 have been , r ., , , . ,i, , ,,,,!.,. , i, seined totheCoiut here for Probate, by Cluilesllusaell n,!e to attend to my business, nnd pmcli uertisuiinlly bororothem, and imprmo tlie opportunitj n,e lecutor, therein named. . ... I for the l.i.t fiiteen months. I whollv di-earde,l nil l'rovidenco has given them to vindicate the Dr. its of Slavery in this Kcpublic ill ba defined ! ii. :i. i. The Lecture Tins evem:.g before tbo Insl't tut3 will bo given by tho Hev. J. II. Wor.cES tzr. Subject: Adaptations in the structure ol Animals. , Wc aregUd to state that the attendence last Friday evening, was quite large. The Rev, Mr. I'Aiik-nr.'s Lecture was listened to with marked attention and interest, and gave iinivcr sal stis faction. It w as a very creditable t crfor tr.ance. Tho Ueverend gentleman's elocution is easy and graceful, and the ton23 of a umsi cal voice gave affect to the words of instruction that he uttered. T.TotsiY.S Feb Senate . The three million bill was taken up at one o'clock. Mr Morelieud spoae ociinst the bill as setting a most dang-ious precedent tiu-., v "t.,rpbenil concluded, ill Calhoun obtainei i.d dnnr f.r tnmorrow. The bill was iiassed oier in formally. The Committee or Conference n ported an ....rtwnl wbieb ihev had come to with the Hoile Committer in telaiion to the army bill. Its pnncipil feature is, that the President can appoint company ol filers during thn recess of Congrc-s but ina-t appoint 4:i,i ilice.s while Congress is m scr-sion. Atlerde. bate the question was taken on agreeing 10 the leport of the Committee, so Mr as relates to appointment, and decided in the negative jeasl7, nays 23. The nCiltn ri.,.r,rt wninrreed lo. Adiourned. Jloasc A resolution was offered by Mr Douglass for expelling tne repoiiers 01 me i 111011 news-paper, lor a fjUr, scandalous un.l disre-iiecilul icpoitof the nr n.lmnoil the Hoii-e on Hatuid.iv. during the nt- tempi of .Mr Wcmworth of Illinois, to ndtlirs the I louse in reply to an attack upon bun in the I'nioii of l'rhbiv niht. The reolutiou was inodilied so ns to nppomt a coinniittee ol live to mq ore who tlie report rnfihe Union was. and what ineiiibr created the tlisturbanee, whn the resolution as iiioduied was ttdopted, 128 tool. The Committee of Conference on the ten regiment bill renorted tint th" .Senate recede fiom the amend- ment to tlie tilst section, and that the Mclioii siaud as passed by the Mouse, with n night exception, and fAriher mutual concession The report was adopt ed. Three ol llie Hons? was takenupm Committee of the whole. (' J, iugersoll udJre-sed Ihe Committee in explanation ol tin olyct ol the bill Mr. Wilinot olleied Ins amendment and made a rpeech in opposition to the extension ol slavery to new lernlorv. .Mr Strong ot N Y followed. .Mr I mpiiinn concluded llie debate lor tod.iy, when the Uoinmittee rose and reporied prtigrcss. Adjourned at 5i o clock. Tiesdw Keb.Um Senate, Altersome pri'c.uina ry bu-meKs. Mr Culhomi look the floor upon the three million till, the order of ihe day. Af'er M'tue general remarks upon the cliarntter and objects ol the war, Mr C took notice ihatthfic were two modes of reaching the end wlindi all desired. One was hy peisMiug m Ihepie peut plan of advancing and fightiugour way into the iniertor of ilieco'iuliy,ndthe other was the cstabh-h-ineut of a line of spp irniion betwien our own und Ihe Mexican terutoiy, lo be defended by our lioopsm ease the enemy should attempt to transgress the li m'Mhus inurktdout. From coiihiiltaiton with military men, lie thought the line which should be chosen was from the mouth of the Itio Grande to the I Wo Del .i rte, (die foul) several hundred miles fiom the nioiith, and thence wer-t to the Gulf of California. He thought uur government ought to show Mexico thatitsobjiAt was not conquest, nor the gratification uf hatred against her race und religion. Then she minhi brexpecied to treat, and not beiore. To maintain incline ofbouuduiy he had indicated would requite no inoie ihau three or fmrlorls and four regiments. 'Ihe voluuieeis might nil bedi-band. rd and discharged, and the expenses of uVaiiuy niWht be reduced w itliin the limits ol the peace e-i.ibhsli. ineut. Mr Ciilhouii next nllujedto some of the in cidental quesiioiw connected with the aequisiuou ol territory in lint quarter. To wliusa benefit would it ensue 1 To what purposes wan n to he i netted f He ,tt binled ut llie illleslloll of llie cxlc lis-iuti .if ,1... power of siavery.nud slid lie should express himself at grcuier leumir upon ma, ,,jjit, ,,t:ti unci, thus .Mr Colliouns pnn is developed, and it amoutus to this ; the war should m abandoned, loge. The committee rose, and a messigc was received from the President, announcing that he had signed the ten icgiincnl bill. The'jouit resolution of thanks to Gen. Taj lor, with amendments fiom the rjemte, was received, nnd ic ferreil to tlie Military Cominiltce. Adjourned. I'niPAV, l'rh 12 S'nntc The icsnlutiou to ex clude ihculiioisuiid repoitersof the Union fiom the privileges ol the lloor and the leporters' galleries, was taken up,and lhatpait i elating to riporlcis withdiawn. Debate ensued, in which Messts. Tiirney, Lalhoun, Yulcc, llutler andotheis pulicipatcd, mid w-hich be cauieperfonal betwciii .Me-is. Tuiueyaud llutler. The Senate adjourned at a quaitcr past live, without voting on the lesolutiou. Utilise .Mr. flalhbuu offi-red a resolution requiring the Secretary of the Ticasury to rouuuunicale loilh wiih the ii'imesof the secret agents or inspeitorsem ploedb the Di-p-irlmeiit, these not having been hiu-ii in the Hecretaijsicceut H port, ill reply lo the resolu tion heietoloie adopted. He claimed for this, ns a piivdeged quction, immediate consideialion. Mr D.-ciiiyio!eoli;ccIcd, and the chair decided dial it was lint n question of piivdere, as the Secretary had not lefucd toliiim-hiheliauieF, but stated I hut todoso would be to the public interest. A lesolntion was Ihcu adopted to close the debate on the thicc million tulliit 12 o'clock on Monday, am ihe bill was taken up in coininiilee ol the whole, nnd soeeches were made bv Moi-sis Stephens, Dillingham, .Milto.i lli-owu.C ilf'er" nil Ilarininson. The com inittce iose,andal.ri l-2oVlock the House adjourned. Sat'T.iuy, IV). 13 Senate. Th" S.mte Inning been opened in the usual lorni, by pnj er, ,te , n reso lution was adoi ted to meet at ilcvcn o'clock, A. M., in lnlnre I he lesolutiou locxeiude llie Uciitorand reporieisoi the Union fiom tluir seals m this assemblage, was ta ken up. , Mr. Wcsteott .addressed ihc Fenr.'e at great lrnglu ; and gave as his iniprrssiou, that the articles in ine i n ioii were the result of a pieconcerted attack by the ad- ..i- .-n O'l... ..,,n,.l ,.l Mi- MIMI-ll.ltlOII llj.Ull ,1,1. V..1IIIOII11. ...... v.. .-. ..... i'uniey.vesteiday, conliimed this iiiiprcs-ion, and it as .Mr. V. 'a belli 1 that tlie demoeiacy oi this udmill- trntion con-i..tcd nt nothing more than "ioaws and hes." Irom tin' Lieut t ienciid down to a mere second liiuteiniit If llie people rd' tlie United Sialcs weie only awaie ol the corriq. lion wliichexists here ft llie se.H of government, they would tumhle the President and his Departments, the Coogrt ss, nnd the Whigs and uciooeiais, netlsoer neuo.ioi'iucj, imo . u- toinac, nud they would do light. ,Mr. ,lason opposed me lesoiuuon.ns itonui;iiiL; uiir fleedom of lliepiefcS, and usti violation of the consti tution. , , l hedebate wascontinued pro and con. uy .itcsrs. llutler, Huntuigtuu, Yulee, Hanncgan, Aiuicr, Cal- fioim.nndolhiis. It was Imui'.v decided. by avote of .. to'Jl, mat .Mr. Ritchie be expelled. His lepoiteis were spiled, by the withdrawal ol the lesolutiou Jelaiing to them. Il'iiiie. In the House, some unimportant business liaviiu been transacted, tl c committee ol the whole re sumed the consideialion ot the three inill.on bill. Specchis were made by Seubolll Jones, Wii-hmgton Hunt, Hudson, lJrockeiibrough.Oiddings nnd Thompson. ( i lie coimuiuce rose during tne remains oi .nr. Hunt. rhevenetabcJohn Onincv Adams npntarcd, nnd was intiotluced lo his seat by Mr. Johnson, who Ins occupied it since the commencement orthe se ion. Mr. .1. congratulated Mr. Adams on las ability to re sume his place in the House ; and e.pies!-e.l a gratili calion at complying with the declaililloli innde ill th tun? the seat was selected, mat lie wouiu surieinier it inunediately on the appearance ol the vcuciablc mem ber fiom Massuchusiits. .Mr. Adams icn led to the courtesy ol .Mr. Johnson, andcxpressed a high sen-e of pleasure at the unniies taiiousol le-pect and c-ttein bo-towed upon him by ineiulier.s ol tut puiiiis, who snic ciowduig around lo welcome his letiuii. A loes-fure wfis receieeil from the President. asUinf. 11-oilslon to be m-lde for the aooointlllellt of lield ol neeis under llie ten regiment bill. .nr. 1 om recom mended fi tax on ten niidcollee, nud a i eduction in the price of public land-, in older lint hbeinl piovi-ioll might be made lor the v igorous pto-ccution ol the cx-i-luig war wuh the lepnbhe of Mexico. He likewise recommended ihe ncicptancc ol the continued seivices of ihe volunteers already in the army in Mexico, who-e term of seruce may expire prior lo ill- csu lion of ho-iiliiics Heicleisto 'he proiiocted tetusal oftlie Mexican Government to. leapt prollersof nil honoia ble p-ncr,oud to the mcasuirs genciaily which have been adopted, nnd icinatks tlni it necessary that our arms in that quaitcr should be rciul'oiccd to the fulle-t extent. The message was long, nud on various subjects, all tending toloiwnrd the prosiciuiou ofihewar. O.i nuiioii ol Air. ('. .1. lngeisoll, Ihe message was leferred to th Couiinitlee ol Viijs an 1 Means. Th House then went into the consideration of mil- itaiynlijirsaud the public laudsnd finally adjourned at ite.iily eight o'clock without a quorum. Wood's Stirsnrnrillii nnd Wild Cherry miters Ale now acknowledged, by all wboliave given them a trial. In be one of th' Pes prcpatalions in u-c. As n FAMILY MIIDICINH it is hunluable. It fsplen- s mt to tlie taste which in tk' s it an easy medicine to administer to children, and is f.i't taking the place uf those Nauseating llcineilics which have been so long in use. The proprietor cannot toostionglyrccoiumcnd this preparation ns a family Medicine, as a lew do-cs taken on ferlinrr a little unwell will sie weeks and niontnsot sickness ami sunering nnu prcvcui 111 inosi iustanccstittacksof feverand ague, bilious fever, and nil Ihc local li-vcis if llie country For Dispepsia, Headache, lndi!;estion,lIumois, pninin ihc Hack and Si le they have been used Willi gnat succe.-s. The following is one among many testimonials oi the efficacy ot llns Medicine in possession of the pro pi iclor. , New Iicdford, August 19,1811. Tear Sir, It is wilh mncli pleasure that 1 add my l"?thno:iinl lo the inanv which vou hate, of the vnlue'of jour Sarsapaiilla and Wild Cl'ietiy Uilleis. 1 have used them m my lamilv with the hnnmest rcsull I have recommended Ihcin lootheis,vho have uscd ihein with equal success. In one case in particular, ol D l Bl lt bia ol long siiiiidingnttendeil with severe Head Ache, which had icsisted nil tre.ittnent, I was l'.NTlHllI.Y CU11CD by the u-ed of these bitteis. 1 sh-dl always take great nleasiirc in lecoiiiniciidmir them to alt persons sullcr- iinr liom uny of ihe tli-cases aiismg lioin Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and iinpuiiliesoi the blood. G. MACOMI1EII. ess signed I. IlL'TTS on the None pennini wianner. l'or sale bv Peck Sn.AR. 3lw2. DYSIT'.PSIA isn weakness of the digesiive organs, and. tike- e ci v other conmlaint, is caused bv impurity ol ihc blood. 'The ga-nict juice.a lluid peculiar tu the stomach, w bell sciteted Itolil bad blood is not ol a healthy quality consequently the food instead ot being ploperly dis-olied, ollcll leinaliis uudigc-te.l until it becomes ill a manner spoilcdor putrilied in the sto mach . hi me, bad breath, n di-agieiable ta'te in the inouili, especially on lirst waking in the morning, hen dach, giddiness, lownessol spirits, wastiugof the bony, ,Vc. I'liF.ucionL it is nideicd by said Court, that public Tinlir,. l, iik-f.), in .nil ii..rsnos colieerlied therein to an- caitso of Justice and Humanity, and the foul Jim- peai before said Comt.tu iisess,o.iilircortobehol,en n, I ,n If ..IO.r'a fillin in snip 1 lllH 111 fflOll Oil I 1C SC- cond Wei hicsdnv in Maich, A. H. 18l7,and contest the Probate id's i'id Will, and it is further ordered that this order be published tin ec weeks suecessHeiy in the llurlmglon 1'iee Priss.n news inprr printed at llur liugton, in this State, th-las; oi which publin ims sliall be ptcMous to the day Assigned, as alorcsaid for hearinr.. Given miller my hand at tli- Uegtstcr's Office, this IGlhdny oi I' i binary A. I). 1117. 31w3 Wm. WllSTON, Ucgiitcr. C. B. EDWARDS' CAE A I' CaSV BOOK jg'STORE, X 3 1 Peck's Ilulldin:, lltirlinsson, Vt. Jacques. by George Sand. tianslated fiom the 1 rencli nv .vuii.i inaciiweu, soi. s;j u The luiltfu of'llle. A love story by Chs. D.ckens, 0 CC Rupcit Mndmr; or tlie faidiless ife by the Author of " Ten thousand a year," 0 25 Tho .Hidiii.'ht Hell or the fatal hour by Uaion Vou Ilolstcin, 0 25 Feb. 1'J. 21 SFLLlMi OFF AT COST. rpiIH Sri!sc;tiiii:it, aiiout to cr.osn up X his business nt Willision, oilers for sale his re maining sunk of goods at cost. Having ns great a vaiietyns any stole in the couniy, the picsent is a raic opportunity l'or families to supply themselves at wholesale prices. To his old cusioineis in Willision, iiiehiuond and Jericho, he would particularly say that now is the tune for great bargains r x7 please to call and examine for yourselves. Willision, Feb. 1G. 31lf I'HS. II. CANPUU.D. VALUABLE It UAL USTATIJ FOR SALG. TIHl Subscriber, lieing about to leniove to lfiirlniL'ton, olfers for sale the following pro perly, situated in and mar the village ol Wil ton VI. Tlu. ltrielt Stole, forinelle oceuoicd bv .Nichols. Chittenden find Co., to which is attached u large store houe, wood -bed, smoke house, ,lc, and acre of land : a!-o ihe goods now on hand in said store. Al-o Tne tkvel in-T hou-e lonil-rlv occupied bv llli Chitlenden, with the out buildings and 1U aens Waricn ."Inrr.iy's Gsfnte STATE OI'VHK.MO.NT.) AT a Probate Court D.strict of Cliiltenilen.s.. ( holden nt Ilu lingtoii, wiihin and lor the District aloicsaid on the lbihdayot l'ehnnrv A. D. 1817. an iii-liumeut iiuinortini; to the list li"i( and TsstJiiicnt of li'irrrii Mnriaij late ol Huihiiclon, in said Distnct deicas d, was piesented to tlu Court here tor Probate, by Henry Murray the Executor, therein iianud. it is ordeicd by raid Court, tliat public nonce nc given lo nu persons concerned tncrein lo np' pear before said Court, nt a session thereof to be hol den at the Register's cilice in sud lSurlinglou on the second Wedmsl.iy ill March, A. D lfil7,and contest the probate of said'Will. and it is further ordeicd that this older be published three weeks successively in the Ifuililiirton 1'iec Prcsj a news naner nriuled at Bur lington, in this Stale, the of which publications shall be picvious to the day assigned, as alort said lor hearing. Given under my hand nt the rtegi?t;r's Oflicc,this lOlhoU'cbluaty A.D. 1S17. 31wJ W.m. WESTON, ncsistcr. other medicine, and thoroughly tried the Sarsapaiilla, which lean lecumuicnJ m tiulh and sincerity to nil those who tne in anv wav aftlicted with unv species ol scrolulousco.nplaints. There have beep some lemaik- able cures cllecteei nv its usein inisviemiiv. .viis. i .IN, by 11. W. CATLIN. (P ASH PA Foil Gil" j Feb 3, 1SI7. : f A.HIH, LIGHT. Laid Lnmps, Solar, Od and l J Chemical Lamp?, for scores, P.nlois, (hurcb's Il-nisi o,,e ,of new and biauldul patterns with cutntH ground Globes, also Oluiuiiies, itk? oud ex-pa Globed Shades, eVc . Olns' hainps, l'eL'-Ij'inip. Gla.s, Piated. Ilracs and l!nlaimia Cnndlesiu ks. J h" Solar and Lard Lamps are rnpidly suieiceding all otbeis and toi Ii: It'irW.f'js T.l!t pnfill,tfi 7'i,nren ,,nltt e. lit bind ihe'Cto aiboillinff. medy fur Dyspep-n, b.'iau-e th-y cleanse thesiomacli Al-o A farm lung one mile South of thr village, nud bowels ol all bilious and corrupt liumnis, and pu- rontainiug bo acres ol In nil in a high state ot cultiv.i nfy the blood ;coiisequentlv, as they drive out thi lion, well fenced and watered, a good dwelling house, root, orcnuse ol this and eveiy olhor malady, they nre , Inrn and nil the necessary appurtenances, for carry-nb-olutely certai.i to icmove all complaints arising tug in the tanning business, thcrern situated, liom lnuigc.-liou or dyspepsia. 'I'he above propel ty will be sold together or in sc- Ifi.vvwm. of Coe.STtr.ii.iTs. Tlie public are caution-1 perate paicils, to suit purchasers, cdtigainst the inanv spurious n edicines, which, in or-! l'or lurther particulais anplv to the subscriber nt . iiiision. i iia. ii. u.x.x niji.if. der to deceive nie railed by name, sanilar lo Wright's Wide Indim Vcireiublc Pills. Tlie O.NLV OI'.lOIV VL AND (.r.W'I.VE I.SDI4N VlOETinLC Pn i.siiAVETiiLsw.viTL'r.roi Willi vm Wiuou r TCV WITH A TLX OS TIIE 101' I..M.CL OF LACII UuX A'lfflf oAcr iv genuine, und to rouiiterjnt this is Uliices devoieil exclusively lo the sale ol li'n'giC.i Indiin Vegetable J'ttls, wholesale and letail, Ifi'J liace Slicci, l'luhd"liihia ; 2ti.i Greenwich Slrect, New-Yoik; and IiH 'I'remout Street Iloston, and by PUCK & Bl'llAK, liiuhngtoii, Vt. Willision, Feb. 10, 1317. 3Iif In Ilinesburgh, on the 1 lib inst., by the Rev, J. M, Driver, .Mr. Ulnsct 11. Deas, of linstol, to .Miss .Mail Till Ljckwood.oI II. In l'..rrisbuig,IYh.2d the Ucv. II. T. Len vili, Mn. Ai.eln llr.iiiMif t rown Point, New York, nud .Miss llAniin.rN.CAticof the tormer place. Ily llie Itev, Jeremiali O Callaglnn, Peter Lafleur to Sophie Diigios, Il.irlingtou ; Thom is Cclbert to ICatherme (jnlut-v, Ls-' j.loh'i lling to Mary Dur gor, Colihi'sier j .fames Keainy to Katheiiue Mclv'oy, Fndeilull ; Naicii s Laport to Alinvra lles-onett, Jericho ; Siephen Kjnn to Ehabeih t.'ilhck, i'liilmg tou;.Muhuel Aiseuon to Julia Nadeux, Swnnion j Louis lvuthitt to Ellen Kaunee, Swanlon ; l'raueis M .Mullen to Jane O'llea ui. Milton . l-'.ibien Laicher lo Mary Vnhn, lltirhngtoii ; Patrick O'Conner to Ka- llierinc Kane, Uurlmgioii. LOST OA SVTITIDVV I.tST, l.'lTII I .VST. BHTIVIXX S. S Skiniier.s Livery Stable, nnd the Mooie Itussell llou-e, on Pearl Sueet, a small .Morocco Wallet, containing yio, in money, and one or two

unimportant papers, which nre of no consequence to nny one but the owner. T lie fiudi'r will be suitably levwiiiled hi leaving the same at this ollice. 1'ree Press Office, ) lflth l'eb. H17. 31 ri: Tin: lift. ff 1 i:i;si: aw ni:xs fiiatiikhs. VX l'or Sale by VILAS .t NOYE.5. Durlingtuii, I'ebiuaiy 19. 31 D i c b, In Dnilington, l'eb. ICth Mose-s Elgar, youngest son of Mr. and .Mrs. Moses E. Green, aged lour jcais audueaily S months " As venial flowers that scent the morn Hut wither in the rising dav, Thus lovely was thisinlant'silawn, Thusswil'tly (led its life away. This blessed llicme now cheers my voire ; The grave is not the loved once'a prison ; The " stone" that covered half my joys Is" rolled nwuy," nnd.lo!" licun-en !" Alco,on ihe 12tii John Proctor need 79. In Wcatherslield, Jan. 31st., Mr, Stephen Heed, ;cd W. Truman Iloberts age )iin:n Ai'i'u:. 4 LAIlCii: LOT OF l)l!!!:i) AI'I'Li:-, 11 For Sale by VILAS ft NOYEs' Burlington, IVbiuaiy IS. 31 Scl.ili .M uri rj 's ICstate. STATE Ol' VERMONT, ) AT n Probate Court District ol Chittenden, sa. f holden at Hulling ton, within and lor the District afore-said on the lUih day ol lebruarv. A D H17, an instrument purpniting to be Ihe list Will and Ti'stament id S-la i Aliirruv late cf W illiston, in said district deceased, whs prcsent- eii to me i.ourt nere lor riouaie,oy Asatiei .Hurray the Eveeutor, thea-iii named. TiiLnrioRE it is ordered by sijd Court, that public noiice be given to nil persons intere-sted theieni to ap pear beloie s ml Couit.ut a wsion thereot to be hold en at th Itegi-tersofnce in liuriingtouon the 1st Moii dny ol March A D. 1317 an I contest the prob-ile ol said Will, and it is further ordeicd tint this order be publi-hi'd three weeks suetessively in the 1'iee Press a newspaper printed at Iturhngtou, in this State, tlie last of which shall h.- previous to the day assigned, as afore said forbearing. Given uml'i my hand at th" Pieginci's Office, this loin eiay on ibruarv, A I). 1317. 23w3 CHARLES ltl'SSELL, Judge Shaw, by llie Use o six bottles, was le-lorcd to belter , beaulv and icolioiny nie iiM-nn o.-il. health tlnn she had bilorc enjojed lor ten ears, and .,, IJltLNS.MAlD .' nUOTlICRS, ,,lis. , cie.eil', v.iio n iu oeeii ct .ii.ij iiini.iu with Erv-ipehs. was uiliicly cured by llie use of u lew bottles. Yours, trn'y. vVM. GALUSIIA. The following tesiimonial liom tne Agent to ihe value of t'.e S.eisapauii i in a case . I lepioy will be lead witiinucrr st bv all s.unintlv ntlhcbd., Pike I'o.'Oluo, Si p. 7, IsKV Messrs A 11. Ii I). Studs: Gents A tn'in pear here used six bottle's of your valuable Sir-'qmiilla for the lepiosy, and h is n c uved more benefit Iroii it than all other icmedies coniiiined fur six eais pa-t, It restoieJ n haiui, legnnd foot from a situation that no person would have known they belonged to n human body, as a 11 appeared to be one mass ol putrilving sore. His hand ami other diseased palls uie all resioicel to their natitial sie and leehtg: are entirely healed over, and his leprosy cured. He intends nsingafevv more bottles to prm'anontly establish his health. Yours. mo.l resoeellullv. (i W. liAYNOLDS. l'or tarther paiticulais, and conclusive evidence, cf its sup-rior value an I ellrjacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained of Agents gnuis. Pieparedaud sold bv A. II ,t D. SANDS, Drug. gi-ts, IlKli' coini ot ilhani, New-1 oik. .-sold al-o by I'l.t K .v. Bi'UAi;, uuilinglon ; 11 !'. (io-s, Waterbuty ; S K. Collins, .Montp"lier ; L D-itrherSt Albiiist.M. Iv I'lalt Co., Plaiu- burg,.nnd by Diugg slsgi mially thioughout tlieUui ted Stat s. Pi ire $1 p?r bottle. Six bottles Tor $5. llurliiigton, 12 Feb. IS 17 ly. VLIiS. Good Live Geese Feathers, for site by D)f N.LOVKLY. liurlmglon.Feb. 3, 1317. S2 lntnroL'N CO'I'TCIN'ThTe"! Aumcuis ni.J 1 Sportsuieii. und nil wiio vv sn n biter article lbs.. Powder, for Pi-lol, It ill.- and otn -r hootirg, all wl: wi-h to !. 'ep their guns ciean mid free liom smok" and smell when shooting, nre invited to use the Gun Cotton, vvhudi is warranted to give s itis'aition. l'or sileb; LKINS.MAlDst HllOTHEKS. Agents ri'.X" CASKS Ol tint geiiiiuie old MONON' GAIIELA WHISKY, on hand and for silo i.y Exehang- building Zi CATLIN if SPEAll. Wat rstr.'el.Itu Feb 117 AUCTION GALES. ts Will com ' 1 til'ternoo the hi. pO I'KDLKIIS. '.YiYdd LlTHOfiltVI'HIC IMUN'TS. IL be'nutilully colored all fresh prints which will beoll'ered bv the huudrett at New Yotk whole- lie pri ces, ot ' EDWARDS' Hook Store. Peter L. Allen's INtutc. "E tlie -ubsciibers, lnviuiilieen nppoint',d by the V Honorable the Probate Court for the D.stn'ct of Chittenden, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust llie ciauiis anu demands of nil p-n-ntis agauisi the estate td' Peter L. Allen, late of Jericho in s.ud Distnct, deceased, repie-eiited iu-olvent,aiid niso all claims and demands cxhib.teit in oll-et ttiereto ; ainl six months from the day of the date hereof, lieing al by said Coult for that puipeee, wc do thete'fore liertbygive notice, that we wnl attend lo ihc business of our nppomtnieiit, nt the elwi ding ot Widow AM Till Allen in Jciicho risud D.str.ct, on tlu 2iiih d.ijs of Apnl and July next, ut le o'clo.'I; A. .M., on cm nnf said d,is. Dated, this Jim diy of Jan nry, A. D. 1317. david nsn, i ISAAC C. 1IOSTW1CK, f Cjmmitsioners. JOHN STORY, ) 33.v3 )JSS0LUT10.X. fpHK ('np.vitT.viiitsiiii' iinitrrrornnr. iimst- I. iugunehrthe li,m of SpaulJing .t Russell is this day disjilve.l bymitual'U. All persons Inviiu iniseltled arcounts. aie cnniesilv ream sted to call and settle forthwith. R. (i. SPAULD1NG, S II. RUSSELL. Burlington, February 1st., 1S17. Notice. THE undersigned having taken die shop herelofoie occupied by Spiuldmg cL Russell, are p.epared to ex eciile nil In. ids ol Painting, Paper Hanging, .Vc etc., Willi neatness nnd deinateh. cheau lor Cash, nnd from well known experience, tru-t to give entire satisfaction to ail w no imiy give llieiu a call. S II RUSSELL, J 1. Y.MAN Sl'AULDING. Gjrlington, February lsl,lS17. 3JniG r. sur.nnno:), iiiimehis Auc.ion S.des on rnoons ot WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS. A large quantity of IIouf!io!il I'liinitiiin of different ile-.-riptions will be otiered, together wilh Sieves and Pipe. Alii, Diy Gemds, Cutlery, Hoots and S:ioe-, et' ., vvne Ii vvul likewise be sold at piivatu sale ciicapar tlnn can be au wiicrcei-,3. l.uriiugiou, iii. 'JOiiiG (K7-NOTICI1.C0 ALL pe'sons indebted to ihe la,? linn ofPOTTEH it 11 LEY nre heieby informed tint nil dcl-ts dii the liiai must be paid to .1'. C. Hawlly by the 1st dav of match nxt. January, 1 117. 31w3 ( ) i ('0-300 Poxes Tobacco. from 5 to SOcts. X 15 JO doz. 1 me Cut Smoking end Chewing do D.'Cfinbci"!. r'uixirr Is Uiiaiilet. r OLD PENS Vj Victoria, CouKrcss, Smith it rnrnam's and Haid .t Hrother's. Urown's. Bif diet .t Barney's, lb v 1 arnamsand uan . 1'. UASDALUS. 7 -TONS H.VY,foi Sale Delivered in the Village i O if leqimed by 'JJaS G. II. MOORE. 4 IVav noz.KxTitvlliiwY rmxtii'.i) Wool I Glovc, Pot sale by CATLIN &. SP2AR Evelnuge 11 Hiding, Water Sticet 3d i'eb. 1317. 32vv3 f ilIEMlCAL WHALE OIL SOAP for destroy y lug niseclsol cve'iy iIeseiiptioli,upun rose busnc Till: I!ANa1N(. lack. DTI. Stnilii, must r ;"t fu'iy imorttts thn public i.'nt (it' h (iii,-i.inj. J tu' Ui K ultj , ll.p njiii t. (anu;lcttlll nnd sell Dr. Uanningi highly celebrated n u J otuublc uliich lrsllfn3i.i vwry thinj ui thekiml in mulft. AnJ kimwiinr tlmt tw mucin which Jm hefiuneil m thn bet-Inn Ins lu'en 't'fin iniriur q'nhty, cnusni nianvrt Kill trt wiicrna-. if n irunJ niticL ti.i.l been I'ius i J ,' fiitluully iimilu-1, u cure woi liniv b-n tlu ri's-ili iiv uas niHue uniiii'iuMH lora twn tro:n tiie on- juial i K-u-ry ot 0: li uin iv, tlriti'vurv' Iice nny he llurliiigton rciiia'c .Srininni' THIi i:T QUAUTKil IS TllK I.VSTITrjIOX will commence, on th 2 I ci" Murcji. Tr-RMi lialf pajahlc m mUahf t. 'J'riTiov, tn Iigiih hranch csnnJ L mn, pir (iiaittT to ; riciich Language, 53; Diawiny.St.UU; Mumc. 5,00. tloRD, iikiu.I n' Pn?!, Lights, Wnsliinj; &.c. $25 pT (.imiUT. r4jt'iflyet) a --iiiul! licil'i-tioi) h imiilIo. Xo:itiirca.imiti-ii(ji-(1iif;?iy,l')r k-sa than one Term or two Qartrti r, and nu deiucdom art; made for ab-s-Mif' eXs.i : m catt ui uiotiacud sicUmw. Jr.iJ 7i h l.k. 31 wt XrOiiM TION WANTCU oi V,n. Galh J. (ilicr.n ly a'.iout 1 1 y.'-irs ol n-, who i.m away i'loiii s-hrt.i, at llinfcbui'4h( on Thur1 lay last, was in IJurhnjton on 1'adav ami S.ilurdri) until 10 n'clork. wh'ii h It-It ahe -u 1 m go liouv1, Lut has not been hcaid ol nice. Ai iiU" ofbjul boy will cm!er a jjreat f ivr on ins niii.ct.d patents l'lcasi n 1 Irt-'s4 John (vilhijaer, or U. ll. llojnton, ot I i i u n'a $2i Lj wore aray a sail clotli cap onJ frock ofrr coat, Jl.ncjarfih, Jan. 27, 1317. 3tvr3 Si:V MILCH COW. Ni:av miuii CW, Ton sux nv IVb. IS. 3i VILAS vt NOYH3. crane inrs, unit tree-j, shrnbiirv, etc Vo Uc onlv operation winch ha linen discovered, that mil ..lY.-tll-.llv- elr.Qlr,,,- tlw. m,,,r .en, I ,,.,.. r i , l whichare iouii'J troublcMimc an. I injurioa-? to lose llwM'ct aiui every p itiuil beik'.itu-dby it. Ihe Uuctor I l.l..,o rnr. . :,. A.-. A'. I ' IIIL'IP mildew upon cnovli tutcd in ( onset 1 1 ir net of llie increase oi tlm,,- inlets neian.l cure ot ttie toiiowin iii-en.-f which eoam oi a FX XCY J'UIXTS. I noon stock or vaxcx timxts co.vsist- i in ot aiioui stledanj q-ialities. Tiadcrs wish ing to rrpkMn-!i their a33rtmiiit before goinj to market are invited to call, IVb. IS. 31 VILAS & N0YH3. . uu'iuie'iiiv .tii.i jiijiiiiii.i in ium; i . j i ... . .. .v. ics, eVc. etc , nnd vvillnl-o iirevcnt ineirture invites uilulionccd nnjiluua ol iluKuiJ, to elierrv liu-liiliiiu trees ,y. It was, B1" niiu a cull. roiis'e.pciiiiieiitsvvhii'Ii vvcieinsti-,. L"t tli" uiv.-ili.l consider tint the Lire is for tlie re- NATIONAL LOAN FUND i,i re ASMitA.Ncc sociirrv or LOXIION". " A Savings Hank for tlie luiiefil of the Widow and the Orplinu " (rMrnvventn nv Air or r.vnUA'.iEXT.) CAnTAL,x;".tH).O0tlFierliii,',or KJ,")lll),OI)r) Bes-ule u res-TV e fun J (fiom s uplua iireiniuuis) of about KlS.-,,0(lt. T. LAMIE.MUUItAV,E.i. fieorKeft. Hanover siune. Chairman of the Com! at Ih'iectois in London. rhyiiciaiJ KLLIOTSON, .M I),l'. It. S. . A'luiryW S. II WO()LIIOL'SI',lJq I'.U.A.S. HecietaiyV. F. CAMItOUX, Esq. ,u... i.itli nil ilii conn.iesti ol our nrnis. Iiul S'ioIm I'.. mid I'pper Culifoiuia. Uen. Cum has the lloor lor to morrow, Town .Mci'tins. The inhabitants of the Town of rturlingtnn, nre hereliy notified to meet in Town Mcciingou Tnewlay the ill day of March 1817, nt 1U O'clock A. M.,lor town business; and at One O'clock P. M, for the purpose of voting on the License question. WILLYS LYMAN. ) Selectmen IIAIiltY UUADLEY, ! of ShTH MOUSE, ) Burlington. . I'cliruary 10, la 17, iftavkcts. ISriv'liton .llnrkot I'rli, 15. Iieported for the Hoston T rnrellrr At market. TOO llecl'Caltle, l'J yokes workinrjojen, 32 Cows and Calves, 1"(H) Slieip and about li Swine. lirrf (little Extra s.0Jl)iiratriujliiy&uJJ0: sccoua eiuntity, S;2j S0. ' nr . i:..n uJ..B.n.Lni sri e-ra en n iii i ix rt .-ui- t num.- u , J ' , ?.i i Coirs and Calces Sales noiiee'd nt $31, l, "9,31, Sheen Sales were made nt the I'ollowiii" prices SI fill, I 07. a 13, 12,3 75, 5 'Jj, nud $0. Sieinr Sites were not uoticeil, lucre belli Pill few at iimrkf-t. N II 1 here lenirn larne sunnlv'o Peeves nt mar ket, the puces above were liarelly f-ustnineil, nnd ft large nuutiierreniaineii itnsoni at me close uituc market. In this vitlaiie on the llth insi. IlL-ed 'oi. Indus village on the 9th inst., Mrs. Amanda Height, aged about o."i years. In tins town, on the Illh inst., Evcy Ann, eldest il'iughtcr eif Ambi'ose iukI Sully Atvvnicr. nireel 13 jeai niurjiioiiilis. Iter We was one ol pain and ranee and delerreil nnnuitics. The auie-el has, on all , occasions, the power to borrow, without expen-e or In LsfXjmi. SO.Mis. Betsy, wife of Jetse foii'eiturc of ihc policy, iwo-ilmdsol the piemiuins I lioinpsoii jr., ngcil J1 jeniia. , paid ;nU the option ol selcclmg ienclil.s, nml i,Q con- In tins tow ii, on the Uth of I ebruary, Mr. arren version of his inieiois lo meet oilier conveniences or .uuiiii) , iigeu uo. in Mieiuurnc, on tne bin mn, mt, i'lnio l erkins. rPIIiS ISTITITTI embraces impornnt and j. feuustanuai auvantciHes witli les-nect to nie aired 51 jears, t7"OU whieh Cash will be paid on delivery, &X Cubic feet l'J x 12 ( 20U " b x 12 ( Rock Mnple.Ued Beech or Bock Elm limber, iL-hveieil nt S'lelDurne Ilaibor within ten days Irom elate Apply to P. l)OOLlTTLE,A?f;i( Chaini'lain Trans. Co. Teh. Ifili 1817. 31w3 Wttlun u lew jcars being so, as to tuiluee many peiijns tolori'iro the pien.-.iue rl cultivatirg phnits, on nccouiii oi nvir iianiiuy lo t,e iieMioveel tietorear riving nt ni ititrily, but this obstacle is nei'w entirely ie move' thi reiii.'dy lus been founj infallible when propTly npplieel. Il, m the early ptrt oftlie seao'i,the ground around flint tree's nud vines is we'll hiturnte-d with a strong so lulloii of this soap, it will eieslioy the insects beloie they clung! from th elirysalis stale an I aseeinl the trees. By attending to this, much labor may be Kivcil. 3Jw3 ForuUiby. Oco. E. II varn.seiioN, "LIVE AXDLEtYaVE." UL.WK nouiv Corner of Church and Colle'ge tticet, rcbrnaiy, IS 17. C3n3 Farm pi's' B-'irc Hai-iurniiet!. rgMIE SI' L.VWIiEN'CECOl'NTY MUTl'AL I INSL'UANL'E COMPANY, Clnrterrel by the L-gi'lature of N. Y , in Mi, Office at Ogdcnsburg'i, eill'-rs to insure on the tnuitnl principle, at the lollow ini Client! inles liirlive ji'ius. 1st Class, On a premium note of tin sum insnre'el of 1J percent. I 2d " Like buildings ns of 1st Class, 1 r.pos-el to out houses, 1 5 per cent. 31 " r.irmhousesanilbiriniaolaled, 1-percent , " t).i a preiiiiuni note e f 3j per cent' I Tavern houses, ami barns t-iiiinliug alone ' I nml exposed only to wood f.heds. trom 2 to 3 ner rent T.xjmple i A I'lrmer insures $100, Class 3, lie trives tie; co'iipmy his note lor 87.1U, h- piys elown Si, 10, riHIE S.ibvnlier is nnniirictuiing, and i p.w?ir4 i to bulk! to oreler, nlil.ui Is ot ooioii .liuehiiiory, cucu ai IJLAin Mlllll CLOTlll.VC, Ml Ovr.llALLS. Frocks, Shiits. and Drawers ecc. Eichange liuilding, CATLIN .t SPEAR. VaterSlrcet3il Feb. 1817. 32w3 Itoslou .Unrl.f'U-rvIi. 15. Iieported fur the Hoston Courier ) ill.l. DutyWper cent. IMItB!ISSB'BIXl ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION. cJ:';"' !! Associate Principal, -Mrs. .1. S. Siiauldiug, Preceptress, MKs E. M. ('owers, Assistant, Mr, II. Fisk, Teacher of Flench, Mr. S. .M. Basett, Teacher ol Organ nnd Vocal .Music, Mrs. S. M. Basseit, Teacher lif Piano &. Mclodinn, Mrs. O. T, I loughtoii, Teacher ol Puiiiiing, Miss S. .1. Ihiley, Teacher ol Phonography, Mr. L. I). Uivis, Teacher of Peiiiiinn-hip, The Spring Term rominenccs on Wfiliiostlny Iarch 3ul. Lectiues anel Tuiiiou as nsiml. Hooks liiimshed by the Principals, lloaief, SL'iJ per week, including rtiom, vvooil aiul washing. I Addiiions have bee n made to the school rooms, nnd special tlloiis nre being niaile by the eitucns totuita bly iicroiinnoilate wilh board alt who niny apply, llakersiield, Feb. C.llilSI7, SEl'll OAKS. 31 Secietary. ncces-ity. Assuiuncesfor terms of years at the lovvc't possible rates. Persons insured for life, can, at once, borrow half , amount of annual pi eniiuiu lor live successive jcais, on their ow n note ami deposit of policy. I l'AKT OF THE OArir.lL H l'l.ltJlAMirI.V is vested in I ihe United St He , in tlu n ini -s of tluee of the Lxal Uireclon as Tiustees available always to the nsu. red in case- of disputed claims vshould t-uy such aiise) ! Tlie piyiuent of premiums, lnlf-v early or quarterly, J1"'''1 ''" lur"t'l1 "l1 die nolo : this note iiis,,,,., h,i ii,,, .Il,',. , ,,Mi ,,. " i tor live years, anil it isrollecled nt uueivalso not less charge lor stamp .liny. d'an one year .luring the term, ii the losses of the Tliinv.l.ivsalloweJatlereaeh navment ofnrrniium Coinp'iuy lequiie It, oliierwise it H .never p'lld. 1 he be.-ouies due, wiihoiiiloili-iiiiicoi policy. Secretary nnu Agents only are panl, anil unit in pro Traveling leave eviru-ive (.7TJ hbeial, and rsua lnl" ' V!; T' i ii. y 1 . nreiniuius oil llie mts.t nioderute scale. U.visioM or Pk niri l'.ii re ii irkible success and i incieased prosperity ot the Society has enabled the Ui-1 rectors, at the last annual invi'sngatioii, toeleclaren Iburtli bonus, yarjing liom 35 tu t."i per cent, on the premiums paid on each policy tficclcdoil the prolit . United States Ilmnnnr I-oiAi,l)iriECTOKs(Chief 1''""' " "'""""i leenve proinpi nuei noii. Ollice tor Aiiierica, 7 1 Wall-si ) AVir- York Jacob 1 . A. 1 . b I O.N L, Agent, llnivev. Eso . Clnmmnii : John J. Palmer. Es I J33 Lhoilotlr. naihaii (joouhue, Es.p. .lames Boorinau, E-sj , (leorge :orm rvo s.i anes are allowc.l. Each iio, uisiired entules the peison in suied to vole lor the olliccrs of the company By Ibis insurance, the insured s.ivrsto himself the entire profits which he would pay toa slock company. The expeueiice ol th' company is, that it does not cost Ihe tanner over 23 cents n ) ear to insure jlOO, iii applications in tne agent ny mail, post ! j A GRILVTJIAKGAIX. ! Til II Snliscrilirr now offers for sale, his Fnrni. lor. ineily oceiipied by Mr. Ameis Bloilget. Said faun is ; suuaieii ntiout two nine norm oi tins village, on tlie road leading to ih mouth of Winewski River ; It con j tains about sulvncres, under good iiimrovrmcut, to gether with n brick dwelling house, plenty ol water. ami a nnr orcii iru, vviiicn ne win sen, as noove men tinned. nr ti itrent barelllll. l'or further intnmint'inu enquire at iiisslore. ooisile the Old Bank, Clutch tl, liuiliiU'ton, vt. 1 cd. y, lau. Li. J.I AV House Afier an ineffectual nttrmpt onlhepartof Mr Douglass to procure the espulsioii ol the Reporter ol the Union liom ihe IIouse,(voted down, 131 tu 11.) The House then went intu committee upon the three million bill, and .Mr Cobb, of Ueorgia, delivered a veliemeni tncrrh nganst the Wilmot,or King proviso. .Mr Brodhf nd, ol P., !"' al length in lnvorol iho Tim liiirlingloii DltAWIXG HOOK OF FLOWERS. PROGRESSIVELY ARRAMiED.froiu u single leaf up to tinge groups; niiuialely diuvvn and rolouird liom nature lor the use ol Auiateuis, Faini t'hnllrnl .1 ... ' 1.. it S Blld SCIOO S I bV Jl, 111 1 ll IUV 1 lollklllS. .1 C, Sunh Sands. wnsiM)iiieeieii.'.l.nn,l,lesionl.,,i,i.'n. A lew copub only, ol this beauliliil book arc for 00.) bushels Corn ware iioole l,,r.,i.nn ,lln sale, nl the low puce of b 10,00, at Lull AhDS l5.'llilotolhetiaHe,atlllOa 105e for vellow llat.niid , ala 7 " lor vviiiie. i he prue s at I Jlook Stoie. eiors: weie a mile M.icK, and Ihe article .lull ut quota, lions, in the English maiket, at the lust dales, piiiea rontinuedto advance jind nsihe wants of ihe country had become more fully developed, it was confidently expected Mint government would adopt some decisive measiitrs to secure; an increased mpply, with a lower range of pure", mid to thi. rn,, j, Ma, ecnenilly belie. TUB UURLL'(JT0N DRAWING ROOK or rici'iiKS. SELECTEH from the vvoiks of Eminent Mnsteis, lor the use ot Amaieurs, Families and Schools; by John II' nry Hopkins, jr., price 3,00, for sale at 31 .'Ml'.lff'.S' pok Sine. Barclay, Esq., FiiinuelS IIowljii.l, 1 i. j , lioih iui, A. Worth. Esq , Samuel M. I'm, E-q , William Van Hook, E-q , and C Edward ll ilucht, Esq. y'i!difi;iiu-ClciiientO Biddle.Esq .lniisA. Go ley, E-q .Lieuige l!e. Oraluiii, Esq , William Jones, Esq , Baltimore Jonalhan Meiediih,Esq .Samuel Huff, man, E.q ,l)r J, 11. McCulloh. 1 I i.i.,1,1, r ln i r. fit'lleinl Ai'ent. nnd I'.lu.t.l'P Riciiaiel-on, Esq , Crucial Aerountanl, for llie United al'd a line orch ird, which he vv Slatesan.l lintisii. A.L.oionies, Medical l.iamiiirrs, New-Voik J Kearny Rod neis, M, 1). 110 Bleeckcr-si,; Alemiuder E. lleisnck, Si. I), 101 Fltiiikhu-st.j S. S. Kcene, M. 1)., 2'JO l'ourlh-st. (Mcdirat Exnmiiiersattend nt7l Wnll-61. and No. 131 lloweiy it!3oVloek P. M.eWji. I'ee paid bythe Seiciety) Standing Counsel ilham an Hook, Esq. 3'J Wnll-fl. Haiders The Mcrchanls' Bank. Solicitor John Hone, Esq llPiuc-sl. Cashier Henry E.Culhp, All Art in respect to insurance for lives for thr hr. nclit ol married women, pa ssed by the Legislature of New. Yolk, In April, ID III. rnniphlris.blank forms, table of rates, lists of agents, &C. e.c. obtained nt ihe Chief Ollice 71 Wull-st. 131 lloweiy, or liom i iiher ol ihc Agents throughout the United Stntrs.nnd British North American Colonies. Jam U V, Hickuk, Agent leir Burlington and Vi cinity. . LeohkdMaksBiM.D- Mrdirsl Eaminr. Iluihnjicn.lith February 1S17 3JmS SKLIICT SCHOOL. MISS I,. H. STACY will roinmenee her next tenn on Wednesday, the bth ot .Match. SehoU ars ate eipected to enter at the coiimiencrinrntof llie irrm. TUITION KnglWi, 83 lo 1,00 Flench, 1,(10 Urn won'. 3.00 School room one door west of Mrs. Lingwoithj's suop, iipstiius, Iliirhngtou, Tib. 12, 1SI7. 33w4 hspbecinent or wcu,iiiess ol the organs ot ihc body, vu : Weakness of the breast shortness of breath ;cou?h and spitting of blood : palpitation ol llie heart; weaknehs ol the side and siomach ;d)j-pep-ia ; cosiiveness and piles ; pain in the b ick wilh curv.i lure; bear ing down with weakness of the hips and lower ex tremities; and droop ing of Ihe body es p.'cnllyiu veiling The above and other nirdoirovts. nlTctioni. have hitherto ballleel all constitution il treatment ; but since tliey Have been v lewed as .Mechanic iP nnd h ive been treated by the ' Lace' they huve been easily euled and wo can now see a ho-t wjuiuily well or hall well, or co.iiiuiii'il with lea ehs.'.as. lemurum medi cine, vv ho I'tumof enjoy hie or be cure'd upon common principles oi tiiMiiueni ; nnd wliv I be'eause their "house is lulling elown," and bv'bmdiug them up, theirpains vani-li.aud alncacy to interinl rcmcdicsn thereby given. ?j-On nu examination of Committee of eminent medical men, nppoiiiii-d by the American Insiitut.-. n l'lt'iniuiii Diploma was nwaieleJ to this m.tru-uie-nt. J7if, N. B. Thoserpplii'd by theelortor, he irairemM to Jit and to lenrfil the patient ; bin the same may be hid V, , ' i u" assoiiiueiii oi jeicci Uciciar, at the lowest cash prices. Moet. .. Siitailh MAY be rousuli.-d nt his residence on Cherrr sneet, three doors ve-est ol me Coimri'gitioiuil Cliurcli, at any nine, wneii not protes-ioii.iiiy en. gaged all llie Julse insinuations and rile ritapeia lions ol certain Knights ot tlie I.incet and Laiamcl, to ihe contrary noilivvillistaiuiiuit, und he wi-bcs his tnends and p.nro.i, lo midersiatid, (hat he is not m the least elisappouited oi ehs 'oniag-'d on ncceninl ol any apposition or even pciseciition lie nia reveiie nl llie lllllJs ol old school Plljsicialls !bl tlieykllow ilicir is in danger. His not strange iliat uioie than thie'e thousand dollarsworlh ol Ecicciic, Intro iepllc nud .MaitiiHiic medicine, which In- has dealt out to Ins numerous patients m this vicinity, m less lemr yeai-s curing multitude sol cases fiveii eivcr by the Medical lacutiy, as wheill) iacuiut'e by all their "fallacies," should excite their Jeais and call lorlh their btlteiest indignation. But let llie " galle-d jade wince." Tlue, ihe have, by calling to their aid old opinions, old educationat ptrjitdices, andpteju dices, excile-il and kept up in llie minds ol the people bythe line cunning and ciajt ol a swarm ol hungiy doctors, whoi'btcad anJ butter is in danger, taken some three or fmr Jerer patie'iils liom liirii, hi u in my jcais, wilh no oilier appaieul effect, than to hurry them to their graves bui ill t;o cunr, have the) been able to show the srpcrionly of their treatment, by ruling a palie'tit wln"'.i he e ould not. To piove b-vonel ail routrovei-y anJ to the entire satisiactioii ol the Public, that' what he has said above istuie, the Doctor olfers the following te'Mi nwpy of II. E. llubbi'll, E-q , whieh will not be djuoted by any who know Itiui, as a specimen ot hundreds more which he niiht adduce, were a ne cessary. CERTII'ICATn. "This may certify tint Don. Smith, of Burlington Vt., has made a vriy impoitaiit cure upon our ol llie membeis of my lainily-bemg an (.'(err involving llie whole ankle joint and neatly the wlnde fool, which had bnllled ihe skill nt scleral I'liiiu.'iit I'lijsirians for nbeiut lour iais, during which tune- the I 'lm con tinued to increase and spiend, 1 am luppy tu sny llml. in my opinion llie ruir would do honor tunny Phtsician or Surge-em. 11. E. HUBBELL." l aiil.ix, Vl Aug. 15 "Ifl. LcT N H. D.K'tor Smiih keeps constantly on hand a l.iitfo Stock ed Eclectic, l.itiolepnc uml 'Magnetic Medie iiK's, and inosi respcctluhy mules invalids and those who need, tucnll. '.'7. it. Carding Machines, Con-eineis, Pickers, .Inks, -Winners. All wont entimteii to nun, wilt be neatness and despite h. IIh Miehin lii'', SuM9, Le,ithe,', Bru-ning Mnehinrs, ivegjintors, iVe. xecutJ vtiih :?uo;t is suns.. ted in Montpeber, three utiles Irom the vtliiiirc, on the road to oicesier and M. Albans. Thesubseiibcr is conlideut thai Ii" cm build as good a Carel or Jnck, as can be prorured m New England. Those running ins Machmerv jnoiiouni'e it to inn as weil as any in use. Ml.UA'J WU1UUT, Jr. Moiitpeh.-r, Dec. 10, ISiC. 'Jlu WARD St, BOOTT, (Siceessjis io Jones, Denny ii IPiiti!,) MAXLTACTUKi:itS OP I, Mil) Oil, AXU UVBIVOODS, ivu-or.Tt.its a:,d iiealehs is DYE-STUITS, OILS, SOAPS, CIICUICILS. A'ul JI.VNLTACTI'Kr.ltS' ARTICLED, 5( Willi. Sirc-ct, ANDREW II. XVAKD, JR. UoSinn. Ktr.K r.ooTT. CSriiiJ nv :, coux & )ATS. rn A Oits. bv P. et H. II HOOLITTLtl. 1 ASH paid for Rye, Corn A Oits, by 3ivv4 1 in. a ,17. T II. Snvivi:i Flvxxkl, lie J-or sale by CATLIN A: SPEAR Riehn& Butldinc. 9i-3 Wati Sltr.t M leb. IBI7 NO TICK. A Sew Lstae oi" faj C3. cash ran guai.x. CiASII paid rou Rvi:, Coux, axd Ovts. ' Jan. 37th 31, by &. Biudlev. CiOL'D Ca.mbiiii's. 2 Cases colored oim I bnr 1 CewSiItciis, TorMleby Jn 19. 31 VILAS & NOYCS THE PEOPLE'S DESPATCH LINE riiuM IITHLIXOLOX TO .MONTRIl.VI. Agaiiisl Monopoly, IFILIj roMMnvn: nrxxixo ox 3foxi)Ar If ihe Isih day ot .Innuaiy, lil7, three times a week during thaclos-ot navigation, as leillows: l.eave llurlui.'.tou on .donday, Wednesday and Til day, at 7o'clock. i H.v.a lolcliesur, U i-si Mihon, (Je-eigin, Si. Allinns, Swutitou, Iliglignie Spungs, Phillip-burgh, Pike River, ihi-ncron the tiraud Line ReiadtoSt John-, to lodge i liom theme tu Montreal via.Chauiblynnd Longueil, utancarlj hour the lol lowiug inonilmi. Relurmni;. Leave Montreal at 2 o'clock i M.,on each oftlie above named daj s, v ia Chaiiibly, anil ljonguejl, to St. Johnsto lodge, Leave St Jehnaoti Tuesdavs, 'I'hursdays. nnd Suiurdajs ut 7 oVIe.k a. m. via. Pi'ko Kivrr, l'l'ullipsburgh,Higli!;ale Spriiiir, Albms, tieorgin, Vrt MtUui, tolchcster end Bur lington to lodge. 'I he Di'spa'. n line has been got up for the r.e-conimc-danon i; in.. Public. not beinu riuuuibeird wilh llio l'. h or English mads. Therefore all those who teel ehsposed to p'liiouue us, nut) rest assured that hii ltoutewillbeie'itormi'd with good Hois.s and Car it'igis.also wuh caretul Dnveis, and no pams will bo spate.! to eniuic the coiulorl and nccoimuodatiou ci t'n-.ellgers. Fine liom Binlington to Montreal, $1,00 Far- bv old Line same dilauii', 1,00 N II. Pusscugeisuiiiill Slage routes Poulh and East of lluilingtou, going uoiih, w in phase i.otice and novriu tlielu-elv.'S uecoi.huulv S S SKINNER, Burlington, "I "3 VICTOR ADA MS, W. .Milton, 3 T ll CAMP1IEL1..M. Aiblil.s, NELSON BL'LLAliD. Swnnion, WA'l'SONS.iX; Co. Pike River. C 1.1,'t'lvIN'. lloin Si All orders and parcels prcmptly attended lo. ! vim v st ,.... ; I...I ,,, ;,u liuilinglon, Janu ny Is, IS 17. 29 .lli'sxrji. i:ilis V C'hii&'rh, In connection with Mr. l.ovv ol'Plattslurgh, will commence running a Stage between Buihnptoii and 1'lattsbiirgh as soon as the Lake takes, tinting each place n.iiiy ni a i. .11. CASH ! CASH ! ! CASH ! ! ! 1)AU) rou Coux, axu Rye, nv Jnn Voth 31 Cico. 1'tTr.nsrx. jI AOIO.VI. I'.VIX UXTHACIOH. A Box 1 ' of lilts invaluable Sa ve should be found in ev crv , bouse. lurfJ'eci upon Bun, S. slds. c is truly u-a-Iginl. TobrfauniJsl HARRINGTO.VtJ. S)v3

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